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aw 8 wwiggg, law XO , my 4 C Mqfxgw 4 ,VU fg "7 5 , W Mwwmy Www P 1 ' FQAMMJX -x'-' Avi W ff my QM M if 55 ' MD G5 QQ W 3 f.,'21mm?f3 WL' ww .Q 0 fu W if ww' ww V Qwf Tgffocwf f R N HQ? ,vfhjt lfu, Wmwwdff L 5 NEQEQNQQQ M M J l , jfkgngxgil QI, 4 ,,w"L R QMQQQ fi f f 3 if 5 E fu W fHTg,MA WV: 5 W Q3 qw iWLL g,w5 45 D i fw wigs Ssmy M,fQMMW ESQX X3 Wf pf1 3 Nj S c Fm , ETS? xii 5 xxxf' ' n kd . + Q W Wifi ggofw Q36 - - , xlib YPD mvwoqgrqx CQQVCW 5? E fm ' W S ,ww ' ' -QUTTW YQ JP QS ,ORN ADXSJ Tm K' VW 0 QQ, h Jf7fQjxxL' Off QA? 45 0 QfwQumMgVX , Q g YTQX 5 i ,, , A ,. : . , w 1, ww M . i b R K ff' ' ' Mb GM X X N ss S M l NG vw H-fm MM xxx aw X- X f 3 , X gif-gig VK XggQ,Sigiw F JO' S2 XQ,c5L Q SEQ gf Q X. , QX gq1+g,lJV F QP f Q W . 34 N 3 g1if?Q?j S1322 5 3 Q QxgM2Ee13a R QN, ' 1 V fe 3? i My W f NW A ,-Q, . GA Q F ..R 3 Q Q gifbgg5 WM x A - AA , JX5ipLWiEFrfff? , ,Fi if 2 V YN? Q SR E iff, 113 2: M M w EM, ii, . flag X fi? .Wag ws E X XS 1 ESX ggi Q33 W WJ . 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' M398 :L 'ak Nz . ,,,,, A ..,, ,J it A . , e, " 1 .- H i igllm- H-V12 22'- it .,sf "r'i':-- 1 A ,.,. ... - 51' iw Q Q wi 552 gy? E ,,-. . was B1 . , V , ,x..,.. t t , ' - - 1: sw- 1, U,-NV. Wi-f 3 X 4- . .: ,- ., f assign- ,W .- ,- ,- ,,:. .- sa? ,f rf sg I radiiions and deals EHS This was our year 4 l969. For many it was a good year, full of fun, hard work, and experiences. For others, 4 it was just an ordinary year, with classes each day and homework each night. It was crammed with activities k- meetings, games, assemblies, plays, and parties. There were last minute assignments to do, tests to study for, and absences to make up. But there were also the quiet times: the hush in the deserted halls before the bell rang between classes, the empty school at night, and the times during the day, borrowed from the busy routine, for sitting and My thinking of friends and school. This Was our year - 1969. X , y WWE We clvigflljjc WWF' fn CQ X bww t o My s W t we ,, lie Qoflw Us-'ft' 3 1 Am 'x Q JN .MJ X1 X., XJ 'XJ tk xi N. XJ ..J N xx . 'N 'T -J J .1 4 K, .N W X -J VX xl xi rw xx "K X Q x f onesiy in cveryday Cask! X K AWP if Mfg X L Q0 LM, QW GM 99251 NCQ W M9 mf W6 5001 A QWW' Q ff Wf'v"f5 .ff ew WW yu! w 0339055 33910 x M W A54 My x be OSL P A L X fm W SUV, X9 NOD DQR' in 1' xi , 1 F :L J K .i J 1 L? XLN OJ V A 5. K F xi I I CO! L f X jx QA T ,AXE M R Jr Of VJ H X 13 :fp O Yyqt YQU, QE aiiljfulnen in , 1 '6!LXVj u - Q' fnfnfzfizi, f4f gvuhj LQEZEQJ A M fjwLff?,,jzM f 7'Zf7Qf1ffg,S1C11 xx... , va'lH 0,20 7920s 9 P 1 Z as 23 2262 25- Im14i ll m 2 t'vQ sm flat Arg C'5mCg'i Q cubgo 9134.3 Mn Sz-3 fjwyf 5 E'-'g"',.,. 2 if 5 f'2F'Pf' 4 -1- m Rgmik Q-'SQ' f ,, , ,Z , 'W , if X , -my f , , A 2 , 1 ,' un and riendsbip 9 Q, Y' A -.1 Loyal Service 11 nconquerafrle pirit A Q 9, , .-1 X-Yfar,. . ,.,, vr ,f K X K ,. 5 ., 2,14 -uf V- mix. 2 5 N , F s, Q, s q S Q X my-1. -:V K L 4, W -L k.., i 44' t X. A 54, 5 1 .5 an F2 Q E r' hw r ua.. wau,....,m,M,.., Q :Eater X' f , S x L 2 X .V --,, 95 Q ffl S gig 4 N5 S gy i X, ,A M, N gg wi , ,Ei M Q, 2 , s, I 'VL 'kim x EW? 'T Q ' we -' N ,A , f' .. Q En f 33Q , W M A ri? ' fm Y , ' fmsaamems-14wy:,, 9 Q RL . W M..-Ex the c vol At night Enid High School is empty, except for the custodians who help it get ready for another day. Quiet and peaceful the building stands, knowing that early morning will hring the chattering hustle and hustle of another day - a day that lasts from dawn to sunset, and many times much later, as a laughing group of students practice for a last minute assembly or rehearse again and again for a play or a musical concert . . . a building that has housed thousands of high school students, standing tall and sturdy . . . a place of learning. 15 ENID BOARD OF EDUCATIONWML Allie Paine, Mr. John Thorpe, Mrs. Margaret Buvinger Cprcs.J, Mr. Wes Mounts Enrollment Growth Challenges Board Increasing enrollment in the Enid Public School System provided Mr. O. T. Autry, superin- tendent of schools, and the Enid School Board with many challenging problems. Enidis growing school population necessitated adding three portable classroom units to Eisen- hour Elementary School and to Waller' Junior High School. The School Board also provided for the pav- ing of three new student parking lots on the east side of the high school. The administration did a comprehensive study of a school lunch program and presented it to the patrons in a bond election Where it was defeated. As always, lVlr. Autry and the School Board mem- hcrs spent much time planning for future improve- ments to the school system. 16 Cv.- res Dr. loc Br ant Mr. Cleo Fisher and Dr. Milhur 1 - , . - Carey-meet in llie central office conference room. ' , lf42'1wV-iv!-fF5S25SSs1,'w.- ,,. : . , Z,2,gggi:gfg.i:ggiggs5?iEs5g.5,is -, . - J 2. .M 7,77 wifS-iffzs-tzfsszgzsiss-sis,-aww 2-s 1-tw af: -sr ergszzse-,assi - is r HQEJQYE: Es, wr:- ' f K .ja V.: V 32 .2 ' l A ,W V H.: S +1 MR. O. T. AUTRY, Superintendent of Schools Mauk Continues Inspired Leadership CHECKING records, Mr. Mauk works with Mrs. Scott, registrar. Beginning his second year as principal of Enid High School, lVlr. Gene lVlauk Worked throughout the summer to prepare for the official opening of school on August 26. ln spite of his many admin- istrative duties, he had time to visit classrooms and talk with students personally. Loyal and completely devoted to lfnid High, he was an avid supporter of every phase of the school. These characteristics, along with his dry humor and his hilarious definitions on pep assem- hlies, made lVlr. Wlauk a capalmlc, friendly and well-liked principal. NIR. GENE MXUK. Principal .IOKES BRING smiles lo the Mauks al the UE-ICT Banquet. FYROLLXIENT i'llIll.t'l'l'lll'E occupies Hr. Hank, Chuck Groves li GUIDANCE DIRECTORS: Mr. Zorns Berry, Mrs. Nelle McCreary, Mr. .lerc Cigoux, Mrs. Ann Martin, and Mr. Richard Snell Assistants Direct chool Personnel Counseling, enrolling, and informing the stu- dent body kept the Guidance Department busy. Vice-principals, Mr. Stanley Jenkins and Mr. Tom Niles, assisted this department, as well as the principal in making the school run smoothly. Mr. Jenkins' down-to-earth humor and friend- liness made his job of helping teachers and mak- ing schedule changes a pleasant one. A graduate of Phillips University, Mr. ,lenkins finished his second year as vice-principal in Enid High. Mr. Niles completed his first year as assistant principal in charge of discipline. As a former mechanical drawing teacher of ten years at EHS, Mr. Niles coached foothall and haskethall. He graduated from Northwestern State College at Alva with HA. and lVl.Ed. degrees. Mr. Tom Niles, Assistant Principal Mr. Stanley Jenkins, Assistant Principal ibrarians ffer Expert ASSlSt3HC6 FACULTY-TOP ROW: MISS MARY EVELYN ADAMS, Malllenlatics, Dt-- partnmnt Chairman, Dt-lla Thetag MR. DENNIS ALLEN. Bilrleg MR. ELDON IV. AMES, Art, Department Chairman. Elementary Supervisor, Paletteg MR. BOB BANISTER. Athletics, Swim- ming: Coach, Smfial Scienceg MIS4 ANITA KAY BEADLE, Mathematics. SECOND ROW: MRS. WI,-XNDA BEARDSLEE, Englishg MR. EDGAR BELL, Head Custutliang MR. ZORNS D. BERRY, Guidance llounselorg MRS. I,uNORA BLOONI. Spt-will. NFLg MR. VANCE BROWN, Social Science. THIRD ROW: MRS. EDNA CAMP- BELL, Mathcmatiusg MRS. MARY LOU CHASTAIN, Activity Office Ser'- retaryg MRS. CAROLYN CI-IRISTAL. Engiishg MR. .IIMMIE CHRISTAI.. Special Eduvatirm, Department Chair- man: MR. ALBERT CLARK, Sucial Seience, Department Chairman. BOTTOM ROW: MR. JOHN CLAlffl. ING, Englishg MR. HARLEY COL- LIER, Economiveg MRS. ANNX COMBS, Lihrary Assistantg MRS. DOROTHY COZART, English. Creat- ive Writerg MR. DAVID DAVIS, In- strumental Music. STUDENTS ,Ieff Mahry and ,Ianie Hatflln reef-ne help frum Itlnarian M1 1 lata I'Il tx ra it t 1 Edu ffer Wealth of Knowled e yn 20 'Sf FACULTY - TOP ROW: MR. HAR- OLD DUCKETT, Science, Elementary Supervisor, Department Chairman: MR. ALVIN C. DUKE, Athletic Direc- tor, Football-Track Coach, Lettermen: MR. DUSTY EBY, Physical Education, Athletics, Basketball-Baseball Coach, Lettermen: MRS. BETTY EVANS, En- glish: MR. GERALD FLUMAN, So- cial Science, Current Affairs Club. SECOND ROW: MR. RICHARD FRIESEN, Driver Education, Physical Education, Athletics, Lettermen: MISS ADDIE FROMHOLZ, French, Depart- ment Chairman: MR. JERE GIGOUX, Guidance: MR. JIM GILES, Art, Pal- ette: MR. SCOTT GING, Driver Edu- cation, Department Chairman. THIRD ROW: MRS. PAULINE GOODMAN, Science: MR. ROBERT GREENHAW, Athletics, FCA: MRS. LaVERNE GRIFFETH, English: MR. EUGENE GRIFFIN, Instrumental Music, Department Chairman: MRS. MARTHA LEE GRIFFIN, Music The- cry. FOURTH ROW: MR. GARRY HAR- MON, Social Science: MRS. BOBBIE HARPER, Cafeteria Manager: MR. JIM HARRIS, Social Science, Tennis Coach: MR. NOLEN HARSH, Science, Mathematics, FTA: MRS. DONNA IIENNEKE, Home Economics, Depart- ment Chairman. FIFTH ROW: MRS. DOROTHY HESS, Secretary: MRS. JUDY HIC- KLE, Physical Education, Aquaettes, Bravettes: MR. DONALD HIEBERT, Distrihutive Education, Department Chairman: MRS. MARTHA HOAD, English, FTA: MRS. RUTH HODG- SON, English. BOTTOM ROW: MR. HERMAN HORNER, Building Engineer: MR. DENNIS ISELIN, Social Science, Stu- dent Council: MR. DELBERT KING, Mechanical Drawing: MISS MURIEL KOGER, Business Education: MISS BERYL KORB, Business Education. l , 1 . Jw . .N FACllLTYfTOP ROW: MR. THOM- AS LEE, Social Scieneeg MRS. CHAR- Nft LOHMEIER, Business Education: MR. CHARLES LYNCH, Business Education, Activity Office, Department llllairlnang MRS. ROSAMAY LYNCH, Librarian. Library Seienceg MR. MAR- ION MuCOLLUM. Science. SECOND ROW: MRS. NELLE Me- CREARY, Guidance Director, Depart- ment Chairman, MRS. ANN MARTIN. Guidance Secretary, MRS. MARY MARTIN, Home Economics, MRS. .XRCHIE MAUCK, Scienceg MRS. S.-XDlE MEESE, English. BOTTOM ROW: MR. .lOllN MEYER, Driver Educationg MISS LAURA Ml- LAM, Englishg MRS. BERTHA MAE MOBLEY, English. Speech, MISS MILDRED MONTGOMERY, Spanishg MRS. MYRA MORTON, Mathematics. V " " Al"-I1 Jn' tw , Lf' -lg :f ' ' . E., f flfl EH Loses Outstanding Teachers Mr. Delbert King, study hall and mechanical drawing teacher, retired after live years at Enid High. A graduate of OSU, he taught in various Oklahoma schools before coming to Enid. Mr. King, being a football and basketball letterman himself, avidly supported all the school sports. After thirty-five years ol' dedicated service to EHS, Miss Mildred Montgomery retired from teaching Spanish. Always seeking the best for her students, she was the key figure in changing the foreign language program from the traditional to the new laboratory method. MR. KING and Mike MeCortnick struggle with senior enrollment. ASSISTINC Mary Peuree, Miss Montgomery counsels. . g it if , if , , .vii Q A1 ...- Z. I , , ,I . , B ' i"' I Faeult Inspires Student Participation VIN MYERS, Science, Chemistry Club: MRS. HELLEN NEUERBURG, Ma- lron: MRS. EDNA NEWMAN, Secre- tary: MR. DALWARD NEWSOM, So- cial Science: MR. BOB NILES, Ath- letics, Mechanical Drawing. SECOND ROW: MRS. JANNETTE NORMAN, English, Yearbook: MRS. PEGGY PECKHAM, School Nurse: MRS. DELYTE POINDEXTER, Drama, Thespians: MISS HAZEL POWERS, Business Education: MRS. MAURINE PRIEBE, Vocal Music, Department Chairman. THIRD ROW: MR. LLOYD RAY, In- dustrial Arts, Cross Country: MRS. MARTHA REIMER, Library Assistant: MR. GENE RICKABAUGH, ICT, De- partment Chairman: MRS. MARY RIDGE, Business Education: MISS EVELYN SANDERS, Social Science. FOURTH ROW: MRS. FLORENCE SCOTT, Registrar: MISS RUTH SCOTT, Journalism, Quill Weekly: MR. HERBERT SEEM, Graphic Arts, Trade Graphic Arts, Department Chair- man: MR. EUGENE SHARP, Mathe- matics: MRS. TILLIE SMITH, Social Science, French, Current Affairs. FIFTH ROW: MR. RICHARD SNELL, Guidance, Psychology: MRS. LUCYLE SPICKELMIER, English: MRS. .IA- MAE STEWART, Spanish, English: MRS. AUTUMN STONER, Latin, Phi Epsilon: MRS. PHYLLIS STRINGER, Physical Education, GRA, Bravettes. BOTTOM ROW: MR. DONALD THIEME, Science: MRS. WILDA WALKER, English: MRS. MINNIE LOU WHEELER, Mathematics: MR. FLOYD WINFIELD, Athletics, Golf, Driver Education: MR. TOM WOR- LEY, Social Science: MISS EVA YOUNG, English, Department Chair- man. fULl,,ftCE DlSl'l,.XY itil:-rests instructor, Mrs, llorothv Cozartg l tlll Oli English Stresses Writing, Speaking Communication, both written and oral was stressed in the English Department this year. Be- sides the three basic courses offered, the curri- culum included classes in speech, drama, and journalism, and two special one-semester courses in Great Books and Creative Writirig. Coordinating the English program of the ele- mentary and junior and senior high schools, lVliss Eva Young, department head, made it possible to avoid gaps and repetitions in the students' work. ty Williamsg her sister, Jenny, and their mother, Rlrs. Duke. i TOWN inlu-rn-sts class as Mrs. l,lll'yll' Spiekelniier lPCfilIl'P4. PUZZLING QUESTION stumps Miss Young and Allen Williile. 23 QUTLL YEARBOOK STAFF - FRONT ROW: Mrs. Janette Norman, Vicki Mosher, Steve Krahn, Barbara Sayre, Lynn Spickclmier Ced.l, Craig Vance, Donna Kay Morrison, Diane Stevenson, Tim Waack. SECOND ROW: ,loc Glasser, Pat Ar- nold, Nancy Perkins, .lack LaCroix, David Gannon, Suzettc Vater, Darrell Parrish. BACK ROW: Sandy Manahan, Virginia Warren, Linda Handley, Marta lven, Dan McClure, Mike Hod- gden, Tom Kirby, Countess Carmichael, Waynetta Ciarla. S Publications Mirror journalistic Skill Room 113 teemed with excitement as the Quill annual staff raced to complete the l969 yearbook in time to meet deadlines. Patience and respon- sibility were required of each staff member in order to produce a successful annual. Accuracy played the key roll 'throughout the pages of mc- mories and honors. QUTLL. NEWSPAPER STAFF A SEATED: Terry Funk, Paul- ine Spoonemore, Carolyn Vaughn, Liz Randolph, Janie Allen, Janie Hardin, Suzette Vater. STANDING: .loc Farrant, Robert Miller, Tim Choate, Richard Kunkle, Connie Treat, Kathy Bill- Screening stories, typing copy, and proofread- ing made up the daily work of the Quill news- paper staff. Busy staff members spent long hours putting together this newspaper, which was enjoy- ed by the student body. Interesting news, original. features, and rousing editorials appeared through- out the year in the Quill Weekly. ings, Marcia Evers, Robert Thompson, Cindy Johnston, Miss Ruth Scott, Anita Schroeder, Phil Ronck, Jennie Wein, Joe Glasser, Vicki Bradley, Court Loomis, Arlene Vale. Newswriters Reap aluable Benefits Journalism classes throughout the year gath- ered news from all corners ol' Enid High. Writing features, editorials, and interviews, newswriters organized their stories for the Quill Weekly. Students traveled to Norman during the fall and spring for the annual conferences of the Okla- homa lnterscholasic Press Association and to Still- water for the High School Journalism Day. Extra experience awaited those students who joined the Journalism Cluh. Outstanding newsmen, such as Bill Blair, former European Bureau Chief for Newsweek, spoke to this organization. Miss Ruth Scott, sponsor, took advantage of every opportunity to give members practical ex- perience in interviewing. EDITORS Joe Farrant, Richard Kunkle, Court Loomis, Jenny Wlein, Anita Schroeder, and Tim Kirby, listen to Miss Ruth Scott as she directs their proofreading. .IOURNALISNT CLUB - - FRONT ROW: Anita Schroeder, Ter- esa Cleveland. Yield Bradley, Mary Evans, Beth Xloore, Virginia Warren, Jerri Chatant, Jennie Wit-in. l.ix Randolph. Rhonda llelerman. Patty Barnes. SECOND ROW: llreg O'lNeill, Jo.-Xnn Ritter. Jim Canthle. Rohert Miller. Slew Kraltn. Keith Smith, Dana Hess. Baynelta Ciarla. Mary Xllen. Rickey Phillip-. Xlary Clodfeller. THIRD RUBY: Mi-s Rath Scott. LaDontta Stella, Deana llall. Janie Hardin. Charlie Cettin, Melvin Beyer. Jaton Moore, Pauline Spoonemore. Teresa Johnson, Carol Mt'- Cartney, Sandi Cisco, ljcle Adams. BACK ROXV: Jon Britn, Bill Bush. Jody Evans, Ronnie Record. Doug Scelen, Chad Nic- Knight, Octts Murphy. Rohert Thompson. John Hendry, liynn Baker. Bohlri Bingham. l.ayton Wiilson. .lon Brim. JOURNALISM CLUB f FRONT ROW: Diana Madison, Janie Allen, Cindy Johnston tsec.-treas.l. Sharon Thompson, Sandy King, Connie Dalke, Dana Bland, Pam Pearson, Lynn Spiekel- micr, Penny Thompson, Judi Xletlhay. SECOND ROW: Rich- ard Kunkel, Delvayne Ginn. Joe Farrant lpres.l. Nlareia lyers, Bill Slehr, Craig Scott. ,inn Montgoinery. Sue Sentke. Tim Kirby tv.-presd, Cindy Bttshner. Frank Baker. THIRD ROW: Miss Ruth Scott, Carolyn Yaugltan, Kathy Billings, Connie Treat. Etntna Cragert, Judy l,l'l1iI'lgCl', Jane Mohley. Carla Mounts, Suze-tte Vater. Al Asplttnd, Leonard Daniel. Jian Cen- try. BACK ROWY Phil Ronel., Court Loomis, Alan Camp, Jack l.aCroix, Joe Glasser. John llerlihy, Jerry K6lliIDll, .lint Barnard, Alan Stronp, Tim Choate, Zane Fleming. ASTRONOMY - FRONT ROW: Greg Dickey, Marvin Kopp, Richard Hamilton, Bill Mansfield, Ted Robinson, Trey Par- .lohn Sudmalis, Tom Kirby, Pam Jack, Monte Hart, Tim Waack, rish, Steve Asbell, Dennis Mclntyre, Mr. Nolen Harsh, Terry Badzinski. BACK ROW: Ronnie Record, Danny Wells, CHEMISTRY CLUB - FRONT ROW: Johnston, Miller, Shook, Ford, White, Donehue, Welker, Hong, Wu, Weaver, Gauldin, Ruhl, David Wells, Blackwell, Fisher, Rose. SECOND ROW: Jones, Minton Crep.J, Roderick, Weldon, Baker, Lovely, Kopp ftreasl Walker Pekrul W Smith Rummel Ma vsood Franl - a v 1 - v a Y T v 5' lin, McCaslin, Rooney, McDonald. THIRD ROW: S. Roedell, Connie Baker, Schroeder, Walter Baker, Lansdown, Sudmalis, Shields, Barton, Dudley, Mclntyre, Danny Wells fpres.l, David Smith, Henderson, L. Roedell, McClanahan, Webber, Mr. Mar- vin Myers. BACK ROW: Lipps, Couchcr, Lewellen, Kirby, Chambers, Keck tsecj, Morgan Cv.-pres.J, Hannon, Christen- sen, Duryea, Hawkins, Campbell, Bergdall, Buvinger, O'Neill Tays. 7 Top Students Excel in Science Field TELESCOPE technique fascinates Pam ,lack and Trey Parrish. Three members of the Science Projects Class Won state recognition in 1968 for their Work. Marvin Kopp, Bill Morgan, and Darrell lVlcCaslin received valuable awards With these honors. Watching stars and learning about the uni- verse kept astronomy students busy in the dome atop the school through many a sleepless night. Chemistry students learned the complex for- mulas that make up the World around them. Those who wished to extend their interest in this field joined the Chemistry Club, which met the second Tuesday of every month after school hours. Under the direction of Mr. Harold Duckett, the Science Department offered an excellent op- portunity to obtain a firm foundation in science. Wide Field hallenges athematicians Exploration of the engineering, architecture, and data processing fields provided math students with an incentive for future careers. With alge- bra, geometry, trigonometry and math analysis, the math department brought these aspirations into realities. Selected students gained an even broader view of math today in Advanced Modern Algebra and Trigonometry and Analytics. Vitally interested senior math students parti- cipated in Delta Theta to supplement their class- room activities. Challenging lectures by college professors and exciting trips through computer sections of large corporations were some of the club's activities during the year. MATH PROBLEM involves Barbara Sayre and Virginia Warren. DELTA Tlll'lTA -- FRONT ROW: Robertson, lleaohboard, Vance, Wells, Hart, Henry, Adlelnan, Dickey. SECOND ROW: Towes, Pinski, Kirby, Asbell tv,-prcs.l, lll:'IlI16lil', Record, Kopp, Swinton. THIRD ROW': Miss Adanis, Milhile. llamilton, Schroeder, Sullivan. Gunning. Cunnnings, Keck, Mr-Manemin. BACK ROW: Roedell, Robertson, Cliristensen, Wagner, Her- lihy, Parrish llreaat, Fisher, Cannon. DELTA TIIETA - FRONT ROW: Warren, Dodds, Flnman, Lee, Franklin, llenson lrep.J, Minion, Randolph. SICCOND ROW: Donehue, Rall, Stephenson, l.ipps, Templeton, Sudina- lis, Sayre tseczl, Roberts. Tl-llRD ROW: Marlatt, Wirlx. Petti- 1'1'en', Bush. Drum, Broun, Merrill, Kurz, Miss Adams. BACK ROW: Smith, Hannon, Hinderliti-r, Casper, Kowalski, Mans- field, Morgan tprf-s.l, Thomas. CURRENT AFFAIRS - FRONT ROW: Landes, Lambke, Bow- ers, Walker, Mnnger, Beyer, Gregory, Williams, Pearson, Nic- kell. SlCCOlND ROW: Spickelniier, LaForce, Willirs, Stephens, Dickerson, Thompson, Cunnnings, Gunning, Farrant Qsgt.-ab armsl, Montgomery, Mr. Lee. THIRD ROW: Ilcrmanson, Madi- gan, Stephenson, Webber, King, Taylor, Daniels, Kruckenberg fscc.-tr:-us.l. Crm-gory, Waller. BACK ROW:iNl1'. Fluman. Pick- hardt, Smith, Parker, Ivey, Ediger Kpres.J, lNeis, Vater, Mounts. Billings, Kilpatrick. CURRENT AFFAIRS - FRONT ROW: Kions, Johnston, Hcrdman, Woin, Frantz, Mcllwee, Gill, Miller, Houston, Cav- anaugh, Rogers. SECOND ROW: Linn, Swanson, Taylor, Beli- ele, Collins, Parker, Wleaver, LeCrand, Mclntyre, Billings, Ciarla, Cutbirth. THIRD ROW: Mr. Fluman, Weldon, Freeny, Current Events C VICE-PRESIDENT of CA, Tim Waack, plans to lead discus- sion at the next regular meeting. McCollum, Dickey, Owens, McClure, Badzinski, Pearce, Iillllll- rum, Barnard, Mr. Lee. BACK ROW: Vlfitl, Stephens, Vlfright, Waack lv.-prcsj, Asbcll, Stroup, Bullcr, Robertson, Cccil, Shallord, Cowen, Scott. arry Student Appeal Election year excitement brought vital interest to the Social Science Department. Following cam- paign news and discussing the issues supplemented the year's work. Headed by Mr. Albert Clark, the department consisted ol' six different courses: world history, American history, government, economics, Bible, and Oklahoma history. Members ol' these classes were eligible to join the Current Affairs Club. Various interesting speakers addressed the club on different topics of world interest. To develop an interest and under- standing about world happenings was the purpose of the club. ational Recognition Comes to EH Habla espanol ? Parlez-vous francais? Stu- dents could answer these questions with a positive yes. New equipment in the joint French and Span- ish laboratory emphasized perfection of the spoken language. Enid High School was chosen last year as one of twenty-two schools to try out new French ma- terial. le Parle Francais, was published last year with special recognition in the front of the text book to Enid High School and Miss Addie From- holz, head of the French Department. Latin classes were small in size but big in enthusiasm. Once a month the fifth hour class in Cicero became a club and published the Roman Eagle, heretofore known as Roman Rumors. WE.-XRING NEW lie-arlplione, Keith Wood uses the console in Spanish-French lab. PHI EPSILON - FRONT ROYV: Daphne Dougherty, Greg O'- -Xutumn Stoner Nlomca Howl f W piesl Bobbi Bin ham Neill, Darrel Mclrlaslin, Betty Sharpe, Cindy Crider, Kelvin 'pie l Pam Sullnan ltrea P Daud Axe Eddie Nlercer Pam Beliele lhist.l, Cathy Brakhage fsecj. BACK ROW: Mrs. ,lack fedj Bible Glasses Explore Ancient Histor BIBLE - FRONT ROW: Sherry Atkinson fsec.D, Georgia McNabb, Carolyn Dodd, Pamela Shaw, Larry Johns, John Blackwell, Marcia Dirks, Peggy Gettings, Pam Martin, Mr. Dennis Allen. SECOND ROW: Jim Gamble, Janet Battin, Reta Klorgaridge, Janie Hardin Cv. pres.D, Brenda Ehlers, Gary Hickman, Milton Luckinbill, Larry Hinther. THIRD ROW: Cheryl Grimes, Mike Phares, Linda Lawson, Willis Branham, Margie Wilburn, Robert Bradley, Johnny Long, Susan Barnett, Gayla Hill. BACK ROW: Franki Cole, Lana Heinthorn, Jo- Elien Cummings, Mike Koehn, Darrell Senters, Robert Jones fpresj, Darrel Hamblin, Shirley Schroeder, C'Anne Bennett. BlBLE A FRONT ROW: Ella Dixon, Wanda Crayton, Pam Meyer, Frances Turner, Debbie Wasson, Edith Tah, Joy Wood- ruff, Gayle Freelove, Ray Moss. SECOND ROW: Janis Bashaw, Jeri Chattam, Cindy Johnston fseci, Marlene McCullough, Teresa McCamey, JoAnn Dodds, Max Dickey, Wayne Byrd, Al- bert, Loucks. THJRD ROW: Jenni Holcomb, Danielia Seek, Sharon Kruckenberg iv. pres.D, Beverly Yeatinan, Patricia Gracey, Janice Breihan, Vernon Kruse, Amelia Patterson, De- wayne Williams, Mr. Dennis Allen. BACK ROW: Roger Stair, Keith Smith, Jack Schinnerer, Chuck Groves Cpresj, Jack Lukenbaugh, Verle Eggleston, Kent Casper, Darrell Parrish, Ray Wright, Steve McDonald. BIBLE - FRONT ROW: Lanette Rogers, Linda Maddox, Terry Seltenreich, Patricia Brewer, Brenda Lenaburg Cv.-pres.J, Carla Robinson, Barbara Madigan fsec.J, Judy Fleming, Marion Chance, Elaine Graham. SECOND ROW: Daniel Cagle, Shir- ley Dickerson, Debbie LaFor.ce, Phyllis Gault, Steve Joseph, Mark Baiden, Mike Shumate, Lavatta Sparks, Jennifer Branch, Mike Pearson, Mr. Dennis Alien. TlllRD ROW: Cherie Gunn- ing, Pani Pearson, Cheryl Barlow, Chey Westfall, Jim Mitchell, Steve Hutchison, DeWayne Ginn, Bob Miller, Jackie Robertson fpres.J. BACK ROW: Davis Rose, John Duggan, Alan Camp, Suzette Vater, Rick VanKrevelen, James Brown, Johnny Hughes, Gary Hoideman, Vernon Green. BTBLE - FRONT ROW: Debbie Underwood, Julia Roberts, Sue Durrance, Opal Bell, Marveta White, Mary Jackson, Martha Leggett, Janice Miller. SECOND ROW: Jill Schinnerer, Brenda Diener, Dan Montague, Ricky Phillips, Anita Henderson, Lily Homeratha, Beverly Miller, Mr. Dennis Allen. THIRD ROW: Rita David, Carolyn Painter, Mary lngerton, Barbara Sayre tsec.-treasj, Shelley Stephens, Cherry Baker, Gwendolyn Si- mon. BACK ROW: Melvin Beyer, Steve Carson, Bill Bush fpresj, Mike Day, Mark Hunter, Bill Beers, Mike Renard, Norman Cecil Cv.-pres.D. 5KE'l'ClllNC, Mary Allen at-ct-pts help from Karen Atkinson. Class and Club Incite Creativit Sketching, painting, and lettering were part of the methods taught in the art classes. New tech- niques were originated and explained. lVlemhers of these classes were eligible to join Palette Cluh to further develop their appre- ciation and interest in art. Designing props, creating decorations, and exhibiting works at various art shows throughout the state were some of the elulfs activities. Sell- ing concessions at football games Hnanced the an- nual art trip to a place of interest. l'fXl.lC'l"l'E CLUB - FRONT ROW: Renee Price, Patty Bar- nes. Teresa Ballard, ,-Xrletie Yale. Diane Nickell, Cathy Con- rail. Lisa Henderson. Brenda Nlchlahan. Kathy Barnes. Dell lloluhs. 'Xnne Johnson, Sheri Williams. SECOND ROW: Denise Shelton, Cathy Linn, Sha-ri Palmer, Clarisse Henson, Laurel tlrillr-tli. Brenda Poindexter, Sharon Voelzke, Tanis Lugar, Kathryn Gregory lsec.-tri-as.l. Mary Allen frep.l, Francis lftl. wards, BACK ROVV: Caylia Weiss. Jufly Willis. Chris Constant, Bruce Blaekledge, Al Asplnml, Bill Hulsey, Wayne Campbell, Steve Nlvrrill, Teri Randolph, Donna Sanders, Pain Pearson. PALETTE CLUB - FRONT ROW: Janet Battin, Marsha Van- Honflen, Barliara Dex-aney, Rita David, Shirley Dickerson, Sherry Thompson, Brenda Vail. Marveta White, Pauline Spoonemore, Kathy Davis. SECOND ROTV: Mr. Eldon Ames, Sharon Thomp- son, Cathy Kloyclr-ll, Jo McDonald, Joy Morse, Karen Atkinson, Susan Barnett. Pant Zalouclek lprr-s.l, Pam Jenkins, Dehhic Clover, Penny Thompson. BACK ROW: Becky Hermanson, Linda White, Jack LaCroix, Cary Moon, Donnie Record lv.