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Md !! , Pg' c.I'fe.7Lf 754 I Jgzff , Jay a v M Ww Q24 MQW ggfaggj if f?9W1XQwf'y' JW 5 35 Q X X SY eg N N X X-S3925 5 W Jia xiii X QYSESSQQ 35 Mgjgmf E355 f Q! WWW M ' A YXONS W - ggi? E awwiljwg ii +53 E MWWWSR A 15? S+ Q32 WM QW 32523 Qwjgimw MM N X 1 - ' X "" :iff t, M ,'.- "-LM.. ,:i' - 'L 1"-plz" , ,L ' 'f U, . . 'H' ' . , 1, , ' ,UW .I .- , ,N uf' " ' ' W ' -' 1 ' 'U' - ' ' v " 4 ,,, , - 2 'H Af + ..f.4 1-gum V' ,Q ' 1 ' ' ' 1 . ' A A , r , f " ""' V ' . . . 5 A I Ap ' , U -A W CHQ' KQQLJ L N, ' M ' V' in ig 3 an wg fs' X bg' j7fYL0jV ,,JLM E, ,IW Dvojfgp, W' wfgwwzwfgf Q . Q' may Xe ' 5 WWW wi Q QQ W A f ' JY Q SF W by 'J-Liv, C S , it Qa3fW 4m1P W M29 M W M Q vb -5 fiat vw, , f ff gp A J UV LJW NJ f"L Q 3 QM My 25' 35 fjvdpff' , fiwf' W if ff :MPV '?fV"'f 2 ik? 5, .f,.,. .fm -A f- , 'lv 0vfHQw"V""1' If N Ma 1 , , . QQWQWWW wgfiwygfpjfwwwp if jWQf5j W M 4'yW0'Sp Hwy f Mw 'h Q N5ff1Wi?fvw f Nfily wif My ygm' ,Q ww m N My MMZQQW W M5 .Wy Wpgw M W, 9, wpqyjf My Dwxcitfgnkaifvji x f QQ'f 5U2 Q?i 3'N?Ll f?55vfW' Aw V Czifwffiff dj L,L 5 Jw df M, W QM W My f 3 lx 1 3QX5fJb?'m Qi, 4, Mg Q yyfgaff jwVyf,gff ' , MQW W W ffwfrwww Qi .Q QW ,J Vjwgka , fggzffggifwfg - E Z X Q L4 I 1 OX 3 ' 1 a1 M M WQfsK'fV?WXfXUV yt ww J mu' 617 Y' ruxlcfxffl NW?-f !wXWixfVU5! 352 lyimwwxkfy j'!yjtgCMA M ,fp 1 Nu D L5 'A fb B I? J MAX ,V , 1 ggi? E ?AuiNQ sgimfffyf Q - E O WMM M1958 ublished,Annu lly by M 'X Enid Hlgh S h 1 ' I Volume XXV M y 1958 53, f 2 Q , J L,-ilk !Ljf9 g , g.q,Q, 4 CLQQ 5, Qirffl Lf!-' N I A 4 Lai 6-lc 'uyft UL ff 9WLMmQMHnqkScM w 2 .55 4 1 fx x . ' jawn! ME W WR iJ fiffi i iii gi X 5 f U i9 W f QQ fi , h ' ' Q4 XY we V ,J X ,. -QQ ef ,J Q? . W e e J N 'XJ RJ! 1 i i J' if -.J -I QV vi Q S ,J wif ' +15 f X -J igeff,2f enQ5g . . . 'Yxf' X-1 1 3 f-xx J W J TT! RY' x J ' Q - 1 S X, Q iw' 1 he Q X J gee Q3 A1 'f 4, . , ' x N' N -0 V5 J P A Theme: The Plamsmans Creed is CN 5 kg KJ cj! X in I, 5 get rj ' Ineorporates basic truths that make living worthwhile. Q ' ' ww md gQ'fjiff1',fwwW M M Ar fvwerhaing pgojwmh Mimi. Mi Mu , CWUWQNM' f ,lf I3 XSQJQ A qi 9 ' x s xx ke fx N SN fi XQQQ f R5 J Mk Nxxxx X X ,V5 N H X Y X, H , 5' S i Mefiv i N R Q X Q. I ix Vx 1 hm X3 N XX x V- Xi S .i X X L QR Y N . e ix DX K si 0 X K 597 1, r Q, 77 wi W ' sg fx ' H N my X , gx i 5 R -i YN he P A 9 -.' .kfexfu X it. . -. X U px -. - W. N 'MSR A W W l 3 il 5 N 4 , N 'N ,kiwi Q, , LVL if llfl P ,J yf iw if Wy Wifw- f i we KQV' I ,ff if A Ml . li 1 Kfyij Qc 11210117 ,JN l Lf of of U H uv . . . . . . V' Library provides facilities for learning. Ki lv ull! W ' Every decision must be an honest one, big X w, ,Lv fl xv X Q N-ones as Well as everyday ones. Each is im- VW Q, K x 'gf x! ,Q Und' J X W P0rtant, for eaCh decision is a small segment 'KLOJJJV f' l lfx. N l Z 6 I, X ' ,Q of one,s life, never to be relived. bififdf -JZPLUAN j MM J QA l ' I, --v 1, X G XX Faithfulness-dependability. These make J,d1+'vLf M 'Afgfc M the individual valuable to others as well as jj! Y-Q!-fdj :VK h' lf. 'A - to lmse AAA mill cfn i x xk , X ffl , 4 .. 1 Vs, Y 1 . ,f kj, ,f x X ' ' x xg Lt ,Aix W u K lf " -1 Preserxtatlon of the colors precedes every E.H.S. actlvlty Q 7 0' Q r 'fx . . --X G, XJ Q X2 Nr T .rf lmdv f' . As. 1f'-,1ffAii1..fi .. s. Dwi . ,lf ..f,. A"' , WJ rf fv X Z School spirit overrides all. mtllwtlulli i gfzlf l.., .. . , fSix71" f'7::Q."3--I 'F f"f1E5?:fffE' 1 2 1 vyiiayifii . Enjoyable activities relax students. 6 Ready to cheer the team on their departure. lm Mdalyjijf Ztfilijiljl M I , -r 1 M, f 1, f. ,A ,Ze u lm M. if J, My-C fl p ople 4 fu ' W hflif ,Q i mg. C1 muc ln fg' , 4 VL 4,4 WL ,ZW if El f re meanmgf .Comr , ood clean mg! V I f ' l fl flun, loyal service-all dd up to the joy that comes with loving life. These things jf! N 1 1 I!! f!' ,,1' Q 1 f I help to make life abundant. f'f' 6,76 N I "'LyA MAA fffgf f. U .. A f, J fy!! 1rf71..4- X Q42 H 6w!0L'A!L H, XLCM gf X ff X., ly' Lv W, c,l'lfff4W'? ' - Owl claw "xg ,f 1 ' A 7 J fl! f K The udent dy recciv the harvest of trophies. "X V6 N!! , jfgf ,MW 0 fad.-M, ,fwf- aff,-JZ hh" ' ' X fy! 666' ,f XL!" QMLMUL ' WD , l1A,,1,..fX.Y,kJ In X A rx . KN 'ii . ,Q t V, it . fn- 4' '- 9-nw 1 4 X11 -Q fi' lol Q Bl-on fx, , 1 MM J Q Q i tw Af Y if ii J ' k ' A K R M Y X i A Jw., 4, ,N its 1 K 'fled A fx -hw, Yi- -il 11 J,-'LJ N . -,Js2k-,n.!l'Q TJLJ l, SLJ V.,. ,v f ww: l-f-Nw - J U , x .A Q ,K .W J ix t ,AQ N X c,x'9-RRJNJ 'Yi ,Maj - ff i X-'ib""C"h" - """Z"Q L9 Mrk jo In Q .'. ' . . . A e J A ', XNA- JM- C P Ability heips, but spirit prevails. N334-- . JFS J A ff '5 A X ,A , A W 4 4 1 ., , f f , i, W Y -will 1'r-.iwftsllfh A H 4 N' ' ' ' f U ,Q 2 Wt V, A ,,,W111',,,,,1. . A A g W 'fn V N .KM L W ff Q, 4 , is VS' -, W. ,L s - 1 5 , A ' fl f .. . , f, an at , V - .1 . ,Q , , . w K-ff-L, -, 3, mlm hex ,,s give. ,xx .Q 3.,,M5i.g.f ' V, 1- - W5 Modesty in victory and an unconquerahle spirit in defeat. These add up to good sports- manship and love of competition. This is the record of Enid High, and upon this ideal is built her reputation and tradition. To take victory within her stride and never to give up -this is the golden tradition of Enid High. Class AA runnerups in state com- petition. Q Student spirit has never been surpassed. Wi Counseling provides for higher scholastic standards. WWW iii uri QE i I :XY N i ii V R1 X iv A - Q3 ' FT ig S f X i 5 ggi ,XS XXX ,QXQ53 Qxgu X , xx v W N 'E "EP ver ir if if Q Q we Ex Q X Sk iw 'v X x X, Y ix xx X 15 ' 3 Q XN5 g-fi ji xr X., i J D Lxi ., l AX - 'X 1 if i,i,Umee Q , gf ., V, . K . , , 'J 14 7 i ' cm! fs- f ' I, xx r 1 ,lx , I fl fkjvffix V! I I i A ,X on N -f' ref. - 'I , 1 . Ns- ff u 1 ' 'Q : 1 :E A ' L, y N LV ,1 :A fi X. ,N A V, , fy. gs' V wi Q gs - .1 v- -an it , Midi 1 A X i .K-J,l,j1.ffn fx c L kk . 1 y evpjf, f if, Qfl,LA JK, . , L, .Xu 5-X i ll f A 1 V -eyqxff fotyl A Although diHerent in one sense, keeping faith, A 5,, cf-JgL.f A fat . , is closely linked with honesty. Faith is rnuchilll mf U deeper because it is a belief in that which can- not be seen. Upon the love of one's fellow man, his parents, his country, and his God is based the depth of oneis human relationships. f70ffgg:4..LLl M , . A ' XG f ,,,KfjA24L4,z,4ff. ,L1fyzJ fdbfffff VQ4' . , a ff- Llfff fdkfnfzglfi if 0 AAfcff1fLfff1f4tC"f Q' 75,c70J,f,ffMcf fu t p jgglzwffiv 2 SSTSIIS HIOUICIHS of TGVSTSHCG. will ml writ ll . Il " LL-Lg, 2 Licffacsa, JMJ i fi U 7 DCM, Q i vf fibgwc 7 C, 5" ' We, the members of the 1957-58 Quill Annual staff, wish respectfully to dedicate this book to our adviser, Miss Ruth Scott. The many students who have taken journalism under her know her tremendous capacity for friendship and understanding. She has helped many of her students get a start in the journalistic Held, but more than that, all of her students learn to love the truth, which is the greatest gift of all. Enid High students appreciate her faithful and effi- cient service as a teacher, a publications adviser, and director of publicity. Her originality, intelligence, and capacity for production have contributed irnmeasurably to the continued success of the Quill Annual, Quill Weekly, and other school publicity year after year. These are tangible reasons and the weight of them is mighty. But the intangible reasons-the far reaching impression of a fine personality-weigh even more. This is why we wish to honor her. JOHN CROMWELL, Editor X L Q law 'J2"jW7ML 26 Iyjw Jfw 62 vfcci-fcuc7jLf vc-mf fgznm. 550121 Qf A241 pda! , I., WL ' glwwifeg, SWVL' UMD WU' CW pf ffyjxpdb pow' fwcfopf' 1 , ggi X p-lg xl 6 . v' . as - U A ADMI ISTIIATIO A II Ill SSES Pages 15-42 Enid Board ol Education and Administration pg. 16-17 Faculty pg. 18-19 Student Body and Class OITICCFS pg. 20 Seniors pg. 21-32 Cherokee Strip Queen pg. 33 juniors pg. 34-37 Sophomorcs pg. '38-41 0R6ANIZATIO S ATHLETICS Pages 59-80 Football pg. 60-69 Basketball pg. 70-74 Baseball and Track pg. 75 Golf and Swimming pg. 76 Boys' Physical Education pg. 77-78 Cirls' Physical Education pg. 79-80 ACTIVITIES Pages 81 -1 12 Royalty pg. 82-83 May Eete pg. 84-85 Band pg. 86-87 Orchestra and Girls' Chorus pg. 88-89 Mixed Chorus pg. 90-91 Legionettes pg. 92 Radio pg. 93 Plays and Drama pg. 9-4-95 Career Day pg. 96-97 Open House pg. 98-99 Achievement pg. 100-101 Assemblies pg. 102-103 Outdoor Lilc pg. 104-105 Sadie Hawkins Week pg. 106- 107 Life at Enid High pg. 108-109 Queens and Attendants pg. 110-111 Faculty Relaxation pg. 112 G f , ! EJ if , I. ., k fx'?f'Gs"3T:g f1:51i.!fi5iT.1 bl-f ..W'GE5QIZU-V71 1 if 1 QB .51 Z vu I Q I , A F ' . Q L" ' V. 22-, 1- V X I x ' gf , ...M .K ' ' Q iv ' 7 ' , 1 Ns... ,.,,.,,... ww. ,,,,,, zf.. , ,,,, V 4 VW J E, k ww ' . ' mf - ., Wm ft ,M T U ' Y 5313553 - Ng: bi" Nm. , , Y 7. I-we m, ,,,1- 5-.-- ..., . fm .ww a'ffssm1fi-, '.1 -f. -swf: fzffkiiff' M ff' fl .M .. . f . N V. , 4. . W, V , N K '- m,,yz7f,4E.5ggg1 I .5k..Ly:5g jywy ,- 9 f 1+ ,"--- '3f,?fffl'.i 3' L ' ' s ' X A gl A N ' Y W 2 1 1 A 1, ,gy X ,,.x ,. ,if J- .W ' ' : N vs. Q -... M .VU A T: 6, 'K' , . f f f . if 'K X ' --" M A wif . Jwwsi gisf -wwf: fy. 'Elm Gif: 'sf-ixig -5 gp' , :wi , ig rg? L gi A Y' " ifzf, ig w i 'fi W wfif' 12 fffziifw- . Q Y 'xx M ,, 1 L H - .,X55,Z5?1- . .:., . A QL " , sis. --Q , 1. Q. ' ffy fig figs 4 1 '11, gs-' f i " ' " .258 ' -- A Uffrizi'-ix, 3, ,, iw, ,V 553 4, X X ' 4 . ' , -fzmwxisg Fi. - Igvfwggg - Q, Li. .M .-,xx ,a u 2: M , W WP awe. A f 1. 'Q in -1- W I' +sef.1f:-QS' ,,z:fwf"fm:f1qf Nw ' f f . W, A SSW. W Q -, ' x .. . , X, -ly..-:,..iW5g5g:i. K- j.g.q, ,x.q i M51 f .3 31.525-Q f M 4-..,,'p gy H -5335 . .L .gui 8 f 5 51... 7 ffl gk- nfl' 'f Z4 . ,F . , 5 ,. .igijjf ,D . ff! , . Q " 1 QL ENID BUARIJ 0F EDUCATIU MR. DEWITT VVALLER, Superintendent MR. D. BRUCE SELBY, Principal Mr. Raymond F. Hayes Mr. Casey Cohlmia Mrs. Edith Pinkerton ADMI ISTR H0 The Enid Board of Education, composed of seven members elected to serve without pay for four years, included R. F. Hayes, President, Mrs. Iames Wykoff, Mrs. Edith Pinkerton, Allie Paine, who replaced Al W. Braithwaite when he went abroad on business, Cleo Fisher, Ted Coldiron, and Casey Cohlmia. De Witt Waller, Superintednent of Schools, was their adviser and executive instrument. The Board of Education was in charge of setting policies, hiring personnel, and general supervision of the entire school system. The school board decided what needed to be done, and Mr. Waller executed their instructions. Among their other duties were included monthly meetings, which were supplemented by many special meetings during the year. New construction, remodeling and expansion of existing facilities, and the purchasing of sup- plies were principal items under consideration. The new DeWitt Waller Iunior High School was under construction, and it was hoped that it would be occupied by an ex- pected enrollment of 500 by the second semes- ter of 1958-59. The new building would han- dle a maximum 1200 students. It was expected to relieve crowded conditions at both Emerson and Longfellow Iunior Highs and would neces- sitate rezoning the city. The additions to Longfellow Iunior High, which included nine classrooms, a band room, a choral room and a cafeteria, had been com- pleted and were in use. If financial circumstances permitted, expan- sion of Monroe, Coolidge, and Hoover grade schools was in the oiiing. Four classrooms would be added to each building. All in all, the Board of Education operated quietly and efficiently, allowing students to attend Enidis modern schools without being aware of the people responsible for the smooth- running school system. Mr. Cleo Fisher Mr. Ted Coldiron Mrs. Betty Jane Wykoff Mr. Allie Paine FAC llY Mr. Kennedy, Mr. Waller and Mr. Selby stop to talk a moment at the D.E. banquet. G IDA The guidance ollice, a comparatively new development at Enid lfligh, was under the direction of Mr. Howard Chinn. Mrs. Nelle lVlcCreary was his assistant and dean of girls. Vlr. lloward Chinn, guidance director. explains the meaning ol' an aptitude test to Dorothy Lynch. ' fffvis fx If K If l l 'P will Wil Top Row: Niles, Mechanical Drawing, Iistill, Driver Education, Seem, Printingg Stroup, Basketball Coach, Vandaveer, Athletic Director 8: Football Coach. Middle Role: R. Scott, Newswrit- ing, Vance, Foods, Hickle, Physical Education, Adams, Math, Flowers, Swimmingg F. Scott, Registrar, Correll. Clothing, Home- craftg Cage, Secretary. Bottom Row: Criilin. Band and Orches- trag Lamb, Driver Education, Athletics, Brown, Physical lidu' cation, Athletics, Kirk, Woodworkg Pyle, Machine Shopg Selby, Principal. IIE Giving advice to students, discussing their problems, giving and interpreting scholarship and aptitude tests were among their many duties. Betty Kay Stephenson, Blaine Srnith, Don Miller, Mrs. Nelle Mt-Creary, dean ol girls, and Stelani Curwell discuss a school problem. 2 it tial stir? w set 3 5 r i tit its S J 9 5, 4 it Top Row: Duckett, Biology, Myers, Chemistry, Chinn, Director oi Guidance, Smith, Physics, Geom- etry, Cantrell, World History, Bible, Farrant, American History. Middle Row: Beardslee, English, Spiekelmicr, English, Poindexter, English, Drama, Young, English Latin, Helema, Mathematics, Powers, Typing, Shorthand. Bottom Row: Kindle, World History, Bales, Art, Moore, Mathematics, Fleming, Library, Pratt Biology, Kretsch, English. fr gf Top Row: Michael, Biology, Henson, Mathematics, Webb, Assistant Principal and Athletics, Ken- nedy. Diversified Cccupations, Newsom, American History. Middle Row: Montgomery, Spanish, Milam, English, VVagner, Wcirld History, Lynch, Bookkeeping Boyle, Commerce, Fromholz, French, Latin. Bottom Row: Manley, English, Spanish, Voigt, Speech, Ridge, Distributive Education, Jones, Eng- lish, Koger, Commerce. STUDENT BUDY UFHCERS Sylvia lVlcVVhirIer, Treasurerg Carol Baker. Viee-Presidentg Bill Green, Presidentg Donna Recser, Secretary: Charlene Williziins, Reporter. Cl SS UFFICERS SENIOR OFFICERS f' S r S N Qslandingj Myrna VVilson. Seeretaryg isiltingb ' ' Blaine Smith, Vice-Presidenlg Sara Neill, Treas- if 1 ' i urerg john Cromwell, Reporlerg islandingb Lyle lJilI'liL'l'. President, ,FSL QQ IUNIOR OFFICERS SUPHOMQRE OFFICERS Mary Edwards. Reporlerg Sharon Snoddy, Treasurerg Beverly Gearheard, Reporter: l0hY1 Neill, TI'021Sllr0r lstzmdingb Tommy Lansden, Presidentg Susan Scott. Karen Tipton' Sccrclflfyl Uiandihgl Beeliy Hart, Viee- Seeretaryg Charles Cates, Viee-President. Presidenlg Bob lVleCoy, President. , f,l. f L, ig ifzid Row One: WALTER ALLEN-Home Room Vice- Pres. 25 La Iunta 2-3: D.O. Club 4. DAVE BADC- LEY-Football Letterman 3-4g Track Letterman 45 Delta Theta 4, Chemistry Club 3. CAROL BAKER-Student Body Vice-Pres. 4g Mixed Chorus 3, Sec. 4, Queen Attendant 4g Iournalism Club Sec. 4g May Queen Attendant 4, Football Queen At- tendant 4. BEVERLY HENRY BARKER-Chorus 2-3, Library Club 3, D.E. Club 4. Row Two: MARY ANN BARNES-Chorus 2-3-4, Iournalism Club 3, Bravettes 2-3, Library Club 2-3, Future Nurses 2-3-Reporter 4. NORMA BARNES- Thespians 3-4g Bravettes 2-3-4, Basketball Queen Attendant 4, Chemistry Club 49 Future Teachers 3-4. TOM BARTH-Home Room Sec.-Treas. 4. KENZY BAUSTIAN-Delta Theta 4g La Iunta Treas. 3g Oklahoma Honor Society 3g Physics Club 4. Row Three: DAVID BEACH-Chemistry Club 3g Band 2-3-4. MARTHA BECKHAM-Bravettes 2, Y-Teens 2. RICHARD DON BEEBY. GEORGE BEGGS-Home Room Vice-Pres. 4, Iournalism Club 45 Palette Club 4g Chemistry Club 3. Row Four: FRANK BENEDITTI-Home Room Pres. 2. SARAH BENEFIEL-Mixed Chorus 3-4, Chorus Queen Attendant 4g Iunior Play 3, May Queen 4g Football Queen Attendant 4, Student Council 3. NANCY ANN BENELI.-Home Room Sec.-Treas. 2-35 Bravettes 2-3-4, La Junta 3, D.O. Club 43 Oklahoma Honor Society 4. BARBARA BERNSTEIN-Delta Theta Sec. 4: Thespians 2-3-4g N.F.L. 3-4, Student Council 3-45 Oklahoma Honor Society 2-4. Row Five: BETTY LOU BITTING-Library Club 3-Pres. 4, Student Council 3. IANIS BLACKBURN- Bravettes 2-3-4, La Iunta 3g Library Club 2g Future Nurses 3-4g G.R.A. 3-4. MARY IO BLOCKCOLSKI -Chorus 2, D.E. Club 4. BARBARA IO BOBBITT -Chorus 2, Quill Annual Staff 4g journalism Club 3-4g Bravettes 3-4g Library Club 2-3-Treas. 4. Row Six: IOHN BOEDEKER-Home Room Vice- Pres. 3. CHARLES A. BOOK-Student Council 4. BILL BORN-Mixed Chorus 2-3, King 4g Boys' Chorus 2-3-4g D.O. Club 3-4. JIMMY I.. BREED- Home Room Vice-Pres. 4-Treas. 3: Printing Club 3-4: D.E. Club 3. Row Seven: TOM BROWN-Gym Manager 2g Home Room Pres. 2-Vice-Pres. 2-Treas. 4g Palette Club 3-4. CARL BRUCE-Track Letterman 4, Home Room Pres. 2-Vice-Pres. 3g Chemistry Club 4. PAUL BRUNE-Team Manager 4g Orchestra 2-3-4g Delta Theta 45 Oklahoma Honor Society 2-3-4g Student Council 2. MARILYN BUCC-Home Room Vice-Pres. 2, Mixed Chorus 2-3-4g Bravettes 2-3-4, La Iunta Pres. 3. I Ieanine Paris, Sharon Kincannon, Marie Temple, Faye Schwedland, and Sue Wright look like they're preparing for a hard session of studying. I Iohn Cromwell, Donna Reeser, Arm Scaling, Kay Creed, Charlene Williams and Linda Winkler Morris debate what pictures to use in the Quill Annual. Row One: GENE BUNDY-Chemistry Club 3. IEAN BUNNELL-Home Room Vice-Pres. 4-Sec. 25 Bravettes 2-3-45 Library Club 25 Oklahoma Honor Society 3-4. BOB BURDICK--Football Letterman 3-45 Basketball Letterman 3-45 Track Letterman 45 Home Room Vice-Pres. 45 May Queen Attendant 4. IIMMY BURNS-Home Room Vice-Pres. 45 Delta Theta 4. Row Two: BETTY BUSCHMEYER-Gym Man- ager 35 Bravettes 2-3. LINDA BYFIELD-Home Room Pres. 45 Chorus 25 Mixed Chorus 3-45 Library Club 2-3. NORMA RUTH CALLAS--Debate Let- terman 2-3-45 Home Room Vice-Pres. 35 Senior Play 45 Bravettes 2-3345 N.F.L. 2-3-Sec. 4. PRICE CAMP- BELL-Delta Theta 45 La Iunta 35 Chemistry Club 35 Hi-Y 2-3. Row Three: MARY IEANETTE CARLBERG- Girls' Chorus 25 Mixed Chorus 3-45 Quill Annual Staff 45 Iournalism Club 3-45 Bravettes 2-3-4. IERRY CARTER-Home Room Treas. 2: Band 2-3- 45 Chemistry Club 3. RAY CARTER-Mixed Chor- us 2-3-45 Senior Play 45 Iunior Play 35 Delta Theta 45 N.F.L. 3-4. ROWLAND CARTER-Debate Let- terman 3-45 Quill Annual Staff 3-45 Quill Weekly Staff 3-45 Shutterbugs 2-3-Pres. 45 N.F.L. 2-3-4. Row Four: CAROLYN CHAPMAN-Home Room Vice-Pres. 45 Chorus 2-35 D.E. Club 45 Student Council 4. NANCY CHENOWETH-Home Room Sec.-Treas. 