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1,1 X K r 1 '- f , r G O 5 Q K C G 5 ri 1 E N C C Q C '47 ! M I fl , f NA xx NNN W W W NNW 'Y ! 1,,i:Qr"R J' , mm Wm N M 555323 . Qgmkww WW Q fy XA f ff? 4: W? . 5.152 -'gi ' ggfgiji 'RX "A"- f4WN11X7N ,,,,,4 X5 QT?-QVZ7 ' W7 S - ,WW Qf I, ? l rl Q11XQXxj i X ,,frfrLx ff 5 6 'V 7 ' 'X ff-f-w X uf f E . X C' f Nix xffff, . . N ff E - gg - -W + X Yo - i wv framed! 531.0422 PM '- f:f if?::il i :z q L M .EFX L - LMMWNMQMPW' W v I v A v 0 , X? A qv H, H Ennis, old Ennis, we'll stand by thee: Faithful and loyal we will ever be. True to thy colors that stand for right. Loyal sons and daughters of Maroon and White We will always face the conquest with spirits bold Laurels for old Ennis High will be our goal. A ' Q In L , AA ' A ' A f ' A V A 1 In a community of individuals, it is a mark of courtesy and friendliness to know OHGIS neighbors. The hemisphere in which we live is a community of nations -diverse in cus- tom and language but similar in their love for freedom. We, the staff of this 1947 Cice- rone, have endeavored to acquaint you with our American neighbors by recording in the Pan-American way, the fiestas as Well as the cacti of our high school life. be is Q if fi r at "I p aan ggi ar k ff px If E- A V! rtftx' X Q ,Q 5 , -HN XX ' " flfgf .ll 1 ff f. mr G X W 'tltltw ' g !f M 'lk Myx lit lt wi lfltf X 14 5 ff time it t f ji X03 X- 'Q If f t 5 f it t , t i tilts, i cy I lf 'ff tl? tllf lf li my I l it at 3 gm wx gt Q ut- ' - ? 'f L' m' For her sympathetic interest and understanding of each studenfs problems and for her many invalua- ble contributions to our school life, We, the student body, appreciatively dedicate this issue of the Cicerone to Miss Drewise Davis Ai Arvv O . Q ,o v A f n ,Y ' ff W JNyUxJX XX Q W X, A km 4. 3 V? 7, 4,2i'flJ T 3 fi -dQj C - ' H , 7 Gfifff' if 'X 'fffff -Q 1' -f ' Www To the Class of '47: This book is a record of your high school experiences. As you go through these pages now it will all seem very close to you. In years to come, however, these experiences will take on new meanings each time you tum the pages. I sincerely trust that you will be able to say in after years that your high school was an important factor in developing in you the ability to think right. "As a man thinketh in his heart. so is he." As you think, you act: acts repeated become habits: habit fomxs character: and character detemxines des- tiny. My parting wish is that by right thinkin find h ' x- Jxfx Q5 W I Zyeu Angie? v ff 73, X ll J A ,Q Ni l L1 lf 1 if N - f 'I ff ' I wi f' rv i lj' 5-Xf'7 fa l af g you may always applness along the road of life. Sincerely yours. Iames D. King ,55.5.-5-.11:,z:.1-ff:::1-5+1t:,::.:1- -'-43,-.iii123:31-1q..255g,za:gf5,g::qG!f5:51ga--" '2-112:31:Q5Qc:25.:f.3:455:,:g.:,rg:ig-,Q.... x q.: .,-..,.,.....le H ' ' E , .-.... ,..,. . - ,,:5:,:,.5:.1.,..:.-1.-.,. . l . ,,... ' i A hlfi .Jw-n-un 1 N JMX 'COS-1 r :IL 1 71 --5: Ziff!! :M , ,, I 7 9 7 5 I' f idq 0 ll! -'wit "gf 9 3 , '21 F, 5 ,J if if "' 4 Ill K ws Rfwxf T' .-1:a2222s11'f" A-In ' 0 5 l Dear Students: In this natural confusion ol our changing age, America needs well-poised, straight-thinking, cooperative citizens of a democratic society. That our world be composed of such citizens has become a necessity. not lor tomorrow's world. but for today's world. You, the youth of today. can create a na- tion permeated by justice. amity, understanding and cooper- ation for all: but for this task you must be prepared. Thi preparation must come from your school, your home, an your community. My greatest hope is that your school may be a comerstone in the building ol a happier and more profitable life lor each S' cerely. ol you. in I. F. Gardner Qi AML A3 iinlllli Email Vlll C - 4-1:1 r553fiiif5Ix:"'u as .-.g..., .,-. A rri t A ttt 1 A of' 4 QC : M ' Each student's Welfare is the genuine interest of the Board of Education. This is exhibited through its successful maintenance of an efficient staff of teachers, an all-inclusive curriculum, and the necessary school equipment. These seven men give liberally of their time and efforts in order that the Ennis Public Schools may achieve the highest possible standards. Mem- bers of the Board include E. C. Oates, Vice-president, Dr. A. L. Thomas, President, W, R. Scheeng C. E. Hogge, Philip Toddg Leo Kirkpatrick, and Ioe Hawkins, Secretary. 1332332221-E125 YQ ' ift rfitfflifrf- rlfff, 1 iifi sta teigl iif I riff, up . I. k i Us Q 1 J 'if it 'LlLi"L A "'i A 1 tty L, ,w 1 . . it A W' hi 'Uni ' f J 1 ig . 4 g ,ar 'af-3 I 3 9 0 For its sincere interest in our problems, its promotion of a better understanding and closer re- lation between parent, teacher, and student, and its constant support ot our scholastic under- takings, the student body is indebted to the Parent-Teachers' Association. The Ennis Asso- ciation is a member of the County, State, and National Associations and is represented in the various activities of each. Local officers are Mrs. E. G. Reynolds, President, Mrs. A. S. Mills, Vice-president, Mrs. Oliver Howard, Secretary, Mrs. Iack Bartlett, Treasurerg and Mrs. B. E. Duncan, High School Representative. AN "'t:t' A A 4 , X KX H m-ian E. Williams Y, wif, 1,V,,, ,A Mary E. Walker Homemcxking fl 9 'ix iq "" Q H -if i 8 Q ' H C, AX Q :g 0 5 Ii ',H ,WJ lleida S. Moormcxn e Chemistry, Moth and General Science Future Homernokers of America, English I Freshman Sponsor Photography Club, Iunior Sponsor Embroidery Club, Iunior Sponsor fi C ii . i as ti 147' ,js iw 3' I 9 4 H Frank Blair Iulia Ceska Forrest Hendrick Moth and Algebra English Band ' Cosponsor of Ayhletic Club Archery Club, Sophomore Sponsor Choral Club., Sophomore Sponsor Sophomore- Sponsor I ' Q in ey ,, 1-': l D ' 1 Maurine Overall I. M. Moorman ' A 5 N C If W V. w . i R A 0 is 2 1. 91 4 WF , , 4 4 It W 4 1 , , 'lr x Q y , , .wi S ', Q il 7 " ' .. L... , gg 9 4 , fe r r ar Q fx 2 145 4 r A . Q.. r' 6 1 W e ev. N 9 tu , A X 5 fi 4 0 Lu. -v l x 0 t y LL History and Physical Education Iohn Harper English and Speech Homernaking Magic Club, Freshman Sponsor Magic Club, Future l-lomemakers Co-sponsor of Athletic Club of America, Freshman Sponsor Coach .--N. m u ' I 'Q 5 E aff- F " .. ' l Ruth Poli H. G. Vick Drewise Davis Librarian Agriculture English Grid SDC11'1iSh Personality Club Future Farmers ot America Sponsor of Year Book, Senior Sponsor lunior Sponsor National Honor Society, Pan American Student Forum 'iw '.-' 1 113212521:11grzaiazeg:2gze:2z2e2f'-' -'AA' A 1122.......112x5:4:A:411.1.1:a1ifffs::Q: ---- sy.-f:-fm,-f.-sl:-vs,.afals A. B. Roach 'pri Katherine Maxson Biology and General Science Art Club, Cartoon Club, Senior 'ff J' ff. gf. all Alice K. Wilson Civics and History Freshman Sponsor Mathematics Assistant Principal, Co-Sponsor of Student Council, Senior Sponsor Sponsor, Yell Leader Sponsor, Pep Meeting Sponsor A A . K' ,, ' fi ""' s ... ,fq gm-.f ' I X' , Iforene pollen Maud Barkley Beryl T. Grunt lunior Business and Boolcl' eeping American Gnd Texas Hisfofy Typing and Shorrhqnd Iumor Sponsor Pianist for Choral Club, Office Work Freshman Sponsor fiifffi9ifii3fff'5'if::- - 'Q "" """ 1 55333F355555-'595-5'I-15'1f2i'f5?5iiif'f?-ff?55595 "" '""'1fEl7?fE71-'11?1'1'5t?f:,f,f-Tiff-Z-231'-I-fl-17,22 -,-- " 'f ".r 5.211-.1'1-I-i"1'2Z-'-'ff-if1373 Q. ""'it Q '-"'r 1 '-"" ' ,Q r'-"""i . 63 .- .-cp.: .- - 56 94 96 94 36 9.6 5 KA Q ,gfmgifiig N A?i Y 5:li4?AT 1 Y " 'v 4 K - f fl- -ff"iif' fi Arif A ,1 K '. R1 ---' , ' VE-- I i,1,,fi -xl, 4' '4f'+-'4?'g gg, -5 Q51 - fkfig ' T al- zvigfx 7 ff-i ..f:Qg1- f ggfQEQ,f - T551-f3' :-:H cg, ,,-fi f? 3:l1jf1,-4531i- f Q M41 1 411 iii 1 1 ,iff k f riff figsffi- Ti173 , ' ' :Q-1 fl? Lxff T 5-ig? r, N g F i "S Y infiii Y if L 'ffl 'e - ' -iw-73 rd X1 "'-1 + '-M ' ' W ' ' --N' ' ' ' K gym .,.-.,,.w-'X it ,,,..- W f-il, "" L-A I I x Hmmm!! 1-4 ...? s... + 7,4- -Q ...3-L Hair-1:0 G ' f-':':.,.... we M.. XM . 1 wr. Q, em- to Q D, was r F N 8 4 4 My F x- H: -8- 'M , M . .gi i 6 ni ,,-41 M., .M A I 0 I f 4 l i f "2 I 4 The Freshman Class was not only the largest in high school, but it also ranked among the highest in scholastic achievement. The class was sponsored by Mr. Iohn Harper, Mrs. Maurine Overall, Mrs. I. M. Moorman, Mrs Alice Kate Wilson, and Mrs. Beryl Grant. Class officers were Ioe Bob Walker, president, Shirley Tirns, vice-president, Beverly Har- per, secretary, and Io Ann Hoover, reporter, v--Q Q 4 ff X" ' Andrew Adams Forrest Adams Clifton Allen Ola Bess Anthony Melvin Lee Baker Donald Baldridge Dick Ballew Minnie Ballew Darrell Basinger Mary Lou Belka Peggy Bell I. T. Berry Daisy Berryhill Billy Ioe Bishop lean Blackmon Charles Blakely Billy Bond Billie Gene Brasher Richard Brigance Ben Bristow Martha Brock Richard Cage Bobby Carpenter Betty Childress Mk " ' , Q Q 4 5, E ,X J is l - ,f1 F:Z,- " sf rg F Q' for E i 3 5-QV .. A 1 fi ff X' 'L l it X E 3- .a 3 if 'C Q We 4, 'ls fn 7' if t a, , 'Q 59 Q -we e ' A Nt A .,' 2 -W5 1, X 6+ X fi it xy 7 ll! 5 n.. 43 L- 1 nys, 33 3 ' 'ff , 1 - ,Af , I A I V t ,, V is 'Q B, l yj V ',t ' '45 , i t sexy A 4 I at ff i A 4 4: . Q rap- - ,ye-Gfijy f ' 'z rr - 1 J 'lax , - ' V ,' R 1 ' " l A, esteem, A to 'E , , tl J' 'S 'CY .J l .ff , KXKKXKKKWWKWQK B ie Ay y A nttn tnte sne ntnn nnnhn tnel inet n .-31155511123'.E-1-:lgi-3535E::g2:E2:g:g:5:g?::5:g2::,313g:::EZ:3q.:ii1:5:4S::1:'i:11q1,'-Z-21121:Qr::5Ef:1qt::-:1:::::4-355:115-:-1'Zv.z:g11:A:,1::.g,1-:.-:'-15-cr,-51-,111,11.59.-5.-,-,-..-.-,-.11-,gifa.-.1z,:,-z: :- .,,-.:. . .1 .. .:. , 1 .:. . ., .. . . ,. .. ,. . . . . ,- . , , , +T- MMM Lela Claxton Mary Evelyn Cooke Wanda Corley Don Earl Cox Wanda Crow f A 1? nys, m Bobby Lee Denbow 'Qll Betty Io Dixon ' V,Nn B i Billy Dover ' , wr B .nfl Neylon Drain rx gr . . Ray Fssary B Doyce Eves Carolyn Farrar K W ,ef rflif ,ri 5 B- .5 N C r ET' mm? nklm H 4 .- or 'ee' 'mf f eatrice ra ' 'W Q 17' fx,-p' I - . B Royce Gardiner B L., Vada Garrett Mx B G ,figs B -1- Winnie Fay Garrett E. L. Gentry Mary Frances Grant Billy Ioe Gray f 3 , K4 N L C' Q 4 - - L, fig? W in 4 Macie Anne Green Ve ir 3 ' - ' Gretchen Griffith tel , ' ' rr 5 B r Alben Lee Gureckv z Q 1 ,rr ,W - ' Beverly Harper I Doris Harper Marjorie Harris Willie Ann Haskovec Dian Hawkins lune Rose Hawkins it Qi L A Leach Hefner George Hejny Laura Higginbotham 'I li ,Z is yy lane Higginson Y ,E .vw Q 3 I x Bobby Ioe Hobbs I Q - fi ' , ' AI, ' Kenneth Holley . -f - 5 ' Loyd Holt i f , I in K Q ff L 5 -..N r 'LY ,.,.X ix ,ff Rose Honza Io Ann Hoover Buddy Hoover Frances Hubacek 1 Q fix Dealie Ann Hunnicut Norma Lee Hurley Clifford Hutchinson Mazel Isom 4 ' , 3 , A r Q., Tommy Iackson A li. L 7 7 Raymond lakubik Vivian Iurica H , W yy Mary Ann Koubek plus.-se.. Q-sv f f' 1 ' wg, , f : 5 5 Mil A W1 i , 5 ,S 5 .. f a 5 , I ui W in x xx X f gm y ' ,f fx as Q, .Af JI ur I Q , Q1 L is ffl , A iff lx 1 'fx' W, 1 of 'Rw- L V f. Q y i Q y y t "1: . 4 y it b 33 3 5. , 4 , X ,L f B' r , y 4 V 4Zl 4A Billie Nell Le Gate Ioan Lekar Mary Lou Lewis Bernice Liska Billy Livingston Monroe Loosier Iames Lord Louise Lord Iunelle Loughmiller Willie lean Mach Doyle Marchbanks Grover Martin Edith Massey Iane McBrierty Bobby McClendon loann McC1uney Patricia McEver James Miller Iunior Morales Ann Muirhead Billie Rae Mullican Betty Mullins Pauline Nicklas Frank Novotny fli ii iil it ti A 1"Q' 1 '3.if ?f?? l2ff1 iiii 'f 1.'l 5 Sally Io Pannill Elizabeth Patak - George Patak Ioan Patterson Ella Pouzar Effie Ann Pulliam Iohn Thomas Purcell Lenora Rackley Patsy Rackley Florence Ramsey Iulia Rangel Margie Lee Ritchey Cruz Rivera Renee Romick loe David Ruffin Frankie Seabolt Martha Seeton Ioan Self Raymond Skrivanek Merritt Smith Patricia Smotherman B. F. Southard Iohn Lee Sparks Roy Stokes ,al at tkv., . Z , F 13" . 