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Ennis High School Seniors of 1959 Dedication To MRS. LESTER To the Lesters, we, the Cicerone staff of 1959, dedicate this book of memories because Mr. and Mrs. Lester have been a help and an inspiration to this class and many others. MR. LESTER 4Contents Administration.................7 Senior Class..................17 Junior Class..................33 Sophomore Class...............41 Freshman Class................49 Eighth Grade..................57 Activities....................61 Sports........................81 Personalities.................95 Special Events...............Ill Advertisements...............1216 Very studious INISTRATIONSchool Board DR. WALTER P. McCALL RAY TELFAIR JIM COLLINS A. B. ST. CLAIR HENRY FALLEN DR. R. E. ERISMAN ROBERT FLOYD BRYAN ADAMS HENRY BASKINAdministration O. A. PEDERSON W. J. DAVIS MRS. MELBA WALKER Secretary to Principal MRS. MABEL BOREN Secretary to Sperintendent Sept, to Jan. MR. CAMPBELL, MRS. ROBERTS1 MR. BLAIR Math MR. BOOTH Agriculture MR. FOREHAND Math Social Studies Line Coach MR. GOODWIN Band MRS. BRADBURY MRS. DENNEY Junior English Journalism Annual Sponsor Homemaking MRS. LEATHERMAN Algebra I Latin MRS. LESTER World History Georgraphy MR. LESTER Agriculture 10MRS. ELLIS Texas History Civics Freshman History MISS ESTES Typing HI Shorthand Freshman English MR. ETHERIDGE Speech English-8 th MR. FURNEY Geometry Head Coach MISS MAXSON Biology MRS. McCOY History-8th Girls' P. E. mr. McDonald Math Boys' P.E. MRS. FINK Music MRS. NORTON Junior English Senior English 11MR. OWENS Math General Business 1 MR. WEATHERS American History Drivers' Education 12 MRS. POCHOBRADSKY Soph. English English-8th MISS POFF Librarian « MISS REDWINE Plane Geometry Physics MRS. ROBINSON Homemaking MR. SMITH History-8th P. E. MR. WILLIAMS Math Chemistry MR. LINKER Agriculture MRS. FURNEY Girls' P.E.T e a c h e r S n a P $ Comfy???? Who, me!!1! Atypical teacher.... You aren't paying attention. In 1619 the Aren't parents fun??????? Boo! 1 So you are the homemaking teacher. I would like. 13 DIETITIANS MR. FARMER...Tax Collector JANITORS BUS DRIVERSENNIS HIGH SCHOOL BUILDING GYMNASIUM SCIENCE BUILDING 15 MILLER FIELD HOUSEDo-Ra-Me... Here comes Santa Claus Now, Mrs. Norton... 16 Christmas time at E.H.S. Don't look so bored! How Cute! I!«The Senior Class of '59 consists of 94 students. Class Officers include: James Yarbrough, President-Jerry Venable, Vice President; Linda Reed, Secretary; and Joe Whitley, Reporter. This class was under the sponsorship of Mrs. Norton, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Linker and Miss Poff. Representing the class in activities were twelve lettermen in football, three basketball lettermen, and six in track. Lucy McBrierty and Mary Fitzgerald led E. H. S. as cheerleaders. The band, led by Carolyn Huff, included twenty-two seniors. Connie Richardson was band sweetheart. The senior class had six representatives to the Student Counci I. J. L. Roberts served as President, and Lucy McBrierty served as Secretary. Fourteen seniors were members of the NHS. Ray Telfair was President; Jan Gilley, Vice President; Linda Reed, Secretary; and Lucy McBrierty, Reporter. The Dandee Lion Staff included nineteen seniors and was edited by Jeanette Hunter and Barbara Howell. The Cicerone, edited by Laureta Al Ired and Jan Gilley included Jerry Venable, Glenn Puckett, Iris Davis and all Seniors. 18LAURETA ALLRED Homeroom Officer, Vice-President I, Secretary 2; FHA Chapter, photographer 2, Reporter 3; Talent Club 4; Cicerone Staff 2-4, Photographer 2-3, Co-editor 4; Dan-deelion Staff 4; ISL 3; Library Assistant 4; Vesper service 3; Christmas Service 3; Lions Club Cub 4. JANE ANDERSON Transferred from Waxa-hachie I; Y Team Club I; FHA Club 1-2; Sports Club 3-4. JACK BLACKWOOD Football 1-4, Letterman 4; Basketball 1-2; Track 1-4; Homeroom Officer, Secretary I; FFA 1-2; Football Club 3; Talent Club 4. CHARLES BRENTON Teenage Book Club, Secretary 2; Agriculture Club I; FFA I; Slide Rule Club I; Choral 2. BILL BREWER Leathercraft Club I; Study Club 2; Birds, Animals and Fish Club 3, President; Slide Rule Club 4; NHS 3-4; Junior Play Cast 3; Senior Play Cast; Student Lion 4; Alternate-Boys State 3; Student Council 4; Photographer 3. NONA BROCK FHA Club 1-2, Secretary I, Reporter 2, Junior Degree; Junior Dramatics 3; Junior Play Committee; Tumbling Program 3; Dancing Program 3; All-star Basketball; Office Assistant 4; Typing Class Secretary 4 LINDA BOON Class Officer 1; FHA 1; Homeroom Officer 2; Tennis Team 2, Dramatics Club 2-3; Junior Play Cast 3; ISL 3-4; All-Star Cast 3; Vesper Service 3; Speech Club 4, President 4; B PW Little Sister, Senior Play Cast 4; Dandeelion Sweetheart 4; One-year Honor Graduate; Christmas Play 3. BUCK BROWN Safety Club I; Study Club 2; Birds, Animals, Fish Club 3; FFA Club 4. 19MARY BRUMFIELD Transferred from Bardwell 4; Bardwell High Queen 3; Study Club 4; Junior and Senior Play 3. PATSY COOLEY Homeroom Officer I; FHA 1-2; Dramatics Club 3; Talent Club 4; Junior Play Cast 3; Band 1-4; Dandeelion Staff 4; Vesper Service 3; Christmas Program 3-4; Student Ki-wanian 4; ISL 4. JIMMY COLLINS Storytellers Club I; Football Club 2; Dramatics Club-3; Slide Rule Club 4; Football 2-3; Track l;tBase-ba11 3-4, Letterman 3-4, Captain 4; Junior Play Cast 3; Boys State 3; Student Kiwanian 4; Student Council 4; NHS 4; Senior Play Usher 3. MARGIE CROW FHA Officer I; Teenage Book Club, Secretary 2; Junior Dramatics Club 3; Talent Club 4; B PW Little Sister 4; Dandeelion Staff, Social Editor 4; Office Assistant 4. RUBY COLLINS Transferred from Hearne 4. GENE CULPEPPER FFA 1-3, Greenhand, Chapter Conducting Team I; Talent Club 4; Class Favorite 4; Student Kiwanian 4. MARTHA BURTON Transferred from Cisco 2; Band 1-4, All-girl Band 4; FHA 1-2, Junior Degree I, Outstanding FHA Student I; Book Club I; Dramatic Club 3; Art Sketching Club 4; Who's Who I; Junior Play Cast 3; NHS 3-4; B PW Little Sister; Girl's Chorus 4; Christmas Program 3; Student Council Alternate 4. PATRICIA CRAVENS Library Assistant I; Band 2-4, Assistant 3; FHA 1-2; Dramatics Club 3; Talent Club 4; Junior Play Usher 3; Vesper Service 3; Girls' Chorus; Lion's Club Cub 4; Dandeelion Staff 4; Christmas Program 3-4; Homeroom Officer I; FHA Chapter 1-2; One-year Honor Graduate. 