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Commandin Officer no July 1963 I5 July 1965 Lieutenant Commander George Purnell Brown was born 18 August 1930 in Oceanside, Long Island, New York and remained there until 1939 when he moved to Belleville, New Jersey. I-Iere his public education was completed after which he was appointed to the U. S. Merchant Marine Academy for four years. Upon graduation in August 1953 as a third mate and Ensign, U.S. Naval Reserve he occupied himself at odd jobs until entering the U.S. Navy in January as an Ensign, U.S. Naval Reserve. As an Ensign he served as First Lieutenant and later as Assistant Gunnery Officer aboard USS Harwood QDDE-8613 homeported in Newpoart, Rhode Island. In August 1955 he was promoted to Lieutenant gjunior gradey and later. that year was transferred to duty at Officer Candidate School, Newport Rho e Island as a weapons instructor. In 1957 he applied to be augmented into the U.S. Navy and was accepted in March of 1958. Upon becoming a regular he was transferred to the West Coast for duty as Engineering Officer aboard the ammunitigi ship 'esuvius QAE-153 homeported in Concord, California. In the same year he was it. After two years of service he was transferred to the amphibious Force to :er ab ard the USS Tioga County QLST-1158.3 promoted to Lieuten. duty as Executive O In 1962,,Lieuten ,Brov -mpleted his tour as Executive Officer and was assigned to the U.S. Navy Post Graduate iool, I erey, California for the one year science program. On 1 July 1963 Lieutenant Brown va' rom TW -Lieutenant Commander and on 10 July he assumed command of the USS Enhance in midd WESTPAC Cruise. On 15 July 1965 he was relieved by Lieutenan Stiersin the middle his st pp NESTPAC Cruise. I T ,- Commanding Officer as of I5 July l965 Lieutenant Commander Lawrence K. STIERS Was born 28 September 1933 in Nemaha, Nebraska I-Ie graduated from high school in 1952 and graduated from the University of Nebraska in 1956 with a B.S. in Chemistry Y He was commissioned Ensign from OCS, Newport, R.I. on 1 March 1957. After attending Electronic Maintenance Officers School at Great Lakes, LCDR STIERS reported aboard USS KOINER 6DE'R331j as Electronics Officer. On 1 September 1958 he was promoted to LT JC and became Operations Officer. In 1960 LCDR ST IERS was augmented into the regular Navy and 1ater?'that yealf he"Was assigned to USS RENSI-IAW QDDE499D as Operations Officer and Navigator. HE .vas fpffiiinoted to LT on 1 March 1961. February 1962 found LCDR STIERS assigned to the N2'i.vywSe3 ,.'iJ6n,'Mi1itarSf Assist ance and Advisory Group, Viet Nam until May 1963 when he attendedft Lf'., lgfggrg hate school. He grad uated from there in June 1965 with a B.S. in Engineering Electronii' asf iiedconimand of ENI-IANCE in July 1965 at Subic Bay, Philippines. He was promote -r October 1965 C1 ... ' .. . , .T ' r r . .. 1. ff -.f .2 73.157 ' 'A L, ..', 1 I css.. g ,. ., ,, , . Q H V , g Change of Command In Subic Bay, Philippine Islands, on a lovely and un- usually cool I5 July summer day, LCDR BROWN was relieved of command of Enhance by LT ST IERS. The ceremony was held on the fantail of Enhance amid colorful flags and flashing cameras. Commander Mine Division NINETY-THREE was present along with other commanding officers of Mine Division NINETY-THREE ship's officers and men of Enhance, and the wives of Enhance's executive officer and chief engineer. A re- ception was held on the foc'sle following the change of command ceremony. LCDR BROWN's next duty station was the Office of Naval Research. This Is The aptain Speakin TI-IIS IS THE CAPTAIN SPEAKING It was a long, arduous cruise. Eight and one-half months is a long time to be away from