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1 x 5 r QM F YOUR l.l 1 'n , x I FF w if, HJ-1 ,531- J TIME FOR THE TIME O YOUR LIFE THE 1959 F THE 1959 Published Annually by MEMBERS OF THE SENIOR CLASS ENID HIGH SCHOOL Enid, Oklahoma 'O , 5 6' ja? THE TIME 0 o oo Oo'o0o K Ti' SHN! ' x N up ll ix 1 1 M- "9w,lf if M ... il N f,f'!? is 'N Q 1-iw G++ xg ff .b X 'xx i J ix I' YW ix xx ug-Qs U ijiin 3 if X? 'Q 'Wi Q 1' 'V' fmihgrn 1 QQ 0 ...,-gg,-::"'1's Kg? :wAij' z, 5 Mi ,LRF 'Aga new ' 1 Q, m . W x W aw .Ia A? V 'flQ.,J..y IX Ig .QI ' pm Q .hm iigigt . ,vo 1-nf :gli 'Q 1- Y, fr M 7' ffm-:sera FQXAQ I! 1, 'QF U :ik i figs P Q . W 10 my-1591-M ' px.. Mx 4' X ' . . 'MS , L . ev -W 1 wxwwwwmi 'SN Yiwu.. g J -r' h 'Ni HBE Q ...Q-v"""' Vx? 'f 'Q N 9 -H-sg--'W wer - um-' at om 1 hw.-Q S 'L 1 ,iwdnw-K 5 s Z Z Fairness, friendliness, and the positive approach are every day, every hour traits of Miss Florel Helema, Thirty-one years ago students began putting their confidence in her teaching of algebra, trigonometry, and solid geometry-preparing them for tomorrow, just as We still do today. Aside from her scholarly self is the Miss Helema who makes us proud of Enid high, proud to know her, proud to be in the class of a great teacher. She enjoys laughter . . . and Work . . . and life . . . making us enjoy them, too. D, Students, she feels, are nice people. This is shown by the I bright smile she Wears and the cheery hello she greets us with. t l.ll l f 'f f4 Perhaps this is why everyone has something nice to say about , iff her.. U G . at Miss Helema has given her graduates solid mathematical back round which ointed the wa toward a ointments in g P Y PP 1 prominent academies and made them at home in leading ' technical schools throughout the United States. Knowing that nothing is achieved alone, that a person must Q have help, We are grateful for the help she gives us. Ns So, to Miss Helema, outstanding force in our mathematical lf' ffll x lives, we, the l9S9 QUILL annual staff, dedicate this book to her as she has dedicated her llfe to accepting nothing but the highest from her students and from life. LTIIOUGII there are many outside activities for Enid Iligh students, most of their time is spent preparing lor a happy, successful adult life. Six periods each day students receive training in liheral and specialized fields which will he of great value in time to come. 5 SPORTS give Enid High students many hours of pleasure. Victory is important, but it has to take a back seat to character development and the learning of cooperation and fair play that is instilled in every participant. ng' 0 O ,..5-',:"5Si'-"iz, -' .N 51 lfg' 0 J '96 , Q J 6 449' 1' I lvl E F o R 47 X .W of sf-1 KX Xu! x x K NX N Y'U ' EJ: EDIKNXII 'I'I-IE SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION FACULTY ACADEMIC ORGANIZATIONS CLASSES ACTIVITIES QUEENS STUDENT LIFE ATHLETICS GENERAL ORGANIZATIONS Q x S - ' S- nga, 1,2 .,., .... S Ax 1 I7 I V4 mmfq In X' 1 ,gg x 'zvv 1 ff' , . ,5 5 Lb' 1 I Y ,M ...W-4.-'gp f Q 5 kg. ik gag. i -1 2 I g Q f 'T Ko 54 il- Q45 X wax WR. ,. x 5 1: .Fm sf xxx I Y, aww nw- aww fs a ? . X ' 4 B-..' -.m..,,m...,.,n ,,,, ,. , ..Q.,.,,x.,wQM....., M x 1 ! ii fi 1 53 U 5 f E . ' 5 .L ,, , 2 f 'Q ? S s si W aa-e-4'--n-ng-1-:nel ',.............---- l l 9- , i 1 it A . SIVIILINC, AS HE usually is, Mr. Waller pauses in his activity filled day with his wife Sue. As impressive sitting as when standing, he is known for his dedicated leadership. DeWitt Waller Complete Fort -Ei ht Year DeWitt Waller. veteran superintendent of the Enid school system, announced October 9, 1958 his resig- nation from the position he had held for twenty-hve years. A sound administrator, whose ability to weigh a situation with cool judgment before acting. lVlr. Waller won the confidence of his stall and the people of Enid. Mr. Waller's activity in the world of education in- cluded his own schooling at O.C.U. where he re- ceived his AB degree in chemistry. De itt flluller For o. third of a century -goarafter year-Dewitt walter served as Superintendent of the Enid 0Biahoma,'PubiicSchools,'Ftather than motte to cities of targersize and to what others would cattgroater opportunities, he remained firm in his behef that a leaderserxles' bestwhenhetahes ahjbfime tobuiloasingle schoolsgstem. For his sensed his xmobsfxushfe but imaginoiwe leadership, his insights intothe powerano worthjone communit5,aru5 hispower to instill in the minds of his neighbors a hunger for ani aprioe in gooo schools, thoAmerican Association of Schoot Administrators bestows upon this award of excellence and distinction. - .. er ' . Jitsu 4 N .t . so ilpi' 4' 55353 g -1-4,.:' -. ,3 . 'Q I5 gzzfr-rlafryffdffby - ei .V " X 3 ' fu. ' ,tr L- "'.,.f,f':fK. -3 "' ., ,W ln 1911 lVlr. Waller came to Enid High where he taught math and chemistry and coached football, baseball, and track for four years. Chosen principal, he served in that capacity for ten years when he was elected superintendent. While at the post of superintendent, lVlr. Waller was president of the Oklahoma Association of School Administrators. president ol Oklahoma Association of Secondary Administrators, president of the northern district of Oklahoma Education Association and he served 25 years as secretary-treasurer of the High School Athletic Association. He also served as president of the Great Salt Plains area council of Boy Scouts of America, member of the state Board of Education. and was superintendent of the Methodist Church sunday school for nineteen years. He was on the Board of Directors of Boy Scouts of America, Camp Eire Girls, Salvation Army, YlVlCA, and the Speech and Hearing Institute. ln February of this year. the National Association ol Administrators presented lVlr. Waller in Atlantic City, New lersey, with a citation award for distin- FIRST OKLAHOIVIAN AND second man west ol the Mis- sissippi to receive this national citation. Mr. Waller was re- warded lor -18 years of service to the Enid school system by the National Association of School Administrators in February at their meeting in Atlantic City, New Iersey. W ,A.., ...N Guidance Provided For tudents Any student in need ol' understanding lound the solution to his prohlem in the guidance department. Howard Chinn, director ol guidance, and lVlrs. Nellc lVlcCreary, dean ol girls. served as advisers lor personal problems, vocational choices, and educational ad- vancements. In addition to the lowa test ol educational develop- ment given all juniors, batteries ol aptitude, scholar- ship, and personality tests were given to those re- questing additional information about themselves. In its third year ol operation. the department spon- sored two psychology classes. Ulllered to juniors and seniors. general psychology was under the instruction of Mr. Chinn, and Mrs. Mc-Creary supervised the class in personal psychology. 2 llUVV.'XRl3 ClllNN. lilldliclf DR ol' guidance. and Mrs, Nelle Xlrfmeary, dean ol girls, discuss the results ol a guidance test. oi ervice in Enid chool S stem guished service in school administration. It was the first time a man from Oklahoma has ever received this honor, and lVlr. Waller was the second man west ol the Mississippi to he so honored. The tall stature and stately expression ol lVlr. VVal- ler will be missed in the halls of Enid high in the years to come. Enid was honored to have had a man UeWI'l"l' W1'Xlrl.llR IS shown at an Ifnid lfducation associa- tion dinner given in his honor. Miss Charlotte Kretsch, Ielt, and Miss l.ouise Major, right, watch as Iewel Ridge, EEA presi- dent, presents Vlr. VValler with the gilt ol' lfnid teachers and as distinguished as Dr'Witt VValler in our school sys- tem lor forty-eight years, giving his service to the citixens and schools ol' Enid. 'l'he students ol' lffnid high school wish to express their deepest appreciation for the progress and development ol' the school system and constantly expanding opportunities allorded them in the administration ol' DeVVitt VValler. school hoard metnhers. a Slllllll check. Utlter honors hestowed on him were the citation ol' his menilvership in Wlllik VVlio ol' Oklahoma and a card signilying his liletime lilL'iiilN'i'5lliIl in IZIZA. 1 N Aa s. Q , x HJ? -was G? E 4 I 'A is XSS fl A E ,an 'Fig L MGS? 25 A R HIS GREATIZST ADMIRICR and help through 25 years of principal- ship has been his wife lfsther. Mr. and lVlrs. Selby are seen together at school functions from hallgatncs to formal dancts. as thty art seen to- gether here. M. Selby To Continue ervitze in ew Capacity Enid High School is going to miss D. Bruce Selby as her principal. She is going to miss his big booming laugh, his an- tics on the stage during assemblies and his rough voice issuing from behind the closed door of his office. his audacity to speak for right, his fairness in dealing with others. Bruce Selby's romance with Enid High began the First time he entered the door in 1924 to organize Enid's first summer high school. teach science, and coach football. basketball. and track. He must have been a hit even then for the i925 QUILL annual had this to say about him: "lVlr. Sclby's services to the school cannot soon be forgotten. Basketball season came in with spirit that has seldom been equaled by any team. He brought spirit to the student body and packed the gymnasium for every home game." During the past 25 years. he has endeavored to heighten the level of education, instill the student body with spirit through any disaster, the worst being the fire that destroyed Enid High School in IQ43. He saw her built back brick by brick and student by stu- dent. He strived to improve himself taking graduate work at Chicago University, completing his lVIaster's degree in administration at Phillips University, and serving in executive capacity on every single local, dis- trict. and state educational organization. Mr. Selby, always approachable, discussed many problems with students and helped with extra-cur- ricular activities, In discipline problems, he coaxed some, chastiscd others, but helped all Who desired it. He has helped hundreds of students With scholarships. positions. college choices. and time schedules. lVlr. Selby has twirled his rope and peppcd up many an assembly. He has been the first to have fun and the first to do work. Every day he found himself practically the first to arrive and often the last to leave. His devotion for Enid High and her students was indeed great. The graduating class of 1959 will be his last. With his new position. he will go on serving the Enid Public Schools as best he can. The oil portrait paint- ing of lVIr. Selby which the student body presented as a token of affection and respect to him is small com- pared With what he has given, but will serve as a lasting reminder to all who see the halls of E.H.S. lVlr. Selby is a most remarkable person. He has seen more of this fabulous land of ours. traveled farther. and enjoyed this swift-changing world more than most people because he has lived so abundantly through his interest in all the people he met. He has given himself to every worthwhile enterprise. He lived Enid High School spirit as one of his contemporaries said. "I think personally one of the most enthusiastic persons I ever saw-has worked hard and contributed a lot to Enid High and the community-a very capable administrator. loyal. faithful to all concerned, and has had a tremendous amount of Work to do for one individual. He has done an outstanding job. very capable of planning and organizing things for the best of everyone. and I per- sonally am very thankful for the years had in associa- tion with him as a member of his faculty." AT THE DINNER given by the faculty members in Mr. Selby's honor. Robert Pyle presents hitn with a portable tele- vision set in behalf of the whole faculty. DR C -XRI W XC Nl P ple rsrnrlx earnest lr rs een r rerlx reeepted rs srrpe 1 tenelent ol sehools A selrolrr rn edue rtron rnel lrrenellrness s orne rr r ""?:N' Enrd people Dr Wagner Become Errrds New uperrntendent Comrng from Hrekman Mrlls Mrssourr Dr Carl E Wagner brought '1 brck ground of formal edueatron frnd superrntendeneres wrth hrm Recerxrng hrs AB degree rn 1942 and hrs Masters rn 1945 from Wsrshrngton unrxersrty St Iours Mrssourr he began hrs eareer as prrncrpal for elexen ye rrs 'md superrntendent for frve rn Mrssourr Mrehrgan rnd Illrnors schools In 1956 he reef rx ed hrs Ph D degree rn admrnrstrqtron and currreulrrm lrom the Unrxersrty ol Kansas Although hrs work rs trme eonsumrng he strll hnds trme lor books Reqdrng Corbrn l are hrs ehref rnterests Above all men Dr Albert Schwertfer medrC'rl mrssronrry to Alrrca eommfrnds Dr Wagner s admrratrorr for hrs eomplete dedrcatron to hrs fellow hurn rn berngs A master wrth words Dr Wagner ehallenges students wrth thrs mess rge To you young men and women ol tod rv eduertron offers eh rllengrng work assrgnments rn numerous are rs of rese rreh and serx ree Speeralrfed frelds rre nr rny Opportunrtres are abundant Never has soerety known a vsrder range ol oeeupr tron'rl rnstruetron nor has rt ever been so enhanerng No sueeess rs aehreved exeept that rt be goxerned by eduefrtron The vxell drs erplrned mrnd rs an eflectrve mrnd It seeks the truth the lrrth the power the loxe that puts ones 'rbrlrtres and talents rnto the place vxhere they belong Knovt ledge rs yours Reeerxe rt aeeept rt rrse rt Asle and rt shall be grxen you seele md ye sh rll frnd knoek rnd rt sh 111 be opened unto you DR CARL E WAcNrR . r. , .- I. 1 x, rr iz D' r' ri. :J b K er l' J' 1 X :Q .' ,rir - ' X l Q ' , ' 1 . X .2 . Z . ,UEPQ l v-ls"a - . . he hzr: bee' 1 lar rlrzr to -fflif .-' A ' ' ' '- . . . . . 1 - e . X x V 1 . . x . C i 1 x K C11 Y , ' J B, L , 3 I A x1 KA I I 'H li e . . . . . . swrmmrng, and re-arrng hrs four sons, Chrrs, SM, Crarg, 414, Kevrn, QDQ, and . X . M I 1 . I X , , . , . .. , r 4 ' ew - -z -. ' z ' r ' I " X ' X C 2 x' li I I ' X 7' W1 l W.I " X ' X 2 1 E ' ' 1 r 1 v s' 1 f r K 7' 1 x v - Q - I I . A F . , 1 I A' ' I X l L H 1 x' ' K v A I ' I x x w r 1 ' m 1 x w x K ' I x y 'A'- V X X,L c . . ' it I A i . C I ' X I i I 7 x ' x - 1' v r ' - - x ' x ' 5' f , ' ' 7 r - s s f 1 f 1 . s . ' 1 . , . . , . , . . . , , r . . X X 75 . , . 1 a i MR. CASEY CoHi.MiA MR. TED CoLD1RoN MR. RAYMOND HAYES MRS. EDITH PINKERTON Enid Sees Change In Selection of a new superintendent of schools, a new high school principal, and replacement for the person chosen principal were problems facing the Enid board of education, following the resignation of DeWitt Waller on October 9, 1958. The problem, one not presented the board since Mr. Waller took the position in l934, was solved with the appointment of Dr. Carl E. Wagner, Hickman Mills, Missouri, following more than two months of interviews, out-of-town trips, and studies to find the man most suitable for the position. With the appointment of D. Bruce Selby to the position of administrative assistant to the superin- tendent of schools, board members were faced with a new problem. That was securing a man to fill the principal's vacancy at the high school and was solved by choosing 0. T. Autry, principal of Emerson and pre- viously football coach and athletic director at Enid high. A coach for the Big Blue teams was also needed after the resignation of Marvin Vandaveer, football coach and athletic director. Another of the boardis SHOWN AT A regular board meeting presided over by Casey Cohlinia are school board members Mrs. Betty lane Wykoif. Allie Paine, Ted Coldiron, Mr. Cohlmia, Cleo Fisher, Mrs. Edith Pinkerton, and Raymond Hayes. Vice president Coldiron succeeded Mr. Cohlmia when he moved to Dallas, Texas. ENID BOARD 0F EDUCATl0N MR. Ciao Fisiisn MRS. BETTY IANE WYKOFF MR. Al.l,llf PAINIQ chonl Admini tration responsibilities was the furnishing of the new junior high, DeWitt Waller, and securing a principal and staff for the l959-60 school term. To solve these problems and make changes as smoothly as possible, board members spent many hours in debate and at hard work. ln addition to complications that arose, they were confronted with routine matters of setting policies for the elementary. junior high and high schools and supervising as smoothly as possible inevitable adjustments en- countered by the schools. INSTRUCTORS IN THE English department are lelt to right seated: Mrs. Wanda Bcards- lee, Mrs, Delyte Poindexter, Miss Eva Young. Mrs. Una l.ee Voigt, Mrs, l.ueyle Spit-lxelntier, Miss l.aura Milam, and Mrs. Mabel Manley. Standing are Miss Ruth Scott, Miss Nancy VVagner. Miss Charlotte Kretseh and Mrs. lie- luana Innes. Correct Engli hl A eeessity In An Career Students in Enid High School are taught grammar and literature in such a manner that the last three years of the twelve required years are not only enjoy- able but are the best liked class of many of the students. Films, records, and re- ports are a few of the things used by the English teachers to add interest to the classes. Besides studying literature students are taught the correct usage of the English language, a must in any line of endeavor. For students especially interested in other phases ol English, classes are of- fered in speech, debate, radio, drama, and news-Writing, which may be taken as an elective the senior year. The teachers ol this department, head- ed by Miss Charlotte Kretsch, meet peri- odically to discuss the most up-to-date methods of presenting to the students these classes in an interesting and efiec- tive way. MISS CHARLOTTE KRETSCH, head of the English department, pauses while Mr. Selby reads some of his lavorite selections to the third hour Ameri- can Literature class. MRS, VVANIJ.-X BIiARlDSl.EI2 xxzitclics an ln-r mplimnnrc English vlziss clvu-lnps skill in using llw llngliali lzniguzigv ln' lll2ll.Il'ilIlllI1yf SL'I1ll'IlLl'S. Ql'Il,l.I2RS BIZGIN PREPARA- TION lor thc annual by consulting fl'?lI'l7llUli5 lrmn other schools. Gatli- c-rcd zirrvund Ilia- linrae shoe table in thc Quni, nllicc are Beverly Bu- vlizinzin, Ronnie Marlin, lim Har- innn, Peggy Wells. Inc Brisben, Susan S4-ntl, Anna lynn Crilulcy, mul Snsiv Ifntrilwn. CIIICCKINU IN BOOKS is jun :mv nl' Miss Him-I l"lvniing's clutics :ls lQllS liln'zn'i:in, Urlu-rx :nv instructing stn1l01n5 in using ilu' will catalog, Rm'zulcr'w guimlv, zlncl wrlic':1l lilv. FORTY YEARS OF teaching-never missing a day due to her illness. Miss Charlotte Kretsch has this outstanding record credited to her name. BETWEEN PATRONS AT Open House, Miss Kretsch listens as Mr. Farrant tells a typical "l7arrant" joke. The neighboring teachers are often seen in the EHS halls joking. Ver etile Engli h Department Head Retire Miss Charlotte Kretsch, head of the English depart- ment, is to leave Enid high in a few weeks after forty years of loyal service to Enid High School. At all times, Miss Kretsch has shown the true char- acteristics of a good teacher having the longest tenure of any instructor in the Enid school system. School spirit is a wonderful quality of hers. She is and always will be known as a shrewd, intelligent, prepared, and dedicated person. Miss Kretschis concern for high school students and faculty is supreme. A few of her many duties while teaching at Enid High school include, sponsoring the pep club, helping with assembly programs, sponsoring the QUILL annual for many years, and for the past 31 years serving as head of the English department. She has maintained the high standards for Enid students that have made them desirable for institutions of higher learning. A faculty member summed it up, f'Not only has she a wonderful mind for her work, but she has the most sensitive mental perception of any person we've ever MISS KRETSCH TALKS with Barbara VVhitlow, senior, and her sisters, Gayle and Judy, and parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Whitlow during Open House. Seated is Dr. Horace Casey look- ing through current senior English text books. met. Miss Kretsch can criticize so tactfully that the criticism is hardly noticed." Quoting the principal ol our school, D. Bruce Selby, "We do not replace people like Miss Kretseh. Others accept her duties and do the best they can." Looking over the "Dedication" of the l928 QUILI. annual, we find that feelings of that annual stall' hold true today. "Patience, Loyalty, Alertness, Integrity, Natural- ness, Sincerity, Modcsty, Energy, Neighborlinesse- all these fine qualities of the Plainsmen are exempli- fied in our teacher. advisor, and friend, Miss Charlotte Kretschf' AT EVERY EOlTl'BAl.l, or basketball game, Miss Kretsch is sure to be there, with her friend, Mrs. l,ulu Moorhouse, cheering her team on to victory. if School News Reporters Gam Experlence These first and second year journaltsts gatncd etepertenee IH the field of nevvswrttlng by gatherlng and eomplllng news from all elementary juntor hteh schools and htgh schools tn Enld durtng the hrst semester Thelr work was publtshed eaeh week tn the Frtday lssue of the Enld Datly Eagle Top Rott Reynolds lsotlsn Brtsben Harbatteh Ntehols Th1rr1Rou lJ'lll0j Potter Britton Boss Miss Stott Csponj S1eomlRou ones Beard Patterson Stogner Haskins Bottom Rott limb Hemrteh Wells Marrs Wlelser Clark Seeond semester reporters were Top Row Denton, Stratton, Iones, Boss, Smtth Mzdrllr Row Hartman, Rogers, Robinson, Doop, loulles Mtss Stott tspon J Bottom Row Dudley, Mefrugtn, Patterson, Pond, Coker, Carroll s Wnters Glve Views In Edltonals Wflllllg and edtttng ol the bl vseelsly ulll vo ts the responslbtllty of these ltrst semester j0llI'I1lllQl1l students ourn tltsts eoxered the x trlous li.llNlllLS ol the FHS student bodv on Rou R ynolels ls tlln ll 1 sn llnlan Nlehols lllll Rott wt Fl en t ttton Boss Potter tss Seott tsponj ottonz Rott Wells J ns So te Pltters 1 Wlelser HJ Rott B ton lx tltn sun ue es rt t terson zrdlt Rott 'Vllss Seott Qsponl Vells Slllllllll Po Boss lntrlleen Smith Bo tom Rott 'Vlelxtnntx B eh tn tn l ond Nl nts lXlIXl1lllS 2l gf, '55, 1 5 - o o 0 0 c it f 2 S E S , . A xx x:x.L :X xi. 2.- L I 1'- -'ss sw' -ts'v"s . .. 1 . . 1 . 4 . 1 A s I A , xx . 7 ' , T 1 e' o z , armor, Brel -n, 4 ' 2 tglt, N 7'1" ': Se-et , lint 'le' , S ra , ', Second Row: Dailey, Beard, liuxhaus, Britton, jones, llasleins. B ': ' 5, l.aml, lVla"., .'t gt 'r, z wot, A V T 1 'J rit , 'o 1 , Bri.l ' , Sl "l lx, Dnhlg--1, Pat- IVl'l ' ': . Q' Q ., X -,, Q 'z , tter, A I ':t u-zz,y . 15. W L5 3 C I 'A' X , . . A x . ix . X v . . . X , , 7 . e, e . P . .l ' '. ' . l Y he ' Y i I I I Y ls A 1 . I I t: ' . , I , 1 , " '.' 1 ', ' , , ff, ' .' . . . H I H , 5 , Y , .5 lt , s ', '.', 5, -' , , '. l Future Journalists Hear Noted Speakers Meeting as a new club which had been re cently state organwed yournalrsts attended meet rngs and a Chrlstmas dinner Whreh featured speakers connected with the communications field N Smlth Buchanan see Third Ron lslrkhrrt Baker Patterson Rogers Thorp Stoy,,ner Pond Sreonrl Ron Hoskins Carroll Yount Foulks Broyont ttrersb Beard Miss Seott Qsponj Bottom Rott Mefxlnney Buell Tamb fpresj Isotlan Syxlnyhlrt Nlehols Wicker Prmels 1'op Ron Strntton Reynolds 12nd t presj Harmon Har baugh Shields Brlsben Robinson Third Rou Boss Britton Peek Potter Dentol Wells Ieslre Second Roto Doop Rovsley Kuxhaus Marrs Darley Coker ist Bottom Rott Corporon Dudlev Clark Helrrrleh Lrrbley Allen MeC llglfl Madison 22 Students Record Enid Highs History Assembling the annual was not an easy task There were pictures to be taken and seleeted, ads to be sold senior honors to be collected copy to be Written and edited proofs to be read and rn finite detalls I'op Rou Reynolds Kotlan Hrrmon Brlsbcn Nnehols 'Vlartrn Third Rott Scott Irntrlken Boss Potter Peek Wells Srcond Rou Miss Scott tsponb Crlbley Buehmrn Stone hoeker Thorp Smith Bottom Hou Corporon Dailey Mnrrs I rmb Wuker THE QUHI OPPICI1 one of the busiest spots rn the building is headquarters for student publreatlons both newspaper and annual Otlree staffers during eaeh period take phone ealls for Miss Seott Mr Kennedy and Mr Ridge ty pe sehool nevss und 'rrtlelfs for the paper eopyre ld and proofread N . . X , . . . X 4 ' - 3 ' 9 . . ' y- V 1 . '1 , '. - - -, , 1 . - 4 - so k I ' ,. , ' ',, .. ,, , . 