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.-ru -vi. .f'-..A,... . 1 A ' f " . . ,RM .,. ,,,v, H- , 4 ,A Ziyi- .-..4.,,, H: '-- A ,.- ,-,Lv-N-,Y,,,,,,-...., ,---. .. -,. ,,, .,.-. . .., . --- 1 ,,..-.V.......,.,--... ,.- ,-.-.. Q-. MV- r 01. .A ,..,.,,: ...vu ,Mia an-5.71.43mfu1:u.m.,a',,sT..ir'vw .44-.11-w411rw.2.V4l1 -14.44 :', .rzmw ' ,..A , Legg, - .4 - , 5 2 1531 -:: 'f- - Y H -LW if ,si , 4' 1-3: Y-bv 1 . x . g -.-.2 1 l gif' -: -L! Z ' E "' aw W AW M .. .muiwIfa1uxu1nMHh11lt41Ml1IiXlil4 l1 wm 1w:1+41n QYHW i gang .R -,,: :...v -I wa: V V + , V , 5,7 .JE ng, 7353555 , - A -Q - , ,rw ' , :lg , fx, 4. .Q ' ' .5 W N :QL . , , -I f . K, . ,E , A IJ, MQ, -3,3 ,H mi, Q- CICERCVIE mumium .imjgfllurf ff? u GH K v X M .K 1.417 af fl' ,5- omg None of us actually a little red schoolhouse taught to the tune of a stick. These things, to us,are just symbols that went to or were hickory most of help us evoke our own schoolday memories That is what we desire the Cice- rone to be, an emblem of Ennis High School, to help us remember M2 BOOL the teachers we had and the sub- jects we took, to recall the ac- tivities in which we participat- ed, to remind us of the laughter and the tears, the joys and the disappointments.Hay the CICERONE of 1942 serve as a Book of Memo- ries dear to the heart of every true student of Ennis High School T ",y .--n-L-nr-'wan-ff1 :-.11-q,,...,. ...nm F"'N""N"""""""""""" !h.....-x.-nln.. g,,l-,-In 4 hu, ,.,, , ..,.'h.,.- -lr-c--1-fll..... - IH.. ...hun I 1. .4 gin, ilk , 1-....,lw"u",-1--.-n 'yu L.,u.-- 'Idle-'Jil 'H-"'G"""'U M..-x4.l,4..-u..w- n..... H.. NAM, rua, N.4,.... M- sd I-"bum, In "m""x" B..'4s.-1 . 'E 1h 1.11.-r ? N-,jn,u1L,,..n.... ,LHP-,L-' F4,4w'l" l'lullw-fl Ill - 1 K hun.. li.-Ik:-1 1-1 I-..-Ill.--v li ihlul' A' . 1' LUN., 5 --M t o f ...M W -evfr - 'r I. , . 1 1 u V I ' U , nn ns.n.u.. -u aus u , gunna- nos n lllnna env: Q ru ,Q -Ig, ' 1 Nix. .x Rift N E' :ij ' 7 in . 0 U . bm. KK Q J: . ' 5, is 1 , ,W ,- . ir r R5 , YP' X . f"' X4 ' ,,, ' v Agia ' t bf f A 2' .,k' 4' , 9 'L' f 4 'X ' , f . 5 ' '1 , , :, . ' X, K . lay MA' g if My mf Q. f . Q 'N .f 1' ? ' . sz l X . A E R N , fai Jvfl Y p 1' wr - ,f 'JW in ,f QW Q? . is g 5 Q f A 2 K 'S , '1 A I ' V:-'55 I x ' g , ., ,, sw .-fam - - :favours-Q A-44"-m?'2HH-ffff . - , 2 " x . A ' -swf? ...P ' - - ' A "em-:,, E Y " ' .v 1 ,, V-1 ' ' I -.M i . V1 ' ' f-if at s ns hd wa' 1 O Q -np' F' . f-ffvasuo 64 A- , f' , ,-,W-.,,,,,. 'wx 412-W i' ,PQ if fy J' fr 'RF msn mile V Af s id . -, f , 1 .,g' . , 1 Q ,Sk . f Q 551 'Q' - . ' ' - - ' 6 . .vt n Q 4 yy Q 'aa 'I X pg. m uf ' wk. X A sn N. ix -"1-39 ,Lx X i f - pf' ff 1 J n,,,g,,ff.g.p.u,um:+--'Q--111, x .I A I "'-eh , ""'.,.k . M, ..,:.'- ,V 4 , blur., V ' .Q ' " 7253. ..f-- ..,,.-a N S fm V ,M Q A - 5-..,, ,J i V A iv 1-...nm A -.3-ugh, S: l Q -,,,y.1RsL:L1',, .SM "UNM --.,.,- ""'1f- J," ' " f'- 1Nf::,1.,....,,,,,.,,,...m-.1--1-rw' I , 4, X--.M l'M-..,,,,,, 44 - ff' A ' ' -- b 'g'-f"ivus:.-- .., ' '45,-:azwliu ' """,' "' ' A ' ':,x A- 5 R --:1 . I -'jf' V, '4"'54 6 u'3'5""'G"'mw:.-1 ',x-'ff-fA".1-pi-f'f 3552,.i:... ggi. f.:""' -:-:A ,.--S Yoon .. -. .. ----, .,--2:se:.a.-:e'3f""""" My ""'? -r-Q-....-., A -9' ' and k Q: wht VTWAQQCVW AND LW4Q1 TE OS. . YBMQET ic, fJJ,1TL ' by JJJF9' 1 mssoxd EM.s,we-as fm.: xo, Theef r1..m.,u ang Max wwu ' ig ,gy fail ai igiiul Jlifjg' Jjeljfcl JJ Q 11,L.LJJJf'JQ ever be. Ts-ue, to Wy cdors 'Wi sian! for R-Zhi, gf' iigligi JJ ,H el J 3 J ii if J VE 3 Ji Ji ieliiliu EJ 34 QA -'F 434' J Q ' VJ-lJ,LJ J.. QL U pmissj bell Laujgiim-AJ Enms Nu x-MS Be, our goax. Fi ,ii i .Li Ji6L .LiS ' T j wJ ' J : . J M UM cl , xoh Dt A.Lil-MOYUBS MKJOQH EAYYXQQ: awk. Ins pI'CSiC1Qhf Vice' 'PFQSHQNT Mr-VA,Barrin9Tor1 Se-Crdbfy ' Mr. Jo e,Hawk'ms gill? "NT WH-J. 510116 mtE.C.OaT5 lVlr.Uxas,H093e Mr: E,CPari5h MR. C. C. ISBELL My g 0-M, F-Q35 A-.- , ,AAAAV V V. . IVIR. JD KING www "il!Uvyw..,,,,,,.,,,, , ,M H M I As we the students gaze upon the fac- ulty busily at work we find Miss MAXSON in her biology class feeding her prize fishes ...as Mr.Hitche11 checks typing papers and Coach BLAIR 'is explaining line plays. We see Hr. CHANDLER 'demonstrating a physics experiment...Hiss SLAWSON carefully mixing a dangerous formula in chemistry laborato- ry..Hiss KUCERA locating the Spanish Capi- tal of Madrid ...... We watch Coach DAVIDSON teaching the boys a new play before that tough Waco game .... as Hrs. CLARK industrih ously grades those everlasting English themes....Hr. LESTER examines a machine in the Agriculture Department .... ..while Miss WICKER compiles the Future Homemaker's L yearbook......Mr. GRANGER is instructing a beginner in the rudiments of band work.... Miss STEVENS is preparing a lesson for her sewing class, and Miss BARKLEY is explain- ing the system of feudalism to her World history c1ass...We see Hrs. NASH directing a one-act play.....Hr. WHITFILL explaining an Algebra problem.....Mr. RODGERS grading English six weeks test papers...Miss CRAW- FORD repairing a library book.....and Miss H NDERSON typing a letter for Hr. ISBELL.. Hr. ROACH demonstrates a geometry theorem. Miss PENNINGTON works a math. prob1em..... Miss HANGUH cuts a stencil for the Dandee- Lion.....and Miss HAYNES writes an English test on the board. Z! tif' I The Senior Class of l942 has been a group outstand- ing in activities during the past four years.The person- nel of this class has been gifted with athletic, musical and intellectual abilities. The majority of the band,, drill team, football and basketball squads are Seniors of '42, That high-stepping Ennis High School Band is led by such seniors as Drum Majors Doug Redden and Henry Ricks and Band Sweetheart Glo Sanderson. The drill team is composed of such representative seniors as Jean Wood, Carolyn Fountain, Betty McCord, and Virginia Skroh. The mighty fighting Ennis High Lions are sparked by Seniors James Wesley Goodwin, Chain Emerson, Bobbie Gardiner, Albin Houdek, Edward Rosprim, Glenn Richter, Paul Rich- ter, Hankie Lanvender,- Dooney Pierce, Alphonse Mock, CX Billy Pool, Loyd Pool, and Sonny Hooker. Senior girls on ' , gpg the State Championship Basketball team are Nettie Rae 4 Brown, Mary Bates, and Betty Jo Armstrong. These and other senior students have, to the best of their abili- 1 ' ties, endeavored to better Ennis High School in every T X way. We, the Cicerone Staff salute .,,................. X T- -,, the snmoa crass of 1942: I gl W I T Q ft .W i G W . "S ' !9'1'A4s,y' " 3 WT gif XXXR V - 1 K . PresXcXevxJK 5-Q,CNCQ0rmxck H WaXTer Price CPXCNUJVY V vWe'p'Q5xAeM J XX! A Se crux MY 'TY CBSUV ex E6-YN 00 . fqorfxs Qohgers SPOYXSOF sltlkillkjn 1ffffffffffffifffafffi Q?f?Mx1ii LQ35jmil ij ii lg E M my Sszniofu. Evelyn Allen Dorothy Andrews Betty Armstrong Mary Lane Ballew Eunice Barr Harry Basinger A '4!:. MF-335512 i7'pWn?Tlf'5lL5 . , vii , 11f":.,,,,v,,E'7 ,QW . gf 5 flf.ivm'ff Meg: -,,,,r ps. .. ,. f , lg: U -ff' "uw :- M' y -Q nary Bates QQQQLE' Q A Charlsy Brannan iggjlah- A E Douglas Brazier Edith Bridger Gladys Bridger Nettie R. Brown Jack Burkhead Nadyne Burris Elizabeth Cantrell . g,frg,5af www ef g E51 H Ki, f . 'Hilton Carleston Caroline Cervantes Louise Creech ,,. . lk , Q.-.2f.1m+vAQ 4-m,,f.1,f--m,'r2w , 1.3 H ".. , -If - - pp. ff'-, M' ' 4 'I vt si r gif S, K 955, J 5 ,QW ' 1 4 Q 9 Q X , P Q A as 5 Q H' O 1595 f gf +5 , ww , A - My ug - 1:1-1.7 1 -W wif tw L JL., EQ A H K Q , U A , 1 I ' 1 fi ff. Q gig A5 M: - . fi., ,YQ-wi ,.,5,..,,,i Sy.