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r ' 'i"'7-.-Y, k' .f JA -, . 3 A 'I , L sv iw' Am 0 5 In 0 U W 04104 R ax sg! 'rgl Y Y 's 'f 'uf' W' "9 vff eb -I wvbb 14 W AL 0 I pf ,H pf' . Hon hw I 9 0 N V 1, 2 wi , . of th bo P -ff J' H 0 . 0 1- 9- 'KHP tv ,wb .10 . J' pi' 4 0 ofa'-'1 uni' wr . ,A p 716 . ' QM' 0 Hts QD F ff M 0 a MJ! 'hopanls 0? b"':q1f,fh3.f+',f'?64."'ff p+':'v,L'4aS,.w":,,f , fvf' iw .Q L4 ,MA 'J-W' If 'Q' ff" if .. 61" U. 1' aw' ,lm xk YP Jw' oo' L.,9 "' QQ 55159, 595' A., 65's 9 ff 500 A bit' ' i ig.,: n -vii - 1' u A . f ,W s H , gf . 'ftw 4 5 o A f .. so .-- Lv H Qs' 5- ,Q . r F 1- ? 0" 19 ,h'1h ai 9 99sa' K9 A OV tts du, T YI Llbdgr JW- ll A if-V: Q, Eval ,W ,A G l"vq,.::3 H ef! hi? Qavgx I I U v 4 ' uf 'll Jr . 1-U. ' 6 ff' E . Q. M -v" W X W 'Q' ! - xi A'-. IQ, . t ' X ' J, its -Q1 A , Y I .QP " V wvrl' -I 1, .Q ' Y' .2 -5' f I V I - .M 118- I-Qgfgygiy,--U. is. .Q . , f . . . Q ' . . .1 i 1 4 'I . ., V 1 in 2:71, V A -',, V. . ' . . . f f 'V X J V W ff! 3 - -LVQ ' I ' 'xiii' K N .fi ' A 5.1 -Q V7 , . . x jay:-!l f. lr! I , - 7: M W fd K ff ,Uffjliffnjjf V , I I - . E if E ,' ' mfr: 1, V Y' . 4 Y 'S fvqi 'V'- 1 : A V YV Arlgn Z: 'WW J . wx 1 mf .ff - QQ . , I I 4 v 4 K, 6 YIIY . . 7" 1b 4V 1: --..q..f f I . . .. 5: . EL, 1 ' 4 '--- AX. ' -- Q.. 1 b W , ' - - .N - -Q ' '-. - Y , , ' ' . - . -. -f ., - V 'K ' ft ' ' . ...I -J ' ,fn I , -. k Mir W: r ' ' . Q-fy - 3 ' 2 - . wr.. fd ., , .. 1 Q. " ,, 'L 'i .-" w '-v 1' ' .K I' 'TF' 'f . 'f ,S -'fi' -75' f' .. .5417 .. . rg, - - . - f ' A-fw ' 14 ' 4'-Af 11' ' X 1 ' .v.:.H"R-4 . .r .f f 'Q 2, .1 i x - fc. fi f.' 'f-- .55 ,Q Rf ' f ,..-, Y- L1 wg- , -: .. qiglp - '-..- V Af' - . .1 ,, - - . ,,, if L.. .Amr nw-,br s f ., ' ff-.,..L f' F ' V . - --A, ir .K V 14:5 gi 1: J P " - ., 1 . H--ff-4a :m1,,,.. -:-mr. - L. R . . I ' 'Hsu 1 HI '- 4 .f " L, 1 W 'Sa ' ' -" . . -'V-L "N .., - . 'f- Q " Q. 5 P--5223 Q - ' - ,. - My 3 '51 . ' .. 4 .. , 'WA' 1.- fu J. .. - f. .v " I , ., 644' vxwlggf' .lil .- f My E-1-1-w , " . Nz. 1... ' J ,ew- limo Hiuii Sciiiooi U AJOEXV-fi!-'EJ I X K 3 J. 4 ENIIJW ByuslNEss COLLEGE GRADUATES 4' Get Positions and Make Good This is true because the courses of instruction meet the needs of employers and the instruction produces the efficiency, both in business skills and personality, required by them. l L I L I. lf. GEORGE, I77!'StIlIl'7ll NINETY EIGHT PERCENT OF GRADUATES PLACED 98.10 of 1939 graduates were placed during that year . . . DO YOU REQUIRE MORE PROOF? See us and We'll tell you what We have been doing for the thirty-six years of present administration. THOROUGH TRAINING IN THE SCIENCE V ' of Accounting or Secretaryship, or both, is essential to Worthy business oppor- tunities. WHERE CAN I GET THIS TRAINING, DO YOU INQUIRE? . . . There is no better place for High School Graduates and College Students of Northwest Oklahoma than the Old, Influential, Leading, Result-Producing ENID BUSINESS COLLEGE Founded 1899 LJ1Il'HltN'f ixvillfllllrlt i'1.v.vm1i1!ioi1 of ,'l4'c'fr'1titf'1t Clorrzrrzfrriat Sl'l700t5,' Inc'0rf1omli'1t zmrlrr Otctritmrmz tim' zwitti fmttrorily In confrr ftcgrccs. I. E. GEORGE, President Since 1904 l T J T ltnicl Business College Alumni Association Banquet-l939 ,J I ff, A THE QUILI. MAGAZINE 1 .4 ' :xxx xxx xxx xxxxxfixxxxxx x xxxxxxxx xxxxxx x xxxxxxxxxxxxnxxxwxxx 3 xxxxxx? 4 35 , 4 HH? : if W fxpfyv 5 , I I Q3 3, : Q! Q W NOW :E iff f J I IMI ' X. 4 X KU vb ,il M 4 4 4 R A : XJ QQ : 4 ' GJ l.- i I I I I 4 4 ' I 5 I 4 4 4 4 4 4 5 I 4 4 5 I 5 I 4 4 5 5 4 5 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 , 4 , 4 : I y E I VI ' 5 ' f' f 5 g J g THE or EVERY 3 : Students Ambition who drcains of : : "doing things" is rralizod in collcgr : : ...Too few soc those' drfams como : true. . . but you fanl M : 4 : PHII l,II'S offers all tivo advantagrs of E : the large' university plus the person-V ' : ality building cxpcrirnccs found only f : .IM : in a smallcr sfbool-f--small classcs, inf f M YP 0, A : I E dividual instruction, personalized M If ' 5, L! I Mi : guidancr, many activities, social life - X X X : : centered in our new Union Building I 5 Ak. VJ I 5' :Aff : -something you like to do every I I k ML! ,II A : I I : minute. Investigate the opportunitirs " VF 1 vb ,fu : at your progressive university in Qfk Q., ff 1 I :J : Enid, FIRST. ' ' 4 : I W! J' , L X, K' E I 1 ' ' 1 of I AE W1 ' PHILLIPS UNIV RS TY ' ' f 5 fr 3,1 'W fa fl y h 4 . 1 E Fully Accredited by North Central Association,I I V! I, ,N A : , 4 ' "I M E EUGENE S.BRIGGS,President fs VV' 5 4' MII 5 V. 'V' I ' Q, - I 5 I ' I ENID, orKLAHoMA 'E . ff I E . I I . , V 5 NA-15 I f 5 I It L 5 I ' 1 K ,ft Z5 UIIJ 1, XII mr , I .5-f R X ' ,J 'V O E I-I S 5 3 ------.-------..----------------- .-----.--.-...-- .4.---.,.--- - .. - .U-.Q:..., it - : tb My MH 5 0 Constructive is M if il. drshipm. - X -fc ea B M435 A 'A' F or many years the Enid Chamber of Commerce has provided the constructive leadership in projects that have as their im a bigger and hetter Enid. id Chamber of Commerce -----. x-Fzh-.------. ' ----..----..-------..-----...--..---..-...-. -Qi 4 T X-.----,g 7 'i.-Q.Ig'g ..... Il .QQ ...... A Q .... 14.4.3 , i x9.Q,u:9iM'1iU'- E ' i ' Xkmw' YQ, ' ' GE M GN KAY ,ns mils W1 Pgtend and follower of Enid High Sch Q activities . . . EXW, E my ,ap ' E X 1 ,rii' ' 5' Made the Photographs for Enid High's j E I E 9 Q fx X first Annual and last Magazine. W NJQWUC J 1910-1940 fi it , ,,itjfrf?t'M, GENE MccoNKAY Ur' E ' North side square ,fff Cf fgxxxtttittixt THE QUILL IVIAGAZIN 1 111 2 .3 WE CAN'T PUT ALL OUR EGGS ONE BASKET! Gas supplies are fickle-and to furnish you with unfailing, dependable service, we can't rely on gas supplied from just ONE Held or even one section of the Statcwvit takes hundreds of wells in many fields. And tlmfs not all-it takes thousands of miles of Pipe lines and the work of 900 people to give you the good GAS service you deserve. THERE'S MORE BEHIND YOUR GAS FLAME THAN IUST A WELL OHLHHO I HTURQL 4, 6 X,-N L aj MW exciiing Portrait of yourself 'MQW lf W r I k HIM Q rom mm gufpn Enid's Mos: Modern Photographer 11111111111t1 1 111111 I' I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I C THE QUILL MAGAZINE ENID, OKLAHOMA Volume VII May, I940 'l'nI1l1.v1ml lrry ilu' Si YIOR C21 .Iss or Exm IIIGII Sctuooi, Enid, CBIRIZIIIOIIILI lfIl7HIUtQI'!If7l7I'fl by CI-YI Mcifioxmx Jzwfnzuwl lfv Tin SOI"I'IIXYI'S'l'l.RN Iixfzmvixcs Co., ,-. , Tulsa, Oklahoma 'llmzlml by Tinf Iixin Ifx'l'Ntl's Prim Isinxc Co., Enicl, Oklahoma THE QUILL MAGAZINE STAFF Ifclitol ',,Y,V,,, .V ,,,,, ,,,,.,. ..,,,,,,,,,,,,. ,,,,, ,,,I,,,,,,, S zu n 1 Smith Scnior Editors ,,,, Euynohi Armstrong, Bctty Ruth Gihhs IIIIIIOI' Editor.. ,,,,,,,, ,,,,. . . .. ,,Mnry Margurct I-It-utlrick Sophomore Editor, , ,,,,,, , ,, ,,,,,, Carolyn Hobbs Ea-ntlirc' VV'ritcrs ,,,,,,,, It-nnic Ann Bt-Il, EIizaIx-th Eishcr, Olivo Virginia Iaync, Inna IXIof rahnn, Shcrwood Nt-Ison, Bcatricc Stoalnhargcr, Hnrolcl Taft, EcI'- wurcI VIIQ-st Sports, V,V.,,, ., , . .Kvnncth Cohlmia, I-Im-ry Ealrt-r, Ir. Clnhsn ,,,,,,, Doris Donna' DiIIon, Icannc Mario HL'I'l'I2111 Artists ,,,.,,,, ,,,,,,, PIlOtOgI'1'IPIIC1' ,,,,, , ,, Pmnsint-ss INfI1IlIllgC1',, Advcrtising INI11n:1gcr Advrrtising StaII, , . V-IAVPISYS ,,,,, , ,,,, , Sponsors ,I.,,, ,I.orrainc I-IoocI, Dorothy Smith , , l,,l,l,lDick Knox , ,,,,.. Iohn Vitcr, Ir, ., W ,,,,,, . ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Terry TriITct ,, ,,I.cINI:n1ris Butler, Lucy Ann Oarhcr, Boh Schuftoth ,Lois Simpson, VVinifrccI Smith, Elizgiht-tli Zinscr , ,,,,, Kathryn I5oIon, Ruth Scott Q'f11sLEo1fC0N7'E TS Pllgt' ADMINISTRATION Sum Srmllm, , , .V 6 MR. VVAI.I.IiR, IVIR. SELIIY Trrry 'I'rifli't,,,. ,,,, ,J H 7 CALEIXIDAR FOR I939fI94III l,U7'fdl1'It' Nrmrl, Iutiflllby Smillf, ,, 8,9 EACIILTY Olwf' Vzrgznm laymf , W . III. ll EAMOUS PEOPLE' ILIIIZIIIPFIIY Zmwr 1 .. .. 12 EOOTBALL I.ETTERMEN,,, , , ,Mlm 4 ,,,, L, , ,,,.,I?4, PICSKIN PARADE Ix'r'nm'll1 Cfulflrgzia, llnrruy lfaltwf, lr .,.. . ., V, '.f'I6 DIVERSIEIED ACTIVITII3S'fl?i'at.riiif SfUdmllII7AQt'7' ,,,,., , I9 "II-IE CAT AND TI-IE CANIARYH -lflitalurtlr I"nlu'r,, .5 ,, 22 VVE - THE STUDENTS fd7l1'j.IIl0Hll1fll:I,. ,,,, lm, ,, ., 23 VVHO'S XVI IO IN E, I-I. S.. ,, ,, H H ., .,,,,, Mn, ms, H24, 25 MUSIC HATI-I CHARIYIIS SAM Swlitlw, l:'u'iu11r2l IWJI. ,,,, 26, 27 BASKETBALL I,ET'.I?!M1iN,,, ..,, ,,,, , ,Y ,.,.,,,, , ,, , H .,,.. 28, 29 AN OUTSTANDI f YEAR IN BASKETBALI.---Harry lfultwr, lr.,,. , , 30 'ITAKE MY ADVICEU ,Vary ,I'1urgnVut llmfln: le, ,,., ,,.. ..,,,,., . , ,, 31 A SENIOR REIfI.EC1'I'S 1'IdIl7'1IllII 1I7'YYi5Zf!17ZAQ ,,.,, ...,,,, . . H 33 SENIORS OIT I940 lfaywolu flrmxtronlq, llr'lIy Ruth Gibbs, 34 OPENING EOR ASSEMISLYWI ,.., mi, ,.,,, ,. W., ,, 44 A PRESIDENTIAI. ASPIRANT SPEAKS D14 l' Ifrmx 'IYOU AND I"- Ilnrolby .S'rf11tlJ..I,f , , , I, MAY QUEEN AND ATTENDANTS ,,,, 1 RIP VAN WINKLE Czzrrflnyn Hulllfs, , IIIGII SCHOOL HARMONY- Oliw Ilirxgznui laymn THE ART OE SPEECH- Taffy Triffvl, . ,, PROBLEMS IN PUBLISIIING--13011 Silrafqptlr, . ., W v ORGANIZATIONS OE ENID HIGH SCHOOL.. .. AIVIERICAN EDUCATION VVEEK Luiy Ann flarlwr, IUNIOR PROCESSIONAL' llary ,'I'Iar:gf1ruz llwlflrjlikm ,, .. INTRAMURAI. CIIAMPS ll'Fl7'lIvl' Arm liifll, IKTFYIVIUIIV ffulrlmla, SOPIIOMORE SYMPHONY Carolyn Hnlzlu, , ,, 45 It , 47 ,,,48, 49 56 SI 52 .. ,,,. 53 54, 55 , 56 59 . ,,,, 660, 61 65 TIIE I'LAINSMIiN CLUB IOURNAI. Dons Drunr' Dillon, Irannf fI'lur1r Hrrrmn 64 TRACK LETTERMENH ,, .. ., , , ,, ,, TRACK SlH'T'll'UOI1' A'z'l.wW1, "I-'ORF' Harry l'Illlfl'7', lr., SIIUNT I5I'SII Hzlrolzl 'liafl ,, , ,, , U66, 67 , , 68 ,, 70 76 SMI SXIITII, Editor Ionx x".X'l'luR, Ii-.fliminvss Lllfzrzagvr Tllluzr Tienlfi-'l',,f1fluvrtising U'Vlanagrr 6 P c.-... a'a .1'a 3 ' I iam E Lowenliaupfs Since 1909 fi-5 The oulslanding store lhai caters io ' The Woman ' The Miss- 9' 71 ' The Man- N if THE Quut MAGAZINE BOARD OF EDUCATION Reading around the table: V. C. Duckett, Superintendent of Buildings and Groundsg Martin H. Miller, Memberg Robert li Barnes, Memberg B, H. VVilson, Member, L. P. Corev, Vice-Presidentg H. F. Don- nelley, Presidentg Charles Ethington, Clerkg E. H, Shockley, Memberq Cuy A. Stephenson, Member, DeWitt Waller. Superintendent of Schools, C. G. Danford, Treasurerg F. Curran, Attorney. Not pictured is R, F. Carroll, Auditor. ' The important re- sponsibility a n d policy for the con- duct of the Enid Public Schools fall upon the Board of HUMIlllASAlMIlT+iIlIHN De Witt Waller, Superintendent of Schools 5 Charles Ethington, Clerkg V, C. Ducltett, ' The Young Man Superintendent of Education which is composed of busy laymen heavily involved in their own business yet willing to assume the eivic responsibility of serving in this signal capacity without pay. VVhen one looks over the organization and sees the assignments of the Board members which are necessary to conduct properly the business of such a large system, one is in- clined to wonder if it does not require all of their time, Members of the Board of Education, chair- Buildings and Groundsg C. G. Danford, Treasurerg F. Curran, Attorney for the Boardg and R. F. Carroll, Auditor. Business is the keynote of the Board of Education. All supplies and equipment are purchased on a competitive bid basis, there- by assuring the best merchandise at the lowest cost possible. This method of pur- chasing has saved a considerable amount of the yearly supply costs. The regular meetings of the Board of VW have served the family for many years . . . why not YOU? men and members of the committees as well Education, which are held on the first Mon- as their duties include: H. F. Donnelley, day of each month, as well as all called meet- 'ii Lowenhaupfs Pll0I1C 203 North Side Enid, Oklahoma re-- :Tied President: L. P. Corey, Vice-President and Chairman of the Insurance Committee, Mait- tin H. Millei', Member' and Chairman of the Custodians' Committeeg Robert F. Barnes, Member and Chairman of the Teachers' Committeeg B. H. Wilsoii, lVIember and Chairman of the Finance Committeeg E. H, Shocltley, Member and Chairman of the Purchasing Committeeg and Guy A. Steph- enson, Menibei' and Chairman of the Build- ings and Grounds Committee. The members of the administrative staff whose duty it is to put into effect and take care of the details of important business are: ings, are open to the public. The buildings and grounds of the Enid schools, from a sanitation and main enance standpoint, rank among the best in the na- tion. From the standpoint of safety from fire, they are excelled by none. ln the last seven years the hte and windstorm insurance rates have decreased sixty-three per cent due to various improvemen's and voluntary re- ductions in rates, The Board and adminis- trative staff are constantly alert studying ways and means of improving the buildings to make them safer and at the same time fffontinned on page 68j ,mf A ..- , .',.u-v, .- MR. WALLER 'llm' lull, I1IIIt'l mlm :will tln' :z'1f1,xuw11' xmllf' lim' :wll flu Ytlll limit' lmn llnzu wrll rlnrs lu' lfilwu' yon? Ylmlfizla zlmlrrxlaml lm fllllfl :ulvy 'Ilrwy kzmu' Ilmt lwff a mlm tu ln ,fl .v'nmrunr Zlfllll anllmmy Wlmlv tlnfy .wlflum ,wr lun tl .YIl7nl'l7fl!' 1l'llf7 Iflllllll llkl' fl jmfml tu mwz'-ymrr. fl ,aan :L-lm .xlmnlfl lu' a21.wLwrw1l :wily " fl man wlm fwlj an zrzfmwt In worry lmy and girl. 'Ilmn-qll flu' stlfzlwzlts fwl lux 1 Am' tn ln' 177131711 t', lI'x flu' fmlrltv Lulm Lfufzl' lrlrn. Tlwy nmlrrxtaml lmzz' luml ln trna lu lnf a lflfilll mill fmt lln " lSm.v",' ' mlfnfrnl Tlfrv I-'mu' lui' fm! a "man" lfrmultlr It My Sn, all flllrtllr Qunrrlffx, all llw jnyt nj any lzfr' arf lux. 'l'l1wV lnlrlrrstailpl lux :twirl fl'lly,' Tlwy lwmv ln' 11 ll man tlrpfmlulflw and gmt. lim lmmf' If a rf-al lmmr, xl fjlllr'l, lomfmlalllr, luzy lumix I lm bmi with pun' llt'L'UIl1V71, llly zwff' 1x an lillllllgfill, Wim mabfgv lm pmlflwm lwr llu llulflnfn an lux jmlj. flll flu' 1i71p1.vl111r,u aml ,nys Of rwruv -girl zmf zlnvrx. lf you lnlfld Sn' IIIHY ,wlllrzl ln ra fluur l1e.vln'4' flu' fn.-', lrmlwr zwmmzz IVIM11 ilu' lUlVVlt'7A uvml 1: l7U1l'lli14f. RUIIIIVI-lf qnirlluv In lux fnrazly l'rrlmpJ -ymfzl lwl zlmz -vm: If you lnnlzl lmgv uma!-lwrzl Slnzwlv, lllllffl-V tlrrnagglv tlw fl man nf lat! and lrrlmlplr l1'lm lwrzl lUlJ!Il ln' l1f'll1'L'z'4l, If yan mzrlzl ,vw lm' flwp mn Ifnr all llrafx llqflltl' ll:-gh, Wu zwuzlrl knoll' that lub 'yn billlll' lrlm lfwftrr lmn llmllung npzwml wan, -rm 11Vf7'!t'Htl' pl 'Afrn'nd" zz-lm pun 'vnu lznr, Tl R Ri dg-ffafbx ' ' ' 'M . f R. S Q f Tlux slzmly man uvll In' Q11 drn .vrvulr - P, Huw uwll do you I' bu' him Hou' uwll dur: lu' lenfzu: 510115 4 ' 7'- Sflll,l'VllX just llkglil In knou' and zfrlrlrrxtrlmi Mm, 24, To tlrwm lvfs firm 11 mmf'tlJing strung - fl ,Hlwlfllllllg fillrzl with gmt! adww, uk fl man uvlmsr jul: .WlWl1'llfl1t'5 drmazlrlx s ffnmmamlx In no Jn'nf'rta1r1 tnmxv. Hr lzluzv Aqrvml fun lrlr lu1Ywmf',' flml If you twat lum right Hrfll :ln Ihr mmf' for Van. Tbry lvmu' Tlmt evrry boy aml girl Ill ,vm html lx mon' than just a namr lo lurn. Tlwy lennuf, for all ilu' firmnrm, tlJf'rw'.v a lZUlIlklt' 111 lux rye-W That lu' lm.vr1't quill' for-qullrn what If fx In br a buy,- flml tln'-V Lnuzv l14'll llgllt ilu' lranlrjl For tln' guy 1lmt'.v flown and ont. If you lnnlzl .wr wltlrm l'15 lazy lmrm' And wan ly a lfttlr lm-V Ing lzix 'ears flmz' pllliflll lux rllu and xlmnt, Ufllclrlzlp, ol' lmrvrn 1'l'l11lr a lzttlr Vgzrl tlclllnrti lvapplly around tbrrn flml lm :mfr ,fmllw zizizwtly from bn llmzr, If you urlzlrl stand Ill lrly lfmlevvard ,mnzr aftnfmwml .flml mmlr lllffl wllllr, will: ll lmyulj grin, Hr Irmlrrlvy takraf from lux flat blurb ra. a mpr, And zvanl: bzm smile' as ln' .rtarlx zt xpinnfng, nlml lrmr lrzm .vlmnt u'l1r11 lu' wurlav n rmtk, If you fflllllll sn' Iln' grarlx Ilmt .vlazllw bi.: brlnzl flml tlulnl' him lm' zlw Ilmrs ln' srl lux zffzb flml lllnbnl tbnr zva,yzuarzlm'.vs in nlmul, If you muld le11mu bww bard bf' trim To do u'lJat'.v lux! for rw'rvnm', l'rrl1ap,s yuzfzl zri'1rlrr.s1aml llzm lzrrfrr. Ht' hay ff-flings and a lznnt Inst the .fame ax surr'vom',' Half not juxt a something with a vuzre To tell you what to do. He has a home and a family And be dreams of things that dorft come trtxf. He's just a man-lzke your own dad, Never too busy ta be your friend, TERRY Tmrrrr, THE Quin. MAGAZINE E H l i N Il H H ' By LORRAINE HOOD and DOROTHY SMITH , , '1 September W Q . I 7 f-" Iunior and Senior enrollment. ' K I 8 --Sophomore enrollment. v, wa' ll -First day of school assignments. ' ' -.ix ,I I5 -First appearance of band at Champlin stadium during the " W .fi ' Cherokee Strim Celebration .with Ierry Hart elected Band . 'U Kari Queen. i if ,, S l94Football season tickets on sale. ' ?'f3'2','x- 'F' 22-Football season opening game here, Enid 35, Cherckee 0. . ' ' -L if - fa 25---Hi-Y. W. holds initial meeting. ' "'-...M 7' jf 'Aja Plainsmen Players make radio debut. . " 5 . 1' ,,, 26--Biology Taxidermy Research Clnb organizes. if X I, N - i 29--'Football game, here, Enid 27, Chickasha 2. 2, , , 5,24 .f " X October .5 . .- A 2--Hi-Y.W. Niembership Tea. A 4 ' 3 ---Luther Burbank Iflower and Garden Club elects oilicers. fi i ' -- . 4 --Bravettes organize. N . ' 5--B-Team football game, here, Enid 6, Blackwell 0. 6 --Delta Theta Club organizes. Football game, there, Enid 7, Central O. C. 20, Band makes trip, l0 -Spanish Club elects officers. I Mixed pep club, the VVarriors, organized. . ' l2--"B" Team football game, there, Garber 27, Enid 7. l3fFootball game, here, Enid 13, Northeast O. C. 6. A Q Student Council Convention at Ponca City. x3 V v I4-District Science Meet, here. ' Y I9--"B" Team Football game, there, Enid 6. Goltry 0, in A... -,6 K,- A 20-Football game, here, Enid 6, Perry 6, fe -, f A. -B --" 'f . 21 -Annual fall lnterscholastic Press Association Conference at pp, V University of Oklahoma. b I ' ' ik 24fNew Archery Club organized. ' , 'f- A 25---Orchestra elects oflicers. . , '. H 26 --"B" Team football game, here, Enid 13. Deer Creek l3. ,pw ' Alain ie., 3 Twentieth annual meeting of Northern Education Asso- ' "5 -" f ciation, here. f i lf. 27 -Orchestra presents program for teachers' meet. 1, lk Bravette pep assembly. 3, . Football game, here, Christine Lambert crowned queen, Enid 26, Ponca City 0. 1' 1 November f- 3---"B" Team football game, here, Enid 33, Pond Creek 0. , tg 5 Football game, here, Enid l9, Blackwell 0. f f ' 4- -Oklahoma Senior Academy of Science state meeting, Noi'- ,p man, Oklahoma. A , 5 ---National Education Week, theme, "Education for the ' 3 American Wav of Life." - 7-All-School production, The Cat and the Canary. Q E 9 -"B" Team football game, there, Enid 0, Ponca City 0. - Open House. . Q 1 10-l.etterman's Day assembly in charge of Bravettes. ' 11 Football game in honor of Letterman's Day, here, Enid 52, Kingfisher O. 'V' -1 ' ll-Traditional Hi-Y. W. Grandmothefs Party. 7 1 I6 --"B" Team football game, there, Enid l2, Blackwell 12, ' 'W l7-- -Phillips University invitational debate tournament. 32-Bud Waite, radio man with Byrd expedition at Little Amer- ' ica, appeared in assembly program, ' ' ' 24 -Football game, there, Enid 0, Pawhnska 13, 1 , I I lnstitute for Debaters held at Universitv of Oklahoma. A I -f 30 --First aimnal Band Day held in honor of former E. H.S. I ' Z , ' bandsmen. . , 4. , Turkey Day game closes football season here, Enid 39, -' , . .z f l Guthrie 0. Qj5,,f,y , , , ,gf xii, , , December ii ,E 4 if l 7--Glenn Cunningham appears in assembly. I 'QM 8-Iumor play, Take M y Advice. A,.'t , ni gga .,,. In 5 9fGirl Reserve Conference held here. ,if E fav . A , Speech tournament at Shawnee, Oklahoma. M f g fsg. ".,. " if . Band appears in Santa Claus parade. fe' ' ll--Annual Hi-Y. W. quilting party. i L. .4 swf - -eb . y Q .,, it , wi 1' .. 'L .V F. J -,js . up 1 H A e 1' , . if 1 - P i ,tm we f an I iz W . 4 l v 'g .. e , ,5, w, 1 . ,L ,J ,,A, Pu., s I - .. ,W . Q ' ' . 1- ' -1. ' wa V 1 i. .WMV ,nw ,Ju 'V I. if ,, 1' f g . fw23a4f w 'ii2i.iif5', .wt .4 '13 is 2' i:i1iw2e1,' amfzfs, lk - , ...f..1J.+. W. ,.ir:.,w vqifm 'f A . ,L Vfagdai ,yJa,yr g,e ENID HIGH SCHOOL 12-Rubinoff and his violin appeared in assembly and concert. Basketball season opens, here, Enid 43, Cherokee 20. 15-Basketball game, here, Enid 37, Nor- man 25. 19-Basketball game, here, Enid 37, Paw- huska 21. 22-Hi-Y. W. presents Christmas assem- bly program, h Vw , W., i .w 1 i. Ag, an l g F '13 ' ' 'Wh al L . tg xl ng: i ' . .Qi ll fo 4' I 'tw ss ,ai 'ii i g :H .. 7,1 ' " 1-,I ' ig 'Q Q 3,154-v " ' AQ X F! . -' eye- ,NE pg .5 . - 9 4? ., 1 Y 211 1 X v n,,,f xi A if s- 1 , E , 3 ' fi N . f 2 l -, .wax-H. . K 's v i vain. g 3" mst.-L 9, I4- 15- 16- 23f School dismissed for Christmas and New Year's vaca- tions. 26-A. B. C. basketball tournament here. 3OABaskbetball game, here, Enid 25, Dallas, Texas 22. lanuary 9-Mav Queen and attendants elected. Basketball game, there, Enid 36, Classen 29. ll-Stunt Fest, Dorothv Bank crowned Queen by Estell Edwards, Herald. I 19!Basketball game, there, Enid 26, Central O. C. 27. 26-Basketball game, there, Enid 22, Ponca City 21. Debate tournament at Tonkawa. 29-Trade and Industrial Club holds election of officers. February 2--Basketball game there, Enid 23, El Reno 22. Classen O. C. debate tournament. Mother-Daddy-Datighter Hi-Y. W. party. Basketball game, here, Enid 24, El Reno 32. 12-Regular track practice season opens. 13-Senator Styles Bridges, New Hampshire, speaks in assembly. Delta Theta elects new ofhcers. School dismissed for Oklahoma Education Association convention at Oklahoma City. Basketball game, here, Enid 30, Classen 19. Typing expert, Barney Stapert, world's champion, gives demonstration in assembly. Basketball game, here, Enid 39, Ponca City 29. Enid wins Northern Conference and Northern Six. 26-Dale Carnegie lectures at student matinee. March 5-Band and orchestra concert, Symphony, Song, and Swing. I2-Boys' and girls' glee club concert and Minstrel Show. 15-American Legion original oratory contest. 