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Class Heart Breakers Vicki Papadopoulos, Elaine Weidman, Michael Wiles, Martin McLaughlin Most Athletic Latonya Pettie, Vicki Papadopoulos, Lazzar Franklin, Ormond Adarns Cutest Couple Heidy and Alex Most Likely To Succeed Carolyn Simmons, Sonia Ortega CLASS OF 1986 Ormond Adams Nadesge Dauphine Danielo Jean-Joseph Darius Reid Jennifer Adamson Richard C. David George Kalfas Franklin J. Reyes Margalie Alexis Alfredo M. Depina Jeffrey P. Keegan Denise Rhodes Murielle Alexis Domenic DeSantis Seth Keobounthan Terry E. Rich Nilsa Alicea Reynaldo Diaz Bounsana Keopraseuth Yvon M. Richemond Yolanda Alston Thomas Dickey Phouvong Khammanivong Lissette Rivera Darlene B Alteon Cynthia L. Dingley Anne M. Koren Rynnette Rivera Stanley Alves Frantz Dormeus Anide M. Labranche Darrell Robinson Tina L. Ambrose Michael Dozier Jean Labranche Timothy Rodrigues Georgia Amore David M. Duffley Pierre Labranche Ana M. Rodriquez Regine J. M. Andre Kimthu Duong lean B Laforest Yadira Rodriquez Ronnie Armany Racquel Dyer Emerlene Lahens Fritz Romeus Heidy P Arrivillaga Denise M. Egerton Ngan-Fong Lam Maria Rosa Ricky D Arthur Alissjr Elias Ngan-Kuen Lam Cheryl J. Ross Deidre Bacon Theresa Estrada Hugues Lamarre James Ross Curt Bailey Cynthia Estrella Frank P. Larmond Marta Ruiz lanet Balboa Nedy Fantauzzi Victoria K. Lee Mario Sablon Lilliana Balleste Marie L. Fede Magdalena Lemoine Weena Saint Elien Victoria Banks Myrla Fernandez Daniel Levy Claude Sarkis Luis F. Barbosa Myrtho Fleurinor Mae Lewzey Lisa Savage Guirlene Baron Gasner Fleury Yves Lindor Kimball S. Scott Antonio Barros Christopher Flowers Dana T. Long Marcie A. Scott Rosa A. Beato Wendy A. Fogle Amarilis Lopez Michael Sheperd T McArthur Belin Marjorie J. Francis Angel L. Lopez Sharon F. Sheppard Renette Belizaire Lazar Franklin Carmen Lopez Olga Silva Frederick Bell Dave F. Galloway Edith Louis Robert V. Silva Carline Bertrand Raul Garcia Samuel Louis Manuel Silveira Arlene |. Best Janet A. Gardner Marie Lucien Carolyn M. Simmons Victoria L. Black German S. Gerard Anderson Manuel Paul T. Simmons Magalie Bodkin Odile Germain Andrise Mathurin Kathy Sirafos Sonya Boswell Albert Gibosse Carmelo Matias Carmen Smith Judith Boucard Sheron R. Gilbert Joseph P McArthur Joyce L. Solomon Vanith Boungnasy Cheryl D. Glenn Evonia T. McGee Saysana Soompholphakd Edwina A Bovell Jacqueline Goodman Martin McLaughlin Stephanie Sprague Cindy Bowen Darren Goss Jeffrey McRae Juan Stengel Colby M. Boyd Ernst Guerrier Brigite Melo Charles J. Sterling Colette Bresilla Rita Guzman Jean Menard Lisa Strong Comita Bresilla Shubrenna D. Ham Pablo Mendez Kenneth F. Tabb Vivian A. Brooks Joan Hanley Denise Mitchell Hung Tho Tang Christopher Brown Darrell Harris Scott Moore lacqueline Taylor David Brown Johnny Harris Harry Mussotte Komasavanh Thanabouth Carla Butler Lisa M. Harris Kethia Nazaire Harry Theodat Drogie Cadet Denise M. Harrison David Nelson Josue Thermitus Elsie Campbell Roger A. Harvey Michael Norman Thongdam Marie A. Cange Carlos Hernandez Adeline Odney Eunice Torres David Canniff Sean Higgins Haddie M. Odom Ngoclan ThiTran Gerald Capurso Arthur Hodges Jennifer O ' Reilly Phuoc Can Tran Jessica Cardoza Horance Hogan Sonia Ortega Sharon Y. Trowers Tonya Cardoza Adrian Holley Cloyd Osborne Nicole Vilcina Richard Carnegie Linouse Homicile Samuel Osias Dao Hoang Vo Francisco Castillo Robert Hooker Michelle L. Osgood Jeffrey Wade Donald Caseau Vickie Howard Vicky Papadopoulos Terrance A. Ward Carline Chery Donovan Hudson Maryse Parent Elaine Weidman Lisa Childs Charles Hughes Lauren E. Parker James M. White Claudine A. Christie William E. Iraola Dessa J. Payne Stephanie White Alba N Cirino Josette Isidore Demaris Perez Beverly Whitney Jean Clemenceau Dana E. Jackson Pebbles D. Person Michael