-,M Q K, 4, ,.,, xxx an ff ,gf-f-, fi E i?,.'5..:..--55" 5. awgw--:ff w, A. 4 f-22 1, bwpg2kl, K. 'Wu fmhgnsifigi iw if 33' ' H "Z 0 S 1 5 0 Af K X KP? 2 'Y fn j l '7'fZw?:S!y I fin 'S fi' 5 V A H? .N ,ji 5 rf ,Q ,jggfqs x 5, xh -A 9,1 55' Sv vw A 1 ' X WFS 4 1. .Ly lj W m, K4-P, 1 J ,an i.: . q , M, -'ffsi-:Iii ' - as f?- , 1 X I e. x, 'X "xx I ,T ., fx ,Q f . , ,f ...ar ,xx 'ff' f -, V , - . . ' A-ywi "ggi ': 'H-353: , . A V V, .57 ., ,r 4 T' 5 is' 'i v ,. , , ,fr-.-J ,,f -.jf N, 2-1 If-ei' if 'Q55' f , f.:,fi:L '1 V "' f T flii C f3iff"5f' 4.51. W X 2' .S V. , 1.3 K . 3 , Q r- 5 2 at ' 7 9 v . W , 3, r" ,- L 1-M xv 41 ,. 1 .9 L , J, 1:4 1 .L my Ax" 5 V ':5w.v uF?MlNw W 'M .W W Q. af f Q 4' -.5 X 5 N r , g , 3 Ja W . A H5 MW M- .wail . MwwywWW,mw, ' f , f- ,I,v,fI,f Shaw. f . 1' fxm,,f'5' f K ,wk . , 355 wit vs. fv- -vu . .wig fi--4, ' ml iw --W- 5 is' tg i ' - avian MQHQF '?'m ' 2 ' N A .J A Q f ,,,ggiixg.12f,1s,, - - , 153' s W - . 'ff L 'Y . fp J kM,f,,C,45jf?ff?E,f...,:': .1,2'ff ' 'S '41, :xv X531 M ,L 'W , t A ' wif K 5:5 1 4 w :gt L Q : ll '+ ,5 Q. . 'f:,5??f. ,J V' ' QQWF I ' cgi? .1 J i .fps r V, gpggffrrff-r I my , .5 ..' , 'f:5'4 My ' 1 Q' 1,5 1 ffffv m,vn,,5 ,w k 5 7, V W ,Z 3 ,, ' izlimgl . 2 'F 'gf UQ1 g ' . ' 5 ,wa .M 'f- X 'iv f J .ww J 5 u- Nuff 2' 'fr Sgr' 1 AM ' 'sf 'I' 'iw 1 ?U A X ye if rv 1 H ' ig fm -3 1 yi' M 3 npr. , agf f- ' e 5, ' .K 9 i "' 'Y I rf' tfmhe ffi? .c.g Q- -C , is' L' r rs il?-A " A" 1-R M '31 , K.. Q- if r E .-Q fwq. ,fr W . ,5 0.3 2-, ,Q , . "' , as. , " V ' :fb qi rf S . Albin Houdek Thomas Hudson Jerry Hunt Cecil Jackson Shirley Jackson Gladys Johnson Loyd Johnson Cathryn Kelly ' Frances Klecka Hankie Lavender Norris Lipscomb Dale McAdams Betty McCord J, C. McCormick Walter HcNutt Luis Malavear J. W. Martin Lurline Merritt Smiolw Alphonse Mock Charles Moreland Mariana Moseley Marion Mosely Joe Newlin Joe Odlozil Billy Owens Edith Palmer Eugene Parma Helen Patterson Dooney Pierce Loyd Pool Billy Pool Billy Prestige Jack Purcell Thelma Purcell Douglas Redden Glenn Richter 44, if il , S 4 .rr 1- ,ll K ' :ll . 7 ,- I i was Q- x f ' I . L . V33 1' 5545 X' 'T I. P N wt , W. '1WK,Iffiff . ,A lx E, , ,Q 'YM ,ing fwffg- 1 uf -, lfw,l?,fzfQa Q f- .Jr -1 w:,:,,. ,,.k5,i?.,g?d,g'a 1, ,sax-:N -5 2 1, J 2 f is 4 : 1 st i gma: 5 g fxv M -7 JNFQ : 2 .s,.. 11 231 m Ewu4 ,,inw fist -bf. Q A5 . Lv? 'v Mwwwcwiwgrgiis Vihgnxssrxfqafff 'ww zqfgvegax Sam 5 ,NM HM." . .. 1 . F Q 2 ' ' 7' :sf 1 ' mfr x X -,nw Wa ' eg gf! 'US E A 3 my ff .SA vim 5 V , A .W ff., .. 4, 5-,fo 1-:K Weir.. 335' - j4,3'a3,jf' 91101 ' ?f'I4 fmw -. ,,,Qygj gift , We . X . .lin .fn ,uwswngg :vi-J A W A 3 Jf E Zig? L g x x Q 1 3 , as-5 5. 8 J? A , 3 :nity 'R My W YFLQ sl 815 Q3 if 5 il 1 f Of E252 s .51 I S . Paul Richter Henry Ricks Annie Rivers Peggy Rogers Ed Rosprim Glo Sanderson Walter Scott Hubert Seli James Shaw Elizabeth Sills Virginia Skroh Geraldine Slovak Hattie Bell Smith Billy Smith Helen Sonka Victor Sonka Evelyn Southard Mary Spaniel Smiau, Robert Sparkman Doris Stephens Luan Tate Norma Gene Tubbs Margie Valek Betty Wa11 Robert Watkins Virginia White Vivian White Jean Wood James A. Wright kb j iff, J :F . 2? ' -V '1"f'5i"'3?'1 k gg. "QyWg ff? . 5 'ww gtg. .JT .- f,"Z.1 3' 5' , 51. na . . r T' ml' Y I M A gg' x A' J? 2 P , ii Vg Hs 'K N 4 X 55- ,K 5 'yi L! I .51 w.,,,,s -47 y. U I I, z. 5 5' v H 1 if! 4 l 5 if I I ' r ! 'I J L r Q A M cf Hi LM ff W -' ,.1.:a, QA -S J AN tj-' .x . .'v9H'ETfS ' I !f6fQQgyV: ,f ' n, . 1 I , 1 W 1' wi N ,gre 4 ..., ' W1 Q' , Q! xg Q fr' 'ill' .,..A " ' 'lf in X ' - -' X . 'iw' 'S -.W U A ,w l ff'fiihMlW5fii ' 7 ' 1,.,'.f 'nf' 3 'L' 1 Ex ...QL I " ,ff ly , fe Q wa? -fiffgxhgyog 1 fr af' 'I' -CF' Ui wigs Q' -' ka- , wi'j 'f 5 ,QZYi35?551k.3 f'1 ' i ts 2 ,-?w, Aswwm 3 ' 63541 We 4 ujwx' F 3.43-,.,,' ,fs a we " 2, QW 5 1 ! Z. X 3 5 2 . If 5 5 aa K ?' ' ?- 5. ' 3 ' , ,, f K .1 .uf Q fa, un A SENIOR ACTIVITIES EVELYN ALLEN- Future Homemaking Club, Athletic Club. DOROTHY JEAN ANDREWS- Band, Dramatics Club, Talent Club, Public Speaking Club, Student Council, Annual, Sec. Class. BETTY JO ARMSTRONG- Basketball, Volley- ball, Talent Club, Science Club. MARY LANE BALLEW-Charm Club, Athletic, Dramatic, Homemaking. EUNICE BARR- Drill Team, Future Home- making Club. f HARRY BASINGER- Future Farmers, Hiking Club. MARY BATES- Basketball, Homemaking, Volleyball, Drill Team, Dramatics, National Honor Society. DOUGLAS BRAZIER- Basketball, Football, Track, Future Farmers. EDITH BRIDGER- Pan-American Forum, Home- making Club. GLADYS BRIDGER- Spanish Club, Homemaking Club, Handicraft Club. NETTIE RAE BROWN- Dramatics, Latin Club, Basketball, Library Assistant, Tennis Club, Pres. Bookworm Club, Annual. JACK BURKHEAD- Airplane Club, Athletic Club, Camera Club, Dramatic Club, College Club, Vice-Pres. Public Speaking Club. NADYNE BURRIS- Drill Team, Charm Club, Athletics Club, Dramatics, Library Ass't, Handicraft Club. ELIZABETH CANTRELL- Vice-President of Homemaking Club. MILTON LEE CARLESTON- Band, Pres. Spanish Club, College Club, Tennis Club, CAROLINA CERVANTES-Drill Team, Future Homemaking Club, Sec.-Tres. of Spanish Club, Mgr. of HBH Basketball Team. LOUISE CREECH- Dramatic Club, Pres. Homemaking, Annual, Flagbearer, Office and Library Ass't Honor Society, Jr. Favorite. CHRISTINE CURTIS- Homemaking Club, Trans- ferred from Telico. JAM S DAVENEL- Whittle Club, Camera Club, Band Manager, Science Club. CHARLES EM RSON- Athletic Club, Whittle Club, Track, Honor Society, Football Captain, College Club, Basketball. IMOGENE FISHER- Dramatic Club, Drill Team, Talent Club, Dandee Lion Staff, Spanish Club. CAROLYN FOUNTAIN- Dramatic Club, Drill Team, Yell Leader Sec.-Tres. of So h p . Class, Pres. Talent Club, Student Council, Dandee Lion Staff. BOBBY GARDINER- Athletic Club, Softball, Whittle Club, Track, Basketball, Football. BILLIE LOUISE BENTRY- Pan-American Forum. FRANCES GENTRY- Pan-American Forum. ROSEMARY GERWICK- Latin Club, Charm Club, Athletic Club. LINNIE JO BILLEY- Tres. Dramatic Club, Jr. Play, Editor of Dandee Lion, Honor Society, Bookworm Club, Sec. Jr. Class. JAM S WESLEY GOODWIN- Football, Basket- ball, Athletic Club, Softball, Track, Whittle Club, Class Favorite. EOBERT GREEN- Volleyball, Track, Camera u . JEANNE HARKINS- Dramatic Club, Flag- bearer, College Club, Library and Office Ass't, Honor Society, Annual Staff, Bookworm Club. MARY EVELYN HARRISON- Transferred from Alma in 1940-41. JAMES HART- Band, Pan-American Forum, Personal Culture Club, Talent Club ERNEST HASKOVEC- Future Farmers-State Winner. ' GEORGE HEDRICK- Band, Spanish Club, Camera Club, Library Club, College Club. PEGGY JEANE HENSLEE- Dramatic Club, Talent Club, College Club, Drill Team. MILTON HONZA- Future Farmers-State Winner. ALBIN HOUDEK- Football, Basketball, Track, Athletic Club, Honor Society, Softball. BURL HOWARD- Band, Football, Dramatics, College Club, Camera Club, Whittle Club, Track. THOMAS HUDSON- Athletic Club, Football. CECIL JACKSON- Dramatic Club, Tennis Club, College Club, Basketball, Track, Jr. Class Favorite, Annual Staff, Yell Leader. ' SHIRLEY JACKSON- Latin Club, Charm Club, Athletic Club, Dandee Lion Staff, Person al Culture Club, Bookworm Club. GLADYS JOHNSON- Choral Club, Charm