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Text from Pages 1 - 112 of the 1940 volume:

 EDITOR’S NOTE In this book are the treasured memories of the 1939-1940 year in Ennis High School. A year of laughter, tears, frustration, and achievement is bound within these pages. If you realize as much pleasure from this book in the future as we have had in planning it, our work is well done. Mary Frances Fitzgerald, Editor.DEDICATION Because they are friends to everyone, helpful and patient when we are in trouble, forgetting their own interests to think of ours, and for the helpful guidance in our classrooms, on the campus, in our social life, our church life, and as sponsors of our student organizations, they have proved they are interested in our happiness and welfare. Because they are deserving of this recognition, we, the staff, dedicate the 1940 Cicerone to THE FACULTYBOARD OF EDUCATION Joe Hawkins, Secretary A. L. Thomas H. J. Stone O. A. Grant, Vice-Chairman E. C. Parish T. A. Barrington, Chairman Fla Lewis We are happy to have such an intelligent and helpful group of men at the head of our school. They have served the school in every possible toay, and we love them because they have shown they love us.W. F. HOWARD We are happy to have as our chief administrator Mr. W. F. Howard, whom we all respect and hold in the highest esteem as a man of strong character and keen intellect. His universal friendliness and interest is fell by all. We are particularly proud of the fact that he is a graduate and former teacher of the Ennis High School. Mr. Howard is a graduate of Baylor University, where he secured his B.A. degree. He obtained his M.A. from the University of Texas where he is now working on his Doctorate. J. D. KING, JR. Mr. J. D. King, Jr., also a graduate of Ennis High School, serves as principal. He attended A. M. College for two years and graduated from Southern Methodist University, where he secured his B.A. and M.A. degrees. He is well qualified for this position because of his natural understanding of children and his extensive training in the field of education. Although he graduated from S.M.U., Mr. King tells us his favorite school is A. . M. His favorite sport is baseball and his hobby is music.Miss Barkley History Mr. Davidson Coach, Economics, Physical Education, History, CivicsMiss Kucera Spanish, Jr. Business Mr. Floyd Mr. Granger Algebra, Geometry BandMr. Mitchell Bookkeeping, Typing, Shorthand Miss Reeder Journalism, EnglishSen torsCHARLES BENNIGHT'S activities were: ’36-’40, Band: ’38-’40, Drum Major: ’37, Madcap Players, Club; ’38, Class Treasurer, Choral Club; ’39, Choral Club; ’40, Business Manager Cicerone, and Class President. “It's the songs ye sing, and the smile ye wear, That make the sun shine everywhere.” WAYNE McKEE was transferred from Classen High in Oklahoma City in ’40. His activities here were: Class Vice Pres., Debate, Dramatic Club, and “Life Begins at Sixteen.” “This is a lad handsome and neat, To him the girls are very sweet." MILDRED RICKS’ activities were: ’37, Class Vice Pres.; '38, Class Sec.-Treas.; ’39, Class Vice Pres., and Favorite, National Honor Society: ’40, Class Sec.-Treas., Band, Journalism Club, Dandee Lion, Cicerone, Quill and Scroll, and Band ’37-’40. “And still they gazed and their wonder grew, That one small head could carry all she knew." HUBERT ROGERS’ activities were: '37, “Liar at Large," Band; ’38, Band; ’39, Junior Class Play and Favorite, Cicerone, President and outstanding boy in Glee Club, Drum Major; ’40, Journalism Club, Dandee Lion, Reporter Senior Class, and Drum Major. “Many a girl thinks a lot of him, Can you say that you really blame them?" DAVID ANDERSON’S activities were; ’36-’37, football, Science Club; ’38, Agriculture Club; ’40, Dramatic Club and football letterman. “He’s a jolly, good s )ort; and, oh— But he’s one more rough Romeo.” DOYLE ANDREWS’ activities were: ’37, Athletic Club: ’37-’S8, football, basketball; ’39, Junior Play, football, basketball; '40, Dramatic Club, football letterman. “Life is a jest and all things show it, I thought so once and now 1 know it.” GENEVIEVE BAKER’S activities were: ’37, Home Economics Club; '38, Home Economics Sewing Club; '39, Future Homemakers Club; '40, Charm Club. "A cute little ‘blonde’ with lots of charm, Never doing anyone any harm.” DURWOOD BALLEW'S activities began in ’38; football, basketball, Athletic Club, F.F.A.; ’40, football letterman. Dramatic Club, "Life Begins at Sixteen,” and basketball. “Friendly and easy-going, Truly a boy worth knowing."CHARLES BOATWRIGHT’S activities were: '38, Journalism Club: '39, Athletic Club. “A silent friend, But true to the end." GEORGE BOLEN’S activities were: ‘37, Class President, "Liar at Large," tennis; '38, Class President, Sec.-Treas. Glee Club, tennis; '39, National Honor Society, Glee Club, junior Play, Cicerone, tennis, Pep Leader; '40, Dandee Lion. Quill and Scroll, Pep Leader, tennis. “Labor for learning before you grow old, For learning is better than silver or gold.” MARTHA ANN BOOTHES activities were: '37, Drill Team; '38-’39, Choral Club; '40, President Journalism Club, Band, Cicerone, Dandee Lion, Yearbook Club, Sec.-Treas. National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll. “A friend indeed is she, Happy, humorous, and fancy free.” ALLISON BOREN’S activities were: '38, Glee Club; '40, football; ’37-’40, Band. "His figure's not noted for grace, But you'll like the smile on his face." HELEN BRISCOE'S activities were: '37, Choral Club; '38, Drill Team, Choral Club; '39, Drill Team, Choral Club. "She’s quiet in her own way. But happy throughout the day.” ROY BRITTAIN’S activities were: '38, Glee Club; '39, Glee Club, Junior Play; '40, Spanish Club. “He’s not a Romeo, dark and tall, But for the girls he usually falls.” MAYBELLE CAVE was transferred from Garrett this year. She is a member of the Athletic Club and is active in the sports of Ennis High School. “Maybelle’s new with us, But you never hear her making any fuss.” MARGERY CLOUD, a former member of the Drill Team and Office Assistant, has given most of her time to her studies so she has not taken part in many activities this year. n This girl named Cloud, You’ll never find to be very loud. IIJEFF COLVIN’S activities were: ’36-’37, 4-H Club, baseball, basketball: '38, baseball, basketball: '39, baseball, basketball, football; ’40, football letterman, basketball, Dramatic Club. "Though lie’s not another Gable, He'll do his part whenever he’s able." FREDDIE CREWS’ activities were: '37, football; '38, football; '39, football, Spanish Club; ’40, football letterman, Dramatic Club. "He’s crazy about the girl With the golden curl!" FRANCES ANNE CROW’S activities were: '39, Dramatic Club, tennis, volleyball, basketball. Junior and One-Act Plays; ’40, Dramatic Club Secretary, Dandee Lion, tennis, basketball. "Here is a girl named Crow, A fine person to know." MARGARET CUBERO’S activities were: '36, softball, basketball; '37, Drill Team, softball, basketball; '38, Drill Team, Home Economics Club; ’39, F. H. T., Charm; ’40, F. H. T. "She’s the oldest girl in school. Therefore she’s mighty hard to fool." MARGARET SUE CURTIS’ activities were: ’37, Drill Team; ’38, Drill Team, Choral Club; ’39, Drill Team, Choral Club; '40, Spanish Club. "Just one more grand girl, As priceless