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lk» i 4t CICEE0ME Published by fnnis 3 n Schoo I £nms, TcxasHDfllNISTRRTlON QLR55ES □RGRNIZRTIONS FRVRRITES 5 PORTS FERTURE5 RD5FOREWORD In this book you will find the efforts of the 1941 CICERONE STAFF toward making an accurate record of our schoolday activities. The CICERONE has been in the hands of the staff since September, 1940. Now we place it in your hands. We hope that your joy in possessing it will be as great as ours has been in producing it. The StaffDEDICATION Because her untiring efforts and outstanding achievements have given to the entire student body a desire for self-betterment and unselfish service, we the staff, dedicate the 1941 CICERONE to MISS KATHLEEN COLE, who for four years has been sponsor of the class of ’41.Board of Education The student body of the Ennis High School wishes to take this opoportunity to express its appreciation to the members of the Board of Education for their service and cooperative efforts in behalf of education. Much of the credit for the successes of our school goes to Dr. A. L. Thomas, Mr. T. A. Barrington, Sr., Mr. O. A. Grant, Mr. Joe Hawkins, Mr. E. C. Oates, Mr. E. C. Parish, and Mr. H. J. Stone.ENNIS PUBLIC SCHOOLS TO THE STUDENTS OF THE ENNIS HIGH SCHOOL: As we Journey through life we meet two classes of people: One class lives to rake a living: the other to make a life. Our happiness and success will depend largely upon the goal we place before us. The mind is the supreme gift of all creation. The first mark of a student is an appreciation of the worth of his own mind. Mind, spirit, and body are but phases of the whole life, each inescapably linked witn the other to serve as a handicap or a help in onefs effort to improve himself. These gifts impose upon each of us a moral obligation to be intelligent, to use our minds constantly for the improvement of our daily life. The quest for knowledge Is an unending quest. Seek always the true and the beautiful in life and may this ever be your prayer: "God help me to grow - not to stand still, and fret and chafe at life: help me to grow.” SincerelyFAC ULTY Maud Barkley World History Frank Blair Trigonometry, Solid Geometry, Algebra Roy Chandler Physics, History 10 Mrs. Fred Clark English 9, English 10 Kathleen Cole English 8, Speech 11 Katherine Crawford Librarian M. V. Davidson Government, Economics, Texas History, Football .Track Levi Floyd Algebra, Geometry, Junior BusinessThomas B. Granger 9 41 Director of Instrumental and Vocal Music Roger Haynes Latin, English Lynette, Henderson Secretary , Mary Kucera Spanish, Junior Business H. T. Lester Agriculture Edwin Low Chemistry 10, Occupations, Commercial Geography Mildred Lyon Homemaking Katherine Maxon Biology, Occupation, Commercial Geography, Girls Physical Education, Coach Volley BallJack A. Mitchell Typing, Shorthand, Bookkeeping Regina Pennington General Mathematics Leita Reeder English 10, Journalism Una Robertson Plane Geometry, Algebra Morris Rodgers English 11 Nellyne Wicker Homemaking Jude Smith Coach of Boys’ Basketball, Assistant Football Coach J. D. Warren Girls’ BasketballS t N I O E JAllen, Ruphine Andrews, Doyle Andrews, Garnett Armstrong, Mae Dean Armstrong, Nannie Louise Baker, Mildred Ballew, Don Banner, Peggy Barnes, Marjorie Mae Barnett, Frank Bobalik, Emilie Boren, Nancy Bristow, Marjorie Brown, La Wayne Bush, Charles Robert Cagle, Florene Cervenka, Emily Jane Cervenka, Mary Frances Cikanek, Emma Comiskey, DorothyCrumley, Moreene Dandridge, Leslie Davis, Betty Davis, Jimmie Bert Davis, Mary Dea Dostal, Camilla Downey, Joe Emerson, Charles Estes, Sweet Farquhar, Frances Farrar, Lorraine Fluker, Hardy Fowler, Price Gardner, Bobby Gaultney, Gene Gibson, Billy Goodwin, James Wesley Grant, O. A. Graves, Helen Gray, Lyle DeanGrizzard, Ernest Haba, Anna Haskovek, Albert Haskovek, Edwin Hayes, Ralph Haynes, Cynthia Hinkle, Sue Hodge, Johnnie Hogan, Porter Jeanne Horan, Mae Evelyn Houdek, George Hough, Katy Howard, Burl Idlett, Nancy Isom, Virginia Janousek, Ella Jansa, Dorothy AnnJarolimek, Rosie Kasper, Edith Kelly, Frances Kendall, Jayne Kendall, Jean Kriska, Lawrence Kirska, Mildred Kubacek, Henry Kubala, Eleanora Lavender, Hankie Leask, John Lewis, Frances Merle Lewis, Kenneth Lewis, Melba Ludwig, Freddie Malavear, Louis Martin, Raymond McCaskill, Cyrus McKee, Wayne McKnight, MarthaMcNorton, Jack Mims, Mary Louise Mock, Alphonse Muirhead, Vernon Mullican, Duane Munn, Elsie Mae Nichols, Eugenia Nowlin, C. A. Odom, Susie Fae Pala, Frank Perdue, Richard Petruy, Dixie Pierce, Dooney Pool, Billy Prachyl, Adele Prachyl, GeorgeRogers, Christine Rooker, Sonny Roorbach, Betty Roper, Bobby Scalf, Doris Serbetka, Helen Shackelford, Vivian Sibley, June Speir, Jim Sprouse, L. T. Spurlock, Wayne Stout, Ruppell Stringer, Kenneth Stroka, Mary Jane Tackett, Jack Tate, Nahum Tolar, Barney Trojacek, Alice Trojacek, Georgia Trojacek, Viol; Trojacek, Wesley Turner, A. L. Valek, Mary Vrla, Millie Wagner, Alvia Watkins, Edward Whitfill, Gilbert Whitfill, James Whitley, Alma Dale Wilkerson, Nancy Williams, Marjorie Willis, Jenna V Willmon, Doris Willmon, Eldene Yerby, Ernestine Young, Billie Youngblood, Guy Yowell, Dot Zahnen, James Zazvorka, GeorgiaSENIOR DIRECTORY ALLEN, RUPHINE — Central High—transferred to Ennis '40—Dandee Lion '41; Talent Club '41. ANDREWS, DOYLE—Dramatic Club ’37-'39; football manager '37; Athletic Club ’37-'38; basketball ’38-'40; football ’38-'40; track ’39-’40; president of home room ’39; Varsity “E” Club; Fireman Club ’38. ANDREWS, GARNETT—Band ’37-41; Camera Club ’37-’41; basketball ’39-’41; track ’39-’41. ARMSTRONG, MAE DEAN—Byrd—transferred to Ennis ’40—-basketball ’37-’41; Public Speaking Club ’41; Future Homemaker’s Club ’41. ARMSTRONG, NANNIE LOUISE—Byrd-transferred to Ennis ’40—basketball ’40-’41; Future Homemaker’s Club ’41. BAKER, MILDRED—softball ’37; Spanish Club; Choral Club; Future Homemaker’s Club. BALLEW, DON—Future Farmers of America ’37-’40; vice-president of F.F.A. ’38; Whittle Club ’39; president of F.F.A. ’40; football manager ’40. BANNER, PEGGY—Band ’37-’41; Dramatic Club ’39-’41; Choral Club ’39; president of home room ’39; secretary of home room ’39-’40; vice-president of home room ’40-’41. BARNES, MARJORIE MAE—Band ’37-’41; Dramatic Club ’39-’41; Choral Club ’37-’38; tennis ’39-’41; Dandee Lion ’41. BARNETT, FRANK—Canera Club ’38-’40; Model Airplane Club ’39; Yell Leader ’40; Band ’41; Assistant editor of Dandee Lion ’41; National Honor Society ’41; Ping Pong Club ’41; basketball ’40. BOBALIK, EMILIE—Choral Club ’38-’39; Home-making Club ’39-’40; Assistant Business Manager of Dandee Lion ’41; home room officers ’37-’38; one of ten pretty girls ’41. BOREN, NANCY—Band ’37-’41; Choral Club ’37-’38; Dramatic Club ’40; Cicerone ’39-’40; vice-president of home rooms ’38-’40. BRISTOW, MARJORIE—Dramatic Club ’37-’40 Future Homemakers ’38; Charm- Club ’38-’39; Drill team ’38-’40; circulation manager of Dandee Lion ’41. BROWN, LA WAYNE—Village Creek—transferred to Ennis ’40; Parliamentarian of F.F.A. ’40; Whittle Club ’40; F.F.A. softball team. BUSH, CHARLES ROBERT—Band ’37-’40; Dramatic Club ’37-’40; secretary of home room ’40; Cicerone ’40; Librarian ’40; Choral Club ’37-’38. CAGLE, FLO—Choral Club ’39; C Dramatic Club ’30; office assistant ’39-’41; assistant librarian ’40. CERVENKA, EMILY JANE—Alma—transferred to Ennis ’40. CERVENKA, MARY FRANCES-Alma—transferred to Ennis ’40. CIKANEK, EMMA—Drill Team ’36; Charm Club ’38-’39; reporter of Future Homemaker’s Club ’40; Handicraft Club ’41. COMISKEY, DOROTHY—Future Homemakers ’38-’39; Dramatic Club ’40; Dandee Lion ’41; National Honor Society ’41. CRUMLEY, MOREENE—Band ’37-’41; Choral Club ’38; Dramatic Club ’39; debate ’40-’41; National Honor Society ’40-’41 Cicerone ’41; Dandee Lion ’41; radio director ’41; reporter of band ’41. DANDRIDGE, LESLIE—Future Farmers ’37-’40; B football team ’39-’40; Whittle Club ’39-’40; track ’39-’40. DAVIS, BETTY—Band ’37-’41; Dramatic Club ’37-’41; Dandee Lion ’41. DAVIS, JIMMIE BERT—Alma Public School-transferred to Ennis ’38. DAVIS, MARY DEA—Drill Team ’39-’41; Dramatic Club ’40; Future Homemakers ’39; editor of Dandee Lion ’41; Cicerone ’41; National Honor Society ’41. DOSTAL, CAMILLA—Alma—transferred to Ennis ’40. DOWNEY, JOE—Band ’37-’41; F.F.A. ’38-’41; club reporter ’40. EMERSON, CHARLES—National Honor Society ’41; Athletic Club ’38; track ’38-’41; football ’38-’41; softball ’38-’39; Whittle Club ’40; baseball ’41. ESTES, SWEET—Cicerone editor ’41; vice-president of Choral Club '40; National Honor Society ’41; Dandee Lion ’41; basketball manager ’41; Cicerone ’40; Dramatic Club ’37-’39; Librarian ’40; Quill and Scroll ’40; Class Reporter ’40. FARRAR, MARGARET LORRAINE—D r i 11 Team ’37-’38; Choral Club ’37-’38; Band ’38-’40; Dramatic Club ’39-’40. FLUKER, HARDY—Camera Club ’38; Band ’39; Airplane Club ’41. FOWLER, PRICE —F.F.A. ’37-’38; home room president ’37-’39; Whittle Club ’39; Student Council ’41; National Honor Society ’41. GARDINER, BOBBY—Whittle Club ’40; B Team football ’38-’39; softball ’38-’39; Athletic Club ’38-’39; football ’40-’41; track ’41. GIBSON, BILLY—Band ’37-’39. GOODWIN, JAMES WESLEY—football ’38-’40; Junior softball ’38; basketball ’40; track ’38-’40; Whittier’s Club ’38-’39; Ping Pong Club ’41; Athletic Club ’38. GRAVES, HELEN CLAIRE—Needlework Club ’37; Drill Team ’37-38; Choral Club ’38; Dramatic Club ’39-’40. GRAY, LYLE DEAN—Dramatic Club ’41. GRIZZARD, ERNEST—Camera Club ’38; secretary of Debate and Public Speaking Club ’41. GAULTNEY, GENE—Band ’37-’41; Glee Club ’37; secretary of Model Airplane Club ’39; Band president ’41; president of Dramatic Club ’41; home room president ’40.HABA, ANN FRANCES—Charm Club ’38-’40; Future Homemakers '40; Handicraft Club ’40. HASKOVEK, ALBERT—basketball ’37; F.F.A. ’37-’41; F.F.A. Softball ’40; District Dairy Judg' ing Test ’37; State Milk Judging Team ’40; Whit' tic Club ’39; trip ’40. HASKOVEK, EDWIN—Tclico—basketball; softball; transferred to Ennis ’40; F.F.A. ’41. HAYES, RALPH—Future Farmer’s Club ’37-’39; softball ’37-’39; football ’40. HAYNES, CYNTHIA—Dramatic Club ’38; Drill Team ’47; one of ten pretty girls ’40-’41; Band sweetheart ‘38; liberty assistant ’40; Band ’40-’41; Cicerone ’40; National Honor Society ’41. HINKLE, SUE—Dramatic Club ’37-’39; Choral Club '48; tennis ’38; Band ’39; Spanish Club ’39-’40. HODGE, JOHN—Band ’37-’41; Camera Club ’37; Glee Club ’38; Whittle Club ’39; softball ’39; Dramatic Club ’40; Band Captain ’41; Student Council ’41. HOGAN, JEANNIE—Class favorite ’39-’40; National Honor Society ’40-’41; president of N.H.S. ’41; president of class ’37-’41; Student Council ’41; Dramatic ’37-’41; one of ten pretty girls ’40-’41; Cicerone ’40; Quill and Scroll ’40. HORAN, MAE EVELYN—Dramatic Club ’37-’40; Choral Club ’37; Drill