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mould mCEWiga:"' ' ' 'f " " ' Q -A I H- W - ' --W Q GQWAJ Q 41-AM! A,,,,,,4,,f7 WW fW4.?JV.f,: Wwe fjggwwfff K 'Q-as Oyfiispa ig? fgbiiygp fy Wi. ' 2 ,Aj,M,44a,f C ', Wa' ff yy MMM! 7"""'2 A 'rg J , J' fda Qmfyzv ,ZSVQIQISZS HELL' wig Q LQ? jsQ?g,g?35QW T5 3333153 , , , ' ., g' , ,, .. ' , ,hx v ip, 'Num' 'x- X ' f Q, l 1- CkxLL, l M 1 Mmomt ,f . ,wwf www .mNcx.,LwkLQeeV,N5L',QLMfK: .N . fqbmybf R tf J . , , M F, Mmwa KM ,QM Pg W . Sb.-MMM QM I Sh+Jy.wQA,,Q,,W0,,Q,qMW ffyf-k-J-N-Q, Ov-J QL3-w-y.+-..MsJ...L afvwf: f,,,QC6'ff:Law4.f WMMJ QM '5,l"f',Z,7Qf?OZz2j 7m alfa way! 1. iw-22 ... . l,. f - Q 5' 65 ,lj r I x 1 gg W M, . I' W,,,Q,,,,Zp:W4'f4f-be iff W ww ' QW? Q WM Aga? 5 . ,ff A,., H ,, - q 4.-. , , ,V , h ', ' I 'I 0 1 . WWW 19 i - ,Vw 74i, 'lf Wax - fb! fhfca f Miummuiwcc wo-.Q fL5QWw-wza U! L JLLALZJO . n1WC 729 - 41-L 5266221621 Miha JZ'-deff' E270 JPMJLMJ - ., , an fwjxdcd ZA4ap!.44f MLW ' A 7 . Wa-Q0 awe, 106 ,ia A000952 p,JJfLaf vcfbslwo .Q U57-M406 ., ' . fu b V nn f ,QQ M0405 Ali" 0 CUWW . M4 'G , 420 n , . I g! .V A9 D If ,gf Mbifplicx p Q j WM9ijxW mM WW f ff , x 0 ' woulda '.2.ff'Of1 f 4940410 1 , ZfZ?ZfZZZZfQZ3wwM 'K1 5ZTW7qmmmLwWWmMfLw ' ' Q-'LO ' f t 6-f.f ffcbff4f WM WW MMV U 5 .4542 0' f . ' , A Q 7 1- K M' Ld! I fffilf Q v'v1M 2'a'LA'Q"j j 0.600 'x 444222 7 -O . '.QQ04fwJa9fdfv0wa2? if .,,' ln 4 .. . ., A ' , W H V ' wg 352, ,Aj,4'j ,,5,. 41' M, M, MW W A ...L M ....1..a.N.Q..,' ' fi f f f A Fein i d MQJMoYAmAwim ggwiggig ' FOREWO D J- ffx PA gawk I THE ANNUAL STAFF OF KA HIGH SC OL Q , Il ENKANOCA - 7 If WZLKWWZ fwfwfif fl g3gWJfQWjWfdrW7 , Wfzwif ,Ml n MJJAMQ 'WW , WZ! ' , wwf 0 www c 3 1963 . v1i"f?f. '3"L ' I YF EMM v 1962 1963 TAB LE OF CCNTE NTS In Memoriam . . . . 4 Administration . . . 5 Curriculum . . . . . 13 Classes . . . . . 31 Organizations . . . . , 85 Athletics . . . . . 111 Senior Directory . . . . . 123 Advertisements . . . . 129 ID MGJVIUBIHM Ask not lor whomtlte hell tolls, MRS . ELAINE MORREL It tolls lor thee l count this thing to be grandly true, That a noble deed is a step toward God Lifting the soul from the common sod To a purer air and a broader view. X We rise by things that are 'neath our feet: By what we have mastered of good and gain By the pride deposed and the passion slain, And the vanquished ills that we hourly meet. Heaven is not reached at a single bound: But we build the ladder by which we rise From the lowly earth to the vaulted skies, And we mount to its summit round by round. . . . .Josiah Gilbert Holland 4 MRS . RUTH WELCH X I X W i 4 , P . , . , 4 , .f ,. , , Q Z V355 VV' , 7, , M A : f X . ., '1 1 in-va 1 5, , Wg Y, Q F - , 2,2 ,... x V A if X . K . .I A sw ff? W5 V' Mwg . Jfry 2, X 'SEM ' 1 ,Jang -Q 'wi' fl M .yr ,fm . 1, ' Q af I 'F I '3 sf , 1 . , ' :yn ' . -. f ,' ,W f L' ,, fm, AN f ,I . .1 x ww f' f :WH " W 6" 1 A vw ' ' r f 9 '-X. -'lf' "'-.W 'rw 6 -nw -7.:..5.g N 'Js"'7 'J . f .I-. fa M " "-'-'rf "H , V A254 2 5 52 . Qi-5,4 E' ",.' .4f'7'.'a' , .F'.w..5f' f,',MA 1T-vefvgw lL"'f1'N"t'I',f J f.':F.'9Qw ' ' F ' W4 "N - 1: Ik Tr: ." 3 5' ,T -'. v. ' y ' id' ' 'fa ' ' ff' V'- I fl , 4' - I V" ,M 3,422 :Y , 1' -A. F5 5 ' M J 1 'AQ 'G' 1 Q, i 2 2' -, , ,fi 'f wil 33:3 I' I. ,X 55, . J .9 f , . , A WM W .. Y COUNTY ADMINISTRATION l N 3 x In F s tx? 3 , J The District 5 Enka High School Committee is composed of: Iseated, I-rj Phil McKinney, secretary Tom Mallonee, Chairman, W. H. Stevens, Qstandingl Tom Tweed, Vice-Chairman, H.M. Tomberlin Principal: Jack London. T. C. Roberson I Superintendent of County Schools R ' A' Tomberlm County School Committee is composed of: Iseatedl J. J. Northcott, Chairman, J. M. Caublep Mrs. Ben W. Davis, C. H. Roberts, Istandingj T. C. Roberson, Superintendent, Charles C. Bell, Vice- Chairman, Lawrence C. Stoker, Attorney. The teaching profession occupies a position of public trust involving not only the individual teacher's personal conduct, but also the interaction of the school and the commun- ity. Education is most effective when. these many relationships operate in a friendly, cooper- ative, and constructive manner. 6 MR. HUGH M. TOMBERLIN PRINCIPAL For eight years Mr. H. M. Tomberlin has given completely of himself in the in- terest ofa better Enka High School. An understanding insight into the problems of faculty and students alike has earned their admiration and appreciation. This year Enka High is especially grateful to him For his help in organizing the community to foster the erection of this new concrete stadium seen in the background. This spirit of interest and of loyalty which he has displayed will be even more important in the Future if Enka High School is to maintain its high standing. XX ff DISTRICT ADMINISTRATION The primary obligation of the teaching profession is to guide MR. C. C. MARR Sand Hill Elementary School children, youth, and adults in the pursuit of knowledge and skills, to prepare them in the way of democracy, and to help them to become happy, useful, self-supporting citizens. The ultimate strength of the nation lies in the social responsibility, economic competence, and moral strength of the individual American. MR. JAMES J. ROBINSON Pisgah Elementary School MR. CHARLES L. SHUFORD Venable Elementary School MR. GETER C. ROBINSON Candler Elementary School 8 Mr . Tomberlin, Mrs. Howle, and Miss Lawrence discuss points ofinterest ofthe faculty meeting. Members of the Future Teachers Club serve Miss Wise and Miss Lawrence at the annual College Day event. Mr. Warren gives Mr. Starnes some very im- portant financial reports. W? FACULTY Miss Claudia Arrowood Mrs. Ella T. Brigmon Miss Carolyn Beam Mrs. Madith Candler Mr. Jay Canter Latin Business Education Science - Math Special Education Business Education O Miss Corina Capote George Cathey Mrs. Jeanne Cox .,.Miss Charlotte Dean Paul Deason Spanish Science English Chorus Math - Special Education Mrs. Betty DeLozier Hugh DeLozier Max Duckett James Eads Mrs. Hazel Edwards Home Economics Diversified Occupqfions Industrial Arts Business Education English Mrs. Inez Elkins Mrs. Sylvia Harbert Miss Laura Harrell Mrs. Elizabeth Howle Miss Katrina Hunter Social Studies English- Public Speaking English French - Social Studies Business Education Charles Johnson Mrs. Jessie Kramer Miss Jane .Lawerence Mrs. Peggy Lingerfelt Mrs. Peggy Mann Physical Education English History English Librarian l l i0 Sam McCracken William McElrafh Ralph Middleton Miss Frances Mifchell Robert Morrell Math Biology Band Math Science Clarence Parker Alden Penland Mrs. Judith Rhinehart Gerald Robinson Mrs. Irene Rudisill Agriculture Driver Training English-Social Studies Geography Math Mrs, Ramona Sanders Mrs. Nancy Smith Jerry Sfarnes Eugene Styles Mrs. Florence Warren Physical Education English E"'9llSl"'PUbliC 5PeGkln9 MC'll"S0ClUl Sh-'dies Pl"Y5lC5 William Wqrren Mrs. Lolita Williams Miss Barbara Wise Ma Wyche David Young Business Edueafion Math Home Economics Biology l i Left to right: Mrs. Lois Johnson, Mrs. Margaret Sams, Mrs Ruby Jervis, Mrs. Ruth Moore, Mrs. Georgia Queen, Mrs Shirley Welch, Mrs. Bonnie Patterson. Not pictured: Mrs Mary Young, Mrs. Bessie Roberson CAFETERIA PERSONNEL Mrs. Margaret Sams, cafeteria manager for Enka the last eight years, will be over the whole county during MYS-MOFQOFSY Sams the coming year. We shall be sorry Cafeteria Manager to see her go, but we know that wherever she goes she will be with Y X us still. CUSTODIANS Our custodians this year are Mr. and Mrs. Adam Harris and Howard Moses. h...,. 12 5 K ll H I ll ll l r W-mg-nur 4--if - - - - -1:0 - -- V fr---Q -fm J Lynn, Polk, Deanna, and Ronald clon the garb ofolden times to clramatize Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. ENGLISH The ability to communicate effectively in the modern world is a major problem. The English Depart- ment of Enka High School seeks to help each student develop the art of communication in oral and written form. Knowledge is of little value unless one is able to clearly impart it to another. Study of grammar, speech, vocabulary, and composition are all important in mak- ing English a useful tool for the future. The student is introduced to good literature, especially the writings of great English and American authors. It is hoped that he will develop an appreciation for this vast heritage from the past and that by the study of great literature, he will be helped to formulate and express his own ideas. Terry, Becky, Martha, and Kitty try to decide which book they want to read for their English book reports. A mtl W lllllt cursing , It if f Igg- Miss lnman tells her English class of Julius Caesar's World. Mr .Starnes' public speaking class rehearse for their chapel program. LANGUAGES Susan Brown exhibits her proiect, one of many that the Latin classes have made on phases of Roman life. Leslie Smith reads her French composition to Mrs. Howle's French students. The study of foreign languages helps to promote a healthy relation- ship between members of various nat- ionalities. It develops appreciation and understanding in students for cul- tures other than their own. Because of modern means of communications and transportation, the need of a workable knowledge of other lang- uages is increasing. This year, in addition to Latin and Spanish, French is included in the curriculum of Enka High School. Monika Schaaf writes some Spanish words on the board as her Spanish class looks on. LIBRARY The library is the laboratory for all subiects in the curriculum. Here the students have access to books and magazines for use in class work as well as recreational reading. Following the "standards" as set forth by the American Library Association, the Enka High School Library has become a Materials Center. lt is a source For all instructional material---books, pamphlets, projectors, films, film- strips, record players, records, tape recorders, etc. In general the library is a beehive of activity and a popu- lar place with the students. f. .ITS Ronald Morgan has been doing bulletin boards for the library as part of his library work. This bulletin board is patterned after the National Book Week Theme. ,wfw-. M 4, If '. ii tb xx mf 'if , r- 'ff The Guidance Department in Enka High School is playing an important role in the daily lives ofthe stud- ents. Proper guidance in preparing for and choosing a vocation, during this age of technology, cannot be over- emphasized. This department, under the head of Mrs. Florence Elam, is primarily concerned with testing ser- vices, financial aid for students, scholarships, and col- lege information. The guidance room is equipped with numerous pamphlets, brochures, and catalogues with in- formation concerning various academic and technical schools of higher learning. With the help of the Guid- ance Department, the students of Enka are directed to- ward a future which is right for them as individuals. xt . A , 4 is yy 1 xiii, 'iijfwf " "' 'A+ W Al' grqgg, 4.3 f Mrs. Warren assists Eddie in filling out his college application. G . 'Zi UI D A N E Mrs. Elam talks with Jerry, Carole, and Betty about the importance of the College Board Exam. I7 Jerry and Susie seem to be amused at Dennis' knight taken straight from the pages of medieval history. The Social Studies department prePares the students of Enka to preserve our American Heritage. Through the study of the world and its civilization we learn to appreciate our own culture, and toavoid repeating man's past mis- takes. Social studies prepare us to improve our society by showing us the way to become act- ive, concerned participants in our own govern- ment. Awareness of the history-making events which occur during our lives, is emphasized in the social studies department. SOCIAL T D I E Joanne, Chippy and Wanda are preparing a history scene in chalk. IR Rometta, Polk, and Aretha demonstrate a method of Ralph and Janet experiment with changes in velo- digfillqfion, city with a constant force using new P.S.S.C. Phy- sics equipment. SCIENCE Elaine and Gary demonstrate the proper way to disect a frog while Charles and Gary watch. Comprehension of scientific material and en- couragement ofindependent thought among students are some of the main objectives of the science de- partment at Enka High School. Enka feels extreme- ly fortunate to have a modern science department well-equipped to prepare students for college or scientific careers. The study ofscience is becoming increasingly important in today's world, and the science department of Enlca strives to grow along with modern progress. This year advancement has been made for the department by the addition of a new science laboratory. s if . l Near the middle of the year, new labs were com- leted in rooms 98 and 100. Y.. MATH EMATICS There are many reasons why the Mathematics department is one of the most popular departments at Enka High School. The story of mathematics presents a challenge for students to discover new things, its simplicity and logical structure appeals to individuals with a sense of organization. The mathematics department strives not only to teach numerical facts, but italso hopes topromote orderly thinking and the ability to reason. These are quali- ties which will be assets to students in all other phases of their lives. Ralph, Aretha, Rometta, Jerry and James practice using the slide rule in trigonometry class. Steve has finally made David and Loretta be- lieve that all triangles are isosceles. Iva June and Shirley make an itemized list LeRoy, Pat, and Jack make use of an electric with costs . board of plane figures . BUSINESS EDUCATION The Business Education Department at Enka High School acquaints students with the use of machines and equip- ment to prepare them for careers in business. lt seeks to develop those qualities among students which will help them toward success in business and economic life. Enka recognizes the fact that skills in certain areas of business education, such as typing, have become increasingly important for success in today's world. The Business Education Department strives to make available these courses to all students, not only those maioring in business. Ronnie points out the different business processes used in selling a car. Miss Atkins teaches the proper way to type a business letter . '11 Typing is necessary to all busi- ness students. Here, students from each typing class are shown as they type an exercise for speed . Dan seems to be a good shorthand teacher. At least he has captured everyone 's attention. ll HOME ECONOMICS Courses in home economics are offered to girls who are planning a career in this field as well as those who, as future homemakers, are in- terested in the knowledge and skills to be gained from the study of home economics. Students actually learn by doing in the well-equipped home economics labs of Enka High School. Home Economics is an elective: how- ever, many girls take one or more courses during their high school years Joanne Ball, Barbara Harrell, and Gail Lindsay seem very absorbed in pin-basting their blouses. Nancy Bennett and Belinda Waldrup measure carefully for their cake. Miss Beam passes out groceries for the preparation of the lab dinners. INDUSTRIAL ARTS Ronald Green and Lawrence Henson demonstrate the use of the plane. Industrial Arts Education provides those students interested in industrial em- ployment with an opportunity to study shop work and design and to develop an un- derstanding industrial processes. Intensive training is given in use of tools, mach- ines, and materials. With increased emphasis on industrialization, this department continues to expand its facilities to meet the practical needs of the students. Ronnie Swann demonstrates his prowess in Jack Williams signs out some mechanical drawing to Ronald Clement. tools to David Warren. 