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 Ennis High School Ennis, Texas Dedication Joy Wood Floyd Tolston The Cicerone Staff of 1978-79 proudly dedicates this year’s annual to Floyd Tolston, Vice-Principal and Joy Wood, Business Education Teacher. In each individual, we have found an interested and concerned friend. It is our good fortune to have such professional educators on the staff of Ennis High School. 2In Memory Shawn Mathis Your Memory The echo of your laughter lurks in my mind. The shadow of your memory follows behind. The happiness in your smile can be seen in my eyes. The laughter in your voice can be heard in my sigh. That face so familiar can be seen in my dreams. Your walk I see everywhere, or so it seems. The soft wave you gave—the memory is still there. I follow the sound of your footsteps, but get nowhere. 3 Ginger PerryMaroon and White Ennis, ole Ennis We'll stand by thee. Faithful and loyal we will ever be. True to thy colors that stand for right. Loyal sons and daughters of Maroon and White. We will always face the conquest with spirits bold Laurels for ole Ennis High will be our goal. Arranged by Bob Banner Composed by Thomas B. Granger “The Times of Our Lives Table of Contents Introduction 1-14 Personalities 15-34 Classes 35-108 Administration 109 122 Organizations 123-155 Sports 156-192 Senior Section 193-214 Advertisements 215 I need a PLOP. PLOP!! Flyin’ High 6 My Apologies Please. . . What’s so funny? Alma" Bound. . . She went where? Students Salute On behalf of the 1979 Cicerone Staff we would like to take this opportunity to show our appreciation to these teachers for their leadership, guidance, and most of all their understanding of students. To all of you, we say THANKS! In addition, we would like to thank Mrs. Sally Squibb, although, she moved, she is not forgotten. Gwen Drapper Margaret Cooper Brenda Bell Jerry Cook Donna Coley Robert Prickett79Cicerone Staff Editors .................... Assistant Editor ........... Business Managers ......... Personalities .............. Classes Administration Sports ..................... Organizations ............. ....................... Dana Vineyard Kathaleen Wilson ........................................ Vera Wensowitch ............................. Greg McElroy Rita Haisler ........................................... Vickie Dixon .......................................... Melinda Pierce .......................................... Morgan Manry .......................................... Eddie McElroy Mrs. Joy McCullough, Sponsor Cicerone Beau Sweetheart Melinda Pierce and Eddie McElroyOn behalf of the 1978-79 Annual Staff we hope we have captured the memories of the 1978-79 school year. As this year comes to a close, we hope one day you can look back through these pages and realize, “These Are the Times of Our Lives.” As we leave Ennis High School we remember: Our morning pep rallies 3-6-1 football record getting Sr. rings the loss of classmates Homecoming '78 finally getting a new school Sr. play our Jr. Sr. Prom skipping classes the many fun times and most of all our friends. ID Dana Vineyard Oa t 0± JOA-dL A r JUJ eyard I Kathaleen Wilson Co-Editors A special thanks to Mrs. Ronnie Pollan for the use of her home, to Mr. Jack Odiorne for his assistance, to Mrs. Floyd Tolston for her talents, to Mrs. Donna Coley for her assistance, and to The Flower Pot.Mr. and Mrs. EES. Scon Munn and Jeannette RejcekMost Handsome and Most Attractive Jim Kirkpatrick and Jeannette RejcekMost Likely To Succeed Jodie Harbert and Katie BrewsterFriendliest Kenneth Bolton and Cathy ClarkMarlene Belew Jeanette Rejcek Homecoming Nominees Katie Brewster Jeanne MartinekHomecoming Court Buddy Boyd, Jeanette Rejcek, Greg Hobbs, Jeanne Martinek, Marlene Belew, Steve Knott, Katie Brewster, James Carrell. Lisa Brown, Jay Lee, Karen Wilcox, Steve Danial, Jina Henning, David Lipsey, Nancy Boon, Johnny Steel, Gayle Garrard, Roy Morales, JoAnn Martinek, Clanton Lynch, Andy Caldwell, Scott Gunn, Judy Bentle, Dennis Rejcek. 22D. A. R. Jodie HarbertSenior Personalities Kenneth Bolton, Greg McElroy, Michael Roberts, Bridgette Essary, Jeannie Martinek, Lola Searcy Junior Favorites Pat Betik and Andy CaldwellJunior Personalities Trent Henderson, Morgan Manry, Danny Whittaker, Judy Bentle, Christy Henry, Phyllis LeVay 27Sophomore Favorites Kenneth Betik and Jo Ann MartinekSophomore Personalities Kenneth Anderson, David Fira, Richard Taylor, Lisa Lauler, Elanda Mitchell, Jackie PerdueFreshman Personalities Steve Alexander, Keith Potter, Johnny Steel, Shevera Gilmore, Lori Murhead, Dana WhittingtonEighth Grade Favorites Guy Nutt and Lisa Brown 32Eighth Grade Personalities Jay Lee, Ricky Threet, Cindy Duke, Carol Kinzie, Gloria Miller 3334CLASSESPresident...............................................Scott Munn Secretary...............................................Cathy Clark 36 Vice President...............................................Greg McElrt Reporter................................................Jeanette Rejd Senior Class OfficersAnderson. Bruce Aycock, Jeff Abra, Rhonda ICT 4; Basketball 1; f.s.—“There'll Never Be” f.p.— Being with Dcatrone. Anderson, Brent Football 3-4; Track 3-4. f.s.—“Got to be real.” f.p.—‘Clubo’ Barak. James f.p.—Partying, f.s.—“Freebird.” Belcw, Marlene NHS 4; Thespian 3-4; FBLA 4; Band 1-4; Drum Maj 4; Solo Ens. 1-3; State UIL 3; PAC 2-4; Senior play 4; Stud. coun. 2; Dandee Lion stf. 4; Jour 3-4; Homecoming nom. 4; FTA 1-3, off. 2; French 1-3, off. 2. f.p.—sending M M wishes, f.s.—“Send in the Clowns.” n v Armstrong, Andy f.s.—“Hold The Line” f.p.— Playing Basketball Babovek, Donna Hist. Aw. 1; Am. Leg. Aw. 1; FHA 1; Geo. Aw. 2; JETS 2; Alg Aw. 3; Girls St 3; FTA 3; NHS 3; Student council 4; V-pres, NHS 4; OEA 4. f.p.—swimming listening to music f.s.—“Sweet Caroline.” 37Benson, Timmy FBLA 3-4; FCA 4; Football 1-4; f.p.—Dune Buggy driving bottle collecting, f.s.—“Let me go to Texas.” Berry, Marlene Band 1-4; Twirler 2-4; Head Twirlcr 4; Jour 3-4; Dandee Lion Stf. 4; PAC 4; Tour Play 4; SR Play 4; Stud. Coun. Rep. 1, 2, 4; NIKE 2-3; FBLA 4; JETS 2-4; Who’s Who. f.s.—“That’s the Way Love Goes.” f.p.—Writing letters sending M M wishes. Bennett. Brent Football 1-4; track 3; Personality 1; f.s.—“Everybody loves the Sunshine.” Bennett. Danny PAC 2, 4; Debate 4; UIL; f.s.—“Draw the Line.” f.p.— Cruise town and Relax. Betik, Steve Football 1-4; Baseball 2-4; FFA 2, 3; Key club 3-4, Treas. 4; JETS 2-4, Pres 4; Stud Coun. 4. f.s.—“Sweet Home Alabama.” f.p.—Keeping busy. Bolton, Kenneth Ath. 1-4; Stud Coun. 1, 2, 4; Fr Club 3-4; Int Thcs Soc off 4; PAC 3, 4, off 4; TFA State Qua 3; Speech and Drama 3-4; SR Play 4; Most Friendly 4; f.s.—“Too Much Heaven.” f.p.—Acting. Benson, Tommy Football 1-4; FCA 4; FBLA com chair 2-3; Pres. 3-4. f.p.—Water skiing, f.s.—“Come Sail away with Me.” Betik, Dwayne FFA 1-4, V. Pres 4; Stud. Coun. 3-4, V. Pres. 4; KEY Club 2-4; Rodeo Club 4; Who’s Who 3. f.s.—“The Only Hell Mama Ever Raised.” f.p.—playing cards till early morn. 38Brannan, Brian DECA 3-4; Football; f.s.—“Stairway to Heaven” f.p.—Partying Brewster, Katie NHS 3, 4; Symphonic Band 1-4; Drum Majorette 4; State Solo and Ensemble Contest 3; Student Council 2, 4; PAC 2-4; FTA 1-3; Treasurer 4; JETS 3; Journalism Club 2-3; Dandee Lion Staff 2-3; FBLA 4; Girls State 3; NEDT 1; Personality 2; Homecoming Queen Nominee 4; Most Likely to Succeed 4; f.s.—“Right Before My Very Eyes” f.p.—Reading and Tennis Brown, Pat FBLA 3; FCA 4; Tennis 2-4; f.s.—“One More Time” f.p.— Football, Tennis, Poker. Brown, Roger Football 1-4, All Dist 2 Yrs; Basketball 1-4; Track 1-3 f.s.—“You and I.” f.p.— Listening to music. 39Burr, Sherry FHA 1; Band 1-4; HECE 4; Student Council 1-4; f.s.—“There'll Never Be" f.p.— Being with Larry Rhea. Campbell. Rhonda Tr. ICT 4; Officer in Building trades; f.s.—“Freak Out" f.p.— Being a wife. Brown, Rusty FFA 1-4, Livestock Team 1-4, 9th high individual in state f.s.—“Silver Wings” f.p.— Wolf hunting and going to livestock shows. Bulot, Tim f.s.—“Running with the Devil” f.p.—Jammin' in the Band Carrcll, James Caudillo, Morris Campbell, Kevin French Club 3; f.s.—“Party” f.p.—Partying. Cannaday, Kermit Concert Band 1; Symphonic Band 2-3; Stage Band 1-3; Solo and Ensemble 1; DECA 4; f.s.—“Stranglehold” f.p.— Get togethers at my house. 40Clark, Cathy Band 1-4; Var. Cheerleader 1-4; JETS 2-4; Treasurer 3; National Honor Society 3, 4; Who's Who 2; Student Council 4; Senior Secretary 4; f.s.—“Sunshine” f.p.— Cheering. Swimming, Dancing. Coleman, Larry HECE 4; Athletics 1-3; f.s —“What You Won’t Do For Love” f.p.—Being with friends and That Special Lady Cheek, David Cheshire, Harvic Football 2; Vo Ag. 1-4; HERO FHA 3; St. Council 4; f.s.—“Double Vision” f.p.— Havin' Fun Cook, Teresa Crow, Missy Nike 1, 2; Sec 2; FBLA 3; Rep. 4; Twirler 1, 4; UIL Solo and Ensemble 1-3; Senior Play 4; Golf Team 2, 3. f.s.—“Da Ya Think I’m Sexy” f.p.—Being able to talk to Jeanette. Clark, Don Symphonic Band 1-4; Marching Band 1-4; Stage Band I 1-4; Senior Play Pitt Orchestra 2-4 Collins, Karen Track 1; FHA 1-4; FTA 3-4; French Club 3-4; Journalism 3; PAC 3; FBLA 4; Student Council 4 f.s.—“Got To Be Real” f.p.—Hitting Parked Cars! 41Cummings. David Denison, Chuck Tennis 1-4; FCA 4; Acts 3; FBLA 4; f.p.—camping f.s.—“Rocky Mountain High” Crow. Sammy Cruz, Danny Golf 1-4; Key Club 4; Football Football 1-2; Basketball 1; 1 f.s.—“Double Vision” Track 1-2; Class Person. 1; f.p.—Partying Stud. Coun. 1-2; Vica 3-4 f.s.—“I'm A Soul Man” f.p.— Having a good time with all my friends. Dixon, Amanda HECE 3, 4 f.s.—“Got To Be Real” f.p.—Looking into the future. Dixon, Vickie Annual Staff 3-4; N.H. FHA 1; Hero FHA 4; f.s.—“Run to Me” f.p.—Being with L. K. Denison, Alicia Dent, Julie 42Dolezalik, Greg FFA 1-4; f.s.—“Only Hell My Mama Ever Raised” f.p.—Goin huntin and gettin stuck. Erickson, Larry Basketball 1-4; PAC 2-4; International Thespian Society 3-4 f.s.—“Life’s Been Good” f.p.— partying cruising town Dlabaj. Donny Doblado, Margie Track 1-2; O.E.A. reporter; Senior play (make up crew) f.p.—All the time spent with H. F. f.s.—“Tuesdays Gone” Evans, Karen FHA 1; Basketball 1; Track 1; VICA 3; FBLA 4; SR Play 4. f-S —“What You Won’t do for Love.” f.p.—Talking on the phone Fielder, Darrell Marching Band 1-4; Concert Band 1; Symph Band 2-4; All Dist Band 4; All Reg. 4; Sr Play Orch 2-4; French Club 4; f.s.—44Just The Way You Are.” f.p.—Listening to Music. Edwards, George Essary, Brigitte Nike 1; Pac 1; Band 1-3; UIL Solo Ensemble 2; Golf 2-3; French Club 3; Journ. 4; Journ. Sec. 1; Treasurer 4; f.s.—“I’m In You” f.p.—photography 43Platt, Connie FTA 1-4; FHA 4; NIKE 4; Band 1-4. f.s.—“Lovin' On." f.p.—Listening to the Radio. Gabriel, Genet f.s.—“It's so Good Lovin' Someone when Someone's Lovin’ You Back" f.p.—Partying Fincher. Craig Marching Band 1-4; UIL Marching Contest 1-4; Concert Band I, 2; Symphonic Band 3, 4; PAC 1; DEC A 3-4; f.s.—“Double Vision" f.p.— Riding Around with Friends. Fisher. Libby Student Council 1, 2, 4; OEA 4; Journalism Club 3; f.s.—"Too Much Heaven” f.p.— Having fun Gilmore. Greg Gorman. Kristen Band 1-4; FTA 3. 4; Stage Band 3. 