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1 MW WJ EWWWWEWQWJUQ Q EKWAQVAX2 ma'7f?fZf'Q'L'Qff ' 2,65 awk ,W f ,xQwJx,bNMX?wAO99NxMA Q JWf'Mqff,,M,'1 Mb' W W5Qpi?Zf ,, 4wfiEif3yAL ejiww if .afeww Wyizmfv, QKQQZQ mg QWETWMW Www gig SS? R SK My M3fQ2E?fMy M 1 4 E Egjgisg WW5PiiW MM E51 M I E mXHiak?Ww Ei if is M M May? 234 iQ W WWW Wi,f5,,Qf1 Eiw Og wwffmwyp ' xv My X MVS Wwjw 6825531 ii fEWaVWwx15y'MlW mf Qgfafs Egg? ff VM N Aujfji 52cQw 5E"3ij9ff!G Y fpiigig ,JE IW MQW 723 fu 455- ,mc 5f g1Zw Zifw WW wgjjfw W 07 Q0 , ,XI f A ug nd 0 34 WWQ Q6 X ' I ffw x, N 3 M535 K Q Q -VESFQ IQVWQJS gfffigfiii ig? 22 3,53 Q6 JW wif R J WW! xgjfgk MKY WW WWWQV W T D Nix frg FL . g KJ kiwfylxxwqxy S i if Of: QQIQQ' 3 3 Qi f x ,Em g ,, 'N5 www' km NQX9 Q K, 2 :WJ iii: 'Q'Ef5YivwMJ5G 2 V2 S XV Q W V fu , 9 W1 if Nfy' ' MX S 1 REQ xwwf 5 A Ci-A J W" wig i KJ . AN' f 5 O5 fm, N FM f 5 QQQJT Qgigs sl, NMM'ji06 SW, TW S if 9 C? Awbvvwggdj Q . xiii W 0 QWRW '55 x X' If 604 m0lkf2gbA9 1 my 3 EQ 5 X go Oo. ,iv Ella' 009 Mba, ik "4jgNl?9Tfci:Q6 Digi 3045053 fb 2SQ8QfZ6W"B0ZTQf0'f?W 2123-35X6Q!2,i,Q!69jC?2p X,gCQ?'7o4 X35 fb? 55 1 X Y 'N- l ,' Y TV P Af T4 ' N N1 1 ' new-Xl Fxfmxryfv J f-, ' 1 x O91 oh 130 ' S 0569 X -Uxmd WX 'S 1 Q9 gc M C351 sgmwjfie WWW cs AX so I 6CA"vXQf'pV1 fC? 2ff5ew1f1Qef bfi 55.9916 M Volume XXXV ff M l QBQJJ Published by the Yearbook Staff r 58,3 fvjf ' Q,lrTg,3V S 0 Enid High School A 0 jj S,?'Xg0f'd .QEKQAKQ i Wvgfenid, Oklahoma 73701 1 X W JN A Pm! K, 01591 99 Q5 X nd Qyiwiafab a Q5 N' 550 wUJi'eU'J Q rp. , ML of wp' gf . 'lt N Wm Af lb A 7 . 7 , Qty 937 - gmdwmwf 'W' 1 .1 rfldk idk-ll! X s X s , 2 X, +R .K V 1- Table of Contents Wei E5 N Opening Section ...... .... NW S 'X School ................. .... X 1 Classes .............. .... 5 el F Leaders and Personalities ...... 3 ' 'QSpecial Interests and Events ...... N -X IR 'S 153 NX 'gSAds and Index .... ...... . Sports .............. ....... WWW, 0 Q is 71536553 fx . . .1444 I . .45-54 1 . .55-81 I .82-117 v 118-138 I .139-160 ' J 355 15 5g J 'Q jL!fW0p Q0d0Uwk, QM Quik? KK Qi? 1 Jx, 5 O J Q ,Nm W W' l ,,,,,,.,..-av ,M fv .nm 5 A I fa 4 ' '. f MZQM -ff. '1 .Y I my . - . , -:gf f 1My Kg '?'i59" ,,.. ' - w- 1 xy 7 f .ff-5f'f'g I- ,f,,. Q giwjmw., 5 ' , , x ' .- L ' - 'V , W U' - - ."w1f:,- if t f,:..ew1- iff 'f 5? 551655.32 -,.,,+wfr""' ...nf A wwf g' .vw ,,,p,fJa-4 9'9" 4,,,,me,- 1 'Y' Wynn-1 :Q K Q . 1 a v . Q . ,, Q fy I F 1' ' 4' 1' K- f L 4-'. 'Q . . P :Q . 'T i V I. ,,, kj 1 4' W x N' EE 3 fight - qs U' 1 if La l mv , , ggnk . , ' X I 1 t Q if Vik :gil 1 1 2 f 2 F , , Y W f I. A 5 5, 4 . 5 4 vw, NA 2 e at 3, 4, .Q A ps 3, M a E ' 2 .ff 'g ,F I S Q 1 55 I M25 -X 1 Q E5 z . , K 3 mf u 2 in X W in 125315 1'-'Y' W ,gg 'r lp Gemasf' l f? i ENID HIGH SCHOOL EE " t f l v, . l'1NIl7,UKI.,-XIIUINIA 7 701 Q I" n'?W EES l'f fi1QniJ GENEAIAUK AU4 W4 ' ' Principal Fellow Plainsmen, You know, memories are funny things. Sometimes, they just won't come. Then they need a gentle and encouraging nudge. That nudge--be it a gesture, a picture, a song, anything at all--can jog a person into recalling some of the best times in his life. We, the Staff, have realized this and tried to keep it in mind while putting together the 1968 Quill. We have not tried to capture the entire year between these covers. Rather, we have sorted through all the memories of the year, discarded some, accepted others, polished them up, and offered the choicest to you in the hopes that they will stir up many others. We have attempted to Spotlight Memories of 1968. E ? :gk Sincerely, R ,Rfb 39 ssl? Q Q? 5 QF EY? gg iw: E X Swirls x si 9 V' NM ' g 'yy' Q 6 My 'g . I ' xi E v . . 1- .' ?.' .Q tg Sgr lxvkin- lflurk. um! Duvicl Nh'Km-mlm us Ihvy pusv alt Hlbllll'l'1DIllillQQ. ocializing... f"RN1 Q 1 X Q Vlll'l'UliY HOUSE says, 4114+ Ulm-," uml slufhfnts 21S5llIIlt' hm- IIIVZIIIS lilllxillgl, rrfc'nl1l'wg 90 with ll wilI.1h4-y gn ln il with full sp:-1-rl. U IXJUYMICNI' shines nu Ihv faxvws ui' liuglul' lxillflllll. Hamm- l'ric'w, NlElC'l'lNii in hull. Narlvy Croppvll Siu-rrp E41liiIlg1I41ll. and flingvr Cmrflwilm Yigit. , ' '--M 'A 1 x Nil lvlfX'l' uf lln- "NUiPIK'IIl1'I1n +lur'iup llmm-wmning Klllllil' mu IINIIXINU luv Nh-liuu Vlnillip-. lun 1 mlm' fe-1-lm lalwxmllmwl. 1 I E 1 STAGEHANDS HIUVQ the Ch1'iSll1lZ1S lrec upstairs to stage for assembly. fi H HOMEROOMS load Christmas baskfvis of food for Salvation Army. S 'h ,ru 'F dy QQ! QI! A QW 3 'T 4. - S'l'l'IJEX'I' C01 Xllll, 111611111613 1'iX1N4' 11111111-x In 1111x1111 me-1' 1111- 1-111111-FN11111 r18Il41 1111' 11111' Qlllllt erving... QZAJ Wynn-X .,,., .. . ,. . Ul'1aI1XlINl, 115 11111- 111 1111' 1l1lI'ilI'X 114-1111-1' 14'illll. 5111111111 1112llI' v114'1'1v l'LlIl1K l'L11lll11N 1 7 A! Aa-feg: HOOKS -F STUDY L: pupvrs IMV1-lima Piltb and Susan l'l1'm1upulu wg'-xlhg X x Q MXHHN INC an .mlllnml UI' lnmlv, l.i1ulu 5WlQQilI'l pn-p:1rn-- lur qllivl wlmly llillll. l'l fflllll llL'1'lxf Iiwunllwlx-l1.Iu..,lxlm-alnml--I-HN 5l1'X1-Suu ml l lx- If-,ln-lun . ml if l ,M tudying... Karl-n KllXl'll. Stn-xv llarlly. Xllllllillllllt Xi ll Nllmlv Nlwlxill. l.lIlIl.l llurlrllc-, mul Ilill Xnllnmillx. -v l,llFliXlU quivl uiflg l.1'Ull Nlujm' :mul Xlllllx lv-llx in lurlx Ill NIMH. :lux mln-.lm-. vmxvvulllqlll-'11 NllLlll4'Nll1IlX Im XPPROVINCLY, Judy Russvll smilvs, RICHARD liilllc almuls sup It and uppor-ting, Xl.'I'llUlfflH VHYSICALLY not on tln- playing lin-Ill, Pluinsu vi W W C S idelinus zlrm: nwnlully right in thu micldlc of ilu- gripping: avlium. HF J II Um! l I Illnfx lllllll xx mln- fHI I HIX1 l:1!Ir!lfI:UlH'x 1111- rm I 5 5. MRS ' , Ill -XTl'fXl4u1I1-Ihr .3 1 r .1 -H .. :'if'f' -1 Q Azz w glf rf k r .fy .-:, M .. , ' 7 2 L A 7"' T Q3 .-,.I52-F-,:,.u.'A3 M VP V ' ' ' " .f L' V" qgmu ? '- f V , Wi 'L -- P J a ' , 4 "Miz-'ea-.saguv ie' A . I wi ' ff -aflwi' , we H nf'-'qfffz' Tix 1 "M Nfl fjig, V ' L? -ry'-5,, .mix 1'-.Wig ff' A , ' 'Af . f ' " ,' " . .fl , : " ' !Y'1"2",' "Vim - . in W -5532 ' - + A M',-e:S?i W f . ,-AL W ,:.ff.m1.1g-V -- J - 5. gg , 1.35 5,?gE,,fy f ' L' "Sri 'wgg-A 1, ..,. ' paw "X ' -W M W' 'gf,,-ff,5Li.k, ,wius 'f?lQ,,W4?,iQw9g H L1 ,S 'k f , fp T KEN'-"1'f H+. f .. ' ,-'gm' " 31,9-X up N fl , 7 A 'mx Asfvsy.. ' V , hifi? . ,, A W.. V Y' ,am fig J Lfpiifisfj' f ,Y S llIxlll,Il lld!l'jNIIl1'Il rum an lIllIll4lK'I' nw ilrgugf-f to :lf-m-lurc ilu-lr Imul 5 lhlllxlll of IlllllllNlll1'll ll'lllllr. We potlight rnernorles of 1 9 B B 5Uff!f'U1'flNl5-fllllI"IX..lk1I11'.U1'N..l1n-.mul llvun vlml ir1L'L1f1-I4-1'iu. kv ' .wmk K "Pm N nmlds IllSIlIHli4'S fur ,lufly Rusw-Il. Sl VI'l'Uli'l'lBtL and SIGN um-5 pmn-pmn-. IIVIIIIUIN., 111141 I NWN LII5 lilllllr-. dwi'.'i' 'm--4 :1l55fmfUi?5VJxW.MMH Q4 mf-29.2-in -wi' ' 1- , 7 ' Q ax .5 AA N. -. -- w as q:-fl mfg ,- N mvg Q - :J-we YQ- P-Si f K Q n 11 wb ,ef X' 2 ,pr ff .J I K K Q 2 s 1 i 1 I, 3 si i, I. n Q E J i iw X H 1 5 I fa 5 3 5 1, is . E K . ,mam ?"" chool 4 15 DISTINGUISHED nn-mht-rs of the audience at tht- dedication liartletlt, and members of the school hoard, who listen as Mr. of the new O. T. Autry Vocational-Technical School include Nlr. Autry speaks. The dedication, lu-ld October 8, 1967, ranked Stanley Jenkins, vict--principal of Enid High, Governor Dewey state-wide in interest and importance. Community Benefits From Autry Dedication Nlli. O. T. Xli't'ltN , Strpt-r'internlt-nt of Sf-hoo Always a familiar and welcome face at Enid High was that of O. T. Autry, superintendent of the Enid School System. For lVlr. Autry, 1968 was a year of many additions and changes. Well within the limits of his many and varied interests was the U. T. Autry Vocational Techni- cal School. Named in honor of him, the school was completed last summer and opened lor classes in the fall semester of l967. Located north of Enid, the school served stu- dents from the surrounding area as well as those from Enid High School. It offered twenty- one courses, ranging from auto mechanics to data processing. Not only high school students henelited from this school, hut also graduate students and adults. This yearis enrollment was approximately 1150, which was within the school's capacity .for service. But, ever with an eye to the future, lVlr. Autry and the school hoard provided for growth. Stated lVlr. Autry, HShonld the need for expan- sion lmecome a reality, the physical building can make the change easilyf' The huilding was con- structed so that when addition is needed, it will not require complete reliuilding or even re- modeling. The stated purpose ol' the school was to give Enid High School a halanced curriculum, suit- alile to the needs of every student. But in view of the fact that it helped also adults and grad- uates, the school was a valuable addition, not only to EHS hut to Northwest Uklahoma. Board Promotes Excellence Witlfm Additions EXIID HUXHID Ol' Iflil CXTIUN: Xlr. Xllir- Paint-. Hr. .lnlin FlllllI'ltl', Xlrs. Xlargara-K llnxiiigvr tv.-pi'vs.t. Xlr. Wes Nlnunls. , , ., . , Dr. .luv lirxanl. N111 Ll:-in l'islivr. ltr. Xlllltllfll Lauri-5 tprf-3s.l. With a year ol' vliarigvs and aflmlitions past. tlw Enicl lloaril of lfcluvalion worlwil on lo proniolc liiglicr slanmlards of learning. Sonic- nl' the admliliuns werv large. SlIl'll as Sl l5.TZZ large, lllC mst of tlw new ventral ollive lmnilcling. l'lanneml in l966. coinplvlccl in the suin- iner ol' I967. and our-upicd at llw llltgilllllillg of llic fall s1'iric'slm', the ltlllllllllg lllJUSl'll tlie ollives ol' smfluml ollivials, sf-liool rcworcls. anil files. It also pmvirli-il a pleasant selling for llie lmarcl's inonllily nieelings. Less expensive. but just as Iltllffwlllllly, was lliv addition ul' a new ine-inlwr of tlw lmaril. Dr. ,lov S. Bryant. Llllilttl' lln- direvlion ol' the lioarml. a spevial mln- cation vlass was inilialml lllis year in Enid lligli Sclionl, Thr- guidaiigp stall adclccl a new cfouiisvlor. and tlw ailininistration ol' the liigli si-liool aclmlwl an- other assistant print-ipal. A new proievt ul' -'rval iinpmtani-1' to the lmaril was the Psyiflmlogiifal-Soviologival Vlnnc Scrum' liotll Enill and Carlin-lil County. lln- 4-enter lic-lp:-il "l -' - ' Q ili lliiltlen 4'inolim1'1l or rw- A mol 'W t'l"l6't't lt l ' l N- X'l'Il',XlJlXCL to nr- sriiwi hXNil'IIl is .-Lista f.,,- ii... tml-.1 t'llOl0?ll4'Lll lJI'Hlllidl!ts. si-tting lilw thi- nvxx vm-nlral ullii-it at 3011 5, lrlmlm-pi-iirli-niw 17 ii Nl li .J I MHP 'F 1 ,i-,, ,ur tfUXlNll'Nllf'XTlUNS. a vital part in tht- lift- ol' EHS. are han- tln- pultlit' address system. His familiar xoifw informs stud:-nts dh-il 4-llivii-nllv Q-'tvli flax' during liomt-room lay Nlr. Nlanls with of 1-nrrt-nl vu-nts and artixitii-s sponsort-tl hy tht- st-limit. 4 Mauk Proves Cutstanding in His First Year ,t1l2NlCNlMlK. Prinripal ln his Hrst year as principal, lVlr. Gene lVlauk provided excellent leadership that kept the spot- light fovused on Enid High School in 1968. His dynamic: personality welded the favulty into a united group which supported him in all things. His casual manner, a friendliness yet Hrmness toward students, was a part of his popularity. Although Wir. Mauk was new to the position ol principal, he was not new to Enid High School, having served three years assistant principal and four years as a classroom teacher. These past positions provided him with the necessary experience to fulfill the duties and responsibilities connected with the principalship of Enid High School. He received his Bachelor of Scienve Degree from Phillips University and his Masters in Edn- Cational Administration from Oklahoma Stale University. He is married and has four children. This year initiated a second assistant principal. This addition aided the principal and allowed him more time to fulfill his responsiliilities and assist in the instructional program. Adding a Second Vice-Principal Eases Load Enlargement of the responsiliilities ol' the as- sistant prineipalship resulted in the appointment of two assistant principals, lVlr. Stanley Jenkins and lVlr. ,lorry Simmons. Their duties ineluded student-teacher relations, c-urrieulum. student prolilems, administration, and attendanve. Mr. ,lenkinsis prime duties were curriculum and administration. He formerly taught llilile for seven years and English lor one year at Enid High Sehool. He is married and has four eliit- dren. Mr. Jenkins received lioth his liaehelorls and his masteris degree from Phillips University. Prior to assuming the duties of assistant prin- cipal in charge of student prohlems. student- teacher relations and attendance, Mr. Simmons was the distriliutive edueation teacliei'-1-oordina- tor. He is married and has two Children. He is a graduate of East Central State College. and he received his masteris degree at Oklahoma Uni- versity. This year the guidanve department added two new Counselors, Xlr. Zorns Berry and Nlr. Rich- ard Snell. and a new guidance seei'etary. Nlrs. Ann Martin. Tlirougli untiring elflort. this de- , , , , , Q H NIH. hliXNI.l',N ,llzNlxlXS and NIR, ,llulilit MNIXIHNS. 'Xs- partment directed students. .5rm,,, iv,-i,1,41,,i,l,, l 11.1 L.: ,Q lll'llJ.XXtIlf lllltlf4f'l'0HS: Nlr. ltivlianl Sn:-ll. Nlrs, Kun Nlur- lin. Urs. No-llm' xl4'lit'0'1lI'j, Xlr. .l4'I'1' lilultllk. Xlll ZHVIF Iii-rry. 19 ULIX 1 ukin I ic vu L 1 0 1 u 1 tuicx x Y 1 mr ci 94.111 lldpr lo li ie 1 lurking place, hurries to Work. l7ACUL'l'Y-TOP ROW: Miss Mary Evelyn Adams Mathematics, Mr. Eldon VV. Ames, Art, Elementary Supervisor, Mr. Bob Banistcr, Athletics, Swim- ming Coacli, Social Studies, Miss Kath- ryn Bayless, lfnglishg Miss Anita Kay llearilc, Mathcniatics. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Wanda Bcards- lee, Englishg Mr. Zorns D. Berry, G uidanceg Mrs. LaNora Bloom, Speech, Mr. Vance Brown, Social Studiesg Mrs. Edna Campbell, Mathe- matics. THIRD HOW: Mrs. Carolyn Christal, English, Mr. Jimmie Christal, Special Educationg Mr. Albert B. Clark, Social Studiesg Mr. John Clausing, Englishg Mr. Ira Cochran, Head Custodian. BOTTOM ROW: Mr. Harley C. Collier, Social Studicsg Mrs. Anna L. Combs, Library Assistantg Mrs. Dorothy Cozarl, linglishg Mr. Harold Duckett, Science, Elementary Supervisor, Mr. Alvin C, Duke, Athletic Director, Football-Track Coach. EHS Faculty Enloys Expanded I"AClll,'l'Y --'- TOP ROW: Mr. Dusty Eby, Pllysical Education. Atillclics, liuskellnull-liusfwlnall Cozuzhg Mrs. Frances Ellor, Social Studir-sg Mr. Gerald Flu- nmn, Social Studi:-sg Mr. Richard Fric-svn, llrivcr Education, Pllysical Edu- cation. .'xiilif'iiC5Q Miss Addie Fromholz, F1'L'IlCi1. SECOND HOW: Mr. ,lvrv Gigoux, lliiidamw-g Mr. Jim Cilvs, Artg Mr. Srolt fling, Driver Eillll'dii1lllQ Mrs. Paulinc Goodman, Sciciwvz Mr. Rob- crl f:l'l'1'IlllZlW, Athletics. THIRD ROW: Mrs. i,uV1-rnv Grifff-lh, Englislig Mr. Eugene- Crillin, instru- nn-nlul Music-g Mrs. Mllflilll I.:-0 Grif- fin, Niusiv Tllvoryz Mr. Curry Harmon., Soviul Studios: Mrs. llohliiv Hzlrpvr, fluff-ll-rin Manager. l"Ullli'l'll HOW: Mr. Noll-n R. Harsh, Swim-rice. Xlulllvlliaticsg Mrs. Donna H011- nc-kv. llomv Econoniicsg Mrs. Dorothy H1-ss, Sm-1-4-tary: Mrs. Judy Hicklo, Pllysif-ul lfducution: Mr. Donald Hie- ln-rl, iiisll'il1llliXP Educ-alion. .7-fri ,pixff lg ff NG rift 1 W... . I-filly X., l"ll"'l'il ROW: iilrs. Martha Hoad, English: Mrs. Ruth Hodgson, Englisll: Mr. H1-rnuln Horner, Building Engi- ne-vrg Mr. Dvnnis lselin, Social Sludiesz Mrs. Naomi Kindlo, Som-iul Studios. iiU'1"l'U 'Nl ROW: Mr. Dclbc-rt King, Mc- vllziliicill Druwingg Miss Murivl Koger BllSilli'!4SQ Miss Beryl Korb, liusincssg Mr. John Latchaw, Ai8iil1'lllZ1lil'5Q iilrs. Charnan A. Lohmeior, iillSiI1t'SS. 9 Students Always Remember Instructors FACULTY -- TOP ROW: Mr. Charles W. Lynch, Business, Activity Office: Mrs. Rosamay Lynch, Lilvrary Science, Librarian: Mr. Marion McCollum, Science: Mrs. Nelle McCrcary, Cuid- ance Director: Mrs. Ann Martin, Cuid- ance Secretarv. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Mary Martin, Home Economics: Mrs. Archie Mauck, Science: Mrs. Sadie Meese, English: Mr. ,lohn Meyer, Driver Education: Miss Laura Milam, English. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Bertha Mae Mob- ley, English: Miss Mildred Montgom- ery, Spanish: Mrs. Myra Morton, Mathematics: Mr. Marvin Myers, Sci- ence: Mrs. Hellen Neuerburg, Matron. l"OURTl'l ROW: Mrs. Edna Newman, Secretary: Mr. Dalward Newsom, Social Studies: Mr. Tommy Niles, Athletics, Tennis Coach, Mccllanical Drawing: Mrs. ,lannette Norman, English, Year- book, Spccch: Mrs. Peggy Peckham, School Nurse. FIFTH ROW: Mrs. Delyte Poindexter, Drama, Speech: Miss Hazel Powers, Business: Mrs. Maurinc Priebe, Vocal Music: Mr. Lloyd Ray, Industrial Arts: Mr. Gene Rickabaugh, ICT. BOTTOM ROW: Mrs. Martha Reimer, Library Assistant: Mrs. Mary Ridge, Business: Miss Evelyn Sanders, Social Studies: Mrs. Florence Scott, Registrar: Miss Ruth Scott, Journalism, Quill Weekly. ICNLARCED lunc'ln'mnm ilCl'1lIIlIIlUil21lCS faCulIy, la-uxing P00111 for student ll'lll'll4'IS mlm juin the stall for nim- ww-ks twice a year. Larger Lunch room Accommodates Teachers l"ACl'l.'l'l W- TOP ROW: Mr. llvrhorl 500111, CI'2lIllliC Arts, Trade- fifllllllil' Arlsg Mr. Eugene Sharp, Malln-nuutic-sg Mrs. Mill'f' Skidlllore, Avtivily Uflivl' Sf'l'Fl'l21I'yI Mrs. Tillie Smith, Sm-iul Studies. i'lIil'lll'llQ Mr. Richard Sn:-ll, UUlClillH'C, l'sychulogy. SIQCUNIJ HUXVZ Mrs. Luvyic Spivkvl- mir-r, Pfnglisllg Mrs. Jamau' Slcwarl, Spanish, EI1Q1llSllQ Mrs. Aululnn Slunvr, Latin: Mrs. Phyllis Stringer, l'l1ysis'a1l Elllll'2lll4lllQ Mr. Donald Thin-nlv, Sci- vlxw. I3OT'l'ONl HOW: Mrs. Wilrla Waulkarr, English: Mrs. Minnie Lou Wfhoc-lor, Niillll4'I1l2llil'!4Q Mr. Floyd Winfi4'lfl, .Mh- la-tirs, Gulf Cllilkll, Driwer Educatiung Mr. Torn W1xrl1-y', Social Studivsg Miss Eval Young, English. 23 Nlrs. Carolyn Cllristul lets Llzlss some ae Wcll as hear, rnuliing ln-r point. lUMl'll.lNll n1ul4-Vial for L1 lilJ1'LlI'j' unit. il sl-ninr 1'C11lllI4l?I1lCI1K for gI'kUlllLlllflIl. llill .lXllIllI'IlSlllS xwrlw lu limi-lm luis paper. New Equipment, Good lcleas Typily Englislw SING 4lXl'I'llUilll prujectm', xr snpl1mno1'1ws in English I-Im sr!- Ul'Il.l, NYIfl'.KI.Y STAFF - SE XTICUZ ,L U-1'1lm'l'. 5. malt. ST.-XXIJINKQZ Xl. Xiu-N. .Xliee Sf-ntl, S. Willie. Nl. Lillillhllll. C N xvllHSil'lxl4'A S, Smvards. J. Uvnry. K. W4-Il-, .l. fillllltlll, H. .Xrlwlnmm ylwfl F. Hutlxivr, U. Flower-. H. Tl'ilfIlliI', l'. '1'l1n111pfu11. Quill Newspaper Keeps EHS Min the Know" Ihr- Jnln Alillly. Ulwlll XXIIKIX pu ,, 'ff' , Auhlctiml km-ps Fvzlllin--lfxiiim' UI'4'l1llE1 x2lHsi!'kIl'. Fvluml Xmw-i',1liI111' I'h5lIiQ VIIIIPIIIIPSUII. Spur wr-. Fdilm'-in-flllivf Carulyll x114'llHl1ll, cjlllif-Iillillll' Sll4'I'1'j Ifflilme Slam- Uulhivr. and Fllilnriul-Ifmlitm' Kilu VIQVLINIIHI' 1 IN ll xr, J -f-.up 13 QUILL YEARBOOK STAFF -f FRONT ROW: D. Krahn, Juroy, R. Major. BACK ROW: T. Hang, B. Brown, M. K. Mul- J. Russell, J. Hull, S. Mayberry, P. Thompson, T. Wright, B. tson, D. Gannon, C. Vance, M. Vivcs, R. Truman, L. Fcnity, Newman, J. Conlon, J. A. Spec-ie, R. Simpson, J. Walker, YV. S. Sowards, J. Richardson. Active Stafiers, J Club Collect Memories JOURNALISM CLUB W FRONT ROW: C. Adelman, J. Upp, C. Stuart, M. Vivcs Cpresj, J. Halhold, L. Sturgeon, N. Paris, C. Ballard, M. Bowles, C. Brcitenkamp, A. Schroeder. SECOND ROW: Miss Ruth Scott, C. Hoyt, S. Erldington, R. Miller, D. Hellwcge, R. Thompson, S. Willis, G. Goodwin, D. Langwell, S. Daunon, I7. Kilburn, N. Croppcr. BACK ROW: T. Kirby, D. Rules, Sowurds, E. Tabeling, D. Karner, R. Lawson, R. Kelly, J. Buckles, J. Conlon, G. Denton, T. Cantor, P. Carroll, J. Looper. JOURNALISNT CLUB 7 FRONT ROW: M. Dillon lv.-presj, J. Stephenson, L. Everitt, T. Randy, M. Rector, C. Johnston, G. Anderson, P. Cau, P. Manuel, J. Wcin. SECOND ROW: C. Jones, S. VanSiokle, K. Wells, B. Flowers, C. Vaughn, M. Laclusau, R. Traynor. P. Thompson, R. Wykofl fscc.-lrcasi, J. Hall, Miss Ruth Scott. BACK ROW: J. Farrant, M. Ronge, C. Hicks, C. Loomis, D. Krahn, T. Coggin, J. Glasser, J. Thomp- son, R. Ccarheard, S. Outhier. High Scientific Concern Prompts Two Clubs .'XS'i'RUNO.NlY students .Ii-an Arnohi, Kun jones, Brian l'i'ull, Slove: Kieffer und Phil Kopp lake notes on their lvlvsuopic work. XS'l'iiUiNUNiY CLASS W i"KUN'l' HOW: .I. firnohi. K. -I-4kiI'SQ'Il, H. Poori-, V. Fhilon. NX. Douglass. lf. Weiihu-r, K. ,loin-s. li. i'i'zilI. ii. Porter, T. iii-nlh-y, il. Anihrosius, fi. Witty, i'. Craig, Mr. Harsh. Kopp. .i. Hays, 5. Ferguson. IMIIK RUW: T. Young, S. Kii-fin-r. Ciiif.NiiS'i'RY CLUB'-FRUNI' HUXY: 'if Xvvhiori. K. Cl'i'gol'y. RUW: J. King. J. i'1l'illli'xiill, ii. Sviiviiv. K. Lisix-H, li. Sizoll, 5 I. Minion. L. Ciilham, i.. Splunv, hi. Dillon. J. Hays, J. Hussvll Quigivy, U. Haworth, ll. Wu, ll. Craig, li. NVitty, U. l'orti-r. H ismxi. ii. llingham, M. Hodgson. ii. iiukvr. S. Krzxlmw, ii. liriln-y'g4-niann. Mr. iiiyi-rs. BACK HOW: M. Beyer. T. livrgiiill ,l'WiS. SECOND ROW: K. Hi-wi, I.. Nm-4h-ll. M. Douglu-ily. l'. iw.-pri-SJ, W. Camphvll, IS. iii-mh-rson, J. Tays. 'l'. llaiug. 1 Kopp Hrvusj, XI. Kopp, D. W1-Hs, 'l'. Km-k, H. Schmiiil, ll. i'Liinv ihisl.-iih.J, W. Douglass, K. Cuspvr, K, Jones lpn- J i'iI'Y. K. White. ll. 1lcCasiin, H. iQrr'gol'5. J. Hunnnci. THIRD 'l'. loiing,B. Morgan. l!.Slmi1g4Ii1n-553. 7-7 Seniors Pursue Math Througl' DelfaTl1era WORKING ai, slide rule is easy for Miss Adains and Mark Russell, but Terry Wfrighl isn't. quite sure. DELTA Tl'llfTA-FRONT RUW: H. .llT'llPQQf'!NH1lll. li. Auiliro- kirlc, N. Kirby, Miss Adams. BACK ROVTT: l'. Cole, WY. Doug- sius, D. Johnson, T. Bentley. K. ,lows iprf-SJ, li. Porter, G. lass, V. Slaton, P. Ezell, ,l. lievlier. D. Kralm, G. Paine, hi. Brasher, C. Moore Cv.-pre-s.l. SECOND ROW: K. Choate. K. Arnold fsrcpj, I3.'1'aylor, lE.YL'oL4l.p.-1. Zahl, .l. Russell, M. Mason. J. Snyrh-r, N. Wilson, S. Vanl3os- DELTA T1IE'l'A-eFRON'1' RO'W': B. Lewis lsecj, J. Arnold, Wedrfl, S. Kusch, T. Wright. L. Ciles. BACK ROW: S. Oulhier, K. Larsen fLreas.J, A. Frazee, B. Pratt, C. Stair, M. Cushing, D. Willhoile. W. Barton, J. Unruh. T. Young, R. Field, C. C. Bruner, C. Hronopulos. SECOND ROW: Miss Adams, L. Casey C. Rornine, B. Henderson, T. Hang. Williams, C. Buxton, S. Bishop, C. Craig. J. McChay, H. 18 Nuiiiw' Milli tllv llliill, glnlw. :mil i-upy nl' thi- Tlllllf' imigaixiiiv. 'mf ' 'rw-H' ei 'sw A w was - . ggffW'N.: Q w 5. f fggixsi-'i A., 5 . f' K L- . Z. ,X 5 1 .15 fi l 1' i,.wgi7iIi'M'f A' A l ,. .,,, ,..,,,,,. lXllulxl'.5l 111 4'llI'I't'lli, mlm xmrlil ' M." if illaiir- is 5fIIllJUllZl'1l liy Craig CA Club Grows from Social Science Classes 4lllllRl'IN'l' fXl"FAlNS lIl,lll3 l"HUN'l' HOW: N. Vulv, if. Le-5, X, Nluiitgiviiiviy M. .xlfbfglillli K. lgllllllgxR.CL1HIliIl,Q XM-srllill. 'lf l'l4'1'Il4l4lll, .l. Spam-iw. S. llarmim. Nl. 111-mlm-S. ll. Sli-giimnii. IJ, Sli-plicnsnu. l'. l'e-arson, K. Uri-gory. BXKR l'rail7. .l. Wi-in. l.. Rug-I'-. SICKIUXIF HOW: YY. lfigirlzi. K llvvil, NNW: Nli. llqirmi-n. ll. Vanin-4-, 'If XXu:ivlX. NI. Hi-yur. I. liiiln-rl-mi, ll. Wu. 5. Krulin. ID. Nlvliliiiv, li, Smith. l.. llwll- Sliir-xi-r, S Ili-mllvy. ll. XXilllinilv. H. Vliflllllilll lprcsfl, S nn. l.. llHIlQll4YIl. K. llvlia-la-. 'lqllllill HOW: ,l. Xxullwr. ll. Mile Rllr1'lLli, l:I'illQ. lll. Kirln. iil HNIQYI' Xl"I"Alli5 lfl.lil5 VHUYI' HOW: l.. l.illlflt'SA Il. Sti-plii-11-.,l. livillil. X. xlllIlQLl'I'. S. Yulvr. Xl. Slizmlwy, Arm xlI'flUllllIll. ll. xlL1lll2illl.l:. llungnll levi-.-liw-as.I. Xl. llillun, I.. S. Ki'ii4-Iii-iilfiiry. l', l'ai'lwi', lSXlllx HUXX: IJ. Nlurgan, Ulkjiin. ll, H2153 ll, IH-I,-ycim, SIQIIUND HUXX3 li, Sli-rin. K. Hi-1-img ,I. Xlais-iv. XX. Dniigln--. 'lf l'urrisli, fl. Panini-, Iuiii-4. S, IH-ck, .l, lays. ,I, Xlriglil, ,l. llum-rs, Xl, limi ig X. l':4ligi'I', li. Smith, Xl. Ili-lfmi, Xlr. lfelin. si, " " 4 Milli, l, lim-rgilgill lx,-pri-s,l, lllllill HHH: ll1lXl -,.. 19 MIXED CHORUS--FRONT ROW: Mrs. Priebe, P. Walters, J. Stephenson, A. Schroeder, K. Agee, V. Guthrie, E. Bridg- man, l-J. Davis, M. Walters, R. Whiltenberg, T. Badzinski, D. Morgan, C. McRay, F. Holmes, B. Underwood, L. Congdon, V. Rridwcll, ll. Sayre, .l. Ruth. SECOND ROW: .l. Bennett, Mixed Chorus Starts Spreading delight Wherever it Went, the Enid High Mixed Chorus added yet another year of hard Work and praise to its laurels. The eighty- eight voice choir, under the direction of Mrs. Maurine Morrow Priebe, performed for local civic club luncheons during the Christmas sea- son. Featuring the Madrigal Chorus, it sang songs of the season. Caroling in the school halls and performing in the school Christmas assembly put everyone in the proper mood for the holidays. The chorus finished its Christmas season with the Christmas Vespers. With a new year came concentrated effort on learning new songs. The chorus visited the three junior highs, presenting a program of fun and patriotism. Thoughts then turned to the spring program. The stage was a bright pink as they presented their program MTime to Singf' with a decidedly spring theme. Highlighting the pro- gram was the crowning of the Chorus Queen, Mary Margaret Russell. by King Mark Krupp. The end of the year brought Tri-State and May Fete, in which the Mixed Chorus participated withithe poise and talent typical of the group of finely blended Voices. V. Warren, P. Parker, S. Harmon, C. Hooley, D. Cillham, J Thomas, J. Brim, E. Chenoweth, 13. Neal, H. Adelman, T Martindale, K. Phillips, E. Hall, K. Devers. C. Carmichael, M Vives, J. Jolly. K. Stepp. Top Musical Talent YULETIDE assembly brings conductor ,lon HSanta Claus, Rrxm to load chorus in Christmas songs. NIIXEIJ CHORUS -'VIIIHIJ ROYV: P. Iluu, S. Rutzlaff. ,I. I'm-Iwsnn, R. TiII1'l'y. .I. RIVIIQIIALISUII, IJ. KLlI'l1t'I', Ii. .IuvuI1s. I uhm, K. Zahl, I.. Uljvn. 5. XVIPIQIIHIH, IJ. Sm-Ir-n, I". I"IlII'IlISIL Mmm- tprf-SJ, 'I'. Ilrunks. NI. Krupp Iv-premr, Z. Iflr-ming, I I Su-mi-I1, II. Zumwzxll. H. Yullxvclmlvrl, H. H1-4-lnr, H. Hvnn. Mills, II. W'iIsrm. .I. IIlll'1'II2il'iII, ,I. Pm1rr'v. XI. SIIQIWIHY, M I join-S. XI. Willis, K. lil-lay. IJ. W'iIIits. S. Wm-sl. NI. flushing XIQIHPII 4p1'es.I, S. u'Ilt't'It'I'. 5. KI'l1C'Ixt1I1Ilt'I'Q. YI' PI,-KNO: XI I Q-VJ. X. IIaIcM'. ff. Ijppa S, WeweII. IIHIK RUW: F. Dierk- II114s1-Il. Sr. .'xl'f'4lIIII!LlllIXI, I., fXrrir1gtm1. .II'. .Xu-vmnpliymist, nn. NI. Xtxmmi, ff, Hum-. K. Rikli, .I. I31-ami, ff, flung1vII, S. I Y ,M J . KIIUIIIIS IIUI III: Xlury IIIISIIIIIQLA lfmigg INIum'n-, .lim Ric'I1zll'sIsun, IM-nisw X'XilliIQ.l,M14-I-n XILIVX XIilI'Qill'4'I Iiusfvll, King XIlIl'Ix Klllfll N yn I'Iurn1un. 'Il-rrp XI2ll'IIl1lIilIl'. liulrlly H4-nw. Kathy ZQIIII. 31 JR.-SR. GIRLS' CHORUS-FRONT ROW: L. McDowell, S Corn, S. Siegle, S. Houghton, D. Norris, S. Mason, G. Hopkins, M. May, S. Ferguson, D. Chambers, B. Diener, D. McMullen C. Henley, M. Wfher. SECOND ROW: Ji. Burton, M. Ray, E Cragert, S. Scott, L. Hooley, C. Freelove, C. Dittmeyer, S Stephens, C. Boyington, S. Wright, J. Davis, M. Roderick, J Tinsloy, WY. Ciarla, D. McDonald, E. Burns. THIRD ROW: Prep Music Groups SOPH. ClRLS' CHORUS-FRONT ROW: P. Jones, D. Foster D. Ainsworth, D. Day, lll. Thoilen, l. Cross, E. 