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Always to Remember" CICERONE 1957 This is the annual of Ennis High School, Ennis, Texas. "Book of Memories" Ennis, Texas Population — 8,500 Ennis High School Population — 544"But why can't seniors have three periods off?" You'll wonder where the yellow went . . . Is this absolutely necessary - ??? "What are you supposed to put in this blank?" Am "But Mr. Davis, I don't want to be a nuclear physicist." 'Whew — that's over with!" 3DEDICATION MR. FRANK BLAIR To you, Mr. Blair, we dedicate this '57 Cicerone. The students of Ennis High will be forever indebted to you for your undying interest in the math and athletics of E.H.S. MR. BLAIR Algebra II Solid Geometry Trigonometry Coach Sponsor - Soph. MR. BOOTH Agriculture Sponsor - Sr. MISS ESTES Shorthand Typing II English - 8th Sponsor - Jr. MRS. FINK Choral MusicMISS CLARK Girls P.E. MISS GRYCH Homemaking Sponsor - Fresh. MR. CLIFTON Head Coach Boys P.E. General Science MRS. KIRKPATRICK English - 8th Sponsor - 8th MR. GOODWIN Band MR. BRISTOW Physics Math - 8th Sponsor - 8th FACULTY MRS. LESTER World History Geography Sponsor - 8th ft IvjfeM-I-C-K-E-Y m MISS MAXON Biology Sponsor - Soph. 4 MR. POPE General Science Boys P.E. Coach Sponsor - Fresh. MR. WEATHERS American History Geography - 8th Sponsor - 8th MR. LESTER Agriculture MISS POFF Librarian Sponsor - Sr. MR. PRATT English - Jr. Journalism Sponsor - Jr. mr. McDonald Algebra I History - 8th Math - 8th Sponsor - Fresh.i VL MR. WILLIAMS Chemistry Sponsor - Jr. MRS. PEDERSON English - Fresh. Sponsor - Fresh. MRS. NORTON English - Sr. English - Fresh. Speech Sponsor - Soph. It must be the curly hair! MISS REDWINE Plane Geometry MRS. RAPHEAL Homemaking Sponsor - Soph. MRS. POCHOBRADSKY English - Soph. Sponsor - Soph.MR. W. J. DAVIS MR. O. A. PEDERSON n 1 T 10 PRIMServing on the Finance Committee are Leo Kirkpatrick, Dr. A. L.Thomas, and W. R. Schween. BOARD OF Serving on the Building and Grounds Committee are Dr. R. E. Erisman, Dr. W. P. McCall, and Phil Todd. President E. C. Oates EDUCATIONCLASSESSENIOR CLASS The Senior Class officers are: President, Charles Haskovec; Vice-President, Leslie Collardj Secretary, Ray Clark Roberts; Treasurer, Joy Clouse. 14 The Senior Class homeroom officers are: Ray Clark Roberts, Nancy Weir, John Charles Hunter, Randall Wylie, Leslie Collard, Bernard Martinek, Donald Home, Nell Graham, and Paula Johns.MARVIN ADAMS CHARLES ALLEN JACK BENTON THOMAS BLAKELY Football 1-4 Football 1-4 Football 1-3 Football 1 Letterman 2-4 Captain 4 Basketball 1 Safety Club 1-2 Basketball 1 Letterman 2-4 FFA 2 Travel Club 3 Track 1-4 Track 1-3 Sr. Play Study Club 4 Letterman 1-4 Dramatics Club 4 Dramatics Club 4 Regional 1-4 Jr. Play Com. 3 Speech Play 4 State 2-3 Sr. Play Com. 4 Jr. Play Com. 3 FFA 1-4 Homeroom Officer 1-3 Homeroom Reporter 1 Chapter Farmer 4 Dramatics Club 4 Annual Staff 4 FFA Chapter Team 1-3 SHIRLEY BRUBAKER Homeroom Secretary 1 FHA 1, Officer 3 Homeroom Officer 2 Class Secretary 2 Welcome Committee 3 CALVIN BRUNSON MARY ANN BOUSKA Choral Club 2 Band 1-4 FHA Club 1-2 NHS 3-4, Officer Choral Club 1 Typing Club Football Sweetheart 4 History Club Officer 2 MARY ANN CHRISTIAN President 3 Dandee Lion Editor 4 Football 3 Homemaking Club 1 Business Career Club Dramatics Club 4 Dramatics Club 4 History Club 2 President 4 Sr. Play 4 Jr. Play Com. 3 Typing Club 3 Jr. Play Usher Office Assistant 3-4 Sr. Play Com. 4 P.E. Club President 4 Sr. Play Usher B PW Little Sister 4 Christmas Play 1, 4 Sr. Play UsherJOY CLOUSE Homeroom Secretary 1-2 Class Treasurer 4 FHA Club 1-2 Historian 1 Choral Club 3 Dramatics Club 4 Treasurer 4 Jr. Play 3 Sr. Play 4 Band 1-4 Office Assistant 2 Student Kiwanian DWAIN COUNTRYMAN Transferred from Italy 2 FFA Club 1-2 Book Club 3-4 President 4 LESLIE COLLARD HARRIS CONNELL LEE CONTRERAS Homeroom Officer 1-3 Class Reporter 1, 3 Dramatics Club 4 Football Club 1-3 Homeroom Officer 1-3 Football Club 1-3 Letterman 3 Jr. Play 3 Letterman 4 Dramatics Club 4 Football 1-4 Class Officer 4 Letterman 3-4 Student Council Basketball 1-4 Vice-President 3 Letterman 2-4 Boy's State 3; Lion Cub 4 Track 1-4 Class Favorite 3 Letterman 2-4 Jr. Play; Most Popular 4 Student Kiwanian 4 GAIL DAVIS Latin Club 1 P.E. Club 2 Choral Club 3 Jr. Sr. Play 3-4 Who's Who 3 Girl's State 3 Honorable Mention Student Council 2 WILLARD DILLARD Writer's Contest 3 Story Tellers 1 Dandee Lion 4 Photography 2-3 NHS 4; Honor Student Dramatics Club 4 SHIRLEY DODSON Student Kiwanian 4 Who's Who 2 Homemaking Club WILUE DYESS GAYLE EMMERT FAYE EUBANKS REBECCA EVES FFA Club 1-2 Transferred from Transferred from Homemaking Club 1 Chapter Farmer 2 Seagoville 2 Mexia 4 History Club 2 Teen Book Club 3 FFA 2-4 Band 2-4 Typing Club 3 Sr. Play Com. 4 Football 3 Officer 4 P.E. Club 4 Journalism Club 4 Football Club 3 Dramatics Club 4 Sr. Play Usher 4 Dandee Lion Staff 4 Homeroom Secretary 2 Christmas Play 4 NHS 3-4 Homeroom Officer 1-3 Best Citizen 4 FHA Club 1 Lion Cub 4 Square Dance Club 1-2 . SHIRLEY FINLEY Homeroom Officer 1 FHA Club 1-2 Jr. Degree 2 Choral Club 3 Nominee Most Studious 4 BILLY GLASPY Annual Staff 4 Football 1-4 NHS 4 EDS EL GERRON Letterman 3-4 Alt. Dist. S.H. Con. CHARLES FOWLER FFA 1-4 Basketball 1-4 Jr. Play Com. 3 FFA 1-2 Officer 3-4 Letterman 3-4 Sr. Play 4 Leather Club Lone Star Farmer 3 Dramatics Club 4 Christmas Play 3 President 3 Homeroom Officer 2-3 Sr. Play 4 1 Vesper Service 3 Dramatics Club 4 Football 2-3 Student Kiwanian 4CAROLYN GOODWIN NELL GRAHAM RUFUS GRIESENBECK CHARLES HASKOVEC, JR, FHA Club 1 FHA Club 1-2 Homeroom Officer 1-4 Band 1-4, President 4 P.E. Club 2 Officer 2 FFA Club 1-2 Festival Band 1-4 Choral Club 3 Homeroom Officer 2-4 Chapter Farmer 2 Regional Band 2-4 Sr. Dramatics Club 4 Study Club 3 Sr. Play 4 A11-State Band 3 Sr. Play 4 Dramatics Club Jr. Play Com. 3 Track 4; History Club 2 Jr. Play 3 Officer 4 Class President 4 Library Assistant 3 Student Kiwanian 4 D.A.R. Award 4 Dandee Lion Staff 4 Jr. Play 3 Homeroom Officer 1-2 Sr. Play 4 Choral Club 1-2 Dandee Lion Sweetheart 4 Dramatics Club 3-4 Class Favorite 4 Officer 3 Student Kiwanian 4 Student Council 4 Personality of Month 4 Jr. Play Com. 3; Sr. Play 4 Citizen Award 2; NHS 4 Christmas Play 3 MARGIE HEJNY Home making Club 1 History Club 2 DONALD HORNE Typing Club 3 MARION HEJNY Homeroom Officer 2, 4 GARY HEAD Library Assistant 2 Homemaking Club 1-2 Football Club 1-4 Hi Story Club 1 P.E. Club 4 Typing Club 3 Basketball 1, 2, 4 Safety Club 2 Sergeant-at-arms P.E. Club 4 Football 1-4 President 2 Jr. Play Usher Jr. Play Usher Track 1-2 Dramatics Club 3-4 Sr. Play Usher Sr. Play Usher Sr. Play 4STEPHEN HUNSUCKER FFA Club 1-3 Homeroom Officer 1 Sr. Play Com. 4 DAVID KIRKPATRICK Class President 1 Homeroom Officer 1-3 Football 1-4 Basketball 1-3 Track 1-4 State Mile Relay Team 2-3 Student Council 1-2 History Club Secretary 2 Jr. Play Sr. Play JOHNNY HUNTER Homeroom Secretary 1 Safety Club 1 FFA Club 2-4 Secretary Reporter Homeroom V.