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-m A '.43 fst1 pp7K5+' 04.31A EA Lg5 p m e ' I MQ 1, MQW CQ im, i-QLLEX s 57,n, , Mx. vfpuufvg Mash U4 S 2 YW' Wi 'btw 1!,4Q,,s1v,,.V Q4 f f +43 'Z' Afvvf-Lf'vh,.,f I f 7 ,, lj x - I7 J f P x-QD-QQQQJZ., J' K7-XLUZ ak SQ M 3 YW- SMMQ, ,MQ 1?,.M.,wQ,,CQ 3-QDLM H- ,gc 'mWcgQ,,.,.,w,JC.9-C1 ,vw ti-6 WL all , UWA KTM' Wig GLM 5? ww iq W Wk f mm. ww QMJMQQ vile WUQMBLWQ AS E,9,,,.35. ,,,,N,,,,,,A,.. ow-Q My-l', uwwlh- Mfg Q ,4 . Vw AW! ' LWY A ,.g.,,,,,,f,1, ,, 4 . ffm, : ., 0 M40 ,uw LMM Em, I tv ' ' ygkf 47 ,fd 0cV4f7fLZ,, af!! 74wZfo 6314211 Zh ' gzwmgf Q fwaf fy vifmpe, VQ 2 ,eb ,cfafia ZZbu WW Ziffj ffW.f2.Qd,,WMM ' fdzwawg 64 Vaffff flmfwe, czvwfmodvwacg 74724 up JLQQLZZJ ,CZLZJ AMAA! ,mJLQLfLfpf44.4, ,ffz..,p,.,Lg' V,.. ,,.,. f WX!!! Q, 1, In .I r Hg? x V515 ' 1 t V qi. 'I K U 7 . A -1, 5 ox' "'A I I . q p , 1 - ' ' . xhll, ',',":,fj. 4 K .4., ' 'f .3 V5 'Q'-m f,-,.2:A ". r in ' ,' ' 4 ' ' 3 . ,S ' - ' xr.-.5 ,.1Vfr'k "'+if"i7T, - -3 , wr ' . K I' A 1 5 ,iCL!7G'50'G,.' A ' A 1 , '..,f" A ' ' Ciwffftz 4244! L0 ,401-0641 E Af f fvng zfffmv aww! fwfwfw fff4'6"M5 ' 4404 ,Za ,aa ff5f20 6f44f0 "77QZ, 'J vhwhanwouanmg Modnouvcfuyto wwaa 4LfJfLafv,,,,,,,6,w0LC VQXGILCSMZZ 999920 fpbefgyvj 61fn4f.,L0.f5L!" 59,5040 Wm W' nh , .. ,, ,. ii g?" '5Qi -,, ,, , MM lgdfffl QW ffff fifffgwfff ',f,:W35f,5,yf My ff, 1 W g 0 i IHI ' Q f W 4 JW' W' ff f Q cnliau 0 ca A6 kwin 43' PAN ORAMA The things that happen each day . . . The faces the places . . . the victories, the defeats . . . the thousands of big ancl little l events. All this is a part of our lives and the N things we will remember. ""'--.. -MTN - io- ,. Q - xr-fwv.v. xi, - 1 4 il f--- -.fr 'kf- f v'-, xiii -"W ' V . - M ' K5 '-'. Nz, ,gg ,ML Q,,.X ..,. W ., .,,. M W,- 0 , M- ,W --A -ff , W- A , 1 ' ' 1 - QfzQ5.fff4: lQilf1ig L 'T' V L h , 'Q , 1 ,511 ff 3: --ffq,fggw11f V 'SEEN ff .3 . -' V4 W Vg mf, 1 -R M g3fTf1,gsiz3W . L,,.. JFAM ' yi". ,f J ' A W-re. A A ,,,-ww j ' yi 'gtk' I .. , ukmlw W . M F Q W ' V , ,A LA,L L. , . QLQJE- ' -1.-..w.WaLQg.W,. ' Q., 9 ggug'5MiL?k'9Qfj'P'if455'g1'CQg,"g:5L Xwfk ,.'S?ZXiiz.:v2p1QW?'-1.0 .MW W . ,, ,M X 1 K ' 'QV V . :V . : A , ih'T'zf - 1 ,ga - , 41,-Q-yzrfxggihigg .g. ff.-f.fyi'3ggA ' 1-1+ -g,,, wg,,'.L1., -. ..,. . 5 Confmfs Admamsfwxwn Oqganizahbns CLu'1'iculum Classes Sfuclcnf Life zavcl-nldics Senior Supcrlafivcs Smiorpirecfogr fkdvuiiscmenfs .. ? 'uf V 4... E El am. img tratinn 1 Countyflclministration T. C. Roberson new Superintendent of County Schools R . A. Tomberlin Randall Duclcett High School Supervisor The County School Committee is composed of: lseatecll J. J. Northcott, Chairman: J. M. Caublep Mrs. Ben W. Davis, C. H. Roberts, fstandingl T. C. Roberson, Superintendent, Charles C. Bell, Vice-Chairman, Lawrence C. Stoker, Attorney. ' T T P. ilti Fe f J '.'.. 1.14 A ' . V ',-,i 712 The District 5 Enka High School Committee is composed of: fseated, l-rl Phil McKinney, secretary, Tom Mallonee, Chairman, W. H. Stevens, lstandingl Tom Tweed, Vice-Chairman, H. M. Tomberlnn, Principal' Jack London. I The teaching profession occupies a position of public trust involving not only the individual teacher's personal conduct, but also the interaction of the school and the community. Educatronuns most effective when these many relationships operated in a friendly, cooperative, and CODSTVUCNVS manner. . e ,f , ,rr ,C i -uv ,1,L . .. ':. 5' . , 1, . f2!EW's'f" .i-1a....-r-V at sw... -lbrincipal Many times during the school year, there are people to whom we turn for help in various situations. Fortunately, we have someone who is both willing and able to help with our problems and who instills in us a sense of responsibility berlin does. He has been very concerned receiving. We students--in all the many every opportunity to pursue all that our capabilities will permit to train us For our place in the Future. Mr. Tomberlin has helped make possible for us the latest techniques and up-to-date educational meth- ods in our school . and challenge as Mr. Tom- about the education we are classifications we fit--have District Administration Our progress as a nation can be no swifter than our progress in education. Our requirements for world leadership, our hopes for economic growth and the demands of citi- zenship itself in an era such as this all require the maximum development of every young Am- erican's capacity. --John F. Kennedy Mr. Jeter C. Robinson Candler Elementary School Q Mr. Charles L. Shuford Venable Elementary School Mr. C. C. Marr Sand Hill Elementary School Mr. W. C. Ramsey Pisgah Elementary School J , .V MISS DELVIS WOODWARD French MISS CLAUDIA ARROWOOD Latin MRS. ELLA BRIGMON Business Education MISS PATRICIA BURGIN English MRS. MADITH CANDLER Special Education JAY CANTER Business Education GEORGE CATHEY Science MRS. SHIRLEY .IO CHANDLER Mathematics Faculty Members of the faculty examine overhead proiectors and materials presented by the 3M Company as an assistance grant to education. MRS. JEANNE COX English PAUL DEASON Nathematics MRS. DONNA DELLINGER Social Siudies MRS. BETTY DELOZIER Hsme Economics HUGH DELOZIER Diversified Occupations MAX DUCKETT Industrial Arts JAMES EADS Mathematics MRS. HAZEL EDWARDS English MRS. INEZ ELKINS Social Studies MRS. LOIS GARREN Spanish MRS. JANE HALL English MISS LAURA I-IARRELL English MISS JOANN HOLLOWAY Home Economics MISS KATRINA HUNTER Business Education CHARLES JOHNSON Physical Education MRS. .IESSIE KRAMER English MISS NINA LAWSON Social Studies MRS. PEGGY LINGERFELT English CLARENCE LYDA Biology MRS. PEGGY MANN Librarian SAM McCRACKEN Mathematics WILLIAM MCELRATH Biology RALPH MIDDLETON Bancl MISS FRANCES MITCHELL Mathematics ROBERT MORRELL Science CLARENCE PARKER Agriculture ALDEN PENLAND Driver Training MRS. JUDITH RHINEHART English JOHNNY RIDDLE Science MRS. IRENE RUDISILL Guidance GERALD ROBINSON Geography MRS. RAMONA SANDERS Physical Education MRS. MARIETTA SMITH Mathematics MRS. NANCY SMITH English JERRY STARNES English MRS. MARY DEAN STEELE Secretary MRS. FLORENCE WARREN PSSC- Physics WILLIAM WARREN Business Education MRS. PATRICIA ANN FISHER Social Studies DAVID YOUNG Biology 'Faculty 'l x'N 'QR' II Qafduiafirson nd and Cusioclicms Left to right: Mr. Howard Moses, Mr. Adam Harris, Mrs. Adam Harris. 'Nz' Left to right: Zillah Plemmons, Bessie Robinson, Emily Watts, Ruby Jervis, Louella Metcalf, manager Mary Young, Alma Walker, Shirley Welch, Bonnie Patterson. 12 n-'Arla V X 01, 9041 1 551' Aw-1-. .41. x -14,4 . J - I if.. "ff , 2 ff N1 O X i Urganizationz First row, left to right: David McElyea, Pres- ident of the House, Dan McCurry, President, Terry Furness, Vice President. Second row: Diane Hyde, Corresponding Secretary, Jim Smith, Treasurer, Kathy Howell, Recording Secretary. Student Council members maintain order 'at the pep rallies. Ztubmf Coumil Students at Enlca elect representatives to the Student Council, the official organ of student government. Under faculty and ad- ministrative supervision, members of the Sen- ate and the House coordinate activities in the school. They help to maintain order and dis- cipline and otherwise aid in making Enka an efficient institution. Good job, President of the Student Council! SENATE First row, left to right: Brenda Jones, Susie Palat, Sandra Cody, Lynda A. Robinson, Linda J. Robinson, Doris Buchanan, Susie Ball, Earlene Fletcher, Betty Jane Davis. Second row: Rudy Herren, Rita Edmonds, Steve Herren, Brian Pope, Johnny Norvelle, Gary Ledtord, Harold Crisp, Mike DeBruhl, Terry Gayheart.. Third row: Leon Young, George Self, Charles Arthur, Duane Morgan, Robert Crisp, David Raby, Larry Sluder, Terry Furness, Gary Brown, Fred Racey, Kerr Palat, Jack Arrowood. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES A First row, left to right: Roberta Parker, Betty Jo Miller, Gail Jones, Linda Crowell, Myra Wiggins, Linda G. Robison, Rebecca Sutton, Cheryl Reeves, Becky Graham, Penny Floras, Mary Brendell. Second row: Lou Ellen Parris, Glenda Leatherwood, Jane Cole, Donald Pressley, Ronald Roberts, Sam Kiser, David Carver, Jane Harris, Brenda Hyde, Lynn Procter. Third row: Fred Davis, Mike Jamison, Jim Fox, Randall Turbyfill, Charles Cathey, David King, Gary Warren, Eddie Askew, Charles Roberts, Sam Wilson, David McElyea, C. J. Cody, Mike Travis. 15 Senior members, left group, left to right, first row: Rudy Herren, Linda Robinson, Diane Hyde, Brenda Cole, Kathy Howell, Larry Sluder, Earlene Fletcher, Sue Burrows, Joe Fisher. Second row: Dan McCurry, Sandra Israel, Linda Robison, Candy Whitt, Steve Kemic, Wayne Moore, Charles Arthur, David Raby, Johnny Norvelle . Third row: Sandra Duck, Terry Gayheart, JoAnn Singleton, Ralph Stanberry, David McElyea. ' , I ii P' i' First row, left to right: Barbara Parker, Lou Ellen Parris, Louedith Wiggins, Donald Stubbs, Carolyn Swanger, Diane Reed, Rosemary lngle, Monica Schaaf, Kitty Sherlin, Susan Oats. Second row: Mark'Fisher, Bill Gudger, Terry Furness, Eric Godfrey, Eva Sue Dillard, Brenda Hollifield, Cecil Edmonds, Patsy Bartlett, Sandra Cody, Pat Earley. Third row: Sam Kiser, Susie Ball, Wayne Caldwell, Joel Carter, Judy Crawford, Robert Crisp, Linda Capps, John Corbin, Lynn Benson, Mary Francis Brendell . T6 Stimulation of interest in education and en- l couragement of scholarship are the accomplishments of the National Honor Society at Enlca. Recog- nition is given to those who excel in character, leadership, scholarship, and service to the school through the Honor Society. The Society each year sponsors Career Day, when students learn more about vocations in which they are interested. .lllmtabml .Honor .Sadat N H S OFFICERS Y First row left to right Linda J Robinson, Record- ing Secretary Linda G Robison, Corresponding Secretary Monika Schaaf, Treasurer Second row: Charles Arthur President Bill Gudger Vice-Pres- ATIDNAL HONOR SOCIETY 4 iii LE? Sue Burrows pays Candy Whitt for a box of mints she has sold for the Na- tional Honor Society. First row, left to right: Susan . . , Joyce, Dara Llewellyn, Cheryl Reeves, Phyllis Roberts, Lynn Ful- lum, Susan Joyce, Jo Ann Cole, Lynda Robinson, Mary Long,Mike Bachner. Second row: Sharon , Peebles, Randy Sluder, Sally l Clark, Sonia Carter, Roger Towe, Judy Miller, Mary Hellen Lollis, David Bradley, Karen Dale, Mike Travis. Third row: Myra Wiggins, Kay Owenby, Janet Arthur, Eddie Raby, Edward Hutchinson, Peggy Smith, Jean Brown, Charles Glaz- . . Def. ' L17 Q J Art editors Phil Wight and Monika Schaaf sketch the school emblem . Junior editors, Pat Earley and Kay Jenkins Sophomore editors, Jan Brown and Jo Ann Cole. Freshman editors, Marian Kemic and Brenda Hyde. Senior editors, Loretta Warren and Carol Jarrett. Senior editors take advice from business managers Jane Cole and Barbara Rhodes about money matters. Robert McCulloch, Johnny Norvelle, and Charles Cathey coordinate sports and photography . 18 Staff members of the Enkc- noca put together the annual pub- lication which endures longer than any other moments of Enka. Here may be found students who display interest in the literary arts, and who are truly intent on presenting Bti' a record of high school activities and experiences. ss. fu Enkanoca editors, Linda Robinson and Doris Buchanan, supervise the construction of the annual. Gnlmnoco. Zraff First row, left to right: Sandra Duck, Frieda Ensley, Doris Buchanon, Loretta Warren, Linda Robinson, Carol Jarrett, Susan Hensley, Kay Jenkins, Linda Young, Doris Cordell, Jo Ann Cole. Second row: Charles Cathey, Monica Schaaf, Jane Cole, Linda Moss, Louedith Wiggins, Jan Brown, Peggy Smith, Judy Miller, Linda Choclc- ley, Sonya Carter. Third row: Clarence Melson, Linda Bishop, Linda Redmond, Diane Smith. Brenda Hyde, Marian Kemic, Robert McCulloch, Johnny Norvelle, Barbara Russell, Pat Early. 19 J Ai- First row, left to right: Gary Sluder, Treasurer, Fred Racey, Vice-President, Gary Ledford, President. Second row: Marsha Davis, Corresponding Secretary, Miriam West, Recording Secretary, Jim Smith, Re- porter. First row, left to right: Phyllis Dalton, Kirby Burton, Doris Cordell, Ann Bridges, Gail Taylor, Lola Johnston, Sue Clampett, Roberta Parker, Becky Young, Diane Smith, Ima Jean Fox, Doris Austin. Second row: Gayle Setzer, Gail Jones, Betty Jo Miller, Doris Messer, Janice Clark, Jean Poston, Gail Hedden, Pat Fore, Connie Davis, Linda Chockley, Jo Ann Warren. Third row: Lynn Price, Ronald Barrier, Roger Holcombe, Jerry Sutton, 4 Larry Israel, Harold Crisp, Terry Moore, Charles Rhinehart, Tony Hooker. 