families and friends. It is also a long time to be away from this great coun- try of ours. By the accomplishment of our assigned jobs we helped to maintain free- dom around the world. What could be more important than that? The performance of you, the officers and men of the Enhance was outstanding. You met every challenge with an enthusiasm and dedication to duty which would make any commanding offi- cer proud to have served with you. To those of you going to new duty assign- - ments or civilian life, good luck. To you A old timers 'I look forward to our continued success in the months ahead. You have all truly lived up to the MSG motto- "Wooden ships and Iron Men." E ., Executive Officer LT T. L. JOHNSON graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, on 31 January 1962, with a B.S. in Business Education and a commission as Ensign, USN from NROTC. He was then assigned to USS FRANK E. EVANS gDD7545 where his billets included: Eire- control, First Lieutenant, CIC Officer and Communi- cations Officer. He was promoted to LTJG on 6 De- cember 1963. In November 1964, LT JOHNSON be- came Executive Officer of ENHANCE and was spot promoted to LT on 1 June 1965. On 1 December 1965, be received his permanent LT promotion. . .4--,Q .M 1: 11,22 qygi- . , T S Ami fsfi'-E. ,f 1 ,.. fi" " A-t 'ifi'3Yg'3T: ...wat Vt., I-JH, t"- 1 .Q M' 1' " fl ,.. , 1 ,.1Jf?'7 'Aint 'Y' ' ., X' v' I Gperations Officer LTJG A.P. DE RCCO graduated from the University of Washington, Seattle, Washington in June 1964 with a B.A. in Far Eastern Geography. Attending NROTC While at Wash- ington, he was commissioned Ensign upon graduation. After attending brief schooling in San Diego, Cali- fornia, LTJG DE ROCO reported on board the ENHANCE in August 1964. ln December 1965, he was promoted to LT JG. First Lieutenant LTJG J.R. EDMISTEN graduated from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska in February 1963 with a B.S. in Civil Engineering. Attending OCS, he was commissioned Ensign in September 1963. After graduating from the mine Counter- measures school at Charleston, S,C, LTJG EDMISTEN reported aboard ' ENI-IANCE in January 1965 as First Lieutenant. In March 1965, he was promoted to LTJG. Damage Control Officer Ensign S.C. LARSON graduated from California State Polytechnic College, San Luis Obispo, California in June 1964 with a B.S. in Industrial Engi- neering. I-Ie was graduated from OCS in December 1964 with the rank of Ensign. After attending various Navy schools, ENS LARSON reported aboard ENHANCE in March 1965 . as DCA. ENS LARSON was suddenly transferred to another ship in the division While returning from WEST- PAC. Engineering Officer LTJG H.S. TEMPLE graduatedfrom Miami University, Oxford, Ohio in June 1963 with a B.S. in Business. Attending OCS, he was commissioned Ensign in November 1963. After brief schooling in Charleston, S.C., LT JG TEMPLE reported aboard ENHANCE in February 1964 as En- gineering Officer. In May 1965, he was promoted to LTJC. - Operations Department Whether it be "bearing, range, CPA", "-. -,., -,, -", or "turn 090, closed up", this is the language of the Operations Department. From the radar antenna, high on the mast to the sonar dome deep in the hull, the Combat Information Center keeps its "eyes"' open for air, surface and underwater movements.5The Radio Gang and Electronics Technicians keep their "ears" tuned for the dits and dahs with a myriad of transmitters, receivers and teletypewriters, sometimes able to sean half the world with a vast Naval Communications network. While up on the open bridge as the quartermasters are busily assisting the navigator in selecting and setting down safe courses for passage, the signalmen are