as a pearl." MINNIE DEAVERS’ activities were: '36, Drill Team: ’37, Drill Team, Choral Club; ’38, Drill Team, Choral Club; '39, Dramatic Club; '40, Dramatic Club. "Her mind is sort of dense. More nonsense than common sense.” MITTIE DEAVERS’ activities were: '37, Drill Team, Choral Club, One-Act Play; ’38, Drill Team, Dramatic Club, Choral Club; '40, Dramatic Club. "This is the twin with the blonde hair, If you're looking for fun, you’ll find it there." BESS DILLARD’S activities were: '38, Choral Club; ’39, Choral Club; '40, Dandee Lion, Journalism Club. "One whose eyes the smile of kindness made, She has charm that will not fade."KAY DUNCAN'S activities were: 'S8, Choral Club, Drill Team; ’39, Dramatic Club, Charm Club, Drill Team; '40, Drill Team, Dramatic Club. “And that smile like sunshine darts, Into many sunny hearts.” VIRGINIA ELLIS’ activities were: '37, Drill Team; '38, Drill Team, Dramatic Club in Yoakum High School; '39-'40, Dramatic Club in Ennis High School. “You'll look far before you find, One half so pretty and so kind.” ANNA LAURA FALLEN’S activities were: ’37-’40, basketball: '37, Madcap Players; '38, Dramatic Club; '39, Dramatic Club; '40, Dandee Lion, Journalism Club. "Rig brown eyes and dark brown hair. Is she not passing fairT” NADINE FINLEY'S activities were: '38, basketball, Choral Club. “For a heart she is the balm, A living gale is better than a dead calm.” MARY FRANCES FITZGERALD'S activities were: '37-'40, Color bearer; '37, Asst. Librarian, Madcap Players; '38, Journalism Club, “Cub”; '39, Cicerone, Junior Play, Reporter National Honor Society; '40, Yearbook Club, Dandee Lion, Journalism Club, Editor Cicerone, National Honor Society, President Quill and Scroll. "Charming and full of pep, Always willing to lend her help.” MARJORIE FITZGERALD’S activities were: '37, Drill Team; '38, attended school in Houston; '39, Choral Club; '40, Dramatic Club, Spanish Club. “She's a shining light, Although she is rather quiet.” MARGARET ANN HANES’ activities were: '37, Drill Team; '38, Drill Team; '39, Drill Team, Sec.-Treas. Choral Club; '40, Pres. Dramatic Club, "Life Begins at Sixteen.” “We will always insist, There’s something about her you can’t resist.” ETHEL HART’ S activities were: ’37-’40, Future Homemakers Club. "After all’s said and done. You’ll find that she’s lots of fun.”PAULINE HART’S activities were: ’39, Choral Club; ’40, Spanish Club. "Small and unheard, Because she seldom says a word.” MARTHA JANE HAWLEY'S activities were: ’37, basketball, Home Economics Club; '38, basketball, Home Economics Sewing Club; '39, Future Homemakers Club. "If you're looking for curly hair. Go to her and you’ll find it there.” W. C. HENDRIX’S activities were: ’37-’40, Band; ’39, National Honor Society; '40, National Honor Society. "Honor and shame from no condition rise, Act well your part; there all the honor lies.” RUTH HOGABOOM was transferred from Houston in '38. Her activities were: ’39, Latin Club: ’40, Journalism Club, Yearbook Club, Dandee Lion, Cicerone. "She’s as peaceful as a dove, And the kind that people love." MILDRED HORTON'S activities were: '37-’39, Drill Team; ’38-’40, Dramatic Club; ’39, Prompter for Junior Play, Choral Club; ’40, basketball. "A good sport you’ll find her to be, A better one you’ll never see.” EMIL JANOUSEK'S activities were: '39, Future Farmers, basketball; ’40, Future Farmers, basketball. "His nose is pug and his hair is red, But not a bad thing of him can be said.” HAZEL JONES’ activities were: '39, Future Homemakers, Drill Team; '40, Future Homemakers, Drill Team. "She’ll grow into a woman nobly planned, The kind that is always in demand.” JOE JONES' activities were: ’37-’40, Athletic Club, and was chosen ugliest boy in Ennis High School. "As choices of ugly boys run, He takes his title in all good fun.”JOSEPHINE JONES’ activities were: ’37-’40, Band; '37, Athletic Club; '38, Choral Club; ’39, Dramatic Club; ’40, Dandec Lion, Journalism Club. “She'd rather be youthful than old, And she’s icorth her weight in gold." JUNE JONES, who came to Ennis this year, stayed with us only a few weeks and was transferred to Kentucky. As she was with us such a short time, she did not engage in any activities. “She stayed with us a little while, And left with us her sunny smile." NELMA KILPATRICK’S activities were: ’38, basketball; '39, basketball, Choral Club; '40, Bookworm Club. “A better girl you’ll seldom find, Gentle, sweet, and always kind." ANGELYN KING’S activities were: '37, Drill Team; '38, Choral Club; ’39, Band, Choral Club, Junior Play; '40. Cicerone, Yearbook Club, Public Speaking Club, Quill and Scroll. “Here’s to a girl who has her fun. And see’s that everything’s well done.” FRED KLECKA'S activities were: ’37-’40, Band; ’39, Camera Club, National Honor Society; '40, Bookworm Club, National Honor Society. “He can play that drum—and how! He’s nearly as good as Krupa now." IRENE KUCERA'S activities were: ’37, Drill learn; '38, Choral Club; '39, Charm Club, Cicerone; ’40, National Honor Society, Dandee Lion, Journalism Club, Quill and Scroll. “You know that she would Have a mind that's rich in all that’s good.” ROBERT LAMB’S activities were: ’38-’40, Band; ’37, Class Secretary; ’38, Glee Club; '39, Glee Club, Class President; '40, Business Manager Dandee Lion, National Honor Society, Cicerone. "No matter what the ill winds are blowing. Depend on Bob to keep things going.” GERRY LAVENDAR’S activities were: ’37, Drill Team: ’38, Drill Team, Journalism Club; ’39, Choral Club; ’40, Cicerone, Yearbook Club, National Honor Society, Vice President Quill and Scroll. “This is the girl, With the golden curl.”BRYANT LEATHEM’S activities were: '38, Football; '39, football, basketball, Varsity E: '40, Dramatic Club, football letterman. “A kind of person you like to have around, A better friend can never be found." MAURINE LEWIS' activities were: '36, Drill Team, baseball; '37. Drill Team; '38, Drill Team, baseball; '39, Drill Team; '40, Journalism Club, Choral Club. “If smiling faces find a welcome, we know She’ll find a welcome wherever she goes.” DOROTHY JEAN LYON'S activities were: '37-’40, Color Bearer; '37, Madcap Players; '38, Journalism Club; '39, Dramatic Club; '40, Cicerone, Yearbook Club, Dandee Lion, Journalism Club, Office Asst., Beauty, Quill and Scroll. “You know by seeing, That beauty is its own excuse for being." MARY MALA YEAR'S activities were: ’37-’40, Drill Team; '37, Spanish Club; '38, Charm Club; '39, Athletic Club; '40, basketball. “We are often told, All that glitters is not gold.” ANNIE MARTINEZ’S activities were: '37, Band; '38, Choral Club, Band; '39, Choral Club, Band; '40, Band. “Happy am I, from care I’m free, Why aren’t they all contented like me?" MARGIE McDOWELL’S activities were: '37-’39, Choral Club, Drill Team, volleyball; '40, softball, basketball. “You’ll find her all the while, Lending a happy smile." EI.OISE McLEMORE’S activities were: ’37-’40, basketball, volleyball: '38, Spanish Club: '39, Athletic Club, tennis; '40, Athletic Club. “Small and dark, ’tis true, As fine a girl as you ever knew." JESSIE JO MERRITT’S activities were: '36-’40, Band: '37, Madcap Players; '38, Dramatic Club; '39, Camera Club; '40, Sec.