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gm .M as TQ as . iqggiaiif L5 Lf Qi QW Sf , ' K Q- ,I 'A M M y Am N - Q-S q ' . -Q4 X5 Q ' .,f'5fE? ' K :-- i X M , ..A. --b- S . ' -. f l N W? if 1' -..' . S - w 'S 1' M 53 " . . . '- W . k N32 k'-- VJ k I' A ,... ' : -f,-" f' 1 L -A - ' 1 , - 1 .,,. - . gf! , if P fe - ffswi, W-afbtfs N .S an KA y'?'3m. M' naw' 1 .fw 'lb - . . .,.1.,, I x. -gygfi4ES?ii- ' , -1 Ki- '- " K X - M up 'A Al' ' " 5, , H 5 'L A - 'A 7 n - V . A M ' , f ' LL-g - A ' , T Nl9f.i,'.:'1' 1- ' A X Ni ge 1 W-1 in A 1 HE .- - v, fm ,,, ' . N A H ' M ' f- ' 'Q K ffl 4- - A f .I ,.., .. Q QM -yi-MN - - . M . " xp. K -' 257222, "V 4 'X , -- K 1 7 jfgim K 1 . ,- -f n 'sfzgifw x - - -Q .. '- Q . , - :wr A Q , Q A -. 1 Afxfgfjia . - X ff X -., JMX SLQQQF-Q'-f. , ,, A , 1 X L gk-am, M ' -.pw-A . . . ' m. :L 24:7 Qwxwwfk Qlsr sfi 5 fH+?'23"ff4 , :-:- ::.:TwN .. - - Q x-ff W 341 . - :- - .wi - - gg? X QQ f A me W' Mgyk v X W ,,.:, kykr Q . U g.i'3g- K . s. .sw K vfgqgsfivf K, ,Q , M4 W 'fx be V lf uv ,uf L, ,L wf0'SZl7llfW jg Q -of N N. N' ,AX Y g "' 2' , if , yi-731532-LTN 5 E Zflffilfmf fe5i3'?5ff"M' Wwe Digg' Qfk .si.x,-541 G hr E gi? 6535 ff gf 53 3 3' . 7 1 VW V 35'-E? W'xL'Y Niiwf 3 ffX QW fy N Jbgffcifmv if ' ' 'ps 0. ff A bffwib Rf ' 4 W' Xxx 1 ' VM V WJ iiigsk ' ff" X ' ffgfwikiw Qc n yc! !! , 1 fb - Fw - ' 3 - ' . 1-3 ivi 'ii Q, NJ , M- -,Q-A .1 . A 3 . ' A A .ff ' f .' .1 " xr 'f 1 . :wwf - 4' 'Wav ,N ws- ','Y!1:,,.L rf: . '1"'g'2:?-::k1- F f ' C r gfg-mi., 3 V, V ,, 3 Q.3s.g"1 4 L ? Q.: .1 1f,14H "71wi Liifj A f , s. ,.',"':uIK5 ' W" 44 "' ' "S, ' g '?Ni'1I ' V. 1 . -. I . . 1 ' , . 1, f,z.wLf 59.94 .M . 'QW fu V2 ,fgffylew sw.. 1. ' V ' f?,i,:g..x ,. . ' , . . A iii-gif" ' - ' ' 3f " ' fav-i"H'f , fi - - f'-2"fi- , 'i' ,1z,fU"f v-- .,. f ,I A - 3 -5 fy mg sfvmfxzy bQ,w,DfA ka!! fa-cf 125414 yr 4' ff. ,Z fgff 'T L E: - f-. R -N N S . Q 4 ff! auf W Twiifg WM Q N33 0 O 4 X g,.w9"S 3 3359 'A 3 D 0 S 'A Q W Wjffwiig 3 3jiZ5L'3lbfWgjfQL, ffiZQ Wd, QWJU-x""" E MZ 4 MM KJV ' J -f1"'iW?'y,iffg:A,Lfa 7 ' ' 5' 'J ' 3' Qyrty 15,1195 ji ig'b,pv',u' . JJ ry':7jjJ1' jf MUN U-1.2 LL J LK wigs, Ok N .. if A, ,V -if K E Y S 1 ' a1Fx1v.,'J SUV ' W TO THE yfM4fQHM2UTURE K3L'! f.hJfAWJH PQ, I-QR .,s ,., .. 43 X Q.. N L15 -.f -. N JH 1 55. Q sf, Wx-Q ' xg SQ 4 - X 1 ,f E 1 .11- .f 1 X, W1 ,,,x' ' 1 11 1 '1 I. 1,,1,l -1 yfc , U, VV., fx 1 l x fi 1'l Nb' J 'Q 1 1 v ,L , 1 . VM L, 1 1 KZ '17 f"5"1f ' 1 1 fin' 1 K , 1 ff ML .Lf A H 0 Ag Zi, --pig, E.-1:J,hfL.7dJ srl f11a7 4451 Z2 . Q7 Q f2:,4ffi,1f1e. Y ,U ,Q 5 0 '11 J 1 1 1 V K1 EIT 'Y 'y x 5 X5 11 Cf 525 N fl ,N he 12 Cl H Qi R lv 3 . 1 S Q yy Y,i1 xxx? H 5 w Fl 1 -Q Q X Q ww 1 H x iv-53 NLR? Y Yi Ml xll ,-.Xu XX' HTWH x 1 Q13 'N 3,9 AS PRESENTED BY THE 11 , W 19 ' fx' . .Q K 1 H LN A 1 9 6 O 3 R? , X113 XJ K1 x XL, .1 XJ wx 1 1 ll l l 1 . Q J ,X e ik 1 3 Published Annually by w I3 U.l U.: .1 CLASS DENT STU Members Of The Senior Class my 1 0 X ENID HIGH SCHOOL " x 2 le Enid, Oklahoma O I 4 Volume XXVIIq P, 0 I N A 4 U' 1 'xx O 'XX 'P' K-5- 1 115 X ANW N '-lx N F1 May 1960 V C Q A Q Ax ex W1 ,AQAM 1 M ll fu fl f A qw X I K WK 53 R X one Hx V S X 4 Tx X N N We rx. 1 xx N r. l P, F1 X 5 3 I ,-. 'Y X. Q of 'Q In cheering flwir feam +0 viclory during an assembly. ln experiencing llme use of modern lab equipmenf. Siudenfs Develop Loyalfy U 1,1 In playing af fooflsall af half lime. Thinking, Skills Believing lhal' liberal educalion is 'lhe only key +ha'r unlocks +l1e +ol'al pofen- Hal of any person's menlal, spirilual, and social developmenl, Enid High School facully members and sludenls sougl1+ as many avenues of expression as possible +o insure con'rinued growlh. ln 'Finding new worlds of advenlure +l1rougl'l reading ln solving and explaining a problem. ln preparing and serving delecfable foods. 1!f,. 1' .4 f , , 4 .......... W-,x s - ". 'P f E' gf: 1 sk Q X 3 w ,G 1' P' 1 1 3 'Z i Z I " X? 'Q Q i . 4 's Q is ' 'Q 1 XF I K Q 4 H ik Q ' 'i y I ir 1 M ,G A A D 2 ii 44 'll' N ,f 5 :M N K .ni my iw 0 5 .A 'K V Z4 l QA H I ev' Q ww, 'if G- x fm ww ' 'Wi ,, A X if Q Q. frffh my .N IX if fs 1 X Q Q if lu . A A ' ' k f I f. .f 41 .gk M N 2 L 3 Q W ,f X Q f .If ...- xg x:.,'1. X uf 05 mv Q ww X . si" QX M 1 ,' if ff 'Ex 5 KW' Q , .X . L A i fgw fggxibi XX X . 'il fiiffif M Q In co-operahve preclslon cr mg of Emd Hugh s royalfy XMJRW bfi + f - '::' : , x .b,,.,,, , :.:, I: Izz, 'A Q nn 35 in 'XXX sw? x 1 In growing Hurough confidenc AQUW BS GX changed wifh infimafe friends. sfflwwwn 'iwwxlu DQ kia-gftfk? ,gxlmfhbvy XQAVXQQ' Lgkeflfijx 0'lAJX,4J-6 , 4 in g Q2'Q'AfTfiATNX iLmW1y f A we Ala A 421440, P I fffwwlfpfzm IINTENTS ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY .... CLASSES ..... STUDENT LIFE . . . ATHLETICS .... ORGANIZATIONS . . Page 9 Page 23 Page 49 Page 83 Page 105 DIVIIIIISTIIATICIII G Ftlculiy s+rive +0 improve curriculum and mefhod of insrrucfion for 'rhe complefe developmen+ of each s+uden+. 9 X 1 X 1 .. L , K f L1 If ,V .r"'1 - 1 17"ff ' V r K' v r, k 1 .f'sfr. Jin- 14 Q 1 .rift .ILJC5-KZ! ieff' 1 j 4 ' L K . x vq S' ' Q x. x , 7' Aff C'-L4.f4 . a f V' - ,4 IHC Xl'Sli DR, VARI, XVzrp.g- rurclly, irrfurrnnl msrrrrrvr hrrrr 1-:rw r.r krrrm and rn- t rg In have zrruuml, sturlcrrrs rr rr his visitx In Iirrirl High. Dr. Wagner Shows Interest For Student Learnrng N'l'lCRlCS'l'INii S'l'l'l7Y zrrn- Nlre cl 7 Dr. XV:rgrrt'r', Ivtr, Km-virr, 4, Vhrrs 1' Krug u lll I llllbtllllll rut qtrivt lwfrrrx' frrrrr' zlvtivt' llttlt r r x I 1 UH rrrtfr rrr rrrrxrgrrrzrrw' spurt' shrp, Seven Have Responsibility For Seven Thousand lfnid's Board of Education had an unusually busy year. A new site was acquired immediately adjacent to Vance Air Force Base, and all contracts were let for the construction of a new elementary school. The new VValler .lunior High School was equipped and staffed. Contracts were let for the construction of a ten-rooin addition to the high school. ln all junior high schools and in lfnid High School modern foreign lan- guage laboratories were installed. All these are but a few of the activities that kept the seven board members busy during this past school year. lllenihers of the Board of lfducation trust all patrons share their pride in the Enid Public School System. The Board of lfducation is appreciative of the support the public schools have received. Patrons of the school district have consistently voted the highest possible school tax allowed under present law. All action of the Board of Education is taken in meet- ings open to the public held the first lllonday of every month at 7:30 p.1n. at the Education Building. , . hir. Ted Coldiron Mrs. Betty jane VVykoff Mrs. Edith Pinkerton Mr. Cleo Fisher TED COLDIRON, PRESIDENT, with other members of the hoard and Dr. Carl VVagner, has fun experimenting with new language lah equipment at l7eVVitt VValler junior High. The Enid Board of Education Mr. Raymond Hayes l . Mr. Leon Cook Mr. Allie Paine snnzilitx, sim'ri'v rlforts, :intl lwul- tiship nlvility lulxr s-rule-:in-cl hiin to studs-nts in his hrst XVIII' :ts pruwipail :tt linitl High. Mr. Autry Emphasizes Attitude, Achievement IT? 19' 5' MR. AND MRS. AI"l'RY :intl suinuning cnthusiust so -vi-, look owr i'i-qriiwiiiviits for un upvorning suiin inert in iivli :ill thru- Nllilfl' kvvn llill'l'l'Nl. lutvnscly intc'rc'stccl in stumlcnt ztffzlirs. tlvsiring to tlo thc right tlung, trying to sc-Q' :ill snlcs ot cwri ptohlciu Q'HflilISi2lSflk' :lt :til high suhool cx't'nts, cxvinplilivs U. T .'Xutry, prinfipzil of lfnitl High School. Hr. Autry uoinplvtt-tl his lirst A'i'2ll' :is high schoo prim'ip:ll tluring the l'7:ifJ-00 tcrni, although hc hm previously Imti six years' L'XPK'l'il'llL'i' :is princip:il ot i'ill1K'l' son -llillllll' High prior to thc' :lppointnicnt to his prcscnt wosition. l'rt-vious to that hc hzul haul scx'c'r:1l wars l 1 Q , L'XDl'l'lL'IlCL' :is :ut ltnul High School tnurilty nu-mhcr foothnll vozivlt :intl zltltlctic llil'Q'k'f0l'. ln trying to km-p thosc trzulitious that nu':ln so niuvh to cvcry lfllS stuth-ntg yet striving to iniprova' tht- Chill'- zirtcr, vonaluct, :intl zrttituth' ot t-x'vr'y pt-rson coitm-ctctl with tht- school, :is wt-ll :is 1lYfl'Iilllllgj to the niinutc mlm' tzrils arising front over l-Hill husy people who spvnml 21 gooil tit-:tl of their tinic- :lt ISHS, hir. Autry kept busy long :titer thc hnzil hc-ll hzul rung L-:roll tlziy. Y liivliulc-tl in Air. lxllfft' s tzunilx :irc two sons: Dirk, who is il senior :it Oklzihoinzt State Ui1ivcr'sit5', Sta-vt' who is :I sixth grzulvr :tt Taft, :intl :1 ll1lllQlifi'l', li2ll'b1lI'Il who is tnztrric-tl to ltiloytl Stroup, living in fhll5lllllll'l'lllll' Nui' Klvxico. Tha' Stroups this ycztr Dl'l'Sl'l1fl'tl hir Autry with at gl'1lIi1lil2lllgllf1'l', l,:1ur:l -lczui. Mr. Autry's lc-zulcrsllip abilities :irc just :is vviilm-lit in tht- smooth running of lfnitl High School :is they :irc in his :ihlc coiurnzuul of tht- -l3th Division :Xrtillcry ot the cllilillllllllil National Ciuzirml. lihost- uonncn'tt'tl with lfniml High rcspcct Xlr. Autry tor his trzuiluu-ss, SiIlK'l'l'ify, pzitin-rica' zuul sm-nsc oi' humor Mr. Webb Uses Administrative Tacl Yerssitile in mznn fields, slow to zniger, eager to im- prove lfnid High School in any wan' he czin, iittingly desctihe ll. Wvehh. Klr. Wvehh has heen :it ICHS for toni' years :is eozich :ind znlministi'zitoi', but this yezn' zissnined the zissistant principal position fnll time. As zissistzint to Klr. Autry, Klr. Wvebh attends to the niziny iiivolved details connected with tnnning the school. He innst he pri-p:n'ed to tzike tnll responsibility in lllr. :Xntry's zihsence. His tzlctinl way of llilllklllllgf student- tezlchei' relations inet with merited SLICCCSS. His co-oi'- dinzition ot clziss :ind schedule changes kept school inn ning smoothly. T, .4-If' Two Friendly People Iinergetie, etlivient, and allways eager to help anyone in need :ind immediate attention to the smallest detail set the tone of :ire Mrs. Florence Seott, secretary to the principal, and Nlrs. Enid lligh School :is zi whole and promoted good relations Ulla llnston, zlttendzinee secretary. Their courtesy, friendliness, with the pnhlic. lujf lfffigx' XII. Il:IIIIlIl l5III'kI'lI IIIIIIIIIIIA XII. l'.IIIl Ru NI- Nwll l'IIIIl gg NIV. IIIIII KIIIIIII-Ilx IIlX1I IIIIIII III-IXIIIIIIIIIIINQ XII. NIIIIIIII N IIIIIXIIIN, IIIIIIII II, NI Nlllllll, IIIINIIN, KIIIIIIIIIIIK. III llIIIlII1'x, NI I H IIIIIII ICII-1:1 NIV. lfnlgzu NIIVII- I'. fNI:II'x'iII Nlx- IIN, KIII IIIINII I' MI: IIIIIINIIII KII-IIIII4'lI'xg NI l IIlII'l'll XYIIIIII IIINI 4II'x, lillm I'. IIIIIII-I I3 l'lI.IIlI-N l.xIII'lI, II1IvIlmlxL'l'Il IIIIIII l3fI1:'.' XII: .Ivxwl Riclgr, IYINIIIIIIIIIVI- l'IlIII':IlIIIIIg NIIN II'.I IIl.I IIIIIII- III! ilmlrmml NI1IIIlgvIIIIm'I'x, SIYIIIIINIIQ NIII4'-Ng NIINN IN, l"l+III'III'I- SI'IIII, Rl"'INII"lI" A ' - IN. flIzII'lIw .IlIIIl'N, ICIIglixlI1 INN lqIIII:I XIIILIIII, lCIIglislI. lffflfll lfmif NIIN. liill IIIIN I II, .xIIllI4I'IlII4l' 5l'I'I'K'IJll'N: Nllw lxIIlII'II VIIIIINIIIIIII lil INIIII-wg IW XIllI'I1'I I'XIlIlI'I', liIIxiII4-wg iw XIII' I IIIIIQ Nliw l IIXIIIINN. xv A' , ,vp nv-wr Q9 E. H. S. Faculty oo .,- lIfI Rffilf NIIN. l':IIIl lxlllllll XYIIIIII III I III, XII I IIIIII Illllllll, IIIIXII' I,1llIl"lII'III Xllllvilux' XII. IIIIII XIIKW, :XII 4I1JIllll'.II III Ixx1II-f .Xllllvluxg I. RHlI4'II I,Ill', NIJIVIIIIII' SIIIIII. IIIIIII ICIIILL' 'XII NN I'.llI'II 4IIII'I'll IIIIIIIIII-I Il IIIIIr'I'zIllg NII1 l'.lI NI llll' KIIIIIIII ll:IIIIlg NI ll YIII' IIIIII ILIIIIII l7IIxI'I' l'slII1'IIIIIIII, XIIIIIIIIX' NIIN, I,-IIN I'lIIl'1' I IIIIIN. IIIIIII lx'II-111' . 'XII N, IIILIX lIII'lIlI' l'lIuII':Il l'IlII4"ItIIIII N1 I. R14 XI.IIlIII, XIIIIIIIINQ .XII3 IlI'IlIm'I'I MIIII l':IIIIIII,, NII. 4 IIIIIII, XIII ll:IIxI'x IIIIKN 'XII N xI.IllIlII4 , x NIIIIIIIII, XIII .Il NIIINII1 l IHIIIII lx'fI-755 XIIX. -I:IIII't I-'IIIII X, 5IxiIIIIIIIIIgj NII1 Nlxll Kirk, XIIIIIIIIIIIIIIQ XI IIIII SIIWJIIIH, XIIIIIIIIXQ Klux IXILIIN .XIIII XIl.IIIIN, NI.IIlII'III.IlIIx, 'XIII III- III NIIIIIII, .XIIIIIIIQIII llIxIIIIx. 3 'I'IIfI Rff-111' XII. llIIxxIII'Il IIIIIIIII, l7I IIWIIII' III CGIIiIl:IIII'I'g XII: SI'IIII QIIII l5I'Ix'I'I' l'.nl1II'1IIIIIIIg XII: H, I. .xIlIl'f, I'IIIII'IpIIlg XII: I. II. XI vlwlv, .XMINIIIIII I,IllIllIHll1 NIV. IIIIIIN 5IlIlIlI, .XIIII'I'I' c'IIII Ilistmw. 'l'lIiI1l ICH-ILL' NIH. Illlll Ywigt, SIM-I'c'lIg Nliw lfxn YIIIIIIg, I-fIIglIxlI MIN. lhlxtv l'IIiIIIlI-xtvI' lII"llll'l IPIILI' II-IIQ XII-N RIIIII SVIIII, XI-usuI'IIiIIg, .WIIIIIII Ruxcf NIIX, lxI1ll1l1' NI:IIIlcI IzIIglINlI, FITLIIIINIIQ Nha- IlII1ul III-III IIIQ, l,IlII':II'Ig Klux I4l.II'I-I III-II-IIII NIIIIIII-III.IliIwg Nliw RIIIII NIIIIII1' lXIZlIlN'IlI.lII1'N. ' XI ' ' ' Iiflfllllll Rum. . IN. Xrllu' Nlrl I'L'iII'X IIVQIII :Il QIIIIN, LIIIIIIIIIII1' QIIIIIINI-IIII NIIN. I.IIIjIlI- Spivkm-lIIIiI'I', ICIIIQIINII Nliw KIIIIIIIIIII' lizllw, .Xrlg NIIN. XYIIIIIIII lIv:IIIlNlI'I', lQIIglislIg NIIN. .xllflllllll SIIIIIII, l,.IIiII, SIMIIIINII, mf vw l li N li l.I S ll DEPART- MICNT HAS :ln informal getetogether to discuss meth- otla. SlllI!tlllIALf.' Scott, jen- kins, Milam. Sralr'u': Spick- elmier, Voigt, jones, Young, Manley, lieairtlslee, Poindex- ter. Provrde Students Wrth lfzrctrlty, zul1ninistr:tto1's, :tml visiting personalities, :lt- lortlerl students many new avenues of experience as they trierl to hrozulen the thinking horizon of all of the lfnirl high school stutlent hotly. lfrientlly co-operzrtion of members of the faculty, both hy tlepzlrtrnents :intl oftentimes combining the efforts of several tlepzlrtments, gave un inforrnzrl, trientlly atmosphere in which tztculry :intl stnrlent relationships thrivetl for the hest learning experiences. Constantly in search of the new in etluczttion, learning, :rppronch to stutly, eager for results, lfnirl high school fac- ulty rnenihers never lost sight of the worthwhile trzulitionzrl learning the Dust lmtl provitletl. They served as El hzilztnce wheel guimling stutlents to new experiences with the stability ol proreil scholztrship. lfnitl lliglt School heczune one of three large high schools in Uklzrhornn seeking zulventure in experimenting with the Project 'lizilent Test for stntlents. Schools were chosen throughout the lvniterl States to try the experiment which wars to he inzurguzrrtetl throughout the nation it results provetl xrortliwhile in lintling their tztlent potential. ' ' Opportunities For Growth LT. GOVERNOR UICORGE Nigh, Ur. Curl XXYZIQIIUF, Super intenclent, and O. T. Autry, Principal, enroute to xiswrnh uhere I.t. Gov. Nigh inspired sturlents with his enthusinsm. Nell iil'lD.XNC'li l3lil'.'XR'l'NlliNl lll',Al3, llownr'tl C'hinn, tliscun Project 'lizrlent Test with Nlrs ie N'lei'1'e:1r5, iinitlzrnee fonn selor. ICJXRI. SMITH, MISS Mary Adams, Miss lflnrel llelema, Miss Ruth Nloore, and Mr. llomer Henson trace the mathematical pattern of a missile in lllIU'I' NpIll'1'. VIII-1MlS'l'RY S'l'l'DliN'l'S MARIE goncl use ot the new ' hood yyhich eliminates smoke and ehemieal odors. Marvin Mv- ers demonstrates the hood to the class. -rv ,. . .ft .. - llllz Ilzl Alvin Jlllil the turho-yet engine in partuular interesting to one ol liarl Smith's physics LUUKING UVICR y'ARlol's tools ol their trade are science instructors I'aul Russell, llarolcl Uuekett, liarl Smith, Marvin Myers, and litlgar Michael, I6 classes. I7 l'4 Mathematics forms the trunk anal cleepest roots of the tree of knowledge. From it grow many lesser roots such as psychology, physiology, chemistry, and physics. The leaves anal branches of all phases of engineering, sociology, economics, antl medicine are also protlucetl by this tree. All have their basis in mathematics. The purpose of lfnicl High's mathematics clepartment was to give stuilents a baclcgrountl for growing their trees of knowletlge. lfirst anal seconcl year algebra, plane geom- etry, trigonometry, anal solicl geometry were the courses offered to foster this growth. liesicles teacher lectures anal practical applications in class, movies emphasizing mathematics helped the stutlents to learn to think logically. Space Age lnvades Science Department Test tubes, butterflies, galvanometers, Ohms Law, skel- etons, antl hyclrochloric acicl are all tools usecl by the various sections of the science llCD2lI'fll1K'llI'. lncreasesl world-witle interest in science extencletl to the halls of lf.ll.S. l"ourteen biology classes, five chemistry classes anal three physics classes testified to this fact. Although one year of a laboratory science was requireml of each stuslent for gracluation, no stress was placetl on any specific scientific fiehl, because all were becoming in- creasingly important. liiology stutlents were taught about life anml living things while chemistry stuclents learnetl many chemical effects by experimenting in the motlern, well-equippetl laboratory. Light, heat, electricity, ancl machines were stumlietl in physics classes. Q4 X . 215 .AV-A" 'n F 5 ' -v" 5-4 'ik Qt f 5.3 2. , - N37 ft V i' ,fc L .if S fi' T, 1 1' gk i N' rg , NSTNSE 'L Cfryvg nib .ijr " X 1 J X- N!" , fi, A .Ji :Ji 'QV " I X l i c ff' R' t as X313 1- .9 A. we A X It -4 Ksafijtb. ,JT ju A. . ,, f ax Off SOCIAI, SCIIZNCIC IN- STRVCTORS Bailey Can- trell, Mrs. Tillie Smith, Nlr. Quay Smith, Niiss Nancy VVagner, Harvey Grilhn, and Mrs. Naomi Kindle meet frequently to discuss maps, new textbooks, and better methods of research. Math, Science, Social Studies, leach logic And Reason Learning about other people of past and present cen- turies is one of the most i1I1D0l'f2lllf parts of a high school education. XVith this in mind history instructors worked to inform students about their world. Klr. Quay Smith, American History instructor, new to the lfnid school systetn, became head of the social studies department this year. Another addition was hlrs. Tillie Smith, American History instructor. Both Xvorld History, a sophomore elective, and Amer- ican History, a senior requirement, are taught in Ifnid High. Ciood citizenship is the main objective of the courses. The goal is reached not only through reading and class discussion but through theme writing and with it the use of reference books. A good history student knows enough about his subject to do research for the remainder of the material. All students take at least two weeks of geography, as teachers feel it is as important to know where something is as what it is. Current events is an important part of any social studies course. A student newspaper, complete with test questions on its contents, is a regular part of class work. liy looking at the past and present, students discover their part in the future. DAY FOR PHYSICS experiments finds Mr. Earl Smith and one of his Classes busy working with laboratory equipment, STl'DIliS ARE Tllli rule in the cafeteria early in the morning as many students put into praea tice what they have learned. Nlrs. lit-lxtt' l'oiml4'xtt'i' tlisvuss tht- quziluu-s xsluvli mulls- their spot-t' tlt'P1Il'lllll'Itl om- ol tlw lwst in lltililt u-:urs MRS. INA Llili YUICYI' :intl MISS MAVRINIC MURRUXV vutcrtziius stuclcuts in zlssvm- x with truly piwfvssioiizil tclnwisioli stylc. 'l'lu- music was ipulzlr liltu--singing too!! MAKINCE IYICVISIONS AliUl"l'. Quill Auuuul pivturvs is tulx om- ol tlu' mum vxiru-tl joins ol Miss Ruth Scott, journal- lslll NPIDIISHIH l'Rl-IIHXRINCI :X SIll,l. lilo :tr- i . . N I ll'l' ' I ' ll 5 S ' Speech Department Wins Competitions Spf-coli alt-p:u'tmcut umlvi' tlu- tlircction of Klrs. l'uzi l.c-c Yoigt pmticipzltctl witlcly' in spt-vrll :tctivitics flllitlllglllllllf tllc stzitv. lJl'l't'1'llllIg tlic coutc-sts wt'l'c' tlic' t'l:1ss1'oom activ- itivs iu wliicli stutlcnts lt':1l'm-tl tlic lllllll1l1l1l'llf2llS of lll'l51ll'i', CXTUIIIlT0l'1llll'0llS spcvcli, pzwlizlim-i1tz1i'y p1'occtlli1'c, lluiuorous rvzuling, 0l'1ll'0l'j', pot-try, :uul 1-zuiiospcvcli. 'l'l'2lIltXYOl'li insutvtl many liouots for tllv sfliool along witli ltiillij' llllliYillll1ll lioilots i't'cc'ix't-tl by stiulvuts. 'lilic lu-iglir of llllliVltlll1ll ztcromplisluncnt was I'l'2lCliCtl wlwli tcu spcvvli stu- tlcuts quztliliccl tot' tllc State' Coutcst. Urzinizi tlcp:u'tmc-ut uutlci' rin- czipzilwlc lt-zulc-rsliip of Hrs. Dt-lyrc Poimlc-xtci' pn-sciitctl this yt-:u' tht- llicspizui play. senior play, :tml :ill school play. Among tlicir many :lctivitics ,lllll'SPiZlll 'llroop lllxl, spou- sorctl by Hrs. Poimlcxtcr, liostctl tht- State' Tlu-spizui Cou- vt-ution in lxl2li'Cl1. Ideas Thrive In Art, Journalism Art vlztssvs lllilll'l' tlic tlircctioti ot Kliss Kzttllwim' llztlcs stutlim-tl tlu- iuootls :tml priiiviplcs of :ill tlic tlifft-writ X'Zll'l' ctivs of art. Stutlm-nts ll'2lI'ill'Ll to lll'2lXX', paint, :ultl tlvptll to tht-u' pictures, :mtl ottc-ti took part in tllv ztssc-mlwlu-s. flliss lg2lll'S SllDCi'YlSl'tl t'll'lliCllf1ll'y cliiltlrt-ii in tliv zittctnoons. l,rolW:1l'rly no tlt'p:1l'tim-lit in svliool tlocs mort' work for otllcr tlL'P2ll'I'lliL'liflS projvfts. ililu' BIISB'-l7C'l'lS of tlu' sfliool u'v1'c' tlw AlOlIl'll1lllSIIi stu' mlm-nts llllill'l' tlu- supervision ot Miss Rutli Scott. Tin-3 XYl'l'l' rcspoiisilwlm' for tlw Quill XXI-t-kly :tml Quill Lxllilllill, :uul mzuiy miles of copy luul to lic written, coi'i'vt'tt-tl, st-ut to tlu- printer, min-ctctl signin, :tml st-nt twink to tht- prints-r. At tlu- lirst ot tlic' yczug aimlvziiirvil stutlcuts wwe lousy assist- ing NIV. Mt-Coiikziy iu taking tllc tlil:fl'l'l'ill' class pictures. Stualcuts also joul'ncx't'4l to sawn-i'z1l prvss coi1tci'c'i1t'vs tluriug tliv your. Artistic Talents Develop In Music fllusic at lfnid High consisted of more than just playing or singing. hluch special arranging and many tedious hours ot practice were required. liand members got up with the sun to be at early morning marching practices preceding Tri-State contests. Truly protessional-type programs were given by both. Several different instrumental ensembles were presented on the band concert, while dancing took an actiye part in the chorus program. hlusic added a cultural note to both students and fac- ulty with concerts, assemblies, and contests. The Pep Hand added spirit to many pep assemblies, and the chorus added a note ot reverence to the Christmas and lfaster assemblies. languages Add Culture To Life Highlighting the year tor the foreign languages were the new language labs used in French, Latin, and Spanish. lfach ot these booths was equipped with a microphone, ear-phones, and buttons tor private conversing with the teacher. The lfnid Board of lfducation, under the National Defense Act, spent 215l5,8-l-9.16 on the booths. Foreign language clubs also made their mark on the students. Les Copians, French Club, and Yergilian, Latin Club, held meetings during regular Friday classtime, thus enabling all students to take part in extra-curricular affairs of the department. La junta, Spanish Club, highlighted their year with the annual llexican dinner and several special speakers. IN UNE OF their rare moments of relaxation hine their musical talents. CLARIFYING ANNOl'NC'liMliN'I'S C'ONC'liRNINU hand practice, chorus programs, eo-ordinating everyone's problems, Mrs. Florence Scott maintains a sense of humor and a keen in- terest in everyone. TALKING OVER Tllli problems and delights of teaching foreign lan- guages are Mrs. Autumn Stoner, Miss Addie Fromholz, and Miss Mildred Montgomery. Miss Maurine Morrow and Eugene Uritl'in com- liel lxoger, lharles l..xneh, :intl Nlrs. l.ea lcla lioxle till ont requisitions lor tlllllllljl X l'llI', hooml ln tm nlnng, llkl thc lllllilllllilltll llttlll4'llllllxllll.f prueeclnres, is the respon- Q silvility ol Miss lillen Worrell :incl Mrs. l,ois Xanu. MISS ll.'XZlCl, l'UNVlCRS, Miss Mn- ie eonnnereial mlepartment lor the l'.Xl'l,.'XlNlNff ICNID lllilll Commereial Department teaeh- ing proeemlnres In Mrs. l.ois Clinesmith, new instrnetor, is Nliss llztlel Powers. hnsin eilietl eonrs ill'SllA4' El XYOI' lVhateyer a stnclent's plans for after high school, some eommereial eonrses were important. Those wishing to attentl eollege wonlrl neetl typing antl perhaps other train- ing, rlepencling on the intlix'iclnal's plans antl abilities. Others, who wonlcl enter the business worltl atter their senior year, tonncl shorthansl, hoolclceeping, ancl general hnsiness eonrses valuable parts of their eclneation. Mr. Charles l.yneh, business manager, not only taught, hnt mlireetecl the activity olliee, whieh was responsible for the sale ol the tielcets to almost every lfnicl lligh tnnetion. 'l'l1 paring the stnclent for tntnre jobs. 