1 w . V ' ,V . , 1 s, sri ' w' 1' r 1 ',f ,A 4 , .' .' f , , . . , ' ,'-- v- is - ' v ' fu X' ' ' .' .' ' , . , . T W, I U , - e 4 , - n e Ke 4 K 'X X X I I ' Top Row: Hartman, S. Jones, Entrrken, Scott tlst v. presj, . , '. I Q: nj. ' w- "' - . - - 1 . C, , . . , ,, . T - - es K 1 Q -s , If- , 7 '. ", , 4 .,, r , 'Hz , ' 2 ' ,. ' , V f 41- , , Y ' . '. ' . , V, - , A - 'f f-S , 'S , 1, -, 7-' y Y 'Q A' -ga a 'w 1 ' s CII. ,. , ' '. " 1 - , ,, , , , ' , '1 , .' . l t DISCUSSINU A l7Il3lfIClll.'l' math problem members ol' the math department. Teacher Prepare tndent For cientiiic Age Math Develops Ability To Reason This year math became increasingly important in thc age ol' space. Until a few years past, it had just been considered a subject to be taken with science and engineering. First and second year algebra. plane and solid geometry, and trigonometry were the courses extended to the students of EHS. Movies emphasi7ing mathematical precision were shown. The lilms, narrated by a college professor, enlightened the students as to the way many math problems are worked. Mathematical knowledge helped the student to think logically. Because ol the advanced math courses offered by EHS, a graduating student was well-pre- pared lor college. Science Classes Gain Importance In science emphasis Enid high school was a leader, With fourteen biology classes, hvc chemistry classes. and three physics classes, no stress was placed on any particular branch of science because all branches were becoming increasingly important. One year ol labora- tory science was required for each student for gradu- ation. Biology taught by Harold Duckett, Edgar Michael, and Patil Russell was about living things. Chemistry was taught through personal experience: students did laboratory work in a well-equipped room under the supervision of Marvin Myers. Physics, the study ol light. heat. electricity, and machines. was extended to all seniors. and taught by Earl Smith. SURROUNDED BY 'l'lll7IR various subjects are the Enid high science teachers Patil R u ss e l l , biologyg Ha ro l d Duckctt. biologyg Earl Smith. ph ys i cs g Marvin M eye rs . chemistryg and Edgar Michael. biology, 'WY f.AbA"'ll'Yl4' 'Hfal3"'4j mit 4"---nn. are Earl Smith, Miss Florel llclema, Ilonicr Henson, Miss Ruth Moore and Kenneth Dotson, A,-Q 24 S HKRII IVI 11111 ltcs 1 pr 1 Dt to h1r tr 111111 1 Advanced Math Students GIVE Reports MLmbCF9 111 thl third md flllh hour lr1g111111111 1lry md solld gwmurv 1llss1s rn ldl up D1ltl Thgtl Its purp11s1 V518 111 ldx 11111 thl sll1d111ts murcst md Lr111vxl1dg1 111 m lth l11ds1111111 f11lds 111 1 sxH1rt1 IS x s 1111 Ulm I1rg,11s1m Bm 111 ll111h1111L tp11sH Ilfd R1111 1 1111r111 11 111 Mlldgtl I11s1 1 Wrleht tx prcs 1 N1111ls1111 B11111t1111lrg, 11111111 ROLL WITLIS W1111s B1lt1 Xl 1 Irmclme Rmur Dull 11 11111 R011 1Sl1lLlxl lillsllmr 1 hms Tr 1111111 Iluslrm B111l1 111111 I H1111 1 1 111 1111 s1111 r 111I111 1 1 WIVIQN tp1s1 R11 lx 11111 R1111 ms 1 1 1 1111 11 111s l1s11 811111111111 W1111s VI ss lllll 1111 tsp 111 D 11 17771 R1111 1 11s11 1 1 11111 I1 1 1 NUI 5 l -5 gh! fx iw Lhemlstry Club Takes Fleld Tnps Ch11111Q1rx 111111 xl1111s11r1d lm IXAXTXIIW My1rs 11111s1sls 11 s11111l1 flu mf Y'I1bLI'9 Its purpcm IS to 11111'1.1s1 QI11d111t 11111r1sI 111 1l11m1stry ,md 011111 s1111111s 111 11111 W11111 s 1 1 'Vl1sx11111 C 11111111 NI1k11111o11 1111 111 C H181 1111 'Vlxf N 1111 1 IK 111 D -X1 1 111111 1 1 1 71 s 1 U 1111s 'VI111111 ll ll 111 11111111 lVI11111s 1 R VV11,L111s C,l111111,11 11 17 1 us 1 1 N111 11111 I 1111 7 1 1 1 H1111 1111 R1111 1 QS r11,1rs 11111 NIL lllQ.,LlS0 1 N111I11xxs 1111111111111 N11VI1l 111111 1111 1 s lll7lllL,1 N11 1 I1111l111st111l1 1 M1111 lx11pl111 Rl111d1s 11111110111 1 1111 17 1 111111 'Vl1k111111x 111 11 11111111 W 111131 S 111 Tllli ClllQNlIS'l'R1 I..-Xl! 1111111-1 S IHI f XII 1 ll IXIII X118 Nllll I H In PICTURED IN FRONT ol Enid high library planning the year's work are Ray lfurrant, lVlrs. Naomi Kindle. Bailey Cantrall, Sanford Newsom, fVliss Nancy Wagner, and Norman l.amh, the six teachers making up the EHS social studies department. Hi ter Helps Student Preiit From tlthers' Mistake Unless you know where it happened, it is of no use to know what happened. This was the belief of the six teachers in the social studies department of EHS. The first objective oi education is citi- zenship. With this in mind the social studies teacher became one of the most important in any school. Five other gen- eral ohjectives ol the department were: Qll to help the student appreciate his in- heritance of the American nationg Q25 to aid the student in acquiring knowledge ol the past so that he may have facts on which to base his judgmentsg Q33 to help the student understand the present day problemsg Q43 to develop a greater sense of tolerance for the opinions ol othersg Q55 to help the student acquire a genuine liking lor the course. Study included two weeks concentrated geography, current allairs once a week, the use ol films and the writing ol essays. EIVIPHASIZING THE IMPORTANCE ol a solid background ol' our eountry's history, Ray Farrant is shown in his American history class. Mrs. Ue'l1'te1 Poit1ele'xte'r 'I'lR'SIJl2lll 5I3llIlNtll', ehse-uss 1z11'1ous ltillllllll Zlllllllllllf' e1t1e'11el. MRS. PNA l.lil2 Voigt. Nlfl, :111el de'hz1te- e-luh 5pUll50l', :mel llll'llI5 and e'o11te-sts their students tutlent Develop Abilit Te peak Well An Asset IIXRVION PXI l Xsl1hl l fhnles C ttes peeeh students dtseuss tl Q ten polnts to llllllllllltf xshe ll one IS 111 111 tudleltee UNENCE HMIIERS TIT!!! W XRMJAUIQI 'llfi' li fa lm famwvrolm IH In' wma 1 ,,,,,,,uw1 au rms Mum: fmlarr me wma UI mow nm mum wmv wmvsww KIEF ms M Ill! twill-'F 4 .M S u ents 111 elttsses ol the ldntd llgll speeeh deptrttnent headed by Mrs llllel lee Votgt pttrttelpated VSldLlV 111 speeeh 1et111t1es throughout the wear lhe e 1 test Lllftllll meluded 11ot only loe.1l eotn Je llltill hut tlso sexen 111eets xxtth 1 V1 ool 'sllldlllIS from 1ll puts ol C lltlllll C l1ss1oo111 .md eo11test LlllphelSlS 11 IS on rx belSIL .1re.1 ll 1 IL s1e1 111 hue exte1npor.111eous speeeh pllhllk .tel dress or.1torv poetrv llld dr llllellle 111ter pre 1t1o11 r1d1o speeeh lo11n.1l CIISLUSSIUII 1u1norous re.1d111g llld p.1rl1t1n1e11t.1rx proeedure llly lfflltlllllll 1ours were s1et1t e .1ss .md tt home llllllltllllllll' texts Y serlns .md endless I7l'elLllLlllg lhe Jer .1 e r runln .tne sell dlSLl7 ol the speeehsters 111d1x1du.1llv ellld eollee e y . 111 eemtest lehlexemen s .111 expetlenee sfuned 'lennxxorle eou we Vtllll ththtv vton the sx1eepst.1es trophy lllld students sxxeeptng tll dlXl sions tt the Northxxcstortt state' lctehcrs eo eg,e eontest lVl.11v ol tl1e stueens re.1ehed helghts ol llldlNldllell .teeotnpllsh Illtlll hy 11111111112 person.1l .111 .trds dllflllg the wear UM 1' 1 , 1 lx .unc f':'-, la 'gs "' . 1 .. A1 d- A- ' 1 3 ' 1 1 ', "e "fat .,,, ,A , ,, , , . , . , V .. Al i . Q I . W. I H '. I l A 1 I 1 1 1 ' 1' ' 1A- 1 It 11 A 7 ' 1 10' - A V. A . . A A V AA A - I-1" , 1.1 1' llel sch 3 ' J 1 A ' Jklu- 1. ' , ... , , ,. , , .'. ., . -. 1 1 .. . . . .. A . ewe- f ' -1 ol' 1 tl l'- QI -4 le' gz de'- X 4 I' K' i I I ' ' ll! . I 1 , 1 1 - A - 1 ' 1A-A-V 1 I V 1 V V 2 -A 1 ' . ' 1 - A 1 'lt' ,rf A . 1 -1 ' 1, ':'nw I V AA . A V .V A A V ' ' I : - A1 4 A f - T4 1. 1" " -1 1 4 A 5,1-f - 3 nav Muvffwm' VV Nl. AHA , ' 5 I A, ., , A,A , in ei . ' . . . . Z --'-"'g.'7::7:3gI'LJT""' 'e 1 ' Q '- ' ' 7 Tvs- " ' 7m3s .3i7:i.Z12'Li'.,1Z2,.e. 1 AA A -A . . , A H . A . - so11'l 'llo t, t 1' ' g, ' 1 5' h- "I line- ' 1Af 1 1 e A- 1 A1 ' ' 1' , . 1 1 .- ' .1 ,Ag tix' ily. p'1id oll ' ' z ' " " ' ti lf . d .. . A ul . 1 . - 1111 -' 1" 1 , t V 5 - A. , A. A. 1, , ' A ' ,-- .. 2 l ' .' . ' Z ' .3 -ll-f- - 1, -.1 1- 1.- AA A A A. AV - . . V. A A VA A , 1' ' , . , , 1, 1 ' 1 Y.. V . SHOWN Al OKIAHOMA Btptlst umxcrsttx qt Shawnee 'tltcr pftrtlnlplt 1th otha stitc so vols IH spcult contest nrt stindmg Donuts uclxmbtll Rogcr lj0gP'lll'1 IClll.l'l Lhxrnbers md lrost3 Pe 1k Smttd an C nlc l lmb 'Vlrs Vmgt tsportsrarj and L x l cl Debators Rank Hugh In Compotltlon CUUIQSIS and studam wngrwiw lcd tht do bttcrs trtxols throulfhout tho QIIIL H1 fhllghl ol thur ummpcttttu tntlxtty V818 tho SWLLPSIIRLS trophy ooppcd it Alxx on Ruu tmfm tvustfnstn 'Vlm Vlutr Dtgptm t1rdRnzt rtcr l-'rl vc Sulnrs IJUVNHIIU., As 1 ezrmd Rott N umlsrm luclxmlvlll Bc ttx Nclll Ilul sc Tl mor 'Vlrs Voigt tspfm tw tom Rott I l lxn g,ltt Clnlxt mms Cl1lllll7lI'S l VILC ugm l lITIl7 NFL Gams Honors For Emd Hugh Approxtmatnly stxtv spuchstcrs mtdo up the mnmborshlp of tht FHS Lhlpttr ol tht Nttlonll Forcmlc lmguc m hcmortrv orgmtntton for Stllnnt tchtucmcnt m Qpcuh Lnclnlxor rm Rmt men et lrcsmr ide Ito Ut rs an rc J lltrmnn Cltrlstmnsut opus RL tms Htll Pmttr llfd Rott Wvlls ltlmbers P154 Snlurs Cxs lon ones Rldgxmx Doxxnmg, Mrs Mutgt lsprmb Socrmrl Rott lllilxlllblll Ctlts Cltrlxc Buchmm 'VItCub loms Ilirtmm Woodrlm, Ixlllghl C ltcs Bottom Rau Pll0LLlx Wcwlllngcr Shmmm ltptrm l tml! L mont C A I A :utr Students Develop ACIIHQ Ablhtles 111 R1111 P111 111s l1111111111s H1r11u1,l1 Owls 111 Iltml111111 T 1r1lR1111 Null U11 llgc S11l111s llers1hb11gcr Butts c 11111 ll1111x1r l111lx111 Tl S1c11mIR1111 Shlllu 'VI11ll111s 'VI111 C11ss 8117251111 Hut Vllthcrs Bush lVl1111r1 Nlxgrmt Bflfftilll R1111 C11rp11r1111 P1rlx0r Illlqh W1ts1111 Proxost Duck 11 S1l1111l111 S1l111111111x11 Cc11l11 lld T11pR1111 lVl11tl11xxs C1111l1 B1 1rdsl11 W1ts1111 Orl11s1111 lr'111lxs lui C 'I11111s cllfl C1111s Th1rdI?1111 lexus Cl11l11 lx1rkl11rl R11111s Sgnrlxu Ncmll Cha111l1crs Rc11111 Xlbrlght 'Nfl11t111 Vlrx P11111d1xl11 6111111 J Suomi Rflll Iplllkllll Coles II111111111 C1111l1l1 M0111 111111211 R111l1 Wllllflll Ilvlbcdx B11tl11mR1111 I1'11rc1, A11l1111s1111 Vl1C'l0ll.111 C111.1rl10.1rd lx Ba1l111,ll11ss WllllllllS 13.111111 Ulsldd 'xIlxlllS Thesplans Present Stage Play lo 1111111111 dr1111 1111 111s Ill ll11 s111111d 111 s1l11111ls ls 11 11rp11Q1 11l 11sp1111 1 d111ts e lfllid 1111111l11 rshlp hx 1111111111 111 s111111 11111 ol dI'llYll ll Ull l Ulf l S X INV 1 1111 R1 ll 1 11s lllll tl VN11 ,, lxc B11111 s 1 111111 R1111 Wllll 1 s111 17 1 111111 121111 llllltbll 1 s llu ll 1s1111 1 1111 lll xx 1 111 Ill 1 1 111 1 SL 1 111 1 1 1 1111113111 11111 111111 xx 1111s X ll 11111 1 11l1l1111s S11 111 1111111f R1111 IX s,11s 1 3 11 Ill gms 'Vl111111 11 11111 H1111 1 dlu 1 1,11 1 B1 llllllllll VV11ll1111,11 29 UBELLES ON THEIR TOES" was the all school play given November 20. The play told how the Cilbreth children lived by them- selves while their mother was in Europe. It depicted the problems and excitement that the children ran into, including boy friends, money, relatives and the chicken pox. Drama tudent Perform To Demon trate Abilitie HERE THE CILBRETH girls are seen with their boy friends. Pictured are Pat Monroe, Letitia Chambers, Bob Mc- Coy, Donna Tipton, Nancy Stogner, and David Warren. "Practice makes perfect" was the motto of the drama department under the capable leadership of Mrs. Delyte Poindextcr. Three three-act plays were prc- sented this year, the all-school play, the senior play, and a Thespian play. Also a festival of one act plays was presented during Sadie Hawkins week. Besides presenting these plays in the Enid high auditorium, four other plays were entered in various speech con- tests. The first of these was the all-school play K'Belles on Their Toes" staged November 20. The story dealt with the many and varied problems of a family of twelve learning to adjust to a new life after the death of their father. Those in the cast were: Donna Tipton, Anne, Gary Brooks, Tom, Letitia Chambers, Erncstine, Roger Williamson, Fred, Eddie Emmons, Frank, Keith Doty, Bill, lay Reynolds, Dang Bob Harmon, Bob, Nancy Stogner, Martha, Beverly Palecek, Lillian, Paul Wy- man, lack, Linda Ridgway, Mrs. Cilbreth, joe Brisben, Mr. Hathaway, Kay Clevenger, Cousin Leora, Bob McCoy, Dr. Bob, Pat Monroe, Al Lynch, David War- ren, David, and Hank Harbaugh, Mr. Crawford. ' S y ti ll',lziX.XC.l1ll5 JUN C.lg Nleiil LIN. Hx-,ayne C,lnistenst'n. Sondra llill. juni llarnion, Li1lIll'lH'c,l.'I'lx, Daxnl NNanen. Llifloitl l'1t-itlline. ind Karen liushner ltnmls on as Nant-y Shannon. lxaienis jHt1Zl,L'i' swter. demonstrates trombone playing on a bieyrle. enior Class Pre ents 6'Seventeenth ummm" The annual senior play, "Seyenteenth SLIININCIIH Margaret. the older sister, played by Karen Bush- was presented January 29. The play was the story ner. had "crossed her Rubieanf' She passed tln'ongh ol' lour sisters whose personalities were as dillerent as the teen-age years by being eoinpletely hersell. day and night. All ol' these girls are in everyday lilie. Next in age was l.orraine. played by joyee MeCiugin. Angie. who was played by 'llldy VVoodring. had She was just the opposite ol' lVlargaret. very unsure ol' reached that preeious age ol seventeen. Around her hersell and not at all sincere. Kitty, the youngest. the play eentered. Alter meeting "the boy." jack. played by Nancy Shannon. was that inipish little girl played by Phil Bryan. she was disturbed but then lonnd in most plays. discovered that she was in loye. Witll the approach Other aetors included: Clailene Clark. Nlargiel ol' eollege eame the temptation whether to throw eol- Sondra llill. -laneg Patty Potter. Mrs. lVlorrowg Bruce lege to the loltr winds or break up with the boy by lfreidline. Art: Dwayne Christensen. Martin: David eliusing to elope with him. lfdwards, Mr. lVlorrowg 'lim llarmon. Tony: Clilliord XN'arren. liitv. ljllll. RRY.-XN AND Indy Woodrins: have eyes only lor eaeh other as they prepare to go to the 'hit' daneef Uiilonlters are the proud lnnilyg lirnee lfdwards. lather. Naney Shannon. little sis. Karen l5LlNl1Ilt'V. bit: sis. and Patty Potter. Mont. em MEMBERS OF THE radio class learn the technical end of charge of broadcasting for an entire day. putting to work the radio work by running radio station KGWA. Students are in basic fundamentals they learn in class. tudent Write And Broadcat Radio Program One of the never-to-be-forgotten events in which the radio class participated was operating the local radio station KGVVA for one full day. Radio day was declared Ianuary 14, 1959, with 20 students of Mrs. Una Lee Voigt controlling the mike from 6:00 a.m. until sign oFf time. They presented all commercials, news, and weather, emeeeing programs throughout the day. Besides radio day, the class and their sponsor com- peted in four contests. The class entered district at Alva where they received a rating of "excellent" which qualified students for state and a contest at Edmond with Poeis "The Tell Tale Heart." An original adaptation of "Life ls What You Make It" from Aesops Fables was taken to Edmond for another speech contest. Another activity of the radio class was the weekly broadcasting of Iunior Town Meeting over KCRC. This program was designed to give class members use- ful experience in actual broadcasting. Roundtable discussions were held on current topics of interest. Several original oratory contests were entered by students with many of them winning awards. One of these winners was Charles Gates placing third in state with his Voice of Democracy entry. Enid busi- ness clubs and organizations often called on members of the class to provide entertainment for their business meetings and social functions. CHARLES GATES, LOUIE Pricbe, and Nancy Manley give a radio play as other members of the radio class, Betty Pond and Linda Carroll, work in sound effect. Appreciation Taught For Lite' Finer Thing 4 t t t ,B-9 e Bk 'E gg I at MISS K:'XTlllflYlNI'f B:XI.lfS, art instructor, looks over rninia- MRS. MABHI, lVl.'XNl.IfY, Miss lfva Young, Miss :Xddie lfront- ture masks made front construction paper by her students. holz. and Miss Mildred Nlontgornery, teachers in the language Art Classes Prove Rewarding For the creative artist, there are no boundaries. The students of Enid high performed as simply and spon- taneously as their creative skills aspired, encouraged by Miss Katherine Bales, instructor. whose chief in- terest was freedom of expression. They enjoyed the full freedom of experiment and exploration being permitted to discover their true func- tion as artists, VVhether their pictures were of a per- son. an animal. or a landscape. it was a relationship of lines and colors, put together, not to describe, but to signify a mood, and to suggest a quality of sensi- ttyltv. Music Makes Lite More Complete lfnid high's music department brought joy into the hearts of many, 'l'hroughout the year, the band, or' chestra and choruses performed for the public as well as the student body. Days were refreshed and spirits revived by their music. These students represented teachers and works ac- claimed by the world, and were met with enthusiasm on the threshold of their careers. Having trained them in the bud. lfnid high will be proud of theni in their flowering. department, talk over rnaterial concerning the language they teach and the country Ironi which it cotnes. Languages Increase In Importance A foreign language gives a person a better hack- ground for the future, so this year linid high school offered three foreign languages: Latin, Spanish. and French. Many interesting legends, myths, and tales were made known to the students. besides their learn- ing the customs and traditions of foreign nations. MISS MAUNINIQ NIORRUW, vocal ntusic instructor, and lfugene Griffin. hand and orchestra instructor, glance through some sheet ntusic they think Iiiftllll he usable for future programs. l 44 Q Q. Vergilians Study Roman Customs YlfRClIl,I.'XN CLUB MEMBERS lane l.oyell, Ronnie North, Betty Atkins, Keith Doty, and l.ynn Beyers look where Miss Addie Fromliolz, teacher and sponsor, points out an area ol Roman culture on the map. Club members study the Romans and climax the year with a Roman ban- quet. Club Builds Interest ln The French Studying France, their customs and culture. was the purpose ol' l.cs Copians. Second year lfrench students compose the Clllb which met bi-monthly and was conducted entirely in French. Top Role: Davis, Daily, MeKeever, Williamson tpres.l, lloll'somnu'r, Vyfoolwine. fllirlzill' Roux' Kelly ltreas.l, Dye. jones, Rlllllll, Parltinson ty. pres.7, Miss lfromholx tspon.l. Bottom Rtlllf Bigger, Seibel, Clreen tselxl, I.olniaugh, Wzlll, cllvllllk. La Junta Studies Spanish People l.a lunta club was composed ol' second year Spanish students holding meetings to stimulate more interest and promote research about Span- ish-speaking peoples. 'flop Rout VValters, lferguson. Robertson tpres.l, Duvall, Willr, VViens, Boyles, Page. 'I'f1irll Rtlllf Miss lVlontgoniery tsponj, llart, Thomas, Dowd, Sowle, Krausse, Gels. Second Roux' Patterson trep.b, Stogner ttreas.h. llaskins, 7 VX ithers, Ciardullo ty. pres.l, Kinkade, Clholston. liollonz RIJIUI Swinney, Cfole, Rowe, Provost, tsetzj, Trib- ble, Hudson, Clearheard. Palette Members Visit Art Galleries Members ol Palette Clllb furthered their knowl- edge of art by listening to lectures by commercial artists and seeing hlms on art. Field trips in- cluded an out of town trip to visit art museums, thc county lair and a trip to Phillips university. Top RtJl.L'f Campbell, Blair, Kreplin, Killani, Brewer, Ilair, Cole, lVlorgan, 1. Weldon, Cl. Nloxley, D. Weldon. 'l'lllrrl Roux' Maness. Kotlan, Mock, llarris. Drieyer, Mess- nlan. Schiller, Dlllly, Mar. P2ll'liCl'. St'f'tl7lII Role: Miss Bales tspon.J, lamb, Stonehoeker, Muir ty. pres.J, Joyce Mosley, joy Moxley, Woolnian, Green, Sykora. Btllltlfll Rtlltf Taylor, Dudley trep.b, Rowley, .-Xtliinson, l.ieurance, lforston, Blll'IC'l5tDI1. Carroll tpres.l, Dilldine, Bowden. Gunning. Orehe tra Gives Concert And Enter Competition Practice and hard work paid off as the Enid high orchestra placed first in both district and state con- tests in 1958. This was the First time in a number of years that an Enid high orchestra had placed first in both contests. Eugene Grifiin, director, then prepared for the or- chestra's first trip, on November 13, to Stillwater to participate in the choral festival. Alter practicing all day, the orchestra gave a concert that night on the OSU campus. Next they started practicing for the 1959 district and state contests held in March. Then the orchestra entered Tri-State contests. Their big trip for the year, with the junior high orchestras, was taken in the spring. One of the highlights of the year was the annual spring concert held in April. Here the orchestra en- tertained with Stamitfs Symphony for Strings, and Hayden's Surprise Symphony, First Movement. Ofiicers chosen were: jerry Toler, president, Mary Lou Clevenger, vice president, Edith Long, secretary- treasurer. Top Row: Mr. Grillin tdirectori, Umherger, 1V1clVlillan, Unruh, Row, Brooks. Mt-Cubbins, North, Hatfield, Lee Hoover, Hughes, Seem, Iohnson, Tresner, Wall, Van Vranken. Third Row: Baker, Woodring, Lynn Hoover, Rahm, Sparks, PRACTICING TOGETHER IN an after school session are orchestra members Carolyn Patton, Carol Wall, and Mary Lou Clevenger standing with Mildred Upton and Judy Ladd seated. Linville, Bob Suits, Steurman, Adams. Second Row: Patton, Kingcade, Clcvcnger, Henry, lloyt, Tolvr, Upton, Eckert. Bottom Row: Hart, Betty Suits, Donnelley, Long, Ladd. Moore. '3- ,i Top Role: Fields. W. Duffy, Frazier, V. Duffy. Thomas, G. Brooks, Adams. Thesman, lVlr. Griffin tdireetorj. A. Um- berger, Gates. Seem. Hughes, Albright, Cross. johnson. Day. Kindt. Tresner. Booher, Christensen. Lieuranee, Peek. Crowl, Cote, Peak, llolderby, Wilson, Howard, Stephan, Harmon, Roberts, Spears, Bainter. Dee, Schroeder, Fleming, Spooneinore, Striin- ple, Parham. Prouty, Snowden, Hatfield, l.ee Hoover. Fourth Rome: Collins. VVinlield. R. Brooks. jensen, Mayer. Third Row: Coldiron, Nl. Duekett, Schoonover. Shellenberger. Band ember Will ever Forget Nlardi Gra, IUST BIQFORIC LHAVINCI lor the Mardi Gras Drum Major David llnruhg Ronnie North. assistant Drum Major, Deloris Ferguson, twirlerg Rilla iVft-Cuhbins. business managerg and Orville Dee pose with Mr. Waller as they display their banner. wwmd.. tiiiiiiiimi BMD - En id, Ok --A 'I' "K ffdiiii mf- la, The "Big Blue Band," also known as the 'gpride of EHS," contributed the touch of spice needed to corn- plete a full and eventful year for students of Enid high. Starting the year off with a bang, the band pre- sented pre-game and half-time ceremonies for all home football games. After winding up the football season the band lifted spirits for the "roundballers" by playing pep music before each home game at the convention hall. The band was also in charge of eon- cessions at each game held at the education building. Highlight of thc year for the band was the trip to New Orleans. Louisiana, to View and march in the lVlardi Gras parades. The band left Thursday. Febru- ary 5, returning the following Wednesday, February lf. While at the Mardi Gras the band marched in three parades, took a boat ride on the PRESIDENT, toured the French quarter, and visited the famous cemeteries. While in New Grleans the band stayed at Camp l.eroy Johnson. an army base, and was sub- i Nl Butts. Heardslee. Swan, Halbert, Baxter, Pope, Crabbs. Ilen- clerson. Kvasnieka. Greer. C. llnruh. Nlaxey. Conard. Shryoelt, Pride. Reynolds, Keck. Hoskins. Aslahl. Ferguson, Deighton. Stitli. Sykora. liinnions, North. Mt-Cubbins. Set-onfl Rtlllh' Toler. l,inville. Suits. Clramvnont. llentliorn. Qualls. Willaiiis. lVlorrow. Finley. l,atehaw. Nl. Krausse. Kes- All Their Marching And ject to all rules and regulations of the base. A tired but happy band arrived in Enid at approximately 3 a.m.. February ll, and was greeted by a multitude ol parents and friends. In order to take the trip to Mardi Gras. bandsmen sold fruit cakes to supply the necessary funds. In january those who wished attended the clinic at Phillips university. and a few solos were sent to Dis- trict at Alva. March l8-IQ. The dance band gave the annual assembly january 123. and in early April "Sym- phony, Song. and Swing" was presented in the high school auditorium by the concert band. The band brought more honors to ISHS at Tri- State April 30 and lVlay l-12. by obtaining high place- ments in marching. concert. and sight-reading contests. Ending the year was the annual banquet held in iVlay at the Oakwood country club. The banquet. in honor ol the seniors. was given by the sophomores and juniors. Alter the banquet the senior band mem- bers said farewell to one ol the school's finest organi- zations. the Enid high school band. .xl 5 singer, Hart. Stuerman. R. llinberger, Corporon. Roe. VVa D. llnruh, lVleiVlillan. B. llniberger. Bottom Rott? R. Krausse. Halter. Schiller. XN'ootli'ing. l.ynn lloover. Rowe. Ianzen. Doop, Standerl'er. Kent. P. llueltett l,ewis. Hite. lfunk. lloleoinb. VVynian. Street. Sparks. llalnn an Exciting Experience H All SET lffllx the lVlat'di Clras! l.oadetl and ready to leaxt the band listens to last minute instruttions. - "wx: C.: Y.. Q Q Top Rozc: Lovell, Thrasher, Gibson, Peckham. Ward, Easterly. Third Row: Reams. Durgan, Watson, Decker, Ridgway, lie- Davis, Ilaegcrt, K. Smith. Thomas, Miles, Arrington, Bryan. Grand, Fletcher. Laws. Wills, Van Weldcn, Whitaker, Wink- lVlanuel, Copeland, llornc, Ball, Morgan, Graves, Southern. ler, Cross, Tucker. Straw, Muir, Brandenburg, l.eslie, Carroll, Parkinson, Bailey, Bcvers, Fisher, Hockmeyer. Sykora, Stoner, V. Oldham, Williams, llerschbergcr. lixed Choru Perform In Still ater Fe tival Tlllf GIRLS' TRIO consisting ol' Ruth Iohnson, Marlene Hobbs, and lilizabcth Sykora, accompanied by Tamara Mason, is show n at one ol' the many assemblies on which they enter- tained. 