35 Chorus 2-35 Bravettes 35 Student Council 4. VIRGIE CHRISMAN-D.O. Club 4. BOB CHRISTENSEN-Bible Club 25 Chemistry Club 4. Row Five: VICKIE CLAY-Girls' Chorus 25 Mixed Chorus 3-45 Bravettes 3-45 La Iunta 35 Y-Teens 2. MINER CLIFT-Band 2-3-45 Chemistry Club 4. STEVE CLOSE-Home Room Pres. 4-Sec. 25 Les Copians 45 Chemistry Club 3. MARILYN FAYE COKER-Band 2-35 Legionettes 25 Girls' Chorus 2-35 D.E. Club 4. Row Six: IACKIE SUE COLEMAN-Gym Manager 35 Girls' Chorus 2-3-4. IUDIE COLLIER-Aqua- ettes 3-Sec. 45 Bravettes 2-3-Pres. 45 Student Coun- cil 3-45 Aquaettes Queen 45 Girls' State 3. WILMA COLLIER-Delta Theta 45 Bravettes 2-3-45 Les Copians Vice-Pres.-Treas. 45 Oklahoma Honor Soci- ety 2-3-45 Chemistry Club 3. GERALD COLLINS. Row Seven: MARILYN COLLINS-Mixed Chorus 35 Bravettes 2-35 Les Copians Treas. 35 D.E. Club, Historian, D.E. Queen Attendant 45 Chemistry Club 3. ELIZABETH COLLUM-Home Room Vice- Pres. 35 Bravettes 2-3-45 D.E. Club 3-45 Y-Teens 2. DON C. CONNER-Swimming Letterman 45 Home Room Pres. 35 Delta Theta 45 Ciceronian 2-35 Chemistry Club 3. STEVE COOL-Band 2-3- 45 Senior Play 45 Iunior Play 35 Oklahoma Honor Society 2-45 Thespians 2-3-Pres. 4. Row One: SHIRLEY CLAXTON COOPER-Home Room Sec. 43 Bravettes 2-3-Vice-Pres. 43 Future Teachers Treas. 3. RONALD COX-Swimming Team 4. IUDY COZART-Mixed Chorus 3-43 Girls' Chorus 2g Y-Teens 2. ANN CRAIG-On chestra 2-3-Vice-Pres. 43 Band 2-3-43 Vergilian Vice- Pres. 3, Sec. 43 Oklahoma Honor Society 2-43 Student Council 4. Row Two: DEANNA CRAWFORD-Orchestra 2-3- 4g Thespians 2-3-43 Bravettes 2-3-43 Chemistry Club 4g Future Nurses 2-3-4. KAY CREED-Mixed Chorus 3-Vice-Pres. 4, Chorus Queen Attendant 43 Thespians 2-junior Rep. 3, Sec. 43 Thespian Play 3g May Queen Attendant 43 Oklahoma Honor Soci- ety 3-4. CHARLES T. CRITES-Home Room Pres. 4g Oklahoma Honor Society 4. IOHN CROM- WELL-Swimming Letterman 33 Quill Annual Edit- or 4g Quill Weekly Associate Editor 43 May Queen Escort 43 Oklahoma Honor Society 4. Row Three: MICHAEL CROSSLIN-Debate Letter- man 43 Orchestra 2-3-4, Publicity Manager 43 Band 2-3-4, Quartermaster 4g Thespians 4g N.F.L. 3-4. TIM CROWLEY-Football Letterman 3-43 Co- Captain, All State 4g Iournalism Club 43 Boys' State 33 Chemistry Club 3. IOY DANIEL-Chorus 3-4. LLOYD DAVIS-Les Copians 4. Row Four: SONDRA DAVIS-Girls' Chorus 2-33 Bravettes 2-33 D.O. Club 4. DAVID DEFFEN- BAUGH-D.E. Club 4g Hi-Y Club 3-4. BOB DEN- SON-Boys' Chorus 2-3-43 Mixed Chorus 2-3-43 Chorus King Attendant 43 Chemistry Club 3. LOREN G. DITTMEYER. Row Five: CAROLYN DIXON-Home Room Pres. 2-Vice-Pres. 3-Sec.-Treas.-I3 Palette Club 43 Brav- ettes 2-3-4. MARILYN DIXON-Home Room Vice- Pres. 3-Sec. 2-Treas. 2g Palette Club 4g Bravettes 2-3- 4. KATY DONNELL-Home Room Sec. 43 Brav- ettes 2-3-43 Future Teachers 2. IERRY DRISKELL -Home Room Vice-Pres. 2. Row Six: IIMMIE DUDLEY-D.O. Club 4. RAY- MOND DUNBAR-Home Room Vice-Pres. 23 Boys' Chorus 4g Mixed Chorus 43 Palette Club 4. CARO- LYN DUNN. WAYNE DURHAM-Basketball Let- terman 3-43 Li'l Abner 43 May Queen Attendant 43 All Star Basketball Team 4. Row Seven: ESTHER IEAN DYER-Orchestra 2g Iournalism Club 4g C.R.A. 43 Activity Office Assis- tant 43 Bravettes 3-4. IEANNE EASTON-Home Room Pres. 4, Vice-Pres. 23 Activity Office 43 Brav- ettes 2-3-43 Student Council 3g La Iunta 3. DAN EDWARDS-Basketball Letterman 43 Home Room Vice-Pres. 33 Band 2-33 Vergilian Club Pres. 43 Oklahoma Honor Society 2-3-4. LUTHER W. EL- LIOTT, IR.-Band Chaplain 4, Student Director 43 Oklahoma Honor Society 2-3-43 Chemistry Club Vice-Pres. 43 Hi-Y State Youth Governor 4. I Miss Charlotte Kretsch checks some of the work in one of her American Literature classes. I Pro or con hangs in balance as Dave Friesen presents his argument to Steve Ladd, Mike Crosslin, Dorothy Lynch and Norma Callas. Row One: LOIS ELLIS-Cirls' Chorus 2-3-45 Le- gionettes 2-3-45 Bravettes 2-3-45 La Iunta 35 Office Assistant 4. TERRY PAT ENGLAND. IOHN S. EPPERSON-D.O. Club 4. PAUL ERWIN-Foob ball Letterman 3-45 Home Room Vice-Pres. 45 Quill Annual Staff 45 Quill Weekly Staff 45 Delta Theta Reporter 4. Row Two: BUDDY FAULKNER-Home Room Pres. 4, Sec-Treas. 45 D.E. Club 4. BENNY REX FIELY-D.O. Club 4. PATRICIA FELT-Gym Manager 2-35 Aquaettes 3-45 G.R.A. 2-35 Activity Office Assistant 45 Les Copians 3. FRANK L. FER- CHAU-Mixed Chorus 45 Palette Club 2-3-45 N.F.L. 3-45 Chemistry Club 3. Row Three: RAY FINEGAN-Home Room Vice- Pres. 3, Sec. 25 La Iunta Sec. 35 Hi-Y 2. BARBARA ANN FISCHER-Girls' Chorus 2-3-45 Office Assis- tant 45 Y-Teens Pres 4. LARRY FISHER-Delta Theta 45 La Iunta 35 Chemistry Club 3. NORMA FISHER-Activity Office Assistant 3-4. Row Four: GLENNA FLUMAN-Bravettes 2-35 Library Club 4. RONNIE FRANKLIN-Chemistry Club 4. DAVID D. FRIESEN-Debate Letterman 3-45 Vergilian Pres. 45 N.F.L. 2-3-Pres 45 Oklahoma Honor Society 2-3-45 Science Club Pres. 4. RO- BERT CHARLES FRYMIRE-Debate Letterman 45 Orchestra Pres. 45 Band Assistant Drum Major 45 Braves Sec.-Treas. 35 Thespians 3-4. Row Five: TOM FULMER-Chemistry Club 45 Radio-T.V. 4. EDDIE CAGE-Chemistry Club 35 Student Council 45 Office Assistant 4. GLORIA GALUSHA-Girls' Chorus 2-3-4. PAT CALUSHA. Row Six: LINDA KAY GAMMON--Home Room Vice-Pres. 45 Oklahoma Honor Society 2-35 Student Council 25 Y-Teens 2-Pres. 35 Future Teachers 2-3- Pres. 4. MILT CARBER-Home Room Vice-Pres. 45 Band 2-35 Vergilian Vice-Pres. 45 Oklahoma Hon- or Society 2-3-45 Science Club Vice-Pres. 4. IAMES CARIS. DICK CARRETT-Football Letterman 45 Home Room Vice-Pres. 3-45 Band 3. Row Seven: ALLEN CASAWAY-Band 2-3-45 Pub- licity Manager 45 Senior Play 45 Delta Theta 45 N.F. L. 3-45 Science Club 4-Sec. 4. LLOYD GEIS- Football Manager 35 Band 25 Delta Theta 4. IAMES GILES-Delta Theta 45 Swimming Letter- man 4. IUDY GILCER-Office Assistant 45 Brav- ettes 2-3-45 Home Room Pres. 45 La Junta 35 journ- alism Club 3. Row One: ROY GILLI-IAM-D.O. Club 3-4-Sgt.-ab arms 4. IOHN L. GODDARD-D.E. Club 3-4. ALVIN GRANTZ-D.E. Club 4. WILLIAM O. GREEN II-Student Body Pres. 45 Debate Letter- man 25 Boys' State 35 Thespians 2-4-Treas. 3-45 Chemistry Club Pres. 3. Row Two: TEXIE GENE GREGOR-Home Room Vice-Pres. 4. KENNETH GRIESEL- Oklahoma Honor Society 2. IOHN W. GRITZ-Senior Play 45 Iunior Play 35 Thespians 3-4. EDDIE GROVE- Football Manager 3. Row Three: LEROY GULICK-Home Room Vice- Pres. 2-Treas. 35 D.O. Club 4. STEFANI GUR- WELL-Senior Play 45 Iunior Play 35 Aquaettes 3- Prog. Chair. 45 May Queen Attendant 45 Oklahoma Honor Society 2-3-4. HOYLE HALTOM-Home Room Pres. 45 Delta Theta Treas. 45 Chemistry Club 3. DAVID L. HAMILTON-Debate Letter- man 35 Band 2-3, Vice-Pres. 45 Boys' State 35 N.F.L. 2-3-45 Thespians 2-3-4. Row Four: DON HARDGRAVE-Mixed Chorus 2-3- 45 Iunior Play 35 N.F.L. 3-45 Thespians 2-3-45 Radio T.V. 3-4. MARGARET HELEN HARRISON- Chorus 45 G.R.A. 45 Bravettes 3-4. MARGARET IEAN HART-Senior Play 45 Thespians 45 Bravettes 45 N.F.L. 45 Oklahoma Honor Society 3. DELORES HATTERMAN-Home Room Vice-Pres. 25 Girls' Chorus 25 Mixed Chorus 35 D.O. Club Sec.-Treas. 4. Row Five: RONALD A. HAWKINS-Shutterbugs 4. FRANCES LOUISE HAYS-Girls' Chorus 2-3-4. TOM HAYS-Mixed Chorus 25 D.E. Club 3-4-Par- liamentarian 3- Pres. 4-State Treas. 4. GARY HEL- BERG-Baseball Letterman 3-45 La Iunta 3. Row Six: GEORGIA HERREN-G.R.A. 25 Okla- homa Honor Society 45 Bravettes 2-3-4. CLETA B. HILL-Palette Club 45 D.E. Club 3. IANA SU HILL-Home Room Pres. 4-Vice-Pres. 25 Girls' Chorus 25 Mixed Chorus 3. TERRY HINSHAW- Mixed Chorus 2-3-45 Delta Theta 45 La junta 35 Oklahoma Honor Society 2-3-4. Row Seiten: DONNA HITCHCOCK-Home Room Sec.-Treas. 45 Bravettes 2-35 Les Copians 35 Okla- homa Honor Society 45 Student Council 4. E. A. HITCHCOCK-Band 2-3-4. H. T. HOLDEN- Football Letterman 45 Iournalism Club 45 Palette Club 3. ROBERTA HOLLOWAY-Band 2-3-Ma- jorette 35 D.E. Club 4. I Sarah Benefiel, Judie Collier, and Marilyn Bugg select the latest of their favorite fiction from the rack in the library. I Io Ann Roberts, Barbara Fischer Hunt, Morla Rainey, lim Langkiet and Suzy Lam- erton glance through the l956-57 Quill Annual. Row One: GEORGE HOLMES-Boys' Chorus 3-45 Mixed Chorus 3-45 Palette Club 25 D.E. Club 45 Home Room Pres. 2-Vice-Pres. 2-3. SHERREL HOSKINS-Boys' Chorus 2-35 Mixed Chorus 2-35 D.E. Club 4. ZELTA HOWERTON-Activity Of- fice Assistant 4. IANET HOYT. Row Two: EDDIE HUME-Home Room Pres. 2-45 Band 2-3-Pres. 45 Delta Theta Pres. 45 Oklahoma Honor Society 2-35 Student Council 2-3-4. ALICE HUNT-Activity Office Assistant 4. BLAINE IAN- ZEN. LINDA IENKINS-Mixed Chorus 3-4-Queen Attendant 45 Legionettes 2-35 Bravettes 2-3-45 Stu- dent Council 3. Row Three: MARLA IERNIGAN-Home Room Treas. 25 Bravettes 2-3-45 D.E. Club 4. THOMAS IOHNSON. MARILYN SUE IONES - Mixed Chorus 3-45 Bravettes 2-35 N.F.L. 45 Thespians 4. WAYNE IONES-Football Letterman 45 Home Room Vice-Pres. 35 Delta Theta Vice-Pres. 45 Chemistry Club 3. Row Four: LEONARD WAYNE IOYCE-Home Room Vice-Pres. 3-Sec. 4-Treas. 45 Chemistry Club 35 Printing Club Pres. 4- Sec. 3. MARY BETH KAPKA-Bravettes 4. IACK REED KEFFER- Home Room Pres. 25 Palette Club 35 Chemistry Club 35 Grade School Reporter 4. BILL KELIEHOR -Machine Shop 3-45 Home Room Sec. 3. Row Five: SANDRA KELLEY-Orchestra 2-3-45 Bravettes 2-3-45 Library Club 2-35 Office Assistant 4. YUVONNA M. KELLEY QDUPUSJ. SHARON KINCANNON-Home Room Sec. 25 Senior Play 45 Bravettes 2-3-45 Oklahoma Honor Society 3-45 Stu- dent Council 4. IERRY KLEIN-Football Letter- man 45 Home Room Sec. 25 Mixed Chorus 3- Pres. 4-Chorus Queen Attendant 4. Row Six: BARBARA KLIEWER. GEORGE KOT- LAN-Delta Theta 45 Oklahoma Honor Society 25 Chemistry Club 3. ELEANORE KRAUSSE-Senior Play 45 Palette Club 45 Thespian Play 35 Bravettes 2-3-45 Les Copians Treas. 3. RICHARD LEE KREY -Baseball Letterman 3-45 Home Room Vice-Pres. 2- 4. Row Seven: PAT WASEMILLER KUNKEL-Home Room Treas. 2-35 Thespians 2-3-45 Bravettes 2-3-45 N.F.L. 2-3-45 Palette Club 3. ALLAN KUTZ- Home Room Treas. 25 Palette Club 3-45 Chemistry Club 3. STEPHEN C. LADD-Debate Letterman 3- 45 Orchestra 2-3-45 Delta Theta 45 La Iunta 35 N.F.L. 3-4. DICK LAMBERTZ-Golf Letterman 2-3-45 Quill Annual Staff 45 Quill Weekly Staff 45 N.F.L. 2-3-45 Oklahoma Honor Society 4. Row One: SUSIE LAMERTON-Quill Annual Staff 45 Quill Weekly Staff 45 Aquaettes 45 journalism Club 4. LARRY LANDRITH-Swimming Letter- man 3-45 Home Room Treas. 2-35 Delta Theta 4. TERRY LANDRITH-Swimming Letterman 45 Delta Theta 4. ILEENE IVIARCIA LANG-Home Room Vice-Pres. 4-Sec. 25 Girls' Chorus 2-3-45 Mixed Chorus 3-45 Bravettes 3. Row Two: IIMMY LANGKIET-Football Letter- man 3-45 Quill Annual Staff 45 Radio Class Pres. 45 Thespians 2-3-45 May Queen Attendant 45 Okla- homa Honor Society 4. PATSY LAVICKY-Delta Theta 45 Bravettes 35 Oklahoma Honor Society 2-35 Chemistry Club 3. DONA LAYTON. CLEO LESEBERG-Home Room Pres. 4-Vice Pres. 25 D.E. Club Reporter 45 D.E. Queen Attendant 4. Row Three: GEORGE LETCHER-Delta Theta 45 Oklahoma Honor Society 25 Chemistry Club 35 CLIFTON LISTER-D.O. Club 3-4-Pres. 4. IERRY LONCPBasketball Letterman 2-3-45 Li'l Abner 35 Chemistry Club 35 Student Council 45 All Star Bas- ketball, Second Team 4. PAT LUCKINBILL-Girls' Chorus 2-35 G.R.A. 35 Activity Office Assistant 35 Bravettes 2-3-4. Row Four: DOROTHY LEE LYNCH-Debate Let- terman 2-3-45 Bravettes 2-3-45 N.F.L. 2-3-45 Library Club Vice-Pres. 2-Pres. 35 Oklahoma Honor Society 2-3-4. IIM MADDOX-Football Letterman 3-45 Basketball Letterman 3-45 Delta Theta Sec. 45 Office Assistant 45 May Queen Attendant 4. All Star Bas- ketball Team 4. LOLA MADDOX CBOGERJ- Chorus 25 Bravettes 3-45 Library Club 2-3-45 Y- Teens 2. LEON MAHAN-D.O. Club 3-4. Row Five: PAT MAHONEY-Home Room Pres. 2-Vice-Pres. 35 Bravettes 2-3-45 Oklahoma Honor Society 2-3-45 Activity Office Assistant 45 Legion- ettes 2-3-4. IOI-IN MANNING-Basketball Letter- man 45 Baseball Letterman 3-45 Home Room Pres. 45 Delta Theta 45 Hi-Y 3. KAY MARTIN-Home Room Pres. 25 La Iunta 35 Oklahoma Honor Society 45 Student Council 35 Future Teachers Treas. 3-4. ANNETTE MARTINDALE-Home Room Sec. 45 Band 2-3-45 D.E. Club Vice-Pres. 45 Oklahoma Hon- or Society 25 Chemistry Club 3. Row Six: LARRY MASON. BARRY WENDEI, MASSION-N.F.L. 4. VIRGINIA MATHIS-Home Room Pres. 3-Vice-Pres. 3-Sec.-Treas. 45 Iournalism Club 35 Bravettes 2-3-45 Student Council 25 Future Nurses 3-4. IOETTA MAUCK-Home Room Sec. 2-Treas. 25 Orchestra 25 Palette Club 45 Office As- sistant 4, Row Seven: CLYDE DAWSON MCANINCH- Swimming Letterman 45 Delta Theta 45 Oklahoma Honor Society 25 Student Council 25 Hi-Y 2-3. AARON MCCASKEY-Home Room Pres. 25 Office Assistant 2-35 Oklahoma Honor Society 45 Chemistry Club 35 Future Teachers 2. SUE MCCORMICK- Delta Theta 3-45Palette Club 2-35 Library Club 2-35 Y-Teens 2-35 Future Teachers 45 Aquaettes 3-4. TWILLA MCCORMICK-Home Room Sec.-Treas. 45 Bravettes 2-35 D.E. Club 3-45 D.E. Queen 4. I Mary McKnight, Eddie Gage and Tom Brown exchange the latest in the hall during Open House. I Richard Walker, Don Walter and an un- identified student Cstandingb. Ierry Collins, Lloyd Davis, Ierry Zimmerman, Ken Murray, and Bob Christensen in one of the daily before school cafeteria sessions. Row One: SUE MCGOWAN-Girls, Chorus 25 Legionettes 2-3-4-Drum Captain 25 Activity Office Assistant 3-45 Oklahoma Honor Society 4. DEL- BERT MCCUCIN-Basketball Team Manager 45 Baseball Letterman 45 Home Room Vice-Pres. 25 N.F.L. 45 Student Council 2-3. MARY MCKNICHT -Cheerleader 45Aquaettes 2-3-Pres. 45 Journalism Club Prog. Chair. 45 May Queen Attendant 45 Okla- homa Honor Society 2-3-4. COLEDA MCMURPHY -Gym Manager 25 Chorus 2-35 Bravettes 2-3-45 D. O. Club 4. Row Two: SYLVIA MCWHIRTER-Student Body Treas. 45 Band Queen 45 N.F.L. 3-45 Future Nurses 2-3-45 Sec. 35 Thespians 3-4. IESSE MENA-Band 2-35 Chemistry Club 3. MARIORIE MERCER- Home Room Sec. 2-45 Chorus 2-3-45 Legionettes 2-35 Bravettes 2-3-45 La Iunta 3. HAROLD MILBURN -Football Letterman 3-4. Row Three: BONNIE MILLER-Home Room Pres. 2-35 Mixed Chorus 2-35 Chorus Queen 45 Bravettes 45 Chemistry Club 45 Legionettes 2-3-4-Pres. 3-Bugle Lieutenant 2. DONNIE MILLER-Home Room Vice-Pres. 25 Quill Annual Staff 45 Iunior Play 35 Iournalism Club 45 Chemistry Club 3. IEANETTE MITCHELL-Aquaettes 45 Palette Club 45 Bravettes 2. IOHN LEE MITCHELL- D.E. Club 4. Row Four: EMMA LOU MONTGOMERY-Girls' Chorus 2-3-45 Bravettes 2-3. IANICE MOORE- Home Room Vice-Pres. 45 Band 2-35 D.E. Club Treas. 4. BEVERLY MORGAN. LORRAINE MORGAN-Home Room Vice-Pres. 4-Sec. 2-35 Bravettes 2-3-45 Les Copians Sec. 45 Oklahoma Hon- or Society 2-35 Legionettes 2-3-4-Vice-Pres.-Sec: Rep.-Treas. 4. Row Five: TOM MORRIS-Braves 2-3. ROY ED- WIN MORROW-Mixed Chorus 2-3-45 Boys' Chor- us 2-3-4. KENNETH MURRAY-Golf Letterman 2-3-45 Chemistry Club 35 Hi-Y 2-3. LEWIS MYERS. Row Six: SARA NEILI.-Senior Class Treas. 45 Debate Letterman 3-45 Home Room Pres. 2-45 N.F.L. Sec. 45 Oklahoma Honor Society 2-3-4. IANET NELSON-Home Room Pres. 2-Sec. 45 May Queen Attendant 45 Student Council 45 Quill Annual Staff 4. LAVERNA MAE NEWMAN-Girls' Chorus 25 Mixed Chorus 3-45 Delta Theta 45 La Iunta 35 Chemistry Club 3. DON NORMAN-Orchestra 2- 35 Delta Theta Pres. 45 Oklahoma Honor Society 2- 45 Science Club 4-Treas. 3. Row Seven: PHYLLIS OLIVER-Chorus 2-3-4. KENNETH OUTHIER. IANICE OVERSTREET -Mixed Chorus 3-45 Iunior Play 35 Oklahoma Hon- or Society 3-45 Future Nurses 2-3-4-Treas. 3. GENE OWENS-Band 2-35 Delta Theta Treas. 45 Okla- homa Honor Society 45 Student Council 35 Home Room Sec. 2. Row One: GARY PACE-Home Room Treas. 2. LEAH PLUNKETT PALMER-Mixed Chorus 35 Bravettes 2-35 D.O. Club Reporter 45 Oklahoma Honor Society 45 All School Play 2. LYLE PARKER -Class Pres. 2-3-45 Football Letterman 3-45 Delta Theta 45 May Herald 45 Student Council 2-3-4. IAMES KENNETH PATTERSON - Basketball Team Manager 3-45 Delta Theta 45 Oklahoma Hon- or Society 2-35 Chemistry Club 3. Row Two: DALE WESLEY PAYNE-Home Room Sec. 45 Delta Theta Vice-Pres. 45 Chemistry Club 4. DALE ARNOLD PEARSON-Delta Theta 45 Chemistry Club 3. PAUL ALEXANDER PENDLE- TON-Track Letterman 45 Palette Club 45 La Iunta 4. LARRY PETERMAN. Row Tftrcei SYLVIA ANN PETERMAN-Palette Club 4. IOYCE LOUISE PHARIS-Activity Office Assistant 4. YENNA SUE PHILLIPS-Girls' Chor- us 2-3-45 Palette Club 45 Bravettes 35 La Iunta 4. DAVID POYNOR-Home Room Vice-Pres. 45 Band 2-3-45 Senior Play 45 Iunior Play 35 Student Council 3. Row Four: LINDA PRATZ--Debate Letterman 45 N.F.L. 3-45 Oklahoma Honor Society 2-3-45 Thes- pians 2-3-45 Girls, State 3. CHARLES PRICE- Band 2-35 Spring Sports Queen Attendant 2-35 Hi-Y Chaplain 2-35 D.O. Club 4. CLAUDIA PROUTY- Band 2-3-45 Oklahoma Honor Society 25 Chemistry Club 3. MORLA RAINEY-Quill Annual Stalf 45 Quill Weekly Staff 45 Iournalism Club 3-45 Hobo Queen 45 Bravettes 2-3-4. Row Five: DONNA REESER-Class Sec. 2-35 Stu- dent Body Sec. 45 Cheerleader 3-45 Iournalism Club Vice-Pres. 45 Football Queen 4. LEON RIFFEL- Home Room Pres. 4. PAT RILEY-Iournalism Club 45 Grade School Reporter 4. IANICE RIPPY -Mixed Chorus 35 Senior Play 45 Activity Office Assistant 3-45 Student Council 2-45 Future Teachers 2-Pres. 3. Row Six: IUDY ANN RITTER-Mixed Chorus 2-3- 45 Legionettes 2-3-4-Treas. 35 Bravettes 4. KATH- LEEN ROARK-Palette Club 45 National Art Hon- or Society 3. IOANNE ROBERTS-Girls' Chorus 2-3-45 Bravettes 2-3-45 Chemistry Club 45 Y-Teens 2-3-4-Sec. 3-Vice-Pres. 45 Future Nurses 2-3-4- Vice-Pres. 3. RENA IOYCE ROBERTS-Home Room Pres. 25 Mixed Chorus 3-45 Bravettes 2-3-45 Les Copians 45 Y-Teens 2-3-4. Row Seven: EDDIE ROBINSON-Home Room Pres. 2-3-45 Iournalism Club 45 Football Letterman 45 D.E. Club 4. IERRY ROBINSON-Home Room Pres. 2. BUDDY DWAYNE ROGERS. DELORIS RAE ROUSE-Palette Club 45 Bravettes 2-3-45 Ok- lahoma Honor Society 45 Thespians 45 Legionettes 2-3-4. I Carol Baker, Peggy Wever, and Kay Creed browse through the magazines available in the library during slack time in study hall. 29 I I Paul Erwin, Steve Thurman, Gary Moxley, Leatha Tate and Pat Riley compare books as they wait their turn at the library check out desk. Row One: ANN SCALING-Quill Annual Staff -15 Quill Weekly Staff 45 Senior Play 45 Radio-T.V. Class Pres. 45 Thespians 2-3-4. HAROLD SCHRAM- Machine Shop 2-3. ART SCHROEDER-Delta Theta 45 Oklahoma Honor Society 25 Chemistry Club 35 Latin I Club 3. ELDON SCHULTZ. Row Two: FAYE SCHWEDLAND-Home Room Pres. 2-3-4, Vice-Pres. 4-Sec.-Treas. 35 Bravettes 2-3-45 Library Club Sec. 35 Chemistry Club 45 Future Nurses 3-Pres. 4. SANDY SEIDL-Home Room Vice-Pres. 25 Delta Theta 45 Les Copians Pres. 35 Oklahoma Hon- or Society 2-35 Chemistry Club 3. BOB SHARP- D.O. Club 3-Pres. 4. MELVIN SHIPLEY-Okla- homa Honor Society 2. Row Three: SHARON L. SHOOK-Mixed Chorus 3-45 Aquaettes 3-45 Bravettes 45 Student Council 45 Aquaettes Queen Attendant 4. BLAINE SMITH, IR.