20JOAN CULPEPPER Homeroom Officer, Salesman I; FHA 1-2; Girls' Chorus 1-4; Vesper Service 1-3; Blue Notes 2; Junior Play Committee 3; Junior Dramatics Club 3; Talent Show 2-3; The Dots 3-4; Talent Club 4; Senior Play Cast 4; B PW Little Sister 4; Typing II, Secretary 4. EUGENE DIPPREY Band 1-4, Treasurer 4; Leathercraft Club 1-2; Birds, Animals, Fish Club 3; Talent Club 4. MARYLIN DAVIS REBECCA DUNGAN Band 1-4, Flagbearer 4; Class Secretary 2; Student Council I; Homeroom Officer 2; B PW Little Sister; Junior Play Prompter; Senior Play Cast; Dandeelion Staff 4; Girls' Chorus 1-4, President 4; The Dots 2-4; FHA Club 1-2; Dramatics Club 3; Office Assistant 4; Choral Assistant 4; Vesper Service 1-3; One-year Honor Graduate. CAROLYN DAVIS "Kopy Kats" 4; Band 1-4, Flagbearer 4; Lion Club Cub 4; Junior Play Prompter 3; Senior Play Cast; Homeroom Officer 1-2; FHA I; Dramatics Club 2-3; Talent Club 4; Girls' Chorus 4, Reporter 4; Vesper Service 3. BETTY DIXON FHA 1-2; Dramatics Club 3; Study Club 4. IRIS DAVIS Latin Club I; Teenage Book Club 2; Dramatics Club 3; Junior Play Cast 3; Girls' State 3; Talent Club 4; Girls' Chorus 4; NHS 4; Student Council 4; Cicerone Staff 4; Dandeelion Staff 4; B PW Little Sister 4; ISL 4. ' - : ) ■c BILL DOHERTY FFA 1-3, Reporter 2, Secretary 3, Lone Star Farmer; Homeroom Officer, Reporter I. 21MARY JANE FITZGERALD FHA Club 1-2, Officer 1, State Meet 1; Homeroom Officer 1 -2; Class Officer 3; Class Favorite 2; Friendliest 3; Student Counci I Alternate 3; Dandeelion Staff 4; Junior Play Cast; Senior Play Cast; ISL Representative; Girls' Chorus 4; Lions Club Cub 4; Cheerleader 3-4; Office Assistant 2-4; Favorite Runner Up 3-4; Most Likely to Succeed Runner Up 4; Miss EHS Runner Up 4; Dramatics Club 3-4. CAROLYN FRAZIER "Cubbette" I; Y-Teen Club I; Pan-American Club 2-3; Transferred from Dallas 3; Dramatics Club 3; Writers Club Winner; Talent Club 4; Christmas Play 4; Senior Play Cast 4. MARILYN FLEETWOOD Student Council Representative, Alternate 3; B PW Little Sister 4; Dandeelion Staff 4; Band 1-3; FHA Club I, Reporter I; Senior Play Cast; ISL Representative; Vesper Service 3; Homeroom Officer 1; Dramatics Club 2-3; Speech Club 4, Reporter 4; Office Assistant. JAN GILLEY Office Assistant I; FHA Club I, Co-pianist I; Dramatics Club 2, reporter 2; Tennis Team 2; Basketball Team 2; Student Council, Alternate 2-4; Dramatics Club 3, Secretary 3; Junior Play Cast; NHS 3-4, Vice-President 4; Cicerone Staff 4, Coeditor 4; Talent Club 4, President 4; Homecoming Nominee 4; Student Kiwanian 4; Miss EHS 4. DON FLYNT Transferred from Dallas 3; Football 3-4, Letterman 4; Track 3; Christmas Play 4; Talent Club 4; Athletics Club 3; Senior Play 4. FREDA GILMORE FHA Club I, Vice-President I; Book Club 2; Dramatics Club 3; DAR Good Citizen 4; Girls' State 3; Talent Club 4; Office Assistant; Student Kiwanian 4. ELLEN FOWLER FHA Club I, Songleader I; Homeroom Officer, Secretary I, Reporter 2; Dramatics Club 2, Secretary 2; Junior Play Director; Girls' Chorus 2- 4; "Dots" 3-4; Dandeelion Staff 4; Vesper Service 3, Office Assistant; Senior Play Director; B PW Little Sister; Chemistry Assistant; All Star Basketball Team 2; Talent Show 3- 4; Christmas Play 2-4. NANCY GLASPY Class Favorite 4, Senior Play Cast; Junior Play Cast; ISL Representative; "Kopy Kats" 4; Band 1-4, Flagbearer 4, Vice-President 4; Student Council 4; Lions Club Cub 4; Dramatics Club 2-4, President 3; Dandeelion Staff 4; FHA Club I; Homeroom Salesman I; DAR Runner Up 4; Band Sweetheart Runner Up 3. 22JIMMY GOODWIN Pen, Pencil, Brush Club I, Vice-President; Dramatics Club 2-3; Future Business Leaders of America 4. ALFRED HANAK Slide Rule Club, Vice-President; Nature Club, Sergeant-at-arms; Art Club. JOE LYNN GRIFFITH DAVID HAGLER Homeroom Officer I; Football Club I; Transferred from Tulsa, Oklahoma 3; Dramatics Club 3; Basketball 3; Senior Play Cast 4; ISL Representative , One-Act Play Cast, Declamation; Christmas Play 4; Golf Team 4; Talent Club 4. WYLENE HAMMER FHA Club I; Teenage Book Club 2;, Sports Club 3; Talent Club 4; Vesper Service 2-3; All-Girl Band 3-4; Junior Play Usher; Senior Play Cast; Student Kiwanian 4; Band 1-4; Chorus 2-4, Secretary 4; The Dots 2. FRANK HANAK Slide Rule Club, President. HENRY HORNE Class Officer 1-3; Homeroom Officer 1-2; Student Kiwanian 4; Football 1-4, Letterman 4; Basketball 1-4, Letter-man 3-4; Track 2-3, Letterman 3; Talent Club 4, Vice-President 4; Junior Play Cast; Senior Play Cast; Football Club 1-3. PATRICIA HOUGH FHA Club 1-2, Songleader 2; Girls' Chorus 2-4, Vice' President 4; Band 1-4; Homeroom Officer 2, Dramatics Club 3, Talent Club 4; Dandeelion Staff 4; Senoir Play Cast 4; Lion's Club Cub 4. 23BARBARA HOWELL Transferred from Hearne 4; Senior Play Cast 4; Homecoming Queen 4; Most Beautiful 4; Talent Club 4; Dandeelion Staff 4; B PW Little Sister; Band 1-4; Cheerleader 3; Student Council 1-2; NHS 3; Class Officer 2; "Kopy Kats" 4; Favorite Runner Up 2; Typing Contest 3; Music Lovers' Club; Junior Historian 3; DAR Runner Up 4. LANNETTE JACKSON FFA Club I; Homeroom Officer I; Vesper Service 2; Junior Play Usher 3; Dramatics Club 3; Talent Club 4. CAROLYN HUFF Band 1-4, Twirler 2-3, Drum Majorette 4; Dramatics Club 2-3; Talent Club 4; FHA Club I; Chorus 3-4; Junior Play Committee, Senior Play Committee; All-Girl Band 4; Student Kiwanian 4; Homeroom Officer I. IRENE JAKUBIK FHA Club I; Dramatics Club; P. E. Program 3; Sports Club 4. JEANETTE HUNTER Homeroom Officer 1; FHA Club 1-3, Secretary 2, Vice President 3, State Convention; TalentClub4; Office Assistant 1-4,NHS 3-4; Junior Play Director; Senior Play Cast; Dandeelion Staff 4; Editor 4; Girls' Chorus 4; B PW Little Sister; Writer's Mention 3, Four Year Honor Graduate; Vesper Service 3; FHA Junior Degree; FHA Chapter Degree; Christmas Play 4. MARIE JONES Transferred from Bardwell 4; Class Favorite 3; Student Council 2; FHA Club 1-2; Junior Play 3; Senior Play 3; Annual Staff 3; Basketball Club 1-3. MIKE HUTCHESON Teenage Book Club I; FFA Club 2-3; Talent Club 4; ISL Representative 2-4. ANNETTE JULIAN Transferred from Anchor-age, Alaska; Newspaper Staff I; Twirling Class 2; Dramatics Club 3; Speech Club 4, Secretary 4; P. E. Assembly 3; Talent Assembly 4; ISL Representative; Senior Play Committee. 24PAT JURIK Transferred from St. John 4. CARL MARTIN Football 1-4, Letterman 3-4; Basketball 3; Track I; FFA Club 1-3; Lions Club Cub 4; Senior Play Cast; Favorite Runner Up; Homeroom Officer 2; Athletics Club 1-4; FFA Team I, FHA Beau Runner Up. RAY KALLUS Band 1-4; Football 1-3; Talent Club 3-4; Leather-craft Club I; Golf Team 4; Basketball I. THERESA KRAJCA Transferred from St. John 4; Study Club 4. GALE MARCHBANKS FHA Club 1-2; Dramatics Club 3; Talent Club 4; Band 2-4; Christmas Play 3-4; Girls' Chorus 4; Junior Play Committee. LUCY McBRIERTY Cheerleader 1-4, Captain 4; Who's Who I; Student Council, Secretary 4; NHS 3-4, Reporter 4; Band 1-4, Secretary 3, President 4; Class Favorite I; Best All Around 3; Best Citizen 4; Junior Play Cast; Senior Play Cast; Student Kiwanian 4; ISL 3; FFA District 3, Vice President; Favorite Runner Up; Dramatics Club 2-3; Girls' Chorus 2-4. CARRIE JEAN McDANIEL FHA Club I; Dramatics Club 2-3; Student Council 2; ISL 3; Band 1-4; Christmas Play 3; Senior Play Committee; Talent Club 4. WANDA McELROY Homeroom Officer I; FHA Club I; Teenage Book Club 2; Vesper Service 1-2; Dramatics Club 3; Junior Play Usher 3; NHS 4; Talent Club 4. 