keeping a wary eye on the flagship, waiting for "the word" to be passed along 1122? Signal light, flag hoist and semaphore flags. Herein lies-the function of the Operations Department as pictured above, and that is basically to gather in all avail: ie information, digest it and deliver it to all areas of the ship, so that the ENHANCE may-knov' een, where and by what means her job is to be done. But least we forget those who bandage 0' "ds, cure our colds and soften our hangovers, and those who keep our service records, ar our pay checks and issue our mail, we must remember that the hos- pital corpsmen and -'e an essestial part of the Operations Department. These men of sick bay and the sh1p's X 1 more of the many teams that make up this varied organization, ,, commonly called Workd 5X K W N f, , WSVX' ,SV w .Ugg A f A Z 1,9 .g ,My W .. 'ww 47304--gw-......f,., A 455' ' if .J J. QW! f yr N V , ff 4 X4 N y N- X Deck Department t "Now away the motor whaleboatg single upg slack two, port cutter number two in sight - unfiredg anchor's-aweighg anchor's in sight, anchor's clear, anchor's secured and ready for seag all miner sweeping gear riding properlylf' Such is the language of the deck department, strange to the unini- tiated, but a friend and constant companion to members of the deck force. Since man first venturedito sea in ships, the skills of the mariner have remained a focal point with ' little change. Today's Boatswain's Mate encounters much the same tasks as did his predecessors, and quite a few more, since he is aboard one of the Navy's most specialized ships. It is the men of the Deck Department who practice these ancient, as well as modern arts of deck seamanship and minesweeping, yet find time enough to keep the ship looking smart in the traditional manner which 1. the mark of the Naval vessel. The Gunner's N is also an integral part of the Deck Department. He maintains our gun mount and small arms, 'a state of readiness for any emergency Deck work is, varied and 'clcllenging and if must be done to insure that the ship is ever read for' , . Y . .. heir primary mission - thcx 'eeping of mines. It is the backbone of this department, the seaman, w o keep usq ready to accornpkfish our mission. To be called a "Deck Ape", aboard minesweepers, is tru y an onor. g . as At Work 1 Engineering Department Just what part of the ship is the engineering department? As in all living things life begins and ends with the heart. A ship is a living activity the heart of which is the Engineering Department. Fuel oil' is the "life giving blood." Throbbing diesels and hot pulsing generators deliver life throughout the ship U means of electric cables and wires. Most things in life are taken for granted, but if one wouldbstop and think what life would be like Without the Engineering Department, one would only haveafto look a short Way back into history. In the days of sailing ships, poor sanitation, low water supplies, unattractive and repetitive food supplies, rather risky navigation, armament based on force rat.s.3r'i't'g. n skill, no means of communication beyond visual distance, poor lighting, no heat- ing or ventilation and slow speed were all the rule rather than the exception. In other words, giv- ing a ship a heart has rgade it a complex machine all the parts of which rely heavily on the heart. If the heart or the ship' cops "beating," the ship itself is "dead" in the water. Above are the Enhance men who keep this heart ope ting through long and strenuous hours of patrol, transit and exer- cises. . w i lem 1 'L an , 'W bi i 11' LU ri' WL, G L my I M... . ... .,, -.1 .. . . . .FAQ-f.,:,f.:-.,, ,....,.,,--M ,. ..,. .. . .,, Work ,- A Y ,-,. . . - f, XJ-, .. V.. .., , -,...,,.,..f..,..