-Class Vice-Pres. 3-45 Quill Annual Staff 45 N.F.L. 2-3-45 Student Council 45 Youth Traffic Court judge 3-4. CECIL SMITH--Baseball Letterman 3-45 Home Room Pres. 2-3-Vice-Pres. 45 Delta Theta Vice-Pres. 45 Chemistry Club 3. FRANK S. SMITH -Home Room Pres. 45 Student Council 4. Row Four: GARY IAY SMITH-Home Room Pres. 2-45 Senior Play 45 La Iunta 2-35 May Queen At- tendant 4. LINDA SMITH-Band 2-35 Quill An- nual Staff 45 Quill Weekly Staff 45 Aquaettes 3-45 Oklahoma Honor Society 3-45 Aquaette Queen At- tendant 4. NELDA SMITH-Gym Manager 35 Ae- tivity Office Assistant 45 Oklahoma Honor Society 2-3-45 Future Nurses 3. PATRICIA SMITH-Home Room Vice-Pres. 25 Legionettes 25 Girls' Chorus 2-3- 45 Mixed Chorus 3-4. Row Five: BRUCE E. SNETHEN-Mixed Chorus 2-3-45 Senior Play 45 Braves 35 N.F.L. 3-45 District Winner of Radio Speaking 4. IAMES I. SOUTH- ERN-D.E. Club 45 Chemistry Club 3. BOB SPICKELMIER-Football Letterman 45 Track Let- terman 3-45 Senior Play 45 Decathlon Winner 45 May Queen Attendant 4. RICHARD T. SPOHRER -Home Room Pres. 45 Printing Club 4. Row Six: IANICE STEED KDOVERD-Iunior Play 35 Bravettes 3-45 Future Teachers 3-4. PAUL STEPHENS-Basketball Letterman 4. BETTY KAY STEPHENSON-Home Room Sec. 25 Band 2-3-4- Majorette 3-45 Iournalism Club 45 Quill Office As- sistant 45 La Iunta 3. NITA STEWART-Girls' Chorus 25 Mixed Chorus 3-45 Legionettes 2-3-45 Bravettes 4. Row Seven: MARY STONER-Activity Office As- sistant 4. GEORGE STOVER- Science Club 45 Chemistry Club 35 Hi-Y 2, Vice-Pres. 3. TEDDY SUMMERS-Home Room Sec. 3-Treas. 3. SUE TACKETT-Home Room Pres. 3-4-Vice-Pres. 2-Sec. 35 Iournalism Club 45 Bravettes 2-3-45 Library Club Treas. 35 Student Council 2. Row One: IAMES TADLOCK-Mixed Chorus 43 Chemistry Club 43 Hi-Y 2-3-4. LEATHA M. TATE -Band Majorette 3-43 All School Play 23 Band Queen Attendant 43 Chemistry Club 33 Thespians 2-3-4-Sr. Rep. 4. MARIE TEMPLE-Home Room Vice-Pres. 2-3-Sec. 2-33 Quill Annual Staff 43 Brav- ettes 2-3-Treas. 4g May Queen Attendant 43 Student Council 4. DICK TEURMAN-Mixed Chorus 2-3- 43 Cheerleader 33 Braves 3g Thespians 3-4. Row Two: DAN THOMAS-Mixed Chorus 2-3-4- Chorus King Attendant 4g Delta Theta 43 Thespians 43 Les Copians 43 Physics Club 4. KAREN A. THOMAS-Home Room Vice-Pres. 33 Band 2, Color Guard 3-43 Iournalism Club 43 Quill Weekly Staff 43 C.R.A. 4. PATSY LORRAINE THOMAS-Or- chestra 2-3-43 Band 2-3-43 N.F.L. 3-43 Oklahoma Honor Society 3-43 Student Council 4. STEVE THURMAN--Football Letterman 43 Home Room Pres. 33 Delta Theta Vice-Pres. 43 Iournalism Club 43 Chemistry Club 3. Row Three: BRUCE TRINKLE-Orchestra 2-3-43 Band 3-43 Delta Theta 43 Vergilian Vice-Pres. 33 Oklahoma Honor Society 2-3-4. RITA FERN TUNIS. LORETTA TURNER-Activity Office As- sistant 4. MARY ALICE UNRUH-Band Treas. 43 Student Council 2-3. Row Four: SUSAN VAN DUSEN-D.E. Club 3-4. DORIS VAN DUYN-Orchestra 2-3-4-Sec. and Bus. Mgr.3 Delta Theta 43 Oklahoma Honor Society 2-3-43 Physics Club 43 Band 2-3-4. MARY ELLEN VAS- QUEZ-Girls' Chorus 23 Mixed Chorus 2-33 Brav- ettes 43 La junta 2-3. BARBARA VENABLE- Chorus 23 D.O. Club 3-4. Row Five: DEANNA GWENN VOCT-Girls' Chorus 23 Legionettes 2-33 Bravettes 2-33 D.E. Club 3-43 Y-Teens 2. RICHARD LEE WALKER. DON- ALD WALTER-D.O. Club 3-4. IEANETTE WALTERS-Palette Club 4g Office Assistant 43 Bravettes 3-4. Row Six: IERRY WATKINS-Home Room Pres. 4. LARRY WATSON-Delta Theta 43 Hi-Y 2-3-4-Sec. 4. MIKE D. WEBBER--Team Manager 2-3-43 Quill Annual Staff 3-43 Quill Weekly Editor 43 Iour- nalism Club 3-43 Boys, State 3. CLENDA WEHL- INC-Bravettes 2-3-4. Row Seiten: IOHN WERNER-Delta Theta 43 La Junta 33 Oklahoma Honor Society 2-33 Chemistry Club 33 Student Council 3. PEGGY WEVER- Student Council 43 Bravettes 2-3-43 Office Assistant 43 C.R.A. 43 Legionettes 2-3-4. IUDY ANN WHITE -Cheerleader 4g Basketball Queen Attendant 43 N. F.l.. 3-43 District Radio Winner 43 Oklahoma Honor Society 4. LAZELLE WHITE. I Gayle Carlan waits on Mary Cay, judy Cozart and Linda Byfield as they make use of the snack bar in the cafeteria. Row One: ROBERT WHITLEY-Swimming Team Thespians. DEWAYNE WHITLOW. IIM WIL- LIAMS. Row Two: CHARLENE WILLIAMS-Class Report- er 2-Treas. 3g Cheerleader 3--lg Legionettes 2-3--l: Outstanding Drum Major -lg Cherokee Strip Queen 4g Student Body Reporter -l. MYRNA WILSON- Cheerleader 4g Football Queen Attendant -lg Basket- ball Queen 4g Girls' State 3g Aquaettes 2-'3--l. LINDA WINKLER MORRIS-Girls' Chorus 2-'ig Quill An- nual Stall 43 Quill Weekly Staff -lg Iournalism Club 3--lg Future Nurses 2-3. Row Three: WAYNE WITHERS-Home Room Vice-Pres. 2-Pres. 4g May Queen Attendant -lg Chem- istry Club 35 Office Attendant 4. IAY H. WITT- D.O. Club 3-4. LARRY WOODS-junior Play 33 Delta Theta 4g Thespians '3--lg Physics Club -lg Home Room Pres. 4. Row Four: RALPH WOOLWINE-Band 2-3g Del- ta Theta 4. PETER OSBORN WORLINE-Braves 4. MARGUERITE WRIGHT-Home Room Sec. 3-4g Band 2-3-4-Sec. 4-Majorette '3-4-Queen Attend- ant -lg Delta Theta Sec. 43 May Queen Attendant -lg Chemistry Club Sec. 3. Row Five: SUE WRIGHT-Home Room Vice- Pres. 2-Sec.-Treas. 'S-Pres. -lg Thespians 2-3-Clerk -lg Les Copians fig Oklahoma Honor Society -lg Chem- istry Club Rep. 4. CHARLOA WYMAN-Senior Play -lg Thespians -lg Bravettes -l. IERRY LEROY ZIMMERIVIAN-D.O. Club -l. I I Things seem quite gay at the crowning of the band queen, Sylvia lVIcWhirter. Edd Hume did the honorsg Sylvia was attended by Marguerite Wright and Leatha Tate. Featured: Charlene Willianis. Cherokee Strip Queen, and Miss Williams and her attendants, Sue Schroeder and Norma Noland. Below: Float in the "Teepees To Towers" theme featuring Karen Peterman, Shirley Langford, janet Vice. Sue Schroeder, Charlene Willizims on the tower, and Norma Noland. Enid High was proud to have one of its west Oklahoma girls to climax Enid's celebra- fair maids win the title of Miss Cherokee tion of the Oklahoma Semi-centennial from Strip. Charlene won over twenty-six North- November 16, l957, to November 16, l958. 2 'it iff? EH vp! Top Row: Boyer, Ronnie Brewer, Ball. Alhright, Second Row: Beaty, Gary Brewer. Brooks, Aslahl. Bryan, Brisben, Arndt, Baker, Bull Baldwin. Brandenburg, Bush, Britt. Boehs Third Row: Buchanan. Buekrninster. Bailey. Birch. Bottom Row: Atkins, Lynda Allen, Helen Allen, Book. Boss. Britton. Bevers, Brummett, Bornar Boese, Beard, Barnes, Bowden YY 1 7 , 138 Top Row: Campbell. Cole. Christensen, Dalke. Fer- Second Row: Iudy Dailey. Butler, Colley, Dee. Chest- guson, Champlin, Don Davis, Max Davis nut, Canaday, jack Daily. Duncan. Carren. Coleman Third Row: Rowley. Bushner, Cashion, Coker. Chris- Bottom. Row: Dudley. Davis. Clevenger. Cribley. Ciar- man, Fisher, Cummings. Chodriek, Carpenter dullo. Coffman, Christensen, Fountain, Clark is.. , . - ' if W . C Top Row: Calusha. Eldon Eek, Arlyn Eek, Binford, Second Row: Henderson. Evans, Freidline. Francis. Edwards. Ferehau. Dulliy, Felt, Ellsworth Hancock. Eckhardt, Groom. Gaskill, Cates Tltircl Row: Deighton. Ethington. Dixie Easterly, Bottom Row: Hopkins. Hufi. Donna Heinrich, Crani- Ellis, Denton. Driever. Barhara Easterly. Dukes. mont, De Vault, Funk. Et-k. Dyer. Francis lVlary Edwards U N I 0 R S Q, if ' at - r 34 i G Top Row: Grantham, Haines, Evans, Harrod, Hair, Second Row. Goley, Butts, Hoskins. Henzlcr, Gregory, Hill, Holt, Hitchcock, Harmon Grydcr, Hogan, Gordon, Hartley Third Row: Giles. Goode, Henry, Holcomb. Gay, Bottom Row: Hinshaw, Hoskins, Goodnight, Hohhs, Gerhard, Gist, Huston, Higgins Hill, Hayes, Lewis, Green, Harmon Top Row: Lansden, Richard Kiely, Lewis. Loschke, Second Row: Large, Kummell, Kellet, Iensen, Kotlan, Latchaw, Kirkham. Leser, Karpe, Bill Kiely 1enkins,Iohndrow, Litson, Kvasnieka Third Row: Luffrnan, Leesch, Krausse. Kiefer, Kohen, Bottom Bow: Carole King, Lynda King, Kent, Knight, Iaekson, Ivcn. Ioncs, Lovell Leslie, Lieuranee, Lusk, Lukenbaugh, Layton Q57 Gif 5 A ' af 6 . fr K ,ti Top Bow: McBride. Maness. Miles, Archie Morgaridge. Second Bow: Mitchell, Melvin, Monroe, Murray. Mc- Mackenzic, Ronald Morgaridge, Munger, Moody, Gollough. Madison. Larry Melvin, Martin Moore Bottom Row: McCormick. Metcalf, Mason, Marrs, Third Row: johnson, Morris. Manley. Martin, Mess- Mansfield. Lydia Lavicky, Lang, Myers. MeGugin man, Manuel, McCuhhins, Ioyce Moxley, Milli- champ, joy Moxley UNIURS Top Row: Richardson, Meek, Noyes, Priebe, Nelson, Reams, Maupin, Moxley, Montgomery Third Row: Ridgway, Potter, Ruzek, Parker, Rill, Peck. O'Neill, Polwort, Parkinson Second Row: Ives, Krey, Inselman, Nicholson, Rhodes. Maness, Keen, Lubbers, Mangus Bottom Row: Muir, Robison, Pace, Ross, Pyle, Robin- son, Rogers, Pond, McFadden 21 if LW ' tmp xt Top Row: Robinson, Parrish, Metscher, Starnes. Stoner, Rylander, Noah, Roberts, Martin Third Row: Strain, Marilyn Smith, Anna Smith. Scroggs, Sylvia Roberts, Sowle, Linda Roberts, Stan- ley Second Row: Reynolds, Robison, Purdue, Suits, Oak- ley, McKittrick, Porter, Parker, Metz Bottom Row: Ream, Nelson, Madison, Sparks. Stout, Peterson, Puckett, Schultz, Seibel, Shannon vt .T . tm, Top Bow: Tinder, Tennison, David Unruh, Tresner. Siria, VVeber, Stcttnisch, Vanderhooien. Snowden Third Row: Ncvalinc Smith, Snoddy, Stoner. Selten- reich, Stratton, Sias, Sykora, Steddum, Scott Second Row: Vlfhittenberg. VVatson. Danny VVL-ldon. JUNIURS l.eGrand, Plai'l', Tallant, Toler, Maynard Unruh. VVarren Bottom Row: La Donna Smith, Slate, Sheffield, Stone- hocker. Simpson, Stuart, Schiller. Stucrman. Stewart 36 N Top Row: Umdenstock, Wright, Waggerman, Win- Second Row: Wiens, Winchester, Touchstone, VVil- Held, Wheeler, Walters, Turner, Warren, Wiltshire liams, Woolwine, Hill, Waters, Walton, Wiggins Third Row: Ward, Wells, Wiggins, Willems, Talbott, Bottom Row: Wicker, Wilson, Tipton, Vcley, Wood- Traynor, Young, Zlckefoose, Whittenberg ii T gg? t Top Row: Teachman, Daugherty. Wally Smith, Sheets, Graves, Jerry Weldon, Schram, Roark, Ward Third Row: Wanzcr, Winblot, Thomas, Prickett, Unruh,Thrasher, Lamb 3' Top Row: Wall, Posey, Geurkink, Newell, Dewbcrry, Maynard Middle Row: Rieger, jantzen, Holtxen, Crabhs, Wil- 37 fl nw e. 5- , MTI ring, Wilkins, Whitlow, Trihhle, Thompson 5 4 2 2 ,5 1 f s t Q in-4 , x it' Second Row: Yoder, lVlcNaughton, Ehardt, Winters, Wills, Kudlac, Deflenhaugh, Roe, Clayton Wiens Bottom Row: Ianzen, Preston, Walker, Shriver, En- triken, Atkinson, Colley, Haney 5 3 a t - lk ,i swf liams, Eden Bottom Row: Reihm, Haskins, Peckham, .ti if Lamb JUNIURS T' Bays, Blanton, Adams, Blair, Burdick, Bozarth Bottom Row: Bigger, Brannon, Bush, Butts, Baker, . Booher, Bridgman, Buller, Brashear, Allen, Boying- Top Row: Baldwin, Arnold, Beckham, Boston, Ander- son, Arrington, Borulf, Anderson, Baintcr, Bugg Third row: Albin, Batchelor, Alcorn, Barnes, Barnard Brachcr, Adams, Boaz, Breesawitz, Boyles ton Second Row: Bundrcn, Barnes, Buckminster, Bartley, 46" l Top Row: Copeland, Clemens, Cohlmia, Chowning, trall, Cote, Fletcher, Chodrick, Clark, Collins, lack Carey, Clift, Duvall, Cowan, Felton, Eckford Cunningham, Coffin, Chapman Bottom Row: Cole, Avery, Carver, Berg, Brown, Cum- Third Row: Crank, Cockrell, Ballard, Collum, Cold- mins, Carmichael, Carroll, Croxton, Corporon iron, Carncr, Cross, Carlon, Coker, Clump Second Row: Buddy Cunningham, Carpenter, Can- Top Bow: Frahn, Dyer, Durlcy, Ierry Davis, Egelston, Second Row: Fisher, Freeman, Duncan, Ed Emmons, De Spain, Dow, Evans, George Davis, Dennis Scott Davis, Downing, Earnest, Finley, Dugger, Doty Third Row: Erickson, Caten, Gayle Emmons, Evans, Bottom Row: Dupy, Norene Ferguson, Forston, Dur- Dixie Ferguson, Dye, Dixon, Cox, Deming, Foulks, ham, Ferehau, Cline, Cook, Dalke. Chodriek, Deel. Cobble Crook 0PHOMORES t if , P Goerlzen, Gorton, Gravitt, Hoover, Hen- Top Row: thorn, Hoyt, Grimm, Hoisington, lack Graves Third Row: Flaming, Erickson, Dorene Ferguson, Billie Davis, Daniels, Frantz, Dowd, Duckett, Doop, Deloris Ferguson, Dennis Top Row: Gosnell, Killam, Koehn, Graham, Gill, Keplord, Klingenberg, Lang, Kerr, Hatfield, Lewis Third Row: Hensel, Hampton, Haskins, Hart, Hersch- berger, Galusha, Geis, Gibson, Hutchins, Henry Second Row: Gage, Luckinbill, Garrett, Kennington, Top Row: Kabetzke, Ienkins, Lizar, Kirk, Loewen, Klassen, Ieter, Iantzen, Linn Third Row: Iones, Linville, Hoekmeyer, Grantz, Ian- zen, Ladd, Hart, Glantz, Hite, Hartman Second Row: Kruekenberg, Letcher, Kirkpatrick, Lieu- Moye, Second Row: Howard, Hart, Henthorn, Guliek, Ger- hard, Harbaugh, Hoflsommer, Hemphill Bottom Row: Dayton, Dittmeyer, Gonsalves, Dilldine, Hayes, Eisele, Heinrich, Hoover, Davidson, Harper, Emerson Guthrie, Krout, Loehner, Kingcade, Iaeobs, Koozer, Gunning Bottom Row: Gearheard, League, Goodspeed, Grantz, Hammer, Hogan, Goodpasture, Graves. Herrnanski, Howard ranee, Lawson, Iones, lack, Laws, Linder Bottom Row: Linderer, Luflman, Goshorn, -larnes, Kinkade, Kelly, Jones, Gholston, Goforth, Hobbs, Inslceep, Ioyce SUPHUMURES Top Row: Myers, Miller, McDonald, Don Massey, Manuel, McKinnon, Maxson, North, Diek Massey, McMillan Third Row: Grisham, Lunn, Mayer, Long, Newberry, Krausse, Keck, Kelley, Beverly Muir, Ienkins Second Row: Moore, Nichols, McMahan, Neill, Gor- don Muir, Minter, Mitten, Nelson, McDaniel, Mel- vin Bottom Row: Iudy Miller, McCoy, McGee, Ioy Miller, Nolte, Mathews, McCullough, lVlcMahan, Meisner, Ioyce Iones, McKinney Top Rout: Oringderll, Usborn, Plummer, Newman, Mt-Neill, Massion, Prouty, Moore, Prochaska, Nye Tliirrl Row: Morris, Rcinhart. Page, Pearce, Rahm, Robertson, Plrehm, Oldham, Payne, Pribil, Provost Second Row: Meliittrick. Mar, Peak. Russell. Pember- ton, Mc-Keever, Parham, Parr, Reeser, Morgan, Murray Bottom Row: Mercer, Newingham, Parson, Row. Mauck, Palmer, Patrick, Richardson, O'Neill, New som sr 4.5. e wsu' 1 Nm s rl 9.4 -. 1 lv n'N H fa ' Top Row: Cary Smith, Stephan, Oberlender, Tate, Sailors, Speelrnan, Stranathan, Semrad, Terrel. Quick Stewart, Schroeder, Posey, Rummery, Palmer, lim Second Row: Morales, Morris, Molson, Powell, Schaf- Pope. Gilbert Pope, Peninger fitzel, Troutman, Schultz, Miller. Nay 'I'l1irclRolt'.' Patterson, Potter, Shafiord, Tappan, Suits, Bottom Row: Roberts, Parker, Shellenbarger. Sykora. 0PHOMORES Rhoads. Riley, Traynor, Tunis, Rowe, Paleeek bl 40 F1 Top Row: Sebourn, Sanders, Iames Smith, Seem, Thomas, Wright, Skaggs, Walton, Seiger, Ierry Smith, Williamson Third Row: Wheeler, Wilburne, Virden, Warkentin, Wood, Vanderhoofven, Watkins, Williams, Wool- wine, Stites, Stary Smith, Spaulding States, Watkins Y--I Second Row: Wollaston, Weldon, Vaughn, Wong, Striekler, Wedel, Thompson, O. B. Smith, Kendall Bottom Row: Williams, Willshire, Turner, Thomas, Swiggart, Watkins, Linda Smith, Seheulen, Stites, Top Row: Woods, Iimmy Unruh, Southern, Sharp, Second Row: Wright, Wheeler, Winkler, Wyatt, Gary Unruh, Schroeder, Taylor, Stith, Williamson, Young, Welty, Todd, Vandaveer, Watson, Van Sehwenke Vranken Third Row: Upton, Withers, Stogner, Thomas, Walt- Bottom Row: Swinney, Stevens, Withrow, Smith, ers, Wilson, Thorp, Schultz, Silberberger, Webb Wall, Yadon, Yount, Terrill, Tipton, Watson, Wol- finger 3 Q3-7' Top Row: Galusha, Meeeh, Weir, Walser, Binford, lVleCullough, Kruse Lewis Bottom Row: Howard, Shelton, Mitten, Stuart, lVlun- Middle Row: Cayvvood, Maynard, Seidl, Hay, jones, ger, Francis 4l SOPHOMORES 41' xr 'M i 'M s i ,S Above: One of the cooking and homcmaking Classes intently Watches a demonstration. Below: lack D. Webb. assistant principal. discusses grades with Barbara Fischer and jim Langkiet. 5 Q-ZW 'ik up 5 8' 'Z' 5,3 Ni .- , 0, 4, - ,L ,V f . 1ff3.s'vQ':' fe K -Q 4 5 Q S Q.. 1 Af? , 3565 H 1 if s f. 4 i' Y 1 1,5 3 , 17 'cf T 'E L 2 s- 1, 'ZZIJ ,,,:.. ' 5 'gf mg ' K I VS!-F". 1 A' iii? 1 M .- .- ,,,q9w.m, V HL' 'f W,.e,sj,:3wisfsfsi 1 ,,.a- Q aw-4' .pv- .e ,ji ,. . f A -ret mv ef git ...iw fs 2 rf5t?'o f3 . 1, Q1 f Q 091: QQ' ' 1a'0-1: .-2.1: 13,4 Top Row: Ellis. Bernstein. Benelicl. Easton. Cooper tv.-pres.'. Creed. Kelley. Harrison. Hull. Ienkins. Second Row: Hart. Clay. Baker. Blackburn. Kincan- non. Carlbcrg. Callas. Barnes. Bottom Row: Maddox. Bobbitt. Collier tprcs.J. Crawford. Dyer. Kunkel. Lovell. Adams tsponsor . Top Row: Rainey. Lamcrton. Lynch. Shook. Pratz. Temple Qtreasj. Schwedland. Mahoney. Rouse. Green. Second Row: Mercer. Wchling. Wever. Scaling. Beard. Huston. Neill. Atkins. Tackett. Bottom Row: Wright. Curwell tsecretaryl. Vasquez. Nelson. JoAnn Roberts. Stewart. Ritter. Miller. Clevengcr. .V 5 t L if V . - , A I . itt' , ' l 7 Ei Si V f tzg 5, 1 V. t.t, f A A . ' trsii ft.. V ',1 5.1 f I 5 V ' F1 ' 2 . ' f' ' ' V t 3' 7 5 it S Q i ii 'ii l iff ? A , A S T S A i i i 5' ' if 9 V fi fig. E A , A.. A by ,A- ji . KV: - 5 ,J PV' on ' W KA K K A . K K A , V ..,., V 0 - G fd ceq Q ,Q Va Qqq 1' ,. 4, If 1, 49 ' 4 1,131+-43V VA ' Hd- - le ll., 4... .6 if 41,6 Qld 4 qlaqmfa Top Row: Bowden. Christcnson. Heinrich. Atkinson. johnson. Hobbs. Hill. Buchanan. Hayes. Francis. Hop- kins. Second Row: Giles. Dailey. Coker. Bushncr. lven. Edwards. Cribley. Henry. Flowers tsponsorl. liottotn Roux' Higgins. l,eslie. Cummings. Boss. En- triken. Britton. Fisher. Lullman. jones. Boese. if A A A 'A A A A A A l. f - ,:,r 2 s kk - e Q 43 iii , A r . ...44 . Top Row: Clark. Wilson. Peckham. Stewart, Stuart. Stonchoeker. Seibel. Pace. Vllhitlow. Dudley. Thomp- son. Second Row: Whittenberg. Peterson. Goode. Wiggins. Manley. Zickefoose. Palwort. 'l'homas. Schil- ler. Bottom Rout' Bontar. Ruzek. Sykora. Parkinson. lVlessman. Ridgway. lVlorris. Wzill. Sias. lVlcCugin. E ID HIGH Brunettes Girls' pep club provided organized entltusiasm. colorful cheerleading and lmlftirne fanfare at all tlze Enid High athletic events. Top Row: Harmon. Allen. Shannon. Nelson. Mans- field. Madison. Carroll. Carver. Cummins. Emmons. Clump. Second Row: lVlarrs. Mason. Pyle. Stratton, Nletcali. Stcddum. Ceis. Corner. Hart. Carmichael. Bottom Row: Tipton. Pond. Snoddy. Nevaline Smith. Scroggs. Bracher. Hershbcrger. Hartman. Deming. Heinrich. f' ,1 .Aw 3: . .Q ., gb S 4 1, 4, 4' Q 1 t 19 Q 6 1? 1? 