Club, Tennis, Athletic Club, Homemaking Club, Volleyball. LOYD JOHNSON- Dramatic Club, Football, Athletic Club, Future Farmers Club, Track, Basketball, Personal Culture Club CATHRYN KELLY- Dramatics Club, Charm Club, Homemaking Club, Talent Club, Student Council, Tennis Club. FRANCES KLECKA- Homemaking Club. DONALD LAVENDER- Football, Softball, Basketball, Track, Dramatic Club, Athletd NORRIS LIPSCOM - Tennis Club, Airplane Club, Football, Band, Spanish Club, Track, Camera Club, Dandee Lion Staff. LUIS MALAVEAR- Tennis Club, Pres. Whittl Club, Manager of HBH Team, Future Farmers Club. J.W. MARTIN- Pan-American Forum, Air- plane Club. LURLINE MERRI T- Charm Club, Basketball, Volleyball, Softball, Athletic Club. ALPHONSE MOCK- Athletic Club, Softball, Whittle Club, Track, Football, College Club, Football Captain. CHARLES MORELAND- Safety Club, Science Club, Bookworm Club. MARIANA MOSELEY- Pres. of Fres. Class, Dramatic Club, Honor Society, Dandee Lion Staff, Drum major, Editor of Annual MARION MOSLEY- Talent Club, Pan-American Club, Annual Staff. RETTA MUIRHEAD- Homemaking Club, Charm Club, Dramatic Club, Drill Team, College Club, Talent Club. DALE MCADAMS- Transferred from Central High, Future Farmer's Club. BETTY JEAN McCORD- Dramatic Club, Yell leader, Jr. Class Play, Honor Society, College Club, Librarian. J. C. MCCORMICK- Student Council, Annual Football, Aeronautics McNUTT Bookworm Club, V of Senior Class, Jr Play, Lion Staff, Tennis Club WLIN- Camera Club, Airplane Club, Club, College Club, Safety Patrol, LOZIL- Air lane Club Whittle Science Club, Future Farmer's Pres. of Senior Class, Dramatic ' 1 . ice- D OWENS- Athletic Club, Camera Club, e Club, Latin Club. FAYE PALMER- Future Homemaking PARMA- Athletic Club, Model :ne Club, Science Club. PATTERSON- Transferred, Basket- Personal Culture Club, Office ant, Volleyball, PIERCE- Football, Track, Softball, ic Club. SSC. Whittler's Club. POOL- Football, Athletic Club, xll, Basketball, Track, College Dandee Lion Staff, 'O0L- Band, Football, Tennis Softball, Student Council, Jr. Pres. Jr. Class, Dramatic Club. PRESTIDGE- Band, Library Club, Club, Camera Club, Honor Society, Lion, Track. PURCELL- Football, Track, Bus, r of Annual, Camera Club, Science Whittle Club. A PURCELL- Drill Team Latin Club aking Club, Volleyball, Basket- Drum Major, Annual Staff, Person- ture Club, Talent Club RICKS Dramatic Club, Public ng Club, Drum Major, College Club, Society ICHTER Football, Basketball, , Athletic Club, Tennis, Jr Play, tic Club RICHTER Football, Basketball, , Tennis Club, Annual Staff. RIVERS ROGERS Editor Dandee ROOKER , Softball, Tennis, Dramatic Athletic Club. AS REDDEN- Dramatic Club, Tennis 1 . i R - ' V PSPRIM- Foo a , , heart, Annual Staff, College Club, s Club Y SCHOEPS Football, Track, Athletic Airplane Club, College u T SELF- Dramatic Club, Band, Tennis, a Club, Annual Staff, Culture College Club, SHAW- Camera Club, Science Club, ANDERSON- Dramatic Club, Band L Airplane Club, Tennis Club, Whittle Club. ELIZABETH SILLS- Athletic Club, Handicraft Club, Dramatic Club. VIRGINIA SKROH- Drill Team, Art Craft Club, Home Room Officer. GERALDINE SLOVAK- Charm Club, Home- making Club, Personal Culture Club, Handicraft Club. BILLY SMITH- Softball, Student Council, Camera Club, Airplane Club, Cheer Leader. MATTIE BELLE SMITH- Transferred. VICTOR SONKA- Future Farmers Club, Science Club. HELEN SONKA- Choral Club, Charm Club, Ass't. Editor of Dandee Lion, Dramatic Club. EVELYN SOUTHARD- Handicraft Club, Person al Culture Club, Physical Education. ROBERT SPARKMAN- Future Farmer's, Science Club, Athletic Club. MARY ANN SPANIEL- Charm Club, Home- making Club, Science Club, Basketball. WAYNE SPURLOCK- Basketball, Football, Future Farmer's Club. DORIS STEPHENS- Dramatic Club, Latin Club, Bookworm Club, Band, Public Speaking Club, Dandee Lion Staff. LUAN TATE- Homemaking, Charm Club, Dramatic Club, Chorus, Talent Club, Public Speaking Club. NORMA GENE TUBBS- Dramatic Club, Latin Club, Annual Staff, College Club, Choral Club, Library work. MARGIE VALEK- Transferred, Personal Culture Club. LEON WALKER- Athletic Club, Future Farmer Club. BETTYE WALL- Choral Club, Future Home- making Club, Drill Team Art Craft Club. ROBERT WATKINS- Pan-American Forum. AUBREY WELDON- Future Farmer's Club. VIVIAN WHITE- Physical Education. VIRGINIA WHITE- Physical Education. JEAN WOOD- Homemaking Club, Talent Club, Jr. Class Play, Drill Team Pres., Senior Class Pres., Dramatic Club. ARLIE WRIGHT- Future Farmer's Club, Football, Basketball. I A W The Junior Class is composed of a group of popular, talented, and intelligent students. During the three years the Juniors have been in high school, they have added much pep and personality to the student body. Among this viva- clous array of Juniors is Barbara Bennight,- gifted singer and twice elected class favorite and beauty. June Frels, Edna Earle Fleetwood, B Dorothy Purcell a trio oi pretty Juniors, have received acclaim as the prancing majorettes of the Drill Team. Such brilliant Stu- dents as Mary Virginia Barnett 8 Naomi HcCarley, Honor So- ciety members, are Juniors. J There are in the Junior Class Jackie Merritt, Solo cornetlst, Charles Worth Howell, the most handsome boy in Ennis High School, C, P, Clarke, Jr. ace photographer, and Bobby Bohannon talented cartoonist. Also in this class are such athletes as George Cikanek, Billy Brooks, John Horan, jdrzl 3 Calvin Em ert. This class is obviously one of original- Aff R ity and individuality and ls responsible for a great por- Q7 x tion of the vim, vigor, and vitality of Ennis High School. Q4 f :jf WE TAKE OFF OUR HATS T0 TODAY'S JUNTORS--TOMOBROW'S E 5 ' SENIORSE ,-pu, ' JJ' 'I if A 21 Y 5 QV' X X, W ' X Emery Le, e, SX uafi Bobby Harpa r wx me C arky ' Praidehk XlKcf,- Pre sxiemi Sect Mary Tr Q, a 5 u r ex NAD 'x mc C, aukey Cn ada 5 X157 Jack m'fYC,X'mU Sponsor WHY, :mire-Q. y Lu,- Bunion Alexander I-'urlie Baldridge Gayle Ballew Mary V. Barnett ' "QV 7 Q . 5 4 f B .H Barbara Bennight James Black Bobby Bohanon Mardis Brasher Melba Brewster Billy Brooks Emil Brozek Sidna Cave 5. my-Aux. ,.. 1YfJ,fJJxx . B I El If Qf yal',5f ntl' f A Cecil christian etes -2 ,Q c. P, Clark ig? W'Q5gQ ,,t' hw5v4,ti ,Ly ,iye , 'X E Pat Comisky E an Yll E ' ' ' X2 y Margaret Conner . - is inf mega its ful ,f 29 5 ? i 1s I, Walter Cowling y B ,. I Leon Davenel v lvl' Margaret Davis Jk fi oes,y Calvin Emmert ,N .J,,, ,. , I aw, nf - Margie Eves James Evans 23, A Davie Ferris A Elton Fisher , ,W vrixfggw , -wi" SV Y Edna Earl Fleetwood iii ' 'ff V J Q f "f g June Frels EQQ 1 2 ft, HwiigWff 'JflgQ Martha Fu1w11er gilie , J ' ' fieiiagf ifriails Blanche Garth , ' A I, 3 J 'H H 3 . xv I lr, K Qt 3 Dorothy J. Gaultney Jodie Gerron Wallace Hayes Vida Hickman Arlene Hodges Dorothy Hodo Charles Howell 15 . at 4. X . par-Ng.: 'rw-gf xx, Y - 7 V1- f F sf 3. sg: ,gm ,V 4- - 1 51- 1' ' W' N :H , 's?if:fw K jfge Louis Hroza .J J? 4 .h , "',':z.F'q - mi' f '.,, ...Que Ex , A ei? ,M X' Q T1 ' f A A V ex, H X. E, 1. W5 jg Junior Huff -7 , ' ' 2 4' Mildred Johnson -ifff , ' Sylvan Johnson ,t'f ',3HQQWK ,Q Emilie Juricek ,X N of 115 I ' N J alfife , 'ff 2 anfif M 'E , ,fgy 1, gwefmqgmgwwe ,'f'G,:'11,2'. I' ' , .ffl 5, I qy,,,ig,,q,.! Q 4 HQ? e Wanda Kelsey Egg! Ann Kost ak j ll AV Mi 1dr ed Kos 1: ak 1 , John Kubacek 't". ,V -1 45 ' f A ' ' S' 2-Q 4 53 M . Q 3? J ! 