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 c I c E R 0 N E Prepared and published by the Annual Staff of Ennis High School. Ennis, Texas, 1959-60 1foreword Here is your 1960 Cicerone. It has been our desire to preserve, with the aid of fellow students, teachers, parents and friends, reminders of this school year of 1959-60. So truly, it is Your Book. May the memories which it records grow more priceless with each passing year. The Annual Staff0 + Dedication Because of her interest in and helpfulness to the students of Ennis High School, we would like to dedicate this 1960 Cicerone to a very deserving person - MRS. MELBA WALKER.Cicerone Staff Staff Photographers Jerrilyrm Hoover Co-Editor (1st Semester) Judy O'Brien Co- Editor Judy Compton Secretary Gary Cox Business Manager Jimmy McCoy John Ramsey Mike Denney David Perry Charles Fallen Mrs. L. A. Bradbury, Sponsor 4SCIENCE BUILDING GYMNASIUM ENNIS HIGH SCHOOL 5 MILLER FIELD HOUSE BAND HOUSE AG BUILDINGSchool Hoard • 'i 1 Raymond Fallen, Secretary Henry Baskin Jim Collins, Vice-President Ray Telfair, President Bryan Adams A. B. St. Clair Robert Floyd 6SIlPHfNS COllfGtEnnis High School faces the challenge of providing a sound and practical educational offering for students in an area where industrial, business, and technological developments are advancing with spectacular rapidity. We believe that Ennis High School is meeting this challenge. It is also felt that many desirable patterns are emerging in our school as a result of activities into which thestudent body enters. We are proud of the way in which students, faculty, and administration have worked together to maintain the high standards and the outstanding achievements that mark the work of Ennis High School. Norma Yarbrough Mrs. McDonald Secretaries 8 Superintendent C)Zo Zhe Students of Sms High School: Ennis High School con only be as outstanding as its student body. The results in scholastic achievement are very much in evidence because the students have seen to it that standards have been held high on our campus. For this accomplishment, you, the student body, are due the recognition worthy of such an achievement. May the determination that has thus far marked your progress with success continue to be the primary factor that will bring future recognition. It has been a privilege to work with so fine a student body. Secretary Mrs. Walker Principal h'- 9MR. BEAL P.E. Eighth Grade Math Math 11 and 12 MRS. BRADBURY English Annual Sponsor faculty MR. BLAIR Algebra II Solid Geometry Trigonometry MRS. BRADEN English Speech MRS. BORLAND Eighth Grade Math Algebra I MRS. DENNEY Homemaking MRS. ELLIS Am. History Eighth Grade English MISS ESTES Shorthand Typing MRS. FINK Music 10MR. FITZHUGH World History Eighth Grade History MR. GOODWIN Band MR. HART English MRS. LEATHERMAN Algebra I Latin MR. LESTER Agriculture MISS LEE English Journalism Bookkeeping MR. LINKER Agriculture MRS. LESTER World History MISS MAXSON Biology General ScienceMRS. POCHOBRADSKY English MRS. NORTON English MISS POFF MISSREDWINE MRS. ROBINSON MISS RUNYAN Librarian Plane Geometry Homemaking P.E. Physics 12 MR. WATSON Eighth Grade Science MR. WEATHERS Am. Hi story Driver Education MR. WILLIAMS Chemistry General Science MR. WOOD World History Civics, Tex. Hist.School Personnel 13 BUS DRIVERSMmooh and White Ennis, old Ennis, we'll stand by thee. Faithful and loyal we will ever be. True to thy colors that stand for right. Loyal sons and daughters of Maroon and White. We will always face the conquest with spirits bold. Laurels for old Ennis High will be our goal.Senior Class Officers President Gary Cox 16 Vice-President David Vance Secretary Phyllis Todd Reporter Linda HaskovecSenior Mo me Koom Officers Miss Poff's Q Pres. Gary Cox Mr. Linker's Pres. Jimmy Ray Mrs. Norton's Pres. David Vance Miss Lee's Pres. Larry Gorman V. Pres. Jerrilynn Shultz Sec .-Treas. Doris Parker V. Pres. Grady Cox V. Pres. Mary Nel I Maloney Sec.-Treas. Judy Compton V. Pres. Bill Whitlock Sec.-Treas. Nancy Watson Sec.-Treas. Linda Haskovec Reporter Carol McBrayer Salesman Diane DilIon Salesman Larry Griesenbeck Reporter La Nelle Finch Salesman Freddy Rose Reporter Mary Jane Lemmon Reporter Donna Ozymy Salesman Dolores JordanSeniors Helen Alford Barry Blackwell Agnes Betik La Vaughn Blakley Judy Burkhalter Sally Barflett 18Helen Bush Seniors Grady Cox Donna Cox Ronnie Deagen Calvin Collins Gary Cox Judy Compton William Dillard 19Seniors Ray Eubanks Mike Doyle Patty Fisher Dianne Dillon David Emmert Susie Donnell La Nelle Finch Lynn EvesJoey Fitzgerald Jimmy Freeman Patsy Fretwell Larry Gorman 21Linda Haskovec Judy Hrabina Karen Joly Janice Jones 22Seniors Kay Jones Robby Jones Dolores Jordan Betsy Kelsey Jimmy Kirkpatrick Lawrence Kucera Mary Jane Lemmon Tommy Lennon 23Seniors Mary Nell Maloney Bill Sam McCormack Norman Moucka Gail Morse Ronald Mraz Billy Wayne Martin Jerry Linker Carol McBrayer 24Judy O'Brien Beth Patton Jimmy Ponder Betty Raney 25Seniors Jerri Rankin Jimmy Ray Verlon Rutherford Donald Shaw Freddy Rose Jerrilynn Shultz Ella Skrivanek Robbie SheetsSeniors Judy Sullivan Robert Stidger V, Nancy Threet Larry Steele Veneda Tay Judy Stutts Linda Sullivan Jimmie SimpsonPerry Lynn Travis Phyllis Todd Dolores Toupal Dorothy Whiteley 28Barbara Wilhoite Carol Ann Wolaver Mamie Wolfe Darlene Wrinkle 29The names have been changed to protect the innocent. Seniors Look, Mom, no cavities. Jimmy got me all shook up. Rita Young John Zajic Is it good, Linda? Somebody do something.Senior Achievements ALFORD, HELEN, FHA 1-2, DANDEELION Staff 4, Library Assistant 4, Writer's Club Award 2, Study Club Officer 3, Jr. Play Usher 3, Sr. Play Usher. ANDERSON, SALLY, Bank 1-4, Girls' Chorus 3-4, DANDEELION Staff Feature Editor 4, ISL Representative 3, FHA 1-2, Talent Club 3, Christmas Program 3, Served Jr.-Sr. Banquet 1, B PW Little Sister 4, One-Year Honor Graduate. BARTLETT, SALLY, Cheerleader 3-4, Head Cheerleader 4, Band 1-4, Reporter 4, Student Council Alternate 1-4, Talent Club 3, FHA 1-2, Speech Tournament Finals 4, B PW Little Sister 4, Vesper Service 3, Talent Show 1-2, Pep Club 4, Christmas Play 3, Jr. Play, Sr. Play, One-Act Play 4, Miss E.H.S. Runner-up 4. BETIK, AGNES, FHA 1-2, Sports Club President 3, Pep Club 4. BLAKLEY, LA VAUGHN, FHA 1-2, Served Jr.