'lieaehers met with e main objeetiye ot all eommereial eonrses was pre- ess leaalers in the eity antl were intormesl what they ml an employee to know. Vocational Courses Stress Accomplishments Th l'oo1ls, antl Printing. ln these elasses stnclents stroye tor ree other praetieal eonrses offerecl were flothing, king lcnowleclge of eaeh skill. ln sewing girls niacle Clothes for their own wear. A spe- amonnt ancl kincl ot garments was reqniretl for eaeh e. lfashion anal clesign were also stlnliecl. No tlonht eooking is one ot the most nsetnl arts a girl ean learn. Stnmlents stlnlietl not only the preparation of meals, but proper table settings, well-halaneeal mliets, not to mention the line art ot being a eharming hostess. Printing classes macle hall passes, otliee eartls, library notiees, ancl many other sneh things which simplitietl eom- mnnieation in lfnicl high. They also printetl the Quill bi-weekly anml the llolm, a yearly pnhlieation, written in their own clepartment. rlilll' highest goal in these eonrses was not knowing, hnt cloing. Aetnal aeeoniplishments, rather than theory, Illlltli' lllCRlil'fR'l' SlCl'flNl, l'RlN'l'lNCi instrnetor, eleans the presses Uruh - - ' - 1 's. lvelore printing ilNNIt,fllIIll'lll5 lll'i' glYl'll. f' I'Rl'1l'ARlNl . Lui if f ill W ll' ! M YRI. KIRK, sl IEVVICL Ridge, llerhert Seem, Robert Pyle, Torn Kennedy, and Tom Niles discuss the merits of a model house. -ras y Vocational, Business Courses Ofier Job Training Klanual arts and business instruction accounted for a large part of the vocational educational department. Dis- tributive lfducation, Diversified Occupations, machine shop, mechanical drawing, and woodwork were the various fields open in that department. Nlyrl Kirk, Robert Pyle, and Herbert Seem, instructors in woodwork, machine shop, and printing, respectively, supervised courses for students who were interested in that particular line of work as a possible career. 'llonnny Niles taught students the infinite details of architecture and mechanical drawing. -M- .lewel Ridge, DIC, and 'lf A. Kennedy, DO, were re- sponsible for placing students in various business firms throughout the city. This helped each 'student find the job that suited him best with full pay for each hour on the job plus school credit. lfach of these courses provided basic training for each student to become qualified in his particular field with a high money-earning capacity. 'llhe courses were essentially OFF ON HER yearly trip tn Dallas for the Texas-Oklahoma open to those who were not going to attend college. fm,tl,,,H gum, MH Ink Vqmf Wim hr hw ,lirpyuw TAHIJ2 manners they learned in 'in earlier class, are Margaret Hay, Lois Kinkade, Linda Nor- man, Linda llensel, and Dolores Flaming. l'RAC"l'lC'lNii C' U R R li Q' 'I' MAKING l'l,.'XNS FUR giving in- 4, structions in drivers' education, lfloyd NVinlieltI, Scott Ciing, and Norman launli work the model gear si . PRICSIIHNKI AT UNE ol' many teachers' meetings, U, 'l'. Autry suggests new school policies and explains schedules. .. 'K' . , I ' ,'.., x,,n ., i if --2, -,A K -M .- ' F ' ' r - . --'Q Q Drivers Education Fosters Safety sf ' Y 5 ff L' ' To improve driving habits and learn nexv techniques, A iq if 1 'Z 3 2 a drivers' education course was offered to students. Utily l ' il 5 4 requirements were that each student be at least I5 years Q I ' if A E , -Q 5 lil months of age and that he did not have an Oklahoma y 22 MISS ADITIIC l"RUMllUl.Z and Miss Mildred listen lu translations over the new foreign language lahorato equipment. MRS. AIQXNITI' lfl,OXVliRS, girls' syyirnrning instructor, and Mrs. wludy llielele, girls' physical education director display eheerleatler outfits. operator's license. Instructors Scott fling, Norman Lamb, and lfloyd XVin- s held, made use ot dual-controlled training cars to give every person ''behind-the-wheel" experience. lfach instruc- tor had live classes each day consisting of sixteen students. Also of use were a text boolc and the all important Okla- homa drivers, manual. lu addition to the development of sound driving habits, the course covered such things as automobile maintenance, driving maneuvers, and types and rates ot automobile insurance. Phys Ed Strengthens Body and Mind Physical as well as mental and spiritual development is essential for a person to have a complete life. lfnid High's physical education department strove to achieve physical development to the fullest. lfvery student in lfnid lligh was required to have at least one year ot phys. ed. l'nder the direction ot eight competent instructors, the gym classes participated in basketball, baseball, volleyball crossball, and tennis. v Cooperation is a basic element necessary to carry on a successful program. Coordination and poise are valuable assets tor social assurance. liesides s riviug to achieve physical development the Rl.. mc l l ltr . 3 i go sportsmanship an 1 i... . 5 3 As . s S . Z f-Q X el' Q :ggi ..- 'T .1 W -1 .... L .., :iv .. : 'S :ff ,' 1 z f-f T : 'Y z ' ' 1, 'T , : m Q C f l ,U W... -e-. WNW 9 9 'C7 4""1 Stull:-nt I-M13 frllirws lvl! to right uw: licclq llzlrr, V. pres.: lg2ll'lHll'2l XXvlllllI1gIK'I', rep.: Holm Xlvfuy, p1'cs.:L'fn1 mm ll'rm'mrl l'1'::l4, we.: :xml l'r'mIy l'c':1lQ, rl'm':1s. Student Body, Senior Officers lead Competently St'IIl4ll' L'I4mf1rIil-m-5 ll-ir ru rigllr nw: lla-x vrly cll'JlI'lll'1lI'll, wr.: l,m-xy lli'lASt'lllWK'l'Ql'IA tra-us.: -Iulm Neill, pres.: l3:11'l1:11ez1 lfwlllks rep.: mul Ruger lJv5p:ni11. x. pres. Junior And Sophomore Classes Are Headed Well V' .. I, J ,A xhj g f- rs' , . K xy- Q f f 5 lj e ff J 2 -ii Q K' Q fxi ef ll TN 1' , X U gl " ' lf 4 A J N Cf w ll 1 3 Ns, fl X gs ., --1 , 5' , I lv K . l A J, K1 4 J j Xl 'JW Q kLh, il T -Vxw M 'Rl gm 'gfffxv .J I rg veg . A rj l Q gf? - Q1..1 o . I A ,lg ? 3 N3 YA ' I ' Tl ill! ,B SX Qympwyrc 6lflis.xrnlflg'c1'. iFft4tfr91'TEl1t sm :Lugo Ull'l11sc111,AQ-p.g?j:llll? G .'1f, r, sccugxlloll hlgntf, E1-T3 vlililflilxcllz A , pri' ' Um xCx2ll'fllj'll gcmlw-1-Qnmfrfgzls. ? 5 2 fi 45 ' J ' el .gf x, f'xh C E Cf lvl A . r' 'X of be ff , Q-of fs Q 3 f 5 4-3 ii 5 lf J -new 3 172, if N EQ if fiqlf ' l 5 3 ll ll x , ' C- ill, lj , 3? Tj it X" X x V' sy Qi N , X , x-,,,.Y,.,, B e s 'f We 975 K 5' im'Xfj.,x 3 .Is P f .l Q 'QQ ' M 9 . J' -x.-gif, L 'EJ 'Sl kia-1:3 f 3 Q, e 9 lb 5 Q H Q l F ll an R 'Xin 5 A N .X 3 1 ' xl ' , Xi E , TRY. - A , , ,- fr.- 1 l e H Q, A J l 4 J 5 YV I' 1 -lil 'J .2 J NJ Q' ,K a ,K ,fl ,W w jr, 'lx 8 X '-V -f"' 1 .4 Q., Seniors Unlock Door To Future Golden Years Tnfr Rnfw: DON ADANIS-Ifootbzrll 23 Chemistry Club 33 Ilome Room Pres. 23 Physiczrl Achievement Czrrtl 2. SHARON I.EA ADAMS-Oklrlhomu llonor Society 23 Ilome Room Sec.- 'l're:1s. 43 Bnntl 2-3-4. BONNIE ALBIN. BE'Ii'I'Y -IEAN ALCORN. GLAIDYS ALLEN-Bible Club 43 Shutterbugs 2. VICTOR ANDERSON-ILO. Club 4. BRIAN ARNOLD. IDARREI. ARRINGTON-Mixetl Chorus 2-3-4. Sflflllrl Rnfw: RI"I'Il ANN BAKER-Bzrntl 2-3-43 All-Stzrtc IIIIIHI 2-3-43 .lournzilism Club 33 lfuture Teachers 43 Okla- bnrnn llonnr Society 2-3-4. ROBERT BAI.l7VVIN-I.etter- mc-u's Club 43 Trziclt 3-43 I7.E. Club 33 Printing Club 3. CAROL BARNES. DANNY BARTLEY-D.O. Club 3-4. JCDY BATCIIELOR-Brzivettes 2-3-43 Palette Club 43 G.R.A. 2. IJOCGLAS BEECII. KAREN BERG-Brzivettes 2-3-43 Mixed Chorus 3-43 Future Nurses 3-43 Oklahoma Ilon- or Society 4. BILLY BLAIR-Football 3-43 Bzlslietbzlll 3-43 Baseball 2-3-43 Ilome Room Pres. 43 May Queen Escort 4. IIUHIIIII Row: PAT BLANTON-Eootbzlll 3-43 'I'r:rck 2-3-43 Otlice Asst. 3-4. PATRICIA ANN BOOIIER-Ol'I'ice Asst. 43 journzllism Club 33 Future Teachers 43 Band 2-3, Twirling Capt. 4. ROBERT BOON-IVI:icbine Shop 3-4. MIKE BOR- LEE-llome Room Yice Pres. 3. LILA BOYLES-Brnvettes 2-3-43 ILE. Club Sec. 43 Girls' Chorus 2-3-'Itj IIE. Queen Att. 43 fjlililhlllllll Ilonor Society 2-3-4. ,IAN BRACIIER-Brziw ettes 2-3-43 Home Room Sec.-Treats. 23 Ilome Room Yice Pres. 43 Euture Nurses 2-3, Pres. 43 cIlIIiI1llll'l' ont.-Q Asst. 4. GAYLE BRASIIEAR. .IOYCE BRIIJGMAN-Girls' Chorus Accompzrnist 2-3-43 Bible Club Vice Pres. 3-43 Student Coun- cil 43 Future '-IIt'1lt'IIl'l'S 3-43 Oklzrbnmzr Ilonor Societv 2-3-4. COMPARING NOTES AT the lust minute :ire seniors Bob 'I1lIlIlt'II, Kay YV:ilters, Connie Gibson, Betty Deel, Ming VVong, :uid Bob Ilztrt. Top Rofw: ANDREVV BROOKS-Library Staff 4. JI'DY BROVVN-Home Room Vice Pres 35 Bravettes 3-45 D.O. Club Reporter 4. CLIFFORD BFCKMIN- STER-VVoodwork 3-45 Printing Club 3-4. BFDDY BLGG-Lettermen's Club 45 Football 45 Track 2- 3-45 Home Room Pres. 2. NORMA BIILLER- Oklahoma Honor Society 2-3-45 Girls' Chorus 2-3. Swwrlti Ro-un' LARRY BVNDREN-Printing Club 2-3-4. ALBERT BCRT-D.E. Club Vice Pres. 4. PAT BFSH-Home Room Sec. 25 Thespians 2-3-45 N.F.L. 3-45 Future Teachers 2-3-45 Thespian Play 2. SOPHIA BCTTS-Home Economics Club 35 Legion- ettes Vice Pres. 2-3-4, Bugle Capt. 3. PHIL CAREY -Football 25 Delta Theta Pres. 45 Chemistry Club 35 Student Council 2-3-45 May Queen Escort 45 Oklahoma Honor Society 2-3-4. Third Rofw: RAINIONA CARLON-Bravettes 2-3-45 Home Room Sec.-Treas. 25 Thespians 45 N.F.L. 45 Senior Play 4. JOAN CARMICHAEL-Bravettes 2- 3-45 Journalism Club Treas. 45 Aquaettes 2-3, Pro- gram Chairman 45 Aquaette Queen Att. 45 N.F.L. 4. MARTY CARNER-Bravettes 2-3-45 Home Room Vice Pres. 35 Girls' Chorus 2-3-45 Guidance Oflice Asst. 4. JAMES CARPENTER-Delta Theta 4. LINDA CARROLL-Cheerleader 45 Thespians 45 N.F.L. 3-45 Aquaette Queen 4, Aquaettes 35 Pres. 4. Fourth Roms: CAROLYN CATEN-Palette Club 45 Girls' Chorus 2-3-4. VERNON CHODRICK-Mixed Chorus 4. LARRY CHOVVNING-D.O. Club 45 Home Room Treas. 3. NELDA QCHODRICKJ CIN- NAMON. JAMES CLARK-Track 4. Fiflh Rofw: STEVE CLIFT-D.E. Club 35 Printing Club 3, Sergeant-at-Arms 45 Mixed Chorus 25 Boys' Glee Club 25 Home Room Pres. 2-3. JACK CLINE -Machine Shop 3-4. KAREN COCKRELL- Girls' Chorus 2-3-45 Bible Club 3. BARBARA QGRANTZH CUFFEY. Jl'DY CUKER-D.E. Club 2-35 Girls' Chorus 2. Sixrh Rofw: RETTA JO COLDIRON-Band 2-3-45 G.R.A. 35 Future Teachers 4. MARY COLE- Bravettes 2-35 Delta Theta Reporter 45 Home Room Pres. 25 Oklahoma Honor Society 2-3-4. RICHARD COLLINS-Chemistry 35 D.E. Club 45 D.E. Queen Escort 4. VIRGINIA COI.I.I'M-Bravettes 25 D.E. Club 3-4. SITZIE CORPORON-Band 2-3-45 N.F.L. 2-3, Sec. 45 Future Teachers 2, Vice Pres. 3, Reporter 45 All-School Play 45 Thespian Play 2. Sl'1'1'Ilf,l Rofw: LARRY COPELAND-Lettermen's Club 45 Track 2-35 Swimming 2-3, Capt. 45 Chorus King Att. 45 Grade School Reporter 4. JOHN COTE-Delta Theta 45 Home Room Pres. 3-45 Thespians 2-3-45 Boys' State 35 Student Council 2. HCGH CRAIG-Palette Club 45 Radio Club 45 Quill VVeekly Staff 3-45 Journalism Club 3-4. EILEENE CROOK-Bravettes 2-3-45 Chemistry Club 35 Les Copians Sec. 35 Home Room Sec.-Treas. 3-4. JILL CROSS-Bravettes 45 Home Room Sec.- Treas, 45 Thespians 3-45 Oklahoma Honor Society 25 Quill Annual Staff 4. linlrom Rofw: BCD CVNNINGHAM-Palette Club. MARY DALKE-Shutterbugs 25 Activity Office Asst. 3-4. SIIERRY DANIELS-Palette Club 45 Girls' Chorus 2-3. CLAIR DAVIDSON. BILLIE DAVIS-Bravettes 2-35 Les Copians 35 G.R.A. 3. Seniors Are Champions In Trip Rnfw: -IERRY DAVIS-Chemistry Club 35 Printing Club 3, Sec.-Treas. 45 journalism Club 45 Grade School Reporter. SCOTT DAVIS-D,E. Club 45 Mixed Chorus Pres. 45 Thes- pians 2-3-45 Thespian Play 35 Senior Play 4, BETTY DEEL -liravettes 2-35 Delta Theta Sec. 45 Oklahoma Honor Society 25 Student Council 25 Home Room Pres. 2. PALLA DEMING -liravettes 2-3-45 Les Copians 45 G.R.A. 2-45 Activity Ofhce Nsst. 4. ROGER DIQSPAIN-Senior Class Vice Pres. 45 Thes- wians 2-3-45 Debate Club 3-45 N.F.L. 3, Pres. 45 Student Council 4. CAROL CMLIRJ DIENER. RI'Tll DITTMEY- ER-Mixed Chorus 2-3-4. Rl'Tll ELLEN DOOP-Quill XVeekly Staff 3-45 journalism Club 3-45 Future Nurses 35 Quill Annual Staff 45 Band 2-3, Publicity Mgr. 4. More Ways lhan One Srroml Rofw: KEITH DOTY-Delta Theta 45 Chemistry Club Pres. 35 Vergilian Club Pres. 35 Les Copians 45 Thes- pians 2-3-4. DAVID DOVV. SANDY DOVVD-Bravettes 2- 3-45 journalism Club 45 Grade School Reporter 45 Aquaettes 3-45 G.R.A. 2-3-4. SCOTT DOVVNING-Vergilian Club 25 Debate Club 3-45 N.F.I.. 3-45 Library Staff 2. MARILYN DCCKETT-Band 2-3-45 Home Room Sec. 25 Thespians 2- 3-45 Future Teachers 2-3-45 Oklahoma Honor Society 4. FRED DCGGER-Delta Theta 45 Les Copians 2-3. TOMIVIY DLNCAN-Printing Club 2. HERBERT DCVALL-Delta Theta 45 Chemistry Club 35 La junta 3. lglifflllll RIlQU.' BEVERLY DYE-Iiravettes 2-3-45 Les Copians 35 Thespians 2-3-45 Future Teachers 2-3-45 Oklahoma Honor Society 4. DALE DYER-Library Staff 25 Activity Ofhce Asst. 4. PIIIL EARNEST-Swimming 45 Radio Club 45 N.F.L. 45 journalism Club 2, Vice Pres. 4. VVESLEY ECK- HARDT. LORENE EISELE-D.O. Club Pres. 45 Student Council 35 G.R.A. 35 Library Staff 45 Oklahoma Honor Soci- ety 2-3-4. DIANA ELSEY-Delta Theta 45 Debate Club 45 N.F.L. Reporter 45 Quill VVeekly Staff Page Editor5 journal- ism Club 4. ED EMMONS-Delta Theta 45 Thespians 2-3-45 Senior Play 45 All-School Play 3-45 Oklahoma Honor Society 2-3-4. GAYLE EMMONS-Bravettes 2-3-45 I.es Copians 45 Home Room Vice Pres. 25 G.R.A. 35 Guidance Office Asst. 3-4. NOON TIME AT Enid High finds Mrs. Henry Fisher, cashier, being rushed by Karen Berg, Dick Massey, Luana Joyce, Glenn Holt, -ludy Ladd, and Terry Strickler. Top Row: KAREN ERICKSON-Bravettes 23 Home Room Sec. 33 G.R.A. 2-3. SHARON ERICK- SON-Bravettes 23 Activity Oliice Asst. 43 Oklahoma llonor Society 4. DARLEEN EVANS-Girls' Chorus 2-3. JIM EVANS-Printing Club 2. IWIKE FEI.- TON-D.E. Club 4. SITOIIAI Rufw: DELORIS FERGLSON-La Junta 43 Ilome Room Pres. 33 Band Majorette 2-33 Student Council 23 Band Queen 4. DIXIE FERGIISON QIVICRRAYJ-La Junta 33 Palette Club 43 Debate Club 43 N.F.L. 43 Student Council 2. NORENE FERGUSON-Bravettes 23 D.E. Club 4. BOB FIN- LEY-La Junta 33 Journalism Club 43 Grade School Reporter 43 Oklahoma Honor Society 2. RICIIARD FISIIER-D.E. Club 3-43 Band 2. Thirii Ro-ze: DOLORES FLAMING-Bravettes 2-33 Bible Club Sec. 3, Ilistorian 43 Girls' Chorus 2-3-43 Home Room Sec. 33 Future Nurses 2. MIKE FLETCIIIER-Home Room Sec. 23 Home Room Vice Pres. 3. KAY FORSTON-Bravettes 23 Palette Club 3. BARBARA FOI'LKS-Junior Class Reporter 33 Senior Class Reporter 43 Quill VVeekly Staff 3-43 Journalism Club 3, Sec. 43 May Queen Att. 4. LARRY FRANCIS. Fourlh Row: KAY FRANTZ-Library Stal? 33 Oklahoma Iionor Society 2-3-4. FRED FREENIAN. JIM GAGE-Chemistry Club 33 Palette Club 3. JANET GAl.I'SIIA-ILE. Club 3-43 G.R.A. 3. LANA GARVIN-Bravettes 4. Fiflh R0l7.L'.' BEVERLY GEARHEARD-Sophomore Class Reporter 23 Senior Class Sec. 43 Legionettes 2-3-43 Thespians 2-3, Social Chairman 43 Senior Play 43 May Queen Att. 4. JVDY GEIS-Bravettes 2-33 La Junta 33 Band Color Guard 43 Oklahoma Iionor Society 2-3-4. BILLY GERIIARD-Printing Club 3-4. GLORIA GERIIARD. LINDA GHOL- STON-Bravettes 2-3-43 La Junta 33 G.R.A. 3. Sixih Rufw: CONNIE GIBSON-Bravettes 2-33 Vice Pres. 43 Legiouettes Pres. 2, Vice Pres.-Sec. 33 Stu- dent Council 2-3-43 Future Teachers 43 All-School Play 4. KAREN GLANTZ. JERRY GORTON- Baseball 2-3-4. IRENE GRANTZ-Bravettes 43 Li- brary Staff 2-3. CECELIA GRAVES-Bravettes 2- 3-43 Quill VVeekly Stall: 43 Journalism Club 43 Stu- dent Council 33 Aquaettes 4. Sl"L'!'llf,l Rofw: JACK GRAVES-Delta Theta Re- porter 43 Chemistry Club 33 Journalism Club 43 Grade School Reporter 4. PATRICK GRIFFIN- Niachine Shop 2. DARRYL GRIIVIIVI-Delta Theta 43 Chemistry Club 33 Journalism Club 43 Grade School Reporter 4. VVALTER GI'LICK-D.O. Club 3-4. DENNIS GI'TlIRIE-Palette Club 4. IIUHIIIII Rnfw: LINDA IIAGAN-Palette Club 43 Future Nurses 33 Future Teachers 33 Girls' Chorus 2-3-4. MARY LOI' IIAINIPTON-Bravettes 2-3-43 Chemistry Club 33 Student Council 33 G.R.A. 33 Ilome Room Pres. 2. RALPH IIANEY-lVIixed Cho- rus 2-3-4. IIANK IIARBAVGII-Delta Theta Treas. 43 Thespians 2-3, Senior Rep. 43 Quill VVeek- ly 2-3, Editor 43 Journalism Club 2-33 Pres. 43 Quill Animal Staff 4. BECKY HART-Sophomore Class Vice Pres. 23 Junior Class Sec. 33 Student Body Vice Pres. 43 Cheerleader 3-43 May Queen Att. 4. Seniors' Thirst For Knowledge Drives Them On up Rnruu' ISOI3 IIAR'l'-Prirrtirtg' Club 4. DONNA HART .S'r'r'rn1J Rofut' l3ARI.IfNlf IIICINRICII-I3r'avettL's 2-33 l7.li. -lfuture Nurses 2-33 Oklahnma lloriur Sueiety 23 Barrel 2-3-43 Club Chaplain 43 jrrurwialisrti Club 2-33 Oklalinma llrmur Su- Oreltestra Yiee Pres. 2-3-4. CAROI. IIARTMAN-N.I7.I.. 2- Ciety 4. I7OI'G IIIQMPIIII.I.-Chemistry Club 33 Palette Club 343 ,lnurrialisrn Club 2-33 Yiee Pres. 43 Quill Atrriual Staff 33 Prirttirtg' Club 2-3-4. ,IANIIC HICNRY. I.INI7A HICNSICL- ltlitrir 43 St-rtiur Play 43 Oklahoma llrntrmr Sueiety 2-3-4. liravettes 2-33 Girls' Chorus 2-3-43 G.R.A. 3. IYIARK HICN- INNICIC IIASKINS-liravettes 2-3-43 I.a ,lurrta 33 Ixgirtri- 'I'IIORN-Delta Theta 43 Chemistry Club 33 Bllllil 2-3-43 rttes 2, l7r'urn Capt, 3-43 Quill VVeekly Stall 3-43 Oklahoma Thespiaris 2-3-4. YIERLIN IIENTIIORN-I5.0. Club 3-4. utrur Srreietlx' 2-4, JOHN llA'I'I"IICI.I7-Delta 'I'lieta Yiee I.ANI IIICRBICCK-Ilrmrne Room See. 23 Home Rrmum Yiee lres. 43 liaurl Srnpltrrrrirwe Rep. 2-3, Yiee Pres. 43 Quill Annual Pres. 43 Oklahoma State IX-Mrtlzty Sweetheart 43 Tltespiarts Staff I,IltlIHg'l'llPhl'l' 43 Oklalmma llrnrmr Society 2-3-4. LARRY 3-43 May Queen Att. 4. JICVVICLI. IIICRMANSKI-I3ravettes llAXVK-l.etterrnerr's Club 43 liarsketball 43 Baseball 43 23l7.IC. Club 3-4. llrarrrlaer ul Crirnrnr-r'r'e "Bray ul the Maritim" 43 May Queen lsr-nrt 4. MARGARIYI' IIAY-liravettes 43 Girls' Churus 2- 343 lirble I lub 3-43 l'uture Nurses 2-3-4. LINDA HAYICS- lirwrvettes 23 l7.li. Club 'l'r4-as. 43 I.ibrar5 Stall 23 Aetivity lirrllrmr Rufw: LICXY IlICRSCIIISICRGICR--luriiur Class Yiee Olliee Asst. 33 llli, Queen Att. 4. Pres. 33 Seriirmr Class Treas. 43 l7.A.R. Best Citizen 43 Girls' State 33 Chorus Queen 4. MARY ANN IIITIC-Iiaml 2-3-43 Future Nurses 43 Stutlerit Crmurieil 3-43 Guidance Olliee Asst. ,. V3.. 1 4. SHARON IIOI3l3S-Senior Play 43 Office Asst. 4. SCZY IWWL IIOCKMICYICR-l3r:tvettes 2-3-43 I.es Crrpiaris See. 43 Okla- A sf A 4 i"' " huma Ilrmrmr Sameietr 2-3-43 Mixed Chrmrus 2-3-43 Hume Rrnum ' ' ' " 33' ' ' iiaris 33 De 3 Malay Master Crruriselur' 43 Tltespiaris 43 N.F.I.. 3-43 Okla- ........a - sm Iwtna Ilrmrmr Society 4. GLICN IIOI.'I'-IIE. Club 4. I.IiIC HOOYICR-Home Rrmm Yiee Pres. 43 Delta Theta Pres. 43 Burial Pres. 43 Thespiaus 2-3-43 Oklahrrma Ilurmr Society 2- 3-4. LYNN IIOOYICR-Iiartrl 2-3-43 Thespiaris 2-3-43 Student Cuurrcil 23 Future Teaehers 3-43 Oklahoma Ilorirrr Srrciety 2-3-4. TAKING ADYANTAGIC OI? extra sturly time before sehonl e eafeteria are blames Carpenter, Carrilyn I.uffmau, blames Clark, Liritla Nolte, Mike l30rufI3 and Limla Sykura. Top Rofw: JANICE HOVVARD-Chemistry Club 35 Band 2-3-45 G.R.A. 3, Sec. 45 Science Club 2. JERRY IIOVVARD-Palette Club 35 Mixed Chorus 2-3-45 Boys' Glee Club 2-3-45 Printing Club 3-4. FLOYD IIOYT. DOROTIIY HUDSON-La Junta 35 Girls' Chorus 25 Mixed Chorus 3-45 Girls' Glee Club 3-4. JLNE HIITCHINS-Bravettes 25 D.E. Club 4. Srwnltl Rnfw: JOIIN JACK-D.E. Club 2. VECITA QTATEJ JAMES-Home Room Vice Pres. 3. BOB JANTZEN-D.O. Club 45 Journalism Club 4. JI'DY JANTZEN-Chemistry Club 35 Band 2-3-45 Future Nurses 3, Vice Pres. 45 Oklahoma Honor So- ciety 2. GARY JETER-I.ettermen's Club 45 Bas- ketball 45 Baseball 3-45 Student Council 3. Third Rofv.'.' BOBBIE GAH. JONES-Cheerleader 45 Les Copians 35 G.R.A. 3-45 Office Asst. 45 Foot- ball Queen 4. KENNETH JONES-Lettermen's Club 45 Baseball 3-4. LVANA JOYCE-Oklahoma IIonor Soeiety 2-3. BEVERLY KECK-La Junta 35 Band Majorette 2-3-45 Student Council 25 Future Teachers 3-45 Oklahoma Honor Society 2-4. PATRI- CIA KELLY-Bravettes 2-35 D.E. Club 45 Future Nurses 25 G.R.A. 25 Library Stall: 3. Fnurlh Rim.-.' DONNA KELLY-Radio Club 45 Thespians 3-45 Journalism Club 45 Grade School Re- porter 45 Aquaette Queen Att. 4. GARY KEPFORD. BILL KERR-I.ettermen's Club 45 Football 3-45 Home Room Pres. 35 Orhee Asst. 4. MIKE KILLAM -Delta Theta 45 Chemistry Club 35 Les Copians 45 Student Council 25 Oklahoma Honor Society 2-3. LINDA KINDT. Ffflh Rofw: STEVE KINGCADE-Orchestra 2-3-4. LOIS KINKADE-Bravettes 2-3-45 Girls' Chorus 2- 3-45 Y-Teens 2, Treas. 35 Future Teachers 3, Sec. 4. MARIE KIRK-Bravettes 45 La Junta 45 Journal- ism Club 45 G.R.A. 45 Quill Annual Staff 4. LLOYD KLASSEN-Nlachine Shop 2-3-4. FRANK- LIN KLINGENBERG-N.F.L. 3-45 Debate Club 3-45 Library Staff 35 Duet Acting 4. Sixllz Rvfuz' DONALD KOOZER. MARRITA CCIIANDLERH KRAI'SSE-La Junta 35 IIome Room See. 35 Band 2-3-4. GILBERT KROIIT- Palette Club 3-45 Radio Club 45 Journalism Club Entertainment Chairman 45 Quill Annual Staff 45 Grade School Reporter 4. BEVERLY KRCSE- Bravettes 2-3-45 G.R.A. 2-35 Activity Office Asst. 45 Future Teachers 2-3, Program Chairman 4. JCDY LADD-Bravettes 2-3-45 Home Room Sec. 25 Home Room Pres. 45 Debate Club 3-45 N.F.L. 3-4. SI"L'l'7lf1l Roux' DEE LANG-I.ettermen's Club Ser- geant-at-Arms 45 Football 3, Tri-Capt. 45 Basketball 3-45 Traek 3-45 Lil Abner 4. MIKE LAIITER- BACII-Track 3-45 Delta Theta Pres. 45 Boys' State 35 INIay Queen Escort 45 Oklahoma Honor Society 2-3-4. CHARLES LAVVS. RCBY LEAGI'E-Brav- ettes 2-3, Cheerleader 45 Student Council 45 G.R.A. 2-3, Pres. 45 Football Queen Att. 45 May Queen Att. 4. VVAYNE LE GRAND-Mixed Chorus 3-45 Ma- ehine Shop 2. Bflfflllll Roux' ROBERT LESLIE-Football 45 Thes- pians 45 Senior Play 45 All-School Play 45 Chorus King' 4. RICHARD LEVVIS-D.O. Club 3, Vice Pres. 45 Journalism Club 4. JIM I.IEI7RANCE- Delta Theta 45 Oklahoma Honor Society 2-3. I.INDA LINVILLE-Band 2, Junior Rep. 3-45 Band Queen Att. 45 Home Room Vice Pres. 2-35 Okla- homa Ilonor Society 2. DVVAYNE LIZAR-N.F.L. 4. Ih Seniors Boast Best Brains, Brawn, Beauty up Rnfu.'.' BILLY LOCIINER-Baseball 2-3-43 Ilome Room Ires, 33 Ilome Room Treas. 2. -IOIIN LQEVVEN-IIome Roo m Pres. 2-3. DENNIS Ll'CKINBII.I.-Tennis 3-43 Youth Irafhe Court Attorney 3-43 Debate Club 2-3, Debate Capt. 4, espian Play 23 Oklahoma llonor Society 3-4. CAROLYN . 4.4- Il IIMAN-Bravettes 2-3-43 Gym Mgr. 43 Student Council 3 Cl.R.A. 4. KATHY I.l'NN-Palette Club Yiee Pres. 43 Mi Mr. I r 'xed Chorus 'I'reas. 43 IIome Room Pres. 23 Chorus Queen 4. BOB MCC'UY-Sophomore Class Pres. 23 junior Class es. 33 Student Body Pres. 43 Football 3-43 Boys' State 3. DARLENE MCCUY-D.E. Club Reporter 43 D.E. Queen 4. IIIII, MCKEEYER-Swimming 23 Chemistry Club 33 Les Kopians 3. .S'r'r'omi Rufus: LYNN MCKINNEY-Brzlvettes 2-3-43 Quill VVQ-ekly Staff 3, Sports Editor 43 Journalism Club 3-43 Future Nurses Sec.-Treas. 3-43 Oklahoma IIonor Society 4. CIIARLES MCKINNDN-Delta Theta 43 Chemistry Club 33 4-II 2-33 Seienee Club 23 Oklahoma Honor Soeiety 4. MARK MCMIL- LAN-Track 43 Chemistry Club 33 Band 2-3-43 Guidance Othee Asst. 43 Oklahoma Honor Society 4. VVESLRY MADI- SON-D.0. Club 3-4. CECII, MANESS. EDDIE MANIIEI. -Delta Theta 43 Chorus King Att. 43 Debate Club 3-43 I.i- brary Staff 3-43 Mixed Chorus 2-3, Yiee Pres. 4. BOB INIAR -Delta Theta 43 Palette Club 2-33 IIome Room Pres. 2. VIRGINIA MARTIN-Library Staff 2-3-4. Ifnltom Rofw: DICK MASSEY-May Queen Escort 43 Othee Asst. 4. BRIAN MASSIUN-Delta Theta 43 Chemistry Club 33 Debate Club 33 N.F.L. 3-43 Ofliee Asst. 3. LINDA MATHERS-Bravettes 3-43 La junta 43 Student Couneil 43 U.R.A. 3-43 Basketball Queen 4. KAREN MATIIEVVS- Bravettes 2-3-43 Chemistry Club 33 Future Nurses 2-33 G.R.A. 33 Ilome Room Sec. 2-4. CONNIE MAI'CK-Bravettes 23 Legionettes 2-33 Student Council 23 Aetivity Uthee Asst. 4. JEFF MAI'PIN-Chemistry Club 33 D.0. Club 43 Printing Club 3. YELMA MAYER-Band 2-3-43 journalism Club 23 Future Nurses 2-3-43 Library Staff 2. BARBARA MAYN- ARD-Bravettes 3-43 D.0. Club Ilistorian 4. YOI"RE NOT SEEING double. It's just Enid IIigh's two sets of senior twins, Karen and Sharon Eriekson, and Lynn and Lee Hoover. Tojv Ro-zu: LYNN MEECH-Baseball 2-3-45 D.O. Club 35 Printing Club 2-3. ROBERTA MERCER- Bravettes 2-3-45 La Junta 45 Chorus 2-3-45 Future Nurses 2-3-45 Future Teachers 4. BOB METZ- Printing Club 3-45 Activity Othce Asst. 4. BRVCE IVIILLER-Palette Club 45 Radio Club 45 Student Council 2. JERRY MILLER-Delta Theta 4. Srrrnrtl Rofw: JOY MILLER-Bravettes 2-3-4. JI'DY MILLER--Bravettes 2-35 D.E. Club 3-4. MIKE MINTER. CARL MOORE-Lettermen's Club 45 Football 4. KEITH NIOORE-Delta Theta 45 Thespians 2-3-45 N.F.L. 3-45 Boys' State 35 Okla- homa Honor Society 2-3-4. Tllirtl Rofwf TOMMY MORGAN-Palette Club 3-45 Radio Club 4. VIC MORRIS. BEVERLY MI'IR-Bravettes 45 Thespians 2-3-45 G.R.A. 25 Nlay Queen 45 Oklahoma Honor Society 2-3-4. GORDON MI'IR-Delta Theta 45 Chemistry Club 35 Mixed Chorus 3-45 Boys' Glee Club 3-45 Boys' State 35 Oklahoma Honor Society 4. JIM IVIUNGER -Palette Club 45 Home Room Vice Pres. 2. Fourfh Rofw: A. G. MCRRAY-Baseball 45 La Junta 45 Exchange Club Boy of the Month5 Journal- ism Club Program Chairman 45 Grade School Re- porter 4. EVERETT NAY-Home Room Vice Pres. 25 Activity Office Asst. 4. JOHN NEILL-Sopho- more Class Treas. 