Team ’38-’41. HOUDEK, GEORGE—Athletic Club ’37-’38; football ’37-’41; softball, track ’37-’41; Whittle Club ’40; basketball ’40-’41; Ping Pong Club ’41; National Honor Society ’41; Student Council ’41. HOUGH, CATHERINE—Band ’37-’41; Dramatic Club ’37-’40; Library Club ‘40-’41; Camera Club ’40-’41; Cicerone ’41; Latin Club ’40. HOWARD, BURL—Band ’37-’41; Camera Club ’37; Choral Club ’38; football ’39-’40; Whittle Club ’39-’40. IDLETT, NANCY—Byrd—transferred to Ennis ’40; Dramatic Club ’40; basketball ’37-’41. JANOUSEK, ELLA—Telico—transferred to Ennis ’40. JANSA, DOROTHY ANN—Band ’37-’41; Handicraft Club ’41. JARESH, GERALDINE—Choral Cluh ’37; Needlework Club ’39; Charm Club ’38; Future Homemakers ’38-’39; Handicraft Club ’40. JARESH, PAULINE—Homemaking Club ’37-’40; Flandicraft Club ’40. JAROLIMEK, BETTY—Central High—transferred to Ennis ’40; basketball ’41. JAROLIMEK, ROSIE—Central High—transferred to Ennis ’40. JONES, JOSEPHINE—Choral Club; Band ’36-’40; Dandcc Lion ’40; Dramatic Club ’39-’39. KASPER, EDITH—Drill Team ’38. KELLY, FRANCES—Drill Team ’37-39; Charm Club ’39; Handicraft Club ’40; Choral Club ’38; Yell Leader ’40. KENDALL, JAYNE—Choral Club ’37; Drill Team ’37-’38; Homemaking Club ’38-’40; Charm Club ’38; Dramatic Club ’38-’40. KENDALL, JEAN—Dramatic Club ’37-’40; Charm Club ’37; Homemaking Club ’38-’40. KRISKA, LAWRENCE—F.F.A. ’37-’39; Band ’39-’41; F.F.A. Contests ’38-’41. KRISKA, MILDRED—Ncedlecraft Club ’37; Charm Club ’38-’40; Future Homemaker’s Club ’40. KUBACEK, HENRY—Alma—transferred to Ennis ’40. KUBALA, ELEANORA—Athletic Club ’37-’39; Spanish Club ’38; Baseball ’40. LAVENDER, HANKIE—football ’37-’41; softball ’37-’38; Dramatic Club ’39-’41; Ping Pong Club ’41. LEASK, JOHN—Alma—transferred to Ennis ’40; Spanish Club ’40. LEWIS, FRANCES—Drill Team ’37-’40; Choral Club ’38; Spanish Club ’38; Dramatic Club ’40; Dandee Lion ’41; assistant librarian ’41. LEWIS, KENNETH—Spanish Club ’38-’40. LEWIS, MELBA—Volley ball ’38; baseball ’37. LUDWIG, FREDDIE—Dramatic Club ’37; Whittle Club ’39; Ping Pong Club ’41; Cicerone ’41. MALAVEAR, LUIS—Athletic Club ’38; F.F.A ’38-’40; Whittle Club ’39-’40; football ’36-’37. MARTIN, RAYMOND GARDNER—Waxaha-chie—transferred to Ennis ’40. McCASKILL, CYRUS—Band ’37-’40; Cicerone ’39-’40; class secretary ’38; Class vice-president ’39-’40; Debate and Public Speaking Club ’40; Sinful Seven ’39-’40; student director of band ’40. McKEE, WAYNE—Classen High School, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma—transferred to Ennis ’39; Senior Class vice-president ’39; vice-president of Dramatic Club ’39; Dandee Lion ’41; yell leader ’40. McKNIGHT, MARTHA—Future Homemakers ’38-’41; Latin Club ’39-’40; Choral Club ’38-’41. McNORTON, JACK—Journalism Club ’37; Dramatic Club ’39; Camera Club ’40; Whittle Club ’40; Band manager ’40. MIMS, MARY LOUISE—Band ’37-’39 Latin Club ’37-’39 vice-president of Latin Club ’38-’40; Girls Athletic Club ’39; tennis singles ’38; Charm Club ’37-’38; Bookworm Club ’30. MOCK, ALPHONSE—Safety Patrol ’39; Ping Pong Club ’41; softball ’37-’39; football ’37-’41; Athletic Club ’38-’39; track ’38-’41; Whittle Club ’39; president of home room ’39. MUIRHEAD, VERNON—Safety Patrol ’39; Dramatic Club ’40; football ’38-’40; baseball ’41; track ’38-’40; Athletic Club ’38; Golf and Tennis Club ’41; Varsity “E” Club. MULLICAN, DUANE—Future Homemakers Club ’37-’39; Bookworm Club ’39-’40; assistant librarian ’40. MUNN, ELSIE MAE—Drill Team ’37-’39; yell leader ’40; Dramatic Club ’37; vice-president of Drill Team ’39; Handicraft Club ’41; Student Council ’41.NICHOLS, EUGENIA—Austin—transferred to Ennis ’40—basketball ’40; Cicerone business staff ’40; reporter for Debate and Public Speaking Club ’40; National Honor Society ’41. NOWLIN, C. A.—F.F.A. ’37-’38; National Honor Society ’40-’41; Debate '41. ODOM, SUSIE FAE—Spanish Club ’39. PALA, FRANK—Boyce—transferred to Ennis ’40; F.F.A. ’40. PERDUE, RICHARD—Band ’37 40; Camera Club ’37; Choral Club ’38; Whittle Club ’39; Band Captain ’41. PETRUY, DIXIE—Dramatic Club ’37-’40. PIERCE, DOONEY—football ’38-’40; Athletic Club ’38-’39; track team ’39-’41; Whittle Club '40; softball ’39; Ping Pong Club ’41; Camera Club ’39. POOL, BILLY—Whittle Club ’40; basketball ’40; football ’38-’41; track ’38-41; Athletic Club '38; Camera Club ’49; Ping Pong Club ’41. PRACHYL, A DELE—Lancview—transferred to Ennis '38—Future Homemakers ’38-’40. PRACHYL, GEORGE—Laneview—transferred to Ennis ’38; Whittle Club ’39-’40. RAMSEY, ANNE—Band ’49-’40; Choral Club ’38; Cicerone ’40-’41; Latin Club ’40; Future Homemakers '39; Quill and Scroll ’40; Dandee Lion ’41; library assistant '41. RESNICK, ALPHONSE—softball ’37; F.F.A. ’37-’39; football '39; Camera Club ’39. REVILL, MARY—Choral Club ’37; Future Homemakers Club ’37; Spanish Club ’38; Dramatic Club ’40; declamation ’39-’41; library assistant ’40. RICKERT, RAY—Band ’37-’40; Whittle Club ’39. ROGERS, CHRISTINE—A 1 m a—transferred to Ennis in ’40. ROOKER, SONNY—Dramatic Club ’38-’40; Ping Pong Club ’41; track ’38; basketball ’41; Whittle Club ’40 football ’40-’41. ROORBACH, BETTY—Choral Club ’37-’39; Drill Team ’38; president Future Homemakers ’41; National Honor Society ’40-’41; Band ’39-’40; Cicerone Co-editor ’41. ROPER, BOBBY GENE—president of Choral Club ’41; Dramatic Club ’39; Cicerone’41; one of ten prettiest girls ’39-’40; Class treasurer ’39. SCALF, DORIS—Wilmer - Hutchins—transferred to Ennis ’38; vice-president of Future Homemakers ’41. SEBETKA, HELEN—Central High—transferred to Ennis '40; Future Homemakers ’41. SHACKELFORD, VIVIAN—Hearne—transferred to Ennis '38; Choral Club ’38. SIBLEY, JUNE—F.F.A. ’36-’38; Band ’37-’39; football ’38-’40; track ’39. SPEIR, JIM—football ’41; Cicerone ’40; F.F.A. ’41; Athletic Club ’37; Dandee Lion '41; baseball '41. SPROUSE, L. T.