4; NHS 3. 4; Tr. 4 f.s.—“The Bridge Over Troubled Waters." f.p.—Reading. Gabriel. Catherine HECE 4; FHA 4; VP 3 f .—“Just The Way You Are" f.p.—Being with that special someone. Gayton, Mary Ann Band 1-3; VOE 4 44Healey, Barry Hicks, Allison Choir 1, Vo Ag 2-4, Rep 4; Schol Aw 2; Who’s Who 3; Star Chap Farmer 3; French Club 3; PAC 3; JETS 3-4; NHS 3-4; SR Play 4; f.s.—“One Tin Soldier.” f.p.—Playing the piano. Green, Kelley Guerrero. Roy Band 1-3; Jour 4; Dandee Lion 4; NIKE 1; Stu Cou 3; Personality 3; f.s.—“Me and You Alone.” f.p.—Being with Greg. Hackey. Richard Football 1-4; Baseball 2-4; Track 1-4; Boy's State 3; NHS 3-4. Pres 4; Stu Coun 4; FCA, Sec 4; FBLA 3-4, Pres 3-4; Who's Who 3; JETS 2-4; Key club 3-4; SR Play 4; Outstanding Young Am 3; Alg Aw 2; Geo Aw 2; Alg II Aw 3; Bus Law Aw 3; f.s.—“Silver Wings." f.p.—Shooting the bull. Harbert, Jodie Stu Adv Com 1-2; Debate Team 2-4; Capt 3-4; PAC 2-4, VP 3, Pres 4; ITS 2-4, VP 3, Pres 4; DAR Good Cit 4; Boys State 3; Who’s Who; Stu Coun 4; Tennis 3; Senior Play 4. f.s.—“Three Times a Lady.” f.p.—Working at Baylor Hospital. Haisler, June French Club 3, 4. Hart, Torunda JETS 4; OEA 4; Track 1-2; FHA 1-3; Ls.—“Cause I Love You.” f.p.—Listening to music and being with L.O.P. 45Holcombe, Arthur Holland. Mike Vo Ag 1-2; Metal Trades 3-4, treas 3-4; VICA 2-4; ICT 4; f.s.—“Rocky Racoon.” f.p.— Riding in the country. Hill. Glenda Band 1-3; FHA 1, 2; NIKE 3; Track 2; VOE 4; f.s.—“Just The Way You Are” f.p.—After the JR. and Sr. Prom. Hobbs, Greg Golf 1-4; Basketball 1; Key Club 3, 4; Personality 3; f.s.—“Renegade” f.p.—Playing Cards Holland, Linda 46 Huddleston, Trey FOOTBALL 2-4; TRACK 1-4; KEY CLUB 4; FCA 4; Tex. H.S. Powerlifting Championship 3, 4; f.s.—“Brandy” f.p.— Lifting weights Jakubik, Monica BAND 1-3; NIKE 1-2; French Club 3; OEA 4; FTA 3, 4; FBLA 3; f.s.—“Don’t Be Afraid” f.p.—partying with good friends and going to the lake. Honza, Kenneth Horrell. Edgar FBLA 4; BAND 1, 2; VICA 3; DECA 3; f.p.—Listening to good music. Johnson, Gerald FOOTBALL 3; Basketball 3; VICA 4; f.s.—“Say Yeah” f.p.—“Getting that way” Johnson, Jeff Hughes, Pamela HERO-FHA 3-4; FBLA 3; FTA 3-4. f.s.—“Lovin’ On.” f.p.— Riding around. Jenkins. Tommie VICA 3, 4; ICT 4; f.s.—“Always and Forever” f.p.—Entertaining Chuck. Chug and Debra. 47Kadlubar, Anthony Johnson, Phyllis Johnson, Vickie BAND 4; FHA 4 Juricek, Barbara Keeney, Danny Football 2; Track 1-4; Key Club 4; FBLA 4; FCA 4; FFA 1-4; f.p.—Shooting crabs Keeney, Debbie Band 1, 2; PAC 1-3; NIKE 3, 4; Officer 4; Student Council 4; Journalism 3, 4 Off. 4; FTA 4; Dandee Lion Pro. 4; f.s.—“Take The Long Way Around The World” f.p.—Oil painting Who’s Who 4 Kirkpatrick, Jim FOOTBALL 1-4; BASKETBALL 1-3; BASEBALL 2-4; French Club 3; Key Club 2-4; Journalism Club vice pres. 4; Dandee Lion Staff 4; FCA 4; f.s.—“Tuesday's Gone” f.p.— Being with friends. Julin, Linnea FFA 3; DE 2; NIKE 1; f.s.—“Hold The Line” f.p.— Being with J.S. and partying. 48Kriska, Tony DECA 4; f.p.—partying f.s.—“Hold the Line" Langer, Edwin ICT 3-4; Kirvcn, Phyllis Stud. Council 4; PAC 3-4; Track 1-2; FBLA 4; FTA 4; f.s.—“Don’t Go Changing" f.p.—Being with Darrell Knott, Steve Football 1-2; Basketball 1-4, Stud. Council 2-4; N.H.S. 3-4; Class Pres. 1; f.p.—Sports, GIRLS! f.s.—“Pieces of Eight" Lewis, Kevin Lewis, Lacy Athletics 1-4; F.C.A. 4 Reporter; Key club 4; f.p.— Sports; f.s.—“Freebird" Kyser, Judy Lewis, Cynthia Var. Track 1-4; Jr. var. Track 1; FHA 1, 2, 4; New Horizons 5th Vice Pres. 1; New Hor. Hist. 2; FTA 2; Band 1-4; UIL March. Band; 1-4; f.s.—“The Greatest Love of All" f.p.—Joking with Johnny 49Liska, Tommy Football 1-4; Baseball 2-4; Basketball 1; Jet 2-4; FBLA 3-4; Stud. Council 4; Key club 3-4 Pres. 4; F.C.A. 4; NHS 3-4 f.s.—“The Gambler” f.p.— Baseball playing cards with the gang. Lockhart, Pamela Personality 1-2; Band 1-4; Vice Pres.; FTA 2-3; Stud. Council 1-3; French club 1-2; Acts club 2 Lillie, Karen FHA 1; Basketball 1; Track 1; Vica 4. f.s.—“What you Want do for Love.” f.p.—Being with “Tommy" Friends. Liska, Annette FHA 1-2; Parliamentarian Hist. 2; HERO-FHA 3-4; Nike 4; Stud. Council 2; H.E.C.E. 3-4; f.s.—“Sweet Emotions" f.p.—partying Lloyd, Brandon Band 3-4; Drama 3-4; Pac 3-4; f.s.—“Don’t Look Back" f.p.— riding around and going to Boston Concerts. Lowry, Tammie Track 1; Band 1-3; UIL Marching Conetst 1-3; J.V. Cheerleader 2; Stud. Council 3; OEA 4; f.s.—“Running with the Devil" f.p.—Just having a good time. “Partying" Macalik, Gordon Mach, Alan FFA 2; Vica 1; DECA 1; f.s.—“Hot Blooded"; f.p.— Volkswagen Repair 50Martinez, Alfred Matthews, Lisa Martindale, Paula PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE McCally, Kevin Martinek, Jeanne Band 1-4; Student Council 1, 2, 4; Class Secretary 1, 2; Twirler 2-4; Homecoming Nominee 1, 4; Journalism Club 3; PAC 3, 4; NHS 3, 4; Class Personality 1, 2, 3; f.s.—“Blue Mourning, Blue Day” f.p.—drawing McElroy, Eddie Football 1-4; Hon. Men. All Dist. Basketball 1-4; Track 4; Annual Staff 3, 4; f.s.—“Renegade” f.p.— Jammin’ in the band “DOC” Martinez, Mary McBride, John FFA 2-4; f.s.—“Wang Dang Sweet Poontang” 51Mikcl. Robert Football 1. 2; KEY Club 4; VICA 4; f.s.—“Tuesday’s Gone” f.p.—Weekends partying Minatrea. Terrie DECA 3, 4; f.s.—“Rose Colored Glasses” f.P.—Potting Plants McElroy, Greg McIntosh, Max Football 1-4; Capt. 4; Hon. Men. All Dist. 4; Track 1-3; Annual Staff 2-4; FCA pres. 4; Class VP 2-4; Class Personality 2-4; Boys State 3; Who's Who 3; Outstanding Young American 3; Student Council Rep. 4; f.s.—“Silver Wings” f.p.— Having a good time with Cathy. Morales, Lisa Band 1, 2; Officer 2; Twirler 1, 2; Stage Band 1, 2; Solo and Ensemble I; UIL Twirler and UIL Marching Contest 1, 2; Student Council 1; NIKE 1; Class Personality 2; Class Officer 2; f.s.—“Hold The Line” f.p.—Being with friends. Morales, Troy Student Advering Council 1; Student Council 2; Personality 3; Class Favorite 1, 2; Football 1-4; Baseball 1-3; f.s.—“Freak Out” f.p.—Plaving Cards and Weekends. Miller, Dwayne Symphonic Band 1-4; Marching Band 1-4; Stage Band I 1, 2, 4; Regional Band 1; Pitt Orchestra 2; UIL Solo 1-3; UIL State Solos 2-3; Jazz All-Star Stage Band Award; f.s.—“The Zepplin Cruize” f.p.— Being a “Wild and Crazy” guy. Minter, Carla Band 1-4; Twirler 1-4; Stage Band 1-3; Solo and Ensemble 1-2; UIL Twirler; UIL Marching Con. 1-4; NIKE 1-3; Class Personality 3; FBLA VP 3; f.s.—“Life In London" 52Morris, Patricia Munn, Olcta FFA 1-4; see 4; FTA 2; Girls State 4; OEA 4. f.s.—‘Til go to my Grave Loving You." f.p.—goofin’ off. Navarro, Tina NIKE 1-4, VP 4; Stu Adv Cou 1-2; Marching and Symph. Band 1-4; All-Reg Band 2-4; All-Dist 4; St Solo and Ens 3; Solo and Ens 1-3; Stu Coun 3-4; NHS 3-4; PAC 3-4; Jour 3-4; Dandee Lion Stf. 4, Ed 4; FTA 3-4, Pres 4; Who’s Who 3. f.s.—"If." f.p.—Riding around. Morris, Cynthia FBLA 3-4; FTA 2-4; French Club 3-4. f.s.—“Too Much Heaven." f.p.—Art, reading. Norman, Janet Nutt, Jimmy Football 1-4; Stu Coun 2; Key Club 3-4; FCA 4; FBLA 3-4, VP 4; UIL Ready Writing 3-4; Who’s Who 3-4; f.s.—"Don’t Look Back" f.p.—Deer Hunting. Munn, Scott Mr. EHS 4; Sr Class Fav; Class Pres 3-4; Stu Cou 4, pres 4; Football 1-4; Captain 4; All Dist; Player of Yr. 4; Who's Who; Track 1-3; Class Favorite 3; FCA 4, VP 4; Key Club 4; French Club 3; FBLA 4; Boy’s State 3; Who’s WHo 3. f.s.—"Goodbye Girl." f.p.—Being with special people and listening to music. Nichols, Joni Band 1-3; PAC 1; Stu Coun 1-2; Jour 3; Dandee Lion Prod 4; Class off 3; f.s.—"Too Much Heaven." f.p.—PaintingParchami, Jeff Pechacek, Greg Football 1-4; All Dist. Off. Tackle; Track 1-4; FCA 4; Key Club 4; FBLA 4; f.s.—“RO-DEO-DEO Cow- boy.” f.p.—Football, Cruisin town. ABSENT WHEN PICTURES WERE Orman. Lanny Parchami, Amir Football 1-4; Baseball 2-4; Basketball 1; Band 1-2; FCA 4; Key Club 3. f.p.—Jammin' in the band. f.s.—“Runnin’ with the Devil.” j TS. K IJU, SORRY, NO PHOTO Pena, Moses Perdue, Laura Band 1-4; Marching UIL 1-4; FTA 2; PAC 1; Solo Ensemble 1; f.s.—“September.” Patak, Mark DECA 3; ICT 4. Vo Ag 2. f.s.—“War Pigs.” f.p.—Riding around and having a good time. Peel, Ronda Band 1-2; FFA 1-3; NMST 2; HECE 4; HERO FHA 4; Girls State 3; PAC 1. f.p.—Dancing, f.s.—“It’s All in the Movies.” 54Prachyl, Judith Band 1-4; Stage Band 3-4; All Dist Band 4; Thespian 3-4; PAC 1-4. f.s.—“Only the Good Die Young.” f.p.—Making memories. Prestidge, Phyllis DECA 3, 4; Journalism Club 3, 4; Dandee Lion Staff 4; Managing Editor 4; f.s.—“Let’s Take The Long Way Around The World” f.p.—Being with that special person. Pcrcyda, Tony Potter, Barry KEY CLUB 3, 4; FOOTBALL 1. 2; TRACK 1; ICT 3, 4 Pruitt, Susan Ramirez, Rachel Band 1-4; Marching; Concert; PAC 2; OEA 4. Prachyl, Stephen Symphonic Band 2-4; Solo and Ensemble 1-4; Stage Band 2-4; JETS VP 4; PAC 4; Debate 4; French Club 1, 2; Slide Rule UIL 3; Sr. Play Orch. 3; Sr. Play Cast 4; UN Pilgrimage Delegate. Price, Tony FFA 1-4; ICT 4; VICA 4; f.s.—“Amanda” f.p.—“Bull riding” 55Rejcek, Jeannette Track 1; Band 2; NIKE 2; KEY 2; Student Council 3; Tennis 3; Personality 1, 3; Class Reporter 3, 4; Ath. Sweetheart 4; Homecoming Nominee 2, 3, 4; Homecoming Queen 4; Cheerleader 2. 4 f.s.—“Too Much Heaven” f.p.—Long talks with ME. Roberts. Michael Reed, Angela Rejcek, James Band 1, 2; Stage Band 2; Football 1; KEY Club Sec. 4; Student Council 3, 4; DECA pres. 4; f.s.—"Da Ya Think I'm Sexy” f.p.—Playing cards at Morales—losing 17.00 and the Weekends. Richardson, Paul VICA 2-4; Sargent at Arms 2; ICT 3, 4; f.s.—“Weekend Warrior” f.p.—Riding Around Rodriquez, Raul Rogers, Mark Santos, Adam Typing 1; DECA 3, 4; f.s.—“Hold the Line” f.p.— Bowling, Football; Riding Around, Cards. 56Searcy, Lola FTA 2-4; FHA 1; Niki 4; FBLA 4; Journ. 3-4; Dandee Lion Staff 4; sports Ed. 4; Int. Thespian Society 4; PAC 3-4; Senior Play 4; Sr. Play Costume Crew Head Sheffield, Barbara Santos, Johnny Eng. Academic Award 3; ICT 4; f.s.—“Double Vision”; f.p.— riding around having fun Scabolt, Dianne DECA 4; f.p.—Cruzin and being with hubby Dennis f.s.—“Hold the Line” Sharp, David VICA 3-4 Sheffield, Johnny Too Busy .r v Photograph not available 57Smith, Alice f.s.—“It’s so good Loving Somebody Loves you Back” f.p.—parties Smith. Jeff Band 1-4; Band Capt. 4; PAC 2-4; Thespians 4; Stud. Council 2-3; Who’s Who Among American High school students f.s.—“Long way Around the World’ ; f.p.—Bowling Smith, Mary FTA 3; District delegate FBLA 3; French club 2-3; OEA 4; Office Hist. NHS 3-4; f.s.—“Only One Love in my Life” f.p.—Hiking in Ike with Mike. Sowers, Lymon PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Too Busy PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Sorenson, Mark Spann, George ICT 4; f.s.—“Double Vision” f.p.—Hunting 58Photograph Not Available Tay, Jimmy Football 1-4; Baseball 2-4; Key Club 2-4; French club 1-2; FBLA 3; FCA 4; f.s.—“Snakcskin Cowboy” f.p.— dating and playing football and baseball Taylor, David Strange. Rebecca Sullivan, Bill Ag. 1-3; Jets 3-4; National Land Range and Pasture 1978; f.p.—Hunting f.s.—“Lonely People" Taylor, William Tekell, Mike Taylor, Dan Boys State rep. 3; Stud. Council 4; Football, baseball trainer; Key club; FCA Treasurer; Jets club; Nike bow f.s.