-President 4 HERBERT LA MARQUE Homeroom Officer 1-2 Football Club 1-3 Basketball 1-3 Letterman 2-3 Track 1-3 Letterman 2-3 Dramatics Club 4 Football 1-3 Letterman 3 PAULA JOHNS FHA Club 1-3 Officer 1 St. Rep. 1 Dramatics Club 4 Pen Brush Club 2 Student Council 1, 3 Class Favorite 1 Sweetest 3 Best Citizen 4 Band Sweetheart 4 Band 1-4, Officer 4 Student Kiwanian 4 Class Officer 1, 3 NHS 3-4, Officer 4 Homeroom Officer 4 Jr. Play 3 ANN LENNON FHA Club 1-3 Business Club 4 President 4 Sr. Play 4 Office Assistant 3-4 Jr. Play Com. 4 BILLY KELSEY FFA Club 1 Football Club 2 Typing Club 3 Dramatics Club 4 JEAN LITTLE FHA Club 1-2 Choral Club 3 Dramatics Club 4 Speech Play 3 Jr. Play Com. 3 Sr. Play 4 Homeroom Officer 4 Vesper Service 3COY LYNN Football 3 Track 3 Letterman 3 Basketball 3 FFA Club 1-2 Delegate 3 Cond. Team 2 Football Club 3 Dramatics Club President 4 Sr. Play 4 Cheerleader 3 Homeroom Officer 1-4 Most Vivacious 4 Jr. Play Com. 3 Speech Play 4 BILLY MOONEY Transferred from Amarillo 4 Crafts Club 4 JO ANN MARTIN Home making Club 1-3 Sports Club 4 LISBETH MORRIS FHA Club 1, 3-4 President 4 Pen Brush Club 2 Band 1-3 Jr. Play 3 Sr. Play Cast 4 BERNARD MART I NEK Football 1-3 Football Club 1-2 FFA 1-4 Officer 1-2 Chapter Farmer 2 Homeroom Officer 4 Student Kiwanian 4 Sr. Play 4 EUNICE NELSON FHA Club 1-3 Jr. Play Com. 3 Sr. Play Com. 4 JACK McADAMS Football 1-4, Letterman 2-4 2nd Team All-District 4 Track 1-2, Letterman 2 Homeroom Officer 1-2 Class Officer 3-4 Student Council 1-2 Dramatics Club 4 Sr. Play 4; Jr. Play Com. 3 Most Dependable 4 JERRY NORMAN Football 1-4, Letterman 3-4 Basketball 1-2 Track 1-3 FFA 1-4, Officer 3-4 Area V.-President 3 Lone Star Chap. 2-3 State Con. 3 Class Officer 2 Homeroom Officer 1-2 Sr. Play; Jr. Play Student Council 2-4 Dramatics Club 4 Most T alented 4SUZANNE O'NEAL FHA Club, Officer 1 Homeroom V.-«President 1 Homeroom Salesman 2-4 Choral Club 2-3 Cheerleader 2, 4 Annual Staff 3-4, Editor 4 B PW Little Sister 4 Most Dependable 4 NHS 4; Honor Student 1 Sr. Play 4; Jr. Play Com. 3 Dandee Lion Staff 4 RAY CLARK ROBERTS Homeroom President 1-4 Class Officer 2-4 Football 1-4, Letterman 3-4 Student Council 1-4, Pres. 4 Boy's State 3; Latin Club 2 Citizen Award 2; Friendliest 3 Dramatics Club 4 Jr. Sr. Play 3-4 NHS 4; Lion Cub 4 Who's Who 3; Most Studious 4 1st District Poetry TOMMY OSBORN Transferred from Heame 1 Band 2-4 Dramatics Club 2-4 Jr. Play Com, 3 Sr. Play Com. 4 Speech Play 2-3 LOUISE SHANKLE Honor Student 1-4 FHA 1-3, Officer 1-3 Dist. V.-President 2 Jr. Chapter Degree State Rep. 1 Homeroom Officer 1-3 Office Assistant 2-3 Citizen Award 2 Who's Who 3 NHS 3-4, Officer 4 Jr. Play Com. 3 Student Council 4 B PW Little Sister 4 Most Studious 4 Sr. Play Com. 4 Annual Staff 4 TROY OSBORN Transferred from Heame 1 Track 2 Band 2-4 Football 3 Letterman Homeroom V.-President 2 Football Club 3 Dramatics Club 4 Leathercraft Club 2 Jr. Play Com. 3 Sr. Play Com. 4 Christmas Play 2-4 CHUCK SHULTZ Athletic 1-3 Football 1-3 Track 1-3 Dramatics Club 4 Student Kiwanian 4 Homeroom Officer 1-3 Jr. Play 3 Sr. Play 4 RICHARD PRUETT FFA Club 1-3 History Club 2 Story Tellers Club 3 Crafts Club 4 LYNN SIBLEY FFH Club 1-4 Reporter Sentinel Lone Star Farmer 3 Football 2-3 Football Club 2-3CONNIE SILLS FHA 1 Band 1-4 Officer 4 Twirier 3-4 Homeroom Officer 1, 4 Jr. Play 3 Sr. Play 4 Speech Play 3 Honorable Mention Writer's Contest 2 Dandee Lion Staff 4 ADOLPH TARABA FFA Club 1-4 ELSIE MAE SMITH Honor Student 1-3 NHS 3-4, Officer 4 Homemaking Club 1-3 Vice-President 3 Parliamentarian 2 Annual Staff 4 Office Assistant 2-3 Citizen Award 2 Jr. Play Com. 3 Sr. Play Cast 4 Homeroom V.-President 2 Jr. Degree 1 Chapter Degree 2 St. Rep; 2 B PW Little Sister 4 CAROLINE TAY Home making Club 1-3 Dramatics Club 4 Jr. Play Com. 3 Sr. Play 4 B PW Little Sister Office Assistant 3 Homeroom Officer 2 RONNIE SPELLMAN History Club 1-3 Vice-President 2 Football Club 1-3 Football Manager 1 Football 3 Basketball 3-4 Captain 4 Lion Cub 4 Personality of Month 4 JIMMY TEMPLIN Football 1-3 Band 1 Homeroom President 1 Homeroom Secretary 2 Football Club 1-3 Arts Club 4 President 4 Lion Club 4 Sr. Play Cast 4 ADELL SVEHLAK Homeroom Secretary 2 Band 1-4 FHA Club 1 Choral Club 2 Dramatics Club 3-4 Jr. Play 3 Sr. Play 4 Speech Play 3 Most Vivacious 4 UNA RAE TUCKER Homeroom Officer 1-3 Cheerleader 1, 3-4 FHA 1 Choral Club 2-3 Girl's State 3 Jr. Play 3 Sr. Play 4 B PW Little Sister 4 Dramatics Club 4GEORGIA VALEK LUPE VASQUEZ JACKIE WALKER Transferred from St. John 2 Transferred from Football 3-4 FHA Club 1 Ferris 2 Basketball 2-4 Typing Club Officer 3 FHA Club 1-4 Track 2-4 Business Class Club State Meet 3 Officer 4 FFA Club 1-3 Jr. Piay Com. 3 Student Kiwanian 4 Mid-term Graduate 4 Homeroom Officer 1-4 Freshman Favorite 1 Student Council 1, 3-4 Vice-President 3-4 Boy's State Jr. Play 3 NANCY WEIR Band 1-4 Flagbearer 3-4 Homeroom Officer 1-4 Homemaking Club 1 Treasurer 1 Choral Club 2-3 Dramatics Club 4 Student Council 4 Treasurer 4 NHS 4 Sr. Play 4 Dandee Lion Editor 4 RANDALL WYLIE B PW Little Sister 4 SADIE WILSON Transferred from Itasca 2 Homeroom Officer 2-3 Football Letter man 2-4 Track Letter man 3-4 NHS 4 FHA Club 2 Lions Cub 4 Who's Who 1 Class Officer 1 Homeroom Officer 1-4 All-District 3-4 Honorable Mention All-State 4 Student Council 1 NORMA YARBROUGH Home making Club 1-3 Business Club 4 Jr. Play Com. 3 Sr. Play Com. 4 Usher for Vesper Service 3 Office Assistant 2-4 NHS 4 BETTY JO ZAJIC Transferred from St.John Homemaking Club 2 P.E. Club 4 Jr. Play Usher Sr. Play UsherSENIOR CAN BE FOUND Marvin Adams Charles Allen