4 'is QQ Q ","l",.i,",,'3,i-121 iiiii QHGIYTI ,i'9ji49s'2l Top Row: Avery, Harper, Dupy, Erickson, Ferguson Berg, Crank, Kelley, Kinkade, Hermanski, Cole. Sec- ond Row: Morene Ferguson, Iudy Brown, Cholston, Hutchins, Sandy Iones, Hockmeyer, Erickson, Ferchau Hiekle Csponsorj. Bottom Row: Graves, Hensel, Has- kins, Hampton, Boyles, Collum, Virginia Dixon, Barn- ard, Flaming, Deel. Top Row: Gearheard, League, Miller, Terrill, Terrel Crook, Durham, Bigger, Forston, Quick, McKinney Second Row: Mathews, Schultz, Bobby jones, War kentin, Kelly, Stogner, Foulks, Mauck. Bottom Row Billie Davis, Nolte, Dye, Speelman, Robertson, Pearce Suits, Thomas, Miller. s S K 'fi we M 9969 Q , aa? QFGTEG '9 3 43,?,'lfw Q' , 0? 17,6 i......'q9 iq I 4 Q Top Row: Ioanie Roberts, Wolftnger, Paleeek, Watson, Parker, Thorp, Luflman, Yadon, Newingham, Upton. Second Row: Richardson, Provost, Martin, Gilger, Newberry, Marilyn Dixon, Ladd, Seheulen, Yount. Bottom Row: Rhoads, Stranathan, Page, Sailors, Walters, Woolwine, Seidl, Wilson, Silberberger. Big Blue cheerleaders: Ronnie Rylander, Kenny Miles, Don Mackenzie, Larry Copeland, Myrna Wilson, Judy White, Donna Reescr, Linda Cashion, Peggy Wells, Charlene Williams, and Mary McKnight in one of the pep routines that lend so much to Enid High spirit. Top Row: Carolyn Dixon, Shefheld, Wheeler, Dowd, Donnell, Bunnell, Dennis, States, Second Row: Mer- cer. Ciarduello, Hammer, Newman, Lamb, Wyman. Bottom Row: Goodspced, Virden, Withers, Krausse Tappan, Watson, Miesner. 2 E 5 is? R 1 5 X DELTA THET Delta Theta was composed of members of the third and fifth hour classes taking trigo- nometry and solid geometry. They discussed and studied mathematics and related subjects. Top Row: Ceis, Woolwine, Smith tv. presj, Ladd, Qwens ttreasj, Cox Third Row: Hinshaw, Thomas, Trinkle, McAninch. Hamilton, Maddox Qsecj, Watson Second Row: Letcher. Brune, Landrith, Norman lpresj, Manning, Fisher Bottom Row: Lambertz Qrepl, Van Duyn, Newman. Helema fsponsorl, Overstreet, Crosslin DELTA THETA Top Row: Hume tpresj, Erwin Crepj, Pearson, Woods, Gasaway, Parker, Campbell, Payne Third Row: Rowland Carter, Ray Carter, Conner, Critz, Thurman tv. presj, Badgley, Landrith, Pat- terson Second Row: Poynor, Garber, Schroeder, Walker, Werner, Smith ftreas.J, Baustain, Cool Bottom Row: Friesen, Bernstein, Collier, Lavicky, Wright tsecj, Scidl, Kotlan CHEMISTRY Cl B "Chemistry at work" was the main. interest of those who toolf part in the Chemistry Club. The members toolf field trips to places of in- Top Row: Myers tsponsorj, Caskill, Unruh, Duncan, Arndt, Trinkle, Freidline, Brooks Third Row: Lynch, Marrs, Krausse, Pratz, Roberts. Crawford. Manley, Ruzek. Ciardullo, Stuerman Second Row: Ioycc, Rylander, Clift, Asfahl Cpresf, Dwayne Christensen ttreasj, Bob Christensen, Def- lenbaugh, Brandenburg Bottom Bow: Beard, Wright frepj, Barnes, Mansfield, Buchanan, Pond, Shriver, Coffman, Craig .Ve A . .,,. ,V . M." , i t ' K? T terest around Enid where chemistry was in- volued. Top Row: Newell, Duffy, Mackenzie, Tresner, Lat- ehaw, Siria, Boyer, Losehky, Elliott tv. presj, Hogan Third Row: Mason, McCugin, Pyle, Tones, Messman, Cashion, Moxlcy, Stoner, Peterson Second Row: Franklin, Wiltshire, Lescr. Harmon, Bruce, Richardson, Kudlac, Hoskins Bottom Row: Cribley, Stewart Csecj, Miller, Bushner, Wall, Hobbs, Reynolds, Schwedland . ' ' 15 .rg - gl 3 git 1 122552 2 it if - A 5 iq . Q ' j , t VERGHJA The Vergilian club was composed of seven members who studied the customs of the Romans. Their annual banquet, complete with slaves, ended the year in a Bomanly fashion. Top Row: Garber, Smith trepj, Edwards tpresj, Friesen Bottom Row: Huff ttreas.J, Lovell Csecj, Fromholz Csponsorb, Craig tv. presj lA JUNTA Advanced Spanish students made up the La junta Club. To stimulte and educate students about the Spanish-speaking people and their cultures were the purposes of the club. Top Row: Whittenberg, Tallant, Rylander, Siria Cv. presj, Boyer, Montgomery Csponsorj, Pendleton, Freidline, Baustian, Brandenburg Third Bow: Driever, Peck, Kiefer, Young, Woodring, Thomas, Stuart, Ethington Second Row: Giles, Cribley, Pyle tprcsj, Morris ttreasf, Boss Cscc.j, Scott Crepj, Thrasher, Manley Bottom Bow: Clark, Wicker, Boese, Hoskins, Rogers, Zickeloose, Wilscun, Golorth PAlETTE Cl B The Palette Club was composed of art stu- dents who were interested in furthering their knowledge of art. The year was highlighted by lectures, movies on art, and a field trip to Tulsa to the art museum. Top Row: Pendleton, Spickelmier, Ferchau, Baldwin, Mar, Hitchcock Third Row: Rowley, Dixon, Messman, Krausse, Mauck, Driever, Schiller Second Row: Roark, Scaling, Atkinson, Rouse, Lamb, Sykora, Balcs tsponsorb Bottom Row: Bowden. Thompson, Hill, Wzxlters, Mitchell, Fountain, Peterman lES 00PI S Second year French students met bi-monthly to study about France's customs and culture. All meetings were carried on in French, giving the students practice conversing. Top Row: Shannon ttreasl, Nelson, Cooper, Clev- enger, Reeser, Gammon, Callas, Creed. Roberts, Joyce, Collier Cv. prcs.J Middle Bow: Crosslin. Lewis tpres.D, Davis, Close. Frornholz tsponsorb, Trinkle, Duffy, Thomas, Brooks Bottom Bow: Huston, Ruzek, Entrikcn, Millichamp. Denton, O'Neill, Bomar, Snoddy, Morgan as f 4 .1 - PRINTING Cl B Advanced and Trade printing students com- posed the printing club. Activities included a held trip to visit Wicliita plants and a banquet for Enid printers. Top Row: Hartley, Spohrer tv. pres.J, Shook, Iohnson Second Row: Dee, Seem tsponsorl, Galusha, Shultz Bottom Row: Ioyee tpresj, Breed ttreasj, Peterman, Marrs tseej 5? ,HL .,,,, IJ. E. CLUB The D. E. club was made up of students in the Distributive Education program. Ways to promote better selling, skills, and knowledge in the field of distribution were studied. Top Row: Ellis, Iernigan, Leseberg, Collum, Chris- man, Coker, Barnes, Ream Third Row: Obanion, Pfafl, Faulkner, Hays, Bull. Ridge Qsponsorj, Unruh Second Row: Mitchell, Hoskins, Goddard, Southern. Iantzen, Nicolson, McBride, Litson Bottom Row: Thomas Collins, McCormick, Kliewer. Martindale, Barker, Van Dusen, Vogt D. 0. CLUB Thirty-five members of the Diversified Occu- pations club represented thirty-two occupa- tions. Their program was designed to provide training and experience for working students. Top Bow: Stettniseh, Witt, Kennedy tsponsorb. Leaehman, Tennison, Zimmerman, Sharp Qpresl. Martin Third Row: Ward, Gillham tsgt. at armsb, Lister tv. presj, Manhan, Wiehert, Feely, Dellenhaugh, jan- zen Second Row: Priee, Walter, Cone, Et-k, Born, Epper- son, Best Bottom Row: McMurphy, Venable, Chrisman, Wink- ler, Bennell, Davis, Hatterman tseej, Palmer trepj MACHI E SHUI' EHS,s Machine Shop was the scene for train- ing in industrial skills. Boys were taught pro- ficiency in the tools they would later use on the job. Top Row: Rogers, Skaggs, Haines, Holtzen, Gill, Klas- sen, Griesel Third Row: Kummel, Inselman, Vanderhoolven, Keliehor, Washburn, Shipley, Rummery Second Row: Keen, Wiggens, Kruckenherg trep.iJ, Leteher, Eek Cpresj, Larry Smith, Cary Smith tv. presj, Pyle Csponsorb Bottom Row: Kirkpatrick, Galusha, Christensen, Cos- nell, Whitley, Melvin fsec.J, Beneditti li l 5 THESPIA SGRO P To promote dramatic arts in the secondary schools was the purpose of Thespian Troupe 1253. To qualify, the members had to assist in some phase of play production. Top Bow: Williamson, Casaway, Siria, Hardgrave. Frymire, Crosslin, Carter Second Row: Benefiel, Reeser, Kunkel, Crawford, Col- lier, Tate, Shannon Third Bow: Carter, Woods, Mackenzie, Brishen, Har- mon, Smith, Teurman Bottom Row: Cates ttreasj, Wright tclerkj, Cool fpresi, Wilson lv. presj, Webber trepj, Baker tparty ehairmanj, Creed lseek THESPIA S GRUUP Top Row: Powell, De Spain. Davis, Hatheld, Binlord, Wyatt Third Row: Barnes, Stuart, Cribley, Peckham, Stew- art, Peterson, Krausse, MeWhirter Second Row: Dudley, Giles, Cote, Emmons, Neill, Luckinbill, Moore, Callas Bottom Row: Scaling, Neill, Steed, Pratz, Wright, Rouse, Harmon THESPIA S GRUUP Top Bow: Wilson, Jones, Stranathan, Dye, Withers, Sailors, Hart, Terrill Third Row: Whittenherg, Ridgway, Muir, Thorp, Parker, Bush, Rogers, Butts Second Row: Buchanan, Morris, Entriken, Cashion, Potter, Scott, Pond, Provost Botttom Row: Corporon, Clark, Palecek, Wolfinger, Watson, Stogner, Bigger, Cearheard THESPIA S GRUUP Top Row: Poyncr, Lewis, Hamilton, Christensen Aslahl, Freidline, Wiltshire Third Row: Duckett, Lynch, Manley, Krausse, Poin dexter tsponsor , Drievcr, Woodring, Oldham Second Row: Brooks, Friesen, Creen, McCoy. Hume Harhaugh, Henthorn Bottom Row: McKnight, Wyman, King, Curwell Bernstein, Hart, Hurt' 'Si t 23? .F.Ia GRO P The EHS chapter of the National Forensic League, an "organization to honor those who make achievements in speechn, had approxi- mately sixty-hve members. Top Row: Ladd, Green, Hardgrave, Voigt Lsponsorj, Casaway, Hume, Cool Third Row: Callas lsee.-treas.Q, Krausse, Pratz, Col- lier, Lynch tdehate ehrm.l, Barnes, lVleWhirter Second Row: Creed, Friesen tpresj, Smith, Hamilton iv. presj, Crosslin, Rowland Carter CSL ehrmj, Ray Carter Bottom Row: Sealing, Neill, Wilson, Kunkel, Benehel, Bernstein, Thomas DEBATE Cl B Debate teams traveled all over the state to attend meets and debate with other schools. Many honors were won by the team. Top Row: Christensen, Reams, Brisben, Massion, Fry- mire, Neill, Crosslin Second Row: Friesen, Asfahl, Beaty, Tresner, Ladd, Luelcinbill Bottom Row: Wright, Callas, Pratz, Voigt tsponsorj, Lynch, Lamb, Neill HLY Cl B The Hi-Y Club had a membership of sixteen boys who strived to create and maintain high stndards of Christian character. A highlight of their year's activities was the Easter Holy Week Service. Top Row: Beckham, Price, lVleAnineh, Karpe, Camp- bell Middle Row: Manning, Max Dellenbaugh, Gregor, Watson Cseej, Dave Deflenbaugh, Farrant Qspon- sorl Bottom Row: Elliott lpresj, Davis, Tadloek QV. presj, Brandenburg Ctreasf, Porter 12nd v. presj, .F.l. GRD P Top Row: Ferehau, lVlassion, Crowley, Tresner Gr.- ehrrnj, Frymire, Brishen Third Row: Giles, Ridgway, Wells, Sailors, Cashion, Hartman, Woodring, Wright Second row.' Krausse, Asfahl, Neill tsoph-ehrmj, Christensen, Beaty, Luekinbill, Hersehberger Bottom Row: lVleKnight, Riley, Tate, Reeser, Lamb. Shannon, Nelson 0UIll WEEKLY STAEE Responsibility for the writing and editing of the Quill hi-weekly was the job of sixteen jour- nalism students guided by Miss Ruth Scott, sponsor. Getting the news and activities of the popu- lation of EHS was the password to get into the everhusy office. Top Row: Scott Qsponsorj Middle Row: Carter, Scaling texeh. editorj, Smith Cpage IVJ, Lambertz, Winkler, Reeser Qpage ID Bottom Row: Wilson, Webber Ceditorj, Cromwell Cassoe. editorl, Williams, Riley, Rainey JOUR AEISM Cl B Sixty-five journalism club students attended meetings which featured speakers who were connected with some phase of newswriting or related communications fields. Top Row: Winkler, Thurman, Smith, Robinson, Crowley, Lambertz, Miller, Wicker Middle Row: Beard, Rowley, Cummings, Dyer, Brit- ton, Nelson, Curwell, Wright Bottom Row: McKnight trep.J, Wilson ttreasf Reeser Cv. pres.J, Cromwell, Webber Cpresj, Baker, Cseej, Lamerton Qrefresh-ehrm.l n JUURNAEISM Cl B Top Row: Scott, Gist, Kotlan, Brisben, Moxley, Erwin Carter, Temple Middle Row: Bobbitt, Creed, Scott, Smith, Thomas Boss, Wells, Riley Bottom Row: Taekett, Tate, Stephenson, Carlberg Williams, Scaling, Lamb, Rainey - 5 a t l GRADE SCH00l REPURTERS Enid's elementary grades were represented every week in the Enid Daily Eagle by report- ers who gathered and compiled news for the school page. Top Row: Sealing, Carlberg, Cummings, Smith, Steph- enson, Williams Middle Row: Wells, Cromwell, Keller, Moxley, Riley, Taekett Bottom Row: lVIeKnight, Lamerton, Gurwell, Wilson, Wright, Rainey BOYS ST TEJHRLS STATE Boys' and Girls, state program set up model city, county and state governments, allowing students to practice the respective functions. Top Row: Gasaway, Werner, Frymire LHouse of Repj, Webber QMayor , Green CHouse ol Repj, Crosslin Second Row: Hume tCo. Court Clerkj, Hamilton QHouse ol Repj, Crowley CCO. Commissionerj, Baustian, MeGugin CCo. Commissionerj Bottom Row: Neill, Collier QCity Commissionerj, Pratz, Wilson, tCity Commissionerl TUT RE NURSES Temperature, pulse and pills were familiar words for girls in Future Nurses. These girls learned about nursing under the guidance of the Ladies Medical Auxiliary composed of doc- tors' wives. Top Row: Bracher, Mathis, Crawford, Messman, Roberts, Tones, Schwedland Third Row: Craig, Shriver, Young, Hart, Blackburn. Stuerman Coffman Second Row: Flaming, Durham, MeWhirter, Cashion, Mathews, Hampton, Kelley Bottom Row: Mercer, Easton, Cobble, Barnes, Upton, Bush, Dilldine SHUTTERBUGS Enid High Shutterbugs were made up of students interested in photography and who wished to learn more about photographic tech- nique. Top Row: Messman, Elliott, Harmon Middle Row: Norman, Ridge Csponsorj, Tones Bottom Row: Huff, Lamb, Dixon, Shriever, Dalke Not Pictured: Rowland Carter Cpresidentj YJTEE S Twenty high school members of the YWCA belonged to the Y-Teens. Personality, char- acter and dress were emphasized during the year's meetings. Top Row: Fountain, Whitlow, Christensen, Tones, Winbolt, Kinkade trepj Second Row: Deppe Qsponsorl, Ladd, Gammon, Roberts tv. pres.J, Sias tsecj, Fischer tpresj Bottom Row: Dudley, Mason, Ward, Marrs Qtreasf. Harper STUDE T COUNCIl Student Council, made up of elected mem- bers from each home room, administered af- fairs under its control in a democratic manner, giving representatives a chance to practice gov- ernment. Top Row: Ronnie Kruckenberg, Tommy Lansden, Bill Beaty, Larry Reams, Mike Killam, Dwayne Christensen, Ierry Long, Allan Book, Bob McCoy, Ronnie North, Blaine Smith, Lyle Parker, Bill Green. Third Row: Ioyce McGugin, Marie Temple, Sharon Kineannon, Sharon Shook, Lona Thrasher, Beverly Coker, Ann Craig, Connie Mauck, Lois Barnard, Beverly Keck, Deloris Ferguson. Second Row: Paul Asfahl, Sylvia McWhirter, Nancy Stogner, Donna Reeser, Kay Creed, Judie Collier, Carol Baker, Charlene Williams, Doug Champlin, Eddie Gage, Iohn Neill. Bottom Row: Eddie Hume, Barbara Wolfinger, Sharon Harmon, Karen Tipton, Linda Kent, Nancy Chenoweth, Connie Provost, Alice Marrs, Patsy Thomas, Barbara Bernstein, Garold Oberlender, Moore, sponsor. AUUAETTES Aquaettes, girls, synchronized swimming club, had their annual water show March 27, and 28. judie Collier was crowned Queen by Bill Green, student body president. On. Board: McKnight Qpresj, Collier fsecj, Wilson Ctreasj, Gurwell Cprogram ehmnj, Lamerton Chis- torianj, Smith, Shook, Felt. Standing: McCormick, Woolwine, Kelly, Hart, Mit- chell, Carmichael, Bigger, Flowers Csponsorj. Sitting: Green, Huston, Scott, Rogers, Mansfield, Shannon, Buchanan, Madison, MeGugin. BRAVES Plainsmen Braves gained in strength and number in the second year of their rebirth. Two boy cheerleaders were chosen from the ranks to help support the team. Top Bow: Farrant fsponsorj, Shook, Spaulding, Powell. Middle Row: Teurman, Copeland, Mackenzie, Kud- lac. Bottom Bow: Spohrer, Carter, Brisben, Rylander, Worline. . p, STUDENT CUUNCIL Top Row: Lyle Parker, Blaine Smith, Bob McCoy, Mike Killam, Allan Book, Phil Carey, Phil Bryan, Larry Beams, Dwayne Christensen, Danny Roc. Third Row: Moore, sponsor, Charlene Williams, Caro- lyn Chapman, Connie Gibson, Iudie Collier, Lexy Herschberger, Lois Barnard, Carol Baker, Connie Mauck, Ioyce McGugin, Donna Hitchcock. Second Row: Lynn Hoover, Ianice Rippy, Donna Reeser, Eddie Gage, Ronnie Kruckenberg, Tommy Lansden, Larry Siria, Marguerite Wright, Becky Hart, Peggy Wever, Alice Marrs, Wilma Collier, Bruce Miller. Bottom Row: Lynda Allen, Sharon Harmon, Betty Deel, Beverly Buchanan, Nancy Chenoweth, Lynda King, Connie Book, Marie Temple, Karen Tipton, Gaytha Rhoads, Connie Provost. G. R. A. Top Row: Pyle, Stoner, Blackburn, Mathis, Robinson, Bushner, Stewart, Allen, Butler Third Row: Luckinbill, Lusk, Carver, Deming, B. Iones, Woodring, Dukes, Nelson, Deel Second Row: Lukenbaugh, Veley, Mason, Bomar, Buckminster, Smith, lfluman, Dyer Bottom Row: Carroll, League Lv. pres.W, Terrell, Dar- lene Heinrich, Pace, Boese, Goodnight, Donna Heinrich, Harrison G. R. A. The Girls' Recreational Association mem- hers sponsored all intramural sports, refereed games and learned techniques of many sports. Top Row: Kelly, Driever, Pearce, Robertson, Peck. Iackson, Newberry, Barnard, Batchelor Third Row: Semrad, Carlberg, Cummings, Parkinson, Ruzek, Stuerman, Schiller, McMahan Second Row: O,Neill, Beard, Dixon, Nelson, Cribley, Lynn, Peckham, Mauck, Cox, Hiekle tsponsorb Bottom Row: Lamb tpresj, Bernstein, Lamerton, Wilson, Collier, Baker, Gurwell, Patrick, McKinney G. R. . Top Row: Wilburan, McGowan, Huston, Ioy Moxley, Woolwine, Rill, Dailey, Mansfield Third Row: Tipton, Buchanan, Snoddy, S. Iones, Tunis, Potter, N. Smith, Rogers, Pond Second Row: Mahoney, Muir, Wever, Temple, Boss, Unruh, james, Knight, Shannon ipoints chrm.5 Bottom Row: Tackett, Palccek, Traynor, Strain, Book Qprogram chrmj, Goforth, Seidl, Thompson. Inkeep G. R. . Top Row: Stratton, Manuel, Ioyce Moxley, Goode, Dixon, Schwedland, Steddum, Metcalf, Leslie Third Row: Hayes, Sykora, Dyer, Britton, Thomas, Pratz Qtreasj, Glantz, Coleman Second Row: Parker, Rippy, Tate, Thorpe, Ethington, Lang, Iohnson, Dewberry, Wiltshire Bottom Row: Corporon, Quick, Hoskins, Clevenger, Allen, Harmon, Coffey, King 2 IIBIIARY ST FF Library club consisted of students who helped in the library daily. Checking books and magazines, handling passes and repairing books were the tasks the assistants performed. Top Row: Manley, Maddox, Bevers, Fleming Qspon- sorl, Pratz, 0,Neill, Lynch Middle Row: Haskins, Pfrehm, Carpenter, Plummer. Southern, Long, Iohnson Bottom Row: McFadden, Whitlow, Christensen, Hart- man, Hayes, Seibel, Watkins ITTFIIIE ASSISTANTS Office assistants helped to handle the infinite details of administration of 1200 people. De- livering slips and bulletins, the students were of great value. Top Row: Roberts, Rylander, Brisben, Maddox, With- ers, Mauck, Wright, Barnes, Smith, Gilger, Stephen- son, Schwcdland, Kineannon Second Row: Fischer, Gage, Murray, Temple, Thur- man, Miller, Walters Bottom Row: Scott Csponsorl, Shannon, McKnight, Gurwell, Wever, Kelley. Ellis, Gage Qsponsorj GUIDANCE IIFTIIIIE SSISTANTS By delivering slips and running errands, stu- dents helping out in the guidance oyjlice were instrumental in improving the efficiency of the guidance department. Top Row: Callas, Hitchcock, Woods, Tunis Bottom Row: Bernstein, Tate, MeCreary tsponsorb, Rouse l l ACTIVITY IIFFIIIE ASSISTANTS Keeping tai on me economic life of Bus was the job of assistants in the Activity office. Activity tickets, seat reservation and details of the school bank were among their duties. Top Row: Morgan, Frymire, Shook, Lynch Csponsorj McGowan Third Row: Francis, Fisher, Stoner, Dyer, Turner Smith, Felt Second Row: Hayes, Rippy, Shook, Easton, Mahoney Bottom Row: Pharis, Chenoweth, McGugin, Huffman Howerton, Hunt 1 2 I I 9 I x K SCIF CF ClUB Enid Highis science club was made up of any student who wished to compete in science fairs. Scientific subjects of timely interest were taken up by the club. Top Row: Duffy, McKinnon, Latehaw, MeAnineh. Hamilton, Mackenzie, Woods. Third Row: Stephan, Fisher, Norman Ctreasj, Hume. Leser, Cool, Poynor. Second Row: Friesen lpresj, Crosslin, Gasavvay Csecj, Baustian, Sebourn, Garber lv. presj. Bottom Row: Williams, Kudlae, Van Duyn, Carter, Moore, Howard. F FURF TEACHERS 0F MFRHI Future Teachers of America, EHS chapter, had a membership of thirty-five students who were interested in the field of education. Top Row: Driever, jones, Gammon lpresj, Rahm, McCormick, Pratz, Newberry. Third Row: Farrant Qsponsorj, Beardslee lsponsorl, Brisben, Frymire, Roe Crepj, Reeser Cv. presj. Second Row: Barnes, Bush, Martin Ctreasj, Sias, Peckham, Oldham, Duekett. Bottom Row: Shannon lseej, Bernstein, Beneiiel, Christensen, Whitlow, Dilldine, Corporon. 