16-Intra-class track meet held, Sam Regier, Senior, won track trophy. 19-Student Council cup awarded to Bravcttes pep club. 22-Passion Play. Easter vacation. 26ADual track meet, here, Enid 60, O. C. Central 65. 27--Leadership Banquet. 31-WKY band broadcast. April 2-Senior play, You and I. 4--District band and orchestra contest at Alva. 6!Tishomingo Track Meet, Enid won. Animal 4-H Club Roundup. 8-All-school band and orchestra concert. I2-Election of 1941 student body ofiicers. l34Northern state track meet. l4-Science and Engineering Fair at New York City, Biology Taxidermy exhibit submitted. -H. Drane Lester, C-man, speaks in assembly. l7-Tri-State Band Festival here. 19-School dismissed at noon for Tri-State Band Festival, 2044-Northern Conference track meet at Stillwater. 24-Skip Day. State band and orchestra contest at Norman. 26-State track meet at the University of Oklahoma. +011 to Washington educational film. May fState track relays at Oklahoma A. and M. College. -Election of l94O-l94l Hi-Y. W. officers. -Northern Six track conference. 13-Installation of new Hi-Y. W. officers. --Award assembly. -May Fete. Class Day. 4Reunion of Class of 1930. -Baccalaurate Services at Baptist Church. -Iunior-Senior Reception. 30-Commencement exercises. 9 Heariiesi Congraiulaiions from the Boys at the S 6' Q Clothiers .Z 'I ' 91,5 x B lllllilll fl 43 F i s I Alva 3 M '-f i i 1 1 i l TWOSOME TWEED C YORKESHIRE SUITS O EAGLE SUITS 0 KUPPENHEIMER CLOTHES O KNOX HATS O ARROW SHIRTS O COOPERS UNDERWEAR O FREEMAN SHOES O S 5' Q Clothiers 25TH ANNIVERSARY YEAR North Side Square--ENID 6 'a . .. ff- yell - A ag Q V , Nw i 'Lu 1,1 gy ,. .. ,EQ :. M! UW1 410, X Y X . '. nh- if ,,:. 'K 'Q' 2 cf ., Sw. I xx' K X ,J-, fxxk ,, I, XX M- 351 VSSE? - . 355, 'FZ fe! W 'gs' is 1 gigiral L xi- ,lv 121, if if fa F2552 K in ,SSE Q. ' f '- K Fw lx, A .A ,gh X Yagi 3 1 Q ' , . va R 5,2 wifi N i I x Eg ,iff I ,.. X - , WA ? L ,W-.,,,,,,, new iw ffl "4 W 0, S , 'Q ' ilk . 1 L' is K 5 3 X Q Q 1 , , M '- ' nf". ww A ' ' y if Q if ' 1, ' Q s M 7, v H Q x a . , 'Z ' ,. V m t Q :Q 5 I l A 512 K -- 1 . , . I -iffE 1fI Q , N gf W HQIQE: M X g ,. M if 4 . WM -ff i -af A- E I E2 5 iv 'f ,A ,h. Q , . 5 3 :I M y 1 , , : k, .a is 5 , , . A . Ms -. N A 1 ' QQ' 1- F--rw if ' ' L 1 ' , f Q if ?' xi Q .1 Sfiii, iii 1,' ' Q , ' ,Ii Vx I VV MffMmff'swf2f , I .a.. A ff P JL 1 ' 11 f 43' 5 bf J Wg ' yf, Q, s V 15 .A H 2 g 5 5 - A , X V, E a: , me , AQ' .2 X,-, , B k A 3, . 1 X,A,. Q V ' x Y L. , ' k'LA' K Qt?-.Q V Q, A 1 Z 'ku hw , I 4- V ,ff K ' -f wr A 9' . ' f' 4 - f 1 X53 . 1-, 1. , 'L f ' '54-53? 55 ' TF m ' wiv + - Wa wi, A fm .b ,, I f A A Q J ' Q 3 , xr: ,,.- V nf' , V, V X . I ' wi f " I If ' ' E' X s ' il 4 ,, 1 f 35 S V ,, x i D Y . 'H w D ' Q N , b A A' X ,. W , 12 Congratulations! thel94O SENICRS M alze Newmanfs CC O C t -e 3' 0 Q D.. -Q C Q 2. C0 -4 M while ' selecting your prom outfits! Because you know we have the ribs sf Clothes you like. We yOU feel inlpoft' ant-in new fashions-at im- portant low prices. Your friends will beam openly at your wisa'om.! l a it ...au i T1-nail. MAGAZINE V When a long, a short, and a long bell re- sounds through the hallways, with everyone rushing for the doors, it can mean one of many things. It may be possible that a fire drill, but it isnlt. It is an air raid alarm has been sounded, but where are the airplanes? There may be a cross in wires, and students are hearing a rural telephone ring. But it is none of these. The bell means but one thing-assembly. As soon as one Sophomore arrives in the balcony and an upperclassman seats himself below, the chants begin. "Sophies on the shelf!" roars the Iunior or Senior. "Rats in the cellar!" screams the Sopho- more. "Bats in the belfry!" is the retort. Then the others take up the cry. First off, the pep assemblies were in the spotlight. Husky football boys mounted the stage, blushed, blubbered, and then blushed some more, finally managing to eke out- Uh! Er! We're all agoin, to try our best to win. The yell leaders then took charge with a "VVho's goin' to win this game? We are. Letls go, E-n-u-d!" The student body answered with, "Loco- motive . . , let's go . . . E-n-i-d . . . E-n-i-d . . . E-n-i-d . , . Enid . . . ENID! . . . let's go Enid!" Rev. D. LaGrone, District Superintendent of the Methodist churches, spoke to the stu- dents on October 20. He related the similar- ities of life to a football game. The internationally known preacher and lecturer, Mrs. Victoria Booth Demarest, was the speaker in assembly on November 1. Her subject was centered on "Success". Later in the assembly Mrs. Demarest played Crusad- er's March which she composed. On November 10, the Bravettes presented Caualvade in honor of the Lettermen in Enid High School. Amory H. fBuclj Waite, Ir., spoke to the students about the thrilling adventures in Little America, on November 23. With him appeared "Ginger," a sled dog, which highly pleased the students. They quickly made friends with Ginger by feeding her cough drops. On December 7, Glenn Cunningham, the world's fastest miler, spoke on the topic: "Running Around the World". The internationally known violinist, com- poser, and conductor, Dave Rubinoif, played his Stradivarius in assembly on December l2. At the end of the program he presented the student body with four photographs of him- self, two of which were posed with Will Rogers and Iohn Phillip Sousa. The Christmas program on December 22 was sponsored and presented by the Hi-Y. W. A play, Dust of the Road, was featured. Various selections of Christmas music were played throughout the program by the orchestra. At the. closing the Christmas box parade was held. Dr. Sam Higginbottom spoke to the stu- dent body on Ianuary 24. Dr. Higginbot- tom is the moderator for the Presbyterian Church and a missionary to India's lower caste. On February 20, Barney Stapert, amateur typing expert, explained to the students how high speed may be obtained in typewriting. He also pointed out the faults of most be- ginning students. Senator Styles Bridges of New Hampshire, spoke in assembly on February 20, on the international situation. The Bravettes, on March 19, received the award given to the most enthusiastic pep club of the year. On March 29, Ed Dyer, of the Fine Arts Department of Phillips University, gave sev- eral vocal selections. Later, Rev, G. Edwin Osborn, pastor of the University Place Church, introduced Dr. Humbert, pastor of the Central Christian Church in Kansas City. He discussed the situation in Europe. On April 15 H. Drane Lester, instructor and ex-agent of the F.B.I,, explained the government crime detection bureau and gave a brief history of its operations. He also re- lated facts connected with some famous cases. An a capella choir from the Panhandle Agricultural College appeared in assembly on April 18. Then there were the award assemblies for the N. F. L., track, basketball, band, and orchestra. Class Day was held on May 24. At the end of each assembly Mr. Selby made the following announcement: "Pass to your second hour class". The students re- sponded with a long ugh--h-h-h-h-h! Then they languidly trudged to their next hour classes. , 51 H' X 1 mmgd Q 5"f if 5 5 P 'c,1w'1"" , s r 'sf 5 f' ng . KVI: nt fi Q I X I 0 UPPER ROW TOM MERIDETH, lunior, Guard HOMER PAINE, Sophomore, Tackle EUGENE MILLER, Senior, Guard CHRIS LAMBERT, Iunior, Tackle BOB HODGES, Senior, Halfback GLEN HASKINS, Senior, Halfback LEWIS RICHEY, Senior, Guard ROGER HOBART, Senior, Halfback HOLLY PEARCE, Iunior, End RICHARD BOEPPLE, Senior, Tackle HOWARD IOHNDROW, Senior, Guard DOUGLAS SPIERS, Senior, Tackle 4Captain+ OVALS: Otwa Autry, Perry McCoy, Leonard Mc I45 I55 I75 I90 I85 I7O Coy IIIIIIIHII 4f"N-I, 'K '-3" '! I Qi MI VI I ii, LOWER ROW WARREN CARNER, Senior, Tackle HAROLD HINTHER, Senior, End GILBERT OGDEN, Senior, Center CALVIN POINDEXTER, Senior, Fullback WORLEY LYNN, Senior, Guard ESTELL EDWARDS, junior, Center BUD MILLER, Senior, End 165 NORVEL PATTERSON, lunior, Fullback 170 HOBART OSBURN, Senior, Halfback 140 BERT MATTHEWS, Senior, Halfbnck 160 ELMER SIMMONS, junior, Halfback 135 IAMES TEBOW, Iunior, End 1 pax YE lgr si 1 1 1 '44 3 x r rg, 32,1 'vu -N-IGM, 'L V -4-95, ..j.L.,.Y n,.,"M 6.2 w. vm. .ww ' ' K rw Hz.: -043 'ns ' f-311230 -- , T., -MQ 1.'e Q35 'IW ., Cru ' 5 A "oo . 4' S 4 ' -Pnv ,. M. R V., , . , f ww. , V as . Q- 1 ,rf ,L rl 'S -an vi" E' I Q 'F inev- ,f h THE QUIL1. MAGAZINE f " is ll Yi iii' fi " 6 efww M I' K it ,U sync E ' ,. DEA J l 'xg' lf A' I ix X E 0 MIA and HARRY FALTER lr , l.et's remini e h e in day f 193 oinde er faded Enid's h es for a confer- l Yes, letip g ac hind l tl footb l ence title. V 4,1 Q headlincil t a e r ' the 'd Ilflorn' b'Enid Plainsmen Trounce Blackwell 19-0, , X News Skin e niwillil-li A chool ai s- Vwere the headlines after the Blackwell game, Ola, ' ri s aso f l Pl D' but they told only half the story. The Plains- gf G11 W' Pl :ns Vwlllo men resorted to razzk'-dazzle play in second half of the ame after the aroonsl il 1 P Compliments -n s y I A - . e s e s p C erokee Minn 3 ' Say, h asvreally a game evph if he core w wided, 0 Qu I i , K . hfd held the scoreless in the gdpening ' 0 y u sh ld h e seen t er atthews tanza. S thrilled t e ns with his e ibition of pass Aggge lettermeifwfnw witnessed e q,g,jtNCA-4 , ing and ri niggas he scored three cou ers gqlmsmen batter the hopeless Kingfi h0 e - J X for the ain en. lj owjackets Zalan a ga at szihxevery W "TNT TT-TT' l A we-ck lat the headlines eamed eligible on th' ept the wate ox l l Plainsmen Rom Chicks -yes, romp bryan acti n. The me read- F-,,.,- 1 they did. T e Plain men ahh helcy Plainsmen CushZdngfishe9L0f x X -Www Ywlig, scant 6-2 cad r rh tim, bg ithe Tluglingicdf the entire seasyas pack- second pe' d for d he P i s Mripping ed in ihis one he . if you're abso- f- past the Chickas even, a mg three mo c lutely sur you ward Po see hat it was, here , tallies to put the game on ic . car' it is: Plain ei Battle Tulsa t 0-0 Dead- N But a week later f the headlines lock. QE: Plains -n held ulsans to a . .V ,Vx an 3 whimpering these sad wxrg-Central Dek X aw in a- game tha w payed in a dgigz K X JL Q., feats Plainsmen 20-6. Unforttlnaw the that contmu9l'l'throughout t Plainsmen were slightly ovgxhdent and Nomina on for the gloomiest eadline of x LLMQ fell hard as the Cards blasted their way the yea lgoes to t ' V mer hich ap- Dx K through the Plains ensin no uncertain terms. peare heEoQi o 'miner -Qfxrefx Th Enid counter me on a 40 ard pass 25: sk s ack Enid Oar o cop Race KV, k A rom Ma ws to Simmons i t en 13- hi game cost the Plainsmen their J o air. firs N thern Conference Title as Paw- ' The follo streamer as omew t h a's Ted Brunt provided the main spark 'AA MA USE soothing iders it r -En t shattered the Plainsmen. " K X Plains e Delat No east I 6. Th ,F Contrary President Roosevelt's wishes 1- Plainsm crushed their sec d klahoma ' the Plains n played their Turkey Day Ol LS Cit o onen I y much er margi game on ov. 30, and what a ga it turned th the c e i i tes for En la out to b The Plainsmen ot only abused . l were get or , ge re eng y t e wis s of their Com nder-in-Chief but N got, ldi g the rse scorel s i th' al 0 t threats of the lthrie eleven as they Nl g m entg gf the me. sw' 'ped the Blueja s 39-0. Ooopsl We , i ter!! int Practice th Plains- Sf ot, the headline read: Plainsmen Drop C -T e t t 1' argon gam C14 rain Wizbi Vlcwry. ' Pack 'th Surprig C line whiclsxi' this it i1l'11C!' the Cllt'I'CnI football Statl0l1S EVel'yW follJv is lme rear: ar ons Banlfl season end X u with this headline: Rich- --5 - Plginyyywtg Q1 Tig, A l w ki Off frm-li ara' Boeppl Na 'ed On North All-Star I C Maroo ljgundzd Of Dqug wicfgix Team, th' ll-SIaL'lSClCCll0I1S had jllSI lJCgllh. chest andi 3 Perry d'5 waiting 5 on ,Calvin P dexter crashed the sub-heads 'N i the E id 4 d le to their rgt r , The l ith hi selectionais alternate to any back- Plain n dre bl a fewlm ts later, Y Rd ma who wchlldnt be able to play in andxthe game en in 3 6-6 deg l Ck, th N f th-South All-Star game in August. Q t t Q Enl 01153 game' gave t,N. vent to But fthe hC2Lllil'1C with the lJI'02ClESI smile lx ' the thrilling headlines of the Went something like this: Plainsmen Place year, Pl ' 5 Crush Ponca City Wildgagg Three On All-Conference Team. The three 5 l 6 15,6 Q5 6 . 26-0. The lainsmen romped all over the hapless W' dcats with Worley Lynn mxaking the most outstanding play of the game when he intercepted a Ponca pass and returned it 85 yards for a touchdown. The injury of Plainsmen who made the first team were Calvin Poindexter, Gilbert Ogden, and Douglas Spiers while Bob Hodges and "All- Staru Richard Boepple were content to take fContinued on page 57j 'hie' - iz, fin 1 mi" aw .,,3. N 4' V ,M RV 'f I X A ! A r S-L 4 Q S1 I ' ,H 4' ' 1' ll ' ' 1 gk h I W Ff, :Lf Q- F Y 'St I 4 .f 1 F?" ' 1- ,X 3 wa Q: Mix R aff' ir, r 5 4. ,M .f 8 Q M vuswons ---fwfp, ,,h,,,,,, I I DOWN WIRES 0 26 35? 40 il A P ' 1 A , 1 AQ .S Yr 4 ,-" ' Q-Pe' . '39, i its 9. Ya A O 43135 qi 'E 'A O movq , 1 ep-1-i--'W -7- Y .. Q 4 , My -.yf.-1-n-n-"Ha"--. -1 ENID HIGH SCHOOL 19 T x A By BEATRICE STOALABARGER Continued Succes One day I had a spare study hall so I de- cided to visit some of the classrooms dur- ing the hour. I realized that I couldn't see all the classrooms, but there were some sub- jects I had not been able to take, and I was curious to know what they were like. So- I started out "to see what I could see.'l I simply followed my nose-that, natur- ally, led me directly to the cooking room. There I heard that familiar sound of pots and pans. Everyone seemed to be extremely busy. I noticed a friend of mine rolling out some dough, so I walked over and asked what she was making. She explained that the class was making fancy dinner rolls. Dur- ing the year they plan breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and learn how to serve them cor- rectly. I wandered around to see the differ- ent kinds they were making. Some were making Parker I-louse rolls, others clover leaf rolls, and some were making butter horns, the kind Mrs. Vance had just demonstrated. The rolls wouldn't be done until noon, but they invited me back then to taste them- "It's a dateli' If the old saying, "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach," is still true, then these girls are starting in the right direction. I started around "AH floor and came upon the woodwork room. The sound of grinding wood came to my ears, Mr. Kirk asked a student to be my guide through the room. I saw cedar chests, whatnots, nutcrackers, bookends, tables, occasional chairs, lamps, and ever so many other articles the boys had made. They are permitted to make what- ever they please. Some boys like it so well they take it four years-one year without credit! What better word of recommenda- tion could it have. "Oh, to be a boy!" Soon I found myself in front of Mr. Seem's door. I decided I might as well go in and follow The Quill Weekly through its making. Mr. Seem was obliging and offered to show me the manner in which the Week- ly was made. Each boy is given an article to set up. They set it up, print it, and have it corrected. Reset it, print it, and correct it -this goes on indefinitely until it is believed to be absolutely perfect. It is then sent to Miss Scott to O.K. If there are corrections, again they go through this process-Result: The Quill Iflfeekly comes out on Thursday! If you have ever been around the printing room, you know it is complicated, but our printing shop does an excellent job, and I say "orchids to them." YVhy not go to the Quill ofhce now and see how these articles are written? When I drew near the Quill ofhce, I heard the hum-drum of voices and the clatter of typewriters. I walked in-everyone went right on with their business. One girl was typing a story for the Weekly Cand I heard that that is no snap jobj, another was writ- ing--her school news. Then I saw the Editor of the Weekly writing heads. What a busy life they must lead-writing feature stories, sports slants, news stories, editorials, and per- sonals. I noticed Miss Scott working indus- rriously at her desk. News is hung on hooks labeled "School Newsf' "News," "Feature," and "Editorials," in order to speed up pro- duction. I wandered on around B floor hall until I came to a door marked "Library." That sounded vaguely familiar, so I walked in. Ah, yes, I remember now-this is where I checked out such things as Iessup, Pattee, and Metcalf. I like the way they have the book shelves around the walls this year in- stead of behind the desk. Miss Morrow has always wanted it that way. Our library has everything from Gone with the Wind to A History of Rome, and the librarians are always helpful in assisting one to find books and articles. I noticed the magazine shelves too -containing such magazines as Time, Popu- lar Science, and Hague. Oh well! "Variety is the spice of life." In that case the library is plenty spicy. Another new idea is the one- way traffic--in the east door and out the west. Then I noticed the bulletin board which displayed some clever posters from our art department. In the art room I was confronted with various sorts of pictures and designs. Miss Bales, the art teacher, told me they were making monocromatic surface designs. In simple language-designs of only one color, They make seven original designs of this sort. Some who had already Hnished these were beginning to work on posters. You no doubt noticed at different times the posters around the hall advertising Take My Ad- uiee, the Iunior Play, the Stunt Fest, and various other school activities. These are fContinued on page 56j to Graduate-:s i E . Youngbl d .QE Q AIR CONDITIQNED 5 Guest Rooms, Coffee' Shop, Banquet Rooms A55 Headquarters for all School A cliviiies TOMMY N. ELMS, Cflflamzger Im, H c, i-ga - ummmmmu Q vt' ff? x 5 Y, kv X Al Q -la: ' 9 'al , Q. , 4' xi ,-f f A X lx 1 - ,1'r4L-rf: sfgliil? 'ffw 151-X7 2 1 l2 ! xnefwa w,...-f-' NX QA -" ' A ,mi .Fw x ., ff .gm-glxj dm .k yfffiggegw , ,xi Wa." ,mg n 1. i f-7' ,ami 3 " V if Y' M L. r, QQ Pk' o 'Nu Q 7 ws, xf 0 A ., Q ,- V ,, I 45,1 sm., ' .-. ,ffjdll . I mba 7- Hn ."" UA f . . ,:4,,w , ..: ,l vgw 44, - . A L , "' 'Q' 'gk' f""Y MW' M 4'-P: 'Q'-a ' fs.,-A " Y 1 - f x v 'I .,., W" 5 ,V A J I - Ls W 7 f L., f fig s: A ' A m 4 .V f 2v . 1 ,,h,Y ef m 2 , L' www' A 4 .,..-.--w ff , 'x w s A . sk , :'fvfvpH?v A -snuQ . :ff "T k N' ' ' f fg W Q ' " 5 '? ' V. Q 5 6335 Q , , Q. '3 F is x, Iii.. -v we-ve-wif W, 1 , . w,M.Q,lg?,'21: if: 5 1 ' - 1 Q' Y? M., , I ' 1 2, .5 J M iff' ' V' ,fur 1.1. IE ,Vg-wr"""'V gk. X wie W 3 . -N N X.-N LY -X . A, 13,6 s I .r 9 w,q-ap xx, 'H 11. ,f , -.swm :W f X1-9 .Q I A 1 - il f ' ! A 'iii 5 ff 3 "mm f ,J .kxldglzigg- 5tu..A' 'V .mimmi Congratulations Seniors! You have earned the honor of being a Sen- ior, and now comes the big test . . . that of lac- mgauwhdAmmkm1 citizen . . ir Remember . . IT PAYS TC SHOP at PENNEY'S We have grown from one store to 1,547 in 37 years through appli- cation of sound, hon- est principles and the 4 i thorough training of young Americans. , - l Penney's celebrate their 22nd year in Enid this year. . . I94O 106-8 West Randolph, Enid, Okla. 1 l THE Quui. MAGAZINE 'iii ini iii EHNHHYH By ELIZABETH FISHER 4 Y . 1 ' As the curtalnsf eloserl,on qhe last scene of The Cat anditbe Canary, the audience breathed a sigh of"relief.'flRelief that the I1IOllS!iXl7ll8Tl finally been captured. This' three-ack mystery plawlwas presented by the speecli rlepztftnietst under' the direction of lvlfifss I-label I-latch., ' A , The story denters lllitllllldh the will of Cyrus Camby We-st. 'West,lv0Pcxi't" Ile died Com- l manded',that. his twill be rear twenty years' fromf' the night qf 'his dcarlm., on the np- poiiited hight Ii:l'0SI3y:5'iZl1C family, lawyer, summons tlwe'six living relatives to Glenn- clifie Manor.lSoon after they have arrivved. Miss l-u receives a yvarniizg from the spirit world that someone in tlfe' house Ili1llSE die, Upon the reading of the will the fortune falls to Annabelle Vfest, the only' living relative bearing the surname Vlfcpt. Disap- pointed over the fortune but still intqrested in the three young men present areifficily Young and Susan Silsby. The three young men, Charley VViltler, Harry Blythe, and Dr. Paul Iones. are not interested in Susan and Cicily but are all in love with Annabelle. Annabelle, who was in love with Wilcler, assures him that her feeling for him is gone. Enraged, he breaks into the safe and reads the will, only to find that Annabelle is the sole heir. A clause in the will, hdvvever, provides thatif the. Hrst heii' shall be proved insane, the fortune will pass tblthe person named in the second envelope, WilcIe'i'. He determines to frighten Annabelle into insaniliy. He invents a story of air' escaped manidlc from a nearby insane asylum. Wilder bribes a guard at the asylum, Hendricks,fto assist him inxhis plank Crosby sgnrnbles upon a clue to the situa- tion and endeavors to warn Ainxiabelle, but suddenly,disappears, into thc' thin air. No trace'-'of him is found until his body falls from a seciivt passage-wary. '- Anndlfelle begins to wcakbn when a hand with long claws reaches out and snatches a valuable necklace from her neck that night, and Doctor Parxerscyi is called in to examine he '. , .1 , glythe and Paul lones 'set out! to ,trap the niurdertfr. Wlilder anxd Hendricks are caught in the act just as the foifmer is preparing to murder Annabelle. . ' ' The stofy ends happily for Iones ,and AnnabellgtgH,'t.l1ey discover they are In love. The cast was choked from the Sophomore,- lunior, and Soiziorhgclasses. Terry rTriHet played the part of 'Crosby in a sympathetic and whqlafhearted manner. Carolyn Hobbs, as Miss' Lu, added suspense to the eerie scenes by communing with the spirits, As Annabelle West, Lynette Bird chal- fcontinuea' on page 75j 8 I li'Ylll Hllill Sciiimi, , l l 7 N141 f if 1 11, ' li l ing ? Elm limxii Gym ,Al l l is S I . N lk 'T'-H1 1 l Lx. I , 1 ' F lifill 1 F 1" ' 1 1' 1' 574 l 1 eq 'll 1 l 1 5SLw,fxl1 X , i ' ' ' 'M So 0 ' .I x S'l'l'DlfN'li CIOIVNCII, ,f I 71ml 'lfnzla' ll41ski11. lia1r1u'1', lluiul. lfurl Smith, l:Vl'I'ill. lIl1ap111-ll, l'1-nru-, Milli-1'. l311rl111111, l511g1'1't, Txluuf i pin. 5L'llIll'lLlL'I'. lIllL'l. l11l11ulm11', 'li11111l111so11. l.2lIIlllL'l'l. Sr11n1u"lf11L1'.' XN'cul1cr, l.i1ul1'll, NYr111l1rrl1', Niclumlas, llllllillfll. llcaulruk, Dillon. fllllllll, xvllllflll, Similar ' lmnrgrr, lilmpil, llmiuwlxillos. lvlcn-1IiIl1, llirxt. l.11u'l141w, llllk'liL'Il. l'l1yllix Smith, BIJIIEC, qlfllj thc, !7Il!l!ijl,C7.A. Nlyui Suiut. XvAlIILll'YL'l'. Niznl 4l1'11:1'.' Suliailirulll, 131110. lvluurc, linll, li1lw111'1ls, RL'giL'1', liilwgirils f51m11s111l. 