23 x . No longer can the field of agriculture be re- presented by the mule and plow, nor can it be ap- plied only to the farm . Modern scientific advance- ment has found increasing application in agricul- ture. Today's expert in agriculture must be skilled in biological sciences, chemistry, agricultural engineering, business management, and animal production, processing, and marketing. Yet the agriculture program at Enka High School seeks to help participants become skilled in the practical application to Farming by giving them actual ex- perience. Robert Ballard and Harley Medford demonstrate the use of the Welder. 4 , . W, is I 'tif'-g?4 1 . 3 , V, a Q , 1 fi ' " if K i ,, sg 1 .-1 Charles Morse and Joe Wells clean a limespreader to get it ready for use. vs These boys must be finding something interesting down in that tractor. DRIVER TRAINING 3 s E li Mr. Penland and Bruce Massie look on suspiciously as Mary Phillips prepares to start the car. '75 The Driver's Education course seeks to train students to be prepared for any emergency that they may meet while operating a vehicle on public highways. Mr. Penland, the driver instructor, tries to instill into the students proper respect for traffic regulations, emphasizing that driver skill plus good iudgment are prerequi- sites to safe driving. The increasing number of students requesting drivers training confirms the need for practi- cal training ina performance thatdir- ectly affects the lives of the entire population. Mr. Penland shows two of his driver training students what to do in case the horn gets stuck. The School band, under the direction of Mr. Ralph Middleton, has provided much school spirit during the year by play- ing at all peP rallies and football games. The band also participated in the Apple Festival Parade at Hendersonville, Home- coming Day at Western Carolina College, and the Christmas Parade at Asheville. A Hominy Valley Band Clinic, withall feed- er schools in the area participating, was held at Enka in February. A very integral f' part of the band's life is the State High School Band Contest, held this year at .-J, Marion, and the Spring Concert, which is enioyed by all. This year, too, the band is giving concerts in the surrounding schools. Jimmy Singleton, Kenneth Sing- leton, and Bill Gudger were cho- sen for the All-State Clinic Band at Cullowhee. s The band's saxophone sec- tion is composed of, first row: Judy Stubbs, Mary Myers, Mary Long, Sally Clark, second row: Jerry Singleton, Gordon Revis, Stuart English, and Ralph Burrell. Vice-President Judy Stubbs, Secretary Ann Peebles, and President Jerry Singleton study a new selection for the band to play. Mr. Ralph Middleton Band Director Ann Peebles Miriam West Iris McCullom Sharon Peebles Carole Riddle 26 all Ja First row fl-rj: Iris McCullom, Trula Kirkpatrick, Mary Myers, Sally Clark. Second row: Ann Peebles, Harold Young, Jerry Singleton, Harold Crisp, Deane Webb, Frank Davidson, Larry Stockton, Phillip Sloane, Miriam West. Third row: Dara Llewellyn, Katherine Long, Nancy Hall, Raymond Medford, Jimmy Singleton, Diane Tweed, Cecil Edmonds, Roy Phillips. Fourth row: Judy Wynes, Mary Long, Stuart English, Ronald Wallen, Ralph Burrell, Gordon Revis, Judy Stubbs, Jimmy Stroupe. Fifth row: Lila Morse, Sandra Price, Carole Riddle, Sharon Peebles, Bill Gudger, Rex Revis, Janice Mandeville, Susan Oldham, Sandra Stroupe. Sixth row: Dale Plemmons, David Foster, Sammie Fore, Judy Miller, Jerry West, Eddie Lyday, Paul larrussi, Randy Sluder, Jane Wright, Michael Justice. Back row: Ken- neth Singleton, Robert Blackwell, Billy Parker, Ray Hall, Franklin Goforth. in A BAND . 1 lim ,..t ,-ww V ,WM ,wigwslm ' Judy Miller Sally Clark Mary Myers Trulax Kirkpatrick 'A J' , I in , t 1,41 Qfswwitww V , 'X 1' lm ,,,,,,,.,.WM V ' V. mm ,,,,,s.,,,,..i - . s I gqaxaawfvlwff- YS' -4:1 ' J J . 975.2 ' 1 -if ,,,,,, .-' Q Z' Deane Webb Head Ma iorette 4- GLEE CLUB ' The Glee Club is composed of students who like to sing and have a desire to promote music appreciation. The group, under the direction of Miss Charlotte Dean, provides special music on various occasions throughout the year. 1 8 A group from the glee club try harmonizing one of their newly-learned songs. First row, left to right: Miriam Sprinkle, Deanna Sherrill, Sandra Mills, Rose Burnette, Janice Lance, Lorraine Houck, Sherrill Reeves, Marlene Plemmons, Janet Austin, Shirley Warren, Rebecca Dalton, Janet Smith, Doris Lanning, Pat Poston, Mary Lynn Foster, Martha Letterman. Second row: Wanda Warren, Carolyn Swanger, Nancy Gosnell, Ann Bridges, Rita Smith, Pat Morgan, Linda Morgan, Janice Boydson, Cathy DeBorde, Karen Dale, Cora Jane Luther, Jo Ann Fincher, Carolyn DeBorde, Dyrenda Jones, Elizabeth Clement, Janice Clark, Rose Mary lngle. Third row: Marie Taylor, Phyllis Smith, Linda Grooms, Margaret lngle, Sandra Allen, Mary Collette, Diane Freck, Earlene Stamey, Virginia Edmonds, Creola Green, Linda McCarson,Mary Ruth Carroll, Glenda Galyean, Donna Warren, Yvonne Reagan. Fourth row: Roy Smith, James Rhinehart, Dennis Pitman, Johnny Pearson, Jack Suddreth, Steve Herren, Clarence Melson, Bill Moore, Danny Lindsay, Robert Clement, Mike Nicholes, Wallace King, Robert Elliot. 29 Jerry Rich pulls the distributor and points from an engine while on the job atSuperior Motors . DIVERSIFIED OCCUPATION The Diversified Occupations program seeks to co-ordinate knowledge gained in the class-room with practical work exper- ience. It offers the students an opportunity to apply that which they have learned in academic studies to iobs under real work- ing conditions. This program aims to teach through actual experience, thus comple- menting the students course of study with actual encounter with work. Students participating in this program attend morn- Officers of the D.O. Club are: Charles Thompson, president, Larry Taylor, vice president, Fred Kirkpatrick, secretary, and Cora Jane Luther, treasurer. V6 ing classes and afternoons are spent work- ing at a chosen occupation which will benefit their vocational plans after grad- uation from high school. Gwen Penland studies all morning and Paul Worley is finishing bo Chest Gt h'5 pulls teeth all evening at Dr. Cole's office. Parhllme lo ' Part of physical education for the girls in- cludes volleyball, which gives exercise while it teaches teamwork. Exercises are used to get these freshman boys in good shape. PHYSICAL EDUCATION Awell-rounded physical education program for all the students is the obiect- ive of the Physical Education Department at Enka High School. The development of mind and body cannot be carried out sep- arately. Therefore, emphasis is placed on intramural sports as well as competitive athletics. Physical education is required of all Freshmen and includes studies of health and first aid. All together now, l, 2, 3, 4. Tumbling is a part of physical education which everyone enioys. ll l A S S I S SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Seated, left to right: Janet Glazener, Treasurer, Lynda Buckner, Recording Secretary, Dennis Bartlett, President, Martha Wright, Reporter. Standing: Eddie Haynes, Vice-President, Aretha Robinson, Cor- responding Secretary. CLASS OF 1963 32 THOMAS GARY ALLEN JAMES JULIAN ALEXANDER JAMES ALBERT ASHE THOMAS NAPOLEON ATKINS, JR JANET EVERETT AUSTIN MICHAEL STEVEN AUSTIN CLASS OF 1963 PAUL HOWARD AUSTIN CAROL LIZBETH BARRON DENNIS WAYNE BARTLETT DOUGLAS HOLC OMBE BEALE LINDA JOAN BERRY DIANA KAY BISHOP I I HOWARD NELSON BLANKENSHIP, JR. JOYCE SPRINKLE BLANKENSHIP MICHAEL McCLAIN BOGLE BETTY LOU BRIGMAN EVA CAROLE BRIGMAN TERRY HILLIARD BROOKSHIRE LYNDA CAROL BUCKNER WOODY LOYD BUMGARDNER JAMES ROY CABE U 33 CLASS OF 1963 34 ROSEMARY ANN CHANDLER THOMAS RAY CLARK ALMA AMOURE CLEMENT MARY ELAINE COLE JAMES ROBERT CORDELL THOMAS GERALD CREASMAN DEANNA DAVIS NORMA JUNE DAVIS JAMES MELVIN DEVORE BRENDA IDA DODDS JUDY PATRICIA ANN EDMONDS JERRY EUGENE ELLEGE MAIDA LEE FARMER LARRY DWIGHT FIELDS JUDITH BEVERLY GALLOWAY ROBERT MICHAEL GALLOWAY GLEN DA CAROL GALYEAN JANET OLIVIA GLAZENER JAMES FRANKLIN GODFREY RICHARD ARTHUR GREENE BERTHA SCRUGGS GRIFFIN NORMA LEE GROOMS RUBY KING HALL FLOYD GLEN HAMLIN DONALD LEE HARDING EDWIN HERMAN HAYNES RONNIE HARRISON HEDDEN 2 JEWEL ELIZABETH HENSON DAVID MICHAEL HOLBROOK RAYMOND RUSSELL HOWELL CLASS OF 1963 CLASS OF 1963 , 'iwky 1:7-fr rw, CHARLES WILLIAM HUTCHINSON ERIC OSBORN ISRAEL PHILLIP MICHAEL ISRAEL BRUCE WAY JAMES CHARLES RAY JAMESON KATHRYN ANNE JAMISON JUDY ELIZABETH JENNINGS ALICE KATHLYNA JOHNSON MARY MARGARET JONES WATSON DOUGLAS JUSTICE NANCY SMITH KENT ELIZABETH ANN KING TONY ROY KIRBY THOMAS FRED KIRKPATRICK, BRENDA JOYCE KISSELBURG CLASS OF 1963 ROBERT EUGENE LANCE JAMES ERVIN LANEY BETTY RUTH LEDBETTER DIANA LETTERMAN PHYLLIS ALLINE LETTERMAN RUBY LETTERMAN DAVID RALPH LONG CORA JANE LUTHER MICHAEL ERNEST MANDEVILLE JOYCE GAIL McFEE JUDITH ANN McFEE ERICA LYNN McKINNEY GEORGIA KATHERINE MEADOWS SHELIA ALICE MEDFORD MYRA JEAN METCALF 3 77 t I U9 3 'ff' iii fx? CHARLES RANDALL MILLER BUFORD CLAY MILLS IRMA JEAN MILTON MARTHA SUE MORGAN RONALD ZACK MORGAN TURNER MARCELL MORGAN VELMA ANN PARHAM JUDITH MARIE PARRIS JERVIS DANIEL PATTERSON MARTHA ANN PEARSON ROSS ALEXANDER PEEBLES CHARLES ROBERT PENLAND GWEN S INGLETON PEN LAND DANNY WHITEHEAD PERRY PATRICIA LOUISE PLEMM ONS PHYLLIS ANNE PLEMMONS GUY RICHARD PRUETT THOMAS EDWARD RAYMER MILLARD WAYNE REAGAN WILLIAM CARL REED MARGARET ANN REESE ANN WILSON REYNOLDS SHIRLEY ANN RICE CAROLE BRUCE RIDDLE ARETHA BERNICE ROBINSON BURGIN DALE ROGERS JERRY DAVID ROGERS JAMES THOMAS RUSSELL WEAVER POLK RUTHERFORD PEGGY ANN SAMS CLASS OF T963 .-x .'-. '1 CLASS OF T963 'fir'-""' .fd ROMETTA JOY SAMS GLEE ANN SCRUGGS JANIE INEZ SEXTON JERRY MITCHELL SINGLETON GEORGE DANNY SMITH LARRY ALAN SMITH ROGER DALE SMITH MICHAEL ALLEN SNIPES PENELOPE ANN SORRELLS ANDREA JEAN SOWERS MIRIAM SUE SPRINKLE THERESA ANN STEWART FREIDA JO SURRETT CAROLYN MAXINE SWANGER RONNIE DAVID SWANN BARBARA JANE TAYLOR LARRY DALE TAYLOR SONJA GAIL TAYLOR CHARLES LEE THOMPSON CECIL RAY TRANTHAM SAMUEL ANN WAGONER KENNETH LAWRENCE WALDRUP CAROLYN YVONNE WARD PATRICIA ELIZABETH WARREN WILLIAM LEE WARREN SYLVIA DEANE WEBB LORRAINE WELBORN DANIEL ELDON WELCH GARY WILLIAM WISE DIANA MARIE WOODY MICHAEL EUGENE WOODY MARTHA LOUISE WRIGHT DUANE OLLIS WYATT SHIRLEY ELIZABETH WYNES ANITA LOUISE YOUNG PHYLLIS ANN YOUNG SENIOR MEMORIES WI1of's the matter, Janet? Ar Iasf, the rings I We'II always remember the lords and ladies of CcmeIot 42 ns. Kramer instructs the girls in serving refreshments at the senior party. th SENIOR MEMORIES 9 Our sponsors ancl principal I enjoyed the party also. The court iester en ins Lady Guineviere cincl King Arthur. "Hawaiian Sunset" was the theme of our First junior-senior. i'Peg O' My Heart" Seniors received much help and information from the college clay speakers. Several seniors helped serve at the College Day tea. L1 is SENIOR MEMORIES Mrs. Warren helps Doug, Janet, and Ralph with their applications for the Champion Scholarship. Senior homeroom bulletin board looks into the future for i963 seniors. Congratulations, Terry! Remember that score! Seniors iust naturally come to the guidance office if they need help with anything. Seniors choose nine iunior marshals. iz VB SENIOR MEMORIES Buncombe County champions! Get that team! Don't fence me in, boys Oo 'E O The students c1ren't f nly ones who come to all the bc omes. Homework! SENIOR MEMORIES Our first Junior Senior was made complete by songs sung by Miss Terry Reeves. Seniors measured for caps and gowns. Knights and ladies seated around the roundtable tell the story of Sir Launfal . Prett Hawaiian maidens do the hula For seniors Y Two knights, portrayed by Ronald Morgan and Eddie Haynes, fight for the band of Lady Guineviere . SENIOR SUPERLATIVES PRETTIEST AND HANDS OMEST Homeroom officer, Judy Eclmoncls,and baseball star, Mike Holbrook, bring an early spring to Enka High as they stroll through o snowy lane. MR. AND MISS ENKA Homecoming queen, Jean Sowers, and basketball captain, Ross Peebles, look as if they were heading for