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THE BASH ABA L □E 300 DASH ADA 11 O17 DBE 30NEW HIGH SCHOOL BUILDING (21GREETING: With this, we present to you the third edition of The Bashaba. The chief purpose of this Annual is to reflect as nearly as possible all the outstanding events of these few months of work and joy which we have spent together. If, in future days, these few pages shall awaken in you pleasant memories of “Days of Long Ago;” if they shall be the means of bringing a few, brief moments of pleasure to you, then we, the Board of Editors, will be fully rewarded for the time and labor spent in editing this volume of The Bashaba. [31 BASHABA 1917 m■jBebiratimt; ait appreciation of the loyal services, foe, the stubeuts of Innis jjHiglj j§ cl}Ool respectfully bcbicate this asljaba to seheit esieemeb citizens anb gentlemen, tl]e true patriots of our school, tl|e real frienbs of ehery hoy anb girl, ®Ije JWrb of trustees. hi [5] BASH AKA 1O17 U D0]0E BASHABA 1 9t7 , f m t f . . , ? - k.A K, fa Uw ' vCt.X. M.BOARD OF EDITORS. Editor in Chief.................... Virginia Van Gordon. 'Nisim-ss Manager.......................... . Philips Todd. ASSISTANT EDITORS. Magele Adams. Jewel Wheeler Olga Skrabanek. Pauline Fountain. ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGERS. Edward Cramer. Lee Loggins. Edwin Rawlins. Fred Clark. STAFF ARTISTS Ross Greenstreet. Marian White. Lois Terry. Mildred Miles. isq DASHADA i O17 MSUPERINTENDENT J. D. COGHLAN (81 basthada i O 1 tOUR SUPERINTENDENT. We, the students of Ennis High School wish to express our appreciation of our Superintendent, Mr. Coghlan. He has made it possible for our every effort to be crowned with success, he has harmonized every interest that is necessary for the advancement of our Public Schools. He has sustained us in our atheletic relations; he has brought about changes in the course of study that have made us stronger and better; he has fought hard that we might enjoy the pleasures of a new High School building, and now he has won for us something, which we as students and citizens are proud to say we own a part, the most beautiful High School building in the State. 19] ]B£ DASH A DA 'I 9 1 7 E1EKAN APPRECIATION. Ye who need a friend that’s helpful, One who’s willing, skilled, efficient, One who’ll lighten all your burdens, Go to Imogene Van Zandt. She is amiable, she’s patient, She is always sympathetic, She is kind and sweet and loving. She is jolly and energetic. She is considerate, she’s sincere, She’s industrious, she is dear, She’s original and true, And she’ll love you through and through Sprung from lovely Minne Ha Ha, With the eyes of Laughing Water. With the brow of good Nokomis. With the skill of Hiawatha, Patient, kind, and ever ready, Sympathetic and unselfish, Faithful, friendly, and devoted, Is our friend of all supreme, Is our champion Imogene. I'O]irJennie Camp, English (B. A., University of Texas.) ]EE DASH ADA i O i 7 i Frank J. Story, German (A. B., Southwestern University.)[I4| ][j OA rHADA 1 O17 fpBE 00A. R. Kennedy, English-Mathemalics (A. B. Southwestern University.) I'51 bashaba 1017]BE BASHABA i 9i 7 AND SUFFRAGETTES. FACULTY BUCCANEERLi(j u vavasva te IB U. i]SENIOR CLASS ORGANIZATION. President Philips Todd Vice President........ .Magele Adams Secretary ......................Mildred Miles Treasurer.. .....................Alvin Fowler Motto: “Excelsior.” Flower: Sweet Pea. Colors: Royal Purple and Gold. [181 1BE DASHADA 1 Q17PHILIPS TODD—“Toddy” has the honor of being our class president as well as business manager of the “Bashaba.” Although he never fights society he is a good student. VIRGINIA VAN GORDON— “Ginger” makes good grades as easily as she makes friends and has an abundance of both. But there’s one thing about her: “If she will, she will, you may depend upon it, but if she won’t, she won’t so there’s an end on it.” [191 0£ ]0E BASHABA 'i 9i7 3EHPLOURNAY WOOLDRIDGE — “Fleurney” joined ns this year, lie is very studious and although of a quiet nature, is liked by all his classmates. ODESSA ROSSOX—If practice makes perfect, then “ Desser ” should make a good artist. Her hobby is skating, but she doesn’t allow this to interfere with her school work as she usually “gets by.” SElj DASHADA -I 9ALLVIN FOWLER—‘ ‘Fowler’ ’ is our ‘'Favorite Senior Boy.” He has a business-like appearance and always seems to be in a