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Cicerone 195$ (book of memories) This is the Annual of Ennis High School Ennis, Texas Ennis is located about 35 miles to the south of Dallas and approximately 53 miles to the southeast of Fort Worth. Ranching, farming and manufacturing are the chief industries. Ennis has a population of approximately 8000. Leading to High School, there are the Travis, San Jacinto, Alamo and Crockett elementary schools. Ennis High School has a student body of about 625.Dedication To Miss Redwine, we, the 1958 annual staff, dedicate this, the 1958 CICERONE, for her continuous service as annual sponsor for the past three years. I34But we can't escape it, classes are still necessary. 601 SH3 le saiiquiassyLUCY McBRIERTY, Junior MARY JANE FITZGERALD, Junior E. H. S. Cheerleaders 1957-1958 JUDY COMPTON, Sophomore EILEEN GILLEY, FreshmanFootball "B” Team FIRST ROW: Tommy Wood, Allen Garrett, Earl Whitacre, Bill Woody, Joe Roy Wilhoite, William Dillard, David Vance, Lynn Wilhoite, Edward Whitacre. SECOND ROW: Mr. McDonald, Tommy Lennon, James Edd Proctor, Joe Whitley, Don Flynt, Bill Jack McLelland, Larry Pruitt, Henry Horne, Don Perry, Weldon Caldwell, Robert Stidger, Mr. Pope. Junior High Team FIRST ROW: Mr. Bons, Jerry Scott, Kenny Baker, J.D. Crow, Don Lamb, Jimmy Isom, Mike Perry, Lee McCown, Jimmie Winterroad, Mr. Etheridge. SECOND ROW: Ronnie Peebles, Ronnie Roberts, Charles Moore, Gerald Chambers, Lewis Gorman, Charles Fallen, David Chavis. THIRD ROW: Corky Spencer, Donald Cave, Jimmy McCoy, Michael Hightower, Donald Anderson, Paul Colston, Charles Winterroad, Wayne Wolf. FOURTH ROW: Alvis Boone, Jerry Smith, Larry Shelton, Kent Weir, Billy Campbell, Bill Huff, Brent Baldridge, Weldon Hagler, Louis Hammons. 13Football Banquet FOOTBALL SWEETHEART Dixie Lanier was Football Sweetheart for the Football season 57-58. 14"A” Team FIRST ROW: Larry Griesenbeck, Mike Dunkerly, Jerry Peebles, James Yarbrough, Ben Goodwyn, J.L. Roberts, Billy Ranton, Bobby Wilhoite, Roy Price. SECOND ROW: Paul Ruffin, Dwain Wilson, Stephen Parks, Dwight Maloney, Carl Martin, Jimmy Ray, Lawrence Svehlak, Weldon Feagins, Leslie Wilhoite, Coach Furney. BACK ROW: Coach Forehand, Jack Blackwood, David Hagler, Lloyd Mynatt, Sonny Burden, Don Simpson, James Finch, Bob Erisman, Aubrey Hester, Larry Gorman.Bobby Wilhoite Fullback, Capt. Roy Price Guard, Capt. Lawrence Svehlak Tackle, Capt. James Yarbrough Halfback Bob Erisman Center Aubrey Hester EndJimmy Ray End Ben Goodwyn Jack Blackwood Dwain Wilson Guard L. Roberts Quarterback 1718 21Basketball Glaspy, Wilhoite, Tewes, McClendon, Danny, Mynatt, Watson, Vance, McDonald. Coach - Mr. McDonald Mgr. - David Vance Bobby Wilhoite Lloyd Mynatt 22TOP ROW, left to right: Tommy Wood Ray Eubanks Adolph Novy Carl Martin Weldon Caldwell Mr. Ethridge "B” Team BOTTOM ROW, left to right: Jimmy Ray Freddy Rose Joe Ray Wilhoite Don Simpson Roy Price Junior High Team (A) LEFT TO RIGHT: Lee McCown Ronny Peebles Donald Anderson Charles Winterrowd Wayne Tolleson Bill Huff Don Williams Jimmy McCoy Junior High Team (B) LEFT TO RIGHT; Ken Newman Dan Lamb Don Pederson Jimmy Winterrowd Jimmy Perry Kenny Baker T.G. Gilmore Jude Smith 2324Track SPRINT RELAY: Grover Braddock, James Edd Proctor, James Yarbrough, Jerry Peebles. 'Veldon Feagins, who sustained an injury during track season, is not pictured. FIELD MEN: Bill McLelland Henry Horne Lloyd Mynatt Sonny Burden Bobby Wilhoite James Edd Proctor Larry Griesenbeck MILE RELAY: Grover Braddock, James Edd Proctor, James Yarbrough, Jerry Peebles,Larry Griesenbeck. 25SPRINT RELAY: James Edd Proctor Jerry Peebles Larry Griesenbeck Grover Braddock James Yarbrough SPRINTERS: Bobby Wilhoite James Edd Proctor James Yarbrough Jerry Peebles Larry Griesenbeck Grover Braddock DISTANCE MEN: Leslie WiIhoite Jerry Peebles J.L. Roberts Grover Braddock Lynn Wi Ihoite Joe McClendon ■BSkSH w 76,BACK ROW: Don Simpson Roy Price James Finch Sonny Burden Lawrence Svehlak Kenneth Horton MIDDLE ROW: Mr. Forehand Jimmy Collins Bob Erisman Aubrey Hester Robert Stidger BOTTOM ROW: Dwight Maloney Wayne Tolbson George Novak Sammy Coley Charles Wylie George Watson Bobby Wilhoite Mgr. Don Crum Baseball Pitcher's Infield Outfield 27Girls t. ! 29OH, My head 1 Graceful??? 3031BAND SWEETHEART, Earlene Muirhead DRUM MAJORETTE, Judy Martin HEAD TWIRLER, Dixie Lanier HEAD FLAGBEARER, Barbara Wooten 32 «Twirlers Donna Ozymy Linda Haskovec Flagbearers Linda Whitacre Luan Blackwood Jayne Lamb 33FLUTES: Nancy Telfair, Signa Satterfield, Molly Collins, Gay Reed, Joan Davis, Patsy Hough, and Mary Elizabeth Knize. BASSOON: Judy Martin SNARE DRUMS: Lou Simpson, Kay Kallus, Gail Morse, Carol McCormick, Connie Richardson. SYMBOLS: Nancy Cave, Barbara Wooten. BASS DRUMS: Edwin Peel, Ray Kallus. BELLS: Lucy McBrierty, Edna Anne McMurray. Ennis High School Band 34CLARINETS: Mary Jane Schwalbe, Margaret Dent, Gail Marchbanks, Linda Haskovec, Teresa Maroney, Sally Anderson, Patricia Everts, Donna McCord, Kay Gibbons, Patsy Parker, Donna Dixon, Martha Burton, Marion Joly, Delores Jordon, Carrie Jean McDaniel, Jean Henderson, Joan Gardiner, Donna Ozymy, Frances Jo Alexander, and Nancy Glaspy. SAXOPHONES: Rebbecca Dungan, Juanita Baskin, Jayne Lamb, Lara Jayn Blount, Rita Young, Roger Miite, Linda Reed, Carol Mc-Brayer, and Luan Blackwood. FRENCH HORNS: Sally Bartlett, Doris Parker, Bill Whitlock, Melba Benner. CORNETS: Carolyn Huff, Elaine McCullum, Carol Lou Burden, Wylene Hammer, Patsy Cooley, Brenda Pierce, Margaret Hodge, Mino Pavelka, Carolyn Davis and John Findley. BARITONES : Earlene Muirhead, Linda Whit-acre, Philfis Todd, Susie Donnell. TROMBONES: Brent Ba Idridge, Don Williams, Kenny Haskovec, Dixie Lanier, Ray Telfair. BASS HORNS: DavidGarner, Joe David Burleson, Larry Mansfield, Tommy Bryant. 