the iunior-senior. MOST TALENTED Here comes that musical duet again! SENIOR SUPERLATIVES MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT Cheerleader, Rosemary Chandler, and Civitan officer, Mike Snipes, will get to that game any way they can. They are down to the bicycle built for one now. Head cheerleader, Janet Glazener, and band president, Jerry Singleton, rehearse for another of their famous programs. Ladd ii' W! MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Well, it looks as if we have a new principcil and a new secretary. Senior class officer, Aretha Robinson, and M editor, Douglas Justice, have finally reached the top. SENIOR SUPERLATIVES MOST COURTEOUS While office assistant, Myra Metcalf, wears his coat and uses his umbrella, lilo- rary clulo member, Jim Russell, stands in the freezing rain still smiling courteously. MOST POPULAR Senior class officer, Martha Wright, and Senior class presi- dent, Dennis Bartlett, toastmarsh- mallows for everyone . BEST PERSONALITY FNA president, Deanna Davis, and FBLA presi- dent, Ronald Morgan, are at it again. It seems that Deanna has the light end of the barbell. SENIOR SUPERLATIVES MOST ATHLETIC Basketball captain, Deane Webb, and Student Council President, Terry Brook- shire, get their exercise a new way, riding in a little red wagon. NEATEST Uh, oh, Civitan Club member, Mike Bogie, is having to wait on FBLA member, Kathy Jamison, again. MOST STUDIOUS The work iust piles up for NHS presi- dent, Ralph Long, and ml editor, Phyllis Young. X,- CLASS SCNG g'ftft1,i,,rf.5lfU fllfttsmt The time now has come For us to depart, The memories of Enka Remain in our hearts. The years have been happy, But how fast they Flewp And now as we stand here Our dreams have come true. At last we are seniors We look back with sadnessp The gay Junior-Senior ..... Our parties were grand, We remember the good times And our hearts fill with gladness But we now must look forward As our futures demand. .P-NJN if-J -Hb A 12 We will never forget you, Though the years lead us onp So goodbye, Enka High School KN 1 A fi . ', ,Bj'SllA, Our home for so long. xi 'Y il l,, ,KAY y litgffml 11121 ,ygftwsqsscl tl mfm?v,2st1,1 fl v'.f i'iflN'gli's:'l ,ww ,-lf s.5j.'7TfQ TYQQ5.,-sf" .-T 'PN -"' ,- 97fl.,,.lf'rQ 'Ll-jf-1'-. X l .f Sf 31-51. - 7 vc "J J' .. , L , ,f ff , , ,. X 7 XV., K , ,. 1 ,, It -,XrqxN1 , 'wif' fffff? Kf ll' -fl Iii lx'-!'X-1-KXKX lx 5 Eff. 1,3 f ,fig my L - LWXQJ fyl J .f li :A -ig -gwf.. X-,11N:- L, 1 'f , f' .-:lm ff '- ffl 'g A yi' 51 ,'-J y xv N -4, Cy' to 'jgkgqw 'Ms Lf" iff' ' .A X als f T- 'Rik FLOWER '. ff ' 1 Lg. Xxx Spider Mum ., N MOTTO The future is not in the hands of fate, but in ours. .. . . .Jules Jesserand COLORS White and Blue . " J x NJ Q Qui' ' WOT! JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Left to right: Diane Hyde secretaryp Leon Young, re- porterp Terry Gayheart treasurerp Mike DeBruhl vice-presidentp Dan Mc- Curry, president. Sandra Allen Hallie Allison Kathryn Arrington Jack Arrowood CLASS OF 1964 Joe Arrowood Charles Arthur Joe Austin Donnie Ball Betty Banks David Banks Roger Banks Nancy Bennett I I I Bobby Ballard Phil Brinkley 'li' QFQ1' flu! VII? if Z7 S-uv Martha Brooks Terry Brooks Harold Brookshnre Jo Ann Brookshlre Judy Brown Norman Bryan Amta Bryant Larry Burneffe Dons Buchanan Susie Burnette Eddie Candler Bobby Clement uw K? QBIX , 5 ucv Brenda Cole June Cole Susan Cole Mary Collette Bob Collins Cecil Crawford Roberts Crowder Becki' Dvlfon Rogene Dvves Berry Jone Davis , rx ,nom . XJ x Jackie Davis Marsha Davis Mary Davis Mike Davis Mike DeBrul1l Dennis Dillard Carolyn Devore Charles Dotson Judy Dowdle Sandy Drake hi i K 'iff' '75 affix' 9 X W Sandro Duck Ginger Edmonds Rilo Edmonds Freido Ensley Joe Fisher Earlene Fletcher Danny Fox Eleanor Frisbee Randall Galloway Jo Ann Garrison Terry Gayhearf Myra Gosnell Nancy Gosnell Becky Graham Creola Greene Tommy Greene James Harris Ronnie Harris Susan Hensley June Henson ii f ' 'ef 2 M .We 'Z-3 56 IL 5-'vi' Nl' W ,vw-uv qw-.-5 35 , V , Mv- 'rc'-1 .J f Rudy Herren James Hutchinson Sandra lsrael Susan Ivy Clyde Jones Robert Jones Vivian Herren Sherrill Hill Brenda l'l09le"' Kathryn Howell Jan Hutchinson Patsy Hyatt Diane l'lYde Sandro ln9le CLASS OF 1964 Carol Jarrett Steve Jones ,. H, Billy Jervis Gilbert Joyce Alice Johnston William Justice iv-fr 57 QYQ' IPTG Q.--019' ik YQ' E z V-'ZTSVH , S 2523 Y ' N V ' 1 il ,I K, ' 3 yi 'Mfr X A ,gn : ,X N my ra. ff 31f'f'E1'-' Q. 'Bain C., at, xx, 'Einar hir' Qv44U inaqf Wav-wifi Steve Kemic John Kilpatrick Trulu Klfkpdffick GGVY l-edf0fCl Danny Lindsey Vicky Liner E. W. Loftis D00 Lytle Tommy McCarson Richard McClellan Ronnie McClure Iris McCollum Dan McCurry Neal McElrath Wanda McElratl'm David McElyea WU' vcr Linda Letterman William Massie Robert McCulloch Mamie Melson F8 411. fl-'x 'Wu-nn' 'Tl Dorothy Middleton Chippy Miller Margo Miller Fred Moeller Phil Moody Wayne Moore Cora Lee Morgan Duane Morgan Judy Morgan Ralph Morgan Charles Morse Bill Moses Lynda Moss Tlatha Moss Johnny Norvelle Gary O'Kelley Katherine Parker Johnny Pearson Anne Peebles Adrian Penland 59" f-sd 59 -WE if bw-mf We..-I Q?""!Y' l-ir' . TPR My Mary Phillips Dennis Pittman Briqn Pope Pat Poston David Raby Douglas RGFTISGY Barbara Revis Gordon Revis CLASS OF 1964 Barbara Rhodes Linda Joyce Robinsor 3 Jerry Rich Ronald Roberts Clifton Robinson Glenda Rogers Jim Salter Johnny Sams 'Nw iff' 67" -4412-0-. 'ov 'QU' Lois Proffitt Jerry Revis Linda Gail Robison George Self 1 ' 60 vawyr David Setzer Kay Setzer Jane Sims Jo Ann Singleton Gary Sluder Larry Sluder Jim Smith Lindo Smith Nancy Smith Pot Smith Phyllis Smith Roy Smith Rebecca Sparks Ricky Spencer Ralph Stanberry Dan Starnes Annette Stillweli Dianna Stockton Judy Stubbs Jack Suddreth UIVWQ " law ROQGV 5Uf"eff Calvin Swanger Marie Taylor Nancy Towe Glenn Trgnfhqm Bill TFUll Carolyn Trull Belinda Waldrup Loretta Warren Deanna Walker Louise Walker Emily Watts Judy Webb Kenneth Wheeler Candy Whitt Phil Wight Lillian Wilson Lois Wilson Allen Wright Leon Young ng. 3' V? 'Iv QQ? 'Jiri' ,ev 62 CLASS OF 1965 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Left to right-- Judy Crawford, vice-president, Patsy Bartlett, treasurer, Charles Roberts, president, Terry Furness, re- porter, Sandra Cody, secretary. 'if 63 ELAINE ACREY JO ANN ALLEN SHARON ANDERSON MARTHA ARROWOOD EDDIE ASKEW SUSIE BALL MARTHA BALLARD SANDRA BALLINGER DAVID BARNES PATSY BARTLETT KST LINDA BATES DAVID BENSON JEAN BENSON LYNN BENSON BRENDA BERRY WAYNE BISHOP MIKE BLANKENSHIP WILLA BLANKENSHIP JANICE BOYDSTON JERRY BRENDLE MARY FRANCES BRENDLE CAROLYN BROCK BARBARA BROOKSHIRE LINDA BROOKSHIRE HARRIET BROWN JERRY BROWN MARTHA BROWN RILEY BROWN SUSAN BROWN MARTHA BUCKNER MIKE BURCH JANE BURNETTE SHIRLEY BURNETTE RONNETTA BURRELL SANDRA BURRELL EDDIE CAGLE WAYNE CALDWELL LINDA CAPPS WAYNE CARPENTER CINA CARRIGAN MARY RUTH CARROLL JOEL CARTER DORIS CASE LINDA CASE MARGARET CHAPMAN BARBARA CLARK GERALD CLARK JIM CLARK SANDRA CODY JOYCE COFFEY SCOTT COLLINS ANN COOK JOHN CORBIN BLAINE COX KENNETH CRANE JUDY CRAWFORD JO ANN CREASMAN ROBERT CRISP MARCIA CROOK ANITA CROWE PHYLLIS DALTON FRANK DAVIDSON FRED DAVIS JULIA DAVIS SYLVIA DAVIS KATHY DEBORD LINDA DETTWIELLER EVA SUE DILLARD LARRY DONAHUE JANE DUCKETT MIKE DUNCAN PAT EARLEY CECIL EDMONDS ROBERT ELLIOT LEROY EWART CLASS OF 1965 66 JUDY FENDER JIM FERGUSON DOUGLAS FISHER MARK FISHER DAVID FITZ ANITA FLOYD GARY FOSTER MICKEY FRANKLIN DIANE FRECK GERALD FULCHER TERRY FURNESS RONNIE GADDY MARY GALLION EUNICE GAMBLE LARRY GANT JIMMY GARREN DONNA GASPERS ON TEXAS GASPERS ON PAT GIBBS RONALD GIBSON ERIC GODFREY MARY GODFREY TERRY GORMAN CHARLES GOSNELL PAT GOSNELL JERRY GRANT DANNY GREENE NEIL GREENE BILL GUDGER CHARLES GRIFFIN DOROTHY HALL PAT HARDING LARRY HARPER VIRGINIA HARRELL RICHARD HARRISON PAUL HEATHERLY BERNICE HEDDEN JERRY HEDDEN MARTHA HENSLEY RONNIE HERREN STEVE HERREN BILL HOLBROOK GEORGE HOLCOMBE JANICE HOLCOMBE DOUGLAS HOLLAND BRENDA HOLLIFIELD LORRAINE HOUCK SANDRA HOUSE ANN HOWELL JEANETTE HOWELL LILLIAN HOWELL JIM HUGHEY MARGARET INGLE MARTHA INGLE ROSEMARY INGLE PAUL IARUSSI BUDDY ISRAEL DONALD ISRAEL LIBBY ISRAEL NANCY JAMES CLASS OF 1965 .LYL 67 6 ifgr 'buf CLASS OF 1965 'V Q-vg 68 JEAN JARRET EDWARD JENKINS KAYE JENKINS EARL JOHNSON BRENDA JONES MIKE JONES MARY KAYLOR DAVID KEITH DAVID KING JOYCE KING SHIRLEY KING WALLACE KING SAM KISER JANICE LANCE JOI-IN LANCE DORIS LANNING PRISCILLA LEDFORD TROY LEDFORD MARTHA LETTERMAN BOBBY JO LEWIS MICHAEL LEVI AUDREY LIMEBERRY BRENDA LINDSEY GAIL LIPE JOE LONG KAREN LONG SAMMY MASSIE LARRY McCALL PAT McCLELLAN DALE McCLURE JIM McCONNELL MELVIN MCCONNELL GLENDA MCELRATH PHYLLIS McELRATH NANCY MCFEE ELVETA MCMAHAN SANDRA MEARES EMMA LOU MEDF ORD RAY MEDFORD RONNIE MEDFORD CLARENCE MELSON DIANNE MERRILL BARBARA MESSER CONNIE METCALF LARRY MIDDLET ON BETTY JO MILLER GARY MILLER LIBBY MOORE JOYCE MORRIS TOMMY MORRIS BRENDA MORGAN LINDA MORGAN PAT MORGAN LARRY MURRAY MARY MYERS MIKE NICHOLS ZINA NICHOLS AUDREY NORRIS DOUGLAS NORTON SUSAN OATES CLASS OF 1965 70 BILLY O'KELLY RITA OWENBY KERT PALAT CHARLES PALMER BARBARA PARKER JAMES PARKER GRADY PARRIS JEANETTE PARRIS LOU ELLEN PARRIS DORIS PASSMORE PENNY PATTERSON DIANA PEEBLES BEATRICE PENLAND JEAN PENLAND TOMMY PHELPS MARLENE PLEMMONS THELMA PITTS DONALD PRESSLEY EDWARD PRESSLEY LYNN PROCTOR GARY PROPEST DOROTHY QUEEN MIKE QUEEN FRED RACEY YVONNE REAGAN RONNIE RECTOR LINDA REDMON JERRY REECE DIANA REED ELAINE REED JERRY REYNOLDS RONNIE RHODES FLOYD RICE JUDY RICE MELVIN RICE RICHARD RICE DAVID RICKMAN TREVA RIDDLE CHARLES ROBERTS JACKIE ROBERTS LARRY ROBERTS HELEN ROGERS JERRY ROGERS DAVID RUTHERFORD ERVIN SANFORD MONIKA SCHAAF SANDI SCROGGS GAIL SETZER JERRY SEXTON MAYOLYN SHELTON KITTY SHERLIN GARY SHOPE GLENDA SHORT EDDIE SIMMONS JIMMY SINGLETON TOMMY SISK DIANE SMITH GAIL SMITH JANET SMITH REID SMITH TOMMY SPAIN LARRY SPENSER BARBARA SPRINKLE EARLENE STAMEY RONALD STAMEY STEVE STANBERRY LOWELL STEWART SHARON STEWART DALE STEVENSON GARY STEVENS ON JOHN STILLWELL CHARLES STINES LEON STEWART DONALD STUBBS RONALD STUBBS JERRY SUTTON SHERMAN SURRETT RALPH SWAFF ORD CAR OLYN SWAN GER YVONNE TAYLOR JIMMY TAYLOR MIKE TOWLES LOUIS TRAVIS RANDALL TURBYFILL GARY VINSON LARRY VINSON BOBBY WARREN DANNY WARREN DEAN WARREN DONNA WARREN GARY WARREN JO ANN WARREN LYNDA WARREN WAN DA WARREN DANNY WASHBURN ALONZO WATTS ROGER WATKINS JOAN WATSON GREG WEBB TERRY WEBB CATHY WELCH MIRIAM WEST LOUEDITH WIGGINS CYNTHIA WILSON PEGGY WILSON JEANETTE WISE CARL WILLIAMS CHARLES WILLIAMS BILL WILSON J. E. WILSON SAM WILSON CARROLL WHITE DAVID WOODY SANDRA WYKE BECKY YOUNG JOHNNY YOUNG LINDA JEAN YOUNG LINDA MARIE YOUNG ARILYN ZIBELIN CLASS OF 1965 73 ..-1 if IN MEMUHY UF LURETTA 1 W WEMORV N C A POL URN A170 BEC .-, ., HY Em W Jz49Wf3 Remember those cold football mghts? hal haPPened at the iunior Parfy? dn'l Another important part of the school year has been the addition of the football bleachers. Mr. Tomberlin and Martha must be trying to decide how many there are. all the m0"eY MW- Sams and her rm . I mosf' rmpo,-fam 6 Qreen tickets are l The thernwmeler Wqu the 100 iors made VNS magazine Sales ' 74 Port of our Curricmum cr CLASS OF 1966 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Mike Travis, vice president, Susan Palat, secretary, Cesile Boyd, president, Edward Hut- chinson, reporter, Gary Brown, , 'V 57 3 , 'Q 2 f ' B B- -"" ,E , g ff 1' fi - 5: 'V', f - 1 ' - 1' if , , 1 .: It 5.3, - . A V , ,. 13:Je,f'51 iv 11" :Lil ,125 .1 , ijfif.-1.',.i, gg I Q- ' i" Zflgfffi Wit' W , f ssrs ' ' iii P i ' A- 'X ' 'H Ti ' A 1 Lifftsezen w 1 - 1 5 i I . ' , A A ,, , ,Q 'M 7 " ,Nw v V w- f nm, ,Hb ' ' ', , 5357" 1 , ,V -V ,Ys.,,.,3Si.,f,, , ... V ,, wt A - A. +1 . ,, ' 3 V -Q 7 V f . Y E wan I g - 15 ,, V 3, 1 7 4, lr .nf V , I tn 4 ' 1. 'ig V " f-'sf-fs: A tiff. 'f t 5 it -'VY Ziff: M s 75 lTeGSUf6l' . Brenda Allen Sharon Armstrong Janet Arthur Doris Austin Kay Boll Fred Banks Barbara Sue Brigman Ronnie Barrier Ann Beachboard Eddie Bennett Ronnie Bennett Rose Marie Bennett Ronnie Biddix Linda Bishop Jerry Black Alpha Blackwell Judy Blankenship Kenneth Borne Richard Bowman Ronnie Boydtson CLASS OF 1966 ' x A ,, ,K Q 'U 4 v 1 W , YQ ,- 25,5 Worx, ,M - '0 9 I Manx ,, K 'ASV 'ff Q f , . W K t f 2 l W W David Bradley Ann Bridges Dewey Brock Susan Brookshire Gary Brown Jan Brown Jean Brown Linda Bryson J udy Buckner Susie Bumgardner Fran Bumpus Lewis Burch Ralph Burrell Ray Burrell Kirby Burton Jack Carpenter Keith Carson Sonya Carter David Carver Madge Case Linda Chockley Sue Clampett Charles Clark Sally Clark Libby Clement Linda Clement Steve Clevinger David Clontz C. J. Cody JO Anne Cole Brenda Cooper Doris Cordell Jeanette Cox Frances Craig Karen Dale Barbara Dalton Bill Dalton Libby Daniel Brenda Davis Connie Davis Hope Davis Gail Davis Johnny Davis Pat DeBruhl Gene DeVore Tommy Dillard Steve Dills Rosalee Duckett Henry Duncan Karen Dye Wayne Edmonds Helen Eldredge Terry Ellege Jerry Eplee Jimmy Farmer Dorothy Fore Pat Fore Gail Foster Ima Jean Fox Richard Franks Linda Freck Dean Gaddy Linda Gaddy Jennifer Galloway Wayne Galloway Charles Garren Charles Glazner Franklin Goforth Ronnie Gosnell Gail Greene CLASS OF 1966 gn 77 CLASS OF 1966 78 Ronald Greene Kathy Guy Fay Hamlin Jimmy Harding Milton Harky Ronnie Harper Sharon Harris Bill Harvey Linda Harwood Paul Hendrix Lawrence Henson Terry Herren Annette Hicks Jimmy Hill Brenda Hipps Bobby Holbrook Larry Holbrook Linda Holbrook Roger Holcombe Tony Hooker Bobby Hunter Douglas Hunter Bruce Hutchinson Edward Hutchinson Phil Hutchinson Billy Hyatt Jerry Hyatt Linda lngle Larry lsrael Rebecca Jackson Linda Jameson Jerry Jamison Larry Jenkins Brenda Jones Dyrenda Jones Gail Jones Marvin Jones Lola Johnston Gloria Jean Johnson Terry Jean Johnson Jimmy Johnston Susan Joyce Richard Justice Bruce King Terry Kirby James Kisselburg Donna Kury Gary Lance Kay Ledbetter Brenda Ledford Steve Letterman Gail Lindsey Dara Llewellyn Mary Helen Lollis Wayne Lominac Mary Long Vanna Long Pat Lunsford Homer Luther Linda Luther Betty Jean Maney Douglas Massie Pat McCall Andy McDonald Gary McElrath Ralph McFee Phyllis McKinney Wanda McKinney Gene Mease Linda Medlin Carolyn Metcalf Janice Metcalf Barbara Medford Jeanette Merrill Gail Miller Judy Miller Marie Miller Stanley Miller Sandra Mills Marvin Milton Ricky Mitchell Bill Moody Billy Moore Edward Moore Linta Moore Terry Moore Ronnie Morgan Clyde Morrow Velma Moss Deidra Fay Owen Don Owenby Kay Owenby Susie Palat Roberta Parker Mike Parris Wayne Pearson Sharon Peebles Bill Peek Mike Pendland Veronica Penley Michael Phillips Ruby Phillips Bruce Pierce David Pittman Jerry Pittman Eddie Plemmons Johnny Plemmons Preston Ponder Carolyn Pressley Lynn Price Linda Propest Eddie Raby Pat Randolph Harvey Redmond Arnold Reed Helen Reece Larry Reece Ann Reeves Cheryl Reeves Glen Revis Rex Revis Charles Rhinehart Glenn Rhinehart James Rhinehart Melvin Riddle Phyllis Roberts Don Robinson Iva Robinson Linda Robinson Jennifer Rogers Linda Rogers Linda Sams David Scruggs Jack Seaver Doug Sebring Linda Sexton Tommie Sexton Deanna Sherrill Carl Shook Kenneth Singleton CLASS OF 1966 8l . . , i ,.,.,,.'