'lJrannnell, C Wilson, L. Maddox, D. Curtis, T. Cleveland, S. Harnes, C Streccker, C. Wallis, C. O'Ranion, R. Price, E. Leflrant, J Cuthhertson, S. Harris. SECOND ROW: N. Stewart, J. Frantz, D. Chilwood, ll. English, C. Parks, P. Collins, L. Peckhani C. Hudson, C. Meyer, J. Collins, J. Cuthirth, L. Heehe, S Unrnh, D. Hobbs, J. Morse, R. Lyon, K. Nickel, P. Davis, D Mackenzie, YV. Jones. THIRD ROYV: C. Bushner, J. Murphy, P s 9 Pol D. Stone, C. hlcllride, D. LaFort-e, J. Hays, Mi. Tot-Ws, D. Hall C. Harrison, S. VanSiukle, V. Caris. l.. Fluinan, li. Nichols, K Rummel, K. Helherg. L. Henry, 'lf Turner, J. Walter, J. Dodds BACK RONV: F. Diagic, M. Ladusau, lj. Yentnian, J.. Roedell P. Leggett, K. Killatn, J. Honnoke, M. Martens, D. lliller, J Peninger, J. Hastings, Mi. Hatfield, S. Chapman, C. Wickham C. Vaughan, C. Johnson, C. lllfirilli. C. Rohinson. AT PIANO F. Harmon. ish Promising Voices Fccney, M. Glaze, P. Cates, D. Huey, A. Holden, M. Chapman F. Cihson, Y. Wiillits, D. Tllll1'ltlNY, S. Roedcll, S. Brooks, S Palmer, lll. Clodfelter, P. Arnold, P. Jenkins, C. VanSc'yoe, K Haldwin, Semke. BACK ROW: F. Hurhour, A. lNll1IlgC1', P Zaloudek, K, Vilalkor, K. Atkinson, P. Craoey, C. Motnon, S Moler, H. Hossel, K. Strain, M. Smith, J. Martin, C. Piekhardt K. Kusch, F. Hohhs, J. Polwort, J. llowers, R, Durggan, D Womack, C. Johnson. D. Stapleton, P. Drown, J. McCoy, V Druielt. AT PIANO: S. Epperley. 37. NlXllRlllXl, Cl-llllilf l"HUN'l' Nflxlzv Mary Nli1I'Qi1l't'l Huf- W'ilwr1. llewumim- lie-umflt. IZXUK HOW: Xlurk Krupp. ,lim vll, Nlary f,.11Ql11ng. Fllvrry Mlm-I4-1-. lcrry Xlilfllllllillil Pillll Hu-llaml-fm. llvillllll' lwaul. .luhm le'.m'l-. l,I'iilQ!Q N1Ul,lI'f', llun l Ill. SIQYIUXIJ RUXX: llulllwy lim-mv. K1'iQ Rin-kli. Kerry Parlay. Karm-r. yn lllll'IlHHl, Ililly lmlwrxwml. Nlarslma Kay Nlufun, llriunl NH S' CHORI S -l"llON'l' ROW: Ronnie Kllalw. .lwlm Ur:-er. ,XlUl'!'l41IIl. llury Xlmm. Hualulpll 'll1h. IIUIK HUWY: xlillllllt' lun fll!1l1VSI', lim-un llill. .lim Kg:-v, LQ-laml Rumligvr, Nllwrt Mill.-r, llxxiglli Wvilliama Tim llmlgv. Louis lJ1'lllIl.jilI1 ,lurslu11. lfllvlxf. Gary fluclclis. SICUJXIJ HUVV: llvlc' Mlulns, Cllris Nlul xXLlSt'Illlll4'l'. Kim llumllivk, lkflll Lung. Wvslcy Herltlwru. l'1lm4-V, Kefith Sum-xc-5. l:l'lH'l' Cflurli. Gary Scutt, lluttln-w Xl' l'lXXU: l.LlHl1l2i:x1'1'iHQltIIl. 33 RAND-FRONT ROW: N. Wilson, C. Parks, D. Hellwegge, R. lleacllhoarcl, K. Billings, D. Weaver, D. Wagner, L. Senirad, B. Pratz, J. Hittle, P. Arnold, l". Flunian, M. Dougherty, V Butler, C. Rolmino, P. Sebeurn. SECOND ROW: H. Shockley, R. Bittle, T. Randy, D. Cline, D. lilentague, T. Neis, C. Baker J. Edwards, J. A. Ritter. D. Miller, C. Haworth, L. Lovely, J Derry, Nl. Drittun, R. WVllC6l61', li. Lewis, J. Laulmhan, J. Cline THIRD ROW: C. Witty, lil. Moore, D. Madison. C. Buzzitta R. Brown, B. Sliarpe, S. Miller, H. Smith, B. Hinderliter, D Turner, D. Cilkey, K. Pelirul, G. Martin, M. Kirts, L. Landes M. Stutelnnan. FOURTH ROW: R. Winchester, R. Rncox, R Cheat, R. Phillips, F. Neal, C. Pierce, S. Pazzo, D. Kurz, J Big Blue Accepts Discipline to Remain Tops MARY OSBDRNE and Jane Paris leave for NW Classen ann HANDf-FRONT ROW: J. Fleming, C. Copeland, K. Chance V. Phillips, T. Cearley, G. Tompkins, D. Compton, R. Hardesty K. Larsen, Fitzgerald, E. Cole, L. Griiietli, S. Kieffer, D Cunning, J. Larsen, R. Andersen, A. Rowland, J. Allen SECOND RTJW: S. Quigley, D. Johnson, R. Seheile, J. Tripp L. Caldwell. S. Williams, li. Hays, C. Baker. J. Fuksa, T Weldon, A. lfreeny, C. Pope, L. Chester, J. Minton, D. Dailey Hfl'l'1z1I1. I.. Uxwus. I. I,fulI11'1e. IX, Ilmu-A I.. Ilulflqmgn. H, SVIIIIIIIII. IJ. llmwiml. NI. Hurt. II. Hs-mlvrwu. Il. I.3IllIl1'I'I. I illI--. H. WIIIMH1. IJ, 5ill1xun114. I.. Hrmlt. Il. ,luI1nNu11,4I, Nladqluxg, Ii. xIl'CLll'IIlFy. .I. lmw-, W. Iiarlun. IJ. I'utl1m. NUT PIII- XIIK ROW: I.. Iluricpy. lf. I1L1l'5l'ii. If. Nlumn-5. H. If11sIey. ff. l HEI3: Il. Xirlllll. .I. IIIxl'I'Illl1lI. , V -W V, . , . . , . IIXNIJ QI!I',I'.IX lun: Immly smllm-s NXIIII Il'4'SI!I1'I1I IIIII IIzl1'l 1. IIIIVIIHIH. .I. I-Iurmun. I., xYIIII311lr. H, IIl'lH'QIQl4'llli1IlIl. THIHIJ 'If 4,lumI1maQI111'4-. IS. Ilim-Iwlsmm, BACK IIUXY: Il. I'ILll'I. II. Pratt NOW: If. Kwk. I3. I,ingvnfeItm'. IJ. I-If-nry. II. Iillxilxgm,-11 CI. I., 'XQ1111-1-. Il I.n11m-Is. j. Ifxtf,-Il, If, SNYll1I1l'il. IJ. I'uun, L. Owen, unning, X. H4-gun, .l. Duffy, ,I. Hemlry. I", IIllIiI'I'. ff. CIlLlll1'1', 'I'. Cup:-Ia11cI. I.. Nlulmn. U. I'11'LlI1IiIIIl, ll. SNHIIIIM -X. Frazw. 5 I I. I'1'IiI'l1I. .I. I'4-an-4'. K. Whitv. Il. Nluriull. Il. fIIlI'IrIl'I'lF6Il. II. King. C. Ilallv-, C. llnlryvu, 'I'. Handy, N. llnmpgu-l'. 51. 0sI':m'11e I. . 4'fIHI'llIII'Ii. FOURTH RUW: II. Ihwrs, IJ. Ihxrtmm, .I I'aris, I'. Sxxiggnaxrl. K. .XIIcn. Mr. If. ilriIIil1. INOII' PIC I Imx Us I NI I R. II1'L'QIUI'y. J. ,Iam'ulus, II. Iwy, U. Sleim-rl. I'. Xluss. Il. Ediger. 'l'lFRED: NI llurlu-im, S. VIIIUDIXIHS. ID. 'Iwlll'Ilt41', .I. Huw. IJ. Witty, .I. HQ'FIlLIl!Il. Xl, lim-mvlggf-H R. Fagan, fi' 35 ..,,,,-Qrx ORCHESTRA - FRONT ROW: P. Arnold, P. Fluman, V. Butler, K. Larsen, E. Cole, N. Wilson G. Parks, ,l. Larsen, A. Rowland sEcoNo ROW: M. Hart, nf Lambert, B. Henderson, J. Duffy C. Cunning, N. Ragan, F. Baker, B. Pratt. BACK ROW: B. Mc- Cormick, P. Rogers, R. Christen- sen, W. Barton, S. King, B. Hart, A. Frazce. Orchestra Offers Change of Pace in Music ORCHESTRA - FRONT ROW: R. Bowers, C. Layton, D. Cagle, .l. Clark, W. Cornian, L. Burdick, R. White, D. Dougherty. SEC- OND ROW: J. Gerhard, D. Dickerson, S. Chatnhcrs, M. Mena, N. Hood, K. Ackerman, B. Benton, W. Caniphell, A. Reschke, B. Kisncr. BACK ROW: .l. Hole, VV. Myers, D. Francis, T. Elson, C. Caglc, C. Rowe, C. Ross, S. Wright, C. Long, C. Benmrtt, D. Ctrrstungr, Mr. E. Criflin, H. Snow, P. Smith. NOT PICTURED: P. Jones, W. lifylcs. -. wi as Q i V 1 r--N . ay. ,-,.,,,.,.. ,M . T ff. .L ... , A ffm. slew-Y' -f' -W ..f. . Nm . 1 . F fa r . wt-- - - - -' ALL STATE ORCHESTRA - STANDING: Richard Bowers, first violin, Parvin Smith, string hass, Diana Frances, second violin g Carilyn Layton, first violin. SEATEIJ: Daphne Dough- t-rty, cello. s m'm'r'n-vt npr-ration of adding nia- sf NIILCIII-XYHIAXI, DRAXXYINC studcnls lu-1-mm' Lll'1'lllll't'Tr when rcwnmm-nrlzilinn. lhrnk IAUIIIIJCI' Clbllllllllly l'r-vugirlim-s first plum- rhvy rlvsign and build model llUIl1t'Q. .lmlgvs l'XL11llllllT the un- winm-rs. Hu-rv, l:I'lIl't' llurtun, ,lay l'l1'3IllillIl, unrl Hr. Tlblllllly nuul prujvvts und svlevt outstanding lllillltw. -Xvlingx on Ilwir Nih-S. lIlSll'llt'lUl'. luulx ffwr smm' of llll' Iwst llHIl1CS. Blueprints, Ledger Pages Point to Careers Wg: if 1 . Li L. 1 I f is Bw IHC Nl0NS'I'RA'1'lN41 efficient und l'lllIl4'S, liilly Kinflle, Karyn Kusllv. Toni Bundy. and Karon Dun-rs wurk un 21SSiQiIlIH6DIS. TRADE AND ADVANCED GRAPHIC ARTS-FRONT ROW: S. Jones, R. Kelly, M. Seem, C. Bentley, S. Pritchett, D. Dailey, R. Rinford, L. Lynch, ,l. Steele, J. Martin, D. Nordyke, .l. T. Chrlsman. NOT PICTURED: A, Shannon, K. Bauer, J. Mills, J. Milhime, R. Vlfright, C. Wvanzer, W. Branham, D. Mc- Sisk, Kenna. BACK ROW: S. Koen, P. Rich, P. Smith, R. Qualls, Students Gain Ability in Worlcl of Presses PRINTING forms for school purposes keeps Doug Dailey and Jerry Milhime alert as they handle the complex workings of the press. 38 1 U up lulmu I 1 flltl lmlnlviz- Hillglhillll. Pam Javk, l'Hl Ifl'SH.UX V- FRONT HOYV: U. Uullgllwty, K. lla-livlv Hillglltllll lpn-xl. ff, Nluydell, H. Hinglmnl 11-1i.r, ff. Hzuldzu 1lliFl.,. K. I.a1rwn. W, Spukc, B. Xladigan, C, nL1k1'l'. J. l3u1't41n. 4II'l'L!b.P. Nl, l:lll'llil'lx. U. Craig. Nl. HUIITVT. R. UUWl'l'H. P. Sul 4 0'Nvill. SICCQONIJ ROWY: P. Juvk. ,l. lhuivs M.-prm-s.l. 13. liVru1.fi. K1-y, I.. Ullllliilll Ksvmzl. Latin Language uLives" in Club and Class S'l'l NIICS uluaya px-rk ' -'-5 if ,I -'ry Baker, rwn l.1u's4'n, Urcg OQNCHI 3 ww 39 DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION s--- FRONT ROW: J. Camlile, S. Sweeney fsecj, D. Arnold, C. Ballard, C. Large fed.-rep.J, B. Nichols Qchapj, S. Jantzen, C. Sweetwood, S. Williams, K. Morgan, R. Johndrow. SECOND ROW: R. Benell, T. Funk, B. Day, J. MacKenzie Cpresj, S. Jones, R. Hicks, D. Bules, H. Litson, H. Morris, T. Cross, D. Milford, F. Cain. THIRD ROW: S. Damon, C. Sisk, L. Sparks, D. Brown, R. Traynor itreasj, K. McCune, L. Cox fhistj, M. Bixler, M. Brooks, L. Horany, S. Dickerson, P. Robison. BACK ROW: D. Cagle, C. Davis, S. Sheets, T. Stewart, J. Benge, T. Crawford Cv.-pres.J, F. Toews, J. Chapman, D. Crabb, G. Kurz, J. Pilgrim, M. Car- rison, Mr. Don Hiebert. INDUSTRJAI. COOPERATIVE TRAINING-FRONT ROW: K. Stephens, C. MeClanahan, S. Hankins, B. Mason, R. Melvin, D. Wellman, L. Sturgeon, G. Breitenkainp, J. Henry. SECOND RO'W: T. Hughes, M. Shumate, M. McCormick, C. Wanzer, H. Stutchman, W. Escue, D. Jones, J. Reece, J. Hartling, C. Brakhage. THIRD ROW: J. Moore, L. Ovcrstreet, D. Barton, K. Yleflinnis, R. Root, B. Flowers, B. Turner, C. Randall, J. Hysell, T. Cooper, Mr. Gene Rickabaugh. BACK ROW: M. Unruh, J. Crawford, T. Hainblin, R. Young, E. Mooney, J. Brown, D. Becker, C. Bentley, R. Cay, J. Gentry, D. Watts. DE, ICT Initiate EHS Teens into Business MEMBERS of the scrapbook committee for the VICA club, Jamie Henry, Barry Mason, Mike McCormick, Maurice Stutoh- man, and Jack Hartling, work on mementoes of 1967-1968. The scrapbook, an annual project, records the activities for the year. Diversified Occupations of last year changed names, and became Industrial Co-operative Training. The program allowing students on-the-joh training, however, remains the same. Arrival of New Teacher Starts Bible Year IIIIILIC ill.lII3-l"IiON'I' HOW: .I. Vi'-ki-rs. S. Phill. IJ. .XrnuIiI, Sli I llm-Ilxvl. 0. Izgrglvetoii, ,I. I,t'Lllil'l' lpri-xi, N. I.ami'm-iiz. NI. Wilhiirri. II. Rout. C. Guugoll. .I. Hin-Iiunl Iliwixb. I.-. Ilufhlh-. ILXIIK HOW: .I. Iglll'IxIL'S. B. IIFIIU. H. Litsun. .I. xI1'CIliIy. K Ny I N mth. XY. Ivll. IJ, Iluhhs, Hardy. T. Ilnlihs. II, Nlurris 1v.'pi'i's.I. 5, Panrkm-l'. XII: Yanni Iirnwii. l'll!I,Ii CI,l'l3- FRONT HOW: Nl. SIllll'QLt'tIl1, U. Ai1cI4wi'smi. K Iinkrll I He I . . -rridnn lsccj, N. Kirhy, I,. Utjivu, N. Hagan, I Iiullvr, IJ. Sain. M. XVQJIIS, HIILIQIIIIPII, SICCUNI7 HOW I Armvhl, K. Hi-Ilwrg. C. Mills, S. Lic-Iili-i1Iu-i'g1, N. Wilsun, C, yhff. .I. llull. NI. Atwood Itrezixl. .I. Iulinsmi. C. I'I21IIt11'HlElll, I Ilitlnwyvr. IHCK ROYV: R. Mi'Cny, Ii. Bright. Fi. IIXLIIJPIIIIQ. I ffniilun, 'I'. CUQIQLIII Ipresfb. .I. Nlussie. .I. I'IllglIll'N, W. Leu. NI. Krupp tx.-p1'f'S.I. S. Mac.-key, Mr. Yuingi- U1-nwil. I. Ilmifkgi. C. Wi:-gratz. K. Ili-vi-rs, lf. XXLlIIx4'I'. I. Nluriin-I. C. lalrl. ff. Iimw-. SECOND HUVV: IJ. VYiIIils. 5. w'IlC1'I1'I' Ismzkl, IIIIILIC fII,lIll IVHUNI' HOW: C. Nfvlhmulil. S. Miller, Il. Iieuia. Il. ffIiiii1iIu-rw. II. Ni1'I1uIs. C. HdI'lxISlDll, IJ. MiIh'r. NI. Xlairlviis. If. llziiildin. C. Wi-sifall, C. Hiwiupiilristsi-c'.I, SECOND HOW: IJ. Ilarlmi, I.. Spiirke, 5. :Xildi-i's4iii. JX. Rm-svlikc, Xl. IJLHIII'-illl. I.. Lux. I'. Ilmiiipfnii. IS. Cl'a1w1'u1'rI lpn-s.,I. IJ. Iii-wks. C Ruhiiiu. II. I.LlI'Qlt'. ISQXCK ROW: L. Stiirgfi-mi, K. Huiniiiwl, II. Ilamliii. 'I'. Iii-rgilull, S. Engelman Iv.-pi'i'a.l, T. Millvr, .I. Nussi-II, P. Xrrinld. II. NIL'I'idl'I21INI. S. Hoppe-r. Hr. Vaiivv Brown. IIIIILIC CLIIIS fI"HON'I' HOW: ,I. IIpp Iv.-prvs.I, P. IILXIISCD, C. Smith, N. Cmppiw, Ii. Nr-wiuan, H. DllllQIlk'l'Iy', Ii. Cungrlmi, S. Hi1l'llllDIl Ismzb. I'. W'z1ItL-rs, M. W'eIJcr. SECOND IIUW: C. AIIPIIIIQIII, II. Ilmwn, IJ. Sval, .I. Harmon. C. TIiurpu, NI211'SIl2,lII, .I. Ili-ami. .I. Sleplii-rismi, S. Imwellen, Mr. Vanta- Iimwn. BACK ROW: K. Hikli Hr:-zis.I. E. Drage. L. Swiggurt. S. Easterly, H. Williams. IJ. Pultmi. J. Bufchardt, S. Wfright, .I. SIUQIIIIHIIII, K. Zulil lprs-QJ. Girls Put Personality into Foocl and Fashion MORAL support is always appreciated and in good taste in Home Ee., especially when a new dish is being introduced. Charlene Schultz supports Amelia Patterson as she places a dish in the Oven. The course teaches recipes and methods to future homemakers. SEAMSTRESSES Diane Living- ston and Lilo Offenburg Work to produce garments with perfect fit and attractive appearance. Phys Ed Stresses Balance, Bodily Fitness FLYING isn't hard as Donna Sundm-rs lin the airl and Pain Pearson lon the Hoorj demonstrate to Mary Jackson, Jeannie Houston ,Ianyue Vickers, Judy Peterson, Barbara Madigan, and Pam Meyer. Tumbling is ar regular part of the gym year. EXEHCISINC plays an irnporlunl part in buys' physical. htm-ss. Couch Grucnlmw SIIDGTVISUS. PALE'l"I'E CLUB-FRONT ROWfJ. Vickers, C. McDonald, B. Mclxlahan, M. Allen, P. Kilburn, C. Grimes, P. Sehourn, C. Westfall lrepj, L. Randolph, A. Vale, P. Barnes. SECOND ROWY G. Henley, J. Specie, C. Moydell, P. Jenkins, D. Clover, C. Schroeder, D. Linker, S. Blaney, D. Sanders, P. Pearson tv.-pres.l, Penny lhornpson. THIRD ROW: M. Dillon tsec: l,reas,J, L. Everitt, D. Brooks, S. Willis, C. McBride, R. Creel, Xl. Smith, L. Abercrombie, L. Otjen, E. Hart, Mr. Giles. BACK ROW: Mr. Ames, B. Hulsey, M. Shuler, A. Asplund, D. White, ,l. Tlionipson, E. Mooney, R. DeFever, G. Kurz, D. Ballard. PALETTE CLUB-FRONT ROW: S. Siegle, C. Anderson, B Poindexter, C. Linn, P. Davis, B. Hermanson, L. Henderson M. DeR0in, S. Graham, K. Nickel, P. Caviness. SECOND ROW: R. Binford, L. Criffeth, D. Baxter, B. Cunning, S. Barnett L. Beneliel, E. Calusha, K. Atkison, C. Shaefer, A. Reschke S. Marshall, S. Hart. BACK ROW: J. Johnson, ,l. Leeper F. Cain, M. Hopkins, G. Denton, D. Swan, Z. Fleming fpresj Mr. Ames, Mr. Giles, T. Stewart, D. Witt.y, W. Branham, R Hoffman, C. Constant. Art Provides Channels for Sell-Expression UNSUSPECTING passersby are caught by surprise when they pass the art room and see artists sketching busily. 15: Nl11111d11 IJl'lPI'lIlLlIl. Nlary C11fI1i11g. ,llnly P1111-1+o11. NI111'ily11 Ne-vlrng Sllt' PAIIAIQFIA. Uillgvl' X111l111'w11, 51111115 Nlille-1'. eacler-s and Personalities 45 40. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETYi-FRONT ROW: M. Mattson, C. Corley, C. Anderson, P. MeGoyeran, B. Bingham, C. Fileh A. Frazee, K. Zahl, N. Marlatt, R. Warkentin, C. Haddad, K. Larsen, M. Kelly, N. Kirby, M. Vives lrepj, M. Cushing, H. Dougherty, S. Harmon. J. Arnold, B. Lewis fseej, C. Hronopu- los. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Nt-Ile MeCreary, M. Walters, R. Brueggemann, B. Pratt, J. Harmon, B. Ambrosius, C. Bracher, S. Bishop tpt'es.J, D. Karner, C. Rttdiger, L. Miller, G. Craig, B. Porter, C. Moore, S. Outhier, B. Smith, T. Herndon, S. Van- Boskirk, T. Hough, Mrs. Autumn Stoner. THIRD ROW: K. Choate, Ratzlaff, J. Wvalker, D. Wlagner, K. Rikli, J. Eek, S. Dierksen, M. Atwood, J. Pearce Ctreas.J, .I. Snyder, L. Frank- lin, P. Thompson, K. Crawford, J. Davies, J. Russell, N. Wilson, J. Beard, J. Hays, L. Splane, T. Wright. BACK ROW: T. Bent- ley, W. Barton, J. Unruh, D. Willhoite lv.'pres.J, T. Young, R. Cearheard, J. Vlfright, Kieffer, T. Brooks, W. Douglass, R. Field, C. Paine, M, Arnold, P. Ezell, E. Weidner, K. Jones, T. Hang, B. Henderson, S. Phillips. S. Kuseh. FRONT ROW: S. Miller, P. Walters, N. Hutchins. J. Hong J. Dodds, M. Dirks, P. Cau, L. Crilleth, L. Woodbury, J. Rum- mel, J. Franklin, R. Krey, M. Hart, T. Badzinski, K. Beliele G. Dickey, K. Handley, S. Houghton, C. McClanahan, S. Cava- naugh, Kratzer, C. Cauldin. SECOND ROW: T. Chodriek D. Hall, J. Hoeltzel, M. Toews, R. Lee, D. Marlatt, R. Cordell M. Vlfaack, T. Waack, J. Hendry, S. Kruekenberg, C. Layton C. Lipps, J. Ruth, S. Pinski, V. Burdg, S. Arnold, K. Reed J. Minton, K. Devers, D. McDonald, J. Raekley. THIRD ROW: S. Stephens, D. LaF0rce, B. Bingham, L. Roedell, B. Sayre D. Campbell, C. Key, L. Graham, C. Hein, K. Billings, S Schroeder, J. Crowley, .W Sehooley, B. Wu, B. Morgan, D Melntyre, F. Baker, M. Shawley, J. Mohley, L. Norman, Peterson, S. Holland. BACK ROW: S. Merrill, D. Wells, R Brown, C. Wirtz, R. Record, T. Bergdall, D. Henneke, S. Ashell C. Kowalski, T. Browning, T. Parrish, B. Taylor, G. Ediger R. Christensen, S. Long, J. Massie, C. Casey, B, Mansfield, M Stutcfhntan, M. Kopp, C. Scott. NHS Laucls Scholarship, Character, Service NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY-FRONT ROW: L. I-Iuddle, Cooper, C. Jones, J. Johnson, K. Lynch, P. Carroll, D. Living- P. Nlofloveran, M. Russell, C. Rohino, S. Marshall, C. Sweet- ston. BACK ROW: R. Traynor, B. Flowers, L. Cox, D. Turner, wood, K. Fisher, L. Congdon, A. Grice, C. Westfall. SECOND S. Easterly, R. Jantz, M. Bonge, L. Fenity, K. Kastle, K. Pashy. ROW: L. Pitts, D. Paris, D. Brooks, C. Woody, L. Otjen, B. a s s 9'l'l'IJIfNl' IXUIJN fHh1'l'I'r Sum llishnp 4lI'1'LIh.P, Hnnnh Sltjlbllilll lx.-pw-5.5, .IYVXIIII Speviv 191'4'.,, Hnlvin lfim-Irl fprc:s.l. and liirlmunl U4-ul' hard frvgul plun Ihv yn-url mark fur ICIIS. Student Council Leaders Consider Proiect , ,.,. . .. NII',XII.Izlo of rln- fiumlvut QUIIIICII N nmsly fmwm-11 pmjvvlu LJ4,llIlIIliU1'l'. fum l3vrg1I.nIl. Pill ,hI'IllDl!i. Kathryn l'1xhw1 Huh ll rlwlllllllll md Rubin L '. 1" ' L,L Vivid. fIw-i1I4- un Ll Illllbfillgf pru- rann in Ive UI'QLlIliZl'11 hy the l'HlIIll'iI xml In lu- xmrlwd lhfllllgill thx- jun- vl' high wlnmls fm' pnlcntiul drup- nuls frown lhv lfnid wluml syelm-nl. Student Council Accepts Ideas, Suggestions STUDENT COUNCIL-FRONT ROW: S. Manahan, J. Frantz, M. Mitchell, L. Cillham, C. Stephens, C. Deck, J. Peterson, C. Heimbach, K. Agee. SECOND ROW: L. Richard, R. Whittten- herg, J. Robertson, E. Hall, R. Truman, T. Bergdall, C. Shields, M. Day, S. Vlfilliams. THIRD ROW: S. Sparks, J. McChay, B. Lenahurg, S. Chamhers, S. Evans, A. Munger, J. Bowers, K. Taylor, S. Hronopulos, P. Pearson. BACK ROW: Mr. Dennis lselin, R. Cearheard frepj, R. Stephan Cv.-pres.J, B. Goddard, R. Field fpres.J, J. Kemph, T. Parrish, C. Booth, B. Cummings, R. Rector. SECOND SEMESTER STUDENT COUNCIL: P. Thompson, D. Chitwood, B. Ambrosius, B. Barton, J. Glasser, D. Krahn, STUDENT COUNCIL-FRONT ROW: S. Creen, S. Thomas, J. Waller, L. Congdon, M. Hopper, M. Dillon, K. Larsen, J. Collins, S. Miller. SECOND ROW: L. Semrad, S. Bishop ltreas.J, L. Buxton, T. Bentley, B. Adamson, T. Wright, P. Carroll, J. Speoie fsec.J. THIRD ROW: D. Willits, S. Wheeler, B. Cunning, P. Arnold, J. Snyder, J. Pearce, N. Perkins, P. Kilhurn, J. Russell, T. Hough. BACK ROW: Mr. Dennis lselin, W. Campbell, T. Bergdall, Z. Fleming, D. Mendenhall, W. Jurey, A. Asplund, S. Hendley. L. Fenity. L. Hughes, T. Moore, J. Larsen, M. Rector, R. Carpenter, D. YVilenziCk. SFXIUH UIASS 0l7l"IiIl'fliS: I.:-N XXiIli:1ms lx.-pn-s,I, ,Indy lpp un-4-J. ,lmmn Iluxiv- lvI't'Ir.', llinw-1' X11fif-1'-H11 llrs-us.P. Tvr1'x Hemi: lpn-4 P Capable Gfficers Lead Respective Classes 43' 5 'HUXlUHlf Ulfl1'HIliliS: Uilllllf Um-ll: ipre--J, 'um Nlllngr-ls ,ll XIUN Ul"l"lfflfH5: l.lI1'? Xurmzlll tn-lm, IL-miie tlilkm lx pr.-.,l, l'g1l Xml-I4I 's1'l'.l, Slbilll Hrmmpllfrle llI'1'LlN.'A Num-x 'Il'1LlN.,A Tim XX right 4'l'1'.I. Lklflllll Wilwn u,-pr.-ij. I-Q1-pl I lkine 4l'n'lm,lA 'l!l'l'N.,. 49 f-W., K ' .p...4, '-TAY 'Q' .M , K 4 f'pQ va. A ,A , .... fwfiffi gfafgy s:. ,h w fb? 33+ edwygx is il, :iiafsifiisi :Y-:ffI!5Ei 1 W'f"'Z5Zi55'.L'A-am: mb iggsegw, wk ,..-pwfrfgw -Q, vw, ,,1,-Wi 111.19-:QA Q A 7 aiu, ,,,W,w,2 y - ' Qi if -- 1 A , W.. 5 2 Mk, 5 Q-gsffwfw' WW " 1 4--1 'f,:1aq. -- S5332 . vviffgfe " ' " 1 -' -' - "if gf, mn N ey . , 1. , 1 , f . , 4. -xg R? ', 1. lx 14, 1 ,, 4 ,, 45.1,-A A af rg f K mf -1 'iff' -+V' ii . x ,lf Rn , big L ,sv -iii' x :kiwi E, W , 1 -xv' H, fa x. 9 3 7,555 - 1- f iii Y 1-ei Q M x :Lum-ga is s kg rv Q I "" f Pl ,mg s M , 4 ' 1 , 1 'H iii' 3+ fm: N 'li 3 X pin 1 'fgrig-5 B QQ xi .Q 51,55 ' f' if .523 rn -,542 1 R ck .,.,,.. ..m:".h...:.34k qc 4 A' Q we V3 N .. Q eg, 11 R N 4. Q H 45,3-, Q- 'U 'io 1- , .vc A f ww' ,fy U . ' -fi 5 5' H Q ,Io Ann Specify Mary Queen Ronnie Slepinni. Hvrrlfrf Senior Favorites Reign During May Feie + 4 Q5 ,Q il ,J M J g Y 1, -- Hnllin lfii-ld and Marv c:llQil- Hill Cmialarfi and Ruin-rin Les Wiiliunis and 'l'vx'i'i Pu! fiuiiuii ing. Hnnur Attendants. Wyknff. HQ-rmiun. , iii, o H sg, ,,., Ji X W ik s ' i , ,. , and Surniy Hiller. ' i ifliurinuiin- Xvestfuli ami Sinn Ili-nisv Willils and Riwlun-il Pain Cain and 'l'e1'I'y Bc-iilI1'Y. Cumiiu' .loin-5 211111 iilaxirl liishup. C11-ai'lu-ai'd. Nifqfldfllliliiii- 51 Queens Lend Glamour to EHS Organizations . who f' Q M31'11yH Rector, Aquaette Queen Mary Margaret Russell, Chorus Queen Judy Upp, Football Queen .gf K 1 :if iw E. Q21- fp, yn W, "Q u ti: 221: Wm ww, .1 Toni Handy, Band Queen QQ Jo Allll Specie, !Vlny' Queen A 1 Z mf . W . , - 1 . . ' 'L , - -- ff x f , .L .' - ' : ' -' Wim. ' . L 1 5 LL,,. .9 'A 1. R I If-,few ,gk as 355. ,f E, ., q ig. N., v, , Q ' "wie pe, . " ' , 5: I, ' 'E 4' .'AA . QL, , kk? .," QS.. V- ' ' ' wg X, I K as , I F' Mfu.1ffH'?..ii A W ,, . . ' iffrr' Shirley Dickerson, DE Queen mx K.g:JMR,w Ginger Anderson, Basketball Queen Beauty Finalists Lencl Grace and Charm SEATED: Susan Williams, DEg Mary Cushing, Chorus, May Feteg Lisa Mize, Aquaetteg Sulyn Harmon, Chorus, Sandy Miller, Football, Basketball, May Fate. STANDING: Sarah Sweeney, DEQ Connie Sweetwood, DEg Sue Parker, Baskelballg 54 Nancy Wilson, Bandg Kathy Zahl, Chorus, Denise Willits, Aqua- ette, Chorus, May Fetcg Ginger Anderson, Football, Barbara Lewis, Band. FIVIC NIINVTES at the- vm! of Q-wry 4-lass periud lrrings a YVl'lt'4HllC CIIUIICC for vllzxtlm-1' us thu students IIIUY1' In lhvir nf-Xt classvs. rilasses LJ Wl,.iW""F 55 'fs , .L-'lg Seniors SENIOR Mary Morgan admires Kathy Hronopulos, syinbol of twelve years' Work and compares the ring to the artistis drawing held by Les Willianis. TOP ROW: Bob Adamson Mixed Cho., SC. Caro- lyn Adelman Thespian Rep., QUILT. Weekly Editor- in-Cliief, Aquaette Treas., HR Sec., NFL. Kathy Allen Bravettes. Bill Ambrosius NHS, OHS, SC, Delta Theta, ECA. Carol Anderson Girls, Cho., Bible, Palette. Ginger Anderson NHS, Sr. Class Treas., Cheerleader, Basketball Queen, Football Queen Attendant. SECOND ROW: Stephanie Lou Anderson Act. Otiice Asst., Bible. Robert Anthony Letterrnen Sgt. at Arms, Football All Conference Guard-All State Alternate, FCA. Diana Arnold Bravettes, Bible, DE, FTA. Helen Arnold Vo. Tech. Jean Arnold NHS, OHS, Bravettes, Bible, Delta Theta. Mike Arnold NHS, OHS, Boys' State, Lionis Boy of thc Month, Delta Theta Rep. THIRD ROW: Penny Arnold Bible, Band, Orches- tra, Usherette. Hal Atkinson Basketball, Track, Vo. Tech. Mary Atwood NHS, OHS, Bravettes, Mixed Cho., Bible Treas. Luann Bainter Bravettes, Palette, Library Rep. Eddie Baker. James Baker Med. Arts. FOURTH ROW: Linden A. Baker Basketball, HR Pres., Usher. Connie Ballard Bravettes, J. Club, DE, CRA, HR V. Pres. Toni Bandy Band Queen, Cirls' Cho., J. Club, Band Colorguard Capt. Judie Barnard Girls, Cho., Trade Graphic Arts, Vo. Tech. Brian Chris Barnes Vo. Tech., JETS. Danny Barnes DE, Vo. Tech. FIFTH ROW: Wayne Barney Vo. Tech. Diana Barton Girls' Cho., Bible, Library, ICT, Band. Wayne Barton NHS, Band Quarter Master, Delta Theta, Orchestra. Ken Bauer Trade Graphic Arts, Library, Vo. Tccli. Jeanne Beard NHS, OHS, Tliespians Jr. Rep., All School Play, Aquaettes. Len Beard Boys' State Officer, Hi-Y Treas., NFL Pres., Nat'l Merit Coiiiiiiendation. SIXTH ROW: Larry Beaver. Doug Becker ICT, Rand. John Becker NHS, Delta Theta. Leeann Benefiel Bravettes, Palette, All School Play, HR Sec, Jay Benge Swiinrning, Bible, DE.. Jeannine Bennett NHS, Bravettes, Mixed Cho.. Thespians, NFL. BOTTOM ROW: Charles Bentley. Terry Bent- ley Sr. Class Pres., Lettermen Pres., May Fcte Es- cort, Football All Conference Guard. Terry Berg- dall Bible, Hi-Y Chap., SC, Current Affairs V. Pres. Joyce Best Library. Roger Binford Palette, Trade Graphic Arts, Library V.Pres. Belle Bingham NHS, OHS, Phi Epsilon Pres., Tliespians, Senior Play. TOP HUYV: Sam Bishop NHS Pres., SC 'llrm-its., May lf:-te Esenrt, Fmmtlmll, Sr. Play. Maribelh Bix- ler Bruxelles, DE. Kent lilackledge Palette, Vo. Tl-ell. Sandra Blair Lilmmry V.Pres. Carol Boep- ple Bravettes, Palette. Mzxrk Boler Lettswmen, Swimming, Gen'l Olliee Asst., HR V.Pres., FCA. llO'l"l'UNl HOYV: Mare Bongo NHS, J. Club. HR Pres., Current Affairs. John Bowers Tllespiuns, All Selwul Play, HR See., Current Allairs, Football Mgr. Mari Bowles Bravettes, J. Club, All School Play, NFL. Gary Bracher NHS, Swimming, Della Theta. HH Pres. Connie Brakhage ICT, Phi Epsilon. Med. Arts. Benjie Brandt NHS, Hi-Y. 1968 Class Rings Set New EHS Traditions l TOP ROW: Ginger Brcitenkamp Bravettes, ICT. Girls' Clio., J. Club. Edward Brirlgman Mixed Cho. Bay Bright Bible, Palette. Donna Brooks Bruvetles. Bible, Palette, l'Vl':l, HR See. Terry Brooks NHS, OHS, Phillips Selmlarship, Boys' Clin. Becky Brown Bravettes, Bible. Yearbook, HR V. Pres., Uslierette. SECOND ROW: Rebecca Bulh Brown l,ibrury. Terry Browning NHS, Palette. Ronald Bruegge- mann NHS, OHS, Phi Epsilon. Band, Delta Tlieta. Caroline Brune Bran-ttes, Tllespians. Sr. Play, CRA V.Pres., HR See. Joe Bryant Lettermeu, Football Mgr., Track. l"C.X. ,lack Buckles Bible. 'l'HlHlJ BUVV: Jerry Buekles Palette, DE Pzirl. David Bules J. Club, IDE. Beverly Buller llible. Frank ll. Bunch Trarli: lifillllllt' Arts. Yu. llil'l'll. Darrell Bundy Boys' Clin.. Vw, Tech. Jerry Bur- ehardt Mixed Clio., Bible. FUllH'l'H HUYV: Ramona Burdine Girls' Clio., l"'l'4X, CRA. Riley Burgess Library, Vu. Tech. Eula M. Burns Girls' Clio. Aaron Bush Baseball. llible. Greg Butts SC, HR Pres. Grant Buxton lsettermen, Tliespians, Swimmirigr. Baseball, Flirt. Delta 'llllt'lLI. Fll"'l'H RUVVZ David Cagle ljI'L'llCSlI'd, DE. Dehhie Cain Bravettes, Bible. LilJrary Fee., HR See., Girls' Clin. Frank Cain Palette, Ulf. Barbara Campbell Yu. 'lei-li. John Campbell. Terry Lee Canter Vu. 'lin c ll I liU'l"l'UNl HOW: Pat Carroll Lettermen V.Pres., Huy Fete, Football Escort, lfrmtball, Swimming, .l. Club Sgt.-at-Arms. SC. Greg Casey NHS, Frmtlmll, Swimmirig, HR See. Dana Chambers llravettes, Girls' Clin., Cen'l Oliiee Asst.. Bible, HR Pres. Charles Chance Band, Swimming. Jilll Chapman Ulf. Sharon Chapman Bravettes. FTA, Girls' Clin. ewior Boys Face Big Deci 518 TOP ROW: Eddie Chenoweth Mixed Cho., Boys' Cho., Usher. Connie Choate Bravettes, Girls' Cho., Vo. Tech. Kathy Choate NHS, OHS, HR Pres., Phillips Scholarship, Bravettes. George Chodriek. Teresa Chodrick NHS, Sr. Play. Terry Chrisman Trade Graphic Arts, Vo. Tech. BOTTOM ROW: John Christmas Vo. Tech. Alan Clark Vo. Tech. Donald Clover Vo. Tech. Paul Cole Lettermen, Track, Delta Theta, FCA. Karen Coleman Bravettes, Thespians, Vo. Tech., Sr. Play. Jimmy Collins. sion for Future TOP ROW: Linda Congdon NHS, Bravettes, Mixed Cho., SC, HR Pres. John Conlon J. Club, Yearbook. Becky Cooper NHS, Bravettes, FTA Genil Ofiice Asst. Tim Cooper ICT. Connie Cor- ley NHS, OHS, Bravettes, GRA, HR V.Pres. Gary Cox Vo. Tech. s SECOND ROW: Linda Cox Brave-ttes, Bible, DE Hist. Robert Cox. Dale Crabb Usher, DE. Geof- frey Craig NHS, OHS, Boys' State, Hi-Y, Delta Theta. Mary Craig Bravettes, GRA. Jim Crawford ICT. THIRD ROvW: Kathy Crawford NHS, OHS, Bravettes, Bible Pres., GRA Pres. Tommy Craw- ford DE V. Pres. Nancy Cropper J. Club, Bible, Usherette, Band Colorguard, HR Sec. Wayne Crop- per Vo. Tech. Terry Cross. Jim Crow Vo. Tech. FOURTH ROW: Judy Crowley NHS, OHS, Or- chestra, Vo. Tech. Mary Cushing NHS, Che r- leader, Honor Attendant to May Queen, Lionis Girl ofthe Month, Mixed Cho. Sec. Douglas Dailey Trade Graphic Arts, Band. Sandy Damon J. Club, DE, FTA, Current Affairs, HR V.'Pres. Jonah Da- vidson Vo. Tech. Joann Davies NHS, OHS, Sr. Class Rep., Bravette Pres., Kiwanis Girl of the Month. FIFTH ROW: Davis Tri-Hi-Y ette, HR V.Pres. Bravette Treas., William Charles Davis. Jane V.Pres., Thespian Scribe, Usher- Melinda Davis Soph. Class Treas., SC, HR Pres. Richard DeFever Lettermen, Football, Palette, Trade Graphic Arts, FCA. Warren Dell Football. Greg Denton J. Club, Palette. BOTTOM ROW: Elray DeRoin. Karen Devers NHS, Bravettes, Mixed Cho., Girls' Cho., Act. Office Asst. Shirley Dierksen NHS, Bravettes, Mixed Cho., Guidance Office Asst., HR Pres. Marilyn Dillon Bravettes, J. Club V.Pres., Current Affairs, SC, Palette See. Carol Dittmeyer Bravettes, Girls, Cho., Bible. Jimmy L. Dixon Trade Graphic Arts, Vo. Tech. TOP HOW: Fred J. Dodds Fnotlnall. HR Pres.. Vo. Teell. Holly Dougherty NHS, OHS, Med. Arts. Aquaettt-s. HR V.Pres. Willis Douglass NHS, UHS, Serviec Club Boy of illontb, Natil Merit Fin- alist, Elizabeth Dragc Girls' Chu. Terri Druiett litavettt-s, l"'l'A, Vo. ,llI'4'll. Niki Duffy lh'avc-ties, lland, HH See. SECOND HOXV: Cltrislie Duryea Mixed Clin.. Tltespians. Sr. Play, Hand. Susan Easterly llible, liand. Judy Eek NHS, OllS, liravettes, Tbespians. Sr. l'lay. Sherry Eddinglnn .l. Club, llrawttes, F'l'A, CHA. Vo Teelt. Gwenda Eggleston llible. flllf.'ltllSll'y Club, Phillips Sl'lllllLtl'Slllll. Steve Engel- man l.t-ttermen. Traek, Cross Country, Cetfl Ofliee Asst.. llible V.Pres.. Fil X. 