35The Ennis High School Band wishes to recognize the Band Parent's Organization for their Unselfish and untireing work in the furtherence of the band. They have been instrumental in the obtaining of new uniforms, musical instruments, and in sponsoring the unforgetable band trip to San Antonio's "Battle of Flowers." Thanks again ! The Ennis High School Band Band Banquet 36Band Officers President---------------------- — Judy Martin Vice President---------Mary Elizabeth Knize Secretary-------------------Lucy McBrierty Treasurer------------------------Dixie Lanier Contest Winners 37CAST COMMITTEES Miss Goodin Mrs. Clendenning. . . Miss Oqilvie Mr. Harper Coach Guthrie Mr. Lunquist Pamela Jones Buzz Bailey Shalimar Ames Midge Murphy Faversham Lightly. . . Tallulah Ploetz. . . . Ronald Sassoon Miss Dill Tick Tok Mrs. Ratchet Elmer B. Ames The Junior Class Student Directors Ellen Fowler Jeanette Hunter Prompters Rebecca Dungan Carolyn Davis Carolyn Huff Business Manager Ray Telfair Ronnie Tripp Edward Whitacre Ushers Elizabeth Wood Barbara Vyers Norma Muzik Bethel Nelson Pat Cravens Gale Marchbanks Lonetta Jackson Jean Ruffin Gloria Schroeder Bessie Thornton Wanda McElroy Wylene Hammer 38 Presents NO MORE HOMEWORKCAST COMMITTEES Mr. Kimber.......................Jimmy Grant Student Directors Sara Jane Hunter Newton Fuller.....................Dwight Maloney Mary Jane Davis Annabelle Fuller....................Mary Knize Prompters Teresa Maroney Madge Fuller.......................Dixie Lanier Sandra McCoy Steve Eldridge.....................Jimmy Alford Make-up Maxine Pace, Sarah Allred Katie............. ................Donna McCord Dianna Martinek, Ann Thompson Mrs. Douglas.......................Jayne Lamb Margaret Anderson Clayton Evans................ . Bobby Wilhoite Publicity Nancy Cave, Luan Blackwood Rena Leslie......................Birdessia Reel Earlene Muirhead, Patsy Watson Hester..............................Judy Mulkey Patsy Hunsucker, Linda Whitacre Raymond...........................Weldon Feagins Edna Anne McMurray Uncle Stanley.....................Robert Erisman Stage Crew Jerry Glaspy Leggett Frazer.............Joe Neal McClendon Grover Braddock, Kenneth Horton Tommy Hughes......................JJwain Wilson David Schwadlenak, Aubrey Hester Sue Barrington......................Judy Martin Russell Hobbs, George Watson Miss Wilcox......................Barbara Wooten Larry Deagan, Charles Wylie Mr. Prescott.......................James Finch Myrta Lou Holt, Sue Eason Morris Lester Costume Joan Gardner, Donna Dixon Virginia Crum, Melba Benner Ushers Margaret Hodge Patricia St. Clair, Arthur Ekholm Peggy Chandler, Larry Sullivan Luther Gulledge, Gayle Swindell Ben Reed Goodwyn The Senior Class "GEORGE WASHINGTON SLEPT HERE” 40 Presentsmm JR. DRAMATICS CLUB Clubs SR. DRAMATICS CLUB 1 Ui nm i p£v f.§ i tpu 10mi i + i - • i «ft«-i 1; 5®S S a«MU ’■ A. ✓ fcr UJi S-£--H iffSHRl , 5- ♦» , ■ WhJR i 'i 5£lC- !t } - = - C3 ,» -t [f4 3 hr .1 Tit— it-” , , if'rf ■fv £ ,£.i jipp y $ «£ $f MS' 'I ■ft V y f.nirf 3-1, Of'2vr :"$ 7i t A !p i Jh 4 - :n'“ altes-S mMsm JMSi Ui Jh ! lHT u -U ft tfrjgffi.g £{ 4-fr- 5p . Sri ■''• s-n ?' -p. 3i- ,jf!vi T n% i M V 3g- Si -V •• ■• 1 £ '-A1 M tM +-X - 4 r r.. '-i ' „■ ••'-'I "4 ‘ ’ T H ’ ; '. L T. A-« V — » 3 Tt ‘ + V I Hi j SPORTS CLUB Clubs MODEL CLUBTEEN-AGE BOOK CLUB LEATHERCRAFT CLUB ! £135? •v i. J x ,■ i r-‘ §m (mm .Ir J f’V ■ 791 Clubs Wli' T I- ANIMALS, BIRDS, FISH CLUBPresident Leon Foster Vice President Dale Holt Secretary Joe Wilson Sentinel Sonny Burden Treasurer Bobby Wilhoite Reporter Jesse Moon BACK: Burden, Wilhoite, Foster FRONT: Wilson, Holt, Moon 46Future Farmers MEMBERS OF THE F. , F. A: CHAPTER ARE: Barry Blackwell Kenneth Fincher Danny Novy Dean Campbel 1 Barry Hughes Roger Nesuda Ronnie Deapen Ronnie Mahaley Louis Prachel William Dillard Lee McCown James Smith Billy Doherty Mickey Potts Jimmy Simpson Leon Foster David Shaw Perry Travis Jimmy Freeman Jerry Spencer Ronald Fincher Dale Holt Michel Sibley Donald Hosek Jimmy Lisman Billy Shrivanek Jimmy Ponder Norman Mouska Jerry Vestal Don Perry George Watson Don Williams James Slovacek Joe Wilhoite Elvoyd Young Terry Smith Bill Woody Alvis Boon Jerry Smith James Brazier Tommy Christian Edd Sibley Billy Campbell Thomas Cox Joe Willis Wilson Bobby Cribbs Paul Colston Tommy Woods J.D. Crow Buddy Davis John Zajic Lynn Eves Billy McCormack Gerald Foster James Ferguson Charles Moore R. L. Hunter Leroy Martin Rayford Novy James TaylorChosen as the 1958 FUTURE FARMERS’ SWEETHEART was EARLENE MU1RHEAD Below: ANNUAL FUTURE FARMERS BANQUET TOP: Senior Chapter Officers President Patsy Watson 1st Vice President Verlon Rutherford 2nd Vice President Mary Nell Hawkins 3rd Vice President Judy O'Brien 4th Vice President Dianne Dillon 5th Vice Presidents Jo Ann Garrett Laureta Allred Secretary Jerri lyn Hoover Treasurer Linda Reed Parliamentarian Judy Sullivan Historian Linda Sullivan BELOW: Junior Chapter Officers President Carol McCormack 1st Vice President Carol Lou Burden 2nd Vice President Molly Collins 3rd Vice President Elaine McCollum 4th Vice Presidents Sandra Mendheim Lana Schroeder 5th Vice President Ann Hightower Secretary Nancy Telfair Treasurer Nancy King Parliamentarian Elaine King Historian Kay Christian 49Senior Homemaking Chapter RIGHT: Junior Homemaking Chapter LEFT: The junior homemaking club is made up of girls working on their first year of homemaking. Senior homemaking girls are girls who have passed the first year of homemaking.Chosen as the 1958 FUTURE HOMEMAKERS' BEAU was SONNY BURDEN Below: ANNUAL MOTHER-DAUGHTER BANQUET 51Student Council 52 Members of the student council ore elected by homerooms, one from each homeroom. Officers are chosen from the student body by precinct vote.Birdessia Dianna Sara J. Mary E. Mary