-Treas., Camera Club. “A good musician, with a very good tone, If you want to hear music, give him a saxophone."LERLINE WINTER’S activities were: ’38, Drill Team; '39, President Future Homemakers Club, Drill Team; ’40, Dramatic Club. "A quiet mind is richer than a crown. In this girl, that can be found.” JACK NICKELSON’S activities were: ’36-’37, softball; ’38, Cheer Leader; ’39, Reporter Dramatic Club; '40, Dandee Lion, Journalism Club. “ Brandy’ is his nickname. Peculiar, but good just the same.” CLEO O’NEAL’S activities were: ’37-’39, Drill Team; ’38, Dramatic Club; ’39, Choral Club; ’40, Dandee Lion, Journalism Club, Athletic Club, Cheer Leader. ‘‘This one thing you can tell, This is a girl that you’ll like well.” WAYNE O’NEAL’S activities were: ’36-’40, Band; ’37, Cub; ’38, Choral Club; ’40, Library Club. “Although you see his head is red. You must admit it is not lead.” JOE ONSTEAD’S activities were: ’37, basketball; ’38, basketball; '39, football, basketball; ’40, basketball, football lettcrman. Dramatic Club, Debate Club. “Tall and neat, spick and span, From head to toe, he's every inch a man.” DORIS PARKER'S activities were: ’37, Drill Team, Home Economics Club; '38, Choral Club; ’39, Color bearer; ’40, Beauty. Though she isn’t very tall. She has a pleasant smile for all.” AURELIA PARMA was a member of the Choral Club in ’37. While she did not engage in many other activities, she will be remembered by her classmates for her sweet disposition. "Her friendliness is the reason, That she’s never out of season." ARNOLD PRIDDY’S activities were: ’37, Glee Club, football; ’38, Camera Club, football; '39, football; ’40, Football Manager. “A boy that’s short and round, A funnier fellow cannot be found.”LAURA BESS RAMSEY was transferred from Garret in '40. Her activities have been: Dandee Lion, Journalism Club, and basketball. “She’s new with us this year, But we are glad to have her here.” JAMES DOOLEY RIDLEY'S activities were: ’36-’40, Band; '38, Journalism Club; ’39, Choral Club; '40, Football Manager. “A good football manager is he, And a better one you’ll never see.’’ BYREL RIDLEY’S activities were: ’37-'40, Band; ’38, Journalism Club, Choral Club; '39, Choral Club; '40, National Honor Society. “She’s pretty hard to fool, ’Cause she’s one of the smartest girls in school.” DORIS KATE SCHOEPS’ activities were: ’37, Drill Team: '38, Drill Team, Journalism Club; ’39, Tennis, Choral Club; '40, Dandee Lion, National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll. “We’ll find that she zuill always win. One touch of merriment will cause a grin.” ALEAN SEARCY'S activities were: '37-’38, Future Homemakers Club; ’38-’39, Charm Club. “A girl who does her part. In winning her way into your heart.” JAMES SHEBESTA’S activities were: '37, Future Farmer Club; '38. Varsity E Club, track; ’37-’40, football. “At athletics he always tries his hand, So he will become like the ancient cave-man.” JIMMIE SIMS’ activities were: ’37-’40, Drum Major, “Liar at Large,'' Journalism Club; '39, Secretary Junior Class, Junior Play, Choral Club; '40, Dandee Lion, Cicerone, Office Asst., Treasurer Quill and Scroll, Beauty. “A young lassie without a care. Never refusing to take a dare.” RUSSEL SPENCER'S activities were: '39, Camera Club, Dramatic Club; '40, President Camera. Aeronautics Club. “He tinkers and tankers with airplanes. So surely he'll fly to fortune and fame.”— FLORENCE SRAMEK'S activities were: ’37-’40, Drill Team: ’38, Secretary Home Economics Club; '39-’40, Vice President Future Homemakers Club, Charm Club; '40, Journalism Club, Dandee Lion. “A girl you'll never want to forget, And after many years, you won’t, I’ll bet.’’ ALYNE STEWART was transferred from Garret in ’40; her activities here were: Journalism Club, Dandee Lion, basketball. “Sweet as a red rose. This is something everyone knows." ALETTA SUBLETT was transferred from Bethel, ’37-’38. In Aletta’s few years here, she has gained many friends. “May her life be bright and rosy, Like the petals of a posy." VICTORIA TROJACEK’S activities were: Future Homemakers Club in ’39-’40. "A girl who doesn’t have much to say. But is sweet and kind in every way." AGNES TUPY’S activities were: ’39, Charm Club; ’40, Future Homemakers Club. “You’ll find her to be a true pal, v As well as a nice gal." A. L. TURNER’S activities were: ’36, Athletic Club; ’38, Madcap Players, Glee Club; ’39, Dramatic Club, tennis. Junior Play; ’40, Dramatic Club; ’36-’40, Band. “Away with your worry! Come on with your fun, Be happy and merry ’til the day is done." ELSIE VALEK’S activities were: ’39, Athletic Club; ’40, Future Homemakers Club. “We wish you happiness your whole life through, Good luck and fortune in everything you do." JANIE VALEK’S activities were: ’39, Charm Club; ’40, Spanish Club, Future Homemakers Club. “Of all the girls in the Senior Class, None is gayer than this young lass."J. L. WARREN’S activities were: ’36-’40, Band; ’39, Choral Club; '40, Dramatic Club. "Casey is our school’s engineer. But why, oh why did it have to be here?" CECIL WARREN'S activities were: ’57-’40, Band; '38, Journalism Club, Vice President Camera Club; ’39, football, Varsity E Club, Junior Play, National Honor Society; ’40, Dandec Lion, football letterman, Journalism Club. "A football player, and a very good one. He’s helped us win all of the games we’ve won." JO WHITE'S activities were: ’38-’40, Band; ’39, Junior Play; ’40, Yearbook Club, Cicerone. "Jo is as good as you can find, As good as any gold mine.” ADELE WHITFILL’S activities were: ’37, Madcap Players; ’38, Dramatic Club; ’39, Dramatic Club; ’40, Charm Club. "A girl whose tongue is lovely bound, A faster talker can’t be found." HENRIETTA' WHITFILL was transferred from Alma this year and has not had time for outside activities. "Anything that she does for you Shows that she’s your friend through and through.” THELMA WHITFILL %va.s transferred from Alma in ’40 and she has been too busy with her studies to enter into any of the activities. "She is another twin. Friends she’ll always win." JULIA WILLIAMS’ activities were: ’37-’38, Madcap Players, Drill Team; ’39, Dramatic Club, Junior Play; ’40, Dandee Lion, Bookworm Club, National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll. "As good as a priceless gem, Anyway, she’s priceless to him.” JUNE WILLIAMS’ activities were: ’37-’38, Drill Team; ’39-’40, Pep Leader; ’38-’39, Choral Club; ’39, Treasurer Junior Class; ’40, Cicerone, Dandee Lion, Debate. "Of all the girls you’ll ever meet, You’ll find that she is mighty sweet.”BILLIE WILSON'S activities were: '38-'40, Drill Team; ’38-’39, Choral Club: '39, tennis; '10, Library Club, Asst. Librarian. "Maiden with the deep brown eyes, Like the dusk in the evening skies.” SUE WILSON entered Ennis High School in '40. Her studies taking up most of her time, she has not been able to participate in any of the extracurricular activities. “Though she’s new here, we know, She will find friends wherever she goes.” JOHNNIE WINKLER'S activities were: '37 and '38, Drill team; '39 and '40, Charm Club. “Straight from a happy heart comes her sweet smile, Reflecting mirth and wisdom all the while." BETTY WOMACK’S activities were; '38-’40, Band; '37, Drill Team, Madcap Players; '38, Journalism Club; '39, Dramatic Club, Debate; '40, Debate, Editor Dandee Lion, .Cicerone, Yearbook Club, Journalism Club. “A'o matter what fate does bring, She makes the best of everything.” SCOTTIE WOMACK'S activities