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 - Class of 1924

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, 9 f Q 1 ,' Y, ,, gl' Q' K 5 Q ., .,, s,. -,ua-4...- ' 'T.5',,-. ,, Mg "f if 1 . 311 ,vue , ,121 'Es . 1 wr, FT: V, - kc x ' , 1. . ,H wh ,Il 4- It l P I I . I 'If v , I A .' V A',. if , ' fi: F K 'l 3 1 Y ff "s K Il !4 , - 4,,A 'WN x . 7 'J ,gg ' aff '!Q 1 0f'fZffjf'7Vlf OL' ,- .! 1 , mf' I, MV q 4 I U W xv , , 1933! , Vik , , H M f-xyvfx Xix LIB Pxl S GGPYBIGET 1 9 2,41 GIIGGRGSGEHQJPLTR Qifzifzh-Mzbf BRUG6 R. 111119011 Bll,SY72e7'BfLQfl1zagQ'z' ri, x m y Q fi 3 W fx N.M.xmM, X lbgjfgfgj ffRQx f lak fm-Q H9244 1?wb1li5h61dl by 11179503 SCQHRHQDRV GRASS UUE'-1 Hmm mam mmmm CEHQIUID Q O 0 UIKIULSHI. OR KDORD in GMA' 15:0 , ,f - Throughout the year our ap- preciation for Enid High School has been strengthened as we have observed the students rejoice in vic- tory and show courage in defeat, Because we love the institution, we have purjzosed in this volume to re- cord sincerely' and simply the per- sonnel and activities of the 1923- ,vs N P - L s s . i J 7 241 4, k .'3. Nami rw.- -f '- ww x- f 4.. M. , af-H- ,eg ,T,,4,, .vw- - 4.49-3-ai. lf ' xXw,kse . s .lin fi , fefgi '15 AG" 24 school year. :gf 5 H "vw X . M. 5 - WW ' .V . -111, J X Mymx ALg?I,y, sgfrlvigjy ,C :,Qj,if.gg735 ,.,,, ',.M".,5i3:K.11::H..Nw Mix! A f fqrgalayllggfggygyj-.2,yW,,,,1M,f7.i mr V 1 g L . .W-.,f.:t-4 , ei- f"?:w.-Pg-iw,--,,.,,v JW .- Pr' 5.1 'X ' s",'sHi"i95iUfMs Ai-4e?4,'id'21' f " ,.., . , . , ,. 14,1 J X Q L xg - ,Q twain? li? . - 'fi 'ff . lif " 2 Y " ,Ag 1-Lf ' ff : , vt - Ph ' T f Ni A Os ' ' f ffFA' is Vifofifa- DA T L --f 7 , -if V Ft - -if - 15 f. 'al ,Lyn WMV?-1 r 4-x F,--21 ,ww lf 47 1 WT : v P- fa' f ' L R Qgl A 4 - i 1' ,7 ' " Q -f v 1" ., jfeetf N fy, s .t f . ,1 X: , ck,- oitbfs -- W A rv' ' 'K' A-. 'M X A UXLQN - ,sw X 45 4 W f' E? if 4 I OUR M O TIF "The aster .......W,f ,... .,,. .............. T ------- Laid magic by, and sat him dofwn, and 'wrote all t ings .....,, .T .... 4 ....,, - In one great annal-book ...,.. . f!,............ .D In compiling memories of Enid High School in this 'oolnme 'we have chosen as our theme Tennyson,s, "Enid, the Beaiitifnlj, and hafoe attempted to make our book as picturesque as the "Idylls,', and as beaittiffal as our belofoed City, Enid. As yon glance from time to time nlton the stalwart knights, and fair maidens 'who grace oar difvision pages, may you be reminded that Enid High School, too, has a tradition of honor as glorious as 'was that of King Arthur and his knights o f The Table Ronndg " ............ .,.e y on read the book! And evsery margin scribbled, crost, and cramm'd Witli comment, densest condensation, hard V To mind and eyes, e..,. e,,e to eeeee............... F, . s s s WMM DI HTIOII To one who has found a plaee in the hearts of all the seniors of ,24-, we wish to dedicate our annual. To one who has become our friend because of her beautiful character, rare personality, and the higher ideals she has inspired our elass to attaing to,-Miss Louise A. Wilson, we wish to pay this tribute. V V Y X X51 1 ' - .1 , XE, 'Q X ws ,Z Y l l"!5f'!'!W l. j YWMN v s f f s Vs ' v'?"tfa ' MISS LOUISE A. WILSON ORD 11 0113 ODI-CS Q SECTION BEAUTIFUL HIGH SCHOOL CLASSES ATHLETICS ORGANIZATIONS ACTIVITIIES LITERARY HUMOR ' f V I g1111W1 3 iff I W W f , , ff " ...111w,.1.11 'V A -AAAA X ' QM W Q' J ' if E lllllll X-QLANI 1 ui Q! W111l11111111IIl 'N T" 1O1111111I1"' f A , -is 0. if V """"""""""'. M. Aww-'?"'9"A0'n1'afr""'W -of-tif' - A N 'ww n 'N"- '9-T,-2 --mn-fn-Q1:,. P-M.:-91514 'Hfglfx' " . ,J 'MHA -"v',v+f"-i9'53-wm,w:'4:.1i. A If 152- ' 33, " . ..fm,:1:,a-Jax?-g6Sq,s5g 'M -- -A+-sig: hrizzvrfa :.'-swf, ,-"1" H Q53 V- ?i.:,f,q.f,sgLfw+-.... 4- :Age '?,.y.-1-.tug -Qtpf-fjmifa JjQ39f gJfafrQeww1vxxJfmx,, iff' lj M:"'.:,, -: ' ,:fmf24':1wf"'X ', . ,-,-,egg-111 " M'L'gfmw1:,f9w H , puff 4' Q . wm-w-p--d:'- ., .. - f,Hg,g-2Q.,,,,gQL3w,n,7V v M 11 .g 5. -' -I , v -f'- f- :l'1+i . 'Q fy . Szefef' ', " "?' " 1 -' 'fc 'F' ' ' ,A-Q, ' Q U QE tl H1 P 3'5"5'Ms. Q. S f Q'VQ C3 ,-, if ,' ' 'AQQQ Q. Q . ..,, ,L ,351 Y 5- Q: '5' , E S E5 2-. fm E -W QQ' 0 ff, is H- -.Q1gf,f,,4f1,,.M ff"-www Ss F V-L44.:g,, "' ,sw A-ww-F:M.f-WM,-,, . Q5 N 1 ,,, . Q 'M iw ' "' 'Mt cw R-1 'M - 1 S 'N Q M" ax N - fi N 2 S s ' d-ww W be SN Qwwmmww SN R w M s Sb " 'Q ,Mv- fa Q 'fi 'iw .W ' '- L ali 1352 E ETI 0 N EAUTIFUL fm '. wif:-. -. 'L .. ' x 'U4 f - , if T mm-,mm f 1 1 4 l 5 1 i a l I i ' aalzfaznaecf fagrczezf them " IGHM SCHOOL ,-W., 'w.:.,.,- 'wuv . qQfay.x.,gf , - 1. ' , - 1 'mwfww ., nwv-awww' Y mi Y Cyymf Men they rwzclzecffhe mmf zff1e7fng frimfejf 5.1 11.118111 4... s....0!..: Y 0' . uri? wpuvvv. qvvvvvn. I A AA.A,uvx v vvv v vp vvvvvvq uvvv vv 0,1 I .g' '72 . ..--tt. ' . . I- A BOARD OF EDUCATIION Every successful institution must have reliable men back of it-'men upon whom it can depend. Just so, Enid High School is guided by a group of able men, who realize the needs of the school, and are capable of meeting them. Their influence is felt every day by the student body and faculty. Working for thc welfare of the Enid public schools, the board of education tirelessly and willingly gives its undivided attention to the building up of the system, and has gained for the school the reputation of one of the best and solidest systems in the United States. These men silently give their best efforts to the selection of capable teachers, to the erec- tion of new buildings, or to any other matter, important or insignificant, that would help in the betterment of the system. A statue of memory will long remain in our hearts for the happiness and ideals that these men have helped to instill in our lives. Our high school is their monument. OFFICERS WM. M. RANDELS .,,,., .....,..,.,.,,.,..,.,,. ...,...... 1 . .President O. L. GREEN ,,,,.,,,....... .,...... C lerk of Board F. D. THOMPSON ,,,.,,,.. ,i,,,,,,,,..,,,.,,,,..........,.. ....,.... S e cremry-Treasurer l CODUWITTEES Finance W. L. PETERS GEORGE D. WILSON J. G.. FRAZIER I 'Z'eacher5 GEORGE D. WILSON W. D. HITCHCOCK A. W. RILEY Building and Groiimix J. G. FRAZIER VV. D. HITCHCOCK GEORGE D. WILSON Sufrly W. D. HITCHCOCK J. G. FRAZIER A. W. RILEY Rules and Regiilazions A. W. RILEY W. L. PETERS GEORGE D. WILSON I l I l r L i i . ,x,,-,- 'N Fifteen 11. I I' 11" ' ' ' 'N ' V v vs Y qv v v .vp i v v v v o w f v v vp v v,u,v.qu.v.s up vp,I.v.v upQrp.:,u.v.v.nv,v.-,'pp,v,1pp, q 1 u 0 L .J N , , Q 4 1 N N SUPERINTENDENT E. D. PRICE ,N 1 1 ,V w v ,,.,.,.,,,, ,,,. . . .N f . ., , , , L44 " 'l' ' fill ' ' fl ' ' lfii' ' A 11' Q K sEra'-'Q'h'rx'l'n'rA'A'A'n'a15'l'n'n'A'Az'a'n'A'a'lQ-umm".-rr: Sixteen I . Jw A A Agvmhf-fvvN'Z'7A23-N1Xf5fv'-'3-A,A1"f 1175.5 2'-f ilEQ?'2-Q-fvlikgiv fa. Zifilif I C . EM I , -fi I CU . . 'f3iSl1..1y 55:55 x-Q52 25,5 g5Zi'2QfI?fl I I I3 if lj .WT f, ,I I I I I 'I II ji ,. II ve 5. II If I Ia ,II II I I I I I I I I I I I. II II I I I I I I I I I I EI I II I II Ii' I I I PRINCIPAL DeWITT WALLER I I ia In I -'I- I , .Q I I I ,. .I I, vim. rrfrng 411 111 gg 5 5 44 ' A H W i imn .YiVvi i f Seventeen 7 Ilia!! Us!!! V'. v 1. .lvlv vs vp vvvvv vvpvvvvvvvwv I I v U vl A qv ,nu HAIL! ENID HIGH SCHOOL Hail Enid High School! Noble and strong. To thee, with loyal hearts fwe raise our song! Swelling to Heaven, loud our praises ring, Hail, Enid High School! Of thee fwe sing. Majesty as a crofwn rests on thy brofw, Pride, Honor, Glory, Lowe, before thee bow. Ne'er can thy spirit die, thy fwalls decay, Hail, Enid High School, for thee fwe pray. Hail Enid High School! Guide of our youth. Lead thou thy children on to light and truth, Thee, when death summons us, others shall praise. Hail Enid High School, through endless days. ef ll'l'l'A'l' ' ' ' ' 'I' 'l'A'Nl'l'i' 'l'l'll'l'l' ' 'l'l'l'l'l'll'l'l'l'l'l'l'l' l'l'l' 'l'l 'l'l'l'l lll'l'lIIIll'l'A'A'l4l"l'l'l'l'l'l I'A'l'l'l'l'l'l'l'l'L'l'l'l'l'l'A' 'l'l' ' 'lvfflv Eighteen ij vi ifrr , vu -Y v .1 up nl as 1111112 ,f ' fi 0 f' iff -1-f-13. rl fa H chew L -'f'1'!f11ru5 , WQJXEI fa 5 - HIUUH y : E 1 if., N- Eg 1--" JM- Q- 5 - Y 'Q : 3 S Z if f ff , - , :iv . 'ls' 1544,-.'i7" f-:f2fL'f:.-A .-1 14 t X . W uykzzij l -.gay W, --" an n l n n rid- Y f Y Zvfliytgi- 4?4f,b- A n 'M' ' W' ' A A l' Klllnll' l' 9 " Nineteen f'1"Z,:"""'fII"i"T'1T""l1::?"1"'x:,'-4 --'-f V m--A------'--- - 1-1 :Jia--2 ' V -ww-f-A 5T"r3..:.xf-o3:5v.tf!f2-:fiKfkffvicfgiifig .n5'UUU1U-7719 E ,AD.44i3',2 x gi A if ii. S. Ria gg' 1 L! lv il l ? Y W5 ls it LAURA M. GRAVES LESLIE C. MELLICK Latin Botany-Latin 1 y l University of Iowa, Ph. B. Phillips University, A- B- N I : F ' if if . EARL L. WARD Vocational ELLA JOHNSON Kansas State Manual Training Hisfofl' Normal School Phillips University, A. B. ' I ins' "VSV 1 " rv-'ram rim' 'fri ihwnrnlwirrn-rnwn A xvnfA'n'Ay.'n'a' Twenty 6.iEa.HE v:u-v, Qovr"xT'7"i , V' gi E ii I , 1 XJ 1. C CSM' ,. Ixxi., ,7 55 10.6 1 l in GRACE FORD TRUMAN R. LEE in Biology Mechanical Drawing " phillips University, A. B. Oklahoma Agricultural and Nlechanical College i, E. ii IRICE BUTLER GRACE M. SMITH Librarian Mathematics Phillips University, A. B. University of Chicago, A. B., B. S. l 'aaa ' 1' 31.K'l'li'l'l'L'l'l'l'A'!'A"Sill'I n'vA'nu'afuu'a'n1'vafuuwA-swim'n'scn'a'A'A'A'd'6'h'A"i I i.1"',:..Cm.' Twenty-One P 'Q U .A,,,,,,, .ml Ilvv v vvvv v vv vvv vvvv vvvvvv vvvvvvvvvvvvvuuu v 0 1 1 E if un. HELEN LOUISE SLATFR VERA HOYT Journalism Latin-French University of Missouri, B. J. University of Kansas, B. S. MARY HELEN STEWART ALICE HAMILTON English Spanish Oklahoma College for Women, A. B. Southwestern College, A. B. l I lllAllll'l'l'l'l'A' V l'l 'I' l'.llll'..'llQ l'l .iii lvl fl'.'l'l'.m'l LI ll r :lvfl Twenty-Two C Mullin .mu v.v.v.v.v v.v,v,r,v 1 I U I I I vvv uv v v v v v v v v v v v X . .U,v vvV v vv vw v m1 Q.- .nu MQW' l LOUISE A. WILSON CHARLOTTE.KRETSCH E . English nglish U . , f K A B University of Oklahoma, A. B. mlerslty 0 Zmsas' ' ' 5 l if LEON R. VANCE NELLE MOORE Athletics-Physics Domestic Art-Domestic Science Oklahoma Agricultural and Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College, B. S. Mechanical College, B. S. . Fi' ra fd H ,, ,W , W , , ,,, H ,V A ,,. , c..,,,,,, ,Wm Nc., M-, .. ,,.,,.,,....... . ,,..,.,-,,.,,.., ,l'l'lX.W'l'l' l'l' 'l" 'l'l'l"l'l'l'l'U 'l'l'1l'll'l'l' " l l'l'l'l'C'l'l'fQ'Q'l W l'." l'l Y .'.' I Y 'll ll A ll ll Twenty-Three 9:3 if 5 3 lI?m'T2727 ,,-..,a , ,-,..... -, ,.,,,.,--W.,..-.,. ,.. wr - fakxrf, mi, gg- 3:.r:u:1f:rfgff,rf7-fzf.,i .T I, II, . I jaw, . mia , F I I .I I I I I I - I ALICE CARLSON CATHERINE EVANS Home Economics I f I I ,, III Il: I ! III II II IIE III I2 I 1. II I. I II I, I If I II II 'III I I3 ,II DORA EDDIE BUFORD History I I University of Oklahoma, A. B. School Nurse Oklahoma Agricultural and A Buttle Creek Sanitarium Mechanical College, B. S. Training School BEATRICE KING Secretary to Principal V I ,n 'I A A' l'l'l'l'l'li'C'l' "' 'l'l'l'fl'I'l'fl'l'lll'l'fl'YL'l'fl'lu'fflT''hi'i'A Twenty-Four - I , , ' ""' L ' W ' 1 ' - xAfxAJiAAA FLQQAA.l.gQ,,gQCD.,q,L1A,ux.g..UcrcAJUQFT11LAL7TFK1.. . .f.A1,A,. . . Y f..kAA.AAJvN.AAf-A1 'V' V 'V' vvv v v w v v 1- Kim ,-..-an .21 MADELINE ALICE WHITNEY Chemistry-General Science University of Oklahoma, A. B. OPHELIA ELIZABETH OVERSTREET History University of Indiana, A. B. University of Oklahoma, M. A. ,1-ww 'A 'eww Aw V . Z. ,Jig 'Lt N.. MABEL WELLS Teacher Training Oklahoma City College, A. B HERNDON F. DONNELLEY Commercial Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College Q 0 v nan J5 Twenty-Five s-rug I V 'U V1 -'fb uni X I tml LENA B. HANSEN Mathematics University of Michigan, A. B. BLANCHE KENNEDY Secretary to Superintendent D 'x'x:if'1?'rr'E-nt:'Sf'.Efjh,7,:rxij31Tr1'1o':r FRANCES FEY Music Kansas City Conservatory, Rcthany, Northwestern G. R. BONHAM Band I If l il I lllllllllll Ill All I Ill Bill Ill ii W, ,W C ,HW Y, Y , , , , , , ,,, , ,,,,, , .. , , ,,.,,,.,, W, , .. -ff ,,,,.,A,.,., . . .- ,...,. . . . . , ........,. , ..,............... -. . . it... . . ... .A . v . . A .A A, , W f Twenty-Six , nn , ,,,, ,, Y Y v vvvvvvv v vvvvvv v vvvvvvvvv vvvvvl l A -.. EDNA A. ALLEN MAYBELL R. NOYES Home Economics Slmllisll Kansas State Agricultural College, University of Arkansas, A. B. B. S. GUY H. DICK A l924 Commercial JESSIE DOUGLAS Bowling Green University, B. C. S. English LaSalle University Washburn College, A. B. W.. . .n K.. . .,.,.n- .,. . Y Tn - - I f L - J '.."Mfl--1"',-!'i 1- "f' 1 'ff 1 fjgg i y- 'gym "' " ' g g 'ffyy "' "' X 'g f1'ffy'yy1 ' 1 ' 1 ' 1 ' 'y'1"1'1'x1'i L 123- L 3 5411 " WM 'Q Twenty- Seven qw, 9 - I-5: H f 41334 Y l 2 l MRS. MAURINE BLACKBURN WILUAMBPME' SHANE 9 , 1 e f Commerml Phillips University A B B s - . . 1 ' '7 - - Missouri State Teachers College, B. Pd. University of Missouri, M. A' P .' . C. L. DALKE DORA JOHNSON Matheinatics English Phillips University, A. B. Phillips University, A. B. A "" " . n f ' ' "" 1,5 "' ' ' f ' H" ' " W' ' W ' ' sf' ""' I ' ' ' - mf" V ' f -A -.fl-.AT vs. 1.-y f -pg.-pg i nf Twenty-Eight . 'Til' .v.v.mvs.umvsm1.v.v v .vyvv vvvvp v vv vv v vs H vvv v v v v 0 Q' nflxs RUSSELL HARP History-Science Phillips University, A. LEON K. WHITNEY Public Speaking Baker University, A. B. N B w M. LOUISA ZILLER Domestic Art Kansas State Agricultural College, B. S. Q lllllll Al'lW.Vl'A'h I' ' Al' ' ' ' l' 'l'l' 'l' ' 'I' 'l'i' 'll I l'l'f ll I ll I ll Ill Twenty-Nine .!.1.v.2v,v U U U! v v v v vp. -1 V Y v.v v v v v v v v v v v v Q v v v v v v ty, 03.1 U.v,v!.v.l.1.U!y.!U.U1.03.1l.v.UJ.O.vx.I.tvs.lvJ.l'.'.5'.'4'.'-'J-'A'-'A' ' , 4 , 1. , W , E ,f 1 r ' ' L.pl ' A A'l'L'h'A'A'A'l'l'l'll'l'l'l'l'lT'l'l'l'l'Nl'l'lll'l'l'fQ'I'l'l1'l'l'l'1'Q'l'l'l'l'l'l'l'l'l'l'l'l'l'Kl'1'l'l'I'l'Q'l'l'l'A'A'l'l'l'l'l'l'l'l'A'l'l'l'l'l'l'l'l'l'l'l'A'L'l'l'l'l'A'l'l'l'l'l" -'A'h'l V Thirty Clofzfead gff00wyZz4061Q1 oonumfaozfn JQ4cAjZ'ne referzfe mm' na5le' rafmanaa wx N A - WiI,4f-.avi-n,,,W::ash: .H W, X Ymff-if , 'wsuifiza L x M W1-Wm. X ' Aff: , , W""'5f A 4? ,gwwfi JM? ,, ,w"f , V ,, .. 'ff?5Zif?f"??22-3,:3.--y"' Q-f rw'PWi!':mfg5qWf'q1i?w1fw9i3"5' 'V ' k f4:,9iLfifi1iglf " 5 .,,-4 ,,, Q. U" .1 if ll ovvv vv 'nir M N ! fl 1 ,X xy? ff X f ' Q QQ? Z! I QWb N- f ' x 'ff N w Ny. 1 , WMI M I fl Q f f ? f ' ff 'P X X fxff w X' W 0 Q' 6 Q , ' 0 0 o 5 'Q . 1906 9 I 0 G Svws 0 0, U 0 AW . ' X Zi Q. Y I 6 1:0 X 0 523 0 Q 6 45100 0 W' Sb' Q 0 f N O QW ! 0 05 ' W if w f9' rvJ11 ' lfv vh.., TtO k ,L 'I U vvvvv vvvvvv vsvv v vvvvvvv v vvvv vvvvv vlvlvv v UML Uv 1 I... C -Q nl SENIOR 'CLASS OFFICERS BILLY HARRISS HELEN BOYD BRUCE R. HINSON President Secretary Vice-President , THE SENIOR CLASS The fire of learning has thrill'd the class so bold And kindled all the members to things untold5 The new leaf ever pushes off the old. The Hre of learning is on the dusty ways, The wayside blossoms open to the blazeg The whole world is one full pcal of praise To this, the mightiest class of all the years. ,. I an , S l N Ly! QA in A A 'n'A'A'rA'n'n' 1' 'A ' X 'A W- ' ' , .wg . Aw. Thirty-Two . ul 1924 , , ,vv.v.v.v.v.-.-vv v vvvvv vvs. vv v vv vv v a v -flu - CARL ANGLIN Senate 3, Sec. 45 Intersociety Football 3, 4. " ...,... he will lift us ,....... F' RUBY ELIZABETH KIRK Hi-Y. W. 1, 2, Glee Club 3, 4. '4 ,..,,....... tall with bright sweet face." l ETNA HEATH X . Hi-Y. W. 45 Virgilian 4. W "I ............ have served ........... .we-ll? IRMA WELDON Katahdin 3, 45 Glee Club 4. "There is the nightingale. ....... " GENEVA REYNOLDS " ..... ....... 1 oved thy courtesies and thee? ALVIN HUME Forum 3, 45 Intcrsociety Football 45 Band 4. "- .......... thou art royal." An' ' 'A "" fn' 'l'A'A'A'l'A'A' 'A' 'ATA ' ' 4'n'n'n'n'n'A'n'n'an'A' ' ' 'AWA ' 'rn' "' 's'a'a'a'a'n'a'n'n'A' ' 'KA' 'rl' 'rsl'l'l'l'l'1'A'A'l'l'l'l'A'A'A'A Nl'l'hl Thirty-Three A I 924 - - " ,- , .xr I ui Tf' .,,..V Q ai. I, PAULINE REYNOLDS 'KAnd spoke sweet Words ....... " OLLIE MATHIS Forum 3, 45 Hi-Y. 2, 3, Sec. 45 Intersociety Basketball 4. "So rich a fellowsl1ip,...-... Holy blestf' WILLIS A. PECK Forum 2, Treas. 3, Pres. 45 Quill Weekly 35 Quill Annual 45 Intersociety Debate 3, 45 Intersociety Football 3, 4. "Was ever man so grandly made as he?" DELL WILSON Hi-Y. W. 3. "A rose ........,., ,and this was wondrous fair." RICHMOND LEE Forum 45 Hi-Y. 3, 45 Glee Club 4. "So make thy manhood mightier day by day." FRANCES ASKEW Erodelphian 1, 2, 35 45 Hi-Y. W. 1, 2, 35 Sec. 45 Glee Club 3, 45 Operetta 3. " ...,.., and that clear featured face was lovely." Thirty-Four cucxnoruvt AgtmJta.Q.v- fvyv-Iv-AAKXAA Isfds- W , 'f ' ...... T fs, 192 PEARL BRANHAM Hi-Y. W. 45 Quill Annual 4. "Manners so kind, yet stately." BERNARD JOHN RHODES Glee Club 2, 35 Operetta 25 Band 3, 45 Track 1. "M, ....... thou shalt see the vision." CHARLES COX Forum 45 Football 45 Basketball 2, 35 Track 35 Intersociety Basketball 4. "Well that ye came. ....... ." LANDIS FLEMING V VVebsterian 2, 3, 45 Hi-Y. 3, 45 Ciceronian 35 Quill Weekly 45 Glee Club 45 Operetta 35 Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Band 4. U ...,.., who thrum,d On . ...,.., a Wire as musically as thou? MURIEL SWARTZ " ...,.....,. hold me for your friend." THOMAS L. RICHARDSON Websterian 1, Z, 3, Treas. 45 Hi-Y. 2, 3, 45 Quill Annual 45 Glee Club 35 Minstrel 4. "Friend, he that labors Has little time for idle questionersf' - ,,- ..,.,.,....,..,. '-fn - " ' 1 ' ' '.iQt:Ey:L.r.z,L1,t.,x.xL:.ufJ.:.:.tsix1g.g3.gZx.gg.g-Lq-,k V A,AL,YL,,,,,7,,,,,,t,a,.....,..t..,,m,...ff.....,-..-.K--ws Thirty-Five F. ,, " ' ' ' """""'-"""W"A"-'-'F-'-Y-'-'-'A'-'N.'.v.v. . vv.v. .v.v. rv, vpsx. . 1 v. . .uvpvmvmovpnn . mv. .qv.v.v.v1p ov. .v,vvpa,u, ,v,-,- 1 7 4.32 E924 11" l li if l ls! . E il , l vu i 2 GENEVA JEFFRIES Katahdin 3, 4, Hi-Y. W. 1, 2, 35 Glee Club 3. "She played about with A......, sprightly talk, And vivid smiles." THATCHER PLOOF Forum 1, 2, 4, Sec. 35 Hi-Y. 3, 45 Quill Annual 4-5 Intersociety Debate 2, 3, 45 In- tersociety Football I, 3, 4-. "Reign ye, and live and love, and make the world." ETHEL ELVIRA SLOAN Katahdin 3, 4-. " .......,... ,the noble damsel smiling." RALPH MAYNARD "Thou hast ever spoken truth." ESTHER GROVES Ciceronian 3. "Fame ....,....... Being but ample means to serve? EDWARD MONTGOMERY Forum 1, 2, 3, Sec. 45 Hi-Y. 4-5 Ciceronian, A Vice-Pres. 3. - 44 ..,,... let me fly discaged to sweep ' In ever highering. ..,......., circles ........... , To the great Sun of Glory." Qlr 9Y.1'l'l'l'l'l'flT'l'l'lVl' ' ' ' 'l'l'Ii' 'l'l'l'l'l'L'l' l'll 'I ' ' ' ' 'I' 'I' ' ' 'l'lA.l'I'l'l7l'lflfYl1fi'l'iTl'l'f'ff5iiAfl'KlvlqlllIff 'l'll Thirty-Six U cvuvvvvuvyv-vqvvvlvdvvvii D A ICU. 'U' v vvvvv.vvvvvvvuv .vvv.v.WV-1X "4 I 9 LEON DAUMAN ASenate 45 Intersociety Football 4. There rose a hill that none but man could climb." Ct WILLIE ELGIN Hi-Y. VV. 2. ".... ........ one fair daughter." ARLINE FUNK Hi-Y. W. 45 Ciceronian 3. " ,,,,..,, she was happy ........ ." FRED KLINE Senate 1, 2, 34 Football 45 Intersociety Basketball 35 Booster Club 45 Track 3. H... ...,..,. this noble princef' ALDONA BAKER Erodelphian 3, 45 Hi-Y. W. 2, 3, Cabinet 43 Ciceronian, Pres. 35 Glee Club 3, 4. "One of noblest manners." EBER HIGGINS Glee Club 3. "One ............ of loyal praise? I 1 I 'x ll ll! llllllllllllll 0 O I 'll fllllhllllllllllllll Allllllllllhlll lllll'lll'lll'lAll!l'l'lHVK'lll .N , Thirty-Seven -ENZD .M be 72707 TTIKDT1, 4' . " be 'L.,,,, ,,,,,,,,, 1.25, LUTIE LAMB Katahdin 3, 4. "I can promise thee ..-.....--. uttermost obedience? WILLIAIVI S. TINKER Websterian 1, 2, 3, 45 Intersociety Debate 3, Intersociety Football 3. "Rain, rain, and sun! a rainbow in the sky! A young man will be wiser by and byln MARY GRAY Class Sec. 2, Erodelphian 2, 3, Vice-Pres. 4, Hi-Y. W. 2, Sec. 3, Cabinet 4, Ciceronian, Vice-Pres. 35 Glee Club 3, 4, Basketball 4. "As great as those great ones ........ .D LEONARD O. DAGUE Websterian 35 Football 3, 45 Baseball 42, 3. "Set his name High on all hillsf' ESTELL H. FOX Websterian 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y. 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 3, 4, Operetta 3, Intersociety Football 3, 4. . K ............ out he flash'd And into such a song, such fireful flame." EVA HERRIAN Katahdin 45 Hi-Y. W. 2, 3, 4. "Made a pretty history to himself." Thirty-Eight AA Y 5rf:x7Qx1c:mc'oc1r,-cm7cJcz:1c1c7lTJQ17fff 7L'g7vxx1': l 1 ' N I I ' I Lexar!! DELL SHOCKLEY Forum 3, 4-. - " ...,,,, surnamed the courteous r, U LOUISE CARRUTH Ciceronian 3. "Her beauty is her beauty ....,... 'I ' WILFRED EVANS Forum 1, 2, 3, 4-5 Hi-Y. 1, 2, 3, 4-5 Glee Club 4-5 Orchestra 3, 4-, Band 3, 4-5 Inter- society Football 1, 3. " ...,....... .as noble as any of all the knights." FERN BRADEN Katahdin 3, 4-5 Hi-Y. W. 2, 3, 4-5 Glee Club 3, 4-. "Had yet that grace of courtesy .,.,,,. U MACK SINGLETON Websterian 2, 3, 4, Quill Annual 4-5 Quill Weekly 35 Orchestra 4-. "I once was looking for a magic weed, And found a fair young Squire ' GRACE LELIA HAYEN - Katahdin 3, Sec. 45 Hi-Y. W. 1, 2, 3. "The pearl of beauty .,,, .D 4'n'o.a a ' 1 "' Y- -- H ' -' ' " ' H 1' - 'e - 59-1111-4,H11-inyy'f,xlx-gTrif9tQLi11Lx1f1xxx'c4.Lux:ori:-"A D Thirty-Nine A Q '?3 u fo - I 19?-45 ZULA LEE OVERBEY Erodelphian 3, 4-5 Hi-Y. W. 1, 4-5 Ciceronian 35 Glee Club 3. "A rose with smiling face .... -. " GILBERT RICHARDS Websterian 1, 2, 35 Hi-Y. 2, 35 Football 4-5 Intersociety Football 2. "Kindly man moving among his kind? MABEL MARIE GAYLORD Hi-Y. W. 4-. "Seeing her sweet and serviceablef' PERCY MOCK Senate 1, 25 Hi-Y. Treas. 2, Sec. 35 Glee Club 2, 45 Operetta 25 Intersociety Debate 2, 4-5 Intersociety Football 2, 4-5 Booster Club 4-5 Baseball 4. "Being mirthful he, but in a stately kind ....... -." DOROTHY R. NICHOLSON . Dramatic 2, 3, 45 Hi-Y. W. 1, 2, 3, 4-5 Virgilian 45 Glee Club 3, 4-5' Operetta 35 Minstrel 45 Intersocholastic Debate 35 In- tersociety Debate 3. - "One among many ....... D KENNETH R. MEADE " I Ciceronian 35 Virgilian, Pres. 4. "I have fought for it and have it." Forty W' ' ',f,2"T 'i'TcLfg3ii1'A' ' NOAH 'W 'lb' v ' O N vvv v vvv v I ' - ya .-.... IRENE ELIZABETH EARNST Katahdin 4s Hi-Y. 2, 3, 45 Quill Weekly 4. "Tender grace and statelinessf' FRED SPICER Forum 45 Football 3. " ,.,.... live,,,--.and make the world .... ,A 3' MINNIE REESE Katahdin 45 Hi-Y. VV. 4. " ..l,,.. ,such a grace Of tenderest courtesy? HAROLD PORTER Forum 45 Band 4. "Fair words were best for him." I ELLA WELLS i Dramatic 2, 3, 43 Hi-Y. W. 2, 35 Inter- society Basketball 25 Booster Club 3, 4. "Sighs and ..... smiles, ,and golden eloquence? il JOHN HUSTON Websterian 1, 2, 3, Sec. 45 Hi-Y. 2, Sec. 3, 45 Quill Annual 45 Football 45 Inter- society Football 35 Track 4. "For bold in heart and act and word was l I he 3' A F "X N Forty-One 1 if .. . , ...A fs? I tri T1'7'l'l'. .fK7U77'X. ., . .. :T Q-Wm-'mu c ,13'?iZ13T.KU' 7?y MARTHELEN LEIGHNOR Katahdin 2, 3, 4-5 Hi-Y. W. 3, 45 Vir- gilian 45 Girls' Standard Oration 4-5 In- terscholastic Debate 3, 4-. "Beauty such as never Woman wore " VERLA PERRY Hi-Y. W. 4. " ..,,.., the tendercst hearted maiden." JEANETTE PARKS Hi-Y. W. 43 Glee Club 35 Orchestra 3. "Hereafter ye shall know me ,......, 3, FRANCIS WEST " ..,.... ,thou art a man W 'I THELMA D. BAILEY H. P. and K., Pres. 4. "Noble am I ........ .D CLARK HELMICK Ciceronian 33 Quill Weekly 4. Stay, my best son, ye are yet more boy than man." CK fa "Ula-T ' C7359-ir ,, Q W.Q-.-Q'A I 'WI Forty-Two :lu l9?f5' GENEVIEVE EDITH CRANE Katahdin 3, 4, Hi-Y. W. 3, 4, Glee Club 3, 4. "She, with a bright face ,,,,,,,, 3' BEN CALLOWAY L Forum 1, 2, 3, 45 Ciceronian 3, Inter- society Football 4. "This king is fair ,,l, U MARY EDNA BEGGS Dramatic 45 Hi-Y, W. 4, Glee Club 4. "They c:1ll'd her Fame, ,,.,... 3' RAYMOND BRYANT Websterian 1, 2, 3, 45 Ciceronian l, 2, 3. " ....... .a lad were noble, ....... Y, CLEO EARLEY Katahdin 2, 35 Hi-Y. W. 1, 2, 3. " ....... .dark in hair and eyes am I ,,..,,,, " VIRGINIA GAULDIN f'The course of life ........ so flowery." Y,5jywy,y,1fify31y-p Forty-Three 1924 IZJ KATHERINE C. MILLER Erodelphian 3, 4, Hi-Y, W. 1, Cabinet 3, Pres. 4. Now I see what thou art, Thou art the highest and most human, too." KC DELMER ANDERSON Class Pres. 1, 25 Websterian 1, 2, 3, Vice- Pres. 4, Hi-Y. 2, 3, Sec. 4, Ciceronian 3, Interscholastic Debate 4, Intersociety Debate 3, 4, Intersociety Football 4. " ....... .a name far sounded among men l For noble deeds? DENNIS MOORE ' " ,.,,..., welcome to one knight But newly entered? RUTH SCOTT Class Sec. 1, Dramatic 1, 2, 3, Vice-Pres. 4, Hi-Y. W. 1, 2, 3, Cabinet 45 Quill An- nual 4, Operetta 1. "We marvel at thee much, O damsel." DOROTHY MAE SHAW Erodelphian 3, 4, Hi-Y. W. 1, 2, 3, Cab- inet 4, Quill Annual 4, Quill Weekly 4, Booster Club 4. "For which of us ........ could speak Of the pure heart nor seem to glance at thee?" OLIVE ATHELADE DARNOLD Katahdin 3, Pres. 45 Hi-Y. W. 1, 2, 3. U ........ she that rose tallest of them all, And fairest? C frnvnvnmn' 'A'A'nAwA'A'A'n' lllfil' ini' lan-na' 'll'l4Y' ' Al' iii' ' ' 'Q' 1' 'An' ' r ' ""' ' 'A' ' ' ' 1' ' ' - -"""" 'A rum-r. Forty-Four IQMU. .. ..,, . is '- u 1 vvvv 1 w vu v vo 1 u u v vow 0 vo vu 1 u 1 nv v mv v v,v v.v.v. v - . .v zv.v.v,v.v.1 v v,.mv.v v.v.v v. ..v.v.mv.mv.1v.m'.vmnvs T -1 1 n MALCOLM BLACK 1 Websterian, Vice-Pres. 3, Treas. 45 Hi-Y. 35 Glee Club 3, 45 Intersociety Football 3, 43 Booster Club, Pres. 45 Intersociety Basket- ball 3. "'Obedience is. ...... courtesy ....... " DOROTHY KNIPP Katahdin Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. 45 Hi-Y. W. 1, 2, 3, 4. " ,....... for true you are and sweet Beyond mine old belief in woman. ...,,,. U BRUCE MIXON Websterian 45 Ciceronian 35 Quill Annual 45 Quill Weekly 4. "Wonders ye have done ,.,... " DALE SHOCKLEY Forum 3, 4. "Ideal manhood clothed in real man." ALLEN RUDE Forum l, 2, 3, Sec. 45 Ciceronian 35 Or- chestra -1-5 Band 4. "How modest, kindly ........ accompl1sh,d ..... -.. 3' HAZEL HACKNEY Eroclelphian 45 Basketball 4. "That service done so graciously ,...,... " . l " I Az'm.vA'A'A' 'A' 'A A' ' 'A' AA' ' ' 'A'A'A'A' ' ' 'A' 'A'A'A A' 'A' A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A Alllll All ll I Forty-Fwe ,M ,ww-N s ,Aft 4 ag., .-5. l9?4 I '-' , V l w FOSTER MILLER Websterian 4, Hi-Y. 4-. "The fair beginner of a noble time ,,,,.. " MARGUERITE CHAMBLESS Erodelphian 4-5 Hi-Y. VV. 4-5 Quill Annual 4-5 Virgilian 4-. "And she easily believed good in friend or foef' EARL WARREN VVebsteri:m 3, 4-5 Hi-Y. 3, 4-5 Virgilizm 35 Glee Club 3. "But when he spoke With large.. ,,,..,, words, B,yond .,,, tongue to tell ......, " HAZEL J. BECK Katahdin 2, 3, 4, H. P. and K., Vice-Pres. 4. "Have power on this dark land to brighten itw i 73 RALPH JOHNSON CC One Word of loyal praise " LUCILLE SHACKLETT Hi-Y W. 1, 3, 4. "WW, she :L slender maiden? Forty-Six ,2-4' C xx'.o-g1MmQZ.'Um-,.x M.-.1.1vt1cr11t'13g,yt.. rn M,gcgvgx'5or-Tf5L1Aif,yUt.-t,g::7f:at,x.JoxA.fqoy:7Qe,yu A., ,sr ELLA MAE MEECE Dramatic 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y, W. 2, Cabinet 3, , 45 Ciceronian, See. 3, Quill Weekly 4, Glee Club 3, 4-5 Operetta 3, Girls' Quartet 4. "Hadmarvl'cl what the maid might be ...r.., ." EUGENE CHANIPLIN Websterian 1, 2, 3, Pres. 4, Quill Annual 3, 4, Interscholastic Debate 3, 4, Interso- ciety Debate 3, 4, Intersociety Football 3, 4. "Our noblest brother and our truest man." EDITH CLEWELL Katahdin 3, 4-5 Hi-Y. W. 1, 2, 3, 4. "Fair and fine ,.....,, ." EUGENE IVICCONKAY NVc-bsterian 4, Glee Club 4, Football 3, 4. "Arise go forth and conquer as of old ,,,.... .U LUCILLE HENRY Erodelphian 4, Hi-Y. W. 4-5 Ciceronian 3. "And,lo,Iclothe myself with wisdom .....,. ." VVILSON M. RILEY Senate 2, 3, 4-5 Hi-Y. 4-5 Intersociety Foot- ball 3, 4, Intersociety Basketball 4-. "Name, manhood, and .,,,. grace. ,...... ." ,- .Jh- 19 3 's - a Raw. . 1 - " ' r ' ' N wziw T -'incur-'4'ul'n.'wu1ms.anu ' v "1'II1Y12'1g1y,yL541g ' ' ' Forty-Seven MumA . ki -, l-. , L LD ' vw v ' Af A ,Ao ' J W 'C v- :vnu 'iris' G. HAROLD WHITE Forum 3, 45 Quill Weekly 45 Football 2, 3, 4. "Thou strikest a strong stroke, For strong thou 'art and goodly ........ withal." MABEL SINDERSON Erodelphian 2, 3, 45 Hi-Y. W. 2, 3, 45 Ciceronizm, Pres. 33 Quill Annual 4. "I know not which is sweeter ,.,..... ." CASPER HESSER Orchestra 45 Band 4. "Blow for our 'Sun' is mighty, ..... 7' MAMIE CURB ' Katahdin 2, 3, 45 Hi-Y. W. 35 Quill Annual 45 Glee Club 45 Basketball 1. "Content :tm I .....,.. ." ROY KING Forum 2, 3, Pres. 45 Inersociety Football 4. "And ..,... ,had visions out of golden youth .r,. .,.. . " MARGARET MCELROY Dramatic 3, 45 Hi-Y. W. 3, 4. " ..,,... a little maid, A novice ...... ,..'3 Forty-Eight , Q v vvv vnpvvvvvvvvv vvvvv vv vv , ,1 qv l MEARL KENNEDY Senate 1, 2. " ,,..... .answered graciously, And makest merry ,....... 3' MARGARET SMITH "Me you call great ..r... . I' HENRY SWIGERT Websterian 2, 3, 4-5 Hi-Y. Football 3, 4-. " ...,.... his ways are sweet. 3 5 Intersociety 93 LENORA BENTON 'F ,,,... a noble gentlewoman ....... If BILLY HARRISS Class Vice-Pres. 3, Class Pres. 4-5 Forum 1, 2, Vice-Pres. 3, 4, Hi-Y. 2, Treas. 3, 4-5 Quill Annual 4-5 Glee Club 3, 45 Operetta 3, In- tersociety Debate 3, Intersociety Football 3, 45 Booster Club 4, Football Manager 4-. "Have proved him every way One of our noblest, our most valorous, .,.. -.. ." VIVIAN CAHAIL Hi-Y. W. 2, 4. "Fair and fine, forsoothln K ll I I ,151-. U 07 1 l - V - ' - - '13, V., Ama... - - - A ffA'A'vg'smrl 1'n'a'n'A- n A" ' , ' rr wl Y Y Y aj Forty-Nine 5 kf,f1yVQ-A A -M I 2 I I I I I I +51-'HM-AbNM'WUxAF,,XX,,F1f'CZQW54UQQUU:JUoviAiJjt . 'Fw WY W YVYV, WY JOE HARTER Football 2, 35 Track 2, 4. CC ' What might I not have made of thy fair world ........ Pl' I-OIS CHADD "For manners are not idle, but the fruit A Of loyal nature and of noble mind? I FLOYD FIELD Websterian 25 Glee Club 2, Operetta 25 Football 45 Basketball 3, 4, Baseball 4-. 4'Courteous as any knight ....,,., ." GOLDIE STAHL Hi-Y. W. 45 Ciceronian 3. "One who came to help ...,..., " ,OTIS ALLEN Class Pres. 2, Forum 1, 2, 3, 4, Intersociety Football 4, Booster Club 2, 3, 4, Football Manager 3. fi ..,,,., , a Prince, indeed ......,, 3' LORENA M. CREIGHTON Hi-Y. W. 35 Glec Club 4. "She grew so cheerful." f - v l V i A rl A'l'A'A'l'A' Al ra A Nlwrn NAIA A A1 A ll snmuui ' Il A A 'v IATA Fifty ' usmwzvr.v.vm.vvv vvvv , vvv vvv vvvv vv -L ,IRA vvnu vvv vvvmql I C'--' . t NELSON DENEND Websterian 1, 2, 3, 4-5 Hi-Y. 3, 4-5 Cicero- nian 3. "Mau amIgrown,aman's work must I do." CONSTANCE ROWE " .....,,,,.,,, thou hast ever answcr'd courte- ously ..,..... .W BOYD BROOKS K .....,.. for such As thou ...,..., is the vision." VERA WATKINS Ciceronian 4-. "Yet a little maid ..,.,,. " GEORGE BAKER Websterian 1, 2, 3, 4-5 Orchestra 3, 4-5 Band 3, 45 Intersociety Football 4. A "Born to the glory of thy name and fame ........ 3' ERMA MAE ARBUCKLE Katahdin 1, 2, 3, 4-5 Hi-Y. W. 1, 25 Basket- ball I, 25 Intersociety Basketball lg Class Basketball 1, 2. "Glory in each new glory l.l,.... " 1 l : Z C H: 2 :I - lx: :II I- Exlzrzlzlrmili ,Z:mil-.:ln-!::':l'!':.Lx1zlxxlntxxlcxxxxi'ix' xnilrkx' 111311311 gym ' ' AAAA A AA Flfty-One 5wA, W... . ll? Estee? R. KU. 5 51' 7 gifl ,ififb t J 3925! will i l 5 S r n.NJ,mrQ,f. aww-'NX MQW M iii at gh ELBERT HORNER Forum 4, Glee Club 3, 4, Operetta 3, Boys Quartet 3, 4, Orchestra 3, 4, Band 3, 45 Intersociety Debate 45 lntersociety Basket- ball 4, Baseball 4. " ,,.,,.. .a voice as of the waters ,,,,,,. .U le MINNIE POWELL ' Katahdin 45 Hi-Y. W. 4. "She is noble .,,,..., Y' l li JACK HARRIS lt Basketball 4. "The wise man that ever saw ,.,,,,.. " 41 .ig V INEZ MOULDEN Hi-Y. VV. 4, Class Basketball 1. ? "Thou hast a pleasant presence ,,e..., " l 3 li ORVILLE DEE W Senate 3, 4. " .t,,,,., and he ight for this, Be like he wins it as the better manf' 5 , - I 1 IVA IREY Q Hi-Y. W. 4. gl UO damsel, be, ..,,,,, wise ,,t,, " J Fifty-Two ,A . A 'L-xfT 3 5 Q 2 il I :li ' ! U I ,m,,..,,l 5 Y if 1..1:...: 1 'Y 'TT .N fi,-UV. fm-isflh . ,J ik ,, V. 11.1 4: sf- ...L ,. ' -4 'IPP liwfi -. ,,.. ,fm il? li" DEAN PHILLIPS Forum 3, 4-5 Quill Annual 45 Quill Weekly 4. "The bright face of a blooming boy. ...,,,, .D W I FARINA LATTA il Dramatic 45 Ciceronian 3. l "Beaming tenderness ...,.... 3' Of manners and of nature.. D all zu Ii 351 it l i 1 CARLTON RATHMEL I 1 "QOur 1nightiest,hath this quest avai1'd for ' theeiy' i LETHA BRUCE 3 G "She might have seem'd her statuew ' F is i i CARLTON WEST 5 Ciceronian 35 Virgilian 4. I "Instant were his words ....,,, D 52 . 5 2 GLADYS ANNA BAKER Katahdin 45 Hi-Y. W. 45 H. P. and K. 4. " ....,... what prohts me my name ,,..,,,. Y' 5 l w I 1 , K3'.K'l'Al'l'l'7'l'l'1'l'fSl'l'fll'l'l'Ali'il'l'l 'run reni n " Yw fffff-T W Fifty-Three M4 1.5 51 I.. U I 1 vv V Us v , vw vv uv. vgvv-, , J v u v ol vp .- . I ROY JOHNSON Forum 3, Treas. 45 Hi-Y. 35 Virgilian, Vice- Pres. 45 Glee Club 25 Operetta 25 Orchestra 3, 45 Band 3, 45 Intersociety Football 3, 4. "His work ,... .... vs -'as great ,,v..,.. .H NIARYBETH BALLARD Katahdin 3, 4-5 Hi-Y. W. 3, 4-5 Quill Weekly 35 Glee Club 4-. "Ever spake pleasantly .,..,,, D CHARLES CRANE "Noble among the noble ,....., 3' FRANCES BENNETT Hi-Y. W. 3. UA woman, ......, trusted." ANSEL CUMMINGS Glee Club 4. " ...,,.,, him Ye scarce can overpraise ........ 4' GEORGIA MOULDEN Hi-Y. W. 45 Class Basketball 1. 'Y ...,., ,sallying wit free flashes from ........ 39 her. ....... . Lf . kg ' 4 l'l'l'l'A A'l ' 'Il' 'l'A'l l'l'l'l2'l'll'l'lT Kl'l'l'l'l'l'Sl'l'l'l l'l'l'l'l l'l I" il I O I I I l'll C l'l I l'l A"l"i'i'l l1'l'l l'l'l'l'l'll ffl'lllvl1l'l'l'l'l'lu'fl'l'l'fff -Q11 Fifty-Four C - T157UVl7:1T5CTKTFEUUV I i924 .A EVA MARIE CHERMACK Hi-Y. VV. 4. "Courteous in this as in all ..,,,.,, " HUGH J. SINCLAIR Forum 3, Vice-Pres. 45 Hi-Y. 2, 3, Vice- Pres. 45 Football 45 lntersociety Football 35 Intersociety Basketball 45 Track 45 Base- ball 4. "The most ........,... loyal friend in all the world ........ .33 MINNON HIRSCH Katahdin 1, 2, 3, 45 Hi-Y. 1, 2. 3, Treas. 45 Ciceronian 35 Virigilian, Sec. 4. "And seeing who had work'd Lustier than any, and whom they could but love ........ 3' BUCKLEY RUDE Websterian 3, 45 Hi-Y. 2, 3, Treas. 45 Ciceronian 35 Orchestra 45 lntersociety Foot- ball 4. "He rose, ...,.... A head with kindling eyes above the throng. ....... ." LILLIAN MEHEVV Hi-Y. W. 4. "Thou art fair, my child ....,,. " RILLA SMITH Dramatic 2, 3, 45 Hi-Y. W. 1. " ........ lovad and honor'd most ........ ." g A F .I iAvA'A'a'A' A'nu'A'A'4' YEA' 'A'A'nA'A'a'A'A'n'A'Arin '4'i'Awl'A'A'ra'n'n'A'n'a'n' ' U "" ' 'A ' NA 'V T AW f V WW' H ,W 12' X i f D Fifty-Five . Vjgxrrro-.4..e2'.fQ, f.f..U. fm. ii A ,cc-.A Q i f SARAH RAREY Dramatic 1, 2, 3, 45 Hi-Y. W. 1, 25 Glee Club 2, 35 Operetta. 2, 3, Booster Club 4. "The flower of all the West ....,... .W CLAY COURTNEY Senate 4, Intersociety Football 45 Intersc- ciety Basketball 4. "The man was princely ......, " VELMA HAYEN Katahdin 3, Vice-Pres. 45 Hi-Y. W. 1, 2, 3. "Such service have ye done ....,... ." . MAX ALLEN KEY l Senate 1, 2, 3, Pres. 4, Hi-Y. 3, 4, Intersc- 1 ciety Football 4. "Victor his men Report him ........ " GENEVIEVE HOLCOMB Hi-Y. W. 45 Intersociety Basketball 4. " ....... this gentle maiden ........ ." DOVIE HILDERBRAND " .... .....the most nobly manner'd of all ...... -- " Fifty-Six m AA AA I. AA X A1'D.kJef.AAA HAZEL MAE RlCHARDS Hi-Y. W. 4. "But the meek maid Sweetly forebore ........ " BRUCE R. HINSON Class Vice-Pres. 1, 2, 45 Websterian 1, 2, 3, Sec. 4, Pres. 45 Hi-Y. 2, 3, Vice-Pres. 45 Quill Annual 45 Intersociety Football 35 Booster Club 4. "A square set man and honest, and his eyes, An outdoor sign of all the Warmth with- in 33 DOROTHY UTSLER 4' ...,,,, she was a great lady in her land ,....,. 3' LLOYD MCKNIGHT Websterian 2, 3, 45 Hi-Y. 2, 3, Treas. 45 Ciceronian, Pres. 35 Quill Annual 45 Or- chestra 45 Band 45 Intersociety Football 4. "We have heard of thee5 thou art our great- est lenighlf' MILDRED ALICE PARKER Hi-Y. W. 45 H. P. and K. 4. " ,,,.... and what I will I can .,., 7' HELEN POPE CC Sweet .,,..... and with all grace ..... U +4 I Uvvvv vw Y vv U vvv v vv3.'u ' Q a ,Af fi? ,-flu I .1- Fifty-Seven 1 , W, . ,, A Y f N ,.,,.