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 - Class of 1928

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C .-. !g7NE4YBl'VE V, A F71 f,4,I !s'0 G 'Lf X X QXN 1 6341 N ff if X f X. ,ff!f7s'4Agp, A Q27 MQ "B ff 'If mt I 'A V ri' Nadu 12,5 ,- fififl XX QI'- '. .' ' ,, A ' ' ' 'H Q X 1 J? SG ffm 'M,,A!4!fAg5 ff Dkx X , ' - v fig: ff- ' V' Lg K x 5 f 4 f ' f .bf A ,, , f d aj . Q-D Mk F , V, , ,gp,f3y:,:, 5 V 1, w .-' -: Y L ,,,, Ln, -v- -I 4 W "H 5 gf Ss gl?-5"vQ 2 NJ? pf U N w X lvl .gf EK? V' m SW' ,f 5 4' 4 5514, . . Q I P1131 ig ,ga M- vi Y Ty ksgf , ??- fs af' ,If 'fi -X - T N gl- , lx 1 N.,-"-X I f 14. L. .1 ,J f 'x 4? gf . -'ff A V W EIL? slf ,ar K ,, f'-. gh 1, Q " I W 1 -qw ,gkgini I K mf ff X in A X KH' , '1' - 'fl f, 'X 'v44Q,f, X ' ', 7 I L , , f at ,401 7.4 ,LJ lf! W", x 'f' 41 . I N, M ,pfgtcrq , m5.1.m,,' - - ,. ff," -J -. -4 . , w . i . 5 5 J 1' 'fr '3 R 3' ,Q Qu, .4 Q, kg: f ".,, ' ," E 5 . Q lgfgihs, liz? 2 .Q X 1, V x V' X -frfiepx -5 . k - Q-.,4M42,.,Q' - fy A' fvfifg' ,- ' x. , 7- ll - 1-" Z! 4 I . f AQ? -efb x 7 X I " I ' .1 V . . f ,. -- .1 ,L -f' 4- x wg ff Y"'fl3r:--3 'ff f , sl I I, YH Ll, , 01'-'rd'-, - X W W wwf Sfkgwjjw f my fir M t w wffiwg ffiffwlf ff jffififfa jf if 4 ff fd .J effiffzjwff Qff2f f f5ffff MAJ 'LJMJT 5 'I' . 51151315 4 ii, 4 V 5 ,,, nf, .- V , 1+ A1 , .ga F I 1' 1 ., , -f fr Ah .. F-ff 2, '- , 2.-gg ,Y ' ' 1' .1 K 'nie' 31 ' V 1 V ' 5 337-.".. ' 'fi' -" -' f f . 'r4.,I..p5v,:xp: 5. l.., 55,44 ., In L .3 rfpr. H yr, . I . . . -L' .V-5 " V ,, 6. 4' I 1 't L" 7-'PMT 1 4. , . " 'f 'Q5g51Q,'3'..5fs-1 ii' .-L' Lv. r 'WF x ff' ' 1 ' ' 1 -,, ,:,4'.1j- ,H -I 1 V - Q "'t:3xl'f?k " 2 ' A ' I A : fi.: 'A ,,iA,k2v,:-MTM, . n -Q I A ,,v' i at ,, ,xii-.zlgnvgx N A. V. Q ., ':'.f I?" I . -"'-' T, W' XL, - 1, - f 4- 'rr 1- - 1 . fp ,Q 1 N-, 4. ' f' g.495 E i ig ..,:tAi? ,',:,,.fw., " .jg Y W ,W V 54' f x' rx I Q V V' pi-v ., L E nigh. .1 X, ...H v. 'sin ,, l , U . V I , X, , fp 2579 ' . 31 -' 3A 'V . " - ' A t :V 4 L . COPYRIGHT ' ,Q 'ffl :U V I V .' ,y KAVANAUGH BULLOCK. 3 F, fg,-335 H- Editor-in-Chief , gif, 4 5 JOHN Door, , if fig, hffygj' , if Business Manager ,Q -,Jiiwr IV 1 -g . .gc ' , 1, .-5--52'-VZ. 'H ' ' .- ..-V -. - ,vm ,..,' 1-' f Q,xrzQ5f, ' H f Q, I. 1rr:.f'?l1j " ,- ' ' ' . , N2 V , , q v r.,t'S Q qi .RM all il. . ,A -y ww, n- .1 . ,x by ',. ,f s pf.-.. V, Q- . 44555 x lj .wk ' wt' 71 vfy. .5 M, ,L f if-' it , , R, , . fff"'.j.'. 'gi 'ff :fs V . Q1 g, N , , f ' 5 W, . f Ji-'-22' ' r ,'!"'. W, .V 1 T5 pn'-"v . .:1-N '- .gs-1: -, ,chit-' .QQ . ph .'.,- ' .4 ,A..,v. ,X Af. ..- 3 415: I QQ ui I-' ,Qu .' ' '-I T-x ' 15 ,JJ ' , ' .1 'VA , ' a xv 521. A 1 'n' lli L" V . 1' " 1-.L-' Fink' h y Jul: A 3+ QQ' 1 A , I' TY' F? 1 . 1" ,qv Ql "4 kv 'digwi .53 I-if " v . lb M TA. V, 1 . 71-,Q ' rf. :El 'V ' ! , it A, ? Ak - Q ' 5,51 ' ' ,gf v. J W .,-, , Y I Jeb' 1 ,ld . ,Q .fa v ,, A 4 ,,,v,7 X 4 , . fm :gk ...I ,NAV V? I . X . ., . a ,L 3, H sb Vx ' .. nf.- N o F' nw . if 51.55-A-. . K '4 Q., Q Min W ..,. -. H S 'F ,p,M.,?11., . F .' ,y 1 1 L FQ Eff" . :QM 43, - 1 Y' vi.-.f 9' s 5 s -K , . , . ,fl 5 E. -L f'5Z?vx AL Q ig' 14 ' K " 1 QQHLLANNMM 1 NX X il 4 E , , + 1 1 l s ' 463' 1 Q W 'I' 1 El 1 w 1 nt I Ill E :Y 1 f lm 32 3 ei' I .S fix A " ' .. NL, A ax if ASA lg If fav I if Q fs 135 S S 3 E54 X r E Qui li .SA X 'J --f. , I f I r NA, . .JL , , A 1 1 L. i-- glz llli el' l 3 A 4 iii 5 l gli 4' I" flu o-?y- Ii 2' J lf, ll' 'f all 'f 4 sl ll Q Els 11? l, 1. . U1 U1 I M li fi rl uh ,uf V11 14 Q r BRQM i 'E 1 , ' 551 Q, '-2 sf sy lf x S15 lx 0, , - ,0 Q li' W is Y A Qi l come from the Land of Remembrance to portray to 5 75 you the spirit of Enid High School-the spirit of the hardy Q' N 'Q plainsnien, Sersistenti. in tfie. face of adversity, struggling 35' ' QW, earnest y an succee mg g orious y. 'Q My mission is to recall to you the places that were pleas- '- ant, the friends that were true, the hours that were brimful W' i- f 5 of happiness and joyous accomplishment. ' Pray, take me to your heart, for I am the symbol of your ' ' E ' golden days. I am The Quill Annual of 1927-1928. 'J il XX 's q A 1 E THE PLAINSMEN 'In days when our great land Was young, The heart of every man was flung Into this main and sole desire: To build a lasting, free empire. A battle seemed each trial they passed, But yet they fought on till the last. In this great fight for people's needs The plainsmen did the bravest deeds, Since naught could ever them repel, They fought for homes, not foes to quell. Exploring far in wagon trains Upon this land which once was plains. Discouraging was oft their Work, Tasks small or great they dared not shirkg All fortunes ml1St they bravely meet, Cheerful in victory or defeat. On them a World had cast its eyes, To such a task did brave hearts rise. Now there prevails in Enid High That plainsmen spirit, do or die, Consistent always is its aim, In school work, it is just the same. Here sportsmanship wins every time, The plainsmen spirit is sublime. -Chester Leon Stinnett '28 + 1' 3777 A fm 74,7 Y-A 11 1 1 Y'-' 'i 'A ,Y 111 11 1 1l1 g 1 Ai E11 1 11 1 1 H1 1 1 11, 1-. .111 V 'I ,Q 1 '1 1 1 1 11, .11 if ,K 11111 11 111 + 11 I 1114? 11 11 4, 111 1 12' 111 1 ,W of ,X fy 1 .S 1 x an .. 1111 1 1 1. ,I 1 eg' e- 02+ 1 V Wi li 'ii 1' I, '12 1 1'1" 0, 1 1 11 1 X 1 '11 .jx Patience, Loyalty, Alertness, Integrity, Naturalneis, 61 1 ft 41 ESX Sincerity, Modesty, Energy, Neighborliness-all these ' fine qualities of the plainsmen are exernplihed in our 'V if Ab 9.x teacher, adviser, and friend, Miss Charlotte Kretsch, 71 ON Q If 1 lk to whom we lovingly dedicate this eighteenth volume jg Q of The Quill Annual. -" 'L ix ,f 1 Ep 14? J Sax il! me .47 K J ff CHARLOTTE KRETSCH HN' "' VZ 5A N A 9' ' GJ + Oh: Q cf? '53 Q. X man-QE GV K K vi 11 '13 5 Q A E . G f .LY 1 ? 2, vii ,fl V, ' 1 V , x L-Ai! -N ww' -V A QF.- Ning unc:-oooooo-7 -1 , 1 A H - --fa f-yif, uk , ,, K ? C934 '33 xx - W J , fi P5 KM-+f'XA CQ'g. A X " ' fi 1-w"":- 'N Q., X 13 ' ' ' 4, Q z,,.3,,,, -9 ' , f Eb-5m5kb9W'W b::fQiQ2,':f"'5l3f ?ff?, 593 5151 4 ' fffff vw" ,af-4,-,f 3 'pg 'wg .5 Q at 5 ,Qi 1' fi 1- Q . A 5 I 4452 'L T , is -74 V 'je'-'W' 3 ' Eff ' K ' ,Q X fa' Fi'- . K. , - 39,-5 I 'WA , ' I ' ' X -ii-1 ' - , N' -V'-, -' -MN I , 15:2 ... Y-52,3-52 , ' ai. fl, A 1, V' A l . if - 1 - 1,1-V if Q - A K- .as lf' Q- - M f L? 1 ' ' X '5 , 2 YP? 1 9 ' ,. 'Q ' L Zglfik ' Q:-gijfj 2514 I2 F ' fi f'QkFQ,, 1 1 ' ,fd lgiggggi' Q- ' gv 1 A X 'W N '1 w p... ::,"512?fEiEzS -"WW-'f Nj x w, Mgmt Amr ' ' gmc: ' - . 1 ' gy N hir . 5 - Qggnii, 'un . 233155556 s --' gg, ,A"?" 4 4 J' J ia! U , -?FQQ.1,,:1 ,,' " ,Z ,T A 1' 1 V Q gang? 5.2! x ., 1 ' 17 We-9 ff? ' '--ef'-5-'.i?E ffm f. - P qm':.- ' ' o k- ggffiiggg-5 XTX , ,,.,...21 .,,,,, . gL,, ,,.. gala: 23 'E ., A X su ig' . 'Q ilfflff ,:,: ,U ' 1 M : Jig . ya -A vrpeb 7 ,V n':1:f.v': 'kfsxsyf-5 , x 1, -iainft .: S55 5'iQC1Q,o? F5 A , ,, -Y.. 2? gggf ., - , ,- ' , Q. -L 4' - I X1 :,s .' xi' ' E32 J, x if 4, ffgfifii gf f ff 35' ' Jia ,,7'?1r f- t W ' ' 1 A. . ,fm .531 -I L 5 I ' f' 4 V' 'm . 2q4ffg .-ff I :5 1 V ' K' 'A . V I' x,4,i'2:A:xh ' z .K V: .Lk , 51-K.1,f:t. f 'X ' '- va mwfw ff -, f V f V. f- , pail XI.. -N Q- Lx Y 1- i e". Y.,f NVhL-rc PIZIUISIHCII Enter uuking into tlw Sunrise Sunshine :mel Sllncluw :Xml the VVL-st VViml Crum' :lt awning Xxfilllilllg lightly mlm' thc przliriuu Thirfeezz Fourteen SUPERINTRNDFNT Ii. D. PRICE H f"" "f"' "f"' V V V VV VV VV V VV V 4 , w , 1 5 2 Qi xx NS SR ww X PRINCIPAL DE VVITT VVALLER Fm.-eff .9549 S94-252572926 Qruefdumj ANNUEAL 2 OUR CREED I believe in Enid High School, lieve in honesty in every day tasks and in faithfulness in dutyg I believe in the joy that comes from worth-while fun generous comradeship and loyal service to my schoolg I believe in modesty in victory and an unconquerable spirit in defeat, I believe in keep- ing faith with 'my neighbor my father and mother my country and my God ,,.,.-.i-. 1 - 1 'H . A O if , 1 Q I 1 ' r ig. 1 D f W F 9 4 I i I 1 , 'her traditions and idealsg I be- F i i E it , F F 1 b . . N f i I F ' , 1 1 ' 1 1 . 1 1 E 1 4 5 1 1 1 1 E Q ........i..1....--1 'f'- U F , M 1 'V I 1 V ft' , ' ' pg"-J : 'l N Yi. ro 1 ,rw Sixteen Q I ggi.-Wwpinwdemmli fTlw4P9+isr:21i4vQFS1QiiFM my-we wwhuwwmms.faa,xu was mwwmmw' F iii? iii' ff E - i NX' QGILIL5 X 'T-,A r 2 FREDERICK R. ARNOLD ETHEL BONIFIELD Eighleen Mechanical Engineering Mathematics Kansas State Agricultural Collcg: Oklahoma City University, A. B LOTTABEL BIRD DOROTHY L. 'BOWERS Journalism I Slmnl-Sh I phiiiiiis Uiiiveisiiyi A. BI, BI OI University of Michigan, A. B. GLENN C BOND ELIZABETH CANSLER . A French B l ' d B Y Phiiiipsggnzlfcrsitiugi B. University of Oklahoma, B. A. AMY HINSON CARL MRS. MABEL BONHAM . M I History I I uslg I Sic hens unior Callege, A. A. Phillips Cnivcrsitv P ' J I I 'I U TCLlCllfJfS, College, Northwestern Un1verS1fY ywiiuiiibiu University, B. S. G. R. BONHAM CARLSON Instrumental Music Economics Phillips University Agricultural and Oklahoma University College, B. S. NELSON M. CONNET Printing Kansas State Teachers, College B. ROY DANIEL Chemistry Northwestern State Teachers, College, B. S. MARY TRFEAX DEATLEY Spanish and History Northwestern State Teachers' College, A. B. JESSIE DOUGLAS English Washburn College, A. B. AGNES DRYDEN Latin Drury College. A. B., B. S. PAUL EDWARDS European History Oklahoma University, B. A. MARY E. GOE Commercial Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College, B. S. CECIL E. GOTT Modern History Phillips University. A. B.. B. LAURA M. GRAVES Latin Iowa State University, Ph. B. ALICE IIAIVIILCIBON Spanish Southwestern College, A. B. ,-..-, Y .---iv N iueteef: LENA B. HANSEN Mathematics University of Michigan, A. B. HELEN HOVVE Domestic Art Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College, B. S, DORA JOHNSON English Phillips University, A. B. ELLA JOHNSON Americinn History Phillips Unixicrsity, A. B. CHARLOTTE KRETSCH English University of Kansas, A. B. BLANCHE KENNEDY Secretary to Superintendent RUTH MCKNIGHT Mathematics Iowa State College, B. S. HELEN MELLOTT Director of Research Northwestern University, B. S. RALPH V. MILLER Commercial University of Oklahoma, B. S. NELLE MOORE Physical Education Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College, B. S, Diploma Cllzultzulqlui School of Physical Education. New York My NS gm . gjiis as 9 3 Q MIRIAM MOYER Librarian University of Oklahoma RIITH MOYER English University of Oklahoma, B. A. MARY NELSON Commercial Colorado State Teachers' College, A. B. CLARA GRATIA RACKLEY Home Economics Colorado State Teachers' College, A. B. D, BRUCE SELBY Science and Athletics Phillips University, A. B. JUAN ITA STARTZMAN Serrctary to Principal M. G. SEARS Vocational Education University of Missouri, B. S. WM. L. E. SHANE Bible, History Phillips University, A. B., B. S. University of Missouri, M. A. GRACE M. SMITH Mathematics University of Chicago, S. B. Iowa State Teachers' College, B. Di. HELEN STEWART English Oklahoma College for Women, A. B Twenty- IE l 9 Ticezzfy-f1L'0 C. MARIE SVVENSON, R. N. Puhlic School Nurse LEON ROBERT VANCE Physical Education Graduate Metlimiist State Hospital Football, Baschall Training Sclmol for Nurses, Oklahoma Agricultural and Mitchell, South Dakota Mechanical College, B. S. JOYCE TAYLOR M usic speech JIM WILLIAMS Phillips Ilnivcrsity, A. B., B. M. Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College, B. S. A. W. VANCE Mechanical Drawing Oklahoma Agricultural and MCL'l1llI1li'dl College. B. S. S V x Y f fl uf .iq 7' J, o 9 Nw.. ' X Eff cj, . gg fe: 3 .1 fu +R'-li ' 1 C0 '-gif? ci' " sf. I . V-fwQ 1" '.x v ' u 'HI ""g 'Q' C f ff O VN' 7 5 55V ,Y .. ., J ,nf 4.1 V' .. i Q if? ,zu ,,x,V , CN 'yt 1 uf 'A fi 5 QNX' l X ., rw' 'yy 1 2 2,1 , . L ,rf .3 V xff fii N-, ' ' .de 552 Tgij Ti XM ,-.1 P f 5' , 9 32156173 'x X -,x ..,. ,,v,,! f .., N---ul Y 1 4234 Q71 'vim , -. ---- vA,y- - ,Q-f - -1 I Cbir. if 51:5 4:51531 43 L15.lffggj"' 1 xnxx ..,.5S,54 'if 12565 if Q x .,--mM1..Lm ,. . W,-:N q,1:fM"'-f-' "-., ,ff , fx 59 N fs 1 f if , fix, 54? C4-I - , ' W 2, fx NK 'X -1 A -M' .e:m:,,.., 1 k f wwf! . . . pf L' si Ein- 3 mv Q 2: N J 3' Q 5 3 N 5' x 3 1 1 ..,- ' -1 1 X7lZJwww,:MwMgMwlfAK0x 3KfW LTMMW WMAWW MJfJm3QfTffpij Qaigiffk Klum QA WN MMWA-gh? MQM M MbMm MMQ ' M M ' X , AM ' GNN . ,TM KW' wwwh Qfvwxwgg 'QAWALI 15 MTM hh. - MMM? UM 2QWfNf?j9fiZJW5k7ffJU,fEQ S IIQGI' Q X., 1, X' -gm N f'? A , x-J, ' 77 ,ZW XX fv g MM fa , A M1121 IN X 1 - AM ,f ffl M1 2 1 f SENIOR OFFICERS BUFORD KIRTLEY MAFRINE SNYDER TOM FOX President Secretary Vice-President THE SENIOR CLASS At length we have arrived at the end of the trail of our high school days. Sometimes the way seemed too long and the pitfalls unavoidable, but, somehow, the desire to succeed kept us from falling hy the wayside. We have labored somewhat in our time, but we have played too, and the memories are sweet. The friendships, the knowledge, and the experience in living, gained in Enid High School, will be our guides for the future. Now, two hundred and fifty strong, we are facing out toward life. v 31 ,A enty- four L A GVVENDOLYN CLINE FLORENCE BURCHFIELD Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Quill Annual 4, Operetta 3, 4, Dramatic 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y. W. 4. HUGH MILLER Baseball 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4. LELA BUTLER Hi-Y. W. 4, Erodelphian 4, Glee Club 4, Orchestra 2. DONALD M OFFITT FERN CARN EY Intramural Athletics 2, 3, Ciccronian 4. Erodelphian 3, 4, Hi-Y. W. 3, Home Economics 4, Glee Club 4. LEVI GREER Hi-Y. 4, Intramural Athletics Websterian 2, 3, Parliaxnentarian 3. MABEL KELLEY Ciceronian 3, I-Ii-Y. W. 4, O. G. A. 4. GEORGE DUSBABEK Booster 4, Basketball 4. FRANCES DOWNING Tqueuly-Five . iii? lf i My BERTHA MADDUX PAUL CLODFELTER Hi-Y. 43 Euclidian 3. LUCYSEEDS HLY.wL3,+ ROBERT HOTCHKISS Euclidizm 35 Hi-Y. Cabinet 45 Debate 45 Ciceronizm 35 Quill Weekly 45 Smith Astronomy 3. VERA BENNETT Katahclin 3, 4-5 Hi-Y. W. 4-5 O. G. A. 4. ELSIE PISELL Thaleam 4. BRYSON BERRY Quill Weekly 4. FRANCES SHORT Glee Club 4. El Circulo Castsllano CLARE ANDERSON Band 2, 3, 43 Thalezm 33 Newtonian 4. GRACE RENDEL HLY.WH25 Katahdin 3, 4-. TIIELIVIA VVELDON D1'zm1atic' 2, 3, 4, Vice-Prcsidn-nt 45 Ciccroninn 35 Virgilian 4. Quill Wu-kly 4. LONNIE COMBS Tlmln-an 35 Newtonian 4. ELIZABETH TIGHE Eroclulphian 45 Hi-Y. W. Z, 3, 45 Home Economics 4. LEE MARSHALL Basketball 3, 45 Tlialcan 35 Quill Annual 45 El Circulo Castellano 4. LILLIE REINHART El Circulo Castellano 4. DOROTHY JANE PRICE Hi-Y. W. 2, 45 Kzntalulin 4. VERNE WINDSOR Quill Annual 45 Quill Weekly 45 Track 4. MATTIE PHILLIPS Hi-Y. W. 45 Euclidian 4. MILTON WENTWORTH HI-Y. 3, 45 Tlialcan 3. GLADYS WILSON Glce Club Z, 35 Operetta 35 Kafahdin 2, 3, Pres. 45 Booster 45 Hi-Y. W. 4. Twefzty-sevefz THELMA ARFORD Gl6c Club 45 Operctta 45 H1-X. VV. Z3 Eucliclian 3. NEWTON MCGILL VELMA SHORT Hi-Y. W. 23 Glee Club -1-. EDWIN SC H LOTTACH EVELYN JOHNSTON Glcc Club -1-. EVELYN ARNOLD Hi-Y. W, 1, 3, 4, Kntalulin 2, 35 Thalezm 3. RAYMOND STAHL Euclicliam 35 Smith Astronomy :XNNICE BRITTON Booster 45 3. U , . Erodclpliizm 2. lb ARMON MEIS f .- lfnrum 25 Hamel Z3 Booster 4-5 Hi-Y, 4-5 X Intramural Athletics 35 Quill Weekly 4. LOIS JONES N X ' Ciceronian 35 . - 1 ' , A ' 1 vii-giliim 4, " ' ' 'J 4 Dramatic 2, 3, 49 A ' ' Glue Club 2. 3, -1-5 .JV fl Opcrctm 3, 45 1 Quill Annual 4. 1, J . st--Val l Tacezlly-eighl 1? , , . ,J aff 5 '1'C.fL,ff-.1"- A-2 H ENRYETTA BUCHANAN Hi-Y. VV. 23 Kzxtuhclin 3, 4, Quill Weekly 45 El Circulo Castellano 4. JOHN DQOP Quill Annual 3, 4, Hi-Y. 2, 3, 45 Thalcan 3, Newtonian 4. GRACE POOLE Eroclclphian 2, Pics. +5 Hi-Y. VV. 2, 4, Debate 2, 3, Quill VVcekly 4. OMER SIPE NELLIE -I ONES 1 V x ,J f l' My ' ,!,.,.kl l Jill. .IN A' :ggi A . v . -A4 " ' . ,,,f,f,V,,,,! ff. ,f-,4ff ,A 4' .psf f ffl pffvi ' 1- -. ' 'JA 1 f4,'V27 ,fsl'f' " ' "Q " , ,ff ,ff,... ,Lff5lv!f0f""" ff' ' ' sf J- A , '. ,,c7,i,. . lf- I I I "if ' 'i x'l I , ' ,J-Q f J . .J -,.,,,jjl,J . fklxbf .JIUJJAJJ I A A, jg!! 5,.5, 14,-,' 1 A I i A6613 1 A ', .13 ' A.:- f' . " HAZEL SWEZEY GLENN BALDWIN VELMA PYLE Ciceroninn 3, Virgilian 4. IRVIN STEPHENSON Band 2, 3, 4, Ol'L'hk'Sfl'Ll 2, 3, 45 Hi-Y. 4. FRANCES SKINNER Kntahdin 2, 3, 45 Ili-Y. W. 4, Quill VVuckly 4. Tfwefzty-ville "1-1-lvv-'BY MAYBELLE REYNOLDS LEE SHAVEY GERTRUDE BARTLETT Hi-Y. W. 2, 33 DOROTHY DICKENSON LEE KISNER Hi-Y. 4-3 Quill Annual 45 Band 35 Intramural Athletics 3, MARGARET VESSELS Glcc Club 2, 33 V Katahdin 2, 3, -1-. SHERMAN STEPHENSON Football 3, 43 Track 3, 4. THELMA DURHAM Hi-Y. VN. 25 Dramatic 3, 43 Quill Annual 4. Operetta 33 Dramatic 2, Quill Hi-Y My C M MILDRED MAE DONALDSON Hi-Y. W. 25 35 Erodelphizm 3, 4. HOMER BENDER Quill VVeCkly 4. MABEL HENNEMAN JACK CORY Thalean 35 Intramural Athletics 35 Hi-Y. 4. BERTHA VVASSON Hi-Y. W. 2, 3, 45 Katahdin 4. VASHTI SANDERS Quill Annual 4-5 Glee Club 2, 3, 4-5 Katahdin 4-5 Operetta 2, 3, 4. FORREST HENDRICKSON Euclidian 35 Newtonian Pres. 45 Glee Club 45 Basketball Manager 4-5 Operetta 4-5 Quill VVeekly 4-. DOROTHY BAKER Hi-Y. VV. 4-5 Erodelphirm 4. LOYD COPELAND Band 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 25 Hi-Y. 2. RUTH DARNOLD Erodelplmizm 2, 3, 45 Ciceronian 3. Thirty-one .L-9' ,af .J MIK? WMM! Ut' 9fi,i+LWg3fff, . X W fykgll A52 ' JENNIE GIFFORD Katzihdin 35 Hi-Y. W. 2, 3. Q,,PQ,,.'7k'.I,. ARLINGTON HURT MAVA BELLE BUSH Hi-Y. W. 25 Katahdin 2, 3, 4. JIM M Y STOVALL Bunk 2, 3. VENA ARNDT El Circulu Castellano 4. JESSIE DOINIINGO Hi-Y. W. 35 Katahdin 3, 45 Quill Weekly 45 O. G. A. 4. BYRON MILLER Websterian 25 Band 2, 35 Minstrel 2. LOREE HAIVIIVIER Hi-Y. VV. 3, 4-5 Erodclphian 45 Glee Club 45 Ciceronian 4 HOWARD WITHERS Newtonian 45 Thalczin 35 Intramurial Athletics 3. DOROTHY STURDEVANT Erodelphizm 2, 3, Vice-Pres. Hi-Y. VV. 3 Cabinet 45 El Circulu Castellano 45 Boostur 45 Home Economics Pres. 4. Thirty-tfwo l l DOROTHY PULSE Hi-Y. W. Cabinet Z. RICHARD MEIS Booster 3, 45 Intramural Athlutics Quill 'Annual 45 Iil Circulo Castcllam OLIVE MAE PAUL Orchestra 2, 3, 4. DARRELL McGIIGIN Thalean 35 Newtonian 4. DOROTHY BALLARD Hi-Y. VV. 3. 4. 1. Ju 0 -1-. VIRGINIA PARKER Glee Club 35 Hi-Y. W. 2, 3, Cabinet 4-5 O. G. A. 45 Ciceronian 3. VVESLEY WILSON Football 2, 3, 45 Basketball 25 May Fete 4. DORIS HORSLEY Hi-Y. W. 2, 3, Cabin Debate 45 Ciceronian Pres. 35 Virgilian 45 Quill Annual 45 Dramatic 4, DALE POORE Euclidizm Pres. 25 Dcbatc 3. LILLIAN SCH LEETER ct 45 Thirty-threr -ffpr GVVENETH BATES ClCL'l'Ul'1Illll 35 Katzibclin 45 Virgilian HENRY FRANKENFELD Euclidinn 35 Newtonian 45 Intramural Athletics 3, MADELIN BROWN IRWIN BEERY Yell Lczulcr 2, 3, 45 Booster 2, 3, 45 VVcbstcrinn Z, 35 Cic.-ronian 35 Euclidian 35 Inrtznnural Abtlctcis 3, RUTH ELLIOTT Drzxmzxtic 3, 45 Ili-Y. W. 2, 3, Sec. 45 Glen Club 2, 3, 45 Bcmfztt-1' 45 ID.-lum 4. 4. 4 MAURINE SNYDER Dramatic 2, 3, +5 Hi-Y. W. 25 Debate 45 Booster 45 Glee Club 25 Intramural Athletics 35 Sec. 81 T1-cus. of Senior Class 4 EMORY ARFORD Band 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 25 Football 45 Hi-Y. 25 Quill Annual 4. VIOLET WANZER FENTON GOHLE Vice-Pres. of Home Room 4. CATHERINE MELLICK Eucliclirm 35 Hi-Y. VV. 3, 45 Quill Annual 4. 'l'hirfy-four ISABEL MAJOR I AULA BE S Dramatic 2, 3, 4, Sur. 4-5 Drrm ic 4-5 Hi-Y. W. 2, 3. Op' ral 45 ' ' nb 2, 3. zlrtct 3. GEORGE HOOK KA AN UGH BU Football 3, 45 X 2 Hi ', Z, 35 hue SCrll0I' Yell Leader 4. P Iiglmcntg 'gm 3 ooster 4-5 - . I trznnura cries 35 CHARLOTTE MEHEW uill A , Cin-1-oniun 35 RIS y B Vlfgllldll 45 Hi-Y, . V 43 EUC D1'11YUllYiC 3, 3, 4- o f Economivs +. ED H. TER ' F0'tbz1ll 3, 45 VVALTER CARLSON RB skcthall 2, 35 asclull 2, 3. O LUIKART LUULLE S'1'f O,.C,,L,S,,.u Z, 3, 45 Hi-Y. W. 4. ,f Hi-Y. W- 2. W i linlizm 35 Thirly-ff ERIKA POETZSCH l LOUISE BURTON El Circulo Castellano 4. Euclidian 35 CHESTER STINNETT Euclidizm 35 Band 2, 35 Orchestra 25 Minstrel 35 Debate 45 Webstcrian 25 Hi-Y, 4. HELEN JACKSON Erodclphizm 45 Home Economivs 4. ROBERT STEPHENSON Chemistry 4. THELNIA GOODMAN Glcc Club 45 Fhcxnistry 4. Glce Club 4. REEVE GUMERSON FLORENCE SNODGRASS May Queen Attnedant 45 Hi-Y. W. 45 Glce Club 2, 3, 4. HARRY DOBBS RUTH ARNOLD Quill Annual 45 Hi-Y. W. 2, Cabinet 3, Treas. 45 Katahdin 2, 3, Vicar-Prcsidcnt 45 Thalean 35 E1 Circulo Custellzuw 4. Thirty-six ELMA MORRIS Hi-Y. VV. 4. EARL HEDGES Band 3, 4. H ELEN PARKER Erodelphiun 2, 3, 43 Hi-Y. W. 43 El Circulo Castella VVALLACE WIGGS FLORENCE SC HEER Thalczm 3i El Circulo Castella. Katahdin 3, 43 Quill Weekly' 4. no 4. no 33 LEOTA GARRETT Katahciin 43 Hi-Y. W. 23 Quill Weekly 4. HAROLD MECHEBT Hi-Y. 3, 43 Booster 33 Intramural Athletic Quill Annual 4. ESTHER BANK Erodclphizm 2, 3. JOHN LANDES Build 23 Football 3, 43 Baseball 3, 43 Tllalean 4. FNIARY DOUGLAS Hi-Y. W. 43 Glce Club 43 Quill Weekly 4. -1 . 7 N uflffffg gil' sf Mm. wfwff DIUSEPHINE CARPENTIQR JACK NYOOD.-XRD LENA RRINHART El Cirrulo Casn-llau1 GEORGE M4-DONALD Hi-Y. 3, 43 'TllLl,lL'1lll 35 Ncwtunizm 4. FRANCES XVFLLFR lirmlclplxizln 2, 3, 45 I IVIADALIN HARRIS lli-Y. VV. lg Glen' Clulm +5 I'zl'Uilr.'llll1l1lll +3 O. Cf. .L -L. HAROLD BOVVREN Fluclidian 45 Fl Circulo Castellano Glu- Clulw 3. VIRGINIA VVlLLlAlN1S Fllfliclifnn 35 Circroniun 3. RHJRRIS BESGROVF IVINE CULLCM Hi-Y. VV. 3, 4, Culwinct 4-3 Ciccroninu Kg Artcmlunt May Qucun 4. Vifiiiliilll 4' 4 r'.1'-fiqylfl .. V, Y Wie A YW file Q xl A N 1 ff' , R KQV, Y' 5 lf ' BERTHA VVVERFLEIN ALICE LIMPERT fircronian 3 5 Hr-Y. VV. Z, 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 45 El'illlCll7l1:llIl 49 May Quwu MARVIN SHIPHFRD RICHARD KENNEDY Tlmlvzum 33 Glu. Qlul, 3, 4,3 Open-ttzl 2, 43 Quill VVM-kly 4 JOSEPIIINE TAYLOR FRANCES PAINE gfnnlzlicl4.+Vice-Pr:-S, 45 u1-Y.w. 3. 4, I" U' ' Fuvlirliun 3 Operdm All ' ' Quill Annual 45 Intrnxnurul Arlalvrius 2, 3 ROBERT HARTLEY JACK HARRISS Basketball 3, 45 Thalcun 4' Tl1LllL'21I1 3. MABEL HOLEMAN Quill Annual 45 U. G. A. PWS. 45 LA IIOMA LOVVPIRY Kzlmlulin 4. Tf1if'I-1'-fzizfr Forty EDITH FISHER Katahdin 2, 3, 4. TOM FUX Yell Lcaclcr Z3 Basketball 2, 3, 43 Quill Wu-kly 33 Euclidian 33 Football 3, 43 Vice-Pres, of Senior Class 43 Vice-Pres. of Student Body 4. BERNIECE BECK El Circulo Castellano 43 HLY.wn4,o.G.A.+ ARTHUR BRITTON Glce Club 2, 3, 43 Opcretta 2, 3, 43 Thalean 33 Herald 43 El Cirttulo Castellano 43 Pres. of Student Body 43 Booster 4. ESTHER SENEY ' Hi-Y. W. 2, 3, Cabinet 43 Katahdin 3, 43 Quill Annual 43 O. G. A. 4. Eurru KETCH HLY.WR2,4 FRED ENTRIKEN Thalcan 33 Forum 2. RUTH CASKEY Euclidian 43 Nous SOIIIIIIUS 4. LESLIE BLADES Thalcan 33 Orchestra 2, 3. LUCILLE BAN FIELD EVELYN LAN E FLORENCE ALLEN E1 Circulo Castellano 4. BOIHHY 35 PHILIP WIGHT Newtonian 4. ALICE HORNER Thnlean 33 Glen Club 3, 4. VVILLARD Mn-KNIGHT LEONA SCHNEIDER Glec Club 4. Home Economics 43 Glee Club 45 Hi-Y. W. 4. VVILLIAM REIM Chemistry 4. MAURINE CANSLER GALE STEWART REBECCA CARTER Glen Club 3, 45 Opcretta 4. A-1 1. yr a . ,1 ,. f". F orly-one F X VVILMA ROBERTS Hi-Y. VV. 4. KENNETH BENJAMIN Operetta 3, 45 Glec Club 3, 43 iii-X. 4, Tliulczin 35 Intrzuuurul Athletics 3. JEAN KIRK EGGLESTON LAVVRENCE REDDICK EDNA CAVANAVGH :XLINE WILMOTH Glec Club 2, 3, 45 Opcretta 2, 3, 45 Thalcam 3. SCOTT RUSSELL MILDRED OGLE Quill Annual 45 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Hi-Y. W. 45 Operetta 3, 49 Ciceronian 33 Virgilian 45 Dramatic 2, 3, 4. JEROME ALLEN JESSIE STARTZMAN Erodelphiun 2, 3, 4 Ciceronian 3. F Forly-flwo BETTY BITRWELL Hi-Y. W. 2, 3, 45 Cabinet 3, President 45 Erodelphian 2, 3, 45 Pres. Home Economics 45 Booster 3, 45 Intramural Athletics 35, May Queen Attendant 4, BOB MADDY Thalean 25 Euclidian 35 Websterian 2, 35 Parliatnentarian 35 Intramural Athletics 2, 3. HARRIETT DUGGAN Booster 35 Katahdin 2, 3, 45 Hi-Y. IN. 2. HERBERT HARRIS LORAINE HAGUE IONE MEHEW Quill Weekly 45 May Queen Attendant 4. 35 BIIFORD KIRTLEY Pres. of Senior Class 45 Debate 3, 45 Football 3, 45 Basketball 45 Orator 35 Quill Annual 45 Booster 45 Parliamentarian 35 Hi-Y. 4-5 Intramural Athletics 3. THELMA CHICK Cieeronian 35 Virgilian 45 El Circulo Castellano 45 Katahdin 3, Pres. 4. ADOLPHUS HIIGOS Hi-Y. W. 45 Hi-Y. 45 Erodelphian 45 Band 31 3' May Queen Attendant 4. lVl.-XRGUERITE JOHNSON l l Forly-Ihre: GLENDA DIBLE Kutuhdin 2, 3, 4, El Circulo Castellano 4, Hi-Y. W. 4. KENNETH CLINE KATHERINE DYMOND Quill Weekly 45 Ciceronian 35 Virgilian 4. HUGH ALLEN Class President 3. VERA GOFF Hi-Y. W. 4. MAR-IORIE RICHARDSON Hi-Y. W. 2, 3, Erodelphian 4. KENNETH PURDUE Euclidian 3, .Newtonian 4, Quill Annual 4. VVAUNITA WOQLWINE May Quccn Attendant 4, Quill Weekly 4, Booster 3. JEROME DAVIS Glee Club Z, 3, 4, Opcrettn 2, 3, 4. OTTIE RURY Erodelphian 4, Hi-Y. W. 4. Forfy-four X x N x ,X . .A 5 If Vi' A ASQ LANORA KING ELIZABETH MORITZ Erodelphizln 3. VERNON FOX Band 2, 3, 45 DONALD SLUSHER Orchesm 35 Basketball 3, 45 Ciceronian 35 ALICE OTT Virgilian 45 Thalean 35 PAUL BALBIN Debafff 4- Forum 25 'lihaltjdn 33 FERN CONKLIN Baud 25 Erodelphizm 2. Glee Club 45 Minstrel 25 I LLOYD BRADLEY Quill Weekly 3- Quill Annual 45 - Euclidiun 3. ALTAH MAY SWA 'E A O' H LAVAN DEVINNEY Drrmmtic 3, 45 5 .ll Glce Club 45 Dclmtc 4. .A JW " E1 Circulo Czxstcllano -r 5 A 0 J F orly- jifv RVTH CHILDERS Glcc Club 23 Thzllczm 3. GLENN ZIRKLE Quill Annual 45 Band +5 Mzly' FDIC 4. IRENF KROBER 'I'h:1lc:1n 3. BARNEY ROBERTS Track 2. 