'l'l-lllili HOW: Robert Evans Vu. Tech. Leslie Everitl .l. Club, Bravettes, Palette, Cetfl Ofliee Asst. Paul Ezell NHS, OHS, Gulf, lllli Epsilon. ll:-lla Theta. ,lim Fahrenbrueh liible. Larry Fe-nity Cross Cuttnlry, Yearbook, IJCA. SC. Sherry Fergu- son liiwtwtles. Girls' Clio., 'llllt-spiaus. FTA. Astron- mnv. l"OUH'l'll ROW: Robin Field NHS, SC Pres., l.eI- tpymf-n, May Fete Honor Esmrt- Football. Paul Fisehaber. Karen Fisher. Cathy Fitell OHS. Brawttes. Rotary Girl of Muntlt. Hand, FTA 'lln-as. Bonita Fitzgerald. Brenda Flowers l31'au-ties. ,l, Club, Qt lI.I. Xleekly. lC'l' See.. HR See. Flltvllll HOW: Lloyd Eugene Fore Yu. 'lls-ell. Lee Rave Franklin OHS. llrawttes, Aquaettes. l"'I'tt. HR Oflieer. Ann Frazee NHS. OHS. Band. ll:-Ita 'llbt-ta. Oreltestra. Cathy Frazer. Frank Furnish. Joe Caris l"uoIlJall. Traek. lfffgl. SlX'l'll HOW: Mark Garrison Ulf. lltespians. Stage Hand, Pant Call NHS. liratettes, May Qin-en Attendant, Tliespialls, Nlixed llhu. Charlene Caul- din NHS, Med. Arts. lirawtte-s, Bible. Riellard fQ9kll'll0kll'fl NHS. l.etterm"n. Hay Queen Fsenrt. Football. SC Rep. Sandra Gee llravettes. ,laniee Gerllard llslteretle, Oreliestra See. tiU'l"l'0Nl ROW: Louie Giles Delta Theta, l'billips Seltularsltip. Dale Cillham Mixed Clio.. Boys' Clio.. Yu. 'll-eh. Carol Ging lirawtles. Girls' Clio.. l"'l'.l, Linda frlilh5COCk. Bill Goddard Slay Fete lfseurt. SC. FCA, Football, Tllk'Sl7lilIt Pres. Gary Goebel SC. Yu, Teell, Glilqrggggw l-ins -tm P Gfmons I mm ,- R015 vm- v.. a f fi. Seniors Q Nlll,llXlxX st-twtw In-ekutts lu unit tllllll xllofd tftt l t lm l ygRSl' f 4-' gramuatitn. . 1 Hazen- seem ln xmpt thin- with .lobn limit-rs as Ibm' sign and the 1 tlt login' be lmltls I'4'Iltlllll bint. Seniors STEALINC quiet IIIUIIILEIHS from a busy senior schedule, Doug Kralm anticipates the future, yet thinks back over lun and fellowship. TOP ROW: Terry Goggin J, Club, Bible Pres., Hi-Y, Sr. Play, Aud. Vis. Asst. Linda' Goodman Bravettes, DE-ICT Ofliee See. Danny Goodpasture Physical Fitness Award. Terry Goodpasture Trade Graphic Arts, Band, Drum Major, Usher. Ginger Sue Goodwin Bravettes, FTA, Cen'l and Activity Olliee Asst., HB Sec. Steve Goss Letternien, Foot- ball, Sr. Play, SC, FCA. SECOND ROW: Greg Graham Lettermen, Foot- ball All Conference Halfback, FCA. Linda Graham NHS, OHS, FTA, Phi Epsilon Sec. Tommy Gra- ham Vo. Tech. Angelia Griee Bible, Med. Arts. David Way'ne Griflin Vo. Tech. Charles Grim. THIRD ROW: Cathy Gungoll Bravettes, Mixed Cho., Bible, Med. Arts, Current Affairs Sec. Cindy Haddad NHS, Phi Epsilon, John Haddad Boys' State, Band, Med. Arts. Vicky Hair. Janey Hall HR Pres.. Cen'l Othce Asst.. Yearbook, Bravettes, Tliespian Sec. Johnny Hall Palette, Vo. Tech. FOURTH ROW: Colleen Halterman Bible, V-0. Tech, Girls' Cho. Tim Hamblin ICT. Gayen L. Hancock. Kathleen Handley NHS, Phi Epsilon. Betty Hankins Bravettes. Shirley Hankins ICT. FIFTH ROW: Pain Hansen Bravettes, FTA. Bill Hardin Football. Rick Hardy Football, Phi Ep- silon, Chemistry Club, FCA, SC. Steve Hardy Bible, Sr. Play, Band, Usher. John Harmon NHS, OHS, Bible, Band. Sulyn Harmon NHS, Chorus Queen Attendant, All School Play, Aquaettes, Mixed Cho. SIXTH ROW: Carolyn Harrison Bravcttes, Bible, Girls' Cho. John Harrison. Bill Hart Lettermen, Swimming, Orchestra, Usher, Band Pres. Jack Hart- ling Trade Craphic Arts, ICT. Jonette Hatfield Bravettes, J. Club, Vo. Tech. Mary Ann Hatfield Bravettes, Trade Graphic Arts, Aquaettes, Girls, Cho., HR Pres. BOTTOM RONV: Tom Hang NHS, Chemistry Club, Yearbook, Delta Theta. Terry L. Havens Trade- Graphie Arts. Janet Hays NHS, OHS, FTA Hist., Tri-Hi-Y Chap. Cheryl Hein NHS, OHS, Bravettes, Med. Arts, HB Sec. Kathy Helberg Bravettes, Bible, Girls' Cho. Dennis Hellwege J. Club, Band. - '-wo Q' sf Q S 'l'Ul" RUNY: Bill H1-nrlorson NHS. Buys' Starr' liasvluill, liamd, HR V.l'rcs. Sieve Henfllvy l.n-ltm'r- invn Rn-p.. Football, 'l'r:.ick, ffiirrrznt Affairs. lfflfl. SC. Charlotte Hendryx. Joyrv Hcnneks- Library Uirlsi Clin. .lainie Henry l7l'l'lCT Ofiiw- Asst. Tm-rri llvrnflon NHS. May Qum-n Arid., All Si-lmul Play, .Millar-ties, Hand 'l'wirl4'l'. HOTUM HOW: Jack H1-rrizln Tllcspiiiiis, lillllil. Chip llir-ks l.CiiCI'Il1l'Il. lfuintliall, Baseball, .l. Club. FCA, HR Pres. Jimmy Ilif-ks, NHS, Vu. 'ilu-li. Rogvr llii-ks DE, HR Pros. Barbara Hill. Bill Hobbs lmllermcn, Football, 'lll'LlCli, Baseball. l"lfA. Memories for S TOP HOVV: David Hobbs lloysi Clio., Bibi:-, Vo. Tech. Janet Hoeltzr-l NHS, OHS, Braveltvs, liiblo, Cirls' Clio. Ronnie Hoffman Palette, Tlicspiuns, Sr. Play. Ann Holcolnb Library, VO. Tech, Joyce Hole- Uirlivstra, Uslwr1'lli'. Darrel Holt Vu, 'lll'Cll. SIQCUNIJ ROW: Gene Holub Boys' Clio.. Vo. Ti-cb. Dennis Hoopingarnor. Gloria Hopkins l5i'avi-llvs, Girls, Clio. Mika! Hopkins I'aIQtt4-, Vu. 'l'w-h. Stan Hopper lliisuliiill. Sheliah Horner. 'l'HiRD HOW: Tangy Hough NHS, Girls' Slim-, Sr. Play, SC, NFL Tri-ins. Susan Houghton NHS, OHS, liravcllcs, Bible, Uirls' Clin, Evelyn Housku. Connie Hoyt J. Club, Vo. 'l'ec'li. Cathy Hronopu- los NHS. OHS, Biuvi-th-s, liibli- Sec., Aqllilvllt' Sw. Linda Hufldle NHS, liruwllcs. Bible, F'l','X, HIC Pri-s l"0UR'l'H RUVV: John In-0 Hughes Bibb-, IDE. Tvrry Hughes. Carrie- Hurt library, Avi. Ufliw- Asst. Janet Hysell limw-tts-s. Girls' Chu.. llfl' V.l'rvs., l"'l'.-X, HR Ser. Eddie Isbell Band. Curl Jackson. Fll4"l'H HUXV: Bonnie Jaunvs. Roger Jantz Vo. 'l't'l'll. Sue Jantzen lirurcltes, DE, HR Pres. D1-un Johnson Hand. Delta 'flu-Ia. Jerry Johnson Yu. T1-itll. Judy Johnson liraictli-s, Bible, Vo. Ti-4-li. l30'l"1'0Nl HQTW: Cuntlicv Jones NHS, J. Club. 'l'lluspii1ns, May Qucvn Atlvmlaiit, liravetlc V.l'rnrs. Darrell Jones OHS. lffl' Parl. Kenneth L01- Joni-s NHS, I.cttc1'nwii. Clicmistry Club Pri-s.. Ili-Ilii 'llllQ'iLl Pri-s., lnternat'l Svie-iii-6 Fair Finalist. Bill Julian Triuli- Graphic Arts, Vu. Tech. W1-sim-3' Jurvy li6lit'I'IllQ?Il, Cross Country. 'llrul'k, All Svlnml Play, N4'ilI'lHI1lli, NFL V.l'rvs. Don Karm-r Xlixm-fl film., ,l. Club, Usher, NHS. eniors Kaleidoscope in Review 61 TOP ROW: Karyn Kastle NHS, Act. Office Asst. David Keck. Jack W. Keck Football, Baseball, FCA, HR Pres. Peggy Keely Bravettes, Gen'l Otlitze Asst., NFL. Marilyn Kelley NHS, FTA, Iiraveltt-s, Phi Epsilon Treas. Ronald Kelly Letter- men. Football. Travli. .l. Club. Craphirr Arts, FCA. BOTTOM ROW: Cindy Key NHS, Bravettes, Phi Epsilon. Stephen Kieffer NHS, Boys' State, Nat'l Merit Finalist, Lion's Boy of Month. Pam Kilburn Bravcttes, ,l. Club, Palette, FTA, GRA. Kathy Kil- lam Girls' Cho. Pat Killam Vo. Tech. Daniel Kimlnell Vo. Tech. Scanty Snowfall Tempts Playful Seniors TOP ROW: Sharon Kimmell Vo. Tech. Bill Kin- dle Aetivity Othce Asst., Library Pres., HR Sec. Ed King. Janet Kirby J. Club. Nancy Kirby NHS, OHS, Sr. Play, Med. Arts, Delta Theta, Martha Koehn Cirls' Cho. SECOND ROW: Phil Kopp Boys' State, Nat'l Merit Finalist, Hi-Y Sec., All School Play, Med. Arts Pres. Lanette Kosted Rible, Library. Doug Krahn Lettermen, Basketball Escort, Football, Bas- ketball. Delta Theta, FCA, SC. Susan Kratzer NHS, OHS, llravetles. Chemistry Club, Bled. Arts. Ronnie Krey NHS, Basketball Escort, Basketball, HR V.l'res. Mark Krupp Chorus King. Mixed Cho.. Cross Country. FCA, Rible V.Pres. THIRD ROW: George Kurz Palette, DE. Stan Kuseh NHS, OHS, Golf, Med. Arts, Delta Theta. Judy Kutz llravettes. Michele Ladusau Bravettes, J. Club, Bible, QUILL Weekly, Girls' Cho. Larry Langford J. Club, HR Pres. Darrell Langwell Letttrmen. .l. Club, FCA, Football All Conference Halfbaek. FOURTH ROW: Charlotte Large OHS, J. Club, Current Affairs, DE Rep.. HR See. Karen Larsen NHS, Lion's Cirl of Month, Band, Natil Merit Coni- nizendation, Delta Theta Treas. Vicky Lawrenz liravcttes, Bible, Library, Cen'l Office Asst. Randy Lawson Colt, J. Club, Trade Graphic Arts, DE. Linda Laye. Wayne Lea Bible, Phillips Scholar- ship, Raseball, Usher. FIFTH ROW: John Lceper J. Club, Palette, QUILL Wtvekly, Band, HR Pres. Peggy Leggett Bravettes, Cirls, Cho. Shirley Lewellen Bible, Vo. Tech. Barbara Lewis DAR Award, FTA, Band See., Delta Theta Sec. Shirley Lichtenberg Bravettes, Bible, Current Affairs, Cirls' Cho., Vo. Tech. Hugh Litson liible, IIE. BOTTOM ROW: Mary Ann Little. Trudy Litton Murray State Scholarship, Vo. Tech. Diane Liv- ingston OHS, FTA, CRA. Dan Long Palette, Thes- pians, FTA V.Pres., Vo. Tech. Stuart Long NHS. Ida Lorenz Vo. Tech. TOP BOW: Patricia Sue Loueks Usherette. Karen Luckctt Bible, Vo. Tech. Kevin Lynch NHS, l.et- termen, Basketball. Cynthia McBride Bravettes, Palette, FTA, Cirls' Cho. ,lim McCamey Vo. Tet-lt. Cathy MeClanahan NHS, OHS. Bravettes, lCT, CRA See. SECOND BOYV: Bradley McCormick Band. Karen MeCune Bravettes, DE, CBA. Cathy Me- Donalrl Bravettes, Bible, Palette, Aquaettes. Randy McFarland Bible, Library, Vu. Tech. Jim McGhay Letterinen, lfootliall, Track, Delta Theta, SC. Pam Mefloveran Cen'l Office: Asst., HR V.Pres., Vo. Tech. Tl'llBlJ HOW: Pat lVIcCoveran NHS, OHS, Brav- ettes, FTA, CRA. Cassandra McGrew Vo. Tet-li, Patrick Mt-Kinney. Wayne Mc-Zegle Vo. Tecli. Steve Mackey Letterman, Cross Country, Baseball, Bible, FCA. Ronald Major Lettermen, Track, Cross Country All State Cliampion, Yearbook. FOURTH BOWL: A. K. Manahan Football. Traeli, Cross Country, FCA, HR V.F'res. Paula Manuel Bravettes, Aquaettes, .l. Club, Act. Office Asst., HB Sec. Nancy Marlatt NHS, Bible, Band, Current Affairs, Betty Crocker Homemaking Award. Sharon Marshall NHS, Bible, Palette. Mary Martens Bible, Bravettes, Girls' Clio. Leroy Martin Trade Crapliie Arts, Vo. Tech. FIFTH BCTW: Marshall Martin Act. Office Asst. Terry Martindale Mixed Clio., Boys' Cho. Barry Mason Track, Band, SC, ICT Pres. Marsha Kay Mason Bravettes, All Sellool Play, Aquaettes, FTA Parl., Mixed Cho. Pres. Jerry Massie NHS, Bible. Current Affairs, And. Vis. Asst. Mary Kay Mattson NHS, OHS, Nat'1 Merit Finalist. Kiwanis Cirl uf Xluntlt, SC. SIXTH ROW: Monty Melvin Vo. Tech. Ronnie Melvin ICT. David Mendenhall Lettertnen, Bas- ketball Herald, May Fele Escort, SC, FCA. Danny Metsehcr Vo. Tech. Debbie Miller Bravettes, Bible, Med. Arts, Cirls' Cho. Larrv Miller NHS. OHS Hi-Y. ' ' BOTTOM ROW: Sandy Milltfl' NHS, Cheerleader, Basketball, Football, May Queen Attendant, Rotary Cirl of Month, SC. Tommy Miller Act. Oflice Asst.. Aud. Vis. Asst. Charlotte Ann Mills NFL, Xled. Arts, Creative Writer. Jim Mills NHS, OHS, Trade Crapliic Arts. Lisa Mizc Bravettes, Aquaette Queen Attendant, HR V.Pres. Ronnie Moon Lettermen. Baseball, FCA, Usher. I Seniors lllCNlFlEll seniors lmlie in the rare snmslall Although ,lnyee Walker lnraees herself for ,lin l l re iieliardsunis attaei, slle isnil prepared fur Ste' Suwutd's sneaky appruatli. Seniors DHAMATICALLY rehearsing duet act for speech tournament at Central State, Bill Goddard and Kathy Pearson slip into character. TOP BOW: Ed Mooney Palette, lCT. Craig Moore NHS, Thespians, SC, Mixed Cho. Pres., Delta Thcta V.Pres. Merle Moore Letternien, Foot- ball, Swimming, All Conference Honorable Mention Tackle, Sr. Play, HR Pres. Michael Moore Band. Charles Morgan Vo. Tech. Kay Morgan Brav- ettes. SECOND ROW: Mary Morgan Bravettes, GRA, Current Affairs, HR Sec. Tom Morgan Vo. Tech. Hollis Morris DE, Bible V.Pres. Micki Morris Girls' Cho., Vo. Tech. Marilyn Myers, Bravettes, FTA, GRA, Current Affairs, Cenil Office Asst. Monty Myers Basketball, HR V.Pres. THIRD BOW: Wayne Willis Myers All State Or- chestra, Orchestra. Cora Myles Bravettes, Bible. Bonnie Newman OHS, Bravettes, Yearbook, Nurse Oiiice Asst., HR Sec. Mike Newman Band, HR V.Pres., Vo. Tech. Barbara Nichols Bible, Girls' Cho., DE Chap. Marie Nichols. FOURTH ROW: Pat Nichols. Dana Norris Brav- ettes, Sr. Play, Nurse Office Asst. Jimmy Nutt Vo. Tech. Lilo Offenberg Vo. Tech. Jim Okerlund Baseball, Band. Marla O'Neal Med. Arts, Mixed Cho. FIFTH ROW: Linda Oneth Bravettes, Gen'l Oiiice Asst., HR Sec. Chuck Osborne Palette, Vo. Tech. LeMoine Otjen Bravettes, Girls' State Governor, All School Play, Thespian V.Pres., Mixed Cho. Steve Outhier NHS, Lettcrmcn, Boys, State Officer, Natil Merit Finalist, Football. Dottie Overfelt OHS, Nurse Oihce Asst. Linda Kay Overstreet Soph. Class Treas., Cen'l Office Asst. SIXTH BOW: Bruce Overton Vo. Tech. Gerald Paine Chemistry Rep., Aud. Vis. Asst. Diane Paris NHS, OHS, Vo. Tech. Nicki Paris Bravettes, J. Club, Girls' Cho. Sue Parker Bihle, Bravettes, Cheerleader, Basketball Queen Attendant, Rotary Cirl of the Month. Kerry Pasby NHS, Mixed Cho., Usher, All School Play, FTA Parl. BOTTOM ROW: Dan Patton Bible, Band. Jo Ann Pearce NHS Treas., Bible Pres., Thespian Play, SC, Mixed Cho. Beverly Pearson All School Play. Steve Peck Football. Melissa Phillips Vo. Tech. Stan Phillips NHS, Thespians, Sr. Play, Swimming, HR V.Pres. TOP ROWV: ,linimie Pilgrim l.il1rary, Swimming. DE. Georgia Leann Pills l.ilu'ary, Med. Arts. Velfsla Pills. Susan Plall. Ronald Poore lfx- vllurlgre lloy of Month, OSU Sellolarship, Nalil Merit Comnu-ndation. Margaret Pope. IIOTTOXI ROW: Bob Porter NHS, OHS, Client- islry Clulm, Delta Theta, liand, Pal Posehen. Mon- le Prall Vo. Tech. lirian Thomas Prall NHS, lland Quarll'rn1astel', IM-lm Thr-la, Orcflu-slra, llli l'r:-s. Noble Prilchelll llancl. Billy Quarles Vo. Tull Senior Forensic Talent Enters Competition TOP ROW: Nancy Ragan llilxlo, Thespians, Hand, FTA. Carol Randall All Sehool Play, ICT. Tim Randall llilile. Susan Ralzlalf NHS, OHS, llrav- ettes, FTA, Mixed Clio, Marilyn Rector Cheer- It-.utr-r, Allllilltlll' Queen, lionis Cirl of Month, SC, ,lr, Class Treats. Vi:-ki Rel-ee Bravettes, llilmlv, Clrls Clio. SECOND ROYV: Daniel Reim Vo. Teell. Hob Reno Chorus Escort, llSlll'l', Mixed Clio. Ann M. Resehke Oivliestra. Sandy Reyes Vo. ,lil'i'll. Seol- ly Rhodes Vo. Teell. Janie Riehard Ililvli-, SC, CHN. Cirls' Clio.. HR Se-v. THIRD HOW: ,lim Richardson Chorus liseorl, Yearliook, Mixed Co., HH Pres., J. Lewis Richey liilule, Lilirary, Vo. Tl'l'll. Kris Rikli NHS, :Mum- elle-s, l"TA, Mixed Clio., liilvlr- Treas. Chris Roliino NHS. .l. Club, Bible. lland. Billy Robinson lluse- lwall, llasketliall. HR Ol'lieeI'. FCA. Pam Robison UE. FOURTH ROYV: Dee Rodgers l,tJitf'EI'l11PIl, 'lil'Lll'li. Gloria Rodriquez Sopli. Class See., l.iln'ary Pres., CRA V.l'1-es., Vo. ,lil'l'll. Linda Rollnlan. Cary Romine Exelialige lloy ol' Month, Delta Tln-Ia. l.i- lrrary Parl., Natl Merit Comuu-ndalion, Avi. Olliwe Asst, Eddy Root. Carolyn Anne Rowe llilrle, Ol'1'liestra. Fll"Tll RONV: Patty Ruane llraxeltes. Cirls' Clio., Vo. 'li4'l'll. Chris Rudiger NHS, OHS, Cross Coun- lrx. Kathleen Rummel llrnveltes, Bible, I"'llX, Cirls' Clio. Judy Russell OHS, Girls, State. Year- lmook, SC, FTA Pres. Mary M. Russell llmwtles, Chorus Queen, Tllespians, Mixed Clio. Al'L'UIIlIl2llllSl. Xlecl. Arts. Tolnxny Ryel Vo. 'IK-cli. ISUTTOBI ROW: Debbie Sain Bilile, Brawl-Iles, Cirls' Cho. Wayne Searberry Letterlnvn, Pall-Ile. lfootlyall, Basketball. FCA, HH Pres. Mike Sellaf- nill. Lois Jeanne Schmitz llrawttes, Lllll'ilI'Y, Nlvd. fills, Cixlsi Cho. Winllil- Sehooley NHS, OHS, l.ilrrary. Connie Jo Schroeder Bravettes, FTA, CHA, HR V.l'res. 65 TOP ROW: Enlmitt Schultz. Sandra Serztt lirav- vtirs, FTA, Cirls' Cho., HR V.l7reQ. Donna Seal ltihtt-. Vo, Terh, Wiliiizl Semrafl Vu. 'IM-Ei. Jill Sliaugllnessy llravettes, Library, D:-lta Theta. Marilyn Sllfltflfly NHS, SC, FTA, Cirls' State. l'l R Pres. liOTTOlNl ROWV: Steven L'ry Sheets NFL, Drzlmitte, Thespians, Stage Hand, DE. Sheila Shelton Vo. 'l'rch. Connie Shepherd lhuvteltes, Mike Shuler Coll, Patent-, FCA. Diane Shupzxek lirivctleis. IVTA. GRA, HR Pres. Miki' Single QUILI. Wcefily, Upper Classmen Contribute Talent to EHS TOP ROW: Janet Siegmann Ct-nil Office Asst., HR V.Pres. Ronald Lee Simurd Vu. Teeh. Harry STIIIIIIUIIS Vo. Tech. Rick Sinlpson lluseluill, Year- lumk, Current Affairs, HR Pres, John Sisk Trarle Crzipliic' Arts, Vo. Tu-h. Iris Sisson llruvt-ties, Vo. It-I-ti. SECOND HOW: Vernon C. Slziton Hi-Y V.Pr.'S., Delta '1'ht-ta, JETS. Astronomy. Bruee Lee Smith NHS, llnys' State, Sr. Play, All Seluml Play, HB V.l'reS. Carol Smith. Floycl Smith Libriry. Kenneth Smith Bible, Cult Current Afluirs. Ct-n'l Offline Asst. Hxrolfl Snow Traelt, lll't'll4'Sll'.l. THIRD ROW: Billie Snyder llravt-ties, HR See., DE-lCT Ofiicse Asst. June Snyfler NHS, SC, GRA, Delta The-ta. Kathy Sorey Ct-n'l Ollie: Asst.. HR Svc. Steve S:wards J. Club, Yr-zzrlmnnk QUILL Weekly. Larue Sparks Bible, DE. Sunrly Sparks li1'uvc'ttr's. Girls' Cho., SC, Vo, T. eh. FOURTH ROW: .lo Ann Speeie Thespiuns, SC Svc., Jr. Class Sec., May Queen, Bravette Rep. Cecil Spencer Trade Graphic Arts, Vo. Tech. Linda Splane NHS, Bravettes, Sr. Play, All School Play, HR V.Pres. Melva Spurgeon Bible. Alan Spurlin Vo. Tech. Chuelc Stair Football, Track, lhtnd, Delta Theta, FCA. FIFTH ROW: Ronna Lee Stanley Bible, Hi-Y. Ronnie Stephan Letterman, May Ft-te Herllfl, Kiwanis Roy of Month, Baseball, llzsketbull, Foot- ball, SC V.Pres. Judy Stephenszrn liravc-ttvs, Thes- pians, FTA, HR Pres., Mixed Chu. Tommy Stew- art l7EllfflI6, DE. Esther Stoll limvettes, FTA, Vo. Tech. Rrzuee Storm Current Affairs, Cc-n'l Office Asst. BOTTOM ROW: Cathy Strain. Norma Lee Stricklin. Cindy Stuart Bravettes, FTA, J. Club, liible, Girls' Cho. Linda Sturgeon liruvettes, J. Club, Bible, ICT Hist., Girls' Cho. H r.:ce Stuteh- man. Maurice Stutehman NHS, ICT Chap., NW Hnnor Band. TDI' HOW: Mike Suiter. Surah Sweeney llirlf Chu.. IHC Sw. Connie Sweelwnrfcl lhuvettes. D25 Qin-en .'Xllt'lI1lLllli. DIC Puri.. llli V.lJl' 5. Linda Swifzguri litem-tte4. llilule. lfnfltl Swinfurfl CHX Null Muni. Hlx 5 e. Filgie iililQ'!l,!g.I NHS. Dlltf. , I... , K . ,I, f.lul1.l I X. wt. Ufhw MAI. SICCDND HUW: Bfzbily Tzlylol' NHS. OHS. Phil- lip: S:'ln:l1trsF1ip, Delta Theta, ffluri: Tzlylcr Nfl. Vo. 'li4'4'll. .luhn 'far e-a Cf: mi-try lflulr. Thespiim 1. Sr, l'i11y. :XII Sfllnrl i'l,:v, fifll'I'i'IIl fllliilw. jerry 'l'lmmps'n link tl1a'l. l':1It-tt--. ,I. Club. Vo. Yllcll. I I hylliw Tllimxpron NH 4. .l. Cfiull. Diirle. Xearlmnlx. St-luml News Fialitur. rliillfiil 'l'i1n:nps':1l l'il'l1Y4'ii4'4 Dilmle. l.illl'llIj Y.l71'4'S. THIRD HOW: Clint Thorpe FCA. Richard Tillery Nlixecl Cho. Jauliee Tinsley Vo. Teell. Francis 'fm-ws DE. Rita 'IVFIIYIIOE' NUS, .l. Club. Ql'II.!. Wu-lily, DE Trens. Kell:-rl Trulnan Hi-N. XE'tlI'll4'Uli, Sli. HR Pres.. Currxnt -Xtltirs Prt-s. F0llR'l'l'l HOYV: Cathy Tunis. Betty Turner ICT. Phillips Svllularsllip. Cirls' Cho. Dale Turner Duml. Kenneth Turner. Mix Dennis Turner llzxml. Vu. 'ii1'l'll. John Umhle. FlE"'I'll HOW: Hill llIlll0l'M'COIi Xlixacl Cho. James lillrllll NHS. OHS. Delta Tlsn-tai. Judy Upp Font- lnall lllll4"I1. SC. Sr. Claus See.. Snph. Class Sw.. lll'2lVl'llt' See. Donnie Vail Vu. 'li1l'll. Sherry Van Buskirk NHS. OHS. Brxtu-Iles. D.-lta Thttu. HH Set-. Rush-sell Van liuskirk Trzule llrupliitf Arts. 5lX'l'll HOW: Sherry Van Siekle XHS. OHS. l'iI'LlXl'iI.S. .l. Clult. QLILL Wveekly. Riek Vain 'Wel- cien Xliiutl Chu.. Yu. Vlicvil. Janyee Vickers Uilflv. Palette. I"'l'.-X. JETS Hep.. lill See. Margo Vivfs NHS Hep.. Tllhspians. Ql'II.I Ytarlmzmk Etlitwr, QIHLI. Weekly. J. Club Prev. Matt Waick NH4. 0.75. lA'lll'!'Illf'fl. Phillips Sel1oIgu'sl1ip, B.lSlil"lllElll. Diane W'ugner NHS. OHS. Duml. l"'l'.-X. U0'l"l'UNl HOW: Sandra Whibel Biblt-. Currznt Affairs. Vu. Tevll. Pat Walkn-n limvettes, Cllrrexlt Aflufrs, l7'l"X See., HR Sec. Connie Walker l7i1':mx'- cttvs. Ililvle. .M-t. Office Asst. Joyec Wzrlker NHS Tllt'f1Ili1!Il4., S11 Play, Yearlmulx. FTA State Sec: Kathleen Wallin-r Girls' Clio.. Vu. Tcell. Linda Wall!xc'r NHS. lgl'Q1Vt'il1'S, Dilrle. Phillips Fclwlgxr- ship. Seniors ' 'l'Al,,ElYl'ElJ "iilth4IllL'I1., buml IIILIIIDGIW .lulm H B owcrs. Put fiitrrnll ton fluurt. Doug: Wilhuite we Outltier tslamlingt, George Davis fseatedl "UIIIli'1l 'Wlirllligllt H0ur" at the title-nt rc-vue SENIORS SENIOR Lelterlnen walk around the lmaslu,-tltall court holding a sheet into which sln-ctalers ran toss contrilmutiuns for the Heart Fund Drive. TOP ROW: lVlilc-hcl Walters OHS, NHS, llulary Huy of Month, Xlixa-d Chu., lloys' Che. Peggy Sue Walters NHS, llravelles, lhespians, Mixed Clin., Girls' Che., HH See. Chris Wanzer 'llrade Graphit: Arts, ICT. Robyn Wzxrkrrnlin NHS, OHS, 'lilies- pians, Med. Arts, llli Ser. Dick Walls Palette. ICT Treas. Ronald Wmvznr lland. SECOND HOW: Margaret Weber' llravcttt-s, llilmle, Girls' Cho. Roger Wefltrl Phillips Sl'llOlLll'Sll.ljl, Delta Tltcta, Earnest Wtrirlner NHS, Dt-Ita lllllillll.. Hill Welch Trarli. Wlanda Welker llraveltes, Girls' Cho., FTA, Vu, Tech. Don Wellman lG'l'. 'l'HlHl'J ROXY: Karen Wells llravettes, ,l. Cluh, QI ILL Weekly. HH St-tn Mary Helen Wells llrav- etres, Girls' Chu., Aqtttu-ttes, FTA, HR llrr-s. Steve Wlells Vo. Tet-lm. Sheila West Usllerette, FTA, Mixed Chu. Charmaine Westfall Bravettes, May Queen Attendant, SC, Palette Rep., HR Pres. Sherry Wheeler llravetles, Mixed Cho., Bible Sec., SG, Aled. Arts Stat. l"OliR'l'H ROW: lVliel1ael Whenry 'llras-lx, OE. David Wlhile l'alt-llc. Mickey White SG, Vo. 'l'et'h. Stan Wit-klizllil Ylixed Clio., lloys' Chu., Vu. lll1'Cll. Carolyn Wiegralz. Randy Willems. l"ll7'l'H HOYV: Dong Willlloite NHS V.l"res., OHS, Iluys' State. Travlt, SG llcp. Charles Williullls Ve, 'llt-ch. Larry Wlilliains Boys' State, 'llc-nnis. Delta llteta, Band Chap. Les Wlilliams Sr, Glass V.l'rt's., leltertnen See.. Kiwanis lluy of Month, lfuutlwall All fluxifeiwtcee-All Stale lfullhttck, HR St-tx Susan Kay Williallls ll1'avt-Iles, DE Queen fitlendant, I"'l'A, GRA, HR St-cz Shannon Willis Girls' Ghu., Q1t1LI. Weekly, FTA, Med. Arts, Vo. Teult, SIXTH ROXV: Denise Wlillits Aquaette-.Xlay Queen Xttendant, Tliespians. Aquaettes, Mixed Cho., HR Rep. Briant 'Wilson Trade Graphit: Arts, Mixed Clio. Nancy Wilscill NHS, Band Queen Attend- ant, FTA, Band llus. Mgr., Delta Theta. Patricia Wilson. Richard Wilson Trade Grapllie Arts, Hand. Dennis Winlloll Vo. Tech. BOTTOM HOVV: 'ferry Windlel' Girls' Clie., Vu, Tech. Dennis Wlinfield Vo. Tech. Jaines Alex- ander Wlitt lloys' Stale, Hi-Y, Thcspians. Usher. Gary Wlitly clllb'Illlhl1'y Gluli, Band. Richard Wof- ford, FCA, Vu. Twll. Bud Wood liettertnt-n, Fool- lmall, FCA, HR V.l'rt-s. TUI' ROW: David Wrrixd Vu. Tech. Coleen V'oofiy Vu. T1-wh. ,lack Wright NHS, OHS, C1112 1't'Ili. Affairs, Kiwanis Hoy of Month, NL1t'l M1-rit ifinzlliwt. Ray Wriglll. Shvrry Wright lirave-lla-S. Hilwlv. Uiris' Cho. Terry Wright NHS, OHS. Phil- lips Scholarship. Ymilinmk, Delta Theta. l3U'I"l'0Nl ROYY: Rohm-rlzl Wy'k0H' Hay Qiivvii At- la-mhmt. J. Cluh Sw.. Ql,ll.I, Yvr-Hkly, HR V.i'res. Randy Young ICT, Terry Young NHS, OHS, llhvmistry Cluh, llvllzx 'lihm-Ia. Terry Young Pui- 4-llv, Boys' Cho., Vo, 'l'm'l1. Kulhy Zahl NHS. OHS, 'i'In-spians, Kiwanis Girl of Month, SC. Monte Zaloufiek Vo. T1-1-11. New Seniors Join with Old at Year's End 'S'-Al? 'iv SEXIUHF SlCX'l'lflJt lfrimicla ,Nlvl"m-Iuml, Kumi link:-r. Nluri Bowles. ST.-XXIJIINU: limmy Richards, Cora Mylvs. Sandra Puckett, Uiulh- Willi SITTING it out, hut having fun are Jerri Chattam, Wresley Hen- Danve at the American Legion Hall after the basketball game lhorne, Tim Cooper, Jo Ann Ritter, Doug Brintnall, Judy Fleur- and eoronation. ing, Kathy Chance, and Frank Bunch at the I967 Homecoming Second Year Men See Plainsmen Tradition JUNIOR CLASS-FRONT HOW: K. Agee, I. Barnett, S. Atkin- son, M, Allen, J. Allen, K. Ackerman, D. Beets, P. Barnes, V Beasley. SECOND ROWI: B. Beck, K. Beliele, T. Badzinski M. Apcl. J. Battin, S. Arnold., L. Arrington. B. Best, H. Adel man. THIRD ROW: P. Adams, C. Baker, B, Bingham, C. Ben nett, C. Barlow, S. Barnett, D. Baxter, J, Barton, D. Allison BACK BOW: M. Beyer, F. Autin, S. Ashell, A. Asplund, NI. Beard. B. Abernathy, B. Barton, T. Borgdall, B. Baker. JUNIOR CLASS-FRONT ROW: L, Burdick, J. Burton, V Burdw K. Brown S. Bloss V. Bridwell P. Brewer D. Bullard L. rzfiffisn-n, K. isuiier. SIECOND ROYJV: F. Bufhrlo, J. Bim- well. W. Branharn, D. Busch. R. Brown, B. Bush, B, Bowers B. Burchfield, J. Brim. THIRD ROWY: S. Bowles, V. Bradley D. Bland, D. Brown, D. BIYJCIQIIIHII, J. Breihan, D. Breitenkanip M. Bulls, C. Boyington, J. Branch. RACK BOW: M. Brooks J. Adamson. B. Blackledge, J. Brown, J. Brown, C. Booth, J Butzkniinster. J. Bishop, C. Burghardt, J. Burguss. Ill IIIQ' 3522 352 WTI! .111 NIUH 1.11.1554 I"111'IN'1' 111111: 513. 111-111-1112 I., 1111111-11 5. 11. 1.1lIp1, 11. 111'ir11'1'. H. 1Q1'1'1'1. ,I. 1111111111i11gf, 1,CI111L1l1I- I l.LlNL1I121llQ1l. f.. f.ilY'lIlll'1lLlQ'1. 11. 1141115 5. IJPIAII. NN. 1.lLll'ILl. IJ. l.1'11w. 11, I.ilI1lIi1lt'11. H. l.111'111'11I1-1'. 11,U.1x 1xONN: ,1. 1.LlIIIl'I1lX lI1'11t11, 5. Cain. 1'. 11.111111-Ns, SFICUNIJ 11011: .I. lI11z1ttz1111. 13. 1f11111111111gx. 1.. 1Ja1111111. K. c12IHIH'I'. X, 111111111 T. 1fI11111I1' I If. 1l11m11'11'1i. N. lf1'1'i1. XY. 111111111111-11, 5. 1fa11's1111. 11. 1111111-11, lf, 1f:11'111'11..I. Um, W. lf1v1x111'l. I1'1Il41ElI11. 11I4LlhI'11I'41. Cf, C111111111. THIRD 11011: S. 111-1111 .111X1UR 111.1554 1"110N1' RIN: H. 1511-111. 11. 111-1111111. ,1. ,11 NIUH 111.155 1"ROX'1' HOW: K. lfmte-1', 11. 171111111111. 1 1l1111w. R. 111111-1'111.111. 11. U111111. 11. 11111111-1'. NI. 1li1'1v. 11. 1J1111g11- 121411113-. 1'. I1ilI-I1t'I'. 31. I1l'1'1I1'w. .I. 1'1I1'lll1ll5l. .I. 1'1ll1xFkl. 5. 1111111 13115. 51. 1Ja11i1'-Is, 1'. 13111111-Ia. S1'1CON1I ROW: IL, 1111-In-1. 11. K. ll1'11g1'1'l. NICIIUNIJ KONI: .I. 1211111111131 1'1I'LlIl1i11Il. '11, I'1ll 1511-111g C. 1fg1I1111. .I. I'1LlI'I'il111. IJ. 1,llIlIiEll'. T. 131111111111 .I. 1".111s111-1'. If. I'11'1lZ1L'l'. ,I. 111'Il1I'y. Z. I'1Il'lIl1Ilg. '11, 1'I1'IlI'j. D. C1'a1111111. X ll. 1f1'1i1'r, D. D11115. N1. Ifvilx. 11. Ilusif. THIHIJ HUXX : 11. 15111111 :1I'L11l1l. U. 11.11111is. 1111111111 11011: 11. 1'11'1'l'I4lNL', U. l2i11i1'y. I 1, 1J11111u11. 9. Ihuim S. 1Ji1'1x1-1s1111. J. 1J111111f. ,I. II11'll'l'I1'. 1'. 1vLlI'1'. 1.. I'11l1Illilll. 1'. ilauli. 1f. 1l11111Q1111. 1f. 11I'ElQ4'I'l. 11. 1'11'illllI 1'11111'1'11. 15. E1111'1'f. 5. I,ll1'Iillll'1'. I". 1f111s111'11s, Cl. 1J1111'5. 11Vf1i Y. 11ILlIl11. ll. I'1l'.1Ll'l'. K. 1"11I111'1'gi11. 11Uf1i NOW: G. 11111113 11 HOW: ff. 1711-111-. 17. 1f11s1cy. 1.. 1J1111iv1, V. 1J1111t1'1111z11111. Y. Ifg- N11'1I111'l111-5, ,I. N11111111111. 5. I'1UI'1MII1, 11. lluy, .I. H1-1'1i115'. g14'Sll1ll., ,I. l,1o1egrm1', W. Ilzlvis. .I. Denis. .I. Iluggun. 