25UNO MEDINO NORMA JEAN MUZIK Homeroom Officer, Salesman 1; FHA Chapter 1-2, Junior Degree 2; Vesper Services 2; Junior Play Usher; Dramatics Club 3; Talent Club 4; Library Assistant 4. JESSIE MACK MOON FFA 1-4; Chapter Farmer 2, Secretary I, Reporter 2, Secretary 3; Senior Play Cast. LEROY MOORE Art Club I; Model Club I; Birds, Animals, and Fish Club 3; Slide Rule Club 4. KAY MORSE FHA 1-3; P. E. Club 2; Study Club 4; Junior Play Committee; Student Kiwanian 4; Senior Play Committee. LLOYD MYNATT Student Council I; Homeroom Vice-President 2; Senior Play Cast; Football 1-4, Letterman 3-4, All District 4, Honorable Mention all state 4; Basketball 1-4, Letterman 1-4, All District 4; Track 1-4, Letterman 1-4; Baseball 3-4, Letterman 3-4; Football Club 4. ADOLPH NOVY FFA Club 1-3, Vice-President 3, Chapter Farmer; Football 1-2; Basketball 1-3; Track I; Speech Club 4; Vice-President; Senior Play; Homeroom Officer 2. MARIE PALMER FHA Chapter 1-2; Sports Club 2-3; P. E. Program 3; Outstanding forward 3; Outstanding tumbler 3; Talent Club 4; Library Assistant 4. 26LINDA REED Homeroom Officer I; FHA Officer 1-4, Junior Degree 1, State Representative I- 2, A M Representative I; Band 1-4; Librarian I; Student Council 1-2; National Honor Society, Secretary 4; Class Secretary 4; Dan-deelion Associate Editor 4; Student Lion 4; Girls' Chorus 4; Runner Up Best Citizen 4. CONNIE RICHARDSON Homeroom Officer I; Band Sweetheart 4; Junior Favorite 3; Dramatics Club 2-3; Talent Club 4, Secretary, Senior Play; B PW Little Sister 4; Most Beautiful Runner Up 4; FHA Chapter 1-2; Vesper Services 3; Dandeelion Staff 4. DAVID RITCHY Story Book Club I; Safety Club 2, Slide Rule Club 4, ROBERT SANDERS Pen Brush Club 1-2; Junior Dramatics Club 3; Speech Club 4; ISL 3-4; Junior Play Cast; Senior Play Cast. BARBARA SHAW FHA Chapter I; Teenage Book Club 2; Junior Dramatics Club 3; Talent Club 4; ISL 3; N.H.S. 3-4; Senior Play Cast; Office Assistant 4; B PW Little Sister 4. GLORIA SCHROEDER Transfer from Sherman; Newspaper Staff I; Latin Club I; A Cappella Choir, Pianist I, Letterman 2; Junior Dramatics Club 2; Office Assistant 1-4; Girls' Sports Club 3, Treasurer; Vesper Services 3; Junior Play Usher; Senior Play; Student Lion 4; FHA Junior Degree, Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow. J. L. ROBERTS Football 1-4, Letterman 2-4, Captain 4; Track 2- 3, Letterman 2-3; Student Council 2-3, President 4; Class President 2-3; Boys' State 3; Junior Play Cast, Senior Play Cast; NHS 3-4; Class Favorite 3; ISL 3- 4; Student Kiwanian 4; Football Club 1-3; Runner Up for Most Handsome 4; Mr. E. H. S. 4, Most Likely to Succeed 4, Considerate 4. BETTIE SIMMONS FHA Officer I; Book Club 2; Dramatics Club 3; Talent Club 4; Library Assistant 4; Christmas Play 2-3. 27CLIMONS PERRY Transferred from Rice 3. BRENDA PIERCE Homeroom Officer 1-2; Band 1-4, Flagbearer 4; FHA 1-2; Dramatics Club 2-3; Talent Club 4; Junior PLay Cast 3; Senior Play Cast 4; Christmas Play 4; Student Ki-wanian 4; Vesper Service 3; Writers' Club Award 2; One Year Honor Graduate ROY PRICE Football 1-4, Letterman 2-4, Captain 3-4, All District 4; Baseball 3, Letterman 3; Basketball 2- 3, B Captain 3; Track 3- 4, Letterman 4; Homeroom Officer 1-2; Class Vice-President 2; Football Club 1-4; Student Kiwanian 4; Mr. E.H.S. 4; Senior Play Committee 4; One Year Honor Student; Runner Up Class Favorite 4. JAMES EDD PROCTOR FFA 1-2; Football 1-3; Track 1-4; Senior Talent Club 4; Football Club 3; Homeroom Salesman I; Junior Play Committee; Band I. GLENN PUCKETT Junior Play Cast; Cicerone Staff, Art Editor 4; Dan-deelion Staff 4; Dramatics Club 2-3; Talent Club 4; Pen, Pencil Brush Club I; Homeroom Reporter 2; One Year Honor Graduate. BILLY RANTON Student Council Representative 1-3-4; Football Club 1-3; Slide Rule Club 4; Football 1-4; Letterman 3-4; National Honor Society 4; Homeroom Vice-Presi dent I; Baseball 4; Student Lion 4; Junior Play Cast; Senior Play Cast; FHA Beau 4. 28 SANDRA PRITCHETT FHA 1-3; Junior Dramatics Club; Study Club; Office Assistant I; Junior Play Committee; Senior Play Committee; P. E. Program 3; P. E. Basketball Captain; Intramural Badminton Champion; Typing II Officer. MELBA RAWLINS FHA Chapter 1-3; Study Club 4; Class Favorite 2; NHS 4; Transferred from Frost 3.DON SIMPSON Homeroom Vice-President I; Student Council Representative 1-3; Football Club 1-3; Slide Rule Club 4; Class Vice-President 3; Football 1-4; Letterman 3-4; Basketball 1-3; Baseball 3-4, Letterman 3-4; Student Kiwanian 4; Senior Play Cast 4; All District Football 4; Track I. TOMMY SNELL Senior Play Cast; ISL 4; Birds, Animals Fish Club 3, Vice-President; Study Club 2; Leothercraft Club I; Speech Club 4. JAMES SLOVACEK FFA 1-3; Chapter Farmer 1-2; Teenage Book Club I; Slide Rule Club I. SUE SMITH FHA Chapter 1-2; Junior Dramatics Club 3; Talent Club 4; Girls' Chorus 4. j ' RAY TELFAIR Homeroom Secretary I; Student Council 3; Who's Who 1-2; Photographer 1-4; Latin Club 1-2; Slide Rule Club 4; Band 1-4; ISL Band Winner 2-4; Junior Play Committee; NHS 3-4, President 4; Most Considerate 3; Best Citizen 4; Student Lion 4. DAVID TITSWORTH Transferred from Louisiana 4; Band 1-3; Track 1-3; Football 1-3; Baseball 1-2-4; Letter Club 1-3; Slide Rule Club 4; Carnival Court, Duke I; Homeroom Representative 2. TERRY SMITH Football 1-4; Football Club 1-4; Study Club 4; Track, Letterman; Baseball 3-4. RONNIE TRIPP Leathercraft Club 1-3; Junior Play Committee 3; Speech Club 4; Senior Play 4; ISL 4. 29EDWARD WHITACRE Student Council 1-4; Alternate 2-3; Football 1-3; Football Club 1-3; Boys' State 3; Photographer 4; Student Lion 4; Baseball 4; Slide Rule Club 4; Junior Play Committee; One Year Honor Graduate. BILL WOODY Football 1-4; FFA 1-4, Chapter Farmer 2, Lone Star Farmer 3, President 2-3, District and Area Officer 4; Track 1-2; Student Lion 4; Senior Play Cast. JOE WHITLEY Class Favorite I; Class Officer, President I; Reporter 4; Student Council, Reporter 2; Representative to District Student Council Meet 2; Homeroom Vice President 2; Talent Club 4, Reporter; Christmas Play 4; Senior Play Cast; Student Kiwanian 4; Football 1-3; Track I; Football Club 1-3. SHARON PERCIVAL JAMES YARBROUGH Football 1-4; Letterman 3-4, Captain 4; Class President 4; Junior Play; Senior Play, NHS 3-4, Homeroom Officer; Track 1-4; Lion Representative 4; Most Likely to Succeed 4; Runner Up Class Favorite 1-3; Basketball I; Football Club 1-4; Slide Rule Club 4. BARBARA VYERS FHA Chapter 1-2; Junior Dramatics Club 3; Talent Club 4; Junior Play Usher. JERRY VENABLE 4 Year Honor Graduate; NHS 3-4; Class Vice-President 4; Homeroom Officer 1-2; Dandeelion Staff 4; Cicerone Staff 4, Business Manager; Christmas Play 4; Senior Play Cast; Football 1-2; Track 1-2; Basketball 1-2; Lion Cub 4; Football Club 1-2; Dramatics Club 3, President; Talent Club 4; Boys' State Alternate 3. LYNN WILHOITE 30s n a P $ Isn't this a healthy bunch??? Hmmmmmmmm! 