at a pool hall in front of a camera Jack Benton on a drag strip Thomas Blakely Mary Ann Bouska Shirley Brubaker Calvin Brunson if you hunt real hard if you have a road map with Delly Ann at a dance Mary Ann Christian Joy Clouse Leslie Collard Harris Connell Lee Contreras Dwain Countryman washing dishes at a magazine rack Dairy Queen sleeping with a girl in every port around radio equipment Gail Davis Willard Dillard Shirley Dodson Willie Dyess studying Story’s Service Station combing her hair in some kind of meanness Gayle Emmert Faye Eubanks Rebecca Eves confusing people everywhere at once at the cafe Shirley Finley Charles Fowler Alsdorf arguing with teachers Edsel Gerron Billy Glaspy Carolyn Goodwin Nell Graham Rufus Griesenbeck getting the dents out of his car reading Westerns studying music typing at a Liz Taylor movie Charles Haskovec Gary Head Margie Hejny Marion Hejny Donald Horne Stephen Hunsucker John Charles Hunter band house under his car with Marion with Margie in gym riding around rodeo grounds Paula Johns making marriage plans Billy Kelsey David Kirkpatrick Oak Grove in the hospital Herbert LaMarque Ann Lennon Robbie Jean Little Coy Lynn where he shouldn’t be telling secrets with different date every night eating onion sandwiches WANTS TO BE PROBABLY WILL BE elementary teacher owner of calypso band Texas Ranger ranging Texan weight license man first to break the sound bar rier in a car in the army a Congressman airline hostess housewife sec retary a good one English major American private bookkeeper with a little practice elementary teacher choir director ag teacher Sec. of Agriculture airplane pilot flying high a businessman a busy man radio technician a good one airline hostess college professor psychiatrist the patient nurse hair stylist a businessman world typing champ pro baseball pitcher umpire secretary English teacher nurse restaurant owner writer poet engineer natl. debating champ electrical engineer steepiej ack farmer outstanding in his field married a composer a school teacher America’s prettiest an x-ray technician photographer priest jazz enthusiast tool designer blacksmith married comedienne married someday army engineer engineered by army dietician Chief food taster accountant math teacher commercial artist champion shorthand writer farmer typewriter repairman doctor butcher high school graduate by now secretary housewife mental therapist writer of love lorn column accountant bookey 24SENIOR CAN BE FOUND Jo Ann Martin Bernard Martinek Jack McAdams Billy Mooney Lisbeth Morris at Crisp at a hop running around town at four in the morning no longer in Ennis playing with “Becky” (her dog) Eunice Nelson Jerry Norman Suzanne O’Neal Tommy Osborn reading her love letters Hungry Heights being dependable hunting Troy Troy Osborn hunting Tommy Richard Pruett drifting around town Ray Clark Roberts 30 minutes later Louise Shankle Charles Shultz Lynn Sibley Connie Sills Elsie Mae Smith Ronnie Spellman Adell Svehlak at Boyce working on hot rod at Punkin’s shopping chasing Oscar (pet raccoon) in a gym with Brubaker Adolph Taraba Caroline Tay Jimmy Templin but not heard at work drawing hot rods Una Rae Tucker a little late Georgia Valak Lupe Vasquez never sewing Jackie Walker Nancy Weir singing talking Sadie Wilson Randall Wylie where there’s boys onroad to Reagor Springs Norma Yarbrough whispering Betty Jo Zajic in a cheerful mood Annual Staff hiding from Seniors after they read this WANTS TO BE PROBABLY WILL BE nurse big time operator engineer cowboy doctor if he can get through dissection artist house painter geologist anything she wants to married before too long veterinarian night club singer florist gardener public accountant inventor of another calculator naval officer seasick math teacher window washer at Empire State building minister a financial dealer in Las Vagas an oilman’s secretary Sec. to President veterinarian wrestler cattle rancher sheep rancher piano player piano tuner receptionist animal trainer government draftsman government draftee P. E. teacher shorthand teacher surveyor auctioneer secretary dancing instructor automobile engineer flying saucer draftsman drama student academy award winner May bride by now homemaking teacher homemaker mechanical engineer a coach journalism teacher editor for New York Times speech teacher an old maid geologist grease monkey secretary gossip columnist airline hostess literature teacher forgiven murdered if found 25As seniors we AT LAST ! ! 26 Suzanne gets editors award.VALEDICTORIAN LOUISE SHANKLE S A LUT AT O RIAN GAYLE EMMERT MOTTO: "Today's dreams, tomorrow's realities." SONG: "Graduation Day" COLORS: Aqua and White THE CLASS OF 1957 FLOWER: RoseJUNIOR CLASS The Junior Class officers are: President, Patsy Watson; Vice-President, Mary Elizabeth Knize; Secretary, Glenda Oliver; and Reporter, Earlene Muirhead. The Junior Class elected as their homeroom officers Charles Wylie, Robert Erisman, Dixie Lanier, Mary Elizabeth Knize, Sandra McCoy, Linda Whitacre, Melba Benner, Earlene Muirhead, Glenda Oliver, James Finch, Jan McBrayer, and Dwight Maloney. 28Jimmy Alford Sarah Allred Margaret Anderson Mike Atwood Melba Benner Luan Blackwood Grover Braddock Charles Brenton Arlis Brock Joe D. Burleson Nancy Cave Peggy Chandler David Clark Gwen Cox Sammy Coley Patsy David Mary J. Davis Larry Deagen 29 Ralph Denny Donna Dixon Mike Dunkerly Sue Eason “We’re jest so glad to be here! ’Arthur Ekholm Robert Erisman Weldon Feagins James Finch Joan Gardiner Patsy Gentry Carol Giffen Ervin Glaspy Jerry Glaspy Judith Glenn Ben Goodwin Jimmy Grant 30Patsy Hunsucker Sara J. Hunter Virgil Hurley Billy Jones Betty Jordan Mary Knize Morris Lester Dwight Maloney Teresa Maroney Joyce Martin Judy Martin Diana Martinek Marvin Martinet Jan McBrayer Joe N. McClendon Donna McCord Field house is dedicated. 