- pres.J, Davitl Morgan, Ricky Rector, Zane Fleming, Jayne Paris, Sharon YonSchriltZ, Mr. Jim Giles. Training Stimulates Practical Interest CONCENTRATION and flying fingers make good typing classes. In the Business Department, Enid High stu- dents learned the fundamentals of husiness skills taught in bookkeeping, general husiness, short- hand, and typing classes. Stressing the importance of husiness educa- tion in keeping personal records, understanding fundamentals of business law, completing income tax returns and solving consumer prohlems, Mr. Charies Lynch supervised the program assisted hy five instructors. From the business classes, the activity office secured helpers, who assisted hy selling notebooks, paper, pencils, and tickets for EHS events for the convenience of the students. With the help of the students, Mr. Charles Lynch and Mrs. Mary Lou Chastain, secretary, kept records of organization and school payments. .4 ACTIVITY OFFICE HELPERS - SEATED: Teresa McCamey, Mr. Charles Lynch, Dorothy Willard, Hrs. Mary Lou Chastain, Il:-hi Wilenzick, Mary Kitts, Donna Scott. STANDING: Bill Jerry Buckminster. Waltz, Pam Meyer, Kathy Green, Pam Shaw, Pat McCreury, TRADE GRAPHIC ARTS 7 LEFT TO RIGHT: ,l. Marlin, neth Dow, Dennis Nordyke, Gene Mooney, Mr. Herbert Seem Willis Branhan, Robert Qualls, Steve llolt, Roy Swinford, Ken- David lilt-K1-nna gather around tln: press. EHS P R ll ' h S d b'l' resses o wit tu ent 1 lt 4'Serviee" was the key Word in the Trade Graphic Arts department. The students, as part of their training, printed the Quill newspaper, attendance slips, enrollment cards, and other forms used hy the administration. While serving the school, the printing stu- dents reaped henefits for themselves. Development ol' a professional skill sueh as this assured the lnoys of a futu re trade. Mr. Herlmert Seem super- vised the course. Through Vifoodworking and lndustrial Crafts students gained experience and know-how in a skill of lasting value. Mr, Lloyd Hay assisted the students with projects ranging in size and com- plexity from trliplioards to large ealiinets. l S0l'll0Xl0RE ,lolin Brune secures a sec- tion of his woodworlxing Vlass projevt. 33 INDUSTRIAL COOPERATIVE TRAINING - FRONT ROW: Leola McDowell, Peggy Gettings, Minnie May, Wesley Morgan, Cesera Buzzitta, Eddie Chapman, Chuck Craig fsec.J, Buzz Young, Dean Davis, Debbie Hough, Cheryl Grimes, Audrey Murphree Crep.J. SECOND ROW: Patricia Brewer, Cindy Boyington, Larila Dunlap, Darlene Boots tseej, Janice Wal- ter fehapj, Reta Morgaridge, Lewis Woodruff, Mike Shumate, Margie Ray, Lynn Henry, Debby Foster ttreas.J, Mr. Gene Rickabaugh. THIRD ROW: Doris Harmon thist.l, Wanda Spake, Kathy Ward, Mike McCormick, Paula Stone, Lana llenl- horn, Merle Unruh, Leonard Daniel, Jim Brittain, Chey West- fall, Patsy Cross fparlj, Debbie Linker Cpres.J, Brenda Lena- burg. BACK ROW: Jim Reece, Ocus Murphy, Neal Overstreet, Jerry Crawford, Chad McKnight, Al Asplund Cv.-pres.J, Harry Congdon, Wayne Escue, Greg Myers, Arthur Rowland, Bob Baker, James Tommey. DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION - FRONT ROW: Shirley Sie- gle, Velda Burdg, Linda Strieklin tseej, Richard Johndrow, Donnie Morgan, Mike Schibi, Mike Smith, Terry Funk lphoI.J, Larry Johns, John Blackwell, Patly Barnes fchapj. SECOND ROW: David Graham, Ben Ball, Jack McCarty, Mike Burdick, John MacKenzie Cpres.J, Gary Eisele, Martha Johnson, Shirley Dickerson, Pauline Spoonemore lhistj, Linda Gillham, Chris Frazer. THIRD ROW: Donna Brockman, Sheryl Holland, La- vatta Sparks, Charles Chodrick, Javon Moore, Connie Treat Ctreas.J, Carolyn Vaughn, Sheryl Blaney, Karen Fowler, Carol Durham, Mr. Don Hiebert. BACK ROW: Danny Schrahl, Cary Burghardt, James Stetnish Ced.J, Jimmy Mitchell, Ray Chodrick, Joe Carnell iv.-pres.J, Jim Gentry, Jim Gamble fparl.J, Steve Brooks, Mark George, Monte Brooks, Dennis Crabb. DE, ICT Offer Two-Fold Education TOSSING IN a joke, speaker J. R. "Dick" Roberts amuses Mr. Gene Mauk, Debbie Linker, and Mr. Don Nelson at banquet. HPreparing for leadership in the World of worki' was the motto followed in the Industrial Cooperative Training Program this year. Through this program the students gained realistic voca- tional skills while developing individual aptitudes and interests. Distributive Education identified a program which taught marketing and distribution. The DE students learned retail and commercial arts while working each afternoon in businesses. At the same time, they gained credits toward gradu- ation while earning regular salaries. Homemakiug kills Point to Future Modern homemakers need to be prepared for the complicated tasks that will face them in the future. The Home Economics Department, under the direction of lVlrs. Donna Henneke, gave the girls this valuable training. ln the clothing department, girls learned the basic skills of sewing and Wardrobe planning. They planned and executed a tea, at which time, each girl modeled a garment she had made during the school term. Learning the basic rules of food preparation and handling, students in the foods classes put into practice these techniques. A homecraft class provided information about household expenses and budgeting, about caring for children and managing a home. Cl'lRlSTlNlAS DECORATIONS from the holnecrafl cla tract Anita Sparks, Janice Sullivan, ,Ian Basliaw, and Dlan McKenzie as they arrange an attractive display. BEVERLY MCCOOK and Jill Schinncrer dream a little as they arrange garments made in clothing classes for the Open llouse display Physical Education Tones Muscles DEMONSTRATING TRAMPOLINE TECHNIQUES, Becky Hermanson takes ller turn in a practice session of the girls, gym class. 36 l 1 Vo Tech Resources Prove Practical l JUNIOR ENGINICICRINC 'l'l31CHNlCAL SOCIETY 7 FRONT YV.-prw.I. HXCK ROW: Nlr, 'Ibm Taylur. Larry Smith. l,nnny HOW: Pam Sanclers lSt'L'.-l1'CElS.l, ,lay lfrunklin, Larry Anderson, Mahan. llary limmalski. llnuglus l'llQlll'I'. Tl1011lHS Olin,-r lpn-e.l, ll:-Mgr Wirlz, JLlIlll'S 'llllU11lLlS, Mike Clmaslain, Charles Mvliuy Jerry Bislwp. X:-rnu11 Dalllvlllmlnl. xllll'lUlJC'1'llSllllllI1illl. if O. T. Autry Area XZUCHllllllill-TCCl11llCill Sulmol containml thousands of clollzirsl Worth of equip- ment in llle expansive lwo-slory lnlilcling. Nlaule up ol' twenty classrooms aml twelve lab areas, it offereml courses for lligll sclmol stuclenls planning employment after gfklllllilllllll, as well as for llmse wllo lJlillllli'll to go on lo college. llll7lllll4'll as a Vital parl ol' llle Yo 'llevlm pro- glkllll. llw junior lfngim-vrlng rl-l6'Cl1llll'2ll Sm-iely Was l'0l'llll?ll for lligh sclmol stumlenis Wllo Illillllll'll lo enlm' college with un l'llQlIl0l'Tlllg nlaljur. Pm- fessionul ilSH0l'lzlll0IlS willl Wlr. rllavlm' mul Nlr. Kllllllllilll frmn Vo 'llevll Sp0IlS0l'9fl lets. LE-XHNINH 'l'lCCllNlQUlCS ull ll ill-nlal ZlS41SlL1lIl. .llllll' Purse pI'21l'llN'S on an lm-llmx' slmlvnl in lim' class ul Yo-'lln-vll scluml. MIXED CHORUS -ff FRONT ROW: Mrs. Prim-lw, K. Ages, Ainsworth, Frantz, Adams, Donmick, J. Agua, Bcachhoard Scliroeder, Wv8l'THI1, S111-ck:-r, Senike, Wvaiiis, Briln, Lfvulfks, MC Bay, Knabe, Lipps, Culhbcrtson, Jenkins. SECOND ROW Hmmlcy, Velmson, Cntbirlll, Jiillvr, Clark, Swezey, Scull, Amlul- mun. Alilllibll. Huey, B1'idewvIl, C.g11'n1i1'luu'i, Griffeth, Jolly, Bud- linski, llnrlliius, Phillips, Sayru. Ruth. THIRD ROW: Harmon, Zalounlck, Thomas, Secien, Palrnvr, Wlienry, Jacobs, Zllll1XY2iJt, CHORUS QUEEY NND ATTENDANTS: Lavacla Arrington, son, King Terry Badziniki, llvunis Marlatt, Sharon Krrlckvn- Jon Brim, Barbara Sayre, Zane Fleming, Queen Susan Peter- In-rg, Ila1Ade1man, Yirginia Warren. . - . if .-, Buslmer, Murphy, llall, Durgan, Polwart, MacKenzie, New, ltr-clor, Henlhorn, Parker, lficlchardt, Rowe, Boxwrs, Jones, lhidigffr, Greer. Mnrlnll. Krliclienlierg. Brown. BACK HOW: Willis. Hill, Sllllml- SWIII7. Yewcll, Arnold. AT PIANO: Ar- llarbour, Hunger, Flcniing, Jorden, Wlasemiller, Long, Moon, riuglon Sr. Accompanisl, lippcrly, Jr. .-Xccompunisl. Talent, Training nite for Peak Effect EXUBERANT FACES complete the chorus tum-s on assembly. Eighty-five talented juniors and seniors made up the 1969 Mixed Chorus under the direction of Mrs. Mauriue lVlorrow Prielme. Homecoming as- sembly in Septemher marked the debut of this group. Wlith the theme, Ulflalzonm, the chorus pre- sented two selections, "Surrey with the Fringe on Topn and Hcjklitlltlllltlfi ln December members of the chorus went lo Ponca City to see the Fred Wairiiig show which included a former Enid chorus student, Richard Taylor, now a memlicr of the Pcnnsylvanians. Christmas brought many opportunities for singing. The Mixed Chorus and the lVladrigal Singers sang some new but mostly traditional music for civic cluhs and the junior high schools. At the annual Vesper Service, the chorus sang sacred Christmas music. Coronation ceremonies highlighted the an- nual spring program Time To Sing, Tuesday, April 29, at the high school auditorium. Susan Peterson and Terry Badzinslci were crowned Queen and King ol' the Chorus at this time. IUNTOR-SENIOR GTRLS, CHORUS 3 FRONT ROW: Bur- ton, Day, llowarcl, Curtis, Meyer, Maclflox, Winfield, Siegle, Gibson, Lyon, Drttiett, J. Collins, May, Price, Mason, Cleve- lanrl, llill, Baltlwin, McDonalrl, VV. Jones. SECOND ROW: English, l'. Jones, Stewart, llarris, Theilen, lloltlen, Unrtlh Trammell, Bt-elle, P. Collins, llooley, Caris, Gootlpasture, D llohlis. F. llolrlis, Barnes, Cloilft-lter, Henry, Van Stfyoc, Die- ner. C. llolmlms, Henley. THIRD ROW: Chitwootl, Ray, Mc- SOPHOMORE GIRLS7 CHORUS - FRONT ROW: Kutz, Craig, Parks, Torode, Edwards, Fitzsimmons, Gabbard, Cran dall, Robertson, Rooney, Gillenwater, S. Evans, Shanley Stratos, Merritt, Stephens, Vives, Overfelt, Jones, Riifel, Cut- birth, C. Williams, Crow, Sweatt. SECOND ROW: Quigley Flaming, Nlayes, Moore, Shioltls, D. Evans, Stuart, Stevens Dillon, Slricklin, Whitlow, Siegle, Sallee, McNitt, Ashell, Rus- sell, Honigsberg, Stehr, Henson, Petticrew, Robinson, Ross Dowell, Parks, Grttgert, Freelove, Ranclolplt, Chapman, Smith, LaForcc, Crayton, Johnston, Boyington, Kusch, White, Steph- ens, Bell, Turner, Davis, Roderick, Robinson, Dodds. BACK ROW: Stone, Corn, Rikli, Lorenz, Cates, Graoey, Yeatman, Toews, Strain, Moler, l.. Roeclell, S. Roetlvll, Choate, Thur- low, Peninger, Morse, l't'arCt', Vllomaek, McCoy, Wlalter, John- son, Wickham. AT PIANO: Francee Harmon. Livingston, Frazier, Phillips. THIRD ROW: Houston, Eck, Ridge, Sturgeon, Sheets, Hamman, Stair, Sllipp, Fuller, Ging, Ivey, McDaniel, Wells, Dugan, Killan, Witty, Prentice, Sncary, Baker, Autin, Hooley, Lichtenberg, Graham, Willhoite. BACK ROW: Hatfield, Mclntyre, Becker, Patton, Knott, Lacy, Shaf- ford, Gunning, Benton, Skillern, Cornelson, llale, Musser, Lambert, McBride, Thorp, Tigner, Easley, Schwind, Mummel, B. Williams, Glasser, Barnard, Ohls. AT PIANO: Harmon. l 40 XIXUHICAL tilllilild -- SIQATICIJ: Susan Puls-rwix, Brian Dennis xIL1l'iLlll,I.klYdllH Arringluii. ST-XNDING: ffimly llimley, l'Lll'lliJH2lI'fi, Sililllill R1'l1m'L1-11111-1'g, ljuugi Fvvloii, Barlmrzl Supra-, ,l2Elll1l'S IIVIIHIIIUS, Kerry Phillips, Janis Ruth, Tvrry Rznlxiiiski. 0 f Songsters Blend 111 Fonal Harmon BOYS, fflllllil 5 - I-'KONI' ROW: .lalmiw Ruiniwii, Hun Trilm- llf-rislvy. BACK HOW: Hung: irgg, Miko Klvmlnv. Paul Prim b1e,R4ilwr1 Rlilillllilll. liluirlvs IJ:-uixmi. Rick HUL'iiIl11'j4'1i,l,tJllg Xllvn fi21IllIJiJl'H. Hamly Nlurlult. .i11llI1 Hvrgi. ling-1' Fliarku I.0vPil. lhniny H1-Qt. Phil Xluun. Slaiulvy Niarlull. lin-nv llnfi- liryuii Ifryv. cLil'I1 T111-iilus. Kivky Nlym-rs. i.Lll'l'j Nl1'I'l'jI112.lIl man, Dwight Pilgrim. Xlilw Im-. R:-inulilu 3lLll'liIll'l, Nlurk .lilnn1y5uilvr.GregI'r-ckhu1u,l'aI Crassfuril. 41 i s 'x , ,g N 1 BAND MEMBERS slucly poster signifying band drive effort for the 554750 necessary to make the trip to Memphis. BAND - FRONT ROW: liukenhill, Mooney, Cariepy, Fauth- eree, Oldham, Phillips, Easley, Duryea, Cheat, King, Guthrie, Madison, Ncal, Kurz, NVilson, Gordon, Pazzo, Roberds, Owens, lloldeinun, Wright, Howe, llart, Pierce, Schmidt, Lambert. SECOND ROW: Witty, George, Puckett, Tripp, N. Cariepy, BAND - FRONT ROW: Eluman, Slcvcnson, Welili, Vincent Nyce, Butler, Dougherty, Sharp, Thomas, Sturgeon, Crabbs Sehourn, Fleming, Chance, Phillips, Cokeley, Copeland, Cear ley, Bunch, Tompkins, llarilcsty, liauhhan, Cline, Stanford Pekrul. SECOND ROW: Parks, Beachhoard, Lambert, Neis Semrad, Britton, Cline, Weaver, Billings, Berry, Fleig, Ed Watters, D. Johnson, M. Johnson, Rhoads, Litson, Moore, Wil- liams, Baker, Goddard, Jack, Pope, Hays, Minton, Weldon Chester, Daniels, Durham, Billings, Jackson. THIRD ROW: George, Pearce, Pulvcr, Dickerson, White, D. Pekrul, F. Pek- rul, Evans, Murlatt, Christensen, Rogers, Lingenfelter, Henry wards, Crafton, llittle, Pratz, Reinhart, Goss, Close, Fitzgerald Cole, Gnnninff. Larsen Shaklee. Bandol h. THIRD ROW , D s P 5 Ilinderliter, Emiek, Wheeler, Lovely, Parsons, Madison, Miller, Crabb, Baker, Miller, Smith, Bandy, llaworth, Ritter, Davis, Montague, Landes, Goucher, Kirts, Gilkcy, Smith, Crow, Stribel. B.-XCK ROW: Mr. Davis, Osborne, Swiggart. Brooks Bixler, Allen, Henson. Maddox, McCartney, Lone. lfelber Simmons, Robino, Skinner, Dennis, Pazzo, Loving, Merritt Vivard, Chambers, Beers. NOT PTCTUREDZ Barton, Bocox Bull, Guthrie. Big Blue Band Boosts School Morale Gibson, Lansdown, Richardson, Gunning, Buvinger, Duffy, White. Hendry, Baker. BACK ROW: Steinert, Ediger, Ivey, While, Jacobs, Gregory, O'Brien, Floyd, Swinnea, Russell, Nance, Joslin, King, Fitch, Goodness, Arnold, Copeland, Mat- then s, Mahan, Graham, Dalke, Durham, Franklin, Swank, Cutting, Owens, Mr. Griffin. HSN!"-'dl pirit crie tie 176 band members as they hustled from formation to formation during prac- tice. Their continuous efforts on and off the foot- ball field boosted EHS morale and brought recog- nition to Enid. The first home football game saw the crown- ing of Sandy King, band queen, by President John Hendry while the band played c'Music to Watch Girls Byfi Throughout the season, the band en- tertained With smash Broadway hits and popular survey tunes during half-time of each home game. Special features were solos, fascinating twirlers and intricate formations. Directing the music was lVir. Eugene Griffin, assisted by lVlr. David Davis. Togcthcr they led the band in district and state contests. EHS gave an outstanding performance in the annual MSym- phony and Swingf, Again this year, Enid hosted the Tri-State Festival in which the EHS hand rated superior. ORCHESTRA f FRONT ROW: Bowers, Layton, Dickerson, Cagle, Gorman, Burdick, Kisner, Dougherty. SECOND ROW: Lugar, Mena, Miller, Ackerman, Wheelahan, Hood, Benton, Hiller, Rose, Wliite. THIRD ROW: Francis, Clark, Myles, Hood, lVlcHcnry, Ross, Francis, Goins, Flaming, Bennett, Wil- lingham, Allen, Reim, Davis, Benton, Smith, Francis. BACK ROW: Chambers, Dougherty, Galusha, Leighnor, Mr. Davis, Mr. Griffin. NOT PlCTURED: Stuart Sheets. ORCHESTRA - FRONT ROW: Phyllis Fluman, Malinda Dougherty, Bonnie Webb, Cherilyn Nyce, Susan Fitzgerald, Evelyn Cole, Gailyn Parks, Lynn Semrad, Bev Gunning, Jon Larsen. SECOND ROW: Debbie Lambert, Richard Schmidt, Doug Wilson, Franklin Baker. John Hendry, Janet Duffy, Darryl White, Cherie Gunning, Joan Richardson. BACK ROW: Ross McCartney, Phil Rogers, Dan Pulver, Ron Christensen, Sandy King, Mike Arnold, Wayne Graham, Cliff Swank. Orchestra upplies Culture for EHS ALL STATE ORCHESTRA - SEATED: Diane Francis, Lorene Burdick, Daphne Dougherty, Ricky White. STANDING: David Davis, Bob Benton, Parvin Smith, Richard Bowers, Carilyn Layton. Q , -gender, and ersonalities NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY 4 FRONT ROW: Donna Scott, Sandy Thomas, Winifred Gorman, Marcia Dirks, Nancy Klein, Rosemary Durgan, Gail Copeland, Peggy MeClanahan, Franc-ee Harmon, Virginia Phillips, Judy Stengle, Marsha l.oyd, Sandy Manahan. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Mary Ridge, Judy Jolly, Patty Cunningham, Judy Webber, Sallie Roedell, Beverly Benton, Myra Toews, John llendry, Tim Waaek, Lorna Roedell, Janis Edwards, Mary Vaughn, Penny Thompson, Linda NATIONAL IIONOR SOCIETY f FRONT ROW: Mary Lou Allen, Daphne Dougherty, Joyce Rackley, Judy Frantz, Liz Randolph. Pant Pearson. Deana Hall, Carita Iiipps, Virginia Warren, Janice Waller, Terry Seltenreieh, Arlene Vale. SEC- OND ROW: Sandy Swinton, Elaine Graham, Cathy Brakhage, ,loyee Hong tsee.D, DeDe Landrum, Sharon Schroeder, Bobbi Bingham, Darrel MeCaslin, Susan Molitor, Kathy Prince, Beeky Pratz flreas.l, Ilene Maywood, Mrs. Autumn Stoner. 'l'IllRD ROW: Kathy Houghton, Sharon Kruckenburg, Monica llodgson, Naney Shellady, Cynthia Horton, Stephanie OiNeil, Kathy Billings trep.J, Carol Durham, Charla Rowe, Barbara Sayre, Brenda Pilgrim, Mrs. Nellc MeCreary. BACK ROYV: Torn Karns, Tom Bergdall tv.-pres.J, Cbuek Shields, Gary Broun, Don llenneke, Robert Qualls, Gerald Ediger, David Gannon, David Axe, Verla Eggleston, Tom Keck, David Smith. YVoodbury. THIRD ROW: David Weaver, Gary Pierce, Seott Quigley, Phil Rogers, Judy Evans, Janis Romine, Susan Epper- ley, Lucy Norman, David Wegener, Bryan Ronck, Robert Brown, Martin Kopp, Terry Badzinski IpreS.l, Mr. ,lere Gigoux. BACK ROW: Diekie Graham, Neal Templeton, Dennis McIn- tyre, Ronnie Record, Bill Morgan, David llenneke, Larry Jantz, Court, Loomis, Ron Christensen, Tony Neis, Bill Mans- field, Parvin Smith, Bruce Barton. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY g FRONT ROYV: Frank Swinnea, Karl White, Judi MeGhay, Mary Osborne, Janeen Polwort, Debbie LaForee, Sue Pinski, Martha Christoplu-r, Debbie Mellonald, Judy Minton, Janna Minton, .laniee Mil- ler, Sharon Cavanaugh. SECOND ROXV: Alvin Hong, Larry Owens, Ronnie Lee, Leslie Owens, George Wiirtz, .lim Gasavx ay, Lee Selnrad, Dan McClure, Terri Weldon, hlary Beth llopper, Joe King, Mr. Dennis Iselin, Mrs. Wilda Walker. TlllRD ROW: .lay Franklin, Monte Hart, Pam Jaek, .lane Molmley, Sheryl Yewell, Riehard Bowers, Carolyn Piekhardt, Carolyn Layton, Patsy King, Carla Mounts, Kathy Walker, Janis Ruth, Jon Runnnel. BACK ROW: Terry Parker, Bobby Payne, Trip Moore, Steve Asbell, Gary Russell, Kent Howe, Dwayne Camp- bell, Ronald Crossland, Joe Zaloudek, Iianee Chester, Danny Wells, Craig Vance. - HONOR STUDENTS receiving National Merit Letters of Com- mendation. SEATED: ,lim Tatc, Lorna Roetlcll. STANDING: Tom Bergdall, Steve Asbe-ll, Clarita Lipps, Tom Keck. The e sludt-nts search the guidance library for information. S Ceremonies Feature Members Initiation ceremonies ol' the Errol Kesner Chapter of the National Honor Society featured its own members as speakers on October 28, 1963. Talks on scholarship, character, leadership, and service gave the new candidates an overall idea of what the National Honor Society had to offer and what a privilege it was to be a member. The scholarship standards require that jun- iors and seniors have an average of 3.35 With no grade below HU, in any subiect. This must be ac- quired While carrying a minimum of four solid subjects. Election of members is made by a chapter council, consisting of the principal and the faculty advisory committee. Projects for the year consisted of letters of commcndation to sophomore students with honor grades and the maintenance of the guidance lib- rary. COUNSELORS salute National Merit finalist. Jana Minton ONE OF MANY Student Council projects nears completion as Christmas trees and food baskets are loaded in the truck to be distributed by Salva- tion Army to Enid's nccdy families. 1 x i l DISPLAYING their '4Pride of the Plainsmenw awards, D. Bruce Selby for education and Marvella llern Bayh for civic leadership are stirring examp- les of lhe high excellence achieved by former Enid lligh Plainsuien in their respective fields. Council Tries for Welcoming, hetricmling, and urging new stu- dents lo enter into the lnusy life of EHS was the purpose of the new students' party, the first activ- ity sponsored by the Student Council. Hoiiiecoin- ing, Open l-louse. the tiliristnias and Valentine post offices, student directories, and class elec- tions provided the council meinliers with hectic schedules as the year progressed. Total Participation The Council conferred thc HPride of the Plainsmen Award," an honor given to those grad- uates ol' EHS who have achieved recognition in such helds as literature, military service, athle- tics, or education. Recipients include Owen Gar- riott, Marquis James, Bess Truitt, Devllitt Viiallcr, Henry Bass, Wlarvella Hern Bayh, Francis Cherry, D. Bruce Sellmy, O. T. Autry, and lieon Vance. - 1 NTI IJICNI' CIOUNCII, 0l"l"ltIl'illS lfrlcl llall f'p1'cs.l, lilyltlll and Court Loomis frepj leave lhc lvuilding after helping Wilson tv.-pres.i, banmly hlllllllllllll lst-c.I, Turn Wright tlrcae-.l, soplioniorcs with puzzling enrollment procedures lieforc fall. 66Hodads" Hired for Homecoming Hop STUDENT COUNCIL -W FRONT ROW: Minton, Quigley, Henson, Sweatt, Barnes, Deck, Butler, Siegmann, Overfelt Frantz. SECOND ROW: Waller, MacKenzie, Dodds, Krucken berg, Bland, Taylor, Willits, Randolph, Fothergill, MoChay THlRD ROW: Mr. lselin, Livingston, Sparks, Brooks, Gun ning, Nyce, Von Schriltz, Piokliardt, Mounts, Shanks, Kilburn. BACK ROW: Enns, Hughes, Barton, Loomis, Franklin, Par rish, Mendenhall, Christensen, llenneke, Mabry. STUDENT COUNCIL f FRONT ROW: Wells, Wilenzick, Burdick, Determan, Manahan Csecj, Ridge, Graham. SECOND ROW: Wilson, Pratz, Bishline, Gregory, Barnard, LeGrand, Henson. THlRD ROW: Fleming, Hutchins, Larsen, Mabry, Smith, Cook, Hall fpresj, Mr. lselin. BACK ROW: Wright, ftreasj, Starr, Semrad, Klemmc, Choate, Boyle, Cropper, MacKenzie, Wilson iv.-pres.J SECOND SEMESTER STUDENT COUNCIL-FRONT ROW: McCullough, Morse, Caldwell, Perring, BACK ROW: Madigan, Kutz, Vfcldon, S. Marlatt, Brown, Scott, R. Marlatt. G RHXTHXI uf ilu' "H0dadS'- km-ps vxvitn-1111-11i stirring ul ilu- lhwlwlbull Qlll't'll Clurmlqzlingx Dullce, a Slurlm-nl llmlllvil pro 51 ,P Ma F ete Features Senior Favorites .lumly Pm-turson and .lolln MacKenzie Dana Bland and Zane Flm-ming Pal lNlcfCreary and Layton Wilson Lucy Norman and Chuck f1I'1lVt'H Honor Atlenrlanls lhmnu Morrison and Dennis Baker Pam l'r-arson and Gordon Williams Rhonda Determan and Tim Wright Joyce Hong and Ertel Hall lloniss- Cilkcy, glffny Queen, l.url'y llllgl1BS, llf-ruld 53 Royalty Reaches All Phases of Enid High Clarisse F ootbal Q Demse Cllkey May Queen Kathryn Aquaett Q 54 ,is 34, . V gap-'..f -- Finalists Blend Beaut and Talent QUEEN FINALISTS - FRONT BOW: Rhonda Deternian, Football, Mary Jo Gerdes, Basketball, Charlene Pope, Band, Judy Peterson, Basketball, May Feteg SECOND BOW: ,lavon Moore, DE, Suzelte Vater, Aquaetleg Kay Pekrul, Band, Bar' 56 hara Sayre, Chorusg Virginia W'arren, Chorus, Backy Pratz Aquaetleg TOP ROW: Patty Barnes, DE, Pauline Spooneinore DEQ Lavada Arringmn, Chorusg Pain Pearson, Football, Shar on Kruckenberg, Chorus. 5 ' s., .15- IHIIBS uv-saw-""" SENIOR CLASS Ol'llCERS IJ Ill Bland lrvpj, Chuck lprosl, and Clarissc llenson fsecj, leave EHS after assisting ioves fx piesl IIISK ey ln-as.J, John lNlavKm-iixio with tht- t'IlTUlllIlCI1i of sturlvnts new to Enid. Senior Days Filled with Final Flurr Sadie Hawkins' Week, Career Day, our senior play, The Man Who Came to Dinner, and such events as the May Fete, Graduation, and queen crownings made this year one that will not soon lie forgotten for the Class of 1969. Anticipation, hope, and eagerness for the days to come were often set aside as seniors romemlmered good times, friendships, and memories their years at high school contained. Diplomas and handshakes symlmolieally lvrought to a close the high school lives of the class, hut all realized that the memories would live on and lie vivid in future years. For the Class of '69, this was a beginning as well as an ending. 58 TOP ROW: RONNIE ABERNATHY. KATHY ACKERMAN Orchestra, Usheret- te. PETE ADAMS Boys! Chortts, ,I-Club, Mixed Chorus. IIAL ADELMAN Swimm- ing, Lettermen, Mixed Chorus Sec.-'I'reas. Senior Play, Thespians. KRISTA ACEIQ Aquaettes, birts Lttorus, Alt School l'tay, 'Int-spians, Mixed Chorus X. Pres. DAXIIJ .fxI.I-t5N. SECOND ROW: ,IANIE ALLEN J-Club, Quill Weekly, FTA, CRA, Thespians. MARX LOU ALLEN NIIS, Palette, All School Play, Cen'I Ollice Asst., IIR Sec. DEBBIE ALLISON Bible Club, NFL Treas., FTA, Thespians. MIKE APEL. SHERRI ARNOLD NHS, OIIS, NFL, Thetspians, Bravettes. LAVADA ARRINCTON Mixed Chorus Aceompanist, NFL, Madrigal, Chorus Queen Attendant. TIIIRD ROW: STEVE ASBELL Rotary Boy of Month, Boys' Stale, NIIS, Natl Merit Commendation, Delta Theta V.-Pres. AL ASPLUND ,I-Club, Palette, HR V.- Pres., Student Council, VICA V.-Pres. SHERRY ATKINSON Bible Club Sec.- Treas., CRA, Vo Tech, Bravettes, Nurse Ol'Iiee Asst. FLOYD AUTIN Ili-Y. TER- RY BADZINSKI Kiwanis Boy of Month, Boys' State, NFL Rep., Mixed Chorus Pres. and King, NHS Pres. CIIERRY BAKER Band, Bible Clttb, Chemistry Clttb, Phi Ep- silon, CRA. FOURTII ROW: DENNIS BAKER Foot- ball All Conference Linebacker, Lettertnen, FCA, May Queen Escort, Vo Tech. FRANK- LIN BAKER .l-Club, Band, NFL. ROBERT BAKER Bible Club, Ili-Y, ICT. KATIIY BALL NHS, OHS, Delta Theta, FTA. CIIERYL BARLOW Bible Club, FTA, Cirls' Chorus, Usherette, Brawettes. PAT- TY BARNES ,I-Club, Bible Club, Palette, DE Chap. l"II"TII ROW: SUSAN BARNETT Bible Club, Palette, GRA. BRUCE BARTON Ten- nis, Lettermen, NHS, FCA, Student Coun- eil. BRIAN BEACHBOARD Band, Delta Theta, Mixed Chorus, Orchestra, Thespians. MITCH BEARD Vo Tech. VICKI BEAS- LEY. ROGER BECK Vo Tech. SIXTH ROW: WILLIAM BEERS Band, Bible Club, NFL, FCA. DARLENE BEETS Bravettes, YICA See. KELXIN BELIELE NIIS, Phi Epsilon, Current Affairs, FTA. C'ANNE BENNETT Bible Clttb, Medical Arts, Usherette, Orchestra. VICTORIA BENNETT Band, Library Club, FTA. TOM BERGDALL Boys, State, Student Council, Chemistry Club V. Pres., NHS V. Pres., NFL Pres. SEVENTH ROVV: BARBARA BEST Li- brary Club. MELVIN BEYER .I-Club, Bible Club, Current Affairs, FTA NIIS. KATHY BILLINGS Band, l.ion Cirl of Month, NHS Rep., Quill Weelfly, Thespians. BOBBI BINCIIAM FTA, NIIS, OHS, Phi Epsilon, Senior Play. JERRY BISHOP Vo Tech. CHARLES BITTLE Band, Vo Tech. TEI.El'l'lONlC TALK turns to fun as senior . S,- Illf"1'IIIt'I' stuff Coing Steady" on tln- annual Val r- - ' rf entint-'s assembly. NEW SENIORS, Liz Randolph, Donna Sanders, Pam Pearson, Janice Waller, and Cathy Moydell, compare schedules for the up-coming school year. TOP ROW: BRUCE BLACKLEDGE Pal- ette, Vo Tech. JOHN BLACKWELL. SAL- LY BLAKLEY NHS, OHS, Gen'l Office Asst., Rotary Girl of Month, DANA BLAND Rotary Girl of Month, Student Council, All School Play, May Queen Attendant, Sr. Class Rep. ROBERT BOCOX Band. RICH- ARD BOWERS NHS, OHS, NFL, Orches- tra, Phi Epsilon. SECOND -ROW: LYNDA BOYDSTON Vo Tech. CINDY BOYINGTON Girls7 Chorus, ICT. ROBERT BRADLEY Bible Club, Trade Graphic Arts, Vo Tech. VICKI BRAD- LEY J-Club, GRA, Bravettes, Vo Tech. JENNEFER BRANCH Bible Club. MEL- VIN BRANCH. THIRD ROW: WILLIS BRANHAM Bible Club, Palette, Trade Graphic Arts. JANICE BREIHAN Bible Club, Bravettes, Gen'l Of- iice Asst. DONNA BREITENKAMP Vo Tech. VIRGINIA BRIDWELL Mixed Chor- us, All School, Senior Plays, Thespians. JUN BRIM Football, Swimming, Baseball, Lctlczmen, Mixed Chorus. DOUG BRINT- NALI. Vo Tech. FOURTH ROW: DONNA BROCKMAN DE, Bravettes. MONTE BROOKS DE. DOROTHY BROWN Vo Tech. JAMES BROWN Trade Graphic Arts. KATHY BROWN Bravettes, Library Club, Palette, FTA, Vo Tech. ROBERT BROWN NHS, Delta Theta. FIFTH ROW: JERRY BUCKMINSTER Bible Club Act. Ollice Asst. FRED BUF- FALO Vo Tech. KATHY BULLER Girls' Chorus, Vo Tech. BRIAN BURCHFIELD Band, Vo Tech. VELDA BURDG DE, NHS, OHS. LORENE BURDICK Student Council, Orchestra Sec., Treas., and Lib. SIXTH ROW: MIKE BURDICK DE, Phi Epsilon. JAMES BURGESS Vo Tech. CARY BURGHARDT DE, FTA, Parl. JEAN BUR- TON Phi Epsilon, FTA, Girls, Chorus, Brav- cttes. DALE BUSCH Bible Club. BILL BUSH Bible Club President, Delta Theta, Football, J-Club. SEVENTH ROW: SUE CAIN Bravettcs. ALAN CAMP Football, Track, J-Club, Let- ternien, FCA. DONNA CAMPBELL NHS, Vo Tech, FTA, GRA Pres. WAYNE CAMP- BELL Chemistry Club, Palette, Student Council, Hi-Y, HR Pres. COUNTESS CAR- MICHAEL Mixed Chorus, Yearbook, Brw- cttes, HR V. Pres. JOE CARNELL DE V. Pres., Student Council. O ening Activities Envelope Seniors TOP ROW: STEVE CARSON Bible Club. KENT CASPER Bible Club, Delta Theta. SHARON CAVANAUCH NIIS, OHS, Thes- pians, FTA, Bravettes. NORAIAN CECIL NFL, Boys' State, Medical Arts, Hi-Y, Bible Club V. Pres. KATIIY CHANCE Band, NFL, All School-Senior Plays, Thes- pians. .IERRI CHATTAM Bible Club, .I- Club, Creative Writer. SECOND ROW: TIM CHOATE Track, Cross Country, .I-Club, Lettermen, Quill Weekly. CHARLES CHODRICK DE. RAY CHODRICK Trade Graphic Arts, DE. RON CHRISTENSEN NHS, OHS, Delta Theta, Student Council, Band V. Pres. WAYNET- TA CIARLA Thespians, Bravettes, FTA Pres., Yearbook, HR Pres. SANDY CISCO I-Club, Library Club, Vo Tech. THIRD ROW: FRANKI COLE Bravettes, .I-Club, Bible Club, Current Affairs, GRA. JOHN COLECROVE Trade Graphic Arts, Vo Tech. CATIIERINE CONRAD Bravettes, Palette. CIIRIS CONSTANT Swimming, Palette. RONNIE CORDELI, Football. Bas- ketball. Lcttermen, NHS, Student Council. SHARON CORN Phi Epsilon, FTA, Cirlsl Chorus. FOURTH ROW: MIKE COWSAR Vo Tech. .IIAI COX Football, Letterurvu. STEPHEN CRAWFORD Track, Football. Hi-Y, Vo Tech. RUTII CREEL Palette. CINDY CRI- DER Library Club. Phi Epsilon. Brarettcs. PATSY CROSS FTA, Bravettes, ICT Pat-I. FIFTH ROW: BOB CUAIIVIINCS Football. Current Affairs, Delta Theta. Student Coun- cil. HR Pres. IO ELLEN CIIAIAIINCS Bible Cluh. Library Club, Brarettes. I-IR Sec. CONNIE DALKE .I-Club. Band. Vsherette. LEONARD DANIEL Football. .I- Club, All School Play, ICT V. Pres. MAR- SI-IA DANIELS Library Club, Vo Tech. PIIYLLIS DANIELS. SIXTH ROW: VERNON IJAUTENHAI-IV Mixed Chorus, Boys' Chorus. JETS. Vo Tech. RITA DAVID Bible Club, Palette. Bravettes. DEAN DAVIS Track. Mixed Chorus, Boys' Chorus, VICA. .IANIES DA- VIS Colf, Lf-ltcrmen. FCA. KATHY DA- VIS lllixed Chorus, Palette, Girls' Chorus. MIKE DAY Bible Club, Student Council, HR V. Pres. SEVENTH ROW: JAKE DICCKER Foot- ball. Basketball. Baseball. Lett'-rmen. MEI.