1 Q Q X.3tk gl If 4- if fn-1 Dorothy Kudrna Hattie Laza Vlasta Laznesky J , In Joseph Leask H Wi ' i . ,rf g of 4 , . nw 'W 1 A Y ,, ...J 211' ,.,, ff- - .t -V game, , . 'Q-Ze! piS55,,Qif3, 1-wQ1iQi,i ' 1 J uesfffaf 5.21: fy f gyms wywm iw ma -www ' ' Q f'wW?i 4 4 ' fQF Ara f ' wr,:'f-, . 2 Zfpyx gs., up-' K f- H Qiffgyfif A 1? fi '1' - .- . gW4w5,3f k, 'Eta . 312 ' J sei? 32 -.N ,H i ni! xg 'Lf 1, 555 ' J M , QP, m v 31 311 33 " 1 4 . 1' f ' Mggbk l 5: ' , ' ' 4:1-' Lxilgffl,:g:f:::4""f,'E,. f .X 511, A 4 VV as f-if F gffia,w,QM f,L:3iwQgw -.- C jeff af Vu W ,ff yy i f-,i QA V W K 1 Fef M' N. 9 ME! .4 X, ,gg 4 A Kg? t .,, wg Q a 14 9 1 If 3. 4 716 .J . Q fw "M ,Q Q 1, r ,fk'f5 X N t 'IHA . ,Bw MF Ego ' ' - ,l'aw W - g .,k., , ,,, ,K 5WE5?Ywl-,af Qyggxiagyggv ,, f552fMfAjg 4. QQ, f'i'1gif,il3fJ , , ,gag Q. EMMA 1 :Qing em , lk lx , A -ty. - .ai-ily L , 5 U Z fb. - 1 Tiff, i 1 eg 1' - 1 .C A "iw Q. 'Qt "1"Hv' - 1. My 3 'S , 'Zn 5: 1' V Luis' K 5' ,Q 4 f N Swat ' s . . an , x Naomi McCarley Charles R. McCauley Billy McCormick Clinton McCoy 1 . wg Dorothy McElroy Bonna McKee . La Verne McMu11an Maurice McNeil Bobby Lee Mahoney Carmen Malavear Jackie Merritt Lee Miller Dorothy Minter Rosilie Mock Rebecca Molina Sammie Molina Mary Ann Mouck 7 Wayne Munn dif4h Emil Nesuda Mary Novak Stanley Pala Betty Parker Victoria Patak Jack Perdue I Edwin Petr Willie Prachyl Dorothy Purcell Winsett Ramsey Frances Rankin Tom Pate Ridley Beverly Romick Margaret Scott Hattie Lou Shaw - Betty Jo Shipley Lawrence Smith Frances Spencer ,M , . , ,.1 .K ,x M' W c if ,,- fq,wgg,g, ,Mszfm ,..1:f:w.: Jf .W ,M A. L, -Y . 1 mf. Rb ,a umgzfzr ,el-qv 3555 www Qewgg ?E5?9 , 5 N .. 'Z e A 'f'QW X ,- A K ff X '31 J., sf Y r A ,gf 4 I , Q,,. Monde, i Pa, S, if 3 t naive 1 wma? WW, ME? v qw Qt! 1, 2 ig, , 1 .f Q x 31. Y gf! , 'UZ' 5-'Is , avg. :H gg: ' J 1. V,-1 tkr'.weQhMR 1 iw . , , i K 1 3.9 , Q , I Ag i. f X 1 Q Q ' Loyd Spencer Emery Stewart Gladys Taylor Beth Tillison Harvey Toal Lillian Valek Lillian Vavrusa Billy Venable Hazel Warren Aubrey Weldon William Weldon Alice Williams . rt 2J5f3'z?f4xf iv" :fu IQ, if 'i , any .M figiifp, 'PQ it 552535 ff Q 4' , 375' . . isxdfax . . -fr gn, hr I We ,g g QEZEEQ ai 3:sf'wQ1f Mix will al J M, , QAM X -fm WSL . 4 iff X 3 f ,, i 1 , gr X I 'N ff? 4 Wife 1 Ja, ' p, Q- 51, H v fs gs Q 5 ii -. . , b ai ,off-3? 4 i f " if J ' L' R 'ivy :Aw ZZ 4 J 4- , 'Q , o K R , 1 V in ,... , A U gil? A Qi ' wiv . ,, 1 Ml .,"J'!- :vu .fA '-. ,M,-. N wix ,hifi A Q' - i-2-T ' . . . ,. ,nm . ' -- - ------.:--..,A-L-1 .-, ....,,,,Q o Clyde Wilson Elizabeth Wright Dorothy Wylie Edward Youngblood , I ,c ,. 'xx X X. Xxx . I up I :Q .fr-Q- --V YY ?1L.. f UA R1-f: ndllilezi E R -lt.. ' ', Y.- 9 If 15.' ' gf f - I zxx E v. ' . I .i..,.., U7 DEFENSE XHYINGS' .S7'fN'7 fi 1 a w . I f 'IVAV' ll , N ,X I " ', ' :vu z- - 111 . S A K . o W ,W e f e 'J' N Z N XV Rsrwfm 55 R R4 d PEHRL f , ' .--:YQ- Q -Qmiggphl U , I 1 " ' 4" 32' N 1 , , A-in rg e 'I If 1 - :M .. SENIOR WILL EVELYN ALLEN leaves her quietness to BONNA JOYCE McKEE. HDOTTY ANDREWS leaves her Hcute cracksn to BARBARA BENNIGHT. BETTY JO ARMSTRONG leaves the basketball team to BUNION ALEXANDER. HARRY BASINGER leaves his good disposition to TOM PATE RIDLEY. DOUGLAS BRAZIER leaves his Errol Flynn physique to CECIL CH ISTIAN. EDITH BRIDGER leaves her industry to BILLY MUNN. NE TIE RAE BROWN leaves her giggles to DOROTHY HODO. NADYNE BURRIS leaves her petiteness to EULA BETH TILLISON. LAURA ELIZABETH CANTRELL leaves her jovial manner to SYNDA JO CAVE. LOUISE CREECH leaves her Hduck walkn to GAYLE BALLEW. IMOGENE FISHER leaves her chewing gum to BILLIE RUTH ERWIN. CAROLYN FOUNTAIN leaves her dramatic ability to the Junior Class play. FELIX GERLICH leaves his dependability to SAM Y MOLINA. ROSEMARY GERWICK leaves her typing ability to BEVERLY ROMICK. JO GILLY leaves her songs to EDNA EARLE FLEETWOOD. JEANNE HARKINS leaves the office to MISS HENDERSON. JAMES HART leaves his piano to PEGGY HUNT. ERNEST HASKOVEC leaves the Future Farmers to JODIE GERRON. PEGGY JEANE HENSLEE leaves without LOYD POOL. ALBIN HOUDEK leaves his friendliness to GEORGE CIKANEK. BURL HOWARD leaves his loud mouth to JOE QUINN, JR. THOMAS HUDSON leaves his likable personality to BILLY VENABLE. CECIL JACKSON leaves his good looks to CALVIN EM ERT. LOYD JOHNSON leaves his jaloppy to BILLY BROOKS. CATHRYN KELLY leaves her popularity to BETTY JO SHIPLEY. FRANCES KLECKA leaves her good disposition to MARGARET DAVIS, DALE McADAMS leaves his sincerity to RUSSELL KELLY. J. C. MCCORMICK leaves the Senior Class presidency to BILLY. WALTER PRICE McNUTT leaves his grades to MARY VIRGINIA BARNETT. ALPHONSE MOCK leaves his football. MARIANA MOSELEY leaves her ability to run the school to M . KING. MARION MOSLEY leaves her art ability to next year's ANNUAL STAFF. RETTA LOIS MUIRHEAD leaves her glamour to ALICE WILLIAMS. BILLY OWENS leaves his manly physique to CHARLIE HOWELL. DOROTHY HELEN PATTERSON leaves her sweet smile to DOROTHY JACK GAULTNEY. W. T. CDOONEYJ PIERCE leaves! THANK GOODNESS! LOYD POOL leaves his firm foundation to BILLY HOWARD. BILLY PRESTIDGE leaves his intelligence to the JUNIOR CLASS. JACK PURCELL leaves the football team to find someone else to furnish them with cigarettes. DOUG REDDEN leaves his shako and baton to the captain of the Lions of '42, GLEN RICHTER leaves his way with M S. CLARK to some lucky Junior. PAUL RICHTER leaves his walk to C. P. Clark.Q HENRY RICKS leaves GRANGER to Mrs, Granger and Gary. PEGGY SUE ROGERS leaves her activity period freedom to the faculty. ALBIN ROOKER leaves his poetry to M , RODGERS! EDWARD ROSPRIM leaves the underclassmen girls at peace. GLO SANDERSON leaves her tiny waist to MARTHA FULWILER, HUBERT SELF leaves his alto clarinet to someone who can hold it as gracefully. JAMES SHAW leaves his noisiness to next year's English class. GERALDINE SLOVAK leaves her red sweater to the Football Team. VICTOR SONKA leaves his silence to ENNIS HIGH SCHOOL, ROBERT SPARKMAN leaves his size to BILLY RABE. LUAN TATE leaves her bangs to MARGARET SULLAVAN. NORMA GENE TUBBS leaves NMy Wild Irish Rosen to STEPHEN FOSTER. MARJORIE VALEK leaves the HBooglie Wooglie Piggyn to TINKER TOLAR. LEON WALKER leaves his sweet disposition to the faculty. BETTY MAYE WALL leaves HJudy Garlandu to the movies. VIRGINIA WHITE leaves with VIVIAN. VIVIAN WHITE leaves with VIRGINIA. JEAN WOOD leaves her soft voice to MISS MANGUM. JAMES ARLIE WRIGHT leaves without a date with MARION MOSLEY. The average Sophomore Class is considered the backbone of the high school. This tact stands true with the Sophomore Class of l942. This group is truly one of energy and indus- f try. Led by President Joe Crow, high-stepping quarterback of the Ennis High L1ons,this class is active ln the many organ- izations of the schoolg...The Maroon and white of Ennis High Band is worn by clarlnetist Ethel Jean Allengbaritonist Gene Burkheadgcornetist Walter Newling bass drummer Allen Rogers and thirteen other musicians. The colorful drill team which peps the ilghtin' Lions on to victory is composed of sopho- mores Betty Ballew, Lola Cervantes, Emma hae Davis, Mary Ann Gardiner, Frances Rheay, Edna Earle Porter, Ola Nell Snell, Winiired Watkins, E Mavis Willmon. Also classified as soph- . omores are Eva Nell Hanson, vocalist, Pat McDaniel, school beauty, Mack McCaw, tap dancer and entertainer, and Charles Gif' s udents as outstanding as the atorementioned,the Sophomores fiigw Winterrowd, tackle for the Ennis Lions. With a host of other if aff? t f 'c L 1 or l942 deserve much praise. We, the Annual Staff, salu e X f' Ziff' these fine boys and girls. fx? Af .1 I X I In ff " V f I' Q ED kv - X '1 X I ,L I 'EQ' ,,, QQ fm,: ':S,v ll X '12 1111 1.,j l' Preskdenlf 4 Qrow My Nunn Vue 'P mskclenjr Ufxarks bJ'm1vermwcX Se3YfTreasur2v . S porwsor mrs.NasXw SWXWKRE MHS fiiffziilffri- ' ff"5,fg2SlQfg55ia5I5 ' " ' ff555SgQ5?g5l5?f , ,, -f' . :jg - A' s EM ' 21+ , f mv, f ,, 2 - : I 531,56 1 A V -A if Semi ffffam . is . .rl p pf , pp m rx QW 'H'm 'W WM 2 or s E as 1 fs , I ., .zlf .,i:-lim.. li:iff,ff:f-'PH rj 'WQJEWIEWHNMWHWVS " 'LWJ5' 521 H JE air' 4' 5 J 5 41 : Q 5 - 4 5?T.'