'N The annual chorus festival held in Stillwater, No- vember 24, was the first event in which the mixed chorus, under the direction of Miss Nlaurine Morrow. appeared. The 106 members ol the Enid high mixed chorus practiced all day with the other 5,000 students lrom over Oklahoma and later gave a formal concert under the direction of Dr. Harold Decker in the OSU field house. Many soloists and ensembles entertained local civic clubs, community gatherings, and schools during the year. Appearances were made at Kiwanis, Lions. Rotary, AAUW, DAR, and several teas. This year was the last one for two senior girls, Tamara lVlason and lane Pyle, to serve as accompan- ists for the chorus. These girls have been with the chorus lor the past three years and have served as accompanists and directors lor almost all the assem- blies. Perhaps one ol the most outstanding leatures which brought the spirit of Christmas to everyone was the annual Christmas Vesper program held in convention hall, Sunday, December 14. Other Christmas appear- ances were madc at local civic clubs. February was a busy month as appearances were .,.. X N11 1 1 s, fd 1 sf Q1 .1 ,, - 1 1 -"1' 1.1.1 .. . Q 'L - Q Q, ' 5 S111-111111 Rwzzx' Clilvs. l71t111131'1'. Rcgivr. llulwlus, l,111111. P. VV1'lclu11. l51'1m11, l,HI'll'I', Russ. Ivvs ls11u11s, C.1111l1'z1ll, ll2l!1l'f', llz11'111r111. ll1111gl1. lpllllgfllih, C.l111111p11'. lfwms. llull's1111111u-1', Clay, l111u'l1s1111u'. lilL'j1l'l ll11xx111'1l, l51'i111111, D. fllilllillll, lJ2lll'fHlI7ll', Slumrvs, ll1111pi11- sp1-ml, llull. ll111ls1111, VV11ll111g1'1', Miss Nlllllfllll' Nl11rr1 1 j1Zl!'lll'I', I.. lin-l1, SL'l1llllZ. Hill, lrmlms1111, Bvrg. 1111111 J. l?wHf1111 R1111': llvlwclilli. S1'lu'11lc'11, l.. S111ill1, C1ml1lir1n1, Wvlls. :XI llw 1111111111 lillll' llylv, l.1111111'11 lvlilxtbll. QQlk'k'11l1Ill.lIll5 ndG1ve Man 0uttand1n Program Local! lllfldt bw bmh g1rls .md hovs glu Qlulns ll tlu K1xx.1111s uuns dmrur .111 Fnurson .lSSLlUl7ly .md 1 long lnllmx .1ss1mblx Also durmg Fnbruary ilu chorus lulc fllkll' .1111111.1l swu1lu.1rI d1111ur d.11uc ll Dllx wuul wunlry club Apr1l 78 brought ilu Lhorus lulorn 1 l.1rg1 .111du1uL III nu l11f .111 or111n1 for ilu .1111111.1 Flmu 0 Slug., p1ugr.1m Om of ilu hlghllghts ol tlu prc1g,r1m 111s ilu P11110 Lui 1111f.1r1.111 .1psody sll lv 'l.1m.1r.1 lVl.1so11 .md .HIL Pwln 1011.1 'Ihrmlur chorus QLILLII vs.1s tlun Lrmuud bs Pl11l Bry 111 Qlumrus lsmg Hur lIlLI1CllI1IS xxnrc Cow A1111 Plslur FI.1m.1r.1 Vl.1sm1 Amutu Pnurson .md B.1rl1.1r.1St01ur Yll'ILlI' Lsmrls xurc lcnnmx F1.111s Clnlus H.ug1rt Knmuth Vl1l1s .md Wlwu IcGr.111d Ufluus for clurrus lhlg u.1r xurc Kcmulh lVl1l4s pr1s1d111t rl.1m.1r.1 lVl.1so11 xuc presldnnl l'lll1ll7Lll1 111.1 sur11.1rx lrL1s11rcr .md .11u lvln msurg I FX lllllg., ilu l.1st LVX xxulxs ol ilu salumo war L 1I'llS J.1r1u1p.1ud 111 u I1 lnsll .11 Inu 1l.1ss d.1x md g,r.1d11.1 11111 S ll 11., lll 1 .am ,--Q All Girl Choru Give Man In pirirtg Program ' l l V 2 t S i f 2 r. gt ii 5 fi it t Y Top Row: Rill, Willems, Coleman, Reinhart, l.eachman, I. Williams, Sias, l.avely, Vanderhoolen, Hay, Daniels, Cholston, Nolte. Ruzek, Culp, Stegeman, Plrehm, Carner, Donnelley. Summey. A. Watkins, Newman. Boyles, llensel, Morris, S. Wilson, Newell, Mcliroom, Crantz. Mt-Coy. 'l'1'zirr1 Rflllf Hagan, li. Chodrick, Cain, Newton, Cone, Flam- ing l.oesch, Mildred Williams, Mauck. lfortson, Whittenberg. Cozart, Hopper, Nay, Payne, Chowning, Case. livers. llas- brook, Caten, Breitenkamp, Watkins, llenn, Bushner, Sparks, P. Wilson, Voth. Palmer, Hayes. Sl lZY IIUCKMIQYIQR SIZRHNAIDES 'isquavyu l.al7onna Fran- cis, lootball queen, with "Indian l.ove Call." l i . Scconrl Row: Whitlow, jobe, N, Chodrick, lVlcl:adden, Nl. Clarke, Higgins, Shallord. S. Miller, VanVranken, Wood- berry, Albright, Merritt, Webb, Shellenbarger, lferchau, Mc- Cugin. lVlaynard, Dupus, lVlcCee, Newingham, Kinkade, Patrick. Mullins, l.eCrand. Wiley, C. Clark, C. Atkins. Bottom Rotc: Marilyn Williams, Silberberger. Cuthrie, Cood- pasture. Dyer. Pendleton. jenkins, Brewer, Herbeck. B. Atkins, Vlt-Clellan. Harmon, Moore, llamilton, Snowden, Ferguson, l.ozier, jones. Buller. Unto. Kinnison, Holt. Tribble. Craves. Chrisnian. At the piano: joyce Bridgman and Miss Maurine Morrow. "Begin the day with a song" was the cheerful rec- ommendation given by the l34 girls who belonged to gorls' chorus this year. This group, ttnder the direc- tion ol Miss Nlaurine lVlorrovv, was one in which any girl wishing to learn the basic fundamentals ol singing cottld enroll. They joined together in presenting many enjoyable programs, although their number prevented their entering any contest work. Besides joining with the speech department in pre- senting the Thanksgiving assembly, November 26, and participating in the inspiring Christmas vesper service at convention hall, December l4, the chorus took part in the annual "Time to Sing" program, April 28, at which they presented songs with their usual skilled dramatixation. Chorus members also honored the graduating seniors with songs at the traditional May Fete, lVlay l9. The whole choral group vouched for the aptness and dependability ol' joyce Bridgman, accompanist. Legionettes Spend Unforgettable Week In Cltieage From August 28 to September 5, Enid Legionettes, all girl drum and bugle corps, enjoyed a nine day trip, full of fun and excitement to the "Windy City," Chicago. Here the girls competed in precision march- ing with corpses from all over the nation in parades. While in Chicago, the corps played at the Palmer House hotel, went on sightseeing tours, shopped in the world famous Marshall Field's department store, en- joyed boat and subway rides, and a swim in the icy Waters of Lake Michigan. Also they appeared on Don MeNeill's Breakfast club. In the 1958 Tri-State festival the corps, top-notch playing organization won a first division in both the marching contest and in the "million dollar parade." Other appearances made by the corps during the year were competition with other corps of the Great Plains association of Drum and Bugle Corps in Great Bend and Hutchinson, Kansasg the annual 89'ers Day par- ade in Guthrieg Memorial Day servicesg Cherokee Strip pagcantg and the state Legion convention in Oklahoma City. Both the junior and senior corps sold poppies for American Legion veterans. They also attended the tacky party given in their honor. The corps under the direction of Gerald Hemphill. was sponsored by the American Legion Argonne Post No. 4. Officers were: Carolyn Hayes, presidentg Con- nie Gibson, vice-president-secretary-reporterg Beverly Gearheard, treasurerg Terrie Atchinson, drum captaing Linda Atchinson, drum lieutenantg Lois Bailey, drum major: and Coy Ann Fisher, sergeant-at-arms. I'-U THE COMMERCE DEPARTMENT is al- vvays at the business end ol things at Enid high. Making sure business vocations are learned correctly are Miss Hazel Powers. Miss Muriel Koger. Charles Lynch, and Mrs, Lea Ida Boyle. r tical A lieation Class lliier Training With P ae' pp MISS ELLEN CORRELL, and Mrs. Lois Vance, teachers in the Enid lligh home Economics department, discuss some of the liner points ol' the subjects they teachfelothing. homecrait, and foods. Students Cook And Serve Meals This year the Home Economics club has been reorganized for girls who are interested in careers as future homemakers. Top Row: Morgan, Cushion, Gary, Pfrehin, Chovvning, lfowler, Henry, Coker. i'Vlizl1ile Row: Boese, Oberlender. Buckminster Cpresi, Vvlilson, Zickeloose, Stonehocker trep.i. Butts tv. pres.J. Mrs. Vance tsponj. Bottom Row: Heinrich. Pendleton. Kinkade, Shavv. VValker. Van Vranken. Warner, Ross tsec.-treas.5. l Business Courses Prepare Students Opportunities in bookkeeping, general business. shorthand and typing were all pro- vided by the commerce department. Mrs. Lea Ida Boyle and Miss Muriel Koger and Miss Hazel Powers were in charge of typ- ing. shorthand. and business while Charles Lynch headed the bookkeeping segment and maintained the activity office responsible for all matters involving Hnance. Speed as well as accuracy was stressed in this department whose primary concern was preparing stu- dents for the business world. Home Ee. Trains Home Makers Home economies rated high with the girls as they baked pies, prepared menus, and served dinners. These experiences would prove invaluable in later years when they ventured into a world where they would be required to have knowledge of such talents. Enid highis home ee. department tried to prepare girls for the roles they would have to play when they took that big step into the future. INS'l'RllC'I'ORS IN TIIE vo- cational education department ol Enid high shown looking over a house model are lVIyrl Kirk, wood- workg lewel Ridge. D, E.g llerbert Seem. printingg Robert Pyle. machine shopg 'If A. Kennedy. D. 0.3 and Tommy Niles. me- chanical drawing. Il., H - ocational Trainin In ure Profitable Future IllfRBER'I' SEISM. PRINTING instructor. and students Billy Clcarheard and I.aDonna Francis get ready to "start the presses rolling." Manual arts and business instruction accounted for a large part ol the voca- tional education department. Distribu- tive Education. Diversified Occupations, machine shop, mechanical drawing, print- ing. and woodwork were the proper names lor the various programs in this depart- ment. lVlyrl Kirk, Robert Pyle, and Herbert Seem, instructors in woodwork, machine shop, and printing. respectively. provided courses lor people who were interested in that line of work as a possible career. Tommy Niles taught students the infi- nite details of architecture and mechan- ical drawing. Iewel Ridge. DE, and T. A. Kennedy. DO. were responsible lor placing students in various business firms throughout the city. This helped each student find the job that suited him best with lull pay for each hour on the job plus school credit. Each of these courses provided basic training enabling each student to become qualified in his particular field with a high money-earning capacity. HWMQQ i 3 ww..-1. Prlnters Wrrte And Publrsh Paper Plus 1h11r 1111111.11 Aprll I1111I p1p11' IIOBO 1h1 11r11111rs p11I1I1sh1d .1 I11Id1r 111111155 SIIIISIILS 11I B11 BILIL h1sI111h1II 11pp11111111s A trlp h11,hl11,,h11cI 1h1 1I11hs XL 1r 177 R1111 s1111 1r 'll 11 xs1111 1 11111s D111s 1 1I1 R1111 I 1 D Bus Mr 51111 1s1111111 s 11 I I1I1h1r1 C1 1rI11 1111111 II 1 111111111 N 111s s11 11 II11 1 Meehanrsts Learn lndustrral Skllls IHCIIIQIFI 1I sI11IIs I1 ITIHCI 111 FI-IC1 s 111II 1111111119111 11111h1111 sh1111 11r1111r1d h111s 11h11 s111111 1hr11 I11111rs 1 cI11 1h1 FL I11r 111hs 111 111m1111r111I shops 1 1 1111 11111s 11 1111 ss11 Igllll S1I1 11I11 WlIlII1 SI11111s 1111I 31111 1r ll Ill 1s1111111 1 TlI1Ixl 11I11111 IXIII 1 1 111111 1111 X 11111s111 111111 I 1 1 II11I1f111 RRILL s 1 1I1111s VI 9 1 11 11111 R1111 1111111111 It 111L,11s C 11ss111 Ix 44 D E Program Burlds Selhng Skrlls Ih1 D1s1r1h111111 I'CIllL 1111111 1111113111111 11 18 111 1111 1 1111s 11 It 111 11r11111111 I11 111g sI11IIs 111111 111111 Ill 1 1 1 111h11111111 ll 1 181111 1 X 1 11111 1 H1111 111I I1 111 Ill Ill 1111111111s C 1 s KS 1111 11 1 I s 1 s CI 1 1111 s X R11IL,1 18131 11 1 71 I N II l IX TC 11111 1 1s1111 1 S '111 II11111111 I111 D 0 Students Get Credrts And Wages PI h1 D111rs1I11d CJLLLIIJXIIOIIS 1I1ss V118 d1s1g1111I 111 1111111111 1r11111111, md 111111111111 I111 1111rI11111,: s ll 1111s 1 s111d1111s 111r11II1d Ill 1I11 Lllll 111I1cI 1I1ss1s 11111 11I 1h1 I 1 1111 11111I111 1 11111s h11s1111ss I11111s 111 I 1I1 1 111 R1111 1 s11 VI11L1I'lII1,,1 'VIIIIIII In 1 11s1 11 11 1I I111I1111s11 111111 R 111 1 11 1 111 N XIII sx. IS SL 11111 1 It 111 1 1 Ill 11 X S 11111 11711 111 IllN1I1 LS S1111 11111 st1111 11111 I KN 11s111 S 15 11111 ll 90 ' , I "li 'GI I I '55, ' ' ' . 1 1 35,1 11 - 1- .1 2 1-1 ' 1 1111 ol' s llI'I S I1'1 11i1,1 11'11ys 1 ' '111'1' I s1'II' . 5 " and Ii 'I' ,' ' th' I1-Il 11I' dis- , 'I' 1 R1111'.' I311i1111'1', R. l311I1I11i11. IIt.I , I'. I31'1'111'1'. V411- , g1'1' 11.'I'1111'. C11I1I111i11, I311II, IVI 'I51'i1l1' 111r1's.1, U. 1 11111. 'l'I1" R11112' cIt'ill'IIL'ZlI'iI. SI11'1'1'1'. Wi I It, W: 'I, Ii" 11111, 111 C111 ' Af., I11II11111, I'11I1i11,1111 1I1is1.I. I.'. Ii1'. S111 I R ILT I.i1s1 ll 111111'I.I. B111 , I'11111.'. cIf7K'l'IZl'lI. I1'llIl, I'I'11II. P11I1. .I11I111I'111 11'I1:111.J. Ci. I511' 'A 11. 111'1".I. - . Ir. ' j' , 1 .1 H1111 II R1111': Cl111'1'i11g1'1', I511111I1'11. II111JIi'Il.. C Ivr. NIA- - 1111 I III'l'il5.I. Sh " VI11I'.' 151' 21, .'111i1I1, ."IIcr, " 1 s Q , a 0 ' x ' ,, ' , ,, 1 ' 1. .1..1. .ES ,1.' , -1 R A -N. 1"v1...1.'.-1 - - Y' :1 d' Th' 1 ' ' ' ' ' ' ' rs1'. 11111' ' 1 ' '111".1 I ""I1t 1'11r' . " 3 ' Enid 1I11' r1's1 11I' 1' I11y. 'I' 1 ': I311111, I,:11'111'. Il1'111I1111'11, I'1'1'I1' 1II 1'. 1Jl't'5.I, C1111'. P11 1 l'1'1 ' ",. 1" . '-Il'1.I'1:I. 'I'I111'1I R1111': Ki1'I1'. NI1111111'ss. 'I'1'1111is1111, IVI111Iis1111. 'I'11IIa1111, M1 'I'A, 13 111'1's.1. NIIl'l'IL'Il. IJ1'1111is, IfI1111'1l1. ' ' , 11. 51" I 1 'J N'I1'. K'111 '1I.' 1x11 1.1. I'1111'1I1'1'. .41'I " 1 fl. 111 211411 51. I11."I 11. N111-I 'II. C I', C1Ii-I1, C1 1 I111. I.1'1'is. I1'1'.. H1111 I 'Z KL" . :MIS .1 1111".',1, I21111I1'1e, 1' 'II , I511, 1' . , P115 Ch' 2111. C11II'1111111, .'i111 s1111 1s1'1'.- ii V 11'1':1s.J. I1 . 0 I 0 . .' . . ' I . . . 1 1 . 14 .1 1 1 1 .v. 122.11 .Y ' U ' . . D . . , ' 1 ' '. ' 'Y 'Y ' T1 N1'I.' , Y11d' , V1"gI , Mu.: , If11I 1 fII'1II 'J I11r I1'1', 1'1', . 1 . W111- 1'1" 1111. '.11r1's. . 1 I1. l'z ':111I. " Ii' I 1 ,211 ': VI1'1'.. B I ' ..'l1-. 1,"-.1. II11 111'1I. '1111- I ill. f I ' if I o o o . I '-. 1, E 1 ' I 5 5 Q E 1 1 1 ' g P11 1 11 '1'1l R 'J IZ: ' '.'. 'l'I'kllIIilII. II I12' , KI11., '1, ' 'II. ' "' '.."z1'. I A " 'I'I " I 'J II2lIi'. CII1 ', fII'l'l'lI. S111' I, VVLI I ' . NI1'I- . ' ' 1'11.Ii -'1,ID.'1111-Il. 1 Q .s11- 111 V1 -I I5 . all 11-, , "1'4'Il1'. VI11 ' .. r.I1I'1s111111.I, 1 ' I3 tl ': I"I1'111i11g, I'z11111'. S111 ' I. I51111 '. C11IIi1'1'. ' 15 YI: lf ,, I ,.' ,I5. '111111111'II. v I IJRIVIZRS' lil7llC:X'l'lUN lNS'l'RllCf,l'UllS Norman l.ainh, Clrarlcs loncs and Scott fling look ovcr thc Kcystonc vicu lindcr uscd to tcst studcnts' vision. Physical And Driver' Education Classes Dilered Drivers' Ed. Makes Future Safer For thc improv-mcnt ol driving ability, a coursc in drivcr cclucation was ollcrcd to all studcnts who had not ohtaincd a drix'cr's liccnsc and wcrc at least l5 ycars lll months old. Making usc ol a textbook, statc clrix'cr's manual and dual-controllcd training cars, in- structors Charlcs joncs. Norman Lamb, and Scott Ging cach had livc individual classcs a day consisting ol sixtccn studcnts, The coursc covcrcd such things as car maintcnancc. driving mancuvcrs, typos and ratcs ol automohilc insurancc as well as thc dcvclop- mcnt ol' sound driving habits. 'l'liAClllZRS IN Tl lli phys- D Broun. lim Stroup, Marvin Vanclavi-cr. Mrs. Indy llicklc. Vlrs. Ianct lflowcrs, Norman lnnnh, Sandy Ncusoin. and 1. ll. Wchh. Physical Development ls Essential To have a complctc lilc a pcrson must dcvclop physically as wc-ll as mcnlally and spiritually. llnid high proviclcd lor this with a program dcsigncd to dcvclop thc hody in cvcry rcspcct. Hvcry studcnt with thc cxccption of music and vocational cducation par- ticipants was rcquircd to takc part in thc program. Bcsidcs thc scmcstcr ol' swimming rcquircd cu-ry ycar. thc physical cducation classcs parlicipatcd in gamcs ol skill such as basketball, hast-ball, vollcyhall. and crossball. Studcnts lcarncd Wrcstling, tumhling, and calisthcnics, too. Also important was thc lcarning ol good sportsmanship and lair play. A CLASS OF Mrs. Iudy Hiekle's physical education girls is involved in quite a close game of volleyball. Wonder who won? Vol- leyball, along with basketball, baseball, and badminton, are among the main sports. GRA Teams Compete ln Tournaments The Girls, Recreational association this year sponsored a girls, basketball team besides the in- tramural sports and learned techniques of other sports. Top Row: B. Iones, C. Stonehocker, M. Stonehoeker, Dowd, Woolxx'ine, Sailors, Galusha, Driever, Robinson, Schiller. Third Row: Goforth, Pond, Buchanan, N. Smith, Ciar- dullo, Ward, Peckham, Nlathevrs, Hampton, Hensel. Second Row: Snoddy, Haskins, Hart Cv. pres.j, Ioyce Mox- ley, joy Moxley, Stuart, Stogner, Withers, Mrs. Hiekle tsponj. Bottom Row: Paleeek, Cearheard, Lamb, Clevenger, Sil- berberger, Yount, Dyer, McKinney, Dudley. Top Row: Gholston, Ross, Walters, Robertson Qseej, Den- ton, Carner, Wilburn, Boyles, Coker. Third Row: Bomar, Wilshire, Hayes, Book fpresj, Cum- mings, Barnes, Huston, Polwart, Payne. Seconrl Row: Whitlow, Emmons, Thomas, Rhoads, Carroll, Cribley, Stewart, B. Thomas, Crosslin, Eisele. Bottom Row: Coodspeed, Dennis, Roberts, Parker, Foulks, Nl. Bomar, League, Graves, Feuer. IAST MINUTE CHECK shows Bctty Stritton md Brucg Edu lrds I'lXlLVS1I1f,, thu position of thc msscl bcforc md lftcr YCLLIXINQ., lhur dlplom N from PFIHCIPII Snlbx O 0 .. -S --re- Y "', :X TIME FOR 5 Fl Q. , In ., QV'-muh . . H . z - 'z 3 f X Y 'U 4 "f x 3 ,-f :""' ff GT, Y O 'vp' ww'2'i Y' A X 14 'ig 4' O -1 5 can ' , EX-ff At La t They Have Reached The Top Top Row: BOB ADAMS-Band 2g Volleyball Team 2g Chem- istry Club -l. DENNIS ALLEN-Mixed Chorus 2g Delta Theta -lg Ili-Y 2, Pres. -l. HELEN ALLEN QBATEMANL TERESA ALLEN-Journalism Club -lg Y-Teens 3. GARY ARNDT- Swimming Team -lg Chemistry Club 3g -l-H Club Treas. 2, Pres. 3. PAUL ASFAHL-Swimming Letterman 'Eg Delta Theta -lg Youth Trallic Court Iudge 3--lg NFL 3, V. Pres. -lg Chemistry Club Pres. 3. BETTY ATKINS--Bravette 2-3--lg Vergilian V. Pres. -lg NFL 3--lg Library Club Sec,-Treas. -lg Oklahoma Honor Society 2. IEANIE ATKINSON-Home Room V. Pres. 2-'SQ Band 2g Palette Club 3--lg Bravette 2-'3--lg DO Club Pres. -l. Third Row: IACK BAILEY. LOIS ANN BAILEY-Mixed Chorus 73--lg Bravette 2-'S--lg Future Teachers -lg Legionettes Pres. 'ig Drum Major 3--l. GARY BALDWIN-Palette Club -lg DE Club -l. GERALD BALL-Mixed Chorus 2-'S--lg Chemistry Club -l. IOY ANNE BEARD-Quill Weekly Stall -lg Iournal- ism Club 3--lg Bravette 2-3--lg Oklahoma Honor Society 2g Chemistry Club 3. BILL BEATY-Debate Letterman 3--lg Stu- dent Council 3g Delta Theta -lg NFL 3, Treas, -lg Oklahoma Honor Society 2. LYNN BEVERS-Orchestra 2-3--lg Mixed Chorus 3--lg Vergilian See. -lg Library 2--l. Sec. 35 Chemistry Club -l. ROGER BOEHS. Second Row: IEANENNE BOESE-Home Room V. Pres. 'SZ GRA 'ig Brayctte 2-'S--lg La Iunta 'Ig Oklahoma Honor Society -l. NANCY BOMAR-Chorus 2g GRA 'S--lg Brayette 2-'I--l-g Les Copians 3g Oklahoma Honor Society 2-'L CONNIE BOOK- I'Iome Room V. Pres. 'ig Student Council 3--lg GRA 3, Pres. -lg Bravette 'S--lg Guidanee Ollice Ass't. -l. HAROLD BORN-DO Club -l. DIANNE BOSS-Home Room Pres. -lg Student Council 2g QUILL Annual Stall' -lg Quill Weekly Stall' -lg Cheerleader -l. IUDI BOSTON-Home Room V. Pres. 2g Palette Club -lg Bravette 2-'S--lg DO Club Rep. -l. KAY BOWDEN-Home Room Sec. 3g lournalism Club 3--lg Iirayette 2-3g DE Club -lg Girls' Chorus '3. LES BOYER-Home Room V. Pres. 'lg Delta Theta -lg La lunta 'lg Chemistry Club '5. Bottom Roux' TOMMY BRANDENBURCI-Chorus 2-'3--lg Mixed Chorus 2-3--lg Delta Theta -lg Chemistry Club 3g Hi-Y 2-3--l. GARY BREWER-Home Room V. Pres. 2g DE Club 3, V. Pres. -l. RONNIE BREWER-Palette Club -lg DE Club -lg Printing Club 3. TOE BRISBEN-Basketball Letterman -lg Quill Weekly Stall 3, Editor -lg Delta Theta Rep. -lg Boys, State 3g Oklahoma Honor Society 2-'S--lg QUILL Annual Stall' Sports Editor -l. W. RRITT-Home Room Treas. 2. LORl2'l'l'A BRITTON-Quill Weekly Stall' '3--lg Iournalism Club 'I--lg GRA 2-3g Bravette 2-3-4g DE Club -l. GARY BROOKS-All-School Play -lg Delta Theta -lg Boys' State 'lg All State Band 'lg Les Copians TS. PATRICIA RAE BROVONT-Girls' Chorus -lg Iournalism Club Treas. -l. emer Thmk The Are Cream 01 The Crop 1 IVI RR IT'I 1111 om Pr1s -I x11I CIIUVIIS PIIII BRI 'IN 511111111 C 111111 I 'Vllx 1 OTIIS I Ix 1or 11 -I o 7 III VI RI1 III CII XN XN rn11I1s111 C I 1b blk -I S 1 I Br1x111 I V Pr1s -I IVI15 u11n -I A1111111111 111111 A -I XI ICI RIIIII BIICRVIINSTI R C RX I Ho1n1 L I7 ' Cl I H111111 Room ,FCS Club I -I V Ir 9 -I II 3 IxARIIN IVIARIL BIIRIIII SON P1I11111 C'Iub -I IITIXPIIC -I C ARI BUSH II111111 Room 'I YC IS J C Is X XN 1 Il 'II 111 IN IIIIIII VI1r11 S1I1oI11s11p -I 1111 I I7 I1 -I C I1 1111 IIonor So1111x I -I VIARSIIAI I WII I IAVI RIII IS BIITCI III' C lub -I IINIJ-X IIXI II CASIIION SIIICICIII Rods P11s VI A -I B1sI111 1 1111 All OICI I111111 H mor 51111111 '7 3-I BARR: C IIOIJRIC,Ix Chorus I I -I B1bI1 Club -I AI BI RTA CIIIRIS VI KN III C I I I IDU C Iub -I UWM NI C IIRISTPNSI N 111 1 1r11 S R1111 '73-I 1 1 N I Pr1 -I I IND-X CIIRISIINSI N BFIXLIIL I T1 V P11 I'II1 -I I CIARDIII ICJ S1ud1nt CUIIIILII ' Honn Room S11 3 Pr1s -I I 1 V I -I VI1 111111 'XII -I OICIQI1111111 Honor SHCI 111 -I 1111111 Rou 111111 oom CL S 1 1 -I r1x 1 11sp1 s R1 IOII CIIVINCIR CIICIMSIII I I 111 1 lllfll IC 1 C I111111s ll -I 1 IXI 1 111 s ICI I -XN 31111 1 Ill IYSCS I -I BI VI RI 1 C'QIxIIR II11111 R111111 S 1 I Slllll LIYIICII 3 1 I I -I 111 TI r u VI X I CJ I ILVI IN IIHIIIL Room S11 I 1 -I 111 C om Rou X x ABIIS IIUIIIC Room V I'r1s X A IHNN CRIIII F1 Q1111 XIIIIL 1I S1 II -I IJ I1 I 1111111 o IIC II11sp1 s 'I 5-I PA'I RIC IA RAI C IIVIIVIINC S 1RI INW XI IN jour 1sn1 C'Iub 5 IX -XIII 1 11 ll 111 omc Room P11s 1 1 1 Ill -I u I W11 1 tl 11I TI Club 1-I ICI -XRIJIIC 111 "' IIICINISIIX Club I N VIS 11111 1 O I 6 Q 'l'4II R11111: I 1 IIIVIMI '-I Io 1 Ro , 'I'l'l'IlS. -I: S111 CIAILIQNII CII1ARIC-II 1 R S1 1 LI-Ig 1'111io1' IVIi.'1 I . 