0UIll ANNUAL STAFF The Quill Annual Staff handled the task of putting this book together. They were respon- sible for taking and selecting photographs, selling ads, editing copy and all the infinite details that go into an annual. Top Row: Carlberg, Wright, Temple, Smith, Baker Nelson, Morris, Bobbitt. Second Row: Miss Scott Qsponsorj, Miller, Erwin Lambertz, Cromwell, Webber, Smith, Langkiet Carter, Lynch Qsponsorj. Bottom Row: Rainey, Lamerton, Williams, Sealing Creed, Reeser, Gurwell, McKnight. 1 1 0UIll WEEKLY STAFF A few changes were made in the second semester staff of the Quill Weekly. Some new faces were added, and publishing the paper became a routine job. Top Row: Erwin, Cromwell, Webber, Carter. Middle Row: Miss Scott Csponsorj, Williams, Sealing, Smith, Morris, Reeser. Bottom Row: Rainey, Lamerton, Wilson, Lamb, Wicker. JUURNALISM Cl B The second semester brought eighteen new members into the journalism Club as juniors and sophomores added news writing to their English schedule. Top Row: Heinrich, Mayer, Posey, Collier, O'Neill, S. jones. Middle Row: Haskins, Shook, Ferchau, Wheeler, Hartman, Scott tsponsorl. Bottom Row: Layton, Marrs, Daile, Thorp, Stogner, Patterson, Clark. Mlke Webber QUILL Editor smiles at a passing remark as last minute copy is being rushed by Mary McKnight, Iyp1St Blame Smlth at her back confers Vllth Don Miller standing lim Langkiet aids Iohn Kotlan, junior, with EMPLUYEE-EMPLUYER BANUUET The annual Employer-Employee Banquet, staged by the D.E. and D.O. clubs, Was held Ianuary 14, at the Youngblood Hotel. Bob Sharp, D.O. president, gave the Wel- come address, and Otis Phillips, Enid business- man, gave the response. Tom Hayes, D.E. president, introduced all present, including special guests associated with the D.O. and D.E. programs, school board members, faculty, students and their employers. The guest speaker, Stewart Harral, director of public relations at the University of Oklahoma, was then introduced. The topic of his speech was the "Magic of Believingn, which stressed the necessity of setting a high goal and then work- ing to achieve it. The banquet was given by the clubs with the desire to better relations among the faculty, students and employers. Members of the Board of Education, Enid High School Faculty, Employers and D.E. and D.O. students enjoy D.E. President Tom Hayes is congratulated by Stewart Harral, director of public relations at the University of Oklahoma. an evening of fellowship at the annual Employer- Employee banquet. 1' FO0TBAll The l957 edition of the Enid Plainsmen Football team ran up the best record for an Enid team since the Mid-State Conference Co- Champs of 1952. The Big Blueas record this year was six wins five losses and they finished second in the Mid-State Conference behind State Champions Capitol Hill. The Plainsmen were guided by their head mentor, Marvin Vandaveer. His assistants with the "Ai, team were line coach lack Webb, end and "B" team coach Bill Brown, and lim Stroup. A couple of new faces took over the newly formed Sophomore squad in the form of Norman Lamb, former Enid grad, and Sandy Newsom from Anthony, Kansas. Three members of the 1957 Plainsmen squad gained outstanding recognition across the state. Heading the list was tackle Tim Crawley, who was chosen to the North squad of the All-State team. Sharing honors with him on the All- Mid-State Conference team were quarterback Bob Burdick and tackle jim Maddox. The First action found Enid with ll return- ing lettermen on the field opposing the Mid- west City Bombers. Enid took a quick 7-O lead in the first quarter through the courtesy of Badgley's ll yard scamper. The Bombers came back to score with 6:58 left in the half with Roger Cole doing the honors. Huffmanis kick was short and Enid led 7-6. Final Score: Enid- 7 Midwest City-6. It was a rainy night when Blackwell came to town, and the leaky Enid line couldnit hold the Maroons back. Enid was operating with- out their starting quarterback Wayne jones, injured in the Midwest City game. Former Enidian George Aiken led the Maroons to two touchdowns in the first half and one in the sec- ond as Enid failed to get started. Final Score: Blackwell-20 Enid-0. Enid came up with new defensive maneu- Marvin Vandavccr D. Webb Bill Brown Sandy Newsom Norman Iaml: 'Dm- Top Row: Dennis Roberts, Bill Beaty, Dale Payne, Sam McGugin, Larry Reams, Pat Monroe, Iim Par- rish, Corky Chesnut, Danny Roe, Iack Daily, Rich- ard Groom, Martin Meek, Don Conner, Bob Krey, Paul Brune. Third Row: Max Davis, Gary Walters, Ken Moore, Charles Wright, Leon Riffel, Ronnie Brewer, Louie Priebe, Jim Sheets, Dallas Ferguson, Charles Crites, Tom Barth, Murray Walsh, Dean McCollough. Second Row: Steve Thurman, Bob Winfield, Paul Erwin, Don Davis, H. T. Holden, Eddie Robinson, Herbert Nelson, Bruce Shields, David Warren, Dick Garrett, lim Maddox, Tim Crowley, Ierry Klein, lim Langkiet. Bottom Row: Ierry Francis, Harold Milburn, Bob Spickelmier, Lyle Parker, David Badgley, Bob Bur- dick, Wayne Iones, Donnie Robinson, Larry Greg- ory, Ernest Moody, Iohn Felt, Mike Webber. l im Stroup Top Row: lack Graves, manager, Phil Carey, Dee Lang, Mac Plummer, Bob Osborn, Bob Wright, Brian Winkler, jesse Southern, Joe Thomas, Robert Baldwin, Gene Sharp, Ford Russell. Middle Row: Buddy Bugg, Gary Smith, Keith Doty, Gary Young, Paul Boren, Mike Boruff, Gary Galusha, Quinton Welty, Kendall Smith, Billy Blair, A. G. Murray, Billy Kerr. Bottom Row: Dick Palmer, Manager, Frosty Peak, Don Reeser, Carl Moore, Gilbert Krout, Robert Leslie, Bob Sehwenke, Pat Blanton. Bob Wyatt, jim Vandaveer, Bob McCoy, Tommy Duncan, manager. Line Coach D. Webb conducts dummy drill with members of the line on the A team. vers at Norman battling the Tigers, but a pass interference against the Plainsmen on their own seven gave Norman the game. jay Wil- kinson, Bud,s son, scored from the l l two plays A Capitol Hill halfback rounds end as jim Maddox is blocked out. Bob Spickelmicr and jerry Klein fin backgroundj are in hot pursuit. later to give his team a 7-O edge. Final Score: Norman-7 Enid-0. Six thousand fans, the largest crowd ever to attend an Enid High football game, packed into Plainsmen Field to see the Big Blue take to the air for l50 yards in their first conference game against Shawnee. Burdick hit Bob Win- field on a jump pass for 45 yards and a touch- down to lead 6-U. With a little over three min- utes left in the half, Bob Burdick went over from the one foot line on fourth down to give the Big Blue a 12-O lead at the half. Final Score: Enid-l2 Shawnee-O. The Big Blueis second conference game came the following week at Oklahoma City against the Douglass Trojans, l956 State Champions. The odensive battle saw Enid take a quick 6-U lead in the first quarter and then in the second period score again to have a 13-0 half-edge. Enid came out after the half scoring quickly to lead 20-O, but the Trojans also came back to get their only counter in the third period mak- ing it 20-6, Enid. Final Score: Enid-26 Doug- lass-6. Talk of flu filled the air as Enid played host vw ii! x 5 X if mfg? ,xf?i Y ,,w ' Y' 4 icq K ix 2 l ri' ' Daw Badglcy Harold Milburn 'O Q 'e 'wavy 2 17 , QAM ll Tim Crowlcy Don Conncr Bob Burdick jerry Klein lim Maddox Lyle Parker Stove Thurinan lim Lzingkicl VQMQQ E5fw PWQE ifigi "f' f 'E B rlLr Q Q5 l ll B ii 1 3 BN 13 2 Ygigg iinj, Q'r' i ggi B' Isla, Charlcs Crites Dale Payne lx x B I in A Sam lVlcCugin Bob Spickclmipr Eddie Robinson Bob WinilL'ld ,, . in V , K 'V , K ikf Qi A ' ,f Q ' ' 1 B J . 91 f. . qw f 'x , iilr W W p K 'fx xm it , 'K 1 . X B The Alumni football players of former days choose sides and put on a benefit game for charity on Thanks- iia , giving day. Norman Lamb, organizer of the event, points out some action on the field. F00lBAll to Capitol Hill of Oklahoma City as both teams were suffering from the illness. Capitol Hill seemed to be the worse off as Enid took a quick 13-O lead in the game designed to decide the 1Vlid-State Conference Championship. But they lim Maddox blocks pass to a Perry end in a crucial moment as the Perry Nlaroons push towards the Big Blue goal. battled back to score on the first and last play of the second quarter to lead 14-13. at inter- mission time. The Hilltoppers came out sec- ond half and started an onslaught as the Plainsmen found themselves three touchdowns behind, 34-13, at the end of three periods of play. Final Score: Capitol Hill-41 Enid-20. The Big Blue got back into the win column the next week at Ponca City. Enid, although only scoring one touchdown on Burdick's quar- terback sneak early in the ball game, com- pletely controlled the game. Final Score: Enid-7 Ponca City-0. Meeting N. W. Classen at Oklahoma City on Halloween night, the Big Blue took a quick 14-0 lead in the first quarter as a runaway seemed to be taking place, but the Knights got an easy TD as Felt fumbled a punt in the end zone and three Knights fell on it. But Enid came back to lead 21-7 at the half. Early in the third quarter Enid continued the massacre as quarterback Burdick ran up the middle for 60 yards and another TD for Enid, leading now 28-7. Before anyone real- ized it, there was one minute and eleven sec- if 1 " -so y ' ex if 40 on nie Robinson Larry Rcams 15 Ernest Moody Charles Wright John Felt Bruce Shields lis Larry Gregory David VVarren frame W J ilfvi ,ii- lwi ' ' f -'V-: L 1 N A i Mi, A .. i i 2. lv f fi f ' in I D , , iirri s ' XX fi ,I A 5 s iiiiiriil F is i s Danny Roc Donnie Davis Ierry Francis Herb Nelson Dallas Ferguson Bob Krey U rf, ag. Donna Reeser becomes Football Queen with Tom Crowley and jim Maddox. Co- Captains, officiating the colorful Braveite Band ceremony. -1 .5 M, K. fail Pal Monroe Louie Priebe .V' 1 'Xi 3' Q ! I A 5 Q - Q V e i.i,' F: f' Xi A ,X X QS! jim Parrish john Felt. E.H.S. quarterback. spills a Perry ball car- Icrry Klein arc in close support. rier, lim Maddox, Lyle Parker, Bob Spickelmicr. and F0013 ll onds to go in the ball game, and the score was tied 28-28. Enid desperately tried to pass their way out of it, and with 27 seconds showing on the scoreboard, Bob Spickelmier hauled in the winning TD pass to make it 35-28 after Crow- Co-captains lim Maddox and Tim Crowley ley's conversion. Final Score: Enid-35 N. W. Classen-28. El Renois Indians came to Enid's homecom- ing the next week. The score read U-0 at inter- mission. But former Enidian lim Duckett haunted his old team as he led his band of Indians to a 19-7 lead in the final period. Final Score: El Reno-l9 Enid-7. The Lawton Wolverines went all the way on their first series and led the Plainsmen 7-0 with 2M minutes gone in the game. They rang up only one more TD before the half but completely controlled the game as they led 14-0 at that point. Final Score: Lawton-33 Enid-0. Enid's record stood 5-5 with the final game coming up with Perry, and the chance to have the best Enid High record since 1952. The Blue didnit have much trouble with the lVla- roons in the first half as Burdick and Badgley both scored, and CroWley's talented toe con- nected to give Enid a 14-O edge at half time. On the second play of the fourth quarter Lloyd Terrill made a diving catch of a pass from Gregg to bring Perry Within seven points. All- Stater Tex Yeager pushed Perry goalward again, but it was jay Gregg who struck for paydirt from three yards out to make it 14-13, Enid. Final Score: Enid-14 Perry-13. Nineteen Seniors played their last game for Enid High that night. They were Dale Payne, jerry Klein, Charles Crites, Leon Riflel, Bob Burdick, Don Conner, Sam lVIcCugin, VVayne jones, Paul Erwin, Bob Spickelmier. Lyle Parker, Dick Garrett, lim Langkiet, lim Mad- dox, Tim Crowley, Steve Thurman, H. T. Holden, and David Badgley. Enid Enid Enid Enid Enid Enid Enid Enid Enid Enid Enid l957 PLAINS-lVlEN RECORD . . 7 Midwest City. 6 . . O Blackwell . . 20 . . 0 Norman . . 7 . . 12 Shawnee . . 0 176 . . ,.. O. C. Douglass 6 . . 20 capitol Hill . 41 . . 7 Ponca City . U . . 35 N. W. Classen 28 . . 7 E1 Reno . . 19 . . U Lawton . . 33 . . 14 Perry . . l 3 here here there here there here there there here there here EHS students brave the cool fall elements during a pre-game pep rally outside the building. Dave Badgley. Plainsmen scatbaek, rounds end with a Blackwell player in chase. Various expressions prevail during gametime. Note the armed spectator on the right. Homecoming is a time of athletic glory. All former lettermen are invited to attend the game and special assembly. Trophies are polished and school spirit is at a new high as visions of victorious teams of the past parade on Plainsmen Field. One of the highlights of the Homecoming Assembly was the pep talk of Stan West, for- mer letterman and pro football player. Donna Reeser was crowned Football Queen at the game, and the fathers of the players sat on the sidlines, wearing their sons num- bers proudly as they cheered them on to vic- tory. HUMECUMI G st former EHS lcttcrmm and pro football player, takes a bow during the homecoming assembly. Xa Au IL- Qi 'IE-, Wi "" ,Af gk mg - "" ' 'fx "1 ' . -, mm . A wfv'2i,,. -..Hx V554 ' 'S M .. -ff, - 'f - ' Jai' c ada? f ' V x " --,, V,-- . 5 i K , ,-. 'EY Q. -f, . , Y 1 fm N 1 f , ,A V 5' A .I .Q xv ' ' x , ' . ' Y J X' i 'S 2. -' M, , Ml, W 3 4 W' Q' .f aifaE'Tw , m,,,1 ,Kgs fray , ,, J GE' , 1 r " S, 4 1 Y -S5 X -,+P Y Fisk A 5 " f maxi, Coach Iim Stroup B-Team Coach Sandy Newsom B SKETB ll CH MPS Enid Christmas Tournament Champions, Northern State College Tournament Champions, Mid-State Conference Champions, number one in Class AA ratings, El Reno Regional Tournament Champions, runner-up in the State Tournament Cby only one pointj, 23 wins and only five losses all season. What more could anyone say? This was the great record of the 1957-58 Enid High Basketball team, one of the greatest teams in the history of the school. Members of Coach Jim Stroup's team who received All-State honors were lim Maddox and Wayne Dur- ham. Ierry Long, with Maddox and Durham, Were placed on the All-Mid-State Conference team. Their first win came at Ponca City as they downed the Wildcats 46-39. The next week at Duncan they were downed 25-23. When they rolled over Blackwell here 38-30, they started a seven-game winning streak. In this streak they won the Enid Christmas Tournament and their first conference game as they downed the Northwest Classen Knights 45-40. After stomping Capitol Hill 49-21 at Gklahoma City, the streak was ended at O.C. Douglass as the Trojans edged by them 45-42 in a conference game. The Big Blue then went on an amazing eleven- game winning spree highlighted by a narrow 35-33 conference win at Northwest Classen, an all-important 73-48 win over Douglass here at convention hall, and l . . . QWW f M it i e . if ' If ' -fA- 1:f ' A' an 'ew his U Anl' 5, k g .. V.i 5i-fit: .,': I EW A ' . W 'Styl i 3 V "'f I' .tif ,.', fl? ' ,GA L 7 i ,tg if i 5 . J .. . rf,y .r ga 'f " q Q 3 t gtti' "" .',, . "iff 'W his Y Q 1,'f' . it I .V VW K ' . Q X , j erry Long lim Maddox Wayne Durham Ken Holtzen Bob Burdick a 54-45 victory at Shawnee, which gave the Plains- men their Mid-State Conference championship. This streak was halted at Stillwater when the num- ber one rated Class A Pioneers knocked oil Enid 43-32. Enid closed the regular season by downing Duncan at convention hall 52-40. The Plainsmen were almost knocked out of com- petition in the E1 Reno Regional Tournament, when they barely won over Ponca City 34-33. Poncais Iohnston had a one-and-one free throw alter the game was over, but he missed the first shot as Enid won. The next night the Big Blue took the regional title by downing the hometown El Reno Indians 44-35. Iim Maddox crammed through 19 points as Enid downed Duncan 49-27 in the first game of the State Tourney. The Plainsmen were knocked off their throne the next night as Tulsa Rogers upset them 42-41 in the finals. lim Maddox and Wayne Durham were named for the second straight year to the State Toumament team. Ierry Long led the Plainsmen in scoring this year with 13.3 average. Wayne Durham averaged 11.7 and lim Maddox was third with a 10.8 average. ln a special assembly held March 17 after Enid re- linquished its crown, Principal D. Bruce Selby said, . . . "this is the greatest basketball team in the history of Enid High School." fm-mxs f""""-4 f-f""'? lag? ,.....,.. .M lerry Long, ace EHS roundballer. latches onto the ball during a scramble at a tense moment. Top Row: Iohn Manning. Bob Burdick. Wesley Ells- worth, loe Brisben, Tommy Lansden. Danny Edwards. Bottom Row: Ierry Long, Kenneth Holtzen, Wayne Durham, limmy Maddox. Paul Stephens, Bob Win- field. B SKETBALL CHAMPS Dan Edwards Iohn Manning it 1 fi 'Q 2,35-3 Wayne Durham, the Big Blue's tall man, jumps and Lansdcn approach the Held of action. captures the ball. Bob Winfield, Icrry Long and Tom Roh Wililicld Paul Stevens 'MM A ,Q Q, gi r gli in EC-SU C Tom Lansden Ioe Brisben VVcslcy