'l'1'1ll1'l, Hriggx, lyllllll Nrlmii. 5.1111 Slllllll. luC.ru111-, Su-pl1r11x1111, lXlLiXllllL'1l. flgi yi'Lll' uf o1ltsra11uli11g llCl1li'Vl'lllL'Ilf9. Holding tlu'i1' 11u'cti11gs cvcry a1lte1'1111u' 1 iXl111ul111' alul p1'csi1lc'cl uvi-1' lui tlu- l,l't'SlllL'I1I uf tlu- Stucli-111 Bully, P1ll'llLlIllL'llILll'y law mul 1 pimpci' 1111l1i11s1-il 1'1-1111-w11t11ti1111 of I1111111- 1'1111111s is SII'C'SSt'll. By IANE MORAHAN A lllk'llllN'I' liaiving lirsl tlu' qllZlllIlk'N of lt'1lIlK'l'SllllJ IllllSl Illt'l'f .ill I'C'LlllII'k'llu'llIS ili- l11 wulci' to pr1111111u' gL'Ill'l'ill Wt'lll1I'L' in tlu- nmiulcml of l1i111 wlmilv l111l1li11g rliis ollicc. Sflunil. In c'lu'0ll1'z1gc' sulf Cc111t1'c1l. In l5I'lIlg Ilu' lXlcw 1'1'p1'L's1'l1lxlfivm alll' 4'lc'CtL'cl :II flu' lugin, fguiiltyy P1'i1u'i1111l. uiul ilu' 5IllClL'l1lS ill closui' ning of 1'11Cl1 NK'I1lt'Sll'l', with :Ill ll1CIlll1l'I'S pm' c1111t1u't with mu- 1111otlu'1'. Llllll to lIlCl'C1lNk' mittccl tlu' privilcgc of 1'c'-vlcctioii. tlu' 111u'1'1'st Ill fLUVL'!'Illllt'I1I wl1u'l1 will lu' Ill' lX'lisw M2ll'glll'C'I lfilwamls. 511111154111 llil5 :111 c1mu15i11gl1' i111p111'r11111 i11 lAlIl'l' lilu flu- Sunil:-111 i111p111'r1111r pmirio11, Tllilllgll not I11ki115,g ll C.0llllC1l 11111 C11111pl1'u'4l LlllUllu'l' Sllk'CC'5Silll fCf1ilff7ll4l'll on l1agr'71Q PROC ITORS l71r1l' 'I1'ozu.' lwlintur. 5l0I'L'?'. linstcrly. llu'l111r1lso11, VYnggu11cr, l.a111lu-rl, Cola-, l'v1c'D1111cll. iiulliiix, llcmcl, St, john. Clrablvs, B3lIl'l'IllClSll'f. S'w.'1u1fl4l?11111.' XYy111a11. lfalgar. Buxton. Mitcl1ull. llilclwuck, Rcgicr. Oilcll. liilwarmls fS111111surj. Hr.1clu'r. C1'11111wc-ll. Stcrruu. ixHklL'I'SOlL Scl1r11c1l:-r. I11l11ulrow. Hurrnll Ql'll,l. lNlAc4Al1N1- fir! 1940 we l',X'lL'l'IIl lwefzrtifzif congnzt- flfzlfftlnf Zu ilu' Stfzzfcnt 1501151 of lfnizf Ilfkgli Salma! fbi' 1171 ffvccllcnt .vclrrml 'w'f12',' to tfw nzfmlflc mrpy of 'l'111z Q111111, zum',l2w11' who Wlzltfl' ffm' him' 7'V1tZg1lZj7'1C' 1m.v.1'il1lc,' fzmf to ffm .vfnfwiffirf KQTUIIP of gn11f1zf1z'w fnzL'171tQ fwitgff .vcfrrzof ffm 'yum' to wltw' ffjgfwr cfil. 1'.1' cts' of tfw .Slclmnf of l,if4f.l ..,. Ymrmtln .Slzilifztgl 5 The Enid Events Publishing Co. "Tiff Hmm' of llrtf.-'r llrizztzlzlgi' 117 Fast l31'c11ul11'111' linicl. Oliln. K i J ,11 ' " ,'1 ' 1,1 ' - ,fU,,?'j 171ml 4161111 l:INl1L'l', fxlllltilul, liiulcr. liilwurils. l,L'1lI'll', lJ11rl1.1111. lvlutllwwx. l.21lIPI1l'. llgiwlcinx, ILlI'lliXUIl N iil4l.1Q4T45'L:LUf'55lilc'f' "'- "MQ gl' Lj"'Q,' an Wwfdxf 1 ai fffwf 'lx'n4 Hula H4Jlil.I N, K ff-C.,1!1l,11'1 of 11111 1' 11,1211 xl lxltfll ld, ffm fvlllfl Ili! uf fwulxl vllzxlnl IJUXX XIUIDHI. IYJIIIILIH LJIIIWFI ,lffI'Flr!.IHf CHRINIIXI lxxlmlxl lmfv 1 . ' , 7 fm!! QI: ru lin :li fxlcxwl H, l"fmff1.1!! Qmmn ,lllrmlml Unfffff lxjlll l'ml11 llxlelmps, l,1r'1'f'f'r.x1rff11l nf Nqlllllfllf lfnrly xlex Nlxlll-xlill Ill xlllili rx SH1f'lJrxw1f xlmffnl llmfy xl Rll.II'li. lvffuxzffw uf ,xvllltlfllf Hmfv VIA! max 'l'1cl111 1 l'ff',-Ulm! uf Nzmlwn limfv 1,04-ff 'lx'fm': Dm 1:1 xx SPH RS. Cfzphzzn nf I"on1lf.1H 'llyzm H xliul ls KI sllli, l'1m1rfwll nf ff1.1a.'4'.x' A XXVI Xlbl ll l'xI INI. l'w.v1zfr21f of fill!!! I'lm,c.x Kll 1 lux, C.'wl'fu11Ifff11 of l3m.w11f.x I1 mn Hxnzl. Iidml Qmwz l.l 1 x Axx Clxnmle, f,'r1fjn'.x1rfrl1l of lffzuf Hrx lmlx ffm xx xlxu, l'rfnxnl1f11 nf IM! vf', ma P IIXIXIN Hxl l, lffgvnlwzf uf llzllflllllx' Q E 1 1 l Yxwrvw, ,f W xi' s 5 . X 4M.,A. is Env. ,Q A .Q 5 K G LL.. 'fx AQQ'-f--no-3-'49 W4 B 1.9 .gffifgmwt 4' N, ww-M... W- ... V K WW, ii 4 Iiw' or tht' heights of ll synnvlttain' innsit' hath chairnis. ' ' Thur this is ll fact is wt'll t'Vltlt'I1L't'tl hx' tl1t' is ll't'IllL'l1ll0llS popnlaritv t'njovt'd hv tl1t' lfnid High Band dnring tht' school vt'11r of '3 gswti '40, ' 'hool activitv progranl, was litt'rt1llv hlti g?iI4his orgt111izatio11, lllIL'gl'i1l to tht' high X---.-----.--------------.---, Q USE THE BEST . . E 3 MC-ra A" Pasteurized . Q l iry Products and ARESIXHOME-MADE . ce Cream . 1 s F as T1-11955 sic srones 3116-118 south washington f 115 South Grand E 1002 East Broadway ' x 1 2 Il , x u SSX HOME DAIRYT K fy-X Phone 768 ix QQQQQQQQQ HQQQQQQQQQQ QQQQHQQH to tw? il HE BAND t-tt-tl with action from tht' first wt't'lt ol' sthool to tht' closing t'xt'rcist's in Nlziv. Activity hcgan curly i11 tht' your with tht' t'lt't'tion of ofiiccrsg I12lI'llL'ly, XN't'ndt'll lixlintx l'rt'sidt'ntg Sum Smith, Vict-l'rt'sitlt'11tg Ht'lt'n ICRIIIIIL' Pnlford. St'crt':uryg and Iohn Chcwn- ing, Bnsincss lVIan:1gt'r. Soon after, vivncions It'rrv Hart, st'lt'ctt'tl to reign ovt'r tht' hand as tht'ir qut't'11, was Crowi1t'd amid t'olorf11l Ct'l't'lllOlly and 21 ht'vy of hcantifnl 2lfIt'lltlill1I5. That dash and spzrrltlt' which 11t'vt'r fails to t'11tt'r tht' blood of Young Alllt'l'it'Ll tlnring tht- sports st'ason was grtuitly t'l1ll2ll1t't'tl hy tht' stirring I11lll'CllC5 and colorful fUl'Ill2lfi0IlS pt'rforn1t'd hy tht' hand dnring iIlll'l'IlllSSlUll i11 tht' gI'itlil'0ll sltirmishcs. loothnll st'z1son gont'-'tht' hand t'ontrih11tf t'tl un t'xtr11 hit of dash to onr h11sltt'tha1ll gnn1t's. Tht'n tht' lllllllllll Pl'Ugl'ilIll l11't'st'11tt'tl hy tl1t' illSfl'llI1lCIlIlll rnnsit' t'lt1sst's. "Byrn- Plltlllfl Song, and Svvingf' ft'attnrt'tl Sllfll nnn1ht'rs as Star Dust, A .Manx f,UI'I'lI47't', Finffzrzzlm -in trihntt' to tht' valiant liinnish ht'rot's, :ind tht' stirring patriotic lIll2llt', frm! liltxvs Xlmvrira. lwillllflltilllif among tht' 11t'tivitit's of tht' hand wt'rt' p1lI'l'iCiPLlIi0H in IlllI11t'l'Ull5 t'ontt'sts: Illlllfllillg, plaviiig, and solo t'on1pt'titions. pri11ttip:1l ont's which wt'rt' l1t'ltl ill tht' t'itit's of Alva, wht'rt' tht' district lllt't'I tintililics Ul'gAlIllZ1lfiOllS and soloists who rt't't'ivt' 11 first tlivisio11 rating to participatt' i11 tl1t' sttltt' ton- tt'sts glinid, onr own Tri-Stutt' l't'st1va1l, tl1t' most t'xtt'nsivt' ill tht' Sonthwvst. :ind lillilllk' Norniaui, tht' sitt' of tht' stzitt' I1lt't'IS wht'rt' il rating of first division or snpt-rior t'ntitlt's tl1t' Uligtlllllllfilllt to compctt' in tl1t' 1't'giona1l con- tt'st. Tht' AllfStatc Band Clinic. lit-ltl Llllllllilllf' By EDWARD WEST ut Stillwatcr. was QlIIt'Iltll'll hy st'vt'n of our ht'ttt'r PlZlyL'VS who llfllll t11t'1nl1t'1'sl1ip in tht' t'o11Ct'rt hand, Tht'st' Pl1lyi'l'S, st'lt't'tt'd on ll hnsis of t11t'rit, wt'rt' l1rivilt'gt'tl to prt'st'nt i11 t'o-o11t'rt1tioi1 witl1 otht'1' Vt'I'MlIill' high school plz1yt'rs of tht' stzltt' tl t'ont't'rt t111dt'r tht' dirt't'- tion of Boh hlnltovsltv XYt'11dt'll lfxlintx l5rt'nt'h Horng l,L'I'!'f' Tudor. l:l't'I1Cll Horn: Iohn Cht'vvning, Bass Drnnix Htnoltl Taft. Ciornctg lrwin Nitholus, ciyHll7kllSQ l.z1wrt'nt't' lvlason, Qillll'illL'IQ and lf. B. lXiitt'ht'll, liurif tont' Horn, wt'rt' tl1t' l5kllItlSHlt'Il lALlVUI't'tl hy this ho11or. Ont' of tht' highlights ol' tht' l72llTtlSI1lL'I1iS YCZII' occurred wht'n tl1t' violinist, Rnhinoll, in il hrit'f 21Ppt'ill'ilIlCt' on tht' stilgt' of lfnitl H1gl1, tll1'L'CICtl rlit' t'ont't'rt hand tlirongh l-longs' CLll'IlllCllllt'l'S grtxit I1lt'ltDtlw' Sur l711.1't. Accepting an invitation from station XYKY of Oltlahomtt City. Al group ol' n1nsit'i1n1s st'lt't'tt'tl from tl1t' tont't'rt hands and fL'1lIlll'- ing hlaxint' Buxton ns vot'11l soloist. l1rt'st'nt- t'd il half-honr t'o11t't'rt ovt'r tht' Olilillltllllll City station which wus vt'rv wt'll rt't't'ivt'd. Tht' hand l7tl21Slt'tl 21 l't'l1t'I'IUil't' illflllllillg t'vt'rything from tht' lowly OIL' lflhflily and flfl'X!l71Ilt'fl.Y Italqtimt' Banff to tht' nmjcstic Firifarzdia hy Sihvlins. 1 'N f UP 1fy'f . 1 1 Q1 , , ff ' 1 J, IHI1. 11111iH1s1RA l ,J 1 Q ' Y x 1 .. . ' 1 ' , -' 3 ll K 1111 11llfs1'l11111l 111'111l111'tf1k'1, Ihr Cut and st1'11m1'11t s1'1'v1'1l Q18 Rl h1111l1'l f111' il 11111't1c11l111' U' l 1 - ' - fi 1 1 A - VX X j 11111 Cfzrzflry. +1 V st111'l1'11t t11 11l1s1'1'v1' 111 111111111 to 1m111'11v1- lllS C A, , ,ff' 1l'L'l1t'Sll'il tl11s y ' was u1111s1111lly r1c'l1 'OVVII tecl1111q111'. 'llns Wllll thc c1111st1111t 1'1'1t1c- 1 1 v , . 1 ' ' . ' . - . Q I MVN ,lvl nj II 1-x111-111-1 '1', ll l111't Wl11Cl1 Cll21l5lCCl them 111 15111 of 11111 g1'1'111p Slllll 1l11- 1'l11'1'1't11r 1l1'vcl11111'1l L, ' ,V 3 X x1-1'11t1' 111111'1- 1 ' 1'11lt 1111 ilfrs th:111 l01'm1'1'lv .1 ltigllrl' tvpc 11f skill. f ' ' . "' . . . " K ' - 1 -i . 1 - , I ' V ' ' Jw' illlll 111 zlcltl t11 tl1 1' Wlt ' 1'1'111'1't1111'1'. The l'.111,1l4 l-hgh Sch1111l 111'1'l11'st1'11 111111l1- IIN ,A ,f 7 MA 11f thc 1 ll 1-rs 11f1tl11- E11i1l High l'll12ll 1111111'a1'1111cC of fl'1L',VL'lll' 11l11vi11g for thc J 1 ' . . 1 ' ' ' bx 5Cl11111l 11 ch1'st'. 11ls l11'l1l high p11x1t11111s IH c11111m1:11c1-111cnt 1'x1'1'1'1scs. .J 4 , L J .N 1l11- lx l Sv 111h1 cDl'Cll1'SfI'H4, - By SAM SMITW- l 11' 1-11111 11 Illllll S1'n111l11111y,. S1111g, """""""""""""" ' 111 SVV.1g 1 111' h1-str11 gnu- 1111 t1xc1'll1'11t ' Sl1111'i11g Illl' i11st,lp1l11111'1 . I IAC . 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'EM vfs Shats uw ' ' A Kg '52 5 I, I+, i 7 Q QL- X wg Q5 , fa ffl xy .gf . fuev.. . N 30 si5xxxxxxixxxxtxxxxxxxxixxxx- ED FLEMING represent' g is Q59 .p X' ,S Q? Tip, T8 5 1 l ce All Kinds 'exft is Q01 iiisiii ,,,, ,,.,, xlxlxixixxtxxixxxxxxxxxxxxx1 Lumber ' Quality Millwork ' Built-in Cabinets ' Window Glass ' Mirrors ' Automobile Glass Fixtures lflle carry a complete stocle of hardwood lumber, cedar lum- ber, panels, dowels, etc., for tmanual Training Mrk. ENID PLANING MILL CO. Enid, Oklahoma iiiitittiiitxxiiiii111111111 c n Uutstanaling eafz in By HARRY Returning to Enid High School as a mem- ber of the faculty instead of a member of the student body, Lester "Red" Youngman start- ball team with a rousing bang. At the first of the season, the general opinion of the public was that the cream of last yearis crop of players had returned and that the season would probably be a snap for the new coach coming in, but as the facts were faced, it was found out that only id his Hrst year as head coach of the basket- two or three regulars had returned, and the rest of the team had to be selected from the inexperienced hopefuls, coming up from the "BH squad. Youngman however was equal to the task and rounded out his squad enough by the first seasonal encounter December 12 to defeat Cherokee by a 43-20 margin. The second home game however saw the Norman cagers win a 35-22 game from the Plainsmen. The Plainsmen then were faced by their first conference foe, the Pawhuska 1-luskies. But after the fashion of the opener the Plainsmen came through victorious with a 37-21 score. Over the Christmas holidays, the Enid boys took two games on December 29-30 from the Dallas, Texas team, last year's Texas state champions. The scores were 21- 20 and 25-22. To complete the holiday vic- tories, the Plainsmen won a 47-4 game from the Tonkawa Buccaneers. On lanuary 8, the Plainsmen challenged the Classen Comets, whom they defeated 36-29 in one of the thrillers of the season. On their home court again, they nosed out Perry 16-12 on Ianuary 9, and for the second time of the season, the Plainsmen won from Pawhuska 24-11, this time on the Huskies' court. On the Blackwell Maroons' court the Plainsmen won a 47-16 contest. The next game was the traditional Enid, Oklahoma City Central feud, and when the game was over, the score was Enid 26, Cen- tral 27. The Plainsmen returned home on Ianuary 23 to beat Guthrie 46-15, and then went to Ponca City where they came in ahead of the Wildcats in a wild 22-21 contest, and while still hot from the Ponca City game, they beat the El Reno Indians on the Indians' court, 23-22. Blackwell was the Plainsmen's next foe, on THE QUILL MAGAZINE HHSKllHHll FALTER, ir. February 6, when the Maroons were once again defeated 39-14. Then, still stinging from the victory which the Plainsmen had eked out, in an earlier game, the El Reno Indians scalped the Plains- men 32-24, on the Enid court on February 9. Perry was next on the schedule, and was dropped 45-25, by the Plainsmen, who met the Classen Comets with the score Enid 30, Classen 19. The Ponca City Wildcats visited the Plainsmen's court February 23 and were beaten again by a 39-29 score. Finishing their schedule, the Plainsmen downed Guthrie 52-16 and Capitol Hill 23- 21, both on the opponents courts. Stillwater and the Regional Tournament was the Plainsmen's next goal, so they started their conquest by downing Drum- right 30-21. They next soared to a 41-20 victory over the Perry team which entitled them to meet Ponca City in the finals. The game and Regional crown were won by the Plainsmen 30-15, which in turn sent them to Oklahoma City to the State Highschool Tournament. The Plainstnen's Hrstr game in the tourna- ment was with Durant, whom they defeated 34-27. The next day, the Plainsmen met the El Reno Indians and the headlines read Enid 45, El Reno 24. This probably pepped up the team and coach as much as any game that they had won this year because of the reputation that they had made for them- selves. VVhile the Plainsmen were winning from El Reno, the Ada team was doing the same to the Central Cardinals, which paired Enid and Ada in the finals. Both teams were evenly matched in the Hnal game, but the Plainsmen's final spurt was cut short by the gun, and they were runners-up in the State Tournament for 1940. Ability will tell: The Plainsmen played a rather long and strenuous schedule of 21 games, winning all except three of them. They won the Regional Tournament and went to the finals in the State Tournament. They placed three men on the All-State teams, Frank Bogert and Vernon Yates making the first team, and Earl Smith, the second team. Not to be overlooked, was the "B" basket- ball squad, coached by Dale 1-lolt, which won 19 of their 23 game schedule. -R--,V-,..-. 1-ff1-m---.-.-- If X " 7 'run mst Hgags. J ities!! , ,, IlfIARYy lvliARGARE'T HEADRICTK The lunior Class made their outstanding debut of W39, December B at thc Fdyfcation Building, with the annual 'presentation of their class play. "Take My Advice," a three- act comedy by lflliott Lester, was the this year. " ' J ' y liach Iunior lu the class sold a ticket in order to increase sales. 'Phfs plan proved ellective, for a capaeitylert'iwd was present, The play was under the capable direction of Miss Ruth lyloyei-her second year in com- plete handling! of the lunior play. Among her able assistants were Betty Carol Ball. Burcha Burns, Virginia Clifton, Nlaxine Deardorff, hrvan Holtmann, Lily Latchaw, Bob I.aGrone, Raymond Schoonover, Frances XVQ-ber, Clarence lvliller, Lorraine Hood, and lack Stewart. But--a momentary glance at the play! The curtain rises on the first actg the play begins: Bud Vxfeaver, the seventeen-year-old son of the family, comes home unexpectedly from sehool. This only adds one more to the already long list of troubles of the VVeaver family, Cn the one hand, Nlr. Iimmy Thayer is constantly heckling hlr. Wfeaver to buy stock in an oil company-fa "sure fire invest- ment". On the other hand, the daughter, Ann, is being filled by Kerry Van Kind, a poet, with romaniic ideas of going on the stage in New York. ln the midst of all this tangle enters Mi'. Bradley Clement, Buds English teacher. After a "man-to-man" conversation, Clement finds that Bud is practically engaged to a Miss Nlarella Stone, twenty-five years oldl ,f Bfadley persuades Burl to decide to tell this to his parents. - ' Before Bud can get Aaiciund to an inter- vicw with his parents, Bradley sees thenr and gently ,breaks the news. They botlilfdf course. are furious at the Ivfry i ea oftheir son, seventeen, engaged to a xent91-f:1vl'- year-old womanl He finally, however, nialces them see that they must agree to aid Bild in order to gain his confidence and support. VVhen Bild does break the news to them, they not only agree to help him, but invite Nlarella to dinner the following night. Bud is overwhelmed with happiness. At the salne time, Ann is preparing to run away from home, because of her par- ents' refusal to allow her to pursue this theatrical career, Ar dinner the next night Bradley puts on an act that shows Bud lylarella is really not in love with him. Bradley acts as if he loves Nlarcella and goes so far as to elope with her. They are stopped, however, unable at this hour to obtain a license, The showdown really comes when Brad- ley pretends he is a detective and arrests Thayer for operating illegally in selling this oil stock. It also comes to light that lvlarella is really Thayer's wifeg but, in order to help in the swindling, she sues all her many fiances for breach of promise. Ray Simmons, as Bud, was a convincingly love sick kid, as also were the villains Nlar- ella flVlercedes Kammerzellj and Iimmy Thayer QCharles Duffj. The parts of the parents were well taken by Ted Cramer and Helen YVoodsg the delightful, charming daughter QMargaret Howlandj Hnally found herself in love with Bradley, the family friend and adviser ably played by lohii Yvaters. Paul Kendall very nearly stole the show as the sissy, affected poet and writer, Kerry Van Kind. Among Iunior girls who ushered were: Betty Iean Arnold, lVlary Ann Bartley, The- resa Bentley, Pherne Bracher, Virginia Ann Cleveland, Wilma Easterling, lidith lvlae Dobbyn, Patsy Fddleman. LaRue hdgar. lVlary Helen Hopwood, Dorothy Aim Keltf ner, Loraine Lawter, Virginia Paxson, Betty Regier, Dorothy Ann Thurman, Betty lean Tippit, Dottie Vyfebber, and Thelma VVheeler. A ...cl -1 AA Aryjvyymj Vow' ' ' .0 ' if f L - CN U ' ' ,AJ 9'-ff ' , Uv' M A LIJQVF g sy 'i . ! WU. CBA tl' .wjfl W X 4 Lwejk TpWAEgy l . IM FIDELITY s, ne! ' Chrysler-Plymouth Enid wiki- .lf 4 x -1--..,, 4 Xa X4 1 Q W, can 51 if wspf liiii 1 HH ber? The Senior play that year was "Chris- 1xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxnxxxxnu topber Bmnng the all-school play was "Pride , and Prcjudicef' and the Sophomore class I Pzizh gz :: : :: : : ::::: : :. :E E: 3E5 gave ..M0unmn Mumps-,, Wasnk that thi, .4.. year that Mr. Selby gave his reading "The 'H if.415:15555553355:1:2:1v15f1f5fffiii5i:' 5 Little Red SefJo0lbouscUP I hated it so be- I iinvl ff if 151: -.-- -'A4 V Q':::g::':4:4 me Ilwas ibm that M' "i" get to mu- im give ir, if you? Do you remember how hard the class and the spon- M sors worked on the Iunior-Senior Reception? 8l'CIl I3, COUISC WC WCYC I'10StS f0l' IIIC SCIIIOI class, 1 Dear Betty Ruth: and we had the Education Buildin eco- I lust thought I would drop you a line while rated like a college campus, with t ront of """' ' """""' """' ""'4A 2 ' I have an extra half an hour. I'm so busy the college building, campu 'niture, - 6 I w 25C these days that lim afraid my correspondence nants and so forth. e a In ' as- ' BOTTLES F iiiiwlv im. ashmnduufmsknui wnwsfdwtyefnw. wein Chsyyf aaa aazlf urls t.a as I was back home in Enid for the Christmas W ' i r 'She form hill-bill aflio bf 'I' s J! sg! holidays and went to the high scbgnl 'St with CUPFJY as 5 C' I 5 i Iii I their Christmas assembly pro. r . t was how we ooked for-w for .two ' just like old times, sed my 1 rs to the 1 e umlld be Seniors, 5225 , -' -' School days more g an ever, Remember a and thcip at a disa ' tment it was when I J? ' the grand timos wo had in dear Old Enid th 'me finally c e. Ididn't feel so differ- X High? Iym sure we didn't appreciate them ent and ryybiearly as superior as I had 0 3 half as much when thgy W-re ha ' ab th'ou I would. I thii aft was whe 46: 'S' R we do now looking MDV em. . realized that tors wer :Qi rent Sl Can't you see that class of ,AIO w - ' from the rets f us, for rh e saw that , " entered the high Sch C 'St .mc I0 Seniors W 'K I Stud" WCW Soon I0 I ,,....,....... ,1,1,,Weg.gzgigigggrgagagagsgsgzgsgagzgag5is552255Q2ifi22e53i5iQE2EQEEE252EE52EQiQiQi2ifii2iiiiiiiiiQi mu as sophomores? Most of ' li h 01 fl who crsls to death, and the place looke ' gcnougg H they Col I' y longer. Inst think fof an Hfmy- I fem linking that if how Cfowdsfl f 5CHi0f Yfaf WHS- I Still would Certainly take me mol-C than tht-CC donit SCC how WC got all tllc things done ..,. .4-, -,-.., years to learn my way around that building. that WC did. Of COUVSCY IIICFC WCYC all 1110 Schedule and was almost as much at homo of the Student body, Slmcrvvoocl Nelson was 1 35 the mighty Senior-5, Remember how we re-elected president of the class for the third I used to cover up the fact that we had to sir year. Ierry Hart was elected band Cilwcn, and l WORTH A DI ME gn the 'xghelfn ln assembly Saying that IIICI1 WC WCl'C S0 Slll'C that II'lC SCI'll0l'S would they were the best seats anyway, because you could look down on the stage and not have to peek around the person in front of you? l'm afraid the Sophomores didn't do an awfully lot that year. VVC elected Mr. Gott and Miss Mires our class sponsors, made Sherwood Nelson the president of the Sopho- more class, and I believe that was the year that Leon Cook was student body president, They didn't have a Sophomore play until the next year, so we missed out altogetherg but the Juniors gave "Growing Painsf' the Sen- iors had "Spring Dancef, and we had six "Sophies', in the cast of the all-school play "David Copperfield? The next year we got to sit downstairs for assemblies, and were we proud. One of our Iuniors, Mary Margaret I-Ieadrick , was chosen as the baskezball queen, Ierry Hart was one of our yell leaders, and a Iunior boy, Terry Triffet, won the I-'larry O. Glasser oratorical award. Our class president was Sherwood Nelson, and Raymond Iames was president of the student body. That was the year our class gave their first play, the Iunior play. It was a comedy called "Bab,,' remem- win the stunt fest contest that year, only to have the Iuniors put one over on us. Remember the celebrities we had in assem- bly that year? We saw Bud Waite, Glenn Cunningham, Rubinoff and his violin, and Senator Styles Bridges, VVC had a grand Senior play that year called "Yiwu and I" by Philip Barry. The Iuniors gave "Take My Advice" and the all- school play was "The Cat and the Canaryu. I think one of the nicest things we had all year was the May Fete just before g1'adua- tion when we all marched around the lake in Springs Park led by Iylary Margaret I-Ieadrick as May Queen and Bob I-Iodges as I-Ierald. Then, of course, the climax of the year was the graduation exercises. I suppose to an outsider 'all graduation exer- cises are about the same, but to someone who participates in one it is an unforgetable ex- perience. This could almost be published as my high school memoirs. Sorry, but you know me when I get started on the "good old days". Love, FAYNOLA 4 i l 4 A1xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxitxt SINCIIER sr Wlsnies I SENIORS! fibifif if from ' r . ' Q f a C335-5'--ff'4"' o A FRIEND i I 1x11xxxxxxxxxxxxtiittititttt SIJNIORS If IJ, ADKINS YIIMA MAI5 ALBIQRT IIi Y. VV, 2. HAROLD ALLMAN thorns .51 I3ioI. lax. 2. IALR ALMOND 0-D Home Rootu See. 4. Reporter 2. Student Council Rep. 2: Prtttor -Ig All-School Play 4, ROI'sI5R'Ii ANDERSON Ilonic Room Treats, 4. Reporter 21 Oklahoma: Honor Society 3. 