—Rankin—transferred to Ennis ’40—Dandee Lion ’41. STOUT, RUPPILL—transferred from Telico ’38; football ’39; basket ball ’40; track ’39-’40; Whittle Club ’39. STRINGER, KENNETH—Gand ’37-’40; Latin Club ’37-'39; Cicerone '41; Dandee Lion ’41. STROKA, MARY JANE—transferred to Ennis High School ’37. TACKETT, JACK—Palmer—transferred to Ennis ’37; basketball ’38-’40; football ’37-’40; Whittle Club ’39; Varsity "E” Club ’38. TOLAR, BARNEY—Dramatic Club ’37-’39; football ’36-’39; basketball ’39; Student Council ’41; yell leader ’41; track ’38-’39. TROJACEK, ALICE—Central High—transferred to Ennis ’40; Handicraft Club ’41. TROJACEK, GEORGIA—Laneview—transferred to Ennis ’38; Future Homemakers ’39. TROJACEK, VIOLA—Central High—transferred to Ennis ’39; Handicraft Club ’41. TROJACEK, WESLEY—Mote—transferred to Ennis '37; F.F.A. ’37; Athletic Club ’38; Whittle Club.’39. TURNER, A. L.—Band ’35-’41; Dramatic Club ’38-’40; Dandee Lion '41; Dandee Lion announcer ’41; Band Captain ’41. VALEK, MARY—Bethel — transferred to Ennis ’39; Spanish Club ’39-’41. MILLIE, VERLA—National Honor Society ’41; Charm Club '38; Future Homemakers 39. WAGNER, ALVIN—football ’39; Whittle Club ’39; basketball ’39; debate ’40. WHITFILL, GILBERT—Alma—transferred to Ennis ’40. WHITFILL, JAMES—Alma—transferred to Ennis ’39. WHITLEY, ALMA DALE—Byrd—transferred to Enins ’38; Spanish Club ’38-’40; National Honor Society ’41. WILKERSON, NANCY—Drill Team ’37; Choral Club ’38-’39; Band ’38-’41; Homemakers Club ’40; Cicerone ’41; National Honor Society ’41. WILLIAMS, MARJORIE—Future Homemakers ’37-’40. WILLIS, JENNA V.—Drill Team ’38-’41; yell leader ’41; National Honor Society ’40-’41; Cicerone ’41; Future Homemakers Club ’38-’41. WILLMON, DORIS—Dramatic Club—’37; Drill Team ’37-’40; Future Homemakers ’38-’40; Volley Ball ’39; Soft Ball '37; manager girls’ basketball ’40. YERBY, ERNESTINE—Avalon—transferred to Ennis ’39; Dramatic Club ’39-’40. YOUNG, BILLIE—Dramatic Club ’37-’40; National Honor Society ’40-’41; Band ’37-’40; president of Student Council ’41; Class secretary ’37-’41; one of ten pretty girls ’40-41. YOUNGBLOOD, GUY—Business manager Dandee Lion ’41; Dramatic Club ’40. YOWELL, DOROTHY FAYE — Dramatic Club ’38-’40; Bookworm Club ’40; Band ’37-’40; National [Honor Society ’41. ZAZVORKA, GEORGIA—Charm Club ’39; Future Homemakers ’38-’40; Handicraft Club ’40.j U M I 0 HR %Allen, Evelyn Andrews, Dorothy Armstrong, Betty Jo Bailey, Billy Ballew, Mary Lane Barnhart, Tommie Barr, Eunice Bates, Mary Berry, Lucille Brazier, Douglas Brewster, Melba Bridger, Edith Bridger, Gladys Brown, Nettie Rae Burkhead, Jack Burris, Nadyne Carleston, Milton Cervantes, Carolina Clark, Ardeena Creech, Louise Curtis, Christine Davenel, James Dyess, Doris Nell Fisher, Imogene Gaunt, LeonaGerlich, Felix GeRWICK, ROSEMARY Gilley, Jo Graham, Margy Groce Mary Beth Harkins, Jeanne Harrison, Mary Evelyn Hart, James Haskovfx, Ernest Hearne, Louise Hedrick, George Henslee, Peggy Hickman, Vida Houdek, Albin Huff, Lillian Hudson, Thomas , Jackson, Cecil Jackson, Shirley Johnson, Gladys Johnson, Loyd Johnson, Mildred Kelly, Cathryn Klecka, Frances Kouba, Libbie Kucera, EdmundLipscomb, Norris Martin, J. W. McAdams, Dale McCord, Betty McCormick, J. C. McNeil, W. T. McNutt, Walter Medford, Eugene Merritt, Martha Moreland, Charles Moseley, Mariana Mosley, Marion Muirhead, Rhetta Newlin, Joe Odlozil, Joe Owens, Billy Gene Palmer, Edith Faye Parma, Eugene Peter, Edwin Pool, Loyd Prachyl, Willie Prestige, Billy Purcell, Jack Purcell, Thelma Redden, Douglas A) P f %Richter, Glenn Richter, Paul Ricks, Henry Rogers, Peggy Sue Rosprim, Edward Sanderson, Gloria Scalf, Bryant Schoeps, Junior Scott, Walter Seelye, Jack Seelye, La Faye Shaw, James Shaw, Walter Sills Elizabeth Shroh, Virginia Slovak, Geraldine Smid, Frances 0. Smith, Billy Smith, Mattie Bell Sonka, Helen Sonka, Victor Sorrells, George Wayne Southard, Evelyn Spaniel, Mary Ann Sparkman, RobertStevens, Doris Tate, Luan Tubbs, Norma Jean Wall, Bettye Walker, Leon White, Virginia White, Vivian Wood, Jean Wright, Arlie Cook, OwenOPHOMORtfAlexander, Mary Louise Baker, Fred Baldridge, Furlie Baldridge, Jack Ballew, Gale Barnes, D. W. Barnett, Mary Virginia Ben night, Barbara Birchett, Clifford Black, James Bohannon, Bobby Brasher, Mardis Brooks, Billie Burke, Doris Ruth Cave, Sidna Jo P E § Cikanek, George Chapman, Rueline Clark, C. P. Claxton, Geraldine Comiskey, Pat Connor, Margaret MaeFincher, Frankie Fleetwood, Edna E. Fountain, Carolyn Frels, June Fulwiler, Martha Fulwiler, Mary c Garrett, Lila Mae Garth, Sammie Jean Gaultney, Dorothy Jack Gerron, Jodie Groce, Florence Hamilton, Charles Lee Harrison, Irene Hayes, Wallace Hodges, Arlene Hodo, Dorothy Hogaboom, Jimmie Honza, Milton Howard, Billie Howell, Charles Huff, Junior Johnson, Sylvan Kudrna, Dorothy Laza, Hattie Lucas, Glada Rae Malavear, Carmon McCarley, Naomi McCormick, Billy McCoy, Clinton McCullum, Margaret LeeMcElroy, Dorothy McKee, Bonna Joyce McLemore, R. H. McMullan, Ray Laverne McNeil, Maurice Merritt, Jackie