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CLASS OF 1988 Jean H. Abellard Jean B. Abraham Fabian R. Aguillon Raymonde Alcindor Ida M. Alicea Emmanuel Armand Ferry Armand Glenda L. Badillo Bounthavy Banthoulivong Megan Bates Steven Bell Moise Benjamin Reginald Benson Sharon D. Black Michelle M. Blaine Amos Blanc Berthilde Bouloute Mariewisline Bouloute Francesse Bouquet Marie F. Bouquet Rene G. Bowden Dorothy C. Bowers Shelby Bowling Marjorie Brazier Dawn T. Brooks Jacob U. Brown Lynda N. Brown Mia K. Bullard Matthew P. Burke Arlena Burton Gaetane Cadet Natalia R. Camacho Gerineldo Castillo Rolflyn R. Cazeau Brenohaire Cesar Marie G. Charles Jean Chavannes Dan Van Chu Santiago Cirino Emeline Cleophat Ernst Cleophat Anjanette Clinkscales Steven E. Cokley Michelle Content Carlos E. Cora Marisol Cordero David Council Wanita A. Creech Jennifer Crenshaw Shannon D. Crim Angela R. Crosson Laura M. Crowe Eurosia Cruz Regine Daleus Tammy Daughtry Marie L. David Beverly Davis Shari Davis MichelineA. DeCarolis Mary DeClements Andra E. DeCosta Christian G. DeCroce LuisN. DeLeon Michael Desmond Alma N. Diaz Joaquin Diaz Dionne L. Dixon Peter W. Donnelly Sheila E. Duncan Gervlvne Duplessy Grace A. East Nelcie Ecclesiastre Jacques Edouarzin Pamela R, Edwards Pierre E. Erilus Daneir R. Evans Shawn E. Farrar Michelle Fawcett Pierre L. Fede Maria D. Figueroa Anne E. Fletcher Pamela G. Fletcher Carline Fleuriot Sonia R. Forbes Arlene S. Foster Jacqueline French Benito Garcia Janet Garcia Anne M. Gates Janny Gedeon Job Georgeon Vania Germain Mussie Ghile Amenia P. Givens Jacky Givens Michael I. Golden Jennifer P. Goss Eric J. Grace Andree Gramont Mirta Guzman Shalise A. Hammond Alexa Hargrove Anglovell Harmon Dionne Hayman Digna G. Henriquez Yadira I. Henriquez Luz I. Hernandez Corey L. Hinton Tracey A. Hinton Racheal M. Hummel Michael Jackson Berthonia M. Jean Brunie Jean Moise Jean-Baptiste Yola K. JeanGeorges Jean C. Jean-Gilles Cindy Jefferson Gary Jemeison Henrieta Jendrzin Pascal Jeudi Joel Jocelyn Samuel Jocelyn Bobby L. Johnson Marcus Johnson Rory A. Johnson Sophia B. Jones Denise M. Joseph Kattia Joseph Marie B. Joseph Marie F. Joseph Yves Joseph CimaMichelle Joshua Judith Josue Cinotte Jovin Terri L. Judge Elouse Jules Ermene Jules Shea R. Justice Maureen Kelly Deondre Kennard Belinda M. Kindell Tabitha N. King Brian G. Knight Jordan N. Knight Marie C. Labathe M. Marjorie Laguerre Maguy Lahens Jean G. Lamarre Kasia B. Lapier Jean M. Lapommeray Eugenie Lawson John H. Le Rosemarie Leddy Sanon Lezeau Morgan Lieberman Kettly G. Lorfils Josette Louis Marie C. Louis Gina Louissaint Reginald Luly Sabrina Maddrey Michael Madera Virna Marquez Phillip E. Marsh Maurice Marshall Jesse J. Martin Francis M. Martinez Yevonda Massey Gary Mathis Edward Mayo Tanis D. McAfee Lissa McGrotty Bruce Medina Norma J. Miles Rodelbert Milfleur Astyanax Mistivar Nina R. Mitchell Kettelyne Moise Wolster Moise Carlos Molina Louise Monde Miriam N. Monges Law rence Moor Mary L. Morales John Morehouse Lisa A. Morgan Eric Moriello Eddy Morisset Renee Morisset Charlotte L. Moser Yvette M. Mosley Hugo D. Munoz Gregory K. Murphy Evena Nazaire Christine Nelson Mao Net Marice P. Nichols Stephonay Nichols SonjaNissen Dean A. Noel Mirlande Noel Jamel Oates Faries R. Odom Thomas M. O’Keefe Monica Orr David Ortega Belkys Oviedo Beatriz Panameno Anne F. Payen Paula F. Pearson Ana M. Perez Lorenda F. Perkins Tracey Perkins Nadine Petit Yvrose Petit-Frere Edith Pierre-Louis Lesley A. Pierre-Louis Mackinzie Pierre-Louis Mario Pimentel Amparo Pina Anthony L. Pina Christine Price Laura D. Purvis Jose A. Quiles Royfeal Ramnarain Luz J. Ramos Shawnette D. Reed Ketsia Remy Xiomara Richemond Angel D. Rios Joselito Rivera Luis F, Rivera Conrad Robinson Carmen M. Robles Leticia Y. Rodriguez Sheila Sablon PeterS. Samson Margarita Santiago Antonia Santos Gabriel J. Severino April L. Siraco Lisa A. Siraco Krzysztof Sliwinski Lisa R. Smith Paul F. Smith Lillian Y. Spencer Lynn M. Spurr Ermann Sully Gustavo A. Suncar Winfield M. Swarr Desie C. Sweeney Christopher Sylvester Otilia R. Tejeda NadegeN. Theronier Nichole A. Tyler Vivian Valdez Magalie Valentin Dionicia A. Vargas Nancy Vega James Verderico Marizol Vides Bruno Vital Khamkeo Vongviengkham Singkham Vongviengkham Christina Walsh Frederick J. Whitehead Angela Williams Cassandra Williams Debra Williams Elizabeth A. Williams Sherman Williams Andrew Witunsky Amonethepha Xayavong Bereket Yohannes Kibreab Yohannes Kimberly A. Young Patricia C. Young Paul Ysmeriant AMERICA ' S OLDEST PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOL THE ENGLISH HIGH SCHOOL 77 AVENUE LOUIS PASTEUR BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS 02115 617-738-6300 THE ENGLISH HIGH SCHOOL ALMA MATER Air: “Maryland, My Maryland” Alma Mater, tried and true English High, our English High; Oft our hearts shall turn to you English High, our English High; Should e’er the laurel wreath be mine, I’ll lay the honor at the shrine. Our hearts, our hopes, our prayers are thine, English High, our English High; Men may come and men may go, English High, our English High; Yet in deep and peaceful flow, English High, our English High; Shall thy stream of learning wide. Through the ages grandly glide, Ever to thy sons a pride, English High, our English High. 2 r. i . :j j mmmm - " Lift Every Voice and Sing " Lift every voice and sing Till earth and Heaven ring. Ring with the harmonies of liberty; Let our rejoicing rise High as the list ' ning skies, Let it resound loud as the rolling sea. Sing a song full of the faith that the dark past has taught us; Sing a song full of the hope that the present has brought us Facing the rising sun Of our new day begun, Let us march on till victory is won. Headmaster: Sidney W. Smith Yearbook adviser and photographer - Carl R. Zidel Senior Class advisers: Marilyn Keenan, Doreeen Waishek 3 i ■ y. ■ ■ k i ' j 4 HEADMASTER ' S MESSAGE Dear Class of 1988, As I sit here, about to write my farewell note to you, I can ' t help but think about the many, many experiences we ' ve shared over the past four years. Most of us entered English High School for the first time, together, in September of 1984. You entered as young, impression¬ able, overwhelmed ninth graders. I entered as an anxious, excited, overwhelmed, first-time Headmaster. I don ' t think that any of us knew quite what to expect, and I suspect that each of us has experienced surprise, joy, anger, excitement, confusion and fulfillment over the course of our four years together. I know that I ' ve experienced the very best four years of my life, and I have you to thank for that. While I reflect on our four years together, I can ' t help but think about how proud of you I am, and how very much I ' ll miss your presence in the building. You are the very first graduating class I ' ve had the opportunity and pleasure of spending a full four years with. That means a great deal to me, and that makes you very, very special people. Just as I have fond memories of the past four years, so too do I look to your class to provide me with great pride in the years to come. Your education has really just begun. Whether or not you go into college, you have much to learn and experience in the years to come. You will play significant roles as workers, as husbands and wives, as parents and as citizens of whatever community you settle in. You will be responsible for the health and well-being of your families and your communities, as well as yourselves. Your futures will be as exciting and as productive as you allow them to be, and this will be a reflection of how much work and c aring you ' re willing to invest in making your lives as fulfilling as possible. I hope that we ' ve done a more than adequate job of preparing you for the challenges to come. I know we ' ve tried our best, but it ' s now up to you. Though I ' m excited, I am also a little bit afraid. I know you can make it. I know that you ' re talented, worthwhile, beautiful people. I know you have the capacity to make us proud. But, I also know that the road ahead of you is extremely rough, and I know that many who have preceded you have stumbled or fallen along the way. I am excited for you, but I also fear for you. I pray that you have the strength, the fortitude and the support to succeed. It will not be easy, and you must make it, but you have to believe that you are as wonderful and as capable as you really are. In closing, I thank you for all you ' ve given me over the past four years. You ' ve enriched my life and given it meaning. I hope that, in some small way, I too may have contributed something to you. I love all of you. I ' ll miss you. Make me proud! Go with pride, go with respect and go with determination! Sidney W. Smith Headmaster Fabian R. Aquillon Joudette Arisme Emmanuel Armand Ferry Armand Glenda Luz Bounthay Sabrina Badillo Banthoulivong Bass Megan Bates Amos Sharon Blanc Black Steven Bell Michelle Blaine 6 Berthilde Bouloute Marie France Bouquet Francesse Bouquet Dorothy C. Bowers Shelby Bowling Brown Dawn Brooks Jacob V. Brown Linda N. Brown Mia Arlena Bullard Burton Rolflyn