—“Singing in the rain” f.p.—Sports Taylor, Jody 59Tobias, Willie FOOTBALL 1, 2; VICA 1; HECE 4; f.s.—“Silver Wings” f.p.—Cats and Shirley. Trojacek, Bob Thorton, Jeff VICA 2, 3; FFA 4; f.s.—“Oki from Mascogi” f.p.—Horse back riding Tidwell, Lisa Band I, 2, 3; Student Council 1, 2; OEA pres. 4; NIKE 4; f.s.—“Peaceful Easy Feeling” f.p.—Being with our “Gang” Trojacek, James FFA 1; Library Aide 2; ICT 3, 4; f.s.—“Rose Colored Glasses” f.p.—Being with friends and partying. Trojacek, Leon FFA 2; DECA 1, 2; f.s.—“Don’t Look Back” f.p.—Being with L.V. Trevino, Sylvia Trojacek, Chris KEY Club 3, 4; Student Council Rep. 4; FBLA 4; JETS 4; FOOTBALL Mgr. 1; f.s.—“If You Got The Money Honey I’ve got the Time.” f.p.—Hunting with the dune buggy. 60Underwood, Mark PAC 1-4; Historian 4; Band 1-2; Journ. 3-4; debate 2-3; Int. Thespian Society; Dandee Lion Staff; Who’s Who Among American High School Students; f.s.—“Country Comforts” f.p.—Lubbock! Vineyard, Dana Annual Staff 3-4; Co-Editor 4; DECA Club 4; Band 1; f.s.—“Feeling that Way” f.p.— Riding around with friends Trojacck, Monica Band 1-3; OEA officer 4; FTA 1-2; FHA 1; Stud. Council 3; f.s.—“Slow Ride” f.p.—Being with friends and partying. Turner, Donna Hero FHA 3; OEA 4; Transfer from Garland f.s.—“Time of Dying” f.p.—Being with Joe Vrana, Tammy Waits, Wanda Band 1-4; FHA; OEA; f.s.—“Hair of the Dog" f.p.— Being with my friends and cruizing and partying. Vavra, Phil Vrana, Pam Track 1-3; Basketball 2; FFA 1; f.s.—“How Much I Feel” f.p.— Being with Stanley. Too Busy 61Ware, Mellisa Band 1; Track 1; Basketball 1; OEA 4; OEA Treasurer 4; f.p.—Being with Rex. f.s.—“Time of Dying” Wickliffe, Gary DECA 3-4; f.s.—“Love Is Like Oxygen” f.p.—Riding around. Ward, Greg Stud. Council 1; Varsity golf 1-4; FBLA charter member; f.p.—golfing and hunting, f.s.—“Great White Buffalo” Ware, Laura DECA 3-4; Track 1; English Academic Award 3; f.p.— Being with D.H. f.s.—“Rose Colored Glasses” Whitfill, Jimmy FFA 1; Track 1; Stud Council 2-3; UIL number sense; Key club 3-4; FBLA 4; f.s.—“The Gambler” f.p.—Partying and playing cards. Wilkerson, Joyce Band 1-2; Concert 1; FHA 1; Nike 4; PAC 1-3; OEA sec. 4; UIL Competitor 4; f.p.—Partying, having a good time riding with friends; f.s.—“The Only Hell My Mama Ever Raised” SORRY, NO PHOTO Williams, David Williams, Jane 62Hill, Carolyn HECE 4; f.s.—“Let’s Love and Give Together” f.p.—Sharing a Sunday afternoon with a very nice friend. Murphy, Mary Transfer from Natchitoches Central High f.s.—“There Never Be” f.p.—drivin around town V rG?ne fishing Wilson, Kathalccn FHA 1-2; Stud. Council 2-4; Annual Staff 3-4; VOE 4; OEA V. Pres. 4; f.s.—“Only One Love In My Life” f.p.—Cruizin with the man in the van. Yarbrough, Mike FFA; Eng. Award 1; FFA Trcas. 3; World Hist. Award 3; FFA Pres. 4; NHS 4; FBLA 4. Busby Stanford Wilson, Lisa Football 1 McManus, Joel Transfer from Dallas; FBLA 4; Nike 4; f.s.—“Don’t Look Back” f.p.—Creechville ABSENT WHEN PICTURES WERE MADE Roberts, Michael Joe Football 1-3; Basketball 1-3; Track 2; FCA 4; HECE 3; f.s.—“Instant Replay” f.p.—Skating 63Junior Class Officers President ............................ Pat Betik Vice President .................... Billy Newsome Secretary ........................... Judy Bentle Reporter ........................... Andy Caldwell 66Alewine, Kevin Allen, Mark Anthony, James Armstrong, Tony Artcga, Amos Boren, Carrie Botcllo, Maria Bozek, Terri Braddock, Deana Brasher. Sandra Brown, Dexter Brown, Tommy Burnett, Wanda Busby, Stanford Butler, Hollianne Caldwell, Andralyn Carrillo, Mary Caudillo, Alice Cedillo, Mario Cheek, Monte Chmelar, Janice Christian, Deborah Clark, Gayln Cline, Sammy Collins, James 67Dickson. Delanie Dolezalik, Connie Dozier. Michael Dunkerley, David Dunkerley, Tony Easley, Dianna Edwards. Denise Edwards, Pamela Emmert, Camille Felcman, Juliana Fielding, Shana Fields, Stella Fira, Alfred Fira, Elizabeth Fira, Stella Conner, Hughy Cook, Gena Cox, Allison Crigger, Toya Crowley, James Flores, Richard Franklin, Deborah Fudge, Cathy Gant, Barron Garcia, Frank Gayton, Sarah Gehrig, Jeffery Gilmore, Johny Gleason, Alice Green, Jaye 68Green, Patricia Gunn. Scott Haisler, Rita Hammond, Wesley Harper, Mary Harris, Bobby Harris, Jim Harris, Nona Hart. Laurie Haynes, Kenneth Jones. Burnetta Jones, Darryl Jones, John Jones, Rita Kadlubar, Kathy Keilers, Billy Kelly, Patrick Kennedy, Tericia King, Jeffery Kirven, Jerry ABSENT WHEN PICTURES WERE MADE Hejny, Michael Henderson, Trent Henry, Christy Herrera, Juanita Herrera, Ricardo Hester, Wayde Hill, Carolyn Hill, Jody Holley, Kenneth Horrell, Leon Hunter, Calissa Hunter, Michele Hunsinger, Douglas Jackson. Willie Jeter, Dolly 69Lipsey, Kenneth Lipsey, Virginia Liska, Mark Liska, Rhonda Livingston, Carol PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Lloyd, Jay Lowe, Andie Lusk, Charlie Macalik, David Mach, Allen Knight, Cathy Knott, Ron . Kubin, Chris Kubin, Judy Kyser, Patricia Langley, Jimmy Laningham, Ricky Leaks, Roderick Lee, Thomas LeVay, Phyllis I Photograph not available Malone, Barbara Manriquez, Anita Manry, Morgan Martinek, Dennis Massey. Louis NO PHOTO AVAILABLE have a to wear 70Moore, Mike Morris, Billy Morris, Ruth Myers, Eva Myers, Vickie Navarro, Monica Nekuza, Diana Newman, Julie Newsome, Billy Novak. Michael PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Rejcek, Dennis Rice, Ragina Richardson, Michael Ricks, Kasha Rider, Scott Roberts, Robin Rodriguez, Gonzalo Roth, Greg Sallie, Lois Santos, Gabriel Just didn't have wear Pitt, David Pomykal, Danna Poole, Patricia Pouzar, Carol Powell, Ernest 71Spaniel. Karen Spencer. Glenda Starek, Tammy Stewart, Anita Stroud, Danny Sulak, Leon Sullivan, Lane Svehlak, Gary Tapia. Linda Taraba, Lisa Tay, Michael Thomas, Andy Thomason, Alicia Thomason, DeAnna Thompson, Cynthia . m Abi«nl whtn piduf t w«» mod Schroeder, Brian Sheffield, Cynthia Shields. Cathy Simmons, Julia Sims, Joe Skrivanek, Paul Slovak, Victor Smith, Karen Smith, Kimberly Spaniel, Judy Trojacek, Kathy Vandiver, Steve Vinkler, Sandra Wade, Ryan Wafford, Linda Wensowitch, Vera Whitfill, Liz Whitteaker, Danny Whittington, Dariel Wilkerson, Jackie 72Williford, Adrianc Wills. Russell Wilson, James Wilson, Joy Wolfe, Bobbye Wood, Craig Worley, Greg Wright (Davis), Deanna Zabojnik, Donna Zabojnik, Kari SORRY, NO PHOTO Tbo Busy Zajic, Lewis Zmolek, Carolyn Zmolck, Marilyn Parchami, Jeff Venable. Mike Novy, David Juniors of 79SOPHOMORESSophomore Class Officers President Secretary ... David Fira Vice President ........................................ JoAnn Martinek Gayle Garrard Reporter ........................................... Christi McLelland 76Abbott, Damon Abram, Tcri Alamanza, Jose Alumbaugh, Danny Alvarez, Bonzalo Amador, Claudio Anderson, Brenda Anderson, Kenneth Arnold, Buddy Arteaga, John Blazek, Linda Bohanon, Mary Boyd, Kamela Brenton, Harold Broadway, Toni Atwood, Laura Bailey, James Baker, Melody Ballcw, Cristi Banks, Glenna ■r s Banks, Janice Banks, Jerry Barton, Buzz Belew, Angela Bennett, Shirley Betik, Kenneth Betik, Richard Bigham, Patrick Blakely, Timothy Blanchard, Carla Brown, Evelyn Busby, Jacqueline Butler, John Cable, Scarlet Cameron, Albert 77fbo Busy Cook, Anna Cordscn, Rod Crow, Cynthia Crow, Darryle Cummings, Janna Cantu, Sabas Carter, Charlie Chandler, Brenda Christian, Gary Christian, Steven Clark, Nancy Coile, Gregory Coleman, Constance Collier, Alonzo Collins, Terri Curry, Jamey Daniel, Valarie Darling, Tammy Dauphin, Carla Dawson, Kenny Davis, Christopher Davis, Stanley DeLosSantos, Domingo Dent, Steven Dillard, Royce Dixon, Curtiss Dlabaj, Scott Dlabaj, Steve Dodson, Mary Dodson, Roy Dolezalik, Duane Dover, Jeffery Duckworth, Denis Dunkerley, Angela Dunkerley, Ann 78Dyess, Justin Earl, Lisa Edwards, Charles Edwards, Michael Edwards, Ralph Eitel, Lorrie Emmert, Hugh Eppler, Robby Erisman, Robert Escobar, Thelma Gadberry, Derik Gant, Ruus Gant, Vincent Garcia, Amanda Garcia, Deborah Garrard, Gayle Gayler, Alisha Gehrig, Jennifer Gehrig, Jessica Gentry, Wanda Evans, Terry Fields, Gary Fira, Mary Fira, Raymond Fisher, Donnie Flynt, Jon Franklin, Danny Freeman, Gerry Freeman, Jeannie Freeman, Richard Fuller, Cynthia Fulton, Joe Gabriel, Arnet Gabriel, Beatrice Gabriel, Lorine 79Gilbert, Judy Gilmore, Johnny Gilmore, Troy Glaspy, Ervin Gonzales, Linda ano ta6U Gossett, Gretchen Grahan, Kelly Grant, David Green, Darrell Green, Lisa Green, Stephen Greer. Linda Gryder, Kelly Gutierrez, Freddy Haddock. Donald Hall. Michael Hall, Vivian Harp, Carl Harp, James Harrison, Bart Photograph not available Hart, Jim Hart, Touncy Head, Keith Hedrick, Steven Henderson, Bobby ABSENT WHEN PICTURES WERE MADE am. Henry, Michell Henson, Martha Herford, Vince Hernandez, Beatri Hester, Theresa PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Hill, Tammy Hillger, Dc Ann Hobbs, Julie Hodges, Marie Holley, Jefferson 80Hollingsworth, Linda Honza, Janet Houdek, Rodney Hughes, Howard Jack, Tammie Jackson. Raymond Jacob, Christopher Jenkins, Clara Johnson, Keith Jones, Bryan Jones, Ronnie Junkin, Vickie Jurcik, Helen Kelsey, John Kinzie, Elaine SORRY, NO PHOTO Lester, Rachail Lewis, Alicia Lewis, Robert Little, Theresa Livingston, Robert Lopez, Cynthia Lord, Michael Lumpkin, Cindy Lusk, Billy Lusk, John Kirkpatrick, Joe Knapp, Marty Knight, Claude Knott. Tammy Knotts, James Kudrna, Chris Lambeth, Terry Lamkin, Jeannette Langley, Tia Lawler, Lisa Too Busy PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE 81Martinez, Vince Matthews, Arthur Maurin, Susan McBride, Sharon McCoy, Jane McCullar, Annette McCullar, Jeanette McDonald, William McLelland, Christi Mccom, Chris Lynch, Clanton Macalik, Jeanne Macalik, Sharon Maliska, Monte Malone. Kawana Manriquez, Adam Martinek, Jo Martinez, Adam Martinez, Anita Martinez, Janie PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE SORRY, NO PHOTO Miller, John Mitchell, Elanda Mitchell, Ricky Monreal, Rene Montelongo, Nelda Morales, Roy Morris, Richard Moya, Demctias Munn, Stacy Navarro, Gregory Nutt, Nelson Oakley, Todd Oates, Kevin Patak, David Patak, Johnnie 82Pechacek, Larry Pechal, Sharon Peebles, Gregory Peel, Robin Perkins, Janice Perdue, Jackie Peyton, Lisa Prestidge, Brian Probst, Luelta Purcell, Debra Rodriquez, Rosa Roth, Kelly Rowse, Kim Rutledge, Gwendolyn Sanders, Theodora 2 43 PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Santos, Thomas Seeton, Jennie Shackleford, Cynthia Shackleford, Sheila Shaw, Melissa Simmons. Kellie Simmons, Mark Simpson, Allison Sims, Rick Skrivanek, Garry Slovacek, Yvonne Smith, Johnny Smith, Kenneth Sorenson, Tiana Sorrells, Michael Spaniel, Susan Sprugeon, Steven Stevens, Wesley Stidgers, Robert Tay, Ronald 83Taylor, Richard Thomas, Rhonda Thomason, Leslie Thompson, Mark Thompson. Mindy Trojacek, Gregory Trojacek, Henry Turner, Doug Uresti. Pablo Varner, Jeff Vinson, Lisa Vrana, Dorothy Vrzalik. Donna Wafford, Faye Wagliardo, Michael Walker, Wesley Walker. Perry Wallace, Theodore Walts, Terry Washington, Booker Watson, Eddie Westbrook, Gay White, Eula White. Ricky White, Tanya Widner, Robert Wilhoite, Karen Williams. Gregory Williams, Monique Willis. Terry 84FRESHMENFreshman Class Officers President ............................................... Ron Pollan Vice President Secretary ............................................ Lisa Wilhoite Reporter ...... Nancy Boon Hope HughesAdair, Charlene Adams, Tony A. Alexander, Stephen R. Almanza, Arturo Alvarez, Anthony R. Anderson, Cynthia D. Anderson, Tina W. Armstrong, James Arnold, Monica Arteaga, Robert Bain, Melinda Banks, LaJuana Banks, Susan Barnett, Alexander Barnes, Stephen PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Batten, Sarah Beeson, Barry Benavidez, Ricky Bennett, Kelli (Jill) Bennett, Ron Bobalik, Leslie Bonser, Wesley Boon, Nancy Boston, Pat Boyd, Diedrea Bozek, Andrew Braddock, Kimberly Brock, Jeffery Brown, Della Brown, Harold Bernal, David Betik, John Bidstrup, Craig Birchett, Christi Blazek, Emily 89Carrillo, Marian Carter, Gregory Castillo, Leticia Caudillo, Gilbert Caudillo, Maria Cazares, Joe Cedillo, Elsa Cervantes. Arnold Chandler, Linda Chesshire, Annette Clark, Truitt Cole, Jennifer Coleman, Ronnie Collier, Tony Collins, Cornelia Brown, Timothy Brown, Tina Bruzzese, Melissa Burr, Djuana Burr, Harrell Busby, Shandra Butler, Ricky Byrd, James Campo, Christi Carrillo, Joe Absent when pictures were taken I Ml PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Collins, John Compton, Tina Cook, Tony Cooke, Lana Correa, Luis Santos Coslin, Darrell Couch, Diane Cox, John Cox, Margaret Cox, Wayne 90Cox, William Craig, Rod Cravens, Debra Crowley, George Crutchfield, James Darst, Kimberly Davis, James Davis, Leah Deagen, Gary De Los Santos, Sylvia PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Dent, Jon Diaz, Aurora Dixion, Anita Dlabaj, Donnie Dlabaj, Jerry Doherty, Rusty Dolezalik, Frank Douglas, Gary Dowell, Linda Dunkerley, James English, Carol Erisman, Jamie Eubanks, Michael Evans, Kelvin Farrell, Randy Figueroa, Evelyn Fincher, Kevin Fira, Benny Flores, Jimmy Franz, Terri Dunkerley, Pamela Dyson, Shawn Edwards, Clarence Edwards, Reginald Emslcy, Julie 91Green, Joseph Green, Kirby Greene, Raymond Greer, David Griffith, Gregory Gryder, Deanna Haggard, Jana Hajek, John Hammond, Thomas Harp, Karen Harp, Shanna Harris, Geneva Hart, Robert Hart, Tammy Haynes, Charles Frazier, Coleta Gabriel, Brian Garcia, Humberto Garcia, Ramona Gaytan, Asenath isai r Gilmore, Shevera Goff, Gary Goff, Ray Gomes, Randall Gott, Sonya NOT SHOWN Head, Greg Hejny, Jeramy Henderson, Samuel Henning, Jina Henry, Jon Henry, Patrick Hernandez, Valentine Herrera, Josephine Hicks, Greg Hill. Jeff 92Hodges. Barbara Hodges, Cheryl Holland, Michael Hollingsworth, Alvie Holt, John Honza, Paula Hubacek, Mikel Hughes, Hope Ingargiola, Gina Isom, Jeannine PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Jackson, Ramona Jones, Adark Jones, Lee Jones, Lisa Jones, Kevin Kocher, Valerie Kubin, Todd Kuhn. Billy Ladd, Robert Lambeth, Douglas Lamkin, Laura Laningham, Lisa Laningham, Noah Laza, Suzanne Leaks. Duuana Jones, Mark Jones, Michael Jordan, Donna Juricek, Theresa Jurik, Lc Ann Keilers, Kimberly Kelly, Michael Knight, Deidre Knight, Terry Knotts, Ronald 93Mach, Harry Manning, Luc Manry, Leslie Manry, Michael Marshall, Dareen Martinek, Billy Martinez, Christopher Martinez, Delia Martinez, Julia Martinez, Laurie Martinez, Robert Martinez, Sophia Marusak, Tommy Massey, Mattie Massey, Ray PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Lewis, Bruce Lewis, Regina Lillie, Stephanie Lipsey, David Liska, Gregory Little, Mary Lockhart, Rayshun Ludwig, Sylvia Macalik, Kathy Macalik, Timothy PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE McAdams, Larry McBurnett, Dorcas McCorvey, Laura McGuire, Ruth McIntosh, Tia McIntosh, Becky Middlebrooks, Monica Mikel, Chris Mills, Raleigh Minatrea, Jackie 94Minatrca, Timothy Mintz, Mary Monreal, Chrissic Monreal, Lisa Moore, Lynn Moreno, Annette Muirhead, Lori Navaro, Teresa Nelson, Glenda Nelson, Tommy PhOTOOR aCw MOT AMI A»Lf pOT shown Newman, Charles Newsome. Karla Nichols, Jina Norman, Nancy Novy, Bryan Nutt, Sharia Oliver, Jack Oliver, Rebecca Ortiz, Bruce Osterheld. Chris Perkins, Sheila Perry, Gloria Phillips, Michael Pineda, Frances Pineda, Ricky Pollen, Ron Pool, Laurie Potter, Keith Probst, Elisha Pruitt, Dietrick Parks, Stephen Payne, John Pechal, Larry Pena, Lee Pereyda, Bertha Photograph not available 95Picture not available Rowden, Brent Salik, Paula Sanchez, Rosalinda Santos, Victor Sauceda, Caroline Schlegel, Jimmy Schroeder, Russell Searcy, Keith Shackelford, Christopher Shaw, William Sheffield, Joyce Shepard, Ramona Sims, Cynthia Slack, Terry Slovacek, Philip Ramirez, Mary Rankin, Kathy Rappe, Kimberly Ricks, Keith Rios. Billy Roberto, Gay Robinson, Carlene Robinson, Christopher Rodriquez, Gloria Rolen, Delane I { f NO PHOTO AVAILABLE Slovak, Ronny Slovak, Steven Smith, Chris Smith, Kathy Smith, Blaine not sh 5wn Smith, Terry Sorrells, Mary Sowers, Richard Spaniel, Jeannie Spaniel, Karl 96Spence, Jeffrey Spencer, Donald Steel, Johnny Stephens, Jesse Stewart, Nancy Struggs. Katherine Svehlak, Deborah Tapia, Frank Tarrant, Janice Tay, Cynthia Photograph not available r. A Mi, SORRY, NO PHOTO Picture not available Thomas, Sherrie Thomason, Leroy Thompson, Carl Toal, Gregory Tobias, Johnnie ABSENT WHEN PICTURES WERE MADE just -camera; shy Vinson, Roy Vrana, Dwayne Vrana, Ricky Waedekin, John Walker, Arthur Wallace, Anthony Washington, Harry Washington, Toby Washington, Warren Watson, Cornelia Trevino, Raymond Trojacek, John Valdez, Victor Vanderventer, Tommy Vasque, Rose Vaughn, Angela Vaught, Angela Vavra, Paul Vessels, Teresa Vester, Kenneth 97Whittington. Dana Wilhoite, Lisa Wilkerson, Janet Wilkerson, Jarvis Williams, Barbara Rcture not available Williams, Stephen Williams, Vickie Williams, Victor Willis, Annie Wilson, Deborah Wingo, Jeffery Woodard, Roger Woods, Kim Woods. Rebecca Woods, Ronald Yrlas, Donato Yrlas, Mary 988th GRADEEighth Grade Class Officers President..............................Guy Nutt Vice President..............................Sandra English Secretary.............................Lisa Brown Reporter................................Cindy Duke 100Adair, Kenneth Allen. Larry Allen, William Almanza. Martin Alvarez, Diana Alvarez, Jose Amador, Frank Amador, Norma Arciba, Sandra Arciba, Simon Arnold, William Arteaga, Andrea Ashley, Loretta Bailey, Rodney Barker, Kevin Barnes. Ronnie Bates. Christy Batson, Michael Beasley, Darrick Bell, Laura Benavidez, Robert Benavidez, Ruben Bennett, Shane Bennett, Gerald Bernal, Manuel Betik, Andrew Betik, Thomas Bishop, Barbara Blassingame, Toni Boon, Becky Botello, Adam Boyd, Diar Brown, Anthony Brown, Bobby Brown, Lisa Brown, Robbie Brumley, Kimberly Budai, Karen Bulot, Claudine Burks, Delbert Burr, Tracy Campbell, Kirk 101Photograph not available just X camera] shy PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Carpentor, Jcarald Carrcll, Alan Carrillo, Rudolph Castillo, Ernest Castillo, Ricky Castillo, Melinda Cervantes, David Cervantes, Jesse Cervantes, Sammy Chambcrland, Laura Choate, Melody Clark, James Clark, Kimone Coleman, Carl Coleman, Rene Collins, Steven Cook, Leah Carrea, Joe Coulston, Jeffrey Cox, Reginald Crigger, Gordon Cryer, Susan Daniel, Stephen Davis, Donna DeLaFunte, Manuel Deluna, Martha Diaz, Gloria Dixon, Janice Dixon, Ray Divin, Christopher Dlabaj, Debra Dlagaj, Dennis Doblado, Antonio Dodson, Robert Dozier, Charlene Duke, Cindy Easley, Richard Edwards, E. J. Edwards, Robert Edwards, Rodney Ellis, Duane Emmert, Janice 102English, Michael English. Sandra Erck, James Escobar. Belinda Eves, Dana Fielder, Gerald Figueroa, Raymond Fira, Diana Fira, Harry Fira, Patricia Flores, Joe Flynt, Ginger Forbes, Todd Forbes, Tracey Freeman, Jeanette Freeman, Donna Fudge, Robert Fullington. Jeffrey Gamble. Sharon Garrett, Michael Garza, Vickie Gayler, Staphanie Gayton, Esther Gentry, Billy Germany, Kimberly Gillespee, Tracy Glaser, Michael Glenn, Carl Gomez, Nancy Gonzales, Anselmo Gonzales, Jerry Goodwin, Kevin Green, Charlie Griffin, Therica Griffith, David Gilerrero, Dessie Guerrero, Jessie Gutierrez, Carine Gutierrez, Grade Hackney, Carl Haisler, Gwen Hall, Thomas 103Just H camera; shy just H camera shy Hamilton, Suzanne Hammonds, Susan Hanson, Lori Harrison, Addie Hart, James Hart, Marvin Hart, Rounze Head, Sandra Healey, Kevin Hernandez, Josephine Herrera, Aurolia Herrera, Benny Herrera, Silvester Hcrshman, David Hester, Cheryl Hester, Tammie Hicks, Vickie Hill, Bobby Holland, Michael Holley, Brian Hollingsworth, Janet Honza, David Hudspeth, Steven Hughes, Debra Hughes, William Isbell, Linda Jackson, JLane Jackson, Nina Jaramillo, Tina Jenkins, Janice Johnson, Jimmy Jones, Tammye Jones, Philip Jurcik, Anita Jurik, Kristine Justice, Robert Kemp, Victor Kinzie, Carol Kirkpatrick, Jack Knight, Karen Kocerek, Sharon Kuban, Karen 104Kubin, David Kubin, Helen Huhn, Steven Kvapil, Daryl Kyscr, Brian LaFollett. Matthew LaScala, Tammy Lee, Jay Lewis, Russell Lillie, Robert Lindley, Jodas Lindley, Paul Livingston. Ronald Lockhart, Vickie Lopez, Robert Lord, Clifford Lumpkin, Mike Lusk, Charles Macalik, Kenny Mageors, Tony Martindale. lennifer Martinck, Nancy Martinez, Jesse Martinez, Joe Martinez, Michael Martinez, Rebecca Marusak, Jeffery Massey, Alice Mata, Ruben McKenzie, Tina McSpcdden, Gayle Mejorado, Mary Milford, David Miller, Gloria Mitchell, Jacqueline Monreal, Elva Monreal, Rosie Montemayor, Linda Montemayor, Noel Moore, Billy Morin, Janie Moya, Christopher Photograph not available SORRY, NO PHOTO NO PHOTO AVAILABLE 105fiktfTo available Mummcrt, Calvin Mummert, Floyd Myers, Brenda Myers, Clifford Myers, Johnny Myers, Sherry Nealy, Kelvin Nelson, Betty Newman, Connie Newman, Johnny Nichols, J’Lane Novy, Steven Nutt, Guy Olalde, Dominga Oliver, Patricia Ortiz, Gloria Owens, Ronnie Parks, Paige Partida, Robert Patak, Sheila Paulino, William Payne, Christopher Peebles, Mark Pereyda, Orlando Perry, Darryl Price, Steven Pridgin, Dennis Pustejovsky, Debbie Quintanilla, Paul Radway, Ronald Ramirez, Manuel Rankin, David Rawlings, Ronald Reeve, Chip Rejcek, James Robbins, Mary Robert, Kevin Robinson, Lisa Rodriquez, Diane Rojas, Sylvia Ross, Laura Sage, Patricia 106Salik, Steven Santos, Danny Santos, Norma Sauceda, Raymond Searcy, Darren Sharp, Betty Shepherd, Rodney Shimek, Janice Sibley, Ky Sibley, Michael Skrivanek, Nita Smith, Cynthia Smith. Dennis Smith, Edward Smith, Julie Smith, Raymond Smith, Sbarron Smith, Teresa Spaniel, Caryn Spaniel, Douglas Spaniel, Karleen Spann, Sheryl Spencer, Lee Spillers, Sherrie Stacks, Johna Stacy, Melissa Stewart, Joseph Tapia, Charlie Tarrant, Sandra Taylor, Dardy Taylor, Jim Thompson, Lewis Threct, Ricky Tobias, Dana Tollcson, Kathleen Trojacck, Jo Trojacck, Lydia Trojacek, Royce Ueberroth, Robert Uresti, Frank Valek, Loretta Vasquez, David 107PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Vavra, Paul Villareal, Leticia Vrana, Mary Vycrs, Scotty Walker, Ronnie Wampler. Ronald Ware, Rhonda Watkins, Christal Watson, Kenneth Whitt, Ricky Wiginton, Renee Wilborn, Jacqueline Wilcox, Karen Williams, Belinda Williams, Lisa Williams, Ricky Williams, Robert Williams, Stevie Willis, Randy Wilson, Rosina Woodard, Randell