-..,...,,,....,,....,,. .. . . . . F" .KIXXA iAAJ1f,AAA A, 'ITTJTX LAAAX7xJxAETjC7'?vvX A. A33'7TiC?Z i TRYZTSCI .-I 3T1"f3'JIi'5 3" ""X.'T1'l"!?T1E'E'l3.A 4 -'D I .nw 11924 VIOLETTE PEMBERTON Dramatic 3, Pres. 45 Hi-Y. W. 3, 4, Inter- scholastic Debate 3, Intersociety Debate 3. " .....,. .loyal to the uttermost ani I ........ .U JERRY FISHER Forum 1, Z, 3, Glee Club 4, Football 2, 3, 45 Class Basketball 1, 2, Track 45 Baseball 3. "Mere gold ........ but this was all of that true steel Whereof they forged the brand Excalibur." DOROTHEA V. HOUGHTON Erodelphian 3, 45 Hi-Y. W. 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 3, 4, Operetta 3. U ........ fill'd up the gap where force might fail With skill and fineness ........ . IVAN WEBER "The flower of bravery ........ 'l SUE BROWER Hi-Y. W. 2, 3, 4. "All brave and generousw " MARIE MOYERS Erodelphian 4, Band 4, Basketball 4. "VVrought ........ All kinds of service with a noble ease That graced the lowliest act in doing it." CA-H .... .... , . 7 .M.. , .x . Fifty-Eight I A l"l I' I Ill' AA ' ' ' Y A ' ' ' ."l'K'A MMJLAAAA HAZEL WILLIAMSON Hi-Y. W. 3. "In all as cool and white as any flower ...... ." DAVID H. FUNK Senate 3, 45 Quill Weekly 4-5 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Operetta 1, 2, 35 Orchestra 3, 45 Intersociety Football 3. 45 Intersociety Bas- ketball 3. "The flower of man to serve as model for the mighty world." RUTH ELIZABETH BEBB Basketball 1, 25 Class Basketball 1, 25 Inter- society Basketball 2. "Did her honor as the fairest fair ...... W GLEN VVATKINS Websterian 2, 35 Hi-Y. 25 Orchestra 35 Band 4. " ..... ,mall that makes a man a man." ELVA WELLS Dramatic 2, 45 Hi-Y. W. 25 Booster Club 3, 4-. "I will make you merry ....... " ALMETA SNYDER Hi-Y. VV. 45 Glee Club 4. -.....,.tender and true...-...-." 1uvJJxA31QA vuvvv vvvv v' v Uvgug A C , nn l9 IQLZJYV W VY Fifty-Nine on U. U1 U U vv V vt .vvvvvv v vvvvvv.vvI v v I tiyplbrs Q. ugtvsrmvvs Quvls J C1 uh: 4 9 .VIN AUDINE H. DREW Class Sec. 2, Dramatic 1, 2, 3, Sec. 4-5 Hi-Y. W. 1, 2, Quill Annual 4, Operetta lg Basketball 1, 25 Booster Club 2, 3, 4. " ...Y.,.. this Was liner gold than any ...,..,. " ERNEST VAN PELT 1 "There breathes not one of you VVill deem this prize of ours is rashly given ,....... .H l ESTHER LEWIS Erodelphian 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y. W. 1, 2, 3, 4, l Glee Club 3, 4, Intersociety Debate 3. Have ........ power on this....,.....world to make it live ....,... ." HAROLD L. GEIS Class Pres. 3, Websterian 1, 2, 3, Vice-Pres.4-5 Hi-Y. 3, 4, Ciceronian, Pres. 4-5 Interscholas- tic Debate 45 Intersociety Debate 2, 3, 43 Boys' Standard Oration 3, 4, Intersociety Football 3, 4. "Who with mild heat of holy oratory Subdued l,,..... ." PEARL RATHER Glee Club 4. '4 ........ those first days had golden hours for me ........ ." HILDA MILLER "Gracious lessons thine ,....,. " CJ' Sixty vasvsmwvssmvsvmupuv v tlstvsmvv JJ.. .vl.vwv.lv.!-V- M-"' v 3 HELEN R. HUGOS Hi-Y. W. 1, 2, 3, 4-5 Glee Club 45 Quill VVeekly 3. weet maiden, shore away clean from her forhead all that wealth of hair ,,,,.,.. .U Us CARL WATKINS VVcbsterian 3, 4-5 Hi-Y. 3, 4-5 Orchestra 4, Band 4-. "Thy life is whole ,... W FLORENCE E. WAGNER Hi-Y. W. 2, 3, 4, Glen: Club 3, 4-. "And I ,,...... have strength and wit ,,,..,, " GEORGE STIERS Football 4. "A stalwart baron, " MAR-IORIE KERSS Katahdin 2. "So sweetly gleamed her eyes .... U MARY TAYLO Erodelphian 4, Hi-Y. W. 4, Virgilian 4. "For the deed's sake have I done the deed, In uttermost obedience, ,,,,,,. .U Q K W ,VK C ,C , ., - e .. .. vnxvrr ' ' 'NA' ' 'Ax Am' AWA' 'A' ' 'A' 'A' ' A A A Sixty-One JAM VELVVV -U W N..-,.,,- "IL,7UQ3X..Z,,,, . sl +4 ... f'- 'W - f - ---- H- 5 W ,.,.aa,,.,,,., La.. , .,,,,...,.,.,.. ,, ,.. ,Y ,W If - Y- -if -J .:1.a,.- ,,L.,,.,,j,jyyJ ' W, Yytfuvdu W A vis - , uns THELIVIA ASHCROFT Dramatic 45 Hi-Y. W. lg Glee Club 3. "To her that is fairest ........ 3' LLOYD EDWARDS Class Vice-Pres. 25 Websterian 1, 2, 3, Vice- Pres. 45 Hi-Y. 2, 3, Pres. 45 Interscholastic Debate 45 Intersociety Debate 3, 45 Glee Club 3, 45 Operetta 35 Boys' Quartet 4. " .....,, ,for by the state And presence I might guess thee chief? IVIYRNA REAMS Dramatic 45 Hi-Y. W. 4-5 Glee Club 3, 45 Girls Quartet 3, 45 Dramatic Reading 4. "And in those days she made a little song." HUBERT BRADLEY Senate 45 Intersociety Football 45 Basket- ball 4. "But tho't to do while he might yet endure ,....... ." JUANITA STARTZMAN Hi-Y. W. 2, 3, 45 Ciceronian 3. 'fClear honor shining like a dewy Star of dawn ........ " MARY HOBBS Hi-Y. W. 45 Intersociety Basketball 4. "I am the happiest of them all ........ .D Kg ,H Siicty-Two A , .,,,, ,.. , .,,,,r Y -rm' FAYE SHOCKLEY Katahdin 45 Hi-Y. W. 4. "Silence is wisdom. I am silent then? RICHARD BEACH Glee Club 45 Track 4. "Be thou one of them Be one indeedln LELIA BLACK "Fresh as a Howei ,,l, U ROBERT WALKER Ciceronian 33 Orchestra 4. "His work was ..,,,.., great ..,,,... " EDNA WHEELER Hi-Y. W. 4. " ...,.,., for good she was and true .,... " VESTA BROCK Glee Club 3, 43 Girls, Quartet 4. "Sweetly could she make and sing ......, U J Sixty-Three l L""D 'Ein' 2 'I v vw Il vvvv vmmv vvv vv vvv v vvvv vvvuv . 0 W 11 uv' vw vw . , J :- HZ.. ' r G KARA WINIFRED ANNING Hi-Y. W. l, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 33 Quill Annual 45 Quill Weekly 4. "Her briffht hair blown about the scrioi face Yet rosy kindled ....... U IVAN REYNOLDS Senate 3, Sec. 4. "The wise man that ever served ." MARY ALICE CREVVS Kzitahdin 45 Hi-Y. W. 45 Glee Club 3, 4. " ....,,, all her bearing gracious ,r....,. .W HAROLD HEDGES Ciceronian 3. "Full merry am I ..,Y.,, U JOSEPHINE CAMERON 3 Hi-Y. W. 45 Glee Club 1, 35 Operetta 1, "Find a woman in her womzmhood as great ,,..... ." CECILE OPAL BLAKE Hi-Y. VV. 4. "Manners so kind, yet' stately ,...,,,. " Sixty-Four D 15 o- ' In our great hall there stood a vacant chair." 'ikAfxAAAA , 1 U U .v. .u. .v.vnv.v,1v,vt U U I 1 Q 1. mv! I vmnwvv V V 7 W AAA 'UUUNA 1 GUY HUETT Forum 1, 2, 3, 45 Football 2, 4. "There came a year of miracle, O brother, HELEN BOYD Class Sec. 3, 4, Erodelphian 2, Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. 4, Hi-Y. W. I, 2, Treas. 3, Vice-Pres. 4, Glee Club 4, Interscholastic Debate 3, Booster Club 4. ' " ,..... , pride and glory filled her face, her eye sparkled ........ ." HERBERT KENT Senate 45 Band 4, Intersociety Football 4. "Did mightier deeds than elsewhere he had done ...,.... ." . LOU WILLIAMS Erodelphian 45 Hi-Y. W. 1, 2, 3, Cabinet 4. "That knows not her own greatness ....... .U LOUISE SAYLES Katahdin 4, Hi-Y. W. 3, 4. "-...,,. courteous are ye ..,, D..." VERA JOHNSON Katahdin 3, 4, Hi-Y. W. 3. "For large her violet eyes looked ...,.. " ,wx - 2, nu 1 Q lllAAlllhlllllllllllldlllllll lllllllhllllllffll Anna A NLIAIIAAIIALIIIAAAIllllllllllllll lllllllllll Sixty-Fx ve A KA' " 'A A523-XAA 1!L'Xl!?JGv-.Am.'yxfXAf,1vOxAA.k4Y4 Agfa A . Lfgygy Ai U.. JML -r ...pl ll Nl ll Y ARTFORD LYNVVOOD HASKINS Class Pres. 1, Forum 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, Capt. 4, Basketball 1, 2, Capt. 3, 4, Baseball I, 2, 3, 4, Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Athletic Association, Pres. 3, 4. " ,..,..., thy name and glory cling To all high places like a golden cloud, Forever? , ELIZABETH HENNINGER Erodelphian 3, 4, Hi-Y. W. 1, 2, 3, 4, Quill Annual 4. " ......, adored hcr ........ as the statliest and the best And loveliest of all women." WIRT L. PETERS JR. Websterian 3, 4, Hi-Y. 2, 3, 4, Quill VVeekly 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Operetta 2, Orchestra 4, Football 3, 4, Baseball 3, 4, Intcrsociety Football 4. "I have made glory mine ,..,.... " CLEONE CARTER "For thee to yield thee grace beyond thy peers ........ ." EARL WALKER ff, ,r,,,,t noblest and ..,,........ truest ...,.,A. " RUBY STOTTS "One ....... fair and strong .,,.... 3' ll AAAA P ,Av....,,, ....... , , , Y N Q , ., V "' WM H 'VY-Y A, 1 mnwran g ' v-V I V ... A ,Av- SiXtY-Six I ,x,vxA.QgAA1LxAJvxA4AgxA 1-Ux,xA,xX'K7KXJKA. ENIU H7 4J92Qb r.1.1. 1. .uQ ' .4 ".ug3Qc,aa..w ' j 4.4: ' Sixty- Seven If-M .. 'ITUTM-I 'J-N4!DS?Z1-44A fvgL5KaA4v-1fLxA554eMvviiic,'ggt7mAMv1 . . ' .v.v. .vnn1o,n. .up1.1-pp...vp.-mv,-,,..',,.,L-,.,v,,i-Mug,-. . 'f TQ i r fl .-,, 1- s iw V3 3 ,vii i THE SENIORS There is no school like Enid High, Wherein the light of day lies. There are no hearts like Enid hearts, Such hearts of oak are they. Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers full of hard experience, V Comrade-could we stay a little longer, ii For as yet we've much to learn, ll And not sail like birds of passage As toward the light wc come. ii The morning whisper of the class thunders l On and blossoms in the zenith it To her whose gentle will has changed our fate, ,L And made life a thing worth while. The like of this school and all around it, On earth we shall not find. l 5 ,." G' ,QW N Twig ' M n VMLV v V rin A VVVY nan-n n nn Annn ' A4-rumA-rnwrern-vfy. Sixty-Eight i f g r111MJW-NMPvWWMvvMANXDTfVvfX'EF-F-KJ'9UQUiJ555CffWT r ln U W HGH? 2 3 il 1 !s Q 1 3' Q, - Q Q ff? 12 lg ' Q u ' q ' gy? ,ff . f f g i 1 A I a A . N f I vi 11 Q9 -J-S X 5. '45-T .-4' 0 115 3'5,iEQZr' 1-1 3' "x- " f" I Q V X 1 - L1 V if' ' V 1 ,ff t 1 ffz- if-2.2 "-"' .'.'.A..'f-.'. :'f:fef-iF:1H2-1 '1" ga Q 1 f.' lfifzi' "' fp 'X :':: '?'-: fi' MIX' b ' .,.. X P -ffl Pig 1 I E 'mvf' n'r4' A'rn'rA'a4' n' W ' ' ' ' f ' -H' ' ' ' ' ' " M' " ' ' ' ' " ' " " A' 'Lf .Q . W,.- .mJQ',w Sixty-Nine -. We .... l924 nmvpvu 1 0 vv A vw www v L , wvwv' , vwv,v,vv-.yvpv Al - un. ...J JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS ROY SHAW DOT CANSLER JOE LYLE ROBERTS President Secretary Vice-President THE JUNIOR CLASS The blameless king went forth and cast his eyes On each of all whom '24 had left in charge, He looked and found them working-hard- To keep all bright as heretofore And in their chairs set up a stronger class, And rested well content that all was well. P L Wir- W-W W V H V Y V , 1 ,, ll I I ' T 1'l'll'lAOiYl'KAl I' O I' ll ' ' ' 5 fl' Seventy U uvuqquvvvv 1 vvvv vv v vvvvv vv ' .1 U LUCILLE LEE WILLIAM DIMICK GLEN ALDRICH WARREN WORDEN NANCY KUNKLE MARVIN BODES EARL BLACKBURN CORA FORTNEY 'JIRGIL BARRINGER FLORA FINNEY LOUISE ROWLAND EVELYN O'MEALEY 11.1 ,v v mv 1 I .. -.0 , ' Av "'N,,v.v. "U-. ' ' 'A" 411 ' M fr4'n'n'nf rrrr My L ' V ' , ,V ,MM .... , Seventy-One , . LA.-..kAJJ.fCf.,xA fuOUIL1-,I-C1 A.AAA nil. 2 4 11 ii ii: 1 J DOROTHY FOUNTAIN ANITA GALLAGHER EDWIN MEHEW CAROLYN INGRAM PAUL GODDARD MYRTLE CLARK DOT CANSLER CLARENCE SCHULTZ THELMA DIENER FRANTZ MILNER IMOGENE LACY LEO ORINGDERFF H 1 A'!"l'l'AW'l'L'l'f!'l'Kl'l'l'l'l'l'l'l'l2'll' 'l'Nl'KA'l'lUl'l'l l'l'l'A'l'fl'l' ' 'I' 'I' ' ' ' ' 'l'l'l'l'l'l'lhl'l'A' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' 'l'l'l'l'l'l LIILQIIIQA Seventy-TWO ,,,,,.,N,,,,,,11,gv-A vvvvvv vw vvv vvv vvv 1 vvvvs.v.vs.v Q A qw MILDRED NOWELL LOUISE WHEELER LYLE SWARTZ LOUISE WOLFE GLEN HAST IE TURA WEHLING CHARLES PARKER LILLIAN SMITH EDWARD MQKINNEY FRANCES JONES RAYMOND PHILLIPS WILMA FRANCISCO A AAA BASS 'AAANAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ATAAAA A ll lllll All lllllllllllll I U , ....... ....v,. . .. . V.-A ,.,,.,..,.....A. .-.1--,Q--3-' -' " Al I Seventy-Three - Q 1 -vu Jun 9 AAC KI X K I X RTEFLAAXA 1kfAkfJxAJuxAlxA1k.f.JxQAJgJCKTT7'Ff AfTX7'3-. V' K""" A""'A' 'jf 'i'I"Z U 7 1 3 O lllllll I' lllll HELEN BARBER ALICE BOLENBAUGH WAYNE KENT ELSIE JOHNSON RICHARD WOLFE BERYL BROWN MAYNARD FULLER FLORENCE HOLEMAN WILLIAM DAVIS RUTH POTTER DON N IE LONG MAY ROEVER , f Adv..-v...,.,... . w--...f ' ' 1' 'W' ff' ' v ' V . Y, I ' f , .. - . - . ' - A A A Seventy-Four uuunuvsvv msw,a.u.ruv.n.!.1v.vv V sv vv NELLIE CLINTON VIRGINIA WATSON M ERLE OGLE MARY HOPE HERBERT SHIRES ' MARGUERITE GRIFFIN EMMETT WILSON GLADYS LINDEN GEORGE TRAMMEL WILLA J. CAMPBELL CARL ALDRICH RUTH BODES XIQQ 4 Y If Seventy-Five 0 .... .r-Gu , f IL - ,, ' 778170 J. v.v.v.v.v.v.x'.mv.u.v.v.v.u.r!.u.v.v o. ,o 4 vpovvmv 1.1 .v.v.v.v LQ .. 41 I 9 PAN SY DUN KLE FRANCES ELGIN HARLEY SMITH ELVANA ROBERTS OLEN CORBIN FRANCES COOK CARL GILTN ER ETHEL BERTWELL CHARLES JOBES AUDREY MCINTIRE BESSIE FIN K J. W. GREGG AAA'l1'A'A"A'A' in lirllilllllill 'lii1lilAl'lll'l'l' 'Aint " 'I 'A ' ' -h ll 'A ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' 'fn' ' 1' 'swung A A ll in Seventy-Six A: ',,,',,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,. , unvvwvvvovu uv opvvvv v vvmvvvvvvvvvv.vvvvmvvvvv.vv'vvv1 C6 mn. N TH ELMA MALTERS LOUISE GORDON HOMER BUSH GERALDINE VANDEVER FOSTER ELY KATHERINE KOOS GEORGE GROVE AMY CREWS. CLIFFORD ENTERLINE LYDIA HENKE MADELINE PRICE LEO BRAKHAGE GPS 'E,x,v.q-5 rr 'rr ' ' ' mira' 'rA'A'n' 'A' 'A' 'qwrr ' ' ' rn' 'trim' ' 111' ' 'A'A'A'A'4'n'AwA'4' 'Ira ' l 'I H Y Seventy-Seven , ELIZABETH TALLEY JAN E PIPER FRED HARRIS EUNICE BURCH FIELD PANSY TUNNELL EUGENE RUDDER ANNA PETERSON CHESTER GILGER MILDRED TRIMBLE OPAL KELLER - RALPH ATKINSON JOHN R. WEBB X A.. .. ,, .,... - Y.-,.,, '. NI- A. Seventy-Eight K MARCELLA HARRISON LETTIE CROSBY THELMA PORTER EVERETT COYLE MYRTLE EISBERG PAUL PENDARVIS RUTH GREEN ANDREW FRISK HARRIET TOURTELLOT MILDRED HARTMAN ESSIE HUNTER EDGAR VALENTINE ' Al' Ili! U' It 9 vm - - . ' f f ' - -W - -ff 1 ' ' '- 1 , ' ,,,,,Q,,, f Y,,, -. ,,, ,,,, ., , , ,,,,.., .,,...,,,5- .... Yv.,w -V-1 V- -""""- """"""' ' f Seventb'-Nine LQ. W 3 1.'.'.1.'Vvv VV 'VV vw vvvvvvvvv vvvvvvpvvvviii li I1 'vu 1 7 ij MILDRED RICHEY DOROTHY ANN PARKER EARL GIFFORD MARY BURCHFIELD THOMAS CARTER CORA FRANCES IRWIN RUSSELL HOUGHTON FAYE ERLEVVEIN ROBERT BROMELEY LAVETA BROWN HAROLD DUCKETT FRANCES SOUTER A 4 if CM' Aa Q .F ' Am ' A ' ' ' I A ' f rl' ' T An ' " X 1' ' ' TT' 'T I Elghty N i xxx 'k,AALQAMUuYMAfAAzmA.M Y W O f 21 515 1 , CLARA BRAKHAGE I ! PAUL RENDEL l GENEVA RAREY FLORENCE ENLOW LESLIE MQQUILKIN I LOUISE ALLOWAY il I BLAIR VLIET KATIE B. CAMPBELL FRANK BRAY GLADYS JOHNSON CIIARLINE NOWELL DARWIN RICE fe ., gif, " ' ' " ' I A 4 A an 'EA ,k"' "" V i . " i ..w..m. wvriw v .. L. , L M Elghty-O ne ,.,- , WW, - '-' 'V vw www vt vv vvv v 6 e nh, I FERN FOY MELVIN PICKENS CLIFFORD ROBINSON FRANCES TURK JOHN PARKER MARIE JENKINS KENNETH SHAW ESTHER MCELHINNEY FLORENCE JONES ISABEL BRAY ALICE MURPHY BUFORD MILLER I f D . 5.4! A A A ' A A I ' ' , ' l'l'l I 'fl 'l'l'l'l'l A l'l'l'L'li 'l'l'l'l ll l'l'l I Q ll l'l'A'l"l'L"fl'l'Sl'l l1'l'l'fl'l'll'A'l'l'l'l'l'l'l'L'il'l'A'l'lWllvf Eighty-Two v vvvvq vvvvvv v v vv vv v vvv ' . , tvs AUDREY MUIR HAROLD PHILLIPS ONA DENNER ROY SHAW FREDA DRIEVER ROBERT LEE GERTRUDE PIERSON GORDON ROACH NADINE VION EDNA SNYDER ELMA COOK FLAVIN ARVIN vv 1 v Av v iv A .nun A .., 1921!- Q K i , F , -A . ' " " '- ''A'rn'sn'n'n'aYn'n'4'n'a'n'AA Eighty-Three 9 , 5 1 44ELz.fA'5AEKffxMOV.A,fv17:7:'f::?.QCv..-JJ:1j:fCz:Ur'xIO. L' I ' I 1 I Ill!!! RUSSELL ELLIOTT OPAL CAPPS IRIS WIN KLER ROBERT PARNELL EDNA BALDWIN IREN E GILGER ORVILLE PAYNE RUTH WHIPPLE CORBIN BAKER BERNICE BERRY LOIS MCDONALD JOE LYLE ROBERTS Eighty-Four lil! l A llillllllhlllll llill lli , -.- . ....,. ., , , , -K F'1'f'li-J-17-7375'-11A-'UUUV " " " " ' 1 L 1 Q. .-..- E .. JOHN DITGEN ZALIA VION MILDRED RICE KENNETH GILLESPIE LOUISE OSBORNE HARRY DESPAIN IONE MCELHINNEY NORMAN BARNES REGINA GABRIEL LUCY HORNER RALPH EN LOW HELEN YAN CY my A gggggg 'crfugvapsvn'nu'n'n4'n'Al'a'nswan 'nwrrn ' Y I Y 'W 'rn ' I 'T :C A MMM! , ' L' I 'V Eighty-Five '. ...fe I Iv Uv v v v v 1 v v v , v v v v v v v v w - ,v .,v.s,nn.uuv.v,v.-.v.v,v. 1 ' .Q '53 aff n CLAUDE BARRETT ZELMA CRAIG MABEL CARPENTER EARL ANDERSON LUCILLE REESE JOE PATRICK HUGH BOYLES C I l'l'l'l'U ' ' 'l' 'l'l'l'l'l'l' ilu'l"l'l'I'liZ'l'l'l'fll'll'l'l'l'l'l'A'l'l'l'l 'I A' I l'l l All l'l NSA l'l'lffA'l'l'l'l l'l'l1'11'l'l'l'l'l1'l'l'lQ'l'l'l'l'l'l'fl'l' Eighty-Six .ml 1 1.1. . .I.'S.v.u1.Q.o 1.1,-,v,v,v,v,v.1.1,u,1,1,g1 11 11.111 1.1 1.11 JQK.. -,... nm., ' .Qu l924n 1 1 X X x , K 4 a'n'o.w'A'a'A' 'rA'A'rn" 4'4" '4 ' " n'n'n" ' A 4'a'4'A'A'A': ii i'A'n" Yi" 'W ' 'Y 'Y 'l J I' 'ln Nl' T r v I ,"' Eighty-Seven Us , vw U v Uv v vv ,vvvvv vvvvvvvv vv v is . vlvvlv ov vvvvv vvuv np! II ' ' +1 9 24 l THE JUNIORS Stay, bold adventurer5 rest awhile thyself On this commodious seat! For much remains Of hard ascent before thou reach the top Of this huge eminence, A favorite spot of tournament and learning. Know if thou grudge not to prolong thy rest, That on the summit Whither thou are bound, With books supplied and instruments of artg On one golden day thou shalt gain the hard- earned prize. 9- A A'A'l'l'A'h'A'A" I I'l'l'l'l'l'l'l'Nl'll'A'l l'A'l'l'l'll'l'l'f I 1'I'Kl'l'l'A'l'l'l'A'A'l'l'L A h'A'SA ll'A l 1'il'A'l A A'l'l'l'C'Nl I I Al I I I I ll l'l I A I IU lflwbl I A A A Eighty-Eight 'xx fx, ' T 1 ' i f I I I I I I I I ,I I I I 1 I 4 ! 1 4 I A 1 4 1 1 'n 1 4 I 1 I ! F F ! 5 Q .I 5 ! 3 F i I I I 3 5 I 1 S I 3 ! S I I I I I 1 I I I I 5 1 1 'TX . TA I fu XXXXXX ! - 'l'2A'I'RAB'lI'l'I'l'l'l'A'I1' v v i IIIII'rA'I'IIIII IIIIIIIII bs IAIIIIIIIl'IIlIIIIIII' ' Qrj, www I I I I I H I I I I I I I I I'I'I' I'ImH'I'I21Vl'I'I'I'I'I'I A Eighty-Nine If Q vw v 1 Uni. , v vv vvv vw vv ?"ki"Z .Ei,,'.C'I7IL QTITX,17.'?Il"F'1'i17Tk'i'F.'A an nf 1 SOPHOM ORE CLASS OFFICERS HUGH MACFARLINE NIARIAN GETTEL President Secretary FRANCIS CHERRY Vice-President w THE SOPHOMOREVCLASS "Turn, Fortune, for our class is miglmtier day by day, Let our name be till we make our nameg For our deeds will speak, And our thoughts will live- "Man is man :md master of his own fate." 2 44 n'n'n'n'n'a' 'A' 'ral' 'frm' 'ra' 'l'l'l'l'l'l'll'l'l'lQfl'l'l' its ' 'l'l'l'l'l'Kl ll'l' l'l'l'l'A' ""' ' 'A " ' A' 'W ""' W' ' 'vf'r.-ig' Ninety 'K . mil - Xiu .,v-., 'zjann - lj,-'ky 53L'!' " " N 311 "" 131' yffji j' '11 717171Xi'1'LIV'iI"!YY ' ' ' ' " ' ..- V SOPHOMORE GROUP ONE R . ,,,,,-',,.v 1 qioxiviv vwrvvv v vvv vwvv vvv vvvvvv vvvv v lv v .,..v, L an sn Cherry, Burchlield, Hayen, Anderson, Mathews, Butler, Shockley, Stoner, Ankrom, Harms, Howard, Harris, hlulliken, Crites, Woodring. Parker, B. Wilson, Smith, Young, Halton, VVestlal-ie, M. Wilson, Eaton, Lovell, H. Harms, Frantz, Turk, Stetnish, Williams, Hunt. Vieth, Thompson, Gabriel, Carter, Florence, Cummings, Warrick, Hayes, Goodman, Robberts, Overstreet. SOPHOMORE GROUP TWO Bissey, McGuire, Weller, Milner, Meade, Jayne, Gleckler, Pratt, Greer, Hollingsworth, Johnston, Burwell, Keller, E. Wiens, H. Wiens, Kornbaum. Berry, Overbey, Buchanan, Crawford, Taylor, Lee, Summers, Estes, Bean, Cropper, Vosburg, Knothe, Schneider, Davis, Miller. Sayer, Price, Courtner, Harmon, Robb, Mclnteer, Geis, Baker, Dempsey, L. Bell, Weber. A an Ill! Ana All! lil' """" " Ninety-One SOPHOMORE GROUP THREE F. Ruzek, W. Ruzek, Goode, Donahue, Chiek, Hook, Loewen, Owens, Ferguson, Harris, Weaver, Jas. Ruzek, Ruzek. Ballard, D. Swineford, R. Ruzek, Taylor, L. Harris, Jones, Brumfield, Dalton, Cutter, Haldeman, Rainey, Klein, Reynolds, Bender. Dale, Dan Swineford, Carpenter, Kelley, Swinehart, M. Gettel, Dalryinple, Coppoek, Finney, Davidson, Balzer. SOPHOMORE GROUP FOUR w l l 1 l Q. Smith, Baker, Kelley, Sutton, Ballard, Vorheis, Swartout, Gilford, Caywood, Guy Smith, Walser, Wells. Frost, Thomas, Feil, Macfarline, Snodgrass, Snider, Nlayberry, Lee, Lambert Sehlund Hammons, Booher, Kelly. MeElhinney, Oblander, Fuller, Conway, Mettler, Rutherford, Rhodes, Whitaker, Houston, Riggs. , W U. ..,. 1 -,.T, ag., ., .-.Ya . f, A, ai, ..,.. -,V -Wa .... . .-,,N.., ... . ,.., .. .-.. .... .,,,, ,....s-aww-s.--,..W.,..-..,,, at ..... ,...,............,.,...,f+,w...-,,.A,....,..,...f--M-a--- Y .,,-....-,..1...-.,..- .....a... t I...,,,,' 1WAY:-,.' f l 4 v :, rf 1' 1 2.47,-ag 1 . 1 v,r,x 51- x . .A 4, z - 1 t s '- 4,1 -' Lei X J N. ' 'x u : 1 ' : Ninety-Two v s L l W , M -IJ 1 TS.l2ffQl'CiEF"I1I if 71315, 332.55 JM. 'RJQQ'-'ZQQJ'-fewivi-.'5-,.'uf-.ffmS.-me6,4lxCr1sfImiN-Lwmtwfwle'E-sfmxisafbawvmllixyi-:xA.'w:,Q.Ls,e.43 -asc-.fl--12.1 'I w ill f. SOPHOMORE GROUP FIVE M .tqmj 9, T 1 w J . . Xbffiz ,V 41 in f .f.?,.i.? 1 Zi s 2 is i 1 ii ei ,. ul l fig lx. il x 5 I 1.9 'll 'll ix, ,. 3 ,ii V1 mt QU EM V if? Colliers, Chambers, Stovall, Hillcry, Hite, Quelling, R. Bell, Fountain, Boyles, Hopkins, Corey, Anderson. Hayes, Herrian, Collins, Simmons, Nichols, Schwedland, Reger, Gottseh, Arnold, Cox, Webster, Crabbs, Cowley, Kent. Bredehoft, Poore, Boles, Bowcrman, Richardson, Champlin, Rainey, Summers, Friesen, R. gg, 4,- Gettel. ' YE: rl! xi! 'fl 1,5 43 l SOPHOMORE GROUP SIX :fi S51 iii ef, i llr l sl! sw an I gi gl! 512 iii iii '?I lil EW Eg, is ii i ll Knipp, Sturdevant, P. Edwards, Hopkins, Kelley, Anderson, L. Edwards, Dillon, Lowry, Hoover. ll' Keller, Cherry, McGuire, Marlow, Talley, Buchanan, Borders, Ellexson, W. Holmes, Weller, Womble. X K ' Whitaker, Ellsworth, Strickler, Thomas, K. Hopkins, B. Holmes, Ramsey, Rury, Bead. l 'Kyiv vv's'Yv'.rv fvvvv V so ' ' 135,33 .riff j xx. v IYX y,g5,1,jQg,g ,,g'v-fi 4 Ninety-Thrn E11 Y-' ,, . Y Y V ' ' -Lr- .nn J! .Mv -A ll "V , ,1 " " " -S YQEEVNAV-V-V ' 'F-" -'A'-'MY .. ,,.., - .,,. .. ,YW .,- l924, V , , , , , an il.. .AAA Kr. , . N, . YY V -A ,., , . -- . V A. v, A . .... A - AA A A AAAAA AA AAAAAA AAA min , A if N inety- Four 5. fl .. .. 52,45 Zim 14-'Vi V '4' . 'V ,-. ww., . fi Wgimify H h 155, fi l in I1,w.f-QQLQ ggi. ff:-' V LM: V1-1 . W " 3 '-Him!" ali: Ejffffx u .LH Z 1- 'X .- 355 iffy 2 Fig. A up V 4: if-' ' .1 :J wr. .1 -,x,. .. . 1. fwybf K 1. .gf QM' :vig " ,ga 4 f 4 5-5 . ,Nr .K . 95 1'-av. LEM! J IQ ,5 afilfflfJ'f'1: F3 i if dnl gum' 1600! dfbhg io Wait 2566 szfenf, of dare fo WMM 2566 comhzf 01467 freafhe. H . .5vw!3H,f,,,f5,,5,Q . Wim' 'fluff ,A Qygvf -gif Wiizvwf J , Y , A933531- 'ffgg,'i:z4 : ' - " 3' - .V ...N fx, vw 9.V is vw U vpv v v vo up v vv vv vvvv v vvvvvvvv v, v p,y v ,vj,q,,v,C. E I Q, .ws- N ATHLETIC HISTORY OF E. H. S. Enid High School has been represented by a football team from the time that classes were held in the old opera house. No regular coach was hired, but, nevertheless, the boys managed to learn some of the fundamentals of the game. When the present Lincoln grade school build- ing was used as a high school, Enid obtained its first coach. The practice grounds were in a field northwest of the present site of the Frisco shops. Enid High School had a good team every year, but no championships were decided at that time. The fall of 1916 marked the or- ganization of the Central Conference, which was composed of five teams: Enid, Shawnee, Okla- homa City, El Reno and Chickasha. The irst season resulted in a triple tie, with Enid one of the three leaders. At that time each team played each of the other teams twice-once at home and once away from home. The championship was won in 1922 by Enid. Since its organization, the Central Confer- ence has increased its membership from four to twelve schools. This conference also controlled the basketball schedule. Each team met each of the others four times-twice at home and twice away from home. Enid has never won the basketball championship of the Central Conference, but it has taken two cups from the annual basketball tournaments at Phillips' University. These cups were won in 1918 and 1921. In 1914, Enid won the baseball meet, held at Norman. In the track and field meets, Enid has not done so well. Her most successful season was in 1917 when she took second place in the state meet held at Norman. H I9 -1 'AX ' A l'A'A'n'A A ' ' ' ll A A ' 'A'A1'- '41 NA NCIIA l'll' 0 lf! ' 'A' X " ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' THUG: 'A'A'A'ln'A'A'A A A A 4 rn 1 Ninety-Five r '.'SQ','U" UVYTWUVSSSSWUW 7 CUVUUVYWUYVS.-7,711.1 7.'.'S.'USUDUUUUYUHSFS C vvvbvvv U' ,QE U Y' 1,1 A 1 v3 , COACH LEON R. VANCE In every high school, one of the most important men is the one who directs the school's athletics. The coach always holds a very responsible position and the success or failure of the team is due, to a large extent, to his ability as a leader and instructor of boys. Enid High School has always been successful in finding reliable and capable men for this position. Mr. Leon R. Vance, has been unsurpassed for his understanding of the technical prin- ciples of football, and for his unusual interest in the individual player. He came here in 1916, the year the Central Conference was organized, and built up a football team which tied with two other teams for first place in the conference that year. During the followinghspring, he trained boys in such a way, that we had the best track team in the history of E. H. S. This team placed second at the meet held at Norman in 1917. We were unfortunate in losing Mr. Vance at the end of that term, however we were able to get him to come back in 1922, when he coached the team which won the first decisive championship of the Central Conference for Enid High School. Although his team did not win the cham- pionship this season, it lost only one game. Few coaches can boast of this achievement. Mr. Vance received the experience, which made him capable of training boys to be better men, at the Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College. He was graduated from that school in 1914, and took with him nine letters, three in football, three in baseball, and three in track. As a rule, Mr. Vance is very quiet and reserved, but on the athletic field he talks more readily. Because he tells the boys just enough to let them know what they should do, his instruc- tions are easily remembered and mrried out. He is liked very much by all his boys, who will do anything for him. Loved and respected by all of E. H. S., he is the best and most popular coach this school has ever had. l , sf 1 .. , , . ee L44 C2 v A A A A A A I A Ai I l'A'A'A'l'A'l'KA'fl'l'l'l'l A A ' A A ATA Ninety-Six l vovu1vv.v,v,vvv.v.v,v.v.q1.mv vw vvvvgvvvvvvvv vv.vvvvv v iv' i A v qw. 1 mmv u,1.v!.v.v,v.'.v.v.I 1.1v.'.1!.u.v.1,v,v,v,v,v sax u 0 mul v Q all lu 1 U 0 . A . 9 U 1 -f i I ul . 412,24 I ! L Q . COACH LEON R. VANCE ' 1 " Q N R32 Vl'l't'l'l'A'l'l'l'A'l'l'l'l'l'A'l'l'l'l'l'l"l'A'l'A'l'l'l'l'l'l'A'A'l'l'A'l'l'll'l'l l'A'l A'l'h'l'l'A'A'El'A'l'A'A'l'l'I'l'A'l'l'A'l'l'A'l'A'A'l'l'A'A'l'h'A'l'IA'I'l'l'l'l'l'A'l'lYl'AVA'fl'A'A ,AJ N inety-Seven ,- bees: "5" BOOSTER CLUB 'll l ? . li CQ Allen, Boyles, Mock, Champlin, Harriss, Black, Plxley, Hinson. Elva Wells, Ella Wells, Rarey, Boyd, Drew, Barber, Shaw, Cansler, Parker. CHEER LEADERS AUDINE DREW BILL KENNEDY L Ninety-Eight CF' X MEI' S- M-ex-.-..,,4,. Y ,J ,, '7ii. ffi,' w.r , 'W 'x 1 2 g li! 4 ' . ' f ,.g: f w 1 1 "+f1v+f'fM-1-f-f 5' i vgfffifwfnfq-: ' ' ' " M 'A Ninety-Nine i I 'VI-1'-'Ml'-"-I'-'FM - - -1,1 vw. .v.o. .u.v.v, -vw.v.v,- ,- up,-qvvuuu nv u.u.v.v,v.v.v,vmv s.vnu1vr.v v ll W A I ENID THE FOOTBALL SQUAD 5:19 i924 1 1 in ,N Vance fCoachj, Vliet, Weaver, Pixley, Anderson, Kline, Huston. ii Dan Swinford, Stovall, Sinclair, Parker, Harter, Blakley, Spicer, Arvin, Elliott, McLean. D. Swinford, Grove, Rice, Cox, Snyder, Champlin, Nichols, Richards, Dague, Fisher. Pickens, McConkay, Walter, Garren, VVl1ite, Stiers, Allen, Haskins, Huett. E 1 THE CENTRAL CONFERENCE STANDING I Teams Won Lost Percentage 1. Tulsa ,orr,r 5 0 1000 2, Sapulpa .... , 5 1 833 3, Enid ....., .. 4- 1 800 4. Shawnee ..., ... 5 2 714- A 5. Muskogee ,,,,... .. 3 2 ' 600 I X 6. Blackwell ........,.. ., 3 3 500 ix 7. Oklahoma City ..,.. 3 4 429 i 8. Okmulgee .......,.. -. 2 3 400 li 9. Guthrie ..,,,,...,,, ,, 1 4 200 A 10. McA1eSfer ,... .. 1 5 167 1 1. Bartlesville ..... .. 0 4- 0 0 0 12. El Reno ...... ,.......,.....,...........,...., . . 0 5 000 1923 RESULTS Enid ....,. .... 4- 7 Kiowa 6 Enid ,.,.. 17 ' Wichita ...... .... 0 Enid ---,-. .,.. 1 7 Guthrie ,,..,,... .... 7 Enid ------- ..... 2 0 Ponca City ......, ..... 0 Enid ------ ..,. 2 8 Blackwell ......... .... 6 Enid -----. .... 2 8 Covington ........... .... 0 Enid -------- ..... 7 Oklahoma City ...... .... I 3 Enid ------- .... 1 4- Shawnee ..................... --, 0 Enid -----------,-------,-.-.-..................... 49 El Reno ................ .. ................... -- 6 QL: One Hundred vp.: v r.v.w.nu,v.-.rpg wg 1,1131 qvyv 'yy v,v,v,o v v o n v n v u v vw 1 Q u s 1 1 1 0 Q v v.l.v u w v up v vp.-,v,v,v, v,m,v.v.v.m v,v.v.v.v.v.u,v.v.v.v.v.v.v.1!.y.mq.qv, f I 1 O f sv :fix f H.. ,I Y 1 W CAPTAIN ARTFORD LYNVVOOD HASKINS ix" , l'l1'l'l'A'l"L'l'IZ'l'l'lT'l'l'k'l'llkl'4'l't 'i'O'Kl l'C l'l'l'Q'l'l l I l'l ll D I l'l l'l'l'A b'A'l fl I I A O I I I C O I lll'L'l 1 CI! l'l'l'l'l'l'l'l'l'l'l'lill'f'l'l'l C' One Hundred One ... , -h, Q-vwv .1 syn! till-vu vu: 0 Cl U Q l -:3 ...... lx 9 2 LYNWOOD HASKINS-CAPTAIN Quarterback Senior - 160 lbs. "Bus" is one of he best men who ever represented E. H. S. on the gridiron. He has played in every football game which was played by E. H. S. during his four years, and started in all but one of them. Enid High School regrets that he is leav- ing this year. EM M ET M cLEAN -CAPTAIN -ELECT End Junior 1 80 lbs. We are confident that a wise and justified move was made, when "Mac,' was chosen as captain of next year's team. He has had three years of experience and is a fast and witty player. In nearly every game which Enid played this season, he showed up re- markably well. it GROVE PLUNGING COVINGTON LINE 2 C One Hundred Two lf' . y,,-.,qq,,..,,, in ,,u. -1, ,v.,,,,-,, .' . . V ' ...n.v..v....:I V , ,. .-.Q uv un-up-n uv' .vw vvv v Iv' 1 vvvl 4 l . r , a nl- 935 t EARL GARREN Halfback Junior 150 lbs. Although Earlts regular position was at half, he was a good quarterback. He took "Bus,s,' place several times and showed that the job was not too much for him. He is a fast player and has a knack at slipping through holes in the line. He has a good chance at the next year's quar- terback position. CHARLES COX Fullback Junior l 70 lbs. Charley, who played with Carmen last year and was mentioned as an all-state man, fitted into his place on the Enid team per- fectly. He is solid as a rock and is a human battering-ram. The best lines in the state found it hard to keep him back. BETWEEN HALVES AT OKLAHOMA CITY iw-1 rl ' 1 One Hundred Three 11 vvw wiv vw www v vvvvvvv 1 ,v,w,v, , .v,v,v, v 6 1- I 9 3 JERRY FISHER GEORGE STIERS Guard Senior Tackle Junior 168 lbs. 190 lbs. jerry, who has played with us' three George cameiout this season, a new man years, is a hard-hitting guard. He fights at the game, but he was quick at learn- throughout every minute of the game and ing and became a good player in time to takes care of his man in true football place as a regular at the first of the sea- fashion. Very few gains were made son. Rather heavy, he is quick on his through his part of the line this season, feet, and plays the tackle position well. THE START OF A LONG END RUN One Hundred Four ,vgpvo ucvvsu v v vu vvvvvpvvvvvvvvvvtvv I .II Q I Q GEORGE NICHOLS Center Junior 155 lbs. "Nick,' gained experience on 'last yearis ' scrubs, making him a, good pivot man for JOE CHAMPLIN Halfback A Senior 160 lbs. Joe was one of the best in Enid's back- field, both on the oHense and defense. His this season's team. He is very accurate in ability in holding the ball correctly for i passing the ball to the backiield and strong .Haskins to kick from placement, was one at defensive work. He will be back next of the big factors in the making of the year to make a bid for the same position. extra point after a touchdown. N HASKINS KICKS GOAL IN SHAWNEE GAME .x "gX.Vl'A'l'l'l'A'A'l'l' 'ra ' ' ' 'n ""' A' 'A' ' 'rn A' ' ' ' ' ' ' ran ' ' -A' 'A "" A 'rr 'A-Al'A-Ara'A'n'rAwnu'A'A'A'A'r 'n'A'Az'a'A' 11'A'rA'A'snu'rnrnu'sn1u -ir i' ' i One Hundred Five 7 K 7. ? Y?lfK7LE1TQX7TF77K' IiTQ"KE1'Y'1 'i'T1'fL1' 'FIC7 5.1I2TZ1KNlfJLLiiiY 1.7, ,3fT'I 'l7C!D".f I Y. Xl J X !.1T F924 LQ. ..- , nf? - Al.-v .ml V l EUGENE MCCONKAY Tackle Senior 155 lbs. Gene is another who received his training on the second team last year. His fight- ing spirit had much to do with his making a position on the team. He was a good tackle, especially on the defense. On the offensive, he made some good holes in the opposing line. GUY HUETT Tackle Senior 1 70 lbs. Since Guy was ineligible to play last year, he made up for lost time this season. He knew this was his last season with E. H. S., so he made it a good one. Coach Vance did not worry about the left tackle position because he knew Guy could hold it down. X, SHAWNEE ATTEMPTS A FAKE PLAY 'f9I5::1..c,"l.s- gm... :TT One Hundred Six INK i K A ' ' " ' mi 'W H ll Q, Q- T A YQTC- . .9515 nl A. , . , , 'v l FQ A - ha HAROLD WHITE ' Guard - Junior 168 lbs With Fisher on one side of "Nick," and Harold on the other, we had a combina- tion hard to be beaten. "Fat" was unusu- ally fast for a guard and was Utherel' when a hole was to be made. He was very eifective in stopping the enemyls plays. FOSTER ELY End and Halfback Junior 160 lbs. "Foss" started the season as a regular end but was found to be a better half- back, He alternated with Garren and Champlin at that position. The last two games were played without him, because of his having received a leg injury, which resulted in blood poisoning. ENID'S LINE HOLDS AGAINST OKLAHOMA CITY if nnqa A sn Q an mann cvs ann alan ' ' ua ij One Hundred Seven A rf' WDslmvsss.vss.v,v.v.v.v.v.v.vs.v.v.v. .U v.u.v,v, , ., . F9 -MB- s Ot Egg l .I LEONARD DAGUE li l Tackle Senior 2 140 lbs. l Many an opposing halfback often found himself down before he got started, when l "Pat" was in the ame. Aided b his I g Y . lightness, he was able to shoot under the legs of the interference and nail the run- ner. "Pat" will be of value to the college he attends. GEORGE GROVE Halfbaek Junior 160 lbs. "Sheikv is a .good ground gainer, and an equally good tackler. Very few runners ever got past him. This was his first year on the team but he has had some experience on the scrub teams of former years. He will undoubtedly star on next year's team. OKLAHOMA CITY FAILS TO FIND A HOLE 9 ,I fflf.3'.x.x 'USM' 'iA'i'i'rA'rA'ri'l'A'n'A'I1'AA' ii-nfihinnaaa A A ' ' i A A A A ' ' ' ' 'A' 1- ' 'A' ' 'A' A 'V ' ' ' 'A ' ' ' ' 'A " 'A , One Hundred Eight I R Al DMI.. , .Y .U v ,, ,, , , , , w vs v v v.mmv.v.v.vAmv.v.v.mv.mv.xv.v.vsv 3 1, FLOYD FIELD End Senior 160 lbs. While Mack was holding down one end of the line, the other end was not neglected in the least. Floyd was a hard fighter and kept up a good spirit. He was good at getting down on punts and did not have much trouble snagging passes. BILLY HARRISS Manager Senior 14-2 lbs. The manager is the person who takes care of sore muscles and other discomiit- ures received in practice. He must mark the Held for playing, no matter what the weather. Billy always fulfilled these duties cheerfully. GROVE GETTING THROUGH OKLAHOMA CITY l l All I lllbl lllllfll llllll lllllllll l- ...,vv-v -.-............, v.. N..-,....-N..-,...A. .... ,.... .. .v.,..'f.,- -..-.--v--v"vv.-.v4v.v.v.v.v.v.A 'W' ' 0 One Hundred Nine V ,J Y 9' Y W! V ' " , ,un A 0,54 i v w v fc uv u 1 , u vpp Y v vp, - .mi-Q v o.v.u v v wmv mgvnp: ,v,qvg, 1.9. v.y. .vp vg.qgvgg p,v.51.vp. . , i g I M ,, 11 Y W 'N M . ' w g , 1 , I w , . Y 1, 4 - w . ku 1 at Ei ' W - , , Lf g " " ' "Y ' , V 'an-Q. -'rgrnun'nx1jarmA1cr4'yrsvrrn1'nqx1'rn7 'rntayrqnrr,-g'rrrr.'u'g7r.wr.qw One Hundred Ten l I Eli?