3. IRMA LEE SUMMERS LEONE H IGH FIEL BOB SCARTH Pres. of Class, 25 Football 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2.53, 4-5 Track 25 Booster 2 RVBY KOEHN lil-X. VV. 4. DIOHN SVVARTIIOLVI' Euulirlizxn -1-5 El l'il'cul0 Castellano 4 SYLVA DAVIS El K'i1'1'L1lu Custullamu 4 Forzy-six ROY BELL Track 23 Football 3, 4. SOPH IA SLATER Dramatic 3, 45 Hi-Y. W. 2, 33 El Circulo Castellano 45 Quill Weekly 4. DOYLE JOHNSON lll'fllLAH JONES Erudclphiun Z, 3, Uiccroniam 35 Quill Weekly 4. FLOYD LEGGETT Band 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 35 Tlialean 33 Debate 4. rcs. 4 5 ARTHUR WISE Debate 4. NIARGUERITR WHITLOW Euclicliun 23 Erodelphian 3. FORREST COURTER Band 25 Websterizm 1, 23 Thalcan 45 Intramural Athletics 2, 3, ETHEL KETCH Hi-Y. w, 2, 3, 4. LOWELL BOND Forum 25 Bnrlfl 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 35 Glcc Club 2. 4. Forty-:wen JACK BURDSALL MERLE WOODY Euclidian 35 Football 3, 45 Intramural Athletics 2, MELVIN SCHWEDLAND GEORGE BUNCH PAUL CHASE NOEL KIRKPATRICK GEORGE MCMILLEN Football 3, 4-5 Intramural Athletics 2 CARL GAEDE FRANK YANCEY Intramural Athletics 2, 3 FRANK EVANS Band 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Ciccroniun 33 Thulcan 3. F orty-eight LUEOP K3 lr-1 .PNY fi. u ' .52 5" Q ix bawds . fhh fy 5555516 . l sig? ,,,, ,,,,xA Y, FLOYD MQREYNOLDS ELSIE KNIPP CHARLES DENKER President Secretary Vice-President THE JUNIGR CLASS Just ahead of us only one year in the distance, looms the goal of our labors and struggles. We have passed through many hardships, and we know that there are many more ahead of us before we finish high school. However, the seniors, our pathfinders, have marked the trail well for us, and we should be poor sports, indeed, if we failed to carry on our task to coin- pletion. During our two years in nid High School, some of our number have become weary and llLkV ut abou ee hundred of us intend to go to the end of the trail. Fifty Basis GLENDA GRAY CARL JONES KATHERINE FRY WILMA DUNWORTH ED WALTON MYRNICE BRADLEY HELEN HART DANIEL SCOTT EVELYN MASEMORE RUTH MESSMAN DANIEL BROWN CARDIFF HITT ESTHER UNDERWOOD LAMBERT BREDEHOFT JEAN PAULSELL MARGARET PETERSON OTHA ARCHER LOLA RADCLIFFE CLARA SKOREPA DICK BARLOW FLOSSIE MAE SCHRAM MARIE SCHROEDER ARTHUR CAPPER KATHRYN STRIQKLER Fifty-one lowly gf! fn 21 RACHEL SWARW ' LUCILE BERTIVIKN N BILLY HALE I - . STEVVA . LW MAURINE SWARTZ Q' FLOREN TRAM K CHRISTINA SWEZEY J VELMA FERGESON OSCAR MARLOW MARVIN PAYNE I ' MAE WELLS CARRIE MITC RUTH BURNETT DOROTHY PA K AX '74 . JOE LANCSETH PAUL ANNA IIEMPSEY EDNA WAL RIITH FERRILL VIN,-X ECRC FI ERI Sw JIIHNNY MITCHELL JOEL ovE ST E GRACE ERANTZ LUCILLE EL Fifty-moo IVA FULLER GRANT WILSON MYRTLE HARTER MARY HERMANSKI ESTAL PETERS IRENE HORSLEY GLADYS HUFF JOE VAN BOSKIRK LORAINE JOHNSON FRANCES LOVVE RALPH SANDERS LUCY LOWREY ZEOLA PERRY CHARLES MQPEAK IRENE PAYNE FERN MILLER WILLIAM KIEBLER f In J LXXA f' DORIS MQKNIGHT MARGARET M1-CLELIiZN DAVID LANGSRTI-1 MARJORIE LOVING Q, 6' KATHRYN MAYBE Y ROBERT FRIESEN ff LIDA JANE MAGRVDT5, I, J 'rig' - ,-V Lf f'M ,uf , '7 ff! f fy' ...ff ,pf ' yy , .' N If 1 V! R F 1 :. J IJ fa L' fs Fifty-lhree ' W M w af jj , .N , DOROTHEA BRADLEY x ' x O, ., vf.-.I ARTHUR TIIOMQ ' . -x GLADYS BENDER MAMIE BOND JAMES PIPER ELIZABETH MAYBERRY VIVIAN WELCH FLOYD MCREYNOLDS MARY CROFT MONA IMMEL CORVAN DUGGAN MARY ANN BOND AGATHA TFGGLE ROY DUGGAN EDITH MAYES ELEANOR RUSH CHARLES DENKER FAYE PAGE NELLIE SEEDS ELMO GEORGE MARJORIE SAYWARD 1 LILLIE LECHTENBERGER My HOMER Mc DAYIEL Fifty-four J EVELYN RIIDE wif 1 OPAL FOOLEMAN WALDO NEWELL VIOLA MORRISON MILDRED VOSBITRG CHARLES GAMBLE JEAN BETTY JOHNSON VIRGINIA MARCOOT HENRY HARMS MARJORIE MEIREIS DOROTHY SMITHE C. R. DYER PEARL SPOHRER MABEL PECKHAM GEORGE CLINE VELVA MCKINSEY HELEN GEORGE RALPH DOOP HELEN HUMPHREY MILDRED ANNIS MORRIS LEE LYDIA HESTER FRANCES MADISON WALLACE ABBOTT PHYLLIS LITTLE ,Y ,dfffvvf Fiffy-fi aj IONA ROBERTS ALFRED TAYLOR . MAE PECKHAM I LAHOMA STULL -X X RONALD REED 1 It CORENE FIELDS EVA MAJOR f o.,, RAY RINN NAOMI BAAS 4 ' VIVIAN WHITE EVERETT KLUSMAN BELLE WALTON LOUISE LUIKART BERNARD ALLEN IZETTA CHATTIN DELPHA JARED BILLY WILLIAMS ELSIE KNIPP ELNORA VVATKINS GLEN MURRAY OPAL SMITH LEILA GARTRELL LESLIE KUNKEL LILY BINKLEY DAISY KEEPER LROY HUTCHISON MARTHENA BOVEL AUDREY STAGGERS JOSEPH HILL EUDINE FOSTER LAVERNE WHITLOW MYRL HALTOM HELEN KENDRICK MARY VIRGINIA PECK ROBERT HATHAWAY MILDRED CADWELL VADAH SHELTON JOE JORDON PAULINE TATE . MILDRED CLARK KENNETH NORTON VIOLET RIECK WILLA MAE DREWRY HAROLD GILES MARGARET A ELDO WA I G I U R 'I. ILLIA A 'QI H I I 'SQ Q. 5 . It I ' - -T XX QQQ, 'fitd .Irv -. , 1.5, A. kid, 1 1 Fifty-seven G lAA:K.? V wkfv qvrx it .f 9 1 HELEN PLOOF VIRGIL LITTLE FERN GROGAN NINA KLINGER TED COLDIRON JEAN MARING LEADELL MARTIN ALVIN VAN DYKE RUTH BURRISS RUTH MINNIX BILL HUSTON LAFRETTA TRICKEY ORVILLE DAVIS VERSAL WATKINS RALPH CAHAIL NEVA GODDARD ROBERT KLAUSE HAZEL SCHLOTTOG ARCHIE DICKINSON EVA PALMER CLARA I-IEDGES BEATRICE DICKINSON NOVELLA SKAGGS CLARK JOBES Fifzy-eight JACK HARRISON LOTTRIDGE April 13, 1911 ..... ,,--.. ...,...... August 11, 1927 Fifty-nine I SSE-:Y?F2Ea'-E952 .9 2.1 41snqt1uv4v4vAQz.z.v41u 1 ' '. - 09 . .. ' V ns Quin ANNUAL'28D6 .,, HAIL ENID HIGH SCHOOL! Hail Enid High School! Noble and strong, To thee with loyal hearts we raise our song! Swelling to Heaven, loud our praises ring, Hail Enid High School! Of thee we sing! Majesty as a. crown rests on thy browg Pride, Honor, Glory, Love, before thee bow. Ne'er can thy spirit die, thy walls decay, ' Hail Enid High School, for thee we pray. Hail Enid High School! Guide of our youth Lead thou thy children on to light and truth Thee, when death summons us, others shall praise, Hail Enid High School, through endless days. AVN? 'Q ,ri ff' D i F r f f f i , , F 1 7 1 1 1 1 n 1 1 n 1 1 1 1 L QD i , I .'Y' Y 1 Sixty" X""""'-wfiw.TM!2m3'Ji' 353 - , , K' ' fs S5559 V513 Q.- 1 'Y L? X , MMM 5 9 pwwiiu Xffffnwf NJ- 9 Ovnif . ,,Q,,3-Qvf WXXT Mm S-f v 22353 WWW if WN M WW? M wbwiywfjfgfw fgmfgfgif 20,Zj 1,597' affix W 'X V+ ,gif QI 'ffKC3 M E W6 soPHoMoRE OFFICERS BILLY RILEY ALICE BERNICE TROSTEL President Sucre ry Q Q Vice-President lb ' THE som ' Lgiilkwt . X When we came to Enid High School in e fa of 1' ,I eeli s we those of the tenderfoot who looks down thc long trail ann de t the er'ls t rai Every turn looked dangerous, and behind every bush d tr ai a sh s msd lur Now, after a yearls association with the Plainsm ' hav le' ne le s r v - ance and sportsmanship. The achievements of our 0 nrate lure amst ze 011 1 1 I. s 0 rd ' all odds, and we are determined to travel the pathway tli J A- S ixty-two Q o Q 1 2 Mr 555755 . X 'f I' My 7 M +4 M3363 wif ,ff WWW Sa ' ov , I a vw if w , l w if fi 5 v ESS 1 , Q is 5' ,f Y i . I X VM S ix! 5 W? wifi Giga.: M 5f2QP f Qu 0,4,uU fa X 5 I J 'Q ff A - ' 5 Q 9 W wil! M wax i 3 V X XA Y Vu r . 1 I 4 wi ., - -.-------.4 S.. W 1 N X THQE QQ sf'1 frgmz5?fiAL'i55 F A Q5 P . , wx f ' J 'X 'Li . ,,, ' KX E25 ' ' 1 H V' V I . Vggwvi and - 1, X- If I A T? Qaifffv' 1 'f ' ' " ' - 5 'J K I A77 44 , S ixty-fix , 'nf A ' V -.. H- sl , ' . n ,gy Q' , , -, LL -pf ra 1' ,.x - x 1 f , Vfpijb cg1JXWx wx L . 1 f j gf! ixj . s D N I in . xx , , f 'N LIXWM i .ff " ' Cx xfwdi b...'f" 1 'WN OK if PL? x n nl ' 'ghf .',.,9g "0-M.a, k i 0'v-'X A 1' HW-aavek-X10 ww ,jf NN M , L , XL' L 1f A y THE QUZILL ANNUAL as ' 'ifisb ' . .4 N . 3 P if like! Q25 CLASS .DAYS AND WAYS ' From Enid High School's ivy walls From crowded stair and friendly halls, Each year some class must say goodbye And leave for aye old Enid High. But ere this class has gone its way, It passes down the treasured ray Of love and honor for her name In class room quest or football game. P b F Y v i X 1 1 A Thus classes come and classes go, V L And each its own good times doth know5 l. Q 'Midst friendship that is true and strong, l W Its tasks made joyous with a song. Q Q s f These memories linger thru the years, f' As on we go thnx smiles and tearsg 4 by Oft to this dear old book we'll come, s l P 3 When for a, bit our work is done.- F s 9 . r 4 1 r And musing Weill the pages turn, Q When ah, our heart begins to burn, 4 Here's Jim who's won such fame of latei i 1 He belonged to the class of "Twenty-Eight". ' i .4 w l Q M -Grace Poole, '28. b 4 4 E 1, . 1 ?f"' f 'f E A ' " '- .. .e lf "f' 3 " r," "-' T 1' 'W' 3, fi' F fi . Jl 15 'QI . all . B5 y. 6 ia? 1 N ' n L Q 5 , i 1 l 5 Q 3 I r 1 E L g r b 4, 4 0 0 Q .........-. l V, f? "" if W fi " ...s ,Lal - s 2 Sixty-eight A .W r - - ' - ,2-3129411'Ji--we.wfyS2fyQ3QJf.w 5595-:ffekmayggcm-'nessfkigizrifw-7.t . wi,,'.i.aiL,qQS1:5pjgga3.4,-f., G+- 1w':gQqia5a,isk:,fzg:+-J:-gs sz., ,Ln 4, 11 3 3 4 H N V l I s + -f s 8 rx Aff ,rw lf-N mf,-X A fQ4'f- so 'W -A . ., . 1- ,Y 0 ., ,xi f-, -N 5' N Jviy-ff , X , V3 O wtf, ,V-,wfl -3415: fn., ,. . ,Ag . 533, gf ,vi fx EEN ? '-E56 KH-1'5Sl.jQ.1,san.f-YQ? N"'Wfi-'r-W' ,fs ff' 44: -Q QR.-wfffzx .Kin-fvgi?1i99A:'-fri -03-12".':vr:M's21EE42:1L'1- iw-if 13?-TY-fffiii E TL " ',m, , ' R 1 N - 1,5g:1,gq:L,L.Z.t',..2.'.Ml,.plzJLLQLQ.:-:M3b:2r1'M.w:w4gJ.i-,m....,.f'f'-f'2:xifa...,...4.W.ma-...' '.'-...f.1.:.f:..5x.- 1 .L xi , ,Af -.,'f2Q,,.!,, , ,,V,,,W,,,.,,,.,,.,.,,,..,,...--....-..,....,,.....-,-....M-.....-,....----,--,...-.v,..1.--A1424-M. Q, " " , k " f E L : Q' N ' Q1 .- If.-, V .-16,2 fx rf fv I . x y I X . fu- Q-if 411 s S fi j A, Y 551 iff. , Y' " 1 L 1 51-if , it 5 X gf' 35.2 if.: K 31 '- f Laigzjr if ? 5 ., -,Q , 'Q f' , 'LXZ1 , gig, FE" . 'fZ'JT ::fwffw4.7zNgwm-:'ff M. 4514:-f:Vfff 1 1 ww- Q-:M-1' T - "4F11fF,9'If1'E'fr 5 Ki vr W-,gig 5 .,1, 51,X r1lX,. 3 g,p,gw,aQ ,J 4, 'K 1 1 K., ,-'Q rig?-5 ,.f-ff ,-. 5 N ,I-N," ,-1-'G 6,9-I' T15 f- l I g it -47 K jk? :Q .4 'qjxi-'3 czgfkb YLQF9 ' Qfwl S214 LJ N.-zlskl ' r , WKHMEUCS Ind? l?fW5,,j- N '33--gn N73 '-,-jak-X gf -N N. 11? Q-B N ., ,f . M, .uk , . -. 1 r .X i ,, HJ.- dh. ii fl?-Q5 ' ,ffefxx '1'1 " ' f " V , irigl ' ' 5227 5 Q25 P 1 c ie, .- P1 11' M as . 53 ii wr E c if 5 Q . ,, , 2 A' , 1 , KW H ':"" fyf, Aff "' f. F T .,'.'f 'yr , h " Q' -' ' ,- k, v. 3--I ' Q. Ly. f 'f ' V V V' CM-9 .. Q' X-M A I I Ss wu- ' ' 1 " '- M ,-'QfXf1,rf'.,-P fv'f ,W 'B ' f V 4 ' . "' x vs 9 1 . 1 wx : 4 9 ,,,.,x,,..1 f., 1, Lx r 41 ig., N Q 4 .Sa 1 if . 1, . u 1. A 5 N X I , . A . Q - N 3 x f .R Q M W Wfgfw EjvkfRYxH,QwCQV.xK"k,XDN J H LF: A -,,,....-- qu Y 4 9. ,xy L U 5 11- ' A.. I I I' f' . Q. LQ' if H v "V -Jr b . ,. A A . 'fi-'-fi I- 'sun-' 1. 3 4 ' ,:. 1 . "'-:L 'vw-r,,f'1, -- ,. ,. 4, -- , - .. ,,-Wm I. x , X ,. . , , ,w"' 52- , 4 ' 'N j J 1. .- A .. ' SL -. wife' xl -K iw , x - , ,ep ,1-'E--515 dh K. ui ,,., :A ,1 -,. ..4-374-1':1g 1L. .-L,.4....-, .gg '. 'L U A , -gf, 3 la ELVIN ISHMAEL MY REASONS FOR NAMING ENID HIGH SCHOOL TEAMS PLAINSMEN ARE AS FOLLOWS: This section of thc Country is rcnlly the plains. The pc1'sc1'Vur:1nc'c nf thc curly plainslncn and their fighting spirit against ull obstacles hinder- ing thvir progress suggest to nic the spirit of Enid High Sclmol, The plaiinsnicn wt-rc known fair and wide for thvir high St-nsc of sportsnnimship, and this is also true of thc tt-guns of Enid High School. -Elvin lshinzlcl .q- Sixty-11211: LEON R. VANCE Undoubtedly the thing nearest to the heart of Head Coach Leon R. Vance is the welfare of every boy in Enid High School. Daily in his gym classes and in intramural games, he is striving to build not only strong, healthy bodies but also fine manly characters in the boys under his supervision. His clean, courageous football and baseball teams are a living testi- monial of his leadership and sportsmanship. The respect and esteem which every student in Enid High School feels for him is a tribute to his pleasing personality and his gentleman- liness. D. BRUCE SELBY Enthusiastic leadership is a choice gift, and with this gift our basketball coach, D. Bruce Selby, has been richly endowed. No student in Enid High School need ever fear that a team under his direction will fail to do its best to uphold our traditions. When we applaud the skill and the fighting spirit of our basketball team in action, let us remember that the man behind this team teaches four science classes daily, then works with these boys long after most of us have quit work, and in the end comes up smiling. A. W. VANCE The quiet, unobtrusive, yet forceful manner of our track coach, A. W. Vance is typical of the sports which he directs. The constant practice and maximum exertion necessary for running, jumping, putting the shot, and so on require encouragement and wise counsel such as only a Hne type of man like Coach A. W. Vance can give. I S efventy V Sefventy-one Q'iSi52ffif?ff P' WAKX if lxmjiwn if f Q51 '5 W "f5fiYis5'V gi, ' Q3 v Ax N if Z.. 3-vii ' Q , W' 'fy' MWQLX l 'a I f c " ' xg' ..,, UL fwWig5NWK32f - A. MQ-K J! if-lj X9 K z. f X f ,LT NM ff nffgg " g ,VN 5 M wnmllw S 1 X E rx .W 3 2 v I, 'wx 1. fjfifiis QU ILL ANVNCUAIQZ8 FOOTBALL SQUAD F6 .U HQ SHA 92 md x 1,1 Q ld. ,if Coker, McMillan, Perkins, Riley, Rowland, Munger, Pierson, Landes, Brown, Arford ,iii A. W. Vance, Kunkel, Friesen, Hunt, McReynolds, G. Landes, Bell, Imel, L. Vance. Jones, Davis, Kirtley, Jordan, Stephenson, Rowley, Thomas, Smith. " Selby, Cone, McDaniel, Fox, Wilson, Harter, Hook, Scarth, Buxton. iff I GAMES AND SCORES FOR 1927 5? Enid Opponents 20 Hunter 0 I., 37 Kiowa 0 ,, , 0 Oklahoma City 0 l- 0 Jet 0 56 Kingfisher 0 39 Guthrie 0 0 Ponca City 0 7 Blackwell 20 N 13 Shawnee 0 12 Capitol Hill 6 i,,l: 25 El Reno 7 Ll l. 1 il, LA? l Bffixfx ' . 1 A., 45 ,ni :X - ,.. A t .. 4 in rw Q - , ',:,f,. s . 3, L ' NN' + 7 3,5-nuff' Seventy-four . iff? 1'-"?'r"f:: 5 TWTT ir fr : T Vi ii Cn U i L B, Pg. HQ fi Ls id mu :Sg- WESLEY WILSON, EDWIN HART1-LR, Senior Senior 181 5 ft. S in 152 lbs. 5 ft. 9 in. Guard-Honorary Captain Quarterback and Halfback tiff KX .f L59 'W' TOM FOX, Senior 179 lbs. 6 ft. Guard C f 1 E52 Fix Vik 5.51 fi 1 Z 1. Qifgfk 1 S1 if S1 1 UT! 7 1, 1 i QQ, 1 41" 1' 1 123 fi' 1 ? E 1 59 '.,'. f.'11 1 Sri: 532 155: , 1 xi Ei 57-'ig Ri? 1211 5, is if xl E 51 , A i n I i' f 1 " I W""" K -1 H---fu ,X -g,4.,.1.-,,i-m,,, 11 Q,,.1-1,,, 1, 123. W1 i ,1 V., I iii Q4 1' ':' ' 5 4 1 F1 ii ,. .i , K sf? 11 2- M ,Q kr'-if w Selventy-fifve l L, ,A , i.,,,.... -.......,,-.-...,.,,.,....-.1' f W". ,, ' " ' ' ' " ' "1""' 1' ' ""xx f' "wr :., ,h i ,mw-1 5 X .X ..-1 :W 1 H :Hg ' 1, 1.1 1 1.1 i 1 1 1 1 i f. 1 11 I: 1 . 1 11 11 4- r' -'Mk-1 MJ 'L1E.J..,L...M1....,,ti..g...E-...-:L..L..:Q4.J.g,..L.:4.:E.,44...f.,..-1,f mu a--fl---------------ff 1-'1 51' ' A15 4 .Ax fx mfg . kg! 1 -11 531 X12 P241 VI, V ,, Wifi? if W 1411 ii? Ng fi is fs: 21 1 if if. ff if 113 GEORGE HOOK, ROY BELL, ELBERT IMEL, Senior Senior Senior Eff 175 lbs. 5 fr. ll in. 204 lbs. 6 fr. 2 in. 185 lbs. 5 fr. 10 in. 1 Fullback 81 Halfback Fullback Tackle 81 End , ,. 11 1'-,. Pig! iii? 11151 if iiifii, 11',E. 1121 Qi i, .5 if 52,51 '.-- 1. . fk-if 1 121 11131 L1 151 Elf 1131 ini Wi 13.5 , K 11 2 - . ,1 , 1-7. 111. 111 1 1 'rl 1511 iii W 111 C13 11 in? N, 15 K X A U F E -------- 53 f V in ' , ' 1 x fi I 51.7. .Y,-.-7...-1--ni-t ...1.-- -- W-V123 E ' "'1 " , ., 1 Q . 211, ,f.,1f11 H! ,-i '.b -Eff ' 1 - -. ' - Y ..--sly ' '--4 1 5- . .. . f -M' 5. ,M .f.4.-a5.u.f.m- ,li ,, - - Seventy-six Q 1 a BOB SCARTH, ORVILLE DAVIS, SHERMAN STEPHENSON, Senior Junior, Senior 2 lbs. 5 ft. IOVZ in. 160 lbs. 6 ft. 155 lbs. 5 ft. 8 in End Halfback Fullback 'iq' wi J. yi' ll? pf 'J' . lik! i QQ ' 5' tl Seivenly-.feiveu P 1 X . NJ ' ...,.k . vi, IM-W7 , ig gig., .. FLOYD MCREYNOLDS, GARLAND LANDES, Junior Sophomore bs. 5 ft. I0 in. 170 lbs. 5 ft. 11 in Guard Fullback gx:?f:.-Kd' A f X 4 3 K r ag' vi .,.. Ill HOMER MCDANIEL Sophomore 155 lbs. 5 ft. 95 in Right-Half L H "T.f.,,f. . .w. Q.. .gs '-f' 5, -, f . wg . . . ....,. .W.s..-f Seventy-eight NWN.-........ .f , K A ,,,.. Noi., 4 ,xi ,LA EXTHE HAROLD ROWLEY, CARROL CONE, BILLY RILEY, Sophomore Junior Sophomore QUILL ANNUI-XL'28, is Z. 5 , f. 5, ..x 'N 1: J Z Y? 4 7 K -. V, LAL, bi gif. rl? X e ' V gf. 5 QQ S sig Fi if E 145 lbs. 6 ft. 185 lbs. 5 ft. ll in. 163 lbs. 5 ft. 10 in. 1' Center Tackle Center l s 5. My lf: Nfl 5 ii g. V A JV X1 2 sf' L 1 F .fl X" N. ff" ....---.......- ' -ffm-, ,g- , . , . e- 'f' , ......-...........e.- .. W.. Y. - ' .aflwflam Me:-' L -f-M ,M -i ' T M25 ' ' .1 ' l l 1 i - ,-vb 1, 1 " WY-1' i,,,.,.,g, , ku ,av .' ' 4,3 f.'.' N' , J 2 , ,,f,zi7Mu.. . ,V ' if U.-pf' 1 f L." f -, Qvgviqigfff .5,n.,,.i5t ,.,,,,,.g4g,g, 21,344 ,gui lp, N . M, .. M 'I ' Q- ' -N -1 il' f' 4:..,' - ' '1 rf?-- 1 Lx w :.n-.f - S evenly-nine ,..,: .E I I 1 E sxlz ,yi 7- . -v-.- 1 VC'- ,Q "' ' ' Tuff' ' V , , .................. e THE QutLL NNUAL 28 eq Q, ll CX E A i y A 0 '95 QR FOOTBALL SEASON OF 1927 'Gln - In the fall of 1927 the call to arms brought out a big bunch of husky youngsters. Al- though they were inexperienced, the fact that they were good trainers and could stand hard, 2- driving practice made it possible for E. H. S. to make the best record since conference champion ' days. ,O l Q1 The '27 season started with a very early practice game at Hunter with a 20-0 score for 1 at Enid. Thirty eight men were tried out in this contest. l an Next week the Kiowa, Kansas outfit came to Enid and was turned back 37-0. ll X A After a week of hard, driving work, the Plainsmen made a trip to Oklahoma City where I they battled the crack Central High School team in the midst of a veritable Hood. Enid 1 1 outplayed her ancient rival and had the ball inside the five yard line, but our green backtield 1 V got the signals mixed, and the best chance to win the game was gone. Result 0-0. 1, 4 The week following, Enid fans were treated to a demonstration of all round speed when ' Jet came to town. Jet ran wild in midfield but could not enetrate the des erate goal line , P P 1 defense of the Enid huskies, who, in turn, could not out-smash the speed of the Salt Fork 4 Valley champions, and the result was another 0-0 draw. I Our next victim was Kingfisher, plucky but small. Score 56-0. 9 Then came a trip to Ponca City to meet a team keyed to the highest fighting pitch by a 1 home coming celebration. Ten minutes before the game started, a deluge of rain soaked , the field. Enid having a pre-game dope advantage, was caught over-confident and was very nearly beaten before she realized that the Ponca Wildcats were really wild and dangerous at l z every move they made. The game, although fiercely fought, ended 0-0. l a Then came the battle of battles with Blackwell at Enid before a huge crowd. Enid, 1 4 undefeated and with an uncrossed goal line, knew the tremendous power that she would meet , in the powerful, all victorious Maroons and from the first whistle valiantl strove to out- , 4 1 Y i I. score the invaders. We did score first and missed two other chances by having penalties 4 . IQ assessed inside the ten yard line. The penalties were just as the Plainsmen were fighting so ' I desperately that the fouled b bein over ea er. The half ended with Enid in ossession , Y Y g sf P Q of the ball on the Blackwell six yard line. Blackwell had scored once in the first half, also on a owerful drive down the field, and came back in the last half with two more irresistable i P drives for touchdowns. Enid made three long marches toward the Maroon goal during the 4' last half but failed to score. Blackwell made seventeen first downs, Enid fifteen. It was a 5 Q great offensive battle, but we lost, gloriously, 20-7. 'i 4 Invading the Shawnee wolf den next, the Plainsmen had to use all their strength and 4 cunning to win 13-0. . I At home again, the speedy, bloodthirsty Redskins from Capital Hill High.School of Q Oklahoma City came hot after scalps. The Plainsmen were forced to fight to their limit to 1 keep their hair from going as a trophy to the Redskin Wigwam, finally winning 12-6 after watching a fleet enemy run a kickoff eighty yards for a touchdown. l 4 At El Reno on Thanksgiving Day the Plainsmen had to subdue another savage tribe of ' 4 Indians. Finally the superior weight and power of the Enid pioneers told, and the game . was won 25-7. - I 1 To sum up the season of eleven games: Seven were won, three were tied, one was lost. li X Enid's points: 210. Opponents' points: 33. lf- l ' 0 tr V' ' - 21371. " 'V i' M 'I I 7 ' 'lf - :- :'-,,, "'.gJ?!,,d.- - ',,4 00 .. I ' ,,,,., Eighty ffif L f S 293 ,Wx M iii? ip 4 Q9 QQ " A ffxlfl, 0 H kegiqll 1 BASKETBALL SQUAD Eighzy-mea Top Row: Selby, fcoaclrl, Hendrickson, fimanagerl, Kisner, DuggI1n, Rrlu Kirtlu Middle Row: Dushahek, Cone, H, Thomas, Marshall, V. Miller. First Row: H. Miller, Hartley, Davis, E. Thomas, Fox, liuiil 32 Z6 26 18 32 33 23 Z1 37 28 56 lffziil 45 23 54 26 4-2 18 7 GAIVIES AND SCORES FOR 1917-28 Opponeuls Kingfisher Cleveland Guthrie Oklahoma City Blackwell Ponca City Shawnee El Reno Ponca City Blackwell Newkirk TOURNAM ENT GAMES Oppoueutf Launhert South Haven, Ka Orlando Douglas Cleo Springs Utica Classen HS QQ BUCK DAVIS, Junior 167 lbs. 6 ft. Center Y ROBERT HARTLEY, HUGH MILLER Senior Senior 180 lbs. 6 fr. I351bs. Sft. 8 in. Guard Forward Eighty-three 1 Y VERNON FOX Senior 140 lbs. 5 ft. 9 in. Forward 'WN VERNON MILLER Senior 130 lbs. 5 ft. 7 1Il. Forward rf EVAN THOMAS Sophomore 180 lbs. 6 ft. Guarcl Eighty-four . f ,. ll GEORGE DUSBABEK LEE MARSHALL Senior Senior 140 lbs. 5 ft. 9 in. 155 lbs. 6 ft. Forwurcl Forward CARROLL CONE Junior 185 lbs. 6 ft. Guard Eighty-Jive BASKETBALL SEASON OF 1927-28 With the loss of such stars as Harter and Scarth from last year's team, Enid High School looked out upon the 1927-28 basketball season with no greati enthusiasm. To build an entirely new team was the problem. Hugh Miller was a two-year letter man and was out strong for forward. Buck Davis, who came to the front late last season 'progmfised to shine as the best center Enid High would ever have. Hartley, who barely made a letter last year, and Vernon Miller, a letter man of two years ago, were out again. Vernon Fox and Lee Marshall from last year's squad, George Dusbabek from Okeene, Evan Thomas from Jefferson, and Cone, a new man, were all trying for positions. From this material Coach Selby was to select a five that would fly our colors through the conference games and the tournaments. Coach Selby issued a call for pre-season drill late in October and later held a tournament among the gym. classes from which he selected promising first squad material. The first Monday after Thanksgiving, a squad of twenty men set out on the 'tBig Paradef' Opening the season with their annual opening opponent, Kingfishher, Enid's new, nervous squad made a slow start and a wirlwind finish for a 32 to 6 victory. The one-sidedness of the score did not remove our gloom, for we knew the strength of Central Conference teams. During vacation, our Plainsmen met the Katy Conference champions from Cleveland and defeated them 27 to 19. There was remarkable improvement in all departments of team play, and H. Miller set out on a scoring spree which he continued during the entire season, averaging more than eleven points in every game. The regular eonfertnce season was opened at Guthrie, January 6. A hard fought game ended' in a 26 to 21 victory for Enid. Things looked more promising. Friday, the 13th of January, brought up our old opponent from Central of Oklahoma City. This game will remain for many years in the minds of all Enid fans. Enid played a great game against a bunch of seasoned veterans, whom the Plainsmen outplayed and out- fought in every department except the free throws. Enid lost 20 to 18, making 8 field goals to 7 for Oklahoma City, and 2 free throws to 6 for Oklahoma City. Enid missed eleven out of thirteen free tosses. This cost Enid her first chance at a Central Conference champion- ship. E 1 ghtv-six ,. . .. ., A.