-.Q '----...,,,,,,.,mn ww f ww X -Nw,...,,,.. ...,,,,, .QSM WM.:-+7 Q 0 .i'5f'V'w:b- , E- ,MSU X vi f. .215 wifffgiii if-'s X'?vf-Ziff' . fc: 1 Wy, ALZLLF2 ,fig ::'uf'. Ir? X wr- -fm Y--.nm 91314 'QQ 1. 'Q5f342xg.,,-v Suppl i Department v As one anomymous and salty sage has philosophized: "there are few pleasures at sea other than to eat." Thus, the supply department is justifiably proud of thefhigh morale it helps to maintain aboard the ship. Service to other departments and helping to maintain the ship in a high state of material readiness are prime goals. Supply support aboard the ENI-IANCE has never been relegated to a secondary position. It is a pri mary function and it is given commensurate emphasis with the activities of other departments. To be a storekeeper fm, commissaryman QCS5, messcook, or repair parts petty officer in the ENHANUE denotes a usy, purposeful, "squared away individual" who is forever engaged in "the Wonderful world of supply". . .1 u I x, .. . My as I 'Vi vf i..-., --.f-.3-.-W. , ,Qlgw -q.'1, - ' , ., mg.. , - . . . . - -W--5 . r r:'c::. 1' '1'rlf'f'i ff", ' ' ' ' ' ' A ' Work YQ X Z ff W X X ,M 2 W, , A f SQ . W- YN my Q 4 f v s W 1 JW ,,,,...,, ,, V G wa-:umX,,,,Jw.x.,,4,,,,,05:M i -1 fr f 4 X' ' wwf ' ' " i7V'32fi,w.w k W Nw J, QQ , pf- X fm ff sill nl , .RIA ,.L..'.'- 15 Llpnderwa From Long Beach l April Sth, after 4 days notice, the Enhance, along with the other four ships of Mine Division 93, leaves our loved ones be- hind and begin our deployment. The crew takes tender care of the portable fuel cell, "the blob" as it will be with us for a long time Calm Weather greeted us when we left Long Beach but didn't stay with us for long. After a brief stop in Pearl I-Iarbor our course was set for Guam, via Johnston Island and Kwa- jalien Islands. , gmail' - if if . 45, Mimi' 5 A J' I J P56352 Enroute nd EnPort Guam The journey from Pearl Harbor to Guam is long - especially if there is not enough r water for showers. Our evaporators were "broke", Many times the ship broke forma- tion to get under rain clouds. On this leg also many of the crew found out what "sea bats" looked like. Our stay in Guam was lengthy - for our Interim Dry Dock period. The crew Worked hard and played hard. We had a ship's party and on another occasion several men were initiated to higher rates. ' Cn Patrol Leaving Guam for Subic, we ran into what later turned out to be Typhoon 'TAMY". After a Very brief stay in Subic the division split up and each Went to a different area of Market Time Patrol in Viet-Nam. Our mis- sion was to stop and search sea traffic along the coast. Aircraft helped us find contacts to search. 0 2 dd Vietnam Then the hoarding party would be called away and the boat put into the water. The .30 caliber machine-guns would be manned. We would either go after contacts in the motor whale boat and place the boarding party aboard, or We would bring the Contact alongside the fantail for inspection. We had only one cas- ualty in two long patrols - a sprained toe! s 1 Port Cf Hong Kong ,,.,..... ff' .9 ENHANCE spent a Week in this famous "Pearl of the Orient" and the crew en- tastic savings on purchases, many sights to see and a ty- phoon evasion sortie were the routine of the day. joyed every minute of it. Fan- Enroute io Comes After a long and not too smooth journey, ENHANCE and the rest of the division arrived back in Long Beach on 14 December 1965, in time for Christmas in the states. There were many times we thought that day would never come. ' i 'A Yoernan HAIR is initiated into the ranks of POl. ROMANO, ENl, received letter of commen dation from Captain STIERS. 