D. Wiles Milienne Clervil Gina M. Jackson Latonia Pettie James Williams Tracy A. Collins Renee Jackson Huguette Pierre Darla Wilson Jaime A. Colon Ulda Jean Muriel Pierre Byron A. Winder Marie L. Constant Herve Jean-Baptiste Reynold P. Pierre-Louis Yat Wong Marlene L. Cousins Sharon A. Jenkins Richardel Pierre Renee Y. Wright Derrick A. Cowan Tania V. Jiminian Richard Pugh Anne M Craig Antonio Joas Thomas J. Pyke Rene R. Cuevas Darrell Johnson Juan Quezada Roscoe M. Curry Kenneth Johnson Hugh E. Ramsay Jacob Daee Sandra Joseph-Julmice Deborah M. Reece Rhonda Dance Christopher Jones Portia M. Reece Marie D Dauphine Earl Jones Scott Rehm AMERICA ' S OLDEST PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOL THE ENGLISH HIGH SCHOOL 77 AVENUE LOUIS PASTEUR BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS 02115 617-738-6300 ■ THE ENGLISH HIGH SCHOOL BOSTON ENGLISH THE BLUE BLUE l ■ ■1. ■J Eft r ..TV Yearbook Staff 1986 Editor-in-Chief: Sonia Ortega Photographer: Jaime Colon Dodge Murphy Studios: EZ Photography (Evelyn Zidel) Staff: Yoland Alston, Luis F. Barbos, Cynthia Dingley, David Galloway, Samuel Louis, David Nelson, Vicky Papadopoulos, Hugh Ramsay, Rynnette Rivera, Ween Saint Elien, Lisa Strong, Eunice Torres, Elaine Weidman. Adviser: Carl R. Zidel Principal: Sidney W. Smith ALMA MAI I R Alma Mater, tried and true, English High, our English High, Oft our hearts shall turn to you English High, our English High Should e ' er the laurel wreath be mine I ' ll lay the honor at thy shrine Our hearts, our hopes, our prayers are thine, English High, our English High. Men may ome and men ma gi English High, our English High Net in deep and peaceful flow, English High, our English High, Shall thy stream of learning wide. Through the ages grandly glide, Ever to thy sons a pride, English EHigh, our English High. 9 m HEADMASTER ' S MESSAGE I ' d like to offer the very best wishes to the Class of 1986, English High School ' s 162nd graduating class. You are responsible for many, many fond memories, and I ' ll be forever grateful for having had the opportunity to know and work with you. I ' ll miss each and every one of you very, very much, and I only h ope that your English High School experience is one that you ' ll look back upon, for many years to come, with a sense of satis- faction and accomplishment. Go with pride and go with re- spect! You are very special people! You are the men and women of English High School! Sidney W. Smith HEADMASTER THANK YOU TO TWO OUTSTANDING EDUCATORS " Captain " Bob Fisher " Captain " Bob Fisher is one of the pillars of English High School, He has probably over- seen more young people as they passed through our halls than any other person. Even today, one-half of our sophomore class is assigned to the Captain ' s tutelage. Almost any almnus fondly remembers the title, " Captain " Fisher. Bob Fisher is a very warm and concerned teacher, who has left his mark on many fine young minds. While educational theories and philosophies have come and gone, his influence has assured a stable and constant school environment. Many colleagues have drawn on his exper- tise on subjects ranging from automobiles to military science and geraniums. His his- torical perspective, vitality, optimism, and geniality will be sorely missed. John O ' Neill Long before the sputnik scare sent Ameri- can educators scrambling to enhance our science curriculum, John O ' Neill was hard at work with the students of English High School. John ' s classes provide students with the scientific expertise to continue along the road to higher education or the confi- dence to deal with our ever changing tech- nological society. It is difficult to character- ize John ' s style since he adapted it to suit the great diversity of students at English High School. But the one