20 National Beta Club members are those who excel in achievement, character, and leader- ship. Members of the club have commendable scho- lastic averages, together with interest and accom- plishment. Gary, Terry, Gary, Louise and Kay make blue and white shakers to encourage school spirit at the ballgames. Bam Club Left group, seated, left to right: Rita Edmonds, Carol Jarrett, Loretta Warren, Ronald Roberts, Mike Davis, Brian Pope, Jeanette Howell, Fred Racey, Elaine Reed, Kathy Parker, Sandra Ballinger, Linda Redmond, June Henson, Doris Buchanan, Kay Jenkins. Standing: Audrey Norris, Barbara Parker, Margo Miller, Marsha Davis, Marilyn Zibelin, Myra Gosnell, Miriam West, Jim Smith, Gary Ledford, Louise Walker, Gary Sluder, Kay Setzer, Charles Stines, Libby Israel, Janie Holcombe, Wanda McElreath. - 2 1 Wi- - Gnka Scroll ,T 22 Becky Graham, Loretta Warren and Ronald Roberts gather in- Formotion for the Scroll. Hove members of the Scroll, Larry Sluder, Bill Trull and Johnny Norvelle found a mistake? First row, left to right: Charles Arthur, Larry Sluder, Johnny Young, Leon Young, Riley Brown, Eddie Plem- mons, Johnny Norvelle, Ronald Roberts, Lynn Price, David Raby. Second row: Linda Capps, Suzanne Parker, Kaye Jenkins, Kay Setzer, Sandy Saunders, Earlene Fletcher, Susan Cole, Pat Lunsford, Gail Jones, Susan Hensley, Libby Israel, Dara Llewellyn. Third row: Carol Jarrett, Loraine Houck, Diane Jenkins, Sandra Is- rael, Roberta Parker, Doris Lanning, Anita Cagle, Annette Hicks, Becky Graham, Linda Young, Pat Gosnell, Phyllis Dalton. Fourth row: Susie Ball, John Corbin, Roger Towe, Brent Gasselin, Ricky Spencer, George Caiigal, Carl Schilt, Carolyn Swanger, Barbara Setzer, Elaine Reed, Vicki Liner, Annette Stillwell. Fifth row: Kathy Guy, Terry Moore, Glenn Trantham, Bill Trull, Steve Kemic, Bill Nash, David Sebring, Willis Setzer, Sherrill Hill, John Rutherford, Kathy Howell, Loretta Warren. Published six times during the school term, the Enka Scroll provides students with an accurate summary of activities and events. Through the Scroll, everyone may keep abreast of latest de- velopments in the school and community. Steve Kemic and David Raby decided on the headline for the next Scroll. 23 Future iivumnzss Lzabers o ilmzrica First row, left to right: Julia Davis, Vice-President, Ronnie Harris, President, Barbara Rhodes, Secretary. Second row: Susan Cole, Historian, Leroy Campbell, Those interested in cz career in business Treasurer, Vickie Liner, Reporter. Find the Future Business Leaders of America aclub tailored to their needs. Through this organization, it is possible to see apreview of life in business in future years. First row, left to right: Diane Smith, Jean Penland, Frieda Ensley, Hallie Allison, Marlene Plemmons, Dorothy Lanning, Gail Lipe, Mary Lynn Foister, Barbara Sprinkle. Second row: Kay Ledbetter, Deanna Walker, Brenda DeBoard, Brenda Ledforcl, Martha Letterman, Janice Lance, Mary Philips, Pat Hyatt, Rogene Davis, Mack Parker. Third row: Patsy Pearson, Susan Cole, Vickie Liner, Glenda Rogers, Yvonne Taylor, Julia Davis, Wanda Warren, Pat Fore, Earlene Stamey, Libby Daniels, Priscilla Ledford, Jeanette Wise, Jo Ann Garrison, Rita Smith. Fourth row: Jan Hutchinson, Linda Edernickel, Martha Brooks, Dorothy Middleton, Judy Dowdle, Sandra Wyche, Kitty Sherlin, Betty Jane Davis, David Clontz, Charles Rhinehart, Jack Arrowood, Martha Carter, Mary Davis. Fifth row: Nancy Bennett, Sandra Meares, Gail Davis, Jane Cole, Lillian Wilson, Ginger Edmonds, Lois Wilson, Sherrill Hill, Gary Lance, Johnny Sams, Ronnie Harris, Barbara Rhodes. 24 X F f will!!! . F , u r u R E usmcss ' nuns A nuucn ' o Members of the F. B. L. A are cddmg cz sizeable sum to their treasury QIIOKV' 1.54 Students who plan a car- eer in teaching may become mem- bers of the Future Teachers of Am- erica Club. This group has worthy projects, among them is College Day and White Christmas. By pro- moting interest in teaching, this club performs avaluable service to the community. Leon Young, Iris McCollum, Johnny Norvelle, and Betty JO Miller load up packages to deliver to needy Families. Brenda Jones, Nancy James, Betty ' Jo Miller and Robert McCulloch at the tea for teachers. Enka students are generous with their white Christmas baskets. Futura Crashers Fmfrica First row, left to right: Linda Young, Reporter, Patsy Bartlett, Secretary. Second row: Candy Whitt, Vice Pres- ident, Glenn Trantham, Treasurer, Duane Morgan, President. First row, left to right: Brenda Jones, Candy Whitt, Susie Bumgardner, Lou Ellen Parris, Doris Buchanan, Pat Gosnell, Deanna Walker, Sandra Duck, Margo Miller, Marsha Davis, Susan Hensley, Gail Jones. Second row: Earlene Fletcher, Kay Setzer, Mary Lollis, Linda Robinson, Linda Redmon, Linda Robison, Eva Sue Dillard, Patsy Bartlett, Ann Peebles, Gayle Setzer, Nancy James, Phyllis Roberts, Alpha Blackwell, Penny Paterson, Kathy Debord, Linda Capps, Pat Gibbs, Linda Young, Mary Myers. Third row: Kathy Howell, Louise Walker, Jane Cole, Louedith Wiggins, Betty Jo Miller, Carolyn Swanger, Jean Jarrett, Sandra Wyche, Linda Beaver, Jane Sims, Linda Smith, Kathy Parker, Rita Edmonds, Pat McCellan, Jane Duckett, Marilyn Zibelin, Brenda Graham. Fourth row: Charles Cathey, David Setzer, Kenneth Wheeler, Tommy Morris, Duane Morgan, Jim Smith, Norman Bryan, Glenn Trantham, Mike Davis, Roberts Crowder, Donald Stubbs, Robert McCulloch, Doug Ramsey, Gary,Sluder, 'Larry Roberts, Don Israel. " A 27 flational Forensic League National Forensic League activities include all phases of public speaking. Mem- bers may participate in debate, in congress ac- tivity, and in original and dramatic orations. This organization promotes self-expression First row, left to right: Diana Reed, Alternate Secretary, Linda Capps, Reporter, Libby Israel, 5 . Recording Secretary, Earlene Fletcher, Cor- ' responding Secretary. Second row: Bill Trull, jg , Vice-President, George Self, President, Larry X ' Sluder, Treasurer, Steve Kemic, Parliamentar- through experience . ,fl .X , N 'ffl' A ian . First row, left to right: Diane Reed, Ann Jarrett, Diane Hyde, Linda Capps, Sandra Saunders, Glenda Leather- wood, Libby Israel, Karen Dale, Earlene Fletcher, Linda Crowell, Sandra Israel. Second row: Carl Schilt Bill Trull, Robert McColloch, Eddie Raby, Dan McCurry, Steve Kemic, George Self, Joe Fisher, George Caii- gal, Mike Bachner. Third row: Bruce Boyclkin, Mark Fisher, Larry Sluder, Tommy Morris, Johnny Norvelle Mike Burch, Riley Brown, Glenn Trantham, Johnny Young. 28 Librarg Uub Members of the Library Club learn firsthand about the organization and proper maintenance of an efficient library. This year members assisted Mr. Arrowood in preparing for circulation the many new books in our library. First row, left to right: Susan Brown, member, Brenda Jones, Secretary, Pat Gosnell, Reporterp Nancy James, Treasurer, Judy Crawford, Vice-President, Tommy Mor- 5, First row, left to right: Jean Jarrett, Nancy James, Brenda Jones, Pat Gosnell, Sue Burrows, Susan Hensley, Vicki Liner. Second row: Karen Dale, Patsy Pearson, Harriet Brown, Susan Brown, Linda Brookshire, Sandra Wyche, Linda Beaver, Judy Crawford, Linda Ruckman. Third row: Tommy Morris, Robert McCulloch, Gary Sluder, Glenn Trantham, Bob Collins, Gary O'Kelly. 2.9 ? l T 5 f wld i 2 l . E 3 , l First row, left to right: John Corbin, Larry Roberts, Larry Gant, Mike Davis, Rudy Herren, Gary O'Kelly, Bob Collins, Joe Fisher, Jack Arrowood. Second row: Charles Arthur, Bill Holbrook, Jim Clark, Randall Turbyfill, Terry Furness, Tommy Greene, Roberts Crowder. Third row: Glenn Trantham, Charles Roberts, Charles Morse, Leon Young, Ronald Roberts, David McElyea, Norman Bryan. union' Qiuitan Qlub Enka's Junior Civitan Club, modeled after the Rhododendron Civitan Club, is made up of boys who are outstanding in citizenship and leadership. Civic duty in school and com- munity are emphasized. One of their success- ful proiects this year was selling Christmas trees, the proceeds were used to complete the ticket booth. OFFICERS First row: Bob Collins, Reporter, Gary O'Kelly, Secretary, Jack Arrowood, Vice-President. Sec- ond row: Glenn Trantham, Sergeant at Arms, Rudy Herren, Treasurer, David McElyea, President. 30 Ml Liv First row, left to right: Linda Beaver, Pat Gosnell, Sue Burrows, Linda G. Robison, Becky Graham. Second row: Ann Peebles, Jane Sims, Iris McCollum, Nancy James, Linda J. Robinson. Third row: Candy Whitt, Linda Smith, Earlene Fletcher, Eva Sue Dillard, Brenda Kay Jones. Qlzuincitfs The Civinettes are the girls who excel in citizenship. Civinettes exemplify the ideals of consideration and concern for school, community, and nation. '31 OFFICERS First row, left to right: Pat Gosnell, Treasurer Jane Sims, President, Linda G. Robinson, Sec- retary. Second row: Ann Peebles, Vice-Pres- identp Candy Whitt, Sergeant at Arms. Slntin Club Modern day Romans at Enka may well be active in the school chapter of the Latin Club. Through this club, they learn of the language, customs, and lives of the ancient residents of the world's greatest empire. OFFICERS First row, left to right: Jane Ducket-t, Consul Secundusp Sharon Peebles, Aedilep Cheryl Reeves, Aedile, Dara Llewellyn, Nuntius, Sally Clark, Censor. Second row: Ronald Stubbs, Aedile, Robert Crisp, Consul Primus, Bill Gudger, Quaestor, Mickey Franklin, Aedile. Many curious observers look on as the Latin Club holds its annual initiation for all the Latin students who make an "A", First row, left to right: Cheryl Reeves, Rebecca Jackson, Penny Floros, Phyllis Roberts, Ann Bridges, Mary Long, Doris Cordell, Kirby Burton, Steve Moss, Howard Phelps, Brenda Hyde. Second row: Dara Llewellyn, Jo Ann Cole, Jennifer Rogers, Glenna Isaac, Janice Lominac, Martha Cooksey, Susan Joyce, Sue Clampett, Linda Lovingood, Paulette Wilde, Kay Owenby, Sally Clark, Lauren London, Judy Wynes, Linda Crowell, Darlene Pate, Barbara Setzer. Third row: Diana Reed, Pam Glance, Sandra Saunders, Janice McCarson, Jean Brown, Peggy Smith, Linda Chockly, Barbara Parker, Brenda Hollifield, Sonya Carter, Karen Dale, Jane Duck- ett, Lynn Benson, Myra Wiggins, Sharon Peebles, Linda Robinson, Susan Brown, Harriet Brown, Mary Brendell. Fourth row: Mike Travis, Henry Letterman, Marshall Fields, Jerry Sutton, Robert Crisp, Tommy Phelps, Bill Gudger, Roger Towe, Edward Hutchinson, Reid Smith, Mike Bachner, Bill Harvey, Lane Mallonee, Tony Hooker, Ronald Barrier, Ronald Stubbs, Terry Webb, Mickey Franklin, Donald Stubbs. 32 X s s ls v' F. Spanish Qllmw Students at Enka who display interest in the culture of the Spanish people can learn more about this culture by becoming members of the Spanish Club. The Spanish way of life proves interesting, and students learn to understand their Spanish Friends better. OFFICERS First row, left to right: Roberta Parker, Reporter, Susan Oates, Treasurer, Susie Bumgardner, Secretary. Second row: Jim Clark, President, Janet Arthur, Vice Pres- ident. Libby Daniels, Terry Herren and Glenda Rogers plan the month's events by the calendar. ' First row, left to right: Jean Penland, Roberta Parker, Rebecca Sutton, Diane Jenkins, Susan Oates, Janet Smith, Charlene Coffee, Susie Bumgardner, Roberta lngle, Shirley Frisbee, Phyllis Dalton, Veronica Penley. Second row: Jerry Grant, Carolyn Swanger, Marcia Crook, Marilyn Zibelin, Janet Arthur, Linda Hollifield, Kathy Guy, Brenda Graham, Libby Daniel, Lynn Price, Gary Miller. Third row: Dennis Jordon, Neil Carter, Eddie Simmons, Doug Israel, Clarence Melson, David Barnes, Mike Nichols, Jim Clark, Terry Gorman, Terry Moore, Jerry Rogers, Gene Stirewalt, Jimmy Hughey. Prmclr Dub OFFICERS First row, left to right: Gail Jones, Re- porter, Judy Miller, Treasurer, Terry Gay- heart, Secretary. Second row: Charles Roberts, Vice-President, Johnny Norvelle, President, Steve Kemic, Parliamentarian. Pat, Miriam, Carl, and Kaye demonstrate their French initiation. French students at Enka this year have organized the school's first French Club. Designed to serve the interests of those who take French I or French ll, this organization promotes improved in- ternational relations and interest in the French language and customs. First row, left to right: Nancy McFee, Pat McCall, Deidra Owen, Terry Gayheart, Cherry Waters, Linda Grant, Linda Medlin, Judy Blankenship, Jenny Parris, Diane Redmond. Second row: Alpha Blackwell, Bobbie Jo Lewis, Kaye Jenkins, Juanita Mises, Eva Sue Dillard, Brenda Kay Jones, Judy Miller, Pat Lunsford, Gail Lunsford, Gail Jones, Janice Clark. Third row: Bill Dalton, Pat DeBruhl, David Bradley, Eddie Cagle, Carl Schilt, Chuck Connor, Charles Roberts, 'Johnny Norvelle, Steve Kemic. 