-. f" N, The week of January 20, Enid journeyed to Blackwell where our Plainsmen met an entire veteran team intact, which had made an even break with Enid the year before. Enid played one of the best games of the season, defeating Blackwell 32 to 24. Enid worked a keep-away game to perfection, going in for eight Usnowbirdsn during the least quarter. Following the Blackwell victory, full confidence prevailed in thc Enid camp, and the boys covered themselves with glory in handing Ponca City a 33 to 22 defeat Tuesday night. On Friday, Enid sent the Shawnee Wolves home with a howling 23 to 14 defeat. The Enid team showed the best form and condition of the season in these two games. Next to journey our way, were the El Reno Indians, long famed for their great skill on the court. This was the closest contest of the season, and not until late in the game did Enid pull away to a safe 21 to 15 victory. On the following Tuesday, Ponca City came to try her luck against the Enid team again, and through fast breaking, fast passing and sharp-shooting, Enid gave Ponca a second bitter sting with a 37 to 24- lacing. This was Pete Miller's greatest night. He registered ten field goals and three free tosses against good competition. The next and last conference game was at home against the Blackwell Maroons. Blackwell's team had improved and came for blood. This game brought out all the superiority of the Enid team, since it led the game all the way and came out on top in a 28 to 25 score. The regular year was polished off with a brilliant victory over the Newkirk team with a 56 to 7 score, subs and regulars scoring at will. Beyond a doubt this was Enid's greatest year in basketball. The season brought out two of the greatest offensive stars in the school history in Davis and Miller, and Enid will never boast of a pair of guards that will excel Hartley and Thomas. Both are rangy, big, great defensive players, and either can shoot long or short shots equally well. Both are good, fast dribblers. For left forward, four men were used. Vernon Fox and Vernon Miller divided time about equally, and George Dusbabek and Lee Marshall played enough to make a letter. In gullies won and lost, Enid won ten and lost one. i Eighty-seven TOURNAMENTS PHILLIPS TOURNAMENT ,After the Hash of speed that carried the goal-shooting Plainsmen to victory in the New- kirk game, sickness came upon the camp the week of the Phillips Tournament. Three of the regular squad, Hartley and Thomas, star guards, and Shorty Miller, forward, were out for two weeks. it F QCTHE QUVILL Am-suAL'2:ts b e V 2 's A A I I!! 'ii With a rejuvenated team, presenting a new line up of Davis and Cone, guards, Marshall, center, Fox and Miller, forwards, the boys did remarkably well in their first game against ,,.u .9 .2 ti the highly tooted Lambert team, gaining a 4-5 to 16 victory. The goal shooting of Fox was ii remarkable. This game threw Enid into the finals against the giants from South Haven, Kansas. The South Haven team was a team of veterans, slow ibut careful, and displaying good team work. ' Enid made a bad start with the new line up, the team seemed nervous and missed many easy Set-ups, that would have won the game. South Haven was playing good ball and making its work count. Late in the game Enid took a 23 to 21 lead, only to lose 27 to 23, in the last fl! minute by two rapid-fire goals. Q Taking a second place trophy was not so sweet, but two of our players, Davis and Miller, if received miniature silver basketball trophies for placing on the all-tournament team. F SECOND DISTRICT TOURNAMENT E? The following week came the Second District Tournament, which Enid had looked for- ward to all year. By winning the District Tournament the team could enter the state tourn- tri! ament a week later with fifteen other district champions in order to determine the 1928 state champion. ihl In an eight-team, three-round tournament, Enid was pitted against such strong teams as Canton and Cleo Springs. Both had won a long list of victories and many local championships. With the same team that played in the Phillips Tournament Enid entered the Second District Tournament, determined to win. Enid easily trounced Orlando in the first round, 54 to 11. ' l The second game or semi-finals brought up the Douglas team, which had just won the Wau- i komis Invitation Tournament. The Douglas five put up a game fight but could not cope with the constant drive of the Enid team and fell before our boys by a 27 to 9 score. Enid was pitted against the strong Cleo Springs team which had eliminated Canton in the semi-finals. With the same strong offensive and a dogged defense, Enid soon pulled away from the Cleo Springs team to a comfortable 21 to 9 lead at the half. In the last half it was only a if matter of how many points Enid would make. Enid won the Second District Tournament by l doubling the score, 42 to 21. W STATE TOURNAMENT . Coaches Selby and Vance with H. Miller, and Fox, forwards, Davis and Marshall, centers, li Cone and Dusbabek, guards, set out for the State Tournament, March 15. 5, Enid drew Utica, champions of the Sixteenth District. The score indicated a good game, . but the playing was slow, and not until the last minute did Enid make a couple of baskets to gy take the game, 18 to 15. 1 In the second round Enid met the strong Classen team, which had lost only two games ' during the season. The first half showed two types of excellent defense. Enid missed many 1 , easy set-ups, and just as the half closed Classen made two long goals, which gave the City boys lib an 8 to 2 lead. 6 ,Q The last half was sad for the Plainsmen. Even with their usual hard fight they could not cope with the pace set by Classen and finished their season with a 29 to 7 defeat. : O TF ' U7sl ' g s 'Q - 1 E zghty-ei ght O gs .. 53 S!! 1 ' 99 Q ' GQ ' ' Ig 1 Hi - Q Q . 9 if Fl g F P 1 l 5 I 3 I n 5 1 i I 1 4 V 5 L 4 P 5 K A Q Baseball prospects are good this spring in spite of the fact that most of the men of last b lg f , 5 14 4 S f 2 1 ! i 12 4 L 4 l Q I5 7 y 4 2 0 , 4 7 6 4 s 7 ' 1 l 0 P 4- 2 P 1 5 .0 s 4 V f 4 . 5 4 i 4 1 A 4 Q 1' Q C89 J 9 'is . ....-... THE aunt ANNUALQSE if--" , TRACK In the early season work-outs more men have been reporting regularly for track than for several years. Many of them h1ve had to drop out on account of an epidemic of mumps and flu, and several of these will not be able to get back in training in time for the state tourna- ments. Consequently, the burden of the track work rests on a comparatively small numb-r of men. While it is still early to make any definite predictions for this season, there are some events in which we should b- exceptionally well represented. Barney Roberts, Red Hurt, and Philip Wright are rounding into good form in the sprints3 George Dusbabek is throwing the I ' Q. - e. maui Q size zZB: B .525 3 'D javelin well in practice, and a number of good 440-yard men show promise of developing into a fast mile relay team. By moving some of the bleachers and doing some grading and filling in, a very good training track with 100 yards straightaway has been laid out on the athletic field. This aids materially in the traiinng program and gives a suitable place for try-outs as well as dual and small track meets. BASEBALL year's team have graduated. That team made a great record, losing only one game. The season's scores were as follows: Enid Enid Enid Enid Enid Enid Enid Enid Enid Enid Goltry Blackwell Cherokee Blackwell Cherokee Ponca City Ponca City Hunter Okm ul gee Classen The Classen disaster came after the Enid pitchers were used up, having won two previous games in very damp weather at the tournament. , This year Pete Miller, Shorty Miller, and Elbert Imel are the only boys out who are former varsity men. All three are all-round men and can play creditably in any place on the team up to pitching. With some junior high school recruits such as Billy Riley, and Harold Rowley, and some others who are going out like Buck Davis, Vernon Fox, and Barney Allen, a strong team can be put in the field. V A six-team intramural league has been organized and will play a regular schedule of games. The best players from this league will be placed on the high school squad also. If the weather allows, about five games will be played with teams in this section. If GE 4 xerxtx. 4 1 if ,ii , 1 li -f. I. 'L ' ' as- renew E ighty-nine f-1'+"+'-F i --4+ 1-1fff?'l'-f'W'f'4f'ff'2eff':f- -Y YL. W ' Y' W ff2?Sff?. Fl"'N""""'ffff 'T H E ui t tiki. N N QA L '25 DQ t if ei g-t .35 t., I 1 W v INTRAIVIURAL SPORTS , x The main objective of the Enid High School department of physical education and sports 1 is to get every student actively interested in a beneficial sport activity. This objective has two , sound reasons to justify it. One is health building. All sports, if the individual is suited to them, are beneficial. Care is taken that the student participates only in the sports to which 2 he is suited. The second reason is that participation in sport is a great fixer of democratic ideas and habits. In a game no social barriers exist. Since all games are based on sportsman- like ideals and rules, one who takes part must show well in that respect as well as in ability to 7 merit the applause and good will of his fellows. With this in mind Enid High School offers a course in required and elective games that 7 gives every girl and boy a chance to play in well organized and well officiated games and con- tests for which she or he is physically fitted. This program is to be enlarged each year until - everything is included that a high school could possibly offer. , At present the program consists of the following activities for girls: basketball, volley 2 ball, speed ball, baseball, tennis, and participation in the annual gym show and May festival. l In basketball a league is organized and a series of games played, the championship being de- ,, termined by percentage of games won. The same plan is followed in all sports. Besides the ' class teams in the league there are group teams in each class. In this way all get to play, and the best ones represent the class. Each year all gym girls take part in the annual gym show, as mentioned above. This has ' been held each year downtown at Convention Hall. During the early part of May each year 1, they also present a May festival in honor of the May queen elected by the senior class. From I two to three hundred girls take part in these events. 4 In the boys' department the scope of sport is wider than for the girls, as it is much easier . .. to arrange a game program for boys on account of the physical qualifications of boys. In I I, Enid High School the year's program includes football, basketball, track, baseball, boxing, 5 wrestling, tumbling, and the annual exhibition along with the girls' department. L l Each class has two or more squads in each of the team sports, which engage in practice th ' games. Then the best men are put in the class squad, and all the class teams play a series of - ' games to determine a champion. Of course, in track, boxing and wrestling, individual scores P are added to place the standing of the class in each of those particular sports. . A The Annual Physical Education Show is varied from year to year so as to show all the 5 activities of this department, as well as to entertain by stunts. It is also good training for A f3 ' the students to be able to go through their paces before a large crowd. Each year, about four hundred girls and three hundred and fifty boys take part in the games and exhibition. In this way they get the thrill of competition and training in sportsmanship that, otherwise, would be enjoyed only by the relatively small number making up the varsity teams, and in this the girls would be left out entirely. 1 Each girl and boy who goes through our high school gets two years of play under this plan as all sophomores and juniors take gym. Thus they go out enriched by actual experience in the thrill of competition instead of wondering, all those who had not the ability to mak: I the school varsity, what it is like to get into a game and fight and strive to win and to be modest in victory, or if they must lose, to be generous in defeat. l fi ffl I -X, Q l I L... 4 A fxX.-,.,.fj f .ft 1, N ,,1E,:5?.t..,., ,,3.,.,m. T W., -'. ' . 'Q-Q A , i n Q A V Web ww 4s,ffm.-,X!fll fb if agj ., . ,. . rd ASE., ,,,. A in VA 2:39 ,,.-,3v,,,,,Qgi:,TL,V,, , Iggy, 4, . , u.. 2 4. i?ft,gjfj,42,'t ,1sQ5,59 A N inezy 1: ' v 99 4,-0, , .u Y 0,-, -X ,, X we Rxfxxfx' l,,!.s L bf N ' L: , , Knbu QQ h V - 5?",mm,J fri. ,L . k 'lsr.g,migg!:::'i,!Qf,,l!E?Km7 ,' 5 ""'A4'fJ1LL31:'if, T ,gk Q. ,Z "fl W 5 i 1' wi 5 Q- , A llifg' if 1 1' pl? 41 , .x , . ,nm 1: W N 1. .5511 A X V ef MQ 523 if " iff I I Lu -X fn ' ' ' 5 YJ? , . , a ff ' V 1 7,36 , N 'gf Q J dy . vw.. gy O 5: fifj fj,J"' Q Wig f' Q5 mg NE o 5 M: ii f'fsL.f.,. - 7X qv? R9 I 5 U V Q! LU' f U S . f H 1-I+' iw f- V Q1 x . 4. '3 ' ' , ,, ,x ,,. -U Q31 gym! N Rf-,L fs, af +A! 'X , . , ' ' + Voxsm ex -. Q45 LHVA, , kg -,,.. .X as 5 N1 R525 ill? .RTN ,Y 'N' J, ',vl If gf N '1Q3'5',p LLQLQ--. ', 'fj J., f N Q15 'H-,Nga M Yqvny, -V , 9' ig X3 H , :wx . LDA ,f 'Ev ,,,i:.,-kin gf , V , '73m 'X xg XXj1,f.' 4.5: V p 1 v ,v-ML, w, -31,1 gag, . yas ' v 'fa ,123 M, ' f--ff: . , ,Vi , W ' 4 ., .54 .4-, 1: A. J' , f A. X. .X :-:Max I wwf. Q-+ -. , -,qv M E 4.1 ., JB' . Zz x ,-ag' ,am ra: 'ii . ,519 ' Ji . Z. 3 m va tu 431 P "il 'fffei A 3,535 ' L Q, .x ERGDELPHIAN LITERARY SOCIETY G-roh, Hague, Burchfield, Sturdevant, Miss Moyer, Miss McKnight, B. Burwell, Jackson, Lowe, Messman. Jared, Poole, Tighe, M. Swartz, Limpert, Bernard, Stephenson, Webber, Knipp, Startzman. Jones, Richardson, Masemore, Iminel, Butler, Hammer, M, Burwell, R. Swartz, Marcoot, Miller. Bates, Donaldson, Darnoold, Ohmart, Weller, Dickerson, Harris, Parker, Mayes, Loving. OFFICERS First Semester Second Semerter President .. .,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,. Edith Mayes President ,,,,..,,..,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Grace Poole Vice-President ,.,.,,,,,. Dorothy Sturdevant Vice-President ,,,,,,, ,,,,,, M aclalin Harris Secretary ..,,,,,,,,,,, .,,,,,,,,,,,, E lsie Knipp Secretary ,....,,,,,,,.,, ,,,,,,,, E lsie Knipp Treasurer ,,,,,, ,,,,., Sergeant at Arms ...,, Reporter ,,,,.,,, W ,.,,,, Helen Parker ,,,,,,Frances Weller Beulah Jones Treasurer ,,,..,,,,,, Helen Parker Sergeant at Arms ,,,,,,, ,,,,,, A lice Limpert Reporter ...,..,,,,....,,,,, ,.,,,,, B eulah Jones N inety-one t E. xblvijsxg? Mfg ff' - ,fated t r AMATIC LITERA UQ. Mehew, Snyder, Weldon, Madison Gensman, Elliott, Kelley, Worden Bonham, hlrs. Carl Otjen, Taylor, Smithe, McKnight Wentworth, Durham, Snodgrass, Wheeler Cline, Dale Major, Roberts, Moore, Edwards Sehwendener, Duncan, Slater, Barr Vessels, Swaney Huston, Ogle, Weldon, Wentworth, Webster, Dempsey, Donaldson, Jones OFFICERS Fir!! Semesler Second Semetler President ,,,..,,,.,,,,,,,.,...,,, Margaret Vessels President ,,,,,,,,.,,,,,..,,,,,,.. Margaret Vessels Vice-President ,,,.,..., ,,,, Thelma Weldon Vice-President ,,,,,..,,,,,,.. Josephine Taylor Secretary and Treasurer ,,,,,. Isabel Major Secretary and Traesurer ,,,,... Isabel Major Sergeant at Arms- .l,,., ,,..,,, E velyn Rude Sergeant at Arms ,,,,,,..,,,,.,,,, Mildred Ogle Ninety-lfwo ,.. ,-U, ,M V.-,. , , M., I, , ,TH V, , K gf' fQf1i1fflff.'QQ1 I ,,A. be KATAHDIN LITERARY SOCIETY l Chick, Gartrell, Melliek, Rhoads, Miss Kretseh, Pope, Rendel, Hunt, Walker. Baas, Domingo, McKinsey, Seney, Volz, Miss Hamilton, Wilson, Miller, Wasson, Garrett. Bates, Dihle, Holeman, Hedges, Sanders, Skinner, Burchfield, Bush, Fuller, Scheer. Bennett, Duggan, Fry, Fisher, Wells, Striekler, Page, OFFICERS First Semexler President ,,,,.,,,.,,,.......,,,...,,, Gladys Wilson Vice-President ,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,..r...,,, Rutl1 Arnold Secretary and Treasurer ,,..., Thelma Chick Sergeant at Arms ,,,. ,,....,,,,,,,, G lenda Dible Reporter .,,,.,,,.,,,,............, Florence Scheer Arnol d, Buchanan, Harrel. I I fr, 55 Q, r l 2 a Second Semester President . ...,,..,...,,,.,,,.,,,,.,,, Thelma Chick Vice-President ....,,,,,,,,..,,,,.,,,,,, Edith Fisher Secretary and Treasurer ,.,,,,, ,Frances Volz Sergeant at Arms, ,,.,,.,,,,,,,,, Frances Skinner Reporter ...,...,,,,,...,. ,,,..,, C lara Hedges N inety-three HI-Y. W. CLUB Nl. Burrwell, Wasson, Brower, Stewart, Marcott, Koehn, Shaunty, Peterson, Poole, Goddard. Hunt, Minnix, Kelley, Elliott, M. Bradley, Miss Kretsch, Miss Graves, Bonham, Swartz, Kent Griffin, Wentworth. McClain, W. Roberts, Miller, Bates, B. Burwell, Miss Carlson, Miss Bonifi Fr. Snodgrass, Baas, Worden, Keffer. eld, Limpert, Dickinson, Madison, Seney, Bernard, VVatkins, Miss Goe, Mrs. Carl, Horsley, Weller, Drolte, Newton, Ogle. Douglas, Branch, Holstin, Flo. Snodgrass, Mellick, Williams, Jarvis, Cline, D. Bradley, Price. President . ...,.,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,, Vice-President Secretary ,. ,,.. Treasurer N inety- f our Sponsors: Miss Laura Graves, hfliss Dorothea Gray. Officers Committee Aflwi Betty Burwell Membership .,,,,,,,,.,,..,,,....,,, sem M rs. Carl Alice Limpert Program ,,,,,,,,, ,,.,.,, M iss Bonilield Ruth Elliott Advertising Miss Goe Ruth Arnold Service Miss Kretsch Social .,,,, ,,.,,, Miss Carlson HI-Y. W. CLUB A. Buchanan, Bennett, Magruder, Barrick, Edwards, Stoner, Weaber, Fisher, Campbell, Cadwell. Wheeler, Radcliffe, Miller, Rude, Trickey, VVebster, Morris, Fuller, Johnson, H. Buchanan, Paine, Mitchell. Ketch, Dunlap V. Parker, Ballard, Bovel, G. Sparks. Minnix, Beck, Rendel. Membership Program Advertising Service Social , Page, Loving, Jones, Phillips, Es. Arnold, Clifton, Ev. Arnold, Douglas, Clark. R. Arnold, Wilson, R. Sparks, Allen, Goff, Butler, McKnight, Diblc, Hammer, Parker, Shaklee, Spaulding, Sturdevant, Shores, Jones, Tighe, Rhoads, Reed, COM MITTEE CHAIRM EN Alice Limpert Margaret Peterson Frances VVeller Frances Madison Doris Horsley Evelyn Rude Esther Seney Edith Bernard Dorothy Sturdevant Virginia Parker Ninely-,E . ,lr -, f, W. .W mn . ..,,,,..,.,.,,.-,.. .......,,,.... F -, .....--,,, . MA..,..,.. MN.. M. 11 ,- sf-,.,e.W,1 5- '14 fig by I is. . , O. G. A. X Bennett, Harris, Seney, Holeman, Miss Nelson Parker, Kelley, Domingo, Beck, OFFICERS President ,,,...., ,,... M ubel Holeman Vive-President ,,,,,,,, ,,.,,, J essie Domingo Secretary and Treasurer ,,,,.,, Mabel Kelley HOME ECONOMICS CLUB , 5 Burchfield, Skaggs, President ,,,,,,,,,,, Vice-President ,,,,,,, .. Short, Eggleston, Sturdevant, Weaber, Tighe, Miss Carlson Jackson, Burwell, Foglenmn, Seeds, Allen, OFFICERS Dorothy Sturdevant Secretary and TfCQSUf6f,,,,NON'Clll Skaggs Betty Burwell Reporter ,..,,,,,,,,,,,, .,,..,, ,,,,,,,, B e tty Burwell -, , M: -,sfl"fff',9'zA3.'4?z2g,'7 '12.,2Ll'.IL:EQ,,.'-'92.,f.i-..., , , N inely-six 5,441 , .k:,A . ,. X". -C...-..., .,,.f .- ,.., -- VIRGILIAN CLUB Chick, Cullum, jones, Fox, Horsley, Dymond, Miss Graves Bates, Vessels, Weldon, Pyle, Ogle, P Mehew, OFFICERS First Semester Second Semesler President ,,,...,,.,,,,,.,, , ,,,,..,,,...,, Vernon Fox President ,,....,,.,,,,.....,,,,,.,,,,. Vernon Fox Vice-President ..,.,,,,,.,,,,Y.,,,,,,, Mildred Ogle Vice-President ,,,.,,,,,,..,,. ,,,,,,, IV Iildred Ogle Secretary-Treasurer ,,..,.e., Margaret Vessels Secretary-Treasurer .,,, Katherine Dymond NEWTONIAN CLUB li Er if Withers, McGugin, McDonald, Anderson, Hill, Purdue, Miss Hansen Combs, Doop, Wight, Hendrickson, Landes, Frankenfeld, OFFICERS President ,..,..,,..,,,,,...,, Forrest Hendrickson Sergeant at Arms ,,..,,,,.,,, Darrell McGugin Vice-President ,,,e,e.,. ,,,,,, K enneth Purdue Reporter ,,,,..,,.,,,,.,.,,,,,, Forrest Hendrickson Secretary-Treasurer ,,,,,,.,, Howard Withers I N inely-seven THALEAN CLUB Langseth, Frantz, Wise, Watkins, Rutherford, Duggan, Pisell, Courter, Tuggle, Jobes, Watkins, Miss Hansen, McKnight, Weightman, Baas, Warren, Jeter, Klause, Piper, Peterson, Archer, Masemore, Shipherd, OFFICERS President, Doris McKnight, Vice-Pres., James Piper, See. Treas., Billy Barr and Forrest Courter. CICERONIAN CLUB Gartrell, Marcoot, Schlottog, McKnight, Lowe, Magruder, McKinsey, Jeter, George, Miss Graves, Madison, Smithe, Grogan, Peterson, VVelsh, McClellan, Hammer, Burnett, Knipp, Bryan, Carney, Rude, Hill, Warren, Schroeder, Loving, Swartz, Triekey, OFFICERS Presidents, Doris McKnight, Elmo George. Vice-Presidents, Frances Madison, Virginia Mareoot Seeretary-Treasurers, Elnora VVatkins, Elsie Knipp Ninety-eight EUCLIDIAN CLUB l l M Schlottog, Poore, Dickinson, Brown, Miss Smith, Scott, Caskey, Swarthout, Bredehoft, Rieck, Starbuck, Peck, Bowren, Rhoads, McKinsey, Partain, White, Friesen, Klassen, Hathaway, Bryan, Barlow, OFFICERS President, Dick Barlow, Vice-President, Lambert Bredehoft, See.-Treas., Mary Virginia Peek. VIETIAN CLUB McReynolds, Mitchell, Downing, Barr, Haltom, Burton, Allen, VanDyke, Hale, Reese, Trickey, Huston, Miss Hansen, Robins, Palmer, Knupp, Gray, Campbell, Roush, Madison, Capper, Denker, George, Marcoot, Reed, Fuson, OFFICERS Presidents, Billy Barr, Robert Knupp, Vice-Presidents, Frances Madison, Floyd MeReynolds, Secretary-'I'reasurer, Charles Denker. N inety-nine Rt I S Jr 'F ,M """" " NJ 14.1 '-C..Q.g....,.,...........,...,,,. HI-Y. CLUB Benjamin, Metz, Greer, Jones, Mr. Edwards, R. Doop, Benson, Wise, Luther. Barr, Brcclehoft, Smith, Mcis, Cline, Vanlloskirk, Riley, Dykstcrhuis, Price, Edmonson. Perkins, Denksr, Walton, Dyer, 1VIcRcyno1ds, McGill, Mechcln, Peterson, Courtcr. Kennedy, Barlow, Morgan, Doop, Kisncr, George, Huston, Thomas, McDonald. OFFICERS President ,,,...,..... ,,,,,,,,,,,,, B illy Barr Secretary. ...,, ,,,,,,,,, ,,,, P 1 lui Perkins Vice-President ,,,,,,,, ...... H arold Mechem Treasurer ,,,..... ,,,,,, F loyd McReynolds Vice-President ,,,.,,.., ,.,,,,,,,.., B illy Riley I.,.4..L4L.1J..1.uL::l2kiiL 4 3 1, -.ga .AML . I Nu.. ,Q -.- ..1u.QV.,,M.....A., f One H umired ---V - fy- -Vi - Y , - ,. V Y .N 1+ gc., Wpwlifw Slgf. 2 fp 2.1:-.b..2l.l 1 ""' ' 4 A" . Q ,f ff, ,M J QK3 hai., bfg ,W Y ' 3 - 5 , 1 V. , if.. 1 f'9,, F X 'Ji ' 21 1 1.1 .1 ,X f... FX, 'Y xv J RA' :ff 5? ,f 1. Q 'XL 1 . W 5 Q 'K,, 1.- . 51, ,. , f I 1 ' L -gx X X A ,ku X- - :atv !, -f 4,q,. ...x ,I-N. ,FM 4: - -, -4 - : -1 V , Fi' 5' - ll-J. :ff 1 5 Q - M412 A .." i 'I-1 KVJW . ,wi-:K ' - ji 2.4 , ,, 1 Qyji, 1.Zk,,i , im H-J N f :iz-I f i if A- N-A 9-,Nw , fJ V , Lp ,-5 fx. I A !, ' , CQ:-31 . Q f LY' .ig ie., ,X :gm M-. A' E19 f +G mme, C219 'Hai' TH NIUE .E -A... riff, if fx' fr' WF , if kgfff Qwfx ,fm fsfw I1 -f 1,5 ,W-1-J gl- Ad iff, 211 fg2"f,,f '-gi if ng 1 2 -1 fifl X15 vi NX- , L, .4 l AX xx 4 , my lg. ,n Xf-B. N'e7',,1U lk,--""' "MX , , , ,fir -vi 1' '. ,Q f 'M' ,ff ,QQ 1 'x'7:f'2.Q.'rT. X-.'., ' .44 -- ',: x'2-- ' Hx--wif fzlviff -' R' P. if' ?I-""i?V V J I mjgx---Qf' X1 Y j t i .Q a . H , -- I," ,. -. N: 2 ,- :1 N xv ' ' P'-f- -f-' '5 iff 5 r' f 452 sv L41-f KJ fs A ,K .1 " . uf J 'J Q W Q if X " ,-JJ . .Q I 4,1 321 N ,W It 4.64 f ff 4- fzf r - , . ,I L. , Lf'4' f I X . 9: . . 'G 1 , . .,. .- ' .ZH 'ai' 4 -4 ,h a-c! Mfg q4 ,', 51 X 'hL'fml' ' W" f MR. JIM WILLIAMS To be able to say exactly the right thing at the right time in an effective way gives a person power among men. Such power in abundant measure has Mr. Jim Williams, teacher of speech and debate, and coach of dramatics. Not only is Mr. Williams an effective speaker himself, but he also has the ability to teach his students self-expression. The fact that Enid High School receives her share of honors in interscholastic reading, oratory, and debating is ample proof that Mr. Williams' work is well done. Through weekly visits to the English classes, Mr. Williams is able to give instruction in oral English to most of the students in Enid High School. Through regular classes in public speaking and debuts, he gives specialized training along these lines. His pleasant personality and his keen sense of humor have gained for him the friendship of the student body of Enid High School. One Hundred One GIRLS' CONFERENCE DEBATE AFFIRMATIVE 1 ALTAH MAY SWANEY DORIS HORSLEY MARGARET PETERSON Guthrie--Enid Oklahoma City--Enid Blackwell--Enid Decision: Enid Oklahoma City, February 3 Decision: Enid Enid, January 27 Decision: Oklahoma City Enid, February 20 L!'FD':-T1M1n- l'urtis-Rusd Bill for the CSIlll5llSllIHl'I1I of 11 Difpzirtmcnt of Education 2 , with il Sl'i'I'CY1lI'y in the Piv3Sidcnt'S Czilvim-r lv: cn:u'rn'd. D My NEGATIVE JESSIE TURNER MERCEDES CANSLER FRANCES MADISON Guthric-4.Enid Oklahoma City--Enid Blackwell--Enid Duvisinnz Uuthriu Dcvision: Olglaihomu City DL-vision: Rlllvkxwll Gutliric, .la11il1L11'y 27 Enid, FCl5I'ULll'y 3 Bluukwvll, FC'lJI'l.lLlI'Y 20 One H mfdrefi Tfwa BOYS' CONFERENCE DEBATE AFFIRMATIVE IRWIN BEERY El Reno--Enid ARTHUR WISE Blackwell--Enid Decision: Enid Decision: Enid Blackwell, March 9 Enid, March 20 JOE VAN BOSKIRK Guthrie forfeited Debate to Enid Guthrie, March 23 RESOLVIQD: That the MuNa1'y-Ilzuigcn Bill of 1926 be adopted as a basis of foreign relief W legislation. As the Annual goes to press Enid is winner of th: VVL-srt-rn Division and will clclmrv Ok- niulgec for clitnnpionsliip of the roiifcrciicv. NEGATIVE EDWIN WALTON BITFORD KIRTLEY HAROLD MECHEM Blzwkwcll forfeitvd El Reno--Enid Gutlirit---Enid Dcbutc to Enid Decision: Enid Decision: Enid Enid, March 9 E1 Reno, March 20 Enid, March 23 One H undrzd Three IVIIXED STATE DEBATE AFFIRMATIVE ISVFORD KIRTLEY JXLTAH MAY SWANEY IRWIN BERRY Chilocco--Enid Cllzuuiier--Elliml Decision: Enid Dcvision: Clmncllur l'liiIoc'c'0, I"cIw1'n:1ry 20 Chandler, IVI:11'm'I1 2 Rr,SOI,VIiIl:-Tllzit thu Curtis-Rccd I3iII for the 0stz1bIisI1lm'nt of a IJCITIRITIIICTH of Ecluczxtion with ll scn'x'eta1'y in thc PrCsidcnt's Cabinet bc cnzlctcd. NEGATIVE IEDVVIN VVALTON DORIS HORSLEY ARTHUR WISE ChiIOL'c'0--Enid Deux' Creek forfcitcd Dcvisionz Enid mlclmzitc to Enid Iinid, Ifcln'u:11'y 3 Fl'i7l'll1ll'y 27 One Hcnnireil Four SPEECH EDWIN WALTON ALTAH MAYII ANF is ARTHUR WISE Orator Or h ' Extemporc Speaker ,LX X X . W I-swf QR JOHN LANDFS FDNA WALKER DORIS IIORSLEY Reader Render Exn-mpu1'c Speaker One Hundred Five One Hmnireul Six . I w.,,f Lf , V U if if . yv .ff . 