25 Junior Class Treas. 35 Senior Class Pres. 45 Delta Theta 45 Oklahoma Honor So- ciety 2-3-4. GERALD NELSON-Palette Club 45 Printing Club Editor 45 Printing Club 3, Pres. 4. DARLA NEVVBERRY--Bravettes 2-3-45 G.R.A. 25 Activity Oflice Asst. 45 Future Teachers 2-3-45 Okla- homa Honor Society 3. Fifth Rufw: JCDITH NEVVINGHAIVI-Bravettes 2- 3-45 Legionettes Bugle Capt. 3, Pres. 3-45 Oklahoma Honor Society 2-3-4. LEROY NEWMAN-Home Room Pres. 35 Delta Theta 4. SANDRA NEVVSOM -Bravettes 35 Legionettes 2-3, Pres. 4. JERRY NICHOLS-Quill VVeekly Staff 3-45 Journalism Club 2-3-45 Grade School Reporter 2-35 Science Club 2. LINDA NOLTE-Bravettes 2-45 Girls' Chorus 2-35 Mixetl Chorus 45 Home Room Sec.-Treas. 3-45 Home Room Pres. 2. Sixth Rnfw: RONNIE NORTH-Home Room Pres. 2-45 Lettermen's Club Reporter 45 Drum Major 45 Boys' State 35 Senior Play 4. GAROLD OBERLEN- DER-Delta Theta 45 Chemistry Club 35 Home Room Vice Pres. 45 Student Council Rep. 25 May Herald 4. VEVA OLBERT-Oklahoma Honor Soci- ety 2-4. VONDA OLDHAM-Bravettes 3-45 Ver- gilian Club Vice Pres. 45 Thespians 2-3-45 Thespian Play 25 Chorus Queen Att. 4. BARBARA O'NEIL -Chemistry Club 35 G.R.A. 2. Svfvrrzfh Rofw: GARY ORINGDERFF-Student Council 4. PATTY PAGE-Bravettes 2-3, Reporter 45 Radio Club 45 Thespians 3-45 Debate Club 2-35 N.F.L. 2-3, Vice Pres. 4. BEVERLY PALECEK- Thespians 2, Junior Rep. 3, Vice-Pres. 45 N.F.L. 3-45 Girls' State 35 All-School Play 35 Oklahoma Honor Society 2-3-4. DICK PALMER-Lettermen's Club 45 Football 2-3-45 Palette Club 4. SHARRYL PAL- IVIER-Girls' Chorus 2-3-4. Bolton: Roux' FRANK PARHAM-Delta Theta 45 Chemistry Club 3. CAROL PARKER-Bravettes 2-35 Ilome Room Treas. 45 Thespians 2-35 G.R.A. 25 Activity Otlice Asst. 4, EVANGELINE PARKER. GLENDA PARSON-Bravettes 25 D.E. Club 45 Le- gionettes Bugle Lt. 2-3-4. RICHARD PASH. Seniors Take Pride In iheir Varied Activities Tuff Rufuz' RACIIICI, PATRICK-Bible Club 3-45 Girls' Cho- rns 35 G.R.A. 2. ,ICDI PATTICRSON-Iiravettes 2-3-45 La Alnnta Reporter 35 Quill VV1-ekly Staff 2-3, Page Editor 45 Grade School Reporter 3-4. I,INDA PATTON. FORIEST fI"ROS'I'YJ PICAK-Student Body Treas. 45 Thespians 2-3-45 Debate Club 3-45 N.lf'.I,. 3, Treas. 45 Boys' State 3. DO- LORICS PICARC'IC-Iiravettes 2-35 G.R.A. 25 Aetivity Ofhee 45 Home Room See.-Treas. 25 Iiand Color Guard 4. ROGER l'liMISICRTON-Ilorne Room President 25 Home Room Sec.- 'l'rvas. 35 Home Room Viee Pres. 35 Home Room Sec.-Treas. 4. IVIARVIN PIQNINGICR-D.O. Club 4. -IACQFELINE l'I'iRIClIM-D.O. Club 45 Girls' Chorus 2-3-45 Library Staff 2-3. Srrorzrl Rnfw: R. J. PIIILBRICK-D.O. Club 45 Machine Shop 3-4. MAC PLCMMIER-I.ettermen's Club Pres. 45 Football 3, Tri-Capt. 45 Basketball 3, Capt. 45 Baseball 2-3-45 Student Couneil 4. GIIJSERT POPE-Band Quarter Master 2-3-4. JIM POPE. DVVAYNE POSIEY. KAREN POTTER -D.O. Club 4. CAROI. ANN POTTS-N.F.I.. 3-45 Thes- pians 3-45 Debate Club 3, See. 45 Best All-Around Speeeh Student Award 4. CLACDIE POVVELI.-D.O. Club 25 Thes- pians 45 Braves 25 Thespian Play 2. lfnllunr R0-wi DON PROCIIASKA-D.O. Club 4. DAVID PROCTY-Delta Theta 4. CUNNIE PROVOST QPEAKJ- Student Body See. 45 Bravettes 2-35 Thespians 2-3-45 Student Council 2-35 Oklahoma Honor Society 2. -IIM PVRDCE- Baseball 25 D.If. Club 3-45 Radio Club 3-4. ,IOYCIC QVICK -Bravettes 2-35 journalism Club 45 G.R.A. 25 Bible Club 45 Home Iiennomies Club 3. ANNICTTIC RAIIM-Les Copians 35 Band 2-3-45 Orchestra 2-3-45 Future Teachers 2-35 Okla- homa Honor Society 2-4. RAYINIOND RAYBOCRN-Delta Theta 45 Chemistry Club 35 Orhce Asst. 45 Seienee Club 2. DONNIE RIQFSIER-Student Couneil Rep. 3. FRIENDSIIIPS ARIE S'l'RIENG'l'iIICNliD when students have informal get-togethers. Taking time out for a enke are Retta Coldiron, Fred Duggerg jerry Gorton, Sandy Newsom, and Gary Young. Top Rofw: MARY LOU REINHART-Chemistry Club 35 Girls' Chorus 2-3-45 Future Teachers 3-45 Oklahoma Honor Society 4. GAYTHA RHOADS- Bravettes 2-35 D.O. Club 45 Student Council Rep. 25 G.R.A. 3. BETTY RILEY-Home Room Sec. 25 G.R.A. 4. JONI ROBERTS-Bravettes 2-3-45 Home Room Sec.-Treas. 2-35 G.R.A. 35 Basketball Queen Att. 45 May Queen Att. 4. SYLVIA ROBERTS. Srmml Rnfw: KAY ROBERTSON-La Junta Pres. 35 Student Council 3-45 G.R.A. 2, Sec., 35 Home Room Pres. 25 Oklahoma Honor Society 4. BEV- ERLY ROE-Band 2-3-45 G.R.A. 2-35 Future Teachers 2-35 Band Queen Att. 4. BARBARA ROVVE-La Junta 35 Band 2-3-45 D.E. Club 45 Fu- ture Teachers 2-3. FORD RCSSELL-Track 45 Del- ta Theta 45 Oklahoma Honor Society 2-35 Guidance Ofhce Asst. 4. PAT SAILORS-Home Room Vice Pres. 35 Ilome Room Sec.-Treas. 45 Thespians 2-3-45 N.F.I.. 2-3, Reporter 45 Girls' State 3. Third Rufw: DAVID SCHAFFITZEL. LINDA SCIIEI'LEN-Bravettes 2-3-45 Mixed Chorus 3, Li- brarian 45 Girls' Glee Club 2-3-45 Thespians 2-3-45 G.R.A. 2-3. DAVID SCHROEDER-Printing Club 45 Band 2-3-45 Hi-Y 2. EDGAR SCHROEDER. BETTY SCHI'LTZ-Bravettes 2-3-45 Girls' Glee Club 2-3-45 Mixed Chorus 2-3-45 G.R.A. 2-35 Cho- rus Queen Att. 4. Fourth Rofw: CAROL SCHVLTZ-Bravettes 2-3-45 Student Council 35 G.R.A. 4. VANOY SCHULTZ- Mixed Chorus 4. MARVIN SEBOIIRN-Delta The- ta 45 Chemistry Club 35 Science Club 2. HERBIE SEEM-Basketball 3-45 Baseball 2-3-45 Home Room Pres. 25 Home Room Vice Pres. 3-45 May Queen Es- cort 4. SHARON SEIDL-Bravettes 2-3-45 Home Room Sec.-Treas. 2. Fifth Rofw: BARBARA SEMRAD-D.O. Club 45 G.R.A. 2. CAROL SHAFFORD-D.E. Club 4. EUGENE SHARP-Football 3, Tri-Capt. 45 Basket- ball 3-45 Track 2-3-45 Home Room Pres. 45 May Queen Escort 4. SHARON SHELLENBARGER- Girls' Chorus 2-3-4. DIANNE SILBERBERGER- Bravettes 2-3-45 La junta 3-45 Future Nurses 2-35 Girls' Chorus 2-3-45 Future Teachers 4. Sixth Rofw: CAROLYN SMITH-D.E. Club 3. KENDALL SMITH. JESSIE SOUTHERN-Delta Theta 45 Boys' Glee Club 2-3-45 Mixed Chorus 3-4. TOMMY SOVVLES-Delta Theta 4. DEAN SPAVLDING. S'1'fv1'nfl1 Rofw: AI.I.EN SPEARS-Football 3-45 Baseball 3-45 Band 3. G. G. SPEELMAN CVVEL- DONJ-Bravettes 2-3-45 Oklahoma Honor Society 25 Home Room Pres. 25 Mixed Chorus 3, Sec. 4. JERRY STEPIIAN-Swimming 35 Delta Theta 45 Chemistry Club 3. LA VONDA STEVENS-Actiw ity Oflice Asst. 4. VV. STEVVART-Delta Theta 45 Vergilian Club 25 Home Room Vice Pres. 2. Boflom Rofw: BILL STITH-Chemistry Club 3. NANCY STOGNER-Bravettes 2-3, Pres. 45 Thes- piaus 2-3, Senior Rep. 45 Quill VVeekly Staff 3, Page Editor 45 All-School Play 3-45 May Queen Att. 4. SANDRA STONER-Library Staff 4. RITA STORY-Y-Teens Treas. 25 Home Room Pres. 3. SUE STRANATIIAN-Cheerleader 45 Quill VVeekly 3, Associate Editor 45 Student Council Rep. 3-45 Football Queen Att. 45 Basketball Queen Att. 4. Seniors Celebrate Graduation With Joy, Tears Tuff Rnfw: TICRRY STRICKLICR-Ili-Y Club 2. DUN S'I'RI'NK-Sturleut Couueil Rep. 35 D.Ii. Club 3, Pres. 45 Ilorne Room Pres. 4. DAVID STl'ART-Printing Club 4. l3Ii'I"I'Y SI'I'I'S-liravettes 2-35 Orchestra 2-3-45 Baud I.ibra- riau 45 Stucleut Couueil Rep. 25 Senior Play 4. ,ll'DY SVVIG- KIART-liravettes 45 Les Copiaus 45 Quill VVeekly Staff Ex- ebarrge Iirlitor' 45 'lourualism Club 3-45 Library Staff 2. NVANDA SVVINNICY-I.a -luuta 3. LINDA SYKORA- liaurl 2-3, Publieity Mgr. 45 Ilome Room Viee Pres. 25 Home Room See. 45 Oklahoma Ilouor Soeiety 2. DIOLIQNIC TIERRIEI. -liravettes 2-3-45 Rarlio Club 45 Thespiaus 45 journalism Club 4. gil lkrvft Sfwrrnd Row: DARLIENE THOMAS-Band 2-3-45 Activity Ofhee Asst. 3-45 Future Teachers 4. JOE THOMAS-Letter meu's Club 45 Football 25 Trnek 2-3-45 Home Room Pres. 2-45 Mixed Chorus 2-3-4. JUDY THOMAS-Bravettes 2-35 La ,Iuuta 25 Aquaettes 2-3, Treas. 45 Othce Asst. 4. MARILYN TIIURP-Bravettes 2-3-45 Thespians 2-3, Reporter 45 Quill VVeekly Staff 3-45 Senior Play 45 Oklahoma Ilonor Society 3-4. ,IVDY TOVVRY-Iiravettes 45 U.R.A. 4. ,IUVITA TRAY- NOR-Bravettes 2-35 Legiouettes 2-35 Home Room Pres. 25 G.R.A. 25 Aetivity Uthce Asst. 3-4. KAREN TURNER. GARY I'NRI'lI-Basketball 3-45 Boy of the Mouth Exchange Club 45 Olhee Asst. 4. linllom Rufw: MILDRICD I'PTON-liravettes 25 D.O. Club 45 Future Nurses 25 I.ibrary Staff 25 Orchestra 2-3, Chaplain 4. ULADYS VAN VRANKIEN-Orehestra See.-Treas. 45 Fu- ture Nurses 3. CAROI. VVALI.-Delta Theta 45 I.es Copiaus 35 Iiaucl 2-3-45 Orchestra 3-45 Future Nurses 3-45 Oklahoma llouor Soeiety 2. MIKE VVALSIER. KAY VVALTERS-Hraw ettes 2-3-45 I.a ,luuta 35 U.R.A. 3-45 Olhee Asst. 3-45 Future Teachers 3-4. MAX VVALTUN. VICLDA VVARKENTIN- liravettes 25 Ul'l'ir'e Asst. 3. ARVIIIA VVATKINS. SVZIIE CORPURON, IEILICIEN Crook, Niarviu Peuiuger, Mary Cole, Suzy Iloekmeyer, aucl Kenny jones find a eommeut humorous before Class starts. Top Ro-w: JEANETTE VVATKINS-Y-Teens 35 Library Staff 2-35 Oflice Asst. 4. JOYCE VVAT- KINS-Girls' Chorus 2-3-45 Library Staff 3. CHERI WATSON-Bravettes 2-3-45 Radio Club 45 Thes- pians 2-3-45 N.F.L. 4. MABEL VVATSON-Braw ettes 2-3-45 Mixed Chorus 2-3-4. Srfoml Rnfw: KAY VVEBB-liravettes 2-35 D.E. Club 4. I.ARRY VVEDEI.-Home Room Vice Pres. 2, VVARREN VVEIR-Chemistry Club 35 La Junta 35 llome Room Vice Pres. 25 N.F.L. 45 Senior Play 4. PIIILLIP VVELDON-Mixed Chorus 35 Boys' Glee Club 35 Printing Club 4. Third Rocw: STELLA VVHEELER. DON VVHIT- TENBCRG. MARY KAY VVILBLRN-Bravettes 3-45 Future Nurses 3, Program Committee 45 G.R.A. 2-3-4. ANNE VVILLIAMS. Fourth Rofwf JOYCE VVILLIAMS-Palette Club 3- 45 Girls' Chorus 2-3-45 Library Staff 2-3-4. MARI- LYN VVILLIAMS-Girls' Chorus 2-3-45 Library Staff 35 Activity Ofhce Asst. 45 Oklahoma Honor Society 2. PHILIP VVILLIAMSON. ROGER VVIL- LIAMSON-Les Copians Pres. 35 Youth Traffic Court Attornev 3-45 Thespians 2-35 Pres. 45 Thespian Play 2-3-45 Oklahoma llonor Society 2-3-4. Fiflh Rnfw: DELORES VVILLSHIRE-G.R.A. 3. SITE VVILSON-liravettes 2-3-45 D.O. Club Sec. 45 Home Room See. 35 Girls' Chorus 2-3-45 Library Stail: 2-3. BOBBY XVINFIELD-Lettermenls Club 45 Football 25 Basketball 25 Track 35 D.O. Club 4. BRIAN VVINKLER-Football 2. Sixth Rofw: RITA VVITHERS--Bravettes 2-3-45 Palette Club 45 Thespians 2-3-45 May Queen Att. 45 Oklahoma Honor Society 4. BARBARA VVOLF- INGER-Student Body Reporter 45 Thespians 2-3, Sec. 45 Girls' State 35 Chorus Queen Att. 45 Okla- homa llonor Society 2-3-4. MING VVONG-Activity Oflice Asst. 4. DONNA VVOOD-Bravettes 45 Stu- dent Council 4. Sffvfnih Rofw: LEE VVOODS-Football Mgr. 25 Delta Theta 45 Chemistry Club 35 La Junta 35 Of- fice Asst. 4. JACQCE VVOOLMAN-Bravettes 35 Palette Club 35 Journalism Club 45 Quill Annual Staff 3. BOB VVRIGHT-Football 2-35 Track 2-3-45 Printing Club 3-45 Oklahoma Honor Society 2-4. BOB VVYAFIVI'-Football 25 Palette Club 45 Thes- pians 2-3-45 journalism Club 45 Grade School Re- porter 4. Iivllom Rofw: SHERRY YADON-liravettes 2-3-45 Student Council 45 G.R.A. 3-45 Otlice Asst. 3-45 Fu- ture Teaehers 4. GARY YOCNG-D.E. Club Histo- rian 45 D.E. Queen Escort 4. SANDY YOI'NT- Bravettes 2-3-45 La junta Reporter 45 Home Room Sec.-Treas. 45 Quill VV:-eklv News Editor 45 Quill Annual Staff 4. LINDA ZALOCDEK. 'Il1jvlx'afw.' IIl'ZlI'lIiII'L', Iilfwkculski, lim-null, IIl'IlIg.ft'lIIIlIl, C'ulIins, Srfrnnl Rnfw: IILIIIRITKI, Buss, IivI4'Iwr, Amtill, .NIi'X1IlIlIl'I Harm-s, lim-sc, linlwuvk, Iimvlcs. Iirzlrkcn, Ii. Iizlkcr, Iiish, xl. AIlw1'igI1t. Thilul Ifufzc: 'I'. .xI1'IIIllN4lll, bl. Allvn, Iizlggm-tt, U. :XIII-n, Iivnt- liullnm Rofw: I'. Iicm-ditti, I.. IIIIIQCF, C. ISL-m-ditti, IIVZINIICRII' lm-lx, R. .'XIlwrig.:I1t, Iixlilvy, Iiznrtlvy. Ainsworth, Iicvklmaun, Atkins, I.. .'XtcI1imu11, Iiuhh, Iiittnvr. I I f . l S 5 - - 4. ... l Q A 'l'uf1 linac: lirittfm, 4':1mplu-Il, i':1stvn', Iilfwk, Ham-N, -Izwk Fur- .N'ff1111.I Rrmc: II. lirmvn, Clay, IC. cIII1lIIlITl'l'S, C'Iim', Hull, Vul- lnll, R. IIN-xu'l', UNIV, UUIIIIIN, Igfllllf. Iicr, cIlIIHII, Butts, f'ufI'Il1, C'11Im's. 'I'!1ir.l Rnlux' f'Il'Yl'IILf4'l', I.. QIIIIIIIIIUUIN, K'I1zlm'c, C'Iwwning, llullnm Rvfuz' P. Iircxwr, QIIIFISIUZIII, l'Iu-nmu-tI1, cIIII'SN'IISt'll hlgwqus-Iran I':nrmll, Vzlw, fIJll'NIL'IIM'lI, Iirvitclmkxlrnp, fxllivzls, Iirmxks, C'I:lrkc, Iiullm-r, C'uInIirnn, fIIII'ISIl'IISk'Il, If. Iirmx 11. c'1lIIl. 'l'ufw Ie1l'lL'.' Allrul, Daily, D. Dxllrymplc, Duffy, Cnslwy, ICQIA .S'mrnnl Rolux' CIIRIIIIPIU, If. C'rnwfnrmI, Dillslixw, lick, Iicam wzrrcls, R. I'r:luIvn'1I, I,L'IIIIIN, Funk, Collin. -I. Daly, C'1u'nisI1, Iialtun, V. Davis, Vriu-s, ID, Davis, 'l'l1lrul Rr11u'.' Ilutlun, Vwml, II1'l'Iil'I', Vulp, I.. IIRII, Durllzlm, lfllfffllll Rnfw: I"cucr, cIl'1ll'Ill'1ll'lI, Dupus, KIUYZIIT, Cmw, Dutx IIlbIlIll'IIl'I, CIIWBNIIII, C'npm-Inml, V. II1lII'jlIIPIl'. Iluckett, C'1':lnd:llI, Ii. Davis, I.. Davis. I I v s. T S v Taft Row: lilliutt, lintrilwn, lfcst, ligclstun, Fields, Franks, St'1'rnztl Rufw: lflarning, Fnnlks, G. Clztlushzi, Clzirrt-tt, l'lI'1llll'l' lisltltlis, Ort-1-i', llzitlit-ld. Fenity, Finley, ciZlTl'll5lt', -I. llult, lluffmzin. Tlrirtl Roar: U. ligvlstmi, cilllll1lTU, Fcntress, Unltlslwrry, Iinllom Rnfw: lledrivk, Hayes, liiselu, Frye, lfrwtsuli, lillllflll, Cinlwr, lfzlir, livers, I7. clZlllISl'lIl, limivk. C. Holt, EVIIIIS, Freelnve, Guthrie, llnxs. They Are Neither The Shyest Nor The Boldest U1 Tufw Runs: Ciltfft-y, llinklv, llicks, lluisingtnn, lleinrichs, Iles- .S'frru1J Rofwf li. Ilzirmun, llululis, llollrmny, ll:n'kwtn'tli, sur, ciI't't'I', llunnckv, lltlfflllllll. Clreell, llnllwrt, Clritz, llalwkins. Tllirtl Rum: Guthrie, Uumlniglit, llelitlerscm, llxislmmnk, llur- Iinlfnnz Rofw: jenkins, D. hluncs, Krcplin, Kirkpzitrick, lla-nn, lmur, lluuskzx, ll1lj'L'S, llllllIHYSlf, Gilwsnn. llughes, Kirkhztrt, A. Jones, Kllflilll, l.. llllI'IIllJTl, Kent. 4 Twp RMC: ll jzinzvn, ,l. -lulinsun, Kilt-, Alzxcgcr, Kitvlien, llnrnc, llultlcn, -Tum-s, ylcnlink, A. blulinsnn. T S1'1'fIllt1 Rum: llungli, Kmmns, llnstrwn, G. ,lzinvt-n, K1-lly, Klin- wcr, loriu, li. -I4llll1StllT, ll llnpper. him! Rune: l.:nnlw, Nlllllli, Lewis, l.:lvic'ky', Massey, I,f'2ll'l1Il'l1lll, 5, 1 ming., luppvr, Kinnisun, Kits- IHTIIHTS,lx1l'Hl'lHlTl1,lXtCcllt'llllTl. singer, I.c'G1':lncl, Lzlytun, Luwcllcn, lklfiinirc, Lflllllllllflll, MVA lx1JlllL'lUlll. lillffllfll Rrm.:.'.' llnfhes, K'tt-" Y, K. l 39 M - .1-. 5 ,,., V i W " 14 f. ,L J new rig 'V w Wm Inf, Ifnfzc: ixiilI'iiIlli1liL', ixittI'L',X, l.llI'f.fl', l,:iuytAi', N1i'l7m1:llcl, Swflzllil Rrfqcx' Klllllll1l'ii, NICIIUN, ixi1lIilt'HN, C. Nim'i'im, Ki. Niqidiinx, Mxixwx, I,nvt-ll, Kilpzitrirk, Mzittln-tw. N131-rs, liym'h, Inu-l:it'v, Nlnxcy, Niviwn, l.indxaty. 'liiril It'nf1L'.' Krttw, Uriiugxlt-rif, Nlalxiialrti, Nvucil, S. Myvlw, Ifllfffllll RIMS? M5g.!t':l1it, Uxlklcy, Nim'piu'w, hitwwc, I.. 5lUl'I'UU, N1-uttm, Ulxlml, Yanni, Nm, Ulu-i'lviith'i', Mtntia, Muiiinx, M. Mxirtiti, Muir, R. Mztrtiii, Juniors Find ihey're Caught Right In The Middle Inf Ifnac: Przitf, Nt-Iwii, I'l1iiikt-tt,Nitv1l:ix, Rulwimmm, Urhistm, Snrnnl Rnlux' U'Dcu, l.m'v, illllliiy Murray, Y. PilllHlIll'l', 'Xifii':iii, Niwu, Mmt-r, l':iintim. l,k'Il'l'NtlIl, ix1HSK'il'f, l,cnnun, Paris, l,2llIl'I'54tIi. 'lnnl Rims: K. l'itiimm'i', N, l':l,xm-, Rxiztiimicig P. i':ly'm', lfnllum Rnfux' Russ, l't'mlict.m, Ritvhcp, Nivtwilctg Nliih-r, R115- Rt-zum, Rt-vttiig I':ittt-ii, Rih-y, Nivrritt, Nh-vk. inumi, Rt-givr,Ru:trk,Uil1n,Pcztk. 'l'uj- Idrmx' Si1i'im'Ix, Skaggs, 'If Rll1.fl'l'N, K, Smith, Sttiidcvaliit, .hvffllllil Rims: Ril'h1ll'li50Il, Rivgvig Svlu-i'ci', Ricliry, Slwrva, Niiimwn, Mi-Ni-iii, St'ii:ivtt-r, Salim-, Si-mt. Rvwli, Bert Smith, D. Rugurs, Strain, Rvws. l'li1r'il lffm-: Strivklvr, Slivtiivlti, Straw-t, Stt-4,51-tnnii, Surninvy, Iiullnm Roar: Simintmw, Shrivvr, St'hillt'i', iivi'iiit'v Smith, if Stfiiit-livwlwig Sfmrrk, S. SittIll'il4N'ht'I', Spzirkvs, Stzuidm-rtt'r. SL'hIlK'h, Rlllllillii, SIl4lNlil'll, M. Rmigws, l'1iyliv, Ptlixiiw. s Q Tap Roux' VVhitzlker,Trum:1u,R. l'mherger, hVntwu,VV11rtll, .S'z'1'ond Roux' VVinslow, Yun Vhlelcleu, Cross, 'ITI'1lj'IlflI', A. SlllICTL'l'lIllld, VVl1iteneek, hxvlilllfktl, Timmis, Thurman. Vmherger, VVz1ggerm:lu, Tucker, l". 'TiZll1L'I', Autlersun, Talllzmt. 1-llil'ilRIFZL'.' VV:1ltuu, Young, hVilli1llTlS, VVeeka, xvilftl, VVilsnu, Ifnffnm Rwux' Stanley, Sehuouuver, Stull, Shipley, The-smzm, hhlzilck, Swan, VViuters, Vatu Vruuken. Gerhard, sl. Tziher, VViley, XhYt'lZlIHTt'!'. Yet lhey Always Come Through "Fit As A Fiddle" Top Ifrme: Sheets, l.. hKvilll1lITlS, xXvTIlfEI'l1Zlllli, Ruherts, Siler, SITOIILI Rofwi Snow, Taylor, Vhlnters, Vvyfllllll, Schneider, Ruh- li. Smith, li. XXvllliZlI'HS, VVillett, ll. Smith, Niuus. insult, XVells, Teague, Puckett, Lewis. 'l'l:iril Rnfw: Rupe, Strimple, Taylor, VVzxles, M. VVilli:1ms, linllom Rnfw: VVrig,'ht, VVhit:lker, VVhee-ler, VVnjalhu, R. Vllin- VVunlln:1u, XVhitl4m', PIIXIIE,SL'l'li1lVi,P1lSl5j'. field, Talley, VVz1ruer, Tincler, V. VVinlielcl, VVumllsury. H 2 -. l i 1-,. Twp Roux' Smsle, Regier, R. I.1lXYSOII,flSl10l'Il. lflifffllll Roux' Arnold, Fowler, Cutturn fllzlirl, llzitlley, Cham- - K 1 V l 1 3 C' th ' . .llliliffw Roach' lu. l.llU'5UIl, lwrssett, -lmws, Iinxyver, Vhnrreu, lux' 'll rw Ilillllflllilll. 4l 'lhp Ifufzci R. ,Mlm-ll, lixurlulrml, ,l. limmlright, IJ. Alla-lm, zkpluml, SITIIIIAI Rwux' D. B1lU'hl'lilL'I', .'xI'l1llIhI1Uf, .'Xll1lIllS, lillllilfll l5:urmAs, li:1ttin,.'XlslmtI,Nl. lialyhyllv, .'Xrringtuu. Bl'ZlI'dSlL'j', Stanley liulmlwin, li. Halyllyllv, CF. Barker, li. Iizztvh- IIQIIIIHI Rnfzax' livggx, liwry, H2lfN'I'HlZlll, .'XIt'X1lIldt'I', Iil'l'kl'l', vldcr' Hlilllflilk,HHIISYHIPVKIH,Hl'1lNIl,.'xYL'I'j. llullum Rufu'.' Bm-vklmzlrll, Bzlrm-5, lin-mam, Suv liulmlxxin, S. Sophomores Begin At The Bottom Of The Ladder x 11 'lhjv l?uqc: lima-r, Ii. HIIUIISIIIZIII, liurks, liurm-tl, liunm-ll, NIVUIIA1 Knew: Bray, K'lm'cl', l,lll'kk'l'l, Iiurmlg, D. limxvlm, K lh'zwkm'l1, lim-l'm'r', Bm-pplv, Iir:uIInQx, Al. liruun. Bllfhllllllll, I7m-vm-rs, l,lli'kXYUl'Ih' Kvlilllllll, 'I'f1lrul lfwux' liushlwll, HIIVIHII, limb, K1lI't'I1 Burns, cw2ll'lll'I', linllum Rfl7L'.' Clark, faxrrlplwll, Burdick, fustlc, l'l1ildruss, liriclga-N, C'l1mlri4'k, c'llIliI'L'N, Kzlx Iiurm, limukx, Iirittzlin. Cilbbj,CIiIN'SIIlilh, liushm-r,l4r1-lxllingvr, Butler. 'l'uf1 Ifufux' C'riuIvr, llvrning, fiflfflllilll, l,K'IlIlf, Crrifvy, f'4l1'lI, .Srznlnl lffmcf l,iL'llt'l', Du-l, l7m'igl1Iun, l"lIlIlM'I', I'iI'1lliCI', I'1l'1llxK'S, I'-Vllllll, llupggvr, l71IcIlcy,C'l'11ig, Davis. IHIIYJIH, Ciillcy, Ford. 'I'l:inl lfufux' Uwe, C'-vkclm-x, Cuxlming, Omluy, IM-nkcr, f'nllicr, Iinllnm Roux' lhlggxllm, !,t'l'll, ilmlvin, Clmlh-Itc1', Ciilllhh, U41- ihplvlx, Iinnirls, lhmvll, IM' Vault. vidsun, lhvty, Dzlwwn, Culc, fxI'llXKf47l'd, Daniel. 42 m,,m,,,,M,n We ZZWWWW V a Taft Roux' Rnlwert I.. Fielcls, Gregory, Gerken, Ging, Fowler, lluttnn, R. Fisher, Rnlsert Fielmls, cil'2lllt', Griesel, Foster. Thin! Rnfw: Fleming, lippersrm, Iimmnns, D. Fergusun, Evans, lialwarcls, j. Fisher, Flleclge, Grammnnt, Fuust. ' t 5 4 Sfrozztl' Rimes: llmlges, fiflllllflilllll, llamlner, llaines, Fru Garlwer, Gault, Hess, Harris. Iiollnnz Rvfic: Duncan, Ehrlich, Farrell, Fluman, lillswn Hawkins, M. Ferguson, Ilarlwnugh, Gorton, Hawk. lhey've Got lo Be Good. lhey Could Be No "Badder" Mak, 'l'uf1 linac: ,I, Gritl, lletlley, llL'Il'llllfL'N'11j', jrxlinsun, Lunily, .sil't'0!1Li RIIfLL'.' Gaskill, llitehenek, livans, Gerlles, I7. llenu MeC'ulwlwins, Maynard, llarmnn, llilmlws. Freeman, Egelstnn, Gravel, G. llawkins, llill. Tlfirtf Rulux' llesler, Hart, Freitlline, Geis, Green, Gnoclman, Bllfffllll Rofw: D. Fppersnn, C. Gritz, Gearhearcl, R. llawluns l1lllll'L' Henry, llntlge, Gilusun, Grithn. Gerhard, Juanita Henry, Frazier, Farney, R. lippersun, Gnu inger. Tuff Rufw: llnrn, Karas, llillery, Klassen, Kemp, Linclell, S1'z'rnztlRnfu'.' llunzinger, lluskins, Kiefer, Kunp, Lung, lluus 1 Melntt, lmeseli, Knehn, I.nudermill4, Kline. Hurst, Nlassinn, Marshall, Kelley. Ywflillll lellflll' laezrlws, Lang, Hughes, lanzen, johnson, Kuzel, 1201111111 Ruvw: Mztrtill, Lewellen, Lulmlwrs, lanlgley, Hmm Latehaw, Kielyi, I.. Lewellen, Mefamish. Hutchison, Lash, jnhnsnn, Meliricle, Mzihaffey. i Q e P I K Twp l?ufn'.' Qniglvy, lN1nri'ix, Mntsingn'l', Pliillips, Swzin, Mor- .S'rf'nml Rnfw: ML-tvxill, llnpkins, Kiiigvziclv, lvcn, Maupin, Mi'- i.g:ll'i4lg4-, l'uwy, Nzinlt, Nt'XNlIlZlll, Munn. fllllnullgll, lx1l'l,UlIj.flll, Kunclaill, Jennings, -lnlinclrmv, l,incls:ly. 'l'l1llul Rnflcx' Mviiinnix, lN'l1'iix-c, Nlffzlllllll, NlZlIlIl'l'h, Mnnt- lfullnm Rome: llHN'0l'tliIl, Nl. Gcrst, Mcxlluclfi, filll'iS, S. Gvrst, guiiirry, NlI'Kl'1'Yl'I', llnlmlrn, S. slunvs, l.4wlim'i', lu-pvl', l,n4'kinlwill, N1l'lx1Illl1lll, Knnnnvll, llill, lliicppclsln-i1sa'r. l: S ll S S ch A Very lo Q . ! f i Q S 5 5 E Trip Rnfuz' Ni-in-ll, l'urlu-tt, Larry Nivlinls, Mm-nmlcnlixlll, Pnl- Sworn! Ru-un' Kirts, Lanny Nichols, G. Melvin, Nolte, C. Mcl- unrl, l':nlmlnVk, l'n-niingvr, Muir, lXlllIllllll'lIII, Nay. vin, PZIXIIC, Mill-r, Olivcr, Uglwurn, Pri-stun. 'l'l1ir.l Ifufux' Pzwm, l'nrtn-r, l'uplili,Urliisnl1, Mcrritt, Stuplu-ns, Ifulinm Rnfux' lNlulilnnn'ry, lX1e-in-i', llnnpingairncr, lNlcUcc-. Pugh, Munrcr, Mnngm-r, Nllwrs, Ultnizinna. Alarm-s, Pyritv, Pnrnmrt, Picrsnn, Km-siting, ML'l7i-rriwil, if 5 l 5- 5, Tuff linac: Plnnnncr, Snmlik, Skzirlq, A. Rnlwrts, XVzillmrn, .N'1'1r111if Rau: Vngt, Svlilxirlw, Rinh, Sc'lii'ncilcr, NVynn, -I. Smith, li, Rnlwrts, XYuml, 'l'nnncll, VV:ilking Sky, XVi1'licrt, VVilli:nm. RUlWlHSHll,R1llllN,Sll'Pl1l'll5,RK'lk'iUl'Kl. 'lfmil lffmcf Slinklu-, Rivlm-r, R. Smith, Vx':n'ing, 'l'hnm:is, Ifnllum Rofzc: Pm-, Nzlnll, Pm-llmm, Ncnkirk, Mnnlsls, Stnrcy, Rnlu-rtsnn, l'. Slllllll, Princ, l'n-ttigrvu. Parrish, Mclfnrcl, lNlnrgain, Nvuingliznn, Pilgrim. 44 -e f . K Tnp Rrme: Nlcfune, Stover, Vpton, W'ilson, Rogers, Roe, Rem- SFIYIIIJ Rotux' Simunek, Stricker, Rohinson, Morrison, NV:li1ner pt-l, 'I'l1t-ismgili, Shook, Ross. Thompson, Tresner, Snethen, Sauter. Tliirii Rams: Thorp, XViley, Pave, Tuul, Riggs, VVillizims, linlfrnn Roux' 'I'l'lC'SITlZll1, Stevens, 'I'llClit'I', Swealtt, Richey XVgirkentien, Porter, Pitts, Sloan, I.. Smith, Yoder, Steele, Swartz. 'lil lhey Will Be Seniors And Can Really Rate Tuff Runs: Ott, Stevens, Troutmzin, Sims, VV:iy, Robinson, Nix, S4'l'0lli1 Rnfw: Vlest, Rich, Silvers, Sloan, Skidmore, l'nruh, Pzulgett, Newsom, Seitll. Sehrxim, Sehottel, VVoolm:in, Tetlford. 71l1ll'i!Rll1L',' Shaw, Shreve, Sezilwourn, Stewart, Seem, Sturtli- Iinllom Rnfw: Pilcher, VV:1tlclle, Ryan, NVillingh:im, Ross, vzint, Sernrzul, 'lil10ll'l1lS, xV2lllt'l'S. Stoner, Tate, VVincller, Roush, Yinsunt. 'Q '69 4-Q fe- Tup Rane: Young, Stoner, Shreve, Sims, Ramsey, Schultz. St'1'r111tlRr1fLc.' Owens, Roherts, Moore, l'ni'uh, Spurgin. Tliiril Rune: Strunk, Yzites, Stzirnettzi, Shell, Rolwinson, Thomp- Hullnm RIFZLH' Todd, XVheeler, Thomas, Sowle, XVilli:ims, XVy- son. :1tt, VVhittcnbcrg. AITICR RVNNING FROM vlxns tu vlan, supimmmes are en- rullrri iur' iwirrlrrgy iw Mr. llzlrnirl Ilrrvkvtt. Tuff Rnruz' l,ittL-wil, Nirmrrrv, Peck, Hell, O'Nvill, VVhitterrlwr'g:. Mrrlrllr' Rnf1.c.' I.:ri'Ycr'ty, Pviclvirr, liruwn, Uslmrn, Fi'l'gllSUIl. Ifollnm Ifofrc: Mxrrshxrll, Sirnpsurr, Kl'ZllISSK', Ross, Mr'l7urr:rld, l,. Smith, S. -lrmcs Sophomores Take Enrollment, First Aid In Stride E we X yi PRAVTICINU FIRST AID l.il Nhffnrwl cxprrtlx rp plies ll misc lillllliilgl' tu Arm Ilarrimugh. , A-. Q. A ,?'l?' K, X 12' L F 5" f" A xfw 7 Q g , ,QS-5,aQ5QTi.:'. ,f ' XL' si , E S! X ski , V, 4--93' " 1 , K. hw . , X' s f K L- ,5 FQ . ,PJ ,f'x'e 3 - ' ', 5 L H A .V .ry . ., K 9 1 Q A 1171 ' .hz 'rig -2 YI NS' Q.. tag :K . , sy .g .Ii-Y -f 's X .As -w V WWW s E 1 -WL . fs .fx ik 135 8? Fa ii ex "', W f fp We T 1 - .av W laik Q22 Hg! ' 'fy 5. 'X M '-' 4 ,N-' i 1 Q 3 i 'l'nfv lffl: NANCY l'ZlllIll4llIN :xml lilll'lHlI'Jl Huw purvlmalw Iivk- Iinllnm I,1'fl.' llnnk llill'l3SlllALIll vlu-vlw vwpy uhilv working as 1-lx lm' il Ifmllmll LIJIIIIV. vmlitm' uf ilu' Quill IlK'XX5PlllN'I'. 'l'uf1 Righl: Mr. :xml Mrs. Paul liimllv lmlk happy. 