6 ' W f WNW' ' our 1 of l l .. f xi f I, xv L ' . y 'fix' "' r 1 yi X if h - iat L . 5 ,g -QV SL. 1 ,rf 4 ,... A 5 f Qt' gy ,NH ,NV j' 5' Q I . -gr S v at AP N - - F r-- ' 1' frqrgl E5 vt W if I -N-Bl, F Y :IV ,t., F , n , 1' " I A f t Q 'T ASIS: A f 5 f ,IVR '. -it f V .vk.,,n'i1 fy V 3 V . r,g,g,,j,Q2, , we , '-.X ' I .Q W. an , . yxj -1 i , 40 K, ' Sri: X-Q 5 lf Z 3 QP ' f X Q Y Q 9 Q 4 X l V0 Y' Louan Stringer George Sulc Shirley Tims Lucille Toupal Doris Tucker I 53? .ssh Cloyce Tyner Dorothy Vavra Gladys Vick C. A. Waedekin Ioe Bob Walker Peggy Ware Frank Wavrusa Yvonne Welch M as X-ez S S . 1' 1 m Q Q 3 Marlene Wells ' Billie Burke Wesson Q Ioann White Cliliord Whiteley fl f z- l i 13' Earl Dean Wilson ,Q .Q S Thelma Winterrowd ' 4 ,K Shirley Wood V I-.5 :IV Alene Zuber ff' 52+ 49' bi iff -55,1 ,X ,.-L n 'T , - f f ' - , 1231 is Q -C. ?ei?if1'f:5'2fff 31 :Tiff fv - 2 51' "'35i l:? K! H f Kr f.... ii 1. f f 4 'fT'Y iff . 5 '- Q ' egg fig? , if fif -155-1 14221 Feig'a:' f'9:"'ff113F fi: -:,:?'E. Yi i222 iizsaxf il! E .- ,. fi? N ff, " 'f A! W . Vfxx , " ii flu KW wi "'l'-- U fr iii' - Q qw 14 if V W 1 My 'W 2 f if V Q EN , 1 - .W XX ,m li! "' Y MQYCTLAS W ig-'QM' k-.,, "I:-3 ,.., 3' x. .1 . L z " 4 to v 4 I r . . The Sophomore Class. second largest in high school, electea as its officers for 1947 Herschel Lester, president: Malcolm Ballew, vice-president: Ioan Ledbetter, secretary: and Iohn L. Hinkle, reporter. In the ranks of the Ennis High School Band marched Sophomores Arm Donnell, Mary Lou Wilson, Beverly Vick. Richard Thomas, Walter Test, Betty McCluney. Edwin Gurecky, and Borah Newlin. Ioan Ledbetter, Ann Glaspy, and Stella Farris led the band as maiorettes, and Marilyn Henry as a flag bearer. Representing this class on the "B" football team were L. C. Henson. Duane Potter, Iohn L. Hinkle. Billy Moore, Herschel Lester, Herbert Martin, Curtis Rumho, Kenneth Haney, Daniel Emmert, Roger Haynes, ff X 'ex' - f Malcolm Ballew. Parmalee Towb, Sam Ross, Dale X f X Xk ,. ul Williams, Billy McCord, Kenneth Iohnson. and J Ulf' "fm Douglas Baldridge. Thomas Andrew and Paul F M22 ,519 X 3 Bozeman were football managers. Several of ,. ' these athletes also represented this class in ,fffff NWN Aj basketball activities. Thelma Clark was elected ,X ' 4 cheer leader. ff! ff? Q J uf? '.,.,- ' A Sophomores working on the staff of the 1947 gf ff X XM vm E "Cicerone" were Ann Glaspy, Iames Billups, I' V." " J -2,-J --3 Margaret Hodge, Ioan Ledbetter, Iuanita ll Ill 5 I ? , Grumbles, Marilyn Henry, Walter Test, Duane f 1 l E I L - Potter, Anna Beth Hart, Ann Donnell, and Iohn Wt r L. Hinkle. !M1j1'b ff, k . l Miss Iulia Ceska, chairman of sponsors, Mrs. ta T 7 My 4 Q1 H. T. Lester, Mr. Forrest Hendrick. and Mr. X ff IMI'-F ix 'W I- -L-'Y Frank Blair directed the various activities of P ' , 'Y ' the class. N I 5' ,Q 5 rlre W WAW' ,,,,,.t.,.,....,. ssr, ,.. ,t.., ..,t . ... t a ....... ..., .,.. , B... e .,.....,t.. l e .,,.,.... ,..,..,...,...,...,,, t teaar ' Thomas Andrews Malcolm Ballew Q , W. Douglas Baldridge V Ianet Bames ' T ' ag 21 H. D. Basinger , -"'l Z3 'Sf Pat Basinger T. I. Basinger lane Bell K dll Iames Billups L, Z . y ' Q ' V-" i f l l Albert Bond 7? l Glen Boon if ' Y Q Paul Bozeman V if ,, ' A l V I A V Q ,A . J A! S I., If ! Mary Io Brown I' Peggy Campbell Clydie Nell Cave Thelma Clark X P 4 lg f J H-na? my Y 2 1, rt r Han Q-sfiiill'T"'mm:,, s l c 1117+ FAU 8, A 4? f nele G "" in l Al' . - i , f if! V Gene Comiskey 'ly f 'Y gz Billy Ioe Cooke 't it g Eugene Cooke ' ' Virginia Coppaclc VV Doris Cox Iweeta Cox Patsy Dagnell Ima Iean Davis f Ann Donnell Q' Meloneize Dover f Q Neil Duncan Daniel Emmett Betty Lou Farris Stella Farris Gene Ferguson Ann Glaspy Tommy Golden 1, G gf Howard Goble gi Q? Hof' 37: l ,, V Q az ,- , 1,, . ,L Rosalyn Goodwyn Robert Gray Marie Grizzard i A Wi. if g Iuanita Grumbles ' 5 f Edwin Gurecky Dean Kenneth Haney H dvd .J il Lenora Haney Doris Harper Anna Beth Hart Roger Haynes Marylyn Henry Hazel Higginbotharn Billie Gay Hillger Iohn L. Hinkle fi 5 e rly ffff' -.mg-.-.3.:,-: -.:.-:3,-:z1-:- :g::,-.mg-J-." ' 1-1-3-.-,.:3:.y '.'.31Q1..IgZg:f' Af 'ge ,fa I "' if ,aff t U W' wr S ,. .P , - g ,ef W, X t "" ff' '..b '.2 J' -id' E ag.: X LT W .J 'l fx .3 F 3 ogy 2 f igs- ""'l!lK . -11Q1',- - 13,5 :Sv--1' s-53" Qi- Billv Hobbs Margaret Hodge Albert Hogue Thomas Holland Opal Holt Mildred Honza Royal Hood Margie Horton Dolores Hudson Margaret Hunter Betty Hurley Melba Hurley Q Wnton Isom 41 Y it , K- Raymond Iackson Eugene Iakubik f - 1, Clarence Iohnson 3 b ,VZ t E Ioan Ledbetter Herschel Lester Dorothy Lekar Sybil Lewis Bobbie Nell Lord Herberi Martin Betty lo McCluney Iuyce McCluney W Ioe Kostuk Mildred Krcxjccl Margaret Krl f Weslie Krislcu Geraldine Kubin Doris Lamb m 7 A A AWA QA WAV ' r ri ' ' ' ' ' ' Billy McCord Lillian Mitchell 1,3 iii me Billy Ioe Moore Margaret Moore Bobby Nash Evelyn Nesuda Eva Lou Newberry Borah Newlin I ...mt ff ' , .W Q. , . . x by AY 7 K A7 ,A X K K -,. Qga?:N s 4 7 5 11 ' l 2 Qi Q ,E I lf? 'f Robert Nix 5 Eugene Novy 2 George Novy 3 3 4' :-. ,ir-HQ ' Evelyn Nix 5 Ruphine Patak Willie Petruy Duane Potter Warren Powell "" AW .af rx 1 Raymond Prachyl n 3 S Alice Purcell H in i f My , Billy Quinn Marga Ray Ramsey Forrest Rankin If 33' Ernest Reynolds ' gi Sam Ross l 7 5 Curtis Rumbo 1 gf' 4' Q 0' Alton Sain Nadra Sain Wanda Seabolt Virginia Sellers Wanda Shaw Bobbie Nell Shelton Marian Sills Mary Slovak ' "-3E21'-'-Q:if- '-r:555rf5.33:1' 1255-I-P113:5g-'-' ' 25:3-1-E:5::' iini Eva Lee Smith Wynelle Smith Betty Spencer Bobbie Spencer Ray Stewart Walter Test Richard Thomas Peggy Thompson 'Q At Ioyce Thornhill Parmalee Towb Georgia Tupy Beverly Vick 419 - f . y .J 5 Georgia Webster Gladys Wilkerson Dale Williams Mary Lou Wilson 2 fi' , r fi! 3' J, Bobby Wolfe we ' "' Betty Wood Y Mary Youngblood F 31' Edward Zhanel I , 7 4 Q b , . Q 15- 5 G ,G+ bl ff, A 2:-Z-fr A x - NA -4 fx-il'- T' if f fm Jifw' iiffigs L Qi gli? 'vw ,?2gf-if 2 if WR 4 If M i fi-ggi D F pw H M ' 1 3 'Jn' 1 R WV AIU Ili' M, 1 -.L Mr 1' GIL. -Z7"x"N"' X 2 W ' My NW! M Tj' ml 2 fl.f"L.Y-,w.L,. N M ,.,-f .i- 2 , Ei NN ig., ,f -.,1.1- X ' - Atcqi "E-' ' Tuu1TTa1 '4:" ' .,,,......--- -- , -Jczi---'1 ...-..-..- -..---- 'Q-... ---xg, v 1 - . f 0 , 4 41 3: 0 ., ,.., 42 r- 4 9 , o s , wi ' , ' A Q . A .,, 3 ll -i ,M F - a ,D , as , F 'rf t t The Iunior Class was led by Lynn McCormick, president: Norman Vick, vice- president: Ruby Calhoun, secretary: and L. C. Parks, reporter. Miss Mary Walker served as chairman of the class sponsors. Other sponsors included Miss Maude Barkley, Miss Ruth Poli, and Mr. Herman Williams. Representing the Iuniors in the band were Flo Pye, Gerald Donnell, Ioe Hawkins. Barbara Porter, Norman Vick, and Marie McCormack. Managers were Iames Iones and Bobby Onstead. Members of the "A" Squad in football from the Iunior Class included Clint 'J N54 - - - -fymimttllttllv 1 , s?i""'?iC- -' KX f ,en sga.,-.Nga-ja W ff -f--1 - , """' -I5 ,W . A 'fjnlp "T--' ' 2 'F . ' , 1 ' ' ex 'Hue fa' 0- N ivy x Nav it . 53 A ll X list 0 W7 .uvIQax ffl If JM., TT :- ,yxyflqtlnv 4 'wb Q6 Min.. V4 -wi ' Q 1 o . -.gf ' "ft 'V Q", ' 3 ...is lf' livi ' fri., , ill ,, l. p ie fs, Shaw, L. C. Parks, Philip Martinez. Norman Vick, Skippy Taylor, Don Muirhead, Mac Roberts, and lack Crow. Lettering in bas- ketball was L. C. Parks. On the "B" teams were Robert Goodwin, Johnny Miller, Charles Cato, Alex Panna, Lynn McCormick, Clarence Iohnson, and L. C. Henson. The highlight of the class events was the presenta- tion of the class play, "The Chance of a Lifetime." Members of the cast included Flo Pye, Bill David Bozek, Pat Wilson. Robert Goodwin, Eunice Anthony, Aline Marchbanks, lean Gilmore, loan Gilmore, Iames Iones, Lynn McCormick, and L. C. Parks. ti ' 5 1 Kenneth Allen -' Wanda Allen A Mary Andrews 3 -,V Dan Anthony ':"' I I K 1' 1.7 l , Eunice Anthony Edith Barker Ben Basinger Glen Basinger 110 Robbie Nell Basinger Florence Baumgartner Iris Boon Margaret Boren Bill David Bozek Ruby Calhoun Charles Cato Mary Cato ..:. "Q ., G it X ff' R. fi' ga. LZSN A - S-4,1 Y rn I 54 2-1 s rf' Peggy Christian Velma Clark lack Crow Mary Crow if l Kenneth Dillard Catherine Dobbs Gerald Donnell, Ir. Margaret Duncan f-5 fe, Q 5 ' Dolores Dvorak Billie Ioyce Ford Robbie Dell Franklin Iean Gilmore f Ioann Gilmore Robert Goodwin Robert Harrison Edna Hawkins Q , ,1 l TR A l Q ""' f in 1 " Q - -Cg.:f1- bd . vq f 94 be B, Ioe Hawkins Rosie Hejny Lee Curtis Henson Rudolph Hemandez ,IP lf ' ' J Q, '35 M Q Gladys Hickman Wallace Hickman 'gp' ,, L .e ' Charles Hodge 3 .i::,,,, 1, AV,:A Kenneth Holt 'K'f 1 c P '- .. f, . h H A qu: -df " 4 ly VI, qzn. If f- 4 If . 1 Billy Ioe Honza if DoroihY Horion -' ' Annie Marie Isom Warren Iackson A I lame: Iones Bemard Iohnson Chlotea Iohnson Marie Kostak Uffxfco C 0 n'iWfu'I'fbn T . Iames Lewzs Aline Marchbanks g if f .. . e A E 5 M Phlllp Marhnez - 'em .lx I' X A Q Q C ' is A 1 l. j f l' Lonn1e McCollum Mildred McCollum Marie McCormack Lynn McCormick lohnnie Miller l Sarah Miller l Don Muirhead Randall Munn Helen Novy X as ' Margaret O'Bannion Bobby Onstead Claude Edward Parks Mx L. C. Parks ,., up-f' W lk ,, A e .231 5 A ' Q ,ge naw L y ml J I-Z .ff l' ' fa.: tiff! l S I ' L7 ,fi ' Alex Parma Charles Pence Barbara Porter I-'Iorella Pye Scott Ramsey Iack Rawlins Lorene Rivers Mac Roberts lane Rodgers Shirley Rothschild Clint Shaw Mary Shook Helen Shubert Cecil Shugart Pat Sibly Dale Smith I N X 6 i 4 f f if x. 47 f gs , AN? I' A Xb 'xc go! A4 Q . Q J . wt. 5 up 21, If 1 it X C, I 'R fth ., o -4 . L.: 1 if 4 RR 1 4 my if-'a."' iff' 1? cilcc ee s s'rc AWW A? leaefll rht l,hiLrr 1 rstethlelert ,tte l:rrr:tta:tta:ll,tl, lta:2tleRtatehrtieh teahh.aeah,,theteaaZa1,tt:lta l e eta,w,t 1 Lorene Speck Ida Clyde Springer A V F7 e 4' Tom Stewart Winston'Lee Taylor Freddie Thompson f if X X. if Norman Vick Glynn Vyers Helen Wall 'T e 'Q' Billy Watkins Don Welch Patsy Wilson Neva Ioy Woodall l Billy Ann Wylie l W' " 1 ' 5 tt l l llllwlv f ta M M A cictr,.c cit,: cnt yccZcnci,t r I ctinyci ntficnciri ,tiicitt, tti1nit,c cfliiititctc,c,i1 ,yni L itt,c,tiL1trc cn ncnci1ctccni2niacct icfc ,ger- mqa - 4,-sv H1 P! eCDfM V N HUM ' - 5 wb Qi f li 2 N? 5:5 J W T ,523 1 if Fl-,liz-ini-'?iTj!fl'CIKUNM g'? ,N3' 1+ ' A ..-iff 1L,!IW1,1A Ir, I ff A lx ,UA JU' '-'li - 7"4-+ m, 'CL f Vlkv: U XM 1 KWWL, WIT' 'ii fi ?WBlg' MMM 5 7 Z' x -ul Writes 0 C f 1 l l l , I . , Q , . Characterized by their energetic feeling toward their Studies and their strong support of the athletic program, the l Seniors of 1947 capably led the school in various activities. High scholarship was evident as the Seniors strove toward the goal ot personal achievement keeping in mind their motto, "With ropes of the past ring bells of the l future." The class colors are pink and silver, and the pink rose was the chosen flower. Senior Class officers included B. O. Brown, president, Sonny Tolar, vice-president, Beverly Tolar, secretary, Donna l 573' sw ite' if V QT XT T :gf N X kg? fm fi 'V'-xx I A-s A ' A fx , - S f j.Gv"',-six'1 '51 xx, fx- l -9221-sig?