Minter, Dorothy Molina, Rebecca Molina, Sammie Moore, Medford Moucka, Mary Ann Munn, Wayne Nesuda, Emil Novak, Mary Agnes Parker, Betty Lou E K f Pierce, Hansel Perdue, Jackie Phifer, Gloria Pierce, Doris Mae Purcell, Dorothy Quinn, Joe Ramsey, Winsett Ridley, Pate Romick, Beverly Rosenstein, MaxTaylor, George Taylor, Gladys Tillison, Eula Beth Trojacek, Bob Valek, Lillian Venable, Billy Warren, Hazel Westbrook, Nita Sue Westbrook, Ruth Wilhoite, Mary E. Williams, Alice Wilson, Murphy Woodfin, Nellie Woodruff, Jimmie Wright, Gwendolyn Wyle, Dorothy Youngblood, Edward Horan, JohnF K E I H M E M Allen, Ethyl Baker, Dorothy Ballew, Betty Barron, Betty Bob Berry, Louise Bishop, Charles Bobkoff, Kenneth Boren, Bryant Breeland, Lindy Brock, Gerald Burkhead, Gene Bus, Daniel Cave, Zelma Nell Cervantes, Lola Chmelar, Charlie Clime nt, Billy Colston, Mae Crow,Joe Daniel, Marjorie Davey, Larna Jean Davis, Emma Mae Dobbs, Franklin Dobbs, William Earles, Clinton Elliot, GeraldineFreeman, Dorothy Gallagher, Frank. Albert Gardner, Mary Ann Garrett, Jack Gazaway, Marie Grizzard, Hollis Hanson, Eva Nell Harcrow, Dorothy Harcrow, Vernon Harrison, Mollie Alice Hart, Geraldine Hayes, Betty Jane Hefner, Glen Hefner, Hoyt Henley, Ruth Holder, Carl Holland, Wayland Honza, Alphonse Hough, Ned Isom, Travis Jarolimek, Leslie Johnson, Gerald Johnson, Lovel Kelly, Russel Lewis, Cecil Lewis, Thomas Lindsey, Eleanora Loosier, Pauline Luksa, Raymond McCaw, Mack 0 : J McCluney, Edward McDaniel, Patricia McElhaney, Walter Ed Moore, Walter Lee Mosely, Lenell Mounts, Herman Newlin, Walter Nichols, Virginia Onstead, Sue Patterson, Hazel Pavlacka, Jayne Pearce, Arma Louise Pekar, Annie Porter, Edna Earl Prachyl, Lewis Prachyl, Mildred Priddy, Royce Priddy, Troy Pruitt, George Richard Pechal, Gerard Rheay, Frances Rider, Roland Ridley, Anna Mae Rogers, Allen Rooker, Marylin Sibley, Arvy Dale Sledge, Tiny Sloan,Joan Slovacek, Janie Smid, MarySnell, Ola Nell Sonka, Mildred Sparks, Billie Jane Spier, Marjorie Taylor, Herman Taylor, Thurman Tolar, Thomas Turner, Walter Valigura, Charlie Joe Vavra, Margaret Vines, Frank Ray Vinson, C. T. Waldrop, Mary Lou Watkins, Winifred White, Luther Wilhoite, Laura Bell Williams, Sally Sue Wilmon, Mavis Winterrowd, Charles Wood, Billy Raye Woodfin, Richard Young, Bobby Zmolek, Bob D 9 4 0 Betty Boorbach BUS. MGR. Freddie LudwigSTUDENT ''COUNCIL PRES ID ENT Billy Louise, young VICE-PRES. Dorihy Jean Andrews SECRETARY Mary l irgima HarriettIERICAN FORUM PRESIDENT Billy Huth Hrwin VICE-PRES. Vorthy Mc£lro SECRETARY John 'PRESIDENT Qeorpe Moudek VICE-PRES. dtuy VooL SECRETARY James ‘Wesley C oodwin COLF TENNIS CLUB PRESIDENT J leym Richter VICE'PRES. Vaul RichterBAND PRESIDENT: Qenz (gCLuLtn y REPORTER.: Moreene Crumley DRUM MAJORS• Douglas Redden - Henry Ricks - Mariana Moseley SWEETHEART'- C loria Sanderson VICE PRESIDENT- Mary Dea Davis SECRETARY: Jean Wood REPORTER: Dorthy Purcell SUNSHINE GIRLS Nadine Burris Mary Jouise Alexander DRILL TEAM PRES!DEN T • prances eivis'RESIDENT 3etty Claire Koorbach nCE pees. Jean iMooc SECRETARY Mildred Kris k a FUTURE FARMERS » w. x SECRETARY KdCNayno, ftTrnwn 'RESIDENT Don Baliew VICE-PRES. Maurice McfJeilcS m 'la.r uha.r MICE-PRES. Elsie. Afae Munn SECRETARY Frances PRESIDENT 'trances Kelly HITTLERS CLUB PRESIDENT Luis Mai ave a V CE-PRES. Clinton McCoy SECRETARY 'W arr n BakerPRESIDENT Cyras McCasklLL ice- PRES. nhyJi'UH Andrews SECRETARY Earnest Sriu ardPRESIDENT JJanc Wilkersovz f CE-PRES, iobby (jene Roper SECRETARY ormJoyu McKez CHORAL CLU few PRESIDENT Bobby Gl ’re 'Roper VICE-PRES. SweQZ £stes SECRETARY 9 ranees L ewisCAMERA CLU imbtDL Nl James Bavem V CE-PREl Billy 8 Alley SECRETAi June 'frels SINFUL SEVEN LEADER A.L. 7u rner WAFF ARRANGER Cyrus McCaskLll TREASURER Mil to n Carleston ORGANIZATIONS AND SPONSORS Cicerone Staff Miss Haynes Mr. Mitchell Dandcelion Staff Miss Mangum National Honor Society Student Council Mr. Rodgers Mr. Rodgers Mr. Mitchell Latin Club 5 Miss Haynes Pan American Forum Miss Kuccra Golf and Tennis Club Miss Maxon Ping Pong Club Band Mr. Granger Mr. Granger Drill Team Miss Maxson Future Homemakers Miss Wicker Mrs. Stevens Future Farmers Mr. Lester Handicraft Club Miss Maxson Whittle Club Mr. Floyd Debate and Public Speaking Club Talent Club Miss Cole Miss Crawford Bookworm Club Miss Crawford Choral Club Mr. Granger Model Airplane Club Dramatic Club Mr. Chandler Miss Cole Camera Club Mr. Low Miss MangumV K CTSE NI ORfavoritecJ UN I ORFAVOR1TESIk S P O OR TT SEnnis vs. Highland Park—The Ennis Lions opened the 1940 season with a 26 to 0 win over the slightly I a voted Scotties. After getting off to a slow start, the Lions opened a powerful running and driving attack in the second quarter. The entire Ennis team looked good as a whole with Mock and Muirhead leading the attack. Wolf and Winn were outstanding on the Highland Park Team. Touchdowns were made by Mock, Muirhear, and Emerson. Ennis vs. Mexia—The Ennis Lions kept up their drive of “down the double A teams” by defeating the Mexia Black (.ats to the tunc of 20 to 0. Muirhead led the scoring for the Ennis pack with two touchdowns and two conversions. Mock scored on a beautiful run behind fine blocking by the whole team. Pool, Emerson, and Crow were the outstanding backs of the Ennis team. McGannon and Adams stood out among the Mexia Cats. Ennis vs. Waxahachie—The Lions opened the home season with a 14 to 