'l'ln-ir wn Iintlnuz 1.'rr1lw1': .luv lluflsunnm-1' DI't'l11lI'l'N In gin' nn HVQIIH l'iIlx vuulml lu' flu' main ITJINIPII, ruvitzxl. lfflllrr lm!! null Riglllx liniml lliglfx lung uiutrr plwxxirlcml lfnllnm Rfylll: Mum PI'Hl3lK'lllN zlrc sliwxlssul in nhl- llllNf Quill plvnlx ral limm- Ln' NIllHXlHlll llghlx. llHim', 'l'l.lllEll'l' LIFE - ' - ' porfrays funloving sfudenfs supporfing school ac+ivi+ies, buf mosi' of all, young people pre- paring Hwemselves for 'rhe fufure. Ibiaroius FERGUSON, Band Queen 'lihe beauty, ehzirm, and wholesomeness of spring Dignity, kindness, to our sehool they bring. Beauty in zippearzuiee, in thought, and in aetiong So virtuous, so unique, they claimed our satisfaction lfnthusizistie seniors, they're symbols of youthg 'lihey represent intelligence, friendliness, truth. ln still spring beauty, the elimux dial eomeg 'lihey were crowned queens, their hearts felt numb The erowning zuul kiss, tribute to the queeng lfxeellenee in preeision, perfect, quite keen. All seniors were prouml, proud of their seleetiong 'lihe queens ure to them, the height of perfection. -fliy H ron CR,-no 50 i evmlfg an lzrdonaglfy B1avift1u,Y Muna, hlay Queen Boiuum Gnu: JON1-IS, Football Queen rf! Fw l,liXY lllCRSC'llliliRGl2R IS crowned queen of the Mixed Chorus by King Robert Leslie. They reign over the annual chorus program. Their attendants and escorts left to right are: Darryl Arrington, Vonda Oldham, Scott Davis, Betty Schultz, Kathy I,unn, lidtlie lVlanuel, liarbara VVolfinger, and Larry Copeland. Chosen Few Add Spice io SchooI's Activities "Nl'fVV YORK lMl'RliSSlONS," the Aquaette water show, features the crowning of l,incla Carroll. Donna Kelly and joan Carmichael are her attendants. W...,,,,, ' ' W" 'T'--+-L... To be a queen was to be desired by all, but only seven girls could reign over activities. VVith regal splendor Enid High School crowned seven beautiful girls Queen with their attendants reign- ing along side. The year l960 was graced with many lovely queens and attendants ranging from sports queens to the finery of lllay Queen. The beauty of a morning sunrise, the freshness of a dewy llower exemplify the beauty and pureness of a queen. These feminine monarchs were the choice of the senior class. Sports queens have duties which the ones of the year 1960 upheld. They were present at the games and cheered their team to victory. Personality was another basis by which the queens were chosen. Friendliness along with beauty marked the crowning of each queen. To reign over any activity at lfnid High was a great honor, and these girls held their heads high when the crown of charm and grace was placed upon them. Not only did these girls honor the glory bestowed upon them but also they honored the student body by conducting themselves in a manner worthy of a queen. Youth is a picture of pureness, sincerity, and sweetness. A young person is striving to develop himself in the best possible way. lfach queen was a picture of youth, ex- pressing each of these qualities in her daily life. In reality every girl in the senior class of 1960 was a queen. lfvery girl had the fine inner qualities possessed by only a queen. 1 E i 2 wg-gx if. I . .gf if 'Rfk if G L t A :fi Q f 3 Qu BAND QVICICN DICLORIS I"L'I'fIllSllIl is pressure.-Ll Z1 rum- l10llflllt'f by Ira' llum'1'r, presidcllt nf tht- lilllld. I.imI:l Linvillc :md Beverly Rm- urn- zmrndzmrs. LINI7.-X MAI lll'.RS, liASKli'l'li.'XI,I, quevn, halp- , , , , , . pily uzltcllvs thc gurru- during uhich shc uns FORMALS AN","'N"1R3 'nufk th" "r'm","'g "f vrmxm-d. lla-1' lllltlllillllfx 1lI'L' lllilll Roberts :mal Sue Ql1f'vH Dilflwll' MAH? IW DU" 5"'U'1k' If""k"U-I U" -IH- Swmmtlmnl Lila liuylcs, imrrj Xuuug, Rll'll2ll'd Cnlllns, :md l,1ml.l lluycs, zlttcndzults. I LL :F ake: 'Q -Axxiggg X 'fy m W A , asf Mx, Q MR M' AAxk 'K A x 3 N :ff X ' f E w Xxx ' ' .Qi N RVISY l.IC.'Xlil'lf AND Suv Sffilllllthllll, 1!Ul'llll.llIIN, slnilv :ls liuhlwiv Gull- -IHIIVN, frmthzlll lIllK'l'l1, hlvlclw Ihr Iwl- mvt uith uhivh shc w:ls4'l'1ml1c'1l. mffflfffllf Ufffrzxluuf 1 l X VF I 5 . Q f f 'E ,x My in , is . 1 tl! ,ma ! l,'lful'-1cl.vr: liquwhl lHbl'Ill'IllIL'l', llvralldg M57 i llzlrt, liugrm- Slmrpg NLlll4'j Stugm-V, I 8 8 sy.-mg mm xlnwx, Rim xx'n1m-sg Min.- I4-rIu:l1'h, In-wr-lx fQl'lllhK'I!l'lI. 9 4 fl Hcvkx Ilvrlw l,:1 ll W3 9 3 K if :' . I in , gr, X 1 E 4 V x Q. X -we A .5 ,SP 'Ll 3 Ex X X fyflllllfl'l'AJklfl1LL'QCi.W'.' Iivvn-rly Muir, Mm UUIIQ liurhnrzl I'1UllHx5, Phil fwZlI'L'jQ I,:111i llmv 2 t , . Ill'PllllIl1llL1l'Q l.1lI'l'j Hunk, Rulu l.v:1g1uv1 af? Q e 1 ' ', K ' Rulwrts. 55 tions L'Iubs ht-Itl tht-ir iiim-tem-iitli :uinuzil bzuiqut-t No- xvnibt-r I7 in tht- YoungbIootI IIott-I IWZIIIYOUIII. Approxi- inutvly two huntIrt-il stumh-nts, tc':u'Iu-i's, ciuployc-rs, and spt-cial gut-sts :ittt-mlm-II thc tlinncr. Among the special gut-sts ircrc' Ur. Curl W':1giit-r, si1pci'iiitt'mIciit of I'initI public schools, Hr. 'I'oin Ai'cIiiI1:1ItI, stzitt- supervisor of Ill T. zlnuI XII: NI. Dc Iicnning, stzitv supervisor of IJ I nhzlpluing I,orvnt- Ifist-Iv, IJ.0. Ill'Q'SilIl'IlI', gain' the opcn- ing :uI1Irt'ss. Ur. Ut-orgt' VVL-bbvr gave rho rcsponsc. Don Strunk, IJ. If. prt'si1It-nt, zivtc-QI :is IIIZISYCI' of Cc-i'c1iio1iic's uul iutrotIiu't-II Hr. Russc-II Ii. Hollowziy, prominent I Ialiihonizl City :ittornc-y. plziym-cl two nunibcrs on thc' trunipct. IIQ' was IICCOIN- p lllIK'lI on the piano by I,intI:l I,inviIIc. br sc'IIing coiicvssioiis :lt two footbzlII HZIINCS. hir. 4Ic'wt'II Ritlgc is IJ.I'i. sponsor :intl XII: 'Iioni Iii-iiiu'tIy Iivzlds tht IJ fl 1 MR. RVSSICLI. Il0I.l,OXVAY tzikvs lust minute- notes while being intro- tIut'ccI by Don Strunk, llli. Prvsiciciitg Dr Curl NV:1giit-1' Iistcns intently. Employer-Employee Banquet Has Noted Speaker I'iIlfCI'f2lIIllIll'l1I' was provimIt-II by Ronnie North, who Honey was i'2ll'IlI'4I for tht- banquet by tht- two cIubs ' . .g,roup. 'I'Iit-sv 4-igIity-ciglit stuth-nts go to school half zi day intl work tht- other h:1II. 'lilivy :irc UIIIPIOXCKI by Iifty- Y N Q V I W U X mm, Hrmsm.in,Stimtim1S' MAKINCI PIINAI, ILANS fur the 19th annual 13.12. and IXU. banquet :irc Mr. Tom Kenna-dy :ind Mr. -I:-wt-I Ridge, C'Iub sponsors. Sl1.'X'l'lCD AT 'I'IIIi In-:1tI tublc uri' MR. RVSSIELI, IIOIIUXVAY spoke DR. CARI,VVAUNIiRt'h:its with Mr. Ir. :incl Mrs. U. 'I'. Autry, Mr. l't'rrx to thu two t'Iubs on suc'c'x-ss with quita- lIuIIow:1r's guest :is Mr. Ilollouzu, nrris, :intl Don Strunk. :1 bit of humor mixed in. It-ft, prepares to give his talk. i NIR. FLICU HSIHQR, Mr. Pvrrj Nmrris :md Hr. D. li1'111'v St'H1j'i'1ll1Vt'l'SFlTt'fl1l't'fht' l1:111q11n't lwgina. URS. -IAVK XVIQHIS, Mr. VVs'l1l1, Ylllll Mr. Rulswt Iilltllilllfk Izllk Illivrllt the wurk thx' Illf. :1111l 17.0. NUIKIVIIIN 11111111111 -x1':11'. 1 CN. I.lSl.l1l., IMP. I' l'k'5ltlt'IlI, 11111-S thu 411111- Il Rl I L 1114 N111-m'1'l1 xxhilm Hill IlUi5iIlgIUIl 111111 Mr. P11 11-11111 .5521 mf' , Wav l'u1w riglll: f'lIll'1i'L' lj1lII'j'lIlI7lt' 111141 Mr. Kiv1'f1'r. Iinllnm lffl: 44' A lill UI' l111111m11' fI'UlIl Mr. lluII11u11x 5 spu-1'l1 IN l'K'H4'l'fL'li 111 1111- flkl ' Jllvnv 11111-sts. Tufv frfl: Mr. C'l1:11'l1's Ixllllk illltl C':11'v1l Sl1:1 ' Y 1 . r. Quay Smith. Iinllum l'iAL'lIl.' Mr. C'l1mx11i11g 11111 ,V 111 lim-1111 :md Mr. H1-:111. H mf' X 57 l311111x MR. :Xl FRY C'llA'I'S with Mi. DUN STRVNK AND Dottttzt lxlvs- MR. TICIH CUIJDIRUN, Rcttat, vlxtn, :tml Mrs. l. N. XVoolmzttt :tml tlztttgh- sritgcr w:ttt'h :ts Jerry Stcpltzttt, va-tttvtg :tml Mrs. l'olcIiroti look :tr AI:ttt's ltIsl't'I It-1 lztrqm tlitrittg HPVII ltottsv. points out pxtrts of his modul :tirplztmz vollcvtiott itt hiology. Parents, Guests, The Curious Attend Open House "still .'XNX.'tJNli WIC kntiw?" l'hil'1tsks his tttotltvr, lfltitl High threw 0pl'l1 lwr sloors to ztll of thost- who MVN' I' M I":"'m,5t' Ht 'hu lmlmi 'h"'l"g thu" l'U'l'h"g wishvtl to ctttcr on Novi-ittht-t' lll. Xlntty' lfttitl ritim-its lottr to look :tt thc grattlttzttrs' pirtttrus if lm? 6. 22.222 if no .40 lludil 55.3 xv' T: f .nit it took 2ltlX'1lllf2lgll' of this opportttttity to im-vt :tml tttlk with hir t'ltiltl1't-tt's tc:tcltvl's :tml to sci- tht- httiltlittgg. Opcltittg tht- vvvttittg wits at 1m'ztl sm't'x'i'tl to zt lilftjl' wil in tht- l'f.ll.S. rztfctcrizt. 'liltt-it :tt 7 o'clot'k t-x'ct'y- c' wats fra-c to roztttt l'lll'l'1lllltllllQ. ltttt-rcstittg cxpcrirttc-rits wct't- shown onlookers in thc .sics :tml cltt-1ttistt'y vlztsscs. Stmlcitts :tlso tliscusst-tl m- ol tht' 1-qttipttivttt ttsa-tl iit thvst' two ulztsscs. l'ltysit':tl cwlttrzttioit clnssvs tlctttortstttttctl their skill itt cylmll, :tml swiittming i'l:tsst-s put on 1-xltihitions which alt-liglttctl lllilllj' visitors. illttrxtls :tml other tlt'n'or:ttiotts tlt-pitting work tht- sttl- tts haul uoittplt-tt-tl or wt-rc tltcn tloittg wort- on tlisplzty 1 k' rooms. Stmlcttt CUllllk'll rt-itt'vst-ttt:ttix't's :tvtvtl :ts ltosts :tml stcsscs for tht- vwttt. 'liltcy kt-pt gmtstlwoolcs :tml lit-lpt-tl mph- to liml vztriotls rooms. :X spt't'i:tl issm' of tht- Quill w .ts pn-st-tttt-tl to 4-:tvlt visitor. ixlillly of tht- guests spvnt pztrt ol tht- t'Yt'IllllQ tztlliittg with ztrqtiztitttztitrvs :tml t't-ittiitisriitg witlt oltl school tricmls. Utltcrs vttjoyctl XYilllill1Q :trottml tht- htliltlittg lcittg :tt clitss picttttrs itt tht- ltxtll. Klost pcoplt- tt-It tltztt tht- ittztitt pitrposc ol' Upvtt ottsc, to iittprow tvttvltt-1'-p:trt-itt-stmlvnt rvlttttottsltip, ' V' " ztrrrttttplisltm-tl. MR. AND MRS. Marsden Austin diseuss reeent nc'- nplishments of Iinicl lligh with Mr, .'xllfl'j'. l3lSl'l,:XYS MADE BY the llistrilwutive lfllllfllflilll Ntumlents ure being SlllHYIl In Mr. :md Mra. R415 llulhert lml liairry, hy Mr. -I. XV. Ridge. BOB VVYATT, MRS. V:-rn XVyzitt, Mr. lfest :xml mn Garry wait in line as Mr. :mal Mrs. Rex Martin zlml their three children enjoy ilimier. mar'-T-1-'54 fn 'IH pl LE ' FP I MRS. lrORl2NlC VVICISISICR :mil ll1lll,Q,'llll'l' :mal the limi lmomis family enjoy :1 lI'll'1ll in the l'1llt'U'l'l1l, Mrx. Rulmim Clritehlmv, fllll:l'lC'l'l1l N11ll11lj.fk'l', lrmks un. i'lll2liRI.l2ADl2RS AND A gro hlv. Assemblies Promote Enthusiasm And lhanklulness "l,et 'er rip. l,et 'er roar. l,et 'er go onee more .... ll llep :Lssemblies provetl to be the rule rather than the ex- eeption as lfnitl lligh stutlents fountl they haul more antl more to eheer about. Several new praetiees were initiatetl in the pep as- semblies. lfoothall Coaeh Harvey firithu taught stuclents to give a loiul "Chargel" when the bugle sounclecl. Athletes paratletl from the aiulitorium at the entl of assemblies. A rhythmie applause was begun when Coach -lim Stronp anal the basketball boys were in a luultlle. 'lihis was followetl by a flllllNll'l'0llS shout of "Go Plains- men, go!" "lt a politieian's mouth is moving, hels lying," said Uklalionials l,ieutenant Governor George Nigh. This eoultl be true, but both stuclents anal teaehers listeneml seriously :mtl belieyetl what he tohl them about the paths to sneeess. 'lihe "gimmiek" of his speech was that he woultl start a joke, leave it in the mitltlle, then finish it later. lle hatl some stiulents so eonfusetl that they weren't sure whether they were eomiug or going. 'l'he 'l'hanksgiving assembly, tlireetetl by Klrs. Una l,ee Voigt, was presentetl by the Interpretation class. lr sueeesslully eombinecl both the humorous antl serious thoughts behintl 'Iill2lllliS"lX'll1g1 l' ' A SPECIAL TREAT to Iinitl lligh stutlents is Lt. Governor George Nigh. A very eongenial speaker, I,t. Governor Ni has stumleuts laughing one moment, solemn the next. 2 'F if ills + f i 2 2 f ,wuif.fE st 2 - BALL- K'UAC'll IIARYICY GRllfl'lNl had a large number of gridiron hopefuls out for the team this year. lle introcluees all the hi :luring the pep assemhlv for the first home game. of liravettes leatl the study hotly in the sehool light song, "llere's to liniml lligh Sehoolf' during a football pep assem .X NIUNIIQNT UV I'k'YK'l'l'Ill'L' isL'1!ptl1l'uI :ls thx' Vilgrimx Rum-I tu QiX'l'IhZll1kx YYIIQ RICIQSPR, SIQNIOR, :mvmp ' ' ' - ' -h.1ldxx.15. v u - xig 5 V , x , K NISDU ICNID IIIKSII Sll l7I',N'I'S gin' thzmkx fm' XXiNCl17lII mul tha tha' uurlml. Praying norm- 'l':1rv:l fhpvlallul zlml Rwuuld Clmk. s itll IS Ulf ClOl.l7, lr:nilLint'cnw, :intl nnrrli C'llRIS'l' IS BURN. Mary, just-pli, "Ill, I BRING sun gnml titlings ut luunglit tn thc llllillll ,lm-mx. :incl ll slit-pliclwl watch tlYl'l' thc' vliiltl. nl' grunt jus," salsa thc aingvl. Christmas Spirit Prevails At Seasonal Assembly L'lC Nu L'llRlS'l'Nl.'XS ziswinlulx lNI'liII1plt'll' with i ttitzlin wlln-mtv, pills nltl St. Xirk pain il will tn l llNti'w. l1npi'cssix'c :ts wt-ll :is L'lIl'L'l'lllllIlllQ cmiltl wt-ll tlcsfrilw 1 tlw Lllll'lSlllI1lS 1lSSL'lIIlIly lm' tlit- scan' ll5'7-full. Living L'ln'istni:is cuiwls wt-lx' lczittirctl in tlic ztnnttall cu-nt long 11-1111-iiilwt-i't'1l lm' its szicwtl 1iitc'i'pi'ct:tt1m1. llu- lrzitlitinnzil Nzitnitx' su-iw nzts pictim-tl in il ':nnt', :intl zlltvr Il qunct song lrnin tlit' nnxvtl clintiis, flu- piutiirvs sm-vim-tl tn vnim' tn litc. -lnlls Ultl btnnt Xwlwlzis wus, nl uniirsv, in :1 L lirist- ns mi-tl Zllllllg witli liis Img lnll of tins :intl gnntlit-5 for tlu- cliiltlrcn, wlin n't'1'1- tczitnrctl in at tnllcmiiig rznxl. .Ns nniult il part of LIlll'lSl'llI2lS as Santan :intl liis 11-in- tit-4-r am' tltc L ltristinxis L:n'nlc'i's. .X fsml witli lump post :intl 'SIIOXY l't'I5l'l'Sl'lIfl'll tltis ZIQL' nltl tmtlitinli its t.n'olvl's, liyninzlls in lmntl, sim-iiznlctl l72lSSL'l'S-l5j'. . V , . :Xtltling il sott fUlIL'll to tlw lWIlL'liQlA0llllll nt cucli L lmsr- zls fzlrtl, tlu' iniwtl clinrns sung :in 2lplTl'UPl'lZll'l' snng. 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' S ...ll R0liliR'l'.'X Nl.NR'l'lN AND Mzirli-nu llenn deck "ANGELS VVIC llAYlC hrzlrcl nn high," sings thu Mixa-ml tha-ii' hulls with lwmiglis ul lwlly ns thc yulcticlr scsi- Clwrus while tlic-41113.51-lspl'z1y. wi 5Il'Il'il'5 l'..ll.b. 'fix SKIMMING OVER SNUVV-COVICRICIB hill :ind nlzilv 1 n c- :is one s sigh :irc-Z Pzlul lilfwk, ,lk'1lll xXv1ll'llk'l', Tum Rogers, :incl Sue Kvttm-ring. 63 'WVONWI' YOI' BIC lm' Y:1l1'11' 1, 'lsk kI11:111 C'21rmi1'l1:11-l, cvilllij' Newc S1111l1 D11x1l .1111l ,I11111 1111'1 lst gum' 21t those Zllftillij' 1'1-1'eiv1'1l. Valentines And Villains Are Honeyed And Hissed l'ql'0Ill il 1'l1111'11 21t tl11- Uil'K'llS to yllllllg' Ijilll C11pi1lg l'1'11111 2111 1-211'ly llllllolll-illllil t11 El Ill0tll'l'l1 l1igl1-l1i1'ki11g 1'l1111'11s li111-g lfHS's 21ss1-111l1li1's 1'0v1'r1'1l lots of t1'1'1'it01'y :1111l 1'21sily 11'l1i1'l1-1l st111l1'11ts l1'11111 0111- p1'1'i111l of ti1111' to z111otl11'1'. A1111211'tt1-s p1'11v1-1l tl121t tl11-1' 1'1111l1l 1l11 111111'l1 11111rc tl12111 swim 21s tl11'y p1'1-s1'11t1'1l tl11- X'2lil'llfill0'S Day zlsscliibly. Sl1:11'1111 KNSTZIKI 211't1-1l as 111ist1'1'ss of 1'1-r1-1111111i1-s to intro- 1l111'1' 1-:11'l1 211't i11 S111-11i21l Y21l1-11ti111-'s D111 V1-1's1-. "lii1l11:1pp1-11 i11 il l'11t21t11 Sz11'l1," was tl11- titl1- of tl11- 11l1l-ti1111- 1111-l111l1'2111121 p1'1-s1-11t1'1l by the i'lllflll't' 'Iil'ZlCl1l'I'S. lim-v1'1'ly Roc, 1l1'1-ss1'1l 21s il H21pp1'1', 11211'1'21t1'1l tl11' skit. l.1-xy ll1'1's1'l1l11'1'g1'r, 21s Il 111111l1-1'11 I'C'l'llZlQl'l', 21111l T1'i1'i21 S21il111's 21s l11-1' g1'21111l11111tl11'r, p1'11vi1l1-1l 1'1m11ti1111ity. i,filt'l' 1111'111111'21l1l1- 1lSSl'lllbllC'S i111'l111l1'1l tl11- R211li11-TY 2lSSl'IIiillj' t1-21t111'i11g S2111111' A11sti11 21s Art l.i11kl1-tt1-1' 21111l tl11- N.l1'.l,. 2lSSl'lIli7li' p1'1-s1-11ti11g1 l12111i ll1-1'b1-1'l1 211111 l11-1' l111111111'1111s i11t1-1'p1'1-t21ti1111 of "A Cl1il1l's History of lfng- l1lllll.H A 1'1'11ss-11111'sti1111 1l1-lW21t1- b1't11'1'1111 flll' t1'21111s of ixI1llg,f1ll'l'f Lwi2ll'kl".l1ll' Ci11l1lslU1'r1AY 21111l l,1'titi21 Q1llZllllbCl'S- ' -IOAN F.lCI'liR VVOI'I,xl.7 gladly trade l11'1' C'11pid's how Z1 . . . , , l l'1'11sty P1-11k 11'21s 21ls11 l11gl1l115l1t111l 011 tl11- X.l'.l,. as- m lll'l'llN' for just 11111' lmy. blll' :intl sl1z1p1' :irc llllf 11np111'tz111t. s1-111l1l1', 07' 2,2322 1 Q I. 5 E ,s 54 Ulllll13l.llTEQ Ba Tiling 64 llliRli COMIC Tllli Y21l1'11ti111's, 1la1111'i11g 211111 smiling just for you. C'111npnsi11g this V21lc11ti11e l'hUl'llS lim' :ire I,i111l11 Cairrnll, l111lx l 'l'l1111n21s, li1'1'ky ll211't, Slllldj' l71111'1l, Ivllllllll K1-lly, C1-1'1-li:1 Graves, 21111 ,loan C':1rmi1'h21el. h ttr' V ,Q f Q: E A w 3 5 f A " F A A 3 f f - x 5 Q 5 Q Q E Y E, rv . ,,,..-X .-X, Ci. MVRRJXY SICIAIS In hc vnjmiug hirnwlf :ls lu- drum-N along wlth rK'YL'll girls in thc luwk walt. Bula ifinlvy, hidnlun undu thc pllv, as IIZIYIIILL' t'N'k'Il uwrc fun. KARICN CRUSSLIN SICAXRCIIIQS thc skim hwlu-1' lust Hun in hm' rm-miitiun uf "llc :Incl the I"lm." s 5 6.. . in UPXX 'XII4 Illli IIIHIIVY ur I'll tzlkc your hlPll5L',H www ljflllllil' Ruw sm'C'l1lp,thc pnnl' u idmm. w A ii f A lllili IANKS lS 1'1'ou111'1l l.i'l .Xluicr lu livcln ll1lI'l. Utlwr 1111'111lw1's oi the Sauliv llzlnkiiis' zixwiiilwlx cunt zrrc I1-ft to right Kill tlw lop 1-on l,:111111 Suslik, NillI1',X sl:11'ol1s, Rolwrt l.1-slim-, llvr, livcky, Kl1'111i1 .'xl'l'illQlllll, :mil Nla11'1i11 llt'lllllgIl'l'. f.ld'lIfl'l'I'U'1L'.' K1ll'k'Il lim-rg, 7 I '11' l,llIlllllH'l', l.1-U lll'l'Nl'lllN'I'L1l'I', :1111l ll1ll'l11lI'1l xV41lllllj1l'l'. lmllnlll rrmcf l:111l llllN'N, Aluily XYilli:1111N, l,i111lg1 C'li111-s111itl1, Rolu-rt l'il5lll'l', I' 1111 lilillllfill, H1111 Il:1r111o11,,l:111i'ol1liro11,:1111l l'il'IlIll'l'N R1':1111N. Sadie Hawkins Week Gives Girls Big Opportunity 'll'l' Nlll1HIl I11 l2nl'Xl'l'lX Muir illlll liml li111111.111N an t - r- - inn N011 llilll il 1l:1rc for . . 'l'l111s lu-,g:111 llllllll 1'o11r1-1's:1- . ll.llll'l' 1i11- polka lllIl'lllL, lIlll'I'llllSN . tions llllfillgj 'flIl'1I-Illvlllfn 1rc'c'k 111 lllltl-l'it'l'Tl'lI2ll'j. xrlla-11 rin- girls op1'11l1 st:1llw1l tl11'ir Ylk'TilllSf'lllk' lwoys of tl11'i1 1'l1oicc. l,o11g :11r:1ir1'1l, Szuliv ll:111'ki11s XY11-k xrzis no 1lis:11111oi11t111c11r to flu- girls 1rl1o took z11lx':111r:1g1- of ir. Om' s111'1'iz1l cwiit of flu' 11'v1'k 11 as tl11- 1lz1t1' scvrioii :1t tlw Xli1l1r1'sr fits-lf11i1l lmslu-1l1:1ll Q:11111', wl1v1'c girls Zlllkl rlicir slnrvs 1r:1r1'l11-1l llig llllii' 1lcf1':1r tlw lllQll'I'IlIlli- ing llUlIllW4'I's. k okc slzltvs, :'l1111'1'l1 ll1ll'1'S, :1111l, 111ox'11' 1l:1r1's p11111't11:1rn'1l 1l11' 1rc1'k. l',11k'll girl l1'z11'111'1l Tllilf 1l:1r111g 1'11sro111s llSl'tl , . . by :1 boy 111-11-11 t :1l11':11s i1111 115 slu' llllicll to tlw 1loor stoo1l sllyly xrliilv 1111-1-111155 l11s P21l't'lIIS, 0Ill'll4'tl fill' doors :1111l Illililj other doors, Zlllll spi-111 11111111-1, 11111111-1, 111o111-1 .Xt last 1':11111' flu- big night, flu' Szuliv ll:111'l4i11s lD1lIlk'l' M i V mul l lu- iirsr l1:1li was :1 11rog1':1111 1l:111ccg 1-rm-ry lN'l'Sllll llilll '- 11'itl1 lllillll' lliHk'l'l'llT 111-oplc. 'lilu' 11-111:1i111l1'1' oi' tl1c llilllfl xrzis l'lll1 o11 il Mlll'ST 1'o1111-, iirst sm-rx 1' l1:1s1s, girls asking of L'Ulll'Sl'. Sinn' rl1c girls 111:11l1' flu- lllllSl oi' flll'll' op lVJl'l'lllllfl, morn- 111-oplv 11111111-1l more 4llil'l'Il rl1:111 111 Zllll orl11'1' lf. l l .S. 1l:1111'c'. fjlll of 51:15, lwrolw, tirwl, l111r wry llillllly, flu- girls .. 1. . . k'llLli'Ll Ullltllj 111-1-k. ll1c11, 1':11'l1 o111- 11:11rc1l ior lll'l spa-vizll rn-lcpl1o11c c:1ll 11'l1i1'l1 111igl1r my, "ll1-llo, .X1111 ll11s lS llill. l was 11151 XXOIllls'l'lIlQ 11 11111 l1:11l il nlzm ior . . X X ful I IC TIIVRMAN HAS caught he-r mzmg and uvn tho mam, Dunuiu Rm-sm-1', sc-e-ms tu likc it als they do il dzlnvc tn vclclwlxltu. QADIIE II.-XVVKINS, NANC'Yj:1mlws, tells l.i'l Ah- mr, l,:mm' Sudik, that he rc-ally deacrvw snrncone lg 1 m-ly hvr, ff 5. I , B: I EVERY DANVIE IS girl! Choice :mil on-ry firl is talk 2- il IdV1lllf1lgkf of the fzwt :lt the Sndic Ilzlwkins Ilsllwv. CIIICRI XVATSUN .NND jim Pnpv Iillxl' timv wut fro dilIli'iIlLf to Hush big smilvs :lt tha' vaum-ral. fs 'Fa 67 in H yiutory, thc pain of mlvfvat, a passing grailc on a liortihlc' tvsr, tlu- 1'1-vc-1'r-111'c ft-lr cluring a l'l'L'lI'2lfi0l1 of thc l' a IlI!llllS Qll'K'l'll. All wc-rc part of litc at l'..H.h. running thc school, anticipation of thi' yvarls final ac- l'l11'y sxyayccl h1'tw1'1'11 tears anml lauglitcr at thc thought of lc-zwiiig. Always I3l'i'Sl'llI' was rho feeling that this might hc the last time they z1tt1-11111-rl a pep assembly, won a baske-rhall 51111111-, haul a long C0l1Yl'l'S1lfl0ll with a lrim-ntl, or lauglu-cl at a jolu- in Class. llltl prr-parations for assclnhlivs an1l the xlunior-Scnioi' Rc l l moulcl look forwarml anml gain c'xpc'1'ic'11c1' for thc ycai' 1yl11-n they woulcl holil major other-s, alt-t1'1'111i11c school progrc-ss, anrl lc-acl l'Vl'l'y Ul'Qf2llllZ2lfl0Il. nvw worl1l wlim-n they 9:11110 to lfniml High. After thc hrst fvxy "lost" we-vlcs XVlll'll they sta1'tc1l to ons' Class Illll 1'n1l1-rl up at anothvr, or wzllkvcl througfh the halls 1ll mlay without s1-1-ing v1-ry many fz11uilia1'f:1f1-s, Hsopliic-s" linally svttlwl mlown to work, lCZll'l1l'1l thu' l,lZ1ll1SlIlZll1lS L'l'l'i'll an1l "l,vt 'cr Rip," and h1'1':11n1- an intm-gral part A 'l'Yl'Il'rXI, ."KR'I' morn stein' shows l5r111'1- Miller, Gillwrt Kruut, and john Morey molding clay heads. Miss Kzitherim- Bale-s looks un. life At Enid High Holds Treasure And Pleasure Sc-nior hours w1'1'1' lillcml with thc 1'c'spon." i vitivs, aml rlu- clioiu- of future schooling or work. Stuclics, hr-ing in the lninlst of things for the first time, '11-prion o1'1'11pi1'1l much of the juniors' tiinv. ' iwy Sopliornotvs, hlc-ss their hearts, clisc'm'c1'1'1l a whole' l'lTRSONAl,I'I'Y AND IIIUII spirits prevail as llarolml Colo, -lk'Zlll l'il'Zlllt'l', Mary Kay VVillwurn, and NVilliz1m Swan of llll' ill l3-ll-N get togvtllvr for :1 ,Lfalm session. XVIlA'l'liVlCR IIANR HAR- IS SUMICTIIING FVNNY? -lorry LIEIC IIOOVICR AND Katie Kessinger li.'Xl'KiIl and lla-tty Suits arm' Stephan and liarlwara fomhs:1ppz1l'1'ntly stop to say hs-llo at thc Sacliv llawkins XX1l!l'lliIIj.f must lu- iritwi-stixig. think so. l71lIll'U. ma... KM bf .V I lllz C.'Xl'l'.l l'.Rl,'X PRON ll7l'.5 il Illllkl plum' tu srumlx' ln the surly lI14lI'IllIl4SI. XXWHNIIUN, what lmppvm-cl lwrv? Lznuglming :lml talk- lIlg.f1lI'L'QL'Illl1gfIIllH'll funn- :lm-r1tim1 than stuclyin-f. 5 X lilli IMXNCIC fimlx K2ll'L'll Stvgm-1111111 Nllllllg lml ulul 1- In Nlum- UH hor tl1lIli'lllg skill. ,f 5 . x .". Q"',f, L 3 , V TX J K R l X ,, Lam.-,Q 'A l 5 .l Y VVll,l. ROGERS SNlIl,lfS clown :ls tlxrcc fm'1'igll-lwl'11 stmlvnts, Ming.: XVung, Xxvllllillfl clfillllllilllll, :xml linlw Marr, url- illll'I'X'lt'XXl'll lu Nlzurilyu llwrp. A , W W0 Career Day Helps Seniors Decide Future Vocations l'iYl'l'j high N1lr1m11l Nt111l1rrt rN rrrt1r1Nr11l rn lrrN fllflllk k'2ll'l'i'l', but Tu think zrburrt rr 1 N 1 1 N 111-ssrm-rr zurrl XXOINN 11 N 1 m1rr'1- zrbout rr NNrv1 rrr r 1 ruorrrirrgg irr Xourrr 1 SOIliOI'S zltt1rr1 ll rr 1N rm t first of twu 1 1r11r 11mrrt1r1rr N1 rr cmrrrtirrg :1 IIIIN r mrr ,, 1 N 5 m1 lr1w1-rrr1rr-1-1111111 to r r1N11m rn past, the 111111111 NLIXILKN L0lllNl xx lN t 5 N :rtr1'rr1l1-11. Sixty-11rr1 1'0rrf1'r'1'rl1'1's rr1lvz1rrt:1g1-s :L pr'1-s1'r'rb1'1l kfllllxl or Ntrr11x to N1r tlum on tlu ,,, r'o:r1l. 131-si1l1-N T11 NNm1rr lllflllx strulc-rrts, :url Xlrrr N N 1 mN NN trr thc Svrrior' L r 1 1 lll 1rrt lt 1 lL 11m 111 RX irrtr'o1lrr1'1-11 It Tl Ll 1rr11t 11111 Nr11 'VIII I RIH R 1 N th1 Irrrd wlllllllllfl IWR. ROY OXFORD dlN4.lI'NNKN tu hulk of th1 F11 ur gll 1 1 Ill 1 ff N1rrl11N r rr1uNprp1rrnrrrN Irh IN r'1-:ru of Irrvwtrg x lllflilillllllli 11m ur11'1'. Mr. U11 Mux lX flllKN 11N 11nrnrn1rrtN IIIHINI Y NANUY STOGNFR GIVES George VVatson artificial res- piration. Looking on are Ckneelingh Suzie Corporon and Myrna lirentlinger and Qstandingb Franees Reams, Fd lim- mons, Paul Bates, C'onnie Meliroom, Robert lieslie, and Sandra Lewis. ulhe Unguided Miss" Is Given By All-School Cast "The l'nguided llissu was introduced in the lfnid High 2lllllll'UTlllIl1 on November 12, under the direction of Hrs. Uelvte lloindexter. Susan tNancy Stognerj was a popular, unpredietable high school senior, head over heels in school activities. She was the main problem for her father flid lfmmonsl who was worried that Susan would never get into col- lege with her "average, below average grades." Other members of Susanls family were her mother Clfrances Reamsj and the ever-present, ever horrible little sister liuzzie tSusan Corporonj. George lVatson was busily converting a motorcycle into what he called his "xlaguar." He confidently ex- pected Susan to be elected Homecoming Queen and was planning her rubber-tired throne. 