J. Reel Martinek Hunter Knize Davis NATIONAL HONOR SOC ETV i Sarah Allred Kennern Horton Ma ry Ne 11 Hawkins Martha Burton Jeanette I Hunter BrewerClub Representatives STUDENT KIWANIANS Left to right: Patsy Watson, Sandra McCoy, Earlene Muirhead, Jerry Peebles, Bob Erisman, Judy Martin, George Novak, Sara Hunter, Myrtalu Holt, Joe McClendon, Weldon eagins, MaryE. Knize, Donna McCord, Mike Dunkerly, Edna Ann Mc-Murry. Not Pictured: Stephen Parks, Jerry Glaspy, George Watson. B P, W LITTLE SISTERS Left to right: Sarah Allred, Margaret Hodge, Donna Dixon, Mary J. Davis, Dianna Mart-inek, Peggy Chandler, Judy Mulkey, Jayne Lamb, Dixie Lanier, Ann Thompson, Barbara Wooten, Luan Blackwood, Linda Whitacre, Nancy Cave. Not Pictured: Birdessia Reel. LION CUBS Left to right: James Finch, Dwain Wilson, Ben Goodwyn, Maxine Pace, Dwight Maloney, Teresa Mar one y, Larry Sullivan, Ervin Glaspy, Melba Benner, Billy Shaw, Lawrence Svehlak. Not Pictured: Jimmy Grant. 54Birdessia Reel Jeanette Hunter Sarah Allred Judy O'Brien Judy Sullivan Patsy Watson Jerri lyn Hoover Judy Compton Mrs. Walker, Sec. Ass i st B Assistants ants Pat Cravens Joan Davis Nancy Telfair Nancy King Patricia Evarts Elaine McCollum Carol McCormack Molly Collins Francis Alexander Dixie Lanier 55Dandeelion Staff Members of the journalism class are as follows - Left to right: Jayne Lamb, Dianna Martinek, Loan Blackwood, Charles Layton, Mike Atwood, Judy Martin, Sara Jane Hunter, Sarah Allred. 56Cicerone Staff Members of the annual staff are as follows - Left to right: Ervin Glaspy, Mary Jane Davis, Lauretta Allred, Ray Telfair, Patsy Watson, Bill Brewer, Judy Martin, Birdessid Reel, Bill Snodgrass, Jimmy Grant. Interscholastic League LEFT TO RIGHT: Whitacre, Anderson, Shaw, McDaniel, Allred, Maroney, McBrierty, Wilson, Maloney, Give, Glaspy, Blackwood, Yarbrough, Knize, Layton, Davis. DECLAMATION Luan Blackwood Ervin Glaspy READY WRITERS Charles Layton Mary J. Davis TYPING Teresa Maroney Lauretta Allred Barbara Shaw Carrie McDaniel Lucy McBrierty SHORTHAND Margaret Anderson Linda Whitacre POETRY READING Mary E. Knize James Yarbrough EXTEMPORANEOUS SPEAKING Dwight Maloney Nancy Cave INTERSCHOLASTIC LEAGUE ONE-ACT PLAY "Balcony Scene" cast Man-----------------------Charles Layton Sweetheart----------------Judy Martin Daughter------------------Mary J. Fitzgerald Mother--------------------Dianna Marti nek Wife----------------------Linda Boon Husband-------------------Robert Sanders Registrar-----------------Bill Snodgrass Gangster------------------J. L. Roberts HHHHhh 58Writers Club Contest Winners O'Brian, Benner, Lamb, Reel, Percival, Blackwood, Davis, Frazier, Hunter, Horne. POETRY 1st - Judy O'Brian 2nd - Melba Benner Honorable Mention Helen Alford Jayne Lamb SHORT STORY 1st - Birdessia Reel 2nd - Sharon Percival Honorable Mention Mary Jane Davis Luan Blackwood ESSAY 1st - Henry Horne 2nd - Carolyn Frazier Honorable Mention Jeanette Hunter Monte Murihead "This 10 dollars is for 1st "Who, Me 1111" place, Judy" 596061- ''•- ; •• '-'»•■» ■» » • • ■ % y .t v — ft- a -. m . gi • TZ- -y‘" j l W r- i t — , -- - ■• ■ ' Wivrj . IK-yT % - f 3s C if VC J" ,■ H XZ2X iUZ.tU Cr. X. -vr-3 jl r j-nfy , «jN- . - • z-j v V r Wf‘frC( r ; i •' c -htV 17 ■• jft.. : r»- r -♦' rfH dtWr a h v t -7 I f.l 4 "V . [I IM 7 y ■ " ?' i? r —a ' ■o »A m I ly -vw ■ wJ 'v- 'S?, r cl rfl ■Vf -,,w i T» ■ M. +4t'vf ■ W» ■ Sv SfL rl • r. , ■; . fopr te-.+z?'3 ''(z;z TV, ,!' fb 1 'jrn'vnJ' - iHMZ r --r V .n ,! r  cJJl2c£ Jr JcvrdS W-S ] T- • '-it 4. '■fcfclW’W’tS r rr £r? J - vT .h.. ':‘ 3c9$$s «r if , - -» t “-jjflJU f?j£fl »»W- tg-5fcf D»}tM Xir 5 «$+to» j‘ „ . » ►» 4« wR- - •fc -' xl jgT • « ; r}n? A .-i4ni)' +yV-vH — - 10-m' k ‘ q : » • 5 V .. • v i “ -sj ? 1 r XrMX W7 ?) i. L-'fi:'. 'M— . k-s - -w ra ' v-». «» r. , : -rt. f ) i- i'iz:s t r . r - . „ 1 ) -I .ft- - Jr-'l j-prI '7 "Vt f? i f r» -■'. -. v - r It'S- i' — • •" -irr A irE -frT J-r'l+4 - «'• « ■ f- - '- k- i tr t «-«,T tyftxr 3?£k 3 ju. 1 “r» l r VT. 3 5 W , ! ' •- ;-»- 4 ■ - rJ r- ’ jh-i- 1 'ml r . » S« - Ty-+w» j4L»- i • nk-iL i- • --• ■ j - - 4- I • ■ . Tt V ' '«■ ■ ' -,7 - •■ ' ■ " ,tfW I —II i fa -rj • -1, 5W«r '« j H - V 'f+fl I t ♦3pj£jM ■» r w-« »x r . fc r - • f - -ifV'S’' t V j l fv'tl ij r «.rl| Aj' «■ » • -■ Mm vTN ° , a cS - ' . ti ‘"1 :V J « -----Jsli A if |t ■ - - .» IV j -r .w 1J - - . - • - rTTr l i f 7: ♦ u s r I « j '• -•-■' -r- r j rj y if) ££ — JurUruii'-xv M jk, -. ;- -V .‘ir i - .‘' . ,'V -C - -V ;vJ,. . -rL--v.-."Lr 4iYtV.- r-4f 11 ,,-r 4 5 «- %. mv H fv f - r £ '' ■? -fr r tthfc. nSf'-tr ' a. [-1 ?»f j r v bu n V» f W'i-jji M )l% i •“fcl’f' ' vy£‘l . " ,v ':-"• $'i • ’« . '? ,r u 1 .1s M , t : r. wSf-u -W r ! j tr, , I I trolHi —T • - r Ari| JB«»irTTg • VV ■'• !f'1 jA- ;V: 2 xy • ' ' ) T7% ftt J ° . .:•: It1 • 7 -v .fob ? -■« » r., M'tmVA0 b- i ,t g i.H «r p 2.[ V -I r M- '• " . r .► r 41 4 ,u? + Kj' - ' { ? t vj - .7 4. . j v -.v$' $ £z ±i$ry - ’ rcrr 22' r £4 ri r “ 7 rt n - n . !■ H" y » tf - -v 4jt 2 fj '■'" ' "c- v ' -'i-i-rLKY y-r -J 1 -‘ , .. V ' . , ...r, ..:• - JMk — » -— - »•■ 7 1 i 1 4 « yy lL}Ke y. vB ,7 psThose who will represent Ennis this summer in Austin at Boys' and Girls' State will be - Left to right: J.L. Roberts, EdwardWhitaere, Freda Gilmore, Bill Tewes, Jerry Veriable, Iris Davis, Bill Brewer, Jimmy Collins. Chosen as D.A. R. Good Citizen was Sara Jane Hunter. Chosen to represent Ennis in the Bluebonnet Festival was Birdessia Reel, who won first place. 