11 Let me see 31cn 01 c Teacher's Pet A Typical Senior ♦ I o r A Happy Crew s n a P $ A Chat During Class Don't Believe Everything You SeeleeLinda Judy The Junior Class of '59 consists of 109 students. Class Officers include: Jimmy Ray, President; Larry Griesenbeck, Vice President; Linda Haskovec, Secretary; and Judy O'Brien, Reporter. This class was under the sponsorship of Mrs. Leatherman, Miss Redwine, Mrs. Fumey and Mr. Williams. p presenting the class in activities were four A-team lettermen, eight playing basketball, and five in track. Judy Compton and Sally Bartlett served as cheerleaders. Linda Haskovec, Gail Morse, Donna Ozymy and LaNelle Finch served as twirlers. The Cicerone Staff included two juniors: Jerrilynn Hoover and Judy O'Brien. The Junior Class had four representatives on the Student Council. They were: Linda Haskovec, Karen Joly, Judy Compton and Freddie Rose. Twelve juniors were members of the National Honor Society. 34Helen Bobby Sally Sally Barry Agnes Alford Anderson Anderson Bartlett Blackwell Betik LaVaughn Lora Jayn Martha Tommy Jody Helen Blakely Blount Brenton Bryant Burkhalter Bosh Calvin Judy Donna Gary Grady Ronnie Dea Collins Compton Cox Cox Cox Deagen Wi I liam Dillard Dianne Dillon Sue Ann Donnell Nellie Duke David Emmert Ray Eubanks Lynn Lanelle Patty Joey Leon Jackie Eves Finch Fisher Fitzgerald Foster Fowler 35Larry Larry Donnie Linda Irene Peggy Gorman Griesenbeck Hagler Haskovec Hejny Holiday David Jerrilynn Donald Judy Larry Karen Honza Hoover Hosek Hrabina Hughes Joly Brent Kay Robbie Delores Betsy Jimmy Jones Jones Jones Jordan Kelsey Kirkpatrick Lawrence Mary Jane Tommy Jerry Mary Nell Billy Kucera Lemmon Lennon Linker Maloney Martin 36Carol Billy Sam Gail Norman Ronald Monte McBrayer McCormack Morse Moucha Mraz Muirhead Margie Bethel Judy Donna Doris Elizabeth Nekuza Nelson O'Brien Ozymy Parker Patton Don Jimmy Betty Jimmy Freddie Verlon Perry Ponder Raney Ray Rose Rutherford Robbie Jimmy Ella Bernice Raymond Larry Sheets Simpson Skrivanek Spaniel Spaniel Steele Robert Judy Linda Veneda James Nancy Stidger Stutts Sullivan Tay Taylor Threet 37Sue Phyliss Delores Perry Lynn David Willie Mae Three! Todd Toupal Travis Vance Vrla Nancy Watson 4k J Dorothy White ley Toni Mae Bill Whitlock f |y- : mi Barbara Joe Roy Wilhoite Wilhoite Leslie Joe Willis Carol Ann Wilhoite Wilson Wolaver Mamie Louise Darlene Rita Wolfe Wrinkle Young What are you guys doing? Bull Session Hen Session 38Judy, a ghost maybe? What do they see? 39 Exploring the new science building. Todd talks. Strive for accuracy IThere is one in every class. And they are both Juniors. 40 Lucky boys! 1 Is English that hard????????????SOPHOMORES 4] • .Bill Jack Kenny President..........Bill Jack McLelland Vice President.............Kenny Roberts Secretary...................John Findley Reporter..................Ronnie Peebles John Ronnie The Sophomore Class of '59 consists of 125 students. Class Officers include: Bill Jack McLelland, President; Kenny Roberts, Vice President; John Findley, Secretary; and Ronnie Peebles, Reporter. The class was under the sponsorship of Miss Estes, Mr. Blair, Mrs. Robinson, Miss Maxson and Mrs. Pochabradsky. Representing the class in activities were six B-team football players, one A-team basketball player, two B-team basketball players and two track runners. Eileen Gilley served as the sophomore cheerleader. This class had fifteen band members with Carol McCormack serving as twirler. The Student Council had six representatives from the sophomore class. They were: Jerry Holloway, Eileen Gilley, Bill Jack McLelland, Nancy Telfair and Kenny Roberts, who was Vice President of this organization. Ann Hightower was also a member from this class. 42James John Patsy Hazel Carol Weldon Billy Brazier Brewer Brewer Brumfield Burden Caldwell Campbell Dean Gerald Joe Tommy Kay Gladys Molly Campbell Chamberland Chenault Christian Christian Claxton Collins Brent Peggy Thomas Beverly Bobby J. D. Donald Connell Conner Cox Colvin Cribbs Crow Crum Joan Ronnie Margaret Ruth Kaye Re Nee Patricia Davis Day Dent Dodson Eason Emmert Everts 43James Kenneth John Gerald Ferguson Fincher Findley Foster Dorothy Fuller Garner Garrett Jerry Mildred Bill R. L. Dorothy Janice Mickey Hollaway Horton Huff Hunter Jakubik Jones Kubala Kay Elaine Nancy Clara Ginger Margaret Joy Kail us King King Kuban Littlejohn Lord Loosier Joan Joan Larry Elaine James Bill Jack Lee Luksa McDonald Mansfield McCollum McCollum McClelland McCown 44Patsy Ronnie David Jimmy Gale Dorothy Sharon Novy Peebles Perry Perry Pierce Price Pritchett Kenny James Lana Charles Betty Joyce Billy Roberts Santos Schroeder Shaw Shelton Shook Skrivanek Michael Ann James Jerry Corky Jerry Barbara Sibley Simpson Smith Smith Spencer Spicer Stolusky Billy Stoval I Pot Swindel I Nancy Telfair Melissa Tits worth Wayne Tolleson Catherine Trpak Donna Tuley Carol Me Cormack Jimmy McCoy David McManus Sandra Mendheim Charles Moore Philip Nelson NesudaMary Beulah Ray Kent Earl Sandra Louise Valdez Vick Waldrop Weir Whitacre Whitley Winterrowd Retha, Kay and ReNee are singing. 46 Y'all are posing6 0 ♦ 1 n g s O n Isn't he cute? Hmmmmmmm, what a popular cow. Gitchy, gitchy, goo!!! Dinner music. Isn't Miss Maxson proud? Such hams.... 47Day's end! !! FHA at work----- Scientists of tomorrow. Two of a kind. Now, Miss Redwine!! 