'lihen lightning struck in the form of two exchange students. Une of them, Lucia lfonnie Klclirooml lnade a big hit with Susan's family because of her will- ingness to help and to learn. Conflict emerged when Lucia, not Susan, was elected Homecoming Queen. As Lucia was about to leave, Susan was able to overcome her intense disappointment. Others in the cast of this play, which pictured truth- fully the problems and even greater delights of the stu- dent exchange program were: Klvrna lirentlinger, Paul liates, Connie Gibson, Robert Leslie, Sandra Lewis. and Roger lVilliamson. EVERYONE VVORKS VVHEN a play is presented. The make-up committee puts the finishing tonehes on the aetors he- fore the eurtain rises. "lilCl5lil'ClS AVVAY, My boys," sings Bob McCoy as he VVolfinger, Gayle Carlon, Beverly, Becky, Bob, Tricia Sailors, serulxs the lied while Beverly Clearheard and Becky llart com- Roger VVilliamson, Carol Hartman, and joe llulfsommer. plain about the horrible ereatures. lmfl fn riglil Iliff! Barbara Seniors Present "Our Hearts Were Young And Gay" l'll'X'KY HART GIVES her historic monologue. lmfl lu righl arf: Ronnie North, lid lirrunons, Bob McCoy, lieeky llart, Roger VVilliamson, Tricia Sailors, and Beverly Gear- liea rtl. "Cornelia, we're adrift," said lfmily tlleverly Gear- heardl to Becky Hart as the girls began their voyage to France. On their own for the first time, they manage to get in all sorts of trouble. Perhaps the biggest problem was a present from their mothers. They were given two huge safety pockets. Throughout the play Cornelia and lfmily tried to get rid of the horrid things. The girls hid them on a tray, threw them overboard, but always they were returned. Leo tlid lfnimonsl and Dick tRonnie Northl, two young medical students' talents were put to use almost at once as they helped Cornelia, who had the measles, pass the piercing gaze of the French medical inspector CCarol H artman l. The quaint French hotel in which the girls stayed was complete with a large, beautiful bed. After being awakened by a window cleaner CRoger Vliilliamsonl, Cornelia, much to her dismay, discovered that the bed was occupied by unmentionable little animals. just then Cornelia's mother QTricia Sailorsl and her father Cllob lIcCoyl arrived on the scene. Her father earned a name for himself as "Otis, the llighty Hunter" while, armed with disinfectant and brush, he killed the bedbugs. lfmily hid the safety pockets as she left the Paris i'oom. However, the little maid tllarbara VVolfingerl found them for Cornelia and lfmily as the play ended. Directed by Klrs. Delyte Poindexter, this senior play was given on February -l. Gayle Carlon, Sharon Hobbs, Aloe Hoffsommer, Robert Leslie, Keith hloore, Nancy Stogner, llarilyn Thorp, and VVarren VV:-ir composed the remainder of the cast. PRINCIPAL O. T. AIWLRY welcomes lVIrs. Iwaybelle Con- FIRST ORDER OF business at the convention is the regis- ger, regional clireetor, while Dr. Earl Blank, a founder of tration of Thespian members from every part of the state ot 'l'hespians, antl Mrs. Delyte Poinclexter look on. Oklahoma. Enid lhespian Troupe Hosts State Convention ,. . ,,1 . Y . ,- . lxnnl lligb s lroupe llbi ot the Xattonal lhesptan Society hostetl the Oklahoma Regional Conference of the organixation this year. The purpose of Thespians is to "atlx'anee tlratnatie art in the secondary schools." This they tlitl by sponsoring plays, skits, antl other acting projects. Dr. lfarl Blank, heatl ot the Drama Department at Northeastern State College in Tahlequah, spoke on work- ing the east. Klaybelle Conger, regional tlireetor, gave a lecture entitled, "XVhy Not Comedy?" Lani llerheek and xloe Hoffsonnner presented an ex- antple of tluet acting, a new form of clramaties. Professor Duane Cline, clireetor of the Drama De- partment at Phillips Llniversity, discussed characteriza- tion. During the afternoon session, two visiting troupes presented onefaet plays. Following each performance, Professor Cline gave a tlrantatic evaluation. Other entertainment was given hy a girls' ehorus and a percussion ensemble, both from the lIlllSlC department of lfnitl High School. Roger XVIIIIHIUSOII, president of the lfniml High troupe and Beverly Paleeek, t'iee-presi- , pians, talks with Tricia Sailors, Pat Bush, and Patty Page lll'lIf. Dteslmleml, about the power of eoneentration. BRICAKFAST BEGINS THE clay with a bang for visiting .IILL CROSS AND Naney Stogner work feverishly to regis- Thespians. Talk tests with friends from all over the state are ter all guests before the eonvention otheiallx opens and meet- also enjoyed. ings begin. IDR. EARL BLANK, one of the founders of National Thes- 'W' xt -Q fll III! srl! N. nr. l'lN.'XI.lS'l'S IN N.Yl'IUN.Xlt Nh-rit Sclmh ll'Nl1lll C'nntt'stN l'hil QVJIITXV flllllll llatrtinaxn, 'ith Klrinrt- Zlllllflplllk' lnrtlivi' IH'Lllll'llllV rhztl- gw its tlwy pi'cpalt't- tn cntct' lllllVt'I'Sllit'N nl tliv1t't'linn't-nt-xl lztll. laNIl7 lllhll SK llUUll5 c1lll'll'l4l1l, nntlvr ' ':,: , '11 '. ' . Rnlyit' , . . . I 4 , turning lwtnrt- wlinnl lnr ai vrnss wrtinn ul 4 -'s outing lyi't-atklluwt, lnirrivtlly studying iw :Nt la-yy pztgn nl n history gtasignnn-nt, nr uking hnyy tn gt-t il prnlwlt-tn in inanh. hrntips nl lmyx :intl girls tltwnsa lnstury, Vnglnh, tlvlyznt- In thu 1ll'l'4IlIlD1lllllllklll ul at vnlw nt xt Clllllly lun: SUlNlli'l'lMliS A KQRUVI' nl girls vixit, tlix- w yyhnt tht-y nrt- giving In yycan' In thc nt-xt lllIlt'l' nr simply l'Xl'll1lllg.Il' plt-1ts11ntl'it-5 yyith 1-'lvli ntht-r yyhilt' l't'lI't'SlllllQ tlit'tmt'ly'vs yyith Il tnltl clrink. .ULXIN ,N lQRUl'l' ul hnys :intl girlx yyhn nrt intent tttl nly in nni living tngclllct' lui' ti lvyy tninntcs lit-tm-v tht llllly ,, - ' "iw - tr 1 i I N'x'hhlIlg t'1lk'll Ulllk'I', ' ' tfrintl lwgins, will wrinnsly yvurk fin' il mwnt, thvn gn nfl intn gzllrs nl lzlttglitvi' nu-t' nt- liit of lnnnur. lht- wilt-tui'i:i truly nflvrs thu nppurtttntty lui' tvllmysliip, stntly, lUgk'lllk'l'llC55. Radio-TV Class Broadcasts On KGWA For One Day Klain highlight of the year for the Radio-TY class was Radio Day at KGXVA, a local radio station. Stu- dents worked during their study halls and before and after school to announce the various programs, read news reports, give commercials, and be disc jockeys for music shows. Besides having a lot of fun, the students gained, valuable information about running a station. Radio and TY-a chance for every boy and girl to learn the true rules of expressing himself through speak- ing. lfirst assignment in radio class for each person was to write a character sketch of himself. This is the first step through the door of "stage frightf' After this one, each following try helped to pull a person out of the chattering teeth and knocking knee stage. One of the best opportunities in the class was to write an original -speech on "The Voice of Democracy," which is a national contest entered by boys and girls all through the states. Inter-school contests were the next main jump, where many different schools were represented in the various types of contests. For instance, there were poetry, hu- morous, debate, oratory, duet acting, extemporaneous speaking, and many other divisions. This year speech contestants did a wonderful job. They qualified fifteen students for state, and won four sweepstakes trophies. The radio class entered a radio play at the lfdmond contest consisting of voices, sound effects, and speeches, to urge citizens to vote. They were given second place, and received a very high rating. TOM GILMORE EXPLAINS the functions of the main control board to Gayle Carlon, Pat Bush, Brian VVinkler and Phil Earnest. RADIO DAY FINDS at the station Rita VVithers, Sunny Austin, Hugh Craig, Joan Carmichael, Brian VVinkler, Suzie Uorporon, Billie Davis, Darryl Grimm, joan Feuer, Jerry Gorton, Beverly Gearheard, Tommy Morgan, Gilbert Krout, Carolyn Lutfman, Mrs. l'na Lee Voigt, Phil Earnest, Vonda Oldham, Dwayne Lizar, Gayle Carlon, Cheri VVatson, Pat lius,h and VVz1rren xKvL'lI'. fn- "Pride Ot EHS" Participates In Many Activities Opening with a devotional the first day of school and continuing throughout the year with regular fllonday morning devotionals, the Pride of lil-IS started the year on the right foot. Queen Deloris Ferguson was crowned at the second football game and honored at the dance afterward. Bandsmen marched for pre-game and half-time cere- monies each week during the football season and traveled to Norman to march before the lfnid-Norman crowd. Later during basketball season the band played their part in boosting the team along by playing peppy num- bers in Convention Hall. Outstanding pre-game cere- monies presenting the colors, were widely acclaimed by fans. As the strains of "Oklahomal' were played, spec- tators, showing respect for their state and country would rise, then salute the flag as the "Star Spangled Banner" was played. The band was divided into Symphonic and Concert band starting during basketball season with Bob Bailey directing the Concert Band. Illarch l7, the Symphonic Band went to District at Alva, entering both ensembles and solos. The "Symphony, Song, and Swingu was pre- sented Klarch 31, by the Symphonic, Concert, Dance Band, and Percussion Ensemble. This Percussion En- semble, the only one of its type in Oklahoma high schools, used only percussion instruments, creating songs from them. Besides presenting an assembly, the dance band played at numerous dances, especially in the spring. This group is composed of volunteer students who usually plan to go into a band in later life. VVith spring came Tri- State as millions of bandsmen could be seen scurrying from place to place in an effort to be on time for pre- cision marching, parade marching, sight reading, and stage band contests. As the year was drawing to a close, members attended the Annual Band Banquet presented by the juniors and sophomores honoring the seniors. This was the last time the seniors were with the "Pride of EHS" as members. juniors and sophomores played at the Klay Fete while senior bandsmen paraded by. Besides having fun ,with frequent jam sessions before school, students also found that band has multiple other purposes beside just reading musical notes. The students Top Rofw: Miller, Geis, Suits, Grifhn Qdirectort, Thesman, Adams, Fraizer, Lindell, Duffy, Bradley, Fields, Thomas, Carsen, A. l'm- berger, Hughes, Albright, Day, H. Seem, Kindt, Sehiavi, johnson, Robertson, Pearce, Allen. Y Fourth Rofw: Henderson, Mayer, Booher, Pope Cqt. masterl, Bush, Kingeade, Carstensen, Cote, Vlilson, Benson, Storey, Peak, Colbin, Spurgin, Howard, Stephen, Rogers, Payne, Roberts, Bainter, Schroeder, McDougal, Hix, Barnard, Spoonemore, Robinson, Strimple, Parham, Proute, Hatfield lv. pres.l, Lee Hoover lpresl. Third Rofw: Ellsworth, Freeman, Griesel, Swan, Halbert, Butts, Colcliron, Beardslee, Moore, Roush, Goeringer, Brook, Collin, Martin, NX-t fkrrt ' if t at-e,..' 3 gl E 3 XINQ 1 A .Y 1 N 111 N 11 111 Plt lim1l111', Kam luv g x Illlll of IHS" lx 1 Q'l'L'2lT tl llllflllll to lun N xc 11 st111lc11rxp11t011t 1 11 ll ll 1tu w1111t1111 x cxpu NIIIU' tu he IIIW 0 lt fl 1 mt to 1111.1 1111 up to Hum t1111i:11'mla lllll to 1 ll fl Ill Q 1 IN g x 1 11 1 chrm 5 Immu N CI lmhux Xxllldlll lIl111tt,N1l1111111m11 N11111tr liffllffln Ru nlw 11 ll tl 11 mm rf nn , 1l1t SflIlKlL'I'fl'I luxls P lylli 1 ,, ,P is I gf f Q I I 1 , ..Q:f',,fQv'-'35, 1 is R 3 3 av' 'S al , Q1 Q ,. Ag. yn V 5 X u Mixed Chorus Works Hard, Presents Many Programs One of the most tremendous and outstanding events of the year was the chorus program. The Mixed Chorus opened the show in their heavenly blue and gold vestments singing "Build Thee More Stately Mansions" and continuing with other serious songs, ending with "The Omnipotencef' Then the Girls' Chorus presented folk songs starting with "She Never Told Her Love" and "The Silver Ring." Then come rats, cats, frogs, flies, and bees, representing different characters in folk songs such as "Mr. Frog, A-Courting, He Did Go," "Lavender Blue" and many Old English folk songs. Highlight of the program came during the perform- ance of "Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor" in which a human Statue of Liberty was featured. The Broad- way section got off with the Boys' Glee Club singing and acting out "Give My Regards To Broadway." Several musicals were represented in the program such as: "South Pacific", "Oklahoma", "Where's Charley",' "Porgy and Bess", "Miss Liberty", and "Sound of lylusicf' Colorful costumes and tricky dances highlighted the songs and gave an air of professional grouping. Hats with long feathers and colorful dresses were worn by the girls. Derby hats and red felt vests decorated the boys, performance. One of the main events of the evening was the crown- ing of the King, Robert Leslie and Queen, Lexy Hersch- berger. In addition to putting on their program, chorus mem- bers gained experience performing for people by singing at Lions Club, A.B.C. Club, Rotary Club, and at the Oklahoma Teachers' Convention held March 18. The real test was to come though, when they sang at the Tri-State Music Festival. The annual chorus festival held at Stillwater proved to be a very nerve-racking time for Miss Maurine Mor- row, director. During the evening concert, several hundred students passed out from carbon monoxide gas and the concert was finally called off. Miss Morrow, supervising, got all but four of her students, who stayed to help, on the busses and brought them home safe and sound. Top Rafw: Oldham, Donnelley, Blanton, Newell, Hockmeyer, J. Williams, Thomas, Watson, Fisher, Manuel Cv. pres.l, Gerken, Britton, Sudik, Copeland, Muir, Southern, Dalrymple, Davis Cpresj, Moran, Barnes, Carroll, Schroeder, Gibson, Speelman Qsec.J, Reams, L. Nolte, Decker. Third Row: Mourer fassist. accomp.j, Coldiron, B. Schultz, Berg, Goodman, McBroom, Tucker, Whitaker, Winkler, Straw, Cross, Hoffsommer, Koons, Chodrick, Jaeger, Leslie, Polwart, Wagner, Shores, Whitlow, Cone, Guthrie, Cozart, Luckinbill. 'Vllli MIXED C'llORl'S makes the hulls liturallly ring with music :it Christmas. Ultl :intl new holitlziy songs xung in t-vt-ri purt ol liniml lligh gin- SIllClt'llIS1lI1ll fzivulty Il hip.: hvzitl stzirt in finding the C'hristmus spirit. Cliristinais time lnvzint ll2ll'll work for tht- chorus to filet' Club, rht- junior high choruscs :intl st-vt-1'zil hunilrt-tl gc-r rt-:uly for thi' annual Cliristinns Ycspcrs hcltl at Con- grzulc school chiltlrcn insult' rht- Qllll'lSl'lN2lS st-zison niort- wntion Hull. 'lihc Klixt-tl Chorus along with the Girls' joyful :intl mcziningful. .Wtnfitl Roms: Snoutlcn, ylonvs, lluclson, Atkina, llolt, Dsming, Shook, Clizuripic, K. Smith, K. Arrington, Stoiivr, llotlgt-N, Slim-ts, llzincy, Hutt-s, D. Arrington, Ross, V. Schultz, Dillmline, Strivker, Clint-smith, Krauss:-, Fortson, Sclit-tilt-ii flih.j, Morrow ltlirr-vtorl. Ifnllnnz Rnfzc: M. VVillillIIlS, l.ec-per, lipperson, XVollingcr, llowartl, Sims, Clay, lick, VVhittcnherg, VVclls, Own-ns, G. Noltv, Broun, lllll'IIl4Hl, Puckett, Kim-ft-r, l'nruh, Preston, Snethen, Dittineyer, l5t'IIl'lllITi, l,unn ftrezisj, VVz1tson. .II Pftlllllf llt'l'M'l1lWI'g1't'l', RL-gicr. 4 A S I - it -ff a . F gg -1 J? 5 . w- 3 i t f 1 3 E' E' Q 2 E . e r 31 ' 3 E 1 ff t 2 ' 1 ' - l 2 5 V 5 we rl E Z," Orchestra lakes Trips And Enters Competitions l,2ll'ZllIl0lIl1flllLf the yr-ar for tht- orvlrm-str':r n't'r'c rrrrmcr- rmrsir majors. mrs trips. 'l'hr-5 playa-rl at the Stillwater Cltoral lfr-stival lfrrirl High's Orvlu-str'a playcrl Xlarrh ltr in a tlistrirt arrtl hatl thc privilege of zuworrtpartyirtg thc Oklahoma rourrramcnt at Alva aml also prepare-tl several rnrnrhcrs State rrrrlu-strezr arrrl playing in a lirral mass l1lIll1l7l'l'. tor the yearly 'llri-State llllrsic lfvstival. lrr lieu-rrrhcr' tht- Phillips l'rriwr'sity Amlitorirrm NVith a rwrrcwcml ir1tc'r'c'st in strirrgcrl lllSI'IAllll1t'IlfS vm- was the sin- of a corrn-r't giwrr tu gain 1-xpcr'icrrcc aml phasizr-tl in the st-lrool systr-rn, Hr. lfrrgc-rrv Urithn, or- prr-parc tht- strrrlcnts tm' a trip to XVichita. cltcstra lcatlvr, plants to atlrl scu'r'al ru-xx' arul varir'tl "l,ltar':rr1rrnrrrml" arrml 'ACr1rrt't'r'tu in U Klajuru wr-11' Waysof pr'vsc'rrtz1tiorl. thc txru rrrairr nrrrrrhcrs rrsrrl hy the lfrriml H igh Urclrcs- This ycar's m'cl1c-stra ofhcc'r's wt-11-: lic-tty Suits, pres.: tra in all thr-ir crnrcvrts this ya-ar. Donna llart, v. pres.: arrrl Cllamlys Yan Yrankcn, Svc.- 'llhr' arrrrrral ur'vltr'str'a wor'kslrop was hclcl at lvicltita trcas. Y l'rrivvr'sity, win-r-v thc-5' playa-rl a cor1n'vr't for hX7iL'llil'1lS a Tujw Rrrfux' Sit-wart, llmlgv, fiI'IlIlll, -I. K'ar'rrur, Tlrurrrzra, vluhrr- v - - V - .. 3 s wrt, A. hxilllillh, Nl. farrrvr', xl. Watkins, Nlilfllilfll, l'rslu'r', llrrslvrvrnk, Vrmlcy, Umm, Kirkpatrick, Sn-almrrrrr, Pulp, Butts, Sta-plrcrrs, Clrrrsxrrirrg, Str-gm-rrrzrrr, lirluarcls, Alarrzcrr, Pl'I'l'llHl, l,t':1c'l1rn:rrr, llay, bl. NVilli:rrrrs, Rt-irrlrurt, Miller, l,. Smith. 'I'lrirrl Ifnfrtn' 'lirrvlu-r', l':tlrr14'r', llaqws, XVilwrr, K. XVilt'y', llupus, l'a4'r', l':rsr1rr, l'il'I'gllSUIl, Sttrrwlivzlrrt, liushrrr-r, l'arriwh, J. New- llifllllllll, lxlillllrx, liver'-x, R. Nlr'r'4's'r', NVulwla, l'u1'lirtcll, Nlvrritt, Nat, Cilmlsrurr, Mu-ra, lifllllllillll, Kit-ly, 'l'l1nrp, lflamirrg, S. Alrrrrvs. Nfrrrlltl lfnfrc: NIrvr'r'rm' trlir'L'm'tnr'l, lChrli4'h, liutlr-r, Pt-llrm, lN'l1'l5cr'rrrs-rl, NY, XVilt-lx, Sclrrrrlt, Fatt-rr, lirrylvs, Russ, l"ar'r't-ll, l.uirlwr's, liirrkatlv, Crrslrirrg, lialrluirr, .'XIlwrigl1t, llarmrrn, Dots' Slrr'Ilcrrlmr'g.5vr', M. XVilliams, Yan Vrarrkr-rr, liattcrrrrarr, llagarr, Nlalrartfvs, Sillwrslu-r'gvr', llawkirrs. lfullnrrr Rnfux' R-tart, Smarty, NTVKQ-vx't'r', lir'c-rrtlirrgw, i'l1r'ism:rrr, l'm-, llvrrsvl, li:rr'm-x, llarytrrrr, Ciilmrrr, lil'l'lxl1JllIl, li. Mt-r'4'r'r', V I rits, M1'C'ln-Ilarr, .lr-rrkirrs, I'vrrrlln't.rrr, l.. Smith, lim-wcr', S, Neu- irrrglrarn, fliililillllflll, Rarrslall, Mzrtlrt-rw, VVmrtllwrrr'.x', liakcr. .ll I'mrm: liricl frrrarr. L E r Z S Kim wif ,M ww aww Mawr E E i 5 E 5 i 5 .. g 5 2 ss - i I Z 3 Tuff Rome: North, Emmons, Sykora, McMillan, forporon, Roe, R. l'mherger, Prouty, llatheld, Hoover, A. l'rnl1erger, Al- bright, Hughes, johnson. Third Rome: Baker, Schiller, Rohm, Seem, l,inville, llenthorn, Duckett, VanVranken isee.-treas.J, VVall, llart tv. pres.j. Srronti Rofw: Shaw, Medlick, Kingeade, li. Moore, NVlreeler, Howard. linllunr Rofw: Suits tpresj, Gerhard, Patten, Donnelley, Smith, lipton, K. Moore. .Il Piano: Stull, Grithn Cdireetorl. Girls' Chorus Highlights Part 0l Chorus Program XVirh the accompaniment ot -Ioyce Briclgman and the tlireetion of llaurine llorrow, the Girls' Glee Club slid a tremendous joh this year. In every performance the girls showerl a trace of the professional. First in the Cliristmas assembly, their the Christmas Vespers, the Xlay lfete anal the highlight of the year, their perform- ance in the annual "Time to Sing" program, which fea- turerl tolli songs of all types. The program started with "l,aventler Blue," an lfnglish folk song, with Karen Stegeman doing a dance interpretation, then "A Tisket A Tasketf' an American eliilrlren's song with Klr. Frog, Ann Pellow' Bliss P Pi 3 x i' ?L3x i E 5 .issf e K i? ., Q Q i Es f 'Si 2 i if SQ Q i L1 S S . E -fi 3 if 5 Ss. K Q 2, ,rf Humble Bee, Klary Ann Klathersg Parson Beetle, lflyse Culpg Lady Flies, Lynda liaughg Donna Pitts, Sharon Newinghamg then 'lSalangadow," a Creole folk song, then "Skip To Bly Lou," an American folk song with the redbird, Kay Cushing, cat, llyrna lirentlinger, anal the chicken, Karen lhlclieever. Along with the folk songs were beautiful costumes consisting of big hats with feather plumes, animals anal insects. XVith these costumes and the beautiful songs, the program was truly one that helrl the audience in constant awe. Q PIAYINCI AN IMPA UR'l"XY'l' v ' ' f ' ' ' s . . rrrrt rn mzrkrrrg., thy- students of l'..ll.b. :1 Uloscly'-krrrt group, yy'ur'1- thc post-gzrrm' svhool lllllli'l'. llvrv rrrrrrry sturlcrrts :Irv crrroy ing ilu-rrrsvlyrs nt orrc of tht-sc irrformrrl, happy get-togvthcrs. Keys lo Tomorrow Unlock A Golden Yesterday 'l'lrv rloor to rrriotlwr yr-:rr luis hm-rr slrut. 'lilrc lzrst rr ggootl sr-zrsorr, tlrc bziskctlwzill tr-:rm took flu- lliglrcst llorr kvy lllI5 ln-1-rr trrrrrwl. llrrt strrrlcrrts, cspccizllly suniors, ors posslblv, Starr' AA L'll1llIlPl0llSllll5, tlrc track :rrlrl goll rlirl not just yrzrlk out :rlrvr zrrrotlrvr yr-:rr of wlrrczrtiori. tc-:rms rirzulc :ur excl-llcrrt slroyririg, :mtl tlrc lmsr-brrll rm-:rm 'lilrc-y took rrrrrclr yyltli tlrcrrr. yy':rs pirkml as lxIlll-Lw0llll'l'l'llCl' rlrzrrrips in pra--scrrsorr 'l'lrr-ir lrr':rrts yu-rx' frrll ol' rm-riior'ir-s of tliy- yr-rrr. 'lllrcrx' ratings. yyvrv so marry tliiriggs to rlo, it yrzls iriipossllwlv to mlo tlwm Seniors, yy'l1o tirrm-ml tlu-lr lust key in tlw goltly-rr rloor qrll. of lriglr sclrool, hurl scy'cr':1l :rctiyltics rlcslgm-rl to horror l'l3'l-lull was :r goorl yr-ur for clubs :it lfrritl lllgll. Tlll'll1. 'lilwsc' zrrrmrzrl zrllzrlrs irrclmlcrl tlu- lwczrtlytzrkirig 'l'lrm- llr':ry'r-ttvs, girls' pr-p club, lyoristr-rl om- ol tlrc lzirg- Huy' lfvtv, tlrc hlirriior-Scrrior Rn-cr-priori, Class Urry, :mtl cs! rrrc'riilwr'slrips in tlrc stzrtv. 'lilrvy yyr-rl' :rt tlic- zrtlrlvtlc Skip Day. vwrlts vlrr-r-r'irrg1 tlrr' Plrrirrsrm-rr orr to y'ictory, :intl tor tlrc .lrrrriors flIl'lll'll tlwir svvorrrl kcy yyitli flu' low: llrst yvzrr' rrttvrrrlr-ml lmsr-lwrll grrrrrm-s irr sr group. l'i0Tl'l:,fll .-Xclric'y'c'rm'rrt 'lin-sts, Pl'l'St'l1flllj,fflll'i'l1ll'l'f1lll1llIl'lll' for tlrc lillllllllljjl' rlrrlys irrvlrrrlirrg l,:r .l1rrrt:r, Sprrnislr clrrlwg lxs Alrrrrior-Sm-rrlor' R004-ptiorr, :tml lrolilirig vlcctioris lor ru-xt Vopixrris, l"r'r-rrvlr Vlllllf :rrrml Yr-rgllisrrr, l,:1tlrr vlrrly, lizul y4'1ll'lSk'l1lSS2lllll strrrlvrrt hotly ollicvrs. cxtrn spin- zrrltlr-rl yritlr tlrc rrcyy' lzrrrgirzigv lzrlws. 'lilw 'lilir' lirst ky-y was trrrrwrl by the sopliomorcs. Tlivy l'zrlm-ttv Art kllllli took tlrr-ir zrrrrrrrzrl :rrt trip to 'l'lrls:r got zrfqrrzrirrtr-tl with tlrc ways of tlrc sclrool, took zrrlvzrrr- :rrrrl riraulr- spa-rizrl props lor sm-yr-r':il :issr-mlylir-s :rrrrl pro- tzrgc of :ill-sclrool zu'tiy'itir-s, :intl pr'm-pzrrcrl to str-p tlirouglr HVZIIIIS. JK rrr-yy' orgrrrrixutiorr, l,c'ttcr'rm'rr's Lwlllb, took :I tlwir sc-Corral tloor. trip to l,:rkv L':rrl lllrrfkyyr-ll lrr Hay' for :1 rc-st :rltcr 'lilrc-rr XYt'I'l'0l'l1l'l'IINIIIICIITSfU0,fl12IflllZllll' lfrrirl Higll yrorkirrgg for tlrr-ir sclrool's glory :ill yn-air. 'l'lim-sc yy'crc' stirclcrrts for-l zr hit of :rccomplislrmcrrt. :X fricrrrlly l1rrt:l lvyy' ol flu- Ul'Q2lllll1lI'lUllS tlmt kr-pt li.ll.S. stirrlc-rits "lin-llol' in tlrc lmll, tlic mass prorrrl fm-cling of the stu- orr rlrr- rrrrr, rlvrit borly' yylu-rr tlw lvzlskctlwrll tvrrm XYUII Stzltc, :I mo- :Xssr-rrilwllcs plrrywl :rn iriiportrrrrt p:rrt irr zr strrrlcrrtls mont of r'vy'c'r'vrrcc' in tlrc- opr-rrirlg cxcr'clsc's of :ur 21550111- lift- :lt lfrrlrl llirglr. Sonic- yy'm'r'm' i'lllIk'2lflUIl1llQ some yy'r'r'c' lolyg I'llL'Sl' yu-r'c but zr fcyy' of tllc rrctlyitlvs :mtl moments wry rrrirrrsirrgg sorm- slioyywl suliool spirit :rrrrl ft'2lIl1 that ywrrt to mzrkc up life- :rt lfrrirl lliglr in lllfmll. The lyrrrkirrgg. keys to lflfmll :rrv km-ys to rlu- past, lwrrr tlrcy' may unlock Jktlrlctirs plzrywl :ur orrtstzrrrrlirig roll- irr tlic yvrrr of tlicgolrlcrr rloorsof the fllflll'C. l'H'l-lull. Nr-yy' l-flflfllilll vozrclics spzrrkvrl flu- tvzrm orr to jx tj A. 1 X K. wr play an imporfanf parm' in fhe lives of EHS sfu denfs-wheiher Huey are par+icipa+ing ihem selves or cheering o+hers. I :lc tm I hilt lftcx ll lwig gain. 'llu c Lum lL,lI sr x 1 ucl New Coaches New Tactics New Pep Mark New Team Season s Record lxmcl . . Nm'tl1u'c'st . lzmcl . . Capitol llill Xclflllllll . lcl gas. an .1 YL? X E7 1 l I Mac Plummer Eugene Sharp Bob McCoy Bill Blair Carl Moore Tri-Captains Sharp, Lang, Plummer Pace Gridders New faces were the rule as the Enid Plainsmen foot- ball team had its first season under new Head lylentor Harvey Griffin. lllr. Griffin, formerly head football coach at Duncan High School for ten years, replaced lliarvin Vandaveer, who accepted a coaching position at Southeast High School, VVichita, Kansas. Under Grif- fin"s guidance the Plainsmen Hnished the season with four wins and seven losses. lllr. Griffin had nine letter- inen returning from the 1958 squad. Other new faces on the football coaching staff in- cluded that of Rex lllartin, Griffiifs assistant at Dun- can, who came to EHS as line coach. Floyd VVinf'ield came to the Big Blue coaching staff from Emerson Jun- ior High as backneld coach. Norman Lamb, only famil- iar face in Enid High coaching circlesg and Tommy Niles, new to coaching, but known around ISHS as me- chanical drawing instructor, piloted the B team High- landers through a rugged season. Plainsmen began the year running the belly series, commonly known as power plays in which the quarter- back has the option of faking inside and going outside or faking to the fullback and pitching wide. Enid Plainsmen opened their season against Dumas, Texas, at Plainsmen Field September ll. The game had barely gotten under way when speed merchant Pat Blanton, a starter from the 1958 squad, broke his wrist. The injury saw the halfback on the sidelines through- out all but the last three football games. Dumas proved itself a real powerhouse defeating Enid 20-0. ln the season's second encounter, Enid topped Black- well, highly rated in class A. The game was scoreless until halfway through the third quarter when lilac tory. DONNING THEIR IFO TARDS, earmuffs and gloves for a cold night, the Cheerlead ers cheer their team on to uc -.., . aww W "Qui, -nu.. f I prinr In a HZIHIV. l,llII1lIlIt'I' l't'flll'llt'll a lilaekwell punt N7 yards for the lnne tally. llie gznne ended l,l?llllSINCI1 6, Xlaroons U. 