Woody, Kitt Yandell, Anna Young, Talmadge Yrlas, Estela Zabojnik, Deanna Zamarripa, Samuel Zapata, Angelita Myers, Bobbie Spencer, Patricia Stephens, Dale Darden, John Deluna, Rosa Martinez, JoPaul Smith, Lisa 108FACULTYSuperintendent Harlin J. Dauphin B.S., Hardin Simmons University M Ed.. ETSU Don Walker M E., ETSU Ivan Goodwin B A.. M.M.E., NTSU 110 Assistant SuperintendentsPrincipal Floyd Tolston B.S. Howard'Payne, M S. ETSU Robert E. Taylor Assoc, of Arts Kilgore College: B.S., M.Ed. ETSU Ross Lewis B.S. Prairie View A M. M.S. ETSU Assistant Principals 111VOCATIONAL DIRECTOR Dr. Hcrchcl Lester B.S., M.Ed., SHSU Ed. D. Univ. of MO. CURRICULUM DIRECTOR Mr. Guy Mixon B.S., M.Ed.. NTSU CURRICULUM SUPERVISOR Mrs. Lillian Alexander M. Ed., Prairie View COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR Mrs. Joy McCullough AA-Navarro BBA-NTSU 112 SCHOOL NURSE Mrs. Rachael Harbour, R.N. SCHOOL NURSE Mrs. Bonnie Bohall. R.N.Board of Education J. Larry Sulivan Member Kay Lynn Venable Member Jerry McCarty Secretary E. J. Washington Member Billy Dodson Vice-President■■ Counselors Vocational Counselor Jesse Wood B.S., Sam Houston State M. Ed., ETSU High School Counselor Sue Ann Wilson M. Ed., B.S., ETSU Guidance Director Mrs. Doris Gcrron B.S. East Texas Bapt. Coll. M. Ed., ETSU Career Counselor Special Ed. Counselor Donnie Denison Marie Watson Assoc, of Arts M. Ed., ETSU Navarro Coll. B.A. NTSU 114Marie Burden Bookkeeper Ann Haskovec Library Aide Doris Shields Secretary Eva Davidson Dietician Lois Smith Media Center Aide Pearl Campbell Special Ed. Aide Ruby Hughes Sp. Ed. Aide Mary Roberts Secretary Algirtha Lockhart Comp. Math Aide 115I » Bell, Brenda Blackerby, Jackie Booher, Eugenia Boon, Melinda Borland, Florence Braddock, Steve Springer, Laurel Carroll, Otto Carter, Bobby Chapman, Bill Clay, James Coley, Donna Cook, Jerry Cooper, Jack Cooper, Margaret Cox, Bill Dauphin, Ronnie Draper, Gwendlyn Fitzgerald, Curtis Freeman, LindaGardcnhirc, George Gentry, Wayne Goodwin. Judie Guidry, Tom Hall, Lou Hernandez, Patricia Huff, Janet Hughes, Phil Hunter, Fern Hunter, Melvin Kubala, Annette Kucera, Lawrence Lester, Gelene Lewis, Diane Lincoln, Rita Lipscomb, Pat Lister, Linda Lucky, Jeannic Ludwig, Melimda McClintock, JohnMcCullough, Joy McCullough, Ray Manning, Edgar Maxcy, Mike Meier, Doug Moreno, Ofelia Morris, Allen Overall, Maurine Padcn, Edsel Percival, Bill Pochobradsky, Julia Prickett, Robert Roberts, Dick Scattergood, Bob Scattergood, Kathy Shelton, Diane Shoffitt, Sanoma Slovak, Merrigo Weathers, Kay Steed, VickieStowers, Larry Stringfellow, Dick Strunc, Miles Strunc, Ruth Taylor, Rob Thompson, Tecumsch Webb, Mildred Wester. Walter Williams, Otis Wilshire, Holly Wilson, Rachel Winner, Sandra Witherspoon, William Wood, Joy Essary, Don Ruhl, Tina 120Faculty Index BRENDA BELL B.S.. ETSU Business and Shorthand JACKIE BLACKERBY B.A.. UT Algebra I EUGENIA BOOHER B.S.. NTSU MELINDA BOON B.A., Marshall U. M. Ed., NTSU Physical Science FLORENCE BORLAND B.S., TCU 8th Math Int. Alg. STEVE BRADDOCK B.S., TCU P.E. and Coach BOBBY CARTER B.S.. Texas A M Voc. Agr. JAMES CLAY B.S., SFA E. Science Coach DONNA COLEY M.A., NTSU Sr. English JERRY COOK B.S., Tarleton M.S., ETSU Biology Phy. Sci. JACK COOPER B.S., SHSU Physics, Chem. Trig. MARGARET COOPER B.A., SHSU Algebra I II BILL COX B.S., ETSU Am. World Hist. Coach RONALD DAUPHIN B.S., U. of N. Mexico P.E. Coach GWENDOLYN DRAPER B.S.. Prairie View A M Soc. Studies DON ESSARY B.S., M.A., ETSU Coach Ath. Director CURTIS FITZGERALD B.S., M.S., Tarleton Physical Science LINDA FREEMAN B.S., ETSU Dr. Ed., Coach P.E. GEORGE GARDENHIRE B.B.A., UT Dist. Ed. WAYNE GENTRY B.B.A.. ETSU Career Ed. JUDIE GOODWIN B.M.E., NTSU Asst. Band Dir. TOM GUIDRY S.F.A.S.U. Bach, of Music LOUIS HALL B.B.A., M.B.A., NTSU Dist. Ed. PATRICIA HERNANDEZ E.C.S.U. Ada, Okla. JANET HUFF ETSU Eng. PHIL HUGHES Auto Mech. FERN HUNTER B.A., Prairie View A M I Oth Eng. MELVIN HUNTER B.A., Bishop College M.A.. Prairie View A M ANNETTE KUBALA B.S., M.A..SFA Eng. coach LAWRENCE KUCERA B.S., M.Ed., NTSU Government GELENE LESTER B.A.T., SHSU Homemaking DIANE LEWIS UTA English RITA LINCOLN B.S., ETSU Geometry PAT LIPSCOMB B.A., Baylor U. Spanish LINDA LISTER A.A., TJC, B.S., ETSU Homemaking JEANNIE LUCKY B.F.A., Texas Tech U. Art MELINDA LUDWIG A. S., Navarro B. A., UTA Biology, Geo. Ea. Sc. JOHN McCLINTOCK B.S., ETSU. M. Ed. joy McCullough A. A., Navarro B. B.A., NTSU Annual, Public Relations Raymond McCullough B.S., Texas Tech U. VAC Coordinator DOUGLAS MEIER B.S.. M.S., Tarleton Voc. Agr. OFELIA MORENO B.S.. Texas Woman's U. Health Coach ALLEN MORRIS B.A.. NTSU 8th Math, Int. Alg. II MAURINE OVERALL B.S., ETSU HECE Coordinator EDSEL PADEN B.A., Abilene Christ. U. M.A., ETSU ICT Coordinator BILL PERCIVAL Metal Trades JULIA POCHOBRADSKY B.A.. UT 9th English RUTH POFF B.A., B.S.. Tex. Woman’s U. M.L.S., ETSU Librarian ROBERT PRICKETT B.S., McMurry College Business DICK ROBERTS B.S., M.S., Tx A M Voc. Agri. KATHY SCATTERGOOD B.A.. Abilene Christ. U. Speech, Eng. Drama BOB SCATTERGOOD B.A.. Abilene Christ. U. Speech, Eng. Drama M.A., NTSU 121TINA RUHL S.F.A.U. Homemaking SANOMA SHOFFIT B.S.. M. Ed. ETSU Girl's Ath. Coord. P.E. MERRIJO SLOVAK B.S., ETSU Homemaking LAUREL SPRINGER B.A., UTA French, 9th Eng. VICKIE STEED B.S., Sul Ross State Plan A Resource KAY WEATHERS B.S., M.A. Sam Houston St. Eng. Library SC. LARRY STOWERS B.A., UTA CVAE, 8th Eng. Coach DICK STRINGFELLOW B.B.A.. Tex. A M Health, Dr. Ed. Coach MILES STRUNC B.S., ETSU CVAE Off. Dupl. RUTH STRUNC B.A. Tarleton World History ROBERT TAYLOR M. Ed., ETSU Int. Alg. Coach MILDRED WEBB B.S., M. Ed.. Pr. View Plan A WALTER WESTER B.S.. ETSU 8th 9th Basic Eng. OTIS WILLIAMS B.S., Samuel Huston-Aust. Ea. Sci. Coach WILLIAM WITHERSPOON Bldg. Trades JOY WOOD B.S., ETSU Typing General Bus. TECUMSEH THOMPSON B.A. Paul Quinn St. U. Masters ETSU Special Education 122ORGANIZATIONSInternational Thespian Society 1st row: L to R: Jeannette Lamkin. Stephen Petty. Marlene Bclcw, Rachel Lester. Judi Prachyl. 2nd ro : Larry Erickson, Kenneth Bolton. Mark Underwood. Jodie Harbert. Jeff Smith. Officers Vice President . . . Jeff Smith Student Council Representative . . . Kenneth Bolton Secretary . . . Rachael Lester President . . . Jodie Harbert Historian . . . Mark Underwood 124F. C. A. lst-G. McElroy. T. Huddleston, J. Kirkpatrick, J. Tay, R. Wills, S. Rider, J. Nutt, T Benson, D. Crow. S. Munn. 2nd-Bi Taylor. B. Newsome. J. Honza. D. Taylor. H. Hughes. J. Collins.G. Pechacek. D. Grant, D.Cox. 3rd-R. Knott, T. Peyton, K. Lewis. T. Brown. D. Kenney. T. Benson. B. Barton. K. Graham. G. Toal. 4ih-P. Brown. C. Dennison. L. Pechacek, D. Taylor, K. Bolton. P. Bctik. 5th L. Orman. T. Liska. R. Hackney. S. Betik. Officers Greg McElroy . . . President Scott Munn ... Vice President Richard Hackney . . . Secretary Dan Taylor . . . Treasurer Kevin Lewis . . Reporter Jerry Honza . . . Student Council Rep. 125Student Council 1st row: J. Bentle, Mrs. Poff, C. Henry, T. Bozek, M. Berry, T. Navarro, T. McKinze, L. Manry, M. Hunter, D. Boyd, P. Kirven, P. Lockhart. 2nd row: D. Babovec, G. Westbrook, D. Pomykal, J. Martinek, L. Fisher, D. Kenney, C. Clark, K. Knight, Mr. Kucera, 3rd row: K. Jones, C. McLelland, K. Brewster, K. Boyd, G. Hollingsworth, H. Hughes, P. Fira, 4th row: S. Munn, K. Collins, H. Cheshire, G. Garrard, D. Taylor, B. Raburn, J. Hennings, J. Stacks, C. Duke, R. Sauccda, 5th row: A. McDavid, T. Armstrong, S. Betik, J. Varner, G. McElroy, J. Rejeck, D. Bctik. 6th row: H. Hughes, K. Bolton, T. Liska, S. Knott, J. Honza, K. Alewine. J. Collins. R. Hackney. Officers PRESIDENT: Scott Munn V. PRESIDENT: Dwayne Betik SECRETARY: Christy Henry TREASURER: Christi McLelland 126Student Advisory (L to R) Richard Taylor; Lisa Vinson; Evcttc Perry; Guy Nutt; Donnie Denison, Sponsor; Tammy Hart; Gloria Rodriguez; Esther Gaytan. 127 Boys State and Girls State Boys State: Pat Bctik. Billy Newsome Girls State: Danna Pomykol. Rhonda LiskaF. T. A. 1st—J. Kubin, A. Gleason, E. Sullivan, T. Navarro, K. Fudge. D. Nckuza, L. Sinclair, C. Fouzar, 2nd—K. Ricks, L. Benner, S. Pechal, B. Raburn, C. Emmert, K. Dixon, S. Batten, P. Kirven, 3rd—K. Gorman, L. Lawler, A. Belew, C. Flatt, M. Dodson, C. Morris, K. Trojacek, 4th—Rita Lincoln, Denise Lewis, P. Kyser, C. Hunter, C. Collins, Racheal Wilson. Officers Tina Navarro . . . President Kathy Fudge ... 1st Vice-President Liz Sinclair . . . 2nd Vice-President Kasha Ricks ... 3rd Vice-President Kathy Dixon . . . Secretary Judy Kubin . . . Reporter Diana Nekuza . . . Treasurer Camille Emmert . . . Historian Alice Gleason . . . Parliamentarian Brenda Raburn . . . Student Council Rita Lincoln . . . Sponsor Denise Lewis . . . Sponsor Rachael Wilson . . . Sponsor 128Nike 1st—J. Wilkerson. E. Sullivan. K. Fudge. R. Roberts. T. Navarro, D. Taylor, K. Smith, D. Keeney, L. Searcy, A. Liska, L. Murhead, J. Erisman. 2nd—D. Pomykal, J. Chmelar, J. Green, K. Ricks, S. Brasher, J. Simmons, T. Bozek, K. Braddock. 3rd—C. Flatt, R. Brown, G. Clark, N. Harris, A. Gleason, T. Abram. M. Dodson, J. Hobbs. 4th—J. Lamkin, C. Tay, Mrs. Joy Wood (sponsor) S. Pechal, C. Crow, L. Lawler. Officers Robin Roberts . . . President Tina Navarro . . . Vice-President Karen Smith . . . Secretary Debbie Keeney . . . Treasurer Joy Wood . . . Sponsor 129Officers President . . . Steve Betik Vice President . . . Stephen Prachyl Secretary . . . Diane Nekuza Treasurer . . . Cathy Clark Reporter . . . Allison Hicks Stu Coun Rep . . . Tommy Liska Sponsors ... Mr. Cooper, Mr. Cook J. E T. S. 0 1st row: A. Hicks, R. Lester, C. Pouzar, C. Emmcrt, L. Sullivan, G. Clark, R. Jones, J. Kubin, B. Raburn, G. Westbrook, D. Nekuza. 2nd row: C. Clark, D. Pomykal, A. Simpson, R. Liska, P. Kyser, J. Newman, M. Berry, A. Gleason, M. Manry. 3rd row: Mr. Cook, R. Hackney, T. Abram, G. Gossitt, D. Taylor, J. Miller, N. Clark, P. Betik. 4th row: M. Hejney, S. Prachyl, B. Sullivan, Mr. Cooper, C. Trojacek. 5th row: B. Newsom, T. Liska, S. Betik.FBLA 1st row, S. Spence, R. Hackney, D. Pomykal, P. Kirvcn, K. Evans, K. Smith, R. Roberts, J. Simmons, T. Bozek, M. Berry. 2nd row, G. Gossett, T. Benson, M. Crow, R. Liska, K. Shields, L. Searcy. M. Belew, J. Green. Brenda Bell (sponsor) D. Knight. 3rd row, K. Brewster, J. Honza, T. Liska, J. Nutt, S. Munn, T. Parks, N. Norman, L. McCorrey. 4th row, L. Sinclair, L. Morrell, T. Benson, G. Pechacek, C. Trojacek, C. Morris, Robert Prickett (sponsor) 5th row, C. S hacker ford. J. Whitfield. K. Keeney, J. Brewer, P. Betick, T. Minatrea, K. Collins. Officers President . . . T. Benson 1st Vice Pres. . . . G. Gossett 2nd Vice Pres. . . . J. Nutt Secretary . . . D. Pomykal Reporter . . . M. Crow Historian . . . J. Green Treasurer . . . R. Liska Par. . . . L. Sinclair St. Council Rep. . . . T. Liska 131F. F. A 1st row, R. Erickson. J. Spence, J. Holt, B. Martinek, R. Bennett,T. Dunkerly, K. Alewine.G. Mixon. D. Duckworth, S. Harp. 2nd row. Danny Spencer, S. Davis, S. Green. S. McBride. A. Hollingsworth, R. Farrall. J Martinek. B. Rios, M. Mini ., L. Bobalik, T. Marusak. M. Philips, D. Betik. G. Macalik, Mr. Meier, 3rd row, A. Hicks, O. Munn, Y. Slovacek, K. Brad dock, G. Hicks, C. Mickel, Bob Carter. 