34 l OFFICERS First row, left to right: Lynn Proctor, Sec- "efU'Yi Gene Silrewclif VlCe'P'eSldenl7 Members of the Health Careers Club pre- Dorothy Middleton, President. Second pare To leave for G Congress here in Ashe- row: Eddie Askew, Treasurer, Susan Ivey, ville. Corresponding Secretary, Kay Jenkins, Reporter. Young people who anticipate a life of dedication to the careers in health Find the Health Careers Club an ideal activity. Here they are able to see what the duties of our nurses, technicians, and other medical devotees will be. This club is sponsored by The Auxiliary to the Medical Society of Buncombe County. x '! First row, left, to right: Audrey Norris, Rebecca Jackson, Donna Young, Freida Ensley, Brenda Debord, Pat Morgan, Sonya Carter. Second row: Gail Lipe, Mary Keller, Mary Collette, Lynn Proctor, Nancy Bennett, Libby Daniel. Third row: Eddie Askew, Kaye Jenkins, Susan Ivey, Susan Hensley, Lois Proffitt, Clyde Morrow, Gene Stirewalt. "35 First row, left to right: Jennifer Rogers, Kaye Ledbetter, Lola Johnson, Wanda Stanberry, Brenda Hipps, Billie Sorrells, Janet Smith, Pat Hyatt, Becky Young. Second row: Emma Jean Robinson, Shirley Wells, Shelia Whiteside, Doris Massie, Jackie Teague, Libby Clement, Linda Beaver, Marlene Plemons, Annette Stillwell. Third row: Jo Ann Singleton, Barbara Messer, Elaine Reed, Willa Rea Blankenship, Loraine Houck, Janice Lance, Jean Jarrett, Jane Sims, Linda Smith. Fourth row: Susan Ivey, Peggy Coleman, Pat McCellean, Ber- nice Hedden, Helen Rogers, Martha Brown, Sandra Burrell, Sandra Wyke, Earlene Stamey. Future Bornznmkers of Hruznm Through participation in the Future Homemakers of America, girls learn basic skills for successful homemaking and gain competence in qualities of human re- lations which help to prepare them to be better citizens of their community. The development of individual personalities and the development of proper sense of values make this organization meaningful. OFFICERS l First row, left to right: Susan lvey, Trea- surer, Elaine Reed, President, Becky Young, Secretary, Earlene Stamey,Vice- President, Barbara Messer, Parliament- arian, Annette Stillwell, Reporter, Jane Sims, Song Leader, Sandra Wyche, His- torian. Members of the Future Homemakers of America are busy making Christmas Favors for the Aged. 36 First row, left to right: David Tipton, Ronald Pressley, Doug Warren, Danny Warren, John Kilpatrick, Joe Austin, Ralph Morgan, Charles Morse, Roger Smith, Wayne Lominac. Second row: Jim Suddreth, Gary Reeps, Jerry Hamlin, Joe Edwards, Kenneth Davis, David Harris, Steve Williams, Ray Burrell, Danny Morgan, Eddie Candler, Steve Wilson. Third row: Gerald Filcher, Bobby Warren, Jerry Black, Larry Israel, Raymond Emery, Bobby Ballard, Don Shuler, Marvin Milton, Doug Hensley, Larry Trull, Doug Massie. Fourth row: Ernest Towe, Tommy McCarson, Elmer Watts, Howard Overman, Bill Nash, James Thrift, Jimmy Johnson, Billy Hyatt, Larry Vinson, Don Pressley, Jerry Reeves, Paul Hendrix. Fifth row: Paul Young, Nevil Breedlove, Grady Parris, Ralph Wiggins, Jackie Davis, Tommy Sisk, Gary Vinson, Neal McElrath, Jerry Sexton, Mike Burch, Eddie Bennett, Texas Gasperson, Eddie Wright, Joel Welch, Ricky Furey. Future Farmzrs of Hmzrica F. F. A. OFFICERS First row, left to right: Joe Austin, Pres- identp John Kilpatrick, Vice-Presidentp Danny Warren, Secretary. Second row: Ralph Morgan, Treasurer, Douglas Warren, Sentinel, Charles Morse, Reporter. Members of F. F. A. are digging up shrubbery to be re-set. Like the other ,vocational clubs at Enka, the Future Farmers of America strive to satisfy the interests of future leaders in America. ln this case,the lead- ers concerned are in agriculture. Through this club, members keep abreast of latest developments and techniques in agricul- ture. 37 F Yflnrwgram Univ Star athletes of Enka High may become members of the Monogram Club. Those boys and girls who show outstanding ability and achievement in either football, basketball, baseball, or track are awarded N a letter, and become proud members of this club. OFFICERS First row, left to right: Gary O'Kelly, Vice-President, Leon Young, President. Second row: James Hutchinson, Secretary, Bill Holbrook, Treasurer. The Jets work hard for their letters. -3 X.,. First row, left to right: Larry Gant, Jimmy Garren, Jack Arrowood, Mike Jones, Joe Arrowood, Wayne Cald- well, George Holcombe, Gary O'Kelly, Harold Brookshire, John Corbin. Second row: Patsy Bartlett, David McElyea, Bob Collins, Doug Norton, C. J. Cody, Rudy Herron, Kathy Howell, Mike Davis, Jane Sims, Sandra Israel, Janet Authur. Third row: Billy Moses, Janie Holcombe, Gary Warren, Tommy Sisk, Fred Davis, Charles Roberts, Norman Bryan, Jim Clark, Glenn Trantham, Jim Fox, Gary Brown, Hallie Allison, Larry Roberts. Fourth row: Leon Young, Ronald Roberts, Duane Morgan, Kert Palat, Bill Holbrook, Randall Turbytill, James Hutchinson, Charles Morse, Lynn Price, Mike Farris, Tommy Greene, Roberts Crowder. 38 Gfficc Hssisiants A number of dependable and efficient young people at Enka are in charge of maintaining an orderly office for the school. They greatly facilitate the execution of school business through eager and cooperative assistance. Our school couldn't do without Mrs. Steele, the school secretary, who keeps the office running smoothly. Terry, Louise, and Joe check absences sent in by the classes. X First row, left to right: Candy Whitt, Linda J. Robinson, Eva Sue Dillard, Carol Jarrett, Patsy Bartlett Loretta Warren, Sandra Allen. Second row: Janice Clark, Lillian Wilson, Jane Cole, Myra Gosnell, Barbara Rhodes, Louise Walker, Mary Collete, Nancy James. Third row: Linda Smith, Pat Hyatt, Terry Gayheart, Jim Clark, Joe Arrowood, Gregg Webb. Dramahcs Club The National Thespian League, better known as the Dramatics Club, is a newly organized club at Enka. The stud- ents have long felt the need for a creative outlet for their after school hours and en- ergies. No club until this time has made any effort to occupy the talents of those interested in the age-old profession of en- tertainment--for those interested in art-- set design and construction--advertising l and publicity--costuming--and perform- ing. The National Thespian League hopes to fill these desires. OFFICERS First row, left to right: Sandra Israel, President, Doug Norton, Vice-President. l Second row: Sonya Corter,Treasurer, Susie Bumgardner, Secretary First row, left to right: Cherry Waters, Doris Buchanan, Sandra Israel, Susan Oates, Ann Bridges, Carolyn Metcalf, Rita Smith, Susie Bumgardner, Phyllis Dalton. Second row: David Barnes, Brenda Cooper, Carolyn Swanger, Lynda Moss, Libby Daniel, Karen Dale, Libby Israel, Sonya Carter, Linda Medlin, Judy Blankenship, Don Israel. Third row: Mike Burch, Doug Stanley, Pat Lunsford, Linda Chockley, Sandra Saunders, Brenda Graham, Mike Nichols, Diana Lewis, Diana Peebles, Jerry Grant. 40 ':""" f-"""'..': 1.44 ,552 cs. I 1 Kathy Howell, Miss Harrell, sponsor, and Larry Sluder, editor, check the articles written For Bridges. Bridges Publications at Enka are joined by a new member this year. Bridges, our new literary magazine, is the first of its kind in Buncombe County and one of few in North Carolina. Under the editorship of Larry Sluder and sponsorship of Miss Laura Harrell, the magazine emerges as an outstanding example of high school creative endeavor. Bridges is composed of short stories, essays, poetry, reviews, and original art work, all composed by Enka students. We welcome Bridges to Enka High and wish for it a successful future. 41 Johnny, Diane, and Bill plan an article. 1 , 1 Duaarsmfteb QDEELIPELTIOTLS Dub First row, left to right: Morris Childers, Vice President, Ricky Spencer, Reporter, Jackie Davis, Secretary, Don Lytle, Treasurer, Brian Pope, President. Second row: Marvin Riddle, Calvin Swanger, Kenneth Crane, Robert Watson, Alonzo Watts, Steve Stanberry, Robert Elliot. Third row: Robert Jones, Clive Campbell, Linda Trantham, Linda Ebernickel, Lois Proffitt, Mary Davis, Diane Freck. Fourth row: Roy Cass, Wallace King, Raymond Stowe, Dennis Pittman, Dickie Cagle, Gilbert Joyce. Fifth row: James Harris, Charles Gosnell, David Morgan, Danny Mann, Dennis Dillard, Benny Plemmons, Eddie Stanber ry, Ronnie Recter, E. W. Loftis. J J Bus Driucrs First row, left to right: Mr. Penland, Sponsor, Joe Austin, Bobby Ballard, Sherrill Hill, Donald Pressley, Sammy Massie, John Kilpatrick. Second row: Mike Queen, Jackie Roberts, David Rickman, Jerry Revis, Richard Harrison, Bill Justice, Jack Suddreth. Third row: Clifton Robinson, Randall Galloway, Charles Morse, Leroy Campbell, Dickie Cagle, Douglas Warren, Ervin Sanford. 42 Curriculum English Effective communication with others is the most essential ability we pos- sess. Communication may take two Forms: written and spoken. Through the study of English, we learn to improve both forms. The English Department at Enka enables students to learn the vocabulary needed, the correct forms of language, in speech and in composition. Appreciation of literature is encouraged, and students learn to under- stand themselves and others in amore com- plete manner. In the correlated English courses at Enka, we grow ever more cap- able of complete and effective self-ex- pression. Miriam, Janice, Diane, and Henry ob- serve a bulletin board on Dicken's "Great Expectations . " l . may iff Instruction in reading is given by Mr Starnes. The reading class is a new addi- tion to the English Department. Randy tries to explain Aristotle's theory of "place" to his other classmates. .N if Linda and Pat write French sentences on the board, for the class. Mickey auctions slaves for the Latin ini- tiation. Languages Three foreign languages are of- fered at Enka. These are Latin, French, and Spanish. Latin, the classical tongue, helps students to better understand one of the greatest cultures the world has known. Study of French and Spanish, two con- temporary languages, promotes understand- ing between members of various nations being drawn ever closer together in today's world. Understanding and appreciation among students are broadened. Courses are ever improving at Enka, and this year Latin lll and French ll were offered. Students of the Spanish class listen to Spanish records. Library The Library is an important source of information and parallel reading at Enka. Here students compile informa- tian, complete assignments, and learn. A number of new books have been added to circulation this year, increasing the ef- fectiveness of the library. Students are able to use the facilities of the library at night, and thus have the added advantage of asource of learning which is convenient and comprehensive . Books seem to come in all at once For library assistants. Library assistants file the card cat- alogue . Glenda, Linda, and Terry use the library facilities for many purposes. fax? V, Gvuibatw Guidance at Enka means guidance in education, in iob choice, and in learning in high school. The Guidance Department under the direction of Mrs. Warren and Mrs. Rudisill, makes available brochures and bulletins of colleges, employers, and technical schools. It is an integral part of the coordi- nation of school activities and ob- jectives . bi I14 3 H ,tg , xknv- f-1 Mrs. Rudisill helps Kaye and A lu. ,J I Charles till out College Board fb 'E LN J .1 , Entrances . 1 , 4 ,,, W 1' 1 ' I .x- I. J, 1, ,Li ,I 5 1' ' Y i ,1 . 1 1 i - ,, I 11, l f 1 . , , f 1 H411 ffl' fp VJ! . ,' I I '- , ' f' . UA 7' ,ffl 'N I ,, tw . ,fx I X .1 eff H ff" f ' 1" ,1 Wy. ,15 1 ' ,l 1 'ff 1'-1 .1 ' 'W 1 'v 1 If 1 ,' 5 V f ' f 1 I -r It ' fi I 1 4 ' A f N rf, Z 1 x lu ' , 1 X .' I' 1 U 1 lf f , 1 ' V' 'f f I 1 , N LW ' ,1 - 1 1 l 'I 2 1,f' ',' IH - X it 1' 'f ' W ' , 'W L, , , ll A K fl! V 1 1 'Q ' 1.1 5 r r f 1 , . f 1 1 ' , Y fl . 1 1, 1 , K g , I A 1,095 ,, sv .,...l,I ii 7372: "" f Q A Xi 'itil ' 1' Q li it , Q M? ,J , , Ns, ' 1 . 1 Seniors naturally come to the , ' Guidance Room for help. Mrs. f Warren discusses the Morehead, . Scholarship Fund with Mike and li 1 Roberts. . Y 1' 1- . 1, 1' 3 ' , I NV lg, I, ,ll i, i 5 if -if JI: 1' 1 1,1 ni ' .l 1 V 1 1 I y , ,J V9 t l .F ,W . cnucnsssz L2 if : Lccisurrvz amen I .5ocial 51' ubiw Mrs. Rhinehart's U. S. History class study about our government. Our heritage as a nation can be better understood and appreciated through the study of the social sciences, and at Enka, opportunity abounds. By learning about our world, and eventually, our nation, students develop a more acute awareness of the cultures and customs which combined to make the world what it is at the present time. Current history is stressed, and students become appreciative of the ever-changing state of the world. ? Es , A Libby and Gail construct a medieval manor by using oatmeal boxes, wax paper rolls, soap boxes, cord- Linda points out part of Gaul, conquered by Caesar board, Flour, salt, water, paint, glue. .. 48 Members of Mr. Young's Biology class ob- Members of Mr. Morrell's chemistry class serve as Brenda disects a carp. look on as Rosemary and Gary demonstrate an experiment with diluted hydrocholoric acid. Zcimce Science at Enka assumes forms which fulfill needs of students. Courses include chemistry, physics, biology, earth science, general science, and senior science. In these classes students learn the basic facts, and later apply these fundamentals in their personal conclusions and discoveries. Through the laboratories at Enka, science becomes a living subiect, and students enioy the learning process. The study of both natural and physical science becomes increasingly important today, and Enka has much to offer to the young scientist. Mrs. Warren's Physics class prepare to . ,. , write up the analysis of Charles Arthur s in preparation for an experiment. experiment. Kay and Eddie weigh chemical compounds 49 Zllntlizmuhcs Those at Enka who come in con- tact with the Math Department are aware of vast changes in this field. The modern approach is stressed, and students often find themselves more interested. A course in combined plane and solid geometry, and a course combining trigonometry, cal- culus, and analytical geometry are among the recently introduced studies. Through mathematics we learn to reason more clearly, and to think in a more orderly manner. 