1 Yi In Advancements VAN WINKLE, RMSN and COOPER, RM3, are advanced to RM3 and RM2 respect- fully. Captain STIERS presents. HAIR, YNlg HAYNES, lC2g BERCHILD, RD2g GRAY, RD3g CROFT, EN3 and LEMON, ET N3 after their promotion. ind Awards SULLIVAN, EM3, is presented with the "White Hat of the Year Award". GRAY, RD3, his "third class crow" and his first cigar. CROFT, EN3, reenlists for "six" under the STAR program. I-IUFF, QMl, presented with letter of Commendation and a Good Conduct Award by Cap- tain BROWN. WALTER, SFP3, presented with a letter of Commendation by Captain STIERS. 4 People oi People Boys will be boys where! ENHANCE was fortunate to be assigned a People-to-People visit in Cebu City, P.I. Where the crew Was treated "royally". Filipino nurses were a pleasant sight .... even as they took 39 pints of blood from ENHANCE sailors in our messdeoks. Filipinos touring ship - H , ,mf 1. - . f' T CX . . A f Jvfrgr' Visitors chow time , T3 A truck load of volunteer Workers left by Rruclt .... to paint a Wayward boys home, called 5 Friendship Home", -x . wav ,sf -1 xr., WX, E. 1 . I Project ?Handc asp" 1 Majcher and J ansky enjoy getting the pop- sicles out of Subic's cool reefer. Project "Handclasp" is a program initiated by the U.S. Government to give aid to persons in foreign countries. ENHANCE picked up books, toys, candy, and popsicles in Subic Bay, P.l., ,and supplemented' this with their own dona- tion of clothes and blankets, to do their part as Seventh Fleet Handclasp Messengers of Goodwill. llo llo May thanks Cap- tain Stiers for the Handclasp material. llo llo city officials look on. Handclasp Workers unloading truck and loading ENHANCE 353111135 islibmlxgFig-Q1551Ti1iUg1u1Zg2dh01m POSG affel' Piflking "C' l Project School House Project "School House" is a Philippine Naval Communication Station inspired idea to spon- sor Philippine children through high school. ENHANCE is presently supporting two Philippine girls through high school. The following letter was received from "our" high school girls: "Thank you very much for the wonderful thing you have been doing for us. You know, l'rn one of the fortunate girls under your sponsorship. You are very kind. l shall not forget it. l trust you will continue what you have been doing for poor children like us. Would you care to hear some- thingabout me and my life in school? I am in the first year, section A. l am l3 years old. I belong to a class of 34. Mother Seraphica is our principal. She is a real mother for us. Rev. Pr. Walshe is our director. He is also the Parish Priest in our town, San Felipe, Zambales. We have eight subjects. I prefer most of the eight subjects. Goodbye now. Please extend my thanks to the rest of your family". X fw- YAP' Y f . rl U S Ph: :ppme Mmex Mme D1v1s1on 93 and the Ph111pp1ne Mme Force conducted a Jolnt Mme Countermeas ures Exerclse m the Panay Gulf off Mlndoro P I It was the flrst mme durmg our deploy ment that the d1v1s1on operated together Wlth the Phlllpplne MSC S We cleared both a Moored and an Influence mlnefleld vfvwn Sports la .- . M. nn., a l During our deployment sporting events were a major diversion for shipboard per- sonnel. ENI-IANCE had an outstanding soft- ball team Which ended the season with lO wins and no losses. HAIR, YNl, our pitcher was the team's "mainstay". 28 . K K Y E sy. Uno , f, ' L Sports 4 i' X , 6.3 Basketball, ,fo o t b all, and swimming rounded out our sports program. Our bas- ketball team put up a good fight every time, but our "sea legs" let us down. Cur only win was a match between ENHANCE and a Philippine MSC. Our football team faired somewhat better, winning four of five games within the division. Swim call, either off the ship or at one of the Various beaches, would always find ENHANCE sailors "a1l wet". 