R. Cazeau 7 Fabian Aguillon Swimming Sports, Music, Dancing To become a singer Mr. Smith Fabian Aguillon Joudette Arisme Emmanuel Armand Glenda Badillo Student Government Yes Dancing, eating, reading B.C. To finish college to major in communications My Mom Bounthavy Banthoulivong Washington Irving Middle Sports, basketball Wentworth To be a special person Micheal, Vicky, Danny and Mr, Smith Sabrina Bass Charles E, Mackey Cheerleading Dancing, skating Bunker Hill Community College To be a computer operator My daughter Shanae Glenda Luz Badillo Bounthay Banthoulivong Sabrina Bass ,, 1 Michelle M, Blaine William Howard Taft Softball, library helper Writing Award, art award, and literature award Music, parting, travel, friends Art Institute Fort Lauderd ale, Florida r have all the happiness and access Me ' ? ISmmmk m. Amos Blanc Soccer, swimming 1985 - 1986-1987 Watching T.V. Boston University Go to college Cerrvlyne Duplessy Sharon Black O.W. Holmes Math Club Every term Reading Syracuse To be a good business woman and lover My sister Sylina Michelle Blaine Amos Blanc Sharon Black 8 Ferry Armond S. Lewemberg Middle Soccer Music Lowell Civil Engineer My girlfriend Ferry Armand Megan Bates Meg! English Honors Reading, clubbing, acting Attention B.J. Emerson Actress, of course! Mom Henry Malfeo Megan Bates Steven Bell Basketball Sports, music, glls, and my son Salem State To have my own business My mother and little Steven Steven Bell Berthilde Bouloute English High French Club Read a magazine Bunker Hill Secretary Joseph Junot Bouloute - father Berthilde Boulaute Shelby Loren Bowling Theodore Roosevelt Middle School Student Council, Senior Committee Shopping, Parties To attend college and further my education My parents Jonas and Lavina Cunningham, Elvis Odium, Lorna Bowling, Ms. Larkins Shelby Bowling Trina Ardel Brown Thomas J. Kenny, Oliver Wendell Holmes Traveling, driving, singing. drawing, male companion Boston Business To be an executive secretary and to reach the top of the business field. me, for trying and showing myself that it can be done. Marie France Bouquet Janas Augustin Dance Bunker Hill Community College To be a nurse My mother Francesse Bouquet 1986-1987 Singing Undecided Engineering My mother Dorothy Bowers Clarence R. Edwards Basketball, Student Government, Early Scholars Program Freshman + Senior Basketball, reading, movies A prestigious black college To become a successful black woman Minister Luis Farakan Marie France Bouquet Francesse Bouquet Dorothy C. Bowers Dawn Brooks William Howard Taft Student Council throughout school until High School Reading, skating, and socializing Northeastern University To become a success in whatever field I pursue. My mother, Vivian Brooks, Dionne Elizabeth Hayman Lynda N. Brown Donald McKay School Listening to music Once Upon A Time Mr. Smith Dawn Brooks Jacob Brown Lynda Brown f 0 ' ■ WJ; Mia Bullard P.F. Gavin Perfect Attendance Computer Secretary My mother and my father mk f j Trina Brown Mia Bullard Arlena Burton Rolflyn Cazeau Brenohaire Cesar Jr. Marie Gigi G Cittarles Ernest Cleophat Jean M. Chavannes Emeline Anjonette Michelle Cleophat Clinkscales Content Carlos Cora Marisol Cordero David Council Wanita Creech Jennifer Crenshaw Marie L. David Regine Daleus Laura M. Crowe Shannon D. Crim Beverly Davis Shari Davis Micheline De Carolis Mary DeClements Andra DeCosta Christian De Croce Mike Desmond Alma Diaz Brenohaire (Bruno) Ceasar Jr. College St. Pierre (W-l) Yearbook Staff Sports, movies, and my favorite Girts Northeastern, Boston Coilege and more computer science Myself, and my grandmother Jean Chavannes College Emmanuel Salnave Perfect Attendance Reading Romance Book. Music Classic P u. Mass. Nurse 1 My mother Ernest Cleophat English High School Headmaster ' s Cabinet, Black History Month 1st and 3rd Term Reading Suffolk University A Manager Shamon Brenohaire Cesar Jr, Marie Glena Charies Jean Chavannes Ernest Cleophat Cleophat Emeline College Yves Albert Boucher (Haiti) Treasurer of the senior and bilingual program Dancing Wentworth institute of Technology Engineering My mother Anjanet+e Clinkscaies ;,j Playing basketball C Yes Playing basketball Not yet decided Work business computer My mother 1 Michelle Content College Roger A. Anglade (Haiti) Bilingual Club •1986-87 Reading ana Listening to soft music Wentworth To become a computer engineer My reading teacher Mrs. Raimondo .S WisGjfl -. • ? 5 ’. -M Emeline Cleophat Anjanette Clinkscaies Michelle Content Carlos Cora Marisol Cordero Student council playing sports Business G G V David Council West Roxbury Chess Club Chess, computers, playing music To get a car Lionel Richie Wanita Creech Basketball Salem State become a dancer Jeanette Graves my mother Jenniter D. Crenshaw Patrick F Gavin Middle School Career Beginnings. Indoor Track, Senior Class Committee Reading, walking, socializing University of Massachusetts at Amherst To become very successful in whatever my profession may be in life Maya Angelou Marisol Cordero David Council Wanita Creech Jennifer Crenshaw Shannon Crim William Howard Taft Editor of 88 yearbook, office aid, guidance assistant. Academic achievement award + first place " say no to drugs " Parting, photography, reading, sleeping, having fun, movies, Chico Bunker Hill Community College or Bayside, or Bridgewater T V. camera operator, own photograph studio, get married! My mom Phyllis Crim, Chico, and Kenny Manning, I love U guys Laura Monique Crowe Dancing, track, skating, talking and basketball Salem State, or U-Mass To be a strong working girl My mother and Pam Tyler Regine Daleus College Classique Feminin (Haiti) Haitian coordinator Junior and senior Read books, playing sports, traveling B.C. B.U. Northeastern To be a doctor My beautiful nice mother Robert Swirel M.E. Curley Dance group Play baseball Franklin Institute To be an engineer Danio Nova ■ Marie L, David Lewenberg Middle School Dance and mOsie Dancing, listening to music and reading Bill. or. Northeastern Pediatrician Ms ' ! Chan, my dance teacher Shannon D. Crim Laura M, Crowe Regina Daleus Marie L, David Beverly Davis Woodrow Wilson Music Singing, volleyball To be a singer Mrs. Harris, Mrs, McAuthor, Yevonda, Michael Beverly Davis Shari Davis English High No Time Getting Paid In ' Full l Maybe in college Bargain basement shopping Howard University To make millions without selling drugs My uncle minister Louis Farrakhan Shari Davis Michelline A. Decarolis W.B, Rogers M S. Leadership, senior class committee Ski trips, parties, clubing U-Mass .Finish college get married and have a child i mos admire my motne Marie Decarolis I love you Mom Micheline DeCarolis Mary Declements Office aid, flex Last year 3 terms Work, go to school, go to parties Bridgewater, U-Mass, Middlesex Be a paralegal, get married and have kids My mother Mary Declements Christian Decroce Belmont High School Performing Arts Skateboarding, the Band U. Mass, at Boston to surf the world twice, Robert Smith Mike Desmond East Somerville Community School Smoking in the Boy ' s Room and cutting out Picking up girls smoking in the boys loom Be happy and to have a hefty bank ! account The class of 88 Alma N. Diaz Freshman, sophomore, junior and senior Talking on the phone l U-Mass at Amherst To be a professional in sociology My boyfriend Alma Diaz Andra Decosta Christian Decroce Mike Desmond 13 Dionne Dixon Nelcie Ecclesiastre Grace A. East Pamela Edwards Pierre E. Erilus Sully Erman Pierre Fede Daneir Evans 14 Sonia Forbes Arlene Foster Janet Garcia Anne-Marie Gates 15 II Dionne Dixon Career Beginning and writing workshop Basketballs dancing, and dating boys To be successful in everything I do Myself and my mother Dionne Dixon Nelsie Ecclesiastre Haiti None Reading Wentworth or U. Mass Boston Engineering My husband Ecclesiastre Sheila Duncan Mary E. Curley Student Junior year (4 terms) Dancing and singing Business school To be successful My father, mother, Shawnette Reed, Angie Williamo Sheila Duncan Gervlyne Duplessy Jacques Edouarzin Haiti Soccer player U-Mass or Boston College To go to college Grace A. East Wendell Holmes Student Council Reading, working Adams State Study to become a medical doctor My mom Grace A, East J - Pamela Edwards Basketball, volleyball School spirit, perfect | attendance, academic achievement award 1 t Talking on the phone, shopping, eating Banking Attending college, hairstyling My mother J3 ifm J M Nelcie Ecclesiastre i. wm Morrisset Eddy fejgp ’ La mm s ' Sully Ermann College Jean Price Mars Art, writing poetry Wentworth To be the best l can be My brother Gied Jr, Sully Jacques Edouarzin l t ftr w ljy DaneinEvans Newton South High Legal secretary Mildred Trimble - My mother Pamela Edwards Pierre Fede St. Gerard Magellan Art Basketball University of Massachusetts To be an artist Michael Joran Pierre Fede Pierre E, Erilus Sully Ermann Daneir Evans Maria Figueroa John W McCormack Senior class secretary 1st term of senior year Dancing, reading love stories I would love to attend a Suffolf University To finish college have a home and to be happy Mr. Crornin, my parents. Anne E. Fletcher Martin Luther King Middle