good humor. He is also our class treasurer. MIRIAM JOLEKCH—“Murin” is a born optimist. Her outlook on life is a result of cheerfulness and good humor. However, this does not interfere with her school work as is shown by her high standing in the class. [211 0E ejbe bashhaba i o i 7 aaDEWEY ROBERTS— ‘ ‘ Dude’s ” best accomplishments is wiggling his ears. He is one of the “silent members’’ of our class except occasionally when he overcomes his bashfulness enough to make himself known. EDITH STAPLES—“I am not stepping over the bounds of modesty.” “Stapy” is one of the (many) Seniors who doesn’t hurt herself with study. [221 BASH A BA i O17 ]□RUSSELL SIMS—When “Tony” reached the Senior class, he thought that he would take a vacation, but much to his sorrow, he learned that even “dignified Seniors” have to work. CYRIL JONES—Although, like some of the rest of us, Cyril is rather quick to take offense at times, she is on the whole a sweet, likeable girl. She has a pleasant, straightforward way of speaking which makes her liked by all. [231 %□! J0E BASH A BA -i O 1 7 30E 30WESLEY COOK—“Cookie” believes in never doing today what you can put off until tomorrow. He seems to have a weakness for country maids. Rl'TII ACKERMAN—To strangers “Rufus” seems rather shy, but on short acquaintance, she becomes more friendly. She doesn’t seem to get credit for as much studying as she really does. □C • 1241 BA SHABA i O i 7□I m ]□ ROSS G REENS T REET— “Greenie” is our artist. Hr lias a nice way of expressing his opinion of one by drawing a picture of them for the Annual. His specialty is English. SOPHIA JOLESCH—‘ ‘ S o f i ” possesses an eviable combination. She is always gay and carefree and we predict a bright future ahead for her in the social world. [25] BE 3SE dashaba 1017 3 EH: JAMES LOGGINS—“ J im” is curley haired and good natured. He has a way of working hard to get out of work. He is often taken for a Freshman. We wonder why? MILDRED MILES—Besides being our secretary, Mildred is the youngest girl in our class. She finds our high school ways very strange after three years at T. P. C. In her one year here, however, she has made many friends. □E 126] BA AH A BA i Q i 7EVERETT LOONEY-' Looney’s” chief occupation seems to lie looking up questions which are only meant to take up time. Occasionally he seems to be all that his name implies. MATTIE ROSS—Mattie is a firm believer in the right of free speech, regardless of consequences. She makes a practice of never worrying until the night before test. 0E [271 BAS'HABA i O17 ]0RANDOLPH FOSTER—'‘Handy” has more than his share of height and humor. He heartily agrees with the man who said, "a little nonsense now and then, is relished by the best of men.” OSBORNE FUQUA—‘‘It does not pay to worry; things will happen anyway.” ‘‘Ouslnin” is one of the leading athletes of the E. H. S. His latest ‘‘stunt” was to come out second in the high jump at the athletic meet in Waxaliachie. E1BE PASHABA -I Q 1 7 DSCAGNESS HOSEK—Agnes is one of those steady, dependable people, who will stick to a task until they get it. She has the qualities of determination and “stickability” that it takes to make a success in the world. HOWARD DICKERS—'“Hick’s” a poet, but his looks don’t show it, and I’m sure the world doesn’t know it. Ilis German poem created quite a stir among the Annual editors. We would suggest that he translate it into French. 129] E1EI -=!3B ]0E DASH ADA 1 O i 70[ ]□ 0( MARY STRINGER—“Cupid was a knavish lad, thus to have made this poor maid sad.” “Jay” has a way of making easy things hal’d as she is rather a pessimist concerning school. However, this does not make her any less popular with her classmates. EDWARD CRAMER—C r a m e r lacks only the long hair to make him a typical musician. He is one of our best students and an excellent violinist. [30] BA SHABA i Oi7MAY SANDERSON—“Her voice was ever soft, gentle, and low, an excellent thing in woman.” “Sput” numbers her friends by her acquaintances. In her quiet, sweet way she has won a place in the hearts of us all. BEN KIM BELL—“Bennie” isn’t really as timid as he appears, for indeed, he is quite a ladies’ man. His fondness of dancing almost exceeds that for Latin. 0 [311 BA SHABA i O17 ]0EDNA DAVIS—“Skinny” is rather tempestuous at times but if she’s your friend she is “true as the needle to the point.” Her greatest ambition is to make 76. CLIFTON ROGERS—”He never flunks, he never lies; I’m sure he knows not how.” “Ferdy” is our idea of a dignified Senior. His special delight is solving unworked Math, problems. 