0 loss to the Waxahachic Indians. The Lions were hard pressed throughout the game and received a more severe beating than the score showed. However they faced many handicaps for this game, the worst being the loss of two starters, Andrews and Colvin. The scores for Waxahachic were made by Borders and Pitcoch. These two scores were the first to be.scored against Ennis up to the present date. Ennis vs. Greenville—The Lions received their second defeat of the season before the hands of the Greenville Lions by the score 21 to 15. However the Lions played their best game of the first part of the season. Andrews, Colvin, Purcell, and Muirhead were missing on the Ennis first string but Lavender, Goodwin, and Speir took over and aided the Lions. In the Greenville line-up Marshall, Myers, and MacFarland were oustanding. Ennis vs. Cleburne—“Pile-Driving” Alphonse Mock paced the Lions to a 12 to 0 victory over the Cleburne Yellow Jackets. The Ennis defense was very good, allowing the Yellow Jackets to gain only one first down throughout the game. The beautiful, long kicks from the toe of Brown, the Cleburne ace back, were the only thing that prevented Ennis from scoring more frequently. Ennis vs. Ferris—The Ennis Lions won their first conference game of the season in a 26 to 6 victory over the Ferris Yellow Jackets. Although the Lions were outplayed in the first half they entered the second half with an extra amount of power. Mock, Crow, and Speir led the Ennis Lions while King starred on the Ferris team. Ennis vs. Terrill Prep—The Lions outfought a heavier team of Dallas to gain a 15 to 6 decision in a non-district clash. Yetter, star of Terrill Prep, scored their only touchdown, early in the second half of the game. Mock, Houdek, Tolar, and Lavender were all outstanding on the Ennis team. Ennis vs. Groeshcck—The Groeshcck Goats were defeated by a 52 to 0 score by the Ennis Lions. Even though the game was played on a muddy field the Lions did so well that they were never forced to punt throughout the game. The Goats were unable to penetrate the Ennis line. Eight of the opponents tosses were intercepted by the Lions and returned for good gains; two for touchdowns. Albin Houdek and Edward Rosprim were the standouts for Ennis on defense with the entire back pushing the offense. Ennis vs. Teague—Even though the Teague Lions were crowned district champs before the game, due to the ineligibility of several Ennis players in the Terrill Prep clash, Ennis defeated them 51 to 0. George Cikanck, who carried the ball over the enemy goal three times, was outstanding back for Ennis. Long, high point scorer of the district, was held completely in check by fast charging Ennis linesmen. Ennis vs. State Home—The Ennis Lions closed their 1940 football season when they swamped the State Home Laddies of Corsicana by a margin of 52 to 0. The scores for the Lions were made by: Pixil, three touchdowns; Mock, two touchdowns and three extra points; crow, two touchdowns; and Cikanck, one touchdown and one extra point.GIRLS' BASKETBALL BOYS' BASKETBALL Armstrong, Nannie—Guard Ridley—Guard, Forward Armstrong, May Dean—Forward Jackson—Center Brown, Netta Ruth—Guard Richter—Guard, Forward Armstrong, Betty—Forward Shaw—Guard Dyess, Doris Nell—Guard Brazier—Guard Merrit, Lerline—Forward Rooker—Guard, Forward Nichols, Eugenia—Guard Houdek, George—Forward Idlett, Nancy—Forward Houdek, Beano—Forward Bates, Mary—Guard Lavender—Center State Champions 'Jootball RUSHING YARDS Ennis 371 Highland Park 66 Ennis 81 Mexia 65 Ennis 42 Waxahachie 158 Ennis Greenville 82 Ennis 136 Cleburne 77 Ennis 227 Ferris 35 Ennis 188 Terrill Prep 161 Enins 289 Teague 109 Ennis 172 Groesbeck 20 Ennis 339 State Home 35 PASSING YARDS Ennis 0 Highland Park 21 Ennis Mexia Ennis 49 Waxahachie 69 Ennis 74 Greenville 152 Ennis 77 Cleburne 72 Ennis 12 Ferris 23 Ennis 41 Terrill Prep 50 Ennis 65 Teague 0 Ennis 192 Groesbeck 39 Ennis 137 State Home 11 Statistics FIRST DOWNS Ennis 20 Highland Park 7 Ennis 10 Mexia 4 Ennis 6 Waxahachie 14 Ennis 9 Greenville 11 Ennis 7 Cleburne 1 Ennis 10 Ferris 5 Ennis 15 Terrill Prep 7 Ennis 14 Teague 5 Enins 17 Groesbeck 3 Ennis 21 State Home 1 SCORING TOTALS Ennis 26 Highland Park 0 Ennis 20 Mexia 0 Ennis 0 Waxachie 14 Ennis 13 Greenville 21 Ennis 12 Cleburne 0 Ennis 26 Ferris 6 Ennis 13 Terrill Prep 6 Ennis 31 Teague 0 Ennis 52 Groesbeck 0 Ennis 52 State Home 0 Total: Ennis 245 Opponents 47© — F F A T URL S CANDID SHOTS 1 Pan-American Troubadours. 2 Doris gets prettied up for Junior ('lass play. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. ■■■ ■■■ lit June leads us. Future Homemakers. A special train. Here comes the bride See! we study in the library-. Our radio program. Fire drill. Our drill team. Davenel and Purcell carving. Latin Banquet. Cowboy Ramblers. Pep rally. Junior Class play. Eighteen lcttermcn. First annual staff meeting. Football banquet. Football boys are off!!?!! Drill team banquet. School is out! 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21.CANDID SHOTS 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. Ain't he sweet? Roland’s teasing the girls. What do you see, Cynthia? Four of a kind. Quiet! They might be studying. Mary Dea's mad. Aw now Frances. Mary Dea, it ain’t perlite to point. Cramming on the campus. Our favorite tomboy. 14. Does he rate? 15. Our hero!!?! 16. The smile gals. 17. Blow, blow, blow your horn! 18. Teacher's pet. 19. Three stooges. 