41117, -v My fa Q51 Q ,f 'Q Q ' 1' 7 'vzxxwti .LJ jbffv' ,iff kv., xx 3, Q .,,.i? UK, '.?' fi ff One Hmzdrml Seven - 1 I, One Humirefl Eight CXTHE QUlLLiANNUAL'28D6 : T THE QUILL ANNUAL The actual work of compiling this year book is done by a staH of twenty-six students rnder the supervision of two faculty advisers. The staH is divided into an editorial group ' and a business group. However, only through the working together of these two groups and the cooperation of the whole student body is it possible to make an annual which will ' keep the story for the future. THE QUILL WEEKLY The Quill Weekly" is the official newspaper publication of the student body. News of intercst concerning Enid High School is gathered by the pupils enrolled in the newswriting classes. The department of Journalism.is headed by an instructor who conducts the regular if P b classes, where technique of writing is studied. The instructor is also editorial supervisor of H -frhe Quill Weekly." The publication is a member of the Central Interscholastic Press Association and the Oklahoma Interscholastic Press Association. - y l P s D i A+'-Yxw. ,a ' I-A 7'1" ,am ' X-M.. ail One Hundred Nine sl fx -! U9 ll' 1 9 Although "The Quill Annual" is sponsored by the Senior Class, it is a publication in which every student in Enid High School has a part. '0 Its aim is to preserve a true and lasting hhistory of each year of school life. It is a treasure chest in which are stored the friendships and joys of high school days. I P I i 5 l P P 5 P P 5 V P L I P ! K H 5 P P ll I MR. G. R. BONHAM In none of its organizations does Enid High School take more pride than in the band and the orchestra. This justifiable pride is largely the result of the patient effort and skillful training of the director, Mr. G. R. Bonham. How we should miss the stirring tones of the band at a football game, and the beautiful harmony of the orchestra at assembly programs. Mr. Bonham has directed these organizations for several years, and each year the instru- mentation becomes more complete and the quality of the music finer. This is real growth, and the students of Enid High School appreciate it. MISS JOYCE TAYLOR Miss Joyce Taylor, director of chorus and glee clubs, has endeared herself to every stu- dent in Enid High School by her beautiful voice and her winning personality. Miss Taylor is a graduate of Phillips University, and during her attendance there she sang the leading role in several light operas. Her rare ability and her careful training have borne rich fruit in the excellent rendition of the operetta, "Pickles,', by the boys, and girls' glee clubs. These musical organizations, which add much to the cultural and pleasurable side of high school life, are indeed fortunate in having so able a director as Nliss Taylor. One Hundred Ten BAND Hathaway, Benedict, Barlow, Schultz, Peters, Sifferd, Bond. Elliott, Haney, Thom, Whiteloel-2, Fry, Crawford, VValke1', Warrick, Crahhs. Armstrong, Capper, Fox, Gilchrist. Denkc-r, Haldeman, F. Evans, Hedges, Conn, Newell, Bonham, Director, Zirkle. Smith, Stephenson, Leggett, L, Evans, Knupp, Luther, Copeland, Stuart, Peterson, Rhodes, Magruder. Melnnis, Sipes, Adams. ORCHESTRA Money, Shields, Mclnnis, Capper, Haldeman, Parker, Bonham,-Director, Donaldson, Hollander, Gensman, VVatkins, M. Peterson, Hathaway, Peters, Crawford, Whitley, Reick. Paul, Voshurg, Knupp, Gilchrist, F. Evans, Smothers, Haney, Peterson, Luther, L. Evans, Rvckman. Luikart, Bender, Miller, llarrell, Landes, MeClellan, Magruder, Martin. One Hzmilreil Ele-wen GIRLS' FIRST GLEE CLUB VV:1tkins, .'xI'f0l'ii, Snomlgruss, Horner, Hznmncr, Swartz. Voslmrg. Cline, VVornh-n, Jones, Flo. Snotlgjmss, SJIIHIUVSY Ogle, Miss 'Il1yIo1', Johnston, Irnmcl. Johnson, Loving, R1I.l'Cy, Madison. Voll. Tzlylor, Roberts. l'mit'rlxxoocl, M. Hraulh-Y, LSllI'fL'l', D. Br'zuIIsx', VVilmoth, Bcrnzlrsl. GIRLS' SECOND GLISE CLUB Y ' of S 2 Douglas, Goodman, DL-Vinncy, Cummings, Foster, Burton, Bryan. Ib v7'9jqy Miss Iatylor, Harris, VVhits-vtt, Hcdgcs, Buns, V. Short, Bonhzun, Volz. "'- gf H97 Q' yi, i LTC Clark, Miller, F. IBLll'L'l1f:lL'ld, I3runc'l1, Donaldson, Btltlcr, Parker, V. Btlrchficld. jrxyydy INIcCl11i11 C:1rt'r, D. Pnrkcr Kent BOQIIKIIIILIII F. SllUl'I,gJll1CV, hozuis, Edwards. .fx 9 K x x H XXQJR WV 76 ffvy Y '1 v 'vf -J gf FRS fr .. '- '91 K .9 if , ,fx One Hundred Twelve X ,,f W' I Ij 'D' 1, i' ff--I 34549 ,rf I' Lexx, .J ,Q .555 if JFS' BOY? GLEE CLUB Britton, Denkcr, MCPL-zik, Doop. Miss Taylor, Srimlcrs, Langscth, T. J. Kcrinedy, Dykstcrhuis, Wall-zcr, Volz. Ilwffmii Vz1nBoski rk, R, Kcnm-dv Lzmclcrs, BUI1.llIlliI1. bb Y , 5 , Balbin, Davis, Prius, 'Ixhmii, Ri-ml. DOUBLE OCTET Kennedy, Britton, Balbin, Davis, Szimlurs, Doop. Privc, Umlcrwood, Sanders, BL-rnzirci, Madison. Thoiii. Roberts, L'zu'tci', Miss Txiylor, VVilmotl1. Elliott. One Hmnlreii Thirteen GIR LS' Q UARTHT 5 ' Pzxulzx Robcrts, Vnslnti Snmlvrs, Edith B.-rn: lrcl, Ruth lillioti. BUYS' QL'fXR'l'Ii'l' Paul Bzxlbin, Jcrmnc Davis. Ralph Sumh-rs, Rirhnrcl Kunncdy, Om' Hzzmfreli lfozzlnwz J - CXTHE Quilt, Ar-arata,z5i:':i2if5Qy - A A OPERETTA .0 35 "PICKLES" lil! OR "IN OLD VIENNA" Jonas H. Pennington, an American millionaire pickle manufacturer, with his daughter, June, arrives in Vienna amidst preparations for the annual carnival. To his consternation he 'Q finds Jones, his advertising expert, advertising Pennington's Peter Piper Pickles too well. An Ss.: old acquaintance, Lady Vivian, a wealthy Englishwoman, also arrives on her annual quest in Q, search of her daughter, who, when a baby, was lost near Vienna at. carnival time. Kinshi, for the pompous police chief, plots to substitute Louisa, a waitress, for the lost child of Lady , Vivian and marry her for the fortune. ' E A band of Gypsies visits the carnival, led by Jigo, the chieftain, and his supposed daughter Q' Ilona. Events lead all to the Gypsy camp, where a magic pool reveals the face of Lady j Vivian's daughter. Arthur Crefont, a poor artist, wins recognition of his art and also the ' hand of June Pennington. Lady Vivian consents to become Mrs, Pennington, Kinshi's plot 4 is exposed, Ilona is restored to her mother, Jones is rewarded with success in his campaign 1 for the hand of Ilona. ' CAST OF CHARACTERS J- Jf?m1iS0H JOHCS ,fff .-v...f A n advertising expert ,.....,..,.............. ,,e. J erome Davis J1g0 -A------,----.-.-.-- .-..... A Hungarian Gypsy ,...,,,,, ...,, Arthur Thom f 1101121 ----f-------------fs-- ....... A Gypsy girl ........,,.,,,,V,,,,,,.. ..,..,, E dith Bernard 1 Arthur Crefont ,f..,,..,,... A young American artist eee........... ...., A rthur Britton Q JUHC P6nI1iI1g't0I1 ..ffff.YYYYs.. An American heiress, ,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,.. ,,,,,,,,,,, P aula Roberts 1 Jonas H. Pennington ...,.... Proprietor of "Peter Piper Pickles" ,,,,. Richard Kennedy Lady Vivian DClal1Cy .fA... HA charming English widow ,,,---,,..,,,,,,,,,, ,,,r,, E sther Underwood HIUIS Maier ----,-ff-,-.-,-A-f-f.. Proprietor of the Wurtzelpraeter Inn. ....., ,....,..,, R alph Sanders 1 L0UiS3. --..--..-.........if ...Yf. A waitress ...,,,..,..,..,,,,,,,,,,lr,,,,..,,,,,,,...,,,,,, ,,,,,,, M ildred Ogle Captain Kinshi .,ff-- --..f.. C hief of Detective Bureau of Vienna ....... ..,,. C harles Denker f """'e""'ee " ""' Kinshi's faithful sieuths ,eee,,..,..,e,,,-,., --rr N? tefllnlii Pla .K orris an rs : Gypsy DEIHCCI' ---,--,..- .......................................... .,.... M a rguerite Hale Ae Messenger Boy ...... .,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, B i 11y Hale I CHORUSES i Tourists, Burghers, Viennese Maidens, Waiter, Gypsies. v Myrnice Bradley Thelma Arford Loree Hammer Floyd McReynolds v Rebecca Carter Gwendolyn Cline Evelyn Johnston David Langseth 4 Ruth Elliott Jean Betty Johnson Vashti Sanders Joe Van Boskirk Q Alice Horner Lois Jones Florence Snodgrass Forrest Hendrickson Q Mona Immel Frances Snodgrass Mildred Vosburg Charles McPeak Z Frances Madison Versal Watkins ' Elizabeth Worden Kenneth Benjamin Q Eva Major Leona Patterson Clara Hedges Ronald Reed F Nellouise Rarey Marjorie Loving Beatrice Dickinson Thomas John Kennedy Maurine Swartz Genevieve Kent Loave Boardman Herschel Jones 5 Josephine Taylor Mary Lois Dale Lela Butler John Walker ' Bernice Trostel Anita Carter Virginia Parker Albert Dyksterhuis f Aline Wilmoth Thelma Goodman Mary Edwards Harold Benson I Evelyn Miller ' Mary Alice Donaldson Dorothy Beth Parker Ralph Doop X June Webb Frances Whitsett Bernice Rhoads ' Harold Bowren L Mildred Clark Ruth Messman Dorothy McClain Cliff Smith . Fern Miller Leota Groh Paul Balbin Eugene Schlottog Dorothea Bradley Leila Gartrell Corvain Duggan . :if f 551 'f , I r W' : .f I ' l llru fi Jlgylvcw ' 4' One Hundred Fzfleen 1 1 A' J n 's ' 1 .- One Hmnlred Sixleeu r ,f"""' 'W' " "' "' ' 'R -,.,,,,,. jf' gxf"zx ' 'x 4 mf One HIlI7fil'E1f Seweuteezz -----'A HTHE QUILL ANNUAL'28D6 --- 9 ASSEMBLIES 'Si fix as as BARGAIN DAY gm - . . g S Golmg-Going-who can excel Mr. Selby as an auctioneer? Can't you still feel the heavy silence, hear the breathless gasps, see the hesitant bidders as that worthy one tempts them all with the honor of obtaining the very first activity ticket? 2. Gone-to Kavanaugh Bullock, the winner of the ticket, the free meal, the day off to see as the circus, and a copy of "The Quill Annualv! ri -- ig -9 if Sl BEAT BLACKWELL! ig , That Blackwell game! The excitement! The suspense! The daily chapels of that 4 la? week in October! The pep, the joy, the boosting spirit, and then-defeat-but honorable V de eat. , 1 ' . 1 1 WW' , 4 "The work of the world is done by few, i God asks that a part be done by youf' 5 So began Miss Mamie Cole of Boston, when she talked to us in assembly on Wednesday, i 1 November the fourth. Miss Cole, who represented the Christian Endeavor Union, gave us a i 1 vivid and interesting description of a ,trip to London, where she met representatives of thirty- P 4 six nations. 5 ' Students of Enid High School will long remember her for her gracious personality and 5 1, the message she left us, "Success is doing your dead-level best." Q I s 4 -li, ' 5 Q - , A DISTINGUISHED VISITOR I , P , Not every assembly is as enjoyable as the one on Tuesday,'November, 15. Not every day L are we privileged to hear Professor Oberg of Phillips University. , 4 . . 5 We certainly did appreciate the readings he gave us, and we shall especially remember g B him for his splendid and entertaining interpretation of "Monsieur Beaucairef' P --i L F , . 4 1 MERRY CHRISTMAS V 4 "Merry Christmasln "Hope you have a good vacation? "I can hardly wait!" : 4 Indeed, joy and good will toward men filled the auditorium of Enid High School at the b I assembly just before the Christmas holidays. The program prepared by the Hi-Y and Hi-Y. 1 W. told the old, sweet story of Christis love in words and in music. 2 ,P 4 Then the spirit of giving held sway. The students in a file that seemed endless brou ht g r I to the platform their gifts for the needy. Many a family in Enid owed its good Christmas S i dinner to their generous love. ' 1 1 I -1- .4 4 I HOME TALENT I 1 P X The delightful custom of having student assemblies was resumed on january 6, when the orchestra and lee clubs satisfactoril roved that "Music hath charms to soothe the sava e S 4 g Y P 5 i beast 'i ' I ' 5 J "I didn't know they could sing so well." "Wasn't that piece pretty?" "I wish we'd have music like this oftenerf These comments and others like them were heard on every side : after the program. . i ,YL fi ND-. rin ,pf 'ev H ' , ' 4 . . ' rw" ' . ei' Jlzf'?32f If f , tg f ' , 5 s 'E1 m - flag? One Hundred Eighteen I - i Ejfriei QUlLLV,ANNUAL'28D6 9 A ASSEMBLIES Et .x The Quill Annual that youive heard about, sl, The latest model is just out. "What'll we do on a dew-dew dewy day?" This question was answered by the Quill 2' Annual program, held in amembly on January the sixteenth, by the stall members. i ' From a great black annual came hints of the book that was to be. Shoe polish might S, be two in one, but Lee Kisner proved beyond a doubt that football, basketball, baseball, and Q., track are four in one Classes and humor frolicked on th stage That adxertisem nts can 1 . e . ' ' e '58 be both entertaining and enlightening was demonstrated. Covered wagons on blotters passed :gi up the aisles,-and so the sale was on. ' X FATHERS OF OUR COUNTRY Q "First in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of their countrymenfl Once again A Enid High School celebrated the birthdays and did honor to the memory of Washington and Lincoln. S It is always a pleasure to have as our guests the G. A. R. and the D, A. R., and especially 1 is this true when we can share with them such a treat as Professor Taylor's interpretation of Washington and Mr. Harry O. Glasser's portrayal of Lincoln. l' OFF TO THE STATE TOURNAMENT 4 How excitin to be called to assembl at nine o'clock! In a few minutes our basketball E Y ' boys, champions of the Second District, were to leave for Oklahoma City to enter the State 1 Tournament. Were we backing them? You should have heard us yell and sing. ' Today the team had come bearing gifts. The captain, Buck Davis, presented to the stu- dent body two trophies won in the Phillips Tournament and in the Second District Tourna- ment. h Y L More cheersl Good luck to the Plainsmen! And the last basketball assembly of the 4 year was over. I ,li 4 P CONFLICTS 1 F "A basketball game and a lyceum number that conflicted! What to do? Have them 1 both, of courseln So reasoned the president, as she introduced the program of the Katahdin 4 Literary Society in assembly on March 16. 4 The Blackwell Maroons were to play the Enid Plainsmen. The curtain rose. Such a sight! A stove, a bird cage, chickens, blocks, suspenders and so on! What did it mean? 1 Soon the team warmed up, a player caged the ball, some one was fouled for blocking, number 4, 12 was suspended, we began to understand. ii Did you know that "Uncle Tom's Cabin" is a musical comedy traveling on a lyceum 1 circuit? Black Topsy, golden-haired Eva, and stern Aunt Ophelia conversed in poetry and M4 song, aided by a chorus of school girls. In the end little Eva with much difficulty cut off H for Topsy one of her golden rope curls. E NOVELTIES i The assembly program of March 30 was, indeed, an enjoyable one. Most people have 4 difficulty in playing a piano solo with two hands, but Mary Virginia Peck proved that it can ' be done skillfully with one, and the left one at that. - L Y If you want to get a job, especially on the railroad, you should consult John and Stewart Baile . In "Hired and Firedn the resented all the intricate details, much to the deli ht of Y Y P g their audience. 'ill 9 .fu .. . ,ve vi fa '. ff l . - -1 il I ,1 I --,ll , V, ' f . ,, MEJQLYV ., . .. gage. . ive- . -Y- ' ' I - 'U ' One Hundred Nineteen .... .W . -..-.. .a .. ASSEMBLIES THE SUNSHINE OF YOUR SMILE "Smile and the world smiles with you"-an old, old saying, but the Hi-Y. VV. proved that it is still true in their program given in assembly on March 19. The annual observance of "Smile Weekn has a firm foundation among the students of Enid High School. This year the program was arranged according to the letters of the word Usmilei' as fol- lows: singing smiles, mothers smile, instructors smile, lessons smile, and everybody smiles. At the close of this program the girls presented an impressive symbolic candle service called "Candles That Burn." DePORTMENT V Don't you know how to behave yourself? Well, you should have learned how in "Madam De Portment's School" as it was presented by the Dramatic Literary Society in assembly on April 20. This wasn't a make-believe show but a real one with individual printed programs. Such good rules of conduct Madam De Portment tried to teach those silly girls, and how Mabel Frolics, Gertrude Smiles, and May Friskey acted! Nothing could have been funnier. PLAINSMEN ORCHESTRA and VAUDEVILLE COMPANY Appearing at The Erodelphian Theatre Also A Big Four Reel Feature "The Covered Wagon" Starring SUZY SUNFLOWER and BEN BOLD 9:30 A. M. Friday, April 13 ADMISSION FREE it :.L:f.1.'. -kapgm? " One Hzmzireal Twenty , ,-. ....--..,....,..-..-K, ' ,""""'E "' --W -A--H PARTIES KID SISTERS On Friday evening, September 23, the big sisters of the Hi-Y. W. frolicked with their sophomore little sisters at Enid High School. There were songs, readings, a treasure hunt, and, best of all, ice cream cones. All too soon it was bed-time-time for the big sisters to take their little comrades home. AW C'MON, DAD "Aw c'mon, Dad. It's gonna be swell, honestll' What father could refuse to accept such an eager invitation or fail to enjoy such a pleasant banquet? All dads had long awaited the annual Father-Son Banquet held at the Christian Church by the Hi-Y. boys. They enjoyed very much the interesting program and marvelled in boyish manner at the mysterious feats performed by the magician, Verne Uker. ALL HALLOW'S EVE Darkness, tomb stones, moving white shapes, unwonted shrieks and groans--these are things to terrify even the bravest h-arts. That the faculty members of E. H. S. survived such a shock proves the stuff of which they are made. Through such an ordeal they were forced to pass at the Hallowelen party given by Miss Blanche Kennedy, Mr. Price's secretary. But then, perhaps even the goblins didn't recognize in the motley crew of clowns, sailors, fairies, and blind men, the staid teachers of Enid High. RECALLING YESTERDAYS "You know, Ilve been looking forward to this ever since last year,l' a little grandmother confided, "and it's the first time I've been out, toof, How these dear little ladies did enjoy the annual Grandmother's Party, and all their old acquaintances and friends. The Hi-Y. W. girls were hostesses, and over seventy-five grandmothers were guests. Over their coffee cups, they recalled things they had said and done when they were young, and admired and marveled at the modern girl. BEWARE OF PIRATES Can you imagine the cafeteria in Enid High School the scene of pirates' revels? When on the evening of December 14 the football boys came as guests of the Erodelphian Literary Society, they followed bloody arrows down the gang plank to a table lighted only by candles in "rum bottlesll and a few lanterns. Treasure chests, ships, bloody daggers, red bandannas, and knapsacks were much in evidence. Some of these articles proved to be harmless things like programs, napkins, and favors. There was feasting, song, and revelry. Also there was much toasting of "The Crew," 'IThe Girls in Port," "The Pirate Chieff' and "The Good Ship, E. H. Sf, FROM EGGS TO APPLES Parading in long white togas and head crowns of flowers, the Virgilian Club on Saturday, January 28, portrayed the ancient Romans with admirable similarity. They chanted Roman songs, ate Roman food, and were served by Roman slaves. The first course of the banquet began with eggs, and the last course ended with apples. Other Roman foods were olives, honey, figs, and almonds. One Hundred Tfwenly one ,fu I s. 1' S' IT- 1? fe. .-'1d:r'f- - Sf:-I --.:"'3 . gf l af' P ,Q -' -"""'- QCTHIEC QUILL ANNUALYIZBXQ -.1-..........-'--'- W e P 9 9, PARTIES QR 'ui DAD, GET A HAIR-CUT - "Dad, get a hair-cut and a shav?You,re a sight, gf, 6' I want to show you off tonight." if Such was the coaxing heard when, on January 30, Enid High girls entertained their dads S35 Q at their annual Daddy-Daughter Banquet given by the Hi-Y. W. Club. an The girls proved how much they really loved their dads by the toasts they gave and the songs they sang in appreciation of "good old dads". And if there is anything to that old adage, ' 'Qi "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach,', the girls and their dads ought to be on 4' 3 pretty good terms with one another. i Q THE CALL or THE WILD fri- ' . Springtime and hiking-what fun! On Tuesday afternoon, March 20, the Erodelphian 4 Literary Society entertained the Dramatics and Kathdins by taking them on a hike to Univer- sity Lake. 1 The most absorbing event of the picnic was a treasure hunt from which the girls brought 4 back all manner of trophies. And such miraculous tales of kings and pirates and diamonds h you never heard! 4 Then it was time to eat. .E FIFTEEN FOR SAINT PATRICK! 'Q Such a banquet as the Dramatic Literary Society gave the basketball boys would delight the heart of any Irishman. Every detail was suggestive of the Emerald Isle. Green candles, 'X green table decorations, green balloons, green head dress, green favors, programs like many- - eyed Irish potatoes, and even the guests renamed for Erin! w The three course dinner was made yet more delightful by an accompaniment of Irish song, -ff" d nce and sto . A J - Q 3 9 ry E But after a while Saint Patrick was forgotten, and then there were toasts to the Plainsmen, 'SWF' 4 to their fighting s irit and their good s ortsmanshi . Also there were man words of raise ef 5 P P P y P 1 for their royal entertainers. fa ,, , 3 MOTHERS SMILE I, -1 The banquet which the Hi-Y, W. girls gave for their mothers in the cafeteria on the Lf 4 evening of March 23 ought to make any mother smile with pleasure. The soft candle light 1. 4 falling upon the long tables done in blue and white formed a fitting background for th: V' 4 dainty feast and the good cheer of the occasion. 22951 v Here, indeed, mothers and daughters were the best of pals as they sang, ate, and made ,It Q merry. 1 ' QUILL LUCK 4 On the eve of Friday the thirteenth or, to be more exact on April 12, "The Quill Annual" If- f staff with a few friends enjoyed a banquet at the Oxford Hotel. 9 W Horseshoes, four leaf clovers, and all kinds of charms were used to ward off the im- Lf pending disaster of Friday the thirteenth. ig The toast-master employed with great skill a new kind of orthophonic machine which fu I automatically furnished the program, a lucky affair from beginning to end. Q .15 :if K: ,Pj AYVXTH ' M "QP L Y -., ' ,ii 'll I ,.Eig,ii: i '. i 'i ' I ' One Hundred Twenty-tfwa .P -37 1' '53-1 '79-"""5 ii' 0. . 1 - -- X . ,4 K- YQ im' PKG. - ,,. K: E 16,7 2 , fl E ,I J S 1 're : 'R J Qi 5 r s Q " I K E 1 x Y 'Q 5 'V : xx , fi 1 ' mx 'W gif-., .. 5. 4 flj fi'-"T Y My , -X , I 'gg E Q K-6545! iqj-in ggsgzgwj KLJJX Q! ,Q-7 f?-fgh . Gm fb g d'fX?A , Dwi E- 3 2' W 'Aw ,fi -,g.vs-'Vi'Q':u 'x ffx x':' 3 Nr 1 ffl ,V .1553 L s .Ur-nf X , . .g ,i,.' Lf A0 Y, -f 445 .,, Uk A-,uw,,,,-,,,,,A,,,,,,,,.,- ,.,. ,,.-..,h, Aww, , Q. w:, .1. 5, : fi? :il Q' , 33,1 ' l Fwy it 4 zkvaa I l vf ' .A L '1 . F3 . ' ' k x avi' j f ZX ik 2' ' ti? f,.. , mx g X 0 .,.,, 1, , ' iL,':i'Q.i 4 I ,' X I 5 3 . . .. Lg A VA 'N F I 3 1 HY e,.3"IE x . ' X, , , Q L, 'ff' "4 If iff' 1 I, ,W J, WU ., vim 971'-: 1 wt" .- 1 P7-:Q f"i35'1'3'i'. .1 , S ci'ifL13'5A7 Q: ' s i '?'12-x1f iM3v20-i"'?w.3'f?9"Mf'i"gj3"x ' " 2-f. Aff Y!-wr? Lii' .f 9 ? WA rww'Q5:-Nw-x ' N25 f,vW"w " rm' eww L- Claw L-Lv USU Us 'AXXN , N X 2. f xi'f,7 ! f ..... 3 fi ,fff NX., , -. ,. 1""1':'r 4 ki! ' 3 LW .- f r ,Jr-4-fd 3 ' ' '-.EQ X2 'N 'E 2. . WN--wi ,..Q:: 5 A q ' f L,A..J,1. , -L.J.:LJ ff ML. gy' 1. Nxf v N , Y, I L, S 1 . i 5. 1- xv S iff V21 ff r. allege 42,4 ' E ri., 'lf' I Q . , I If i' 5' fv lx' :V - I,-.I Q in f 1' -7 . ...LY Q--+ ' Z0'f,Q 'zf 'ff'5"-"1 VV I f .D f , X, .1 V ff QQ! A,.. .. 2-4 C."fj""i'J L!!! If f y b 'V if f , 1,1914-J .yy -,NLD ,gi .1 I ' ' 7, . ,1 ' .- ' 4' 4 H 1 . GQ' GMM? J? .3A,5,1,cLu Lf wk Ljj if-,ka .,1.Lrf vs -" , X : X , I .""""' "!Z,1,L4J!'Aj?JZ! "' n RQJVQAJ 51, V I J f . LLM ,53.f1,,f1,4, , ' 1,511 . jjlfI"m'5'fC'?'Q'f' , Af nity ,Adi 14715 ,f 4. rfflz SJR iQfWJ.,jvqJ! I C X H 4 V I, "-Q A 1. I ,' 5 I ' 4 ,,.