72-Athletic committee: Dr. W.P. McCall Dr. R.E. Erisman 74SUPERINTENDENT Mr. O.A. Pederson 75MISS BARKLEY Am. History Tex. History Civics " Qui-yut" MR. BLAIR Algebra II Solid Geom. Trigonometry "You have 3 minutes... let's get it." MR. BOOTH Agriculture "Now, just because you're seniors" MRS. BRADBURY Jr. English Journalism "Now, folks—" MISS COOKSTON Typing I Jr. Business Bookkeeping " Ready - Set -Go" MR. ETHRIDGE Speech English - 8th "THIS IS A VERB" MRS. FINK Music "Seee— we have bop" MISS ESTES Typing II Shorthand Fr. English "Don't be cute' MR. FOREHAND Ari thmetic Has anybody seen the comics" MRS. FURNEY P.E. " Get up, girl, you're alright"MISS MAXSON Biology "You homosapiens' MRS. LEATHERMAN Algebra I Latin "I just don't know what I'm going to do" MRS. LESTER World History Georg raphy " Good morning" MRS. McCOY Gen. Science History - 8th "Here, here" MR. LESTER Agriculture "Over here, boys" mr. McDonald Math 11-12 Ari thmetic "Good morning, George" MRS. NORTON Sr. English Soph. English "In college English they------"MR. WEATHERS Am. History Dr. Education Georgraphy "Now, about that Baylor - A M game" MR. WILLIAMS Chemistry Physics "That reminds me of a joke" Pictured below are Mr. Green, Mr. McQuire, Mrs. McQuire, practice teachers, and Mrs. Ranes, Substitute, who have worked in the Ag. and Homemaking the last 6 weeks. MRS. POCHOBRADSKY Soph. English English - 8th "Good, Golly" MISS REDWINE Plane Geometry Annual "You went by Emhouse to get that problem" MISS POFF Librarian " Let's be quiet in the library, please" MR. SMITH Geography History - 8th "How late were you out last night?" » . MRS. ROBINSON Homemaking "Look at the recipe, girls" MR. POPE Gen. Science History - 8th "Coffee on?"In memorium to Miss Wicker, homemaking teacher at Ennis High, who was killed in an automobile accident in April 1958. I LEFT: Custodians ABOVE: Bus Drivers BELOW: Dietitians 8081Eighth Grade 82Here we have the senior Christmas party At the left we have the Mother-Daughter banquet Right: Daddy-Date Night MPeebles, Me Lei land, Roberts OFFICERS OF THE FRESHMAN CLASS ARE: President..................Kenny Roberts V. Pres. . . Bill Jack McLelland Secretary..........Larry Shelton (not pictured) Reporter.........Ronnie Peebles Freshman Class"Blue Moon" Donald Anderson Dorothy Anderson Dan Baker Brent Baldridge Juanita Baskin Billy Boyte Alvis Boone James Brazier Patsy Brewer Carol Lou Burden Billy Campbell Gerald Chamberland Joe Chenault Kay Lynn Christian Tommy Christian Gladys Claxton Beverly Colvin Molly Collins Peggy Connor Tommy Cox Bobby Cribbs J.D. Crow Donald Crum Tommy Cryer Buddy Davis Joan Davis Ronnie Day Lupe DeLeon Mildred Horton Donald Hosek Bill Huff Barry Hughes R. L. Hunter Dorothy Jakubik Janice Jones Kay Kallus Elaine King Nancy King 87Clara Kuban Michelle Kubala Ginger Littlejohn Sandra Mendheim Charles Moore Eva Morgan Elaine McCollum James McCollum David McManus Carol McCormack Lee McCown Jimmy McCoy Bill McLelland Phillip Nelson Roger Nesuda Danny Novy Patsy Novy Ronnie Peebles David Perry Jimmy Perry Gale Pierce Mickey Potts Dorothy Price 88Sharon Pritchett Pool Rackley Kenny Roberts Exam time David Shaw Betty Shelton Larry Shelton Joyce Shook Michael Sibley Paul Ruffin James Santos Signa Satterfield Lana Schroeder Charles Seabolt V:'1 Ann Simpson Billy Skrivanek James Smith Jerry Smith Cecil Spencer Jerry Spencer Madeline Stockton Billy Stovall Barbara Stolusky Larry St. Clair Pat Swindell Nancy Telfair Wayne Tolleson Donna Tuley Mary Valdez 8990Compton, Hoover, Wilhoite OFFICERS OF THE SOPHOMORE CLASS ARE: President. . V. Pres. . . Secretary. . Reporter. . Sophomore Class 91The chorus sings Helen Alford Sally Anderson Sally Bartlett Martha Brenton Tommy Bryant Judy Burkhalter Helen Bush Weldon Caldwell Agnes Betik Barry Blackwell Harold Blakely La Vaughn Blakely Jayne Blount P Dean Campbell Calvin Collins Jeff Colvin Judy Compton Brent Connell Donna Cox Gary Cox Lucille Cox Ronnie Deagen William Dillard Dianne Dillon Sue Donnell Nellie Duke David Emmert Ray Eubanks 92Lynn Eves La Nell Finch Ronald Fincher Melva Fuller Patty Fisher Joey Fitzgerald Leon Foster Gerald Foster Jackie Fowler Jimmy Freeman Patsy Fretwell Allen Garrett Jo Ann Garrett Betsy Glenn John Goodwyn Larry Gorman Larry Griesenbeck David Hagler Donnie Hagler Linda Haskovec Irene Hejny Peggy Holloday Jerri lyn Hoover Judy Hrabina Larry Hughes Preston Hughes Karen Joly Brent Jones Dolores Jordan Lawrence Kucera 93Mary J. Lemmon Tommy Lennon Jimmy Lisman Margaret Lord Grade Lowey Carol McBrayer Bill Sam McCormack Harold McKnight Mary N. Maloney Larry Mansfield Billy Martin Gail Morse Norman Moucha Ronald Mraz Monte Muirhead Margie Nekuza Judy O'Brian Donna Ozymy Doris Parker Elizabeth Patton Don Perry Jimmy Ponder Larry Pruitt Alice Raney Betty Raney Jerri Rankin Jimmy Ray Freddy Rose Verlon Rutherford Robbie Sheets 94Ed Sibley Jimmy Simpson Ella Skrivanek Bernice Spaniel Raymond Spaniel rj ' mm ■;?=} ! - r Larry Steel Robert Stidger Judy Stutts Judy Sullivan Linda Sullivan Veneda Tay James Taylor Nancy Threat Sue Threat Phylis Todd David Vance Wi die Mae Vrla Faye Vyers Nancy Watson Bill Wiitlock Dorothy White Barbara Wilhoite Joe Wilhoite Leslie Wilhoite Joe Wilson Darlene Wrinkle Carol Wolover Mamie Wolfe Rita Young John Zajic 9596Simpson, Roberts, Home, Fitzgerald OFFICERS OF THE JUNIOR CLASS ARE: President.........J.L. Roberts V. Pres...........Don Simpson Secretary. ... Henry Home Rep. . . Mary Jane Fitzgerald 97 Junior ClassSonny Burden Martha Burton Martha Campbell Jimmy Corrigan Marilyn Clark Sammy Coley Jimmy Collins Patsy Cooley Pat Cravens Margie Crow Gene Culpepper Joan Culpepper Carolyn Davis Iris Davis Eugene Dipprey Betty Dixon Bill Doherty Rebecca Dungan Mary J. Fitzgerald Marilyn Fleetwood IJ 4 98Jan Gilley Freda Gilmore Nancy Glaspy Jimmy Goodwin Joe Griffith Alfred Hanak Frank Hanak Wylene Hammer Henry Horne Pat Hough Carolyn HufF Jeanette Hunter Mike Hutcheson Lannette Jackson Irene Jakubik Evalyn Johnson Annette Julian Betty Jordan Ray Kallus Joann Knott Kenneth Knott Irene Kriska Barbara Lieser Gale Marchbanks Carl Martin Talent Show Tino Medina Lucy McBrierty Carrie McDaniel