1,. IJ111111, l1ilIlI'l11l, ,l. 121.15-1-14. W. C1u11'1', 17. I11llll. NI. 11215. G. 111111115 71 JUNIOR CLASS-FRONT ROW: V. Hildebrand. ll, Havens, S. Green, E. Graliuni, K. Green, A. Henderson, C. Henson, C. Henry, C. Crimes, L. Gricc, SECOND ROVV: D. Hall, D. B. Hankins, J. Hendry, J. Guthrie, M. Halo, D. Hayes, L. Jantzj INI. Hart. THIRD ROW: D. Hall, L. Henry, A. Frceny, L. G1-illetll, Mi. Hankins, J. Hardin, E. Hart, R. Graham, B. Gun- ning, C. Gunning. BACK ROW: D. Hennelie, D. Hamblin, B. Hinderlitcr, C. Hannon, C. Goss, M. Harger, C. Groves, II. Hihbets, W. Henthorn, R. Hamilton. JUNIOR CLASS-FRONT ROW: K. Johnston, N. Hutchins B. Johnson, M. Hopper, M. Ingerton, C. Johnston, J. Hong, T Johnson, D. Hough, C. Henley, D. Holcomb. SECOND ROW: L. Horany, L. Johns, S. Jones, S. Hutchison, S. Hough, T. Jack- son, S. Long, T. Kirby, L. Hoos, G. Jantz. THIRD ROIW: C Hobbs, B. Holloway, IVI. Johnson, J. Hutchison, R. Housku, L. Jefferson, P. Jack, G. Hill, S. Holland, L. Hooley. RACK ROW: J. Hittle, D. Harmon, C. Holdeman, L. Hughes, B. Hulsoy, R Jones, S. Jones, M. Hunter, D. Johnson. JUNIOR CLASS-FRONT ROW: L. Lukenbaugh, M. Kirts Lindley, G. Krob, S. Koehn, M. Leggett, D. Lambert, M Loyd, D. Landrum, L. Landes. SECOND ROW: P. Lunsford J. Kutz, C. Mcliay, R. Lee, S. Lankford, M. Koohn, T. Jones D. Kurz, V. Guthrie, M. Kopp. THIRD ROW: J. Jolly, C Hooley, C. Lipps, S. Kruckenberg, R. Lonaburg, D. Lowcllen D. Linker, C. Layton, S. King, D. LaForce. BACK ROW: P Keck, R. Love, G. Kowalski, J, Lukenbaugh, J. Kemph, K. Lea R. Jacobs, T. Keck, L. Maness, E. Hall. a Il NIUH llI.XSS VHUXT RUW: I,. NI:-Ilmu-II. C. Nlzzrlin. I'. HOW: IJ. NI4-flullum. II. .NILl1IIgiIIl. P. Xlcffuy. Ii. xIl'NIiiIl1'Il1IIl Nlvlln-a1'y. XI. Nluy, S. NILlIliiIli1Il. I'. Xlurtin, NI. N1m'ifuuIx. l'. K. Xlvlflzmls. II. XIIIIIJV, l.. XII-l.u1'tne5. XI. XII-f.l1II4mgI1. 1, XII-yvr. J. NIiIIw1'. I'. Nlzxlttsun. SICCIUNIJ HOW: IJ. NIVXIIIIIUII, NI:-Nalvlv. IIXIIK HUWW: NI. Nlilliun. NI. Milla-r. NI. I.llIlN'l1. I3 Ix Lisle, 5. XII-rrill. II. HCInty1'v, XI. Nlulwy, I.. xILlIIilIl. IJ. Xlumiim-I4I. Ii. Nlatthews, .I. I.1lfIl'HIX.S. Mason, ff. IJNDIIIIS, D NIiIfurd. XI. XIl'cIUl'IIIII'Ix, IJ. YI1'IIHllilIfI. S. Nlason. 'l'lllHIJ I.u11g1I'm'1I. 'II. Kirby. J' ErbI'hPH F L ' Il NIUH IILXSS IIHIYI' HOW: .I. Nlintun. NI. Uxlmrm-. lf. .IIWIOIK IIIUXSS 7 FROYI' HOW: II. Phillips. if. Pupv. II uyfIvII. .I. Xlulvlvy, I.. Xurmun. .I. IILIVIN, ,l. Ilmmg R. Nlurgu- IIIIIIZ. 5, l'ritn'In-If. X. I'utIm-rswm. .I. l'I1iIIi1vf. I.. IH-If-rw. K. I'eIc Il Igv. 5. X211-II, V. ,xIUsIlt'1'. 5IfffUXIJ IIOXX: A. xIl1I'I7IlI'l'K'. rul. ll. Ihlrrw-x. SECOND HOW: if. Pratt. R. Xlms. NI. I'lum-5 II U-Imm. H. NIiIIvr. ,I. Nlills. 'If Nlmnv. K. I'arI4e-r. IJ. Nm- NI. XII-H14-II1, XI. I'z11'risI1. ll, Ilxrlxs. H. Phillipa .I. Iiuvlxlvy, IJ Im. ll. NBMIXIVIX. lf. UN:-ill. II. XIvu'l'isuI1. 'IIIIRIJ HUXX: NI. IDLIVIU-ll. VIIIIIRIJ ROWI: I'. IILll'Ixt'l'. P. PPHIFIIII, II. I,IIQ1'Il'll XII-Cllnflwy II. NIau'Iim-L. II. XII-rgall. I.. N-I11'iugA T. Uliu-r. Il. IJ. Vllillipf. .I. I,L'IlIIl,QL'I'. .I. IIIIIIIIW. K. Parwns, S. IJ1'Il'l'4U!I Xlmm. R. Xlurris. .I. XIIIVIIIIB. X, I,Xl'I'SII'l't'I. Ii.-KKK HUXY: IJ, 5. I'i11-Ixi. IIKCK RUVI72 II. Xorclylw, B. I'ilts. III. II:-ttivrww XIl'Kt'IllILl, II. Nlalrlull, S. Krahn. .I. xIi1l'Kl'lllIk', C. IIm'KnigIll. .I. Pray, II. Quallsq T. Illrrislm, NI. Perks, M. .NIil1'I1vII. 5. Palm I Nlurfiu. I.. l.ym'l1, 5, ,Inu-pI1. R. Kunkvl. .I. Nlilvlu-II. JUNIOR CLASSXFRONT ROW: A. Sczhrocdrrr. II. Diofioy, SECOND HOYV: D. Morgan, I.. Sparks. J. Sudnialis, D. WHI- K. Nftyt-S, M. Sammi, 5. Anthony, R. Johndrow, o. vcfti.-mick. im. M. Ca fner .c.1ft-y.F.Ct,1C. Midcllemen Tolerate Sophs, Admire Seniors JUNIOR CLASS-FRONT ROW: L. Rogers, J. Shook, 'I'. Sol tcnreiuh. KI. Huy, .I. Ritter, D. Saindtrrs, J. Roberts, L. Randolph. L. Ruhl, D. Scott. SECOND ROW: H. Sawyer, R. Schultz. M. Renard, .L Robe-rtsori, L. SCHIIYIKI, M. Rothermel, C. Scott J. Runimyl, C. Robinson. THIRD ROWY: K. Reed. J. Ruth, It Suyrtv, C. Rowe, Schroeder. D. SchaI'Ivl', C. St'I1aIIer, L. Rott doll. M. Roderick. BACK ROW: C. Schultz, P. Rogers, P Rich. J. Revue, D. Hihey, T. Robinson, C. Ss'iuItz. S. Scott, D Sevlt-rn. R. Rtittord. JUNIOR CLASSHIVRONT ROW: S. Siegle, D. Shtrlton, D Stanloy, K. Stephftns, A. Sparks, C. Sisk, S. Stcphttns. D. Stone P. Shaw. SECOND ROW: M. Stcvvnson, L. Spickelniior, B Sterhr, M. SIIIIINHIC, XI. Shiever. M, Smith. N. Smith, D. Smith D. Sniuots. THIRD ROW: K. Stepp, D. Stephenson. W. Spaku P. S17tjtDl1lTINUl'f', D. Stephenson. M. Smith, L. AIJt:rc1'on1hiP, P Simpson, L. Stricklin. BACK ROVV: B. Stehr. L. Smith, J Stetnish, A. Stroup, H. Smith, Sigh-r, K. Smith, B, Seymour St+Sr'I.'. x ,..1I f,x Q. n1l'nim 1 nummwAnn1af u l n x l ll Nllhi mfl. X55 l"liUX'l' HOV: X, Nulv. K.. 'l'lum1:lx. N. l lu-ym. lx. ll'i13ltI!'. l'. Sullium. Xilll'l'. .l. Strunk. l., xllllglllilll. llll1IllIlbSHll, .l. 'l'lunm1s, A. llIlI'llll, 'l'. ll'llI'IlL'I4A S. Swinlun. ll. Nl. 'l'w-w-. lf. Trent. ISXCK ROW: T. Wauvlx. .l. lnmnley. W. lllll'lxf'1'. ll. Slrwlx. 5l'flfONll ROW: X. Wavlwr. li. lllllll, Xl. VllLlQlll'I', fl. Swank. li. Wugm-V. li. Van KI'4'Nl'll'Il- lf. 'l'lmmps1:n. l'nrul1. N 'lk!'lllIll1'l1?II. lf. Wahl. .l, 'llnln-, l', Mark, ff. Vanin-1-. Y. 'lmmml-ll. H, ll1ll1'lllI?Hlll..l-llllIHlIl1,lr4. R. Slllllllilfll. lf. llalugv. .l. llqripp. 'l'lllRl3 NNW: li. lll1'l'I'K'll. ll. llxllyl1'l', 5. ll Xllili l.l.XFF l' HUNT NOW: l.. Xllllllilklli. li. ullllillllr. .Il Xlllll lll.X5S l"HUYl' HOW: lf. lliwn. ll. Sllllllll. lx. Hal'- Y. V, LiI'l'1'I1. l.. Xxlllllllllllf, .l. Wall:-r, ll. Xxillgml. .l. Wm-in. ll. lin. .l. llully. ,l. l,t'l1'I'SIIll. ll, xIlIlCI'4llIl. li. llillingx. lf. lhlllw. XXiIli11m., SICHJXIJ HOW: ll. xXt'ilX4'I'. U. Wirtz, ll. Xxilliumx. ll. llurllgml. ll. llulxar. C. lil-11i11. Nl. llim-lxa-yn li. llllLllll'l', ll, .-Xllwl. X. Wvillliln-. 5. Wlu-nry. ll, Wellw. 'lf Xlriglll. l.. Wilsuu. 'lxlllllll Sl'flfUWl7 HUWZ H. IqUlll5UIl. IJ, llrinlnull. ll. llmwux. Nl. lluml. NNY: l.. Winlln-lll. .l. Willis, ll. N1-4lIlll11u, l.. Wllilv, ll. wllvlx- ,l. llumny ll. Wfilte-l's, ll. llurriwn, K. llfrl, lf. slQl4'll: 'l'. SilWQ1'lk, lli!lll. lux:-ll. li. X'm1+l,,l. WvLlli1'l', ll. NYl14's'lvl'. ll.UIK HOW: lx. l:l'lllll. ll. llHI'll4PIi. li. lll'ill'lllHILll'll, H. Rll'lli1l'llh4lIl. 'l'lllHlT II, Wu. ll. Wulll-rw, li. Mxung. 5. XX imllc-r. ll. Wulwln.if.VH1llwr. ROW: ll. l'vl'Ll3llx. F. llulwr. ff. llilllv. ll, llm-mlryx. li. Stair. Xl. ll.xXllllvl1l'1l Xl Nkilli-,li.XYaI1v1'. llurluvim. ll. llninf. .l. lllIIllIlllI'!'f. ID. llalxur. ll. Nullv, l'. H+-- Xlllllilll. li. llUjLl'l'4, I1 .lfvlm-wxl. l.. l.uumn. ISXCK HOW: ll. l,Llll'll'lx, ll. xXi1llxL'l'. ll. ll'-1 1'-. K. ll. Rillllllrllll. H. lllxrmrlrivlx. ll. lfllyllll. 'lf xX'llllL'lll-. IJ. l"iJu-r. ll. lIl11'iNIv11-mm. ll. lflligu-1'. ll. llrmx-. .l. lllllllllllglldlll. l'. Slllllll. A. Sllilllllilll, ll, MllHlXX.1lI, 75 SOPHOMORE TALENT appears in the form of a singing octet Mackenzie, Cindy Bushner, Jana Wanzer. BACK ROW: Nancy in the 1968 Talent Revue. FRONT ROW: Sue Semke, DeDe Perkins, Julie Bowers, Leann Kilpatrick, Kathy Walker. Spirit Reaches Even Youngest Plainsmen SOPHOMORE CLASS-e-FRONT ROW: W. Beattie, P. Ball, M. Beattie, Baldwin, Barnes, L. Beelme, K. Barnes, T. Bal- lard. D. Ainsworth, A. Bell, C. Carel. SECOND ROW: T. Beckham, J. Agee, R. Breitenkamp, B. Bishline, M. Balden L. Anderson, R. Carroll, L. Allen, K. Belcher, M. Bray, B. Blair 'l'HlRD ROWY: R. Baller, J. Campbell, B. Benton, K. Atkinson D. Austin, C. Butler, P. Arnold, S. Blaney, D. Bischoff, O. Bell L. Acree, S. Batehelder. BACK ROW: G. Alford, R. Carson L. Baker, J. Barnard, R. Allen, D. Axe, D. Campbell, A. Abshicr, J. Adamson, R. Boyle, B. Adamson. 1 v SOPHOMORE CLASS-FRONT ROVV: C. Ciarla, T. Davis, C. Bradley, R. Cagle, lW. Christoplier, D. Daniels, C. Bushner, J. Cuthlmertson, B. Buchanan, J. Collins, P. Bonnett. SECOND ROW: C. Craig, P. Collins, B. Clark, C. Cagle, D. Crabb, Brooks, Damon, D. Blubaugh, H. Cohlmia, L, Cleek, D. Cagle, THIRD ROW: P. Bullalo, C. Blosscr, C. Brakhage, Brooks, J. Carris, J. Bowers, P, Brown, J. Briggs, J. Burpo, V. Bowles, lxl. Bowen. BACK RONV: F. Bundy, L. Buxton, l'l. Congdon, C. Brown, R, Carr. D. Booth, J. Cavanaugh, M. Cowley, T. Curths, J. Bond, D. Bliss, R. Citta. f40I'IIUXIOIII'I IIIASS - FRONT HOW: Il. IIIIIIIIIIIQIIHIII, Il. X. IDL1sImI1vI4. 'I'IIIIIlJ HOW: K. C1'z1ImIm. I.. f'fuuIi1Igm-, IJ. CIOW1 Huy. NI. CIIQIIIIIILIII. ll. iflblrk. I'. CIIIHIIIIQIILIIII. Y. ffmnstm'k. IJ. S. Ifxuns. C. CIIHIIIIIQIIQIIH. II. Cdsloly ff. fflluuln-. S. fII1amIwrw Llrilxmml. .I. Cflurlx. I'. Collins. 'I'. CI:-x1-I41r14I. II. Clurlif. SICK- W. Clluwr. I.. Ilnrnwll. IZ. Cox. BACK HOW: IJ. IJi1'Iwr'sor1. IJ UNH HOW: IJ. Iiuuglus. IC. Ifllalnpnlarl. I'. IJCII. Il. Ijisc-Iv. 5. lilliutt. NI. I'iI'Ill'I'. K. Iluulzur. U. Ilrifkm-II. Il. Ihuis. ll. Criffup Ilunuld. .I. IJu1IIvy. .I. Ii11gIiNI1. I.. Iluniz-IQ. .I. lII'z1nI'1+1'4I. IJ. ffruss. IJ. ffullm-II. I., IIIlf'illIIl'. XI. IIIILISILIIH. .I. Ilmmk. II. Ilaxivs. SOI'HONIOHIC IIQXSS I9IIUN'II ROW: IJ. lfnmlf. .I. Frantz. SUPHOMOHE CLASS -IVIIUIVI' ROW: 5. llrunlz, II. Hall, N lf. Ifurrl. C. Fr3m-, fl. Cowell. lf. lJf-vk. IJ. I"usIm-r. .I. l.Il1lIJi1'lI1. Ilruim-ll. G. IIUIIIIIIILXII. .I. UVLIIILIIII, I". Ilurmun. NI. IJ:-Ruin. I I,, IILIIIIPIS. II. ICIIQLIIFII. I. llrusf. SIQCUNIJ IIUW: NI. Iilter. II. IIIIIIILIIH. 'I'. CIIYNIIIT II. UIII. II. I-Iunlxinm SIQCUNIJ HOWV: II lillix. IJ. flault. ll. I'Il'l'1'I1lXl'. K. Ilnw. K. IJIIl'IxNUI'III, IJ. DIL'I1l'I'. Ilrcgmy. T. I'I4uIge-. I,. IIarm.m. .I. Uillwrl, if. Ilmigvs, 'I', Gil .I. lIlI4LlNYLIy. XI. I"m'1I. II. Iffl:-115011, I.. ffulvmurl. 'l'l'lIHIJ ROW: mn. fl. I'IL!II. XI. II:-rigmlwu, II. Cl'HllIJt'I'Ql'l'. .I. lP1'g1I1u1u, .I. G11-m Il, Iliukwu. II. IIIIVQLIII. I'. Ilaxif. II. Ihllrmml. II. I"1t'l.'I1CY. I. 'IIIIIIIJ ROXX: I". IIuInIrs. NI. Glaxo. I'. 1L1'uu-5. II. H1-ssel, I' ICIXUII. II. Claim-Q. K. I"1mI1-11 5. Epps-l'Iey. 5. I'IilI'I'l'II, IIIIILTFSLI IIigII. U. HEIIIIIPIIII. 5. IIGIIII. II. IIl'I'llIilIISHlI. II. llruutz. S ilvlluy. II.-KKK IIUXN: IJ. III-wmxgxc, C. I"ilzgm-l'aI1I. .I. Dye. .I. IIVLIIIQIIII. I:isI11-r. IIMQIK HOW: V. IIIAPVII. fl. UuII1rie, ll 111-lmy. M. IJ1-Ifm-. II. If1IxmHIs. H. I'I!'LIIlIxIIll, 'I'. Ifmslvr, NI. flruluxm. NI. lQz1r'Nu1. ll. Ilarris. I,. II:-nm-Iw. I'. H:1II'ieIfI. II IJIll'Ili1lIl,K. Ilmnnivlx. II. I"4-rm-m. II. Iiuslm-rly. I'I1'llllt'Iil', II. Hulfhs. I'. IliI1I4-u, 'If Hf'Illll'Iif', II. Hill. 77 SUPHOMORE CLASS-FRONT HOW: P. Hughes, J. Garis, J. Kuxliaus, T. Cainer, J. Hager, W. Corinan, l". Coeller, Criflitli, S. Fulgium, Harris, V. Cettings. SECOND ROW: S. Linn, li. Conlfy, P. Jones, J. Plutiield, Nl. Hoflron, C. Harri- son, F. l-lolrnc-S, H. Hentliorn, P. Harkin, R. Horner, D. Corro. THIRD HOW: S. Henninger, L. Galuslia, ll, Lixingston, F. Gibson, S. Hart, L. Henderson, F. Harbour, P. King, D. Hess, D. Harmon, D, Holilis. BACK ROW: R, Hastings, D. Ja-intz, Nl. Jeslos, ll. Kisner, T. Longan, B. Long, R. Jamison, D. John- son, J. Jorclen, S. Koen, T. Kzirns, T. Hager. Class of '70 Faces New Decacle, Decisions SOPl'l0NlORE CLASS-FRONT ROW: K. Long, N. Klein, Ki. Lorenz, M. Hodgson, K. Kuscli, C. Linn, D. Huvy, P. Knight, K. Houjflilon, A. Keilbiirih, l. Jarkson. SECOND ROW: R. Knzilyi, D. Jones. A. Holden, L. Livingston, M. Jackson. R. Li!- ton, T. Jones. D. Lamlilgo, A. Hong, J. King, V. Kruse. Tl-HRD HOXV: C. Johnson, L. Kilpiitricli, P. Jenkins, S. Hronopulos P. KillJH1'll, C. Horion, C. Johnson, C. Long, K. Howorion, A. Johnson, K, HfJliZlYHllSL'1'. BACK. ROTV: M. Henry, M. Kelley. J. Lmsfii, J. Herndon. C, HUlClllS1iPIl, M. Hronopulos, Nl. Kaiplu, G. l'lsiWoi'tli, Nl. George, M. Jones. T. Copeland, A. Louvks. SUPHOMORE CLASS-FRONT ROW: C. McCulip, K. Mc- lfadclen, S. Miller, J. Milligan, M. Milford. P. lNloClanahan, C. Hudson, Holitor, P. McGinnis, C. May, L, Jlacldox. SECOND RONV: L. Nlaliun, M. Luolxinbill, E. McDowell, C. lllaiwliall, T. Marsliull, H. Nlorgaridge, J. Mark, T. Looper, L. Major, l.. Lovely, D. McClure. THIRD ROW: ll. Lyon, T. MclYitt, L. Nluupin. T. lNlcCa1ney, D. McKenzie. S. Moler, J. Martin. D. MCC1'e:ii'y. C. May, D. MoCuslin, l. Maywood. BACK HGTV: E. Moonery, G. Mziness, M. Nlessall, H. Miloliell, J. Moore, R. Moore, D. Morgan, M. Martin, H. Nlitlelslet, J. Miller, J. Louolas, J. lNli1Cinlr'y SlII'IllINIiIRIf lfI.XSS IVIIIIYI' IIIIYXQ IQ, I,llIIlII'I', Nl. XII- II. Nlmm-. 'IIIIICII IIIIW: II. Nullvy. I.. IH-rlw. .I. l'g1uIIX. I . .... . , . . , . . . . K-gh-. II. Ilunmug. I.. IIVIIIIIILIVII. N. I'uIm1-r. .I. InIu.11't. N. I,.II!l'1'I'. l. Nlsxunl-, I. IIIt'IxIlHI'-II. 5. IIXf'1II. X. XIllIIy.l'I', I XII-Iriu. IL. Xlungolal. II, Nlillvr. ,I. I'r'z1!l. II. I'ri1-I-. SEIIIIXII I'uyn1-. .l. XII-4105. X, I,t'I'IxIIl-, IIXLIQ IIIIXXQ ,I. XI:-ifarty. I HIIXY: 'If ,ILI.4'IX5'III, 'If I,LII'Ix1l'. 5. Quiglvy, II. Ilitn-In-II. I". XIIIIIIIUII II. Ni:l1tfl1:.1Iv. 'lf I'n:s'Ix. II. I,I11aiIIN. NI. I'I1iIIi11Q. I IH IQI'llI. I'. Iln-N. II. IILIIIIIIVIII. L. l.Im-IIN. II. Ilurruy. lf. Palm r. X.-i-. II. Ilurlzry. IP. Ilyvr-. H. I'.u'Ix. I". Xml. II. IILIIIIU. HlII'I1UMf.IRI-IIIIJISS If'lifIIN'I'RiIW: IC. IA'III'ilIll,S.Kt'l'l!IIl. SlII'IIUNIIIHI'I IIIKISS IVIUINT IIIIXYQ I.. I,1IIll1II'XffI'. l C.. NIQ-yor. I. Ilinlnu. II. NI1uIisnr1. NI. fI'IIIvm--S. I.. Nlvycr. 5. I,lII'Ix4, C. HIIIIIII. Ii, I'rinm-. I.. P61-kI1an1. ,I. III4'Iu-y. Y. I"I1iIIip Wm'-4-. P. Jmws. .I. Xlukls-11. Y. Pllillipx. SICUINII ROIYV: V. S. gl'IIIIit'. NI. H4-1-Ily. 'I'. Rn-I-. 'lf Hif-In-5. SICIXINII HOW: I Ihm-IQ. U. NIVXIIIIILIII, II. .IIz11'tin. II. Ilxzm, ,I. IIIII-. 'If Nlillx. Hisss-11. W. He-I-II. 12. Hu-wII. NI. Swvlt. NI. SQIIIIIIIII. II. Rum K. S,'1Ix. II. XIVIILINIIII, ll. IVIILIIIIUII, ,I, fI'III-gl. ,I. NICXIINI:-r. I.. IIlILIlgt'I'. II. SIAIIIAIII.-. il. Nwlt. I., Hi4'I1:mI. TIIIHII ROW TIIIRIJ ROW: II. I,l1IlltIl'XI1'I', T. XII-Ilallmn. .I. IIu1'11I1y. X. II. gIl.II'IIt'. li. IIIIXII. ll. III!-F. Z. Hi4'I1m'1Iw11. S. Rm-IISII. I Nlunlgmllcry. II. Nivlu-II. ,l. Xlmsv. X. Xigh. .l. IIVIIIILI5. II. RIl'IliIl'lIS1,III, .I Iiumim-. S. Hulmla. 'If Iiz1mIuIpI1. F. SL'IlI'II1'IItI Nlurlwnziv, II. XIII:-IlI'II. K. Nivkvl. IIICK IUIII 1 ,I, RugsrIaI1'. 5. I,I'l'QSl'IY1. IIXUIK IIIIII: Il. IIIIIIIIINHII. .I. III-I-II. II. Svutt, I II. I'I1iIIip+, II, Xlunluglu-. if. Null II. I'mu-II, I'. IJl'LII'hlIlI, ,I. II1wI. N. IZmxI11mI. 'If Yilvttlliwll. II. SI-nl:-uw, II. Iim-Ixwe-II. I IISIIIIYII. 5. Nlurlin. W. Nlnrgun. .l. I,4'1II'4'I', NI. II:-nu. Iiludingi. II. Rm-:mI. lf. FIIJIIIIIIII. 79 I SOPHOIVIORE CLASS4 FRONT ROW: D. McFadden, J. Silvers, C. Strecker, A. Phares, V. Rainey, W. Sisson, V. Suttles, V. Root, C. Royal, S. Pitts, Myles. SECOND ROW: D. Seal, ll. Stevenson, J. Sharp, J. Smith, G. Steinert, R. Stucken- berg, R. Smith, D. Snow, T. Sloan, S. Sheets, B. Shockley, J. Nurdin. THIRD ROW: P. Sobourn, G. Stoll, C. Stephens, D. Stapleton, N. Shellady, M. Smith, J. Sullivan, D. Shreve, P. Stone, P. Swiggart, D. Shelton. RACK ROW: S. Starr, D. Simmons, B. Shaughnessy. J. Oven, P. Opp, C. Shields, C. Sloup, D. Swan, C. Onlo, D. Smith, K. Swely. SOPHOMORE CLASS-FRONT ROW: K. Simpson, P. Snow, E. Tah, S. Voolzke, S. Unruh, M. Vaughn, K. Schubert, C Schultz, C. Shellady, C. Smith, T. Swans-on. SECOND ROW: N. Stewart, L. Veal, N. Vogt, C. Van Scyoc, L. Unruh, P Veulek, J. Stengle, F. Swinnca, D. Thorp, J. Stites, D. Tunis THIRD ROW: P. Thompson, R. Van Buskirk, B. Vail, K. Strain, P. Tays, S. Von Schriltz, D. Thurlow, M. Van Houden, C. Veach, D. Van Boskirk, C. Simmons. BACK ROW: A Stevenson, W. Stockton, G. Waken, B. Taylor, B. Taylor, B. Trimble, L. Semrad, J. Tays, NI. Tune, J. Taylor, J. Treat, B. Simon. SOPHOMORE CLASS - FRONT ROW: E. Trammell, C White, K. Weese, L. Vlfitt, L. Wanzer, J. Wanzer, W. Watkins, D. Zirkle, P. York, T. Weldon, M. Theilen. SECOND ROW: D. Zweifel, K. White, R. Wallace, R. Warren, K. Wellman R. Winohestolt, M. Weber, D. Young, J. Vlfinter, B. Young, K NVi1'tz. THIRD ROW: C. Wright, J. Thomas, J. Willingham P. Zaloudek, R. Webb, D. Womack, J. Winfield, S. Wright, Y Willits, J. Webber, C. Warkcntin. BACK ROW: D. Witty, K Wilson, J. Zaloudek, N. Waseniiller, T. Wright, D. Webb, R Whitmv, Nl, Young, G. Wetfaks, T. Wilscin, D. Wegenei', Williams. B 1 a S4Jl"ll0,Nl0Hl'l ffl.XSS Xl, lfxuns. li. llauis. ll, xxillllilllliflll. l'. Nxmli-1'-. N. litirgi-es, ll. Xlvlmtt, P.. l'iml. ll. .XltII'I'lS4lll. 5. 'l'wi'r4-ll. ll. l-lullunil. l.. 'lunnm-i'. Soplwomores, New Heartbeat of Enicl High SUPHOXIOHE iIl-'XSS--l"ll0N'l' ROW: l'. Williunie. .l. Strain. SUPHONIORE Cl..-NSS -'FRONT ROW: Cf. lluxxittai. ll. White- ,l. lim-rrp. C. Vlvilsun. Il. Clint-. D. Hi-nry. fl. Wallis. l.. Wright. K. Young, Nl. Exrxtls. K. All:-n, P. Rllmlvs. l'. Slim-ltun. l'. Sand lf. yLlIli'Q', ll, Xvllt'4'll'I'. ll. 'l'on1pkins. SICCUNIJ ROVV: ll. 4-re. .l. Edwards. .l. lxllllllllltff, R. Hurili-sly. ll. llzlys. V. llutler Wright. .l. Wvillurcl. .l. lfull-. .l. Wilson. K. Wulkm-1'. l.. Owens. S. TlllIIllEiS., ll. I'it-rw. SECOND ROW: li. Svlnniill. 'l'. llunmly l limi-. ll. llulli-r. li. xVlllllt'IllPL'I'g. S. Williams. L. Smith, .l. ,l. l'1lIl'll, C. lletst-livr. ll. Ash. ,l. Sntitll, l.. Uz1i'ii-ny, .l. Bowles ,liillvx Tl'llHlJ ROW: ll, iimltptirri, 5. lftlllg, S. Fitzgerald, J. li. jaintz. R. Easlvy. 'l'. flulvltlurt. WY. liingliuin. ll. Olivtm-z. H Illini. fl. ll1llxt'I', l, ll-ut'li-5. Nl. lY,4,lll:2llt'l'lj. ll. iliypvhiml. J. llruwn. THlRlJ ROW: H. llcnlvy, W, lrtininir-ll. Xl. Britton l.1iul1lu1n. F. llrilv. 'lf l'1llXI'l'Llll. BACK ROW: l.. .lantmn. ll. IJ. l.lIl11t,'Ill-L'llk'I'. R. Sinitli, ll. Duke. C. Huniem-5. .l. Sxvxe,-partialt lill0Llll'. K, Kerfiml. l.. ifln-ft:-1'. K. Huw. lf. lluryc-u. J. Hayes. l., Himlt, T. Brnm-tl. ll. Pitts. H. Cregury. .l. .lui-nlrs. J. Daniels lf. l"raxnlxlin. ll. l:llNl!lQ4'l', H, Szinili-iw. li. Xlilmtl, ll. Xew. ll,-XCK HOWY: T. llutliriz-, ll. Diclxursim. ll. ffttliilwlwll. fl. Hiatt H. llittlrf. 1. ftlitvln-ll. l.. Caldwell. li. lu-5. li. Kwtur. 5 l'1'ilcl1ctt. D. llartun. K. Cmulituilt. l.. ilumlinuii. F. Sllilllllnll .l. A lwt' s. pecial Interests... G0 Q-QQ in as -,ff , , . ,y iy Nlazijgi ,N f .. ,J . : AA, Egg. ' f 'SKK - ' 81 and Events Q L w 4: JEQF5 Q, as V W -f -- JML.wM,, . , ao Analysis of a Bravette Reveals Enthusiasm ISRAVETTIESff-PRON'I' ROXV: Nl. Davis ttreas.1J, J. Davies lprt-s.t, C. Jones lv-pres.J, S. Miller, C. Anderson, S. Parker, Nl. Rector, J. Peteison, M. Cushing, R. Deternian, J. Hong lrep,l, J. llpp tsreft. SECOND ROW: W. Welker. C. Fitch, B. Newman, S. Sparks, 31. Morgan, C. Schroeder, C. Hein. B. Brown, J. Spef-ie, H. Vives, Nl. Vives, M. Wells. C. Westfall. THIRD ROW: S. Chapman, J. Walker, l. Sisson, C. Gungoll, J. Eek, M. Shawlev, J. Pearce, P. Waken. J. Davis, L. Otjen, K. Rikli, M. Russell, D. Shupaek, BACK ROW: S. Eddington, B. Cooper, S. Dierkson, NL Mason, R. Yvykoff, L. Swiggart, L, Franklin, L. Cox, J. Hall, J. Beard, L. Bencliel, L. Oneth, NI. Hatfield. FRONT ROW: K. Brown, P. MeCreary, P. Barnes, A. Vale, J. Waller, C. McCartney, L. Henry, V. Clahn, V. Mosher, L. Spiokehnier, D. Landrum. J. Wein, S. Cavanaugh, L. Rogers, K. Agree. SECOND ROW: J. Ruth, P. Cainer, S. Arnold, C. Baker, M. Hopper, B. Lenaburg, J. Branch, S. Schroeder, J. Dodds, B. Miller, D. Broekman, S. Peterson, S. Kruekenbcrg, D. Lal"oree. THIRD ROW: B. Sayre, C. Barlow, K. Parsons, J. Hutehinson, C. Hobbs, L. Abercrombie, M. Smith, S. Thompson, C. Johnston, D. Bland, P. Cross, E. Hart, R. Graham, K. Taylor. BACK ROW: A. Henderson, C. Lipps, E. Cragerl, J. Peninger, S. Yewell, J. Breihan, B. Yeatnian, J. Strunk, R. Morgaridge, S. Barnett, S. Vater, J. Mobley, L. Norman, L. While. BRAVETTESH FRONT ROW: M. Craig, J. Srlnnitz. P. Han- sen, C. Arlelnian, C. TJTCTICIITQHIIIII, lf.. Burns, C. Anderson, K. Allen, M. Bowles, Nl. W'eber, J. Arnold, C. Hronopulos, C. Shepherd, G. Rodriquez. SECOND ROW: D. Sain, L. Miz.-, C. Brune, P. Kilburn, S, Kratzer, N. Duffy, S. Scott, C. Cing, J. Stephenson, P. Manuel, L. Hurldle, C. Corley, P. MeCot'eran, N. Paris, C. Harrison. THIRD ROW: D. Chambers, N. Kirby. H. Dougherty, Nl. Dillon, P. Cau, T. Herndon, B. Snyder, C. Dittrneyer, T. Hough, J. Hoeltzel, S. VanBoskirk, J. Siegniann S. Harmon, L. Congdon. C. Walktri'. BACK ROW: P. Keely, K. Zahl, S. Wheeler, S. Wright, K. Ruinmel, R. Wlarkentin, M. Atwood, L. Coochnan, C. Mcllride, S. Liehtenberg, D. Willits, L. Splane, C. Cooclwin, K. Choate. M. Kelley. FRONT ROW: B. Diener, S. Green, D. Wilenzick, A. Murphree, D. Hough, L. Hooley, M. May, V. Warren, L-. Randolph, A. Schroeder. SECOND RO'W: D. Smoots, L. Lukenbaugh, J. Thomas, C. Hooley, J. Hardin, J. Minton, P. Simpson, D. Mor- rison, S. Davis, C. Thomas, M. Cerdes. THIRD ROW: K. Buller, S. Atkinson, K. Cragert, M. MeCullongh, K. Terrell, L. L. Fluman, M. Dirks, D. Allison, A. Sparks., C. Duffy, L. Burdick. BACK ROW: B. Madigan, D. McCollum, K. Fother- giill, R, David, L. Dunlap, P. Eldred, D. Stephenson, C. Moydell, L. Peters, J. Dawes, K. Creggory, P. Brewer. vang 'B .. k,?w EALE-'.. q.Q 136 QA 643134.14341 0 QQ dag 643 13 '9 Qqeoaa Q. A er as 11 -D A A-1 .1 Q 11 .A A. 13 TS 1.7 xx Wl1Kf'!'Cr'LY1'a:?1S 13 fi 4: 13 4 We HRAVETILN Ih0WI ROW D Xn 1111111 FI N1 11 L1fC1'r1111, 1 x 1 11 M. Chrisl Clevf-Iumi, T. GUIILIY, C. Vea1'I1. I'1isI11-r, U, IIIHQTKQ P. xIl'CIIlIl N11 I 111 rv V2 417111 L H11111 Huwcfn, C. 1 111.11 Uurphy J Frantz Masta li ROW: P. Nc I.lIldIl 111 In Randolpll D Damel Fx Il He,-1'1111111S11n K .1 ll n nc Lpper QX If 'I'11I1111r Il NI1 J I1:14IiI1'kI FRONT RUV1 IJ 111 L nr N 5. U111'11I1, Il I 11 111 I QLIIIJIIIII V Pl B1'1111kH. IJ 11111111 ll 13 C1111 B Ielxln 5 P1lm11 I N11 ll 1 T. Xlc"NI111111 711 1 L T Ba 1111 NE I H111'11vs, N 'NIU 1 11 1 1 1 JN 111 XIcC111111-y, N I I111111I11 IN D w 41 B. I3cn111n NI a1m11n t1 1 111111 111 J. f,.11tI1I11'11 1111 V IJ 1 H I 1 Illl ll HOW: T. 11111 Ntll 0 on ll 11r 1-11 V:1nlI11111I1 Il 1 ll IA1111, IJ. V14 Il 11y N I 1111II Q R1 Killrurn, I XX 1Il1l I IX1 ll Ill II11w1-rl:111. I I'1 :I I NIAIII I I 1 1 1 I N I, I.uI1'Q. IJ W4 I'ic'IxI1111'1I1 I Illlllllll I11111 I falu 1 1111. IX. l11mI1 1 4313 NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE-FRONT BOW: J. Ben- nett, T. Herndon, N. Kirhy, B. Bingham, .l. Walker, G. Taylor, K. Cregory, J. WHllG1', D. Ainsworth, C. Adelman. SECOND ROW: K. Long, C. Dickey, C. Newkirk, M. Kopp, J. Mace Kenzie, D. Langford, R. Kunkel, P. Kopp, T. Badzinski frep.J, NFL Members Win Honors in Major Speech Tourneys Be it resolved: the NFL did an excellent joli the past year in speech competition. Competing in varied events, Enid took top honors in dehate, duet acting, poetry, humorous and dramatic inter- pretation, and oratory. Among the tournaments entered were Panhandle ASM, OBU, Central State, Regionals, and State. DEBATE cLAssArRoNT Row. c. Dickey, J. Ba.-y, K. M. Bowles. THIRD ROW: D. Allison, C. Lipps, C. Mills, S. Arnold, J. Mobley, L. Norman tsecj, S. Vater, J. Beard, T. Hough ftre-as.J, P. Keely. BACK ROW: N. Cecil, L. Beard fpresj, J. Stetnish, B. Beers, B. Goddard, W. ,Iurey tv.-pres.J, T. Bergdall fdebate capt.J, B. Bowers, C. Moore, L. Arrington. X.. Resourceful Debate Team Talks Way into Conflicts Coached by Mrs. LaNora Bloom, the Debate Club reached new heights this year. Ahility to think quickly on their feet and to establish a broad outlook on current events helped students debate intelligently. Teams went to qualifying debates at Panhandle ASZM, OBU, Southeastern, Central State, and Midwest City. Long, .l. Agee, C. Bouth, K. Swezey, C. Newkirk, J. Hays, L. H. White, C. Davis, C. Ediger, T. Bergdall, E. Galusha, N. Wlitt, T. Gibson. BACK ROW: R. Kunkel, C. Moore, L. Beard, Perkins, Y. Wiillits. 'lf lli-rnclon, Xl. Wells. C. Stuart. .l. llpp. C. Hronopulos, '. l"l'l'l lllf 'l'lf.XCHERS Ulf .XNIICHICX l"HUN'l' HOW: l.. C. Rikli, K. Rllllllltvl, K, Zbllll, N. Wilson, S. Eddington, .l. llinlnllv. C. W4-stfall. R. liimlim', ll. Killinrn, P. x14'LlUYt'l'Llll. Slvglllliillll, Xl. Rector, C. Sl'll1'4N'dQ'I'. C. Goodwin, N. Hagan. l.i-wia. SECOND ROW: ,l. Vivkn-rs, ,l. Arnold, D. Livingston. S. Wm-sl, ll, llingliam, S. Danton. .l. Sli-pln-nson, ,l. Specit. Xl. I Ki-Ili-y. S. Ralzlutf. S. Vanlioskirk. THIRD ROW: J. Hoelm-l. li UJKCK ROW: D. Wagm-r, li. Cooper, C. McBride, S. Willis. E. 'Lain-ling, L. Cralialn, S, Cliupinan. R. Wlykoff, M. Sllawlvy, ,l. Beard, K. Wells. FTA Receives State Special Merit Award lfulure Teacliers of Aim'i'i1'a ivceived ai slate fpcvial amarcl for tlleii' annual project, a Christ- mas party for unfle1'pi'ix'ilegeml c-liilclren. The Clulm I"lt'l'l-lllf 'l'l'f.-XCHlfl'lS UI" :XNll'lIilll.X FRONT ROW: l'. Nli-wr. 5. Cnvunaugli, ll, Xli-Cn-ui'y. ll. Ilfilll. R. Anderson, l.. J Xytlltlllrllllf, KY. ltcliele. Nl. lliari-Q, ll. Nlorrisonv, C. Crinn-S, 5. lin-1-n. Nl. lxirls, K, I,:l'LlQt'l'i, SICCONIJ HOW: A. Yale. C. lla-neon. 'l'. ,lHllIlQ4tIl, ,l. l'eh-raon. 5. llioinpaon, J. W'allm'l', .l. Xlln-n. K. lfotliergill. L. Lamlvs, ll. Xlvllonalil. K. Pelirul. ll. Iii:-nor, I3 Fino'-ts. C. Xlurlin. 'lllllllll HUYV: K. Gregory. ll. Xlli-on, ll. llingliznn. 5. l'n-tvr-on. l.. Criflc-Ill. V. Klosln-r. C. Xl:-lfui'lin-5. ll. Camplwll, .l. Hnlli, Y, Clnlln. C. Baker. lf. Nloylm-ll. ll. Xlanligan, IJ. xlllltilllllll. IIMIK ROW: ll. Cilkr-y. 5. Pinflxi. l.. lloeclell. F, Kriivlwiilu-rg, Nl. Ualiorne. K. Taylor, II. Cunning. S. Yutvr. ll. l.al"oru-, K. llillings. P. Cross. ll. Slvplivii-oii. ff, llnrliain. K. ll'-i-cl, lieiird many speakers lllfllllgll the year, toured the Vocational-Technical i-enter and sponsored Team-tier Appieciatioii Xveek in FelJ1'ua1'y. l"liUN'l' ROVV: A. Sl'llI'UClll'li, C. Vunvv, C. Fitch tltreaxl, .l. wfvlllliti' lstate swat, J. Hays lllistft, S, King. .l. Russell lpros.l. Nl. Myers, C. llnrgllardl, Nl. Mason, K. Pasby lparl.l, l'. Walwn lsecxl, L. Spic'kvllniv1', W, Ciurla. SECOND ROVV: Hrs. Hoad, ll. Madison, ll, Millvr, V. Hoot. C. Vangcyov, .l. Stonglv. L. Lovely, C. BI'21lilILl2l'. N. Klein, M. Clodfeltor, ll. Needy, V. llruiett. V. Ceilings, HN. Cozart. THIRD ROVV: YY. Xlylf-s. H. Gill. V. llutle-r. ll. Lyon, ll. Henry, B. Sluxrpv, C. Clark. R. Durgan. P. Nltfllhlllllllilll. l'. King, P. Brown, S. Roi-iii-ll. ll. Clover. C. Hikli. li.-XCK HOW: I Elson, J. Nlcilliay. .L Nloiltgoinery. .l. How:-rs. ll. Puyiw. ll. Cates, A Xlnngr-r. C. l'ii'kliarmlI. ll. Woinavk. ,l. Hominv. P. Zaloudvk. C. Nluy, 5. lfxzine, ll. llaniols. l'. Kilburn. GIRLS, STATE-BUYS' STATEAFRONT ROW: B. Smith, T. Hough, L. Otjen, S. Outhier, M. Shawlcy, C. Craig, J. Russell, C. Moore, P. Kopp, L. Willianls. BACK ROW: D. Delegate from EHS Elected Girls' State Governor '67 Plenty of Plainsmen Were present to partici- pate in the l967 Boys' and Girls' State programs. Special honors went to LeMoine Otjen, Who was elected governor of Girls' State, and Tangy Hough, who was elected secretary of state. Four EHS lioys, Len Beard, Steve Outhier, Bill Hen- derson, and Craig Moore, held state odices in Boys' State. HI-Y AND TBI-Hl-Y-FRONT ROW: S. Siegle lv.-pres.l, C. Dickey ftreasj, E. Graham fpresui, G. O'Neill, H. Adelrnan, J. Davis, M. Kopp lprc-s.J, S. Arnold, P. Kopp tsecj, J. Hays tehapj, L. Witt Csee.J, K. Long ttreasj. BACK BOW: C. Willhoite, B. Henderson, R. Cearheard, R. Field, M. Arnold, J. Alexander-Witt, J. Haddad, S. Kieffer, K. Jones, L. Beard. Hi-Y, Tri-Hi-Y Encourage Government Participation Hi-Y for boys and Tri-Hi-Y for girls were sponsored lay the YMCA. From the fall to the spring conference, the clubs debated their Way, learning the functions of the government. They learned to understand how and Why liills were passed by the United States Congress and how the bills affected the people. Moore, L. Beard, lil. Simmons, R. rllfllllliitl, K. Jones, V. Slaton lv.