., CLASS OF 1966 82' Paul Sluder Randy Sluder Dale Smathers Mike Smathers Charles Smith James Smith Larry Smith Leslie Smith Mary Etta Smith Carol Simpson Marlene Smith Peggy Smith Rita Smith Steve Smith Billie Sorrells Lennie Sparks Lee Stamey Kenneth Stines Jim Suddreth Roy Taylor Jackie Teague Earnest Towe Roger Towe Mike Travis Michael Waddell Elizabeth Wade Pat Waldrop Neil Waldrup Charles Warren Darlene Warren Diane Warren David Warren Eugenia Warren Jerry Warren Ruth Warren CLASS OF 1966 Patricia Warren Elmer Watts Larry Watts Glenn Wells Jerry West Carolyn Wheeler Ronnie Wheeler Myra Wiggins Ralph Wiggins Don Wilkey Jackie Williams Steve Williams Dinah Wilson Linda Wilson John Wise Tommy Wolfe Lonnie Wood Allan Woody Billy Woody Eddie Wright Donna Young Eddie Young Harold Young Good Citizens of Freshman Class SCHOLARSHIP Each year the students who make the "A" semester Forty-six freshmen made the "B" semester honor roll are recognized at a tea held by the Na- honor roll. tional Honor Society and Beta Club. This year Dara Llewellyn, Susan Joyce, Bill Gudger,Jennifer Rogers, and Barbara Parker were honored. Thirty-one sophomores were on the JoAnn Garrison, Diane Hyde, Dan semester "B" honor roll. McCurry, Kathy Howell, and Wanda McElrath were the juniors who made the B" honor roll. Seniors who made the "B" honor roll were, seated: Shirley Rice,Glee Ann Scruggs, Martha Wright, Doug Just- ice, Janet Glazener. Standing: Jean Sowers, Lynda Buckner, Aretha Rob- inson, Ralph Long, Rosemary Chand- ler, Dennis Bartlett. , 84 74? '. 1 ua? N-MQ, v gf if , Lai an ' gulf g 4r4, M' s At f,5.w,? K-'Q ei 1 if 1..- First row, left to right: Kathy Howell, Recording Secretary Jean Sowers, Corresponding Secretary, Candy Whitt, Treasurer. Second row: Rudy Herren, Vice President: Terry Brookshire President, Doug Beale, President of the House of Representa- tives . The Student Council is the offi- cial representative body of the stud- ents at Enka. Composed of a Senate consisting of class officers and club presidents, and the House, mode up of representatives from the homerooms, the group is headed by officers elected each spring. The council aims atgiv- ing constructive discipline and order to the school, and it accepts the res- ponsibi l ity of direction and correction . STUDENT COUNCIL MKQNNSQS Part of the work done by the student coun- cil includes monitoring the lunch lines. 86 x fx , FR ' xv Q rX.oX.7 x NFJ Senate, first row, left to right: Sandra Cody, Martha Wright, Patsy Bartlett, Margaret Jones, Candy Whitt, Terry Gayheart, Dan McCurry, Linda Smith. Second row: Diane Hyde, Rometta Sams, Lynda Buckner, Rosemary Chandler, Aretha Robinson, Kathy l'lowell,Judy Crawford. Third row: Deane Webb Mike DeBruhl, Terry Furness, Robert Crisp, Charles Roberts, Dennis Bartlett, Leon Young. f House of Representatives, first row, left to right: Jean Sowers, Carolyn Ward, Gail Smith, Linda Robison, Phyllis Roberts, Myra Wiggins, Kay Owenby, Brenda Jones. Second row: Steve Herren, Tommy Dillard, Monika Schaaf, Louedith Wiggins, Nancy James, Maida Farmer, Kay Jones, Sue I Morgan. Third row: Bob Collins, Terry Brookshire, Rudy Herren, Mike Davis, Bill Dalton, Larry Gant Phil Wight, Jack Williams. Fourth row: Ross Peebles, Duane Morgan, Charles Cathey, Doug Beale, Charles Arthur, Randy Davis, Glenn Trantham, Kert Palat. 87 L A A Officers, first row: Brenda Dodds Recording Secretary, Ralph Long .pr ,N ponding Secretary. Second row Elyea, Vice President. - A H 1 rumormi. Q' HQQRSOCEY X 'I e M f- 229 A L5 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Senior members, seated: Brenda Dodds, Rometta Sams, Aretha Robinson, Martha Wright, Doug Justice Lynda Buckner, Polk Rutherford, Janet Glazener. Standing: Ralph Long, Eric Israel, Phyllis Young, Doug Beale, Shirley Rice. Junior members, first row: Brenda Cole, JO Ann Singleton, Terry Gay- heart, Sandra Duck, Sue Burrows, Rudy Herren, Joe Fisher, David McElyea, Charles Arthur. Second row: Danny McCurry, Diane Hyde, Candy Whitt, Earlene Fletcher, Kathy Howell, Linda Robinson, Donald Harding, Larry Sluder, Wayne Moore, Ralph Stanberry. Third row: Sandra lsrael, Linda Ro- bison, Johnny Norvell, Dennis Bartlett, David Roby, Steve Kemic. I FQ President, Lynda Buckner, Corres- LarrySluder, Treasurer, David Mc- NG 5. af U f V.. ' g ., . w Q fm Mi 1+ T , Ls.QJw Probatlonary members first row left to right Monika Schaaf, Suzy Ball, Pat Earley, Diane Reed, Wayne Caldwell Martha Buckner Mary Frances Brendle Becky Young, Cecil Edmonds, Patsy Bart- lett Sandra Cody Susan Oates Second row Linda Capps, Louellen Parris, Brenda Hollifielcl, Lou- edlth Wiggins Lynn Benson Judy Crawford .lane Duckett, Eva Sue Dillard, Kitty Sherlin, Barbara Parker Third row Mark Fisher Donald Stubbs Joel Carter, Terry Furness, Bill Gudger, Tommy Phelps Eric Godfrey Robert Crisp, Charles Roberts. To stimulate the love of learning and to recognize and encourage scholarship are the goals of the National Honor Society. Leader- ship, development of character, scholarship, and a desire to render service are emphasized. Each year the National Honor Society at Enka High School sponsors Career Day, co-sponsors a tea for those students making the semester "A" honor roll, and gives special recognition to students on the honor roll by distributing honor roll ribbons. Two of the events which the National Honor Society sponsors are Career Day and the Honor Tea. Here, members, Anne Plemmons, Brenda Dodds, Shirley Rice, and Sue Burrows, serve refreshments to the honorees at the tea. Members ofthe N. H. S. classify students, as- sign speakers and student leaders, and organize classes in preparation for Career Day. lg? ...,, 1i First row: Kathy Parker, Carol Jarrett, Norma June Davis, Wanda McElrath, Linda Berry, June Hen- son. Second row: Kay Setzer, Margo Miller, Jean Sowers, Marsha Davis, Maicla Farmer. Third row: Loretta Warren, Louise Walker, Diane Bishop, Myra Gosnell, Deanna Davis. Fourth row: Jim Smith, Gary Sluder, Rita Edmonds, Mike Davis, Ronald Morgan. Fifth row: Gary Ledford, Ronald Roberts. BETA CLUB 90 Rosemary Chandler, President, Mike Davis, Vice-President, De- anna Davis, Secretary, Ronald Morgan, Treasurer, Norma June Davis, Reporter. The National Beta Club is an organization com- posed of high school students worthy of special re- cognition because of good mentality and character outstanding attainment, and commendable attitudes. The club endeavors to encourage the qualities of leadership, stimulate a desire for achievement, and promote character development. B Jean, Gary, and Margo give devotions over the in- 'Q tercom as a part of their Beta activities. 8 59 liglxx iv Ginzzzai l The Beta Club helps sponsor the "A" tea. Here mem- Jim and Ronald prepare the Beta emblem For the "A" bers, Norma June Davis, Diane Bishop, and Deanna tea. Davis, serve refreshments to the honorees. I ENKANOCA STAFF Editors Aretha Robinson and Martha Wright get down to business---the less interesting aspect of naming pictures and writing copy. We offer you with pride the i963 Enkanoca. We give to you a picture which will capture all phases of a year of your life at Enka High School. We present a record of all the fun you have had, the friends you have made, the parties and dances, the ball- games, and the classes you have attended, to refresh your memory for years to come. We offer you, the student body of Enka, the labour of our hearts, hands, and minds. First raw: Judy Edmonds, Martha Wright, Pat Earley, Glee Ann Scruggs, Linda Redmond, Jo Ann Cole, Linda Young. Second row: Susan Hensley, Myra Metcalf, Anne Plemmons, Clarence Melson, Janice Brown, Linda Robinson, Freida Ensley. Third row: Aretha Robinson, Jane Burnette, Diane Hyde, Monika Schaaf, Miriam West, Judy Morgan, Louedith Wiggins. Fourth row: Ronald Morgan, Mike Davis, Jane Cole, Kay Jenkins, Phil Wight, Robert McCulloch. 9? This year our art editors are Monika Schaaf and Phil Wight. They help draw the final copy of the annual. Anne Plemmons, our senior editor, works hard on the senior directory. Club editor, Diane Hyde, and junior editors, Jane and Barbara, look for ideas in past an- nuals. JoAnn and Jan, the freshman editors, didn't know the freshman list would be so long. editors, name and alphabetize class pictures. Linda, Louedith, Pat, and Kay, our sophomore Off- The school newspaper, the Enka Scroll, is aimed at keeping the student body in- formed of the various activities during the school year, and promotes school spirit. The Enka Scroll staff carefully records all important events of the year, so that the students may relive them through print for weeks to come. K 'N 1 Co-editors, Doug Justice and Phyllis Young, are proofreading copy to be sent to press. First row, left to right: Rebecca Dalton, Judy Galloway, Janet Glazener, Judy Edmonds, Diane Hyde. Second row: Deane Webb, Janice Boydston, Barbara Messer, LeRoy Ewart, Sandy Scroggs, Joe Arro- wood, Janie Holcolmbe, Wayne Caldwell, Sonia Carter, Kay Jenkins, Billy Harvey, Gary Shope, Miss Harrell, sponsor, Maida Farmer, Sonia Taylor. Third row: Doug Justice, Phyllis Young, Jerry Ellege, Bill Jervis, Jerry Jamison, Bill Trull, Kay Ledbetter, Larry Sluder, Mike DeBruhl, Eddie Bennett, Charles Morse, Ronald Roberts, Ralph Long, Brenda Dodds, Linda Berry. "Zi- Doug, Phyllis, Jerry, Ralph, and Martha put together an edition of the paper while Janet reads the news. 75 ENKA SCROLL Junior editors, Gary, Bill, Diane, and Mike decide what articles they are to contribute to the paper. Have sports editors, Jerry, Janet, and Ralph, found an error? First row fleft to rightl: Kathy Jamison, Martha Pearson, Hallie Allison, Linda Smith, Cathy Welch. Second row: Carol Barron, Annette Stillwell, Deanna Walker, Rebecca Dalton, June Henson, Penny Sorrells. Third row: Glenda Short, Linda Ruckman, Barbara Rhodes, Yvonne Taylor, Wanda Warren, Julia Ann Davis, Sandra Scroggs. Fourth row: Danny Lindsey, Kitty Sherlin, Pat Poston, Susan Cole, Donald Harding, Jane Sims, Jane Cole, Ronald Morgan. The Future Business Leaders of America is composed of students of the Business Education Department. lt fosters interest in business occupations and gives students an opportunity to participate in business leadership. The members of the Future Business Leaders work together for the benefit of the Business Education Department and the school as a whole. Danny, Don lecture on proper business procedures. FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA Jane, Ronald, and Linda make good use of Enka's business machines . Left to right: Donald Harding, Treasurer, Jane Sims, Historian, Ronald Morgan, President, Linda Smith, Secretary, Jane Cole, Vice President. si ss is U X William, Cathy, and June mimeograph tests as part of their work for the F.B.L.A. Composed of students interested in the teaching profession, the Future Teachers of Americaf-emphasizes the cultivation of the qualities of dependable character and leader- ship which are necessary in this vocation . This club strives toinform students of the opportuni- ties in teaching and to advance the develop- ment of student leadership. By giving encour- agement to those who are planning to become teachers and recruiting candidates for the teaching profession, the Future Teachers of America are performing a valuable service for the community. Officers, left to right: Rometta Sams, President, Duane Morgan, Vice-President, Norma June Davis, Secretary, Earlene Fletcher, Treasurer, Judy Galloway, Reporter. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA 1 Seated Qleft to rightl: Judy Galloway, Rometta Sams, Aretha Robinson, Louise Walker, Margo Miller, Sandra Duck, Susan Hensley, Marsha Davis, Ann Peebles, Mike Davis, Elaine Cole, Carolyn Ward, Glenn Trantham, Tony Kirby, Norma June Davis, Duane Morgan. Standing: Miss Hunter and Mr. Mc- Cracken, sponsors, Charles Cathey, David Setzer, Norman Bryan, Bob Collins, Gary Sluder, Rita Ed- monds, Nancy James, Kay Setzer, Lynda Buckner, Jean Sowers, Louedith Wiggins, Eva Sue Dillard, Betty Jo Miller, Linda Robison, Linda Redmond, Martha Wright, Doris Buchanan. 98 lxllllfx - - L. Iiixl illlyx pu,A4x,l'lF Mr. Harris discusses with Rometta, Aretha, and Doug the campus life at Appalachian State Teachers College. 