!xAf523'ZE, big? ft-'+'Muif .ww Qi.-.L 1 A. mf.v:nf2iz1f it:ffefiEi65i?ii?Ef1s'f 9- skfecz ng? -wif, -1 if MQQE giwgfg wmwmu W'Mwi E My , , mml, Aw , ' 5 K - K ' x ' 715 f"'?11+5" has aawgayf wqsg - fi'ZEQl:5i'f M, Bifiiw :S-fpzaaifff 2-wma!-1, Maya..-1 Het aw:1sf.g,!f::3f ' 765 'Hgh' wqffnpnwmwwqmm LVVV W wa: Q ' 4, ,,, -, ,g. 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Sammie Garth Marie Gazaway Billie Golden Delbert Gregg Hollis Grizzard Edna Earl Eva Nell Dorothy Harold Irene Groves Hanson Harcrow Harmon Harrison 5 H54 ' amp 112,43 --il gy vJ,1T 7 . , ,V4 P f'1. ,ug g,f-pw. ,'ng,g,, Markoleta Harrison P Hollie Harrison iii ,gif ' 'K Jack Hart 1333 if ,L,, L In - 1 9533? ,i 63 Geraldine Hart ,, Bett Ha es Y Y - ' 43549 eferism, ,',w ,Xi ,--1 P, ,,:, ,, M ,,'. - Qy., . M, liz- 3 , - :M Wayland Holland Q :F- I ,, ..,m3 ., ,. ' is Q, , ,, . . . X f My N ,jug e56?hES3" ,lla Qui, K' ff- L- - me 'Wfffk I 3 4,1551 'A , y sp fowl, , . W Q' l 2135: k Ziff 519 A 5 t 3 'F , 1 , ' W f .fe QQ QA- 'tg ,Q ' me' iii 3, W Q le i q ff' . W, X Q . ap I1 , Q 2 A 2 . 34 'Fi if i is . K, L 3 L i 5 , ,L -1- if Q 5 ' , Nigel Hi. ,n geek, . .E ww ,X . . ,jr s 5 , ig -, 'Q , .. Alphonse Honza 'dl , , f' Cha,r11e Honza r Edna Clare Hough A W Q W 1 24 F P , din , ,,,- ,X,.,, Gerald Johnson ' 1 so 5 'gl ' X , mn, . ,J 5:3-G .. .,, - Lowell Johnson Q M k,,,,,:m 5 5222 gggglg 1 , , ,nina feiseu ff 'iff' I f 5 Jerry KOPGR ,, rf. ' .a , 4 ,sg . . -ws 2" wwe fe 'fr f'55ff5?4f'iifv Qfte- I H Hattle Lac1k 2 if le,eV P h Pauline Loosier P' an ' 1 g n'aa ',r1P Ray Gene Lowery MQ 1 ggi ' , gg, 'M' 1 ' ,, 5 ,A .rf ., Cigffgg A ,,,,-lwef ", ..i1,f'33' ., ,fs X 6 ,, . MACK McCaw Q " 57" gf- ,,g52gf3!:,g Q3 when I 1 f A ' T01'ChY MeC1uney Margaret McCollum ,e P feel , il ,sg r,,. , - zer. P '-"Q P . Patricia McDan1 el f P a V W - Y fl ,ian aieE?'i 41,9 H KKVK . Walter X A ' A Y 1. , 5-555559531 :ein Li12'fl1': t w PQI as ' w si Billy McLemore P R. H. McLemore a er Moore A Q X Lenell Mosley fipf f ,,:k,, . J: AH:nll?:n Hgunls eeer a er ew in Y Fg P Virginia Nichols ff -, Mary Frances Noel Freddie Odem .A ' n . an Sue Onetead a . 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' Q . --ii Ng7V Y 1 . 1 x 1 X M J ill MII all x Sept Sept Sept Sept Sent Sept Sept Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov. 24 31 7 8- 9- 12 15 19 25 26 -School opens. -School starts in earnest. work assigned. SCHOOL CALANDER Books are issued, classes scheduled, and home FO0tba11 Season begins with a bang. ----------- Defeat Arlington 18-7!!!!' The Health Department closes Mr. Chandler's home room 3079 he moves to room number 203. Ennis plays Corsicana in a 6-all tie. Pep Rally and bonfire staged on the cotton yard to get the kids pepped up for the game with Waxahachie. . ' Ennis scalps the Waxahachie Indians in a scoreless deadlock. -The Lions, band and fans trip to Mexia. We beat Mexia 33-0. The Civics class discovers that Mr. King is their teacher. He finally comes to class. -Ennis loses its first game of the season, a heartbreaker to Hillsboro 6-0 The Lions crush an injured Bryan aggregation 19-7. 10 17- 21---Jeanne, Mariana, and Doug Slawson's homeroom to the his duties! ---The mighty fighting Lions ---Ennis noses out a 7-0 win ----Sadie Hawkins week-end fi take over duties as principal and call out Miss Senior Study Hall ----- result---Mr. King resumed are subdued by the Temple Wildcats 13-6. over the Cleburne Yellow Jackets. nally arrives. The girls of E.H.S. have dates for a change. Ennis beats Denton 28-0. Nov.l4---As a thrilling climax to football season Ennis defeats Waco 6-O. Nov.l9---School dismisses for Thanksgiving. Nov.25---The Annual Staff presents Virgil,the great Magician. We clear 51.50. Nov.26---Much to our surprise school lets out for another Thanksgiving. Now for two Xmas! Dec.8 ---- We put away our books for more serious things. We listen to the U.S. de- clare war on Japan. Dec.l9---School is dismissed for a two weeks vacation for Christmas. Dec.20---The band holds its annual banquet. Jan.5 ---- We return to school after those beautiful holidays. Jan.9 ---- We go to chapel to see Red Riding Hood. Jan.l0---The first part of the Annual is sent in after keeping the night candle burning for many nights. ' Jan.19---Exams begin! We start studying Cfor a change! and copying notebooks. Jan.26---School opens again after exams ----- we learn our fates. The football boys are issued their jackets. Davidson starts to give them to the girls, but decides they will get them soon enough anyway. Jan.27---Band sponsors womanless wedding--several of our teachers participate. Jan.30---Ennis boys beat Corsicana in a conference basketball game. Feb.3 ---- Senior class has meeting to elect new sponsor. The two political factions nearly come to blows! Feb.6 ---- We work at school on annual 'til ll o'clock. Feb.7 ---- Annual due today! We are glad to finish Nye old booku, but in a way we will miss all those good times working late nightsg rushing sections of the Annual in at the last minute and eating hamburgers and onions in Hr. Isbell's office! We hope you have as much fun reading this Cicerone as we have had making it! N - The Freshman Class oi l942 has added a new pep, personality, and intelligence to Ennis High School. This class has a bright future with a group of boys and girls who have already made their debuts in var- ious activities oi the school. The Freshman Class is represented in the band by Margaret Harkins, Ann Venable, Peggy Beckman, Dorothy Nell Ludwig, Betty Joy McKee, Elmer Peel,-Ray Houx, and Robert Gordon. ln the Drill Team are Freshman Merline Bozeman, Peg- gy Joy Roberts, and Betty Phiier. The Ennis Girls Basketball Team lists on its roster freshman Helen St.Clair and lary Lee Parker. Although these stu- dents have been with us but one year, they have made names for themselves in many phases oi school life ' to be more outstanding in the years to Qfffb and promise ssl . , if alute these leaders of xxrc 6'3- A 2-X ,...,,,,,f fx X FQ x come We the Annual Sta , s tomorrow! Ymskciwk BY 2, H YN 'warg xi, av x 5 VM !pm5.xdwsY Tom mx my QMIMASW U5 WMM Sxponsor f"Xv.UNfHMN 3 Msg 4 2:94. 1, , W' 'fQMwfff21fffsAfw ' .,.,,e,g ,Y,,f,..,7 , I .. , ml fl?-Q-,Eif?1gs2Q25gwi12 A Elifiwlis-A 1 , A , I L . ' 3 'A 'g EQ .fy F - '-f ,,,wgw:1f3'i'i.1'ka,,g U N531-ffilzzfyfesiizz, 35455 :,,s!,1i,1 wr ,. A... UHWXMX WM 2g?5575?ISW'?ffT2 4f5Y?i'fWiY??'2ZWmnV,3 yiwi' -' ix? 'mwwiii my ff . 