31Pierce McCoy Sandra McCoy Elizabeth McDowal Donald McManus Edna A. McMurray Jesse Moon Earlene Muirhead Judy Mulkey Bethel Nelson Jerry Newman George Novak Glenda Oliver Maxine Pace Stephen Parks Mike Parsons Elaine Pavlacka Bobby Pecot Jerry Peebles Artists at work. Bobby Percival JLuis Prachel Birdessia Reel Wayne Sanderson 32Lindell Scott Ronald Shackleford Billy Shaw Don Shue David Shwadlenak Jerry Smith Bill Snodgrass Nora Southard Pat St. Clair Larry Sullivan Lawrence Svehlak Gayle Swindell - ,j L. J. Taylor Ann Thompson George Watson Patsy Watson Bobby Wilhoite Linda Whitacre 33 Dwain Wilson Barbara Wooten Charles Wylie The band says, “Let me call you sweetheart.' SOPHOMORE CLASS Selected as S o ph o m o r e Class officers were: President, J. L. Roberts, Vice-President, Roy Price; Secretary, Rebecca Dungan; and Reporter, Lucy McBrierty. Sophomore Class homeroom officers are Mary Jane Fitzgerald, Sonny Burden, Loyd Mynatt, Linda Boon, Lucy McBrierty, Joe Whitley, Carolyn Davis, Donald Simpson, Carl Martin, Billy Ray Ranton, Roy Price, Jerry Venable, James Yarbrough, and J. L. Roberts.Ruth Abbott Laureta Allred Bobby Anderson Jane Anderson Helen Bankston Jack Blackwood Linda Boon Bill Brewer Buck Brown Sonny Burden Martha Jo Burtch Gary Burton Marilyn Clark Jimmy Collins Patsy Cooley Curtis Cosby Pat Cravens Margie Crow Gene Culpepper Joan Culpepper Carlyn Davis “Yes, I did make this dress, too.“ 35Iris Davis William Dillard Eugene Dippery Betty Dixon Bill Doherty Rebecca Dungan Ray Eubanks Mary J. Fitzgerald Marilyn Fleetwood Leon Foster Ellen Fowler Jan Gilley Freda Gilmore Nancy Glaspy Jimmy Goodwin David Haggler Wylene Hammer Alfred Hanak Smoke signals to Waxahachie. Frank Hanak Marie Haught Bobby Holladay Henry Horne 36Pat Hough Carolyn Huff Jeanette Hunter Mike Hutcheson Lannette Jackson Irene Jakubik Gay Johnson Brent Jones Edna Jordan Ray Kallus Irene Kriska Dwayne Lanningham Buddy Laza Lucy McBrierty Betty McClain Charlene McClain Carrie McDaniel Ernest McDonald Wanda McElroy Harold McKnight Gayle Marchbanks Carl Martin Precisian drill. 37Duane Miller Leroy Moore Gale Morse Norma Muzik Lloyd Mynatt Adolph Novy Rayford Novy Marie Palmer Sharon Percival Jimmy Ponder Roy Price Gloria Pritchett Sandra Pritchett James Ed Procter Larry Pruitt Glenn Puckett Billy Ray Ranton Sophomore boys head for Corsicana burial. Linda Reed Connie Richardson David Ritchey J. L. RobertsWillie Jean Ruffin Robert Sanders Barbara Sh w Robert Sheddan Ed Pat Sibley Betty Simmons Ronnie Tripp Jerry Venable Betty Wagner Edward Whitacre The burial 39 Roy Simmons Don Simpson James Slovacek Sue Smith Terry Smith Tommy Snell Norma Stevens Robert Stidger James Taylor Ray Telfair Bill Tewes Bessie ThorntonIkey White Joe L. Whitley Toni M. Whitley Lynn Wilhoite Larry Williams Clarence Winterrowd Elizabeth Wood Bill Woody James Yarbrough “Who spiked the punch??? ’FRESHMAN CLASS Freshman Class officers include: President, Leslie Wilhoite; Vice-President, Judy Compton; Secretary, Freddie Rose; and Reporter, Diane Dillon. Representing Freshman homerooms are the following officers Freddie Rose, Jimmy Ray, Leslie Wilhoite, Nancy Watson, Jimmy McDonald, Sally Bartlett, Jerrilyn Hoover, Judy Sullivan, Judy O’Brien, Diane Dillon, LaNell Finch, Judy Compton, Karen Joly, Lara Jayn Blount, and Dolores Toupal. 41J A A Helen Alford Wendali Allen Sally Anderson Paul Arnold Dan Baker Sally Bartlett Agnes Betick Hughey Bigham Barry Blackwell LaVaughn Blakely Lora Jayn Blount Randy Branscome Tommy Bryant Helen Bush Weldon Caldwell Dean Campbell Mavis Chandler Calvin Collins Jeff Colvin Judy Compton Brent Connell Donna Cox Gary Cox Lucille CoxSybile Cranford Bobby Cribbs Sue Donnell Mike Doyle Buddy Davis Ronnie Deagen Dianne Dillion Joe Dodson Nellie Duke David Emmert Buddy Eves James Ferguson LaNell Finch Ronald Fincher Patty Fisher Joey Fitzgerald Gerald Foster Jimmy Freeman Lenora Fretwell Patsy Fretwell Billy Fritz Melva Fuller Jo Ann Garrett Riley Garrett, Jr. 43Betsy Glenn John Goodwin Larry Gorman Larry Griesenbeck Barbara Griffin Donnie Hagler Ray Harrison Linda Haskovec David Hay Irene Hejny Peggy Holiaday Dale Holt Iva Jean Holt Larry Hughes Jerrilyn Hoover Karen Joly Donald Hosek Janice Jones Judith Harbina Dolores Jordan '• R.L. Hunter Barry Hughes Bessie Kelsey Jimmy Kirkpatrick 44Lawrence Kucera Mary J. Lemmon Jimmy Lisman Margaret Lord Grace Lowey Carol McBrayer Don McCord Billy S. McCormick David McManus Mary Maloney Larry Mansfield Billy Martin Le Roy Martin Johnny Monreal Gail Morse Norman Moucha Ronald Mraz Monte Muirhead Marjorie Nekuza Philip Nelson Judy O'Brien Larry Oliver Donna Ozymy Doris Parker 45Don Perry Freddy Rose Jimmy Simpson Janie Tapia Paul Rackley Alice Raney Bettie Raney Jerri Rankin Pete Ruffin Verlon Rutherford Charles Seabolt Robbie Sheets Jimmy Ray Thomas Shelton Billy Skrivanek Ella J. Skrivanek Larry Steele Judy Sullivan Linda Sullivan Veneda Tay Patsy Taylor Phylis Todd Wayne Tolieson Dolores Toupai 46Mary Valdez David Vance Willie Mae Vrla Leroy Vrzalik Buddy Wall Nancy Watson Earl Whitacre Barbara Wilhoite Joe Roy Wilhoite Leslie Wilhoite Dorothy Whiteley Bill Whitlock Joe Wilson Carol Wolover Mamye Wolfe Charles Wrinkle Rita Young John Zapic Tommy Wood Shirley Worley Darlene Wrinkle What’s this? Music? 47GRADE ? Eileen Gilley Ruth Appeit Ann Simpson Sharon Pritchett Eva Kay Eason Dorothy Price Louise Winterowd Pat Swindell Peggy Connor Re Nee Emmert Ronald Peebles Bill Campbell Alvis Boon John Findley Kenny RobertsFAVORJTESPaula Johns Ray Telfair Louise Shankle Mary Knize --------II------------ Jerrilyn Hoover Judy Martin Patsy Watson Ray Clark Roberts WHO’SJerry Norman Charles Haskovec, Jr, Judy Compton Birdessia Reel David Kirkpatrick Randall Wylie Billy Glaspy Jackie WalkerHONOR GRADUATES FOUR-YEAR HONOR GRADUATES Top: Billy Glaspy, Randall Wylie, Charles Has-kovec, Jr., Louise Shankle, Georgia Valek, Gayle Emmert, Norma Yarbrough, Suzanne O’Neal, Paula Johns, Gail Davis, Shirley Finley, Nancy Weir, Shirley Brubaker, Ray Clark Roberts, and Elsie Mae Smith. These students have maintained a 90 or above average throughout their four years of high school. ONE-YEAR HONOR GRADUATES Lisbeth Morris and Donald Home. These students have maintained a 90 or above average during their senior year.CLUB B PW LITTLE SISTERS Shirley Brubaker Nancy Weir Una Rae Tucker Louise Shankle Caroline Tay Suzie O'Neal Elsie Smith Lisbeth Morris Shirley FinleyPRES. V.-PRES. SEC.