4th row, II. Cheshire, S. Christian, K. Keilers, R. McGuire, A. Probst, T. Adams, D. Spencer, M. Hubacek, S. Dyson, J. Betik, G. Shvalok, 5th row, C. Livingston, A. Thomason, E. Emert, J. Haney. I). Harp, L. Cook, I). Wilson, M. Kelley, G. Garrard. D. Hillgar, A. Bozek, 6th row, D. Cox, K. Vester, K. Honza, Russell Schroeder. M. Jones, R. Doherty, M. Thomason, J. Henry, B. Schroeder, J. Jones, 7th row, G. Dolezalik, R. Brown. J. Anthony, B. Brenton, M. Knapp, L. Jones, T. Newman, K. Oates, T. Evans, C. Thompson, 8th row, J. Trojacek. R. Tompson, R. Davis, M. Yarbrough. J. McBride, G. Skrivanek, K. Butler. J. Byrd, 9th, D. Knight, T. Armstrong, S. Vandiver. W. Dillard, L. Pechacek, J. Morris, B. Taylor, J. Hill, B. Prestridge, B. Novy, D. Patak, 10th row, E. Watson, A. Cammron, A. Mathews, S. Thorton, T. Blakley, D. Colson, G. Crowley, E. Mack, D. Keeney, T. Kubin. J. Green, K. Wilson, T. Knight, J. Thorton, W. Walker. Officers President . . . Mike Yarbrough Vice President . . . Dwaine Betik Secretary . . . Oleta Munn Reporter . . . Alison Hicks Treasurer . . . Rusty Brown Sweetheart . . . Jeanne Martinek Advisors . . . Doug Meier, Gary Duke, Danny Spencer, Bob Carter 132Officers Treasurer President . Secretary . Sweetheart . . . Sgt.-at-Arms . . Stu. Coun. Rep. Vice President . Steve Betik Tommy Liska James Rejcek . Jeanne Martinek . . Danny Patak . Chris Trojacck Pat Betik Key Club 1st row: P. Betik, R. Hackney, D. Betik, S. Betik, T. Liska, J. Martinek, J. Kirkpatrick, J. Honza, G. Pechacek, S. Munn, 2nd row: J. Brewer, D. Rejcek, S. Rider, J. Nutt, J. Rejcek, D. Keeney, C. Trojacck, D. Taylor, 3rd row: B. Newsome, T. Huddleston, D. Taylor, M. Tay, J. Tay, J. Collins, J. Whitfield, K. Lewis, D. Patak. 133H. E. R. O.- F. H. A. 1st S. Fields, K. Balew, A. Manriguez, V. Dixon. A. Liska, R. Morris, S. Burr. C. Hill, C. Lewis, 2nd A. Smith. G. Gabriel, V. Johnson, G. Cook, K. Zabojnik. M. Navarro, J. Matous, Maurine Overall, J. Batten, 3rd A. Dixon, G. Spencer, C. Shefield, J. Green. L. l ira. L. Topia. G. Santos, B. Bullard. 4th- P. Hughes, R. Peel. D. Christian, Merrijo Slovak, M. Roberts, R. Leaks. W. Tobias, K. Langly. Officers Annette Liska . . . President Sherry Burr ... 1st Vice-President Lisa Fira . . . 2nd Vice-President Ruth Morris ... 3rd Vice-President Jaye Green ... 4th Vice-President Kathy Balew ... 5th Vice-President Evelyn Sims . . . Secretary Cynthia Shefield . . . Treasurer Ronda Peel . . . Historian Jane Batten . . . Parliamentarian Maurine Overall . . . Teacher-Coordinator Merrijo Slovak . . . Teacher-Coordinator 134F. H. A. 1st—Kathy Smith, Connie Flatt, Corneillia Collins, Annie Willis, Duajanna Burr, Shevera Gilmore, Kim Rappc, Ms. Ruhl (advisor) Constance Coleman, Laurie Hart. Karen Collins, Kathy Trojacck, Karnc Daniels, Mrs. Linda Lister (advisor). Dcidrc Knight, Ronda Thomas, Pam Edwards, Deanna Thomason, Wanda Burnett, Mrs. Jelene Lester (advisor) Officers Pres. . . . W. Burnett 1st V. Pres. . . . K. Daniels 2nd V. Pres. . . . L. Hart 3rd V. Pres. . . . K. Trojacck 4th V. Pres. . . . R. Thomas Sec. Treas. . . . D. Thomason 5th V. Pres. . . . Corneilias Collins Historian . . . K. Rappe Parliamentarian . . . K. CollinsOffice Education Association Row 1: L to R: L. Tidwell, L. Fisher, M. Ware, J. Wilkerson, T. Vrana, M. Doblado. Row 2: R. Ramierz, M. Gayton, O. Munn, M. Smith. M. Trojacek. Row 3: D. Babovcc, M. Martinez, G. Hill, T. Hart, M. Jakubik. Officers President . .. Lisa Tidwell Vice-President . . . Donna Babovec Secretary . . . Joyce Wilkerson Treasurer. . . Melissa Ware Parliamentarian . . . Libby Fisher Sergeant-At-Arms . . . Monica Trojacek Reporter . . . Margie Doblado 136A.C.T.S First row, Elva Monrcal. Dcidrc Knight, Camille Emmert, Debra Purcell, Sarah Gayton, 2nd row. Miss Blackerby, Djuana Leaks. Pamela Lockhart. Esther Gayton. 137French Club 1st: row: Laurel Mayo, Karen Collins, Dianna Easley, Sharon Pechal, Jackie Perdue. Julie Newman, June Haisler, Christy Henry, Julia Simmons, Rachel Lester, Lisa Benner. 2nd. row: John Miller. Teresa Ray. Cindy Fuller, Tianna Sorenson, Luetta Probst, Robin Roberts. Karen Smith. Pam Lockhart, Debbie Christian, 3rd, row: Paul Skrivanck, Monica Jakubik, Regina Rice, Tricia Kennedy, Mark Simmons, Ronnie Tay, Nona Harris, Shanna Fielding, Gay Westbrook. 4th, row: Tod Stevens, Cynthia Morris. Allison Simpson, Jeannett Lampkin, Angie Belcw, Kasha Ricks, Terri Bozek, Kenneth Bolton. Officers President . .. Teresa Ray Vice-President . . . Julie Newman Secretary Treasurer . .. Mark Simmons Reporter . . . Tricia Kennedy 138V.I.CA 1st. G. Santos, T. Jenkins. B. Potter, R. Abra, D. Cruz, T. Pereyda, P. Vavra, E. Curry, M. Patak, 2nd. G. Spann. J. Trojacek, J. Brewer, R. Hollingsworth, R. Mikel, B. Stockton, L. Zajic, M. Holland. 3rd. Mr. Edsel Paden (advisor), B. Holly, S. Clcin, E. Horrcl, J. Anthony, M. Liska, G. Roth, P. Richardson Officers Roger Hollingsworth . . . President Danny Cruz . . . Vice-President Philip Vavra . . . Reporter Barry Stockton . . . Sergeant At Arms Kenny Struncs . . . Parlimcntarian Greg Roth . . . Student Council Rep. 139VIC A 1st—K. Trojacck, J. Artcga, M. McBurnett, D. Jones, R. Stidger, M. Pena, E. Trojacek, 2nd—J. Johnson, D. Sharp, B. Trojacck, A. Martinez, W. Hammond, 3rd—Mr. Hughes (sponsor), V. Slovzk, A. Santos, J. Almanza, Q. Kelly Officers Bob Trojacek . . . President Adam Martinez . . . Vice-President Wesley Hammond . . . Secretary Kathy Trojacek . . . Treasurer Eric Torjacek . . . Parlimentarian Mr. Phil Hughes . . . Sponsor 140VICA 1st—T. Wallace, D. Brown, L. Horrell, R. Rodquez, J. Crowley. 2nd—Mr. Percival (sponsor), P. Boston, D. Novy Officers David Novy . . . President Raul Rodriquez . . . Vice-President Jimmy Crowely . . . Secretary 141D.EC.A 1st K. Alewinc, J. Spaiiel, P. Prestridge, C. Brock, T. Minatrea, B. Brannon, C. Boren, J. Bentle, R. Guerrero, D. Vineyard, A. Caldwell, 2nd-G. Svehlak, R. Rice, M. Zmolek, K. Spaniel. V. Wensowitch, M. Pierce, K. Smith, S. Brasher, T. ('rigger, 3rd C. Fincher, J. Langley, L. Davis, B. Jones, A. McBride, M. Venable, H. Butler. J. Felchman, C. Knight, 4th II. Conners, G. Macalik, T. Kriska, M. Rogers, J. Rejcek, M. McIntosh, 5th Mr. Louis Hall, M. Tekel, J. Taylor, D. Cummings, K. Cannaday, Mr. George Gardenhirc. Officers Cathy Knight . . . President Marty Sanchez . . . Vice-President Holly Butler . . . Secretary Judy Bentle . . . Reporter Louis Hall . . . Sponsor George Gardenhire . . . Sponsor 142U.I.L. CARLA NEWSOME fourth place— spelling GAY WESTBROOK first place— poetry interpretation, Hon Men All Star Cast KAREN WILCOX second place— poetry YVETTE PERRY third place— poetry, Hon Men All Star Cast TINA NAVARRO third place, newswriting POLLY SULLIVAN third place— poetry STEVE PETTY fourth place— poetry. All Star Cast GLORIA MILLER first place— poetry LEAH COOK third place— prose i MARLENE BERRY second place— headline writing JO ANN TROJACEK second place— spelling DEBBIE KEENEY second place—newswriting 143Printing Club 1st—Miles Strunc (advisor) R. Brown, J. Smith, J. Morin, C. Myers, A. Botello, C. Moya, 2nd—K. Barker, S. Zamarripa, D. Bernal, J. Taylor, R. Lopez. 3rd—A. Wallace, P. Slovacck, R. Craig, A. Walker, T. Clark National FFA Pasture Range Judging Team 144 Dick Roberts (advisor) G. Trojacek, S. Thrcct, K. Betik, C. Mecom, S. Munn, Bob Carter (advisor), Doug Meier (advisor)Dandee Lion Staff Jim Kirpatrick.............Sports Debbie Keeney..............Organizations Marlene Berry..........Editorials Marlene Belew............Features Kenneth Bolton..............Headlines Mark Underwood...............Entertainment Lola Searcy.............Sports Editor Phyllis Prestidge.........Managing Editor Tina Navarro............EditorJournalism Club 1st—T. Navarro, D. Jeter. L. Searcy. D. Keeney. H. Conner. 2nd—B Healey. A. Williford. K. Smith. J. Kirkpatrick. P. Prestidgc. B. Essary. J. Spaniel. J. Felcman. D. Gadberry 3rd—D. Haddock. R. Haisler. M. Underwood, VI. Bclew. M. Berry. T. Hester. Tina Navarro Phyllis Prestidge Jim Kirkpatrick Debbie Keene Brigitte Essary Editor Managing Editor President Secretary Treasurer Student Council Rep. 146P. A. C 1st Berry. S. Petty. L Davis, R. Lester. L. Cook, C. Frazier, C. Newsome. M. Bain, M. Bruzzecsc, J. Erisman, L. Brown. L. Murhead. G. Miller. 2nd—M. Underwood. D. Jeter. A. Bclew. K. Wilcox, S. Ludwig. K. Smith. 3rd—Robert Scattergood (sponsor) G Westbrook, A. Simpson. G. Gossett. C. Bulot. L. Searcy, C. English. K Brewster. K. Bolton. S. Collins. 4th—C. Caudillo. P Skrivanek. L. Erickson. J. Miller. S. Prachyl, M Belew, D. Bennett. J. Harbert. J. Smith. J. Prachyl. G. Worley, E. Perry, J. Lamkin. Officers Jodie Harbert ....................—.............. President Gay Westbrook —......................... Vice-President Rachael Lester ................................ Secretary Katie Brewster Treasurer Mark Underwood .................................. Historian Kenneth Bolton ...................... Student Council Rep. 147National Honor Society (Row 1: L to R:) Jane Batten, Sharia Spence, Kevin Lewis, Jerry Honza, Stephen Prachyl, Christy Henry, Dolly Jeter, Vera Wensowich. Row 2: Carol Pouzar, Gaylan Clark, Kasha Ricks, Camille Emmert. Sarh Gaytan. Teresa Ray, Mike Hejny, Steve Petty. Row 3: Karen Spaniel, Lane Sullivan, Robin Roberts. Karen Smith, Patricia Kyser, Dianna Nckuza, Karen Daniel, Danna Pomykol. Billy Newsome, Jim Collins, Paul Skrivanek. Row 4: Jeanne Martinek, Marlene Belew, Cathy Clark, Kristen, Tina Navarro, Mike Yarbrough, Tommy Liska, Mary Smith, Richard Hackney, Steve Knott. Donna Bobovec. Allison Hicks, Liz Sinclair. Officers President: Richard Hackney, Vice-President: Donna Bobavec, Sponsor: Kay Weathers, Secretary: Liz Sinclair, Treasurer: Kristen Gorman. 148U. 1. L. SOLO AND ENSEMBLE FIRST DIVISION 1st row, S. Ludwig, D. Fielder. M. Wagliardo, D. Miller, S. Prachyl, C. Hunter, D. Whittington. 2nd row, L. Manry, T. Abram, G. Gossett, T. Ray, T. Kennedy, L. Sullivan, P. Dunkcrly. ALL REGION JR. HIGH J. Stacks, C. Kinzie, T. Young, V. Hick, D. Fudge, H. Hughes, G. Flynt, T. Blassingamc, C. Bulot, K. Wilcox, G. Miller, E. Blazek, D. Whittington. ALL DISTRICT JR. HIGH J. Rejcek, P. Parks, M. Amador, B. Boon, L. Brown, D. Pustejovsky, R. Monreal, J. Trojacek, S. Hammonds, P. Sullivan, N. Gomez, E. Yrlas, J. Wilborn. 149Symphonic Band Concert BandEighth Grade BandEH.S. Twirlers Marlene Berry Sr. Cathy Fudge Jr. Missy Crow Sr. Jeanne Martinek Sr. Carla Minter Sr. Alice Gleason Jr.Marlene Belew Sr. Rhonda Liska Jr. Rosa Rodriques Soph. Danna Pomykol Jr. Julia Simmons Jr. Katie Brewster Sr. 153Stage Band I Stage Band II 1549th Grade Twirlers 8th Grade Twirlers Dana Whittington, Gina Ingargiola, Kim Keilers. 8th Grade Lt Kristine Jurik, Cindy Duke, Lisa Brown, Toni Blassingamc. Karen Wilcox. High School Lts.m m Jeanette Rejcek 156 Athletic SweetheartSPORTSVarsityFootball Pimm: Third Row: David Taylor, Morris Caudilio, Pat Betik, Steve Betik, Rusty Wills, David Fira, Tommy Benson, Frank Garcia, Jim Collins, Richard Hackney. Fourth Row: Danny Patak, Scott Munn, Tommy Brown, Kevin Lewis, Eddie McElroy, Ricky Laningham, Tommy Liska, Ricky Rasco, Jerry Honza, Greg Peebles, Roger Brown. 