- 5' V' ll, ' milf!-' H .Qf.,fi"lf' Q -gn Aqfifl NIH?-16114 I ibfpmz, fam' wfw 'M H if Lf X if " ,4 I - ,. 3 ,W f! in N-rn--,avian uhr. 7 , ' V A S 'E 1 rl 'jf' I, LJ .xxx-if T 1 x Al.: Lf-L' XZ,-rf ,MU-'1 K,, M .VL 2 xx ., r dl -,114 MU CD44 J I X 54' fi ff' , mf' ,AQ QM- - f ww MW . f. if ., lk fi Q. New jj , x Q J v" f If ' 'A X A.. jg-f . f f ' o yf-ML' - X f ' ' 7!i1L,dfvxf f V" '-Y x , X fn if-751--. ,..Af . "rdf 6 vL"W'i'i 4 f' A4 ' if A , I. " -A 1 . .- , .A f Q.. ' 'ff-wi N f f .- , 1 : If 1 Y. 1.6. 1 1 xr , 1 x 1 A f ln, -.. ' -.fp "fU'4"aZ if 1 I Agwrwn .' . 1 WW Mpdful-Q -. .Sf Www "" 4 ' J,a-'eff 4 'fl 1 'fl I ww MOJQJQJ 1 i A, 5, , 1 A 4 af 4 K I 44 . MQW Qf f", I , , ' QA 1 f f f 4 Q ,I haf fiiifwwbzx -N. One Hundred Twenty-three -.4 A Ii fi :lg '55 'S We '?-I 45? - kb-E , .' ge' 11' '-5 ff' A535 , '5 ,iq - '-WT! x 9 1 F 3 ' 1. -59? Eh. 9' I 'I I if . 1 '1 M. ' f-I ' Q" ' si 4 A 4 .Q A - A A A 4. 4mv.'4'A1!4mq4mw4H'4Ws'n'AVAWYKY-'4W23S3?J:i,'25'Z32Q' D -A 5 5 5' Z1 F Z1 E' F-1 H N 4-v N 1-v 9: 5 .. 5 .. S .. 5 :Af vb 55,8 3 Mgr? ' .QNX 'HQ 0-,-.H ig SEQ' D- 02-eg E":.'.g Eg 'I ", I 0 W H: H E 959 as SEQ s U Sm ,ire I 25,2 0-73 92, gg :1 3 Eine. 0252- if Us 'T' ,J E-:fl 35" mo 13,5 ' ,."oP- K... ,.. ff, 2 if Q Q :H l 0 f 2 -1 I' H5 hh V 9 U' e. - S 0 5 2 Fw K :Ei S 5 E H? 5 few? gps? a 9 0 c .l!?',Y5x,- j S2 H5 E- 9 up D.. ? 5 D x pr OE P-4 - Ui K4 O H D P-1 F -' sq s " 0 0 '- 2 2 sw D' rr 0 5 F' 3 GLA: X Q 5 xv "' 5 5 sa -' 2 5 Q 'S 3 5 Q' H ,- 5 rv r-1 P x J' D H. C "' ,...'4 , " P 'fly' 5 -4n.3 :SN E 5192 5 5.922 539, :: 5' U b :-'- ,- ... dwg U,,::.5" :UP 'Q-:nh-4 S- 9 ,J mms N O C Z 5 3 o B 'U --- ,:r' Z o o tv ,E '-L4 o D- 5 5 we ::::'+. Oofv HE :FC " :uno SS'-4 'L : Q v-U Z aifix 2,05 :FS nr: 09: "" '55 21.-.,., -rg :E 3, C1 N- wwe. uv ,d...o , 5- as 4 O ax OD 'cw-2' SQ' 20" E 45 E-'EE " 'gy 53 r-1 P' gg H-, Q.. 9 2 ,.. Sh 5 '4 gi 3 gg 5+ O 3 UQ I", . -1 , rn 1 nf- fn E- Z H fm 5 s 5, H Q H Q Q 2 N m.. 0 E Q. '- 9, gr, P ro '4 ,., 1. gm ... ,U Q Q. g eu 8 o qq ,.. E- Q I1-' --gr O7 :W :mls UQ c""' BH ' f-ng Q :r H L, C :r 5 aw S fn Q .- H .,, g :D v-1 he 2 3 3' UQ U- ... O- 3 F5 o E 53 'S' '41 , H P' O 1: 5 5' H H. O D gn E,-I -1, If SJ ' m 5 Q E 3 ? -1 'S- v E I3 . .P- 1? . n ' , U. n A U f-mum'-v-w Y ' ' v v v-Y '-'-" ' 'fe' ' ' ' ' ' ' 1' ' Y Y b A A Lv' A AU A . a g , , . 9 - W ' f .- - ,. -' 3 f W-if..-fgaxrs ,sew-,.p M1 -wav-.,'.f, - - A fr?:nf6J5: FUI.: . , , - fffv- '.f?f:z'v,3-H163 15133: SM wifi: fm? 'Q-5, 'W 41 ff? flqgrgr'-'if' ' ' 2"4q,,,+,Qg,g.1.f'1'A 1 1 H 444- '- ' V ' - ., 'N ,V wry f 'M 2 ',':2gf,il:gv-'i?4"41 L 'gy ' ' . . -- :A-tjw,.'a 'W - . t M.-, -2 3 .E : ,ft 1 '.'- AIV' nl' xii, ANR .5 DfTH'E QUILQ. ANNUAU28 , ' MISTAKEN A ' ' 1 'A' il I A city boy working on a farm was called before dawn one morning andgtold to harness the mule. In the dark the boy did not notice a cow in hte same stall as g p, ' The farmer, 'bl impatient at the long delay, called, "Billy, Billy, what are you doin f"'j..Q, V, "I can't get the collar Over the mule's head," he yelled back. Q "His a"1 'r f' rozenf' ,I .. , , A A . 4-,H ,N ,U 2 9 . . , 'LAYN I 'Jam . . r 75 5 'L ' ,Z 7. WIDE WORLD PHOTOGRAPH fa it W . ff 534 ' 'Q 52.25 ii Photo of Lindy Crossing Atlantic i Y 5 P. S.-Picture was snapped just as Lindbergh disappeared to the right. The waves d0n't show 1 ' as the camera was tilted toward the sky. IMPOSSIBLE It always makes me laugh, So wonderful a treat, ' To see an athlete run a mile, irq, And only move two feet. wb , ry .. 'iz 3 wgv J we .-l- 4 . V. y 55:3 i Pete: "I hear Harry likes blondesf' ' p ,E Becky: "Yes, Pm dyeing to meet him." s 333 I YE SENIORS! 2 I if ' 'fill Rock-a-bye senior, on the tree-top, I ig As long as you study your grades will not drop, ' lf- But if you stop digging, your standing will fall, 3 And down will come senior, diploma, and all. - ' A xv, W Mfg, fm? H HAPPY E Tommy went into the Office, 5 A picture of despair, 6 But out he came a smiling, ' fl' A For Mr. Waller wasn't there. In A' ' Q0 , iffx, Y li... Ax npr, - A ' I. ' LQ :ve -we .fz '. .2 , 1' 'I , ' . sh V gy- S "Q ' Q E':'3i'7' gh , ' Eff' N"Mmt9k.mW t s ' One Hundred Twenty-four . fr . 'S . -'?1"'5-,, ,.-,-F lr' 1 KI it its Iiil CLS f z, t ,gl :gil Pt 'wi li ii x . Iii 1: 4 DCTHE Quart ANNUAYI.l?,fQ g ' AN ESSAY ON BEARS I am writing about bears. There is meny, meny kinds of bears. There is cinnamon bears and brown bears. and 'black bears and little bears and big bears and skinny bears and fat bears and bugbearsf 'fhese last kind of bears is the kind of bears that ainlt no bears atlall. They is anything you d0n't"like to do like translating Latin and extracting cube root. They live any place like in a highschool or in books and things. There is a lot of 'em, there is. They heven't eny friends, ,'Nobody likes lem and I don't neither. I -Skeezics. Virginia Marcoot: "Why do you eat apples every noon? Is it for your complexion?" Edith Mayes: "Nol I eat them for my dinnerlv Dear Sir: ' , A few years ago I was so timid, I had to b: locked in jail in order to feel safe. Yes, that's so. I never had a date, for I was afraid to ask the girls. Every time I saw a girl looking at me I became so frightened that I sometimes ran. I was in such a condition that lil- I rode a bicycle in order that I wouldn't feel afraid. I sure used to envy that guy, Lindbird K5 or some kind of bird, who flew with some St. Louis spirit. I would have given King George's kingdom for a quick take-off to safety sometimes. I . But now, I am no longer afraid. I feel safer than our home, which has a good mort- gage on it. owe my safety from the other sex to you. In fact, I feel so safe that I joined the army. Yes, thatls so. Pm a drummer in the Salvation Army. You and your "Sure-Secure-Sex-Safety-Societyi' are worthy of any praise I can bestow T free. Yourswith safety, ' HOWARD PANCOAST ge- lilx if TEACHERIS soL1LoQUY 'I "I wonder what that student wants? He has been waving his hand in the air like that , for five minutes what that student wants? He has been waving his hand in the air like that 'lg saluting'hjsY friends as they walk down the hall. This might be a new exercise in gym. He is certainlyigetting violent. I hope he isn't having some kind of fit. But no, he is looking , Q- at a book. I 'really think he is reading the mad scene from 'Hamletf He is looking right at me. Perhaps he wants to speak to me. But there's the bell, he is leaving. Now I shall Y never know." ' ' le vias AND NO limi Howard Withers: "Dad, what are the holes in that board for?" Dad: "Those are knot holes." V h .Howardz "If they are not holes, what are theyii' ' 1 tiff - -- Carl Gaede: "They tell me rubber tires? John Swarthout: "That's why it stretches? gil I ffztgiggggi'fag:,g:g:,3,e:sq:i:'ig F E ,U A Q y " 11. I 15 ,awe1,44.r,m:aQ.:a,.me'i1:,.:QL.5-gg. I " t A . One Hundred T-wenly -ve , it- , eng,-. - tlffll 'v',f:QQb1.',: 3 'f H A, ,,. ,...- . 32" I.. f' 523 w ' ' 1 CXTHE QUILL ANNUAL'28XQ Q. E. D. , ., "Mother," said little Maurine, "when Ruth comes over to play' you always give her the biggest piece of cake." "But you see, dear, she is the bigger." ' .fYes, and she always will be, if you keep giving her the L ffgfty, i..,.i,..- A BATH A - Ma always sez, 'A g "Johnny, git in thet tub!" 4 . She gits a brush which she hez. E S An' begins ta' rub. " ' - I yell, "Bluddy Murder! !" ' But 'at's all th' good it does ' E Fer she jist rubs all the harder WK' I holler some more, cuz She sure does dig the dirt From outa' my ears. Does it hurt? ! When you've lived a few years, Like me and Jimmy Jones, You won't be so dumb. i 4 I can hear your groans gl When your ma makes. yu' hum 'K To the tune of a brush , An' a cake of soap or two, i But, --- don't rush, in You'll learn too H. The things us fellers know, N You, too, will git smart After you growg So, buddy, take this to heart. THE CRISIS His breath came in short, harsh gasps. He was the pitied cynosure of all eyes. His agony was apparent and terrible in its stark reality. Each one around him gave silent thanks to his Maker that he was not in this condition. He. was in need of assistance, yet none had the courage or, perhaps, the all-giving charity, to aid him' in Q his hour of trial.',z He gazed around him, wild-eyed and groping for relief. Harrassed beyond endurance, he had almost .despaired. If 'succor came not now, he thought it need never come. Weakened, and now at the end of hope, he began to yield to the I Giant Defeat. Then one hardy soul, shining in his garment of Mercy, sprang forth, K J daring all. But,-he was too late! The end had come! The overcoat was on! my sa I ' raw NDN KW . C'..l.-1----' ' . '. f fl 1 I 2 9 '- ,fix ---- :--'.43f"" '- Ohe Hundred Tfwenly-six ,. .an..g,, . AL, -. . ..,-b fin tg. 1 .J l, . u nl 'Q J V 0fTHE QUILL ANNUAL28 2 ' WHERE MEN ARE MEN t fb He strode, with firm and fearless step, through the marble portals and on to the 9 shining floors. At once men on each side of the room sprang to attention, standing as rigid before his gaze as statues. Halting a moment, he looked searchingly at the iifii gQ erect figures before him. He knew that each of the silent figures, if his back were f 'ii' ii turned for an instant, would pounce upon and claim him. He silently walked down '7' 3. the row, not deterred or turnefd from his goal by the knowledge of their designs. Re- ,gj Hmoving his coat and flinging it on a lounge, he rolled up his sleeves and approached QS' tne nearest man, whom he held spell-bound by his magnetic, steely, gray eyes. Once . 341 more he walkeddfrom man to man, as if preparing for a great decision. Suddenly K ,I ne whirled. The' moment had come! The great instant had dawned! With one 3521 U 'Q sound he reached the side of the man before him. Gazing deep into his eyes, our X F nero said, in deep, soul-thrilling utterance, "Gimme a shave!" f 4 V -' 5 'E 1 i-- 1, Q, SKULE 5 5 If ij! . Skule, skule, sikulel 3 An' thet dern ole rule 4 'Bout "Don't chew gum," ' And, "Walk, don't run!" f ' 4 Gee, it sure gits old ' 1 To always be told V 4 "Sit up!" and "Get an admit!" 9 It's not funny, not a bit. 5 F It makes me mad! i ' I'd be glad X ' If there was no skule ' An' no such rule 2 f As makes you sit up strait f An' work with pencil and slate i, Till time yu' wuz in bed, x ii Then stay up till you heve read 'l 1 All 'bout Bonepart Cesar gi 4 An' thet Kansas feller 4 By the name of Wellington, ' Who made old Napoleon run. 4 An' all this time 1 could be 1' f With our gang of three - A swimmin' in th' pool Ixli 4 Down back o' the skule, i Or fishin' in th' lake, r i Life's sure a fake! 5 A , if y OF COURSE Q J Willa Mae: "What do you call the last three hairs on a catis tz1il?'i Sedell: "Whar? P11 bite." 3 Willa Mae: "Cat hairs." , ' 'B ' A '5i4'kff' .l ,.ei f ' 3 ,fo rage J Q ,egg E, M? One Hundred Tfwenly-xeven A-4-' -A-thi PI! .gg di' J hw -i fi -1. ,x Q H 'UP z ,kg ff L -111 .. "WWA I ' ' f A -i --- . .....-...l DCTHE QUILL ANNUAL ZBDQ , l...- A CORRECT m. Miss Douglas: "Give me a sentence. with the word' boycott in it." J. M, Bryant: "Farmer Jones chased his son and didn't catch him till the boycott sq on a wire fence." Q 1'-1 fe gg' LAZY Homer: "Ohmer's been sitting there all day doin' nothing but wasting time." ,5 Friend: "How do you know?" "5 Homer: "Because I've been sitting here watching him." 1 X PUZZLE l I am giving you the bride's name three times. Find it! ' If you are blue, You can be trueg Just marry an' hope It was right to elope. 'UQ If you are sick, Don't be a brick. Just marry an' live To work an' give, , ,A If you are down, Don't wear a frown. Just marry an' rise. That's it!-Act wise! "I-Icrc's where I lose some ground," reinarked Bus Wilson, as he stepped into the bath tub after the Oklahoma City football game. ' IN DAYS OF OLD Brutus: fsniifingi "It seems you had an onion for dinner." Caesar: "Et tu, Brutus." SHOP EARLY H The Early Bird Gets the Worm A V 2 . 7. W- ,s'rNE". - r , P -......-----pp.. 2232- 11 1 t , ll I lihlrxfgwbv fi...-.- ... , 4- ,xzlzipq ul , 'II I LQ -. E ..-,o Rx iv xi . -.1 One Hundred Tfwenzy-eight A ,HA-.1 I, , ilull .1-.l BLIND Glenn Zirkle: "Do you suppose Mr. Waller is blind Johnny Mitchell: "Of course not. Why?" Glenn Z.: "Well, when I was in the office just now he asked me four times where mv was, and it was on my head all the time." It's better to have spring and fall than never to have , CLIMATE She: "And do you have reindeer in Canada?" He: "No, darling, it: always snows." BIRDS OF A FEATHER Fresh: "I don't know." Soph: "I forgot." Junior: "I don't remember." Senior: "Well, I canit add anything to what's been s ALL RIGHT Mr. Williams is sick in b d today. 'Is that so? What's the complain ?' U o complaint: E erybodys satisfied. TOO HARD s her Bank: "Mr, S lby, I don't understand that problem r. Selby: 'All right, w teh he bo rd hile I run hrough it aga TOO LATE Forrest Courter: "I can't smoke before breakfast." Howard Pancoast: Why not? Forrest Courter: I never get up in time. SHOCKING Esther Seney: N 'd you hear that noise:' Vera Bennett: "W at noise?" Esther Seney: ay break. I W3 1? U C D C t 7 N v 7 37 E t e M ' a t a w U 73 IC 97 D1 ' 7 e h UD 7 A ESR ' fi H- ' ' i- I ,f -. - f F 1. . .. v ,lf , 1 . --4 x- f. - i :L L ,' 5 'TT' -f-4--gh I .0 I - l THE QUILL ANNUAL'28 1. psy, ll YW'-A . L. ics: V I 4. 3 E Y! 4' .-ly l V. a HWY W Flu, All . i. VJ DfTHE QUILL ANNUAL'28D6 . .......-"' fe 6 0 in I i 'Fff UQ 'Q C ek lil ' V 1.,WT i ' 'Ui ' 9 5" 15,7 ff' ,214 gl! 'ff fi 4 ff Uri 15 25 Q ies t 1 f f s BOOKKEEPING CLASS , l gh! Boy, our bookkeeping class is keen! ,I But some are sure pretty green, s Now, there is Jerry Davis, i Q Full plenty a laugh he gave us. gg Hels not so bright- l His books are a sight. l And there is Buck, Y He's graceful as a duck! 5 Plenty others are the same, 5 , Q But Mr. Miller's not to blame, b ,Wal They just sit and wonder 5 "Gee whiz! How the thunder Q Is a. fellow gonna, git This balance?! 1 quit!" 3 lei I lv I 55,5 Q 5 sHoPP1NG V v ' Dorothy Baker walked into Kress's and said to a clerk, "I want a small, narrow comb 5 it about so long, for a slightly bald man with celluloid teeth." , i i ...i.. r ' FRIENDS n Alice Limpert: "I wish I were dead." I Loraine Hague: "I wish I were, too." i Alice Limpert: "Then I don't wish I were." 2 . 5 1:5 1- r L5 x' l svn P MOTHER Goosls RHYME 4 A When Grandma was. a Happer, i Uk' She dressed like Mother Hubbard. N But Grandmafs flapper daughter ' Dresses more like her cupboard. Q0 L .. H-Zim' ' '.,,i ,fi jj! 1 I it ' One Hundred Thirty 'I 1 : Xi i EN X S 'B X S 1 W W :I 9' Q I f Mr ' XX N i l I - i s as - is , -r 5 .ul . M I WHAT MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND? K4 Yould be surprised, I've found, To hear what others have to say. What makes the world go round?', Some insist that "coin" 's the wan I But, you can take it from me, I don't mean maybe, by-gee! I've found it's not the ease. I started at the base And worked the matter out. Now, without a single doubt, The ease is clear in my mind So I will relate my ind. "What makes the world go round-in This is what I have found, According to mankind and the doves above, I've found it to be "nothing but love." SMILE Photographer fto Florence Snodgrassj "Now, Miss three. Now you may resume your natural expression? HOW LONG? Margaret V: "Are you the barber who cut my hair Barber: "No, malam, I've been here only a yearf' MODESTY ' Miss Hamilton: "Is that all the work you can do in Bill Huston: "Well, I dare say I could do more, but Snodgrass, look last time?" an hour? " 11 ', y. lt f sweet. One, two, ,' I never was one for showing off? One Hundred Thirty-one C181 QQ . 1? NW gg. QQTHE Quart ANNUAIJZB I , WHO'S WHOSE IN ENID' HIGH SCHOOL Doris McKnight prefers Britton, not only as a country, but in many ways. Pete Miller says his Pulse is normal. Mabel Holeman is a student of the drama, giving most of her attention to Marlow. Kavanaugh Bullock admits that he prefers blondes. "Shawl', is jack Cory's favorite expression. Meta Moxley thinks "John" is a pretty name. Robert ,Hathaway prefers a Peck to a bushel any day. Rich man, poor man, Bakerman-Darrel McGugin. Mary Dempsey admires essayists, Carlyle in particular. Veta Lovell thinks that Uncle Tom-or is it Thom-is the greatest character in fiction or in fact. Lee Kisner's favorite movie star is Greta Garbo. Corvain Duggan is not afraid of a Hammer. Ione Mehew thinks she's the Berry's. Jack Rowland's favorite song is "Alice Where Art Thou?" Lenora Mehew is interested in the "Reformation,,' especially in Luther. Howard Pancoast is always looking for a Goodman. "George never told a lie," asserts Marjorie Ryckman. Frances Stewart says that the head man in the band is the drum major. Dan Scott says he doesn't belong in this column. A A PLEASANT GOSSIP OVER A 'PHONE Q, "Sure, honey!" jr "I can't hear you." iM "This is the craziest 'phone!" H: "I sure will." gill ffwhose Quill?U iii "Oh no! Yes it's grand? 1 "Where did you say?" , "Who would have thought it?" "Yes, in the office." I "Had an awful testi' , "When you gonna move?" 1 "Yes, I went." ' "Had an awful nice time." ,, "VVho wrote the poemii' "Oh, just swell!" I , "Goodbyel,' l, "Yes, I think so.', I I -..- L xl ,iii MODERN LANGUAGE i M Teacher: "Give an explanation of three punctuation marks." ,gi Stude fin language of todayjz "A comma is the brake that slows down the speed, an 555 exclamation point is an accident, and a period is a bumper." Oil Q The biology teacher was told the other day that a myth was a lady moth. if , .... T . ...-1. . j'-'za-.3-,aa-ie 1 i I' gina? ' One Hundred Thirty-t-'wa ix R H - '-'-"-"- THE llll QUILLrANNUALif8VDG A I "' MY CAR ' ' ga I never allow myself to appear undignified in fits of ungovernable rage because of my inability to find a parking place for my car. . I am never tortured with harrowing anxiety and sleep-banishing thoughts as to where id. e the money for the next installment on my car is coming from. fb I never have to consult a specialist because of "nerves" induced by thoughts of my wife driving -my car. "- I am not worried or disturbed in any manner by a new or unexpected noise about my car. Q, I am never bothered by bills from the corner garage for repairs and upkeep on my car. N SB., I never allow myself to be worried by the possibility of a flat tire on my car. 49 1 Qi In short, my car, its operation and mechanical anatomy, its faults and short-comings, fit never cause me the slightest bother. till ' I drive a street car. ' 'Efilf 1 'nj-. 4 e 1 110 Cone I owej. 4 210 ! 418 and drank with you. 1 U C now it does not pay Q 4 me 2 D 8 with you. 1 ,. l,..Jx 4 -.. lip 4 lf I HoKUs POKUS lk 1 Dichie: "At the show last night, I learned to be a hypnotist. VVill you be my subj.c:?" v Armon: "Sure, if you'll be my adverbf' 1 if r --- 1,4 -A :Z 1,-V, Q Miss Graves: "Give the dative of donumff Bill Riley: "Don' know? lf' r Miss Graves: "Correctl" ' F . F 1 Q HER FAULT 4 , Hugh Allen: "I once loved a girl who made a fool out of me." 1 Loraine Hague: "What a lasting impression some girls make." Y - 'li I ' if l She: UNO." fpassivelyl. W I He: "NOP", Cinterrogativelyj. E 'She: UNO!" femphaticallyb. lm I He: "Sol" fderisivelyb. i . She: "Goin fdecisivelyj. 4 He: KNO!" femphaticallyj. 'gag W Together: "Ooh!" fecstaticallyj. I 152 u i- ' 21,1 I FORGOT Qi Miss Johnson: "Is this composition original, Mr. Dee?" tj : Dee: "I don't know. I forgot to ask my brother." ,fy-, 00 rg I YKXEH. - f ' in Q.. W if -. F11 4' ' ' - i 1-.i m V x . ' -f, -. f' M ll 1 7 ' 't ,' as f: .5 f gg fe rr' 2 R - . . m A . ' Om: Hundred Thirzy-three .rn "N, 1 Q' 1 "".. 'li Q ' . . , l . ' ' . . - . . A " ' ' ' ' . - , ' '. i"'W25'4!'fx 'tiff' 1iM2f'4T-ff' i W' 4. iz.:-f'f4"l5-isis'Q-iffgisiywaawg A, xg 595, ,f,Wu4,mM i ,zf an Q , A - x f ' r ,- 1 ,A . ' s - , 8 E' , JH. , Sf. l in 'sz 41' 4' we at . Q, 'Q li? ': fi .ic ,. 4. -1: ff , I.. r - F? is fi? 'R Skq .. . .1 5 ff, ,, 4, I 'r :K A. :ir 1- . .55 -is an 4 - -T- DfTHE QUILL ANNUAL'28DG ...ig-'-'.... 9 THEMES 7:59 A. M. Five below zero. "X 1 .og Car wont start. ll! sixty dollars! 'Q 55 lu' He skips school. Slips into ball park free. . , , Ram! 1 Q1 She rises early. in Three hours of hard work, and the washing is hung out ia! Line breaks! , , 5 E He steps on the gas. E A wet spot. Enid General Hospital! 1 4 Midni ht. e report o a gun. Q Th g f i Happy New Year! 4 1 "You're another!" ' Turmoil 4 . Q One black eye and two loose teeth! 4' To cross or not to cross. w The horn sounds. f One dead chicken! 1 4 On the ofHce list. P .4 Exam day. B At 8:30 A. M. school house burns up! i 1... F 1 . 4 AS YOU LIKE IT 4 "Amen", said the preacher as he concluded his prayer. "Ah men!,' said the c nical societ irl. 1 Y Y g "Ah, menf' said the coach as he ur ed his men to the seemin l im ossible. 4 g P g Y P Q "Ah, men?" queried the top sergeant as he looked over the, new bunch 'of rookies 4 "Ah, men," said the chap as he accented the first syllable and thereby designated his fav A orite kind of nuts. , E "Amen!" said the student in relief as he realized that he had finished reading the ab 4 E W., 4 , . Q "That cat is certainly rude to his parents." ' "Yes, he always licks his paw." 5 . Y 0 "A letter from you." V -L--------1- 251- ffywpfpt " ' . ' Q, ,.. , . U I ----- - , ' - -,4,2f," - -.1 ,iq p ,L ' 3.-,,,. ,..s.-1.-,V W 2 .-,' EEL-ec, 5 ' 'K h One H umlred Thirty- our lined. ' - R J .,. .Hana . 'a 1r'te:Q5.3g3-Vg 'V fl ,g..-- H .,,f s.. ,,f . - 9 1269255-Q76-6 q4vAv F F F F HE i He F F v off g . F F F F F f would be foolish. ' F F F 1 4 1 I e 72 4 1 1 5 . 1 i. 1 v 5 1 Q ., n 4 4 E -...l . e il- 55,4 ?4v,,1gaxQ:.9?E1TQ-A ' KTW' ' THEYQUILLQANNUALYZB i.......--- . WHAT WAS IT? 5 I formed a wondrous thought Before I fell asleep I IN Last night, fantastic wrought, I formed a wondrous thought. " This morning I forgot Q It all, but this I keep: I formed a wondrous thought . Before I fell asleep. i 9 4 "She swept the room with a glance." , "A lot of help that was to her mother. I X RATED is underrated. 'A LITTLE OFF" ' TRUE I l If all the Pullman cars in the United States were placed i , W Roy Bell: "Well, hurry up. I only got a minute." Bil Hale: 'Finel T ll me all you know. ' f S GHT I dropped fromlsight ONE MORE GONE ll! ya -ll ts fs, C3 49 F 7, F L ht l 5 I P P l ..., P P if n a line on a single track, it , ' v P K F F F P P P 7 P Y "There goes another life, cried the cat as it crawled out from under the steam roller. I sent my boy to College, h With a pat upon his back. Ji I spent ten thousand dollars, 2 And got a quarter-back. Z can g 0 .1 ' . ' i p,lF' 1 p . 1 . , 1, I : ' '?,-s,... - i'v21"f-2 ' - .QMMWF One Hundred Thirty-fifve I 9 4 52- 5 ai" i 'T' ---..l.--- HTHE QUILL ANNUAUZB Our hero bent low over his books in the office of C. Bascombe Fetheringill, the rubber- heel king. His hopes were very low. He was madly in love with Marjorie, ward of old C. Bascombe, but there appeared to him no rift in the clouds of despair. He could not reach the unattainable. just then old Bascombe fumed into the office and told the hat rack that he wished "by the three-horned goat" that something would happen to give his sales a boost. Not that C. Bascombe needed more money, he only wanted it. To vent his irritation, h set his faithful clerk to washing the windows. My gentle reader, you doubtless comprehend that the clerk was our hero, do you not? HOW HE WON HER e Not being a professional window-cleaner, our hero did not favor the task, but-one must live. Climbing outside upon the coping, he reached for his brush. Heavens! He slipped and fell! And itls thirty-two stories above the ground! Alas! C. Bascombe immediately called the street cleaning department and the floral company, and was wondering what it would cost to have a funeral, when suddenly our hero jumped back through the window from which he had fallen. "Due to your famous rubber heels, Pve reboundedj' said he. C. Bascombe gave him 510,000,000.3l for this testimonial, and our hero married Marjorie and lived in the Bronx. MARK ANTONY'S PROBABLE ADDRESS AT SING SING "Enemies, inmates, foreigners, give me your heads! I come to bury you, not to praise or acquit you! The evil that you do lives after you, no good will be interred with your bones. So let it be with all of you. The honorable jury hath told you that you, all of you, were over-greedy and ambitious. If it were so, it were a grievous fault, and grievously will you answer it. For have you not heard-'Thou shalt covet neither thy n ighbors silverware, his radio, his Chevrolet, nor his electric ice box? But here, under leav- of the warden and the rest, for the warden is an honorable man , and so are they all, all honorable m n, even the director who favored rubber bars-all honorable men, come I to speak before your funerals. You were not my friends, unfaithful and unjust to me, and the jury says you were ambitious, and the jury are honorable men. You have brought much plunder home to the loose board in the kitchen, which loot did largely furnish your Packards and diamond rings. Did this in you seem abitious? Absolutely. You all did see how on the first of April, I did have presented to you all pardons, which you did not refuse. Did this have effect. Of course not. You are all here again. I am not here to prove what the witnesses did not, but I come to tell what I do know. We have never held you high in our esteem, and now Judgment returns to man, the h-mpen cord looming in the distance-Sheriff, hold em off! Your hearts will soon lie in the coffin with the rest of you. I hall now cease.' BEEN TO MARS? LET'S GO!! Is there pepul on Mars? Well, I hop to snicker there is pepul on Mars. Pepul think just cause they can't look through a tell-a-scope an see pepul didin bicycles and drivin flivvers that there ain't no pepul up there. But-there is! I once knowed a fella what sed thet he knowed a fella who hed a cuzin what was related to a woman who married a friend to a fella who hed a granpa in th' Civil War what met a fella what sed he knowed there wuz, h looked through a tell-a-scope once an he thot he saw train smoke up there. This here fella devised a bicycle with a propeller to go up there, but it wouldnt fly so he didnt go. But- there's pepul there cuz somebody hez ta' be there ta' make train smoke thet fella saw, dont there? An, if it wasn't train smoke somebody wuz foolin him. An' there hez to be some- body up there ta fool him. So there! . Q l . 