-TREAS. REPORTER PR-CHAIRMAN Jane Davis Donna Dixon Shirley Gayle Elsie Mae Paula Louise Brubaker Emmert Smith Johns Shankle NATIONAL HONOR X. SOCIETY RaV Clark Davis F inlev Charles Patsy Watson ma Y orb rough S uzanne O’Neal Birdessia Reel Joan Sara Jane Mary Dixie Teresa Dianna Judy Elizabeth 62 Gardiner Hunter Knize Lanier Maroney Martinek Martin McDowalF.F.A. SWEETHEART Louise Shankle BLUEBONNET BELLE Nell Graham Billy Jones Larry Sullivan Mike Dunkerly Jimmy Grant Patsy Watson GIRLS STATE 66 ACTIVITIESBANQUETS JUNIOR-SENIOR BANQUET FOOTBALL BANQUETBAND BANQUET Above — FUTURE HOMEMAKERS BANQUET Below — FUTURE FARMERS BANQUETOk £ junior CL . — "JUNIOR MISTER CAST Prompters Publicity Mary Jane Davis, Margaret Anderson Student Directors .... Patsy Watson, Sandra McCoy Make Up ............. Nancy Cave, Maxine Pace, Linda Whitacre Stage Crew .......... Charles Wylie, Dwain Wilson, Joe David Burleson, Bobby Pecot, George Novak Harold Hastings .... Bill Singer Joe Roberts Jean Hastings Dick Jordan Gloria Fellows Frances Price Miss Hamilton Sanders Mike Betty Bonnie Barbara Louise Shirley Beth Gertrude Vedder ... Col. Price Mrs. Price Norma Price Wayne Hastings Bobby Wilhoite, Morris Lester, Barbara Wooten, Donna Dixon, Sarah Allred, Stephen Parks, Ervin Glaspy, James Finch, Joe Neal McClendon Ushers Donna McCord, Patricia St. Clair, Gayle Swindell, Teresa Maroney, Peggy Chandler, Joan Gardiner, Elizabeth McDowell, Ann Thompson, Dianna Martinek, Margaret Hodge, Patsy Hunsucker, Sue Eason COMMITTEES!Prompters Ctaii PRKENTS CAST Mother "TIIM Norma Yarbrough Father Evelyn (Evie) Palmer ... Robbie Jean Little Lisbeth Morris Mrs. Anna Palmer Mr. Arthur Palmer Shirley Brubaker ... Ray Clark Roberts Student Director Sally Palmer Irene Isherwood Gail Davis Maybelle Harrison Hilda Phyllis McSorley STAGE CREW Barbara (Babs) Bannister Suzanne O’Neal Charles Allen Willie Ray Dyess Charles Hill Johnnie Stone Troy and Tommy Osborn Larry Palmer Charles Haskovec Ollie Bannister Chubby Bascombe .... David Kirkpatrick BACK THE CLOCK” Make Up .............. Louise Shankle Party Guests ............. Connie Sills Adell Svehlak Elsie Mae Smith Ann Lennon Jack Benton Rufus Griesenbeck Bernard Martinek Donald Horne Jimmy Templin USHERS Mary Ann Bouska Mary Ann Christian Carolyn Goodwin Margie Hejny Marion Hejny Rebecca Eves Eunice Nelson Betty Jo ZajicCLUBS APPLIED ARTS CLUB Members are: Mike Atwood, Weldon Feagins, Aubrey Hester, Charles Layton, Mike Parson, James Prochyl, Bobby Pecot, Jimmy Templin, and Ikey White. SPORTS CLUB Members are: Jane Anderson, Margaret Anderson, Mary Ann Christian, Joan Culpepper, Nellie Duke,Margie Hejny, Marion Hejny, Patsy Hunsucker, Jo Ann Martin, Joyce Martin, Donna McCord, Kay Morse, Bettie Raney, Betty Wagner, Elizabeth Wood, Betty Jo Zajic, Patsy Gentry, Rebecca Eves, Virginia Lekar, Gayle Swindell, Betty Lekar, Jerri Rankin, Gegoria Savala, and Judy Blalock.LEATHERCRAFT CLUB Members are: David Vance, Joe David Burleson, Ray Callus, Ray Telfair, Ralph Denny, Ronnie Tripp, Ernest McDonald, Eugene Dipprey, and Char- CLUBS ley Ellis. BUSINESS CLUB Members are: Norma Yarborough, Mary Ann Bouska, and Ann Lennon. BOOK CLUB Members are; Charles Brenton, Dwain Countryman, Margie Crow, David Emmert, Freida Gilmore, Wylene Hammer, Walter Hanson, Dolores Jordan, Billy Sam McCormick, Wanda McElroy, Barbara Shaw, Betty Simmons, Jimmy Simpson, Wayne Tolleson, Bill Whitlock, Rita Young, Pat St. Clair, and Iris Davis.CLUBS MODEL CLUB Gary Cox Ervin Glaspy Roy Simons Ronnie Spellman Jerry Glaspy Bill Tewes Russell Hobbs Mike Hutcheson Duane Miller Richard Pruitt Robert Sanders Jessie Ponder Lindell Scott Robert Stidger Charles Fowler Lawrence Kucera Leroy Moore Sponsors: Mrs. Pochobradsky and Mrs. Pederson FRESHMAN AND SOPHOMORE DRAMATICS CLUB Members are: Bobby Anderson, Dan Baker, Don McCord, Mike Doyle, Jimmy Goodwin, Billy Wayne Martin, Phillip Nelson, Glenn Puckett, Freddy Rose, Robert Sheddan, Ruth Abbott, Linda Boon, Lucy McBrierty, Carolyn Davis, Jean McDaniel, Marilyn Fleetwood, Mary Jane Fitzgerald, Ellen Fowler, Jan Gilley, Nancy Glaspy, Barbara Griffen, Carolyn Huff, Judy Martin, Sharon Percival, Brenda Pierce, Sandra Pritchett. Sponsor: Mrs. LeathermanMembers are: Chuck Shultz, Shirley Brubaker, Gwen Cox, Nancy Weir, Sadie Wilson, Nancy Cave, Adell Svehlak, Carolyn Goodwin, Troy Osborn, Judy Martin, Faye Eubanks, Leslie Collard, Ronald Shackleford, Carolyn Tay, Jack Benton, Gary Head, Calvin Brunson, Paula Johns, Connie Sills, Marvin Adams, "Seb" Allen, Willard Dillard, Elaine Pavlacka, Joy Clouse, Nell Graham, Tommy Osborn, Earlene Muirhead, Lee Contreras, Robbie Jean Little, Edna Ann McMurray, Barbara Wooten, Dianna Martinek, Sara Jane Hunter, Herbert La Marque, Sarah Allred, Sue Eason, Mary Elizabeth Knize, Joan Gardiner, Jane Davis, Maxine Pace, Elizabeth McDowel, Luan Blackwood, Donna Dixon, Judy Mulkey, Ann Thompson, Dixie Lanier, Sandra McCoy, Teresa Maroney, Myrtalu Holt, Una Rae Tucker, Jayne Lamb, Birdessia Reel, Jan McBrayer, Linda Whitacre. 77FHA CLUB Members are: Laureta Allred, Helen Bankston, Melba Benner, Martha Burton, Peggy Chandler, Marilyn Clark, Patricia Cravens, Patsy Cooley, Patsy David, Janie Dixon, Shirley Dodson, Judith Glynn, Marie Hough, Mary Nell Hawkins, Patsy Hough, Jeanette Hunter, Gay Johnson, Betty Jordan, Irene Kriska, Gayle March-banks, Betty McClain, Lisbeth Morris, Norma Jean Muzik, Bethel Nelson, Marie Palmer, Gloria Pritchett, Linda Reed, Connie Richardson, Willie Jean Ruffin, Sue Smith, Nora Southard, Nona Stevens, Bessie Thornton, Patsy Watson, Tonie Whiteley, Lupe Vasquez, Rebecca Dungan, Margaret Hodge, Judy Harbina, Janice Jones, Karen Joly, Betsy Kelsey, Mary Lemmon, Margaret Lord, Grace Lowey, Mary Maloney, Carol Mc-Brayer, Marjorie Nekuza, Judy O'Brien, Donna Ozymy, Doris Parker, Alice Raney, Verlon Rutherford, Ella Skrivanek, Robbie Sheets, Judy Sullivan, Linda Sullivan, Veneda Tay, Phyllis Todd, Delores Toupal, Mary Valdez, Willie Mae Vrla, Nancy Watson, Dorothy Whitley, Barbara Wilhoite, Carol Wolover, Helen Alford, Sally Anderson, Sally Bartlett, Agnes Betik, La Vaugn Blakely, Lora Jayne Blount, Helen Bush, Sybil Cranford, Donna Cox, Lucille Cox, Judy Compton, Dianna Dillion, Susie Donnell, Nita Duke, La Nell Finch, Patty Fisher, Joey Fitzjerald, Lenora Fretwell, Patsy Fretwell, Milva Fuller, Jo Ann Garrett, Betsy Glenn, Linda Haskovec, Donnie Hagler, Iva Jean Holt, Jerrilyn Hoover, Peggy Holladay, Darlene Wrinkle, Louise Wolfe, Irene Hjeny,Gail Morse. Officers pictured in the inset are: President, Lisbeth Morris; Vice-President, Linda Reed; Secretary, Jeanette Hunter; Historian, Mary Nell Hawkins; Parliamentarian, Patsy Watson; Song Leader, Patsy Hough; Pianist, Marilyn Clark; Reporter, Nona Stevens.ENNIS FFA CLUB Members are: Marvin Adams, Jack Blackwood, Sonny Burden, Jeff Colvin, Gene Culpepper, Larry Deagin, Billy Doherty, Mike Dunkerly, Leon Foster, Johnny Hunter, Virgil Hurley, Mike Hutcheson, Herbert La Marque, Buddy Laza, Carl Martin, Adolph Novy, Rayford Novy, Jimmy Ponder, James Edd Proctor, Terry Smith, Bill Tewes, Lynn Wilhoite, Joe Roy Wilhoite, Barry Blackwell, Dean Campbell, Arlis Brock, Jack Blackwood, Gary Burton, Dan Baker, Jeff Colvin, Sammy Coly, William Dillard, Earnest Gerick, David Hagler, Edwin Dubin, Buddy Laza, Jimmy Ponder, Jessie Moon, Larry Pruett, James Slovcek, Ronald Shackleford, Don Shue, Edd Sibby, Bobby Wilhoite, James Taylor, Randy Brascome, Jimmy Freeman, James Ferguson, Gerald Foster, Barry Hughes, Norman Moucka, Don Perry, Jerry Smith, Joe Willes Wilson, Leroy Vrzalek, Jerry Newman, David Clark, Ronnie Deagin, Dale Holt, Ronald Fincher, Donald Hosek, Larry Hughes, R. L. Hunter, Jimmy Lisman, Leroy Martin, Thomas Shelton, George Watson, Tommy Woods, Charles Wylie, John Zajic, Jerry Norman, Edsel Gerron, Bernard Martinek, Dwain Wilson, and Lynn Sibley. Officers pictured in front are: President, Jerry Norman; Vice-President, Edsel Gerron; Secretary, Dwain Wilson; Reporter, John Charles Hunter; Treasurer, Lynn Sibley; and Sergeant-at-arms, Bernard Martinek. LEARNING TO DO DOING TO LEARN EARNING TO LIVE LIVING TO SERVE 79D A N D E E L I 0 N Members of the DANDEE LION staff: Suzanne O'Neal, Jack Benton, Nancy Weir, Shirley Brubaker, Willie Ray Dyess, Connie Sills, Gail Davis, and Charles Haskovec. Nell Graham was elected as the first DAN-DEE LION SWEETHEART in an election which was sponsored by the DANDEE LION staff. Editors: Nancy Weir Layout Editors; Suzanne O'Neal, Circulation Managers: Jack Ben- Shirley Brubaker Gail Davis, and Connie Sills. ton, Willie Ray Dyess, Charles Haskovec.FFS Members of the CICERONE staff: Shirley Finley, Louise Shankle, Elsie Smith, Suzanne O'Neal, Rufus Grie-senbeck, Jimmy Alford, and "Seb" Allen. Salesmen: Suzanne O'Neal, Billy Glaspy, Stephen Parks, Dwain Wilson, Luan Blackwood, Ray Telfair, Nancy Glaspy, Roy Simmons, Ellen Fowler, David Hay, Joey Fitzgerald, Carol McBrayer, Bill Whitlock, Kent Wear, Charles Sheddan, Nancy Telfair, Jerry Holloway. Winners: Rufus Griesenbeck, Bobby Wilhoite, Henry Home, Leslie Wilhoite, Kay Lynn Christian. C I c E R 0 N E Editor: Suzanne O'Neal Sports Editor: "Seb" Allen Business Manager: Rufus Griesenbeck Layout Editors: Louise Shankle, Elsie Smith, Shirley Finley. Photographers: Jimmy Alford, David Emmert, Birdessia Reel, Laureta Allred, and Judy Martin.STUDENT COUNCIL SENIORS Jerry Norman Louise Shankle Charles Haskovec S 'tde v ws 6' yt3H, °o redd .w° Right to Left PRESIDENT RAY CLARK ROBERTS VICE-PRESIDENT JACKIE WALKER SECRETARY NANCY WEIR OFFICERS OF THE STUDENT COUNCILSTUDENT COUNCIL ASSEMBLIES ' ZJU« iav e a few onis Say 3bom n‘V Ca°didate „ge datin?. vote for a lot president." "As your president, I will Connie plaVs elected candidates await initiation. ‘Bg . °ut8o. •ng "Do you solemnly promiseOffice Assistants: Sara Jane Hunter Judy O'Brian Judy Sullivan Sandra Pritchett Norma Y arbrough Freda Gilmore Mary Jane Fitzgerald Shirley Brubaker Sadie Wilson Margaret Anderson Ann Lennon Ellen Fowler assistants Band Assistants: Phyllis Todd Karen Joly Mollie Collins Donna Ozymy Carol McBrayer Nancy Telfair Patricia Everts Judy Martin 84Jan McBrayer Martin Connie SillsFLUTES Molly Collins Patsy Hough Nancy King Mary Elizabeth Knize Jan McBrayer Sandra McCoy Edna Anne McMurray Nancy Telfair FRENCH HORNS Melba Benner Paula Johns Doris Parker Bill Whitlock BARITONES Earlene Muirhead Tommy Osborn Troy Osborn Linda Whitacre B FLAT CLARINETS Margaret Anderson Sally Bartlett Lora Jayn Blount Martha Burton Donna Dixon Sue Donnell Patricia Evarts La Nelle Finch Karen Joly Dolores Jordan E H Carol McBrayer Donna McCord Carrie McDaniel Theresa Maroney Donna Ozymy Dellie Ann Svehlak Phyllis Todd OBOE Lucy McBrierty 86BAND ALTO SAXOPHONES TROMBONES PERCUSSION BASS CLARINETS Rebecca Dungan Carolyn Davis Brent Baldridge Ruth Abbott Joey Fitzgerald Mike Doyle Eugene Dipprey Calvin Brunson Joy Clouse Nancy Weir Rita Y oung Linda Reed John Findley Faye Eubanks Marilyn Fleetwood Larry Shelton Wylene Hammer Dixie Lanier Kay Kallus Charles Haskovec Ray Telfair Charles Layton TENOR SAXOPHONES Nancy Cave Margaret Hodge Carolyn Huff Don Williams Connie Richardson BASSOON Judy Martin Jayne Lamb CORNETS Elaine McCollum Judy Mulkey Bobby Pecot BASSES Tommy Bryant Joe Burleson BARITONE SAXOPHONE Patsy Cooley Brenda Pierce Larry Mansfield Barbara Wooten Patricia Cravens Connie Sills Buddy Wall BAND OFFICERS President: Vice-President: Secretary: Treasurer: Reporter: Charles Haskovec Paula Johns Faye Eubanks Nancy Weir Connie Sills BAND PARENTS The Ennis Band and the students of E. H. S. are indebted to the BAND PARENTS CLUB for the wonderful support they have given to the student body, band, and athletics of Ennis High.89WRITER'S AWARDS POETRY Helen Bankston, 1st Shirley Brubaker, 2nd Honorable Mention: Irene Jakubik Paula Johns NON-FICTION Paula Johns, 1st Shirley Finley, 2nd Honorable Mention Mary Ann Bouska Louise Shankle Robbie Jean Little Gayle Emmert FICTION Brenda Pierce, 1st Elsie Mae Smith, 2nd Honorable Mention: Iris Davis Gail Davis Luan BlackwoodINTERSCHOLASTIC LEAGUE TYPING 92 Willie Dyess Birdessia Reel Judy Mulkey SHORTHAND Paula Johns Shirley Brubaker READY WRITING Charles Layton Jayne Lamb DECLAMATION Ray Clark Roberts Mary Elizabeth Knize Luan BlackwoodFOOT Head Coach B. F. Clifton Line Coach Sam Pope ENNIS HIGH LIONS Jr. Hi Coach Jim McCoy A-TEAM Tri-Captains "Seb" Allen, David Kirkpatrick Randall Wylie B Tearn Coach Howard McDonald Backfield Coach Frank BlairBack row: James Procter, Roy Simmons, Henry Home, Jack Blackwood, Aubrey Hester, Jimmy Collins, Ray Eubanks, Coach McDonald. Middle row: Manager - Harold McKnight, Billy Ranton, Garry Burton, Edward Whitacre, Mike Dunkerly, Jerry Glaspy, Lynn Wilhoite. Front row: Dwain Wilson, Dwight Maloney, William Dillard, Joe Whitley, James