0G [32] bashaba i 017 ]0EC ]Q ]□ MAYME GRIFFIN— M a v m c joined our class in the Junior year. She has proven herself an excellent pupil for she starts a thing with determination and usually comes out victor. DEWEY GREEN—We have always been afraid that a good strong wind would blow "Apples” away, but a good look at his understanding relieves our fears. He is especially fond of Latin, as shown by his recitations. 0[ [33] B A SHABA i O17LITIIEK II O W A R D—W h e n “Howdy” starts a thing, we all know it will he finished. (?) His one regret in life is that all days are not nights so that he can get enough sleep. VALTA HOBBS—“Valty” is one person who works hard for what she gets and doesn’t say much about it either. Although she lives in Alma, she has never been known to be late at school. [34] 1BE DASHADA i O i 7 3HEROYCE, STOl'T—“Pug" is distinguished chiefly by his short trousers and his giggles. He can talk more and say less than any one we have ever met. MAGELE ADAMS—Magele has a card full of good grades. Her sunny disposition has made her our favorite Senior girl, though occasionally we are forced to think of her as “a rosebud set with little wilful thorns.” 1351 ]0E DAS HADA 1 o 1 7 30[MELVIN LEM M ON—‘ ‘ Cotton’s ’ ’ marks of distinction are his hair and his height, of which he has a good supply. Ilis greatest pleasure seems to be gazing out of the window during class. t u so [361 BASHABA i O i TSENIOR POEM. (With Apologies to Kipling.) ASenior there was who must make a ryhme (Even as you and I) In a month or a day he had plenty of time. (Even as you and I) (The teacher had told them of meters sublime) But the Senior he listened not every time (Even as you and I) So the Senior went and his time he spent (Even as you and I) He struggled and worked with a sure intent (And it wasn’t in the least what the teacher meant,) But a Senior must follow his natural bent (Even as you and I) The Senior was stripped of his foolish pride (Even as you and I) When the teacher threw his poem aside (And it isn’t on record but the Senior cried) And never again has he poetry tried. (Even as vo i and I) |37] 0E H3E PASH A DA i Q 17 3 HESeoKrt ’ ' UfF AG-t"rrc ffu TH ck h i«m SGOfA'W, 10 5 GfliFFirf M • rt'Ar'J J-oueicM cvio»et- P" M Y S N T)Otlo" rtn Q ' 5 T MG-et - fat L P £i ,f ClffCSJi J «M ° OlN3 Convict fVo. 13 ir. Looney- RW£ OF WfifroiV G’flC6.N - v it.t.A e %or |39| bashaba 1 017140] E3E E3q DASHADA 1Q17 DG ]0 EH 1EJG Lv(p i yaVH3Vfl)lS[ 30 [ifr] ]□ □[ L v (j v vavasva ban 00 [£fr]JUNIOR CLASS ROLL. Bismark BaldridgeDock ” has now learned the art of pompadouring the hair and of applying the eye-brow pencil to a decided advantage. Cecil Boren: Whenever “Hunk” starts anything, he never quits until he has succeeded. Opie Bradshaw: Opie is a smart boy, but is bashful in getting up before the class and reciting. Arthur Hunt: Arthur is quiet and reserved, but can be depended on in emergencies. W. T. Kimery: He tries to be a ladies’ man and an excellent scholar at the same time, but succeeds better in being a good scholar. John Edward Caldwell: There is something in John Edward’s appearance that attracts the teachers to him every day. Tom Hartley: Tom is carefree until he is hardpressed, then he is morose. Lewis Holloway: Lewis has repeatedly tried to be a ladies’ man. but so far has been unsuccessful. Leslie Jackson: Leslie is a very truthful boy as his first name will imply. Lonnie King: “Lon” is a good student in his school work, but is noted especially for his talking ability. Frank Mitchell: Frank has been with us only a short time, but is already much liked by his school mates on account of his fine manners and other good qualities. Lynton Perry: If shoe-leather goes up, Lynton will either have to go broke or barefooted. Roy Robbins: If trying makes one successful, Roy is sure to succeed in the end. Ilallam Robinson: Hallam is a good athlete and always does his work with a smile. Lewis Smith: Lewis may be slow, but he always gets there just the same. Marion Turner: Marion expects, at some future time, to become one of our famous poets, but is at present satisfied to remain in the minor class. Lois Terry: She was chosen “favorite” of the Junior class. This speaks for itself. La Rue