were: '36, Spanish Club; ’37-'40, Dramatic Club; ’37, Dramatic Play; ’40, “Life Begins at Sixteen.” Willing to lend a helping hand." “A girl who’s really grand, SENIORS NOT Verble Lef. Allen James Baldridge Evelyn Castlow Jim Cave Dorothy Davis Alline Gillispie Joe George Haskovek Forrest Isom Louise Isom Alton Johnson IN PICTURES Dorothy Jewell Keele Frank Luksa Beulah Parker Leroy Patterson Helen Sebetka Neeland Sublett Melton Vrla James VVhitfill Flsie Mae WrightJu n i orsPorter Jeanne Hogan President Cyrus McCaskill Vice-President Billie Louise Young Secretary-T reasurer Sammie Jean Estes Reporter Garnett Andrews Don Ballew Peggy Banner Marjorie Mae Barnes Frank Barnett Lucille Berry Nancy Boren Marjorie Ann Bristow Charles Robert Bush Dorothy Co.misky Moreene CrumleyFrances Faquhar Lorraine Farrar Hardy Fluker Gene Gaultney James Wesley Goodwin Margie Graham Helen Graves Ernest Grizzard Cynthia Haynes Albert Haskovec Sue Hinkle John William HodgeMary Catherine Hough Burl Howard Dorothy Ann Jansa Geraldine Jaresh Pauline Jaresh Frances Kelly Janie Kendall Jean Kendall Donald Lavender Frances Merle Lewis Freddie Ludwig Mary Louise MimsJack Purcell Anne Ramsey Joe Reisman Mary Reville Ray Rickert Sonny Rooker Betty Roorbach Bobby Jean Roper Sybil Ruffin Jack Seelye Vivian Shackelford June SibleyErnest Tolar Millie Vrla Nancy Wilkerson Marjorie Williams Jenna V. Willis Doris Willmon JUNIORS NOT IN PICTURES Mildred Baker Warren Baker Emily Bobolik La Wayne Brown Florene Cagle Emma Cikanek Mildred C.laxton Leslie Dandridge Jimmie Bert Davis Joe Carl Downey Price Fowler Bobby Lee Gardiner Billy Gibson Kathleen Gothard O. A. Grant Lyle Dean Gray Anna Haba Ralph Hayes Jack Hitchcock Mae Evelyn Horan George Houdek Virginia Isom Otis Johnson Edith Kasper Lawrence Kriska Mildred Kriska Eleanora Kubala Kenneth Lewis Melba Lewis Luis Malavear Martha McKnight W. T. McNeil Jack McNorton Eugene Medford Alphonse Mock Vernon Muirhead Duane Mullican C. A. Nowlin Susie Odom Frank Pala Richard Perdue WlLHELMINA PETRUY W. T. Pierce Adelf. Prachyl Doris Scalf Virginia Sills Lillie Mae Shue Elsie Sledge Frances Smid James Speir Ruppell Stout Nahum Tate Georgia Trojacek Viola Trojacek Wesley Trojacek Alvia Wagner Edward Watkins Virginia White Vivian White Alma Dell Whitle Eldene Willmon Ernestine Yerby Georgia Zazvorka James ZahnenAlton Pierce President J. C. 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Johnson Eunice Barr Lloyd Johnson Bobby Bohanon Nary Jurickk Doris Ruth Burke Catheryn Kelly Chester Ray Clark Helen Kirkland Mozelle Crews Frances Klecka Charles Daniel Libbie Kouba Jack Denny Betty Jean McCord Feliz Gerlich Walter McNutt Wilma Gfrlich Billy Merritt David Harris Martha Lerune Merritt James Hart Charles Moreland Ernest Haskovic Joe Newlin Virginia Jattey James Nickols Wallace Hayes Joe Odlizil Emil Holubar Edith Faye Palmer Milton Honza Eugenf. Parma Carlisle Horan Dorothy Frances Puckett Thelma Purcell Peggy Sue Rogers Gloria Sanderson Harley Schoeps Margaret Scott La Fae Seelye Hubert Sf.i.f Virginia Skroh Billie Smith Norma Gene Tubbs Betty Wall Jean Wood Guy Youngblood PICTURES Edward Rosprim Bryant Scalf Walter Scott Jamf.s Shaw Walter Nfal Shaw Elizabeth Sills Ceraldene Slovak Helen Sonka Victor Sonka George Sorrels Robert Sparkman Doris Rae Stephens Loan Tate Mary Catherine Valek Leon Walker Hazel Warren Robert Watkins Aubrey Weldon Ruth Westbrook Iva Dee Wilhoitf. Murphy Wilson Blossom Wood Dorothy WylieJimmie Woodruff Treasurer Barbara Bennight Reporter Mary Alexander Gayle Ballew Mary Virginia Barnett Billie Brooks Sydna Jo Cave C. P. Clark Walter Cowling Joe Crow Leon Davenel Margaret Davis Billie Ruth Erwin Ted Farrar Edna Earl Fleetwood June Frels Dorothy Jack Gaultney Florence Groce Jimmie Hogaboom Billie HowardCharles Howell Margaret McCollum Dorothy McElroy Bonna Joyce McKee Dorothy Minter Rebecca Molina Mary Ann Moucka Herman Mounts Billie Munn Wayne Munn Betty Lou Parker Jack Perdue Doris Maf. Pierce William Rabe Beverly Romick Ina Lee SeelyeFRESHMEN NOT IN PICTURES Fred Baker James Head Hansel Pearce Mildred Baker Arlene Hodges Eugene Phifer D. W. Barnes Dorothy Hodo Gloria Phifer Clifford Birchett Wayland Holland William Priddy James Black Norma Lee Holt Jewelee Pritchett Mardis Brasher John Horan George Pruitt Cecil Byars Junior Huff Dorothy Purcell Rueline Chapman James Ernest Jenkins Joe Quinn Charlie Chmelar Harold Johnson Winsett Ramsey George Cikanek Sylvan Johnson Thomas Ruffin Jack Glen Cl.ark Mary Catherine Kriska Arvy Dell Sibley Geraldine Claxton Dorothy Kudrna Edna Earl Shugart Pat Comisky Hattie Laza George Skrivanek Margaret Connor Vesta Marcella Laznousky Cecil Sledge Jimmie Cornelius Billie Joe Littlejohn Tommie Lee Snipes Roland Cummings Ray Gene Lowi ry Loyd Spencer Henry Davis Glada Raf. Lucas George Taylor Charles Dixon Raymond Luksa Gladys Taylor Donnie Doherty James Maddox Joe Roy Taylor Barbara Duncan Carmen Malavi ar Thomas Tolar Colvin Emmert Edward .McCluney Eula Beth Tilleson James Evans Billie McCormick Bon Henry Trojacek Davis Leta Ferris Rae La Verne McMullan William Weldon Edward Fincher R. H. McLemore Walter Wells Frankie Fincher Maurice McNeil Irene Wilhoite Philip Fincher Jack Merritt Robert Wilhoite Lila Mae Garret Sammie Molina Charles Winterroad Jodie Gerron Billie Montgomery Nellie Woodfin Edna Earl Groves Doris Moore Lorfnk Wri.nker Charles Lee Hamilton Emil Nesuda Freddie Odom POSTGRADUATES Bobbie Young A. D. Alexander Forrest Fountain Aubry Sills Thelma Bohanon Pete Germany Norma Lee Stephens VV. R. Burris Lyndall Jones Pearl Marie Steward Harry Dillingham Theo Kulhanek John Smith Edward Farmer J. C. McCrary Joy Sibley Jimmie WagnerBAND AND DRILL TEAMNATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The National Honor Society is an outstanding organization in the Ennis Public School. It has just been organized in the last two years and has been very-successful. The Society was founded in order to stimulate the scholarship, leader- ship, service, and character of the students in the secondary schools of this country. As it has grown in numbers and has extended its scope, its remote objective has become that of raising the secondary schools of the United States to a higher plane. The olheers for this year were elected as follows: President, George Bolen; Vice President, Porter Jeanne Hogan; Secre- tary and Treasurer, Martha Ann Boothe. Other members of the organization are: Moreen Crumley, Margaret Sue Curtis, Frances Anne Crow, Mary Frances Fitzgerald, W. C. Hendrix. Fred Klecka, Irene Kucera, Robert QUILL SCROLL The Quill and Scroll Club is in its first year of organization under the sponsorship of Miss Leita Reeder. The purpose of this organization is to encourage scholarship, and create interest toward writing, editing, or business management. Students may be selected from the Newspaper and Yearbook Staffs. They must be of junior or senior classification, or post graduate, and must be in the upper f third of their class in general scholastic standing. The officers of this organization arc as follows: President, Mary Frances Fitzgerald; Vice President, Gerry Lavender; Secretary, Porter Jeanne Hogan; and Treasurer, Jimmie Sims. Other members of the organization are: Charles Bennight, George Bolen, Nancy Boren, Martha Ann Boothe, Bess Dillard, Sammie Jean Estes, Ruth Hogaboom, Angelyn King, Irene Kucera, Robert Lamb, Dorothy Jean Lyon, Anne Ramsey, Mildred Ricks, Doris Schoeps, Florence Sramek, Julia Williams, June Williams, Betty Womack, and Scottie Womack. Lamb, Gerry Lavender, C. A. Nowlin, Mildred Ricks. Betty Roorbach, Byrel Ridley, Doris Schoeps, Florence Sramek, Julia Williams, Jenna V7. Willis, Cecil Warren, Betty Womack, and Billie Louis Young. Their Sponsor is Mr. Morris Rodgers.LION STAFF DANDGC For the first time in the history of the Ennis Public Schools, there has been a printed newspaper published semi-monthly. 