trait that stands out is his caring and understanding way of treating each student as an individual. It is hard to forget the appreciation and grati- tude on the faces of graduating seniors as they would approach John O ' Neill after the ceremonies in June, to say " thanks " , for all his efforts on their behalf. THIS PAGE HAS BEEN PROVIDED BY THE CLASS OF 86 GRADUATES OF YESTERYEAR Gary Daphnis Position: Department Head - Bilingual Graduated English High: 1972 Favorite Course: Foreign Languages and Latin Favorite Teacher: Mr. O ' Malley, Mr. Green, Mr. Garber, Mr. Wells and Mr. O ' Neil Favorite School Lunch: Cold Cuts Steven Leonard Position: Assistant Headmaster Graduate English High: 1964 Favorite Course: English Favorite Teacher: Mr. Duffy Rickie Thompson Position: Mathematics Teacher Graduated English High: 1971 Favorite Course: Geometry Favorite Teacher: Mr. Creedon Michael Garber Position: Foreign Language Teacher Graduate English High: 1961 Favorite Course: Spanish Favorite Teacher: Mr. Arthur Gustus Favorite School Lunch: Whatever My Mother Made. ILivaughn Chapman Position: Assistant Headmaster Graduated English High: June 1965 Favorite Course: Algebra Favorite Teacher: Mr. Gizzie Favorite School Lunch: Fish Sticks Thomas ). Gomperts Position: Sergeant - Boston School Police Graduated English High: 1975 Favorite Course: History Favorite Teacher: Mr. Creedon, Mr. McCarthy, Mr. Fennessey and Mr. Stewart Favorite School Lunch: Cheese Burgers at Emmanuel College Cafeteria Captain Robert Fisher Position: Teacher of Health Education Graduate English High: 1940 Favorite Course: History Favorite Teacher: Mr. Benson Favorite School Lunch: " Spuckie " Submarine YEARBOOK STAFF First Row: Rynnette Rivera, Eunice Torres, Sonia Ortega, Carolyn Simmons. Second Row: Samuel Louis, Vickie Papadopoulos, Adrian Holly, Hi gh Ramsey, Weena Saint Ellien, David Nelson, Yolanda Alston, Jai me A. Colon. Third Row: Louis Barboza, Dave Galloway. m 9 BOSTON ENGLISH CLASS OF 1986 BOSTON ENGLISH CLASS OF 1986 BOSTON ENGLISH CLASS OF 1986 Bresilla, Comita Butler, Carla Cardoza, Tonya Brooks, Vivian Cadet, Drodgie Cazeau, Donald Brown, David Canniff, David Chery, Carline f I Brutus, Darlene Capurso, Gerald Chery, Cina Childs, Lisa Christie, Claudine Cirino, Alba Clairvil, Milienne BOSTON ENGLISH CLASS OF 1986 BOSTON ENGLISH CLASS OF 1986 BOSTON ENGLISH CLASS OF 1986 Ham, Shubrenna Hartley, loan BOSTON ENGLISH CLASS OF 1986 Jackson, Renec lean, Ulda JeanBaptiste, Herve lean Pierre, Frantz BOSTON ENGLISH CLASS OF 1986 BOSTON ENGLISH CLASS OF 1986 Lucien, Marie Manuel, Anderson Mathurin, Andrise McArthur, Joseph BOSTON ENGLISH CLASS OF 1986 BOSTON ENGLISH CLASS OF 1986 Reece, Portia Rhodes, Denise BOSTON ENGLISH CLASS OF 1986 BOSTON ENGLISH CLASS OF 1986 Thelismond, Marc Thermitus, )osue Alissar, Elias Labranche, Minoche ENGLISH HIGH CLASS OF 86 BOSTON ENGLISH CLASS OF 1986 Sterling, Charles Key, Kimberley Brown, Christopher Dozier, Michael Keegan, Jeffery P. Ruiz, Martha Khammaivong, Phouvon Bodking, Magalie Wright, Renee Strong, Lisa Baron, Curlene Jiminian, Tania Dyer, Racquel Winder, Byron Robinson, Darrell Badgett, Lisa BOSTON ENGLISH CLASS OF 1986 Miss Sheridian Ms. Gilligan Mr. Golden Mr. Gomperts Mr. Gower Mr. Green Mr. Guzman Mrs. Halloran Mr. Hennigan Ms. Harrcll Mr. Harrison Ms. Harriston Miss Hicks Mrs. Horan Mr. Hyncs Ms. James Miss Jeanetti Ms. Jiacoboski Mr. Johnson Mr. Johnson Mr. Joseph Mr. Kalanteis Ms. Lacombe Ms. Lambert 29 Ms. Raimondo Mr. Sonego Ms. Syvoravong Mr. Whittle Ms. Romano Mr. Stern Mr. Tompson Ms. Wong Ms. Schirmer Mrs. Stiles Mr. Timothe Mr. Wootirat Ms. Shakespeare Mr. Stiles Ms. Waishek Mr. Yocco Ms. Shamon Mr. Striar Mr. Walsh Mr. Zidel Ms. Shields Mr. Sargis Mr Wheelei Ms. Zimmerman i1 VARSITY FOOTBALL BASEBALL SOFTBALL VARSITY BASEBALL VARSITY