- VIN DIETZ. BECKY DENTON. RHONDA DFTERAIAN .I-Club, Cheerleader. Rotary Cirl of Alonth. Student Council. Nlav Oueen Attendant. SIIIRLEY DICKERSON Bible Cluh. DE. Palette. DE Queen. HR Pres. GREG DICKEY flledical Arts Pres.. NHS. Boys, State, All School Play, lli-Y V. Pres. EICHTI-I ROW: MAX DICKEY Library Club. Mixed Chorus. Bible Club. Current Affairs. Vo Tech. BRENDA DIENER Bible Club, FTA, Cirls' Chorus. Brarettes, Cen'l Office Asst. AIARCIA DIRKS Bible Club, NHS. OI-IS. Bravettes. ELLA DIXON. CAR- OLYN DODD Bible Club. CARY DODDS Trade Graphic Arts, Vo Tech. NINTH ROVV: JO ANN DODDS Bible Club. NHS. Delta Theta. Student Council. Braret- tes. PAT DONEHUE Chemistry Club. Delta Theta. NHS. DAPHNE DOUGHERTY NHS. OHS, Orchestra, Phi Epsilon. LOUIS DRUAI Mix:-tl Chorus. Boys, Chorus, Cren- Iitfe Wriler Asst. Editor, Delta Theta. CIN- DY DUFFY Cen'I Office Asst.. Legionettes. Brarettes. HR Sec. DENNIS DUFFY. Artistic Efforts Bri hten Assemblies TOP ROW: JANET DUFFY Band Twirler, Orchestra, Ath. Office Asst. JOHN DUG- GAN Bible Club, Vo Tech. DAVID DUN- BAR Trade Graphic Arts, Vo Tech. CAROL DURHAM Band, DE, FTA, NHS, OHS. MIKE DURHEIM Band, HR V. Pres. SUE DURRANCE Bible Club. SECOND ROW: DOUG EASLEY. DON ECKER. GERALD EDIGER Boys' State, Current Affairs Pres., NFL, NHS, Hi-Y Chap. FRANCES EDWARDS Palette. VERLE EGGLESTON Bible Club, NHS, OHS. BRENDA EHLERS Bible Club. THIRD ROW: WAYNE ESCUE. MARCIA JUNE EVERS Quill Weekly, GRA, J-Club, Quill Office Asst. JAMES FANSHER Delta Theta. JOE FARRANT Golf, Boys' State, Quill Weekly, J-Club Pres., NFL Rep. CHARLES FIELDS Vo Tech, Band. DOU- GLAS FISHER OHS, Delta Theta, JETS, Hi-Y, Vo Tech. FOURTH ROW: JUDY FLEMING Band, Bible Club, Vo Tech. ZANE FLEMING Football, Baseball, Lettermen, May Fete Escort, Soph. Class Rep. LINDA FLUMAN Girls' Chorus, Legionettes, Bravettes. PHYL- LIS FLUMAN Band, Delta Theta, Orches- tra. KAY FOSTER Vo Tech. KAY FOTH- ERGILL NFL, Thespians, HR V. Pres., Student Council, Bravette Treas. FIFTH ROW: DIANA FRANCIS Orches- tra, Usherette. FRANK GARY Vo Tech. JAY FRANKLIN JETS, Chemistry Club, NHS, OHS, Delta Theta. CHRIS FRAZER DE, Library Club. GAYLE FREELOVE Bible Club, Girls' Chorus. AUDREY FREENY Band, Current Affairs, All School Play, Tliespians. SIXTH ROW: GILBERT FRY. JUDY FUSKA. TERRY FUNK DE Photogratiher, Quill Weekly. PAMELA GAFNER Delta Theta, Bravettes. ESTHER GALUSHA NFL, Vo Tech. GARY GALUSHA Vo Tech. SEVENTH ROW: JIM GAMBLE Bible Club, J-Club, DE Parl. DAVID GANNON Bible Club, NHS, OHS, Yearbook Photog- rapher. VICKI GARIS Girls' Chorus. PA- TRICIA GARNER FTA, GRA, Braveltes. PHYLLIS GAULT Bible Club. ROY GAY. EIGHTH ROW: JIM GENTRY J-Club, DE. MARY GERDES GRA Sec., Gym Of- fice Asst., Bravette Sec. PEGGY GETT- INGS Bible Club. CHARLIE GEUIN J- Club, Lettermen, HR Pres., FCA, Swimm- ing. DENISE GILKEY Aquaettes, Band Head Twirler, Soph.-Jr.-Sr. Class Treas. May Queen. DEWAYNE GINN .I-Club, Bible Club, HR V. Pres. NINTH ROW: VICKI GLAHN Bravettes, FTA, Nl-IS, OHS, GRA Treas. JOE GLAS- SER Golf, Lettermcn, FCA, Quill Weekly, Student Council. WILLIE GLOVER. GARY GOINS JETS, Palette, Vo Tech. MIKE GOOD Vo Tech. DALE GORDON Base- ball, Band. TOP ROW: CURT GOSS Hi-Y, Library Club Pres. and Parliamentarian. EMMA GRAGERT .I-Club. Girls' Chorus, Bravet- tes. KRIS GRAGERT FTA, Bravcttcs, GRA. Gym Gen'I Office Asst. DAVID GRAHAM DE. ELAINE GRAHAM Bible Club, NHS, FTA, Bravettes, Tri-Hi-Y Pres. ROSANNE GRAHAM ETA, Bravettes. SECOND ROW: KATHY GREEN Bravet- tes, Act. Office Asst. SANDY GREEN Li- brzxry Club, Vo Tech. KATIIRYN GREG- ORY Bravettes, Thespians, Palette Sec.- Treus., NFL Sec., Atll. Office Asst. LINDA GRICE Bible Club, Medical Arts. LAUREI. GRIFEETH OHS, Mixed Chorus, Palette, Tlu-spiuns. CHERYL CRIMES Bible Club, Delta Theta, FTA, Gcn'l Office Asst., Aqu- aettc Treas. THIRD ROW: CHUCK GROVES Basket- ball, May Eete Escort, Bible Club Pres., Lettermen Treas., Sr. Class V-Pres. BEVER- LY GUNNING Band, Orchestra, Current Affairs, Delta Theta, Student Council. CHE- RIE GUNNING Band. Bible Club, Orches- tra, FTA. ROBERT GUTIIRIE Band. VER- NON GUTHRIE Mixed Chorus, Trade Gra- phic Arts, Vo Tech. MIKE HALE Track, Trade Graphic Arts. FOURTH ROW: DEANA HALL J-Club, Girls' State, Mixed Chorus, NIIS, OHS. DENNIS HALL Yo Tech. ERTEL IIALI.. Football Mgr., Kiwanis Boy of Month, Stu- dent Council Pres., May Feta- Eseort, ,lun- ior Class Pres. DARROI. IIAMIELIN Bible Club, Trade Graphic Arts. RICIIARD HAM- ILTON Astronomy, Delta Theta, Senior Play, Thespians, Hi-Y Pres. LINDA IIANDLEN Brave-tres, Yearbook. I"IETIl ROW: BUDDY HANKINS Boys' Chorus. Yo Tech. CRAIG Il XNNON Chenn- istry Club. Delta Theta. l,llQSIl'Lll Fitness Award. IANIE HARDIN .I-Club. Quill Il"z'elrlx'. Bravettes. Quill Otlice Asst., Bible Club Pres. BILI. HARDING. DARRELL IIARMON. RONNIE HARRISON Xo Tech. SIXTII ROW: MONTE IIART Astronomy, Bind Rotlrw Bo of Month NIIS OHS t , 1 j y . . .. . C.. BECKY IIAVENS. DAX ID IIAYS Trade Graphic Arts, Vo Teell. GEORGE IIAYS Golf, NHS, OHS. ANIT-X HENDERSON Bible Club, Chemistry Club, Palette. Brav- ettes. Gen'l Office Asst. .IOIIN HENDRY ,I-Club, NHS, OHS, Tliespian Rep., Band Pres. SI-IVEINTH ROW: HARRY IIENDRYX Yo Tot-li. GLORIA JEAN HENLEY Palette, Girls' Chorus, Bravettes, Vo Tech. DAVID IIENNEKE Letterlnen, Track, NIIS, Basket- ball, Kiwanis Boy of Month, ECA Y. Pres. CYNDI HENRY Bible Club, Girls' Chorus, Bravettes, TERRY HENRY Dcltu Theta. WILMA LYNN HENRY Girls' Chorus, ICT. Bravcttes. TALENT ASSEMBLY stars Virginia Bridwell and Hal Adelman, singing MNO Two People." TOP ROW: CLARISSE HENSON Band, Football Queen, Student Council, Delta Theta Rep., Sr. Class Sec. WESLEY HEN- THORN Boys, Chorus, Mixed Chorus, JETS. CIIARLENE HERDMAN Current At'laii's. JOHN HERLIHY J-Club, OHS, Delta Theta, HR Pres. DANA HESS .J- Club, Thespian Play, Stage Hand, Thes- pian Sr. Representative. BARRY HIBBETS Physical Fitness Award. SECOND ROW: GARY HICKMAN Bible Club. VICKI HILDEBRAND Bravettes, Vo Tech. GAYLA HILL Bible Club, Library Club, HR Sec. SUSIE HILL Girls, Chorus. BERT HINDERLITER Delta Theta, Band. JOHN HITTLE Band, Vo Tech. TIIIRD ROW: CHERYL HOBBS Girls, Chorus. DEBORAH HOLCOMB Library Club, Vo Tech. GARY HOLDEMAN Band, Bible Club, SHERYL ANN HOLLAND NHS, DE. BRENDA HOLLOWAY Bible Club. STEVE IIOLT Football, Track, Let- tcrinen, FCA, Trade Graphic Arts. FOURTH ROW: LILY HOMERATHA Bible Club. JOYCE HONG Cheerleader, Lion Girl of the Month, Mary Fete Attend- ant, OHS, NHS Sec. CINDY HOOLEY Mixed Chorus, Palette, Bravettes, Genil Of- fice Asst. LOGENA HOOLEY Vo Tech. MARY BETH HOPPER NHS, OHS, Brav- ettes, Vo Tech. LARRY HORANY. FIFTH ROW: DEBBIE HOUGH Bravettes, ICT, Gcn'l Ollice Asst. STU HOUGH Let- ternien, Football, Basketball, Baseball. Del- ta Theta, Student Council. ROSELIE HOUSKA Vo Tech. DONNA HOWARD Palette, Girls' Chorus, Tri-Hi-Y. MIKE IIOWERTON. LARRY HUGHES Basket- ball, Letternien, May Queen Herald, All School Play, Student Council. SIXTII ROW: BILL HULSEY Palette, Delta Theta, Hi-Y. JEFF I-IUME JETS, Vo Tech, HR Pres. JAMES HUMPHREY Vo Tech. MARK HUNTER Bible Club. NAN- CY HUTCIIINS NHS, OHS. JACKIE HUT- CHISON Library Club, Vo Tech, Bravettes. SEVENTH ROW: STEVE HUTCHISON. MARY INCERTON Bible Club. MARTA IVEN NHS, OHS, Yearbook, Bravettes. PAlNI .JACK Astronomy, Delta Theta, NHS, OHS, Phi Epsilon Ed. TERRY JACKSON Vo Tech. RANDY JACOBS Mixed Chorus. Musical Classmates Join to Entertain TOP ROW: GARY JANTZ. LARRY JANTZ Basketball, Baseball, FCA, NHS, OHS. RICHARD JOHNDROW. LARRY JOHNS DE. BELINDA JOHNSON OHS, Bravettes, Vo Tech. DARWIN JOHNSON Band, Palet- ll'. SECOND ROW: DEAN JOHNSON Vo Teeh. GLENDA JOIINSON. MARTHA JOHNSON DE. TERESA JOHNSON .l- Club, FTA, GRA, Thespians. CINDY JOHNSTON Bravettes, GRA Quill Weekly, Bible Club See.-Treas.. .l-Club See. KINI- BERLY JOHNSTON Chemistry Club, Alecli- eal Arts. TIIIRD ROW: JUDY JOLLY Mixed Chorus, NIIS, OIIS, Girls' Chorus, Bravettes. RO- BERT JONES Palette, Bible Club Pres. STANLEY .lONES. STEVE JONES Bantl, Tratle Graphic' Arts. Yo Teeh. TED JONES Xlixetl Chorus. STEVE JOSEPH Bible Club. HR Y. Pres. FOURTH ROW: PAUL KECK Bancl. TONI KECK Exchange Club Boy of Month, NHS, OHS, Chemistry Club Sec., Nat'l Alerit Comrncntlation. JERRY KEIVIPH J- Club. Letternien, Football, Baseball All Con- lerenee First Base. Stuflent Couneil. SANDY KING J-Club. Baml Queen. Thespians. Cur- rent Affairs. Athtetie Ofliee Asst. TINI KIR- RY Football. Lettermen. Senior Plav. Quill llneelflr. Stutlent Couneil. TOAI KIRBY Del- ta Theta, Metlieal Arts. Senior Play. Year- book. HI-Y. FIFTH ROW: MARY KIRTS Band, Aet. Offiee Asst. NIICIIAEI. KOEHN Bible Club. S ANDY KOEHN Bravettes. Yo Tech. XLAR- YIN KOPP Boys, State. Fleming Suininer Seienee Fellowship. Alt-tlieal Arts Pres.. Cheinistrv Club Treas.. Ili-Y Pres. GARY KOAVALSKI Delta Theta. JETS. Vo Teeh. STEYE KRAHN .l-Club, Senior Play, Year- ltlttlli. SIXTH ROW: SIIARON KRUCKENBERG 'Xlixetl Chorus, Marlrigxal Chorus Queen At- tentlant, Sturlent Couneil. Current AFfairs See.-Treas. RICHARD KUNKEL Current Affairs. J-Club. Ouill Weel.'l,t'. NFL. Ili-Y. DENNIS KURZ Band, Delta Theta. Senior Play. Tliespians, Usher. JIAI KIJTZ J-Club, Lettermen, FC A. Yearbook, Student Couneil. JACK LACROIX Cross Country, Track. Lettermen. Yearbook. FCA Pres. DEBBIE LAFORCE Bible Club, NHS, OHS, Current Affairs. Bravettes. SEVENTH ROW: DEBBIE LAAIBERT Banrl All State-All Anieriean Bancl. Orehes- tra. Aleflical Arts. LEARTA IANDES Banfl, Bible Club. FTA. Current Affairs, Thespians. DEDE LANDRUM. NHS. Curr--nt Affairs. FTA, Bravettes. DAN LANGFORD Golf. NFL. Senior Play, Thesnians, Hi-Y. IVIARTY LAYICKY Football. Baseball, Lettermen, Vo Tech. LINDA LAWSON. EIGHTI-I ROW: CARILYN LAYTON NHS. Orchestra Librarian anrl V. Pres.. lIsherette. All State Orchestra. KEITH LEA Football All Conferenee Enrl, FCA. See.- Treas.. Letter-men Sul. at Arms. RONALD l.EE Football. Delta Theta. Lette-rrnen, NHS, OHS. MARTHA LEGGETT Bible Club. BRENDA LENABURC, NHS. Stu- rlent Council. GRA. Bible Club V. Pres. DONNA LEYVELLEN Chemistry Club. NINTH ROW: DEBBIE LINKER Anuaet- tes. Palette. GRA. ICT Pres. CARITA LIPPS Alixefl Chorus, NHS. Natll Merit Cotnmenflation. Kiwanis Girl of Month. Girls' State. KENNY LISLE Tennis, Let- ternien. FCA. Gr-n'l Offiee Asst.. HR Pres. JOHNNY LONG. COURT LOOAIIS Golf. Rotary Boy of Alonth. NHS. Olllll Weelflr. S'uclent Council Rep. BILL LOVE. Athletlc Semors 69 Sport New Look TOP ROW: MARSHA LOYD NHS. JACK LUKENBAUGH Track, Band, Bible Club, Trade Graphic Arts. LANA LUKENBAUGH Gym Office Asst., Thespians. MARK LU- MEN Football, Lettermen, Library Club. LARRY LYNCH Trade Graphic Arts, HR Treas. CHARLES MCBAY Cross Country, Lettermen, Mixed Chorus, JETS V-Pres., Vo Tech. SECOND ROW: CAROL MCCARTNEY .I-Club, FTA, GRA, Vo Tech, Genil Office Asst. ROSS MCCARTNEY Band, Vo Tech. MIKE MCCLOSKEY, NFL, Gen'l Office Asst., Hi-Y Treas. DIANE MCCOLLUM Current Affairs, FTA, Gen'l Office Asst. MARILYN MCCOOK Current Affairs. MIKE MCCORMICK Baseball, ICT. THIRD ROW: PATRICE MCCOY Library Club. PAT MCCREARY Cheerleader, FTA, Kiwanis Girl of Month, Student Council, Act. Office Asst., MARLENE MCCUL- LOUGH Bible Club, OHS, Student Council, GRA, GYM Office Asst. DEBORAH MC- DONALD NRS, OHS, Bravettes, FTA, Girls' Chorus. LEOLA MCDOWELL Girls' Chorus, ICT. DENNIS MCINTYRE Golf, Kiwanis Boy of Month, FCA, NHS, OHS. FOURTH ROW: DAVID MCKENNA Ad- vanced Graphic Arts. CHAD MCKNIGHT ICT, J-Club. PRESLEY MQMAHAN, FCA, Football, Track, Lettermen, Vo Tech. RUTH MCMANEMIN Library Club, NHS, Delta Theta. GEORGIA MCNABB Bible Club, Trade Graphic Arts, Vo Tech, HR Sec.- Treas. LEOTA IVICVAY Bible Club. FIFTH ROW: MARSHALL MABRY Ten- nis, Lettermen, Student Council. JOHN MACKENZIE Lion Boy of Month, NFL, Student Council, Sr. Class Pres., DE Pres. JAMES MADDOX Band, Trade Graphic Arts, Vo Tech. BARBARA MADIGAN Cur- rent Affairs, Phi Epsilon, Student Council, Bible Club Sec., Bravettcs. LONNY MA- HAN, JETS, Band. SANDY MANAHAN NHS, OHS, Rotary Girl of Month, GRA V. Pres., Student Council Sec. SIXTH ROW: LYNN MANESS. BILL MANSFIELD Exchange Boy of Month, NHS, OHS, Delta Theta, Astronomy V. Pres. DENNIS MARLATT Band, Boys, State, Delta Theta, Mixed Chorus, Madri- gal. JAY MARTIN Football, Track, Trade Graphic Arts. PAM MARTIN Bible Club. BILL MARTINEZ. SEVENTH ROW: SHARON MASON Girls' Chorus. STEVE MASON Vo Tech. RON- ALD MATTHEWS Boysf Chorus, Vo Tech. MINNIE MAY Girlsl Chorus, ICT. STEVE MERRILL Cross Country, Swimming, Lion Boy of Month, Delta Theta, NHS. JANET METSCIIER. EIGHTH ROW: PAM MEYER Bible Club, FTA, GRA, Act. Office Asst. JERRY MIL- IIIME Bible Club, Trade Graphic Arts. BEVERLY MILLER Bible Club, Girls' Chorus. JANICE MILLER Bible Club, NHS, OHS, Chemistry Club. MARNIE MILLER. ROBERT MILLER Bible Club, J-Club, Quill Weekly, Tri-Hi-Y. NINTH ROW: JEFF MILLS Mixed Chorus, Current Affairs, Stage Hand. .IANNA MIN- TON Lion Girl of the Month, NHS, OHS, Nat'l Merit Finalist, Mixed Chorus Sec. JIMMY MITCHELL, JETS, Bible Club, DE, Vo Tech. JANE MOBLEY DAR Award, NHS, All School and Thespiau Plays, Thes- pians, J-Club, NFL V. Pres. GARY MOON Swimming, Boys' Chorus, Mixed Chorus, Pal- ette. JAVON MOORE J-Club, DE. TOP ROW: TRIP MOORE Football Mgr.. Swimming, Track, Leltermen, NHS, Sluilm-ut Council. BILL MORGAN Boys' State, NIIS, Delta Theta Pres., OHS, Chemistry Club V. Pres. DONNIE IVIORGAN, DE, Gym Offive Asst. RETA MORGARIDGE Bible Club, VICA. RONALD MORRIS Vo Tech. DON- NA MORRISON Cheerleader, GRA, Stu- dent Council, Tb:-spiaus, May Queen At- tt-udant. SECOND ROW: VICKI MOSHER, FTA. Yearbook, Braveltes, HR Sec., Gym Ollie:- Asst. RAY MOSS Bible Club, Hi-Y. CATIIY MOYDELL. FTA, Bravettes, Palette, Phi Epsilon, HR Pres. AUDREY MURPHREE Bravettes, ICT Rep. OCIIS MURPHY, JETS, I-Club, YICA. MILTON MURRELL. THIRD ROW: LEON NEHRING. COURT NEWKIRK Boys' State, NFL, Debate. DAN NEWSOM, OHS, FCA. Baseball Mgr., Let- terinen. DENNIS NORDYKE Trade Graphic Arts. LUCY NORMAN, NHS, NFL Seo., Jr. Class Rep., May Queen Attendant, Thes- niarq V. Pres. THOMAS OLIVER, JETS, Vo Tee 1. FOURTH ROW: GREG O'NEILL Boys' State, Phi Epsilon, ,I-Club, Hi-Y. MARY OSBORNE Band NHS, OHS, FTA, Thes- pians. NEIL OVERSTREET. JANE PARIS Band, Medical Arts, Palette, Vo Teeh. KEN- NETH PARKER Mixed Chorus, Current AHairs. PEGGY PARKER Current Agairs, FTA, Bravettes, Mixed Chorus. FIFTH ROW: GAILYN PARKS Band Drum Major, Orchestra, Stage Band. DARRELL PARRISH Bible Club, Medical Arts, FCA, Yearbook, Ili-Y. TREY PARRISH Swimm- ing, Lettermeu, NIIS, Student Couneil, Del- ta Theta Treas. KATIIIE PARSONS Brav- ettes, Vo Tech, Genil Office Asst. DENNIS PATRICK Yo Tech. STEVE PAZZO Band Sr. Quartermaster. SIXTH ROW: MARY PEARCE Bravettes, Girls' Chorus, GRA. MIKE PEARSON Bible Club, HR Pres. PAM PEARSON Cheer- leader, Kiwanis Girl of Month, NHS, Foot- ball Queen and May Queen Attendant. KAY PEKRUL Band Twirler, FTA, Senior Play, Tbespian Sec. JUDY PENINGER J-Club, Girls' Chorus, Tliespians, Usherette, Medi- cal Arts Sec. MIKE PERKS Basketball, Lettermen. SEYENTII ROW: CATHY PERRY Band, FTA, Bravettes. LORENE PETERS Brav- ettes, Vo Tech. JUDY PETERSON Cheer- leader, May Queen Honor Attendant, Stu- dent Council, -Bravette Pres., HR Pres. SU- SAN PETERSON Student Council, NHS, OHS. Mixed Chorus Pres., Chorus Queen. TONY PETTICREW Delta Theta, Ili-Y. ROI! PFLEGL Football, Lettermen. FOOTBALLERS display their new baby blue tur Ileneeks, worn on all game days. DIGNIFIED SENIORS, Davis Rose, Ertel Hall, and Anita Schroeder, condescend to sing with jun- ior, Bruce Bishline in their group, Westchester Greene in the Homecoming Assembly. TOP ROW: MICHAEL PHARES Bible Club, Xlixed Chorus, NHS, OHS, FTA. HOLLIS PHILLIPS Vo Tech, Cenll, Gym, and Nurse Office Asst. KERRY PHILLIPS Mixed Chorus, Madrigal. RICKY PHILLIPS Band, Bible Club, Creative Writer Staff, Li- brary Club Rep. BRENDA PILGRIM Bible Club, NHS, OHS, Gym Office Asst. SUE PINSKI Chemistry Club, Delta Theta, GRA, BHS, OHS. SECOND ROW: WILLIAM PITTS Vo Tech, Genll Office Asst. CHARLENE POPE, NFL, Thespians, Band Queen Attendant, Nurse Office Asst., Band Sec. BECKY PRATZ Band, Student Council, OHS, NHS Treas. JAMES PRAY Vo Tech. SHARON PRIT- CHETT Library Club. DORIS PUCKETT. THIRD ROW: ROBERT QUALLS Trade Graphic Arts. JOYCE RACKLEY Detta Theta, NHS, OHS, Creative Writer. LIZ RANDOLPH I-Club, Delta Theta, NHS, OHS, Quill Weekly. MARGIE RAY, ICT, Girls, Chorus. RONNIE RECORD Astron- omy, Exchange Boy of Month, Delta Theta, NHS, OHS. JIM REECE Palette, ICT. FOURTH ROW: MIKE RENARD Bible Club. RODNEY RICHARDSON Football. DAVID RILEY. ,IO ANN RITTER Band, ,I-Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Usherette. JIM ROBERTS Football, Baseball, Boysl State, Delta Theta. .IULIA ROBERTS Bible Club, Bravettes, All School Play, Thespians. FIFTH ROWYZ JACK ROBERTSON Current Affairs. Delta Theta, Student Council, Bible Club Pres., HR Pres. JERRY ROBERTSON Delta Theta, NHS, OHS, Student Council. CARLA ROBINSON Bible Club, Girls, Chorus, Bravettes. TED ROBINSON Foot- ball, Baseball, Lettermen, Current Affairs, FCA. ROD ROBISON Football, Lettermen, FCA, Vo Tech. IVIARYETTA RODERICK Band, Chemistry Club, FTA, Cirlsl Chorus. SIXTH ROW: LORNA ROEDELL Chemis- try Club, Delta Theta, FTA, NHS, OHS. BUDDY ROGERS Vo Tech. LANETTE ROGERS Bible Club, Current Affairs, Brav- eltes, Gen'l Office Asst., Library Club Rep. PHIL ROGERS Usher, NHS, OHS, Orches- tra, Band Chaplin. PHIL RONCK Football, Basketball, .l-Club, Mixed Chorus, Quill Weekly. DAVIS ROSE Bible Club, Orches- tra Prcs., Usher. SEVENTH ROW: CHARLA ROWE Mixed Chorus NHS, OHS, FTA, GRA. LINDA RUHL, FTA, Thespians, Tri-Hi-Y Sec.-Treas. NHS, Bravettes. .ION RUIVIMEL Audio-Vis- ual, Lion Boy of Month, NHS, OHS, Medi- cal Arts. .IANIS RUTH Mixed Chorus, NHS, OHS, FTA, Maclrigal. DONNA SANDERS GRA, Palette, Usherette, Bravette V. Pres. ,RON SAWIYER Boys' Chorus, Act. Office Asst. Westchester Greene Strums Folklore TOP ROW: BARBARA SANRE, AHS, Chorus Queen Attendant, Delta Theta Sec., Bible Club Sec., Bravetles. IJELORES SCIIAI"I1'ER, GRA, Usberette. Bravette, Genll Office Asst. MIKE SCIIIBI. JACK SCHINNERER Football, I.ettermen, Student Council. JILL SCIIINNERER Band, Stu- dent Council. KENNETII SCIINEIDER Football, Mixed Chorus. SECOND ROW: AXITA SCIIROEDER .I- Club, Mixed Chorus, FTA, Quill Wrfelrilj' Editor-in-Chief, HR X. Pres. SIIIRLEY SCIIROEDER Bible Club, Deltu Theta, liravetles, NHS. CRAIG SCIIUIITZ Trade lirapliie Arts, Vo Tech. ROGER SCIIULTZ. CRAIG SCOTT Football, Letleruicn, NHS, OIIS, Student Council. DONNA SCOTT NIIS, OHS, Act. Ofliee Asst. TIIIRD ROWVZ STEXE SCOTT. DANIELIA SEEK Bible Club, Girls' Cliorus. DOUG SEELEN ,l-Club, Mixed Chorus, Madrigal, Yo Tech. TERRY SELTENREICII Bible Club, NHS. LEE SEMRQXIJ Football, Bas- ketball, NHS, OHS, Student Council. BRUCE SEY MOU R. FOURTII ROW: PAMELA SIIAW Bible Club. DENISE SIIELTON Palette, Gym Oi- fiee Asst. MARK SIIIEYER Current Allairs. .IAIXET SIIOOK Cliemistry Club. Bravet- tes. MIKE SHUMATE Bible Club, lCT. SHIRLEY SIECLE, I"I'A. All Seliool Play. l"ll"TlI ROW: ALLEY SMITH. DAVID SMITH Yo Teeli. IIM, SMITII Baud. KEITH SMITII J-Club. Bible Club. FCA. LARRY SMITH, JETS, Vo Tet-li. MARY SMITH J-Club, Palette, I"'I'A, CR,-X, Brav- etles. SIXTII ROW: MIKE SMITII DE. PAR- NIN SMITH NHS. OIIS, Oreliestra. All State lTI'CllPSl1'8. WAXDA SPIKE Medieal Arts, Phi Epsilon. ANIT.-X SPARKS Girls' Chorus, Legionettes, Bravettes. I..-lXA'I"l'A SPARKS Bible Club. DE. GAIN SPENCER Band, Ili-Y. SEVENTH ROW: LYNN SPICKELMIER ,I-Club, Current Affairs, Bruxelles, Yearbook Editor, HR Y. Pres. P'lllI.IlNE SPOON- MORE ,I-Club, Palette, Quill llrelrly, DE Ilisl., HR See.-Treas. ROGER STAIR Foot- ball. Bible Club, FCA Letternieu. DONNA ST.-INLET Bible Club. BOBBY STEELE Palette. BILL STEIIR Football All Confer- enee llulfback, FCA, ,l-Club, Letteriuen V. Pres EIGIITII ROW: SIIELLY STEPIIENS Bible Club, Current Alluirs, l"'I',-X, Girls' Chorus, NIIS. DEBBIE STEPIIENSON Current Affairs, Delta Thetu, Student Coun- eil, Tliespians, Uslierette. DIANE STEP- HENSON, FTA, Yeurlmoolx. Tliespiuns. Brav- ettes, HR Y. Pres. KATIIIE STEPP Mixed Chorus. Girls? Chorus, lf'l'.-X, Braxettes. .IAMES STETNISH. DE Editor. NFL. All Seliool and TIIESIJTQIII Plugs, Tliespiun Pres., Gt-n'l Office Asst. NINTII ROW: MARY ANN STEVENISON Bible Club, Bravettes. DOLORES STONE Girls' Chorus, Vo Teelt. DEIIBIIC STRECK Vo Teell. LINDA STRICKLIN. IIE Queen. IIR Pres.. DE See. Al..-XX STROLP Bas- ketball, Baseball, .I-Club. Lettertuen, Cur- rent Aflairs Club, FCA. Semors Feel the Beat of the Drums TOP ROW: JEAN STRUNK. .IOHN SUD- MALIS Astronomy, Football, Boys' Chorus, Chemistry, Delta Theta. PAM SULLIVAN Delta Theta, GRA, Medical Arts, Phi Epsi- lon Treas. CLIFF SWANK Band, Boys, State. RAY SWINFORD Trade Graphic Arts. SANDRA SWINTON Delta Theta, NHS, OHS. SECOND ROW: FRED TAGGE Medical Arts. JIM TATE Lion Boy of Month, Delta Theta, Natfl Merit Commendation, Delta Theta, Palette. BEVERLY TAYLOR, FTA, GRA, Genll Office Asst. KATHRYN TAY- LOR Aquaelte Queen, Pres., Bravettes, Stu- dent Council, Thespians. NEAL TEMPLE- TON Delta Theta, NHS, OHS. KATHY TERRELI, J-Club, Bravettes. THIRD ROW: JAMES THOMAS, JETS, Delta Theta, Mixed Chorus, Madrigal. JUDY THOMAS Vo Tech. EVERETT THOMP- SON. ROBERT THOMPSON .I-Club, Cur- rent Affairs, Quill Weekly. SHARON THOMPSON, FTA, GRA, Bravettes, Palette. MYRA TOEWS Delta Theta. Girls, Chorus, Medical Arts, NHS, OHS. FOURTH ROW: JAMES TOMMEY, ICT. VANCE TRAMMELL Vo Tech. CONNIE TREAT J-Club, Quill Weekly, DE Treas. JOHN TRIPP Band. RITA TUOHY Senior Play, Mixed Chorus, Thespians, Bravettes. TERESA TURNER Girls, Chorus, Bravet- tes, Vo Tech. FIFTH DOW: SHARON UKENA Vo Tech. DEBBIE UNDERWOOD Bible Club. ALICE UNRUH. ARLENE VALE. NHS. FTA, Bravettes, Current Affairs, HR Sec.-Treas. CRAIG VANCE Football, Lettermen, FCA Yearbook, NHS. R. F. VAN KREVELEN Football, Bible Club, Lettermen. SIXTH ROW: SUZETTE VATER Year- book, Girls' State, Bravettes, Aquaette Queen Attendant, Sec., Soph. Class Sec. CARILYN VAUGHN J-Club, DE. TIM WAACK Basketball, Boys' State, Yearbook, NHS, Current Affairs V. Pres. JUDY WAG- GONER. ROLLAND WAGNER Golf, Delta Theta, HR Pres. WAYNE WAGNER Ten- nis, Lettermen. SEVENTH ROW: CHARLES WAHL. CARROLL WALKER, JETS, Vo Tech. RON- NIE WALKER Vo Tech. DARRELL WAL- LACE. JETS, Vo Tech. JANICE WALLER All School Play, Student Council, NHS, OHS, Aquaettes. JANICE WALTER, Girls' Chorus, ICT Chaplin. EIGIITH ROW: ROBERT WALTER Bible Club, Hi-Y, Sgt.-at-Arms. BYRON WALT- ERS. DONNIE WALTERS Vo Tech. BILL WALTZ Mixed Chorus, Football, Basket- ball, Leltermen, Act. Office Asst. KATHY WARD, ICT. VIRGINIA WARREN, NHS, OHS, Chorus Queen Attendant, Yearbook, Thespians, Delta Theta. NINTH ROW: RICHARD WATSON Vo Tech. DAVID WEAVER Boys, State, NHS, Senior Play, Thespians, Hi-Y. JENNIE WEIN J-Club, NHS, Current Affairs, Quill Weekly Asst. Editor, Thespians. DANNY WELLS, NHS, OHS, Delta Theta, Rotary Boy of Month, Chemistry Club Pres. CHEY WESTFALL Bible Club, Bravettes, ICT, ERA Treas. BARBARA WHEELER Girls' orus. 'FOI' ROW: S XXI WHENRY Mixed Chorus, Vu 'II1'1'Il. LINDA WHITE Ilrawtte-Q. I'nl1-111-. IIN S1-1-.-'I'n-u-. M .PXHVETA WI-II'I'E .I- J Club, Iiibli- Club, Ialvlte, Girls' IIIIUTIIS, Nlmlivul Arts. CIIEIUL WICKIIANI Ilirlsi Cliurus, Yu 'I'4'1'I1. DEB WILENZICK Iiruv- a-llvs, I"'I'A, Sluclcnt Council, Aol. Ofliuu Anxl. SECOND RIVJVV: ALLEN WILIIITE Emul- bull :XII iIOIli'1'I'l'I1l'l' llalfback, Dcllu 'I'I11'lz1, VCX, I,m-ll:-rim-n. DOROTHY WILIAHD X1-1. Oliiwe MSI. CYIIIY WILLINXIS Brax- vllvs. Nlixi-ll KIIIUFUS. IIR Sec., Yo Ti-vii. DE- NYXYNIC XNII.I,I.X5IS Bible Club, Palvttc. GORDON WILI.I,'X31S Football All Stats-- XII Iilblll-0l'1'lll't' Ilallburk, Slay F019 Esvurl, IVCX, Currm-nl Affairs, Lettermeri Pres. TIIIIID HOW: JUDY WILLIS Pale-lic. Nl.-XI,I,OIiY WILLIS Boys' Cliurlls, Nlixvsl Cliurus. IAYIION WILSON May Fvu- Es- vnrl, Slumln-nl COIIIICII Y. Prvs., Supli. N. I'rm-S., .Ir. Y. Prvs., J-Club. SECOY WIND- LEII Yu 'I'm,:4fI1. LINDA VVINFIELD Girls' Clmrus. I"OliIi'I'I'I HOW: GEORGE WIIHTZ Ifuul- bull. D4-lla Tllvla, JETS, NHS, V11 Tcrll. NIARY LOII WOLFE. LINDA WOOD- I3l'HY NIIS, OIIS, Library Club. FIA 'l'n-as 'IIIKI Vi'RICH'I' Basebail, Baskvlball, Huy Isvlm' uiul Basketball Queen EsL'o1'I, Ex- :-Iiungv Huy nf Blunlli, Student Couuvil SUV. IEEYEHLY HE4X'I'XIAN Bible Club, Girls' IIIllll'llS. SIIEKYI, XEWELL Mixed Chorus, NIIS, OIIS, Senior Play. I"ll"'I'lI ROWI: RANDY YOHE Vo 'Ii1'i'Il. I'lIII,LII' YORK Biblu CIUIJ, Trails: Crapll- ic' Arls. DNN YOUNG Gellil Ofiim' Asst. LKNNY fAI.OIlDEK Yo TCCI1. LARRY ZION. DKYID ZUMWALT Mixcd Clmrus, Vu 'IIl't'Il. I'NIIIREI.IA DANCE in EISSPIHIJIQ' In-alurvs lIxIll'l'iill1II JHIIICK' Wallvr, DL-nies? llilkn-y, Dunnzi Samlm-rs. Vivki Mueller, lslannlingi Nlurli-iw 'NIc'CuIIougIi, Suzvtte Nalcr, Kalll- ryn CrvgLnl'y, :mil Kris Cragvrt. YI' 'I'llI'i IJHIINIS. Cliff Swank gi-ts uilli it rI1 willy LIS ln- pc-rfuriris fur tile- sluilm-nt bully. areer Guidance ffers Answers for the Future Annual Career Day on Tuesday, November 19, found seniors eager to discuss their future vocations. Composed of Women who hold executive positions, the Altrusa Club sponsored this day for the nineteenth consecutive year. Forty-eight business and professional leaders provided guidance for this conference. STUDENTS LISTEN as Marine Sgt. E. D. Nalluy, Airforce Sgt. Bob Couch, and Petty Offiver Mike Conner of the Navy speak about tht- Armed Services. 72 BRUCE HINSON . . . Journalism I X 5 5 SCUSSINU 'NURSING uspwls on fii1I4l'1'I' Day are Virginia Hiclwrl K. N.. IJUIIIILI Sulherlaucl R. N, :xml ,lnyvw xYiiIiLlT1150ll. Nlll'SA'S. M111 SHEHWIN HATZLOFF . . . Hvalth. JEWELL RIDGE. . . Yocationa1Training. HOX OXFORD .. . FBI. T3 ia.. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Kim Domniek, v. pres., Julie Bowers, see., Debbie Lamlrlw, rep., Judy Frantz, treats., Brueo Bishline, pros, pause as they leave the building for the day. apable Leaders Steer Middle Class JUNIOR CLASS - FRONT ROW: James Odea, Robert Martin, Larry Coleman, Kathy Allen, Harry Cohlmia, Dorothy Bischoff, Larry Buhaeek, Robert Brown, Mary Clodfeller, Cheryl Ciarla, Teresa Cleveland. SECOND ROW: Wanrla Beattie, Pam Ben- ham, Karen Crabb, Opal Bell, Jackie Carris, Mike Britton, Bruce Bishline, Roger Best, Mark Baldcn, Larry Allen, Kathy Baldwin. THIRD ROW: Paula Buffalo, Denise Buffalohead, Debbie Clover, Cindy Bushner, Pat Arnold, Karen Atkinson, Connie Bala-r, Joanette Allen, Julie Bowers, Beverly Benton, Suzanne Brooks. BACK ROW: Dennis Barton, Greg Alford, Lynn Baker, Lee Buxton, Dwayne Campbell, Roy Allen, Jim Barnard, David Axe, Bill Adamson, Tim Bandy, Jim Agee. JUNIOR CLASS - FRONT ROYV: LeNelle Beebe, Teresa Ballard, Kathy Barnes, Cindy Bradley, Susan Barnes, Mary Abbey, Calhy Brakllage, Sharon Batchelder, Dixie Ainsworth, Judy Berry, Ann Bell. SECOND ROW: Paula Bonnelt, Betty Hartfield. Alive Hupr-. Marquita Bowen, Pam Brown, Los Mau- pin, Paula Stone, Doris llarrnon, Debby Foster, Linda Cillham, Lynda Calusha. 