-aD 1 ax .I ,- fftiff- ' V E l SEASON,S GAMES A Enid 4-7-Kiowa 6 Enid High School's football squad opened its 1923 season by defeating the Kiowa team in a very decisive manner. The rumors that Enid's team was not likely to be successful this season, were immediately forgotten. Since the score was Z0 to O at the end of the first half, Coach Vance sent the second team onto the field at the beginning of the third quarter. Kiowa's only touchdown was made while Enidls second team was on the fi:ld. Enid revived its scoring when the regulars were sent back into the game, and Kiowa was stopped. , Enid 17-Wichita 0 The game with Wichita, was the first one which the Enid team played on a foreign field this year. Although they were away from home they did not lose their fighting ability. Enid held the lead throughout the game and the score was never at any danger. The, field was soggy and hard to play upon, but several long gains were made by both teams on end runs. A great deal of passing was attempted and several attempts proved successful for both teams. Haskins made a neat place kick from the fifteen yard line during the third quarter. Enid 17-Guthrie 7 Enid was given her first chance for the championship when she met Guthrie and the Enid boosters were not disappointed with the final score. During the first quarter the game looked as if Enid's over-confident warriors were to receive a drubbing at the hands of Guthrie, but the visitors were stopped when they came very close to our goal. The Guthrie gridsters then seemed to lose a little of their fighting power and Enid got down to business. Haskins injured his shoulder in th esecond quarters and Garren then proved his worth as a quarterback. Features of the game were a long field goal and a fifty-yard run by Haskins. Enid out-played Guthrie in all ways except punting. Enid 20--Ponca City O The Enid eleven showed up very well in its second game oh foreign territory. Although the game was played on a muddy field the score was not very low. Enid took the lead with a touchdown in the first eight minutes of play and held it throughout the entire contest. The Enid goal was threatened by the Wildcats twice, but the Enid line held and the invaders were held for downs. Garren, quarterback, guided the Vancemen to victory with a well-planned attack. Enid again excelled in all phases of the game except kicking. Few fake plays 'were used, as Blackwell scouts were present at the contest. ' Enid 2 8-Blackwell 6 . During the opening seconds of the Blackwell game Enid students and many Blackwell rooters saw a play which very rarely takes place in football. McLean received the kickoff' on Enidis ten yard line and raced through a sea of mud for a touchdown. Enid held the lead throughout the entire contest but Blackwell's spirited warriors showed the Enid team some real football during the second half. The last quarter was played in semi-darkness, neverthe- less, McLean was able to get under a long pass and make another counter. The spectators were unable to tell the progress of the game. Although the score does not show it, this was the hardest game in which the Enid boys had played this year. NR Tv ui v ij , 1 fxvr vlz' t ri x, , slam 7 julia" 'll susan-adn . ng- - an m ln. fur lln ,,,,Ls W A ' f fryriggguyr - - f ' . I X ez.. JN . :sag 1 One Hundred Eleven v.1.vmlv.v.v , , J LQ f 381.133, v.v. v .v.v.v v v v v v v v v,v,v.vp,,v,v,v.v,v,v,v,v,v.viv v v U v v 1. Enid 2 8-Covington 0 There is quite a contrast between the Blackwell game and the one just following it.. The Covington boys were easily outclassed in all phases of the game, and Enid won an easy victory. The game was not so peppy as most others played upon the home field this year but the boys showed the same fighting spirit which they show in difficult games. Enid 7-Oklahoma City 13 Oklahoma City had the only team which was able to score more than seven points against us. The game was played on a treacherous field. lt was dry in some places, while in others it was very slippery and caused some costly errors. Although Enid made 18 first downs against the Cardinalfs 6, the 2 fumbled punts of the Enid team made it possible for the opponents to pile up a larger score. A team never fought as hard as the Enid bunch did after Oklahoma City made its first touchdown. This was the first and last time our boys left the field with the short end of the score. Enid 14--Shawnee 0 Enid's hardest game on the home field was played when Shawneefs strong eleven was de- feated by a low score. Both of Enid's touchdowns were made by forward passes. The game had no individual star, but Haskins, McLean, Champlin, and Garren played exceptionally well. Our line men worked as one, and was a real factor in the resulting score. Shawnee had a clean, hard-hitting team, which mad eEnid fight to the finish during the last few seconds of the game. Enid 49--El Reno 6 Enid won the final game of the season from El Reno by the score of 49 to 6. The first quarter of the game ended 28 to 0. El Reno's only score was made in the fourth quarter by a fake play.. Enid completed 9 forward passes for a total of 125 yards, while her opponents completed 5 for 45 yards.. This was the last game for several of the boys to play for their school. Even though the score was strongly in our favor, the team fought hard until the last whistle. Oct. . 1924- Schedule VVichita at Enid Oct. Sapulpa at Sapulpa Oct. Kiowa at Enid Oct. El Reno at El Reno Oct. Blackwell at Blackwell Nov Shawnee at Enid NOV. Ponca City at Enid Nov. Guthrie at Guthrie Nov. Oklahoma City at Enid Nov. Open 1 . ,Q One Hundred Twelve AA-me , QlV A ' A. G" v ...Uv vvv Uv vv 1 wfh- - 4 SECOND TEAM GAMES V Coach Vance, knowing that many of next year's men would be taken from this seoson's sec- ond team, managed to get a few games in which they might play and get some experience in real contests. The second team played three games, with the first teams of other schools, and won one of them. The team lost its first game to Garber by the score of 13 to 7. They were more successful at Goltry and gathered in 20 points while Goltry grabbed 6. The Thanksgiving Day game at Douglas was another disaster. VVhile our first team was winning from El Reno, these boys were fighting a hard but losing fight, with no Enid rooters to back them. They lost 14 to 3. The third team played two games with the Emerson and Longfellow Junior High Schools. They lost the first one to Longfellow 13 to 0, and won the game with Emerson by the score of 7 to 0. INTERSOCIETY FOOTBALL The student body and members of the boys literary societies look forward each year to the series of games which decides which of the three societies is the best physically. Although the men who went out for the high school tam were barred from playing, some really good work was exhibited in the combats. The team built up from members of the Forum Literary Society fought its way to two successive victories. The first victim was the Senate, which was downed by the score of 13 to 0. Their next opponents, the Websterians, were unable to stop the enemy, and left the field with a goose egg while the Forum carried off seven points. THE STANDING Teams Won Lost Percentage Forum 2 0 10 0 O Websterian 0 1 000 Senate 0 1 0 00 - 'lu i924 4 A 4 A A Am'A'A'A'n'A'n'n'Ax'rA'A'A'A'n'SNA'A'A'A'Hn'A'n'rrA'rnwsnu':sn sro-A wrlrn l'l'l'l1'l'l'l"I'l'l'l'l'll'l'l'l'N.'l'v.'.'l'.'l l"'f"l'l'4"""W'm"""""" W5 One Hundred Thirteen C . fr v 3 3, AUCC' ,px q.A,xA1V1AA ,5 Ahfqxl fiijix gxA.:1E'.x5vQ,fX,gx M-u5.f.AgC7 JJ. 'J,.h. A ffm' B . . qv- nh: ' IX , -f uh- l9 24 , N I w .1 One Hundred Fourteen G3,,::s:rJLf2,7::E:5,L2'Lfs:.f'.v,'.Q:z1:4,7:5' 1 Y m L. +-'xrfI1Tfu1 .QWFMJQAAJUAAAANvvUKDi'fSf1'--fL 5QfXZ1'X'W4' ff I Y w, M ?Q9'Ng, 'W vw' g t f w?'m? ' QA , i i g 'Y 0 ' 1. IK' XA W QZQZM , ,, X .rms , Hari" ,.f -v. il, 'HW , f fem xx Q ff 'X WW., ,. w:-w..- . ,, 1 'ifF2ffTf' fmt.--Qgv Q. -m,.M,., , ,.,,,,,.--" -Hgf-j'. 4' "-x. 'Fil . "' Ii. -uwigfizl c Alva' -Mfg ef gf H' W 1 xizmbp ff '."l ,fxklf H ' 'X W Q: x. 7 W as V z.' '. 4.1: il 2 ' f if I fw 4 'NX WIZU5' ..-vf,- a Ethan , One Hundred Fifeen , , 'UL'P-'-Q'-'e'-ef!!-'-Z7-'-'P-Y-'P-'-vm.vs.v. .v. .. vs. .v.v.'.v.v.mvv.vvlv 1vvvvsssun.v1v,u.vm .mu l Q ,AP 1124 up BASKETBALL SQUAD all sgi Ei' il i 5 lf i w 3 ll Harriss, Atkinson, Haskins, Enterline, Bradley, Shaw, Fields, Vance CCoachj. Q Gifford, Westlake, Schwartz, Blakely, Stovall, Andrews. ii BASKETBALL RECORD Enid ....YY .,,. 6 Blackwell ,,,, Enid Douglas ..,,i, Enid Garber ,,,,.,,,,,, Enid Pond Creek .,.. Enid Oklahoma City Enid E1 Reno ..,,.,,., Enid El Reno ,...,,,. Enid Guthrie ,i,...,, Enid Covington .,,,.. Enid Ponca City 1 Enid Shawnee ..,,.,,,, RECORD AT PHILLIPS TOURNAMENT Enid Vici .,,v Enid Lacy ,,-,,,,,-,---,, Enid Hunter ............ G One Hundred Sixteen LYNWOOD HASKINS Forward Senior ' 5 ft. 8 in. Nap 13.117 .'. . 4 !.lK'U. P 1 'Y 'U'.l,9.Y.QU.91. F.',',D,I',.V.'. . .517-Z'.7.'.7.V.'.'.V.'.V. , .IV-,P4!.Y41' A, . , at ' . As in football, this was "Bus's" fourth year on the team. No one will deny that he was a good basketball player, passing the ball accurately and making few mistakes. His way of stop- ping quickly and pivoting was very useful in advancing the ball to within shooting distance of the basket. It was no prob- lem to him how the ball was to be put through the basket. EMMET MCLEAN Forward Junior 5 ft. 11 in. "Mac" Finished his second season on the squad this year. He could keep the ball going in the right direction and was always on guard when it started the other way. He was one of the hardest fighters on the team and always tried to keep up the fighting spirit until the end of the game. His basket shooting was not below the average. CLIFFGRD ENTERLINE Center Junior 6 ft. "Cliff" is another veteran of last year,s quintet. He played center, because of his height, only on the tip-off. He was a good forward and was more successful than his team mates in getting the little ball through the little hole. Enterline has saved more than one game, and almost saved others by his fighting spirit and fhis ability in throwing goals. H5133 ' l l E li .1 l l Es. V ' , 'AXi'l'L'l1'l'A'l'l'l'fl'l'NOl'Ilffflll'fl1'O'6l l'l'0'l'O'4'l'l'5Q'l'l'l'fl'! l'l1'l'O'l'O'C'l'l'l'l NUC I I Ill'l'l'CII'l'O'Q'U'l'l'l'l'l'll'l'l'l'Nl'l'l'l'l'fl1'lQ7l'lVl'l3'l WL5 One Hundred Seventeen FLOYD FIELDS Guard Senior 5 ft. 11 in. e F Floyd did not disappoint us with his playing this year, as he had already had one yearls experience on the team. He played his position steadily throughout the season, missing very few periods of any of the games. He played unusually well in the Oklahoma City game, breaking the attack again and again. RALPH ATKINSON Forward .........., v..,. 5 ft. 6 in. Although this is Ralph's first year on the team, he un- doubtedly did deserve the place. Ralph was apt at breaking loose from the defence of the opposing team and throwing a basket before they could recover. He is not hindered by his size and is very quick on his feet. Most of his goals were made by short shots, aided by a jump just as he threw he ball. HUBERT BRADLEY Forward Senior 5 ft. 9 in. One of the fastest men on the team was Hubert. He fought steadily and never gave up. He knew the fine points of basketball and used them when he played. When the ball was being advanced, he was one of the main reasons for its doing so. The basket did not prove too small for him to get the ball through. Allgivrrhu. .. . .....,..:,.... ..v...,. ..,,,. 5.-5. . ,- V - 1 W,-1, '-"'s,f-'ir' "r ' 'n'A'nA'A'n'n1ln ll Annnnnasnnannna AAA Aan can ns' all A443 ,L.1.Q..L, , -y ,W , One Hundred Eighteen -U--v-f V , ,fd HA KENNETH SHAW Guard Junior 5 ft. 8 in. Kenneth was a consistent player, and always kept the old school spirit working during the games. If the ball came into his territory, he put up a stiff defense, and was generally successful in repelling the invaders. He, too, did not star in scoring because of the position which he played. O rs. ri -1. 1924 .HASKELL HARRISS Forward Sophomore 5 ft. 10 in. Harriss is the only one in the sophomore class who was able to make a position on the squad. He is fast on his feet, and, like most of the other men of the squad, kept the ball moving as it should. He did not try to play a stellar game, but worked with the team and helped his partners. By the time he is a senior, he will have become one of Enid's best basket tossers. I PRED KLINE Manager Senior 5 ft. 10 ln. Fred fulfilled his duties better than any other manager in the Athletic Association. He was out for every practice to take care of the basketball players. Mr. Vance gave him the job of getting games for the second team, which he did very well. He arranged several games with other schools, and took the boys to the place and back safely. He acted as coach on these trips. ., , , , I--:,,.Y,.:.::-KJ One Hundred Nineteen SEASON S GAMES Enid 6-Blackwell 10 UU vw' Uvvvvv Uv vwv 1 vvvvvvvvv vvcvvv 1'-' - 1 1 ol -v3 nn... , 1 .- ul L934' 1 The first game of the season was with Blackwell. Only five field goals were made by both teams. Enid 11-Douglas 13 Enid lost its second game by a very close margin. Neither team had a safe lead at any time during the game, but Douglas managed to have the high score at the end. Enid 25-Garber 13 When the team went to Garber the following Friday, it had the new short pass and pivot system more under control. They played steady basketball and did not loosen up in the least. The defensive work was excellent and the forwards got through the opposing defense continually. Enid 19-Pond Creek 15 The first game on the home court was a fast one, Enid not being safe until the last whistle blew. Both teams fought hard during the last quarter. The Enid defense held together well and was the chief reason for our victory. Enid 8-Oklahoma City 26 Oklahoma City's well organized quintet defeated Enid decisively in the next contest. The cagers for the blue and white failed to score in the first half while the Cardinals tossed goals for fifteen points. Enid made only two field goals, both by Enterline. Enid 10-El Reno 13 A week later the team went to El Reno to play two games. The first game was very close. and fast, The defenses of both teams were good but the long shots of El Reno won the game. Enid 10-El Reno 18 The next evening, Enid again lost. The game was slower than the first and the players did not show so much pep. Haskins was the individual star for Enid. . Enid 10-Guthrie 30 Although the team fought hard and played together well, it could not get the long end of the score against Guthrie. Guthrie had a fast team, which was just a little too much for us. Enid 14--Ponca City 17 A Ponca City saw one of the best games in its history when Enid was there. The score at the end of the regular time was 14 to 14-. During the extra ive minutes of play, Ponca City made a field goal and free throw, winning the game. Enid 20-Shawnee 26 At the end of the first half of Enid's last Conference game, Shawnee counted 16 while Enid counted 8 points. During the last half, Enid came within 2 points of the adversary but dropped back again. ENID AT PHILLIPS TOURNAMENT Enid 30-Vici 14- At the end of the first round, Enid was still in the going. Vici, who was highly favored as a winner, was easily beaten. Enid 30-Lacy 6 Lacy, another strong team, was beaten by a high score. This round left eight teams in the tournament. Enid 4-Hunter 27 Enid played her last game in the third round when she was eliminated by Hunter. Hunter won last year's tournament, and had practically the same team. 1 .I 1 'I' Al'f' 3' VA'lVl'RflWUl'Fl'l'l'Nl'l'l'A' 'i' ' 'A'l'l'l'A'l'Sl'l'l ' ' 'A'A'l' 'l' ' ' 'l'l' ' 'I' ' 'l'A'l'l'l'l'l h'l'l"A'A'A'l'l'l'l'l'l'l'A' " 'A' 'I' ' 'Kl'A'A'l"A'l'lQ'A'L'lTlTl'f. l'i'd One Hundred Twenty I 1, 1 vpn v,v,v,vAqu,uy v s v v v v v,v,v, vv v v,v,v v v,v vv uvuv wmv: 1 mms u. ' ' 1 I v . w l K- TRACK PROSPECTS This yearis track and field team will undoubtedly be one of the best ever put out by E. H. S. Due to the fact that the track season comes so late in the school year, interest is generally lost. This keeps many good men from coming out. The lack of interest is not quite so evident this year. More men are trying out than have ever tried before, and many promise to be good in their line. Several veterans of last season's team have donned uniforms again this spring. Oris Cop- page will be back to participate in the dashes and relay and is showing up well in the practices, Quite a number of distance men will try again this season, among these are john Parker, Charles Huff, and Blair Vliet, all three of whom have good chances for representing the school in the oflicial meets. George Stiers is going to do his stulf again with the shot and discus. Many new fellows, some of whom have excellent prospects, are now in training. Among these are Roy King, Hugh Sinclair, Paul Priest, Buford Miller, Dell Shockley, Dale Shockley, Ivan Reynolds, Malcolm Black, Warren Worden, Maynard Fuller, Homer Bush, Fred Spicer, Raymond Downs, Vernon Westlake, Charles Parker, Olaf Langseth, VVilliam Blakely, Clay Courtney, Glen Ald- rich, Landis Fleming, Ralph Maynard, Ansel Cummings, Everett Coyle, Edward McKinney, and George Nichols. Enid will participate in three meets this spring: The Garfield County'Meet, the State Meet at Stillwater, and the State Meet at Norman. Practice started in the middle of January and all men will be in good condition at the time of the contests. ' at tm! DKIQUIHALIAALIIillhllllllll llll A Ill ll lllll lllllll lllllllllllllllllllhllllllllfilllllilfl''IA XL I 1 ,, . ....,. - . .Q v v .vv.f.-V,-.,............-.....,... IVA- . A ll -. One Hundred Twenty-One , A, 5 ... A, 145' . 1 . I 9 4 Y C' '-1 '-'- ' 7 Y l,AGT7T7,le1kUJ-""1.t H '1,.a:1'cmt,t,vt,.,vvcr11AAAAAA,1o:'-nx,MA.crn-1111. vw 'V BASEBALL PROSPECTS Baseball, like track, does not arouse much interest in the student body, because of the time of year that it is played. Nevertheless, there are enough men practicing this season to build up a very good nine. Pitchers and catchers started training early in January. The team of last year has left several of its players, around whom a strong team can be easily built. Men who played with us last season and are here again are: McLean, Haskins, Garren, Weaver, Enterline, Fisher, and Gifford. Much material has been found among others who were not with us before. Joe Champlin will have an excellent chance to occupy the backstop position. David Funk also bids strongly for the same position. Men trying for the infield are: Carl Stovall, Julian Stet- nish, Elmer Bredehoft, Robert Parnell, Lynwood Haskins, Haskell Harriss, Livingston Snyder, Lyle Swartz, Vernon Westlake, Gilbert Richards, and Wirt Peters. Outfielders are: John Weaver, Manford Knothe, John Ditgen, Leslie McQuilken, Leonard Dague, Leon Dauman, Herbert Kent, Roy Gettel, Melvin Pickens, Floyd Fields, Derald Swine- ford, Edwin Wampler, Forrester Hoover, and Clarence Beard. We shall not be lacking in pitchers as Leonard Dague, Wilbur Gottsch, George Nichols, and Lynwood Haskins are already in training. In all, the prospects are good. Besides playing in the Garfield County League, the team will represent Enid High School in the meets held at Norman and Stillwater. V - .u.u.u.LY 'X xuaufr K One Hundred Twenty-Two Of zffmzf Z df? f 2566 c7EbZfg7?0zi1I:Lof-io" ex, X ORGANIZATIQNS Ti-M W- T1 -4 HI-Y. Anderson, Strickler, McKnight, P. Edwards, Denend, Trammell, Robinson, L. Edwards, Hinson, Miller, Geis. Rude, Warren, Fox, DeSpain, Rudder, Mathis, Peters, Sinclair, R. Lee, Fisher, Huston. Ogle, Bromeley, Fleming, Weaver, Barnes, Black, Harriss, B. Lee, Evans, Richards. OFFICERS First Semester ' Second Semester Lloyd Edwards Hugh Sinclair Ollie Mathis Lloyd McKnight Lloyd Edwards President Bruce Hinson Vice-President Delmer Anderson Secretary Buckley Rude Treasurer The Enid Hi-Y. Club was organized during the spring of 1921 with seven members. Since the founding of the club, the membership has been greatly increased,.and, though the school has been benefitted in former years by the helpful influence of the club, the past year has been the most successful of all. Founded upon the principles of creating and maintaining Christ- ian ideals and standards throughout the whole school, the organization has become widely known as a factor in preserving the high standards for which the institution stands. This year the Hi-Y. became interested in forming new clubs in the neighboring towns, and, at the request from the Billings High School, sent a delegation there and established a Hi-Y. club in that high school. The crowning event of the year was the state convention of Hi-Y. held here February 22-24. This was a marked success and was counted one of the best conventions ever held in the state. The fourth year of its existence finds it growing in numbers and in inlluence. Already it has become one of the main activities of the student life, making E. H, S. a cleaner and finer school to attend. C." Q - Q, QC X 3,1 ff-Y V-Qwnff -,fy QH7. y -L.-xffiw' "1 XL3j'7'WF-f'i1i'. fL3i5il'u'yti"vTZTZ3.:11.1.!.x1J?f.tJ"..a.' i AAS E1 1 1 1'x'S' i f Z ogy: 1 L 175171 1 '1 1 'YI Ij g"1 Q One Hundred Twenty-Three 1 Y g lv -- V-4V'Y- fs RALLY vflzjffj-T:-, -Lx:-Lili .x M- .w,,,..--,.. ,.....-.., , . -. ,. ..,,, -..M.-.-,,N..a.-...f.,...Y.-......,r.,....,,.-..,.,..........,., ,-.Q . '-4L.,.L.i,'..' .L -JM 1777537:11LL.5Lf,Z'LlElZELEkl55I:fl11Z.TfJ4EfQ3?J,:z:J13QQIf.p Q'Q?S3?Q-?2QE53i4?4l33L,44-exe,-:s.?-1,4vH57'1U 1 3 I W, ,, ., . ., , , .U ,..- -- f--1:-Yff 1, .1-4 , 1.-my M. .,f,.1w,,.,i. Tf V ,: V W. ...,, J.,f,,:4,eV.. Az, . gs? L? PE Qui E 2 1 E X 1 I J Ii, ?Ef 31: iE :si lil EN if W xi i 1 W I Q. E i Af , 2 5 1 I! Y! H eu I E 4 lw ,KWH , , . . , K , , -ww., ,. -,..,..,.., W,.., .M,,.,.,.M,v7..F -4,,-,....,,...,,.,,.,f,,.n,,6,........,,.,,,,.V W, U.f..U.L.1,....4,.,.MMLsJ.,J.,L:..Q.b4 .1,,..A.Jn3-a,.g-T.c L 1,.L,1+1x,Ql.L A L - ul,1J.h,- Q m.A.s. M H 1 2 g ? f V- 1 MJD? One Hundred Twen ty-Four f ........,..,,, ...uf Xl I DRAMATIL CLUB 45.39 V'!33'4l.Ul!'P.lY'!Sl1l,'Q'1,'.Q U' U!! Ui? D IIQUIID V U 1' UF 99 1 1 V 1 U V U . . .9.V 1,V.'.V.i 1,'..U.V Y U.V.1AY.9-.'.VAQl'.'.'.Q'.'F!UJ4i L i 1 . :Rn 1924. McElroy, Parker, Richardson, Dempsey, Turk, Scott, Ashcroft. Meece, Gordon, L. Smith, Turk, Latta, R. Smith, Cummings, Beggs, Reams, Geis. Drew, Wells, Rarey, Fey fSponsorD, Pemberton, Stewart fSponsorD, Trimble, Benton, Piper, X Francisco, Berry. First Semester Violette Pemberton Ruth Scott Audine Drew Sarah Rarey OFFICERS President Secretary-Treasurer Vice-President Sergeant-at-Arms SOCIETY'S HONORS FOR 1923-24 ANNUAL STAFF Associate Editor Assistant Kodak Editor QUILL WEEKLY STAFF Advertising Manager LITERARY Standard Dramatic Reading Representative MISCELLANEOUS Two Members Girls' Quartet Five Members Booster Club Yell Leader Vice-President Ciceronian Club Secretary-Treasurer Ciceronian Club Four Members Senior Play Cast LA A Alhllllll I llllll ll llfllllllllll'l'lAl'llllllllllll Second Semester y l Violette Pemberton Dorothy Ann Parker Mildred Trimble Rilla Smith ,..,.... ..n,.....,....,.,.. ..,.., ., .. ., L. 5 One Hundred Twenty-Five - ..... , ,,,- - ......... Y,YY V ' V - ' w ,. ,. ve, , b , -'Il-'ff-173' J5c,+'ff-NTD, IV- --, nv JM? -ff -is uw JJ- ' One Hundred Twenty-Six '1 V . Ferlra...ff-n'fW"'f""s...Sefef,eQ1:f",s-Lx1rftf:"'e.,ff1f11:f1:z s.-"r,..i,'rrvcH:?i11m2fN-JJJK2SivLvrK'uxm44A5:sxrfJ. xalimw JQMMJSXTCUK, ,tarteifgfssf in Kiki' ERODELPHIAN LITERARY SOCIETY QT Ca rw i f Keller, Horsley, Henry, Mathis, Green, Z. Overbey, Rhodes, Barber, Rarey. Boyd, H. Overbey, Burwell, Hopkins, Price, Pierson, Winkler, Malters, Henninger, Sinderson, Houghton. Hollingsworth, Taylo, Chambless, Shaw, Miller, Buford CSponsorD, Williams, Askew, Baker, Lee, Lewis. First Semester Helen Boyd Mary Gray Dot Cansler OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer SOCIETY'S HONORS FOR 1923-24 ANNUAL STAFF Calendar Editor Classes Editor Society Editor QUILL WEEKLY STAFF Editor-in-Chief Feature Editor LITERARY Two Interscholastic Debaters MISCELLANEOUS Secretary-Treasurer Senior Class One Member Girls' Quartet Four Members Booster Club Secretary-Treasurer junior Class Hi-Y. W. President Hi-Y. W. Vice-President Hi-Y. W. Secretary Nine Members Hi-Y. W. Cabinet Three Members Senior Play Cast Second Semester Helen Boyd Dot Cansler Eloise Price . it ,.i, TTU One Hundred Twenty-Seven 'X , ,yy f p Y: E 'V "' "' " WW" 22 54,4.-1.2.4s,i4,p4mf.Mww.sg32N5fsEQM..xM,5'.m.fam,944,gLmasr,5,fQxK1i2?i?Z25TG?5ZC f I fs: iff .1 iii LQ, S - ' . E . , . 2 , ! i W wi LY! i E uf gi! ii! K 5 1 Q I 2 P i 1 1 Es 2 2 , gp H X , if Vg S! 114 1 'L' I g ll H1 21' i nf iii 1' a 35' if qi L: 1 if is Q 5 If li it ' i M El , t I ' Ui IH 1 lf! ' 1 I f u ij' gil fri N i ,, 1 W 1 eff I Q Y :Il 5:3 2 II! :U M Y iii 5 LW 2 1 , as 53545 -N..,Wf- , , . - W,W. ..., h,,. A, , Q-5' fzgiiz.-rrf'-L-:irigf.-sviiiitvzizi4:1-Z,v,.1Liv-5ii1i,fA,iniie5i ,315 -QM f P W 13:M'Q-f-'J-15ii5535lgLFY Y -J , H .M I, , One Hundred Twenty-Eight - i 1 Cf :rn AIVV t t . r fxAA1ux44x.xAAAJj!gvv. ,xAAAg1tAAA,x4AjkAfcf-x434pYA.fxATK,h,4VxJ,A.xg.g ' l ,,,' -Q KATAHDIN LITERARY SOCIETY Sam ' g m'afs5'f 5,2 H, 5 Z 1 1 l E24 ii' Vi H, l i Q wg ig la is 5 ? lil in li ui V Us l. Sayles, Crane, Powell, Lacey, Weldon, Hayen, Hirsch. l E Richer, Fuller, Peckham, Clewell, Rainey, Haldeman, Jones, A. Crews, Porter, Curb, Knipp. i K ' I V, johnson, Earnst, Shockley, Mellick QSponsorj, Darnold, E. Johnson, M. Crews, Arbuckle, ! Herrian, Baker. 1 gm 1,3 4 1 i r- 1 5 K s Il OFFICERS 2 First Semester I Second Semester 5 , , ,l Ollie Darnold President Dorothy Knipp Dorothy Knipp Vice-President Velma Hayen ii Grace Hayen Secretary-Treasurer Grace Hayen ix tl! V I ,iv i , 7'l I SOCIETY'S HONORS FOR 1923-24 i., ANNUAL STAFF Activities Editor ' QUILL WEEKLY STAFF Assistant Business Manager Typist LITERARY Interscholastic Debator Standard Oratory Representative MISCELLANEOUS Secretary-Treasurer Virgilian Club Secretary-Treasurer Ciceronian Club J, ' R- , gumviggyiyyilxlyvvfvi'gegiyvafvrgyvwfb X One Hundred Twenty-Nine LA 'gy nfh. +...A, I I , W"-' ' '-' ' '-'A'-'FS-V8 W V v W v v vv v v v vv 0 L , l,v.lU.v.l.l,v.vs.v.vsvg uss.v.I.v.1.mv.v.v.1v.ls.vs.v.v.' mv v.v.'.'.v.v,v.I.v.u.v. 0,1 u X W N X X 1 I D fe .. C-rf I I I A A A I I I I I I I I I I I I Al 'I I'l'I'I x 'I'I'l'I'Q'I i'l'l I All I'I'I'l'l'l'I' :l"I 'I' KI'I'I I I ' I 'I'I'l .lI'l'A One Hundred Thirty ' Q1 q, :vnu vvvvvv Ii.I'.1!l.'NfV.V " , "' " "' ' A, 'A ,sw --1 N -- if FORUM LITERARY SOCIETY I ul S A Ogle, Gregg, Worden, johnson, Jobes, Calloway, Rude Bromeley, Rendel, Rice, Evans. My , Harris, Giltner, Aldrich, Hume, Phillips, Parker, Maefarline, Miller, Horner, Downs, Sinclair, Lee, Mathis, Kelly, Ditgen, Montgomery, Peck, Ploof, King, Walker, Lee. Donnelly fSponsorD, Barnes, D. Shockley, Harriss, Bean, Po Pendarvis. First Semester OFFICERS Willis A. Peck President Clifford Robinson "Vice-President Allen Rude Secretary Roy Johnson Treasurer SOCIETY'S HONORS FOR ANNUAL STAFF ' Advertising Manager Assistant Advertising Manager Assistant Art Editor rter, Dell Shockley, Dillon, Robirisvoin, Second Semester Roy King Hugh Sinclair Edward Montgomery Roy' Johnson 1923-24 Senior Class Representative Cartoonist QUILL WEEKLY STAFF Business Manager ATHLETTCS Captain Football Team Three Members Football Team One All-State Player Captain Basketball Team MISCELLANEOUS President Senior Class President Sophomore Class Three Members Booster Club Vice-President Hi-Y. Feature Editor One Member Basketball Team Football Manager President Athletic Association Intersoeiety Football Championship President Ciceronian Club Vice-President Virgilian Club Vice-President Cieeronian Club One Member Senior Play Cast 'KK' A l One Hundred Thirty-One 4 ' " ' ' f?T'ff-WTK171-'r-f':vP?-'4?,-f fm-Yf-fw,',"f1f?3,-"rf 1.-wff-5 fx--fwfflfff bf :vfv--'fi1- -AH ,1--Q--.J -W..A..-...-U,.44-1w.v.n3.b..xA,,:.n+,.x-,::.a,b1,.:1.,..f4+.'.,..,f...N.v.'.. mf. - M,-4 Y f ' .-, W 'iz 5 1 I 5, -- .A,.A ifk , , an ,, h as , ffl 2, 1 . . , . ai 1 I 4 1 ' 1 iii, E 1 5 Ei! Ji f x I ' ' i L ' ! 5 5 E Q . f , A 1 , L . 5 5 , Q . Ei L ' 1 f I , 5 I , F 2 , e , :ff 5 W: E F 5 ! Q U 4 ge fl X z 4 1 i E 2 W I E Q f' i E E if s ,, 2 5 if .Eff ,L mi." 'S , 'E injfiiiiizsiinzczim153311 1'3'Wlfivfr,4lJ11QlQIf3,21 ff'lm3QLxlg2 -Lf, Q44 2 -,Qgzii One Hundred Thirty-Two ,,,,,. ,mf il , I I 3 ' MU Jovi Q 3 Ei. 355 ill 'i y SENATE LITERARY SOCIETY 59235213 gnigjy E l its l ls , gy 3 l li , it l V ll l Patrick, Kunkel, Bradley, Dee, Pratt, Reynolds. Johnson, Key, Anglin, Schultz, Riley, H. Kent. W F Ballard, Courtney, Thomas, Harp fSponsorj, Harris, W. Kent, Dauman. l Eli i f l lfl I fl I l l 5 Ii li I First Semester OFFICERS Second Semester I Allen Key President Orville Dee Orville Dee Vice-President Kenneth Grammont Kenneth Grammont Secretary Ivan Reynolds I I Carl Anglin Treasurer VVayne Kent , Harold Thomas Sergeant-at-Arms Virgil Harris ia 1 g , l Us L A Q I SOCIETY'S HONORS FOR 1923-24 .ll ATHLETICS One Member Basketball Team Four Meinbers lntersociety Football Team MISCELLANEOUS l , Vice-President Junior Class I m I C3524 I I-'11 'VT ' ' H Q! 'V f',Q,,,QQ'QQQQfQg?i' One Hundred Thirty-Three 0 Q -59 ,.,.... w ...fy rv vvvvv vw uv v vw . vvv1vvvvvvvv.!.v,v,,qqv,vvvuvv,uv.uu,uu,v u rvupqyov vvvvv , uv uvv-vu v .v.l.v.v,v.u w I 1 w 1 ' - WW , , , , , , LJ A I I D A A lT'l'l I I A l'l'l'l'l ll I ll l'll 1 l'l l'l'l ATT'fA'Kl'l'l'Nl'I'LTTE'I'l'l'l'l'L'l'lvl'l'l'fl'l'l'l'l'l'l'h'l'l.'l'l'A - - V 1 One Hundred Thirty-Four 1111 WEBSTERIAN LITERARY SOCIETY . IITITKISQSZIZSQXF O V 151515 , .1L 1rv1nsn1I AA -- 1-11.- Champlin, Pickens, Shaw, McKnight, Fuller, McQuilken, Wolfe, Black, Weaver, Fox, L. Edwards. P. Edwards, Trammel, Singleton, Denend, DeSpain, McConkay, Miller, Richardson, Richards, Geis, Huston. Anderson, D. Swineford, Hinson, Fisher, Fleming, Peters, Swigert, Tinker, Dan Swineford, Watkins. First Semester Eugene Champlin Delmer Anderson Bruce Hinson Malcolm Black OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Second Semester Bruce Hinson Lloyd Edwards john Huston Thomas Richardson 'JE .... Estell Fox Sergeant-at-Arms Gilbert Richards? SOCIETY'S HONORS FOR 1923-24 i ANNUAL STAFF Editor-in-Chief Literary and Humor Editor i Assistant Editor Business Manager Athletics Editor Editor-in-Chief Four Interscholastic President Hi-Y. Vice-President Hi-Y. Art Editor Kodak Editor Organizations Editor QUILL WVEEKLY STAFF Exchange Editor Assistant Editor ATHLETICS Two Members Football Team LITERARY Debators Standard Oratory Representative Standard Dramatic Reading Representative MISCELLANEOUS President Junior Class Vice-President Senior Class Secretary Hi-Y. Treasurer Hi-Y. Three Members Booster Club President Booster Club President Ciceronian Club Three Members Senior Play Cast il Y Y V if Y Y 'WW' W V W 77777 V YV WV Y Mining Y V Y in g V 4 U YY W W V V i 'Ava' ' ra' 'A' ' 'A' 'ra ' ' " A'A'n'4' ' 'A'n'a'A'n A' 'A' 'n'n'n'n'4'n rua' 'n'A'A'a'a'A val A ' 1' 'n'sn'r. ...nv A One Hundred Thirty-Five ' A X4 1, J. ,,1c!vN,1k.kj..iA.AJ A AISAAA AJR. l.AAAJxf. AAAJJJwAiKAAA1vxAf.AJxAA .x J. A AAA A.4.Am.U-Ml .Mig GREGG SECRETARIAL SERVICE CLUB ,Et W r Q 1 Beck, Bailey, Anning. Parker, Blackburn fSpons0rj, Baker, Lang. li ll lx The purpose of the G. S. S. C. is to place on EL bulletin board, a series of correctly typed forms of business and social correspondence. The O. G. A. was organized for the purpose of promoting the knowledge of Gregg Short- E hand, together with other modern applicamces and methods used in business. ' I l l 3 .K 1 qi ORDER OF GREGG ARTISTS if ll, lj. ,il ill 1 l vs l li li Holernan, McMahon, Elgin, Kerss, Nowell, Gilger, Vion. Donnelley fSponsorD, Berry, VVatkins, Moulden, M0O1'C, Earnst, Blakeley. C One Hundred Thirty-Six , I .ew ,. - yvvy yyyyvvuvviyvvvv vw 1 J 7-,-x-ffrvvfg A .LA .1 ,CIKi1C1xCxllAAAAAAAJxA.AAA.AJyAA AA.AA,xA A'AAAAAJve4xV1U'lAAQ5,L1,A J. 1 ll VIRGILIAN CLUB EN D Leighnor, Heath, Nicholson, Hirsch, West. Meade, Tz1ylo,,Chambless, Graves QSponsorj, Johnson. The Virgilian and Ciceronian Clubs were organized by the Virgil and Cicero Classes in order that a greater interest might be created in the Latin courses. These clubs -have studied the characteristics, the customs, and the literature of the people who were contemporaries of Virgil and Cicero. CICERONIAN CLUB J. Parker, Jenkins, Osborn, Talley, Gallagher, Barnes, Ogle, Bromeley. Graves QSponsorD, Turk, Gordon, A. Parker, Erlewein, Voy, Cook, Vion, Oringderff. Watkins, Robinson, Trammel, Bodes, Gilger, Rendel, Corbin. One Hundred Thirty-Seven l l f -I- V xvziimfzvlfcsx Tm .jliirr f:f"1'fmr, CLUB ADVISERS. v vv vvvv -- nl 4 I 4 MRS. H. J. HARRISS MISS LAURA M. GRAVES HI-Y. W. CABINET l AO Graves CSponsorD, Cansler, Boyd, Hirsch, VVilliarns, Shaw, Scott, Miller, Askew, Baker. The girls of the Hi-Y. VV. have accomplished much this year, and they have made their club the pride of Enid High School. Undoubtedly it is the most democratic organiztaion in the I .Cr . . . ugh school, for the members have kept in mind their slogan, f'The Other Girl," trying to uplift the standards and ideals of all girls alike. 4The Hi-Y. W. co-operated with the school and city in making hundreds of "k'dd' U and 1 ies their parents happy at Thanksgiving and Christmas. They have furnished and re-decorated two rooms in the school,-one a girls' rest room, and one a meeting-place for any group of Hi-Y. W. girls. The seniors leave this year knowing they have done their best for 'fthe other girl 'l while 7 the juniors and sophomores plan to carry the slogan to another year of success. llllllilllllbllllllli llilllll I ll I ll llllullll ll' iAA 1 f V ADAKV f H l W, ,H rm ,V Ly' 'r ' wrvrq 4i'ix'i'n'n'ii'n'n'n' 'n'A'a'ii 'A-in'nia'f "" ' "" ' " ' ' ' ' 'A' ""' ' A ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' l' ' ' ' One Hun dred Thirty-Eight HI-Y. W. GROUP ONE gg or uvvvnvgv vv v v vvv-rv vvvvv vv Ov ppv vw 1 G. Herrian, Peery, Hamilton, Whitney, Wells, Carlson, Malters, Miller, Richards, Wagner. McElroy, Gaylord, Gallagher, Berry, Scott, Shaw,Cans1er, Geis, Haldeman, Jones, Sayles, Reese Kretsch, Hopkins, Moore, Hirsch, E. Herrian, Williams, Chambless, Henninger, Sinderson, Ellexson. First Semester Katherine Miller Helen Boyd Francis Askew Minnon Hirsch OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer HI-Y. W. GROUP TWO Second Semester Katherine Miller Helen Boyd Francis Askew Minnon Hirsch Price, Overbey, Parker, Baker, Boyd, Blake, Bolenbaugh, Powell, Crane. Stahl, Keller, Burwell, Hollingsworth, Clewell, Perry, Funk, Branham, Clodfelter, Hartman, Startzman. Rhodes, A. Crews, Rollannd, Beggs, M. Crews, Winkler, Shockley, Enlow, Hugos, Lee, Houghton rn' 'ra' ' 'ara' To 4' ' 'A ' ' ' ' ' " li W 5 "5 ' One Hundred Th1r1:yNme ......,. ,, 1 , V g ,il ,L-idLSEi353.i:v:V,kTzrcgliilliull It 77714, 3, ,.: A. i.1.:,.V.. ,. rv. ,...,. . ',f-:.,A.. 7. . .,,,,.,. ,.,,Y:...v....,,A., ,1 - ,.A,:L,,,...,m. A. -,-.,,,, N m,,.,,,.. ..,,..,-.W-f, M4 1 1 Qi li . .,-Y W . . .w,.:.,.,-L..N.,...Q.4.. 1 v One Hundred Forty A K A A I E 4 K x Y A 4' I x I , , ,,,,V ,fw,.t.1,..,, v,,1.7,...-f--..T..T,.,..,:,...5,-7.1-5 5,11-yay- 4...YA,.. ff ,. u..1.LY......g..L....L...:Y,4 H..- . g.,..:. ,...y.. -...,-. .4.. Y-4..,-.L..,.4.'4.L:...:.L-L.g.w.,..L.,.r.a..,..4.4-p.4-x,v.. Uni M666 orb? Tl E S an Huff fmwfcofdwf ,. v , e 4 F . 5 5 w p x Q f 1 ':ifT+4:: MNQMMQAXM2543.04JM!-LM,Q6u.Mi4,.45,,wszza-13 ,M .v ,M L5 fcmf, 5,5 gL:P3k?Si 'gf v.at.g:V4" I YE 5 Ip KX? MMT, ,f il! : X il' iji Sig il if 5 iii Zi? Q' AM W Hi - me 151 292 IW - :af wi H! gif iii 123 V1 Q51 gl! l 4 -V vs -I ii! 2:1 my gf: g.: HJ MI il :Ss 524 we z Ha sal 5 L21 ii E25 HS we as! :H s S . Z., ii! sit H gEt E! :li !i EY' 4 l al Q!! 1 'M 'Es in i' iz? :E ig Q51 I Vf. 1, li. U 2:2 QQ iii rg' 55 Ni li :N sg ,w fii I 'ie ig 225 ii ly ,I , :Q ' 'e I I1 wirtg, QL Qf1ffEiIjfF?iTSjyj1'ffgjyl g -L 5 ','1v'v'nQg111 I vvxgnfv' X 1 vw X 'Ln 1 'LD w 1 2 1 X, X 1 1 .' v rfwrmz ::Lf:.:LX, , One Hundred Forty-One I Iv.v.l.vslv,v 1 I 3.133 'Q'-E' , , '-'B' ' V V 'U ' ' vv!,v.v-57.v.v v v v vp. -.1 U , . , ,Y v I v .v.v.v.t.gn.qy.vs.u.v.v. v U 1 6 JA' U13 DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC SPEAKING LEON K. VVHITNEY One among the many competent members of the faculty of Enid High School is Mr. Whitney, the director of public speaking. Mr. Whitney is active in his support of every en- terprise in which the school engages whether literary, social, or athletic, and he has given to this school unsellishly of his services. He, with the work of an enthusiast, has proved to the student body the power that comes with knowledge. With strong mentality and over all an understanding simplicity, Mr. Whitney coaches debate, dramatic reading, oratory and all dramatic productions sponsored by the school. Q I L L 14. QAAAATA nrrrn 'rrrl ' I ' Y' ' ' ' ' ' :tif AA AA EAA A A' A'A'n'n'rrrrrA'4" ' One Hundred Forty Two v v v v v v v v v 1 v v v v v I.v.?.v.m1VN.v.vAv.v.'