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AMERICA ' S OLDEST PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOL THE ENGLISH HIGH SCHOOL 77 AVENUE LOUIS PASTEUR BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS 02115 617-738-6300 BOSTON ENGLISH; BLUE BLUE Yearbook Staff 1985 Editor; Michele Ayala Sales: Mohammed Ahmed Staff: John B. Capehart Christine Emerson Monisa Goss Paul C. Gray Myrtho Polo Terry Sanders Darren Skinner Frederick Whitehead Carmen Carrasquillo Truong-An Dao Lilawathie Deodat John lliadis Adviser: Carl R. Zidel Headmaster: Sidney Smith ALMA MATER Alma Mater, tried and true, English High, our English High, Oft our hearts shall turn to you. English High, our English High. Should e ' er the laurel wreath be mine. I ' ll lay the honor at thy shrine. Our hearts, our hopes, our prayers are thine English High, our English High, Men may come and men may go, English High, our English High. Yet in deep and peaceful flow, English High, our English High, Shall thy stream of learning wide. Through the ages grandly glide. Ever to thy sons a pride, English High, our English High. HEADMASTER ' S MESSAGE To The Class Of 1985: It is with great pride that I take this opportunity to reflect on the 1984-85 school year at English High School. Given that this was my first year as headmaster of the school, f am especially honored to have the opportunity to carve out my place in the distinguished history of English High School: America ' s oldest public high school. In looking back at this year, I would hope that you would remember the role each of you played in beginning to re-establish English as one of Boston ' s truly outstanding high schools. As each of you entered this year, you were faced with the challenge of making the high school a special place for yourselves and for the many students who would follow you in the years to come. We had advertised English as Boston ' s " Hard Work High School " and we sought to establish tremendously high expectations for each of you, as students and as young men and women. I feel that each of you responded to the challenge in an exemplary fashion, and that each of you contributed to laying the foundation for the resurgence of English High School, in the classroom, in the communi- ty, in interscholastic competiion and as an important symbol of public education in the City of Boston. When you have the opportunity to look back and reflect upon the 1984-85 school year at English High, I would hope that you remember this as a special year and as a turning point in your life, as well as in the life of the school. Most importantly, I would hope that you ' d remember English High School as a significant factor in helping you to develop, not only as a student, but as a conscientious, considerate, disciplined, responsible and committed man or woman. May this past year live in your memories forever. Best Wishes always. Sidney Smith Headmaster Steven Leonard Susan Omsberg Livaughan Chapman Larry Myatt Susan Burke Joseph Thompson Message to Seniors As you go forward in life, I hope that you look back upon your days at English High School with fondness. As I go forward in my life, I know that I will look back upon the times we all shared together with great pride and much love. I, too, am an English High School graduate. I, too, once looked forward at an uncertain future from the exact point in life where you are now. I have survived the challenges that were waiting in my future and I am confident that you are equipped to survive the challenges in yours. As you meet them and defeat