SOFTBALL Coach: John Rooncy Asst. Coach: Jerry Ready Captain: Thomas Dickey Coach: Ms. Barhar Ward Asst. Coach. Brian Pennington Co-Captains: Joan Hanley Eunice Torres Varsity Letters Richard Alvardo Brian Bennett Edmon Campanella Cerinaldo Castillo Thomas Dickey Brian Hale Pablo Mendtv Nixon Ortiz Joseph Tye Byron Winder I N( ,1 ISI I 2 7 n 1 J 6 8 4 16 TEAM RECORD 3 - 9 (3 games remaining) Matignon U.S. Madison Park H.S. Boston Technical Brighton H.S. Chelsea H.S. Madison Park H.S. Boston Technical Dorchester H.S. Brighton H.S. Dorchester H.S. " West Roxbury H.S. Jamaica Plain H.S. Matignon H.S. West Roxbury H.S. Jamaica Plain H.S. M.V.P. Gerinald Castillo OPPONENT 12 10 4 4 5-. 5 6 " 10 4 12 12 12 JUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL Coach: Jerry Ready Richard Alvarado Gabby Chin John Clarke Joseph Cummings Harry Dauphine Joseph Depietro Brian Hale ENGLISH Letters Jeffrey Julius James Lewzey Gerald Rich Robert Sunel Joseph Tye James Verderico Varsity Letters Laura BlacUer Gloria Brown lesha Brown KathyAnn Bryant Karen Douglas Kimthu Duong Cynthia Estrella Robin Garside Joan Hanley Maureen Kelly C .if oJvn LeBi un ENGLISH Lost Lost Lost Lost Won Lost Lost Lost Losr Lost Lost Lost Won Lost Charlotte Moser Katherine O ' Neal Laura Pina Mary Reed Dye hell Reeves Geraldine Santana Yolanda Starwood Eunice Torres Dionicia Vargas Brenda Vatalaro Lauriane Wood 2 - TEAM RECORD 12 (3 games to play) OPPONENT Latin Academy Boston Technical East Boston H.S. West Roxbury H.S. Jamaica Plain H.S. I )oi ( hester H.S. Madison Park H.S. Latin Academy East Boston H.S. Charlestown H.S. Madison Park H.S. Be ston Technical Dorchester H.S. West Roxbury H.S. Jamaica Plain H.S. Hyde Park H.S,- J. E. Burke H.S. M.V.P. Joan Hanley TEAM RECORD 6 (one game to play) JUNIOR VARSITY SOFTBALL Coach: Brian Pennington Junior Varsity Letters Laura. Blackler Daphne Bfrown lesha Brown KathyAnn Bryant Cynthia Estrella Carolyn LeBrun Charlotte Moser Katherine O ' Neal Co-Captains: tewra Pina Dychell Reeves Laura Pina Dychell Reeves Gina Ribeiro Geraldine Santana Yolanda Starwood Dionicia Vargas Brenda Vatalaro Lauriane Wood OPPONENT TEAM RECORD 5 (2 games to play) 18 Madison Park H.S. 10 0 Boston Technical 9 ENGLISH » Charlestown H.S. 2 2 Madison Park H.S. 5 Lost 9 Dorchester H.S. 17 Lost 3 Charlestown H.S. 1 2 Lost 0 West Roxbury H.S. 12 Won 8 Boston Technical 12 Won West Roxbury Lost Won Won M.V.P. Gabby Chin Won Won Lost 3b M.V.P. Dychell Reece OPPONENT Latin Academy Boston Technical East Boston H.S. West Roxbury H.S. Jamaica Plain H.S. Dorchester H.S. Madison Park H.S. Latin Academy East Boston H.S. Madison Park H.S. West Roxbury H.S. Jamaica Plain H.S. Hyde Park H.S. SOCCER, PEP RALLY S()( ( I R Coach Avila Captain: Ernst Guerrier Varsity Letters I. V w 4» w A Ferry Armand Frantz Bienairne I Iit man Bodden Brenohair Cesar Ernst Cleophat Thomas Dickey Frantz Dormeus Elie Ghazali Ernst Guerrier Sean Higgins Herve JeanBaptist Garry Joseph leanBaptiste LaForest Jac ques Marcelin Rodelbert Mifleur Harry Mussotte David Nelson Vutha Nuon Richardel Pierre Marking PicrreLouis Renald SaintSurin Vixay Say ' Ricardo Silva Rodrigo Silva Krzysztof Sliwinski Aun Uy TEAM RECORD 6-4-3 CHEERLEADING Coach: Ms. Patricia Courtney Co-Captains: Marice Nichols Sabrina Bass Varsity Letters Pamela Alston Cayisha Barrows Sabrina Bass Dionne Dixon Marice Nichols Latonia Pettie Erika Sanders Tuwana Vinson Taisha White Patricia Young [ ,1 ISH OPPONFNT 1 Boston Technical 1 0 West Roxbury H.S. 1 3 Brighton H.S. 1 0 Boston College H.S. 1 0 East Boston H.S. 4 3 Madison Park H.S. 3 4 Jamaica Plain H.S. 2 2 Boston Technical 0 3 West Roxbury H.S. 0 1 Madison Park H.S. 0 1 Brighton H.S. 1 1 East Boston H.S. 4 Jamaica Plain H.S. 1 M.V.P. Herve JeanBaptiste M.V.P. Marice Nishols II ENGLISH HIGH SCHOOL TRACK OUTDOOR