7 f. S , , . Y L, 7 S 1 . a 1 , 9 D u e e 3 7 Y 5 3 9 ,+"'7x Z., -1 M, , , ,b ,,' I ' A - . L. J, '-"' ,. t 1 I., ,Wu , 1 V?- - . 2, r ......, 4. . N-umm One Hundred Thirty-six 0 a O X if W 5 Li LQ' f . ,H ,::ga:E.. Y V mm- Lx 7 'W 'f X QQ ff Q ,M mW, ti D 2? S N 'U O Q 94 .X i1lllliTl!llllQ ' W 9 XM, f X sw N , 0 I Des 597603 if ESQ? Sept. ll-First twill for football practice. Oct, l3fDedieaition of 1928 annual to Miss Sept. 2U-Auction of first :ictiyity ticket. KZlN'Lll1dllQIl1 Bullock bought it for SZSJJO. Mr. Selby zicted its aiuctioneer. Sept. 23-lli-Y. VV, Big :ind Little Sister Party. First holne football gaune with Kiowa, Pliiinsnien getting long end of 37-U. Sept. 26-Officers of senior class elected. Sept. 17--Annual stuff chosen. Sept. ZX--Editor took vucaition und attended circus. Oct. 1--Amid torrents of min Oklahoma City und Ifnil clashed on the fYI'llllI't7l1 Score U-0. Oct. Sglilection of student body officers. Oct. 6-Pep assembly. First demonstration of newly elected yell lenders. The Plains- inen held the first jet eleven to ar 0-0 Score. Mr. Waller and Mr. Price ran through :ui unusually long "hot line." Oct. llfMr. Selby und Miss Kretsch chosen Kretsch. Oct. I4-Hulidzlyl XK71lTCI'INilll1 burstl :Xnnuul stuff spent :L very enjoyable even- ing' its the guests of lVIr. Miller :ind Miss Krctsch. Oct. l97Roy Bell severed his finger while working in the nmnual training rooni. Oct. ll-Plzrinsinen smothered Guthrie 39-tl. Oct. 25'Pl1lil1SlIlUI'l inet Ponca C'ity's eleven on il very muddy Held for the third gfznne of the seaison, resulting in Ll U-0 score. Nov. 3-Shirt tziil p11rz1de3 pep meeting. Nov. 4-Enid Pluinsnien were defeated 10-7 by Blackwell Muroons. Nov. llYResult of Enid-Shawnee gznneg Enid 13, Shawnee lr. Hoiidztyl Everyone pzuaded. Nox Not . I S,.. Much midnight oil exzuns. Professor Oberg read in chapel. Nov. IS--We beat Capitol Hill ll-6. Nm Enid-El Reno gaune9 Enid finished :ts senior class smonsors. with ll score of 25 EI Reno 7. l 1 1 l One HIl7lif1I'fiZ 'l'0i1'f-i'-frighf i l :Q -1 - Chg-l5l YYIQ5 W i Q , ,U , nib , gf-7 v '?rgS'rqm W - Y To. l I :Q A-f:,,.m 5 V an 5-:lil-b?.f:5f'f4:Cf:k, I l banquq ' Q- r l ln 9 will f 1 .- - i '4 5 9 v -Han, 5 ,' 3 il -li X .4 it ,keg -cgi A . ji L li ll 7, at Y I 2' E 5 E .11 E ur me. -it 4 . I -l A5 W at W gh? - Q-3, Hhy 5 ' . E I 2 ,. . if 'Pod-Jef W Mn.-A lu 3 Cafflei-la 5P2lfll15 E ,Bo 5 Dec. Dec Dee Dee Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. 1-1--Erodelphiun Football Banquet. 21-Hi-Y, W. Cliristinais Program. 23-First baisketbzill gzune of the sea- son. Score: Enid 32, Kingfisher 6. 29-Plainsnien won from Clevelzmd by a score of 27 to 19, 6-By :L score of 26 to 21 Enid won from Guthrie. Alice Liinpert Chosen as Nluy Queen. 9-Fifteen PlLlll1SlllCIl received football sweaters :is 11 reward for their faithful work on the teiun. I3-Plninsinen dropped Ll gzilne to Cen- tral Hi's fast quintet. Score: Central 20, Enid IX. Hi-Y. boys went to Norinzin to attend convention. 16-Annual Stuff Chapel. 19-Organization pietures taken for annual. 20-Plainsinen journeyed to Blackwell Jain Jain Feb, Feb F Feb eb. :ind covered the Nlziroons by il score of 32 to 24. 24-Enid won from Ponca City 33 to 22 . 27-Plzii ll 3iPll1lIlSI won by 11 7-Ponca City 24. slnen bezit Shawnee 23 to I+. nen inet El Reno lndizins and Score of 21 to IS. City gzune. Enid 375 Ponca 9-Vaiczition l l l Tezieherls meeting. l7+Hig'h Chapel. Blackwell Blackwell Feb. 23-Plain Feb. Feb. Twelve Club attended pep gzune. Score: Enid 283 25. sinen played their lust Sched- uled gunie of the season with Newkirk. Enid reeeived long end of xi 56 to 7 SCOFC. 2+4Sopho1no re pietu res dist ributed. 29-Dr,Sho1'tsmoke in assembly on K l 'Personzilityf' hi 6' . ,i v .- ...Q-wt I V Q rs:-1-: A -1 'Q 'cl v '2' Q , f. ' - 1 ug , rv , , UV b , ' :fore , ,gl I Q , 7! i ' G' 45,5151 , 5 Lu , W , , . fl i ' i 'Q 1' . 'r' X H .5:...: z lg Qui 7 l' 4 L Dlgml i f l ' -'S LIL. ZPIJCMIC QW W Ajay gn. n'r. per . --- Ulm Ilmnlrfii Thirfy-11i11A - S - teeae -5+ ff . , V V Q X . W, E 6, fggiqgx, - riff., I - i? 1 I D a ee: QS -7, f 1 C 0-O X 0' 5' 4 r' i , 0 f f "" ' "' ' 5 Wil f X ' Nw ' ' .KL i . 'kcfomge Q, ix j ..... E l i . l ..- Penf' ff EFX QWEQ ' L i 7 , . 0 ZX . , W! si K F0 D 1 , u :FEEL F-f' 9 X ,pogu gli' f 'L 6 EN . T f . Vial., 'fam-n X eva .Shu . K Q TDBCHQO awlzvq XQQQ e'q,L' nllle O.Pe " gy-'did one 9 lr o plate: ,-, f I- wqell - his March 1, 2, 3-Phillips Tournament. March 9-Blackwell--Enid boys, debate. Enid received the decision of the iudges. lVIarch 9 and 10-Enid won Second District April 6-Band chapel. April 8-Hi-Y. W. Easter Sunrise Service. April 12-Ben Hammond entertained with 'fHoots and Quacksf, Basketball Tournament. April 13- Erodelphian Literary Society March I5-Enid won its first game in the chapel. State Basketball Tournament from Utica bv a score of 18 to 15. lVIareh 16-Katahdin Literary Soeietv gave assembly program. El Reno--Enid boys, debate won by Enid. Classen beat Enid at the State Tourna- ment 29 to 7. March 19-K'Slnile" Chapel by the Hi-Y. W. March 20-Girls, literary societies enjoyed Annual Staff banquet. April 16-Hi-Y. VV, Japanese Tea Partv. April 21-Class track meet. April 28-Physical Education Exhibition and Stvle Show at Convention Hall. O. U. Track Meet. May' 4-A. Sz M. Track Meet. May ll, 12, I3-Hi-Y. W. Cabinet. Training Camp at Lake Hellums. a hike to University Lake. May -Hi-Y. W. farewell for seniors. March 21-Dramatics gave a banquet for May Senior Skip Dav. the basketball team. Mnv -Mav Festival. March 23-Examination dav. May -Baccalaureate Sermon. Motliei' and Daughter Banquet. Mav -L21St ,YICHCFLU ClSSCIT1blV- Guthrie--Enid boys' debate won bv Enid. Mav -Class Day. March 26-Operetta, "Pickles',, given. Mav 24-Graduation exercises. March 30-Student assembly. lVIav -Official closing of school. . I 4 I ii: E 'ix-JLT-:tw L--2 X , x . V I ,Ek 'Tofra 09 , f -kg Q Q' 'S 1, ' M Q , J ' pl x may O - Ho' -Q Q- x Xp-"1 W, 'U N fr? Z, 1 is X V fix -if L - Q T . E -1-fs f bi E. M- Y. tb One Hmnireii Forly 0 rom 15 ,Sure to gtfcbg tml: oeg n September I2 to 23--Hot! Students sleepvg teachers cross. October I8-Cold wave-grade cards. October and Novemb,-r generally fair for football with the exception of the Black- well game. November I-I--Thunder showersiExamina- tion dav. November 15 to IX--Blusterv spell over exam. results. "This must nevler happen again? December 22 to January I-Pleasant period -vacation. Nights especially attractive and days suitable for sleep. January-Freezing. Teachers unfeeling and much studying necessary. january Z3-Qnsettled period. Enrollment for the second semester. Februarv and March-VVindv spell-de- bating season. Februarv 17 to 27-Mild period. Mr. Price and Mr. Waller in Boston. March 19 to 23-Storm wave. End of the third quarter. April 26-Warm. Excitement over the op- eretta, "Pickles.', April-Rainy spell. Of course, it rains in Mav 25-Finis. School ends have When going out on spring evenings use a little rouge on the chin. Carefully choose the shade which blends with vour complexion. Perfume worn behind the left ear adds much charm. Never allow the finger nails to extend more than one inch beyond the finger tips. Marcelling the masculine tresses makes waves in feminine hearts. Pluck' three evclashes from the outside of each eye. This will bring out the eyes and add greatlv to their attractiveness. Never, by all means, be seen wearing a narrow bow-tie. St, Patriclils Dav always requires a sham- rock and green tie. Never neglect such de- tails. Beauty is upheld by bright colored sus- penders. Watch the diet carefully so as not to gain superfluous flesh. Keep the youthful fig- ure. Install bath-room scales. Sunday morning wear an American Beautv rose in the buttonhole of the left coat lapel. Patent leather skull caps would eliminate combing the hair. Never open the mouth when Vawning. Well-dressed bovs should wear their coats backwards on April Foolls dav. ' 1 RW , ,-5 eoe - ' - y ,, - ont mt si- yvvf Aw-Sw s beavl sleep or l X ' eaul Hmls forB0 5 ' -- -Y ' JU: Eothllc Gfow 0 x U5 0 if ou v se Owae' 22 'Z dozen-X l mn.5 la ed 0 pt hi e at Q.. f 1 eyebrow thai SC Ml' Shglilfel A 0 unburned B o it Ord er blf ,Af Complexio n mortal -- mme' manzilZ7T1Qody beautiful lv l X N. 8 N xt , . . 1 x X g x f I- Q x QW? 4 hui 3 9 :wx .R e J. Q , -41. ef .tt gi X 'li' . F ft. t i su Cm grace lgtttf ' lb Q X One Hzmtlrefl Forly one ' J 'D - so SQQO -5' ' 'N S 2.S2i?v1.a-a0z5'?5f Agqtv ' 'lr'-f.t THE QUILL ANNUAL ZBXS Listen my children and you shall hear Of things that happened this school year. A September twelve our school began, And we were present to a'man. Teachers were happy this first school day, We hope it will last till the end of' May. September twenty, the first ticket of the year Was sold by Selby, the best auctioneer. , The circus parade we thought we d hail, But all we saw was the elephant s tail. Twenty-eight dollars our editor spent To sit one day in a circus tent. Jet game-October six-weather fine, Messrs. Waller and Price v ent through hot line. With ten little fingers Roy Bell did dine, He cut one off, and then there were nine. October fourteenth in twenty-seven jg There were shouts and cheers at half past eleven f When Admiral Waller did proclaim v The bursting of the Battleship Main. F F At the shirt tail parade, November the third 4 Our high school yells and songs were heard. Q Armistice Day from Enid High E We went to see the human Hy. 1 . Q Then came Examination Day, ' 4 Why it comes I cannot say. November nineteenth, fair Cupid's dart, Shot Tom and wife right through the heart. 4. . 1 v Twas the night before Christmas and all through the 1 Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse, 1 The sophomores waited the whole night through, v To see old Santa come down the flue. 1 3 Q The other events that happened here Ona Hundred F arty-tfwa house, hz 4Qv4Q7AZ4.?474'AW 1 ' Q . 1, f, ' T . if 3 O .Rh ,, tr! is v v v v v v v v ,- Q VL V r s L f r 5 3 f L 9 L t P P i'g6n'Q.' Vg' an:-ligne svtg A E' 5 E rv C3 Z' :: S1 rc: pn Q. U85 as .2 D' 5 FY as O EUS' li 5 5' ft: :':' 9 .4 o"4 H' at 3 2 "' 'll . R yr v-'Z 3 llyrw. J . Hg- -,liu ' ef! 5. 9' . X I: -4 gg V , 4 , '5' sw ' ,- x , o J' aguw rv' E- atlas if , 45 l'. . Z O u.:"i22os K fQVQ7'4Y H"fzr'z'1' is Nfl. 5? Tlzw Y'7'iIl7IlTfi7'llfI' Unrfrr thf Sfffflldiflg CllFXf7lIIf Lndim and Gwnflfmfn: fffirr and .War-V, as zmzal Um' .rongsrcr Hfnds up Bridge out! .Uv and my .vhrzdu-w flwv, Fiffof ,ax Domfxfic ffrtisfx Tickctx, plum: Our Priucfjml PNK' IJTCH-1' Tom and wife Oh, this is lfrriblrf Rmting from hzlsinfxs Dickie Bccky and Pctc' Littlf Stogy Ufrlcomzz zlrlvgatcs Spirit of tlzz' Ufest Szmitary H zmr--i 71 g Summer IVint1'r T'Vt3,7'l' of flrmvicrzn Hvazzty Smnlrzy Swrrt A7f!1'limz D V f x 5 X f . . IJ IX zwilk Maids High-flifr Ball Eizzeryboflyff friend Tlmrzks for the buggy rifle Uflzo wants a PdCkIlfIl? Give mf: Il push Old family marc H 12 can fix it Hl'Hfj',5 rlisciiblzxc VVL' auto-be-mcclzanics Turn the freezer Sourb 1'z' W5 Tram Hn' Knight Ufiggs Jlack School Days Trio H0111 on! 171 the movin Lfttfv Bcrifm Smilfs Grvncrlzl Grant Two if Il fair Bfzskffball S1ll'il'5 Lam! mr your mrs So Big I'V0oiug Un mjr of ilu' world I7Z7ZOC1'?ll'l' Bailey Coming A-B--C-Dm S-ww! Sixrfm Af owl lmdzfnfifzndivz S' L' Pzvk-11-X100 Lrfrr riff Yr Soph. Conch fl Picturr of Grrat Prifr Mr. Prrsirlrnt Brat Blfzrkvurllf Rarin' to go Efvrryl2ofly's doing iff Fifteen for Ihr trrnnf Pufrr in, Buck., Thr Board .mpports 'rm Thr .msprmr is awful 1' V xx Battlin' fzmior Hook and 1 S. T. O. Ding-dong Three Caachateerx Sfniar gridstars Board of Strategy Cannafs handy man Bringin' home the bacon Thx? dreamfr Spark Plug 'W :ami wif MV, ajiffif M QW SM? W L Elise mimperf may Q02 W Qxrffgur qgrii-l'ou-' :Herald QQXMCQQ4 Q,,z.,.f. ,MLM-,...NMmz.... 232,3 11 gm M-N - 'Yiis1.,H7?,,,,,g,y '- J U A ' Z X 1014...-.1 M-,Q AZ 5 Y V " .,V".,'i-'54, ,"' P!d',y ,A in n,..zg,a-Mzfwf Qi' H . an! 'A ' . L fiwwwdvd V W - ,H g fz.x,, g' zqm, ff qw A van 771mg ,LK yew., 'LM 1., my fu, yur Wh ffm Amfktf 6iLW z,.,1z -gig, AC.u.,Q.,..1L A, -fwwdwfiywu aiu aww 5434 Ziff, V f ' Sig MQ 57 . A iii 4 f QW ' M 3 ,f wif, E553 , W, 'REE , X V ,gf Eg E 5 Q 'M 'W -Wife Q, .3 7,554 7 v ' R Tiff? QM.4f,,T 7 252797229 lfq I Q-xk.-.L..N'Nn.L.,l.. Pyilflll' 1 ,fc 7604-aczfpx J awww .zz fy ffyf 5 Wm QW , W, fQffiy4,QMf .5 JMAW fu-M fw4J-in-1.uZ14.. -'A-fw-+1 .f1' f ' MAM,ffi4u,c'.u X I ' ' y ' ' ' MQ? f' dsx fQaQf5fz,M iff,-ww ,fsfwn-AX ,,..,MifEQQuM9f2,,.f .am eafgau., V few. Y J Mmm ef 5 JJIQXWQQ RSX Q "f'5 WJ fgt-,,,44.fae4 , RY? ,afvr , f Q44 fa LL ' l .z1,,..,.gafi,...,f7 ,ALMWU VA ' M01 Lf' ,Wir - - npmww, f , ' 9 ':gs,?'+M ' 7,gQY'4i,M -gi 42-ALI avi?-willy fd-... lwjgix ,.,A,,fAigf,,1,,f X ww-M4 diff A644 744 l4Wa,ra of uf,.,ZL,JZ. ,LLLAJ w, "?4'y?f75dZl2-Q? gif-inf Quib LVM 0...Jfff--Je L 46.,.Q!QK..M4,: Z C7A47,,M z..,1.mf H z,,fp..?gQfZf1.J 72? ,mi fwz ggmwamw R, , , vp f f 1 Siam fwfmz, ' G T35 5 42? M X 2 .af TQ Q 83.4 ' , I ZQ J2w4c,?7,,2:L Mfffffi, 'KZTTZQQEZI P ' 7f1fLmvll' ' ,fu ,K ,Lv f mn.. F Qldnyf 425414 A 5 u7L,6n.., KLA 1LQ64f.,jf,-:fn Qbguf. ww VZZQ M7' ,Af K W M 2 -. 211, 4:5 274. Lynx 7 fu. cf! ,z4..4,, A QM ,gh Mfmfv ffmgfu zflbfwg xlgk 4-J6c.,1zzi7 24M1g.f?4,fw.L,.,,' 0 -jwwf 7 ,V I 7f.4,f-ua. 0. www. a..,.U-J.. J M! " ., f LK i -2 in- T 5 -1 Qv42f.Q., Zuu ff! :,AQ4fQ,1 VL 124, ,jk J ' QT! wi gx,..4,,k!x,1 ,Zia .ff,4? - , as Z0W5LQfl,4,?AL1.,-7? 544ai,ef.JrvW M Af' M50 ,aj Law-1f A,441zz4oJ.M. w,n.-.LL J JYLQWQ Vmwaq ,fa 6741! kiwi Jmwb. Q AMQM? 773, 4426, 6ULufll,+L,.,M f!1,.,f2f7,.fL4' 71 A ! ,ffm-40'Q-'nf ijaafAQA7 futffnlehr MBT - 1 'f ' l 1 I One Hmzflrefi Fifty-five ,Q um is 'xiii' 5 rgiq me ,f. ,N . A W n may " " ' 1 ll 'Q i., We 'F s vf. N, V. a ,Wk I.. s 1. - ri 41- 3' TN. 'w 'Y' as . , 2- is '? 'I as R .3 na uv, sf: 23,59-R.f-3:64-".e'?'z THVE QUILL ANNUAL IZSIDG FAREWELL A And so the story ends. The task of making this book has been a pleasant one to us of .the staff. But just as the plainsmen were happy when their struggles were over and their houses were finished, so are we glad that our work is There may be things about this book which you do not ie. till W tat our an e indebted he p. However, before you criticize us, won't you remember have labored seven long months to please you, and only reward is your approval? appreciate the co-operation of the entire student body faculty in making this book, and we are especially to Mr. Waller and Mr. Daniel for their advice and May this Quill Annual bring back to you always pleasant memories of the school year of 1927- 28. rt . :lf 9 fi' 1 Ez i 1 rin ' 5 a I 'Q i it E ! is ! I 1 Z .9 I F f done. A 5 I F lk i h e 5 F 1 h 5 4 We I Q1 d th I 1 I 1 4 4 1 4 I 1 1 at 5 1 'W 1 1 4 4 5 w M 3 G . 'sy rev ""-mama: hwfpf . Q0 V .I ...l.... M, L Y T-Q X ' P4 '- I 1 I 'T i One 'Q ' -, w, i - fr , .5 JL Hundred F zfty-.wx J 7f 'V Q huvrtinvmrntn Lp h nn n x . 4 , , PR IATIQ ' 'Q' ? . ul be impossib e . for u to . i Q, , , n c an 1'1ike t is one ' it 'O wer ot f t 6, loy support f t 1 ' bus s an rofessi n 1 men 0 Eni P 1 , The vertisin 0 he ill . Annu ' wishes exp its ap ecia- ti 0 th rti s their ero s - r' h m d r of id Hi I 1 1 h t p iation, we g th dvert' s. LL D BR LEY, W 3 1.0 era IO e en s c1oo ' s o eir :1 ,i crust, ron n N A ' ' 1 nger. i . x I ,I B 'fu 534, ' dve 'ng anag- . Q if ' V . X9 ,E Y' ARSHAL ,x . I CD 5' ' R XC N H RDU E YAFOD X X X ' X X - 1 TA ,P --, , , lt l jJl As xs nt ve IS .um s 4 1' sr My l . Q . 3 ' ' - ffifghfffgwnffi f .M,,fg..W--f One H umired F i fly-eight 3 -X .. f-A--. BlLLY'S GRAPE NECTAR AN ABBREVIATED DRESS 2 QA period makes an abbreviation all right. Girls, buy a period! F I've got a scheme To get rich quick. I'll maybe seem To be in thick With Rockefeller. I'll get a mash I On all the dots And then get cash 2 In carload lots Like Rockefeller. A period true CIS it their fate ?J Q Abbreviate, Comes after you Like 'Rock'fe'l'r." ! Then what a sale - To things with curls! Oh my, what kale l Would come from girls! Help! Rockefeller! l -...- - - - - - - - -. - - - - - -...-n..-...-....-....-K..-......-u.....,..- - - - - - - - ,- ,,-ll-mg, 1gu1n1n1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1u1u1,u1u1l PRINTING THAT CARRIES CONVICTION type SCICQIOD slullecl composltlon perfecft presswork Sfxffff and rightly chosen paper-which brings out the spirit of your message. - The form as well as the text of your acl- vertising matter can be made to rellecft the characfter of your Hrm and your merchandise. HERE is art in high-grade Printing-the art of proper ,vxfygn , , Let us show you what we mean by art in printing on that next job of yours PRINTING, RULING, PEBBLING AND BINDING DONE BY CORE Y PRESS ENID, OKLAHOMA I-.gl 1..1..1..1..1..1..1..1..1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1nu1nu1lq-..g1..1pg1.g1lg-5.1. One H nndr efZS n-nu-uni 1 1an-nu-uuiun-nu-nu1uu-un-un-in11111inn-un-niiinuiuu -1111 nu--un-nu1uu-no? 'Q' I IIAR LIIAU BUYERS Phones 414 I .IT 4 I and 413 I : I 124 ' East Rand. . , v P Y Enid -i-H- '-'- - '-'- ----- - --------M ---- --'- - ---' - -'-' - --'- - -III - '-'- - i-f-i--H---------------I---in-I-----P JOHNSING SISTERS TO APPEAR It luis been rumorcnl that rln- jelmming Sisters, Dorelln :xml Flclorai, tlic 1'eem'1lir1gf artists :mel stage celclirifics, will lv.: seen in Eiiisl :it the l'um'u11tior1 llzill, April I, in allow Du You D0 It?" They are strzliglit from Brozulnziy nml, :lc1'01'clir1g' to the critics, slioulcl lic good. -"The Squeul XRlC11l'ilY.77 FINALE You YYUlllKlI'llf knock The jokes we usu. Crrulcl you lmut sue Those we refuss. at ..-M., ...---.-- ....- -....-...gi in 1.-M. -----.----- .--...-..? l L! ! l nun I 7 I I Bigger and Better .Pr Economical flransportahon E II I 1 I X 11 I 1 f -.. ll E T 1 in N e1r da1ly bread 1 1 1 -f h ii - 1 3 The 1l1'3E1ie?i?,2'12'l 19111625 t e IS usually l HOLSUM Get a loaf at l Weldon Chevrolet Co. Y j 320 N. Grand Phone 910 our Grgcery i l I I TI ' , - , I .g.,.-..,. ..------ .--- . ...-.. .j..g...-.1 ------------ ....-....i. One Hmzilred Sixly-Iwo -I- s!alu1-uniuzuinl--In-nu-1:1nu-uu1n-nu-1:1ll-lsgclllul-un1:aiu-an1-u-1-1-uni.-n--:inn-1-.u1nn-an-ua? I LOW Pri ." II ' ' I I Ce if City Plumbing and I - II - I I OLDSMOBIL11 H Heating CO. 7 I SIX II I 1 We cheerfully make estimates : 'i FREE. 1 I MONEY MOTOR OO. Ii I i Enid, Oklahoma Phone 239 213 W. Broadway T .f.......-..-..-..-......-..-...-..-..-.--..-.---..f..i..-..-......-.--.-.- .--.-.---.-..-.---.-.--.i.i. NO FOOLIN' "DO you know Shakespeare wellfi' "G,wan, you can't kid IIIC3 Shakespeare is deadf' THINKING She had at thought but the thought she thought she thought was not the thought she thought she thought. SPEED "How did you c out with your interview with Mr. Selhyfw "Fast," .!............. ......-.-.----.---------- ..-..-iq. I I I I I BOB'S WHITE ROCK I I I I Hamburgers-Chilli-Hot Tamales I I I 1 Coffee I I I Across the street from the Fire Station I I 1 Z. 1 YZZZZZZIIIIITIIZZIIIIIZZZIIZZITI12121211 1 1 1 I I I I I I FULLERTON--STUART LBR. CO. I I I All Kinds Of Building Material 1 I I I Sherwin-Williams Paint Headquarters I Enid, Oklahoma Phone 50 ..-..-..-..-..-..-...........-.. -............. ..-..-..-..-..-..-...i. I One Hzmdreii Sixty-Mree '!' I i CADILLAC--LaSALLE MOTOR CARS I STANDARD OF THE WORLD T The Most Dependable Cars Built 3 Genuine Parts -- Cadillac and Its Companion -- Official Service ! J. G. CLEVELAND MOTOR OO. I i J. G. Cleveland, Mgr. i Phone 663 409 S. Independence Enid, Oklahoma .f3.-...-......-..-...... ---. ..-..-..-..-..-..-......-..- .. -.-..-..-......-..-..-..-.. MULTIPLlC.'YIiION Riley: "Sec that man. He landed in this country with bare fcct and now hc has millions Rowley: "Gosh, he must be 21 centipedcll' OF COURSE Mr. Bond: QTO Zoology classl "What, is the highcst form of animal lifc?l' Soph: "The giraffe." SHEIK Mother fro precocious infantj: "Johnny, go wash your face and neck." P. I.: "Neck who, Ma?" .!...-..--.- -----..-.a-------- --an----un-n--n ------ - - - - - - - -"-'I' I I L E GROVE-WALKER FRUIT CO. I 1 WHOLESALE 1 Q FRUITS AND VEGETABLES i i I - l 'A vi : sv 9 11' i g Egw l 1 5 310-21 south Grand Enid, Oklahoma i qs.-..-. ...-.............-.-..... .-..-.. One Hzmilrerl Sixly-four g,-.I.1ui..i..1q.-.p1,.1,..-.galil1...1,,......1,.1.,,i.,..,,.1,u.-gg-1.1..1l,..m.-...u..a....n1 -.mal 1n1n1n1u1u1u1u1u1un1nu1'p.- 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1.1.,1.. -.nn1g11111111111111111111111111nn1n 1.11.1 1n1u1n1n.-..1..1.1 1 -un1n!ulgnrim-un-uu1nn1un1uu1-u1uu1u-n1...-.n1..1,,!. !, G0 T0 1 MEET ME ll l H HOCKADAY'S I at For your Tires, Tubes, Camp K E N N E D Y 9 S Equipment, Golf, Basket Ball, 1 1 Base Ball, Foot Ball, and Fishing I U , M 1 Tackle Needs. The Woman S Store Stock New and Complete , . I 113 N. Grand Enid, Okla. II GRAND AT MAPLE 7 PHONES 1180 and 260 1..1. 1111111 ..-.--.--.--.---..'..f..1........1..1...........1..1..1....-..........,-..-,-4, FOND HUSBAND "Do you mean to say that your wife full out of the window, and you did nothing to save herfv "I beg your pardon! I ran down quickly to the second story, but she had already passed tlicref' REALLY AND TRULY "I told your sister that I love her, and we are going to be xnarricil next s ll mei KCJu1y?,7 "No, I didn't. I really love licrf' 'Iv I I I l l COMPLIMENTS AMERICAN BUSINESS CLUB EN1D's CLUB FOR YOUNG MEN i L l ! 4' One Humlreii Sixty-five 1-ln..un1uu1uu-.uluuln...un.-un, AT YOUR SERVICE THE KIUWA LUMBER CQ. DON'T FQRGET PHONE 1135 .1..1,,1..1..,1..-..1.. in 1uv-iuniuul1.11-..-..-,,.....,.....1H1. ...--,..1,... .,.. r fi ffrvw'--'-' - , ., , I",-3',A..s-W. 4- .--... ......3. 1.1 1 1 1 1 1 1.1..1.,1..1..1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 THEI GARFIELD CGUNTY BANK - I 6 H ' We appreciate your business 1 1..1.,1..1..1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1..1..1..1..1 1 1 1 1 G0 to Corry's Pharmacy, It is the best in town. Strychnine cures hay fever, If you pay ten dollars down. See the "Yankee Clippcrw At Hammerls barber shop. Trostel-Knupp will fix your brakes So you'll not see the cop. I 1 1 1 1nu1nl+ 11-111-n1-In-n1uu-1---111-11--1-11nn1n.!4 I I I llllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIllllIIIIIIIIIIIIllIIIIlllIIIIlllllIIIIlllllIlllllIIllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllIIllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIlllllllllIIIIIIIIIllllllllllllllllllll I """""""''""""'''"'""''"""""""""""'iIIIIIIll!IIIE!liillll!IIIIEZIIIIIIIIIIIISIIIIIIIIIIE!IIIIll!!IIIISIIIIIIIIIIIIEIIIIIIIIIIIIISIIIIIIIIIIIIEZIIII I IIUIlllIIllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIIIIK Q I MITCHELL BAKIN G CO. I I MITCHELL TWIN LOAF- I BUTTER-NUT BREAD j I S. 8: H. Green Stamps Exchanged for Wrappers. I IllllllllllIllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIlIIIIllllllIIIllllIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIlIlllllIIIIIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIlllllllIIIIllllllllllllllllllllllllll i IISIIIIIIIIIIIIEIIIIIIIIIIIIISIIIIIIIIIIIISIIIIIIIIIIHSIIIIIIIIIIIIEIIIIIIIIIIIIIEillllllllllilfilIIIIIllIIIIE!I!llIIIIIIIISIIIIIIIIIIIIEIIIIIIII!!IIEZIIIIIIIIIIIISIIII I I I I I . I 111111111111111111111-1-11-nu-un.l.x One Hzmdrefl Sixfy-fmfezz bQol1ll 1111111-1111 nu-naipqpu-an-n 111::11-i1 ol: l D. C- BASS S SONS High School Gm.