-Sr. Banquet 1-2, Graduation Usher 3, Jr. Play, Girls' State 3, One-Act Play Committee 3, One-Act Play Cast 4, Student Council 4, DANDEELION Staff 4, Four-Year Honor Graduate 4. BLACKWELL, BARRY, FFA 1-4, Vice-President 4, Sr. Play Committee, Football 4, Track 4. BRYANT, TOMMY, Band 1-4, Second All-Region Band 2, Dallas Area Festival Band 4, Book Binding Club 2. BURKHALTER, JUDY, Transferred from Rice 2, FHA 2-4, All-Star Basketball 3, All-Star Volleyball Team 3, All-Star Deck Tennis 3, All-Star Softball 3, FHA Dress Review 4. BUSH, HELEN, FHA 1, Sports Club 2, Speech Club 3, All-Star Basketball Captain 3, All-Star Volleyball Captain 3, DANDEELION Staff Art and Layout Editor 4, FHA Dress Review 1-4. COLLINS, CALVIN, Football 1-3, Nature Club Secretary 1-2, Speech Contest 4, Track. COMPTON, JUDY, Class Officer 1-2, Homeroom Officer 1,2, FHA Officer 1, Most Talented 1, Cheerleader 1-4, Who's Who 1, Student Council 1-2, Girls' Chorus 1-4, President 4, Office Assistant 1-3, Favorite Runner-up 2-3, Sports Club Officer 2, Talent Show 2-4, Vesper Service 1-2, Jr. Play, N.H.S. 3-4, Reporter 4, B PW Little Sister 4, Football Sweetheart 4, Miss E.H.S. 4, Best Citizen Runner-Up 4, CICERONE Staff Secretary 4, ISL Soloist 4, Four-Year Honor Graduate. COX, DONNA, FHA 1, Pen Pal Club 2, Art Club 3, Sr. Play Usher, Girls' Chorus 4. COX, GARY, Leathercraft Club 1, Football 1, Football Club 2, Dramatics Club 3, Vesper Service 3, Boys' State 3, Jr. Play, Class President 4, Sr. Play, Student Council 4, Homeroom Officer 4, Student Kiwanian 4, Friendliest 4, Cicerone Staff Business Manager 4, Best Citizen Runner-Up 4, Mr. E.H.S. Runner-Up 4, Most Handsome Runner-Up 4, FHA Beau Runner-Up 4. COX, GRADY, Teen Age Driving Rodeo 1, FHA 1-2, Speech Club 3, Girls' Chorus 4, Jr. Play Committee, Sr. Play Committee, Speech Play 4, Assembly Skit 4, Homeroom Officer 4, Speech Tournament 4. DEAGEN, RONNIE, FFA 1-4, Treasurer, Jr. Play, Sr. Play, One Act Play 4, Class Favorite Runner-Up 4. DILLON, DIANNE, Class Officer 1, Homeroom Officer 1, FHA 1-2, Song Leader 1, 4th Vice-President 2, Girls' Chorus 1-3, Vesper Service 1-3, Talent Club 3, Library Assistant 3, Jr. Play, Sr. Play Committee, Bank 4, One-Year Honor Graduate. 31DILLARD, WILLIAM, Football 1-3, FFA 1-4, Football Club 1-3, Talent Club 3, Book Club 2, Christmas Play 3. DONNELL, SUSIE, Homeroom Officer 1, FHA 1, Sports Club 2, TWU Select Bank 2-3, Speech Club 3, Jr. Play Committee, Band 1-4, Flagbear-er 4, Treasurer 4, Girls' Chorus 3-4, Reporter 4, Sr. Play, Vesper Service 3, DAR Good Citizen Runner-Up 4, Speech Tournament Winner 4, ISL Representative 4, One-Year Honor Graduate, DANDEELION Staff Social Editor and Feature Writer 4, One-Act Play Committee 4. DOYLE, MIKE, Dramatic Club President 2, FFA 3-4, Football Club 1, Band, 1,2,4, Track 2, Football 1, Baseball 3. EMMERT, DAVID, Basketball 3-4, Golf 3, Track 4, Student Kiwanian 4, Boys' State 3, Best Citizen 4, National Honor Society 3-4, Latin Club 3, Bookbinding Club 2, Teenage Book Club 1, Student Council 1,2,4, Annual Photographer 1, Four-Year Honor Graduate. EUBANKS, RAY, Transferred from Mexia 2, Football 1-4, Basketball 3-4, Football Manager 5, Football Club 2-4. FINCH, LA NELLE, FHA 1-2, Band 1-4, Twirler 3-4, Student Council 1-2, Homeroom Officer 1-4, Class Favorite Runner-Up 1-2, Class Favorite 4, Vesper Service 3, DANDEELION Sweetheart Runner-Up 1, Homecoming Queen Runner-Up 3, Jr. and Sr. Play Prompter, Talent Club 3, Band Secretary 4, Christmas Play 3. FISHER, PATTY, FHA 1, Speech Club 3, Girls' Chorus 2-4, Secretary 4, Regional Chorus 4, ISL Soloist 4, Jr. Play, Sr. Play, Assembly Skit 4, Vesper Service 1-3, NHS 3-4, Speech Tournament 4, Four-Year Honor Graduate. FITZGERALD, JOEY, Band 1-4, Girls' Chorus 3-4, DANDEELION Staff Society Editor 4, DANDEELION Sweetheart Runner-Up 2, Speech Tournament 4, Homeroom Officer 1, FHA 1-2, Speech Club 3, Vesper Service 3, Jr. Play Committee, Sr. Play. FREEMAN, JIMMY, FFA 1-3, Football 1, Sr. Play Committee. FRETWELL, PATSY, FHA 1-4, First Place Badminton Tournament, First Place Volleyball Tournament 1. FULLER, MELVA, FHA 1-2, Talent Club 3, Vesper Service 3, Jr. Play Usher, Sr. Play Usher, Girls' Chorus 1-4, Christmas Program 3, Talent Show 1- 3, DANDEELION Staff Typist 4, ISL Chorus 3-4. GARRETT, JO ANN, FHA 1-2, 5th Vice-President 2, Study Club 3, Chorus 3-4, Jr. Play Usher, Sr. Play Usher, Student Council Alternate 2, Typing Class Secretary 3. GOODWYN, JOHN, Study Club 2, Student Lion 4. GORMAN, LARRY, Jr. Play, Sr. Play, Football 2- 4, Football Club 2-3, Track 4, Student Lion 4, Homeroom President 4, Student Council 4. GRIESENBECK, LARRY, Class Officer 3, Jr. Play, Sr. Play, Football 2-4, Track 2-4, Class Favorite Runner-Up 2-3, Football Club 2-3, Homeroom Salesman 1-4, Student Lion 4. HASKOVEC, LINDA, Band 1-4, Twirler 2-3, Head Twirler 4, Secretary 3, NHS 3-4, Class Secretary 3, Reporter 4, Homeroom Officer 4, Class Favorite 3, Runner-Up 4, Friendliest 4, DAR Good Citizen Runner-Up 4, Sr. Play Prompter, Student Kiwanian 4, Vesper Service 3, Christmas Play 3, ISL 4, FHA 1, Sports Club 2, Talent Club. HEJNY, IRENE, FHA 1, Sports Club 2, Speech Club 3, FHA Dress Review 4, All-Star Basketball 3, All-Star Volleyball 3, Badminton Championship 4. HOSEK, DONALD, FFA 1-4. HRABINA, JUDY, FHA 1-2, Girls' Chorus 4, Jr. Play Committee, Sr. Play Usher, Study Club 3, Office Assistant 4. 32JOLY, KAREN, Student Council 1,3,4, Secretary 4, Band 1-4, Librarian 1-4, FHA 1-2, Officer 1, Talent Club 3, Christmas Play 3, Jr. Play, Sr. Play, One-Act Play 4, Speech Tournament Finals 4, DAR Good Citizen Runner-Up 4, Homeroom Officer 1, Vesper Service 3, Student Kiwanian 4, DANDEELION Co-Editor 4, One-Year Honor Graduate. JONES, KAY, Transferred from Pasadena 2, FHA 1- 4, P.E. Assembly 2, Jr. Play Committee, All-Star Volleyball 3, Deck Tennis 3, Art and Sketch Club 3, Ping-Pong Championship 3, Shuffle-board Championship 3, FHA Dress Review 4. JONES, ROBBY, Transferred from Pasadena 2, Jr. Play Committee, All-Star Basketball, Volleyball, and Baseball 3, Sr. Play Usher, DANDEELION Staff 4, Layout Editor, Art and Sketch Club 3, FHA 1-4, Dress Review 4. JORDAN, DOLORES, Band 1-3, Book Club 1, Sports Club 2, Talent Club 3, Christmas Program 3, Vesper Usher 3, Jr. Play Committee, One-Act Play 3, District Best Actress Award 3, Regional Runner-Up Best Actress 3, One-Act Play 4, Sr. Play, DANDEELION Sweetheart Runner-Up 4, Speech Contests 4. KELSEY, BETSY, FHA 1-2, Girls' Chorus 3-4, Jr. Play Committee, Sr. Play Committee, Assembly