Leroy Moore Gail Morse Norma Muzik Lloyd Mynatt Bethel Nelson Adolph Novy Rayford Novy Marie Palmer Sharon Percival Clemens Perry Ernest McDonald Wanda Me Elroy Duane Miller Glen Miller Jesse Moon Brenda Pierce Roy Price Sandra Pritchett J. Edd Proctor Glenn Puckett Billy Ranton Melba Rawlings Linda Reed Connie Richardson David RitcheyJ. L. Roberts Jean Ruffin Robert Sanders Talent Show Gloria Schroeder Barbara Shaw Betty Simmons Don Simpson James Slovacek I Sue Smith Terry Smith Tommy Snell Nona Stevens Ray Telfair Bessie Thornton Bill Tewes Ronnie Tripp Jerry Venable Barbara Vyers Betty Wagner Norman Walker Edward Whitacre Joe Whitley Toni Whitley Lynn Wi Ihoi te Larry Wi I liams Elizabeth Wood Bill Woody James Yarbrough 101Muirhead, Svehlak, Erisman, Lanier OFFICERS OF THE SENIOR CLASS: President. . . . Lawrence Svehlak V. Pres.........................Bob Erisman Secretary. . . . Earlene Muirhead Reporter...............Dixie Lanier Senior Class Awd. - Award A,B F Clb. - Animals, birds and fish club Appl. - Applied Chrl. - Choral Cntst. - Contest Com.-Committee Dra. Clb. - Dramatics Club Ed.- Editor Flgbr. - Flagbearer ABBREVIATIONS FOR SENIOR'S ACTIVITIES H. R. - Homeroom I. S.L. - Interscholastic League Lttrmn - Letterman Lit. - Literature LthrcrFt. - Leathercraft Lib. Asst. - Library Assistant Mst. - Most NHS - National Honor Society Off. Asst. - Office Assistant Rotr .-Reporter R-U - Runner-up Schlr. - Scholarship Stdt. Cncl. - Student Council Stf. - Staff Trav. - Travel V. P. - Vice President W. CIb. - Writer's Club 102JIMMY ALFORD Sr. Dra. Clb. 4 Jr. Play, Sr. Play Photographer 3 SARAH ALLRED N.H.S. 4 Dandee Lion Staff 4 B PW Sister 4 Latin Clb. 2 Jr. Play com. Sr. Play com. Off. Asst. 4 Choral Clb. 1 Dra. Clb. 3-4 H.R. v.p. 1 MARGARET ANDERSON Trans, from Waxa. Soph, year Schlr. Clb. 1-2 I.S.L. 4 Sports Clb. 3 Off. Asst. 3 Jr. Play Stu. Dir. Sr. Play com. Dra. Clb. 4 MIKE ATWOOD H.R. pres. 1 Stdt. Cncl. 1 Latin Clb. v.p. 1 Appld. Arts Clb. 3-4, pres. 4 Basketball 1 Track 2 Lit. Clb.; 2 Dandeelion Stf. 4 LUAN BLACKWOOD Bo nd 1-4 Flgbr. 3-4 FHA 1 Dra. Clb. 2-4 W. Clb. Winner 2-3 I.S.L. Winner 3-4 Jr. and Sr. Play com. H.R. Officer 1-3 B PW Sister 4 Off. Asst. 2 Dandeelion Stf. 4 LEONA ATWOOD Trans, from California MELBA BENNER FHA 1-3 Sec. 2, treas. 3 Jr. Chap. Degrees H.R. Officer 3 Dra. Clb. 4 Band 2-4 Shrthand Awd. 4 Sr. Play com. GROVER BRADDOCK Dra. Clb. 4 Track 3 yr. letterman 103ARLIS BROCK FFA 1,3 Hist. Clb. Rptr. 2 A, B F Clb. 4 JOE BURLESON Sr. Band 1-4 Trav. Clb. Fest. Band 1 Lthrcrft. Clb. 4 Dra. Clb. 4 PEGGY CHANDLER FHA 1-3 Jr. Play Usher Sr. Play com. Vesper Ser. 3 GWEN COX SHERRY BURKHALTER Trans, from Crosicana 4 NANCY CAVE Band 1-4 FHA 1 Chrl. Clb. 2 Dra. Clb. 3-4 Jr. and Sr. Play com. NHS 4 I.S.L. 4 B PW Sister 4 Vesper Ser. 3 DAVID CLARK VIRGINIA CRUM Chrl. Club 2 Dra. Clb. 4 Sr. Play com. Stu. Talent Show Trans, from Dallas  PATSY DAVID FHA 1-3 Sports Clb. 4 LARRY DEAGEN H. R. rptr. 3 FFA 1-4 treas. 4 Sr. Play com. MARY JANE DAVIS H. R. pres. 1 Who's Who 1 Choral Clb. 1 Latin Clb. 2 Dra. Clb. 3-4 Play Dir. 3-4 W. Clb. W 1 NHS 3-4 Annual Stf. 4 B PW Sister 4 I. S.L. 4 hWS rptr. 4 Vesper Ser. 2 RALPH DENNY FFA 1-2 Lthrcrft. Clb. 3 Dra. Clb. 4 Basketball 3-4 Track 3 DONNA DIXON FHA 1 Chrl. Clb. Dra. Clb. 3-4 Sr. Band 2-4 Jr. Play com. Sr. Play com. B PW Sister NHS 3-4 Fest. Band 4 Vesper Ser. 2-3 SUE EASON FHA 1-2 Dra. Clb. 3 Lthrcrft. Clb. 4 Jr. Play Usher Sr. Play Usher NHS 4 MIKE DUNKERLY FFA 2-4 Chpt. Farmer 3 Football 1-4 Letterman 3 Boys' State 3 Stdt. Kiwanian 4 Stdt. Council 4 Football Clb. 4 ARTHUR EKHOLM Safety Clb. 1 Photographer 2-3 Dra. Clb. 4 Sr. Play Usher 105ROBERT ERISMAN Class rptr. 1 Stdt. Cncl. 1-4 pres. 4 Class Favorite 1-3 FFACIb. 1-2 Football 1-4 Letterman 4 H. R. pres. 2 Class pres. 2 Jr. and Sr. Play Athletic Club 3 Stdt. Kiwanian 4 Class v.p. 4 Baseball 4 Best-AII-Around 4 JAMES FINCH Lion Cub 4 Football Clb. 1-3 Letterman 2-4 Basketball 3 H.R. Officer 2 Basebl. Lttrmn. 4 Dra. Clb. 4 Jr. Play com. Sr. Play Track 2 ERVIN GLASPY Football mgr. 1 Football 2 Basketball 3-4 Latin Clb. 1 Football Clb. 2 Model Clb. 3 Dra. Clb. v.p. 4 Lion Cub. 4 Annual Stf. 4 I.S.L. Winner 4 BENNY GLENN FFA 1-2 A,B F Clb. sec. 4 Trans, from Grants, N. Mex. 4 WELDON FEAGINS Class sec. 1 Football 1,2,4 Letterman 4 Track 2,3 Letterman 2-4 Jr. Play Sr. Play Stdt. Kiwanian 4 Baseball 4 Dra. Clb. 4 JOAN GARDINER Band 1-4 FHACIb. 1 Lthrcrft. Clb. 2 Dra. Clb. 3-4 Jr. Play usher Sr. Play usher NHS 3-4 JERRY GLASPY Latin Clb. 1 Football Clb. 2 Model Clb. 3 Dra. Clb. 4 Sr. Play com. Basketball 4 Capt. 4 JUDITH GLENN FHA 1-4 Jr. Degree 1 106BEN REED GOODWYN Trans, from Avalon 3 Football 3-4 Football Clb. 3 Dra. Clb. 4 Stdt. Council 3 JIMMY GRANT H.R. Officer 1-2 Football 2 FFA 1-3 Chpt. Farmer 2 Boys' State 3 Jr. Play Sr. Play Lion Cub 4 Stdt. Council 4 Annual Stf. 4 Basketball 4 Dra. Clb. 4 WALTER HANSON Hist. Clb. 1-2 rptr. 1 v.p. 2 Teen-age Book Clb. 1-2 AUBREY HESTER FFA 1, officer 1 Art Clb. 2 Football Clb. 3 Dra. Clb. 4 Football 1-2 Track 1-2 Sr. Play com. JUDY GRACE FHA 1-3 PE Clb. 1-2 Jr. Play 3 Jr. Play 3 Class Sec. 3 LUTHER GULLEDGE FFA 1-3 Football 1 Sr. Play Usher A,B F Club 4 MARY NELL HAWKINS FHA 1-4 Historian 2-3 v.p. pres. 4 Jr. Chap. Degree State Degree NHS 4 Vesper Ser. 3 RUSSELL HOBBS Travelers Clb. 2 Model Clb. 3 Dra. Clb. 4 Sr. Play com. 107108 MARGARET HODGE H.R. sec. 1 FHA 1-3 Dra. Clb. 4 Jr. Play usher Sr. Play usher Band 2-4 KENNETH HORTON FFA 1-2 Football 1 Track 3 FHA Beau 3 Baseball 4 NHS 4 Sr. Play com. SARA JANE HUNTER FHA 1-2, officer 1-2 Dra. Clb. 3-4 Stdt. Council 3-4 Citizenship awrd. 1 DAR awrd. 4 Stdt. Kiwanian 4 Mst. Considerate 4 NHS 3-4, Off. 4 Vesper Ser. 3 H.R. Off. 1 Jr. Play Sr. Play Stdt. Dir. Lib. Asst. 3 Dan. Lion Stf. 4 Circul. Mng. 4 BILLY JONES FFA 1-3 Hist. Clb. v.p. 2 Boys' State 3 A.B F Clb. 4 MYRTA LOU HOLT FHA 1-2 Dra. Clb. 3 Sec. Clb. 4 Jr. Play Com. Sr. Play Com. Vesper Ser. 3 PATSY HUNSUCKER FHA 1-2 H.R. Off. 1-2 Off. Asst. 2 Jr. Play Usher Spts. Clb. Off. 3 Vesper Ser. 3 Sr. Play Com. P.E. Clb. Off. 4 Dan. Lion Swtht VIRGIL HURLEY Football 1-2 FFA 1-4 H.R. v.p. 1 MARY E. KNIZE Cheerleader4 Band 1-4, v.p. 4 Class v.p. 3 Stdt. Kiwanian 4 NHS 3-4, Treas. 