.'.'.v.'.','.!.'.U9.v.v.U.v 1v.mo.v.v.v.w.mw,'s,-.vsv.ng.vml.mmzm'.5v.nuQg0.mgqvglassy W emma.: Y , . Wwfff ww . . A ,QJ . - .xnxx END L II Hg wa W , v I Q , iq.: l'l'lN.W'l'l'l'l'lX'A'l'l"l1'L'l'l'l'l'l'l'l'l'l"l'l'l l'l"fl'l'l'l'l:'fG'l 17C K'Q'l 'I I O I l I l'l'l'l l'l'l'l Q l'l'l'l'l l'l'l"l' l'l1'Kl A A A'l'l'A'l"A One Hundred Forty-Three ai t?3 9 54:,,Aj75,MAAAAAAf.57CX1.fXAAAAA4AA.m.-J3f,Af.,Mt,AAJ XIQXJXAAAJ 5 AFFIRMATIVE W B 4 BERNICE BERRY ONA DENNER QUESTION Resolved: That the Cabinet Parliamentary form of government should be adopted by the United States. Blackwell-Enid Blackwell, February 15, 1924- Decision-Affirmative xg "' 'A V X ' k ' ' Y ' ' ' ' ' A Al N A 1 AW One Hundred Forty-Four wx .ti 'l, 'Y E Q 1 1 iii ,li A . ,,,,,,. ..v,.. -M A ' "N ""' 1 " - ' 5 iii H ,QQ 251 Egg Ei X 1 gsi iig ,t gig NEGATIVE 1 . ' li! E 2 f H I 1 ' if 5 E iii 235 f if fi? fi? E 2:2 i 2 2 1 1 iii W Q ' ,s wi is 35? i I L l'f 1 iii l if 1 Sig Us MARTHELEN LEIGHNOR DOT CANSLER I ? 1 I, I 1 i ii I H M E 1 i QUESTION 1 Rexolfveri: That the Cabinet Parliamentary form of government should be adopted by the I United States. Epi E i X, 5 Q: Enid-E1 Reno W Enid, February 15, 1924 by Decision-Negative 1 3 is Syl Y Yllili fi-N lJr..L2LX YJ. LYJ Y .D LK KLJ JACLYYXYXLYXLYLY V QCEQMYYNJLDQ t -jifff' "- ' if ,uc ir 1 '-fV..2-'V"'Lgf,"' ,YvYvtfff' . 'YYY' l V- ' Lb "Y""""' ' 'Wvm' . One Hundred Forty-Five ' T . ...A Q f f.U.v:v,mv.v.v.9n.Isl.v.v.nu.vp.1.s- :vp .on v.v.up.s,v,v,v,v,- .1 vx.o.v.o.v,-v, pawns moms oo.: va mv.mv.w.vvn mun.n.cy,v,v.w.v.anmm'mv1v.nv.v vu 1 v 4- 9. . AFFIRMATIVE R 1 DELMER ANDERSON LLOYD EDWARDS QUESTION Resolved: That the United States should become a member of the Permanent Court of In- ternational Justice. Enid-E1 Reno E1 Reno, March 21, 1924 Decision-Negative gf L41 fd l'l'l'A'A"A'AVA'l'l'lI'l'A'l'l'l'l'l'l'A'l'l'l l'l A'l'l'l'l Ill ll'l'l'l l'K I I l l'l l I l I KI I l IA 1 I I I I I l'.l'l 'IVA A fl!! l'l'A'l A l'l'l'l'A"ll'l'l 'l'A'l'l'l'l'l'A'l'l'A'YlVATA One Hundred Forty-Six T1 U g ,. no.A,vr f.NvqgoUU.A Uxxn. ,Jr A .1ax7'1M, 'Gia' NEGATIVE HAROLD GEIS EARL VVARREN QUESTION Rexolkvedz That the United States should become zz member of the Permanent Court of In- ternatibnal Justice. Enid-Blackwell Blackwell, March 21, 1924 Decision-Negative J.x.w.LuQf111.m.v fr 'Lu I One Hundred Forty-Seven HU 7'.,.'T,".:I"'..,1r.-..x... :L ,n,,,,,g, -3,-333--Timm..- ,..,...N--.-..-.t, ...,--,.,...,.,. .,.....,--... LA-MSEQMEMM'5-1w'ScTf.e.MQ1e,, 1, "' .fd 'ap Zena-':,4M,..... New 1 xiii! 42924 gl W 1 1 E 111 al 11? 11 ,gi H1 li ,Ml 3 1 1 '1 11 1 1 1: I 1 1 11 , 1 1 a 11 ll 1 S .W 1, DRAMATIC READING VVILLIAM S. TINKER AMYRNA REAMS E 1 1 Boys' Dramatic Reading Contest Guthrie, December 14-, 1923 William S. J. Tinker, '24- "The Chariot Race," from "Ben Hurl' Girls' Dramatic Reading Contest Blackwell, December 14-, 1923 Myrna Reams, ,24 glM21dCliH6,S Victory," by Grace D. Litchfield ,.,l. V Yi ' 'v - '-'wr -- ' - -ff . V V . 1 -1 , ., Milf- , , ,X ,LL !,.L:.,1.A.X.L.A'.4.Y..L1.QX.lJ 1 1 gg V I 1 1 3 One Hundred Forty-Eight gk. r fu , r in gf mural 1 4 22 ' ir 1 ' Q r V E 1 ORATORY i , 1 gm 'W lb xg, 3 I HAROLD GEIS IVIARTHELEN LEIGHNOR I Y w Q X , 1, Boys, Standard Oration Contest Enid, December 7, 1923 Harold Geis, ,24- "A Plea for Cubaf, by John M. Thurston Girls' Standard Oration Contest E1 Reno, December 7, 1923 Marthelen Leighnor, ,24 "A Plea for Cubaf, by John M. Thurston .sq Q 'aw u"w"'w"""" """ " fffiw-an-Y-X-1-'Q 'QQQQ 2 'YY i?iYQ?U5'3ff?f" ' ' F 9:L'iiVvf"-"""1M Trix? One Hundred F orty-Nine 1 .wr Y g, , ,Q ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,.,i,,-,,,,,.,,,,4,,,.,,...,.........--..v.- .. in-,X ,AQQHYT KI?'?IF?fv--1'.Yl'5 ff- '.A,1J.A.-s.f,A .ap,r.u..1.f,A,s73f,1gyv,.1..a:3:va-L:..v::1'c1t1Q3Ef..Tx,T5T,E:nIL'l':5'I.U'3JE'f:.Tz113fX1":nirrfinixiiuyiff'mixggjigf E Wag L, 5 1 ciggaff H ix 1 is 2 2 4 'I S W, 534 gi! 132 x Q I ii! I A ME gif I I! I 'gi is 12 li H in ll ' 1 'I 1 is 'ii fi 2 1 1+ Q N N ' 1 z I 4 , 'iffii Cvl?k.1.:.""Li'.w'1? T " 'VH' 'LLLiZ.L'711"iu' 'YQ' "W WT 1 ,F-?:1ii'4'Zirg4,QZ One Hundred Fifty I Y . .ll-lui. A 3.03111 .Q .1 lm' tvs: I -U n urn vwvvuvsv. ummm!! .wv.v.1.1.vwv.v.w.v vs .Ei 'Af. 5 s , v ENID 4,315 72924 is i E ! WWW Wm WM WM - , f 'X fx f 51515. I ff , 'I Agtnastgfia f K f Cm f agayunes GM' , QUGQQ ' f' l'39QEf' f X .RGQ 'W' X V! m N 5 X Ko? 1 . ' 1 W 'da 405-H505 A ,Wm 9'lV1'ww A SWK' ! uv NWUMQSQJ f -- 'itz' , I -351 , ,if fa 221: F f wi., xii' l'l" 'l'll"l'AA"l' 1'N 'A'l'A'A'l'fl"1iAl1"A'i'l'i'A"K'l'Kl'f'iNfl'll'Oll'l'l'l'l'l l' kiYf l'l'Ai """ " Ai 'Y ' 'A ""1"'A' - 1 Q One Hundred Fifty-One ref, ..gCr'C3,ij:JSL2'lf-ffl'5ff7f7iZTfCTf3"l'i'i-ZZ'iiiYLf,3?'L1'I":J 1':f:."i,f3Q1:v.y.iv:m':f.1'x'f11' W" N J.. x EN!!! tsl ilhtiftyf alt lbs?-'il it VH" , ,132 C35 Ii li! '35 Eli gat ,J ENID HIGH SCHOOL PUBLICATIONS Ii ini l , its il! . at THE QUILL WEEKLY i iii 5 ff! t The Quill Weekly, the Enid High School weekly publication, has made excellent progress during the past year. The staff is composed of twelve members, all of whom are enrolled in Ilia e news writing c asses f th ' ' l . ' E Every phase of school activity is adequately covered by the members of the staff. This plan makes possible a paper of interest to the entire student body. t 755 i l The news of the school is written in such an interesting and literary style,'that it is ever a ll? source of keen enjoyment to the students. El, ,i Ei? ' The Quill Weekl is a publication of which Enid High School may rightfully feel proud. Li, lik y . . . ii' 22 At the meeting of the Central lnterscholastic Press Association at Madison, Wisconsin, the Quill he 'A 4 . sg! Weekly was judged among fourteen of the best school papers in the United States, an honor which we shall sincerely try to uphold. E .Zi .lf f ll all ati ilf 'Yi si! Q a xt 9 E if 5 THE QUILL ANNUAL 2,3 5 fit Eli . . . . .... The Quill Annual, the annual publication of Enid High School, is really a history told in il, lli an interestin manner of the activities of the school. ,V g 9 ,l l s il. This book is attractively compiled with the memories of each individualis school days, a ,LE fact which makes it a priceless possession. ii . . . . . . . . l It is possible to make the annual Of individual interest because of the staff, which is com- E, posed of twenty members, who come into personal contact with the interests of each individual of the school. The staff, in compiling the annual, is greatly aided by the close co-operation of 5 5 ilu the entire institution, without which the publication of the book would be impossible. E l 2 l g i i ,N The year book is a necessity as well as a joy to every person in the school. Its publication 525 is the one activity of the school in which every one is represented. i L' 'Q t ll' ,E 1 .qi Eg: iii 5 4 ll! 5 ! S iii :N ,i 'f Q' -Q, Mlmf'YlUI7Y'V'V'7'4'l'T'7V'W77'V"?'V1Ili'VVVl'YiZ3.fCYZZ5EZ15Lr'EQi::.T2iQ5,L1ftFfP21'i2EKf1.'Y?7'if'fZ'J'iZ'9T'W"1"wVv3'3TS'Yf5i'v7'1gQ',,f52rS'W,'sf'f?s7'i'j2.P-??"9j.?1.Lg,io1 --Q .--.-.-....a,..,.,-u.-,--a,..-..Y . ..,,.4 ,-,,-..r.-.-. .... .W ,mg , L ,.,, L, N, 2, W., One Hundred Fifty-Two ? i 4 i I . Q 0 5 V i I i .3 Ya a 4 n .K w n - T e i K i I V .H v s 1 . 2 E JM fm I-iEE21i1gg'2EEtfi:f:ax5.,,-4k-ri llrpfzrrfjzggiiaifgif W K 1-Jr.-:Usa 4:92555 Ni W2-3 I ,iii iff 'fg- g f f ' il' :'?fv493 iz' iii iii fxf in Z ,i iii 'E HF 24' if 1 I i S1 u :Q E 4 H ui 1 m , :H 1 :Ji tg g :A ! -is Ng li' U5 , . 'E EH 1,9 Li H1 if? :' 1, ff: a32 :fl asf if UV 5 S' 7 wi , i I y- ' 5 ' 1 f EF Qix .. ig! N 213 V 5 5 ' 5 i QE, iii . 1 ' l 2, 15 Q is 5 1 13' 1.2 is iff ' 1 Ei' 2 fl? - IM T x r iii :ig , EH ' ai! E A ie? H . , ish Ui ' als U5 . iz . b li, 1 H2 1 li I Q!! 5 S , , T i.: .1 E, V 1 v , x : 5 3 3 1 s 1 I 1 5 Q T g , 1 2 I I A 21 . 5 In ig? 3 ' B'ff'Qi,g?.Q,W5?1i'5,z.Tf'Qinu 4 Q. 3 Une Hundred Fifty-Three I'9I""Lgh""5-4-f-1-MHQQ. xIYLQ:.5L2!.5i' LLFLTWTQSF"3'gQ1U5m"rJgf3vi3Q':frff271',:3t:'x1rw:'f:'f' rw'.'4-aff'fg5??-fair.-5'ami I sw III I , Ii II IIIIIIII IQ If III jg f I I LIii?'.i:I K I I I ,I I fi I I I I II I 'II I 1 I II I II III ' III II I II II I If I I I I I I I III I, I Ii I 1' : II III I I I I II I Ig ,I III 'I II III I. II III II III II I I III I II I I E I II I II II , II I I I' I I I I I I I I I f I, I ' In I x Ig, I ffl.. rF,,,,4 Y J, ,.. Nw, . , EEZUQEI iI,f, ,.gIma:fJ,1 wwvf'3w3I wffnfv"'f - xr M,-vw W-wf ili 'fA-b'-f-------------w--IM--1--4-W-----L----4r:11r'1if' "ff'::2:"4'I"".:"1: f- I 1'---MW-'W nf" .g'i,.::gg:"---wpizzfw ' 5-1f'fIf'1S':f2g?3,Lf , ,,,,, WX, ,. One Hundred Fiftv-Four 111.11 v wus w uvcvv vvlvws 1 1 v U , v.v0p.v.v.v.v.vvvvvv vvvu' vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv vv vvvvuovvv uv. vp' 1 A -0- --M --4 43,924 N 1 k n W"- . , Y -: V '. -- Y- , -' ,Lyjfq'ff'i-ji ""3'fD One Hundred Fifty-Five i 5 Mitzi: ev-f--1'-I r 1 life' -,isnt ., ti Q 2 fe- - . -.ai fi, 1 Y 1 .f', C' t , ,spy A 3'x,t.,- L, ef-1. sm:-'t .- .' 1 fd 'L f t ,E ts-Q3 K-.. ...wr ni 1:5 xl ua glt :lf it rla I Q i lil .1, ii? .tt ll' H' 71 Il SL' ii 71. Sl tg, is l? t 1 cf, ri! li! til :qs 225 sit NE , it its Ei? :tj 2:2 Q2 tsl Ir! ii? is .5 's 4 A 1 ,,, 131 ,N Elf rig ill .41 :ll X, 'H zz, JV ii lg' :lg li? IS! 352 lf? t.. ill ll If - slr 1 5 THE RUDE MASS OF NATIVE ROCK Thus, O friends, have we endeavored to retrace the simple ways in which we walked: In the first crude days of settling time in this new work, we were disturbed, at times, by prudent thoughts. Each had a feeling-'KI am not for that placell' There came a day when troubles ceased, for we received a note that ran: "Comrades, leave the crowd, and come to the Wilson home. Let there be no vacant chair." We played and talked unprofitable talk and sauntered to the house at the evening hour. We reached the cottage, and at the door we knocked. It was hastily unbarred, and we were commanded to enter, confident that now we might repose in comfort and look in the light of timely furtherance and such help as we might require. Behold! Our leader from her sovereign height gazed upon us-meek, inert, and silent. Suddenly the scene changed and became, as it were, a prototype of life manifesting itself in the jotted lines as penned by our illustrious chief. The summons given with eager pace, and no less eager thoughts, we through the books did fly. In such race there could be no disappoint- ment, we rested on the floor, all pleased alike with our success. Cheered by light refreshments, we began the revelry and the loud uproar Qwe know that more than one of you will think we ran a boisterous coursej. The time passed lightly on, and, when all around was dark and the twinkling stars edged the clouds, home and to bed we went with weary joints and nerve-pressed brains. Yet this merry chase was a great exchange for ease and study, 'tis true some knowledge we had gained. So from week to week, and from month to month, we lived the round of tumult, joy and labor. The year has spun with its giddy motion, all too swiftly, and the time, to great sorrowl, now approaches when we must cease our work. But peace to vain regrets, for yet we feel, we can but feel, our book is a success-not as our glory and our absolute boast, but as a prop to our infirmity. A """T?' gv.U'TTFlTEf3fI'f fi 3I.,., if'llQiII1iLQff?Q.I.:I'Lffjf' 'E.4,LL1.Y.f.Wf.."''.L.r.""i'.L'i'7'i'l5l4.I1X,C?lPJ.L1' '5iS'!! '1'YV1'1YXjVY1Y yy 12' S335 M -f'-'-'ew --' '---- '- H' ---' - t '-te--M A--f---M f -i-' -f-e-bv'--A-ww--V--M -'----------M-----P Qi---------1-...........,1...-dye... One Hundred Fifty-Six Ugg- f-3---5.qq7:-ee-e'-f--- --,.- 1-W?--.as V-,,.1,.--L: .,,,:qq:Kf15:,: 2:31171 . c . gc .::g:':zfg.g,i.':i::.gzitfffrzitli-':.:7 -:..m'tf'r"""""""""""" W nie' V- - 1 'J-Jvst.iLzf.z,,aea6w: ,z-.x.1.Q.a1sa:if,s., 4'n.'1.'. ...A t.e,:i4as,.taas4 .-...L-.asa mf- asf :fir-':'w....., V' J 1-f.ecs:.-.:N:.1.Qc..E,LsLa..If,39" fl KT f:,,, A Q Q ,.,... .,., . H.. ,,,,, -.,,....,,.,.::KY-.. .,.,. M., , n : ' ,!, 1 fi! , 55 eg, sei ,. ,U . .f . M 5255355 Q, X k",f.gi QV ,Exif ET? ..NQfQ lf1 551 xrczifffe-,f ,.,,, , 92' :.,., 2.11, 541, ,rf QU ,, :af i5 si? vs li sgj Qi! 55' 'ZS XE ii? '21 Us fix ii? . ' if- 'S sei Eli :rn X Qu gi, H5 iff V ing llllmllllllmmwll'mm"'1"f1m4f. funmllmruannrmllnnlurn E W ' I 3 ummgull ,I . 1UfuHm,,,m 1 1 Z gi t ge 3 . I ' 4 - ' V ' X , , IW' ' ' 1,5 Ei vu. I1""' , Mm sp si! W' 2 f'?'w. 'arm all .t ff - X, JI 41, ia? , jhf 'Ig' :zz J 5 1 " ' .Y ' L Q ri 1 I Q , . ' I ui ., N 5 Q i 1 , I fri? "swim 1 . , '1 -- 2 v 5 ii 1- iii its Q ' as A , 4 1 '4 ff 91 aw fy 1' ,JW 'f , .Wifi if-'M 5? X I f ' r fV'f?'7 M11 ' 3? " ' F? ' 2 ' 2 A' V 1? ? , 2 27 an s i 2 , 2 1 ' ff' WF iv H ' ppsvbi f 4 ii A V-fff, ' 4-'ig-'.s ,W4,pf,, !wf,f.m'1xx I I I" "-.igwfwyl Mya '4!?',f'T A' e 4 EH fig gzf H , I I 1 gf-f fix 3 ' y Q :WG J f : . 12 E A. ' Q V . 1 1 ' X iff i v w , I 1 ww f ,nl Q 1 Q '- 1,111 in if x 1 WM 1' Xxx -PM . ' Mffllfl 2 xmmx L -X W yar, Wx ll l xl J MIA ' I 1 E I ' fA:f,,1m::,AkWM7f1 If X M ,MTI fd! 1 1 401 ff"-' 11,1 !n'lf1l!YllZWHfMW7MfA VI hlfllll' f lihlkffilifblllfflffflflffflflllffffgr-f QL X , X 'mm m n xxxiww w' H "M lMWA747W ,,,, x HV, Q f' f 'fu - - 3 if is M 1 E21 lk 5:2 I gy af! u 11? Us m ggi 4 i ! ,, , 112 gfl 'N N K? 2 ,Ym,,.,.., .A , , ,, , , ,,.,-.., .., ,-..- .-.,-.,7...w-.W-. -.M-.-w..,,-,.-., WW., WM, 35. 5.1655,.5,:,.4.,SL.!.mg,:L1.xT,5uL1.A.:Q.4,L1.,u1.CJL24 in LMI.,-,w't.v41.Lx.1Q.iJ,.L:,J.v..wg , A ,z,.,-, f L 91.4 1, ,f ly Y: f 1,-.,f.:1.,.v3iIC:L.v,v.f',vfYE-.G'IZ4,,z.gQ.v,uC' j Y ,Nqr V , N ,, , , , , ..,,, wH,,m,,,,n,.,, ,,,: . W, , ,,.,,,,,,,,,7, , , ,,,,..,,,, W One Hundred Fifty- Seven v fi , E , , Y , , - 1" , , ' Y, gv v vv v W ,wp w,v.uy.v.o.mvs.v.vpg1Q. .vs,ws.v.1v.luns. ls.v.v.v.l.1v. .vnvn vvv 1' -- .. -. DIRECTOR OF MUSIC MRS. FRANCES FEY . Mrs. Frances Fey, music supervisor of Enid High School, has made the past year one of incomparable success in the history of the school. The scope of music iniiuence in the school has broadened to such an extent that it is al- most universal. The enrollment in the various organizations is much larger than it has been in previous years. Mrs. Feyls charming manner has brought about a co-operation of the entire school, in supporting the endeavors of this phase of our school life. The music department has not only been a credit to the system, but it has wielded a refining infiuence in the appreciation of the work of master composers. It is a part of our school which is growing day by day, and which we all appreciate. AAA AA , V A V l1l 'l'l1Nl'lll ' ' ' KA A AA ' 'A'A'A'A'A A AA A ' ' ll ' AA A AA"A One Hundred Fifty-Eight W' AAJvxAA AAR A I . ...r A.. ,,, ,,,, .,,,,., .W ., . . Q NADA MAS GLEE CLUB ' 'Lu " ' in Braden, Clinton fAccompanistD, Borders, Weldon, Fountain. Bullock, Elgin, Kirk, Fey fDirectorD, Beggs, Creme. CHAMINADE GLEE CLUB A 1924 Brakhage, Barber fAccompanistD, Francisco, Piper, Wilson, Curb, Askew. Nicholson, Houghton, Reams, Meece, Campbell, Gray, Lewis, Brock, Ingram. Rhodes, M. Crews, Winkler, Fey QDirectorj, Baker, Hugos, Tourtellot, A. Crews. -4 -' " VA'l'l'll'A"A'l'l'l'l'l'l'l"A'l'l l'l'l'l'l"l'l'l'A'lFl'l'l'l I' Q11 ll'l L I I ll l ffl' ' ' " l ' ' ' " ' 11' ' ' V l' A A H ll: v One Hundred Fifty-Nine '-'HM'i""" 77'f"A """"""" "" ' 'f""'f"""""""' ""'N"""""'M"'i"""'7T aft ull . A ,g 3 iii 3J,?5E's'5Yi li tt.3.E,., HQ 'U ii Xxlsigfgwy gsi lirffii ,IQ -:.Q.5::.Lf 5 55 QE? 6- f ' N 1 P i i i APOLLO GLEE CLUB is ,z , if " ei Z1 E In 1: 5 I si ,, n H 5 il? 5. lla V l 5 3 2 353 HQ ggi xii ge? if ill QE. QU 5 E if E 1 1' 2 ' A . . ws lil Carter, Grimm, Milner, Horner, VVebb, Peters, Duckett, Lee. iii 391 Enlow Fox Mock Harriss Fev Director Shaw Black Cumminffs Robinson. lvl I, 3 3 9 3 ,, Q 3 Y D 3 if fi 'tg , V' V li ' 571 all f, tif 51' iii ,t i Mg ill I fl' 1 .3 it z E 223 5, fig lar ji MUSIC MEMORY CONTEST rig l I! lgz ii, I . . . . . . . . Sw il? One of the most interestin events of this Cil.I,S musical 2Lct1v1t1es was the music memor 2' E., s Y , Y 5, 23, contest, which was first introduced into Enid High School by Mrs. Fey last year. The entire gig 55' . . . . 13' 255 music de artment was ex ected to enter this contest. Fift of the best known selections of the E 5 ,Ss P P Y 1 g most famous composers made up the contest numbers. The primary purpose of the contest gl llg was to familiarize the students with famous numbers and their Composers. UI 'H . 4 ,lr The students entered the contest with great enthusmsm. Qi? all ill .ir , F52 5,5 fl? If I lil ti ss? al Ev Er? gf rl, is sg A 2,23-s .5 5" f ' One Hundred Sixty f BAND I l ll El W W M ag: m .53 F! l ., 551 Els ,, R4 ,Si 113 Williams, E. Coyle, Rhodes, Horner, Bean, Milner, Lovell, Kent, Smith, H. Coyle, Beard. r'- Hume, Hesser, Johnson, Evans, Baker, Bonham fDirectorD, Bromcley, Reynolds, Elliott, Porter. Brooks, Rude, Macfarline, Fleming, Patrick, O. Carter, Shires, Shaw, Mullikin, Booher, i' Arnold, Webb. ORCHESTRA C. Watkins, Smith, Webb, Peters, A. Rude, Macfarline, Coyle. Erlewein fAccompanistD, Hesser, Johnson, Evans, Webber, G. Watkins, Bean, McKnight, Fey fDirectorJ . Patrick, Sutton, Singleton, Gilger, Fleming, Wells, Robinson, Walker, B. Rude. e::f'-:ffefm4:e--e:-,f-f-:wwf W---'v-rfrffrfz r"1:1ii'f5::' .- -'filif :,..,jiT'7'7"'Nf"""7' 1"'t 'rgv:f,,.-,f,,Lf. T. Carter, ls: ii, it Ni le? ai? gi, :ji get gl! ill V5 :N ii "r lil up tw W M W 'xl ,,, lg: ls? 5,1 :si 515 L, lQl .M if, il! :gf ld Ili ll! in ll! ll: .ef W W xii M UQ ilz iel 24 1? all Hz E L2 551 15, W :li :ix W lil li Ill EW M my One Hundred Sixty-One W ' -ww ---5---'-----M --f-..-......,,Q...,.....,,i,,,,,,,,,,4,,,,,,,,,.,, ,,,A,,,,.... ..-., ..... .1 W. , ..,.,...,. , ,,..,, ..,,....,,..,,......,,,.,, ,,,...,.V,.....,.,w 2-5SIJQZSZTAQIZC7,Z'fAiA'55I1 Ii74TvlZQ7LI?l'3.23lIlQff2" 1.11-Qlylfl "' ' ' ,Q ,LSE . gi in 322 ' BOYS' QUARTET if 5 4m f UI 1 :P fr 1 W if 2 f,-x 1 lg In 154 X ' iii si! EE! lf! jg vv Hs Wi SH sa 155 Hi fy H: rf 'L' 1 lil gn as ,gi 55? IE! M gee HE iw ' W T E15 351 if aw Eg' +- iii V1 ri? M :H Ii in it Q' 1 i., W I :gi Ui We an :Eg 1 Qi? Hi w me 1" ,I if? vw Horner, Edwards, Webb, Grimm. ggi GIRLS' QUARTET 25? f2i .! C' X, .H Ji. f " 4.1 wg :S ,1 , w, K, li ia' '-1 x 1 X 5 K E 5 ' i, 21? :gr Q M2 ii' 14 gi? fi, gm 1, 'ES Ei NE 5 mf s l is 155 sf? ! m 2- gf fic fx HQ ish la UQ '. 15' :ES IH 5' Hi ' Brock, Campbell, Reams, Meece. ,c -- ,, , ffgif W . .+.v-.,W--u., n.,b, , ...., ..-WW b-,-.-,,.,..,-,M,,-.b,,,W, ,-w-.n. .,.,, W N.--M...-.--.--N-,-.,,..........M..M 5524 , Q T' ,, ,f .,,,, 1 'A W ' '1..Lg'.LQ1,f"'4 'LEQAQ5 .b,, .V H 'Z'"1:fiii1l"ii:f1.f'g,i'i:35fffii.lZ'1iQiiyiifgLi'.fk' One Hundred Sixty-Two fy q E Q9 , 'xv ug , AAA JUCAAATE-xAAAAAAc A 'H "THE GYPSY ROVER" Stolen in early childhood, Rob, who is in reality Sir Gilbert Howe, of English nobility, ' X 4 -'fs-. ..- gif Eli 3 I 1 a 5 w i il grows to manhood in a gypsy camp, believing Meg and Marto, who stole him, to be his baggy parents. While riding in the woods one day, Lady Constance Martendale and her fiance, Lord " Craven, become lost. They wander about and come to the gypsy camp where Constance and 1 Rob meet and fall in love at first sight. Craven does not like Rob, but in a comedy scene with Marto and Sinfo he is forced to tell Sir George, when he comes in search of Constance, W' that Rob is a charming fellow. Constance and Rob plan to elope but they are overheard by I Craven, who informs Sir George of their plans. Rob is captured and put in prison, but later escapes. Through Megls efforts Rob proves his identity and inherits his fatherls estates. He becomes a great success socially and as a composer. Constance, who has remained true to him for two years, consents to become his wife. CAST OF CHARACTERS Lady Constance -. .......,......,............,.........,,...............,, ..... V esta Brock Rob .................. ,... E lbert Horner V Meg ....... ......... M yrna Reams i Zara ....... ....... F rances Askew y Marto ........... .,.,.., R ichmond Lee I Sinfo ................,,.,., ......... Lloyd Edwards Lord Craven .......,........ .. ...,... Eugene McConkay Sir Geo. Martendale ..... . ..,,,..... Vern Grimm Nina, ,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ..-,.. H elen Hugos W Capt. Jerome ..... ...... B illy Harriss y 1 Sir Toby Lyon ,..,. ' ...... Wirt Peters Mr. Corkle ..... ....,................................... .... E S 15611 Fox GIRLS' CHORUS Katie Brakhage Mary Alice Crews Esther 'Lewis Pearl Rather 11, Caroline Ingram Iris Winkler Wi Dorothy Nicholson Elva Wilson A Katherine Rhodes Frances Elgin Ruby Kirk Almeda Snyder Irma Weldon Edna Beggs Mamie Curb Genevieve Crane MIXED CHORUS John R. Webb Amy Crews Percy Mock Mary Gray Roy Shaw Katie B. Campbell Ansel Cummings Ella Mae Meece Malcolm Black Wilma Francisco Frantz Milner Jane Piper Wilfred Evans Aldona Baker Jerry Fisher Harriet Tourtellot Ralph Enlow Dorothea Houghton Clifford Robinson Mary Beth Ballard GYPSIES Harold Duckett Thomas Carter Estell Fox Roy King Wirt Peters V Q One Hundred Sixty-Three Lum ' EQSZ.w.C,1:' 4 .is iff v 1' 1 Y' 4. ixqiifiza X ' '4 5 5 E l. f! if I ,F 'Q 'Ev if If :gl fs fl, gi! :ES if :Ei 15: EH sg, if Q!! iii 25 TN H 12 s., 15? 2, iii Y H In w N 6 sag ii li iw Q!! ,Ig W E? li I l 4 X :gi ' 1 Ii! i Ill 5 ii i ni IV Hi 132 4. ,. One Hundred Sixty-Four ,,,,,,, ,,,. 4..,,.,A,,..,Y..n,,- Y,,... -M ...... ......-1--,rf VM-Q-.Q-.-Lm-U----1--X--A-M-M-M---fx r L, -,.., ..,. V. . -, r -V W ......, ..,, w...,,,.W. . .,,,.,...., ,.....,.1. ..,.,- -...,,..,,,.....,,.-V,.w.-Y-an---fxv dv, , , Wm , .. ..,. M, . 1 v .,,..,z..,W4.r,L1.L.:. -,:..-4,,4 .,.,..., .Q my ,V-5 1 , , l 1 I 1 x ,. ,.V,. ---4 Jfllrf' -Qing E55 35? 1 Els i 1 i 1 M la 1 225 ! Hi iii EU iii iii H: ii? iii W fx U2 1 i A Hi iii Hi I 5 5 afl ea .51 551 1 M it li M He 55' wi iii sf: Q! ii 1 ug Eli gi ,i 3 S IQ I is W 1 3 1 1 !. Q.. , x nm H ..,n,.r,.,,,.Ai---,--fff-v---VH--1fww.....-.-w'-A-w---fvw-m-M'ff-M-r-fM-7-2v-f7v-vvr-:wwf iw W W v-my Mgwvdauw ,..x..v.x.,L4,:..f,.::,.x.:,:.,gf::.,KQ.,f--.,z4:if.M One Hundred Sixty-Five liege!! gA.M.AJ:,xANcaAMU-1AAlDUrr:rAA1U:1 Afuuovuuvvt WE, SENIOR PLAY CAST fffliiw V, ,i lt l I E1 e E- ill Tinker, Henninger, Nicholson, Houghton, Drew, Edwards. Hugos, Lee, Whitney QDirectorj, Black, Reams. ffl 1 fi! Es QE! lil we 1 . l E ii "SUNSHINE" Q, Mary, who is at the hospital, has been nicknamed "Sunshine", because of her pleasant, ll ,, optimistic disposition. The patients at the hospital are Mr. Butternip, Mrs. Whipple, Tessie, I and Mrs. McCann, who has a daughter, Maudelia, all of whom furnish a great deal of humor- lxz ous' background for the play. "Buddy" Brady, a famous baseball pitcher, comes to the hos- all 1 it pital for treatment. He and "Sunshine" immediately fall in love but complications are caused Q 1 by the arrival of "Sunshinels" step-father, who comes for the purpose of obtaining Z1 fortune 2 from Jim. "Buddy" recovers the fortune, saves Mary from a flight from the hospital to escape li -9 3 'Ui the brutalities of her step-father, and finally prevents the Major from escaping with Sylvia's diamond ring. 'l M, lil' egg I? !h CHARACTERS ll, "Sunshine,' . ,............ Myrna Reams "Buddy'l ......,.... Lloyd Edwards Sylvia ,... ......... E lizabeth Henninger Jim .,..,....,.......,.. ........ W alum s. J. Tinker Major Kelicott ..... lla 1 Mrs. McCann ...,... A Maudelia ,,.,,......, W Mrs. Whipple Malcolm Black Marie Moyers ....... -...Audine Drew Dorothy Nicholson lt Tessie ., ,..,,,,,. ...... D orothea Houghton i Butternip ..................... ...................... ........... R i chmond Lee l Miss Gregory ....... - ....... --.- ...... .. ........ -.--- Helen HUg'OS l '11 .s Cla . f One Hundred Sixty-Six IVV 117111 UU 'U 1 -Ae A A REVIEW OF THE YEAR,S BEST BOOKS . Q ,V 32.1 "THE STRENUOUS LIFE" ' Setting: Our Booster Club-before the first football game. Plot: A snappy program was given arousing more pep than even the lenient optimist thought possible. A boys, sextet kept the rooters in laughter, and plans for our annual shirt tail 1 parade held the enthusiasm high. Climax: The first football ticket was sold to David Funk for S15.50. "WHEN KNIGHTHOODf WAS IN FLOWER" Setting: An annual staff meeting-just any time. Plot: The new and unusual features of our year-book were explained by the editor-in-chief and afterwards discussed by the staff, in order that the student body might know more about The Quill Annual. Just as the regular meetings display informality, so did this one in its program of musical numbers. Preliminaries for the cash sale of annuals were started. Climax: Favors in the form of quills, with tiny notes attached, were given the students, to remind them to "Buy a Quill Annual Tomorrow." l "DIVINE COMEDY" Setting: A church on the eve of the Enid-Oklahoma City football game. Plot: The Dramatic and Forum literary societies presented a double wedding, the principals- Mr. Football and Miss School Spirit and Mr. Pep and Miss Booster Club, being friends W of every E. H. S. student. The ceremony was read by Mr. High School who made us ' realize the close relationship of these four personages. Climax: A resolve was made to stand behind our athletic teams. "PILGRIM'S PROGRESS" Setting: The assembly room of a thankful student body. Plot: The spirit 'of Thanksgiving was promoted by a program, truly devotional in character, presented by the Hi-Y. W. and Hi-Y. The Boys, Glee Club sang several seasonal selections followed by the student body showing its desire to help others, by a generous material offering. Climax: A hundred homes were made happy on Thanksgiving Day. One Hundred Sixty-Seven 1 . Mot,otNt,Jc7UUc,5-MtAAitAfmAAnomNtAnU.JtA V 0 "WHEN THE CHIMES RANG OUT" ' Setting: Christmas time in the home of a poor peasant. Plot: A play given by the Hi-Y. W. and Hi-Y. clubs presenting in a very beautiful way the love and charity of Christ, and His appreciation of gifts given in the true spirit, exemplified the spirit of the first Christmas. Because the old custom is always new and beautiful Christmas carols were sung. The students again gave gifts of food, clothing, and money L V fr, 4.!.9.Z4 for those who were to be deprived of Christmas celebration. Climax: One hundred and fifty tiny tots kept their faith in Santa Claus unshattered. "'BIRTH OF A NATION" Setting: February 22 in our school. Plot: The spirit of '76 was revived when the lives of America's greatest sons, Washington and Lincoln, were reviewed. The program, prepared by the American History department, consisted of readings and talks. The Rev. Homer L. Gleckler gave the address of the morning. The special guests of the occasion were members of the G. A. R., and Womanls Relief Corps. Climax: Renewed allegiance was made to the stars and stripes. l HSMILIN' THROUGH" Seting: The same old place-everyone with a big grin on his face. Plot: This marked the beginning of our annual "Smile Week" sponsored by the Hi-Y. W. A contest was silently conducted to find who had the biggest smile. Girl Reserve songs were sung by the Hi-Y. W. girls seated in the senior section of the auditorium. The program ended with "It Isn't Any Trouble Just to S-m-i-l-el' and with the distribution of smile tags. Then the Mother-Daughter Banquet was announced for Friday evening. Climax: Everybody came "Smilin, Through". "IN THE SEATS OF THE MIGHTY" Setting: A queer looking stage occupied by strangers. Plot: The seniors guide the destiny of our assembly for one day. The usual characteristics of our teachers were caricatured by their 'iunder-studies." Mr. Waller was pictured, as usual, crossing his knees every few minutes and scratching away at his announcement pad to the tune of Mr. Whitney's annual speech. Faculty members very becomingly sat in the senior rows. I Climax: "O wad some Power the giftie gie us To see oursels as ithers see us!" L A n nannnanrn Nl 4 .-gg. ...TA ..n........ A - . One Hundred Sixty-Eight '-92232 4Z+3?417??':T ' 7 -7157? if mix: GU-Zi ,ax'LZZJ.T.A:Li4?Jz..,m"1....4f f'f'z..1 'ffTPzf1'z3,"2i:5'2i QI 1 ,.N-W.V , ,, Q! II IX, A I-,I yi ii' ' f. II II I. II II II II I'I I II III III II I I I III II I,I I I I!! I 1 I II I I I I I I I ,I III IIS I III III I II III It Il? I I I . I I I I I I I I I I III 'I I 1 I " .,..,..,-.f-.7-.-, ,em I-,vqfzfff--W Y I -I I ,,f-'vb-'ff"f-I? I T' .75II"'M"' L 1 JmJ4f..f,4,:....' v I s.1.1.cmL' I -J-c.l...L.!J' -Li -1'-II'-L jglfwg :jj IYFWHW'MW"WWm"'HwM"mWI' W new Wm an one Hdndred sixty-Nine , . AMA .,,,e,v,,.1.A,cg in m.vnxmg4 J ' ' SOCIAL EVENTS OF ENID HIGH SCHOOL A GIRLS' GOOD-FELLOWSHIP PARTY vw v v v U vw Y ' un E all ! This is radio station E. H. S., at the school of golden opportunities, in the high school building, at Enid, Oklahoma, broadcasting. Our call letters stand for Enid High School. We will now broadcast the report of the Good-Fellowship Party. The very first social event of the school year was the Girls, Good-Fellowship Party, spon- sored by the Hi-Y. W. Club. It followed the example set by similar parties of previous years, by being a 'fhugen success. The usual style show was given, followed by a clever program. After the entertainment, refreshments, as elaborate as a dime could purchase, were served in the cafeteria. Station E. H. S. now signs off, September 29, 1923. BOYS' GOOD-FELLOWSHIP PARTY ' Station E. H. S. broadcasting. The listeners-in heard, not long ago, the account of a Good-Fellowship party, and they will now hear an account of a similar affair for boys-told by one who attended it. "You know boys usually have a good time together, and this party was no exception to the rule. We met in the gym and had an evening of old-fashioned fun. We had the usual "hot- line" to warm up the folks who came late, and we had a mighty good time "meeting" Mr. Waller. After games we ate apples. Thatls about all I can say, except that we had a fine time? , Station E. H. S.-we hope the listeners enjoyed this account-we are now signing off, Oct. 24, 1923. I , ROTARIAN RECEPTION Radio Station E. H. S. at Enid, Oklahoma, broadcasting. At this time, Miss Louise A. Wilson, head of the English department of Enid High School, will tell you about the Rotary Reception for teachers. "Do you know I had just the best time at the Rotary reception! It was given at the Elks Club rooms, in honor of the teachers of Enid, and the Rotary Anns. "There were several clever little skits given, which were take-offs on some of Enid's new plans. "Then there were a number of unique contests, and at the close of the evening, the luncheon was served by the hosts in very fine style. I think the evening was very, very lovely? E. H. S., the voice of Enid High School, signing off. I , 1 , . Y Y , .al C2 A I l'l l'l'l All Ni 'A L'l'lWl'l'l'l'l'l'A'A'l'l'll'A l'l'l l'A'fl'KKfl'l'l'l'l I A A I1 I 'l'l l'l'l A A I I I JA' One Hundred Seventy C ' AALANAAAAAAAA ,QLAAAAAAAA iv vvavpl Q , L .. J.. H,,f..fff"ff',ff1uf,ff , 1 ' 'WU WN M51 !f,f,,w W I 4, I V jf lfffff, ff 111 f fffffwnl ff W1 f f , W, 5 5 f,f,fJp,,, ,.f.f1,.! ,ly f mx., .-- 5 6 L Wffr 1 ,w"'u M, ' UC, ,j f W "Wu, my ,V f, ., ,ffm , W, ,Q f 1, 4 f,',a,if,,y 'Q ' 4 W,,,,,4,.1. W W., ri, ,fx f f 2 ,ff "W ,wx ' ,J f 7 A My ,fu f - J, 1 4 9 X ,,,ff,n?f,'f79 4, ,V J Jw 7 f ,, ,,mf:, y,,f,!yfI,u ,,,,f H M I, ,, X !,, !J'fffw4 Z 2 W wa' U?XfQ"Z1 'ik "N ,f ,f VNNW0 , 4 Z ,W ,w,f2w2'f.:,:K' W , ,S ,v 3 01 5 5,1 , W"ffWlf7f5, f X """'O,. U-lwfy ,V fm ,M H' 'Qi' 'f'7f!,W"'.,'f fy 9 "W ,HV 'fwmffwf Z! MW' ',f3ff.,1f,ff2gf1d'f5 1 9 W, X' Z ffffwliwffw' 1 ,f Z ,M f Q 1 ,M f 1 75 6 VPW V' Q 3 2 '7 ml' . f 4 M yi Q W' I "' W Wk ff 5 ffl 4 ' J f' 5 f , 1 ,ff 1, Y, D ,ff f ,f W . I , j , 1 W1 ' ' E wwf mf fffh, "WV Nfmwl Q1 W, Q! , :JJ a.,Z'f,5? MW yf 1,1 , W, f,,,,Wl My .f JJ , 1 , 'I M WW - WW! nlWWilla!!!ffffww , "Wm: !1mf.11I" 'W if ""sJHs.H ,J f'--.Q Y ' ' ii .12 ..,, ,.1 Q limlsis. Kigggfivs' -' . 1 5 0 13 A - X' 1-Qgvfwfigkif , Q "+-if-zffmifaf I - fm , ,X 4,-:gym uf ,1 ,'1Aj2Wif. 4 4 - .XJ-,fy 1 H. V , .. . --l 1 '?f"mW'w,yff9 ,.. ff' :Q " '47 - -'-fi! g' M1107- ',,, K. 1 iff X Plat? to iwluf 1 hh . V ' ' - D One Hund red Seventy-O ne mnmutmk Anoo,,c,tAAA,tAJcqNv,N,f,,v,AAN,Af.,v.M.A tzrubgrs rrrmjxn A gsxmct Nmtmmaig 4 .imuggn-Ei l FORUM WIENER-ROAST Station E. H. S. at Enid, Oklahoma, broadcasting its annual bed-time story entitled "The Call of the Canyons." "Once upon a time there was a little boys, club called "The Forum Literary Societyfl This club decided to have a Wiener-roast, and each little boy asked a little girl to go with him. 'tln due time, the Wiener-roast was held at a place called "The Canyons? There were plenty of good things to eat: marshmallows, pickles, wieners, and buns. The little people re- turned home tired and dirty, but very happyf' Station E. H. S.