-4, 1- ii-,gg - K1 f t ' 1 "' T S ' "' t Carpenter, reporter, and Fran Cullum and Dan Sublett, co-chairmen of the social committee, The class was sponsored by Miss Drewise Davis, chair- man, Miss Kathryn Maxson, and Mr. A, B. Roach. Seniors who participated in football were Ralph Essary, Sonny Tolar, Bill Springfield, Dan Sublett, Buddy Wilson, Ioe Wallace Glaspy, Sammy Lovell, Everett Roberts, Ted Crow, Rosco Mor- gan, lack Brown, Glynn Danridge, Robert Shipley, and Wesley Venable. Glaspy, Morgan, Lovell, Wilson, Crow, and Spring- field were also lettermen in baskeball. Senior leadership was also evidenced in the band as it was capably led by drurn rnajorette Beverly Tolar. Fran Cullum marched in the front ranks as flag bearer. Among the never-to-be-forgotten memories of this class are the Christmas party, the making of the class emblem, the thrill of the many Senior Week activities, and finally, Commencement Night. w A ' v '21 A 'V , ,mf g 0 1 'H -:.- K 0' " V. , , t,i.,, , ftif., 3- t av W. T. ALLEN. 13. Model Airplane Club, I, Ath- letic Club, II. MALCOLM BULLOCK Transferred from Woodrow Wilson, Dallas, Band, IV, Choral Club President, IV, Photography Club, IV. DANIEL BUS Post Graduate, Ioumalism V. GWENDOLYN BAIYNKFT Future Homemakers of Amer- ica, I-Ill, Vice President Ill, 4-H Club, I, Athletic Club Vice President, II, Cicerone Statt, III-IV, Yell Leader, IV, Dramatic Club President, IV, Choral Club, Assistant Song Leader, IV. rl , 91? . 5 l via' B. O. BROWN. IR- Band, I-IV, Vice-President, Il, Athletic Club, I, Dramatic Club, II, Homeroom Presi- dent, l, II, Homeroom Presi- dent, IV, Class President, lll- IV, Photography Club, Ill-IV, National Honor Society, III- IV. 1,-1 IACK BROWN Transferred from Beaumont, Homeroom President, Ill, Ath- letic Club, III-IV, Football, lll-IV, Letterman, IV. Q .,. 'f f rr , All V , I h by xx t -Q ,, f Bn V "' Q I ., 4-.1 1 -e e . e. W z., -gee . 4 ,- Y '. 'f 1 " K V X , E ig, 'ARMS 7 o-1 I tn Q DOUGLAS CAVE Science Club, I, Model Air- plane Club, II-III, Vice-Presi- .ev C .,f I WX E. ff l K '1 BETTY CARLESTON Band, I-IV, Uniform Commit- tee, III, Library Assistant, I, Dramatic Club, I ,IV, Ath- letic Club, II, Pan-American Student Forum, II, Iuriior His- torian Club, III, Homeroom Secretary, Ill, Iunior Play, Cicerone Staff, IV. DONNA CARPENTER Transferred from Lewisville Future Homemakers of Amer ica, I-II, Reporter, II, Pep Squad, I-Il, Sophomore Re- porter, Iunior Historian Club, II, Athletic Club, III, Home- room Secretary, IV, Drama- tic Club Secretary, IV, National Honor Society, IV, Class Reporter, IV. gent, III, Photography Club, ,sl X l I lt 1 l f 4: I . - -,-:-31112111112:2-I-5:Es:-.-3:--334-G:.'-1'-2-3112:it:Q:Ezz:-'.i::rQt:?2fi5i:Z'E:E?:EE2??i'i: Siizaiizfrz5:225af:.5::i-QEti?-1:13:31:E312.i121::1:133321535:RGiii13321231iiii-Z4-:I:Zi-:Zi1-:fx-lffiiiriiitiri-3-Iii?2:23:235-21i.1.25:f:'i:3:i-E3155:-:rs::1:1Q:1-12.312::.':3:fm1::1--af:-:f.:fa-r.:.u-'J-1-.-.v-.-..-.., , , ,, , 4 4.1- B MARY FRANCES CLA!! Future I-Iomemakers ot Amer- ica, I-Il, Reporter, ll, Athletic Club, III: Dandee Lion Staff, IV, Homeroom Reporter, IV, 'A 1 ' "-:4-- 4 I , Q.- Aj I J: " W .2 1 ' doc RAN CULLUM Pan-American Student For- um, I-II: Band, II-IV, Flag Bearer, III-IV, Iunior Histori- an Club, III: Iunior Play, Dandee Lion Staff, IV, Cice- rone Stall, lVg Student Coun- cil President, lV. I in W , , ,W 1,3 ' ' I A fi 'F 1, . a ll-I L 'El K' I X . tell 'A DONALD CLAXTON Model Airplane Club, I, Foot- ball, I-II: Athletic Club, II- Ill: Photography Club Presi- dent, IV, Dramatic Club, IV. DRI-ZXEL DANDIIDGE Hobby Club, I, Future Home makers of America, II, Pan American Student Forum, III, Choral Club, IV, Phcotogra phy Club, V. IICHARD COLL!!! Science Club, I, Model Air- plane Club, Ig Homeroom Re- porter, lg' Pan-American Student Forum, Il, Athletic Club II-III, Football, I-Ill, Basketball, I-III, Iunior Play, Dandee Lion Stott, IV. ag, x GYLN DANDIIDGI Pan-American Student For- um, l-Il, Athletic Club, ll-IV, Cicerone Staff, IV, Football, Ill-IV: Basketball, Ill-IV, "we ffl s -, -,.. , . -eva. , an IILI. COMISIEY Science Club, I, Model Air- plane Club, II, Math Club, III, Football, III-IV, lunior Play Stott, Choral Club, IV, Cartoon Club, IV. TED CROW Model Airplane Cl b III U . ' 1 Pan-American Student For- um, II-III: Football, I-V, Let- terman, IV-V, Basketball, III- V, Softball, III-IV, Track, V Athletic Club, III-IV, Dramat- ic Club, V. IILLY DENBOW Pan-American Student For- um, I-II, Athletic Club, III, Choral Club, IV, Photogra- phy Club, IVQ Football, III- , ' RALPH ESSARY Athletic Club, I-IV: Iunior Play Stafl, Football, Ill-V, Letterman, III-V, All District, Honorable Mention All State Co-Captain, V, Homeroom Vice-President, V. BETTY GIBSON Girls Athletic Club, I-ll, CI- cerone Stafl, IV. IO E GLA SPY Future Farmers ol America, I-II, Reporter, II, Homeroom Vice-President, Il, Vice-Presi- dent, Iunior Class, Football, I-IV, Letterman, ll-IV, Ath- letic Club, IV, Basketball, Il- IV. I3 l it ,rc 2 i 2 WUIDELI. EVANS Model Airplane Club, Vice- President, I, Volley Ball, I-ll, Athletic Club, II-III, Science Club, III, Softball, II, Foot- ball, III-IV, Basketball, III, Yell Leader, V. MODELLE GOODMAN Transferred from Bardwell, 4-H Club, I, Basketball, Il, Science Club, III, Magic Club, IV, Dramatic Club, IV. 3 -1 5.13.1-.',-.w - ':.-:.:-..::g:.1-.1- -::.-::y::...g1y ':g:::5-:.::Z3.'.yI 'J-j.gE1:gQtgEj5.-.' 1.:::::1:-,-:g:-:- A- 6 0 i, 73' ,- , Q , , , 3 I 5 WINNIE PAYE FOWLBI Transferred from Wichita, Falls, Future Home-makers of America, I, Latin Club, II, Iunior Historian Club, ll'- Personality Club, Secretary IV, Band Sweetheart, IV. J? WP GRADY GARRETT Future Farmers of America, I, Model Airplane Club, II, Math Club, III, Choral Club, IV. 'tab' ,"-.3-1 f fu l, Q M 1.'..:.'v , -V I., A - wx Mix? IL I F' IOLAND GODWIN Future Farmers ol America, I, IV, Athletic Club, II-III, Ma- gic Club, Secretary, IV. G' TOMMY GRAY Future Farmers ol America, I, Model Airplane Club, II, Athletic Club, III, Photog- raphy Club, lV, Cicerone Stall, IV. 5,6 I I J- 1 :W 'tioricux ANN HAL'rMAn 4-H Club, I-II, Treasurer, II, Future I-Iomemakers of Amer- ica, Reporter, III, Athletic Club, III, Personality Club, IV ,gh this I My :M . I .,v,V if y QIAA i 532,-s., ., Z 1- ':2' 1.. T 7 - 7' ' I t 5' f,,, E b or A ' I' new ,lr Q t ' - r W f, ,,.- , -,h Q . it 'Jw . . I' f il-fr' N . I iutvxidfil Hi FLEDA HANEY Future Homernakers of Amer- ica, I, Athletic Club, II, lun- ior Historian Club, III, Dan- dee Lion Stalt, IV, Iuriior Play Staff. , ff-Txs - fe V f MJ f"-4: Q X , A Cff , ff NX 1 XM? E , 1 . K2 xxx! M . It BETTY TOE HIXON Reporter, Freshman Class, Dramatic Club, I, Yell Lead- er, I-II, Athletic Club, I, Homeroom President, II, Cho- ral Club, ll, Iunior Historian Club, Reporter, III, Dandee Lion Staff, IV, Cicerone Staff, IV, Hornerooru Reporter, IV. BETTY LOIS HOBBS 4-H Club, I, Future Home- makers of America, I-II, Ath- letic Club, II-III, Secretary, Il, Cicerone Stall, III-IV, Iunior Class Editor, III, Dramatic Club, IV, Choral Club, IV. Q RUTH HARCROW Future Homemakers of Amer- ica, I, Athletic Club, I-III, Choral Club, III-IV. IOHN HORAN Future Farmers of America, I-III, V, Reporter, Il, Presi- dent, III, Vice-President, V, Athletic Club, I-II, Homeroom Secretary, I, Football, I-IV, Captain, IV: Choral Club, II- III, Homeroom President, III- IV, Student Council, V, l943- 46 Naval Service, Boatswain Mate Second Class. RAYMOND HARRISON Future Farmers ol Americd. I, Model Airplane Club, II, Athletic Club, III: Art Club, IV, Dramatic Club, IV. IOAN HEFNER Future Homemakers ot Amer- ica, I-II, Reporter, I, Secre- tary, II, Homeroom Reporter, I, Library Assistant, Athletic Club, III, Cicerone Stall, II- IV, Sophomore Editor, Pho- tography Club, III, Iunior Play Staff, III, National Hon- or Society, Ill-IV, Vice-Presi- dent, IV, Dandee Lion Staff, IV, Office Assistant, IV. IANIE HHOZA 4-l'I Club, Secretary, I, Fu- ture Homemakers of Ameri- ca, II, Athletic Club, III, Choral Club, IV. ,st ' 'Q 5 im l KI an ,ll WILMA CATHERINE HUBACEK Future Homemakers of Amer- ica, I, Pan-American Student Forum, II, IV, Choral Club, IV. ALFRED LAZNOVSKY ROBERT KASPER Future Farmers of America, I, Model Airplane Club, I- III, Vice-President, II, Presi- dent, III, Iunior Play Staff, Dandee Lion Staff, IV. WILFRED KUCERA Attended St, Iohn School: 4- H Club, I-III, Shop Club, II Camera Club, III, Art Club, V, ' i f f' I t 2 , 1 is 1? ! 'f 5' I " 'jf MARY ANN IAY Athletic Club, I, III, Pan- American Student Forum, II, Cicerone Staff, III-IV, Dandee Lion Staff, IV, Library Assis- tant. S' , .Jn 1G MADGE ,LAMB Future Homemakers of Amer- ica, I, Athletic Club, II-III, Vice-President, III, Choral Club, IV, Dramatic Club, IV. 1 BOBBY IONES Hiking Club, I-II, Honor Trip, II, Hobby Club, II, Chemis- try Club, III, Iunior Histor- ian Club, III, Athletic Club, IV, Basketball, IV, Softball, IV, U, S. Navy, Philippine Islands, 1945-45, jx? ef' ' ii gy 1 f AR L-!L"39!!u FRANCINE IONES Future Homemckers ot Amer- ica, I, Library Assistant, I- III, Pan-American Student Forum, II, I-Iomeroom Report- er, II, Dramatic Club, III, Iunior Play, National Honor Society. III-IV, Cicerone Staff, III-IV, Dundee Lion Staff, IV, X ,Wg ,i' I I lt 1 i. 1 Q' E -- f ff, QI 4 A X EDWARD CHARLES LAZA Model Airplane Club, I-III, Band, I-IV: Dandee Lion Staff, IV, Dramatic Club, IV, Cicerone Staff, IV. fl-+ Model Airplane Club. I, Aeronautics Club, II, Dra- matic Club, III, Photography Club, III, Dandee Lion Staff, IV, Band, I-IV. C 5 N t? f , :Q 2' , 'I Q I '-,, I"-t , Q, V'y' f 1 si: , f it f' 1' X ' Q bis: , -y.g,:,,-.g.gf,:.' '1::.':-:g.-:- 1.4-:,..f1'1. " ' P' F' "V ' ' . . :4.,.:.... -.,,.,..,,,, . ,- lf. ff,-4, ,,,-J! fy,.'.',v ftfdff f -f -if J"1'71"'f",Z'f.-9'-fJ7'M"?Iz9-""v 19!iJa""Z?!7x'f If if ff fy?" " 4' i A WWW WA V' 17 '0- 'Nh -'MQ Wx 26 HAZEL LORD Choral Club, l-ll, Athletic Club, III, Dandee Lion Staff, V. DOROTHY MORGAN Future Homemakers ol Amer- ica, I, 4-H Club, Ig Science Club, III, Personality Club. IV, Dramatic Club, IV: Ci- cerone Staff, III-IV, Lunch Room Assistant. SAMMY LOVELL Model Airplane Club, I, Ath- letic Club, ll-IV, Football, Il- IV, Letterman, Ill-IV, Basket- ball, lI-V, Letterman, I-IV, Letterman ll-IV. ROSCO MORGAN, IR. Football, Ill-IV, All-District Honorable Mention, IV, Bas- ketball, lll-IV, Athletic Club, IV: Cicerone Favorite, IV. IULIA ANN MACALIK 4-H Club, I, Future Home- makers of America, ll, Ath- letic Club, III, Personality Club, IV. .AQ 4 HAROLD NASH Future Farmers of America, I, IV, Secretary, ll-III, Presi- dent, IV, Photography. 11? I Fe , ' . . Q5 4- ' - . ,f , ii? x 1 .A 3,8 m . A F MILTON MARTINEK Future Farmers of America, I-III, Math Club, III-IV, Ath- letic Club, lll, Magic Club, lV. SUSIE MARTINEZ Future Homernakers oi Amer- icu, I, Pan-American Stu- dent Forum, I-ll, IV, Choral Club, ll-IV, Athletic Club, III. ALBERT NEWBERRY Homeroom Vice-President, I, .Model Airplane Club, Presi- dent, Ig Homeroom President II, Future Farmers ol Ameri- ca, II-IV, Sentinel, Il, Vice- President, Ill-IV. fi tj ,K 3+ W V tw, 5, ' .,i' i f .- ri 4" Y 'E X 'Q , ,ff I fi -if 3 X HELEN NOYOTNY Transferred from Lancaster, Choral Club, I-ll, Future Homemakers of America, I- ll, Pep-Squad, ll-lllg Athletic Club, lllg Basketball, III. CLOVIS OLIVER. lm Future Farmers of America, llV Choral Club, lV. BETTY CAROL!