TRACK Varsity Letters Ormond Adams Roy Beattie Michael Do ier La ar Franklin Darren Goss Frank Larmond Jesse Martin Vutha Nuon Individual Achievements Boston City Championships Lazar Franklin Ormond Adams Mike Dozier Jesse Martin Frank Larmond 4 X 110 relay 1st 220 yard run 2nd high hurdles 2nd mile run 5th 080 yard run 6th 44 yard run 5th (Adams, Dozier, Larmond, Franklin) Coaches ' Invitational Meet Lazar Franklin 1st Place 100 meters (meet record of 10.5 seconds) M.V.P. Lazar Franklin 1985 State Champion (200 m.) Frank Larmond » ir, 85 State Champion (100 m.) Lazar Jin h: Henrion Lion Record 0-6 Coach: Henri Lion Varsity Letters Boys Ormond Adams Ryan Conway Michael Dizier Lazar Franklin William Iraola Frank Larmond Vutha Nuon Girls Brooks Jennifer Crenshaw Laurie Johnson Faries Odom J.V. Letters Deanna Jennings Sheila Sablon BOYS ' TF AM RFCORD 5-3 I U L U I w w I L w I w I w u Boston Technical Charlestown H.S. Jamaica Plain H.S. West Roxbury H.S. Hyde Park H.S. Dorchester H.S. Madison Park H.S. East Boston H.S. GIRLS ' TEAM RECORD 4-4 Boston Technical Charlestown H.S. Jamaica Plain H.S. West Roxbury H.S. Hyde Park U.S. Dorchester H.S. Madison Park H.S. East Boston H.S. . INDIVIDUAL ACHIEVEMENTS Lazar Franklin: State Champion, 50 Yard Dash M V P. 1986 State Champion (50 yds.) Lazar Franklin VARSITY BOYS ' BASKETBALL ENGLISH OPPONENT 411 Boston Technical 59 65 Newton South H.S. 56 64 Barnstable H.S. r 7 VI Madison Park U.S. 73 64 Jamak .1 Plain 1 1.S. 63 69 West Roxbury H.S. 77 70 Don Bosco Tech 81 64 Madison Park H.S. (, t 84 Brighton H.S. 71 55 Jamaica Plain H.S. 60 58 Boston Technical 65 ir, Dorchester H.S. 75 65 West Roxbury H.S 79 50 Madison Park H.S. 59 8 1 Brighton H.S. 77 59 Jamaica Plain H.S. 48 41 Dorchester H.S. 58 75 Boston Latin H.S. 50 M.V.P. Jesse Martin Varsity Letters Luis Barboza Carlos Cortex Reynaldo Diaz Derrick Foster Charles Jones Samuel Lowe Jesse Martin Maurice Marshall Timothy Rodgers Robert Silva Nicolas Tejeda Alfonso Wint VARSITY VOLLEYBALL Kimthu Duong Pamela Fletcher Maureen Kelly Lauren Parker Rosa Rodriguez Alexandrinha Silva Siriluck Sriweawneter Vivian Valdez HOCKEY Coach: Armand Veneziano Captain: Scott Rehm M.V.P. Scott Rehm ENGLISH OPPONENT 0 Dorchester H.S. 13 Madison Park H.S Brighton H.S. Jamaica Plain H.S. Jamaica Plain H.S. Hyde Park H.S. Copley H.S. Dorchester H.S. Madison Park H Brighton H.S. Copley H.S. Hyde Park H.S. THE SWIM TEAM SWIMMING Coach: Paul Shuman Asst. Coach: Ken Wells Co-Captains: Sean Higgins Donovan Hudson Varsity Letters Edmond Campanella Daryl Creese Rosa Cruz Leona Desmaris Pamela Fletcher Andrzej Gieza Sean Higgins Donovan Hudson John Kelley Maureen Kelly Hank Larmond Pablo Mendez (araslaw Micherda Richard Mojica Charlotte Moser Nixon Ortiz Vicky Papadopoulos Rosa Rodriguez Krzysztof Sliwinski Hung Tho Tang Holly Wilson Andrew Witunski 46 TEAM RECORD 7-2 (ll (II MI ' I INS ENGLISH OPPONENT 1 I 1 Mario Umana Tech Madison Park H.S. West Roxbur 1 1 s Don Bosco Tec h East Boston M.S. Charlestown M.S. East Boston I i s South Boston M.S. it in Academy CITY OF BOSTON CHAMPIONSHIP MEET ENGLISH 318 Latin Academy 280 Boston Technical 122 West Roxbury H.S. 122 South Boston H.S. 100 East Boston H.S. 90 Charlestown H.S. 81 Mario Umana Tech 50 Madison Park H.S. 2 M.V.P. (Female ) Holly Wilson M.V.P. (Male) Jaraslaw Micherda 4rt IN AND AROUND THE TOWER On November 7, 1985 we had a very special guest in our Economics class named Mr. Berger. Mr. Berger is a consultant and has come to our economics class to share some of his knowledge about the business world with us. Mr. Berger talked about the market and how good jobs can be obtained. Also he talked about being your own boss and starting your own business. The class really enjoyed him. By Michael Wiles ■ L ijp HAPPY NEW YKAR mm The Hard Work High School