-Enid High School, bids you good-night. ERODELPHIAN FOOTBALL SUPPER E. H. S. located at Enid, Oklahoma, broadcasting the report of the chili supper for foot- ball boys. Realizing that E. H. S. ahuskies" must sometimes partake of sustenance, members of the Erodelphian Literary Society entertained the football men at a chili supper at the home of Katherine Miller on Oct. 20. Between courses, Coach Vance, lVIrs. Vance, Helen Boyd, and "Bus'l Haskins gave toasts. Riddles and Hallowe'en games occupied the rest of the evening. Station Enid High School signing off until about November 15, 1923. FATHER-SON BANQUET I Radio Station E. H. S. located at Enid, Oklahoma. Our regular broadcast this evening will be a brief account of the Father and Son Banquet, as told by Mr. Leon K. Whitney. "The Father and Son Banquet this year was one of the largest ever held in Enid High School, as well as one of the best. To begin with, Lloyd Edwards gave a toast to "Fathersl', and it was answered by Dr. J. A. Morrow. I "Then you know we had dandy ueatsn, which put us all in a good humor. Professor Seerley, from the Y. M. C. A. College in Massachusetts, and an eminent psychologist, gave an interesting talk on the brain. "That was about all, but it was a most interesting and profitable eveningf' E. H. S., Enid High School, Enid, Oklahoma, signs off. WVEBSTERIAN PARTY Station E. H. S., the voice of Enid High School, will now broadcast the report of the Websterian mid-year party, as told by one of the girl guests. "There are parties, and then there are parties, and the VVebsterians with their usual knack for entertaining, gave a party Nov. 28, at the home of Bruce Hinson. The boys allowed the girls to witness the election of oflicers for the second semester, and it was really a treat. After the business meeting we played 'fwinkeml' until refreshments were served. We certainly did have a good time." Station E. H. S. now ending its November broadcast. KATAHDIN PARTY E. H. S.. broadcasting an account of the Katahdin "kidn party. A The Katahdin "kid" party was held at the home of Erma Weldon, the first part of De- cember. Children's games were played during the evening, and there were clever stunts and contests. Refreshments were served to the little people at the usual hour for small folk-9:00 o'clock-and all departed very happy. Station E. H. S. ending its December broadcast. I i . ,. . A . Y 7 1 , . s -4 I A'l'l'l' ll Kl'l l'll' A A JA" One Hundred Seventy-Two xAAAJuEAAAA1v 'uxX1JcAAIXl1i A l A JUNIOR-SENIOR BANQUET Enid High School broadcasting the bulletin of the Junior-Senior Banquet, from the high school building. The Junior-Senior Banquet is now drawing to a close. From the expressions of pleasure on the faces of all present the banquet has evidently been a success. The class of '25 has added another feather to its proverbial cap, by putting on such an enjoyable affair. During the even- ing speeches have been given by both class presidents, the class sponsors, and Mr. Price, and an unusual program has been given. Just now the sophomores are putting on a little stunt, which only goes to show that all the school has contributed to make this affair the "best everi' in E. H. S. history. E. H. S. signing off January 11, 1924. SENATE PARTY E. H. S. distinctive station, located at Enid, Oklahoma, broadcasting. One of the boys' literary societies at Enid High School, the Senate, by name, gave a party recently, and a repre- sentative from that club will now tell the listeners-in about the good time he had. "The Senate had a party at the home of Ivan Reynolds, about the first of March. "We played rook the first part of the evening, and then we had some contests. One was about Shakespeare's plays and another about advertisements. "The refreshments were served cafeteria style and were awfully good. After we had eaten we were having such a good time we didn't want to go home, so we played some games. Even if our name does sound rather formal, we can have just as good times as anyone? Enid High School, call letters E. H. S., signing off for the rest of the evening. MOTHER-DAUGHTER BANQUET This is station E. H. S., at Enid, Oklahoma, broadcasting. We have here at the broad- casting station, a bulletin concerning the Mother-Daughter Banquet, which we shall now read to you. 1 "VVhat was probably the prettiest affair of the E. H. S. school year was the Mother-Daugh- ter Banquet which was held in the high school cafeteria March 14. The tables were arranged to form a triangle, and were decorated with blue candles, in crystal holders. "Miss McArthur of Chicago was one of the distinguished guests present, and members of the Girl Reserve Board were also special guests. "A spirit of love and consideration for the best of friends, "Mother", uplifted all who were presentf' E. H. S. signs off March 15, 1924-. SCHOOL BOARD DINNER This is Enid High School, at Enid, Oklahoma. Our call letters are E. H. S. fStand by just a moment, please.D We have just received over the telephone a message concerning the school board dinner now in progress in the basement of the high school building. The, message was as follows: Members of the school board, their wives, Superintendent and Mrs. Price, Principal and Mrs. Waller, are being entertained at a St. Patrickis Day dinner in the high school building. The dinner is being served by members of the advanced cooking class. The decorations are green, and even the menu cards and place cards carry out the Shamrock and Ireland idea. The only entertainment is the Victrola, but all are enjoying the evening to the utmost. E. H. S. signing off March 17, 1924, at exactly 8:45 Central Standard time. Q .4 sa N 51-1 51 'XXXLIIXL xmj g xyfgxyl f gg-yyxnggxyfwyyxgg l i . ' ' ' ' X K A S ' L-Q K' ' K One Hundred Seventy-Three . .xA ' ' 4- Qgn' Mfflig' gg,-igrnimmrxnot-wuz" . ' ' DRAMATIC MOVIE PARTY Station E. H. S. on the air. Our call letters stand for Enid High School. The broadcasting this evening will be an extract from the diary of a girl who is a member of the Dramatic Liter- ary Society of Enid High School. "Tonight, March 21, I attended one of the most interesting parties ever. It was a "movie" party given by the Dramatic Club at Violette Pembertonls home. Half the girls came dressed to represent popular male stars, and half came as popular women stars. The "boys" asked the girls for dates, and it was so funny to see Norma Talmadge, Ramon Navarro, Betty Comp- ton, Nazimova, and all the other celluloid celebrities, sporting about. The party wasn't very long though, because Theodore Kosloif, Anna Q. Nilsson and Jack Holt had to leave, as they were to go on location early the next morning and work on their new pictures. I had a won- derful time." Enid High School signing off March 22, 1924. ANNUAL STAFF LUNCHEON Radio station E. H. S. broadcasting. We have here a bulletin concerning The Quill Annual staff luncheon. Members of the Quill Annual staff met in the high school building, January 15, to practice for the chapel program to be given the following Wednesday. Between practices they refreshed themselves by serving sandwiches, salad, and cake. Those present other than the staff members were Miss Butler, Miss King, and Miss Kennedy. E. H. S. signing off January 20, 1924. CONCLUSION Station E. H. S., at Enid, Oklahoma. Our call letters stand for Enid High School. We sincerely hope you listeners-in have enjoyed our broadcasting, and will always remember us favorably. Station E. H. S., Enid High School, Enid, Oklahoma, signing QH for the year 1924. One Hundred Seventy-Four .... .-.imc loroagyjouf fale ' Qt' 51415155 :Ma flkwffa mf M iubikhtg my fygfafwenafjl f ZlW6fZf176L, Wagon ..... I WMWMMM, V MN. Wm i'!twm'hk5v , fi.-. --1...f "WV N, .-'w,.:al':r'-:.,,,Lv 'K K ,,,,x"f 1-iff ,, waa4f,- Q V -N' .vw . ww .rfuvfgiffz wxmfmww -- N: ...H A .4, X924 ANTI-IOLOGY Words are but wordsg The words of great tongues and petty tongues Are merely words, once said. These are your wordsg Make them yoursg They may live on when Thy poor stone has fallen in a hollow grave. 3 ,Q 4 hi u , o . nw-.vrfva'A'A'A'rnwA'nvnm1'n'sA'nwn'A'A'Au'41'A'vxwn'rmA'n'n'rn'n'rn' n A ll ran AAA an I One Hundred Seventy-Five Y ' "" " ' "'- ' M-,.xyg4J.,1 sig sh .MQ Y WILD THOUGHTS by Fern Peery Midnight-and wild satyrs. The winds shriek and ery, And play through long hair As it Hies silken and dry. In darkness--against black, ' Wild, weird satyrs dance, With fury and fear In every turning and glance. Against blackness-tense velvet They dance and they shriek, With no thoughts to hinder, And the wind on each cheek. Y Gray dawn in the morning, C001 leaves on the tree, And dark forest shadows Where wild satyrs Hee. aww - e One Hundred Seventy-Six in C - ul , , vvv v vvvvvvv vv vvv vvvvvv upvvvypv tsl 1 .nn- TWO MEDITATIONS by E lizabetlz H ennin ger I On an afternoon- When all the world was day-dreaming, I chanced upon a quite nook, And found a tiny rippling brook, Of untold beauty. II . White sky, green trees, Faint purple hills, Bird-notes, and the rustle of leaves, In a. caressing wafture. I l ANAllIAlhlllllllllllllIIQAIAILIAAA nnnnnnnnngnnna llbilll llllllllill 1 ' 1 , yvv vvvvvvyvvvvv vw l N-..,,.vv..u.vv-f....v......v.vvvv,vv-..,,..-... . 1 ' ' ' Y q vu nqnu 'D One Hundred Seventy Seven ZS i FZ 'E E r 1 ,EN wi, it H l N ,V lx' '?fif4fff-H e ' Qav.Raz,ni' "zm.wt.nm.nf ,V l' if ,. , ENEG 1 HF 1 I if , P 1 i 1. it se, I ifi lit fin l af li 1 X. w FQ! l I ' wir , f iv" , . VI I' ig Q, It COPPER lf i i by Margaret McElroy' lil S She had made her decision Zlllf? must never know. It should be stowed away, secluded 1, 1 ' , l Z' from the peering eyes of the world. No, she dared not dispose of it, entirely--lest some time ' l 'H . ' it prove valuable. , SH 1' EE, As she sat caressing it, noting its coppery gleam and thinking of the many hours of toil it V1 X s 3 :rv N To had cost her, she determined, now that the struggle for the maintenance of her youth had . . . . W jx begun, he would be freed from this burden, a Haw in the weaving of her life. ,l I" lil sw yy Who could be happy when her husband constantly threatened to enforce a covering of the fi W newly-bobbed tufts, by the shorn tresses of old? ,ln LE ' 3 I if, w if i , if' 4 ill' 1. -R MIN 1 3 l 1 l lui , 1,1 5' l l 'r if w l ti f' ll ,Qtr t r r , an t r 153 :lag r..- ,f,,,.,c,i " i w , One Hundred Seventy-Eight 1 ..rvu..-ra-vous , .,.o,o..uV.v,1. yvgvul 1 P - r . A PAGE OF VERSE by Marie Jenkins I It was a silent night and still. The breeze across the moonlit hill Came whispering gently through the trees, And stirred so softly all the leaves That far away Came soft the throbbing of the sea. So strangely silent was the sound It seemed I stood on holy ground5 I looked around at all the flowers fThe symbols of the passing hoursj3 Save for the sea no sound could I hear And yet .,..,,., I knew someone was near, I lifted my hands in silent prayer. I knew. In silence, God was there. II Then, when nightls last light is fading, Softly fluttering, gauzy wings, Go they to their nooks and crannies5 Not a sign when robin sings. Not a sign until next waning, When the sun has sunk from sight And the moon, in all her splendor, Brings them joy to pass the night! III I thought that ne'er before on earth fSince the time of primeval manl Could a bluebird sing with such melody. Now I know a bluebird can. as ,,.. 4 11113 Tk. I ' A'l'nu'n'n'.vmr'f "N t- ' r 'sn' ' ' 'rn' ' ' ' ' 'A' ' 'rn ' ' ' ' ' I " nun -i 7 f " - , , H , -1, gg. -7. 5...--....f. -v 1. 1-an-ws One Hundred Seventy-Nine ' W ' f 'N ' -- "' 'UVfl:A2wAl:!NANZ'gg4xgxLs.AAA fu-.gyiZAARA AA! 5.1 rAxA2.MtXUt'D3,.17 - - '1T,5i-L'L1,T,' c - vu TRAUMEREI A FANTASY by Ernest Van Pelt One night I had a dream. I had felt very well in the evening before I went to bed, and I cannot account for it in that way. But the dream ,....... . There came upon the silver-screen of my mind the picture of a dark and gloomy battle- field above which great clouds of mist rolled and eddied. It was the witching hour of night in the crystal early morning. About the field were grim wrecks of cannon, some with wheels blown off, some but twisted masses of steel. And upon some of these-the least ruined-were to be seen strange, stiff figures of men like wooden puppets in a marionette show. And all were dead. The field was strewn with the dead bodies of men, and the grass was of a sickly reddish-green color, and above all hung a strange, horrible silence. My thoughts turned instantly to Poe's fable, "Silence,'i in which the watcher on the rocks could bear the lonely solitude when there were sounds to be heard, but when the demon cursed the solitude with silence, he fled in fear. Along one side of this strange dead field with its ghastly harvest meandered a dark, deep stream which moaned and gurgled. The fighting seemed to have been especially fierce here. Many men lay scattered about in twisted, agonized groups. All dead. And tiny rivulets of red joined the dark, larger stream. Up the course of this stream, I wandered, pondering upon the foolishness of men who could make such a place as this. Sitting down upon the bank to rest, I noticed a small wooden box lying at my feet. I picked up this box to examine it but I could find neither lid nor opening of any kind. It was smooth and polished. I soon lost interest in it, and thinking to resume my walk, I tossed it some five or six feet behind me. Instantly there was a great red glare which lit up the field for yards around and threw a scarlet gleam upon the dark waters of the stream. A great blow struck me, and I was irresistibly hurled towards the sky. I was not hurt, but the wind against my face told me that I was moving at great velocity through the air. I was thrown across thc stream and continued my course almost a hundred and fifty yards onthe other side. I felt a lessening in the speed and a gradual drop. A horrible fear invaded my mind: What would I light upon? Would I be crushed and mangled by the fall? Still further I dropped and I began to struggle hysterically. I was about to lose con- sciousness. 4 44 llllllll AA llllllllllllllllllllhlll IVA fr' CPF Q I A ' ' -1 -V--vw I ,v .. ...vWv.vf..-vw-.v ,W One Hundred Eighty vcwo:.af,::Zrz:: w " " ' Y fe ea MM ,xg K THE WIND by Fern Peery W I have seen the wind. W Its cadenced music flows, ' And soft, like golden hair, ' Winds over earth. I have seen the wind, And heard its voice. Soft white fingers Has the wind- That smooth and ruffle earth. ' The green trees bow Before the touch- They, too, have seen the wind. N yi Y , r r . ..,. , ,.,. , ,,... . . -, . , H14 -L fir.uvrrrn'A'rA'A'n'A'A'4YAu'A'dAA'A'n'AWA'aWA' AREA Al A r Y i 3 ' ' ' ' ,., WL. 'A One Hundred Eighty-One Rai' THE LAST CHAPTER by Dorofhy Shaw ln huge headlines it appeared in every metropolitan newpaper in the country-millions of people read of the hanging of the nineteen year old boy and only two people and one dog knew more than those cold headlines told. An old woman and a small spotted cur were allowed to slip past two heavy iron doors and into the death cell. That was a short minute before dusk. The dog, whining, ran to the feet of his young master, pawing at the trousers of the black I death suit5 the old woman stumbled to the side of her son, sobbing as he clasped her poor fragile body to him. The boy drew his mother to a small stool, the only seat in the cell. The spotted dog jumped to his side and began touching his hand gently with its quivering tongue. The last sweet minute was silence. The boy was serious and thoughful and scarcely noticed the dog. His mother was frail and unable to work. He had been her sole support and now-he was only leaving her-what-but a memory? And the memory was not bread. f The hour came. It was at evening as he had requested. A tap at the door, the boy quietly kissed his mother and without a word turned, called the dog and patted it on the head. Another tap. He hesitated and then passed out through the two heavy iron doors into the ! courtyard. P ffl fi 'fi . .... . T t """"!"'! U'l l ! Q H V " Www i i 1 ' iw if -' g m g 'nb ' run:1 cn'ln'al"'lYrn'41 One Hundred Eighty-Two 1 I! fl" I l ' Q f f gg i f ff JM!! i gr. J sw ' - , Q ,lv ,Sax I A I , . "Agp--5 1 '1 ' it , A Wy X x 5 ar lm iff. 2 W ig' Ri k N. rwif i f i 5 I 2 Qgg f ig 1 f, E lff mu X. : , ,if'f'4 H 1- Q, Q mf ' -' X'-. ' M , ,vii - if .'1"f ' 'E Q ', , 'ZJWEFM gr- I , "'- 'N L' ' :,.A, ji W X . :t zll v:,v,,., t X ig Ki wi' igvfix 'f .'?fZWJ', .f ' ,fm ,f ,if 9 , ' '51-i n '- f -' ,. ff? .fav , , - 1 ,5 1.25-, , , ,..xp, -' ' ' " tm 'l is Q 1 ff Qicw Jw S, 9, ,T .. XX XX XX . XX x ' x 1 Q , 16-, , xn fi l Wy v ' ' ! fe i , F in . yy ! - I f ',, 13,71-,xlfirffjg 35 1 IX QTZEE? . ,mf fu " - W Wi' N QQ nm, rf. gn .. , , .V ,. ,., '-.1 S.. 'W lfiltbd-1 A ,PPAL if 455-W 4:1 "A.A 4'.' 5. -52555353 .. -1 .f 5 ,157 ' fi ,W 'f . V 'tiff' !ff'Wff7' ' 4 Va n':eW9rl :Mff3L A" 5 fl , , ' .1,' ' , X . ,,:..Q 1 1 Q,,. 5 f if f 'A' f . M f .'-A V A ff ,X 3 '?ilfWfk 'Q fx 'k-v " Q? '25 k'.1 QvA-' 1 V ' 2? --h- "Q- W 1 HH H I EZ limi .A2:.': , S --fi i.Q X ,:V' f :f"ff'f'?f'S'f' f .'4Ui 'i ,' , sf . . S Q 5 J ., Q . :x ,f Y. ju ,:.'1.' rf 2,4-a '.5.5f,g-1,22-2635 . , 3- .- 3 , E V0 ' b A, , ,- - f-1: As ' '64 3, Y' m. , FX Quik - 5 if fx 'f L f 53221255 if ' 5' 5 ?i 1' 'fu fe- 5,' i f Q Q 3 W H Fe' ik-mzgz' fy 1 53 41 ff im- .- .1 2-We ' ff '- L61 61 goo 0 ear 6 J 61 e an any 6 :W 0 . . xr R 5 M.,-, -- W'-..,,.-ww, Ma 44, I K! -' 1: , '7. .Sammi lil l I-IE PILL WEAKLY H H XILQ 4 VOL. 1--NO. 5281 SUNDAY EDITION TWO BITS A COPY ii ENID OPERA MATH DEPT. H SINGS HERE OLDS MEETING Decides on Stricter Workings Grand Opera Makes Magnificent Debut For the Following Here Last Night. Year' The Math department met Friday in B- The Enid Opera Company made its debut 11, the room of Miss Lena B. Hansen, head last night in "Faust" at Convention Hall to of th Math Department. All were present a large audience. Mlle. Grace Smith, except those detained from coming. soprano, of Enid, took the part of Mar- A handsome program was decided upon. gllerite while Sr. Leon K- Whiini took the It was arranged that napkins will be used part Of Dr. FSLUSL hereafter in the cafeteria, that the chapel The setting was gorgeous, the music splen- Scenery should be fined a brighter hues did, the costumes beautiful, the acting mag- and that a popular melody of E. H. S. nificent. should be changed to: When interviewed last night by a Pill "One may tell it to the reporter Mlle. Smith had nothing to say. King of Denmark, "Shall not say a word,', said she. And that group across the 'KWhat is your favorie role?" said the re- sea, porter. And perhaps they'll like "Since you awsk me, it seems that your little tale of woe, French rolls are my favorites-with plenty But you may not tell that I of butter, of coursef' to mef' "Then what is your favorite partiv 4 "In the middle always, I cawn't bear hair O W parted on the side?" MARG, CHAMBLESS , "How do you like Enid?" EXPECTING OIL 3 fThe answer was published yesterday, re j printed by requestj . . . ' "I love your little town, its beautiful MISS Marg' Chambless is expecting streets its magnificent buildings its lovable money from her O11 Wen GND according eo lin , to John D. Rockefeller, president of the P P ' . y ' VVaukomis Oil Co. Her well is at Big The great artist ms? from the Chau-.m Rock for Little Stoncb Ark., where it was which she had been reclining, and rewarding located at last reports. Q the Porter with a UP' left the mom' Her last one was at Feeb , Ariz. This qsee ad on page CGILLERTZED y month Miss Marg. is expecting almost a .nil 1-... million but I, Helen Slater, am sure she 0 will not get it. She did not use good Little Miss Ethel Sloan has a new dress. judgment at all in investing her monevl O because if she had, she would of. fAt present Uncle Silo Geis has as fine a Miss Vera Watkins and Miss Mary Taylo bunch of bees as there is in the country. have somelnew hair switches. We wish him stinging luck in his businessj 1 i' l 3 . .. ..... . ..... . . 'i'i w"Wi' " " i,, 'i ,- f. '..W S' Qv f f' 'M " . V V QQQQ'-3-"1-'-'-1-ULJJ'if. 'QQ..,Qf..QiQ.,.......QQ.,LQ.f.... a...'K-"""'1"'i W 1.1 One Hundred Eighty-Three A,o3o.,veA AMAA A Melt A.MM j THE PIL L VVEAKLY SOCIETY By Miss Ella Mae Meece Wake, fields, and meadows! Spring is here! l-.-oi...-. Miss Henninger Entertains. Miss Liz Henninger has as guests for Easter, Miss Ima Cowe and Miss Iona Fur- nace of Social Center, Ala. They are both handsome young girlies of attractive per- sonalities. Miss Henninger will hold a Val- entine wiener roast in their honor Thurs- day. ..i-.O Luncheon The beautiful home of Mrs. Harriss was gorgeously decorated in black and green. Favors were given guests who went home early. Mrs. Harriss, who was attractive in purple and yellow, was singularly attrac- tive. ,-.ali Another Luncheon Mr. Melvin Pickens had at luncheon yes- terday, the Gentlemenis Rook Club. On ac- count of the rain all guests were absent except those who came in cars or other- wise. The house was cheerfully deco- rated in light black. Small napkins were given as favors. Mr. Clay Courtney guess- ed the mysterious package. Club will next week meet with Mr. Willis Adonais Peck. .1...0..i.- LEON K. WHITNEY Blacksmithing cheaply done -..lO....,,... Come to Wilson's Shining Parlor LOUISE A. WILSON Owner and Proprietor -Tal.. I am not responsible for other people's debts-especially my own. Benjamin Calloway Miss Thelma Ashcroft of Enid and Waukomis is at present at Balm Peach, Florida, where she is not enjoying herself. "I have been sitting on the beach for seve- ral weeks," she writes, abut have had no success. I get the Pill every day. En- closed find my subscription for two weeks of thirty f30D cents." Signed Thelma Ashcroft. T.....O..l.. Miss Creighton has accepted a position with the The Hot Doggie Shoppe. ...-...i0...i. WVhat,s wrong in the picture? There is no picture here, but if there were something would be wrong. Do your friends laugh at you because you don't know whether to eat with a knife or whether to drink your soup or eat with a napkin, un- der your chin? Are you a Babbit? If you are, send for Miss Wellsis wonderful book. We send it free for thirty days. If you are not pleased, I donit care. If you are, send only 20c a day till you have paid your- self out. .l..O..l, Miss Dorothy Shaw is in Alaska, where she is spending the winter. ' Miss Shaw writes in an interesting letter: "Though I adore the place, and all its peo- ple, I want to come back to dear old E. H. S.. ....... U Miss Kara Anning motored to Bison yes- terday. ...... oT4,..... See me for fresh paint ETHEL BERTWELL ..T..,0 ... MR. WALLER IS MUCH ASTONISHED When Mr. Waller called up at the home of one of the English teachers, he was astonished to hear these words. 4'Yes, it is me." "Yes, Pve just et my supper. I've set- tled down now to read "Snappy Stories." C 'l'l'A'l'lI'l'l'l'l'l'l'l'L'l'l'l'llA I I A'l'l'l'l'l A l'l'l'E W A'l hl'l'il'l I A KA'n'l'l'l'El'l'i'l l'l'l'l'l'l'l'Nl'A'l'fl'lu'fl'i'f I One Hundred Eighty-Four THE PILL WEAKLY Q. ...A Q yy up 1 vvvvyuvvvvvvv , , ,vw , ,vi v,u,v,vvvvvvvvvvvvv v .vvvvvvvvvvtvvv uv iv -4 .4...4....... I rv 192 4 AUNT KATHERINE IS OLDEST HERE Aunt Katherine Miller of Carrier is one of the oldest folk in the country. She set- tled here when she moved here and has been here ever since except when away. She is very wealthy, owning everything she possesses. She recently celebrated her aluminum wedding anniversary. Mrs. Miller will be seventeen her next birthday. Mr. Miller was killed in the war of l8l2. .MMMOMLM FAT MAN TELLS HOW HE REDUCED' Many fat men are doing it! "Before I took Dr. Phoney's Tonic for Fat Folk I weighed almost 400 and was always miserable3 but now I only weigh 130 and feel fine." Fat Stiers Send me 20 cents and I will send you a free bottle of the wonderful remedy. . --0--M Miss Vera Johnson attended the show. Miss Lou Willianis is attending the Golf Tournament at Hennessey. Miss Mildred Trimble has a new rub- ber-tired surrey. Wedding bells will be ringing soon. Guess who? Miss Ruby Kirk attended Sunday School, BRAINLESS WONDER AT LAST DISCOVERED The research department of E. H. S. has recently unearthed this specimen from among the faculty. This find is being kept strictly secret, according to Miss Lena. Brown Hansen. Miss Laura Money Graves is conducting experiments unknown to any- one. Miss D. E. Buford is giving illustrat- ed lectures on slides. .i..ig.....Ol......T Expression "Slick as Music Lightningn French Very Cheaply VERA A. HOYT .,..-WM.. BEAUTY SHOP Charlie Kretsch "You know me" .MOM- Lost: Portmanteau Reward: Harry Pixley ..?...-OM. Wanted: Some rare old jokes. THE QUILL ANNUAL .-.M...0M,.. DR. B. R. HINSON'S WONDER REMEDY FOR THE SPINANCH Read this marvellous testimony: "I used to have that tired feeling, be- cause I could not get enough malted milk. I was skin and bone and just awfully thin, till I began to use Dr. Hinson,s Won- der Remedy for the Spinach. Now I feel Sunday, so much better than I did before but - am expecting a relapse soon. I generally Miss Erma Weldon buggied to school take 12 bottles. Monday, fsigg Mr. EStCll FOX. the One Hundred Eighty-Five AJ: ' ivf:x2':r::mg:f,:Y'zfzixxfevtrzvxzzxfi THE PILL WEAKLY Miss Helen Hugos has changed rogue, at this writing. Miss D. Houghton had chicken for din- ner. RADIIO Listen in today NUT: Mlle. Ruthie Scott will tell the children's story. Concert. Piano by Opal Keller. DRY: 9 oiclock, DeWitt Waller of Chi- cago will address wheat growers and drug- gists. OFF: 1 o'clock, L. Berty Horner will give a concert on his voice XZXNIGG. BAD: Quartette will sing, "Lucky Jimv, and other numbers. Children's address at 6:00 by Ollie Mathis. Aunt Alice's Receipts Alice Carlson One of the dishes of this season is Rasp- berry Mush. This delightful dish is made with green raspberries and other valuable ingredients. Take all left-over victuals and work on the rolling board. Work well and add: Pepper Raspberries Salt Corn Beef Victuals Cabbage Post Toasties VVhippecl Cream Let ferment till fermentation has started5 then place in stove and fry with plenty of gravy. Send in l0c in stamps for sample cool: book. "The Gold Dust Twins" Big Super Production Mr. Bus Haskins isnit so well at this writing. Mr. Willis Adonais Peck is too. WESTERN ONION NIGHT MESSAGE Secret papers transmitted COL. THATCHER PLOOF, Mgr. Dancing Lessons Free Only a 51.00 an Hour Mlle. E. Naalen Repairing done cheaply A. GRACEFUL FORD COME TO CHURCH Rev. Percy Mock Ninth Christian Church Do you want beautiful flowers? Then send your name to AUNT ARLINE FUNK The Flower Woman y FREE! BOYS AND GIRLS DO YOU WANT THIS FORD FREE? Solve this puzzle. Can you find two words such as "come" and amen? If you can, send your name to the Auto Man. Cousin Guy H. Dick ENID STEAMBOAT CO. Featuring DILL AND DULL SHOCKLEY CAPTAIN ROY SHAW Rialto Theatre To and fro Very Cheaply 1 June 36 Fro and to S SWS . S, ,.... SS SS SS S S S SS SS S iS H 'IIA Wim.. VAQK QS, ' S' i ' qu f- . A u n a S x '-' ns N Y One Hundred Eigh ty-Six ,,g,,'.Q.L,ig.1,,Zj.Q ...,flg.lg9LI.,i-.Q:..f, V WZZLCQM- I 'it f,'i.ill4LiQQiL.iilI.akL,:.AQ544."'A1zs.,-""1,..iQmLLf..2sf.:.1' k'7:21...f"'V'.u..r'i3kZEQQXDSAL 'Lg-li ,. Q5 S.. Efl PM ,mn Qagzmf 1 A ,g-wr' 'ziiizxefff , L, . 5:59 E fd!! 531 1 E e 1 is! e 2 1 SM a 3 A 11 iw in V Qs H uf as Ee! EES 252 V4 Ei 555 ge wil gee Qi! 123 5 . 2, Z1 53 551 521 rf? Nj Ks: 55' 55: WE EEK li? la! is ,f ki is 222 IJ, I 32 521 153 Pi.: aw 'ii iff .M iiv sg' IH- 13 335 511 li 513 il' H' H nf' 5 4 H si I Eff 5.5 ,. Ss: w 171. 1 353 iii ep , .Ei ' Hug Us , ,, - ai! an 152 Ui ti ,., iii Ei? 9-42 Qlll gifziimxgriw x fri if ., i:f.:.t,.f x y One Hundred Eighty-Seven 1,,,,rI'..f if LQ, N ' A FACULTY MEETING by Delmar Anderson 'I Y Y . Q2 gpg. 1 . V A IQZ4 Chairman Waller: "Let us please settle down. Before we take up the regular business of this meeting, Mr. Whitney, take your feet off that desk. As I was saying before I spoke, before the general business of this meeting, we are to be honored by having our gifted and talented superintendent, Mr. Ted Price, talk to us on either of two topics: his trip to the Yellow Stone, or his Enid plan of distribufrcation of brains among the Enid school children. fMiss Wilson pulls out a note-book and writes furiously. Loud snores from Mr. Whitneyj "My friends, after years of diligent effort, as I come before you and not behind you, after forty-five--I mean after many years of diligent study, I find an exceptionally fine plan for in- stilling into the Enid students, brains of different varieties." l i QMr. Whitney awakes with a startj . "How come how come! I wonder if 'ou can do an thing useless for m debatorsfn E 1 I Y za Y l "Mr, Whitney, you are out of order. Now, Mr. Price, proceed." QThis from Mr. L Waller.D i "Ah, yes, teachers and otherwise,', CMiss Hansen shudders and writes savagely in her note-bookj "as superintendent, I hope I have settled a great problem, and in the near future, I shall prepare an extensive paper on this matter of distribuficating brains to such students as need them. I thank you for your unkind attention." QLoud cheers and huzzahs from Mr. Lee and Mr. Ward.D 1 1 fMr. Dick, Mr. Dalke and Mr. Harp come in and take the front seats. Mr. Waller 1 rises to greet them.j l "Ah, you are late, and I fear you have missed a great inspirational address from Mr. W Price on his favorite hobby, that of giving out brains to school teachers. We will now proceed to the regular business meeting. Have any teachers any suggestions to makeiv QlVIiss Wilson rises with great gustoj "Yes, I have one. I can't, I simply can't get those first eriod book-writin eo le to et to work and write on those books. These students P g P P g a by the way, are the first victims of the distribufication plan in Enid, and they have either worn l I out what little brains Mr. Price gave them, or stored them away to keep them good as new? fMr. Whitney rises in righteous wrath.j "Thats right, they are the laziest public speak-" fHisscs from Mr. Harp and Mr. Dickj "I wish we teachers would get free passes to the operettaj, pipes Miss Ford. "Well, of all the-nerve!" QThis from Mrs. Feyj 1 '1Teachers, this is ill behavior,', cries Mr. Waller, as he further attempts to pacify them. ii QMiss Buford starts to eat some candyj Mr. Waller: "Here, here, give me that other I piece of candy." QCrunch, crunchj "Is there any other businessii' CHe mumbles between bitesj fMiss Smith gazes absently out of the windowj "I wonder, I wonder if I should have a chapter on participial phrases and nouns in this algebra book I am writing." Thus, the fate and future of Enid High students is worked out. Q One Hundred Eighty-Eight C F' CU K., ,cxJ.1.1.,-.,CAf. vvpzsso - .- """' ' ' " " " - Il qv MY LIFE IN RUSSIA or HOW I POISONED THE KING AND QUEEN EN J by X Counter: Irice Bzztlersky fAn Essayb I was born in Petrograd many years agog in fact, I was born on the day of my birth. I early became chief cook to the Empress Alexandria and used to give her arsenic every dayg but one day she died. I can never understand how. Then I began to poison everybody else. We used to go on slay rides with the king and queen. At this time a number of Dukes awoke to find themselves dead in their beds. I knewg for I had given them poisoned cheese. I had not expected them to die, but they did. I cannot explain this either. Then I poisoned myself and died. After I was buried I went to Eng- land where I intend to stay till I leave. I know this will reveal much, but I received a good price for it and don't care. 'I ll ADIAAALIAA Ill I I lll I l Ill llllll lllllllllllll One Hundred Eighty-Nine W - M'v"' 7 ' - -"- .8 '-YV? '-V-'S sf-','. gg 0. 1 on 1 v v vt VJ vu vsvslpmv vg,g.xvp.1wp,1 vnu-a.v an v 1 5 A --f 's HOW TESTS GO! 'Twas one day in a history test, When some of the students asked the rest, "How, and what, and where, and why, And, when, please tell me, did that bird die?" Student Tom said to student Bill, 'fVVhere on this earth is Bunker Hill?', Margaret said to Jane by her side,, VVhen did Paul Revere make his famous ride?" Then next day when the papers came back All marked in yellow, green, and black, Billis gracle was 50-some And Janieis grade was lxl. What every teacher, principal or anybody else should say fto adhere strictly to the truthbz W "I shall n ow add 327 paragraphs to what has been said." By Rosbud Hopley The Budding Poetess Pm meeting at the office, the friends to whom I vowed To always mind the rules- And never speak aloud. l' But One By , One We broke themg li And now Q Outlaws are we. li CTO someone in the oflice lx 4 We're going fre- quent- if 12'-5 w if l nl 9 " " " "' ' " ' ' ' "' 'J i " ' 1' """ -" "-'-'-'-'-'W ""f"" ' One Hundred Ninety .z Y, gm i U21 wi 525 ii: fu wr -4 555 :Ei if 332 Eff Hg Hi lim . 4, I I 1 ,' f 5 1 ' fl? if ., ,I iw i . ni Ei 5 fl fi 1. . ix T5-g 2 IQ 1 ,L 3 5 15-3 : 1 5 M fs 255 1,-3 .253 1 ?i f ii ' 3? E25 1 is ' fi 5 iii A 5 Q ?ii 232' 225 E 1 I U 2 ,- F5 Ee se , r , I I r g V 2 2 , 5 . i E Q , a J H iii ' L 5 r Q 2 5 3 5 2 5 i . 5 2 f E Qi ? J? ,if z z A , w 1 I . . . 3 if! U?" HQ . , Fl If 3 55 ' 155 - N32 EE' 135 552 Si ,Ax -ON, 723223, eigfbfxu V 'V"'L,pf'?:,zF'Q S J"M.g ,, Y. . ' ' mf' 'fi' ,. ,, , Q M.-- ,--M,,,-,,, W ,M., www--W ,W-.w.q.,,mwW-Mmm, L-..N,-,,.,,, H ,l-, ,,,, , ,, W E iw, ,,,, M., , H... fx One Hundred Ninety-One L9 Vlxvvv vvpsvvynmvsxvvvvvvvv vvvvvvvvvv,vvv.u.v.v Uv QU UC ., -Ylv:.N , W ::,w,,,Lw r "U.7tQQcM -:D 1 CoNsoLAT1oN 1 ' F E Mrs. Whitney: "Don't you think my 9 little son looks like his father?', Caller: "Oh, don't mind, so long as he's healthy!" ' 'v k '13- fbi? l'5wf'N THE CUSTOMARY PROFESSOR N' Q Q JOKE :fig 9 I Professor Vance fin his old daysj was possessed of whiskers in abundance. He had two beautiful side burns that didnit burn a bit5 but his beloved fand dearly belovedb student body begged him to shave 'em off. S0 on one rare morning he came to chapel and said: "I have with us this morning only one side burn. If it please you, I shall off with the otherf' This is the way he looked. M, ., . I N 3355" 5525? 0. " '5::i:-l6'f:5-l 'ly The following secret paper has been found by a member of the staff: Miss B.-"Don't you know the presidents yet? When I was your age I knew ,ern all." CC But there were only three then? The annual staff after canvassing the school can find that the lady referred to has these Ietters in her name: B- -d5 the rest is mystery. I 1 ZA- f THE YEAR'S PUNKEST JOKES. X 5 ' 7 A girl with pretty teeth won't even laugh at 'em. S If 5 . xx xi if. N " sl M Be it ever so humble, theres no place like the office. M Pb. L. gi A'h'l'l'A A'A'l'l'l'l1'fll'l'l'l'l'l'l'l'fl'l' 'l'l'l'Kl'Sll'l'fl" l' l'l'l'l'l'l l'l'l'l'l'l'l'll' fl'l'l ' I I ll ' AW One Hundred Ninety-Two ,.:.1.,xAA'JJAAAAAA, Y' V AAAAAAADAA W . Q v it nfl MY EXPERIENCE AS A HOOF HUNTER Willis Aflonais Peck Alas! All the horses were dead. It could not be truc, but it was. And that was not the 7-25 of it, either. Their hoofs had died along with them and together with them. They were buried and could not be found. ' Although it is not commonly known, the rare ingredients of a horse's hoof is a necessity in making genuine WIGLEY,S GUM, "That Marvelously Flavored Elasticn. "You mustln stormed I. M. Wigley, himself. "I wonitln cries I, indignantly. "You will!,' storms he, stormier than ever. "I won't!n repeats I after myself. "You will!" declared he. And then the uninvited happened. Wigley became furious and stormy. I knew it was about to rain, and "When It Rains It Poursn. His breath issued forth like hot lava between his clinched teeth and tightly compressed lips. It rapidly filled the room. I looked round for an avenue of escape, but the avenue was outside. There was no escape. The windows were closed and the door was shut. Finally, almost drowned, I feebly acquiesced. Thereupon,Wigley cooled down so quickly that the sudden change of temperature caused him to have the chills. Not knowing the remedy for the chills, I succeeded in break'ng a couple of mahogany chairs over the prostrate form of I. M. Wigley, hoping, by the act, to start the circulation. Queer as it may seem, my dear reader, this kind act on my part did not apparently meet with approval or relieve the pain. I proceeded to build, as close to him as I could, a hon- fire from the remains of the mahogany chairs. Fifteen minutes later I left the vicinity of the smouldering remains of the Wigley mansion. Incidentally, I shall mention that, because of the fear of hurting Wigley, I left him lying com- fortably upon the velvet rug in the living room where he had interviewed me. WS: Inn A ll EAN: A A " A ."""" " A' "Tr-"QN.v-'IT'-l.ihwlnvlu .uw ,. One Hundred Ninety-Three M , 1 l f.......a...:f Y fs A i..sL23.1.a.sai5.e:ff"p'f3 an 1924, Wi I !g il There was a drizzling rain and a heavy fog in San Francisco when I left the New York harbor for South America. I was off, as you probably know by this time, in quest of some in- H gredients to substitute for the horse's hoofs used in WIGLEY'S GUM. Many queer sights were brought before my vision on this sea trip. I saw a duel take place between two Swordfish. Upon reaching Brazil, "The Land of the Nuts," I saw many brown Brazilian Nuts. After we passed Rio De Janerio, I could smell the Con Carne in Chile across the continent. N Upon completing our voyage, we reached our destination. This may not seem queer to you, my dear reader, but it did to me, for it :was not my destination. I had yet to go far inland E and locate the sought-for ingredient. This I located in the toe-nails of wild South American I Polar Bears. V u After gathering a shipload of these toe-nails, we returned to the ship, and set sail for the United States. Our return voyage was without mishap, therefore, we reached the New York l harbor a day before we got there. But, again, alas! It proved in vain, for two long-eared pedagogues had been found who had I concealed their ranch and herd of horses with a flower garden. The government, of course, con- xlv fiscated the horses so as not to deprive the citizens of the United States of fresh gum. The horses ill had been turned over to the Wigley Gum Incorporation. They had now plenty of hoofs. They ll needed not my imported and expensive cargo. In the end, they turned me from their door. Six months later I died of grief and polar bear toe-nails. fThe End.D We 5 ' '4 'i my if ib' lt.z1k.pfg.fegiJts:.ig1.L5rxgt1g-Lrljdyfv'L.tx.,.t.1.rggvgv.a21x.wlEg'i''v::LiiI'f One Hundred Ninety-Four f I .ia I-.,.,i : 1 '. ri. IH mx v f Q s U L ,1 H if ix I TEN M f x 3, ii I . X sas ,, E1 ss! H3 ill rf! EE! E41 1 H 4. Yi 1 x sg? Hi fx? 1,2 W il? V, H4 H1 1, H Hz as 'x 4 X If fi I ,, .4 'il N' ,iq . Hs las U5 I 533 U si fi :Qi Ez! V! 322 Qi 5 E u I ,, l , H ae Ee f I. 12 Ii 1 5, i 25 . W H W, ,Ag .. , , ...W A ..... H ,,,:,......,4,..,,,....,...,,. ,,..,..f-mx, ,. ,,-.,,5A..,......,.,:,,,,.'1 A in ,J-:.,.,..., , W ,1 ,rw ., ,, ,AJ .4 . u.ILTKfll.,f,i.f, if ,CE 145.2 , Ffh 1, , Q- L?.f.1fl'1T, uf, f., im 1 I ,,.,f4.