Ellsworth if 3 W E .six J :If V ' :.,- , ' t" .,:-- i 22-.' My - ' 'K D f tg, jg if s I f' AY lt ILL. J' lx mx Q 5 N' Lf, 1 ,f' xx Q., t f , tl Iames Patterson Sam McGugin Ioe Goley lim Maddox inspects his blisters. Cheerleaders Peggy Wells, Charlene Williams. Mary the power for Myrna Wilson, haskethall queen. on her McKnight. Linda Cashion. and Donna Reeser furnish tour of the court. Managers Iames Patterson and Sam McCugin chart Ioe Brisben, Tom Lansden. Bob Winlield, Wesley the game. Coaches lim Stroup and Sandy Newsom Ellsworth, Dan Edwards and Boh Burdick. watch the action on the court along with Paul Stevens, Top Row: Gary Ieter, Herbie Seem, Max Walton, Orin Munger, Ierry Gorton, Ronnie North, Roger Gary Unruh, Mac Plummer, Gene Sharp, Dee Lang. Lewis. Bottom Row: Dick Massey, Billy Blair, Bob Schwenke, BASKETB ll "B" TE M "B" BASKETBALL TEAM SEASON RECORD Sanford "Sandy" Newsom, versatile in football, Dec. Enid Stillwater . Dec. Enid Ponca City Dec. Enid Duncan . Dec. Enid Blackwell . Dec. Enid Ponca City Dec. Enid Ponca City Ian. Enid NW. Classen Ian. Enid Wellington Ian. Enid Blackwell . Ian. Enid Capitol Hill Ian. Enid Douglass . Ian. Enid Shawnee . Feb. Enid Alva . . Feb. Enid NW. Classen Feb. Enid Douglass . Feb. Enid Capitol Hill Feb. Enid Alva . . Feb. Enid Shawnee . Feb. Enid Ponca City Feb. Enid Stillwater . basketball, and track at Northwestern State Teachers College, Alva, with records still unsurpassed, started his first coaching position at Enid High by helping as line coach of the sophomore football squad. He then took the reins of the "BM basketball team to an impressive record with only one junior on the sopho- more dominated squad. The Bees made a record of five straight wins of their season's openers, starting on the trail to victory. The swath was cut when the Ponca City Wildcats defeated them 37-35 in their return match. Competition began to get rougher from that point on, with the Newsom proteges lighting every inch of the Way. Defeated in two games with Shawnee and Black- well by only one point, coupled with Ponca City's two point margin, quenched three more games from the Bees' winning column, with the season's total coming to an 11-9 record. The fourteen men had twenty games in which they received experience which would be the difference in next year's "Av squad, with only two lettermen re- turning. Top Row: Mason, Massion, Seem, Hitchcock, Plum- mer, Meech, Gorton, Deffenbaugh, Brune CMan- agerj. Second Row: Monroe, Keffer, Helburg, Smith, Greg- BASEBALL The Plainsmen baseball team had a slow start, being beaten by the Capitol Hill Red- skins 6-4, and Northwest Glassen Knights l0-0. They took the double header from the Shaw- nee Wolves 5-0 and 6-2. Garber beat them 9-7 with Enid stomping the Douglass Trojans 10-1. This game made their conference record a 3-2, placing them in the top three. y Top Row: Blanton, Lang, Brisben, Bruce, Shields, Priebe, Unruh, Felt, Thurman CManagerj. Second Row: Burdick, Klein, Pendleton, Werner, Gregor, Brown, Spickelmier, Badgley, Maddox, ory, Hair, Manning, Book. Bottom Row: Erwin, B. Krey, Geurkink, Sanders, Murray, Lochner, R. Krey. TRACK The Enid High track team, coached by Iack D. Webb, participated in many track meets which included the Aggie Relays at Still- water, Northwest Relays at Alva, Central State Relays at Edmond, Oklahoma City Annual Track and Field Meet, Mid-State Track meet at Enid, Regional Track meet and then State Meet at Stillwater if the team qualified. The team also participated in many dual and tri- angular meets both at home and away. Holden. Bottom Row: North, Baldwin, Reeser, Doty, Vanda- Veer, Massey, Sharp, Russell, Gage. Miller, Hatfield, Lambertz, Crowley, Murray G0lF The Enid High School golf team had a successful golf season this year by defeating Ponca City, E1 Reno, and Arkansas City on different dates. Dick Lambertz paced the Enid linksters through the season followed by Kenneth Murray. Tim Crowley, and john Hatfield. Tommy Lansden and Donnie Miller also saw action on the squad. Dick Lambertz had the lowest score of the season when he fired an even par 71 at Oakwood Country Club in a match with El Reno and Ponca City. The team highlighted their season by winning the mid- state conference golf tourney and by finishing high in the state high school tournament. The Plainsmen won state in 1956 and were third in 1957. This is the third year in a row that the team has won the mid-state conference. ton. boarcii Larry Parker, Don Conner, Terry Lan- drith, Larry Landrith, Phil lV1cKcevcr, jack Gaskill. tstmzdingl Larry Copeland, Dawson 1VlcAninch, Iames SWIMMI G The Enid High Swimming team captured the 1Vlid- State Conference swimming crown for the second year straight by defeating NW. Classen, Capitol Hill and Douglass, all of Oklahoma City. Enid scored 92 points, NW. Classen 76, Capitol Hill 67 and Douglass six in the Hnal round of competition. During the season, the Big Blue defeated NW. Clas- sen twice, 43-42 and 51-34, Capitol Hill twice, 54-28 and 62-24, and Douglass once, 70-9. Norman, the only out-of-conference team they swam, defeated them 49-37, handing them their only defeat of the season. Don Conner and Larry Landrith were co- captains of the team. " xfzl UJWVM 7 ' f74.i,gAf7 , ' ' fl .A , Giles, Louie Phiebe. tseatedl Paul Ashfhl, ce Henderson, Ronnie Rylander, Bob Hill, Lloyd Geis. BOYS' PHYSICAL EDUCATIUN Those boys who do not participate in ath- sports are played. Considerable class rivalry letics take physical education. A regular is built up. calisthenics program is maintained and all A boys' physical education class works out the kinks Tim Crowley lap the track as others watch. accumulated by sitting in class. Bob Spickelmier, first winner of the Decathlon, shows A struggle for the ball goes on during a gym class fellow senior, Iohn Cromwell, his name on the plaque roundball game. next to the trophy case in the front hall. Buddy Bugg, Bruce Shields, Iimmy Vandaveer, and BOYS' PHYSIC l EDUCATIO Swimming has come into its own in the last swim. Competitive swimming has also grown few years. Since swimming classes have started, rapidly. many high school students have learned to Instructor lim Stroup watches one of his classes put the Big Blue aquamen go through a workout. 'em six inches off the floor. Don Conner, Louie Priebe, Ronnie Rylander and Calisthenics stretch the muscles of the boys in a P. E. Larry Landrith, high point swimmers, pose for their Class. picture. Reach for the far wall! Swimmers jump off the line as GIRLS' PHYSIC l EDUC TION Along with the muscle building and co-or- fact that they are also learning sportsmanship dination exercises, and the learning of such and fairness among themselves and their games as basketball, volleyball, and badminton friends. comes the fellowship the girls enjoy and the l ni Girls build a somewhat unstable pyramid in class as A rebound catches some unaware during a game in others look on. girls, physical education. On the rack. For stretching stomach muscles this Volleyball supplies action in class as opposing teams thing is great. try to get the best of each other. qi gy y af- is M 4 5 "M: ii s IK!! t elf.. -A- 9' bf 5 iksuxf ff Ierry Kudlac stands next to his prize-winning molds display, and work with leather during a handicrafts class. Have you got that pep? Well, Big Blue cheerleaders show their pep during a pep assembly in the auditor- atwmtit All functions that highlight and emphasize the events of the school year are included in the realm of Activities. These lead the student ium. onulrtltl nl' nutn no llllnrvl -lllrnwuti ':"..:-,raw 5 at mga., S g s an 73 F Band Queen Sylvia lVIcVVhirter dances with Monty Iones at an after the game hop in the cafeteria. Mike Wehhcr, Quill Vlfeelcly editor, works with stall' members Rowland Carter. Dick Lamhcrtz, and Linda Smith as the deadline approaches. to a deeper understanding and appreciation of his fellow man as he associates with him under all conditions. A ,345 . wg. , A :: E Q. X 'Y ,Q i W1 X s. A . 'Var' Maw, is , f - - -ww' M51-X .as -. f 1 f H ,J . L xAfQ wr mmf., 5:5 xk Q at . A U mia evzawmsfwmmmwif ff-' - x 5 iw' :fn . 1A.-,, 1, f N 1 ., Q , f S : III- W misfit 1 5. U X 2 ' Ifffifnfzifmg. ff rf , if-'fissiwf ,N ' ,, f 11 Z P":1ayYm -,www yi K, 1 N ,.'i,':1w25f., K 7 i s ,E i My W V Wi V ,. L,,, 2 4 V 4 y x WQQSQY WWESSEEZ. Nb. 'X I L,k., , . if 'su v x .V :G P' 5 it 5 i -,. f 'sm A K gi .A.f ' K ' ,fry A, -iff, " Q W f SF ' fysfeif' ,gp ' 325- L K n Q. whim Q it E Q 7 1 4 RS i M Y PETE Bottom Row: Iim Lzmgkict, Marguerite Wrightg WZIYHC Withe-rs Ianot Nelsong Lyle Parker, Heraldg Sarah Boncfiel, May Queen Carol Baker, Bob Spickelmierg Stefani Gurwcll. Bob Burdick. . SKI! if ff 4 7' - - K 521. ff4f'fff-ffw .xxx . 'Q A-. affft.-a . A . , , - , . . gf if - 1' ' V ' . 1 Q X45 A ZLL J 5 Lfcl 41 Ac 2 ,AZZILK74 7,5 f Q. A JAJJDKL dl yacc ,7Ti"jjLHCVl L . ,-V' X- X f ,L-arf Kjlgg Q cgi, kftlfjjjgfjlfwygt' 415472 Lf, Q V I L . ,f If M D 6215 ML 'OXQ 72 AJ The 'Pride of E.H.S.' marched through an- other year, bringing honor and prestige to Enid High and to their new director, Eugene Grifiin. Kicking off with the first football game with Midwest City, the 'Big Blue' performed at every home game, presenting the pre-game ceremonies and half time entertainment. The band traveled to one out of town game at Northwest Classen, and although it was Hallo- ween night, no tricks were played on the band. The band gave their support to the State Finalists as they played for every basketball game presenting the colors preceding the games. Following the marching season, the band was divided into two parts, the Symphonic Top Row: Griffin, Unruh, Stephenson, Gates, Craig, Seem. Cross, King, Tresner. Fourth Row: Pope, Fisher, Hitchcock, Stith, G. Unruh, Wollaston, Reynolds, Coffey, Hoskins, Massey, Kvasnicka, Carter, Clift, Poynor, Thomas, Duffy, Cool, Hamilton, Brooks, Banter, DeBolt, Schroeder, band and the Concert band. The Symphonic band journeyed to Alva, March 25-26, for the district contest, to decide who would compete at the annual state contest at the University of Oklahoma, in Norman. Many of the students participated in clinics and competition in December when they at- tended a band clinic at Stillwater. In Ianuary band members went to the clinic at Phillips University and then went to Norman for the All-State Band. Several solos and ensembles were presented at the District at Alva. Highlight of the year for the band was their presentation of the annual "Symphony, Song, and Swingf, This show provided just that as the first part consisted of concert numbers. The dance band was featured in the swing Dee, Goley, Snowden, Harbaugh, Parham, Hoover, Green, Hume, Hatfield. Third Row: Cote, Christensen, Crabbs, Siria, Peck, Beach, McCubbins, Deighton, Harmon, Stephen, Howard, Hoderby, Riley, Friedline, Monroe, Elliott, Adams, Hart, Stuerman. Band President Eddie Hume executes the honors as he gives the traditional kiss to Sylvia Mc- Whirter, Queen, as attendants Marguerite Wright and Leatha Tate look on. music, and the concert band provided the song. Climax of the year was Tri-State, during which the band entered into every Held of com- petition. May 1, 2, and 3 found band members hurrying to be on time for the marching, con- Second Row: Henthorn, Latchaw, Grammont, Suits, Thomas, Krausse, Coldiron, Duckett, Crosslin, Mc- Millan, Beatty, D. Unruh, Roe, Wall, Corporon, Iensen, Martindale, Gasaway, Prouty, Mayer, First Row: Toler, Trinkle, Wilkins, Linville, Holcomb, Row, Hite, Ianzen, Ferguson, Doop, Funk, Hoover, The color guard presents the flags during pre-game ceremonies. cert, and sight-reading contests. To end the year, the annual band banquet in honor of the Seniors was given by the Juniors and Sophomores. This was the Sen- iors, last contact with the band. Frymire, Woodring, Van Duyn, Baker, Krausse, Rahm. Standing: Wright, Ferguson. Booker, Rogers, Potter, Thomas, lVlcWhirter, Scott, Tipton, Wicker, Keck, Lieurance, Tate. H om l mio ' Back Row, Standing: Hatfield, Hume, Grifiin, Brooks, Third Row, Seated: lVleCubbins, North, Coffey, Cross- Tresner. Craig. Van Vranken. Hart. lin, lVlclVlillan. Beaty, Unruh, Stuerman, Adams. DRCHESTR Many hours of practice and hard work paid oil' for Enid High's Orchestra as they prepared for a Spring Concert and also entered district competition and Tri-State contests in 1958. Eugene Griilin, director, felt the orchestra provided an opportunity for those who wished Top Row: Sias, Epstein, Reinhart, Polwart, Speelman, Gibson tConnieH, Virden, Hay Clxflargaretj, Walters tKayJ, Wzitkins tjoyeej, Oldham, Pfrehm, Ruzek, Gammon, Dewberry, Wcmod. Vanderhoofven, Roberts tjoannei, Seltenreieh, Wzitkins tArvellaJ, Sailors, jackson, Parkinson, Carner. Schultz tBettyj, Newman tBamonaj, Boaz, Coleman Uaekiej, Barnes, Morris tDonna5, Wilscun, tSueJ, Nolte, Haskins, Boyles. to learn to play Oilicers for 1958 were Robert Erymire, presi- dent, Ann Craig, vice-pres., Doris Van Duyn, secretary and business manager, Steve Ladd, chaplain, Betty Suits, sophomore representa- tive, Edith Stout, junior representative. Stiles. Third Row: Shaflord, Zaloudek, Emmons, Fleming, Seheulen, Brown, Tappan, Coleman tlVlary5. Simpson, Cobble, Evans, Chodrick, Nlathews, Loesch, Whittenberg, Lunn, Warkentin, MeGugin, Galusba tGloriaj, Hartman, Daniels, Shellenbarger, Hayes tFrancisD, Hutchins, lVlcGee, Fischer, Coekerill, Hen- sel, Hampton, McCullough, Grantz, Coker, lVlcCoy CDarlenej. Second Row: Yoder, Sc hultx, Coodpas- if -if af :Q at "t ':.. if ii? 5 Qi 531 st? fsf 31 ii-as ji A Second Row, Seated: Crawford, Kingcadc, Kellcy, Morris, Hoyt, Kraussc, Frymirc, Baker, Rahm, Rogers, Thomas, Toler, Wright, Upton, Ladd. First Row, Seated: Trinklc, Suits, Clevenger, Stout, Ladd, Bcvcrs, Moore, Van Duyn. GIRlS' CHUR S "There's a Song in the Airi' is a good way to describe the E.H.S. chorus room on the mornings that the 134 voice Girls, Chorus re- hearsed this year under the direction of Miss Maurine Morrow, vocal co-ordinator. Accom- turc, McFadden, Montgomery, Lukenbaugh QSucj, Caten, Hagen, Dyer CKarenU, Oliver, Kinkade, Kent tLindaJ. Gholston, Lufifman QCarolynJ, Webb, Galusha CPatD, Newingham, Hammer, Ferguson, At- kins, Buller, Stevens, Miller Cloyj, Sparks, Wilson QPatD, Palmer tSharrylj, Hayes CLindaj, Terrill, Berg, Linderer, Graves, Morrow Clnstructorj. Bottom Row: Williams, Yount, Dittmeyer, Rippy, Iones QQ ,.., is ...f 2 JU! Q 4 panists for the group were Lexy Herschherger and Ioyce Bridgman. Since this was our largest chorus, practice days for the girls were divided into Sophomore and Iunior-Senior class periods. Cloycej, Dudley, Cook, Silberberger, Layton, Madison, Mercer QRobertaJ, Clump, Chodrick, Bowden, Har- rison, Dupy, Daniels tloyj, McCormick, Ellis, Miller Qludyj, Hermanski, Hudson, Tribble, Clark CGay- lenej, Mercer, CMargaretj, Watson, Hopkins, Cole, Croxton. Seated at Piano: Bridgman Uoyccj, Hersch- bergcr QLexyJ. MIXED CHUR S With the beginning of school, the members of the Mixed Chorus, under the direction of Miss Maurine Morrow, began singing Thanks- giving songs and preparing for their annual trip to Stillwater, Oklahoma, where they spent one glorious day on the Oklahoma State Uni- versity campus for the annual Thanksgiving Music Festival, directed by Roger Wagner. "My Eternal Kingf, "Come Thou Nowf, "Alleluia,', "Now is Born," and many other songs were presented by the 4,500 students from all over Oklahoma, along with George Handel,s "Halleluiah Chorus," from the Mes- siah. After Thanksgiving, the feeling of Christmas moved in fast as the chorus learned songs for the Annual Christmas Vesper program held December 15 in the Convention Hall. Top Row: Sykora, Bevers, Easterly CBarbaraD, Bailey, Shook, Roberts Qoycej , Davis, Born, Ferchau CFrankj , Thomas Cloej , Miles, Hinshaw, Manuel CEddiej , Bryan, Denson, Clift QStephenj , Klein, Hardgrave, Mason QLarryj, Miller, Ritter, Stewart, Susie Hockmeyer, soprano soloist, sang "Ch Holy Nighti' with Mixed Chorus background, along with other Christmas anthems presented by the group, closing with the 'GHalleluiah Chorusn. With the coming of March, the chorus was rushed with five performances outside school. They appeared at Enid civic clubs, the Tri- State Music Festival, Vance Air Force Base, and the state School Board Convention. April 29, brought the chorus before a large audience in the Enid High School Auditorium at the annual 'cTime To Sing" program. The highlight of the program was the crown- ing of Bonnie Miller, Chorus Queen by Bill Born, the King. Her attendants were Sarah Benefiel, Linda Vasques, Fisher, Stoner, Peterson. Third Row: New- man, Lovall, Thrasher, Peckham, Ward, Cozart, Baker CGaryj, LeGrand, Spaulding, Evans, Wills, Erington, Hancock, Copeland, Muir, Snethen, Thomas CDanD, Ball, Ridgway, Baker CCarolj, Bushner, Hockmeyer, Relaxation seems to be the rule as chorus members have an informal harmony session. Those pictured are: Cstanding at backb Dan Thomas, Don Hardgrave, Ierry Klein, Bruce Snethen, Sarah Benefiel, Ray Car- ter, Kay Creed. fseatedj Carol Baker, Pat Smith, Cstanding in frontj Linda Ienkins. Ienkins, Carol Baker, and Kay Creed. Their escorts were Dick Teurman, Dan Thomas, and Bob Denson. Ollieers for the chorus this year Were: Ierry Lang. Second Row: Giles, Creed, Clay, Benefiel, Hobbs, Lewis tTedD, Carter fRayj, Haney, Weldon, Cantrell fDavidD, Leslie, Teurman, Morrow QRoyD, Madison Clsesliej, Graves, Bugg, Carlberg, Smith CPatj, johnson, Iones, Morrow flnstructorj. Bottom , SV V Chorus accompanists are fstandingl Ioyce Bridg- man and Lexie Herschberger, fseatedj Tamara Mason and lane Pyle. Klein, president, Kay Creed, vice-president, and Carol Baker, secretary-treasurer. Aceompanists for the chorus were Tamara Mason and lane Pyle. Row: Ross, Overstreet, Huff, Smith CLindaj, Watson, Cordell, Hoffsommer, Howard, Ives, Dittmeyer, Wink- ler QBryanD, Carter QRoWlandD, Lubers, Dennis, Eck, Coodspeed, Wolfinger, Hill tSandraj, Jenkins CLin- daj. Seated at Piano: Mason LTamaraJ, Pyle Haney. lEGIO ETTES Top Row: Fisher, fig. sgt., Soueek, 1. Fisher, Evers, Bagget. Driever. Third Row: Gibson, bugle capt., Barnes, Sykora, Reams, Haskins. drum lt., Mauek, Ward, Butts, Copeland, Goodnight, Watson, Hemphill, director. Second Row: L. Bailey. pres., Books, corps mother, With precision marching and top-notch playing, the Enid Legionettes, all girl drum and bugle corps, marched off Plainsmen field with a first place rating in the l957 Tri-State Music Festival. The corps also placed first in the million dollar Tri-State Parade, with Char- lene Williams, drum major, winning the out- standing drum major award. Other appear- ances made by the corps during the year were: Memorial Day Services, State Legion Conven- tion at Tulsa, Phillips University Homecoming Parade, 89'ers Parade at Guthrie, Cherokee Strip Parade, Cherokee Strip Pageant, Christ- mas Parade, three Legion baseball games, and a parade at Caldwell, Kansas. Carroll, K. Bailey, Shefiield, Parson, Kreplin, bugle lt., Kruse, Traynor, drum eapt., Newingham, Hayes, Madison, Atchinson, Books, manager. Bottom Row: Holt, Dupy, Beneditti. Atchinson, Win- ters, Hopkins, Newsom, Huff, treas., Gearheard, Willshire, jenkins. The annual Christmas party and Alumnae Tea were attended by both the Senior and jun- ior corps. Also, both corps sold poppies for the Veterans of Foreign Wars. The corps was sponsored by the Legion Argonne Post No. 4, under the direction of Mr. Gerald Hemphill, and was chaperoned by Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Books, better known as Pop and Mom Books. Officers were: Lois Bailey, pres., Elizabeth Sykora, vice-pres.