them, I hope you are able to look back upon your experiences here at English High and know that we prepared you well. As you go forward in life, may you always walk with pride. May you ever strive to make the world a better place. And finally, may you find happiness in your every endeavor. Go forward with pride, love, and determination. Class of 1985, I send you onward with much love and great expectations. Steven Leonard Assistant Headmaster Traditional Magnet Arts Edward Joyce 6 To the Class of 1985: Congratulations to each of your class members upon reaching this miles- tone in your life. My wishes are that you will remember fondly your time at the English High School, and that what you have learned here will serve you well when you are called upon to solve problems, make deci- sions, and use your judgement. We of the Fenway Program have worked at “Making A Difference " , at being responsible participants in school, and in the larger community, and feel confident that our gradu- ates will represent English High School with dignity. The rejuvenation of the school dur- ing this past year has been a clear sign to all that education is impor- tant, that it can be enjoyable, and that by sharing responsibilities, as a community, we can accomplish many positive changes. Your part in this transition will be remembered and appreciated by all of us here. Good luck to the English High School, Class of ' 85. Larry M. Myatt Asst. Headmaster Fenway Program A SPECIAL MESSAGE FOR THE CLASS OF 1985 It has indeed been an honor and privilege for me to have shared so many wonderful experiences with you; " class of 1985 " . You are the Best, your challenge is to demonstrate positive attributes that will enable you to meet and over- come obstacles, as well as, inspire those who follow you. As an Alumnus of English High School, I am particularly overjoyed and filled with affection for you and your accomplishments. I am confi- dent that each of you will be a star, radiating a light based upon your in- dividual talents, as you pursue truth, knowledge and understadning. Mr. Livaughn Chapman Assistant Headmaster Operations NAME: Luz N. Adorno PREVIOUS SCEIOOL: ElOBBIES: Dancing and singing AMBITION: Get the most out of life. COLLEGE: Undecided NAME: Mohammad Ahmed PREVIOUS SCHOOL: Washington Irving, Roslindale HOBBIES: Swimming, Eootball, Baseball, Chess, Weight Lifting and Driving fast cars. SCHOOL ACTIVITIES: Yearbook Staff AMBITION: Air Craft Engineer COLLEGE: East Coast Areo School NAME: Gladys Alaguy PREVIOUS SCHOOL: HOBBIES: Watching T.V. and Listening to the radio AMBITION: Develop Child Nursery COLLEGE: University of Mass. NAME: Rodney Alexis PREVIOUS SCHOOL: Haiti HOBBIES: Music and sports AMBITION: Have a Master ' s Degree COLLEGE: University of Mass. NAME: EHayden Ali PREVIOUS SCHOOL: New York HOBBIES: Playing basketball, waterskiing, and meeting young ladies SCHOOL ACTIVITIES: Vice President of the junior Class and a member of the Senior Class Committee AMBITION: Computer Technician or Programmer COLLEGE: University of Hartford NAME: Cherolyn Allen PREVIOUS SCHOOL: Solomon Lewenburg Middle School HOBBIES: Working, Swimming, and Dancing AMBITION: Go as far as I can go in life COLLEGE: University of Mass. NAME: Gerard Armand Jr. PREVIOUS SCHOOL: English Language Center AMBITION: To be dependent and Successful COLLEGE: Wentworth NAME; Amma Atta PREVIOUS SCHOOL; Brooklyn, N.Y. HOBBIES; Basketball, dancing, and going to the movies. AMBITION; Get married and be a very good wife and mother. COLLEGE; Pace University, N.Y. NAME; Kathy Barton