-ml uw Q, .,-QVLAJ dx. vnu, x ,s .2 Napa: 2 mx Lag.: L2-Lr..',1-1: ww' - " N ' 1--WJ One Hundred Ninety-Five ia 5 I B, . . .V V W V A1c 4g5f3:-g,pg,,-.ft,fs.ft1ggggQ,4uU,Q-.4.,v,.j-.wwf.fiipgzxygot M3131 1. 1c i POSSIBLY 7 nf., V' rn. E .he y Mr. Waller: "Where,s your excuseP,' Malcolm Black: "I ainit got nonef' Mr. Waller: "Where's your grammar?" M. B.: "She went home with grandpaf, E. H. S SPEEDSTER, 1924 MODEL Body-Seniors. Chassis-Faculty Magneto-Audine Drew Generator-Bruce Hinson Storage Battery-Estell Fox Shock Absorbers-Sophomores Headlights-Marguerite Chambless and Margaret McElroy Tail Light-David Funk Steering-Billy Harriss Service Brake-School Board Emergency Brake--Janitors Self-Starter-Ruth Scott Accelerator-Gene Charnplin Muffler-Mr. Waller ASSEMBLY IN B-9 A very delightful assembly was held yesterday in B-9. The room was crowded to its capacity. In fact, many stood on the ceiling to hear the gorgeous program. s Miss Katie Barefoot Campbell sang: "Why I Went to Cuba,', and responded gracefully to twenty-six snores. Mr. T. J. W. S. Tinker gave his annual oration, during which he repeated his beautiful and inspirational metaphor concerning the leaves. l - The meeting adjourned to the cafeteria where Miss Handsome Barber played "Last i Night on the Back Porch" and other forbidden numbers. Mr. DeWitt Waller, principal of the high school fby the wayj, made a number of beautiful and eloquent announcements, accompanied softly at the piano by Miss Virginia Watson, who did her usual excellent work. Three students who remained in the auditorium with the faculty enjoyed themselves by knitting a sweater they are preparing to send to Mr. Waller as a surprise. 4 Miss Irice Butler, librarian, 'announces the following new favorites of E. S.ifaculty. M '4The Way to Wcalthn-all "Flowing Goldv-Ditto "How to Write Movie Scenarios"--Same "How to Reduce to Musicv-100 'Zn "How to Live Within Your Meansv-Same 'KHOW to Rise Early and Go to Bed Earlyn-None "The Way to Cuba" , V, Ynbiwn Q V W ' Y V W W1 r 'i i' i Y 'A' nA'A'rn'A'rnnAA'xAf urn" 1" vnrnn 'AHVIE One Hundred Ninety-Six . 1::g1'3Ki:r1c:cxTtiQ:'E:i?Z-lift:..aQ-LQf.5LQ'i'ftQtfkk:'3c5f3515CKfl' WV - . M Y A SO? Q Miss Overstreet: "Have you forgotten thisiv RFQ, Bob Lee: "Yes. The best of people forget? Miss O: '4True, I often do? X AN ANNOUNCEMENT ' 1 The newest collection of brilliant and inspiring addresses is the set of orations delivered at special intervals by the Hon. Bruce Hinson concerning notable Annual events. ' "Say it with Question Marks" THANKS ARE DUE The alumni of E. H. S. presented the high school gallery a portrait of Mr. Estell Harry P. Fox, jr., in a delightful and graceful pose as the Age of Innocence. Carlton West proposed to the elevator girl and she took him up. Poss1BLY "Can you take a joke?" "Are you proposingiv Miss Beetle King, Secretary of the Interior, and Mr. Waller, Secretary of the Treasury, an- nounce that the improvements under work on the campus have been completed. The grape arbor, built especially for Miss Bulky Kennedy, Secretary of State, and lined with daisies and pomegranates, is almost entirely finished. Secret telephones have been installed in all the trees, and the telegraph system has almost been completed. An equestrian statue of Kernel Harold Geis, the hero of Waukomis, has already been placed. The dainty cherubs of Lloyd Edwards and Delmer Anderson have been mounted in the trees. The Mississippi River has been success- fully diverted to run through the campus. The Northern Lights have been placed on canvas above the high school. TCHCh6IS,S Paradise, a small area 20 miles square, has been laid out as a golf course under supervision of Miss Grace Ford and Coach Leon Vance. ACT I TWO HUNTERS-ONE LION Curtain fSubdued Applauscj ACT II ONE HUNTER-ONE LION Curtain fEXcited Applauseb ACT III ONE LION Curtain CVVild Applauseb lKm.VA'A2'l'l'A'L'l'l'l'l't'AYl'l'l'l All'nwA'nu'tfAl'n-raan Al H One Hundred Ninety-Seven Qv 33 H ,. :if ff! QE? vii vii V li ! 11 fi xi: Qi ,V nb aw I , IL R"fTLCl'J "if, :L7..i,1 .,, -f - .m,,,,, K.,4A MA ,,, in liz B , 21 SJ -2 152 el' li? igf A X S i 5 M xi s. 11 . f i 4 1 .I .I sf H f w ! Q Q I lg ix . i! :E sa 35 . 9: Q! ,s st 32 Qi 11 'Q 1 E s. 43 E si ii Q! H 21 ii 51 ,. ni 1 IL A I i 1 ei li 1 ji Ia? H. lil One Hundred Ninety-Eight ...Mm ,-.,..,A,. Q ., ,.,.1,,. .. ... .,.Q..4....,.,..,-Q.,,, . ..A. M-..,,-.,n ....,-.,:,... L, A.. .., M., M, .w,.,,.g.QA:,.... , ,,A......,.-.....,.,' 1 , -...w...,.,.... 1 .N . M,.,,,, ,, 1 N sie 253 in vi 55 Ni W hi iii sei EES iff F13 Qs! ii! H! all IN fit 53: me In ff 2-1 iz S2 53? H ff? HS 352 ig! iii lj? re: 135 iii M ug H, 55? ii! If: gli 125 V: yi A ni af: M2 Y-3 iii Iii ,H 42' 5: E21 in . aw fn .. Hg 55? 152 E22 I 1 fi S 55 H! 243 P .ga PM lil sg: fig I? px! E!! V! ig! . fj' V A - ' gi W' v - if Wi: fi. ' 'wp Y-ff' rm f'2'7A"f' . ' J .,,., 1 12.3 ,. ,YM ..,,. .,.,,,hW .,,. ... .,,.-....f,4,,, 1 4-V3 !q-wf"g-f7v-x-31-'- - .,..-, .- is ,A ' ' .1 V11j',f'1x'f'f'j2fFT7if3f g .NF'K'F,,'fI. -,. I7K"Yf7TTI law me baking, 'L . .J X 'wx 5 H32-Jw f new . 5 1 K 5 . xii 5 l In ' - 1-Fai' 1 n ,,,-,,,,W.,,,,,,,..A ' , N nfffaayf f rm: - 2- , 1 13 , I, I 3 - . -'f:.':,,':r4:-., : 4' n "fl-5l2fA"?ff' f' 1 ' , , ,J 1- 1 '4.i-gf.-,xwl 14 QT- XJ' -l r jf 7 Q2 1 Q n ,gi 'F 1 gi ig ! M if fi. gn lil , K n I gk . -? an 5 ign .UE 1 E l l ,rl- K 1 3 2 n . - . .M -WWJQA ' LfQveff:3fxj:ifiN:1:::'-1531 One Hundred Ninety -Nine f A. A.AJ,,kAAAf,feAAA klgAfmAAkf3l.MQA AA ZI7Ifl'X1'kJ. A Ck LAA MA Sll'dI'l W1l.lL O! F ,xv G Y 1 E-eglsii JDQDQBQ ut Uglrx i uds Wh 10a r E s lv ' was , f Hey,hey,hey, X ,ff I recolieci f' once lhet , ly "' IW ' Quit t, - T. em , Hara XME. Tenth-For the first time in the history of our school there are no freshmen. The seniors find a big depression in the sale of chapel tickets, and the ten new teachers try to look wise. Twelfth-Our famous old gridiron is turned into an Indian corral for our visitors--the Oto Indians. We even have real cowboys here for the strip opening-we look on in awe. Seventeenth-We are "turned loose" for two hours to watch the parade. Motion picture men shoot scenes of "wild" Oklahoma. Twenty-first-Student body chooses the Booster Club-as usual Mr. Waller is to safeguard the pocket- book-"Oh, where does our mon- ey goin T w e n t y-s e c 0 n d-Saturday, and, strange as it may seem, we have no school. Twenty-fourth-The Hi-Y. W. starts its membership drive-only seven- ty-five cents and costs. Twenty-fifth-The destiny of this book is started. Our staff is chosen and work begins. Twenty-seventh-"The Pill Weaklyn staff is chosen. First call for news. Twenty-eighth-Mr. Price is in an airplane smash-up! Our superin- tendent has a close call when the plane in which he is riding falls near the cemetery. Twenty-ninth-The girls have a real "Good Fellowship Party? fThere is the usual ice cream, and a display of new Paris creations is shown on living modelsj Ill! :AAA A II ' 'V L W Nh W 7 4 na Ann AAA: A up A g ..f-X, Second-David Funk plays the hero, -and buys the first football ticket for 515.50 Che didnlt pay cashj, gg 1 vvv vvvvv vvvvvvv vvvvv v vv v vvv lhe iiifii? cle-' -nl i f I I uh I , T a , - - 1 '33 f f g JIll?lJde1R1ay E' V D .,l,. ' V., MA The El W 'riff I I El 0 25,4 'ig EJ III Q9 h El D I x,,.w '..,,.,.. V I: Qjaa 1 l Z 4892355 III E If e' v" N 1:1 N X El it 1:1 9Ll1 61:1 E f 1 Q III . I 'ov' 1 D 25 D 3. BOO-Q-O-O-ow! fl 3 l X after a brilliant display of auc- tioneering by William Shakespeare Jefferson Tinker. Third--The Booster Club makes its first appearance and presents a peppy program. . The biggest shirt tail parade of history is staged. fWe noticed a few pink shirts as usualD. Fourth-We win our first gridiron victory of the season from Kiowa by a score of 47-6. We have a winning team this year. Fifth-Will wonders never cease? We get out of school to see Al Field's giant elephant and monkeys Cof all kindsD. Ninth-At last! A new baby grand piano. It is initiated by a musical program. McKinley's "hopefuls" present "A Trial By Fire." Tenth-The seniors attempt to break Mr. Underhill's camera with the usual countenance typical of a dig- nified senior. Twelfth-Mutt and Jeff of our foot- ball team are introduced to us- Fat Pickens and the mascot, Dan Swineford. Thirteenth-We win our first game away from home-a brilliant foot- ball victory from Wichita 19-0. Fifteenth-The Hi-Y. W. entertains the old ladies of 'Enid at a party at the home of Mrs. O. J. Flem- ing. Nineteenth--We hold another of our famous pep chapels-the result, we win from Guthrie 17-7. Twentieth--The Vancemen are given a football chili supper by the Ero- delphians. "Buster'i consumes four dishes. Twenty-second-Senator H a r r e l d speaks in assembly. He is a kind- ly gentleman and was immediately liked by everyone. i Twenty-fifth-The Emerson Junior it Q4 90? High Pep Club gave us a snappy i demonstration of ,their school , 1 spirit. They wear the conventional " green. .,..,.. i...,.,,....... . , Two Hundred One W feng-111 551,459 L i .et J. ij! I j'i fl 4 ,lj l :lv ls' 5 i i I 5 I . lgj lv 1! 1 ali il 4 liz ill 1. Safe, ,fx llzeiti'-ES! A I E iii ,lf 1 il, it .1- ,, ii I 1. il at S- Q cl th Fall leaves Fell lr: El 5 Vmlormf EH S HISTOI' ... .Ls J,.s..xs,a..L.g,'...:f-z .man 3 Two Hundred Two , . , . , , ,. ..,,.. ,..,,.-. .... ,,....t..e..,.,,.., ., . , . , . Ha V. - ..-EE ,... A...., -,, -Ms ...,,,, aa .,... ,,.., .. ,-..,...,..,-,. ---,-,E-.,.--.. .,,,. sp First-The Booster Club sponsors an- other real pep assembly-the band participates. Second'-Enid swims in mud to win a football game from Blackwell 28- 6. lt was a family affair with hir. Vance. Fifth--Elbert Horner sings "Dapper Danf' thrilling the innocent sophs The seniors choose their class rings and pins. Ninth-The fatal day-the quarterly exams. Of course a few were lucky. Twelfth--We sing the old war songs in our Armistice Day Program. Sixteenth-The Dramatics and Forums present a clever double Wedding in assembly. The fathers and sons enjoy chicken at the an- nual banquet. Seventeenth-The dark day of our football season, we go down before the Oklahoma City on-rush in a hard fought game 7-13. The spec- ial train returns in quiet. Nineteenth-New band uniforms ar- rive. Our young Sousas appear in their coveted costumes. Twentieth-The seniors are thrilled today-the girls by a member of the Royal Northwest Mounted Po- lice, and the boys by George Lewis, just home from India. Twenty-third-Our new band in full uniform greet us in assembly for the first time, and inspire our boys to another shut-out game with Shawnee 14--0. Twenty-eight-Hi-Y. W. and Hi-Y. hold a joint Thanksgiving program and later they distribute baskets of food to the poor. Twenty-ninth--A Holiday! fr a r e thing hercj. Everyone enjoys tur- key and a splendid game with El Reno. Enid piles up a big Score of 49-6. I. iii ii! vi 'la fl? hi 'lv E21 :ji lf! -E 'ul !'i Eli 455 lil ill agl ill ll? 'l 1 il l gl V fl is ,. ill Qi: si fl el ii H1 l lj: li! ffl li? iii I l is. iii Ili :lf il l 13 1 Ii ill HI l rl ll lji fi ml asf il, leg li! 21 ix 'ii ii lla pyjrfb V' nn' ...gf I Z , +-- -e-M-q-w'f-rs:-'1- """"'f' ' " 'X .-.s-,..r.a- , ,,,, i,:,ua..e.,,.v.,.a , . , If ...-.-......M..,...,p....., j 6?-Ar, w I 5 :lj 1 I ,I it ll Q 23 5 Ii I C I A' 'K' ' 'v'9Yifi:i.1mr1:zi2vfQfm'T 1 s ENE? -"N hifi ffiiisgf 11522.21 ,3 Caws I wanlf V l First-Hi-Y. W. girls sell fake doughnuts to the unsuspecting busi- I ness men for the Salvation Army benefit. Fifth-The Mr. Leon K. Whitney makes one of his model speeches in 'E i assembly. fHis feet were at a 4-50 , anglej Hz Sixth-The O. U. Boys' Glee Club 1 Z sings. All the girls ufall forl' the blonde haired boy with blue eyes- left side, second row and on the end. W iii I1 Seventh-Harold Geis wins second B IZ place for Enid in the oratorical 1 Il contest, Marthelen Leighnoi' meets V her Waterloo. . Fourteenth-The juniors and seniors l i H Y..,X i receive their pictures-a grand rush for their best friends or their new t l 3 crush. - W l E l , D '4 ij 1 Q V Tc C1 Seventeenth-The Forum Literary So- ig pw ciety wins the society football li S' 3 , 4- :J championship on the battlefield of U E ? - the Webs. l N C Y II! ai CI Twenty-first-Hi-Y. W. and Hi-Y. U . 4 present a Christmas play "Why the ' 1 ln If' I. KI, Chimes Rang". Candy, nuts, fruits it .ll '31 and toys were distributed to the kid- ll 'gl q R559 dies of Enid. l 13 :Q ' I i Z-'CQ' Twenty-second-Vacation! Welve al- gf ff ,' ready written our letters to Santa Ill E Z 51? 'L A V3 Claus and everyone has borrowed 1 '- .. dad's golf socks. 1 S. Blacli Qxen li S Thirty-first-Back again-just in l W time to hear Kenton Price tell how i it feels to eat a meal under the In , table-all in the life of a upleben I at Annapolis. . ,pl ll '2Zp4'q', n li l Q, JW: 5, EY ff: Af'5771iElE7iff1if,i3f.., WWET93 fi5ff'fi. fffTff2fgiEi'Q: Two Hundred Three YQA es! UQLKAATZX ' ' T? ..5..ii1f H924 ii il it I, V 1 S E l l 1 ll il JxA1,1tf.AAJxAA1CA AA AAAJCU AAAAJxAAJvx1xAA1xAAf,J,Ajv.A AA M FIZ I-LQTQLKV 'KY 71 'JO' .17 71, . 1l'L'5'fT7CW 172.3357 " 1 Tl J f-5 I1 II III GUN 1:1 C lil UQ ' Hi Say,olc1c1Q-ah! 13 X S-Ht.. fi ggi' yi- II1 r"l'U9'i III 1 Junior5gg1ou-Banut E fcffzgggraie I3 Th ' 'xi E fta,+tt..:s:.P...- 3 4 5.:f:gaQ- :I lbfl " -'wirrler Come? PY its First-The New Year starts with Mr. Waller signing his famous hiero- glyphics to a "No Assembly" slip. Second-As yet, leap year doesn't seem to affect Enid High very seri- ously. Fourth-The seniors receive a unique invitation to the Junior-Senior ban- quet. Covington defeats our cagers 21-19. Ninth-Quills, with secret notes at- tached, furnish amusement for the day. They are souvenirs of the annual staff program. Tenth-The sale of annuals is started. Four hundred eighty-two loyal stu- dents respond to the call. Eighteenth-Our first basketball vic- tory. Enid downs Garber in a splendid game 25-13. Twenty-first-Hon. L. R. Vance leads the singing, while our new yell leader, Bill Kennedy, is initiated to his job. Twenty-third--Enidis literary man, Mr. Whitlock, tells us about his story-Writing and also leaves some of his best for the library. Twenty-fifth-We have a big booster club chapel. After a hard iight, our basketball men lose to Oklaho- ma City 26-8. Twenty-ninth-At last the football sweaters arrive! Seniors "lunch" at the juniors' expense at a clever ban- quet Two Hundred Four rggiz-2'51jg:L7:Q'gr,7jvjf33 ,'j:77L , Y f1fs.zv.1vUkAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAXTUXAAAAAAAAXXAAA AA The snow The be-u-tea-full lil II! III IZ 1 Il III 1 X l ' x ' 1' H' ' E , 1 lmlfsl-3251:-' ' Wu GY v .I C E " QGWCUQWQ E 'Z I IZ P2111 is far ,-.1 JH. X3-ipffll First-E1 Reno downs our fast, hard- Hghting cagers. Second-A big snow and we miss sev- eral hundred faces. Horner, Funk, Brock, Ford, and Whitney make an impromptu program possible. Seventh-A vacation! We have two days of freedom while our teachers are enjoying themselves at a convention at the Capitol. Eighth-Enid loses another game af- ter a hard fight-this time to Guth- rie 30-19. Eleventh-Miss Williams, a former Enid High teacher just home from Japan, talks in assembly, and in th: Hi-Y. W. general meeting. Fourteenth-Valentine Day! We cel- ebrate by having Mr. and Mrs. Hart Qno pun intendedj give us their annual program. Fifteenth-We win both girls, de- bates. The Hi-Y. W. gives a far- mers' Valentine party for the Hi-Y. boys. Each girl brings 4'eats" for two. Twenty-second-We have our annual patriotic program. Washington and Lincoln carry off the honors for the day. Twenty-fourth-The boys Hi-Y. con- vention is climaxed by a riotous banquet. Shawnee defeats Enid 28- 17 in basketball. Twenty-fifth-We have a new prin- cipal! Mr. Vance occupies the chair of the mighty while Mr. Waller and Mr. Price adjourn to Chicago. Twenty-sixth-Our band gives us an unusual miniature concert in assem- bly fwe have some new drums nowlb. Twenty-eighth-The Forum challen- ges the Webs and Senators to a basketball conflict to be played on the battlefield of rivalry. rm EN D 9 'A'A'lK'A'Al 'Annan 4'n'A'A'A'n'n'n' 'l'A'A'l'A'A'A'l1'A'A'l'A'l'A'll'Sl'l'l'l'l A ' ' I A ' I A 5 Two Hundred Five U5 212 li' his-sets? 122255 l I l l ll Ei ll. lli :le Elf 5 I E I I g, i, l l ,J QL.. ig-f'-ilk! HI ....--- aw... -.. .aw ..,,..s --t'-We ,.:1g,:,t::g,i:':::31"::.:':'.,.-'Q ...L 11-,..,......, ,A .. , . ,g. lanll mile - si ron 5 e NVQG -, aw' start.: ,Ji Cl X. wif 13 il! " . .ere dip, ' .W - .ls .Q , -fvxpi .vis I-erm i f' Y , E GL91L.r.. I 1 13 Z Jud 'e Ben Lindsey .s K. ,fri C C, 2 2,533 E, 'l5low,wincls,lnloxxf .if :...E1e MY7lL?LTQ7.7MfZ3.'5EQfLZE. x First-Erodelphians give a party- everything is green in honor of St. Patrick Ceven the girls were, when they asked the boys for dates and then escorted them home.D Second-Smile Week is started. Miss Graves and Mr. Waller hold a blushing contest in connection with the program. Third-The measles invade E. H. S. They're taking Enid Hi by surprise and going headway in being the cause of absences. Fourth-The seniors hopefully ask Mr. Waller if they have any chance to graduate-it takes only thirty- two credits. Sixth--The girls have an assembly and the boys feel rather "out of iti'-we donit blame them. Twelfth-lVIrs. Fey announces in as- sembly: "Weill sing 'Way Down Upon the Swanee River'-now get into it and singv. Fourteenth-The Hi-Y. W. girls en- tertain their mothers at a banquet. Seventeenth-The girl debators win the championship and a silver lov- ing cup! Mr. Whitney, comes for- ward and says, "Here it is.', Eighteenth-The Forum comes out all-victorious in the hard fought inter-society basketball conflicts. Nineteenth-The Dramatic Club gives a "movie partyv, each member of the club dressed to represent some favorite movie star. Twentieth-Boys debate Blackwell and El Reno. VVe beat Blackwell, but El Reno proves to be the best talkers in their contest. "mf --'--- e- - -:f-:Q-. .Jw . -zff...e-a+f-:':e.'::----:qi ye - --ag-. Y T-3. rv uf f- xref 2' Q, 1 -.fe v- Y 'r1xi1J.,xn.2QLagiLLfLaeg:..:a.f.s.1,.w..:..:.,x.:.4.z.:se.a,:aca1...st.L:..xa...-..r.f.1.aqf.a.a.Q..:.b.s.1 f f.e ,2 .mehr Y ,E 1 f N 1 .1 tf.v..u4gLl,.L.L 1 'Y 1' Jfa9iX.lC1..x..LJ' Y L Two Hundred Six l CTT'.'7"LA'TTI'i1l'1'i' "' ' ""' ""' yt t i I v,. 14 .1 ,. .....,..,4 ..,.,. a,.,..., .W Q, ,..,.,.,.,.e ...F ,.'asf,5,., Y,...,..r..K.a,,V.,1..t V K ii Es! TI' iii if Q ,Ji.,.Xf2 fn eggyv' if- rf! if , 7.5 we M M1 :ti ool ll? Th xv Vi 9149 5.3 11 is: It H ill 1 in lv H2 ll l First-April Fools Day-Mr. Waller submits to student rule! l l F F F ' Our report cards are out-did we Vi , really Hunk, or is it a joke? 1 Seventh-Spring fever at last. The seniors begin to rejoice-only I twenty-four more days of school ll for them-unless-well, the exam list or a thesis. Eighth-"The Gypsy Rovern proves a success-gypsies arenlt so bad after all, especially the kind Enid High , produces. E l Eleventh-Welvsterians defeat Senate UI and Forum in debate thus winninff 'El ' - sea nf' ' t U I' l G3 Ship 7 OV 9 r the lntersociet ' Cham uionshi 1. I F f X K 11, B wiv! SJ 5 l l I E A ,l O' Twelfth-We're used to it by this l 5 E i' time-"No Assemblyn. Mr. Wal- ti with 'i ler will have to have his favorite is +R 'fx 1 words copyrighted. l tial .K sf. E Twenty-Hrst-Alumni D a y-A s u s- ili f I , ual they sing "ML Waller had a il ww: ' . 2 7 Schoolv. Last year's seniors glance ! Z towards their old seats with regret. MI , s :ef 1 'Z a Skip Day!-Who says they can't keep Sl it a secret? Even the girls did this iii N i.. time. 531 Apml showe 3 Eli fig li f ' 3 EHS' H' v o o . lx li il l . i l Q2 liisife J i.....i5...'1.-l,.:., ' 3, :ZT",a5.:awg5.3g1Q. ijii,i,.t..sfL,pi.1 ,ra,t.z,- f ,Li k't 4.3 ,,.-' a.g.itsm:giL:..LV.1.a,1 V'izf,.,t.4.,C-Lil' ' X V i Q Two Hundred Seven NAA,g,A,yTQL4,g,.p4,'2,n4gc.,q5Li'Jf,A54..4..AAL'2n.T Second--As usual, the seniors begin to worry about the last week of school. The question is, "Will I or will I not get out of school?" Sixth-Mr. Waller is exercising his "No Assemblyn authority, for the last few times this week. The up- per classmen are a little worried about the ninth. Ninth-The last day for the class of '24--that is, with the exception of a few who are to enjoy an 8,000 word thesis for the last time. Sixteenth-Final exams, and the last exam for those who graduate! fThe juniors will be given another chance next yea.r.D Eighteenth-The annual baccalaureate sermon is given. The seniors are just a little sad, and regret the caps and gowns. Nineteenth-The senior play is given. "Sunshine" seems to be an appropri- ate "send-off" for the graduating class. i Twentieth-Our last general assem- bly. Some of us sing our old school songs for the last time-and, for the last time, we see our old faculty together. Twenty-first-Seniors plant the ivy, while the sophs look on astounded by Harriss, brilliant oration. CThe juniors look wisej Twenty-second - Commencement ex- ercises. Tl1e pride of our school bid good-bye to Enid High. A1511 lllll Ill T' A ' ' ' ' V 'rin zixifveigiamfffvlii'fileerfiffvwolf' vwUQLAAMNMJAAf-fvwyv'yi+s-.gitiusv - W 2 Cf. EHIU Q15 1 Q H921 'tn' it 1. will l 3 W l li I i s W THE THINGS THAT HAVE MADE THIS BOOK 4' Z 4 G - DEPENDABILITY The greatest factor in the publication of this book has been the feeling of security with which the staff has relied upon the members of this institution to carry out the plans assigned l 1 to them. V I ll 1 I INDUSTRIOUSNESS That lasting quality that makes all deserving things possible, has not been lacking in tasks faithfully performed and steadily executed. VVhatcver plans we have put through successfully have been due to the marked persistence and patience of those who care. RESOURCEFULNESS The faculty of being able to see half a dozen different ways of solving any one of the problems that come up in connection with the publication of the annual, is not the least of the qualities which have made the year book. 3 VVVYTfTjCYf'L'1'1?,!f v f v ilf'?j'fiYYXifVv -f,vT:ijE?9TfPQiZiUjir'fj''fV'fY1.1QgQigQQ1'v'jC1HQ Two Hundred Nine fl fn 4 Q fCiV3TEiKfiL Tn n THOSE WHO HAVE HELPED US This book, the product of the entire school, portrays power and pride, for, "In Unity, there is power, and in faithful work, pridef' We shall ever cherish the memory of the courtesies so splendidly shown by the students and teachers. To Mr. Waller, a champion for the biggest and best things in school-life, we pay a tribute we wish were perfectg because of his being present to say, "Go aheadj' we have been happy to do even the hard things, connected with the publication of this book. We wish to express our deepest gratitude to Messrs. McConkay and Zellweger for their part in taking and developing the action pictures for the football section. The Marquis Studio, through H. Underhill, has done very superior service-service not excelled by any Quill Annual photographer. With good pictures as a foundation, Southwestern Engraving Company prepared a set of cuts as perfect as skilled workmanship could make them, It remained for The Corey Press, with a corps of painstaking workmen, to perfect the book as you see it. We are grateful to these firms. The busy English teachers of the high school and their students assisted ably in the compiling of the literary departments. To them we are indebted. All have helped and-now-,our story book is ended. Allllhl llil Ill! llllllll'I ' 'll' I I '5 Ylnfl illl' llAlllzYhlllil1YlllVl'lllllIIllllll'l'll'I'A'l'l'l'l'l'llI I I. Two Hundred Ten M 7.lfc.5.vv.ET.. I l7E1'lf 1 LX Ll 4357-5117 Slwlvii XIV H vo wg. Bverfiee 2 0 ',A I N J, .. test ge tbgnr ' Jf' ' 'wr' WW f A l 1It will mf -B? Foot fxfw ,I , ,E-xff: xv A J' " P ?'55s:"'ibf rg?- qfl A , vm ,H qw - N! YV A, " W -1.21 dred f - x '- . MH ENID y :fu ll e in sn :il l 1 l U ll ,. li ga lf l l i l .AQUA -fe, .:.f., - 4'fJ!PF-'!-5'm'5A!-!9'!,!.v.ln.v.vn.ysusavpgvp vps.v.v.v.v. i ups. :ummm P nv I DOPE The actual cost of putting out each 1924 Quill Annual is approximately ten dollars. Through the supervision of Bruce R. Hin- son, business manager of the Quill Annual, the price was reduced to about five dollars and eighty cents. The advertisers, whose names appear on the following pages have made it possible to reduce the price per annual to a still more considerate sum of two dollars and a half. While you are looking at the snapshots, or reading the jokes, glance a minute at the ads and see what they have to say. You will find it interesting reading. The advertisers are not only for us--but of us. WILLIS A. PECK, Advertising Manager. THATCHER PLOOF, Assistant Manager. l Two Hundred Twelve S OUTHVVE STERN ENGRAVING COMPANY Rx , V3 ,A if ,-- .- -. , f- .-VK --V f-1 v-- -- 'v 'X "'-'- f"'f1Y-lim, ,T I ' Q A-,i .,-41 ' :Mg 'f V-' "li 1 'X ff 1 , ,fy ., 1, ,, ,,, I f -.,-'.. 5 N, ,. lag 1-EJ .JL .L 1 gf X DISTINQTIVE A ANNUALS Champlin Refining Co PETROLEUM PRODUCTS ENID, OKLAHOMA .,.,.. E 1 w Y Q, is :Q li lil fill 1 1 if fi 1 12. qi A 3 wir 9-C359 -Q. if Mx ffm "f':1xQ! rm' W'iygiglfbfix-z:15'i'f"'i''Q"'.i75ii-EZJjz-'n."l'f Migrx-fx, A 'xicwgxaygx X ,Fl--nu-I. ----------------------1--- nn-my Corey Press mu K mx Q, - 3 lx ,!' P The Printers, Binders, Rulers OF YOUR TOWN Enid and Ponca City .....,, , V if igglasfk 4 amass? L X: gi ra 2 of 5.2423 T fifgfgii 1 I 1 i is L E T r i L if 4 L U L si 1 xi T i P if L -i 52 l 1 V L I ii : H L i i ' K l P P I w i l , 5 I L , 3 i f I r it i li i'i P 1 I ' ,I L l i 41 , J Pm: CE I-I-si-fmzmfm T, red Thirteen Two Hund THE TROUBLE i9""'U'-"J IVNJI. .v.v.w,v 1. sump. v.1.v.v. U. J ,umvmvxnlet ,vi .vfxvrvsr miss, , DJ 1 I T up 1 1 Rose: "Why, trigonometry is as easy as falling off the log," 4 Mary: "It may be, but my trouble is finding the log." il l DESCRIPTIVE ' Kim: "How does your cashier look?" Jim: "She,s about six feet tall and 57,000 shortf' ' Ruby: "Do you like popcorn balls?" ll Melvin: "No, never attended one.', i Audine: "What have you?" li 'Waiter: "Pig feet, calf liver, and lamb Drains." Audine: "Were you born that way?ll -..... ll COO COO Mrs. Fey: "Why don't you pause there? Don't you see it's marked 'rest,?" Ii Roy Shaw: "Yes, but I ain't tiredf' -... ll li HERE'S A STRIKINIG ONE Dorothy Nicholson: "If a man smashes a clock can he be convicted of killing time?" Dot Cansler: "Not if the clock struck first." 1 JUST LIKE HIM y Mrs. Fey fa, music loverj "Do you like Schubertp, Fat Fox fa fountain fiendj Sherbert? Yes, but I like ice cream much betterf' 1' ii THIS IS FINE li Miss Ford: "What kind of trees do the finest peaches grow on?" Q Fat Pickens: "Family Trees?" Q GET THE VEIL ij! Wirt Peters: "Her voice was strained when she talked to me. I Dorothy Ann Parker: "Sure. She was talking through her vei REVENGE Little Willie pointed' at his sisterls sweetheart, Mr. Jones. "Mr. Jones kicked me yesterday," he snarled, "but I got even with him. I mixed quinine with my sister's face powdery AT THE FLORISTS i l "Buy a Hower, sir, do!', "No thanks." "Buy one for your wife, sir!" "Haven't one." "Buy one for your sweetheartll' "Haven,t one of those either? Two Hundred Fourteen 'Y ,.x-.hm-wzvqnnv-vw ., .Q .. vmumvsammv - 5,3 5.1Eg.i'4ifcl21awl'i1 fiirwflivf -4- Q..-.... ----- ....-.. -...-....-....-....- - - ...-....-..f. ---- ..-....-M. ----- ...-....-Hg. I E Ask Your Grocer for JORITY THE WINNING L , I l 1 I x. f rw mw i ,is I L 11- ' N+Qix iLrAcusn Q 4EWs'iGElQB.1IYE1UUR g OUR M OTTO: "Service amd Science in Milling" Q L ENID MILLING COMPANY g ENID, OKLAHOMA ? -2- ..1.lm- 1 1 1 1 1 1 -..m....m.1m,1,IH1.m....,m1414.1m....m..-.m1m.1uu1 1 1 1 1 1 1.m1m,...., M ' Q l aw g'h'...4.. ..w.z3,.1.1." - ru-.1.2'.13ILu 1 ' f i 24.255 1 Two Hun dr ed ESD r,,,...-ww--M... ,...,....,,.,,.-1.. 1 'B ,a .1 v l , p Y 3 13 ,glr ,, If ii I fe Wlgfggpiffjiiljeiiii-eg5,Q?5Q?:z3j,5TiQ,zf:gf3:gM,?,,rmELL.553 W M ' ELLQfQQ5,g3gpzf:1,4 M--H--H------------------M-H+ EWEEQ5 W . . V Wfifsf I qgffrrml hnizngraphnr 3 Q i e Q Hi N, ZHnr 0115155 nf 1524 Q 1 I e L I 3 i ' 91 if I' III II IU! xii 33. laliflrrhill, lgrnprietnr 1 1 L I l I 5 L E L X l i Q e l T eil, Q L Q T g H, l ge We Receive Kodak Films From T hirty-One States if 2 --- ---- -------------------------- - -u---------i , W, ee e l e e eee W, e 0fv.l33'Y'i- 'n1".PLr'NLj,fIPaf-"NFi""' ' X:gg',i'.g'j2g31ljg,w3CLfjf'?jv'j.gi,yfyyjflvjf V , W V f - ' Yxff- Y. ' , viii Two Hundred Sixteen 'I - Y Y ,W Y, . :A , V . V g J: ,A-A, mf.. f 1A 1 1--f'-'H+ ' -'T' +ff'4' VW! A - ' :'fEf.7D4..1a,i.iKI3.1+.AZG1xA..n - - . Q . ' nvmxz-Li M l,,ef3jgu:1w:,1fg1 i,T1zzx,.n,if , JAM, M Mc., , ,.w1,v,,JUM.A,g,x.v ij15qr.1:xruf.fc4,QQs.ff,M ,, . 'll w 51.1.1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ...n.1.m..g....,m-..ml.- 1 1,,1,,,.1 in Are W e School Phoiographers? Read the following list of Schools for which we have made 1924 Class Photos. Enid High School Ames High School Garber High School Waukomis High School Garber Junior High Hennessey High School ll Marshall High School Carrier High School Douglas High School Lahoma High School I Pond Creek High School Hunter High School , ' Covington High School Jefferson High School Helena High Shcool Jet High School ll Billings High School Dover High School l l I' n M A R Q U I S S T U D I O E H. UNDERHILL, Proprietor l , MM-N 1" "1" i5g,Lyjg'jg'Wv'g1vf-:"v'i"f11"?' 'fi' ' Two Hund 1 X. 1 VVHOJJU vs: 11, . tvpp, 0 U 11 vvvpnvov . 3993111 .Atv " M.. ' .-- NW .!.........---....---..--.....----...--.............- . sh- iigi 2 The g nid ational ank I T UD Is Very proud of the Enid High School. QI We consider it a privilege to be num- ! bered among the advertisers of the Annual. A Q GJ When better annuals are made, the Enid 5 High will make them. i l I Capital, . . 81001700.00 i Surplus, . . 0 50,000.00 Q i 'wwf Q I Q T O. FLEMING, President T F. CURRAN, Vice-President , ED. FLEIVHNC, Cashier i A. MAHONEY, Assistant Cashier C. R. STORY, Assistant Cashier V H. E.. COMBS, Assistant Cashier I I 1 , i -ffusf As Old As Enidv ii- .... -------------.--------... - C Two Hundred Eighteen 9 ,1.mv.op,mqp-s.mu,q-.mv 'Qu Q Q Qu, v v v v sg n v v un uv qu 1 - v u Q v .3 . 5 3 3 - v Q v - v f 0 v.-,-3 vp -,v.v.v.v.v.qv.v,qv,v.v v.y,mv.q.v u,lgvs,o,1 ,,q,,,, II - 4 'TT' I 1 w if ' -' f " ' -' ' A'lVA'.l1'l'll'Klml'l'llArai A -4.1 Q 1 Q .44 Q . . ...Q 1 n 4 A-4 nnnauqnnlilxnmmtnitisrlitnlllll' Tflllllyl vu HKD in ,QS Two Hundred Nineteen 1 1 1 V' 1, E 1 1 s 1 1 g...,.751,gi55g:g35zg.j?j.317Q?.3 "'"QI-js,3?gamjQj3Lm,Lj.Q ,Tim-4 . 11? 13. wif.-Lflfgfr I a?n1un-- -nn1nn1nn1nn 11111111-1--1: n--nn1nn1nn1nn--nn-1ln1nl1nuiIl!l 1 1 - 1 1 I 1 e er n a cz es 1 iii 1 KB if , M M U1 1 I 1 3 1 11' l 1 11 1 1 11 1 , , 1 1 1 Thats the verdlct of some of the E. H. S. 1 1 11 1 students with whom we come in contact. 1 1 The management of the High cafateria sees I 1 1 I . . . . 1 1 fit to g1VC you the privilege of sampling our I I 1 product. We wish you to take advantage of it. 11 1 1. , il - ' 111' 1 l 11 1 1 If 1 I 1 1 I 1 111 ICLRAMMONIT PIE 1 1 1 1 1 1 l 1- 1 g11::111:m:nn1nn1u1:1u11:nnL-nn:nn:uu:un-inn:nn:nu:un:un:uu:Im:uu:11::un:nn:un- n1un1nn11nu-uuuuinrg 1 .,..,.1 ,.,..,..,.,,...,, 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 l i , 6j.jt:1i5Z1. .qifffigljfififilf2:1312-lifififii2151:'lf'fffQ'H'1'f'i'f'f'f':'I':'f'2' IQ'J'1'I'I'I'I'I':':'f'f'H'.f'.':':'2l4':V I 1 1 I 1' 1 1 151 : : 111 1 E ID SPRINGS HOSPITAL 1 311 1 . 1 11 'framing School for Nurses 1 1 i ' .1 1 MODERN HOSPITAL 1 I P H O N E 1 4 L 1, .1 6 1 1 I 1. I 1 1 S TA FF 1' 11 i DR. T. B. HINSON, surgeon I ' DR. M. WATSON, internest, Pres. of Staff. DR. A. L. MCINNIS, Obstetrics and Gynacoiogy '1 1 I ' : DR. R. H. WIGNER, Pediatrics. M. KENDALL, Technician , 1 DR. R. WALKER, Ear, Nose and Throat. MISS BERTHA STARK, Supt. of Nurses I ' 1 MISS ADDIE. HANSEN, X-Ray and Manager. DR. W. L. KENDALL, Radiuxn and Diagnosis 1 1 1 asu1un1nu-nn-nuinlninn-uu1nn1nn-uuniuu-nninni 1u-uiuu1nu1nn-un--uu1uu1nn-nu nic 1 ,W 1f'5ifi5- " ' i i zii r " " ff" ii' W K YVV. A 1 l ' Z jf, A, ' J Two Hundred Twenty The First ational Bank t V1 it . gg. S H Q 1 . 4... .... - .... .. - ... ..., - .... -. - .,.. - .... - ..,,,,- ,... .. ,,,. ... .... - - .... .. ,.., - .... -..,.- .... -......... ,... ..., - - -..............5. Q ' L Ei Enzd Hz Siucfenfs: L rf 0 r 5 . 2 S s We sincerely trust that all your greatest cie- sires, schoiistic or commercial, will meet . . . . . Q Wlth the success Winch the comblnatlon 1 of application, concentration and honesty will achieve. j I I I E c 0 9 I 1 . I . 7 slylqssnsnrssr srqge. l -1- 1,.,.1...,1,, 1 1..n1.,..1nn.. -nnu-uuim,-nn..nll.-ml,m.1.....-m.1...,1...1 .. .-,..1.l.l..u..1 1 ...m1.,.,..,, , Q- i L ,l I of ENID, OKLAHOMA 10 . E. L l L s Capital, Surplus and Unclivided 73rofiis 830,000.00 Q I l 5 . H. H. CHAMPLIN, President A. F. BUTTS, Cashier T FRED C. CHAMPLIN, Vice-President R. L. HENRY, Ass't Cashier g C. E. GANNON, Vice-President W. A. GOLTRY, Ass't Cashier L L L ! I The Oldest Naiional Bank in Gagfielcf Counfy T nfs -nn-:miun1nu-11:11lm-nn-nn1nu1uu1nn1nn1nn-um-uu1nn-un1un--uu1un-nn1un1nn-uniun1nn-un-nll--:Info R 1 l .2 - vs. , -V...-I - V .,. .L U- ww-. .-, 1L,g.fzJ:...1:...4..sgfg.:.Q.:s.i,. T Hundred Twenty-On .f, , 1 ' nr.. mass. .vt JP- -'- SN- 1 - 4 V 8- 7'?7F5.'?L'Z2U11'fTX7x7-'f:.QA.52EL'5'51T1STX3'QL37l1 in Uhr iiinnz Glluh nf ' nth 1 I 1924 1 I OUR CREED: T L -Loyalty to country, community and home. T Z I -Individual integrity in thought, word and cIeecI. I I O - One flag, one language. g I! i N-New ideas, new hopes, new ambitions in business and profession. i i S -Service that is founded on the Golden Rule. E I I L I 1 OUR SLOGAN: I l I L-1 B E R T Y I-NTELLIGENCE O-U R I N -A T 1 0 N s S-A F E T Y Z L..- .... ...-..-..-..-.-...-. . ..-...- .... - .... - .... - .... -T.- .... -..i eu- ---- ----------- I --------- H -1- ---- - --t-n-f- - - ---- ---Q i il ' ,K I 111 EI 11 I 5 111 i l i I l E me -LELIIIII 1. - I POLICIES FOR CONVENTION YEAR 1924 i L - 1 1 + ' I 1. To maintain a distinctive quality of membership and to give increased I f attention to Kiwanis education and standardization of clubs. T I 2. To emphasize and intensify the service of all Kiwanis clubs in behalf of I I underprivileged children. I I 3. To continue, through Kiwanis clubs, to promote better relations between I the farmer and the city man. E I 4. To develop aggressively toward Chamber of Commerce and other civic i I I organizations, a cooperative spirit and to encourage coordination of activities. I i 5. To foster a fuller realization of the responsibilities of patriotic citizen- i : ship, - , I I .1...-....-.... -...... ......... .......... . . ...,3. ,gl I, I I rrrr. I II I I gl X717 4 ' W nd ' 'p ' f 'K k',' VV ' V' 'I A " 'i'n':n-rising 1-nan .1 A msn s ir: ' 4 - ATR Two Hundred Twenty-Two w G ny u I u Q Iss L'.'.!.umu.v I v yysmvt tlp'ovD!I..i'vI' I l IU Q-V U U 'Pl' '4'-Y-'-'-'-W'-'-' '-'P ' - , . . fa . - -. - x 1, IF .g...,-...-...-.-..1.-....-..........- - -..-..-..-.- - -...i.-....- -....-....-....-.1 -...-....-....1-...,-....-..,.-.....-iq. L F' t M E S d S lu I 1 zrs . . un ay c oo I ADAMS AND RANDOLPH STREETS i 'Qqmend your ways and obey the voice of fehovah, your God."