'l'he l,l1llllSINl'll journeyed to l,llUl2lIN City for their lirst Xlid-State foiiferenee game with the Pirates. lint- llillll L ity, new to the emrnterenee this year, proved too inneh as former lfnidite lioh Seliwenlce scored two I'UllL'lNl4lXVllS while his teannnates l7I'UlIg2flll' the seore to dl, liulding l.IllKl senreless. lilllll ditcatnd .1 rsllgfllfly taxuied bhawnee team on il rain soaked l,lZ1ll1SIIlL'll lfield lll-fm. The game turned ont to he ninstly defensive with the lylainsnien finding pay dirt only once in the first half. lfiigene Sharp again took the hand-oh from Klassey seainpering til yards lnr their l0Ill'lll1ll'li. Xlarlt Kladdox, lfnidls versatile left end, was elmseil l.inenian of the Vlveek hy the Daily UHz1l1nn1a11 sports- ii l'lfl'l'S. Xladdox received the hminr tor his cmtstanding "PLAYERS, PLAYERS l'fYlfRYVVllliRlf, but nut il une In eall my own," Could easily he the thrnight ut Plainsnmn liill l,j'lll'll. Bill Kerr Pat lilanlnn Rnlwert Leslie Allan Spears liuddy' lingg I ,, ,, 1 ii 1'l""h s s' f, fl if it f N1 1-1 -. 1 kkk: L X X rw at t 1 9 Nt' V' was ., .. X N- W. 1 - 5' 1 - ,ass "Egg:-is -22, f ' ig' fffi,QM-:ff I . - ,W 1 Y- L - 1 it .3 JS.. A J A H :gm - s t' as 'irrx 1'xllLlL'l'S ,f tg, VAIRNICSS .NND MUNI? spnrtsriiziliship prevziil in all 1 ,men sports aetixities, NIIIC i,llIITlII1l'I' and Dee l,anf shake l- ' hands with an nmmsliif wlawr , A , '5 l'RUXVl7l",l3 S'l':Xl1Il'N1 .'XNXll7l'Sl.Y lnllfxux vvi-rx plat HI tht- l'l:iiimm-in limping lui' thzil Ulllllllljl lmivlimlfmii. Fans Proud Of Enid "Coach, Team, Pep, Steam" pi-i'fui'm:im't' iii l',iiitl's gziim' xxith Slixiwiicv, Uctulwi' 2. lil that ifziiiix' ht' i'm'm'uwi'cil lim' mit of scwii tiiiiihlcs. P' :X highly spiritcil Uuiiglaiss tvziiii piillcil :ui upset owl' lfiiitl mi the 'lii'u.i:iii lficltl. lhi- hotly coiitcstm-tl bzirrh- emit-tl lfm-H iii l:ix'oi' ut Umigliiss, hilt this was ilu iiitli- czitioii of limi' gzillxiiitli' tht- Plziiiisiiicii fuiigglit :i stiwmiigt-i', liczivici' tcziiii. :X puwwtiil Nlitlwt-sr llity Chih 0lll'L'l2lSSl'tl thc' Plniiis- iiivii in the iwxt t-iiruiiiitvi' :it liuiiiv. The lioiiilwis pi'm'cil tlwiiist-lx'i-s quirlaly with ii 15-yziiwl run mi rhi- mirth play of the gxiiiic. 'lllwy swim-tl tlitct- iiiutc TDR iii rlw lirst lmlf. In the rhii-tl :mtl fourth qi1zii'tvi's Rig lihiv ht-lil tht- liuinbt-rs to twu st'ui'i's zuul cmiiiti-tl um' rlu-ima-lit-5 wlii-n Hut' llliiiiimci' rc'tiil'iictl ai lairla-HH SU yziiwls with koi hluvlas tlimwii hy ll:ii'ultl Cult' :iiul lfii- H gem' Sl11ll'1H. lflllill scott- wus Nlitlwcsr -ll :intl lfiiitl S. Ql'.'XR'l'ICRl5.H'K liIl,l, Mxssiax' hm mt- imii, itat mt, ap' IH 11 lliiiliiwk hflfrlf' lvliill Jwiiiwfi hislhh fffllfvfl imfixiiiig plziwrx xiii- :Irving their hut tu tailw it LIXKZIQN from him. Mink Mziilslfvx Iiill Nliixwx Stew Nivlwlzix Rwiiiiiv 'I':iyhn' ,lim Nt-lwii llzirnlil Cult 40' N? af is , gwe sf-ffl 'af Q X,X.., M, Richard Lovell Brud Baker Bill Lynch Mike Pastor David Rogers Bill beott XARIOVS EXPRESSIONS N1 ARK spectators as the Big Blue team progresses down the field. Ponca City 30-22. Bill Klassey showed his passing abil- ity as three of the four touchdowns and numerous other plays were through the air. Billy Blair, Dee Lang, and Xlac Plummer scored for the Plainsmen, Plummer twice. Aerials proved the difference in the game. Game of the year came when lfnid nearly upset Northwest Classen in Oklahoma City. lfnid outplayed Northwest in every department except passing and scor- ing. lfnid showing unusual defensive strength led with four seconds, Northwest scored to cinch the game. Northwest later went on to become state champs de- feating Norman to claim the State AA Championship trophy. Final score 22-18 Northwest. VVirh a drop in temperature came a drop in Big Blue football attendance. November 6 when the Plainsmen encountered the ICI Reno Indians on the home gridiron, temperatures dipped into the thirties, but the following week the Plainsmen turned lfskimos as the thermometer mark dropped into the teens. To keep warm both teams had to employ hay and smudge pots. lfnid bombed a young inexperienced lil Reno team 36-12 in the Plainsmen's best seasonal scoring effort. llac Plummer, Richard Lovell, Pat Blanton, and lfu- gene Sharp scored for lfnid. On a chilly Friday, November l3, the Capitol Hill Redskins turned the day's charm on lfnid defeating the Plainsmen 30-14. The Redskins had to do it all in the second half as they trailed I-l-10 at the end of the first half. The second half found the tables turned as the Redskins pounded hard to improve their score. hlac Plummer and Richard l,ovell accounted for lfnid touchdowns. Another interesting factor was that on this cold, cold night, the last home game of the season, the ljlainsmen were sporting an entirely new offense. lfnid introduced the man-in-motion series and used an the faces of interested if Doug lrintl Marvin l,audermilk Martin Peninger Bob Sehottel VVilliam Swan Andrew Karas Teamwork Improves Steadily As Season Progresses unbalanced line. According to Head Coach Harvey Clritlin, the actual value of the man-in-motion is highly debatable because, in using the series, one man is pulled from the offense, and it takes an experienced squad to overcome the loss of just one player. Al-so, lfnid hadnlt employed either the man-in-motion or the unbalanced line long enough to rell whether it was of any value. lfnid dropped its last contest at a fiery Norman ball club commanded bv .lay YVillcinson, son of University of Oklahoma football coach, liud VVilkinson. It was the last high school football game for eleven seniors: Pat lilanton, liill Kerr, llill lllair, Buddy llugg, Dee Lang, Robert Leslie, Bob lNIcCoy, Carl llloore, fllac Plum- mer, lfugene Sharp, and Allan Spears all saw their last action. Nlae l'lummer was named to both all-confer- ence and all-state teams. Plummer led the Plainsmen in every individual department-rushing, kicking, scoring, and runbacks. The Highlanders under Norman Lamb and Tommy Niles was composed of sophomore and junior boys who drilled and practiced to improve their game. The High- landers was combined of "lin and sophomore squads that had existed in previous years. Their record is not important because of the future. lfach boy tried several positions to see where he best fit. The 1959 edition of Plainsmen football overcame the air of unfamiliarity between staff and squad, and proved that the will to play every contest with undying spirit and enthusiasm was strong, very strong. PROVD PAPAS l2XC'I'I'lQD- LY watch the aetion during the animal l7ad's Day game. Each father displays his son's llllIIIl1Cl' and lives every moment with him. A . Sept. O Sept. 16 Sept. 23 Sept. 30 Ort. 7 Oct. l-l Our. 21 Oet. 20 Nov. -l Nov. ll Nov. I8 C lrl Collins .X I X Bgkwt gm... 5 3 X .f it 1- .fs . i .fl 1960 Football Schedule Henryetta lllaekwell .... Putnain City Sliawnee Douglass ...,.... Midwest City .,.Y Ponca City .. Nortllwest ...., lil Reno .,.,... Capitol Hill . N0l'111ZlIl ..... Bill Uregm'y Mx me .....HCI'C ......The1'e .......l'lere ......Thcre .,,,,,.HerC ......Thc-re ....,..He1'e .......He1'c .....Tl1C1'i' .....Tlie1'e .......Hei'e Norman Grade 9-,:...,,,fm""'m. .,,., TICNSION RIEACIIES ITS height during an exciting' mu- ment at one of Iinicl's home games. Coaeh Harvey Uriflin explains the taeties tu lie uwcl in forthcorning plays. - , W A -S -at ga, . l i T .15 ENIITS IVTAC PLVMMER is Off in one of his fantastic dashes that paved him a place on the All-State team. Mike Lauterliach Dick Palmer Nlike Robinson lltbll CnlCS f rf 'wiQ rx Q fi fi rw. . " . I ,I 5 's ' r , r I ir 5 1 1 'x 1 .sf r 1 fi F F f x 1 1 1 'Z 1 .Q QQ. Q If fl' xy' 6 , xx x-in Nc-:urs ul Fwy, tc-ziix, :mtl xlll'l'llKX' wc-i'c' :ill 11ic'mc1l'ic's l mimic' to lift- :lt tlic' zmiiiizil lluinc-vuiiiiiig l'l5'7-fill. 'Illic- ti iclirifnml luutlizlll plziyc-1' xxzis prc-sc-iit :lt tlic- clown' to ,gnc-vt :ill pmt grzicls :is tlic-3 I'l'ljlSfl'l'l'tl lm' tlic- llcmiv- cniiiiiig lll'flX'lfll'N. lc Iflll'lIlQ 4l2lllL'K'N :incl mugs ul clillc-i'c'iit x:ii'ic'tic's. 'lilic' illllillrw 1wi'c-wilt "spirit" was l'c'pi'c-sc'ntc'cl in :ls- Nciiililx lu tlic' c-ntirv wtiiclviit lmcli. liiimviiig tlmt tlic- tc mi ucniltl lizixc' :l Inu-cl lmttlc- xxitli Nliclwcst Lity. xcliuol spirit row tn its iwcllc xvlic-ii NIV. ll. l'll'uic'c- Selby, luriiic-1' l5l'lIlL'lllIll nl l',.ll.5., lc-cl tlic- 2llllllt'IlL'l' iii tlic' ll'2l- clitimizil cc-ll, "l,c-t-lfi'-Rip." 'l'liis lint only iiic'l'c':isc'cl tllc' xpirit ul tlic' stiiclviits, lmt it lvmiiglit il tcziic to tllc- c-yc-s oi tlic-5 miilcl ilcwc-I' lA0l'QQ'l' tlic' ti'c-iiic-iiclrnis c-Hurts clvmoii- Ntrzitvcl lic XIV. Sc-llny xvlivii lic- lincl lc-cl "l.c't-lfi'-Rip" for l iiicl llioli "tlic' lac-or sc'licu1l." lJl'1lXK'lllg-f tlic' 1lSSl'llll3ll' to ll vlosv, l,i'iiic'ipzil CT. 'lf :Xutry insrirurcwl tlic' lclczi nl rlic' tc-:mi iii Nc-:mini pic-c'c-iliiig tlic- 1lllKlli'Ilk'l' lmm rlic- :nucli- lUl'llllll to tlic- strziiiix of "llc'l'c"s 'lin lfiiicl lllgli Svliooll' l7l'lYl'll lu tlic- pc-in lmiicl. mia plum fur grc'c-ting alumni. Alumni Relive School Experiences At Homecoming lligliliglit ul tlic' iiinriiiiigg :ic'rix'ltic'4 was tlic' :issvmlwly . . , . nc' ul' tlic- :ilumni :ix wc-ll :is juniors :incl sviiims, as ,. . l"ollcm'liig1 tlic- 1lSSK'IlllTll tlic' Aziliimsl lizlcl tlic- uppcmr- multi to tcilll' tlic- wlirml to iiutc- tlic' Y2ll'l0lIS vlizuigc-s l l I A uhhh ll UI fllun pl lu Nmu Thu Il ul hun Ntmhntx INN I'URMlzR DRAIN AI lm Ol lzmcl lligh rmiiilimw- :is thu IXX I I 1 l ' 1 5 ' ' A :lit thc- stair! ul thc- lllilllli'-lllllllgllSSl'IIll1lf. of MRS. KUXRI, XVJUZNICR, Mice Incer 'VXVU FORMICR li.ll.S. lmzmcl clirvv- Al.l'MNl l-'RUM V.-XRIUVS luri iliiigc-i'ic'li, Dr. XV:igiivr, :incl li. liruvc- ture, Mr. U. R. lirmlizim :incl Mr. Cicr- clzisscw rc-giwtcr lYL'lllll'l? zinvililwly. Ntllu xigiillic'g.511c'Nt lmtllc, :ilcl llc-mphill talk :is Mrs. llvmpliill, Mr. lilblllllllllk 4l1lll2.fl!fi'I', lcmlcs un K lui l'.I.I:X MR.-U l-5, IEIAXA l-,lam llllll lVlc'Kium'x, liulmlwic' -luiws, -lllilll Rulwrts, :incl Cincy l'ni'ulx llllllil' hiluri T Xu.. P X X X as i 9 ,.2, ' N-9 " 3 ' Gym X Q ,T fi Plainsmen Reign As Class AA State Champions jim Stronp Tom Niles MARK MADIJUX A'l"I'IiMl"l'S to lwloek a shot hy Nlll'IllNW'l'SllS Lon lfoster. llerh Seem and Mac Plummer look on lllXl4lllSlf'. A dream came true Saturday night, Hlarcli 12, for the students of lfnid High School, the Plainsmen Basketball Squad, and their coach, .lim Stroup. lfnidls rough and ready basketballers corralled the State Cham- pionship, 65-58, by lassoing the spunky Shawnee XVolves. In gaining a berth to the state playott, the Plainsmen captured the lil Reno Regional crown after conquering both adversaries, Duncan and l,awton. Friday night, Nlarch -l, lfnid clobbered the Duncan Demons, 53-30. The victory was a painless battle as lfnid took an early lead and didn't once let it slip away. Larry Hawk drew high point honors with twenty- live and llac Plummer second with thirteen. Saturday night, Klarch 5, lfnid found themselves facing l.awton, who the preceding night had scored an upset over ICI Reno. Coach Stronp's cagers, however, weren't in the least upset, and lfnid landed an easy 53- 28 victory. Lawton just couldnlt find the right ingredient needed to stop the anxious Plainsmen. Hawk was again top scorer in the game, netting 22 points. lfnidls first big obstaele in their march to the State crown came in the the form of a loudly lanreled team from U. S. Grant of Oklahoma City. lfnid fans saw the big seoreboard clock make two complete revolutions before the game reached a turning point. Prior to that time the lead exchanged hands many times, and at the half the score was deadlocked at 20 all. Coach Stroup must have brought the secret formula though, for when the Plainsmen took the court for second halt play they really went wild and in the following tour minutes smashed all Cirant's hopes of victory. In that game no one player could have been called the outstanding difference, the only difference was teamwork. All live men cont1'ibuted evenly to I'fnid's 56-48 win over Grant. By posting the victory, lfnidls team had earned her opportunity to play for the State Championship the following night, and play they did. As lfnid and Shawnee entered play for the state crown, the Plainsmen and Wlolves had each won one game. -lanuary 22 on lfnidls home court ri ,4-. EXID S11 il . 68 . 43 . 50 . 35 . 6+ . 49 . 48 . Dfw . Sl . 59 . 72 . fig . X2 . -l-6 . 53 . 46 . 5 J 49 . . Reg. S3 . 53 . Still? 56 . 65 . Ronnie North ,ty-. , swf' Top Row: Massey, Heinrichs, Plummer, Seem, Sharp, Lang, Blair. Bottom Rofw: Hawk, Edwards, l'nruh, Jeter, Bunnell, Maddox. Season's Record OPPONENT Ponca City Duncan . Harding . El Reno . Duncan . Nlidwest City Capitol Hill Northwest . Putnam City Shawnee . Stillwater . Douglass . Ponca City Putnam City Capitol Hill Douglass . Shawnee . Northwest . Niidwest City Stillwater . Duncan Lawton Grant . Shawnee . VVilliam Patterson SCORE 37 34 55 49 30 69 4+ 51 38 33 49 5+ 48 43 58 49 59 49 51 55 39 28 48 58 Z-ff-' ARMS VVAVE FRANTICALLY in a vain attempt to seize the ball. Plainsmen Mark Maddox, Larry Hawk, and Herlm Seem are in on the scramble. ,4 Ui- 95 Nll,'X XX N lzlz 5 Ul'l'l-1. . a pl11111p,, nl thi l'l1111s111111 lm lllSlx1'l :1111l lun pmnts. XVKS ' 1 - " 'L Stroup Guides Big Blue Cagers lo 17-7 Season Sl1:1y1'111'c g:1i11n-cl l'l'Yl'llQl'. l'l1c'1101111'11:1l is tht- only yy01'1l to 1lcsf1'iht' the typo of lic-ry hall tht- l'lz1i11s1111'11 plziyt-tl that lirst Klll2ll'Tl'l' as thcy l1it the 111-t f1'0111 t'YCl'y part of tht' u0111't. liy thc 1'111l of - 1 A0lll'Tl'Cll-DUlllf 111z11'gi11. U111'i11g tht' thirtl llll1ll'fl'l' Sl1:1y1'110c 1'z1lli1'1l, :1111l :it ll I 0110 point t1'i1111111-tl the l,l1llllSl1Il'lllS lt-ntl to scyt'11 points, hut rlu- Big llhu- Ql2lg,fCl'S p1'oy1-tl they lmtl y1'h:1t it t:1lu's to play llIlllL'l' L'Xfl'l'lIll' 1111-ss111'1' :1111l Cilllll' h:1ttli11g hzicla to m1'11 21 311--l-l lt-ml with flll'k't' z1111l il lmlf 111i1111t1's lt-fr to play. 1' tc'11sio11 lllltlK'l' y1'l1it'l1 tht' l,l2llllSlll1'll pl:1y1'1l, hmm- L 011-1', svryctl Ullly tu lTl'0Ylll0 1-xpt-1'ic111'c. l11 thc lust flll't'l' , 111i1111tcs of tht- glilllll' H111-lw S1-1-111, Um' l.z111g, :1111l Klum' l' ' ' 'W N' ' 'S I " ' ' ' .' 'C' ' ' 1-'UNll'l1li'l'l5 -'U55URl"l'l0N IS 1'i+'U1""fl 'HI thi' filfye fgf hitting at rlu- l'll2ll'lI'j' llllR'. I7111'i11g this pt-1'io1l Sl1:1y1'111'1' lillltl lligh R1111111ll1:1llv1w :is C'11:1m'l1 Strmip 1l1:1g1':1111w :1 Sll'2lfR'f.fl1' . 4 . - 1 plan- t1'1v1l llllSllCk'l'SSllIlly to t':1p1t:1l171' 4111 :1 lllll k'0lll'f press I 1111 llzlyyly Du' l,z111g liill Nlzlswy lNl:11' l,llllllIIll'l' Phil l'illN'IlI'KlN liilff .lvtc ' -I it 1 1, Q ,Q .1 1 tb ! if' 1 Q35-' 1 ef 1 . , 1 3 , y f"'J 1 1 1 -Q-sr h Q K. N . . l Q f , " ' F-jig R , .Y S 35" I 111 .,k x Q 111 ft, 1 - 1 X 1:,, .1 e , 4 .1 fe A 1 3 L ff, Y 1 ttlt . 1l1 'L 1 fe Y b 1 1 if if l. ly 3 K If 16 . . C, ,F,VA 1 ,Q . Az. ,, gi .f Men ,, l 1 X.. ff y5,Z, W ,hi A W H 5 2, :nip xzxx :gf if -1""1 Q .,.L j ,zl I 3511, 5 1 A,,A ,A ,,.iz:A " . b Li' QW ' ' 2 Mdjl ,E.Q,,,V,. . :wx 3' -'1, , , a W JM i 'feta J ,V QMHX ef 1 'fm ,sf xx 5 .. ' 5 , ::, . ff' A wheat S apnea., .5 Maxx ,renee-'X Q may V l.."""'.3w 'mf .19 V-mM""? ...Q "LCD llerb Seem Eugene Sharp Billy Blair Ronnie Heinrichs Gary l'nruh Mzirk Nladdox Martini liunntll GARY l'NRl'll IS deter- mined to have that ball for his own. An unidentified Shawnee player has the same idea. and only succeeded in fouling the Plainsmen who sank fifteen of 22 free throws. Fnid's players were presented with individual awards, and Coach -lim Stroup was then given the mammoth trophy which he in turn gave to the team. Basketball was over and a dream had come true. lfnid had won the State Championship. ln the selections of all state basketball players which just succeeds the -state playoffs Larry Hawk was named to the All-State team, and lilac Plummer was picked for the second squad. In regular season play, l'fnid's first game was Decem- ber 8 with Ponca City at Ponca. Coach Stroup started Clary lfnruh, liill illassey, Dee l,ang, Larry Hawk, and lilac Plummer but early in the game began switching positions, and every player saw action. December 15 through some pretty cagy playing, Fnid downed the Duncan Demons, 50-33, on the Demons' home court. lfnid Plainsmen breezed past the Duncan Demons in their second encounter January 5 at Convention Hall in Fnid. Fire sparked the Plainsmen defense as they held Duncan to five field goals in 36 tries for a four- teen percent average. That night lfnid walked away with a 50-30 victory. Friday night, January 8 the Plainsmen suffered their worst defeat of the season at the hands of lllidwest City. Fnid came out of that game a 69-35 underdog. After being ten points on the short side of things, lfnid Plainsmen pulled a victory from the fire and downed Capitol Hill, 6-l--H, Tuesday night, -lanuary 13. The following Friday night lfnid dropped a see-saw battle with Northwest Classen. Convention Hall in lfnid was packed, and fans saw the score go back and forth, but Northwest got the final breaks and the game ended 51-49. Following the Northwest game, lfnid racked up seven consecutive victories overcoming Putnam City -l-8-38, Shawnee 56-33, Stillwater 51--19, Douglass 59-53, Ponca City 72-48, a return match with Putnam 69-42, and Capitol Hill 82-58. Luck gave out, though, and the Plainsmen dropped three in a row at the hands of Douglass 49--1-6, Shawnee 59-53, and the long-time rival Northwest Classen -1-9-41-6. Sweet revenge was in order for the Plainsmen as they soundly defeated lXIidwest City in an action-packed 55-51 rematch Friday night, February 26, in lfnid. Enid closed season play in Stillwater, where they were forced to bow to the Pioneers and their terrific 6 ft.-8 in. center, .lim Barnes. VVith the defeating of Shawnee for the State Cham- pionship Fnid completed her basketball season holding a seventeen victories, seven defeats record. i1s.. - l Tap Rnfw: Peninger, Skarky, Plummer, Sunderland, Fisher, Mcfulihins, Niles, Coach, Foulks, Manager. B leam Has Close, Thrilling Season Record "B" Team Basketball . Under the guidance of Coach 'llommy Niles the "li" basket- linm t t t ,X PMN-H City . ,O hall team achieved a season record of ten wins and nine losses. mill - N km ' ' Q H Only Oklahoma City Douglass and Duncan's "ll" squads de- lgnjd I gg p,,,,,-1,,, I , 38 feated the cagers twice. linid . S0 Duncan . . il Ronald Heinrichs, Stanley Crites, Martin liunnell, Scott Will - V' Mifllwt' Fifi' - 39 Sunderland, and George VVatson paced the "li" cagers. Stan- l'Z"l'l ' ll u'lll"'l Hill ' S2 lcv Crites was top scorer for the team followed bv Martin liniil ' iz i:iHmmm,. ' 3? lliinnell. i L,T::T,T,,ciIl Coach Niles commented that the most impressive game was 1-j,,i,i , 41, siiliyy-,mr , 43 the lfnid llees' encounter with the Stillwater Pioneers. Plains- linid . 21- Douglass . . +0 men won the game -ld-37. l':"l'l ' ll' l"""'1' fill? 41 ln a specially scheduled pair of games, with the .let High 'mid so Pmlllm Chl ' 22 School A squad, the cagers split the set. -let took the first game, linid . 48 Capitol llill . 43 . . . . . . . . Enid ' 41 Duughm D 1 47 hut lxmd came roaring hack to victorious wm in their second Enid 29 5h:,,,.,m, . - 33 game, Uoyle Newsom scored eighteen points that mght, and pnid 4 gg N,,,.,h,,.,.,t 1 41 Rohert ltisher was close hehind with twelve. linitl . S0 Nfitlwest City 37 Having their share of narrow wins aml losses, many of the lillifl - 4? Sfillwflfvf - 37 "ll" games ended with the fans on the edge of their seats. The WU" 10 - lm' 9 haskethallers squeaked past l'utnam City 47-45 and squeezed by Stillwater -lo--ld. 'llhe liearthreaker, however, was with ICVVR l'WVl'lll'l'l l4RM'l'1'l"Vl5S HH ' 'Plfllllitl Duncan as the Demons gave lfnid the nod, S0-Sl. example nf' the fuustanding support the Plainsmen received -ill SUZISUII. Ten sophomores and three juniors composed the team, with Stanley Crites, Ronald Heinrichs, and lllartin liunnell giving their services to the A team as well as playing for the li cagers. Buddy lfoulks filled the all important position of tealn man- ager and all round handy-man. ln addition to caring for equip- ment the manager charts all plays and keeps a record of each player's performance, field goals, free throws, fouls, and rebounds. fllain ohjective of the "ll" squad was to train and prepare the boys for the day when they could play on the varsity team. liy competing for a position on the squad they gained experience and know-how for the magic moment, the time they would take the court with a starting position on the A team. "J .'i"'- ' ay K' 'lb . e . l1l.l:AMINCi AND liICAl'- Nl IIfl'I., tht' new liziskvtlmll tro- phy is proudly displayed hy Mac Plummer, C'oacli ,lim Stroup, and Larry Ilawk, tlirm- important factors in winning it. State Champions Reach lop Ol Golden ladder Soincwlicrc on tht- Oklahoma plains stands a tall golden ladder. Ont- c-nd is scc'nrcly planted in the cartlig the other rc-sts gently against Cloud Ninn-. lfnid's l'lainsnicn started ont, with all other state haslu-thall teams, at rlic bottom. 'l'lu-y clinihcd Slll'C-iO0fClllj', how- vw-l', rarely slipping hacli. 'lilit-n thc final foothold was in sight. llig Blur-'s tcani grasped thc- last rung, won tlw State' Championship, and pulled thcinsclvvs and thc 1-ntirc town of lfnid into thc blisstulness of Cloud Nine. lfroni this lofty pt-rcli, they Slll'Vl'j'Cli tht-ir kingdom, and all they could say was- 'WYQ' won. WY- won. YVQ won, by golly, wc- won!" This chant ., '., X., ',. ' ' A' ' ldlllf t1o.n thc nonit of tlianipionship to the halls ot l'..H.h., and was aniplilicd in a special ct-lchration assvnibly at which thc school paid tribute to its ti-ani. To tnrthi-r recognize this glory, school was dis- lnisscd for tht- rc-inaindcr of thc' day. 'l'ircd, lint vcry, very happy after winning that last big game arc: Allan Stroup, llcrli St-cm, Gary jctcr, YVilliam Patterson, Phil Edwards, Larry llawk, Det- Lang, Bill Massey, K'oac'h .lim Stronp, Ronnie lleinrichs, Etigem' Sharp, Clary Vnruh, and Hill Blair. KN EXCITING? MUMQICNT in tln- first nt- of thc tonrnanu-nt finds l,arri llaixlx ' 'z oz. 'til' as'-in . displaying skill which niadc liini top vlioiu' lor tht Ulilili mi 'Xll Ntm Hi lwtl ill lt nn 4 - X Q - ss S X l , 1 E 2 f L 1 'limp linac: Uvlv, llalltivlil, Swirl, St-mn, li. Rulrinsun, l'nruh, Sharp, lfrzlntf, Plumrm-r, hlztclilzrx, l.m'i'll, l,nmlt-rrnillt, liugg, lirlxxntrtls, -It-tvr, Nivlwlzis, XVir1livl1l, 'l'lwrn:is, iiurturr, l'z1ttt-1's4n1. lilzrntun, ilrilhn Qfrrslrltl. 'l'l"'1l RWLV' llillltl- .l""1"v lmllllllll- cl"l"'l4l"'l- N""ll'v illivl-f"'iN Iinllum Rafts: NVintivlil li'1r11t'ltl, 'l':ixlur, lgllllf, linker, l.cslit', Nrlwfhl'f"'i"ll1"'-M1'W't- Kl"'l'- R"lll"'NNllt't l4"'1H'l'l- ,l1llllt'Il, VVinslmx, lfusst-tt, Crrlcs, l,yvm'h, M 1r11 rc, l,1rim'i'lu1t'l1, ,X'nn11.I lffmu: Nlrirtin tC'u:u'lil, Strtrup li'11:rt'ltl, NI. Rulvinstm, l,:rmh QC'u:lVl1H. lettermen's Club Promotes All Sports Act' 'te l,:ltt'st mltlitimt to rlrt- lflml lliglr A-Xrlrlt-rio IJl'D1ll'l'- Sharp, rift-Ap1't-sitlt'1ttg lioh fllcftly, St'k'l'l'f2ll'X-fl'C2lSlll'l'l'Q lm't1t xizls tha- liurmsitimnt ot sr ll'lfl'l'lIlt'lllS vluh. lfm' thirst- Rrmirit- North, l'cpol'tt't', :tml Um- l,:1ng1, Sl'l'Ql'2lltf'2lf'2ll'lltS. trlm not-llt-rl in sports, rlrt- lvttvr or "lf" xrzis tht' great- An llllflllfltllt was lit-lil -lzirmatry 23 for tht- buys who vst ltommr um- will-l t't't't-irc. l,cttt'rs wt-l'v gin-it for lt'tti'i'4-sl in foorlmll for that lirst firm- in l'751l. As vzlch t'w'i't spurt: frmthxtll, lmzrskt-rlnill, lmschrrll, swimming, sport cmlvtl thc new ll'fl'1'l'Il1l'll wwe- initizitt-tl. rltlllj' gulf, :tml tt-mris. 'lin strvngtltcil tit-s hc-twt-vit :ill linirl lu-lil l'l'gIlll2ll' im't'ting1s cztflt 'litlvstlny l1l0l'llll1gI. lliglr lt-ttm-rim-rr, vnzrcltt-s llrti-roy Cirilliil :tml Rox illzlr- To l'2llSl' llltllllj' for their your cml trip tn l,zllit' Curl tin lu-gzip rlrt- twglstitizzttiuir. l'llzlt'lLu't'll, tht- tltlh soltl pr0gr:tms :tt the hmm- hztslcvt- Un 'lim-salary, IM-1-irrlwt-i'8, lll-fl'l'll boys who lmtl prv- lmll gzum-s. 