1 , num .ann Enhance A This is where we work. Doc Oliver and Abbott, BMl commence new rate ini- tiations in Guam. Our Recreati on center gxgissgu Tomlinson, SM2 models the Working iniform of the day off Vietnam. i Work And P ay Alright Campbell, back in your hole! Oh no .... , it's my turn to take 'er in. 1. N A Q , , . . . l And in this lil, bottle We have the Cure for all P1 unette bearmg 320, pos1t1on angle ..... ,l Your troubles .... N ul 31 Gentry, SN spends his spare time as so many others do, writing home. Abbott, BMl, Rosendahl ETN3 and Culley SN are wondering if they are really that thirsty? Enhance A w wk ' ' 5 "Wel1,...At least I'm cool!" So claims the Exeo,-y Chief Engineer Temple tells Haynes, IC3, "Don't tell me the Bos'n locker is out of water line." N X 24 'Q t 57 ww ft skis V . xw x sq - ' x 3 5 Q it , 7 f ' , sy 'I fm is Q we f , , V457-',av4q t 35, 7 ' 1. ff- ' jzzffz 'eqsyf W X . I Afh ,ft 1 W i X J' X N' wi? ,, ,fs-1 Work And Pia f ,lp , 2 t as is Tomlinson, SM2 typifies the Enhance sailor at work So Happy! Relaxing at Gab Gab Beach in Guam. Fireman Crabtree takes pictures of his favorite pastime - food. Our Vietnamese Liason Officer assists First Lieutenant, CO and XO in deciding Whether a Vietnamese junk is sus- picious enough to warrant boarding. I I , X f 4 Zh ,f X Q if lvff 5 2, ,if 4 I 1. My al ,.,,', ' 'f .7 ' ... - zinawi Enhance At , 5 V f , ' f are 0 i fwwgf ,Mx i, ,Wy More Relaxation at Gab Gab Beach Left to right ' "GEEEEE..., onct I culdn't even spel enguneer, and . , I !" Walters, Captain Brown, McQuary, Bent, Berchild, HOW 3.I'6 WOI1 XO, Chief Engineer, DCA and Wiseman. Chief Hunter couldn't find a green Beret, so he got the next best thing - an Australian Bush Hat. The "Bush Hat Craze" was on. 3 y 1, ff-fa, t , k FW X "Look I can Fly, I can Fly!" Fitzpatrick FN, Gray RD3 and L,V, Green EN3 go through their quarterly physical fitness ritual. Work And Play za ' 551 f f Quartermaster Huff and Electrician Bishop watch as Radioman Long demonstrates that the foot is quicker than the eye. Radioman Cooper is used to Long's "tricks." Second class petty officers take Navy Fleet Wide Exams in the Wardroom: Rodriguez, Carmichael and Tomlinson. rffef Two proud Enhance sailors pose after receiving Good Conduct Awards: Stalker, ENl to the left and T amplin, BMI to the right. 2 An underfed Green Beret. Brizendine, SN. I I, IZ Enhance A Chief Master-at-arms Hunter Thegbetter side" of the exec conning alongside USS Lea er. "It's about time you guys Washed your feet." Berchild, RD2 and Tomlinson, SM2 make good use of a rain squall. What better place to pause for a rest, but on Baumgartner's huge shoulder. MMM N x WM ,ww .fif rm, VJ : ..-, -V . ..:. I Q .. f Z L "Heh, Heh, anybody have any toilet paper?" Radar man Gray makes like a tree house. fi Q3XxW"Sf VASVFWW' f 5 sw, NM? Vg Un, I sf, my, -sf , My 2 W1 X if Fw if s ff' Qi 'fi' ' X ' WR. fx" fc, A , Q.. as sf!Q:.Q9f ,G X , 3 "and then there was the time off Vietnam when the steward brought in Hot Farina instead of Grits ........ " Ops Officer DeRoco relates a sea story. Work nd Play Yeoman Hair listens as Fronczak, DC1demonstrates his new ability to whistle. Engineman Kellogg joins the signal gang for some hot sun and "shore stories." Baumgartner and Flanagan, SM3 are on the right, SM2 Tomlinson is on the extreme right. Enhance At Fireman Crabtree repairing a main engine. We l The way third class Engineman Kellogg dresses for Watch you'd think it was hot in the enginerooms. Radiomen Long and Cooper discuss with their Ops Officer such worldly problems as the "heat," upcoming Op-Sked, and how much beer is left while relaxing at Gab Gab Beach. 