48 Annual staff at work.The Freshman Class of '59 consisted of 137 students. Class Officers were: Biffy Reel, President: Jerilyn Martinek, Vice President; Carol Dillon, Secretary; and Rita Coward, Reporter. This class was The Freshman Class of '59 consisted of 137 students. Class Officers were: Biffy Reel, President; Jerilyn Martinek, Vice President; Carol Dillon, Secretary; and Rita Coward, Reporter. This class was under the sponsorship of Mr. Weathers, Mr. McDonald, Mrs. Ellis, Mr. Hart and Mrs. Denny. Representing the class in activities were nine junior high football players, two B-team basketball players and two junior high basketball players. Earlene Anderson served as freshman cheerleader. The band included 15 freshmen with Jean Henderson servicg as twirler. They had five representatives to the Student Council who were Kenny Haskovec, Gay Reed, Biffy Reel, Marion Joly and Henry Fallen.Frances Earlene Eddie Kenny Harold Jimmy Doris Alexander Anderson Armstrong Baker Benner Benton Blakley George Bobby Bonnie Stephen Walter Donald Becky Booher Bratcher Burns Busby Campbell Cave Collins Jimmy Wallace Lowell Paul Billy Sandra Rita Collins Collins Colston Colston Cooper Corley Coward Bobby Crow Jimmy Crow Tommy Cryer Buddy Davis Ronnie Davis Mike Denney Carol Dillon Billy Dodson Ruby Nell Doherty Billie Duke Linda Duke Sharon Elliot Hilton Emmert Charles Fallen 51Henry Barbara Rita Becky Ray Charles Sherry Fallen Fincher Fincher Forston Foster Galetka Gardiner Kay Gibbons Wayne Hart Thomas Gilmore Judy Hartley Catherine Goodwyn Lewis Gorman Patsy Griffin 4 -iut Lewis Hammonds Linda Harrison A i Kenny Nona Ann Grady Jean Haskovec Hawkins Haught Head Henderson Diane Mike J. C. Judy Shirley Donald Hazel Henley Hightower Hill Hill Hobbs Holiday Hunter Jimmy Kathy Marion Peggy Douglas Patsy Christine Isom Jackson Joly Jones Kelsey Kitchens Kubin 52Leznoveky Manning Martinek McCal lister McClain McCown McDowal Randall Virginia Mary Neil Marcus Carol Anita McElroy Mestos Moreno Morse Muirhead Nash Nelson Clara Miro Don Edwin Marilyn Dale Mike Patak Pavelka Pederson Peel Percival Perry Perry Phillips Poarch Priddy Puckett Rateliff Rateliff Reed 52Mary Jane Lou Emil Mark Jude Janell Kelton Schwalbe Simpson Skirvanek Slayton Smith Spence Spence David Larry Miles Kenneth Nancy Johny Rosemary Stalter St. Clair Strunc Svehlak Taylor Taylor Tignor Joyce Keith Martha Kathryn Frances Betty Jo Timms Titsworth Tobias Toupel Vessels Vrla Tommy Roger Robert Glenda Wayne Walker White Wilhoite Winterrowd Wolfe Nancy Vytopil 54Fire! Fire! Martha works. Get to work.. Mr. Lester's helpers. Who was telling the seniors toStudent Council meets. Open house. They said it couldn't be done. Ape man 1111 What does Mr. Forehand see??? Algebra 56EIGHTH GRADE 5; HI588TH GRADE CHEERLEADERS Cecile Tolleson Glenda Minor Linda Kay Yowell Peggy Cribbs Betty Downey 8TH GRADE OFFICERS Dan Lamb Bill Jett Larry Mullins Linda Kay Yowell 59Mr. Drill on... Mrs. Norton keeps 'em busy. Look at those suspenders. Bonae puellae 60 Jupiter and Juno.ACTIVITIESo to FLUTES Frances Alexander Janice Skrivanek Molly Collins Leah Findley BASS CLARINETS Nancy King Shirley Collier Rita Young Patsy Hough Gail Morse Sally Anderson Carol McCormack Nancy Glaspy Carol McBrayer Gay Reed Patricia Evarts Lora Jayn Blount Signa Satterfield Marian Joly OBOE ‘ Joan Davis Dolores Jordan Lucy McBrierty B FLAT CLARINETS Patricia French BASSOON Donna Ozymy Karen Joly Nancy Telfair Linda Haskovec Carrie McDoniel ALTO SAXOPHONES Jean Henderson Kay Gibbons Linda Reed Martha Burton LaNelle Finch Barbara Howell Mary J. Schwalbe Joan Simpson Joey Fitzgerald Cecile Tolleson Barbara Barkley Juanita Baskin Patsy Parker Nancy Nowlin Johnny Flippen Glenda Minor Gale Marchbanks TENOR SAXOPHONES Miles Strunc BARITONES Martha McCall Barbara Stolusky Phyllis Todd Roger White FRENCH HORNS Elaine McCollum Keith Titsworth Doris Parker Sue Ann Donnell BARITONE SAXOPHONE Bill Whitlock Bob Cave Rebecca Dungan Melissa Titsworth BASSES CORNETS Sally Bartlett Tommy Bryant John Findley Sharie Kelly Brent Baldridge Wylene Hammer Jo Ann Cribbs Jessie Maldonado Patsy Cooley TROMBONES PERCUSSION Miro Pavelka Ray Telfair Dianna Maloney Carolyn Huff Don Williams Connie Richardson Sam Gray Kenny Haskovec Billy McCormack Carol Burden Eugene Dipprey Martha Lou Simpson Patricia Cravens Edwin Peel TYMPANI Brenda Pierce Carolyn Davis Betty Ekholm Ray Kali us Kay KallusTwirlers LA NELLE FINCH DONNA OZYMY LINDA HASKOVEC CAROLYN HUFF DRUM MAJORETTE NANCY GLASPY CAROLYN DAVIS REBECCA DUNGAN BRENDA PIERCE GAIL MORSE JEAN HENDERSON 63Connie Richardson s 0 w f e B f B e a i a t n c n h d e d e r a s r t President....................Lucy McBrierty Vice President.................Nancy Glaspy Secretary................................Linda Reed Treasurer....................Eugene Dippery Reporter..............................Phyliss Todd Band Director..............Mr. Ivan Goodwin 64Student Kiwanians Boys: J. L. Roberts, Don Simpson, Roy Price, Joe Whitley, Jimmy Collins, Henry Horne, Gene Culpepper, Tommy Snell, James Edd Proctor. Girls: Lucy McBrierty, Carolyn Huff, Jan Gilley, Freda Gilmore, Brenda Pierce, Wylene Hammer, Kay Morse, Patsy Cooley, Marie Jones. Student Lions Boys: James Yarbrough, Ray Telfair, Billy Ranton, Edward Whitacre, Carl Martin, Jerry Venable, Bill Woody, Bill Brewer, Jack Blackwood. Girls: Nancy Glaspy, Carolyn Davis, Mary Jane Fitzgerald, Patsy Hough, Linda Reed, Gloria Schroeder, Patricia Cravens, Laureta Allred, Sandra Prichett. rs o r a B S PW Little Sisters Standing; Marilyn Fleetwood, Martha Burton, Iris Davis, Annette Julian, Gale Marchbanks, Barbara Howell. Sitting: Rebecca Dungan, Connie Richardson, Linda Boon, Jeanette Hunter, Margie Crow, Ellen Fowler, Joan Culpepper. 65OFFICERS J. L. Roberts President Kenny Roberts Vice President Lucy McBrierty SecretaryNational Honor Society Bottom row: Dorma Ozymy, Martha Burton, Wanda McElroy, Barbara Shaw, Jan Gilley, Freda Gilmore, Rita Young, Linda Reed, Ella Skrivanek, Patty Fisher, Jerrilynn Hoover, Jeannette Hunter, Lucy McBrierty, Linda Haskovec, Doris Parker, Judy O'Brien, Judy Compton, Iris Davis. Top row: Gloria Schroeder, Jimmy Collins, Billy Ray Ranton, Jerry Venable, Bill Brewer, Ray Telfair, J. L. Roberts, David Emmert, Monte Muirhead, James Yarbrough, Lora Jayn Blount. (Two-year members designated by white collars.) SPONSOR Miss Sibyl Estes iey 67HIGH SCHOOL OFFICE DAVID CROCKETT OFFICE SAN JACINTO OFFICE 68Interscholastic Representatives POETRY READERS EXTEMPORANEOUS DECLAMATION Mary Fitzgerald Elaine McCollum Tommy Snell Carol Burden Larry Williams Joe Griffith Mike Hutcheson Phyllis Todd Melissa Titsworth ONE ACT PLAY Marilyn Fleetwood CAST Dolores Jordan Robert Sanders Phyllis Todd Joe Griffith La Vaughn Blakely J. L. Roberts Nancy Glaspy Ronnie Tripp Linda Boon WINNERS Carol Burden...2nd Mike Hutcheson.. .2nd Joe Griffith.. .2nd Melissa Titsworth.. .1st M. Fleetwood.. .3rd Jan Gilley.. .4th Judy O'Brien.. .3rd Iris Davis.. .3rd Molly Collins.. .2nd SHORTHAND.......TYPING Jan Gilley Judy O'Brien Patsy Cooley Sally Anderson READY WRITERS.. .ORIGINAL ORATION Iris Davis J. L. Roberts Molly Collins Charles Brenton (Not pictured) Annette Julian 69Efficiency I Standing: Glenn Puckett, Laureta Allred, Pat Cooley, Ellen Fowler, Iris Davis, Marilyn Fleet-wood, Linda Reed, Nancy Glaspy. Sitting: Mary Fitzgerald, Jerry Venable, Patricia Cravens, Barbara Howell, Brenda Pierce, Rebecca Dungan, Margie Crow, Jeanette Hunter, Connie Richardson, and Patsy Hough. Forward March I Concentration. 