Sweatman: She has many charms, few faults, and a cheerful smile for all. Daisy McNaughton: She is forever flirting with those litlle Freshmen. Viola Emerson: What could we do without her? (44) BASHABA 1 Q 1 7Lois Powell: She will try for honors next year, so she says. Marion Williams: Thev speak of her as the “good looking blonde.” Johnie Long: She is always expecting a letter from Waxa-hachie. Marguerite Williams; Miss Camp declares we will have a national holiday if Marguerite ever answers an English question. Mary Belle Thomson: Mary Belle is modest and hopes to adorn a neat cottage, some day. Cora Lee Hilliard: Cora Lee is our pianist and besides that, she is a jolly good girl. Elizabeth White: Her brain makes up for the smallness of her body. Marguerite Burkhead: She is always the same—as bright and cheerful one day as the next. Edith McCulloch: Studious, energetic, and conscientious. She is successful in all she attempts to do. Ruth Westbrooks: To look at Ruth, one would think she was gentle and shy, but those who know her can tell you she is full of mischief. Norine Vickery: She has hopes of reducing since we have begun the practice of the field day exercises. Algia Venable: The best material is usually found in the smallest packages. Robert Zerwer: “Bob” likes to make impressions, as is shown when he recites he looks around to see the effect that is being produced. Don Cowling: Don only came to E. H. S. a few months back, but most of the girls are already telling each other how “cute” he is. William Rice: When it comes to trying to be a dude and regular ladies’ man. William is there with the goods. Edwin Rawlins: He is a natural born mathmatician. or at least it looks that way to some of us poor people. Winnie Sorrels: Winnie is rather small and slow, but ahvays wins. Bertha Sims: She is one of those silent speakers. Eunice Hemphill: She has been with us only a short six months, but has made many friends. Ruth Branson: She surely must be happy for she is always smiling. Ollie Davis: Ollie works hard but goes about her daily cares with all the poise that one could ask. Olga Skrabanek: Olsra is always willing to take the lead in everything; this makes her very popular with all her class mates. [451 0E 3BE DASHADA 1 Ot7 M 303» i rmoriam. Clif Hugh fetliool sably mourns! tlje logs of onr of its bngljtm sttuDentB, diaries Patrick uliiban, Born Slugtistt 4, 1900. SfiD 3TulB 13, 1916. [46] 0E DA HADA 1Q17 be 30[48] E DASHADA -i O 1 T baEHEE Lv o t vavasva 301 l6fr]SOPHOMORE CLASS ROLL. Travis Bentley: What can we say about her? Aubrye Brown: I!«• is our all-roud athlete, also our drummer boy. Olin Brown: Mother’s little man. Bernard Cash: Cold Cash, his name speaks for itself. Stanley Dodson: Solemn as a judge. Bernard Cherry: He still kisses his father good-bye. Joe Colvin: Does Joe drive a Ford? Does a duck swim? James Creighton: He has baseball on his brain—also two or three freckles on his nose. Frankie Davis: He has a wonderful ability in History memo- rizing. Clinton Earles: A ladies’ man. Boykin Ethridge: We wonder why he always looks loward the tenth grade section when we sing love songs. Herbert Hemphill: Little but not least. Helen Donegan: You know it’s Helen when you hear a loud mouth and see a bunch of black curls. i Roger Haines: Silent, but none the less effective. Margaret Higginbotham: She is always quiet, and attends to her own business. Eva Horn : She is bashful, but not doomed to spinsterhood. Doris Johnson : She believes in applying herself, as her grades will show. Eloise Kimball: Were you ever on the street without seeing Eloise behind the steering wheel of that Mitchell? Genelia Lewis: She has an especial liking for Algebra. Fay Murphy: A true daughter of Erin. Odelle McNabb: Newspaper boys are very popular with her. If you don’t believe it—ask her. Vivian Williams: She loves her teacher’s smiles to gain. She learns her lessons well. (?) Myrtle Wood: Such mirthful brown eyes. Ollic Wood: Let others hail the rising sun. 150) DASH A DA i Q17 3atLee Loggins: The most popular boy in the class, or at least with most of us. A-men. Mary Lightsey: “1 have both a comely visage and a dear heart. ’ ’ Annie Mae McKinney: She out does us all in oratory. Raymond Reagor: Tin boy with a great big smile. Houston Story: He isn’t dumb, but just won’t speak. Coke Stovall: An all around good fellow. Julian Stroud: That