-I PARK Homeroom Secretary, Il, Ath letic Club, II, Future Home makers of America, Ill Dandee Lion Stall, IV, Libra ry Assistant, IV. its 40 iw. . IODIE NOVY Pan-American Student For- um, lp Band, I-IV, Iunior His- Iolrian Club, Ill, Choral Club, X nam PARMA - Transferred from Cisco: Foot- ball, I-IV, Model Airplane, I-ll, Ahtletic Club, Il-Ill, Ma- gic Club, IV, Dramatic Club, IV. 'll if, ,A,vf. SEI ' 41- ffm' IOE FRANK NOVA! Future Farmers ol America, l-IV, Lone Star Degree, IV. I MARY HELEN NOWLIN Library Assistant, I, IV, Band, lp Future Homemakers of America, Ig Athletic Club, llg Iunior Historian Club, Ill-lVg Homeroom Reporter, Ill, Ci- Cerone Stall, IV-V, Student Librarian, David Crockett, IV, Dramatic Club, V. .- 5 , -sf," U l Q .' 0' f Lk' ha s Q. .- f"1 M .-TEV, g,0..-- ' -.-. -' BILLY BOB PATTERSON Athletic Club, I, Ill, Model Airplane Club, ll, Softball, ll, Magic Club, IV. f i BILLIE IOE PEEL Band, I-IV, Future Homemak- ers of America, lg Athletic Club, Il, Dramatic Club, lll- IV, Dandee Lion Stall, IV: Cicercne Staff, IV, Iunior Play Staff. 'ii E ei ltlFi?, ?QlgQ eJQs'WWigmf5I if , 1 It 'RICHARD BERYI. POWELL Pan-American Student For- um, I-lI, IV, Bookbinding Club, lg Choral Club, I, III, IV, Iunior Historian Club, II, Science Club, II, Math Club, III, Dramatic Club, III. F . K , 'iff'- F- xxs ,W 5 W Qi eg I l l i BETTY IANE RITCHEY Choral Club, I-III. 2 OSCAR COYE PRESTIDGE Future Farmers ot America. l-IV: Choral Club, IV. MILDRED RITCHEY Future Homemakers ol Amer- ica, I-III. 4. ii. '13 " fi M' YI, I. WILLIAM PRESTIDGE IOHNNY QUINN Future Farmers of America, Science Club, I: Future I, Ill-IV, Parliamentarian, III, Farmers of America, ll, Math Sentinel, IV, Choral Club, IV. Club, III: Photography Club, AR RICHARD ROBERSON Model Airplane Club, I science Club, ii, Mt-nh Clubl, Ill, Choral Club, IV, Band I-IV. f 55 asahqqg N-eww 1 ,, I ' f, Q, .A 5? ,, ff, , Vu.-.' RUSSELL ANNE RAMSEY Future Homemakers of Amer- ica, Ig Athletic Club, II, Pho- tography Club, III, Dandee Lion Staff, IV. EVERETT ROBERTS. IR. Future Farmers ot America I-II, Vice-President, Il, Foot- ball, I-IV, Letterman, III-IV, Athletic Club, II-IV, Basket- ball, III, yu' I ,zz ,t j ,,,, if I ACK SCOTT iq, A 'TPM " -FQ J r " W- t ,HW . t CARI. ROBERTSON Homeroom President, I-II, Pan-American Student For- um, I-II, Athletic Club, III, Football Manager, III, Cho- ral Club, IV, National Honor Society, IV, Cicerone Staff, , NPV ' ROBERT SHIPLEY ADEI-L SONKA IV. LEONARD SELLERS Future Farmers ot America, I-IV, Treasurer, II-III, Vice- President, IV, Outstanding Metal Work, Photography, IV, Student Kiwanian, IV. Vice-President, Freshman Class, Science Club, I, Math Club, I, Model Airplane Club, I, President, Sophomore Class, Band, I-V, Dramatic Club, V, President Iunior Class, Football Letterman, IV-V, Basketball, IV, Nation- al Honor Society, IV-V, Pres- ident, IV, Treasurer, V. ' ,J frf-ffm 1 Q O K 1 i t,,, 'N . CATHRYN ROGALA Future Homemakers oi Amer- ica, I, III, Vice-President, I, Reporter, III, Pan-American Student Forum, II, Library Assistant, IV, I-Iomeroom President, III, Dandee Lion Staff, Editor, IV, Cicerone Class Editor, III-IV. 'fi ,, ,,.- . , ,, . IEAN SNELL Future Homemakers of Amerf ica, I-II, Athletic Club, II, Iunior Historian Club, III, Homeroom Secretary, III, Yell Leader, III, Cicerone Stait, III, Student Librarian, III. we Q . - 'igfg . . I ff ' ' ff ,Ra ,, if V x WANDA SCHWARTZ Transferred from Palmer, Fu- ture Homemakers of Ameri- ca, I-II, President, II, Iunior Historian Club, Vice-Presi- dent, III, U. D. C. Essay Con- test, Second Place, III, Home- room President, IV, Student Council, IV, National Honor Society, IV, Cicerone Staff, IV. 1. if N , A , Pan'American Student For- um, Il. A SX. .2 1 7- Y QQ. 'Y 1' Choral Club, I-ll, Secretary- Treasurer, Il, Secretary, Freshman Class, Dramatic Club, III-IV, Iunior Play, Na- tional Honor Society, III-IV, Cicerone Staff, III-IV. ai BILLY SPRINGFIELD Transferred from Corsicana, Band, I, III, Variety Club, II, Cheer Leader, II, Basketball, I-IV, Letterman, IV, Football, II-IV, Letterman, III-IV, All- District, IV, Honorable Men- tion All-State, IV, Athletic Club, III-IV, Softball, II-III, Track, II, IV. 5 ii' fi N. ,vow -ITV' 'WU' 1MoGENE SPURLOCY Future I-Iomemakers of Amer- ica, I, III, Choral Club, I, III, Pan-American Student Forum, II, Athletic Club, II, National Honor Society, IV, Dandee Lion Staff, IV. VERNON TAYLOR Future Farmers of America, I-IV. BEVERLY TOLAR F.I-I.A., I, Band Twirler, I-III, Class Pres., I, Dramatic Club, I, Homeroom Pres., I, Ath- letic Club, Vice-Pres., II, Class Favorite, II, Class Re- porter, II-III, Cicerone Stafl, II-IV, Asst. Editor, III, Editor, IV, Favorite, III-IV, Iunior Play, Photography Club, Vice-Pres., III, National Hon- or Society, Ill-IV, Pres., IV, Class Sec.-Treas., IV, Dan- dee Lion Staff, IV, 'S' FAYE ST CLAIR Future Homemakers of Amer- ica, I-II, Iunior Historian Club, III, Photography Club, IV, Dramatic Club, Vice- President, IV. I ix rf? LOU THORNHILL 4-H Club, I, Athletic Club, II, Choral Club, III, Photo- graphy Club, Vice-President, IX, Dramatic Club, Reporter, 'Tl ,.., .aux 09' P' ff -av .ar-YQ, ALLAN FLOYD STEWART Model Airplane Club, I-II, Future Farmers of America, III-IV, Treasurer, IV, Choral Club, IV. MAIEL LEE TEMPLIN Future Homemakers ot Amer- ica, I, Homeroom Vice-Presi- dent, I-II, Athletic Club, II, Oifice Assistant, II: Dramatic Club, III, Iunior Play Staff, Cicerone Stafl, IV, Dandee Lion Staff, IV. SONNY TOLAH Pan-American Student For- um, I, Model Airplane Club, II, Football, Manager, III, Letterman, IV-V, Co-Captain, V, Basketball, III-V, Letter- man IV, Softball, III-IV, Ath- Ietic Club, III, V, Photogra- phy Club, IV, Class Vice- President, III-V, Cicerone Staff, IV-V: Best All-Around, DAN SUBLETT Hobby Club, I: Choral Club, ll, Athletic Club, III-V, lun- ior Play Staff, Football Let- terman, III--V, Dramatic Club, IV, Softball, III-IV, Vice-President, Senior Class, IV: Basketball, IV, Social Chairman, Senior Class, V. IERBY TROIACEK Future Farmers of America I-IV. fr. ' Ac' V' A ff . , -,V .auf 'lf 7 . :T ' ',,l 1 Qs V X ,Q us " ,t . 'Qi 4? 5 'J -1,- -Q-131-s 'MD' if -Q. RUBY ANN TROIACEK MARCUS TWITTY ROSEMARY TWITTY Transferred from St. Iohn School, 4-I-I Club, I, Library Assistant, I, Future Home- makers of America, II, Ath- letic Club, III, Dramatic Club, IV: Personality Club, IV. 75 l IELDA WARE Future Homemakers of Amer- ica, I-II, Iunior Historian Club, III, Dramatic Club, IV. wsu- ll ...X Pan-American Student For- um, I-Il, Chemistry Club, III, Cicerone Staff, III-V, Dandee Lion Stall, IV. WESLEY RAY VENABLE Future Farmers of America, I-II, Vice-President, II, Model Airplane Club, III, Athletic Club, IV-V, Football, IV-V, Basketball, IV-V. BUDDY WILSON Model Airplane Club, I, Homeroom Vice-President, I, III, Football, I-IV, Letterman, III-IV, All-District Tackle, IV, Athletic Club, II-IV, Home- room Secretary, II, Basket- ball, Letterman, II-IV, Dra- matic Club, III, Iunior Play Senior Emblem Committee. N ,:" .j ---,. .ix l i fl ' 4 . N.. Y ' Dramatic Club, I, III, Athlet- ic Club, Ig Pan-American Student Forum, II, Ollice As- sistant, III-IV, Homeroom Secretary, III-IV, Cicerone Stall, III-IV, National Honor Society, IV, Dandee Lion Stall, IV, "-s M. BILLY HAY WOOD Future Farmers ot America, Reporter, I1 Lone Star Farm- er, II, Secretary of Ellis County and Navarro County Future Farmers. ...gr WYNELLE. VANDYGRII-'F Athletic Club, I, 4-H Club, Reporter, II, Future Home- makers of America, II, Vari- ety Club, III, Photography Club, IV. W-unw1"'l ll JMD' l ww - , " X X, 5 I I 3 Q . MARY VRLA Future Homemakers of Amer- ica, I, III-IV, Pan-American Student Forum, II, Embroi- dery Club, IV. PRISCILLA YOUNGBLOOD Girls' Athletic Club, I-II, Fu- ture Homemakers ol Ameri- ca, III-IV. 'Q ' I r y 444X44.44WWfQ474tXXXXXN 444 X 4 I 4 I4 f 4 4.44 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 44 4 4 4 4 4 f 4 ,. 4 4 4 4 1 4 4 4 4 4 4 4-4 I A 4 4 4 4 4 .I-'Liz I I 4 4 4. 44 N' 44 my 4 C 4 4 4 4 4 7 4 4 2-Senior Registration 9-Opening of School ll-Election of Cheer Leaders 20-First Pep Rally 24-Election of Senior Officers 27-Football: Ennis vs. Vlaxahachie 4-Football: Ennis vs. Temple ll-Football: Ennis vs. Bryan 18-Senior Class Pep Rally 18-Football: Ennis vs. McKinney 25-National Honor Society Induction 25-First "Dundee Lion" 25-Football: Ennis vs. Cleburne i' L, 14 4 4 l l-Iunior Class Pep Rally 1-Football: Ennis vs. Hillsboro 4-Selection of Senior Motto , 8-Sophomore Class Pep Rally 8 4 4 4 -Ennis vs. Denison fSpecial X Train! 15-Freshman Class Pep Rally 4 15-Football: Ennis vs. Corsicana 22-Football: Ennis vs. Waco 27-Speech Class Assembly 28-29-Thanksgiving Holidays 4 nt- 4 5-Basketball: Ennis vs. Adamson 5-Book Review, Mrs. H. G. Vick 10-Basketball: Ennis vs. Adamson 13-Spanish Club Assembly 13-Basketball: Ennis vs Forrest 17-Basketball: Ennis vs. Forrest 19-Senior Christmas Party 20-Speech Class Christmas Program 20-Christmas Holidays 4 -M" sf g 7-U. D. C. Program 14'-lunior Play Sketches I4-Iunior Play: "The Chance of a Lifetime" 21-F. F. A. Assembly 27-Biology Field Trip 28-One Act Plav. Dramatics Club Completion of Cicerone" 7-Basketball: Ennis vs. Cleburne l4-Basketball: Ennis vs. Waco 17-Homsmaking Club Assembly 17-Basketball: Ennis vs. Waxahacbie 21-Basketball: Ennis vs. Temple 21-Midterm Examinations 23-Football Banquet 24-Basketball: Ennis vs. Hillsboro 27-Second Semester Enrollment 28-Basketball: Ennis vs. Corsicana - I I 4-P. T. A. Minstrel 4-7-Easter Holidays ll-One Act Play. Dramatics Club 1344-Evaluation of E. H. S. 18-Athletics Club Assembly 21-Iuniors Ordered Class Rings 25-Band Concert n 7-Basketball: Ennis vs. Waco 7-Student Council Quiz 4 ll-Basketball: Ennis vs. Waxchachie A 12-Speaker: Boyce House ' 13-Band Banquet 14-Basketball: Ennis vs. Temple l4fCompletion ot Senior Emblem I8-Basketball: Ennis vs. Hillsboro 20-Basketball: 4 Ennis vs. Corsicana 4 21-Personality Club Assembly ' X 28-Music Department Assembly l 4 4 2-Senior Play Sketches ' 2-Senior Play 9-History Department Assembly l6-F. H. A. Style Show 23-Senior Class Day Program , 23-Senior Party at Parks' 25-Vesper Service Z5-30--Senior Week Activities 29-lunior-Senior Banquet and Dance 30-Commencement Exercises 44 444 44444444 444 X , 1 f ' H 5 g I f 1 .A 'rx l Q M, 1 1 0 11.f,1l1 11 1 ,I N .2111 A ,Q -57' f Hl4.:M?m62giL'I?1-1JiLlQ113nf ,M ! hw -2 l i 1 MII. My 1: H f 1,1 A . f I mf 1 2 41,1113 DW .,.1, I U I 11IfN 11.1131 Jlgli ,l.11' A, J lf I1 fp ! lv 1I1lgf,1 ll 'Ir' . ' ' x J f fi ll , 'iff - V 111 . 'QR 11 . F1 121 ji' I, " x . K Y N155 LK g X ., . , ., A fi. lg 1,1 'I 1 ' 1 " iv' N. ly . pf' I lf- 'If' . A!" .flf f'II"' '11 fi hi 1 1111, 1. 1 -.1 UW? .- iff. lay. 1 I fx VW KQJLH J 1 PM A A I 1 X 3 I 'Wm 16 1 rl, . .1 ,. .111 - 11-11' 1 ,117 .9 1-1 . 1 1 lf 11-1 11 1-141 f 1 1111.111 1 .1111 1 1 1 1 1 I , 111' 'J l4:,i.1!1i?P Ulm , 'SQ 'ln ', ' nf! ,1!'li,' Ag' '1 5' 9' ,' f 1 17 ,H ff I""'f':9'-'1 A ,' I -ffl: ' ' ' 'M ' dl 1 "lx fl '- xl, H111 X Q ,1 1 1 41,11 11 1 iw, Q A1 , X1 ,1q1 1' 1, .J , 1 1h , , ,L . 1 F71 1 .A 'Vinum !m?1L.1' X Wh'n1,l1 ' 'll I LMI I' fi 4 :fur W 1,151 J1il1 4V 'IN fi' W Xdlvw, I 11 1,1 'I' frwlzlglf 111' ' 1.111 11 11-1 111 1 11. '1 11 ' 11 1 19 I ' ,ihllnlgx 5 IW' P ' ll W' Uv MW X 1. X X I A Q Q X If 3 f S Nb X. X I , ' - W X X - f XR 7 11, 1 I QX 4? Vx. I ? X14::'nLi M- X q .X fy "Ag ff W-K if. -i!4 ! XX fl, WM Z 1 f PI I 1 1 J! O 4 4 1 11 , f +11 1' XX 'X xy f .Lf xt 311m N ' ' X W M ,f 1 1 1 ' 1 '144w.fZf7 il f f fi 111+ .,. A, X X I, I . A ,EN , j X X b .ts "fm ' 1 119' fl . X 1. 