1 his paper sponsors a radio program over station KAND every other Thursday. Miss Leila Reeder is sponsor, and the following are the members of the staff: Editor................... Business Manager Assistant Editor Assistant Business Manager Advertising Managers Society Editor Assistant Society Editor Sports Editor -Assistant Sports Editor Activity Editor Assistant Activity Editor Literary Editor Assistant Literary Editor Circulation Manager Gossips Column Poets’ Corner Alumnae Editor Make-Up Staff Head Writers Reporting Staff T ypist Chief Printer Betty Womack Bob Lamb Mildred Ricks Hebert Rogers Josephine Jones Jimmie Sims Doris Schoeps Bess Dillard - Cleo O'Neal Martha Ann Boothe - Cecil Warren Jo White George Bolen Frances Ann Crow Norma Lf.e Stephens Irene Kucera Florence Schramek Harry Dillingham Jack Nickelson Mary Frances Fitzgerald Julia Williams Edward Farmer - Laura Bess Ramsey Verble Lee Allen •Alyne Stewart Ruth Hogaboom Forrest Fountain Anna Laura Fallen Dorothy Jean Lyon Guy YoungbloodCICEROME STMTEDITORIAL STAFF Editor in Chief Art Editors Organization Editor Layout Artists Sports Editor Joke Editor Proof Reader Assistant Editor Typist Sponsor Mary Frances Fitzgerald Gerry Lavender Sweet Estes Ann Ramsey Martha Ann Booth Jimmie Sims - Betty Womack Xancy Boren James Si eir Robert Lamb Ruth Hogaboom Porter Jeanne Hogan Dorothy Jean Lyon - Roger Haynes BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager -Circulation Manager - Advertising Manager -Ass t Business Manager -Ass’t Circulation Manager Ass’t Advertising Manager - Chuck Bennight - Mildred Ricks - June Williams - Jo White Cyrus McCaskill - Angelyn KingGIRLS ATHLETICS The Girls Athletic Club under the supervision of Miss Kathrine Maxson held their election of officers in the gymnasium Wednesday, October 18 at 10:30 A.M. Those elected were as following: President, Elsie Irene Sledge; Vice President, Eleanora Kubala; Secretary, May Bell Cave; Editor, Dura Jean Baldridge; Co-Editor, Mildred Frances Baker. The following girls were elected captains of the different sections: Jitterbugs, Eleanora Kubala: Steppers, Elsie McLemore; Mutineers, Barbara Bennight; Jumping Jives, Helen Kirkland. BOYS ATHLETICS President Joe Crow Vice President Albin Houdek Secretary and Treasurer Tom Pate Ridley Sponsor Mr. M. V. DavidsonArva Dow Alexander President Don Ballew Vice President Robert Sparman Secretary Mr. H. T. Lester Sponsor FUTURE FARMERS The Ennis Chapter of the Future Homemakers Club meets every Monday during activity period with seventy-six members present. The club was organized in 1938 in Ennis to teach through instructive programs how to make a better home anil to live a better life. This organization is only one of many of the same organizations in Texas which work for the same objectives. The club as a whole has its Texas officers, then each area has its olheers. Ennis is in area four and has one of its own members, Betty Roorbach, as treasurer of area four. The Ennis Chapter has adopted the state-wide symbols which are the Blue Cornflower as flower, blue and silver as colors, and “Our dreams of today are realizations of tomorrow,” as a motto. A main project which the club is accomplishing is the making of a scrapbook which will be continued during the years. This book has a picture section; slapstack section, a section which is comprised of souvenirs from the year’s entertainments; poetry section, anil others. The officers of this organization arc: President, Jenna V. Willis; Vice President, Florence Sraraek; Secretary, Millie Vrla; Treasurer, Betty Roorbach; Reporter, Emma Cikanek; Coreporter, Irene Kucera; Parliamentarian, Janie Valek; Pianist, Doris Scall; Song Leader, Jean Wood. FUTURE HOMEMAKERSPresidents Margaret Ann Haynes Scottie Womack Vice Presidents Minnie Deavkrs Cynthia Haynes Secretaries Lerune Minter Frances Anne Crow Sponsor Miss Kathi.een Coi.f DRAMATIC CLUB CHARM CLUB The Charm Club, sponsored by Mrs. Fred Clark, was organized for the first time in 1938-1939. The officers of this club are: President, Frances Kelly; Vice President, Kathryn Kelly; Secretary-Treasurer, Margaret Earl Scott. The purposes of the club are: Personality development, good grooming, posture, care of the hair, teeth, skin, hands, taste in dress, and in social behavior. LOS BUSCADORES President Milton Carleston Vice President Billy Rlth Erwin Secretary Marian Mosley Sponsor Miss Mary KuceraDEBATE CLUB The Debate Club meets with the Dramatic Club every Wednesday. It also meets on Tuesday afternoons. The purpose of the Debate Club is to train debaters for the scholastic league. In the meeting they gather material concerning the subject for debate among themselves, preparing for debate tournaments this spring.CAMERA CLUB Aims: To foster an interest in photography; to manipulate the camera and equipment of the dark room; to discuss our problems and solutions, if any, before the club membership. Achievements: The camera club enrollment this year has nccessiiated a new dark room which has been in process of construction quite some time. The room will be a combination of projection room-light experiment dark room. About campus shots, sports, etc., have been made by camera club and ex-camera club members. President—Forrest Fountain Secretary—Jack Dennv Treasurer— Gene Gaultney Sponsor— Mr. Roy Chandler CLASSICAL CLUB The Classical Club is a member of the Junior Classical League which is a national organization of about 7,000 members. The members of the League are: Dorothy Jean Andrews, Nettye Ray Brown, Louise Creech, Rosemary Gerwick, Linnie Jo Gilley, Mary Beth Groce, Jean Harkins, Lillian Huff, Shirley Jackson, Mautine Lewis, Marianna Moseley, Mildred Ricks, Peggy Sue Rogers. Glo Sanderson, Doris Stephens, Bcttye Wall, Ernest Grizzard, Billy Owens, Billy Prestidge, Glenn Richter, Henry Ricks, Hubert Self. Besides the study of famous Romans, the club sponsors each year a banquet which is done in the old Roman manner.d ports1939 INDIVIDUAL SCORES Vernon Muirhead leads the scoring with 143 points, Freddie Crews and Alphonse Mock are tied for second with 85, Bryant Leathern 37, Jack Purcell 12, James Shebesta 12, Billie Pool 6, and George Cikanec 6.SQUAD SEASON’S RECORD ENNIS OPPONENTS Rushing Yds. Pass Yds. Score Rushing Yds. 240 29 16- 6 105 Waxahachie 182 63 14-25 252 Corsicana 280 0 21- 6 126 Mexia 234 57 30- 0 45 Greenville 314 99 54- 0 19 Ferris 382 128 56- 0 34 Terrell Prep 141 5 12- 0 177 Cleburne 472 0 45- 0 9 Groesbeck 237 17 38- 7 143 Teague 364 29 40-18 71 State Home 57 83 7-20 283 McGregor Totals 2903 510 333-82 1274 SENIUU v JtlJt James “Scrappy” Shebesta, end; three year all-district man; weighing 165 pounds; great defensive and offensive star; scrappiest man