'l'lu- Dl'0gIl'Zllll gave at list of both tt-suns, Il X'l0llSly' lc'ttt'ri-tl in il spurt llll'Y for thi- lirst tiim- to tlis- list of otlwr scltools in the C0llll'l'l'llL'l', :tml nzum's of Cllss tht' itlt-:r ul tht' mwr vltlh. 'lilwsv i'h:trti'r ll1t'IItl"lCl'5 L'2llllllll2ll'L'S for lmslcvthzlll QIICCII. Thi- cluh also spon- tallluwl uvvr :1 curtstittttiuit :tml ll svt ot lay-laws, :tml survtl El faculty hzlslct-thrill gzum' l1CfXt'K'l'll lftlitl lligli :lt-vitlvtl tu lmri- :t flush. tcztvllvrs Zlllll instrm'tors in rlrt- thrt-c junior highs. 'liht' :Xt this im'i'tirtg ullict-1's for thc llllrll yt-:tr wt-i'c lfnitl High fnutrlrywor14l-I7. 4-li-vtt-tl. Klum' l'lumtm-r was clot-rt-tl pri-siilcilt, lfugvm' th rw. MAC' l'l,l'MMliR YrXlNl,Y alttcmpts to czitvli thc hall hc- lpri- :ln urritlcntiticil Ultlztlwrnxt City PlZlj'L'l'1'illl :nuke tirst lmsv Altlmugli tht-5 missvcl this nm', thc Plxliitsrtlclt put out thc m'xt l00 Top Rofw: Coles, Jones, T. Plummer, Meech V Plummer Massey Maddox Jeter M Plummer Boifom Row: Swan, Lockner, Frantz, Blair, Gorton Seem Baseball Team Proud of Teamwork Coach Floyd VVinfield's Big Blue baseball team was ranked as pre-season Illid-State champs in his first year of coaching the team. Others in the conference included Douglass, Capitol Hill, Putnam City, Northwest Clas- sen, IVIidwest City, Ponca City, and Shawnee. Garber was played twice as were all the other teams, once on a home field and once out of town. VVinfield stated early in the season that this team had the best potential of any Ifnid High team in a number of years. The team was able to boast eight returning lettermen and six players who played for the Legion team during the summer and advanced to the nationals. They participated in the OU Invitational tournament in April and the Regionals on lllay 6 and 7. Illay 13 and 14, the state finals were held for those who qualified. Trackslers Rack Up Individual Wins The Enid High Thinclads attended several meets this year. These included the Lawton Invitational Re- lays where they placed fourth, the OSU Relays, the Northwestern Relays at Alva and two dual meets with Ponca City. They also participated in the Bison Relays at Shawnee, the Central State Relays at Ifdmond, the Oklahoma City Invitational llleet. Enid hosted the llid-State Conference in April and later in that month attended the regionals. State finals were held in early Iilay for those teams that qualified. lfnid had several returning lettermen this year and boasted quite a few new sophomore and junior track- sters. Top Rofw: Tallant, Fisher, North, Vmherger, Vllright, Munn Sunderland Bearclslee Clark Jansen Hoskins Blanton Buchanan S1'fomlRn1w: Melott, McMillan, Paeschke, Shores, Hurst, Lauterhack Crites Taylor Lynch Bugg Iovell Inndermrlk Bottom Rofw: Mcfluhbins, Russell, Thomas, Sharp, Lang, Baldw in Seidl Hemrichs Flaming Top Rnfw: Copeland, Robinson, VVilson, VVhiteneck, Umherger, Nloyer, Ilollnm Rofw: Banks, Fossett, Niosley, Vvinslow, Newell, jones, -Ienlink. USVVIMMICRS READY, TAKIC your mark," and they're off! linid lligh swims their way to :mother victory. l'P l'P AND over goes an unidentihed swimmer in the diving competition. Swimmers Boast Excellent Season lfnid High's swimming team, coached by Norman Lamb and Clayton Smith, came through this year's sea- son with a -l-2 record. The team proved their great desire to win with rematches with Oklahoma City's Harding, and the top ranked team, Northwest Classen, when they defeated them -lo-40, -l-l---ll, respectively. This was Classenls first loss in a dual meet in three years, and the second loss in any sport this year. Other wins this year were over Capitol Hill 50-34, 55-30. 'lihey also won second berth at the Mid-State llleet and placed seventh at the State llleet. Golf Team Practices For Tournament Big l3lue's golf team, coached by Jim Stroup, began with an almost completely new team this year. John Hatfield, senior, was the only returning letterman. He had lettered three years, however. Others on the team were Steve Ciragg, junior, and Tom Stevens and 'liom Rempel, sophomores. 'lihe boys practiced at Oakwood Country Club every day during the spring months. Klatches were held with such teams as Ponca City, Shawnee, Perry, and ICI Reno. Shawnee was expected to he the roughest opponent. lllid-State matches were played at Shawnee, and the State tournament was held at Lincoln Park in Okla- homa City. C'OAC'll -HM S'l'ROl'l' demon- strates correct golf clulw grip as the IIIl'lIllN'I'S of the golf team, Steve liragg, Tom Stevens, 'l'otn Rc-tnpel, and john f llatticld watch intently. 'hi X t . Basketball, Tumbling Popular ln Boys' Phys Ed The physical education program was expanded this year to show various phases of first aid. Each class wit- nessed a film showing a new form of artificial respira- tion termed "rescue brcathingf, This mouth to mouth method proved more effective than any other form. A rigorous calisthenics program limbered up stiff muscles and promoted agile bodies. To mark each b0y's improvement, a check was made periodically of his fit- ness. A chart was kept of the number of pushups, sit ups, chins, and dips each could do. livery boy ran 50- yard and 100-yard dashes, and the time of each trial was recorded. These tests were conducted several times throughout the school year to show weak points and improvement. All sports were played during gym classy basketball, football, dodgeball, badminton, tumbling, and tennis. VVeight lifting was introduced for the Hrst time to de- velop muscles and to educate the boys on the proper use of the barbells. Swimming was part of the program too, with classes for both advanced and beginning students. Swimming strokes and proper breathing were taught. Lifesaving instruction familiarized the boys with various methods of water rescue. Those who took lifesaving first had to prove themselves adequate swimmers. Under Coaches Blartin and Stroup much was done to strengthen the physical education department at Enid High. VVITH A TVVIST of the body and a twinge of the mus- cles, Larry Kitchens and Steve Clift do a hody roll on the mats. AMONG THE MANY exercises done hy the boys' physical education classes, set-ups are done daily to tone up stomach muscles. HDVCK YOITR HEAD, Kirblu are the remarks uttered by Steve Clift to Kirby Smith as one of the boys does a flying' leap Over them. ll'lNll' liAl,l, iS t':lllt'tl tlttriltg "UNF, TVVO, 'l'llRl'flf, four," is 'lilllf CllAlNlPlUNSllll, GIRLS' vttllcyliztll tcztm tt t l tsl :tml lttriotts i.5:ttm- ol girls' routttm-tl :ts tht- girls tlo thcir tlatily uxcr' tt-tnpts to gm-t tht- lutll llYl'l'il1l' m't, t'tlu:tll. mst-s. Girls' Physical Education Classes Work, Play 4 A -1 l'llYl.l,lS liRl'l"l'AlN, BARBARA licggs, lit-tty XX'rigltt, Cilorizt Allt-it, Sltcrry KK'ilIlll2, :tml lt:ttlomi:t llt'ttpplt'sltt'ttst'i' hung lroin tlic ltztr. lll',Al,lll DAX l'lNI3S tlit- girls lvttst llllilllll itott-s :tml stmltiiig tvxtlvoolu. lttstrm'tiott in poisc, lirst :titl, tl:tm'ittg, :tml lit-:tltlt :tccompztti l'CQlll1ll' sports :trtivitics itt tltv girls' pltysicztl ctlm':ttiott tlcp: tm'ttt. 'liltv girls wc'rm' tztttgltt ttt:uty of tltc skills of x'ollcylW.tll spct-tlb:tll, lwztskvtlmll, lwtcltttitttott, tcmtis, :tml softball. At tltc cml of 1-:tclt sports st-ztsott, cltzttttpiottsltip rotttcsts xv ltvltl to scc wlticlt cl:tss wottltl reign sttprt-tttc. Ciirls wvl'u g1r:ttlt-tl ott ability, kttowlvtlgt' of tltc' rttlcs ol t' sport, :tml gt-m-r:tl ittforttt:ttion on lit-:tltlt :tml first ztitl. lllrs. Curt Hicklt- :tml Mrs. lit-r:tltl l'ttrttlt cztclt t:tttgltt t'l:tsst-s p:trt of tltc ya-:tr. llf 9 , 2 im + 5 5 1 5 E Q fi 3 ,A 4 1 2 5 3 if is e .:.:.:.:. , x . 7 ,.,.:...:.:.. is K Nj ,X 5 -A',2:- K Q .AA:.: E:AQ . Iii, EEE: V x ...I Z FI A 3 :EIQ i s gs RGAIIIZATIQNS ' ' hold spo+ligh+ in Hue developmeni' of ou+side in+eres+s and hobbies and are open +o every s'ruden+. Bravettes Add Spirit io All Sports Affairs lfull of pep and enthusiasm, the Bravette pep club boasted the largest membership of any organization in school. With the combined efforts of the band and Bravettes, they made the football coronation a royal beginning for Bobbie -lones. Season basketball tickets proved to be a big project for the Bravettes. This was the first time that the entire sales was turned over to an organization. The Bravettes did a fine job and reached their goals. 'llhey also pro- moted several organizations including the Oklahoma Research lfoundation Fund Drive. Putnam City, Oklahoma, was the town chosen for the football trip. This trip was taken by the largest number of Bravettes ever to attend an out of town game. Three buses were chartered for the trip. During the basketball season, the Bravettes cheered the Big Blue team on to win Class AA State Cham- pionship. The cheerleaders gained new outfits this year consisting of short blue pleated skirts and the white sweaters with blue E's. Under the guidance of hlrs. Judy Hickle and hlrs. Janet Flowers, the Bravettes had a successful year. Top Rofw: Decker, Reams, Richter, Collier, Robertson, Johnson, Hartman, Munger, Grammont, Green. Fourth Rorw: Boss, Martin, Avery, Harbaugh, Gels, Copley, Freidline, Emmons, Jacobs, Beggs. Third Rofw: Newingham, Parrish, Snowden, Davis, Mullins, Clinesmith, Shaklee, Oltmanns, Ross, Pazzo. Scrond Rofw: Gritz, Pilcher, Thesman, Lochner, Gear- heard, Atkins, Jones, Carmichael, Dupus, Oakley. Bottom Ro-w: Thomas, Berry, VValters, Blanton, Mour- er, Taul, Luffman, Kruse, Newberry, Clark. Top Rofw: Grantz, Miller, Clevenger, Summey, Page Crep.j, Speelman, Dowd, Lang, Burns, Cozart. Fourth Rofw: Kuzell, Garis, Haskins, Towry, Culp, Stogner Cpre-s.l, Hawkins, Morphew, Yates, Brooks. Third Rofw: Kinkade, VVatson, Medlock, Robinson, Shreve, Swiggart, Ritchey, Hart, Lewellen, Luckinbill. Second Rofw: Daniel, Kirk, McKinney, Graves, Steele, VVaddle, Henry, Vllelander, Hayes, McMahan, Harper. Bottom Rofw: Moore, Shriver, Strickler, Oringderfl, Shetheld, Hadley, Buller, VValek, Vvhitlow, McGee. Top Rofw: Sparkes, VVilliams, Bailey, Chambers, Evans, Carner, Newell, Rector, Vvilburn, Payne. Fourth Rorw: Shaw, Hughes, llasbrook, Stegeman, Gor- ton, Elledge, Boyles, C. Smith, Thurman, Newkirk. Third Rofw: Rylander, Atehiuson, Babb, Ferguson, Oldham, Maynard, VVilson, Boruff, Farrell, Keating. Srrond Rofw: S. Ross, lfeuer, Newingham, Farney, McDermed, Cokeley, Poe, Ryan, Nl. Ross, Castle. Bottom Row: Raymond, Metseher, NVheeler, Meiluire, McManemin, Clearlteard tsee.-treas.l, Crosslin, Huep- pelsheuser, hlefford, hlorgan. Top Rofu.'.' Soueek, Dye, Nolte, Gibson Cv.pres.b, Dur- hzlm, llzly, Brzleher, Batchelor, Maynard, Mauk. I"vurlh Rofw: klll1lYI'Il1t'l'S, Hockmeyer, Copeland, Ulmer- lentler, lNleBroom, Eisele, Newton, lN1z1thews, Hampton lvoolmzlll. Thirt! Rnfw: VVhit:1ker, VV:irner, Longley, Berg, llerschlmerger, VVithers, Chenoweth, XVillizims, Kruse Guthrie. x Srrnntl Roux' VVz1tson, Christensen, Atchinson, Pilgrim Kirkhzirt, Brown, Uross, McClellan, B. Mercer, R. Mercer, Sillmerlwerger. v Blllflllll R0'I.L'.' Muir, Yalclon, Paleeek, YVolfinger, Pen- dleton, Fortson, Fone, Coldiron, Regier, Crook. Tufv Rnfw: Schultz, Nlzithers, Shell, Smith, Eclwztrds Sturalivnnt, Thomas, jnnzen, Stephens, Crirner. y FIIIIIYII Ron,c.' Moulds, Deming, Botts, Chowning, Sail- ors, Ferguson, Seheuleu, Sehultz, johnson, Epperson. Third Roux' Kirkpatrick, Omo, Leilrand, Cloclfelter, Yount, M. Thorp, Mnhnlfey, Hodge, Ferguson, Sowle. Srrrnnl Rmu-.' jenkins, Baldwin, Shipley, J. Thorp Beckham, Bushnell, Mathers, Stull, Harmon, Pellow Bushner. y v lfnllnm Knut XXYH0Kll1lll'Y, Melieever, Brentlinger, Orbi- son, Crziwfortl, VVya1tt, llolden, Pierson, Krriusse, Fush- ing, Fole. C'.'Xl"I'l'Rl2l7 IN ONE of their rare quiet times, the trlwei-It-ruler-s :ire Qleft to right bottom rowjz Linda Czirroll, Sharon Ulstutl, Ruby League, Qtop FOXVPI Bolsliie Gale jones, Sue Strzinzithnn, Nun Loomis, Becky llurt. y v-v s can ' Taj' Rnfux' l'i'ium-, VVilli:ims, Cm-ii, Grit-si-I, N11lIlllt'l, Peck, llair- lmur, l"im'lx'r. :X trip to Ilia' zuuiusil lblilllllfllllll Stumlvut l,llTI'2ll'Y As- snvixltimi Lloiiwiitioii :it tlu' lluiwrsitx' of Uklzilimuu liigliligglm-ml :ivtivitivs of tlu- l,ilvi':u'y Club tliis yn-ur. lfuur uu'iulwi's :assist Xliss Him-I lflvllllllgj 1-zu-li pt-i-intl iu t'lllk'll'llT opwzitiuii ul tlu- lilwairy. Nlzilaiiig Uzii'tmni lmuks was mu' 4-iijuyzilvlv :wtivity t:ilu'u part in by :ill uu-iulwrs. Tliiril Rnfw: Piljlll' tprm-s.l, Pvllmv lsv1'.-trv:is.l, Svliultl, l.:lt- vliziw, Lulslwrs, l,. Duty, Stcvciis, Dciglituu. Sl'l'lIllai Rrmaz' K. Duty, Ultmzluus, lflumziu, l'l1ll'l't'll, lillrlivli, lflcuiiug lspruisurl. Iinllnrn Rnfux' l3ug.:g:iu, l3m-vu, lxl1'Kl'1'X'l'I' trcpj, Vuililms tv. pu-s.,D lixirm-s tri-p.l, Ciiiiixiiiinii. nf' Rama' Olnlliauu tv. Pl'L'N.l, l'lI'lllli'l' Ltrm-:is.l, Ruli- iu s in u l ml. l. l,lllllllI1L'l' lprcsl, lluglics. .N'n'n11il Rims: liisli, Pulp, Kiuuisou, lfortsnii, l'1l'UIIlllUlZ tspUllSnl'l. , lfilfflllll Rims: Atkins lscczl, limit, C'l1irlw, Nlcl'lcll11ii, Rmlgcrs. Vergilian Club Stzutm-tl iu V923 to stuily l,:ltiu rustoius :uul liistory, s Yllw S.l,l':l'lllll l'AmlRfxilillRY flu' Yi-rgiliziii Club is miuposctl of tliirtl zuul tuurtli yn-zu' iquipuu-ul ls tru-ml wut by lxnx Lou In . 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Here I.ind:1 Zzllnurlek, Dennis Guthrie, :incl Dennis Lewis put thc linish- ing I4llll'hl'5 nn Ihvir wnrk. Tnfv Rune: llziilcy lIl't'llS.l, Strivklcr, Mathers, Folie, Fhxirnlucrs, PSIIICII, llzirlmnr, Duiiiwllcy, Newtnli, Spzlrkcs. 'l'hir.l Rwuz' Slu-rl-iclcl, lirnwn, Murray, Finley lv. prcs.l, llnngh, lfrzniks, Qnulls, -lnhlisnn, Gxnnlwle, Muntgumery Qspnn- surl. Smrnzil' Rune: Sillwrlwrgcr, Nlzirtin Qpre-sl, Rylzlmlcr, l,no1nis, l,Zljlll', Hxihh, Cnpelzincl, Citlflllllighf, VVz1lCk, Mercer, Ferguson. linllnm Runs: Russ, Mygrziin, Davis, Uezlrhezird lseczl, Ynnnt ln-p.l, Rilfllllbllll, VVnnl1n:1n, Cl'll'lSIfIl5t'll, Mnnrc, Ilzirmun, Kirk. la Junta L'o111pnsval of sc-cnml year Spanish stnclcnrs, l.zi Alnnrn was torinvcl in nrilcr to stiiiinlzitc' iiirvrvst i11 rho Spanish- spvzxliilig people. rllhv flnh nu-r nlifv 21 month wirh vari- nns spvzikcrs and ciitc-1'tzii11111c11t. 'llhc clnh lu-lil their zinnnzil dinner this ya-:ir :it He-mlgcs Calm: l llll'llllll'l'I'N1lllll qm-vm. 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H""""' ROW-' 'l'l1"I'P. l5I'2lNl1l'1ll'. fF1'21I'lw1Il'1l. l1l'219lll1'. llvlflvll. . . , v - XXV: A'l' lll Vllll' "' S l' ll"l" 1. llu' llzlwlcllls We-vlq. zlml rlw K lll'l5l'lll2lS lwzlslicts, :mal lm' ll mmm' lll' U lllkll' llllmlll' lllkmlll lulll sn pnrtx' lm' nm-xx' Ntmlc-urs. hm'x'm'r:ll srmlmrs on tlw , Top Ruqcq lfislu-r, c'lll'K'f, XVntwn, liucllamzm, Skurlq, Plummer, l lmmril :urn-mlm-ml zu lVl1ltc llmm- l'0lllVK'l'l'llCL' in Ulalzl- iF1'l1'M'l. llllllfli. UI'illzLll1'I'ff, l7l'SlV1llll. Vvillx. Nvill. I1 ,HH fin 'fllinl Rwux' hlnvksmm, Kcssingvr, Rcgiur, liisclv, Strnnzltlmll, , ' , , Rulu-rtsrm, Uilmm, VVilli:1ms, l':lym-, Mzltlu-nw, llurt, lirinlgxnzm, l lam xwrc' mzulv to l'i'YlQ'XX' :mal llllllgj up tu mlzm- rulvs Fmsslin, llitu. unl rf-ggulzitium QUX'l'l'lllllgj 4-In-riwm :unl qu:llilln':1tlm1s Nrwlllff Iffmx' Miss lNlwm-l- lspunsm-J, Rl-mln-l, Nuuwnm, Ignch, v lVlm'C'ny, lfrzmtv, K1-mp, llxlllwrt, Nlmm, lluxning, Yugt, llL'I'M'll' lK'I'g1'I'. linllnln Rulici XVuml, Yzulun, xx'lllllllALfL'I', .M1'l1ll1sm1, llulr, Snmvnlvn, lirzlslmm-nr, Nlvlfnrml, NV.x:m, llulllcn, l'lim-xmitlm, SQTIII, .'Xvm'ry, SIurcllx'1lllt. NHSS NANCY XVJXCQNICR, llulw Nlvflly, C'1lrulH1 llult, lg1ll'l31ll'1l XXv1illlIlgL'l', flt'HI'gR' xvlltvlll llllll Miss Ruth lxlHlil't' paula' lu-lure lm IXIIIL1 l1ll'II blmlrm 1 nunrll Cmnvrntnm. l All Drums: Seem. Top Rufw: Linville, Greer, Stith, Emmons, North, Strimple, Parham, Hatfield, Hoover, lVIelWillan. liullnm Rufw: Qualls, Stephan, Finley, Rogers, Payne. -3 2 ns A - A - Stage Band Tofu Rufw: Rayhourn, Meliinnon, Grimm, VVoods, Carey Qlst sem. pres.b, Emmons, Plummer fsee.-treas.J. Third Rwux' Russell, Frazier, lN1eC'oy, Sehourn, Lieuranee, Graves Crep.J, Duvall. Snrizztl Rnfw: Sowles, VVilliamson, Neill, Sharp, North, Killam, farpenter, llelema fsponsorj. Iiullum Rufw: Luekinhill, Lovelace, Uherlender, Cote, Doty, Lauterlwaeh 12nd sem. presl. Tnfv Rrmc: Hatfield tv. pres.J, liarhaugh ftreas.b, Massion, Stewart, Manuel. Thin! Rims: Parham, Newman, Prouty, Helema fsponsorl. Swami Rnfw: llenthorn, Muir, Hoover fpres.j, Miller, Stephan. linllnm Rnac: Moore, Deel fsee.b, Elsey, Cole Crep.D, Mar. Delta Theta Advanced mathematics students from the third and fifth hour trigonometry and solid geometry classes eom- posed Delta Theta. The eluh, sponsored hy Kliss lflorel Helema, met during regularly scheduled class periods once a month. At eaeh meeting various students gave programs on related fields of mathematics and seienee, then questions were answered, and a general discussion was held. The purpose of Delta Theta is to further the members' knowledge and appreciation in the fields of seienee and mathematics. fag ,.- an.- -I l r l k Q Q s l , A 1 E D 0 Tujv kms: lin-n1n'dy Qspunwrl, ll1ll'lll'f, l'rm'l1nsk:1, llcntlwrn, ' ' lillllflx, C'l1mxl1ing, XVinln-lcl, lllililllglllll, l'l1illn'i1'lx, l'c'l1il1gm'r. 4 - , " l. ,.. l, ., ', ., '. ll., I ,. l' cmmg In 51.11001 halt H lim ami wmlxllul thc, Urlwl. Il1n.l Run.. l Mull, Nnnnnl, flIHXl, xl llulun, -l nttu, NX xlmn . -Y V ' - fNk'i'.'lI'l'll5.l, lirmvn lrvpj, Rlwmlvs, Slnplvx, l'l't'l'lll2lll. llglll, l,IXl'l'5llll'll flu'11p:1tl4n11N 9llltl1'lll3 lllltll'l' tln' 4lll'l'k'- , . . 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Q tlllyg-lllllill lll fjlilllllillllixl L ny Swami Rim, ,laws mulmv 4-Hkw' Slum' Nimlwws' RUNHA Xllll'l'k' rln-3 w111pe-tml ZIQJIIIINT urlu-1-Uklulmnm Ulm vlnlws. vm, Ifislwr, l'zn'iN, YzmWm-lmlun Kimll Ill-inrim h qlhxpl llu-sv stnmlvnrs work Imll ll mlzn :uul :nn-ml sclmnl tlw ,Milam RMC: Mygmm' llwlmmkiv Mmm., DuIl,Unph,' KVHM 4lTlH'I' llilll. l,1ll'51Ill, Clilllmm, lVvlulx, Uutlmriv, llzxvis fP1ll'l.l, l'lt'l'Kll5llll. ll.XNli ll.XRlS.Xl'iill, LIUIIN Cun- lllll Sam lmxnin' :nl'uNt Ntzlfs' nx- Boys' State - Girls' State Om- .Innv ww-k was spm-nt by luurtcvn lxnnl girls :uul ll I xx I 1. . , . , . ,,,,.,,l buys ln Vlllllllllg' lm' ollwcc, li'2ll'lllllj,f :xlmnt stan' Illlll lm-nl 2 AH f X 'Els S359 U' l N QOYl'l'lllllK'llfS, 1'n-lmcxvirmg irmtcrvst in pznriotismn zlnll flu- llllfj, :lnml must nf all in Illl'l'TlllQ nvn' l-l'lk'lltlS frmn cwry pznlt uf Oklzllmlnzl. n n 5niFhUMn 'W' UKLAHUMA Twp Runs: Crm-, Muir, llzlr lwuuglm, North, l'n-nk, .lli.flll1' Rum? l,1lllll'l'l12N'll, lVlc' Un, xX'lllllllllSlYll, lNlmn'u. linllnm Rnac: XVnltiln,fur, llurt nmn, Salilnrs, lla-nclmlu-l'g1vl', Pnl vu-lx. ll2 ' Q 1 4 F 3 1 QQ .11 aww ,. 'ff R S? 6 Qs-ew' P - 1 ia ' 'lhfw Ihmc: lfivlda, wlcnkim Lv. prrsj, RVIIIISV Svcrn Qspomnrj, ' ' Hlll'kIlIiI1i5Il'I', Ch-rlmalrd, .'XHl'L'll. .llnhllw Runs: BllllllI't'Il, Sl'hl'1lt'llK'lA, Davis Cscc.-tl'u:1s.D, limvlus, DiUl11C IIT El I1l'2llA-by lilkt' 211111 Il trip to Ulu' 01' flkll l71'1111iN, Stuart, 110111815 L'rJllCg,fcs to 0bst'l'Yc' :ww llwtllmls in Pflllfllif liollnm linac: llcmphill, Ii4lH4lUIlf, Nvlmll Qprcmi, l2t'kll1ll'LiI, uuukfd tht MM fm Khj l"'1U'1H,U"1'- uhlkh 15 m'l'lK llm-q' 11.,m,,-ll, up 01 :Xl1X'2ll1Cl'll :md lrmlc PVIIITIIIQ SYIIQIUIITS. -an -ref ee F, Q, 2 K Z 2 Tufw lfuac: .Rm-cscr, llnisiugtcm, Manuel, Orhisun, KIillgL'Ill7t'l'g, lhxxulug, lwzmks. 'l'lmnI lffmuf Snilm-5, lim-5, FUl'ALfllS4ll1, IM-nkur, Vnigx Qspfmsm-1. Five fOlll'IlIlIlN'IlfS :uni thru' LwIlIlj1I'L'iM'S xxx-l'c DZIITIRI MWIIAI RMK. I,m.kiHl,illY Dl.5I,1,i,,' pmk' yyt.i,.' qg4,1L1,1,1-11,154 pelted 111 by Izumi Hlglhf lll'h2lfCvTC'2llllS.' 111 XIvJX'l'lFl lluuwingcr, Nlmm-. Thr SflIlll'llTS XX'l'I'l' hosts Tm' thc- fll'Sf Ulstrlvt N. l'. I llullum Runs: C'l11rkc, Putts, cyhZllYllN'I'S, Czllivzxs, lfisvlu. LUUHVVSS- ESUIITIIWVS TUV 1110 N?1U0'1f1l LUN?-fV4'55 5 Ulwfo, Qilllfflflllll, wc-11' l'1-nm' Pvzik :mul IJUIHIIS 1,1 rv . inbill. Twp linac: l,m'kinlwill, Nm-ill, .'xllSIill, I,L'SIHlil1 1prua.l, Grvlmls- N F L lwrry, Klil1gv11lw1'g, Punk Ltrm-:1s,J, Mcfuy, Skurky, Dmxning. ' ' ' 'I'!11r.I Rune: Chzxrulwrs, lilscy, Salilurs, Fl'l'Q.fllS0ll, Iidwzxrds, Swt-4-ngfglkp fynylnt-5 ljmrlyliulyfg-41 fhp H-My fm- flu- X I I , I I 1- fs , llaxrlmzm, IM-ukcr, !lUH517lllIYll'I', Mmm-, lllll17lIlj.fL'I', Dclnlng. timml l.'m.mNiC l4.,l,,m, 'Ulm I.t,u,iN,Kl troplmx tm 571111111 1311111 1111511 f5P41IlN1H'j. f'21li1'11f. C'111'111i1'h1111l. l'l111k1'. lmigglu-st zlclwim-xx-1111-:mt at Plmillips lnixwsity. :Xlx:1. .uni 151141, 31111111H1'5. VHITN 41015. 51"1'fM RWM 0l'f"'If"'1l1'1R fU5h1"?l' Ifmlllmllnl. N. lf. 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Sports, limx'vx'1-l', tio llllf L' Girls' Recreation Association l'rm'itling for tlu- 1-iijm'1m-nt of zltliln-tics by tc-:im itimi .'XS5UL'lllflIlll, lfuvli your tllc-5 liaivc tryouts tor i Nunn- :ill tlivir trim-. fl.R.A. livltl 1lQl'l' zicqilziliitm-tl pzlrtx in Sc-ptvnilwr' :tml il gifr n-xrliziiigv :it Q'iIl'lSTlll2l5. arts is mic ol' tllm- main illllk'Tl0llS of tht- fiirls, Reviv- UQ ulc' on- G.R..'X. UROVP I 'Fuji Rofw: llzisltins, Stcgviiizin, Smivck, Dmul, Pzxtton, llurlmm, Rlli1l'I'tSllIl, U. Sturm-l1m'kvi', l7nnm-llcy, S. SIlllll'hlK'kl'l', K1llIhi'l'S. I'4lllll'fll Rufw: liznilcy, liish, Czllivals, lfww, gl. lluglws, Nl. lluglws, Mc'lSrumri, C'nllicr, Deming, llicklv tspmisorl. Tllirll Rofw: Krusv, SCl1L'lllL'll, li. Schultz, Clmtuii, liist-lc, VVintm-r, Kntlnn, Carroll, Gilmui, C. Srliultv. 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Sl1Illilk'L', Boss, frossliu, Cross, Maltlicrs, Rcc- tor. Hllfflllll Rams: Ciihson, lfcucr, Rziymoml, K i r la, llowxlrd, ,IiUN'l'j', Riley, Stom'hoclw1'. . f af X g l I S E G.R.A. Teams 5 s Out ol 'PU tryouts, all girls wcrc choscn to scrvc on S, I ' l ' V: 1 :ll 1: 'll' . . the Cr.ll.X xollmyhill incl hlslccthi tm uns. l ic x ill DONNA REMAX AND Judy Thum- oiis mcmhcrs wcrc jmlgcil on thcir 0lIfSf2ll1llllljI, plziyingg M mln, an Hld-fashimml rim, lluring ability. 'llhcy mct oppoucnts from Phillips LlIllX'l'l'SlU' thc Aquucm- nsscinhly, :xml Gutliric High School. 'I'u Roux' Feucr, T. Atchinson, Olstzul PZIYIIC, Newell Qhist.j, Nlafritr, Soucck, Rylximlcr, Bzihh, Pc:1k,ll,. Atchinson, Flowers lNP""5""l- "New Yorlc Impressions" wore' fl'1lI'lIl'Ctl hy ciglitccn lfffllffw Rfmu' Cilffffll lprvs-5, Cirnws, Carmichael CPFUH- fxqll2ll'ff9S wlien thcy DI'CSC'llfl'll their zmmizll XY2ll'Cl' hzil- llhlillhlv 'lll"'m1'f lU'f'1'5-l- KUHY KSU'-li Ulm' lluwfl- let. 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Qutll Weekly Staff lfitttlittg, writittgl, zuul ctlitittg Qopt for rltt- hi-uw-t'l4lt Quill was the tx-spmtsibiliry of rltt-se viglttt-t-tt zttlvttttvvtl jttttt'tt:tlisttt stttclc-tits, Wlorlc also ittcltttle-tl typing. tuztlu-f up, pt'oott'vzultttg, :uttl tvrttutg lu-:ulltttt-s. lht-sv tt't'trc-is tlisc0t'ct'ctl that it rztkcs hzuxl ttorlq, pzttit'ttt't', zuttl ittggv- ttuity to tm-vt 21 tlt-zullittv zuttl ggfvf thc pztpvt' our ou tiutt-. llvsitlvs hviug rt-tttl hy thc' sttttlvttt hotly, tht- Quill uztw tc-:ul by ttcztrly out- ltutttltctl schools with wltiult it uztx vxultztttgvtl. of we F ot llnrlmugli, fiI'lIIIlll, llzirticlcl, Vruig, linrm-at - . 'I'l1iril lfumx' D 41fv p, l,1lYlN, 'l'liu1l1:u, Kclly, Ciwssa, fl1ll'IIllt'lIlll'l Lllblllplllllg :I l7lk'l'lll'l'S4llIl' lmtury ul tlic' ya-:lr fm' rlm gmt, :,l,.,,1,,,,-il lmuk wus tllm- juli nl rlii- l'Hrll fjuill Stull. 'Flwil' wfwlq 5'f'ff'fl1l R'fWi'f 5f"ii"4"H NiVl"'lM NVFHU. l'ii'1lU- KVHUY. Ml1""1'5 im-Imli-il wlliligg mls, M-li-vriiig l1lCl'lll'l'i, writing :mil Mmm' V , I Y V A ' Ilntlnlll lfrlmx' f'1lI'I'Ull, ,lil'I'I't'l, Slllllllllllllll, llllfllllllll, lfnulkx lwllllllgj vupy, :xml iiiniix mln-1' mlimtv mln-rzulw. A11-Kilim-x, Kirk. Y-J Top Rufio: Svntt lspuiisnw, VVy:itt, Cupclaiml, Grimm, Grnvcs S h I N R 1' Davis, lvllII'l'Zlf. C .lliifillw linac: Dump, Rili-5, Olwrlcmlcig l':lttcrs1m, Umvml Ki-Ily, lllllllflllilll, flZlI'IIlll'll1lt'l. l'H'5I i"l'l Wlillllll NWN' m'W5W"lllll?l 5lllllf'llt5 Wlm HIIHIHII linac: flI'llXXl,l'lUlIll-xB,KI'17lII,l'i1ll'IlL'5I,l'illlll'f,l,1lIlIIllS. wmrv si-lnml :wus liml flu- juli nl ggzitlu-riiig, writiiig, :xml mlitiiigg rlic' IIUXYS lrrmi lll,fl'K'Il 1-lc'i1ic'1it:11'y, flircc' ,iuiiiur liiglis, :mil run liigli sclmuls lor pillmllultioii rm tliv wlmfml IIUXYS pziggm' in rlii- lfiiiml lluify lfrifflr. Not mill cliil p:m-mx ki-vp lI1l1ll'INl'4l mi wlizir flu-ir vliilmlrvii xwn- ilmngg :ir wlifml, rliv vliilmlrm-ii 4-iiimml sm-ing tlim-11' IlJlIIll'N in print :mil flu- l'1'I5UI'f4'l'N gzaim-fl rliv sp:u'4- :mil RIQJUNNU. 