1 -'1 f A X1 U 1 P V J . X P flip ff 7?'j 1. y' ,f-faq li '12 0' A f f ' .uf 4 , 11 x ,1 xi 11 11 il "" X xx ll, fa'1.'!ij' .1 -: 1X ,I X A .1 - K b X5 I . - S1!i','- in - ' ZW X ' X 22 :X 4 . -Q--.?Q2'43, ' f Q 2' T 1 m f fi? ' I lg! -W L , viii? ' A f-, F - gif' f 5, X -V f -ivrv-xY gf i ,grill H1 1ij X , 1 1 f in Zf if 11, -n f- as , W- 4 f f gm, i f 1 1 -mf I-,-gfiisgfgf , ,2 J .1-fi 1 f fg, 2: V f "" ",,-Efffff ,,. f'1f' - 1 i l 3L 1'Nifik Z' 'iii le XQX Forrest Hendrick ,, , W YH k BAND PERSONNEL Forrest Adams Iune Allen Wesley Amzstrong Lee Boren Bill David Bozek B. 0. Brown Betty Carleston Fran Cullum Charles Davenport Ann Donnell Gerald Donnell Don Essary Ray Essary Stella Farris Edwin Flynt Ioann Freeland Winnie Faye Fowler Ann Glaspy Howard Goble Mary Frances Grant Edwin Gurecky Peggy Harris Dian Hawkins loe Hawkins Marilynn Henry Iames Jones Edward Laza Allred Laznovsky Ioan Ledbetter Ioe Liska Stanley Liska Betty McCluney Marie McCormack Pat McEver Borah Newlin lody Novy Bobby Onstead Bobby Parker Alex Parma Ronnie Peel Billie Io Peel Allen Porter Barbara Porter Raymond Prac Richard Rober: Renee Romick Ioan Sell Robert Shipley Billy Springeld Roy Stokes Harry Stone Louan Stringer Walter Test Richard Thomc Beverly Tolar Norman Vick Frankie Vrla Sandra Watkir Mary Lou Wils Peggy Wylie Buddy Young 4 4 , K f . 5: P: . .- 5, P-1 54 if n 1 QJQ G3 P' 7 l P Under the direction of Mr. Forrest Hendrick, the march- ing band, composed of over seventy members, exhibited the Maroon and White in concerts and in commendable formations at the football games. Never-to-be-forgotten experiences for each member resulted from the special trip to Denison-the first special for most of the band members. B. O. Brown, loe Hawkins, Bobby Onstead, Edward Laza, Alfred Laznovsky, Richard Roberson, and Forrest Adams represented Ennis High in February at the All- State Band Clinic in Galveston. ln the spring the entire band participated in the annual contest held at the High- land Park High School in Dallas. As a result of the untiring efforts of the Band Parents Club, it was possible for the band to don beautiful new uniforms which were displayed in a parade on Band Tag Day. Betty Carlston, Frankie Vrla, and Billie Io Peel were awarded prizes for the sales of Band Tags. Another highnote in the lives of band members was the Valentine Sweetheart Band Banquet given by the Band Parents Club. Band managers, Bobby Onstead and Iames Iones, were very industrious in their work as were President Alfred Laznovsky, Vice-President Norman Vick, and Sec- retary Florella Pye. Frcm Cullum Dian Hawkins Marilyn Henry Marie McCormack s 5, '55 'ZIQ l ql fu ' gf t . g 't ' 'L ' , 1, it . t til 1, ,lt 4 tx ,tl l V ,Q ffl i?-X. errrli ' .1. 351' Peggy Wylie Stella Farris Ann Glaspy Z Q 4- . 4 0 Beverly Tolar Faye Fowler EMMUM ' Beverly Tolar Barbara Porter Ioan Ledbetter Ioann Freeland D '4 K. l' R if 3. ,4- 'v , A , ' 'P A in-f 5. E Velma Clark E Q? 5. Katherine Maxson in-w,,,y.,,,,. W F :rj . Nu." X 9 llc x f: D 1 " Q s Q Windell Evans Billie LeGate Velrnd Clark Dale Smith Thelma Clark Gwen BCIIDSU Wwo .. J I ADVERTXSKNG ST P-FY The Advertising t the interested business P-SSTST P-NT EDXT OR PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF St ii was responsibie The Photography a tor the rnaking. deveioping. printing, and eniarging oi practicatiy att pictures used ' Cart Robertson and in the Crcerone. Robert Shiptey. assisted by Karnes Lovett, did rnost ot the work. Others on the staii P-tired La-anovsky. inctuded Koan Heiner. Giaspy. Leonard Setters. Koe Hawkins. is P-nn and Karnes Bittups. , ,.r. ,, EDTTOR BND Beverty Totar, editor-in-chiet, and Patsy Witson. assistant editor, assumed the Kead- ership in the editoriai work oi the '47 ' h annuai rneeting ot the Texas High Sc o d treasurer tor the cur Patsy was etecte ent year. Beverty was assistant editor ot P-it-state hon- r 'AS Cicerone which won the ors in the TYKSPP- contest. nf! fe!-fly .0 5.0.l.l. .4 0, 9. 5 Staii succeeded in seihng advertisements o iirrns in Ennis. Robert Shiptey. the busi- ness rnanagr ot the Cicerone. and Fran ' ' r worked with Cuiturn, advertising rnanage . ' stati rnernbers: Bitiie Ko Peet, L . the tottowinq Betty Ko Hixon. Kane Rodgers, Betty ors Hobbs. Mary Frances Ciark, Margaret Boren. Kean Snett. Marv Heten Nowiin. ' hard Poweti. Lorene Speck, Yiorence Ric Baurng artner. CIBCULATXON ST P-I-'Y' C' uiation Stati. under the ieadership to an The irc ot Sonny Totar. soid rnore Cicerones enthusiastic student body than ever beiore recorded. Serving etiicientiy on this staii t toe Gtaspy. Mac were P-nn Donnei. Roberts, Giynn Dandridge, Kohn L. Yirnkie. Bittie Wytie. Anna Beth Hart. Myne Marchbanks. Dorothy Morgan. Gretchen ' P- Kay. Duane Potter. Grrttith. Mary nn Biiiie K.eGate. and Koe Bob Watker. Q 1 .21 I , ,,... - 4 Cicerone. Lt t e h ot Press Association. SPORT STAF L C. Parks, Sammy Lovell, Dan Sublett. and Everett Roberts had the responsibility ot planning the content and design' the lay-outs lor th 1119 e Sport Section ol this 47 Cicerone. James Lovell rendered an invaluable service to this sta!! by assist- ing with the write -ups and producing the necessary photographs. My LAYOUT STAFF The Layout Stat! and typisfs PU! U19 edf' tors dreams into reality. Responsible for measuring, trim ' ' ming. and mounting pic- tures were Iean Gilmore lo , an Gilmore. Ann Glaspy. Rosemary Twitty. and Mabel Lee Templin. Wanda Schwartz, editor of composition, saw that all copy was well- written and typ d ' e in good form. Assisting with the typing were Barbara P t Gw or er and en Barnett. ART STAFF To the Art Sta!! goes th L . . e credit for the atm American mot" ' ' ne. Art sxMarcus Twitty, Mary Eve- lyn Cooke, Wilfred Kucera B Th l 1- of this Cicero Working with amazing eliiciency, the Stat! member , etty Carleston ema Winterrowd a d . n Renee Romickx' completed their work ' early in the year. Responsible lor the ornate lettering and scnbt writing were Adell Sonlra and Mario McCofmack. ,HV 29 CLUB AND CLASS EDITORS The Club Ed' itorsxFrancine Iones. M b Lee Tem l' r Margaret ge, and Flo Pyexwere responsible tor the write-ups used by the organiza- tions. The Class EditorsNB. O. Brown and Cathryn Rogala !Seniorsl. Ruby Calhoun and Gerald Donnell lluniorsl, Marilynn enry and Walter Test lSophomoresI, Shirley Tims and Roy Stokes lheshmenlx assisted with the writeups and checking elals lists. a le pin. loan Ledbette, Hod N , gun , Drewise Davis. Tatar, toon Reiner Patsy t B. O. Brown. W i D ,tie the Nationa ' oup, dire ere Beyer y d R NP-TKONP-L HONOR SOCETY A ' Other XQA7 rnernbers were Robert Ship- t iey, Francine tones, Ptdett Sontca, Cart K k Robertson, Donna Carpentar, Wanda A-Q Schwartz, Rosernary Twitty, Marie Mc- orrnacic, Barbara Borter, tean Git- rnore, Ruby Caihoun, toe Hawkins, d irnogene Spuriocic. R an 'YYONP-L HONOR SOCKETY Pt permanent record ot student activi- ' s and a history ot the Bnnis Chapter i Honor Society were be cted by Miss W! ot by this gr ' Otticers w 'tNitsor1. an was OIDERY CLUB the direc- R The Embroidery Ctub, under tion ot Miss Mary Wattter, was coni- osed ot students interested in tancy handworic. Otticers were Bitiie Neti LeGate, Dorothy Vayra, and Bitiie YN esson. RSS Burke r CARTOON CLUB ir Ccirtoons depicting schoot tite were y N, I , disptayed by rnernbers ot the Cartoon ,i Q G ' R ' yy Ctub, sponsored by Miss Katherine btbi ' R Q , A A is ,:-:, P Max-son. Ciittord Hutchinson was the ,xi yzgh R . 'ff-,ai is outstanding contributor to these acti- " Q' at VV595- wifi. ,' I . 2 ' S x , 1 A ,ja y Alvll f , xv, Qlu, A ' Wwfsfifwwnsrwwwsr tsss ,st ,. -i" Wig-1 sr. , , 2 4 N : Z wtf' i, --i W PUT FARMERS OF Boys igle-listed in new fa:nMERICA niques and shop w F Fi A. Hi the r h- orlc com mg eg F f Wgh Dol? f h or o M A posed t e ts o t e Year were rth at Stoclc Show in 05011 and the local Calf Show Du. PERSON-41-ITY The Personality girl t CLUB Club enc o develo ties. PUT FARMERS OF A RICA Cooperggfg with their advisg? G. Wolf, were the officers Harold Leonard Sellers, Joe F lan Stewart, ber Mr. H Nash lc N Glen V mn ry, Bill M ovak, A1 yers, Albert New- Prestidge, and Randall unn. ouraged eacn p her ind ' ' l The off' ' Hunt SI' ividua quali- icers included Margaret er, lwetta Cox, Winnie Faye Fowl- , and Ruby Calhoun. Miss Ruth Pott as the sponsor. DRAMATIC CLUB .he Dramatic Club was composed of juniors and seniors interested in dra- matic productions. Several plays were presented in assembly. Mr. fohn Har- per was the sponsor and Gwen Barnet! was the president of this club 4 - 4 5 A . .V 4 4 ' wr MHMXKEBS O? .ij kQ?L'7Lt!f'l?Y ftrvuai no P-NE-NCP' r A A Y. H. Pr. members presented styte ., , , - p S, , fi A g shows in assembiy and heid severai b aff. L p w t 4 1 p ,, "Hobo Days." The Ennis chapter waf- z s,K,s L 'far 4 I hostess tor an area meeting oi the Y. my .S l '1 . t ' H. P.. The ctub was spOnsored by MrS. T1 3' 3 I 'fi g g T X Maurine Overait and Miss Mary Watts f it 31 i Q y di T' er. Otticers were Marie McCormack. r if r z f t igv r r Q p QV A " P Betty Wood, Margaret EQ'Bannion. I 1 I f A ' .SWA V Barbara Porter and Xoyce ord, W K M -.prga-fef,rf.?:,T:.-34s ":' 5 ,.:, s.s.s,rrL.,4A - . srkr. - . W A CLUB tied in CHORP-L Students interested in voice enro the Choral Ctub. sponsored by Mr. Forrest Hendrick and Mrs. Beryt T. Grant. Otticers were Matcotm Butiock, Veima Clark. Bitt Ddvid Bozek, Dorothy Horton, Gwen Barnett. and Pat Mc- Ever. P-RT CLUB ts deveioped artistic taients drawings. Many ot 7 Cicerone " Studen creative ' this T94 's' ciub. through s used in bers ot thi vetyn the sketche by mem e Mary E Bob e drawn rtists wer nd Xoe s wer Outstanding a Wittred Kucera, a therine Maxon wa Cooke, Watker. Miss Ka spOnsor . their i".: i:" E A.., h M V I ' . , L Members ot the Photography Ctub 'drf A . +5 ff ' f studied and experimented with the 5' Z" rtt s ' l various phases ot photography. Oiti- 31' 2 .... Q dd V cers were Xames Biitups, Richard .M ditd' syyp .i f "1:: s Thomas, Marityn Henry, and Betty ,So s iitt 1 my McCtuney. Mr. Herman Wihiqms was tttf , t'.. itt is j--gf ,,. A"'y ,L W, ,. :" - dia' X . yspy gy, fy .,.' iddgi 5 an ' ponsor . the s fix., f +L44 is z 1 4 , n im- P eir abilities in the athletic Held, was sponsored b C M ow, Clmt ShQw and Buddy Wilson BOYS' ATHLETIC CLUB The Boys' Athletic Club, composed of physically tit b L Mxv Y MA .M oys interested i proving th ' " ' ' y oaches I M oorman and Frank Blair. Student eaders were Ted Cr ' s EN7- COUNCIL The StudeZ?DCouncil corn P AMERICAN STUD FOR Ungrg the direction ot Drevzlsz Ddvis, the P. A. S. F presented a Pan American program for the school ass sembly. Ioan Ledbetter, Mary Cat Anna Beth Ha t 0, r , and Stella Farris were student directors. , posed of the homeroom preside t s n S, .promoted portsmanship and school spirit. Offi- cers were Frances Cullum, Iohn Horan, and Patsy Wilson. Mr. I F. Gdfdflef Gnd Mr. A. B. Roach were fhe CO' sponsors. STUDENT COUNCIL Members included Wanda Shaw, Pat McEver, Herschel Lester, Curtis Rumbo, W Ioe Bob Walker, Bobby Onstead, arles Cato, Lynn McCormick, Dean ilson, Betty Spencer, Billy Gene Bra- Zier, lane McBrierty, and Wanda chwartz. .2 Q 5 41 ,fflewff X hon ce Dundee eden . he nmosf- non sw vs? denks ok Y.