4. ADA APPLIEBY Pmntl 2, 3, 45 Hi-Y.VV. 2, 3: Yergiliaii 4. LAYNOLA ARMSTRONG Rome Room Pres. 2. Sec. 3. 'lift-gn. 35 Chorus 2, 3: Operetta 35 Quill Ivlugazine Stall' 41 Iunior Plat' 35 Senior Play 45 Oklahoma Honor Society 2, 3. 4. PATRICIA ARNOLD Home Room Pres, 4, Treas, 31 Chorus 2. 3: Operetta 2: Home Lconomicx Club 41 Iiravette 2, 3, 45 La Iunta 2, 31 Librarian 4. Dt JNAI .D BALDEN Oklahoma Honor Society 4. MABLE IRISNE BARDVVELL Orchestra 2, 35 Oklahoma Honor Society 4, DORIS MAY BAUMAN Vk'AI.I.ACIz BEACH I3:incI 2. 3. 4 glunirr Play 31 I3rax'e 4. Reporter 41 N. If. I.. 41 'Lhrspian 3, 4. AS T rt S. ILNNIIQ A N BELL Quill Nlagazine Stall 41 Quill Xkieekly Stall 43 AII School Plat' . , , ' ' ' 3, Brinette -, 3, 45 Ihespian 31 Oklahoma Honor Society 4. Bt JNNI E IEAN BENSON Home Economics Cluh 4. IFOIA MAI? BIESS Oklahoma Honor Society 4. RIVIAII BLAKIE Home Room Pres. 4, Reporter 4g Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Sec. 25 Band 2, 3, 41 Quill Weekly Stall 45 Vergilian 4. V.-Pres. 4. DI-AN BOLI-S Home Room Treas. 2. Student Council Rep. 31 Biol. Tax. 2. IADNA HOLES CIIUYUS 2: Home Ijconomica Club 4, Bravette 3, of I94O Riel IARD ALLBRITAIN noNA1.o ALLEN GLIZNNA LIICILLI4. ANDLRSON Proctor 41 Hi-Y. WL 4, MARILEE ANDERSON Home Room Pres. 2, 3. Sec. 31 Proctor 41 Quill XVeekIv Stall 4: Bravette 2. 3. 45 Biol: Tax, 3: Luther Burbank Iflower and Gar- tlcn 3. FRANCIS O. ARCHER Chorus 2, 3, Operetta 2. 31 Del- ta Theta 41 Biol, lax. 2. IACK OTIS ARLORD Track Letterman 25 Home Room Pres. 41 May Queen Attendant 4. RICHARD ARNOLD BETTY IO BAKER HiAY.VV. 2, 3, 4, Cahinet 3, 41 La Iunta 3. BlI.l. BARNES Bllllll 2, 3. 4, IESSII: l.IiIz BARTON Bravette 2, 3, 41 Lihrarian 42 'Iihespian 41 Oklzihema Honor Society 4. MILI7RIiD BLCKLR Home Room V.-Pres. 4, Ireas. 2, 45 Bauul 4, MAYE ADIzLE I3ECKHAM Home Room Sec. 3. Ireaw, 21 Orchestra 2. 3. 4: Bantl 2, 3. 41 Operettzi 35 Lihrarian 35 Okla- homa Honor Socictv 4. C .Ln . CEORGE LRANKLIN BERRY Baxkethnll Letterman 4: Home Room Pres. 2, Sen, 4. ilireax. 35 Ilelta Iht-ta 4. Scc. 41 Hrzive 41 Oklahoma Honor Society 2. IACK BERTXVELI. ERANK EAY BOCERT Basketball Letterman 2, 3. 41 Home Room See. 2, Student Council Rep. 4. CHARLES ELIGEINII5 BOLENE Bantl 2, 3. 4, IVNIOR HOLES Oklahoma Honor Society 4. HAROLD IOIIN BRASIE IiI lIE'I'1 JR Pm' l, 1' f Z : , , C i . ' on 5' CO I ' , A 5 S13 All O RS BII.I. Bmcscis Stuclcnt I3oclv V.-Ilrcx. 4: Dclmrc Letter 3. 4, 'Homo Room Ilrcx. 3. 45 All-Scliool Play 33 lvluy Quccn Aucutlunt 45 N. If. I.. 3. 41 Trt-us, 45 Okluliomgi Honor Society 4. ISIVIMIAY IIQAN BROVVNIE Cliorus 23 Opcrctta 2, Bravcttc 2, 3. 4, Biol. Tux. Z5 I.utlicr Burlxank I-'lower and Ciurtlcn 3. I.Al,'RlfINlCli Ii. I3I'Cl'iI.IiY Homv Room lrczlx 3 :Clioruw 25 Dt-ltu -I.lN'I2l 45 Iiruvc 3 I3Il.I. I3I,IRClII-'IIiI.I7 Home Room Trt-us, 3, 4. BI7I"I'Y I3L'XTON Homc Room Trcns. 5 I octor 45 Quill VVcclily Stull' 45 Di-lm Tllcf ta 4, Trctts. 45 Iirzlvcttc 2. 3, 45 l.zx Iuutzi 41 I.utlicr Burlxauk I-lower antl Gurclcn 2, 3. 4. LAGIENIZ HYRI7 Delta 'lllictu 45 VVui'rior 45 Bru- vcttt' 2, 35 Ili-Y. YY. 4, Culminct 41 Oklulioma Honor Society 2. 3, 4. iouiv c:iiiswNiNo C.L..O Iloluc Room V.-l'rcw. 2, 31 Orf clit-Xtra 2. 3, 4, Pres. 3, 4, Con- tcrt Muster 3, 4, Assistant Ili- rvctor 45 Iiatml 2. 3, 4, Trcus 3. Business lVI2lll21gCl' 4. RI"I'lI I2I.I-IfN CHURCH Home Room V.-l'rcs. 35 llioctor 3, I3.iunl 25 'llrutlt' anal Industrial 4, Sec. 45 Olil.lIli7IlIII Honor SociA 1-tv 3, 4. I0 CS 7 Home 1 tc. 2, Stuclcnt uncil Rtp 3 FIAIICSIVIHII 4. VINIIA COI.Ii Proctor 45 Chorus 2, 35 Opcrcttti 'T IDORIS COI.I.IiY Cliorus 45 Opcrcttai 45 Ili-Y.Vl'. 'T crm' Cfjlvliililili C - L- 0 Homc Room V.-llrcx, 4, Stutlcnt Council Rep, 2, 3: I7t'ltzl Tlictn 4, Sgt.-at-Arius 45 limit- 2. I. I.I-ROY COYI.l5 Stutlrnt Council Rclw. 4: All- Scliool I'lziV 23 Iiruvc 2. I.OIS RIVIAH CRAVVI-ORD Baincl 2. 35 Iirzivcttc 41 Hi-Y. XY. 4. NAOMI CRHEKMORIS Honic Room Ircax. 2. Rcportcr 25 Orclicstrzx 4, Chorus 2. 3, Opcrctta 2, I3ra1x'cttc 2. 3. 45 'I'ln'5piun 3, 4, INA MAY CROSNO Ili Y. W. 3. 4, Cnluiuct 3. 4: Vcrgiliau 4. I'rcs. 43 I.iIirtu'ian 4, Oltlxtliouin Honor Socictv 4. MARY DORIS CCNNINGHAIVI Dclwatc I.cttcr 43 OFlil1K'Slf2l 31 Band 2, 35 Quill VVL1-kly Stall 45 AIlfScl1ool l'lav 43 Iiravcttc 3, 45 Ili-Y. VV. 45 Vcrgiliau 4, Sec. 45 N. I7, I.. 45 I.IllI'tIfI8Il 45 Tlicspian 3, 4, of 1940 IJOROIIIY IIIAN BRUWN I3rnvcttc 3. I5I.ORliNCl4 I.lI.I.IAN ISROVVN LACIQY S. I3l"I'I.I-R, Ir. I Homc Room Y.-Ircx 3, luuioi' Play 35 I3rux'c 3, 43 N.If.I.. 41 Tlicspiztn 3, I.Ii MAITRIS IiIl'I'I.IiR 0,0 Homc Room Scc. 3, 'I'rc:ix, 4. Rt-Iuortcr 25 Iizunl 2, 3, OI'crctt1i 35 Quill Magtiziiic Stull 45 Quill Vlfckly Stall 45 Dclttt 'I-IICIRI 4. ROSIQIVIARY CAT'I4IQR'IAON Chorus 2, 3. 42 Opcrctta 2. 3, 41 Hi-Y. XV. 2. RIQBIECCA CIIAI'MAN Orclicstra 41 lit-lm 'I4lit't.i 45 Xllir- rioi' 45 Brzivcttc 33 Vcrgilian 4, llrcs. 45 Olilziliomn Ilonor Socicty 2, 3. 4. IEIJXVARIJ CIAYION llomc Room l'rcx. 3, Iinml 2, 3, 4. MARY C. CI.IiVIiNCl5R Iloinc- Room V.-I'rcx. 45 Proctor 35 liruu-ttc 2. 3, 4. IiI:'I"I'Y I.IiI. COII MAN KIQNNIQIH COIILMIA Ilomc Roolu bcc. 4, Ircnw, 3, 45 Baiull 2, 3, 4, Sllltlklll Ilircctor 4, Opcrcttn 3, 41 Quill MHSLZIZIIIK' Stull 45 Quill Vlicckly Stull 4, 3 Biol. lux. -5 Olalnliomai llouor Socicty 4. I.ORlIiNlQ COIIINS Proctor 4, I Ioinc lfcontrmics Clulm 4, I'i'cs. 43 XVnrrior 4. IAIJNA MAIi CUMI55 UNA MAIE CRAISIIS Home- Room Rt-Iuortcr 35 l'i'ottot' 45 Chorus 25 Opt-i't-ttu 25 VVar- rior 45 Oklahoma Honor Society 4. I.lfROY CRAIG Homc Room V.-l'I'l'S. 43 lJlll11'l' I3urlmnlx I5lowcr untl GllI'tll'Il 4. AI.I.YS IVIAIi CROIVIXYIQLI. Homo Room V.-Ilrtw. 3, Stutlcut Council Rcp. 35 l'roctot' 43 Bra' vcttc 3. lI.A IVIARIIE CROSNO Homc Room V.-I'n-s, 3, Sec. 2. 33 Hi-YAV. 2, 3, 4. V.-I'rt's. 4, Culmiuct 2. 32 I.ti llllllkl 45 Libra- rian 4. VVAYNI5 I3ANII7I.S Basketball I.cttcruuu1 3, 4, Home Room V.-I'rt'x. 4. DOROTHY ANN DAVIS Chorus 45 Bravcttt' 3: I.u lunta 3g Oklahoma Honor Socicty 4. SENIORS RAY DAVVKINS Home Room Pres, 4, Sec. 2, Treas. 41 Proctor 41 Chorus 21 Operetta 2. ROBERTA MAXINE DICKSON XVarrior 4. BETTY DRECIISLER LOUIS DRUM IIEROLD DUVALL Band 2, 3, 41 Chorus 21 Oper- etta 2, 31 Delta Theta 4. ALIDREY LAVONE EARLEY Home Economics Club 41 Braf vette 3, 41 HIAY. W. 41 La lunta 41 Luther Burbank Flower and Garden 4. LOIS LOUISE ELLIS Home Room See. 21 Chorus Z, 41 Operetta 21 Bravette 2, 3. 41 Thes vian 3, 41 Oklahoma Honor -I Society 4. ORVILLE ENGELMAN NORMA IEANNE EAIRLESS Home Room Treas. 31 Prcetor 3. IIARRY FALTER, Ir. Home Room Pres. 2, V.fPres. 2, Sec. 21 Quill Magaline Stall' 41 Quill Weekly Stall 4. RAYMOND FITZGERALD IANIES WESLEY FRAKES. lr. Home Room Treas. 31 Brave 2, 31 Ili-Y.VV. 2. WARREN CALVIN CLARNLR Ifooiball Ictrerman 41 Snulent Council Rep. 3. 41 Brave 3. 4. LEAH IEAN GATES XVarrior 41 Bravette 31 La Innta 3. 4. V.-Pres. 4. MARIE GLASER LILA LEE GLAZIER Home Room Sec. 4. Treas. 41 Oklahoma Honor Society 4. LAURA HALL Orchestra 41 Bravette 41 Max' Queen Attendant 41 Oklahoma Honor Society 4. IOHN HAMMER Home Room Pres. 2. V.-Pres. 41 NVarrior 4, Sgt.-at-Arms 41 Biol, Tax. 4. of 1940 DORIS DIQANE DILLON Home Room Sec. 3. Reporter 2. Student Council Rep. 41 Chorus 2, 3, 41 Operetta 21 Quill Magf azine Staff 41 All-School Play 21 Bravette 2. 31 May Queen At- tendant 41 Oklahoma Honor Sof ciety 3. 4. CHARLES VERNON DIMICK Delta Theta 41 Archery Club 2. 3, 41 Biol. lax, 2. EARL DURBIN GEORGE DURHAM Basketball Letterman 2. 3. 41 Home Room Pres. 4, Sec. 4, Stn- clent Council Rep. 3. 43 l'f0l'I0l' 41 Quill Wleekly Stall' 41 Okla- homa Honor Society 2. GLENDA MAXINE ELKINS Chorus 2, 31 Operetta 21 Hi-Y. VV. 2. 3. CHARLES HARVEY ELLIOTT Home Room V.-Pres. 3. Student Council Rep. 21 Orchestra 2, 3. 41 Band 2. 3. 4. Treas ,4. XVILLA IEAN EVANS Chorus 2. 3. 41 Operetta Z. 3. 41 Home Economics Club 41 Bra- vette 2. 31 HiAY.VV. 2, 31 Luth- er Burbank Flower and Garden 2. WENDELL EXLINE Home Room See. 3. Treas. 3: Orchestra 2, 3, 41 Band 2, 3, 4. Pres. 4. ELIZABETH FISHER Home Room Sec. 2. 3. Treas. 32 Proctor 41 Orchestra 2. 31 Quill Magazine Stall 41 Quill Weekly Stall 41 Delta Theta 4. Reporter 41 Bravette 2. 3. 41 Vergilian 4, Treas. 41 Luther Burbank I-lower and Garden 2, 31 Librarian 41 Oklahoma Honor Seciety 2. DELSON FITZGERALD Quill Weekly Stall 4. ORVILLA IEAN FULLER Warrior 41 HiAY.W. 2. 3. LUCY ANN GARBER i.i.J Debate Letter 31 Home Room Re- porter 21 Quill Magazine Stall' 41 Quill Weeklv Stall' 41 Senior Play 41 AlIASchool Play 31 Bra- vette 2. 3. 4, Pres. 41iHi-Y.W. 2, 31 Biol, Tax. 3, 41 Luther Burbank Flower and Garden 3. 41 May Queen Attendant 41 N. I'I 4 DOROTHY LEE GATZ Chorus 21 Operetta 21 Vergilian 4, V. Pres. 41 Librarian 2, 3. 4. BETTY RUTH GIBBS Orchestra 21 Chorus 31 Operetta 31 Quill Magazine Stall 41 Quill VVeekly Stall' 41 Warrior 41 La lnnta 21 Librarian 31 Oklahoma Honor Society 2. 3, 4. GEORGE L. GRITZ IIMMY HALE Home Room Treas, 3. Reportqr 41 Wlarrior 4. Pres. 4. CLARENCE IIARDGRAYE Delta Theta 4. IO ANN HARE Bravette 31 Librarian 4, SE N1 ORS ROBLRT HARPIER Q- Home Room Treas. 2. IIQRRY HART Class V.-Pres, 25 Home Room V.-Pres. 2, Sec, 4, Reporter 25 Chorus 25 Operetta 25 Cheer Leader 2, 35 Bravette 2, 3, 4, Cheer Leader 2, 39 May Queen Attendant 45 Hand Queen 45 Thespian 3. KISNNIETH H. HASTINGS Biol. Tax, 2. IACK HATFIIELD Class V,-Pres. 35 Home Room Pres. 3, V.-Pres. 45 Orchestra 45 Band 2, 3, 45 Operetta 3. 41 All-School Plav 2, 35 Delta The- ta 45 N. F. Li 3, 45 Oklahoma Honor Society 4. RUTH HENSEL Home Room Reporter 25 Proctor 3, 45 La Iunta 3, IIEANNIE MARIE HFRRIAN Home Room Pres. 4, Vice-Pres. 3, Treas. 35 Operetta 25 Quill Magazine Stafli 45 All-School Play 25 Bravette 2. 35 Oklahoma Hon- or Society 4. ROGER F. HOBART Football Letterman 45 Basketball Letterman 45 Home Room V.- Pres. 35 Orchestra 2, 3. 45 Op- eretta 35 Delta Theta 4, Pres. 45 Oklahoma Honor Society 2, CAROLYN LOUISI2 HOBBS Class Treas. 45 Home Room Pres. 4, Treas. 25 Quill Magazine Starl 45 All-School Play 45 Delta The- ta 4, Sec. 45 XVarrior 4, Sec. 45 Bravette 2, 35 Oklahoma Honor Society 3, 4. RUTH HOLTZEN Trade and Industrial 4. IORRAINIE HOOD Home Room Pres, 2, 3, Sec. 45 Orchestra 2. 35 Quill M3g37II19 Stall' 45 Hi-Y.VV. 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4. Cabinet 2, 3. 45 May' Queen Attendant 45 Oklahoma Honcr Society 2. 3, 4. RACHEL ANN HOXVFLL Kappa Alpha 4, Vice-Pres, 4: VVarrior 45 Librarian 4. GRACE G. HRONOPIILOS Tennis Award 25 Table Tennis Award 25 Home Room V,-Pres. 3, Sec. 35 Bravette 2, 35 Okla- homa Honor Socielv 4. VIVIAN HUFFMAN Chorus 25 Operetta 25 Trade and Industrial 4. KATHERINE HUGGINS Orchestra 25 Quill VVeeklv Stall 45 Bravette 2, 3, 45 Luther Bur- bank Flower and Garden 35 Thes- pian 3. 4. DARIiN HOLT HURST Debate Letter 3, 45 Home Room Pres. 45 Orchestra 25 Band 2, 3, 45 Iunior Plav 35 Senior Plav 45 All-School Plav 45 Delta Theta 43 N. In L. 3, 4, V.-Pres. 4, Treas. 45 Oklahoma Honor Soci- ety 4. RUSSELL LOVVELL HLTTSON LILLIAN IAMISON Proctor 45 Home Economics Club 45 Bravette 45 Hi-Y. W. 45 Luth- er Burbank Flower and Garden 45 Librarian 4. OLIVE VIRGINIA IAYNE Home Room Sec. 3. Treas. 3, 45 Quill Magazine Statl 45 All- School Play 31 W'arrior 4, V,- Pres. 43 Thespian 3, 4. of 1940 VII2 LIQIZ IIASBROOK Chorus 3, 45 Operetta 3, 45 Quill NVeekly Stall 45 Warrior 45 Hi-Y.NV. 45 La Iunta 3, 4. GLEN HASKIN Football Letteriuan 3, 45 Track Letterman 25 Home Room Pres. 2, 4. Student Council Rep. 4. lack imzisi. MARY Maizcaaiurr HtaAoR1t1K Student Bodv Sec. 45 Home Rocm Pres. 2, 3, Sec. 2, Student Coun- cil Rep. 35 Orchestra 25 Chorus 25 Operetta 25 Quill Magazine Stall' 45 Delta Theta 45 Bravette 2, 3, 45 May Queen 45 Basket- ball Queen 35 Oklahoma Honor Society 2, 3. 4. IELSIF MAIE IIIBBIETS Chorus 25 Operetta 2. HAROLD IIIERBIERT HINTHIZR Football Letterman 3, 45 Home Room Sec, 4, Treas. 35 Operetta 45 Della Theta 4. Sgt.-at-Arms 4. BOB HODGIQS Football Letterman 3, 45 Track l.L'lli'l'lll1II1 2, 3, 45 Home Room Pres. 2, 35 Herald 4. IVIILBURN HOFFMAN Home Room Treas. 4. GEORGI2 IIORNISR Band 25 Chorus 2, 3, 45 Oper- etta 2. GliRAI.DINli IIOIIGII Warrior 45 Bravette 25 Trade and Industrial 4, Treas. 4, PAULINF HRONOPULOS Home Room V.-Pres. 45 Orches- tra 25 Bravette 2, 35 Librarian 4. IEVIERIETT IIIIFI-'MAN IIM HIIMPIIRIISS Trade and Industrial 4, RUBY IlllRI.I3IITT IDA MAYIQ IIYDIE Home Fconomics Club 45 War rior 4. MARY IDRIJSS IVES VIRGINIA inrrkmf IERALD o. IIMISON 0 40 5 ' ' 4 k it Q ai IIE, s ' :J 2' Af, ,z W- 1 ' 5315, if , , 5 'ffgjf RQ x 'w f mms.-3 if Hin mi: 93 3' -A "" ,SYS mn .ual lllll Q 'I H mn ' If gzm,-..Qi naw -13? K M A 'gsx-W 22335 25333 Q u -A "U-x -P , "'I! I .Y fn' n' fi: , ' 5 I 5. M. Q ,av " L. qt , f J ,gg gg x Af X. 5 M.. .,0. . M Q XE N: ,- x . J we Lx, f' T X .SW 1 ,. w wx I . K ! x FIA P' ,E 1 , 'eg . - , . ,1,.m..,,,YL, ,EZ 73li5rff5"f1fiw'-' asv: v N.-2 M.. f ', ,W C M- SENIORS IIOVVARD LEO IOIINDROVV Class Svc. 43 Ifoothall Lcttcrman 2, 3, 43 Track Lcttt-riuan 33 Homc Room Vicc'fPrcs. 3, 4, Scc. 3. Trcas, 23 Stuclcnt Council Rqi, 43 Chorus 2. 3, 4: Opcrctta 23 Dt-Ira Theta 4, Svc. 4, Trcaw, 4. Sgt.-at-Arms 43 Brzivc 3, Sgt. at- Armw 3. IIELIEN IOHNSTON IALAINE KEITH Homt- Room Sec, 2. 33 Briivcttt- 2, 3, 43 Thcepian 3, 4, Src. 3. ARTHUR KELLEY Homc' Room Vicc-Prcs. 43 Chorux 2, 33Biol. Tax, 2. llAROl.D KESTER Debate Lettcr 2, 3, 43 Homc Room Prcs. 43 Proctor 33 Chorux 2, 43 Opcrctta 23 Iunior Play 3: Sc-nior Play 43 AllfScliool Play 3. 43 Bravc 4 ,Prcx 43 Ili-Y. 23 N, If. L. 2, 3, 4, Vice'-Prcs. 3, Prcs, 4. PEGGY ANNE KILLION Home Room Trcas. 2. 33 Brax'cttc 3, 4. Co-Pros. 4, Sgt.-at-Arun 4. RUBY EVADNE KI.INGIlNBl5RC3 RICHARD M. KNOX D.D, Home Room V.-Prcs. 2, Svc. 2. Trrax. 33 Quill Mdgkllllll' Stall 43 Quill Wcckly Stall' 43 Bravc 2, 3, V,-Prcx. 3.1 KENNETH LANDAKER D' D' Home Room Pres, 43 Banil 33 Brave 3. IOHN LARRICK PAULINE LEVVIS Chorus 23 Opcrctta 23 VVarrioi' 41 Oklahoma Honor Society 4. IOIIN LINDELI. Stud:-nt Council Rrp. 43 Chorus 4. woiiuav LYNN C - L -O' liootliall Lcttcrman 3, 4: 'lirack Letterman 33 llouit' Room Sw. 3: Oklahoma Honor Society 3. 4. IOIIN DAVIS MAI.ONlfC'L' O' Ilomr Room Sec. 2. HELEN MARANVlI.I.E Bravcttc- 23 HEY. W. 23 La Iunia 33 Biol. Tax. 3. ALBERT McKAY MATTHEVVS Iiootball Letterman 3, 43 Track Letterman 3, 43 Homc Room Trcas. 43 Brave 2, 3. 4, Sgt.-an Arms 3. BETTY MCCLUNG Home Room Sec. 2, Student County Rep. 33 Bravette 3. 43 Trade and Industrial 4. Sac. 43 Oklahoma Honor Society 3, 4. MARY ELIZABETH McDOWELL Proctor 4. C.i..o. 'of 1940 I'AL'I. IONES LOLA MAE KECIK Home Roolu Trcax. 33 Wlirrior 43 Ili-N. XX. 23 I.a Iunla 3. CHARLES KENT IIMMIE KESNER HARRY EDGAR KING Home Room Sec, 2. Trcas. 33 Chorus 23 Opcrctta 23 Brave 3. 4. DOROTHY KIRTLEY Orchestra 2. 3. 43 Baud 4 Qflllllflh 3, 4. EVA KOEN Chorus 33 W'arrior 43 Hi-YAY. 2, 33 Lutlicr Burhank lflowcr anti Garden 3. Mit.'i'oN i.AMBi1ii'1'C'L ' O Student Council Rrp. 43 Bantl 2, 3. VVILLIAM GEORGE LAUPPE Proctor 3, 43 Dvlta Theta 4, IACK I.IiVER!CII Home Room Src, 2 NIARY l-RANCE5 LOGAN Orchcstra 43 Vlfarrior 43 Bravcttc 33 Vcrgilian 4, Trcas. 43 Lihra rian 4. IOE I.LlMIiN. Ir. Home Room Trm-as. 23 Chi rux 2, 33 Opt-rctta 2: Tratlc and Indus trial 3. 4. PEARL MALOTT Dchatc Lcttrr 3, 43 llomt' Room Scc. 43 Band 2: Chorus 2, 3, 43 Opera-tta 23 Quill Xvcckly Stall 43 Iunior Play 33 l3I'LlVt'lll'-41 Hi, Y.VV. 2, 3, 4, c.1lIllllL'l 43 N. I-, L. 3. 4. V.-Prw. 4, Rrportrr 43 Oklahoma Honor Srzcirty 3, 4. ETHEL GENEVA MAPHET Orchcstra 2. 33 LTIICITIILI 33 Bra- vctlc 33 Oklahoma Ilonor Socirty 3, 4. ' DONALD FRANK MATTIIEXYS Homo RUOIII Svc, 23 Proctor 43 Brave 3. 4: Hi-Y. 23 Oklahoma Honor Socirty 4. EDVVARD HAROLD MCCLAIN Homc Room Pres. 23 Brave 4. ORPHA IEAN MEECH Chorus 2, 3. 43 Operetta 23 Homi- Economics Club 43 Hi-Y. VV. 43 La Iunta 3. PEARL MEEKER SILYI ORS X'IfRNlIiI5.-X MI4II:R Proctor 4, IIifY.NY. 2g I.u Iunu 2. 33 I.ibrz1rian 4. I.OIS VIRGINIA MIQ'I4SCfHI1R Orcln-atm 2: Clhoruw 2. 33 Oper- rua 2, La Iunui 2. 33 Oliliilioniii Ilonur Society 3, 4. CTLARFNK IIE IE. NIILLIER Home Room Prcs. 4: Chorus 2. 3, Opcrcrui 2, Hi-Y. 2. I4L'CiI?NIi MILLIER Iootball I.clrcrnu1n 2, 3. 4, 'Iirucla l.L'ttcrm:in 41 IIomr Room Y. Prcs. 3, SIIILICIII Council Rell. 4. I3I5'I'AI'Ii MITCIHIILI. A - 2 . I-Iomc Room 'I'rczis. 3, Rcpoi'tn'r 2, Procutr 4: Quill XXI-ckly Stull 43 All-School Plan' 41 I3rzix'ctlc 2. 33 Lurhcr I3urIuink I-lower anal Clzirclcn 23 'lilirspiaii 2, 3. RI5X MOXCQRIIEII D1-Ita Tlictu 4. RALPH A. MOORIL Ir. Iroolbull I.L'llCI'IIlilIl 31 Stunlcnz Council Rcp, 4: Brava' -I. iusailcpm IANIQ MORAHANAQ. Y Homr Room Pru, 4. Y.-Iris. 4. Sac. 2. Rcporlcr 21 Orcluwrri 23 Quill Magazine Stull 43 Quill NYrckIy Stall 41 I3rau-Ltr 3, 4. R4-portrr 43 I.uthcr I3urImnk I-low cr anal Gurdon 3: lNIav Quccn Aucnflam 4. Ri JBI4R'I' A. MUSHVR AlTC5I'S'l'A MYI-R5 YYOIXIIVF li. NIQXYIIIXNI I3r:iwttc 32 I.ihrnrian 4. C. o IRVWIN RAY NICIHOI..g Home Room Pros. -4. Soc. 3. 4: Orchcsrra 2, 3, 41 Y.-I'n-x, 3. 41 Banml 2, 3, 42 Dclra Tlicrgi 4. V-Prcs 4 ROBERT C,3I.I-.NN NORRIS GAROLD XY. OBIlRI.IiNIDER Home' Room Y.-Ilru. jg XYMA, rior 4, IOIIN ooua, if. Q,L,O Chorus 2, 3, 45 Upcrctui 2, Bmw' 2, 3. uo1sAizT G. osariw C'l"O' Ioorbnll Lctlcrman 3. 4, Homu Room Pres. 3, Y.fI'rus. 4, Delux -Iihcta 41 May Quccn Altcnnlam 41 Tlicspian 43 OkIahom.i Honor Socicty 4. VI'ARRIiN POMMIIHI' -2.1. Lf.Q.JP,af- LLIZAI3 QIH ANN PRA'l"I4 Bruvcuc 2, 3, 4, Lutlicr I'Iurb.ml4 I-Iowrr and Climlvn 3. of 1940 NORMA IISANNIE MIISRISH Homc Room Svc. 3. Irons. 2: I'3rz1x'cllc 2, 3. 41 Librarian 3, BUD MILI.IiR I-oorball Lcttcrnizin 41 Bzukcxlmll I.L'llL'fIII1lIl 4: Iracli I-l'IICI'IllklII 2, 3, 4, Home Room V.-Prcs. 4, iIlI'L'iIS. 43 IDI-Inu Tllrla 4. ITRANKIIE IfAIi MII.I.IQR ISIDNA IAYIQ MILLS Home Iiconomics Club 4, Tllcs- lmiain 3. CQASI ISR lx'ION'I'C5OMIiRY LIQONA 'I.. MUORIQ Ilomn' Room Pics, 2, V.-I'rcs, 3, .SL-c. 4, Iruns, 4: I'Si'41x'vllu 2, 3, l3oil. ILIX. 3. U. I.. MORRIS Ilonu' Room Ra-Iiortcr 25 liraivc 3, 45 I.zi Iunm 2, 3. I.AX'I-.RNA MORRUXX' I Ionic Room Src. 3, I rcus. 31 I li-Y. VV. 2. 3, Biol. Tux. 35 I.uthcr I'surb1ink I-Iowa-r anal Gur- flun 3. MJXXINIE MYIQRS Ilomc Room Svc. 2, 33 Oklaho- lllil Honor Sock-ty 2, SI-IIQRXVUUD M. NIIISUIXI Cllasx Prcs. 2, 3, 43 llclmutc Lck- lcr 3, 41 Ilomc Room Prvx. 3, 'Iircus. 4, Iiaincl 2, 3, 43 Chorus 3, 4, Quill Magazine Stall 4, Iuuior Plav 33 Senior Play 45 AIlfSchooI .PIav 2, 41 Dclra Thr- lil 4, V.-Prcx,'4Q Hi-Y. 23 May' Quccu Atta-mlniu 4, N. Ii. I.. 3. 43 Olclaihomzi llonor Society 3, 4. VIVIENNIQ NICHOLAS Proctor 4, Chorus 43 Brzlvctlc 3, 4: Luther I3urbank Illowcr ancl Ciairzlcn 3. ISILIZIEN NICIIOLS Homz- Room Trans. 2, Rcportcr 33 Homr Iiconomics Club 4. AVIS IIEAN ODIQLI. Orchcstrzi 3, Librarian 43 Chorus 2, 31 Ops-renal 23 Quill Magazine Smurf 4, Delta 'I'Iu-ra 4, Bravcm- 2g Vcrgiliain 4, Oklahoma Honor Society 3. GII.I3I3R'I' LEROY OGDEN Iiootbaill I.ctlcrlnun 3, 43 Home Room Prcs. 3. HFLIQNIQ PIEARCQIZ VL-rgilirm 4. VVALTIER PIZARSON Iflomu-Room I'rcs. 3. V.-Pros. 2, Suulcut Council Rep. 4. RUBY MAIE PRYOR Chorux 2. 3: Iunior Plnv 35 AII! School Play 3. MARY IfI.I.IiN PIICII Clhorux 23 Oivvrutm 2, Thcspinn 4, S15 Nl C DRS lllzl.liN IIQANNIQ Pl'l.l4ORI3 llomc Room Svc, 2. Stunlvcnt Council Rcp. 43 Bantl 2. 3, 4. Sri. 4. Lilvrariun 43 liravctlt' 4. BOBBY RAASCIII MARGARITI' lf. RICHARDSON llclmatt' Lcttcr 33 Proctor 43 All- Stliool Play 33 Vl'arrior 43 Bra- XUIIL' 2. 33 Hi-Y.VV. 23 N.I5.l.. 2. 3. 43 Tlu-spian 3 .4, ROXYIQNA MAP RICHARDSON Xxlllffllll' 41 Brawtu' 3. QLIQORCQIA ROBINS Home Room Rcportcr 2: Cliorux 23 Opt-rctta 23 Brava-ttc 43 lliiw, IVl.lIl 4. BlI.I.Y ROBINSON GIEORCI1 SAl.l.l15 llomc Room Prus. 4. BONNI li MARIIQ SC QHAI-'N l'I"I' ROBIZRI' LAMAR SliAl.l2 Homc Room 'lirt-as. 23 Iuuior Plaxv 33 Brave 3. 43 Olftlahoma Iloiior Society 4. .Il tx- . lv, , f . l.L3XK'lTl.I. H. SHANNON Orclicstra 2. 3. 4 llikllltl 2- 3, 41 Ucltzi Theta 43 Biol, lax. 2. 4., IDIQLLA Llili SMITH Homn- Room V.-Pros. 4: Tradi- antl lntlustrial 43 Oklahoma Houf or Socicty 4. DOROTHY l.OlllSli SINIITII Orclwstra 23 Quill lxr12IgHlIllL' Starl 43 Quill XVn'ckly Stall 42 Iunior Play 33 Bravcttc 2. 3. 