-y CONTRACTGRS Fresh New Stock N. Phone 1017 Phone 3614 +.--- ---- ---------.-------- --------ss.-..-. - - -..-..-..-..-..-..-..- sian-nn-nu-uni----u Go to C. Penney To start a savings bank. Parkinson and Nealis garage Have a Ford without a crank. Lowenhauptls sell bathing suits When the weatherls nice. If you want to skate some day, Just use the City ice. l E 1 THE LIONS CLUB OF ENID 1 5 oUR CREED: i L-Loyalty to country, community and home. I-Individual integrity in thought, Word and deed. 0-One flag, one language. l N-New ideas, new hopes, new ambitions in business and 1 profession 5 S-Service that is founded on the Golden Rule. oUR SLOGAN: i L-iberty, Q I-ntelligence, 1 0-ur I . 7 N-at1on's S-afety. .g..-..-. - - - - ... - .-..-.........-..-..-..- -..-..-.....-......-..-........... One Hundred Sixty-eight , ,,.....s...Y ..,.Y.,....,,.- -M ' .f '-. V ' W X. .,.. ,. . , , . , ngan1nina-1:1nu-'u1u-nu-nn-n-n-n1uu1: 11111 up 1111111111 un1no? I 2 I 1 LOWE HA U P2 S I I STYLE COMBINED WITH QUALITY I I Is what you get in Society Brand and Stein Bloch I Smart Clothes for young men. I "THE STORE THAT'S DIFFERENT5' I I Outfitters to Men and Women I I Phone 203 North Side I .i...........-.......... ..-.. - - - -.............. ........ ..-..-..-..-..-..i. ON TIME Mr. YValler: "Mr, Bodes, you are fardy again. Do you ever" do anything on time?" R, Bodes: "Yes, sir. I buy everything on timef' I ,ADVERTISEMENT Sign in the cafeteria: Good meals for students and also for people who work. COOPERATION "We are going to make salad dressing today," announced Miss Carlson in cooking class. "Oh, I always knew my French would come in handy!" exclaimed Margaret Vessels. "In our French class we sing the "Mayonnaise'l every dayf' 'IOM-ua--I-an-nu-1--1-11-1ua-un1-II1-.I ----- nu-nu ------ ---- - -H121 I 1 I I I I I W HAT EVERY BOY AND GIRL I I I , SHOULD STRIVE TO I T 3 : ACCOMPLISH I I 1 I . . ' I ' To do the right thing, at the right time, in the right Wayg I I . ! I To do some things better than they were ever done beforeg I I To eliminate errorsg to know both sides of the questiong I To be courteousg to be an exampleg to Work for the love of the I Workg to anticipate requirementsg to develop resourcesg I To recognize no impedimentg to master circumstancesg I To act from reason rather than ruleg I I . . . . ! I To be satisfied Wlth nothing short of perfectlon. I I I I I I ENID ROTARY CLUB I I I I I Q..-.. -...-.-- ..-..-...... -.-- ..-..-..... -..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-.4. One Hlmrirefl Sixly-Mine ?......,,. .-...----.-- n.-.o:.,?...-.n----n-- --I-n--nn-n-1--1 - -n--1--us? . 1. 1 1 H Greer's Grocery i 1 Broadway Shoe Shop 1 1 1 I , AND I 1 "We Fix 'Em Ritev il 1 1 11 Meat Market 1 A NEW PLACE, But 11 1 I An Old Familiar Face. WHERE YOU ALWAYS GET i Homer White Prop. 1 THE BEST I ' ii i 1 Phone 1009 209 West Bdwy. 11 Pho. 734--735 228 W. Rand. .i..-......-.......-..- .-..-..-..-..-..........-...ini GREAT PROFESSOR TO SAIL ON EXPEDITION Professor Glenn Houdinsky Bond has sailed on the Ulrritaniav for Labrodora, North Pole, to shoot big ganie for the national museum at lmo. Professor Bond has been teaching botnny for twenty years and feels sure he has mastered the subject. He himself has stuffed three animals for the collection, consisting of one blackbird, one jackralvluit, and one squirrel. With such Il start we know he'll make good.-UThe Squeul Weuklyf' SAVING A Scotch won 1 nee took her two children out of school, because they had to pay attent wn. ,?..-..-..- - -.. ------------ ...-..-..-. - -...-..-..-..-..- -.--- 'P 1 I l XV .. VER l . 0,,1.t ff THE HOME BANK 1 When you have money we Want it, 1 N When you Want money we have it. QKLAHONIA STATE BANK ENID, OKLAHOMA l l 1 Res. Phone 2190 Res. Phone 2390-J i i 1 DRS: LITTLE 62' SKAGGS 1 1 OHIROPRAOTORS 1 OFFICE PHONE 142 3rd FLOOR ENID BANK AND TRUST BUILDING 1 1 I Enid, Oklahoma -i-'-- -'-- ---------- - ---------1----------H -------- - -------i- One Hzzmired Se-vezzfy .-..-..-..-......-......-......-..-..-......-...1. 'Q' I 'Q' .1.....n1uu1un 1111111- -11--111111- 1111 u n 1-no? g l L SIXES and EIGHTS I 1 I i PAIGE-ENID MOTOR co: i Distributors of GRAHAM-PAIGE AUTOMOBILES 4 Phone 948 131 E. Randolph 1 l.t-..-..-..-..-.. ......... ..-..-..-,, .... ,,-..-..-.,-..-..-..-..-..L IT'S TRUE "I assure you that my lips have never uttered 1 falsehoodf, "That's right-you do talk through your nose, donat you?', AT THE COUNTRY CLUB Mr. Price and Mr. Waller were playing golf. They had both lost their bulls and were searching for them frantically. They looked for them a long time without success, while Miss Nelle Moore watched them with interest. A1 last, after the Search had lasted for half zm hour she spoke to them: "I hope Pm not interruptirigf she said, "but would it he cheating if I told you Where they are?" - -11' 1-11---1111----1111----11-1 nu-nga l ! l CHAMPLIN REFINING CO: 2 2 PETROLEUM PRODUCTS g f 1 I ENID, OKLAHOMA Ill lll One Hmnlrefl Sefvenfy-one O H mlrcd Sefue11t3 1nn1nn-uu1u111qq1uu--uu1nu1nu-nnlnn,uuiuu-an-.nu..nu--un1uu1n1uu ood grocers and general stores sell and recommend Mayonty Flour They sell Ma1or 1ty Flour because ONE sack sold means a steady customer for thelr store they recom mend Majonty Flour because lt adds del1c1ous flavor and wholesomeness to breads cakes and all forms of pastry JORIT M F W Y G Si res Everywhere Emo Mamma Comom-av Emu, 5 nm Qafvmmmril C U ENID MILLING C0 ENID OKLAHOMA BLEACHEO MAJORITY 3 mzwmnmo F ' .,.4 - t y t r y y y lm Enid Milling Compcm '-lfz ENID. OKLAHOMA 1 1 1n1n1qn1n1.n1.u1n1u--I1ini-n11-111uu1un1u-11:1-nu1uu:nu:uu:uu1uu1 1:1111 11.1111111111 1? 1 JENISON CYCLE SHOP L. J. JENISON, Prop. 1 . l Harley Davidson Motorcycles I Travel that safe and economical way. 80 miles per gallon gas. Bicycles and Repair Shop. Phone 133 215 N. Washington I -..-..-..-..-. .......... ..-..-.....-..-............-..-..-..-......-...i. To keep that school-girl complexion Some olives you must buy. Get your boots at Newman's5 I know youill like Nehi. If you have thc money Buy an Oldsmobile. Go to General Hospital For a blister on your heel. 1: 11:111 1 1 1l.1l.1,.1., 11111111111 - 1:-uu1u!o Z L ALTON MERCAN TILE CO l ' L ! Manufacture and Pack ln Enld Q 1 QUALITY PRODUCTS L I Ammonia Powdered Mustard Bird Seed Peanut Butter Bluing Rice Cocoanut Powdered Sugar Coffee Spices Extract Tea Jams Tapioca Dessert Powder Vinegar l l BUY HOME PRODUCTS I --11-1111--11111-an-uni' One Hfnzzireii Sevezzry-Ihree Whitelock's Dept. l 1 Store i 122 E. Randolph Phone 881 i Otf the Square. --However, we deal i on the square. i DRY GOODS, SHOES, 1 READY-T0-WEAR, T FURNISHINGS l -x-u--- ----- ---------- ---- ------M F. W. Woolworth Co. 5c, 100 and 15c Stores Complete line of Candies, Laces, Toilet Articles, Notions, Hosiery, and Toys. School .Tablets a Specialty. Remember our highest price is 15c, 112 West Randolph St. NO SCHOOL FROM FRIDAY TO MONDAY Pnl ler and Write Make Startling Diseovery Messrs. Puller and Wrice have discovered that th: students of Enid High School are hem unlilereifully overworked. ln view of this fact they have asked the governor to declare 'L holiday from Friday evening till lVl0ndziy morning of each week.-"The Sqlldll Weuklyf, 1...-... ---......-.. ..-...g..,..-.. -..- ---- - - - --H--y ! I ' ' rT1'fyALLxL:.mi1"41v '- ' T dw I -NMQU, his T 2 1 W Wi: -Fa ' ,S 1 ' M 14111 1 Q .. .. 1 Liza I W. . W W:-aff' R. M. ADAMS 1 Jeweler T 130 North Side Square Book Store Bibles, Books, i . 1 Diamonds, Watches, S'C3tl0I1e1'Y, i . . I On Easy Payments Pictures, Framing, I . . i W-ma mma and Artists Supplies. : rg. 'il ill Q qi. 'i ' " gi! -We give S Sz H Green Stamps l WA --.-'--.'-.. --..---'------.', --"-- l 1 +-.--- ------------ ----++---- ----- ---- - - ---- + One Hzmdrefl Scevezzzy-four 'E' ! I SAWYER--HOLLA D HARDWARE COMPANY I When You Think of Hardware Think of Us. ' 120 East Broadway Phone 288 .L -up-up--u1:minus-un-l-sin!-ll L111111111111 llLll1ll1ll1ll1ll1l0i1 Yes, they have bananas At Gensmanls Grocery Store, If you'd like some shredded wheat, They'Ve bales and bales galore. Yes, olcl Mrs. Cleanser Will chase the dirt awayi If you'd like some double green stamps, Go to Herzberg's store today. 'ef 4,-.fee . ' xref' A A A ENID PLANING MILL COMPANY 1 MILLWORK AND BUILDING MATERIALS 5 LOUIS S. MORELL, Pres. RALPH E. SMITH, Supt. -i- Orze Hmlrireil S6-116111-V-fZ:'Z'l3 'if 2..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-...-. I I THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK I I i i Cczpiffzl, S llI'pZ'l!J' and Uzzdioided Projits I s5oo,ooo.o0 I I H. H. CHAMPLIN, President I I FRED C. CHAMPLIN, Vice-Pres. R, L. HENRY, Assistant Cashier I C. E. CANNON, Vice-Pres. C. F. HERRIAN, Assistant Cashier I A. F. BUTTS, Cashier R. F. MINTON, Assistant Cashier I The Oldest Nfzzfiomzl Bank in Gzzrjteld County ia-.. -.-. ......-..-..-.......-..-..-..-..-......-.............-..-..-..-..-..- - ....-..i. PENS john Doop: "I have a brother who is making big money from his penf' George McDonald: "That so? There arenlr many writers who can make big money from their pensf, John: "But he isn't a writer, he raises pigs." POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE iiXrVt',1'C intellectual oppositcsf, "Be explicit." "Fm intellectual. :md you,re the opposite? .!........- -........-..-....-.-..- - .-..-..... . .............-- ..-..!. I I i I I I i I I Member of the North Central and American I Association of Colleges. Courses offered lead- I I ing to degrees A. B., B. S. in Educationg B. O., I I B. Mus., and in the College of the Bible, A. M. I g and B. D, Standardized work done in the I College of Arts and Sciences, College of Edu- I I cation, College of the Bible, College of Fine : Arts and School of Expression. The Conserv- 5 I atory of Music is unexcelled in the Middle I I Southwest. Pre-professional courses are of- I ff fered in law, medicine, engineering and journ- : I alism. Teaching- staff consists of thirty-nine I teachers of professorial rankg fourteen build- I I ingsg beautiful campiusg spacious stadium, I 1 clean sports. The Oklahoma Board of Educa- I tion grants all kinds of teachers' certificates I I to Phillips students without examination. I I Fall semester opens September 11, 1928g Spring semester January 22, I 19295 First summer session May 28, 19295 Second summer session I I July 23, 1929. Low Expenses. Catalogue free. I I. N. McCASH, President, I University Station, Enid, Oklahoma. I I 4...-... ---.......... ..-..-..-..-...-..-.,............- -....-....- - -..-...!. One Humirell Seventy-fix 'x 1 KISNER HEIGHTS Enid's most beautiful restricted residence section. WINDING STREETS All street trees are planted With beautiful Chinese Elms. TWELVE FGOT TREES All Park planted with a variety of high grade EVERGREENS Pavement, Sewer, Water, Gas, Lights, Telephone Cables, Private Line for Every Lot. All in and paid for. We invite you to build your new home in Kisner Heights, Where all improvement taxes are paid. SEE R. R. KISNER OR T. F. MEFFORD, Phone 2700-J. . Phone 1176, Res. 2699 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1-.1..1..1n1.......1q.1..11.1.11 One Hzzmired S ly I 4...-... ----- ..-...... .....-............-...-..-...-.......-....-....-...-..-...-....-..-..-.........- 4. I f "The Best-It Costs No More" 5 X 01'Cl I Banquets, Dinner and i Dance Parties i BARBER sHoP-TAILOR SHOP ! f-HUCKINS AFFILIATEDH 5 R. E. MCEACHIN, Resident Manager 501:11 vv1v11 llxuulu-sllllc--1ll1l1l1lll1lilli441I1lIl1lll1 llll 1lllllllTlliUll T 1' T T 1 1' Hcad's is famous everywhere For covering up your feet. lf you suck refinement, Use Cli11mplin's oils complete. If you'c'l make engagements On the n-lcphone, Mr, Bull will give you 11 ring, Hello girls make it known. -gn--------------an------1. -1-------- ---------- L L 2 WHY WE SELL FOR LESS: l L -The J. C. Penney Co., operates 954 Busy Stores 2 in 46 diiferent states in the good old U. S. A. i 2 -This is only one reason why we sell for less. T 7 A NA TION-WIDE T INSTITUTION- i 5 . O O North Side Square Enid, Oklahoma 1 l 4..-... ----------.--.-......-.-... One H Llfltifbyci S e-vent y-ei gh! 1.......i..1..1.n1l.1..-...1..1..1..-.. -... -.-.-..-.--- -.-..4.q..-..- - -........-..-..-..-....-..-. - I I 2 2 M c G I L L ll Dr. L. J. Tourtellott GROCERIES I! Dentist Feed and Seed 120 East Randolph ll PHONE 33 I I ..-..-.....-...... ------ .......-. 4.4..-..-..-..-...-..-..-..-..-..-..-. - If you hear so music It is Atwater-Kent. Red Ball trucks will help you When itls time to pay the ren If yOu'd like your house cleaned p Then hire the Gold Dust Twins. Why worry with a Saturday bath When you can g to Zims. RAN DGLPH 699 RANDOLPH See Our New Spring Line Of COLLEGE CLOTHES Everything for the College Man ui..-. 1 1I..-lni..1..1..-.q....1..1...- 1 11,111.1 i,.1..il.1..1..1..1........1. l..1...1 1 1-1.-.,,1nn1.uinn1.,i..i..1..i 1 -..1..1 i..1..i 1 1 .1..1..1..1 ABBOTT S92 KENDRICK' J EWELERS ENID, OKLAHOMA One Hllllzif Z S ty 'I' I -MEALS READY ON ARRIVAL OF ALL TRAINS- CABIN HOTEL AND CAFE T G. G. GIVENS, Prop. 16 MODERN ROOMS Newly Furnished A OPPOSITE SANTA FE AND FRISCO DEPOTS i Phone 1019 Enid, Oklahoma .i..........-..-..-..-................-...-..-..-..-..-..-...-..-...-..-...-.....-...........-..-.... RAI-ll RAHI Johnny Mitchell: "HOW could you play hookcy from a corrcspondcncc school?" Jack Cory: "Send them an empty cnvclopf' WEEK-END GUEST I Lee Sllavcy: "One of my ancestors came Over On thc Mzlyfiowcrl' Harry Dobbs: "Oh, really? How long is he going to stay?" PAGE GEORGE W. Miss Johnson: "DO you know what happens to little boys that tell lies? Armon Meis: "Sure, they rid: for half-farcf, -r 1 I T ENID BANK AND TRUST COMPANY 5 ENID, OKLAHOMA I . i O. J. FLEMING, President W. T. HAURY, Ass't. Cashier i ED. FLEMING, Vice-President WINIFRED MAJOR,Ass't. Cashier 5 C. R. STORY, Cashier MARTIN MILLER, Ass't. Cashiell' Capital and Surplus A One Quarter Million Dollars I JUST AS OLD AS ENID I .p..-... ......-..... ......-- ------ - ofa One Humlred Eighty Ofc I X X .1gl1l.1q.1n1..in-1.i..i 1 1 1 X N J? 'lv .gv 7, - QI yi-fmwj A . ' NWQHQEHERHMEMW va -1fsesazeaazssssssaassssszewzvaelf I aim 1.31 f 14 VN 1 I W ' -'tv' ::: :EE:" ::: " I f':2:3: gin- EEE F W N , K -r::::::iEEE:::::::Eii5g::egggggiii hx, I Xrrzx Usiiiisli ..... EES W , ":2:1::.!"g Eggg fizeg E55 5 I FN' f 1 I I r a ll 1,4 I N ' . :f9!':,ulgf 1255515155Z:..:::L1:ss5ese:aef3E' V :Q vim -,Hi Y: H,?VfNXh 77 1 1 Z 555 5553 I 'J I f I . V,,'L.,g,L4E1 L':L..l2-gun. 'UH-Qvmf . -I ' , N ' ' ':':. 1 T ff lf . . ' -J Y Il 3 , V-1 MZ:-':e" "" 'UE' -3 -- 1, 53 il li N Wh- 'H ,- lg' My -l. fi! SI-I1 .Mi V a -. J.. - ' , ...... ....... ,..,i,,,. ral' , I x ,. -wfmaaaaa-:M I Q5,,,.::,ggS " I E 1EE1!"Zl2iEEEgfgiQ ag, Lssiiiiz' -, ff E, ,lHl::,,gLw2saegv,,' rf. I g f f WY masses: f 'ff N' WWIWVW fwwi Ewan?- I K1 I '-31:51f'55i3:i'!S! ,EEFEEEEEE , K ll 4313! Elm: Eli? I Q, ' :I -azeseemz ' '-H.-nf.-.,.....,.f I3 'EESJF ' ' J I Q 1 UwQ:gM?5ufmmE Y 'xx iff. q Jef .J ., I.. X:u1N 121' I IC IN CL D ENI OSPITAL H GENERAL ID EN p-...Qu-.....-n1'iq.i..i 1 .-mini .. 1 1 .. -gl..-..1.. -.n1 111- 1--nf O aa ! O li H P L' L. as 5 V5 I rn lv. .E 3 S ,La 5 -3-612 C U Q 'fu :gig " Ol-1 L, 5 Q pf Zm a .ca m-: I U N Q 61" A Nav , n waz 3 M5395 U " Ez r- F P- m -Z2 1. 6 53 'view 1' 'Ja n D ' 4 - 94 CJ . - GJ uzuk w if E552-2 i N E E' 'Jazz H Q 's amai ! U sf F cmzw ' Fr f' I u-1 I :1 5 -H ,Q I Q - a I fa ' 'E la 675 an 2 'c +1 1' I Q Q wa: U2 . .u-1 E of I I gg .Eg 1 2 " mira-E : E E'ti'i5'E 1- .1-,,,.:: ' 5 L wiser, , I was -H I A S3223 4 85532 H 3 5 ci M '33 ! :wz N ' 3 Z dggw I 2 552522 ., -2 zzmwc " Q.. E - -MO ,qmftzbj - D . .4 L 3: Pwmhmg 5 mini if N, momma J H . if S3 .2 I E m rn I 'D E .SE I! I: 5.5 3.5 U .-1 -lg in g '5 Efggu 1 5 QHQQEI5 1: -' 521-ws L E 525735 1 53369 I: 1, iw: I gg 'cZq,.2 .. 'S EVEN N .5 mpgs-425 Q 9, 5 ,223 Y as E 22,065 C 'Uma - . 1- '- was n M ,cz S 1 M E WBJEZQ - wnmz- I ..': QEAQE ii . Q nivifiqgj : U1 -42445 ! 2 I QD QQQQQ I ........-..-..-..-..-...i. One Hzzmlred Eighly-one 1.......T..-..-.......-..-......f......,-.... - ....-...........-.--.--..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-.......g. I IT nom' TAKE us ' I 5 HALFWWEEK , Oklahonla Plumbing L T rg FiN1?AAN o 8z Heatlng Company PLUMBING- I x SANITARY PLUMBING I LEAK A ii Steam and Hot Water Heating I fl Ps Gas and Sewer Work I 1,1 Q Fuel oil Burners I F. GE'-rxil Phone 350 211 S. Grand q...-...-...- .- -....-.--..-..-...- -..-..-..-...-...-..-.. -.--- ........-..-....-..-..-......,i, EXPERIENCE "Marriage," says D. Bruce Selby, "is like a railroad sign. When you see a pretty girl you stop, then you look, and after you're married you listen." FLOWERS Doris, who was visiting her rich aunt, had never seen a peacock. When she took her first look at one she exclaimed, "Oh auntie, look at the pretty chicken in bloomfv SLEEPY? Arthur VVise: "When I came upon the stage, the audience simply sat there open mouthedf' Jean Paulsell: "Oh nonsense, they didnlt all yawn at once." TRICKS Alice L: "Can you drive with one hand?,' Ralph C.: "Oh, yes." Alice L.: "Then pick up my glove." HORSEMANSHIP Robert: "Do you ride a horsein Bobby V. F.: 'Yes, off and on." MOVED "Do you still live where you used to live before you moved where you live nowiv "No, I live at the place where I moved from the place where I used to live before I moved where I live now." f.-..-.-..-.-.-,-,-.s.-., .................. GE TRY out COMPANY : Marketers of : I I 3 HIGH GRADE o1Ls AND GREASES 3 I T I PHONES: Gen'l. Office, 323 Station Phones 1002, 3246, 834, 3278 T Long Distance Phone 55 I P. o. Box 755 Enid, Oklahoma .f..-...................-......-.. .......... .............-..-..-..-.... -..-..i. One Hundred Eighty-tfwa 1, H1101 11111111111- ul--again:-un -1111 111111 1 ,,...,,,!, I ll 7 F. B' SMITH Frank's Machine I 5 gg Shop , a GROCERIES a i AND ME ATS Cylinder and Crankshaft Grind- i ing and General Machine Work. f PHONE 487 i f Connecting Rod Babbitting a Specialty i 5 219 W. Wabash Enid Phone 737 205 E. Main aiifllilllllill-Tll11llTll TTTTT ""l'T- glI-737I-737lllllllillilllllillllliIIT! 5 GOOD TIMES Old: "Isn't Mrs. Smiley a happy womaniv Older: "Yes, isnlt she? She is so happy she would have a good time thinking what a good time she would be having if she were having a good time, HARD Miss Kretseh: "Miss Cline, what is the meaning of concrete and abstract?" Miss Cline: "Well, when Mildred says she will make a cake that is abstract. Then when she makes it. it is Concrete. SHOCKING "VVhat did Clarence say when his bride was eleCtr0cuted?" "He said it was the greatest shock of his wife." PERMANENT Wouldnlt it he a wonderful thing if, while sister was getting a permanent wave, big brother could buy himself :1 permanent shave? SHOPPING Wifey: "Ohl What a lovely hatg let's go buy it." Hubby: "Yes, we'll go by it." GREEN f'My parrot is a hundred and ten years oldf' "He's awfully green for his age." vgvI---- - -----n-u-n-u--l--I-nn-----1---u 1-------- u-1-n1---n-- --nn.--.Eg a I Q . 3 F R I G I D A I R E I ELECTRIC REFRICERATICN L f Safeguards the Food and Cools the Drinking Water in the High School Cafeteria. i I a ' 1 SOUTHARD ELECTRIC Co. E 2 Phone 549 230 W. Randolph 'i"'1ll-ll-ll1uu-ul 1111111121111 un-ll:-uniln1u:auvnu1nuinninninnlnngig One H1lNIZf81i Eighfy-lhree .g.,.-.......-...-..-. -..-...-..-...-...-..-..-..-...-..-..-......-..-..-...-..-..-..-..-. -...-..- of l I . - 3 ,gig "img lit with 1Hlnwnrz" l FROM l 2,5 eil' 0klahoma's Largest and Most Beautiful I M e T 516.51 Flower Shop AR Service and Quality Our Aim 2 OKLAHOMA FLORAL CO. T 107-109 E. Broadway Phone 339 .3...-.,-..-m-..-....u.........-...-..........-u.........-..-..-..-..-.... - -..-..-......-..-..- HEBS A BUDDY FOR ME Mr. Bond works mightv st--adv . r ,S He is always ready. He helps the Hi-Y, Hcls Ll real guv. And all around As I have found, He is the kmd of guy That brightens the sky. 1..untml1,..-.ll101,.,1....m,1ggig...gg-.,,1..g1,y n-.lulm.1I.1iq..-.ugimig.1...1.,.1.,,1g.....lg1u,1 'Q' '!"!' I I I ' . Th P l M k t Geo. R. Reinhardt e will zgzreocelgr e 1 , PLUMBING ii . I Your orders glsfen Steam and Gas Fitting P1'0mPt Att0l1tl0n I ll 1 216W N- Grand 1 I All Merchandise Guaranteed Phone 234 Enid' Okla' Phone 64--151 113 E. Broadway I I f::::f::ITS'.?l'fl::1::.:1T.::1:I1:'::IIIIZZIIIIZZIIIZII SALES SERVICE l , , Q GENTRY MOT OR COM PANY T DODGE BROTHERS MOTOR CARS l 5 ENID, OKLAHOMA ,g,,-,,,,,,-,,,,,-, -... , .,......... -..-..-..-..-..-..-..- O Hundred Eighly-four DI ll IO OOO'OIIOOOIOOOOIIOOCIOIOUOOIOIOIOOIIIIOIIOOIIOOOCIOIIOOOOOIOOOOOOOOCI Cl BOLENE REFINING CO: PETROLEUM PRODUCTS ENID, OKLAHOMA DI Il ll O1 C H A M P L I N ' S , DEPARTMENT HARDWARE "One Place to Buy E'z12ry!!zi1zg" Bigger and Better Than Ever In a new building with new equipment. Improved personnel and a number of new departments. We will now, more than ever, be able to care for your every need. TRY US. 1HuiM1p.L.q1g,1,,..-..1,u1u.1 ..un1m.1nn-un--:aninn-nu-ua-anim.--uni 1 1 - 11:1-un-n 'P I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I -I' 'S' I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 'I' o H 1 zafgmyqf agon--nu-n-uin--un-un--:inn-nn1u-nn1uu1uu-u Enid Typewriter I Exchange I TYPEWRITERS and ADDING 1 MACHINES 2 Sales-Rentals-Repairs Phone 1761 108 S. Indep. 5 Enid, Oklahoma .,..-..-......-..-..-......-..-..-..-..-..-..-., ,.1,.1 1 1 1 1..1nu1.n1n.1 1 1 1 Compliments of 1 I- I I ' A5192 DEPT STORE ENID'S BEST STORE NEWS ITEM 3-The cause of the majority of auto accidents can be traced directly to the n that holds the wheel. TRY A BEANSHOOTER Clerk: "Did you get rid of any moths with those moth balls you bought?" Ruth Childers: "No, I tried for five hours, but I couldn't hit Z1 one." SALES TALK VNNECESSARY The collegiate car cliugged painfully up to the grate at the races. The gate keeper demand ing the usual fee for the car called out: "Twenty-five cents for the carl" Glenn Zirkle looked up with a pathetic smile of relief and said, 'KSoldl" gigllvllv 1-II111:11n1InLmlLIn--llvulilnilnvuu-:salon-1un-llvluvul-:uni n-ilu--nuvulv - :nu-vlul l Your School Days Will Live, In the Photographs You Have Made. l 1 HESSER BROTHERS, Over Rialto Theatre I SPECIAL- PRICES- TO- HIGH- SCHOOL- STUDENTS i Ask and Ye shall receive. T North Side Square Phone 1508 -5------------------------------- ------ :::::z::::::::::::1::: ,!,,,,,,- -,,-,,.......-..-......-..- .. - - - - 1 I : ENID'S BUILDING STORE I "QUALITY oUR WATCHWORD" T "SERVICE OUR CREED" 1 L Phones 73 and 1614 -3...-...-..-..-..-...-...-...-..-....-...-...-..-...-.. One Humirerl Eighty-six I THE LONG--BELL LUMBER co. 218-34 E. Randolph 1..1..1..i1i111.-11-. R.W.SHAW WUOLARD 1 ...Q Q,-I-uln-n-I--n--u1u-n-in-n-------n-----n '!' ! I i Paint and Wall Paper I School Architecture a I SDeClal'CY Glass and Auto Glass Q I . Architect for Board of Educa- PHONE 1565 tion of the City of Enid, Okla. 225 West Randolph ..-..4.4...-..-..-..-..-..-........-..-..-..-..-..-..-.. Enid, Oklahoma -i- You can go to the Fisk Hotel When ready to retire. Put it clown in Black and White, If a taxi you would hire. If you show your loyalty, You'll hear the Lions roar. The Rotary will help the boys, While Kiwanis watches oler. ENID CRYSTAL LAUNDRY and DRY CLEANERS EXPERT HATTERS RUGS SHAMPOOED 509-513 S. GRAND PHONES: 15 and 16 nn-u 1111i1:1111 nu-ul1u?v it I WHERE Mosr FOLK i GATHER Q I You'll note the pretty footwear by Head's. HOSIERY i HEAD'S sHoE Co. i 113 North Grand East Side Square FINER FOOTWEAR VALUES -i- One Hznnfrznl Eighfy-seven ,Fzu-nn1un1nn1nn1-lu1un-n111uu114u-un1-u-my-unina-nu-nina-uuinu1un-an-1un--nn-un-uu1un-nu111111-1+ i ENID HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES I MAKE GOOD AT j ENID BUSINESS COLLEGE I . I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I A I J. T. POORE RAYMOND BROWN , Long-Bell Lumber Co. Secretary to Vice-President, I Southern Califgrnial Edison E Co., Los nge es I The Business World Waits on Business College Graduates I , I v I I 7 ENID BD SIINESS COLLEGE I "Tha Pvrxomzl I nterefl College" : J. E. GEORGE, President Since 1904 I MISS RILLA SMITH MISS DOROTHY GENSMAN I SiEer10gI'aph6I'-S6CI'6taI'y Gensman Brothers 8: Co. Alton Mercantile Co. .g...-I..-.........-..-...- ....-..-.. -......-....--. ---- . .-.. One Hzzmlrefl Eighly-eighf g...,..-ll.