Second Annual Black History Olympics Winning Program: Traditional Magnet Art Program Coach: Frank Fennessey Jean Auguste Chris Brown Roger Harvey Ronald Johnson Samuel Louis Aphrodite Paloukos (Debra) Scott Rehm Darrell Robinson Carolyn Simmons On Friday, February 28, 1986, The Fenway Program, The Traditional Magnet Art Program And The Cluster Program Teams Contested For The Annual Black History Olympics Title. The Traditional Magnet Arts Team Pictured Above Dethroned The Fenway Team, The Reigning Champions, In An Exciting Battle Of Minds! Opposite Page, Winners Of The Statue Of Liberty Essay Contest: Kasia Lapier Krystyna Kruczynska Sandra Weidman Christina Lindsey Aphrodite (Debbie) Paloukas Jaroslaw Micherda Ms. Prer Jesse Martin Ms. Elaine Wong THE PROM AT THE BOSTON MARRIOTT AT COPLEY PLACE You are cordially invited to attend English High School ' s Class of 1986 Senior Prom on Tuesday, the twentieth of May Nineteen hundred and eighty-six from 7 p.m. til 1 a.m. Boston Marriott at Copley Place 110 Huntington Avenue Boston, Massachusetts GRADUATION EXERCISES PROCESSIONAL " Pomp and Circumstance " Sir I Igar Led by Class Advisors Doreen Waishek .ind Marilyn Kcenan INVOCATION Rtw. Huston Crayton, )i Messiah Baptist Church NATIONAL ANTHIM " The Star-Spangled Banner " Francis Scott Key Eleanor McArthur, English High School Choir Director SALUTATION Michael Wiles, Student Class President GREETINGS Shirley Owens-Hicks, Boston S hool Committee Sidney W. Smith, Headmaster PRESENTATION OF FRANKLIN MEDALS Sidney W. Smith, Headmaster VALEDICTORY ADDRESS Fritz Romeus GUEST SPI AKFR Introduc tion of Speaker: Sonia Ortega Speaker: Reverend Michael Haynes, Class of 1943 12th Baptist Church, Boston PRESENTATION OF SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENTS Joan Dazzi, Scholarship Committee Chairperson PRESENTATION OF AWARD RECIPIENTS Susan Omsberg, Assistant Headmaster PRESENTATION OF CLASS GIFT Class Officers Michael Wiles Weena Saint Elien Carolyn Simmons Jacqueline Goodman AWARDING OF DIPLOMAS Shirley Owens-Hicks, Boston School Committee Sidney W. Smith, Headmaster Names Read by Steven Leonard, Lawrence Myalt Assistant Headmasters CLOSING REMARKS Sidney W. Smith, Headmastei MUSIC English High School Alma Mater BENEDICTION Reverend Crayton RECESSIONAI " Pomp and Circumstance " Sir Elgar 57 The Students Who Work In The School Store Would Like To Say " Congratulations! " To All The Seniors. Rosa Beato Alba Cirino Alexis Figueroa Sonia Ortega Kenyatta Johnson Frank Martinez Maria Rosa Erika Sanders Best Wishes From The Seniors Of The: International College Preparatory Program. Mr. Cronin ' s Senior Class Luis Angel )aime Eunice Sonia Rynette Alba Amarilus Marie Rene Elizabeth Nora Brigitte Heidy Sharon Best Wishes From The ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Traditional Program Good Luck To The Seniors HYDE PARK SPORTS Provider Of School Jackets For All Seasons (617) 361-4443 Best Wishes Seniors Ms. Carr Gordon Eliot Carl Zidel Wm. Brown Family Mrs. Peters Mrs. Keenan R. Max Diggs Olivia Franz Minuty Mr. Rooney Thongsy Ms. Dunning The Gregoires Susan Omsberg Doreen Waishek Ana M. Bunker Joanne Dowling Yankee Copy Company • QUALITY OFFSET PRINTING • WHILE YOU WAIT — BOND COPIES • ALL TYPES OF BINDING KALIE MALLIAROUDAKIS 1844 CENTRE ST. WEST ROXBURY, MA. 02132 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF ' 86 PARKWAY PRINTING COMPANY Quality Offset and Letterpress Printing • Resume Spc( ulists • Rubber Stamps • Ingrawd and Magncti Signs 1737 Centre Street — West Roxbury 327-4208 Monday - Friday 9-5, Wednesday Evenings til 7 Frank LaPrise Jr. — Owner — Class of 1960 Telephone 325-4410 CONGRATULATIONS, GRADUATES Looking for a summer job? Looking for a full-time job after graduation? CONTACT: Career Specialist English High School 738-8429 