4 ,I J mf' ii!! W M Wlfifvflffl David and Gary choose a book on modern XJ 7 My izip iii! day mathematics I WM ,j ygwmyff' ,fv V WWT Aflffffitj is Cwl lyggiif s Mr Deason ex lains modern day math Paul Lynn Donald and Mary Francis . p discuss their protect in advanced geometry to some of his students. Business Ebucstion Business in the future depends on the young people of today, and the young people prepare themselves through business education. Here they learn the fundamentals of the business world: the methods, the means, the management which will be used in their careers. Typ- ing, shorthand, use of machines and equip- ment, all of these are components which develop the capable business leader of to- morrow, and all of these may be learned in Enka's Business Department. Susan, Leroy, and Ronnie observe their newly finished bulletin board. iffmfflifiil UND? Wiz! ii? it 2 Students observe and demonstrate as Diana states the problem. Students take notes as Betty Jane dictates ,it,.':s- Q X- X N Xxx time t 'Q nm, Aix V an 5 lfsbuww QM? as Jean, Linda, Sandra, and Lennie make yeast bread. Roms Economics intriguing aromas often emerge from the Home Economics Department at Enka. At other times the whir of sewing machines may be heard. Then we know that young ladies atEnka are gaining skills important to them as homemakers at future times. In this course, girls learn to cook, sew, and efficiently run a home, iobs which require training as do any other vocations. Under the capable direction of home economics teachers, the girls learn to be efficient, economical, and capable. Glenda and Janet prepare coffee for a break. Linda and Beth try to get the sleeve sewed in their dress before the bell rings. Industrial Art members study a mounted truck motor. Boys working in the shop learn to weld. Mr. Duckett paints a tool box as a student observes. Industrial Art Boys help put in new lockers for the new wing. Tnbusirial This lndustry will draw many aspiring young men from the resources of the lndus- trial Arts Department of Enka High School. For here, in actual practice, students ac- quire first-hand experience at industrial skills. Training is offered in use of tools, machines, and materials. Members of the Agriculture Department Agriculture students practice the identification landscape for the new wing. of tools for a county contest. flgficulfure Agriculture is an everchanging field of study, and young agriculturalists at Enka keep abreast of latest methods and techniques through the Agriculture Depart- ment of our school. Agriculture combines many of the courses included in the curri- culum, among these are science, business management, and human relations. Ex- perience is combined with technical knowl- edge to produce knowledgeable young farmers. Agriculture students refinish their farm truck. Mr. Penland explains the parts of a car to a student. F ill up for instruction with Mr. Penland .W Tffw, ,f ..' f, in Drivers Training . 'Dfium' Crainin With professional driver training a requirement for a license in our state, students find it convenient to take ad- vantage of this course at Enlccl. Skill and coordination are developed, and a basic knowledge of automobile mechanics is im- parted. The roads are safer because ofa well planned driver instruction course. Part of Drivers Training is learning to park a car. Barth This year the Enka High Band has had a busy schedule under the dir- ection of Mr. Ralph Middleton. lt has participated in all pep rallies and foot- ball games. It marched at the Labor Day parades in Asheville and Hendersonville, the Veterans Day Parade, and the Christ- mas Parade in Asheville. The highlight of the fall was participating in the South- eastern Marching Contest at Bristol. This spring the band participated in the State Contest Festival at Marion. It also played a series of concerts at surrounding schools. This successful school year was ended by the annual Spring Concert at the school. Officers: Judy Stubbs, Vice-President, Cecil Edmonds, Secretary-Treasurer, Ann Peebles, President. The Enka-Candler Business Association generously donated S550 to the band uni- form fund. Left to right: Judy Stubbs, Mr. Gene Lamb, president of the asso- ciation, Mr. Harold Peebles, Treasurer, Mr. H. M. Tomberlin, Ann Peebles, Mr. Ralph Middleton, Cecil Edmonds. The band puts its best foot forward as they prepare to march in their appropriate dress. The band purchased several rare instru- ments this year enabling the band to compete with the better bands of the state. The players of these instruments are, first row: Mary Long, baritone sax- ophone, Dara Llewellyn, oboe, Judy Miller, French horn, Diane Tweed, French horn. Second row: Rex Revis, bass clarinet, Judy Wynes, bass clarinet, Sharon Peebles, alto clarinet, Sally Clark, bassoon. The percussion section is composed of Robert Blackwell, Frank Davidson, Har- old Young, Phil Sloan, Larry Stockton, David Gayheart. Ten band members participated in the All-State Band at Cullowhee. Seated are the members of the Workshop Band: Nancy Hall, Ann Peebles, Diane Tweed, David Fisher, Paul larussi, Jimmy Single- ton. Members of the Clinic Band are standing: Sharon Peebles, Bill Gudger, Randy Sluder, Kenneth Singleton. The freshman clarinet section is greatly improved under the direction of Bill Gudger. First row: Lanny Sheppard, Judy Wynes, Sandra Price, Carolyn Shope. Second row: Lois Massie, Linda Rhodes, Larry Kinsland, Pat Moore. SHAR Standing: KneeHng: Ann ANN veesues Head Nwlxofene Jvfvfforcifes cron PeebXes E5 SoHy Clark, Miriam West, Sh PeebXes 58 CLARK T Diversifizb Qccupahon Diversified Occupation enables students to combine academic training with technical experience. While still com- ? i pleting their high school careers, they are I . able to obtain a preview of their future careers in business and in industry. Vivian Herren aids Dr. Cole in dentistry. gf sowmf mmm: mum Sayers. nur, Ufllmi llgislf, N A", Dickie Cagle polishes i'-Ul'I'1ll'Ufe f0I' Q Jqmeg Hqrrig Checks the engine new showing at Kent Mobile Homes. gr fhe E550 Sfqfion, 59 Q- ff5l'C,g5ital Gbufahon "A trained mind in a strong body" might well be applicable to the typical student at Enka. Through physical education, we learn about our physical beings, and how to take proper care of ourselves. Sportsmanship and fair play are emphasized, and through this depart- ment, we learn to live in harmony with those about us. All together now, girls, one, two, three! Neil learns to rebound the ball as part of the physical education program . Part of physical education is learning 41 to play basketball. XT Clazztz xx' f...I 'Q SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS h Bottom row, left to r ight: Mike DeBruhl, Vice President, Betty Jane Dclvis, Recording Secretory, Rudy Herren, President. Standing: Terry Goyheort, Treasurer, Leon Young, Reporter, Rita Edmonds, Corresponding Secretory. with his Christmas pref-em' HGH to o Kenneth is happy Ur Chief! 62 s,,.,,, V ,W ,k..... SANDRA ALLEN HALLIE ALLISON KATHRYN ARRINGTON JACK ARROWOOD JOE ARROWOOD CHARLES ARTHUR Class of 1964 JOE AUSTIN DONNIE BALL MARY BALL BOBBY BALLARD NANCY BENNETT PHIL BRINKLEY LAURA BUCHANAN SUSIE BURNETTE SUE BURROWS RICHARD CAGLE GEORGE CAJIGAL CLIVE CAMPBELL MARTHA BROOKS TERRY BROOKS HAROLD BROOKS HIRE JUDY BROWN NORMAN BRYAN DORIS BUCHANAN Class LEROY CAMPBELL EDDIE CANDLER MARTHA CARTER CHARLES CATHEY MORRIS CHILDERS ROBERT CLEMENT ofl964 BRENDA COLE JANE COLE SUSAN COLE MARY COLLETTE BOB COLLINS MARLENE CONNER MARS HA DAVIS MARY DAVIS MIKE DAVIS MIKE DeBRUHL CAROLYN DEVORE DENNIS DILLARD CECIL CRAWFORD ROBERTS CROWDER REBECCA DALTON ROGENE DAVES BETTY JANE DAVIS JACKIE DAVIS Class JUDY DOWDLE SANDY DRAKE SANDRA DUCK LINDA EBERNICKEL VIRGINIA EDMONDS RITA EDMONDS ofI964 FRIEDA ENSLEY JOANN FINCHER JOE FISHER EARLENE FLETCHER DANNY FOX JIM FOX CREOLA GREENE TOMMY GREENE JAMES HARRIS RONNIE HARRIS CAROLYN HEDDEN SUSAN HENSLEY ELEANOR FRISBEE RANDALL GALLOWAY JOANN GARRISON TERRY GAYHEART MYRA GOSNELL BECKY GRAHAM Class JUNE HENSON RUDY HERREN VIVIAN HERREN SHERRILL HILL BRENDA HOGLEN SHIRLEY HOLCOMBE 4196+ 'T KATHY HOWELL JAMES HUTCHINSON JAN HUTCHINSON PATRICIA HYATT DIANE HYDE SANDRA INGLE if GILBERT JOYCE BILL JUSTICE STEVE KEMIC JOHN KILPATRICK GARY LEDFORD LINDA LETTERMAN SANDRA ISRAEL SUSAN IVEY CAROL JARRETT BILL JERVIS ALICE JOHNSTON STEVE JONES Class VICKIE LINER E. W. LOFTIS DON LYTLE DANNY MANN WILLIAM MASSIE TOMMY McCARS ON of 1964 RONNIE MCCLURE IRIS MCCOLLUM ROBERT MCCULLOCH DAN MCCURRY WANDA MCELREATH DAVID MCELYEA DUANE MORGAN JUDY MORGAN RALPH MORGAN CHARLES MORSE BILL MOSES LYNDA MOSS DOROTHY MIDDLETON MARGO MILLER CHIPPY MILLER PHIL MOODY WAYNE MOORE CORALEE MORGAN Class TLATHA MOSS JOHNNY NORVELLE GARY O'KELLEY KATHERINE PARKER JOHN PEARSON ANN PEEBLES of 1964 MARY PHILLIPS DENNIS PITTMAN BRIAN POPE LOIS PROFFITT DAVID RABY DOUGLAS RAMSEY JERRY REVIS GLENDA ROGERS JIM SALTER JOHNNY SAMS GEORGE SELF DAVID SETZER KAY SETZER K I QIYX KX L50 R x 1 o'XxJffl YIX X U AAI IU! fl VO J BARBARA RHODES RONALD ROBERTS CLIFTON ROBINSON LINDA ROBINSON LINDA ROBISON Class MARION SHADRON JANE SIMS JERRY SINGLETON JOANN SINGLETON GARY SLUDER LARRY SLUDER of 1964 JIM SMITH LINDA SMITH PAT SMITH PHYLLIS SMITH ROY SMITH REBECCA SPARKS ROGER SURRETT CALVIN SWANGER NANCY TOWE GLENN TRANTHAM LINDA TRANTHAM BILL TRULL RICKY SPENCER RALPH STANBERRY ANNETTE STILLWELL GENE STIREWALT JUDY STUBBS JACK SUDDRETH Class BELINDA WALDRUP DEANNA WALKER LOUISE WALKER LORETTA WARREN EMILY WATTS KENNETH WHEELER of 1964 RONNIE WHITE CANDY WHITT PHIL WIGHT LILLIAN WILSON LOIS WILSON LEON YOUNG Elaine Acrey Jo Ann Allen Martha Arrowood Eddy Askew Jimmy Bailey Susie Ball Ted Ball Martha Ballard Sandra Ballinger David Barnes Patsy Bartlett Lincla Bates Linda Beaver David Benson Lynn Benson Brinda Berry Wayne Bishop Mike Blankenship Willa Rea Blankenship Janice Boyclston Bruce Boykin Herbert Branch .was L-f r -,Lf - J. V., ,- - - A-, -- . 4 - ,-,f-,Q N Mary Brenclell Jerry Brendle Carolyn Brock Barbara Brookshire Linda Brookshire Harriett Brown Jerry Brown Martha Brown Riley Brown Susan Brown Mike Burch Jane Burnerfe Ronald Clement Sandra Cody Mary Joyce Coffey John Corbin Blaine Cox Jucly Crawford Robert Crisp Marcia Crook Anita Crowe Phyllis Dalton Bessie Davenport Fred Davis Shirley Burneffe Ralph Burrell Ronneffa Burrell Eddie Cagle Wayne Calclwell Linda Capps Wayne Carpenter Joel Carter Doris Case Linda Case Gerald Clark Jim Clark Class Julia Ann Davis Ronald Davis Kathy DeBorcl Lincla Dettweiler Eva Sue Dillard Elizabeth Ditchfield Jane Dockett Mike Duncan Pat Earley Cecil Edmonds Robert Elliott Jimmy Ferguson 0fl965 Douglas Fisher Mark Fisher Gary Foster Mickey Franklin Diane Freck Gerald Fulcber Terry Furness Mary Gallion Eunice Gamble Larry Gam Jim Garren Texas Gasperson Virginia Harrell Richard Harrison Bernice Hedden Jerry Hedden Loretta Hensley Martha Hensley Ronald Herren Steve Herren Tom Herring Bill Holbrook George Holcombe Janie Holcombe Pal Gibbs Charles Gosnell Pat Gosnell Eric Godfrey Mary Godfrey Terry Gorman Jerry Grant Neil Greene Linda Grooms Charles Griffin Bill Gudger Pal Harding lass ,, '...-1-wx.--igiu Douglas Holland Brenda Hollifield Mary Lee Horton Loraine Houck Sandra House Ann Howell Jeanette Howell Lillian Howell Ruth Hoyle Jim Hughey Archie Huntsinger Paul larussi was f"'i4 V llll ' J ,", L' J 5 lv fx N-.U 14 U ,Vv , , -A"l V zl' Ll,x V llll- Q! Margaret Ingle Martha Ingle Rose Mary lngle Don Israel Libby Israel Nancy James Jean Jarrett Eclward Jenkins Kaye Jenkins Brenda Kaye Jon Earl Jones Mike Jones ES Micheal Leni Martha Letterman Bobbie Jo Lewis Audrey Limeberry Brenda Lindsey Gail Lipe Joe Long Karen Long Sammie Massie Larry McCall Linda McCarson Pat McClellan Mary Kaylor David Keith David King Joyce King Wallace King Sam Kiser Jean Kuykendall Janice Lance Johnney Lance Doris Lanning Priscilla Ledford Troy Ledford Class .-,. .,,,,. Dale McClure Jim McConnell Glenda McElrath Neale McElratb Phyllis McElratb Nancy McFee Sandra Meares Ray Medford Ron Medford Clarence Melson Diane Merrill Barbara Messer 7965 Connie Metcalf Larry Middleton Betty Jo Miller Gary Miller Dennis Mills Libby Moore Brenda Morgan David Morgan Linda Morgan Pat Morgan Joyce Morris Tommy Morris Jeanette Parris Lou Ellen Parris Doris Passmore Penny Patterson Pat Pearson Diana Peebles Beatrice Penland Jean Penland Tommy Phelps Benny Plemmons Marlene Plemmons Russell Plemmons Mary Myers Mike Nichols Zina Nichols Audrey Norris Doug Norton Susan Oates Billy O'Kelly Kert Palat Charles Palmer Barbara Parker James Parker Grady Parris lass Q '-,,-.. ,Y -L Ly, J fx, .,,,r-1' ffm . ,- -. ...gm :--' ,---1-1-1 :dnl Donald Pressley Edward Pressley Lynn Procter Dorothy Queen Mike Queen Fred Racey Linda Rathbone Yvonne Reogon Ronnie Rector Linda Redmon Diana Reed Elaine Reed 0f'l96'5 Jerry Reece Jerry Reynolds Ronnie Rhodes Floyd Rice Judy Rice Jerry Rich David Rickman Treva Riddle Charles Roberts Jock Roberts Larry Roberts Helen Rogers Tommy Sisk Diane Smith Janet Smith Reid Smith Tommy Spain Larry Spencer Barbara Sprinkle Sandra Sprinkle Earlene Stamey Ronald Stamey Steven Stanberry Dale Stevenson Jerry Rogers David Rutherford Monika Schaaf Sandra Scroggs Gayle Setzer Jerry Sexton Kitty Sherlin Mayolyn Shelton Gary Shore Glenda Short Eddy Simmons Jimmy Singleton Class Gary Stevenson Leon Stewart Lowell Stewart Sharon Stewart John Stillwell Charles Stines Raymond Stowe Donald Stubbs Ronald Stubbs Jerry Sutton Carolyn Swanger Evon Taylor 0f'l965 Jimmie Taylor James Thrift Vickie Todd Michael Towles Louis Travis Randall Turbyfill Barbara Vinson Gary Vinson Larry Vinson Bobby Warren Danny Lee Warren Donna Warren Louedith Wiggins Richard Wilde Carl Williams Charles Williams Bill Wilson Cynthia Wilson Peggy Wilson Sam Wilson Jeanette Wise David Woody Sandra Wyke Becky Young Gary Warren Jo Ann Warren Linda Warren Wanda Warren Danny Washburn Bobby Watson Alonzo Watts Gregg Webb Terry Webb Cathey Welch Miriam West Carroll White C lass Johnny Young Linda Young Linda M . Young Marilyn Zibelin Leon and Iris load White Christmas packages was Santa Claus seems to be having a difficult time with his helpers Class of 1966 SOPHOMORE OFFICERS First row, left to right: Harold Crisp, President, Susie Palct, Secretary, Gary Brown, Vice President. Second row: Vero- nica Penley, Treasurer, Linda Robinson, Reporter. 