-. XX. S. brought the me sxokk gnegnbexs Xacxced e-L9 ndaqnenkoks and udxnxnq. 'Y 'onrnohsqn CAnb was span 1 Bns was we bnsx on sewknq as 1 More dx. gems -.mknonx o nevlspcxpex. Vne sxn non. 'ine kosv was kc: kwin scsi, Koss ko cjwe Mein We necesscml 'Ln enxs and dnfxnq dnb penods. The x qokx vias edmtoi-Rn-ckixek. ond Donn qoxix-Lea vim this. X. YA. bfiooun Benq Cmd Yank, Bobezk Ysuspe . Xmqn. Yknssen Penn Boinseq. X-on 'Wo Beknex. etcn 'oYxco Yxsfn c 1900 'in Bo 1601 Yqe. n Cn A Xoun z sew o pn vivo me cxkbx was eXXc Ysc 5 Q0 Pike re xnx no Ko e Xn sp 6. 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'tA gf 1 .A u I LA ll- ' Ihwmv "mlm x 'l jawn MM l'! Pq -If ,,V.lJ'w'dN ,l PY-.M ,fl ,c?,,,,-- , X - w gvh HAM f, 1 fs' W ,gpiwx f f wff t1fMi' .w 6- X X f Z ,Q R Q 5 S E Y W K L 4 jy ! Ia! ! 1 'H MN V f 'fm'---A-vQ-Y 'Wil i'i'f1a'uN , 'X' V f?'l-f ,L - ', ',f 7gf-f ,mfr- .ll Q My I xx, x i lf1'M,IlqMw'.f. ,lxg Ilfrfrfggmgfgl I HQ X 'N 'L ,III W -N' I Q in :I -' xil'Qgk I ' K W'1 4"'?44- "Q F145 1 20' '.fM7mS.lic 1, .. n lMMOi M1 5 214227 ,ZZ-E BEVERLY 'POLAR SUNNY TQLAR .A.,5L-wabwwb MZ EJ' PRAN CULLUM Rosas MQRGAN Mal EE Jumgov JQAN HEPNEH B. 0. BRQWN, JR. -vmlof-J 2 ,J -2 p...h'i,4.. ' 'MV ff r ME Q5 V 'Q s ag f .ix , I i' FEW' K 1 S J if if f its 'Q wg Y Q 3 d 2 XAX. K SX Q .M x Q wr bf Ref , , ' ax X if . S f ,ww 0 1 ASQ-F 4"Q' W if . Q J 1. 94' 5 'Ny , we 'N I---k ,, 956 ,g ,fi 'K " f W H 5 Af if J Q 5' , g 'U KE Q Q 'ff dgufw 5 "iii ' if V I' 5 vw i J . h I Lkkt I :fx ,sh ep W Q A if iff 85" E :ff if A Q 5 if J if Q 9f HQ! Qi -MK 1 uf !'9 iii.-pf ,ff 5' m. ,K "Ky R 'N 1 in i - .wti 'Q 5 5 Q . S, X K fx ,L Y S 1 1 A I' fi 4? ,A ! ifix- r If s 'JE 'A D ft' f 1 Q H if A I 464-'P ff W , 7' X , in ,f ,ig A 4 I t Q fig ,. 3 . if , 533.4 K, -i f fi 5 ' A S ,gn fi 4 Q 5 Q we MB ls- gs if 5 SS wwf! 1 QQ, 6 ., -1 Aw. : H W.: A if 'X mfg f' ,, . , A .mf A 5 5 uh. Q if 4 x STE? -W WX 'ff ff' s sm. ,Q - W ,, -- 4 4 if A A ,q fk 'N f .Y 3 'rw' 'wp ,f 1 ,, 54 1 'Q 1 s S , an H L W ff.. 3 45-hr, -6 . I rf .EES L ,J .4 Q Q: ,sw Iv Q. wx 'QR' f 2 , 1 I af ,Q , . 5 . ?""' fm 1 s'f!M'-n?U'0"'f- . Y, was 1- L: f .M ' P' , fn ,Q mf H1 ,lj fx Ji 2? sg vyy Q 5 , M M, ' SQ" .. .5 5 K ff 3 . ,, .f Aff 'gr A if H Q ' M" - , . V , ,, A, I ' ., K 1 , Xe-4' M . V+ 1 ,A YN. '-'wwf 5 4 lv- .9 'Q fx, . mm Jwwa. MINNIE BALLEW ICE BOB WALKER ? S v- ' A 1, Q., Eff? .f xr' -r U .W 2 C S 4' 5 .1 C ASSISTANTS In order that the lunch room might be maintained more effi- ciently, each day at noon several high school students were on hand to assist with the work. Forrest Adams. Wanda Shaw, Ioe Hawkins. Dorothy Morgan, and Richard Thomas performed those duties the school year 1946-'47. Q if ,rv OFFICE ASSISTANTS Assisting Mr. Gardner with the routine office work were Ioan Hefner. chief assistant, Beverly Vick, Rosemary Twitty. Ruby Cal- houn. Patsy Wilson. Wanda Shaw, and Barbara Porter. Their duties included checking the ab- sentees, answering the telephone. stenciling. carrying on various correspondence, filing excuses. tiling schedules and report cards, and other miscellaneous duties. Q l Q i '55,-'!i"h ....,,.,,W, W, W,M..w "M 'f N, ...W f 'W .41 LIBRARY ASSISTANTS Each period several girls were on hand to assist Miss Poli with the proper care of the library ma- terials. Exercising these duties were Pauline Nicklas, Alene Marchbanks, Wanda Shaw. Nor- ma Hurley, Betty Hurley, Mar- garet Hunter, Anna Beth Hart. Patsy Dagnell, Doris Tucker. Pat- sy Rackley. Betty Carol Park. Ann Glaspy, and Cathryn Rogala. Qgfffgb A R 'ci , I ff f - mn - if f lik - M -Q -iai- n ,... E, z 2 9 r nf? LABORATORY ASSISTANTS Two Chemistry students as- sisted Mr. Herman Williams with the chemical experiments and in the care ol laboratory equipment. During the first semester Gerald Donnell and Bill David Bozek per- formed these duties. Velma Clark and Ruby Calhoun were the as- sistants during the latter part ot the year. ' O ,,,, 3 ,., Eb An outstanding iunior member of the National Honor Society is friendly Barbara Porter. who is recognised as a leader by the faculty and students of Ennis High. Serving as office assistant. maiorette in the band. and typist on the l947 "Cicer- one," she is building a record'of note- worthy achievements. Eur. N 94 fini' One of the most unforgettable seniors in Ennis High is Ralph Essary. an outstand- ing football player and co-captain of the '46 team. True sportsmanship, genuine school spirit, and a cooperative attitude are his most admirable traits. .,.-an-w ifgrw Jw :E .- .vs f Capability. cooperation. and cheerful- ness are Billie lo Peel's outstanding traits. Her chief interests include homemaltinq. band. and iournalistic activities. Not on- ly has she a good disposition. but she is always ready to help in anything which requires work. Bdell Sonka, with her pleasing appear- ance and quick smile, is contributing much to the life of Ennis High. She un- selfishly uses her vibrant voice in school and civic activities. She is a two-year member of the National Honor Society. and as a member of the art staff of the "Cicerone." her artistic ability was quite valuable. F1 ' 7 4 . . HQ L ,T I Albert Newberry is a combination of a happy-go-lucky school boy. farmer. and business man. His genial disposition has won him a host of friends in Ennis High where he has gained recognition for his work with the Future Farmers. His in- dustriousness and dependability are evi- denced by his after-school employment in a local grocery store. Smiling Cathryn Rogala with her versa- tile ability and good nature is an asset to our school. Her cooperative relationship to her teachers and friends makes her a dependable student and a worthy class- mate. Catheryn. in her quiet and sincere way. has made many achievements not only in her academic and commercial work. but also as editor-in-chief of the "Dandee Lion." A leader scholastically, Wanda Schwartz is always ready to use her talents to help with any worthy undertaking. Because of her intellectual achievements. dependa- bility, and cooperative attitude toward others, she has become one of the most outstanding students in Ennis High. Her election to the National Honor Society and Student Council are but stepping stones to a successful career. The cheerful and fun-loving nature of Carl Robertson combine with his ability and hard work to make him one of the more outstanding students of Ennis High. His numerous achievements include mem- bership in the National Honor Society. "Cicerone" photographer, Eagle Scout: and football manager. These honors and responsibilities herald a promising future for him. Energetic and fun-loving, Richard Rober- son has made a definite place for himself in the scheme of things around Ennis High. Both as an outstanding band mem- ber and as a leading student, he has exhibited a commendable brand of citi- zenship. With these characteristics to rec- ommend him he will surely enjoy a successful future. V...- Neat, attractive, and energetic, Modell Goodman is admired and liked by every- body. Among the honors she received this year were being sweetheart of the Future Farmers and a runner-up for the most beautiful girl. These attributes and her little traits of personality make her a delightful person to know. 6' Outstanding among the Sophomores is lively Ann Glaspy, who is always sur- rounded by an atmosphere of cheerful- ness. She can be depended upon to share her musical talents with those who need her service. Her "bubbling" per- sonality and vivacious smile have gained her many lasting friends. . Reliable and trustworthy, Robert Shipley has gained much recognition. Prominent in school activities, he is a three-Year member of the National Honor Society. a three-year letterman in football, an Eagl Scout. and business manager of the '4g "Cicerone." Because of his many ac- complishments, Robert is recognized as an all-round student. U .4 The Kiwanis Club of Ennis has manifested a genuine interest in the activi- ties ol our high school. Each month a committee of Kiwanians selected one senior boy on the basis ol his leadership, service, and character to attend four meetings of the club. Presenting as their motto. "We build." the Kiwanis Club endeavored to stimulate in these selected students an interest in civic activities and clubs. The Student Kiwanians of this school year were Leonard Sellers. B. O. Brown. Carl Robertson, Harold Nash. Ralph Essary. Bosco Morgan. Grady Garrett. Richard Roberson. and Bill Comiskey. One ol the most outstanding projects of the Kiwanis Club was the school safety program which they launched in February. All equipment necessary for the installation of this proiect and the maintenance of the student safety patrol was purchased by the club. The leaders of these activities included Owen Gilpin. President: Ioe McCrary, First Vice-President: A. B. Roach. Second Vice-President: and Ivin Dycus. Secretary-Treasurer. - ' rfb' 5 4 A jf? I I , fx ff . f ' fc f f f f' if 'f 0-" f' fi' f f ff Z f P' f f WNvwmxmxxxufxxxxxxxxxxxmxxxwxxxmxxxxxxmxmxxxxmwmiux nnnummmmmmm gr muunumnmnmn lllllllllIllUllllllIUlHJ1Hllllll.l1IlIHIIUUIIHIIWUHIUIIIMIMWIN! W , mx wx 'gy X U I H N X " I an IX, I f-, f.,'Cf: I 'lp' ..UQ':5h 11:qQN ask 9:9223 him ISE' fxmwf' 'elm' ' V L ' Jai? fowl: 't?1:'W" 'swq 'fwx swf? .rf"'t 1177" 1-v"'v , 1 :f,4 rf,51'g'f'fmg'! GM yif':f:g lmNS?-' 'Igfi' IM7 yn'-I' P""'f'j' ifr1.'- 'xqr.'w,'M 2 R"'fi'.7 '-!w"p1'P:f0i' 'QM vyfige wif 4434'f"Q' f:jg.1Q15f5!f' ff fgwwhwmff M i MIM Ww w ww' MM ., fum wwf , W Q mm V + Q ,fix Hen, , a n L' nw l 1 X I ,xl 4, I .J nf. 5 I J Q f' K I. 4 Lai-Ajif I il., ,NN,, J 1 . E I , J , , M ,, A I I. ' -5 P ,z-irc .Lx ' , - ', .' , , . J 'Wh . J xt. .1 ,AL 4, - V , A li A LM ' 2 .-- .. fum, B, Ju A , 41" -- - ' -.' '-,-'f 41, . va ,H-1 iff' ' N., V H1111 W I' 1 ' ull xv' Ill ll H 11 W U' A pu Ax n nu. num lu, ,N X gy' at f".g:Q-,14,g,f5 1 m "fm fvvfgf Wi! 45:-N. "W WCS! ,'. z""lWv'. 451 '45'5U AW 'W-fi My fax, -fm -114 f", :aw ma fn 1 'A f. -'.-ggi-KKQZQVEYW 251' 'W"v9.424N 'M m'.M PM 553.5 Qin, sw' 2:23-:-1-7 Zggfg I-,,,5,' X,-, .1 V 'fly f 1 1 j gl fr! I .11 I .I M' ,O - W If 4,141 frn:,.5tg1f.k1,,1,,M',g ,Elini , - M Q My "Ili" , 1: :"' 41" ' '- ..Q.:...a.:.:...t.r ""' " ' 'HH Z 'U' 1 fi,g11ig?Qf??-.2f:"Y f v ' 1 1 I 9' . ' ': " f . ' ' . f - .1 ff' I !1'T0"'-1 iii ' f .W?"'-'S vi 1 H'-wr '42 . f . 'P fs ' yi 'ig 32' ., 51- f. ff ' - 52,7 4 2 --Mn , T' -5 ff:-yt ,Ziyi if 13:01, AQX,x'r?K-I J Wy 1 fafagfg ff uh rtx 1 V g x I " 1- ,z5f1g,j5+ZfgZ3fgg.5i TWH H 'll II ll ll IJ ll U I? lb IJ ll H II H 11 H M ' 1 H ny ll za H .:- f W 'Y ' - Y Tp I Z-f-3f-l-'- 4 'T-Y 'if' Z 1 I , 6 '-.:".:- T4 iz.. X " if E '-1 147325, 1-T vi I 0 - ' 4 A f' f '----ff? 'l X .L KM! , ,W .f W ' f "- L 5 . V f 'X X VX 3' x j V fl WGV XI X ' : , fe, 'ff ' f glybx ff 'if ff f n 1 1 ' 1 fl fb, , , 5, YV QQ' V' If 1 ffl f ff X' ,7, l 0 V, ff ffff 1 74? f X N ff V W I I 1 ,I mg' .X N I X ff, f if ' 1 V , ,lv -gl, ' ' M M W ,WZV 'ff , , X fr If 'I ,ffm ,5!"N,' f j Tk , 1.1 ' . x E ff- 05.12 ,iw K Y -if 1, 1,-R f fri 1? 'Q Wi ii :fr r I ' 1 W L - , -- L-1 NWN Ex --if-t i 'fig' : ii Y '-L-Q,-T, Tmr':'f'flj 22.122-+5' ,.-51 5 , 3 LE-f?1..:' ' ff 1:-F ffl i ' ,-,, -3 1' f, ' i'- 12 1. T,- K - .--1 Z - TQ, '-gi-+ :L Q.. :- f ,...-- ,.f-'l ,-,,,. ,--,,.ii...1. """' -gi ,avg-'f-, .. ..