2. 1 - 1 1 Io 1'I 'g 1 '.eI PI111 3 R1 'C111 2-'I--Ig I111 I1111111 'Ig 'I'I 1. '11n.' ll-'I. 511111 -I. Ch 1 '. 'inffg Sun' Plz" g 'I'I1C'SDII1II PI111' 'Ig Iuni 1' II115' IVIA ' 1 AI 'I II - '1 '1 2-' , V. P1'11s. -Ig I11 '11111 -5. .1 5 A1 1 A1 A1 -Iou ' Il 3 Clirlg' ll-'S--Ig I111s CIHIJIZIIIS fig CJIQIZIII 111111 II1 ' So11'1I" -Ig I 1 '.Irj' gm,-1 1 .. 13.1, . -.'. 4 11Q -- 1 1 -Q -- CI 11 . 111 VIZRNIZ 111 111111111111-111-1'-1, 1111'-- ixS.'II. 4. A 11. h , A QQ " ', 'Q 7 Q 1 'Z - 31-I IAN I2 f, CUIIIIIVI1 -I '1 '1l11 2-'I--Ig DO CIIuI1 -I1 5 lllll' CII1I 11-1-1. 4. 1 HN 11. 111111- - v.1 -.-. 211112 N1 -1' '1- 9 5 1' 1 " - 1 1 1 11111 j '- Q . 71-5' A-3 - 'l ' L T " 3 - CI11 1' 'glourr ulism C 111 3 Br: '11111 fl-'S--Ig IIo11111 II11. CII11I1-I. 1 1 I g 1 ' 1 . I1 ' - 1 ' "1 IQII I1IiIi CIC3I1II-C1111 Mg . -Ig DO CII I1 -I. 1 11 RY 1 I ISIC DO Ilub I RIIN 1- N RUSIINIIR-I31I 1 I1'1 -I: COI1'1 1 - 1 1'11. 2, "vs, g CII I'llS 2-'S--Ig IR.-X Rr11v111111 2-'I--Ig CJI4I11I1o11111 Honor S111-111111 2--Ig junior PI111' fi: 'Sq BibI11 CIIuI1-I. PIIILCIQIVIIIS. 'III' 1 1 1' 11I' . 'l'l1'1 111111: VIII.D1-XI3lYTI1IiR-CLR,-12.13 OCI1h 3 Jkla- Boll IIUIIIIY CIUNII-IDU CIIuI1 'I--I, NIIIS II. I7 1 1' 1' 1 M' 2-' - . 1 1' 1 1 1 1 1 ' " CIR 1'- 1 . 13. '33 IIZIIILI ll-'I--Ig UIII1111 1' ss'11 -I. 1 12: I I . 1 1 1- 11 1 1' -1' 1 I' ANN1 1' 1 1: '- 1 .. 11 12 1' Il ' 3 11 ll "I111111 V, -Ig CI1l'l'l'Il'ilCIl'lA 'S--Ig 1 215' QlIl'l'll 11. g 1."1b1II -I: II 1 '1 1 2-3--Ig QI1I11I1 11111 Ilonor S 1i111y fl-'Ig " 1' 'ZITI Q1111 1 1 -Ig '11 ll 1 ' 1' 1 11 1.-' - . NRA 1.-' - . ' I I I 1 I1' -I 11 1 i '- I I '-I 1' Ll- g ' 1 1 1 I ' 1 '- n11I'.' 1 'g CIRA 'S--I: R111 1111111 2-IIQ IJII CIuI1 -I. IACIK 1 11 - I I II 1 'L I . 1 ' I I 1' I 1' I - I1IIII D1 1 '-DCI111 'I'I1CI21 -Ig I11s CI 1'1 s -I. IIIII1 Il1-XII,IfY- Ilcbz 1 I11111 11111 IZ-'I--Ig 1'1ud11n1 CIoun11iI 2-'Ig 1 I 1.-' - 3 I5 nys' II 25 Q 1 1.11 A111 1I Stull' 3 Q il 11I1I.1 Stull' S11111 'Ig FI. 2-' , 15. . 1 1 1"'f 1' I - 1 11 1 -IgIm1r11 Isl "- . R I I1 I I IICNICIJ1-XI.KIi-B111 '15 2-'33 I1iI1r11ry Club 2-'Ig '- 'OHS 'I, . 114. -Ig ' A 3- , ' 'UNI ..: C 1 '. UCI DA 1'-Ifo I1II I1111111'1111111 'I--I. .11 Iun il . Irvs. g 1 11' Q 11 1 . 3 '1 1 1' 1'- ome Classes Semor Al ays Seem To Hate T111 Rou 'VIAX DAVIS I 1111 Vlgr 73 Ilome Room V s 3 Pres 4 HI4 ICAIIIRIN D2I3OII I31nd3 llflllll IIonor Soucty 4 I Tttns 4 CJRVII II DLXTI R DIIII I3 112 23 IIt1d C 'VI 4 Chr Il rx Cltl 3 Prtntlng, Club 34 Hobo Stull 4 II'C7 VIAX DI I II'NI3 XI C H IR Bwscblll Iet term ln 3 4 lJ2It1Th2t14 CJICI 1I1om1 Ilonor Sotlcty 4 Ch4m1stry CIul1 3 H1I 34 NANCI DIIIC IIICIN I31nd 2 QVI 3 4 C RA 4 I'RRI DI'NION Student Counul 2 11urn'1l1s111Club 4 C RA 2 I4 l3r21xttt 3 4 Its Cop1111s 3 II AN DLVAUI I C o1us CRX 3 Thzrrl Rott DPANNA DRII VFR Pllctte Cl 1b 2 3 4 CRA 4 I"IIA 'I htspmns 3 4 I113,1onettes '7 3 4 E DUDI IIY Home Room Pres 3 Chor11s 3 4 Iourn'1l1sm Club 4 Ptlctte Club Rep 4 Thespmns 2 3 4 VANCE DUIII I3 n 2 34 Delta Iheta 4 les Cop1111s 3 Ilbrary Club 2 Chcmlstry Club 3 RCJNNIF IxAY DIINCAN IxARIIN DYER C 1rls C horus 'I 34 C RA 34 BARBARA ICJ IIASTIIRLI Cl1orus 2 lVI1xcd Chorus 3 4 CJIxl'll'l0lll'l Honor Souets 2 3 4 DIXIII I IIII I ASTI Rl Y ARI YN ECIC rconrl Rott IIDCJN IHClx I DI II IIIINC ICJNJ C RA 3 I 111 3 IINDA VIARIII IC lx Chorus 3 Mlxcd Chorus 34 Brtxctte 4 I31ble Club 4 IARRY C INI' IDI N I3r21xts 2 BRIICF IDWARDS Homm Room Prts V Pres 3 Stntor P111 4 C I11m1strx Club 3 IIWCSPIIIIS -I IVIARI I DWARDS CI 1ss Rep 3 Studtnt Cou11t1l Rep 4 C hurlt ldnr 4 Vlfn Qteen Att 4 I thxll C utfn Att 4 WI Sl LY IIIS WORIII I31sIC2tb1Il lcttcrmm 4 Homt Room Prts 4 Dmltl etl I CIS 2 3 CJICIIIIOIYII Ilonor oue 4 Brasettt 34 1ts11 Bottom Rott IIIOVIAS IVANS Vllxtcl Chorus 3 Qut 1 Fseort 4 Deltl ll12t21 4 CJICIHINJITII IIonor Sotlcts 4 CI C I I IA IARRIS BFNNY FFIIY DO Club 34 IOIIN P III I Iootb'1II Iettermfzn 2 3 4 Home Room Prts 3 S21 4 'IIrt1s 4 Prlntmg., Club Pres 4 HARRY WAINI IIIRCIIAU Ilome om Su 2 I 1 ourntlsm Club DA IA CIISON Footblll Iettcrmdn 4 Delta Clhetfi 4 CUICIIIIOITIII onor Sotlety Phsslt 1l ZACIIICXCITICIII 34 CJII1t2 Asst COY ANN I'ISIIIR Home R om Pres 3 C1rls Chorus 2 Vl1xecI Chorus 3 Quan Att 4 I3 axcttt 34 Iuture N111 rs 4 UDI I'OIlN'IIAIN Pxlettt Club Su 'I 2 s I3 xettc 23 Y It2ns2 3 U 1 1: 1 1 11 -' Ie2 1 11 f.-'g . S 11 1: I1 1. '. I I ' I" IQCIKW P11 '.'. I. g i-'. " ' 1 1"-2 IQOIQIH- I 'g121I1121'. 1 11 1 iI'A' JLQ 2 1' g'- 11I I I 1: I Q'-g 211 g ' 1 . 1 II 1'I I - El I 1.-' , 12 Q1 1 I Ill 'st 11 I I7 'Ig ' ' 1 I '- g - ' 1.1 . I 1 1'- 1 2, 1 1'2 '. .I 1 iffl 1 II 2 1- 2512 1 - 2,1 g I 1 .1 'g" .III 5 . ' 1 2 '-g 12 12 g '2 2 '1'11g 1 ' I - 1.5 .fg' 1 I 1' . gI1112 1 I 'Q I-'2-I-. ' 1 I 'I - 1 1.. 1 '-L 31 lj 1 11 . g foo 2 Q 11 . 1 f1'1I I1,1'- I1 .II I I'I -1' 1 1'2.gI 2'.' ' " -2.'1 2 111 2 g 1 3 12 g I 1 -' -'g ' 11 21 2-' -'g 1 '2 J '. I 1 'I'h 2 ' 'r 12 4g Boys' St21t 1 'g ' 2 2 S 1' 1ty 2-'3-4. -l32111tI 2. I.11WAND1A IIAYII DEWBIIRRY-CIl1orus '3g Mixed SUSAN IIN'IIRIKllN-QU111. 1A1111u21I Stall' -lg Quill Weekly I1 ' 5 2g I 11 '. St21II g ' ' 1 2-' - g I.21s Copi2111s '3g 'III 1:1 IZIIIS 2-'3-4. " 1: I 1 I 1 - 2 1 1 1 -' - g I 1 1: 'I 1 1 2' 2 1'-1 , 2-'g 1211 2-'3- g I 3-4g ' '2 1' '- g 111' 1 1' 2.-' - . I 1AN g 1 2 ' ' 1' 3 ' 2 1' 1' . 'E I-I 1 11- 1 11'.'g 1"-'g .IJ I .I. 1 121- I '-. , JI,"- g 21 1. g 1"' 51.-'-. 1 1 IV- 7 2 1 2 2.-'-g 1 . 12.. g Zl LI 2.-' -'g 'I 1 'g 1 '2 5 'g 1' 1 2.g ' ' 1 . ' ' I 3- ' - 1 ' . 1 ' . ' - Ro '11, , ' Ire2 s. 35 I 2II, 3. 1 I, 1 S I"IIR- - I' Q' I Q21-'-g I 1 '-'. 1 -1 1 '- I, - 2 1 1 ' g 2 I 2 1 '2 2 .' g 5'-g '2 2 --. II '1' '25 1 '." 12 1 '-g 3 1 1 L I I 2 1 . 1 1 '. I I 1' I - 1 o 'g I' 1 5 , 1 I 1' ', 111 1 . g r '1 1 '- g 3 1 'ses P ei. . I ' I 1 - 2 1 1' 1 1.- Ir 121:, 4g r2111 1 -'g -'. A A Whole They Thmk eheol Really Great oz Ron IRRI IR INCI Iootb'1 ILltcrm'1n -I I omm Room Pres -I I aIICINNA IEAN I'RANCIS Home Room SQL Irms 3 QILICICYII C oumll 'I Iournwllsm Club 4 Brlutte 'I 3 -I Ioolball ucon -I C,I II-I IRI-IDI INI1 Bmd 2 3 Scruor PI II -I Dolm 'Ibcm -I I 1 Iuma 3 Chemistry Club 3 CIIRCII INN FUNIC Orgluslrl 'I Bind 2 3 4 CJIsI'lI10ITl'1 Honor Sou In 3 FI II 3 DIC IC C ARRFN I1 Iunta 3 C hemlstrx Club 3 II I V I -I Ulllcc Ast -I IICIx CASIxIII Homn Room I Prvs -I Bmd I QIIIIIIIIIIIII., VIICVIIII 3 -I Cbomlstrx Club 3 C IIARI II9 C ATIIS CII'1ss V Prrs 2 3 -I IIIIIICSPIIII PI 5 3 3-I 'VI uun Isnolt-I VIARI CAI Home IL Cu I3 CI lb I I IRRI C I'URIxINIx I3"4s0b1II Icttmmm 3 -I mmm R om I P -I III II I INN C II I 9 Vllxul C bor ns s 1 1 IIIC N 2 3 -I -IN II C IRI C III W0cICIs Sm 3 ournfnllsm CIIub C R-I 'I I3r1xclt 'I 3 -I ICIRI N IsATHI I LN C OI RINC IIR W C I31sICc1b1II VII, 3-I Bind 'I 3 Km IIIIS o VIomI1 -I II I -I IIIII C OCIIII Bind 'I C RA 3 I31 II 1. -I C I I NUI IVIARII C OCIIJNIC HT C RA 3 Icg,1omuos Bll Iu Suomi Rou I ORA I CIII C RAVIVICINI Uraluslrl I B1 ul -I NH I 3-I Olxllbon 1 Honor Soulty II uspl ms N III NRI C RAVI S IVIIXLLI C IIOILIS 3 -I 1 us SIIYIINNI' C RFEN S dent C muncll -I Aquuttcs 3 Ir 1 -I mxcttc 'I3 S01 -I CI lus s -I CI mo Iloro o my 3 -I I ARRI C REC URI Iootbmll I cturm m sfhqll ICIICYIIIIQH 3-I nm om Inns lu Isst uv nr 4 I1-I IIS IIIICIRIII 'IIlxu C. o IN 1 s II IT HAINI S IIomm Room Pras IJCIN II IJ R II II XIII sebxll I 1 om I 0LlYIIIIISI1ICIlII7 -I I fllmtlc Club -I uox III I7 s mu RON IIIRIICIN IIIRI VIIII I II Stunlfm C IIIIIKII INIIL us ll s I mmc Room I o C AI II mme Room Su Tu IS -I C R I 3 -I IL I CI.,l0IIt lu DUN I o m om Prns -I C RI 3 Il NDI-RQCIN QIIIIIIIIIIIIL, 'IL lm I 3 -I II Inlucxcmznt 3 -I Bcst Ix ullo Drlml md Prog: IIN -I S INIIR I IRI nc u I C I 9 I1 'II1 'J I2 I I: IS-I .II .I . g I I . . . I I. 'Ii II. z "3 er . . . I .I- .I -.- 233- 5 I . 1.-'- g 'z 1. .I ' 23 II I. ': 5 2-'3--I. I I I. 'Q . I I " -Q . 5 2 'I I 1.-' - g ICIII ' 'I ' I 2. i I ' .' '- g R421 "J 3. I . I.IIIf . I-. -gI I zu' I I . -'tu I I1 'I g. :I ','.'Iv:s.1 1 . I '1 g .1 ' g f ', . . B . 'I 2-'. I. g I.cs .op'z1.' Prof. 3 ICI: I mn 1 r .I '- ' 2 ,.g 2 -' - g '. . "- S c'I ' '- . . ' I I '-I z .I I 4 2-'3--I3 'L I. '. I' I . - .. ig I 1' 3 'Q Bax- . .I I . 21- 1 Hr I Ro I 2. V. IIros. 'Ig i- ' . Irvs. 3 I "I . .s . . ' I .I ' . .- I OII' -I I . -I. RICIIIARD CIIZNIZ CIRCICJIVI-Ii 1 ll 4 Il I. 'livr- I. ' Q z Lg I 'I I ' . 7- g J' I '. ma . CI.I-III I .I 3 I I -.' ' II II1 rl.. Que-c-1 ICI-ort -I. I . I Q- . . ,'.e . -' - g , 'z a' Tg .I . I 2. .I . .I ' .I I- NIII. ' - 1 . ay Q ' . . . ' I '- I 'I '. Il b -I. I3z1. I 2 .vttvrn an 3--I1 Ilomv Ro I rcs. 2-3. V. IIrcs. 'I' I z I 5 I. - I . IIIIIINI Row: CII.ORIA If'II'IIA CIIIRIIARII-Library Club 2--Ig Bollom Row: RAI.IIII II.-INISY. .IIIVI IIARIVICIN-I3:lmI 2-'S--Ig Ii I I.. ' II ' '- fy 1 . ' 1 A- g Sm' ' :ly -Ig NIII. -Ig Cflwmislry CIILI 'Ig 'IIIu-, 5 'sms 2-3--I. III I o I. rvs. . I . .I . I I ,L-. A," I lf SIIA .I .' I. .' Q' III -.I I I4 'I 2-'51 '3--Ig 'III10 p'zx 1 Play 2-'Ig BY 'IHC 13-I3--Ig III. -' - . . NA Rr: 'I I 11-'I--Ig 'III 'fl Iam. QI-'I--I. CIIARLIIS II.IIII'I'I.IiI'- IICII I I . ' I-Qri I ' E' CI . II' ' g I . 3 3--Ig III - I rcs. -I. IIob -Ifditor -I. I ICII.I'N I .I IIQS- I . ..g . 'I Q ..-' - . 2 ' .CI I Z I 1 . IIf 'Ia 3 I .I '- 3 Bra 'IIIU 2-3-4: .IV -tics ICJII . ICJI.III'- :J 'I 2 . 'r. '- g . ..-'g I 'I B y 2-3. Pres. -Ig .I'IC-tivity CJII' '- '3--I. NA IIIQINRICIIIA I 1 I of . g i- ' . .' I I 2- z ..g I ' g 'z 'CII' Ro -.'. Q I .I ' 1 I3r:1x'c'IIO 2-'33 Ilomv Ifc. Club -I. ' NCIIQ 3- . I .i .I . I I I - I g .-Y' - 3 IIII I . -. 'I ' J II: 2. .vtlvrnuum '- 3 bysiuul 2-3--Ig 'IIC C b -I. I I I ' I '- g I. I: I 2 1 1 ' ,f': . .I IIIZIN I-CIRA '3g Rr: 'llc 2-'3--Ig Ilomv Ifr. CII I -I. enior Laugh At Joke In Physics Class Top Row: HARRIETT HICCINS-Home Room Ser. 'Sg Chorus -lg Bravette 'S--lg Oklahoma Honor Soeiely 2-Eg Thespizins 'S--I. BOB HIl.l.fStudent Rody Pres. -lg Debate Letterman -lg May Queen Escort -lg Okluhoniu Honor Society -lg Swimniing Let- terman '5. JERRY HILL. SONDRA N. HILL-Mixed Chorus 'E--lg Senior Play -lg Iirzivette 2-'I--lg ELA -lg Tbcspiuns -l. ISUCKY IIITCIICOCK-Student Couneil '5--lg Delta Theta Pres. -I: May Herald 4g Oklahoma Honor Soviets 2-'S--I. MARLENE -IOYCE IIOBRS-Home Room See. ll, V. Pres. '53 Mixecl Chorus 'S--lg Brzirette 2-'S--lg Okluhomzi Honor Soviets 2g Ifuture Nurses Trcas. 2, V. Pres. '3. MIKE IIKJCAN-Chemistry Club 'ig Hi-Y Clmplziin -I. PATRICIA CAROLYN HOLCOMB-Bzind 2-'3--lg CRA -1. Third Role: KENNETII IlOI.TZlfN-Baskctbzill Letterman 'S--I. Captain -lg Machine Shop -I. MARILYN KAY HOPKINS -Home Room Treas. -lg Chorus 2-'Sg Bravette 2-'55 DO Club Rep. -lg Legionettes 2-'S--l. IOYCE HOSKINS-Rand 2-3--lg Iournzilism Club -lg L11 lunta '53 Bible Club -l. ELAINE ELLEN HUEE-lVIixed Chorus 'S-4g Delta Theta -lg Vcrgiliun Treas. 'Eg Oklahoma Honor Society 2--lg Tbespians 3--I. ELAINE HUCHEY. BETTY IIIISTON-Delta Theta -lg Aquaettes 2-'B-4g Brzivette 2-'3--lg Les Copians 'Ig Oklahoma Honor Society 2. ERLE INSELIVIAN-Student Couneil 2g D0 Club -l. NITA IVEN-Home Room SOLE-rITl'C2l5. 'Eg lirzivette 2-'S--lg Library Club 2. Second Role: CERALD IVES-Mixed Chorus 2-'S--lg DO Club -lg Oklahoma Honor Society -I. HELEN IACKSON-Chorus 2-'S--Ig CRA 'ig I.ibrzu'y Club Eg DE Club -l. IERRY IANSEN. SAMMY IANTZEN. DICKIE JENKINS. IOE IENSEN- Band 2-'S--I. LARRY IOIINDROW-Home Room V. Pres. fl-'53 Student Couneil -lg DE Club Chaplain -I. RIITII IOIINSON -Mixed Chorus Il-'5--lg CRA 'SQ liruvette 2-'I--lg library Club 2-'3-4: EVA -I. Bottom Rllllf BEVERLY CAIL IONES-Debate Letterman 3--lg Bravettc 2-3--lg NEI. 3--lg Oklzihomri Honor Society 2-'31 Future Nurses 2-'Sg V. Pres. -I. CARY DEAN KARPE-Delta Theta -lg Hi-Y 2-13. DALE DUANE KEEN-lVIaehine Shop 2-3g DO Club -l. BOB KELLET-Home Room V. Pres. flg Iournzil- ism Club -lg DO Club -lg Oklahoma Honor Society 2. PATRI- CIA. ANN KIEFER-La luntzi 3. BILL KIELY. RICHARD KIELYADO Club -l. LINDA KINDT. The Wnte H1 tory Themes Se They W1ll Pass 1 1111 CXRQIL IVIARIL IxINC IICIIIIC Room bu In is CR X 5 IIIVIVII IxIRICII AM BARBARA I I IfA II ICINIC IIII Dcbuc I0tt111111n -I A I-I CJIIN ICCIIIIAIX SIIIC 1 C11n11I I 1u1l S II -I 1 II W Llx Sall -I II1l1ttL Club -I C I III II 1111 S 1 t -I RUDI NA ICRAIISSE B nd I I-I HIIIIII CIlCl1bo1 Ilonnr SHCI Il1csp1 111s 'I 5-I IIIRRI ICRIIIII IN II1lLtt1 CI11b -I Cbcm rx I -I BDI! ICRIII B1s1b1 Icttcrm 111 IIa1111 Rmmm I1 IRRX IxIIDI AC I-Ir1m1 Roorn Pru -I 1l11m11 ITICIIIOI Smutx Cl111 strx C,I1b 3 C7lCl1I1om1 umx nl SLICIICC 3 1 11111 ll1nfI R011 DIIW NNI ICIIVIIVIIII I C IINI VA RIDCIIAUS Vlmd C lwrus II WILICI1 St 1II -I IULITIIIIISIII Club Q -I r1rx CI b R1 3 I lun -I IINN IxV'ISNI IC IJ It1 IIII t'1 -I C AI I If I AIVIB St11d111t mx S11 -I Ilomc Room IIr1s I 5 N Pus -I OLIFITIIISIII Club Pres IVI11 ICCII Ktt -I INII S -I CIAROI ANN I II CIICI CIbmus C RA 3 ICIVIIVII IANSDEN CI1ss Pros S J VI1x Q11111 Ismr -I Ib1sp1111s RCICIICI IARC E Ilmm R om S11 DCI Club 4 I-RIID CIIXW Bmd I1br1r Clu Cl1cm1strx Club I 1 111111 R011 CICI 11 ss N IIIIICI 'I CJ W I IC R KN I Mlxu mrus I -I BOB I-R 1 1 1 A 111 ISIII I7 R x LN I LWIS B1sIC1th1lI 111111111111 -I Bmw 1 01 I1 I Sturt -I JI.l1I1 1 unur 411 11.11 I I11 spl tm I CI IIIIC 11111 I 1 Q Club -I DI Club -I I7 I IIC II rc IS I0 x 1 HSI! 1 -I t 1 I Io11411 1111 -I u I xul Cburus I4 Brlxlttf. I4 I1 1 s C7 IIICJIIII IIm1o1 S 1111 -I Btblc Club -I SIII XNN III N IC Il Inmt XUUIII S 1 I B1 lxcttn 5-I DONAI D IAIVII-S IVIAC ICI INIIII C l111rl1 ICICI PI s Ib1sp1 s I 3 -I SIIII IVIADISCIN II01111 R 11111 V II s I I Aquuttcs 1m111Is11C1b-I F 1 1 151-I IIXL O l U 'IMI R 'J I.- . I . I I I- ' 2, S'1' 'J I.YDIA I..AVI I I I-CIlII" Apt. -I. R. IIIACIII- II '1J. 2g I .- '. . . I I I I . . I. I.. - MA - 2 gg I3 Club '5. AYNI2 .' I : I - I 'I BIIIII I I I I- ' 1 . " 1 g CIR 'Ig NITI. 'I--Ig CI J '- . I.IiSI -D'lt11 IIII1-t1 -lg CIIIC'IIIIfsIl'j Club '5. D1-b:1tc Club '- . I I I . I-I l1'1t I11 'I Lg Q1'1l.l. I.EI.. I.IlSI.III-I11111' 1l'.' Club 4g DII Cltl -I. CICIIIII A111 1 .Ita I : Q1i 1'1".' .t I g 1 ' ' . g IICI11- AI.I.I .3 I- 1. " 1 .' " 1 g I Stzu' '53 IVIIIII 1111 1 111 ' '11-icy . I , II - Z1 l.-'- 5 Q11 ' 1 C '1 01111 II S ""' 2-'31-I: II I1 J IIIl11', I1 Play 25 NI'II. 2-'S--lg '1 1111 .I "Qty QQ 253--I. IACICIE I.IIfI RAN 1-II1 ' Ro Irvzls. '51 IZIIICI II . '1 . -9 - . 1 I I 1 . - 1 ' ' 9 I ' A 'I--Ig P11l'tt I . RCJISIIRIII KIIIIS I,INN-II11I1'ttv CIlub TIL ist j CIIub 4g IIi- I . I 1 I- 1:1 .ll .' ' 1 3--Ig I I . 1 - I I'1'11s. 2. I 1 I I .1 - - 3 CIICII 1 ' .I 'I ' I' Zlg I '11i.' 1' I 1 'g '1 1 Ir. A111 I ' V' I .I 'I ' " ' g S 'i ' " II11ir 2-fi-4. II I' 'J 1 1 I 1 I 1 1 1 . .. I ' I ' I . .I 13111211111 R tu: DAN ID I.I'IISC7N-II111 ' R1111111 lI1'1'x. 'SL Ilautcl 111 -. '. - I ' 3 L14 Qui I' 1 I 3 1 '. I 'I- 1 DIZ CIIub I71ll'I. 'S--I. MARCIIIIIA ANN I.CIIiSCIlI-II11111v R1 VIII l.Ib1 h' I11 01. g I-I sz 2- . .I ' : .I CKA- Sec.-III '1.. 2: CII ru. 2-'I--I. IIDIIIIII I.C7NCI-Dr-I '11 2-5, B111 I 2-'I--Ig 1' 1 IPI . I I .1 . -.I ' II IJ' SQ". . IIAIII. LQSCIIICII--D1'I1 IIIl11't11 -Ig CIICIIIIIUIIIZI ' .I ' '. 3 ' '.'. f.-' g I. ".. g I 1 Sm' ' I' '5- g CIIICIIII5II'I' Club '53 S1'i1'11I'1' CII In -I. IAINIQ I.C lVI1I,I. -Ig 1 aj Q1 ' 1' . 3 I I . .I0c. , .1 . .ANCI -Mi." 5 2-1 g 1 " ' 21- g Vcrgi IZIII Sw.-IIIr1'11,. 'I-41 III-. 'QQQ I. f. II1 I . -1 .'.' klz 1 '.I01"'v'g ' 'I ..I .ICI1- 2-'Ig II1111d flg Iinyx' .t11t1- 'Ig 1 1" "1 t 3 II 'J I1 I -I. HAI I -I ' II .:". 12. N. IIrcs. 'SQ CIIIUTIIS '31 CIRA ll-'31 , I-- - fm 25 I . I 1 '1" '2-'-. . I.' I'i.I. 'I-I " '1 " I..AIIII .' - 1 2-'S--Ig Delta Theta -Ig .I 1 y b 2: 'Ig Delta IIIl11't11 -I1 B :wp 2-'33 CIl1v111i:-t1'y Club '31 II I1lI1.' . . ' . -- - . . , 1 . . - ' 11 . roy. ..- 1 1 ' 2-3--lg I ur 1 i.1 II1 g D . CIIuI Q lC'C'I . .1--. g I-31 "tt1's 2-'I. Classes A1111 ACIIVIIIB Keep emor 011 The H1111 lop R1111 WI SI PY MADIQCJN Mlxeel C hor11s 3-I DQ Club -I IIARVIY I VIANISS Pilette Club -I XRCIIIE VI-KN C U9 'VI1el11n1 Shop -I PVIHIIIIQ., C l11b 3 NANCI ANN 'VIAN o IS I1 1 Club 3-I CAROI YN 'VIANSFII I D IDelt1 Theta V Pres -I Aquaettcs 73 Pres -I 1 e11 Att -I Clrls St1te 3 CJICIIIIOI onor S1 tety 2 IQ I ANN VI I 3 Br1xette1 '7 3-I I 1 Iuntx 3 AI IC,F 'VIARR9 Student CULIFILII 3-I Ulel'1hom1 Honor SOLICII 2 3 -I U111 'AIIIHIII Ed1tor -I ulll Weelelx Asst Idltor -I Pr111t1n1,, C lub See 1 -I LIUCII Att lhzrrl Rou RCJNNII1 MARTIN DO Club 3 Home Room Treas 2 Bind 23 1 X I Qt ll -I TA'Vl ANNI TIII MASON Mixed Chorus 3 ueen Att V Pres -I IleIt1 Theta 911 -I CJlxIll'l0Y1'll Honor Soeletx C7 -I I Teens '7 1 Pres -I IINIDA MAYNARIJ QWIIDQNJ Home Room See -I Palette Club 3 DF Club Tre11s -I CARI IVIeI3RIIJI: Home Room Pres -I DE Club Pres -I SI I MeCARTIII C sm Mgr '7 Home Room V Pres 2 Student COLIHLII 2 CRA 7 DF Club bee 3 IxARIN MeCCJR'VIICIx Home Room See 3 Chorus 2 3 C RA -I Bructte 2 3 RIIIA 'VRCIUBBINS Debne Ictte1rm1n 2 Band '73 BL Mgr -I NFI 23-I Olel11homr1 Honor Soeletx 2 3-I N11t1on11l 'VIe1r1t Seholarslup -I NANC Y MeI'AIJDI N Chorus 2 3 -I I3raxette1-I I lbr 1rs C'lub 1 Second Rou ICN CIR ANN MeC IIC IN Student COLIIILII -I Se111orPlas -I -Xquftettes 3-I I31'1xette1 3-I CJICIIIIOIIII IIo11o1 lets 3-I 'VIe IIC IN Foo 1 ICIICTIIIITI -I Io Room See rIre'1s -I Pilette Club -I IUKVID M1N NIIC IIIQN 'VIARTIN MIRFIC IRFDIJIF IOHN 'VIIIVIN Ilome Room IS 3 IARRI IIL MEI VIN DCI Cl1I1 Set ll Arms ANNA VIIIVII 'VIIISSVIAN Pllette Club -I I311xette 3-I C' emlstrx Club 3 Iuture Nurses 7-I See 3 CIIICIIIICC C Ilee ss -I I NN 'VIITC XII CR-X IIX I oelonettes o om Rou 'IFVI 'VIITSC IIIR I 1 111 '1 Cl1e1111s Clu 3 RQBFRII 'VIIIIX Prlntlnt, Club J-I ICI NNI III MII FQ Home- Room Pres 3 V Pros 7 IVI1xe1el Chorus Pr s -I Queen Iseo1t -I PAIRICIIC W 'VIUNROI' Iootblll Ietterm n P s All S I1 I -I o s St te 3 1 1or Pl 5 'VI-Us VIUNICCTVIFRI IRNI SCI MQODY Iootbill Iettcrm 1n C7 3 Co C IDIIIN -I Home Room Pres 2 e P e C' ll M1xe OFIIS I N RC AN Home Room P s -I X I s -I Il I2 -I ARCIHII 'VIORC ARIIUC F l l l l I 1. 1 1 1 - .1 1 1 - , 11' 1. 1 '111 - 1 I ' 11- , . I' 2.1 I."-11 1 I .1- I 11 - 11' i' 31 11 1:2-'-5 2-'I-QY'2 1 ' I .1-1 1 ' ' 1 g ' ' 1 I ". . I' 1 1 1 - SOL"'.' '- . PAT 1 'CI I - tbzll .1 1 g 'I 11111 l1IIY-Ch rt, 2g B1'11vettc 2-'3--Ig l.a ILIIIIII '3g NFI. -Ig .'b'ary '1-.- ' 11 g 1 1 1 . 1' 1 11 I 'I . '-. 1 . 1 1' L- 11 '1 1 Q 11 :-'. I 1 . . 12. - 1 1' 1.-'. 1. , .', " '1', " 1 ' 1'1'.f. . ' .IT . - I 1I'.-1- ,' . 1 1 1' Q1e 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 111 I're1 1 A -I II 'me-'1 ' -'3--I. 1 I, 1 1 ANLIII1-CIRA 2-"g 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 --1 1 1 3- 3 '1 '1 1 2-' - 1 11- 1-1,1 1'. 1w' - 1 -' .111 ,1 'Q I 1 Ili -1 11'- '- g '1 1 1' -'1 ' -' - g Q .. 1 1 ' 5 Afyt. . BIITT' A 1 I I1 .1'-11 I 1 2-'33 I3'1 'e1tte1 2-'S--Ig Q' I' g ' '1 I 1' 1. "-.Q 1 1 . . 1' 1 2. -I. CIIIRAl1IJ MARTIN-DO CIlub '3--I. " ' I - . "5 . B tl 1: S I . I 1 2 1' I I -11 I 111 23 I 1 'qtry Se1e'.- 1 .. Q 1 -' 9 QUII.. 1 11111111 1 11 ' . 1 1 ARA b ' 1 . I 1 1' "1- ' ' .1 I "- 1 ' 'I I' ' 1 I I2 1 - . J 2-' , Q . . 3 1 .1- '. . Lg I 1' 2-3, 1 1 1' 1 1 1. 3 '1 1 1' 1' 1 1' 1.- g "- 11.-"1 e1.'. , 11 ' . 1 'I 1 ' . 1 1- 7 1 . 1 1 I. - 1 1'. .1 1 ZIII T3--Ig Ba el 3, V. re1J. -Ig 1 -'e1 ool 7lf1y g I3 y.' g '1 1 ig . I 15. . I ' 1 7'- 111 'g I111' 11' 3, 11 '1 "I 1 . '. I f1'I 1. , 1 ..1. 1 . 1 - 1, - 1 1 1 1.- 1 1 - 11 1 , 1 1 . 1.5 1 . 3 1 1' 'g I Lg V. , Se 1. 33 11l1tte- .I b -Ig '.'1el Ch 1' 2. IIAN 1 I 1. ' . ' I 1 1 I '- 1 -1 1 'IO I1 - 1 re1.'. . I. 7re1.', 5 OIIIL' :ez . 2-'g 5 -'g I g 1' 1 -'. 1. 11. ' 1 I1 I1 I., - 11 1 1 5 ' 1.-'g ls. , 5 .'-'-g " ' 1' 1' -' - g 1 ' ' 1 ' 1 1' ' . 1 1' 7 1 1 1 11 1 ' 1 1 11 1 1 - . - - , , , 1 1 1 . Everyone Ha To Admit lop Rott RONAI D VIORC ARIDCI DO Club 4 DONNA MORRIS Chorus 234 Brawette 2 34 La Junta Treas 3 Chemistry Club 4 Thesplans 2 3 4 C ARY RAY IVIOXLEY Student COIIIICIID Home Room Pres 2 Iournallsm Club 3 Palette Club 4 DO Club V Pres 4 IOY MOXLEY Palette Club 34 CRA 34 Bratette 234 Chemistry Club 3 IOYCE ANNE MOXI I Y Palette Club 4 C RA 3 4 Brawette 2 3 4 ORRIN IVIIINC IR Delta Theta 4 IIIAN RUTH MYERS IIIIRB NIII SON I'ootball Ietterman 3 4 Delta Theta 4 'lhrrd Rou ROBERTA NHSON Class Trefts 4 Braxette '34 NH 34 Thespr ms 3 Senlor Rep 4 umor Plas 3 ION NIIWI II Home Room Pres 2 Delta Theta 4 Chem rstry Club 3 IIISI IE S NICIOI SON Delta Theta 4 DE Home Room V Pr s 3 VII, ueen IIseort 4 Chemlstry C lub 4 ACR OAICI III Home Room Treats 2 Chemistry Club 3 Olhee Asst 4 ROSE IVIARIL ONFIII Les CIopl'1ns 3 Il brm Club 3 DI C,Iub 4 Olelahomt Honor Soetety 4 Future Nurses Set 4 SC L EI I I N PACE Chorus 2 C RA 3 Braxette 7 3 4 IADONNA PARICI R QIOHNSONJ Steoml Rou I ARRI O PARICER Student Counell 4 Palette C lub 3 4 SVIIITIINIIIY 'Ie tm 3 4 I OUISE PARKINSON Chorus 2 3 Mixed Chorus 4 Braxette 3 4 Ieb CIop1'1ns Trels enter Have The 0 t Fun 4 V Pres 4 Olelahoma Honor Soeuty 2 34 IIIVI PARRISII Home Room Pres 2 SHARON PICK Band 2 34 QUIII nnual Strll 4 FTIIIISIII Club 4 I L t 3 Oleltho Honor Soelety 2 'VIARI IIIEN PI CIIxIIAlVl Vllxed Cllolus 3 4 Braxette 2 3 4 Olelahoma Honor Soelety 2 4 Iuntor Plat 3 Thesplans I 3 CIlerle 4 ANNE'I'III I PE'II RSON Vllxed Chorus 3 ueen Att 4 'Ihesplan Plly 2 Chemistry Club 3 Brenette 3 4 AI IRED PI AII- DII Club 34 C I IIN IX POI WORT Chorus 3 C RA 4 Brnette 34 I3lbleX C lub 4 Aetlxlty Olllee Asst 4 Bottom Rou BIITTI POND ulll Wtelsly Stull 4 Aqutette 4 NH 4 Olellhoma Honor Soelety 34 VIIICSII s 34 V Pres 3 See Flreas 4 rlhesplans 4 CI1meXr1 Club 3 ICARIN IY QC OIIJ I rntllsm Club 3 CRA Brut te DI- Club 4 PATTY POITIIR Student CIounerl 4 Qt Ill An nual Stall 4 Quxll Weekly StalI 4 rIl1CSIJl ms 34 Sen Pln 4 BARBARA PRICICIIIIT IOUIS PRIIBI Iootlnll ermftn 4 NH 4 SXXIIYIITIIHQ., Ietterm n 4 Phys Aehlexement 34 Radio Class Pres 4 ANII PIII Mrxed Chorus 2 Aeeompanlst 34 Co See 4 Deltl 'Ihett Ir IS 4 Clrls State 3 Olelthomt Ilonor SCICICIX 24 Nttlontl 'Vlerlt Seholarshtp 4 IARRY RIIAIVIS Class Pres 4 Ioothftll Ietttr man 4 Boys Strte 3 May Queen Lstort 4 Olelrhomt Honor Soelety 2 3 4 C U ,. 2 . . . , X: . I I 11- . 2 . . 5 '. -X'..--. - ' . f . , f . . ' . . 1 ' . -, .--, --, .. , . -2 ---, ., X -5 " Q -'- . I ' - A . 2 I g lou 2 5 .a Inn il 'Q '2 ma A 'A 4.1 Kg ' 'I r' 1... I I E I I 4 , it I I . g I . . - '-g ' 2.-'-g '. -' '..-g ' 2Q' '-5 I '-g ' 2.-'-g '. I' 'Q I JL-', . ' . . 1 .. , 1 . -I I .I'- X 5 I '-3 ' --. I :',QXX .g " 2'..g X 3 'g Ii-X. . 1 . 2' '-. .II III- 1 1-. I.1I: L :..I --I , '-5 I . . - 52-'1 Ir g 2'X '-g I I Q v I 'I v I x --' I ' . I. - ..'. g ' ' X 2.-'-g I,'-g '2.", ' . gl ' 1 g X 'g X - ': 1 I XX' 2Ig 2X X I' '. . 1 . . , , - 5 f g I . 'L ' 2 2 ' 2-' - g I JIIIIIQ 2-' - . Club 35 Oklahoma Honor Society 3-4. MARION NOAH- TOMMY PORTER-Miwd Chorus 2-I3-45 NH' 3-4: Hi-Y 2. X . ef. 'g I 2 ' Q 15' g ' I . , X-.- I g I X: ' 5 3 32 2 '. '. C , I ' 2 ' .1 '- X.g, 5 ' 3 POSS I If - ou 2 fg I 23 '2 'Xl X 2-'35 'X . I ' . . .- 5 , '2 ' 3 Q- I . 'I 3 - X , -' g 1 .. 2 - 2 'g I I g ' 2 3 X ' I g I I I g I J '2 J 2-' - g I' lor '. . . II-..2 - 5 g I 'g ' X 21' . . 'L . . if-I 2 I.-' - . , ' I . I,ett 2 3 I . g I " ' r .X X' 22 233- 5 Q'fie'2tl X I ' '- g ' Il.I.I . I 1 I, I- 'JX U1-. " 2 '-. I- '. 3 2 I X2 'Ie2.'. 