eternal smile! George Westmoreland: He has quit us again. Hazel Briggs: One of “Webster’s” daily students. Lillian Brumback: A skinny cherub from the Holy City. Ada Cash: Wake up, Ada, and take a little notice. Ruby Cooke: A plain country lass. Arthur Horton: He is burdened with an unlimited amount of gab. Ned Haynes: Noted for his “poetical genius.” Full of poetry, but not the long haired springtime variety. Edward King: Awful quiet but a dandy second baseman. Frank Kurz: An earnest fellow who will undoubtedly succeed. Tom Le Masters: His awful wit. Fred Mitchell: He pays such excellent attention in History class. Rogers Parks: “My red hair is just beautiful.” so he thinks. Hays Paxton: His common sense is an indication of a sound mind. Ivan Perry: To be learned in all the wisdom of the farmer. Edgar Allen Poe: Nothing weird or melancholy about him. Mildred Bland: Health won’t give her a chance. Clifford Thompson: He makes himself conspicious by his absence. Shelton Pritchett: A regular shark at Geometry. Joe Rosson: Just a boy. 15H ]be bas haba ]□H3G l 1 o vavH3va fcisi [zs] EE ECLeft to Right: Ruth Bobbins, Eunice Wood, Jewel Gerron, Mae Lauderdale, Winnie Lee Green, Thelma Champion, Mamye Shawe. Mildred Brooks. Left to Right: Herbert Hemphill, LeRoy Wade, Jeff Taylor. Roller MeMurray, Walter Adams, Robert Brown. Joe Tate. Left to Right: Raymond Wilson, Philip Nichol, Leo Kirk- patrick. Lynn Henry, Jessie Berry, Charles BLasiugame. Joe McCanless. Alvis McKinney. 0E [53] BAST-1 ABA i O i 7 ]0Left to Right: Callie Alexander, Mildred Tilley, Aubrye Scheops. Marie Rowe, Lorena Eaylor, Lena Mckay, Mildred Butler. Oeco Goodwin. Left to Right: Fred Clark, Billie Higginbotham, Allen (’handler, Russell Smith, Stanley Johnson, Wallace Gillespie, Roy Gillespie, Harvey Porter. Left to Right: Travis Crosby, Reese Money, Clarence Bastien, Henry Evarts, Sam Ross. (54) 0E jgsq PASHADA a O i T 3SE=Left to Right: Marguerite Chapman, Pauline Fountain, Mil- dred Jackson. Nettie Griffin. Ruby Wheeler. Winnie Lee Foster, Jewel Creech, Marian White.CLASS ROLL OF THE FRESHMEN BOYS. NAME APPEARANCE BESETTING SIN Holler McMurray Harmless Looking at Scout Book. Alvis McKinney Jocular Taking it easy Harvey Porter Hard-headed Argueing Joe McCanless Husky Laughing at someone Reece Money Awkward I don't know Earle Newberry City man Smoking Philip Nicol Rummy Driving his car Moseley Pritchett Infantine Acting cute Sam Ross Tarnished Forgetting Joe Tate Liliputian Grinning Jeff Taylor High minded (?) Writing poetry Leroy Wade Laughable Wiggling Raymond Wilson All alive Hunting Lynn Henry Care-free Showing his loud socks Russell Smith Stylis: “Treating” the ladies Jesse Berry Serious Studying Herbert Hemphill Microscopic Noislessness Walter Adams Pigmy Studying History Clarence Bastian Sober Nary a one Charles Blasingame Thoughtful Nobody knows Robert Brown Limited High grades Travis Crosby Sandy Teasing someone Fred Clark Spacious Asking questions Allen Chandler Lean as a rake Pinching the boys Theo Cunningham Dramatic Drawing Henry Evarts Daint” Knowing so much Billie Higginbotham Country Bragging Roy Glaspy Sleepy His mouth Wal ace Glaspy Sporty Skating Courtney Grey Dried up Breaking rules (?) Leo Kirkpatrick Large as life Forgetting Edward Horton Uppish Flirting Stanley Johnson Impossible Cracking jokes [56] ■]Hi nra ]sq PASHABA -i q i tCLASS ROLL OF FRESHMEN GIRLS NAME Callie Evelyn Alexander Elvie Boothe Helen Braswell Mildred Brooks Thelma Champion Margaret Chapman Jewell Creech Hazel Crosby Winnie Lee Foster Pauline Fountain Myrtle Fowler Occo Goodwin Winnie Lee Green Nettie Griffin Thelma Howard Mildred Jackson Mae Lauderdale Dena Lohr Bessie McCallon Lena McKay Ruth Bobbins Marie Rowe Aubrey Schoeps May me Shaw Lorena Taylor Mildred Tilley Ruby. Walker Corinne Watkins Ruby Wheeler Marion White Eunice Woods Jewell Gerron Kate E. Straughn Mildred Butler Idelle Stringer APPEARANCE Plump Slender Pert Abbreviated Neat Stationary (?) Meek Shy Bashful Gentle Solemn Modest As her name implies Calm Simple Jolly Haughty Dutchy Tiny (?) Moderate Hungry (?) Quiet Dignified Restless Dreamy Pleasant Saucy Classy Cheerful Refined Wise Peevish Impossible Composed Tranquil BESETTING SIN Car riding “Cotton” Blushing Frivolity Chewing Gum Bluffing Fighting society Studying Latin (?) Fidgety Generosity Being quiet Size Dimples Study, study, study Curiosity Primping