on the squad; kept up a lively chatter on the field; co-captain of ’39. Freddie “Red” Crews, 160 pound fullback; tackled like a demon; blocked like a battering ram; letter-man. I Joe “Hasty” Onstead, lanky, 165 pound end; six ft. two, letterman; a great defensive star; an end whose height is an asset in catching passes. David “Bobo” Anderson, 160 pound guard; vicious blocker; a good defensive man; a constant fighter; three year letterman. Jack Tackett, sturdy 175 pound center and tackle; aggressive tackier; crashed through from tackle position to stop line plays; excellent blocker; two year letterman.PUrElilT Durwood Rallew, 1 6 0 pound guard; a determined fighter; crashed through from guard position to stop line plays; letter- a V'J Doyle Andrews, 175 pound tackle; a crashing defensive man; very capable blocker and tackier; two-year letterman. Walter “Duck” Shaw, 180 pounds of muscle and brawn; loved the game; tackled like a demon; very fast; center of 1039 team; two-year letterman. w Bryant Leathern, 15 0 pound back; southpaw passer and punter; a very good defensive player; letterman. Jack Purcell, 150 pound back: a driving, side-stepping boy; handicapped by lack of experience; very fast; letterman. Ernest "Barney” Tolar, 180 pounds of steel; constantly harassing his opponents with tackles and blocks; three-year letter-man and captain of 1939 team; two year all-district man. Cecil “Bubbie” Warren, 125 pounds of dynamite; a great defensive star; a very fine blocker; two year letter-man. Billie Pool, 150 pound quarterback; paved the way for ball carriers; very fast, shifty man; letterman. W. T. “Dooney” Pierce, center and guard: 150 pounds of dynamite; han-'y dicapped by lack of weight; very fine . defensive man; a starter next year; 1, letterman. Vernon Muirhead, 155 pound back; snake hips; high driving knees; a hard man to bring down; a good passer; a valuable man; letterman. vy 4L Jeff Colvin, 195 pound tackle; most improved player of the team; turned in a good performance when called upon: letterman. Alphonse Mock, 160 pound back; a dependable player on both offense and defense; a great passer; steady performer in the backfield; letterman.I he Lions started the season with very little material. With just two lettermen back, Coach Joe Mitchell has developed a very good team. Most of the boys are handicapped by lack of experience, so next year’s team should be a very fine one. Those on the traveling squad are: Joe Onstead, Walter Shaw, Durwood Ballew, Jesse Stout, George Houdek, James Shebesta, Jeff Colvin, James Baldridge, Doyle Andrews, and Jack Tackett. BASKETBALL Coining to Ennis with highest recommendation, Coach Jack A. Mitchell has in one year proven his ability as a coach. Under his able management, this sextet have established themselves as one of the strongest teams in Ellis County. Beginning with one varsity player and nine inexperienced players, he has molded them into a squad of excellent players. The girls on the team are: Cleo O’Neal, Frances Anne Crow, Mary Malavear, Lurlene Merritt, Mildred Horton, Evelyn Costlow, Elsie Mae Wright, Cynthia Haynes, Eloise McLemore, and Nettye Rae Brown.Tennis is an outstanding sport among both boys and girls. Last year the teams were very successful but unfortunately the book went to press before the tennis activities began. Mr. J. H. Sullivan is faculty advisor of the teams. TRACK The yearbook went to press before the track season started, but a well balanced track team will represent Ennis High School this year-. Several seniors will be back, along with several outstanding juniors. The track team will consist of: Vernon Muirhead, Jesse Stout, Jack Purcell, Bryant Leathern, Billie Pool, Freddie Crews, James Shebesta, Alphonse Mock, and Walter Shaw. IFa, x oriisQS  Charles Bennight, senior, is presideht of his class, and is Business Manager of the Cicerone. Chuck has been a member of the band for the last four years and has served as drum major on the march. Jimmie Sims, senior, has been drum major for four years and has been outstanding in this field, winning first division at the National Contest in ’39. She is a member of the Dundee I.ion and Cicerone Staffs and also one of the ten prettiest girls. Hubert Rogers, senior, has been a member of the band for four years, also serving as drum major. He is on the Dundee Lion Staff and participated in the Junior Class Play. Gloria Sanderson, sophomore, was elected band sweetheart for 1939-40 by the members of the band. She is an active member of the Dramatic Club and was elected one of the ten pretty girls. lube’s Porter Jeanne Hogan, junior, has been president of her class for three years and also favorite. She is active in National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, and Dramatics; also one of the ten pretty girls.r Alton Pierce, president of the sophomore class and underclassman favorite, is very tall with chestnut wavy hair and has the reputation of being an excellent dancer. Mary Frances Fitzgerald, senior, is editor of the Cicerone, a member of the Quill and Scroll, National Honor Society, and Dandee Lion Staff. She has also been a color bearer in the band for the past four years. Betty Womack, senior, is the editor of the Dandee Lion. This job requires much time and thought but in Betty we find all of this. She is a member of the National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, and the Cicerone Staff. Cecil Warren, senior, is a four-year letterman in tennis and twice county singles champion, and also outstanding in football. He is a member of the Dandee Lion Staff and has been a member of the National Honor Society for the past two years. Cleo O’Neal, senior, has been a member of the drill team for four years and a yell leader last year. She is also on the basketball and volleyball teams and on the Dandee Lion Staff.JUNE WILLIAMS, senior, has four years service in the drill team to her credit, being leader two years. She is a member of the Cicerone Staff, Dundee Lion Staff, National Honor Society and the Quill and Scroll Society. June has a magnificent sense of humor, cooperative spirit and shows good sportsmanship. MILDRED RICKS, senior, is an outstanding member of the ’40 class, being elected favorite for the past two years. She also finds time to act as secretarv and treasurer of the Senior Class, be a member of the Quill and Scroll, National Honor Society a n d radio editor of the Dundee Lion. Mildred is circulation manager of the Cicerone. ROBERT LAMB, senior, is business manager of the Dundee Lion. Bob has taken part in many activities, being president of his junior class. He is joke editor of the Cicerone, and is a member of the National Honor Society, and the Quill and Scroll; also a member of the band, playing the bass saxophone ana the bass drum. GEORGE BOLEN, senior, has been yell leader for the past two years. He was president of the Freshman Class in ’36 and president of the Sophomore Class in '37. George is president of the National Honor Society and a member of the Quill and Scroll. CYRUS McCASKILL, junior, is favorite of his class. Cy was secretary of his class during his sophomore year and vice-president this year. He is a valuable member of the Cicerone Staff. JAMES SHEBESTA, senior, was co-captain of the '39 Ennis Lions; has been a fixture in the starting