43 Nlax' Quccn Attrutlant 43 Tlzcs- pizln 33 Olil2ll1UlllZl Honor Socictj 2, CQISORCDIQ SMITII ll.'XRUl.lJ TRAVIS SMl'I'll SAM C. SMITH Class V.-Pru. 4. SCC. 33 Homm- Room Prcx. 2. V.-l'i'cs. 3. Src. 3. Stuclcnt Counuil Rep. 43 Or- clwstra 2. 3, 43 Banrl 2. 3. 4. Y.-llrtw. 43 Opt-rctla 3. -ll Quill Magavinc Stull' 43 Delta llicta 43 Max' Quvcn Attuuilant 43 Okla lioinii Honor Socicty 3, 4. XYINIIRIED SMl'l'll Proctor 33 Chorus 2, 3. 43 Upcr vita 23 Quill Miiguviuif Stall 4: Quill NVQL-kly Stall 43 Ili-Y.NY. 2. 3, 4. Calunut 43 Liorarian 42 'l4l1L'SlTlilll 3, 43 Ulilalmomgi llonor Socicty 2. 3, 4, Rl TTI I MARIIS S'l4liPI IENS Oklziliotna Honor Socit-ty 2. VIERNIIZ STISPHENSON lirack l.CllL'I'IllLlIl 33 llomc Room Pros, 2, 3. V.-Prt-5. 4, SCC. 2. of 1 940 SAMPIEL RIQGIPR Student Boily lrcae. 43 Track l.L'ttt'rman 2. 3. 4: Homr Room 'llruiix 4. Stuilt-ni Council Rep. 3: lgllllil 2. 3, 4. Lilmrzlriau 43 Opt-rutta 3, 43 All-School Play 3. 4: lk-lin 'llicta 4. lrcas. 43 f2lil1ll10IIlLl Honor Society 3, 4. Bll.l. Rl'lODl5S D- D ' Banil 2. 33 Opt-rcttn 33 Ilclta vllllklll 4. l,l5XYlS RICHIQY lootluall lA'lIk'I'Il1.lII 4. Cl'lARl,l2S IIARIAN ROARR. Ir. CfIlARl.lfS ROIJI-NBFRCS. Ir. VVANIHA RODMAN MJ fj l.ilmrari.m 43 'l'Iit-xpi' i 3 . Ok- laliomii Ho Soci A l' M3 1,1 P, 'Q ako" ,lo-fl' ,A I Ho Roo Trcas. '2. Stlutlcnt Count' cp. 43 ul 2:63 .Quillr M' . ic l' 43, ill XVs:gjQ4v a 43 t-Ita ta'-1. liljfomfr ,f 45 ' 33 Oklllllillnll Hun 6 l or midi 3. I f' rv! Iv' ' an I 5 D, ll!l 3 IU SCl'llVlll5'l' .S ' If Oklahoma Honor Sr:t3icly'4. FRANK SIMARID Homr Room Y.-Pri-s. 3. Sturlrnt Counfil Ruin. 4. LUIS SIMPSON Home Room Sec. 33 Orclicslra 2. 3. 4, SCC. 41 Cliorus 2. 3. 43 Quill Magalint- Stall 43 Quill Xlfclilv stun' 4. mv. W. 2. 3. -1. L5 lunta 3. Src, 33 Oklalioma llonor siii-ii-fy 2. 5. 4. lfl.OY SMITH Home Room lrvais. 43 Band 3. 4. Sllltlrul lllruutor 43 Dultzi lI4llCI11 4. Src. 43 Oklzilioma Honor SotiA ctv 4. IRANKLIN IQARI. SlXfIl'lAl'I l3aslu-llvall LL'IlCl'IlILlIl 3. 4: Home Room V.-Pros. 4. Sluclvnt CouuA cil Rup. 43 llcltzl -lllIL'lLl 4. Vllrrax. 43 Oklahoma Honor Svciclx' 2. 3. 4, . IAIVIIQS IVIARSII1-Xl.l. SINIITH Proctor 32 Cliorux 33 Biol, Tax, 2. 3. MIERLIN RICII IARD SMITI I Tratlr anil luiluxtrigil 4. IVAN SNYDIQR Cliorus 23 Opt-rctta Z3 NYarrior 43 Hi-Y, XY. 43 YL-rgilixui 4. Prcx. 4, l,ll7l'llflLlI1 43 Olillll115IllH Honor Socictv 3. 4, l7Ol'Gl.AS SPIIERS l5ootlxall l.t-ttcrmnn 2. 3. 43 lflomg Room Y. Prcs. 4. Src. 3. IRLIENIS IXIARII4 S'llfRRl7lAl Proctor 43 Homu l5conou.ics Cluln 43 Bruvuttc 43 Hi-Y. VV. 3. 43 La luntzi 4. Trcas, 43 Luther Bur- lmanla Plowci' and Garclvn 4, . , I MARY IANI2 S'l'liVliNSON Hi-Y, XV. 23 Lu lunta 2. SEN! ORS AILISIEN STliVK'AR'l' BIZATRICIIE S'I4UAI.rXI5ARCI3.R Class Ireax. 55 Delmate Letter 55 45 Sturlent Council Rep. 4: Prot- tor 55 Chorus 25 OIKLTY-'IU1 25 Quill lvlagxilinc' Slzil'I 45 Iunizir Play 5 5Senior Plat 45 All-School Plan' 25 Briivette 2. 5, 45 Sec. 43 N,'l7.l,. 3. 4. Pres, 41 II.I1CSIlI1lIl 5. 4. Viet-APrex. 55 Oklaluoina Honor Society 2. 5. 4. IONE SIORIQY Proctor 4. KAIHI.I5IiN SIORIEY Oklgilioinzi Ilonor Society 4. OPAL IVIARII5 TFSKI- Cjhomg 2, 73, -43 Olseretlzi 2. War' rior 4. Iil-ITY IIEAN IHOMAS Home Room Sec. 5, Reporter 45 Clhofnx 23 Operetm 25 Iirzivette 4. l:YIiRIi4I"l' 'IINGLIQY Clliorux 25 Operettxi 25 Biol. -lux. '7 HAROLD TOIVIPKINS Delta Ilmetgn 45 I.1i Iuntu 5. 4. Sgt.-at Arms 4. ll5XX'l5l.l. 'I'L'i1K MARY MARCil'lzRlI'l1 IIiI.iIiNI'.I4 I5I5iI4iI'Y IO IIIIASLIQR Student Council Rep. 25 Chorus 25 Operettai 25 Vllirrior 45 Brai- XUIIC 55 Trade and Industrial 4. V,-Pres, 45 Qklalionm Honor So- eietv 4. O7IiI.I.A AIIIURIQY VANOVIER XYnrrior 45 Iirxnette 55 lli,Y. XV. 55 I.1i Iuntxi 5. CiNl'IfINII7Ol.YN XYACQGONIER Proctor 5, 45 Home Ifeonomies Cfluli 45 Brzivette 25 HifY YV. 21 Uklalioina Honor Societx XX'Il.I.l8liNli 1. NYAl5.J Aij. Cfliorux 2' I5rux'ett- -. 5"Lutl1 Iiiirlnnik I7lnixi'L'rJ5?Rl + xl 5 ' , . 9, I t V yjl 5. MAJ ia if i.i.J e 1 I 'es '- ex . r JJ yy' 2' b, MM ' 'HA ivmqziii .xvfxiy 'il ,W Sim I 1' Uk 24 X I If ex 25- rzivyfx- 2. .. 4 'f' J L Nw I I .. . t . L I MVIII1 -jIi?1'rL'9 5: . rrior 4: ii iyir I P' X I t I RJ I J v r , , , X U Ji ,JR ' I Q Q08 ' VI' I I. QR x ii 'J ' ' IIXII rriof' 3.isi...:z.l?i..?iQ. fi or YI BIQRLXYARRIKIK' . Iifingl 4, b D X3 J JJ1P'I1I?nu ,ix 4 fri 37 of 1940 I.YI.Ii H. SIONI4 Home Room Sew.. 25 Biol. lax. 2, 5. ANNA SI. IOHN Proctor 4. HENRY ANION SYKORA Home Room Pres. 41 Delta 'flie- ttl 4. Pres. 45 Ol-ilailioma Honor Soriety 5. 4. HAROLD Ii. TAII5 Ir. Home Room V,-Pres. 2, Stu-- clent Council Ra-lu. 5, 45 Orches- trzi 2. 5, 4, Bus. Mgr. 5, 45 Band 2. 5. 45 Opurvtta 5. 45 Quill IVI4ig4izine Stull 45 Quill NYeekIv Stull 45 Delta Ilietzi 4, Treats. Pres. 45 QI-clalioniai Iloiior Socif ery 2, 5, 4. CLARA IQ, 'IAHUMPSON Orcliestru 25 Ili-Y.NN'. 2, 5. ClER'I4RI.'I7Ii HIiI.I2N 'I'INGI.IiR Home Room Sec. 2, Student Council Rep, 25 Orchestra 2. 55 45 Delta Ihetii 45 Hi-Y.XY. 25 Vergilizui 4, See. 45 Oklgilionin Honor Society 4. DALI5 IRIZIVIAIN Lutlier Iiiirliunk I-lower :incl Clair- clen 2. IIQRRY 'I'RII4I-IEI Student Iictclv Pres. 45 Iennis Awiircl 2, 45 Home Room Reporb er 25 Quill lwhguziiie Stull 45 Quill XXX-I-kly Stull' 45 lunior Plav 55 Senior Plav 45 All-School Plav 2, 45 Brave Biol. Tax. 25 Queen Altentliuil 45 Oklailioniiii Honor Society 2, 4. ILIVIIQR A. UNRUH Home Room Pres. V53 Stinlg-in Council Rep. 25 XYzirrior 4. X'lCl'I4OR iwiwii 1oHN 1 vmiaie, 11-. D.D, Home Room V.-Pres, 5, See, 23 Baiml 2. 55 Quill lvluguzine Stall 45 Dt-lm Tlietii 45 Treus, 45 Muv Queen Aueitclziiu 4. I CLIEORUE ALVIN YOUI' Clliorus 25 Opera-ttii 2. AI.ICQlf LOIIISIQ XVAKPN Clmorux 55 Briiwtte 55 'liliexpinn 55 Irzirle :ind Industrial 4. VIRGII. RAY XYALKIQR IJOROII IY NYAI.'I4RII' Home Room Pres. 4, Sec. 5. Stu' dent Council Rep. 45 Xllirrior 45 N I' I 5 4 LiI.I2NN:X XY,-XN1PI.liR Bnnml 25 XYaii'rior 45 Ili-Y. XY. 2. I 'I ,fi ,, , 1 1 Q. 1 .1 y CHARLIQS CQ. XVI-.I5I3I.l' Home Room IIILW. 4. Y.fPrex, 55 Orfliextrti 2, 5. 4. 'I're1is. 45 I5zuicI 2. 5. 4. IAHFU XYIIIBQN SEN! O RS NORYAI. IJUXYAIQIJ XYIBT Iluuu' Room V.-I'rus. 4: Qrclu-xf tru 2. 3, 43 Bauul 5. 4: Quill lXl2lg2I7lI1C Stall 45 Quill XXX-1-lily Quill 4, ISILI. XYllAl.l1N I-louis Room 'I'rl-us. .53 Bguul 2. 51 IR-lui 'I'lu'la1 45 Uklallmuu Honor Soclrty 4. MAXINIQ XVILIZY Xxklilffltlf 43 Hi-Y. VV. 2. .51 l.llll1-r ur Iiurlmnuk lTlUXYL'l' anal Garllru 3. XY.-XYNIQ NV. XYIIIS Humr Raoul V.-I'rcs, -I1 C,lu1r'11x .51 cJlUL'l'ClILl 3. Ii.-XRIi.'XIi.'X IIEANNI5 XYOOTIN Ilmuc Rouxu llrcx. 2, Y.-I'rcx. .53 Orxliuslrai 2. 31 Chorus 2: Opvr- rrm 21 Cllnw-r l.i'illlL'l' -I: Brain-lla' 7 . , . . I -, 5, -I, Soc. 43 Ihcsplalu 5, -I. CfI'CilI. XYALUON XYRIGHT I-Iuuu' Ronin Sur. 2, -IAITRIN. 4. MAI5 DORIS ZIMMIERLIQ 'llraulc anal Iuclustrial 4. IDURIS VIRGINIA ZINK Ilmuv Room Pres. 3, lrcas. -I1 Stuclcun Council Hcp, 5, Bravcttc 3. 41 Max' Qui-rn AtICllKlkllll 41 'I'r.uIc aucl Industrial 4. Reporter 41 Ukluliruuu Huuor Sucicty 3, 4. OPENING FOR ASSEMBLY America the Beautiful 'I lltdlllllllll fur .rpm inns ,rk14'.r, iw lmilwr zw1z,w.v nf grain, I-nr pnrplz' fnrvlrnlrlzzv majzxtirs qllmcr flu' fmztrrl plrunl :I rnrm ul ,'1'777l'7Il al lfufl ylrul Hlx grail' nr! Iliff, .Alml iruuvz ilry gnml with Izrntlrrrf lumrl, I-rr-rn .vm In .rlrirzmg xml Oath of Allegiance I plnllgff Hllt'lQl!U'7l'l' tu flwf flag nf flu' I'mtml Starry of fl7fl1'fI't'lI, and fn ilu' rwpzrlfln' for zulullr it 5t.f1m1',i, um' mzlzrrn, IiIIlIUl.Yll1lI', with lilzrrtvv and llIlSllL'f' fm' ull. Hail, Enid High school llrul, Ima' High .Sl lmul! Nnlllf and rzmng, 'lf' Iliff' with luynl lwartx uw mm' mfr 5Ii71g.l SlIl'FllliItQ tn llt'I1Z.'f'1'l land UIIT przzixfqf Mug, llzul, lfwia' Hi-gb Sf'lmnl.l Of tlrrz' in' .vmgl of 1 940 IANIYI' XYHIIIQ HKJIIIL' Rucuu Src, 4, 'l4I'L'1lS. 41 Bmvcttc 3: Hi'Y.XY, 4: I.ax Iuu- tu 4, I'rv.'s. 41 I.utl1rr Burlmuk Illuwi-r null Gamli-u 4. ISESSIIQ CIORRIEAN XVIIl'I'SIT'I' Home Fcuuonmiu Clulv 4. MARY CI IARI.U'IA'l4lQ XYILSON Ilroclzmr 43 Bzuul .51 Cflmurus 5. 41 Opt-rclm 3, 43 Ili-Y.VN, 5, 4, Clnlviurt 4: il-llkusltlllll 3, 4, MARCLARIYI' If. XYOOIJRLTI- Vlhrriur 4. fllflxlll VI'YCIliOlflf l'lUlllL' Ronin llrw. 4. illrvas. 2, lil IGIQNIZ YOVNC2 IiI.IZAI3I5TH ZINSIQR Orclicstra 2. 3, 41 Quill Mixgix- Am' Stall 43 AII'SchooI lllax' 23 7 I-I1-X . VI. -, 5. 43 Ilwspuln 3, 4. Scc. .51 Olcluhuum Huuur Suck-ty 5. The PIainsman's Creed I l11fllr'L'z' IH lffzia' llilqlr Srlmnl, lwr lrrmlllmfzx aml lrlfrllsj I lu'lic'L',f' IN lmmivty 111 l'l't'7"V-lllly tasks and in f.11tlJf1rlmf.v,v H1 zlnty: I lu'lir'L'r In flu' luv Ilmt mrmnv from zvrzrth zwlvllff lim, lqzrzrrzurx lU7YlTfl!ll'.Yl7lI7, ami luynl .wruzi 1' In my .ulmulg l lzvlizfw' In rrmdrsly in villory and an rrnfnnrlrlrnllzls spirit in drfrntg I lufllffue In k'1'f'pi71g faith with my IIl'lL7lllHlY, my fatlwr and mutlrrr, my nnnntry, and my Coll. Devotionals An Evening Prayer If I lmw' zvnzfrzdnl any .mul today, lf I liars l1m.vr'd nm' font tu gn fu-1 ray, If I lmw' 1l'lIlAf'I1 IH my nwn tvillfnl way, Dffnr l.nrn', fnrlqfgfl Ervin HIGH Sci iool HPHll!UlllililllilillIllllillilliiilPlHKS By Duc Senator H. Styles Bridges, speaking in his broad New England accent. left some im- portant thoughts with the student body of Enid High School when he spoke here last February I3, hlr. Bridges is the junior Unit- ed States Senator from New Hampshire. The occasion for his being in Enid was the annual Li-ncoln Day Banquet held by the Repub- lican party each year on or near l.incoln's birthday. Now a candidate for the nomination on the Republican ticket for the President of the United States. lVIr. Bridges stressed the importance of High School education in the national government, He also stated that the kind of school citizen one is today largely determines the kind of a citizen he will he in the future. The Senator told the dangers a hero- worshipping people would be forced to en- counter. He said the American people were nxnxxxxxxxnsxxxxxxxnnxxxxxxxs Compliments of Henninger Funeral Home o Lucurc Hiaxxixciau Mirusk o Phone 87 txxxxxxxnixxnnnxxssinxunxxxu K KNOX displaying deplorable tendencies in always wanting to be with the winner. This lack of originality makes it less and less probable that outstanding leaders which are to be selected tomorrow from the youth of today will be developed. xxxsxxxxxxxiixxtxxxxxxixxx!! BORN'S for Service Telephone 639 fAt Born's Five--Way Cornerj nxxxxnnuxxxxxxnxxxxiinxxxxxx xxxsasxnxxxxxxxxxxxxxuxsxxxu UYOM1' Diamonds ReseLJ in your Presencei' 217 North Independence 45 uxssnxxnuusxssxunixxxsssi BEST WISHES SENIORS from 1 xxxxxsuxsxxsxxsxxsxssusxxxs Insurance . . Loans Keyed to the Communityls Progress and Need N. F. Weatherly Bass Building 5sssnxssnsxstusussssssssssxx sxnxxnxsxxtxuxxiuusssits 1fiS!TORS FNQEETEI? SM. HIGH DOWN YI-IIIDS LNIDJ MILL vs nnuvw 10 20 30 40 50 40 30 20 I0 I s ww- fx MEI: , :J--ff' Wx 3 Q 5 HYUH IH As the house lights tliiuniul anal the eur- tain rose, you anal l settletl haelt in our seats for a splenclitl eveningis entertainment when the Senior class presentetl Phillip Pial'1'i"s ronierlykclrania, lim and I. A clehonair novelist, Portrayetl hs' Terry Trillct, enters the Vxihite householcl anal with a small hit of philosopliy elianges the course ol' four lives. Those of lvlr. antl hlrs. XVhite. otherwise Beatrice Stoalahargur anal Sherwooal Nelson. and their son. Rotlwick, playecl hy Harolzl Kester, anal Veronica Duane, his svveetlmeart, known to us as Lucy Ann Garf her, Roderick having ht-en intrigut-tl hy the eloelueut. selfftnacle business Iuan. Plarecl hs' Daren Hurst, has tltfcitlt-tl to take a Position with a factory autl give us his amhilions of becoming an architect. hir. XVhite. sincerely believing the novelists theory that "most men live lives of quiet desperation." because he hail given up his own opportunities in art for marriage, finally, with Veroniea's aitl, pt-rsuatles Roclericlt to go to liurope to coni- plete his stutlies. The maicl portrayetl hy Faynola Armstrong, supplies the conietly with her nioclest anal oltl-niaitlish ways. The play was mlirectecl hy Miss Ruth lvioyer who was assistecl with the stage properties hs' the class sponsors, hliss Carol iX'lires aucl Cecil Gott, Uther assistants were Bill Briggs, Pearl lvlalott, Betty Ann Pratt, lane lN1orahan, Lorraine Hootl, lack Hatlaelcl. lX4ary lVlargaret Heaclriclt, lone Storey, anal lvlary Doris Clunninghani. Always looketl forwartl to as the beginning of the closing Senior activities, this yearls Senior Play livetl up to the sentiment at- tached to all things having to do with grail- uation and the Senior sphere of things. You and I was tops in cveryhoclyis opinion. xxxxxxxxuxxxxxnxssxxxnxsx xi Congratulations Seniors! FOR THE BEST IN- ' Office Supplies ' Fountain Pens ' Books of All Kinds visit Vater's Book Store IQ6 XX'est Randolph Phone IUOU s-nnuxxngxuxsxuxxxnxnnx-nu Wm W if gg, My f au, +1 NMfff4Q W Wm Z if Q Wi, V J 'J ,gf Jw G 1 f 511111111 Qllfiill um .ffffsmfmzfi 1 1 11' - 1'?11!i1. H'N 1 1 .' 'Y' '. . '. Q 111111.11'1 Us11111'111 811111 81111111 .11111 1K'lAI'X 114111.11111 .XIH1 C1l1111L'1'.11111 S11l'l'XX1NM1 NL'1N1JI1. . - 1J111f1'1,11 . .,. .1. ... I 1. 1.1K1Q .'xXI'141I'L1. 11111 1I'111L'I 411111 17111111111 S11 11111 1gI'1E-:E-:N 111111 1111'1111111- H111111, ' 1f1111Qf111,f1, N1Qll'1 N1.1I'gLl1'l'1 11l'.1l11'1C1X 11,,.1111- 11.11, 1I17K1gl11N III at 50 THE QUIL1. MAGAZINE X ' 1 v C 8 U 'T i By cAaoLYN Hoses Pastel formals varying from simple loveli- ing that he had slept over night. He return- ' I ness to youthful elegance, snowy white suits, ed to his home, but found it deserted. No U gnomes, tulips, hoboes, dogs, Maypoles, one even recognized him. While he slept, VA ' , Dutch girls, and mountain spirits appeared the Revolutionary War was fought, and when l . . . . ., . H 3 , e or 'S ' ' ' V' ' in a galaxy of radiant lovellness as thousands he cried, God bless King George, the peo- N 'E of Enid townspeople-parents and friends- ple thought he was a Tory. . X. watched Enid High School's most colorful His daughter, Iudith, now grown, offered ' '1 romantic tradition-the annual May Fete. Rip a home. He learned that Dame Van L' The May Queen elected by members of Winkle had died- OXFORD HOTEL , MARTIN GARBER l l cflflanager l tixxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxtt ' xsxxxxxixxxxxxxxxxxxxtxxxxxi l Congratulations to the Senior Class! T .M W i LAURA M. WYATT ' Bonded Abstractor Broadway Tower Enid, Okla. xxx!sxlxxxxxxxxixxixxxxixtt l the Senior class was the charming Mai'y Margaret Headrick, the classis choice for Herald, Bob Hodges, accompanying her. Their attendants, likewise the choice of three hundred Seniors, were Lucy Ann Gar- ber and Sherwood Nelson, Doris Zink and Iack Arford, Ierry Hart and Sam Smith, Laura Hall and' Hobart Osburng Dorothy Smith and Terry Triffetg Lorraine Hood and Bill Briggs, Doris Dillon and Richard Boep- pleg and lane Morahan and Buddy Vater. Flower girls were Barbara Io Autry, Eliza- beth Ann Marshall, Paula lane Kirk, and Mary Elizabeth Youngman. Patty Io Mc- Coy was the crown bearer, and David Selby was the page. Following this interesting group came the entire Senior class followed by the members of the High School Girls' physical education classes who presented the pageant for the Queen and her classmates. Following the impressive crowning of the Queen by the Herald amid a blare of trllmp- ets, the pageant began. The theme of the May Fete this year was Washington Irving's Rip Wn Winkle. Rip was a lovable fellow who tended to every- body's business except his own. He was well liked by his children, Judith and Rip, his dog, Wolf, and all of his neighbors. But Rip was henpecked. VVhen he aroused the wrath of his wife by failing to mend the shutter of their house, she turned him out into a raging storm. Rip and his faithful dog, Wolf, went to the mountains, where they had gone before when they left home. There they found some little men who were making thunder and lightning by rolling ninepins down the moun- tain sides. These little men were Hendrik Hudson and his followers, vanished now one hundred and Hfty years, who had been turn- ed into gnomes, and were now on the moun- tain. Rip took a drink from the jug the lit- tle men had with them, felt very drowsy, and went to sleep, Twenty years later Rip awakened, think- Rip was very happy. He sat on the bench with his old crony, Nicholas Vedder and gossiped, and all the villagers rejoiced in his return. Adding to the natural charm of the story were dances depicting scenes and events in the life of Rip. First was the Dance of Rip Van Winkle and His Idle Friends who en- joyed life loafing around the inn of Nicholas Vedder. The Rain Dance Followed. Rip's Dog's Dance found Rip and his faithful dog in the mountains liking the novelty of see- ing the Dance of the Mountain Spirits. While in the mountains they watched the Gnomes Playing Nine-Pins. In the mountains they had seen the Indians dressed in native Indian costume, dance. At this point Sleep overtook them. After they awakened, they returned to the village to find it ruled by the Spirit of '76, A patriotic dance in colorful costume result- ed. Back in the village the Dance of the Dutch Garden, Tulip Dance in varied colors, and the Dance of the Dutch Children in their rejoicing that Rip Van Winkle had returned to live with his daughter, now a lovely woman, ended the story. Given annually under the direction of Miss Nelle Moore, the theme, Rip Van Winkle, found particular favor. Accompanists were Kathryn Batten, Iean- ne Porr, Frances Weber, Frances Brown, Dor- othy Ann Thurman, and Iean Sims. Also assisting with the musical background for the processional and the dances of the pageant were G. R. Bonham and the mem- bers of the Enid High School band. Characters in the story were: Rip Wil Winkle .......................,.,.. Billie Ann Couch Dame Wm Winkle ........... .....,,., H annah Lou Stout luditb, Rip's daughter .... .,....... P atsy Eddleman Young Rip .................... ........... D ottie Webber Iuditb, as a child .......................... Mary Esther Selby Rip, as a child .................................... Ted Moore, Ir. Nicholas Welder, the innkeeper ...... Eva Hronopulos Wolf, Rip's clog ............................ 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KL'NIk'l, Arnold, l.lllltQ.l'L'll, Iamler. Il, ENID HIGH SCHOOL 53 nxssxxxxtxssxxxxssenss-as-5 x X We ap eeiate yo tro e K 1 ,xg 1 jrrxl 'Roux Blake, XY. Smith, I1 1 Malott. f Se f'f1 r1d'Row:Sc1tt CSponsorj, Btll Garber 1l1l1s Mitchell, Anderson. J I Third 'Fowf Durharn. Sehafrot Knox VVt5t, ' Ka man Store 4 fac at several IIlL'IUlJCI'S ff eated Besides tl - CVCIIIS at had V to be co tl eacl1 ICI' was 1e 1111 p Il 11ctio 1 which t-he tw classes carr l ou t beih tl1e wri '1 f scho ews 1' cl from e grade 1ools 21 c e twt 11io ig Scl1oo ', he n1 ial from 'ff 1 3 """ "1" A 'ff'- these d 'e lf sehr l was coll-c on Tues- ' day ev gs, sto ' written 1 tl1e11 ken " """ """"' ' "" B AF to the ews ll for pu lication i11 th ri- Aeclair11ing4Jtself as .nid Hi 1 '1ool. fl? CVl'UlUg iflglf- Hl' PC1', The fvenmg Srl 4' ,hrst ap- ivery . ent of TC two 7lll'l1l'lllS 1 u 0 ts pe 1ri11g e1' of 190 classes tributed is to tl1e er y y e year lf saw 21 futil attempt ' tl1ro1 ut tle 'ar, al t was b use to change t Squeak the Herald. t'r s e f h take the 1ll 'es 'bility at tl1e disa pointment in , 19 f editin t Pape' that staffs c oseng had r lt-tl arou c to the fal son 21 1e lllCI1llJ'l'S of IC s s lIlCllltl first 'and - papt'r, t' QW! l Hy s ap- see 1 semes -r A Peet v: arold T V S proved e principal, ll the t issue 1 enneth 1ln1ia, t OYS-lll'ClllL'fQ ck deliverq to the studen Cl1bCl'...3, 1903 11ox ant -arl Malcm u anaw -c' orsg 1 . A , , I ' Since tha time r1ir wo U e l1av pas 'cl cha otl1 and Betty Buxton, ssociate Enu Leading I 6 675 by ,and st faf 1' s ha' ld the r s nsi- Lois Sim so11 a11d Mal" oris Cun- ' bility 1 u 1i g ' y P 1 . Now ll ngham, asso ' te- edi orsg 'y Falter and CASH Of -DTT we hav ea' 40. 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I 1 lfnnrllr lfmu: XV:1kc11, lluggins, Krilll. lutclmw, Stoululrurgcr, Hatch lSI7UI1NLlI'l, Stnrllicld. Davis. Slllllll. l:0lllVLlX', lvlitcllcll. lkfrtlv linux' Rmlumn, XYilson, lhlgar. Richnrllxon. Van Valkcnlnurg. lllB'I1C, ciI'L'i'liII10l'C, IXFIIUII, fllllIOll, Craig. .bllxlll Kun-.' Ziusur, Blllll'l'IIll'lNIi'I'. llnrl, Buxton, Bank, Nusluuum, Nlur- ggux, KLlIIlll1L'I'lk'll, Nnxmx, Rulmlnm. .Slueiztla Row: Plank, Thurman. Bulchcr, Duff, XVuters, Hanna, Schmidt, Arvin, Scars. I.cc, 56 .xxlltxtxtxxxxxtxxxxxxlxxtxix f,gK" Q Q 9 - Q ,,s'6Pz41s.QA':4.4 ,s.XxXga' tif, 44 S147 17- ' "!'?2:. 4' ', fc ' ,L P 'q ,,..Q." "ffm S','.ffJiw Mfg.. .' xg- Q., vb, 1, .-.1an-Aa.1-L1n'i'.1.A4.LL4..a..-1.-. "4 -I iitsnrwitfintni. BROS. JOBBFRS -A llllllilllll l'llllll"lll'lllh. Congratulations to the Senior Class! 0 SYRACUSE--the world's finest china- ware-made in America. It's light and thin but strong and durable. delicately shaped and gracefully fashioned. Match- ings are available for a lifetime. 9 You will Hnd everything from the in- expensive designs to rich gold etchings, Every pattern is open stock. 217 North Grand Phone 269 xxxxxtxxxxxxixxxsxxxxxsxxxxx QQQHQIHIQIHIQQQQQHQHQQUH lfVisbing You Continued Success! L. F. SCHUNEMAN SALES AGENCY UNDERWOOD The Llflachine of Champions ' Standard ' Noiseless ' Portable SALES and SERVICE Call for free demonstration. v Phone 4770 420 S. Tyler Enid, Okla. uxxxltuulxxixttxxtxixitlllti i 1 l I v l HMIHIHHN lllUIIHlIllN By LUCY ANN CARBER The three simple Rys versus American Education Week-the ideal of loyalty to the nation that resulted in the nineteenth an- nual celebration of stressing AMERICAN- ISM through National Education Week. Last year over seven million parents visit- ed schools during this period set aside as a 'week,' education week.