PREVIOUS SCHOOL; Cardinal Cushing-South End Boston HOBBIES; Being with my friends and partying with the " Green Monster " . AMBITION: Hold a secretarial position. COLLEGE: Undecided, maybe a business school NAME; Claudine Bala HOBBIES: Aerobics, cooking, and volleyball AMBITION: To become a nurse. COLLEGE: Fairfield University NAME: Kerline Erika Bayard PREVIOUS SCHOOL: Sacre Couer Middle School, Haiti HOBBIES: Pass all tests and hope my dreams come true. AMBITION: Become a nurse, do the best I can and get married. COLLEGE: University of Mass, or Laboure College NAME: Bounm Banthoulivong PREVIOUS SCHOOL: Laos High School HOBBIES: Reading books and watching t.v. AMBITION: Become an electronic engineer COLLEGE: Northeastern University NAME: Kenneth Bayles PREVIOUS SCHOOL: Lake Mary High School, Florida HOBBIES: Swimming and traveling AMBITION: To go into the medical field. COLLEGE: Boston College NAME: Spencer Arnold PREVIOUS SCHOOL: Mackey Middle School SCHOOL ACTIVITIES; Football Team HOBBIES: Basketball, football, and reading. AMBITION: Serve 20 years in the service. 9 NAME: Marie ]. Bernadotte HOBBIES: Likes to sew, read, play volleyball and go out. AMBITION: I want to be a successful nurse have a family and help my mother COLLEGE: I want to go to Northeastern NAME: Christopher Bishop PREVIOUS SCHOOL: Woodrow Wilson SCHOOL ACTIVITIES: Basketball Team HOBBIES: Basketball, women AMBITION: To go to college COLLEGE: Undecided Emmanuel Boussiquot NAME: Nadia Breton HOBBIES: Volleyball AMBITION: to be computer programer COLLEGE: U. Mass NAME: Daniel M. Benoit PREVIOUS SCHOOL: Haiti HOBBIES: Music AMBITION: Go to Wentworth College COLLEGE: Wenthworth Sylvia D. Bell NAME: Mirtha Bellevue HOBBIES: Watching T.V. and jogging AMBITION: I would like to become a model COLLEGE: U. Mass or Roxbury Community College Barbara Brimley Claudia M. Campbell NAME: Willia Bullock PREVIOUS SCHOOL: Grover Cleveland Middle School HOBBIES: Having a good time. AMBITION: To be good at whatever comes along. NAME: Maria E. Carrasquillo PREVIOUS SCHOOL: Mary E. Curly Middle School HOBBIES: Dancing, rollerskating, and reading. AMBITION: To go to college and study a secretarial course. COLLEGE: Newbury College NAME: Jackie Caldwell SCHOOL ACTIVITIES: Basketball Team HOBBIES: All sports AMBITION: Model or clothes designer COLLEGE: Business School Ronald Cayemitte NAME: Adele Cenatus PREVIOUS SCHOOL: HOBBIES: Listening to music. AMBITION: Working in a laboratory COLLEGE: University of Mass. n NAMfc: Pascale Chariot PRhVIOUS SCHOOL: St. loseph HOBBILS: Tennis AMBITION: To become an engineer COLLLGE: University of Mass. NAME: April Coleman PREVIOUS SCHOOL: SCHOOL ACTIVITIES; Cheerleading, and Basketball HOBBIES: Skating, cheerleading, basketball, and talking. AMBITION: To work with IBM. COLLEGE: Byrant College Kwai King Cheung NAME: Jose A. Cordero HOBBIES: Photography AMBITION: To become an engineer COLLEGE: Boston University NAME: Michele Cintron PREVIOUS SCHOOL; Charles E. Mackey Middle School SCHOOL ACTIVITIES: Cheerleading, Student Government HOBBIES: Baby sitting, reading, boys. AMBITION: To be successful In the medical field. COLLEGE: Boston College NAME: Sophia Culbreath SCHOOL ACTIVITIES: Cheerleader HOBBIES: Party AMBITION; Going to college, being a successful graduate for a Masters degree. COLLEGE: University of Mass, at Amherst 12 NAME: Kenneth C. Cumberlander HOBBIES: All kinds of sports AMBITION: To be an Accountant COLLEGE: Boston College NAME: Dao Troung An PREVIOUS SCHOOL: Vietnam HOBBIES: Looking through fashion magazine NAME: Lisa Cummings PREVIOUS