line-up for three years. Scrappy was awarded the Mooshart Award for the most valuable player this year. BARBARA BENNICHT, freshman, was elected underclassmen favorite. She is active in physical education, tennis, and was also elected one of the ten prettiest girls. ERNEST TOLAR, junior, was captain of the ’39 squad. He was a guard and will be a great loss to the team. Barny is also a member of the Dramatics Club and came out for track.Ue strite ia p easB hint: AVOID tn8AftASSMCNr wh not rauy A MEAL ticket from PEARL CAFE - TODAy - WHlLf VOO M AV 6 THE M« n ey "(I orvctt £8$ a? toowE r carvel RADIO -ef it THANKS To The £ AjN D££ I JON Fo r Spa ce A«-Co nr p 11 m e tt t s of Crtms I WANT TO BE A SENIOR AND WITH THE SENIORS STAND, A F0VNTA1N PEN BEHIND MY EAR, A NOTEBOOK in fty HAND. I WOULD MOT BE AN ANGEL BOR ANGELS HAVE TO SING, I'D RATHER BE A SENIOR, AMD NEVER VO A THING. Cp crixpliments of f it geralcL Mrs. B B AIRD’S READ  mACHs PHARMACY Store op Personal Service 207 W. AVENUE ENNIS, TEXAS W €. jVIUMM- ROC E RY pmjts UJU Ennis TR.APE AT GIRLS BOOSTING ROOR BACHSiRtfi DEPT. STOFiflL - mm THf V 6f ST CLOTHES l concwn- IT MS TO ADVERTISE COMM MTS CITIZENS NATIONAL SANK Barrtnglun Cfyebroltt VJL tt ! dLvy a ! pTu a! R, GONJPLJMENTS Of Inn PLAZAS RAM fUAmADf THEATERS PhJOjME 57 jVJJVgiyJP J.CS'J'JLES jyjGns. K. WOLENS -ENNI5, TEXAS- fountain . | 1 Hal teer) Sew ce v Agency '70UR FRIENDLY STORE WHERE EVERYONE TRADES. Phene COMPLIMENTS Of ROGERS SrJO£ r 7 c r?e its STORY of HC ROCERS Hessen Dkulg Co The Fexall Store (ecqjfofa In the center of town" Pcttlir7g  gh Lions to Play IcGregor in Bi-District ilP i -VO x?- «. (ilO Jt€ v $r t c P 2S5S?25rr 2?" It HALLEW , couid 5Pecial ?r„ ,"'c »d sr jn iia, basket aij a Ch », FOf -e, top teams of the state in class ,'0 into playoffs for bi-district regional championships. Region IV-A, the region in Nine —game v Wice ----------------- —----------------- C:rtain k rra“ Eigh tC e the McGregor squad Friday, 1 7 Plays 3ec 8 at Tiexr Field in Corsicana. » V basketbali he football season draws to a ] Waco has been beat early season game by son, but since that tii improved immensely, is unbeaten but they cently by ’I:'- Mineral ilneers. On the basis ich Ennis plays, the Ennis Lions .v sN Vlli team 3jJ7v and Jec 8 gcr In Corsicana, ords, Waco is picked to v{ ° aexintr H.h jj.and Gar!and tackles Arlington for contest by a score of li •r COL- Ji- the championship of the northern of the Region. 8°’ M — i ' esTGSg'r SS ' fn »„« w »?35 !Li«r °l ,v vou . «««YX£ otv .-- - re 'beat foe of | win over the second } I team in the state should j way for the Tigers to marc 1 state championship. e -tlcve 'v. tesv: 0l « o« C otv- ’' c ec ve Goo - . k et c . 5 T „ L ,W »° dt V vV . Ls'-es Sv ee . rv D»vlS (( V e» l no, A Jun'ot hich the writer he score sho r T)-" Li ■' ee r.. Uea c ass M»' ” junior mv roc rW Tv AnV I • S€ pnior d| jo’ , v- -w°' « r T. iii » ed U ‘ on ., • s-c‘e pifta' ' others u spier, AVtor, oa- ° r James lvVt, ed Vour.6- ‘ ,p coV tce. tyv the Ennis Li f champions] half of Re •d team » squac c ♦ate hit, the s' A -‘Pet cls -4re e$r e »0Q s, ,cPv' ‘V" 0 e ( vVe o! °V%V5 o -' °'w ,cdno’ Vi S 2S u uaVneS 'V oor°' ■ the Shi 0 2 ,, ®72 A,. 72 „ Il’e z., . At if u J ‘x r «£• ' (c ?Ll A v c.v ces w- oorV-V' enh . !s' c vo v vcv 10 41 V e Ve wdo . cm cnieV. Yo e a » i !$ the : « » o Oje o ' . rf'0 3s ts7,HVtcison . - . Of „? •t'ai AV„ ' se eit a v Ifi 4r drtI s a .s ». “ T. oooi i.. Thu av £ r°oin °ot • - Si- and hundred .aV W' t v v y ace VNe V V UlP , A. !L rJe W rf cthey 5 !,D» .tv A. v' ' a SS »d t0Vac' 3 p e e- Schools to Institute v ' Student Bank Plan C A - To Teach Saving 2n A 1 V e x' -. cve' 1 „ v »s c 1 $ Au e ov r-t a U V-- I u,e m°st important 4 the been undertaken bj a l C» 3- c. st; in BY W. F. HOWARD. I Plans have been perfected and necessary a:rangements made for | the inauguration in me next few days of an efficient program of i thrift through the medium of | student banking system. In announcing this new stud v , | activity. I believe it will be - ;.A j (he most important steps ' Cv . V a Strict c P a ° ts one Ke uU(3Clyi Vie . eon er I t, '• iVbje .■«•. to A % o S by ft’v IV r%w Co. ,7»e Qt, ic«cCrp c a r77 w;7°° „;e 6 -Io.sa . e os, V J'o , ,, hi t . 0»?3 °'h- . ?o „. fV e - af Vas th KJe w b w W 7 by th . ,t, ’c2, jh ’nsv gers' I tration in recent yes «v ‘me bo iVr It has long beer most school p- th. I m°St srhOGl « • 4 . j. 11 ojcX 00 lre kVS thi5 larger schools . r Crew . J nrau thoie Am,, ,P C A Crews, r(drews ott« .3V»“' a S c W : eV erate their own due to the expense | of cairying ftundred . accounts with the loca Ot jy’ 0 0s v 5- 1.0 ItOi 4 me J bo , oi I ,A e IlD . e c£' v he 9eeorid NV 0 e ve ve jproblem has been solve S •' J C % niber j Ennis schools by making °V c «ent of . a vA etiyQ tf. borne ♦ v c vl V- oV'V ■’ i-ciass dr®n,aflcs SVie .ppfttvV lo W- r Jb bnnri fojm the yXC aV u en. handle the deposits in group N tote 1 vwaM 1 ft e 1 minute menu with the schcol depv v vp ? x j the Citizens National Bank ' I counts. Each student own pass 0 $ fjotoarapf)? Ct'mortc Xttt B tub $f)otograpf)j Fun F1. Hairless Moe 2. Two of a kind 3. Asleep on her feet 4. Call of the wild 5. One too many 6. That innocent look 7. “Mama Tarzan” 8. The Lewis sisters have gained 9. Put on 10. Who’s working hardest? 11. Snow birds 12. Wanted—? 13. What-a-man Jim 14. Looks natural 15. Dumb but happy 16. In a canyon 17. Truck it on down Fannie 18. Oh! Johnnie! 19. Sweet and simple 20. Terrell missed two pupils 21. Where’s Cecil? 22. ’Tis Spring—Millie p i l,Cec. | j pu. c tfery 4. oJifc o.h.4, Co to K f ler; ' [ '«• Ae ,x i 4«r T , .. fc .Ce(Lt i . 4ey 0u, i4?y SclT e h » Ur , lj ' Aey Du.jc kttf A d a. jbc 1 f J - - ” Hu. x y ,At x X'e y 1 didn't Cdt .e. fc ffz f £$•2 - " ff h, A a»rr A d • u 'n A e fx AltSS. Vu fcT ' aitX cjiwck S Ji Ja r xy d»Ua-h - if Kin e o'e'cc A rAe a- •« •» fff f'fe Soo n qi±j iAs ? ed. I hih t o'n ot'k Bust tfurue C° tut 'tnooru KtA L ' ScJt in, cvi y y a'3rC 1 j., fCpuuf-IK 4 $ tK I 'J A.J SI , rx L Sound. lrOf , hoy a.m I : Ju,kC a. u£ Bill ucht V « ,,■ ; IT fefe i a, ’a. e-f j iu-x,T r’ fontJen i0 m a.n.i . e j 5 tfoi h ) 4 1 din t t-r m fu-fobl fk j Lftcr. V 4 5W d. zs !a-v P f a7. SaL.tu.rd»y Su nday, klonda. UJC L -CScL -Ly I ' ThntS'k OM.rhiI 1 Sajfu. 'dam SiutudK . 