Skits 4, Vesper Service 3, Speech Club 3. KIRKPATRICK, JIMMY, Student Kiwanian 4, Mr. E.H.S. 4, Student Council President 4, Student Council 1, Football Club 1-3, Honorable Mention All State Football 4, Football Captain 4, Baseball 3, Basketball 4, Football 1,2,4, Track 2- 4. KUCERA, LAWRENCE, Model Club 1, Sports Club 2, Dramatics Club 3, Jr. Play, Sr. Play Stage Manager, Student Lion 4. LEMMON, MARY JANE, FHA 1-2, Officer 1, Speech Club 3, Girls' Chorus 2-4, Student Council Alternate 2, Homeroom Officer 4. LINKER, JERRY, Transferred from Gilmer 3, Basketball 3, FFA 1-4, Secretary 3, District Vice-President 3, Chapter President 4, Sr. Play Cast, Student Lion 4. McBRAYER, CAROL, Band 1-4, Band Sweetheart 4, FHA 1-2, Talent Club 3, Student Council 2-3, Annual Salesman 1, Class Favorite Runner-Up 1- 4, Most Beautiful Runner-Up 4, Girls' Chorus 2- 4, Homecoming Queen Runner-Up 3-4, Band Assistant 1-2, Talent Show 1-2, Jr. Play Student Director, Sr. Play Student Director, Christmas Program 3. MALONEY, MARY NELL, FHA 1-2, Officer 1, Speech Club 3, Girls' Chorus 2-4, Vesper Service 1-3, Jr. Play Committee, Sr. Play Committee, DANDEELION Staff Sports Editor and Feature Editor 4, Homeroom Officer 4, Speech Play 4. MARTIN, BILLY WAYNE, Dramatics Club 1, Study Club 2, Photographer for Annual 3, Dramatics Club 3, DANDEELION Staff 4, Talent Club 3. MOUCKA, NORMAN, FFA 2-4, Model Club 1, Chapter Farmer, FFA Officer. MORSE, GAIL, FHA 1-2, Speech Club 3, Jr. Play Committee, Band 1-4, Twirler 3-4, Sr. Play Committee, ISL Band Winner 1, ISL Twirling Winner 4. MRAZ, RONALD, Dramatics Club 1, World History Club 1, Bird, Animal, and Fish Club 2. MUIRHEAD, MONTE, Honorable Mention Writers Contest 2, Teenage Book Club 2, Latin Club 3, Boys' State 3, NHS 3-4, Student Lion 4, Student Council 4, Golf Team 3. McDonald, JOAN, FHA 1-4, Study Club 3. NEKUZA, MARGIE, FHA 1-2, Speech Club 3, Needlework Club 3, Sr. Play Usher. 33O'BRIEN, JUDY, Homeroom Officer 1, FHA 1-2, Pianist 1, 3rd Vice-President 2, Office Assistant 1- 3, Writers' Contest Winner 1-2, Student Council 3-4, Class Officer 3, Talent Club 3, CICERONE Staff 3-4, Editor 4, Jr. Play Usher, Sr. Play Usher, Most Likely to Succeed 3, NHS 3-4, President 4, ISL 3-4, Girls' State 3, Vesper Service 3, Girls' Chorus 3, DAR Good Citizen Runner-Up 4, Student Kiwanian 4, Best Citizen Runner-Up 4, Four-Year Honor Graduate. OZYMY, DONNA, Homeroom Officer 1,4, FHA 1, Sports Club 2, Talent Club 3, Girls' Chorus 2- 4, Vice-President 4, Band 1-4, Twirler 1-2, Head Twirler 3, Drum Majorette 4, Talent Show 1-3,Vesper Service 2-3, Jr. Play, Sr. Play, One-Act Play 4, NHS 3-4, Vice-President 4, Student Kiwanian 4, DANDEELION Editor 4, ISL 1-4, Four-Year Honor Graduate 4. PARKER, DORIS, Homeroom Officer 1,4, Student Council 2, NHS 3-4, FHA 1, Officer 1, Sports Club 2, Talent Club 3, Christmas Program 3, Jr. Play, Band 1-3, Who's Who 3, B PW Little Sister 4, Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow 4, Mid-Term Graduate. PATTON, BETH, Transferred from Rice 2, FHA 2, Who's Who 3, Speech Club 3, All-Star Sports Teams 2-3, DANDEELION Staff 4. PONDER, JIMMY, Basketball 1, Baseball 2-3, Track 4, FFA 2-4, Treasurer 2, Model Club 1. RANEY, BETTIE, Sports Club 2-3, Reporter 3, FHA Dress Review 4. RANKIN, JERRI, FHA 1, Sports Club 2, Speech Club 3, Jr. Play Committee. RAY, JIMMY, Football Club 1-2, Football 1-4, Captain 4, Basketball 2-4, Homeroom Officer 1,4, Class Favorite 2-4, Class President 2-3, Track 3, Vesper Service Usher 3, Student Kiwanian 4, Friendliest Runner-Up 4. ROSE, FRED, Homeroom Officer 1,4, Student Council 1-3, Class Officer 1-2, Basketball 2, Football 1-4, Jr. Play, Sr. Play, Drama Club 2, Class Favorite Runner-Up 3. RUTHERFORD, VERLON, FHA 1-2, Treasurer 1, 1st Vice-President 2, Speech Club 3, Jr. Play Prompter, DANDEELION Staff Editor 4, NHS 4, Four-Year Honor Graduate. SHAW, DONALD, Transferred from Ferris 4, Track 4, Sr. Play, Speech Contest. SHEETS, ROBBIE, Student Council 4, NHS 4, DAR Good Citizen Runner-Up 4, DANDEELION Staff Art Editor 4, Girls' Chorus 3-4, Christmas Program 3, Served at Jr.-Sr. Banquet 1, FHA 1, Talent Club 3. SHULTZ, JERRILYNN, Homeroom Officer 1, Vesper Service 1, Freshman Favorite, Who's Who 1, FHA 1-3, President 1, District President 1, Secretary 2, Area Treasurer 2, Chapter President 3, Student Council 1-2, Office Assistant 1-3, Sophomore Favorite, Class Officer 2, NHS 3-4, Treasurer 4, CICERONE Staff 3-4, Co-Editor 4, Jr. Play, Student Kiwanian 4, Four-Year Honor Graduate. SKRIVANEK, ELLA, Student Council Alternate 4, B PW Little Sister 4, Girls' Chorus 4, NHS 3-4, Secretary 4, ISL Music 4, FHA 1-2, Speech Club 3, Badminton Champion 1. SIMPSON, JIMMIE, Teenage Book Club 1, FFA 2-3, Student Lion 4. STEELE, LARRY, Model Club 1, Study Club 2. STIDGER, ROBERT, Baseball 3-4, Football 3, Manager 4-5, One-Act Play 5, Model Club 3. 34SULLIVAN, JUDY, Office Assistant 1,2,4, Homeroom Officer 1, Girls' Chorus 2, FHA Officer 2, Delegate to FHA State Convention 2, DAR Good Citizen 4, Best Citizen 4, B PW Little Sister 4, DANDEELION Staff Layout Editor 4. SULLIVAN, LINDA, Girls' Chorus 3-4, Office Assistant 3-4, FHA 1-2, Officer 2, Speech Tournament 4, Speech Club 3, Runner-Up DANDEELION Sweetheart 3, DANDEELION Staff 4, Jr. Play Committee, Homeroom Officer 1. TAY, VENEDA, FHA 1-2, Speech Club 1, Jr. Play Usher, Assembly Skit 4, Served Jr.-Sr. Banquet 1, Student Council Alternate 4, Homeroom Officer 4, Girls' Chorus 1. THREET, NANCY, Transferred from Rice 2, FHA 2, P.E. All-Star Games 2-3, Needlework Club 3, FHA Dress Review 4. TRAVIS, PERRY LYNN, One-Act Play 4, Transferred from Rice 2, FFA 2-3. TOAL, DONNIE, FHA 1, Student Council Alternate 1, Sports Club 2, Speech Club 3, Jr. Play Committee. TOUPAL, DOLORES, Homeroom Officer 1, FHA, Christmas Program 3, Dramatics Club 3. VANCE, DAVID, Leathercraft Club 1, Choral Club 1, Vesper Service 1, Student Council 2, Football 2-4, Football Club 2-3, Basketball Manager 2-3, Jr. Play, Boys' State 3, Vice-President Student Council 4, Homeroom Officer 4, Student Lion 4, Best Citizen Runner-Up 4, Friendliest Runner-Up 4, CICERONE Staff 4, FHA Beau Runner-Up 4. VRLA, WILLIE MAE, FHA 1-2, Study Club 3, Assembly Program 4. VYERS, FAYE, Transferred from Irving 2, FHA 1-2, Speech Club 3, DANDEELION Staff 4, Jr. Play Committee, DANDEELION Sweetheart Runner-Up 4. WATSON, NANCY, FHA 1-2, Officer 1, Delegate to FHA State Convention 2, Class Officer 2, Homeroom Officer 1,4, Girls' Chorus 2-4, Sports Club 2, Talent Club 3, Office Assistant 3-4, AU-Star Basketball Team 2, Student Kiwanian 4. WHITELEY, DOROTHY, FHA 1-4. WHITELEY, TONIE, FHA 1-4, First Place Badminton Tournament 2, Second Place Baseball Tournament 2. WHITLOCK, BILL, Band 1-4, Student Kiwanian 4, Festival Band 2-4, Regional Band 4, Homeroom Officer 1,4, Band Vice-President 4. WILHOITE, BARBARA, FHA 1-2, DANDEELION Staff 4, Speech Club 3, All-Star Basketball 3-4, Jr. Play Committee, Intramural Badminton Champion 3, Shuffleboard Champion 3, Served Jr.