5 if Brenda Allen Sharon Armstrong Janet Arthur Doris Austin Mike Bachner Kay Ball Ronald Barrier Sharon Bates Ann Beachboard Eddie Bennett Ronnie Bennett Rose Marie Bennett Lynda Bishop Jerry Black Alpha Blackwell Fran Bumpus Susie Bumgardner Audry Burch Lewis Burch Billy Burnefte Rose Burnefre Freida Burrell Ray Burrell Kirby Burton Jack Carpenter Sonya Carter David Carver Margaret Chapman Linda Chockley Sue Clampett Judy Blankenship Richard Bowman Cesile Boyd Ronnie Boysfon David Bradley Mike Branton Ann Bridges Dewey Brock Gary Brooks Susan Brookshire Gary Brown Jan Brown Jean Brown Nevil Breedlove Linda Bryson Charles Clark Janice Clark Rose Lee Clark Sally Clark Libby Clement Steve Clevenger David Clontz C. J. Cody Jo Anne Cole Peggy Coleman Brenda Cooper Madge Case Jeanefre Cox Harold Crisp Karen Dale Class Barbara Dalton Bill Dalton Libby Daniel Brenda Davis Connie Davis Gail Davis Johnny Davis Brenda DeBorcl Pat DeBruhl Charles Dempsey Gene Devore Tommy Dillard Stephen Dills Georgia Dorland Rosalee Duckeff uv' f -atv? of 1966 Gail Freeman Lynn Fullum Dean Gaddy Linda Gaddy Jennifer Galloway Wayne Galloway Charles Garren Charles Glazener Frank Goforth Ronnie Gosnell Brenda Graham Gale Green Kathy Guy Faye Hamlin James Harding Gan ,qw-'W Henry Duncan Karen Dye Wayne Edmonds Par Edwards Terry Ellege Jerry Eplee Lynn Eplee Sharon Eplee Sandra Farmer Mary Lynn Foisfer Dorothy Fore Pat Fore Gail Foster lma Jean Fox Linda Freck Ronnie Harper Barbara Harrell Sharon Harris Bill Harvey Linda Harwood Gail Hedden Paul Hendrix Lawrence Henson Terry Herron Annette Hicks Jim Hill Brenda Hipps Bobby Holbrook Doby Holbrook Linda Holbrook 'Ihr' Nav' Gln Class Roger Holcombe Linda Hollitield Tony Hooker Bobby Hunter Doug Hunter Bruce Hutchinson Edward Hutcbinson Billy Hyatt Jerry Hyatt Linda lngle Kathy Israel Larry Israel Rebecca Jackson Jerry Jamison Jean Johnson 'VILZV 1,7-wr Vfltfzv hr- N of l96b Loretta Laney Kay Ledbetter Brenda Ledford Diana Letterman Steve Letterman Pattie Lewis Gail Lindsey Dara Llewellyn Mary Lollis Wayne Lominac Mary Long Vanna Long Pat Lunsford Becky Maltry Doug Massie FQ' Jean Johnson Jimmy Johnson Lola Johnston Brenda Jones Dyrenda Jones Gail Jones Susan Joyce Richard Justice Bruce King Terry Kirby James Kisselburg Donna Kury Carolyn Lance Gary Lance Gary Laney Pat McCall Andrea McDonald Ralph McFee Phyllis McKinney Wanda McKinney Gene Mease Barbara Medford David Medford Linda Medlin Marion Melton Jeannette Merrill Doris Messer Carolyn Metcalf Janice Metcalf Gayle Miller Class Judy Miller Marie Miller Sandy Mills Ricky Mifclfmell Bill Moody Edward Moore Linfa Moore Terry Moore Ronnie Morgan Clyde Morron Velma Moss Deidra Owen Dot Owenby Kay Owenby Susie Pala? of i966 Jean Posfon Carolyn Pressley Lynn Price Linda Propesi' Margaret Queen Eddie Raby Par Randolph James Redmond Helen Reese Larry Reese Bucky Reed Cheryl Reeves Rex Revis Charles Rhineharf Glenn Rhineharf haw 'Q-ar MacKalene Parker Roberta Parker Mike Parris Wayne Pearson Bill Peek Sharon Peebles Mike Penland Veronica Penley Ruby Phillips Bruce Pierce David Pittman Jerry Piffman Beverly Plemmons Eddie Plemmons Preston Ponder Melvin Rice Gregg Riggs Phyllis Roberts Iva Robinson Linda Robinson Jennifer Rogers Linda Rogers Linda Sams Bill Sandlin Carl Schilt Randy Scott David Scruggs Jack Seaver Doug Sebring Linda Sexton 6155 Lanny Sheppard Deanna Sherrill Kenneth Singleton Tommy Sisk Randy Sluder Mike Smathers Leslie Smith Marlene Smith Peggy Smith Reda Smith Rita Smith Sammy Smith Linda Snipes Billie Sorrells Lennie Sparlcs of 1966 Ronnie Wallen Darlene Warren David Warren Dianne Warren Eugenia Warren .loan Warren Pat Warren Ruth Warren Larry Watts Glenn Wells Shirley Wells Jerry West Ronald Wheeler Myra Wiggins Ralph Wiggins Lee Stamey Kenneth Stines Mildred Stowe Jim Suddreth Gail Taylor Roy Taylor Jackie Teague Ernest Towe Roger Towe Mike Travis Loyd Trull Michael Waddell Pat Waldrop Neil Waldrup Carroll Walker Don Wilkey Jock Williams Steve Williams Dinah Wilson Lindo Wilson John Wise Tommy Wolfe Allan Woody Billy Woody Dickie Wright Eddie Wright Edwin Wyly Donna Young Eddie Young Harold Young Mock Young Class of 1966 FRESHMEN OFFICERS First row, left to right: Gwencla Smith, Sec- retary, Diane Jenkins Treasurer. Second row. David Sebring, Report- er, Royce Phillips, Pres- identp Lane Mallonee Vice President. Robert Abel Charles Arendale Patricia Arrowood Darlene Atkins Joyce Bailey Kenny Banks Jeanette Barrett Carole Barrier Leroy Bates Virginia Benfield Brenda Biclclix Bob Blackwell Jerri Ann Bythe Vance Boone Sue Brendle I I Q im EX Cum vfww F 103 Q4 mf ., qu, X ff 21 L- .- i if Class of 1967 Cf""'b I QV , Ig, 1 Iv '5- xxxvj - 1 'II-fx l04 Beth Brock Brenda Brooks Linda Brooks Mary Brookshire Boyce Brown James Brown Ruby Brown Vivian Brown Randall Bryson Bobby Burgin Sylvia Burnette Doug Burrell Billy Caldwell Anita Cagle Scott Corroll Neil Carter Billy Carver Alma Case Jerry Case Linda Clement Nancy Cody Charlene Coffey Tommy Cooke Martha Cooksey Patsy Cope Wayne Cope Brenda Corn Gary Cowan Dorothy Creaseman Michael Crisp Nancy Crooke Linda C. Crowell Linda L. Crowell Billy Dalton Edward Davis Jackie Davis Bennie Doves Dwight Devlin Joe Edmonds Joe Edwards Mary Ruth Elson Patsy Farmer Brit Fender Marshall Fields David Fisher Penny Flores Sammy Fore Dickie Foster Venita Fox Mike Frady Barbara Franklin Junior Frisbee Shirley Frisbee David Fullam Ricky Fury Judy Gadcly Mike Galloway Betty Garrison Ann Gasque David Gayheart Jerry Goss Pam Glance Brent Gosselin Eddie Gosnell Linda Grant Linton Green Doris Grooms Larry Halford Nancy Hall Ray Hall Class of 1967 f 1 , 45" J iff IO6 Raymond Hall Susan Hamilton Jerry Hamlin Ernest Hampton Marlene Hampton Brucy Haney Bobby Hannah Charles Hardison David Harris Jane Harris Nancy Harwood Shirley Henderson Rita Hensley Sandra Henson Eddie Holcombe Ray Holden Larry Horton Brice Howell Linda House Mary Huntsinger Joyce Hyatt Linda Hyatt Brenda Hyde Marsell Ingle Roberta lngle Glenna Isaac Doug Israel David Jackson Gail Jameson Mike Jameson Ann Jarrett Diane Jenkins Hugh Jenkins Marilyn Johnston Curtis Jones Doug Jones Marvin Jones Dennis Jordan Chuck Joyner Pam Kaempher Mariam Kemic Brenda King Eiender King Johnny Lawrence Glenda Leatherwood David Letterman Henry Letterman Jack Letterman Roger Letterman Diane Lewis Maxine Lindsey Lauren London Janice Lominac Kathyrn Long Linda Lovingood Patricia Lusk Teresa Lytle Kay McCall Janice McCarson Syiva McCarson Amanda McDonald Robert McDonald Robert McElrath Lewis Mciilreath Leon McKinney C. L. McMahann Lane Malionee Lawrence Mashburn Lois Massey Barbara Massie Class of 1967 '90 107 Class of 1967 -ra 'iff-MA, 'Qui' 108 J Freda Matthews Michael Meadows Dickie Merrell Mike Merrill Florence Messer Jackie Messer Pat Messer Jerry Miller Marcia Miller Mickey Minyard Rachel Moore Pat Moore Danny Morgan Randall Morgan Linda Morrow Gary Moser Steve Moss Victor Moss Barbara Muse Bill Nash Gilda Nelms Larry Nicholson Joanne Norman Howard Overman Billy Parker Suzanne Parker Jenny Parris Roy Parris Garnell Parris Susan Passmore Darlene Pafe Jerry Pearson Glenda Penland Diane Penley Howard Phelps Royce Phillips Sammy Pinkerton Beverly Plemmons Brenda Plemmons Doris Plemmons Ronnie Plemmons Donald Pressley Edith Pressley Ronnie Pressley Robert Pressley Tommy Pressley Sandra Price Billy Randall Shirley Randolph Nancy Roper Nancy Reagan Gary Reap Dianne Redmon Robert Reeves Ronnie Reeves Linda Rhodes Geoffrey Rice Joyce Rice Loretta Rice Gerald Rich Dennis Rickman James Ridley Linda Rios Carolyn Roberts Gail Roberts Sandra Roberts Howard Roe Jennifer Rudd Robert Russell John Rutherford A , Class cf 1967 HO Sandra Saunders Donald Scruggs Barbara Jo Setzer Willis Setzer Tommy Shelton Walter Sherlin Linda Shook Carolyn Shope Vicki Shope Raymond Sisk Linda Smathers Audrey Smith Barbara Smith Charles Smith David Smith Gwenda Smith Kathy Smith Norman Smith Paul Smith Ronnie Smith Susie Smith Larry Spain Ronald Spivey Gerald Stamey Wanda Stanberry Doug Stanley Larry Stockton Jimmy Stroupe Tim Suddreth Ann Sutton Rebecca Sutton Barbara Taylor Jerry Taylor David Tipton Jimmy Towe Dennis Treadway Jerry Trull Larry Trull Brenda Waddell Rebecca Waldin Barbara Warren Brenda Warren Dennis Warren Eddie Warren John Warren Marie Warren Cherry Waters Peggy Watts Kenneth Weatherman Mary Jane Webb Joel Welch Gary Wells David West Phyllis West Larry Wheeler Shelia Whiteside Kaye Wiggins Paulette Wilde Janet Williams Don Wilson Marlin Wilson Ronald Wilson Steve Wilson Vieta Woodring Lester Worley Judy Wy nes Class of 1967 'a ,f 'SW ill ,Vo-f sf- - First row, left to rrght Roberta Ingle, Dorls Cordell Ann Brldges, Lmda House, Linda Powell Second row Paulette Wnlde Laura London, Glenda Penland, Cherry Waters, Patsy Pearson Thurd row Carol Barruer Diana Peebles, Susanne Parker, Garnell Penland Fourth row Harriett Brown, Llncla Chockley Susan Brown . M , wi V- W ren advises RUG, Mme' Betty " Sfdrnes speaks For the Alumni. Mr- U' d Leon. June, on Zlubeni Ufe 'ff-I , V I f 5 ' ,Ai , ji? 5 , if y f V I , ,f Y h ened, Lhcxuw- x Who? OPP ,964 Af,,, Pe H ew Sqd es Mojo feffe F.T d---f'-' BQXXOTS! 'A- memb d m0fe ers ser BGHOTSI Banos on on Conegevgfltfreshmenfs H3 Are these the sophisticated seniors we know ? Ciass of '64's Junior officers worked hard on ring orders Ziubeni if , a ini enter' ins in X962 l "Easier said than done" stvme What are Jane and Sandra doing to Santa Claus? Mfr: Miss Awe' " OU r QUeen H4 Ziubeni Ufc X N ,. r VTMK Senior B Honor Roll Junior B Honor Roll Sophomore A Honor Roll Judy Miller Freshman A Honor Roll Brenda Hyde Sophomofe B HOUOY Roll Freshmen B Honor Roll 115 Ziubmi Fife Candidates for Junior Marshals Members of the Senior Class count ballots For Junior Marshals Exam time! Junior-Senior mermaids H6 .ev 'Wig' 'P' 'iff u 1' f' V , b"1""' r..n rf VP' 5 Tritt .,, .44 ' -gf ff? P 4" E V5 'ar "Pau-M . A 7 R 'A , ffffl- ' ' A - Q L A1 ' t v nv, ,. ,N . Wo fLf'1"11" ' N 2Wf'514f2?aiZeLfwf22'4iL'fQ H fwfr 6' ws, 'ff' Q 9 'W , Mgr W, 5 rf QA! ,wf We mme Remember our pep rallnes' r I A representative of Bob Jones Umversnfy points out areas of the Umversnfy For students Mr . Warren and students The teachers were eager enioy new wing. to get into the new wing. Ziubmi lllfc Monica Schaaf Johnny Young lst Place lst place Senior Physical Division V - Senior Biological Division D i M . s d ' mock Around the Clockn rs an ers and the.girls hudclle for a few encouraging words. 118 Mr. Middleton directs the band Our cheerleaders rode in the at a pep rally. Asheville Christmas parade . Zmbeni llifc Gary takes care of difficult matters Modern day football players Students decide on the college Temporary class rooms are they would like to attend. replaced by our new wing. H9 E! Wayne Caldwell puts a final touch to the curtain for the Junior party. That ladder isn't dependable Mrs. Brigmon's home room won in the annual maga- zine drive to raise money for the Junior-Senior Prom. They raised more money than any other room in the history of the h I. Tommy, put this pink one in the center Sc oo - V Zviubeni Ufe Doug and David play and sing Pat and Susan dance the night away Hootenanny music at the Junior Party. at the Junior party with modern jazz music 120 21 1 I1 l et! pu z I EVA SUE DILLARD CANDY WHITT ANN PEEBLES QUCQ115 fiifcnclanfs " x I' fag , M EN '. , ,eV . -- A , .Y -- ,.-4' -H" . -' -1? ., nw? -,- Y ,. ' -x 4, ,M I Terry Furness Gary Brown Bill Holbrook Bob Collins Gary O'Kell Y Bull Moses Larry Roberts Rudy Herren Charles Arthur James Hutchinson Co-CGPTGMS Jim Fox and Rudy Heffen Gerald Robinson Bgloaches ' ' Mcslfafh and Buck L Yda Kerr Palat Roberts Crowder Jim Fox Tom Sisk Larry Gam Charles Morse David McElyea Rclndy Turbyfill Mike Davis Glenn Trantham 124 First row, left to right: Senior players: David McElyea, Jim Fox, Charles Morse, Mike DeBruhl, James Hutchinson, Charles Arthur, Roberts Crowder, Ralph Stanberry. Second row: Mike Davis, Bill Moses, Rudy Herren, Gary O'Kelly, Bob Collins, Glenn Trantham, Norman Bryan. Bob Collins reaches for the hand-off from the quarter-back. bDQf5!lIil Football Terry moves back for a pass. Y' V ' l First row, left to right: Larry Roberts, Bobby Holbrook, Bob Collins, Rudy Herren, Jim Fox, Gary O'Kelly, Dewey Brock, John Corbin. Second row: Terry Kirby, Larry Gant, Tommy Sisk, Cesile Boyd, Mike Davis, Mike DeBruhl, Gary Brown. Third row: Randall Turbyfill, Ronald Stubbs, Bill Holbrook, C. J. Cody, Billy Moses, Ralph Stanberry, Terry Furness. Fourth row: Henry Duncan, Kert Palat, Charles Arthur, Glenn Trant- ham, Norman Bryan, Roberts Crowder, David McElyea. Fifth row: James Hutchinson, Charles Morse, Charles Roberts, David King, Mike Parris, Terry Moore. 