4 U LLjyO Ca vcC-1 O los.eLx.ij. t w ■fi- 'J r % W' Ok w !,Wr X; BA CX u tour or Tie ifAeefs A e J - r ej te nilnJ c. ie JaLtrttf jusnp «ieer Tkt TratA s tie Ac. ok, . tAe . Com,. W |A.tf iS p ,f Me ? K?i i4L ye cur- h U-ndt rA e ws ' o-stftp. £ Aj" V ■ « £ CAN YOU IMAGINE ... Mr. Blair going with a high school girl? Harry Dillingham not arguing with the teacher? Mr. Chandler dismissing class on time? Bess Dillard not chewing gum? Mr. Rodgers pulling a good pun? Chuck Bennight sticking to one girl? Fred Klecka smoking a cigar? Brandy Nickleson graduating as valedictorian? Verble Lee Allen doing the tango with Lyle Dean Gray? Mr. Howard administering a whipping to a student? Bob Lamb not telling bad puns and stinky jokes? Bolen not making a hit with a girl? Forrest not acting as self-appointed sergeant-at-arms of the band? Journalism Class being quiet? Betty Womack being an assistant to someone? "Hot Lips ’ Lipscomb playing a cornet solo? Anyone talking out loud in Miss Pennington’s study hall? Ruth Hogaboom and Mildred Horton double dating? Byrel Ridley with a “fellow”? Peggy Banner going with Arnold Priddy? Hubert Rogers catching a joke the first time he heard it? Bobo Anderson knowing what he is laughing about? Joe White saying something complimentary about anyone? Douglas Redden admitting that some boy could play better tennis, hook more hearts, or twirl a baton better than he? Coach Davidson coming to class on time? Billy Gibson going with a girl? Porter Jeanne making a grade of 72? Mildred Ricks failing a subject?fvwaWy qo Tr'i-A of ffvai CV evvo e . . . .SOI HITS HIM A THOID TIME AN' NEN HE SE1 I GIVES UP, YOU KIN HAVE DAT NICHOLS DAME." Cjetr y?e fCn oT ua cL- lo fids i 6t The, Aou, Jj h 1’, Claret , y “try w ?4 f a,Ae cAz arc data e Ahe h oa. re s cuuau 'A' e o Ae+Sj 1 cj Ury ed soft and ate op, Cy i e JsUne s a, P? re.e ed People of ri e o. fe n n A r ‘f s a Ac +, o Ai s A c , rt Lfous e thor a,ir to AAC on A SoJv ura,m? A Soseet, Son e- urcurof At Sttctvr- Aa A ste are t5 ‘s p cLr-1Act, T. A ’asSn. e Ado Ats A e. 61 A c oS e TtAg 2 A es A Aot Gmst, A{ QS'e. aAoj o' ° 'Ga, Anpe, e ‘ A As Tfi csnf. 7 y n Act, Const fi cat(,se ft seems A A xficyi. £ ej A.o Aee. to fiuss the. 9ftAs esc ?', p" Ar you, e fise y fd oUJ Afy f Ad, ' at o e s n.'t S Uy z,9 0t(j- t 9 T u. tc of ?h,e osood tov uds to-e s iS ote. c e tret- Aayo, 2 uAo T ie t ootc. auraL ie yo Ats h r- f Ae I ZeTttj iy ffes Aer Ays conaty s a,r s to fh S Jffr-os hen 2'S' fo» ZAo aL press Acr 4 at a,A.oe y spa, Ann e Ae e fp e on,. Of? o € to £ Ao A Olc io e (Wul TAa tAc. oho e — 'cure crrs y te tha t , $ , -yd r, l Xp —■ s jp a ti A ire vote. f c S Q 2,p p oofn. Atz iy 5 doXo U,,SA fo £ A.e cArcenf sooty uA-ti t, £Ae yo coyer Aa ds A As det-AA scenes AfAe ,u,e9 em,cc An, ft, Ato dLea tK .r,5 ffdi ASENIOR WILL David Anderson leaves his mouth to Earnest Grizzard. Doyle Andrews leaves Byrel Kydley to Sonny Hooker. James Baldridge leaves his children to Beans Houdek. Durwood Ballew leaves (Carolyn Fountain to Jack McNorton. Charles Bennight leaves his baton to Doyle Andrews. Charles Boatwright leaves his scholastic ability to “Tarzan” Sorrels. George Bolen leaves his shorthand hook to anyone who wants it. Allison Boren leaves his shirt to Joe Newlin. Boy Brittain leaves his “pertness” to Lawrence Kriska. Jeff Colvin leaves Margie Barnes to a Junior. Freddie Crews leaves his football ability to George Cikanek. Joe Haskovec leaves his bookkeeping book with Mr. Mitchell. W. C. Hendrix leaves his horn to Joe Crow. Forrest Isom leaves the High School for good, he hopes. Emil Janousck leaves his little hands to Kenneth Stringer. Alton Johnson leaves Ennis for Telico. Joe Jones leaves his ways with the women to Billy Gibson. Fred Klccka leaves his manliness to O. A. Grant. Bobert Lamb leaves the “Dandee Lion” in debt. Bryant Leathern leaves Cynthia Haynes until she graduates. Frank Luska leaves flyweight title to Bay Bickert. Jessie Jo Merrit leaves his saxophone to Hanky Lavender. Jack Nickleson leaves his jokes to the Junior boys. Wayne O’Neal leaves his red hair to Pate Bidley. Joe Onstead leaves Eugenia Nichols to Walter Shaw. Leroy Patterson leaves his black hair to Murphy Wilson. Arnold Priddy leaves his o . :o .Nahum late. James Dooley Bidley leaves his managership to Bert Davis. Hubert Rogers leaves his bass horn to Earnest Tolar. James Shebesta leaves his football ability to Charles Bobert Bush. Russel Spencer leaves the chemistry department to Joe Rcisman. Xccland Sublett leaves his timidness to Cy McCaskill. A. L. Turner leaves his women with Wayne McKee. Milton Vrla leaves his livestock to the Agriculture Boys. Cecil Warren leaves his tennis racket with Glamor Boy Redden. J. I.. Warren leaves his tiny voice to Wesley Trujacek. Joe White leaves school with Mildred Ricks. James Whitflll leaves his personality to Mock. Verble Lee Allen leaves her quietness to Carolyn Fountain. Martha Ann Boothe leaves her cracks to Miss Reeder to Porter Jeanne. May Belle Cave leaves Mr. Mitchell's team to Cynthia Haynes. Frances Crow leaves her tournament trophies to Nettie Rae Brown. Margaret Sue Curtis leaves her ways with the football boys to Mary Revill. Minnie Deavers leaves her typing skill to Helen Sonka. Mittie Deavers leaves E. H. S. without any more peroxides. Bess Dillard leaves her jokes to the Junior Girls. Kay Duncan leaves Charles Robert Bush to the Junior Girls. Virginia Ellis leaves F2. H. S. with Wavne O'Neal. Anna Fallen leaves the black hair to Karncstine Yerby. Marjorie Fitzgerald leaves her way with Pool to anyone who wants it. Mary F. Fitzgerald leaves her editorship to someone who likes to work. Margaret Ann Hanes leaves her way with boys to Norma Jean Tubbs. Ruth Hogaboom leaves her soprano voice to Eugenia Nichols. Mildred Horton leaves Gene Gaultnev to Hatty Hough. Hazel Jones leaves her slimness to Virginia Sills. Josephine Jones leaves her attraction for the football boys to Mary Mims. Nelma Kilpatrick leaves Ernestine Yerby to anyone. Tangy King leaves the cymbals to Hankie Lavender. Irene Kucera leaves E. H. S. to Miss Kucera. Gerry Lavender leaves her artistic ability to Anne Ramsey. MauHne Lewis leaves her petiteness to Billy Young. Dot Lyon leaves the managership of the office to a stooge. Mary Malavcar leaves her walk to Vivian Shackleford. Annie Martinez leaves her plumpness to the little man who wasn’t there. Eloisc McLcinore leaves her basketball uniform with anyone who wants it. Margie McDowell leaves her boy friends to Bobby Roper. Doris Schoeps leaves Tackett to Puckett. Lerline Minter leaves her quietness to Sweet Estes. Cleo O’Neal leaves her even temperament to Bettv Claire Roorbach. Beulah Parker leaves her declamation to Doris Willmon. Doris Parker leaves her hold on Speir to anvbodv who wants it. Aurelia Parma leaves her pantomimes to Jenna V. Willis. Laura Bess Bamsev leaves her attraction for the boys to Nancy Wilkerson. Mildred Ricks leaves her radio programs to some unlucky junior. Bvrel Ridley leaves memories of Doyle. Helen Scbetka leaves her typewriter. Susie Q, to some aspiring typist. Jimmie Sims leaves a fuzzy drum major’s hat to (?). Florence Sramek leaves her cap and gown for Millie Vrla. Aletta Sublett leaves her mid-term graduating to Doyle Andrews. Lillie Trojacck leaves her talkativeness to Jayne Kendall. Janie Valek leaves her name “Zorrina” to Sue Hinkle. Henrietta Whitflll leaves her arithmetic ability to Gloria Sanderson. Adelle Whitflll leaves L. J. Johnson to Helen Sonka. Julia Williams leaves her voice to Moreene Crumley. June Williams leaves Maxson without a REAL leader for the drill team. Billie Wilson leaves Sibley to Margie Barnes. Sue Wilson leaves E. H. $. with Margaret Ann Hanes. Johnnv Winkler leaves a swell smile. Betty Womack leaves Miss Reeder without a stooge. Scottie Womack leaves her gum-chewing ability to anyone. Elsie Mae Wright leaves her love for Joe Jones to anyone who will have iL Alyne Stewart leaves E. H. S. to be with Dago. • ’ Q « £ ❖ 4-4 T vwM • i ft'fyit. U I ' I A „ 4. ' §Sfe ? ■ »' c£ ' N$£ -- ' ' V J2.-» i‘o S' V? ,r e s T e, (Je HAVE ATTEMPTED TO DO OUR BEST; ITS op to you TO 00 THE rest. Get your friends to sign them names, Ind here paste snaps that you want to remain.  iffl m r t w- ijjsS «8 s6T: 5r  f 9

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