-presj, J. Alexander-Witt, B. Henderson, T. Bergdall feliapj, E. Talicling, C. Craig, M. Scott. GIRLS' Iil'XIRFA'l'iON ASSOCIfYl'lON FROXI' HOW: S, Cr:-vii. I.. Randolph. K. Gregory, l'. Mi-Cowran. ll. Corley, V hlalni. I.. lvrnni' tx.-pix-s.t. C Ylrflanalian in-mul. .l. Ilpp. C Wi-sitall. l'. Nlvm-pei: jECOND ROYV: H. Iilll'flIIlt'A C. YanSc-yoc I.. IH-L-klniiiu, F. Atkinson, J. IIFLIIICII, S, Krinrkeiilwrg. .l. Sieg- GRA Teaclwes Sportsmanship Girls Exercise to Fitness Amftive girls interested in recreation and sports- rnansliip made up tile GRA. Highlights of the year liesidf-s time regular lmusiness sessions and rcm'rc-ation periods, included Play Day at Okla- lioina State University, a Cltristinas party, and tin- presentation of a trophy awarded to the out- standing senior girl. NIIQIJHIXI. .'XIi'l'S llLL'B-FRONT ROW: X. Ili-Il. .l. Ifnksa. II. llougln-rty, N. Kirby, D, NI:-lfaslin. If. lloli-. K. Lisle. P. Kopp lpn-s.t, A. Urine, J. Hummel. Kratxrr. I.. flriv:-, C. Ili:-lu-5. ff. lliarla, .l. Minton. SECUNIIJ HOW: I.. Walker, M. Iinssi-ll. 5, Ilgitc-livlilvlt. .I. Barton ttrm-as.l, .l. Cline, NI. U'NvaI. , . , , . I., Wills. Ii. I'ayni-. XI. Dongln-rty. A. Nlonlgonivry, f., Iapps, Ii. Vtiarlu-nliii, ff. Iilfllillilgtf, .l. Vim-lu-rs, K. ,IHIlIlSIUll, .l. Si-lnnitz, mann. S, Pinslxi, IJ. Iixingston, C. Crimes. Ii. Madigan, Xlrs. Phyllis Hi-nrivks. BACK ROYV: M. Cerdes, P. I5-arson K , . Atkinson, I'. Sullivan. C. Horton, S. Barnett, .l. Snyder, P. King, K. Crawford lpresfl, R. Wvykoff. D, Calnplu-II, XI. Nir- l Cullough. S. Blilllilllilll tu-as.,t. Medical Arts Investigates Many Related Professions Decisions from knowledge and knowledge ,from observation were tI1e goals of the Medical Arts Clulm. To give rnernlmers a glimpse of what they rould expect to meet should they Choose tile inod- ieal field, the mrlulw heard speakers, and made trips to the Oklaliorna Medical Center, Enid State School, and local hospitals. THIRID HOW: S. Willis, IS. Benton. S. Winer-In-r lst-int. il. y 1 Cungoll, .l. In-ningrvr, A. Hunger. R. Yvykoff. .l. It-arm-. ,l. Russell lv.-pri-s.l, NI. Toews, YV. Spain-, .l. Hays. C. livin. ll. Pitts. .l. I'1l'1lIlIl, C. Canldin. BACK HOW: K. We-Ils. Nl. Kopp I". Taupe. ll. Craig, T. Kirby, M. I'arrish, WI. Czunpln-II. .l. Iiinlilacl, W. llonglass, II. Willlloite, R. Morgan. K. Jonifs, S. KIISCII, T. Moulton, ll, Mclntyrrf. II. Wu, R. Svlielim-. GENERAL OFFICE HELPERS-FRONT ROW: T. Herndon, D. Hough, C. Brakhage, P. Keely, D. Chambers, N. Kirby, S. Lcwellen, P. McCoveran, K. Gragert. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Florence Scott. M. Butts, D. Sanders, K. Rikli, R. Graham, J. Students Help with Office Create Happy Atmosphere In the busy life of Enid High School, someone must collect attendance slips, deliver telephone messages, and go from room to room with Msend- to-oflicei' notices. The general office assistants do all this and more. In between errands they take time to create a cheerful atmosphere in the main communication center of EHS. ACTIVITY OFFICE HELPERS-FRONT ROW: P. Meyer, K. Cragert, P. Manuel, C. Walker, K. Devers, C. Hurt, D. Scott. Hall, M. Myers, C. Goodwin, S. Anthony, J. Sicgrnann, Mrs. Edna Newman. BACK ROW: Mrs. Dorothy Hess, J. McCarty, B. Overton, S. Engolman, W. Jurey, J. LaCroix, K. Smith, B. Storm, M. Boler, R. Kunkel. , Helpers in Activity Office Aid in EHS School Finance Notebooks, paper, pencils-the activity oflice sold these for the convenience of students. Selling tickets for EHS events and keeping records of all organizations, accounts was the most important job of lVIr. Charles Lynch, lVI1's. lVIary Skidmore, secretary, and students who worked during study halls. BACK ROW: J. Hardin, E. Taboling, C. Bomine, T. Miller, K. Kastle, Mrs. Mary Skidmore, Mr. Charles Lynch, M. Martin. JUNIOR ENGINEERING TECHNICAL SOCIETYiERONT ROW: K. Larsen fscc.-treas.J. J. Franklin, B. Pratt lv.-prest, D. Johnson, D. Wallace, C. Davis, lpres.J, Cv. Wirtz, S. Quigley, P. Sanders, M. Evans, J. Vickers lrep.J. SECOND ROW: B. New Engineering Interests Merge EHS with Vo Tech Newly added to the list of EHS clubs, the JETS, Junior Engineering Technical Society, heard speakers from all fields of engineering. lVIemlJership requirements for both Vo Tech and Enid High students was a sincere interest in this work. The Northwest Oklahoma Professional En- gineering Society sponsored the cluh. LIBRARY CLUB -I FRONT ROW: Mrs. Anna Combs, G. Rodriquez, S. Blair, J. Best, P. McCoy, C. Pitts, J. Schmidt, P. Williams. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Rosaniay Lynch, D. Cain fsee.J, NI. Hodgson t'rep.J, J. Shaughnessy, J. Hutchinson, J. Wu, J. Hume, Tabeling, V. Dautcnhahn. J. Murphy. li. Henderson, L. Smith, J. Thomas, D. Hall, Mr. Tom Taylor BACK ROW: R. Nichols, W. Henthorn, J. Bishop, W. Barton T. Oliver. P. Ezell, D. Fisher, V. Slaton. G. Kowalski, Nl. Kopp Library Assistants Serve EHS Students Efficiently With service for EHS in mind, the Lihrary Club promoted training in library science. Twen- ty-six students who donated study hall time to help in the lihrary made up the cluh which was sponsored hy Mrs. Rosamay Lynch and lVlrs. Anna Combs. The club maintained membership in the Oklahoma Student Library Association. Henneke, L. Kosted, L. Hainter, Mrs. Martha Reimer. BACK ROW: T. Thompson Cv.-presft, C. Shaefer, M. Parrish, J. Richey, F. Smith, C. Romino lparl.,t, C. Horton, V. Lawrenz, R. Burgess, B. Kindle tprcs.l. TALENT plus is Mark Russell, Thespian Talent Revue Winner. THESPJANS - FRONT ROW: C. Adelman, M. Vives, G. Dickey, J. Brinx, D. Hess, J. Herrian, H. Adelman, S. Harmon, K. Agee. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Delyte Poindexter, V. Warren, T. Herndon, J. Walker, L. Otjen tv.-pres.J, J. Hall Csec.J, B. Bingham, P. Cau, M. Russell, D. Gilkey. THIRD ROW: J. Eek, T. Hough, J. Beard, J. Davies, J. Mohley, M. Mason, D. Bland, K. Zahl, J. Davis tscrihel, Miss Kathryn Bayless. BACK ROW: P. Kopp, S. Sheets, B. Henderson, T. Bergdall, B. Cod- dard Cpresl. J. Taye, L. Beard, J. Hendry, C. Moore. THESPIANS-M-FRONT ROW: A. Schroeder, J. Wein, L. Mize, J. Waller, J. Bennett, C. Brune, N. Kirhy, J. Roberts, M. Dillon, G. Anderson, K. Pekrul, K. Long, C. Pope, S. Cavanaugh, S. Thespians Present Talent Contest for All Students Thespians added a new tradition to EHS, the All-School Talent Revue. Twenty-two finalists, selected from a field of seventy-eight entries, par- ticipated in the second annual show With Mark Russell placing lirst. Thespians produced plays and programs for civic groups, created costumes, and studied all aspects of the theater. Carrying out their purpose, they promoted dramatic arts in the secondary schools. Miller, J. Upp, J. Frantz, J. Specie. SECOND ROW: Miss Kathryn Bayless, L. Lukenbaugh, D. Morrison, K. Gregory, V. Bridwell, S. King, J. Allen, C. Lipps, D. Willits, J. Stephenson, C. Buxton, C. Gungoll, R. Hoffman, N. Ragan, A. Freeny, L. Criffeth, B. Poindexter, M. Osborne, J. Gasaway. THIRD ROWV: J. King, C. Duryea, R. Warkentin, B. Bingham, J. Hays, K. Billings, L. Norman, J. Bowers, A. Munger, M. Rector, C. Jones, B. Sayre, S. Molitor, L. Splane, V. Pitts, D. Allison, S. Ferguson, K. Fothergill, Mrs. Delyte Poindcxter. BACK ROW: R. Schmidt, J. Mark, S. Bishop, S. Phillips, M. Moore, W. Jurey, J. Bowers, T. Coggin, J. Witt. S. Goss, D. Booth, R. Rector, Z. Fleming, J. Stetnish, D. Wegener, D. Simmons, K. Domniek, M. Kopp, B. Smith. Unusual Pageant Becomes Showpiece of Troupe 1263 w . r 1 . lAlSllIIIIl'S nmclv l1l5l0I'Y wlwn llIOSlllilllS pm ,, w . rw --. . 4i'llllxll flllwllilllillgl llmnugln mln- -X544-N. lJll1'1'lQ'1l lay Nlrs. llvlylcx l,OlI1Lll'Xl0l' llllll Nllss Killlllfll liuylm-as uml llLll'l'LltCLl lay Joyvv Wzllkm-l'. llu l'l'Ylll' clvpivlml voaulllles from 4-wry imporlaml ps-riml in llistury. Ylllllxjililll-5 unique stvlc allow guinvcl I'l't'U2QIll . Q 4 ll0Il Wlll'll ll 1'0t'C'lYt?Cl un lIlXllillI0ll lo illlllfxill' lul- lorv llw V168 National 'l'llt'Slll2lll CUIHPIIUOII 11 ' z ilu- lllllYl'l'SllY ol lllillilllii. 'I'lllf5l'l,XX CHS! l'Nllz REX l, L: lhll lmfl4lunl. llulm lm' Klllllf Xallnl. Nlau'-lm liay Nlllbtill, .lulm llcmlry, .Inn llrim, ,ln ' lllt XIIII l'vun-1-, Xlurgn Xlws, lhmu lllqunl, l,um-5 Xllflllilll. ,lmu llmxrml. V l Q 5 2 I 1 IIXYIC NIUIEIJCN mul l'llil Kopp slifpluy ldlllllllvlllilll 4'UIll'l4'Sy, TIIFSVI XX lIH4'l'l NIIC RlfVllE-Yirgirlizl XY11l'Fl'Il. lkxlllllll' Uljen. Ill-llv llinglmm. Jam- lhlvis. Terri llm-rmlfm. ,lumly Hull. f.:1ruIx11 Mlvlnmll, Kri-lu .Xuee-. llill llL'llll4'l'NUIl. Sulyn Hmm fn. 93 ei s ,, 5 AQUAETIES ON LOARD D Willits Cpr sl C Hronopulos Mize, J. Frantz, C. McDonald. STANDING: P. Manuel. L. lsetl L Adelman ttreasl 'I Herndon S Vater frepl Franklin, N, Perkins, L. Kilpatrick, M. Wells, K, Agee, R. SITTUNL I Mattson K Taylor l Waller K Rrkh M Price. Disneyland Comes to Life In Annual Aquaette Revue Audiences traveled via imagination to fasci- nating and enchanting Disneyland by the twenty- eight members of the Aquaette Club as they pre- sented their annual water show. The show, held March 6 and 7, had something for everyone, in- cluding dog-lovers and adventurers, as numhers ran the gamut from M101 Dalmatiansv to 'cCap- tain Hook? Highlight of the evening was the crowning of Aquaette Queen, Marilyn Rector by Robin Field, Student Council president. Attend- ants to the queen were Denise Willits and Lisa Mize. Mrs. Judy Hickle sponsored the cluh. Students Attain Top Academic Excellence lNllClXlJlCll S'l'l'lJliNT5 n-vm-iw lxvflllivllill Nh-ril Sl'llHli1l'- xY1'lilll"l'. K1.nul:l l'mm-. S'l'.NNlJ1Xfl: Xlika- Xrnulll. 11.111, lnp lellvr- nf l'4lI1lIIlt'I1il3lllIIl --SlCqX'l'l'fl3g llury Humim-. Hmm-. Hnlmin Fic-l1l. Nl lt llwll Wullmw. Kar:-11 IJ! en lvdllh Fill ll ltflll1"ll'Il l"'ll'Ilt'QI 1 Ill!!! 5 - , . s NATIONAL NIERIT l"lN.XI.- 3 l5T5Z lllil Kopp. Willis lluugg las, Mary Kay Nlallsurm, Sim-ve Outhier, Sh-ve Ki:-IT:-r, zlml .lan-lx Wright t'll1'1'li in tlu- QLl1ltl2lnH'l lilrrary for vnlle-gv 1'Illl'21lll'l' ro lllllTt'll1t"IllS. 'flu-sv six sl-nn-ll lligllrrst in ilu- qualifying Ivete Fe-I11'11al1'y l06T. Varied Achievements Characterize Enid High KEN JONES poses with his science lair project that took him along the winncr's route through Phillips' Science Fair, Alva Regional and San Francisco International Science Fairs. His study, on the effect of polarized light on photoelectron emission, resulted in awards of trips to the Aerospace Center in Houston, to Bell Laboratories in Morristown, N..l., and to the University of Hawaii to participate in ax special seven week l'E'St'2il'Cl'1 program. 96 BEARD-Tays, acl places third in Revue TRACK champ Major runs in all Weathc A 1 . 1 2? TYING for Second in lllLlll'Ill Hcvum-, ,lcanninu llxfllm-Il and Lucy MAKE l'l' WITH WOOL vnlrunls Jucly Stengle, Cun- Nurman pose' with ,ICLIIIIIO llvarml and Belle llinglluln lSl'ilIfflll, nin- Sl'llliUClll'l', Linda Swiggart lSt'CllIlll plucm-P, uml fuurill and fifth plaw- XNlIlIlt'l'S in Ilw semrml Revm-. Swan Williams lllUllf'l lllClI' l'UIlll'Nl ggarlnvnts, 1-ook Sill-l"llD-Pill fowl, l'l.pXiflNll IVIRFI' in HHS livtlv flI'0l'lxt'l' l'l4lIIH'IlILIlxllljl JXl'llll'Xt'IllCI1l 'll-sl. lxillllj' Nlurlzxll still must I'4IIlVllll'l' Cllurlc-s Allifgilll Ilml slum- r-un rm-ullx Citizenship Awards Bring Honor, Challenge P , . 7 15 'Q ig 3 Ra 3 . 5 ' , Q ? 5 f E i- , 6 rl- li xg-L E, K fia NF' Q? 45 NEW SENIOR Nanvy Baker inet-ts the zludiloriuin Wlll'Il Barbara Lewis dCl11UIlSll'2.Il6S lllv quulilii-s nl' gnncl ritizenship wliivh won for in-r the DAR Award. 98 ICLKS CLUB n1emlJe1'S Riuliural Holm' and lfrunk Halnninnd present awards In Rollin Fil-Id and I.cHoine Otjen. limp prize win- ners in the clulfs leadcrsliip cmllf-sl. FIRST PLACE Masonic Award winner liill Anlbmsius leaves for Shawnee to receive lhe stale award tor his essay on umllicutinn. Dedicated Effort Wins Title for Instructor l",NlD Eclucalitxn llssnwiuliuli 1967 '1iQ'Lll'll1'I' of tht- Year lnmors gm tu Miss Eva luring. c-hairinan of Fnimll junior and Senior high svhool English mlm-pmtiiicnts. She lwlpi-rl urganizc EEA and swwcl as its first presi- tlent. Miss tuung re-pri-smite-d the Enirl teaclic-rs in the Slain 'l'uticln-r uf the Yun' nwvting in Stillwalt-r. HHS OPEN HUI SIC lmrings Nh'-. E. ,I. Otjvn. Will Utjvn, Llsxltlllll' Uljvn. and llise Ifva turing togvtln-r. l.i-Nluiiiv is thi- new Girls' Stull- Cowrlnni' of Uklullmnu. having ht-en lI1LlllQllll'2.llC1l at vt-rmnuiiit-5 ht-lil at the Okla- lwinzt Colley- ul' l.ilu-ral Arts lust suninwr. 99 w i HE MWWQH i ,HA Sn' CLOWYNS Mark Russvll. Cathy Hl'flIl1rIlL1lflS, and Je-anne Brawl entertain EHS alumni. .GS N S, f it -. 1 MIRROR al, asflmtlllly llRAVIC'l"l'ES jnin tmuncl In furnt tht- Indian In-acl in IIUINII' of lfufulluttl Que-en Judy Upp at the HLllIl?t7fDIIliI1g. varnivul lllIIUSt'S Dilllfl Homecoming Events Strengthen School Ties IOO PI UYYER UIHI. Kim Rin-kabullgh and t'I'lPXSIl lwarcr .leif HiiIliNl1'I' p1'ev4,-cle crlllgll vraon and llzuisl Nlvlldcfnllall all thu- 1968 Haskctlmall Quvn-n Crnmlatimm IOI CHEERIMP 1-mm! slums in Hmm-4-fmlingg 5pi1'iI. Nliller, Suv Parke-V, and Ginger Xml:-rwn app:-ar lmefnxwg Ntmla-nl lnmly in pn--f'u1'mmIinn llS4t'llllllf. KXIJIIXYI' lmflu-limll qucvn l'illl4Hlll1l!'N Sandy ANN! R JI l oust ANGV ,film I Q 9 s llss SHFlRll"F W1-s .lun-y hears news that starllus Lucy lNU1'Illiill 'I'.'XKllYC u ba-ating from Marslxa Kay Nlusun, Pl1ilKupp ducks Success u 1968 Season Spot IQ ts Come y f I I' I1 cl S 4' 5 ,lg X.. HOL x,al"'U4r nuns 164809 IJ-UP svenc lrmu illc all scllfvol play Tlmfs ,lly Cozlsilz, limls illc vas! in an c1ulJa1'1'assll1g 1J1'L'LllCdll1L'1ll uflcr lllcir plans lnaxckfirc 101 1 UVXIIF Ui XIX Ili-llv Bingham imrmiks up with Hill lli'mi1-rfmi. ff'Xi.XlIXCl In-n Iii-.ml unii iil'llt't' Smith is hard for ,luim Tay Senior Cast Stars in Superior Production REUC S OE THE BATTLE OF PUTNAM5 LANDING i77E' VIZICNN ui' iilllllilllllf Laniiingg r:'en.u'l .i filppusmlly ifrziinuliv RtXllillii4lIlil!'f ew-:iv in Iliv hL'lli1II'1'llIlll'1if. Rlfffj'R1l1llllll!I1'l'i!l1Q, 103 LOVE problems disappear for Daisy Fae CKay Peli- rulb when Joyce Walker assists as godmother. DEFEATED boys stand in line, resigned to getting liitczlicd by Marryin' Sam 'llERRlFlED males Danny Long, Phil Kopp, Jurncs Witt, Dana Hess, John Bowers Hee from females. Li Abner Goes Hippie for Sadie Hawkins 104 MIXING 4-rnwning lmlwll. ,lu Mm SU4'I'i4' kisses l.il Umm-r 4Uavi4l XlA'll1I1'll'lilH, an K,,gz IAIHXX Hi vllxfrlxw-I1 :uw Ill.-lr u-rxllm fl, at XIlllilI'A'1ILiIl4't' II! l.1l ,Uvm-I JNNVIIIIIIX IOC K L 'L Vg? K 3 f QQ, K iv? gs 5 VV., 3 ix iff 'GM F A , xg: Lf If 1. ff lf' I0 I'lCfXNlIlC sings LlSSllI'LiIl1'I' In Hun K 3 rf- In SPIRITEIJ "l"h1i11sl1w11" Ulu-er Juhn Rnw'f-1x through H10 Trojan drum uw Enid lPl'6Dill'CS for Iutbllgxlilii, BEAUTY and Ihr: Spirit of CIlI'ihUI1ilS limo is reHuc:i,cd, in the f,1'E!lliliUllklI Nulivily SOL'I'1l", given un Lhfr lust, Jay of sfzlrnul, luczfuuf holidays. 106 Assemblies Capture Wlwimsey and Reverence I'IRA'l'lTS and Plainsnwn battle il out on "llu- plank." TEEN tarts frulic' around the Christmas tree in holiday assenlhly. SPECTATORS I11EJl'Vt'I at arrnbats in Hunlc-crmlingr. 107 EHS Always Shows Plainsmen Endurance DETERMINATION gets Pam Pearson on her head in third hour gym. Support from instructor Mrs. Hiekle and Judy Peterson and Donna Sanders keeps her there. HARDY FOOTBALLERS ,lon Brini and Merle Moore show true spirit as they en- dure the cold and grimly wait their turn on the football field to light lor Enid. 108 ENDURANCE shows on Larry Smith 5 J J- D I HH I N Nli-S Iluyless gt'IQ flu shui frmn Nurse- Pevklmnl. 'IXIIHCD l.l'QiUllt'IltJSA llIllI3lllll4'fI. rw! all lf:-nlral St mln 5 ,f Z, wifi' -11. . if-51'.,"?V ,. , . 1. MZ? 55-45,. - 'fl :fi 5' A ,vi ,Lx WL . . , , , . , IXl'.R 1-illlllflll. Imp llrlght xxallf on fllll ryvu and :wen lmldg In-1' lnmk- ' .' - fn X ' ' ' gs a ,4 -'-z'gv 1-12 COACH Dusty llhy, Malt Waamtlx. and Diillgll KI'illllI show l1z1:+kvtl111ll WlIl'l'f' In go S' Q Q CIIES llulw illlll ll11r1isl1-1' .lUlN'l' ellorl of jllllifil' high hands and llig llluv rvaulla in il '-KlIIl4'I' l111llIi1111w rluring Capitol Hill ganw. 1111 11111111 si1l1-Ii111- SlllDjlHl'l. Teamwork Shapes Real School Drganization rv, I .A L .., , V., ,, I .4 IQ, , if Libr 'VXA I I I f- I I' ru . . Q I My ,MW IJ' 15 X 1, II! ff JI! WU IU.: I If I I XKIJIINK, Iklyttlll XXIISUII Im' plan. Mrs, Ilmul WUI'IiN1 Dun Ummth wail N. WORKING lugvlIlH'. Jun Ilrim und ,Iuhn Hendry 1 4 4 "1 N 1 'v-off un llglwzlxi IIlll1l'I'ilI spvevlm, III XIIIIIU-YISIIVXI, TEAM, VIIHIII Mills-r. ,Icrry ,'I1lll'IIl JUIIVS, Ifclmlie Tulwling, Terry QUUQIIL Nlr. Hamrld IJ110Iu-ll, lf:-ruI1I IILilIll', .Inn mme-I. pl'e-pzxlw mluiplllm-nl lm' Q4'Ilu0I'S usn-. DECA President John MacKenzie Crowns Shirley Dickerson 1968 DRCA Sweetheart at the Valentine breakfast C u Crowns Queen at Va enhne Brea ast I lo I ' kf MEMBERS of the Enid Chapter nf Distrihutive Eduvatiun Clubs of Amerivu hear Mr. W. C. Frass, OCE executive, at lvrealifust. 112 New Vo Tech School Draws EHS Students A YVORKIING dough. Terry YUUIIQI and llauny Huggvrt slluly fu 'i 5 E H F Xl I0 lllt'4'!l3l1ll'- llnnlxv-5 UVIIIIIS Bak:-r mul Xlllv' HLITTIS. 1 k--, I 5 Vg" .X 11'31j,,l1 x Y. J' , . , Senuf. ut Hu, 0.11 :MIN-y VU 'Il-4-I1 S1-lnml. 1xXIlI0'I'V inlc'ra--l- f,lIllP IXUIIINVX and I,ZlI'I'X llzleiuwrl. II Any Angle Shows Wlwafs Happening in EHS 4 nut during fall initiation. DHICSSEIJ for play within u play, RHI finals uppmir in Rally Round 1119 Ffzzg, Boxxx. GUITAR and Wes Jurey tell ai sad story on Hin- l.il Mus 4-1' Assmiibiy. II4 PLIQDCE Keith Lea noses 1,1-llvrnn-ii 511-11- rut. ll:-lvn Simon, Cassamlru Tillif, Etta Wax- Lash,-1', Stew? l"UU'l'l3,X1,I. l'Z,lSLl1llll4'S Bill Hulmlw. flllip Hivk- lilll llult lllfl fm -il Spemw-r Pnjoy N'iill'lllI1Qf thl- llulllf-vmllillgg mlanrfe. Umlmlurwl. .Xlln-11 Xlilllita-, H0lJin Fivlll pus:-. 'l'lXllj OUT for most of ilu- mum rm-uns llFll'IllIlz'-I mtvnily tu f.lDE.ll'll lln 1 lu- Ill'l'NQ'l1lS ru-xv ftrule-gg, lmul nut lun ill STAGEHANDS-KNEELINC: John Mark, Steve Sheets, Dana STANDING: John Hendry, Doug Sim mons, Richard Schmidt, David Wegencr, Joe King, Jim Gasaway. Behind Scene Workers Insure Smooth Going eifmwm VITAI. to the sniwoi are cafeteria pc1'Sonnei Hrs. Seiniu CC'USil'1'. Mrs. Bobbin- Harper. Hrs. Arlene Moon, and Wire. Ada Prilc'fhull. 116 Graduation Activities Point the Giant Step i Xi X3 l"if'l'if all f,i4WPl'llIi1f'lti Springa Iwiwrs seninr-. 5 i I ix P ss 3' 5 5 Jil. .lu fpzjc-iv and Xivrln- Nlmirn- luke last look ut familiar halls. lJli'l40Nl'NS vlifi iligil sviirml :hiya for thi- 1968 Sftflifllii I1 por-ts 118 was 5- mi J 119 fl fe . V 1 ,- U11 Y' .. " y 1: 'U ' .V 5,3 , L K gp. in W. if . if 5 WM.. 'LE ,V . ' -. ,:"'1" f ,i K K5 X J M 3 ? w E E 4'3- we J S 5 Ms 91 'kt 4 if' 11. if ,M ,fam 131, 'gf-131' , We . f' as fs is D' A-if 5, Si 3 W el- Nw Q 7 ,ff l"UU'I'IlXl.l, X-NQIKIJ -TOP ROW: Holm-rl gXnlIwny. Miko F:-wr. l3f5'l"l'0BI HOW: Hulmiu Fin-ld. Juv Curia, Him-1111 Xmnl4l. 'Ixl'I'l'X Iicullvy. Sam liislmp, Pat f,3LlI'I'HH, Rim'l1:.1rf1 De- hard, Hill Guddurml, S11-xr: flnss. Greg Cruhaum. 511-my I' 1 mx Il'l3ll.XX'l1 413114 Qhuw vwlatim' ' Llppruml and luval slllljlllfl '1' 1, .- llu-xr wus. n1.m' gmpulurly krwm1 zu llu- l'luiusmcn, sln xx thus assi-n LIJS W Ilillllllli -pmt um! ilk'l1'I'lH1IlZillUIl 11lIl'Il1f' ilu flx t1IiUWNI'IIP I967 lnfblllljilu 4yll4'f'Il1IllIxIlQl MIS llmm'vmml1-f IILIIHIIII4' .svllxlllm-Q ul VIH"-Q"'v11 flflrl. .llnly Upp glows. Y,-.1 Enid lfn i rl lfnid lfnid lfnid linid Enid Enid Enid Enid Pigskin Warriors Show Top Team Effort Enid Football Season-1967-68 ...l2: PonrraCiIx , 22' Tulsa Rodgers ..... ... .... 23: Shawnee ... . ... ... Og Putnam City ... .... 20g Douglass .. .... ... .... lilg Capitol Hill .. .... .... l2g N.W.Classen ... .... Mg Midwest City . . . . . . ... .... 20g John Marshall ..... ... .... 2-ig US. Grant ... ... Record T Winsf3 Losses l"UU'l'l3ALl,. A-SQl.4XD-'l'Ul' HOW: Chip Hii-ke, Bill Hululif. lui-li Keck, llonuld Kelly, Doug Kralln, Darrvll Langwcll. l'U'l' fx? , vi. 5-5- -2-of 'Y 3 1 ,Mui , MANAGERS .loe llryunl, Trip Moore-, llill Hardin. and ,lim Kull pan-k all nf lllc cornforls of lionic for ll'3Vt'llllQl Plainsnu-n. TUN1 HOW: Nlcrln- Nloou-, Stew Uulliivr. Cllllklx Stair. lionni Sn-pliini. Les Williunia, Bud Wiooil. r ,, Q' IW an 5 4 1 17.1 COA is 1 Of - QI Curtis Hnnlll, .lun Hrim, Alun Camp. UUYITOH HOW: func J'l'l3AI.L A-SQUADfTOP ROW: Dennis llakm-r. Ixun Bak- Fltlllillgi, lfflrlic- l"rulim-V, Cary Cillry. S teve Hull. ,lm-fry Ka-mph A ,M YQ Q 'er CHICS l'1l'i0Sl'1l, lialmistelg Wixlfim-Icl, Duko, Nilvs. une! Clrven- w spocululw over u hit uf ingcniuub strategy. 122 Cul fflll puyrlirl is Iln- goal ull tlonlm-n Willitnns 1-13V unil lnull ai- llurrc-ll liuiigm-ll 133i un4l Nlvrle Nloorm' 170D 4-smart liim. . Y 112 deumrrilietl the Plainsmen year. Plugued all yea: Big Bluo gave it all tlicy they mclxfi-tl up a season ievoril ol' 7 victorics and 3 tl:-thats. One liunclred pm' cont footlmll team ofliort tliis lay vrippling injuries, tlle hint and at little more as ln their season opener against Ponca City. Enid lznned tlle Wliltlcats l2-0. Paul Rioll cap- turofl spat-ial honors as MLlI16lllilll of the Woolf' from tlle Daily Olxlaliornan for llis effort. Eniclis next foo was the Tulsa llodgersi Hopers wlioin Enid lassoeml witll a 22-6 win. SlliHVll6C,S Vlfolves were the next to 'fall lioforc the Pluinsmen in u lmrilliant 23-I3 win, in wliiuli Enid 1-oznpilotl an outstanding total of 343 yards. Eniil liosted tlio Pirates of Pulnuni City tlie following week, losing tlie first ganna of tlie sea- uon in ai l1ea1'tli1'eul4ei' 20-6. Using an all out offort, lllff Pluinsinen pluyecl a 'W-oinv front lieliincln tlirillei' to put the flanipel' on Douglass 26-24. Svtlingi the Stags- for an ilnportunt sliowmlown tlic- lollowing week, Enid svulpeml tlle Redskins from Capitol Hill lf?-U. Knights of N.W. Clasuen upciulecl the Plains- nwn lluf next wevlx 26-l2. lo givv Enid its fiflli los- in loin' years, l'lilQ-lL."XNllC an-Iivilies nnrun vxf-rvisiiig for lion 18-'ll :nnl girl ixatvliing for llufl Wonrl 1f15l. ZJXNE FLEMINC 1l0l fights to move the ball past Ixnigh Putnam City Pirates and down the field out ol flangr-runs territory. Griclders Close Gut Season with Victory Despite having several starters out, Enid val- l iantly fought Midwest City right to the wire be- fore bowing to the Bombers 22-14. Bouncing back the next Week, Enid eoasted to a 20-16 win over John Marshall, being in Com- mand the entire game. Ending the season on a happy note, the jubi- lant Plainsmen handed the Grant Generals a 24-O defeat. It was the last time to suit up for 25 seniors who bowed out in style. As a tribute to the quality and fighting spirit of the team this year, live players landed berths on the All-Conference team. They were Terry Bentley, guardg Les Williaiiis, fullback, Robert Anthony, middle guard, Darrel Langwell, half- backg and Greg Graham, defensive hallbaek. Those making honorable mention were Merle Moore, taekleg Ronnie Stephan, quarterback, and Richard Gearhard, end. Les Vllilliams garnered additional honors, be- ing named fullback on the All-State team. 12, XFTER llc- rangln a punt in lliv fave. Ric-liarfl DeFi-wr a dad realize that injuries happen mm-n :luring H4ll1l6l'4l11llll" ' wa ,: ,,. L 1 1 - seem N f .- , . - , 53 - V XI Ol NPI! ful USKIN. lwpir1g,f1xl'g1 fini qlmsn. Ivana il trail of Plilill-I1lL'l1. 11:11 Lynn llqllwl' 4121 runx In Ihw ra rue mcf 111 IIIHI IUUILXII X-Sijl XII - TUV RUW: Tim Kirby, Keith If-an. fum INIISI1-I11'. XllwnWillliln-,1Qm'1l1-nNX1H11m aim-y Ri4'll:l1'1lsul1. l3U'Ivl'UNl HUXYZ Ted Hollin- I2 5 5? fr- Q "WHL f W fa...- 3 Hi IP 'Kai 'lv . -. .I U. - , ,v .5-. F ..-. 5 1 i 4 lf'-n... I ww 'UF gt Vg, A ,ma-9' ,, f,,. WY ,, ., . 3 aw- , , I k ,, ., , - vf . , , if Q. if, ---- HLA 1. .n Af :M , .J J. .E,1.,,,M.7u.wv,:W: -, iiGritty Best" Describes Highlander Team "Little and gritty" deserilled the l'llglllilIlllCI'S this season. Evell though there were no "lug and eXperielleed" lllell on the tealnl. they serapped and fought to il 3-3-l record. Top l'illlliCCl Henncssey was the first 0pp0tl6Nl of the year, hut proved to he il Ilit too I1llll'll, as they handed the HlgllltIIlClSI'S il 23-0 defeat. Elllll gilVf3 PlIlllillllqS future Pirates il run for their money, hut still lost l2-6. Enid grahhed their first will of the season, handing Stillwuteris .lalyvees al I2-0 defeat.. Sl'l'lil3llll1g llllbllgll at close one. Enid held on to M'lIl 28-I4 over Pollcais It team. High-riding Pond Creek dropped the lligh- landers ill their next outing 20-0. Elllfl proved its spirit the next game. lllilylllg weather. Elllil 1'L1H1lJl6tll past POIIVU City l3-0 to even their sea- son reeord at 3-3. ill pouring rain and 40 degree ln their final game. Enid lasted out a see-saw eontest to tie Stillwater 20-20. 1-losing out el fine season with most ol the llovs looking forward to llfflllg lllillllSIN6ll next vear. CAHHX ING the pigslvill on his hip, .ll'l'UIIll' l'lI't'L'IiliiIl Ill! rolle Olll and ilfltllllll df-tcl'lllill4'd Stillwater dt-lellders in lnml-to-llr-tit hid lor six points during L1 rough "Little lllllei' ltiillle. i-'0U'l'l! Xl.l, li-SQIQXIV FRONT ROW: Phillips. Davis. Nlajor. Smith. Elter. Shields. White. Les Owens. Nlyers. B. Long. Cong- llon. HIDIYIPG, lute. SECOND ROYV: fiI'LlWfUl'll llllyQI'.l, Stllir. 5, Long. l.. Wilson. .l. llrown. Rlbltlitlll. llough. x'Z.lIlt'l', Lee. 3lC3l2.lll2lIl. l.llIllL1Tl. Yan KI't'Y'QllL'Il. Cox. Wirlz. THIRIJ HOW: . , , . . . , lit-l'oe tlllgr,l. Look. llelllej.. llttflldtlll. lJlSllllIll'. 5iJIllt'l'r. lrlll llillll. He-lllln-iw, Hillel-tel. Kurns, Alllfllll. ll. llroltll. Stall llLllfliWUl'lll llllgllll, BACK HUWVI lloylv. lJlPlll!llf'li. fiurr. lllo IlllIllllUS, Kiijlliil, ftloore. liootll. Cfalllpln-ll. Elliot, T. vi'llSlIIl l.owe. Larry QFWVIIQ. Jllflllfll. I1 7 Basketballers Capitalize on Speed and Spunlc Enid Basketball Season-1967-68 Enid Enid Enid Enid Enid Enid Enid... Enid Enid Enid Enid... Enid Enid .... .... Enid Enid... Enid.., Enid Enid... Enid... Enid Enid. . . . . Enid... Enid... 63 49 42 58 64 62 56 60 56 56 45 64 71 55 T2 42 64 50 55 65 1 8 64 44 Putnam City ...... Norman ....... OC Northwest ..... Midwest City . . . Capitol Hill ....... John Marshall . . Midwest City ...... Putnam City . . . OC Northwest ..... US. Grant ........ Tulsa Wzlshingtsmn US. Grant ..... Douglass Shawnee ......... Capitol Hill ....... ,lohn Marshall ..... Shawnee ...... Putnam City ...... OC Northwest . . Douglass ..... OC Southeast . . . ES. Grant ..... Putnam City . . . Record I4 WiHs+9l,1Jsstrs MANAGERS llill Robinson and llolmliy Payne prepare Plainsmen uniform BA5KETl3.'Xl.l, .'X-TEAM - TOP ROWV: David Mendenhall, BASKETBALL A-TEAM - BDOTTOM ROYW: Doug Krahn Nlat! Warn-lt. ffliuck Grows, Larry Hughes. Tim Wright, Mike Ronnie Krey, ,lerry Kc-mph, David Henneltv, Stu Hough, Ronnn Perlxs 3 as 'fl fimn. it Cordell. Tim Waa1'k. 118 10-1 i Wftkf' J 11, ,,,s ,, J 'ff ixxfi if! 5 I Ks fx' QQ ,L 1 1 DENHALL 1251 tri:-S to L'liI1ll'lll lip against Capitol Hill ns fiI'1IVl'S 1151 11' NA CHEF Tom Nile-s and Dusw lfhy r1evi1-w past 5l'11l'l'S. 17. NIARSHALL BEAR liund - ill - face trivlw 11111-1 stop 1l8lt'l'II1lIll'll Hike P4'1'liS 1111 lilxtblll sliootirigi. xvfilll il race home type of play designed to nialie up for tlie lack ol' any Ming" men, Coacli El,1y's l'0l1IldlldllC1'S turned ill 11 season of good sliooling and scrappy defense. Pulling down top l'il1lli6ll Putnani City i11 llie opening game of the Capitol Hill T0l11'IIOy 63-57, Enid went on to drop No1'n1z111 119-47. I1 was sweet revenge lol' 1l1e Pl11i11s1111'11. as it was No1'111z111 wlio dropped Enid ill tlie lif'QLl0llill finals lust yl'ill'. lll lllC final game ol' 1l1e l0lll'1lCy. Enid lost llie litle lo NW Classen 52-412. Enid slanted the 1'eg11lz11' season wi1l1 il 67-58 loss 1o Midwest City lvut mfznne l1z11'l4 lllix nexl week to l1'Ul111J Capitol Hill 6-1--39. Jolin Nla11'sl111ll. was 1l1e next 111145111 for tlie Pli1lllSINf'I1 as Enid zeroed i11 on El 62-35 XV1Il. REROUNDINC Chuck Groves 1151 Sei-ins In hutch it in the fucc during the Grant game. Muir Waam'k H101 waits. TROJANS and David Mendenhall wait for Larry Hughes' rcbounfl to come down to earth during the Enid-Douglass thriller. Eniil fights to come from behind to win 71-69. 130 ws A' V tmwwf' X. s 4 K 2 23? 1 , ' A L 2,1 1 f. 1. -ifl y , '1L5li ', ry I. Fil, f ,w w gp v - :Q Mail ' F 5,9 ff' 9 N' ' , W K 1, X ,I I W-Q, iijsvygf -R542 X , I , . - I gavage f 5 P' H V .. V ' f?'e11f 77f" ,. -99 . :. -- '-S : ' .' 1,17-.0347 fa: - K " 5' " 1 ' eff-'iii ' .11 gif f, K 4- L lgigl-nmlzgz kmma5ja:gff,s,' ,' fu in A"1fi.ff" 1 U hc- 73" .if wk . V1 - L ' Y, 1' . A. If aff- ..,,,.. K 'C g K ,,x,, . -. ' A A 3 J , gi - . K t, .,i. " k ,f. - me .- 1.,,,., K , .. ' "fill V LQ R VRVQ r .i . A , Kf 5 fi: f '2Qiii,Q2f,Q, 'Q K Inf" K f'-Y-:fm ,E ' "':fi,,, 'Q S in , www X N 'Q .,.., . K 5 , L,M,,, Vfiflnf TV 4 yfgfivwkg fl 'ffgtfggfi QQ, X I 1- effiwiw ,ffl 1 , fp. . 1' , M W . ,W . f Qs ' - N., W- if K s' ' MM nf. .J K Q -A ' . may ' its .'f'fWf . ' ' ,. , W fi- K X M445 " ' : W: , 155:43 , 5 . sfgffinm' ,J 3 ' ' f-- . " 5425 Y LQ, 'ijglg 3 -- I ,. W M NM. W,.. W VW, 4.. Mmm, 'I."'?'5f'7f- F , f Q, ,,,X Q x,Aq MN km . M A Y M ,i mug I, m . iv'-YQV ' -ef WW. , aww , M-4 ' ' 14 fix jg Hia JayVees Show Promise as Future Plainsmen HANDS go up as Highlanders and Grant light for rebounds. Roger Carr 1,233 and Don Henna-ke tlilt are right in there. BAsKE'rnALL 1s.TEAMgFRoNT RQWQ A.qsif9apl'i1:-ijt? ln the upset of the season, Enid toppled top ranked Douglass. Trailing hy hfteen points at the half, Enid came hack with a great second effort to tie the game at the buzzer 65-65, then went on to heat the Trojans 71-69 in overtime. Whippiiig Shawnee 55-45, Capitol Hill 72-47, and John Marshall 42-38, Enid moved hack into the thick of the conference race. Taking Shawnee again 64-33, Enid then lost to Putnam City 52-50, ending a six game winning streak. NW Classen used its height to liest advantage to sweep by with a 68-55 win. Douglass dealt a disastrous blow 78-65 which ended Plainsmen hopes for a conference title. In the Regional tourney, Enid whipped South- east 78-6l and Grant, for the third time, 64-59. However, Putnam put the damper on Enid 46-44, closing the season for the Plainsmen who turned in a 14-9 record. Highlanders showed promise of providing the talent for the future Plainsmen teams with their 7-9 record. Playing mostly Mid-State Conference schools, the Highlanders showed why the caliher of Enid teams continues to he excellent. J. Barnard, M. Martin, R. Carr, D. Hennekc, W1 Phillips, D. 132 fren.. 1425 ,J , :gg TRACK TEAM-FRONT ROW: H. Phillips, J. Agee, L. Major, L. Owens. R. Major, C. Steinert, C. Nall, Larry Owens, R. Lee. R. Henley. SECOND ROW: R. Richardson. K. Yvilson. P. Cole W. Jurey. T. Choate, P. McMahan, S. Engelman, D. George, D. Smith, J. Herndon, S. Starr, R. White, M. Martin, S. Holt. BACK ROW: B. Str-hr, D. Swiggart, M. Hole. J. Luckenhaugll. D. Camp, M. Arnold, D. Henneke, D. Elliot, A. Shannon, H. Franklin, D. Record, V. Green, C. McGee, D. Swan. Tracksters Sport Big Drive, Strong Desire Grahhing fifth place in the mile run at the Ft. W'orth Invitational, Enidis thinclads started off the 1967 season with a hang. Placing well in meets throughout most of the season, Enid garnered a third place at its own invitational and a fourth place at the Bartlesville Invitational. At the Amarillo Tri-State Meet, Enid snared a second in the mile run and also in the discus. Following up this performance, Enid traveled to the Cowboy Relays, taking a second in the mile run and a third in the 2-mile relay. Placing fifth at the Mid-State carnival, Enid repeated its placing at the Regional Meet. Three Plainsmen qualified for the State Meet, which gave Enid a third in the mile run and a fourth in the discus. At the Meet of Champions, Enid's Ronnie Ma- jor won the 2-mile run in the time of 934.0 to set, not only a new meet record, hut a new state record as well. Bob Bridges, Enidls discus ace, also gralmhed off a second in the discus. Placing a one-two at the Enid Decathlon Meet, Eddie Conway and Bob Bridges went on to com- pete in the State Meet. In competition for the state title as MBest All-Around Track Athlete," Eddie Conway placed second. I SOUND of Coach Duke's starting pistol begins sprint. CROSS COUNTR5 ----FRONT ROXV: ll. Caglc. R. Major, S. BACK HUXV: Coach Ray. K. Dunbar, C. Rudiger, ll. Kopp, .l. Engelman, NV. .lurt-5'. T. Choate, J. LaCroix, li. Ft-nity, P. Cole. Str-tnish. Nl. Krupp, 13.611-or-ge, C. Mcllay. Cross Countriers Cop Federation Title CROSS-COUNTHIERS Steve Engehnan, Wtfslmey Jurey, and Ron Major practice form as they run Meadow Lake course. 134 Enid's cross country team. raced into recogni- tion as one of the top teams in the state this year. Under the leadership of first year coach, Lloyd Ray, the Plainsmen took top honors in several meets during the past season. Starting the season -with a l5-48 win over Ponca City, Enid continued to place well during the year. Taking fourth place at the powerful Tulsa Edison Invitational, Enid came back to defeat several of the same teams at the OBU invitational the following week to take second. Enid lost a close duel to Putnam City, hut came right hack to to cop second place honors at the OSU Invitational. Shaded at the Mid-State Conference meet hy Grant and Putnam City, Enid roared hack to win the State Federation Cross Country Champion- ship over second place Tulsa Kelly for the team crown. Led hy senior Ron Major, who Was picked to the All-State team, Wes Jurey, Steve Engleman, liarry Fenity, and Paul c'Killer,' Cole, the Enid squad picked up 20 medals in state competition, lfl in a comhined effort hy Major and Jurey. Ronnie was undoubtedly the outstanding runner for the season, going undefeated and taking the State Federation, AAU and AA high school titles. Diamondmen Labeled uGood Field-Good Hit" PITCHER Chip Hicks lets go with a curve to batter Jerry Kemph, while 0l!ll'lll'l' Allen Willliti: liopn-s for one more strike. BASEBALL T1-TAM -FRONT ROW: Z. Fleniing, T. Wright. R. Cordell, I.. Jantz, J. Briin, B. Robinson, A. Bush, 1.. Vlilsxni. Starting off cold against Grant, Enid lost the first game of the 1967 Baseball Season 1-0. This was not a sample of the rest of the year, however, as Enid won its next two games and tied one. Plainsmen took two from Shidler with scores of 23-9 and 15-0 before splitting a double header with Edmond 3-6 and 9-5. Winning three and losing three, Enid then started on a seven game winning streak that in- cluded victories over Douglass and Putnam City, two important conference wins. Losing its next two, Enid entered the Garber tourney, intent on Hbringing home the bacon." Defeating Alva 4-2 in the opener, Plainsmen went on to harasss Stillwater 5-2 to gain the iinals, finding that the Enid Highlanders were their op- ponents. Leading the Plainsmen in the early inn- ings the Highlanders had to bow to seniority, losing the game 13-7. NW Classen dropped the Plainsmen 10-7 in the next game, but the diamondmen rallied to beat Douglass 6-1. They split a twin-bill with Tulsa McClain, 8-0 and 4-7. Drubbing Stillwater 11-3, Enid went to the Regional tourney where, in a heated pitchers, duel, Tulsa Hale put an end to any title hopes, winning 1-0. ln a make-up game, Enid lost to John Marshall 4-0 to end the season with a 23-12 record and an 8-7 lVlid-State mark. BACK HOYV: A. Stroup, D. Baker, R. Record. 15. Henderson, .l. Keniph, R. Stephan, B. Hobbs. S. Hough, R, Moon. I X SWUIMING TEAM-FIRST ROW: Randall Gregory, Grant Charles Chance, Tom Curths, Bill Buvinger, Bill Hart. BACK lluxton, Pat Carroll, Mark Boler. SECOND ROW: Hal Adel- K ' ROW: Dale Gordon, Greg Franklin, Greg Casey, Trey Parrish. man, Charlie Gcuin, Gary Bracher, Gary Moon. THIRD ROWCH I QIMANAGERSZ ,lim Kutz, Trip Moore. Enid Tankers Splash to Successful Season STRIVING for distance, Charlie Geuin and Grant Buxton put out spirited effort against Putnanfs Pirates in a home lncct. Caught in a rebuilding year, Coach Bolm Ban- istetjs swimmers dropped their first dual of the season to powerful Wichita West. Competition next came for the mermen when they journeyed to the Putnam City Relays. Against the top teams of the conference, Enid placed second in the water carnival. It was llack to Putnam City again the next week, as Enid had a meet scheduled against the Pirates. lt was close all the way, liut Putnam showed why it had won its own relays the Week before, using its depth to edge Enid 52-43. In a contest where the outcome wasn't decided until the last event, Ponca gave our Mfishv their next test. However, Enid wound up on the short end of the score 119-46. Taking o11 the Generals from US. Grant the following week, Enid posted its first win of the season, tacking a 49-46 loss on Grant, to make up for the last week7s score. Closing out the season at the annual Mid-State Conference meet, Enid tankers placed in several events to win enough points to edge out five teams to place fourth. TENNIS TEAM: Biwiri- liar- ton, Kvmietli Jones, lllarshull Mabry, Wayne Wagner. Netters, Dutters Exhibit Top Potential The 61967 tennis learn finished ilu- season with a 2-6 revorcl. Losing to Burlington 8-l. Enid heat Alva 6-2. Aline won 4-2. Stillwater 9-0, and Bur- lington 8-l. Stillwater won again 3-l, hut Enid look Alva once more 9-l. Aline Qflgttll hy 5-4 anml the netters Hnisherl with a fifth in the conference. GOLF TEANI-l7KON'l' HOW: 'll-ri'y l'ark4-r, Uivkii: llrahani. Slam KllSl'll. ll1'IHlli Nlcliityrc-, Court Loomis. IZMIK ROW: Paul EAT-ll, N1-al Ware-niillvr. ,lainie-5 Uaxis. Joey filLIshL'l'. I Uul-slrokiiig 62-Q-SLQ, Stillwater gave the 1967 Enifl golf team its only loss. The Plainsmen came lmaek to lrounee Capitol Hill 10-2,Pon1'a City 10-4, and Stillwater and Ponca 9-8-6. After trouncing Putnam City IZLQ-STQ and Capitol Hill 915- Zlff, Enid ended its season ranking seventh in the L'0llfCl'tfIlCG ancl seventeenth in the state. LICT'I'ERMAN,S CLUB - FRONT ROW: J. Kutz, D. Langwcll, L. Baker, P. Rich, B. Wood, S. Out- hier, S. Bishop, Z. Fln-ming, A. Wil- hile, T. Moore, .I. Bryant, M. Waack, R. Moon, S. Mackey. K. Lynch, D. Cagle, R. Major. SEC- OND ROYV: K. Jones, S. Engel- nnan, W. Wagner, K. Lea, W. .Il1fCY, J. LaCroix, B. Barton, B. Hart, D. Hermeke, B. Buvinger, J. lVIeGhay, C. Williams, J. Brim, D. Baker, R. Richzlrdson. C o a 0 h Winfield. THIRD ROW: P. Carroll, R. De- Fevcr, T. Bentley, L. Williuliis, R. Anthony, NI. Boler, T. Choate, R. Cr-arlioard, G. Graham, M. Moore, P. Cole, C. Hicks, S. Hcndley, B. Stehr, ,I. Cox, Coach Friesian, Coach Duke. BACK ROW: C. Groves, R. Stephan, B. Goddard, M. Arnold, I. Komph, T. Parrish, D. Krahn, W. Scarherry, D. ltlendcnhall, T, Rohinson, R. Field, R. Kelly, S. Goss, B. Hobbs, Coach Niles. Coach Crm-unliaw, Coach Bannister. Lettermen, FCA Foster Sportsmanship I I7ELl..OWSI'II'P OF CHRISTIAN ATHLICTES - FRONT ROW: P. Carroll, C. Buxton, B. Wood, C, Thorpe, I.. Fenity, S. Muoliuy, .I. Caris, IJ. Langwell, C. Stair. SEC- OND ROW: S. Bishop, B. Ambro- sius, B. Robinson, S. Kusmwh, B. Holilms. I.. Williarris lsec.-treasi, T. Bentley lv-pres.D, G. Craham, R. Dolfcver, S. Outhier. THIRD ROW: l'. Cole, C. Hicks, S. Hend- li-y lropj, B. Henderson, K. Jones, M. Shulcr, M. Krupp, S. Ellglflllldll, R. Anthony, .I. Keck. BACK ROW: B. Cocldurd, D. Mendenhall, M. Arnold, O. Paine, D. Krahn, R. Kelley, R. Stephan fpresl, R. lficld, R. Cearlreard, M. Moore. FELLOWSHIP OF CHRISTIAN ATHLETES - FRONT ROYV: .I. Kutx, ,l. Agree, C. lVIcBay, T. Karns, .I. ,Iorclon, C. Brown, K. Domniok, P. Rich, C. Shields, S. Starr, K. I.JHOIiNOl'Ill, R. Richardson. SEC- OND ROWI: L, Jantz, S. Hough, S. Holt, AI. Parrish, C. Wiirtz, KI. Ma- hry, J. Stetnish, D. Seniors, C. Crows, A. Shannon, J. Cook, L. Wilson. THIRD ROW: .I. Brirn, O. Vilillialns, B. Stehr, Z. I'lli'lIlIIlg, A. Slroup, P. Smith, B. Barton, D. Booth, B. Long, T. Moore, C. Vance, Tl Kirby. BACK ROW: A. Wilhite, D. Hcnncke, A. Camp, D. Henncke, K. Lea, I. LaCroix, R. Van Krew- len, C. Davis, T. Parrish, ,l. KOIIIIJII, C. Booth, D. Swiggart, K. Smith. STIONINU SIIHIIUQ' Bishnlfs 1-Imiw uf r0m'1-alimml literature in rhv svluml library. I,l'IlIlf Wfillialus Imvks up frmn hm-1' nuxguzim ndex 139 MEET ME ENID AUTOMOBILE AT DEALERS AssoclATloN CongraTuIaTions To The Senior Class oT '68 ' 0 FINNEGAN AND COLLINS I , ILINCOLN AND MERCURYT I ' o NORTHCUTT CHEVROLET INC. ICHEVROLETI 0 JANZEN OLDSMOBILE CO. IOLDSMOBILEI 0 DAY FORD COMPANY I22 W. Randolph IFORDI 0 BATES-JONES BUICK 234-3424 IBUICK, emo TRUCKS1 0 FIDELITY MOTORS IIMPERIAL, CHRYSLER, PLYMOUTH, VALIANTI I 0 NORTON STUART IPONTIAC and CADILLACI 0 STEVENS VOLKSWAGENS IVOLKSWAGENI Y I 0 FREEMAN EQUIPMENT CO. ' ' ' A MCE PLACE TO IINTERNATIONAL TRUCKSI SHQP - . HuRsT-KuRz-RAMBLER I 0 DEAN PEARSON-DODGE HEY IISENIORSH JusT cause This is a one horse Town clon'T be in a hurry To leave. There's sTill a Tew oaTs around. gi sl EQ , A x4 -.1 '--TEES V IIIIJIIID h. 1 l -r1 z5.., , Q E--L TX wi ,f ' T5 5 'IA " wlvs-1 - --'L 'T T fig:-l 113 '-127' 88 years in The same locaTion Trading wiTh The llplains- men," any Thing Trom curry Combs To elecTronIc equip- menT. VARSITY ROOM VisiT Grayls New VarsiTy Room l:eaTuring young men's CloThing by The leading manu TacTurers oT auThenTic: Ivy League sTyles - such as McGregor SporTswear I-Iiclcolc BelTs Moss Ivy ShirTs RaTrier CloThing BosTonian Shoes I-I.I.S. SporTswear CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Grays women's Tloor proudly shows Teenage, College or Career Tashions by- Aileen SlOorTswear JanTzen Darlene SweaTers PeTTi Vicky Vaughn Susan Thomas CounTry Sei' Claralora Formals The place To go Tor names you lcnow Ill 1 I Q I SIMPSONS LQTESEEEEEEQAI N5 E' RANDOLPH Where every cusTomer is TreaTecl as a guesT 140 ENID BOARD OF TRADE General Ollices Firsl Nalional Bank JOEL O. KOCHER General Manager Come have a coke wilh us. Look over our new Junior slyles KENNEDY'S 522 Wesl Broadway Parking al our back door. Come as you are. Congratulations To the Class of 1968 KEN MARTIN-Class ol I934 GRANT HARRIS-Class ol I943 JACK BOOHER-Class ol I939 KEN MARTIN AGENCY Cherokee Square Phone 237-4l4l The Enid Morning News and The Enid Daily Eagle Published by The Enid Publishing Company MILTON GARBER, Eclilor JOHN W. TAYLOR, Presidenl Good Luck, Seniors SINGER METAL COMPANY NEW PIPE-NEW STEEL Soulh Second and Easl Illinois Congralulalions! Seniors of 1968 .Tun Mn Du hrs' I CLEMENTS Brown Funeral Home Plumbing, Healing, Air Condilioning GERALD L. BROWN Q Conlracling Q Plumbing Fixlures GERALD L, BROWN, JR, Q Repairing Q Healing Equipmenl Phone Q Air Condilioning 4:3 E. MAINE PHoNE 237-I700 2376432 SIMMONS HIGH SCHOOL GROCERY 624 Wesl Wabash Slreel Q School Supplies Q Groceries Q Candies Q Meals Simmons lor Service Phone 237-0350 141 Complimenls ol Spic Sz Span Cleaners 224 Kenwood Blvd. Les Wallers, Owner 237-2800 MORRIS Barnes Agency, Inc. "COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE" THRIF - T - WISE Jim Barnes AI Woods We give S 8: H Green Sfamps 5I8 W. Broadway I909 Lahoma Road Phone 237-0853 Enid, Oklahoma 1 BEETCH s BEAUTY CULLEGE Cong,a,u,a,,onS PIVOT POI Q49 49 SPECIALIZED TRAINING IN ALL Seniors of ,968 El 3 PHASES OF BEAUTY CULTURE DC I 8 8 Nexf door fo Bdwy Tower D 4 I- I20 Easf Broadway DIAL 237-4465 Be-Her By Far CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS DAVIS PAINT STORE "DAVIS PAINTS" Top QuaIi+y Since I92I Serves You Beffer-Saves You More WaIIPaPer GITT5 AVI' SUPPIIGS Be'H'er CIo'I'hing for 'I'he Enfire FamiIy I I8 E. Randolph ENID, OKLAHOMA SENIORS, for the best in . . . Office Supplies . . . Founfain Pens . . . Books of AII Kinds . . . Bibles STUBDEVANT Sheef Mefal and Roofing Company, Inc. Roofing for every purpose Sheefmefal work VISIT Heafing and Air Condifioning InsuIaI'ion 9 S 2I8 E. Elm Phone 237-I36 2I4 Norfh Independence 237-I2I2 In Enid Irs PIZZ3 Inn Carry Ouf or Eaf In fhe Fashion Sfore EAST SIDE OF SQUARE 141 42I SOUTH VAN BUREN 237-7708 Enid, Oklahoma Order By Phone For Fasfer Service Henninger-Allen Funeral Home Jus+ Good Food PHONE 237-3033 903 Wesf Markef Enid, Oklahoma VAN'S PLAZA DRIVE-IN FOR FINE DIAMONDS AND STERLING SILVER Enid Typewriter Company A ' A J. E. FOGLESONG JESS WALES, JR. X TY' I f, HOWARD OOOHRAN DON WENTWORTH I If W , , ALL MAKES OF TYPEWRITERS DlAM'O6D SHOP . Wa+ch and Jewelry Repairing Convenienf Terms Sold on Terms wifh Low Mon+hIy Paymen+s New Por+abIe Typewrifers of All Malces Special Ren'I'aI RaI'es +o S+uden+s 905 W' Maine Free Parking 237-0992 Phone 237-2882 2I0 W. Broadway CRD I-53,35 . A a 'Q I if .I y i IIISTIIIBUTIIIII ca. ' FeaTuring F' MORTON POTATO CHIPS 7I8 N. Grand ENID, OKLA. 234-4397 Congra'ruIa+ions Seniors MIDWAY CLEANERS PHONE 237-5973 II2-II4 NORTH IITH STREET FREE DELIVERY SCHULER FRUIT CDMPIINY DiSTribuTOrs Fresh Fruifs and Vegefables Frozen Foods and Groceries PHONE 237-5I4I 7. s Enid's Only Exclusive SPORTING GUIIDS STORE, Inc. Sporiing goods is our business Zaloudek Implement Go. MRS. J. A. ZALOUDEK 81 SONS BRIDGESTONE CYCLES GUNS-FISHING TACKLE BOATS-MOTORS-WATER SKIIS TWO-WAY CB RADIOS R d I h 237-2II5 no'r a side-line 223 W- an 0 P I Courl' Loomis, Joe Glasser, Richard DeFever, Mary Helen Wells, and Judy Eel: seem preH'y glad lhey 'roolc +l1e coke machine's advice. 37 "Therc's nothing like a foca,-COKCL! GHAMPLIN aHANlPLlN It 3 I Psrnotsurvi rztlmwwv X- A-.-F-,Mn Af v..ffm-iffy mm Finding new sources of crude. Applying research to develop hundreds of petroleum products. Producing exactingly formulated fuels and lubricants in one of the world's most advanced refineries. Building new customers and adding new markets with a move-ahead marketing philosophy. lf yourjob is to make things move, Champlin is your kind of company. 144 .,f.-:-:-:f:':f.f::f:"'3I. ve 11 I V:-.-V Congratulations A-'- 7 gil, ,A-.' .V,q, ,::, . ,1:,Z 2 fo fhe Class of 1968 Sales Service Renfals Vicfor Royal Business Machines Typewrifers 8: C LOT l"l.l E. Fl S lkwllilll lHllllmdBLld'lBvlIMWlVlll0P9lWl"4V" Q . . WI NZlCK CO 1 -: S A LE T OFFICE M,q,cH-lNE- co. 2 Norlh Side Square Enid, Okla. 23PAlW-3932 20I5 Lahoma Road Enid, Oklahoma FOR THE ENlD HIGH SCHOOL ANNUAL BEST WISHES To The I968 Class The Enid Business College is Olclahoma's oldesf l73rd yearl and largesf business school, wifh over 20,000 grad- uafes. Many EHS graduafes affend fhe Enid Business Cole lege every year and go ouf fo successful, profifable bus- iness careers. Our courses are nafionally approved in fhe secrefarial, accounfing, and clerical fields. Teachers falce a personal inferesf in every sfudenf and his success. The college rnainfains fine machines and equipmenf for sfudenfs fo worlc wifh. When a sfudenf finishes a course af EBC, fhe college helps him find a desirable posifion. If you are inferesfed in a business career for yourself, we invife you fo visif fhe Enid Business College, fo see fhe school and fo falls over your plans. ENID BUSINESS COLLEGE 2l5 Norfh Grand J. E. George, Jr. 237-5929 Presidenf Now! Pepsi-Cola in Illo-Deposit Bottles! , i'lllEWll!buiQs, TAKE HOME AN EXTRA CARTON .ND SAVEI Congratulations Seniors . . an a . exciting educational opportunity awaits you at plwillips R u n lverslty MEET YOUR on FRIENDS IN THE ALWAYS FIRST QQUALITY CAFETERIA CONGRATULATES THE '68 PRINTING OFFICE SUPPLIES CROMWELLS' . . C . I23 W. Maine Phone 34 1 C NN o 1 L IO8 W. Randolph 234-8l4l Northside fTh S C I OH PI S EdF 49Y l 4 6 ADVANCE MEAT COMPANY Cummins 223 Eas+ Monroe Construction WE ARE PLEASED Company TO SERVE Inc. THE ENID HIGH SCHOOL P. O. Box 784 CAFETERIA ENID, OKLAHOMA 2 I 5 E. Pine E M R I C K I S Keep in Tune wifli The Time- FOR THE BEST IN- RILEY ATKINSON Local Moving Craiing Long Disfance Hauling Sforage Packing Pool-Cars JEWELERS Warehousing Wafches Diamonds Jewelry E M R I C K ' S Enid's Only Ceriified Waichmaker Agen+s'Allled van Lines' Inc' Be'H'er Service for Your Wafch E M R I C K ' S 203 Wesi Randolph o Phone 237-5050 234-5736 20I Easf Elm WD' OKLAHOMA Cole-Haan Gani A w Puriian London Fog Q Corbin H.l.s. 99 C DRIVE-IN , Xl . , A j Good Drinks and Fine Food S 16,04 Soulh "for young men Of all ages" Van Buren 14 EAST SIDE OF SQUARE My TaTher, Gene McConkay, in I9IO made The TirsT picTures Tor The QUILL Annual. Through These 58 years, Enid High has puT ouT an annual excepT one year during The depression, buT The McConkays sTiII 'made The phoTographs Tor ThaT year so The senior picTures could be hung in The hall. The pasT 40 years I have been The phoTographer Tor Enid I-Iigh School, alThough iT seems only a shorT Time. BuT looking back Through some oT These QUILL Annua's I re- member making picTures wiTh an 8 x IO camera using Tlash powder. I used To smoke up a loT oT rooms Through The building wiTh open Tlash. Now beTTer eguipmenT enables me To work TasTer. In These IasT 40 years, I have been knocked down aT TooTbaIl games, Tackled, had Two ca'mera's broken, and Two ribs cracked: buT wiTh The nexT game I would be ready Tor more. NeiTher rain nor cold would make me miss a game aT home. I have enjoyed working wiTh This new generaTion, wiTh The Teachers ThaT have been here Tor many years and Those iusT sTarTing. I wanT To express my sincere Thanks To Mr. Mauk and his oTTice sTaTT, JaneTTe Norman, TacuITy and members oT school body, Tor Time and paTience puTTing up wiTh -me. ANOTHER YEAR ANOTHER OUILL ANNUAL Dick McC0nka FRIEND AND FOLLOWER OF ENID HIGH SCHOOL GOLD SPOT Ice Cream hiTs The spoT afTer a hard work-ouT on The baskeTbaII courf. SeaTed are David Mendenhall, Tim WrighT, Tim Waack, David Henneke, Larry Hughes, Coach Eby, STu Hough, Ronnie Cordell, Doug Krahn, Jerry Kemph, Coach Niles, Mike Perks, MaTT Waaclr, Billy Robinson, Ronnie Krey, Chuck Groves, and Bobby Payne. 148 I705 Soufh Van Bur BUY YOUR Zgpjljjb SCHOOL SUPPLIES FROM THE ACTIVITY OFFICE I MIDRIFSS BEST WISHES T Congratulations FROM Seniors of 1963 "WHERE YOU ALWAYS BUT THE BEST FUR LESS" GIBSON'S , R S EWIVIAN'S CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS NAME BRAND CLOTHES FOR BOYS AND GIRLS 237-43 79 :.1 I' E A ISA F R gg Toni Bandy and Terry Benfley can'+ gel' enough of Peerless S N B Ice Cream. SECURITY NATIONAL BANK "Your Friendly I-lome Bank" ENlD.OKLAHOMA Continue Your Education I at ST. MARY'S HUSPITAL a+ 305 SouTh FIITIT SIreeT Enid, Oklahoma dedicafed 'Io communiiy service in NURSING Direcforz Marqueriie Lamberi, R,N., B.S. 27 mon+h sfafe accrediied proqram Iinciudinq colieqe coursesl Member Aqency: Naiionai League of Nursinq Afiiliafed wiTh Phillips Universiiy Coiieqe aimosphere and aciiviiies Colieqe crediis 30-32 hours required Nursinq courses fauqhf ai' hospifai Psychiafric affiliaiion Eiiqibie fo Take evaminaiion Tor R.N. Ciasses beqin in Sepiember NO RESTRICTIONS as To sex race creed, or mariiai sI'aIus in MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY Direcforz C. E. Baker, MD. I year residenf proqram Can earn a B.S. in Medical Technology Ciasses siarf February, July, and Sepiember AccrediTed by American Socieiy of CIinicaI Paihoioqisis in X-RAY TECHNOLOGY Ifirecior: L. F. Shryocic, M.D. 24 monfh residen+ Iraininq proqram Classes beqin in Sepfember Accrediied by American Radioioqicai Socieiy I Au. umrs Q DISTATLTIED iz ii -"' 24 HR I 615 OIL FIELD 51. 42 SERVICE - Igivg, fp TRUCKING iii IYEISI ,f ' ff? Iiiiii 3-I gl 3 Inj. Ia f :I " - --.lQ,,,,, If: '.4-. -1, VACUUM 3. TANK TRUCKS -Af TRANsPoRTs if CII. FIELD HAULINC-5 ,IP PRAC TANKS ,If PLASTIC PIT LINERS -If IRRIGATION PUMP RENTAL Phone 234-7666 Ray I. Jones Service Co. 27I0 Soufh Van Buren 150 keeps you on the ball K, Nothing does It I like Seven Up I Serving 'rhe People of Oklahoma WIII1 EVERYTHING IN MUSIC FOR OVER 40 YEARS H0klah0ma 'S Complete Music Store " GIENOWETHQGREEE ENID, OKLAHOMA ueen Anne- TO THE MEMBERS OF THE GRADUATING CLASS OF ENID HIGH SCHOOL: NHAPPY LANDING" .A VVFIBDD WESTINGIIUUSE AIR BRAKE COMPANY DRILLING EIIUIPMENT DIVISIUN r.o.uox an o ENID,OKLAHOMA 73701 e u.s.A. 151 .::1::' 21.11 1 ::::E 1:1 . . 1 PU" UP R LGT us +-all you where To go, To furnish a home. When ecIuca'Iion's com pIeI'ed, A nice place To be seafed You'll wa nl, when you cease ,g l i - .gjl " ', jifi i '11"' ?ffi22i2i2igf1EgQi:-A +o roam. ,I Bu'r don'I' si'r and wail' Nor hesiI'aI'e, Le'r LOOMIS furnish your home C. E. LOOMIS FURNITURE I29-3I Easl' Broadway Dick Mathes Typewriter Company Aufhorized Dealer for Smi'I'h Corona Elecfric 8: Manual Office and Por'I'aIoIe Typewrifers AII makes of used machines Sales - - - Service - - - Rentals Special rafes To SI'uden'Is TERMS II7 Nor+h Washingfon ENID Phone 237-3705 reggae cfwluergig INSURANCE M Q EOR EVERY NEED C 0 H P ll ll Y i Including FIRE Also: Te- -pf TORNADO if REAL ESTATE 5 U R E 1' Y B 0 N D 5 if CASUALTY f REAL ESTATE LOANS i AUTOMOBILE f ABSTRACTS OF TITLE f PLATE GLASS if SURETY BONDS -,if INSURANCE Phon- 234-5454 and LIFE INSURANCE -k BONDS -A' LOANS Harry P. Frantz Agency ii I-IARRY P. FRANTZ if REAL ESTATE ROBERT S. ERANTZ HARRY P. ERANTZ, JR. ALL E.I-I.S. ALUMNI 222 Wes+ Broadway, Enid, Olcla. 220 W. Broadway Phone 237-43I4 WE SALUTE ENID HIGH SCHOOL Tor iTs academic accomplishmerns. II has provided The vounq people of Enid wilh cuITuraI surroundinqs Thaf have been a qreaT Iaclor in buildinq our communify. We are proud To be idenhlied wilh a ciTy Thaf has provided such wonderful educafional insTITuIions. BesT wishes ' Tor your conlinued progress and success. 5an urda5 -unlsle DRIVE IN DR G COMPA Y 1 CLEANERS STORE NO. I IOO N, INDEP. PI-IONE 234-2244 STORE NO. 2 523 S. MONROE PHONE 234-8636 STORE NO. 4 I925 LAI-IOIVIA RD. PHONE 237-53I3 ' , 2 STORE NO. 5 I734 S. VAN BUREN PHONE 234-56I5 W. Main 4 CLINIC PI-IARMACY 6I7 S. OUINCY PI-IONE 237-I6II G. F. WACKER STORES 5c To 55.00 Merchandise WesTga'Ie Shopping Cenfer Cleveland and Lahoma Road UNITED SUPER MARKET Fresh Fruil' and Vege'rabIes We Give Green SI'amps Cleveland and Lahoma Road Enid, Oklahoma A Abbott, Danny, 81 Abbott, Doug. 31 Abercrombie, Lana, 44, 74, 84 Abernathy, Ronnie, 70 Abshier, Avery, 76 Ackerman, Kathy, 36. 70 Index Barton, Dennis. 35, 81 Barton, Diana, 40, 41, 56 Barton. Joyce. 70. 89 1 Barton. Wayne. 28, 34. 36. 46, 56, 91 Batchelder, Sharon, 76, 89 Battin, Janet, 70 Bauer, Ken, 38, 56 Baxter, Bayless. Dana. 44. 70 Miss Kathryn, 20. 92. 109 A , L' d . 