'ivumaswwfmla WWW 5 gf - A f QW yi' ' L z . , :Iv Aix! ,- Romano, the ship 's leading engingzma ad assistant to the ship's cook, makes himselffa "i ot dogs for lunch at Gab Gab Beach. .1 X 38 "Maybe we'll get some breeze up on the foc'sle." Radarman Wadholm, Seamen Blalock and Campbell, and Boatswain Mate Robinson relax at the end of a day's work. ork And Play Two "Veterans" pose at the heigth of the "bush hat craze." As soon as I fill in this log that There's nothin' goin' on, I'11 lock up Combat and return to my sunbathing. 'L .l Z' v I 17' 5. - , .5 - ' Departmental I- i?ng?Cofmrades-in-arms: Boatswain Mate T amplin, Ionian' Long and Engineman Hunter. QNote: T arnpli' Jng with Ens Larson and other mem- bers of Enhancc boarding team, appeared in.August 65 issue of Life Lgazine in an article covering Navy Ops off Vietna' Enhance A This is what cooks do after spending the majority "Pirate Party" on local Vietnamese Island Qfar from of the night cooking "mid-rats," pies, cake, bread - V1Qt C0118-5 T0m1iHS011, Rosendahl, R-E. Gfeefl, Hurd etc. Right, Perry? Hair and XO all agree: "This Vietnamese beer tastes very much like soda pop!" A. R-B Gfef?I1, Brizendine and Firem 'Hogan wonder if the O02 is going to mind they'rei 15 ying poker while on watc . "Gentry that's a pig not a cowg you can't milk pigsl' 'f if r sw TE! X W . Wm And Play Enhance sailors hard at Work off Vietnam Coast. Sullivan, EM3 stands taught Watch on "the board" in forward engine room. Seaman Culley relaxes with a harmonica .ua x ,nvtssma Chief Electrician Hendrix, relaxes in Chief's Quarters after hard day'egi ark. 1 Nothing better than sitting on a rock in the middle You wou n t e ieve me 1 o y of an island in the middle of now-where watching class gunner's mate with years and years of Navy those "silly Enhance sailors" chase after lizards. experience had never seen a "sea bat!" ' Sure, lizards are very good food." So exclaims the leader of the Vietnamese fishermen who demon- strated to us how to catch a lizard. 'Newman ff .X k 'U',f , 4 P V, .HAM ' "z,x.z"'c 4 . , , " it N? QM -V -wil Q-0 R, - , ff qi , Wt f, A Wk. - 1 f ,ew f' c- -t. , if ,, 1, M Wsynkg-3, WQX - t' .fit .M,Wam,,g,y,,9 ,,,, 'Wm vm 1,55 , ,..:t ' , K vz 2 ' ,, ', W f f J .c I 2 of , , f , , , if f rw 1, - H fy,W5:,,sf,2 W ff if 4W'j0 W x ff , f 1 of X 1 X X W T Af? K X, 'Z WX:-TZ f I , ,1 , we f X f, K. , I , V K ,W . , If QWWQ, WV? ff X- ff Q A h X. , ful.. ff f,'.-'W HW. , '4 I wh .5 x, J If '1 K I .W My ,V Z: 5 , ...ei jV,7,'y,:,,f0 U, 5 in VV 1 .QQ M I ' A 2252131 lil ,X 1,150 ' A X' :Ns 7, ' - M f X f f' f X 75 N f iff A - ' f rw f ffl gs- 'i ,-Sway, ff ,wwf f' M -A X , 1 5 f . K W , '-'fl tml, f fffks' X244 .mmf p W f -rm . MN'-. sw fwmfgswff -aw, MNA fs V Mi W 1 . at ff Af 4 sg is ff, 70 ,Q h .5 ZW ,M . ,. ,W gs: . i ' ff i ZWZA.-WQZZV , ff Q Nf f x, p l . , ,,.., J ' 'Ziyi-NW' 7 5' is Ii' " '. ' l ' l 7 X '4 f, ffm-if fd. ,- f - ' , .W -afras IAM, - M ,I ,W ,1,,, .f f. VW ares, X-,IM ,I ,rf p W,-,.:5,,f,f If-ge 5 it , ya W , JW ,Q f - ,ya W .sy gf Q ,., f 'WS f' fwyfwe-'I' ,,,ltfi! ' g-J, ,f ,zf'f' - ' flaw ww 'N ,, .ffvfffffffyff Fw f 'n LW , V fwvfzfx' as-we in r 5 At X J ----- S , 411 -- 1,+fz7,Qsfn' -.Af f ff X' Y f , W, mx. NW ,, ff- AG M 2' ff, 4 ff .. , ,fwiw f' 1f ,... ,"f,if , -vig' -L is ,f w ff 09212.72-Dba.: LY 153-341,- .... We-ffv,y,, f' t fx: 4 Zffwvwf wwf' V wzny,:.f,::Q .f Q ws W, .. -K 1, Off, tt, ,Q66:-Q,-'gf--'QAM QW, gag ,4f' f1Q'f,3:.wgw . f' 'fd 3 '74 t 3,21 L it , y ' J B 4 5 ff? xfg xr . WA X 2 ., if ' if! mi?