or 423-3755 The Boston Private Industry Council, Inc. 110 Tremont Street Boston, MA 02108 GOOD LUCK TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1986 FRED E. WAISHEK EHS CLASS OF 1950 PRUDENTIAL TV SERVING THE NEW BOSTON VINCINTY CALL ANYTIME SUNDAYS HOLIDAYS INCLUDED 267-5544 BROOKLINE WEST ROXBURY VICINITY SOMERVILLE CAMBRIDGE 566-5400 266-2224 SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENTS Walter F. Downey Scholarship Ngoclan Tran Moskow Brothers Scholarship Sean Higgins Class of 1914, Moskow Brothers Marlene Cousins Joseph Kaplan Scholarship Drodgie Cadet Class of 1914 Jacob Daee Charles Hayden Foundation Jaime Colon James G. Egan Award Elaine Weidman Albert H. Wiggins Memorial Scholarsip Rosa Beato Clarence Walker Brown Scholarship Haddie Odom William Brackett Snow Memorial Scholarship Lauren Parker Class of 1922 Award Ronnie Armany Charles M. Cumston Award Dessa Payne Stanley Gay Hyde Fitch Scholarship Ormond Adams Rubin Epstein Scholarship Reynaldo Diaz Class of 1925 Ann Koren Class of 1934 Daniel Levy Colonel Thomas F. Sullivan Award Paul Simmons Vincent P. Morton Scholarship Kimthu Duong Richard Trifiro Alumnus Scholarships Anderson Manuel Regine Andres Samuel Louis Amarelis Lopez Sandra Joseph-Julmice Sonia Ortega Fritz Romeus Renette Belizaire Phou Van Tran Dao Vo Ngan Kuen Lam Bounsana Keopraseuth Ngan Fong Lam Maryse Parent Class of 1961 Scholarships Ormond Adams Boston Teachers Union Scholarship Ormond Adams Boston University, Boston High School Scholarship Dao Vo, Vick y Papadopoulos Northeastern University, Boston Grant Program Ngan Kuen Lam David Galloway, Denise Rhodes, Bounsana Keopraseuth, Phuoc V. Tran Commonwealth Scholarship Renette Belizaire Dao Vo, Fritz Romeus, Sonia Ortega O. Edward Stolberg Scholarship Marlene Cousins John A. Creedon Memorial Award Carolyn Simmons United State Navy ROTC Scholarship Sean Higgins Emmanuel College Amarilio Lopez, Renette Belizaire Edward Goulston Memorial Award Seth Keobounthan University Club Scholarship Dao Vo Cardinal Cushing Center Scholarship Jaime Colon Bunker Hill Community Scholarship Marie Adeline Cange AWARD RECIPIENTS Franklin Medal Awards Sonia Ortega, Fritz Romeus Valedictorian Fritz Romeus Class Officers President Michael Wiles Vice-President Weena Saint Elien Treasurer Carolyn Simmons Secretary Jacqueline Goodman AWARD RECIPIENTS Fidelity and Deportment Marie Laure Constant Carlos Hernandez Sonia Ortega Doa Vo Samuel Gross Davis Fund Award Francisco Castillo Ana Rodriguez Kimthu Duong Jacob Daee Literary Magazine Vicki Papadopoulos Jennifer O ' Reilly Lawrence Awards: Senior Departmental Honors Art Marcie Scott English David Nelson Bilingual Samuel Louis Foreign Language Myrtho Fleurinor Mathematics Dao Vo Social Studies William Iraola Physical Education Janet Balboa Science Rony Armany Special Education Sharon Jenkins ESL Anderson Manuel RISD Book and Medal Award Darren Goss Class of 1911 Awards Scott Rehm, Chris Brown, Joan Hanley Sara Grossman Hellman Award Weena Saint Elien Traditional Program Service Rosa Beato, Scott Rehm Fenway Program Service Eunice Torres, Thomas Pyke Mary Dorothea Deveraux Award Pauj Simmons and Raquel Dyer Don McNair Award Ernst Guerrier Robert Powers Haiku Award Ngan Kuen Lam James McClurkin Memorial Award David Nelson National Committee Arts with Handicap Cynthia Dingley Headmaster ' s Service Awards Alexis Figuero David Brown Cynthia Dingley Denise Rhodes Luis Barbosa Michael Dozier Maria Rosa ENGLISH HIGH SCHOOL STAFF Muhammad Abdallah Kathleen P. Aborn Corine F. Ahern Sonia Alee Arthur Alexander Mary V. Amara Mona L. Arrington julio A. Avila Gerald P. Ball Arthus Basseth Blanca Bastanzuri Paul M. Beichel Denise Berkley Bruce S. Berman Marlene C. Berthelot Joyce A. Bertini David ). Blau Ann L Blood Betty ). Bowker Stella Braithwaite