3 -. . . . . . I 5 2 .g '2 2 X X Q' ..- g 2 2 . X - , 2 , . Q Q . 2 . Q Q Q . X. . 2 -2 ' , ' 2. . . 1 -...z 3' 2 ,X X- , -g .' , X2 -. , - 2 g .2Xg 2' g '2 2 Q..-g 3 5 'X X'-g 3' , '2 ' 2.. . -'-. Sxtlmmln Ietternran 234 I1 untl 3 Chemlstry Club 3 enlor Experlence Joy Fop Rou IAY RLYNOI DS Home Room Pres 4 Band 3 4 Quur Annual Stafl 4 All Sthool Play 4 Oklahoma Honor So elety 4 C ARY RHODES Chemlstry Club 4 H1 Y 4 LINDA RIDC WAY Student Counerl 4 Mixed Chorus 3 4 All Sthool Play 4 Oklahoma Honor Sotlety 4 Thesprans 2 3 4 RODNEY RIEC ER Home Room V Pres 3 Delta Theta 4 Braxes 2 Oklahoma Honor Soelety 2 SHARON M RILI Chorus 3 4 C RA 3 TOMMY ROARIC Delta Theta 4 DENNIS C ROBERTS DONNIE ROBINSON lootball Ietterman 3 4 Yhzrd Rott SHARON ROBINSON Home Room Prs 4 Band 2 3 Iournahsm Club 4 DE Club Hlst 3 4 Queen Att 4 BLVFRI Y ROBISON Chorus 2 THOMAS RICHARD ROBI SON DO Club 4 DANNY ROE lootball Letterman 4 Home Room Pres 4 Student Countll 3 SUSI ROC ERS Home Room Pres 4 Band 2 3 4 Aquaettes 2 34 Thesplans 3 4 unlor Play 3 IINDA ROSS Student Countll 4 Mlxed C horus 2 3 4 Brnette 2 34 Y Teens V Pres 4 Home Ee C lub Set Treas 4 SHARON ROWLEY Qulll Weekly Stafl 4 IOLIYUEIIISITI Club 3 4 Palette Club 2 3 4 Braxette 2 Okla homa Honor Sotletv 2 IARRY RUCKLE Srtond Rott ANN RUYFK Home Room Set Treas 4 Delta lheta 4 Ies Coplans 3 Oklahoma Honor Sotlety 2 3 Chem lstry Club 3 RONNIL RYIANDFR Delta Theta Pres 4 And Heartbreak Too Olhte Asst 34 SULANNF SCHILI ER Home Room Pres 4 Palette Club 4 See Treas 3 C RA 3 4 Brawette 2 3 4 Ilbrary Club 2 DAVID ILROY SCHRAM Home Room Set 'lreas 4 Student Countll 4 Chemlstry Club 4 SUSAN SCOTT Class Set 2 3 4 ournalnsm Club 3 V Pres 4 Band 2 3 Queen Att 4 Football Queen Att 4 Aquaette Queen 4 MARY MARTHA SCROC C S Home Room V Pres 2 Student CCUIIHCII 2 Chorus 2 Brawette 23 SANDRA SEIBEI Home Room Pres 2 Chorus 2 les Copl ns 4 Ilbrary C lub 3 Oklahoma Honor Sotlety 4 NANCY SHANNON Class Rep 4 Aquaettes 2 3 Se 4 Ctrls State 3 Brnette 2 3 Treas 4 Thesplans 2 r Rep 3 V Pres 4 Bottom Rott DPIORIS SHAW BRUCI SIIII I DS Iootbrll Ietterman 34 Tratl- letterman 2 3 4 Home Room Pres 3 4 Boys State 4 Oklahoma Honor Sotlety 234 HAROID SHRFVE Team Mer 3 JUHIOY Play 3 IOIA SHREVF DE Queen Att 4 SANDRA SHRIVER Braxette 2 DF Club 4 Chemrstry Club 3 Future Nurses 23 leelonettes 23 SHERMA SIAS Braxette 2 3 4 Chemlstry Club 4 Y Teens 4 Chip 2 Set 3 FTA 34 Thesplrns 4 SHARON SIMPSON QBORNB Home Room Trtas 2 Set Treas 4 Chorus 23 Brawette 2 3 DO Club Set Treas 4 IARRY SIRIA Student Countll 3 Band 23 Delta Theta 4 la unta V Pres 3 Iunlor Play 3 .. : ,,. --. ,' 'U , f, -3. , I , 1. -. 1. . ,. .. , , ,, A , .t t , , , . V . , V . -. ,. , - , .. - , . . , J , . . , - .. , , , ., ,. - , , ,- , . -. ,, -V. . 1 4- ,. , . A , . ,. , I , t , . 1 I .' . ', ' ,'-. -'. : , .- ,v . , . . , . . . .. , , . . , .' ,f. .' . -'- ,' . '. f .. , , . . . . . , , . . . - t.. ', , . f. . ,,. . . ' . '. f . . f 1 - . , . , . , . --,I . , . .. , . -, . , ' .' .'-,. ,. f. , ,, V . . . .- , , , . , . 1 . - 1 '. . 11- , g ' g 5 . ' : - . , -I -, . . . . . . , . . ., , . . , ' ' , ' . , . . , ,. a. , . . , , t ' . . - .55 . g . -, .. , , , - . Y t, , I , t , . . , ,. , , ., 'J . , - eq. g ' .V ., . ,.. C. ,'. . 4 '. I -, , , ,. -, .. . - , . - , ,, f. .' ' ' .. , . 1 - ,- f. ,.- 1 I ,.- . - . .. . 3 .. .- . , .. , . , . , . , . ' . V, 3 '. ' ., I , '-. ,U 4 -'-. .'-f. -,I . t. . - , Q a - - , . , 1 -'-- fy, -'-f. - . . . . , , t . --. . , . , . , . . . , . 3 '. .t - ' 3 - Y. ' '. . , . ' 1- 4 Q' lt. 1 , . v. -. 3-. , . .- 4- 1' g . , - , , , , . . . .. -. , ,. - .t ' 4 Q , . , .. , , . . ' T V -'-. ' '. , . - . , 1 4 , - , , . . ' f. .'. .f K. , . , -, . .. . ,. .- . , . -. .. , . ... , , , - , ,, ,. .- . , -. .- . . . 3. . .. , , . .. . . r' , . . 1 ,, .' , . ' .' f. '. . I , ,, -. , .. . , . -, - , , -, . , .. . ., , . . , 3 - ,. 3 . Most III Thelr Day Are Happy Some Are Blue IIop Rou ANNX SVIITH Hom1 Roon1 V IIrcs 3 CRA 3 CIlxllIIC1I1Il Honor SOLICIX 34 NI VAI INE SVIIIIH Student Counul 4 Q1 111 Annuetl St1lI 4 Qlllll Weekly St1lI 4 Braxettc I 34 CJICITIIOIIII Ilonor Souety 'I 3 4 SHARON SNODDI Class R1p 'I CIFCIS 3 Stud111t Body Trcis 4 Churlcadcr 4 B'1sIC1tb1II Quan 4 'VIFRVIN IPROI SNOWDILN Bmcl 3 II 4 IJ1It1 II 1 4 RI'IA C SOWIII Home Room 4 CRA B x ttf I 3 I'1 Junta 4 JOYCE SPA C I1orus I 34 Brnett I XRI BI RNI I I STARNI S Home o1nVIIrcs 'I11s'IP1 3C1r1 1Cl1b3 DON H IIC oom Pr1s 4 Chmrus I Br11et1 0 1 Club 4 3 Brxutte 34 DO Club 4 I IORA JOAN STI WARI 11111 om N rcs 1 3 P10 B1sI1Ltb1II 111111 Att 4 IIIIICSJJVIIIS 2 3 4 SHARON SIOINI CIsIR Q1 111 A nual btlll 4 I Icttc ua I B 111111 3 II I1 Club Rep 4 BARBARA SIIONFR Home Room Prcs 'I IVI1x11I Chorus 3 ucen Att 4 Brftuttc 3-I Chcmlstrx Club 3 JOI SIRAIN CRA 3 BF 'II SIRAIIION Ilomt Room S11 3 B'111d 'I Qunll WCCICIJ Stall 4 CILIFIYIIISYTI Club 4 BTIXCIIL 34 JAIVIIS I SIIR Cls ICARFN SIUARII C RA 3 -I Briuttc 2 3 4 I1 Junt1 3 OICI1 I1o1n1 Honor Souetx 4 Tbespl 1ns 34 Suomi Rou XNN IVIARII. SI IIFRIVIAN Or1l11st11 1111 'I VI I-I I1 t'1 4 1 trx C Iu Nurses 'I 34 BOB SUITS Onlustret I-I B NNI? I l 1 4 CIICINIS X CI b 3 IIIIABI IH SI IxOR-X Vllxul Chorus I 3 Sea Tre IS 4 C RA 4 Bruette 'I I4 unnor 1 4 1or1LtI0s 3 V Ir 4 JIIIII 'IAI BOIT QI OW oru RRI I I DO Clll IVIIICI. IILNNISOIN DO Club 3 BI III IHOIVIAS C RA 34 B Ill 34 I Junta 3 RARIIN IIIONIII N C RA 3 Palettm Club 34 B1 etu 34 II Counul I VI1x11I Chorus 3 1111 4 I 1 t I7 1 IINDIIR UI Club 4 DONNA IIP I ON Student C UIIYICII 4 XIS1I1ooI III1x 4 C I St1tc 3 'VI'1x uun Att 4 CJIxI'lINlIlI'I onor Souetx I3 4 RI I Oull s 4 Band I3 4 DO C lub 3 JAIVIIS TOIICIISIONI IIAIRI C IA TRAINOR I CII'l Tl11t'1 4 Brqutte I CJICIIIIIHIIII Ilor or So11e1t1 I CI11n11str1 C1111 4 Bttt CIOCICCI SLIIOIITSIIIJ7 4 JAIVIES IRACI TRI SNI R II U1 bf1t1 I4ttcr111111 34 Bmrl JIICIIX VI5.,r 4 1 CR BBI I orus LII l 9 I 1: 1 1 1I1 - 1 1 I5 I 1 ' 5 .I 1- 1: 1 1 I I' I 1 1 - 1 '1 2-3-45 I2 1 1I "1,' '- . I 1 I1 I -1 1 B1 I 1.1 Q1 '- 5 D1-Ita 'II e 1 5 CI11111 is U' Ilub 35 'I ture 1' 5 1 .1 1 1 I 5 ' ' 1 1 5 1 Q 5 1.-I - . . 1 I.I-- 1 1 L- 5 1- 1.-3, CIIIJIJT- I.-I - 5 '1 1 I 'I 1 .1-I -'. 1 I- 11i1 5 I 1 Iytry' ll '. I. '1 1' I' 1 -1 11 ,',' 1 1 1., I 11 '5 1 1 11 5 11 1 1 5 I 5 I.-'. I '.- 11 5 I 5 1 1 1.-' - 5 J ' IIIIID' 35 1:1 1 111 1 1 1 .I I I -1 Ing' 1 I2-1. . Ics. . I I 1 II 1 III- 2-' 5 res. 5 1 1 I I141 El . I1 . I 1 '- 1 Ch s 2. U1-I I 1 1 TAI.I1ANIII-I111 JLIIIIII 35 1 In 41 See. 5 I 25 ra '11 1 2.-' 5 11 ' . 1 RICS- - ' I I I I 1 I I- 1 I 1 II I I I 1 .I- I j 5- 1-.1 5 1 - 0 11, 5 Q 2 5 5 ,' 2'- 2-' - 5 rave 1 2-T - 5 111 1. I 1 ' I 1 1 SO - Ro 1 2. Ir 11 1., r 15. ' 5 I1 1c1r1 I 1 f. ICE I 1 I Z ' A 1- 5 'HV 'Q-1 1 - SIIIAIIIIIS- or 1 R 15. 5 I r J 2.5 1 1 t1 1.5 B'bIe 711,511 RUM.: HJQVERJAY ST151j1jUM-H1,m1- Rlymn 51-1-5 515 GRA Botfonz Row: I1ONA IIIIIRASHIIR-Ilome Room S111-. 45 SILI- 2-I5 1 '1 12-I - 5 1 .I 1 .I I I I- dei -I 1.5 1 1 J I. Qu11 5 .1 J111111 3. IIIN IIr 1 Ro I. II ','. 45 D1-lt11 TI11t11 45 Bravette 2-', ' 5. 45 " 3 - Q 5 5 " " -.I 1 I 'I Z 1 Q111 , 5 ' '1 1' :I-1 if 5 IirHI-I11':1-JQ11 .1 '- 1 IIO 'I - 1 .. 1 ll I1 I 5 Ia 1 1 CI I -I5 CI IA 2-35 II .I 1' n' 1.-' - . JIIR I IIIOI.IIR-Ili-Y 1.5 '11 'SIFZI II1'e.'. YZ II 1 2-'5 1111111 1 . . I I 1 -- Z 1--I - Z I I- II I I- 1 II ' 1 1,'. -5 1 .".Q1 .5 1'1 I1 I -311 11 5 111 1.5 '1 1 1 2-' - 5 1 1 I' '. I .III -I . .T II .I 1' 1' 1.5 1 1' 11 5 1 y I' I1 1 .1 ' . - 1 .1'.'5 1 1.5 ' 1' 11 I I1 I -111.11 1 2-'-5 1 5 J 1 I 5 1 '1 1 '- 1 1 I 1. .I I E '. 2-3, Pul .1 1 1. 5 NIII1 2-3, ID1-bale C11p111i1 4. I ACIII I 1 I I- I '-'5 1 11 1 -I - 5 11 1 ' 5 11- 'IIRI 1I-CII1 .1 2-3-45 I.11 J 1111 4. Three Year The 've Lived In Anticipation Top Rout: ROBERT W. IJIVIBERCER-Orchestra -lg Band -lg Delta Theta -lg Swimming Team -l. PAUL UMDENSTOCK- Home Room V. Pres. 2g Chemistry Club -lg Olliee Asst. -l. DAVID UNRUII-Band 2, Drum Major '5--lg Delta Theta -lg Chemistry Club 3, DONNA E. VIRDENACborus 2-3--l. IERRY WACCERMAN-Home Room V. Pres. -lg Band 2g DE Club 'S--l. IULIUS WACNER. CAROL M. WAl.L-Home Room See. 25 Brayette 'B--lg Chemistry Club 3. CARY WALT- ERS. Tliirrl Row: ALICE WARD-Brayette 'S--lg DE Club -l. JEAN ANNE WARD-Mixed Chorus 2-3--lg Brayette 'B--lg Chemistry Club fig Legionettes 3--lg ETA 2-3--l. CALVIN WARREN- Swimming Team -lg Home Room Set-.fl'reas. 3. DAVID WAR- REN-Senior Play -lg All-School Play -lg Delta Theta Pres. -lg May Queen Eseort -lg Oklahoma Honor Society 2-3--l. TED WATERS-Home Room Pres. -lg Delta Theta -l. DANNY WELDON. PATRICIA WELLS-Chorus 'Sg Oklahoma Honor Society -l. PECCY WELLS-Student Council 2g QUILI. Annual Stall' -lg Quill Weekly Stall' -lg Cheerleader 'B--lg May Queen Att. -l. Seeonrl Row: BARBARA WIIITLOW-B1'ay'ette 2-'l--lg La Iunta -lg Library Club ll-3--lg Y-Teens 3, See. -lg LTA 2-3, Pres. -l. DON WHITTENBERC. JOY WIIITTENBERC-CIhorus 2- 3--lg Aquaettes 'S--lg Oklahoma Ilonor Soeiety 2--lg Brayette 2-'E--lg Thespians 2-'3--l. SUSIE WICKER-Band 2-'S--lg Qturi. Annual Stall' -lg Quill Weekly Stall' 'S--lg May Queen Att. -lg Band Queen Att, -l. CLARK WIENS-Delta Theta -l. CLAYTON WIENS -La Iunta -lg Delta Theta -l. RAIVIONA WICCINS-Brayette '3--lg Oklahoma llonor Soeiety 'S--lg Chemistry Club -lg Aetiyity Olliee Asst. -l. ROBERT WICCINS. Bottom Rout CAROL KAY WILKINS-Home Room Pres. -l. See. 2-fig Band 2-'L See. -l. SANDRA KAYE WILLEIVIS-Chorus 2--lg Bible Club -lg Future Nurses 2--lg Brayette 2-'3--l. IERRY P. WILLIAMS-Ilome Room Treas. 2g Ili-Y V. Pres. -l. IERRY WILLS-Mixed Chorus 2-'S--lg Chemistry Club -lg Boys' Clee Club 2-'3--l. PATRICIA LEE WILSON-Chorus 2-Tl--lg Bravette 'B--lg La Iunta See. '3g Oklahoma Honor Society 2-'I--lg Tliespians 2-A3--l. IVIARCIE WINBOLT-Bravette 'Sg DE Club -lg Y-Teens 3--l. ROY WINCHESTER-Home Room Pres. -l. BOBBY WINEIELD-Football Letterman 'ig Basketball Letterman 3. 'F' .J IJZVV VVIN'l'lfRS-Ilomc Room Sl't'."l.l'l'ilS. -lg Printing Club T. YUDIZR-Printing Club -l. l.INl7.-X YOVNCI-Class V. Pros. -l. IUDY VVOCDURING-Strrrlvnt Council -lg Band Trczrs. 23 Brz1x'0ttv il-'S--lg In Iuntzr '31 lfuture- Nurws Q-'SQ lcgion- 2-'L Quvvn -lg St-nior Play -lg l.a jrmlzr Pros. 'SQ Uklzlbomrr vttcs 2. IOAN IWXNN ZlfflilflffJCJSIC--jourrmlism Club -lg llonor' Soclvty' 2--l. DICK VVl JOLVVINIZ-llome' Room Sven- Bl':lYc'ttz' Q-'l--l: Ilomr- llc. Club -ll lfl'.-X lf--l. Nl5llXlgX l5l..'XS- lrvzls. -lg Band 1235. CHARIJQS VVRIUH'l'-Footbzrll l.0ltf'l'- DI-QI.. 3 ow Far Too oon Come Graduation EHS Students Honor Leaders WITH THE HIUHI-IST oflicc in school comes the most rv- sponsibilily. Studvnt body olliccrs Gayle Lamb, sue-.g Bob Hill prcs.g Linda Cushion, V. presg Sharron Snoddy, trvzrs.g amd Mary IidW2ll'tlS. rep., do am outslzmding job. Senior Class Elects Capable Leaders COMING FROM A nwcting :irc so-nior class olllvr-rs Nnmy Sbzmnon, rep.: Rolwmr Nulson, lrvz1s.g :mel Clmrlm-s Gnu-s, xy prus.. with Susan Scott. wc., and lrzrrry Rvzrrns. pros. kr 59 Flve Sephomores Develop Leadership IEADINC THE SOPHOMORI: Lllss rm 1 neu 'md cxutlnge cxperume ure udx 'VI C ulrc rep Ron 1 Ifnlor p s md CLIN Atklns s L mth Rx w Newell x pres and Brud Biker trois follmxlm, Juniors Choose 0utstand1ng 0ff1eers PRLPXRINC rIHl IUN IOR ellss for their hnll h gh mol xclr Ire ofhurs lr rxi ks lux IIcrsc1 cr x pres Bnclw nrt see Bob VkCm pres 'md n Null tlels MISS FVA YOUNC oullmm the vcar S FI'lf,,Il9h Studs for har Sophomore Qludnms Rx If Y 7' 'ruvns ron Ebuosfldl 4 4 Q Q " 'P ffm, The Junior Are AI ays In Bet een Top Roux' Baldwin, Borull, Arnold, Anderson, Bcckham, Arring- Ion, Baintcr, Boon, Bays. 'I'l1irzl Row: Boylvs, Barnard, Alcorn, Barnes, Brasher, Adams, Bain-liz-lor, Bulls. Baker. Boolwr. Sm-ond Row: Bundrcn, Blanton, Adams, Bugg, Bartley, Buck minstvr, Burdick, Blair, Buvll, Boxarlh. Bottom Row: Avery, Blick, Biggvr, Berg, Brown, Bush, Bridg man, Allvn, Bullcr. Braslwar. Top Roux' C. Davis, Cline, Chowning, S, Davis, Carvy, Clilt Clemons, Colilmia, Clark, Copeland, Thirrl Rout Catz-n. Daniels, Colcliron, Downing, Carner, Cullum, Carlon, Cockrcll, B. Davis, Cross, Ccllan, Cay xxood. E 1'-X , ll x Swconrl Rout Carpenter, Chodrick. Canlrall, Cow, Cowan I. Davis, Collins, B. Cunningham, Collin, Cunningham. Bollorn Row: Dvcl, Dalkv, Cook, Carroll, Carmichael, Cola-I Crook, Cliodricli. Dayton, Colv, Croxton, Corporon, Top Row: Downing, Dyer, Dully, Ifvan, Don, E. linnnons, Sm-onfl Row: M. Duncan, Fisln-r, Doty, lfrcmnan, Douglas Duvall, DoSpain, Fliardt, Dc-nnis, Fm-kliardl, lfelton, Finley. lfvklord, lflvtulicr, 'l'. Duncan. 'I'hif-rl Row: Flaming, S. Erie-lxson, Doop, Div, Doxxd, Dixie' Iiolforn Rong- Uillding, lforsion, Dorvnc lfcrguson, Donnis l:K'l'gllSOY1,lJlMJI'l, Frantz, ljLll'l.I2lI1,lJLlt'lil'll. Foulks, C, lfnnnons, lfisclc, Dcloris lfvrguson, K, liriclxson N, Ifvrgguson, Diltnicy Pr. l The Think The Are Reall Keen F up llfmzvf Cmnws. Clwrlmm, TTZIVTHIIIXTI, Ilznllivld. Grimm, TTHIHI lmm. V, lln-nlhmwn, cTl'I'T12lI'iT. Gulick, lhinl Rffut lla-rlwuk. llvnry. lizlmptuu, Iluuscl, IU. Hart TTl'I'5L'T1T7l'I'5Il'l', bnluwxl. Iluy, Cmluslma, Hzlrtmzln. Kms. I. Clrz111If.lIitm'. Svwml Roux' H1-mphill, Clumlspcocl. Ilagzm, Cluthriv. Hub NT. TTL'I1IT1IYI'I1, Carrvtt. CTQIQIO, TTOI'IN2lI13TxT, Tlnrpur. Bwllunz Row: llzlmmvr, Heinrich, illmlslml, Iicuky Hurt, Ills kim. Clnl'm'1T1. Ilalyvs, CTTZIIIIZ, Clrzlxvx. cT1NIlTl7ElNTlll'l'. LTUJIIATH nd I1 if 4 1 TXTISSIIT lxlmg,111n r Szwnz nu 4: summer 4 ll I1 INN VV I ILTAIITDIIIL, hmm! H mx x kim, IHI IUHL UCL! Th Ui Y l ll IL T 18 U71 UU S lip S IIT lil KN N, L ILISNQ C X U S If ,Tx C S fx s J 1 U E 5 All Junior Work To ard 01111 oble Aim E , Twp R1111'.' I.:-slic, Mzrrrvss. Ml'CL'l1, I.ixz11', N'Tz11111cl. Mrlssion. l.rvv1w11. :VlL'KiIlllflIl. M1-K1-1-x'1'1'. Vlimcr. 1.11-11111111-11, Kirk. 'l'l111'f1 Row: MK'KiltI4iK'k, Mzlllrvwm, N'Iz1111'k, joy Nlillvr. Nlvffrll lmrgh. S, jmwm. I.i11x'iIl1-, M1151-1'. NMCI1-0. N12lllN'l'5. U. Nluflcmy. B. Millvr. Sr'c'1n1r1 Rwrrf M1111 Milclwll. 1.111-l1111'1', l,111-kirrlvill. l.z111Ic'1'b111'l1 IVIQISSLQ. B. fVI1'C11y. jvrry Millvr. l,1'11'l11'1'. :VIL'NIiHflI1, l.1-wis, 13111111171 R1111'.' N'IL'l7t'l'INUYI. N1CI'l'l'l'. lmxxis. I.11H'111:111. Indy Millvr' N111111111'1l. l.111111, Ncxxmn. l.cz1g111-. NlK'Kil1IN'j'. 'Z fn., . Twp Rum: Push. Mya-rs. Muurrc. :VIi1lL'l1. Pz11'l111m. Nc'x1'111z111. 511111111 Rrwzzx' Nay. Murwrm-. Nlorris, Nvlsrm. l'c-11111511-r, N1-ill. Nrxrlh, P1-ark, Cl. Muir, NIr11'1.5:111. fN7C'l'lt'lldl'!', Nichols. x1Lll'l'Zlj'. 'l'f111'r1 Rfflll' B. Muir. Pnrsorr. N1-xx l7Cl'I'f', plllxhlll, P1':1rcc-. Pagan 13111111111 Row: P2llI'iL'k. O'N1'ill, Nl'XXiI1j.1!1ilIT1, Pzxrkn-1'. l'11l1vm111, R. Nc'1x111:111, Uldhmrr. Noltc. Ii, Pzrrkvr, 171111111-1'. Huck. Pzrlvcvk. o1.,' 0146 Twp 140111: Rvvsor. Cl. Pnpo. Prmrty. S1-1-111, Posey. Sclrrocclvrg Sm-111111 liwwf V. Schrxltz, Pron-lmskzl. U. S1-l11'1wcl1-1'. Sulrxw Stricklcr, Rzrylvrvurrr. Plumrrwr, Sharp, Rrmn-Il. R111111111'ry, Prvpc. Suhzrilitzvl. P011 1-Il, Sapp. T 11140 'l'l1i1'fl Rmb: Putter. Prihil, Slmlllxrd, R1-i11I1z1rt. RQI1111. K. Rub- Bullunz 13111115 Roberts. Quick. Rom-, Rh1111d5, I1'11x'1ms1. Sillwr- 1-rtmn, S2liIUl'S, Suidl. IS. Schultz, Sl'Il1l'ild. Sclrvrllvrr. Iwrgvr. B. R41hl'I'I5Ul1, Ruv, Sl10llv11bz11'g1'1'. C. Svlulllf. i 3 The 're Eager For ext Year And enier Fame -as bm.....,..,....4 nn lllp Rtitr: Stuart. Southern, SIlly0I'.Yliilllklll1l'Lll'l.IU0rlilltllillh, Swt-mul Rim: 'l'rztynm'. Terrell. Smiles. Yuttgliti. K. Smith. Stexxztrt, 1. Smith, Stith. Spears, Welclfm. Stephsm. Vattitlztwer, llzirlene llimiiau, l'l1irzIIltiu'.' Story. Triles.. Virclen. Stugner.1ttcly'l'litmitts. Speel- Btilttmt Rmb: Sxximiey. CI. Smith. Smyth. Yam Yrttnlteti. l,. mzm. Suits. xiiiHllUl'l'lUUliYl'l', Tlirmrp, Tuppztn, llptmt. Smith. Swiggztrt. Slfllllillllilll. luriier. Sylmrzt. lipttm, Stevem. Imp lute: R. Willizimmn. P. Willizimsrm. Oringderll, Woods, St-etmcl Row: Yuunt. Wilhurn. Wilwn. XVinkler. XVtmg. VVy:ttt, Wright. Walttm. Walker. Sehntirn, Wedel, Weir. Vim-ent. Ymtng. llizrd inte: Withers. .-X. Watkins. Warkentin. Wood, I. Wat- Bfltum Roux' M. NVilliz1ms. 1. VVtttlxiiix. Cf. XVZIISUII. Nl. VV4itwii, ki s Wotvlxtiiie, Walters. I. Williams, A. Williams. Willshire. Wall, Withrtmtttx. Wt-hh. Wheeler. Yztalmt. Wtmllinger. lllli PRlf'I"l'Y 'l'VVIRl.lfRS til' ICHS hzmtl, Delores lfergtmrni, Beverly Keck, lieverh Rue, Portia Dueltett, Pat liuulier, amd jun-kit I it tu mtv. get ready to lull into step In im HHS pep song. The ephemere Are In ulted B Everyone 5 2 l ll 3 5 s 1 Top Roux' All-wander. R. Barnes. Blair. Baht-on-lx, D. Barnes. Baker. B. Baker. Britton. Broun. Bryant. Bt-ne-ll. Bloulxt-olslai, Baxter. Bm-urdslc-0, Austin. Bollom Row: Bcneclitti. l.. Baker, gltkins. I. Allwrigltt. liartlvy. Tltirfl Roux' Allen. Baggvtt. Arnold. R. Allnrigltt. Bislt. Bentley. Allen. 'l'. Att-lrinson. Balwlu. .-Xinsxxortlt. I.. :Xtt-lrinson. liomar. Boss. Bt-t-kltant. Bail:-y. Bittner. Ballard. Baldwin. Sw:-om! Rotvf Bt-lcltvr. .-Xllrt-cl, Harm-tt. Boatrigltt. :Xnclcrson. VI. 2 l Top Row: Bruno. Bowles. Bridgeman. Brut-ggcrnanrt. Collins. Svcoml Row: Champic. Coles, Clay. Cltarnln-rs. Catton, Cltocl- Castor. Carroll, Bracken. Butts, Colo, Campbell. rick. Bull. Collins. Clinv. Collier. 'lllzirtl Row: Clarke. Brooks. ClL'x't'l1gt-r'. c:l12ll7ll3CI'S, Carlvy. Hotlom Roux' Brown.Bra-wvr.lirasllz-ar,Cltrisman.l5rc'itvnlQa1np, Clrancv. Cltowning, Case, Cltarnlwrs. Carroll. Cains. Cln'ist0nst'n. Bullcr. Colcliron, Calivas, Clu-nom-tlt. 5 S Top Roux' Collin. R. Craxxlortl. Douglas. Daily, Uully, Ualry- Swuomll Rtlll'.'f Uillrlinv. C. llavls. Day. lf. Craxxlorcl. Critvs. ntplo, Conartl. Cook. Cornish, Cross. Eaton. IJ. llavis. lick. Tltirrl Row: Cozart, Cont-. Culp, Courtnvy. Durltarn. Day, Don- Bottom Roux' Cranclall. Coxxsar. B. Davis. llttvlxm-tt. lloty. Dock- nt-Ill-y, Dutton. Croxxl, lfvlwrt. Crosslin. vr. littptts. Copvlancl. llalryntplv. l.. llaxis. llanlvl. 1. 1111 Q11 Iis114l11w11 R C11tl111m Holm lILY1I1,IlilYbHlll',Ililll- Work Awiull Hard, But till Have Fun Ill 4111 l1tN M1 1 L,lN1UI1 Fields, Ifdxulrds. 511111111 lzOlL'.' Fl'ilI1L'i5, lfussvti, liischvr. l:lCIk'lll'l'. l':l1II'ikl'l1, HM. Um110ll, U. f12llLl8Il2l, Illillllillyf. lfmllks. Ifrmlvr. F1-1111'css. 13111111111 Rfwzv: Uiluwn. Fvlwr. Iflvsl11111111. I:l'l'l'lHXL'. i1l'2ll'hl'1IIll. I:1w1'lsrm11. lfx'z111s, Ifryv, ll11c1'Im'l1. 1 L H ukxmr I1 Hows wr, Ilvssor. Ilvin- Sc'cm1rI Row: IIc1H'111z111. Urvcr. lIofl'111z111. lIK'HIN'kl', llmmlwbx. Ilnl- bcrt, IIIIIIIIXXZQ, Hinklv. B. llz11'111r111. flalulxim. Clf1ml11igl1t. I.. HQ111111111. Il0111'3. U. c1lllllI'il'. llnxx k, llnyx. ALJ -I H 1 1111 s H jnl1mr111. I51':111ks. 511111111 Rwzlx' Kilo. li, jlllllbilll, JLIIIIUN. j111'd1111, Hu11g:l1. l'1l'lliU. x 1 111 ul111m11, -ll'Illil'k. Hullym-11. Imwiu, .'X, I11l111w11. ,I lffvllfml Rwzct' 111111-s. llL1111pl11'4'1. lulvv. IU, jmvlws. K1-111. Ku ll 1 111 IX 1 111 llnppml lx11'kl1:11't. IIHll5kEl. singvr, ll11cls1111, Hull. -ll'Ilkil1N. ilr1l1v1'. 13111111111 Rfllll' M. Hzlyvs. Hvd1'ick, ll. ll111l1riu, Ilzlll, H11111il11111. oph Are The Lowet Thing They All Say ., 2 Z 3 p up Rvlux' hm-ll. Malvnlq. l.axxycr. ML-Umlzllcl. Madclnx. l.a- St'k'Ul'lI1 Ruiz? limlsay. l.arg1'. Kvllar. Klioxwlx l.axxx'c'1'. l.ym-lm mar. Kilvlwn. R. l.axxsrm. Huslmm, lmw. ll. Marlin. l.m4'law. Krmrvm. ll lmxxis. lhirzl Rfllll' Mc-Kvv. l.aml1. Krusv. l.l'iIL'lTIN2ll1. I4-sliv. MQ-lirrmrmm. Bollnm Rout lung. Latham. li. IAIXXNHII. R. Nlarlin, llilillilllllll M. Marlin. lmmrlis. l.zlx'iclq, KirlQpaIrlvlx. l.oClraml, Kutlan. S, l.m-mis. ML'N'lam'mi11. MLClollan. N'l:'ClLlirn' l.axtmm. lap lima-5 O5hm'n, MusclCy, T. Mille-r. Mrmmn. MXCWN. Sl'L'i7lHl Rnux' Mvl10w. Mum. Mallwvws, M. Mjwrs. Mallu-mn lVlm'an. Nolson, R. Nz-wcll, B. Massvy. Murray. Martha-wh. Morey. Martindale. Niviscm. CI. Morrow. Nlaxvy. Ihirrl Ilaax' Mock. Nay. Neal. Nvxxtrm. Moody. N154-r5. I, Bnllfwm Roux' Mygram. Oakley. Munro. Mctsa-lu-r. Nlcadm' Millvr. Massvy. New-ll, Maynard. Malik. Morris, N'l4mtgrm101'y. Ulwrlvmlvr, li. Millvr. Muir. Mullins. I., Mm' rmxx lVlc-rriil. ? 3 v la , Q lap Rnu': 'lf RlL'l1ill'Cl51Yl1. Paulk. Planlwll, Paintlm. Urlniwn. Swwmfl lima-5 Paslwy. Pride. Pattvrwn. Sclwxx-1'. Paris. Ulclam Plummvr, Pratf. Regivr. Ram:-y. Qualls. U'lJca. M. P415 uv. Puclwtl. llzirfl lhflag- C, RlL'lTilI'ilNUI'l. K. Riulmgmlwn. Piljllb. Ulvad, BnHmnRw11'3 Purduv. Ross. Randall.Srlm1m11mz'v'. Parks. P4-ak w u lla-givr, I., Rivlmardwn. llm-Iuv', Pam-11. N. Paynv. Rn-arm. Uma. lxaymuml. laync. The 'll Wait Two More Year And Have Their Day iii . a f l 'iii LQ Twp Row: Ci. Smith, Bert Smith, ll Rogcrs, T. Rrvgm-rs. Shnrvs. Smwirirl Rmb: Nl. Rolwinsfmn. Ruth. Slivvts, Russ, xV2lI'l'l'll l1ivgn'r. K. Smith, SL'l1il1'lil'l', lf. Rolwinsrm, Skaggs, Shyrock. Silvr. Slziytun, Billy Smith. Rin-In-3. ll Smith. 'I'l1ir11 Kurtz' Sliriwr. Rylzlnclcr, She-ilu-ld. Svhillvr, Sozrgrmvs. Brwthmi Rfvzix' llolwrts, Rmlgvrs. Simmons. Siwxxclvii, Sxuiiivy. Simulink, lim-rnivc Smith. Rita-hvy. Rummury. Rilcy, Shiplvy, lciclcl. lvlinmlv, Stull. Stzililoy. i 9? X R Trip Huw: Srwwli. l.. Smith, Truman, llmbvrgvr, Straw. Sundcr- Svcmirl Rtlll'.' Sc-ltiwiclvr. Struikv, 'l':iylnr. 'l'rnynm', Rulwrts. Stul- lzmcl. lf. 'lihurmzm. 'l'uvkvr. 'l'zihc-r, Tzillzmt. lurcl. Vain xVl'lClHll. Sirimplc. R. Smith, Smm, Rupv. 'liliirrl linux' Swain. Stnyvr. fVl. Stmivliot-kvr, C, Stmichnskvr. Buttimz Rmb: l:L'l'k'l1illl.Xl2lIl Vrzinkvn. llwsmzm. linnlur, Slvuvt. Stvgmnuii, Summvry, Smit-ek, Sparks, Stzinclcrlcr. Strirklcr. Vrwth. Y. 'l'hurm:m, 'lkillr-y, Whitzikcr. T011 Roux' Waggorman. sim. Wizinn-ku, Wurth, lvt. Timmis, Umbergcr, Whitvncck. Wat Whitley. Whitaker, D. Williams, Wil Tliirfl Roux' Wilcy. M. Williams, Walton. I. Williams. White- nvck, Ward, Wilson, Walck. Wojahn, Whoa-lor. Svcrmd Row: l.0aguc'. Waters. We-lls. Wintvrlvzick, Vvst, Wales. Swartwnnd, Skinner, G. Williams, Warren. Bottom Row: Spurmvmnrv, Taylor, V. Winlivlcl, Whitlim. R. Winfield. Wvlnnclor. VVin1cr, Warner, VVinslam', VV5mzm. 'lu -- W f 'xii S' W :IM '11 .Ti 2. 'ff gif, M A , ' 4,5 N N Wxfw 25 eff QL Mgfwfia Q ,E 5 r S 5 'if ' If tr Or v A I 5-if I lvxf A Q i .Nia , . K ,s 4 Xfr' f ir gf, -mf . S , , A ' F' x, ' ' 2 is A .,: " i ,- 5 . , L SEB' Q uk ffig f gl 1 X , I XL,, .. A 5 1 J an b Q 5 E55 , 7.4 9 5 5 , . A . 5 1 L Qc' E f 34 ' -5 . 1 IQ' Q A' S aff A A Q ' .9 h 5 JP' 8 A . Q' ,ge 2 Q ay 1 5 5 N' ' . Q W. EX ,ww vi' la g"k"'Vj N, To Enid Hi h Royalty xf 3 ADUINCI Cll,.'XMUl'R TU IMS fL'2ll"S ilvlivilivs zum I'l"ldiIlgI Q-lockxxisc l,I'4JlN btlllulll lul'I: lmmu 'l'hmslul Cvhfbfllfi Que-4-111 Shmwm Smmdcly. lixlskctlmlll Qllm h .g ,fy K-X 'N f-'ik 'Nz-f .-""'- yi! 5 NY1mcl1'il1g. Band Qlwcug l3vx'crIy Bllclmnzln. May Q ww: l.z1Durmz1 l'4I'ilIlL'i5. lfuullmll Qlll'Lxl1Q Susan e Il. Aquawllv Qum-vm: Suv Madisml, Illf. Qucun. . .Q 1 iv 5 ' 7 w LL 'i 1 395.1 -dd-4 rv' , 4.15557 R ig 'W 5 A Q' W1 .qw E . ' 'i . .- W. -, '. ik nm Af Am- f X U x Km 5:2 EE? - Us i 1'- maa , if ff , I i1'z1Tf'!4 f X 3 Y if n I . J, I 1, f fy A . 551 . g M' 9 ' l 1 ,Q ,, ,..' "Y V, 'V 1, Ms,-, ,. 2' A A as sy f 'r f 0, .7 V ... ."-I Q 7- 1 if L .4 5 , iz., ff I w i. I' Q In 1 V Cz,-A INN ' ff' L,,A ...k-r.4,.'- ., on -3 I M M ,,..' 1 . I 3 a':.""'-- 5 . tv- "A:-Q A e -,, A kiwi 1 i"""' A Q ,r .pug EH , i xg RXQ 12 f 2' ,Qi .f xr: . tw 'D X ' f J 1 4 fl 'X 1- .1 . I K, . Q -an A ii 6 ,, . ,. .W At' raw 79 W' y- ,1 NJ? TS ClOYIfRNN'IIfN'l' SPRINGS park lake prrwidvs llw AIYi'I1d2lI1lN, Twp mzr: ,I'0INlNj' IA2lIlMii'll. Lflldil Czrshimm, Huh '7l'QllIYi'llI xpring I72lt'kgl'0llllLI fm' this ZINIHIZII vvvntg om' rcmvm- Hill, Slhil' Wiukvr. vlxfilli Cizlrdullu, l,2lI'l'j RUZIINS, czilyllx Lmnlm. lv-vm-mi 'md K'hL'l'iN!1l'Ci by wnium the rc-st nf' thvir livvs. Sur- Churlvs Gatos. KXIICIIKIEIIIIS. Bwllfmm mfr: N'lz1ri1m Nmmh, llmmn l'HllIldL'll by thou' SIIIUIHIQIINN url' Tlwir Royal Milil'hfil'5, Blllkf Tipton. David Wurrvn, Nancy Sllillllltiil, l'n'ggy VVvlls, llug.