Student government and dance class 9th and 10th grades Dancing, singing and going clothes shopping U-Mass Amherst To be successful just the way my parents brought me up to be My mother and father Pamela G. Fletcher Martin Luther King Middle Swimming, softball, velleybalt 9th, 10th Grade Dancing, roller skating, movies Kathreen Laboure College of Nursing to be a nurse and doctor My parents Carline Fleuriot Career Beginning Reading U-Mass Amherst General business Leo Sayer Maria Figueroa Sonia Forbes Dorchester High Singing, collecting greeting cards To become a business manager Grady Robinson friends Anne Fletcher Pamela Fletcher Arlene Foster Grandville Sporting, reading, singing, dating, etc Computer secretary Family and friends Janet Garcia Grover Cleveland Middle School Yearbook Close but no cigar ' Reading, sports, playing games Later on in life Criminal psychology Myself Carline Fleuriot Annemarie Gates Woodrow Wilson School Yearbook Working, going out Boston Business Manager of a store Shannon C„ Miss Waishek, Christine D„ Michelle B„ “Mr. E " Sonia Forbes Arlene Foster Janet Garcia Anne-Marie Gates Volleyball Yes Undecided Interior designer n Eric Grace Mary E. Curley Basketbafl My parents Andree Gramont Northeastern Nursing Whitney Houston Janny Gedeon Jennifer P. Goss Eric Grace Andree Gramont Mirta Guzman Shalise Hammond Yadira Henriquez Luz Hernandez Tracey A. Hinton Racheal Hummel Berthonia M. Jean Brunie Jean Yola K. Jean-George Cindy Jefferson Gary Jemeison Henrieta Jendrzin Leopold Jendrzin Marie France Joseph Pascal Jeudi Samuel Jocelyn Jocelyn Sophia Rory Bobby Joell Jones Johnson Johnson Denice Joseph Yves Joseph Cima Michelle Joshua Judith Josue Mirta Guzman Mary E. Curley College Prep program, advertisements for yearbook Music and dance Child psychology My patents, Junior and my baby Shalise Hammond Clearance R. Edwards Senior Class vice-president, captain of the cheerleaders Traveling, dancing, shopping New York, Temple, Maryment To achieve all my goals I admire myself for being who I am Yadira I, Henriquez Mary E. Curley Swimming, dance and aerobics Swimming and dancing U-Mass at Amherst Orthopedic doctor Doctors, good presidents and teachers Luz Hernandez Martin Luther King College Prep Music and typing Suffolk University Child psychiatrist My mother Mirta Guzman Tracey A. Hinton Shalise Hammond Yadira I. Henriquez Luz Hernandez Brunie Jean institution Du Sacrs Cour Career beginning, project advanced Swimming, embroidery and singing B.U. Economist Brunesia Lantimo Racheal Hummel Berthonia M, Jean Brunie Jean I Racheal Hummel Horseback riding, being with my boyfriend Baystate or Stonehill Psychology major Ms Holmes, Tracey Perkins, Mrs. Nathan and my boyfriend Berthonia M. Jean Career Beginnings Reading, writing and watching T.V Northeastern University Engineer My boyfriend and my family Gary Jemeison Brighton High Yearbook Basketball, comedy salesman Boston business To become a comedian + successful businessman Eddie Murphy Micheal Jordan Yola K. Jean-Georges Cindy Jefferson Gary Jemeison Henrieta Jendrzin 20 Yola K. JeamGeorges Haiti Bilingual club member - |f| Excellent academic achievement-perfect ■ attendance Reading - listening to music Northeastern University ■ Electrical Engineering My brother Maulo Cindy Jefferson Senior Committee Doing hair + talking on the phone Baystate Junior College To go to college Myself Marie-France Joseph Dance Working, talking on the phone with my boyfriend. T.V. Having a lot of money My boyfriend S.H. ' , -4 X ' l Pascal Jeudi Science club Basketball, readin Engineering Micheal Jordan ding watching TV Marie France Joseph Sophia Jones Woodrow Wilson Music Perfect attendance listening to music, sleeping Boston business Computer operator My son Anfino Pascal Jeudi ' - ' ’,y M s Rory Ann Johnson Martin Luther king School None ' 87 3rd Marking term Talking to the ones I love, partying, skating Bunker Hill Being successful in whatever l do My mother Paulette Johnson and father. Tommy Johnson who would be proud if he were here to see his daughter Rory Ann graduate. I love them both. Samuel Jocelyn Bobby ... Johnson ' William Bartcyi RSdgers Track and swimming Bike riding, movies To be an engineer or g truck driver Jesus Christ Sophia Jones Rory Johnson Bobby Johnson Cima Michelle Joshua Mario Umana Harbor School of Science + Technology Fenway Newspaper Reading, singing, dancing, and being with friends Spelman College or University of Bridgeport To be a corporate lawyer My mom Judith Josue Salesienne Haiti Career Beginning Volleyball U. Mass.-Boston Radiology Gary Ovide Yves Joseph Cima Michelle Joshua Judith Josue Cinotte Jovin Ermene Jules Shea Justice Maureen Kelly Deondre P Kennard Marie C. Labath Tabitha King Peter Kerr Donnelly Marjorie Laguerre Jean Gardy Lamarre Peggy Lamons Kasia La Pier 22 Rosemarie Leddy Sanon Lezeau John Henry Le Morgan Lieberman Kettly G. Lorfils Josette Louis Gina Louissaint Sabrina Maddrey Michael Madera Virna Marquez Phillip Marsh Janet Marshall 23 Cinotte Jovin Reading U-Mass My mother and father Ermene Jules Alpha Omega Career Beginning Dancing Bay State Junior College Business Administration My boyfriend Rony Shea Justice Art, student government, write for the newspaper At least twice every year since Freshman year Reading Stephen King, movies, art and girls School of visual arts or Boston University To be a cartoonist and public speaker Jesus Christ Maureen Kelly St, Andrews Swimming, softball 1st term Reading, biking, horseback riding Southeastern Massachusetts University Social worker Mom Maurice Marshall Grover Cleveland Basketball Chilling out and sports To be successful MV mother Cinotte Jovin ' ftjTv , AGrliff . „ , ,, Hlv t Sl " ' ' I§ . . Deondre Pierre-Kennard Phillis Wheatley Fenway Student government (Pres) Sports, football, swimming, track Framingham State Business management My mother Ermene Jules I Peter W. Kerr St, Columbkilles (1-8) Boston Tech (9- 11 ) Baseball, swimming, newspaper 1st term Sport, Revere Beach, Clubbing, (Palace, Faces, 54) U-Mass, Bridgewater State Business marketing to be healthy, to be the best I can be Larry Bird, Yaz Phillip Marsh Thompson Middle School Varsity football and gymnastics Playing softball and watching classic movies LoweH university To become a sergeant in the marines My mbther r M Shea Justice Hr i t, ■ Tabithd King William Barton Rodgers Cheerleading Senior year Clubbing, going to the movies Baystate Jr. College Be a successful business woman Martin Luther King, my grandmother, Leoia Henderson Maureen Kelly Deondre P. Kennard Peter W. Kerr Tabitha King Marie C, Labath jgudrre ■ Music and keyboard 9th grade Emmanuel College, Northeastern Child care My boyfriend Jean Lamarre St. Don Bosco (Haiti) Soccer Hes Soccer Boston University To be an aircraft mechanic My cousin Paggy Lamons Skating, karate, traveling, parting Regis College To be the best in everything I do Anita Baker Kasta Lapier Boston Latin Schoof Yearbook staff, Lit, swimming Honors English, College Physics, English awards all through ”E " High Writing, reading, cooking, swimming B.U. Emerson, or Wheaton To become an author, and write for T.V. and newspapers My mother Kathleen A, Lapier Kettelyne Moise Solomon Lewemberg School Swimming Cooking U-Mass Nursing My family Marjorie Laguerre Jean Lamarre Paggy Lamons Kasia Lapier 24 John Henry Le ternational club pmor odel making I lode Island School of Design aw y parents John Henry Le Kettly G. Lorfils atherine Flone ursing Kettly G. Lorfils ! Michael Madera Jrover Cleveland idoor-Outdoor track and field ; Weightlifting, breeding pit bulls . Mass. e first Puerto Rican president! lilda Reyes (moms)! Rose Leddy McCormack Writing poetry To become a journalist Mr. fennessy Rosemarie Leddy Josette Louis Virna Marzquez Louisiana Dance Read, and play tennis U-Mass Amherst Teacher Myself and my mother — o nn : ■ , : : Sanon Lezeau Salomon Lewenburg Basketball, hanging out Boston University To be a mechanical engineer My mother Morgan Ueberman Brookline High Baseball, newspaper, swimming 1st term and senior year Sports, girls, drawing, clubbing, drawing Salem State of Bridgewater Advertising, police officer My parents Nancy Vega Dancing Hearing to radio Northeastern , Successful in life Amparo my friend Sanon Lezeau Morgan Ueberman Gina Louissaint Secretary bilingual (senior) Reading, writing, watching T.V. Salem State Travel tourist management Jones James Arna Louissaint Phillip Marsh Thompson Middle School Varsity football and gymnastics Playing football and watching classic movies Lowell university To become a sergeant in the marines My mother Sabrina Maddrey Dressing up and dancing U-Mass Amherst Continue my education and be a great computerist My mom Sabrina Maddrey Janet Marshall Dance Senior Dancing, working, traveling Bunker Hill Community College Practice criminal law My fiance Phillip Marsh Janet Marshall 25 Michael Madera Virna Marquez Maurice Marshall Frank Martinez Yevonda Massey Gary Mathis Edward J. Mayo Lissa McGrotty Nina Mitchell Kettelyne Mais 26 Eric Moriello Gregory K. Murphy Evena Nazaire Maurice Nichols Sonja Nissen Lisa Morgan Charlotte