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We Betty Munn Richard Norwood Joe Novak Joe Novy Jack Oliver Q Mary Lee Parker Frank Parks Albert Patak M M f W, 1-va, . : il-2555. fm--N'-3 i-Hjjfs .. .ff C'11111Sn.Il -ff? -mama wwwawww kvv H a ' ff.: ,-. -- ff' ,, : rf-iii? -f ilu, N' E 'E Q?f?eMii3Vivgw- i M we " ' r' P ' mhfa ,igg 1K1 ea. .. ... "' 5 f . 1'-azawiafwf MHMEQW esgaiwgwmwtewwmii B, 3waff4af a we wma :fiffv?f:2'f1??f1' gs'-iff. : -f ..,:,'f,1' - ,K-.175 1, -HV iiiafamafmi ' QE 1HHE?WWd5W?uHV. Q PE: '1 f HW -1 1 fwQQfNf?mwyWAu if -Y ' -we 3ifgsg-"met,sgwrggm,,ef 1: '- n F' B fWwsww W' 1 - Sym frwwfwa' -vQli,.a --' -1- -1 - Q., 1-:war ' "fp: ' ii, W " Ein? f5fY'5Lf . -amrk. 'e2f5wLPy"ii'fi ,,' "'1!w5ff' ,ggj,g':g'fgsfwg f wg5fafm,iWWJ. iaaii' ' Qssap: F- f,miQie -' I'f"".'i' ,' " I . WM: HQE MM H 'M -.i hw." f 515: ,v A ,... . tial :Flaw a w g --me m3.11gws.,:iJ 5? if ' .. W--' H .,f' :5212 eg R' 4-1-1-f e -.--- 1Nwmfv.,,f ga1,h- win fif' -I 35? , s .Mes-1 ggqaamimgw ' - Hazel Patterson Elmer Peel Frances Pense Betty Jo Phifer Marcella Prachyl Martha Purcell Joyce Rankin Bobbie Jean Ray Billy Roberson Peggy Roberts Bertha Rogers Mary Jo Rogers Molly Romick Thurman Ruffin Betty Jo Sills Ernest Skrivanek Daniel Sonka Helen St. Clair Thomas Stewart Ema Thompson W1 smith Billy Thornhill Ben Ed Tillison Jo Ann Toals Frank Toupal George Tubbs JA.0.aAm,o,n .1 f., Elizabeth Turner QQ k f n 355 Barbara Valek fwinmy SN' W Qi , : Q i n44X?3 Raymond Valek 1. , e g aa 4 4 ,Q i, -,T .1351 JOB Vavra b g g igl figu J mmGQQi!fj? ' Qk1f'Qggk '.'N . Ann venabie A 3 r Hi 55,8353 " nf" ' 9 U b' f 5 - n lf, 1 ,ff ' fl? N: ,' r ' 1' , Mary LOU Walker ,Em . ' '.L. n ' .N .. Mary Warren E? 1 'La i k If ' 'fu' , Issac Wesbrook r 'M 'fl 4 'iff l Neta Rue Wesbrook if Y 44 V ' Rn ,4 Thomas Wesbrook A X .N t I A x ' ' , ,1 Frank Weverka Joe Whitfield Laura Willhoite A if fi 52? Joyce Wrinkle FVWS Frank Zaidle . ,,,, Q dl- -...lv .5 , V KWNI f JK f 5 ' fzj O N-X " Xxx 1 - Xxi??Qggg, 'N'- .-la,-,.. 0 ' Aff M Q i n ---'-N f' V if ' f ff 7 H' 'F'- 5 ff 6 M-4 ni, .1-M L ',l?+ , Yf- . X 5?1,.-., nits good oF Sevgoant. by helplvrg i L--1? -- ' ' you to teach me, these things, Perhaps I can rr2,p8,y 'yew you.: lmpyave your Chg-lash-W YY W O , ' .i fi 1 j 'X ,Q . Qaxyiknffug MJ jo dj H QS' Y WQ, ua-W ep,-rf'T' f ,,,-gf-.ef ...H ' 3 A -"Cb: aa S-na? -. .. 3? , ' E""'552s,g:,-wikis k':'m::.u.s....,.,...-w"' 3 5 Q91 ef' Science Club in an experiment. College Club studies bul letins. Public Speaking Club debate. e Pan-American Forum studies Mexican cus- toms. enters into 5.1 524: 1 Q 'ff' Fw 1 Y Library Club discusses trip to Dallas, Future Farmer's work wood-saw -. xxx , E512 gf X T ,o f X. c, K Girls' Hiking Club first aid. Wi i gi fl ,f Junior Historian Club has lecture, Latin Club plays Latin game. i k.,' 1 Boy's Hiking Club dis cusses plans for hike Camera Club examines enlarger. Future Home- makers are initiated. Personal Culture Club discuss personality development. Art Craft Club plans models of wood. Airplane Club eXam1DeS model. Dramatic Club presents skit. The National Honor Society is composed of a choice of juniors and seniors selected by the faculty on the basis of scholarship, leadership, character, and service. The Patrol, which directs traffic on the streets near the school, is composed of fourteen boys. There is a morn- ing and evening shift of which J. C. McCormick is the cap- tain of the former and Billy Smith of the latter. kt' y J' s wigs g .J ax The Cicerone Staff of 1942 is edited by Peggy Sue Rogers and Mariana Moseley. The business division of the Cicerone Staff is under the managership of Jack Purcell. wil- .giff ,, I . , 1.21-, ,- The Dandee Lion, the Ennis High School bi-weekly news- paper, is edited by Linnie Jo Gilley and managed by Billy Prestidge. , "" 1 ,J 'x xg X N f-XX sl Lf R 2 QF K Q N :X B X XY 55 One of the most active organiza- tions in Ennis High is its colorful seventy-five piece band. Throughout the year the band is heard and seen by the students and people of Ennis from football season through the, summer concerts. Much time is given the band by the student members, but one of their compensations has been to win a first division in every concert,march- ing, and sight-reading contest that they have entered at the State Region- al contest festivals for the last sev- eral years. A diversified musical pro- gram and many enjoyable trips and leasant experiences help to make band p rticipation one of the long remem- bered high-lights of the boys 8 girls who don maroon and white and play in the Ennis High School Band. The Ennis High School Drill Team de- veloped from a Pep Squad that marched to the drum beat of a city-wide band in 1935 B '36 to the high stepping, smartly uniformed organization that now wears the maroon and white of our Alma Mater. Reviewing the brief history of this group of peppy girls, the largest team which ever represented Ennis High School was in 1936-37 when the team was compos- ed of seventy-five members. During the past four years there have been one hundred and four members includ- ing fourteen leaders, of whom all but ten girls have had a record of perfect attendance. The Cicerone Staff takes a great p pride in saluting the Ennis ' High School Drill Team! 123 W M' REV iff? dwfiy w H 5, J . , R o 5 ' ee- 4 . fl , W, eil 0 M M Q 4 , V, V tgp, :J 0 V - , f :Ma 3, l , .,,,. ,.S,,,, 4-J I ,.k, -.I 4 g GLUE ? 1 UA c'L Jwv in Ewqyaw W JP 45 M Ely Muff Jwwmf Q W Mfr MW ? ,MJWW Lmf.e,.fJw.1l'wn M gbafguidfa g7WJ"Q?"f A fs,w1Jfz,M, smoke Gulfzfandbzg Cfilibiw QZZMJ6 D , WWW Wien, JMPJZ-43 Z77afz,Lafwo ' fwf ZW amd Z , wwf, Wm Jmlmkowo Z fd. 5LfLQi'1ii VQMZH ZZQJM icy U Ways ping, fha, can T91 ""2Hqw ,.'- ,A-.34 I ' . -i , .1 ,lr ,r 1- f ,f",f'f ,..-' ff' P""'S5.mm 'www . 1-.., , - , Q , q'w-W., '- -N, , f'1"f"Hfwf.V-L.,...,..-..17.-- - -an-'H A n It 4 ,Ml - 4,-...,,.,,,- : x,,,.Q.. - - - .wqpqm ' ' 1 4, ..,. W A , A K . . """"'-'www M- .:,A - A 5,0 lr 1. '65 fl:-.M 5024 Mmhnmt - Mari... ,M ,, Q 'Nu -. w,5,.A,-,M new ,fr L15-' 'L-we A f- .. - A .w ,. ,Q,...-A. P . 3 - ' ff'- 5 ", Wfvs, M f EHERSON DOWNS CURRY FOR A LOSS Arlington 7 Corsicana 6 Waxahachie 0 Ennis 18 Ennis 6 Ennis 0 Alphonse Mock Billy Pool Dooney Pierce Halfback Halfback Guard 1 X. v . ,px , x 2 I 4 K J K i- itil.--.L A., 4 x K 'nil J . ,Y L., .. 55 2 4 .-E A 9 . . Q Q W2 1 wiv? 3 X -, ' .EN 3-1 if '?. , ., N X av' . . N , , V ,fx , S y , xt. H, N- 2 gffx. , 't M ,ki A i . w.,Q,xS,1A.w K J: lb MQX xx. . 1 jail.: A, Q9' gif' ,la A It f , '3',,-Q... . 'fdigmli Q5 .A fwm. Ti , N I-BLS: 2, x,1Q5:J,T,b.5:ixlZ :L 21, ir - xl -. Fi! Y- .vww -,,T,,hX1 fa x'4':+.f-'-"Y ' 5- 13?"5",'5-',1sfx3ff."' -1., MQ V... 'f"' A ' M Albin Houdek Guard up Sn ':'1 if Wesley Goodwin End MOCK IS DOWNED BY FIGHTING ARLINGTON LINE Temple Ennis Cleburne Ennis Joe Crow Back Waco 0 Ennis 6 Hanky Lavender Center Denton Ennis M, ,. 0 28 Chain Emerson End " ' WVJWYE - :MTM ,,. George Cicanel :I . 5 U 3, W KIGHTY ROSPRIH CHARGES INTO ENEMY BALL-CARRIER 3 a 5 E I .