-fer. 25: 13. I A Liv CI for Live Young Men I Come Next Sunday Jiforning al 9:30 and Get ,Hcquainted DQS!!1'IlllillllvlllliIIIITIIIIUTIlIlTIIIl1lLHIlTIlH"1IIIITIIII1HITllIlTIIIlilIlI1IIll1IlIlTillhillIITIIIITIIIITIIIlilIlI'1lIllvillllillllillllvllIITIII afuu1llun1uil1uu1uninu-mn-nu--un-+nn1un-un-u -nu--un-uulnn-uniun-nu1un-unix:niuuiun-nu1ull:llu:lln-u L l h R t C cl f Eth' I I FIRST-To consider my vocation worthy, and as affording me distinct opportunity to serve society. 5 SECONDfTo improve myself. increase my efficiency and enlarge my service, and by so doing I attest my faith in the fundamental principle of Rotary that "he profits most who serves best." I THIRD-To realize that I am a business man and ambitious to succeed: but that I am first 5 an ethical man, and wish no success that is not founded on the highest justice and morality. I FOURTH-To hold that the exchange of my goods, my service and my ideas for profit is 3 legitimate and ethical, provided that all parties in the exchange are benefited hereby. I FIFTH-To use my best endeavors to elevate the standards of the vocation in which I am I engaged, and so to conduct my affairs that others in my vocation may find it wise, profitable and' E conductive to happiness to emulate my example. I SIXTH--To conduct my business in such a manner that I may give a perfect service equal to 2 or even better than my competitor, and when in doubt to give added service beyond the strict I measure of debt or obligation. I SEVENTH-To understand that one of the greatest assets of a professional or of a businesf , man is his friends, and that any advantage gained by reason of friendship is eminently ethical I and proper. g EIGHT-To hold that true friends demand nothing of one another. and that any abuse of I the confidence of friendship for profit is foreign to the spirit of Rotary and in violation of its I Code of Ethics. I NINTH-To consider no personal success legitimate or ethical which is secured by taking ' unfair advantage of certain opportunities in the social order that are absolutely denied others, I nor will I take advantage of opportunities to achieve material success that others will not take T because of the questionable morality involved. : TENTH-To be not more obligated to a Brother Rotarian than I am to every other man in human society: because the genius of Rotary is not in its competition but in its co-operation: g for provinclalism can never have a place in an institution like Rotary, and Rotarians assert that I human rights are not confined to Rotary Clubs but are as deep and as broad as the race itselfg E and for these high purposes does Rotary exist to educate all men and all institutions. l ELEVENTH-Finally. believing in the universality of the Golden Rule-All things whatso- I ever ye would that men should do unto you. do ye even so unto them-we contend that Society 5 best holds together when equal opportunity is accorded all men in the natural resourcs of this I p ane . , ENID ROTARY CLUB s nicer.-uan-un:nu1uu..-nu-un-un-nu1nn-:uniun-uninn1nn-uu1nn1un1uu1nn--nu-nnl1uu1ul1nu1uu1nn1ll1nl1ulofl 'iv' A Dbl Slllllffliiillllilllllllllllll fllll Ill!! Ill Dil ill! lllhlllll 9Ullllilllllilllll"l'll'il'll'lllll'lll'l'2'l7lll'il -"N Q I ' , . , , . , ,,,, cg , .,,,,.. . . gi. ., ,, f Two Hundred Twenty-Three 7 'TT3242?.79933,.E7-JEfKZ-1'i2eQ'w'fS7Cfg2-4afsl4K1r-:fe3'selvsehMe-eemse1fvQA,aewSi2f1,'1C2?C?ZT1sM.5stfvswffe. , 1 fs A 15 +I . .11 :su tx k ,Y Hyde Construdtion Co. "Better Roads for Better Communities 'i u1nn-nn1nn--nn:uu1nn1nn-uu-uu1nn1nn1nn-uu-nn-mn--un1un1ul1lun-nn-nn1un1nn-nn1un:nln1nn1lln- 4-nn11un1un1uninu-nn1un--nn:nn-nn-nuiun-.nu-.un11:u1uu--nn-nn--nn-nn-nu1uu..uu1nnu1nu--un1nn1un1 Three Things a Young Man Needs: A Gooa' Home A Good Wyfe and A Good Round Calif Moisture Air Heating System T4-'--SEE.'- BELLIS 8: HUGGINS - For the Heating System ONLY Phone 1265 ENID, OKLA. 127 East Main nl..-...1..1.1.1Il1g,I15l1.uq1,.,1,.1,,.1,,n1,,..-ul...glinlin.1II1g.1..p1n'1n.1ll1..g-.nqipp-.ggin1 'miami' " sax' mu "guu..x.us.wz.r.x.1t"W 'i"'ff51KlU...i4'i 'gRZfiI3f5isLsii11QCs.,u"'"wifYTT"2WiD'fir.a.vw X V ' ' e ' ' , ' WA? I I II I. I I I "'QT:x?3Q3ma:5::.a:,7Qy:f:i1yx:fxmm.mr22K.rea.MaGra.fi.vi.I:w..f--XAMEFI QI .!.n1iin1uu1 inuiuniun- n-un1un1uif--un-uni i-iiu-inn-nu-un1nu1un--u1:1uu1un1un1un-uni:1nm1un1nn-my mr,- , I ' ENID I 5 L H1 I I , I .I I I fijllfifl I T .... 0f:... T IIIIW I I 5 Q If I NORTH CENTRAL OKLAHOMA 1 I I . I I I l I I ,I I Ten railroad outlets-forty mail trains and twenty-four first-class 5 III I I passenger trains daily. I I Located on Meridian Highway, Albert Pike and Abo Pass. Exten- I - I sive hard surface roads lea-ding in every direction from T I I - 5 city. E I , I Unlimited supply of pure, soft Water from the snows of the Rocky I I ' I Mountains, pur1fied by 600 miles of filtration through sub- I I 'I : -strata of sand.. . I I I, I Four oilFreiineriles of 25,000 barrels daily capacity. Brick plant, I 'I I risco s ops and car factory. I I I , I Two Hour mills, :capacity 1,500 barrels daily. I' I 2 Good hotelfacilities. 2 ' L innumerable wholesale houses, including largest poultry market in Q I I I the United States. I I I I I Twenty-eight churches. Fifteen schools, including nine ward schools, I I I two Junior High Schools and one Senior High School, St. I I . E Joseph's Institute, the Enid Business College and Phillips , I I I University. I ' I IFor Information Cally I I I I I IENID CHAMBER OF COMMERCE? I II vinll-uniuninu1un1lun1nn1uu-nn-uninu-nn1nu-uniuniuniuu-un-nn1M111:11nn-un-nuliuu-nnniun-un-nu-runnin II f HI TIMES HAVE CHANGED. A society matron met her nurse-maid bringing home her children one afternoon. ' "Dear melv she exclaimed: "How changed they are since I saw them last. Are you sure ' they are the right ones?m I l li... I MISINFORMED. I It was Goldsteinis first dinner party, and when the hostess began pairing off the guests, she addressed him, saying: "Mr, Goldstein, will you take Mrs. Jacobs to dinner?'l I "Vy, vy,l' returned the guest, visibly embarrassed. I thought you were havin' the dinner at the house." I :gan-III'-'III -1-----1 ------- 1-------- - 1 nu-ua!- - L L I I I 1 . I ' DR I O R I ELLO I -I . I ' l I ' l I DENTIST I I Z Oklahoma State Bank Building I 1 I ' I l I iii'-'Nil ---------- ---1---1--------- I in-ni ffrq I I I J I "3 U41-iff' 'J S' ' I " ' f ' U-U33 'wlmifri-T"iVfY"" '-l'2"'l"5 Two Hundred Twenty-Five 4 It I924- lif-5-,-f,,3f,,,,,,, ,, JXIL-e4vY'. j-.- nfRr,,.'-svvgr ',,3.TiE:f:4'1'51li'f.':f"'3"' I -- f. . . . You Beat Kiowa Eleven Again, Boys, If-f-f'--N' I M UU'-Ju'-K-M' kr- fu XAJXT. " I"'US. ,.. 4, ' A-,..4 'R alon1nn1uII1Im-nn1mI1mI1un1nu1nn--IIn1uu1mI--Im--un-mn-1Im--nn1IuI-un-Inn1IIn1nu1nn1 1 1 1 1 -Info I I IIE But Say! You Never Can Beai I Kiowa Lumber and Kiowa Service! I I I PHONE 1 135 I I I I THE KIOWA LUMBER CO. I -I-I-I-I-----W ,--- -I---I- ---- -I---I---M ---- - ---- -I- ---- - ---- - ---- - --'- ---I- -'-- - 1--- - ---- -I---I---I------..---.-----I-..-1- QwdmmmH----------mm---mm---mMM+ '-'- -"- -'-' '-'- f--- '-'- -'-' -"' "" '-" ---- -"' --'- "'- -"' "" --'- -"' "-' "-' l IE I YELLOW FOR I T INFORMATION i CA B -I-z:,.:I'.qg I I cAI.I. 330 I CO I ron A TAXI, BAGGAGE DAY AND NIGHT SERVICE STAGE LINE T0 ' R LIVERY CAR I CIKLI. 330 RED BALL BUS 8k BAGGAGE C0. TONKAWA DAILY I 124 EAST MAPLE ENID, OKLAHOMA L ?.'fIIIIQLZ I I IIIIIIIIIfIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIZIIIIIIZIIIIIIIIIII:IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICIIIIIIIIIIICIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISIZE? I I I I I 'i I l gm Gy -ly I I I X ' ' A I I I S ' IW KV' -4, I ,gill XX 2 I ' V ' 'T III I I I f W7 Q ENID H1. SER Vs "The Cream Su reme' ' I I9 I 5 MANUFACTURED BY I I EATMORE ICE CREAM co. T III EAST WALNUT T I rw- --I- - ---- -------- I -----I---I- ---- - ---- - ---- - ---- -I----I- ---- ---I-I--I----I- ---- -I--------I-I-I-I I '7j7IfZffi'E.':lngQL.iE5fr.T.QQ:iggi- """"" " 'W' Tw H d d T tyS Q , f4'-5-'M-f1iZlf.I".i'7-74-'4173-X31'fl 'V W- , ,,,,f'xAU'5!E1,Yf1',A'M-A- ,, W sum H7 ,. . , , , , P Q 4' l 9 243 'uf.u:Y,f73, 1? 'F T119 151 '7f?7'TT"fZI.f,yL'i.v.z'J1,1:i.11L1..11,.:LY.LLv..L ' 'f " ' Q ' " Two Hundred Twenty-Seven k an I I lv , ,.,,,, f32s7.1T7-QR,+..i1u3-4'KZjlf3'24,f1.5:ag,,e4i.A4.4,5,4xix4j.4x-,Q3QQ:1UiGT.g1.gxAa.LX,lKTK1'VTZf.5L?? 3 1 QV Q35 SAVED. "Saved by a hare,'? said the starving man as he brought down a rabbit with his last shellf' ,gg ' M H424 :ft QM RIGHT. lt Miss Whitney: "In what form is chlorine mostly found?" W jane Piper: "Iodine.?' if -- I I i EYE-SORE. M Myrna Reams: "When I sing I get tears in my eyes. VVhat can I do for it?" I I Mrs. Fey: "Stuff cotton in your ears." BACK. ' y Friend: "How is your son Howard getting along in school?" lg Father: "He is halfback on the football team and all the way back in his studies." CONVENIENCE. Billy Harriss: "Did you know theyld invented a smokeless tobacco?" Miss Buford: "No, what is it??' Billy: "Chewing tobacco? THE GAZETTE. fl 1 3 1 ' 1 Thatcher Ploof: "Have you heard today's gossip?" ly Max Singleton: "Noi, i ii! Thatcher: "Then I guess there isn't any." 1-1 - FICKLE! w Foster Ely: "Girls are just like horse trainers." Audine Drew: "How is that?" , Foster: "They leave when youlre broke." -- 1 TIES. Billy Harriss: "It is wonderful but I had a deaf uncle who was arrested and the judge 3 gave him his hearing? ii Thatcher Ploof: '4That's nothing. I once had a blind aunt who walked into a, lumber yard and saw dust." Mary Taylo: "Papa said only homely men had brains." Wick Richards: "I make no claims to being handsome? Mary: "Papa said you were the exception that proved the rule? Dorothy: "Here you are at six. I told you to come after supper." l Malcolm: Well, tfzatlr what I came after? ,l' 1. vw ,sst . .,,. t gy it y pq Two Hundred Twenty-Eight Lmwxmsrmxcxmsvsxzcmtmmnxraxxrm. , gots, 3 rg 1-13 31-5f.73ovQee.A,vvJee.A':7c:xpeAA,OQ AAJQAA KAMAA :unioninlllnllllnlllll ll1un1llll-ull1lul1Il ll-.nn-lul-ll l-ll u1lnl-lull--lullll u1uu1uu1llll1llll1llll1nll1ull-uu1u ll-ll THE ALTON GCJODS oriafgxfe 6 A lil 'htrig F CUFFEE 595555 The old Reliable Kind HUD! . ,WHA ww... fl.eLf'f93f,'lF Co. .2'-'ff'iW'P"f"" HE llo Mlillcl TILE Commlw Importers, Wholesale Grocers and Coffee Roasters ENID, OKLAHOMA -lnl- 1 1 1 1 1 1 ,..m.-ml1..,.1m....m..,,.,1.m...m,..,.,.1.m1.,.,.-.H1 ... 1 1 .. 1 1 .-,mil -uni -. 1 1 .- .- .. 1In-.ml-nn1m.1,,,,1..,...lm1ml.-.m.-...,,,1..,l- 1 1 .- 1 1 1 1 ,Min Reeeleeegelqeeeell Ready-to-Wear Draperies Silks Underwear Woolens Toilet Goods Shoes Art Goods Hosiery Jewelry s T o R E s A T ENID, OKLAHOMA EMPORIA, KANSAS NEWTON KANSAS HUTCHINSON, KANSAS WICHITA, KANSAS OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLA. 71,11 1 -.. 11.0.-.,,,1lnl1llll1ml.-.,.,1,,,,1 1 .- .. ..,mlnn...m.-.Ill-luliullilln....m1 1 1 .. -m-M 'AMX Y ,.-'Q",fQQ:,f,ff5 EE llg P , . .l op small! , w, ,LM 1 ' ff -u Q .L ' ...,,.,..,.L 1,4 lt .- H J fi? l is A i l I i l C ll 'X i I ii if lol 1 l ll i ii 3 i 1. l l I, I 3" l 75 i I l pl rl il 4 lg iff, l 5 1 ing Izg E l El l 5 5 ll l Y l eoee A.--.,. Arezzo., sel. ,l.,,,e,.A--eeee e:AA1A,.eAe Two Hundred ,., vs. fel.,,Yv,, Twenty-Nine M - -AM-D1vJ1"W"-LMUIYH M-Mdvsmf-A M 'J B? .gn-lm-In-nn-W-.II.-.m-nn-.H-m.-mt-...I-lm-nn-nn-.1-....-.m- -m.-m.- -- -m--m-.m- .- -il.--tif? Q L l I W hy W S ll l: L Q i k! 4 C C OI' CSS 1 L 1 1 I I 1 f The C. Penney Co. has 475 busy stores 1 ln 33 states-thmk of our buylng power. Q Th1s IS only one reason why 1 ! 1 1 l 1 W E SELL FUR LESS 1 ,l l 1 1 l C-2110 l . I 14 lv'f1Ig0r71byl?5N- I I 0 1 t , , ,152 of e-fe q,..27,,mf.d T 4-75 DEPARTMENT STORES T I NORTH SIDE SQUARE ENID, OKLAHOMA i im-....-.....-.....-.....-....-....-...........-.....-....-....-....-....-n..-.....-....-....-....- -....-....-....-....-....-.....-,...-....-...-nf. PSYCHO-ANALYSIS. "Violette Pemberton: "They are not going to cut me up if I go to the hospital, are they?" Doctor: "Of course not, when you're going there for a rest. What makes you think that?" Violette: "Because when I called up the hospital a voice said, 'Operatorf D LIMERICK. The honest farmer's apple crop Has been despatched to town. The barrels look this way on topg O O O O O O O O O O And this way farther downg ' o o o o o o o o o o 4?'I-Illliml1lul1lnu-nu 11-1-11 ml 1111-1-1-1 M11ninn--un-uu1un-nn-Ill? I . iSALES! SE.RVlCE!1 l ' l 1 D cl B th l I 0 get ro ers I I l 5 Motor Cars g GENTRY Moron COMPANY F ENID, OKLAHOMA i Q...-.... ------- .....-1...-.....-....-.....-...........-M..-.....-...-..-....-....-..... ------- .I-.-fo tice? ".z:? 1.i.z13r.i.mu.i.1.4 'nm " 'e 1 ' f ,ia ' "t 1 " - ' 'x3"11"i'rxzxsiisfiqigeegiigiiigaH'f' Two Hundred Thirty , A ' . ,,Si7L A'1 , . H1 1 1 1 1 1 1. 1 1 1 1 ...l,1.m1m..1.m1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ..l1m,.... nnllllllrr manuales 2 I ,fq COMMENCEJVYENT GIFT i Kyiv of a watch for the Boy or -Girl is truly 5 a -2 A GJ! Tf1aiLasfs 1 l We have many beautiful gift offering which L r f lllne-. slut l Qi! HHN IW . Qi 4' MM hh ikq we believe are exactly suited to their needs CHA .H JAH i l 119 North Independence Avenue l ' SRUEN vsnnum 5 ..- .... - .... -.. -.-... n- .... - .... -M- .... - .,.. - .... - .... - ,... - .... -..... .... - .... - .... -...- - - .-....-.l. " "" "N """" "" " "" ' "" ' "" ' "" " "" ' "" ' "" ' "" ' "" " W' "" ' "" ""' "" "' ' . 1 Congmtulatzons to Class of '24 5 i Ealch year, spent in High School by a student, means an increased E desire to .serve man-kind and a greater earning capacity during the following business years. - We congratulate the 1924 graduates of Enid High for having at- i tained this step in their education, and extend our best Wishes for a : successful and happy life. L I ' , l ! raw-,f:11:f.i N., O I QF! Of ' QI 1 -Q,-mn A, ,, , I Oklahama Stale Bank Building i ' 1 811 Cl' ' en 1 San ord Hazier 8 dK dric I - 13 Q we CCD- I North East Corner Square Grand and Broadway T I ...... - -...-.M ---- K..-. -.------------ ..- .- -..-H..-.9 -MW ' i"' 'i '51-ILIJLMY-'-Y'Q'?-XJ-J'L1' A 5 Two Hundred Thirty-One .L A l L . I '- - --YW - -VA,-Y ,T ,,,,,,,::g.WY l ' T T T 1 T T ,T T ! I 1 H my , il r 1 T i i 9 T 5 T l T x T Feh A-f'-Ze J '-Tel'-A'-'T-fe ' --PJ"-155-3-'X 'J in K, -J., ,E,jjljg.Z,jZ7T'DT,k' ,.., 3 f?fTT':ZfTl7'fZ2QZ'fQ-..""2Tf:iT773'I34'f'KTZ'3..7l7I7C'f1'-"1'1?f7'fi13Q7'.7'TfC'T:CiK?TT, is T T -- g y!qn1nnn-lnl1un1n 111-1-1111-11- u1uu1unl-nn1 1 11:11-nur 1 illninofe ENTER, T ' I T T T T C Y H Cl fl IH O 1 T L T T T T ' T T T H E A T R E S T ,T ,Tl e T T T . T IT T West and North Sides TTT T . . T T Qualzty Photo Plays Good Muszc T T T 'iw11111111u-uninn-u:tinu-nn-nu-nn-un -1111g--11111 nn-un-un--un--nu-un1n3' I T i T T 3 A child sat in the movie tent T To elevate his mind, T' He saw a. lady shoot a. gent, T And went away refined. T . T A child sat in :L movie tent, T He saw 21 trainer bitten TT T? By lions, and in merriment T 1 VVent home and chewed the kitten. T TQ , ,gn-1.n-m.--m--m-nu-In--tm ---- T ---------- In--ml-m.-un-mt-ul--mt-lm-ln? 'T if F. W. DENNER OTTO E. DENNER T : 2 T, ' TY ' ' I nl DENNER BRC ITIERS T ' Z O Z Tl i T l it 1 H C' 1 C H Cf l T TT T ' T T T TTT 1 T Manufadturers of 'Real Qread and Fancy Taslry T T 1 T 107 S. Grand Service anal .Qgalily Phone 299 T A it-T...-T...........-....-....-.... ---.- ..-....-....-....-.........T.-....-.... --.- ..-...-....-..........-....-....-if T TTT : ...- .... -....-.,..-.....-. .... ------ T ...- .... - .... - .... - .... .. .... - .... ---- .. ..- .... - .... - .... - .... ..... ...T...... u T TT Society Brand CLOTHES stein-Bleek Co T T - , E C C 0 33 T ll Th B N T G d ' T e est zs one oo oo T T T TTT T THIS IS OUR MoT'ro T Tg T "Quality Merchandise-Moderately Priced" I T L I L T T owenlau zi essauez' o. L T Q ENID of TOKL,A.- V T ? Phone 203 Outfitters to Men and Women North Side 5 I I T genius- -nu-nn1uu i11i 11:11-un1nn-nn-un-un1un-nu:uu-nn--lutinn--nuixulil 1 1 illuillll-vnuinllrlhiv T 'fart ""uo5zraznum1unLQu-.qw-' -","t-f',f-21? gym fanfy-ffivzwvfrvsjrifvzxww w ys'i'eSfLtnq:1fffw:v f Two Hundred Thirty-Two K' --un1nn1lin1uninn1iun1nu1nn-un-nniini-un1uu--nn-un-un1un1uu-1inu--nu--uu111u-ull11ul:nln--uu1uu- To All Meat Eaters Whose Faces Appear in This Book We keep the best and the best is none too good for you. We have served the Cafeteria of E. H. S. for the past several years. Central Meat Market --nu.,-nn1 1 1 1nn.1un1nn...uninn-un-11111un1-ui-nn--uu.1un1nn.1nu-un.-un1nu1iun: 1 1 inuiun--ll 1nu-.IHI1 1 1 1un1un1.nu11mlun-un-un-un1uu-un-un-.iin.-nu...uu1im1-un1uu:uu- 1 - :lu--'ilu--n The Enid Events The Big Weekly of Oklahoma Covers the Field Like a Blanket Has SIXTY Rural Correspondents, which furnish community news from as many neighborhoods. Q fob 75rinting of flll Kinds zz: sourn GRAND PHONE 216 1m,1ml1lm.-M1lm1lm1u,,.1lm1 1 1 1 -.m.-.ml.- 1,m1,,,,1.m1 1 1 1 1 1M1,m1m.1,m1.m1u 1.lm1ml1ml.1.l.,1.m..,m1,.,,.1., 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1m,...m.1m,1m,1,, A. 81 A. CLEANERS FOR SER VICE Phone 205 2i4 West Broadway 1m...-H11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 .1,m1.m1,m1.,.. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 .-m,1ml..n 1nu1m-. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1..1.l.l.-.ll.....,,1,,..1, 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11,111,144-, ...'ZfHE... Arcitic lee gl Refrigerating Co. Cold Storage Ice Manufafturing Office and Plant 217-231 East Maple St. Enid, Oklahoma -un-nIl1lnl1llu..-11:11uu1un1lin-un-uninn-.mi.1uu--nuiun..-n111:1 1 1 1n1un.1uu1uniun.-nn-lul1un1u nur-noi: .. 'iljfm gZTWLi3I1',fTT 15XLa31xfe.JxA1uil5CA,flAm.7IZfi.A.,'uxA,if..A AAAA "'X7xl1JxA AJkfeAAA1L1Mj,,3g,jgW W 1 i I l L -3' 'Q' I i l 1 'I' '!' -i- 'Q' Q l l I l l l I -3- Xie ' ,-.l3.! e i EW i r i: i I l Two Hundred v 1 I-yvll xc fx-xy'-f23",H Thirty-Th ree , w ....... --...,,...-..- ., ,,,, ., ,. ,.,.. ..,, . , , .... .. . ..,.-.a., ,... ...........,-...- iw 'V"2Jl.:lL.L,.'22i.l2SS.1-LT..L11.:g.QIL -e '7-X' "LQ . j..-.l.,'Qa..i.IZQ.A.i2.EJlT3.J'LJQZJZCCCU, r .J i nga:-11:11 1 u-uu:lln1un1lu-nn--nu-nu-uu1nu1nu1nn-nn-nn1nlu1nnl-un1un:un1xulniuu-un1un1uun1 n-nu-nuff 1 L i T GROVE-WALKER FRUIT CO. f ruits and Vegetahlesl l 319-21 south Grand ENID, OKLA. .2..i-,.i.- -M-i.-i.i.- W.W. -m.-..n- W.Q. - Q.W. - .Q,. ...-.---- . .-M-..n-.i.- .1.1 -M-..--Q.-.W-.4 0!0Il1lIIll T1YiT1 HIITINS-lllllllni llll TIII11' llll T llll T llll T UIY' TWT 'lll l 'lll 1 l'l' illnllllli -1 1 1' "illi'4nT".i' 1 L ENID'S FINEST DRUG STORE I 1 I l 5 Sourbeer-McKay Drug Co. E High School Students' Headquarters i Phone 383 Northwest Corner Square I i.i-..M-n.- .... --.n- .Q-Q -- ---- ---. - ---- - 1--- - - 1Q - M- ---- - .--, - ---- - .1.1 - ---- - ---- - .--- - .Q.1 -..n- .... - .... - .... -w-i.i.-i-5. LOST OPPORTUNITY. Arthur sat on the doorstep crying softly. ' "What's the matter, little boy?" asked a kind-hearted man who was passing. "Mats gone an' drowned the kittens," he sobbed. "Pm awfully sorry." "An' she promised me I could do it-hoo-hoof, ' CONSOLATION. All those who think our iokes are poor Would straightway change their views Could they compare the ones we use With those that we refuse. 'iw' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' "M'l'l"l'l"""'l'l-"l""n'l'l"'l'l'M' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' "Mt I r Q '24's Are Even ' Better ! i f it HARRINGTON MOTOR Co. i 1 205 East Broadway Phone 226 5 -i-"-w-m--M-w-- 1-'- --w--n-un- lll- --------------- --1- - M --------H----i Gi... . .... t'er "re M or "'l ' e Two Hundred Thirty--Four ........- --., M- .....- .... .............. H ,,-,,,.,,,-n,,,. ,,,, -,-,,u-,,,.,,- ,,,, ., - - ,,,, M? :ru : C C , , :I .h M kYELL.ff l 1 L ,l Yell for Enid High School First! Then Yell for i l l the Enia' News ana' Stationery Company! W e're your loyal boosters! i I i T S Enid News 8: Stationery Co. E North Side of Square Phone 459 1nn1uniuninn1nn-un-nn-nn1un1nu-- - 11:n1nu-nn-uniull-ulu1uu1uu1nn1 -mu-nu-nu1nn1ull1lnl1unio 'I' - .-.- - -.-. - -..u- 1... - .... -...- .... - .... -. .... -. -...- .... .-..5.q..- .... - .... .. .... .. .... -..,.- .... .. .... - .... - .... -...- .... -..,.-....-.. L A O the So homores, uniors and Sen- l COMPLIMENTS Q 1 E iors, we Swish prospjerity, health and L ...OF... happiness. l L l Adversity will come to some. It might I i I come to all. Be plepared, with a Savings I , T T Account, to meet it. To that end, we T F a U m a n S T T offer you the services of T Ti "THE SAVINGS BANK" if a oma tate 3 ' ' 0141 h S Y A Reliable Store for 3 Bank 1 ooo L l 'www L ii 1 C 0 A T S J M Igilli1i2PIg41gNX9E,1ERESIDENT Q , E . . , ICE- RESIDENT 3 'i H. L.BR1NK,V -P .seo '. S U I T S K. VXEQEEELISSAZST CSSIEER g D E S E 5 . . , ss T ASHIER 5 R S E S OPEN SATURDAY EVENINGS '1lIIIlIIllT Tl!!-'llIlTllllilllillll-1Illllllll-iIIl1TIIlTIIIIl1l1Oioixln-1!lIlTIIIlTIlll'1llllT llll '-'IIIITIUITllllilllllllll-IIN1'IIITIIIITIIOil ,iv Yv,,, , ,,, f ,.feQ,i: H, - .'., '. J -.. I . -V V-17 -frg3:-IXUSKuflflij':m1f':"E'fFu-Yfiii Two Hundred Thirty-Five 1 x -ii-.nm---. 1. . , ,,1, Q ITG ci, fkjfn VV 0f0n1nn1nu- unnn 11m1m-nu1 ulll 11,111 llll 1 plpl 1 III1 1 qlll 11,11-IIII1 llll 1 llll 1 lpln 1 llml -11.111-null-111111 nnnu 11:1111:n1un1uu--un--llll-n of 1 TH WINNERS 12541 1 1 I U I 41? 'X Power to Start!-Power to Stop! , 1 5 Power and Strength are great Attributes, when masterly handled. The l T safety and welfare of public considered. A result of Character. i The past of E. H. S. and Buick are conclusive, resulting in Power and 1 1 1 Strength-Time. The test of Character and Worth has left no impres- I ii I sion-only that which is Commendable and Favorable. 5 ' 1 1 1, 11 The Reason, both, Standards of Comparison 1 f : 1 FIDELITY-BUICK COMPANY gf Q 1 CTHE HOUSE BEHIND THE CARD 1 1 1 I 1 will T When Better Automobiles Are Build, Buick Will Build Them 11 21:fl1:111If1Il1:fflI1111:ff::1::f1l::f1:1f::11:11:1111ZffffIfflIff1:11:ff1:111:11:111:1i:1f1:.l::11l::f1:11:1 1 1 1 CLEANING PRESSING 5 Z A 1 0 rt C eanmg Co. I 1 EARL I-IUOVER, PROPRIETOR 1: 114 1 2' 1 1 1, 1 Dry Cleaners 1 1 2 Phone 754 212 N. Washington REPAIRING HAT WORK 1 1 .?Z111:111:l1:111:111:111:111:11I:111:111:Q11:Q11:Q11:115512:1:11I.11211:11:11'I1'1':.1.1:1'.1:1'1:1'1':1112.121 - l , I ' 2 1 1 - - 1 LHIIICS Ready-t0-WCHI' i I Blue Blrd Cafeterla Y I I 2 American National Bank Building 1 Hosiery, Novelties, 1 I Underwear, Mlumery Where Friends Jlffeet 1 1 1 g 1 Everything Cooked by Women i Phone 1884 128 N. Independence 1 i PHONE 1866 I 'f"-----'-H-'-'---"-- "" -""- '-'- - -"- - -"' - "" -'-"- '-'- - "'- -wi -i-'--'-H-'-- - -"' -"-'-'-"-'-'---'-'- -"' -"'- -H'--"H-I 1 ' I 'W x'f,QffgQQif'-ffiifw-Y-it Q' 1 " 1 "" ' 1' ' 'gl' 'QQ e J Two Hundred Thirty-Six 4 l l l gC,5F.2il'Cfff51f5s7 ' "Qi gli ill N Q g!.'I- IIII -111--11-1 1- 1 lulx inognglr- ulxl 1- uuuu - lnln -1 nnuv - xlul - nxue 1- wulu -nn- llul :nn-nnilnl-rnl1no!a i - - I - Emu ,l l s l H5 ,ex - - - , E V , in ll "Let lVle Handle Your Insurance' Q s l THE X! 5 E 2 2 --l : i 1 :1 l l l l lg i RITERIU ig EvERETrn.P1cKENs i y : : LOCAL AGENT I 5 y THEATRE L l 9 l T ' T T Fire, Auto, Farm, Hail, Life and Casualty, i li, i T F Insurance, Bonds and Loans T 2 s S 5 W Enidss Theatre Beautiful Phone 1399 office 240 Masonic Temple i alll! Illl -T IIII -TIIIITIIIIT llll if llll 'T llll T llll i llll TWT llll T llll 7 llll Tl iillillllli 1- llll illlli IT llll T' nl llll 11 'lll T 'illilllllillllili 2 im.. llll 1- llll -nn1 - vnnu -uni lulu -un1un-- xllr -uni Illl ilnlinosqgii nnnx - unnu - uuun 1 xuun - luuu 1 sluu 1 nlul 1 nlnl - lunu 1un- llun -nnzull-iw? ,i ! li , l Q DR- WOOL-WINE WebaveaSl1aveorHazr l ll Cut that will ff you l DENTIST TRY ONE! 5 i E s l g Exlracilion Specialist at prices you can l ff df a is b s i H1 I " "' H I eal ar er hop it i 202 Stephenson Blclg. Phone i035 i i T E .gllTllll'TllllT llll 'TWT' llll Tm'-1 llll '1 llll illN'Tllll-" llll T llll T llll TI .iight-IIII11 llll T llll 1'lllli1 llll T llll -1l1l T T T l l Tllllllg 2 THE BLOW THAT KILLED FATHER 'N Dear: K'May I go to the wedding papafll 1 Papa Dear: "Must you go?" "I suppose so. Pm the bride." Foster Ely: "The room, sir, seems poorly furnished, only one chair and a folding bed." Porter: "That, sir, is the telephone boothf' N MISINTERPRETED Lawyer: "When you brought the would-be suicide from the water, what did he do?" 1 Rescuer: "As soon as I turned my back he hung himself from a tree." i Lawyer: "But why clidn't you cut him downiv Rescuer: KI thought he had hung himself up to dry? .g..-...........- -....-....-....-.....-....-....-....-....-....-....-.ng.gnu......-.n-...........-..i..-....-....-...........-........ .. -.....-...Q l ' ll . l : For Service Call - E ll I - Eat At I L , I - 1 H Um life S l 2 THE KUMBACK ll ' l 5 ll l l 215W.BroadWay l ' ' l l ll 232 W. Rand. Phone see Q , I l ll 44.11.111 111111111111 .m1n.i.gign1nn111111nn--nn--nn1nn-n 1 -unlimi-nn1nn-nn-llsie 'Sin -: x.n..p.u.x.v. "" ' X.l1:xLFL'1l'..JLV si"'scx.' V ffglsfp j 'X Es--. ee pp ., .,.. v Two Hundred Thirty-Seven -'WFM1' ICMP." 'Gent U V Y sppp ov. . . .lnvr.v.vvq.QU.vuvv0 mtvsvio mini. .mp inns Joiner' ACCOMMODATING W 4 ou mind giving me another one?" Kind Housewife So you really liked themim Honest Tramp: "No, but me and some other gentlemen want to play quoits with them and we want another one." l ' Honest Tramp: "Pm the gentleman you gave the three doughnuts a while ago. Would ,. -1- Y l i I . T . . 2 G . U TRY IT. Seated in the dentist's arm-chair He asked how it felt to be there. "I feel bored," I explained. '41 may even say pained, For your extracting's distracting, I swear." SLAM! Mrs. Lotsabuck: "We are going to live in a better neighborhood hereafter." Mrs. Keen: "So, are we." Mrs. Lotsabucks: "Then you are going to move too?" Mrs. Keen: "No, we're going to stay right here." NECESSITY. Widow: "Wait, P11 get you some glue to fasten his wigf' Undertaker: "That's all right. I've used a couple of tz1cks." PEPSODENT. Vou don't have to tell funny jokes to a girl who has pretty teeth. Qi..-1...-1...-1...-.1.1-1...-....-1.11-....-....-....-....-11..-1...- - - -1.1.-...Se l I l STOVALL 8: BOHN 'CR dv S , T TT C 095' T i D t .1 St C 1 1 llran al' HIS BE SURE WS I Motor Supplies, Oils, Greases and Gasoline. l I I I U. s. TIRES el TUBES l T ' ' T 3 an Funk s Auto 8: Nlachlne Shop 7 T All work clone by jess Coonrad L T , g 246-8 East Broadway Phone I597 L 5 402 E. Broadway. Phone 783 E T Q l l l Q1111111111111111111111- 11111111111 111:11u111111u11-1111-111-1 11111111-111111111--1:11-11111111111111-1:11:1111111111111111111-11111141sfo 2.111-11111 -1111-nn1111111111-111111111111u11111-1111-111111111-11.95431111111-11111-11111u11111111n11-11111un-11111111111111--11111u11111o!e WHOS THINKING OF Office Phone 6ll Ree. Phone 1593 T A If R. C. BAKER, M. D. l 6 S 'plryszcian U Surgeon T or a place to meet' think of l li All calls given prompt attention T T T i clay or night T Q The SU-'VER GRILL CITY SUPT. OF HEALTH 5 MR' and MRS' A' L' STRICKLER i g Rooms I3-I4 Oklahoma State Bank Bldg. g i 226 N. Grand ENID, OKLA. i ZllTlllli T 1li"llll'TlIlliNlI11llllillllllllll 1' Tllllillligllilllll TTTi llllillllillilllliillll iiTT lm?-Wg 1,:.CiT.Ri1E?Jimiu.u4Lt1zc.ufxirL:.?fi:Cmgr.1.ng1t :r.Lmgg1Q31iff.2fL.T1:LSfi1Zl ngiixfrlx ' ,fu "'.1.xLf.i1f ' Two Hundred Thirty-Eight ' I , "-.'-:'.LfF3C3.f:..jE,Ix.L.S. 1-T" , fs I I H. B. SHIELDS Dentiet Over Corry Pharmacy. I Phone 31 I -is m.1un1uu-nn- -uI-nu--'mlnu1un1un1nn1. 1un.-in n1m.1 1 1 1 11,411--.1411 .11 1.1.,,,-.,l,l1,,.,1.1 -- CHAS. P. CANSLER I I IHSUYHIICC II E SpeciaIis't Enid NationaI Bank Building gg :S I Phone 6 I I -i-i-'---H-- '-'- ---- - -H--- -"- - -'-' ----- I I-I-Mi' HOW STRANGE. There was I1 young gentleman of Perth VVho was born on thc day of his birth. He was married fthey sayb On his wife,s wedding dayg And he died on his Inst day on earth. i ADVANCED INFORMATION. I'Why are you moping, Dickiw "Pvc no one to play withf' UGO and get Freddie next door? In1,.,,...,mi.....m1m.1l.l.1.l,,1,,.1pl.-l.l,11l,.1l,.,1 1 1 "Oh, I piayed with him yesterday and I tIon't suppose heis well enough to come out yet? ago u1nu1un11m-nn1uu--un1nn1un-un1111111111--null-1:11111 I I DEP,T,s'rOF-'E I Enid's Best Store IN THE CENTER OF ACTIVITIES 4...-....-....-....-....-....-....-....-.....-....-....-...I.-....-....-.. Q?:Ilaninn--nmLum-nn1nu-un:ull-lln1nn1uul1nn--nu-u 5 2-I II II Kress 6' CO. ' 5c, 10c and 25c I STORE cor. Indep. and Main, ENID, OKLA. 2 2 Merchandise of Highest Qualify al I 'Prices You Can A ford I I to Tay "WATCH KREss WINDOWS" -ini- -9+ 1:1uu1111:1nn11:11-:minusinn11:11uninu--uu1un-1uu-u u--uu-nn1nn-uu1nn1nl-nn.1nn1nn--nn1uu1n:n1nu1r -u-nn.-uu1un1u111111:-lun:-1ulx1u,,1,,,,1m11.nn1,,,.1.nu1,, N V ' 'Y 'viflii-Eric.: YHA HW'-Y! V L A at aiu? 1 in un nu min ""' ENID PAINT A. E. HAMMER I AND ii I IT WALL PAPER ' 1 II g I25 Wegt Main. Phone 445 West Side Unifm Shop Two Hundred Thirty-Nine E l "'iga.:,L1?dq23'52g,4,g2gLvQ-QEALJHAILEA:Mx-yvifEEQKK?-f5,QLx5Cz,EJx,Qit,,fi,L1LxikQ,gqm Ez':l1Nmgllgcuximxw RUTH 4 l ililly 5551? .l'm-M-m'-u- -Im-Im- -l - - - - - -. - -mI-mI-M-m- - - - - - - - -M- ' 0 We 1 t li A 1C lr Cl y f 3 Ei C C fl H I 0 C I ' 0 l fl " W here the Best Cosis Lessv l All orders of 51.00 or I More Delivered Free! g l26 South lndepeuclence Phones I35 ancl 745 v I?'f:f,'f.:'l':.:f.l:.l.:'f.'f.:'l'f.-l'l:.'fI'f.'f.:l.'f.:..n:ffl:fff:l1?f2.ll..:lfISIS':l':.l:.l'Sll:'ll:':.:l1 . l . I cc as i I ' ' 1 I-lay! Leffuce Ti Enlcl Auto SCPVICC f l l -- ill I ,S . l i Bolene Gas Unlted States N i IILETUSII do your Kodak T DiaYI10Ild Tires l fmishing. S n a p y o u r Texaco Oils 0 Accessories Q natural position and let Zeroline R Wash Rack - ' h 1 - 5 Q Sicinfhiglr fvfnrst jig, Our Customers A 2l6-222 I Q are Satisfied G South lnclep. l Opposite E Fire Station l -- E HE SER BRES TRY oUR SERVICE l STUDIO ! i PHONE 523 is i .0 - mg W. Ranaolp Phone 1508 R, L, PEMBERTON, Prop. ' i----m-- -III - "-' - III- -I--'---I---I---H-'-n-'-'-- -'-- - -lfl - -III -H-1--i-H-'-----'--- -III -0- '-'- -m--0-f'-'-'m-f-H-m---H'-M- 2 'f""l"'l"'M""""""""'u"" ' " " ' -"""""""" ' "'l'l"" "" """""""""""""'-"""""'m" l I T H E I ' ' h l g 'I X I B l attery l E 0 l l Statnom , T WASHINGTON AND BOULEVARD p 'i'----'-H-'-'--- '-'- - -'-' -"-'-'-'-- "'- -H-'-'m- '-'- --H-- -'-- -0- '-'- - '-'- - ---- -MI-'-I---''---w-H---"--""--"--H"-H'-""- LSE gills: MY: K-YDQZ,- f UJ'VYl lllrll l 'f,lV 'X J"J'U-'4, iQQfUilfif'3W 53-U-'Ji .Q f.f?f', Two Hundred For tv , on -wvnvuvs vvv, wmv. ,spy vw. .v.mxr.v..v.v. .v.. .mm m.nv.v.1Iw,tlmv.mlnnnv.I1 QI- "-- - "-- - -"' - ---' - ---- -M---I-----I-I-I-I--I-I---M----I-I-+-rI--M- '-'- - ---- - --'- --M---I-- ---- - '--- - ---- - ---- - '--- ---I----I--I--I I ' I II I I IF. w. womwonm co. II MMS. M. M. IMMMMS I I I I I '33 Sc 100 and 150 2 I ' I I ' ' I I STORE 1ll1neryI I Complete lines of Candies, Rib- I I I I bons, Laces, Toilet Articles, I I I Notions, Hosiery and Toys csouth of Royal, SCHOOL TABLETS A SPECIALTY I , I gg T Remember our lvigliesf price is I5 cents I i Phone I836 I22 N. lndep. I , SI- "" -I'--II-I-I- "-' -IM- -III - -'-' - "-' -IM-M-- -'-' - -'-' -M-i'I'-I--M-- -"- -IM--IM-IM-M-- -'-- -I-I-II-I-I---I------I-I-I-I3- 'I"' "" ' "" ' "" - "" ' "" " 'i" ' "" - "" "' "" """-""-"u"'I""f"I""""" "" " "" ' "" ' "" ' "" "'"""""""""""""'""""""!' ,II I I I I I I c. E. LOOMIS If SEE J. E. TURK FOR I I I SELLS THE II Insurance and Building Loan I I ' II I I I I I I I IIVCS men S I I Furnlture II R M I I 5 : 2 oom ew asonic emple : I That TIIEIIICS F116 home I I Phone 850 303 West Broadway I I West Side Squjiidmful Phone I930 I I ENID' OKLAHOMA I I I ENID, OKLA. ii HELP--BUILD--ENID T 'I'I--I-I- - --M-M-I-I-M--M-- -'-' - "-' - '-'- - '-'- - -'-' --M-I-i'-I'I-I-I- '-'- ---- I -I---'--- -"' -I- - --I-I-I-I-Ii' PREPAREDN E SS. Mrs. Frost: "We have 21 French waitress and so we always speak French at meals now." Mrs. Snow: "Why so?v Mrs. Frost: "We don't want her to know what we are talking about, do we?" E ogonI1IIII1ln-Inu-IIII1Ilngelgun-uII1IIII1-IIII1nnxnaga I I 2 II I I 2 " 1' E: E - I 0 Im II if I I I 2 I5 II Q, I I 5 sg I I 3 U 5? II I : i m Q si b 5 R : m m I: O I I c UJ SZ II I IE IE ' 3' II I 2 Z I' IG' In I' I I 5 I' I 3 2 II I I 3 lm II I III I- II I I I II I I I M SP II I I II I I I Il I W7 I O 'g I Q 5 :E I I Z 5 II II I I, I I I U Z 310 O I I I 0 21' il I AI 2 3 m 05 :S B I I' I5 II I I 5 Eg II I I4 : . Fi ,I I o Ip I - I 3 0 II I g I 3' I' I I 575 sian-InI1IIn-nl1am-lvnfnoion-In--ll-luilu-1l0io QI 4.3 2. V3 PF FD is 53? FD D-In H NOP un!! -w' O fb ,- S- P1 F-I FP FD D- IT' f'D H O I3 fb 5- I5 ggi go ,LE P. -'Tm U-I-I KW 'D' 'J' IIE fm T, KID FV' Q H D- 3 03 D' F0 S Sl U. S Q. H. FD D- E :- FD P1 fi' E. 5 CHANGED NOW Father: 'II never told lies When I was a boy." Son: "When did you begin?" Two Hundred Forty-One :fan-rrrr-rrrr-mr-rm-rrrr-rm-nn-nn-rrn-rm-.nr-rnr-nrr- 'f' sfo:--rnr1un-run--rrn1 111111nn-nn-:nn--nn1rrrr1rxu-ran-npinion ., ..,...f.....m.m.w s, ,AK-B: w..aQ...aasnaa.., .......-.mama-...........,..--.,. n... ...-,.,..., .-,..... na-- -A.. .,,..,A.........s..................................... " l ., , .TGI Graduating Gi ts AT THE L l ART 6: GIFT SHOP Qreefing Cards for All Occasions i I McCONKAY'S Phone 90 South Side Square i i +--- ---- - ---- - -1-- - ---- - ---- - --,- --m- ---- - ---- - ---- - ---- - -.-- - -.-- ---ee +-'- '-'- - --'- - ---- - KII- - '--' - '-'- - ---- - '--- - '-'- - --'- - --" - --1- - '--' -1--1--s 1 1 Carpenter Tools, Manual l Football and Baseball or Goods, Fishing Tackle, Padlocks, Lunch Kits, Training Supplies, SEE. l g Ingram Hardware Ilumpany The l-lancliest Place in Town T T to Trade E E Phone 327 210 West Randolph E i ..-....-....-....-....-....-....-....-....-..........-....-....-........gz.g... ..-....-....-.....-.....-....-....-rr..-rr..-....-rr..-rr..-...r-rr..-05.4. , I I ,, A. gs , M : 2 " 3 "f I 1 ,I D 2 3 2 ?l l- ' 1 L l . K 1 1 Everything in Ladies' Reaa'y-to- Wear and Millinery 1 l Everything New Shown Here. i Q First at Popular Prices. l L 'I WE GIVE S.6c H. GREEN STAMPS nvfuferr-rm-rm-nn-:nr-nn-mr-nn-mr-nn-nur--rnr--nn1nn1 R. W- SHAW Architect 223 Masonic Temple Office Phone 1078 Res. Phone 1092 ENID, OKLA. n1IIn-rrnvm-nur-nur-nn1nn:rrn-nu-nn-mr-nn1nn- 'r-un1nrr-:nr1un'1rnr1rnr1nn1nn1am-:Inline-1111111111 Enid Siuclenfs! El Weire Always With You! Pep Parlor E 21 1 N. lndepenclence 11:11-nrninnirnu-rr ni n rr1rnr-nn-nn1n ninninrrinni rr--nn--nn-nn,nn-nuinn1nn-rrruinn1nn1nnr-run1rnn- Real Estate, Loans, lnsurance and Abstracts urnas CS' Rogers Phone 1 1 1 IOZ W. Randolph ..-....-....-....-....-....-...-....-....-....-................-....-...g..5...-..........-...........-.......................-....-....-....-....-....- 405' H14.1.1,minmir...1,,,,1un.-rrrr-H1111r.rr1,,,,1r.n-.rrnlrmiu :rr--nninrr-nur -rminn-nn-unisnr-rnrinn1nn1nn-un1 ll Earl R. Lee gg lnsures ,Hnytbing Against Everplliing BONDS A SPECIALTY ff General Agent l l FEDERAL SURETY CO. 1 1 ENID, oKr.A1-1oMA i I Phone 491 5th Floor Steph. Bldg. T T " 'Q-1---wg-ff-, yzw-5-v-1-xvv-wwf-W--Q-.9a,,,.,,.,.,- ,..,7.. .,..v.A.....- We Canit Make All the Ice Cream, so wejusi make lbe .Best of if THE Puritan Ice Cream Co. PHONE IO ,ml ... 1.11.1.r.l...,m.-,,,.1,,,,1rrrr1 1 ,Ninn-. ,, . ,. M. .... .., a.n.1.ei.:L.L.u!.. . L.: Je.e,u.:aaLA.1'.'r.1,a Jars.: ,:.:.ag71. J, W A ,WYMYW Y ' Lia5.3-g'.i:ag.xI:3Ii3.J.i'Y"' ,,fni1Zi".7"'n d F ty-Two --nn1un-on..nn1nrr1nn-no1nn..nn1nn1nrr1run1nn-u Sanderson Hotel ENID, OKLAHOMA Under New Management "We will enjoy having you stop with us." Phone ISO W. E. ARNEY 1nn...nn1nrrtnrnrinnrinn-nn-nn-nu-1nninninn-units: N -nox-nu--nn-nn1nn1nn-nr:-nur1am1nn1nu-nn-nn-n We Have GYHOIIHMOII Books ! ALSO GIFTS, SUCH AS Fountain Pens, Box Stationery, Etc. J. VATER, Prop. THE BOOK SHOP :nn1n1:1nn1un-nn..-nn,nn1rrn1nrr1nnm.nrrinrr.