-Sr. Banquet 1. WILHOITE, LESLIE, Class President 1-2, Football 1- 4, Track 1-3, Class Favorite 1, Class Favorite Runner-Up 2, Most Handsome 2-4, Student Council 1-4, Jr. Play, Sr. Play, Boys' State 3, Mr. EHS Runner-Up 4, Student Kiwanian 4, Football Club 1-2, Homeroom Officer 1. WILHOITE, JOE ROY, Football 1-4, Basketball 2- 4, Track 4, Baseball 4, FFA 1-3, Football Club 1-4, Football Manager 5, Class Reporter 1. WILSON, JOE WILLIS, FFA 1-4, Officer 2-3, Track 1-3, Student Kiwanian 4. WOLAVER, CAROL ANN, FHA 1-2, Speech Club 3, DANDEELION Sweetheart Runner-Up 3, Vesper Service 3, Office Assistant 3-4, Homecoming Queen 4, Most Beautiful Runner-Up 4, Sr. Play Committee. WRINKLE, DARLENE, FHA 1-3, Style Show 1. 35YOUNG, RITA, Band 1-4, NHS 3-4, Book Club 1, Sports Club 2, Art Club 3, Writers Award 3, DAR Good Citizen Runner-Up 4, Jr. Play Committee, DANDEELION Staff Editor 4, B PW Little Sister 4. ZAJIC, JOHN, FFA 1,2,4, Study Club 3, Football 4, Chapter Farmer 2. GLENN, BETSY, FHA 1,2,4, Art and Sketch Club 3, Style Show 1, Jr. Degree 1. JONES, JANICE, FHA 1-3, Speech Contest 4, Speech Play 4. TODD, PHYLLIS, FHA 1, Sports Club Secretary 2, Speech Club Treasurer 3, Band 1-4, Reporter 3, President 4, ISL Band, Regional Band, Festival Band, Student Council 3-4, Girls' Chorus 1-4, Treasurer 4, ISL Chorus 3-4, Speech Tournaments 4, ISL Speech 3-4, NHS 4, Class Favorite Runner-Up 3-4, Friendliest Runner-Up 4, Class Officer 4, Vesper Service 2-3, Student Kiwanian 4. In the annual room on dress-up day.{Junior Class Officers President John Findley Vice-President Kenny Roberts Secretary Ann Hightower Reporter Lee McCown“junior Home K Officers Miss Redwine's Miss Runyan's Mrs. Leatherman's Pres. Ronnie Peebles Mr. Williams' Pres. Carol Lou Burden Pres. Kenny Roberts Pres. Kay Lynn Christian V. Pres. Bill Jack McLel land V. Pres. John Ramsey Sec.-Treas. Eileen Gilley Sec.-Treas. Sal lie Gray Rep.-Sales Carol McCormack Reporter David Perry V. Pres. Elaine McCollum Sec.-Treas. Donna Tuley Reporter Lana Schroeder Salesman Don Williams{Juniors Donald Anderson Dorothy Anderson Brent Baldridge Juanita Baskin James Brazier Patsy Brewer Billy Boyfe Carol Burden Gerald Chamberland Kay Lynn Christian Gladys Claxton Molly Collins Beverly Colvin Brent Connell Peggy Conner Joan Davis Ronnie Day Ruth Dodson Nellie Duke Kaye Eason 40{juniors Re Nee Emmert Patricia Evarts Kenneth Fincher John Findley Dorothy Fuller Allen Garrett Sandra Gentry Sharon Gibson Eileen Gilley Louise Grace Sal lie Gray Oran Gulledge Phyllis Harris Ann Hightower Jerry Holloway T. H. Holland Dale Holt Mildred Horton Bill Huff Barry Hughes 41juniors Larry Hughes R. L. Hunter Dorothy Jakubik Kay Kail us Elaine King Nancy King Mickey Kubala Clara Kuban Ginger Littlejohn Joan Luksa Carol McCormack James McCollum 42{Juniors Larry Mansfield Leroy Martin Sandra Mendheim Roger Nesuda Danny Novy Patsy Novy Patricia Nunn Ronnie Peebles David Perry Gail Pierce Dorothy Price Sheran Pritchett 43juniors Ann Simpson James Dean Smith Jerry Smith Corky Spencer Jerry Spicer Barbara Stolusky Billy Stovall Pat Swindell Nancy Telfair Melissa Tits worth Wayne Tolleson Catherine Trpak 44 Louise Winterrowd Johnny Wood Hey, Lee, where's your cheat-sheet? Stalag 17 Watch your waistline. Heave-ho! Feel those muscles, Don. 45 Tommy Wood Wanda WrinkleNew girls! Results of Dress-up Day Palestine Cheerleaders David, you got your Gary can't read. Kays mixed up. You got my vote Rough and tough Jim Maverick Yea, LIONS??!!! 46 You aren't yelling, Toni!Sophomore Class Officers President Suzanne Manning 48 Vice-President Mike Perry Secretary Carol Dillon Reporter Lewis GormanMrs. Robinson's Mr. Blair's Miss Estes' Miss Maxson's Mrs. Pochobradsky's Sophomore Mo me Room Officers Pres. Suzanne Manning Pres. Sharon Elliott V. Pres. Marion Joly V. Pres. Marilyn Percival £ Sec .-Treas. Carol Dillon Sec.-Treas. Joyce Timms Pres. Mike Perry V. Pres. Neil Morse Sec.-Treas. Earlene Anderson Pres. Patsy Parker i I Pres. Jerilyn Martinek V. Pres. Rita Fincher Sec.-Treas. Frances Alexander Sec.-Treas. Miles Strunc Salesman Stephen Busby Reporter Peggy Jones Reporter Catherine Goodwyn Rep.-Sales Jimmy Benton Rep.-Sales Sherry Gardiner n Reporter Betty Vrla Salesman Becky Collins 49 Sophomores A j Frances Alexander Earlene Anderson Arva Nel 1 Andrews Harold Benner • A Zone Carter Donald Cave Tommy Christian Joe Chenault A 4%. i 'Jjfa Becky Collins Jimmy Collins Wallace Collins Billy Cooper Sandra Corley Rita Coward Thomas Cox Bobby Crow 50Sophomores J. D. Crow Buddy Davis Janet Davis Ronald Davis I Mike Denney William Dickerson Carol Dillon Ruby Nell Doherty I Billie Duke Linda Duke Sharon Elliott Charles Fallen Henry Fallen Raymond Figuiro Barbara Fincher Rita Fincher Becky Forston Sherry Gardiner Kay Gibbons Thomas Gilmore Catherine Goodwyn Lewis Gorman Patsy Griffin Mary Griffith 51Mike Hightower John Hill Hazel Hunter Earlene Hutchins Marion Joly Peggy Jones Patsy Kitchens Elaine Kirby Bowmer Knott Christine Kubin Ruby Laznovsky Robert McDowal Randall Me Elroy Linda Mahaley Suzanne Manning Elaine Marusak 52Sophomores Jerilyn Martinek Mary Moreno Charles Moore Neil Morse Ken Newman Retha Nunn Kay O'Brien Eddie Parker Marcus Muirhead Carol Nash Anita Nelson David Nesuda Patsy Parker Clara Patak Miro Pavelka Edwin Peel Marilyn Percival Mike Perry Jimmy Poarch Delona Rateliff Alice Rawlings Gay Reed Biffy Reel Paul Rickert 53Sophomores Bobby Rogers Jimmy Rutherford Sharon Sanders James Santos Mary J. Schwalbe Johnny Scott Betty Shelton Lou Simpson Billy Skri vanek Jude Smith Janell Spence Kelton Spence in freshman Class Officers President Dan Lamb 56 Vice-President Peggy Cribbs Secretary Sandra Eves Reporter Nancy Pollanfreshman Home Room Officers Mrs. Borland's Pres. Cecile Tolleson Mr. Weathers' Pres. Frank Seiler Pres. Dennie Parks Mr. Hart's Pres. Dan Lamb A A V. Pres. Barbara Barkley Sec.