20. We’re seniors now. 21. Our Jim. 22. Gilley's best (boy) friend. 23. Words won’t describe them. 24. All American! 25. Our favorite drum majors. 26. Sweet Moreene. 27. Football manager. 28. Eugenia knows him. 29. Aw now Louise. 30. Our Byrd friends. Jenna V., Pat, and Dot were cute kids, eh! Trash, oh yeah! Yeah! we know they're big.ADYLETTIS Ea mln t s PIERCE'S DRY GOODS COMPANY I'.nnis customers seem to be very much interested in their shopping at Pierce’s. I his store was established in February, 1937. A. Bailey is manager. Here one may buy dry goods, ladies’ ready-to-wear, shoes for the entire family, and electrical appliances. Ennis Pharmacy Billy Louise Young and Richard Perdue are refreshing themselves with one of Forest Fountain’s specialties. The Lnnis Pharmacy, which deals in drugs, cosmetics, and fountain drinks, was established in Ennis in 1900. ■J The Rose Garden Cafe The Rose Garden Cafe, located on Highway 75, is the gathering place for most of the high school students in the afternoons after school and on their dates in the evening. Mr. A. M. Blount is the new manager.PLANTERS COTTON OIL MILL Mr. A. E. Ramsey, bookkeeper of the Planters Cotton Oil Mill, is seen talking with Mr. Rush Hickman Jr. and Mr. Ned Haynes in the company office. The oil mill, owned by Mr. J. A. Chapman and managed by Mr. Rush Hickman, is one of Ennis’ leading industries. It is noted for its honest, considerate service to Ellis County farmers and for the high quality of its products.W. D. Arden Insurance Agcy Mr. W. I). Arden is shown at his desk in his office. The W. D. Arden Insurance Company, representatives of The Southwestern Life Insurance Company, is one of the oldest established businesses in Ennis. This company was established in 1911 by Mr. Arden and is the agency for all kinds of insurance. Moore's Creamery The Moore’s Creamery, located on the corner of Knox and McKenney sells all kinds of dairy products. Mr. Dick Kendall, proprietor, has been head of this business since 1940. During this short time the business has made many new friends because of the high quality of products which it handles. Davis Tailor Shop Mr. Dca Davis, owner and operator of the Davis Tailor Shop, takes time to pose for the Ennis High School cameraman. The Davis Tailor Shop is noted for the fine quality of its cleaning and pressing and for its efficient, dependable service. Frankie Davis Motor Co. Inc. The Frankie Davis Motor Co., Inc. sells and completely services Studeba-ker cars. Mr. Davis established his business in Ennis in 1940.McKEE LUMBER COMPANY The McKee Lumber Company, located on the corner of Highway 75 and East Brown Street, sells lumber, paint, and house furnishings. Since 1939, many modern homes have been built in Ennis by the McKee Lumber Company. It was established in 1939 and is owned and operated by Mr. Bert McKee, Mr. W. A. McKee, and Mr. Dea Wills. MOSSHART'S STORE Mosshart’s, "The Men’s Store,” outfits the well-dressed boys of Ennis High School—and their dads too.ROORBACH'S PHARMACY Brandy Nickeleson, clerk in Roorbach’s Pharmacy, serves Cynthia Haynes and "Babs” Bennight. Roorbach s Pharmacy, which sells school supplies, toilet goods, fountain drinks, and drugs, was established in Ennis in 1917. ALLEN FURNITURE STORE , A ttycRoorbach and Peggy Sue Rogers, aided by James Allen of the Allen Furniture Store, inspect a mattress, one of the numerous articles which Mr. Allen has for sale. Allen’s was established in Ennis inCOMMUNITY NATURAL GAS COMPANY "Sweet” Estes is admiring one of the new and improved gas ranges in the showroom of the Community Natural Gas Company. The company Iras served Ennis since 1920. Editor "Sweet” Estes, Assistant Editor Betty Roorbach, Business Manager Freddie Ludwig, Art Editor Charles Bush and sponsors Jack Mitchell and Miss Roger Haynes are seen at work on the 1941 Cicerone. Coca-Cola Helps Get Out The AnnualStar Cash Grocery Mr. Hogge seems to enjoy waiting on "Dot” Yowcll. The Star Cash, specializing in White Swan and Westinghouse products, was established in 1913. Scott's Cofiee Shop Scott’s Coffee Shop, on Highway 75, serves not only Ennis High School students but many people from all over the country. It was established in 1934. K. Wolen's Dry Goods Store Dorothy Jack Gaultney seems to be pleased with what she is buying at K. Wolens. Some of the leading lines in the store are toilet articles, piece goods, dresses, shoes, and men’s clothing. K. Wolens was established in Ennis in 1937. Modern Beauty Shop Cynthia Haynes waits her turn at the Modern Beauty Shop, which was established in Ennis in 1936. The Modern Beauty Shop makes a specialty of hair sets, permanent waves, and manicures.Rogers Shoe Store "Sweet” Estes seems to have found just the boots she wants at Rogers Shoe Store. Mr. Rogers is fitting her as Freddie Ludwig looks on. Rogers Shoe Store not only sells shoes, but it has hosiery for men, women, and children. Mr. Rogers started in business in 1919. U. C. Roney Insurance Ageny Butane Gas Co. "Dot” Yowell and Eugenia Nichols are discussing the advantages of a modern gas range sold by the Butane Gas Company. U. C. Roney has sold leading lines of insurance in Ennis for several years. In November 1939 he entered the butane gas business as well. Pearl Cafe Here we find Noll Sewell laughing with Barbara Bennight, daughter of the owner of the Pearl Cafe. This cafe