-nn1n1 -nn,nn-nn-no-n:r-nn1nn1uru1nn1nn1nn-.nn1nn-n AVERY AUTO TOPS Auto Trimmer and Upholsterer NEW TOPS i A SPECIALTY I23 E. Randolph Phone 574 inn-nn1nn-nn1nn-urr1rn1rrn1un-nn-nn-union--rn -un-nu-:minu-nnrirrrr-nur--nnr1un1un1rrru-nu1rnr1rr Fellows, Don't Forget to Meet Me Face to Face For a Lnfe 7-Jolicy-a Fine way to save money, besides the Insurance Protection. INSURANCE OF ALL KINDS PHONE 92 J . D. Nl I N T 0 N -nn-nn...-nur-uninn-nnirrn--uninn1nn1nn--nu-un-nv in...nn-nn1un-un1mm--rnr:-nrl-urn1xrn-un-onlinr:-:ruin American Theatre l Best Uaucleville , Latest qgictures With Popular Prices. Your pat- ronage appreciated PHONE 2330 n-nn1nn.-:minn1nn1nrr.1nn1union--nn-nn-nn-r:n1r '-v---no-nn-In1nu-no1nnlnnlnn1nn-un-on-nu1nn1n GUNNING-LeGRANT Barber Shop Student Patronage Solicited 206 W. Broadway, East of Sanderson Hotel ninn-nn1nu--nn-nn-nn-mr1nu.1nu-nn:-no-mr.-nn...n'. ru-nn-nn-nu-nu-nn-uni ,onlinr-.nn.-un-nu-nu-n SALES SERVICE Dependable Used Cars GENTRY MOTOR COMPANY ENID, OKLAHOMA n-nn-nn1nn1nn-:nu--11111nn-nrr1nn-rro1r-n-nn....nu-n 1on1mm-nn-nn.-nn-nn-11:11nn-:ruinn-nn-nn-nn-:rr FRANK AVERY General Blacksmithing Horseshoing, Wood Work, Stake Bodies, Cabs a Specialty, l-leavy Springsg also Extra Leaves for springs. Phone 574 I25 E. Randolph n1nn.-nn..nn1nn.-nn-nn...M1nn1nrr-noinn1nn-nn-nv Two Hundred '?' l ir. i r 'F , S l its i gr. is l 4. Q 'E' L f :,'I',ifTS,.,ay S vc Q ft 3 .- : :N , ,. sp ,. ez, ,awe 4 I 5 Aj Rf S--a,.l.'l'. - l 5 1 l .. if 2 V, I -5- ff' l l t l l I l -as -it A i l L l lt : r z 1 we 2,1 . V t I E.. rn? 'tl tr. 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Broadway T T 21 I West Broadway Phone 937 ilIiIlll11IlIlillll1IIIliIllliIlllilllllIIIITllIIl'llIlTIlllilllllillllilIll5liIITIIIITIllliIllIi'lIlI'iIlI1?IlllTllIl!i i illlllllllillllillliill il IT WOULD BE BETTER. W: A certain young man gallantly escorted his hostess to the table. , "May I not sit on your right hand?,' said he. "I eat with that, you'd better take a chair." YES? Block: "I think you are a stupid fool? Blue: "And I think you are a polite gentleman, but it is possible' that we are both mis- takenf' REALLY? "No douht you think I am older than I really ami, "Oh, no, I am sure you are older than you look." THESE VVOMENI X "Of course, my dear, my opinion in the matter must be kept perfectly secret." "Yes5 thatis what I tell everybody." OH! MY! Queen Ann: "I've fell down stairs and broke my neck." Mistress: "What you have broken will be deducted from your wages? COMPENSATION I Therels always consolation to a man with one leg cut off, in knowing that the other one's ' longer. I a I f 'ss aura' 'A'rnzl'u'n'A'n1rn'n - ri'g"r i's'A'A'A' ' 'fe 'T -n f Y W 'A an 4 no Am' 'T 1 H Two Hundred Forty-Four 'Janna . s .mtv.z1vs.ux. - - -V A 1 931 ""' f"'3'1 "' A MW 1 5: la Q 11 lu-lm.-Illlulllnlullllllllnn1un-.uu- T i lllnlll.-f.?vll--HIII-lllll' TWT T T T T- ri-Inllullllln-1lIuT'l? Commercial Signs i E fldverlzszng Gngravzng 1 Outdoor A alveriising T CHATHAM , M M 4 M O Printing:Advert1sing.C0. ? 5 ,r5'gr2VfA1-Mraz-'5'Lf5" l ' g 2 f W Y W g l Special atlenlion given Io Cluln l d F ' 224 West Broadway L tglrgaxijggfg : i I i T 224 Weit Broadway Phone 254 i 'fSL'2L'.IlSl'Sl:'lITI:'lI'S'L'1 T"fL'2..'.g.g'.fIIfIIIfffIIIIff2:1fIIIflIIII:fff:Iff:fff:fI:III:L'.ff.f:.' A' : : Bring Your Clothes to l For Qgality Meat Try : : E d L A VAN SCYOC'S i, m Gamers Q E 1 PAUL ANDERSON I Cleaning, Pressing l Alteration, Repairing h il .No 'DELIVERY Rand. P one 2 2 206 N. Independence Phone 760 T H- Illl -'-u-'--l-'m-w'-'m- "'- - -III - -'-' -M- Ifl- - -'-- - IIII -H--i--if-f- Illl - -"' - '-'- - '-" -'-'-- -III -'-H- '-'- - '-'- --'I--'M-H-'-'X'---I-i o"' "" """""' "" """ "" ' "" ' "" ' "" ' "" ' "" """"'u""'!"!'r"' "" ' "" ' "" "' "" " "" ' "" ' "" ' "" f' "" "' "" 'u""""""""!' e oun ain o rue o e iness ma e , 5 l 56" F ' fflif ff V' W Q PERCY PORTER 3 ll l Roseland E! R 1 E L . , SI t . Beaufy Parlor ' Lggns a e 1 il I 'Ury our Jlfarcels, Facials, Insurance Shampoos, qflc. phone Masonic E 2 40l Enid National Bank Building g ff:f.'f:ffL2.'fI'I.'I.I'L'f.I'L'f.2.'f1'f.'I.I'f.'f.I11211'f.'f.I'I.'fZI.g.'fi'QZIIIIIIIIIII:Iff:IfI:1fI:''L:IIf:IlIfl:lfIff:fl:2.Q l Foullis 81 Orr . , Qs ' 1 Real gsiafe, Loans ' 4 l and Insurance Q E BOT1-LING C00 PHONE 43 : a ii Room 15, Over Okla. State Bank 500 S. Grand Phone l IO5 g 'l'W'T IIII -HH-I'II-IH'- IIII -l1l-"H- "" -""- "" - "" -"W-""i"i"'- "" """'- "" """-""- "" -"""' "" -""-""-H"-' "" - "" """i' A l ax 1 T W0 Hundred F ty-F' V qw...-K...-....-....-....-....-....-....-....-....-....-.................-H+.gm-....-....-.....-....-....-....-....-..........-....-..........-....-H+ iBERNERT gl CO- Trostel, Knupp 6: Co. 5 Z 2 Enid's Manufacturing , 2 . I The Garage of I I l is 3 'Personal Service I 6 : 5 5 E N! 3 N, Ml I I! I K 1 I1 EVERYTHING FOR YOUR AUTO I l T :T . . . 2 is 7 lze W. Rand. Phone 348 T Gasollne-Flsk Tlfes 5 S sinixnl-uninn-un-un-n111nn-mainn-nn1nn1uni11111mimicion-nv1nn--nn1nnn1nn-nni-nn-nn-nn-nn-nninn-nurmein lieu:-unxnn-nn-:nn-nn1nn1 - -nn-nn-nn1nn-ull1:1030Ignu1nn1nninn1nn-nn1nn1nn1M1nn-nn1nn-un1nn1no!n :QS E ,, i The White Castle ii MCKf1yDfUe CO- Q Good Hamburgers North Side g Cm' l U li "With All the Better i 1 : 5 r' - 35 L i MOCK Sz BAKER, Proprs. rbings Ofllife ve i, ija : - - ,ii .Qi - - : n-uni - 1 1 1 1 1 1 -- 1 Quan-uninu n-nn-m1 - 1 -- 1fnn1slxl1nll1nn1n1un--nn-ul an gt? .4 355 ECONOMY ,ls Waiter: "Will you have a 15C cigar?" 312 Gentleman: "Yes, if it docsnit cost more than a quarter." YOU DONHT SAY! , . "What is that scraping noise out front?', "Must be the chorus girls Filing off the stage? i QUICK WORK. 2 iii I , -2 -9 12' ii if -1 Si iz! 1 "A woman threw hereself in the river. Her husband rushed to the bank. Now why did in her husband rush to the bank?" agen:--nn1nn-nn-nninn-nn-M1nn1un-uninn-nan-nun-uuqgaogmu-ul::1 -nn-nninn1nn-nn1nn--nn1nn-I 1 1-nn-nl! fi? l I l THE ORIGINAL l I Wm. F. BLACK ii O, , 7 : 5 5 7 5 ' I f l A ll I I1 1 I I l A O 1 3 1: Q ll SHOE SHOP l Q Steam and Hoi Wafer Ll L I , A Y I 209 North Independence T f Heat, Gas Fitting T T N R , , T T Basement Laurana Courts. Phone 648 T T T 505 North Grand T T HOMER WHITE, Owner Phone 42 i ' ef...-...y-. .- -.1..-....-....-....-....-....-.....- - -nn1:ruin-ian-xl:rinn-IIII1nn-nninn-nn1nn--n-nn-nn-nuiun-uni. ,,, 1 4 r Two Hundred Forty-Six i Ti Auio Supplies f -5- -i--9 -i- u V , ..,. .W,...ne-,-..- W-,.-W.. .,-,..1.... ..,. W-,M...-,-T-m,f--1-S::s.1-.e17fx-....,--.v.......,....,.,w..,.... ,... 1 .. ..A,.. ., -s.-1Qs,w.,..,..--f-w....r..-f-rs.....,.,,.,.-vv-v-..w..,..,-s...e..-.-,. ..,.,.,......,.,, V , . . ,. . . .. , .aww fm we--ff -ser it ee. 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ZACHARIAS, Ass't Cashier I1uu-nu1nnu1uu1un-nun-u:rims-uu--nn-nn-un-un-ni ,,.,...,.,,.f,... , , , W N -un1uu- n-nn-nn-uu-uu-nu-nu1uu- 1 --nu-n u1nn1nn11:1nu...uu.1nn-.uu1nn1uu1nn1 1 1innn1nx DRINK lligil If ll Grape Nectar! MANUFACTURED BY Billy's Grape Nectar Co. ENID, OKLAHOMA 4.1,,,,1nn--unix:n1nul-nn:-nn1uzu-:lun-ulxlznu1un-un-nf T-W-,..-.Mews -fa-sf . 'fevsLfwsxv1-a7Hmfw'qwv-'f+4+ez2-f'gSfif1+Gy-f':'T"'?rr'" ' ,lx .i.,L.a,Xz-. .E..r.fs,n.,:s,s-s.if.u.s,.p.E..1.r.sL-4..:,1..4..M-,.-H. .. Two Hundred F WS ,lg n 1 2. fl 32 S1 5? L 4 X 1 V5 Li 'E ng Q y I E I. ,H 'E N5 , I Ng ri ,! 'Z 1 12 1 1 1 'f,g4ggg'ggL--fgsff+-'f-ffg-fg--fwy- -. LmM,T'.,W.'fj..,:g f:.f"11.,..ggg::g:' gff:fZ:f'fiif:L"Tg.:2:a:f?iWft"1gfT::f'.'.:f:.,if.1,'f2i::"vf'::'':.,- """i'.TiTl!i"': E -1 V ---N-A - f ,-1 V- N,.,fL..-...Q -fy ,-.MW -f.m....,i.m....""4',.,,i3'1.....f.1-,,..,w ,2,.---.,..f......Q.,- ,..x1',Q,:,.5'1",m x-,L HS QQ' if sy lil E I iii lx 222 E? H 1 a I . F e i 1 x 1 2 5 X ES li I 3 5 1 3 . 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'I' -nu-un-.un..uu1uu1nn1nI-nminn-nu-nn1uu-uu1 -unixn1uu-uu-mL1nn-nu1un1nn--nn--un1nu1un1M1u Compliments of L LL L L L L L L L L L L I -...,... ....--. - .......-...-..... -Ls- 1uLL... 1 1 1 1mL1LLL.-..LLL1Lm1Lm.-mL....m1ml.-.lm1,,L,1.LLL1,L,L1,.LL1L.LL1LLL..-mL1Lm1L,L..-LLL1 1 1L,LL1L.LL1LL When You gsufzd Thai New gggngazow See ntrim umher ompany "LBefler material For Befferiguildingn ZIS E. Broadway Phone 868 1lnL-nn1nn-ln:-un-:Ilr-uniuniuniuuiuuiun-un-M1nn-:ruin1:1lm-uniun1un1nu-uu1un-nn1nn.1nnu1llu1ln 1nu1uu1nn1nn1uLu--uu1nn1nn1nn-un1uu1un1Lm1un-un--LuL1lLu-un1un1un-nn1nu--nu-un-nu- run-un--u ,Hs o Food or a 'DeLicacy, there is Nothing Qgiie So Good as eerless ce reamL MADE BY ENID ICE 8z FUEL CO. PHONE27 1M1. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1LL.1LLLq1uu1unL1uu1uLl11LL11.Lu-qu1,,l1ug1uu1.Ln1gn1 1 1,4-.gg-ll L L L L L L 'I' 'L' L L L L L L I L L L L L. 1, ,YV LLL L LLL LLL ,LN LH LLLI QLL LL 'L LL. L L A' uA..v. if -,- L . ,L , L, L, . f L s L. v L, . .L L L . . .: ' ' ' ' ' " " ll'ii'l'lf'll" " f ' "' ' Lil-'l'A'nL Two Hun dred Fort y-Nine 1- fm we qw, ,1, , g ,,,:,s:o::p,g, ,zpgg:.:x.:zp-gg ,g,..,1:g:gLg, gg,'g,i3g,,,,,'g1,:f-,,, gy., 11.4 .M ,, V Y . ,.ae,..,1., www W .f fu... t-4.y..,.1-u.e...4.,.fs.w.ao:....,,e.at,:.N..,,.Ko,,...y., ,f f,.:......,-...1....,v.,,e.a,f-..,.-4.n+,.f..,..,..An..t 'Im It ' V I J .,V , .. g. iii T flat were Compelyv I 128 Phone 1 I East WHEN YOU THINK OF HARDWARE, THINK 0F US Ji? S I-I Broadwv SlzeU Hardware, Suilders' Hardware, Stoves-All Kinds, Wire ana' Fencing 1 y Oils and 75amts, Cultery and Silverware, Wear-Ever ,fllummum ,I N 9 nianiun-nln1un1unin:linlniulnl-nnnilulr-null:nu1nu-111111111-xul1nu:lnn1uu-mu-nn-uuiuuiuu1nn-ull1nll1lul1un1lll.i, A .g....-.....-....-....-....-....-.1..-.....-....-....-....-....-....-....-....-....-....-....-....-.,...-....-....-....-......-I..-.....-....-....-.........g. 5' I 2 : izl I I I OKLAHOMA i wr' ,Ly .. -fit i an I PLUMBINGQSCHEATING co. I , if : I We L l :II I J, rr 2 rs, ' 'I I Sanitary Plumbing, Steam anal Hot Water Heating, Gas i Fitting anal Sewer W ork, Fuel Oil Burners 1 523 E I iii I ' 2 PHONE 350 211 South Grand Q I Lv! 4. ' ,, I ..-....-..........-....-..........-....-....-....-....-....-,,......-........,....,..-.,........-..,.-..,-,..-..,-....-....-..,-..-..,-....-,..i. I ,1 is -9...-I..-....-....-....-....-.I..-....-....-I...-....-.,..-....-............-...I-.,..-...,-....-....-.....-....-....-....-....-....-....-I.-....-...g 31? : i 'IH I I I 1 How Many Students in gnid High Scbool Know: i N2 T I E The number of Ford parts in a Ford Car. ' .it - I 55' ' 3,4 l HOfSC-DOWCI of a Ford Car. I Number of Cars in Garfield County. I LII, 5 It .V fo I . arklnson- eal otor o.i :Hip I 201-203 EAST BROADWAY r '1 +I.-....-... ----- .-H.,-....-....-.....-...-....-.....-,....-...-....-. -..-..-...-....-....-....-....- .... -...-. 2 .gm-,,-..I. .... ,..J.L-....-....-..........-.f..-..........-....-..I,......-I.'I..Jf..J..-.. ... .. '-,...-.....T.'I.-..'LJ....J.g iltlg I I I , 5 I I e Reed Stores Col I I iff , I I III- E : I I 1, Prompt, Interested Service Courtesy Always Its ' I If 2 I 'f' If ' niou1uu1nn -111i1-1 uu1un1mu-nn--nniun-:ul-nu1nn1uu-nu 1111111 :lun-nl II 'J '51, 14 GI! me IIEK ill: L, I '4.aLu.'JJ3'l'J1iL"Su.L'i1Z1'Li':EA 1 L 2?:JLf:::'i ' " '-f.,.: 'LM' .1 'L,.,+5,aL2LB?!i2' Qi-,.'f,.f icQ:L'1.,."'JCI...f11'f1aig3.rx.5.sa3 L--T .,.,-.f .,,, . .. .,,. ,,,,, , .,,, .-,:.,,,..-.1,,,,.,,.s ,,, Two Hundred Fifty -,,,,..,m1....1,...1..,.1....1,m-.1 .. ..-.. 1 .. 1 1M1.,,,.-ml-..,....,..1,m..,m1.,....,..1....1..,.1,,n1.,u1,.,,i, . ' , T K 'P V f"1l.2fZ'i"" ,f.'fff:7'f'f'77f"'f'I'ff,T7f:'.f'f:"'l"fIT:f:1E'v35n T., M,.:.-,..1:ni...,a..i.1 " " 'U' 'ff - " ,. ill , Li V l""'4:3 li' 1 llll 1: 111--1111--i11-i m1 nnun in-aunninn 1-11- nn-uu1uc? qu :JW ,fx I 'WE' lfl? 2 ri li.,- .431 V , isiiilfizg, - olmn . ush umloer o. Eg s I ,H ln ,Q .Li TELEPHONE 37 I al h Quick Service! Free Delivery! , es, . 308-312 SOUTH GRAND L V l is --m.-m-- -- - -nn--m-.m-mu-lm-.Ili-lm-.m-.m-.m-.m-lm-I...-Hn-....-m.-m.-.m- - .. -.,.......,.-..,' 4:4 -....-. - - - -.-....-....-H..-1...-....-........,......,.-....-....-.,..-..........-....-.............. - - - -....-....-,. M if 1-5 f ff , . L si? yf " L Eli ' ii P L What could he more appropriale as a Qradualzon than a Beauiiful ,Hrrangement of Flowers ? Bouquets of all lgincls our specially KLAHOMA LORAL OMPANY i o F C ll 109 EAST BROADWAY PHONE 339 T 1IE1I1III1:1f1:1f1:1f1:1IfI1f1I111l I I Z 'Il 121'.:111:211Il'.11I1ffZ I I T. I 21I1:1l1:2I1:1f1:'.'.? i ii K 3 0 . , 2 1 - - s Vans' u 1 Oflgln al 0 I iw Cut-Price Drug Store 3 gg Phone 166 Next to Stephenson Building 5 11I1:1I1:ff1:1f1:1ff:'"I I I I I T. I I...fl'..,..lil.I1:112IllI1II1:111IiIIfIff:1If:lIf:1l1:If1:2f1Zff'.?. , 2 XM Eclzson Band Q ,66 L ffl Phonographs Instruments 1 l lil Mason 8: Hamlin, Chickering, Packard, Apollo, Gulbransen, I Hobart M. Cable Pianos and Player Pianos. Q Sheet Music Musical Merchandise l 52 lx iii 1:2 ,L 'wir 3 gig TQ a.Ll.J? "FMF 'f""5"gfI, Two Hundred Fifty-One ii? if I I I A 6Illu1ul1nu 111111 nn-uu1 -nn-'ruinn1am-nu-un--:nr-uu-uu-nu1un1uu1un-M1lnl1uu1nn1xnn--na? l I I ' Percy C. Cowan F Ioral Co. T II Successor to Enid Floral Co. i mv, e to 224 WEST RANDOLPH Hg. T 'MV 'Q.'I3'II' - LSIIZISIIW-5, We Grow Our Flowers fg-Hliig I -'-1ri.?':tg.i . s . ,Z-fig-iffiggf 5 Enza' s Leadzng Florzst I MEMBER F. T. D. If, ff . . I- url! ,4 , , ,WZ , .I A. 1 PHONE 1039 - EN171 OKLA. I ........-....-....-....-....-.... ------. ..--.... ....-....-.W-In-..u......-....g. ...-....-....-....-....-.....-I..-....-...... -....-....-....-. .I-.....-....-.... ---. ....-...- -....-....-....-.W-....-....-...!. I I "S mbol o Serviceu - ' - 3 I y f Tins Emblem IS Our Ceriqfcaie , non tx , T I it and Your Proiechon! Q IDej1endon E ' "' ! I 3 : ' I It I , Q inallweather T 4' I ' . I PHONE ,SS lty ce ompany I .......-....-....-....-..n- -....-.... ---- ...,-....-....-....-....-.... ------- .- -....-....-...-if SYMPATHY. "I shall want a large quantity of flowers from you next week for my daughterls coming out." "Yes, mum, you shall ,ave the Very best for 7C1', what were she put in for?" 1 HE KNEW. Ii! Student Cwriting homej "How do you spell financially?" Other: F-i-n-a-n-c-i-a-l-l-y, and there's two r's in embarrassed. , I Bill Davis: "You would be a good dancer, but for two thingsfl Oville Paine: "What are they?" Bill: "Your feet." ...-.....-....-.....-..,.-....-....-.....- - -....-U.. .--------- ....- - -. ---- ....-H? I Buy Your School Supplzes I ai 5 I 9 . I HI' er S OO CTC 1 I I08 South Independence Phone II37 I ........- - -i.. -....-....-..I.-........u-..n-....-...-u......n .-.. -..- ,...-....i. 2 ,F K 'Q - 'T 'mi W' U fm' 'TA .I i'ltlllll'A'll l'A5f"1' f"l'u'i llIli'll - ' . ' '-" ' ' 'n' " ' 'A' 1' ' 1 L ' - ' 'sw ' 'A"'3'fA" 915 Two Hundred Fifty-Two QXFCCDRD HCCDTEL1 U QVIQ. UIVHUUUIUUUUVQ C YIVUIUUIYU ,LVVAVYLVAVAQPPUULQVUQYU I .- -..,.-,.........-,...-....-....-......,...-,..-....-,.,-,...-....-s..-.. .. -..........-....-M.-..,..-s...-..........-....-H..-..-....-...5. I I .. ! ! Ccuvnimplleite in Every lDDeiteJEl1 Cafe inn Connection Q IHL, As MANNUNG9 Manager 1 "" T "" T llll -'lm-' l'll T llll TNIIT llll i llll 1 illl -UIIIITIIIIT llll '1 llll T llll lllll"" Ylll 1' l5Vl T llll T llll Y llll i llll -1 llll ill? T T 1l'll'1l'lti0 -u-f- -"- - ---' - -'-- -M- -1-' - ---- - -'-- -'w-n--- -'-' - -'-- -u--- ---- - 1--- - -'-- - -'-- - --1- -n--- 1-1f -m-- ---- - -"- ----- - ----Hg L sgazifazzfm vp l Q! Q ffwezael Who " Kuppenheirner and Schloss Brosf g I Dobbs Hats Good Clofhes Nuns Bush Shoes i Wilson Bros! Furnishing Goods T 1lnninn-uuu1nn1nn-. ... -uninu-nu-un-un-n1:1uninu-nn--nun-nu-nn-un1 -un1uu1uu-nu1nlu-un1uu..nn.i. ..-ull-.1lll1ull1lux1un1 1 inn-nn1nul1uu1nlu1nul-un1uu11miuuu-1uu1nu1-un- 1uninn-nu1nu1nun--uu...uu1uafn Henninger-Royer Undertaking Co. 5 Distinflive Ambulance Service ' l Q H. H. HENNINGER, Manager MRS. H. H. HENNINGER, Assistant l PHONE 87 G. L. BROWN, Embalmer ENID, OKLA. ! 1ZIZIIE1IIZZI1IZ2L.fL I I TL''Z1IIZIIIZIZIZIEZIEIIZIZZIZIZIZHTZ 'Z'"'21II1IIIZIZ:UL2IIIZI2f3 s , K7 i fziwi wzpv r FURNITUR c o. The Beet Place to Buy T Your Furniture NEW MASONIC TEMPLE L PHONE 366 i 1nu-In1ulinwillu-ull1uu1nlnl-un1nn-nu114141un1nn1lm1lnl1uu-nn1nn1u 1111 lun-ull-nu--ullul--uni. 1 F s , Two Hundred F'fty-Three ,5f?.""r-,,,.cs.,2gq:lvt'-1'-:A --- v 1' W" Ui Mi tix J. ""' Bb Pffi M, kg. 42 ,NV ff? sit Eg? 'QQ Eff 355 ,wg 45, M lf' vi' 'IE iih -Ja. it ,elf U I L ,Si if.: M ii? ii, Jil' 5 Q51 'iii iii iii :gee Q31 Q iii Sli in Ei' R IIT ss' .lit . .xp , , ,Jul wil 1:3 W. xii' fi 3 'e 15 H? ii? if if Wf :gr ii am 3325 W M 'Hai MMG :H -Q..-. Kjhfztw-, "fm .-Y Q Of' -lm-un111:11nniun-nun-annvnn-1nn 111111-11111 -lull Of! , Zeiiweger I l L Pbone 2774 QU- "" -"r- "" - "" - "" -"' T A Winning Combinalionl Qualify! Service! S Hfjffaker of Tiflures Thai 73ieaseU Price ! Enid, Oklahoma n-mx1un--nn--nm-nu-un1uu1un1un-uu1uu1nn-nI-uniuu1un1:mlnn1nn-uxl:-nn-nll-- minninuiun-nn-mlm:-un--nu-uuiun-1:u1nu---nun-.uu1uu1nu,un1uu1nn-M1nnninuu-mn-uuinn1un-nn-uu- l L L 'I' lgnl-nun-nun-u u1nn-luu1un n11ml--nu:-un1nn:n u-u u i TOWNSEND TIRE CO. i Tires, Tubes, Accessories, Vuicanizing and Reireaciing I I9 East Broadway Phone 279 -nn1nn:-un1un-unu-nn-u.n- 11nn1mn-nu--nu1lul1nn-nn-uI-uniuniun--nninn-nu1 11:n--nu111111nu1nn-nn1nu1nn--inn--uu-M1nn1uu-nuinn1am11:ull::alma-nu-nn-xul-1 tl-Iart School of Music TUROF. S. G. HART, Director 2 ,ALLJKUHCALSUBMITSTAUGHT i SPECIAL COURSE FOR TEACHERS L All Work Accredited at T State University E 3l7 Commerce Building PHONE l537 Res. Phone 1486-W .SHT "" '-' "'l 7 IIII 1- "" 7' 'III T "" T "" inn' "" 7 "'l l "" T "'l i lll' i "" 7 "" Tuul' "" "' "" 'i "" l "" l 'll' "" llll i llll 7 Vlll '-"ml llll i l'll im'-1 qw- Illl - flil - '-" - III- - -'-' - -'-' - "-' - '-'- - lll' - -'-1 - --ll - Ilfl - '-'- - -lll - -lll - Illl - K-'- - -'-' -m-- '-'- - 1-'- - --'- -m'- Illx - -.-- - --'- --'-'-H-'- 5 WHEN YOU THINK OF 1 ,A Drugs, Vicirolas, Easfman Kocialfgs I ,TAS ' " - S LIGGET S CHOCOLA PES .ct , V p, and Cold Soclas, Q THINK OF - W' ff WLEKJ ' Y 4" s The Coffy Pharmacy f Q The Rexall store Phone 225 or 450 +Mw----mM--MMM----------mmMMmw+ -"- '-'- '--- -'-- ---' '-'- ---' "" --'- Ifl- ---' .-.- 1-" "-- x ,,,.,,,,,,,,,f.,-f,,..: -Q -A-. ,yr ,. .V.. W.. T., Two Hundred F fty F . , .. .. . ,,,,. .,..- -.. -... - -- .. .. ,wh , W Y,,h ,. ,... . ....,. ....N........k..v....a.,,,........u..-L....,..: 6..,..44.A.,..,....L-, ff:9.1:.,,-.:em.,.:f.,1-..A..f.-S-M.....:W A- ......J. xxf. .Y Y- , , . . , . nw... . , . . . ..,, 1 ld ' YU S eg I-un-nn-nn-nn 11-11--1--1v--11-1-11 nniun-un1un-n I 4- 1 T l im? S CIGARS CANDY - K ' l fb. ' C Y . , mm QS Southern-Key Drug Co. .gi I ggGiV6IJSGcCfiGl,, C h : pa, ,Zi fi will li 224 North cmd Auenue. Phone 774 Q my T 5 '-1, ll W i TOILET ARTICLES SODA e ini-llll-TIIIITIIIIUTIlllllllllllllTl1HTllIllIlIlilIIl"1 T IITIIIlT'lIl!llIlI'iIlIl ?lTTTTTTlT IIIITllII IIlIilI 5 YEARS six senior cms. Lots of pep. Leap year, Boys VVatch your step! .... PICTURES qv Dorothy C.: "Oh, Clifford, I saw your pictures, today? 3,1 l x to Cliiord: "Were they good?,' Dorothy C.: "One, was dandy, all but your facef' Cl -gm..-....-......-mf-....-....-......-.M-....-....-....-n..-....-.....-....- .-....-....-..........-....,......-,..........-....-....-....-....-....-.. llgg :Sl 'Q' .1 14 Q . L 3152 : 1, 3 I Els Q Young People: l 'ill g I Don't go through life in Q 2 f ' o lil T such a hurry. L I ju ,V i Travel with dignity, i 'iii i ease and comfort. T vit I M., l A Hartmann Wardrobe ' T compels respect for the ? fig l 2 owner. 2 l . l ll? U1 Champlin Hardware Co. T HE Wlzvcfiffnm STORE 4---M - ---M-n--- ---- - ---- -n---M --.- ---- ------- f--- - f--- - ---- - ---- - --Q-N ---- ---- - ge, llir mmf M15 --A---rg-ef,-5 f,'- . f-1 5-4-v-vu--.w-Y-Q-'--: '--ff-ew,-.:.. vfr,. Q Kf.'--ff-- fvwt ,V --f-Q H - ---' . rv- "tw" 're ' Two Hundred Fifty-Five 'Rs Lt'-F!! gi ' f FOR OKLAHOMA and OKLA9 f M !eYf"-'-'F-W-'FNS'-YN.V9!.v.'.'v.v.v.vs.vs.v,v.-evivppp, ,- p, , ,vp u v u 1 y v v :oy v v no v vo . v.: up.vansnqvivxps.v.w,u.!s.v,v.-mv159.1'vm'F J l 'ra ' of in nn nn un lm u un ml un nn nu un nu nu nn nn un nu 1 u nu un I nu nn un ml nu un nofo Did you ever think ofthe fact that the service we render to you is the most democratic in the world? Maybe you have not but surely, you will agree that the electric light shines with the same brilliancy in the poorest cottage that it does in the largest mansion and the cost per hour is exactly the same in both. And you know, too, that throughout our entire organization the same court- eous, efhcient and prompt treatment is accorded every customer alike. Do you know that the growth ofthe O. G. 6: E.. Company has gone hand in hand with the growth and develop- ment of our home state of Oklahoma? Do you know that back in l904, when Oklahoma was just beginning to come into her own, our company was only ND i I I- to enjoy the benefits of the by assist us to further growth? Have you ever considered the fact that we give steady employment to more than one thousand men and wo- men of our state and that nearly four thousand Oklahomans many of them people of small means who have saved their wages are stockholders in our company. It is a safe assertion that among the immediate neighbors of every reader of this statement, will be found at least one of the stockholder-owners of the O. G. :Sl E.. Company. Every dollar we have brought to our company-and more than ten million such dollars will be expended by us in Oklahoma this year in new construc- tion-every plant and line we have I service we render, and there- I ,' operating a small plant, supplying the electric needs of Oklahoma City, and that we have developed and grown in order to give opportunity to our state built and every policy we have shaped, has been prompted by a sincere de- sire to serve you honestly, economic- ally and efficiently. OKLAHOMA GAS ELECTRIC COMPANY ENID DIVISION LINCOLN BEERBOWER, Manager Courteous, Personal Attention to Every Customer Tlzereis a difference in Bread I S 'th ' ,Q l I I!OIITlIIl'iIIl1IlIi I 1TTTTTT lII'TllllllIllI I T1Tii l4DIlIIlTIIIi TI I1ll!l'1'IlIIT'IIIlT'IIII1-llllilg 'Y b, an , , ,- F 4 1 rn- are i ' rfnrra" a" t I - ' i ' -wail' ri'mwcifq'u1u1i'l'in'lHrn'vx-rnn'l'lm'rnra'fraWU::mum1'h's'a'a'i'il'i'i'ivxg Two Hundred Fifty-Six -nu1,4H-.nnium-nu.-un-un1uu1nu1nn1nn1uu1-nn.-:minn1uu-nu1 1 1 1 1u1nn1nm1r LUCILLE CAMERON HERMAS BITTING AUDINE. DREW T S cretary President T user 2 We Inviie You io Mrs. Mock,s Sunday School Class T Cenfral Christian Church Motto:---OTHERS 9:30 A. M. 2 'Q' T 2 -....,.,.-....-....-M-....-..,.-....-H-....-....-....-,........-....-..,,......- - - .. -...,-....-....-..,.-.,..-....-....-,.Z BQLE efining Compan Peiroleum ra s 1 r Producis 5" f ,gf 2 ff 3 4 'I fa rr 5 f." .. 7?-If iv le!!! 11 r rr ,r g ig rfrhifli vzfvlffy mia . ,, p st , ENID, OKLAHOMA -lm.-mg.-ml.-m.1,m1nu1ml1,m..ml.. ... 1 -. ...,minn..,m1nn1nn.-nn1,n.1n.l1.,.....nn....nn1m1 1 ilnpim L l 4- V ,V ,,,,.,,,,,, ,, .. """' A"n'L . ..A...,,.,,.a ,. , f , v , WW Y V 4 T H d d F'fty-S vi0nl1nu1nn1un--nu..nu-nnululuiun-un-.nu1nn-un-nu-1l:n1nn1un-nn1uu1.un--un1uu:unu1un--u1:111111.u1n1nll--nn: 5 l W li i Broadway and Adams Enid, Oklahoma l :Che Big Church with a Big Heart and a Big Program forthe Young T A. G. SlVllTH, Pastor Dean WALTER B. ROBERTS, Director of Muisic 4...-H..-....-.m-....-....-....-..l.-.........- .. - -....-....-..,.......-..........-....-....-....-....-....-....-L...-....-....-...... -g-...-.....-....-....-....-................-.... --.-- ....-..........-....-....-....-....-....-....-M-..........-........n-....-....- niol planing Mill Company Producing Quality Millwork i g Strictly an Enid Owned Institution E i T STOCKHOLDERS: T LOUIS S MORRELL RALPH E- SMITH W. D. FRANTZ 09141 llll im- '11 Ilnr 1 ulul -nu -1-1 vuuu 1 nn- nunu 1 iuuu 1 nnnu 1 uxui 1 nrnu - iuuu 1 :unu inn- - 1n--uuinninnu1un1nnn1un1 Q4 iffy' '-1"T'Tf'ff"?'TT'-3'':':"?'?"E'T'fD "7'?"I'fr'1'7':f1f'T't':'-i"v"r-1-5-'rv-vffvfg-17' . --,, f g- , M 1, im, 'eww' 2 N, --:rv wr rr-,'s1if'f:1T11' ' f, fc 'fri' E"T:ti'if"j Hundred F'ft -E'ght A ' "" ' I Ci l -fm A -W ,7:.-..,.a W A ,. in Tween,'-U-ww:--WWA-vfqwfffff-we,--hs:': 3' 1f::"ffvT:f'r':' fir"T"'f fr-fr r' ""'7"?'T"T if - t, :ei e.,'.J,,1 .erase .Q .11 .. .svnfittisem.me-Ear.-.fsfntsas-f.':e.ff...',-:fi-.a,,fY..1, a, f..e..t.,.. , 'li i, ,i 3.1 li lit a 'i, in H' vglninl 11-11 uu1nn1 -nu- 1111 nn -1111 111-1111 - llllltgf L L You Are Welcome io Attend L l L l L HARP' L l ! I L l l L E 1 C ass 0 oung en i Q . 1 l , W 1 1 A7 THA 7 1 I 1 en ra rzs lan ure 7 l C t I Ch ' t' Ch li ' I I , I , I ' RUSSELL HARP HENRY AVERY MERLE OHMART T - Teacher President Vice-President T .iw-.....-...........-....-.... ------- ..-....-...........-......... ----- ..-..,.-.i..-....-....-....-....-mi. ACUTE Richard Bell: 'CDO you see that Hy walking in the barn over yonder?" Bob Parnell: "No, but I can hear the shingles crack when he steps on them? ll ' g CHAPEL NAPS I Eugene: "They say Mr. Waller talks in his sleep?- "Wick": "Guess so. He talks in mine." WHO Merle: "Was that a new girl you had last night?" Mr. Dimick: "No, just the old one painted overf' DO TELL. I X Mack Singleton: "Tm going to build a graveyard all my own, And bury all the boys that won't leave my girls alone. --- HARD LUCK just my luck," said the prisoner, as he threw the magazine across the cell in disgust. ' 'Nothin but continued stories and m executionis next Frida P 8' a Y Y l iii liz lii '15 .N . , ,. AC,, -, -Y , Y ,V 1 .,,, .6-:J we Two Hundred Fifty-Nine A FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH l.mv!.U.v.l. U U vu ved- n vzouonsvou . 'Ibm un un un nu nu nu un nn nu un nu nu nu un nn nn nu nu nn un ur nn nn un nu un un West Randolph and Kenwood Boulevard l el D. L. EDWARDS, Ph. D. PASTOR 320 WestElm. Phone 2072 E. D. PRICE Superintendent of Sunday School . el We have a class for YOU in our Sunday Schoolg also a "High School" Christian Endeavor. S tllVlake yourself a part of capacity ngregations present at the preaching services each un ay. l.1nn1nn1nn1n1:1.I1.1.1.l1nl1l.l.1..,,1.,.,..,m1n,.1m....m1lm.-,,,,1,.,,1.m1,..,..M1M1m.1.m...ml1,m1m41 1m,1 ln1nn:un1nn1u1un1nn-nn1.nn--nn1nn-1nu1un1nn1nn--un1ml1nu-un..nu..nn1un...un-nu1nu1un1nn- 1:1111 The Bread Yoafll Buy, "Buy and Buy" MITCHELL BAKING CO. Miichellls Twin Loaf .....anal..... Buffer Nui Bread 1.1ml1.nu1un1nn1un1uu1 1 1 1n,11u.1.,,1.,,1,,,1u 1 1 1 1n1m.1u1.1.1.1,..1m.1nq...,m...m...gl1 w.wy.,.v ..-..,..,, .... .. .... K -,-A .A , , o ,A , ,, , N4 Tw0H d dS' ty gag., ,, wvvvv -...-....- -. .-..-.....- - -....- -n..-...-. -. -.... ----- .....-....-....-.........- - -....-..,..-iq. l ' l .5 , , l Central National Bank "The Personal Service Bankv Capital and Surplus Sl75,000.00 CORNER BROADWAY AND GRAND im-uIn-nu1uu1nn1nn1un1nn1nn-nn1un-11:11nn-nn1un1nu-nn--un1nn-un-I.ninn-u01.1uu-.un1nu1uu.-nu-In :uu1un-uniuuiuu-.un1nu1llu-uu-1nn-nn1uu-un...un-un-nu1x:u1unn--unu1nnn-uu--nu1un:uu1un11lln-uux1un-n HILLIPS U IVER ll Co-educational: member North Central and American Associations of Colleges and Universities: full courses in all departments of a standardized college, including pre- medic, pre-law, pre-journalism, pre-engineering. Credits transferred are accepted at face in technical, professional and post- graduate schools. Strong faculty, fourteen buildingsg beautiful campusg spacious stadium. Total student enrollment l922-23, l260. Conservatory of musicg voice, piano, violin, pipe organ, har- mony, instrumentation. Fine Arts:---painting, sketching, decora- tion and illustration. School of expression:---Interpretation, dra- matic art. Bible College and College of education. All grades of teachers' certificates granted Phillips students on same basis as in state institutions. Clean athletics, boating, swimming in lake. Summer session opens May 26, continues eight weeks. Low ex- penses. Patronize your home college. Catalog sent on application. I. N. McCASH, President, University Station, ENID, OKLAHOMA ' ' ' W - - 1 - ' . A ' - '- ' ' - " "wwe-n'ra'rA'u'un :vnu-m'n'A'n'A Two Hundred S' ty-O I ,,.1nn1 1 1 1n1m.....nu1nu1,l1 15 .1 ....m.1.. 2.1 LT".I.c.",LiT:'t3 nm1uu..uu--uu1 1 1mu1nn-nn1on--nu..nn-mt1un..un-nn 71 First Methodist ffpiscopal Church OOO Chas. Wentworth Pastor M. E. Batten s. s. sum. L. Mae Jackson 1am1nn1,.u1u..1,I,,1U,1nn1..1gl1ll1,.n1,,q.1u.l ",',..i""3L"T.7fX211L11 ' 'TEJZZ Church Sec. "A Good Sunday Means a Better Dayv You are invited to participate in all the services of the Church n1,m1 1 1 1 ,1.,,41l...14.l.1lnl1 1 1. 111:11nn1nn.-m...m,1,,,,1,,,,1,m1nu1m THE t ' Deltafllpha Class FIRST METHODIST E i ieciao--union-nu-mt1-In-on-uu-utn1nu-uu1nn-un-.m- You're Surely Welcome to Dr. Lamerton,s EPISCOPAL CHURCH Class Appreciates the Young Life in T T Enid T E AT "MA K E G O O D 1" The First M. E. Church i'.:Z:1:1:1:2:J1:1:13:1:1:12:11::::::::::1::::1:::::::g2?I:::::IIL:T.T.I'LIIL:'L:':.T:'L':::.'::T.T:'L':.:::L: 5- WELCOME The Berean Class tt w E. H. S. .Students FIRST 5HeEHUReH V tt Epwortlz League HELP E VER YBODY IANDER Enom. hrhhhhhh For the Big Things ofLife First M. E. Church '--o-'-H- "-- --w-n-'-H- f"' - ---' -w-w'-w- "'f - IIII -H-i--f-'---'f-H--o-w-H--w- f-'- --"--M-'-n--"'---'--W-- fv-evra-Q-Rvfvrrwfefzma-f'w.mfvfw-fvwwz-Amhy E , ,1Q,...,..MM mazw-:ws 1 af1w:-,wvfs- 1-1yi+ffvf-wwetwfwff ,. . -ff1ffr't"P:'v':cffw:1:-f-gf- :iff - 3 -, NW' T TU' .1 m f 1 ,..h..,f,,..,.-, nn.-- .. 1.-,.,n.t,2.h.,Ec.,f ,E v. .f "h4,E...1.5. r.'..f..-.,:.e.n ' x " h.1.ea.-L1.. E' . V . .. ,, . ,,,. . . , . -,,.M,,,,,, ,,.....-. S' ty-T 1-nninninnxnnlnln--nni , 1 AK R. ,,,R,,,,,,-.,,,, ,,,,W,,.. Y Q .--f -Mm, ,V .,...f-,. 1-...1.,g.L.. .a,.,.A-.,.......1.x...,,,-.,....,..Z..Q:,,. ,..L-........,..,.,...NH ....w.f-- A -N..A , A ' tw j?Qg"..Lg'T,g1gQL21'3 .,.,.......-1 -. - W'-.Hn---fl r-f--114-,ffr-ref-1-xv-1-W, rn- wg-Us-:f-'Q''z':J'f-'-2-'rf'-"-r-wr-r '7:"f-ffrvf-f"" 1 A' A.,.....A, J.,,.,......,.,L.,-......,4QpY.uI5.Lm.x,..1.:.ir..w Www- f :+.wx4..:w,4.,.A,,44:,,q,:4?:,Qf,,Qi-.4u1.r-..g.,14.Q..f.,.....f.1L"L.J 1-g...L.z.f,.4X,4,m.42'h,,!n:.,w..,...,....., if , A . 1: 2 f- g 4 3' f I ' ' 1 . , , L X . . , E 51 . ri fs 5 I Z 5 J I ' 5 f i E , 1 I 1 3 1 ? 1 w 1 Q1 a ,. 3 f ' x . . . 1 li? 5, Z 3 . f , , f W: w f 1 I 1 13 1 I ' . , . 'M' ' :, 1 Nl . . ,.....v ., - . .., . ,. M., 4 .A - .- ..,.vqM,-... Af.,-.L NMW1 .--M -- - - fx-WM ww-fwzfff-r'-v1-v-f-f-v-f-fm-f'f'-"-'-f'f-'v'z-f'f'1-J'f1'fQfi?.fx V QaL'a1f?sf',4fYQYf1L,L4 1LfqZlLa.d4x4,. fL,!Cli.4,,Lj.3,LJ.:1..lZlai.1.1,,.fJ.,,g.,.m..A..Q..LL,.:.L1 Q1:f,v,1,.f.:..M v.A1.,..L,f A -,. 4 x K. ..-pm .-- :,,S+,.,.,,---W,J,,y12, L .,,, J, :,1::f,-:.A.:.-.- V- wi-V' --fi ff -ff'-2-if-V-'Y - -- ""' YSL:-f-1f""'1 A'"""Tf"u"f""'""1"' "A 'W' " "M" " Two Hundred Sixty-Three 924 9 sr Us i qu.-...-..... .... -...,-..,.- .... .-..- . ,.....,.....,... ... -M-in-.--nn-.. ---- --1-I--nu--m---1-H-se 1 1 i I Z 0 I 0 I University Hospital CORNER JEFFERSON AND RANDOLPH ENID, OKLA. YT 'l I A , :ill :i..:., . N ' ""1":::11 A EEEE1RE-R .J OZOROOOO .RO,ORLOR,O r up I . H5 -1-.1..A. .,..A.,.. 'A" 1 ' 1 1 1" - Q-- I ,,,' "":'1 I A.,.-'. ., . up NEA I '..- ,,v'1 OEENE ROR ".' i '21' I ..,. 'i'i' i :,1,. ,:,11 . .:--:1,,.::..,..1, O1.: :,:1A1: "" I THE UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL IS SCIENTIFICALLY EQUIPPED THROUGHOUT: FIRST-CLASS IN EVERY PARTICULAR. Its X-RAY and Pathological laboratories are the Very bestg prepared to make all kinds of laboratory exarninationsg Wassernf1an's typhoid and tubercular tests, as Well as preparing vaccines and serums. l I -T DARYL CHURCH, Superintendent MARY SWARTZ ................... Technician and Superintendent of Nurses ' ANNA MAY LINDELL .... ......... . ................... A nesthetist S. N. MAYBERRY ....... ..... C hief of Surgical Staff ' D. D. ROBERTS ....... ....... I nternal Medicine ' GEO, O. HARTMAN --- .......... X-:Ray Pathologist W. H. RHODES ...... ..................... E ye, Ear, Nose and Throat CONSULTING STAFF W. A. AITKEN, R, C. BAKER, P. 'A. SMITHE, L. W. COTTON, B. T. BITTING, J. T. POTTER J. W. BAKER W. B. NEWELL - PAUL B. CHAMPLIN J, W. FRANCISCO A 'n'a'A'A'Au'f4'ai'nwl'n'nh' Q' ' ' ' ' I " " 'iv -- fu-' -- - --if" "T 1 '. , ' K' 'W ww' 'iii' Two Hundred Sixty-Four 1 1 1 C A JD:?3::Q:3t:N i,kl M ,G ja' 531' 'ff' , 3q,n,v,u,v,v,v.v,qv,v Q! .nop v vp up s gg c spy vp cqv.v.!.vI ! A - lim: nu nn un-nn lm ll IW!! ' a o 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 11 1 1 11 I. 1 1 1 5 1 1 11 1 i in .51 5 11 11 1 11 i1 1 11 11 41 F1 11 11 115 111 I Y It E51 141 iii li' 35 111 l 1 W" E- 111, 1' ll5??i:'frf " H ' X , , - 1 o 'Q. o.l' ' 00 ' Q o 0 0 .0 l fo. Q 0 .01 , ' " n n ' 0 o' , 1,0 .0 Q o .0 ,.., . I O O Q L he 1 CYS 1 Hlg O . 1 i ! I L 1 1 1 l A4 ' 'ffifff - 1 T . f'ff'5f?QQ I .....- - - - .-.. ......,.-. ---- - - - - - ---1-1-3 1211141 f' BUEEQWQTA : .1 cmamfluur L '.-, 1 P.-I-.2fF:i'.'f,'.2.gfi1 I 1 : '- -cw -.'- 1-.,,.1: f:' 1- 4-.- H-111, :,,1:f5-1.-'- ' I 1 S 1 I 1 I 1 T 11 L il E N 1 D Q W i 1 ! ! !, a e e rezg . I 1 S v th F ' ht' l 'I' O 'O' I : ": -- :"E 2 af' .0 N... l . : 0 2 ' 0 c 00' 0 "u:! gin..-lm 111111111111 -- 11111111 11 111 1111 In-mf. 1 Two Hundred Sixty-Five ADVICE Learn to trim your finger-nails with your left hand, for some day you may lose your right hand. - NO CURE. Miss Buford: "When did you take that memory course you're always talking about?" Lou Williams: "I forget." THE REASON Mr. Vance: "Fat Fox got a job!" John Huston: "He did? Well, well, some folks will do anything for money? TIME OUT. Lecturer: "Now, on closing, let me repeat the words of the immortal Webster? Audine: 'KLand sakes, let's get out of here. He's going to start on the dictionary." NO? Long: HA dog in Chicago bit five people? - Short: "Was the dog mad?" Long: f'No, but the people Were." THAT'S DIFFERENT. Buzz: "The boss offered me an interest in the business today? Guzz: "Good! How's that?" Buzz: "He said if I didn't take an interest in it he would fire me? IMPOSSIBLE. Billy: "Has my friend been here today?" Merchant: "Yes: he paid and just Went out." Billy: "Paicl? That couldn't have been my friend? SUGGESTIVE. "Where is your mistress's maid?" , "Upstairs combing madam's hair." "And madame, is she with her?" BRIGHT. Thomas Richardson fin second period Economics classj: "Miss Buford, do you know what country has the longest day of the year?', Miss Buford: "No, I don't, what is it?" Thomas: "Most people think it's India, but in Italy every time you turn around you see a dago by." Two Hundred Sixty-Six f 1 M YA kk,, L W -WN -M , . .. . .. .e...eg,,,.,,... .. .-,......,,,.. .D - 'A Meg-gewvef 1.5: ,... .W ...Me . N.,-ww-Q-A--ef--f:few-f-ff-H ,vm .1-Y-'-M, N. .f:'1'ff.'Kf' J"7"?'C""'i'7"'7I,'f'l"i ..,3flffT1lf.E'.Z3fS4'fJ8."',ZZ.v+-?M lfmlE"y:-"T.. '52.K2..gf.f.b7 'if-.!'37-buf?-,'3,.m.m.:...,....Jv iAQ..a,x,.a.fxL:.-.1-4.Zf1fC71-.:v.A.e..9- --fd A.-. - f ' N..,.,...a4.,X..,,..?..,. ...o........,.,i,s i Y i 3 . 15.1 gif -'4-1, k X .......,......,,... - - - .. - .. .. - - .. .. ... - - .. - - .. -H...-n-un- .- -,,,-....-,,4. ,,m.f..1, I w z 47 .5 7 E 'L K, 53.231 5? I C2521 5 5 I I 2 , 3 I ,M I x 1 ' .14 KY. I 1, T :Ii I - ,:2 General Hospital 2 rye . v i H4 fn .1 ik ls fi .4 .,, x ModernEFireproofESaniiary i :M-2 u 2 Si! - iii I ..- X-.Ray Thoroughly Equipped Radium A V 1 :QV 1 Laboratory .f s Tl 'i L. R. DUNNING, SUPERINTENDENT i 5 ll, . I fi ENID CLINIC 5 7 DR. F. A. HUDSON, Surgeon DR. S. H. McE.VOY, Pathologist K i DR. W. E. LAMBERTON, General Medicine DR. J. H. HAS, Genito-Urinary 5 DR. JULIAN FEILD, Children's Diseases DR. W. KIEBLER, General Medicine ! DR. A. S. PIPER, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat E. E. CAREY, Technician T ig! PEARL LYNG BAKER, X-Ray Technician Qi A PHONE'v2'0T00,'-l43'4'0.T 1435 1 l E35 Tlllillllii IT T TllllTllIlTIlIITIIIIlIIIITIIIITIIIITIIIITIIIT TIIIIFZUIIIIUTI llllllllllllllllillllllllllllllll Ii T UTI'-1lI+ 5 1 i Q Two Hundred Sixty-Seven 'L 4' 2 Y I" vw' .v.v.v.v.v v v .vs U I. .U U U 1' P- -Q! 7 2112125 'ijt -TA 3 Al V4 1 fff:2lffQf'.x J . ' 1 a 2 . M.. -as Y l ' 5 A A 4 5 1 Mn, Qyklp Y '41 Two Hundred Seventy-Two ii. i r 4 I d P l

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