4 Jr. and Sr. Play H.R. Off. 1-3 Who's Who 2-3 Stdt. Cncl. 1-2 T.W.U. Select Band 4 Fest. Band 1-2 ISL Win. 3-4 1 Dist. Reg 3 2. Dist. 4 1 Div. Win Region Band Cntst. 1-4 Lit. Clb. v.p. 4EDWARD KUBAN FFA 1-4 DIXIE LANIER Band 1-4, treas. 4 Twirler 2-4 Head Twirler 4 Class Favorite 2 FHA 1-2, v.p. 1 Dra. Clb. 3-4 H. R. Officer 1-3 FFA Sweetheart 3 NHS 3-4 Jr. and Sr. Play R-U Class Favorite 1,3,4 Class Sec. 2 Class Rptr. 4 Most Beautiful 4 BETTY LEKAR FHA 1-2 Sports Clb. sec. Model Clb. sec. 3 Business Clb. 4 Vesper Ser. 3 JAYNE LAMB Band 1-4 Flpbr. 3-4 NHS 4 I.S.L. 3 Jr. Play Sr. Play H.R. Officer 1 Stdt. Cncl. alt. FHA 1, officer 1 Chrl. Clb. 2 Dra. Clb. 3-4 B PW Sister 4 Blue-Notes 3 (Dixie Lanier, Cont.) Football Swtht. 4 Beauty Rep. to Cors. Fr. and Rodeo 4 B PW Sister 4 CHARLES LAYTON Jr. Play I.S.L. 3-4 Dandeelion Stf. 4 Band 3 Storytelling Clb. 1-2 Appl. Arts Clb. 3 Dra. Clb. 4 VIRGINIA LEKAR FHA 1-2 Sports Clb. 3-4 MORRIS LESTER JIMMY MAJORS Dra. Clb. 4 Sr. Play com. 109DWIGHT MALONEY Football 1-4 Baseball 4 Letterman 4 Dra. Clb. 4 Literary Clb. 4 I.S.L. 4 1st in Dist. Writer's Cntst. 4 Jr. Play Sr. Play Lion Cub 4 JOYCE MARTIN DIANNA MARTINEK FHA 1-2 sec. 1 Dra. Clb. 3 Lthrcrft. Clb. 4 H. R. off. 1 Writer's Awd. 2 Jr. Play usher Sr. Play com. NHS 3-4, v.p. 4 Dandeelion 4 B PW Sister 4 DAR R-U 4 I. S. L., 1 act play JUDY MULKEY H. R. off. 1-2 Stdt. Cncl. 1,3,4 Band 1-3 FHA 1-2, pr. 1, hst. 2 Cheerleader 3 Head cheerleader 4 Class Favorite 3-4 Jr. and Sr. Play Dra. Clb. 3 B PW Sister 4 Spts. Club. pres. 4 Lit. Clb. 4 I. S.L. 3,4 TERESA MARONEY Band 1-4 NHS 3-4 FHA 1 Lthrcrft. Clb.2 Dra. Clb. 3-4 Jr. Play usher Sr. Play usher Vesper Ser. 3 Lion Clb. Lioness I.S.L. 4 JUDY MARTIN H.R. Off. 1-2 FHA Off. 1 Choral Clb. 2 Dra. Clb. 3-4 Vesper Ser. 2-3 Band 1-4, Pres. 4 Twirler 1-2 Drum Maj. 3-4 Jr. Play, Sr. Play ISL 1-act play 4 NHS 3-4 Annual Stf. 3-4 Dan. Lion Ed. 4 Stdt. Kiwanian 4 Who's Who 3 Stdt. Cncl., Sec. 4 R-U Class Fav. 2-4 1 Div. Win. Region Twirl Const. 1-4 MARVIN MARTINEK FFA 1-4 EARLENE MUIRHEAD Band 1-3,4 Band Swtht. 4 FFA Swtht. 4 FHA Off. 1 Choral Clb. 2,4 Dra. Clb. 3-4 Rptr. 4 Stdt. Cncl. 2,4 Jr. Play Class Rptr. 3 Class Sec. 4 H.R. Off. 1,3 Stdt. Kiwanian 4 NHS 4 R-U Mst. Beaut. 4 R-U Class Fav. 4 Bluenotes 3-4 110joe McClendon Football 1-2 Basketball 1-4 Letter 3 Track 1-4 Letter 3 Football Clb. 1-3 Dra. Clb. 4 Jr. Play Com. Sr. Play Stdt. Kiwanian 4 SANDRA McCOY Band 1-3 H.R. Off. 1-3 FHACIb. 1 Choral Clb. 2 Dra. Clb. 3 Sports Clb. 4 Off. 4 Vesper Ser. 2-3 Stdt. Kiwanian 4 Jr. Play Promptor Sr. Play Promptor Girls' Choir 4 P.E. Asst. 4 EDNA A. McMURRAY Latin Clb. 1 Choral Clb. 2 Dra. Clb. 3-4 Stdt. Cncl. 4 Stdt. Kiwanian 4 Jr. Play Sr. Play Com. Band 1-4 Girls' Choir 4 Vesper Ser. 2-3 GEORGE NOVAK FFA Off. 3-4 Football 1-2 Baseball 4 Stdt. Kiwanian 4 H.R. Pres. 2 Football Clb. 1-2 DONNA McCORD Twirler 3-4 Band 1-4 Stdt. Kiwanian 4 FHA 1-2 P.E. Clb. Off. 3 Dra. Clb. 4 Sr. Play Jr. Play Usher Vesper Ser. 3 DONALD McMANUS FFA Clb. 1-2 Safety Clb. 3-4 JERRY NEWMAN FFA Clb. 1-3 A,B F Clb. 4 MAXINE PACE H.R. Off. 1-2 FHACIb. 1 Choral Clb. 2 Vesper Ser. 2-3 Dra. Clb. 3 Jr. Play Com. 3-4 Sr. Play Com. Stdt. Lion 4 Sports Clb. 4STEPHEN PARKS Football 1-4 Letterman 3-4 Football Clb. 1-4 Track 1 Basketball 1-2 H.R. Off. 1-3 Jr. Play Com. Stdt. Kiwanian 4 Transferred to San Antonio 4 ELAINE PAVLACKA FHACIb. 1-2 Dra. Clb. 3-4 Outstanding Guard 4 Style Show 2 JERRY PEEBLES Football 1-4 Letterman 3-4 Track 1-4 Letterman 2-4 Dist. Win. 2-4 Football Clb. 1-4 Stdt. Kiwanian 4 Dra. Clb. 4 LOUIS PRACHYL FFACIb. 1 Art Clb. 2 MIKE PARSONS Latin Clb. Sec. 1 Teen Age Book Clb. v.p. 2 Model Clb. 3 vice pres. 3 Pres. Dra. Clb. 4 Jr. Play BOBBY PECOT Band 1-3 Select Band 3 Story Teller's Clb. 1-2 Art Clb. 3 Dra. Clb. 4 Jr. Play Com. A,B F Clb. 4 BOBBY PERCIVAL BIRDESSIA REEL Stdt. Cncl. 3-4 Jr. and Sr. Play R-U Mst. Beaut. 4 Who's Who 1,3 Annual Stf. 3-4 Latin Clb. v.p. 2 B PW Sister 4 NHS 3-4 Pres. 4 ISL 3 Dra. Clb. 3-4 Off. Asst. 4 Writer's Awd. 1,4 Blue Bonnet Belle 4 Vesper Ser. 2,3 Blue Notes 3 12 LINDELL SCOTT Football 1-2 H.R. Pres. 2 Stdt. Cncl. 2 Crafts Clb. 3 Dra. Clb. 4 BILLY SHAW FFACIb. 1-4 DAVID SHWADLENAK Travel Clb. 1-2 Pres. 1 Study Clb. 3 Dra. Clb. 4 Sr. Play Com. 4 Choral Clb. 3-4 PATRICIA ST. CLAIR FHACIb. 1-2 Book Clb. 3 Jr. Play Com. Dra. Clb. 4 Sr. Play Com. LAWRENCE SVEHLAK Class v.p. 1 R-U Class Fav. 1 Football 1-4 Letterman 3-4 Tri Capt. 4 H.R. v.p. 2 Football Clb. 1-4 Class Pres. 4 Stdt. Cncl. v.p. 4 Class Fav. 4 Stdt. Lion 4 BILL SNODGRASS Book Clb. 1 Rptr. 1 Story Tfeller's Clb. Pres. 2 Journalism Clb. 3 Jr. Play Dra. Clb. 3 ISL 1-act play 4 Annual Staff 4 LARRY SULLIVAN FFACIb. 1-4 H.R. Pres. 1 Stdt. Lion 4 Boys' State 3 Sr. Play Usher GAYLE SWINDELL Sports Clb. 3 H.R. Off. 1-2 Jr. Play Usher Sr. Play Usher FHACIb. 1,2,4 Jr. Degree 1 Chpt. Degree 2 Vesper Ser. 3 Outstanding Tumbler 4 113¥ ANN THOMPSON GEORGE WATSON FHACIb. 1-2 Transferred from H.R. Sec. 2 Bardwell 3 Choral Clb. 3 Baseball 4 B PW Sister 4 FFA Clb. 3-4 Sports Clb. 4 Dra. Clb. 4 Rptr. 4 Basketball 3-4 Jr. Play Usher Capt. 3 Sr. Play Com. Stdt. Kiwanian 4 Vesper Ser. 3 Sr. Play Com. PATSY WATSON FHA 1-4, Pres. 2,4 State Degree 3 State Rep. 2-4 A M 2 Dist. Area Off. (Patsy Watson, Cont) Jr. and Sr. Play Com, Stdt. Cncl. 4 Annual Staff 4 LINDA WHITACRE Bond 1-4 Off. Asst. 4 Flgbr. 