159Brent Bennet WB S SR. Timmy Benson T DG SR. Tommy Benson T LB SR. Steve Bctik G LB SR. Roger Brown E DE SR. Richard Hackney T DE SR. 160Jerry Honza E LB SR. Trey Huddelston FB CB SR. Jim Kirkpatrick C DE SR. 161Greg McElroy C LB SR. Troy Morales WB S SR. Morrio Caudillo G DG SR. Scott Munn T LB SR. Jimmy Nutt G DG SR. Lanny Orman QB SR. 162Greg Pachacck T DG SR. Michael Joe Roberts QB DB SR. Jimmy Tay QB S SR. 163Jim Collins T LB JR. Keneth Haynes TB LB JR. Jerry Kirven TB CB JR. Danny Patak T DG JR. Ricky Rascoe E CB JR. Scott Rider C DE JR. 164Andy Thomas Rusty Wills Keneth Anderson HB S T DG HB LB JR. JR. Soph. Greg Peebles E LB Soph. 165 David Fira T LB Soph. Howard Hughes FB LB Soph. Jeff Varner FD LB Soph. Johny Ray Smith TB S Soph. Larry Pechacek T DG Soph. Dan Taylor Trainer SR. Keneth Bolton Manager SR. Bill Taylor Manager SR. 16678-79 Football Scores Ennis 12 Athens 14 Ennis 16 Jacksonville 21 Ennis 13 Mineral Wells 14 Ennis 0 Waco High 14 Ennis 6 Midway 6 Ennis 7 Waxahachie 13 Ennis 20 Seagoville 6 Ennis 14 Lancaster 9 Ennis 22 Mansfield 6 Ennis 7 DeSoto 19 167Varsity Cheerleaders Debbie Moody Jeannette Rejcek Cathy Shields Christy Henry Cathy Clark Eva MyersJV. Cheerleaders SAN JACINTO AUDITORIUM 1st—Kamcla Boyd, DcAnn Hillger, Jackie Perdue 2nd—Christi McLelland, Alicia Lewis, Nancy Clark J.V. Baseball 1st—R. Tay, R. Lewis, B. Harrison, A. Cervantes. J. Betik 2nd—A. Alvarez, J. Hill, D. Green, C. Lynch 3rd—T. Kubin, D. Lipsey, J. Varner, G. Peebles, C. Kudrna, Coach Clay 169Freshman Cheerleaders Tammy Hart, Hope Hughes, Terri Franz, Carol English. SAN JACINTO AUDITORIUM Eighth Grade Cheerleaders Janet Hollingsworth Sandra English Tracey Forbes Linda Isbell Johna Stacks 1701st row: Don Essary. 2nd row: Glen Hyde, Tommy Clark. Robert Peteet, Allen Morris, Larry Stowers, Bill Cox, Bill Chapman. 3rd row: Steve Braddock, Rob Taylor, Mike Maxi, James Clay, Dick Stringfellow, Ronnie Dauphin, Odis Williams. 1st row: Washington, Oakely, Dent, Crow, Tay, Barton, Graham, Holley, Harrison, Alumbaugh, Tay, Edwards, Taylor. 2nd row: Coach Larry Stowers, Gilmore, Lewis, Haddock, Morris, Toal, Lynch, Navarro, Glaspy, Alvarez, Rodriquez, Cameron, Thornton, Simmons, Oates, Manriquez (Mgr.) 3rd row: Coach Bill Chapman, Grant, Martinez, Newsome, Spurgeon, Butler, Lipsey, Coile, Morales, Nutt, Kelly, Peyton, Henderson, Freeman. Banks. 4th row: Monreal, Young, Kudrna, Wood, Lanningham, Armstrong. Emmert, Jones, Williams, Fira, Collier. Lusk, Walker, Green. Junior Varsity hom!"" o"r THE9th Maroon 1st Row: Kelly. Pollon, Alverez. Coleman, Betik. Williams, Barnes. Eubanks, 2nd Row: Williams, Adams, Lipsey. Hill. Kubin, Craig, Mach. Craig, Potter. 3rd Row: Newman. Jones, Fincher. Lockhart, Martinez, Green. Novy, Parks, Wallace. 1st Row: Edwards, Head, Carrilo, Moore, Spencer, Jones, Cox, Brown, Vrana, Alexander, Edwards, 2nd Row: Dlajba, Waediken, Toal, Walker, Byrd, Williams, Hernadez, Cervantez, Topia, Collins, 3rd Row: Shaw, Williams. Williams, Collier, Manry, Moore, Bozek. Liska. Evans, Green, Mikel, 4th Row: Hicks, Searcy, Sowers, Knight, Smith, Smith, Slack. Henry, Goff, Caudillo.8th Maroon 1st row: Garret. Martinez, Arsiba, Mata, Peebles, Roberts, Glen. Dellado. Tapia. C. Morris. 2nd ROW: C. Taylor. Dalabaj. Fira, Sibly. Woody. Betik. Aresti, Coalstan. Thompson, Allen. Uebrof,C. String. 3rd ROW: Brown. English, Searcy. Lee. Smith. LaFollet.Coleman. Threet, Williams. 4th ROW: Cervantes, Allen. Vyres. Fielder. Ellis Hughes, Kubin. Radway. Daniels. Neely. 8th White 1st ROW: Rawlings, Adair, Cox, Watson, Nutt. Smith, Lilly, Sauceda, Hart. 2nd ROW: Barneo, Willis, Kirkpatrik, Holley, Cervantes, Hart, Kyser, Crigger. Clark, Pridgon. 3rd ROW: Carpenter, Johnson, Owens, Rankin, Figuroa, Mammert, Mammert, Reeveo, C. Morris. 4th ROW: C. Taylor. Newman. Novy. Brown, Captillor. Cervantes. C. String. Erck, Castilho, Hackney. Bennell. Collins. 173Varsity Basketball 1st row: Vince Hereford. Terry Willace. 2nd row: Eddie McElroy, Michael Jo Roberts, Roger Brown, Larry Erickson. 3rd row: Richard Freeman, Danny Whiteaker. Ricky Mitchell, Steve Knott.8th Grade Basketball 1st row: Jack Kirkpatrick, Raymond Smith. Lynn Cox, 2nd row: Rainze Hart, Steve Williams, Steve Novy, Kelvin Nealy, Ronnie Ratway, Vance Vyers, Coach Bob Taylor, William Hughs, Edward Smith, Ricky Castello, Carl Coleman, Ricky Threct.Roger Brown Ricky Mitchell Danny Whitcakcr Steve Knott Michael Jo Roberts 176 Eddie McElroyLarry Erickson Vince Hereford Terry Willace Richard Freeman Coach Dick Stringfellow 177Junior Varsity Basketball Back Row: Gary Freeman, Kenneth Anderson, Howard Hughes, Kevin Fincher, Wes Walker, Jeff Varner, Kenneth Hanes, Williams McDonald, Ray Williams, Front row: Richard Taylor, Coach Chapman, Touncy Hart. Back row: Coach Maxey, Tod Parks, Ronnie Jones, Brian Novy, James Armstrong, Daryl Collie, Keith Searcy, Blane Smith, Sam Henderson, Steve Barnes, Jeff Wingo, Tony Adams 9th Basketball179Varsity Track Team HOME OF THE Front Row; Kenneth Anderson, Ryan Wade, Charles Edward, Trey Huddelston, Pat Betik, Kevin Oats, Booker T. Washington, Second Row; Coach Larry Stowers, Ricky White, Jimmy Collins, Andy Thomas, Gary Davis, Albert Cameron, David Grant, Coach Chapman. Third Row; Mike Wingo. Johnny Smith, David Dunkerley, Kenneth Haynes, Danny Kenny, Eddie McElroy, Danny Patak, Ricky Rasco, Roger Brown. 180Sprinters Distance B.T. Washington. T. Huddleston. C. Edwards, J.R. Smith, K. R Brown- D Dunkerly. P. Betik. R. Wade Anderson, K. Haynes, R. Rasco High Jumpers Pole Vaulters 182 Ricky White and Eddie McElroy D. Keeney. S. Thornton, A. Thomas.Shot Discus 440 Relay HOME OF THE FIGHTI A, Cameron, D. Grant, D. Patak, J. Collins, G. Davis. C. Edwards, R. Rasco, J.R. Smith, T. Huddleston, K. Anderson. Mile Relay J.R. Smith, B.T. Washington, K. Haynes, P. Betik, T. Huddleston. 183Varsity Baseball Front Row: Dan Taylor, Jimmy Tay, Richard Taylor, Troy Morales, Kenneth Lipsey, Billy Newsome, Morris Caudillio. Second Row: Lanny Orman, Tommy Brown, Dennis Rcjcek, Ronnie Knot, Tommy Liska, Steve Bctik. Bobby Henderson, Tom Peyton. Back Row: Coach Clay, Jerry Honza, Richard Hackney, David Taylor, Jim Kirtpatrick, Coach Braddock. Pitchers Outfielders Infielders HOME OF THE iKir, i Richard Taylor, Ronnie Knott, David Taylor, Bobby Henderson, Morris Caudillio. HOME Oh I Ht R. Knott, J. Honza, D. Taylor, B. Henderson, T. Morales, S. Betik. J. Tay, T. Peyton, R. Hackney, K. Lipsey, Newsome ■ ■ «r • ■ w • a ■ a Brown, Orman, Kirkpatrick, Liska, Taylor, Rejcek.Tennis Back Row: Joe Fulton, Ray Thompson, Pat Brown, Cindy Crow, Chuck Dennison, Julie Newman, Kenneth Bolton, Jscssica Gerhig, Terry Evans, Justin Dyss, Greg Griffith, Front Row: Cathy Shields, Debbie Moody, Alice Gleason, Nancy Boon. Golf Ward Pollen Boyd Jones Jones Gerhig Gunn Crow Ivan Goodwin, Coach Hobbs Hobbs 185RITA HAISLER CHRISTY HENRY EVA MYERS ELANDA MITCHELL Lady Lion Varsity MONIQUE WILLIAMS CORNELIA COLLINS TAMMY HART EVETTE PERRY JEANNIE SPANIELManagers Coaches Melinda Baine, Jill Bennett, Colcta Frazier, Karla Newsome, Jennie Linda Freeman and Sanoma Shoffit. Beeton. Rita Haisler Eva Myers 187Jr. Varsity Lady Lions 1st row: Cornelia Collins. Beatrice Gabriel, Tammy Knott, Carol English. 2nd row: Monique Williams, Gay Roberts, Evette Perry, Teddy Sanders. 8th Grade Basketball 1st row: Sam English, Lisa Robinson, Theresa Griffin, Saude Olalde, Linda Isbel. 2nd row: Lisa Williams, Susie Hamilton, Donna Freeman. Mary Vrana, Karleen Spaniel. 3rd row: Jackie Wilbourn, Kimona Clark, Jackie Mitchell, Tracy Burr, and Stephanie Gaylcr. 188Lady Lion Varsity Track Team Left Side: Eva Myers. Cornelia Collins, Shevera Gilmore. Jeannie Spaniel. Right side: Gwen Rutledge. Alicia Lewis. Colcta Frazier. Cynthia Lewis. SANOMA SHOFFIT Girls Athletic Coordinator Captain Outstanding Track Award CYNTHIA LEWIS JEANNIE SPANIEL 189Eighth Grade Track 1st row: Sam English. Teresa Griffin, Tracy Forbes, Janet Hollingsworth, 2nd row: Nina Jackson, Kathleen Tolleson, Mary Vrana, Linda Isbell, Jennifer Martindale, Lisa Williams. 3rd row: Karleen Spaniel, Patricia Spencer, Lisa Robinson, Rose Wilson, Dana Eves, Stephanie Gayler, 4th row: Tracy Burr, Kimona Clark, Jackie Wilborne, Lisa Smith, Susie Hamilton.Band LULL 1st Division High School High School All District 1st Division Solo Ensemble U.I.L. Jr- High 192 All District All Region Jr- High All Region B Jr- High All Region - thk $ EH I OR. Class ?7? PH£SSR7S 1 ffl I ffl “ 1 “ ffl'® a Oliver in a a a ills UJ TTENX ftV Uoweu ftAfe-r J ° c? T O . o o 3 1 y W TN PE m»SS 6M T • . . . Tfl ms-VjjtTmAftR muitc uaeRtiv w K £u y ■«, A3, -?y « v' 7 3(5 Vy; Weujm : W U SflOj oro fl(JAiTO£lUtf Introducing the Cast Oliver Twist.....Dan Taylor Fagin .. . Kenneth Bolton Artful Dodger . .. Greg Bill Sikes--Jerry Honza Nancy .... Missy Crow Bet.... Katie Brewster Mr. Bumble.......Jeff Smith Widow Corney .... Marlene Berry Charlotte .... Jeanne Martinek Noah Clay pole---Tommy Liska Mr. Brownlow . . . . Chris Trojacek Mr. Siwerberry .... Steve Betik Mrs. Sowerberry .... Marlene Belew Dr. Grimwis .... Mark Underwood Mrs. Bed win.....Pam Lockhart Old Sally Judith Prachyl The Rose Seller .... Phyllis Kirven The Strawberry Seller . . Lola Searcy The Knife Grinder .... Kevin Lewis Milkmaid and Chrous .... Cathy Clark Small Boy and Chorus Jeanette Rejcek The Chairman, Watchman, and Chorus ... Richard Hackney Bow Street Runner and Chorus .... Greg Hobbs Chorus and Old Lady .... Allison Hicks CHORUS James Rejcek Carla Minter Jim Kirkpatrick Cynthia Lewis Stephen Prachyl Debbie Keeney Scott Munn DIRECTORS Robert A Scatter good John Blassingame Jodie Harbert Assistant Director vC OJr- Sr. Prom ’79 198Stairway 199202Senior Week 203w e s t e r nSenior Dinner Six Flags Trip 205Vespers 206Valedictorian Donna BabovecSalutatorian Richard Hackney 209Four Year Honor Graduates One Year Honor Graduates 210Graduation 211ENNIS SPORTING GOODS “A Complete Line Of Athletics” 108 W. Crockett Ennis, Texas 75119 214-875-6594 Compliments of: Compliments of: Kelly’s Drive In A. Gunthard 1904 North Kaufman Ennis, Texas 875-2821 Congratulations to the Seniors of 1979 Compliments |T»AC0j Dr. Behne Ray Davis Texaco, Optometrist Inc. lerry Wester 875-5301 Ray Davis Ennis, Texas Ennis, Texas Congratulations Senior's 79 Kelly’s Drive-In South Compliments of: Bob Walker Ins. Pit Cooked Barbeque Hot Food Cold Beer 712 West Hwy. 34 Ennis, Texas 875-8140 Agcy. 119 South West Main Street Ennis, Texas 875-2321 Compliments of: Compliments of: ST. JOHN'S HIGH SCHOOL of Sonoma Ennis, Texas 875-5859Bill’s Grocery and Market Compliments of. Advanced Drainage 1504 N.E. Main 875-2841 Owner—George Martha Cummings Systems, Inc. Ennis, Texas Texas Targets Sporting Goods Store Crumley Hardware 112 W. Brown "Biggest Little Hardware Store in Ennis" George Sutton )ohn Randt General Manager Store Manager 214 875-8461 214 875-9471 875-2721 Billy’s Drive In Perry’s Family Center North 1 45 Ennis, Texas 875-5141 705 West Ennis Avenue Ennis, Texas 875-3721 Compliments of Sanders E. Wilson Don Howard Bookkeeping and Tax Service 