-see., Elaine Huff, treas., jovita Traynor, drum cap., janice Haskins, drum lieut., Connie Gibson, bugle cap., judy Kreplin, bugle lt., and Lois Bailey, flag cap. and drum major. R DIO Left: Iudy White, Dick Teurman and Don Hard- grave make preparations for a radio play. Right: Checking over props for a Radio Class play are Susie Lamerton, Bruce Snethen and Sue Iones. Up in the morning at 5:00 and off to radio station KGWA. On February 26, Radio Day was pronounced. New voices were heard by listeners when the twenty-seven students en- rolled in the radio class at EHS came on the air at 6:00 a.m. and controlled the mike for the day. They gave all the commercials, news, and weather, and M.C.ied the programs until sign off time at midnight. When school started in September, the First thing the students discovered was a new class room. It had everything a radio class could want, even a stage. In this room, the students, "You're on the air" is the cry as the radio class takes over KGWA for a day. Pictured are Mrs. Una Lee Voigt, Dick Lambertz, Bruce Edwards, Susie Lamerton, Francis Hays, Tom Fulmer, Margaret Hart, Sam Mc- Gugin, Tim Crowley, Judy White, Dick Teurman, under the direction of Mrs. Una Lee Voigt, learned to speak over a microphone without getting stage fright, and to sell themselves to the public. By the end of the year, they and their spon- sor had competed in three diFlerent contests, in which one-act radio plays were featured. During the second semester, the group pre- sented a l0 minute news cast every Tuesday and Thursday at school. This consisted of the latest news, the weather, and personal inter- views with interesting personalities around Enid High School. Bruce Snethen, Ann Scaling, Bob Spickelmier, Lcatha Tate, Bob Sanders, Rowland Carter, Blaine Smith, Dorothy Lynch, Frank Ferehau, Sue Iones, Nancy Manley, Myrna Wilson, Ray Carter, Charles Gates, Donnie Miller, and lim Langkiet. 1? I " ,. 1 - .M ....,., , , , fi : 1 fifxisi , 2 A gi, sm' N , ,iQ E WEE a Q 3 A Q X3 Q vi . ' A W i 535 in X N ,W N, , , ' ' on : ' ,,..g.,.V ,., ...A. 5 1 5, FY gi Q? tg, ,rf ,wk- MQ, uf ' Rx it Www FW? an 5i',.. L l Above: Kay Creed, Margaret Hart, Bob Spickelmier, Carol Baker, and Bruce Snethen enact a scene from the Senior Play. Below: Members of the cast of the play, "The Family Nobody Wantedl' are, Cstandingj Stefani Gurwell, Bob Spickel- mier, Eddie Hume, Carol Baker, Allen Gasaway, Gary Smith, Cseatedb Sharon Kincannon, Bruce Snethen, and Margaret Hart. DRAMA The drama department, headed by Mrs. Delyte Poin- dexter, produced three plays during the year 1957-58. The senior play, "The Family Nobody Wanted", the junior play, "The Birds and the Boys", and the Thespian play, "Daddy Long Legs", were all great successes. Mrs. Poindexter directed all three plays. "The Family Nobody Wantedv dealt with the seven adopted children of Rev. and Mrs. Carl Doss, who were all of different races. Donny, the oldest son, was forced to choose between his brothers and sisters and the girl he loved. "The Birds and the Boys" showed how one person, Cricket Martin, a rather erratic and scatterbrained newly- wed, changed the opinion of a whole town about a youth ranch near their town. "Daddy Long Legs" told the story of an orphan, Iudy, who knew her benefactor only by the name of Daddy Long Legs, of the letters she wrote him, and their even- tual marriage. Miss Margaret Edwards addresses interested seniors during career conferences. Other speakers shown are Mrs. Paul Gates and Dr. Maynard Ewton. Allen Page, manager of KGWA speaks to those seniors interested in radio and TV work while Casey Cohlmia, assistant manager of KOCO TV, awaits his turn to discuss problems and opportunities in television. 1 i CAREER Il Y The Annual Career Day conference sponsored by the Altrusa Club was held February 4, for Seniors. The Sen- iors attended the careers and profes- sions in which they were most inter- ested and about which they wanted to learn. Panels on each career or profession were chosen. Interested Seniors dis- cussed each subject with businessmen and representatives and questioned the panels. Miss Inez Gingerieh, Altrusa mem- ber and elementary director of curricu- lum, was chairman of the entire proj- ect. .mf , .. , 4 Qi-sr , 433 r Q 5 Q My I ,W E5 1 E it 5 'fs W H -QV ,Ja 5 5 '5iif'13 41 W' A .5 , , ,.,,,. ,M,,M.M yvfk- H I x A? 'N fl 42' if HK Z . .. w X!! I HQ ,- we, A , fy-2 aw? M? if gi , . i Q 'ff ffsjf f jjglm,:ff df Q, fy, M . 5 Q ' Y 125' f ' Q' XV an f l ' f . V, hy --. 1 ff ' ' ' - .4 A nq ' ,X L 0 4 js I - n , . . 1 3, Q F .L Q K J- Crowds thronged in the halls of EHS as people went from one part of the building to another. Lynda Allen and Mr. and Mrs. Ierry Klein are in the foreground. Enid High threw open her doors to all that wished to enter during the annual Open House November 12. Parents, alumni, friends, the curious-all were welcomed and invited to look around. Teachers were busy talking to parents, explaining school policies, equipment and discussing their children with the parents. Many of the guests reminisced and met old school-time friends, others looked through the class pictures in the halls. Dif- ferent displays through the building were observed by parents. To show off the school and to improve teacher-student-parent relations were the purposes of Open House. 0PE H0 SE Carol Baker and Donna Reeser were official greeters at Rouse, Mr. john Brisben, loc Brisben, Mrs. Iohn Brisben. the registration table in front ol the library. Among Mr. and Mrs. Ted Coldiron, Mrs. C. V. Boedeker, Iohn those guests standing around the table are Mr. and Mrs. Boedeker, Mr. C. V. Boedeker, Mr. Selby, Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Hayes, Linda Hayes, Deloris Rouse, Mr. and Mrs. Perry UHfUh fmd 0tl16I'S. Mr. Michael talks to Mr. and Mrs. Harold Adams and their Class pictures of former years were favored attractions in daughter Sharon Adams. the halls for parents. Parents and their children swarmed into the cafeteria lor the annual dinner preceding visitation. .ng 5 Mr. and Mrs. Selby visit with Morla Rainey and Deanna Reeser. One oi the many registration places was in the northwest corner of the second floor. Iudy Crom- well, Mrs. Lorine Webbt'r, Miss Ruth Scott, Mike Webber, Linda Winkler Morris and Iudie Collier are shown. 99 l YE-T17 Iohn Cromwell. Marguerite Wright and Dan Ed- wards look over the letter they received inform- ing them of their acceptance as semifinalists in scholar- ship competition. Sharon Kincannon, nominated by Penneyis for an honorary editorship of McCa1l's Magazine, has a fitting adjusted by Miss Ellen Correll, clothing instructor. CHIEVEME T Loyal service, special talents, out- standing feats of skill and good schol- arship are all represented here. These people represent a group of those stu- dents that served above and beyond the call of duty and accomplished out-of-the-ordinary feats. Dave Friesen was selected as a final- ist in National Merit Scholarship Competitiong a national magazine rec- ognized Sharon Kincannonis talentg the basketball team came Within one point of Winning state again. This was the heart and the blue blood of Enid High in 1958. lVliss lVlaurine Morrow, chorus director, sub- mits Tamara Mason, one of her four accom- panists, to a hair dressing session. lane Pyle and Lexie Herschberger look on. Ken Holt7en and Herb Seem check the shine on thc 1957 State Basketball Championship trophy To balance the scales of justice among the teenage lVlr. Robert Gregory sponsor and Qlyde Hopkins drivers of the city falls to the Youth Traflic Court. sponsor Those seatcd are Paul Asfihl and Blainc Shown are Luther Elliott, Ir., Ray Carter, Ed Hume, Smith. Bob Hill, Bill Green, Charles Gates, Don Hardgrave, 'Wt :E-1-.f......... V f , wif, at 57 COAi3l Don Hardgrave resorts to witchcraft for a prediction on the Midwest City game. "Memories are made of this," is a familiar yet very true statement when it comes to expressing the way the students felt about the many assem- blies held during the year of 1957-58. The first assembly of the year was the first of the many pep assemblies to be given to the EHS students. Not only did the pep assembly start off the football season but the second Homecoming assembly was held as a high point for the week. Throughout the year assemblies were given to represent or to kick off a special holiday or a eer- tain event. The presentation of the athletic letters were presented on the assemblies as well as the Royalty of Enid High. Traditional Li'l Abner was presented on the Sadie Hawkins assembly and the All-School talent assembly showed off the talent of EHS. Other assemblies of the year included the Teachers, assembly, the Aquaettc assembly and the Radio Class assembly. Also assemblies were held by the different organizations expressing the work and purposes of these groups. One of the top assemblies of the year was the assembly given in honor of Coach lim Stroup who led the Enid Plainsmen to Semi-Finalists of the State tournament. This assembly was given in the form of "This Is Your Life, lim Stroup." Talent, entertainment and education were three words which well expressed the assemblies held during the year for the student body who will long remember them throughout the years to come. SSEMBLIES A lot of home grown talent is discovered at Enid High out the beat and Luther Elliott, Ir., eroons for the pleas- during talent assemblies. Iackie Cordell picks his guitar, ure of the students. Don Hargravc, accompanied by Clifton Lister, snaps l02 300 fm ,V . 5" .Q if Lyn 'X . ,,, ,L 15:5 -Raef 1: fa 1. 1 . - Eifswr HM .L . Q0 Coach Bill Brown Works on a muscle cramp in the leg of a downed Big Blue player. Gadzooks! Duck! Barbara Bobbitt, Susie Lamerton, Lick Lambertz, Phil Earnest and Steve Thurman bombard an innocent passerby. , Nm' w ,f n- ',Z2'S:fi:' 5 ,,..,:sff f i Mi Tom Hayes, Linda Hensel, Linda Maynard. Pat Riley, Karen Posey, Sharon Robinson, Bob Sanders and Hank Harbaugh, try out the lusty winter weather outside the build- ing. 0UTDO0R Outdoors as well as indoors played a big part in the lives of Enid High students as they enjoyed the numerous activities provided for them. Along with pep assemblies and winter fun, came the all important sports which brought honor and prestige to our school with the participants' sports- manship and the students' school spirit. The out-of-doors provided fun, work, challenges, and fellowship, all of which were taken in the stride of the student body. I ll llll Ill Ill I I: E Trackman Iohn Felt toes the mark in preparation for Coach lack D. Webbis starting gun. Big Blue Crusaders get an official sendoff by members of Enid High's student body just pervious to a game. I I V. V 4' 11 . , ,gain-7 j7,j:."5Ql , - ,if W X 1 ', , '. ' ,, -w .1 , ,. Val . " ' , 1... .. 1 l Marilyn Bugg and Walter Allen make nwhoopeei' during Sadie Hawkins assembly. Highlight of the year for the girls and an extra treat for the boys was the annual Sadie Hawkins week which was held Feb- ruary 24-29. This was a complete turn- about from the usual proceedings at Enid High with the girls paying the checks and buying the gas as they did their level best to snag a man in a Week of coke parties, lunch dates, assembly to crown 'Lil Abner, the shyest boy in school, and the climax of the week, the big dance held Saturday night. SADIIE H WKI S WEEK Candidates for the title ol Li,l Abner ponder their Durham occupy the back row. Dee Lang, Frosty Peak chances. Charles Wright, Bob Burdick and Wayne and Bucky Hitchcock are in the front. 1 as i a lim Harmon, Dave Poynor, Pat Monroe, Ray Carter, Phil the fair sex. They are accompanied by Charles Gates and Bryan, Dan Thomas and Bruce Snethen serenade those of David Hamilton. Carol Baker hangs on tight, as all victorious women must do when they catch their men, to Wayne Durham just after crowning him Li'l Abner. ,Man 'A V 1, Susie Lamerton entertains with a heart warming song. Ruth Iohnson, Marlene Hobbs, and Elizabeth Sykora entertain with close harmony. IO7 Tim Crowley wishes fond farewell to his steady. Myrna Wilson, Clean up day brings much, much paper as Fred Raikes, building superintendent, finds out. LIFE T Life at Enid High was more than just an accumulation of facts and fig- ures. The basis for many a firm friendship was found in the halls and in the cafeteria before and after school and between periods as well. Conver- sation prevailed and important things as Well as unimportant things were discussed. Here, in the halls and cafe- teria, the student learned to get along with other people. ff , 3 my 9,1 f :V ,V A.. , g A ge lf ,K K5 gg 2 . N Lgbjxf' ww x ' ' ,WN 'X is ww 4. V E fl! 'K' Q . if-' f E 1 4 fy gf, if it ,Wits S 'af ',,.-.Q -a UUEE S A IJ ATTENIJANTS Highlighting the year's activities were the alities were chosen from members of the Senior crownings of the E.H.S. Royalty chosen hy var- class to reign over the 1957-58 school year. ious organizations. These outstanding person- Top Row: Chorus Queen and Attendants: Dick Teur- Bottom Row: Basketball Queen and Attendants: Orin man, Carol Baker, Dan Thomas, Bonnie Miller, Queen: Billy Born, King: Ierry Klein, Kay Creed, Bob Denson Cseatedl, Sarah Benefiel, Linda Ienkins. Band Queen and Attendants: Marguerite Wright, Eddie Hume, Band President: Sylvia MeWhirter, Band Queen: Leatha Tate. Football Queen and Attendants: Sarah Benefiel, Carol Baker, Tim Crowley, Donna Reeser, Football Queen: lim Mad- dox, Charlene Williams, Myrna Wilson. Munger, Norma Barnes, jim Maddox, Myrna Wil- son, Basketball Queen: Allan Stroup, Crown Bearer: Iudy White, Roger Lewis. Aquaette Queen and At- tendants: Sharon Shook, Bill Green, Iudie Collier, Aquaette Queen: Linda Smith. Hobo Queen: Morla Rainey. D.E. Queen and Attendants: Mari- lyn Collins, Twilla McCormick, D.E. Queen: Cleo Leseberg. -Univ 1' K M .1 ,,, an , .Q 'E 2 '- X 5' A 2 .1 K ' al J, M if I .5 f:f"',:- 'A eg .L,. ' 1. . 5 S my v n " '-e MW x D ,, I A ,Q xi? K' , ,,, , pf x. ' wav 3 ! zr hi. '53 ' .. 1 .,,A x 5 I ' Q F 9 . ' sf ek' ,iw - . X5 1551. ,. if ff N11 , Q, gi 4 qi? g X J, E X NX f 1,5 S1 2 A Serving the People of Oklahoma With EVERYTHING IN MUSIC For Over 30 Years "Oklahoma' C mplete Music St HENOWETHQGRE1: NV! ENID GENERAL HOSPITAL AND SCHOOL OF NURSING Ambulance Service State Accredited School of Nursing il i' Complete Clinical and Laboratory Fire-Proof Building DiC1QY10SiS Q 'k 610 South Monroe Niqhl cmd DGY ADams 7-2321 Aiiefldvflf Owned and Operated by of Mrs. Virginia Steinert, RN .................... Director of Nurses THE Dorothy Lamb, RN ......... ..... D irector of Nursing Education Evelyn Hayden, RN ........ .............. C linical Instructor BAPTIST G L CONVENTION Marguerite Lambert, RN ................. Nursing Arts Instructor OF OKLAHOMA Affiliations: T. B. LACKEY' Executive Secretary-Treasurer University Hospital ..... , ............. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Central State Hospital .... ......... N orman, Oklahoma 'IOE I. BAKER, Administrator Hillcrest Hospital ...... ........ . Tulsa, Oklahoma it . . . yr I Congratulations. Enid Seniors Phillips University Welcomes graduating high school seniors to visit her campus. wwf W Courses are offered in Art, Music, Science, Business Administration, Secretarial Sci- ence, Dramatic Art, Iournalism, Speech, Education, Home Economics, Ministry, Re- ligious Education, Physical Education, other Liberal Arts subjects, and Pre-Professional courses for careers in Law, Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Science, Nursing, Engi- neering, and other fields. Write to Office of Admissions, Phillips University, University Station, Enid, Okla., for a catalogue and information. PHILLIPS UNIVERSITY DR. EUGENE S. BRIGGS. President II4 Tom Brown must have cm exact hi by Floyd Stovall wlule Ed Gage 1S trymg f KUPPENHEIMER f CATALINA on ihe latest in Ivy style wlth Merle Eldred s GSSlSlCII'1CG Q HYDE PA-RK Q MANHATTAN 1" . 5 l.,, Ji KlL""'CfffZ! fy X Af L X 4 Vlgfvfv f X, v,xsQL4V-Zflrfuix' fi-f-.-42.1122 - A -.. V ,." 1-,l. 47 A, 4Z,y. :f'7if ff" '. . Mzaf Z 1-,, ffl . 