4 H.R. Off. 1-3 B PW Sister 4 Citizen Awd. 1 Jr. Play Com. History Awd. 3 Sr. Play Com. FHA Awd. 2 H.R. Off. 1-3 Writer's Awd. 2 FHACIb. 1 Class Pres. 3 Choral Clb. 2 NHS 3-4 Dra. Clb. 3-4 Who's Who 3 Sec.-Treas. 4 Girls' State 3 ISL 4 Stdt. Kiwanian 4 Vesper Ser. 3 BOBBY WILHOITE DWAIN WILSON Football 1-4 FFA Clb. 1-3 Tri Capt. 4 Off. 2-3 Football Clb. 1-4 Sports Clb. 4 Basketball 1-4 T rack Mgr. 4 Track 1-4 Football 1-4 Baseball 4 Jr. Play Com. Jr. and Sr. Play Sr. Play FFA Clb. 1-4 H.R. Sec. 3 Off. 4 Stdt. Lion 4 BARBARA WOOTEN FHACIb. 1 H.R. Off. 1 Stdt. Cncl. 2 Latin Clb. 2 Band 1-4 Flagbearer 3-4 Capt. 4 Jr. Play Com. Vesper Ser. 3 Dra. Clb. 3-4 B PW Sister 4 Sr. Play CHARLES WYLIE Class Pres. 1 H.R. Off. 2-3 Football 2 Jr. Play Com. FFA3-4 Baseball 4 Dra. Clb. 4 114VALEDICTORIAN OF THE 1958 GRADUATING CLASS Patsy Watson SALUTATORIAN OF THE 1958 GRADUATING CLASS Donna Dixon Forming the " E" below are the 91 seniors of the 1958 graduating class. 115Senior Class Activities First, to become seniors, we had to start to school. Then we reached high school and gave our Jr. play. This brought on lots of games and lots of fun. As the high school years past on, we received many honors and much fame. But now we face the future, and here is Pecot's Big E Jamboree from some year of the future. We blend our voices in the future, as in the past, for a harmonius friendship among men. 116The end of one era, the beginning of another. We, the seniors of 1958, "Strive today for a better tomorrow" These are our mayors, politicians, and club members of the future. We leave you, Ennis High, for now it's "Twilight Time"FIRST ROW, left to right: Gardiner, Lanier, Martin, Cave, Benner, Reel. SECOND ROW: Allred, Maroney, Martinek, Watson, Eves, Horton. THIRD ROW; Hawkins, Dixon, Hunter, Lamb, Knize, Davis. FOURTH ROW; McMurray, Maloney, Anderson, Grant, Mulkey, Ekholm. FIFTH ROW: Glaspy, Wooten, Goodwyn, McClendon. 118 FOUR-YEAR HONOR GRADUATES Sarah Allred Nancy Cave Mary Jane Davis Donna Dixon Sue Ann Eason Joan Gardiner- Mary Nell Hawkins Kenneth Horton Sara Jane Hunter Mary Elizabeth Knize Jayne Lamb Dixie Lanier Teresa Maroney Judy Martin Dianna Martinek Earlene Muirhead Birdessia Reel Patsy Watson ONE-YEAR HONOR GRADUATES Margaret Anderson Arthur Ekholm Ervin Glaspy Ben Reed Goodwyn Jimmy Grant Joe Neal McClendon Edna Ann McMurray Dwight Maloney Judy Mulkey Barbara WootenJunior-Senior Banquet 119THE ENNIS TAG AND SALESBOOK COMPANY IS ONE OF THE SOUTH'S LARGEST MANUFACTURERS OF BUSINESS FORMS, THE AMERICAN CARBON PAPER MANUFACTURING COMPANY, WHICH HAS GROWN TO BECOME ONE OF ENNIS' LEADING MANUFACTURING ENTERPRISES. PRODUCES CARBON PRODUCTS WHICH ARE WELL KNOWN THROUGHOUT THE NATION. Ennis Tag and Salesbook Company American Carbon Paper Mfg. Co. GENERAL OFFICE AND FACTORY ENNIS, TEXAS WESTERN DIVISION EASTERN DIVISION PASO ROBLES. CALIFORNIA CHATHAM, VIRGINIA 120FOR THE BEST FOOD AND SERVICE IN TOWN TAKE YOUR FAMILY TO THE Western Cafe 119 N. MAIN TR 5-3731 FOR THE BEST SELECTION OF GIFT ITEMS AND FOUNTAIN SERVICE GO TO Davis Collins oma± an CLOTHIERS 116 WEST KNOX STREET ENNIS. TEXAS HOWARD R. THOMAS JACK W. POFF ENNIS MOTOR COMPANY SALES - SERVICE Phone tr 5—2648 218 w, ave, ENNIS, TEXAS 121Bunch Funeral Home CORNER BAYLOR AND KAUFMAN STREETS ENNIS. TEXAS OFFERS A GRACIOUS CHAPEL SUITABLE FOR ALL FAITHS A DIRECTION THAT IS ONE OF THE EASIEST TO REACH SPACIOUS PARKING AREA PHONE TR 5-2606 LAYTON APPLIANCE FRANK'S UPHOLSTERING SHOP FOR DEPENDABILITY AND SERVICE ALL WORK GUARANTEED 212 WEST MAIN TR 5 - 38 8 9 0 7 WE ST BROWN ENNIS. TEXAS pnmtm • '«• I ------ - ■ l 'Z - r, ft i ENNIS LUMBER COMPANY 122S. P. BUSH LUMBER CO. FLOYD'S SINCLAIR SERVICE PRESTIDGE SNACK BAR WASH ING SERVICE ANYWHERE LUBRICATION PHONE TR 5-3501 TIRES AND TUBES ACCESSORIES COM PL I MENTS OF COMPLI MENTS FITZGERALD'S CLEANERS 206 N. MC KINNEY COMPLIMENTS GEORGE HOLMES TR 5-2331 COMPLI MENTS OF LAYTON APPLIANCE COMPANY BILLY COLVIN 212 W. BROWNTHESE COURTEOUS BUTCHERS ARE READY TO HELP IN YOUR SELECTION OF CHOICE CUTS OF MEAT MOftMt THEY FEATURE A VARIETY OF HOME-KILLED MEATS ■10 E;EN FRANKLIN s-io ■ - .-------- , COMPLI MENTS OF BUDDIE DAVIS INS. Ben Franklin BEN FRANKLIN LEADS IN QUALITY MERCHANDISE THEY ALWAYS HAVE WHAT YOU NEED Ennis Daily News FOR ACCURATE. UP-TO-DATE NEWS SUBSCRIBE TO THE ENNIS DAILY NEWS 213 N. DALLAS TR 5-3801 ENNIS COTTONS, INC, 1020 SOUTH KAUFMAN P. O. BOX 269 ENNIS. TEXAS 124THE TWIN SHOP READY-TO-WEAR ANO LINGERIE 110 WEST KNOX PHONE TR 5—2371 VERA TOLAR BILLIE'S BEAUTY SHOP 308 W. DECATOR TRIANGLE 5 - 7221 A l INC ZONE Western Auto Associate Store 112 WEST ENNIS AVE. ROYAL CROWN COLA COMPLIMENTS OF "better TASTE CALLS FOR R. C. NEHI ROYAL CROWN BOTTLING CO. A„ GUNTHARD CO. 106 N. MAIN TR 5-3141 COMPLIMENTS OF W. T. MUNN, JR. BUILDERS AND DEVELOPERS OF HOMESENNIS. TEXAS The Sherwin- Williams Co. OF TEXAS PAINTS - VARNISHES - LACQUERS - ENAMELS BRUSHES - WALLPAPER ASSOCIATED PRODUCTS 105 S. MAIN ST. THE FRANCES SHOP READY-TO-WEAR MRS. H. G. LILLEY CALL TRIANGLE 5-2731 COM PLI MENTS OF ALEXANDER'S GROCERY COMPLIMENTS OF ALLEN'S FURNITURE COM PLI MENTS OF NATIONAL GARAGE J2zqqztt Er LIna. MANUFACTURERS SINCE 1883 OF THE MAIN SPRINGS OF REST ENNIS. TEXASCOMPLIMENTS OF joe c0 McCrary, agent INSURANCE - REAL ESTATE ED MARTIN 104 S. DALLAS JOE BRUCE M 3c M MANUFACTURING CO. Go Jo SCHMIDT, JEWELER MANUFACTURERS OF THE HIGHEST QUALITY IN LADIES READY-TO-WEAR 210 W. BROWN NEICY'S CAFE III S. DALLAS SERVING GOOD FOOD PH. TR 5-7961 114 SO. DALLAS TR 5-7345 SOUM AUTO StORt 'Wesley Ionize jTUtotor “Tarts and cAuto Accessories - c? tacKine 5ervice “Taints Electrical Supplies Sporting Qoods 106 S. DALLAS ST. PHONE 166 Ennis, Texas Hesser Pray Company ezjfAe l{exal 52 W In the Center of Town ENNIS, TEXAS 177Roorbach’s Pharmacy I 15 N DALLAS DIAL TR 5-3841 ROGERS SHOE STORE Q. 