-r llltulu-m'k, M413 Hurzllcl. :xml Bvw1'ly Blwlmmlrl, Milf Quc'c'I1. Lvxxis. Mary I'fdxx41rds.PuulAsllllll. 5 IUR C IRI S INTI RI SIID in in Husnntillus , sn-rv' liNlD'S LICADINC BUSINESS and professional men and womcn gather in the FHS aiuclitorium rm Carcvr Uuy lor gc-rwrail assembly before arming to imvrvst grmips. il BEST A'l"l'IINlJIiD BY boys i5 llw cliscussirm gruup rm armed lhra-vs. VQIIIL1' Air Force Bzisv rmllii-ers :incl men lrnm the recruiting ollicvs lm-:acl tliv gruup rop- resuming larnnclics ml' tlic sviwicc. Mostly girls ultvrul lliv group un lzisliimi dvsigning. Ima-riur dccorzitifm, lloral scrvicv, wimlmv display :md dross all-signi am- zimrmg thu siibjccls disc-ussccl. ng 5 S r RIEPRliSl2N'l'A'l'IVliS TO Tllli medical services conference, Dr. Bruce Hinson, Mrs. Clara Brentlinger. Miss Juanita llorn. Don Vance, and Norman Brett discuss their chosen work with interested students. Altru a Club ponsors Career Da For enior The annual senior Career Day conference spon- G. QR. BONIIAM. lree lance news pltorograplier, explains the qovcd hx, the Altrllgq Club of Fnid Wag hcld at use ol his camera to Mrs, lirances llerningway. :Xltrusa nieniher. . . .. . . . . . . Otis Phillins. Milton C'arher, Miss Ruth Scott and interested Enid high in january. Each senior attended two mmm l ' ol several discussion panels ahout professions in which they were most interested. X lVlrs. Flrno George. president ol Altrusa, de- 'i if: livered the welcoming speech to all the business people and senior students, encouraging the seniors to choose their vocations carelully. lack 'l'resncr, local businessman, advised the seniors to choose as a career a lield which was interesting and appealing to them lor only through a sincere interest in their chosen field would they advance. The seniors enjoyed the various discussions and appreciated the inlormation that they received. liaeh panel described the education a person needed lor his lield and some good and had phases ol the occupations. Seniors li-lr that the inlorrnation they ohtained would prove helplul as they mapped out the courses that would he necessary lor them to take to enter their chosen llelds. K ,. 4' , . -I-1' ' ' il r 1 ' fm' , fa f . V X. , , - . A. . , A Xzun.. . N WOOIUWCJRK STUDIZNTS, H. W. Closnell, jackie Roberts. lla house. Observing the xxork are Ronnie Horne. Vlr. and Mrs. S. l,. llori Enid High Open Door MARY MARTIN AND her dad, Kenneth Martin. ex- amine a cathode-ray tube oscillograph which produces a visual representation ol sound xx aves. Iixplaining the work- ings ol the machine are Ierry Kudlae and Bob l.eser. 9' - , . Q 5 - i .,u- 3. ,M Q X A4 Q, 'ly er y M ai .f i.'i J?" uw' , ,fi .Ka - . ' 'tins A ww, rry Iiden. and lim Day. display their skill in handeralt during open te. and Mrs. Tlielnia O. Day. To Parent And Alumni Teachers ol' Enid high school took pride in displaying their fine equipment to parents, friends, and interested on- lookers when EHS threw open her doors for Open House. Many alumni were entertained by finding their class pictures in the halls, Dinner was served to all who de- sired in the high school cafeteria beginning at 6:UU p.m. The physical education classes demonstrated the skills they had learned by giving exhibitions in the gym and swimming pool. In many ol' the rooms chalk murals hedeeked the black- boards. and experiments were being performed by several students to the interest ol many visitors. As the evening wore on, guest books quickly lillcd, par- ents and lricnds sxvarmcd in the halls. and students prac- ticed their manners introducing their parents. When the last group had disappeared and eorsages had wilted, teachers remembered all the parents they had met that evening. tu ilu III uf p I w un thur hnmlx ll C1151 Il Hum x 5 an x I NI5ll'I'. fltlvl x . "1,-S Q, , Aera, Air -fa 'ia Y . , x 'sf-5... - W, qw ,gs Exif Q . X X.. 1 4 .fm ix Wig? Q W' 49:2 gm ff m W A T X p A 3 5 I 'ff' gb . sz' f A TR X' 5 ,Aim I Q Q X396 -f 440' y - vj X k ,I I X V nk' , V 11,11 'in M 5 H N I- !X 1 2 IQXPIAINING THIQIR IIOBBIIQS to stuclvnts 1110 Miss Ruth Nlooru 1-x111'1'ssi11g l1u1' lou' lor tl10 Bilwll-g R115 l"z11'1'1111t p11so1111 ll lootlnall 1-11111-l'1 111111111 l11s los1111g 1111111 il pvp talk: :mal Nlrs. xlZll1l'l Nlztnlux tclliusl Iltl' 11111111111-1' ol' lz111s using so1111- ol llll 1oll1111o11 to illus1r1111- l1t'1' I'L'IIl1lI'li5. l'u1111x hours Xurn IIl1lULI'0ll9 lflllllld PHS dur ug 9 f but pLll1lJS tlu lu111111s 111s 1111111 11 tt ulurs 1ss1mbly F uh ya 1r thn sc rlUllS 1 1 dmg, 1 L11 orgmg, l1Lulty t as 1 11411 lool1 18 thu try thur h1rdcst to shou the A squ1rL dmu lad off proundlng to 341 tln studcnts 111 tlu flghl lr1rm ol mmd rlhls dmu fmturcd Mrs W111d1 BL 1rdslLL Mrs udx I-I1LklL M1ss ovu Hom 1rd lpr1Lt1LL tculurb Mrs N 1om1 Kmdln Mrs M1bLl Mmlcy Mrs 'NIQII1 McC'rc1rv Mrs IuQyl1 Splcknlmlcr md M185 Nmq W1gnLr rll'lLlF PIYINLTS Wcrc Rub 'trd Dotsou H 1rold Duckctt Scott Cmg H. H. Hnuson S'llll'OI'Ll Ncwsom Lwcl Ridgn in Stroup 'md M'1r1'in V'111d'1vur1 Soloist M'1r1'in Mynrs sang, I Yust C o Nuts '1t Christmqs. l.1tcr lu VS"lS joiuul by Richwrcl Dot- .11 S'ott '11, '1c '1r1s ns ' ' qll'lI'lLl singing '1 mndlny ol wnstprn l"1x'orit1s. 'l'L'1chLrs workcd togcthcr '15 '1 u11it to proviclc thc studcnts with '1 glimpsc ol' thnir morc Lntnr- taining llumzm sidc. X Ill VIC R 1111 N 1 1 1 WSE! THE OIUILL H'a.,1tfS 3337351 PLAINSMEN MEET 11 PERRY Tomcur CHEE 51 1111111 I CKRUSFH 1 if lf , ruurtnnm 1 X 01111111115 , IORINID 15 c111a11u5 1111111111111 A N J S'njDmTsfO 111.9111 FESUVAL mu MEETUM X-',. JA,-1111 .1 MEN Pl-sag f gina I, ,,,,1 K I A-,X 'E '1 '1 QZW 'xf"1 ,.f-v Q-"4 ,4 xx ' 12. E1 1' U .V '- F, ., . 1 , k ,. ,ff w ' 1' " ' ' . 2 I 1' - 1' '1 7 Ul'S INTIERl'RIi'l'1-Yl'liJN ol' 111'11s zxrouml lllS '1 H58-517. ' ' al! 1 ' "SI '1 5 thc is px' "1 by 11iss lllllll S1-1 tt. jou1'11:1Iis111 ll'ilt'lll'I', 11 l1'll 1l1spl11ul , 2 ,E , , .' 2 , , i , , ,Z , 1, - 1 1111 tl11-stzlgv is 1111 1111i!z1tio11 ol tl11- Qllll I. 1 1 1, , . . 1 .1 l2lN '-1 bi ' 1. I111- - l V f z ' 1111 or il , 1,111 1 , . xg ,gs 4, ' ' ' if ' 3 l- 7 ' X fi-V1 ,-- - studcnts that thcy are llurnzm, too. A A I g 1 A 1' 1 2 1 .11 - 1 -1. 1 , Q Q-Wg, 1 - A 4 Jg A- 1 lf 1 r Z 1 . A- 2 - 1 u Q Q? " rm -1 1 2 1 1 X2 1' ". I J' Il f . . 1 -111 1v.,-1,,1j " 1. 1 '. 1. 2 ' 2 1 , -,xx N -AQQ QL -L 1 1 ' ' 1 'J J , . ' ' l' ' 7 , 2 QQLQQQLJ A' 1 1 . 1 N 1 1 r 2 1 q 1 Z 1 A- 1 1 1 - V 5? c , 2 ' . 1 I. , ll' X 1 l 1 Q K 1 1 .I 1 1 1 1. J 1 5 X x q 1 C I C i I . l .1 . 4 X 1 7 1 4 1 ll 1 1 1 1 ' 1 su , L C111 1, 111 l Clm l' Ion' to lorm 11 K 1 4 1 1 1 1 K 1 ,Q A J X , ,1 xt x 1 1 x K I 1 .Thx XN4: 1 1 1' 1 1 1 1 1 ' vffl K N14 VY" Assemblie Prove Entertaining And Educational VVITH ENID HICH'S athletic foes behind them, EHS cheerleaders lead the student body in the popular yell. "Skit Skatf' Y S' f- we ,f 1 1 'ilVlemories are the treasures of the mindf' a very true statement expressing the real student feeling about assem- blies held during thc year of i958-59. The first assembly of the year was a pep rally opening the football season. Several well-known graduates were guests on the homecoming assembly which highlighted the football season. Throughout the year assemblies were given in honor of outstanding people. to kick-off a special holiday, or liven up the EHS students. Athletic letters and awards as well as Enid high royalty were presented on the assemblies. The Christmas assembly was a talent-filled and inspiring one. It represented the humorous side and the more seri- ous, religious thoughts. Traditionally, l.i'l Abner was presented on the Sadie Hawkins assembly, and the all-school talent assembly showed off the talent of EHS. Chief Acee Blue Eagle was guest speaker on one of the top assemblies of the year. Appearing in his native cos- tume, he showed the student body several tricks and In- dian customs. Chief Blue Eagle played and sang songs of love and war. Teaching the student body several words in Indian sign language, highlighted the assembly. The Las Cruces Band of Las Cruces, New Mexico, stopped in Enid on February 24 enroute home from a mu- sic educators' national convention in Wichita, Kansas. This ninety-piece band, one of the most outstanding in New Mexico, gave a concert for the Enid high student body. An interesting conclusion to this assembly was a short talk on safety by Iohnny Parsons, famous race track driver. IIRS SNUVVH Xlxl S 'KNIT thx IIIIIXIIX smm IC :Il I put of this xi ITS mnull fhIINlI7 1 18811111 -KA "WM STUUI hall uv 1 131 llll F11 thc atudcm cx mlm pun, rm-I1 Imnball lun 1 n 2. xg st. fl ., Wwkg, Q fin: 033' i 'S 5? fa I if Q1 'mmxfib ffm ii lliffkw W A lm 3, V :E ww.. 224964 -4 Ihyi LIZADING Tllli TRADITIONAL yell "l,et'er Rip" in assembly, Mr. Selby is aided by the eheerleaders and his grandeliilrlrtn Selby Ann and john Saxon. Assemblie Bring Forth Out tanding Talent The annual Easter assembly was held with the lirst part ol the program eonsisting ol light songs. danees. readings. and an Easter parade. The lat- ter part ol' the program was religious, Art students drew Easter seenes while dillerent people played instruments. sang songs and read seripture stories. Numerous pep assemblies directed by lVlrs. Poindexter were held throughout the year. Cheer- leaders ended these assemblies with a lew yells ineluding the traditional "l.et 'er Rip." "l.et's Go To College" was broadcast from HHS stage oyer Tulsa radio station KVOO by speeeh department ol Tulsa university. Members of the quiz panel were Karen Bushner. Donna Tipton. Carolyn Mansfield. l.arry Reams. Wesley Ells- worth. and Paul losehke. seniors. Wesley won the S5125 US. Government sayings bond and an opf portunity to eompete in a state eontest. Spring brought eleetion time at Enid high. The final eandidates lor student body ollieers appeared on a speeial eampaign assembly with their eam- paign managers. Following the speeches. students went to their homerooms and voted, During May. ninth graders yisiting linid high were presented an assembly depieting lile in EHS halls. The student body president and class orli- eers gaye talks on rules ol' EHS. R.-XCZUIZIJY ANN ANU ANDY tleinonstrate the' . " : terl l 'nd senim tugging on the doll assembly presented by the :Xquae erneatli the masks are lieyerly liuelianan and lletiy l'o ITN. n skill it tu ltts K Q S. nv W 329' Q -K-.4 Q 'E if W vi X ,, H i L may W 4 . N A 2 ww . N, .. New 4-.Qi ! . ' E -15 N 1 5 X. 1 xg 37 WEN 3 2 fs 9 ww f 1 I Q 5 if 'li' -15, V X4- 'F wx ggg XY 5 5 - 33 1,5235 -2 ii--, I i.i,,,,,,w NEW STUDENTS AND student council representatives play Friendship Bingo at the student council get acquainted party. New teachers Paul Russell and Scott Clint: chat with Cecilia Owens lrmn lirvrt Wfwrth, Texas. EHS SENIDRS, BEVERLY Buchanan. Paul Aslahl, l.inda l.aswell, and Bay Aslahl, USU, take advantage nl Enid! deluge ol snow during the Christmas holi- days lor a speeding sled ride. VOCALIZING AS A quartet laculty mcmhers Richard Dotson, Marvin Myers. Scott Ging, and Charles jones sing Western ballads. Below, Rotary cluh presi- dent Ed Smith presents Bolo Hill with 20 Four-Way Test Plaques. Desk models for the teachers and pamphlets explaining the test are also given by the Rotary club. -4' Jafpuud 'ix FOURIWAY rssr the HU HI. i mm r.. all .-.....N.m4f n tmihl mum MH. M lil O Il INMNIINIIWWF il ln' Ill V H6 I U l 1' Y Z f dvi N Y Y ,A WATCHING IVIRS. LUIS Vance, foods teacher, concoct a favorite new dish are Darla Chowning, Teresa Allen, Norma Bullet' and Nlarvis Onto. Life At Enid High I Fun And Unforgettable Text books, grade cards and academic activity were not the only important factors contributing to life in Enid high. The pendulum of school life made a wide sweep from classroom to assem- blies in the auditorium to competition in the sports field to dances at the education building. Students' abilities and interests expanded the range of Plainsmen life to statewide speech con- tests, scholastic conferences in other cities, student council conventions, athletic contests, and the bandsmcn's attendance at the famous Mardi Gras. I.ife was vibrant at home, too. as student par- ticipants and spectators enlivened their days with pep rallies, plays, special assembly programs, the annual Tri-State band festival, holiday vacations and election of school leaders, Besides the fun of organized activities, life had its casual warmth, too, formed in the friendliness of students passing in the halls, their courtesy and helpfulness, "get-togethernessii in the cafeteria, and best of all. the wonderful process of learning to know and understand each other in that inde- finable feeling of comradeship and oneness, called "Life at Enid High." A GROUP Off students pause before entering the bus which will take them to a journalism conference in Stillwater. -4 sfqgslur A -W. VHCATWNAL wwf' DE CLUB, SPONSORED by jewel Ridge and DO Club. sponsored by Toni Kennedy, hold their annual banquet in the Young- blood hotel ballroom with invited guests. employers and EIIS teaehm s D !k .ut . . 1 , Qt , fvgvjfie e -'Y X SN. ff -... DE And D0 tuilent Entertain Employer CARY NleBRlDlf, DE pres. and Jeanie Atkinson. DO pres.. talk wttl banquet. t Dr. lien Henneke. guest speaker at the DE-DO 92 The annual Employer-Employee banquet. staged by the Distributiye Education and Diversified Occupa- tions clubs. was held December 4. in the Hotel Young- blood ballroom. The banquet was under the direction ol Tom Kennedy and Jewel Ridge. heads ol the DE and DO departments. Serving as toastntaster was Cary lVleBride. president of DE. while l.arry john- drow read the invocation. Ieanie Atkinson. president ol' DO. welcomed the group. and E. W. Chambers, owner ol' C and C Variety stores. gave the response. Over 350 students. laeulty members. student em- ployers. and other speeial guests including H. T. Archibald. state supervisor ol vocational edueationg Pete Chapman. assistant supervisor representing DEg lVlr. and lVlrs. DeVVitt VValler. lVlr. and lVlrs. D. Bruce Selby. and the Enid board ol education. attended the party. Guest speaker lor the evening was Dr. Ben G. Henneke. president of Tulsa University. who spoke on the necessity lor having a positive approach. ,ig ,-9' 3,4 F, 4 .4' l 3 VVITH MR, SELBYS assistance, senior cheerleaders, Sharon Snoddy, Peggy 'z - -2 ' "1"-. -Q I Q Q VVLIIS md D1 mm Bms ln ld tha sludmt bodx m Cnc Wh an K' VISITORS U www mvorooo 1' I M E F O R EMD H rgoumree xhf a's. A in IUCYIBXII ffl AVI Top Rott Bovln lxrtx uk Bn u Pat lVleCugin. larry Reains, Billy Ken, Louie Priehe, liruee rt lusstll ncrt SI cn pt rs tr in me ern Shields, Charles Wright, Don Davis. Dee lang, lfugene Sharp, itlvlcr Nl ix lxtndill Snnth ov Wm Dallas Ferguson. Bottom Rtlltf Billv Blair. Ronnie Taylor. c iesttr tiff ou P t Monrot lioh Stliwtltlvt Vllc um Richard l.ovell. john Felt, Richard Cirooin. Danny line. Jimmy r r sson on s N e voru oi Vandaveer, Ernest Moody. Pat Blanton, l.arrv Cregory. Not ox C oun i IX axis rom nu nnnn sox pit-lttrf'rI.' Boh XVright. Determined Football Team Strives For Comeback N58 will go down as a rebuilding year for the lfnid high school football team. In 1957 the Plainsmen made their best mark with a six-five record since the Mid-State Conference Champs of l952. But when August N358 rolled around, Coach Marvin Vandaveer found himself with only one returning starter from the previous year, Bruce Shields. Fullhack Donnie Robinson was lost with a knee injury, and Coach Vandy was faced with rehuilding the previous year's offensive power. Coach Vandaveer tpietured eenter in lower left pie- turei was again armed with his fine staff: Line Coach lack Wehh tupper lefti. End Coach Bill Brown tup- per righti. and Sophomore Coaches Norman Lamb tfower lefti and Sanford Newsom tlower righti. Through the efforts of a tireless coaching staff and the undying spirit of the team. the Plainsmen wound up with a won three, lost eight record. Larry Cregory won the starting fullback slot on the All lVlid-State Conference team with Ernest Moody. Charles Wright, and Don Davis holding down posi- tions on the defensive team. i 4 , v-1 1 QP 1 Season's Record Nfliclm-si City. . 25 ' ' lznid . . . I4 6 lznid . . . . 14 Blackwcll . . Nrirnnni . . . lil Enid . . 6 Sllziwnvc . . . 22 Enid . 20 UC Dmigluss . . . 25 Enid . l4 Ciupilul llill . . 55 lfnid . S NSS Sfllyllf Hlfllllf SQII-XID-'1'np Rfrirj Rulwrl lizllnnmllx. l.w:n l.:nn:n', jiin llvswr. N'l:n'k Nlzlclclnx. llninnv VVilliznns, lfrvd C1'uxxl4n'Ll. Billy lgncli. Nlikc Mull-nky. Ibiuky llinklv. Nlikn' Cimmg Dim Ilnlwlm. Clary janzcn. 'l'ln'f'11 Row: Curl Cullinx. Cilmrlvs jmws. Rim-kiv Nvwcll, Miko Briwggc-nizlnii. David llwgcix, 'llnn lluga-rs. Hin-K Clrvor. 'liiin VliI'll,I1HI', Clary Pm-lwtt, Ciilinurv W'illi:nnx, lirud llilkvr. Swcnrifl Row: lfddis' Snlli-1-, Dirk limrin. Pom-ai City . . . '56 lfnid . Norlllwcsl Cflzlsscn . 24 linid . . lfnid ..... 44 lil Reno . l.z1wlm1 . . . 42 lfnid . . Enid . 27 l,0l'l'Y Bill Nlmwy. Hung lliilllillll. larry lilzllllm, Clmcl-iii Ha-iinlxln Utliu VVl1iIvin'n'lx. .-Xrilnn' XN'ill0It. jznnva llllllllliilll. Kirin Slllllll jnn liilxli-r, llclnivr llrum-. Hnllnnz linux' linlw XVQIIUTS, l':llyXCIN' llznxlkins, lfugcm- llnnnizin. R1 ll nrwld Colm R4 Xl ll HI l ii , ', C .l1ilIlll7l'I'5. unrnv l'l4'li'lni vnniv . il uw 1, Vitlllllilf RlL'llIlI'llN ljlllllllll, -Inn nn, lzxxinx 2 Q B- A 8f,n.'?w QM K 'Sega ,M 0 421, QUESQZBFE i"4Q45'W9HQ ' Big Blue Play Hard Despite the lact there were only seven lettermen returning, the Plainsmen awaited the onslattght of the Midwest City Bombers lor the first game at Plains- men Field. The onslaught came-led by All-Stater Roscoe Leavelle at guard for the Bombers. Dale Har- ris and Dick Ledbetter teamed up lor lour touchdowns and l5Sl and l03 yards respectively for the visitors. but the Big Blue team had its moment of glory when Iohn Felt bootlegged the ball around right end lor the first score and threw a 36-yard pass to Pat Blan- ton. When the final whistle blew, the score stood 25 to l-4. The Plainsmen rambled north the next week to in- vade the territory of the Blackwell Maroons. The Plainsmen were ahead all the way when Pat Blanton scampered 84 yards lor a hrst score, and l,arry Greg- ory drove his way over from the one to lead at hall- time l4 to 0, Blaekwellis lack Briscoe powered his way over alter two fine runs to end the game 14 to 6. It was a sad weekend when Messrs. Wilkinson and Iacobs came to town. The Norman Tigers led by lay Wilkinson, the famous OU mentor's son, at quarter- back and Bobby Iaeobs at left hallbaek played havoc at Plainsmen Field beating Enid 19 to 6. The Plains- men defense held well under Wilkinson,s barrage of passes and speedy runs. With three seconds lelt in the game, Gregory riHed a 34 yard pass to Ernest Moody lor the only Big Blue score. The Enid-Shawnee scrap was termed the roughest and most evenly matched football game of the year. RUN RABBIT-larry Reams G83 and Larry Gregory UQJ charge alter Blat-kwell's Mike Thayer in the l-l-6 lfnid win. On the fourth play of the first quarter, Warren Weller tore up the middle for seven yards and Shawnee's first score. Minutes later Larry Gregory heaved an aerial to Pat Blanton good for 62 yards and a first down on the one loot line. Gregory went over for the score. In the first hall after a long drive engineered by limmy Vandaveer, Blanton scored on a solo six yard rung and the Plainsmen led l4 to 8. Mae Plummer Fired to Dee Lang lor sixteen yards and a third tallyg the score was 20 to 8. Suddenly the Wolves caught fire and scored two touchdowns in the lourth quarter to come out on top 22 to 20. A last ditch attempt by SURROUNDIQU-john Felt 1205 finds himself' surrounded by a host of Northwest taeklersg but with Charles Wright t-VD run- ning interferenee, he blasts his way '35 yards and the first Plainsman score in lQnid's loss to the Knights, 2-f to 6. FRNIF RUNS OUT OF INTFRFFRENCF-Ernest Moody 133D runs into two all Mid-State conference linemen, Don Keeton i595 and larry Queen t7l,7. in the 23 to Ill thriller loss to Shawnee. Blanton lailed. Although Pat ran as fast as he could. live Wolf taeklers crowded him out after a spectacular 67 yard run. The aerial circus from Douglass came to Enid the next week and filled the air with passes. A Gregory to Plummer pitch encompassed 79 yards and the first score, and at halftime when Captain Ernest Moody crowned the 1958 football queen, LaDonna Francis. EHS'ers thought they could Win. It was Douglass' Archie Iones who turned the tide scoring three of the lour Trojan touchdowns to down the Plainsmen 25 to l4. The Enid Plainsmen roared up Capitol Hill the next week. but the Hillmen would have none ol this and won 55 to 8 thanks to the brilliant passing and running of C. B. Speegle III. A Gregory to Blanton pass play covering 65 yeards resulted in the only score for the Big Blues. The Ponca City Wildcztts came to Plainsmen Field the next week with talons raised. Two TD plunges by Larry Gregory. a Gregory to Mac Plummer pass. a Gregory to Mark Maddox pass. and a john Felt keep weren't enough to stave olf the Po-Hi attack led by Shelby Futch and Loren Clinton as the 'Cats won 36 to 26. The score was 0-0 at the end of the hrst quarter. 6 to U in favor ol the Northwest Classen footballers at the half, and 6 to 6 at the end ol the third quarter the following week when the Knights crusaded into Plainsmen Field. Northwest exploded in the fourth. ZOOMwPat Blanton t'3lJ takes oll' on another ol' his llatnous long runs to pieli up a lirst and ten in the Plainsmt-n's -12 to ll! loss to the l.awton Wlolverines. Bruce Shields t2'Sl leads the interference. RMI! BAN! The Big Blue team rally around Coach Vandaveer lor last minute instructions and a word of encouragement before the Lawton game. Players standing on the outside ol' the circle are Bob Schwenke t2ll, Larry Beams 683, Marla Maddox tl-ll, Herb Nelson tbl J, Roy VVinchester t6-ll, Louie Pricbe Gill, Danny Roe tllj, and Gene Sharp GSU. 1958 Football Game Provide Thrill And Chill however, on touchdown runs by joe Howard, Buzz McDonald and Johnny Ward to end the contest 24 to 6. Larry Gregory scored Enid's lone score while Charles Wright and Don Davis played sterling dc- lense. The Plainsmen had a field day in El Reno the next week scoring six touchdowns, two by Ernie lVloody and one each by Pat Blanton, Mac Plummer, Larry Gregory, jimmy Vandaveer and jerry Francis to beat the Indians 44 to 6. The romp ended a losing streak, aiding team morale, and the game was the team's peak in scoring for the season. Fourth rated Lawton came to Enid to teach the Big Blue how to play football. The teachers were end Ray Waller and quarterback Preston Holsinger, who each scored once, and halfbaclcs Oscar Bickering and Ray Tillman, who scored twice each. The Plainsmen, however, eame to class prepared, and before the dust had settled, Dee Lang had scored on a pass from Jimmy Vandaveer, and Iohn Felt had ripped his way from the halfback position 38 yards. The Enid effort was not enough as the Wolverines won 42 to I4. It was cold and rainy when the Plainsmen jour- neyed to Perry the following Friday night, but pa- tience and perseverance again won out as the Big Blue NTAYBE VVI-Q'Vli GOT IT-The players and mat-hes watch intently as the linesmen go in to measure whether the Plainsmen have a first and ten. They do, and moments later john lfclt scores. oxcrclmc a htllttme lcad 18 to 6 to Wm 27 to l8 I lrry Grcgory droxc hls may through thc mud to Qcorc thc hrst touchdown Bc lorc hc could Qcorc again 111 the fourth lirncet Moody and Pit Blanton had both rlppcd oil '74 ylrd runs to cllmax the Plamsmene bcst dcfcnstxc effort of the year Bob McCoy Don Dans 1nd Charles Wright wcrc partlcularly out Qtmdmg Thc Pcrry game markcd the lmal contcst for 29 FIWHLIS Roy W1UChCSlLf Pat Monroc Herb Nelaon Don Halr Pat I-I'llI'lC9 Marc D'lXlS Pat MCGUQIID lirrv Rcims Loulc Prlcbc Brucc Shlclda Chxrlcs Wflght Don DAVIS Dallas Fergueon ohn Fclt Rich 'Ird Croom Danny Roe Frncst Moody md lirrw Grcgorv 'lhc scxcn rcturnmg lcltcrrncn Vxcrc Hcrb Nclaon OC Blllkl Shclds mcl lion Dun orc: bull lrom l mtons Ox PIRl'xlllIlQ.,S lllllClS 111 thc Ilnrcl lrtu of tht lllllflll ct lc t str ll xc xtx tht lllll Pat Monroe Brucc Shlclds Don Dlxls I urs C rcg, ory Erncat Moody incl ohn lfclt rlhcrc ulll bc nmc returnmg lettcrrncn ncxt yc tr cpt ept Sept Oct Oct Oct Oct Nox Nox Nox 1959 Football Schedule Dum I9 'I cx te Bl lckyxell Putnam City Dougltsa Mldxxcat CIIV Ponc 1 Cltv Northvlcst Fl Bcno C tpltol Hill Norm m IUUS coxchcs md team xx ut bra tthlcsslx to scc ll 1 X C at x 1 lc p thc llrt mtl un tt L Hc rc Hc rc 'l hc rc lhc rc Hcrc rl hc rc 'I hc rc llc rc Hcrc rl ht rc l'l"S l. USF- 'X cl l' .' 