125 Jets go for another first-down. Jets break through for a touchdown The line blocks for the hand-off. Lmior Darsifg Football Catan J. V. TEAM - l0th, llth, 12th GRADES First row, left to right: Mike Penland, Glen Rhinehart,'Preston Ponders, Tommy Dillard, Charles Rhinehart, Bill Peek. Second row: Doby Hollbrook, John Kilpatrick, Dennis Mills, Pat DeBruhl, Gary Slucler, Troy Led- ford. Third row: Johnny Young, Robert Crisp, David Clontz, Jerry Grant, William Dalton, Ronnie Boyston. 126 Crack Ceann gg gg First four winners in the district go to state track meet. Left to right, first row: Norman Bryan, Rudy Herren, Bill Moses, Jim Clark, David McElyea, Bill Holbrook, Glenn Trantham. Second row: Coach Styles, Fred Davis, Leon Young, Doug Beale, Coach McElreath. First row, left to right: Ronnie Hedden, John Corbin, Joel Carter, Larry Gant, Rudy Herren, Joe Fisher, David Rutherford, Jimmy Garren, Preston Ponders, Mike Travis. Second row: Mike Davis, Glenn Trantham, David King, Tommy Sisk, Terry Kirby, Bill Moses, Bill Holbrook, C. J. Cody, Doug Norton, Dewey Brock. Third row: Mike Jones, Billy O'Kelly, Ronnie Bennent, Gary Laney, Jimmy Bailey, Jerry Rogers, Kenneth Wheeler, Roger Holcombe, Allan Woody, Ronnie Wallen. Fourth row: Roger Banks, Charles Garren, Kert Palat, Mike Parris, Ronald Gibson, Jim Clark, David McElyea, Norman Bryan, Bob Collins. Fifth row: Ralph Long, Leon Young, Phil Brinkley, Ronald Roberts, Charles Roberts, Eddie Wright, Terry Moore, Danny Welch, Gary Ledford. Sports at Enka High School begin with sportsmanship among the players as well as the students. The teams work diligently to uphold our school's standards and spirit. Sports make up the maior part of our school's extra curricular activities and competition. 4 Each of the events in the sports program brings different competition to our school . The students sup- port the boys and girls as they go out on the field or floor to work diligently and play strongly for a clean game and compete for another victory for Enka High School. 127 5?- 'S' Terry Furness Gary Brown Ronald Roberts Randy Turbyfill Managers David Jackson and Ronald Barrier Duane Morgan Leon Young Captain BOYS VARSITY BASKETBALL First row, left fo right: Gary Brown, Jack Arrowood, John Corbin, Jerry Brown. Second row: Randall Turbyfill, Terry Furness, Duane Morgan, Leon Young, Ronald Roberts, Gregg Webb, Gary Warren. 128 Gef fhqf bqll boys! Randall comes down with the ball! Boys' Emskziball Coach Johnson advises the boys. fx fe Leon always gets the iump. Ronald jumps high For a rebouncl. 129 2 l M .xyn J ' on ome Holcombe RNC Edm Cogcapfoin ends Managers X Hallie Allison, Janet Arthur, Vivian Brown Karen Long 'Wfhy Howell CO'C0Pra: I1 " mwmw.. l l T Par Xe gene Lynn Pflce SY Borflen, Guy A 130 6il'l5,g5f15lZ6IbLIkCKL1l'I'L K I I Lynn drives for a basket. Stand aside girls, while I make a bask f . e . GIRLS VARSITY BASKETBALL First row: Gwenda Smith, Marilyn Zibelin, Janie Holcombe, Kathy Howell, Gayle Setzer, Patsy Bartlett, Jackie Teague. Second row: Juanita Moses, Jane Duckett, Judy Crawford, Karen Long, Phyllis McKinney, Lynn Price, Rita Edmonds, Ann Peebles. 131 union' Darsitg Umrleabers Left to right: Penny Floros, Susie Bumgardner, Dyrenda Jones, Pattie Lewis, Barbara Jo Setzer, Kay Ledbetter Nancy Cody. Zivasebull Dam First row, left to right: Jim Smith, Gary Brown, Gary Warren, Randall Turbyfield, Jerry Brown, Mickey Franklin, Mike Holbrook. Second row: Harold Brookshire, Dennis Bartlett, Duane Morgan, James Hutchinson, Cesile Boyd, Eddie Haynes. 132 We EorXerNe pkoxn Qc Eva Sue Dillard robe' QHZBVIBLIUBTS - VI f Phyllrs Roberts C OW Cheer Brenda Kaye Jones Pat Gosnell Veronica Penley Sue B Susie Polar urrowg 133 unior Darsifil Ymslwball Cram First row, left to right: Jerry Jameson, Brent Gosselin, Mike Jameson, Larry Holford, Neil Carter Doug Jones, Willis Setzer. Second row: Doby Holbrook, Ronald Wheeler, Ronnie Morgan, Dickie Foster, Royce Phillips, Charles Glazner, Charles Garren. Come on Jane, put if in. Leon goes up For a rebound. 134 Class Song A O l.l. IJSUJJEL 'Elo l ' -El I --f " 'o ,I o J XJ Sli -P M J EL? Ui! ' .li ft! yi yi sfl Hicncls,may you have as grand ofllmes as we, 'Plwsea always have for Fnlaa loyally. .Nlollo 'lake care to gztwhaf youlikc or HOWC1' you will bafnrceclto like what you get "WW B6l'l'lllI'Cl5l10lVV G l ' Colors gold Flris ll ' gold and Blue, MR. AND MISS ENKA Rudy Herren Betty Jane Davis v Zenior Enuperlatives MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Dan McCurry Diane Hyde 136 PRETTIEST AND HANDSOMEST Charles Arthur Rita Edmoncs -'Q-I 11" 1 4417 Xml' MOST TALENTED Ronald Roberts Sandra Israel MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT Duane Morgan Earlene Fletcher MOST COURTEOUS Bill Jervis Linda Gail Robison l 3 MOST STUDIOUS Steve Kemic Doris Buchanan BEST PERSONALITY 'Jim Smith Margo Miller M OST ATHLETIC Leon Young Kc Thy Howell NEATEST Mike Davis Lindo Joyce Robinson 1 MOST POPULAR Mike DeBruhl Candy Whitt unior.7Vlarsl'wrls Left to right: Terry Furness, Chief Marshal5 Sandra Cody, Pat Early, Patsy Bartlett, John Corbin, Lou Ellen Parris, Louedith Wiggins, Eva Sue Dillard, Joel Carter. Smiorllrectogr SANDRA LEE ALLEN Business. Glee Club 2,35 Junior Marshal 35 Homeroom Secre- tary I5 Homeroom Vice President 25 Homeroom Treasurer 35 Office Assistant 4. HALLIE EUFAULA ALLISON Business. Future Homemakers of America 25 Future Business Leaders of America 35 Monogram Club 2,3,45 Basketball Man- ager 2,3,45 Chairman of Committee for Junior-Senior 3. KATHERINE LAVERNE ARRINGTON Business . BARRY JOE ARROWOOD Business. Monogram Club l,2,3,45 Homeroom Vice President I,45 Homeroom Reporter 2,35 Football Manager I,3,45 Track Manager 2,3,4. LARRY JACK ARROWOOD Business. Junior Civitan Club 3,45 Civitan Vice President 45 Homeroom President I,3,45 Monogram Club I,3,4,55 Student Council I,45 Future Business Leaders of America 45 Basketball l,3,45 Baseball I,2,3,4. CHARLES WALLER ARTHUR II College Preparatory. Track I, 2, 35 Basketball Manager 2, 35 Football Manager 25 Football 45 National Honor Society 253, 45 Latin Club l, 25 Junior Civitan Club 45 Monogram Club 2, 3,45 Junior Marshal-Chief37 Grand March 3,45 Program and Waiter for Junior-Senior 25 Senior Superlative - Most Hand- some. JOSEPH EUGENE AUSTIN General. Homeroom Vice President I5 F.F.A. Treasurer 25 F.F.A.Vice President 35 F.F.A. President 45 Bus Driver 3,4. MARY LEE BALL Business. WELDON DONNIE BALL General. JAMES ROBERT BALLARD General. F.F.A. I,2,3,45 Junior Deputies 25 Bus Driver 3,4. NANCY ELIZABETH BENNETT General. Future Homemakers 2, 35 Future Health Careers of America 2,3,45 Future Business Leaders of America 4. JAMES PHILIP BRINKLEY College Preparatory. Homeroom Vice President 35 Basketball 1,2,3,4. MARTHA sus BROOKS Business. F.H.A. 35 Future Nurses 2,35 Future Business Lead- ers of America 4. TERRY RICHARD BROOKS General. HAROLD CARMAN BROOKSHIRE College Preparatory. Baseball I, 2, 3, 45 Football 35 Mono- gram Club 2,3,45 Student Council 2,35 Homeroom Reporter I5 Homeroom President 25 Homeroom Vice President 35 Grand March 3. JUDITH ANN BROWN General. Future Homemakers of America I,2. 5miorDirectory NORMAN LEE BRYAN College Preparatory. Football I,2,3,4, Track I,2,3,4, Fut- ure Teachers of America 2,3,4, Junior Civitan 4, Library Club 2,3, Monogram Club 2,3,4, Grand March 3, Homeroom Pres- ident l,4, N. C. State Track Meet 3. ANNA LAURA BUCHANAN Business. Future Business Leaders of America 4. DORIS ANN BUCHANAN College Preparatory. National Beta Club 3, 4, F. T. A. 3, 4, Dramatics Club 4, Homeroom Reporter I, Homeroom Secretary 3, Junior-Senior Waitress 2, Grand March 3, Annual Editor 4, Student Council 4, Senior Superlative - Most Studious. SUSIE PAT BURNETTE General. Library Assistant 4. BETTYE SUE BURROWS College Preparatory. National Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Home- surer I, 2, Future Homemakers of America I, 2, 3, Future Homemakers of America State Convention I, Junior Degree, F. H. A. I, F. H. A. County Convention 3, F .T .A. DistrictConvention 3, Library Club 3,4, Office Assistant 2, Junior Varsity Cheerleader I, Varsity Cheerleader 2,3,4 , Assistant Head Cheerleader 4, Track Team I, J. V. Basketball Team I, Program and Waitress at Junior Senior 2, GrandMarch 3, Certificate ofAchievement in Magazine Sale 3, Spanish Club 3, Civinettes 4. EDGAR WASHINGTON CANDLER General. Homeroom Treasurer 2, Spanish Club 3, Future Farmers of America 4, Grand March 3. RICHARD DAVID CAGLE General. Bus Driver 4, Diversified Occupations 4. GEORGE LUIS ENRIQUE EUGENIO CAJIGAL College Preparatory. National Forensic League, Merit Degree 4, Homeroom Reporter 4, Spanish Club, Honorary Member 4, Senior Program, Junior-Senior Program 3. CLIVE TREVOR CAMPBELL General. Bus Driver 3, Diversified Occupations 4. RALPH LEROY CAMPBELL Business. Future Business Leaders of America, Treasurer 4, Homeroom Treasurer 4, Bus Driver 3,4. MARTHA CAROLINE CARTER Business. Future Business Leaders of America 4. CHARLES MARK CATHY College Preparatory . Future Teachers of America 3,4, Home- room Reporter 2, Student Council 3,4, Enkanoca Staff. MORRIS CARROLL CHILDERS General. Diversified Occupations 3,4, Vice President of D. O. 4, Waiter at Junior-Senior 2. ROBERT TERRY CLEMENT College Preparatory. Glee Club 2,3. BRENDA LOUISE COLE College Preparatory. Band I, Latin Club I,2, National For- ensic League 2, Library Club 3, Future Teachers of Americc 3,4, National Honor Society 3,4. ANITA JANE COLE Business. Annual Staff, Editor I,2,3,4, Future Business Lead- ers of America I, 2, 3,4, F.B.L.A. Vice President 3, Future Teachers of America 4, Office Assistant 4, Homeroom Pres- ident I, Homeroom Secretary 2, 3, Student Council 4, Wait- ress and Decoration Committee for Junior-Senior 3, J. V. Bas- ketball I, Science Fair 2,I- First and Second Place Winner. FRANCES SUSAN COLE Business. Future Business Leaders of America, Historian 3, 4, Homeroom Reporter 4, Scroll Staff 4. MARY ELIZABETH COLLETTE College Preparatory. Future Nurses 2, Glee Club 2, 3, Lib- rary Assistants Club 2, Waitress at Junior-Senior 2, Health Careers Club 4, Health Careers Congress 4, Office Assistant 4. ROBERT WILLIAM COLLINS College Preparatory. Civitan Club, Chaplain 3,4, Monogram Club I, 2, 3, 4, Library Club 3,4, Future Teachers of America 3,4, Spanish Club 3, Football I,2,3,4, Basketball I,2, Base- ball l,2, Track I,2,3,4, Homeroom Officer I,2,3. APRIL MARLENE CONNER Business . CECIL DUANE CRAWFORD College Preparatory. Homeroom Vice President I, Grand March 3. WILLIAM ROBERTS CROWDER College Preparatory. Football Team I,2,3,4, Track I,2,3,4, Homeroom Treasurer I, Student Council I, 2, 4, Monogram Club 2,3,4, Homeroom President 3, Library Club 3, Future Teachers of America 3, 4, All Blue Ridge Conference 2, 3, 4, All Buncombe County Conference 4, All Scholastic 4. EVELYN REBECCA DALTON Business. Future Business Leaders of America 4, Glee Club 2. ROGENE ELAINE DAVES Business. Future Business Leaders of America 4. ELIZABETH JANE DAVIS Business. Senior Class Recording Secretary 4, Student Coun- cil 2, 3, 4, Homeroom secretary 2, Future Business Leaders of America 4, Senior Superlative - Miss Enka. JACQUELINE LOU DAVIS General. Track I, Waitress at Junior-Senior 2, Homeroom Secretary 4, Diversified Occupations, Secretary 4. MARSHA LAVERN DAVIS College Preparatory. National Beta Club 2,3,4, Correspond- ing Secretary of Beta Club 3,4, Future Teachers of America 3, Homeroom Secretary 2,3, Cheerleader I,2, J.V. Head Cheer- leader 2, Varsity Cheerleader 3, Waitress at Junior-Senior 2. MARY ALEDA DAVIS Business. Future Homemakers of America I, Future Business Leaders of America 4, Juniorettes I, 4-H Club I, Diversified Occupations 4. 