'fl K zliffbkfi, ,, ill, 'Hy Congratulations Seniors From the BRIDGE MUSIC COMPANY 218 West Randolph ir The Finest in Baldwin Pianos Musical Instruments 'A' Complete Sheet Music Department Fully Equipped Repair Shop D. C. Bass 6. Sons Construction Co. if Bass Building 'k ENID OKLAHOMA 'A' "Builders Since 1893" Its the real glzifst-guencber! Ablbfng-ale L! his Seven-Zo! II6 CONTINUED SUCCESS TO GRADUATES ir 'lr HOTEL YOUNGBLOOD AIR CONDITIONED GUEST ROOMS COFFEE SHOP BANQUET ROOMS 'A' i' YOUNGBLOOD FOUNTAIN Famous For Sandwiches and Drinks Drug Sundries -A' if Headquarters For All School Activities 'Ir 'k BRUCE WALLACE Owner and Manager "There's nothing like a COCQ-CQIQ EH say Doug Champlin, Stefani Gurwell, John Cromwell, Dan Edwards, Mary McKnight, and Bruce Edwards as they gather after the barn dance for some Coca-Cola refreshment. Congratulations M BRIMFULL Seniors of '58 'A' RED AND WHITE and Bl00M'S WHOLESALE MEAT COMPANY OUR VALUE Foon PRODUCTS Choice Meats Distributed by if H. A. MARR GROCERY COMPANY 510 S. Van Buren AD 4-2576 200 E. Maple II7 BEST O' LUCK, SENIORS Robert F. Barnes Insurance Agency Complete Insurance Service 'P 5 'K' Ps.. an 4-3731 . fNtn,'SIsLAHoMA:i--4fMAcHffve co-I: "Insure and Bond wlth Bob" if Manuiacturers of Portable Drilling 1018-20 Bass Building Equipment Phone AD 7-0853 Enid, Oklahoma CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS OF '58 Bond Bread Serves You Better - Saves You More Better Clothing For the Entire Family ENID, OKLAHOMA Bobbitt Candy Company COLDIRON'S Enid's Popular Priced Store GRAND and BROADWAY i' Candy and Fountain Supplies 'Ir 209 North Grand AD 7-1688 STURDEVANT Sheet Metal and Roofing Company Roofing - Sheet Metal Air Conditioning - Heating 'VVHERE QUALITY TELLS AND SERVICE SELLS Bank Lumber Company FRED TEMPLEMAN, Manager THIRD AND EAST MAINE - P. O. BOX 725 PHONE ADams 7-5484 218 E. Elm Phone AD 7-1361 Enid, Oklahoma FOR FINE DIAMONDS AND STERLING SILVER it's '. f,. I . WV , Q'IAIe.Q,R0ly S' Cm 4' Watch and Iewelry Repairing Convenient Terms 905 W. Maine Free Parking AD 7-0992 I I8 llif JY 7157! 'ffif "Fueling Up" tor the big contests ahead, E. H. S.'s State Champion basketball team stows away a champion ice cream. Shown are Wayne Durham, Kenneth Holtzen, Wesley Ellsworth, Ierry Long, Coach lim Stroup, Bob Winfield, Captain Sp Iirn Maddox, Queen Myrna Wilson, Bob Burdick, Paul Stevens, Tom Lansden, Dan B Edwards, Ioe Brisben, Herb Seem, Iohn Manning, Iames Patterson, and Sam Mc- Gugin, Managers. To the members ofthe Sem Cm of nmfns ASSOCIATION Congratulations to the Senior 1958: Class of 'ss "HAPPY LANDING" ' F't'5L'w'fRi.T.f?R?URY, IN fifywwgywj Aids-,Muni - oemig, cl-levnouar, c. :Mew be Jeff - 59, o Hume Moron coMPANY - Q we soro and PLYMOUTHI fffffego ish Q - EuwARos oLnsMosn.E Maw ,aku e i i 1 CEZMQLQJIQK Ajfm iymjhfk o DQY-NEAL Moron coMPANY - P - 1 FORD, faq t f J 041 Afcw o S1ELyCE?lS Buick coMPANY GEO. E. FAILING COMPANY ' F'B.Ek.!.II SubSidlGT1PiDfW se ,fkir Br . Q Unable R01 IPONTIAC and CADILLACJ ENID' OKLAPEEA div ELMER HOLMES MOTOR co. 0 fsoseu 7' J II9 Always the Best . . . . . . Cheaper than the Rest DILLINGHAM AGENCY Insurance and Bond Service Bass Building Enid. Oklahoma Auto, Home and Sports Supply TOM G. DILLINGHAM 120 East Randolph Street DAN L DILLINGHAM TOM B. DILLINGHAM To Your Future, Seniors CHICKEN DINNERS V2 Fried Chicken Choice Steaks FRANK PIEPENBRING, Mgr. Sea Foods in Season 118 E. Randolph Gifts Hobby shop Tw Iuafm Wallpaper Drive-In Cate Custom Picture Frqming 2327 North Grand AD 7-5268 Good Luck, Seniors O SINGER METAL COMPANY NEW PIPE - NEW STEEL D R I V E I N New Address CLEANERS South Second and East Illinois 802 W. Maine AD 7-4254 SIMMONS HIGH SCHOOL GROCERY 624 We-st Wabash Street SENIORS, for the best in . . . Otiice Supplies . . . Fountain Pens . . . Portable Typewriters . . . Books ot All Kinds 'A' School Supplies 'A' Groceries if Candies i' Meats Visit Simmons for Service V Phone AD 7-0350 214 North Independence AD 7-1212 WHEELER 81 COOPER RADIO CO. 213 W. BROADWAY Phone AD 7-5980 Enid, Oklahoma 'lr RCA-Victor Television Receivers Radio and TV Service General Electric Light Bulbs I2O Withers 6. Mackey Oil and Tire Company 402 E. Maine AD 7-2910 CHAMPLIN GAS POPULAR BRANDS MOTOR OIL DAYTON TIRES We Give S cf: H Green Stamps S 6. Q CLOTHIERS s. A. WILENZICK co.. Inc. North Side of Square Enid. Oklahoma The Quality Store The smooth salesman is Tom I-Icryes, D. E. president. Wayne Withers is shown trying on cm overcoat, cz 'must' style for the campus next yeor. PRINTING OFFICE SUPPLIES CROMWELLS' ,N 1- 123 W. Maine Phone AD 4-6561 SZMQQQ Q3 Serving Enid and Northwest Oklahoma Since 1919 ' IMA mum PETE-fklhw Complete Office Planning 3 U Featuring the Best in Equipment I 1 5-eg A GENERAL FIREPROO1-'ING to DESKS FILES CHAIRS GUNLOCKE AND IMPERIAL I. LEE CROMWELL MARY CROMWELL EHS 1917 E1-ls 1919 IZI BEST WISHES from WL 1 D 0 Y I S I Your REXALL Store The Enid Morning News and The Enid Daily Eagle Published by The Enid Publishing Company West Side Square MILTON GARBER, Editor JOHN TAYLOR, President m-rg?-inf.. Congratulations 4 T, -O.. 'OP- I-I I LL? Seniors - IIC. TRANSFER and STORAGE ENID, OKLAHOMA ENID BOARD OF TRADE 319 South Grand Phone AD 4-8311 Congratulations! FD' L G S d alvn fass ee and Fertilizer See ,f Bm- FARMERS GRAIN Xi SEED CO. 2602 Lclhomcl Road Phone AD 7-4885 ENID, OKLAHOMA ,,eeQ,,X u B. G. WILKES COMPANY 5 Q Congratulatwns U 7 N.E.1Oth - CEntra12-5141 f Yong yllyi jf to Aneiiiggi'-NG OKLAHOMA CITY Enid High School Graduates EASON OIT.. COMPANY Ease on With Eason Enid. 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Randolph AD 4-6567 ANTRIM LUMBER COMPANY Sign Sign of of Quality Service AD 4-2525 224 E. Broadway Enid, Oklahoma CENTRAL NATIONAL BANK ENID. OKLAHOMA The Personal Service Bank OFFICERS W. L. STEPI-IENSON . DALE DAGE . . . Exec. Vice- VV. L. STEPHENSON, IR ..... Vice- T. MCCREEDY .... Vice-President Q LOYD RANDOLPH . . . . . . . CURTIS L. HORRALL . .... Asst H. H. UNRUH . . . .... Asst I. F. BUNDREN . . . GENEVIEVE WOGAN HAZEL O'MEALEY . ROSALEE LUCK . . A. O. CREED . . . GILBERT OTT . . . WARREN W. PAYNE . President President President inactivej Cashier . Cashier . Cashier . . Asst. Cashier . . Asst. Cashier and Auditor Asst. Cashier . . Asst. Cashier . Asst. Cashier . Asst. Cashier . Asst. Cashier Congratulations and Best Wishes! to Each and Every Graduate of Enid High School-Class of 1958 lf any graduate of the class of '58 is interested in or would like to discuss the possibilities of a Career in Pharmacy, We have literature available and invite you personally to call on us. 14.2 1.1, Lvnzscnwnou 'SHOPS Enid, Oklahoma 5 i lEt?tS Ai. s u n s r Y s o N o s 'A' INSURANCE Phone AD 4-5454 'A' BONDS 'A' LOANS il' RENTALS 'A' REAL ESTATE Broadway Tower. Enid. Okla. Congratulations to the Class of ' 58 THE FRIENDLY HOME BANK President Cam Randolph Ass t Cashier Hart Pekrul Ass t Cashier C. B. Athey - Ass't Cashier H. W. Goltry - - Auditor R G Athey G W Athey Vice President I A Beall Vice President R. C. Dix - - - Cashier Zan Mourer - Ass't Cashier Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation WE SALUTE ENID HIGH SCHOOL for its academic accomplishments. lt has provided the young people of Enid with cultural surroundings that have been a great factor in building our community. We are proud to be identified with a city that has provided such wonderful educational institu- tions. Best wishes for your continued progress and success. 5if'cW'd-51E'1lsIe STORE NO. 1 100 N. INDEP. PH. AD 4-2244 STORE NO. 2 523 S. MONROE PI-I. AD 4-8636 STORE NO. 3 1030 E. BDWY. PH. AD 7-4724 STORE NO. 4 1925 LAI-IOMA RD. PH. AD. 7-5313 STORE NO. 5 l734 S. VAN BUREN Pl-l. AD 4-5615 CLINIC PHARMACY 617 S. OUINCY PI-I. AD 7-1611 l24 Security National Bank, Enid, Oklahoma ll 'I i "I l - 'S "ll '- LEARN Beaufy-potion: with the Famous Q GUMER it DURAN METHUD J' of Hairstyling and Cosmetology los Taught in Hollywood! A Beauty Career for Men and Women offers unlimited opportunities for a lifetime of security with interesting and rewarding work in the Nation's third largest industry . . . Learn the Comer 8: Doran Method of I-Iairstyling and Cosmetology as taught at our School to qualify for high paying positions in the Beauty Culture Profession I offrclrs BEAUTY Aciofmv TU 120 E Broadway AD 7 -1465 y ,,.V. y17fL,vjSJxWb Vfiff V! , , 'L ' f f' af, ' iE..L.,,.'l XML ,,fk,,.tfL, J I ' ,,,f'L, if f' 4 'I Li" L" -4.19 1' "'lj A ' ,ll xA" fl-.J 'K '- I K! . 1' J Q .... --9c,M, 0s-,,ffL,,. iwnf elk- L ,A I 'Z C, ,Y,. ML W,-YY LU 1. .fuk-Mk 1 aww av I ,f" g J 5 mf - K jd C- 15 X H f x ' lg I le 1 " . ,' I - . I is 51 ff we for ff if Ctfri,t ,1 0,4 z' 1 fi, gmt .... 49 ,Z-5 if gs- A , ,':..4L."t- ,XL t r W-N 2 ,,:,,, ,K Vi zz tif , f ic illfijfe., Gigi Arai K ,X I , wf1e,Qj 1 1 jf ,Adj K 4 if ajwfgf f - l I 4 Union E ty Co-oper tive Excljianq D , 4.1-2 CbJ21AfQ.,,, Quin ' ' OKLAHOMA X N X cjf,f,d,Af., Qaaqm , 50,300,000 BUSHELS STORAGE CAPACITY 5 7? 2,4 X Try the , . f ' Q: -'44 ur , so , , 'Wig gg Fil ggkn it tt , Z N MARTHA coNGnA'rULAnoNs 'ro THE srzmon CLASS ANN SYRACUSE-The World's finest chinaware-made in America. It's light and thin but strong and gracefully fashioned . . . Matchings are available on open stock patterns. You will find everything from the inexpensive design to rich etchings. 217 North Grand AD 7-5269 ENID, OKLA. "It's The Premium Loaf" distinctive wedding photography 0 bridal portraiture 0 wedding candids 0 albums Loren C arlberg 914 W. Illinois ADams 4-4541 Davies Brick 6, Tile Co. High Quality'kClay Products Factory 1625 S. 10th St. - Enid, Oklahoma 'A' Products : at' Face Brick - Colonial Colors 'lr Common Builder Brick 'A' Partition Tile 'k Structural Building Tile 'k Farm Drain Tile 'A' Distributors ENID BRICK 6, TILE MFG. CO. ACME BRICK COMPANY White and Buff Colors - Fire Brick G Clay Specify Davies Brick Q Tile for Better Values I25 Enid Typewriter Company All Makes of Typewriters 'A' if Sold on Terms with Low Monthly Payments Pull up a chair Let us tell you where To go. to furnish a home. When education's completed. A nice place to be seated You'll want. when you cease I gz it S 1 :fwfr-' 'rp-. .' " :':j:- .Kirk -:-:f:- -f. '- .gif 1, ,11 :-:-5'-'f--.-.gq:5::: ' sz-:f:: Vg, . , V wb - ..'..., , N E45 A , ,M w wk ir B ttiioliginsxii and ait New Portable Typewriters oi All Makes Nil. hesitate' -Ar f In Enid Let LOOMIS furnish your ' 1914 h ! Special Rental Rates to Students Smce ome 'A' W C. E. LOOMIS FURNITURE 210 WEST BROADWAY AD 7-2882 129-31 East Broadway -k Henninqer-Allen THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK of Enid. Oklahoma Capital and Surplus Sl,250,00U.OO Complete Banking Facilities OFFICERS Funerql Hgme fifiiipign 1 1 I 1 1 MEEZIQQZZE Finis. L.erill!'Cgst -I Asst Czihiii H, A. Duerksen - Ass't Cashier W. E. Spaid - - - Ass't Cashier C. B. Shaklee - - - - Ass't Cashier t George D. Treadway ---- Ass't Cashier Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation YOU WILL HAVE A BETTER HOME E M R I C K I S WITH BUILDING. REIVIODELING AND DECORATING MATERIALS FROM FQR THE BEST IN - Local Moving Crating Long Distance Hauling Storage Packing Pool -Cars Warehousing E M R I C K ' S Agents-Allied Van Lines. Inc. ENID'S BUILDING MATERIAL He"d""""e's AD 4-5736 E M R I C K I S 201 East Elm 228 East Randolph AD 4-7131 IN S U R A N C E 1-'on EVERY NEED For Includes 'A' LIFE Also: Thousands of Things 'A' FIRE 'A' REAL ESTATE LOANS i' TORNADO 'k ABSTRACTS OF TITLE I if CASUALTY if SURETY BONDS You Need' if AUTOMOBILE i' PLATE GLASS Harry P. Frantz Agency HARRY P. FRANTZ ROBERT S. FRANTZ HARRY P. FRANTZ, IR. ALL E.H.S. ALUMNI 220 W. Broadway AD 7-4314 I26 if F. W. WOOLWORTH COMPANY Alvita Ream, D, E. student and salesqirl, points out some of the latest styles in casual wear to Barbara Bernstein and Carol Baker in the lr.-Sr. High Shop. A ' v ' v 1: 12 , ' ' 'lr lackets 'k Separates A lfll A fi, i' Blouses 'k Play Clothes EXCLUSIVE SHOP .QTQ 1. 'X if Skirts 'A' Dresses for Teen-Agers! ltllt to l 'k Swim' Suits i' Petticoats Tl ' "" " nlll ' A " T A A 1910 7 YEARS 1917 PAST - PRESENT - FUTURE System rules the business world: but system can become "Pied Tape." In our Studio We use systemg we have a certain method of handling business that has appealed to us as the best. Our system is, simply, the system of "SQUARE DEAL." We want our customers to feel that they are getting what they pay for, that their pictures are made oi the best materials and workmanship. To Avoid "Red Tape"-We endeavor to handle each customer as a separate and distinct "Study," not simply as a person who wants a picture. That's the reason Why "McConkay pictures are different." McCONKAY STUDIO The above ad appeared in the 1910 Quill Annual MCCONKAY STUDIO is proud to maintain this same high standard of work- manship, and THANK YOU for the privilege of serving you tor 33 and 7 years. DICK MCCONKAY 522 S. Harrison Friend and Follower of Enid High School 1925 33 YEARS 1958 I27 AGA Food Store Keep in tune with the time- JEWELRY i, 'A' A C I RILEY ATKINSON amp etc Watches Diamonds Iewelry Food Store Enidls Only Certified. WCTChInGk81' i Better Service for Your Watch 203 W. Randolph Phone AD 7-5050 902 West Maine Phone AD 7-2078 ENID. OKLA. Brown Funeral Home GERALD L. BROWN GERALD L. BROWN, IR. ZALOUDEK IMPLEMENT CO. CUSHMAN SCOOTERS BOATS - MOTORS - WATER SKIIS Phone AD 7-5432 223 W. Randolph AD 7-2115 IVIQNCRIEFIFS N ' PAINT AND WALLPAPER CO. e S 520 E. Maine AD 4-4428 See Our New Gitt Department ' fresh Featuring Pratt 6 Lambert Paint and Varnishes Glidden Spred Satin Rubber Base FINE WALLPAPER POTATO CHIPS Congratulations Seniors MIDWAY CLEANERS PHONE AD 7-5973 112-114 NORTH 11TH STREET FREE DELIVERY JACOBY'S PLAZA DRIVE-IN PHONE AD 7-3033 903 West Market Enid. Oklahoma IUST GOOD FOOD Reafll Hi Boy Donuts HI-BOY DON UT SHOP 1522 North Grand AD 7-4671 l28 Congratulations Seniors of 1958 ENID OUALITY LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANERS ADams 8-3860 FUR STORAGE 422 East Maine QA' wif f gf eww fe-af-euglfv 'MW '7 yufefgj ' fZ. 64,71 I 5 ,4,j- N - fl., 6ff14Zx o7,A'.zaJ, i , A A . ff j ff A ,f , 7 9 Vg, I' ddox and Tim Crowley c eck into the situation s they ex ine th es lu ' ' ' 1- , a F' s Q1 f p an ry aup, of Mens Department, help t out. . 0w07c...f. , E Gif 514 644, 'A' Quality . . 5114 N e... 'A' Budget e- The "Gang" ayfs ss 5' " ENlD'S COMPLETE DEPARTMENT STORE ff FASHIONS for "GUYS" and "GALS" 8lfUl'l'Ld,l'L 35 Enid's Brand Names Department Store BEST WISHES To THE MEMBERS OF THIS E.H.S. CLASS For Happy and Useful Lives in Your Chosen Field The Enid Business College has helped over 14,000 young men and women get better postions, enjoy larger incomes, and attain higher places in business than they could have attained without this specialized education. There are more business owners, managers, and de- partment heads in Enid who are Enid Business College Graduates than from any other college, anywhere, to the best of our knowledge. If you are interested in a business career for your- self, we cordially invite you to investigate the Enid Business College and its services. ENID BUSINESS COLLEGE BTWWST KLAH NIA wills FAMOUS Ulillbapnl I n mble . D W Qu-amine' one Tumbbr of your choice wifh each purchase of l0gallon.c or more Dun K-lu f N.-nu .- 'Member National Association and Council of Business Schools. 1 M' .Imam Approved for G.I. Training by Oklahoma Accrediting Agency. 9 N E our y IZ9 East Side Square PAK - A - SAK AD 4-3461 431 East Maine SHOES G Hamburgers -- 7 for 51.00 WOMEN'S g WEAR Phone AD 7-3073 aj 107 fl!!! iv S C H U L E The Shop of Unusual Ready-to-Wear 1 W, 0 la Fnun co. A ' , ' - 1 if f Distributors Accessories ff AJ fm BLUE GOOSE FRUITS AND 0 I I f f no I , f VEGETABLES vllglma, Phone AD 7-5141 207 N. Independence AD 7-4011 CHECKER TRANSIT Over Night - Every Night Between Kansas - Enid Featuring "THE BIG THREE" Good Food-Good Service- Reasonable Price THE WAGON WHEEL RESTAURANT and DRIVE-IN ORDERS TO GO - PHONE AD 4-9187 AD 4-7237 Maine and Van Buren 177g UJLQE 'W' W Kc! A fag? The wishes of "a thousand words" are kfjlf E'i4?f1,4 Q' expressed more thoughtfully V A 'cf with flowers if l '34 A522223 S M effow , 0 , 4f N91 wiwftf U' - 5 6106.151 Oklahoma Floral Company fr fe Ae HQ wr CQ JDM , M fyirw Lggfiraf 005151 L , - A 2200 W. oklenerne Phone AD 4-4300 QQAKAXQV ,aLQ.p' L' dvd? a.,f11v1-e,2- WW' Insur neges Our Spec' y f '- V El Luc , A eniors! Congratulations, Seniors of ' 58 it if Quality Mill Work See Us FC::Bui1t-in Cabinets to N if Storm Sash and Screens P yotigr spegxflccxt uomo ie Glass if in - on ets D I lilultl Lehlcith Door Mirrors if Maiual Training Suppli Gnd . . . Enid Planlng M111 Company 404 South Independence AD 4-7182 N, Indep, Phone More Than 50 Years in Business in Enid, Oklahoma 130 Compliments of C L E M E N T S PLUMBING, HEATING, AIR CONDITIONING ir Contracting al' Plumbing Fixtures ik Repairing i' Heating Equipment C t C't S lls M C t Th A 413 E. MAmE PHONE AD 7-1700 'xrpinhlf Cjmpanfjein gffllaomf HY CLIFF'S CAMERA SHOP HOME OF LEICA AND BOLEX FAST COLOR DEVELOPING CUSTOM BLACK AND WHITE DEVELOPING REPAIRS 3 RENTALS Compliments of : Spic 6- Span Cleaners 224 Kenwood Blvd. BTOWIWUY Tower Les Walters. Owner AD 7-2800 Phone AD 4-6766 ENID Ls: PAnmsl-l,Jn. 0 INSURANCE 0 BONDS EPSI'o 0 4 ENID. OKLAHOMA GENERAL INSURANCE SURETY BONDS Phone AD 4-3232 Bass Building Congratulations Seniors ' 58 Inc. ORVILLE LUCKINBlI.L, President Dial ADams 7-2020 Enid. Oklahoma BE COLLEGE BOUND in the LATEST STYLES from the ROSE ANN SHOP 609 South Monroe Enid Enjoy Fine Food With Your Friends THE ENID HIGH SCHOOL CAF ETERIA I3I X, B ,542 ' , Q Ziifiiiiif C ,dgwgf .- f 77f74C' Complimenfs Cf ' CP- if 95' 7A 4 3 '?!7g,, ' f Y JMv467.ffWC Cvwagzibhk MQMM! Xecga I 1075! xi 115Lfw llQgLg' V,J?Q ALLWQL6 gf 0 cc 424 iff Llfii Zbbfcd, il ' or ' X f v I7 L M LQ L fifc C .X 1 x Nxxn M -4 X1 ,X Q? N 5 QXM ' -V yi ,I KN AU 'R X Q A ,q ,Y 3 Sy X. J N N V F 35 5, 35 5 T QJ ,X Q QR 'I' A ,, 14 wi X Q . 3 W W. P 3 FN ' Y ' 2. fy f XI 'Yi XTX cg XE' ' W X 'E 1, Y ' f xg L cv JV! 9 MMMN Y, . C4 MfJ ' , mf 31.11 Img gf W BHD? ggi lym-EJHQBX n ' " Q?- AK 1 A Xb X iii 3 X gif Q Producer, RefineF aSFlgggfQF f a ibfxbleum Producfs f 5 se N l32 Li, D J MH ,Q 4-1. L.., ' DIA! I I 4' WW? I q -' . fi . if J. MJQZQQWM M ff' W " M ' 1+ ff W W 4-ff,eaff:,Zif2fjQ H' 1 . 'mfjia dad! ! LKJATQX QQ Q- f' dziffg uf Q J! ,I nmwanvg , M Q :UWM EKMW WWW W M Awzypwiy ' -3'Lwi2l3Af,Wf 'X an q ' fjfgymidwq ,yn-4,4,,jg A A ' S Y E f7 64N l L WZWMM ffimfa ' 5 33? Wkwfmfifff-" 5 '43-Q255O.,4 ggwogk we 543 155,24 Sk-STM 53? i 5 , Qi ii- S ' ' L ' - WW SW ,M J I gyfbfogyls- AQ My - x . QW? S'J"'9F? My 9-fp! V fs? 'lf 0 R311 ,fs 05 ,Kg as I ' N ww., 'fuk 'N-T4 4, " fl- ' WUMJ H Q- X lwily, fqvii SSO PJ ,gfqiff !x 3 l 5 by 1442 , , Ng? 1 ff ww ab A i wk J J ' 'W6'U9flf' mln jbgrdjj W4 A -S 1 Qfffyj 'XUIOWJI ,Ag r ISH next? ?1?W5M!WVJ mv A ff Qff 7? W I F QNX!! QM yy' 'uw A XTR Si kwgifkgg W QE? QB gg 35 W? R Rug Qgqifi C 'r s 1125, J Mb 25-Fails 2 59 1 1236 ' 'J 2 , ' xl -gp N . gf 12 73411 Tixqiigflm, E3-2' , 95 A k!-i ffqggia + if 2 Sig wi P - Jef,-,Q anql NAA? W N'?"f'x .NV f Y 4 L Xi fm Qwyffffw ' f X -Foygw 9 z -X mx J, KSjY LAU Tm Q V4 Lyfv' vfij ' A fy 'Wwvf . 'U NK X

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