'l'lllRD ROW: Cesare Buzzilla, Keith Wellman, Lewis Vlfoodrull, Danny Sehrahl, Ben Ball, Mike Scoll, Arlhur Rowland, Mike llr-nry, Dennis Thorp, Cary Freelove, Tim Beek- ham. BACK ROW: Tommy Gilson, Jack McCarty, Ronnie llar- rison, Chris Palnwr, Bobby New, Dennis Diener, Floyd Bundy, Gordon Fitzgerald, Greg Myers, Donnie Cross, Jim Britlain. 74 .JUNIOR CLASS - FRONT ROW: Susan Hoelm, Vicky Gett- ings, Kathy Holtzhauser, Betty llays, Winifred Gorman, Alvin llong, Jim Hood, Debbie llolland, Ruth Gill, Dell Hobbs, Shirleen Griffith, Jobie llager. SECOND ROW: Felicia Gib- son, Ameryllis Holden, Lisa Henderson, Jenni Holcomb, Nina Hood, Monica Hodgson, Mike lleflron, Kenneth Dow, Robert Carson, Randy Breitenkainp, Connie Heimhaeh. THIRD ROW: Debbie Henry, Frieda Hobbs, Debbie lless, Becky Hermanson, Frank Holmes, Brad Choat, Rodney Goodman, James Hays, Glen Haworth, Mike Hoclgden, Jeanette Graham. BACK ROW: Pat High, Millie Heyer, Diana Hamblin, Phil Hatfield, Dean Hill, Don llenneke, Larry Henneke, Byron llill, Terry Hen- neke, Susan llahn, Franeee 1lElI'l11OH. JUNIOR CLASS 7 FRONT ROW: Denise Curtis, Jackie Clark, Peggy Collins, Jolayne Burpo, Duane Davis, Tian Copeland, Janet Cuthbertson, Judy Collins, LeeAnn Daniels, Debbie Crook, lrella Cross. SECOND ROVII: Patty Clllllllllglllillll, Carol Clark, Evelyn Cole, Yieki Butler, Jean Cline, .laniee Briggs, Becky Baker, Wanda Clover, Vicki Comstoek, Nlary Chapman, Deanna Cline. THIRD ROW: Laura Coolidge, Sally Chambers, Jeri Cook, Kim Donmiek, Lance Chester, Brad Diekerson, Doug Dickerson, Butch Countryman, Bill Buvinger, Cathie Cunningham, Gail Copeland. BACK ROW: Buck Davies, .lirn Cavanaugh, Ronald Crossland, Gary Brown, Nick Burton, Cary Crissup, George Davis, Iona Cearley, Gary Driskell, Denise Castor, Cecelia Choate. JUNIOR CLASS - FRONT ROYV: Niary Evans, Judy Frantz, Jacque Cutbirth, Barbara Buehanan. Nlartha Christopher, Barbara Ds-Yarn-y, Susan Fitzgerald. Debbie Chitwood, Teresa Gafner, Kim Fitzgerald, Jakita Garis, lliroko Easton, SECOIND ROW: Cheryl Ford, Phillip Dell, David Ash, James English, Ken Walker, Roy Easley, Kent Duckworth, Alan Dusbabek, Jim Fitch, Mike Ellis, Pal Feeney. THIRD ROW: Bruce Clark, Lee Evers, Sue Evans, Jim Gasaway, Malinda Dougherty, Susan Epperley, Pam Gates, Joe Dudley, lla Elson, Janis Edwards, Dennis Douglas, Daniel Cagle. BACK ROW: Larry Gariepy, Tony Fowler. Mark Durham, Dan Elliott, Charles Duryea, Greg Franklin, Ken Dunbar, Mark DeFoe, Tom Curths, Neil Felber, Danny George. JUNIOR CLASS - FRONT ROW: Linda Maddox, JoeAnn Masters, Reverly Livingston, DeDe MacKenzie, Karen Maly, Judy Mellhay, LeeAnn Kilpatrick, Debbie Lambke, Karen Long, Dennise McFadden, Kathy McFadden. SECOND ROW: Albert Loucks, Diana Madison, Marilyn Lorenz, Dan McClure, Dar- rell McCaslin, Nita Melvin, Patricia McGinnis, Nancy Klein, Patty Jones, Ina Jackson. TllIRD ROW: Mayetta Laster, Ilene Juniors Prepare .JUNIOR CLASS - FRONT ROW: Rcnne Price, Vivi Phillips, Cheryl Meyer, Linda Meyer, Cindi Painter. Shyril Pitts, Brenda Poindexter. Susan llolitor, Diane Nickell, Ceneva Mongold, Cynthia OiRanion, Judy Hinton, Ronnie Myles. SECOND ROW: Sarah Miller. Debbie Miller, Marian Olllleness, Sheri Palmer, Joy Morse, Terry Parker, Dale Pazzo, Carla Mounts, Terry Moulton, Marilyn Mitchell, Judy Murphy, Teri Mills. THIRD ROW: Dan Montague, Scott Quigley, Eddie Pool, Elaine Myers, Carolyn Painter, Becky Payne, Janice Paulk, Janeen Polwort, Nlary Perring, Kathy Prince, Virginia Phillips, Lucy Peckham. BACK ROW: Jan Ohls, Sharon Moler, Robby Payne, Jerry Miller, Frank Neal, Ray Mitchell, Jerry Moore, Ronald Moore, Tony Nt-is, Stephanie O'Neill, Lynda Perks, Ann lNlontgomery. to Haywood, Dewayne Linggenfelter, John Mark, Jerry McGinley, Larry Lovely, Deanna Mason, Cheryl May, Lee Livingston, Terri NlcNitt, Peggy McClanahan. BACK ROW: Jeaneann McCoy, Gail Long, Diane McKenzie, Teresa MCCHHICY, .lim Loucks, Greg Maness, Mike Martin, Bob Long, Diana MeCreary, Kim Marshall. Take Command JUNIOR CLASS A FRONT ROW: Judy Kuxhaus, Pam Knight, Cathy Linn, Suzy lriing, Kathy Houghton, Ronnie Knabe, Mike Mena, Anne Johnson, Debbie Jones, Sharon Keeton, Wilma Jones, Elaine Lt-Grant. SECOND ROW: Vernon Kruse, Joe King, Pat Harkin, Paul Pearson, Milton Luekinbill, Charles llodges, Edwin McDowell, James Jacobs, Steve Koen, Jimmy Osburn, Jim llurd, Delbert Pitts. THIRD ROWI: Pam Jen- kins, Rosemary Litton, Jacquie Lauban, Mary llull, Cynthia Horton, Connie Johnson, Teri Jones, Karen Kuseh, Patsy King, Kay llowerton, Patricia Kilburn, Susie Hronopulos. BACK ROW: Jefl Lowe, Tom Karns, Kenneth Kerfoot, ,lon Larsen, Jim Jorden, Mike Kapa, Michael Hronopulos, Steve Pritchett, Mike Jamison, Brad Kisner, Ronnie Ivey, Kent llowe. .JUNIOR CLASS - FRONT ROW: Debbie Day, Linda Good- pasture, Mike Bray, Darrel Gorre, Robby llall, Rita Hardesty, Carla Cowen, Teresa Gehay, Barbara Goodpasture, Beverly llankins, Tienna Gibson. SECOND ROW: Yicky Druitt, Wes- ley Morgan, Jerry Hatfield, Dennis Blubaugh, Denise Daniels, Cheryl Deck, Mielit-le DeRoin, Carroll Frye, Sandy Fisher. Frances Goeller, Reierly English. THIRD ROW: Pam Davis, Rosemary Durgan, Teresa Favreau, Randell Gregory, Charles Harrison, Larry Goodman, Stewart Hastings, Len Daniels, John Greer, Larry llarman, Howard listcnson. BACK ROW: Faith Harbour. Jean Green, Catherine Green, Patricia Gracey, Jody Evans. Billy Easterly, Grant Ilarris, Dickie Graham, Tommy Guthrie, Dale Grauberger, David Ruller. JUNIOR CLASS 7 FRONT ROW: Nathan Vogt, Carolyn Strecker, Judy Stengle, Johnny Ragsdalc, Gary Pierce, Paula St-bourn, Eve Robinson, Mary Jane Ret-dy, Gale Smith, Linda Poindexter, Tina Rose. SECOND ROW: Judith Silvers, Julio Stiles, Normandie Nigh, Mary Smith, Karen Strain, Nancy Shel- lady, Janice Sullivan. Debbie Shreve. Bettie Sharpe, Gay Step- hens, Georgene Stoll, Garlyn Parks. THIRD ROW: Cynthia Routh. Charlene Schultz. Sharon Presson, Sharon Schroeder, Sallie Roedell, Janis Romine. Gloria Rikli, Janice Richey, Pain Sanders, Zona Richardson. Teri Randolph. RACK ROW: Robert Scheffe, Gary Scott, Chad Robinson. Mark Salmon, Gary Read- ing, Bryan Ronck, Mike Rockwell, Leland Rudiger, Neal Sem- rad, John Reed, Donald Ramond. JUNIOR CLASS 4 FRONT ROW: Linda Tanner, Linda Veal, Enid Trammell, Frances Turner, Frank Swinnea, Rick Wallace, Mary Tht-ilen, Cheryl Wlallis, Cathy Shellady, Karen Simpson, Nancy Stewart, Gaiola Tompkins. SECOND ROW: Carol Vance, Donna Tunis, Lois Unruh, Sandy Thomas, Lana Stephens, Vicki Suttles, Cathy Van Scyoe. Jim Pearce, Cathy Yeaeh, Colette Yvarkentin. Sherry Unruh. TIIIRD ROW: Rosalie Van Buskirk, Wanda Watkins, Marsha Yan lloudcn. Mary Anne Vaughn, Peggy Swigxgzart, Pattie Veulek, Sharon Yon Schriltz, Pat Tays, Terry Peck. Kathy Walker. Judy Webber, Sharon Terrell. BACK ROW: Jimmy Smith, David Super, Brad Stuekenberg, Steve Sheets, Bill Taylor, Doug Simmons, David Smith, Freddie Pekrul, Randy Smith, Miko Tune, Terry Sloan, Jackie Watson. JUNIOR CLASS - FRONT ROW: Barbara Wheelahan, Karen Weese, Terry Swanson, Bill Blair, Jana Vlfanzer, Steve Linn, Becky Wheel-er, Cheryl While, Linda Wright, Penny Williams. SECOND ROW: Larry Owens, Terry Jackson, Daniel Zwifel, Larry Anderson, Karl White, Sharon Hart, Sue Semke, Terri Weldon, Pam Shelton, Georgia Cunningham, Brenda MeMahan. THIRD ROYV: Clela Vllilson, Brenda Vail, Carolyn Vllriglit, Johnny Daniels, Nancy Perkins, Pam Zaloudek, Janet Winfield, Jim Weidner, Yugonda Willils, Steve Williams, Penny Thomp- son. BACK ROXV: David Welsh, Joy Williiighaln, Debra Wo- mack, Carolyn Piekhardt, Mike Webe1', Kim Wilson, Neal Wasemiller, Sonia Wright, Rick White, David Wegener, Ronald Henley. JUNIOR CLASS g FRONT ROW: Beth Moore, Luray Rie sen, Debbie Shelton, Jim Treat, Leonard Mahan, Mike Chas tain, Billy Powell, Bill Simon, Wynona Moulton, Shirley Morse, Sandy llarris. SECOND ROW: Leslie Owens, Loretta Myles, Gary Su-inert, Raymond Gregory, Harry Morgaridge, Lee Jant Zen, Bill llenlhorn, Terry Hager, James Gilbert, Keith Swezey Tim Wilson. TIIJRD ROW: Dena Thurlow, Ann Munger Chipper Ramsey, Gary Russell, Dennis Bliss, Lynn Semrad James Tuys, Donnie Reeord, Greg Hutchison, Eddie Mercer Bobbie Conley. BACK ROW: Gene Mooney, Chuck Shields Burl Murray, llarry Rector, Davey Morgan, David Oven, Dar rel Senlers, Doug Qualls, Bruce Taylor, Mike Fisher, Phil Gil- dea. JUNIOR CLASS 4 FRONT ROW: Judy Strain, Vernon Ruzek, Lewis Smith, Phil Beckwith, Kenneth Belcher, Ronny Horner, James Taylor, Jerry Bond, Eddie Chapman, Rose Cagle, Artis Keilbarth. SECOND ROW: Jimmy Wilson, Llyd lloos, Jim Smith, Sheryl Blaney, Tim Looper, Karen Fowler, Mike Young, Lana Helhorn, Pam Sanders, Chuck Craig, Buzz Young. THIRD ROW: Wayne Bingham, Charles McGee, Tillman Marshall, Gary Reading, Larry Cheadle, Jerry Hays, James Eng- lish, Dennis Crabb, Gary Eisele, Tom Coleman, Dennis Snow. BACK ROW: Kim Wirtz, Mark George, Randy Boyle, Phil Opp, Tom Wright, Harry Congdon, George lliatt, Jim Mitchell, Terry Stetlnisch, Jerry Crawl ford, Steve Brooks, Richard Schmidt. 5, 1 if 2,5 gf 3? .., Juniors Contribute to Communit Fun EHS JUYIOHS, Kim Umniiick and .Min Muugvr, cm hinc talents with Chris Curlu-r, junior high slunlviil, in Ciie1'1,rk1-0 Strip Cfillllllllflily Pugivuiil. BgXffK5T'XCl'f GOSSII' iiI7lIl'iril4'F as Terry Fwausml. Crmniv IIQ-inilmucli, ami 3lzu'y.lz1n.- Rccrly wait llivir Pm- ful' mi-slagv zivliuii iii the Cliomkvc Strip show. 5 fi, 1- , VX "3 - ii, . 5 ' . SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: Jeff Mabry, pres.: Judy Crow, sec.: Jana Benge, treats., Lynn Henson, rep.: Gary Fleming, v.-pres. ophomores Meet Big Blue Approval SOPHOMORE CLASS A FRONT ROW: Robert Hoppe, Milan Morgan, Diana Baker, Beverly Kliewer, Joetta Austin, Richard Brown, Sherry Streck, Beth Asbell, Charlotte Blackwell, Anne Aron, Jackie Allen. SECOND ROW: Jay Strunk, Mike Arnold, David llopkins, Walter Prince, Jiin Ackerman, Dale Bedford, Walter Baker, Mike Bahni, John Robino, Bruce Bell, Kenneth Allen. TlllRD ROW: Sally Alcorn, Kelly Andrews, Mark An- drews, Roddy Brown, Wendall Baker, Larry Alley, Bruce Bal- four. Dale Duffy, Larry Coeller, Cindy Baker, Karen Beasley. BACK ROW: Donald Hopkins, Dick Abernethy, Randy How- ard, Phil Buller, Mike Barnett, Cliff Dodson, Allen Campbell, Robert Spoonemore, Richard Sisk, John Eppinette, Gary Reid. SOPHOMORE CLASS 4 FRONT ROW: Phyllis Brintnall, Sherri Briggs, Kathy Bamburg, Barbara Bowers, Gina Bingham, David Brown, Gemma Brueggemann, Stephanie Bonge, Cindy Brooks, Janice Brandhorst, Mike Baker. SECOND ROW: Cindy Bixler, Dianne Billings, Janie Becker, Kreatha Branstettcr, Anita Bell, Sidney Antin, Jan Becker, Jana Benge, Rita Peters, Cathy Benton, Pani Barnard. THIRD ROW: Robert Duke, Marvin Hall, Mary Brady, Mark Brady, Bill Biekerstail Moses Lam- bert, John Berg, Rick Bridge, Chris Bowles, Robert Allen, Jerry Barker. BACK ROW: James Clanin, Alan Matwoocl, Paul An- derson, Jim Bivins, Danny Beech, Mike Bennett, Robert Berg, D. H. Bradley, John Bixler, Bobby Benton, Bryan Beebe, Danny Best. SOPHOMORE CLASS -ff' FRONT ROW: Teresa Cokeley, Mary Byrd, Lyndal Chamlu-rs. Shannon Close, Marilyn Cantellay, Tuyla Brooks, Johanna Bu1'dit'k, Marilyn Butts, Charlotte Bull- ock. SECOND ROW: Milton Cantellay, Jimmy Clark, Sherry Buller, David Brooks, ,lov Claypolv. Rovky Buchan, Ricky Col- lins, Gary Rakavt-k, ,lolm lirunv, Paul Barge, Sheila Clarke. THIRD ROW: Jolene Burdg, Jaekie Caldwell, Margie Campbell, Connie Conrad, Hickey Chapman, Nlary Christy, Lorna Brooks, Nancy Butler, Karen Bunvh. Rhonda Clifton, Carolla Buthman. BACK ROW: ,lorry Earhart, Charles Bull. Ron Champion, Mike Burk, Rick Choate, Caliin Bundy. Don Chatnhers, Phil Clover, Jerry Brown, ,laines Bryant, Ken Cisco. SOPHONIORE CL.-XSS - FRONT ROW: Elaine Corton, Pat Daykin, Charlotte Craig. IJ:-bltiv Crafton. .lutly Crow, Teresa DeBoCk. Pat Crawford. Brad Croult-y, Rivky Dawson, Jimmy Crabb. SECOND ROW: Jessie Dim-kson. ,lan Cuthirth, Deborah Davis. Klark Crabb. l.adonna Cross, Dt-an Crow. ,lohn Cook, Niarilynn Dillard. Becker- Cox. .lana Crandall. l.inda Dettlathl. THIRD ROWWZ Sherry Collinf. Kay Colnman. Deborah Dillon. Donna Coolidge, George Crossland, Sherrill Denny, David Dell. Steve Daniels. Rivhard Dodds. Clydt- Crayton. BACK ROW: Sharon Creel, James Deane, Robby Cummins. David Davis. Mike Cutting, Fred Dennis. Cynthia Crahbs. Richard Cummings, Byron Davidson. Steve Cropper. Mary Dautenhahn. SOPHOMORE CLASS 7 FRONT ROYV: l'amt'la Frazier, Letha Fitzsimmons, .Iac-kie Flaming. Shu-lly English, Kathy Em-k, Dorrha Dougherty. Kristin Edwards, Cliaunt-ey Durham. Day- na Evans. SECOND ROW: Susan Exams. Sandi Fisher. ,lo Francis, Alan Donohue. Donna Fislwly Dasid Dunean, Clit-ri Flaming, Twana Donnell. Pam Eck, Barbara Exans. THIRD ROW: Dalene Dugan. Kay Easley. Jani-t Flanzlt-rs. Christine Edwards. Johnny Eckford. Ronald Flt-ig. James Eastwood. Jim Dupus. Edward Endsley. B-XCK ROW: Pam Emiek. Judy Exten- son, Sam Dollar, Ray Fautheree. Bryan Enns, Doug Durham. Lenora Foote, Rodney Felher, Cary Flt-ming. Pam Evk. SOPHOMORE CLASS - FRONT ROW: Clifton Gaines, Ra- mona Goss, Julie Griffin, Jeanie Gillenwater, Penny Griffin, Susan Gabbard, Billy Haley, Nina Ging, Linda Gilbert, De Anna Griesel, Robin Hadley. SECOND ROW: Richard Crow, Roger Grapes, Wayne Graham, Tom Gibson, Joyce Galusha, Linda Goins, Kathy Gunning, Darlene Hale, Bret Goodness, James Gauldin. THIRD ROW: Norman Gariepy, Debra God- dard, Kim Hajek, Linda Green, Cathy Goucher, Wanda Fuller Melanie Glasser, Susan Gilson, Debby Graham, Nita Funk Cindy Freeny. BACK ROW: Russell Grimes, John Darnell Monty Gearhart, Tommy Gerken, Bryan Frye, Bob Gunning Mike Froese, Larry Francis, Wesley Gray, Gerald Gammon. SOPHOMORE CLASS - FRONT ROW: Mona Hayrnaker, JaRee Harding, Vera Hatheld, Ann Harrnan, Bettye Harrison, Lynne Henson, Kathy Henson, Bruce Hawkins, Bill Hart, Mark Hensley. SECOND ROW: Terri Holland, Vicki Harris, Sheryl Hoeltzcl, Cindy Hammer, Diane Holloway, Cynthia Hatfield, Teresa Hamman, Jan Hoemann, Michele Honingsberg, La- Johnna Hammock. THIRD ROW: Lonnie Holmes, Cheryl Harte, Lorrie Henrichs, Jim Hannon, Dave Hardy, Rick Hock- meyer, Mark Hatfield, Gene Hoffman, Dennis Harmon, Matt Hamblin. BACK ROW: Dwayne Holt, Richard Hermanski, Dallas Hardcastle, Bill Herlihy, Carl Hawkins, Martin Harris, George Hannon, Chris Hill, Douglas Hamm. SOPHOMORE CLASS - FRONT ROW: Linda Johnson, Kathy Kious, Patty Hurd, Toni Hutchinson, Bill Johns, Roger Jack- son, Bobby Jackson, Paul Johnson, Barbara Knabe, Kathy Jones, Mary Hutson. SECOND ROW: Paula King, Gloria Kil- lam, Mary Jamison, Laurie Knott, Donnis Jones, Patricia Har- ris, Sherri Keller, Maggie Houston, Georgia Hooley, Janet Jones Karla Johnston. Tl-HRD ROW: Janet Hood, Cecilia lvey, Karen Jackson, Tom Kirby, Glen Hutchins, Ron Klassen, Dale Kosted, Diana Hughes, Rose Kammerzell, Jennifer Klein, Rita Kerr, Terry Hopkins. BACK ROW: Steve Hood, Steve Knecht, Dick Herlihy, Larry Keahey, Mike Klemme, Robert King, Robert Howard, Mark Johnson, Harley Justus, Richard Hronopulos, Brad Hutchinson. GINGER MOORE, Diane Mauk, and Linda Pekarck exehanee an oxer-the-eounter chat with Terry Mayes. pirited Sophs Capture Enthusiasm SOPHOMORE CLASS - FRONT ROVV: Pam Koehn, Diana Lnndak, Rita Lingier, Dianne Krivohlavek, Melva Lawrenz, Mike Lee, Dawn Jacka, Felix Lenox, Bruce Litson, Kae Kutz. SECOND ROXYZ .lanet Livingston. Paula Long, Steve Leeper, Karen Kretlow, Preston Lnkenlnill, Nancy Labanderia, Carol Koehn, Steve Larsen, Riehard Laughlin, Jean Lunday. THIRD ROWY: Toni King, Terry Kirk, Roy Lacey, .lanice Lichtenberg, Slit-rry Lambert. Tanis Lugar, Rhonda LeCrand, Don Loving, Rrady Lindeni, Dong Lovell. RNCK ROW: llrie Layton, Todd Looney, Dong Legg, Dan Lansdoun, Riek Lester, Diana Lani- bert, Anita McCall, Vicki MeBri4le, Linda LaCroix, Debbie Lacey. SOPHOMORE CLASS - FRONT ROYV: Danny McFadden, Brad Martin, Terry Melloveran, Debbie McCloskey, Beverly McCook, Debbie Meilreary. Terri Mayes, Peggy Mason, Diane Mank. Delores Martinez. SHCOIXD ROW: Sharon Madigan, Reinaldo Martinez, Larry Marshall, Mary Mclntyre, Corla Mar- tin, Mike Marshall, Robert Matte, Mike Mcllwee, Margaret Manning. THIRD ROW: Fern Martin, Brenda McHenry, ,lean- ne Marlatt. Stephanie Mather. Charlene Mel7arland. .lanet Me- Yitt. ,Io McDonald, Barbara Maly, Connie Mansfield. RACK ROW: Mark Marlatt. ,left Mm-Donald. Randy Marlatt, David McCreedy, Lloyd Matthews, Dong May, Jett Mabry, Greg Mar- tins, Stanley Marlatt, Dennis Madison. SOPHOMORE CLASS f FRONT ROW: Dennis Nleier, Roger Nloss, Ginger Moore, Rickey Morse, Denise Meier, Brenda Mil- ler, Vera Morris, Linda Miner, Linda Mitulski, l.eslye Mullikin. SECOND ROW: Stanley Miller, Larry Mcrryrnan, Cheryl Mil- ler, Christie Neal, Sandy Montgomery, Sue Moneooyea, Debbie Meier, Marilyn Mosteller, Kathy Murray. TlllRD ROW: Rick Meade, David Moore, Phil Moon, Rick Niles, Roeky Newman, Danny lllelrose, Ricky Myers, Retla Miller, Peggy Osborn, Mary Roe Musser. BACK ROW: Elizabeth Nichols, Cherilyn Nyce, Sally Mnlnniel, Bill Myers, Steve Myers, Dean Menden- hall, Dennis Morgan, Glenn Miller, Jerry Nicki-ll, Don Moore Sophomores Strengthen EHS Spirit SOPHONIORE CLASS - FRONT ROW: Beth Parks, Linda Pekarek, Sandra Poindexter, Debbie Overfelt, .lean Peters, San- dy Pettierew. Theresa Pearce, Becky Phillips, Greg Peekhani, Nlartin Painter, Ernest O'Neal. SECOND ROW: Xieki Pettitl, Clarie Oven, Neil Oxford, Steven Parsons, Teresa Overfelt, lllelodee Pope, Cary Owens, Diana Oswald, Sandy Ohls, Don- ald IH-krul. THIRD ROWVZ Brenda Peters, Carol Pearson, llnigln, Pilgrim, Jeanette Patton, Susan Peterson, Kris Perring, Sue Parson, Donna Parsons, Torn O'Neal, Mike O'Rrien, Pat- riek Moore. BACK ROW: .linl Pasley, David Oldham, Charles Pearson, Keith Phillips, Mike Ponlions, Dave Penkauskas, Warren Pershall, .lim Painter, Darrel Parks, Riek Oulhier. SOPHOBIORE CLASS - FRONT ROWY: Tammy Quigley, Kathy Riggrins, Cheryl Poplin, Debbie Possell, Jesse Ray. Steve Reinharl. Kerry Powell, Karen Rhodes, Marla Powell, Debbie Randolph. SECOIXD ROW: lan Rhoads, ,ludy Punneo, Ronnie Puckett, Patty Ridge, .loan Richardson, Elaine Reimer. Rettye Richard, .loy Riflel, Larry Richard. THIRD ROW: Marilyn Prentice, Regina Richardson, Nancy Porter, Terri Ramirez, Bill Rallifl, David Porter, Rodney Reiin, Rick Reimer, Robert Rf-ed, Riehard Renfro. BACK ROW: Elton Pugh, Richard Reese, Mike Reini, Randy Richey, Mike Pnekell, .lim Reed, David Puekett, Paul Price. Dan Pulver. -1 Q:!bfgf:Yirrii,Ii25.,-2rfrzi!! SUl'lIlUl0HE CIASS --- IFHUNI' KUVV: Cary SllLtlvt'I'. Dianna Svhtnitl. Paula Selteml-il'h, D:-lalarali Holland, illoria Sl'llNX21I'L, fifilliit' RltltlllS4tIl, Susan Hooiavy. lim-vky Robinson, Cindy Rogers, loan Sl-rlaiss. .lerri Hola:-rtson. SIQCUND ROW: Larry Ruhi, Haurly Kuala:-rtslan. ltnlageln- Sullm-, Curlalyii Ross. Dolores Kus- wll. Du-lalai Sehultl. lfnaory Small. Martha St'hrlal-lla-r, Mary Small, Sueann Shanley. l:l'Q.L,illil RUIIICIIHCT. Ttllltll HOW: Debbie Russell. Lane Robertls, .lainie Robinson, Sandra Sand- ers, l,ynn lioaalan, Robert Rothnlan. Yieki Shafford, Linlla Sehwinll, Janet Rogers. Rick Sayre, l.zu'ry Selix. BACK HOW: Nancy Shanks. .lane Shaklee, Roger Sharkey, Victor Routh, Davill Svotl, Hlalwrt Howe, Mark Hfallriqlu-1. Jim Sellers, Pat Svheilai, Tohy Hog:-rs. SUPHONIOHE CLASS -- FRONT HOTT: Nancy Sharp, Paula Syaruill. Denise Smith. Karl-n Smith. Sheryl Sieglnann, Kathy Smith. Holain Snels4an,Susau Shieltls.Rlase St21i1',Rotl Shoelnaker. SECOND HOW: Cynthia Shook, Cynthia Siegle, Jerry Snyder, Brett SDt'Hl'k'1'. Delalaiv Syarusc-. .Xnita Sheets. Christine Sims. Suv Stancllee. Kim SllIN'lil1'S, Hickey Shepherll. THIRD ROW: Patti Sneary. Linda Shook. Dr-laru Smith, Pain Sharp, .lutly Smith. Donna Sparks, .luclith Spraylaerry, Janiee Skillf-rn. lclitiltl' Smith, Patrivia Shipp. D,-'XCK HDTV: Nancy Ann Sharp. Wayan- Smith, Stuart Sha-4-ls, Ula-n Snapp, Yvesley Squyres, Konuhl Shreve, Terry Skinner. Sue Sparks, Dennis Smith, Rez- uul Smith. SOPHONIORIC IIIASS 7 FRONT ROW: Deanna Stratos, Sylxia Torlarh-, Marilyn Stephens, flllllttit' Storm, Barbara Stree- ker. Mary Slrivklin. Teresa Taylor. Kathryn Taylor, Juliette Stettnisvh. Nlary Sughru. SECOND HOYY: Sue Stevens, Cheri Stewart. Be-tty Sxsinforml, Kay Tluampson, ,lan Stewart, Paula 'l'igm-r. cilll1l'll'llP Sturgeon. Pam Stvvislan. Susan Stehr, Rosey Suk-att. Duvill Stanford. TlilHD ROW: Paul Starkey, ,lim Suiter, l.ulDonna Stella, Sara Sturgeon, Charlotte Storms, Joyce Thorp, Valoril- Thompson, .lanvt Stout, Valeria Stevenson, Rusty Terry. BACK ROW: Claulh- Strunk, Sherry Thompson, Bill Stephen, Don Stevison, Glen Thomas, Brett Stratton, Tom Taylor, Dale Stribel, Dale Swinford, Janet Straw. SOPHOMORE CLASS 3 FRONT ROW: David Wvatters, Terri WilllL'I'S, Dvlpliimr Viyus, David Wells, Stephen Vail, Bill Wel- ker, David Thomas, Bonnie Webb, Penny Vincent, Susie Wells, ,loan Thomas, Jeanette Ukena. SECOND ROW': Donna W'al1l, .lolmna Webber, Gaylia McDaniel, Cindy Unruh, Yirgil White, Milton Walters, Mary Thain, Linda Turner, Willa Wessel, Tere- sa Tribble, Debbie Ussery, Betty Weidner. THIRD ROW: Nancy W'hite, Dorothy W'eidner, Debbie Underwood, Charlie Ward, Harenllus West, Jimmy Winters, Freida Wlatson, Melody Troop, Nancy Wlagner, Roy Wlallier, Bill Yfartl. BACK ROWV: Kenneth Wheeler, Darryl White, Kenny Underwootl, Keith Watts, Butch Weber, Ron Wallace, Steve White, Dennis White, Rodney Yan Buskirk, Arlin Unruh, Tim Whenry, Don Tribble. SOPHOMORE CLASS - FRONT ROW: Mitr Wu, .lim Caris, Keilli Wood, Randy Williams, Kenneth Showalter, Vit-lti Witty Barbara Williams, Randy Whitehorn, Roy llildebrand. SEC3 OND RUVV: Debbie Wlhitlow, Debbie Willett, Nancy Yaryan Paula Rn-ider, Kathi Youngblood, Cherri Woody, Lisa W'illlloite: Nlatlino Williams, Chet Woodruff. BACK ROW: Leland Wilkin- son, Dennis W'illingham, Roger Waggoner, Danny ,loltnson llenry Litton. Rob Ingram, Ronald Mclegle, John Wliglit, Stevei Wright. SOPHOMORE CLASS - FRONT ROXV: Clwryl llcinrtcli, Claudia Williams, Steve Apel, Pamela Lt-iglinor, Slit-ri Williams, Kcitli Nixon, Gary Wood, Sheryl Rot-vor, Mark Bray, Corky McDaniel. SECOND ROW: Debbie Wilson, Patty Wanzer, An- gie Williams, Patrive Vifilson, Debra Zuniwalt, Susan Young, Susan Vivilliams, Linda Zelnicelx, Debora Willson, Robert Wlin- ter. BACK ROW: Byron Dcitz, Russell llanorth. Doug Wilson. Hike Pinson, Donald Mathis, Greg Nt-wton, Dennis R. Smith Tim McKinney, Danny Bell. a ophemeres Face EHS Experiences 2 in 1 e WE J lf Ol" Nl.-XXX purlivipunl- un ilu' talent 3SSL'INlllj'. Nlagggim- lluuslmm sing- "Yester- day" tu un 1-Illlxllsilulim' Llll4lll'Il1't'. QV' ., . I 'SO llli ll!" Ury wpllulmmn-5. Xlvlunie llladsc,-1' annul Hmm-5 Sxwull. .lRlNll NEW fnslmiuns. Sally ,Xll'HI'll anll Llarn- Hu-n l'll4'l'lx lm' IIIWIIIUI' l1'Ilg1lll. fl- ill www ff wa! 5 4' Kgs .. 4,13 It Q., eciaf nieresh and venh Club meetings, practices, entertainments are only a part of the many activities found in Enid High School. Two meetings on the same day at the same time, overlapping projects, and frayed nerves are a few of the problems that arise when there are so many things offered. Any student at Enid High can Hfind himselfw and express his true talents, whether they be playing a musical instrument, discussing politics, or taking part in recreational activities. Enid High's many organizations provide means for students to express their interests and ideas. 89 a Pep lub fficers Sport New niforms OFFICERS: Mary Gerdes tseel, Denise Daniels Crep.l, Don- na Sanders Cv.-pres.J, BACK: Judy Peterson Cpres.J, Kay Fothergill ttreasj BRAVETTISS e FRONT ROW: Anita Schroeder, Rhonda Deter- ntan, Donna Morrison, Judy Murphy, Pain Pearson, Joyce Hong, Pat MeCreary, Cheryl Meyer, Marta lven. SECOND ROW: Sandy Manahan, Waynetta Ciarla, Diane Stephenson, Barbara Sayre, Susan Peterson, Laurel Crifletll, Vicki Mosher, Virginia Warren, Countess Carmicliael. THIRD ROW: Lily Homeratha, Dana Bland, Rosanne Graham, Beverly Yeatmen, Susan Bar- nett, JoEllen Cunnnings, Cathy Perry, Cheryl Barlow, Mary Pearce. BACK ROW: Janice Breihan, Linda White, Shirley Schroeder, Sally Blakely, Rita Tuohy, Jane Mobley, Lucy Nor- man, Suzette Vater, Kathie Parsons, Debbie Stephenson. Original posters, Iiully pom poms, innumer- able streamers, and ingenious mottoes filled EHS halls each Friday. Bravettes spent many hours making the decorations and devoted each Thurs- day night to putting them up. Homecoming, Bravette assembly, an out of town bus trip to Midwest City, and cheerleader try-outs kept the pep club busylduring the year. Proceeds from selling Homecoming mums helped finance the bus trip and materials for decorations. By generating spirit and encouraging student body support lor school activities, Bravettes pro- moted enthusiasm throughout the school. Leading the pep club this year were officers in new uniforms. The Mnew look" included navy blue blazers and skirts with the girls? offices printed in white on the back. BRAVETTES f FRONT ROW: Lanetle Rogers, Lorene Bur- dick, Jennie Wt-in, Liz Randolph, Janie Allen, Lana Luken- baugh, Audrey Xlurphee, Deb Wilenlick, Janice Miller, Pain Meyer. SIQCOlND ROW: Sharon IIIIIUIHIJSUII, Teresa Johnson, Cindy Johnston, Beverly 'I'aylor, Kathy Ball, Sharon Corn, Carla Robinson, Diane XlcCollutn, Lynn Spickehnier, Jean Burton. THIRD ROW: Cyndy llenry, Donna Brocknian, Anita Henderson, Linda Fluman, Carol McCartney, Brenda Diener, JoAnn Dodds, Janna Minton, Cathy Moydell, Sharon Krueken- berg. BACK ROW: Patricia Garner, Jackie llutchinson, Judy Jolly, Peggy Parker, Shelley Stephens, Sheryl Yewell, Kathryn Stepp, Deana Hall, Yieki Clahn, Sandy Koehn. inn-arf! Q E' f V ,. -1 2 0 I 5? ., BRAVETTES - FRONT ROW: Donna Howard, Sharon Cav- anaugh, Mary Lou Allen, Sherry Atkinson, Teresa Turner, Kris Cragert, Janice Waller, Arlene Vale, Sharon Mason, Cathy Williams. SECOND ROW: Debbie McDonald, Marcia Dirks, Cindy Crimler, Janie Hardin, LeeAnn Kilpatrick, Cindy Duffy, Anita Sparks, Marlene McCullough, Pam Cafner, Kathy Green. , 1 - f THIRD ROW: Linda Ruhl, Sandy Swinton, Janet Shook, Kathy Davis, Carita Lipps, Mary Beth Hopper, DeDe Lanmlriiin, Debbie LaForee, Linda llanilley, Julia Roberts, Cindy llooley. BACK ROW: Jennefer Branch, Cheryl Hobbs, Kathryn Gregory, Kathy Terrell, Nancy Perkins, Pat Arnold, Kathryn Taylor, Ann Muna ger, Beverly Miller, Barbara Madigan. Bravettes Bolster Big Blue Morale BRAVETTES - FRONT ROW: Bonnie Myles, Sue Tanner, Linda Veal, Kini Fitzgerald, Dixie Ainsworth, Aineryllis Holden, Cindi l'ainler, Elaine l.eGrarit, Teresa Cleveland, Cheryl Wliite, Susan lloehn. SECOND ROW: Mary Reedy, Shyril Pitts, Cheryl Dt-ek, Diane Niekell, Suzanne Brooks, Peggy MeClanahan, Anne Johnson, Yugonda Willits, Debbie Lainbke, Jana Wanzer, Brenda Poinmlexter. THIRD ROW: Sandy Fisher, Sharon Ter- rell, Judi Meflhay, Pain Jenkins, Laura Coolidge, Marilyn Mit- 1-ln-ll. Br-eky Herinanson, Ann Montgomery, Sheri l'alnier, Debbie llollanfl. Debby Foster. BACK ROW: Joy Morse, Debbi Shreve, Carla Nlounts, Dena Thurlow, Susan lfpperley. Susan Hahn, Joanette Allen, Carolyn Ross, Pain Sanders, Debbie llt-ss, Cay Stephens. BRAVli'l"l'ES 3 FRONT ROW': Nancy Stewart, Karen Simpson, Jobie HHQIt'l', Carolyn Slrerker, DeDe MacKenzie, Sue Sm-nike, Cynthia Routli, Cheryl Wallis, Enid Trammell, Teresa Cainer, Jakita Caris. SECOND ROW: ltana Stephens. Susan Barnes, Debbie Jones, Mary Cloilleller, Cindy Bushner, Terri NlelNilI. Judy Webber, Nancy Klein, Connie lleiinbaek, Sharon Yoelzke, Sharon Seliroetler. 'l'lllRD ROW: Gloria Rikli, Penny rlllllilllll- son, Patricia Kilburn, Normandie Nigh, Faith llarbour, Susie llronopulos. Sue lfxans. Kay Howerton. Beverly Benton. l'a- tricia Mr-Cinnis. Janiu- Ric-hey, BACK ROW: Nancy Slim-llatly, Zona Rivharrlson. l.ee Liwingston, Cheryl May, Janeen Polwort, Palsy King. Sharon Yon Sehriltz, Pal Taye, Diane 3lm'Creary, Janis Roniine. Teri Randolph. Q 'Q of 6 ,X I . . 