-Treas. Patricia French V. Pres. Sam Gray Sec.-Treas. Lennie Andrews V. Pres. Glenda Minor Sec.-Treas. Gloria Vyers Sales Johnny Flippen V. Pres. Sec.-Treas. Rep. Joan Pe99y Cribbs Ronnie Simpson Hitchcock Rep.-Sales Bob Cave Rep.-Sales Marvin Fagan Rep. Betty Ekholm Sales Larry Ftoudek 57 Pres. Bill Jett V. Pres. Larry Mullins Sec .-Treas. Glynn Price Rep. Barbara Thomas Sales Kay YowellJohnny Lennie Kenny Betty Martha Barbara Addison Andrews Baker Bankston Bankston Barkley George Donald Booher Brewer Yvonne Geraldine Marcus Brewer Brumfield Burrows Mark Busby Bobby Cave Glenda Coker Lowe 11 Colston Shirley Col tier Cynthia Colvin Ann Cooper Jo Nell Patricia Etta Jo James Kathryn Robert Cryer Cryer Davis Davis Davis DawsonGlynn Sandra Marvin Doris Leah Johnny Eubanks Eves Fagan Ferguson Findley Flippen Patricia Jimmy Carrel Charles Norman Jack French Fuller Frazier Galetka Garrison Gilley rf' V Connie Gilmore Sam Milton Gray Gurecky Weldon Lewis Hagler Hammonds Billy Judy Ronnie Shirley Pamela Henson Hill Hitchcock Hobbs Holt Grady Head Charles HonzaJimmy Kathie Jeannette Sharie Douglas Isom Jackson Jett Jurcik Kelly Kelsey Dan Larry Dennis Larry Martha Glenn Lamb Laznovsky Little McCaig McCall McCallister Jane Gerald McClain Macalik Jesse Maldonado Jeannette Danny Glenda Martin Miller Minor Bernice John Dea Dianna Patricia Larry Moore Mounts Maloney Mraz Mullins Don is Muzi kCarol Barbara Nancy Denny Carolyn Billy Nesuda Newland Nowlin Parks Patterson Percival Nancy Ruth Jannan Glynn James Elaine Pollan Pool Powell Price Priddy Probst Max Delbert Glenda Nelda James Joe Puckett Raney Raney Raney Rateliff Rivera Patsy Neva Jerry Frank Sandra Henry Rogers Rush Scott Seiler Shackelford SharpMark Slayton Linda St. Clair Mike Stewart May Carol Sublett Jimmy Tad lock Jackie Taylor Gloria Vyers Sandra Taylor Barbara Thomas Martha Cecile Benny Tobias Tolleson Vavra Tommy Joe David Margaret Gwen Patricia Catherine Walker Weir Whitley Wilson Wrinkle Yates Donald Mike Kay Leon Lloyd Larry York Young Yowell Zajic Blackerby Lewis 62Eighth Qrade favorites Nancy Evans Larry Wilhoite ♦ favorite gunners- Up Judy Col lard Billie Ann Holland Carolyn Dodson Janis Poarch Jeri Sullivan Kenny Hobbs Ernie Boon Ronnie Tomlinson Class Off icers Chuck McCormack Larry Sibley.... Sammy Gorman... Gayle Doyle..... .....President Vice-President .....Secretary ......Reporter 64Sighth Qradc Eighth Grade Home Room Officers Eighth Grade Cheerleaders Judy Col lard Gayle Doyle Toni Clements Donna Young Nancy Evans uuiMiiuiai66Senior favorites LaNELLE FINCH JIMMY RAY 71Best Citizen da™ emmert 72West Citizen JUDY SULLIVANfriendliest LINDA HASKOVEC Most Handsome LESLIE WILHOITE , A • V vi beautiful ELAINE McCOLLUM 77 Jiomecomiug Queen 78 CAROL ANN WOLAVERMr. and Miss £. M. S. JUDY COMPTON JIMMY KIRKPATRICK 79Class Javoritcs Senior: Phyllis Todd Corol McBrayer Linda Haskovec Jimmy Kirkpatrick Ronnie Deagen Gary Cox Junior: Carol Burden Elaine McCollum Eileen Gilley Ronnie Peebles John Findley Lee McCown Sophomore: Gay Reed Becky Collins Carol Dillon Mike Perry Mike Hightower Neil Morse Freshman: Lennie Andrews Kay Yowell Nancy Nowlin Peggy Cribbs Jimmy Tadlock Sam Gray Bill Jett Tommy HosekSchool favorites Kurnevs- Up Best Citizen: Molly Collins Judy O'Brien Judy Compton Gary Cox David Vance Kenny Roberts Mr. and Miss EHS: Suzanne Manning Sally Bartlett Carol Burden Gary Cox Leslie Wilhoite Larry Gorman Most Beautiful and Most Handsome: Carol McBrayer Carol Wolaver Eileen Gilley T. H. Holland Gary Cox Dan Lamb Friendliest: Phyllis Todd Suzanne Manning Carol Burden Kenny Roberts Jimmy Ray David Vance John FindleyMomeeoming Queen Kunners- Up Kay Yowell: Freshman Suzanne Manning: Sophomore Glenda Minor: Freshman Carol Burden: Junior Carol Dillon: Sophomore Eileen Gilley: Junior 82 Carol McBrayer: Senior'Dandeelm Sweetheart Gay Reed Runners- up Dorothy Fuller Faye Vyers Molly Collins Dolores Jordan Kay Yowell Peggy Cribbs Suzanne Manning 83Who ’sWho John Goodwyn and Judy O'Brien Science Bill Whitlock and Linda Haskovec Band Jerilyn Marti nek FHA Jerry Linker FFA David Emmert and Judy O'Brien English 84Who ’s David Perry and Judy O'Brien Commercial John Findley and Molly Collins History Charles Fallen and Patsy Parker Latin Donna Ozymy Journalism Wayne Tollesonand Dorothy Jakubik Sports David Emmert and LaVaughn Blakley Mathematics 85DA K Qood Citizen Judy Sullivan Runners-up Robbie Sheets Susie Donnell Rita Young Judy O'Brien Linda Haskovec Karen Joly 86football Sweetheart and Captains Jimmy Kirkpatrick Judy Compton Jimmy Ray Wayne Tolleson Larry Gorman 88“A ” Zeam football Top: Coach McDonald, Mgr. Ray Eubanks, Kenny Roberts, Larry Griesenbeck, Leslie Wilhoite, Bill Jack McLelland, Jimmy Kirkpatrick, Ronnie Peebles, Lee McCoy n, Coach Beal. Middle: Mgr. Robert Stidger, Wayne Tolleson, Freddy Rose, Bill Huff, Jude Smith, Larry Gorman, Jimmy Ray, Mgr. Joe Roy Wilhoite. Bottom: Barry Blackwell, David Vance, Tommy Lennon, Wayne Wolfe, Jimmy Tadlock, Mike Hightower, Lewis Gorman, John Zajic. oo oLarry Gorman Lewis Gorman Tackle Tackle Larry Griesenbeck Halfback i Lee McCown Halfback Bill McLelland Quarterback Ronnie Peebles Halfback 90Jimmy Tadlock Tackle Wayne Tolleson End David Vance Tackle Ray Eubanks Manager Robert Stidge Manager“ft ” Zeam football Front row: John Mounts, Lloyd Bighorn, Danny Novy, Kenny Baker, Jerry Smith, Kenneth Fincher, Dan Lamb, T. G. Gilmore, Larry Houdek, Benny Vavra. Middle row: Mike Dickerson, Danny Miller, Mike Young, Bill Jett, Jesse Maldonado, Glenn Eubanks, Charles Moore, George Booher, Wallace Collins. Back row: Coach Watson, Joe Weir, Billy Skrivanek, Gerald Chamberland, Mark Busby, Donald York, Denny Parks, William Dickerson, Kelton Spence, El Voyde Young, Dale Holt, Coach Fitzhugh. cJr. High football Front row: Durwood Anthony, Richard'Santos, Harvey Collins, Jeff Davis, Keller Webster, Jackie Wilhoite, Butch Davis, David Mulkey, Charles Spencer. Middle row: Rodney McLeod, John Garrett, Tommy Davidson, Ronnie Tomlinson, Larry Doyle, Jimmy Murf, Boyd Richardson, Scotty Vyers, Stephen Huff. Back row: Coach Sykes, Carmen Vasquez, Homer Doherty, Sammy Gorman, Gary Lucas, Ernie Boon, Jimmy Ronton, Gene Wood, Charles Yowell, Donnie Pruitt, Rex Simmons, Coach Wood. 92Sums Migh School Peggy Cribbs Freshman Judy Compton Senior Carol Lou Burden Junior Sally Bartlett Senior