1 I ll ' the 1 ' .1 ' qc-ar . hvx, . to 2 is . x . qlll " ' 11 l 'Z H10 as Pic- 'ering ries il Q '1 'gltt clri 'X o X 'lclle. l A ' X I i L' h 7 . I I X A X I 1 - . I X IA' XZ . . . . . X 1. 1 . X 1 ' . . xx- 1 x KX' w 1 K . - , 1",,1 jc X ' XX 1 'X' - SX .ll .... 1., .... XX . 1 ' , S .lS .... 1 X ' . ..... X X X X ' 1 X , l ' X 1. .25 .... 1 1' .... l X X seniors: Bobby Krey, lack Bailey, Martin Meek, lorry Oct. 2 .... Shawnee . . . . . . Here 1 f ' .X X, 1 X, . . . 9 . . . . 25. . . . . . XX ', 1 1' ., . 111, 1 ', '.l6 . . . . .J . . . . XX ,1 I X1 'X 'X X, 'X 'X ., I1 '.2l .... X1 . J .... X X ' . ' 1' , X, 'X- x29 .... 'XS ..... ' XX 1 1 , ' , . X. , 1 .1 1' '. 6 .... 1 X ..... . ' X ' , I3 X. ' ' . . X V J . . .... A . . . . . 1 'X ' XX X 'XXI X X. '. 19 .... 1 ..... 'XX ANX . .' ' 1 ' X' 1 X1 '1 ' X1 J' , XX i' ,1 rr" lrX'or" mic' '5 u X ' s ZI X in lc-Pom-11 City fillllli S ...r X " ij U Z Q 4 Q ,P 1, v sg, ,N 1, 4 , cf - W k5 6 V , " AA 5, -' 7,-,Al f JL . W 'H r A f xfw 3 5 1 5, ,vig ' . 1 Wx 1,11 , " A 'fi 1 ' ff sax 4,55 'S v 0, I ,,. Q W4 Lllxl z X x, . siffiggg' L' ' t ' hx L J f - ' Y 1 'M AAI'-' I 11, +11 if ii' . , Q ,ff-Nw , H gg, Q we X 15 f' 2' 'M Q ., ' 4 + 4 , . -f Qi 5 X ' V J Q75 . T , f , A . Q 'P' I , . if Q Q ' if ask , f avg 'rf' 'S WZ' f 13 K ix W- r -I k ' x 1 ,.-H . r , K 1 X W ,A x A ,Syl I . m " 'S 1 ix 1 . xx -' . , ' 5, 5 I ., 'aff X 1. x 3' 4 W. ,Way ' 4 mf. 'L 4 " . Q .. 2 9 -wk ,Xsx A LY1 f WI. . i ' 51.1,- K faq 555 J QQ W . ,V l ,A5,E,5f., - Fa. g , ,J ,,, ...pf ,,, X . , . it s.. ll V w ,Q 9 if ,YQ 'A , sp wal 14" sd sd ,..f...,. A-13: 1 Top Row: Blair, Lewis, Massey, Sharp, Lang, Ellsworth. Bottom Row: Plummer, Brisben, Holtzen, llnruh, Seem, Nlunger. A Hu tling Ba ketball Team ho Their Ability To follow one ol the greatest teams in the history of Enid high sehool iaeed the Plainsmen basketball team in H758-59. But what this team laeked in talent that All-Staters VVayne Durham and lim Maddox, and honorable mention Ierry Long had the year before. they made up in desire. Most of the teams the basket- ball squad played were taller, laster or better shooters. but Enid went on to beat some of these through hustle and the will to win alone. The Big Blue team boasted only one returning let- terman, Kenneth Holtzen, and two squadmen lrom the year before. Wesley Ellsworth and loe Brisben. Thus, Coach lim Stroup iaeed a rebuilding year. On their first outing the Plainsmen were defeated by Stillwater 47 to 35 thanks largely to six-loot eight- ineh lim Barnes. l.ater in the season a teehnieality forfeited this game to Enid. jim STROUP SANFORD NEWSOM JOE GOLEY RONNIE NORTH That week the Plainsmcn received their first blowg Orrin Munger broke his ankle in practice. Coach Stroup replaced him with Mac Plummer, who went on to become the Plainsmen's leading scorer with an average Of 12.1 points a game. TO add to lVlunger's fracture Gary Ieter broke his hand, and several others had cuts and bruises to compile a staggering casualty list. Enid led Duncan 24 to 21 at the half, but Ioe Bob Brown turned the tide with 13, and Duncan won 42 to 36. One would hardly know what had happened as Enid defeated invading Ponca City Wildcats in the education building 47 to 34. The following Friday Plainsmcn entered Blackwell and blackened the lVla- roons 42 to 41 with one of the Plainsmen's most exciting finishes. Big Blue held their annual Christmas tournament. which they had won in 1957, and scrapped all the way. GO CET 'EM-Wesley Ellsworth 11-11 goes up to get the ball against jerry Ellis 1351 of Blackwell as Mac Plummer 1235 and Herb Seem 1225 look on at right and Gene Sharp 1321 and Richard Byler 134D at left. finally losing to Oklahoma City Harding, 47 to 41. with El Reno beating Ponca City 50 to 35. The next night Plainsmcn grabbed third place by knocking off Ponca 44 to 36 thanks largely to Herb Seem's 25 points. Harding won by defeating El Reno 48 to 42. After Christmas vacation the squad again began in earnest, but the Wellington, Kansas, Crusaders poured on the pressure in the final minutes of the game to win 43 to 41. The Plainsmcn began Mid-State conference play that Friday. Mighty Northwest Classen closed the baskets on their home court and won 44 to 35. Blackwell came to Enid, and in another whirlwind Finish were defeated 29 to 27 on timely free throws by Dee Lang. Enid outdrilled Capitol Hill in the next lVlid-State game. 44 to 39, for their lirst lVlid-State win in the education building. Oklahoma City Douglass had the honor of being Seas0n's Record ENID OPPONENT SCORE 35 Stillwater . . . 47 47 Ponca City . . 34 36 Duncan . . . 42 42 Blackwell . . 41 44 Ponca City . . . 36 41 Wellington, Kans. . 43 35 Northwest Classen . . 44 29 Blackwell . . . 27 44 Capitol Hill . . . 39 47 Douglass . . 48 35 Shawnee . 60 49 Laverne . . 40 44 Mooreland . . 39 58 Waynoka . 59 57 Alva . . . 45 39 Northwest . . 38 42 Douglass . . . 49 60 Capitol Hill . . 49 66 Alva . . . 48 42 Shawnee . 56 38 Ponca City . . 50 36 Stillwater 56 40 Duncan . . . 56 49 Putnam Citv 43 32 El Reno . I . . 39 1 Q X l fl A! if 4 .1 5 a 'l IOE BRISBEN KENNETII HOLTZEN 'N 3, W I it ,ae ycem E ,ss fi ROGER LEw1s Ba ketball Players She KENNY IN Sl.1NC'ERl,AND-Ierry Rhone of Douglass swings the ball 'may from kenneth Holtztn 1333 in the Plains- inen's ttnsc loss to tht Trojans 48-47. Watching are Roger lewis 11115 and Edward liv' ns. MAC Pi.uwiviER EUCENE Snxiw 2 if fl t el if 1 1 3 53 fftrgim 2 . . 1 5 . fe 5 ac peed And Aeeuraey the first team in thc year to play thc Plainsmen in their old stomping grounds, convention hall. Captain Kenneth Holtzen. lVlac Plummer. and Herb Seem scored 17, 15, and 10 points respectively. but they could not stop Trojan Edward Evans as he hit a 30- foot jump shot and made a total ol 32 points lor the 48-47 Douglass win. Enid's hope lor 1Vlid-State champion trophy was halted by Shawnee the following Friday. Farrcl Iohn- son dropping in 31 lor the Wolves. helped to make a 60 to 35 score, although Holtzcn sank 14 lor Enid. Enid was ready lor a tournament win and had a chance to repeat as champions of the Northwest Invi- tational at Alva. The team beat when the Waynoka Railroaders edged the Enid quintet 59 to 58 in a free throw contest after two ovcrtimes. 1Vlac Plummer proved his mettle once again by knocking in 28 points. Six-eight Max Shuck drilled 22 lor thc Railroaders. Alva came to Enid and was handily dcleated 57 to 45. That Friday Enid surprised everyone in the state by downing the Northwest Classen Knights 39 to 38. Dee Lang, Roger Lewis, and Mac Plummer sank final free throws to make the difference. Tom Ward hit a miraculous half-court set shot as the linal whistle b ew. Enid went to Douglass where Edward Evans did it again by scoring 26 points to aid the Trojans on to a 49 to 42 win. Alter the Northwest game Kenneth Holtzen, who had been an inspiration to the boys as captain, found he had broken a bone in his foot. Five-loot, eleven- inch Dee Lang took over the six-loot, four-inch cen- tcr's duties. Mac Plummer, Roger Lewis, and Wesley Ellsworth scored 15, 14. and 13 to down the Capitol Hill Red- ORIIIN lVlUNGER VVESLEY EI.I.swoR'r RB SIZIQM CTARY UNRUH Dlili LANG ,,1.... 4 l 4 1 I Y 1 I K I 5 I I K H I K q C Y I Yi l 1 d 1 1 1 1 H1 K , i f 'Q . A r T D5- ,Q it 5. gl Rt www f 5 msf 1153 I B11 I Y BLAIR ti ft fi v : Q 5 I BILL 1V1AssI-:Y skins for the second time, 60 to 49. Gene Sharp pro- vided the highlight of the game by flinging a half- court shot to end the third period. Enid next jour- neyed to Alva and again defeated them 66 to 48. Shawnee came to convention hall next, and Gene Lauderdale foiled the Plainsmen this time scoring 28 points and aiding the Wolves to a 56 to 42 win. The next Tuesday found a surprise waiting for them. Ponca City, who had been beaten by the Plainsmen seven straight times, turned the tables to upset the Big Blue. 50 to 38. Stillwater proved that they had not fully depended on lim Barnes all year by defeating the Plainsmen 56 to 26. Mac Plummer was high for the game with 16. Don Linsenmeyer and Dick Knox shared honors for the Pioneers with 15 each. The Duncan Demons scored 21 points in the fourth quarter to give the team in the last game of the reg- ular scheduled season a 42 to 36 victory. loc Bob Brown lcd Duncan again with 23 while Plummer was high for Enid with 12. .HM STRUUP COACHES the Big Blue team during brief time outs of a hotly contested basketball game. State tournament time came around again, and many were wondering if Enid could take it as they had the previous two years. Hopes were high the First night as Plainsmen defeated Putnam City's Pirates 49 to 42, but the mighty E1 Reno lndians, led by Manuel Heusman, proved too much. Heusntan sank 16, but Enid fought all the way. 1Vlae Plummer knocked in 10 and Kenneth Holtzen. who had re- turned to the club only the night before, scored ll. The Enid high school basketball team had five seniors playing their last game against El Reno. They were loc Brisben, Wesley Ellsworth, Kenneth Holtzen, Roger Lewis, and Orrin lV1unger. The juniors in- cluded Bill Blair, Gary Jeter, Dee Lang, 1V1ac Plummer, Herb Seem and Gene Sharp. Bill Massey was the only sophomore. 1958-59 Plainsmen basketball team wound up with a 12-14 record. Coach lim Stroup suffered his first losing season as Enid high coach. He had only one returning letterman in 1958-59. Next year he is ex- pecting five. R1iD'I'AKIiS IT-Dec l.ang outscrainbles Bob Bay U21 and David Duncan U11 ol' Blackwell lor the ball as Ken Holtzen t'1'3J, Jerry Ellis C853 and Wesley Ellsworth C1-lj get in on the action, Enid won on 1.ang's free throws, EH Future Varsity Coaehed by Sanford Newsom for the seeond stralght year the basketball B team cornplled a reeord of l4 wlns and 7 losses Hrghlrghts of the season were a 32 30 xrctory ox er Stlllwater IH the opener there a last wrn ower Well rngton 39 36 and squeaky trrumph by Memorral Hrgh 34 33 Maple pounder rlmmlng the most was Brlly Blarr w1th 196 pornts grvmg h1m a 9 5 game average Brlly s personal hlgh was 24 points rn the Northvx est Classen clash B team rnterest polnts They were nes er dele lted tW1CC by any club other than Duncan They seored outnumbered those of the1r opponents They were the strnglest team state wrse lettmg therr opponents ax erage only 30 4 a game The games were played prror to the xarsrty games wrth the undersquad of the opposing sehool The squad was one of the tallest B teams rn the past two years Helght was axeraged at fue feet elexen lnehes eompared to five ten lor the xarsrty Men Gam Experrenee I-NID Seasons Record OPPONTNTS Stlllvxater Ponca Crty Dunean Blaekvsell Wellrngton Northwest Cl rssen Blackwell Caprtol Hrll Douglass Shawnee Memorral Hrgh Northwest Classen Douglass Caprtol Hlll A x a Memorlal Hlgh Shawnee Ponca Crty Strllwater Duncan fop Ron Mr Newson Ceoaehj Crrtes Cole Massey Watson Bottom Rou Newell Hesser Prmton Ldu xrds Orrbsm 'Vlad Hemrreh Regrer Richardson Patterson Qmgr dox Plummer Fntrrleen SCORF Q O I . 9 ' ' . 6 . ' . - . - f' ' 32 .... ' r' - ...... . 30 ' Q ' - , . '. ' ' - 36 .... ' ....... 22 ' - , , ' ' ' 34 .... " ....... . 44 ' - A 4l .... - f ....... 50 - - - - K ' 39 .... ' f ....... 36 . - - - - T - 3 35 .... f . H . . . . 40 ' . ' . ' . ' ' 7 ' X 37 .... f ....... 23 ' ' A' 47 .... ' ' ..... . 33 'GQ 3, , , 51 .... . ....... 46 li " "3 ' ' 2 X 32 .... K - ........ 38 ' - ' 33 .... '. ' ..... 34 more than 32 points every game. Their total points 54 ,,,, Alva ,,,,.,,,, 21 . ' . ' 50 .... 1 - . . . . 34 ' ' . X- '. - ' f -' . 47 .... .. ..... . . 50 f , . ,D 48 .... I ' ' ...... 26 . X V . 48 .... l u ......... 28 . ' . 45 .... I 'f ..... 30 ' ' ' ' h 39 .... ........ 3 0 ' ' U - 45 .... ' ....... 38 . .. L ' f 1 ' - , 43 .... ' .... . . . 31 " -' ' ' ' ' x ' " ' - 37 .... . . . . . . . . 45 ' ' ' , ' , ' ' , 5 J. 3, , - ' ' . ,W 3 X Diving Board: Parker, Henderson, Winslow, Fossett. Eldridge, Whiteneck, Robinson, R. Umberger. Goli Team Has Rebuilding Year 1958-59 saw the Enid high swimming team not up to their usual Mid-State winning form. Louie Priebe, Ronnie Rylander, Jack Gaskill, Paul Asfahl, Larry Copeland, Vince Henderson, and Larry Parker were the returning lettermen to a team primarily sopho- more. The squad coached by Norman Lamb split with Northwest, beat Douglass and Capitol Hill twice, and lost to Harding twice by close scores. Louie Priebe placed third in the 100-yard freestyle in the state meet. The Plainsmen took third in the Mid-State behind Northwest and Capitol Hill. THE BACKBUNE OF the athletics at Enid high: Coaches Bill Brown, Marvin Vandaveer, I. D. Webb, Sanford Newsom, and Norman Lamb take time out lrom practice to pose For Standing: Stephan, Copeland, Priebe. Seated: Rylander, Catskill, Aslahl, A. llmberger. Swimmers Rank Third in Midstate Golf team coached by lim Stroup had hopes ol lengthening their string of Mid-State conference championships to four with letterman John Hatlield and squadman Tommy Lansden. The linksmen had meets with Ponca City, Perry, El Reno, Fairview, and the Mid-State teams. Others on the squad were Phil Edwards, Bob Gamble, Ronnie Rylander, Bob Hill, and Earl Robinson. photographers. Coach lim Stroup talks over prospects lor the H359 golf season with his only returning letterman, john Ilat- lield, and gives him some pointers on his stance and swing. at Y . T K sg 5: ' H A T . wig i F t 5 ,O-sw. 5 TOMMY MORGAN, CARI, Moore, and Floyd Maxsom, are executing a three man roll at the left while David Sehram does a diving roll at the right. Boys Learn 0i kill, Wre tling, And Tumbling A physical education program was maintained for all boys who did not participate in athletics. A regu- lar calisthenics workout was used to limber up stiff muscles and promote agile bodies. All sports were played-basketball, baseball, tumbling. wrestling, and dodgeball. Swimming instruction was also part ol this program with classes for both advanced and beginning swimmers. NOTE Tllli EXTRA help given by Coat-h Bill Brown as members ol' one of his classes build a ten man pyramid. AS GARY FFST flies through the air with the aid ol' Claudi Powell a double shoulder spring. the class watt-hes. . ii . A . ,NNW RFPRIiSliN'I'ING THE GRA'S are the basketball and volleyball teams. Above Cl. to r.J: Book, Gearhard, Galu- sha, lloward, Tipton, Eisele, Robertson, Roe, Scott, Boss, Moxley, Snocldy, Hart. Clockwise starting lower l.: Mathers, Moxley, Snoddy, Eisele, Robertson, C. Stone- hoeker, S. Stonehoeker, League, Crosslin, lloward, Iones, Gearliard, Book. Girls Swim, Play Game, And Learn Exercises SHOWING UFF THF cheerleaders' smart uniforms are Mrs. anet Flowers and Mrs. Judy Ilia-kle, Bravette sponsors. Basketball, volleyball, and badminton made up a part ol the girls' physical education muscle building and body eo-ordinating programg but the most enjoy- able part of it was the fellowship undertaken by each girl and the fact that they were also learning fairness and good sportsmanship among themselves and their friends. IN A B.-XSKF'l'l3Al.l. game, girls from the pliys. ecl. depart- ment struggle to gain possession of the ball. MISS RUTH MOORF dmmsw plans for 1 Lommg, cunt mth I lrry Crngory Susu Enmkan SL15 in Scott and Bruu Shlclds QD runs Fon wfif z' 'Y " " ,z 1-1' ', ' 1, .2 . , ., ' -- rg' N 1 S- nv 4 N SJ .Z MQ . . ,645 4 a'a."9"' aavdqlqlnyqsq Bravette Cheer Team 011 To Victor Enthusiasm, pep, and uniformed eheerleading made up the Bravette pep elub. Combined efforts of the band and Bravettes in their performance for the erowning of the football queen made it a royal begin- ning for Queen l,aDonna's reign. Under the spon- sorship of lVlrs. Judy Hiekle and lVlrs. janet Flowers. Bravettes boasted the largest membership of any elub in sehool. ln taking trips to Capitol Hill and Shawnee, the Bravettes supported EHS teams in all athletie events. 'P qjll-43 vp ., W 4. Yi 6 Top Row: Bush, Carlon, Carner, Boyles, Bailey, Braeher, Chlmee, Batchelor, Allen. 'I'hirlI Rfllllf Beard, Babb, Boss, Buchanan, Ciardullo, Coffman, Coker, Barley. T. Atehinson. Second Role: B. Atkins, Berg, l.. Ateliinson, Christensen, Cheno- weth, Book, Carroll, N. Bomar, Cole. Bottom Role: Bigger, Brewer, ll. Brown, C. Atkins, I. Brown M. Bonlar, Beneditti, Bllrtelson, Baldwin. ,.. . . Ei ll EZ 33,3 l lf Sl L ftl Y l g,.f..e,f-me-.ez , 43,d'6'3 '9t'9'q'a q Top Row: K. Clevenger, Cone, Chambers, Fisher, Carley, Dowd, Ferguson, Entriken, Dye, Chowning, Denton. Tltird Role: Deming, Deeker, Cozart, Culp, Billie Davis, filam- ing, Fentress, Dailey, Dennis. Second Role: Dilldine, Cribley, Busliner, lfnnnons, flllilINl7Cl'5, Fortson. Crosslin, Bobbie Davis. Bottom Role: Dudley, Deel, Coldiron, Crandell, M, Clexenger, Carmichael, Crook, Clark. liek. L . , ,Q . - . it L. . . , , - s s tpettlt l tell L Gage 53 . qt'9""'3l-an '36 Top Role: Higgins, Cist, Ceis, Gibson, Hadley, Hersehberger, Top Role: Iones, Hair. Hollska, B. Iones, lVlanley, Miller, Leach! Hampton, Hobbs, Hill. man, Ioyee Mosley, l.l1fl.IN2ll'1. 'I'llirfl Role: Giles, Cholston, lluston, Goode, lloekmeyer, Hart- rllflfflll Rtlllf Meek, Hopper, Kelley, Kelly, llaskins. l.ox'ell, l.adcl. man. llarris, Henry, Cillhanl. Loomis. johnson. St't'olt111 Role: Hayes, Holloway, Graves, Green, lVf. Hayes, l.. Seeonfl RIPILY Kinkade, Mansfield. B. Kruse, Mullins, Kettering, Hayes, lfoulks, I.. Cearlteard, Guthrie, lledriek. Kirkhart, Marrs. D. Kruse. Mason. Bottom Rtlllf Heinrieh. Harper, B. kl02ll'llC8TCl. Feuer, Hudson, Bottom Role: Mygrant, League, Latham, Lamb, Moore, Mereel L. Harmon, Francis, Brummett. D. Jones, McFadden, jenkins. wg. reovxifi... Q f' A G 9 4 Q Y -I . EY: V 11.5 Q 6,3 iw 1 W-A V 06" 1371139 qaquq 'lbln limp' Nllljllillll, join-5. Murrix. Nvxxnmn. Pzlgs-. Nmxlwrrj. NUXXIHII, N4-m-ll. xhlflill, Nlzluk. 'l'f11'rr1 RUILH' x1l'Bl'I!UII1, Nlumly, joy Nlmmxlvy, Nlilfvr. NI. Huy- nm-Ll, Xlmlu-us. Nay. P4-vkl1zm1. Ulslzul. IicvI1H'. llvmm. 'l'l1i1r1 llwzwf Shvflivlcl. Smith. l'nI1vux P. Pnynv, N. P215 mu Hugh-r. Swwwlzl llffzr: l'r'1mM, Nh-Cluggill. l'ulxxm't. Ulmllmm. P.lr'kim.,11. V ' ' V ' V Pund. N1'xxil1gI1:ln1, Nm-lwn, P511-. l'urwnx, Palrlwl. Ihtlffnz lifrut CJLILXIUB. Nln'lwl1n'v'. NIk'c:lliI'l', Pxlvv. Nh-CIlvll4ar1. ' y ' 'U fH7l'Ill'lWlQ'!, X1kKil1m'y, x1k':vl2lI1l'INiI1. Nvxxsmn. S. IRIQIIU. lvmllz'lmm. Twp Rffzr: Ps'zll'u'. Rllivk. Sslilwrs. Suiix un. Nwwzrl lwlvf lx. lxlwlmzlrdwn. C.. Iwlnmlv. liulffml linux' S. Imxs, K- Ixqumluul. Paula' 3 3 LNII7 CIIIlllflll.IQXIUIQRS FUR ISISN-SSI. Sllurrvn Slmclmly, l'vgf5:3 VVs'llx. lliunmf Rmxxx, Linda Czlxlmifm, I.1mu1il1v XX'1mIuir1c. lim-ky ' ', 1 . ' 1 . xzmlx, xwn- pn-sm-nl All :Ill 4 v SINTIINIJIII. Rulwvtwn Ilimlgxszly. Rivlumlwrm Il. Rxlarmlul. lN'lvvwz1 vvk, I.. Rum. RiYL'lH'y X H ' f - r . 3 . 1 - 1 'kk' 'K , i K i ki Q E i ef 1 ., . S E m 27 2 R V. 3 - v f f . 59 K f f I S: , ' .. ., 2' Q f 3 ra X Q 5 "7 Qs' 9 . ff 1! - . E5 0 Aaq'qqqA 49141196 QV il..-1 6'Q 305.3 Q Twp llwlr: Sirutlfm. Ilmtmm, Summvy. Svidl. Slrmmtlmn. Sykmzx. Twp Rwzzx' Wiggins, XV2llli'l'5. A. VVnrd. X1t'5SHHlll. VVQIII. NWI- Smx, S1-llillvr. burn. VVull1m. xvllllllllilll, 'llllfffj llwzrf Cf. Svlmllv, Sillwrlwrgvr. SULlk'l'k, 'Ill-mmm. H. ,l4lll'7'l1 Run? VV1-bb. llvim'iull. VVillizm1x. Mummy, XYzmi. Kin- 'I hfnum. Ii. S4-Imullf. XV4mlmm1. Slwgluwx niwn. l.umlw. Srcwzrl lfwzwf 'Ibm-I, Rluulnls. Slllilfl. Slriclxlm. SIUXHITI. Snlwu- Nwurrzrl Iwfwzmx' VViIlwr's, Yuum, l'. Wilwn, XVI1iI1m-lllwvg, Ziclw- luu. 11mw.S. XVils4m,VVvl:1l11lm'. Vwlilalkvl. lfuiimn If rut' Rulwvlx, SIHIIIIIUH HH'ilN,l,SHIjlI1, 'I'ipIm1. VIQIILIIV lfwttfrm Rnllt' XvlJlfIIl1.Lt'I'. YQILIHII, C. XVLIINIIH. liullvu. Xx'lll'l'lt'l. mam. Shriwl. 'll-linda-. N1. xvillwlll, VVhillmx. li. VVhiIl1m. lI5 liNjtJYlNCl RlilfRliSllMliN'I'S XI' the get- icqnainted party lor new students and student tonne-il nienibers are Susan Scott. Gayle l.atnh. l 7 :lin lNeill, lit-tty lonrl. Sharon Snodtly, Nliss lintli Moore, and liob llill. Y-Teens Build Christian Character "How to Plan a Wedding" was an interesting program lor these Y-Teens. Other activities in- cluded a potato chip sale, holiday dances. and a baby-sitting course. Top Row: Sias. Ladd tsetxl. Maynard, Kinkade ttr'eas.l. Itliddle Roux' B. Whitloxi, Marrs trepj, R. Christensen, Whitlrmiy, Bottom Role: Dudley. Mason tpresj, I.. Ciliristensen, llarper. Hi-Yers Participate In Government Striving lor building ol Christian character in young men through sports, lellowship, and leader- ship through education was the aim ol Hi-Y club. Top Row: Cloley, Davis, Campbell, lininiis. .llidrlle Hoa-5 Iletlenbaugli, l7lll!!lllll'l'. Butts, Porter tsec.