'Rogers ENNIS, TEXAS Brasher Barber Shop WEST KNOX STREET ENNIS. TEXAS Alamo Garage SEE ALAMO FOR AUTO REPAIRS NEW USED PARTS AND WRECKER SERVICE ENNIS AVE, TR 5-21 I I 128COMPLIMENTS BABCOCK BROS. AUTO SUPPLY OF 109 S. MAIN DENNY'S WHERE YOUR MONEY BUYS MORE GLASS AND TRIM SHOP TR 5-2114 JOHN D. CARTER COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF TOMMIE AND RICHARD'S FELCMAN TAILOR BARBER SHOP DRY CLEANER III W. KNOX TR 5-7341 K„ WOLENS COMPLIMENTS OF "famous for values SINCE 1898" GUY HENRY ENNIS, TEXAS DAIRY MART HIGHWAY 75 Strunc Electric Service 409 EAST ENNIS AVENUE TOM'S FOOD MARKET 13013) Adabel’s Bobbie Pen FOR EXPERT HAIR STYLING 703 NORTH MC KINNEY EVARTS FURNITURE NATIONALLY KNOWN BRANDS OF NEW AND USED FURNITURE Dalrymple Barber Shop WE SPECIALIZE IN FLAT TOP HAIR CUTS 205 NORTH DALLAS STREET Kuchar’s Men’s Store MEN AND BOYS' WEAR III S. DALLAS TR 5-2271 Dodd’s Appliance THE CARRIAGE SHOP j. r. dodd, owner ANTIQUES 405 W. BELKNAP 115 W. Ennis Avenu Bus. Phone TR. 5-764) DALLAS TIMES HERALD ENNIS PHARMACY gives quality service and FIRST IN NEWS SPORTS acomplete line of drugs, C. D. (Tracy) Lanier, Dealer cosmetics, and sundries. ENNIS, TEXAS Ennis, Texas Phone TR5-7259 G. C. BRUNER L R. REED COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF NORTH FEED AND SEED STORE MARONEY - GLASPY INS. AGCY. NATIONAL FAMILY MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY ROBERT A. MUIRHEAD MOTOR CO. BOX 20 ENNIS. TEXAS ALEXANDER BUILDING TELEPHONE TR 3-3361 ENNIS, TEXAS 132 DAVIS AND HARKINS THE BEST IN MEN'S WEAR AND DRV CLEANING 114 W. BROWN TR 3-2191 DAIRY QUEEN ••The Cdne with the Curl dn Top” •4D1 WEST ENNIS AVENUE Snnii., C7£xai BUDDIE DAVIS INSURANCE AGENCY ENNIS. TEXAS Christian Grocery R. L. CHRISTIAN, OWNER COMPLIMENTS OF R= O. SMITH APPLIANCE BILLY COLVIN 110 S. DALLAS PHONE TR 5-7791 133Ennis State Bank UNDER THE LEADERSHIP OF ITS PRESIDENT. W. B. RIDER. THE E. S. BANK IS RECOGNIZED AS ONE OF THE MOST RELIABLE OF £NN IS AND ELLIS COUNTY . NOT ONLY IS THIS BANK A MEM -BER OF THE F. D. I. C. BUT IT CONTINUES TO BE KNOWN AS- "THE FRIENDLY INSTITUTION" PLANTER’S COTTON OIL MILL THE PLANTER'S COTTON OIL MILL IS ONE OF THE LARGEST INSTITUTIONS IN ELLIS COUNTY. FARMERS IN THE ENNIS TRADE TERRITORY CAN ALWAYS BE SURE OF DEPENDABLE SERVICE AND QUALITY PRODUCTS AT PLANTER 'S. 134 .iquiyeu Comqany YOUR FRIENDLY BUTANE PROPANE DEALER ENNIS COTTONS, INC 1020 SOUTH KAUFMAN P. O. BOX 269 ENNIS, TEXAS DAVIS OIL COMPANY skelly petroleum PRODUCTS 101 EAST BAYLOR PHOMC TR Red Moon Petroleum SPECIALIZING IN SE IBERLING TIRES AND RECAPPING JOSS THIS COMPANY IS ALWAYS READY TO SERVE YOUR GASOLINE. KEROSENE. OIL. BATTERY AND ACCESSORY NEEDS DU-ALL APPLIANCE FOR APPLIANCES SUCH AS YOUR COST IS SMALL HOTPO INT-BEND IX-PH I LCO-ADM I RAL WHEN YOU BUY FROM DU-ALL MOTOROLA AND ZENITH 112 W. KNOX TR 5-2323 d frm. J[ozLi.t±FRANKIE DAVIS MOTOR COMPANY MR. FRANKIE DAVIS. STUDEBAKER AND PACKARD REPRESENTATIVE IN ENNIS OFFERS NEW AND USED CARS OF HIGHEST QUALITY AND LOWEST PRICE DUNKERLY JEWELRY DIAMONDS - WATCHES - JEWELRY - SILVER III N. DALLAS PHONE TR 5-2521 FITZGERALD'S SUPER HI TONE CLEANING OPPOSITE POST OFFICE PHONE TR 5-2331 PINK BLOSSOM LADIES READV-TO-WEAR OWNER. MRS. EVA RUTH JONES 109 W. AVE. PHONE TR 5-3281 CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION WELCOMES NEW ACCOUNTS AND APPRECIATES ALL BUSINESS ENTRUSTED TO THEM 136i ifrl Phil Todd Implement Company FOR A COMPLETE LINE OF McCORMICK-DEERING IMPLEMENTS - INTERNATIONAL FARM-ALL TRACTORS AND TRUCKS PONTIAC AUTOMOBILES ONE SHOULD SEE THIS REPUTABLE FIRM COMPLIMENTS OF LAKESIDE COUNTRY CLUB COM PLI MENTS OF OiecL |L flints THOMPSON'S CAFE GOOD FOOD 105 S. HAUFMAN TRIANGLE 5-7Z5I 137C. R. Anthony Co. LOCALLY OWNED NATIONALLY KNOWN 101 S. DALLAS TR 5-3934 COMPLIMENTS OF OLIN FURNITURE STEAK HOUSE AIR-CONDITIONED OPEN 24 HOURS OF THE DAY 8 SLOCKS EAST ON HWY. 34 D IAL TR 5—3558 BURR LUMBER CO. 301 S. main DIAL TR 5-2694 1 38W. D. ARDEN REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE OFF ICE OPPOSITE POST OFFICE RADIO AND T. V. SERVICE 112 W. ENNIS AVENUE PHONE TR. 5-7241 ENNIS RADIO AND T. V. 139E. C. Story Service Station To better serve your car, drive in to Story’s service station where you find the best in service. ROSS CRUMLEY Biggest Little Hardware Store in Ennis PHONE TR5-2721 112 WEST BROWN COMPLI MENTS OF WALTER So JONES COMPLI MENTS COMPLI MENTS OF OF PENCE SHOE SHOP BANNER INSURANCE COMPLIMENTS OF Lune 5tar Gas Company DIVISION OF DISTRIBUTION t06 WEST KNOX STREET ENNIS. TEXAS 140LIVE BETTER ELECTRICALLY TEXAS POWER AND LIGHT Wo Jo POLLAN FURNITURE CO, NEW AND USED - BUY AND N. MAIN PHONE H H HARDWARE 210 WEST AVENUE ENNIS. TEXASBURFORD'S DRUG STORE TELEPHONE TR 5 - 3854 115 S. DALLAS ST. ENNIS, TEXAS TRIPPS DRIVE-IN CAFE 1200 W. AVE. MR. AND MRS. FRANK TRIPP CROW'S SNACK BAR BACK OF ENNIS HIGH SCHOOL SCHOOL LUNCHES AND SCHOOL SUPPLIES WE ARE ALWAYS READY AND GLAD TO SERVE YOU ABLES SHEET AND METAL WORKS RADIATOR SHOP 402 W. MILAM TR 5 -254 I IA2r In the complex world of the space age it may not seem too vital that the happy times of your school years have passed. However, in days to come it will be with satisfaction that you turn these pages reflecting activities and friends of your proving ground— the campus. Today, seniors everywhere are entering into an era where opportunities are as boundless as the outer reaches of space which man is constantly attempting to conquer. May it be that each of you as the years go by fits his career into the shining orbit of success. We are proud to know we have had a part in recording these classroom times in producing a book which will be a lasting commentary on those precious years of your life. A GREAT NAME IN YEARBOOKS 6001 EAST ROSEDALE FORT WORTH 5, TEXAS4 

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