Earlene Anderson Sophomore Elaine McCollum Junior 93 94“J. ”Zem basketball Jimmy Ray Wayne Tolleson Jimmy Poarch 95“B ” Zeam Basketball Front row: Jimmy Dawson, Butch Davis, Gary Lucas, Keller Webster, Donnie Pruitt, David Mulkey. Middle row: Jeff Davis, Ronnie Tomlinson, Larry Doyle, Harvey Collins, Jackie Wilhoite, Kenny Hobbs, Harold Brown, Jimmy Ranton. Back row: Rex Simmons, Charles Yowell, Ernie Boon, Gene Wood, Scotty Vyers, Boyd Richardson, John Garrett, Homer Doherty, Carmen Vasquez, Coach Wood. Not pictured: Ray Davis, Tommy Davidson, Jimmy Murf, Benny Livingston, Jackie Hammonds, Neil Byrd. Jr. Migh Basketball Coach Fitzhugh, Jimmy Tadlock, Glenn Eubanks, El Voyde Young, John Mounts, Bill Huff, Dennis Little, George Booher, Larry Houdek, Mike Hightower.Baseball Outfielders: Mark Busby, Keith Titsworth, Jimmy Tadlock, Mike Sibley, Joe David Weir, Kent Weir, Bill Huff, Coach Sykes. Infielders: Glynn Price, Jesse Maldonado, Mike Perry, Kenny Baker, Ronnie Day, Kenneth Fincher, Coach Sykes. 97Zrack JR. HIGH TRACK TEAM SENIOR WINNERS OF INTRA-MURAL TRACK MEETIsn't he proud? Ah, Figaro' Broken Arrow Our Photographers?? Ham ! Don't stick me Rita . Cheerleaders are proud, too. M-l-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E 99100 Girls ’ P. £. Classes Third Period Second Period Fourth Period Fifth PeriodRational Monor Society Monte Muirheod, Patty Fisher, Judy O'Brien, Jerrilynn Shultz, Linda Haskovec, Donna Ozymy, Ella Skrivanek, Judy Compton, Rita Young, David Emmert, ReNee Emmert, La-Vaughn Blakley, Sandra Mendheim, Verlon Rutherford, Kaye Eason, Sallie Gray, Molly Collins, John Findley, Mrs. Borland, Ann Hightower, Robbie Sheets, Kay Kallus, Nancy King, Phyllis Todd, Elaine McCollum, Melissa Titsworth. NHS OFFICERS: President........ Vice-President. . Secretary....... Treasurer........ Reporter........ Sponsor......... . . . Judy O'Brien . . Donna Ozymy . .Ella Skrivanek .Jerrilynn Shultz .. Judy Compton .. .Mrs. Borland 102Student Council Members Student Council Officers President.................Jimmy Kirkpatrick Vice-President.................David Vance Secretary........................Karen Joly Sponsor............................Miss Poff 103David Vance Layout Editor Judy Compton Secretary Gary Cox Business Manager Senior Members: Gary Cox David Vance Judy Compton Judy O'Brien Junior Members: Kaye Eason Sa I lie Gray Photoqraphers: Jimmy McCoy John Ramsey Mike Denney David Perry Charles Fallen'Danderfm Staff First Semester Editor Associate Editor Social Editor Sports Editor Art and Layout Helen Bush Rita Young Linda Sullivan Circulation Billy Martin Exchange Editor Feature Editors LaVaughn Blakley Barbara Wilhoite Second Semester Editor..............................Rita Young Verlon Rutherford Layout..............................Robby Jones Judy Sullivan Social............................Dolores Jordan Joey Fitzgerald Art.................................Helen Bush Robbie Sheets Feature....................................Donna Ozymy Sally Anderson Linda Sullivan Mary Maloney Susie Donnell Karen Joly Class News...........................Beth Patton Sports.......................Billy Wayne Martin Exchange........................LaVaughn Blakley 105Jntcrscholastic C Winners Number Sense Jimmy McCoy 3rd, District Declamation Donald Shaw 2nd, District Oration Kenny Roberts 3rd, District Sally Bartlett 2nd, District John Findley 2nd, District 2nd, Regional ft n Ready Writing Molly Collins, 3rd, District Nancy Telfair, 2nd, District 3rd, Regional 106 Shorthand Judy O'Brien 1st, District, 1st, RegionalSlide Rule David Emmert, 1st, District John Ramsey, 2nd, District 3rd, Regional David Vance, 3rd, District Poetry Reading Biffy Reel, 3rd, District Carol Lou Burden, 3rd, District Calvin Collins, 2nd, District Phyllis Todd, 2nd, District Debate Gary Cox, 1st, District, 2nd, Regional Linda Haskovec, 1st, District, 2nd, Regional Karen Joly, 1st, District, 2nd, Regional Ronnie Deagan, 1st, District, 2nd, Regional Extemporaneous Speech Donna Ozymy 2nd, District Freddy Rose 1st, District 3rd, Regional Melissa Tits worth 1st, District 3rd, Regional One-Act Play, 2nd, District Dolores Jordan Ann Hightower Donna Ozymy Susie Donnell Phyllis Todd S ally Bartlett Mrs. Braden, Director Karen Joly LaVaughn Blakley 107United Nations Pilgrimage finalists Molly Collins, Patsy Parker, Linda Harrison, Neva Rush, Gay Reed, John Findley, Jerilyn Martinek, Billie Hoover, Biffy Reel, Charles Fallen WINNER John Findley will represent Ennis High on the United Nations Pilgrimage in June. 108Girls ’ and Boys ’ State BOVS1 STATE Corky Spencer Jimmy McCoy Ray Waldrop Kenny Roberts GIRLS' STATE Kay Lynn Christian Ann Hightower ALTERNATES ReNee Emmert Bi I ly Boyte Don Williams Jerry Smith 109Club Representatives KIWANIANS: David Emmert Judy O'Brien Donna Ozymy Leslie Wilhoite Jerrilynn Shultz Jimmy Kirkpatrick Karen Joly Susie Donnell Gary Cox Phyllis Todd Dianne Dillon Jimmy Ray Donald Shaw Linda Haskovec Bill Whitlock Nancy Watson Joe Willis Wilson B PW LITTLE SISTERS: Rita Young Linda Sullivan Judy Compton Sally Bartlett Sally Anderson Ella Skrivanek Patty Fisher Judy Sullivan LION CUBS: Jerry Linker Monte Muirhead David Vance Larry Griesenbeck Jimmie Simpson Billy Wayne Martin John Goodwyn Larry Gorman Lawrence Kucera noOffice Assistants Band Assistants Cibrary Assistants 111 MEET ME l ST. LUIIS Mr. Smith.... Mrs. Smith ... Rose......... Esther ....... Agnes ....... Tootie ...... Lon ......... Grandpa ..... Katie........ Mrs. Waughop Ida Boothley .... John Shephard Fred Gregory . Lucille Pentard Mr. Dodge ... Mr. Duffy.... Conductor ... CHARACTERS .... Freddy Rose ... Dolores Jorden ....Phyllis Todd .... Donna Ozymy ....... Karen Joly .... Sally Bartlett .... Leslie Wilhoite .... Donald Shaw ....Joey Fitzgerald ....... Patty Fisher ....Judy Compton ........ Gary Cox .... Jerry Linker .. Sue Ann Donnell .... Larry Gorman .... Ronnie Deagan Larry Griesenbeck 112 Senior Class Play Our Hearts Were Young and day CAST (In Order of Appearance) Steward Ronnie Peebles Mrs. Skinner Cornelia Skinner Molly Collins Otis Skinner Emily Kimbrough Purser Stewardess Dick Admiral Harriet Winifred Leo Instector Therese Madame Elise Monsieur De La Croix {Junior Class Play3MA Chapter Members Beau - Jimmy Tadlock Sr. Chapter Officers Pres................. 1st V. Pres.......... 2nd V. Pres.......... 3rd V. Pres.......... 4th V. Pres.......... 5th V. Pres.......... Secretary............ Treasurer............ Historian............ Pari................. Pianist.............. Jerilyn Martinek .... Sal lie Gray .....Linda Duke .....Peggy Jones .. .ReNee Emmert .. Nancy Vytopil ......Gay Reed .....Retha Nunn .... Kay O'Brien ..Nona Hawkins .....Kaye Eason 116 Jr. Chapter Officers Pres................. 1st V. Pres.......... 2nd V. Pres.......... 3rd V. Pres.......... 4th V. Pres.......... 5th V. Pres.......... Secretary............ Treasurer............ Historian............ fbrl................. Pianist.............. Lennie Andrews ... Sandra Eves .. Nancy Pol Ian .. .Billie Hoover .... Kay Yowel I .. Betty Downey .... Betty Cryer .. .Peggy Cribbs .....Neva Rush Barbara Thomas .. Sandra Taylor FHA OFFICERS77A Chapter Members Sweetheart - Eileen Gilley FFA OFFICERS: First Semester: President V. President Secretary Treasurer Sentinel Reporter Second Semester: President V. President Secretary Treasurer Sentinel Reporter 117Qirls ’ Chorus OFFICERS President...................... Vice-President................ Secretary...................... Treasurer..................... Reporter....................... Librarians.................... .. .Judy Compton .. .Donna Ozymy .... Patty Fisher .... Phyllis Todd .. .Susie Donnell Molly Collins ,... Carol Burden Elaine McCollum 118 ALL-REGIONAL CHORUS Patty Fisher, Phyllis Todd, Molly CollinsZalent 119120 FLUTES Mary Howell BASS CLARINETS Charles McCormack Jacky Burkhead BARITONES TYMPANI Molly Collins Barbara Barkley Rita Young Gale Pierce Phyllis Todd Kay Kallus Nancy King Gail Morse Sally Anderson TENOR SAXOPHONES Melinda Odom Elaine McCollum Nancy Telfair Shirley Collier Carol Me Bray er Roger White Sue Ann Donnell BAND MANAGER Gay Reed Joan Simpson Sylvia Young Martha McCall FRENCH HORNS Bob Cave David Mulkey Carol McCormack Kay Gibbons Keith Titsworth Bill Whitlock Lana Schroeder Frances Jo Alexander OBOES Billy Fink BASSES Sydna Watson Leah Findley Mary Jane Schwalbe CORNETS Jo Ann Cribbs Tommy Bryant Joan Davis Alice Schwalbe Nancy Evans John Findley Sharie Kelly Brent Baldridge Signa Satterfield Karen Joly Miro Pavelka Ann Simpson Jessie Maldonado Nancy Nowlin BASSOONS Sam Gray Sally Bartlett Milton Hurley B FLAT CLARINETS Jeannine Whitacre Patsy Parker Ronny Colvin Melissa Titsworth Gary Dipprey Donna Ozymy Billie Ann Holland Murray Strunc Elizabeth Crow Linda Haskovec Patricia Evarts Mike Doyle TROMBONES PERCUSSION Cecile Tolleson Mary Jo Pitts ALTO SAXOPHONES Carol Burden Kenny Haskovec Terry Munn Sandra Crews Betty Haskovec Joey Fitzgerald Garth Hodge Betty Ekholm Dianne Dillon LaNelle Finch Janice Skrivanek Juanita Baskin John Titsworth Don Williams Dianna Maloney Glenda Minor Pamela Wortman Toni Clements Miles Strunc Mike Bryant Martha Lou Simpson Patricia French Freddy Baker Johnny Flippen Barbara Stolusky Edwin Peel Nancy Vytopil Marian Joly Carol Sue Lemmon Jimmy Pavelka Gail McDaniel Mike Stewart LaNelle Finch Zwirlers Nancy King Marion Joly Gail Morse Carol McCormack Donna Ozymy Drum Majorette Linda Haskovec Head Twirler ?lag Hearers Molly Collins Susie DonnellHand Sweetheart Carol McBrayer BAND OFFICERS President...... Vice-President Secretary...... Treasurer...... Reporter....... .. Phyllis Todd . Bill Whitlock LaNelle Finch .Susie Donnell .Sally Bartlett 122Outstanding Achievements Judy O'Brien holds the plaque she re- Chorus Wins Sweepstakes ceived for winning the Sweepstakes at the I.S.L. Shorthand contest in Austin. Phyllis Todd, President of the Band, holds the Sweepstakes trophy the Band won in Waco. Above are members of the Girls' Chorus who won first division medals at Waco. They include soloists Patty Fisher and Judy Compton, and a sextet composed of Nancy King, Carol Burden, Elaine McCollum, Nancy Telfair, Molly Collins and Carol McCormack. 123junior- Senior Kanquet 124Senior Day 125Senior 126Settlor Day 127Commencement 128Honor graduates FOUR YEAR Jerrilyn Shultz, Judy Compton, Rita Young, Judy O'Brien, Donna Ozymy, David Emmert, Monte Muirhead, LaVaughn Blakely, Verlon Rutherford, Phyllis Todd, Ella Skrivanek, Doris Parker, Patty Fisher, Robbie Sheets and Linda Haskovec. ONE YEAR Helen Bush, Melva Fuller, Mary Nell Maloney, Barbara Wilhoite, Helen Alford, JoAnn Garrett, Karen Joly, Susie Donnell, Willie Mae Vrla, Diane Dillon, Sally Anderson, Larry Gorman, Beth Patton, Judy Sullivan and Faye Vyers. 129„ w ; • , . - 4 « ■ a. Valedictorian Salutatorian 130 JUDY O'BRIEN JUDY COMPTON DAVID EMMERTTHE ENNIS BUSINESS FORMS IS ONE OF THE SOUTH'S LARGEST MANUFACTURERS OF BUSINESS MATERIALS. IT HAS GROWN TO BECOME ONE OF ENNIS1 LEADING ENTERPRISES AND PRODUCES CARBON PRODUCTS AND BUSINESS FORMS WHICH ARE WELL KNOWN THROUGHOUT THE NATION. .4 ENNIS BUSINESS FORMS. INC. GENERAL OFFICE AND FACTORY ENNIS, TEXAS WESTERN DIVISION 5 PASO ROBLES. CALIFORNI ' V'i'a . EASTERN DIVISION CHATHAM. VIRGINIA 134TODD IMPLEMENT COMPANY W. L % •AM P STUDEBAKEfi J2s.qqs.tt £j Lp[atb, Jna,.. 2S33 MANUFACTURERS SINCE 1863.QF zA ain £fixingi. of zf e. t MERCURY OUTBOARDS International Harvester -----------y 7J PONTIAC PHONE TR 5-2634 Snnli., Utxai 135Dial TR 5-2666 NIGHTS CALL TR 5-2434 TR 5-2896 TR 5-3762 BRUCE BROWN CHEVROLET OLDSMOBILE CO. 200 E. ENNIS AV. THICK MALTS SHAKES FINE FOOD 309 S. KAUFMAN - TR 5-7191 S0U1HE1 AUTO SHE eWesley Kjxize Adotor ‘Tarts and cAuto 'Faints Accessories - offlachine m Electrical Supplies Service vO) Sporting Qoods COMPLIMENTS OF PENCE SHOE SHOP SHOE STORE - LEATHER GOODS 213—15 W. AVENUE TR 5-3871 136PLANTERS COTTON OIL MILL 3IIje Dallas JHortting jNelus TEXAS LEADINQ NEWSPAPER WALTER C. WILLIAMS PHONE TR 5-3622 DISTRIBUTOR ENNIS. TEXAS K. WOLENS FAMOUS FOR VALUES SINCE 189811 ENNIS, TEXASCITIZENS NATIONAL BANK ■tr P. --------.mm. 4-i CITIZENS NATIONAL. BANK, A MEMBER OF THE FE CORPORATION, WELCOMES NEW ACCOUKfTS AND AP ENTRUSTED TO THEM r ■ '• POSIT INSURANCE I ATE S ALL BUSINESS FLOYD'S SINCLAIR SERVICE 2M3JOW . i WASHING 23U. SERVICE ANYWHERE LUBRICATION PHONE •-TR 5-3501 8AX3T TIRES AND TUBES ACCESSORIES jFasijtmt {|op 117 NORTH DALLAS ST. Ennis, {Texas 338RED MOON PETROLEUM LCIVSS ■ 'O’? CMA e ' J I TW!£, SPECIALIZING fN SEIBERLING TIRES AND recapping jobs THIS COMPANY IS ALWAYS READY TO SERVE YOOH-GASOLINE . OIL, BATTERY AND ACCESSORY NEEDS 111 E. ENNIS AV. Jo F. Knlu, Owner Dial TR 5-3631 TIG ENNIS FURNITURE MFG. CO. 300 W. BROWN TR 5 — 7681 ENNIS, TEXAS As MURPHY BEAUTY SHOPPE •? 