Moser Yvette Mosley Mirlande Noel Thomas Okeefe David Ortega Faries Odom 27 Maurice Marshall Grover. Cleveland Basketball Chilling ou{ and sports To be successful My mother; 3 Maurice Marshall Edward Mayo Mackey Middle Student Council and Office 1988 2nd Term only once Softball Swimming U Mass-Boston To be a teacher My Parents Edward Mayo Louise C Monde Hyde Park Jl BasketOallJH Northeastern University Computer engineer Louise Monde Frank Martinez Basketball, music, dancing and parties Military Force My brothers Adrian and Carlos Yvonda Massey Patrick F. Gavin Middle School Batt Mitten, basketball, knitting, cooking and bike riding To be a business woman My friends Bernnie Bowers, Adeil and her family. Beverly Frank Martinez Yevonda Massey Gary Mathis G. Lissa McGrotty Miami Beach Sr. High Cheerleading, swimming, softball. Aid dancing student golf Junior and Senior year horseback riding and waterskiing Boston College To open my own health club My Mother Lissa McGrotty Nina Renee Mitchell Track, softball Dancing Wentworth Institute of Technology To be successful in the future My mother ahd myself • i 4 i t Nina Renee Mitchell Kettelyne Moise Lawrence Moore " Project advanced Music and working and girls Computer engineer Mr. Smith Laurence Moore John Morehouse John O. Morehouse Dearborn Middle Movies, T V., traveling, music Massasoit (Hopefully) Probation officer Renee Morisset 28 Eric J. Moriello itholic-Memorial atball ing i.M.C. search for the Wild Wahenii e Middleton Eric Moriello Gregory Murphy ston English High School sketball yboard. drums, piano, basketball be a singer Gregory K. Murphy Mirlande Noel gual ' club Committee jbdemic achievement award pe a medical doctor family and my boyfriend Mirlande Noel Lisa Morgan English High School Volleyball Roller Skating and Dancing U.C.L.A. for Criminal Law To be the best lawyer around My father English High Swimming, Dancing Dancing, Color Guard Bunker Hi To become a photographer Yvette Michelle Mosley Frank Thompson Middle Senior class cdmmittee Fenway Fund Raiser Running, swimming, debating, and dancing Boston Business fiaystate Jr College To be an executive secretary, have my own business, be a good mother My mother and father Lisa Morgan .... WL yt mm Evena Nazaire Charlotte Moser Yvette Mosley Marice Nichols Martin Luther King Cheerleading, a little track, basketball manager Go to the movies, church, parting Boston Business School An executive secretary My. mother Doris Nichols Sonja Nissen Taft Middle + Edison Traveling, dancing, reading Webber College (Florida) To study travel, tour all over the world My mother Maurice Nichols Sonja Nissen Faries R. Odem Patrick F, Gavin Indoor track, headmaster ' s cabinet, senior committee Talking, walking University of Mass, at Amherst To become a child psychologist, to have my own farm Murial Leonard Faries Odom Thomas Okeefe Hockey Skateboarding Northeastern To go ta college My girlfriend if David Ortega Salem State To be successful in everything l do My brother Jose Thomas O ' Keefe David Ortega 29 Belkys Oviedo Beatriz Panemeno Ana Perez Anne Payen Rayfeal Carmen Laura Purvis Quinones Ramnarain Ramos 30 Carmen Robles Xiomara Richmond Goudy Richmond Shawnette Reed April Siraco Lisa Siraco Leticia T. Rodriguez Margarita Santiago Bounhom Sirisvath Krzysztof Sliwinski Lisa Smith Yolanda Spencer 31 Betkys Oviedo Federisco Enique Y. Carbol Cooking Swimming Firfer Jr. College Myself Ana Perez Boston English High School Art 4 term honor roll Reading, going out with ‘lends, going to church, writing Bay State Junior College To achieve an associate degree in Business Administration in Human Resources Mr, John Rooney Belkys Oveido Beatriz Panameno Anne Payen Ana Perez TV-;., . " A Lorenda I. Perkins English High School Senior Class Treasury Modeling, dancing, smiling and just looking good Bay State Junior College to live a successful and happy life My mother - Mrs. Annie F. II ill Lorenda Perkins Tracey Perkins Martin Luther King Middle School I got the honor roll up until the fifth grade Reading, working, walking, rollerskating, camping, babysitting Baystate Jr. College To finish school, get a great job and to be a great mother and wife My mom, my sister Missy, my fiance Ricky, my stepfather Frisco Jones Anthony Pina Grover Cleveland Middle Career Beginnings Basketball Baystate Business Administrator Tracey Perkins Anthony Pina Carmen Quinones Dancing College of art To be a fashion designer My son Ramaneito Royfeal Ramnairain Christine Price W.B. Roger Middle Senior Committee Senior Year Fashion Design, dancing To be an accountant and wife Prince because he ' s so creative ■j y’ ' % $0 Jflj Luz J. Ramos McCormack Middle School Sophomore and junior Reading U-Mass Boston To be a computer engineer ' Domingo Ramos 32 Laura Purvis Carmen Quinones Luz J, Ramos Shawnette Dane Reed jlartin Luther King I ance I ' ancing, and seeing movies Northeastern or marine corp o become an electronic . engineer llina Mitchell, Angela Williams I and Shiela Duncan Shawnette Reed Leticia Y, Rodriguez lary E. Curley Middle School erobics, dance •aveling, cruising, dancing amingham State College o become a successful business woman Jy parents Leticia Rodriguez Goody Richemond Basketball Freshman, Junior Girls, dancing Northeastern Business administration Mark Andrew Richemond Xiomara Richemond Basketball Carmen Robles Taft Middle School Dancing, ropes course 1st and 2nd semester Dancing, boys Emmanuel To become the greatest business woman in the world Because I ' ve achieved a lot in 12 years. Goody Richmond Margarita Santiago Brighton High Computer workshop Scuba diving, reading and modeling Brandeis University To become a professional model My mother Xiomora Richmond Lisa Rocheiie Smith James P. Timilty Middle School Parenting program Swimming, art and clothes design Roxbury Community College or Northeastern College Be a designer or working with computers Jesse Jackson I ' m an intelligent young lady who has achieved my goal and has knowledge to go on in life with my beautiful family friends. Carmen Robles April Siraco Joseph N. Barnes Middle School Class of 88 senior cabinet Dancing, sunbathing To become an exec, secretary Mr. Donovan Margarita Santiago Lisa Siraco April Siraco Krzysztot Sliwinski Swim Team Swimming ? My Mom Yolanda Spencer Frank V. Thompson Middle School Senior Class Committee, Student Council Traveling, shopping, reading good books, socializing Georgia Southern College To be a bank manager or accountant My mom and dad also my grandma and Aunt Carolyn Yolanda Spencer Bounham Sirisvath Krzysztof Sliwinski Lisa Smith 33 Lynn Spurr Siriluck Sriweawnetir Win Swarr Robert A. Suriel Delicia Turner Sherma Thomas Desie Sweeney Chris Sylvester Nichole Tyler Magalie Valentin Dionicia Vargas Nancy Vega 34 §M. Christina Walsh James Verderico Alexandria Verdier (Sandra) Bruno Vital jJBKf ImSM- k Uni (3M fc HdmOk 1 , Mr If Frederick Angela Cassandra Debra Whitehead Williams Williams Williams Elizabeth Williams Sherman Williams Andrew Witunsky Gilbert " GILL " Wright III 35 Lynn Marie Spurr Martin Luther King Fund-raiser for senior class English award in tenth grade Reading, watching T V., talking on the phone To get a good job that pays a lot of money Ms. Peters Win Swarr Phoenixville Area High School Track, Student Government 1 Freshman, 2 Sophomore, 3 Junior, 4 Senior Running, Kayaking Boston University Norman Ramsey Grandfather Lynn Spurr Siriluck Sriweawnetir Robert A. Suriel Lin Swarr Desie Sweeney Grover Cleveland Reading Salem State ' To do wellmjcaHeae My mother Christopher L. Sylvester Grover Cleveland Basketball, outdoor track Basketball, running, bike riding South Carolina or Boston University To go to college and get into the marketing field Ronald Evelyn Sherma Thomas Gymnastics Gymnastics University of Bridgeport To be a Psychologist My parents Delicia Rochelle Turner Frank V. Thompson Parting and being with my family Plan to graduate from the army My mother and 2 aunts Desie Sweeney Chris Sylvester Sherma Thomas Delicia Turner Nichole Ann Tyler Boston Latin School Softball Yes, the first 2 terms this year Going to parties and meeting guys Northeastern University To become rich and happy my boyfriend(s) Nichole Tyler Magali e Jalentin Tennis Academic Achievement award Northeastern, U-Mass Surgery (Nursing) My friend 1 Magalie Valentin Dionicia A. Vargas Playing softball Reading, dancing, movies and modeling U-Mass Amherst To be successful Dionicia A. Vargas Nancy Vega Dancing, listening to radio Northeastern Successful in life Amparo my friend Nancy Vega 36 James Jr. Verderico iverything vlorth Adams-Worcester State ' o become rich and famous Jly parents James Verderico Frederick Whitehead Christina Walsh Hanscom Middle School, Beaford, Ma. Student government, swim team, Fenway Community Project Senior Year Photography, writing, drawing, hiking Harvard (hopefully!), Emerson College To be the best I can be and to be happy with my life Myself (I ' ve come a long way Alexander Veddier Bruno Vital Christina Walsh Angela Williams English High Dancing, smiling, just having big fun, Cassandra Williams being myself