William ]. Brown Elizabeth Buckley Catherine Burke Susan C. Burke Edward C. Burley Mary C. Carr Evelyn Carroll Eernadina Chan Livaughn Chapman Jacqueline Chase Andrea Chiota-Cerda Helen Churchill Priscilla Collins Edward F. Connelly Kathryn Corcoran Timothy Corkery Patricia A. Courtney Gregory Cox Ellen T. Coyle Ann Crane Huston Crayton, |r. James A. Crecco John Cronin Joan M. Cullen Gary Daphnis Joan M. Dazzi Joseph F. Derelles Pierre Delva Anne Deveney John J. Dinublia John F. Diodato Paul Donovan Joanne M. Dowling Wendy Dunning Mary R. Dwyer Susan Eitel Andre Elichalt Gordon B. Elliot Ronald G. Evelyn Maria Evora Vernat Exil Lominy Mary C. Fahey Joseph J. Feely Francis Fennessey Jacqueline Fickling Robert W. Fisher Donald E. Foley Varda Francois Joseph J. Gallagher Michael Garber Karen P. Gelzinis Dorothy Geraghty Maria Gheridian Nancy J. Giacobozzi Kathleen Gilligan Peter G. Golden, Jr. Nancy Gonzalez Ernest A. Green Willie Guzman Dale S. Halloran Patsy M. Harrell Jacqueline Harris Linda M. Harris Paul B. Harrison Stephanie Harriston Mary A. Horan Wilfred L. Hynes Francine E. James Alfred F. Johnson Raoul Joseph Edward D. Joyce Constantin Kalantzis Marilyn K Keenan Nancy Kelly Rachelle Lacombe Jane G. Lambert Eileen Lawler Muriel Leonard Steven C. Leonard Juan Lima Henri E. Lion Joseph C. Luc Henry A. Maffeo Yola Makhlouf Robert E. Marston Jody B. Mazur Eleanor McArthur Diane Mclntyre Elsa McMahan Edward McManus Harold L. McMurray I dward ). McNabb Paul T McNamara John C. McShane Julio Midy I ran me R. Mills John Miranda Patric ia A. Mullane Yolanda Musto Larry M. Myatt Linda F. Nathan Stephen G. O ' Donnel Susan N. Omsberg Panayota Orphano Hilda Ortiz Keith W. Parker Claudette Parks Louis Parris Brian Pennington Jeanne Perrin Odelle B. Peters Kenol Pierre Marie Pierre Robert L. Powers Lisa R. Pred Anita Preer Holly N. Raimondo Darrell A. Ramsey Jeremiah F. Ready Tonya Richardson Yolande A. Roberson Juliann Romano John A. Rooney Remy Samtil Ana Hernandez Lisa Strong Roger Harvey Richard A. Savage Abigail B. Schirmer Ellen S( hneider Eileen Shakespear Janice M. Shamon Mattie Shileds Paul G. Shuman Sidney W. Smith Rk hard H Sonego Barbara Stallings Elliot Stern Barbara A. Stiles Myles Striar Maria Sweeney Phitsamay Syvoravong Francis Thimothe Elaine D. Thompson Joseph A. Thompson Rickie Thompson Georgette Travis Sharlee Vanhorn Emmanuel Verdine Doreen M. Waishek Christopher Walsh Christopher Whittle Paul F. Winn Elaine Wong Lela Ming Wong Vivian Woo Sampan U ootiral Junia Yearwood Ann M. Yelmokas Robert P. Yocco Carl R. Zidel Beverly Zimmerman you are invited to the celebration on May 23 Student Parent Exhibition MiLssm ImiscIIs ( ollc c " I rl English IliKh School Joi £hV School s International Fair . Dance . Theatr Best From Mass Colla Of Luck To The Class Of 1986 The English High School - College Of Art Magnet Art borative Someone else will have your locker next year. Someone else will dog-ear your algebra book. And take your place on the softball team. And struggle through The Grapes of Wrath. But no one else will think your thoughts, or speak your words, or pass the tests that you have. While you were a student you had our support. Now you have our admiration. Alumna, alumnus. Real life, real answers. John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Coapany and affiliated companies, Boston, MA 02117

Suggestions in the English High School - Blue and Blue / Record Yearbook (Boston, MA) collection:

English High School - Blue and Blue / Record Yearbook (Boston, MA) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 1


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English High School - Blue and Blue / Record Yearbook (Boston, MA) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 1


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