5cniorDiredo1y MICHAEL GENE DAVIS College Preparatory. Beta Club 2, 3, 47 Beta Club Vice Pres- ident 37 State Beta Club Convention 3, 47 State Library Con- vention 37 Homeroom President 47 Homeroom Vice President 37 Baseball I7 Football 2,3,47 Track 2,32 Monogram Club 2,3,47 Civitan Club 47 Program and Waiter at the Junior-Senior 27 Grand March 37 Student Council 37 Enkanoca Staff 37 Spanish Club 3, Spanish Club Treasurer 37 Honor Tea I,2,3,47 Library Club 2, 37 Senior Class Motto Committee 47 Senior Superla- tive - Neatest. CLAUDE MICHAEL DEBRUHL College Preparatory. Football I,2,3,4f Track I,2,37 Student Council I, 2, 3, 47 4-H Club I,27 Senior Class Vice President 47 Junior Class Vice President 37 Homeroom Treasurer I7 Chair- man of Sportsmanship Committee 4. CAROLYN LOUISE DEVORE General. Glee Club 2,3. CHARLES DENNIS DILLARD General. Diversified Occupations 4. JUDITH ANN DOWDLE Business. Future Business Leaders of America 4. ALVIN EUGENE DRAKE College Preparatory . Spanish Club 3 . SANDRA LEA DUCK College Preparatory. Homeroom President I7 Future Teachers of America 2, 3, 47 Future Homemakers of America I7 Spanish Club 37 National Honor Society 2, 3,47 Enkanoca Staff 47 Waitress at Junior-Senior 27 Magazine Award 3. LINDA OWNBEY EBERNICKEL General. Future Business Leaders of America 47 Diversified Occupations 47 Band I,2,3. RITA FRANCES ANN EDMONDS College Preparatory. Secretary of Freshman Class I7 President of Homeroom I7 Library Club 2,37 Track I7 Basketball I,2,3, 47 Secretary of Spanish Club 37 Secretary of Sophomore Class 27 Waitress at Junior-Senior 27 Grand March 37 Junior Mar- shal 37 Beta Club 2,3,4f F.T.A. 2,3,47 Corresponding Secret- ary of Senior Class7 Senior Superlative - Prettiest7 Student Council I,2,3,4. VIRGINIA RUTH EDMONDS Business. Future Business Leaders of America 3, 47 Latin Club I,27 Waitress at Junior-Senior 27 Homeroom Treasurer I. RAYMOND MARCEL EMERY General . FRIEDA GAIL ENSLEY Business. Future Business Leaders of America 47 Enkanoca Staff 3, 47 Health Careers Club 47 Decoration Committee for Junior-Senior 37 Health Careers Congress 47 Senior Song Com- mittee 4. FRANCIS JOSEPH FISHER, JR.. College Preparatory. National Honor Society 3, 47 National Forensic League 47 Junior Civitan Club 47 Track I, 2, 3, 47 Homeroom President 4. EARLENE AGNES FLETCHER College Preparatory. Enkanoca Staff I7 National Honor Soc- iety 2,3,4j Cheerleader 2,3,47 Head Cheerleader 47 Nation- al Forensic League 2,3,47 Library Club 2, 3, 47 N.F.L. Cor- responding Secretary 47 Library Club Reporter 37 Scroll Staff 3, 47 Future Teachers of America 2, 3, 47 F.T.A. Treasurer 37 Student Council 3,47 Senior Superlative - Most School Spirit. ADOLPHUS DANIEL FOX College Preparatory. Homeroom Secretary I7 Homeroom Pres- ident 27 National Forensic League 37 Grand March 37 Library Club 3. JAMES EDWARD FOX College Preparatory. Football I, 2, 3, 47 Football Captain 47 Basketball I, 27 Track I, 2, 37 Baseball 47 Student Council I, 2,3, 47 Homeroom President I7 Homeroom Vice President 27 Library Club 37 Monogram Club I,2,3,47 All-County Football 47 All-Blue Ridge Conference 47 Grand March 4. ELEAN OR RUTH FRISBEE Business. RANDELL CALVIN GALLOWAY General. Football I7 Bus Driver 3,47 Ind. Education 4. JOANN GARRISON Business. Future Business Leaders of America 4. ROY THOMAS GASS General. Diversified Occupations 3,4. TERRY LAURETTE GAYHEART College Preparatory. Latin Club I7 French Club, Secretary 47 National Honor Society 2, 3,41 Waitress at Junior-Senior 27 Steering Committee for Junior-Senior 37 Freshman Class Re- porter I7 Junior Class Treasurer 37 Senior Class Treasurer 47 Student Council I,3,47 Homeroom Treasurer 2. MYRA DEAN GOSNELL Business. National Beta Club 2, 3, 47 Office Assistant 47 Homeroom Secretary I7 Homeroom Treasurer 3. REBECCA JO GRAHAM Business. Cheerleader I7 Homeroom Secretary I7 Future Teachers of America 2, 3,47 Library Club 2,37 Waitress at Junior-Senior 27 Homeroom President 37 Spanish Club 37 Scroll Staff, Society Editor 47 Student Council 47 Civinettes 4. CAROL CREOLA GREENE General. Glee Club 2,31 Homeroom Vice President 3. HUGH THOMAS GREENE College Preparator . Monogram Club 2,3,47 Civitan Club 3, 47 Latin C ub 27 Football I,2,3,47 Homeroom Vice President 47 Homeroom President 3. JAMES LARRY HARRIS General. Diversified Occupations 4. RONNIE HOWARD HARRIS Business. Future Business Leaders of America, President 47 Student Council 47 Grand March 47 F .B.L.A. State Conven- tion 47 Decoration Committee for the Junior-Senior 3. CAROLYN JEAN HEDDEN General. Scniorllrectory SUSAN MAYO HENSILEY College Preparatory. Enkanoca Staff 2, 3, 45 Future Teachers of America 2, 3, 45 Library Club 45 Homeroom Reporter 45 Health Careers Club 45 Health Careers Congress 45 J.V. Cheerleader 25 Waitress at Junior-Senior 25 Track I5 Blue Ridge Conference Track Meet I5 Decoration Committee for Junior-Senior 35 Latin Club I, 25 Senior Song Committee 45 Basketball I5 Program Committee for Sophomore Party 25 Col- lege Day Hostess 2,3. JUNE ELIZABETH HENSON Business. National Beta Club 2, 3, 45 Future Business Leaders of America 3,4. RUDY WAY NE HERRON College Preparatory. Latin Club I, 25 President of Freshman Class I5 National Honor Society 2,3,45 Student Council I, 2, 3, 45 Civitan Club 3, 45 Treasurer of Civitan Club 45 Mono- gram Club I, 2, 3, 45 Football I,2,3,45 Track I,2,35 Basket- ball I,2,35 Baseball I5 Senior Superlative - Mr. Enka. VIVIAN CAROL HERRON General. Latin Club l,25 Diversified Occupations 4. JAMES SHERRILL HILL Business. Bus Driver 2,3,45 Future Business Leaders ofAmerica 45 Homeroom Reporter 45 Student Council 4. BRENDA ELAINE HOGLEN Business. Future Homemakers of America l,25 Glee Club l,25 4-H Club I . SHIRLEY ELIZABETH HOLCOMBE Business. MARY KATHRYN HOWELL College Preparatoy. Basketball I, 2, 3, 45 Co-Captain 45 Student Council 3, 45 Student Council Recording Secretary 3, 45 Future Homemakers of America I, 25 Science Fair Winner I5 Future Teachers of America 2,3,45 National Honor Society 2, 3, 45 Latin Club 3, 45 Latin Club Secretary 35 Latin Club State Convention 35 Senior Superlative -Most AthIetic5 Bridges Staff 45 Junior Marshal 35 Homecoming Court 35 Homecoming Queen 45 Waitress at Junior-Senior 25 Gym Committee at Junior-Senior 35 Monogram Club 2,3,45 Teen Fashion Board 4. JAMES CONLY HUTCHISON College Preparatory. Monogram Club, Secretary 3,45 Base- ball 2,3,45 Football I,2,3,45 Homeroom Reporter l,25 Vice President of Homeroom 3. LAUREN JAN HUTCHINSON Business. Future Business Leaders of America 25 Future Home- makers of America I . PATSY ANN HYATT General. Homeroom Secretary l,25 Future Homemakers of America I, 2, 45 Future Business Leaders of America 3, 45 Of- fice Assistant 3,45 Library Club 3 . MARY DIANE HYDE College Preparatory. National Honor Society 2, 3, 45 Latin Club I5 National Forensic League 2,3,45 Secretary of N.F.L. 35 Enkanoca Editor 2,35 Student Council 2,3,45 Correspond- ing Secretary of Student Council 3, 45 Junior Class Secretary 35 Bridges Staff 45 Junior Class Good Citizen5 Junior Marshal 35 Grand March 3,45 Senior Superlative - Most Likely to Succeed. SANDRA LOUISE INGLE General. Future Homemakers of America l,25 Track I. SANDRA ISRAEL College Preparatory. Student Council 45 Library Club 2, 35 National Honor Society 2,3,45 Spanish Club 25 Program Com- mittee of Junior-Senior 35 Waitress at Junior-Senior 25 Home- room Reporter I5 Homeroom Treasurer 45 Bridges Staff 45 Na- tional Forensic League 3, 45 Basketball Manager 25 Thespian League 45 Monogram Club 3, 45 Future Homemakers of Amer- ica I5 Senior Superlative - Most Talented. SUSAN PAMELA IVEY College Preparatory. Basketball I5 Future Business Leaders of Careers, Secretary 45 Future Homemakers of America, Treasurer 4.' CAROL FRANCES JARRETT College Preparatory. Latin Club I, 25 Library Club 35 Na- tional Forensic League 35 National Beta Club 2, 3, 45 State Beta Club Convention 2,3,45 Decorating Committee, Junior- Senior 35 Grand March 35 Enkanoca Staff 2,3,45 Junior Ed - itor, Senior Editor of the Enkanoca, Society Editor of the Scroll 45 Homeroom Secretary 45 Third Place Winner of Sci- ence Fair 25 Cullowee Science Fair 25 Waitress at Junior- Senior 25 Second Place Winner of Magazine Drive 35 Office Assistant 45 Honor Tea 2, 3, 45 Sophomore and Junior Party Program5 Senior Song Committee 45 College Day Hostess 35 White Christmas Deliverer 3. WILLIAM PORTER JARVIS Business. National Forensic League 35 Future Business Leaders of America 45 Football 35 Homeroom Reporter 35 Homeroom ALICE MARIE JOHNSTON Business. Future Business Leaders of America 45 Future Home- makers of America l,2. Treasurer 4 . ROBERT MARTIN JONES General. STEVE WESLEY JONES General. Spanish Club 3. TILDA EILEEN JONES General. GILBERT DAVID JOYCE General. Diversified Occupations 4. WILLIAM KEITH JUSTICE General. Bus Driver 3,4. STEVEN BRUCE KEMIC College Preparatory. Latin Club I5 N .F.L. 2, 3, 45 N .F .L. Treasurer 35 N .F.L. Vice President 45 N .H.S. 2,3,45 French Club 2, 3, 45 French Club Parliamentarian 45 Debate Team 2, 3, 45 Scroll Staff 3, 45 Layout Editor of Scroll 45 Bridges Staff 45 Homeroom President 45 Senior Superlative - Most Studious. JOHN ALAN KILPATRICK College Preparatory. F.F.A. I,2,3,45 F.F.A.Vice President 45 Bus Driver 4. GARY CLAY LEDF ORD College Preparatory. Beta Club 2, 3, 45 Beta Club President 45 Student Council 45 Latin Club I, 25 N.F.L. 35 Waitor at Junior-Senior 25 Grand March 3, 45 Honor Tea 2, 3, 45 Track Team 2,3,4. Scniorllrectory LINDA LOU LETTERMAN General. Future Homemakers of America 2. VICKI ANNE LINER Business. F.H.A. I,25 Library Club 2,3,45 Library Club Vice President 35 F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 45 F.B.L.A. Reporter 47 Homue- room Vice President I5 Junior Varsity Cheerleaders 25 Varsity Cheerleader 35 Student Council 2,3. EARL WILLIAM LOFTIS General. D.O. 4. DON EDISON LYTLE General. D.O. 45 D.O. Treasurer 4. TOMMY LEE McCARSON General. RONALD RAY MCCLURE General. Freshman Football I5 Varsity Football 25 Industrial Education Center 4. IRIS ANNE MCCOLLUM College Preparatory. Band 3,45 Senior Party Program 45 Jun- ior-Senior Program 3. ROBERT EUGENE MCCULLOCH College Preparatory. Homeroom Treasurer I5 Football I, 25 Track I,25 Future Teachers of America 3,45 Library Club 2,3, 45 Spanish Club 35 Grand March 35 National Forensic League 3,45 Enkanoca Staff 2,3,45 Homeroom Vice President 25 Sports Editor of Enkanoca. DAN CAROL McCURRY College Preparatory. Band I5 National Forensic League 2,3, 45 Degree of Excellence and Parliamentarian of N.F. L. 35 Debate Team 2,35 National Honor Society 2, 3,45 Foreign Language Award 25 Waiter and Program at Junior-Senior 25 Good Citizenship Award 35 President of Junior Class5 Nation- al Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test Semi-Finalist 35 Student Body and Student Council President 45 Senior Superlative - Most Likely to Succeed5 Chairman of Steering Committee for Junior-Senior 3. WAN DA MARIE McELRATH College Preparatory. National Beta Club 2,3,4. DAVID EDWARD MCELYEA College Preparatory. Monogram Club I, 2, 3,45 National Honor Society 2,3, 45 Vice President of N.H.S. 35 Civitan Club 3,45 President of Civitans 45 Student Council, President of the House and Chairman of Publicity Committee of the Civi- tans 45 Basketball Manager I5 Basketball Statistician 25 Foot- ball I, 2, 3, 45 All-Conference 35 All County Second Team 45 Track I,2,3,45 State Track Meet 2,35 N. C. Junior Science Symposium at Duke University 25 National Science Foundation Summer Institute for Math and Science at U. N.C. 35 First Place Math Test 35 Recipient Bausch and Lomb Science Award4. DANNY HOWARD MANN College Preparatory. Diversified Occupations 3,4. WILLIAM HARDING MASSIE General. Future Business Leaders of America 35 Track 25 Bus Driver 4. DOROTHY MAE MIDDLETON Business. Future Homemakers of America 25 Future Nurses 25 National Beta Club 45 Health Careers, President 45 Future Business Leaders of America 45 Science Fair Winner 2. J. HALL MILLER, JR. Business. Homeroom Vice President I. MARGO PATRICIA MILLER College Preparatory. Juniorettes I5 Student Council I5 Na- tional Beta Club 2, 3, 45 Spanish Club 35 F.T.A. I5 Future Teachers of America 2,3, 45 Enkanoca Staff 35 Waitress at Junior-Senior 25 Homeroom Treasurer 25 Homeroom Secretary 42 Grand March 3,45 Library Club 35 Beta Club Convention 2, 3, 45 Program Committee, Junior-Senior 35 Senior Song Cam- mittee 45 Senior Superlative - Best Personality 4. PHILIP LESTER MOODY General. Library Assistant 45 Decorations Committee for Jun- ior-Senior 35 Program For Senior Party 4. BOBBY WAYNE MOORE College Preparatory. N.H.S. 3,45 Latin Club I,25 Homeroom Reporter I,25 Waiter for Junior-Senior 2. HAROLD DUANE MORGAN College Preparatory. F.T.A. 2,3,45 F.T.A. Vice President 35 F.T.A. President 45 Spanish Club President 35 Monogram Club 2, 3, 45 Student Council I, 2, 3, 45 Basketball I,2,3,45 All County Basketball 3,45 All Blue Ridge Conference Basket- ball 3,45 Baseball I,2,3,45 All Blue Ridge Conference Base- ball 3,45 Football I5 Grand March 3,45 All Buncombe County Tournament 3,45 Senior Superlative - Most School Spirit 4. JUDITH ANN MORGAN Business. F.H.A. I5 F.B.L.A. 45 Annual Staff 3,45 Home- room Treasurer 3 . RALPH HAROLD MORGAN General. F.F.A. I,2,3,45 F.F.A. Treasurer 4. ROSE CORALEE MORGAN Business. Student Council 35 Homeroom Secretary 35 F.B.L.A. 3,45 F.H.A. 35 Homeroom Representative I. CHARLES WORTH MORSE College Preparatory. F.F.A. I, 2, 3, 45 F.F.A. President 35 Monogram 2,3,45 Junior Civitan 3,45 4-H I,25 4-H Vice President I,25 Junior Varsity Football I5 Var- sity Football 2,3,45 Bus Driver 3,4. BILL EUGENE MOSES General. Football I,2,3,45 Track Team 2,3,4. LYNDA LOU MOSS College Preparatory. Spanish Club 35 Dramatics Club 45 Enka- noca Staff 45 Treasurer of Homeroom 4. TLATHA MYRTLE MOSS General. JOHNNY EDWARD NORVELLE College Preparatory. Junior Classical League I5 National 3, 45 National Honor Society - Probation- ary Member 25 National Honor Society 3, 45 French Club 45 National Honor Society Vice President 45 French Club Pres- ident 45 Student Council 45 Scroll Staff 45 Feature Editor of Scroll 45 Bridges Staff, Associate Editor 45 Waiter at Junior- 'Seng' 25 PEQE'-Pies Committee, Junior-Senior, Co-Chairman 35 Grand March 35 National Merit Semi-Finalist 4. 