Basketball Bay State Junior College To keep working and make tots of To be successful in my career money My mother, Mrs Louise Williams My mother Angela Williams Cassandra Williams Debra Williams Sherman C. Williams Lewenburg Middle Track, science club taking pictures of friends and family U-Mass Open my own business Jesse Jackson Wilford " Gill " Wright II Boston English High Working to get to the top! Shopping, swimming, B Ball to be singer, an M.C. and nice up the land! Me, my family and the “E " Elizabeth Williams Sherman Williams Andrew Witunsky Gilbert " Gill " Wright gjp l l r ii. W V ' Bereket Yohannes Ramonde Alcindor I Patricid Young Kibredb Yohannes Paul Ysmeriant Margie Aquino Reggie Benson Dan Van Chu Angela Crosson Steven Cokley Corey Hinton Luis Cruz 38 Marie Joseph Elouse Jules Belinda Kindell Hugo Dan Munoz , Jesse Martin Mao Net iviario Pimentel enzy Pierre-Louis Edith Pierre-Louis mparo Pina 39 Bereket Yohannes Nairobi Soccer Senior Workout, weightlifting U. Mass. - Boston electronics, engineering Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Bereket Yohannes te ' 1 ■ • ' - " V | Raymonde Alcindor Soccer Yes Med ' cal lecnnology g; My family and my boyfriend Raymonde Alcindor Steven Cokely William Howard Taft 85-86 . Lifting weights To be successful Rev Jesse Jackson Steven Cokley Kibreab Yohannes Hospital Hill High School Football More than 10, honor roll Playing basketball and going out with girls University of Massachusetts at Boston make a lot of money My mother Kibreab Yohannes Patricia Young Margie Aquino Grover Cleveland Boys Having fun, fun natural fun New York school of Interior Design: Getting what I want Vivian Valdez Reginald Benson Tennis Bunker Hill Community College A chief Everybody Margie Aquino Reggie Benson Angela Crossen Nashua Senior High School Cheerleading (mascot), serving on senior class committee Yes Cooking, talking, advising l Norfolk State University To have my own consulting firm My mother, Janice Luis Cruz Mary E. Curley Gymnastics 6 honor rolls Work, read and go fishing Be a general in armed forces Mr. Cronin Ms. Carr Angela Crosson Luis Cruz Paul Ysmeriant Haiti - Port Au Prince Gym Karate Roxbury C, C. Business Management Mrs. Clarita, my mother Paul Ysmeriant Dan Van Chif Math Tutor, math League Club Movies, reading Business administrator My family Dan Van Chu Corey L, Hinton West Roxbury High Basketball, gymnastics Talking to females To succeed in life and to go far Carolyn R, Hinton (My mother) Corey Hinton 40 Marie-France Joseph lance Vorking, talking on the phone with my boyfriend. T.V. laving a lot of money 4y boyfriend S.H. Belinda M. Kindell Mario Umana Harbor School of Science Technology Love to take pictures U.S.L.A. To make the most of life Marie Joseph Elouse Jules Belinda Kindell Jesse Martin Mao Nel Jamel Oates Edith Pierre-Louis allege Coeur De Jesus (Haiti areer Beginnings cellent academic achievement ancing and singing ston College omputer Scientist I|y mother Edith Pierre-Louis Mario Pimentel English High School MIT Ambassador Program Go on vacation Undecided Live a comfortable life Malcomb X Ma Kenzy Pierre-Louis Mario Pimentel Hugo Daniel Munoz Soccer Suffolk to survive my mother Hugo Munoz Monica Orr Amparo Pina Theodore Roosevelt Dancing Dancing, hanging with my friends, working Burdett To be an executive secretary Le Clique girls the Godfathers Amparo Pina 41 Ke+sia Remy Peter Samson Conrad Robinson Gus Suncar Nadege Theronier Michelle Liter Vivian Valdez Xayavong (Milly) Knight 42 1 , Mussie M, Ghile Asmara Comprehensive Secondary School Soccer, running Listen to music, reading books 7 playing soccer Wentworth to be engineer Lette Berhane Jr. Mussie Ghile Tanya Richardson Jackie Chase Officer Jack Officer Moses Terry President Officer Barney SUPERLATIVES BEST DRESSED GIRLS GUYS Dawn Brook Rolflyn Cazeau COOLEST Shalise Hammond MOST POPULAR v Megan Bates Gregory Murphy BEST LOOKING • THE ENTIRE " CLASS OF 1988 " SMARTEST ■ Lorenda Perkins Deondre Kennard MOST ATHLETIC Janet Garcia Dan Van Chu MOST FLIRTATIOUS Norma Miles Jesse Martin Ann Williams Steven Bell MOST AMBITIOUS Henrieta Jendrzin BEST COUPLE Lissa McGrotty Peter Kerr Donnelly CLASS CLOWN Faries Odom Chris Sylvester MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Sharon Black Phillip Marsh Cindy Jefferson Shea Justice Winn Swarr CUTEST Rolflyn Cazeau BEST DANCER Marisol Cordero Wilfred Wright Sabrina Maddrey Goody Richemond BIGGEST PARTY ANIMAL Dionne Dixon Kasia LaPier Morgan Lieberman 43 collector Mass College of Arts To be a perfecf carToonisr My friends Ketsia Renny Luis Rivera wm Political Wentworth College Architect My comput Conrad Robinson Michelle Uter Student government Senior year Computers and redding U-Mass-Amherst To become successful " AH " my parents Peter Samson Vivian Valdez Grover Cleveland Having fun. cooking, skating, being with the one I love U-Mass Amherst Get married and staying happy Margie Aquino Gus Suncar Amonethepha Xayavong Washington Irving Middle School Grade 9. 10. 11 Play basketball, ride a bike and shopping Bay State Junior College Go to work-then go to college MV Dowling and Mr. Wootirat Nadege Theronier Jackie French O W Holmes School Music Swimming, skating, dancing and meeting new people To attend college and become a successful lawyer Mother Michelle Ut er Vivian Valdez m M ■If W Jordan Knight Trotter School Music To be the very best l can be My mother Amonethepha Xayavong Jackie French Miriam Monges Jordan Knight 44 CLASS WILL OF 7 88 WE, THE CLASS OF " 88 " , BEING OF SOUND MIND AND BODY, DO BEQUEATH THESE ELEMENTS TO THE FOLLOWING PEOPLE WHOM WE LOVE AND CHERISH. MR. SMITH HUGS AND KISSES FOR ALL THE CHANGES YOU ' VE MADE FOR THIS WONDERFUL SCHOOL. MR. CRECCO THE PRESIDENCY OF THE UNITED STATES, MS, DAZZI WE LEAVE HER OWN PRIVATE SECRETARY. MR. FENNESEY WE LEAVE THE WORLD. MS. HORAN THE WOMAN OF THE YEAR AWARD. MR. BURLEY MS. FAHEY AND SOME HAIR. MR. CONNELLY WE LEAVE SOME MANNERS AND A NEW PERM. MR. BROWN AN AUTOMATIC ATTENDANCE RECORDER. MRS. SHAKESPEAR WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE. MR. MYATT A SPANISH DICTIONARY. MR. ROONEY A BOOK OF COMEDY. MR. CHAPMAN A NEW SUIT. SO HE MAY CONTINUE TO LOOK GOOD WHEN HE ROAMS THE CORRIDOR. MR. GALLAGHER MEMORIES OF GOOD TIMES. MR. WINN A SMILE TO WEAR. MR. EVELYN A BUNCH OF GIRLS. MR. CRAYTON NEW HISTORY BOOKS. MR. ELICHALT THE CLASS OF ' 88 GIRLS, MR. MARSTON A DICTIONARY. I 1 Edward Joyce L. Chapman BetW Bowker William Brown Sue Burke G. Daphnis J, Diodato C. King s Joseph Lacroix M. Leonard L. Myatt E. Shakespear 46 D Geraghty E. Lawler Officer Landolphi J. Alessi L. Hartley K. Parker B. Robinson E. Schneider 47 Lambert B. Buckley V. Woo P, Shuman Me Manus A. Blood C, Ahern Mona Arrington Sonia Alee Kathleen Aborn Sgt. Weston ■ II 1 | P i I ii Arthus Basseth Paul Beichel V J Denise Berkley David Blau Catherine Burke A LL city o Afic Edward Burley Silvero Calzada Fernadina Chan 49 Joe Decelles Paul Donovan Joseph Dotol Joanne Dowling C V --1 Mary Dwyer Maria Evora Mary Fahey Ronald Evelyn Joseph Feely Frank Fennessy Jacqueline Fickling Gary Fisher 50 Jacqueline Harris Paul Harrison Mary Horan Wilfred Hynes Rachelle Lacombe Joseph Luc Henry Maffeo Jody Mazur Susan Mortensen Eleanor McArthur Hal McMurray Olivia Minuty Pat Mullane Stephen O ' Donnell Millie Murphy Meikle Paschal 52 Holly Raimondo Yolande Roberson Jean Robinson Remy Saintil Joseph Cohen Richard Savage Harold Siegai Andrea Soares 53 John Rooney Ken Wells Paul Voynow Ricky Thompson r •pH-’-s ‘cc ■ ; mMM " -rSf jvi, HK%S2Sft « 1 W»lM a nmam r Anne Crane Terry Coyle Lisa Pred-sosa John Barnes r A. Prospere A. Elichalt Mr. Exil D. Foley COi . Of tPUN K. Gelzinis M. Gheridean P. Golden D. Halloran 55 P. Harrel N. Kabakon J. Lopez P. McNamara J. McShane Paul Mahoney Y. Pokaski - Lyonel Prime Charlotte Lane D. Ramsey Wanda Rodriguez 56 M. Shields J. Yearwood L. Schneider A. Wootirat J. Seda P. Thaxton Michelle Montplaisir Wendy Dunning Julio Avila Mary Carr Huston Crayton Gina Austin Mary Amara Paul Ford Tom Boulet Francois Thimote r 8 mmmm Kenwal Pierre Stella Braithwaite Julio Midi Emmanuel Vedrine Mr. Delva Jeanie Pierre Ronald Evelyn Officer Fran 59 Jorel Theodat Julie Tobin Emmanuel Vedrine Doreen Waishek Christopher Whittle Paul Winn Elaine Wong Robert Yocco JUSTICE - Bridget Katheryn Welty - Don ' t judge a person By their color or their race. Get to know them before You make an unfriendly face Get to know them. Then await a surprise A sweet and caring person Will come out, not hide. Remember not to judge a per¬ son By their color or their size, Simply judge them for what they are Way down deep inside. . % cr 1 Michael Mankin 60 Charlie Kalantzis Custodians, John and Ray Cafeteria Staff Coach McShane Athlete Gedeon Coach Green Athlete Blanc Coach Schneider Athletes Rivera • ?. v s V Yvette Mosley Tracey Perkins Shannon Crim Pamela Edwards Magalie Valentin Rory Johnson Christopher Sylvester Mia Bullard Alicia Pressey Shalise Hammond 66 A BRIEF HISTORY OF ENGLISH HIGH ATHLETICS Founded in 1821, English High was the first PUBLIC secondary school in the nation. It was historically