SCHOOL: Cathedral High School, Boston HOBBIES: Partying with the " Green Monster " . AMBITION: To fulfill each and every goal that I set for myself. COLLEGE: Harvard NAME: Scheila Dartois PREVIOUS SCHOOL: Westbury High School, Long Island, N.Y. HOBBIES: play volleyball and swimming AMBITION: To become a nurse. COLLEGE: University of Mass. Yvonne E. Dejesus Cynthia Dembro Marie Ange Cyprien u NAME: 1 ilawattic Deodat PREVIOUS SCHOOL: Dorchestor High HOBBIES: Volleyball and Swimming AMBITION: To be a nurse COEI ECE: U. Mass NAME: Ruth N. Diaz HOBBIES: Reading magazines, cooking, and listening to music AMBITION: To become a registered nurse in pediatrics COLLEGE: Northeastern University NAME: Dean Depradine HOBBIES: God, animals, reading about The Victorian Era of Old England and my favorite color is purple AMBITION: To become a rich and successful business man. COLLEGE: Haven ' t decided yet Marie Dorsainvelle NAME: Judith Edwards HOBBIES: roller-skating, modeling and dancing AMBITION: To be very successful in life COLLEGE: U-Mass Boston NAME: Iris Escoto HOBBIES: swimming and bikeriding AMBITION: Obtain a degree in medicine COLLEGE: U. MASS AMHERST 14 NAME: Etienne Patrick PREVIOUS SCHOOL: Haiti HOBBIES: Playing Soccer AMBITION: To go to College. COLLEGE: Northeastern University NAME: Audrey Evans HOBBIES: rollerskating, dancing, having a good time and meeting new people AMBITION: lawyer, business administrator. You only live once so live it up while you can. COLLEGE: B.U., Howard University or U Mass, Boston NAME: Lisa Evans (Dipples) HOBBIES: dancing, taking pictures, skating, and being with my boyfriend AMBITION: to be rich and have two children COLLEGE: U. Mass NAME: Gregory Eabian PREVIOUS SCHOOL: Haiti HOBBIES: swimming AMBITION: working NAME: Alissa Einley PREVIOUS SCHOOL: Robert Mead Middle School HOBBIES: singing, theater and dancing AMBITION: study social work in college and then get married COLLEGE: Howard University or Norfolk State NAME: Martin Flaherty PREVIOUS SCHOOL: Grover Cleveland Middle School HOBBIES: playing hockey and other sports AMBITION: to do something with my life COLLEGE: attend Boston College or Boston University NAME: Mary Flaher ty PREVIOUS SCHOOL: Boston Technical HOBBIES: softball and hockey NAME: Eddie Flores PREVIOUS SCHOOL: Charlestown High HOBBIES: working with cars COLLEGE: Quincy Junior College 15 Marcia Foster NAME: Tresa Glover F10BBIES: dancing, skating, singing, and cheerleading AMBITION: executive secretary COLLEGE: Newbury Junior College NAME: Neyda Gomez PREVIOUS SCHOOL: Clarence Edward Middle School HOBBIES: listening tomusic and partying AMBITION: to travel around the world COLLEGE: Emmanuel College NAME: Norma Gonzalez AMBITION: to be rich and successful COLLEGE: attend Welisley College NAME: Elita D. Francis HOBBIES: reading and dancing AMBITION: nursing, accountant, computer programer COLLEGE: U. Mass NAME: Ricardo Franklin PREVIOUS SCHOOL: Cathedral HOBBIES: dancing and singing (rapping) AMBITION: become a computer technition COLLEGE: undecided or enlisting in the Airforce NAME: Margaret Garcia HOBBIES: biking, tennis and dancing AMBITION: to travel all over the world COLLEGE: Northeastern NAME: Harold Gooding PREVIOUS SCHOOL: W.H. Taft Middle HOBBIES: basketball, football, and making things out of things AMBITION: to make alot of money in life and be somebody COLLEGE: Northeastern or Texas A M NAME: Bruce A. Hammonds PREVIOUS SCHOOL: James P. Timilty Middle School, Boston HOBBIES: Going to the movies. AMBITION: To be successful. NAME: Tonya Gray PREVIOUS SCHOOL: The Charles