309 East Brown TR 5-7171 W x JjL: SsHbfc Mm RAJY r = !J flUG ENNIS LUMBER COMPANY 8AX3T .SIP-H3 II HTHOU e- IDS oW9FOR THE BEST SELECTION OF GIFT ITEMS AND FOUNTAIN SERVICE GO TO DAVIS COLLINS 200 WEST KNOX Call TR 5-3881 NIGHT NUMBER TR 5-2593 JACK POFF MEN BOYS WEAR 116 WEST KNOX STREET ENNIS. TEXAS JACK W. POFF UCERA’ C SINCE 1909 OUR 5lsr YEAR 1909 - I960 201-9 NORTH MAIN ST. ENNIS. TEXAS 140BUNCH FUNERAL HOME CORNER BAYLOR AND KAUFMAN ST. OFFERS A GRACIOUS CHAPEL SUITABLE FOR ALL FAITHS SPACIOUS PARKING AREA 24 HOUR AMBULANCE SERVICE PHONE TR 5-2606 COMPLI MENTS OF McCLAIN'S FOOD STORE We invite a closer look... LIVING COST UP 108% ...AVERAGE PRICE PER KWH FOR ELECTRICITY DOWN 43% Times change — and so do buying habits. But even if the careful customer no longer looks for flaws in the glaring light of day, he still looks for the best value money can buy. We of TP L have been able to keep the unit price of your electricity low through efficiencies and economies in operation and your increased use of service... and in spite of the continually rising cost of materials and labor in connection with carrying on our business. We invite you to take a closer look at our product in the light of the continuing economy you get in the purchase of electricity. Since 1936, the rising tide of living cost has gone up 108%. Yet, unlike the cost of most other necessities, electricity is actually cheaper than it was 22 years ago. The average cost of TP L residential electricity today is 43% less per kilowatt hour than in 1936. Texas Power Light Company is a product of this country’s free enterprise system ... that has resulted in America enjoying the highest standard of living in the world today! Texas Power Light Company Partners in Texas Progress 141,5-10 PEN FRANKLIN 5 io «----I---- ---“ COMPLIMENTS COMPLI MENTS OF OF BANNER INSURANCE TOMMIE AND RICHARD'S BARBER SHOP FOR ACCURATE. UP-TO-DATE NEWS SUBSCRIBE TO THE ENNIS DAILY NEWS 213 N. DALLAS TR 5- 3801 I ROSS CRUMLEY Biggest Little Hardware Store in Ennis CO M PL I MENTS OF DENNY'S GLASS AND TRIM SHOP 112 WEST BROWN PIIONE TR5-2721 142STRUNC ELECTRIC SERVICE 409 EAST ENNIS AVENUE PHONE TR 5-3371 ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING APPLIANCE SALES AND SERVICE FRANK'S RADIO TV FIRST IN SERVICE - FOREMOST IN HI FI 114 S. DALLAS TR 5-7345 ENNIS. TEXAS DODD'S APPLIANCE J. T. DODD, OWNER 115 W. ENNIS AVENUE — PHONE TR 5—7641 THE TWIN SHOP ready-to-wear and lingerie 110 WEST KNOX PHONE TR 5-2371 VERA TOLAR joe c. McCrary, agent INSURANCE - REAL ESTATE 104 S. DALLAS JOE BRUCE DALRYMPLE BARBER SHOP WE SPECIALIZE IN FLAT TOP HAIR CUTS 205 NORTH DALLAS STREET ROORBACH'S PHARMACY I 15 N. DALLAS DIAL. TR 5-3841 143C. R. ANTHONY COMPANY SERVES YOU BETTER. SAVES YOU MORE COMMONLY KNOWN AS THE FRIENDLY STORE 101 SOUTH DALLAS’ TR 5-3934 NEICY'S CAFE III S. DALLAS SERVING GOOD FOOD MANNING CtfANERS “WE CLEAN.'EM CLEAN” 117 Ss. DttHas St- — Dial TR5S9271 PH . Pick CJp and Delivery TR 5-7961 EVARTS furniture store J. M. EVARTS. OWNER Jirst FURNISH YOUR HOME I 12 WEST KNOX NNIS. TEXAS TR 5-3161 1 ENNIS PHARMACY GIVES QUALITY SERVICE AND A COMPLETE LINE OF DRUGS. COSMETICS AND SUNDRIES G. C. BRUNER L. R. REED ENNIS. TEXAS 144POLLAN FURN. CO. TWO STORES TO SERVE YOU TWO WAYS TO SAVE 211 N. MAIN ST. 206 N. DALLAS FOR THE BEST FOOD AND SERVICE IN TOWN TAKE YOUR FAMILY TO THE WESTERN CAFE AND CAFETERIA 119 N. MAI N TR 5-3731 Hesser Drug Company In the Center of Town ENNIS, TEXAS ROGERS SHOE STORE e- Tigers ENNIS, TEXAS 145THE FRANCES SHOP COMPLI MENTS LADIES READY-TO-WEAR OF TANNER JEWELRY III N. DALLAS ENN 1 S MRS. H. G. LILLEY TRIANGLE 5-2731 H H HARDWARE THE MOST COMPLETE HARDWARE, HOUSEWARE GIFTWARE STORE IN ENNIS, TEXAS 210 W. AVE. TR 5—2791 gifts wrapped free COMPLIMENTS OF PLAZA AND GRAND 146McClane's Barber Shep Helping You Look Neat Is My Business COMPLI MENTS OF W. R. STOREY MFG COMPANY E. M. MCCLANE JIMMIE WADE 209 W. KNOX WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE 112 WEST ENNIS AVE„ ENNIS MARKET THESE COURTEOUS BUTCHERS ARE READY TO HELP IN YOUR SELECTION OF CHOICE CUTS OF MEAT THEY FEATURE A VARIETY OF HOME-KILLED MEATS COMPANY YOUR FRIENDLY BUTANE PROPANE DEALER 147 BRASHER BARBER SHOP COMPLI MENTS OF BUDDIE DAVIS INSURANCE WEST KNOX STREET ENNIS. TEXAS STEAK HOUSE AIR-CONDITIONED 8 BLOCKS EAST ON HWY • 34 DIAL TR 5-3550 ENNIS STATE BANK UNDER THE LEADERSHIP OF ITS PRESIDENT, W. B. RIDER, THE ENNIS STATE BANK IS RECOGNIZED AS ONE OF THE MOST RELIABLE OF ENNIS AND ELLIS COUNTY. NOT ONLY IS THIS BANK A MEMBER OF THE F. D. I. C. , BUT IT CONTINUES TO BE KNOWN AS- ' THE FRIENDLY INSTITUTION 148Kuchar’s Men’s Store MEN AND BOYS' WEAR III S. DALLAS TR 5-2271 WE GIVE S Be H GREEN STAMPS A. H. EVARTS INSURANCE CO. COMPLI MENTS VERA EVARTS - AGENT OF be SAFE - INSURE WITH us JESS LEKAR'S FOOD STORE TR 5-2577 307 S. KAUFMAN ENNIS. TEXAS TR 5-7631 149Henry Oil Gas Company IF YOUR CAR OR TRACTOR USES IT. WE SELL IT. GUY HENRY. OWNER ENNIS. TEXAS E. C. STORY MOBIL STATION TO BETTER SERVE YOUR CAR. DRIVE IN TO STORY!S SERVICE STATION WHERE YOU FIND THE BEST IN SERVICE. CITY SERVICE MOTOR COMPANY COMPLETE SERVICE ON ALL MAKES AND MODELS INCLUDING TRUCKS FREE PICK-UP AND DELIVERY AIR CONDITIONER SALES AND SERVICE DIAL TR 5-2881 300 NORTH MAIN STREET GMC SALES Oc SERVICE DAIRY QUEEN The Cone with the Curl dn Top” ADI WEST ENNIS AVENUE Snnii, Dcxas. 401 W. ENNIS AVENUE TR 5-244 1 150CO M PLIMENTS OF MUNN BLDG. SUPPLIES 311 W Brown- -TR 5-3856 I CnnU 1020 SOUTH KAUFMAN P. O. BOX 269 TR 5-7571 ENNIS. TEXAS COMPLIMENTS FELCMAN CLOTHIERS AND DRY CLEANER III W. KNOX TR 5-7341 cSam avi± MEN’S WEAR PHONE TRJ-2191 DRY CLEANING 114 WEST BROWN THE BEST IN MEN'S WEAR AND DRV CLEANING COMPLIMENTS OF C. A. LENNON HUMBLE SERVICE STATION (£sso) ' 5HVICI WASH ING LUBRICATING HIGHWAY 75 151so. 7-ELEVEN ALLIED OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE PH. TR 5-7981 HIGHWAY 75 ENNIS. TEXAS FALLEN'S ELECTRIC ENNIS AUTOMOTIVE, INC. REWINDERS OF AUTOMOBILE ARMATURES REBUILDERS OF AUTOMOTIVE PARTS 2400 N. PRESTON ENNIS. TEXAS 2400 N. PRESTON ENNIS. TEXAS PHONE TR 5-3896 CHARLES R. FALLEN GENERAL MANAGER PHONE TR 5-3896 NORRIS LUMBER COMPANY ENNIS, TEXAS 152Zke End All photography done by student photographers, Taylor Studio of Corsicana, Texas, and C. K. Henington of Wolfe City, Texas. All work done by the CICERONE staff. 153

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