Yarbrough, Ben Goodwin. Back row: Larry Gorman, Bill Jack McLelland, Weldon Caldwell, Bill Huff, Tommy Wood, Leroy Martin, Jimmy Ray, Managers - David Mulkey, Billy Fink. Middle row: Earl Whitacre, Leslie Wilhoite, Riley Garrett, Billy Fritz, Freddy Rose, David Hay, Bobby Cribbs, Joe Roy Wilhoite. Front row: Monte Muirhead, Gary Cox, Kenny Roberts, Lee McCown, Ronnie Peebles, Jerry Smith, Gerold Chamberlain. Adams, Marvin - 84 Sr. R.E. 3-year letterman Allen, "Seb" - 76 Sr. R.T. 3-year letterman SCORES OF GAMES Burden, Sonny - 45 Soph. F.B. R. letterman Ennis - 20, Greenville - 6 Ennis - 0, Hillsboro - 13 Ennis - 13, Jesuit - 30 Ennis - 20, McKinney - 20 Ennis - 20, Terrell - 12 Ennis - 25, Palestine - 7 Ennis - 13, Waxahachie - 0 Ennis - 21, Athens - 6 Ennis - 13, Corsicana - 14 Ennis - 0, Cleburne - 20 Cleburne first in District 8-AAA, Ennis second Connell, Harris - 10 Sr. Q.B. 2-year letterman All-District Contreras, Lee - 82 Sr. L.E. 1-year letterman Erisman, Robert - 65 Jr. C. R. lettermanFinch, James - 66 Jr. L.G. 1-year letterman Glaspy, Billy - 75 Sr. R.T. 2-year letterman Hagler, David - 70 Soph. R.G. R. letterman Kirkpatrick, David - 40 Kirkpatrick, Jimmy - 34 Sr. R.H. Soph. F.B. 3-year letterman R. letterman 97 Home, Donald - 16 Sr. Q.B.Martin, Carl - 38 Jr. F.B. 1-year letterman McAdams, Jack - 78 Sr. L.T. 3-year letterman Norman, Jerry - 54 Sr. C. 2-year letterman 98 Parks, Stephen - 62 Jr. R.G. 1-year letterman Peebles, Jerry - 20 Jr. L.H. 1-year letterman Price, Roy - 60 Soph. R.G. 1-year lettermanSimpson, Don - 56 Soph. L.G. 1-year letterman Roberts, J. L. - 14 Soph. G. 1-year letterman Roberts, Ray Clark - 50 Sr. C. 2-year letterman tv ttfRPRTWtftaS; Smith, Terry - 88 Soph. R.E. 1-year letterman Wilhoite, Bobby - 80 Jr. L.E. 1-year letterman Managers - Larry Griesenbeck Pete Ruffin Wylie, Randall - 36 Sr. F. 3-year letterman All-District, Hon. Men. State Svehlak, Lawrence - 64 Jr. R.G. 1-year letterman Walker, Jackie - 24 Sr. R.H. 2-year letterman 99Oops, I tripped. I'm coming through Palestine Athens 100Hold that line, boys - Where's the ball? 101BASKETBALL Ronnie Spellman Harris Connell Donald Home Jackie Walker Billy Glaspy Bobby Wilhoite Ronnie Spellman Joe Neal McClendon Lloyd Mynatt B-team coach Mr. Smith Mr. McDonaldI A-TEAM x i 104 Back row: Jerry Glaspy Bill McLelland Ralph Denny Sonny Burden George Watson Henry Home Front row: Jimmy Ray James Finch Freddy Rose Jimmy Kirkpatrick Bill TewesTRACK TEAM First Row: Jackie Walker, Weldon Faegins, Larry Griesenbeck, Grover Braddock, J.L. Roberts, Joe Neal McClendon, and Randall Wylie. Second Row: Manager Paul Ruffin, Terry Smith, Harris Connell, Lloyd Mynatt, Charles Haskovec, James Ed Proctor, Henry Home, and Jerry Peebles.Sprinters Pictured at left: Jackie Walker 1st Regional 1st District Set new record in 880 at Palestine, Qualified for State Distance Runners Field 106107ALL SELECTION BASKETBALL INTRAMURAL WINNERS TENNIS ALL TOURNAMENT BASKETBALL BASKETBALL SOFTBALL 109BUS DRIVERS Left to right: Mr. Colkin Mr. Campbell Mr. Williams Mr. Booth Mr. Weathers Mr. Bristow Mr. SmithSTUDENT COUNCIL TALENT ASSEMBLY Pictured at left and right are singers: Morris Lester,Judy Compton, Jerry Norman, Jimmy Perry, and James Santos. Below are pianists: Glenn Puckett and Robert Sheddan. Above and left are the angels: Carol Mc-Brayer, Donna Ozymy, Phyllis Todd, and Sally Bartlett. At left are twirlers: Dixie Lanier and Judy Martin. At right: Tap dancer, Ellen Fowler. Lower right, doing a pantomime: Judy C. Martin. Below, the Dots: Ervin Glaspy, Lucy Mc-Brierty, Ruth Abbott, Wylene Hammer, Rebbecca Dung an, Henry Home, and Lloyd Mynatt.,wf auL WHAT IT WAS, WAS BASKETBALL — WE THINK ! ! FACULTY VERSUS SENIORS . 112Now this is what we call music. Cover your ears, this is a jet. OUTSIDERS ENTERTAIN AT E.H.S. The usual procedure is to use a hammer instead of a bottle to drive a nail. This is the hard way. Aft Joe Mitchell draws at the band banquet. These must be band parents!LATIN BANQUET DADDY DATE NIGHT 114GUESS — Is this class or an assembly? "Him's ma pet." Come on Pete, it's time to make your picture. Freshman and Sophomore precinct in Student Council elections. Cheerleader tryouts. 115ENNIS TAG AND SALES BOOK COMPANY The Ennis Tag and Salesbook Company is one of the South's largest manufacturers of tags, salesbooks, and general office supplies. The American Carbon Paper Manufacturing Company which has grown to become one of Ennis' leading manufacturing enterprises, produces Amco Products which are well known throughout the nation. AMERICAN CARBON PAPER MFG. CO. GENERAL OFFICE AND FACTORY ENNIS. TEXASPHIL TODD IMPLEMENT COMPANY For a complete line of McCormick-Deering Implements, International and Farm-all tractors and trucks as well as reliable Pontiac automobiles, one should see this reputable firm. BILLIE’S BEAUTY SHOP E. C. STORY SERVICE STATION 308 W, Decator Triangle 5-7221 TRIPP’S DRIVE-IN CAFE To better serve your car, drive in to Story’s service station where you find the best in service. 1200 W. Ave. Mr. and Mrs. Frank TrippCompliments of Lone Star Gas Company Division of Distribution 206 WEST KNOX STREET Ennis, Texas sTe BEN FRANKLIN 510 BEN FRANKLIN Ben Franklin leads in quality merchandise. They always have what you need. M. J. Stagner Gulf Products Wholesale Retail 1509 N. Kaufman Phone TR 5-7121 BURR LUMBER CO. 301 S. Main Dial TR5-2694THE FLINTKO 1 N C O TE COMPANY RPOIATED DALLAS TIMES HERALD 3H|e Dallas Jflornuig Netua TEXAS LEADING NEWSPAPER FIRST IN NEWS SPORTS C. D. (Tracy) Lanier, Dealer DISTRIBUTOR ENNIS, TEXAS Ennis, Texas Phone TR5-7259 FITZGERALD’S COMPLIMENTS SUPER HI TONE CLEANING OF OPPOSITE POST OFFICE Phone TR5-2331 A. GUNTHARD CO.CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK The Citizens National Bank, a member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, welcomes new accounts and appreciates all business entrusted to them. MANNING DAIRY QUEEN "The Cone with the Curl on Top” ADI WEST ENNIS AVENUE £nn.ii, !Z7Lxai DRY CLEANING 117 S. Dallas Phone Triangle 5-3271 Ennis, TexasK. WOLENS “Famous for values since 1898.