-'Nu 2? of, W , ilwy -fiis, f X , V. W S QBTWSZ WA' dm' . .X WAS HY different pieces of equipment around the ship so that they don't fall overboard So explains second class Bos'n Mate Carmichael W V Work An P ay Second-Class Engineman N. D. Green stands after en- Seamen Almond and Majcher and Fireman Mettinger tell gineroom Watch. the folks at home of their latest experiences. Signalman Sloan stands a "squared away Quaffefdeck Watch." "Well, the food's alright, and the pay is goodg I don't even mind the mid-watehes. But, it's the Way everyone picks on me. For example, I get served Farina instead of Grits." Enhance Second Class "Railroadman" Berchild supervises Work on the fantail. - Radioman Cooper and Electronics Technician Lemon relax in the cool of the evening on the foc'sle. L A game for "High Stakes" in the Enhance "Golden Nugget Sa oon." From left to right: Jansky EM3, Kellogg EN3, Perry CS3, Crabtree FN, and Advincula SD3. 1 ,--7 , 'Some of the "Brass" joins the crew at Gab Gab for a few beers. Commodore Hull, Commander Mine Divi- sion Ninety Three, is second from the left. To his left is Captain Anderson of the Excel and Captain Stiers. Q X . cr Work And Play Chief Hendrix relaxes and contemplates the work at hand. . X 4' . ,:. W S fa' QW f sw ' S Arif QHRQ Q Q ,X f Q , - -N11 fa ff ' f 5 N, I fy - V , . . W X ,,,,,..sffW, lm 1 4, X, y . ., t Q Z K . 04, my fwa,..,A,sX4:w.,s W a4.W,,,M,,:W , Wx , V fx X, X X ,gag yw wzgywf S wiv o M A ,sw 0. WWWWMX X, W NMA wf i awfs-WWW-sw-+fffm 5 wwf. WWWWW' f W s,,Nwf,w-awww Wmwwwswn N , Bos'n Mate Tamplin helps the OOD as he stands Junior Gfficer of the Deck Watch. Seaman Baumgartner trys his luck while several of the Enhance crew in the left foreground watch. Seamen Campbell and Blalock relax on the foc'sle. nhance A THE BLOB. Engineman Croft "babies" our blob full of fuel. . More relaxation at Gab Gab Beach in Guam. First Lieutenant receives ins ations from CO and XO, "A Capella." Fireman Pasch watches as Radarman Gray and Electrician Fitzpatrick "force themselves" to work up to "5O run-in-places." Work An P ay Engineman Romano wonders why Words are going in one ear and out the other. Chief Hunter helps. "But Sloan, you have to turn the switch before the light will work." S new Seaman Baurngartner and Blalock hard at work again. Here's the evidencej Qhear Radioman Long tell it, this fish was five fee mg and had two inch teeth. ff Q-., Work And Ia Sonarman Martinez stands a sweltering watch in Combat off Vietnam. Signalman Flanagan brings his Visual Communications log up to date. , fa. 6' 'WW M ' f X V . Z , ,, C Q M V 4 i , ,C f Y? - s , I, l I-w 'v ' W -li, 9 , gixyw x , vw W - 55210 f ,f NV ' 1 X . f, QW , wnW f To QQ i xi, X X W W! 5 WWW W.' ,, pmt ,nf ff. 'X pf 1 I ,uf t so X W Q QW' . L ' 'X Ks? t f , ,gmfia 'hw M -,,,,. ,V f , , C.1'15i5fWo,' N 5 Z if 1? VUL -' ,W Q K1 ,o - X Q 7 , Af 1 f f 6 Most of the Enhance sailors saw this side of LTJG DeRoco sometime during the cruise. Mr DeRoco did most of the photography for the cruise manual He also helped assemble the final product LTJG 'lfemple was in charge of putting this cruise book together He put in many long hours assembling and organizing the material l, that you have just finished reading. As you can see, he has com pletely exhausted himself as a result. A E I .fir I - Ei 355 8689 , , ' " ' v if '.. I . , --A x-.'w,u1nr ax1vx4 nah' . . 5'x,:':q'. v

Suggestions in the Enhance (MSO 435) - Naval Cruise Book collection:

Enhance (MSO 435) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 5

1965, pg 5

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1965, pg 23

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1965, pg 26

Enhance (MSO 435) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 42

1965, pg 42

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1965, pg 36

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