70Cicerone 1959 JAN GILLEY GLENN PUCKETT Co-editor Art—editor LAURETA ALLRED Co-editor Cicerone Staff SENIOR MEMBERS Laureta Allred, Jan Gilley, Glenn Puckett, Jerry Venable, Iris Davis. JUNIOR MEMBERS PHOTOGRAPHERS Judy O'Brien, Ray Telfair, Jerrilyn Hoover Edward Whitacre, Jimmy McCoy, Dan Perry MRS. ISABEL BRADBURY Sponsor JERRY VENABLE Business Manager IRIS DAVIS Social-editorEnnis Writers Club Winners MOLLY COLLINS 1st Fiction NANCY TELFAIR 1st Poetry IRIS DAVIS 1st Non-fiction RITA YOUNG 2nd Fiction REAR: Iris Davis Freda Gilmore Judy O'Brien Ginger Littlejohn Roy Price HONORABLE MENTION FRONT: Melva Fuller Rita Young Laureta Allred Karen Joly 72 fs 0 c f v. i ft 1 F. F. A. OFFICERS President................................Dale Holt Vice President.......................Gerald Foster Reporter.............................Billy Doherty Treasurer.......................................Joe Wilson Secretary..............................Jessie Moon Sentinel.......................................Leon Foster Advisors....................Mr. Lester, Mr. Linker F. F. A. SWEETHEART Mary Jane Fitzgerald F. F. A. CHAPTER MEMBERSFHA OFFICERS Senior Chopter Jerrilynn Hoover Carol McCormack Elaine King ReNee Emmert Sandra Mendheim Linda Reed Sal lie Gray Patricia Evarts Pat Swindell Junior Chapter Becky Collins Marion Joly Catherine Goodwyn Jerilyn Martinek Sharon Elliot Linda Harrison Janell Spence Sherry Gardiner Earlene Anderson FHA BEAU Billy Ray Ranton FHA CHAPTER MEMBERS 74mil JUNIOR MEMBERS FRESHMAN MEMBERS 75 Carolyn Davis Gloria Schroeder Wylene Hammer Patsy Hough Rebecca Dungan SENIOR MEMBERS SOPHOMORE MEMBERS"I Was a Teen-Age Dracula” CAST Sue Marshall.. Pete Marshal I. Enid Purdy.... Clyde Purdy.. . Audrey........ Termite........ Marlene....... Steve Dracca.. Dr. Cole....... Mrs. Erskine.. . Steinbeck...... Dodo........... Jackie......... Lola........... Batty.......... Two Attendants ......Judy Compton ......Freddy Rose .. Jerri lynn Hoover .Larry Griesenbeck ......Phyllis Todd ......Larry Gorman La Vaughn Blakley .. . Leslie Wilhoite .........Gary Cox ......Doris Parker ......David Vance ........Karen Joly ......Sally Bartlett ... . Donna Ozymy ......Patty Fisher . Lawrence Kucera Ronnie Deagen COMMITTEES77"Night of January 16th” CAST Prison Matron............ Bai liff................. Judge Heath.............. District Attorney Flint.. . His Secretary............ Defense Attorney Stevens His Secretary............ Clerk of the Court....... Karen Andre.............. Dr. Kirkland............. Mrs. John Hutchins....... Homer Van Fleet.......... Elmer Sweeney............ Nancy Lee Faulkner....... Magda Svenson............ John Graham Whitfield.. Jane Chandler............ Sigurd Jungquist......... Larry Regan.............. Roberta Van Rensselaer. . Stenographer............. Policeman................ Court Attendant.......... . . Marilyn Fleetwood .........Don Simpson ......Robert Sanders ........J. L. Roberts ........Brenda Pierce .........Henry Horne ......Nancy Glaspy .........Bill Woody .....Lucy McBrierty .......Jerry Venable Mary Jane Fitzgerald .....Joe Lyn Griffith .........Carl Martin ..........Linda Boon . .. Connie Richardson ............Don Flynt .......Carolyn Davis .........Adolph Novy ..........Tommy Snell ■..........Jan Gi I ley .....Rebecca Dungan ........Lloyd Mynatt ........Ronnie Tripp COMMITTEES 78Joe Whitley, Roy Price, Jessie Moon, Patsy Hough, Barbara Howell, Jeanette Hunter, Wylene Hammer, Gloria Schroeder, Carolyn Frazier, Barbara Shaw, Billy Ranton, Joan Culpepper 79Girls’ and Boys’ State n Judy Compton La Vaughn Blakley Leslie Wilhoite 80• •LUDY McBRIERTY Senior 4 years JUDY COMPTON Junior 3 years MARY JANE FITZGERALD Senior 2 years Cheerleaders EARLENE ANDERSON Freshman 1 year SALLY BARTLETT Junior I year EILEEN GILLEY Sophomore 2 years 82"A” Team Top row: Lloyd Mynatt, Jack Blackwood, Billy Ray Ranton, Bill Jack Mclelland, Larry Gorman, Ray Eubanks, Jimmy Ray, Murl Furney (Head Coach). Middle row: Kenneth Forehand (Line Coach), Don Simpson, David Hagler, Don Flynt, Leslie Wilhoite, Joe Whitley, Weldon Caldwell, Ronnie Peebles, Henry Horne, Don Sykes (Assistant Coach). Bottom row: Pete Ruffin, (Manager), Lynn Wilhoite, Bill Woody, Joe Roy Wilhoite, James Yarbrough, Roy Price, J. L. Roberts, Carol Martin, Larry Griesenbeck, Robert Stidger (manager). J. L. Roberts, Carl Martin, Larry Griesenbeck, Robert Stidger (Manager).BILLY RANTON No. 10, QB 2 yr. letterman 7n nAk HENRY HORNE No. 80, E 1 yr. letterman J. L. ROBERTS No. 14, QB 2 yr. letterman DAVID HAGLER No. 70, T 1 yr. letterman JACK BLACKWOOD No. 74, T 1 yr. letterman DON DLYNT No. 50, C 1 yr. letterman V 7 r Cn ROY PRICE No. 60, G 3 yr. letterman ""A ►! LLOYD MYNATT No. 44, FB 2 yr. letterman A Ai JAMES YARBROUGH No. 46, HB 2 yr. letterman MURL FURNEY Head Coach LYNN WILHOITE No. 24, HBTO I 0(5 CARL MARTIN No. 88, E 2 yr. letterman KENNETH FOREHAND Line Coach PETE RUFFIN Manager 3 yr. letterman DON SIMPSON No. 56, C 2 yr. letterman LARRY GREISENBECK No. 28, HB 2 yr. letterman LARRY GORMAN No. 78, T 1 yr. letterman JOE WILHOITE No. 40, E 1 yr. letterman LESLIE WILHOITE No. 34, G 2 yr. letterman JIMMY RAY No. 83, E 1 yr. letterman RAY EUBANKS No. 36, E. 1 yr. letterman bill McClelland No. 70, T nB” Team Football Lee McCown, William Dillard, Ronnie Peebles, Kenny Roberts, Jerry Smith, Mike Perry, Donald Anderson, Alvis Boon, Wayne Tolleson, Jude Smith, Thomas Gilmore, Allen Garrett, Jimmy Kirkpatrick, Leon Foster, Calvin Collins, Mike Hightower, Bill Huff, David Vanca. Jr. High Basketball Mike Perry, Lewis Gorman, Mike Hightower, Kenny Baker, Bennie Vavra, Jude Smith, Lewis Hammonds, Carmen Vasquez, James Davis, Ken Svehlak, Jerry Scott, Lloyd Bigham, Glenn Eubanks, Dan Lamb, Sam Gorman, Ronnie Stevens, Spencer, Ronnie Hitchcock, Danny Miller, Glen Price, Ernie Boon, David Stalter, Don Pederson, Tomy Jeter, Bill Jett, Keith Titsworth, Jimmy Winterrowd. Coaches: Mr. Etheridge and Mr. BonsSports Season CHARGE ATTEN-biiUMl 1!! She's a SENIOR??? 88 Congratulations, Barbara Lose Something????Joe Roy Wilhoite "A" Team Wayne Toileson Lloyd Mynatt Henry Horne Ray Eubanks n V ’ ■ W Jimmy Ray r Bill Jack McLelland 89Don Williams B” Team Basketball Donald Anderson Allen Garrett Jude Smith Vs Jimmy Poarch Jimmy Kirkpatrick David Emmert Jerry Linker Jr. High Basketball Top: Jerry Scott, Jude Smith, Lloyd Bighorn, Dan Lamb, Glen Eubanks, John Dea Mounts, Tommy Hosek, Carmer Vasquez, Billy Cooper, Jimmy Poarch. Bottom: Mr. Bons, Glen Price, Ronnie Davis, Don Pederson, Tomy Jeter, David Statler, Larry Houdek, Jimmy Winterrowd. 