“ ENNIS, TEXAS CASH LUMBER “Builders of Nice Homes” Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Munn develop Sunset Addition to the city of Ennis Ph. TR 5-3856 311 W. Brown Clouse Drug Store Drugs and Sundries Highway 7 5 Phone TR 5-2255 PLANTER’S COTTON OIL MILL The planter’s cotton oil mill is one of the largest institutions in Ellis county. Farmers in the Ennis trade territory can always be sure of dependable service and quality products at Planter’s.Compliments of FELCMAN TAILOR DRY CLEANER ill W. Knox TR 5-7 341 SIM’S GROCERY “An abundant supply of groceries and meats” Ph. TR 5-7672 HARRY J. STONE For plumbing, air conditioning, water heaters, ditching of all kinds, and repairs on commercial refrigeration. 105 E. Brown TR 5-2637 ALAMO GARAGE See Alamo for auto repairs, new used parts, and wrecker service. 500 E. Ennis Ave. TR 5-2111 EVARTS FURNITURE Nationally known brands of n e w and used furniture. 219 W. Knox TR 5-3161 PINK BLOSSOM Ladies Ready-to-wear Owner - Mrs. Eva Ruth Jones 109 W. Ave. Phone TR 5-3281ENNIS STATE BANK Under the leadership of its president, W. B. Rider, the E. S. Bank is recognized as one of the most reliable institutions of Ennis and Ellis county. Not only is this bank a member of the F. D. I. C. but it continues to be known as- “The Friendly Institution.” NEICY’S CAFE 111S. Dallas “Serving Good Food” Ph. TR 5-7961 J BUDDIE DAVIS INSURANCE AGENCY ENNIS, TEXAS ENNIS MARKET These courteous butchers are ready to help in your selection of choice cuts of meat. They feature a variety of home-killed meats. 125Dodd's Appliance j. T. dodd, Owner 115 W. Ennis Avenue - Bus. Phone TR. 5-7641 ENNIS COTTONS, INC 1020 SOUTH KAUFMAN P. O. BOX 269 ENNIS, TEXAS V 1 V J. E. KEEVER MORTUARY J. E. Keever Mortuary offers understanding and complete service at a time when it means the most. Fast, efficient, and courteous ambulance service is available during all hours of the day or night. McCLAIN’S GROCERY AND MARKETDUNKERLY JEWELRY Diamonds Watches Jewelry Silver 111 N. Dallas Phone TR 5-2521 CURRY’S STUDIO ENNIS, TEXAS YOUR FRIENDLY BUTANE-PROPANE DEALER For appointment call Triangle 5-7481 ROGERS SHOE STORE ’St Q. 'Rogers ENNIS, TEXAS Adabel’s Bobbie Pen For Expert Hair Styling 7 03 North McKinneyEnnis Tractor Company JOHN DEERE TRACTORS AND IMPLEMENTS Red Moon Petroleum L. C. PARKS, Prop. Phone TR5-2801 • 300 West Brown St. Ennis, Texas Specializing in Siberling Tires and recapping jobs, this company is always ready to serve your gasoline, kerosene, oil, battery, and accessory needs. Strunc Electric Service 409 East Ennis Avenue Phone TR 5-3371 Electrical Contracting Appliance Sales and Service W. J. POLLAN FURNITURE CO. NEW AND USED —BUY AND SELL N. Main Phone TR5-2831SODDERS CHEVROLET COMPANY ENNIS PHARMACY gives quality service and acomplete line of drugs, cosmetics, and sundries. THE FRANCES SHOP Ready-to-wear Mrs. H. G. Lilley Call Triangle 5-2731 Western Auto Associate Store 112 West Ennis Ave.Compliments of LONNIE WILLIAM’S BARBER SHOP 205 N. Dallas muinam H H HARDWARE 210 West Avenue ENNIS, TEXAS THE TWIN SHOP Ready-to-wear and lingerie 110 West Knox Phone TR 5-2371 Vera Tolar ROORBACH’S PHARMACY 115 N. Dallas Dial TR 5-3841 t ; n 4 Davis Oil Company Skelly Petroleum Products 101 East Baylor Phone TR 5-3151 P+u nt boMlanl THE MlD-TOHfidyt St fEn 77 ‘glINDjIbs St fCnnisJew PhO t T S-3»03 MRS. C. B. BOURLAND 211 NORTH DALLAS ENNIS, TEXAS1l6 We.it U nox £nni±, (Uexa± ok omai a nd dPoj'j' CLOTHIERS HOWARD R. THOMAS JACK W. POFF Bunch Funeral Home Corner Baylor and Kaufman Streets Ennis, Texas WHITE AUTO STORE Offers a gracious chapel suitable for all faiths A direction that is one of the easiest to reach Spacious parking area ENNIS, TEXAS Phone TR 5-2606 104 WEST AVENUE LEGGETT AND PLATT Makers of the finest bedsprings, cushions and innerspring units. Also, one of the outstanding manufacturers in the city of Ennis and contributes much to the growth of our city.ROYAL CROWN COLA “Better Taste Calls for R. C.“ Nehi Royal Crown Bottling Co. 106 N. Main TR 5-3141 STEAK HOUSE air-conditioned open 24 hours of the day 8 blocks east on Hwy. 34 Dial TR 5-3558 BABCOCK BROS. AUTO SUPPLY 1 09 S. Main Where your money buys more. TR 5-2114 John D. Carter 309 East Brown TR 5-7171 PHONE TR 5-2648 S A I E S SERVICE 218 W. Ave r w i k. IIC TCVAC For quality service and merchandise s jp at R. J. Goldman’s. 118 West Brown TR 5-3401 MURPHY BEAUTY SHOPPE ENNIS MOTOR COMPANYmodern e lectric TEXAS POWER LIGHT CO. DAVIS COLLINS For the best selection of cosmetics, gift items and fountain service go to Davis Collins Drug. FRANKIE DAVIS MOTOR COMPANY Mr. Frankie Davis, Studebaker and Packard representative in Ennis, offers new and used cars of highest quality and lowest price. BRASHER BARBER SHOP West Knox Street Ennis, Texas 133GUY HENRY OIL LP GAS COMPANY Butane and propane for home and tractor. Tanks and installations on twenty-four hour service. 203 W. Brown TR 5-3261 WESTERN CAFE For the best food and service in town take your family to the Western Cafe. 119 N. Main TR 5-3731 DAVIS AND HARKINS The best in men’s wear and dry cleaning. 114 W. Brown TR 5-2191 LAYTON APPLIANCE For dependability and service see us. 212 West Main TR 5-3889 134 DU - ALL APPLIANCE For appliances such as Hotpoint, Bendix, Philco, Admiral, Motorola, and Zenith. Your cost is small when you buy from DU-ALL 112 W. Knox TR 5-2323 Hesser Pray Company c-the In the Center of Town ENNIS, TEXASKUCHAR’S MEN’S STORE Men and boy’s wear. Ill S. Dallas TR 5-2271 COMPLIMENTS OF ENNIS DAILY NEWS MODERN BEAUTY SHOP 116 N. Dallas For accurate, up-to-date news subscribe to the Ennis Daily News. TR 5-2251 213 N. Dallas TR 5-3801 C. R. ANTHONY CO. M M MANUFACTURING CO. Manufacturers of the highest quality in ladies ready-to-wear. 210 W. Brown TR 5-3711 SOUTHERN AUTO STORE Locally owned, nationally known. 101 S. Dallas TR 5-3934 For standard brands of auto supplies, machine parts, electrical supplies, and sporting goods see us. 106 S. Dallas TR 5-3871 135ALL PHOTOGRAPHY (EXCEPT CLASS PICTURES) DONE BY STUDENT PHOTOGRAPHERS. ALL WORK DONE BY THE ANNUAL STAFF. And in May, it finally ended. 136  •?.' " «rr !f mjrv T$ , iHfr r wrs ■.. t'-t ?j™: x ry-T.I.? y y 77r s . i- 5. L..t« i.Mis»4jcifiu-ih('ik •t p yir'™ r yr • ■ r ■mroia Mpfm r Bp£’ VjJJT‘9 ' 'r i4rr" %A-«" ■ -r i V K' it x» vnH9 »xn! L Z«$ iyn jl'yiBii vcyj "; - v a ry-' WfrWfc ri % %• v 'liM fc£. 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