1 .4 L.l at A 4 BRAYETTES g FRONT ROW: Renee Price, Beverly English, Kathy Barnes, Cathy Shellady, Linda Meyer, Carla Cowen, Paula Bonnett, Judy Slengle, Terry Swanson, Judy Frantz, Jacque Cutbirth, l71'a1u'es Coeller, SECOND ROVV: Julie Stites, Teri Mills, Martha Christopher, Lucy Peckham, Mary Perring, Karen Atkinson, Pam Broun, Debbie Chituood, Bar- bara Devaney, Marsha VanHouden, l,isa llenderson. THIRD Bravettes Popularize BRAYETTES - FRONT ROW: Denise Smith, Debra Rolland, Mary Sughru, Paula Seltenreich, Phyllis Brinlnall, Marquila Bowen, Cathy Van Scyoc, Peggy Collins, Sharon Keeton, Jackie Clark, Delphine Vives. SECOND ROW: Judith Silvers, Beverly Livingston, Ruth Gill, Yieki Druiett, Dell Hobbs, Judy Collins, Janet Cuthbertson, Donna Tunis, l.eNelle Beebe, Karen Weese. TlllRD RONV: Sherry Unruh, Patty Cunningham, lVIichele DeRoin, Jan Ohls, Millie lleyer, Carol Clark, Felicia Gibson, Teresa lfavreau. Rosemary Durgan, Sherri Keller. BACK ROW: Mary Jamison, Judy Slllllll, Linda LaCroix, Elizabeth Nichols, Sally Mummel, Lorrie Henrichs, Mary Dautcnhahn, Anita Mc- Call, Peggy Osburn, Barbara Maly. ROW: Beeky Baker, Kathy Prince, Brenda Vail, Sally Chambers, lla Elson, Monica llodgson, Vicki Comstock, Susan Molitor, Franeee llarnion, Virginia Phillips, Colette Warkentin. BACK ROW: Pam Zaloudek, Debbie Clover, Sharon Moler, Pam Gates, Denise Castor, Sonia Wright, Stephanie O,Neil, Carolyn Pickhardt, Julie Bowers, Kathy Walker, Karen Kusch. Pre-Game Chants BRAVETTES -- FRONT ROW: Syliva Torocle, Leslye Mulli- kin, Peggy Mason, Beth Parks, Jerri Robertson, Patty Hurd, Johanna Burdick, Debbie Spruce, Theresa Pearce, Diana Lun- dak, Cloria Schwarz, blary Byrd. SECOND ROW: Debbie Whit- low, Beth Asbell, Donna Wahl, Margie Campbell, Bonnie Puc- kett, Debbie Russell, Joy Riffel, Michele Honigsberg, Jeanette Patton, Marilyn Prentice, Sheryl Hoeltzel, Debbie Wilson. Tl'llRD ROXV: Jan Rhoads, Margaret Manning, Debby Graham, Cherri Woody, Betlye Harrison, Nita Funk, Sherrill Denny, Nancy Porter, Marilynn Dillard, LaJohnna Hammock, Dorothy Weidner. BACK ROW: Donna Coolidge, Nancy Sharp, Regina Richardson, Jennifer Klein, Stephanie Mather, Diana Hughes, Tanis Lugar, Kris Perring, Gemma Brueggemann, Mickey Chapman, Linda Zelnicek. ga. i 4 C 41 i i 1 BRAVETTES - FRONT ROW: Shelly English, Karen Smith, Debbie Meier, Robin Snelson, Lynne Henson, Connie Storm, Debbie Yvilson, Linda Pekarf-k, Diane Blank, Mona Haymaker, Robin Hadley. SECOND ROW: Vera Morris, Karen Beasley, Sheryl Siegrnann, Sheila Clark. Suann Shanley, Linda Gilbert, Toni Hutehison, Susie Wells, Laurie Knott, Sherri Briggs, Mari- lyn Mosteller. THIRD ROW: Patrice Wilson, Sandy Poindex- Pep Club rtists BRAYETTES - FRONT ROW: Ginger Moore, Kae Kutz, Dayna Evans, Pam Koa-hn. Debbie McCloskey, Janette Stett- niseh, Yieki Pettitt. Mary Seotl, Susan Stehr. Rosey Sweatt. Charlotte Blackwell. Kristin Edwards. Diana Baker. SECOND ROW: Cheryl Poplin. Cindy Rogers, Cynthia Shook, Donnis Jones. Yalorie Thompson, Kelly Xndrews, Cindy Unruh, Dianne Kriyohlayelx. Sheri Wxiilllllllli lin-tty Riehards. Judy Crow, Sue Stew-ns. Tl-HRD ROW: .laniee Skillern, Mary Blelntyre. Pam Raruard. Connie Mansfield. Carla Martin, Rhonda Leflrand, Kathy Cunning, Carol Koehn, Retta Miller, Susan Rooney, Christe Neal, Connie Conrad, l.isa Wlillhoite. BACK ROVVZ Nlary Bee llnsser, Cynthia llaliield, Yieki Shafford, Vieki MC- Rride. Diana Lambert, Naney Shanks, Charlotte Storms, Nancy Yaryan. Janet NleNitt. Vicki Witty, Jan Stewart. Yilamla Fuller. 4313 4 'N t E "-9913 ter, Jaekie Caldwell, Claire Oven, Sally Alcorn, Linda Turner, Cecilia Ivey. Cathy Benton, Nadine Williams, Debbie 1lcCreary, Barbara Bowers. RACK ROW: Karen Kretlow, Barbara Evans, Jana R1-nge, Melanie Glasser, Donna Sparks, Debbi Schultz, Nancy Wagner, Janet Stout, Cheryl llart, Judith Spraberry, Elaine Reimer. Decorate EHS Halls RRAYlC'l"l'lfS - FRONT ROW: Channeey Durham, Tammy Quigley. Kathy Henson, Terry RTCGIIVPTHH, Teresa DeBock, Susan Shields. Terri Hayes, Jan Cnthirth, Susan Evans, Char- lotte Craig. Claudia Williams. :Xnne Xron. Elaine Corton, Terri Wialters. SIQCOYD ROWV: Teresa Taylor, Lyndal Chambers, Susan Cabbard. Slxerry Collins. Gloria Killain. Marilyn Cantelly, Dalene Dugan. Sue Standlee. Naney White. .laelcie Flaming. Jeanie Cillenyyater. Sharon Madigan. Susan NYilliams. THIRD ROXY: Maggie llouslon, Janet Collins, Susan Young, Jan lloe- man, Martha Sehroerler, Jo KleDonald, Melody Troop, Joyce Thorp, .lan Reelwr, Pam Eeli. Patty Ridge, Jana Crandall. BACK ROW: Sandy Petticrew. Angie Williams. Vicki llarris, Janice l.iehlenherg. Paula Tigner. Rhonda Clifton, Linda Sehnind. Slrerry Thompson. Ceorgia llooley. Terri Holland. Kay Thompson. Sidney Autin, Cindy Baker. to 4, F' E ' E 'V E , 4, Q Q I E Ji 43, Q ..... A A A A T Interest Sears As Membership Grows IN BACKFIELD, Gail Copeland watches Sally Chambers re- turn thc volleyball While Vicki Comstock stands ready to help. GR.-N 3 FRONT ROW: Phillips, Meyer, Miller, Dougherty, Mc- Cartney, Sanders, Eothergill, Pearson, Morrison, Evers, Sughru, Walters. SECOND ROW: Mrs, Stringer, Easley, Baker, Richey, Mcllt-nry, Pinski, Fitzgerald, Taylor, W1'lgllt, Clover, Stites, Powell, Waller. Tlllllll ROW: Copeland, Taylor, Campbell fpresd, Storms, Chanilnfrs, Allen, Glasser, Coolidge, Sparks, Br-nge, Polwort, Stout, ltlontgoinery. BACK ROW: Wagner, Pearce. Stephenson, Lcnabnrg, Linker, LaCroix, Epperly, Sulli- van, Ill-nrivlts. llahn, King. Evers, KicCrcary. With a booming interest and a marked in- crease in membership, the Girlsi Recreation Asso- ciation began the year. Their sponsor, Mrs. Phyl- lis Stringer, stressed the importance of good sportsmanship, discipline, and ability to get along well with others. Every Monday at 3:45 the girls met to perfect their tennis, golf, badminton, table tennis, tumbling and bowling. For taking part in practice sessions and for pursuing the sport in which each was most inter- ested, the girls received merit points. At the end of the year the points were totaled and GRA hon- ored those girls having the most points. The out- standing girl over a three-year period received a trophy for excellence in sports. GRA. Q FRONT ROW: Mauk, Pekarek, Burdick, Henson, Scott, Randolph, Jones, Rhoatls, Gragert, Crow, Snelson, Burdick, English, Moore. SECOND ROW: Stchr, Oven, Holland, Mills, Graham, Barnard, Willlioilc, Conrad, Comstock, Cowen, Meyer, Barnes, Swt-att, Schwartz, Hong. THIRD ROW: Close, Beasley, Poplin, Brooks, Weldon, King, Jones, Mitt-hell, Gregory, Lamhke, Thompson, Miller, Kr:-tlow. Manahan tv.-pres.l. BACK ROW: Christopher, Unruh, llarris, Killutn, Ivey, Glahn ftreasj, Hart, Maywood. Schultz, Daniels, Bushncr, Sr-nike, Johnston, Gerdes tsec.D. BOYS' STATE - GlRLS' STATE - FROYT ROW: Greg O'- Yeill, Jiin Roberts, David Weaver. Dennis Marlatt, Terry Bad- zinski, Greg Dickey. SECOND HOW: Court Newkirk, Toni lit-rgflall, Suzette Vater, Kathy Billings, Carila Lipps, Deana llall. Marvin Kopp. BACK ROW: Tiin Ytiaaek, Bill Morgan, Clill Fwank, Gerald Ecliger, Slew jsbell, Joe Earrant, Norman Cr,-eil. Government Draws Teen-A e Interest Eour Enid High School girls and seventeen hoys attended the 1963 session of Girls' State and Boys' State. The Ameriean liegion, together with other community organizations, sponsored the students. Committees from eaeh club selected them according lo their outstanding achievements in leadership, citizenship, and scholarship. Ill-Y, TRI lll-Y -- FRONT HOWY: Donna llowarcl. Greg Dieliey lv.-pri-s.i, Sieve Crawford, Hal ,XLlPllll3I1, Greg O'Neill, ,loglnn Hitler. Kay Xloss. SECOND ROW: Elaine Graham, Brenda Mi'- l'lenry li'hap.P, Bob Waller, Mike McCloskey ltreasfl, Marvin Heated debates, lively discussions, and a study of the functions of government were activ- ities of Hi-Y for boys and Tri-Hi-Y for girls. These clubs, sponsored by the YMCA, gave mem- bers comprehensive knowledge of government. Study of state legislature ended in submission of members, own bills to the legislature for approval. Kopp fpresl, Lora Wiitt fprr-s.l. Linda Ruhl TSVC.-ll'f'ii9.l. B-Xifli HOTT: Norman Cecil lseizt. Toni Bergdall, Gerald Edi- ger leliapj, Crant llarris, Wayne fiainplwll. Marvin Parrisli, Mark Cs-orge. GENERAL OFFICE ASSISTANTS - FRONT ROW: Debbie Hough, Debbie Shelton, Rhonda LeGrand, Paula Stone, Kay Fothergill, Carol McCartney, Claire Oven, Kay Pekrul, Cheryl Grimcs, Mrs. Edna Newman. SECOND ROW: Sherry Collins, Diane McCollum, Cindy Hooley, Cindy Duffy, Debra Goddard, Beverly Taylor, Carita Lipps, Anita Henderson, Brenda Diener, Mary Allen. BACK ROW: Mrs. Dorothy Hess, Pat Harkin, Janice Breihan, Dan Young, Tim Choate, .lack LaCroix, Mike McCloskey, Richard Bowers, Kathie Parsons, Layton Wilson, Mrs. Florence Scott. tudent Workers Serve Enid High General office workers of Enid High School helped ease the load of the administration's sec- retaries. They collected attendance slips, delivered office and telephone messages. and showed new students to their classes. Mrs. Florence Scott, Mrs. Dorothy Hess, and Mrs. Edna Newman sponsored this fast-moving group. LIBRARY CLUB - FRONT ROW: Penny Williams, Nancy Sharp, Nancy Stewart, Cathy Shellady, Lana Stephens, Ramona Goss, Sylvia Torodc. Lanette Rogers, Debbie Holcomb, Mrs. Barbara Frisk. SECOND ROW: Linda Meyer, Ameryllis Hold- en fsecj, Max Dickey, Martin Painter, Charles McBay, Brent Goodness, Ricky Phillips, Stephanie Bonge, Mrs. Anna Combs, Mrs. Martha Reimer. TIIIRD ROW: Donna Wahl, Gaylia Mc- Library assistants were up to their usual ef- ficiency this year. Meetings every Wednesday during the homeroom period kept them aware of their duties. These included repairing books and arranging them on the shelves and seeing that they were checked out of the library properly. Mrs. Rosamay Lynch was the head librarian. Daniel, Chris Frazer, Cindy Crider, Janie llardin, Linda Tur- ner, Patrice McCoy, Sharon Pritchett, Debbie XVhitlow, Kathryn Taylor, Barbara Bowers. BACK ROW: Elaine Reimer, Carol Koehn, Gayla Ilill, Darrell Parrish, David Oldham, Ronald Crossland, Curt Goss tprcsj, Denise Castor, David Buller Cv.- pres.D, Mrs. Rosamay Lynch. 96 Students Investigate Medical Interests MEDICAL ARTS CLUB 4 FRONT ROW: Johnston, Harris, Ciarla, Frantz, Batchelder, Lukenbill, Cecil, Badzinski, McCas- lin, Dickey tv.-presji. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Peckham, Hubard, Comstock, White, Nigh, Daniels, Stephenson, Toews, Lansdown, Rummel 4treas.J, Brooks. THIRD ROW: Montgomery, Cham- of bers, Munger, Moulton, Morgan, Parrish, Campbell, Mclntyre, Kirby, Kopp fpres.t, Benton. BACK ROW: Bennett, Willing- ham, Cunningham, Shaklee, Peninger fsec.l, Womack, Dicker- son, Defoc, Paris, Sullivan, McCoy. Telling the inside story of the medical pro- fession, guest speakers and films introduced mem- bers of the Medical Arts Club to different phases of medicine. Trips to Oklahoma University Medi- cal Center and other areas highlighted the year. For its 1969 service project, the cluh continued its volunteer Work at the Enid State School, in- cluding a Christmas party for the children with gifts, refreshments, and Santa Claus. Ten mem- bers also worked at St lVIary's Hospital throughout the year as candy stripers. Sponsors were the school nurse, Mrs. Peggy Peckham and Mrs. Margaret Buvinger of the Garfield County Medical Auxiliary. DISCUSSINC CAREER possibilities in medicine with Nurse Peggy Peckham are Lucy Peckham and Charlene Pope. KATHRYN CRECORYES golf swing is given a few helpful hints by John MacKenzie in a cutting from Tlzorouglzyly Modern Millie. GRAPPLINC for the hlanliet during a 6'Pez1n11ts77 skit on stage, Kay Fothergill and Franklin Baker perform their contest duet. Forensic Arts Provide Versatilit KAREN LONG Watches her Leamniate, Tom Bergdall, while their opponents, Court, Newkirk and Gerald Ediger, prepare to prove him wrong 98 lXA'l'lON.'Xl, FORENSlC LEMZUIT -- FRONT ROW: Pope, Cliance, Wlaller, Gregory lst-rl, llcck, Newkirk, lllontagtw, Mctllnre, Swanson, Berry, tliarla. SECOND ROW: Will. Long, Lugar, lflotliergill, Arrington, lilllgllldfll, MacKenzie, Kunkel, Kopp. lladzinski, Mrs. Bloom. 'l'lllRD ROW: Benton, Calnslla, McCloskey, Uasauay, Farrant trep.l, Domniek, Langford, Wal- ker, Cecil, Arnold, Allison tlreasj. BACK ROW: Perkins, Baker, Bowers, Rockwell, SlE?lIllSll, lidigm-r, Bergdall tpres.J, Beers, Norman, Xlobley tv.-pres.l, Vater. Practice Rewards Talented Speakers Members of the National Forensic League entered speech contests throughout Oklahoma. The types of speaking varied from humorous and dramatic interpretation to original and standard oratory. NFL is a soeiety interested in discussion, and its purpose is to promote the speaking ability ol' its members. lllill-X'l'E 4 FRONT ROW: Stanford, Prince, Oven, Allen, Xndrt-ws, McClure. 5lUI1lZlgIl.lt'. Cunning. Long. SECOND RONV: Bridge. llannon, Lugrar. Xeukirk. Bla-Closkey, Dougherty, King, Dehaters, arguing the question for the year, HResolved that the United States should estali- lish a system of compulsory service for every- one," made trips all over the state, proving or dis- proving the question. These hard-working students competed with thirty-two different high schools throughout Oklahoma. Brooks. Stella. Mrs. Bloom. BACK ROW: Bryant, Rockwell, Fliarkey. Bt-rgtlall. Ediger tdehate c'apt.l. lllasser, Sellers, Reese, Gasaway. FTA Plays Santa to F ift Youngsters AJR-BORNE Peggy McClanahan takes orders from Tammy Quigley, while decorating the tree for the annual Christmas party. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA - FRONT ROW: Shar- on Cavanaugh, Anita Schroeder tdist. rep.J, Cathy Brakhage tset-.t, Waynetta Ciarla tprt-s.t, Cary Burghardt fparlj, Judi Mcflhay tv.-pres.J, Judy Stengle thisl.t, Arlene Vale, Linda Ruhl. SECOND ROW: Dt-De Landrum, Debbie McDonald, Maryetla Roderick, Sharon Corn, Joyce Hong, Rosanne Graham, Jean Burton, Mary Lou Allen, Deb Wilenzick, Mrs. Mar- Presents, games, and Santa Claus helped make the Christmas holidays more fun for fifty children at the annual Christmas party for under- privileged boys and girls. With the help of the Salvation Army, the Future Teachers of America sponsored this party on December 14 and pro- vided entertainment, refreshments, and gifts. The club held teacher appreciation Week in February. All teachers, including those retired from the Enid School System, were honored with special gifts and activities during the Week. ln their scheduled meetings, FTA considered all aspects of the teaching profession. Members listened to speakers and discussed teaching oppor- tunities, reauiremenls, and the importance of the role teachers play in our democracy. tha Hoad. THIRD ROW: Mr. Nolen llarsh, Vicki Glahn, Mary Osborne, Shelley Stephens, Bobbi Bingham, Lorna Roedell, Debbie Allison, Cherie Cunning, Teresa Johnson, Sharon Thompson, Carol McCartney. BACK ROW: Cheryl Barlow, Kathryn Stepp, Charla Rowe, Melvin Beyer, Cathy Perry, Suzette Vater, Darrell Parrish, Diane Stephenson, Peggy Parker, Deb- bie LaForce. 100 FUTITRF TEACHERS OF :XKIIQRICA - FRONT ROW: Pen- ny Williams, Carol Yance, Sarah Miller, Kathy Barnes, Terry Swanson, Mary Reeely, Delvhie ,Ions-s, Jutly Collins, Vicki Druiell, Rt-tty Hayes, Elaine la-Crant, Ronnie Myles. SECOND ROW: Lee Ann Daniels, Cintli Painter, Diane Nickell, Linda Meyer. lirentla Vail, Betty Sharpe, Debliin: Hess, .loy Morse, Pain Brown, llelmlwie Chitwooil, Julie Stiles, Mary Cloclfelter. THIRD FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA - FRONT ROW: Karla Jolinslon, Diana Lundak, Susan Shields, Terri Mayes, Cindy Brooks, Delilmie Wvhitlow, Donna Wahl, Teresa Taylor, Sally Ala vorn, Mary Scott, Sueann S-hanley, Tannny Quigley, Kathy Kious, SlCCOlXD ROW: Susan Barnes, Jacque Cutbirth, Darlene Du- gan, Gina Bingham, Mary Mclntyre, Lincla Turner, Gloria Rikli, Dianne Rillings. ,lane-L MclYitt, Susan Rooney, Rhonda LeCrand, l'ani Barnard. Lana Stephens. TlllRD ROW: Susan Molitor, ROW: Nancy Klein, Dan Montague, Carolyn Wright, Jeanette Graham, Yugoncla Willits, Rosemary Durgan, Cay Stephens, Sallie Roeclell, Debbie Shelton, Sheri Palmer, Debbie Lanililic, .luily Webber. BACK ROW: Larry Lovely, Cheryl May, Pat lligh, Janis Romine, Patsy King, ,lulie Bowers, Ann Mungor, Diane Mcflreary, Dona Thurlow, Cathie Cllflllllflgllillll, Dclrlriir tllover, Pam Zaloutlek. Sharon Srhroeder. Dolores Russell, Vicki Butler, Vielii Coln- stoek, l.intla Wlooclhury tlrm-as.l, Peggy WlCClanahan, LaDonna Stella. Susan Fitzgerald, Retlye llarrison, Sherry Collins, Franeeo llarinon, Virginia Phillips. RXCK ROW: Zona Richartlson, Rct- ta Miller, Kathy Gunning, .leant-lte Patton, .lo McDonald, Karen Jackson, Fred Dennis, Jennifer Klein, lla Elson, Melodic Troop, Sally Chambers, Martha Sr-lirot-tltrr, Carolyn Ross. 101 THESPIANS S FRONT ROW: Krista Agee, Jennie Wcin, .ludy Frantz Ctreas.l, Brenda Poindexter, Karen Long, Kathryn Greg- ory, Julia Roberts, .lanice Waller, Charlene Pope, Sharon Cavanaugh, Anita Schroeder. SECOND ROW: Virginia Warren, Kay Pekrul lsec.J, Lana Lukcnbaugh, Donna Nlorrison, Laurel Criffeth, .lon Briln, Hal Adelnlan, Dana Hess. Sandy King, Deh- bie Allison, Yirginia Bridxxell, Creg Divkey. THIRD ROW: Dana Bland, Denise Cilkey, Janie Allen, Julie Bowers, Joe King, .lim Gasaway, Mary Osborne, Kay Fothergill, Bobbi Bingham, Carita liipps, Barbara Sayre, Mrs. Delyte Poindexter. BACK ROW: Susan Nlolitor, Kathy Billings, David Wrgener, Kim Domnick, ,lohn Hendry frepj, James Stetnish fpres.J, Doug Simmons, John Mark. Marvin Kopp, Tom Coleman, Lucy Norman tv,-prcs.l, Jane Mobley. otto Inspires Hardworking Thespians MAct Well your part, therein the honor lies,7' served as the motto for the Enid Thespian Troupe 1263. These Words were the basis for the enthus- iasm and drive the group possessed. Prospective Thespians gained coveted membership by earn- ing a minimum of ten service points. THESPIANS 4 FRONT ROW: Gina Bingham, Mary Evans, Waynetta Ciarla, Linda Ruhl, Lynn Spiekclmier, Judy Peterson, Debbie Holland, ,lana Vlfanzcr, Sue Selnke, Debbie Lambke, David Standford, Judalyn lVlurphy, Theresa Swanson. SECOND ROW: Cay Stephens, Cindy Bushner, Mary Musscr, Tim Kirby, Phil Moo-n, Dan Langford, Dennis Kurz, Richard llamilton, Brian Beachboard, Bill Luke, Pam Brown, Mary Rudy, LeArta Landes. THIRD ROW: Lisa Henderson, Yugonda Willils, Lee Ushering, selling tickets, and performing in plays and assemblies were Ways of fulfilling these membership requirements. Formal initia- tions in fall and early spring consisted of a pro- gram and a solemn ceremony in which new mem- bers received a certificate of membership. Ann Kilpatrick, Joe Farrant, Tom Kirby, .lohn MacKenzie, Ben Feretn, Rick Rector, Kathryn Taylor, Lee Evers, Debbie Steph- enson, Cheryl May, David Weaver, Pat Arnold. BACK ROW: Keith Swczey, Court Newkirk, Dena Thurlow, Diane Stephen- son, Suzclte Yau-r, Cram, llarris, Larry Hughes, Ron Christen- sen, Cerald Ediger, Stephanie O'Neill, Carolyn Pickhardt, Ann Munger, ,ludy Peninger, Lorrie Hendricks, Sheryl Yewell. XICIEES, lfrivl llall and .lun Brim, i'HI1lllIl'l llme Talvut R1-xuf-. Talent Rev e Jazz llLlI1L'll1g, 11 lmrlmvrslmop quarlvt, u humor- ous lIlll'l'lJl'6lilll011, aml VilI'l0llS solos llliltlii up the talonl mlisplayeml in llu' lllirml annual All-Sczllcmol Talcnl, livvuv held llvuvrnlmer 6. ,, Spousorcml by 'Flwspiun Troupe' 1263, llle revlu- was Ll cfoulpclitiw 1-mltest. Fiilflllly judges solecrlm-ml contestants who thou Compclml in the actual rm-vluf. Sewu l'0lllllClt'lPl1l judges svlec-lcd the HW- Winning plauvs. Wi1111c:rs of the l969 mzonlest were lJ0lllS9 Cil- liey, lwirlflr, Lana Lulxenluulgll, LlLlIllTt'l', Laurel Grillvlll, pianist, Pllil llogvrs and llou Cllristeu- svn, ll'Ull1lJ0lllSlS, aml llonniv Hecorcl, folk singer. l'XI.liXT lllfll If NYINYICRS f- STXNIJINLL: Pllil llwg14'1'Q plana liNlQlQl,lN1lZ ll:-uisv llillwy. first plaw: l.unu l.ulwn l't'l!IlKl plan-1 l.uurvl llrilll-ll1, llllI'll plum-1 llunnie lim-vurml. ljilllgll. 5t'1'4Ill4l place. llllll plafw-: ,llllly lslxilllll. fourth place-g Ron lllll'lSl6I1St'I1, S4't'UI1ll 103 ,'XQUAE'l"l'ES --- SISATIQD: Lev Ann Kilpatrick, Nancy Per- kins, illivryl Crinn-s 1trvas.ir, Suzi-lie Yater fsecj, Kathryn 'laylor lpn-s.l. SVAXIJINKL: Pal Arnold, Virginia Phillips, Ann Xloiilgonn-ry, .luliv Bow-rs, Krista Agec, Renee Price, Becky Pratz, Denise Gilkey, Debbie Linker, Janice Waller, Lynne Henson, Judy Franlz, Judy Murphy, Yugonrla Willits, Melanie Glasser. Girls ake Big Splash for Visitors Open house on November 12 gave a preview of what was to come later at the Aquaette annual water show. Groups of girls selected instrumental music to which they composed a synchronized swimming routine for interested watchers at the education week program. Precision, skill, and talent highlighted the an- nual water show. High point of the evening came when Ertel Hall, student body president, present- ed the new l969 Aquaette queen with the dozen red roses and the traditional kiss. The Aquaette queen was selected by vote of the club members. OPEN HOUSE water show stars Nancy Perkins and Virginia Phillips, dressed as SCl'l1lJW0lllCIl, in a lake-off on the 'AStripper." pirited Leadership parks Enthusiasm :ID 'bc -ii TYVIRLERS-STANDING: .lanet Duffy, Janis Erlwarrls, Dvuiso Gil- key, Yicki Butler. Kay Pvkrul. KNEELINGZ Carol Yaiico, Char- lene Pope, Vivi Phillips. CHljERl.l'f.-XDEHS: Rhonda Detcrinan, Donna Kay Morrison, Judy Murphy, Pam Pearson, Joyce Hong, Pat BICCICSIY, Cheryl Meyer. 105 S eoial Recognition Honors Piainsmen SENIOR lJl'iJUI'2lil i.uinhn-rt Liisvussvs with funn-ii IIliIl'Sil'H. Paul Luviilh-, hor future trips as Ll nu-nihvr of Nlvllomiliiis 1963 All-Aiuvriuiii High Sc-hooi Band. , pw-ww-' -- A FINALTST in the WP5tiIlQillJl1SI5 Suioiico Smzhoiurship Contest, Marvin Kopp gathers experimental dala to hu used in his project while Mr. Duckcll, head of the Science Dcparlmeint, supurvise-s. TIIRFE YEAH Stahl Cillllllllillll, Denim- Ciikcy, Slam' Fair Mzijomlln- Qucon and outslamiingx, 'fri-Stale: lui1'h'r, slrilius E1 posu for Ihq- Quill ya-urhook. 106 UNE Ol" TOP TEN state Betty Crocker llomc-lnakm-1' of the Year award winnt-rs, ,lunna Minton studies a style book in Mrs. Henneke's clothing class, with an eye for planning licr spring Wardrobe. DAR GUUIJ CITIZIINSHIP award winrier, lane Kloblvy, points out nrt-as of inlvrt-st to Jill and Jack Scliinnerer, Il1"WL'UI1lPl'S tu Enid. PROJECT, CULTURED Skin Transplants, proves a winner for Bill Morgan at the International Science Fair lield in Detroit, Michigan. This ne-tte-d him a week's Navy Science Cruise in 1968. ' cULTugE D SKIN TRANSPLANTS U' "UH Hnarsetq rn- fwsmxriflw ' nw rtzssns URASFVS mmm Mwnamwtvv fw rmnfvu my All mr' rm A . -A " F . ' gg: icrmtxrn U 'm,tnmxfG ,Mrs minus V0 fV""l"' ELKS YUU'l'll IA'i1lit'1'f-lllili Contest winners. Tom llvrgd Ll Denise Uilkt-y, rc-vm-ive axsarrls from Mr. Frank llannnund. ing on is Jann-s Cox, exalted ruler of the Enid Elks Lodge. 107 ll and Look Marriage, Models Fill ll School Pla AS PART of the dog training program, Larry Hughes Msits upw to take a morsel from Mary Bee Musser, while Phil Moon, Dana Bland, and Kathy Walker look on. ROMANTIC moment finds Mary Mus- ser on her toes. 108 MANIPULATING his photographic equipment, Larry Hughes directs Lorie l'lendrir:hs, Janice Waller, Stephanie O7Ncill, and Cheryl May isealed in fronlj as they move through a scene from the play If A Man Answers. ax INCASED in mummy casket, Virginia Bridwull recites dramatic lines for bearded Dan Langford and Tim Kirby in senior play. 6'Man W'h0 Came to Dinner" Makes Hit Q .f -im SHUUTINC OATHS, thc man who f'i,ll1N' to dinnvr Stays. 109 I U O Coronatlons Characterlze Homecommgs BASKETBALL features Larry lluglies, Bo Eby, Judy Peterson, Mike Perks, Marlene McCullough, Kelly Snell, Mary Gerdes, Tim Wright .L SWINGING at the basketball dance, held in the Education Building, are Matthew Morrison and Linda Turner. 110 NIIYG WITH PRIUIQ. flluriffv Henson sits in-tween happy runners-up, Rhonda Detcrman and Pam Pear- un ut ilUlIH'l'Ulll1I1Q1 at Iliil Mlm-lniuii scrcnudws with "iILu1't Take My Eyes Off Youf' XDIDINC THE FINXL tuuvh to James Ftetnish in the Olrfalzomrz ski! is Lucy Norman. Jane Mwlmlcy, as the mother, chaperones. "I CANT Say NOV sings Sue Seinke at ilu- annual homecoming aisembly. 111 ADDING IVUIN, 'I'-XLIfN'l', and entertainment to Enid High SVIIHWI-S IIFFUINIPIQ is ,Iolm i'Il'IlfI1'Y, Icuding ,Ialncs Stctnish. .ION BRINI sings, 'ilioor ,lull ls Ilcnmlfi mer the body of senior Hui Anim-Ilmill as they gin- u skit from Olffrzflofllfl at I'IOIllEf'OlHII'lg. i .-. Wit and Grace Unite in Assemblies DANCING WITH YUIJLTIDE SPIRIT and good wishes for everyone. these gi1'Is display the M'2lI'IllII1 of the Clmrislmas season at EI-IS. 112 ANSWIZRING THE IXDIJXN nur cry, Lana Luvkenbaugh captivutcs the QISSUIHITIQ' ill1fIIl'IlI'0 with L1 gI'Llf'PfIlI fiance. .M vw Raw -1. 'I 3 if 'Y WV , 5 V Q S K , f Q ' f Q.. K . we gm' 'A ,555 , ip ' Q Q, :wr L , - M E , J H , Q4 , , ,,., ,, 'W hwy- f- N., ,L ,I SHN, 1 , , , 4 "fgffTf3f3 Wiligffi, I - A , . J ' ? , , , n,, ,,.f,,WM.f -V , ,,..mflNfff""" ,gmmfnl X f f , f,,fwfz?n?!iW?H4Wf'LQ'3w Behind Scene Activities Mold how PUTTINC FINISHING touches on Dale Pazzo, Mrs. Poindexler prepares the wise men, Phil Opp, f Phil Rogers, Jim Kutz, Mike Britton, and Steve Reinharl for the annual Christmas assembly. LONGTIME Plainsman Field groundkeeper, Tom Eppinette, poses for yearbook photographer. 'XPIIIU-Nlilffll, LLX55: .lun Hummm-l. Nlurxin Kupp. Dani: rmmles. Wall:-1' llukvr, Neal W ZlSt'll1llll'l'. Xlilur Nlt'llNH'4', Xlr l,ll4'lx1'll. llill Wclkvr. S'l7XCl'f ll XYU5 - FRONT HOW: Dana Hr-ss. ,Iue King. Doug ard Klclauglllin. Chris Bmxlm-s. Byrnn llill, .lim Se-llm-rs, Daxill Sllllllllilli. SECOYU HOW: l.urry Coleman, ,lim f:2lSilNXily, Hivll- WPgPner. ON l..-XDDER: Ricky HPCIHT.llI'ilIllllzll'1'l4. 115 l VISIONS of a bride and groom, portrayed by Charlene Pope and Ron Christensen, appear as a pro- duet of John Hendry's singing. DECA SWEETHEART, Linda Stricklin, captures the hearts of many as John MacKenzie presents her with the royal crown and red rose 116 tudents Displa Variety of Interests STRAW HAT GIRLS lon Hoorl, Lukenbaugh, Taylor, Waller COLD PAINT tickles Joe Farrant as Lynn Spickclinicr decorales. lslandingl Folhergill and Mary Carries, finish lively dance. STRUMMING FOLK songs and ballads on his guitar, Donnie Record entertains his fellow students on assembly. 117 118 port! Sporte play a major roie in the iives of students at Enid High Sehooi. For those who partieipate. they mean long hours of hard work. piiysiwaii output. and stamina. For those who wateh. sports mean pre-gaine tension. eX- Citement. and eiation or disappointment when all is over. Much time and effort are devoted hy the student hody to support the teame, keeping the morale high. Pep assem- hiies, decorated halls. and all-out enthusiasm for Enid High's Piainsmen are important parts oi' the sehooi. 119 ON CRUTCHES, Coach Alvin Duke directs the game from the sidelines, while Couch Banislcr talks things over on the phone. RUNNERS-UP, Rhonda Determan and Pam Pearson, smile as Foothall Queen Clarissa Henson takes a how. FOOTBALL A-SQUAD 4 TOP ROW: Dennis Baker, .lon Brinr, Alan Camp, ,lim Cox, Zane Fleming, Eddie Frazier, Steve ,-"MN lloll. BOTTOM ROW: Stu Hough, Jerry Keniph, Tim Kirby, Keith Lea, Ronnie Lea, Mark Lumen, Presley Mclllahan. ff, V Eg , O :..1' EE' ' V F 120 FOOTBALL A-SQUAD - TOP ROW: Paul Rich, Rodney Vance, Rick Van Krevelen, Allen Will t Co d YY lla Richardson, Rod obison, Ted obinson, Jac c in , Lynn Baker, r ro n R 5 . R : kShnerer Craig Scott, Roger Stair. BOTTOM ROW: Bill Stehr, Craig ' ' CayBw. Plueky Plainsmen End Grueling Year Enid Enid Enid Enid Enid Enid Enid Enid Enid Enid Enid 111111 0 1 dddd 1 6 ENID HIGH FOOTBALL SEASON RECORD 1968-1969 12 Ponca City 11111120 Southeast 1111 11112 ' 7 Shawnee 111 11 111111-1 111153 Putnam City 1 ddd, 8 28 Douglass 1111111 6 111128 Capitol Hill 1.1111 O 1 111 6 Northwest Classen 1 14 Midwest City 1 11 121 11111126 John Marshall 111 8 11111112 U. S. Grant 111 1 9 1 11127 Tulsa Edison 1 1114 RECORD 7 Wins - 4 Losses BLOCKING NW KNIGHT, Paul Rich C745 op Henley 4225 as he tries to break through. 