has been operating in Ennis since 1934 and serves well cooked, appetizing meals to satisfied customers daily. Ennis Daily News Miss Emma Sims seems to be taking an ad. The Ennis Daily News, the town newspaper of Ennis, Texas, was established in 1892. Mr. C. A. Nowlin is editor of the paper.Ennis State Bank Mary Dea Davis is learning some of the modern methods of operating a bank from one of the courteous tellers of the Ennis State Bank. W. Weatherford has been president of the Ennis State Bank since 1928. This bank was established in Ennis in 1922, and is a member of the F. D. I. C. BANNER INSURANCE COMPANY Bob Banner, one of the most energetic business men in Ennis, seems to be explaining the details of a policy to two prospective customers. The Banner Insurance Company, which sells all kinds of insurance, was established in Ennis in 1913.HESSER'S DRUG STORE It seems that Jack Purcell and Mary Virginia Barnett are enjoying themselves at the soda fountain. Hesser’s Drug Store, which was established in Ennis in 1910, is your Rexall store carrying leading lines of school supplies, drugs, and fountain drinks. Mrs. Baird's Bread Co. Frances Farquhar is seen carrying home another loaf of Mrs. Baird’s delicious fresh bread. This bread is delivered fresh twice daily to Ennis grocers, and many Ennis families have learned to ask for the bread that 'stays fresh longer.’Ennis Motor Company John C. Connell, and Mrs. John C. Connell, bookkeeper, of the Ennis Motor Company seem to be very much pleased with this 1941 Ford De Luxe. The Ennis Motor Company sells and services all makes of Ford automobiles and trucks. This company was established in October 1939 by Mr. I. G. Moore, president, and Mr. John C. Connell, vice-president, and Mr. C. W. Brown, maneger. Frank Kucera Grocery Billie Pool and Jim Spier are learning from Mr. Kucera the many different items which may be bought in the new and modern Kucera Grocery Store. Mr. Kucera started in business in Ennis on January 1, 1909, and now has a modern grocery, department, hardware store. Plaza and Grand Theatres Jo Gilley and Cecil Jackson are waiting for the theatre to open so that they may enjoy a pleasant afternoon. The Plaza features the best shows and is air-conditioned. It was established in 1933. Rains Cash Grocery Dot” Yowell is buying her week’s supply of groceries at Rains’. Rains Grocery sells canned goods, fruits and meat. It was established April 22, 1933.J. E. Keever Funeral Directors W. E. Munn Grocery The Frances Shop Mr. Kecvcr seems to be a busy man. Keever Funeral Home was established in 1918 and is well known for its thoughtful and considerate service. Frances Farquar doesn’t seem to have any trouble being waited on when shopping at W. E. Munn’s Grocery. Mr. Munn not only sells groceries but also buys and sells produce. Mr. Munn sold only produce from 1922 until 193 3 when he added a complete line of groceries. Burford's Drug Store Billy Pool, Jo Gilley, Jim Spier, and Dot Yowell seem to be enjoying a good joke with Mrs. Burford. Burford’s handles drugs, cosmetics, school supplies, and fountain drinks. Mr. Burford started in business in Ennis in 1920. Eugenia Nichols, Peggy Sue Rogers, and Jean Harkins seem to be interested in one of Mrs. Lilley’s many attractive dresses. The Frances Shop, which is owned and operated by Mrs. G. H. Lilley, was founded June 1 1, 1939. This shop serves many people in Ennis and nearby towns.C. T. MOORE JEWELRY COMPANY Billie Louise Young seems to be interested in trying on her new senior ring at the C. T. Moore Jewelry Company. The C. T. Moore Company has diamonds, watches, and other fine graduation gifts. Jimmie Baker is co-sponsor of this ad. ENNIS TAG AND SALESBOOK COMPANY Ennis is fortunate in being the home of the largest tag and sales-book company in the South.Dunlap’s flowers make corsages and bouquets for Ennis High School parties, plays, and banquets. BARRINGTON CHEVROLET COMPANY Mr. Barrington is pointing out the advantages of the 1941 Chevrolet to an interested customer. The Barrington Chevrolet Company, which sells new and old Chevrolet cars and trucks, was established in Ennis in May, 1929.CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK Jenna V. Willis is cashing her withdrawal slip from the Ennis High School Student Bank, which is sponsored by the Citizens National Bank. The bank has been serving Ennis since 1904, and Dr. J. W. Tollcson has been president since 1933. This bank is a Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. C o ngravulati rJUeSeniors C as tel law ‘Drag Do. Compliments of cTaylor f.n Snyravinc] Cq P“S DALLAS TEXAS ANNUAL RINGS AND INVITATIONS Mil CL ass Pictures Were V Maresh Studios imLs. Hearts % fX vz - .---’• A . • . .A y, ’ - . .ji . « 1 •• w -A. wi v - - 4 • — • ■ -V- X- • — jfZ - -r - Y . . v- - 5vr f . -■ v% l s X • • ;W :?kr V. -• — - v -vf- • .• ' , . :“ X ».’ r • •-» 'jf • - - • ?« -v. ..4 v V • ' . • % AH - w . - £ 'A'- -• - v • X - y«r V -;' X' V«r •» •■ • % —— -1 5. s V ' a -». • • «BW • ' - '. Jr • V-. ✓ - '--I. • • • - v a jmSt - , k . - 4 r V . 4k •. . - V • % fc. . x -c V£ . , x% ‘-: x - «« •- "V •, - • a . A -V - A. -•- V ‘ •- ' • • 4 - •-%, : - -» — - V m y4» . ,» . V m • • ft NT - - w ' . • . JB •» 4+ • - -7 ... ■ %••✓ rU » - :ffc . a» . ’ 7 ' -r.-T 3 -• -. tV§£ . t . x 1; ■ - v a rf?. .' N w . 0 4 m ». l’ • - - - -

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