- treasj. Bottom Hoax' liarren txxorld service elnn.l. Rhodes. Krep- lin. Williams tpresj, llogan tt-haplainl. Future Nurses Aid In Hospitals Girls in Future Nurses received general informa- tion about their chosen vocation Linder the guidance of their sponsors, the Ladies Nledical auxiliary com- posed ol doctors' wives. Top Row: jones, Fisher, Messnian, llay, Brat-her, livers. Wilberll, Doop. Third Row: Berg, llart, Stuerman, Mayor, Cashion, Carlon. Bush, Hobbs. Second Roux' Ianzen. Riley, llagan, O'NeilI, Mathews. Hampton, Coffman. Bottom Row: McKinney, Uilldine, Kelley, Cozart. Kotlan, Kruse, Wall, Van Vranlsen. QW HIM W 1' Flag? n in LAHDM 1 KL UMA E KLAHI V K .wwwww EHS Has Demoeratle Government B1 weekly meetrngs ol the Student Councll al forded opportunlttes to promote student school rela tlons Oflflcers elected by the entlre school to head therr student gov ernment were Bob Hrll pres lmdn Cnshlon V pres Cayle lamb sec Sharon Snoddy treas , and Mary Edwards rep Top Rott Barnett Moody Reeser Austin Htll Beams Sallee lexus Mefoy Peak lleteher Thzrd Rou Wheeler Pond Hlte Coles Holt7en Nelll Taylor Fossett Parker Creen Tipton MeCug1n Second Rott Wojohn Wrllrams Woodrmg Clbson Rob ertson Cashlon Stott Sehult7 N Smith Callvas Atkins Miss Moore tsponb Bottom Rou Craxes Shannon lamb Payne Stranathan Marrs Ross Snoddy Edwards Proxost Hopkins long Setond semester representatives were Top Row Marrs, Md oy, levtls, Reams Hill, Carey, Peak, Watson, Thurman, Wllllams, Miss Moore tsponj Thtrd Row Provost, Hampton, Roblnson, Seott, Potter, Robertson, Cashron, Rrdguay, Cnbson, Htte, Stranathan, Co7art Second Row Snoddy, Pride, Taylor, Fletcher, Strunk, Hrteh eotk, Crrtes, Asfahl, Barnett, Brune, Coles, Calrvas Bottom Row McClellan, Mebulre, Atkrns, Elsele, lullman, lamb, Met-ugm, Snowden, Smith, Green, Tlpton, Graves, lwduards MMM HAWM5MWd Boy And Glrl Staters Study Government Gammg 1 Worklng knowledge of got ernment was thc mam purpose ol Boys and C lrls st tte Preptr mg model elty eounty and st ue governments give representatlxes from Gklahomt sehools thls oppor tumty Top Rott Ifllsuorth Shlelds lresner Renms I cms Mzrldlt Rott C rtcs Monroe Brtsben Chrrstcnsen Brooks Bottom Rott Shannon lVl1I1SlltlCl Buchanan Pslt 'lrpton Gurdanee Work Proves Educational Students helplng the gllldclI1LC personnel supple mented the eflleteney ol the ofliee s operations by hlmg data running errmds md dellxerlng sllps l to R Buchrnan Book Mtssmrn I-rnmons l tmb Whtt tenberg, Clexenger Butts II7 SERVING RIZFRESIIMENTS AT the get-ac- quainted party to Sue Sabbajh, Iudy Woodring, Donna Tipton, Lani Herheck, and Suzanne Green are Miss l.aura Milam and Miss Mildred Mont- gomery. Shown in the background is Nancy Shannon. Stati 0i Students Help In Library The library stall helped daily in the library and met to discuss improvements and new books lor the library. The staff had an Apple Day lor the teach- ers and a tea lor library assistants in the junior highs. The group went to the Oklahoma Library Assistants association meeting at Norman. Top Row: VVilliams, Miller, Vanclerhoolven tpres.l, Myers, Manley tv. pres.J. Third Roux' Wilson, Iones, Grantz, Hopper, johnson. Second Roto' Doty. Whitlow, Cellan, Kelley, Miss Fleming tsponj. Bottom Row: Watkins, Muir, jones, Chodrick, Atkins tsetzl. Latham. Students Assist ln School Bank On the economic end ol EHS lilc were the activ- ity ollitce assistants whose jobs consisted ol making seat reservations, QUILT, annual and activity ticket payments, and keeping books lor the school bank. Standing: Terrell, A. Smith. McGugin, Coker, lven, Gist, Buschmeyer tseej, M. Davis, Metz, Mr. Lynch tsponj. Sitting: Deighton, Prickett, Hayes, Polvvort, Colley, Wig- gins, C. Hayes, Thomas. tlttiee Assistants Run Errands Delivering slips and bulletins were just part ol a day's Work for EHS oflice assistants, who were valuable to the olilicc administration. Top Roux' Gregory, Hill, B. lidxxarcls, lt. lfclxsarcls, llmclen- stock. Thirrl Row: Mrs. Scott, Cregistrarj, Uakley, Adams, Boyer, Schram, Rylandcr, Garren. Sccond Row: Miss Gage tattendancc sec.l, Yadon, Nelson, Carroll, Carmichael, M. liclxvards, Snodcly, Green, Shan- non. Bottom Row: Lavicky, Cribley, Rogers, Stewart, Denton, Woolvvine. Smith. Aquaettes GIVE Water Show Assembly A1111 11tt1s qlrls s111111n11111g 111110 111111 111111 111111111 v11t1r s111111 11111111111 R1111111111 l111t1s11s 111111111 111 111111111 1111 1111111115111 11111111 th1 1111111111111 111 S11s111 91111 11111111 111 B1111 11111 Q1lldLll1 1111111 pllSldLI11 r11r 111 1 11111111 111 111111 1111 1111111 11 1 11 11111 1 '1 111 1 X IIS 1 11111111115 1111 V1 1 1 j.,j.,ll' 'Vlrs 1111111 ls 111 1111111 1V11C111,111 1111s 11 111 W11 111171111 '11 1 11 1,11s S111 N XXI Future Teachers Practlce 0n Classes 1111 1111111 111311 111111111 sp1111s111111 111 Mlss N 11111 WIQHLF 11111s1st1d 111 1l11V 111111111111 111111 11111 111111 1st1d 111 11111111111 1111 H11cl 111 111111 1111111 111 R1111 1 1 111111 11111 11111 1 1 1311111111 1111111 121711 1 1,111 Ill 118111181 ll 1 1 1311111111 Wm W 11,1111 1sp1111 1 1 11111 111111 111111111 W 11t 1111 111111 Ill ll 1 111 111 1 S1 111111111111 R11 111 R1111 IL 1 1 1 111 1111 11 ll 1 5111111111111 111111 11111 11111 1 11 11111 IIN H111 Ixr11x1 11111111 R1111 1 1 1 11 1 1111 C r 11111111 I7 18 11 11111, 111111 W111lI1L1l 1111 1r1 111111111 l.l.,.I.. W4 II9 1 in 5 , . i Li . 1 . ' 1 1 r' 11' 'r 1: 1,41 t' -1 1 2 -' 3 - .1 . ' 1 .I K K K X C . . 1 .1 I A . Y .5 1 1 1 5 1 1 1 -1 . ii 4 '1' 1 'J c11ll'1UI1. R1'i1111z11't. RJl1lllI, V111 11'1, 11111111 1 ' . f '11 " 1 'J 1,l'L'1i11Zll11 11'1'p.1, N1'111, fi1'111'1'111s1', 1,i111'i111', Siu.. K 1 Sw' ': 131111 1 , Ch". - . 1 , 1Jl'1l'X'l'l', XVLIVL1. 11-11, B111 'S S111 , 1.1 ' " .1, K' 1111-.R111-111-'111 1'11r . , 1' '1 "1 11'1'. 1 5 1 1 ' ' '1' 1 ': S111'11'-11, 1111-11, VVz1 S1111 Cf 1 11111-rs 1111 1.1. 1. 1 ' ' 5 , 1'1'r. Q, Tl " 1 171: 111'rs1'11111'1'111'1' 1tr1'z1s.1. N1' 1 11111 .1111. S+' c12ll'lN11'112ll'1. 1'v11l111iS. S1 DQ11 -1, c1ll1I7, S'1111'1' 11'111'1, '1'ipt , 111 1 ' 113 11.11. " 11 11 'Z 1' 41" 151 '11 1'11l'll1.1, P11111111111, 11ll11l'l', M1' A Gu' '. I.. A111 ' . , P1111'1'1'11, C11'z111111'z1111. ' .1 -11 1. .. 3 . , in-1 A D I ...,1.w,..... 'Z ' ,K ' ' ' , M 1 ' 'E 11' '.'. 1 ' 7- i 1' 1 ' 1' ' r 1' , 1 1 1 ' 1 A2 . ' 1 . " . 1' ' ' . . ' J' 'Y' ' , M-A K W UMA W E21 1'- ' 111 - year 1111-1' 1 1 cd 1- -1-day " 'S 'F . .. 11q111"""1 U 1. f- ' ' --,, . .,.. .1 I S11 1115 1111 '11 111 111111. 1'111'111,J. VX 111 111 - 111ist.1, .111 .- 111'111 111r1's.1. 511111111111 113 p1'1's.-s1'1'.1. c1I'l'1'l1 1t1'1'z1s.J. St ' 1: 1711' . '1'111111111x, 112111112 ff111'111i1'1111111, K1-111-1, 1 11111- s11,Bi'1',1 ..Ifl .IJl.1, "1 1, -I 1' , .'I'I1, 11z', 1'tt' I 111. 11.111, ."tt. 1"'11. Compllmenfs Producer Refmer and Marke+er of uall1'y Pe+roleum Proclucfs J , 1-ff-A,, .1.gfQ...-, of ' ' ' ' o. I 4 Q a lll 1910 7 YEARS 1917 PAST PRESENT FUTURE System rules the buslness World but system can become Red Tape ln our Studlo we use system we have a certaln method of handltnq busmess that has appealed to us as the best Our system IS snnply the system ot SQUARE DEAL We Want our customers to feel that they are qettlnq what they pay tor that then plctures are made of the best mater1als ana workmanshtp To Avo1d Red Tape We endeavor to handle each customer as a separate and dlsttnct Study not slmply as a person who wants a ptctur Thats the reason why McConlcay p1ctures are d1fterent MCCONKAY STUDIO The above ad appeared 1n the l9lO Qutll Annual MCCONKAY STUDIO 1S proud to matntam thls same hugh standard ot work manshtp and THANK YOU tor the prtvlleqe ot ervtnz you to 34 and 7 years DICK MCCONKAY 522 S Harnson l:1Tl9I'1Cl and Follower ot Entd Htah School 1925 34 YEARS 1959 E QF, C041 P159 Q9 TO ALL MEMBERS OF THE GRADUATING CLASS OF ENID HIGH SCHOOL "HAPPY LANDING GEORGE E. FAILING CO. "Subsidiary of Westinghouse Air Brake Co." ENID, OKLAHOMA 122 C1'4 8 4 Lu Z 0 9 X 0 O ll - .unsup- ,K ,Vp X .ui-q En1d H1ghs basketball team the toast of the town Gold Spot lce Cream the taste of the town Team member 1nclude loe Goley Manager Ioe Br1sben Mr Sp I1m Stroup Coach Ronme North Roger LQWIS Gary leter Gary Unruh Herb1e Seem Kenneth Iones Kenneth Holtzen Wesley Ellsworth Orrm Munger and Bob Wlnfleld BEST WISHES Conqratulcrhons ' For Happy and Useful Lives ln Your Graduates of The Class Chosen Fleld The Emd BUSINESS College has helped over 14 OOO young men and women g t better pos1t1ons emoy larger f mcomes and attam h1gher plac s m busmess than they could have attamed w1thout thr spec1al1zed educat1on There are n1ore busrness owners manag rs and de partment heads 1n En1d who are Erud Busmess College Graduates than from any other college anywhere t th best of our knowledge lf you are mterested 111 a lOL1S1IlQSS Career for your self we Cord1ally 1nv1te you to IHVGSUQGSQ the Enld Busmess College and 1ts SGTVICGS ENID BUSINESS COLLEGE Member NQYIOHLII Assoc1at1on and Councxl of Busmess Schools Approved lor L I Trammg by Oklahoma Accredltmg Agency 1 I lf 'f 5 I I Lk 1 1 I I ' MX ' To ' THE MEMBERS OF THIS E.H.S. CLASS 2 " 1 1 o l23 Beauly College Complefe Beaufy Serv: Dlal AD 7 4465 ce G Trammg da d8f lAcl cecl Ha Slyl g Learn the Best l20 E BDWY MARCO BRIMFULL RED AND WHITE and OUR VALUE FOOD PRODUCTS Dzst lbuted by H A MARR GROCERY COMPANY 200 E Maple CONTINUED SUCCESS TO GRADUATES HOTEL YOUNGBLOOD AIR CONDITIONED GUEST ROOMS BANQUET ROOMS YOUNGBLOOD FOUNTAIN Famous For Sandw ches and Dnnks Drug Sundnes Headquarters All School Actzvztles For Overn ght Free Parklng 4 00 p m to 9 00 BRUCE WALLACE Owner and Manager I24 COFFEE SHO Clin Famous Oklahoma Tumblers Pitchers Trays Q2 ...i W' U zTln,.,lLJ""' 1 1+vf2r msg+ QW GIFT' mee wx mth requnred purchases of i E 6 GASULINE and 0lL CHANGES' . 0 Basic, A v nce , lnslrucfors Training 0 Specia van ir in ' r' I I L A f f P ,. f I -R R I E ffw if -11 ff ' V, 1-A..,..,,i X 'K 'A' ill Q 5 J-'i' I f, Tai, 2 5 .X fligglmx I gfn rui Ali' I 3 " Pa, Ig: . P j '- L .I - I 3-fwfr, 'F + r i . L L . . If IDEAL :on - QF W if if GETS-jx Q Q X c Q i ' : . . : . . C, B ' 1 'k 'A' Z R A S ldq q h FOR 'A' Quality i' Style The Gang Always Goes to EN ID S COMPLETE DEPARTMENT STORE if FASHIONS1' GUYS d GALS dBa p tio ENID AUTOMOBILE DEALERS ASSOCIATION Congratulations to the Senior Class of 59 FRED BOSTON IMERCURY, EDSEL, LINCOLN, ENGLISH FORDI GARRETT CHEVROLET, INC. ICHEVROLETI HUME MOTOR COMPANY we soro and PLYMOUTHI EDWARDS OLDSMOBILE COMPANY IOLDSMOBILEI DAY-NEAL MOTOR COMPANY Imam STEVENS BUICK COMPANY faulclq FIDELITY MOTORS IIMPERIAL, CHRYSLER, PLYMOUTHI NORTON AND STUART IPONTIAC and CADILLACI C ongratulatzons Seniors From the BRIDGE MUSIC COMPANY 218 West Randolph 'A' The Finest in Baldwin Pianos Musical Instruments 'A' Complete Sheet Music Department Fully Equipped Repair Shop I25 I Bui in their colle e wardrobes, Max Da s , and C arles Wright shop for the latest in c I I leqiate fashions. They are assisted by lely I Kemp and Ierry Paup. or " ' " an " " Eni 's r nel Names De artmen S re 1 u ' n i' Budget Price- Enid Typewriter Company All Makes of Typewriters ir 'A' Sold on Terms with Low Monthly Payments ir 'A' New Portable Typewriters of All Makes if if Special Rental Rates to Students 'A' if 210 WEST BROADWAY AD 7-2882 CONGRATULAUONS SENIORS Dennis McManen'1in DENNY'S MEN'S WEAR 123 North Grand. Second Door North ot Evans Drug AD 4-3522 D C Bass 6: Sons Construction Co Bass Building ENID OKLAHOMA Builders Smce 1893 PRINTING OFFICE SUPPLIES C R O M W E L L S I23 W Maln Phone AD 4 656l S v gE dadNorthw tOklhma Sne1919 Complete OFFICE Planmng LEE CROMWELL MARY CROMWELL EH I9l7 EHS l9I9 Congratulations and Best Wzshes' Each and Every Graduate of Enzd Hzgh School Class of 1959 any graduate oi the class ol 59 is interested in would like to discuss the possibilities of a Career in Pharmacy we have literature available and 1I'1VlIe you personally to call on us PRESCRIPTION sl-Ions Enid Oklahoma THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK of Enid Oklahoma C pltal a Ll Su plu Sl 250 OOO OO OFFICERS F Ch L Ws her e W E Spad Sh kle Fd D Pull up a chair Q' Q Let us tell you where To go to furnish a home A nice place to be seated Youll want when you cease to roam 'RW ly -if But dont sit and wart Nor hesrtate Let LOOMIS furnish your home' In Enid Since 1914 C E LOOMIS FURNITURE 129 31 East Broadway I26 INSURANCE Fon EVERY NEED 'ir LIFE Also i' FIRE 'A' REAL ESTATE LOANS TORNADO if ABSTRACTS OF TITLE CASUALTY 'A' SURETY BONDS ir AUTOMOBILE 'A' PLATE GLASS Harry P Frantz Agency HARRY P FRANTZ ROBERT S FRANTZ HARRY P FRANTZ lR ALI El-l S ALU MNI 220 W Broadway AD 7 4314 I O I - O ' , I - er in ni n es a o i c fc o 4 ,, J. S U to . - I a ' nc r s , , , H ' ' ' I Complete Banking Facilities or ' ' ' ' ' ' V I l I I I A. .Butts -----A--- President , l. N. arnplin ------- Vice-President C. F. Herrian - -------- Cashier Finis . e t ------- Ass'l Cas i H. A. Duerks n ------- Ass'l Cashier ' 1 ' , . i -------- Ass't Cashier "M """"7 4" "AA" C, B, Q 9 ------- Ass't Cashier 77' V George D. Treadway ----- Ass't Cashier ' , Member e eral eposit Insurance Corporation When education's completed, Includes . X : 5:1-'1fi,Q 'g ' ' ' if O I . . ' , , - Umon EQUITY Co operahve Exchange 50 300 000 BUSHELS STORAGE CAPACITY Cummms Construchon qulck Company nc: P O Box 784 ENID OKLAHOMA ASPHALT PAVING Featuring "THE BIG THREE" Good Food-Good Service-Reasonable Price THE WAGON WHEEL RESTAURANT and DRIVE IN ORDERS TO GO - PHONE AD 4-9187 Maine and Van Buren Congratulations to Class of '59 From HUMPTY DUMPTY 6' Su Sf OO 9 CIT IT162-fl OIG Top Value Stamps with Every Purchase C ongratulatlons Seniors TRAIL LANES BOWLING ALLEY T o Blocks West I H gh School AD 4 3053 726 S JGCIKSOI1 MON CRIEFF S PAINT AND WALLPAPER co Marne AD 4 4428 See Our New Grit Department Featuring Pratt 6: Lambert Paint and Varmshes G11dden Spred Satin Rubber Base FINE WALLPAPER Brown Funeral Home GERALD L BROWN GERALD L BROWN IR Phone AD 7 5432 DRIVE IN CLEANERS Robert F Barnes Insurance Agency Complete Insurance Service Insure and Bond with Bob 1018 20 Bass Building Phone AD 7 0853 Enid Oklahoma Good Luck, Seniors SINGER METAL COMPANY NEW PIPE NEW STEEL New Address South Second and East Illu-xois Keep ln tune with the time RILEY ATKINSON J E WELERS Watches Diamonds Iewelry Enid s Only Certrhed Watchmaker Better Service for Your Watch 203 W Randolph Phone AD 7 5050 ENID OKLA I28 The wishes of a thousand words are expressed more thoughtfully with Howers Oklahoma Floral Company 2200 W Oklahoma Phone AD 4 4300 ' Th p P d D p I asf 520 E. ' - w o I I ' I ' 802 W. Maine AD 7-4254 f ff ' 2? T if 'A' Pretty sharp' IS the comment of Larry Gregory and Phrl McKeever as Mrckey McPherson and Iay Gunnrng help them select sport coats for commg events 'k Hart Schattner 6. Marx Sults G LX Q- 'k Arrow Shlrts 'k Stetson Hats l 'A' Boston1an Shoes if McGregor Sportswear Th Pl ' Faces You Know CN th S cle of Square, Ph1111ps Un1vers1ty Founded ln 1906 Phzllzps Unwerslty Congratulatlons Eflld Senlorsl V1s1t the Phrlhps Un1vers1ty campus You w1ll Includes ennoy be1ng a Ph1ll1p1an next year Stop at the Adrmsslons Ofhce 1n the Adrnrm stratlon Bu11d1ng at Phlllrps to mqurre about enfdlmg College of the Buble School of Fme Arts Phrllrps offers a wrde range ot courses and the un1vers1ty IS fully accredlted The y Placement Bureau helps 1ts graduates fxnd good payrng pos1t1ons Ask for a new catalogue Enroll early A EUGENE S BRIGGS Presxdent C ll ll I Y f - 1 1 - L L - - 1' , I -' L L l,' t, , ' e ace to go for Names nd or i - - - I QQ- 'Q-Q- lQQQQ, I . . . . ' 0 I 1 1 1 I . . 0 I 0 o . . . I . 1 To Your Future, Seniors DAVIS PAINT LEE . PARRISH,-IR. 0 RANCE FRANK PIEPENBRING, Mgr. 118 E Randolph Grits Hobby Shop Wallpaper Custom Prcture Frammq P110116- AD 43232 JBHCQ INSU 0 BONDS ENID, OKLAHOMA GENERAL INSURANCE SURETY BONDS ss Bu11d1ng C omplzments O Carpet Cltu E Carpet Clty Sells More Carpet Than Any Other Company 1n Oklahoma Newt s fresh POTATO CHIPS Congfafulaflons WHEELER Xa COOPER RADIO CO Semors of 1959 213 W BROADWAY ENID QUALITY LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANERS Phone AD 7 5980 En1d Oklahoma RCAV1ctor Televzslon ReCelVel'S ADa 7 aaeo FUR STORAGE 422 Ea + Ma E Radro and TV Servrce Aho BEST WISHES Co g atulatzons WX from On? Enzd High School Graduates f DOWNS EASON o1L COMPANY You' REXAH- Sfofe W h E E d Ok! h West Sde Square CONGRATULATIONS ZALOUPEFZAEMEEFMFNT C0 BSTIBRSBQE ESRD CUSHMAN SCOOTERS BOATS MOTORS WATER SKIIS 223 W Randolph AD 7 2115 l30 So Soft So Whrte-So Good . . I Ba . . ' 1 . E O A ll l ml Broadway O n I I ms - s in l ' . " "" x n , , to U fy ' ,X I, if . . Ease- on it cxson ni , G Om i I 0 1 -I - G'L2'6fQ ,iw- The e n th ng lk Coca Cola' COKE S P dPhl Servmq Schools Smart lun!-01-'S Churches and Cafes Know BLOOMS WHOLESALE MEAT COMPANY Choice Meats 604 W. Oak AD 4 2576 a nice place to shop I3I L..- Hi f l . Na 3 K WNW if X , MA, -,fafg E. ,,,s, W .ecu K 1, I' 'XXX X Q..-,ex xl,-I G A 'i:"'-5-7. A E 6 -so A gh vw? L3 sf- , , sg' c . . ll ' r ' s o 1 1 e a ' Q Stopping for gas, Patty Potter, Bruce Edwards, uzy Entriken, at Blanton, an i Edwards enjoy a Coke, the pause that refreshes. I I I I BEST 0 LUCK SENIORS ks P AD 4 3737 Fran no OKEAHOME- Equ1pment INSURANCE garnet: BOND 555380655 PHO AD 4 4III BASS BUILDING ENID OKIAHOMA Insurance and Bond Service Bass Bulldxng Enxd Oklahoma TON C DHLINGI-IAM DAN I DLLINGHAM TOM P TILLINCJHAM SCHULER FRUIT C0 Dlstrlbutors BLUE GOOSE F RUITS AND VEGETABLES Phone AD 75141 C L E M E N T S PLUMBING HEATING AIR CONDITIONING 'k Contractlnq 'A' Plumbxng F1xtu1 es at' Repamng ak Heahng Equ1pment 413 E MAINE PHONE AD 7 1700 BE COLLEGE BOUND In the LATEST STYLES from the ROSE ANN SHOP 609 South Monroe Enid Always the Best Cheaper than the Rest IOHN DYKES Auto Home and Sports Supply 120 East Randolph Street Best Wishes for Graduating Class of 1959 C FF SSZQIEEGQ STU O WALLACE DARREL CLIFF FULLER KEAHEY MORTON SENIORS for the best ln Oihce Supplres Fountcnn Pens Portable Typewnters . . . Books of All Kmds Visit VATER'S BOOK SHOP 214 North Independence AD 7 1212 Rei2'1Hi Boy Donuts The Freshest Thmgs m Town HI-BOY DONUT SHOP 1522 North Grand AD 7 4671 I32 Compliments of : Spic 6: Span Cleaners 224 Kenwood Blvd. Les Walters, Owner AD 7 2800 1 , O . GMS ' 0 9 , - EostMainc V hone - V Manufacturers of Portable Drilling , Y, I O 1 1 . . , L1 ' DI I I I ' ENID GENERAL HOSPITAL AND SCHOOL OF NURSING State Accre-d1ted School ot Nursrng Frre Proof Burldmq 709 West Market ADams 7 2321 Owned and Operated by THE BAPTIST GENERAL CONVENTION OF OKLAHOMA School of Nursing Mrs Vrrqrnra Stemert RN Drrector Dorothy Lamb RN Drrector of Nursmg Marguerrte Lambert RN Nursing Arts Mrs Clara Brentlrnger RN Socral Scrence Af1111.G1l.OnS DR T B LACKEY 'Executxve Secretary Treasurer Umversm, Hospital Oklahoma CIW Western State Hosprtal Ft Supply JOE R BAKER Admrmstrator Hrllcrest Hosprtal Tulsa Ambulance S rvrce Complete Cl1I11CC1l and Laboratory Draqnoszs Nrqht and Day Attendant of Nurses Educatron Instructor Instructor Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Congratulates The Class of 59 Yum mm ml SUS1 Rogers cmd Paul Asfahl love that I C Peerless Ice Cream 108 W Randolph AD 4 8141 I33 W rt,t ot. ,o,,o.-,, -1 tttt to or f if if 1 9 or I O O y INJ Sill we ks M924 fn 1 .IOLLEY 5 Q Firm 5: 'Q A045223 Q af? BLDG Y Insurance Our Specialty 9 AGA Food Store if A Complete Food Store 02 West Maxne Phone AD 7 2078 VAN S PLAZA DRIVE IN PHONE AD 7 3033 903 West Market Emcl Oklahoma IUST GOOD FOOD I'- 'iff Enzd s Only Excluszve PORTING GOODS STORE 230 W Randolph AD 4 6567 CURLY S Cleaners Tailors Hatters Free plch up and delzvery Quality work INDIAN HILLS SHOP N CENTER AD 4 0757 C ongratulatlons Senlors 59 IXE1Il IIC Dlal ADams 7 2020 Congratulations, Seniors of 59 WM W QP L Q1 qbppl Enld Plamnq M111 Company ORVILLE LUCKINBILL Presldent 404 South Independence AD 4 71 Enld Oklahoma 1' so E .1 0111 1. 82 The Enld Morning News STURDEVANT Sheet Metal and Roollng Company The Enld Dally Eagle Roohng Sheet Metal Published by A1r Condltlomng Heatlng 2 I34 Th En1cI Publlshmq Company 9 Jon-IN TAYLOR P 18 E Phone AD 71351 MILTON GARBER Ea+ I 9' . l - nfl . ' TMJ' Y -VF 7 :mf l I .Vrff . ' x ' 1 I . . . I , . . , ' 2 See Us For: if Quali ill ork Built-in Cabinet 1 ' ' if Storm Sash and Screens your specif' t' E A' Automobile Glass Pin - onq S l Full en lm Door Mirrors. if Manual Trainin 'u ies I - . . . 1 I ' - 1 More han Years in Business in ni , a oma l O d - O I . - . ' ' , I or , reside t p d OI h by 'RKUPPENHEIMER 'A'CATAl.lNA M rl Eldred ch cks Br c Shields sleeve 1 qth f HYDE PARK i' MANHATTAN AMERICA s FINEST CLOTHING IS YOURS AT B Davles Brlck 6. TIle Co Hugh Quality Clay Products Factory 1625 S 10th St Emd Oklahoma Hennlnqer Allen Products Funeral Home 'lr Face Buck Colonlal Colors 'A' Common BuIlder Bnck 'lr Partrtlon Tlle if Structural Building Tile i' Farm Dram Tile Drstrlbutors ENID BRICK 6 TILE MFG CO ACME BRICK COMPANY Whlte and Buff Colors F1159 Bnck 6 Clay Specrfy Davres Brick :Q Tlle for Better Values Congratulations to the Class of 59 SECURITY NATIONAL BANK ENID OKLAHOMA THE FRIENDLY HOME BANK OFFICERS G 'VN Athey Preslde I W G 1 A ec I y RCD Vie-P dnt cllph AsstCs er Ath y V c P 1 nt Hart Pek ul Ass t Cashier ZanW Murer M1fdHfd b k C sh r Member Federal Depo t In urcmce Corpomt On For Thousands of Thrngs You Need' F W WOOLWORTH COMPANY L y Re-arms considers cr lcri WOOI sports OO t s Own him Lynne lobe, Os e e e u e ' ' en . , O l I I t I 'A' O I - - I - 'A' 1 I 'A' . . . 3 I O I ll ll I. A. Beali - Ex . Vice-Pres. H. . O r - ss"I Vice-Pres. . . ix- - 'c-resie CCIITIRGUO - ' ahi C. B. e - i e- res'de r - ' ' . O - - Cashier 'ld e cr en rOO Ass't a ie O 0 si s i C ongratulatlons ' Seniors of I959 MARTIN BODY SHOP We Speclalzze zn Lacquer Baked Enamel Palntlng AD 7 059I I28 E m C ongratulatlons Seniors MIDWAY CLEANERS PHONE AD 75973 112 114 NORTH 11TH STREET FREE DELIVERY COLDIRON S Enid s Popular Prlced Store GRAND and BROADWAY AL cn GDI CDLADW llif BY 7457! Iliff Dress Shop 207 N INDEPENDENCE ENID OKLAHOMA MRS EVA COOPER owNER Bobbltt Candy Company Candy and Fountain Supplies 209 North rand AD 7 1688 A dwhnyu nure bes re tswlth BUSINESS MEN S ASSURANCE COMPANY OF AMERICA Home Office Kansas City Mlssourl I C REYNOLDS Phone AD 4 4243 Box vas FDR FINE DIAMONDS AND STERLING SILVER x v 1 "fb 1 ' fly K 4 o I A M o N D s H 0 P Watch and Iewelry Repairing Conveme t T rms 905 W Mame Free Parking AD 7 0992 I36 SIMMONS HIGH SCHOOL GROCERY 624 West Wabash Street 'A' School Supplies i' Groceries 'k Candies 'k Meats Simmons for Service Phone AD 7-0350 I and .Tune Mm fvf B . . PI1. - EI I - . , . 0 0 0 I v I I n I G S Q auauugn W Q I n e o i s , u i ' ' I I if - - - . - - - - l O I G . District Supervisor, Enid 2. ff' A X I I I ' n e I S 5: Q CLOTHIERS 1 1 s. A. WILENZICK co.. Inc. North Side of Square Enid, Oklahoma The Quallty Store Erme Moody mspects the lcrtest Free- mcm locxfers W11h Dale CGSh1OD EMRICK S BES, IN PRINTING Local Movmg Crahng Long DISIBHCG Hauling Sforage P It as 'ng Q3gLggf,1,,,g Marrs Publlcatlons EMRICK S EMRICK S AD 4 5736 201 East Elm Agents A111edVan Lmes Inc 215 WEST BROADWAY AD 7 4489 WE SALUTE ENID HIGH SCHOOL c d mxc mphsh ts 1 h provld d the you g people of Emd wxth cultu cl sur o ndmqs that have been cz g ect factor mn buxld g o r omm mty We are pr ud t b 1d ntf d Wllh ot clty that has p OV1d9d uch w derful edu atlonol mst tu 5 "f STORE NO STORE NO STORE NO STORE NO STORE NO 100 N INDEP 523 S MONROE 1030 E BDWY 1925 LAHOMA RD 1734 S VAN BUREN CLINIC PHARMACY 617 S OUINCY 4 2244 4 8636 7 4724 75313 45615 71611 wg sm Bmw COIPAIY 6. N 'A' INSURANCE Phone AD 4 5454 ir BONDS nk LOANS 'A' RENTALS Broadway Tower Emd Okla 'A' REAL ESTATE I 37 I , n l l l for its cz cx e ' czcco ' men . t as ' e n Q ' ' r r u ' r ' ' in u C u ' . . o o e ' e iie ' ' r ' s on c ' ' i - tions, Best wishes for your continued progress cmd success. S U R E 1, Y B O D S . 1 . . PH. AD - . 2 . PH. AD - . 3 . . PH. AD - . 4 . PH. AD - . 5 . PH. AD - . PH. AD - , ' , , -rt-rp-f HH-L95 moo Lah xsxlnman o a to 6 zo Road A Hllls Closed S ndays ENID OKLAHOMA 319 South Grand Phone AD 4 8311 Congratulations Quia 4, Seniors Serves You Better Saves You More Better Clothmq For the Enhre Fam11y ENID BOARD OF TRADE ENID OKLAHOMA PATRQNIZE Wlthers 6 Mackey O11 and Tlre Company 402 E Mcune AD 7 2910 6 ENID HIGH CAFETERIA Of POPULAR BRANDS MOTOR OIL DAYTON TIRES CHAMPLIN GAS GOOD WHOLESOME FOOD THE PLAINSMAN'S CREED I believe in Enid High School, her traditions and ideals, I believe in honesty in every-day tasks and in faithfulness in duty, I believe in the joy that comes from worth while fun, generous comracleship, and loyal service to my school, I believe in modesty in victory and an unconquerable spirit in defeat, I believe in keeping faith with my neighbor, my father and mother, my country, and my God. 'Ar l38 .,1g. I . 'ft u TRANSFER and STORAGE A l. A - t - +h -I - 1' I e ive reef. stamp, ir EVERYTHING IN MUSIC Okl h ma's Complete Mus c Stor HENOWETHQGREEE Serving the People of Oklahoma With For Over 30 Years Autographs . 'Q an 3 ff n-M . wx im W W 354 K ' "A N . k K ,V xl gd , f- , .H - , 5 A' 1-3' x v i 2 as 8 . M Q. . 5 'N 5.91. A J , v " it Q MW f Tem- MN gym wr -vi 'Ir reg,

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