E. Mackey SCHOOL ACTIVITIES: student council, junior class treasurer, cheerleader and a member of the senior class committee HOBBIES: modeling, working with children, eating and just loving people. AMBITION: to study pre-med at the college of my choice and to buy my mother a beautiful house. COLLEGE: Boston College NAME: Sonya L. Harris PREVIOUS SCHOOL: Martin Luther King, Boston HOBBIES: Softball, reading, and doing Puzzles. AMBITION: To be the best at my job and career COLLEGE: Boston Business NAME: Kerdens D. Hall HOBBIES: Painting, and partying AMBITION: To become a technician and a millionaire. COLLEGE: Howard University, Yale, or New York Institute Of Tech NAME: Patricia Hayden PREVIOUS SCHOOL: Mare E. Curly Middle School, Boston HOBBIES: Basketball, softball, and play computer games. AMBITION: To go to college and major in computers or engineering COLLEGE: Wintworth, North Carolina Sonja D. Heard NAME; Willard Henry F ' REVIOUS SCHOOL: Ocho Rios Secondary HOBIJIES: Swimming. AMBITION: To become an Engineer. COI EEGE: Northeastern Uhiversity NAME: Peggy Hinds SCHOOL ACTIVITIES: Track Team HOBBIES: Swimming and playing volleyball. AMBITION; " I would like to get a Master ' s Degree in nursing and study Computers " COLLEGE: Boston College, University of Mass, at Boston, or Boston University NAME: David Hinton PREVIOUS SCHOOL: Washington Irving Middle School SCHOOL ACTIVITIES: Basketball Team HOBBIES: Going to church and playing basketball. AMBITION: Going to college to study Micro Computers. COLLEGE: Vermont College NAME: Arthur Hodges HOBBIES: Basketball, and girls. Patrice M. Horton NAME: Nhung Thanh Hunh PREVIOUS SCHOOL: Vietnam HOBBIES; Work and watch T.V. AMBITION: To work in an office COLLEGE: Business School 18 NAME: )ohn lliadis HOBBIES: Cars, stereos, work SCHOOL ACTIVITIES: Yearbook staff AMBITION: College COLLEGE: Lowell or U. Mass. NAME: Jesus Iraola PREVIOUS SCHOOL: Chrles Mackey Middle School HOBBIES: Baseball, football. Auto mechanic, cooking and girls . AMBITION: To get married COLLEGE: Undecided NAME: Donald C. Isom PREVIOUS SCHOOL: Grover Cleveland Middle School HOBBIES: Basketball, Disk- Jockey AMBITION: To become an architect COLLEGE: Howard University NAME: Edward E. Jackson SCHOOL ACTIVITIES: Eootball Team HOBBIES: Sports and drawing AMBITION: To become a computer programmer COLLEGE: Benedict University NAME: Mencilla Jacob PREVIOUS SCHOOL: Hyde Park High Schol HOBBIES: Sing, dance and corresponding. COLLEGE: University of Mass. Joey Jacques 19 Marise )oas Melissa Lambright NAME: Alfreda Johnson HOBBIES: Reading AMBITION: To become a registered nurse COELECE: Northeastern Univ. NAME: Erna Laurent HOBBIES: Playing the piano AMBITION: Physician COLLEGE: Boston University or Boston College NAME: Elise Lamothe PREVIOUS SCHOOL: College Regina Assumpta (Haiti) HOBBIES: Listening to the radio AMBITION: To be a nurse COLLEGE: Roxbury Community or Boston City Hospital NAME: Darlande justinbil PREVIOUS SCHOOL: Jycee Simone O. Duvalier HOBBIES: soccer, news magazines COLLEGE: Northeastern University NAME: Rindge Leaphart PREVIOUS SCHOOL: Thomas Edison Middle School, Boston HOBBIES: Playing Basketball AMBITION: Computer Programmer and to earn alot of money. COLLEGE: Northeastern University 20 NAME: Yim Ying Lee PREVIOUS SCHOOL: China HOBBIES: Read books and watch T.V. AMBITION: Work in an office COLLEGE: Business School NAME: Linton O ' neil PREVIOUS SCHOOL: Hyde Park High HOBBIES: Fixing electrical things, swimming, and computers AMBITION: To be well educated, successful and Independent NAME: Lejeune Pierre