121 W 7 V 'ui-s : " 1 -ff wg, szznar "-:ff f 5245, 'r iff, mx WMM rem. ..,, . H A1 M 1' ,. , gg?25gzz1:2,rzQ,:m.. .ynfiikiaiiiiviasiigff-is fs2?isff1:4,fs:m!wgm. K ., A5522 X .rm ,M-W,r:sM,sfsm Xiwfsaf,w.mQiWfvf 1WS:rimwsmm mlm S F ess? igfggsasswiesswxm kgg 5 sssaaQiHxx11g3iigf5g fisisssiasggggggh Hisisz11fm,,,M,,3 :"' 51.- E ,. ,, ..... ssgiilzwsy , use X ifsssssggsgggf :ws igym swssssaiesaaaad ws svfwsgsszzxusems1:Qwfwsfzzrgsziisisffgffazifssfizffiif Swwiiissws, ,,.. 2 fgs m wifxz f N121n:sf212,:Q2fe21ei'ff:iii:2?u:fi-swfasszassassiseiisssifss? S34 5i?Mf -- -- -1-' miles M www FOOTBALL A-SQUAD Harper, Ronald Henley, K 2 Q X sh ,ga K :fs 2 :-,,L ,E - ff W 2, K kv 1 S a as 2 i Q fm? Q, If ,E--5: ,fggqasirssgssxsiasmfm., 5355453S555153ismfgeffsiizsssgseigg,M ,, ,Www fer isfbsifesresxsiserissssigerrgfizessy 21w1mgWg,,sgwfwgffeasaesss sszsvfmks , ,1gfgs1Qs2ZAQwasmgsrggsislggffgfesi Xgesasssisamisgigfffkiiiishwsa 2 sswggzigfem - TOP ROW: George Davis, Bryan Karns. Jeff Lowe. BOTTOM ROW: Don Henneke, Mike l-lronopulis, Tom Miko Martin, Roger Miuclslul, Leslie ,sassyswsmfsmqgs,fms,stems Vsmfssmgis,rssssfgqfgmwqggi m,fm,,-,ifszw H 4fwwmf-W--W,Wm-MyW- ,W'gsM-Wfxmggssssffsss Bob Long, Jeff Mabry, Owens, Tim Wilson. 1429 ns A-:vsmmfislqx ligggoggfoiw 15112532532 A mi 513511-k 5-W: M:.:,:r:.,,r nwnssis , 'f 'K I- 34451215 wi J ,, if H' FOOTBALL COACHES: Richard Friesen, Jim Harris, Bob Banister, Alvin Duke, Bob Greenhaw, Floyd Winfield. 122 DURING HALF-TIME of tln- Tulsa Edison game, Coach Duke explains elianges in tact to the squad, while Coach Creenhaw waits. Big Blue Wins Yardage, Loses Points FLllllSlil MGR vutwm, Enidls Plainsmen, losing two early games, on costly mistakes and penalities, forged a 7-4 re- eord season and then fell prey to crippling injuries onee again at the midway point. Une game that will remain in the memories ol' the Plainsmen was the lfnid-Putnam City game. Fans who saw the game sat in on something that may never happen again. :X team managed only one first down and yet won 3-O. All eight points that the Pirates vame up with were actually scored off the Enid offense, two on a safety and the touchdown on a fumble return. Plansmen pushed Putnam City all over the field the first half and yet eouldn't score. A 27- yard touchdown, run hy Cordon Williairis, was wiped out by a penalty. A red flag nullihed an- other promising drixe, and a slip cost another. Seldom, if ever. has one team dominated another the way Enid dominated Putnam City and yet rome out o11 the losing end. Nl XNUZICHS ,lim Kutz, Kent Durkworlli. Ertel Hall, and Trip Moore inspeet tht- new footlrall ln-lnu-ts. 123 d L wk. -- wa .. we N ' 15' f BIG BLUE TEAM works through pre-game drills in preparation for the game with Oklahoma City Southeast at Plainsmen Field. Practice Warm-Up Prelude to ction A unique incident marked the 1969 football season when Coach Alvin Duke was accidently blocked while standing on the sidelines during a practice session. The accident resulted in his hav- ing to Wear a cast and use crutches the rest of the football season due to torn ligaments around his knee. Six Enid gridders made Mid-State Conference team: Dennis Baker, Bill Stehr, Gordon Williams, and Allen Wilhite made halfhacksg Keith Lea made end, and Craig Vance, nose guard. Gordon Williams also captured All-State honors With Dennis Baker as alternate. Enid Highlanders shut down an excellent sea- son with a 7-1 record. HICHLANDER FOOTBALL RECORD - Putnam City 18, Enid 22g Carrier O, Enid 703 Ponca City 14, Enid 203 Stillwater 14-, Enid 26g Pond Creek 12, Enid 263 Putnam City 20, Enid 143 Ponca City 0, Enid 22g Stillwater 0, Enid 14. 124 ENID'S Brian Harper 1241, Keith Lea 1825, Lynn Baker K4-13 and Allen Wilhite C251 converge on Northwest Classen's tackle D ww, mm ...11 iff' is 411.55511 - 1. 1.- 1. f 1-A-111112 -11.111.1-- 1 1 " sz11111Qi1s44z11:12' 5211-551 5511111211 15141 - 1 s231111511g2?11.swa:: . f11.s1..w11..a11.111..1 111 1 111 .11 11 S1111 ..., 11111.11 1, 1 1 1 1 1111110 1 11 1 if -1 0 yr' 1 K4 3,133.1 11 1 'fee 1 .M .5 , .131 11 121 . 57 . 11, .511 1 -.11 1, 11111 151-QQ1111.-1311 111 .311-:E 3' H1 ssfx1'L11 'L M' ' 11.5111111111 .:'?E1??X71: 91 .1111 .111 .1 :fi93QJ2?1.55T' 41 -f1i?EQ?E?E35M'S 1LAs4sE:u5.12211 5211225225513 . f:111gsa21z.s1 Lv ns, Q1 1. 11 '51 Eb Collect Coveted 100th Victor ff f 417 7 , , .f A ,ff yr ,lf X! D X W fl ,V 54 E Enid Enid Enid Enid Enid Enid Enid Enid Enid Enid Enid Enid Enid Enid Enid Enid Enid Enid Enid Enid Enid l'D'BASKETBAl,L SEASON vs 1968-69 59 Grant ,,,,,,,, .,,,,,v,. ,,,,,.. 69 Douglass .. Shawnee ,.,.....55 Grant 68 OC Southeast ........54 Midwest City Capitol llill ..,,.,, ., ,,,,, 43 Pampa ,,,, ., ,, 72 Dumas .. 56 Putnam City .. . Tulsa llale ,,,,, ,.,,,,,,,48 Alva .lohn Marshall Elk City Douglass . ........53 Shawnee . OC Southeast .. ....,..,59 Capitol llill .lohn Marshall .53 OC Northwest 73 Putnani City RECORD 9 Wins - l2 Losses COACHES Bolm Niles and Dusty Ehy Clap with enthusiastic approval. BASKE'l'B+Xl,L 7 A-TEAM - TOP ROVV: Haney Buxton, Steve Myers, Greg Newton, Mike Perks, Darrell Senters Alan Rick Choate, Ronnie Cordell, Chuck Groves, Larry Hughes, Stroup, Tim Waack, Tim Wright. lNlike Martin, .larry Meflinley, Dennis Morgan. BOTTOM ROW: t 127 Enid Jinxed by Few-Point Losses ENIDS SPIRIT RISES high as Greg Newton C325 tips the ball to Larry Hughes 1215 and a Grant player in Grant-Enid game. Losing games by a close score was a problem which plagued the 1968-69 basketball team. From the very start, the Plainsmen could not get the f ew points necessary to win the game. Beginning the season at the Pampa Invitation- al tournament, the basketball Plainsmen lost to Pampa Harvesters by three points. From there they opened their Mid-State conference at Mid- West City where they lost by two points. ln the Oral Roberts tournament, Enid came up against the Tulsa Hale Rangers in the Hrst round of action. Typical of the season's record, Enid lost when the Rangers sank a last minute shot, downing the Plainsmen bv one point. In the first Dart of the season, Big Blue lost six games by only ten points. I V K T5 52 ' 2 lf1OXTItOLI.INfL iw-luonntl, Perks and Nvnton hold Trojans. PLAYERS AND MANAGERS consult with voaclies for strategy. Returning starters for thc Enid Plainsmen Roundballers were Tim Wriglit, Chuck Groves, Mike Perks, and Larry Hughes. They provided the nucleus and leadership for the season. Sopho- more Creg Newton, tallest member of the team, filled in the remaining starting hcrth as center. Top scorers for the Big Blue Baskethallers were Chuck Groves and Tim Wright, competing for high points, while Larry Hughes and team captain Mike Perks turned in good efforts in the rebound department. Other returning seniors were Tim Wfaack, Ron Cordell, and Alan Stroup. Coach Dusty Elly Won his 100th game when the Plainsmen heat Putnam City. :titer the game Coach Elqy received a plaque for his outstanding record at Enid High School. The plaque was in- scribed with names of the l968-69 team. 129 FIGHTING for a rehound, Larry Hughes and Greg Newton tangle. LARRY HUGHES 1211 WLALKS on air as the ball sails past him and out of his reach and into the hands of a Douglass player. Mike Perks 1235 stands ready for thu next trick. 130 BXNlxl'77lBXLl B TLXNI THONT ROW Rnlx Ollllllel' bell, Hike Bennett. Dong Durham. Crm-gr Xlarlvns, ll. ll. Brail- arx l'lnnnn 1 llai ioi Ron llixmpion Jfff Nlalnx B ley CITISIIJ. quad Promises W'inning Future Racking up an impressive recorcl of 14-8 in the 1968-69 basketball season, the Highlanders presented a good outlook for lulure Plainsnn-n teams. Consisting of sophomores and juniors aspiring to become members of the varsity team, the Higlilanclers plaveil several tournaments lie- siiles the usual Vlicl-State COIll'i"l'PIll'6 teams. NVitl1 lots of hustle and liarrl work they slioweil what it takes to become Plainsmen. B-TEAM R.-XSKE'I'H-XI.L HECUHID - lfninl 33. Alixn--Cleo 49: Enifl 47. Miclwesl City 42: lfnifl -16. OB-X Il: Enifl 41, Capitol Hill 46: Enicl 51. Yici Sl: Eniil 38. Sli 16: lfniil 35. Perry 43: Enid 74. Freecloni 32: lfnifl 66. Slianiim- 59: Fninl 69. llnnln-r 73: Enifl 58. Dover 48: Eniil 13. lli-lvna 56: lfnitl 19. .lfllm Mar- shall 43: Enid 15. Putnam flily lil: lfnicl 58. Douglass 62: Eniil 54, Douglass 71-: Enid 55. Sli 46: Enid 63. Cram 57: Enid 62. Shawnee 36: Enid 38. John Nlarsliall 37: lfnicl 53. NVCVC 72. 131 'ic 1 l HS Trackster Races Fastest Mile ALL ALONE, David Henneke perfccts his pole-vault. TRACK TEAM - FRONT ROW: David Henneke, Alan Camp, David Duncan, Stanley Miller, Kim Wilson, Steve Cropper. SECOND ROW: Rod Richardson, Steve Holt, Hershel Phillips, Gary Steinart, Toby Roger, Reinaldo Martinez, Jamie Robison, Despite a lack of experience, Enidis 1968 track team completed a successful season under Coach Alvin Duke. Top man Was Ronnie Major, Who consistently took firsts and seconds in the mile and half-mile all year. I-le also turned in the fastest high school mile in Oklahoma by Winning in 4419.8 at the Tulsa Meet of Champions. In the State Decathlon Meet at Enid, Rod Richardson took second, While Mike Martin placed fifth. Other Plainsmen Who turned in fine seasons were David Henneke, pole-Vault, Alan Camp, shot-put, and Wes Iurey, distance run. ENID TRACK RECORD 1968 - Enid sixth, Lawton Invitation- alg Enid sixth, Duncan Invitational, Enid third, Enid Invitation- alg Enid first, Alva Invitational, Enid fifth, Norman Invitational, Enid seventh, Putnam City Invitational, Enid sixth, Mid-State, Enid hfth, AA Regional Meetg Enid ninth, AA State Meet. Stan Thomas, Keith Watts. BACK ROW: Coach Duke, Kent Duckworth fmgr.D, Rick White, Tim Wilson, Danny George, Lynn Semrad, Doug May, Robert King, Terry I-Ienneke, ,lim Kutz fmgrj. CROSS COUNTRY TEAM 4 FRONT ROW: Mike Cutting, McBay. BACK ROW: Ken Dunbar, Tim Choate, Jack LaCroix Danny George, Steve Merrill, Lynn Semrad, Dan Cagle, Charles Jim Agee, Kim Wilson, Coach Lloyd Ray. Injuries Plague Cross Country Team Enid's Cross Country team under the direction of Coach Lloyd Ray was in for a trying season. The Big Blue Harriers were never at full strength throughout their 1969 season. Handicapped by illness and injuries, the team strided to a sixth place in Mid-State and a tenth place in the State Cross Country Meet. Outstanding distance runner for the year Was junior runner, Kim Wilson. Kim placed seven- teenth in the State Hnals from a field of over one hundred runners. Team captains for 1969 were ,lack LaCroix and Tim Choate, hoth three-year lettermen. HARRIERS, Steve Merrill, Kim Wilson, and Mike Cutlin run time-trials. 133 BASEBAII TFAM FRONT ROW Lam ltlemin Dennis BACK ROW: Danny Newsom tmgrj, lQynn Baker, Jerry Baker lom Karns llim Win ht Jon Bfllll Alltn Wilhitc Kcmph, Ted Robinson, DeWayne Campbell, Coach Eby. Baseballers Slug Wa to Semi-Finals Completing a successful season, Coach Dusty Eby's l968 baseball team advanced to the State Tournament. lVlarching past Grant in the Regional Finals, the Plainsmen baseballers lost to Tulsa Rogers in the State Semi-Finals. Big Blue finished the season with 27 wins and 8 losses. A l0-5 conference record placed them second in a strong Mid-State Conference. Named to All-Conference teams were Jerry Kemph and Zane Fleming, first team, and Chip Hicks, second team. Hicks also made All-State. BASEBALL RECORD 1968 -- Enid 6, NW Classcn lg Enid 6, Alva 3, Enid 3, Alxa 6, Enid 6, Douglass 5, Enid l0, John Marshall 3, Enid l, Midwest City 0, Enid 3, Midwest City Og Enid l, Putnam City Og Enid 4, Ponca City 33 Enid 0, Tulsa McClain 33 Enid 4, Tulsa McClain 3, Enid l2, Douglass 2, Enid 3, Capital Hill lg Enid l, Putnam City lg Enid 0, US Grant 6g Enid 5, US Grant 2, Enid 2, NW Classen 43 Enid 3, Wichita Kapaun 2, Enid 8, Wichita Kapaun Og Enid 5, ,lohn Marshall 6, Enid 7, Alva lg Enid 8, Alva 3, Enid l, Shawnee 6, Enid 7, Shawnee lg Enid 3, Putnam City lg Enid 3, Midwest City 4, Carber Tournament 4 Enid 4, Blackwell 2, Enid 5, Stillwater 33 Enid 2, Woodward Og Regionals 4 Enid ll, ,lohn Marshall 4, Enid 3, Southeast 25 Enid 7, US Grant 3, Slate - Enid 3, Tulsa Rogers 5. DlSPLAYlNC FORM, pitcher Ted Robinson winds up to get his pitching arm in shape before game. Wim Team Shows Big Blue Spirit Coach Bob Banister opened the 1969 swim- ming season with twelve boys. Though the team was small, it made up for its size in spirit. Quality counts, and quality Was Trey Parrish, who was the usual double Winner in back-stroke and individual medley, Bill Buvinger, who show- ed his strength in the backstrokeg Tom Curths, Whose specialty Was the butterfly, Randy Greg- ory, who displayed endurance in the 41-00 yd. free style, and Greg Franklin with his breast stroke. Trey, a senior and four-year letterman, lead the team in total scoring points. His all time high was in the high seventies, which he scored in his freshman year. Still leading, Trey racked up a total of sixty-five points. Bill Buvinger, a junior and three-year letterman, scored the second high- est number of points for the year. SWIMMING RECORD: Putnam City 68, Enid 273 Ponca City 58, Enid 383 U.S. Crant 44, Enid Sl, Wichita West 62, Enid 333 Ponca City 38, Enid 22, Putnam City 68, Enid 27, Mid- State, 5th place. HAL ADELMAN executes Hawlt-ss diw at dual swimming meet SWIMMING TEAM - FRONT ROW: Hal Adelman, Steve Merrill, Tom Hume, Tom Curths, Bill Buvinger, .Ion Brim. BACK ROWI: Charles Duryca, Joe Dudley. Crt-g Franklin, Cary Moon, Trey Parrish. MANAGERS: Ki-nt Duckwortli, Jim Kutz 135 GOLF TEAM- FRONT ROW: Tom Taylor, Neil Oxford, Gary ROW: Trey Parrish, Rick Burrow, Rolland Wagner, Jerry Owens, Dan Langford, Dennis Mclntyre, Ron Klassen. BACK Nickell, .loe Glasser, Neal Wasemiller, Terry Parker, James Davis. pring Sports Set New Pace at EI-IS Coach Floyd Winfield's 1968 linksmen turned in a fine 6-3 record. Returning lettermen for 1969 were Joe Glasser and James Davis. GOLF RECORD 1968 - Enid 515, Putnam City 65, Enid 11, Phillips U. 73 Enid 25, Ponca City 9155 Enid 11, Putnam City 1, Enid 4, Stillwater 9, Enid 1615, Woodward 215, Enid 7, Stillwater 6, Enid 9, Pawhuska 35 Enid 615, Ponca City SMQ Enid, third in Mid-State Tournament, Enid, third in State Regional. After a 1968 record of 3 wins-5 losses, Coach Tom Nilesi tennis team captured the Alva Invi- tational Tournament and won second in the North- western State Tnvitational. Returning lettermen were Marshall Mabry, Wayne Wagoner, Randall Gregory, Bruce Barton, and Kenny Lisle. Ken- neth Jones was the senior in the top four. TENNIS TEAM - FRONT ROW: Roger Sharkey, Rick Hockmeyer, Doug Lovell. BACK ROW: Randy Gregory, Wayne Wag- ner, Bill Morgan, Kenny Lisle. t,ETTERMEN'S CLUB - l"HON'l' ROXY: ,lim Klltl, Tim Kirby, ROW: Mike Perks, Larry Hughes, Cllllldi Groves ftreasd, David ,lon Brinl, Roger Stair, Cordon Vtlillialns fpre-s.J. Craig Vance, Hennelce tsemzt. Alan Slroup, fam- lflvlliiligx. New llolt, Trip Tim Wright, Rod Holnison. SECOND ROW: flour-h Holi Green- Moore, Presley Xlrllallan. llqlllli HUVSZ .lat-li Lallroix. .lm-rry haw. Dennis Baker. Mark Lumen, Allen Ytilllile, Stn llough. Kenipli, ,lou Glasser, Trey Pzirrish. 'ted lloliinson, lic-ith Lea Craig Scott. Ronnie Lee, ,lavk 5i'lllIlIli,'l'L'I', Charlie Uenin. 'llllllill lsgt.-at-ariiisit, Hit-lg XYLlIlKt4UN't'lt'll, lltlLU'll llarris, Coat-ll Duke, Lettermen Pledge Uutstandin thletes Students who lettered in a varsity sport were eligible to heconie lI16Il1ll6I'S ol' the Enid High Lettermen's Cluh. An additional qualification was that of pledging one of the two times during the year. Pledges showed their desire to lieeome mein- hers by performing various tasks throughout a period of one Week, terminating with a hectic, nev- er-to-be-forgotten initiation night. LETTERNIEYF CLUB - FRONT HOYYZ .lim Ages, Rodney Richardson, Randell Gregory, Kent lJllCliXUlTlll. Tom CllI'lll5, Lynn Baker. Leslie Owens. filiarles Klvliay. Daniel Cagle. SEC OND ROW: Coavh Boh Banisler, Ronald llt-nh-y iNHIl-lllt'IIllbPl'l, Bill Bnringer, Toni Karns, Marshall Mabry, .lim Cox, 'lim Choate. Kim Wilson. Kenny Lisle. Coaeli Boll Niles. BACK HOW: Dan Xt-xxsoni, Cary Brown. Bryan llarper lIl0Il-llN'lll- herit. Mike l-lronopnlas tlioii-1111-liilu'1'l. George Davis tnon- lllt'IltlJC1',l, Don lll'llIlL'lii'. ,laines llaxis. ,Xlikte Marlin, llruve Bar- ton, Dwayne Campbell, Coach Dusty Ehy. 137 FELLOWSHIP OF CHRISTIAN ATHLETES - FRONT ROW: ,lim Kutz, Tim Kirby, Gordon Williams, Stu Hough, Craig Scott, Roger Stair, Rodney Richardson, Craig Vance, Rod Robison. SECOND ROW: Allen Wilhite, Dan Newsom, Dennis Baker, Steve Holt, Ken Lisle, Ron Lee, Steve Merrill, Darrell Parish, Tim Wright, ,lon Brim. THIRD ROW: Chuck Groves, Tim a, Choate, Larry Hughes, Alan Stroup, .lack LaCroix fpres.l, Keith Lca fsec.-treas.J , Zane Fleming, Dennis McIntrye, Charles Geuin, Trip Moore. BACK ROW: Rick VanKrevelen, Larry lantz, James Davis, Jerry Kemph, Joe Glasser, Trey Parrish, Ted Robinson, David Henneke tv.-pres.J, Bruce Barton, Coach Bob Greenhaw. Athletes Combine for oral Inspiration With national affiliation, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes was a movement of faith and action. It strengthened the moral and spiritual at- titudes of athletes and coaches. Members helped each other practice good sportsmanship. Inspirational speakers urged the group to oloserve the rules of a Christian society in sports as well as in other phases of life. FELLOWSHIP OF CHRISTIAN ATHLETES - FRONT ROW: Reinaldo Martinez, Randell Gregory, .lim Agee, Kent Duck- worth, Haney Buxton, Larry Alley, Milton Walters, Lynn Baker, Ronald Henley, Daniel Cagle, Les Owens. SECOND ROW: Ricky Niles, ,lamie Robison, Danny George, Tom Karns, Dallas Hardcastle, Jeff Mabry, Scott Starr, Toby Rogers, Cary Steinert, Wendall Baker, John Brune. THIRD ROW: Steve 138 Cropper, Dick Abernathy, Dean Mendenhall, Doug Durham, Dennis Morgan, Keith Phillips, Mike Cutting, Wayne Camp- bell, Randy Boyle, Terry Henneke, Gary Reid, Greg Martens. BACK ROW: Doug May, Bob Long, Gary Brown, Mike Martin, ,lim Barnard, George Davis, Don Henneke, Neil Wasemiller, Mike Hronopulos, Mike Froese, Greg Franklin, Kim Wilson, Larry Francis. onclusinn HEY "SENIORS" MEET ME Jusl' cause lhis is a one horse Jrown don? be in a hurry AT To leave. Theres srill a few oals around. gi ll, a l 'rel ll g . Sv' ' 6 an My -ml lr, , E, 9 Q- X-H f E " Jf ,I im a ' ',y.4f ' 'I' Q ,V . A A ' 'TDP X1-.YEA E , :wi we ' 'fir F 1- l 2'-, - Q, ,Z i22 W. Randolph K e e ' ' ff' K -E 234-3424 89 years in Jrhe same localion rracling wilh The "Plains- men," any lhing from curry combs To eleclronic equip- rnenl. SIMPSUNS . A NICE PLACE TO SHOP 215 E. RANDOLPH Congratulations to the Cummins Class . Constructlon of 1969 Company Inc. 8: GLCTI-l,l E RS ILVHIIHIJCKCDJIB Iimhlldlulfnlildvwniuwnlhopplng lqvll I P' O. ENID, OKLAHOMA S. A. WILENZICK CO. 215 E P- . Ine Norfh Side Square Enid. Okla- 140 Come have a coke wifh us. Look over our new Junior s+yIes KENNEDY,S 522 Wesi' Broadway Parking ai our back door. Come as you are. Henninger-Allen Funeral Home Barnes Agency, Inc. "COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE" Jim Barnes SIMMONS HIGH SCHOOL GROCERY 624 Wesi' Wabash Sireef Al Woods 'A' Schooi Supplies 'A' Groceries SI8 W. Broadway 'A' Candies 'A' Mea+s Phone 237-0853 Enid, oklahoma Simmons for Sewice Phone 237-0350 ' I I I' CongrcJ'ruIotlor1sI C0"9'U U 0 'ons Seniors of 1 969 .'7unA Wm: fu Bars' Seniors of I 969 BOND BREAD CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS DAVIS PAINT STORE "DAVIS PAINTS" Top OuaIi+y Since I92I WaIIpaper Gifis Ar+ Supplies II8 E. Randolph Good Luck, Seniors SINGER METAL COMPANY NEW PIPE-NEW STEEL Souih Second and Easi' IIIinois SENIORS, for the best in . . . Office Supplies . . . Founiain Pens . . . Books of AII Kinds . . . Bibles VISIT VATER'S BOOK STORE 2I4 Norfh Independence 237-I2I2 Serves You Bei-+er-Saves You More BeH'er CIoI'hing for +he En+ire FamiIy ENID, OKLAHOMA Congratulations jus, Good Food To the Class of 1969 KEN MARTIN-Class of I934 GRANT HARRIS-CIGSS of I943 903 Wes+ Merkel' Enid, Oklahoma JACK BOOHER-Class of I939 JOHN MARTIN-CIass of I964 PHONE 237-3033 VAN'S PLAZA DRIVE-IN KEN MARTIN AGENCY Cherokee Square Phone 237-4I4I E' L' VAN SCHUYNER Tnn Enid Mnfnine News Zaloudek Implement Ile. and J. A. ZALOUDEK SONS The Enid Daily Eagle Published by SCHWINN BICYCLES GUNS-FISHING TACKLE The Enid Publishing Company BO'iiQjfj12RQgffQ,ifSSK'S MILTON GARBER, Edilor JOHN w. TAYLOR, Presiden+ 223 W. Randolph 237-2I I5 Pizza Inn ENID BOARD OF TRADE Carry Oui' or Eai' In 42: SOUTH VAN BUREN 237-7708 Enid. Oklahoma JOEL O. KOOHER GeneraI Offices FIrsT NaTiOnaI Bank Order By Phone For Fasfer Service General Manager - new In mwr ' if S Brown Funeral Home .gag-ol. E nlsmmunne en. ,i ' I:eaTuring GERALD L. BROWN, JR. Tv' MORTON POTATO CHIPS Phone 237-5432 350I N. 4'rh ENID, OKLA. 234-4397 STUBDIEVANT SHEET METAL AND ROOFING COMPANY, INC. Roofing for every purpose Shee'rmeI'aI work We give S gl H Green Sfamps Hea'ring ancl Air Condifioning Insulafion I909 Lahoma Road 2I8 E. Elm Phone 237-I36I 142 INSURANCE FOR EVERY NEED Including if REAL ESTATE ,Q REAL ESTATE LOANS if ABSTRACTS OF TITLE f SURETY BONDS and LIFE INSURANCE Harry P. Frantz Agency HARRY P. IERANTZ ROBERT E. FRANTZ HARRY P. FRANTZ, JR. ALL E.I'I.S. ALUMNI 220 W. Broadway Phone 237-43I4 if FIRE ,Q TORNADO CASUALTY LE AUTOMOBI PLATE GLASS if 'A' if Dick Mathes Typewriter Company Aufhorized Dealer for Smi+h Corona EIec+ric 8: Manual Office and Poriable Typewri+ers All malces of used machines Sales - - - Service - - - Rentals Special rafes To S+uden'rs II7 Norfh Washingfon TERMS ENID Phone 237-3705 Keep in Tune wifh The lime- RILEY ATKINSON JEWELERS Wafches Diamonds Jewelry Enid'S Only Cernlied WaTchmaIcer Beller Service for Your Wa+ch 203 Wesl' Randolph . Phone 237-5050 ENID, OKLAHOMA ' " 2.'.1:f'r? .rI?E.-i"1' ,::5::.g:5f " Q 1 1 .r.r:':3:':E:i 22315 :-51.13.12 :ri if: ' - gig 41.1 Eelif 11-333.1 -55 5 , 1 1 ,,5s:e2ea2?fl.l:f"' , ,Q Ab , 9 A 5 X if I Q' R at " 5.45, fa ie 5 .R 4 gk x ,E Ax ft .A -f .9 2 Q s 4- 5- 1V--12--1-1-:f:1:P2r:1:':35:f:f:1:':3-' ':,::.:.,. 'ng ibv .....-.. -,"- A 'v S. A 5 I rf 'QS' 9 i N 4 sf In ,, ' A Q , A 135,23 , vw. , '4 Pull up a chair. Yef us fell you where To go, To furnish a home. When educafion's compIe+ed, A nice place 'Io be seafed You'II wanf, when you cease To roam. Bu+ don'+ SH' and wail' Nor hesilale, Lei LOOMIS furnish your home. C. E. LOOMIS FURNITURE I29-3I Easl' Broadway AandW BEST WISHES SENIOIYS - 5 DRIVE-IN FROM fa . A Good DI'inlQS and Fine Food 'k'WHERE YUU ALWAYS BUY THE BEST FUR LESS" Q ! 9 T604 SOME Gmsows , O E M R I C K ' S FOR THE BEST IN- ' Local Moving Cra+ing Long Disfance Hauling S+orage Packing Pool-Cars Warehousing DRIVE IN CLEANERS EMRlCK'S Agenfs-Allied Van Lines, Inc. I 802 W. Main 237-4254 E M R I C K S 234-5736 202 E. Pine 111-3 G. F. WACKER STORES 5c I'o 55.00 Merchandise Wes+ga're Shopping Ce-n'rer CIeveIand and Lahoma Road mne'SEE1 Qw1U RS AZ. SURETY BONDS SURETY BONDS if INSURANCE Phone 234-5454 'A' BONDS 'A' LOANS 'A' RENTALS if REAL ESTATE 222 Wesr Broadway, Enid, Oklahoma PRINTING OFFICE SUPPLIES Fresh Fruif and Vegetables I23 W. Maine Phone 234-6561 We Give Green 5"emPe Serving Enid and Nor+hwes+ oklahoma CIGVGIMCI and Lemma Road Since 'qw Enid, Oklahoma CompIeIe Office Supply J. LEE CROMWELL JOHN CROMWELL MARY CROMWELL 2 Loca+ions To Serve You WesIga+e-Lahoma ai' Cleveland X, EHS I9I7 EHS I958 EHS 19:9 Nor+hga+e-Vanburen aI Willow Serving 'Ihe People of Oklahoma Wi+I1 EVERYTHING IN IVIUSIC FOR OVER 40 YEARS ' - -- SlEE ff: S E A Music Stowe --3 I F S I -f.-:11,. I .E,.... 'e"i I "'i I E - if r s s f f i i if ii Iiziili' ff.-E ' -fb ' ' A --'F " KHENOWETHQGREE ENID, OKLAHOMA 144 -M... wif ,I . 5 ,- In -1+-,iz .-.1.1 " , V V. 1:-1--' ..-- ..,:s1a.1:ae:f:s:1-1- " w '6""?4- I 4 f v-.-,gtk lf? so , ,,..,A , M Sales Service Ren'l'als Vic'I'or Royal Business Machines Typewrifers STO ' OFFICE MACHINE Co. Y Il Phone in Cheering 234-4742 20l5 Lahoma Roacl Enid, Oklahoma My 56463 gJ"0W!'4afe5 of 7969 CQ MCMLXIV Wall Disney Proclucfions CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS NAME BRAND CLOTHES FOR BOYS AND GIRLS Always A Backer of Enid's Ploinsmen COMPARE: PRICES 237-4379 QUALITY SERVICE Color for men is in a+ Ricl1ard's, Sunsel' Plaza. Come see for yourself ilfme wide, wonderful world of living color in ' 9 mm appme,, Cllff S Camera Shop if A af 122 E. Randolph 0 sun. Qi' ' amcnkiworld 234-6766 ENID OKLAHOMA Sunsei' Plaza 14-5 My TaTher, Gene Iv1cConkay, in I9lO made The TirsT picTures Tor The QUILL Annual. Through These 59 years, Enid High has puT ouT an annual excepT one year during The depression, buT The IvlcConkays sTiII made The phoTographs Tor ThaT year so The senior picTures could be hung in The hall. The pasT 4I years I have been The phoTographer Tor Enid High School, aIThough iT seems only a shorT Time. BuT looking back Through some oT These QUILL Annuals I remember making picTures wiTh an 8 x IO camera using Tlash powder. I used To smoke up a IoT oT rooms Through The building wiTh open Tlash. Now beTTer eguipmenT enables me To work TasTer. In These lasT 4I years, I have been knocked down aT TooTbaII games, Tackled, had Two camera's broken, and Two ribs cracked: buT wiTh The nexT game I would be ready Tor more. NeiTher rain nor cold would make me miss a game aT home. I have enioyed working wiTh This new generaTion, wiTh The Teachers ThaT have been here Tor many years and Those iusT sTarTing. I wanT To express my sincere Thanks To Mr. Ivlauk and his oTTice sTaTT, JaneTTe Norman, TacuITy and members oT school body, Tor Time and paTience puTTing up wiTh me. ANOTHER YEAR ANOTHER OUILL ANNUAL Dick McC0nkay FRIEND AND FOLLOWER OF ENID HIGH SCHOOL Congratulations Seniors of 1969 FROM ADVANCE MEAT COMPANY 9 i. x 1, 906 w. Maine 57 WE ARE PLEASED T0 SERVE T I, THE ENID HIGH SCHOOL f leagilfi if T CAFETERIA ks A i ii ii , ssss QT rrrsr rsss srrrbsr i i rr .Jill T rrrsrrrrrs --r- . SECURITY NATIDNAL BANK 146 Continue Your Education GI' ST. MARY'S HOSPITAL al 305 Soulh Fillh Slreel' Enid, Oklahoma declicaled 'Io communily service in NURSING Direclorz Marguerile Lamberl, R.N.. B.S. 27 monlh slale accrediiecl program fincluding college courses, Member Agency: Nalional League ol Nursing Aflilialed wilh Phillips Universily College almosphere ancl aclivilies College credils 30-32 hours required Nursing courses laughl al hospilal Psychialric afliliafion Eligible lo lake examinalion for R.N. Classes begin in Seplember NO RESTRICTIONS as lo sex, race, creed, or marilal slalus in MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY Direclor: C. E. Baker, M.D. I year residenl' program Can earn a B.S. in Medical Technology Classes slarl' February, July, and Seplember Accrediled by American Sociely of Clinical Palholoqisls in X-RAY TECHNOLOGY Direclor: L. F. Shryoclc, M.D. 24- monlh resiclenl lraining program Classes begin in Se lember P Accreclilecl by American Radiological Sociely ENID AUTOMOBILE DEALERS ASSOCIATION Cvongraiulaiions fo 'I'he Senior Class of '69 o FINNEGAN AND COLLINS CLINCOLN AND MERCURYI o NORTHCUTT CHEVROLET CO. QCHEVROLETI o JANZEN OLDSMOBILE CO. IOLDSMOBILEJ o DAY FORD COMPANY QFORDI o BATES-JONES BUICK IBUICK, CMC TRUCKSI o FIDELITY MOTORS UMPERIAL, CHRYSLER, PLYMOUTH o NORTON STUART IPONTIAC and CADILLAC! o STEVENS VO LKSWAGENS IVOLKSWAGENI o FREEMAN EQUIPMENT CO. IINTERNATIONAL TRUCKSI o HURST-KURZ-RAMBLER o DEAN PEARSON-DODGE VALIANTI the ball Nothing does it K' like Seven-Up I FOR THE ENID HIGH SCHOOL ANNUAL BEST WISHES To The I969 Class The Enid Business College is OIclahoma's oldesf l74fh yearl and Iargesf business school, wifh over 20,000 grad- uafes. Many EI-IS graduafes affend fhe Enid Business Col- lege every year and go ouf fo successful, profifable business careers. Our courses are nafionally approved in fhe secrefarial. accounfing, and clerical fields. Teachers falce a personal inferesf in every sfudenf and his success. The college mainfains fine machines and eguipmenf for sfudenfs fo worlc wifh. When a sfudenf finishes a course af EBC, fhe college helps him find a desirable posifion. If you are inferesfed in a business career for yourself, we invife you fo visif fhe Enid Business College, fo see fhe school and fo falk over your plans. ENID BUSINESS COLLEGE 2I5 Norfh Grand J. E. George, Jr. 237-5929 Presidenf ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY I CONGRATULATES THE CLASS OF '69 I. C. PENNEY CO. :os W. Randolph 234-8I4I Norfhside of The Square Serving Enid For 50 Years VARSITY ROOM Eeafuring young men's clofhing by fhe leading manu- facfurers of aufhenfic Ivy League sfyles - such as: McGregor Sporfswear I-Iiclqok Belfs Ivloss Ivy Shirfs Rafner Clofhing Bosfonian Shoes I-I.I.S. Sporfswear CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Grays women's floor proudly shows Teenage, College, or Career fashions by- Aileen Sporfswear Janfzen Darlene Sweafers Viclcy Vaughn Peffi Susan Thomas Counfry Sef Claralora Eormals The place fo go for names you lcnow l D- - - I I l Where every cusfomer is freafed as a guesf 148 Pepsi-Cola aste that beats the others cold! PEPSI , TAKE HOME AN EXTRA CARTON AND SAVEI Pam Barnard, Joe Glasser, Melanie Glasser and ,lee Farrant are enjoying those refreshing moments with a Coca-Cola. 77 "Tluer0's nothing like a oca- COAL! Cole-Haan Gani' Puri+an London Fog Corbin H.I.S. Austin's lVIen's Store "For Young Men of All Ages" Easi' Side of 'rhe Square Chances R Restaurant WHERE ALL THE GOOD PEOPLE Lee Livingsfon and Sieve Asbell are scooping-in +ha1' wonderful OF ENiD MEET TO EAT Good Food --- Fasfer Service Peerless Ice Cream In ihe Hearl' of Sunse'I' Plaza 149 CGNGRATULATIGNS NAV WFIEISD WESTINGIIUUSE AIR BRAKE COMPANY DRILLING EQUIPMENT IIIVISIUN r.o.aox an o :Nlo,oKLAHoMA 73701 o u.s.A. AN EXCITING EDUCATIONAL UPPIIRTUNITY AWAITS YIIU AT! PHILLIPS UNIVERSITY BEETCH'S BEAUTY COLLEGE Q9 PIVOT P0019 SPECIALIZEDLTRAINING 'S IN ALL THE PHASES Q gg Q OF BEAUTY CULTURE Q :S Nexi' door 'I'o Bdwy Tower O o 4 r- I20 Easf Broadway DIAL 237-4465 BW: - Tm Enid's Only Exclusive SPORTING GUUDS STURE, Inc. Sporfing goods is our business noi a side-Iine FOR FINE DIAMONDS AND STERLING SILVER 4 x I 1' g f, K I I I i N f D l If W . , D I A MTC 6 D S H O P WaI'ch and Jewelry Repairing Convenieni Terms Congrotulotions Seniors MIDWAY CLEANERS PHONE 237-5973 II2-I I4 NORTH IITH STREET FREE DELIVERY 905 W. Maine Free Parking 237-0992 CLEMENTS c ar 'Q PLUMBING, HEATING, AIR CONDITIONING Q Qi 'A' Confracfing if Plumbing FixI'ures if Repairing i Hea'I'ing Equipmeni 'A' Air Condifioning 4I3 E. MAINE PHONE 237-I700 In Enid II"s COLDIRON'S The Popular Price Fashion S'I'ore EAST SIDE OF SQUARE '-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-' E N I D oooooooooo E-'IIE coMPANv 6I8 WEST MAINE f 405-237-2882 f ENID, OKLAHOMA Sales Service RenI'aIs LYNN,S Hallmark Card And Party Shop Sunsei' Plaza Shopping Cen+er 2400 Lahoma Road BUY YOUR SCHOOL SUPPLIES FROM THE Activity Office 151 CHAM LIN l .