-w1m1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1g1u..1l.1ug1u.1.,1 PIE CHILLI U Just a Good Place to Eat COURTEOUS ' 7 1 CONSISTENT SERVICE Q THE GEORGE CROSS STAND K3 COFFEE 115 E. Randolph HAMBURGERS WHOIS WHO Thish weak,s "whose whatv is kinder shuller, foll-cz, fer welre ,bout out ol mater1l w c choosecl Jerome Csong-birdj Davis. Mr. Waller sez, "Jerome, as Z1 studsnt, is a fine marine, or I should have said uskipp 1 Mr. Miller sez, "Jerry knows his on ns in bookkecpingg at least he's usually son thing." Miss Moyer sez, "As a study hall enclurator Jerome makes a fine snare-clrummer,' Mr. Selby sez, "I thought this was 11 cruel world till I saw Jerome Davis. Then I ne t as."-The Squeal Wenkly. THE PROGRESS OF ENID'S SCHOOLS The progress and advancement during recent years in the Way of educational advantages for the young people of Enid, is phenominal. We are proud of Enid. We are glad of the fact that We are part of its community. We are proud of her Schools. We are ambitious that the future may see Enid'S schools grow, in keep- ing With the steadily growing population of our beautiful city. I ' I , I N105 GDKA TEST S 701475 . V als 11111111-1 un1nu1nn1nu-nuiuniuuinu-nu 111111 1 - 1 sfo One Hmnlretl Ezgfllt 71 If 050111111nniunvnn1uuTnu1uuTnn1ln1un1uu1uu1ul-nqsuggmTu 1-T1T 1 1 T .. 1 -. gauging? . ! I I I LOOK FOR OUR RED TRUCKS I I 3 PHONE 662 j A John E. Gosney Sz Co, 1 A , Q , D l ' 1: Q COAL, FEeElDerali11d WOOD S 1 I . : Blacksmithing Coal a Specialty JUB PRINTING i PHONE 36 213W West Broadway i 801 South Grand Enid, Okla, 5..-......-..-..-..-..-..-..-............-..-.....i.i..i..-..- -..-..-..-......-..-..-..-...- -..-..i. A BOYS WEEKLY SCHEDULE Monday-Admits-Buck assignments. Tuesday-Get history lesson. Wednesday-Gut math lesson. Thursday-Crt chemistry lesson. Fridaygflct week-uncl LlCli'CS1EI1,EIllSl'l Ciinnybcj. SaturdaykPark at Sou1'bcer's. SL1nday-Shave-Cai' ride-Evening date. -:'------- -------------------------- -----r ! L L 1 l I ! I i IF WE VVERE ASKED TO GIVE A WORD 1 l OF ADVICE TO A GRADUATE, l 1 l We would say, "Select a life Work which you will like ! 5 and learn to do that one thing Well." ! l ! l L - . l ' Sa -F R if A' ' I 5 n - s razler . . . endnc i I DQLJG CQ. ' Dl:lLJL3.f'SCO.-' I f Northeast Corner Square Corner Grand and Broadway i Phone 79 Phone 668 : ENID, OKLAHOMA 1 ' i fililllliillillillil TTlT llvll-Tll1ll1ll1ll1vll-uull11ll 11111 T T T' T lllTlI0i One Hmnlred N inety 'E' ! I ANTRIM LUMBER CO: l "BUILDING MERCHANTSU I 218 E. Broadway Phone 86 -M ........... ..-..-..-..-..-.. ........... ..-nl DON'T THINK Small Boy: "Mother, why is Daddy nearly baldiv Mother: 'tBccausc he does a lot of thinking, my son." Small Boy: "But why have you such a lot of hair, then?" Motlier: "Eat your breakfast, or you,ll he late for school." ar Santy: l ask nothinff for 1n'self hut won't vou bc ffood cnou h to ive mv mother a son-in-law? b 3 7 . b 4 Mnurine Snyder. -n 1-11-----i- 1-----111-1 l ---1u-u- 1-nu-no? ! ! AN B 0 0 l Dy GENSM R s.C. . ' 3? T 7 8- Established 1898 ! E Feature Especially Selected Groceries and Meats of the very best Grades at their Grocery Store. ! I In Their Hardware Stock, They Carry at All Times Modern Supplies. I SERVICE ALWAYS PROMPT AND COURTEOUS Branches Maintained at E l BILLINGS, SALT FORK, JEFFERSON AND JET 1 T -.., .........- .. - -..-.,...-.. ......-.. - ....-..i. Olze Humireii Ninety-one gigu-uuimlvu:llI1lm:nu--nuruu--ul-:nu-:ul-nn-unvu .1 1 'P+ I II 1 After You Graduate II Gold Medal Crackers I And go out into the business I world you may need something Are better because they are 7 in the line of if made with malt and milk. ' PUBLICATIONS I I I I I I If you should, We want an oppor- Southwest Cracker tunity to figure. with you. Company I Seeds Printing Co, Enid, Okla' I Phone 1298 215 W. Maple-Rear 504 S. G1-and -Phone 191 +----------n----n-----------------I-----I--W-f--i.u-..,-..-..-..-..-..-..-n.-..-...-...-..-M- FOR SALE "Say boy, what's your nal "Mah UZIINCIS Bianthonyfl "Buy Anthonyw "Yes SuhI BianthonyI" "Well, I'll ber somebody gilt a dirty, black deal in that purchascf, EXCITING Bob H.: "There,s going to be a big dance at the Rock Island station tonightf' Thelma G: Ccxcitcdlyj "Oh, what kind is it to be?" Bob: "Two trains are going to Charlcstonf, ageIHill1nu11limavun1nn1un1nn-uu1nu-uuiun1un1un1-uninuinninnTuutnn-nl1nuinn1-nn1nu:nn-nnvui N 1 ILXIDE BATTERY STATION I Born's Five-Way Corner I GASOLINE, OIL, BATTERY SERVICE I I Electrical Repairs I 4...-.... --.--.-.-.-..-..--.----- - - ---- o!s'i"" liiiliiiliiiiiliiiiiilil 1 -' Zuni I I I R 6 J T as . ohnson I FURNITURE FLOOR COVERIN GS I I "For Every Room-For Every Pzzrsen : "Your Home Should Come First" I ,!,,,1,,,, 1111i11 nn-nu1nu--uuinuiuniun1un-un1uu-uninniulninll 1 - -- 1 1 1ll1 One Humlreri Niuely-two f""'1 4f"""" "A . ..... , . - - -' 'H-' --L 71 "-..1.14,,,s... . L., , , V' ,. Al -'--4-MW 11-11nn1nn:uniuu1:--1111-.--.1-.1111..ig.1.+ L UNIVERSITY HosP1TA1.. L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L Corner J eiferson and Randolph Enid, Oklahoma - L The University Hospital is Scientiiically Equipped I Throughoutg First-Class in Every Particular. L L L -- L I Its X-Ray and Pathological laboratories are the very bestg prepared to make all kinds of laboratory examinationsg Wassermans, typhoid and tubercular test, as well I as preparing vaccines and serums. -- L L DARYL E. CHURCH, R. N., Superintendent I Anna May Lindell, R. N.,.- ..................... Superintendent of Nurses L Stella Dihl, R. N., ......... .... ..... ...... I n s tructress : S. N. Mayberry .... -.. ........ Chief of Surgical Staff L Paul B. Champlin .... ................ A ssistant Surgeon L D. D. Roberts ...... .... O bstetrics and Internal Medicine L W. H. Rhodes .... ........ E ye, Ear, Nose and Throat L Ruth Constant .... .... T echnician and Roentgenalogist L L L L in -1111-111111111111iL111111 In1Il+ One Hmnlreil Ninety-fhree .-..-..-.--..-..-..-..-.--.......g. I g I g I 4 fs I 2 w I I1 Q.. OO : CD Q C I E, 4 9 : : E I S 3 0 I S :Q af 'P I QN 5 1-P Q. Q' " 3 Ss I N :I gg Ch 9' "I n I 3: 2 H- Q .... -HN I N O Z E 3 I 2. F1 ' e SQ I 5. N2 I C: B e 2 III I 3' U ' cm fn S ' 'U F' S I m I: Us Y: 94 -5 S I 2 'D cb Q A ' G v. 5? : FF w 5 E Q I en 5' CJ 1 rn 5 E- I 2 E: I .5 O I E' 5 W 1 I ..-.-----------.---.-..-.I.-..-wl' ,!,i.-. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 4..- SORTA STABLE Lloyd: "Father, when has a man got horse sense?" Father: "When he can say 'naylf' WILL SHE? "Dear Teacher," wrote Johnny,s mother, "kindly excuse Johnnyls absence from school yesterday afternoong he fell in the mud and soiled his clothes. By doing the same you will oblige his mother." Mr. Vance: fln gym. elassj "I told you twenty times to keep quiet. Now donlt let me have to tell you a second time." qu...-........-.............-......-......... .. - - - - - -..-..-...-..-..-..-..-..-.....q. i I i V - , Compliments of ENID NEWS AND ' STATIONERY CO. I I I I I I Everything for School I 3 I I I I I N orthwest Corner Square w. F. Bradley I Phone 459 Open Evenings I . I I . . .!..-.....-..-..- -..-..-....-....-.........-..-... .-.,.......-...-..-.........-..- - - -..-np One Hundrefi Ninety-four ., . ...Wim V..-r"s,tv',--1--I-jj 'ff' ' ' , ,... ,L T" .F All w , K ' , , x,.f 'x.,..,................,. .. ., . ...,. . . , , ,. ., . hl1Il1 11111un1un:nn1nn-suis:-1:11-11-1:11nga? :in-1.-1.11ni.11ll1......,1..1,.,,1.,1,,1,,,i,,,!, 9 ll ! m Q R. B. Cole S 11 Trostel, Knupp Sz Co. i na E - Ii i Q Eg B00tel'l9 H FISK TIRES and TUBES i 5 S Fashion Plate Shoes ll DRIV-UR-SELF HURTZ CARS I an gg for Women. l l ! Qi Z Bostonian Shoes Pedrick Rings E Q for Men. 1 3 E Holeproof Hosiery 157 - PHONES -' 223 West Side Square, Phone 541 221-227 W. Maine e ' ---------------------------------------.:.-i.----- ----------------.---- - - ----.4 BOTANY Teacher: "What is the commonest fruit in Oklahoma?' Ed Walton: "Eggs," Teacher: Eggs isn't a fruit. Fruit grows on a tree." Ed: "Well eggs grow on a treef, Teacher: "What tree?" Ed: "Poultry," EMBARRASSING The height of embarrassment-two eyes meeting through a keyhole. ..-..-..-...-..-..-...... - -... ....-- ..-..- -.......-..-..-.- - - - --.-ns. I ! I CENTRAL NATIONAL BANK Q "The Pfrsonal Service Bankv 5 Q Q . ! 7 Capltal and Surplus iBl80,000.00 1 Q Corner Broadway and Grand I Where the Car Stops E ! l OFFICERS I l A. E. Stephenson, Prfsidfnt A. P. Wilcox, Vice-Prctizlcnt L Geo. Gensman, Vice-Presidrnt VV. L. Stephenson, Cashier H. L. Chapck, .4.v.v't. Cashier T. lVlcCreedy, 14557. Caxhicr J. F. Bundren, ffsfi. Caxlzier W. L. Schafroth, 455,12 Czzshirr K. E. Cooper, zfsslt. Cashier T I -- - -..-..-...-..-...-.--..-..-.. ----- .1 --.----- - -.--..,.f. One Humlred Ninety-five 4, I-n--m-111-nu-1n1nn1--1.11--1nn1nn--nu1un1-u1u-in-un-un-uu1n-uu-n.1un1-.-n.1n1n-uu-min Red Ball Bus i I Llnes i Phone ! I I I E For I L Information I I I I I D WICHITA KXIIITSTIS I 1.,..inn1 1 1u1nn1un1nn1n.1 ...,..,1,,,,1...1. PERRY, STILLWATER, PONCA CITY .-.....u-....-.........-.u-..........-........-...-....-....-..-.....,. 4. EFFICIENCY Mcrvhzmt: "INiy deux' Nizuiaun, I halve some cxcullcnt mouse-traps :uid-" Miss Smith: "But I clun't nord amy. I IIQIVSIIIT :my mice in my houscf' N1.C1'CI1ilIlfI UBut if Illildiklll wiahcs, I can furnish In-r with the mice too, and :it Z1 Ven 1'czxson:1hIc priccfi NO USE "Arc'n't you going tu have your child YIlCCIIlZJ.fCd?,, "No, indcccl. My cousin had In-r son vaccinated, anal it dialntt prevent him from dyirigffi "Of SIIIZIIIPUXEU 'KNo, he drownudf' 'S' ,.,..-.. ...... ........-.. . n............... ---- ..-....-.--..-.4- I I I I MCCO KAY Made the Photographs T for Enid High's T I FIRST AND LAST I ANNUAL I With nine others in between Most of them Prize Winners. MCCONKAY STUDIO I North Side Square 1 qs..-.. -.-.---- ..-..-.--.. ------------- ----- ------+ One HIlIIiZl'E1i Niuefy-fix 4...-.. -------- ..-.. ------ .....-...-........-..-........-..-...- .. -...,-ng. ! 'I' just F I AT SOURBEER'S CORNER I Congnztulatiom ami Bert Wiflzes for the Futura T0 the Clary of 1928. I "Lex" Sourbeer SOURBEER DRUG CO. I Phone 383 Phone 383 .-..-..-..-......-.. ..... ..-..-..-..-..-..-..-.. ..-.- ..-..-..-......-..-..f. THE ALTERNATIVE Jerry A: "I used to go to sleep smoking every night and burn the blankets, but I have heard of il good remedy." Forrest C: "Give up smoking?" Jerry: "No, take off the blankets." SOIVIETHING NEW Did you cvva see a Rastus flcail' "A Rastus flea?" "Yes suhl A Rastus Hcaln KC KC Well, ah sho saw a Rastus flea de other day. Bo, he sho fleud. Ole man Jones caught him in de chicken house." ugmui--1--1.1-I-in.--11-n 111111 uu1no!ao!u-u i11111111 1 -.. --lin? 1 ll 1 L E I . '6DAN" - "BAKE" li l I ll 5 ll DEMAND I I Good Hamburgers ji BETTER BREAD 1 Q and . , L! BAKE-RITE 1 I Chilli Q! Q T ig BREAD g Mock-Baker, Prop. ITS DELICIOUS g Corner Washington V d f I Raigolph All Grocers Carry It. Q li i I II E ! EI I -z----- ---- ------.------ ---- ----++---- ----------- ------1. One H umireil Ninety-.feizeu in-nu 11111:1111 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1..1..1..1..1. 1.11 I I I W E H E L P You Build Your 'Life Ideals Through Our Senior and I Young PeopIe's Departments of I the Church School. I I I I DEVELOP INTELLECTUALLY AT ENID HIGH SCHOOL- I -CENTRAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH FOR SOCIAL I AND SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT I I I . I I I CENTRAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH R. C. SNODGRASS, Pastor ' EDNA POOLE, Educational Director Cor. Broadway and Adams Enid, Oklahoma. I I mmmmmmwmmwp--- I 1 1 1.1.,,1..1.,1..1,,.1.,1..1.,.1. SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL DEPT.. I i . -QF.. I I CENTRAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH I 3 .1 I I FACULTY: OFFICERS: I Counselor- President-Forest Hendrickson. I Miss Vera Johnson. Vice-Presdent-Ruth Elliott. I Sophomore Girls- Secretary-Ronald Reed. i Mrs. L. L. Lounsbury. Treasurer-Leila Gartrell. - Junior Girls- Pianist-Florence Snodgrass. I Miss Margaret Edwards. Choirister-Esther Underwood. 'I' Senior Girls: : Miss Helen Stewart. COM. CHAIRMEN: I Sophomore Boys- Social-Earl Hedges I Mr. Wm. Musser. Program-Myrtle Harter. 2 Junior and Senior Boys- Missionary-Irvin Stevenson. 1:1 Mr. A. E. Underwood. Publicity-James Peterson. I Sunday School 9:30 A. M. Christian Endeavor 6:15 P. M. I EVERYONE IS CORDIALLY INVITED TO ATTEND I 4..-......-...-..-...-......-........-......-..-..-......-...........-...............-..-..-...-..-..- One Humired Ninety-eigbl -" '!' vi. 1111:-on-1-1 11:11:1010n1os1.n1n-n:nu1uu1un1l.1gq1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1..1..1q1..1q4 l E ID' 1 NEW PACKING PLANT Home of E SWEETHEART PRODUCTS 5 BANFIELD BROS. PACKING CO. i ENID 5 SCOTCH The tightest Scott-hman has been found. This one would not stand whsre h: could see his shadow when eating, beczxuse he was afraid his shadow would ask him for L1 bite. FRAGILE Miss Carlson: "How do folreign dishes compare with ZXllICI'lt'ZLl1 onus Cardiff Hitt: "They break just :ls eztsilyfl OF COURSE Mr, Daniel: "Name me CL liquid that won,t freeze" Ned Hume: "Hot water' ...-..-........-..-........ -......-.-.--.-..-.-.- .--iq. ID KIWANI CLUB One Hzmzireii Ninety-nine QM1-Ilia: ln:-ll1no?g!g ,41nn1nn-np1nl1..1..1gn.-u-min1 ... in, I i Willard Dunworth 5 1 '1 Q Worth Cleaners RED STAR FLUUR 1 127 West Maple None Better-Few as Good! PHONE 229 ENID BRANCH 1 -- Your Business Appreciated 1- . . 1 Enid, Oklahoma Red Star Mllllng Co. 0. C. Loutzenhiser, Mgr. .f...-...-..- - .-....-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-...-.1.i.4...-...-...-....-....-...-...-..-...................-..-....- FOR RUBBERNECKS Advertisement of Oriental rugs:- See the Beautiful Display in MTI -r 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 West Window, Eighth Floor. UNDERSTANDING "Pass your exam 'tlt was this wa "Neither did l. I!! yi!! Shake." GOOD NIGHT! mis is the bunkn cried thc hobo as he showed his companion the straw in the come: -..-..-..-...--.-..-..-. -..-. - -..-..--.-..-..- wr fmv CHRYSLER Sales and Service BERRY-TIDWELL, Inc. 310 West Broadway Enid, Okla. 557299 558099 Q..-..-..-..-.. ---.. - .. - Tfwo H undred - ..- .. 1 1 1 .1 1 lu-nn1no-ng.-u1uu-:l1u1 ago I-II 1--111 iiil 111-1 -1--11-11i11 u u 1 uf. I I Compliments of I . ' I I I I I I Idggtggggagig I ' I Enid, Oklahoma i I I 4..-.I --..-.....--.-........ ..-.........-..-..-.-i- CAN IT Miss Johnson: "Your theme on Fresh Milk is much too long." Perry Hyde: 'tThat's nothing. Illl condense it." SET Velma: "Why are the western prairies flutiv Ruth: "Because the sun sets on them every evening." STILL SCOTCH The best one on the Scotehinan is that the other day he walked around the square looking for n cheap post-office. IMmm""""""'""""-"MMI I I I : I I COMPLIMENTS 1 I I I I of I I f I MONTGOMERY WARD AND COI I , : I I I 5 201 East Broadway Enid, Oklahoma I I I I I I I I '!"""' 1 11111111111 111--1 11v1-111 I I -Nil T-wo Hmnirml One I 40:11:11 inun:nn:1:11111-nu--u1u1am1:11ulinin--un--nn-un1nvu:uuinninniuu-nn1un--uu1 in-n ,gg-1:1 1nn:nn1an1n -----111- u-uuinniul-un 1:1-111 1- iuxn? I I I I I ENID TRANSFER 8a STORAGE CO. 315 South Grand Avenue Phone 165 Suitable Equipment for All Kinds of Moving I I I I -:----- ----------- ---------------------N ------- --------r COMPETITION "Dead men sell no nailsf' hissed the tack manufacturer as he strangled his competitor. A GOOD SPORT "How would you like to sign up with me for lifefu was the way a baseball fan proposed. "Pm agreeablef' replied the girl. "Where's the diamond?" , NO FOOLIN' "The modern girl is not one-half as bad as she is paintedfl remarked Marguerite Hale. "ln fact, she couldnlt bef' 4' I CLARENCE WHITE'S SHOE SHOP - I, I Phone 537 - : I I Free Delivery H i x . I I I I I 207 West Randolph I I I A I . i . . I i I am not a minister T ' but I can save your sole. I I I I :iw-nu :11111111 i11-1111111- n n1nn1nn1uu1 - -un-I+ 'l Tru-0 Hundred Tm-0 v 45 gt? Nl sz et, 'if - ,,, t'A , n I , A ,,fQf5Yi2E' s . . . A 1...-...1 1 -. 1..1..1...1..1,,,-..q.1l.1..1.l1..1..1'gig'-.,..1..i,,...,1..1 -. 1 1. PON' ICE I L D N PE DE CE I RV SE BLE IA EL R R FO READY TO SERVE FELLOW STUDENTS: Not so many years ago I was in your midst, studying, cramming for exams, writing themes, drawing maps and doing other things as you know we all do. Sometimes I wish those now pleasant memories might have been a perpetual reality, but disillusionment came and soon you too will realize that your school days have passed all too quickly, and you will be turning to life outside of school for your livelihood, comforts of life, and your social contacts. When you do, please remember that the "Ice lVIan', is a friend of all and when you establish a home of your own, put him on your list as a regular caller, with his cheery "Good lVIorning" and bringing unexcelled food protection. Remind mother and dad now that Ice made from pure distilled water, delivered in freshly painted wagons drawn by beautiful black horses in clean, new harness, is a good investment in health, winter or summer. Also if your refrigerator needs repairing call us, we will fix it. Our phone is 188. - HENRY LQWE. CITY ICE COMPANY Office 319 W. Maple Phone 188 FOOD SAVE FLAVOR WITH ICE MONEY ANXIOUS TO PLEASE 'I SSH O HH FI SSH CIOOH OD S eL OIAI 'HH I HD Tfwo Hunzirel Yflree '!' .1..1......1n1n-nn I I .IOHN M. RUSH LUMBER Co. LUMBER, PAINTS, Builders Hardware, Electrical Supplies E 308-12 S0llth Grand I Telephone 37 Enid, Oklahoma -i----------------------------- ----- -----1--- ----- --1----------n-o---o- LIZZIE Lct me call you Lizzie, Pm in debt for youi Lot me hear you rattle, Ford, I know you do. Keep your headlights lvurning, Your tail-light, toog Let me call you Lizzies Fm in debt for you. ls it notoriety that IllZ1kCS the weather vane o!o1--n- -u-n-on-so-on ------1-------1--- - - .1 1 1 I THE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK I 1 I I 1 I I in T. E. VESSELS, President Enid, Oklahoma Capital and Surplus iIS275,000.00 OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS: OFFICERS DIRECTORS N. E. Crumpacker, Chnl. I Frank M. Belveal I ALBERT HIRSCH, Vice-President Floyd E. Felt i C. F. RANDOLPH, Viee-President F- J' Gentfyh 1 Alb t H' I FLOYD E. FELT, Vlee-Pres. and Cashier W it Jofjgton I E. B. CHAPPELEAR, Ass't. Cashier C. F. Randolph T EDNA R. KNADLER, Asst. cash.--Auditor E- Sanford . . V611 I H. E. KEIM, Manager of Trust Dept. T. E. Vessels I I cfuinl - 1n1u1n1ll:n Two Hundred Four -...1..1..1 -.nn1nu1nu1nn1...1..1.n1..1.lin.1..-...l 1.1.1.--...1.i 14.1 1 1 1 1 1 .- .. 1 1 1 1nl.....-gli...-.1 1.1 111:-.nul..1..11i.-11111..1...-.11111.-lui, DEPENDABILITY Since 1845 JEWELERS and ENGRAVERS to the SCHOOLS OF THE WEST THE VAIL JEWELRY CO. WICHITA OKLAHOMA CITY THfZZF s!m1---n1n- I l i RGUNDS 31 PORTER LBR. CO. 5 DEALERS IN E LUMBER AND ALL OTHER MATERIAL I T FOR THE BUILDER :L 322 E. MAINE PHONE 1054 .i..-...-..-..-..-....-..-..-..- - .-.-.--..-..-....-..-.. ----- -.-.--.--..-..--..-...- POWER Mr. Sears: fafter recitationj: f'Are there any questionsfi' Lawrence Reddick: "Yes sir. How do you calculate the horse power in a donkey engi e VANILLA Fern Breihan: "Ohl See the funny lookin' flshf' Billy Johnson: "Yeah, jelly fish? Fern Breihan: "I wonder what Havorf' Swinehart: "Do you know the lesson?" Dohs: "Yes, I got it all in a nut-shellf' Swinehart: "Oh! You memorized itf' ,!,..-..- -. -....-..-..-...-..-..-.....-..-...!..!.,.-..-...- .. -... ..--.. - -..- 1 I l 1 Call ii : : I , , I 1440 Bird Electric Co. When you get your next Specialize in Fine 1 FLAT TIRE i u I I The Goodyear Service Station. " LIGHTING FIXTURES Q HEANEY TIRE CQ. ii 211 w. Bdwy. Phone 937 5 Corner Broadway and Washington Z. B. BIRD, Prop. 5..-..............-......-..-..-..-......-..-..-.5.5..-..-..-......-..-..-..-..-..-..-. - -..- ,!,,,,.,,.. .. -..-.,....-..............-..-......-......-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-.... - -..- Q Q . ! 1 ' me 5 West Side Square Enid, Oklahoma DRESSES, COATS, AND MILLINERY i At Popular Prices VVe Apprccifzfe Your Busincrs clsuinlx-nlvuiul Taco Humireri Six 1.I1.g1.0.1pn...u1nn1un1u1uu1uu-.nu1un1nn1.l1n1nn--n1q..-ll.-. 1..1..1 1...- 1..1..1.p1l-1..1..1.,1..1..1..1..1,.1..1..1u,1,.1gg1 1 1 1 1 1 1-11 .1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1.1..1..1..1..1,.1..1..1..1.1..1..1..1..1 ..1 1..1m.1..1..1..1..1....-11I11.-u1,.1q.1I.1.11I.1..1.p1.g1,.1nq1g.1,g1. 1 KAXJFMAN an Exeell in Their Ladies' and Misses' READY-TO-WEAR GARMENTS Our New Dress Goods Department -is a Revelation. NO WONDER rr 1 1 1 1 ! 1 1 1 1 1 1 -1- Ruth Arnold: fAt breakfzxstj "I can't see why I failed in cooking this quarter. Father: fTaking a bitej "You must have llunked in biscuits." Our idea of the world,s softest job: Shoemaker for Lindbergh. NO DOUBT IN HIS MIND Darrell MeGugin: "Thercls one thing I like about my girl." Pete Miller: "Whatls that?', Darrell McGugin: "The guy she goes with? WHEN PLANNING YOUR LIFE WORK Remember ENID IS THE BEST BUSINESS CITY fRoger Babson Statistical Reportj in the UNITED STATES Your Opportunity is Here There is a place for Every Young Man and Woman YOU NEED ENID- -ENID NEEDS - At Your Service - ENID CHAMBER OF COMMERCE af I 1 E I L 1 l 1 1 1 I ! 1 I I 1 YoU 1 I E ! 1 -1- Tfwo Humlrefl Se-ve I- A - :In iiflQld:335:4e:xf4Qibf - A g :I IRIDIIHLQI :: :: Clmcker-edFzonQ Clmin Stores U :- I: DEPENDABLE MERCHANDISE FOR THE I: :, FAMILY AT REASONABLE PRICES -I - 4-I-III-I-l-l-I--IIIII-I-I-I-I--III-I-I-I-I-II-...III-I-I-I There was a young man named Meis, To balance himself he did eeaseg He fell out of his chair, beware, beware And thus he disturbed the peace. BLACK "I saw a Ixonan 1, ing down the street the other day and one side of her face was entirely blaekf, "That's impossiblef' "No it isn't. The other side was black too. '!"-"-" '--- ""'-""""-"'-"-""'!''!"-" "'-""'-' """""!' I , li l I A fe 11 . . I I . IW", I -1 Blue Blrd Cafeterla I . u I 1 I 7 M Il I ' b i' malicious and Refreshing l : l- if I V ,fs 11 . l the C SS! il Amf?C2:e5st3sE:2kSqi32Smg l . . or s l ' 'I I i :ll Keep a few bottles e f -'-'-' T in Everything Cooked by Women ! I 2.2. after housework l I Or PIHY' And 501' !3.'.I.ZZI111'11I11I21I11Z11I112.ZI11I11I11I11I1'.? ! -Rxix yourguestsapleas- l ! Q i X7 X QSM? surprise. i E KE E1 5 j ex S Million li j I ss R a Day gg McKAY DRUG Co. I l 526 N. Independence Ave. l COCA COLA BOTTLING C0 1 ENID, OKLA. - ' - g 512 S. Grand Phone 1105 Q Q i I A qu-.......-..-...-...-...........-..-..-..-...-..-..i..g..,-..-.. ---- ------ . -.--.q. Two Hundred Eighl i , 1.l1,11.g1..1..1,t,1ug1.g1..1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 13,1..1-q1..1..1..1..1...-gg ti' Something had to be done about filling this blank space, fabout marring its ! whitenessj. Surely there might have been a meek little bulletin strung along I the bottom of this whiteness as, "Polar Bears in Iceland stalking dishes of Puritan i Ice Cream." But why should we do that? You might have thought this publi- F cation borrowed from 'tCollege Craeksf' 7 Also anyone with enough humor in his soul to know Andy Gump is not 4 T funny on purpose-would rather quote The Quill Annual any day than a whole i Covey of f'Colleg: Cracks? 5 We didn't want to be so dumb as to spoil this Edition-for we got more i thrill out of reading it than if we received a barrel of fire crackers on the 4-th. : So you have the real cold facts instead. ! CHARLES AND JOHN PARKER, '21, '25. T -5- Pork and beans will meet tonight At Alton's Mercantile. Go to Knoweris feed store, If you want a good square meal5 Youill find all kinds of jelly At Sourbeerls Corner Drugg Go to C. E. Loomis, If you want a brand new rug. - - - - - -...-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-......-.... - - - - -..--4. Q ---"GIVE MORE THOUGHT TO MUSIC"1--- l l Wurlitzer i W0rld's Famous Small Grand i C. G. Conn Band Instruments Everything in Music i I CHE OWETH 699 GREE Lee Music Ciiifceliicgivsigll Music Co. 110 S. Independence i West Side Square I 4' Tfwo Hzmilreil Nine an THE CQIUSLL ANNUAL'28,DG 1 1 910241 " C. .g 4.4.4. 0.,:,5' 4441! lla 'oz I I 5 . ,Q -4 M 4'14 36,--vf..41 ! JAW' K .Q, ,K-...MJ as r' , If"-"C -.df Q " 72 24:21, . 2 7' " 4. K X5 4 ,Q P 1 A 4 I A -w if! J 5 ' ' 1 1 . f 5- E UU a,Wd 1 ,Q F f Ji' 'U' I Q M "' N 4 ' I l b R 1 A 1 4 a Q df 4 a 5 W if E 4, . WN - D LVURJQ-XL, I D . V I . J I I J. Q Q LJ f ' v i , , ,QU g 1 . ' W1-,a-cu' ' ,fe 4 H 4 ' , ' E T I . 'i . A f Qffffl 0 T Hwmlred Te ef' 4 Y x""""'-- as 'Miha-F Www fa an W f f ' f I GG ' , f 1 :Q Q! Qg -vxiiru. ' .9!,,-ir.L-1.-1.15,--Y, -1 gun.: ' jf -,-r M V! f .as 0 V , w ' WF? 1 A ' - .0 X ' . ' A x . .. fx- X fw0 W" Q K N ' , f i 3' ,, .-1, A

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