90I Standing: Jimmy Ponder, Don Simpson, Larry Pruitt, Lloyd Mynatt, Edward Whitacre, Jimmy Collins, Billy Ray Ranton, Bill Jack McLelland, Mike Doyle and Coach Don Sykes. Sitting: Tommy Jeter, Mgr., Bill Woody, Robert Stidger, Joe Roy Wilhoite, Leon Foster, David Titsworth, Wayne Tolleson, Ronnie Tomlinson, Mgr. Standing: Mike Doyle, Jimmy Ponder, Perry Travis, Billy Sam McCormick, Allen Garrett, Mike Perry. Sitting: Jimmy Kirkpatrick, Ronnie Peebles, Kenny Roberts, John Findley. 91TRACKMEN Medina, Proctor, Wilhoite, Ray, Wilhoite, Peebles, Yarbrough, Kirkpatrick, and Griesenbeck. Track • ’Tr itti 440 Proctor FIELD MEN Ponder, Proctor, Gorman, Caldwell, Yarbrough, Wilhoite, Kirkpatrick, and Price. REGIONAL Titsworth, Peebles, Yarbrough, Griesenbeck, Proctor. 440 RELAY Griesenbeck, Peebles Titsworth Yarbrough 440 RELAY Peebles Yarbrough Griesenbeck 'v , f H U Proctor Titsworth 92 REPRESENTATIVES TO STATE MEET93 MRS. FURNEY, Instructor FIFTH PERIODCute signs, girls. The candidates. Karen's campaign manager. 9496Junior Favorites LINDA HASKOVEC JIMMY RAY Jimmy Linda 9798101102Mister and Miss EHS JAN GILLEY ROY PRICE Roy Jan 103SENIOR FAVORITES Boys: James Yarbrough, Roy Price, and Carl Martin. Girls: Barbara Howell, Lucy McBrierty, and Mary Jane Fitzgerald. Class Favorite Runners-Up JUNIOR FAVORITES Boys: Jimmy Kirkpatrick, Larry Griesenbeck, and Freddie Rose. Girls: Judy Compton, Phyliss Todd, and Carol McBrayer. SOPHOMORE FAVORITES Boys: Ronnie Peebles, Bill Jack McLelland, and Kenny Roberts. Girls: Ann Hightower, Eileen Gilley, and Carol Lou Burden. FRESHMAN FAVORITES Boys: Biffy Reel, Thomas Gilmore, and Neil Morse. Girls: Linda Harrison, Katherine Toupal, and Carol Sue Dillon. 104School Favorite Runners-Up MOST HANDSOME AND MOST BEAUTIFUL Boys: Kenny Roberts, J. L. Roberts, and David Titsworth. Girls: Eileen Gilley, Lucy McBrierty, and Connie Richardson. BEST CITIZEN Boys: James Yarbrough, Kenny Rogerts, and J. L. Roberts. Girls: Freda Gilmore, Linda Reed, and Barbara Howell. MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Boys: J. L. Roberts, Ray Telfair, Jr., and Jimmy Collins. Girls: Jan Gilley, Lucy McBrierty, and Mary Jane Fitzgerald. MISTER AND MISS E.H:S. Boys: J. L. Roberts, Billy Ranton, Lloyd Mynatt, and James Yarbrough. Girls: Barbara Howell, Lucy McBrierty, and Mary Jane Fitzgerald. 105Homecoming Queen BARBARA HOWELL 106Homecoming Queen Runners-Up iA CAROL McBRAYER Junior EILEEN GILLEY Sophomore JAN GILLEY Senior KATHERINE TOUPAL Freshman SUZANNE MANNING Freshman LA NELLE FINCH Junior CAROL LOU BURDEN Sophomore 107Who’s Who Ennis High (Chosen by teachers of respective subjects) . JOE ROY WILHOITE Sports BUDDY HUNTER FFA RAY TELFAIR Science LUCY McBRIERTY Band ELLEN FOWLER Journalism SALLIE GRAY FHA BETH PATTON Sports JOHN FINDLEY Band MOLLY COLLINS Latin 108Who’s Who Ennis High (Chosen by teachers of respective subjects) m CHARLES BRENTON Commercial DORIS PARKER Math JIMMY COLLINS Math RAY TELFAIR English JAN GILLEY Commercial MARTHA BURTON English ELLEN FOWLER Science IRIS DAVIS History TINO MEDINA History 109Dandee Lion Sweetheart Linda Boon D A R Good Citizen Freda Gilmore 110 Runners-Up Suzanne Manning Carol Ann Wolaver Earlene Anderson ReNee Emmert Linda Sullivan Elaine McCollum Jan Gilley Runners-Up Nancy Glaspy Barbara Howell Jan Gilley Mary Jane FitzgeraldTalent Assembly Happy Wanderers! An Indian War Dance The Talent of Ennis High A Pantomine The Cha Cha Cha 112"The Happy Journey” By Thornton Wilder r "My hat ain't there. Maw. " "Say good morning, Caroline. " "I don't go no where with a hoodlum. " "Good Morning, Mrs. Hobmeyer. 'Watch for that collie dog, Elmer. " "Aw, Paw, you shouldn't have bought me a present. " CAST Robert Sanders...................Paw (Elmer) Kirby Delores Jordan................................Maw Kirby J. L. Roberts..............................Arthur Kirby Nancy Glaspy.............................Caroline Kirby Linda Boon.................................Beulah Kirby Joe Lynn Griffith...................Stage Manager ALTERNATES Make-Up and Stage.....................Phyllis Todd Ronnie Tripp DISTRICT Blake,y First Place..................................Play All-Star Cast.......................J. L. Roberts Nancy Glaspy REGIONAL Pelores Jordan Second Place.................................Play MRS. VERAD. NORTON All-Star Cast.........................J. L. Roberts Director Nancy Glaspy Delores Jordan Robert Sanders 113Father McCollum speaks Linda lights a candle to signify serviceJunior-Senior Banquet 1154-Year Honor Graduates High girl: Martha Burton High boy: J. L. Roberts Others: Wanda McElroy, Jan Gilley, Iris Davis, Barbara Shaw, Gloria Schroeder, Freda Gilmore, Don Simpson, Jeannette Hunter, Linda Reed, Lucy McBrierty, James Yarbrough, Jerry Venable, Jimmy Collins, Billy Ranton, Edward Whitacre, Ray Telfair, and Bill Brewer. 1-Year Honor Graduates Ellen Fowler, Brenda Pierce, Laureta Allred, Patricia Cravens, Rebecca Dungan, Mary Jane Fitzgerald, Margie Crow, Linda Boon, Patsy Hough, Patsy Cooley, Nancy Glaspy, Barbara Howell, Carolyn Davis, Tino Medina, Roy Price, Loyd Mynatt, Glenn Puckett, Carl Maetin. Price, Lloyd Mynatt, Glenn Puckett, Carl Martin. 118119Senior Week 120ADVERTISEMENTSTHE ENNIS TAG AND SALESBOOK COMP NY IS ONE OF THE SOUTH'S LARGEST MANUFACTURERS OF BUSINESS FC RMS THE AMERICAN CARBON PAPER MANUFACTURING COMPANY. WHICH HAS GROWN TO BECOME ONE OF ENNIS' LEADING MANUFACTURING ENTER RISES. PRODUCES CARBON PRODUCTS WHICH ARE WELL KNOWN THROU HOUT THE NATION. Ennis Tag and Salesbook Company American Caroon Paper Mfg. Co. GENERAL OFFICE AND FACTORY ENNIS. TEXAS WESTERN DIVISION EASTERN DIVISION PASO ROBLES. CALIFORNIA Chatham. VirginiaOUR 50TH YEAR 201-9 NORTH MAIN ST. 1909-1959 ENNIS. TEXAS COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF TOMMIE AND RICHARD'S BILLY COLVIN BARBER SHOP 123COMPLIMENTS OF W. T. MUNN, JR. BUILDERS AND DEVELOPERS OF HOMES ROSS CRUMLEY Biggest Little Hardware Store in Ennis DENNY'S GLASS AND TRIM SHOP PHONE TR5-2721 112 WEST BROWN Che Jashimt jihop 117 NORTH DALLAS ST. gratis, {Texas COMPLIMENTS OF CHARLES FURNITURE MANUFACTURING CO.125JOHNSTON INC. SANDERS'S FOOD STORE 209 WEST KNOX STREET 218 SOUTH DALLAS K. WOLENS NEW STORE FAMOUS FOR VALUES SINCE 1898 " ENNIS, TEXAS BRASHER BARBER SHOP WEST KNOX STREET ENNIS, TEXAS PRESTIDGE SNACK BAR COMPLI MENTS OF 300 SOUTH DALLAS TR 5-2571 BUDDIE DAVIS INS. HOMEMADE PIES AND SHORT ORDERS 126PLANTERS COTTON OIL MILL THE PLANTER'S COTTON OIL MILL IS ONE OF THE LARGEST INSTITUTIONS IN ELLIS COUNTY. FARMERS IN THE ENNIS TRADE TERRITORY CAN ALWAYS BE SURE OF DEPENDABLE SERVICE AND QUALITY PRODUCTS AT PLANTER'S. ENNIS LUMBER COMPANY 127COMPLIMENTS OF FELCMAN CLOTHIERS AND DRY CLEANER III W. KNOX TR 5-7341 THE FRANCES SHOP CALL. TRIANGLE 5-2731 MRS. H. G. UIUUEV