---A -avril' ram i EEE?Eff?!Ff"" X 1 Z XX N rxkxxx 5 'A , ,-'1 W , -.1 ..4Lf?f.H ,553-vff , i',.l I , ll ' in gp f'i.,,fp M' . -Z f HAM PLIN PETROLEUM COMPANY f Q GOLD SPOT ICE CREAM goes lhe way of all good food wilh The Plainsman baslcelball squad Sealed from lefl +o righi are Tim Waack, Alan Siroup, Tim Wrighf, Chuck Groves, Coach Dusiy Eloy Dennis Morgan, Rick Choaie, Sieve Myers, Greg Newlron, Bobby Paine, Larry Hughes, Ronnie Cor- dell, Jim Barnard and Milce Perlcs. 152 A Abbey, Mary 74 Abernathy, Dick 80,125,138 Abernathy, Ronnie 59 Ackerman, Jim 80 Ackerman, Kathy 44,59 Adams, Miss Mary Evelyn 19,27 Adams, Pete 25,59 Adamson, Bill 74 5 Adelman. Hal 38.59,64,95,102,112,13 Agee, Jim 74,133,137,138 Agee, Krista 59,102,104 Ainsworth, Dixie 74,91 Beebe, Beech, Index LaNelle 40,74,92 Danny 80 Beers, Bill 30,43,59,99 Beets, Darlene 34,59 Belcher, Kenneth 78 Beliele, Kelvin 28,29,59 Bell, Anita 80 Bell Ann 74 Bell: Bruce 80 Bell, Danny 86 Bell Mr. Ed ar 19 , Z Bell, Opal 30,74 Benge, Jana 80,93,94 Benham, Pam 74 Alcorn, Sally 80,87,93,l01 Allen, David 59 Allen, Mr. Dennis 19,30 Allen, Jackie 80 Allen, Janie 24,25,59,90,102 Allen, Joanette 74,91,94 Allen, Kathy 43,74 Allen, Kenneth 80 Allen, Larry 74 Allen, Mary Lou 25,31,36,46,59,91, 96,100 Allen, Robert 44,80,99 Allen, Roy 74 Bennett, C'Anne 30,44,59,97 Bennett, Mike 80,125 Bennett, Victoria 59 Benton, Beverly 44,46,74,91,97,99 Benton, Bob 80 Benton, Cathy 40,44,80,93 Berg, John 41,80 Berg, Robert 80 Bergdall, Tom 26,46,47,59,95,98, 99,107 Berry, Judy 43,74,99 Berry, Mr. Zorns 18,19 Best, Barbara 59 Best, Danny 41,80 all 60 90 Alley, Robert 80,125,138 Allison, Debbie 59,99,100,102' Ames, Mr. Eldon 19,31 Anderson, Larry 37,78 Anderson, Paul 80 Andrews, Kelly 80,93 Andrews, Mark 80,99 Apel, Mike 59 Apel, Steve 86 AQUAETTES 104 Arnold, Mike 42,44,80 Arnold, Pat 24,74,91,102,104 Arnold, Sherri 59,99 Aron, Anne 80,98 Arrington, Lavada 38,41,56,59,99 Asbell, Beth 92 Asbell, Sheri 40,59,80 Asbell, Steve 26,28,46,47,95 Ash, David 75 Asplund, A1 25,31,34,59 ASTRONOMY 26 Atkinson, Karen 31,36,74,92 Atkinson, Sherry 30,59,91 Austin, Joetta 80 Best, Roger 74 Beyer, BIBLE Bickers Melvin 25,28,30,59,100 CLUB 30 taff, Bill 80 Billings, Dianne 28,42,80,101 Billings, Kathy 24,25,28,43,46,59, 95,102 Bingham, Bobbi 25,29,46,59,99, 100,102 Bingham, Gina 80,101,102 Bingham, Wayne 78 Bischoff, Dorothy 74 Bishline, Bruce 50,74 Bishop, Jerry 37,59 Bittle, Charles 59 Bivens, John 80 Bixler, Cindy 43,80 Bixler, John 80 Blackledge, Bruce 31,60 Blackwell, Charlotte 26,80,93 Blackwell, John 30,34,60 Blair, Bill 78 Autin, Floyd 59 Autin, Sidney 40,80,93 Autry, Mr. O. T. 16 Axe, David 2'9,46,74 B Badzinski, Terry 26,28,38,41,46,59, 95,97,99 Bahm, Mike 80,125 Baker, Becky 75,92 Baker, Cherry 26,30,42,59,94 Baker, Cindy 40,80,93 Baker, Connie 26,43,74 Baker, Dennis 59,120,134,137,138 Baker, Diana 80,93 Baker, Franklin 25,44,59,98,99 Baker, Lynn 25,42,74,12'1,l24,134, 137,138 Baker, Michael 80 Baker, Robert 34,59 Baker, Walter 26,80,115 Baker, Wendell 80,125,138 Balden, Mark 30,74 Baldwin, Kathy 40,74 Balfour, Bruce 80 Ball, Ben 34,74 Ball, Kathy 59,90 Ballard, Teresa 31,74 Bamburg, Cathy 80 BAND 42-43 Bandy, Tim 43,74 Banister, Mr, Bob 19,120,122,137 Barker, Jerry 80 Barlow, Cheryl 30,59,90,100 Barnard, Jim 25,74,128,138 Barnard, Pam 28,40,50,80,93,94,101 Barnes, Kathy 31,74,92',94,100 Barnes, Susan 40,50,74,91,101 Barnes, Patty 25,31,34,56,59 Barnett, Mike 80 Barnett, Susan 30,31,59,90 Barton, Bruce 46,59,137,138 Barton, Dennis 26,74 Bashaw, Janis 30,35 Batchelder, Sharon 74,97 Battin, Janet 30,31 Bayh, Mrs. Marvella I-Iern 48 Beachboard, Brian 41,43,59,102 Beadle, Miss Anita Kay 19 Beard, Mitch 59 Beardslee, Mrs. Wanda 19 Beasley, Karen 80,93,94 Beasley Vicki 59 Beattie, Wanda 74 Beck, Roger 59 Becker, Jan 80,93 Becker, Janie 40,80 Beckham, Tim 74 Beckwith, Phil 78 Bedford, Dale 80 Beebe, Bryan 80 Blakley, S y , Bland, Dana 25,50,58,60,90,102,108 Blaney, Sheryl 34,78 Bliss, Dennis 78 Bloom, Mrs. LaNora 19,99 Blubaugh, Dennis 77 Bocox, Robert 60 Bond, Jerry 78 Bonge, Stephanie 80,96 Bonnett, Paula 74,92 Bowen, Marquita 74,92 Bowers, Julie 28,74,92,101,102,104 Bowers, Richard 44,46,60,96,99 Bowles, Chris 80,115 Boydston, Lynda 60 Boyington, Cindy 34,40,60 Boyle, Randy 50,78,138 BOYS' CHORUS 41 Bradley, Cindi 74 Bradley, D. H. 80,125 Bradley, Robert 30,60 Bradley, Vicki 2'4,25,60 Brady, Mark 80 Brady, Mary 80 Brakhage, Cathy 19,29,46,74,100 Branch, Jennefer 30,60,91 Branch, Melvin 60 Branham, Willis 30,33,60 Branhorst, Janice 80 Branstetter, Kreatha 80 BRAVETTES 90-93 Bray, Mark 86 Bray, Mike 77 Breihan, Janice 30,60,90,96 Breitenkamp, Donna 60 Breitenkamp, Randy 75 Brewer, Patricia 30,34 Bridge, Rick 80,99 Bridwell, Virginia 60,64,102,109 Briggs, Janice 75 Briggs, Sherri 80,93 Brim, Jon 25,38,60,102,112,120,134, 135,137,138 Brintnall, Doug 60 Brintnall, Phyllis 80,92 Brittain, Jim 34,74 Britton, Mike 43,74,114 Brockman, Donna 34,60,90 Brown, Robert 46,60,74 Brown, Roddy 80 Brown, Mr. Vance 19 Brueggemann, Gemma 80,92 Brune, John 33,81,138 Bryant, James 81,99,125 Bryant, Dr. Joe 16 Buchanan, Rocky 81 Buchanon, Barbara 75 Buckminster, Jerry 32,60 Buffalo, Fred 60 Buffalo, Paula 74 Buifalohead, Denise 74 Bukacek, Gary 81 Bukacek. Larry 74 Bull, Charles 81 Buller, David 28,77,96 Buller, Kathy 60 Buller, Phil 80 Buller, Sherry 81 Bullock, Charlotte 81 Bunch, Karen 43,81 Bundy, Calvin 81 Bundy, Floyd 74 Burchfield, Brian 60 Burdg, Jolene 81 Burdg, Velda 60 Burdick, Johanna 50,81,92.94 Burdick, Lorene 44,60,90,94 Burdick, Mike 34,60 Burge, Paul 81 Burgess, James 60 Burghardt, Cary 34,60,100 Burk, Mike 81 Burpo, Jolayne 75 Burrow, Rick 136 Burton, Jean 40.60,90,100 Burton, Nick 75 Busch, Dale 60 Bush, Bill 25,30,60 Bushner, Cindy 25,74,91,94,102 Buthman, Carolla 81 Butler, Nancy 81 Butler, Vicki 42,50,75,101,105 Butts, Marilyn 81 Buvinger, Bill 26,42,75,135,137 Buvinger, Mrs. Margaret 16 Buxton, Haynes Lee 74,127,138 Buzzitta, Cesare 34,74 Byrd, Mary Ann 81,92 Byrd, Wayne 30 C Cagle, Daniel 30,44,75,133.137,138 Cagle, Rose 78 Cain, Sue 60 Caldwell, Jackie 50,81,93 Camp, Alan 2'5,30,60,80,120,133 Campbell, Alan 41 Campbell, Dewayne 46,74,125,134 Campbell Donna 60,94 Campbell, Mrs. Edna 19 Campbell, Margie 81,92 Campbell, Wayne 26,31,60,95,97, 137,138 Cantellay, Marilyn 81,93 Cantellay, Milton 81 Carey, Dr. Milburn 16 Carmichael, Countess 24,60.90 Carnell, Joe 34,60 Carris, Jackie 74 Carson, Robert 75 Carson, Steve 30,61 Casper, Kent 30,61 Castor, Denise 75,92,96 Cavanaugh, Jim 75 Cavanaugh, Sharon 28,46,61,91. 100,102 Cearley, Iona 43,75 Cecil, Norman 28,30,61,95,97,99 Chambers, Don 43,81 Chambers, Lyndal 81,93 Chambers, Sally 44.75,92,94,97,101 Champion, Ron 81,125 Chance, Kathy 43,61,99 Cisco, Sandi 25,61 Clanin, James 80 Clark, Mr. Albert 19 Clark, Bruce 75 Clalk, Carol 75,92 Clark, Jackie 44,75,92 Clark, Jimmy 81 Clarke Shelia 81,93 Clausing, Mr. John 19 Claypole, Joe 81 Cleveland, Teresa 25,40,74,91 Clifton, Ronda 81,93 Cline, Deanna 75 Cline, Jean 43,75 Clodfelter, Mary 25,40,74,91,101 Close, Shannon, 43,81,94 Clover, Debbie 31,74,92,94,101 Clover, Phillip 81,125 Clover, Wanda 75 Cohlmia, Harry 74 Cokeley, Teresa 43,81 Cole, Evelyn 43,44,75 Cole, Frankie 30,61 Colegrove, John 61 Coleman, Kay 81 Coleman, Larry 74,115 Coleman, Tom 78,102 Collier, Mr. Harley 19 Collins, Janet 93 Collins, Judy 40,75,92,100 Collins, Peggy 40,75,92 Collins, Ricky 81 Collins, Sherry 28,81,93,96,101 Combs, Mrs. Anna 19,96 Chance, Marion 30 Chapman Chapman, , Eddie 34,78 Mary 40, 75,92 Chapman, Mickey 81 Chastain, Mrs. Mary Lou 19,32 Chastain, Mike 37.78 Chattam, Jeri 25.30,61 Brooks, Brooks, Cindy 80,94,101 David 97,99,115 Brooks, Lorna 43,50,81 Brooks, Monte 34,60 Brooks, Steven 34,78 Brooks, Suzanne 74,91 Brooks, Twyla 81 Brown, David 80,81 Brown, Dorothy 60 Brown, Gary 46,50,75,121,137,138 Brown, James 30,60 Brown, Jerry 81 Brown, Kathy 60 Brown, Pam 74,92,101,102 Brown, Richard 80 Cheadle, Larry 78 CHEMISTRY CLUB 26 Chester, Lance 42,46,75 Chitwood, Debbie 40,75,92,101 Choat, Brad 42,75 Choate, Cecilia 75 Choate, Rick 50,81,127 Choate, Tim 24,25,61,96,133,137,138 Chodrick, Charles 34,61 Chodrick, Ray 34,61 Christal, Mrs, Carolyn 19 Christal, Mr. Jimmy 19 Christensen, Ron 26,42,44,46,50, 61,102,103,l16 Christopher, Martha 46,75,92,94 Christy, Mary 81 Ciarla, Cheryl 74,97,99 Ciarla, Waynetta 24,25,28,61,90, 100,102 Cisco, Ken 81 153' Comstock, Vicki 75,92,94,97,l01 Congdon, Harry 34,78 Conley, Bobbie 78 Conner, Mike 72 Conrad, Cathy 31,61 Conrad, Connie 81,93,94 Constant, Chris 31,61 Cook, Jeri 50,75,125 Cook, John 81 Coolidge, Donna 81,92 Coolidge, Laura 75,91,94 Copeland, Gail 43,46,75,94 Copeland, Tim 42,75 Cordell, Ronnie 61,127 Corn, Sharon 40,61,90,100 Cornelson, Brenda 40 Gorton, Elaine 81,93 Couch, Bob 72 Countryman, Butch 75 Cowen, Carla 28,77,92,94 Cowsar, Mike 61 Cox, Becky 81 Cox, Mr. James 107 Cox, Jim 61,120,137 Cozart, Mrs. Dorothy 19,23 Crabb, Dennis 34,78 Crabb, Jimmy 43,81 Crabb, Karen 74 Crabb, Mark 81 Crabbs, Cynthia 43,81 Grafton, Debbie 43,81 Craig, Charlotte 40,81,93 Craig, Chuck 34,78 Crandall, Jana 40,81,93 Crawford, Jerry 34,78 Crawford, Pat 41,81 Crawford, Steve 61,95 Crayton, Clyde 81,125 Crayton, Wanda 30,40 Creel, Ruth 61 Creel, Sharon 81 Crider, Cindy 29,61,91,96 Crissup, Gary 75 Crook, Debbie 75 Cropper, Steve 50,81,125,132,138 Cross, Donnie 74 Cross, lrella 75 Cross, Ladonna 81 Cross, QVincentJ Patsy 34,61 Crossland, George 81 Crossland, Ronald 46,75,96 Crow, Dean 43,81 Crow, Judy 40,80,81,93,94 Crow, Richard 82 Crowley, Brad 81 Cummings, Bob 28,61 Cummings, Jo Ellen 30,61,90 Cummings, Richard 81,125 Cummins, Robby 81 Cunningham, Cathie 75,97,101 Cunningham, Georgia 78 Cunningham, Pattie 46,75,92' CURRENT AFFAIRS CLUB 2 Curths, Tom 75,135,137 Curtis, Denise 40,75 Cutbirth, Jacque 28,75,92,101 Cutbirth, Jan 40,81,93 Cuthbertson, Janet 75,92 Cutting, Mike 42,81,133,138 D Dalke, Connie 25,42,61 Daniel, Leonard 25,34,61 Daniels, Denise 28,77,90,94,97 Daniels, Johnny 78 Daniels Lee Ann 75,100 Daniels, Len 77 Daniels, Marsha 61 Daniels, Phyllis 61 Daniels, Steve 42,81 Darnell, John 82 Dautenhan, Mary 81,92 Dautenhan, Vernon 37,61 David, Rita 30,31,61 Davidson, Bryon 81,125 Hannon, Craig 26,63 Davies, Buck 75 Davis, Mr. David 19,43,44 Davis, David 44,81 Davis, Dean 34,61 Davis, Deborah, 81 Davis, Duane 43,75 Davis, George 75,122,125,137,138 Davis, James 61,l36,137,138 Davis, Kathy 31,61,91 Davis Pamela 40,77 Dawson, Rick 81 Day, Debra 40,77 Day, Mike 30,61 Daykin, Pat 81 DE 34 Deane, James 81 DeBock, Teresa 81,93 Deck, Cheryl 50,77,91,99 Decker, Jake 61 DeFoe, Mark 75,97 Deitz, Byron 86 Deitz, Melvin 61 Dell, David 81 Dell, Phillip 27,75 DELTA THETA 27 Dennis, Fred 43,81,101 Denny, Sherrill 81,92 Denton, Becky 61 DeRoin, Michele 77,92 Determan, Rhonda 25,50,56,61,90, 111,120,127 Dettlaff, Linda 81 DeVaney, Barbara 31,75,92 Dickerson, Brad 42,44,75,97 Dickerson, Doug 28,75 Dickerson, Shirley 30,31,34,61 Dickey, Greg 26,61,95,97,102 Dickey, Max 28,30,96 Dickson, Jessie 81 Diener, Brenda 30,40,61,90,96 Ediger, Gerald 28,42,46,62,95,98, 99,102,109 Edwards, Chris 81 Edwards, Frances 31,62 Edwards, Janis 43,46,75,105 Edwards, Kristin 40,81,93 Eggleston, Verle 30,46,62 Ehlers, Brenda 30,52 Eisele, Gary 34,78 Elliot, Dan 75 Ellis, Mike 75 Elson, lla 75,92,101 Emick, Pam 43,81 Endsley, Edward 81 English, Beverly 40,77,92 English, James 75,78 English, Shelly 81,93,94 Enns, Bryan 50,81,125 Epperly, Susan 46,75,91,94 Eppinette, John 80 Eppinette, Mr. Tom 114 Escue, Wayne 34,62' Estenson, Howard 77 Esterson, Judy 81 Evans, Barbara 81,93 Evans, Dayna 40,81,93 Evans, Jody 25,42,46,77 Evans, Mary 25,75,102 Gariepy, Larry 42,75 Gariepy, Norman 42,82 Garis, Jakita 75,91 Garis, James, 86 Garis, Vickie 40,62 Garner, Patricia 62,90 Gasaway, Jim 75,99,102,115 Gates, Pam 40,75,92 Gauldin, James 26,82 Gault, Phyllis 30,62 Gay, Roy 62 Gearhart, Monty 82 Hale, Darlene 40,82 Hale, Mike 63 Haley, Billy 82 Hall, Deana 25,46,63,90,95 Hall, Dennis 63 Hall, Er tel 49,50,63,123 Hall, Marvin 80 Gehay. Theresa 77 Gentry, George, George, Gerdes, Jim 25,34,62 Danny 42,75,132,133,138 Mark 34,42,78,95 Mary 56,62,90,94,1l0,1l7 Hall, Robby 77 Hamblin, Darrol 30,63 Hamblin, Diana 75 Hamblin, Matt 82 Hamilton, Richard 26,63,102 Hamm, Douglas 82' Hamman, Teresa 40,82 Hammer, Cindy 82 Hammock, La Johnna 82,92 Hammond, Frank 107 Gerken, Tommy 82 Gettings, Peggy 30,34,62 Gettings, Vicky 75 Geuin, Charlie 25,62,137,138 Gibson, Felicia 40,75,92 Handley Linda 24,63,91 Hankinsi Beverly 77 Hankins, Buddy 63 Hannon , George 82 Diener, Dennis 74 Dillard, Marilyn 81,92 Dillon, Deborah 40,81 Dirks, Marcia 30,46,61,9l Dixon, Ella Mae 30,61 Dodd, Carolyn 30,61 Dodds, Gary 61 Dodds, Jo Ann 30,40,50,61,90 Dodds, Richard 81,125 Dodson, Cliff 80 Dollar, Samuel 81 Evans, Sue 75,91 Evans, Susan 40,81,93 Evans, Mrs. Betty 20 Evers, Lee 75,94,102 Evers, Marcia 24,62,94 F Fansher, James 62 Farrant, Joe 24,25,28,62',95,99, 102,117 Fautheree, Calvin 42,81 Favreau. Teresa 77,92 Feeney, Pat 75 Felber, Neil 75 Felber, Rodney 44,81 FCA 138 Ferem, Ben 102 Fields, Charles 62 Fisher, Mr. Cleo 16 Fisher, Donna 81 Fisher, Doug 37,62 Fisher, Michael 78 Fisher, Sandi 26,77,81,91 Fitch, Jim 42,75 Gibson, Thoma S 42,82 Gibson,-Tienna 77 Gigoux, Mr. Jere 18,20,46 Gilbert, James Linda Gilbert, Gildea, Philip Giles, Mr. Jim Gilkey, Denise 78 82,93 78 20,31 43,58,62,102,103, 104,105,106,107 Hannon, Jim 82,99,125 Hardcastle, Dallas 82,125,138 Harbour, Faith 77,91 Hardesty, Rita 43,77 Hardin, Janie 19,24,25,30,63,91,96 Harding, Bill 63 Harding, Ja Ree 82 Hardy, David 82 Harkin, Pat 96 Gragert, Emma 25,40,63 Grauberger, Dale 77 Domnick, Kim 74,75,79,99,102 Donehue, Alan 81 Donehue, Pat 26,61 Donnell, Twana 81 Dougherty, Daphne 29,44,46,61 Dougherty, Dortha 44,81,94 Dougherty, Malinda 43,44,75,99 Douglas, Dennis 75 Dow, Kenneth 33,75 Driskell, Gary 75 Druiett, Vicki 40,77,92,100 Drum, Louis 61 Duckett, Mr. Harold 20,106,115 Duckworth, Kent 75,123,132,135, 137.138 Dudley, Joe 2'6,75,135 Duffy, Cindy 61,91,96 DuEy, Dale 80 DuH'y Dennis 61 Duffy, Janet 42,44,62,105 Dugan, Dalene 40,81,93,101 Duggan, John 30,62 Duke, Mr. Alvin 20,120,122,123, Fitzsimmons, Letha 40.81 Fitzgerald, Gordon 74 Fitzgerald, Kim 43,44,75,94,101 Fitzgerald, Susan 43,44,75,94,101 Flaming, Cheri 44,81 Flaming, Jackie 40,81,93 Fleig, Ronald 43,81 Fleming, Gary 50,80,81,125 Fleming, Judy 30,42',62 Fleming, Zane 25,31,38,62,120,134, 137,138 Floyd, Luana 42 Fluman, Mr. Gerald 20,28 Fluman, Linda 62,90 Fluman, Phyllis 42,44,62' Foote, Lenota 81 Ford, Cheryl 26,75 Foster, Alda Kay 62 Foster, Debbie 34,74,91 Fothergill, Kay 50,62,90,94,96,99, 102,109,117 Fowler Karen 34,78 Fowler Tony 75 Francis Diana 44,62 Francis, Jo 44,81 Francis, Larry 44,82,125,138 Frank, Gary 62 Franklin, Greg 42,50,75,135,138 Franklin, Jay 26,37,46,62 Gill, Ruth 28,75,92 Gillenwater, Jeanie 40,82,93 Gillham, Linda 34,74 Gilson, Susan 82 Gilson, Tommy 74 Ging, Nina 40,82 Ging, Mr. Scott 20 Ginn, Dewayne 25,30,62' GIRLS' CHORUS 40 Glahn, Vicki 62,90,94,100 Glasser, Joe 24,25,62,99,136,137,138 Glasser, Melanie 40,82,87,93,94,104 Glover, Willie 62 Goddard, Debra 42, 82,96 Goeller, Francis 77,92 Goeller, Larry 80 Goins, Gary 62 Goins, Linda 44,82 Good, Mike 62' Goodman, Larry 77 Goodman, Mrs. Pauline 20 Goodman, Rodney 75 Goodness, Brent 42,82,96 Goodpasture, Barbara 77 Goodpasture, Linda 40,77 Gordon, Dale 42,62 Gorman, Winifred 44,46,75 Harman, Ann 82 Harmon Harmon Harmon Harmon , Darrell 63 , Dennis 82 , Doris 34,74 , Francee 40,46,75,92,101 Harmon, Mr. Garry 20 Harmon, Larry 77 Harper, Mrs. Bobbie 20 Harper, Bryan 122,124,137 Harris, Grant 77,95,102,115,137 Harris, Martin 82 Harris, Patricia 82 Harris, Harris, Harris, Sandy 40,78,97 Mr. Jim 20,122 Vicki 82,93,94 Harrison, Bettye 82,101 Harrison, Charles 77 Harrison, Ronald 63,74 Harsh, Mr. Nolan 20,26,100 Hart, Bill 82' Hart, Cheryl 82,93,94 Hart, Monte 26,42,46,63 Gorre, Darrell 77 Goss, Curt 63,96 Goss, Ramona 53,82,96 Goucher, Catherine, 26,43,82 GRA 94 Gracey, Patricia 30,40,77 Gragert, Kris 63,91,94 Graham, David 34,63 Graham, Debby 40,50,82,92,94 Graham, Dickie 46,77 Graham, Elaine 30,46,63,95 Graham Graham Graham Grapes, , Jeanette 75,101 , Rosanne 63,90,100 Wayne 42,44,82 'Roger 82 Hart, Sharon 78 Hartfield, Betty Jo 74 Hastings fMetscherJ, Janet 66 Hastings , Rocky Hastings, Stewart 77 Hatfield, Cynthia 40,82,93 Hatfield, Jerry 77 Hatfield, Mark 82 Hatfield Philip 75 Hatfield, Vera 82 Havens, Betty 63 Hawkins, Bruce 82 Hawkins, Carl 26,82 Haworth, Glen 43,75 Haworth, Russell 86 Haymaker, Mona 82,93 Hays, Betty 42',75,100 Hays, David 63 Hays, George 63 Hays, James 75 Hays, Jerry 78 Heffron. Michael 75 Gray, Wesley 82 Green, Catherine 77 Green, Jean 77 Green, Kathy 32, 63, 91 Green, Linda 82 137,138 132,137 Duke, Mrs. Edward 23 Duke, Jenny 23 Frantz, Judy 28,46,50,74,75,92, 97,102,104,105 Duke, Robert 80 Dunbar, David 62 Dunbar, Ken 75,133 Duncan, David 81,125,132 Dunlap, Larita 34 Dupus, Jimmy 81 Durrance, Sue 30 Durgan, Rosemary 46,77,92,101 Durham, Carol 34,42,46,62 Durham, Chauncey 81,93 Durham, Dou 81 125 13 H , . 8 Durham, Mark 75 Griffin, Henthorn, Bill 78 Durheim, Mike 42,62 Durrance, Sue 30,62 Duryea, Charles 26,42,75,135 Dusbabek, Alan 75 E Earhart, Jerry 81 Easley, Doug 62 Easley, Kay 40,81,94 Easley, Roy 42,75 Easterly, Billy 77 Easton, Hiroko 75 Eastwood, James 81 Eby, Bo 110 Eby, Mr. Dusty 20,126,127,134,137 Eck, Kathy 81 Frazier, Eddie 120 Frazier, Pamela 40,81 Freelove, Gary 74 Freelove, Gayle 30,40,62 Freeny, Audrey 28,62 Freeny, Cynthia 82 Friesen, Mr. Richard 20,122 Frisk, Mrs. Barbara 19,96 Froese, Mike 82,125,138 Fromholz, Miss Addie 20. Fry, Gilbert 62 Frye, Bryan 41, 82 Frye, Carroll 77 FTA 100-101 Fuksa, Judy 62 Fuller, Wanda 40,82,93 Funk, Nita 82,92 Funk, Terry 24,34,62 Green, Sandra 63 Green, Vernon 30 Greenhaw, Mr. Robert 20,122,123, Greer, John 77 Gregory, Kathryn 28,31,63,91,94, 98,97,102,109 Gregory, Randall 28, 50, 77, 136, 137, 138 Gregory, Raymond 42,78 Grice, Linda 63 Griesal, Deanna 82 Griffeth, Laurel 31,63,102,103 GriH'eth, Mrs. LaVerne 20 Griffeth, Shirleen 75 Heimbach, Connie 75,79,91 Heinrich, Cheryl 86 Henderson, Anita 26,3O,63,90,96 Henderson, Lisa 31,75,92,102 Hendry, John 25,42,44,46,63,102, 112,116 Hendryx, Harry 63 Henley, Gloria 40,63 Henley, Ronald 78,121,122,137,138 G Gabbard, Susan 40,82,93 Gafner, Pamela 62,91 Gafner, Teresa 75,91 Gaines, Clifton 82 Galusha, Esther 62,99 Galusha, Gary 62 Galusha, Joyce 44,82 Galusha, Lynda 74 Griffin, Griffin, Mr. Eugene 20,42,44 Julie 82 Mrs. Martha Lee 20 Griffin, Penny 82 Grimes, Cheryl 32,34,63,96,104 Grimes, Russell 82,125 Groves, Chuck 17,30,58,63,126, 127,137,138 Gunning, Beverly 28,40,43,50,63 Gunning, Bob 62 Gunning, Cherie 30,52,44,63,99,100 Gunning, Kathy 40,82,93,101 Guthrie, J. R. 63 Guthrie, Tommy 42,77 Guthrie, Vernon 63 Hadley, H Robin 82,93 Henneke, David 46,63,132,137,138 Henneke Don 46,75,122,137,138 Henneke: Mrs. Donna 20 Henneke Larry 75 Hennekei Terry 50,75,132,13s Henricks, Lorrie 82',92,94,102,104 Henry, Cyndi 63,90 Henry, Debra 42,75 Henry, Lynn 34,40 Henry, Mike 74 Henry, Terry 63 Henry, Wilma Lynn 63 Hensley, Mark 41,82 Henson, Clarisse 31,43,50,58,64, 111,120 Henson, Kathy 82,93 Henson, Lynne 40,50,80,82,93,94,104 Henthorn, Lana 30,34,78 Henthorn, Wesley 64 Herdman, Charlene 28,64 Herlihy, Dick 82 Herlihy, John 25,64 Herlihy, William 82 Hermanski, Richard 82 Hermanson, Becky 28,31,36,75,91 Hess, Dana 25,64,102,115 Hess, Debbie 75,9l,100 Eck, Pam 40,81,93 Eck, Pamela 81 Ecker, Don 62 Eckford, Johnny 81 Gamble, Jim 25,30,34,62 Gammon, Gerald 82 Gannon, David 24,46,62 Garber, Chris 79 154 Hager, Jobie 75,91 Hager, Terry 78 Hahn, Susan 75,91,94 Hajek, Kim 82 Hess, Mrs. Dorothy 20,96 Heyer, Milly 75,92 Hiatt. George 78 Hibbets. Barry 64 Hickle, Mrs. Judy 20 Hickman, Gary 30,64 Hiebert, Mr. Don 20,34 Hiebert, Mrs. Virginia 73 High, Pat 75,101 Hildebrand, Roy 86 Hildebrand, Vicky 64 Hill, Byron 75,115 Hill, Chris 82 Hill, Dean 75 Hill, Gayla 30,64,96 J Jack, Pam 26,29,42,46,64 Jacka, Dawn 83 Jackson, Bobby 82 Jackson, Ina Lou 76 Jackson, Karen 42,82,101 Jackson, Mary 30 Jackson, Roger 82 Jackson, Terry 64 Jackson Terry 78 Hill, Susie 40,64 Hinderliter, Bert 43,64 Hinson, Bruce 72 Hinther, Larry 30 Hittle, John 43,64 Hoad, Mrs. Martha 20,100 Hood, Nina 75 Hobbs, Cheryl 40,64,91 Hobbs, Dell 31,32,40,75 Hobbs, Frieda 40,75 Hobbs, Ronnie 125 Hockmeyer, Rick 41,82,136 Hodgden, Mike 24,75 Hodges, Charles 76 Hodgson, Monica 29,46,75,92 Hodgson, Mrs, Ruth 20 Hoeltzel, Sheryl 82,92 Hoehn, Susan 75,91 Hoeman, Jan 82,93 Hoffman, Gene 41,82 Holcomb, Debbie 64,96 Holcomb, Jenni 30,75 Holdeman, Gary 30,42,64 Holden, Ameryllis 40,75,91,96 Holland, Debbie 75,91,94,102 Hollond, Sheryl 34,64 Jacobs, James 42,76 Jacobs, Randy 64 Jamison, Mary 82,92 Jamison, Mike 76 Jantz, Gary 65 Jantz, Larry 46,65,138 Jantzen, Lee 78 Jenkins, Pam 31,76,91 Jenkins, Mr. Stanley 18 JETS 37 Johndrow, Richard 34,65 Johns, Billy 82 Johns, Larry 30,34,65 Johnson, Anne 31,76,91 Johnson, Belinda 65 Johnson, Connie 40,76 Johnson, Danny 86 Johnson, Darwin 42,65 Johnson Dean 65 Johnson Glenda 65 Johnson Linda 82 Johnson, Mark 42,82 Johnson, Martha 34,65 Johnson Paul 82 Johnson I Teresa 25,65,9o,1oo Johnston, Cindy 24,25,30,40,65,90,94 Holland Terri 82,93 Holloway, Brenda 64 Johnston, Karla 28,82,101 Johnston, Kim 26,65,97 Kuhlman, Mr. Robert 37 Kunkel, Richard 24,25,65,99 Kurz, Dennis 42,65,102,109 Kusch, Karen 40,76,92 Kutz, Jim 50,65,114,123,132,135, 137,138 Kutz, Kae 40,83,93 Kuxhaus, Judy 76 L Labanderia, Nancy 83 LaCroix, Jack 24,25,31,65,96,133 137,138 LaCroix, Linda 83,92,94 Lacey, Debbie 40,83 Lacey, Roy 83,125 LaForce, Debbie 28,3O,40,46,65, 91,100 Lambert, Debbie 42,44,65,106 Lambert, Diana 40,83,93 Lambert, Moses 80 Lambert, Sherry 43,83 Lambke, Debbie 2'8,74,76,91,94, 101,102 Landes, LeArta 28,43,65,102 Landrum, DeDe 28,46,65,91,100 Langford, Dan 65,99,102,109,136 Lansdown, Dan 26,42,83,97 Larsen, Jon 43,44,50,76 Larsen, Steve 83 Laster, Mayetta 76 Laubhan, Jackie 43,76 Laughlin, Richard 83 Lavalle, Paul 106 Lavicky, Martin 65 Lawrenz, Melva 83 Lawson, Linda 30,65 Layton, Carilyn 44,46,65 McClanahan, Peggy 26,46,76,91. 