-"Education for the American Way of Lifei' appeared as its timely theme, and from this was derived the topics for each day. On Monday Enid High School began its full schedule of en- tertainment with the Rotary Club luncheon in the high school cafeteria. The theme for the day, perhaps the most vital one of all, "Education for Living Together", we prac- tice by going to school with one another and becoming life-long friends. We must also have "Education for Civic Responsibility" as we begin making our live- lihoods-this was the theme for Tuesday. This luncheon for the Kiwanis Club was also in the school cafeteria. At these luncheons girls were selected from fourth hour classes to escort the men to luncheon, then to show them over the building answering any questions they might ask, pertaining to school life. Following this tour, a general assembly was held in the band room, where a program had been planned for them. Tuesday night the all-school production "The Cat and the Canary" was held at the Education Building at 8:00 o'clock, The Lions Club had luncheon in the cafeteria on Wednesday with the theme of the day "Education for Work". The cli- max of the'week was Open House at the High School Thursday nightg the theme for the day was "Cultivating the Love of Learn- ing". At 6:00 o'clock dinner was served in the cafeteria. At 7:15 came the room visita- tion and assembly program, Parents visited the different class rooms and met the faculty of Enid High School. Friday was the most eventful day of the entire week, there were two club luncheons THE QUILL MAGAZINE this day, both held in the cafeteria. The ABC Club and the Hi Twelve, stressing the theme "Education for Individual De- velopmentn. Many of the alumni who had been football stars at E, I-I. S. returned for Lettermen's Day and 9:30 assembly which was in their honor. Friday night at 8:00 o'clock they were invited to attend the high school football game, The grade schools joined in the week's program by holding Open House on Thurs- day night. Because the schools of Enid ob- served National Education Week, the aim of the entire program was achieved. This aim was to call to the attention of parents and patrons of the school, the work that is continually being done. DIVERSIFIED ACTIVITIES fconlinued from page 192 made by our art department. Not only do they do this, but they also paint portraits. In the Senior Play it was necessary to have a portrait, so the art department generously consented to do it. I learned that not only is our art department a school of learning, but it is also very helpful as well. Next I decided to go to Mr. Boyer's Biology class. They were showing colored pictures of different animals. They learn the different kinds of bugs and classify them. They also dissect snakes and frogs. I am sure you have seen students catching bugs, classi- fying them, and putting them in boxes. All the Biology students are eligible for member- ship in the Biology Taxidermy Club. Mr. Boyer offered to let one of his students show me through the museum. It is the room at the west end of C Hoot hall. As I walked in, I felt almost like turning around and walking the other way. There were grotesque faces staring at me from the wall. These, my guide explained, were all mounted by members of the club. There were also smaller stuffed animals and scrap- books made by other members. After visiting the Biology class and seeing the museum I wished that I could have crowded it into my schedule some way. As I came out of the museum and started on down C floor, I heard the clicking of many typewriters writing to the tune of "Stars and Stripes Forever." I peeked in the room and saw around 30 typewriters typing all together-at any rate they were trying to. Then the students were given a speed test to see how fast they could type. Lessons were assigned to be in by a deadline. This allowed each student to go at his rate of speed without hindering all the students. Our high school commercial department is turning out some very efficient stenographcrs as well as Emo H101-1 SCHOOI -t-tt-- 57 Af ople wh will use thei ping ie eal Ponca City to a 0-0 deadlock, struggled with for t ir own person ISC. lackwcll IO a 12-12 tie, stumbled before ' re was on or ooml anted to vi ' Ponca City 20-7, d lost to Hillsdale 7-0 N 'If ' efore th el rang., T i as thc c in their emainin es. 0 and In us rial Roo ad heard a bo11t So nded a re successful season for the lf n this and I" eo rse fas it i calle and msme we need one more headline 9 ff? w nted to s what it was . t ma it complete--letys see fwe'll arg! The c e was jus un here in E. H . have to make one 1 . We've rt!-Plains Em klahom j last . The st ts take only th ces- my End Seas ith 7 ms, 2 Losses, 2 9 ,Tb I . ,B ku 1 s subjects then work the er hour Ties, nd f a sub a e could have-Bees C' ersona rwcg Ml f in stocetaiwn town. They 1 choose Win , Lose 3, and e Likewise. I Y . i sort of work they please cc, cleric typ- these al' 0 t eadl . t s i , or bookkeepin . ey arc he to sc- Ok back an see t nes of t en e- 9 l cure positions by .Kenntd thei teacher. hind th Scene. the are: erry ' l The studen' ork i ged so t e k5e and H Coach, O. a U E' K .-vV,-,- I .Pr Sidem may hav enough cr to gr ia and o " uttersm try, 'n ach, L M A ILCGX i , widen! , that may h v t nece ege qu - C Team Ch, and Les' r Red ' ' "'i"""""""i' 7. U H ations, s Y gman, E aeh. T se men pro- ' RC FROTH s"' "" l 'Ce'P'e"'deT't Qh! T revs the b y cm ning 5 uced star I their parti . fields. - ' PENS '----- -----'-------- C 45 l well edu t na tour had en brou T0 C CHTCICUI, 6 C Orkln ,and gentle- J T, . CCRE ' Y .,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,, Amit. hier 0 a alt, Th e are other assrooms I oul FH Perry y goes the redit for th I F. B DREN -------,-',.',----- Cub- ave e jo edjcisiting, ere 0 time Cellent W0 of the backficlclmun rle , H N UH! Anil ter ' tod rx ps time I , chubby, joki , and jovial "Scutte ' Autry 7 iiiiii ' X - le- s t be overlooked for h'5 erb wor PIC IN R DE line coach. Although ' team was ' o fCo u fro Q considered the "skim ' 'I of the tball K Qjlembn .701 7 epmi Imumn L' l a secon ber T e Miller b others, squad' gcgaliixgir h.cC0y not orfvmtion., X Euge and Bud, ard jo ow, james Srlucrira C ' jll ls t W l Teb ,and Hobart Oiburn ceived Hyr- dlei V n aim t gran O S Lconiml bl . ' ' a we team serving 05211 Thatemls liome ord-thr e en on t C credit ng C the ' T addition Cf lliuu Q "'W'L"" j S I-Non confer Team tw n "Red" man, with is keen sense o 1 S ixitiltxiiiixi it il! t C Se on on the H, 01-able spec deceptiv SS' to the Coachn J 43, Me . n list, a two mm C North stoy Ziigfd uch to the McCoy-Autryyo tar Te ' Conti ng to - new was th boy ' """"'--1--- ------v O a Boep h dlin lai - u j . :yen Wyre ' d Boep ost Wluab . l uTYPCWl'lf ervlce at ,E Along ' this noun ent "Boep" ' - - yy , Qi Q was voted the valuable pl er on the , atgqesf A! id ' nad came t names of t players who I received l ers. T ur-year lettermen R S h 1 we B C 1 a ' C1 h 11 - I U en I , pp e an exter, t e t ree yea 3 B P ' included ouglas Spiers, E ene ' , Q p S f at ' l nd Ho ndr , whil Gilber gden, , O L N Worley ynn, Chri amber arold Hi - N I ,' th , Hobart rn, a Bert Matthe s l k , ecei d th' econd ters h layers S YOU l1OW recei ng their fir lvtt ckets j Buddy Mil a e , Holly Pkiilce, D. y v ' 0 er ine, W rr f arner, T m Meri- T S . C af Ord . e ewis Ric , Estell ards, ype er ervlce 0' ' L simmons, orvel Patters , and Roger o- j 0,156 ENID 306 . Bnjadway , art. ' l we kne we rgot so ei ' -Why, of j urse!-T e ee Strin , In their New, , ancl Beb j gam t ees sto pe the Blackw ees l , 102 west Randolph - 6- ut fell e e Garber 27- in their , W1 S second enc er. Th foll mg two games l Phone 421 were thr' rs, defeatin o try 6-0 and ' ' g UN Q j 09:9 creek 13-13. B this didn' cam to I OOD POR AB'-E stop those little fellows as their ecord shows Aufhgl-i1gd Dgalgr ,,,-, ,,--Q----Q--Q it -u 1 that they walloped Pond .reek 38-0, held ' A!--1-x-----it ------------. 'uni' 1 1 10 U H ll 10" f A , ,1 ,, , If nb M , , . A , .,., .W J. H1 51,-J . .4 '- Eifag a 7 ' 3 Q f ie.-',.. g1, E ,X if .mf Wi S li N2 u, -A K X S. L ,,,, L, , - -L ,W , . . mtg. f W ws 3 - 5 K . Y W ,JM w . -55:11,-. F ' - u ., Q Fw F Y' v 1' ff' ',,.-1' W""W"9'W' "W ' " ' 'M' J-N' 'A' ""'f't" ?Z7""Qf?'1'S'1?',ff1f'1'V'WVrPi"'1Y'fY" . Y .- -ll ,, . -. .':2'13fL IUNIORS JU LU H ...P.l.l..U.l.l3 l U N ll XJIysbTTT5tJ The nior Glas 11949 -i940 showedj of the XhI2lI'l'i0l'S Pep Club. thfi1?li"lititl"lC,lT0r aflflrghi Ht thi' WW blv- Every sport hid its outstanding Iuniors Tom Nleudcth Fsttll Edwards Noivel Pat gimlklg Ofxyliy urld lllliffypdblli W JTihris Lambert, Holly Pearce, Iames Tebow, nl0'Cr P159-dd Rav1lS1n1n1ori3' Seed fetafy, ' K Cl C , 'Ca Sl 'I' 1 1 5 1 . er - ' ' - o ers,lx?i3tel'l" EdWa P1ses1de11tQx fl11'sQ 1 - 1e- Cl 1 , - ' l aiel l Sc 'd T1 tl produce cla s pl , p. ipate1Un t e gxa St11n es nd amy th 'r ytivi Cir in- clu ne res ti 'ix l the s orts They st witl1 wl1en they won the el tion for their class nominees for St11nt Pest Queen and Herald by selling more tickets a11d therefore gaining the necessary number of extra points to win over both Seniors and Sopho ores. The second night of the Stunt Fest, Ia a 1 ll, Estell Edwards, the Hera crown hip ueen of the Stunt Eest, Dor hy B k, 1 a impressive cere- Sopho re cla es t'n as tendants, mony, t no 'ie lg n - Senior a11 1 h gave t eii' nn1 inior class play, le y IC u o 1 t Ta. '1' the direction o hlis. Ruth ' ' Education Blli - i D er , ay was th sia ic- y rec ' ed. . In ee I1 io ere a ve. rothy Ba Io nd ar l d were firs te d '. Eua a ee ampbell l ced i in ra 1a,tic ea il at va1'ious ouri 1 s, hil- Lynette 1rd brought at ls e ors' gr ig wreath in .io i nd carried leading part in l- ool roduction. ed Cramer won s nc 1 l . garet Howland third in the Harry . Glasser oratorical contest. Lily Latchaw and Ray Simmons were members of the of the cast of the one-act contest play, Dust Road. Ray was also elected president terson, and Elmer Simmons received letters in football, while basketball letters were awarded to Doyal Wlall, Vernon Yates, Holly Pearce, Kenneth Buchanan, and Ernie Pow- ell. Glenn Harmon and Charles Duff won first and second, respectively, in the school Table Tennis Tournanient, and won the right to go to the state tourney by winning the same places in the Northern Conference. Nina Eoster was runner-up in the Girls' Table Tennis. Dottie VVebber, LaRue Edgar. Patsy Eddleman, and Betty Van Valkenburg went to the State in Girls, tennis, while Wil- liam Ery was runner-up in the Boys' Divi- sion of the School Tourney. Dottie Weblver' also entered in swimming at the State Con- test. Iack Holland, Iimmie Burke, and Elisha Gassett were outstanding in the Golf- ing Held, Harry Cummins and Leroy Russell were tops among the horse shoe pitchers. Iimmy Robinson topped the archery enth11- siasts, and Dorothy Ann Keltner did the same among the girls. In badminton, Wil- liam Ery and lack Stewart won honors, while Patty Page ruled the Girl participants. Daisy Dupas captained winning teams in both i11- tramural basketball and volley ball. Tom Alyea wo11 an abundance of first places for the track team in the broad jump, Kenneth Buchanan established a new North- ern Conference record in the high jump, Chris Lambert placed high consistently in the VVL-ights, and Kenneth Richardson won first in nearly every mile race he entered. E il slew! Nominations and the election for next year's student body officers were held the week of April 8, in which some close con- tests were run. The Iuniors Qof course next year's up-and-coming Seniorsy were elected to all the offices. In the Hnal election, how- ever, Estell Edwards won over Bud Everitt for the Presidencyg Chris Lambert, over Bob ML-it-rs for Vice-Presidency, Dorothy Bank, over Betty Van Valkenburg, as Secretary and Prank Drake defeated Wayne Burke for the ofhce of Treasurer. Their sponsors were Miss ary Temple Newell and "ScuttersU Autry. L , 11111 1 1 1 111 111111111 X -ir' h . e y ant d First ality Hosiery at er Prices? O 'KXS 'I 1 ry any one of our regular styles and be convinced . . . OUR POLICY: Every customer must be satisfied. "iXZ I.S.LerneFs VOGUE 124 West Randolph l 1111111111111111111111111111 x 1? kx,: ix N lf ,,. , Sh Q 2 assi in 'Q Q jj' Q Q! " 5 'X W L4 Sh 5 '12 H5 , +-lf: X 'MSX 'yy ,Q HV Q '64, 72 5-N F .A A i.. M? 2541 1 .Wi V 7 In qi f4"I4 'N 4 Y , fb .if sz. , w ,, .4 VH" I9 ,fiiqiwi xg in . if f f -Q.. ik A 'Y f lv , 'f?!liv!ef,:z, 1 Q ' Q 1, : Riagg X m?xg, """"'hr . fn. 5 , S 1" n 1' is q. ...g.... 1.1 3, Q3-, ,J vu K" ,. A' 17. 'I s ,Q 4 if fy s w i Slllllllllll 3 l.l...E..l..l..l Y Rah! Ralyl Rah! Class 4.2! Class 42' Class 42' So with a lusty yell the Sophomores en- tered Enid High School, and they have been heard from ever since. For these Sophomores have participated in every activity in high school, Quickly overcoming the temporary em- barrassment of finding themselves new and rather green, the Sophomores organized. Their class officers were: Homer Paine, Pres- identg Clark Schneider, Vice-President: Sam- my Nixon, Secretaryg and Tom McDowell, Treasurer. XVhen the Vice-President moved from Enid, Nlerle Daniels was elected to fill out his term. Their sponsors were lxliss lo lvlay Burwell and lVlr. T. A. Kennedy. When the football season came around. the Sophomores rose to the occasion and con- tributed one member to the A squad and fifteen to the B squad. Homer Paine made the A squad and lettered, and those making the B team were Tom Arvin, XViley Bass, VVayne Bentley, lim Kelley, Boyd Logan. Tom McDowell, Howard Pollard, C. Richardson, Cecil Robinson, Virgil Sanders, Harold Sledge, Bob Stout, Robert Stover, Pete Thomas, and Clark Schneider. lt was found that the Sophomores made more total points than rhe Iuniors did on the B foot- ball team. These Sophs were a peppy bunch, and they had many members in the pep clubs. Sammy Nixon and Wiley Thomason were chosen yell leaders for the Warrior Pep Club. To add to this, there were thirteen Sopho- mores in the A band, twenty-four in the B SOPHOMORES band, fifteen in the A orchestra, and eleven in the B orchestra. No Sophomore made the A basketball squad, but five made the B squad, and all these were considered by the A team coach as excellent material for next yearis squad. Those on the B team were Nlerle Daniels, Tom McDowell, Richard Stover, Paul Robf inson, and lvfelvin Carey. ln the Candid Camera Contest sponsored by the Quill llflagazine, Doug Korthank won in the Sophomore division. ln track. too, the Sophomores contributed their quota of athletes. In the intra-class meet they made five points. Those on the track team were Billy Childers, Ioe Pitt, Richard Collins, Louis Helm, Iunior Henson, lim Kelley, Robert Nloore, Homer Paine, and When the time for the stunt ' yame, C- Rlchafflwn- was found that t Soph S Wrrr. ' So these Seniors of '42 have made a good large number of .t mt r houghh 1 1 lid beginning as the "Sophomores on the shelf" not win the qt -e test, the pace vf 40- almvr hr. ' a d mightv mio . T ,L If t eir activities continue as they have dmsr. r Frances W. Cr-ly am H rr b' , this class will establish a record to be parm. as their . 1 ' rcs for Jqr .C rr I ied ucceeding classes of Enid High , 0 herald a m ixon and re an Dol iels for attC d nts. I r -- -- ,------- - -.-....- Francis rne avis Mar o us- baum were outst i in t vate ant Paul E VVright and Pa lcher ., sl ne i 5 ' tory. In assembly the omor's ent l l 1 the entertaining one-act play 1 ' lec HT r Blue Teapot." lt seemed in 1 and TS Y BONDS Cynthia, a young engaged couple ' ist could l10t agree as to the purpose of their ur Q IRE home. Cynthia loved the idea of a ho so W-I-ORNADO much that she wanted to see everything in perfect order, while Iimmy saw it as a place -CASUALTY where he could put his stuffed squirrels and WAU-I-ONIOBILE old books, The quarrel was reallv becoming serious when Nia and her blue teapot stepped WIQATF GLASS in to see the young couple through, and the ,film way they settled the problem surprised everyone. The cast of this play was: Ma Brown ................ Francis Ferne Davis Pd lfrown ......... .......... P age Belcher, Ir, limmy MCNal1c '... ..... ........ M a rk Hanna Cynthia McNabe..Ma1'y Ioan Nusbaum Paul Wright won the Harry O. Glasser original oratorical contest, held April 9. This was the fifteenth annual contest and Paul's win followed his elimination of six other entries all of whom were upperclassmen, Although the Sophomores did not have a representative in the all-school play, they did all the ushering. rvarfxt ESTATE r1-oANs1 msn -ABSTRACTS or TITLE Harry P. Frantz Agency r 830 Bass Bldg. Phone 714 l nxxxxxxxxnxxxnxunxxinssxxixt nittttttttitiitixtixtxixxiiii 64 1xsxuxxnxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxnxx , GREER o soN l Grocery and Market "Where Km Always Get the Best" 4 o SOLD CLEAN AND DELIVERED CLEAN . 1 228 West Randolph Phone 734 and 735 xxxxxxixxixxxxiixxxtxsxxxnuu Cloverbloom Butter and Cheese y See Your Grocery Anmouas , r l l iixxxitlxxxiiixxxx5111111111 ' 511sxxxiixxxxxxxiixxsxxxxxxx Congratulations Seniors V ARQUIS STUDIO . tiixxixxstxxxxixxxix11111111 11111111t'xslsxx1.sxxsx1xxQ5x1 i Congratulations Seniorsl . l l s. H. Knsss a co. , Corner Maine and Independence l TH13 QU.Ll. Macazizxt lll l.l.l.ll.3.ll.l.l..l.ll.l ..l.l.l.'3.N ll Good evening, Mr. and Mrs. Enid High School. This is your Plainsmen Reporter flashing to you the latest press news from over the school. Flash! There is a rumor that all students did not rush for the nearest exit at the ringing of the 3:35 bell. What was this added attraction? Could it have been after school study hall? A special news bulletin reports that it was for the clubs and organizations of Enid High School that siu- dents remained. This year a new plan was tried by the La Iunta Spanish Club under the sponsorship of lvliss Mildred Montgomery and Miss Doro- thy Rudder. Committees were appointed by the president, and at every meeting the mem- bers of a certain committee presented the program. These programs consisted of sing- ing and talking in Spanish and of giving Spanish plays. One of the main events of the year was the Pinata Party given at Christmas time. The object of the game called "Pinata" is to break a large paper bag full of favors which is hung from the ceil- ing and get as many of the favors as you can. All members agreed that this party, like the entire year's program, was a great success. The Biology Taxidermy Club for the fourth consecutive year won first place for the best exhibit in the state contest of the Oklahoma Iunior Academy of Science. A national honor was awarded them by having a picture of the biology room and specimens put into a textbook, Dean Steffey was select- ed by the American Association for Ad- vancement of Science as the most outstand- ing boy member of the Oklahema Academy of Science, and Mr. Boyer, the fponsor, was elected chairman of the Board of Directors of the Oklahoma Iunior Academy of Science. Many members joined the American lnsti- tute of Science and Engineering Clubs. Nov- elties made by several of the boys were placed on display, after surviving severe com- petition, in the American Museum of Natu- ral History in New York City during the first week of April. To add zest to the pep of Enid High this year the boys and girls combined their ef- forts in a new club, the "WarriorsU. Led by their competent president, Iimmy Hale, and sponsors, Miss Io May Burwell and Miss Grace Morrow, they started a full program with the crowning of Christine Lambert, Football queen, and continued to shine in such demonstrations as "Over the Rainbow" and "An Apple for the Teacher". Ray Sim- mons was elected to fill the presidency left vacant when limmy Hale moved away. Cli- maxing a splendid year they entered the "Stunt Fest" capturing the honor of fourth place. The Vergilian Club made up of four.h year Latin students and sponsored by Miss Marie Ward, held varied programs twice a month during class period. The highlight and closing event of the year was their annual banquet. The program consisted of musical numbers and the acting out of vari- ous musical myths. The favors were little wooden whistles representing the Pipes of Pan. Qualihcations for the Delta Theta are that one be a Senior mathematics student. Meet- ings this year were held in two different classes. On the programs various speakers discussed such subjects as Engineering Sci- ence and Architecture. Ioy Brown and Bob Vance, two of Enid High's own sons, told of their experiences at West Point. Miss Florel Helema, sponsor, expects an even larger organization next year. A whang of an arrow and a thud as it Hnds its mark-the keynote of the Archery Club, sponsored by Miss Mary Temple Newell and Myrl S. Kirk. Our "Modern Robin I-loodsi' first delved into the study and history of archery, learning the various kinds of bows and arrows used at different periods and so on up until modern times. They then made a successful atfmpt to put this knowledge into use by making them- selves every article of equipment. One can readily see why the meetings of the Archery Club were busy ones. This year the Hi-Y. W., sponsored by Miss Nelle Moore, Miss Marie Ward, Miss Florel Helema, Miss Sylvia McClain, Miss Dora Iohnson, Miss Ellen Correll, Miss Muriel Koger, Miss Helen Stewart, and Miss Addie Fromholz, was organized in a new manner. Perhaps the most outstanding activities on the year's program were the health meetings at which the girls heard such inspirational speakers as Dr. Evelyn Rude, Dr. Hope Ross, Mrs. R. I.. Williams, and Mrs. Whitt. Throughout the year various parties were held, the most out- standing of which was the "Grandmothers' Party," for all Grandmothers over seventy. An interesting event was the annual quilting party, Another honor received by the girls limo I-hon Senooi, 65 KAPPA Al PHA l 717161 'Rnun' Hxle. Still, Steisltal, litnk, Cimvsar, lykflsllkllll. Ilvtlt-. Cfrr, XN'aiteiliai1, Iivans, Craig, Arnolal, Plielrs, Sptmld 'lfoux' Niclilazn lS1XUI1ttJt'i. I.mifsr,n, Iiitvllmiss. lile'n. C,l,ner. ilarrett, Holes. XYliitsitt, hlargtterite Cioolilev, Nichrl.. larlev, Sterrett. hh'Al?1lTL'I', lhll, Yanee lSI'onsorj. 