76 Acdgiis, 1ifBs:Mary Evelyn, 20, 23 Adams, Pete. 33. 70 Adamson, Bill, 76 Adamson, Bob, 48. 56 Agamson, Jlerry, 706 A amson, essle, Q Adelxnan, Carolyn, 25, 26, 41, 56, 841 86, 92, 93, 94 Adclman. Hal, 30, 89, 92. 136 Agee, Jim, 33. 76, 86. 133. 138 Agee, Krista, 30, 48. 84, 92, 93, 94 Ainsworth, Dixie, 32, 76, 86 Akers, John, 81 Alford, Greg. 76 Allen, David, 75 Allen, Janie, 70. 35, 87, 92 Allen, Joanette. 35 Allen. Kathy, 35. 88 Allen, Kathy, 81, 84 Allen, Larry. 76 Allen, Mary Lou, 44, 70, 85 Allen, Roy, 76 V I Allison. Debbie, 70. 84. 86. 87, 92 Ambrosius. Bill, 24. 27, 28, 46, 48, 56. 98. 138 . Ames. Mr. Eldon W.. 20. 44 Anderson. Carol, 44. 84 Anderson. Ginger. 26. 41, 45, 46, 49, 53, 54, 56, 84, 92. 101 Anders on, Larry, 76 A derson Rita 35. 75, 87 Binford. Roger. 3. 38. 4-4. 56 n . . Anderson, Stephanie. 41, 56 Anthony, Robert, 56. 120. 138 Anthony. Susan, 74, 90 Apel. Mike, 70 Arnold. Diana, 40. 41, 56 Arnold. Helen. 56 Arnold, Jean, 27, 28, 41, 46, 56, 84, 87 Arnold, Mike. 11, 28, 46, 56, 88, 95. 120. 133, 138 - Arnold. Pat, 6. 32. 47. 48. 49. 76. 83 Arnold. Penny. 34. 36. 41. 56 Bundy. Arnold. Sherri. 29. 46. 70. 84. 86 Arrington. Lavada. 31, 33, 86 Asbell. Steve. 46, 70 Ash. David, '81 Asplun cl, Al. 44. 48, 70 Atkinson, Hal. 56 Atkinson. Karen. 32. 44. 76. 85. 89 Atkinson. Sherry. 70. 84. 89 Atwood, Marv. 31, 41. 46. 84 Biirrhtield. Brian. 70 Austin. Debbie 76, 85 Badzinski. Terry. 30, 46. 70. 86 Autin, Autry. Floyd. 70 Mr. O. T., 16 Axe, David , 76 B Bainter, Luann, 91 Baker, Bob, 70 Baker, Carol. 70. 84 Baker, Cherry. 35. 39. 75. 87 Baker, Connie. 34. 81 Baker. Dennis. 75, 113. 122. 138 Baker, Eddie. 56 Baker. Franklin. 35, 36. 46. 75 Baker, Lindy. 56 Baker, Lynn, 76. 122. 125, 138 Baker, Nancy. 31. 98 Baker, Rebecca. 27, 76 Balden . Mark. 76 C . Peggy. 32, 77, 85 Baldwin. Kathy. 32, 76 Ball. Patricia. 76 Ballard, Connie, 26, 40, 56 Ballard. David, 44 Ballard. Teresa. 76. 85 Bandy, Tim. 34, 81 Bandy. Toni. 26. 35. 37. 53. 56 Banister. Mr. Bob. 20, 110, 138 Banister. leff, 101 Barlow, Cheryl. 70. 84 Barnard. Jim. 32. 76 Barnard. Judie. 56 Barnes, Brian, 56 Danny, 56 Kathy, 76, 85 Patty. 44, 70. 84 Barnes. Barnes, Barnes. Beachboard. Brian, 34. 75 Beadle, Miss Anita Kay, 20 Beard. Jeanne. 29. 31. 33. 41. 46, 56 84. 86, 87. 92, 93. 94, 97. 100 Beard, Len. 56. 86, 88, 95. 96, 103 Beard, Mitch, 70 Beardslee. Mrs. Wanda, 20 Beasley, Vicki, 70 Beattie. ltflary. 76 Beattie, Wanda. 76 Beaver. Larry. 56 Beck. Roger, 70 Becker, Doug, 40. 56 Becker, John. 28. 56 Beckham, Mike. 86 Beckham, Tim, 76 Beebe, NeNellc. 32. 76, 85 Beers, Bill, 35, 75, 86 Beets. Darlene. 70, 85 Belcher, Kenneth. 76 Beliele. Kelvin. 29, 39, 46, 70, 87 Bell, Ann. 76. 88 Bell. Opal 76 Benetiel Leeann, 44, 56, 84 Benell, Rex, 40 Benge. Jay. 40. 56 Bennet. C'Anne. 36. 70 Befpnet, Jeannine, 30, 33, 56, 86, 92. 7 Bennett, Thomas, 81 Bentley, Charles. 38. 40. 56 Bentley, Terry, 27, 28, 46, 48, 49, 51, 56. 120. 138 Benton. Beverly. 36. 76, 85. 89 Bergdall, Terry. 29. 41. 46. 48. 88 Bergdall. Tom. 27.'47. 48,' 70. 86, 92 Berry. Judy. 34, 81, 86 Berry. Mr Zorns D., 20 Best, Barbara. 70 Best. Joyce, 56. 91 Beyer. Melvin, 27. 29. 70 Billings. Kathy. 29. 34, 46. 75. 87. 92 Bingham. Belle. 39, 46, 56, 86. 87, 92. 93. 97. 103 Biggham, Bobbi, 27, 39, 46, 70. 87, Bingham, Wayne, 81 Birt. Roy. 75 Bischoff. Dorothy. 76 Bishline. Bruce. 76. 126 Bishop. Jerry. 70, 91 Bishop. Sam. 28. 46, 47, 48, 49, 51 57. 92. 120. 138. 139 Bittle, Charles. 34. 75 Bittle, Rick. 11. 34. 86 Bixler. Maribeth, 40. 57, 86 Blackledge. Bruce. 70 Blackledge. Kent. 57 Blackwell. John. 70 Blair. Billy. 76 Blair. Sandy, 5. 7. 57. 91 Bland, Dana. 70. 84. 92. 93 Blaney. Sheryl. 44, 76, 85 Bliss. Dennis. 76 Bloom, liflrs. LaNora. 20 Bloss. Shirley. 70 Blosser. Glenda. 76 Blubaugh. Dennis. 76 Bocox. Robert. 10. 34, 75 Boepple. Carol. 57 Boler, ltlark. 57. 90, 136, 138 Bond, Jerry. 76 Bonge. Marc. 26, 29. 46, 57. 106 Bonnett. Paula. 76. 85 70. 122. 138 , Booth. Curtis. 48. Danny. 49. 76, 92. 111, 126 Bowen, Marquita. 76. 85 Bowers. lohn, 29. 57, 59, 67, 86, 92, 104. 106 Bowers. Julie, 32, 48, 76. 85. 87. 92 Bowers. Richard. 36. 39. 70. 86 Bowles. lim. 81 Btavages, ltflari, 26, 57. 84. 86. 100, Bowles. Sandra, 70 Bowles. Vera. 76 Boydston. Lynda, 70 Boyington. Cindy. 32. 70 Barnes. Susan, 32. 76, 85 Barnett, Irene. 70 Barnett. Susan, 44. 70. 84. 89 Barney, Wayne. 56 Bartlett. Mr. Dewey, 16 Barton , Bruce, 37, 48, 70, 137, 133 Boyle. Randy, 76. 127 Bracher. Ga . 28 46. 57 136 . YY - , Bradley, Cindy, 76, 85 Bradley. Vicki. 85 Brakhage, Cathy, 76, 87, 89, 90 I Brakhage, Connie, 40, 57. 86. 110 115 Branch. Jennifer, 70, 84, 89 Brandt. Benjie. 57 Branham. Willis, 38, 44, 7 Bray. Mike, 76 Breihan, Janice, 70, 84 Breitenkamp, Donna, 70 Breitenkamp, Ginger, 26, 100 Breitenkamp. Randy, 76 Brewer. Patricia, 70, 84 Bridgman. Edward, 30. 57 Bridwell. Virginia, 30, 70, Briggs, Janice, 76, 85 Bright, Ray, 41, 57. 109 0 40, 57, 92 Brim, Jon, 10. 30. 70, 92, 93, 1C8 111, 122, 135, 138 Brintnall. Doug. 70. 75 Britton, Mike, 4, 81 Brockman. Donna, 70. 84 Brooks Donna. 41, 44. 46, 57 Brooks: Monte, 40, 70 Brooks, Steven, 76 Brooks. Suanne. 32. 76. 85 Brooks, 86 Brown Brown, Brown , , Terry, 31, 46, 49, 50, 57, Becky. 26, 41. 57, 84 Dorothy, 40. 70 Gary. 76. 127. 138 Brown, James, 70. 126 Brown, Jerry, 40. 70 Brown. Kathy. 70. 84 Brown. Pam, 32, 76. 85, 87 Brown. Rebecca. 57 Brown. Robert. 34. 46, 70 Brown, Robert. 81 Brown Mr. Vance. 20. 41 Brown ng. Terry. 46. 57. 111 Brueggeman. Ron. 27 28 35 46. 57 Brune. Caroline, 28. 57. 84. 86. 89, 92. 100, 108 Bryant. Joe, 12, 57. 86, 121. 125, 137. 138, 140 Bryant. Dr. Joe. 17 Buchanan. Barbara. 76 Buckles. Jack, 41, 57 86 Buckles. Jerry. 26. 57 111, 112 Buckminster. Jerry, 70 Buffalo. Fred. 70 Bugalo. Paula. 76 Bules. David. 26. 40. 57. 8 Bullard, Donna, 70 6 Buller. Beverly, 12, 41, 57, 86 Buller, David. 81 Buller. Kathv. 70. 84 Bunch. Frank. 57. 86. 110 Bundy. Darrell. 57 Flo d 76 Campbell, John, 57 Campbell, Wayne. 27, 36, 48, 71. 89 Cantellay. Joe, 71 Canter. Terry. 5, 26. 57 Carel, Carol Ann, 76 Carey. Dr. Milburn, 17 Carmichael, Countess, 30, 71, 85 Carnell. Joe. 71 Carpenter, Rhonda. 48. 71 Carr. Roger. 32. 76. 127 Carris. Jackie. 76 Carroll, Pat. 26, 46, 48, 51, 57, 67. 120, 136, 138 Carroll, Ray, 76 Carson, Mike, 77 Carson, Robert. 76 Carson. Steve. 71 Casey, Greg, 28. 46. 57, 136 Casper, Kent. 27. 71 Castor, Denise. 77. 85 Cavanaugh, Jim. 76 Cavanaugh. Sharon. 46, 71, 84, 87, 92 Caviness, Patty. 44. 71 Cearley. Iona, 35. 81 Cecil. Norman. 71. 86 Ch""1bers, Dana. 32. 41. 57. 81-. 90. 100 Chambers. Sally, 36 48. 77. 85 Chance, Charles. 35. 57. 136 Chance. Kathy. 35. 70, 75 Chapman. Eddie. 77 Chapman, Jim. 40. 57 Chapman. Mary. 32. 77 Chapman. Sharon. 32, 54. 84. 87 Chastain, Mike. 77 Chattam. Jerri, 70. 71 Cheadle. Larry. 77 Chenoweth. Eddie. 30. 58 Chester, Lance. 35. 81 Chitwood. Debbie. 32, 48. 77 85 Choat. Cecelia. 77 Choate. Connie. 58 Choate. Kathy. 28. 46. 58. 84 Choate. Tim. 41. 133. 134. 138 Choate William Brad. 34, 81 Chodrick. Charles. 71 Chodrick, George. 58 Chodrick. Ray. 75 Chodrick, Teresa. 46. 58 Chrisnian. Terry. 38. 58 Christal Mrs. Carolyn, 20. 24 Christal. Mr. Jimmie. 20 Christensen. Ronnie. 36. 46. 75 Christmas, John. 58 Christopher, Martha. 76. 85 Ciarla, Cheryl. 76. 89 Ciarla. Waynetta. 29, 32. 71. 85. 87 Cisco. Sandi. 71 Cisneros. Delores. 71 Bugnardt, Gary, 31. 41. 48. 50. 57. s Citta. Guylene. 71 Citta. Robert. 76 Burdg. Velda. 46. 70 Burdick. Lorene. 36. 70. 84 Burdick. Mike. 39 Burdine, Burgess. James. 70 Burgess. Jimmy. 86. 92 Burgess. Sherry 81 Burgess. Rilev. 57. 86. 91. 114 Burghardt. Cary. 70. 87 Ramona 57. 86. 87. 89, 178 Clark. Alan, 58 Clark, Mr, Albert 20 Clar Bruce. 33, 76 k. Clark. Carol, 77. 85. 87 Clark Jackie. 3. 36. 77 85 Clausing. Mr. John, 20 Cleek. Lannv, 76 Cleveland, Teresa. 32. 77. 85 Cline. Deanna. 34. 81 Cline. Jean. 34. 81 89 Burns. Eula Mae. 32. 57, 84. 86 Burno. Jolayne 85 86 Burton. lean, 32. 39, 70 Busch. Dale. 70 Bush, Aaron 57, 135 Bush. Bill, 70 Bushner. Cindy. 32, 76. 85 Butler. Gail 76 Butler. Vicki. 34, 36, 81. 87 Butts. Greg, 57 Butts. Melinda. 70, 85. 90 Buvinqer. Bill. 35. 81. 136. 138 Buvinger. Mrs. Margaret. 17 Buxton. Grant 28. 57. 92. 136. 138 Buxton. Lee. 32. 48. 76 Buzzitta, Cesare, 34, 81 Clodfelter, Marv. 32. 85. 87 Clouse. Leota. 71 Clover. Debbie, 44. 77, 85, 87 Clover. Donald, 58 Clover. Wanda. 77 Corhran. Mr. Ira. 20 Cnhlmi a. Harrv. 76 Cole. Evelyn. 35. 36. 81. 89 Cole. Franki. 74 Cole. Paul, 28. 58. 133, 134. 138 Colegrave. John, 71 Coleman. Karen. 58 Coleman. Larry. 77 Coleman. Tom. 81 Collett. Collier David. 77 Mr. Harley, 20 Collinsi Jimmy. 58 Collins Collins Collins , Judy, 32. 48. 76. 85 Cagle. Cagle, Charles. 36, 76 Dan, 36. 76. 134. 138 Cagle. David. 40, 57 Cagle. Rose. 76 Cain, Debbie. 57. 91 Cain, Cain, S Caldwe Frank. 40, 44, 57 ue, 71 ll. Larrv. 35 81 Camp. Alan. 71, 122. 133, 138 Campbell. Barbara, 57 Campbell. Bill. 81 Campbell. Donna. 46. 71. 87 89 Campbell. Dwayne. 32. 76, 127 Campbell. Mrs. Edna, 20 Campbell, Janice, 76 53 , Phil, 76 Combs. Mrs Anna. 20. 91 Compton. Debbie. 35. 81 Comstock. Vicki. 77. 85 Congdon, Harrv. 76, 127. 128 Congdon, Linda, 29, 30, 41, 46, 48 58. 84 Conley, Bobbie. 78 Conlon, John. 25. 26, 41. 58 Conrad. Cathy. 71. 85 Constant. Chris. 44. 71 Cook. Jeri. 77. 127. 138 Coolidge. Laura. 77. 85 Cooper, Becky. 46. 58 84, 87 Cooper, Tim. 33. 40. 58, 70 Copeland, Gail, 35, 81 Linda, 77 C0 eland, Tim, 35, 78 Cogdell, Ronnie, 46, '71. 128. 135 Corley, Connie, 46, 58, 83, 89 Corn, Sharon, 32, 39, 71 Cowart, Walt, 71 - Cowen, Carla, 77. 83 Cowley, Mike, 76 Cox, Barbara, 77, 85 Cox, Gary, 58 Cox, Jim, 71, 127, 133 Cox, Linda, 40, 41, 46, 58, 84 Cox, Robert, 58 Cozart, Mrs. Dorothy, 20, 87 Crabb, Dale, 40, 58 Crabb, Dennis, 76 Crabb, Karen, 77, 85 Craig. Charlie, 76 Craig, Gc0H'rey, 27, 28, 29, 39, 46, 58, 86, as, 89 Craig, Mary, 58, 84 Crawford, Jerry, 77, 127 Crawford, Jimmy, 40, 58 Crawford, Kathy, 41, 46, 53, 39 Crawford, Steve, 71 Crawford, Tommy. 40, 58 Crecl, Ruth, 44, 71 Crews, Bobby. 75 - Crider, Cynthia, 71, 83 Crissup, Gary, 77 Crook, Debbie, 77, 85 - Cropper, Nancy, 3, 26, 33, 41, 58 Cropper, Wayne, Jr, 38 Cross, Donnie, 77 Cross, Irella, 32, 77 Cross, Patsy, 71, 84. 87 Cross, Terry. 40, 58 C row 1m 58 , J' . Crowley, Judy, 45. 58 Cruth, Darlene, 71 Cruth, Kenneth, 75 Cummings, Bob, 48, 71 Cummings, jo Ellen, 71 Cunningham, Cathy, 77, 85 Cunningham, Georgia, 77 Cunningham, John, 75 Cunningham, Patty. 77, 85 Curths, Tom, 76, 136 Curtis. Denise, 77 - Cushing, Mary. 28. 31, 33, 43, 46, 51. 54, 58, 84, 94 - Cutbirth. Jacque, 32. 77, 89 - Cuthbertson, Janet, 32, 76, 83 D Daily, Douglas, Jr., 35, 33, 55, 87, 110 Dalke, Connie, 35, 75 Dalton, Lloyd, 71 Damon, Sandra, 26, 40, 58, 87 Damon, Stephen, 76 Danahey. Thomas, 71 Daniel, Lenard, 71 Daniels, Denise, 76, 85, 87 Daniels Johnny, 81 Daniels Lcc Ann, 77, 85 Daniels Len, 77 Daniels, Marsha, 71 Daniels, Phyllis, 71 Darnell, Dautenhahn, Vernon, 71, 91 David, Rita. 84 Davidson, Jonah. 58 Davies, Frank, 77 Davies, Joann, 38. 46, 49, 58, 84. 92 Davis, Charlie, 40, 58 Davis, Clayton Dean, 30, 71 Davis, Duane, 81 Davis, Gene, 91 Davis, George, 67, 77, 85, 127, 138 Davis, James, 71, 137 Davis, Jane, 29, 32, 58, 84, 92. 93 Davis, Melinda, 58, 84 Davis, Pam, 32, 44, 77 Davis, Pat, 71 Davis Rita, 71 Davis, Suzanne, 71. 84 Davis, Trudy, 75, 85 Davis, Walter, 71 Dawes. Joyce, 71, 84 Day, Bruce, 40 Day, Deborah. 32. 77 Day, Iwlikc, 48, 71 DeBoard, Barbara, 77 DeBoard. Marilyn. 71 Deck, Cheryl, 48. 77, 85 DeFever, Richard Jr,, 4-4, 58, 120, 124, 138 DeFever, Mr. Richard, 124 DeFue, Mark, 29, 77, 127 Deitz, Melvin, 71 Dell, Phillip, 77 Dell, Warren Jr, 41. 58 Denton, Greg Jr., 26. 44, 58 Denton, Helen, 71, 85 DeRoin, Elray, 58 DeRoin, Michele, 44, 77. 85 Deterlnan, Rhonda., 45, 71, 84 Devers, Karen, 30. 37, 41, 46, 58, 90 Dickerson, Brad, 35, 81 Dickerson, Doug, 36, 77 Dickerson, Shirley, 40, 53. 71, 112 Dickey, Greg, 46, 71, 86, 88, 89, 92 Dickey, Max, 74. 75 Dickson, Gila, 74, 75 Diener, Brenda, 32. 71, 84. 87 Diener, Dennis, 77 Dierlcsen, Shirley. 31, 45, 58. 84 Dieterle, Jean, 71 Dillon. Marilyn, 26, 27, 29, 44, 48. 58, 84. 92 Dirks, Marcia, 46, 71, 84 Dittmeyer, Carol, 32, 41, 58. 81 Dixon, Ella Mac, 75, 85 Dixon, Jimmy, 58 Dodd, Carolyn, 71 Dodds, Fred, 59 Dodds, Gary, 71 Dodds, JoAnn, 32, 46. 71, 81- Domnick, Kim, 33, 77. 92. 127. 138 Dougherty, Daphne. 36. 39. 71 Drbrigherty, Holly, 41, 46, 53. 811-, 39, Dougherty. Malinda. 27, 34, 81, 89 Douglas, Dennis, 77 Douglass, Willis, 27, 28, 29, 45, 59, 89, 95 Dow, Kenneth, 77 Drage, Elizabeth, 32, 41, 59 Driskell, Gary, 77 Druiett, Terri, 59 Druiett, Vicki. 32. 77, 85. 87 Drum, Louis, 33, 71 Duckett, Mr, Harold. 20. 111 Duckworth, Kent. 77. 127, 138 Dudley, Joseph. 77 Duffy, Cindy. 71. 84 Duffy, Dennis. 71 Duffy, Janet, 35, 36. 75 DuHy, Nicki, 59. 84 Duggan. John. 71 Duke, Mr. Alvin, 20. 110. 122. 138 Duke, Gary, 81 Dunbar, David. 71 Dunbar, Kenneth. 77. 134 Dunlap. Larita, 71. 84 Durand, Steve, 77 Durzan, Rosemary. 32. 77, 85, 87 Durham, Carol, 35 75, 87 Durham, Mark, 77 Durheim Nlike, 35. 75 Durrance. Sue, 71 Duryea, Charlrs. 34. 81 Duryea. Christie. 35. 59. 92. 109 Dusbahek, Alan, 77 Dye, .lohn, 77 Dye. Monte, ll E Easley, Doug. 71 Easley. Roy. 34, 81 Easterly, Billy. 77 Easterly. Susan. 41, 46. 59 Eaton. Craig, 71 Ebv. Mr. Dusty. 21. 110 Eck, Judy, 46. 59, 84. 92 Ecker, Don. 71 Eddington. Sherry. 3 26. 59. 84 S7 Ediger. Gerald, 29, 35. 46. 75, 86 Edwards, Frances. 71 Edwards. lanis, 34. 31 Edwards, Ralph. 77 Eggleston. Gwcnda. 41. 59 E-zzlestnn, Verlc. 71 Ehlers, Brenda. 71 Eisele. Gary. 77 Eldred, Patti. 71. 84 Elliott. Dan, 32, 77, 127, 133 Ellis, Mike. 77 Elson. Ila, 36, 77 85. 87 Erfgman, Steve, 38, 41, 59. 90, 133. English, Beverly. 32, 77, 85 English. James, 77 Epperlev. Susan. 32. 77. 85 Escue. Wayne, 40 Estenson. Howard. 77 Etter. Mrs, Frances. 21 Ettcr, Marshall. 77. 127 Evans. Bob, 59 Fvans, Mary Louise. 81. 91 Evans. Sue. 48. 77. 85. 87 Everitt. Leslie. 26. 44. 59 Ezell, Paul, 28, 46, 59, 91. 137 F Fagan Rick. 35, 75 Fahrenbruch. Jim. 59 Falls. Jerry. 81 Fansher, lames. 71 Farrant, Joe, 26. 71 Farrell. Susan 77. 85 Favreau, Teresa, 81, 85 Feeney, Pat, 32. 77 Fefiigy, Larry, 26, 46, 48. 59. 134. 138. 5 Ferem. Ben. 77 Ferguson. Sherry. 27. 32. 59. 92 Field, Robin. G. 28. 46. 47, 48. 49. 51. 59. 88, 95, 98. 115. 120, 138 Field, Ruth. 71 Fields, Charlm. 71 Fields, Craig, 71 Fishaber, Paul, 59 Fisher, 1NIr. Cleo, 17 Fisher, Doug, 75. 91 Fisher, Karen, 445, 59 Fisher, Mike, 77 Fisher, Sandra, 77, 85 Fitch, Cathy. 46. 59, 84, 87, 95 Fitch, Jim, 35, 81 Fitzgerald, Bonita, 59 Fitzgerald, Gordon, 77 Fitzgerald. Susan. 35, 81 Fleming, Judy, 35, 70, 71 Fleming, Zane, 31, 44, 48, 71, 122, 124, 135. 138 Flowers, Brenda, 25. 26. 40, 46. 59 Fluman, Mr. Gerald. 21 Fluman, Linda, 32. 71. 84 Fluman. Phyllis. 34, 36. 71 Ford, Cheryl. 77 Ford, Mark. 77 Fore, Eugene, 59 Fortson. Steve. 71 Foster, Alda Kay. 71 Foster, Debby, 32. 77, 85 Fothcrgill. Kay, 71. 84. 87, 92 Fowler, Karen. 7, 77. 85 Fowler, Tony. 77 Frances. Diana. 36, 71 Frank. Gary. 75 Franklin, Greg. 81. 136 Franklin, Herman. 77. 133 Franklin. lay. 27. 37. 46. 71. 91 Franklin. Les Raye. 46. 59. 84. 94 Frantz. Judy, 11, 32, 48, 77, 85. 89, 92. 94 Frass, Mr. W, G.. 112 Frazee, Ann. 28 36, 46, 59 Frazer, Cathy. 59 Frazer. Christine. 71 Frazier. Eddie. 71 122 Freelove, Gary. 77 Frcelove, Gayle. 32. 71 Freeman, Jr-ronio. 127 Frvony, Audrey. 35. 72. 92 Friesen. Mr. Richard. 21. 122. 138 Fromlmlz, Miss Afldic, 21 Fry, Gilbert. 27. 74 Frve, Carroll, 77. 85 Fuksa. Judv. 35. 71. 89 Fulgium. Sherry, 78, 85 Funk. Terry. 40. 71 Furnish, Frank. 31. 59 G Gaddis, Gary, 33, 71 Gafner, Pam, 71, 84 Gafner. Theresa, 78 Galusha, Esther, 44. 71. 86 Galusha, Lynda. 78 Gamble, lim. 40. 71 Gannon. David. 26. 71 Cariepy. Larry. 34. 81 Garis, Takita. 78 Garis. ,Toe 59. 120. 138 Garis. Vickie. 32 71 Garner, Mika-. 74 Garrison, Mark. 40. 50 Gasawav. James, 77. 92 Cates. Pam. 32. 77. 85. 87 Gan. Pam, 26. 31. 33. 46. 51. 59. 84. 92 Gauldin. Charla-nv. 41. 46. 59. 89 Cault. Delbert. 77 Gault. Phyllis. 71 Gay. Roy. 40 71 Gearhf-ard, Rirlwarll, 26. 46, 47. 48. 49. 51. 59. 88 120, 126, 138 Gee. Sandra. 50 Gvhay, lohn, 77 Gehav. rfhercsa. 77. 85 Genslcr. Mrs. Selma. 116 Gentry, lim. 40. 71 George. Danny. 77. 133, 134 George. Mark. 35. 73 Gcrdes. llarv 29 71. 84. R9 Gerhard. Janice Kav 36. 59 Gerstung. Denmsm. 36 Gettinss. PPQWV. 71 Gettings Virky. 78. 37 Gfluin. Charlie. 75. 135 Gibson, Felicia. 32 78, 85 Gibson, Tipnna. 77. SG Givoux. Mr. ,lv-rf-, 19, 21 Gilbert Iames. 77 Gildea. Philip, 77 Giles. Mr. lame-s VV.. 21. 44 Giles. Louie. 28. 44. 59 Gilkev. Denise. 29. 34. 49. 71. 87, 92 Gill. Ruth, 77. 35. 87 Cilley. Garv. 71. 122 Flillham. Glenn Dall- 30 57, 59 Cillharn. Linda. 27. 48, 77 Gilson. Tommv. 77 Ging. Carol. 59, 84 fling. Mr. Scott. 21 Ginn. D'iWavnf'. 71 Glalm. Vicki. 71, 84. 87, 89 G'assc0ck. Linrla. 59 Glasser, loe. 26. 48. 71. 137 Glaze. Marilyn, 32, 77, 85 Glover. Willie, 71 Goddard. Bill, 48. 51, 59, 64. as, 92 93, 115, 120, 138 ' 154- Gocbcl, Gary, 59 Gocller, Goggin, Frances, 78, 85 Terry, 26, 41, oo, 92, 111 Goins, Gary, 75 Goins, Sherry, 71 Good, Mike, 75 Goodman, Glenda, 77, 85 Goodman, Larry, 81 Goodman, Linda, 60, 84 Goodman, Mrs. Pauline, 21 Goodman, Rodney, 81 Goodpasture, Danny, 60 Goodpasture, Terry, 35, 60 Goodwin, Ginger, 4, 26 Gordon , Gorman . Dale, 34, 75, 136 Winifrcd, 36, 78 Gorre, Darrell, 78 Goss, Curt, 72 Goss, Steve, 60, 92. 120, 138 Gracey, Patricia, 32, 77 Gragert, Emma, 32, 71. 84 Gragcrt, Kris, 71. 81-, 87, 90 Graham, David, 71 Graham, Dickie, 77, 137 Graham, Elaine, 72, 85, 88 Graham, Greg. 60. 120. 138 Graham, Grah am, Jackie, 77. 127 Jeanette. 77 . oo, 84, 87 90 Graham, Linda, 39. 46. 00. 87 Graham, Rosanne, 72, 84, 98 Graham, Sally, 44, 77, 85 Graham. Tom, 60 Grantz, Nelson, 71 Grantz, Regina, 77 Grantz, Sharon, 77 Grauberger, Dale, 77 Green, Kathy, 72 Green, Sandy, 48. 72. 87, 88, 89 Green. Vernon. 77. 133 Greenhaw, Mr. Robert, 21, 43, 122 138 Grecr, John, 33, 77 Gregory, Kathryn, 27, 29, 84, 86, 87, 89, 92 Gregory, Randall, 27, 77, 136 Grc-gory, Ray, 35, 81 Grice, Angela, 46, 60, 89 Grice. Linda, 72, 89 Griffeth, Laurel, 35, 44. 46, 72, 87 92 Griffcih, MIS. La Ycrnv, 21 Griliin, David, 60 Griffin, Mr. Eugene, 21, 35. 36 Griffin, Mrs. Martha Len, 21 Griffith. Shirleen. 78, 85 Grim, Charles, 50 Grimes, Cheryl, 44, 72, 85. 87, 89, 94 Groves. Chuck, 72. 128, 129, 131. 138 Gungoll, Cathy, 29, 31, 41, 60, 84, 89, 92 Gunning, Beverly, 29, 35, 44, 48, 72, 87 Gunning, Cherie. 35, 36, 72 Gulhrie, Gary, 77 Guthrie, Robert, 72 Guthrie, Tommy, 34, 81 Guthrie, Haddad Vernon, 30, 72 H Cynthia, 39. 46. 60 Haddadl Jam., so, ss, 89 Hager, Jobie, 78 Hager, Terry, 78 Hahn. Susan, 77, 85 Hair Halci Hall, 'Vicki, 60 Michael, 72 Deana, 32, 45. 72, 85 Hall, Dennis, 72, 91' Hall, Ertel, 30, 48, 49, 72 Hall, Gary, 77 Hall, Janey, 26, 41, 60, 84, 90, 92, 159 93. Hall, Johnny, 60 Hall. Robby, 77, 85 Haltsrman, Colleen. 41, G0 Hamblin, Darrol, 72 Ilamblin, Diana, 77 Halnblin, Tim, 40, G0 Hamilton, Richard, 72 Hammond. Frank. 98 Hancock, Gayon, G0 Handley, Kathleen, 46, G0 Hankins, Betty, 60 Hankins, Beverly. 77 Hankins, Buddy, 72 Hankins, lllargaret, 72 Hankins, Shirley, 40, 60 Hannon, Craig, 72 Hansen, Pam, 41, 60, 84' Harbour, Faith, 32, 78, 85 Hardesty, Rita. 35, 81 Hardin, Bill, 11. 41, GO. 121 Hardin, Janie. 72, 84, 90 Hardy, Rick, 60 Hardy, Steve, 12. 41, 60 Hargcr, Mike, 72 Harkin, Pat, 78 Harman, Larry, 77 Harmon, Darrel, 72 Harmon, Doris, 78, 85 Francee, 32, 77, 85 , Mr. Garry, 21. 29 Harmon, John, 35, 41, 46, 60 Harmon , Harmon Harmon, Sulyn, 29, 30, 31, 33, 41, 46, 54, 60, 84, 92, 93, 94 Harper, Mrs. Bobbie, 21, 116 Harris, Grant, 77 Harris, Mike, 113 Harris, Sandy, 78 Holloway, Brenda, 72 Holmes, Frank, 30, 78 Holt, Darrel, 61 Holt, Lonnie, 34. 81 Holt, Stephen, 115, 122, Holtzhauser, Kathy, 78 Holub, Gene, 61 Hong, Alvin, 78, 159 Hong, Joyce, 46, 72, 84 133, 138 Harrison, Carolyn, Harrison , Charles, Harsh, 32, 41, 60, 84 78 Mr. Nolen , 21, 27 Hart Bill, 35. 36, 60, 136, 138 Hart? Ellen. 44, 72. 84 Hart, Monte, 34, 36, 46, 72 Hart. Sharon, 44. 78 Hartling, Jack, 40. 60 Hasting, Rocky, 78 Hastings, Janet, 32 Hatfield, Jerry, 78 Hatfield, Jonette, 26, 60 Hat6eld, Mary Ann, 32, 60, 84, 94 Hatfield, Phil, 77 Hood, Nina, 36 Hooley, Cindy, 30. 72. 84 Hooley, Logena, 32, 72, 84 Hoopingarner. Dennis, 61 Jones, Patty, 32. 79, 85 Jones, Phillip, 78 Jones, Robert, 72 Jones, Stanley, 40, 72 Jones, Steve, 38, 72 Jones, Ted, 31, 72 Jones Teri 78 85 JOHBSZ Wilnia, 32 Jorden, Jim. 33. 73, 127, 138 Laubhan, Jackie, 34, 81 Lawrenz, Vicky, 41, 62, 91 Lawson, Larry, 75 Lawson, Randy, 26, 62 Laye, Linda, 62 Layton, Carilyn, 36, 46, 72 Lea, Keith, 72, 114, 125, 138 Lea, Wayne, 41, 62 Lee, Ronald, 46. 72 90 127 133 Joseph, Steve, 73 Julian, Bill, 61 Leeper, John, 25. 26, 44, 62 Leggett, Martha, 72 Leggett, Peggy, 32, 62 LeGrant, Elaine. 32, 79. 85 Lenaburg, Brenda, 48, 72, 84 Lewellen, Donna, 72 Lewellen. Shirley. 41. 62. 90 Lewis, Barbara, 27, 28, 34, 41, 62. 87, 98 Lichtenberg, Sherry, 41, 62, 84 Lindley, Sharon, 72 Lingenfelter, Dewayne, 35, 81 Linker, Debbie, 44. 72, 94 Linn, Cathy, 44, 78 Linn, Steve, 78 Haug, Tom. 26, 27, 28, 46, 60 Havens, Becky, 72 Havens, Terry, 60 Haworth, Glen. 27, 34, 78 Hayes, Jerry, 35,81 Hays, Betty, 35. 81 Hays, David, 72 Hays, Janet, 27, 29, 32, 46, 60, 86, 87, 88. 89, 92 Heffron, Mike, 78 Hein, Cheryl, 46, 60. 84. Heimbach, Connie, 48, 79, 85 Helberg, Kathy, 32, 41, 60 Hellwege, Dennis, 26, 34, 60 Henderson, Anita. 72, 84 Henderson, Bin. 27. 28, 34, 46. 61, ss, 91, 92, 93, 103, 135, 138 enderson Lisa 44 78 85 H . , ' , , . ' Hendley, Steve, 29, 48, 61, 120. 138 Hendry, John, 35, 46. 72, 92, 93, 111 Hendryx, Charlotte, 61 Hendryx, Harry, 75 Henley, Ronald, 81, 127, 133 Henley. Gloria, 44. 72, 85 Hilaneke, David, 32, 46, 72, 128, 133, 8 Henneke, Don, 77, 127, 138 Henneke, Mrs. Donna. 21 Henneke, Joyce, 61, 91 Henneke, Larry, 77 Henneke, Terry, 77 Henninger. Sandra, 78 Henricks, Mrs. Phyllis, 23, 89 Henry, Cyndi, 72 Henry, Debbie, 35, 81, 87 Henry, Jamie, 25, 40, 61 Henry, Lynn, 32, 72, 88 Henry, Mike, 78 Henry, Terry, 71 Hoos, Lloyd. 72 Hopkins, Gloria, 32, 61 Hopkins, Mike, 44, 61 Hooper, Mary Beth, 48, 72, 84 Hooper, Stan, 41. 61 Horany, Larry, 40, 72 Horner, Mr. Herman, 21 Horner, Ronny. 78 Horner, Sheliah, 61 Horton, Cynthia, 78. 89. 91 Hough, Debbie, 72, 84. 90 Hough, Stu. 32, 72, 127. 128, 135, 138 Hough. Tangy, 46, 48, 61, 84, 86, 92 Houghton, Kathy, 78 Houghton, Susan, 32. 41, 46, 61 Houska, Evelyn, 41. 61 Houska, Roselie, 72 Houston. Jeannie. 43 Howe, Ken, 34, 81 Howerton, Kay. 78. 85 Hoyt, Connie, 26. 61 Hronopulos, Cathy, 28, 41, 46, 48, 56, 61, 84, 87, 94. 100 Hronopulos, Mike, 78, 127 Hronopulos, Suan, 8. 47, 49. 78. 85 Huddle, Linda, 41. 46. 61, 84, 87 Hudson, Cathy. 32. 78 Huey, Donna, 78 Johnny. 41. 61 Hughes, Hughes, Larry, 48, 72, 128, 130 Pats 78 ' Hughes, y, Hughes, Terry, 40. 61 Bill, 44. 72 Hulsey, Hume. Jeff, 75. 91 Humphrey. James, 75 Hunter. Mark. 39, 72 Hurt. Carrie, 61, 90 Hutchins, Nancy, 46, 72 Hutchison, Greg. 78 Hutchinson, Jackie, 72, 84, 91 Hutchinson, Steve, 72 Hysell, Janet, 40. 61 I Ingerton. Mary. 72, 85 Irving, Suzy, 81 Isbell, Eddie, 61 Iselin. Mr. Dennis. 21, 29 Johns. Larry. 72 Henson, Clarisse, 29, 72, 85, 87 Henthorn, Bill, 78 Henthorne, Wesley, 33, 70, 72, 91 Herlihy, John. 71 Hermanson, Becky, 44, 77, 85 Herndon, Jeff, 35, 78, 127, 133 Herndon, Terri, 29, 41, 46, 51, 61, 84, 86, 87. 90, 92, 93. 94 Herrian, Jack. 34. 61. 92 Hess, Dana, 72. 92, 104 Hess, Debbie. 78, 85 Hess. Mrs. Dorothy. 21, 90 Hessel. Helen, 32, 77 Hiatt, George, 81 Hibbets, Barry, 72 Hickle, Mrs. Judy. 21, 108 Hicks, Chip, 26, 61, 121, 135, 138 Hicks, Jim, 61 Hicks, Roger. 40, 61 Hiebert. Mr. Don, 21, 40 High. Patricia. 77 Hildebrand, Vicki, 72 Hill, Barbara. 61 Hill, Dean, 33, 77 Hill. Gayla. 72 Hinderliter. Bert. 34, 72 Hittle, John. 34, 72 Hoad, Mrs. Martha. 21, 87. Ill Hobbs, Bin, 11.61. 121, 135, 138 Hobbs, Cheryl, 72, 84 Hobbs, David. 41. 61 Hobbs, Dell, 32. 78. 85 Hobbs. Frieda, 32. 77, 85 Hobbs Ronnie 77 Hobbs. Theda, 41 Hodgen. Mike. 77 Hodge, Tim. 33. 77 Hodges, Charles, 77 Hodgson, Monica. 27, 78, 85, 91 Hodgson, Mrs. Ruth. 21 Hoeltzel. Janet, 41, 46, 61, 84, 87 Hoffman. Ronnie. 44, 61, 92 Holcomb, Ann, 61 Holcomb, Deborah. 72 Holdeman. Gary, 34, 72 Holden. Ameryllis. 32, 78, 85 Hole, Joyce, 36. 61 Hole, Mike, 133 Holland, Debbie, 81, 85 Ivey. Ro nnie, 35, 81 J Jack, Pam. 39, 72 Jackson, .Jackson Jaclcon. Jackson. Jackson. Jacobs. Curt, 61 Ina Lou, 78 Mary, 43, 78 Terry, 79 Terry. 72 James. 35. 81 Jacobs, Randy, 31. 72 James, Bonnie. 61 Jamison. Robert, 78 Jantz, Dale, 78 Jantz, Dennis, 81 Gary. Jantz. Larry. Jantz. Jantz. Jantzen, Jantzen, ,Jefferson Jenkins, Jenkins. Roge r . . 72 32. 72. 135, 138 46 61 Lee, 81 Sue, L nne. 72 32. 44. 78. 85 Mr. Stanley, 16, 19 40. 61 - Y Pamela. Jr-stes. Mike. 78 Johndrow. Richard, 40, 74 Joh nson . Johnson, Johnson. Joh nson, Joh nson, Joh nson. Iohnson. Johnson. Iohnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson , Johnston , Anne. 78. 85 Belinda. 72. 85 Connie, 32. 78 Darwin. 35. 72 Dean. 34. 61, 91 Dean lliverettj. 12, Don, 78 Glenda. 32 Jerry. 44. 61 Judy. 41. 46, 61 Martha, 72 Teresa. 72, 85, 87 Cyndi. 26, 72, 84 28. 75 Johnston. Kimberly, 72, 89 Jolly. Judy. 30, 72 Jones, Candice. 26. 46, 51, 61, 84, 92 Jones. Darrell, 40. 61 Jones, Denise, 78 Jones, Jack, 81 Jones. Kenneth. 27. 28, 29, 46, 61, 88, 89, 96. 111, 137, 138 Jones, Mike, 78 I Jurey, Wes, 26. 48, 61, 86, 90, 92, 114, 133, 134, 138 K Kapka, Mike, 78. 127 Karner, Donald, 26, 31, 33. 46, 61, 105 Karns, Thomas, 78, 127. 138 Kastle, Karyn, 37, 46, 62, 90 Keck, David, 62 Keck, Jack. 62, 121, 138 Keck. Paul, 35. 72 Keck, Tom, 27, 72 Keely, Peggy, 62, 84, 86, 90 Keeton, Sharon, 79 Keilbarth, Artin, 78 Kelley, Marilyn, 39, 46, 62, 84, 87 Kelly, Edward Mark. 2, 9. 78 Kelly, Ronald, 26, 38, 62, 121, 123, 138 Kemph, Jerry, 48, 72, 122, 128, 135, 138 Kerfoot, Kenneth, 81 Key. Cindy, 39, 46, 62 Kieffer, Stephen, 27, 35, 46. 62, 88, 95 Kilburn, Pam. 44, 62, 84, 87 Kilburn. Patricia, 26. 48, 78, 85, 87 Killam, Kathy, 32, 62 Killam. Pat. 62 Kilpatrick. Lee Ann. 76, 78, 85, 94 Kimmell, Daniel, 62 Kimmel. Sharon, 62 Liggs, Carita, 31, 46, 72, 86, 88, 89 Lisle, Kenny, 27. 73, 89 Litson, Hugh, 40, 41, 62 Little, Mary Ann, 62 Litton, Rosemary, 78 Litton, Trudy, 62 Livingston, Beverly, 78 Livingston, Diane, 42. 46, 62, 87, Livingston, Lee, 78, 85 Lohmeier, Mrs. Charna. 21 Long, Bob, 33, 78, 90, 127, 138 Long, Danny, 62, 104 Long, Gail, 36, 78 Long, Karen, 78. 85. 86, 88, 92 Long. Sam, 72, 90, 127 Long, Stuart, 46. 62 Longan, Terry, 78 Loomis, Court, 26, 73, 137 Looper, Tim, 78 Lorenz, Ida, 62 Lorenz, Marilyn. 78 Loucks, Albert, 33, 78 Loucks, Jim, 78 Loucks. Patricia, 35, 63 Love, John fBillj 46. 54 89 Kindle, Bill 37, 62, 91 Kindle. Mrs. Naomi, 21 King, Mr. Delbert, 21 King, Ed, 62 King. Joe, 27. 78. 92 King, Patsy, 78. 87, 89 King. Sandy, 35, 36, 72, 87, 92 Kirby, Janet, 62 Kirby, Nancy, 28, 41, 46, 62, 86, 88, 89, 90. 92 Kirby, Tim, 26, 73, 125. 138 Kirby. Tom, 29, 72, 89 Kirts. Mary. 34. 72. 87 Kisner. Brad, 36. 78 Klein. Nancy, 78. 85. 87 Knabe, Ronnie, 33, 78 Knight, Pam, 78 Koehn, Martha. 62 Koehn, Michael. 72 Koehn. Sandra. 72. 85 Koen. Steve. 38, 78 Koger, Miss Muriel, 21 72, 86, 88, Korm. Marvin, 27, 42, 46. 134 Kopp, Phil. 27, 62, ss, sa, 89. 91, 92, 93. 95. 104 Korb. Miss Beryl, 21 Kosted. Lanette, 62. 