5cnio1'Dimt01y GARY RAY O'KELLEY College Preparatory. Track Team I, 2, 3, 47 Football Team I, 2,3,4f All Blue Ridge Conference Team 37 Monogram Club I, 2, 3, 47 Junior Civitan Club 3,4f Civitan Secretary 37 Home- room Vice President 4j Homeroom Representative I7 Program Committee for Junior-Senior 27 Homeroom President 27 Future Teachers of America 2. MARY KATHERINE PARKER College Preparatory. F.T.A. 2,3,4j Beta Club 2,3,4f Library Club 2, 37 Civinettes Chaplain 47 Grand March 37 Chairman Menu Committee for Junior-Senior 37 Homeroom Vice President 4i Spanish Club 2, 37 Co-chairman for Senior Class Party Pro- gram Committee. CAROLYN ANN PEEBLES College Preparatory. F.T.A. 2,3,47 County Secretdfy 41 Libf0fy Club 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Band I,2,3,47 Band Treasurer 37 Band President 47 All State Work- shop Band 47 Maiorette 3,42 Drum Maiorette 47 Home Coming Attendant 47 Civinette Treasurer 47 Student Council 2, 3, 47 Grand March 3,47 Track Team I . MARY ELIZABETH PHILLIPS Business. F.B.L.A. 4. DENNIS GEORGE PITTMAN General. D.O. 3,41 Glee Club 3,47 Shop I,2,3. BRIAN THOMAS POPE College Preparatory. Beta Club 2,3,47 D.O. President 47 F . F . A. I, 27 Homeroom Reporter I, 27 Homeroom Vice Pres- ident 47 Baseball I7 Football 2. LOIS DELAINE PROFFITT General. F.H.A. 1,27 4-H I7 Spanish Club 37 D.O. Club 47 E.N.A. 3,4. JAMES DAVID RABY College Preparatory. National Honor Society 3,47 Latin Club I7 Editor-in-Chief of Scroll 4. DALE DOUGLAS RAMSEY College Preparatory. Spanish Club 37 F .T.A. 4. GORDON ORR REVIS Business. Band I,2,3,4. RONALD GRADY REVIS General. BARBARA AN N RHODES Business. F.H.A. I7 F.B.L.A. 2,3,4p F.B.L.A. Secretary 47 Annual Staff 3, 47 Business Editor of Annual 47 Homeroom Secretary 3, 47 Junior Varsity Cheerleader 27 Office Assistant 47 Program at Junior-Senior Banquet 27 Grand March 47 De- corations Committee for Junior-Senior 4. RONALD DALE ROBERTS College Preparatory. Homeroom Treasurer I7 Homeroom Vice- President 27 Homeroom Reporter 37 Homeroom Representative 47 Basketball I, 2, 3, 47 Senior Superlative - Most Talented7 Latin Club I, 27 Varsity Baseball I7 Track 2, 3, 47 National Beta Club 2, 3, 47 Monogram Club 2, 3, 47 Junior Civitan 47 Scroll Staff, Sports Editor 47 Student Council 4. CLIFTON RAY ROBINSON College Preparatory. 4-H I,2,3,47 Bus Driver 3,4. LINDA JOYCE ROBINSON College Preparatory. Junior Classical League I, 27 Future Teachers 2, 3, 47 National Honor Society 3, 47 Corresponding Secretary of National Honor Society 47 Civinett 47 Home- room Representative I,27 Student Council Senate 47 Class Ed- itor of Annual Staff 2,3,47 Enkanoca editor 4i Homeroom Secretary 37 Good Citizen I7 Junior-Senior Hall Chairman 37 Grand March 37 Senior Superlative - Neatest 4. LINDA GAIL ROBISON College Preparatory. Future Homemakers of America I7 Na- tional Honor Society 2, 3, 47 Secretary of N.H.S.7 Library Club 37 Future Teachers of America 3,41 Civinettes, Vice President 47 Waitress at Junior-Senior 27 Grand March 37 Jun- ior Marshal 37 Student Council I,3,47 Homeroom President 27 Magazine Sale Award 37 Gym Committee for the Junior-Senior 37 Senior Superlative - Most Courteous. GLENDA CAROL ROGERS Business. Future Business Leaders of America 3, 47 Homeroom Secretary 37 Future Homemalcers of America 3. JAMES WILEY SALTER College Preparatory. National Forensic League 37 Football 27 Program for Junior Party 3. JOHNNY LEE SAMS Business. Future Business Leaders ofAmerica 47 Student Store3. GEORGE OSCAR SELF College Preparatory. National Forensic League 3,47 President of N.F.L. 47 Vice President of N.F.L. 37 Junior Marshal 37 Homeroom President 27 Debate Team 3,4. DAVID JACKSON SETZER College Preparatory. Spanish Club 37 Future Teachers of America 3,4. LINDA KAY SETZER College Preparatory. National Beta Club 2,3,4f Future Teach- ers of America 3,47 Homeroom Treasurer I,3,47 Latin Club I, 27 Waitress at Junior Senior 27 Grand March 37 Basketball I7 Club Editor of the Scroll 47 High Magazine Salesman 3. MARION MONROE SHADRON College Preparatory. Homeroom Vice President I. LAURA JANE SIMS College Preparatory. Basketball I, 2,3,47 Track I7 Library Club 2,31 Future Teachers of America 47 Future Homemakers of America 37 Civinette President 47 Future Business Leaders of America, Historian 37 Student Council 47 Homeroom Secret- ary 47 Monogram Club I,2,3,47 Grand March 37 Decorating Committee of Junior-Senior 37 F.H.A. District Rally 47 Sen- Song Committee7 Fashion Show 47 Homeroom Officer I. JERRY SINGLETON College Preparatory. JO ANN SINGLETON College Preparatory. National Honor Society 2, 3, 47 Latin at Junior-Senior 27 Future Homemakers of America 47 Flower Committee For Junior-Senior 37 Grand March 3. GARY THOMAS SLUDER College Preparatory. National Beta Club 2, 3,42 Beta Club Reporter 37 Future Teachers of America 3,47 Library Club 3,47 Homeroom Reporter 37 Spanish Club 37 Football 2,3,47 Waiter at Junior-Senior 2. 5miorDirecIo9r LARRY LAN SLUDER ll College Preparatory. Latin Club I, 27 National Forensic League 2,3,4i Treasurer of N.F .L. 47 Debate Team 3,47 Na- tional Honor Society 2,3,4f Scroll Staff 3, 47 Junior Editor of ScrolI7 Literary Editor of Scroll 47 Bridges Staff, Editor-in- Chief 4. JAMES EUGENE SMITH College Preparator . Waiter at Junior-Senior 27 National Beta Clu 2,3,47 Beta Club Reporter 47 Spanish Club 37 Jun- ior Marshal 37 Fourth Place in Magazine Sale 37 Grand March 37 Student Council 47 Homeroom Reporter 47 Student Council Treasurer 47 F.T.A. 47 Baseball 3. LINDA GAIL SMITH College Preparatory. Student Council 2,37 Future Homemakers of America I,2,3,47 Future Teachers of America 2, 3, 47 Fut- ure Business Leaders of America 2, 37 F.B.L.A. Secretary 37 Library Club 2,3,4j Track I, 27 Grand March 37 Homeroom Treasurer lj Civinette 47 F.H.A. Rally 47 Library Club Con- vention 47 Junior-Senior Hall Committee 3. PATRICIA MARIE SMITH Business. Homeroom Reporter I7 Waitress at Junior-Senior 27 Spanish Club 3 . PHYLLIS ANN SMITH General. Future Homemakers of America I,27 Glee Club 2,32 4-H Club I . ROY ANDREW SMITH General. Ind. Education 4. REBECCA SPARKS Business. Future Business Leaders of America 4. RALPH MILLER STANBERRY, JR. College Preparatory. National Honor Society 3, 47 Band I7 Waiter at Junior-Senior 27 Football 2,3,4. KATHERINE ANNETTE STILLWELL Business. Future Business Leaders of America l,2,3j F .B.L.A. Vice President 2i F. B. L.A. Reporter 37 Library Club 2, 37 Homeroom Treasurer I7 Homeroom Secretary 27 Enkanoca Staff 2,37 F.T.A. 3,47 Grand March 37 Decorating Committee 37 F.B.L.A. Songleader I. FREDERICK EUGENE STIREWALT College Preparatory. Spanish Club 47 Health Careers Club, Vice President 4. JUDY YVONNE STUBBS General. Band I,2,3,47 Booklets and Invitations Committee 37 Bristol Marching Contest 3,47 Marion Concert Contest 3,47 Vice President of Band 3,4. JACK LEE SUDDRETH Business. Future Farmers of America I7 4-H Club 27 Glee Club 37 Track 2,32 Bus Driver 3,4. ROGER PHILIP SURRETT General. CALVIN ROBERT SWANGER General. NANCY JEAN TOWE General. GLENN CRAIG TRANTHAM College Preparatory. Civitans 3,47 Sergeant at Arms 47 Future Teachers of America 3, 47 Library Club 37 Spanish Club 37 Football I, 3, 47 Track Team 3,47 State Track Meet 37 Mono- gram Club 3, 47 Homeroom Vice President 37 Homeroom Presi- dent 47 Homeroom Reporter I7 Science Fair Winner I7 Nation- al Forensic League 37 Student Council 37 Entertainment Com- mittee for Junior-Senior. 3. DONNIE BELINDA WALDRUP General. Future Homemakers of America 2. DEANNA NBAXINE WALKER Business. Future Business Leaders of America 3, 47 Future Teachers of America 4. FAYE LOUISE WALKER College Preparatory. National Beta Club 2,3,47 Future Teach- ers of America 3,47 Waitress at Junior-Senior 27 Flower Com- mittee Chairman for Junior-Senior 37 Homeroom President 47 Science Fair Winner l,2. JESSIE LORETTA WARREN College Preparatory. Senior Editor of Enkanoca Staff 47 Enka- noca Staff 2,3,47 Scroll Staff, Feature Editor 47 Track ni 2,31 National Forensic League 37 National Beta Club 2,3,47 Correspondent to the Asheville Citizen Times 47 Latin Club I,27 Library Club 37 Decorating Committee for the Jun- ior-Senior 37 Waitress at Junior-Senior 27 Program for Junior Party7 Honor Tea 2,3,47 College Day Hostess 2,37 Song Com- mittee for the Senior Class 47 Chairman of Decoration Com- mittee for Senior Party 4. EMILY JEAN WATTS Business. KENNETH WAYNE WHEELER College Preparatory. Future Teachers of America 3,47 Track l,2f Football I,2,37 Spanish Club 3. RONNIE PHILIP WHITE College Preparatory. NANCY HELEN WHITT College Preparatory. National Forensic League 27 Latin Club l,2f National Honor Society 2,3,47 N.H.S. Reporter7 Library Club 2,37 Library Club Treasurer 37 District Library Club Pres- ident 3,47 Future Teachers of America 2,3,47 Vice President of F.T.A. 47 Civinettes, Sgt. at Arms 47 Grand March 37 Program Committee for Junior-Senior 37 Homeroom President 27 Homeroom Secretary 47 Homeroom Treasurer I7 Track I7 Good Citizen Award 27 Homecoming Court 47 Senior Superlative - Most Popular. LILLIAN ANNETTE WILSON Business. Track I7 Basketball I,27 Future Business Leaders of America 4. LOIS ANN WILSON Business. Future Business Leaders of America 4. LEON MORGAN YOUNG College Preparatory. Monogram Club 3,47 Vice President of Monogram 37 President of Monogram Club 47 Civitan Club 47 Track I,2,3,47 Track Captain 37 Basketball I,2,3,47 Varsity Basketball Captain 47 Senior Class Reporter 3,47 Senior Super- lative - Most Athletic. Zlduzrtizfmentz . . .A Message to the Graduate From American Enka The importance of education has never been stressed more than in this decade. This is so because we as a nation will progress in re- lationship to the amount of education our young people receive. American Enka urges you to continue your education at the col- lege level and invites you to consider a career in the man-made fiber- textile industry. From its beginning, textiles triggered the American Industrial Revolution. Although one of the oldest American industries, rich in heritage and tradition, it is in the forefront of progress. The industry is vigorous and more alive than ever. Why? Here are some of the reasons: . The industry's belief in itself, expressed in terms of in- vestments in new and modern equipment. . Increasingly better machinery and production techniques. . Greater diversity in production, and better end products. . Increased research and development. . Stronger financial backing. . Better trained management personnel. ALL OF THESE add up to a modern, progressive industry that is playing a vital role in the life of the nation. In many fields of study -- engineering, chemistry, physics, tex- tile manufacturing, designing, styling, finance, accounting, transporta- tion, research, sales, merchandise and marketing --the industry offers many challenging and rewarding opportunities. Your future in our industry is dependent on -- and limited only to your knowledge, ability, and energy! 1 RE 4+ ' . I Si ' my IE i' f' N American A ' K EMM , . 1, A Corporation 5 L , .D ' .f 1, '. 148 GROCE FUNERAL HOME Western North Caro1ina's Most Beautiful Chapel Ambulance Service Phone 252-3535 . ., fa., 1 Katherine gazes into the future of the juniors. SWANNANOA LAUNDRY, INC. 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The Student Council at Work Weddings Photographer ff Candler, North Carolina Phone Mo 7-4280 Conventions Portraits 150 K BEST WISHES f r o rn BILTMORE IRON and METAL COMPANY, INC. o f Asheville, North Carolina THE BANK A SMOKENAOUNTAIN of ASHEVILLE TRAILWAYS At Candler and Nationwide Bus Service Asheville I and Hominy Val1ey's only Banking Service Other Convenient Offices in Asheville Your Business is always appreciated at THE BANK OF ASI-IEVILLE Charter Buses to Any Point in the United States, Canada 8: Mexico Dial AL 2-7641 32 Ashland Avenue Asheville, North Carolina Always "CALL TRAILWAYS" 151 FELKEL'S Heating S Oil 400 LEICESTER H IWAY ASHEVILLE, N. C. WE GIVE S 84 H GREEN STAMPS CLARK - FOWLER CIGAR DIVISION of Havatampa Cigar Corporation 16-24 Buxton Avenue Asheville, North Carolina D AL 4 4665 N Al- 4 3942 Sorrellls N Swann, Inc. PEARCE - YOUNG -ANGEL CO. Jeep L",jA:Q,'fQ:f1fZf23 Service Food Distributors TELECERYTHINE IN AUTDMDTIVE PARTS" PMQNE MOHAWK 7-2546 P. D. 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Suggestions in the Enka High School - Enkanoca Yearbook (Enka, NC) collection:

Enka High School - Enkanoca Yearbook (Enka, NC) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


Enka High School - Enkanoca Yearbook (Enka, NC) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


Enka High School - Enkanoca Yearbook (Enka, NC) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 26

1964, pg 26

Enka High School - Enkanoca Yearbook (Enka, NC) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 85

1964, pg 85

Enka High School - Enkanoca Yearbook (Enka, NC) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 86

1964, pg 86

Enka High School - Enkanoca Yearbook (Enka, NC) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 130

1964, pg 130

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