'llrzrd 'ft'nu'.' llaugh, Marie C2.i:1le'.', Ciarner. .Nrnett lRL'ITUI'Ik'l'i, llowell KX ,-l'res.J, Collins fl'res.,, llux ton fSee.i, Eensan. Ilnrlluutt f'l'teas.j. Knaggs. was the conference of I-IifY. XY. girls to which lfnicl was hostess for the first time. The closing party was one in honor of the graduating Seniors. The Luther Burbank Flouer ancl Garden Club, whose purpose is to promote in'erest in flower study anal landscape gardening, eof oprratetl with the Enid Ciitv Council of Gartlen Clubs hv donating shrulus for the Contest Hhlalfcittg Fnicl Pveautifulu ancl ln' sponsoring a program on llowers on April l. ln the state contests held luv the Ulclahonla Acaclenty of Science they took second place money with which they purehaserl an eleetrie plant-drying machine. Lynette Bird, presif dent of the local organization. was eleetetl vice-president of the Northern District ol' the Oklahoma Acaclemv of Seienee. Stvlishlv uniformetl in their hlue skirts anal white hooclecl jaeliets and uncler the guidance of their sponsor, Niiss Kruse, and cofpresitlents, Lucy Ann Gather ancl Peggy Killion, the Bravettes went out to get re- sults. To start things oil' thev presented an assemlwly hefore the lloneaflfnitl foothall game. The girls, mlressecl in foothall suits, gave their impressions of the memhers of our team. Viiith the help of the Braves thev took tts haelc several vears to the "good olcl clavsu in their Armistice Dav assemhlv. On the gricliron thev perfortnetl a clever stunt hef tween halves of tlte Guthrieflinirl Thanks- giving Day game. They presented a stunt in the annual Stunt lfest, The erowning higltf light of their activities was the winning ol' fiCfli1fflII4I'Il mi page 72j HIAY, VV. QUILTING PARTY 11111 111111 111111 X 1111111111111111111111111111 Congratulations Seniors TRU-VALUE SHOP 'i.S'1yfe l'Vf1hIII1f 1Z1Xf7'tIUlIgfIHC'l'H VVest Side Square 1111111111111111111111111111 111111111111111111111111111 BEST O' LUCK, SENIORS! HYOM can always clo bettcru IILQ Boles Dry Goods Co. 107 South Grand 111111111111111111111111111 Congratulations Seniors McLELLAN'S STORE East Side Square 111111111111111111111111111 Compliments of l Y V 7h0pefx.1Qp "'n,"e. 120 North Independence Phone 224-5 11111111111111111111111 1111111111111111111111 1111111111111111111111 L i M ., Malik xv Ii A 'Q I M nw 3 i ,Z .,,V .W .mm '44 JVHHEK lHHHMiN Sicnior--Y Scrlior 100-yard diuh, Zfflfyuril ilush. apriut rciays. -f-High hurdles, 440-ynrcl clash, 880fya1'd ruu, in lu fs. 5 .S'f'11ior--200-yalxi low hurdles, 100-yurml ciash, 2Z0fynri clash, sprint relays. Svniorf--Shotput, discus throw, juvcliu throw. Senior-440-yai'ci clash, sprint relays. lzfmiorff-High jump, broad jump, hop, stop, ami jump Smiorv-f Nianagcr. lunior-High jump, broad jump, hop, stcp, and jump Senior High jump, pole vault. Izminrm- Sc' nil: r acl: ZOO-yard low hurcilcs, flfiyyarii clash, sprint rc, I Q avr. High hurcilcs, 440-ynrnl flash, relays. me . . , 68 1111111115113xxxxxsxixxxsmxl Let 'er rip! Let 'er roar! Let 'er go once more! Enid High School o'er and o'er! Enid! Enid! Enid! 110.1 Stay in the game, enjoy life, and when you want furniture See- F.U1li'h I T U R C' 117-010 can nnoaownv 127-129 East Broadway xnxxtxxxiitxixtssixxxxxxuxxx sixxxxxxxxisussxntxxxxxnnnxu Crystal Ice Cream Genuine Eskimo Pies Distilled Water Ice The Yellow Trucks a .sign of service Phone 438 SOUTHWEST ICE 221 East Maple Enid, Okla. QSQQIQQQQQKQKIQQQQQQ511111111 1 1 i By SHERWOOD NELSON On the track and Field our fellows have contributed records that will stand for many years to come. The names of Bob Hodges and Sam Regier will be spoken of as the greatest trackmen Enid High has ever pro- duced. Our track team really went places this year. Regier and Hodges renewed their last year's rivalry in the inter-class track meet. They ran neck and neck in points through the early events, but Regier barely nosed Hodges out on the 440 yard dash to take the cup awarded to the high point man of the meet. Calvin Poindexter broke all school records when he heaved the javelin 180 feet I0 inches, exceeding last year's State record. In the first dual meet of the year, Central of Oklahoma City nosed Enid out by a score of 170 H3 to 65 2f3, with Regier leading the way for E. H. S. At Tishomingo Hodges led the Plainsmen to a victory over Central. In a dual meet with Ponca City, Calvin Poindexter led the way to decisive victory. In the 36th Northern Oklahoma Inter- scholastic track meet Enid placed second to Tulsa Central. Regier set a new meet record on the 449 yard distance at 51.8 seconds, and also won the 880 yard run. Our medley re- lay team composed of Bert Matthews, Worle Lynn, Clyde Colgrove, and Hodges new meet record of 1152.8 first places out of I6 event ' rev-E THE Quiu. MAGAZINI. ADMINISTRATION fContinued from page 61 reduce insurance rates. In cities of 10,000 or more population Enid schools have the low- est insurance rate in the state. For a number of years the Enid Board of Education has not paid any interest on war- rants issued. The warrants have been issued during the first part of the year and stamped across the face "Payable From the Sinking Fund." This procedure is followed until taxes are collected in the General Fund, and then the warrants held in the Sinking Fund as an investment are paid Ollt of the General Fund and cancelled. The Treasurer does a considerable amount of extra work in handling the warrants in this manner and saves from 554,000 to 158,000 each year in interest, which would be paid out if the warrants during the first part of the year were issued and not purchased as an investment in the Sinking Fund. The savings attributed to purchasing, in- terest on warrants, and insurance rates have materially aided in maintaining a nine months' term of school. xxxxxxxxnnxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Independent Ice Co. 53' ,W if ' t At the Northern Conferen e ,t ll ,M ab IC E margin over their neare pe r,, City. Bob Hodge se newt eet r d the low hurdle t ' 3.5, Re IC ,s ' : 5. also tied the previous 1 cor at 52 8 Kenneth Bucha split thr way tie with Ponca City a three fe ows setting a ne ec r I t 5 t 4 inches in the high y Bud Miller our up-a c in polwsiul. er, is rapidly appr c ' te record Costs Less c 0 A ' K a 1 J new record on e h ile JZ ai . Seryes Best - n qu r . . . 're l il , . ll ' n eg e ax. fee I . . . -i y f : w s , A oa - . I Q heights. Tom Alyea an Roger Hobart con- tributed in the broad jump and high jump, with Hobart throwing the javelin and Alyea also doing the hop, step, and jump. Kenneh Richardson won the mile event in several meets. "Mike" Stephenson in the high hur- dles and relays, and Chris Lambert in the weight events also added to the laurels of E. H. S, fConti11ucd on page 741 C. G. Bryant Phone 4245 O 'TW 1 frfw MSE 'iam , milf K' .. 1og'2o 30 40 so 40 xii 1 -V hs-Q Z' A f 3 '18 SS 1 3 X vm X fl ' I X THE Ulu. MAGAZINE ' Un ' 'x' ' ,ui ""' " fkJlNTRA URAL HAM? I I 1 'J T , Q 0 ' gfgantm ed fro page u A Q X A D The orsesh k con provid anyxbg ' ,1 N X s prises as southpaw rry Cummin and l ' . 5 roy R ssell battled itfo t for tvgsup em- X J P5 4 .N w y of e ranks. In th rthern C fer- 37 -Q , 5' ' I f ce et Harry Cummins took H ' l f H plislgles a d teaktgiid with olward Li derer ' - X o usl ess 'ire o in for COP the oubles. g Hal ed Tli X S FCSPOI1 J ' ed-h adedfilgi Har ri blaste his ay Q FKHAR F E 1 rj V sition l X th ugh the cntie pi - png tour nt, I GQ Q b ' d ea CharlesLDuff, hc finals to op s r ' s rch, e annual 36 ho qua y- 1 I' D ll 5 001 nd Oll Q fra ned Ir0p y. ln VIQQNO ern COI1fCf CC 'ng Highxgc ool fT ur ament was ld, 3 lm' d be er. T 1r nt it was rep ion of t ' a- 18 h es bei p ed 6h t e Em Go and Q Uh al tourney with Harmon agai ' ' g-44Coi ry C cou e, an 18 on the Uni- N I. Im nd at Ou go ton ov Du r f , l i ty layo . The bo who nish in X . ean ile Iaac Stewa soared 0 a rst he Hr t four ,place , who c posed he ' School lon as P0951 - fore 1 pl e in e Northern inference o a- were-fann Grant am, oug Sp , lack ! Cllt CSS l' C pr fes- t in adminnon, w 'V. nglfnd ZBur e, andgie foii pla resul d in tie Sio ' Q OK J Wiliam ry batdled to sec' who w uld face jbetwe n Ia H nd, my urke nd ' ' X V art in the finals of th intram l cla ic. Elish Gasset . B e ever to e , the I 'il , 0 5. erig-bl'riffCt':rCgHil1C hiS IC is Ilf thre ourth 1 ys ed off hertie to T b Q h xi I ' w ch he 'won ak a So more rlhcrus FAQ eterminc IC one w d c plet the ' s X: ' 331- W - P A N llia ry in e intra ural fi a s in three tea E , ightls ts. O A 1 , t e te 5 nd Qgach 1 ' , D PQ L-I Q, CO. 5 he ' 1 t urnamqprov' ed M traveled Gut ie to comp e in U x ' l N. - plenty o thri s and chills for all P yn 'the recently r 'an' ed rther Six Tour- 0 A jlri St res ' 'fi a Virginia Ru h Everitt ba IQ it' na t, bu cam out ru n rs-u 17 C X oi for cha pionship, hi he oint ehin the thrie uejay a ded ix xi X h h class on t c class t rnam is, he' ' e s tro hy t eir c lectio . J Y Y Q X A ' iroboth b Skftb l an Wl0lleyballJ T e ne week he msme were hosts Xl - -1- ---P--Ti--t--.-X xuxx x-5 Of th ven y-six irls ent ed in e W or e onier nce ms the - ' . .- ,,, ,,,,,, ,, ,,,, ,R a mint t ney Iew uc Ann a- So side urs where a it of ' was 3 ho ey, a t ge journeyeef the North- Judd by E id win ing t tourn ment lang - ' e Confere e eet 'th th ubles t m ,. Nor ern nfere e t hy fo t ir " Q Xi , 5 S o go 0 , J DQ compose o Iew l Tuc and An Mah ey jsucc s' e ar. Danny Grant a wa the -li Q' ' pla ing rst, w at Page H thir . Nme ist f th urnam nt up ing n a CZ ' Yi 'xt - ur irs enter the seshoe n- bn iant 5 u der, r score f 101 for t e 27 ix . E ,Q 1. 3 NI tes wliii thiiysivo pr ared their wares holei A l r tori, ament wh' the team ' 1 L ' k N 5 l the tennis tour . A ike er ent red will vie or honor will -- the state high 8 1, e chiry t c , and xtee irls school totir amen whic - will e d at A 'N us ed o their lf clubs for t e ol ur- a oma it . ix R li ne . g ll lf. U t e ,su - and irecti of N 'hs xi ' ' . iillioh, ast yea 's winne , pre- ' elle oorei t - -Q s' gol te came ' ' p re to fen r cup velle ooh- in rs the Norther Con ence , ' 3 S E 3 I ejast y5gW ry winner rothy elt' tourn ment or ' ls, he i9 at the XX s il ' n a ong contender for the ar ery Unigrsity g lf rse. eggy illio came ' , c m ionshi , ok fir in tje Nor ern in ird' in the indivi c in , hile . N I Co fg-e ' llifieet Luc Ann arb and can G esg ished A 3 V I xl tram als as umed en ore H23 ,I in f nrt an h place esp tive . - ' K ' a this J h foam ways a ood l t e lu yells fo " a the Z X Q Hwy F0 - gd gr 4 thi v any at letic rog ecaus they usu aug rov ing oaths of he fer as ' it give e one an oppor unity t play fter he missed s pu for gpm or lun ed hi ' 3 s fb I rs I J ' all t e in reason for havin any s rt- bra new the e, ca spgg andal 1 E ' in amur saw ever-1 creasing num r of the igh ool olfers'fpara: e, I. bo n irls crested ng wit each T s ye , the lfers f Enid,I-Iiglhpichool' L Q Q1 x 1 XW1X ot er, lear the othersgoint Egview bega prix? ractx 'ng in e rly March, q W . ' ' lx V th ough socia 'on, a in lmuoyving ever an n t ei later our ents tches lx ' ' J l in easih circle f . 'w on wi ning ontes whi was ' 51 ning to Qkga s tha ill e for. qthc' hig rewar for'ha , ho est-to7good- l h ppmes and r x ' n throughout theig,-7 nes practic and work il dxf i li s, int mura is the m e edu ionafj lf bec e Taffy est bli as aj sport I a roach to a orth use leisure, 'mc. G this year th the consis nt f s. f 515 -J U C5 A Q 4- ,f J A ' 7-JA ' ' A Xf ,", - - 4 ,fx 4' ai' .4 I T 1, fat. 3 Q 1 2 .3 ENID H101-r SCHOOL 1111111111111111111111111111v N Drink- ROYAL CROWN COLA Best By Taste Test 1111111111yQ1111 .1 111 f .... 4 Wi ,, .-, 11111111i1111 1111111 1111111 r CGNGRATULNHONS 'J Q IORS- Q 5 U- - Q- -9 ' f' Q if .xkgqfv . Enidyladiatoei? Fender ' - Wdiks kk tr- D. v--1 tN.b-c.!'Kk-.... v-cl Vtxkkxsxiilxr 'N ll qua! .X,-,NLE all , ,Jig-As-,SJAVLL A ,7 ,. 1 I V U , I V I L V 4 'I' rv" l, -. l 1 i I l T-4., QL-1.3 m,,i,,viJ CAN LHXWJ I : i : U : 1 : , rn 3 ,H 4 p 4 9 4 4 : 2 5 S 5 : : E. : 4 3' fn 4 4 Q. Q I os , , sg un 1-fp, 4 4 3 O : O 9 .... 9 9 Lu t 55 Z O. ' ' S 5 I ' Z. : a : : .n 9 Q E . :fs- 4 h F' 4 4 o 4 4 X , 3- C 4 4 E, 3 Q 5 4 4 xg. g e 5' 5? : : 2" 'S Q "' 3 I l I 2 N, ' gd " tn I l 3 9 5 "' F11 3 ' I if- ' : R 0 4 l 4 S '4 N Z 4 4 5' 4 X, Q E, 4 , 4 Q. r- 4 4 UQ ' iii O 3 ' 5 4 ' i S I I 5 1 5 l 5 3 - - , r- 'U 4 4 4 4 . Q, U' l g l l Y l I , U 5 4 4 N 4 l 4 , ON -4 l 4 " 4 4 l lx.: l ' S ' ,I J l 1 .J ' 5 WE-THE STUDENTS fContinued from page 23d direct part in the meetings, she advises and sees that all bills and measures introduced re- ceive proper attention. The actual work of Student Council is divided among various committees who re- port at each meeting their activities of the past two weeks. The executive council, organized last year, is composed of Student Body officers and heads of standing committees. Meeting on alternate Mondays they discuss anything which comes up between the regular meet- ings. i I.etterman's Day, sponsored by the Let- terman's Committee, is a day set aside each year for boys who have earned a letter in any sport. ln the reception room can be found a scrapbook containing records of Enid High School's progress, The scrapbook is kept by the Scrapbook Committee. The Proctor Committee appoints all proc- tors who are stationed during fourth hour to maintain quiet zones during lunch periods. Having charge of all transactions of the clubs in school, the Club Committee makes a survey every two weeks in order to be of assistance to any of the clubs who may need it. The election of student body ollicers, class officers, football and basketball queens, and others are efficiently taken care of by the Eligibility Committee, who also check the eligibility of proctors and Council members. The Utility Committee advertises for games, plays, and other activities of the school. This year several new projects were under- taken with respective committees appointed for each. Besides organizing and granting a charter to a successful new pep club, the Warriors, the Council purchased a trophy which is to be awarded each year to the outstanding pep club. Sponsoring the ticket sales for the Stunt Fest, the all-school play, purchasing stickers to advertise Enid High, and holding in- stallation services for the succeeding year's offices besides their usual Leadership Ban- quet, Courtesy Week, Proctors' May Break- fast, and Open House, they also had post- ters made indicating "up and down" stairs to relieve congested conditions in the halls. From its varied activities it is easy to see that the Council and its members play an important part in our school life, representing student opinion to the administration and working ever toward a more unified, pro- gressive student body. 111111111111111111111111111y beau mart flieauty Marketj Alice Parkhurst Pearl Henderson Permanents 81.75 and up lust Norah of Youngblood Hotel Phone 4126 1 11111111 11 Enid Beauty School Public and Students Invited First door west of public library Jr" 4. Phone""986 i' ADELAINE NICHOLS 1111111111111111111111111111 111111111111111111111111111 Compliments of ENID GROCERY CO. Complete Super Market Corner Maine and Second Streets Phone 990 Wt dppfftfdlt y01t7' bM.SinC.YJ L1 1111111111111111111111111 1111111111111111111111111111 REMEMB 2 , No matter t t e occasion fi flowers Are Always .fl ppropriate, . OKLAHOMA FLORAL CO Broadway Tower Phone 4300 111111111111111 111 xxniitsxtxxixxuxs xxxsxxsx 72 Brown Funeral Home GERALD L. BROWN Phone 984 xxxxliixxxxxxxiti1111111111 Sincerest Wishes Seniors KLElN'S FASHIONS Ladies, Ready-to-Vlkur YVest Side Square Phone 230 xx111111xxxxilxxxixiixtxxxt xxixitxtxtttttxtxxixlxxxsxii Seniors! . . . we Wish you "Good Luck" xx THE PLAINSMEN CLUB IOURNAL fContinued from page 65d "Lady Achievement", a trophy awarded to the most enthusiastic pep club of the year. The Trade and Industrial Club is com- posed of those students enrolled in the Dis- tributive Education and Diversified Occupa- tions course under the direction of T. A. Kennedy. In addition to being employed in some business enterprise for three hours each zlay, one hour of instruction in reading ma- terial useful to their own job is taken by each student. For the social side of the club a party was given each month, and trips were taken to downtown business offices. To cli- max the school year this club planned a trip to Carlsbad Caverns. The Braves, identified by their blue Indian- inscribed shirts, is the strictly masculine pep club. Considering the difficulty of getting new members, they made a good showing this year. Cooperating with the Bravettes they presented a successful Armistice Day assembly, and they were represented by an amusing one-act play in the Stunt Fest, Much support was lent to the different school sports by the Braves. The Thespian Club is composed of those students interested in speech and enrolled in dramatic art. Due to late organization the club was handicapped slightly this year, but several interesting programs were presented. At the close of the year Miss Hatch, the sponsor, and all the members threw their forces behind one big party. The Kappa Alpha Club, composed of thirty-Hve girls enrolled in cooking or those who had previously taken cooking, was or- ganized the second semester. The club met every two weeks discussing subjects not taken up in the cooking classes, but of interest to THE QUILI. MAGAZINE QQQQQQQQQQHQQQQQQQIQQHHKQIQ Enid Paint Cr Wall Paper Company X Window and Auto Glass QP Phone 445 125 West Maine xxxxxxxxxxxxxxlxtti511111111 xxx!txxxxxxxxxxxsxxxxsixlixs 1 t Hoover Cleaners ll5 South Washington St. Enid, Oklahoma i A , .,....754 Preferred for Dependability l 1x11xxxsxstxttiixixxxxtxsixx l 51111111111111xxxxxttttxxxxl E U fpwffc TM! 5,o0u6oirs ru tidn WM, Lf' lhrl-AIA! 'l'?'4'!iElM7a fcwkxfxiy P , BASSSBCJQLDIQC 71 a 1 ct' A ' . . nf Vlwv E " ' ""- - the girls. Sponsored by Mrs. Lois Vance and A I Enidhgklallvqmgj . Mx.. I ' p -N . Miss Sylvia McClain, cooking instructors, 'ilyf va l 'V . l Vi' 1, the girls engaged in a number of interesting A. I V- . HBnildeN Sing, llggwgf 1 I., IIJINITUIIE "'J2'A1T' activities, their mothers assisting them with ' 'N' 'fe' ' ' H " ' f' I A A ', after School affairs- Lg-44Je.KX'.:faQ.3ii52iKkf!igl.1a11 " "wi xxxxixxxxxxxxxuuuuimxxtxxxxxt 3 Ari Q Kkf f ,ff-15. ,, V111 f- J? HQIBQHQSQQHIUQQimiffiixt : I4 61,-I lt If bkvxr dx i lr L K. v 1- Aklk Lf I ' f Yellow Cab Company , - M1 r NEWS and EAGLE o y' . , ' . THE YELLOW CAB COMPANY ' and C I ' Ongfdtu atzons ENID CITY BUS LINES Ladies, Ready-to-VWM, Shoes Seniors of o 1940 North Side Square Phone 4491 Phone 330 214 W. Maple i tix!!tiiiiiixxxtxiltixitilx niisxxxxuxxxxsn xnssssxssxsu xzxssnsixiinxxxxsusixxxxxsx ENID HIGH SCHOOL KQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ Congratulations to the Seniors! E. W. BANK LUMBER COMPANY "VVbere Quality Tells and Service Sells" 230 East Maine Phone 748 iittxllilixixxtixixi11111111 lxxttttttxxxtxtxixxttttttxtv CROMWELL PRESS The establishment of superior quality in ' Printing ' Office Equipment First National Bank Bldg. Phone 1379 lxxiiixixiiiixtxxxlxxx111111 ixttxxtxxxxxxxxxxxxxt1111111 CONGRATULATIONS stulonsi Best of Luck Compliments of CHAS. E. KNOX Knox Auto Stores Knox Refining Co. I siiixuxxxxxsxuxuxssxxuxxxus I THE ART OF SPEECH fContinued from page 52j Alva, first in standard at the Classen meet 73 second place in the Phillips tournament, then, after several performances within the city over the Christmas holidays, journeyed to Alva and won the right to participate in the in Oklahoma City, Hrst ' ,tha dis a second in the 'egion o e A an 10 tate eet by taking the regional champion- original orato se? t shi . e ber f the cast not previously state conte t N n in ar .0 . nti ere ay Simmons and Lily Lat- ln ij in o l C . . co pete i int r etati oetry , d.radi Af e a .F. .meet at Norman Speaking t ' laye 11.2 eip rts s a i ils or year ceasedg Enid, in t -sc ol duct f' th lf g.. ho , ra ighe in the Oklahoma a c-ac es lv - ' .F.'L. o tal o' t massed throughout f '7 'ar stu H' L v: dcba l fhiyd Yea g lb' Dor -ji gh S rCPfesented at Sh , .5 - gg ar d, Cc I a l ournam o e held at Terra Sm 3 3 .5 , car t 0 n I-Ia ndian ,t umm by Harold Kes- Bill i 5, L .more 1 ' e to , h 'st medal last year, show . Ci , T 0 055 'n r ry D urst in extemporaneous the J, L I St en , P Q as f 53 D, aki , an Dorothy Bank as a member of Hurst n S, I C y P, and B, - t ational Student Congress. abarge ,l. 5 iggs a , rn , 14 Daren Hirst was elected by the members and 0 ,ed th gm e f of the deb lass as the most valuable de- Enid t sem' 5 at 5 C , the fi . u er c ear, A-nfi accordin on the at Tonka inni gpm plac se i . . Car 1' war it. finals of hgrn I,-. r nce C0 M o er c dents not mention- and the H 3 ist ic m-ne t a, ' ' a e ve a' valuable experience and Winning Hrst the fo if fs n -. will lj o take the place of those sea- first above qualifying fo hc , and sone eakers who graduate this year. state tournaments. W W nn, V Added to the duties of debating Sherwood ........................... Nelson carried strong roles in the Senior and all-school plays, Beatrice Stoalabarger played a leading part in the Senior play and won , second place in girls' extemporaneous speak- ' ing at Alva, Daren I-Iurst placed in Cxtem- Demand poraneous speaking at several contests as well as being cast in the Senior production, and Pearl Malott won first place in the North- ern Conference in girls' extemporaneous speaking. Humorous readers, Margaret Richardson and Mary Doris Cunningham, made out- l standing records in inter-scholastic compcti- Pas'-eu,-ized tion and won places at various tourneys' while Euarda Lee Campbell, a dramatic read- er, and Lynette Bird, who competed in inter- pretative poetry and radio speaking, did work which shows a great deal of promise for next year. Paul Wright, Terry Triftet, and Ted Cra- mer represented Enid in the field of oratory. Paul carried away second place honors in standard oratory at the Edmond meetg Terry. in addition to his parts in the Senior, all- school, and one-act plays, won second in original oratory at Tonkawa and third in the same at the Phillips tourney, and Ted Cramer placed third at Cushing in the orig- inal oration contest. For the first time in several years Miss Hatch produced a one-act play, Dust of the Road, for competition in state tournaments. The play began the season by winning l i l l Dairy Products I Manufactured by Enid Cooperative Creamery Ass'n. 402 W. Walnut Street Phone 3545 xxx!!!xixxxxxxxxisxuixxtxxlx 74 -..