99 A representative from the United States Coast Guard Academy speaks to one of the groups on Col lege Day . After group discussions, re- freshments are served to the College Day speakers. Officers, first row: Danny Perry, President, George Self, Vice- President. Second row: Steve Kemic, Treasurer, Bill Trull, Cor- responding Secretary. Third row: Dan McCurry, Parliamentarian, Diane Hyde, Recording Secretary. Members of the National Forensic League prepare for a debate. The affirmative team is on the right, the negative on the left. Consisting of students who display an interest in public events and public speaking, the National Forensic League en- courages students to cultivate the art of speaking. The club strives to foster interest in rhetoric of all natures, debates, orations, and extemporaneous speaking. Through participation in official National Forensic League Congresses and intramural contests, the club gives students the opportunity of learning to express themselves through actual experience. The National Forensic League seeks to help the individual exercise the right of freedom ofspeech which is a part of our democratic heritage . ., NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE GV lb ff I , Left to right, first row: Diane Reed, Diane Hyde, Dan McCurry, Polk Rutherford, Loretta Warren, Robert McCulloch, Phil Wight, Libby lsrael, Sandra lsrael, Martha Letterman. Second row: Frank Davidson, Mike DeBruhl, Johnny Young, Larry Sluder, Danny Perry, Johnny Norvelle, Jim Salter, Gary Ledford, George Self, Steve Kemic, Bill Trull. 'IQ' "Cash for trash" The library club is participa- ting in Community Club Awards where proofs of purchase can mean money in the treasury. Counting CCA points are Lynda Buckner, Pres- ident, Candy Whitt, Treasurer, Brenda Jones, Secretary, Earlene Fletcher, Reporter, and Vicki Liner, Vice-President. LIBRARY CLUB The main attraction at any convention is the banquet. Here Trula Kirkpatrick is planning for the NCHSLA banquet with the assistance of Candy Whitt and Patsy Bartlett. Trula is Vice-President of the state organization. Candy and Patsy are President and Vice-Presi- dent, respectively, of the Western District. The Enka High School Library Club corresponds to the Friends of the Library in public library circles. It is a service and public relations organization. The mem- bers have an opportunity to develop leadership by work- ing with other students and serving their school. This is done through a variety of activities other than the usual ones of helping at the circulation desk, etc. One Sat- urday morning the members participated in a wholesale cleaning operation--floors were mopped, windows were cleaned, the entire library was vacuumed. As an addi- tional service to the students the clubs provided paper- back editions of the "better" books which are on sale in the library. During the past five years the library club has been represented on the Executive Board of North Carolina High School Library Association by having one or more members elected to office. The ultimate aim of the club is to stimulate student interest in the library. , If in - , 5 1 f I U' I I First row fleft to rightl: Sandra isrdel, Annette Stillwell, Patsy Bartlett, Trula Kirkpatrick, Judy Gal- loway, Becky Graham, Linda Marie Young, Pat Gosnell, Sue Burrows. Second row: Jim Fox, Linda Robison, Norma June Davis, Jane Sims, Vickie Liner, Linda Ruckman, Jean Sowers, Linda Smith, Lynda Buckner. Third row: Brenda Kay Jones, Gary Sluder, Phil Wyatt, Robert McCulloch, Miriam West, Susan Brown, Earlene Fletcher, Nancy James, Mary Myers, Rita Edmonds, Marsha Davis, Candy Whitt. Fourth row: Norman Bryan, Bob Collins, Roberts Crowder, Mike Davis, J. D. Patterson, Charles Jameson, Ronald Morgan, Tommy Morris, Glen Trantham, Ann Peebles. First row lleft to rightlz Glenn Trantham, Bob Collins, David McElyecl, Gary O'Kelly. Second row: Mike Bogle, Mike Holbrook, Eddie Haynes, Dennis Bartlett. Third row: Jack Arrowood, Mike Snipes, Polk Rutherford, Rudy Herren. Fourth row: Mr. Young, Sponsor, Ralph Long, Mike Israel. JUNIOR CIVITAN CLUB Officers fleft to rightjz Danny Perry, President, Polk Rutherford, Vice-President, Dennis Bart- lett, Secretary, Ross Peebles, Treasurer, Mike Snipes, Chaplain. Not pictured: Mike Israel, Sergeant-a t-Arms . IO? The Junior Civitan Club, sponsored by the Rhododendron Civitan Club, is made up of boys who have shown outstanding lead- ership and citizenship in their daily lives. The club seeks to instill a sense of responsibility and civic duty into each member. By taking part in the proiects of the Junior Civitan Club, these boys are pre- paring for leadership as active, interested citizens in the life of their community and country. Future Nurses encourages students to meet the rising demand for nurses. It aims at giving helpful preparation to those who are interested in a career in nursing. Through participation in Future Nurses, members gain the maturity ancl sense of responsibility which will help them toward a mean- ingful future. FUTURE NURSES qi? I Glee Ann seems very pleased to meet Governor Terry Sanford while at the convention. Standing fleft to rightl: Anne Plemmons, trea- surer, Margaret Jones, Vice-President, Deanna Davis, President, Glee Ann Scruggs, secretary, Betty Ledbetter, Reporter, leave for the Health Careers Congress at Durham. WW in A s 'l' b Z 497 n First row Qleft to rightlz Betty Brigman, Janet Austin, Glee Ann Scruggs, Margaret Jones. Second row: Lorraine Welborn, Betty Ledbetter, Anne Plemmons, Lynn Proctor, Pat Morgan. Third row: Martha Arrowood, Martha Brooks, Nancy Bennett, Lois Proffitt, Barbara Parker, Deanna Davis. 2: S K The Latin Club at Enka is open to all students of Latin who have maintained an A average. This organization emphasizes not only the language of the people, but also the Roman civilization and customs. Through the Latin Club students realize the great contributions of the Roman Empire to our own modern civilization. Officers, first row: Sandra Cody, Consul Se- cundus, Terry Furness, Consul Primus, Kathy Howell, Censor. Second row: Robert Crisp, Quaestor, Wayne Caldwell, Nuntius. Try-outs for the Latin play, Cleopatra: Caesar, Robert Crisp, Cleopatra, Betty Jo Miller, An- tony, Eric Godfrey. LATIN CLUB 15 . ' 1 Left to right, first row: Sue Clampett, Audrey Norris, Cheryl Reeves, Kirby Burton, Jo Anne Cole, Mary Long, Dara Llewellyn, Jennifer Rogers, Sharon Peebles, Sally Clark, Kay Ovvenby, Pat Gibbs. Second row: Ann Bridges, Mike Bachner, Doris Cordell, Phyllis Roberts, Susan Joyce, Randy Sluder, Roger Towe, Billy Harvey, Lynda Robinson, Sandra Cody, Linda Redman. Third row: Jan Brown, Sonya Carter, Diana Reed, Myra Wiggins, Wayne Caldwell, Mary Lollis, Mary Francis Brendle, Tony Hooker, Charles Glazener, Mike Travis, Betty Jo Miller. Fourth row: Donald Stubbs, Kathy Howell, Judy Craw- ford, Linda Capps, Lynn Benson, Barbara Parker, Karen Dale, Linda Chockley, Jean Brown, Peggy Smith, Brenda Hollifield. Fifth row: David Keith, Robert Crisp, Jerry Sutton, Bill Gudger, Terry Furness, Ronald Stubbs, Eric Godfrey, Charles Williams, Edward Hutchinson, Sam Kiser, Jane Duckett, Kay Jenkins. 104 First row, left to right: Pat Gosnell, Sue Burrows, Pat Smith, Susan Oates, Roberta Parker, Doris Lanning, Judy Galloway, Norma June Davis, Jean Penland, Jerry Brendle, Sandra Duck. Second row: Wanda McElrath, Kathryn Parker, Pat Earley, Martha Buckner, Joanne Allen, Phil Wight, Doug Ramsay, Ann Peebles, Lynda Moss, Jimmy Singleton. Third row: Margo Miller, Mary Godfrey, Mary Coffey, Dinah Wilson, Janet Arthur, Sandy Scroggs, Pat Harding, Gail Setzer, Carole Riddle, Shirley Rice, Jerry Grant. Fourth row: Monika Schaaf, Carolyn Swanger, Lou Ellen Parris, Ima Fox, Libby Israel, Jo Sur- rett, Lynn McKinney, Carolyn Ward, Elaine Cole, Sammy Wagoner, Marilyn Zibelin. Fifth row: Clarence Melson, Rita Ed- monds, Lynn Price, Charles Galyean, Sandy Drake, David Setzer, Bill Trull, Tony Kirby, Paul Heatherly. Sixth row: Jimmy Hughey, Mike Nichols, Bill Holbrook, Jim Smith, Duane Morgan, Kenneth Wheeler, George Caiiaal, Gary Foster. SPANISH CLUB The Spanish Club is designed to help students learn to appreciate another way of life and at the same time become more skillful in their own use of the language. Through fellowship in the club, Spanish becomes a living, working language. First row, left to right: Duane Morgan, presi- dent, Janet Arthur, vice-president, Pat Gos- nell, second vice-president, Rita Edmonds, secretary. Second row: Mike Davis, Trea- surer, Susie Ball, vice-secretary, Susan Oates, vice-treasurer. The Spanish Club is now in charge of the bulle- tin board in the cafeteria lobby. Here, Susie, Sandy, and Gail have iust put up a new board. '05 FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA The obiectives of the Future Homemakers of America Club are the improvement of home and family life, the development of individual personalities and families with a proper sense of values significant to home life. Through participation in the Future Homemakers of America, girls learn, not only basic skills for successful homemaking, but also gain compe- tence in qualities of human relations, which help to prepare them to be better citizens and for service to their community and families as adults of the future. Miriam West, parliamentarianp Margaret Jones, president, Susan Oates, secretary, Becky Young, historian, and Diana Woody, treasurer, hold the figures representing the national ob- jective of the FHA, "Strengthening My Educa- tion." Not pictured are: Glenda Galyean, song leader, Eva Sue Dillard, vice president, and Jane Duckett, reporter. Barbara, Iva June, Sue, and Elaine display the yearbooks made by the Enka Chapter of the FHA containing the program for the year. Also displayed is the FHA magazine. First row, left to right: Susan Oates, Kay Ledbetter, Margaret Jones, Pat Morgan, Janet Smith, Miriam West, Veronica Penley, Mary Foister, Billie Sorrells. Second row: Ruby Phillips, Doris Messer, Diana Woody, Iva June Robinson, Barbara Messer, Janice Lance, Lorraine Houck, Sue Burrows, Elaine Cole. Third row: Jackie Teague, Pat McClellan, Carole Barron, Yvonne Taylor, Becky Young, Julia Davis, Wanda Warren, Andrea McDonald, Dot Fore. Fourth row: Diane Freck, Treva Riddle, Sandra Wylce, Sandra Surrell, Jean Jarrett, Kathy Guy, Linda Harwood, Earlene Stamey, Brenda Graham. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA The Future Farmers of America is made up of those boys studying vocational agricul- ture in high school. It keeps these future farmers up-to-date on the latest and best methods, and prepares them for a successful career in the field of agriculture. Sam Wilson, sentinel, Charles Morse, president, Doug Warren, treasurer, Larry Israel, secretary, David King, reporter, Joe Austin, vice president. Wayne, Roger, and Dan examine the bushes for fungus. First row Dan David Smathers, Jimmy Johnson, Jerry Black, Larry Israel, Mr. Par- ker, sponsor, Charles Morse, David King, Richard Wylde, John Allen Kilpatrick, Gerald Fulcher, Bob Warren, Stebe Smith, David Woody. Second row: Roger Smith, Tommy McCarson, Ralph Morgan, Joe Austin, Doug Holland, David Pearson, Ray Burrell, Billy Woody, Elmer Watts, Edward Wright, Danny Warren, Gary Vinson, Lewis Burch, Carl Shook. Third row: Charles Penland, Jerry Reece, Paul Hen- drix, Donald Pressley, Jim McConnell, Paul Young, Douglas Massie, Philip Hutchinson, Jim Suddreth, Marvin Milton, Sam Wilson, Larry Vinson. Absentees: Eddie Bennett, Nevil Breedlove, Billy Hyatt, Marcel Ingle, Homer Luther, Sammy Massie, Tommy Sisk, David Clontz, Robert Ellott, Texas Gasper- son, Tom Hunnicutt, Jerry Rogers, Eddie Simmons, Mickey Austin, James Ballard, Harley Medford, Douglas Warren, Wayne Reagan. Leon Young, vice president, Sue Morgan, secretary, Terry Brookshire, treasurer, Ross Peebles, president, show how the mono- gram club makes a sale at the school store. The Monogram Club is,com- posed of those students who have earned a letter in either football, basketball,baseball,or track. This club aims at making the most of good sportsmanship on campus as well as in actual competition. By handling the internal affairs of all athletic events, including supply- ing ushers for games, and main- taining concession stands, the Mo- nogram Club serves as a useful function for the benefit of the en- tire school. MONOGRAM CLUB Left to right, first row: Mike Jones, George Holcombe, Wayne Caldwell, Sue Morgan, Jane Sims, Gail Smith, Sandra Israel, Margaret Jones, Hallie Allison, Patsy Bartlett, Trula Kirkpatrick. Second row: Johnny Brooks, Joe Arrowood, Eddie Haynes, Jack Arrowood, Phil Wight, Jimmy Fox, Ronnie Hedden, Terry Brookshire, Kathy Howell, Mike Davis. Third row: Rudy Herren, Bob Collins, Gary O'Keiley, Deane Webb, Roberts Crowder, Bill Holbrook, Billy Moses, Randall Turbyfill, Tommy Green, Harold Brookshire. Fourth row: Jim Clark, James Hutchinson, Norman Bryan, David McElyea, Danny vVelch, Mike Holbrook, Kert Palat, Charles Arthur, Charles Roberts. Fifth row: Mike Israel, Ronald Roberts, Dennis Bartlett, Duane Morgan, Ralph Long, Ross Peebles, Leon Young. T08 OFFICE ASSISTANTS Betty, Myra, and Maida are typical ex- amples of office assistants. Answering the telephone, calling absences, and fil- ing cards are iust part of what they have to do. The members of the Office Assist- ants staff are carefully selected for their efficiency and dependability. Through their many duties they gain valuable ex- perience and training in business and of- fice work. Mrs. English, the school secretary, helps the office assistants, as well as taking care of all office business. A First row: Linda Berry, Martha Wright, Judy Edmonds, Peggy Sams, Betty Ledbetter. Second row: Myra Metcalf, Anne Plemmons, Jane Sims, Carolyn Ward. Third row: Ruby Hall, Jean Sowers, Lynda Buck ner, Maida Farmer, Aretha Robinson. Fourth row: Margaret Reese, Donald Harding, Bill Moses, Ross Peebles . TO9 DIVERSI FIE D OCCUPTION S CLUB Left to right, first row: Ray Howell, Adrian Penland, Danny Mann, Maxine Swanger, Gwen Penland, Linda Trantham, Cecil Trantham, James Laney, Fred Kirkpatrick. Second row: Charles Thompson, Paul Worley, Gilbert Joyce, Morris Childers, Roy Gass, John Starnes, Larry Taylor,'Dennis Pitman, Jerry Rich, Mr. Delozier, sponsor. BUS DRIVERS First row, left to right: Clive Campbell, Clifton Robinson, James Cabe, Sherrill Hill, Joe Austin, Lar- ry Murray, Mickey Woody. Second row: Ervin Sanford, William Warren, Jerry Revis, Larry Fields, Charles Morse, Charles Hutchinson, Kenneth Waldrup. ...........,, f f J X, 1' I Tr' 4 i f'I"'Mg f 'l"f sw' fa 'ff " 'wh , s A fn 5-. . I J pk! W , Mp" 'V ":' 2 ' ,, if W -A 2, F W iw V U' , E75 in M ?' 