a city¬ wide school and although not an " exam " school produced many im¬ portant and prestigious figures. It numbers such names as J.P. Morgan, Frank Leahy, Leonard Nemoy, and countless judges and politicians among its alumni. English was an all boys school until 1972. It was not uncommon in the twenties and thir¬ ties to have an enrollment of 3,000 boys. I ' m told that there would be up to 300 boys at football tryouts each fall. Most athletes did not get to play until their Senior year unless they were something special. Foot¬ ball games in Boston were played at Braves Field, Fenway Park, or Har¬ vard Stadium. There would be 6,000 people at a Thursday afternoon game and crowds of 20,000 for a big game at Braves Field on a Satur¬ day. There were a number of English High undefeated, untied football teams as well as State Champion teams over the years. Track did not take a back seat to football. Coach Bill Ohrenberger ( ' 23) can not remember any of his teams losing a " reggies " meet. The numbers were there year after year and a state championship was al¬ ways a strong possibility. English powerhouses continued into the fif¬ ties and sixties under Coach Fred Gillis ( ' 41) bringing titles and records to teams and individuals. In more recent years, English has become one of the perennial pow¬ ers in basketball. If there were 300 candidates for football in the thir¬ ties, there were 100 for basketball in the 60 ' s - and that was only for the freshman sophomore tryouts. Eng¬ lish won four state basketball cham¬ pionships from 1968 through 1977. In the last few years, girls ' basketball has taken its place on the English High athletic scene, winning four straight City-Championships and going to the South Divisional Finals of the State Tournament three of the last four years. The organization of THE ENGLISH HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETIC HALL OF FAME is to honor the men and wom¬ en who have worked so hard to give their school the position it has earned in Boston and Massachu¬ setts high school athletics. 67 7a ,J J V, ( , 68; Co , Osi ' 11 ! J. S I ch es b ov ed ew n, 0r]e high Scf n the a n( t r,. s ’tie ° f the c h ,?°! sporf ' 10a of fa «% rt ' s ' " os, and a C sf °fi ttaiei p y ab ber Mr »£?« We] COm SteW %n fle Cortl e f Hce n a s Sce »e for as ari ath! Tl ° re c °nfida bete l ' a « 6fi. 0 1 Uie s fan7 ar ■ B ? s torj nd Hi c five”; ' s P»rf. COa ° j. ec acj e ISSi-MS ci zted f Was s o fx r ' ■ " «Us , 0 ba« a( f faafi, ffia fio r v °ti’eci l he s arne u ke y a„d 1 ° m Wefce r fr. sl g .‘‘ sh Hi? 8 Mh,, lZ an ?tre a o?rln e °a- after l a i,;, e as ete c ° c b e af ?aS 9S s tate u sh a fe - £ . ic Athlr ach s f artle • an a - m " y acher he " asZ c As t?7 nt Z? Sso «atio? ters ' he- w as nu Stexv art e fZ ' y th e the d .ah.i,. In fond memory of Mr. William J. Stewart, Jr., better known as Coach Stewart, 68 years old, October 11, 1919 to December 6, 1987, by Bob¬ by Diggins, former varsity baseball player at Boston English High School, 1977 to 1980. I speak for many many thousands of people from all walks and phases of life, black and white, rich and poor, Irish, Italian, Polish, Jewish, and Spanish from Southie to East Osh¬ kosh, this magnificent individual, I am referring to is the one and only Coach Bill Stewart of Jamaica Plain, MA, via Boston English, Lawrence Academy, and University of Notre Dame. Bill died in his home Sunday, December 6, 1987. He had been ill in the past few years, and his health progressively weakened, but his true spirit and love for his family, friends and colleagues from his alma mater, America ' s oldest public high school in the country, Boston English High School, and where he studied and was a star athlete and gradu¬ ated class of 1937 has never been more realized than perhaps the very present. You see this man was very real in all aspects of life. Bill had a great sense of humor. He knew how to capture your heart and mind and he knew how to put you in your place if he felt you were wrong and yet, wittingly, knew how to make you love and respect him as Coach Stewart. I have so many beautiful and fond memories, I honestly do not know where to begin. What I can tell the world, and I hope the hell any individual out there who reads this understands Bobby Dig¬ gins loud and clear, Mr. William J. Stewart, Jr. was enriched with cha¬ risma and is truly a man of honor and achievement. Bill Stewart has a beautiful family with a million and one friends and I ask that out of the kindness of your heart to take a solid five minutes and pray to God in memory of our pal, friend, teacher, coach. Bill Stewart ' s soul. I often compare Bill to Vince Lom¬ bardi, Red Auerbach, Tom Landry, and so many other distinguished sports figures, but I realized Bill Stew¬ art would not like to be compared to anyone else but himself or per¬ haps his dad. In essence, I honestly and truly believe he was always his own man and he would like to be remembered as Coach Stewart, a man who received and gave of himself to benefit others. If any one individual on the face of this entire universe deserves a monument and statue for what he has given of him¬ self to his fellow human beings and mankind, I emphatically state, that the obvious great individual would be none other than our former teacher, coach, friend, and simply concerned citizen of all walks of life, Coach Bill Stewart, and quite frank¬ ly, ladies and gentlemen, if I had my way, I personally would see to it, that bill received the Medal of Free¬ dom, the highest civilian award that can be bestowed to an American citizen of great stature. If not, give this man the Nobel Peace Prize. As far as I ' m concerned, the memories will live forever and so will you my true friend. May God bless you al¬ ways, Coach, some day you and I shall meet again. Until then you have a permanent setting in my heart. Love Digga, your friend and sec¬ ond baseman, Bobby Diggins THE ENGLISH HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETIC HALL OF FAME CONGRATULATES ITS 1987 CHARTER INDUCTEES REGINALD G. BIRD ' 68 JOHN JOSEPH DALY ' 37 HENRY J. DOWNES ' 28 WILLIAM JAMES FLYNN ' 34 ROBERT JOSEPH GUINDON ' 61 JAMES DAVID HEELEN ' 64 HAROLD CHANDLER JANVRIN ' 10 KENNETH KOREN KASABIAN ' 43 EDWARD GOVERNOR LLOYD ' 62 CHARLES JACKSON MCPHAIL ' 36 WILLIAM HENRY MEANIX ' 11 WILLIAM HENRY OHRENBERGER ' 23 GENERAL TIMOTHY JOSEPH REGAN ' 25 WILLIAM JOSEPH STEWART JR. ' 37 VITANTES CHARLES TAMULIS ' 30 i ; Is ill r -I Seated (L-R): Bill Stewart; Bill Ohrenberger; Red McPhail; General Regan; Ken Kasabian; Bill Flynn. Standing (L-R); Bob Guindon; Vito Tamulis ' son, James; Jack Daly; Ed Lloyd; Jim Fleelen; Bill Meanix ' s son Bill. Missing from Picture: Reggie Bird; posthumous inductees Harry Downes and Hal Janvrin. 1st Row L to R: Tanya Thomas, Angela Crosson, Tia Vinson. 2nd Row L to R: Patty Young, Lee McGrotty. 3rd Row L to R: Shalise Hammond, Wendy Keane, Christina Hammond, Marice Nichols. 4th Row L to R: Front row (left to right): M. Barrow, E. Moriello, D. Kennard, J. Martin, L. Rivera, F. Mance, and P. Marsh. Second row (left to right): S. Booker, P. Cannady, C. DaSuta, J. Julius, M. Valentin, J. Rodgers, J. Tye, N, Ortiz, Coach Parker, Manager J. Hall, and Coach J. Sousa. Third row (left to right): Coach DeClements, V. Valentine, E. Hall, F. Fussell, W. Taylor, D. Harris, C. Pearl, R. Turner, T. Lambright, E. Sturrup, and G. Nunez. Back row (left to right): J. How¬ ard, R. King, K. Thurston, T. Carter, M. Williams, J. Martinex, H. Roman, R. Rivera, G. Crowley, M. Simonton, and G. Colon. 70 • • BLUE ' N ' BLUE ACTION ON THE FELD GYMNASTICS TEAM Gymnastics Team: Canute Chiverton, Juanita Nandel, Michael Ramos, Cesar Oviedo, Nixon Ortiz, Domingo Ramos, Jaimee Francisco Not Pictured: Stanley Elysee, Francisco Nova, Sokhak Ros, Jorge Dominguez Coach: Ms, Elien Schneider Captain: Nixon Ortiz Manager Assistant: Kathyann Bryant The Record - South League L English 74.0 Milton H.S. 93.4 L English 69.75 Newton South H.S. 80.3 L English 67.2 Wellesley H.S. 79.5 L English 82.8 Attleboro H.S. 106.3 L English 75.8 Newton North H.S. 81.2 L English 75.2 Framingham North H.S. 87.2 L English 67.5 Braintree H.S. 73.1 L English 77.7 Brookline H.S 108.6 Record Scores Attleboro 92.2 Floor Exercise 5.5 Slide Horse 4.2 High Bar 4.5 Parallel Bar tie 4.4 Vaulting 7.8 Rings 4.4 Stanley Elysee Nixon Ortiz Nixon Ortiz Nixon Ortiz and Nelson Rivera Nixon Ortiz Nixon Ortiz 72 TRACK TEAMS Boys Track Team Sitting L-R: Auguste Wander, Jean Claude Sully, Kneeling L-R: Winfield Swarr, Phillip Marsh, Reginald Turner, Standing L-R: Coach B, Robinson, Sherman Williams, David Harris, Michael Madera. Girls Track Team Standing L-R: Jennifer Crenshaw, Ann Marie Simms, Sharon Campbell, Amanda Walcott, Vivene Dixon, Coach B. Robinson. 