-..i I COACHES Iude Smith - Assistant Coach I. M. Mormcxn-Head Coach Frank Blair-Line Coach 'Sv-1' ff! P . 66 93 'H 2 5 a d I RALPH ESSARY- l6O lb. right tackle and co-captaing No. 49. Hard and determined blocker. Second tearn All-districtg honor- able mention All-state. Three- year letterrnan. - t 53" SONNY TOLAR- 137 lb. quar- terback and co-captaing No. 20. Excellent ball-handler, hard tackler, real hustler. Made hon- orable mention All-district. Two- year letterman. F t '4'4 l 2 ' "1r 65 "'12 AAZ' '1"'f:- lcrfrl ls ff V 1 gl YS 'ii "ll, B E .Q .." , , .. , , E' 4 1 .ett . A 1 - . . ,ttf , rf: M . ,. . it I img . J 51 .2 .J , A JV. W.. ,Hip 4 A . if "J, V 33? .. t . ' y. .X J .. . -uw, 3561. ,rut A 1': ' " Ennis ,,,,,,....,w, ,,A..,.... 31 Arlington , .A . , .. 0 Ennis i,i,.,i,i,,i.ii,.,i,i,i. 0 Waxahachie ,iii..ii,i 6 Ennis ,,,,,,s,ws,s,,, s,s,,s 0 Temple ,,....s ,s,.,.... l 4 Ennis ...ss,. Ys..v. 0 Bryan .,,,, ..V,,, 1 8 BUDDY WILSON-178 lb. left tackle, No, 34. Alert, hard-charg- ing defense man. Second team, All-district, honorable mention All-state. Two-year letterman. kr... ' i -iii WW 1 ' i . Q' ' fd' 'EL tiff' . -.. ' ,Q-4.',.v1,"' BILLY SPRINGFIELD - l6l lb. left end, No. 4l. Speedy, capable pass re- ceiver, long-range punt- er. All-district, honorable mention All-state. Two- year letterman. DAN SUBLETT-147 lb. quarterback and right halfbackg No. 26. Crack passer with a knack for finding an open receiver, cool and de endable. P Three-year letterman. Ennis i,i,,Y...,r .,cc,i,.c 6 Corsicana ,,,i, iii,,, 2 0 Ennis .,,,,i, ,,,,., 6 Waco ,,,i,ii ,ii, YY,,, 2 7 IOE GLASPY-l53 lb. center, No. 23. Hard and determined blocker and tackler, always fighting. Made honorable men- tion All-district. Three-year let- terman. in Ennis .,.....,...,.,....,v.,.i 6 McKinney ,,,,,.,,,,...... 2 Ennis .......... ......, 1 3 Cleburne .,,,., ....... 9 Ennis ,..,...,., ,....,, 7 Hillsboro ,.,.,, . ,,,,.,. U Ennis ...,... ....... 6 Denison ,,,, ,,,Y.,.,,,, 4 0 SAMMY LOVELL - 159 lb. right guard, No. 31. Full of hustle and drive, crashing defensive play- er and good blocker, never gave up. Two-year letterman. -2, .B. s g. -0' , . '2- ?a111iyvQ-:f:z1:-f'rifi:: -'1' '5f::Er1f -.'- 1 ,. --.1 d A nr r 1 n ekr e d A ifin A r ref e t r ri k fie f f s . .. .,... ........ . , . A .,.,.... ,,,., .,,, ..... ,.,.,.,,I...Aman..,.,,.,AA4,,L,g,. ., ,. ,, .. . ,, , , , QE i"'l"'N. My I 27 an ws, fJ Q 2 L, Ta , Q x w , MM. 7 x l 1 i k :,, .. L 'E QW , X i Q gig 'I , Q .2 W A 5 .wa V 7 . ,llr H if ti M ff Q. Y I' i SLAM ' . k Q03 fNbf9E- 338005. O' cjxO'Y 999' swf Q9 Q29 0 6459K XX' 9523, 9+K1OfQ .4 cQxq5xQ,N,XO4939E6OQ e O 0 H Qi? -BQXNG OK 3595625 IN G L Q,,1O,qz0tXeNxeii9'0 Io NS Do WN W Ac O RUNNE 90500 0905006 R xax QQ, 895000 Q 9 06055: 6086! Q' x5 aobdfxe QKO-'i5'SX 1 QQ ,qi S. OCQOSOK6 ,QO 1,0006 . O06 4,66 61xQKof9'0K- ' N6xxes6PO0' 'OS xv-as 21049 Q X Q, YO. KQOOCXJ' O' O46 -029055 QGFJXZX SX ex A5,Qc94xeS', 0 ' AOXQYDOXX C59 AOXQ 099' fx' 000 .-g,. 522221233 .V1,z1 , .4,,. f ..,. 4.212521 :.: r 'VAIZ gig! , v.:: Zz: .,..,., ,4,,:,.I.'.v.1A. I:ff,Zff.jf-3211.21 I-.'I A , ,.l,::,, ,V,-,A qs . gig.: A ,V 1, .. qi. ff r X if if M- rr X A . , ' -5 ,h .2 We Q. - . Y, S 4' -fig, 9' H rar . 5: .551 751 'S"v: ' 1- 'f-5.4.1 1 A h ? w qw, 4 X If X it 13 I w , . 'FQ Y- . Sig, .1 X 2 2 levi Q 9 r f i 1 xx .K +L K 'ft .. ,Q XJ: '7 14, - . K . . X its L 'M , P f f ' L 2, gi wgf-'.w,3.,eg35gi 1 H f , My ' f A s -V zixkiwlx E. A k ilfgyuk -155 -mfg JIM is f"?W?ief52f5WiF5'5k2 X - GLYNN DANDRIDGE - 147 lb. endp No, 48. Hard blocker, driving tacklerg a consistent pass-receiverg to be heard from next year. Two-year let- terman. 'N S 4. if----mr' ROBERT SHIPLEY - 155 lb. tull- backg No. 32. All-round utility backg passer, punter, ba1l-car- rier, and good defensive mang showed real hustle. Three-year letterrnari. tackleg No. 33. Made up tor lack of Weight with determination and drive, a real hustler. One- year letterrnan. fo 005 x0 O+ff,Q5Q 56 9 Q' Q X KO 'AQ' OO 9 0 X Q X 'Ne' NQQXSQOQLG, 8965 Q 041, 40' xOo5,CgOO4? Q? K 43 KN RQ' io Y' 'Y , Q?M?'f,QS . 0 YN . . ioeakejaooeiai OAQO 'bqeablvcgff 353' ol' QQ' so 'il 909000 45QO'foQ'59c90Q6. QSAQS 0.0 .Kp V900 OAS bg,- qfoo. qs Q9 we 0300680 ,gsgogx S805 ci ' . o' . e N' t 4045040 leOQ'6O'SQ?9 O QOQXGQ Q' 583 QIZQBXZNXQ 066266 1 QgQp0'41Z Q68 'XGQS OZ 09 l R soo A We dr 5000 N403 . Y 5...-pn-!E:1.,...:':-z-.zu:-.---:::f:::.5.5.:-- A A ..,. . A'-., .... . ,... . t CRUZ RIVERA-l85 lb. right guard, No. 22. Bright future promised because ot Weight and determination, full of hus- tle. Reserve letterman. 7' Q? 31573. fo O 004147 . Q02 fo Q oQ,oQf A1000 DON MUIRHEAD - l69 lb. cen- ter, No. 40. Big and capable with real drive and determina- tion, promises to be a future stand-out in the line. Reserve letterman. TACK CROW- 135 lb. left hali- loackg No. 28. Fast and elusive, really Wants to play, shows much promise for next year. Re'- serve letterman. ' , Qfoxgg gfggfsfgsb er fo 'GO of Zo 0 'lf 6 1' jf Ja '56 .M L , O fx i QM . 'V M Q -. i Q3 i if jo 15? if it 1,28 f-Q0 Q0 Sf? '90 W ' Y -, 'Zi' fg. Q' Q, 9' 0 i - X .55 fo 6 Q' Q QQ jj-qkii JL' f Q -15 J' 4 G21 J" is .. . f f Q if 1 Q 65 G Sf F? . - my ff f M M,-W f ... . 9 Oy f sf 6 Q 4 '22, 4:9 'PQ QQ JO if 'N Qi' Q0 f' 'Q 69 4' 45' .LPS n,,s.... ,-,.Q,,Qer.,M T, O- G J J' I 3' -'O O lb , fp Q o, ,C Q .y o o f J, J . ..Egg ,,4 ,XJ 08 of X rg X! oc 6, 0 we , oo? fo V, FDS ISS! ,QA 36, S066 fbsobg ,GSO . "" Q g Q 0 X OPQOC o ' - x G 1 ' Q .... Ai A ' ,nw ',,,1,"imff3h,- was f fin' 2,35 K '-ff lffxl ,gf , ,,,,, fo L,,, , , 4, ,. , V, M TA. Vul y, i A ii W JW W ,,s,l,.w f .if , , Tu, I I V gr ,W M ,kk.,, A M Eu U 4, . in 'lml .I - -.'L l'- : '. - 3 mzxf'55f'Cf -v N- 7175- ' , f--n:'-- , 'iiiiwf if W is f' -5 "lr " "i ' .. 1 . E 9 U f,e 34 'z E Ennis 28 Adamson 43 Ennis 26 Adamson 48 Ennis 37 Fpresi 31 Ennis 47 Italy 10 Ennis 30 Athens 29 Ennis 38 Pleasani Grove 45 Ennis 21 Gladewater 28 Ennis 35 Cleburne 1 1 Ennis 20 Waco 41 Ennis 32 Athens 27 Ennis 48 I Waxahachie 24 . y Q, E ' 31 122:16 27 co ACH IUDE sMm-r 53 'E'-27273112:,f-,-32112157321::rf.::1g2:f11132a2:f-- - -'-'-'qi-,i'Z-2153::15'I'.:i1,1g5?.-:5:2331: ' 'ff11:F?:2:2:q.1gf.E5::::IV:fr,b,i-:f::.1-,4.-.,,-5- ' S Ennis 35 Mclinncy 18 Ennis 31 Hillsboro 35 Ennis 44 Corsicana 21 Ennis 52 Burdwsll 35 Ennis 43 Cleburne 32 Ennis 41 lesui! 43 Ennis 27 Waco 41 Ennis 48 Waxahachie Z6 Ennis 36 Temple 37 Ennis 26 Hillsboro 25 Ennis 53 Corsicuna 41 Ennis KTotal B48 Opponenis Uotall 728 A3 "'11 Ab. "fff 109 GICISPY-Guard Ted Crow-Forward rf. .Q-ff ' YNW1 Q , ix ' s Y I 5 , f-119' YA01 Qcpgf-?J35vxd B09cEc?kdxm CO' SUmmY Lovell-Guard Bill Springfield-Forward 2 16 ow' 6 . XE-,QGZYG W X QXUA 89561 00,60 L. C. Parks-Guard Tommy Andrews-Manager ':' '41'- -'-A ' : "'4' 1 A--'A A N i. LQU ,g A V f 35 ff "1 E , r Q qyif x r W5 ,-pt! , -ff Wi., M 3. k 1 xlfffl X 1. My He-man on a picnic Q 2. Looking lor some male 4. 0 fW I'Y QA , M. f ,Q N. i 'L S 3. Lady of the Lake g 4. A poor cripple Z 5 U S l3roperty QA 6. Bus stop heroes 7. A posed gentleman 8. Law enforcement 9. Snow fun 10. Fairy God-Mother ll. Snow beauty e 19. 9 me old gang 1 Q 13. Hi-ho Silver! 14. Succesful interviews 15. Williams helpers S 16. Playmates Q 17. Flag pole gang 5 is. Holding up 1. g Q tree M, s gi ,.,-aff" 73 i TY. .J 'at 'lk Ewa n the Denison Special hy the frown, lean? h, Snow White! 4. Left at the flag pole urnrnertirne pals 6. The front Steps at noon est We forget Civics 8. Posing, eh, Ralph? top, an athlete at work ittle picture makers Six pretty little girls Our boys at Galveston Stairway to the stars The Lady of the Mantilla Carl the studious student Seniors take Preference Test Brother sister love ls 'fx naiv- 'Til fi "Y iz, .4 Lx X . ik f nf if Q ,H f x QA ID ff ,Egfr xl. VVK: Wm -an 3. ,, hu H- Z' . KM -im N if ' Nami, -- Q-W. L, :ff III! Q -----......,,,.,A fm T ttitfiii 5:55 'I "Y 'K ,fgfgiby 'W . J, . v1 ' Il if . 17 bu. "3 l. A Sophomore delegation 3, A blue-JGGHS COVGF bOY 2. Up and down the stairs 4. The lhfee STOOQGS 5. Four little fish 7. The library 6. Lovely cou ple l3. lndians K i uit W. MW -K fi 8, Unsuspecting English Class 9. Bubble gum fiend ll. Personality Club Sim lU. Three dopes 12. The Chemistry "pro and Pilgrims f l4. Caught by surprise l5. Ringing the bells of the future l6. Crowded little motor scooter l7. All alone l8. Three horsewomen - l9. Studious biology class 20. Going down the halls 'VII V, .W ,.4.,M., .i . - W- V. . h ' .- ' , S- -7 wi any Q. ' ti 'T Us 1,5 5 i 'f I t- I 'Q 1 n .",.,3VxjLy iff '- . s Q1 Y 4 . , . .bf ii.. ' , ygfyg , N ft , 5, -- i. .. 1 ,+ .,k i..4.w y Q if ,I-gl. .An un reading ubba-Hubba girls uch a hard fall eaning on the old top rail Alfalfa Hay" sual position hotograph of photographers ehind bars hotographer's plumber agle Scouts and their parents winging at the Pinata ude, Mr, Tolar flexican banquet thens assembly game ur geometrician weet little Gwen 'ep rally . he model Spanish ' ass ' ur custodians 3 X254 ' 'nf l. Sammy has Lorerie 'lpostedu at Lake Clark 2. Wedding bells rang for Faye arid Everett 9. Dari took Beverly lor a ride Cbicycley 4. Gwen and Iohrimeyes lor each other 5. Bosco has Betty "all tied-up" B. Iames arid Bettywreal pals 7, Scot and Veraeall smiles 8. Billie Io arid Harvey-7? 9. Ralph arid Ruby-a pair lO, luariita arid Richard! ll, Gweri CS Mark in love l2. lllrlorsing around" l3. Shaw playmates 14. Campus course l5. Parked Parks l5. Astrology l7, lt's love A I: if I jf? e , ' . 'v ' if g vm? ,Y V U K V, qi 'IN ' . A A I' if 1.f-- ' ,V Q I if i Q W .,Wi. Q 5111? P343 , li 2 .. 1 N ' Q .t nm 5' . 1 A . H 1 A . A A yv . l y D V 1' A V 9 V -P , 'X Y ff i , y X 2 'F-7' ' out 9 E ,N -N. Z . X, fp ' ,fn f f-x :- F A, s si ,- I XX q Af fxfx -s K- 1 4 L E 1 "' 2fi,,f',1'M 7iZ,""'f7""" vm fa , if f' ri' Y, ff, Z f Q fm fi M5 V' X" Z It 4 Emi , I ff. ft V ' -g -Y -A ' U "Ll 'fin nf-aN'N.-N N W i :nh n I, ' ! lb, V 0 92 " if f Q 'ma' 64" F f if 1- ' ZW Q gn WJ f fl' K X ,f X P ' ll Bu tz, a 4 flip 4 f , . 2: : ff 1 13 Qi 26 ga N mf' Ml f ea w g if ? TQ. . g 3.5 Q U , Inf H , E' 61 i- 2 iii J--li':- Xy- '55 :vs 1 V fn l 0 F K , E A 1 L, I ff - ENNIS TRACTOR COMPANY A group of the football boys - L. C. Parks, Sammy Lovell, Sonny Tolar, and jack Brown-have gathered at the Ennis Tractor Company, the home of john Deere Products. Owner of htis progressive company is Mr. L. C. Parks, a booster of all the Lions' activities. . FEDERATED STORE Betty Louise Hobbs and Lorene Speck ex- amine some of the values which are always 'S BAKERY Serving Ennis with Fresh Baked Foods Daily Phone 50 LAYTON APPLIANCE COMPANY MAYTAG AND HOTPOINT APPLIANCES found at Federated-outfitters for the whole family. BENDIX AUTOMATIC WASHERS 214 W. Brown St. Ennis BUNCH FUNERAL HOME LICENSED FUNERAL DIRECTORS t V. AMBULANCE SERVICE ! 2 f X McKEE LUMBER COMPANY LUMBER PITTSBURG PAINTS Phone 24 201 S. Kaufman St. COSGROVE FLOWER SHOP jean and Joann Gilmore and Adell Sonka are trying to decide which pot plant they will choose from the large assortment at the Cosgrove Flower Shop. When one is in doubt about a gift, why not choose flowers? Mrs. Cosgrove suggests, "Life without flowers is life with- out sunshine." ROOFING FALLEN'S ' 15. FALLEN'S ELECTRIC These high school boys are looking for an automobile accessory at Fallen's- one of Texas 'largest manufacturers of generators, armatures, rewinders, rebuilders, and starters. THCMAS AND GILPIN Allen Floyd Stewart and XY'esley Venable are being shown some suits at Thomas and Gilpin's, the store for men. High quality merchandise and prompt courteous service awaits the prospective customer at this men's furnishings store. , , 4 1 WM. CAMERON AND COMPKNY Betty Carleston, jean Snell, and Mary Helen Nowlin are selecting some wall paper from the wide selection which is always available at Cameron's. At this dependable institu- tion, one may also find paints and all types of building supplies. 