91 Kowalski. Gary. 46. 72. 91 Krahn. Doug. 26. 48, 60. 62, 88. 110, 121. 128, 131. 138. 159 Krahn, Steve. 27, 29. 73 Kratzer, Susan. 46. 62, 84, 89 Krey, Ronnie, 46, 62, 128 Krob. Ginger, 72 Kruckenberg. Sharon. 29. 31, 46, 72, 84, 87. 89 Krupp, Mark, 31. 33, 41, 62, 134, 138 Kruse. Vernon. 78 Kunkel. Richard, 73, 86, 90 Kurz, Dennis, 34, 72 Kurz. George, 40, 4-4, 62 Kusch Karen. 32. 78, 85 89, 137, Kuschl Stan, 28,'29, 46. 62, 138 Kim. Jim. 72. 121, 136, 1311 Kutz. Judy Jo, 62 Kuxhaus, Judy. 78, 85 L LaCroix. Jack. 73. 90, 134. 138 Ladusau. Michele. 25. 26. 32. 41. 62 LaForce. Debbie. 32. 46. 72. 84, 87 Lambert, Debbie, 34, 36, 72 Lambke. Debbie. 78. 85 Landes, LeArta. 29. 34. 72, 87 Landrum. DeDe. 72. 84 Langford, Dan, 73. 86 Langford. Larry. 62 Lovely, Larry, 34. 78. 87 Lowe, Jeff, 34, 35, 81, 90, 127 Loyd, Marsha. 72 Luckett, Karen, 41. 63 Luckinbill. Milton, 78 Lukenbaugh, Jack, 72. 133 Lukenbaugh, Lana, 12, 72. 84, 92 Lumen, Mark, 73, 127 Lunsford, Patricia, 72 Lynch. Mr. Charles. 22. 90 Lynch, Kevin, 46, 63, 138 Lynch. Larry, 38. 73 Lynch. Mrs. Rosamay. 22, 91 Lyon, Becky. 32, 78. 85, 87 M McAlister, Judy, 79 McBay, Charles, 30, 72. 134, 138 McBride, Cynthia, 32, 44, 63, 81, McCalip, Connie, 78 McCamey, Jim, 63 McCamey, Teresa, 78, 85 McCartney, Carol, 73, 84, 87 McCartney, Ross, 34, 71 McCarty, Jack, 79, 90 McCaslin, Darrell, 27, 79, 89 McCaslin. Debbie, 78, 85 McClanahan, Cathy, 40, 46, 63, 89 McClanahan, Peggy, 78, 85, 87 McCloskey, Mike, 73 McClure, Danny, 29, 78 McCollum, Diane, 29, 73, 84, 87, 88 McCollum, Mr. Marion, 22 McConkay, Mr. Gene, 159 McCook, Marilyn, 73 McCormick, Brad, 35, 36, 63 McCormick, Mike. 40. 73 McCoy, Jeane Ann, 32, 79, 85 McCoy, Patrice, 73, 91 87 McCoy. Ripley, 41 McCreary, Diana, 78, 85 McCreary, Mrs. Nelle, 19, 22, 46 McCreary, Pat, 73, 84, 87 McCullough, Marlene, 73, 84, 89 Langwell. Darrell, 26, 62, 121, 123, 138 Lankford. Steve. 72 Large, Charlotte. 40, 41. 62 Larsen, Jon, 35, 36, 48, 78 Larsen. Karen. 27, 28, 35, 36, 39, 46, 48, 62. 91, 95 Laster, Etta Mae, 115 Latchaw, Mr. John, 21 55 McCune, Karen. 40. 63 McDonald, Cathy, 41. 44, 63, 94 McDonald, Debbie, 32, 46, 73, 85, 87 McDowell, Edwin, 78 McDowell, Leola, 32. 73 McFadden, Denise, 80 McFadden, Kathy, 78 McFarland, Randy, 41, 63 McGee, Charles, 133 McGhay, Jim, 28. 41, 63. 138 Mbobdy, Judi, 43. 79. 85, 87 McGinley, Jerry. 32. 78 McGinnis, Kathi, 40. 73 McGinnis, Patricia, 78, 85 McGoveran . Pam, 46. 63, 90 McGoveran, Pat, 46, 63, 84, 87 McGrew, Cassandra, 63 .89 Mclntyre, Dennis, 46, 73, 89, 137 McKenna, David, 31, 38, 73 McKenzie, Diane, 78 McKenzie, John, 86 McKinney, Patrick, 63 McKnight, Chad, 73 McMahan, Brenda, 44, 79. 85 McMahan, Presley, 75, 133, 137 McMahan, Thelma, 79, 85 McManemin, Ruth, 73 McMu'len, Dyann, 32, 73 McNabb, Georgia, 73 Mal Karen 79 McNitt, Terri, 78, 85 McZegle, Mary Ann, 79 Mczegle, Wayne, 63 Mabry, Marshall, 73, 137-, 138 .MacKenzie, DeDe, 32, 76, 79. 85 MacKenzie, John, 40, 73. 112 Mackey, Steve, 41. 63, 138 Maddox, James, 35, 71 Maddox, Linda, 32, 78 Madigan, Barbara, 29, 39, 43, 73, 84 87, 89 Madison, Diana, 34, 79, 87 Mahan, Leonard. 78 Mahan, Lonny, 35, 73 Major, Leon, 9, 78, 127, Major, Ronnie, 26, 63, 138 133 96, 133, 134 Y, i Manahan, A. K., 63 Manahan, Sandy, 48, 73, Maness, Greg, 78 Maness, Lynn, 72 Manning. Olive,79 Mansfield. Bill, 46, 73 1 Manuel. Paula. 26, 41, 63, 34, 90, 94 Mark. John, 78. 92 Marlatt. Dennis, 35, 46, 73 Marlatt. Nancy, 46, 63, 97 Marshall, Gary, 78 , k Marshall. Sharon, 41, 44. 46, 63 Marshall. Tillman Lee, 78 Martens, Mary, 32, 41, 63 85, 89 Mills, Jim, 31. 38, 63 Mills, Terri, 79, 85 Minton, Janna, 27, 31, 46, 73, Minton. Judy, 35, iMitchell. Jimmy, Mitchell, Marilyn, Mitchell, Marvin, 79 Mitchell, Milton. 73 78, 127 84 79, 89 73 48, 79, S5 Mitchell, Ray, 78 Mittelstet, Roger, Mize, Lisa. 54, 63, 84, 92, 94 Mobley, Mrs. Bertha, 22 Mobley, Jane, 46, 73, 84, 86, 92, 93 lNIoler, Richard, 98 lN1oler. Sharon. 32. 78, 85 lylolitor. Susan, 79. 85, 92 Momon. Carolyn, 32 Mongold, Geneva, 79 Montague, Dan, 34, 79 Montgomery, Carol Ann, 29, 79, 85, 87, 89 Montgomery, Miss Mildred, 22 Moon, Mrs. Arlene, 116 Moon, Gary, 33, 73, 136 Moon, Ronnie. 63, 135, 138 Mooney. Ed. 40, 44. 64 Mooney. Eugene. 34, 78 Craig, 28, 31, 33, 46, 64, 85, Moore. 88, 92. 95 Moore, Darrell, 79 Moore Moore, 123 1 'won 40 73 - If , . Moore, Jerry, 78 Merle, 64, 92, 108, 117, 121, 138 Moore. Mike. 34. 64 1 O O'Banion, Cynthia, 32, 79 OiBleness, Marian, 79 O'Dea, James, 79 Offenberg, Lilo. 42, 64 Okerlund. Jim, 34, 64 Olivarez. Raymond, 81 Oliver, Thomas, 73, 91 Omo, Curtis, 80 OlNeal, Marla, 64, 89 O'Neill, Greg, 39, 73, 88 O'Neill. Stephanie, 79, 85 Oneth. Linda, 64, 84 Opp, Phil. 80 Osborn, Robert. 73 Osborne. Chuck. 64 Osborne. Mary, 34. 35, 73, 87, 92 Osburn. Jimmy, 79 Otjen, Mrs. E. J., 99 Otjen, Lelvloine, 29, 31, 41, 44, 46 64, 84, 92, 93, 98, 99 Otjen, Will, 99 Outhier, Steve. 25, 26, 28, 46, 88, 95. 121. 138 f Oven. Jerry, 80 Overfelt, Dottie. 64 Overstreet. Linda. 40, 64 Overstreet. Neil. 73 Overton, Bruce, 64, 90 64, 67 Owens, Larry, 34, 81, 127, 133 Owens, Leslie, 35, 79, 127, 133 P Paine, Mr. Allie. 17 Paine. Gerald, 27, 28, 29, 46, 64, 111 138 Painter. Carolyn. 79 Painter. Cindi. 79. 85 Palmer. Chris, 33. 79 Palmer. Sheri. 32. 79, 85 Paris, Diane. 46. 64 Martin, Mrs. Ann, 19, 22 Martin, Georgie, 34, 73, 87 Martin, Jay, 38, 73 Martin. Jonita, 32, 78, 85 Martin. Katherine, 75 Martin. Leroy, 63 Martin. Marshall, 63, 90 Martin, Mrs. Mary, 22 Martin, Mike, 32, 78, 127, 133 Martin, Pam, 73 Martin, Robert, 79 1N4artin, Steve, 79 , Martindale, Terry, 30, 31, 33, 63 lVIoore. lonald, 78, 127 Moore. Trip. 48, 73. 121, 136, 138 Morgan. Bill. 27, 46, 73 Morgan, Charles. 64. 97 Morgan. David. 29. 78, 89 hlorgan, Don, 30, 74 liflorgan, Kay. 40. 64 Morgan, Mary, 29, 56, 64, 84 Morgan, Tom. 64 Morgan, Wes. 79 Morgaridge, Harry, 78 Morgaridge, Reta, 73, 84 Morris, Hollis, 40, 41, 64 Morris, Micki. 64 Morris. Ronald, 73 ltlorrison. Don, 81 Morrison. Donna, 73. 84, 87, 92 Morrison, lwlatthew. 33, 73 Morse, Joy, 32, 79, 85 Morse, Shirley. 79 Morton, Mrs. Myra. 22 Mosher. Vicki. 73, 84, 87 Martinez, Bill, 73 Mason. Barry. 40. 63 Mason. Marsha Kay, 28, 31, 33, 63, 84, 87. 92, 93, 94 - Mason, Sharon. 32, 73, 85 Mason, Steve, 73 Massie, Jerry, 29, 41, 46, 63, 111 Masters, Joe Ann, 79, 85 Matthews, Ronald, 73 Q - Mattson, Mary Kay, 13, 26, 46, 63, 93 Mattson, Pamela, 73, 94 Mauck, Mrs. Archie, 22 Mauk, Mr. Gene, 18 Maupin, Lesley, 78 May, Carol, 78. 85 May, Cheryl, 78, 85. 87 May. Minnie, 32, 73, 84 Mayberry. Shelia, 26 Maywood, Ilene, 78 Meese, Mis. Sadie, 22 Melvin, Anita, 79, 85 Melvin, Monty, 63 Melvin. Ronnie, 40, 63 Mena. Mike, 36, 79 Mendenhall, David, 38, 48. 51, 63, 101. 105, 128. 129 Merrill, Steve, 46. 73 Messall, Michael, 78 Metscher, Dan, 63 Metschcr. Greg, 81 Meyer, Cheryl, 32, 79, 85 Meyer, Mr. John, 22 Meyer, Linda, 79, 85 85, 87, 89, 90, Meyer, Pain, 43, 73, 108 Miss Laura, 22 Milam. Milford, Don, 40, 73 Milford, Marsha. 78 Milhimc. Jerry, 38 Miller, Beverly, 73, 84 Moss. Phillip. 35, 79 Moss. Ray. 73 Paris, Jane, 34. 35, 73 Paris. Nicki, 26. 64, 84 Kenneth. 73 Parker. Parker, Peggi. 29. 30. 73 Parker. Parker, Sue. 41. 45, 54. 64. 84, 101 Terry. 79. 137 Parks, Gailyn. 34. 36. 73 Parks. Garlyn. 32. 79 Parrish. Marvin. 73. 89. 91. 138 Parrish. Trey, 29. 46, 48, Parsons. Kathie, 73, 88 Pasby. Kerry, 31, 33, 46, Patrick, Dennis. 75 Patterson, Amelia. 42. 73 73, 136, 138 64, 87 Moulton. Terry. 79. 89 Mounts, Carla, 79, 85 Mounts. Mr. Wes. 17 Moydell, Cathy. 39, 44, 73, 84, 87 1X'Iunger, Ann, 29, 32, 48, 49, 79, 85 87, 89, 92 Murphree. Audrie, 73, 84 Murphy, Judy, 32. 79, 85 Murphy, Junior. 73, 91 Murray. Burl, 79 Murray. Dennis. 79 Myers. Greg. 79. 127 Myers. Marilyn. 64. 87. 90 lX'1ye1s. Myers, Myers, Mr. Marvin, 22, 27 Monty, 64 Wayne, 36. 64 Myles, Cora. 41. 64 Myles, Wanda. 36, 85, 87 N Nall. Cary. 79. 133 Nalley. Rich Anna, 79 Nash, Sue. 73 Neal. Bobby, 30 Neal. Frank, 34. 79 Nehring. Leon. 73 Neis. Tony. 34, 79 Nenley, Gloria. 32 Neuerburg, Mrs. Hellen, 22 New. Robert. 81 Newkirk, Court, 73, 86 Newman. Bonnie, 26, 41, 64. 84 Newman, Mrs. Edna, 22, 90 Newman, Mike. 64 Newsom. Mr. Dalward, 22 Newsom. Dan. 73 Nicholas. Robert. 91 Nichols, Barbara. 32, 40, 41, 64 Nichols, Marie. 64 Nichols, Pat. 64 Nickel, Kay. 32, 44, 79, 85 Patton, Dan, 34. 41, 64 Paulk, Payne, Payne, Janice. 79 Becky. 79. 87. 89 Bobby. 79. 128 Pazzo, Dale.'35. 79 Pazzo, Steve, 34. 73 Pearce, James, 35. 79 Pearce, JoAnn. 31, 33, 41, 46, 48, 64, 84, 89, 93, 105 Pearson, Beverly, 64 Pearson, Kathy. 64 Pearson, Pam. 29, 43, 44. 48. 73, 85 89 Pearson. Paul. 79 Peck. Steve. 29. 64 Peck. Terry, 79 Peckham, Lucy, 32, 79. 85. 89 Peckham, Mrs. Peggy, 22, 109 Pekrul, Freddie, 35 Pekrul. Kay, 34, 73, 87, 92, 104 Peninger, Judy. 32, 73, 84, 89 Perkins, Nancy. 48. 49, 76, 85, 86, 94 Perks, Lynda. 79. 85 Perks, Mike. 73. 128. 129, 131 Peters, Lorene. 73. 84 Peterson. Judy, 29, 43, 45, 48, 75, 84 87, 108 Peterson. Susan, 31. 46, 73, 84, 87 Petticrew. Tony. 73 Phares, Alice. 80 Phares, Mike. 73. 87 Phillips, Donna. 73 Phillips, Herschel. 79, 133 Phillips, Hollis. 73 Phillips, Jean, 73, 85 Phillips Johanna 73 Phillipsl Kerry. 36 Phillips. Melissa. 5, 64 Phinips Ricky. 34. 73 Phillips, sm, 415. 64, 92 Phillips, Virginia, 79, 85 Phillips vivi, 35. 79 Phiiiipsj William, 32, 127 Nickell. Dianne. 79. 85 Nigh, Normandie. 79, 85 Niles. Mr. Tommy. 22, 37, 122. 138 Pickhardt, Carolyn. 32, 79, 85, 87 Pierce, Gary. 34 Pilgrim, Brenda. 73 Miller, Debbie, 32, 41. 63, 87 Miller, Debby, 34, 79 Miller, Janice, 73, 85 Miller, Jerry, 78 Miller, Larry. 46. 63 Miller, Marnie, 33. 73 Miller, Robert. 26 Miller, Sandy, 41, 45, 46, 48, 51. 54, 63. 84, 92, 101 Miller, Sarah, 34, 78 Miller, Tommy, 41, 63, 90, 111 Milligan, Judy, 78 Million. Mike, 73 Mills, Charlotte, 41, 63, 86, 89 Mills, Jeff, 73 Nordyke, Dennis. 38 Norman, Mrs. Jannette. 22 Norman. Lucy, 46, 49, 73, 84, 86, 89, 93. 97 Norris. Dana, 36, 64 Noyes, Kaye, 74 Nurdin. Jerry, 80 Nutt, Jimmy, 64 I Pilgrim. Jimmie. 40. 65 Pinski. Sue. 46, 73. 87. 89 Pitts, Bill. 73 Pitts, Georgia Leann, 46, 65, 89, 91 Pitts, Shyril, 80, 85 Pitts. VeEsta, 8. 65, 92 Platt, Susan, 25 41 65 Plummer Janet 81 56 Poindexter Brenda, 44, 79, 85, 92 Poindexter, Mrs. Delyte, 22, 92 Poindexter, Linda. 79. 85 Polwort, Janeen, 32, 79, 85 Pool, Eddie, 81 Poore, Ron. 27, 65, 95 Pope, Charlene, 35, 73, 92 Pope, Margaret, 65 Porter, Bob. 27, 28, 46, 65 65 79 Poshen, Pat, Powell, Billy, Powers, Miss Hazel, 22 Prall. Monte, 65 Pratt, Brian, 27, 28, 35, Pratt, Carol, 73 Pratt. Jackie, 79 Pratzi, Becky , 34, 73, 87 36, 46, 65, 91 , 29 73 Pray, James, Presson, Sharon, 79 Price, Renee, 3, 32, 79, 85, 94 Priebe, Mrs, Maurinc, 22, 30 Prince, Kathy, 79, 85 Pritchett, Mrs. Ada, 116 Pritchett, Noble fTobyJ, 65 Pritchett, Sharon, 73 Pritchett. Steve. 38, 81 Puckett, Doris, 73 Q Qualls, Doug, 79 Qualls, Robert, 38, 73 Quarles, Billy, 65 Quigley, Scott, 27, 35, 79, 91 R Rackley. Joyce, 46, 73 Ragan, Nancy. 35. 36, 41, 65, 87, 92 Ragsdale. Johnny. 79 Rainey, Verna, 80 Ramsey, Chipper, 81 Ramsey, Gcorgiana, 73 Randall, Carol. 40, 65 Randall, Tim, 65 Randolph, Liz, 44, 74, 84, 89 Randolph, Terri. 79, 85 Ratzlarf, Susan. 31. 46. 65, 87 Ray. Mr. Lloyd. 22. 134 Ray, Margie, 32, 74 Raymond, Donald, 79 Reading, Gary, 79 Record, Donald, 79, 133 Record, Ronnie, 32, 46, 74, 135 Rector, Marilyn, 26, 45, 48, 52, 65 84, 87, 92, 94 Rector, Ricky, 29, 31, 48, 81, 92 Reece, Jim, 40. 74 Reece, Vicki, 65 Reed, John, 79 Reed, Karen, 27, 29, 46, 74, 85, 87 Reed, Theodore, 79 Reed, 1rVes1ey, 79 Reedy, Mary Jane, 79, 85, 87 Reim, Dan, 65 Reimer, Mrs. Martha, 22, 91 Renard, Mike, 74 Reno, Bobby, 31, 33, 41, 65 Reschke, Ann. 36, 41, 44, 65 Reyes, Sandy, 65 Rhodes, Patsy, 81 Rhodes. Scotty, 65 Rich. Paul, 38. 74, 125, 138 Richard, Janie. 12, 41. 65 Richard, Larry, 48. 79 Richardson, Jim, 26, 31, 33, 63, 65 Richardson, Pamela, 79 Rilcghgardson, Rodney, 10, 75, 125, 133, Richardson, Zona, 79, 85 Richey, J. Lewis. 65. 91 Richey, Janice, 79, 85 Richey, Terry, 79 Rickabaugh. Mr. Gene, 22, 40 Rickabaugh, Kim, 101 Ridge, Mrs. Mary, 22 Riesen, Luray, 79 Rikli, Christine, 31, 33, 41, 46, 65, 84 87, 90, 94 Rikli, Gloria, 79, 85, 87 Riley. David, 74 Ritter, Jo Ann. 34. 70. 74 Roberts. Julia Kathi. 74. 85, 92 Robertson. Jackie, 29, 48. 74 Robino, Chris, 34. 41. 46. 65 Robinson, Billy, 65. 128. 135, 138 Robinson, Carla. 32, 74 Robinson, Chad, 79 Robinson, K. C., 75 Robinson, Ted, 10. 74, 125, 138 Robison, Pam, 40, 65 Robison, Rod. 75. 127 Rockwell, Mike, 79 Roderick, Maryetta, 32, 74' Rodgers, Dee. 65 Rodrigues, Gloria. 65. 84. 91 Roedell, Lorna, 27, 32, 46, 74, 87 Roedell, Sallie, 32, 79, 87 Rogers, Buddy, 75 Rogers, Lanette, 29, 74, 84 Rogers, Phil, 35, 36, 74 Rohla, Sheryl, 79 Taylorj Bobby, 28. 46, Sa re Barbara 30 46 74 84 92 66, 84.87. 921 105,117 ' 3 ' Rollman. Linda. 65 Romine. Gary. 28, 65. 90. 91. 95 Romine. Janis. 79, Ronck. Bryan. 79 Root, Eddy, 65 Root. Rosetta. 40. 41 Root. Virginia. 80. 85, Rose. Tina. 79 85,87 87 Ross. Carolyn. 36. 79. 85 Rothermel. Mike. 74 Routh. Cynthia, 79. 85. 86 Rowe, Carolyn Ann, 31. 36. 41. 65 Rowe. Charla. 74 Rowland. Arthur. 35, 36, 79 Royal. Christy. 80 Ruane. Patricia. 65 Rudiger. Chris. 46. 65. 134 Rudiger. Leland, 33, 79 Ruhl, Linda, 74. 85 Rummel, Jon. 27, 46. 74, 89. 111 Rummel. Kathleen, 32, 41. 65, 87, Russell. Gary. 79 88 Russell. Judy. 12. 26. 27. 28. 41, 46, 48. 65. 84, 87. 89 Russell. Mary Margaret. 10. 28, 31, 33, 46. 52. 65. 88. 89, 92. 100 Ruth. Janis, 30. 46. 74. 84, 87 Ruzek. Vernon. 79 Ryel, Tommy. 65 S Sain, Debbie. 41. 84 Salmon, Mark, 79 Sanders, Donna, 43, 44, 74, 85, 90 Sanders. Miss Evelyn, 22 Sanders, Pamela, 81, 91 Sawyer. Ronnie. 74 Sawyer, Tom, 75 Y 1 1 1 1 . 1 Scarberry. Wayne, 65. 138 Schaefer, Christine, 44, 74, 91 Schaeffer, Delores, 74 Schafnitt. Mike, 65 Scheffe. Robert, 27, 35, 79, 89 Schibi. Michael, 74 Schmidt. Richard, 27. 34. 81. 92 Schmitz. Jeanne, 65, 84. 89, 91 Schooley, Winnie, 46, 65 Schroeder, Anita, 26, 30, 74, 84, 87, th. Schroeder. Connie, 44. 65. 84, 87, 97 79, 85 46, 74. 84 Schroeder, Sharon, Schroeder, Shirley, Schubert, Kimmie, 80 Schultz. Charlene, 42, 80 Schultz, Craig. 74 Schultz. Emmitt, 66 Schultz, Gary, 74 Siegmann, Janet Sue, 29, 41, 66, 87, 89. 90 Siglea, Floyd, 75 Silver. Judith. 80. 85 Simard, Ronald. 66 Sinnnons, Connie. 89 Doug, 34. 83, 88, 92 Simmons, x N Simmons, Harry, 66 Mr. Jerry, 19 Simmons. Simon. Bill, 80 Simon, Gwendolyn, 75 Simon, Helen, 115 Simpson, Karen, 80 Simpson, Pam, 74, 84- Simpson, Rick, 26, 66 Sisk. Carol, 40, 74 Sisk, John, 38. 66 Schultz. Roger. 74 Scott Scott Craig. 46. 74 Donna. 74, 90 Scott, Mrs. Florence, 22 Scott, Gary. 33. 79 Scott. Mark, 27, 79, 88 Scott, Mike. 79 Scott. Miss Ruth. 22. 25, 26 Scott, Sandra. 32. 66, 84 Scott Steve, 74 Seal. Dave. 80 Seal, Donna, 41. 66 Sebourn, Paula. 34. 44, 80 Sislcr, Steve. 74- Sisson, Iris, 66, 84 Sisson, Windy, 80. 85 Skidmore, Mrs. Mary Ellen, 90 Slaton, Vernon, 12, 27, 28, 66, 88, 91 Sloan, Terry, 80 Sloup, Gary, 80 Smith, Bruce, 29, 46, 66, 88, 92, 103 Smith, Carol, 41, 66 Smith, David fsoph.j, 80, 127, 133 Smith, David Cjr.J, 74 Smith, Floyd, 66, 91 Smith, Gail, 80 Smith, Hal, 34, 74 Smith, Jimmy, 80, 81 Smith, Keith, 74, 138 Smith, Kenny, 29, 41, 66, 90 Smith, Larry, 74, 91 Smith, Louis, 81 Smith, Mari, 44, 74, 84, 88 Smith, Mary Helen, 32, 80, 84 Smith, Mike, 74 Smith, Norwin, 74 Smith, Parvin, 36, 38, 75, 138 Smith, Randy, 81 Smith, Ross, 80 Smith Mrs. Tillie 23 Smoots, Debbie, 74, 84, 87 Snell, Mr. Richard, 19 Snow, Dennis, 80 Snow, Harold, 36, 66 Snow, Pamela, 80 Snyder, Billie, 66, 84 Snyder, Jane, 28, 46, 48, 66, 89 Sorey, Kathy, 66 Sowards, Steve, 9, 25, 26, 63, 66 Wanda. 39, 74, 89 Anita, 74, 84 Spake, Sparks 84, Stringer, Mrs. Phyllis, 23. 89 Stroup. Alan, 32. 47, 74. 135, 138 Strunk. Jean, 75. 84 Stuart. Cindy, 26. 41, 66, 87 Stukenberg, Brad, 80 Sturgeon. Linda, 26, 40, 41, 66 Stutchman, Horace, 40. 66 Stutchman. Maurice. 34, 46. 66 Sudmalis. John. 74 Suiter. Mike, 67 Sullivan, Janice, 80 Sullivan. Pam, 39, 75, 89 Suttles, Vicki. 80 Swan, Dwight. 44, 80, 133 Swank, Cliff, 35, 75 V Vail, Brenda, 80. 85 Vail, Donnie, 67 Vale. Arlene, 29, 44, 75, 84, 87 VanBoskirk, Debbie, 80. 85' VanBoskirk. Sherry, 28. 46. 67, 84, 87 VanBuskirk. Rosalie. 80 Van Buskirk. Russell. 67 Vance, Carol. 35, 81. 87 Vance. Craig, 26, 29. 75, 127, 138 Van Houden, Marsha. 80. 85 VanKrevelen. Rick. 75. 127, 138 VanMeter, Peggy, 85 I VanScyoc, Cathy, 32, 80. 85. 87, 89 Sparks, Larue, 40, 41, 66 Sparks, Lavatta, 74 Sparks, Sandy, 48, 66, 84 Specie Jo Ann 26 29 44 48 49 53, Spencer, Cecil. 66, 115 Spicklemier, Mrs. Lucyle, 23 Spicklemier, Lynn, 74, 84, 87 Splane, Linda, 27, 46, 66, Spoonemore, Pauline, 74 Spurgeon, Melva, 41, 66 Spurlin, Alan. 66 Stair, Chuck, 28, 66. 121, Stair, Roger, 75, 127 Stanley, Donna, 74 Stanley, Ronna, 66 Stapleton, Donna, 35, 80, 85 Starr, Scott, 80, 127, 133, 138 Steele, Bobby, 74 84, 91, 92 138 Seelen. Doug. 31, 74 Seem, Mr. Herbert, 23, 38 Seltenreich, Terry, 74 Semke. Sue, 32. 76, 79, 85 Semrad. Jean, 66 Semrad. Lee. 48. 74 Semrad. Lynn. 34. 80 Semrad, Wilma, 66 Senters. Darrell, 32, 79, 127, 138 Seymour. Bruce. 74 Shannon. Alfred. 38. 75. 133. 138 Shannon. Ervin. 79, 81 Sharp. Mr. Eugene, 23 Sharp. Jack. 80 Sharpe. Bettie. 34, 79. Shaughnessy, Bill, 27, Shaughnessy. Jill, 66, 91 Shaw. Pamela. 74 87 80 Steele, Str-hr, Steinert, Stengle, Stephan, 138 Stephens, Stephens, Stephens, John, 38, 74 Bill, 74, 125, 133, 138 Gary. 35. 80, 133 Judy. 80, 85, 87, 97 Gay, 48, 80, 85 Karen, 40, 74 Shelly. 29, 32, 46, 74 Stephenson, Debbie, 29, 74, 85, 87 Stephenson, Diane, 74, 84 Stephenson, Judy, 26, 30, 41, 66, 84, 87, 92 Stepp, Kathie, 30, 74, 85 Ronnie, 48, 49, 66, 121, 135, Stetnish, James, 31, 74, 86, 92, 134, 138 Stettnish, Terry, 79 Shia-yv'ley'. Marilyn, 29, 31. 46. 66, 84, Sheets. Steve. 40. 50. 66. 92 Shel'ady. Cathy. 80, 85 Shellady. Nancy, 80, 85 Shelton. Debbie, 80. 85 Shelton. Denise, Shelton. Pamela. 74 81 Shelton. Sheila. 66 Shepherd. Connie. 66 84 Shields. Chuck. 48, 80. 127. 138 Shields. Steve. 159 Shiever, Mark. 29. 74 Shockley. Bill. 34, 80 Shook, Janet. 74 Shreve, Debbie. 80. 85 Shuler. Mike. 44. 66. 138 Shumate. Mike. 40. 74 Shupack. Diane. 66, 84 Siegle, Mike. 66 Siegle, Shirley. 32, 44, 74, 88 Stevenson, Albert, 80 Stevenson, Bernell, 80 Stevenson. Mary Ann, 74, 85 Stewart, Mrs. James, 23 Stewart, Nancy, 32, 80, 86 Stewart, Tommy, 40, 44, 66 Stites. Julie. 80. 85 Stockton, Wayne, 80 Stoll, Esther, 66 Stoll. Georgene, 80 Stone, Delores. 32, 74 Stone. Paula, 80 Stoner. Mrs. Autumn, 23, 39, 46 Storm, Bruce, 29, 66, 90 Strain, Cathy. 66 Strain, Judy, 80, 81 Strain, Karen. 32 Debbie. 75 Streek. Strecker, Carolyn. 32, 83, 85 Stricklin, Linda, 74 Stricklin, Norma, 66 I Swanson, Terry, 80, 85 Sweeney, Sarah. 40, 54. 67 Sweetwood. Connie. 40. 46. 54. 67 Swezey, Keith, 33, 80 Swiggart, Dickie, 133. 138 Swiggart, Linda, 8, 41. 67, 84, 97 Swiggart. Peggy, 35. 80 Swinford. Linda. 67 Swinford. Roy. 75 Swinnea. Frank, 35. 80 Swinton, Sandra. 75. 85 Szczepaniak, John, 81 T Tabeling. Eddie, 26, 41, 67, 87, 88, 90. 91, 111 Tagge. Fred, 75, 89 Tah. Edith, 80 Tah, Rudolph, 33, 75 Tanner, Tate. J Taylor, Taylor Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor Taylor Tays, Jam G1 Linda, 81 im, 75, 127 Beverly, 75, 8 Bill. 80 5 67 VanSickle, Sherry, 25, 26, 32, 67 VanWelden, Rick. 31, 67 Vater, Suzette, 29, 75, 84. 86. 87, 94 Vaughan, Carolyn, 26. 32, 75 Vaughn, Mary Ann, 80 Vculek, Pattie, 80 Veach. Catherine. 80, 85 lVeal. Linda, so, 85 Vgfcers, Janyce, 41. 43, 44, 67, 87, 8 Vives, Margo, 3, 25, 26, 30, 67, 84, 92, 93, 159 Voelzke. Sharon, 80, 85 Vogt, Nathan. 80 Von Schriltz, Sharon, 80, 85 46, 6 W. Matt, 48, 67, 110, 128, Tim, 29, 46, 75, 128 Alan, 75 Diane, 34, 46, 67, 87 Wagner, Rolland, 75 Wagner. Wayne, 75, 137, 138 Wahl, Chuck, 75 Waack, Waack, Wacker, Wagner, 138 Bruce. 80 oria, 67, 86 Jim, 80 Kathryn, 47. 48. 75, 87, 94 M r. Tom, 91 es, 80 Tays,,John, 27, 29, 67, 92, 93, 96, 103 Tays, Patr icia, 80, 85 Templeton, Neal, 75 Terrell, Terrell, Kathy, 75, 84 Sharon, 81, 85 Theilen, Mary. 32, 8.1, 85 Thieme. Mr. Don. 23 Thomas, Cathy, 75, 84 Thomas, James, 30, 75, 91 Thomas, Janice, 80 Thomas, Judy, 75, 84 Thomas, Sandy, 35, 48, 81 Thompson, Everett. 75 Thompson, Jerry, 26. 44. 67 Thompson, Penny, 44, 48, 80, 85 Thompson, Phyliss, 25, 26, 41, 46, 67 Thompson, Robert David, 26, 75 Thompson Sharon. 75 87 88 Thompson f meds. '67, E11 3 Thorpe, Clint, 41. 67. 138 Thorpe, Dennis. 80 Thorpe. Mr. John. 17 Thurlow. Dena, 32. 80, 85 Tillery, Ri ch, 31, 67 Tillis, Cassandra, 115 Tinsley, Janice, 32, 67 Toews, Francis, 40, 67 Toews, Myra, 32, 46, 75, 85, 89 Tommey. James, 75 Tompki Waibel, Waken, Walker, Walker, Walker, 87. 92. Walker, Walker, Walker, Walker, Walker, Walker, Wallace, Wallace, Wallace Waller, iJanice,i 29, 48, 84, sc, Sandra, 67 Pat, 67, 84, 87 Carroll, 75 Connie. 41, 67, 88, 90 Joyce, 26. 46, 63, 67, 104 Kathy CSr.l. 67 Kathy fSoph.J, 32, 76 Ken, 81 Linda, 67, 89 Ronnie, 75 Mrs. Wilda, 23 Cheryl, 85 Darrell, 74, 91 Ricky 88 ,115 Wallis, Cheryl, 32, 81 Walter, Walter, Janice, 32, 75 Robert, 75 ns, Galola, 35. 81 Trammell, Enid. 32. 80, 85 Trannnell. Vance, 75 Trammell, Woody, 8 Traynor, Rita, Traynor, Rita. 1 i. 40, 46, 67 25, 21 25 26, 40, 46, 67 Treat, Connie, 32, 75 Treat. Jim, 80 Trimble. Brad, 80 Tripp, John, 35, 75 Truman, Robert, 26, 29, 47, 48. 88, 159 Tucker. Betty, 75 Tune, Mike. 80 Tunis, Cat hy, 67 Tunis, Donna, 80 Turner. Betty, 40. 67 Turner, Dale, 35. 67 Turner, Dennis. 34. 46, 67 Turner, Kenneth. 67 Turner, Teresa, 32. 75, 85 U Ukena, Sharon, 75 Umble, John, 67 Underwood, Billy, 30, 33, 67 Unruh, Alice, 75 Unruh, James, 28, 46, 67 Unruh, Lois. 80 Unruh. Merle. 40, 75 Unruh. Sherr 32 80 85 Upp, ludy. 26, 41, 49, J2, 67, Y: 1 , r 89, 92, 100 57 84, 87, Byron, 75 Donnie, 75 Mitchel, 30, 46, 68, 95 Peggy Sue, 30, 41, 46, Chris, 38, 40, 68 Jana, 76, 80, 85 , Linda, 80 Ward, Kathy, 75 Warkentin, Collette, 83. 85 W'arkentin, Robyn, 46, 68, 84, 89, 92 Warren, Ronald, 80 Warren, Virginia, 30, 75, 84, 92, 93 Wasemiller, Neal, 33, 80, Watkins, Wanda, 80 Watson, Richard, 75 Watts. Dick, 40, 68 Wear, Ronald, 68 Weaver, David, 34, 75 Webb, Barbara, 80 Webb, David, 80 Webber, Judy, 80, 85 Weber, Margaret Sue, 32, 41, 68, 84 Weber, Mike, 80 Wedel, Roger, 28, 68 Weeaks, George. 80 Weese, Karen, 80 Wegener, David, 80, 92 Weidner, Earnest, 27, 28, 46, 68, 95 Wein, Jennie. 26, 29, 75, 84, 92 VVelch, Bill, 68 YVeldon, Terri, 27, 35, 80 Welker, Wanda, 68, 84 Wellman, Don. 40. 68 Wellman. Keith, 80 Wells, Danny, 24, 46, 75 Wells,Karen, 25, 26, 68, 87, 89 Wells, Mary Helen, 41, 68, 84, 87, 94 Wells, Steve, 68 Wennete, Joyce, 32 West. Shelia, 31, 68, 87 Walters, Walters, Walters, Walters, lVanzer, Wanzer, Wanzer 68 137 9 7 84, as 37, 92 Westfall, Charmaine, 29, 41, 44, 46 51. 63, 84, 87, 89 Wheeler, Barbara, 75 Wheeler, Becky, 34, 81 Wheeler, Mrs. Minnie Lou, 23 Wheeler, Sherry, 31, 33, 41, 48, 68 84, 89 Whenry, Michael, 68 Whenry. Sam, 75 White, Carline, 80 White, Cheryl, 81 White, Dave, 44, 68 White, Karl, 27, 35. 80 White Linde, 75, 84 Williams, Terry, 75 Williamson, Barbara, 81 Wirtz, George, 46, 75, 98, 127, 138 Wine, Kim, ao Y k White? Mickey, 68 Willingham, Joy, 80 Witt, James Alexander, 68, 86, 88, 92, Yeatman, Beveryy, 32, 75, 84 White, Ricky, 36, 80, 86, 127, 133 Willis, Judy, 75 104 I Ygwell, Sheryl, 31, 75, 84 Whittenberg, Roy, 30, 48, 81 Willis, Mallorym, 31, 75 Witt, Lori Arlene, 80, 86, 88 Yohe, Randy, 75 Wickham, Cheryl, 32 Willis, Shannon, 25, 26, 44, 68, 87, 89 Witty, David, 35, 44, 80 York, Pamela, 80 Wickham, Stan, 31, 68 Willixs, Denise, 31, 41, 48, 51, 54, 68, Witty, Gary, 27, 34, 68 York, Phillip, 75 Wiegratz, Carolyn, 41, 68 84, 92, 94 Wofford, Richard. 68 Young, Buzz, 80 Wilburn. Margie, 41 Willits, Yugonda, 32. 80. 85, 86 Wolford, David, 75 Young, Da1e, 34, 35, 80 Wilenzick, Debbie, 48, 74. 84 Wilson, Briant. 31. 33, 68 Womack, Debra, 32, 80, 85, 87 Young, Dan, 75 Wilhite, Allen, 11, 75, 125, 135, 138 Wilson, Cleta. 32, 81 Wood, Bud, 68, 121, 123, 138 Young, Miss Eva, 23, Q9 Willard, Dorothy, 75 Wilson, Jim, 81 Wood, David, 69 Ygung, Kathy, 81 Willard, John, 81 Wilson, Kim, 80, 133 Woodbury, Linda, 46, 75, 87 Young, Mike, 30 Willems, Randy, 68 Wilson, Layton, 49, 75, 111, 127, 135, Woody, Coleen, 46, 69 Young, Randy, 40, 69 Willhoite, Doug, 28, 29, 46, 67, 68, 88, 138 Worley, Mr. Tom, 23 Young, Te,-fy, 69, 113 89 Wilson, Nancy, 28, 34, 36, 41, 46, 54, Wright, Carolyn, 80 Young, Terry, 27, 28, 46, G9 Williams, Bob, 80 68, 87 , , Wright, David, 81 ' ' Williams, Cathy, 75 Wilson, Patricia, 68 Wright, Jack, 29, 46, 69, 95 Z Williams, Charles, 685 wilson, gichaggl, gg, 68 Wright, Linda, 81, 85 69 W'lLi , D W , 7 ' , im, , W ' ht, R D , 38, wining, Divig,ili::e33 Wiiiiii':11,Dennis,6s wfigne, siileyfgi, 41, 69, 84 Za,Qf18lfaf,'QYf9328f 312 411 'wi 54 Williams, Gordon, 75. 123, 125, 138 Winchester, Rex. 34, 80 Wright, Sonia, 36, 80, 35 Zalohdeii Jbe 80 Williams, Larry, 28, 35, 68, 88 Wxndler, Steve, 75 Wright Terry 13 26 28 46 69 1 ' 75 Williams, Les, 49, 51, 56, ea, 121, 126, Windler, Terry, 68 . ' S 1 2 ' ' Zalwdek, Lanny, 138 Winfield, Dennis, as Wffghtf Tlwmasf 80 13 Zaldouek, Monte, 69 Williams, Penney, 81, 91, 139 Winfield, Mn. Floyd, 23, 122, 138 Wflghfi Tlmi 481 49, 75, 128, 5 Zaloudek, Pamela, 32, ao, 85, 87 Williams, Randy, 41 Winfield, Janet, 80 Wu, Ben, 27, 29, 46, 75, 89, 91 Zirkle, Deborah, 80 Williams, Steve, 35, 48, 81 Winfield, Linda. 75 Wykoff, Roberta, 25, 26, 51, 69, 84, Zumwalt, David, 31, 75 Williams, Susan, 40, 54, 68, 97 Winter, John, 80 87, 89 Zwiefel, Daniel, 80 C l 1 , fl Q Lf"C.Q, CL ,U f, i LQCLZ MQ, Kaya? KZ. 7 .- KX f'1 ,. f ,X fi - , , I QQ Xb , fu if' QQ Q1 N aug MQ, , SCSU ,G 5 0 1 1 6405610775 , F ww 1 - JC Q f :sf 3+ 9 r v ' f X N f C - of y .1 2 Se 381 'Q C 7445 fdczvfl 2 1 ' 7 ' 15 . , tj ' A 'XJ 5 V ' Y Xl 9 ' ' X KN, ,Rig J QfL!iIL?z!f,D! 1 sei if at 5-fi em 1 3 ft?-, A C jg, 5 :Q cotta .B ,V '55 7 X 4 Q fi ' 3 X5 M -a 1, , j ew -Q25 174, 5 aa Q si , -Q x Q i ' Q32 J S E Q27 - -ef 13 , Q LJ , ' - -1 D C' 1 9 7 Q15 ,Y if Sli! 9 ,1 Q5 x , V, 0 LLC, L 441 QQ! 2 'Lf 158 'izzzek Q l'UlXllNl to Xltlll H1 n pltu in line--up lot pietures. lxolirrl lrum'n Plllt l.arry lfvnity anrl Hong Kralin. P. S. Try as l may, the hest all-jertive l van eome up with to rleserihe this past year is "interesting" Some students took it eompletely in stride. sailing serenely through the heetie times. Others ttalie the QUILI. staff for an excellent examplel are still out of hreath. However. not only have the staffers eolleetetl memories, they have Created a few themselves. They'll always spotlight in their own minds the Mhappeningsi, that took plave in hrst hou1'. How ean they forget, There was rewriting eopy the mean ole eclitor-in-ehief was making them tlo lor the thousandth timet well, niayhe it was only the fourth tiniel. .Xml there was posing lor pietures so that the hnishecl protluet loolxeml natural and unposetl. Theylll re- niemher struggling to put stutlents in their proper places cluring picture-taking time and the eternal reeheeking of the index. liut then again. theyill think ol' playing 4'Twister" at the yearbook pa rlies. So, all in all, it has been a great year, one that all ol us will want to rememher and spotlight. The stall and l hope that our effort, the '68 QUILL. will help you. NIAReo f Y Nt S fmt! P 111 11 xorite guitarist, Stew Shields.

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