- AN.r?l V V -Q... lk an Calvin Emmert Back Lawrence Smith Back Royce Priddy Guard Billy Brooks Guard f Glenn Richter Guard Paul Richter Guard JOd1e Gerron Tackle Willie Prachyl Tackle Bobble Gardiner End Albin Rooker Guard Billie Munn End Arlie Wright Guard Charles Winterrow Tackle Sylvan Johnson End W --L. - 8 wwf Q- ,Qu 'NM v W? Q , xaw ' K yi W swan' 4- K' x Q' 1 , g Q ,, ', f 3' - fi 'vi 'W x 'sf AQ A ' Q, A John Horan ---------- Albin Houdek -------- Bobby Harper -------- Jack Burkhead ------- Charles Ray McCauley Sonny Rooker ---------------- Tom Pate Ridley ----- Billy Brooks -------- Marlin Booker ------- Guard Guard Forward Forward Center Guard B --------Forward FO1'Wa.1'd --------Center Jude Smith ------------------ Coach U Barry Hillsboro Hillsboro Forreston Corsicana Waxahachie Palmer Cleburne Avalon Waxahachie Cleburne Corsicana Ferris Forreston Ferris Red Oak Bardwell Ennis Opponent 10 12 13 16 20 31 27 21 23 30 21 29 17 15 13 31 19 21 11 20 26 38 36 35 21 19 30 25 24 23 10 11 8 26 Mary Bates- ---------- Margie Daniels ------- Lola Cervantes ------- Mary Lee Parker ------ - ---- Mary Louise Alexander Helen St. Clair ------ Anna Mae Ridley ------ Joy Patterson -------- xHe1en Patterson ---- -- Betty Jo Armstrong--- Howard Ezell --------- 5' B' -Guard -Forward -Guard -Guard -Forward -Guard -Guard -Forward -Guard -Forward -Coach Barry Emhouse Bardwell Italy Bynam Itgly Avalon Gatesville Palmer Ferris Red Oak Palmer Forreston Frost Bardwell Seagoville Kopperel Ennis Opponent 20 16 22 23 23 22' 31 9 13 9 26 10 . 28 20 6 21 32 20 36 7 27 15 25 ' 14 34 22 18 17 28 13 19 27 21 37 O Chai I: N ,ggi-fnveliiwwwaxanfrqq-,gi Q V dy ff' , , an ' f.1p,,f,, I , -1:-v""'X s I in - - -1--4--nf-eewrm - . E.. 1, 'A "nf HH, -If V 2, 14-V -A X I i - , 4 - ----- -' 5 t 1 fo 1415 Q08 S,....- zwfvfqzzt l77A I-nab, gm?-Q? rd-bb-'fm Irv-45,11 ' ras 53f6.T7Cf "'12.f?:':fN V, df If pm-Q-' wr ,ff A! ' -' ,. V. D' .ff 1' 4 U - --- ' , . ills.,-:V ' . ,nv ' V ,..-f:.vJ?"" 7gxv""'I'm'1f""" f-fwiuswazuvf' 'W AK1d,wv af W 4bgm.,...mu,.1w ,.." M-' ',. N, -..:..f.Qf"" ""PQwva,,-:N-,-L....,,,,.v..:J:Q., x' WG 07, Y- Bus romance. Ye Alma Hater. Three's a crowd. We three. Flying gossip! Six of a kind. School spirit. Wrecks in a wreck A hard day begins What's cooking? 16155, Homeward bound Can't break away Look interesting It's impolite to point Toothpaste ad smiles Why so glum? It's a ringer Hov'd you rate it? Band practice :ls over Not funny, Rider Pictures l, 2, and 3 are scenes from the Future Farmers' of America at their annual Father-Son banquet Pictures 4 and 5 are shots from the Christmas ban- quet held by the Ennis High School band Pictures 6, 7, 8, and 10 are of the banquet held in honor of the Ennis High Lions after their 6-0 win over the Waco Tigers Picture 9-- Future Homemakers at a buffet luncheon at school one noon on ,fm,' , . Ji X, If 21:1 ' , Y L , Q MWQWQ HHUw9 , A WJ ,t was-Msfwmas fmaywawggfgggwgyy ga 345: am? w,,K,fuf QS!?k 'V f Qs 5,0 1. Barbara swings it out at Band Benefit 2. The flag raising ceremony 3. The gang take in good show 4. The drill team ready for Temple 5. Off for another game 6. Coach Npretties U for womanless wedding 7. The football boys at camp 8. Drill team in formation 9. Football boosters 10. Sadie Hawkins' Night V 99? EY011? 1 . Ba iuxmi 511 be '2-. Hu 3. Lo ood OBS g A. Soxae can '. aiu vat det X31-B ag 5. Bm 6. Bold 'em 'T . Soon hour B. Cone on 9. ?ootba11 uetoes 1. Our emblem 2. what S 3. A11 for defense 4. Three's a crowd r 5. Before last 6. School at ' there? and afte 7. Casanova ons T10 lit 1116 DOI' 3. 9. Not had ff' M-W ,p IIHINDNGDIE An-!:f.p In the year 1940-41 something new, as an award to Ennis High School students who proved themselves out- standing in the various phases of the school program, was offered. This award was in the form of an extensive trip Q A which was made at the close J "' of the school year., This tour ,S ivpb X My included such places as E1 Pi .vva Arif ,,.a 'pp'- wisp 'mg Qxgff gasg,bJ3aEez, Mexico, and A pp" wax lg . , ar s a averns. ,dvs,f2W'Q1p ippp 1 V The high ranking fifty wi g3QQKQ5?igWa Lkwgwwatya students were selected as the y lwfsi Xxixf gy honor students. Each student ,fa -, wk Qxfbqg ,I ig Q,,5Q igphwwj ?KQf3?Qwg4wf was furnished his transport- f ation, but paid his own lodg- gigigh??3g33QggQM,xitggwZ? ,V ing and food bills. 'Q?Wif5iQ3fHEwWffA' mm zimn Q Q zfera we cornea Jfansors JM5ff25fLH7 Wdfcifnfl Me 60325 dl! oof for 'COKES V CIIHIR p l las f' .Stop The honor trip is not the goal, as good citizen- ship comes first, and such a trip as this has as its purpose the stimulation of those things which better prepare a student to take 3 'MESH fwwwdifu 9 QW? fd? a r K hisuplace as a useful and intelligent citizen in our democratic society. The following photo- graphs present a picture of 33cM,,L,L-5 the wholesome good time enjoyed by the honor on M2 Brazos students of Ennis High School. CPictures donated by Jean Wood.J 1. af 71141 Ca ve.:-rn Mlkrla. Sand .brownfs ranch clerks 4, 5, 13, 15, 17, the Five and Ten 1 1, 2, 12, e --doormanl. 7--just restin' 1 8--sleeping beauty EWS , Q fill that Order 1 stuff window washer Cand goodj taking in a movie rubber shortage you know -left in the lurch 1 V le, . c!QGo'uI Z -t A ! tg ' Give me a permit! Practice hard. The right ingredient? Bugology class. Bookworns? Stick to the lesson. Praying for 30 words. How dry I am! Starting out early! Face the front!!! -f Qcznclg l. Always together! 2. Chte couple. 3. Seein' double. 4. Some fun eh kid? 5, sieet kids. 6. H2-PPV? 7. Why so bored? 8. Aw Now! 9. You really rate! 10. Bus pals. ll. A friendly chat. 12. Must be funny! aaemifzfa 1. Radio program. 2, Expectation, 3, Realization. 4. Back from chapel. 5. Sing-song. 6, We got them! 7. Issie holding it? 8. Hankie reports!!! 9. Manager is awarded, 10. The speech class hits a new high with their Christmas play. 5395 H0000 X K- ' Hp,-f' M D' - ' -t v. .,.. "' h"?fi97L35'f LV 'L' . .U 4 . M- W ' f ,..-f ' ' " b .L x, ' A ' i ,.,K , " "'!'Q' 4 ' " ' N, J V yi . A ' - .-r T ,, .. .,.,s iiltiil. ,,,, Mancha-575-.ewan ., an f ,-' .r is Ofd EVM Emu'1m'S PIERCIEPS S P TODD WM CAMERON MO0RE'S JEWELRY COMMUNITY G-AS DUNLA P S ALLEN FURNITURE STATE 'BANK R00 ' RBACH S 'MRS BAIRD'S BREAD BURR LUMBER TAG PLANT ' HESSER'S S PLAN'1'ER'S on MILL K, mvnwpvi-A ,,5i..,, Q. M JU wmaw-N-Qwmuff. " . 5' S14 X LYmw'W"W'm-in-H by DUNKERLEY JEWELRY DAVIS DRUG ALLEN LADIES' SHOP SUNSHINE GROCERY K, WOLENS KNIGHT-TALLEY INS. SCO T OIL COI ANY SOUTHLAND ICE W. I, RABE FELCHNAN TAILOR SHOP PLAZA THEATER IUNN GROCERY KEEVER IORTUARY ENNIS KOTOR CO. BLOUNTS STAR CASH GROCERY FITZGERALD CITIZENS NATL. BANK ROSS CRUH EY lOORE'S CREAIERY NU WAY CAFE KUCERAS ENNIS PHARHACY ICKEE LUIBER COIPANY FRANCES SHOP NEWS OFFICE DAVIS TAILOR SHOP W,D. ARDEN INS. COI ANY ROGER'S SHOE STORE ENNIS LUI ER COI ANY SIIMONS ELECTRIC WILEY B. HARIS lOSSHART'S STORE DUNKERLEY JEWELRY STORE Betty-NThese certainly would make nice graduation gifts.H lary-HYes, they certainly wou1d.' Hr. Dunkerly-Wwe have a lot of other nice gifts for graduation.' DAVIS DRUG STORE Jean-HLook at this cute perfume bottle. I think I'11 get several of them for graduation gifts.H Peggy-NBut look, I think this dusting powder would make grand gifts too.H , lavis-HThese certainly are pretty g1oves.H ALLEN LADIES SHOP Dot-HYes, and they are such a good quality, but of course you can always get nice things at A11en's Ladies' Shop.n SUNSHINE GROCERY Pete-WDo you think this can of greens will be all right?H Jack-H0h yes, lother said that she was sure I could get them at the Sunshine Grocery.H Thomas-HI believe I'1l take a sack of this candy, please.n K. WOLEN'S DEPARTMENT STORE Glo-NI noticed some very pretty handkerchiefs in your windowln lr. Reynolds-HThese are very pretty. They certainly will make nice graduation g1fts.H KNIGHT-TALLEY INSURANCE COIPANY Billy-'I think I'1l try to get my dad to get me an accident pol1cy.H Billy Ruth?