1 M J ! Li 2 P" My WW, .W I I 5 f 45 1, ggi. A A 'L "fig " ' 1' 4 Q? 2 f1 M D " ff Yl' " Q? jul .gn . W , , fa., iv'- ff! , wi 14' K 'Vw.5M,, , MN, ,i,,,5,, ,, Vg my fx? ,f , aw- 35" , yu., .. -'wr 'g "F ,. ' K 'f' 334 N 4. l in . .136 -wx, .uk .h,, 113' g f, .gh . .mv - I sk. aj , .' 9 '- -334 'iff' ,-' ,f,+r,., f 1' J , --, , W , - .:f.,5,- ,', -' .div Ag. ' mv - v- ' " sz! W. W L' 5,1 L -f fx,-'f' "' g. Jw- .. ,g 432' V. . , ,' .: .f. A A A-'xv xv . Km. ' L' 1, , 'L . ,mffwf-r ' w 0 w ii: A ww, MISS KATHRYN HOWELL X U- 2 Q Q9 'I -Q I QUEEN S ATTENDANTS ei , 0 A QDWM The Football Queen and attendants elected by the football squad this year are: Queen, Miss Jean Sowersp, attendants, Miss Deane Webb, Miss Trula Kirkpatrick, and Miss Kath- ryn Howell. .316 oJ MISS TRULA KIRKPATRICK MISS DEANE WEBB 31 nf '3 lt Q 5G WQQAAR J iq at Q 'tll ll I SP0 f x QL. F! N DAVID McELYEA DANNY WELCH I RALPH LONG FOOTBALL SCORES Enka Enka Enko Enko Enka Enko Enka Enko Enka Enko 0 7 I4 13 13 6 13 0 I3 I4 if Watch out! Here come the Enko Jefs If looks like another victory for the 8 Q S 3 i - A I :Q1 , .,,. 34? Y is ' A ! Ez' Q. it L .-. ill 7'yg is WL f ii i .S Q MIKE ISRAEL X Qld J A , L . . A l si .U - . X i TERRY BROOKSHIRE RONNIE HEDDEN ROBERTS CROWDER CHARLES MORSE JAMES HUTCHINSON CHARLES ROBERTS VARSITY FOOTBALL ,f CW Left to right, first row: Eddie Simmons, Bob Lance, Gary Shope, Mark Fisher, Larry Roberts, Gary Sluder, Bill Peak, Harold Brookshire, Ronald Stubbs, James Hutchinson. Second row: Woody Bumgardner, Larry Gant, Tommy Sisk, Larry Spencer, Jim Fox, Joe Long, Jerry Grant, Troy Ledford, Gary O'Kelley. Third row: Ralph Stanberry, David Clontz, Mike Davis, Bob Collins, Rudy Herren, Bill Moses, Donald Stubbs, Gary Warren, Charles Palmer, Kenneth Wheeler. Fourth row: Mike DeBruhl, Robert Crisp, Jerry Sutton, Ronald Gibson, Bill Holbrook, Kert Palat, Tommy Clark, Danny Smith. Fifth row: Charles Arthur, Ronnie Hedden, Terry Brookshire, Glenn Trantham, Roberts Crowder, Norman Bryan, Mike Holbrook, David McElyea. Sixth row: David King, Ralph Long, James Shields, Mike Israel, Charles Morse, Jim Salter, Danny Welch. 115 MW l ' , M , 1 S 'L gm -,-- - Q -A me .. K A A-1 -. "-h' New K -2 v S .g,,N,..,s: fZ ,S A W izff X T T J . S 1 rj. .... . , eeree ' 1 at S S E DENNIS BARTLETT ROSS PEEBLES TERRY BROOKSHIRE RALPH LONG Terry Brookshire brought Enka into the limelight again when he won the award for most outstanding athlete in Leon goes up again! Western North Carolina. Jack Arrowoocl, Richard Green, Jerry Brown, Ronald Roberts, Duane Morgan, Ross Peebles, Phil Brinkley, Leon Young, Ralph Long, Dennis Bartlett, Doug Beale, Terry Brookshire, Rudy Herren. H6 BOYS' BASKETBALL ENKA JET'S BASKETBALL RECORD Enka Enka Enka Enka Enka Enka Enka Enka Enka Enka Enka Enka Enka Enka Enka Enka Enka Enka Enka Roberson Erwin Hendersonville Reynolds Canton Lee Edwards North Buncombe Owen Roberson Brevard Lee Edwards Waynesville Hendersonville North Buncombe Canton Erwin Owen Brevard Waynesville BUNCOMBE COUNTY TOURNAMENT Enka Enka Enka Enka Enka Owen Erwin Roberson DISTRICT 8 AAA Owen Waynesville Mike Jones and Charles Arthur, managers, get the balls out for practice. DOUG BEALE RUDY HERREN PHIL BRINKLEY DUAN E M ORGAN LEON YOUNG 555' SUE MORGAN HOWELL DEANE WEBB TRULA KIRKPATRICK JANE SIMS fqiuif GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM Managers, Hallie Allison and Janet Arthur tape up o sprained arm . Lynn goes up again. Mrs. Sanders gives the girls words of encouragement. lic First row: Trula Kirkpatrick, Kathy Howell, Deane Webb, Sue Morgan, Jane Sims, Patsy Bartlett. Second row: Gail Smith, Sally Clark, Marilyn Zibelin, Gail Setzer, Jane Duckett, Lynn Price, Rita Edmonds, Ann Peebles, Karen Long, Jane Holcombe. "SUGAR JETS" BASKETBALL RECORD T962-63 Roberson i 6 Enka 40 Erwin 33 Enka 25 Hendersonville 31 Enka i9 Reynolds 32 Enka 35 Canton I5 Enka 30 North Buncombe 51 Enka 47 Owen 31 Enka 39 Roberson 39 Enka 29 Brevard 24 Enka 37 Waynesville 40 Enka 29 Hendersonville 32 Enka 35 'T North Buncombe 44 Enka 40 Canton i3 Enka 26 Erwin 45 Enka 39 Owen 29 Enka 36 Brevard 26 Enka 46 Waynesville 38 Enka 26 Tournament Roberson 33 Enka 46 Get that ball, girls! North Buncombe 53 Enka 45 JANE HOLCOMBE GAIL SMITH LYNN PRICE pAT5v BARTLETT .N Q C v has P? Earlene Fletcher, Patsy Gosnell, Marsha Davis, Janet Glazener, Rosemary Chandler, Sue Burrows, Eva Sue Dillard. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS EVA SUE DILLARD MARSHA DAVIS PATSY GOSN ELL ROS EMARY C HAN DLER JANET Head Cheerleader VICKIE LINER SUE BURROWS EARLENE FLETCHER TRAC K TEAM H . J . J ,sf :gp A f-if .- A ,V is ff 3 fr x NS or is Q, I ! XJ First row, left to right: Jerry Grant, Larry Gant, Donald Stubbs, Frank Davidson, Sammie Massie, Mar- vin Hedden, Don Israel, Gary Foster. Second row: Jim Ferguson, Kenneth Wheeler, Sammy Brooks, Bill Holbrook, Bill Moses, Ronald Stubbs, Jim Fox, Ronnie Hedden, Terry Gorman. Third row: Ronald Gib- son, Jim Clark, Tom Sisk, Kert Palat, Norman Bryan, Roberts Crowder, Rudy Herren, Ben Luther. Fourt lm row: Jim Cathey, Jim Robinson, Gary Ledford, Fred Davis, Jerry Sutton, Harry Taylor, Davis McElyea, Mike DeBruhl, Danny Warren. Fifth row: George Davis, Kenny Wilson, Joe Arrowood, Phil Goode, Phil Wight, Ronald Roberts, Mike Davis, Charles Roberts, Charles Arthur, Joe Fisher. TEAM A L ME First row, left to right: George Holcombe, manager, Harold Brookshire, Jack Arrowood, Eddie Haynes, Ronnie Rhodes. Second row: Terry Brookshire, Randall Turbyfill, Gary Warren, Gary O'Kelley, James Hutchinson, Johnny Brooks. Third row: Larry Spencer, Duane Morgan, Dennis Bartlett, Bob Collins, Mike Holbrook, Tommy Franklin. SENIOR DIRECTORY JAMES JULIAN ALEXANDER College Preparatory. THOMAS GARY ALLEN College Preparatory. Homeroom President I5 Student Council Representative 2. JAMES ALBERT ASHE General. 4-H Club I,25 Junior Deputies I,2,3,45 Library Science Club 3. THOMAS NAPOLEAN ATKINS General. Junior Deputies I,2. JANET EVERETT AUSTIN General. Future Homemakers of America I,2,3,45 4-H Club I5 Glee Club 3,4. MICHAEL STEVEN AUSTIN General. Future Farmers ofAmerica I,2,3,45 Junior Deputies I, 25 Homeroom Reporter I5 Junior Varsity Football 25 Bus Driver 4. PAUL HOWARD AUSTIN General. Future Farmers of America I,2,3. CAROL LIZBETH BARRON Business. Future Business Leaders of America 45 Future Home- makers of America 4. DENNIS WAYNE BARTLETT College Preparatory. Sports Letter I,2,3,45 Scholastic Letter I5 Honor Banquet I5 Service Club 25 Chief Junior Marshal 35 Junior Civitan Club 3,45 Secretary, Junior Civitan Club 45 Monogram Club 3,45 Junior Civitan Convention 35 National Honor Society 45 President, Senior Class 45 Basketball I,2,3, 45 Football I5 Baseball 2,3,45 Track 3,41 Senior SUPeflUilVef Most Popular 4. DOUGLAS HOLCOMBE BEALE College Preparatory. Homeroom Treasurer I,25 Junior Varsity Basketball I5 Varsity Baseball I,25 Junior Deputies I5 Junior Classical League I,25 Program Chairman, Junior Classical League 25 Waiter, Junior-Senior 25 Varsity Basketball 2,3,45 Probationary Member, National Honor Society 25 National Forensic League 2,3,45 3rd Place, Science Fair 25 Reporter, National Forensic League 35 National Honor Society 3,45 Student Council 3,45 Treasurer, Junior Class 35 Junior Mar- shal 35 Co-Chairman, Program Committee, Junior-Senior 35 Steering Committee, Junior-Senior 35 President,Student Coun- cil House of Representatives 45 Homeroom President 4. LINDA JOAN BERRY Business . Beta Club 2, 3,45 StudentCounciI Representative 3,4 . DIANA KAY BISHOP College Preparatory. Track I5 Junior Classical League I,2,35 Beta Club 2,3,45 Future Nurses of America 2,3,45 Waitress, Junior-Senior 25 Gym Committee, Junior-Senior 3? MUQGZIW Award 35 Annual Staff 45 Homeroom Secretary 45 Correspond- ing Secretary, Beta Club 4. HOWARD NELSON BLANKENSHIP, JR. General. JuniorVarsity Football I5 JuniorVarsity Basketball I . MICHAEL MCCLAIN BOGLE General. Homeroom Secretary 2,35 Lighting Committee, Jun- ior-Senior5 Grand March, Junior-Senior 35 Magazine Award, 4th Place 35 Junior Civitan Club 45 Library Club 4. BETTY LOU BRIGMAN General. Waitress, Junior-Senior 25 Future Nurses of America 3,45 Beta Club 3,45 Homeroom Secretary 35 Homeroom Trea- surer 45 Cafeteria Committee, Junior-Senior 35 Future Home- makers of America 4. EVA CAROLE BRIGMAN College Preparatory. Y-Teens I5 Beta Club 2,35 Future Nurses of America 2,3,45 Future Teachers of America 3,45 Wait- ress, Junior-Senior 25 Guidance Room Assistant 4. TERRY HILLIARD BROOKSHIRE College Preparatory. Junior Varsity Football I5 Junior Varsity Basketball I5 Varsity Basketball I,2,3,45 Varsity Baseball I, 2,3,45 Student Council I,2,3,45 Varsity Football 2,3,45 Pres- ident, Sophomore Class 25 Monogram Club 2,3,45 Vice-Pres- ident, Student Council 35 President, Student Council 45 Sen- ior Superlative, Most Athletic 4. LYNDA CAROL BUCKNER College Preparatory. Junior Classical League I,25 Band I5 National Honor Society 2,3,45 Corresponding Secretary, Na- tional Honor Society 45 Secretary, Junior Class 35 Recording Secretary, SeniorClass 45 Chairman, Gym Committee, Junior- Senior 35 Grand March, Junior-Senior 35 Steering Committee, Junior-Senior 35 Library Club 35 Waitress, Junior-Senior 25 Student Council 2,3,45 Junior Varsity Cheerleader I,25 Chief Junior Varsity Cheerleader 2. WOODY LOYD BUMGARDNER College Preparatory. Track I5 Junior Varsity Basketball I5 Homeroom Treasurer 2. JAMES ROY CABE General. Junior Deputies I5 Bus Driver 2,3,4. ROSEMARY ANN CHANDLER College Preparatory. Homeroom PresidentI5 Secretary, Fresh- man Class I5 Student Council Representative I,2,35 Beta Club 2,3,45 Junior Varsity Cheerleader 25 Waitress, Junior-Senior 25 President, Beta Club 3,45 Future Teachers of America 3,45 Grand March, Junior-Senior 3,45 Student Council 45 County Vice-President, Future Teachers of America 45 Varsity Cheer- leader 45 Senior Superlative, Most School Spirit 4. MARVIN DANIEL CLARK General. Future Farmers of America I,2,3,4. THOMAS RAY CLARK College Preparatory. Waiter, Junior-Senior 35 Future Teach- ers of America 3,4. MARY ELAINE COLE College Preparatory. Future Homemakers of America I,2,3,45 4-H Club I5 Future Homemakers of America State Rally I,35 Homeroom Treasurer 2,45 Band I5 Juniorettes I5 Sophomore Court 25 Program, Junior-Senior 35 Future Teachers of Amer- ica 4. JAMES ROBERT CORDELL General. Junior Deputies I5 Bus Driver 3,4. THOMAS GERALD CREASMAN General. Homeroom Vice-President I5 Bus Driver 3,4. H SENIOR DIRECTORY DEANNA DAVIS College Preparatory. Homeroom Secretary 25 Varsity Basket- ball 25 Waitress, Junior-Senior 25 Junior Classical League 25 Homeroom President 35 Future Nurses of America 3,45 Beta Club 3,45 Grand March, Junior-Senior 3,45 State Beta Club Convention 3,45 State Health Careers Congress 3,45 Home- room Treasurer 45 Student Council 45 Beta Club Secretary 45 President, Future Nurses of America 45 Senior Superlative, Best Personality 4. NORMA JUNE DAVIS College Preparatory. Varsity Basketball I,25 Future Home- makers of America I,2,3,45 Y-Teens I,25 Parliamentarian, Future Homemakers of America 2, 35 Homeroom Reporter 35 Beta Club 3,45 Reporter, Beta Club 45 Homeroom President I5 Future Teachers of America 3,45 Secretary, Future Teachers of America 45 Library Club 4. JAMES MELVIN DeVORE General. BRENDA IDA DODDS College Preparatory. Homeroom Secretary I,45 Homeroom President 25 Junior Classical League 25 Waitress, Junior-Sen- ior 25 National Honor Society 3,45 Secretary, National Honor Society 45 Future Teachers of America 4. JUDY PATRICIA ANN EDMONDS General. Glee Club I5 Track I5 Basketball I,25 Homeroom Secretary 25 Future Business Leaders of America 2,35 Home- room President 35 Magazine Honor 35 Homeroom Reporter 45 Future Homemakers of America 45 Annual Staff 45 Office As- sistant 45 Senior Superlative, Prettiest 4. JERRY EUGENE ELLEGE College Preparatory. Junior Classical League I,25 Waiter, Junior-Senior 25 Homeroom Secretary 25 Scroll Staff 45 Future Teachers of America 4. MAIDA LEE FARMER College Preparatory. Homeroom Reporter I,35 Y-Teens I5 Junior Classical League 25 Beta Club 2,3,45 Waitress, Junior- Senior 25 Scroll Staff 3,45 Junior Marshal 35 Grand March, Junior-Senior 35 Student Council Representative 45 Society Editor, Scroll 45 Beta Club Convention 4. LARRY DWIGHT FIELDS General. Bus Driver 3,4. JUDITH BEVERLY GALLOWAY College Preparatory. Future Homemakers of America I,2,35 Future Teachers of America 3,45 Library Club 3,45 Homeroom Treasurer 35 Reporter, Future Teachers of America 45 Home- room Reporter 4. ROBERT MICHAEL GALLONAY General. GLENDA CAROL GALYEAN General. Future Homemakers of America I,2,3,45 Parlia- mentarian, Future Homemakers of America 25 Homeroom Sec- retary 25 Waitress, Junior-Senior 25 State Future Homemakers ofAmerica Convention 2,35 JuniorandChapter Degrees, Future Homemakers of America5 Vice-President, Future Homemakers ofAmerica 35 Glee Club 3,45 Grand March, Junior-Senior 35 Song Leader, Future Homemakers of America 4. i JANET OLIVIA GLAZENER College Preparatory. Reporter, Freshman Class I5 Varsity Cheerleader I,2,3,45 Student Council I,3,45 Junior Classi- cal League I,25 Homeroom Reporter I,25 Waitress, Junior- 'Senior 25 National Honor Society 2,3,45 Vice-President,Jun- ior Class 35 Treasurer, National Honor Society 35 Grand March, Junior-Senior 3, 45 Chairman, Program Committee, Junior-Senior 35 Junior Editor, Scroll 35 Junior Marshal 35 Head Cheerleader 45 Treasurer, Senior Class 45 Senior Super- lative, Most Talented 45 Good Citizenship Award 45 Feature Editor, Scroll 4. JAMES FRANKLIN GODFREY College Preparatory. National Honor Society 25 Vice-Presi- dent, Sophomore Class 2. RICHARD ARTHUR GREENE College Preparatory. Basketball I,2,3,4. NORMA LEE GROOMS Business. Homeroom Treasurer 3,4. FLOYD GLEN HAMLIN, JR. General. Junior Deputies I,2,3,45 Future Farmers of America I5 4-H Club I. DONALD LEE HARDING Business. Junior Classical League I,25 Waiter, Junior-Senior 25 Homeroom Vice-President 35 Future Business Leaders of America 3,45 Grand March, Junior-Senior 35 Library Club 35 Treasurer, Future Business Leaders of America 45 Enkanoca Staff 45 Office Assistant 4. --i EDWIN HERMAN HAYNES College Preparatory. Junior-Varsity Basketball I,25 Baseball I, 2, 3, 45 Monogram Club 2,3,45 Waiter, Junior-Senior 25 Homeroom Treasurer 25 Varsity Basketball 3,45 Student Coun- cil 35 Junior Civitan Club 3,45 Vice-President, Senior Class4. RONNIE HARRISON HEDDEN General. Football I,2,3,45 Track 2,3,45 Monogram Club3,4. JEWEL ELIZABETH HENSON Business. Juniorettes I,25 4-H Club I,25 Track I,25 Future Business Leaders of America 3,4. DAVID MICHAEL HOLBROOK College Preparatory. Junior Varsity Basketball I5 Junior De- puties I5 Homeroom President I5 Monogram Club 2,3,45 Bose- ball 2,3,45 Homeroom Vice-President 45 Football 45 Senior Superlative, Handsomest 4. RAYMOND RUSSELL HOWELL General. CHARLES WILLIAM HUTCHINSON General. Future Farmers of America I,2,35 Junior Deputies I,25 Bus Driver 3,45 Industrial Education Center 4. ERIC OSBORN ISRAEL College Preparatory. National Honor Society 2,3,45 Points Committee 45 Senior Play 4. PHILLIP MICHAEL ISRAEL General. Football I,2,3,45 Track l,2,45 Junior Deputies I5 Monogram Club 2,3,45 Junior Civitan Club 3,4. I24 ' SENIOR DIRECTORY BRUCE WAY JAMES General. 