Her eyes Getting educated Good intentions Gigging Its a secret Always busy Brains Sassing teachers Killing time Her yellow coat Boys Being late to school Winking Temper Talking Frowning Her red hair Taking things easy Procrastination [571 BA SHABA 1917PROSPECTIVE HIGH SCHOOL PUPILS. [58|PROSPECTIVE HIGH SCHOOL PUPILS. [59]]0d L. V o u VOVH3va t)E Q Mentor Class Jfa ortte Qfnrl. MAGELE ADAMS [6I| ]be DASH A DA -i O 1 7 aat junior Class Jfafanritc LOIS TERRY 162| gag dashada -i o i t nplunmuT Class Jfafrnrttc VIRGINIA MILES 0C [631 BA SHABA i O i 7(Sjrcshmmt (Class Jjalun-tte CStrl. MILDRED BROOKS |64] 3EE PASH A DA 1 Q17 3HEiFaborites Senior Class ALLVIN FOWLER Junior Class TOM HARTLEY [65] DE 3EJE BASHABA 1917 3HG ]GiFatwrites. Sophomore Class ROGER PARKS Freshman Class ROLLER McMURRAY HASH A DA i O 7 DE[671 IBE DAS HABA 1017 31HALLAM ROBINSON...Left Half ROY ROBBINS...........Right Tackle AUBRYE BROWN....Right Guard ROGER PARKS.....Right Half MELVIN LEMMON....Right Half VAUGHAN BROXSON....Left End BURGE BROWN.............Center CARL WINGATE.........Right End [69] 0E 300 BA SHABA i Q i 7 3HE 30I LUTHER HOWARD.....Left Half HOWARD BICKERS....Left Tackle ALLVIN FOWLER.........Left Guard CECIL BOREN,...........Full-Back OSBORNE FUQUA, Captain-Left End JULIAN STROUD..............Left Tackle BRISCOE CHANDLER.....Quarter PHILLIPS TODD.......Quarter 170] ]BE PAS HABA 1 O 1 30FIELD DAY WINNERS. Left to Right: Lonnie Howard, Homer Towles, Otho Kelley. Rogei' Parks, Coke Stovall. Hallam Robinson, .Julian Stroud, Roy Robbins, Aubrye Brown, Burge Brown, Dewey Green, Jim Loggins. Osborn Fuqua, Allvin Fowler. Luther Howard. [711 BAS HABA 1 O17[72] lISE pashada i 917 3HE 30]0G L c l vavHisva I Ml swacoiLib i vavasva [81] HASH A BA 1O17ANANIAS AND SAPPHIRA CLUB “To promote truthfulness, honesty and square dealing among our school mates.” By special request, the names of all members are suppressed; for “a prophet is not without honor save in his own country.” P. S.—Kate Straughan, Randolph Foster, are willing to wear the crowns of martyrdom by having their names appear. In Loving Remembrance of Die Deutsche Gellschaft, which died May, 1916, on account of lack of pretty girls. 182) BA SHABA 1 Q17 3BC ]00[ DER SENIOR KLASSE. Ach, Who iss it dot leads der whole school, In efry ding including der golden Rule Und don’t powder und primp Like der Freshman simp. Der Senior Klasse. Who iss it dot iss never tardy, Und don’t gets smarty Like der Sophomore do, Who iss nichts but a chewing-gum crew. Der Senior Klasse. Who iss it dot gets der grade, Und who are graduates made, Und don’t never get mad Like der Junior cad. Der Senior Klasse. We luff our teachers everyone; Dot iss dcr way we have won. Fellow mates, it iss no mystery, Und now we go down in history. Dcr Senior Klasse. -----ooo---- A. Horton: ‘‘It says here that a father is three times as old as his son.” Mr. Story: “Well, what about it?” Arthur: “Well, it says in ten years he will be only twice as old.” Story: “Well, that’s alright, what you making such a fuss over it for?” Horton: “What’s puzzling me is how long will it be until they are the same age?” Bl . - =1B (831 j DASH ADA i O17 ]□ ]□JOKES. .Miss Camp: “Do philosophers ever accumalate much wealth?” Everitt Looney: “ Ves mam, John D. Rockeyfellow did.” -------------------------ooo---- Everitt Looney claims that if he were to learn all that’s in the American History, his brain would swell up and hurst. Who believes him ? ----ooo---- Mr. Ford: “What is a rhombus?” Marion Walker: “It is a figure with the opposite sides parallel and none of them equal.” ----ooo---- Mr. Fulton: “Daniel, what have you in your hand?” Daniel: “N-n-nothing.” Mr. Fulton: “Well, 'ake nothing to the office then.” Daniel: (Stopping at the door.) “M—r. F-ul-ton. do you want me to leave nothing in the office?” ----ooo---- Osborne F.: (Running up to Allvin F. and hugging and kissing him.) “O. honey, she smiled at me last night.” Allvin : “ W hy that’s nothing. I laughed out loud when I first saw you.” ----ooo---- Miss Camp: “Why is it that a small child always loves Aunt Dinah ?” Everitt: “Who is Aunt Dinah?” Miss Camp: “Why. Everitt Looney, you haven’t any more imagination than that blackboard.” ----ooo---- Miss Van Zandt. reading an outline for the Seniors to copy. Edward Cramer: “Wait until I turn over.” (Meaning to turn his paper over.) ----ooo---- While Juniors