100,101 McCloskey, Debbie 83,93 McCloskey, Mike 66,95,96,99 McClure, Dan 24,28,46,76,99 McCollum, Diane 28,66,90,96 McCollum, Mr. Marion 21 McCook, Beverly 35,83 McCook, Marilyn 66 McCormick, Mike 21,34,66 McCoy, Jeanne 40,76,97 McCoy, Patrice 66,96 1 McCreary, Debbie 83,93 McCreary, Diane 76,91,94,101 McCreary, Mrs. Nelle 18,21,46 McCreary, Pat 32',66,90,127 McCreedy, David 83 McCullough, Marlene 30,50,66,91,1l0 McDaniel, Corky 86 McDaniel, Gaylia 40,86,96 McDonald, Deborah, 26,40,46,66, 91,100 McDonald, Jeff 83 McDonald, Jo 31,83,93,101 McDonald, Steve 30 McDowell, McDowell, Edwin 76 Leola 34,40,66 McFadden, Danny 83 McFadden, Denise 76 McFadden, Kathy 76 Legg, Holloway, Dianne 82 Holmes, Frank 75 Holmes, Lonnie 82 Holt, Dwayne 82 Holt, Steve 33,64,120,125,132',137,138 Holtzhauser, Kathy 75 Homeratha, Lily 30,64,90 Hong, Alvin 26,46,75 Hong, Joyce 46,64,90,97,100,127 Honigsberg, Michele 40,82,92 Hood, Jim 75 Hood, Janet 44,82 Hood, Nina 44 Hood, Stephen 82 Hooley, Cindy 41,64,91,96 Hooley, Georgia 40,82,93 Hooley, Logena 40,64 Hoos, Lloyd 78 Hopkins, David 80 Hopkins, Donald 80 Hopkins, Terry 82 Jolly, Judy 46,65,90 Jones, Debbie 26,76,91,94,10O Jones, Donnis 82,93,94 Jones, Janet 40,82 Jones, Patty 40,76 Jones, Robert 30,65 Jones, Stanley 65 Jones, Steve 65 Jones, Ted 65 Jones, Teri 76 Jones, Wilma 40,76 Jorden, Jim 76 Joseph, Steve 30,65 Joslin, Rose 42 JOUR NALISM CLUB 25 Justus, Harley 82,125 K Kammerzell, Rose Ann 82 Kapka, Mike 76 Layton, Erie 83 Lea, Keith 65,120,124,137,138 Lee, Mike 41,83 Lee, Ronald 46,65,120,137,138 Lee, Mr. Thomas 21,28 Leeper, Steve 83 Douglas 41,83 McFarland, Charlene 83 McGee. Charles 78 McGhay, Judi 25,46,50,76,91,100 McGinley, Jerry 76,127 McGinnis, Patricia 76,91 McGoveran, Terry 83,93 McHenry, Brenda 44,83,94,95 Mcllwee, Mike 28,83,115 Mclntyre, Dennis 26,46,66,97, 136,138 McIntyre, Mary 28,40,83,93,101 McKenna, David 33,66 McKenzie, Diane 35,76 McKinney, Tim 86 McKnight, Chad 25,34,66 McLaughlin, Richard 115 Hoppe, Robert 80 Hopper, Mary Beth 46,64,91 Horany, Larry 64 Horner, Mr. Herman 20 Horner, Ronny 78 Horton, Cynthia 46,76 Hough, Debbie 34,64,96 Hough, Stu 64,120,137,138 Houghton, Kathy 46,76 Houska, Rosalie 64 Houston, Maggie 2'8,40,82,87,93 Howard, Donna 40,64,91,95 Howard, Randy 80 Howard, Robert 82 Howe, Kent 42,46,76 Howerton, Kay 76,91 Howerton, Michael 64 Hronopulas, Mike 76,122,137,138 Hronopulas, Richard 82 Hronopulas, Susie 76,91 Hubbard, Pamela 97 Huff, Mary 76 Hughes, Diana 82,92 Hughes, John 30 Hughes, Larry 50,64,l02,108,110, 126,127,128,130,137,138 Hulsey, Bill 31,64 Hume, Jeff 64 Hume, Tom 135 Humphrey, James 64 Hunter, Mark 30,64 Hupe, Alice 74 Hurd, Jimmy 76 Hurd, Patty 82,92 Karns, Tom 46,76,122,134,137,l38 Keahy, Larry 82 Keck, Paul 65 Keck, Tom 26,46,47,65 Keeton, Sharon 76,92 Keilbarth, Artis 78 Keller, Sherri 82,92 Kemph, Jerry 2'5,65,120,134,137,138 Kerfoot, Kenneth 76 Kerr, Rita 82 Kilburn, Patricia 50,76,91 Killam, Gloria 40,82,93,94 Kilpatrick, Lee Ann 28,76,91, Leggett, Martha 30,65 LeGrand, Rhonda 2'8,50,76,83,96, 100,101 Le Grant, Elaine 97 Leighnor, Pamela 44,86 Lenaburg, Brenda 30,34,65,94 Lenox, Felix 83 Lester, Rick 83 LETTERMEN'S CLUB 137 Lewellen, Donna 26,65 LIBRARY CLUB 90 Lichtenberg, Janice 40,83,93 Lindem, Brady 83 Lingenfelter, Dewayne 42,76 Lingier, Rita 83 Linker, Debbie 34,55,94,104 Linn, Cathy 28,31,76 Linn, Steve 78 Lipps, Carita 26,46,47,65,91,95, 96,102 Lisle, Kenny 65,136,137,138 Litson, Bruce 42,83 Litton, Henry 86 Litton, Rosemary 76 Livingston, Beverly 76,92 Livingston, Janet 40,83 Livingston, Lee, 50,76,91 Lohmeier, Mrs. Charna 21 McMahan, Brenda 31, 78 ' McMahan, Presley 66,120,137 McManemin, Ruth 66 McNabb, Georgia 30,66 McNitt, Janet 83.93.101 McNitt, Terri 40,76,91 McVay, Leota Marie 66 McZegle, Ronald 86 M Mabry, Jelf 19,50,80,83,122,125,138 Mabry, Marshall 50,66,137 MacKenzie, DeDe 50,76,91 102,104 King, Mr. Delbert 20,21 King, Joe 46,76,102,115 King, Patsy 46,76,91,94,101 King, Paula 82,94 King, Robert 82,125,132 King, Sandy 25,2'8,42,44,65,102 King, Tom 42,83,99 Kious, Kathy 28,82,101 Kirby, Tim 25,36,37,65,102,109, 120,137,138 Kirby, Tom 24,26,27,55,97,102 Long, Bob 'I6,122,125,138 Long, Gail 76 Long, Johnny 30,65 Long, Karen 76,98,99,102 Long Paula S3 Loorriis, court 2'4,25,4s,49,5o,e5 Looney, Todd 83 Looper, Tim 78 Lorenz Marilyn 40,76 Loucksi Alben 30,76 Loucks Jim 76 Love, john Bill 65 Kirby, Tom 82 Kirt, Terry 83 Kirts, Mary 32,43,65 Kisner, Brad 44,76 Klassen, Ron 82,136 Klein, Jennifer 82,92,101 Klein, Nancy 46,76,91,101 Klemme, Mike 41,50,82 Kliewer, Beverly 80 Knabe, Barbara 82 Knabe, Ronnie 76 Hutchins, Glen 82 Hutchins, Nancy 64 Hutchinson, Jackie 64,90 Hutchison, Brad 82,125 Hutchison, Greg 50,78 Hutchison, Steve 30,64 Hutchison, Tony 82,93 I ICT 34 Ingerton, Mary 30,64 Ingram, Rob 86 Irving, Suzy 76 Iselin, Mr. Dennis 20,46,50 Iven, Marta 24,64,90 Ivers, Marcia 25 Ivey, Cecilia 40,82,93,94 Ivey, Ronnie 28, 42,76 Knecht, Steven 82 Knight, Pam 76 , Knott, Laurie 40,82,93 Koehn, Carol 83,93,96 Koehn, Mike 30,65 Koehn, Pam 83,93 Koehn, Sandy 65,90 Koen, Steve 76 l Koger, Miss Muriel 20 Kopp, Marvin 26,46,65,95,97,99,102 106,115 Korb,, Miss Beryl 20 Kosted, Dale 82 Kowalski, Gary 37,65 Krahn, Steve 2'4,25,65 Kretlow, Karen 83,93,94 Krivohlavek, Dianne 83,93 Kruckenberg, Sharon 28,30,38,41, 46,50,56,65,90 Kruse, Vernon 30,76 Lovell, Doug 41, 83,136 Lovely, Larry 26,43,76,101 Loving, Don 43,83 Lowe, Jeff 43,76,122 Loyd, Marsha 46,66 Luckinbill, Milton 30,76 Lugar, Tanis 31,44,83,92,99 Luke, Bill 102 Lukenbaugh, Jack 30,66 Lukenbaugh, Lana 66,90,102,103 112,117 Lukenbill, Preston 42,83,97 Lumen, Mark 66,120,137 Lundak, Diana 83,92,101 Lunday, Jean 83 Lynch, Mr. Charles 21,32 Lynch, Larry 66 Lynch, Mrs. Rosamay 21,96 Lyon, Becky 40 Mc McBay, Charles 37, 66, 96, 133, 137 McBride, Vicki 40,S3,93 McCall, Anita 83,92 McCamey, Teresa 30,32,76 McCartney, Carol 25,66,90,94, 96,100 McCartney, Ross 43,44,66 McCarty, Jack 34,74 McCaslin, Darrell 26,29,46,76,97 155 MacKenzie, John 34,50,58,98,99, 102,116 Maddox, James 43,66 Maddox, Linda 30,40,76 Madigan, Barbara 2'8,30,50,66,91 Madigan, Sharon 83,93 Madison, Dennis 42,83 Madison, Diana 25,43,76 Mahan, Lfonny 37,42,66 Maly, Barbara 83,92 Maly, Karen, 76 Manahan, Sandy 24,46,49,50,66, 90,94 Manan, Leonard 78 Manes, Greg 76 Maness, Lynn 66 Manning, 'Margaret 83,92 Mansfield, Bill 26,46,66 Mansfield, Connie 83,93 Mark, John 76,102 Marlatt, Dennis 38,4l,42,66,95 Marlatt, Jeanne 83 Marlatt, Mark 83 Marlatt, Randy 41,50,83 Marlatt, Stan 41,50,83 Marshall, Kim 76 Marshall, Larry 83 Marshall, Mike 83,125 Marshall, Tillman 78 Martens, Greg 83,125,138 Martin, Mrs. Ann 18,21 Martin, Brad 83 Martin, Carla 83,93 Martin, Fern 83 Martin, Jay 33,66 Martin, Mrs. Mary 21 Martin, Michael 76,122,127,137,138 Martin, Pam 30,66 Martin, Robert 74 Martinez, Bill 66 Martinez, Dolores 83 Martinez, Reinaldo 41,83,12'5,132, 138. Mason, Deanna 76 Mason, Peggy 83,92 Mason, Sharon 40,66,91 Mason, Stephen 66 Masters, Jo Ann 76 Mather, Stephanie 83,92 Mathis, Donald S6 Matte, Robert 83 Matthews, Lloyd 42,83 Matthews, Ronald 66 Mauck, Mrs. Archie 21 Mauk, Diane 83,93,94 Mauk, Mr. Gene 17,34 Mauk, Mrs. Gene 17 Maupin, Les 74 May, Cheryl 76,91,101,102,108 May, Doug 83,125,132,138 May, Minnie 34,40,66 Mayes, Terri 40,83,93,101 Maywood, Alan 80 Maywood, Ilene 26,46,76,94 Meade, Rick 84 MEDICAL ARTS CLUB 97 Meier, Deborah 84,93 Meier, Denise 84 Meier, Dennis 84 Melrose, Danny 84 Nickell, , Eva Mae 77 Melvin, Nita 76 D Mike 44 76 Me a, , Mendenhall, Dean 50,84,125,138. Mercer, Merrill, Eddie 29,78 Steve 31,66,133,135,138 Merritt, Debra 40 Meyer, Meyer, Meyer. Meyer, Milam, Milhim Miller, Cheryl 40,76,90,92,94,127 Mr. John 21 Linda 76,94,96,100 Pam 30,32,66,90 Miss Laura 21 e, Jerry 66 Beverly 30,66,91 Miller, Brenda 44,84,94 Miller, Cheryl 44,84 Miller, Debby 43, 76 Miller, Glenn 84 Miller, Janice 26,30,46,66,90 Miller, Jerry 76 Miller, Marnie 66 Miller, Retta 84,93,101 Miller, Robert 24,25,30,66 Miller, Sarah 28,43,76,94,100 N Nallye E. D. 72 NATIONAL HONOR SOC IETY 46-47 Neal, Christie 84,93 Neal, Frank 42, 76 Nehring, Leon 67 Neis, Tony 28,43,46,76 Nelson, Mr. Dun 34 NFL 99 Neuerburg, Mrs. Hellen 22 New, Bobby 74 Newkirk, Court 67,95,98,99,102 Newman, Mrs. Edna 22,96 Newman Rock 84 1 Y Newsom, Mr. Dalward 22 Newsom, Dan 67,134,137,138 Newton, Greg 86,125,127,128,130 Nichols, Elizabeth 84,92 Nickell, Diane 28,31,76,91,100 Jerry 84,136 Perkins, Nancy 24,78,91,99,104 Perks, Lynda 76 Perks, Mike 67,110,127,129,l30,137 Perring, Kris 84,92 Perring, Mary Paul 50,76,92 Perry, Cathy 67,510,100 Pershall, Warren 84 Peters, Brenda 84 Peters, Jean 84 Peters, Rita 80 Peterson, Judy 56,67,90,102,110 Peterson, Susan 38,41,90 Peterson, Susan 67,84 Petticrew, Sandra 40,84,93 Renfro, J. Richard 84 Rhoads, Jan 84,92,94 Rhoads, Karen 42,84 Rich, Paul 121 Richard, Bettye 84,93 Richard, Larry 84 Richard son, Joan 42',44,84 Richardson, Regina 84,92 Richardson, Rodney 68,121,125,132, 137,138 Richardson, Zona 77,91,101 Richey, Janice 77,91,94 Richey, Randy 84 Rickabaugh, Mr. Gene 22,34 Miller, Mills, Jeff 66 Mills, Teri 76,92,94 Miner, Linda 84 Minton, Janna 26,46,47,66,90,107 Minton, Judy 42,46,50,76 Mitchell, Jim 30,78 Mitchell, Jimmy 34,66 Mitchell, Marilyn 76,91,94 Mitchell, Ray 76 Mittelstett, Roger 122 Mitulski, Linda 84 MIXED CHORUS 38-39 Mobley, Mrs. Bertha Mae 21 Mobley, Jane 25,46,66,90,99,102, 107,111 Moler, Sharon 40,76,92 Molitor, Susan 46,76,92,101,102' Moncooyea, Susan 84 Mongold, Geneva 76 Montague, Dan 30,43,76,99,101 Montgomery, Ann 25,28,76,91, 97.104 Montgomery, Miss Mildred 21 Montgomery, Sandra 84,94 Moon, Gary 31,66,102,135 Moon, Philip 41,811,108 Mooney, Eugene 33,42,78 Stanley 84,132 Nigh, Normandie 77,9l,97 Niles, Mr. Bob 126,127,137 Niles, Rick 84,125,138 Niles, M1'. Tom G. 18,22 Nixon, Keith 86 Nordyke, 33, 67 Norman, Mrs. Jannette 22, 24 Norman, Lucy 46,67,90,99,102,111 Nyce, Cherilyn 42,44,50,84 0 0'Banion, Cynthia 76 O'Bleness, Marion 76 O'Brien, Mike 42,84 O'Dea, James 74 Ohls, Jan 76,92 Ohls, Sandy 40,84 Oldham, David 42,84,96 Oliver, Thomas 37,67 O'Neal, Ernest 84,125 O'Neal, Tom 84 O'Neill, Greg 25,29,67,95 O'Neill, Stephanie 26,46,76,92, 102,108 Opp, Phil 78,114 ORCHESTRA 44 Osborne, Mary 43,46,67,100,102 Osburn, Jimmy 76 Osburn, Peggy 84,92 Oswald, Diana 84 Outhier, Rick 84,125 Oven, Claire 84,87,93,94,96,99 Oven, David Jerry 78 Petticrew, Tony 67 Pettitt, Vicki 84,93 Piiegl, Rob 67 Phares, Mike 30,68 Pl-II EPSILON 29 Phillips Becky 40,84 Phillips Herschel 132 Phillips Hollis 68 Phillips Keith 84,125,138 Phillips, Kerry 41,68 Phillips, Ricky 19,25,30,42,68,96 Phillips Virginia 46,76,92,101,104 Phillips Vivi 43 76 94 105 Pickharlit, Carolyn '28246,50,78, 92,102 Ridge, Jewel 73 Ridge, Mrs. Mary 22,46 Ridge, Patty 40,50,84,93 Riesen, Luray 78 Riifel, Joy 40,84,92 Riggins, Kathy 84 Rikli, Gloria 40,77,91,101 Riley, David 68 Ritter, Jo Ann 25,43,68,95 Roberds, Lane 42,85 Roberts, Mr. J. R, 1DickJ 34 Roberts, Jim 68.95 Roberts Julia lKathiJ 30,68,91,102 Robertson, Jackie 28,30,68 Robertson, Jerri 40,85,92 Pierce, Gary 42,46,77 Pilgrim., Brenda 46,68 Pilgrim, Dwight 41,84 Pinski, Sue 46,68,94 Pinson, Mike 86 Pitts, Bill 68 Pitts, Delbert 76 Pitts, Shyril 76,91 Poindexter, Brenda 31,76,91,102 Poindexter, Mrs. Delyte 22,102,114 Poindexter, Linda 77 Poindexter, Sandra 84,93 Polwort, Janeen 46,76,91,94 Pontious, Mike 84 Pool, Eddie 76 Pope, Charlene 42,56,68,97,99, 102,105,116 Pope, Melodee 84 Poplin, Cheryl 84,93,94 Porter, David 84 Porter, Nancy 84,92 Powell, Billy 78 Powell, Debbie 84,94 Powell, Kerry 84 Powell, Marla 84 Powers, Miss Hazel 22 Pratz, Becky 43,46,50,56,68,104 Pray, James 68 Robertson, Jerry 68 Robertson, Randy 85 Robino, John 43,80 Robinson, Becky 40,85 Robinson, Carla 30,40,68,90 Robinson, Chad 77 Robinson, Cradie 85 Robinson Robinson, Robison, Robison, Rockwell, Ted 26,68,121,l34,137,138 Jamie 41,85,125,132,l38 Rod 68,121,137,138 Mike 77,99 Roderick, Maryetta 26,40,68,100 Rodriguez, Mark 85 Roedell, Lorna 26,40,46,47,68,100 Roedell, Sallie 26,40,77,101 Roever, Sheryl 86 Rogers, Buddy 68 Rogers, Cindy 85,93 Rogers, Janet 85 Rogers, Lanette 28,30,68,90,96 Rogers, Rogers, Rolland, Romine, Ronck, Ronck, Rooney, Phil 42,44,46,68,l03,1l4 Toby 85,125,132,138 Deborah 85,92 Janis 46,77,91,101 Byron 46,77 Phil 24,25,68 Susan 26,40,85,93,101 Moore, Moore, Beth 25,42, 78,94 Moore, David 84 Moore, Don 84,125 Moore, Ginger 40,83,84,93 Moore, Javon 25,34,56,66 Moore, Jerry 76 Moore, Patrick 84 Moore, Ronald 125 Trip 46,67,123,137,133 Overfelt, Debra 40,50,84 Overfelt, Teresa 84 Overstreet, Neal 34,67 Owens, Gary 84,136 Owens, Larry 28,42,46,78 Owens, Leslie 42,46,78,122,137,138 Oxford, Neil 84,136 Oxford, Mr. Roy 73 P Painter, Carolyn 30,76 Painter, Cindi 76,91,100 Painter, Jimmy 84,125 Painter, Martin 84,96 Paisley, Jim 84 PALETTE CLUB 31 Prentice, Marilyn 40,84,92 Presson, Sharon 77 Price, Paul 41,84 Price, Renee 31,40,76,92,104 Priebe, Mrs. Maurine 22 Prince, Kathy 46,76,92,99 Prince, Walter 80 Pritchett, Sharon 68,96 Morgan, Bill 2'6,46,67,95,97,107,136 Morgan, Dave 31,78 Morgan, Dennis 84,127,138 Morgan, Donnie 34,67 Morgan, Milan 80 Morgan, Wesley 34,77 Morgaridge, Harry 78 Morgaridge, Reta 30,34,67 Morris, Ronald 67,76 Morris, Vera 84,93 Morrison, Donna 24,67,90,94,102,127 Morrison, Matthew 110 Morse, Joy 31,40,50,76,91,100 Morse, Mickey 84 Morse, Shirley 78 Morton, Mrs. Myra 21 Mosher, Vicki 24,67,90 Moss, Ray 30,67,95 Moss, Roger 84 Mosteller, Marilyn 84,93 Moulton, Terry 76,97 Moulton, Wynona 78 Mounts, Carla 25,28,46,50,76,91 Mounts, Mr. Wes 16 Moydell, Cathy 31,60,67,90 Mullikin, Leslye 84,92 Mummel, Sally 40,84,92 Munger, Ann 28,78,79,91,97,101,102 Palmer, Chris 74 Palmer, Sheri 31,76,91,101 Paris, Jane 31,37,67,97 Parker, Kenneth 28,67 Parker, Peggy 28,67,90,100 Parker, Terry 46,76,136 Pritchett, Steve 76 Puckett, Bonnie 84,92 Puckett, David 42,84 Puckett, Doris 68 Puckett, Mike 84 Pugh, Elton 84 Pulver, Dan 42,44,84 Punneo, Judy 84 Q Qualls, Doug 78 Qualls, Robert 33,46,68 Quigley, Scott 46,76 Rose, Davis 30,44,68 Rose, Tina 26,77 Ross, Carolyn 44,91 Ross, Carolyn 40,85,101 Rotheemel, Regina 85 Rothman, Robert 41, 85 Routh, Cynthia 77,91 Routh, Victor 85 Rowe, Charla 46,68,100 Rowe, Robert 85 Rowlan, Lynn 85 Rowland, Arthur 34,74 Rudiger, Leland 77 Ruhl, Larry 26,85 Ruhl, Linda 68,91,95,100,102 Rummel, Jon 26,46,68,97,115 Russell, Debbie 40.85,92 Russell, Delores 42,85,101 Russell, Gary 46.78 Ruth, Janie 41,46,68 Ruzek, Vernon 78 Reider, Murphree, Audrey 34,67,90 Murphy, Judy 76,90,102,104,127 Murphy, Ocus 25,34,67 Murray, Burl 78 Murray, Kathy 84 Murrell, Milton 67 Musser, Mary Bee 40,84,93,102,108 Myers, Bill 84 Myers, Elaine 76 Myers, Greg 34,74 Myers, Mr. Marvin 22,26 Myers, Rick 41,84 Myers, Steve 84,127 Myles, Bonnie 44,76,91,100 Myles, Loretta 78 Parks, Beth 40,84,92 Parks, Darrel 84 Parks, Gailyn 40,43,44 Parks, Garlyn 67,77 Parrish, Darrell 24,30,67,95,96, 97,100,138 Parris, Tery 26,50,67,l35,l36,l37,l38 Parsons, Carolyn Sue 84 Parsons, Donna 43,84 Parsons, Kathie 67,90,96 Parsons, Stephen 84 Patrick, Dennis 67 Patterson, Amelia 30 Patton, Jeanette 40,84,92,101 Paulk, Janice 76 Payne, Mr. Allie 16 Payne, Becky 76 Payne, Bobby 46,76,126,12S Pazzo, Pazzo, Dale 43,765,114 Steve 42,67 Pearce, Jim 28,42,77 Pearce, Pearce, Pearson , Pearson , Pearson , Pearson, Mary 21,40,67,90,94 Theresa 84,92 Carol 84 Charles 41,84 Mike 30,67 Pam 25,28,30,31,46,56,60, 67,90,94,111,120,127 Pearson , Paul 76 Peck, Terry 77 Peckham, Greg 41,84 Quigley, Tammy 40,50,84,93,100,101 QUILL WEEKLY 24 QUILL YEARBOOK 24 R Rackley, Joyce 46,68 Ragsdale, Johnny 77 Ramirez, Terri 84 Ramond, Donald 77 Ramsey, George CChiIJT 78 Randolph, Debbie 43.84 Randolph, Elizabeth 2'4,25,40,46, 60,68,90,94 Randolph, Teri 31,50,77,91 Ratlii, William 84 Ratzloff, Sherwin 73 Ray, Jesse 84 Ray, Mr. Lloyd 22,133 Ray, Margie 34,40.68 Reading, Gary 77,78 Record, Donnie 31,78,103 Record, Ronnie 25.26,46,68,l17 Rector, Rick 31,78,102,115 Reece, Jimmy 34,68 Reed, Jim 84 Reed, John 77 Reed. Robert Wayne 84 Reedy, Mary Jane 77,79,91,100,102 Reese, Richard 84,99 S Sallee, Imogene 40,85 Salmon, Mark 77 Sanders, Donna 31,60,68,90,94 Sanders Sanders Sawyer, Miss Evelyn 22' Sanders, , Pamela 37,77,78,91 , Sandra 85 Ron 32,68 Sayre, Barbara 24,30,32,38,41,46, 56,69,90,102 Sayre, Rick 85,125 Schaffer, Delores 69 Scheffe, Robert 77 Schibi, Mike 34,69 Schibi, Pat 85 Schinnerer, Jack 30,69.107,l21,137 Schinnerer, Jill 30,35,69,107 Schmidt, Richard 42,44,78 Schmitz, Diana 85 Schneider, Kenneth 69 Schral, Danny 34,74 Schroeder, Anita 24.25,69.90,100,l02 Reid, Gary 80,125,138 Paula 86 Schroeder, Martha 85,933,101 Schroeder, Sharon 46,77,91,101 Schroeder. Shirley 26,30,69,90 Schultz, Charlene 77 Schultz, Craig 69 Schultz, Debbie 85,193.94 Schultz, Roger 69 Schwarz, Gloria 85,92,94 Schwind, Linda 40,85,93 Peckham, Lucy 76,92,97 Peckham, Mrs. Peggy 22,97 Pekarek, Linda 83,84,93,94 Pekrul, Donald 26,42,84 Pekrul, Freddie 42,77 Pekrul, Kay 43, 56, 67, 96, 102, 105 Peninger, Judy 25,40,67,97,102 Penkauskas, David 84 156 Reim, Mike 44,84 Reim, Rodney 84 Reimer, Elaine 84,93,96 Reimer, Mrs. Martha 22,96 Reimer, Rick 84 Reinhart, Steve 43,84,114 Renard, Mike 30,68 Scott, Craig 25,50,69,121,137,138 Scott, David 85 Scott, Donna 32,46,69 Scott, Emory 85 Scott, Mrs. Florence 17,22,96 Scott, Gary 77 Scott, Mary 28,85,93,94,101 Thorp, De Scott, Mike 74 Scott, Miss Ruth 22,24,25 Scott, Steve 69 Sebourn, Paula 42,77 Seek, Danielia 30,69 Seelen, Doug 25,41,69 Seem, Mr. Herbert 22,33 Selby, Mr. D. Bruce 48 Selix, Larry 85 Sellers, Jim 85,99,115 Seltenreich, Paula 85,92 Seltenreich, Terry 30,46,69 Semke, Sue 25,78,91,94,102,111 Semrad, Lee 46,50,69,133 Semrad, Lynn 43,44,78,132 Semrad, Neal 77 Senters, Darrell 30,78,127 Serviss, Joan 85 Seymour, Bruce 69 Stair, Rose 40,85 Standlee, Sue Ellen 85,93 Stanford, David 43,85,99,102 Stanley, Donna 69 Stakey, Paul 85 Starr, Scott 50,138 Steele, Bobby 69 Stehr, Bill 25,69,'l21 Stehr, Susan 40,85,93,94 Steinert, Gary 42,78,l32',138 Thomas, Sandy 43,46,77 1' Thomas, Stan 132 Thompson Thompson , Everett 70 , Kay 85,93 Thompson, Penny 25,31,46,78,91 Thompson, Robert 24,25,28,70 Thompson, Sharon 2'5,31,70,90,100 Thompson, Sherry 31,85,93 Thompson, Valorie 85,93,94 nnis 74 Stella, LaDonna 25,85,99, 101 Stengle, Judy 46,77,92,100 Stephens, Bill 85 Stephens, Gay 28,77,91,101,102 Stephens, Lana 77,91,96,101 Stephens, Marilyn 40,85 Stephens, Shelly 28,30,40,69,90,100 Stephenson, Debbie 28,69,90,94, 97,102 Shipp, Shafer, Gary 85 Shafford, Vicki 28,40,85,93 Shaklee, Jane 43,85,97 Shanks, Nancy 50,85,93 ue nn 40 85 93 101 Shanley, S a , , , Sharkey, Roger 41,85,99,136 Sharp, Mr. Eugene 22 Sharp, Nancy Ann 85,92,96 Sharp, Nancy Lynn 85 Sharp, Pam 42,85 Sharpe, Bettie 29,77,l00 Shaw, Pamela 30,32,69 Sheet, Anita 40,85 Sheets, Sheets, Steve 77 Stuart 85 Shellady, Cathy 77,92,96 Shellady, Nancy 46,77,91 Shelton, Debbie 78,96,101 Shelton, Denise 31,69 Shelton, Pam 78 Shepherd, Rickey 85 Shields, Chuck 26,46,78 Shields, Susan 40,85,93,101 Shiever, Mark 69 Patricia 40,85 V Shockley, Kim 85 Shoemaker, Rod 85 Shook, Cynthia 85,93 Shook, Janet 26,69,91 Shook, Linda 85 Showalter, Kenneth 86 Shreve, Debbie 77,91 Shreve, Ronald 85 Shumate, Mike 30,34,69 Siegle, Cynthia 40,85 Siegle, Shirley 34,40,69 Siegmann, Sheryl 50.85,93 Silvers, Judy 77,92 Simmons, Doug 43,77,102,115 Simon, Simon, Bill 78 Gwendolyn 30 Simpson, Karen 77,91 Sims, Christine 85 Sisk, Richard 80 Skillern, Janice 40,85,93 Skinner, Terry 43,85 Sloan, Terry 77 Smith, Allen 69 Smith, David 69 Smith, David 26,28,46,50,77 Smith, Deborah 85 Smith, Denise 85 Smith, Dennis B. 85 Smith, Dennis R. 86,92 Smith, Elaine 85 Smith, Gail 77 Smith, Hal 43,69 Smith, Jimmy Lee 78 Smith, Jimmy Wayne 77 Smith, Judy 85,92' Smith, Karen 85,93 Smith, Kathy 85 Smith, Keith 25,30,69 Smith, Larry 37,69 Smith, Lewis 78 Smith, Mari 69 Smith, Mary 40,77 Smith, Mike 34,69 Smith, Parvin 44,46,69 Smith, Randy 77 Smith, Reznal 85 Smith, Mrs. Tillie 22 Smith, Wayne 26,43,85 Snapp, Glen 85 Sneary, Patti 40,85 Snell, Kelly 110 Snell, Mr. Richard 18,22 Snelson, Robin 85,92,94 Snow, Dennis 78 Snyder, Jerry 85 Spake, Wanda 34,69 Sparks, Anita 35,69.91 Sparks, Donna 50,85,93,94 Sparks, Lavatta 30,34,69 Sparks, Sue 85 Spencer, Brett 85 Spencer, Gary 69 Spickelmier, Mrs. Lucyle 22,23 Stephenson, Diane 24,69,90,100,102 Stepp, Kathryn 69,90,100 Stetnish, James 34,69,99,102,111,112 Stettnisch, Janette 85,93 Stettnisch, Terry 78 Stevens, Sue 40,85,93 Stevenson, Mary Ann 69 Stevenson, Valeria 42,85 Stevison, Don 85 Stevison, Pam 85 Cherie 85 Steward, Stewart, Mrs. Jamae 22 Stewart, Jan 85,93 Stewart, Nancy 40,77,91,96 Stites, Julie 77,92,94,101 Stoll, Georgene 77 Stone, Dolores 40,69 Stone, Paula 34,74,96 Stoner, Mrs. Autumn 22,29,46 Storm, Connie 85,93 Storms, Charlotte 85,93,94 Stout, Janet 85,93,94 Strain, Judy 78 Strain, Karen 40,77 Stratos, Deanna 40,85 Stratton, Brett 85 Straw, Janet 85 Streck, Deborah 69 Streck, Sherry 80 Strecker, Barbara 85 Strecker, Carolyn 77,91 Stribel, Dale 43,85 Stricklin, Linda 34,69,116 Stricklin, Mary 40,85 Stringer, Mrs. Phyllis 22,94 Stroup, Alan 25,2'8,69,127,137,138 Strunk, Claude 85 Strunk, Jay 80 Strunk, Jean 70 Stuart, Gheri 40 Stuckenberg, Brad 77 STUDENT COUNCIL 48-51 Surgeon, Charlene 42,85 Sturgeon, Sara 40,85 Sudmalis, John 26,70 Sughru, Mary 85,92,94 Suiter, Jimmy 41,85 Sullivan, Janice 35,77 Sullivan, Pamela 29,70,94,97 Super, David 77 Sutherland, Donna 73 Suttles, Vicki 77 Swank, Clifford 42,44,70,95 Swanson, Terry 28,78,79,92,99, 100,102 Sweatt, Rosey 4O,50,85,87,93,94 Swezey, Keith 78,102 Swiggart, Peggy 43,77 Swinford, Betty 85 Swinford, Dale 85 Swinford, Roy 33 Swinnea, Frank 42,46,77 Swinton, Sandra 46,70,91 T Tagge, Fred 70 Tah, Edith 30 Tanner, Linda 77 Tanner. Sue 91 Tate, Jim 47,70 Taylor, Beverly 70,90,94,96 Taylor, Bill 77 Taylor, Bruce 78 Taylor, Jamw 78 Taylor, Kathryn 28,50,70,91,94,102', 104,117 Taylor, Kathryn 85,96 Taylor, Teresa 28,85,93,101 Taylor, Mr. Tom 37 Taylor, Tom 85,136 Tays, James 78 Tays, Pat 26,77,91 Templeton, Neal 46,70 Terrell, Kathy 70,91 Terrell, Sharon 77,91 Terry, Rusty 85 Thain, Mary 86 Thorp, Joyce 40,85,93 Thorpe, Mr. John 16 Thurlow, Dena 40,78,91,101,102 Tigner, Paula. 40,85,93 Toews, Myra 40,46,70,97 Tommey, James 34,70 Tompkins, Gaiola 43,77 Torode, Sylvia 40,85,92,96 Trammell, Enid 40,77,91 Trammell, Vance 70 Treat, Connie 24,25,70 Treat, Jim 78 TRADE GRAPHIC ARTS 33 Tribble, Don 41,86 Tribble, Teresa 86 TRI-HI-Y 95 Tripp, John 42,70 Troop, Melody 86,93,101 Tuohy, Rita 70,90 Tune, Mike 77 Tunis, Donna 77,92 Turner, Frances 30,77 Turner, Linda 86,93,96,101,110 Turner, Teresa 40,70,91 U Ukena, Jeanette 86 Ukena, Sharon 70 Underwood, Debbie 30,70 Underwood, Debbie 86 Underwood, Kenny 86,125 Unruh, Alice 70 Unruh, Arlin 86 Unruh, Cindy 86,93 Watson, Freida 86 Watson, Jackie 77 Watson, Richard 70 Watters, David 42,86 eith 86 125 132 Watts, K , , Weaver, David 26,28,43,46,70,95,l02 Webb, Bonnie 42',44,86 Webber, Johnna 86 Webber, Judy 26,28,46,77,91,101 Weber, Butch 86,125 Weber, Mike 78 Weese, Karen 78,92 Wegener, David 46,78,102,115 Weidner, Betty 86 Weidner, Dorothy 86,92 Weidner, Jimmy 78 Wein, Jennie 24,25,28,70,90,102 Weiss, Galia 31 Weldon, Terri 26,28,42,46,50,78,94 Welker, Bill 26,86,115 Wellman, Keith 74 Wells, Danny 26.46,70 Wells, David 26,50,86 Wells, Susan 40,86,93 Welsh, Wessel, David 78 Willa 86 West, Marcullus 86 Westfall, Chey 30,34,70 Wheelahan, Barbara 44,78 Wheeler, Becky 43,78 Wheeler, Kenneth 86 Wheeler, Mrs. Minnie Lou 22 When Samuel 71 FY: Whenry, Tim 86,125 . , C White White, White, White, heryl 78,91 Darryl 42,441.86 Dennis 86,125 Karl 26,42,46,78 White, Linda 31,71,90 White, Marveta 30,31,40,71,97 White, Nancy 86,93 White, Rick 44,78,12'5,132 White, Steve 86 White Virgil 42,86 Whitehorn, Randy 86 Unruh, Lois 77,94 Unruh, Merle 34 Unruh Sherry 40,77,92 Usseryl Debbie 86 Whitlow, Debbie 40.86,92,96,101 Whittenberg, Roy, Deceased 158 Willingham, Joy 78,97 Willis, Judy 31,71 Willis, Mallory 71 Willits, Yugonda 28,50,78,91,101,, Spickelmier, Lynn 24,25,2'8,69,90,. 102,117 Spoonemore, Pauline 24,25,31,34, 56,69 Spoonemore, Robert 80 Sprayberry, Judith 85,93 Spruce, Debbie 85,92 Spruill, Paula 85 Squyres, Wesley 85 Stair, Roger 30,69,121,137,138 Theilen, Mary 40,77 THESPIANS 102 Thieme, Mr. Donald 22 Thomas, David 86 Thomas, Glen 41,85 Thomas, James 37,41,70 Thomas, Joan 86 Thomas, Judy 70 Vail, Brenda 31,78,92,100 Vail, Stephen 86 Vale, Arlene 24,31,46,70,91,100 Van Buskirk, Rodney 86 Van Buskirk, Rosalie 77 Vance, Carol 42,77,100,105 Vance, Craig 24,46,70,12'1,137,138 Van Houden, Marsha 31,77,92 Van Krevelen, Rick 30,70,121,137, 138 Van Scyoc, Kathy 40.77,92 Vater, Suzette 24,25,28,30,56,90, 95,99,100,l02,104 Vaughn, Carolyn 24,25,70 Vaughn, Mary Anne 46,77 Vculek, Pattie 77 Veach, Cathy 77 Veal, Linda 77,91 Vincent, Penny 86 Vives, Delnhine 40,86,90 Voelzke, Sharon 31,91 Vogt, Nathan 77 Von Schriltz, Sharon 31,50,77,91 W Waack, Tim 24,26,2'S,46,70,95,127 Waggener, Judith 70 Waggoner. Roger 86 Wagner, Nancy 86,93,94 Wagner. Rolland 70,136 Wagner, Wayne 70,136 Wahl, Charles 70 Wahl, Donna 86,92,96,101 Walker. Carroll 70 Walker, Kathy 28,46,77,92,99,108 Walker, Ken 75 Walker, Ronald 70 Walker. Roy 26,86 Walker, Mrs. Wilda 22,46 Wallace, Darrell 70 Wallace, Rick 77 Wallace, Ronald 86 Waller, Janice 28,46,50,60,70,91,94, 99,102,108,117 Wallis, Cheryl 77,91 Walter, Janice 34,40,70 Walter, Robert 70,95 Walters,Byron 70 Walters, Donnie 70 Walters, Milton 86,125,138 Walters. Terri 86,93,94 Waltz, Bill 32,70 Wanzer, Jana 78,91,102' Wanzer, Patty 86 Ward, Charlie 86 Ward, Kathy 34,70 Ward, William 43,86 Warkentin. Collette 77,92 Warren. Virginia 24,25,32,28,46, 56,70,90,102 Wasemiller, Neal 78,ll5,136,138 Wasson, Debbie 30 Watkins, Wanda 77 157 102,104 Willson, Deborah 86 Wilson, Cleta 78 Wilson, Debbie 86,92,93 Wilson, Doug 42,44,86 Wilson, Jimmy 78 Wilson, Kim 78,132,133,137,138 Wilson, Layton 25,49,50,71,96 Wilson, Patrice 50,855.93 Wilson Tim 78,122,125,132 Windler, Secoy 71 Winfield, Mr. Floyd 22,122 Winfield, Janet 78 Winfield, Linda 40,71 Winter, Robert 86 Winters, Jimmy 86 Wirtz, George 37,46,71 Wirtz, Kim 78 Witt, Lora 28,95,99 Witty, David 42 Witty, Vicki 40,86,93 Wolfe, Mary 71 Womack, Debbie 40,78,97 Wood, Gary 86 Wood, Keith 29,86 Woodbury, Linda 46,71,101 Woodruff, Chet 86 Woodruff, Joy 30 Woodruff, Lewis 34,74 Woody, Cherri 86,92 Worley, Mr. Tom 22 Wright, Carolyn 28,78,94,101 Wright, Linda 78 Wright, Ray 30 Wright, Sonia 78,92 Wright Steve 42,86 Wright, Tim 49,50,71,110,126,127, 134,137,138 Wright, Tom 78 Wu, Mitr 26,86 Y Yaryan, Nancy 86,93 Yeatme Yewell, n, Beverly 30,40,'71,90 Sheryl 46,71,90,102' Yohe, Randy 71 York, Phillip 71 Young, Buzz 34,78 Young, Dan 71,96 Young, Miss Eva 22,23 Young, Mike 78 Young, Susan 86,93 Youngblood, Kathi 86 Z Zaloudek, Joe 46 Zaloudek, Lanny 71 Zaloudek, Pam 31,78,92,101 Zelnicek, Linda 86,92 Zion, Larry 71 Zumwalt, David 71 Zumwalt, Debra 86 Zweifel, Daniel 78 X - bo 1 Lwvwmwwwc, M i GQ hwwowwt owKQuwQwmclq6MLkQ,i JAZVDJQYVQ QCMGQIKYQLLQY 66 A 55 3 dwg' 1? NSS? M MM We SEQ N 6 93 is g Q In Hllvmnrmm I ' ggi? 5355 iw Sb 553 5 ix Q N ha 3 S35 A Rigs X20 Qu!! 7 ' Que, Aw w 'fyvbx!Q'0x'YVv6L'Qi5 Qrm iw miws mi? QW1g0Q WWW YQ S,Q,,W QQ H-H1 L- Q3Z.,44J,g,,.?j1NA 58 QMWJQM Keeping Faith With lockers emptied, hooks returned to the library, and final goodlmyes said, Enid High School closed its doors on an- other yea r. tilraduution saddened the hearts of many. Parents proudly congratulated their Hgrown-up" Children. College and lJI'Oilll futures awaited seniors. Some welll to serve their eountryg others went to apply for jolosg but for all graduates, at new horizon lengthened hefore them as they ended high school careers. It was a good year Ma year of friendships, knowledge, memories. As the last class period ended, sophomores and iuniors resolved lo put the past behind them and to study harder ti nd do hetter nevct year. But for the seniors, this year - l960 e was our year, and it would not he forgotten. lXXlXl X 'N Y it not Seniors hold graduzition eerenionies ut l'lainsn1en Field in l968 for the hrs! time. 159 'x -f it Q5 SO 'Qfkf f 70 CQ ff 71 ff' X QL, Toll' L 5 X Jo fd". C j aj Ca 15457 L,- SUVVF SYVW .fb if Xl ' X4 xv-LX VJD JU' OR Lldrc JC, HJ 1 CCT W N UL nl Nw M0 NUC! 'S I x,Jf L I D,AfLxC,,f .IMF zf O buf . AR WP , , Ack e wledgments 3 Xl ' ol' rf 1' ' 1' P9 0 XA X L .O x.V'C Ll Nl D 6 'R D GGDCA L I TOR ORG NIZATIO COMMERCIAL TOGRAPHY X ,- Lyn ' ickelmier 'rginia Warr Dick MoCOnkay :TN v SECR ARY l ,lo Glasser Special photographs co tesy LC : X CO ntess Carmich l of Enid News 31 Eagle Arnold X 1 3 X A N Ak X ' ORTS PRINTING O e STRAT A -, , V D h 'T A R Ma Q, l lille Efxlaiigxzalrafsmpany , xi I , A 'gl ICS l A 5 Tim Waack Camden, Arkansas E , NXN, f STUDENT PHOTOGRAPHERS ENGRAVING X , X . X x ' XA X Daliidsvlannon Susan Baker, Yearbook Dept. ST S N 5 rxlaiik'-U' AN PER 3 ALITIES ' L 4 ance Southwestern Engraving Co. xx KS Cluge Tulsa, Oklahoma U X AQ uzgt 3 1 6 no C11 C4 X, 'Q TIOO PHOTOGRA IC EDITORS COVER fl Q5 T , gl 's B 5 ' a Sayre Durand Manufacturing CO. Q - 'il ,-1 :'X:.:. son Nancy Perkins ?:?3C?Q03gthISEL1OiS LC X ' X Xxx 9 A 'f - 9 IN EX O A X 5 X , FACULTY BUSINESS MANAGER Q Nr 1 1 Ks by Waynette Clarla X ' a rel Parrish Linda Handley Charles Lynch S, gg ig' E S-UI BUSINESS MANAGER FACULTY ADVISER X A Q , lk . 5 an 1 . L' : rlson Jack LaCroix ,lannette Norman Rm R 5 X, A if . at Sw f f A C N Q! FS F M ' Q U aj g . ' 'J , N J i Q 5 , M , T 5 3 I ab .' 'J LJ rx - ' v 1 AP' 1' 1110, A -"',P"l A S if -1 - 1 ,Plf iles M it :L T X - - ' A gf UOf"j1lWi,1f'L' T : AL' X X lg S A d A ' Vik ary' i Si fl" Q I ' ' A 3 f ff f E AO ra S Q r a A A A i I "Ji 'lv , ,lib ' L " T f ' R 1 Q nb -S S if I ,L lg, L A UI ,QL "i" I fl 0 A 5 a n ,WF F4 L f X W 1 n Al W MA 5 iq H Wwffanh ' K 'T A f" f i P '- L ' f Cl! U X T ' T' , W iff WU? Q5 Q , A 'gh AV O! A I, xwue' A ff lliiiydfj A ,f Q9 T Y, , Lg- I , ,Af I Q T iw' 'cf , fi 315' ,Q f 'A ,OAS r wwf Q Q Q ,Q X ? ' Qfwim 5 Q,A , N yi M' ' , 3 'Q is J: Wcfaw TWQWWQMM' wwf? Xxx 23 WE? I 5 gg fix fi gf I X WE? X? W 0 -2,09 W' gif 23 WM Wa? 'D if Waff- 5 .2 iii jwfjg ik ng f xii' 22 Ti if 55 ,H 2: F9 W 6 C' A 1 . M M X59 N is-H 1 Lf 2589? X Wy X x U jx Y.. ,Qi W Q f fa, 'X " Q Q , ogg Qv 3 fgcag, Q V D69 H - X 412 xp L df, . g. , fa EL ' ,L i-CP X 02? 5? 9,0 2, 3 La W3 day' X 04, 344, CJ 21, 5412 ' dl 4, ,rw V ggi Gig! E 55,96 9 N, 'QQ Q C99 0' 30-v,1df,,D X 'QT A? X X. 4 P , 41, ff, 79 K .. ,fu oe, 5 2 V O 7'lc -9 M dp D "A-f, . , - " ' J , , ,J u ' wr , . . ., ,, ' ' ,rv-a , f u yu , , , .

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