4-H Club I,2,3,47 Bus Driver 3,47 Industrial Edu- cation Center 4. CHARLES RAY JAMESON College Preparatory. Basketball I7 Library Club 47 Future Teachers of America 4. KATHY ANNE JAMISON Business. Future Homemakers of America I,27 Juniorettes I7 Homeroom Reporter I7 Library Club 37 Future Business Leaders of America 3,47 Senior Superlative, Neatest 4. JUDY ELIZABETH JENNINGS Business. Juniorettes I7 Junior Classical League 27 Library Club 37 Future Homemakers of America 4. ALICE KATHLYNA JOHNSON Business. Junior Classical League I,27 Future Nurses of Am- erica 27 Future Business Leaders of America 27 Future Home- makers of America 4. MARY MARGARET JONES College Preparatory. Band I,27 Future Homemakers of Amer- ica I,2,3,47 Future Nurses of America 2,3,47 Future Teachers of America 2,3,47 Manager, Track Team 27 Waitress, Junior- Senior 27 Planning Committee, Junior-Senior 37 Monogram Club 3,47 President, Future Homemakers of America 47 Vice- President, Future Nurses of America 47 I962 Girls' State 4. WATSON DOUGLAS JUSTICE College Preparatory. Junior Classical League I,27 Homeroom Treasurer 27 Waiter, Junior-Senior 27 Future Teachers of Am- erica 3,47 Homeroom Vice-President 37 National Honor Soc- iety 2,3,47 Committee Chairman, Junior-Senior 37 Junior Editor, Scroll 37 National Forensic League 47 Editor, ScrolI47 Student Council 47 Senior Superlative, Most Likely to Suc- ceed 4. NANCY SMITH KENT Business . ELIZABETH ANN KING Business. Homeroom Reporter I7 Future Homemakers of Amer- ica I,2,37 Probationary Member, National Honor Society 27 Future Business Leaders of America 3,4. RUBY KING HALL General. Office Assistant 3,4. TONY ROY KIRBY College Preparatory. Junior Varsity Football I7 Student Coun- cil 37 Future Teachers of America 4. THOMAS FRED KIRKPATRICK, JR. General. Diversified Occupations 3,4. BRENDA JOYCE KISSELBURG Business. Juniorettes I7 Future Homemakers of America 27 Library Club 37 Future Business Leaders of America 4. ROBERT EUGENE LANCE General. Football I,3,47 Baseball I,2,37 Homeroom Presi- dent 27 Junior Varsity Basketball 2. JAMES ERVIN LANEY General . BETTY RUTH LEDBETTER College Preparatory. Student Council Representative I7 Jun- ior Classical League I,27 Secretary-Treasurer, Juniorettes I7 Waitress, Junior-Senior 27 Probationary Member, National Honor Society 27 Welcome Committee, Career Day 27 Chair- man, Booklets Committee, Junior-Senior 37 Grand March, Junior-Senior 37 Homeroom Reporter 47 Reporter, Future Nur- ses of America 47 Guidance Room Assistant 4. DIANA LETTERMAN General. 4-H Club I,27 Secretary-Treasurer, 4-H Club 27 Juniorettes I7 Future Homemakers of America 2. 7 PHYLLIS ALLINE LETTERMAN General. Juniorettes I7 Future Homemakers of America 2,3 47 4-H Club I,27 Future Nurses of America 4. I ROGER LYNN LETTERMAN General. RUBY LETTERMAN General. 4-H Club I,27 Juniorettes I7 Future Homemakers of America 27 Waitress, Junior-Senior 2. DAVID RALPH LONG College Preparatory. Junior Varsity Basketball I7 Varsity Basketball 2,3,4f Junior Classical League I,27 Waiter, Jun- ior-Senior 27 National Honor Society 2,3,47 President, Na- tional Honor Society 47 Student Council 47' Junior Marshal 37 Football I,2,3,47 Co-Captain, Football Team 47 Junior Civi- tan Club 3,42 Monogram Club 3,47 Track 2,3,47 Senior Su- perlative, Most Studious 4. CORA JANE LUTHER General. Juniorettes I,27 Glee Club 2,47 Track 27 Diversi- fied Occupations 3,47 Reporter, Diversified Occupations 3. JOYCE GAIL McFEE College Preparatory. Juniorettes I7 4-H Club I7 Booklets and Invitations Committees, Junior-Senior 37 Library Club 47 Future Nurses of America 4. JUDITH ANN McFEE College Preparatory. Juniorettes I7 4-H Club I7 Flower and Program Committees, Junior-Senior 37 Library Club 47 Future Nurses of America 4. ERICA LYNN McKINNEY . Band I,2,37 Junior Classical League I, 27 4-H Club I,27 Juniorettes I,27 I962 Girls' State,37 Lib- rary Club 47 Spanish Club 47 Future Teachers of America 47 Homeroom Officer I,2,37 National Forensic League 4. MICHAEL ERNEST MANDEVILLE College Preparatory. Student Council Representative I7 Jun- ior Classical League 2,3,47 Future Teachers of America 2,3, 47 Honorable Mention, Science Fair 2. GEORGIA KATHERINE MEADOWS General. Glee Club I,27 Juniorettes I. SHELIA ALICE MEDFORD General. I25 SENIOR DIRECTORY MYRA JEAN METCALF College Preparatory. Homeroom Treasurer I7 Junior Classical Ee-ague I,27 Secretary, Junior Classical League 27 Homeroom Secretary 27 Waitress, Junior-Senior 27 Probationary Member, National Honor Society 27 Student Council Representative 37 Program, Junior-Senior 37 Magazine Soles Award 37 Office Assistant 47 Enkanoca Staff 47 Senior Superlative, Most Cour- teous 4. CHARLES RANDALL MILLER General. BUFORD CLAY MILLS College Preparatory. Waiter, Junior-Senior 27 Football 37 Track 3. IRMA JEAN MILTON Business. 4-H Club I7 Juniorettes I7 Waitress, Junior-Senior 2. MARTHA SUE MORGAN College Preparatory. Basketball I,2,3,47 TrackI,2,37 l-bme- room Secretary I7 4-H Club I, 27 Monogram Club 2, 3,41 Homeroom Vice-President 27 Homeroom President 37 Student Council 3,41 Secretary, Monogram Club 37 Future Business Leaders of America 4. RONALD ZACK MORGAN College Preparatory. Homeroom Treasurer I7 Captain, Junior- Varsity Basketball I7 Homeroom Secretary 27 Beta Club 2,3,4i Waiter, Junior-Senior 27 Homeroom Vice-President 3,47 Re- porter, Beta Club 37 Library Club 3,47 Future Business Leaders of America 3,47 Chairman, Gym Committee, Junior-Senior 37 Grand March, Junior-Senior 37 Treasurer, Beta Club 47 Pres- ident, Future Business Leaders of America 47 Student Council 47 Future Teachers of America 47 Senior Superlative, Best Personality 4. TURNER MARCELL MORGAN Business . VELMA ANN PARHAM Business. Junior Classical League I7 Future Business Leaders ca 3,41 Future Nurses of America 37 Future Home- makers of America 4. JUDITH MARIE PARRIS Business. Homeroom Secretary I7 Homeroom Reporter 27 Guid- ance Room Assistant 3. JERVIS DANIEL PATTERS ON College Preparatory. Library Club 3,4. MARTHA ANN PEARSON Business. Homeroom President I7 Librarian, Band I,27 Tri-M Society I7 Student Council Representative 2,37 Art and Craft Club 27 Reporter, Junior Classical League 37 Homeroom Sec- retary 47 Future Business Leaders of America 4. ROSS ALEXANDER PEEBLES College Preparator . Junior Varsity Football I7 Junior Var- sity Basketbal I7 Student Council Representative I,47 Var- sity Football 27 Varsity Basketball 2,3,4j Junior Civitan Club 2,3,4j Waiter, Junior-Senior 27 Monogram Club 3,47 Library Club 37 Grand March, Junior-Senior 3,47 Treasurer, Junior Civitan Club 47 President, Monogram Club 47 Senior Super- lative, Mr. Enka 4. CHARLES ROBERT PENLAND General. Future Farmers of America I,2,3,47 Junior Depu- ries 1,27 4-H Club 1. A I26 GWEN SINGLETON PENLAND General. Junior Varsity Cheerleader I,27 Band I7 Junior Classical League I7 Juniorettes I7 4-H Club I7 Student Coun- cil Representative I, 27 Waitress, Junior-Senior 27 Varsity Cheerleader 27 Homeroom Secretary 3,47 Diversified Occupa- tions 3,4. DANNY WHITEHEAD PERRY College Pregratory. Junior Classical League I,27 National Forensic League 2,3,47 National Honor Society 2,37 Waiter, Junior-Senior 27 Junior Civitan Club 3,47 Co-Society Editor, Scroll 37 National Honor Society State Conventionl 37 Junior Civitan State Convention 37 Debate Team 3,47 President, Na- tional Forensic League 4. PATRICIA LOUISE PLEMMONS College Preparatory. Future Homemakers of America I,27 Y- Teens I7 Juniorettes I7 Waitress, Junior-Senior 27 Excellence in English Award 37 Library Assistant 37 Glee Club 37 Mach- ines Room Assistant 47 2nd Place, Voice of Democracy Speech Contest 47 Finalist, School Voice of Democracy Essay Con- test 4. PHYLLIS ANNE PLEMMONS College Preparatory. Homeroom Reporter I7 Junior Classical League I, 27 Juniorettes I7 Homeroom Vice-President 2, 47 National Honor Society 2, 3, 47 Waitress, Junior-Senior 27 Homeroom Treasurer 37 Class Editor -of Annual 3, 47 Future Teachers of America 3,4f Chairman, Dish Committee, Junior- Senior 37 Program, Junior-Senior 37 Steering Committee,' Jun- ior-Senior 37 Grand March, Junior-Senior 3,47 Scroll Staff 37 Honor Tea 2, 3, 47 Future Nurses of America 47 Treasurer, Future Nurses of America 47 State Health Careers Congress 47 Office Assistant 4. GUY RICHARD PRUETT General. Junior Deputies I,2. TOMMY EDWARD RAYMER General. Junior Deputies I,2,3,4. MILLARD WAYNE REAGAN General. Junior Varsity Football I7 Future Farmers of Amer- ica I,2,3,4. WILLIAM CARL REED General. Future Business Leaders of America 2,3,4. MARGARET ANN REESE General. Juniorettes I,27 Future Homemakers of America 3, 47 Future Nurses of America 3,47 Machines Room Assistant 4. ANN WILSON REYNOLDS Business. Homeroom Reporter I7 Student Council Representa- tive 27 Future Homemakers of America 27 Beta Club 27 Flower Committee, Junior-Senior 37 Machines Room Assistant 4. SHIRLEY ANN RICE General. 4-H Club I7 Juniorettes I7 National Honor Society 2, 3, 47 Waitress, Junior-Senior 27 Library Assistant 37 Pan American Club 4. CAR OLE BRUCE RIDDLE College Preparatory. Band I,2,3,47 Maiorette 47 Waitress Junior-Senior 2. SENIOR DIRECTDRY ARETHA BERNICE ROBINSON College Preparatory. Class Editor, Enkanoca I,2,35 Home- room President I,25 Junior Clas.icaI League I,25 Honored at Honor Tea I5 National Honor Society 2,3,45 Vice-President, Junior Classical League 25 Honor Tea 2,3,45 Waitress, Jun- ior-Senior 25 Sophomore Court 25 Future Teachers of America 3,45 Feature Editor, Scroll 35 Junior Marshal 35 Grand March, Junior-Senior 3, 45 Steering Committee, Junior-Senior 35 Chairman, Invitation Committee, Junior-Senior 35 Magazine Sales Award 35 Corresponding Secretary, Senior Class 45 Stud- ent Council 45 Co-Editor, Enkanoca 45 Office Assistant 45 Senior Superlative, Most Likely to Succeed 4. BURGIN DALE ROGERS General. Junior Deputies I5 Future Farmers of America I5 Bus Driver 3,4. JERRY DAVID ROGERS College Preparatory. Beta Club 2,35 Waiter, Junior-Senior 25 Grand March, Junior-Senior 35 Guidance Room Assistant 4. JAMES THOMAS RUSSELL College Preparatory. Homeroom Vice-President I5 Library Club 3,45 Senior Superlative, Most Courteous 4. WEAVER POLK RUTHERFORD College Preparatory. Junior Classical League I,25 Junior Varsity Football I5 Homeroom Secretary I5 Good Citizen Award I5 National Forensic League 2,3,45 Football Manager 25 Junior Civitan Club 2, 3, 45 Sergeant at Arms, Junior Civitan Club 25 National H inor Society 2, 3,45 Monogram Club 2,3,45 Homeroom Reporter 25 President, Junior Class 35 Vice-President, Junior Civitan Club 3, 4: Vice-President, National Honor Society 45 Junior Marshal 3. I PEGGY AN N SAMS General. 4-H Club I,25 Juniorettes I,25 Office Assistant 4. ROMETTA JOY SAMS College Preparatory. Glee Club I5 Junior Classical League I,25 Homeroom Treasurer I5 National Honor Society 2,3,45 Future Teachers of America 3, 45 Scroll Staff 3, 45 Grand March, Junior-Senior 3,45 Chairman, Refreshment Committee, Junior-Senior 35 President, Future Teachers of America 45 Homeroom President 45 Student Council 4. GLEE ANN SCRUGGS College Preparatory. Junior Classical League I,25 Probation- ary Member, National Honor Society 25 Future Nurses of Am- erica 2,3,45 Waitress, Junior-Senior 25 Program Committee, Junior-Senior 35 Magazine Sales Award 35 Enkanoca Staff 45 Secretary, Future Nurses of America 45 Future Homemakers of America 45 Homeroom President 45 Health Careers State Con- gress 3,4. JANIE INEZ SEXTON Business. Juniorettes I5 4-H Club I,25 Future Business Leaders of America 4. JERRY MITCHELL SINGLETON General. Band I,2,3,45 Homeroom President I5 Junior Depu- ties I5 Student Council I,2,3,45 Track I,25 Program, Junior- Senior 35 President, Band 45 Senior Superlative, Mast Tal- ented5 Civitan Club 45 Bus Driver 4. GEORGE DANNY SMITH General. Football l,3,45 Basketball I,2,45 Baseball l,2,3 45 Waiter, Junior-Senior 25 Glee Club 2. LARRY ALAN SMITH General. N ROGER DALE SMITH General. Junior Deputies I5 Football I,2,35 Bus Driver 4. MICHAEL ALLEN SN IPES General. Football I5 Homeroom Vice-President I5 National Forensic League 2,3,45 Vice-President, National Forensic League 35 Reporter, National Forensic League 45 Junior Civ- tan Club 3,45 Chaplain, Junior Civitan Club 45 Senior Super- Iative, Most School Spirit 4. PENELOPE ANN SORRELLS Business. Future Homemakers of America I,25 Future Business Leaders of America 4. ANDREA JEAN SOWERS College Preparatory. President, Freshman Class I5 Junior Classical League I,25 Student Council I,2,45 Secretary, Sophomore Class 25 Beta Club 2,3,45 Maiorette 2,35 Harvest Queen, Sophomore Party 25 Waitress, Junior-Senior 25 Sec- Vel0"Yf JuniorCIas:. 