203 North Dallas Ennis, Texas 75119 302 North Dallas Street Phone 875-7568Mary’s Beauty Salon 875-7937 205 West Crockett Ennis, Texas Polyguard Pipeline Pro. Inc. Operators: Elizabeth Zabonik Owner: Martha Batson Mary Crow Ennis, Texas Hemphill Barton’s Tire Texaco Service Service Center 407 West Ennis Avenue 200 East Ennis Ave. Ennis, Texas 875-3681 Carlisle Barton Bus. Ph. Resident 875-6274 875-5111 Sonoma Superette 1 45 at 34 The Coffee Break Here To Serve You Grocery Produce Donut Shop Meat Beer Gas Phone: 875-7949 219 West Ennis Ave. Ennis, Texas 875-7810 287 W. Drive In Across From Willow Creek Apts. Cokes Candy Chips Gasoline Congratulations Seniors 79 Bob and Betty Stone Used Cars Fishing Bait Bought and Sold Owner 875-8711 W. G. Austin Bob Stone Realtor Ennis Pharmacy Southern Auto Store, Inc. 107 South Dallas 875-3854 213-15 West Ennis Avenue Ennis, Texas 75119 Phone 875-3871 Compliments of: Compliments of: Ennis Cabinet Millwork Dukes County Meat 402 West Ennis Avenue 875-6437 Compliments of: Compliments of: Kucera’s Charlie’s Grocery Market 110 West Ennis Avenue Ennis, Texas 75119 5011 East Ennis Avenue Ennis, Texas 875-7971 Mike and Carolyn Macon City Plumbing Electric Bunch Funeral Home 409 East Ennis Avenue Ennis, Texas 75119 Two Complete Chapel Facilities at one location Bunch Funeral Home Ennis and Palmer Phone 875-7171Fleet Wood Tires Major Brands Auto Accessories Oil Wholesale and Retails BUDAI OIL COMPANY Office Phones: 875-3412 or 875-7819 Compliments of: PIGGLY WIGGLY, INC. "We Give S and H Green Stamps" 701 West Ennis Avenue Ennis, Texas 875-5221 General Offices P.O. Box 921 Clarksville, Texas F. W. LYNCH GENERAL CONTRACTOR Complete Remodeling Service Custom Home Buildings Commercial, Residential 875-8938 SAN JUAN SWIMMING POOLS JIM McCANN Fiberglass Pools Swimming Pool Service Maintenance free estimates 610 West Ennis 1005 South Kaufman St. Ennis, Texas 75119 If No Answer Call 875-8551 610 West Ennis Avenue 875-8931Compliments of: ENNIS NURSING HOME Dan and Elsie Pomykal 1200 South Hall 875-2673 Hubaccl? Motors PHONE 875-8158 Paint, Varnish, Stains, Carpets, Wallcoverings, Decorating Service Available: 105 South Main Street 875-2401 WALTER L. WILLIAMS RCA SALES SERVICES WELDON HUBACEK F. "BUDDY” HUBACEK 308 E. ENNIS AVE. ENNIS. TEXAS 75119 117 S.W. Main Ennis, Texas 75119 875-2437 Tax R. E. ••BOB" ERISMAN Service Agent Ellis County Farm Bureau Ennis, Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Co's. Life Auto Fire Liability Disability Office Phone 875-6506 Home Phone 875-2723 Pa+ Starek '[Poodle Supplies - Bathing Grooming - De-fleaing [Parlor 1007W W. Ennis Ave. Ennis, Texas 75119 WELCOME'’ Phone 875-2876 JAMES (SAM) BASS REX V CARTER B C Parts Supplies AUTO TRUCK PARTS tennis Cjincjli ams 115 West Ennis Ave. Phone 875-7571 ENNIS, TEXAS 75119 no W BROWN ST ENNIS, TEXAS 75119 PHONE 875 8255 109 S WACO HILLSBORO. TEXAS (817) 582 9645 featuring W isiion XJalley Pdal ricd Also Many Other Fine Fabrics 99 RedKen cJ-S-o.ns.tte i HBsauty a[on Jeanette Martin Owner Open for appointment Tues.-Sat. East Highway 34 Area Code at Interstate 45 214 875-2231 PRESIDENT ENNIS TRANSPORTATION CO., INC. General Office Sweetwater Terminal P. O. Drawer 776 p. q. Box 346 Ennis, Texas 75119 Sweetwater, Texas 79556 214-875-5801 915-235-8446 24-HOUR WRECKER SERVICE JOE'S GARAGE 308 North Kaufman Ennis, Texas 75119 DAY PHONE - 875-3561 Night Phones Arthur Toth 875-3605 AAA J. C. Valigura 875-7329 ENNIS MARKET SAUSAGE FACTORY Home of Quality Meats Specializing In: Fresh Beef, Fresh Pork, Smoked Sausage, Home Cured Bacon, and Hickory Smoked Barbeque Stanley J. Liska - Owner 113 W. Knox 875-7676 BLAZEK BUILDING SUPPLY, INC. 1400 N. Kaufman r—f Ennis, Texas 875-5823 %L THE FASHION SHOP 117 North Dallas St. Ennis, Texas Rosalind Holloway - Patsy Cass POOL CLEANERS Serves You Not Themselves 110 East Knox 875-2331 Ennis, Texas Compliments of: McCRARY AGENCY 208 W. Knox Ennis, Texas 875-3171POLLAN FURNITURE CO., INC. Finest in Home Furnishings 210 N. Dallas 875-2831 211 N. Main Ennis, 875-2831 Texas New and Used Bargains 215 N. Main 875-2831 ■ FIRST UNITED I METHODIST CHURCH ® Belknap at McKinney "A Ministry of and to Young Persons" BAYLOR BAPTIST CHURCH Del Medlin, Pastor Mrs. J. W. Parker, Secretary "In The Heart of Ennis, For The Hearts of Ennis."Congratulations to Seniors 79 HESSER DRUG Jerry L. Smith FALLEN'S ELECTRIC Rewinders of Automobile Armatures Rebuilders of Automobile Parts 2400 North Preston Ennis, Texas ENNIS AUTOMOTIVE, INC. Jim TemplinJ. E. KEEVER MORTUARY Serving This Community Since 1918 Insurance for the Entire Family Prearranged Funeral Trust 408 N. Dallas Street Phone 875-3891 SAM A. KEEVER DAVID E. KEEVERCONGRATULAIONS SENIORS 79 ENNIS BUSINESS FORMS, INC. An Equal Opportunity Employer Home Office Ennis, Texas 107 N. Sherman Telephone 214-875-3811TABERNACLE BAPTIST CHURCH RICHARD T. MOODY Pastor DAN HEATH Youth Director 1200 West Gilmer 875-3861tdZ A+CNB We Make It Easy . . . for You CITIZENS NATIO BANK Ennis 875-2631 COMPLETE BANKING SERVICES Metro Line 227-2128 Citizens National Bank in Ennis, Texas113 N. Main Jewelry - Gifts - Bridal Department Specializing in Remounting and Custom Mounts lmhK Tourtu 201 S. Dallas 875-5871 Ennis, Texas HENRY OIL GASW. R. STOREY MANUFACTURING Congratulations Seniors 79 ED’S GARAGE Congratulations Seniors 79THE SOUND SHOP Radio Shack Dealer Radio JhacK in i ENNIS REAL ESTATEH H HARDWARE Gifts and Acessories 210 W. Ennis Avenue Ennis, Texas 75119 UNITED PUBLISHING CO. UPCO PRINT SHOP 213-15 N. Dallas Street 875-3801 PUBLISHERS OF YOUR HOME TOWN NEWSPAPERS Gifts—Books Printing Office Supplies The Ennis Daily News The Weekly Local The Palmer RustierCongratulations Seniors 79 THE FLINTKOTE COMPANY ENNIS STATE BANK THE FRIENDLY INSTITUTION Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation...you’ll want to elect the best. We’re suggesting hamburgers, sandwiches, onion rings, hot turnovers and other good things. And these are just a few of the great courses up for election at you JACK IN THE BOX® Restaurant, where the taste of delicious is in everything you eat. □oACKinncBOCWAGON WHEEL STEAK HOUSE Congratulations Seniors 79 SOUTHERN PACIFIC RAILROADKNAPP EQUIPMENT CORP. W. R. WRIGHT D. M. MOORE “Repair Work “Steel Fabrication “Special Machines “All Types Production 'CUSTOM TOOL CO. P.O. Box 487 Ennis, Texas 75119 Ennis Phone A.C. 214-875-2261 Dallas Phone 214-299-5244 DOROTHY’S CHILDREN’S CLOTHES 109 S. Main Ennis, Texas 875-5581LEGGETT PLATT {fc INCORPORATED Quality Springs Products Since 1883 107 East Waco St. 214-875-2691 Ennis, TX 75119 Three Locations in Ennis Plants and Warehouses From Coast to CoastSAVING TIPS on electric air conditioning Air conditioning provides lots of comfort during the summer months, but for many thousands of homeowners it is also the biggest factor in the cost of electricity. On the average, air conditioning accounts for about half of summertime electric bills. Here are ways you can hold down the cost of air conditioning and still enjoy its comfort. Central Systems 1. Set thermostat on 78 or higher, during the summer. Turn unitoff if you'll be away from home several days. 2. Keep equipment at top operating efficiency. Have it checked seasonally by qualified serviceman. 3. Check filter every 30 days. Dirty filters cause equipment to use excessive electricity. If filter is permanent, clean by manufacturer's directions; if it's disposable, it should be replaced when dirty. 4. Keep furniture, draperies away from air outlets and returns. Clean grills often. 5. Close draperies and blinds to keep out direct sunlight. 6. Keep fireplace damper closed. 7. Proper home insulation keeps the heat out, cuts energy use. Insulation questions? Call TP L. 8. Shade on roof and walls can reduce energy needed to cool. But trim trees, shrubs away from outside compressor unit. Keep it free of leaves, debris. If air flow is blocked, unit uses more energy. 9. Weatherstrip doors and windows; caulk cracks to prevent drafts and cool air loss. 10. Keep windows closed. Open outside doors as little as possible. Window Units Follow above suggestions, plus these: 11. Buy units with highest energy efficiency ratio” (EER). Uses less electricity to cool. If EER is not on sales tag, ask for it or figure it yourself. Divide "wattage” into "BTU” capacity. Both figures are on unit. 12. Place unit where it’ll get as little direct sun as possible. 13. Aim air outlets at lower half of doorway to next room to allow warm air from that room to enter at the doortop for recooling, recirculation. 14. Never vent air conditioner into garage. Ventilation is usually too poor for top performance of your unit. Conserve electricity and you help conserve one or more of the fuels needed to produce it. Conserve fuels and you help assure that there will be enough to meet essential needs for electricity in the future. When you pass a TP L office, warehouse, generating plant or other facility, you’ll see that we've turned off all non-essential lighting. And. in as many other ways as possible, TP L is reducing its own uses of electricity. If you would like additional information on consen ing electricity, call the Customer Service Representative in the TP L Office. TEXAS POWER LIGHT COMPANY A tax-paying, investor-owned electric utilityCongratulations Sr. 79 ELK CORPORATION Ennis, TexasVIC FREDRICKSON FORD-MERCURY, INC. FORD MERCURY Highway 287 West. P.O. Box 798, Ennis, Texas 75119 Ennis Phone 214 875-2648 Dallas Phone 214 227-1660 Best Wishes To The Class of 79 "Your Satisfaction Is Our Pledge.” Complete Parts, Service, and Bodyshop Always Extra Clean Used Cars in Stock, Also. Buy - Rent - Lease Your Next Car or Truck From VIC FREDRICKSON FORD —MERC. INCOZYMY DAIRY MART Broiler Burgers - Broasted Chicken Thick Malts and Shakes Fine Food Tom’s Food Market 600 W. Gilmer 875-7901 Ennis, Texas 875-5851 309 South Kaufman Ennis, Texas DAVE'S SHELL SERVICE 1-875-7946 Interstate 45 South Ennis, TexasCongratulations Sr. 79 UNITED AGRICULTURE TRANSPORTATION S. Hwy. 75 Ennis, Texas 875-6551 Specializing in Plumbing Repairs Compliments of ALLEN FURNITURE COMPANY Gilmore Plumbing Co. Telephone (214) 875-3351 "The Department Store for the Home." 204 W. Ennis Avenue Ennis, Texas ENNIS, TEXAS P. O. BOX 333Academic Awards Science L ro R: John Waedekin, Gretchen Gossett, Todd Stevens, Dianna Nekuza, 2nd row: Danna Pomykal, Mike Hejny, Jimmy Whittfill English L to R: Paula Salik Patricia Kyser Gay Westbrook Katie Brewster Paul Skrivanek 245Academic Awards First Row: C. Osterheld, A. Simpson, L. Sullivan, A. Hicks, C. Newsome, J. Teal, J. Collins, R. Hackney C. Kudrna Not Pictured; T. Ray First Row: B. Newsome; C. Pouzar, C. Collins, C. Moore, D. Babovec 246 | VAHII I i. •. 1247248Awards 250Awards 251SQiM Ai i- :i;r 11, . h'iiSff: '{I t 11 i ‘f ‘ M ‘ •! , r f . r', . • ' • - '!■ . iff; ■ fiJ 1 if i » t. iijf i,l ? i Mw MM ii h: ‘Itttf il BjImiftrfBfJ rl.' hmfffflrai. S ► pdiifj: 'nrcfSwf tUylL , i 1 • .» Jji.ii :mfj ■ ({ilhlfiP» :?™ ■ jj r Ofr . ► «{ ■feiJjiiji ,• fii' : ,:. ,? f Villi‘if3?Kv,i •t . • ‘i ■

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