'Vl5lAlfl'llllNlNU. 'l1U.KlNU, llml 1'I'ilil'i1i'13l 4.XW.l.H,m.t. 1I1.I.lx.Wl Hum lr- in tlu- Quill Ul'l'im'v arc: Limlzi l':irmll, lvlilfllfll 'lil1ni'p, Nauivy 5IHg.fllL'l', llzmk llzirlwxiugli, Lynn lxll'lXlIllIR'X, .lmin lziriliwlialcl amd Alucly l,1lIfl'l'N4Hl. 1 a E ,A Roux' Massey, Raylmurn, Bridgeman, l'nruh, YVoocls, f,?2:5gllSTi'l' Realm' Dmilmm' Page' Will- Picking up attentlance slips, tlelivering bulletins, sell- S4'l'III1tIROfLL'.' Provost, liooher, Fossett, Rogers, Cook, Blanton, lug lwlwlls and Supplies' mul running cl-limllls for tht, NL.w,,,,n, olhce personnel are some of the inany jobs of the othce Hamm Raw: Yndtm Vogt., l.ji,,.p, Upmd Hurt RUht.,.tS assistants. They were rewarcletl tor their efforts with a League, l'alet-ek. F picnic at the entl ot the year. .,t .S'1'alr'r1.' Varner, HIIIIIIIIIIS, Lin- ville, liraelier, Mathers, Fer- guson. .h'lllll4HIl,U.' llite, Russell. Guidance Office Assistants , Students working in the fiuitlance Ufhce are chosen tor their ability to be trusted with conticlential infor- mation. Acting as a receptionist, the students file testing tnaterial, alphabetize forms, run errands, answer tele- phones, classify various kintls of college material, and keep the otliee ortlerly. MR, IIOVVARD i'lllNN supervises one of the many tests given to lCllS students. Activity Office Assistants Bookkeeping stutlents compose the Ii.fl.S. Activity Uflice assistants. 'lihey were kept husy hy making seat Top Rufw: Kruse, Deming, Pearce, Newberry, Maynard, reservations for plays and programs, taking Quill an- .ilidtlie Rome: Wong, Parker, Thomas, Nlauck, Erickson, Dyer. nual and activity ticket payments, antl keeping the hooks llnllnm Rfmc: Lynch fsponsorl, Dalke, Traynor, Stevens, Nay. fm' the school batik- i l2l ' Top Row: Silherberger Hay Bracher Wilson Fest Cpres.J Bible Club SM ' f ' I I Highlighting activities of the Bible Club this year Middle Rofw: Deming, Winter, Bridgman tv. pres.J, Dittmey- was the making of special projects for the annual Open Cr' Thorp' House. The 1ll61DbCTS also saw various religious Elms !S0f10IH'R0'bU.' Baker Ctreas-5. Patrick, Snowden tsec.J, Flam- and made an intense study of the Bible and its char- 'ng ihlsnli Calmell i5P""5"'l' ZICYCFS. CAROL HARTMAN JUDI PATTERSON . JILL CROSS . . SUE STRANATHAN HANK HARIIAUGII I Ouill Annual Stall . Editor-in-Chief Staff: BILLIE DAVIS, SANDY DowD, Bon FINLEY, . Associate Editor . Copy Editor . . Senior Editor . . Sports Editor BARBARA FOULKS, DARRYL GRIBIIBI, BOBRIE JONES, DONNA KELLY, BEVERLY MILLER, A. G. NIURRAY, BEVERLY ROE, JOLENE 'liERREL, JUDY TSHOMAS, BOP. WYATT. LYNN MCKINNEY . . . Sports Editor Miss RUTH SCOTT . . . Editorial Adviser JOHN HATFlEI.IJ . . Student Photographer CHARLES LYNCH . . Business Klanager PHIL EARNEST ......, A dvertising Editor DICK NICCONKAY ....... Photographer Feat es: JOAN CARxIIcIIAEI,, LINDA CTARROLL, Engraver . . . Southwestern Engraving Co., Tulsa , Y COI-ELAND, HUGH CRAIG, NIARIE KIRK, Publisher . . Economy Advertising Co., Iowa City G .BERT KR 'T, SANDY YOCNT. Cover . . . C. B. VVilkes, Oklahoma City ,af fffffea MMM ef, WMKWWJZJMWQLW Wig I' 95?7ZV7LilZ'?QfT3'f,,gMTg?2LMi We W' Wfii:a:i,:?5 r Wwwffiiifff Qqqsfvdw, WIWUZLW Fully Accredited Phillips Uhlnihersitp I. ounde Congratulations Enid Seniors! Visit the Phillips University campus. You will enjoy being a Phillipian next year. Stop at the Admissions Office in the Admini- stration Building at Phillips to inquire about enrolling. Phillips University includes: College of the Arts College of the Bible l , :wk 1 - chool of Fine Ar s I ,.., .i..t if E G d .I. ' E ,l 9 fa U6 9 9 m"1a'Y sf 1 If. . , Q?-ft ... ft, ' i I T. . . - -x,A 1,--1 ..,.h.E., ts! S: sp, 'f?'i'l , , Enroll Earl y - - E . .I -ffflb' 3157 v ' Q T." 5' 152' .vifi f 5::Jvf Lei :9 Z 4' ' Fig v M" 2- -54 3 - Q-- wie e, , 3. Ask For Your Catalog Now ItHlf1.g 'i 'Til' 11' g1:'gt5F.,."'f7"?" ',,?s5"1t 'Qfff 'Kit t --. . , 1- . .grey , ...... Q j 3 f EN ID, OKLAHOMA t. , ,,,, -' ,i-if EUGENE s. BRIGGS. President BEST WISHES To THE MEMBERS OF THIS E.H.S. CLASS , . For Happy and Useful Lives in Your Chosen Field The Enid Business College has helped over 16,000 young men and women get better positions, enjoy larger 0 E ' ' incomes, and attain higher places in business than they X could have attained Without this specialized education. There are more business owners, managers, and de- partment heads in Enid who are Enid Business College Graduates than from any other college, anywhere, to the best ol our knowledge. X 'Ml TLETOEH Q xi, Pattern If you are interested in a business career for your- Also Famous Oklahoma Indian 0 TUMBLERS 0 PITCHERS 0 TRAYS with required purchases of ENID BUSINESS COLLEGE Supa' ':"e'S Member National Association and Council of Business Schools. and Motor Oils self, we cordially invite you to investigate the Enid Business College and its services. Approved for G.I. Training by Oklahoma Accrediting Agency. l23 Q R Qf 33. QW' 51353 MCG Ex Qiwi ws? A N N MQHQQRUQEZEQXS fwfsgi Q? EN Qi gg 1 i 1 g R ilil 'SS eg Wig 5 if gif fi S Q Q 3 K3 , sm gi 3 QR K 3 5155 E M R I C K S M 'ffm 'K0.lUll84'4lnl 'RSS IUIIDIKG 0 HUD, OKIJKOMI Insurance and Bond Servic . E M R I C K S E M R I C K S I24 2 E r ji ui z , My 'if f' Jw .rs . 'aprt CDW' swf Y Mjfgffywg f WWW TO ALL MEMBERS OF THE GRADUATING CLASS OF ENID HIGH SCHOOLS Best Wishes For The Years Ahead GEORGE E. F AILING CO. ENID, OKLAHOMA ENID GENERAL HOSPITAL AND SCHOOL OF NURSING hL,,e. 1V'f Stale hA-'i, W ffl' A 7 B ' I L'.A 'ii' S i I Ambulance S r e Accredited School S'eA:L A Y ' of Nursing ' -MMM Y Lf ' , S ,gun ""'Ms'--'M-- . ,V,, O ,,,,.., .M , if if Complete Clinical and Laboratory Fire-Proof Building Diagnosis 'l if 709 West Market Night Gnd Day ADCIITIS 7-2321 Attendgnt Owned and Operated by Schggl 01 Nursing Mrs. Virginia Steinert, RN. ................... Director ot Nurses THE D r th L mb RN ................ Dir ctor I N rsin Education BAPTIST GENERAL CONVENTION OF OKLAHOMA DR. T. B. LACKEY, Executive Secretary-Treasurer IOE R. BAKER, Administrator o o y a , e o u q Marguerite Lambert, RN ................. Nursing Arts Instructor Mrs. Clara Brentlinger. RN ............. Social Science Instructor Mrs. Grace Chickadonz, RN ................... Clinical Instructor Affiliations: University Hospital ................... Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Western State Hospital .................... Ft. Supply, Oklahoma Hillcrest Hospital ......... .......... T ulsa, Oklahoma I25 ENID AUTOMOBILE DEALERS ASSOCIATION Congratulations to the Senior Class of '60 0 FRED BOSTON ILINCOLN and MERCURY, 0 GARRETT CHEVROLET, INC. ICHEVROLETI 0 HUME MOTOR COMPANY IDE soTo and PLYMOUTHI O EDWARDS OLDSMOBILE COMPANY IOLDSMOBILEI 0 DAY-NEAL MOTOR COMPANY IFORDI 0 STEVENS BUICK COMPANY IBUICKI 9 FIDELITY MOTORS IIMPERIAL, CHRYSLER, PLYMOUTHI 0 NORTON AND STUART IPONTIAC and CADILLACI 0 LEWIS-SEMKE RAMBLER RANCH IEDSELI Smart Iuniors Know . . a nice place to shop Serving Schools. Churches. and Cafes ir BLOOM'S WHOLESALE MEAT COMPANY Choice Meats 'A' 604 W. oak AD 4-2576 I26 Congratulations Seniors From the BRIDGE MUSIC COMPANY 218 West Randolph 'A' The Finest in Baldwin Pianos Musical Instruments if Complete Sheet Music Department Fully Equipped Repair Shop Dee Lang, left, and Mac Plummer, right, check into the luggage situation as they examine the best . . . American Tourister and Samsonite luggage. Bobby Goodwin of Newman's Men's Department, helps them out. FOR 'A' Quality . . . i' Style . . . 'k Budget Price- The "Gang" Always Goes to ENID'S COMPLETE DEPARTMENT STORE ff FASHIONS for "GUYS" and "GALS" N. I. A. Charge Accounts Newman's lunior Account For Teenagers Only. Come ln And Get Yours Now! C Serving the People of Oklahoma With 5194 ,lg 'e-- PM EVERYTHING IN MUSIC -f""1e-fe--'. ,.Q, ,fi if For Over 33 Years J--A P7 , '-' TQTi31t,lll '-We , it .t.tt ?flfQQQ! ' "" t"""-'- - ""'T' I ' te llln I I if HENGWETHQ REEE ENID. OKLAHOMA I 27 Cummins Construction Company. w fi., 1 U RTVAI Q 1.1 -i IIC.. ,f 1 1 .-1' . ' , J p ,L 5 , .XL M V rt .134 LMP git' Q 13.9. .Bax 784 ffrxl. 'V ,.'r.Nl Y 1 ff fx' ENIDL OKLAHOMA 3 . , 1 215 E. Pme , I ,L I , w X 1 if ASPHALT PAVING MARCO BRIMFULL RED AND WHITE and OUR VALUE FOOD PRODUCTS Distributed by H. A. MARR 200 E. Maple L - Enid Typewriter Company V 9 All Makes of Typewriters E EY f f I , A A Sold on Terms with Low Monthly Payments if-55fQL S-i U7 Y 1 A I 1. New Portable Typewriters oi All Makes 'A' 'A' Special Rental Rates to Students Conqratulates f f 210 WEST BROADWAY AD 7-2882 The THE Class of '60 I. C. PENNEY CO. 108 W. Randolph AD 4-8141 l28 FIRST NATIONAL BANK of Enid. Oklahoma Capital and Surplus Sl,250,000.00 C pl! B k q F lt OII1 A. F. BUTTS I. N. CHAMPLIN - C. F. HERRIAN - FINIS L. WEST - H. A. DUERKSEN - W, E. SPAID - - C. B. SHAKLEE - - GEORGE D. TREADWAY KOEHLER THOMAS - Member Federo ee an in ac'i' OFFICERS 1Dp tl C P Preside e-Preside Cash ss't Cash ss't Cashx GS A t C hi Ass't Cashl t Cashx t Offic Its tile real flzirst-guenc ef! fhdlhggge L? his Seven-Zo! Q SECURITY NATIONAL BANK OF EN ID "The Friendly Home Bank" OFFICERS I. A. BEALL ....... .............................. P resident C B. ATHEY ...... ....................... V ice President R. C. DIX ......... .....,................. V ice President Z. W. MOURER .... ...... V ice Pres. 5- Cashier H. W. GOLTRY ....... ....... A ssi. Vice President CAM RANDOLPH .......... ....... A ssistant Cashier HART R. PEKRUL ............. ...... A ssistant Cashier M. I-IARDENBROOK ........... .... , . Assistant Cashier Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Congratulations and Best Wishes! to Each and Every Graduate of Enid High School rr Class of 1960 lf any graduate of the class of '60 is interested in or would like to discuss the possibilities of a Career in Pharmacy, we have literature available and invite you personally to call on us. I I A 14, .1 1 LPRESCRIPTION SHOPS Enid, Oklahoma For Thousands of Things You Need! if F. W. WOOLWORTH COMPANY CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Dennis Mcliflanemin DENN YS MEN'S WEAR 123 North Grand, Second Door North of Evans Drug AD 4-3522 Carol Hartman and Mike Lauterbach enjoyinq a break with Peerless Ice Cream. I29 1910 7 YEARS 1917 PAST - PRESENT - FUTURE System rules the business world: but system can become "Red Tape." In our Q. I Studio we use system: we have a certain method ot handling business that has 7 fr A I my l .,wP.:'C'2f ft if X' appealed to us as the best. Our System is, simply, the system of "SQUARE DEAL." M Abby. w4!We Want Our customers to feel that they are getting what they pay tory that their f 1 ' ' " pictures are made Of the best materials and workmanship. I Z X n-'WW To Avoid "Red Tape"--We endeavor to handle each customer as a separate VHDL, -Z!!-j!jj11,0q4j,and distinct "Study," not simply as a person who wants a picture. That's the reason why "McCOnkay pictures are different." lffmef 7 will WWC Jjrfvjjtgw, McCONKAY srumo ff Qi? MWL0 -Cftcf The above ad appeared in the l9l0 Quill Annual - 1 ly!! V V ' MCCONKAY STUDIO is proud to maintain this same high standard Ot work- T ' nship, and THANK YOU for the privilege of serving you for 35 and 7 years. DICK MCCONKAY 522 S. Harrison Friend and Follower Of Enid I-ligh School 1925 35 YEARS 1960 Pull up a chair Let us tell you where To go, to furnish a home. When education's completed, A nice place to be seated . . You'll want. when you cease to IOCHL fqqryw: don't sit and Nor hesitate, ' ,-521. -F-S ? . A if ey? A 1 .-4 t t Q ii,-5' '-' zikx- .-. " " " - ---1- ' +- - "- . 5 nn., x X 4- ln Enid Let LOOMIS furnish your Since 1914 home! C. E. LOOMIS FURNITURE 129-31 East Broadway i LEItSS I L.. sunsrv nouns ir INSURANCE Phone AD 4-5454 i' BONDS ir LOANS 'A' RENTALS 'A' REAL ESTATE Broadway Tower, Enid. Okla. PRINTING OFFICE SUPPLIES WE SALUTE ENID HIGH SCHOOL I for its academic accomplishments. It has provided the young C R O M W E L L S people of Enid with cultural surroundings that have been a great factor in building our community. We are proud to be identified ' - with a city that has provided such wonderful educational institu W' Mem Phone 4 tions. Best wishes for your continued progress and success. Serving Enid and Northwest Oklahoma n I U " 5 I u n Since1919 DRUG COMPANY ' STORE NO. 1 100 N. INDEP. PH. AD 4-2244 Complele Omce Planmng STORE NO. 2 523 s. MONROE PH. AD 4-seas STORE NO. 3 1030 E. BDWY. Pl-I. AD 7-4724 STORE NO. 4 1925 LAHOMA RD. PH. AD 7-5313 J' LEE EEROMWELL MARE'-gE32AVvELL STORE NO. 5 1734 S. VAN BUREN PH. AD 4-5615 5 '9'7 CLINIC PHARMACY 617 s. OUINOY PH. AD 7-1611 I30 r 1 "There's nothing like a Coca-Cola!" TAKING THAT WELL KNOWN PAUSE THAT REFRESHES ARE: Mark Maddox, Phil Edwards, Barbara Faulks, Herbie Seem, and Linda Carroll. Congratulations! CONTINUED sUccEss TO GRADUATES Graduates of The Class if if A U Hom vouuesloon Job Jw' M, W of AIR CONDITIONED M N Q GUEST Rooms COFFEE sHoF MMM My BANQUET nooMs rw E A ,L f f ,W W WJMWI YOUNGBLOOD FOUNTAIN V PM r r ml Sandwiches and Drinks WM A Drug Sundries clgljj, 'lr if M Headquarters For All School Activities 1' we IRWIN BERNSTEIN Owner BRUCE WALLACE Owner and Manager 'Ir Congratulations Senm Henninqer-Allen A Funeral Home ENID BOARD OF TRADE if Congratulations, Seniors of ' 60 See Us For: " Quality Mill Work Built ' Cabinets to 4' Storm Sash and Screens y specifications " Automobile Glass 'f Ping-Pong Sets " Full Length Door Mirrors " Manual Training Supplie Enid Planmq M111 Company 404 South Independence AD 4-7182 More Than 50 Years in Business in Enid, Oklahoma Congratulations to Class of '60 From HUMPTY DUMPTY Top Value Stamps with Every Purchase The Enid Morning News and The Enid Daily Eagle Published by The Enid Publishing Company MILTON GARBER, Editor JOHN TAYLOR, President mfg?-iff' -D, ..o. 'R' H ILLL5 ILC. TRANSFER and STORAGE ENID. OKLAHOMA 319 South Grand Phone AD 4-8311 Congratulations Seniors of 1960 ENID QUALITY LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANERS ADams 7-3860 FUR STORAGE 422 East Maine AGA Food Store ut' A Complete Food Store it 902 West Maine Phone AD 7-2078 Best O' Luck, Seniors FRAN KS MACHINE CO. MANUFACTURERS OF PORTABLE DRILLING EQUIPMENT ENID. OKLAHOMA 203-5 E. Maine AD 4-3737 132 Meier?- Serves You Better-Saves You More Better Clothing For the Entire Family ENID, OKLAHOMA SCHULER FRUIT CO. U Distributors BLUE GOOSE FRUITS AND pmvg IN VEGETABLES CLEANERS Phone AD 75141 aoz w. Maine AD 7-4254 SIMMONS HIGH SCHOOL GROCERY 624 West Wabash Street 'Ir School Supplies if Groceries 'k Candies 'A' Meats Simmons for Service Phone AD 7-0350 Congratulations Seniors TRAIL LANES BOWLING ALLEY Two Blocks West of High School AD 4-3053 726 S. Iackson Good Luck, Seniors SINGER METAL COMPANY -NEW PIPE - NEW STEEL New Address South Second and East Illinois I UST GOOD FOOD PHONE AD 7-3033 903 West Market Enid. Oklahoma VAN'S PLAZA DRIVE-IN E. L. VAN SCHUYNEE Compliments of : Spic 6. Span Cleaners 224 Kenwood Blvd. SENIORS, for the best in . . . Otiice Supplies . . . Fountain Pens . . . Portable Typewriters . . . Books ot A1lKinds Visit Les Walters. Owner AD 7-zaoo VATER'S BOOK SHOP 214 North Independence AD 7-1212 virginials ...... SHEET METAL AND ROOFING CO- Dress Shop Roofing - Sheet Metal 207 N. INDEPENDENCE Air C0lldifi0llillg T Hedfillg 218 E. Elm Phone AD 7-1361 MRS. EVA COOPER, Owner I33 'IAILQR Vi COLADWW Featuring "THE BIG THREE" Good Food - Good Service - Reasonable Price Open Under New Management THE WAGON WHEEL RESTAURANT and DRIVE-IN ORDERS TO GO-PHONE AD 4-9I87 Maine and Van Buren Keep in tune with the time- RILEY ATKINSON I E W E L E R s Watches Diamonds Iewelry Enid's Only Certitied Watchmaker Better Service for Your Watch 203 W- RCmd0lPh Phone AD 7-5050 ENID, OKLA. WHEELER 8 COOPER RADIO CO. 213 W. BROADWAY Phone AD 7-5980 Enid. Oklahoma -lr RCA-Victor Television Receivers RADIO and TV SERVICE D. C. Bass 6: Sons Construction Co. BASS BUILDING ENID OKLAHOMA "Builders Since 1893" WITHERS OIL AND TIRE COMPANY 402 E. Maine AD 7-29I0 CHAMPLIN GAS POPULAR BRANDS MOTOR OIL Distributors of Dayton and Firestone Tires We Give SQH Green Stamps Robert F. Barnes Insurance Agency Complete Insurance Service ZALOUDEK IMPLEMENT CO. 'A' "Insure and Bond with Bob" CUSHMAN SCOQTERS 'A' BOATS - MOTORS - WATER SKIIS 1018-20 Bass Building Phone AD 7-0853 Enid, Oklahoma 223 W. Randolph AD 7-2115 B E E T C H ' S BEAUTY COLLEGE DIAL AD 7-4465 0 Basic, Advanced Q Instructor Training 0 Special Advanced Hair Styling Learn The sm 120 E. BROADWAY I 34 The wishes of "a thousand words" are expressed more thoughtfully with flowers Oklahoma Floral Company 2200 W. Oklahoma Phone AD 4-4300 S 61 Q CLOTHIERS s. A. WILENZICK co.. Inc. North Side of Square Enid, Oklahoma The Quality Store Hank Harbaugh inspects the latest in Campus Clothes assisted by Bill Thompson. I N S U R A N C E FOR EVERY NEED For Good Food And Meats Including - if FIRE A15 : Af Good Pmfes f TORNADO if REAL ESTATE if CASUALTY if REAL ESTATE LOANS if AUTOMOBILE if ABSTRACTS or TITLE -if PLATE GLASS -k SURETY BONDS and LOCH.NER'S RED BUD No. 1 No. 2 202 KENWOOD 1526 NORTH BLVD. GRAND PETE LOCHNER LIFE INSURANCE Harry P. Frantz Agency HARRY P. FRANTZ ROBERT S. PRANTZ HARRY P. FRANTZ, IR. ALL E.H.S. ALUMNI 220 W. Broadway Phone AD 7-4314 Enjoy Food, Friendly Contacts IN ENID HIGH CAFETERIA Before School - At Noon l35 , ' Q, - -X I- ' ' 4 ' ' 'X ,. K I . , X I PRINTING 5 . . iM.0iiREIISiEIHRIF-'T-WISE I . I MGIISEE Pl2l.bI1CCII1OnS I 'If INDIAN IFIILLS SHCHNIL CENTER. ' 216 WEST: BROADWAY ' E P13621 a to 6:30 A qnsed sundegi - ' f ' If ' I X IA ' ii. I xi, E f EWe Give Green Stdmps . , U I ' -XM V 1 I , X it I P- MARTIN TBODY' SI-IOP EWe sbg-seialgzei Lacquer' X A ,and ,VA Z , I Iwi , B..ked Enema Painfingfo I -M A .lm W I 1 Ph. AD 7-0591 i E 128 E. Elmr -- ' 1 ' Ki . I-. ' I ' . I KX eiIvt's Af f . I' I ...I . fresh , I I II-V POTATO OI-IIPIS .I I. JI Econgrafulationsli Seniors I X I I MIDWAY, CLEANERS57 I PHONE AD 7-5973 ,If 112'-114' NORTH IITI-I, STREET I I FREE -DELIYERY - , "I ' I LEE PARRISI-I,-IR. ,-" - INSURANCE - BONDS E W' ENID, OKLAHOMA i GENERAL INSURANCE SURETY BONDS ,Phone AD 4-3232 Bass Building XA MUNCRIEFFS I I . PAINCP Y-IND WALLPAPER' CO. I 520 E. Mani? I I AD? 4-4428 51 ' See Qur, New Gift Department ! I X. P Featuring' V , Prcttt G Lambert Paint and Varnishes X Glidden Spred Satin Rubber Ease FINE WALLPAPER - And when you insure, be sure it's with BUSINESS MEN'S ASSURANCE COMPANY OF AMERICA Home Office 0 Kansas City. Missouri B. M. A. I. C, REYNOLDS I - Phone AD 4-4243 Box 768 ron FINE IIIIMoNns Ann STERLING SILVER BE COLLEGE BOUND X N ' 1 AQ. QE In the A E LATEST sTYLEs DIAMOMD SHOP 11-Qrnihe Watch and Iewelry Repairing Convenient Tenns 609 South Monroe Enid 905 W. Maine Free Parking AD 7-0992 I36 ,L V 9 lllimn ! Puttinq away the finest ice cream in preparation lor the lonq season is the Enid Hiqh School basketball team. Shown are: Bill Massey, Mac Plummer, Mark Maddox, Phil Edwards, Dee Lang, Euqene Sharp, Gary Unruh, Martin Bunnell, Ronald Heinrichs, Bill Patterson, Bonnie North, Coach lim Stroup, Bill Blair, Herbie Seem, Gary leter, and Larry H-awk. . Jy,?y!4g"?riJ X Wifi ling". 'Y ' lffffffa , 1 ff 'f 1 ,,.f.,1L ,1- I l I' 7 A ffl I X, C- X AXCLQ .. X L l' " ENID OKLAHOMA Equity Co-operative Exchange K CJ if Q - f . fl s I fJ,k ,- ff f-:J , A x ,, r 50 Pi as . A If '-ffl f A I sg, X K C57 K, . 77 Q trust, 1 K-, .slr -- 5 A fffkjz -sa, A Lf C15 fx 1, , ft Q V M M 50,300,000 BUSHELS STORAGE CAPACITY A qi, fa, ' 0, ry' 1 t , t I -XX ,, 5,14 Kei, I sg-ff . LV 1 F. 0 ix g pq, Jig ,,5,,,c:Ef2i '13,-f Q- P S 0 Q ,A A ff fi' fzfa . C--,, Kc., f, -'XX f' xy ' 4,15 -F-427 gf' ,I rf Eff? E' 'f Bog" ESE Lf ' - 7231 XF.. . 3,561 Q vfifjf f','.'f 4 C K li'g'ZfAf', "1 HW 4 'fzfdgff K7 19.1, Z of tfffify fgqxf ,f.f'f'fA filf.. f 'glffi ,ff,',f f 1- " f kfflfl' ? 1 fa Km' c a ff C 7 fi QKKQA W, L f l.Y, .. Lngpyk Y .XL UW ' V a " Best Wishes for Graduating Class A M5517 of 1960 Enicl's Only Exclusive F'Sg1il-:LETS SPORTING GIIODS STORE, II1C. WAI-I-ACE DARREL CLIFF zao w. Randolph AD 4-6567 FULLER KEAHEY MORTON Elhown Funeral Home C""g"""""f0"S-' b GERALD L. BROWN - is GERALD L. BROWN. IR. Seniors of T5 If I px N Phone .'h4ozMra7n-Bars' 1 SWAN!-TLD 7-5432 W ONGRATULATIONS I N IQ XXSENIORS OF 1960 CQLDIRQN S I W 'I t 'Til' """ 'F-A--I . ,,4, tm X px VLVEZE En1d's Popular Priced Store X M ADE FRESH IN ENID EAST SIDE OF SQUARE ff, E gf I F, COMPLIMENTS II7 Em! I5 dw y II- Carpet Citu To Your Future, Seniors DAVIS PAINT FRANK PIEPENBRING, Mgr. 118 E. Randolph ,p ff Wfrllpdper Hobby Shop I I f I Carpet City Sells More Carpet Than Any Gifts ,I Other Company in Oklahoma Custom Picture Framing .Y C L E M E N T S 'I Meet Your Friends PLUMBING. HEATING, AIR CONDITIONING Ek Contracting i' Plumbing Fixtures in 'Ir Repairing 'A' Heating Equipment I' A" C'md1""mng ENID HIGH'S SPACIOUS CAFEIERIA 413 E. MAINE PHONE AD 7-1700 I38 r "This for me" is the comment of A. G. Murray and Pat Blanton, as Iay Gunning and Roy Lundy help them select sport coats for cominq events. 'k Hart Schatfner QS Marx Suits I L L L, - - I 1 nk Arrow Shirts 'A' Ratner Sport Coats W A W ! - 8 M U, 'A' Bostonian Shoes 'A' McGregor Sportswear The Place to 50 for Name' and Faces You Know. CNorth Side of Squarej 1 I A . 'Q I , , f ,f , 7, ,1, lm xr" ill :Rik 'W t'l' ,T "lf77xf'I C4 'SKC r V N I' --,haf - 'J-hifi L 'X I xx' I ,DLL ,,f,j4,fvf eiiiffgf ,Lf-lftjx -P .lkfff L4 ,X ' wr! . .. ' it x, W' K' 7 S' f' ,l , 1 X ,Q W tk 'L l r xr FL -4 -rf gf ,..'f7I. Jelyfcctdf J- 'L r "1 'Cl if 1 '1 . ,Q .Ks 'VL t if f r V, Lf t N f i, blk M -l X if L 'X Y, l'rjLJ,,,l 1, 1 ,L arf fjjirff , f I-S!xf1f':,p ' ' ' " ' Q .x ' L ' , f, . , K f 5 W L ,' 'V' .U Lv xx f ,I R Q' rfld if ffl' Slf fir A ,xl ici frwkl L t- X ,K l ll A I 4.12: ' , uf, LZ' . tht vel" -- t' WCM! ff if f ffkff 'f-' , l. H ' ' A Q it X x THE PLAINSIVIAN' S CREED Y x P 'W- at 1 i 3 1 I believe in Enid High School, her traditions and ideals, I believe in honesty in every-day tasks and in faithfulness in duty, I believe in the joy that comes from worth while fun, generous comradeship, and loyal service to my school g I believe in modesty in victory and an unconquerable spirit in defeat, I believe in keeping faith with my neighbor, my father and mother, my cdv'nfry,,,iund my C9414 it i ' ' A L .. My At, ,lf nf JL .Q f 3 I Mn ,W o L , , .Ji X200 WW JZLQW r ' ff 9044 -f K 4 MMM,-WwW 'EQ-2,55 6 Ax W 1 jff? oifsxjgf ,wi 4 T v ,Q QQ? 7 ,, KW 4 My iiiggdq Zgpgfifwf WW W ' M233 , - W? ffm Sf . ,V 'M 55555 K f My N H 3135 1- 22:1-Q, , hfywwfffw a X1 X fo Q? 6,4031 Q Pip 1 Ci QQVW w M? I ' 1 Vs? X ,, f If ff Wy? QMD l I MWA:-YY Us ' X' 3 B QR M Q ' sm. Q UP QP - Q , . ' . W ,U ' - nw 53 X235 H , W7 QJ - ' WNXNPQV M-W? wigs b . QW 5 3 gyms M M yy? ' X E-59 X f Wwqfwwgif 1 J S 5, V 5' ,fQg?'i13gi3iEQ::,g,:"'f3.-ui 6 ' , 1 -.L L., 1 ,J STM. .5 4333.2 J' 'fa ww . . 1 gyin 5 3 .QW iff .1333 ,. "fggf0f.-g 'L ,Lai -2 .1233 3 '15 lriigd' ,EQ 1, -3 :' 31? QT? gay-'i X24 335: WW ,Q -Q ifefvnp. . v fl WX- agw Cwffw ' .. ,- ' ' 'QL- ' - . ,N ,gm ,. , . .., . ,Us Y ' - ,. , -YY. , , , A 9Y'PA5.3-'4-1553 .mm,g. ,., . Mi ,. . ,,,, . ..,.., . ' . ,, .,h..L.u,Q-1 a..i'1'n..,.-:- . f- ' 3' M 4 ki Q , Lf' ' ' Q 9 -Y-fix, my .V , Q, v-A., . 'W .wt ' V' , V W ,. 3' , .V g I l Sf f Q M ' ' " k" it. ' ' X , ' K Q 9 - 'K x . - . 33' . 5 K .M A ik A Q - 'VWH-'u 37. - -fs-3,2425 Q an Q x X. .. X .Q --n Q Q I - wie Q-fc A Y ,.....--,M - 4 ,A wi ig X . if :E su: m . M ,191 'Y Y' H ww X me 'E' an . ..,. QS .www ,, .X x: qw A + 4' L 1 ' . .. .. . -.a- K k ' 1 -'H " fx . '- S '231fsrr9'.'lT Q - k V x X Q sf'-, S- w f s 'G-1. 'gi W. .- -. . - .f y Q . S... x . agp? f in 9,2 : f 4 U Rf - N -ff. J ,Ny MM ifffh q R K . , 1 R XQXXNQ. Q ' ' xi :iff ' K X xx X, .xv NX . Q X Sfq giw ..fN"QSXf-xfijwif 1 . .Q .5 X Q., X . K - xx A lffjkmgz. iw. HY -4- ' wa 'ff " ' . K - Ng x .ff . , .... K .5 f . Q. . xx Wg . , g. . QF L,, . N b Z . .L v -, ' iff. -X. xi . ..... t Q 5. L , . ".S .q ,f ' 5. A. N wg, ' TQ .W k ' I at .W M-. M ev XJ 0 A -11 5 K K "H -'11, ,iigjgg 1 'A A, ga. nf . X kg ., Q , , Vqll Q V4 ,If ,ty 4 K A .. , , ,U W' vp A .V .' A ' Q. . . . . . . - X L ' ' ' 'fkzw .-.aw ' ' - if ' w, .1 4. A' Q' V-. ' ' +5-QW., W W- f.gwf.,2-. ..1 Hr- W. .gg - . - Q -'f V f - M K' .Q -. . 1 .- gk rf. : ,1,y1.3,5 ..,.:- , Q Yi- 1451. Q ., 51,5 f.w9:. .yi Q ...- J-x v gj M Ay V 'f'2w- ,W W, WJ .321 ,g,,,,k-g,,m M X ff m -5 ,, - ' we.. MMR SSX. .- N .K . - .-N514 .gg 'U'WQ""h fm 19 F wr

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