35 Future Teachers ofAmerica 3,45 County Secretary, Future Teachers of America 45 Library Club 3,45 Belle, Junior-Party 35 Steering Committee, Junior-Senior 35 Grand March, Junior-Senior 3,45 Corresponding Secretary, Student Council 45 Office Assistant 45 Senior Superlative, Miss Enka 4. MIRIAM SUE SPRINKLE General. Future Homemakers of America I5 Band 2,35 Glee Club I,2,45 Library Club 4. THERESA ANN STEWART Business. Homeroom Secretary 35 Future Business Leaders of America 45 Future Homemakers of America 45 Program Com- mittee, Junior-Senior 35 Grand March, Junior-Senior 3. FREIDA JO SURRETT College Preparatory. Student Council Representative I, 25 Future Homemakers of America I5 Homeroom Secretary I5 Fin- alist, National Talent Proiect I5 Glee Club I5 Assistant Lib- rarian 25 Future Nurses of America 25 Treasurer, Future Nur- ses of America 25 National Forensic League 35 Homeroom Reporter 35 Library Club 4. CAROLYN MAXINE SWANGER Business. Glee Club 35 Diversified Occupations 4. RONNIE DAVID SWANN College Preparatory. BARBARA JANE TAYLOR Business. 4-H Club I, 25 Homeroom President I5 President, Juniorettes I5 Future Homemakers of America 25 Homeroom Secretary 35 Decorations Committee, Junior-Senior 3. LARRY DALE TAYLOR General. Diversified Occupations 3,45 Vice-President, Di- versified Occupations 4. SENIOR DIRECTORY SONJA GAIL TAYLOR Business. Beta Club 2,3,47 Future Homemakers of America 27 Homeroom Reporter 4 . CHARLES LEE THOMPSON General. Diversified Occupations 3,4. CECIL RAY TRANTHAM General. Basketball I7 Future Farmers of America I,2, 37 mb I, 27 Homeroom President I7 Junior Deputies I7 Student Council Representative 27 Treasurer, Sophomore Class 2i 4-H Delegate, State Convention 27 Library Club 2,37 Homeroom Treasurer 37 Homeroom Vice-President 47 Diversi- fied Occupations 4. SAMUEL ANN WAGONER General. Homeroom President I7 Girls Chorus I,27 Girls fmlub I7 School Sponsor 27 Student Council Representa- tive 27 Glee Club 3,42 Secretary, Glee Club 3. KENNETH LAWRENCE WALDRUP General. Future Farmers of America I,2,3,4f Junior Depu- ties I7 Football 27 Bus Driver 2,3,4. CAROLYN YVONNE WARD College Preparatory. Band I7 Secretary, Band I7 Y-Teens I7 wm I,27 Grand March, Junior-Senior 37 Decorations Committee, Junior-Senior 37 Future Homemakers of America 4i Future Teachers of America 47 Student Council Representative 47 Office Assistant 4. WILLIAM LEE WARREN General. Future Farmers of America l,2,37 Bus Driver 3,47 Industrial Education Center. SYLVIA DEANE WEBB Business. 4-H Club I7 Basketball I,2,3,4f Maiorette I,2,3, 47 Future Business Leaders of America 2,37 Future Teachers of America 2,3,47 Reporter, Sophomore Class 27 Monogram Club 2,3,4f Assistant Drum Maiorette I,37 Reporter, Junior Class 37 Drum Maiorette 47 Co-Captain, Basketball 47 Homeroom Reporter 47 Senior Attendant, Homecoming Court 47 Senior Superlative, Most Athletic 4. LORRAINE WELBORN General. Future Nurses of America 4. DANIEL ELDON WELCH General. Junior Varsity Basketball I7 Homeroom President 37 Football 3,47 Monogram Club 47 Track 4. GARY WILLIAM WISE GenercrIr'Future Farmers of America l,2,37 Junior Varsity Basketball I7 Junior Deputies I7 Homeroom Treasurer 27 Grand March, Junior-Senior 37 Industrial Education Center 4. DIANNA MARIE WOODY College Preparatory. Homeroom Secretary I, 47 Enkanoca Staff I7 Future Homemakers of America 3,47 Treasur Homemakers of America 47 Chairman, Menu Committee, Jun- ior-Senior 37 Grand March, Junior-Senior 3. MICKEY EUGENE WOODY General. Future Farmers of America l,2,37 Bus Driver 3,4. MARTHA LOUISE WRIGHT College Preparatory. Vice-President, Freshman Class I7 Class Editor, Enkanoca I, 2,37 Honored at Honor Tea I7 Student Council I,2,47 Civitan Good Citizen Award l,2,37 Biology Test, Cullowhee I7 Waitress, Junior-Senior 27 National Honor Society 2,3,47 Chairman, Lunchroom Committee, Junior-Sen- ior 37 Future Teachers of America 3,47 Homeroom Secretary 37 Grand March, Junior-Senior 3, 4i Reporter, Senior Class 47 Co-editor, Enkanoca 47 Scroll Staff 47 National Merit Letter of Commendation 47 Office Assistant 47 Senior Superlative, Most Popular 47 Junior Marshal 37 Magazine Sales Award 3. DWANE OLLIS WYATT General. Future Farmers of America I7 4-H Club I7 Junior Deputies 2,3,4. SHIRLEY ELIZABETH WYNES Business. Student Council Representative I7 Future Homemak- ers of America I,27 Waitress, Junior-Senior 27 Future Busi- ness Leaders of America 47 Civitan Good Citizen Award 4. ANITA LOUISE YOUNG Business. Junior Varsity Cheerleader I7 Homeroom President I7 Future Homemakers of America I7 Juniorettes I7 Homeroom Vice-President 2,37 Waitress, Junior-Senior 27 Gym Commit- tee, Junior-Senior 3. PHYLLIS ANN YOUNG College Preparatory. Homeroom Vice-President I7 Junior Classical League I, 27 Homeroom Treasurer 2, 47 National Honor Society 2,3,47 Waitress, Junior-Senior 27 Future Teach- ers of America 3,47 Junior Editor, Scroll 37 Co-Editor, Scroll 47 Chairman, Motto Committee 47 Senior Superlative, Most Studious 4. I28 4 , 'L ,sqzmw 'vaxzizw 1' i' ' Q 3 i i A g ig 3. sq ref? I fe 2 gag . Y 2 1 I F A 2 f ? W'TiN' 2 X ff ' W Q V 1 1' x ff , .K., , . .,, , , bi iflv 5? J J' - , " if I I J 3 ii! ,V V www i - f , 4' 5 r , ' if air f' w'ymW,,f-"'i7L'X., V, Aw L, iqfvswv ' ,f L" , gf ' ' di'i?z fm:9a.,, M ,, ,, ' "4 , 1 'A 1 ' '- - , ' AN 3 f5"" 2' " - 3 A ' 7 1- ' ' " ' Y ' 'ri' '- A Us , Sf!!! W Q , f f , via! ai 'f Y, V 'AV' "j,w-" Q ' ,, ' . 1 'WSQQQ Wie' W' M 31 2 ff ' 'bfi " V. , Q Q ff1?-'fh'9'f - , ea.. 3 af gg f .., ff ,ff rf 1 .. - ' ' ' 1 "' ,ZW ,, ffm Q M 1 ' ,rw , A ' K 1 ff W , 'gm 4 3 ' " . 3 ' : N1'7j:11.4-I J- Qgvffv I mm- , W My ff 4 L ', E ,Y I g:T,,M 4..,A.l':izZE5 .6 ' " ' fmwwmmawq 1 ' - 2' 2 L X-rg" H+ ' A ,V ,zz M' 'Lag' 3953? 5 V, 1 W A ' n,'fa,1, 1,,,q4Qjf'f4 , ' E 5 f A fha -"'1fm4,ifi:f5gi5?fB'm 3 , - W' f Ly LV I I v H wp -. 4 0 1 A .MM , k illl lilillllllllll S lil lili lilllllllllll li MASS Ili i963 It is a firm belief at American Enka that education is a most important element in molding good citizenship. The amount of training and preparation one receives deter- mines to a considerable degree his usefulness to his community, his country, and himself. 1 E :iii f 55 . I' ! ' ,,. 1, IE 4,11 IN ff IK 1 I.. L. 5344-E393 ,Hin .ff 'QQ -Symbol Of Quality ' " 2 5 1 And Service In ,L '36 - S5 Man-Made Fibers ' 'V il. : m e 'ont-4 - 'W , ENKA, NORTH CAROLINA 130 Compliments of CANTON'S 5 - 10 - 25C Store Compliments of OWL DRIVE-IN 103 Highway Canton, N. C. HAYWOOD REALTY XS: INSURANCE CO. 19 Academy Street Canton, N. C. Phone 648-6721 Compliments of VILLAGE RESTAURANT Phone MO 7-9134 LEWALLEN GROCERY at GAS Packaged Meats - Picnic Supplies Phone MO 7-9132 Box 713 Candler, North Carolina Compliments of BLUE RIDGE POWER-SAW COMPANY Route No. 3 Candler, North Carolina CANDLER BOOT 8: SHOE STORE "SEWING CENTER" Mrs. W. H. Warren Candler, North Carolina Complime nts of ENKA ROLL -A-RAMA IDEAL BARBER SHOP "I Need Your Head In My Business" Owner - Melvin Mintz Candler, North Carolina PISGAH WOODCRAFTS, INC. Custom Built Furniture Homemade Reproductions Repairing and Refinishing Box 116, Candler, N.C. 1- - -WA - ---- - - DAVIS' 5 - 10 - 25? STORE 71 - 73 Main Street Canton, N. C. Phone MI 8-9722 "A FRIEND OF THE SCHOOL" ROYAL SHOES, INC. 92 Main Street Canton, N. C. "Family Shoe Store" RAIFFS DEPARTMENT STORE Canton, North Carolina BILTMORE AMOCO SERVICE 785 Biltmore Avenue Asheville. North Carolina DUNHAM'S MUSIC HOUSE Serving You For Over 50 Years With the Finest Music ROBERSON'S BEAUTY SALON Candler, North Carolina RUBYIFLOWECR SHOP Candler, North Carolina MASSIE'S AMOCO SERVICE MEWBQRNE VENDING Tires, Washing, Greasing SERVICE, INC. Motor Tune-up and Accessories 725 Haywood Road Kelly B. Massie Phone 66.7-9133 Asheville, North Carolina H. L. Peebles - R. F. Peebles, Jr. PEEBLES our COMPANY C0mP1imeHtS Of Kerosene - Fuel Oil A Candler, North Carolina Friend Phone MO 7-2316 "Metered Deliveries" CARFETS - DRAP: - H0 E . THE DOORS T0 GRACIOUS LIVING Compliments of HARRY's CADILLAC-PONTIAC ,060 COMPANY REBA BROOKSHIRE wusn-Mnucsn PHONE AL 3 9929 MORGAN BROTHERS, INC. I had Wholesalers - Distributors A Earl l'7XbI,F00tl Candy, Cigars, Drugs, Sundries P bfiffoy-eu? is Paper Products adveivhfl and School Supplies A -- Asheville North Carolina W, g 67-71 Broadway AL 3-6416 Wray 132 Best Wishes, Seniors GROCE FUNERAL HOME, INC. AMBULANCE SERVICE l4Ol Patton Avenue Phone AL 2-3535 THE BANK OF ASHEVILLE At Candle r Horniny Valley's only Banking Se rvice Othe r Convenient Office s in Asheville Your Business is always appreciated at THE BANK OF ASHEVILLE Compliments of BROOKS AND CI-IURN FURNITURE COMPANY BRIGHT 'S .IEWELERS 58 College Street Asheville, North Carolina Guaranteed Watch Repairing "YOUR CREDIT IS GOOD" Complete line of Samsonite Luggage Bulova-Elgin-Hamilton Watches O. K. RUBBER WELDERS CANDLER NORTH CAROLINA CANDLER FURNIT URE COMPANY Phone 667-1615 "Let Us Make Your House A Horne" fi 0 C Ompliments of W. N. C. PALLET and FORREST PRODUCTS COMPANY P. O. Box 1353 Candler, N. C. Owners - Operators Albert I-Iice J, R, 01-1- HIDDEN VALLEY FARM Mr. and Mrs. L. V. Young Phone MOhawk 7-1575 Route NO. 1 Candler, North Candler ALL EGGS SOLD ON A MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE GXQLYXO EBS THE CHAMPION PAPER AND FIBRE ,,,h,,?gd COMPANY ' 'si----ijwk CAROLINA DIVISION L CANTON, NORTH CAROLINA ,N Amkl J vw Best Wishes to the itudents and Faculty ' xx ' X X ENKA I-IICZH SCHOOL E' S Q 5 Weddings Conventions PI ga C5 omwzz Candler, North Carolina Phone Mo 7-4280 Portraits H34 CECILS BUSINESS COLLEGE, INC "THE SCHOOL WITH A HEART" OUR PRIMARY CONCERN PRINCIPAL COURSES St d t's Interests Secretarial T g for the Job General Busine H gh St d d I B M Key-punch P g StenographfShortha d Sp t b g A h 11 Greenvill Compliments of TINGLE'S AND TINGLE'S TOO Asheville, North Carolina COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Asheville, North Carolina SMATHER'S MARKET "Canton's Finest" 118 Main St. --Plenty of Parking Canton, N. C. Dial MI 8-3762 or MI 8-3122 BISHOP'S, INC. General Motors Delco Heating Dial AL 3-9471 FREEL at ROBINSON FURNITURE CO., V Canton, North Carolina Phone MI 8-2892 CHAMPION DRUG STORE The Rexall Store Canton, N. C. Compliments of THE LITTLE PIGS GENUINE PARTS COMPANY 165 Coxe Avenue Asheville, North Carolina Phone AL 2-7691 PALACE OIL C OMPANY 785 Haywood Road Phone AL 3-3558 THE G Kr S BEAUTY SHOP 5 Mildred Avenue West Asheville AL 2-0717 JOHNSON'S ATLANTIC SERVICE Road Service - AL 2- 9717 702 Haywood Road Asheville, N. C. If II Ldosnder 1 B6 E111 0053 ulowld 4596513 W 5 BRIGMON'S GREENHOUSES Weddings-Corsages Potted Plants- Cut Flowers Funeral Designs Flowers by Wire Phone Candler MO 7-1194 Compliments of The Future Business Leaders of America Ohm ,. emsa G.r..?.'.fl-- SMH OTIXI-1 wish UJQ5 i-o ljlwe Wad Sirmw 56376 Siutdfios or Morrell "The .?x,0f05mfher" bo 0.46. Some h0Uf.+O 'NH q,fX'fyu,a..l psc'Tur'e5 YQ wk J f A it ' f2f'w,fffPfyvff pify wfffif 6, S ..., .. -- . -ZP- jff I , 4 " . 1 1 ,- - ' 5.1. , - -Avg-A ' 77- -ff - 1--x, sbs?-', A,,g- ga -4 L ""' www- -..:T- - -' -' .-ggi- -f 1-fs... , -,E Z pf ' 3 .- , - I :UQ -Q : , ' ug , Z ,- : ' , I 1 Q2 f 1 f ' ' - ' .7 ' ' ff, BLOB LEDFORD'S USED CARS, INC. The Home of Clean Used Cars 185 Coxe Ave. Asheville, N. C. C ompliments of TOWN 'N' COUNTRY CLEANERS P. O. Box 94 Enka, North Carolina BILTMORE MANUFACTURING CO. A Division of KELLWOOD COMPANY P. O. Box 502.0 Asheville, N. C. BENNETTS DRUG STORE 472. Haywood Road Phone AL 3-0414 Prescriptions 8: Sundries R. T. CLAPP CO., INC. Battery 8: Ignition Co. 201 Coxe Ave. Asheville, N. C. Wholesale Automotive Supplies Compliments of PEARCE - YOUNG - ANGEL COMPANY Asheville , North Carolina 491' f if Culp, WM su by if P 99, 'KJL1 ,Q Q MMMU M wwf J ,mn, 51, L of ml amen. 4Q""r"U"" v1fU"3 MM SV' J! by 1 g?6.,.,Q 2 'S pf w devote +wU pf' SX Q ysW,1ifJnwQTi?? ECO-55410-511-ww'-1, AY gf-wwf'-N ERQS 3 13 lupwp X N Emi A06 651. M-QIJNSQ-L15 REQ-L-hs' OPQ Cft 'SLC QA... awe 'kd 350 A5 Sm' 'Q' i i VCSAAJ5 -1-'82-..Q.N CPN ggim' QQ V959 ilqexliuoce ,Q c, Em ,ed 034 SM c3 W' , Q Q,-v Nifle MU CUM' 1 Nl . -mm Md' DMN ' www, xQQQe4+ QU of Wax 9 XM. W g,J.e' N- A lf 5 mmm kfdvmvs f' , .Alf I Race Y MM, - l c.-S+ jean' Se P R1 WMM? k A I .4-,,6.m-W fx pmuy Qugosed ,lin ki . !'7"4'C'lz"' , 'GZQSMAJ , KGCP5, elm' g mgmuuq A.lAf7,f26QvL f7ZyW'Qfl 5,0ur?S-'A' Wssed kwa 0453 I " . 1 f ' YA Cx 4 'S 3 5 ,Q,,Q4 ,aww A! W ldgwif if Y I v F , . QILL see 356'-N . V .V Merc , . 3 . . , , 1 V - f P , H 0 . wfxa2if H5Ef Y xi . Q N 1, CTL- 9, 9' ' lx W I as Q' A P mf I- .5 S v u ct W' if: L-xL-' X i.'V Q Q gf-5-1-. Qi EEZ E gs 4 I Q E- ' ' 1 Y-N - 3 - f , 1 . A Jay. T Eg ti F .I Q jg., 1 , .lx , , 7' , . V . 2 Q.. xv'A Of . , f1,g' f-if ,4 ,gg , V QXQS . ,D ? L - ' ,azwmj QE. . , X Hgh- iailgii 65221164 L3 Q ' - . H A E. jf 7 ff'Qy HLQM YQ - , iv? ' ,P ., x Q V - on if 3' A ' 3 Q .N ,Q f f, - ' A ? if 0 V ' F Q ' ' 1 21 J. Q - ' E vc P l .rfvfewzw-.Z ., l x X ' P I 1 ul '4 X it ,V . W F Lvlktws A, 'hh -V4 ' K. 'I -- f- . -,. , : . .- - ., 1.-. W , 06W-L, 1 www! Q M? ' Mffcyfywf I ? Q7 M N QL , 0 L Ci! ,jfs-JJ 5a,.,,,,,,,ej A fu' L' ff 0 - to Aff offfyflvj ff J QQ 3 ff' ,Aff 4WW'! ' ' , fy? if MK ,fb 2' 'M' J' ,www '- ' " jade ZMWHZM fS,,6l4fS.E HELL' Q33 Q Qifiiwiibil vs- - T' I. -,,,,,.K,?.,w, ,,,.,,,,: V se- - ' sr ,3-l.i.,'-'4 ,, 7' .V , ' '- .7.3,,3 .-J ' ' K 1 . M . . V , . Y , A - '. ,Y . ,. -".,.,f 'A ' " A H.,.,?S

Suggestions in the Enka High School - Enkanoca Yearbook (Enka, NC) collection:

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