were studying “Silas Marner” Opie. who is a mischievous boy. was ordered out of the room. As he neared the door. Miss Camp said: “Not that door. Silas, the other one.” ----ooo---- Hunt: “Rick, what’s the difference between a Soph, and a Senior?” Bickers: “You’ve got me this time.” Hunt: “A Junior.” [Ml 0£ E3BE DASH A DA 1 O 1 7 DGH ]0COMBINATION OF NAMES It is many Miles to Virginia if you Walker. But Kurz (short) if you go in A. Chandler. Mary, the little head Stringer was kidnapped by a Looneytic. Colonel Stroud drank a Stout Todd-y this morning, Fell into the Westbrook and was drowned. Westley Cook-ed Adams Green apple. Why did Randolph Foster the growth of Melvin’s Lemmon? Charlie, the Cook, cooked some Rice, which was eaten by Hon. Frank Story and which made him sick. Arthur Hunt-ed Dr. Jitney, who quickly revived him and then he was Cald-well. A White TTunt-ing Horn was found by Hartley while Hawking in Ollie’s Wood. Tf Mary can not Walk(er.) will Jewell Wheeler? No. but Mary Wood.' King Edward executed Luther for plucking Bernard’s Cherry. Earl Clinton prosecuted Roy for Rohbin Ada’s Cash. ----ooo---- THE DOWNFALL OF OUR AMBITION. We, the German students of the E. II. S.. pride ourselves on our ability to pronounce long deutsche words, but this one was our downfall: “ Hottentottenstrotertrottolnutterattenttatter- lattengitterwetterkottenbeupelratte.” ----ooo---- 1851 3 at ]be dash Ada i 017 □NAMES AND DREAMY ROMANCE. A Goodwin brought I his Story to me For ’tis a Story as you’ll agree Not in a Shipp but in the air It brought it from Virginia fair: Beside the rippling Westbrook In the sunny month of May, A Robbin sang his song to me Les-lie and hear his song so gay. The Marybelles too were ringing As I plucked a blooming Daisy rare, I flung my heart, it bounded back And took from me my care; For a Bald-ridge smooth and White Does not contain a Ruby red That makes my Jewell, my wondrous light Berry its proud head. The Marybelles ceased ringing As a Ful-ton fell on me, I was dreaming on a test Tn sweet serenity. Only Lemmons now are growing T get one every day. As down hill the Westbrook’s flowing So are the grades to my dismay. —Marion D. Turner. ----ooo---- OUR WATERLOO. We study hard for Miss Camp, Burn our midnight lamp, We conquer the lesson for tomorrow, But, alas, to our sorrow We have to study on Sunday, And then she says on Monday, “Read 999 pages for Tuesday.” |86] SC ]BE DASH ADA 1 O i 7 3E1E U 30□0 at TO A FRESHMAN. (With Apologies to Eugene Fields.) A little Freshie her gum would chew, A little Freshie of emerald hue, To High School rules she was new. She’d chew! One day a teacher saw her chew, And then the trouble began to brew Trouble that Freshman couldn’t subdue. Too true! Down to the room where scoldings are not new, They took her to wait till the teacher was through, And her little soul such anguish knew. Boo Hoo! Soon the teacher appeared in view, And gently explained what not to do. And now her gum no more doth she chew. Would you? —Magele Adams. -oo [87| 30E BASHABA 1 O17 ™ ]□ DH£u 00 188] ]0 ]Bq DAS HABA -i PIT 3 BORELIABILITY A Word that Should Mean Much to You. When you buy here you buy reliable merchandise from a reliable firm. I his cannot mean anything to you but satisfaction Always the newest and best merchandise at reasonable prices W. JOLLSCH’S SONS CO. ENNIS, TEXAS “The Big Store” EVERYTHING EVERYBODY [89]ENNIS COMMERCIAL CLUB The Ennis Commercial Club is Busy all the time for Upbuilding Ennis, Ellis County, and Texas. Are YOU a MEMBER? - First Guaranty State Bank Trust Co. IF IT COMES FROM ENNIS, TEXAS CRAMER'S IT S GOOD W. E. CRAMER, li GROCER Capital $100,000.00 QUALITY, PRICE AND mill SERVICE COMBINED OFFICERS: PHONES NO 8 AND 9. E. Iv. Atwood, President ,1. Oran Carter. Active Vice Pres. R. T. Blakev, Cashier L. J. Weverka. Assistant Cashier. [90|RUSHING MURDOCH We appreciate your trade and try to give service unequalled elsewhere. Our lines in Ready to wear for Ladies and Misses are made by the most reputable makers obtainable. Our Men and Boys lines are the best designers and makers on earth. They have their reputation. Visit us for anything wanted; we have the goods at the price you are willing to pay. SKRABANEK BROS. mill Dri Soods and Clothing TTfiHinery and Shoes THE PLACE TO GET YOUR WE SOLICIT YOUR TRADE. MONEY S WORTH THE ‘OLD RELIABLE” STORE PETE FREEMAN GIDDINGS GROCERY