-'--x-g'-"---Q---.xi---' l BEAUTY cutrunt ' The fastest growing profession of the agel l ' It offers wonderful opportunities to the ambitious student. New 2 fields are opening rapidly. ttittitxixtttttxxllttiixltxu Keep in tune with the time 1EwELRY RILEY ATKINSON Watches--Diamonds-jewelry Enid's Only Certified Watchmaker Better Service for Hum' lfldztcb THE Quin. MAGAZINE "TRACK" fContinued from page 68j As a fitting climax for the 1940 track sea- son the E. H. S. tracksters won second in the state meet held at Norman April 26-27. Bob Hodges tied the 200 yard low hurdle record of 22.6 seconds set in 1938 and placed second in the 220 yard dash. Sam Regier placed first in the 440 yard dash, and Tom Alyea won first in the broad jump by leaping 26 feet, 616 inches. Roger Hobart tied for second place in the high jump with Burnett of Ponca City. and Bud Miller took second place hon- ors in the pole vault by clearing the bar at l ll feet, 9 inches. Y 203 WI Randolph Enid, Okla. Tulsa Central was the defending champion - Enroll Now at ' and winner of this year's meet. MQQrg'5 Beauty -..-- .----..--.-.. .-..--- if X I . . ' College Congratulations to the Students Congratulations Semors' iNest Side of Square For full information write or of the 1940 class of n,2,P,,,,,,, Enid High School l NAYI-OR,S ll6V N. I d d Ph 604 ..- 2 I1 CPCII CRCG ORC Y kr Quality Iewglry Supervised student work that will X please You. , Reed's Enid Motor Lines 209 Nnnn Independence pnnnn 1282 l liriiliillHi!l!l5il5i'5ii5fl' Q 7.T7------,-------'-.1-----5- 5Virgix-jlijitx-txtffbj : a NG Ttgtllfricgyws AND BEST WISI-IES! 5 The i i ' W jj I . L : f , fp . 0 s ' I First National Bank i I My f fp ff g - :CQ 3 S I1 y 2 W I' y 0 m P I1 y 5 of Enid, Oklahoma : fn 2 Q n . , 1 nid's sable fiewel rs : - l 5 ffl ff f N I l I ef SH ORVCREDITJX t, lt" 5 Capital and Surplus S500,000.00 2 Q 2 UK gffy My , : f A on ' ' ,I : - i g f W ' , ' : l n ,f ff! ' n ctmptttt Banking Facilities l E Vat es,Lwa7i!o!ncls,,Siliverwa . . . 1,000 Gifts E . t 2 1 y I - l Q ' :ff fbld choosgfffrom il E H, H, CHAMPLIN ...................... President l I Q 2 2 2 2 I A2 F2 BU-I-T5 222222222222222222222222 viC,-p,,,i,1,,,, 2 We spe ze in nfatlo a ly adve h cl . E 1, N, CHAMPLIN .,....,.,..... Vttt-Pftttdtnt t I J ' ' f I 4 C, F. HERRIAN ................,............. Cashier l E f V!! f 2 E FINIS L, WEST ............,, Assistant Cashier 0 A 'J K 'lx . L' I F' W. MARQUIS ----2,-2---. Annmant Cabin, I yiggny im te marxjave convenient credit terms extended laim E H. A. DUERKSEN ....,.,, Attttttttt cttbttt I J J at Mtttonit. . 5 R. C. HELBERG .............. Attttttttt cttbttt E NUM' ff' My W : , fix! 2 L2 n .-. 4 9 g . f' I Mnmnc, Federal Dnnnnt Insurance t E COWVEXPERT WATCH R PMG AND IEWELRY REMOUNTING I I Corporation tttttxiittltiiltitil fill!! - l : Street Floor ?jyBuilQ4'!'L P50716 4130 4 I l I n KHuiuux.Quai-.QQQQffiufuKQHKKQHQQQKQKQIQIQQQ QQQQQQJ xxllnixtitixxxtxttixxiix ENID HIGH SCHOOL tnixxxsixsistxtttils its Compliments of Oklahoma Power Machinery Co. john Deere Implements Tractors Combines DAN fr BAKE Good HAMBURGERS and CHILI MOCK BAKER, Prop. Corner VVashington and Randolph ntxxxxxixtlixitiixixtslsxxix xiissaxxxtixxxxitsxxixxitiii MESSER 6' BOWERS CO. Insurance Bonds Real Estate Loans Rentals Enid, Okla. Phone 5454 1111tixxxxxxixiliiitxxltxxii 111 xiii "THE CAT AND THE CANARY" fContinued from page ZZQ lengcd the unknown force which sought to destroy her. Mary Doris Cunningham, as Cicily Young, won the hearts of the audi- ence though she didn't win the heart of any young man. Bette Mitchell characterized Susan Silsby in a convincing, sharp-tongued 75 tttttxxxxtiixttxxtxxxsxii1111 City Paint 5 Wall Paper Company 2I4 West Randolph manner- 5 Sewalfs Paints, Lacryuers, In the role of Wilder, Daren Hurst was l excellent, changing in a moment from an Paper' Glass Mlrliors ardent lover to a maniac. Sherwood Nelson I as Harry Blythe alternated courage and X Phone 561 Enid, OH3- recklessness. Harold Kester lived the lovable I ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. horse doctor, Paul Iones, and won the heart A ---- --fff ---I-W of Annabelle' xixxxxixxlmxtmxiiiilxiiiixti lack Sears was the guard, Hendricks, who C C ,, assisted Wilder in his plot. Sam Regier was P E E R L E S S the typical country doctor, Patterson. Assisting Miss Hatch with the play were I C E C R E A M Miss Margaret Kruse and Miss Ruvh Moyer . in charge of costuming and make-up. Mary The Ice Cream of Quality Margaret Headrick, Kinnon Lilligren, Bud Served aL, Vater, Iack Almond, Iane Morahan, Lacey ALL THE BETTER FOUNTAINS Butler, and Pearl Malott were in charge of gemme ips f1jiHe,mL2 . stage effects, with Bill Briggs, Beatrice Stoal- Made in Enid for more than thirty years abarger, and Margaret Richardson assisting by the M155 Moyer m makegup' , , , PEERLESS ICE CREAM CO. The orchestra was under the direction of T ph 570 Mr. G. R. Bonham. one The ushers chosen from the Sophomore 1 ""'-""""""""""' class included Thelma Mae Allen, Ona Lee " ""t " ' Arnett, Kathryn Batten, Floy Arlene Craig, I """""""""'"""" Margaret Cunningham, Francis Ferne Davis, l Minnie Lee Grantham, Elzora Hatch, Alvene E Morgan, Sammy Nixon, Mary Ioan Nus- I WELCQMES all High School baum, Betty Lou Roseboom, Norma Storey, Students and their Friends. . Dorothy Stanfielcl, and Dorothy Ann Wayne. I THE AST Rogn Cmgby ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,, ,,,, ,,,,, ,,,,,,,, T C f ry Trigg we specialize on our Sandwiches M' L ................,.......,....,....... ,..C l H bbs , , Ari-iiyabeze West .......................... ........ B lfiyiiztte 'Bird l and Cbxken Dtnnerx' Cicily lhung ........,..,.......,.. Mary Doris Cunningham N Susan Silsby ........... ......................... B ette Mitchell I Ch I W'ld ....,.. ............ ............ D H , HJiIfB1,Z,,ZT ..,.,., ..,t. r ..Sh.m.1T'N.E2iE I 216 w. Ma-ne Phone sou P ll .......,.. . ..,.....,,.. H ld K , , Dt? PZZB-irson ..... ,.,,, ..,,,.. BS li? m i Propnetor Hendrick: .............................................. ....... I ack Scars VW Invite Yea to the Home , I Of I Compliments of WIMPY SPECIALS MAX and REX Harold's Snooker Parlor HAMBURCER STANDS , 207 North Grand No. l No. 2 I ll5 East Randolph 409 North Grand xxx1111txttiixxxxittxtixtixt Atiittlxilititiitiiiiiiltillt l ,ai llNl fwlllfjv EA E55 BR . , jjfrown BILT S Stor N ' Q J' est Si u 0-VK 1 , Gy' I --bit Unsxxxx ---x-' I l By HAROLD TAFT 43 l For weeks the Student Council, Quill Week- , 'fi . I , and ever assembly program presented, ll Im ons S oo' . 1 EHected, andybrought forth news of an event f fqcefyx , which lat s termed to have been the it Q, greatest 'play of loyalty and student co- Ovi B Xyfppm est Sh Strcc 1 operati yet displayed within the walls of SCHQO SUIJPLIESK I En igh School-the fourth annual "Super Q CA I C ssal" 1940 Stunt Fest. Q99j G ERIE Q reparations were begun weeks before the ATS pq hristmas holidays by Terry Triffet, Student President, Herbert Seem, Fest sponsor, and Simm0n f Margaret Edwards, Council adviser, and by F hone 4 AV , December 18 enthusiasm was running high. When school was resumed Ianuary 2, it Q51-H xgtx gxtxi xtsx w a s announced that an intra class contest if ----- T- --.... ' Q 'igiii' was to be held in connection with the Stunt l Fest, whereby each class would select a queen, herald, and attendants as candidates for a WW fi? CQMPLIMENTS 1 559' . 1 from the X Independence Hospital 1111111111111111111111111111 1 1111111111111111111111111111 BETTER CLEANING MIDWAY CLEANERS A Phone 73 112-114 North llth Street l Free Delivery , HQKQQIIQKKHIQQQQQIIQUQ-1, , final queen and herald to be crowned on the opening night, Ianuary 11, 1940. Each class was to support their candidate by the sale of tickets. By the end of the week the candidate had been selected, and the contest was in full swing. The Seniors had chosen as their candi- dates for queen and herald, Ierry Hart and Bob Hodges with Laura Hall and Bill Briggs, attendants, also lane Morahan and Iohn Vater, Ir, The Iuniors selected Dorothy Bank and Estell Edwards as their candidates with Everlyn Bryant and Bob Meiers as at- tendants. Mary Frances Weatherly and Homer Paine were the Sophomore choice with Sammy Nixon and Merle Daniels as attendants. Last minute activities were climaxed on Wednesday evening when a group led by "gala man" lack Hatfield presented a quarter hour program advertising the fest over radio station KCRC. The big program which was to be pre- sented for two consecutive nights and offer cash prizes to the three stunts judged super- ior on points amassed both nights by un- named judges, was announced in the after- noon edition of The Quill on Thursday and listed the following stunts with their spon- Ti-uz QUILI. MAGAZINE QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ Robert F. Barnes Insurance Agency "Insure and Bond with Boblu 1018 Bass Building Enid, Oklahoma 1 1111111111111111111111 11111 W 1111111111111111111111111111 l l Best o' Luck Seniors 1 MANHATTAN GRILL Corner Grand and Maple ' 1111111111111111111 11111111 111 111111111111111111111111 1 Congratulations Seniors! A Lu-Ri Beauty Parlor 1 718-22 Bass Building Phone 33 111111 11111111111111111111i IN S UR X QUUNDED 106, 356: D-slid j .. -5 s 9' Qs QE , . ,--.- ' ,q : WW' -.1 ij N 'i'i f '1f::-.,,,, . I 4fr'f ,f OP IQSNP' MILTON ASFAHL, Bass Bldg. I 1111111111111111111111111111 ENID HIGH SCHOOL ttttttixxxitxxxxlxxxxsixxxx Morell Floral Shop Phone 620 Catering to: Party Decorations Corsages Sick Room Orders "'7lowers for Everyone," 0 Morell Green Houses "Flowers Direct from the grower" Orchids-Roses-Snaps-Gardenias- Carnations-and many others. Visitors always welcome xxxxxxxixxxlttixxxxxtxixxxxx U5txt!!!itillxxxlltxxxxixxi HAIL . . Enid High School A65 Here's to a. victorious 1940-41 for the Blue and White! -'us from 'your Miitual friend KCRC Iiltttiiltttiiiltttitiittttt 5 sors: "News Gets Around," Bravettcsg "Mother Goose of the Twentieth Centuryfl Warriors, 'iWee Gilisf' Miss Ward, i'Gypsy Life," I-li-Y.W.3 "Freedom of Speechf, Bravesg"Lily of the Alleyf' Delta Theta, "Kruising Aroundf, Miss Kruseg and the "Westerners," by Mr. Selby, Harold Walls, and Robert Barrick. The faculty stunt, "Fifteen for Enid", was the main event on Friday night's ticket. individual numbers to be presented be- tween stunts included a girls, trio, Eva l-lronopulos, jacqueline Barnett, and Dorothy Oldhamg "A Ker Chew Dueti' by Carolyn Hobbs, a trombone solo by Bob Meiersg a dance routine with Betty Arnold accom- panied by a special stunt fest orchestra, 'KA Light House Tragedyi' by jerry Thompson, "My Prayeru by Maxine Buxton, vocalist, and Ujitterbug janesi' featuring Lucille Mar- kos and Loretta Miller. Results of the ticket sales contest had been kept in utmost secrecy for the last week of the contest, and it was with great anticipa- tion that the one thousand students and patrons assembled in the school auditorium awaited the crowning of the queen to follow immediately after the last stunt. The event was an impressive occasion. Suddenly the air was shattered by the sound of blasting brass, and it was only a few seconds until Estell Edwards had crowned Dorothy Bank queen of the fest. It was now that the contest results were announced, juniors first, Sophomores second, and Seniors third. Friday night's program was equally suc- cessful. A record breaking house had laughed and cried with the various stunts and had expressed enjoyment at the feature of the evening, the faculty stunt, HFifteen for Enid". First prize was awarded to the "Westerners", a western rope twirling act: second prize was awarded to Miss Krusels home room for their stunt, "Kruising Aroundng and third money was given to the I-Ii-Y. W. for "Gypsy Life". So passed the fourth annual high school stunt fest into oblivion, but the spirit will re- main forever, As a direct result of the many hours of labor on the part of all en- gaged and the encouragement of the facility and Student Council, funds were raised, for the first time in the fest history, in amounts sufficient for the purchase of a motion pic- ture, sound on film, projector. ' With educational Hlms on every conceiv- able subject available for student use, mem- ories of the Stunt Fest should be alive in the enriched program for learning the new, which this modern educational device will make possible through the years for other students of Enid High School. 77 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx gJe'lCy C Cowan gloral CO. ff IIYIII 6'-i'lr 4 '19 x fe IL X' -- ,-4 M 3 ni' I ."55?47e'+5ii., 4535: -yn, , - A . , 6, . Jw Qyilflfiufi- Over 30 Kfars in Business in Enid Bass Bldg., Enid, Okla. xxxxxxxxxxlxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxix CHESTER A. WAHL o Surety-Insurance--Bonds 0 Bass Building Phone 661 Lxxxxxxxxxxxxxuxxxxxxxxxxxxii 1itxixxxxxxxxlxllxliiixxxllx HUTTON'S Aztec Fountain "good jountain 'Drinksn ' Sandwiches ' Salads ' We Deliver 213 West Randolph Phone 156 1I11xxtxxxixxxxtllitllxxxtit xx11xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Best o' Luck Seniors! Tr! STAR CAB COM PANY Aus Phone 434 xitxitiixiilttttti1311113111 I ' 0 5 . J! 78 1 f' I 1 P if l THE QUILL MAGAZIN .---------------- -.-- -- yy' - -- -- .--gy ------ ----------------.- M2 ' . f . 72' C I 5 LW ' ,I I I mf Selly! Sincerest Wishes Seniors! I f ' I mi I f Q A I .L l 1 I K l f l ' ' Q? X 5.1 will y , If QRQJL. AWAIZINCADE in l V 4 , I ' H 1 ff MH' A556 S' KI ADF p Personality Beauty Shoppe I Sf f"' ' ' t 5 VELMA WE12Ks,Manager ' . ' lv ' ' -N O r f P ffl' Conyas 219 N. Independence Phone 868 i fa' -f 1 ----.-------...--..---- ----------------- ---- - - i 1 ------- --ggL ......... g--g ................ .- Rappfs V, nu Congratulations Seniors! Monroe Food Market O - . a 530 South Monroe good Shoes fbi' the Vlflnoleo l S Enid pklahoma Hickory-Smoked Hams and Bacon Q , f "X jam, y ' Wholesale Cuts at Wholesale Price: john Rapp Ernie Rapp Q '22 North Independence 127 North Washington I -------- - -- --------..---------------' 1 -----------------...--- ufnnn' uu'Q4uu'7'?f'En''2t3'u2l:'n?1'3nun3 5 F gf' f- g ' E n E f f ' E 4 I Q-9151 rre, O A A ' i t in E I': A I ' .' - ' -of-it 35, I 1 ': BGR o n -.rw , Ag 2 - 4 ' f dl cg , l- 9 is 5-ew? lyme V 1 ' 5 .ETH ul s oi' ' E i 5 F 0 ' r . x : i is gi M RCC ' or X 'ax : I ' E ' x : n , ' ' . 3 49" 4- ff E 3 :a BIG" 'fro ii el: .de , s if si 54 ' -2 of ' ' I Q4 'S U L ' E 1 Q A ,L - - i gg fa eeeeee it of eeee eggs eeee glfflff I I I I I I I I I I I ,Q ENID HIGH SCHOOI. . P c2000 I I I I E DR. E. A. HUDSON ...O..O.OA E DR. s. H. MCEVOY .......... E DR. H. H. HUDSON ........ DR. GEORGE MILES ........... nrgc St. A Pro?Building OF NURSING ENID CLINIC . .........General Surgery .. ........ ...Metabolism ....Urology ....,................X-Ray Therapy DR. G. S. WILSON ..........,...... .......... Eye, Ear, Nose, Throat n DR. IULIAN FEILD ............. I I. 5tittxxxxxixxxxxxxx1111111111 .Obstetrics and Cbildrerfs Diseases DR. CHAS. ROBERTS ....... MRS. PEARL MAI-INKE ......... ALICE MADDOX ............... N. 1. IUNG ................ ELSIE M. FRITZ .......... H. W. GOLTRY ............ xxxxx1xxxxxnxxxsxxxxxxxxnxxxxt xxxxnxxxxun I I I I I L..-. I I I I I I I I E Drunk I I I I : your I I I o : blte I I I I I , to I I I E 231' I I I I I I I I 4 .-...... I I I I I I I ngtttlllttlliittiltttuin sxsxxmxssssssxxsxsxxx xxtsxxxxxxxisliixl ITAL FOUNDATION Complete Clinical and Laboratory Diagnosis Ambulance Service . . . Night and Day Attendant ..........I-louse Physician .....X-Ray Technician Secretary Operating Room Supervisor ..........Superintendent of Nurses ...fWm......,..,.Supc'rintcndent IQIUHQQIIQIHQKQI xx111s11ugxnmxxxsx111111111xxxxxmxigmmxxxxxxunxxxssuis!!! xxtxxitxu III2 8 0 inn u. P, co. iiisxxitxxxxiixttttxxxxxxixxxxxxxi -AIDS OIGESYION -COMBATS ACIDITY Yililil amzro , sm al' I0 2 and 4 sxsxxnxxsssnnunxnnsussssxnxssnnu will li it il if Wu W ,yr 55.4 X I I P I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I f i i 'K l gf if., , til a Yo THIE QUILI, MAGA7 NE ------------ I t S I g ung Man's Fancy 'V fglghtjglf urns to Thoughts of . .. i All Wt sf .1 EM rfb ' A Qgwid, ' ,i ld i If Klum . ---Co ---Badminton I I I I I I I I I 3 With Sporting Goods e 5 ---Tennis ---Swimming I Spend the coming summer days from HOCKADAY'S I I I I xxsxxxxxxsxxxxxxxxx I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I We Cffer A Complete Musical Service livery employee in the CiHIZNOVVI2TI-I 555 GRIEIEN organization believes in good music and is in hearty accord with all the musical activities of the lfnifl High School. Ifvernything in Pianos from the best that is inazle to the lowest in price that is goorl. VW carry only stanil- aril, nationally ailvertisezl hrancls. Uur honor roll of Pianos include Xlfason Q07 Harnlin, Knahe, Lester, Starr, Kurtznfzarzn, Wurlitzer anzl Gulhransen. GIENOWETHQGREE ,,,, PHILCO RADIOS .--Q 1.1-1-1 11.1-1 1 ENID HIGH SCHOOL VW, the Stab' of the 1940 QUILL IVIAGAZINE, devote this sltmce to iz inost sincere thanks to our fldvertisers. They are your friends and deserve your lietronriged-. 1111111111111111111111 111 11111 11 11111111111111 I LU! ' f 5 if .113 '- glh't.,o0Vi1' f' Schuler Fruit Co. '.,' ' Distributors Phone 909 LD 14 11111 111111111111111111 111 11111111111111111111111111 11111111111111111111111 1 11111111111111111 111111 111111 St. Mary's Enid Springs Hospital Concluctccl by The Sisters of the Most Precious Blood 502 East Oklahoma Avcnuc Enid, Oklahoma Phone 146 1111111111111111111 11111111111111111111111111111111111114 1111111111111 111111111111111111111111111111111111 1111, Enid Civic Clubs That Encourage E. H. S. Progress THE LIONS CLUB THE KIWANIS CLUB THE ROTARY CLUB THE AMERICAN LEGION 111111 11111 1 1111 1 1111 1111111 1111111111' 81 For Health and Enjoyment Eat Martha Ann All-Milk Bread and Martha Ann Cakes ll I L . I 2 I I B H K E R H ,YZ "Q er if , S For Prompt Service-- ' BETTER MEATS, BETTER GROCERIES ar FAIR PRICES Trade with McCLAIN'S DeLuxe Grocery 5 Market Phone 4333 220 W. Randolph H 1111111111 111111111111111 Fl Q5 v THE QUILL MAGAZINE xxxxxxmxxxsxxxxxsxxxxxxx ,Q sz , 7 sf 96 l E CONGRATULATIONS SENlORSl I Q ntflimen of ll l' C 'lags of l ff gayolm: co. T351 Q 5 ------- .Q-'Q as , . 1 4 lgineilonighly wi lull' M V746 ' l l Q. 1 0 R n w A ency5 L' f T wa M16 only 1 i II ' 2 N.indc cndencc mod 1,191 g 501 WL.st Rand , X . l JW a .. ........... Wlglllg .. ................ -- .. W 'pd' Al 7 l BARHYDT ffl? " V15 1" . CQMIENS O , , - v-Q pl a Typewruter Exchange 2 1 L 1 Kay Wg YS! pg filo B bexip s Tl1eBes'll'a, fin Omorrh Indepi? C5 Q5 l 'A b J lx S I to Yoqldrhj xx ,Q Q.. -la ...... l e , l,f,, f1f 5 --ig in -13,6324 ' Royal Typewrlters l 5 5 l ll l ' Used Machines i as ifhesfsiw 513, fl l ' Portable Typewriters ' p fj r d Aigfgflio i .4 . fl we l WK QM Chappell on co. ' ' ?- l 302 West Maple Yi ll R Ol' H' QE Ph 5715 123 N. washington 130 Easf M Pl , J A Y l E d ok: h a 3 1 its is it it xl! :AL l it 55" l ""' O F lililil l ,Ye Qin meffa fi ENID HIGH SCI-1001. QQQHQQQQQQQQQQHHQQQQQQ H West Side Feed Store 1. A. ZALOUDEK SEEDS-FEEDS-POULTRY SUPPLIES Phone 2115 223 W. Randolph 111111111 1111111111111 INSURE with MARSH-SHIELDS First National Building Phone 912 Enid EN I D LEATHER GOODS COMPANY Luggage-Brief Cates-Trunks Fine Leather Goods 225 W. Randolph Phone 3260 E 11111 We welcome you ro Ploof's Grocery Your Orders Given Prompt Attention "Red Front Store on the Vlfirst Sideu Phone 63 316 S. Quincy I 'Q 11111111111 P111111111 11111 11111111 111111111 1 i yr ' T- tti T P u L L M A N M ' 1 The Name "Pullman" Means the Finest in Appearance I KNEE and the Best in Construction ' Fore-Wheel Brake 0 S eedometcr Handle Bar P A 0 Qycclock M0l1DtlDg . ' Full Streamlined Frame T Spccdomefvf Dial Revolutlonary ' Full Floatin S rin Illumination Improvement post Saddlcg P g ' Concealed Horn Unit In . o Doul-,lc Adjustment ' Non-Rattling Side Stand Rldmg Handle Bar Stem ' Stimsonite 3" Tail C0l11f0rl' Reflector GEO. GENSMAN CO. Third Door soufh of W M Qui Hx IIQI -In I LET'S ALL uf f ' i K 'rf T yLET'S ALL ' C ' W i V, if Arrive ' TOC ppt, T,-fig' 2 ,f Jia' TOGETHER w ' f ix' 'I X Llxg arteyrf a, ed Bal Bus N iv l ,ff Charter gioaelles kittord greatest enjoyment in groilp tranifiorta ion! and I Yr' at the lovlcst Possible cost. Red Ball aflseistirves Diloqlwiesg pklahrx V ,lKansas, 5 1 and Telcas with regulafrr ddpendable ddily schedflcx " I ,.',l.1 nl xl" R 9 r f l' T RED Hg-xLL BUS ,go yur in r I i 'lil l Charter Service 15-K I A Union Bus Depot Tel2Pl10n9 233 'i l il K' rf Telephone 810 5 .,s 111111111!p1111 11111111111 1 fn' V If i I I 2 A M Af? . A Q ,. If 1'-. ,lm if wr, 1 4' 84 " THE QUILL MAGAZINE ,xnxxxxxxnxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx511111111111nxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxgm11xxxxxxsxxxxxxxssxnnxmxxn117 . ' I I 4 I . I I 4, I 1 'K' ' 4 I I - Q I ' r..4,j f' ' ': 4 , ' , I Q 1 , lf, 1' f-Q ' 'I 1 7 I , ' K , 7 l In I I' -- VL- Q, J : :J-,W fx .1 I I I ,I fg , . f -, V1 f , ,g 4 V 4 - , -,l -' I , ' ' ' ' HHSC at t I : g . 0 0 0 4 'I -. 5 . B,-, l XJ. fl , . 3 I " ' ' ' U ' 1 , I ' ini: 1 4 ' ,. X . .Ll',I I .. 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