73 SWIM TEAMS EHS Boys Swim Team Bottom Row (L-R) Doug Payne, Hansy Noel, Elysee Blanc, Fabian Aguillon, Pla- cido Cruz, Armando Vanario, Joaquin Diaz, Chung Ki- Chong, Jean Evans, Amos Blan, Joan Kelly (Co-Capt) Kezys to F Suwinski (Co- Capt) Jimmy Paul. Top Row: (L-R) Coach Shu¬ man, Ramon Espinal, Mike Golden, John Morehouse, Andrew Witunsky, Peter Kerr, Morgan Lieberman, Isnacio Fonseca Missing Coach Wells, Remy Sabin. MENS CHAMPION TEAM EHS Men ' s Swimming Team The 1987-88 EHS Boys Swimming season was a tremen¬ dous success. The team ' s goals were to finish the season undefeated and to win the City of Boston championship meet. Both goals were attained convincingly. Outstanding leadership was provided by Co-captains Krystof Sliwinski and John Kelley. Additional inspiration was offered by new comer and team M.V.P. Peter Kerr. All three swimmers were City of Boston All-Stars. A neat supporting cast makes the 1988-89 team look like another winner. Excellent job gentlemen! EHS Womens ' Swimming Team " Outstanding " is the only way to describe the 1987 EHS Girls Swimming season. The team finished the regular season with a 5-2 record, ripping their two season totals to 12 wins and 3 losses. Not bad for a team that was predicted to be weak in league competition. Led by City of Boston All-Star Maureen Kelly, the team finished in third place in the City of Boston Championship Meet. Congratulations, a nice job ladies! EHS Swimming Team " 88 ' ' Top Row (L-R) Katerina Fotopoulos, Maureen Kelly (Captain), Charlotte Maser, Kantrina Thompson Bottom Row (L-R) Paul Shuman, Leona Desmarias, Kasia Lapier, Michelle Wilcox Missing Wendy Keane, Berta Pawska, Laura Blackler, Assistant Coach Wells BASKETBALL TEAMS GIRLS BASKETBALL " 88 " Front Row (L-R): Kathy Brown, Antonia Macklin, Capt. Norma Miles, Gloria Mays, Erika Sanders, Precious Drayton. Back Row (L-R): Coach Ernie Green, Angie Clinkscales, Jennifer Goss, Janny Gedeon, Sandy Eligon, Xiomara Richemond, Kontrina Thompson, Shellisa Turner, Nicole Dent, Manager Marice Nichols, Asst. Coach Keith Parker, Manager Valeria Norman. MENS BASKETBALL " 88 " Back Row (L-R) Asst. Coach Darnel Ramsey, Team Manager - Dana Raines, Chris Sylvester, Charles Jones, Jerome Davis, Timmy Lambright, Malcolm Barrows, Derrick Facey, Steven Bell, Paul Smith, Donnell Ballard, Coach Kenneth Still. Kneeling - (L-R) Derrick Foster Co-Capt. Andrew Watson, Co-Capt. - Jesse Martin, Vincent " Zeke " Reese, Clarzell Pearl, This year ' s team finished with an outstanding record of 18-4. Led by Senior Co-captains, Jessie Martin and Andrew Watson, the bull¬ dogs captured the Boston City Champion¬ ship. Coach Ken Stills hard work and determination The Championship season was an integral part of the team ' s success. Seniors Chris Sylvester and Steve Bell pro¬ vided leadership coming off the bench. Excit¬ ing wins over West Roxbury and Newton North highlighted the season. A close loss in the tournament to Buentual State Champions Durfee H.S. took nothing away from the fine season the team had. Although the loss of starters Martin and Wat¬ son will be felt, English High ' s future looks bright with returning starters. Derrick Foster and Clarzell Pearl. 75 SOFTBALL L-R: Coach Pennington, Laurie Jaena, Kathy Ann Bryant, Maureen Kelly, Precious Drayton, Lilliana Hussani, Randy McClay, Robin Gasside, Tia Dihienzo, Lissa McGrotty BASEBALL Front Row (L-R) David Harris, Joe Tye, John Clarke 2nd. Row (L- R) Nixon Ortiz, Tracy Carter, Jeff Julius, Brian Hale, Joe Depie- tro 3rd. Row (L-R) Gerinald Castillo, Coach Rooney, Ramon Espinal VARSITY BASEBALL - 1988 The English High School varsity baseball team showed improvement over 1987 ' s 2-12 season. The baseball bulldogs finished with a 5-9 record and showed steady improvement as the season went along. The team played its best baseball of the season as it won its last two games against Mission High and Charlestown High. The team was led by its senior, Serineldo Castillo. The right handed pitcher who also played short¬ stop was the winning pitcher in all five of the team ' s victories; was second in batting average on the team and was voted a City of Boston All Star. Other major contributors were All-Star selection and leading hitter on the team, Brian Hale and returning lettermen Nixon Ortiz, Jeff Julius, Joe Tye, Joe DePietro. John Clarke and freshman Tracy Carter, Coach Rooney looks for even greater improvement for fhe 1989 season 1987-88 HOCKEY TEAM: Kneeling (L-R): James Kenney, Richard Alvarado. Standing: Coach Armand Veneziano, Gabby Chic, Leopold Jendrrin, Jeffrey Juius, Michael Vaz, Brian Hale Missing: Au Thong Brown, Daniel Williams Jeffreydulius receives hockey trophy the night of the traditional sports banquet. He is congratulated by Coach Veneziano 78 3rd. Row: Coach McShane, Kerlande Pharo, Kathy Bryant, Janny Gedeon, Shavon Camp¬ bell, Alexandviva Silva- Assistant Coach 2nd. Row: Flore Loiseau, Kareu Pryor, Nadeau Meredith, Tania Pontillo 1st, Row: Capt. Siriluck Sriweawnetr, Gloria Mays. Record: 9 wins. 4 losses 79 SOCCER CHAMPIONS Kneeling: Rodelbert Milfleur, Gregory Gaston, Renald Joseph, Patrick Lindor, Marion Barahona, Sony Hyppolite, Standing Manager - Pierre Fede, Sokhak Ros, Harry Nixon Dauphine, Jacques Edouarzin, Wilier Justinville, Brenohaire Cesar, Maxine Charles, Coach J, Avila, Missing: Luly Reginald, Eric Vides, Elysee Blanc, Jean Luc Dorneval. I THIS IS THE YEAR So, this is the year we ' ve all be waiting for. A year filled with laughter and love. A year of good times and bad. This is the year when we open a new door. So, another year will be done and gone. And within this book lies a smile. A smile I saved to shine on this school. Before I moved, once again, on. And drop one more lonely tear For my enemies, for every last foe. For my teachers, my coaches, and for my friends. A tear for those who helped me through fear. One hundred years before I arrived a battle was fought, Being a replacement soldier, I marched through, With dedication, spirit, and hope That the following would be victories sought. So here I sit for English High. The place where my youth will die. Holding back, trying not to cry. Here is my last hug and kiss good-bye. Forever Faithful, " Lee " Marilyn Keenan and Doreen Waishek collect funds for Senior Class activities Back Row: Marilyn Keenan, Doreen Waishek, AnnMarie Gates, Cindy Jeffer¬ son, Angela Crossen, Michelle Liter, Michelle Content, Faires Odom, Tracey Hinton, Yolanda Spenser Third Row: April Siraco, Shalise Hammond, Lissa McGrotty Second Row: Jennifer Crenshaw, Yvette Mosley, Michelle Decarolis L to R - Front Row: Ida Alicea, Maria Figueroa, Lorenda Perkins 82 THE VALEDICTORIAN ' S FAREWELL ADDRESS The poet Edgar Lee Masters said, " You ' ve got to love life to have life, and you ' ve got to have life to love life. ' ' Now, let us look back at our past for a moment. We all have had an excellent year. Each one of us took time to learn to understand our¬ selves and the people around us. Whatever you were learning in those years of education belongs to you. You have been paying the price to this day. It took you years and years of education, so that you could be here tonight. These years of hard work will reap the rewards of the future. You attend school, not because you have to, but because you want to understand yourself and discover who you are and the new things that surround you. Tonight is only the beginning of your life. Your life is still mostly ahead of you, when you are no longer pro¬ tected by high school, but are out in the real world. Whatever you want to be or to accomplish is deter¬ mined by you. Life is wonderful when you discover new things to love. Whatever you are doing now will affect your future. After tonight, each one of us will go our separate ways. Some of you will go to college, community col¬ lege, vocational school, job training, or employment. Please keep in mind that education is an important part of your lives. Whether you are sitting in class or not, education is an op¬ portunity to enrich your life by learn¬ ing new cultures, the customs of people around you, new lan¬ guages, and new things beyond your imaginations. Education is a chance for a bright future that will make you and your posterity se¬ cure. Education is the alternative to ignorance and poverty. Learning is never ending. The more you equip yourself with knowledge, the more you will understand yourself, be able to open your heart to others, and overcome the shadow of darkness. In the future, some of you will be¬ come lawyers, doctors, politicians, scientists, or other professionals. You will be setting role models for others who will be inspired to do the same things. Therefore, your lives are becom¬ ing richer every day with new ideas and new discoveries. Because of this, your lives are more meaningful. To quote Edgar Lee Masters again, " It takes life to love life. " You all have dreams of whom you want to be. Sometimes the world outside prevents your dream from coming true. You must be energetic and. strong so that you can deal with ob¬ stacles. Anything is possible. You must keep trying to reach and to hold on to your dreams. That is something you can look forward to; it will make your life interesting. How¬ ever, you should also be satisfied with who you are and be thankful for what you have. You might be happier fin ding things in your own backyard; you don ' t always need to look far away. Life is not easy. There is a lot of pressure on you. People tell you to do one thing or another. Sometimes you will run into difficulties, but you must constantly remind yourself that life is worth fighting for. Don ' t avoid the problem that touches you. You must face it and correct it, to insure your own bright future. You should feel confident and not be discour¬ aged. If you can move through the hard times, life will be better. Please remember that when you run into difficult situations, you shouldn ' t turn to drugs and alcohol. It only messes things up. Don ' t let the substances control or destroy your life. You must control them. Life is beautiful when you know how to point yourself in the right di¬ rection. I wish you all a wonderful future and a happy life. Best of luck to you all. Class of 1988 . DAN VAN CHU, VALEDICTORIAN .;.. : pi?