-"You need one the way you driveln SCOTT OIL COH ANY Scott Oil Company is located on the corner of West Broin and Sherman St. It has been an established firm in Ennis for a number of years and the specialize in pleasing their various custoners. PIERCE'S DEPARTI NT STORE Pierce's was established in February, 1937. lr. Bailey is the manager. SOUTHLAND ICE COI ANY Southland Ice Company has been serving Ennis for many years. Take advantage of their modern ice vaults for preserving your meats and vegetables. SINCLAIR SERVICE-STATION lr. Rabe has one of the best equipped service stations in Ennis. He can completely ser- vice your car, from changing your bil to cleaning your wind- shield. Drive by Mr. Rabe's station on West Avenue the next time your car needs checking over FELCMAN'S TAILOR SHOP E Joe-HThis is really a nice look- ing suit of clothes.N . Mr. Felcman-NYes, its a good quality suit too. We always try to please our customers.n PLAZA THEATER Jack-NBelieve it or not, Louise, we can afford to sit down stairs.H Louise-UHurray for the good shows and reasonable prices at the Plaza Theaterln HESSER'S DRUG Hessers, in the center of town, is one of the leading drug stores in Ennis. M S. BAIRD'S BREAD Mrs. Baird's bread is delivered fresh daily to Ennis grocers, MUNN'S GROCERY Mr. Munn-HIS there anything else for you young ladies?H Billie Ruth-UNO, thank you, that's all until you must fill our list Saturday. J.E. KEEVER FUNERAL HOIE Keever's mortuary has been a reliable establishment in Ennis for a number of years. Hr. Keever is well known for his sympathetic services. ENNIS KOTOR COI ANY Glenn-NThe forty-two fords are certainly pretty, aren't they?H Hrs. Conell-nYes, and if you are planning on buying one you had better hurry because there are only a few available,N BLOUNTS B1ount's Cafe is located on South Kaufman Street. It has been a very popular eating place for the students of Ennis Hi for a long time. COH UNITY NATURAL GAS COI ANY The gas company has served Ennis since 1920. It handles new and improved gas ranges. STAR CASH GROCERY lr..Hogge-NWhat else will you have, Doug?W Doug-NThose pickles certainly do look good. I believe I'll take one.n FITZGERALD TAILOR SHOP lr. Fitzgerald-HThanks for paying your bills so promptly, Hiltonin Hilton-HI enjoy paying my bills promptly when my suits are cleaned and pressed so nicely.n ' :fx WH. CAI RON AND COMPANY Wm. Cameron and Company is a reliable firm which has helped with the new projects of Ennis High. ALLEN FURNITURE CO. Peggy Sue and June are inspecting records, one of the numerous articles which lr. Allen sells CITIZEN'S NATIONAL BANK The Citizen's National Bank is a reliable organization which has been a service to our com- munity for many years, It is a member of the F.D.I.C. CRUl EY'S HARDWARE James Shaw is looking at one of the many swell guns at Crumley's Hardware Store. , Q RO0RBACH'S PHARIACY Roorbach's Pharmacy, which sells school supplies, toilet goods, fountain drinks, and drugs, was established in Ennis in 1917. BURR LUIBER COIPANY The Burr Lumber Company has been serving Ennis and surrounding com unities for many years. qw mm, MM 1 ffl 'U Y x,... .mQ.,,,...,,,,,,,,,,,5m e V , 3 ' h,w.,,,, ,u,,D,,.N' ' -.N , PLANTERS COTTON OIL IILL . If 1' .- ,f,,.f, N, The oil mill, owned by Hr. J. A. Chapman and managed by lr. Rush Hickman, is one of Ennis' leading industries. AMERIU EMUNG l00RE'S CREAI RY Martha-NCould you deliver a gallon and a half of chocolate ice cream to my house about eight tonight?N Pete-nSure, thanks, I'll have it there on the dot.H NU WAY CAFE The New Way Cafe, operated by Bill Autry, is one of the most popular eating places of the High School crowd. You can always find several Ennis H1 students eating some of Bill's delicious hamburgers and hot dogs. Cone on doin to Bi11's place with all the gang! KUCERA'S Ann-HI think I'l1 come here more often. I didn't know what nice things they had.n Irs. Kucera-NYes, and you can do all your shopping in one store.n ENNIS PHARMACY Dot-NI'n looking for a graduation gift for a friend. Do you have something that may be su1table?N Hrs. Lipscomb-nOh, yes, we have a lot of nice gifts. Do you think she might like a nice bottle of per fune?n TODD TRACTOR COI ANY Todd Tractor Company is a newly established firm in Ennis which handles farm ilplenents. ENNIS STATE BANK Billy Owens is seen patronizing the Ennis State Bank, of which lr. Walter B. Rider is president DUNLAP FLORAL Dunlap's flowers make corsages and bouquets for Ennis High School parties, plays and banquets. McKEE LUHBER COIPANY The HcKee Lumber Company sells lumber, paint, and house furnishings Many modern homes have been built in Ennis by this establishment since 1939. ' THE FRANCES SHOP Betty-HYou've just got to take this dress Z" Carolyn-H0'K, that settles it, I will. Did you see the cute black . hat Hrs. Lilly showed me to go with it?H l ENNIS DAILY NEWS Loyd-nwhat is the price of this Miss very have size ad?H Sims-HThis size ad is reasonable, or you can any other s1ze.n DAVIS Hrs. Davis pressed to Billy-HI'm fine, Hrs. TAILOR SHOP -UI hope those are suit you, Bi11y.H sure they'11 be Davis. They al- ways are.H W,D. ARDEN INSURANCE AGENCY Marion-Hwhat you have told me is very interesting, Mr. Arden. I think I'11 send my dad around to investigate your policies more c1ose1y.n Mr. Arden-NP1ease do, Marion, I ,would be glad to do business with your father.N ROGER'S SHOE STORE Ned-NThis is the type of shoe I have been wanting for a long time, A11en.N lr. Rogers-NHere Allen, show her this shoe. She may be needing a new dress shoe before long. MM, Qsafti ENNIS LUHBER CO. jqgg ?y ,Q M a MJ, Ennis Lumber Company is a long jvya nn Qiiggggsggg jb . ay established and accredited firm. y It has been serving Ennis for dre ds , is i essesdl 4 C many years. rv: -1 xifgz 3 ' ' e 2:5 +3 " 1 -, 'BL Qvzfsitlfdexzsmzfzff 5-va ',g5swwwQswMmQQH - XMWMHXEEQ Qi 5 f,f,.cgg: - ,hvr E' w NV wif, 5 ,, gf ns Q5 W, L .W Xl J.,,g..q5LQg ? .:..Qja:s. QW? C SII ONS ELECTRIC SHOP Jack-HI heard that you had a nice line of electrical appliances and I thought I'd drop in and see them.H e lr. Simmons-nSurely, I'd be more than glad to show them to you.n C, T. HOORE JEWELRY COIPANY The Moore Jewelry has diamonds, watches, and other fine graduation gifts. Jimmie Baker is co-sponsor of this ad. P? SAPODSORECZL H Jim mgfmnffmg cf wily D. WHRVIS ID ammisooo n ,n 165 7 x Wggngldmfn , CORRECI mens Queer? ENNIS TAG FACTORY Ennis is fortunate in being the home of the s I - . V rv- -V -vw W..--1-..-. ,, -,-,.. ,,,,, ..,,,,-..,,,,,,,-,,.,., , , , .,v Y ,, , -, ,v,,,,,,,A, , , Y , ,H ,, , , d4f7f,QM,Q6MwWW'g 'f59 g5jiyQQ4,4f 'l" Qfy ,yy - GMM 7-viwqfyjfjf . f I Mf, Wywfwlmfww V Q gf? MQW E mg sf QE WWW 6- ' W' A .-TW' . NN Ayfx wi Aj ' f fi wgbejo-fcif9" X f f Jw! 1 Q' -ox' 85 K 'vu f sghrax ,x ' 5 'sm Nw A I v 4 , 'r--1, fQ , L- ffl pf, X j , Tkfffflfif K7 lf 'Qs rr' FW -3 V V 2 s i 5 I 'u 9 A V . V V l ,V Q V V 1 I I V F 4 ' V .,, : I 1 ' 1 ' n V V V n V V V V j 1 3 4 V ' 1 I ' V 4 n -V . I

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