COMPANY IN BUSINESS SINCE 1871. PHONES 81, 82. DEALER IN GROCERIES AND SATISFACTION. mill [91)GLOVER-GUTHRIE CO. DRUGS “WHERE QUALITY COUNTS” —EASTMAN KODAKS —LIGGETT’S CANDY —CORRECT STATIONERY PHONES 74-75. Before Buying Your Graduation Presents See C. T. MOORE JEWELER AND OPTICIAN South Main Street L. E. CLARK, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON Office Moore Building. Michelin and Goodrich TIRES —EXPERT WORKMEN DAY OR NIGHT McELROY GARAGE PHONE 90 [92|Smith Dry Goods Company THE NEW BIG STORE. THE LIVE STORE TALK OF THE TOWN The Smith Store The New Store [93]FURNITURE —From the cheapest to the best. —Let us frame your “Diplomas.” —New stock of moulding to select from. mil ALLEN KENDALL MATTHEWS BROTHERS COMPANY ENNIS EVERYTHING TO WEAR ................. FIVE BIG DEPARTMENTS —DRY GOODS —READY TO WEAR —MILLINERY —SHOES AND CLOTHING “Get It Where They Make It.” FEED, FLOUR AND MEAL iiiiii A Much Better Goods for a Little Less Money IIIIII CALL CITY MILL PHONE 358 |94]SPORTING GOODS —BASE BALLS —BASKET BALLS —TENNIS BALLS —VOLLEY BALLS —TENNIS RACKETS. Ill Pennants of all Kinds. Ill CASTELLAW DRUG CO. We have a complete line of the latest novelty weaves in fabrics which cannot be excelled. Also an excellent selection of custom tailors who make voung men’s snappy models a specialty. In the Cleaning, dyeing and pressing department we defy competition. GIVE US A TRIAL. A. L. TURNER, Tailor. [95]ROBERT W. HESSER ‘ IN THE CENTER OF TOWN” A GOOD DRUG STORE Postal Sub-Station for Your Convenience ENNIS NATIONAL COMMERCIAL BARBER SHOP BANK The Oldest Shop in Ennis. ENNIS, TEXAS CHILDREN'S HAIR A SPECIALTY. H Horton, Tucker and Looney. CAPITAL $100,000 SURPLUS and UNDIVIDED Ennis, Texas PROFITS $80,000 m E. L. HARPER WE APPRECIATE YOUR ALWAYS HERE FOR THE BUSINESS. BEST PHOTOS.HEY! FELLOWS —This exclusive Men’s store is for you fellows, and you will always find the new wearables here first, and at the right price too. —Suits Tailored to order $15 to $45 —Furnishing Goods and Hats —Department for Cleaning and Pressing. JELKS CASTELLAW “Things Men Wear.” J. A. REYNOLDS INSURANCE OF ALL KINDS WEST ENNIS AVENUE ROORBACH MAY DRUGGISTS. —QUALITY —COURTESY —SERVICE ENNIS, TEXAS (971 ABRAMS FURNITURE CO. NEW AND SECOND HAND GOODS. Cash or Easy Payments. Ill South Main Street. 11 BANNER TODD INSURANCE, REAL ESTATE AND RENTALS. millWatches, Clocks and Jewelry Ill GIFTS FOR GRADUATION —AT— The Photoplay House H. C. DUNKERLEY Jeweler Engraver of The Hour JEWEL THEATRE THE MOST POPULAR PLAYS OLIVER’S TRANSFER AND PLAYERS SHOWN DAILY. PHONE 7. . FOR THE BEST IN ANY KIND OF BUILDING MATERIAL GO TO J. D. Burr Lumber Co. Sherwin-Williams and Lincoln Paints, Window Glass. OLDEST YARD IN ELLIS COUNTY AND THE NEWEST STOCK. 1981111 To The Graduation Class A PLEASANT HOUR SPENT IN 111 THE GRAND Just as you are now getting ready to graduate, you will some times, THEATRE very likely, make your plans for getting married. IS WORTH MORE THAN A We want to sell you the invitations or announcements as the case may MONTH SPENT AT HOME be. The Best Entertainment With The iiiiii Best Music on Earth. The Ennis Printing Co. 111 Ennis, Texas. ENNIS LUMBER CO. Lumber, Shingles, Sash, Doors, Wall Paper, Pickets, Moulding, Brick, Lime, Cement, Paints, Nails, Etc. Yards East H. T. C. Depot. AT YOUR SERVICE WITH RESOURCES OVER A HALF A MILLION DOLLARS CITIZENS NATIONAL W. H. BROWN, BANK LAWYER Civil Practice Ennis, Texas r [99|“GET IT WHERE THEY’VE GOT IT.” Cnru's Pharmacy On Main Street. Drug Service That Satisfies. PHONE 7. Dr. W. P. McCall Dr. J. S. Terry McCALL TERRY Physicians and Surgeons. Office Over Castellaw Drug Co. “It Pays to Pay Cash at a Cash Store.” GUARANTY CASH STORES CO. GROCERIES PHONES NO. 776, 777, 778 779. GILPIN BROTHERS THE ENNIS CASH DRY GOODS STORE. |I00]GOOD SHOES, llllllllllllllllllll HOSIERY TOO. I Thomas Shoe Co. Ill COLD STORAGE We now have cold rooms for general storage and will be able to take care of your requirements in this line. Our rates are low enough to enable you to save money on foodstuffs. ENNIS ICE CO. JOE X. NEWCOMB, Manager. PHONE 21. [101] SHIPP CURD REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE. GOOD BYE —I LL COME AGAIN IN 1918. |I02] BA SHABA i Q ENGRAVINGS IN THIS ANNUAL BY Southwestern Engraving Company FORT WORTH, TEXAS ----—------- - • 4 % 

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