5 ze ffl! TRIPP'S CAFE Old and young alike enjoy the food at Tripp's Cafe. This group of high school boys and girls have gathered for their daily refreshments. Specializing in whole- some, well-cooked food, Mr. and Mrs. Tripp offer the best at moderate prices. is ROBERT MUIRHEAD Live Stock and Automobile Dealer Whether one wants to buy livestock or an automobile, he may be sure of finding just what he wants at Robert Muirhead's. Typical of many automobiles of various makes which Mr. Muirhead offers for sale is the Buick convertible pictured above. ,myeraszzsssezzzfsfiizfii ttf 1, ,nfl M , K. Q 3 0 . , ilipvavil 395 1 1. - , e ,i R zfrffllfl uifg fw ' fi" qs. Q' ...q any T 4511195 L j gg? W, f , o Q- at - Q- M 4' K. 2' 1 W s A ' , e - H. 'F jf' , if jf M A ' 'Z -5, ,153 5: In " at -w...,f 1 ,ff Ei 1 5 L fi':.7,g-51:7 , y - fy 1 K wig: e . K I V Nr, E J 4...,,,,,mLn:v:f 'Hifi J v ,t,, 5. if iii' M '.1"f'F't"' ..,',, ie in e""'wwo 3, f' ' Qhi z' - ex ,ft, -V , ii' " V-4 if f' ' ,r Q b e viv ' at g Ni' . 55 6 zf' i DOWNEY'S GROCERY Ann Glaspy and Marilyn Henry select some hard-to-get items from the large stock of merchandise which fill the shelves of Dow- ney's Grocery. At this store one may also find a wide variety of meats, fruits, and vegetables. GAINER'S IEWELHY Ruby Calhoun and Ralph Essary have found a nice assortment of beautiful watches at Gainer's. Other gift items at this modern jewelry store include diamonds, bracelets, pearls, costume jewelry, and crystal. PLAZA THEATER john Horan and "Red" Goodwin are look- ing over the coming attractions at the Plaza. In this modern, up-to-date theater, they will enjoy the best pictures in perfect comfort. lv- if - " 1 - - - -Y f ,. s, 1 .fm H A Q 1: iw E e -.,., N.. IOE ALEXANDER MARKET "Home Fed and Killed Fancy Meats" ALWAYS FRESH Phone 373 208 W. Brown RAYMOND IONES FEED COMPANY Malcolm Ballew has just purchased some special feed for his horse from Mr. Crow. He likes N-S feed, an Ennis product, made here by the Raymond jones Feed Company. I. E. AKEEVER MORTUARY Phone 35 Ennis, Texas . - Q HESSER DRUG COMPANY The girls always go to the Dorothy Perkins Bar when they want dependable cosmetics. At the Hesser Drug Company one may also find gift items, photography supplies, and a complete line of drugs and sundries. ,. Wk -4 f , ,ff . Ba if xii ai L 1 4 ' ' ., gi, it 1 M R v y l rifgi ifassaf iif of 2351 A h .1 ly . 53 ry JVJE he A 3 4? .. , 5, sf Igsvngy I , My A - f,, , 1 ENNIS GARAGE Mr. D. Sonka and his employees are show- ing Duane Potter and Herschel Lester a few things concerning the parts of an automo- bile. No matter what make of car needs re- pairs, the mechanics at the Ennis Garage can service it. 3' 'wtsmim ' if mf' 1' R-B ELECTRIC SHOP Mr. Balthrop points out a few details to Marcus Twitty and Robert Kasper about a new air compressor. In addition to the many electric appliances which one may purchase here, the R-B Electric Shop features their contract electric service for the home or commercial structures. AUTREY'S CAFE The Home of Quality, Well-Cooked Foods Plate Lunrhes Steaks Short Orders Sandwiches and The Best Hamburgers in Town Phone 23 SODDER'S CHEVROLET COMPANY ala CHEVROLET QQ.. V 100 N Main QQ WESTERN AUTO COMPANY nf""" Billy Bob Patterson and Carl Robertson are being shown some sporting goods by Mr. Seeley. Mr. Paul Culp, the manager, 'invites the sportsman, the car owner, and the housewife to look over his large stock of guaranteed merchandise. -ig,-n-w--W PLANTERS COTTON OIL MILL A valuable asset to the city, the Planters Cotton Oil Mill is one of Ennis' leading industries. Hlh quality products and honest, considerate service are available to all Ellis County farmers. PINK SERVICE STATION The Fink Service Station offers courteous and dependable service to all patrons. Texaco products are featured by Mr. Fink, owner of the station. COKER AND COMPANY FANCY AND STAPLE GROCERIES FRESH MEATS FEEDS SEEDS GRANT CLEANING PLANT CLEANING AND PREss1NG DYEING A SPECIALTY LARGE STOCK OF MEN'S sU1Ts Three-hour Service on Request FELCMAN'S TAILOR AND DRY CLEANERS DRY CLEANING AND ALTERATIONS PREss1NG SERVICE MILLER GROCERY COMPLETE FOOD SERVICE FRESH VEGETABLES AND FRUITS MAGNOLIA PETROLEUM COMPANY The Magnolia Station is a good place to stop when the motorist wants the best gaso- line and motor oil that money can buy. Two high school boys - Grady Garrett and Don- ald Claxton- know the secret and are ser- vicing their car. Mrs. O. G. Kelly, the local distributor, invites you to stop at the near- est Magnolia station. x MANGAN CAFE Barbara Porter and joan Hefner choose a meal from the large selection of well-cooked food at Mangan's, a favorite eating place. ROTHSCHILD DRY GOODS "Dress Your Family at Rotbscbilcfs - Your Trustworthy Dry Goods Store" DUNKERLEY IEWELRY COMPANY NATIONALLY ADVERTISED WATCHES DIAMONDS - CHINA - SILVERWARE A- -M , - -r - 1 Sn.- irq .4 f V 'gr , N -- -- s-.,g,,',..2.,a.s.5v- ' M- , .- f' .. . , - " ' ' y " M- ' S' '44 ""f1w'L. 5--SLLQ-.fffl W WRT Q- Q. ,, . ., e , t gr. - -.. 1 A - .a ' 4.a-..g,,- J , "F"e,v:.g,f,a4., , W ,..-5 , IT:--45-it ': ' 1,5 -.JI-8' A ,,, 5' iffrfff- -...YM .4 9-'ffm az... ar sv- - 4. ., ,, 3, '33 A ma, -, -'i af K" W -' 1. .V - - if "- f A .1-f' ' ' A M, "Wwe 'Y' ' " 5-'if?Dr'?fs'ffwieVr. f JAM 1 TODD IMPLEMENT COMPANY This new. modern building is the home of International Harvester equipment and I-'armall tractors. The owner, Mr. Philip Todd, one of Ennis' most progressive business men, offers a complete line of farm implements and repair parts. - J. Y-ll -D I' k . 3.3 gy., 5, -'if Alamo Service Station M. Henry Iurica, the owner oi the Alamo Service Station and Garage. offers day and night wrecker service. He carries a complete line of new and used automobile parts. Here too. one may buy, sell. or trade any make of used car. 1. K. Wolens Department Store Famous for Values Since 1898 Gold Stamps With Every Purchase ROGERS SHOE STORE Quality Shoes for Men, Women and Children H. C. Rogers, Prop. Phone 218 DAVIS AND COLLINS DRUGS Howard Goble and Richard Thomas enjoy the prompt, courteous service given by Mr. Seabolt and Ruth Hornbuckle at the foun- tain of Davis and Collins'. .CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK Mr. Ramsey explains the advantages of a checking account to Harold Nash and Mac Roberts. This bank, a member of the F.D.I.C., welcomes new accounts and offers many services to its depositors. KENDALL'S FURNITURE Everything for the Home 206 N. Dallas St. Phone 129 TIP-TOP DRESS SHOP WHERE QUALITY IS FOUND 4 may f- ii W I I 51: c, E Q Q I if AT, ,g . qv: " 35W FRANKIE DAVIS MOTOR COMPANY Patsy Wilson, Beverly Tolar, and Dan Sub- lert are discussing the superior qualities of the Studebaker radio. Mr. Frankie Davis, the Studebaker representative in Ennis, offers new and used cars as well as automotive service for all makes of cars. o- ROORBACH'S PHARMACY Ruby jane Rogers and Glenn Dandridge are enjoying some refreshments at Roorbach's fountain. Here too, one may find a choice of nationally advertised cosmetics, various gift items, and complete fountain service as well as a full line of drugs. RED MOON PETROLEUM COMPANY Wholesale and Retail GASOLINE - KEROSENE - OIL BATTERIES - TIRES - TUBES ACCESSORIES Phone 144 IOSEPH S. WITTY COMPANY THE FIRESTONE STORE Home of Nationally Advertised Products ENNIS PHARMACY PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS L. R. Reed G. C. Bruner CHRISTIAN GROCERY The Home of Good Food Products and Courteous Service 804 N. Kaufman St. Phone 922 BEN FRANKLIN VARIETY STORE Stella Farris and joan Clair Ledbetter are selecting some notions at Ben Franklin's, the modern variety store of Ennis. Here the cus- tomer may purchase a wide line of merchan- dise at reasonable prices. ENNIS STATE BANK Betty and Bobby Spencer are making a deposit with Mr. Fred Clark at the Ennis State Bank. This reliable organization, under the leadership of its president, Mr. W. B. Rider, has built an enviable record of progress. Each individual's problems are given personal attention, thus has this bank built its reputation as "the friendly institu- tion." O K GARAGE Day and Night Wfrecker Service Auto Parts Auto Repairs Anton and john jurica, Props. HOW.ARD'S HARDWARE HOUSEHOLD AND ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES Refrigerators, Radios, Freezers, Stoves RAINS CASH GROCERY High Quality Foods Our Specialty 112 XV. Knox Ave. Phone 400 NEHI ROYAL CROWN BOTTLING CO. Royal Crown Cola Nehi Beverages ENNIS LUMBER COMPANY C. T. MOORE ALL TYPES or BUILDING SUPPLIES "Buy with Confdence' Phone 278 JEWELER AND OPTOMETRIST KUCHAR'S MEN'S STORE PERRY BROS- fe"""ef VARIETY s'roBE NATIONALLY ADVERTISED P CLOTHING l for MEN AND BOYS Everything for the Home Y AND M, SOUTHLAND CREEC1-1'5 CORPORATION CONFECTIONERY The Southland Ice Corporation is noted for School is our for the day, and the usual its prompt, courteous service. Their frozen group of boys have gathered at Creedys, food lockers are a valuable asset and serv- their favorire meeting Place' ice to the Ennis territory. Gooo BUILDING MATERIAL. I BURR LUMBER COMPANY Good building materials are always available at the Burr Lumber Com- pany. A complete building service is offered to those who are building new homes or remodeling the old ones. Mr. I. T. Lowry, the manager, is always ready to assist the prospective builder with an estimate ofthe cost and to make suggestions regarding any building problem. Ennis Motor Company Genuine Parts Ennis. Texas Compliments ot Clint Earles W. S. Byers Grocery Onstead Grocery ominoted For X417 IMF 6!WflG.'? 'uFixJgi?I1lir1iJ1iicEEs If 0 GIFTS ' Q SPORTING Goons ALLEN FURNITURE CO. "lVbere Gum! Furniture Coslx Less" - - - - U Murphy Beauty Shoppe Complete Beauty Service Open Evenings by Appointment Mrs. Troy Murphy. Owner-Phone 659 . DUNLAP FLORAL COMPANY Mary Evelyn Cooke and Anna Beth Hart admire the beautiful cut floyvers and ferns at Mrs. Dunlap's. Whether it' is pot plants, cut flowers, gift pottery, or corsages that you want, you will always find a large selec- tion at Dunlap's. PRESTIDGE GROCERY Mabel Lee Templin, Billie jo Peel, and Rose- mary Twitty are selecting some fresh vege- tables from the refrigerator at Prestidge's. At this neighborhood grocery one may find a wide variety of fancy and staple groceries, fresh meats, and choice fruits and vegetables. ENNIS LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANERS Robert S. Cullum, Owner and Mgr. PICK UP AND DELIVERY SERVICE CLOVER FARM STORE Herman D. Layton, Owner 218 W. Brown St. Phone 125 ALDRIDGE POULTRY COMPANY CHOICE BIRDS THE YEAR ROUND WEBB STUDIOS Waxahachie, Texas Your Cirerone Portrait Photographer X . , y 7' 4 C' A 4 L 2 5 .J X ff 4 X X X. X JJ L , , X X- , ,, ,aff -' ' ' ff , ,, ' xx fi . wks ,W I X 'V , si l X x I' Q 1' I 1 f 1 r ff , I , f', ff, f , X f' J in i ,f , . 1' f 1 ' l f 7.

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