SEWING MACHINES NECCHI—ELNA—UNI VERSA L AND SEWMOR WHERE SERVICE MAKES THE DIFFERENCE REPAIRS, LONG TRADE. EASY TERMS H. W. UITTUE TR 5-2530 • THE TWIN SHOP READY-TO-WEAR AND LINGERIE 10 WEST KNOX PHONE TR 5-2371 VERA TOUAR cm aj on Qhan»faclur,ng So., S, 21Q WEST BROWN STREET (Snm-s, d cxas NEICY'S CAFE III S, DALLAS SERVING GOOD FOOD PH. TR 5-7961 LAYTON APPLIANCE FOR DEPENDABILITY AND SERVICE SEE UC 212 WEST MAIN TR 5 - 38 89 SUM HUll) STORE ‘Wesley Kjtize 1totar 'Parts and cAuto ; ‘Paints Accessories - ctMachine TO Electrical Supplies Service I . vOI SPon‘ng Qoods 106 S. DALLAS ST. PHONE 166 ENNIS. TEXASCOMPLI MENTS OF COMPLI MENTS OF A. H. EVARTS INSURANCE AGENCY PENCE SHOE SHOP VERA EVARTS AGENT P. O. BOX 180 AND SHOE STORE ENNIS. TEXAS PHONE TR 5-2577 DODD'S APPLIANCE FRANKS RADIO T. V. FIRST IN SERVICE — FOREMOST IN HI FIDELITY J. T. DODD, OWNER 115 W. ENNIS AVENUE 114 S. DALLAS TR 5-7345 ENNIS. TEXAS BUS. PHONE TR 5—7641 129COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF C. A. LENNON HUMBLE SERVICE STATION JESS LEKAR'S GROCERY 307 S. KAUFMAN TR 5-7631 HIGHWAY 75 FLOYD’S SINCLAIR SERVICE WASH ING SERVICE ANYWHERE LUBRICATION PHONE TR 5-3501 ENNIS COTTONS, INC. 1020 SOUTH KAUFMAN P. O. BOX 269 ENNIS. TEXAS TIRES AND TUBES ACCESSORIES COMPANY YOUR FRIENDLY BUTANE PROPANE DEALER 130I NORRIS LUMBER COMPANY ENNIS, TEXAS FOR ACCURATE• UP—TO—DATE NEWS SUBSCRIBE TO THE ENNIS DAILY NEWS 213 N. DALLAS TR S”3 DAIRY QUEEN DAIRY QUEEN "The Cone with the Curl on Top" 401 WEST ENNIS AVENUE £nnii, L7cxal ENNIS PHARMACY GIVES QUALITY SERVICE AND A COMPLETE LINE OF DRUGS. COSMETICS AND SUNDRIES ENNIS. TEXAS G. C. BRUNER L. R. REEI 131CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK. A MEMBER OF THE FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE COR PORT AT I ON • WELCOMES NEW ACCOUNTS AND APPRECIATES ALL BUSINESS ENTRUSTED TO THEM COMPLI MENTS OF CONGRATULATIONS TO GRADUATING CLASS OF 59 BANNER INSURANCE ASSEMBLY OF GOD CHURCH C. A. CAYLOR, PASTOR | EN FRANKLIN 5-io BEN FRANKLIN 5-10 132t J[o%L±t± COMPLIMENTS OF Ae GUNTHARD CO, S. P. BUSH LUMBER CO. MANUFACTURERS SINCE 1883 OF THE MAIN SPRINGS OF REST ENNIS. TEXAS 133 • DAVIS CLOTHIER THE BEST IN MEN'S WEAR AND DRY CLEANING BROWN TR 3-2191 WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE 112 WEST ENNIS AVE. 134COMPLIMENTS McCLAIN'S FOOD STORE 135tCtje Dallas iJUmting TEXAS LEADING NEWSPAPER WALTER C. WILLIAMS DISTRIBUTOR phone TR 5-3622 ENNIS, TEXAS BUNCH FUNERAL HOME CORNER BAYLOR AND KAUFMAN ST. OFFERS A GRACIOUS CHAPEL SUITABLE FOR ALL FAITHS SPACIOUS PARKING AREA 24 HOUR AMBULANCE SERVICE PHONE TR 5-2606 EVARTS furniture store J. M. EVARTS. OWNER FURNISH YOUR HOME 112 WEST KNOX ENNIS. TEXAS TR 5-3161 136Phil Todd Implement Company FOR A COMPLETE LINE OF McCORMICK-DEERING IMPLEMENTS - INTERNATIONAL FARM-ALL TRACTORS AND TRUCKS PONTIAC AUTOMOBILES ONE SHOULD SEE THIS REPUTABLE FIRM COMPLI MENTS OF SHUGART'S GARAGE Hesser Drug Company exal hne In the Center of Town ENNIS, TEXAS 137-iLAMO SERVICE STATION ALAMO GARAGE SEE ALAMO FOR AUTO REPAIRS NEW 8c USED PARTS AND WRECKER SERVICE 500 E. ENNIS JAVE. TR 5- Ennis State Bank UNDER THE LEADERSHIP OF l7S PRESIDENT. W. B. RIDER. THE E. S. BANK IS RECOGNIZED AS ONE OF THE MOST RELIABLE. OF ENNIS AND ELLIS COUNTY . NOT ONLY IS THIS BANK A MEM -BER OF THE F. D. I. C. BUT IT CONTINUES TO BE KNOWN AS- "THE FRIENDLY INSTITUTION" STEAK HOUSE air-conditioned 8 BLOCKS EAST ON HWY. 34 DIAL TR 5-3558 138LIVE BETTER ELECTRICALLY TEXAS POWER AND LIGHT RED MOON PETROLEUM SPECIALIZING IN SEIBERLING TIRES AND RECAPPING JOBS THIS COMPANY IS ALWAYS READY TO SERVE YOUR GASOLINE. OIL, BATTERY AND ACCESSORY NEEDS THOMAS AND POFF CLOTHIERS 116 WEST KNOX STREET ENNIS, TEXAS HOWARD R. THOMAS JACK W. POFF 139BRUCE BROWN CHEVROLET - OLDSMOBILE BIG ENOUGH TO SERVE YOU SMALL ENOUGH TO KNOW YOU ENNIS TEXAS PHONE TR 5-2666 USEDCARS J. E. KEEVER MORTUARY OFFERS UNDERSTANDING AND COMPLETE SERVICE AT A TIME WHEN IT MEANS THE MOST FAST, EFFICIENT AND COURTEOUS AMBULANCE SERVICE IS AVAILABLE DURING ALL HOURS OF THE DAY OR NIGHT FOR THE BEST FOOD AND SERVICE IN TOWN TAKE YOUR FAMILY TO THE WESTERN CAFE AND CAFETERIA 119 N. MAIN TR 5-3731 E. C. STORY SERVICE STATION To better serve your car, drive in to Story’s service station where you find the best in service. JOE C„ McCRARY, AGENT FALLEN'S ELECTRIC INSURANCE - REAL ESTATE REBUILDERS OF AUTOMOTIVE PARTS 209 SOUTH DALLAS 104 S. DALLAS ENNIS. TEXAS CHARLES R. FALLEN PHONE JOE BRUCE GENERAL MANAGER TR 5-3896 H 8c H HARDWARE 210 WEST AVENUE ENNIS, TEXAS TOWER PHILLIPS 66 CARS CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED TR S—7700 ; "Phillips (66) ROAD SERVICE 401 SOUTH KAUFMAN CITY SERVICE MOTOR COMPANY COMPLETE SERVICE ON ALL MAKES AND MODELS INCLUDING TRUCKS FREE PICK-UP AND DELIVERY AIR CONDITIONER SALES AND SERVICE DIAL TR 5-2881 300 NORTH MAIN STREET ENNIS AUTOMOTIVE, INC. REWINDERS OF AUTOMOBILE ARMATURES 211 SOUTH DALLAS ST. PHONE ENNIS, TEXAS TR 5 - 38 96“Best Wishes From The Flintkote Co.” FLINTKOTE MANUFACTURERS OF AMERICA'S BROADEST LINE OF BUILDING PRODUCTS LOCAL DISTRICT SALES OFFICE IN ENNIS COMPLIMENTS OF LAKESIDE COUNTRY CLUB C. R. ANTHONY COMPANY "serves you better, saves you more" COMMONLY KNOWN AS THE FRIENDLY STORE 101 SOUTH DALLAS TR 5-3934Someone is out of step, Ann. I solemnly swear 143Band Goes To Memphis 144Final Exams 145The End All photography done by student photographers, Taylor Studios of Corsicana, and C. K. Henington of Wolfe City. All work done by the Cicerone staff. The exhausted annual staff after a hard year’s work. 146147148. • -V . %. • r t ■■ tf : MW' V: i j , ! A y mv x V. r-r S v ' • ;»V Vv C ' HV, Va , ... v e. c ; {-...•• • ' v • ’M • 'i '1... v : SUf y Jr . - N. X34 S' 4 . ■ f •O ; sXV Y v v V A S - A ’ i £ ' :.. i» 4' w: " .V - . -.A , ® ■■ f, V’ -feS sS vwa; '.«vs . •.. • A ;5 « r ■ ‘« ». f • « ln »I yv£i! 4 rn mm . JV. J»ejj f »• f'AJv ■ « s r r kX rX : ‘ ZXri! V' ' , - v'V • |V ‘ . A . v •• A. Ncss5v,rv V' A' • » . ■■■ v : - s v -.vv'jNi v V vw Ai A,W ' ■.VnXVvN . j • r +■ ,' Mg sjr f ,r f r " y» •■ ' N K V • a y yjv. . jf • .€ y V •v VS. ’ vK ' oX v ' XV X ,f k v f jA V-.'' .V ii ' ' . v xnnt- 50 V'Kv' r- —r y 1 y f t ' 'zZryyyf', s- Zjv NVv y-A •’jrjra v- : IV • F , XV' X » n« • 'v '4 . i rv' V V VoJv Sj‘i£I'' " v X 'X ; r V e 'S3® y ✓ . XY V » s VlfA, • 7 ' -.V XSS5JT a v P kWO|J '.V i '.’ ' , 1L« t VvnS sSCt ’ 7 X vV it: V X V v 'fdw ft ? w A Af W X ’VV W-V - .?’ XS r x xKcc. sX X -J NAVtv VrC '"j2 S VW W.- — ' —- ✓ F F v VVVvVV. a s s's J y a y V - y cXAVvnV SA v - vVlV n; y i F y VXXW % ». v x xCvCX x c as V V. ‘A V vW '. r vvN ' u » ■. • ! 1 -jrrx:j V KV

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