-.,. . ■:■ ' •• - . $.■ ' ■ 1 W V ,. », | • • « ?• :..V • M MHHIi • ! L, L ; ' V r 1 CLASS OF 88 Class of ' 88 wishes to thank all of those who lent their support to this year ' s yearbook enabling it to go to press. Best Wishes to the class of ”88 " from: ' Frank and Loretta Walsh Sandy Spurr Tracey Perkins and Ricky Charlie and Cindy: " Congratulations Sis. " Missy, John and John William Costa Goanne Roberz Sandra and Red Perkins Kim Krueger Ms. Lacombe Arthur Basseth Lyonel Prime Kenol Pierre Recem Justin Lisa Pred-Sosa Alejandro Aguillon Lourdes Guerrero Guillermo Aguillon The Aguillon Family The Romero Family Leonor Aguillon Johane Noel Marie Marthe Nazaire I. FRIENDS OF ENGLISH HIGH SCHOOL 2. BEST OF LUCK IN THE FUTURE TO THE THREE MUSKETEERS: ANGELA, SHALISE, AND YOLANDA —MR. FORD 3. BEST WISHES TO MISS CHASE—LOVE CHESTER 4. GOOD LUCK SABRINA BASS . . . LOTS OF LUCK IN THE FUTURE — COUSIN CHERRY 5. BEST WISHES AND LOTS OF LOVE TO SABRINA BASS—BETTY 6. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF ' 88- RADICAL RICK 7. GOOD LUCK CLASS OF ' 88—WARREN R. CROSBY 8. GOOD LUCK CLASS OF ' 88—RICHARD CUMMINGS JR, EHS CLASS ' 68 9, GOOD LUCK CLASS OF ' 88—BOBBY REEVES, EHS CLASS OF ' 75 10. GOOD LUCK CLASS OF ' 88—CHERYL SANDERS AND FAMILY 11. GOOD LUCK IN YOUR FUTURE YOLANDA—LOVE AUNT HAGAR 12. CONGRATULATIONS YOLANDA—YOUR COUSINS, JIM WILLIE MAE LAY 13. CONGRATULATIONS YOLANDA . . . MAY YOUR FUTURE BE SUCCESSFUL—YOUR COUSINS, CINDY, Marie Claudette Nazaire Mr. Saintil Mrs. Anni Motherway Rene Nixon Mr. and Mrs. William Federico Mrs. Beatrice Milligan J. P. Hunt Mrs. Fredonia Johnson Mr, Jimmie Johnson Deanne Marie Johnson Sandra Johnson D. Ramsey: To Sheila D. - Peace be with you. Danielle Bernard Michaelle Jorneval Chiers Saint Louis A, Prosper Moise Benjamin To Shelby Bowling: Best of Luck The Crawford Family The Shelby Bowling: Best wishes in the near future. Love, Denise and Robert Dixon To Shelby Bowling: Congrats ' to a great young lady on her graduation- Sherry Tucker Brown Shelby, God bless you in your future endeavors - Zinor Shelly. Reach for the stars Ms. Laikens - Mary Jeanne Day Care Center. DEWAYNE AND RYAN 14. YOLANDA CONGRATULATIONS. REMEMBER TO SEEK YE FIRST THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN. LOVE MOM AND DAD 15. CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO MY FAVORITE GRAND-DAUGHTER, YOLANDA, LOVE GRANDMA LILLIAN 16. CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR FAVORITE NIECE YOLANDA. LOVE, UNCLE RON, AUNT CAROLYN AND JOEY 17. CONGRATULATIONS YOLANDA, MAY GOD BLESS YOU. LOVE REV. ROSE PERRY 18. CONGRATULATIONS TO YOLANDA FROM JACQUI PERRY HARRIS, EHS CLASS OF 75 19. BEST WISHES YOLANDA. BE THE BEST OF WHATEVER YOU ARE. AUNT BRENDA LAURENT 20. TO ANN MARIE AND APRIL MY OFFICE AIDES, THANK-YOU FOR ALL OF YOUR HELP — I ' LL MISS YOU, MISS WAISHEK 21. Best of Luck to Shalise Hammond and to all the graduates- Mary McElroy and Family. 22. Good Luck Mr. 8t Mrs. Don Sulley to Shause Hammond. 23. Lots of luck Shalise - Margaret Cook and Family. 24. Congratulations Shalise - Mr. 8 . Mrs. Sean Dixon 25. Congratulations class of 88 - Mrs. Vega Sped Dept Head 26. Congratulations Graduates - Mrs. Carroll Sped Secretary 27. Congratulations to all of the Graduates - Mrs. Arrington 28. " The future is yours " Mrs. Mortensen CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES THE ENGLISH READING DEPARTMENT 86 THE YEARBOOK STAFF This page has been provided by contributions from the staff of the Seated: Lillian Hussein, Janet Garcia, Shannon Crim, Studying: traditional program. Meeka Lee, Gregory " Smurf " Murphy, Gary " Spenser for Hire " Je- meison, Mirta Guzman, Brenohaine " Bruno " Cesar, Edith Pierre - Louis. MISSING: Kasia Lapier, Anne M. Gates. The Cambridge Studio 2259 Massachusetts Avenue Cambridge, Ma 02140 (617) 491-3230 Best wishes to the graduating class of 1988 Best of Luck to the Class of 1988 Best wishes to the Class of 1988 C. H. Wallbank Company Rose Therese Cap 8c Gown 1524 V.F.W. Parkway West Roxbury, Ma 02132 Co. P.O. Box 186 Stoughton, Ma 02072 (617) 586-5812 Official Suppliers of trophies and Awards to E.H.S. EHS graduate Simmons CoCCecje c o ng r ntuintes the CCass of 1988 Congratulations Things are looking Great to our Daughter for the class of ' 88 Michelle Blaine Congratulations to the Graduates You finally made it! from the Love Ma and Dad Math, Business and Computer Dept. K. Aborn A. Johnson A Basseth W. Hynes B. Bastanzuri M. Horan P, Ford J. LaCroix To: All the " 88 " graduates J. Dowling J. Luc J. E. Gallagher Green J. McShane S. O ' Donnell The Bilingual staff wishes K. Gelzinis A. Prospere all of you the best of luck E. Homes K. Saintil in all your new endeavors. P. Harrison R. Thompson D. Washek Bon Chans Bonne Chance Buena Furturo ■ ' HsComprehensive School Age Parenting Program , I Affiliated with: Brigham Women ' s Hospital ln f Qnts and Other People Good Luck To The Class Of 88 Class Of 1988 THE SCIENCE, HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT THE PARENTING PROGRAM Good Luck To The Class Of 88 Best Of Luck To The Class Of 1988 HUMBOLT AND WARREN LIQUOR MART Roxbury, MA 02121 l MRS. CERACHTY - Headmaster ' s Secretary MRS. LAWLER - Main Office Secretary CONGRATULATIONS, GRADUATES! Best Of Luck To The Graduating Class Of 1988 Looking ahead to the future? Do you worry you won ' t graduate? CONTACT: Gary Wallace Jobs Collaborative Room 116, 738-8429 Shelly Borg, If Your In 9th Grade Room 803, 731-6512 Silvario Calzada, Upper Grades Room 303, 734-8379 PRUDENTIAL TV SERVICE CO. 1639 Washington Street Boston, MA (617) 566-5400 Boston Private Industry Council I IS5 Devonshire Street Boston, Massachusetts 02110 (617)423-3755 Fred E. Waishek Owner EHS Graduate Class Of 1950. . (6 1 7) 296-0800 MA. LIC. 1 852 C United cJluto (Jtpp’icusal, JJne. RALEIGH HANKERSON PRESIDENT 556 RIVER STREET MATTAPAN. MA. 02126 To the Class of 1988 Success Always Best Wishes To Good Health Christine Price Good Luck Your Nurses Good Luck And Love DIANE, PHIL CHRISTINA Corinne Ahern R.N. Ann Blood R.N. Congratulations To Yolanda Spenser PHONE: (813) 983-9488 813 983-5010 Congratulations Yolanda Spenser And The Best Of Everything Reddick s Funera l Ho me THE ALLENS AUNT KATIE AND UNCLE GEORGE Dennis Reddick. Jr. Funeral Director 822 Harlem Academy 9th St. P.O. Box 1076 Clewiston, Florida 33440 Harrisburg, PA 17109 L Love Uncle Dennis BEST OF LUCK TO THE CLASS OF 88 Compliments of . . Official Jewelers for BOSTON ENGLISH HIGH SCHOOL creators of fine quality, custom designed class rings, recognition jewelry, awards and special occasion favors, Dick Collins 900 Main Street Waltham, MA 02154 (617) 899-9395 THE 1988 BONUS SECTION I Memorial Day: Headmaster Smith and Wilfred Hynes place a wreath by the English High School tablet listing graduates who lost their lives in the service of their country. Paul Beichel and General Regan place a wreath by the High School of Commerce memorial tablet. STUDENTS UPSET FACULTY IN BASKETBALL VICTORY ■ 95 PEP RALLY HE ENIOR ' ROM i V ' OWL . Jmfi ' V |T ¥ nyr - r ’ ' ' T m- « . “w-W «!■ i y , % • ip4 ft ' -t j ¥ t HU a N % l V r lOSTO k ' 1 l ' v ' ' - " ■ ' 1 V- m ft fV ,I i A ft iu |MpV • ■ f ' rT K ■k H 1 ■ life I . jfeg ™ K tflflk i - fa Black History Contest Winners SENTIMENT FOR E.H.S. Thank-you, my family, for these years past. I hope the memories will always last. My tears were shed upon this floor, And again they will fall as I walk through the door. My laughter echoed through the halls. My pictures and posters hung on the walls To you English High I gave all I had, And to say goodbye is very sad. This body of people, of brick, and stone, Without y ' all I would have stood alone. Days and nights were given to you. Just to support the English-blue and blue. To come and go with dedication and pride; English High never lets me slide- For when in need, or in doubt, There is someone there to help me out. Here I made life-long friends. And I hope the happiness never ends- For after everything is said and done, In my heart English High will remain number one! Lissa McGrotty- " e » | IjSsHKinBisjj , ; I .f ' -5 2 V 1 fJ f § W 4§IJ[ 0 Mg 9i jf tn [ £ Jfp§ ' ; • a 1 1 IF f I L f J i JL . B i Pi ¥ i s 1 16 1 - J|8||W ■ ; v t i d 1 ' St -

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