PREVIOUS SCHOOL: Normalien, Haiti HOBBIES: Darate AMBITION: To work in Haiti COLLEGE: Gordon College NAME: Geneve Lewis PREVIOUS SCHOOL: Hillside Middle School HOBBIES: Dancing and reading. AMBITION: To be a business manager and make good money COLLEGE: University of Mass. NAME: Lasaundra Lowe PREVIOUS SCHOOL: William Barton Rogers HOBBIES; Church, Basketball AMBITION: To study in early childhood development COLLEGE: undecided NAME: Peter Mahony PREVIOUS SCHOOL: Mead Middle School, Brighton HOBBIES: Swimming and many other sports. AMBITION: To be a real estate broker and travel the world. COLLEGE: Northeastern University 21 NAMR: Michel |. Manuel MOBhItS: Instrumental music, soccer, and reading. AMBITION: To go into the field of medicine. COLLEGE: Gordon College or University of Mass. NAME: Natasha S. Mason PREVIOUS SCHOOL: Woodrow Wilson Middle School, Dorchester SCHOOL ACTIVITIES: Cheerleading HOBBIES: Modeling, sewing, dancing, meeting cute guys, and collecting Prince items. AMBITION: To be a happy and successful dentist. COLLEGE: Tufts University or Howard University NAME: Stephanie Martin HOBBIES: Playing basketball and caring for others. AMBITION: To become a computer programmer and make good money. COLLEGE: Undecided Magalie Mathe NAME: Taucha Martin PREVIOUS SCHOOL: Dorchester High School, Dorchester HOBBIES: Dancing, talking, checking out the opposite sex. NAME: Chris Mathews PREVIOUS SCHOOL: Grover Cleveland, Dorchester HOBBIES: Basketball and football. AMBITION: To become a computer programmer and make money. COLLEGE: Undecided NAME: Jasmine Mascary BP- PREVIOUS SCHOOL; Haiti HOBBIES: Watch T.V. AND read. AMBITION: To be an engineer. COLLEGE: University of Mass. 22 NAME; Don McBride PREVIOUS SCHOOL: Brockton HOBBIES; Drums and hockey AMBITION: To play drums and hockey. COLLEGE: Northeastern University NAME: Anthony McPherson PREVIOUS SCHOOL: Woodrow Wilson Middle School, Dorchester HOBBIES: Making money and sports. AMBITION: To become a systems analysist. COLLEGE: Newbury Junior College NAME: Annie McCarter HOBBIES: Rollerskating and dancing AMBITION: Executive Secretary COLLEGE: Albany State junior College Tonya McEayden NAME: Kimberly McCray PREVIOUS SCHOOL: Woodrow Wilson Middle School HOBBIES: Art and Dance AMBITION: To go into the field of business. COLLEGE: Wentworth NAME; Jeff Masita PREVIOUS SCHOOL: Irving Middle School, Roslindale SCHOOL ACTIVITIES: Hockey, Eootball, and baseball team AMBITION: To go into law. COLLEGE: Boston University NAME: Tina M. Miller PREVIOUS SCHOOL: James P. Timilty Middle School, Roxbury HOBBIES: Dancing, and sewing AMBITION: To become a flight attendant. COLLEGE: Bay State Junior College 23 NAME: Marcia O ' connell PREVIOUS SCHOOL: Grover Cleveland Middle School HOBBIES: Going to the Bruins games and playing football AMBITION: Computer Technician COLLEGE: University of Massachusetts (Boston) NAME: Michael Parkman HOBBIES: Football SCHOOL ACTIVITIES: basketball; football AMBITION: To play pro football COLLEGE: Boston University. NAME: Richard Patterson PREVIOUS SCHOOL: Mackey Middle School SCHOOL ACTIVITIES: Eootball Team HOBBIES: Playing basketball AMBITION: To be a millionaire. $Rich$ COLLEGE: Military NAME: Michele Pelzer PREVIOUS SCHOOL: William H. Taft Middle School SCHOOL ACTIVITIES: Basketball Team HOBBIES: Playing sports. AMBITION: To go to college and be somebody. COLLEGE: Undecided NAME: Myrtho Polo PREVIOUS SCHOOL: St. Angela School, Mattapan SCHOOL ACTIVITIES: Senior Class Committee HOBBIES: Singing, dancing, reading, and some modeling. AMBITION: Pre-medicine COLLEGE: Brandeis University NAME: Julia Pomales HOBBIES: Taking care of children. AMBITION: To make something out of myself. COLLEGE: Boston University Bount Phomsouvandar NAME: Maria Prevost HOBBIES: Roller skating AMBITION: To be a successful hotel manager. COLLEGE: University of Mass, at Amherst NAME: Mignonne Reddic PREVIOUS SCHOOL: James P. Timility HOBBIES: Reading and Rollerskating AMBITION: To reach my highest goals COLLEGE: Boston University 25 NAME: Jcdnette Reynoso PRi VIOUS SC HOOL: Hyde P irk Migl) School HOIJUIES: To spend money. AMBITION: To ac hieve and attain every goal I most desire. COI LEGE: U.C.L.A. NAME: Anthony Rhodes PREVIOUS SCHOOL: William Howard Taft Middle School HOBBIES: Swimming, biking, football, baseball, and sketching AMBITION: To become a psychologist COLLEGE: Howard University NAME: Frederick Riesenberg PREVIOUS SCHOOL: Xaverian Brothers High School AMBITION: To do well in college and make it into a good law school. COLLEGE: Northeastern University NAME: Elise Rivera PREVIOUS SCHOOL: Our Lady of Lourdes HOBBIES: travelling and partying AMBITION: To do the right thing and be happy! COLLEGE: Wellesley College NAME: Carolyn Robins PREVIOUS SCHOOL: Thomas E. Edison Middle School SCHOOL ACTIVITIES: Student Council and Senior Class Committee HOBBIES: Ice skating AMBITION: I would like to become a pharmacist COLLEGE: Northeastern University NAME: Gladys Ruiz PREVIOUS SCHOOL: Martin Luther King Middle School SCHOOL ACTIVITIES: Senior Class Vice President, Secretary of Student Council, and Yearbook Staff HOBBIES: Dancing and listening to music. AMBITION: To become a professional business woman. COLLEGE: Suffolk University NAME: Nancy Ruiz PREVIOUS SCHOOL: Martin Luther King middle School HOBBIES: Reading, dancing, and listening to music. AMBITION: To achieve success. COLLEGE: Suffolk University. 26 NAMF: Cary Russell HOBBIbS: Basketball, partying. PREVIOUS SCHOOL: Theodore Roosevelt SCHOOL ACTIVITIES: Class President AMBITION: To have an exciting career, make lots of money. COLLEGE: New York Institute of Technology NAME: Jean Santos PREVIOUS SCHOOL: Senegal, West Africa AMBITION: To be someone and help my relatives. COLLEGE: University of Mass. NAME: Felicia D. Scott HOBBIES: Rollerskating AMBITION: To become a nurse. COLLEGE: University of Mass. NAME: Raul Serrett PREVIOUS SCHOOL: McCormick Middle School HOBBIES: Sports and girls SCHOOL ACTIVITIES: Swim Team AMBITION: To be the best at whatever I do. COLLEGE: Undecided NAME: Joseph W. Silva SCHOOL ACTIVITIES: Basketball Team HOBBIES: Basketball AMBITION: To finish college with a degree. COLLEGE: Undecided Donna M. Singleton NAME: Boem Sivilay PREVIOUS SCHOOL: Washington Irving Middle School HOBBIES: Music and sports. AMBITION: To be an electronic engineer. 27 NAME: Nin Vankham PREVIOUS SCHOOL: Irwin Jr. H.S. AMBITION: To become an engineer. COLLEGE: Lowell State College Adeline Thimothee NAME: Tracy M. Thompson HOBBIES: Cooking, sewing, and reading. AMBITION: To become and executive secretary. COLLEGE: University of Mass. Michael Toland NAME: Michelle Turner SCHOOL ACTIVITIES: Basketball and softball team. AMBITION: College. COLLEGE: Undecided NAME: Carmen L. Vazquez PREVIOUS SCHOOL: William H. Taft HOBBIES: Horse back riding, biking, bowling, reading and swimming. AMBITION: To do veterinarian work. COLLEGE: Emmanuel College NAME: Jannette Vega HOBBIES: Dancing and swimming. AMBITION: To be very successful with my chosen profession. COLLEGE: Boston College Julie Adams NAME: Shenaz Hessaun Ally PREVIOUS SCHOOL: Elorida HOBBIES: Reading, listening to music, dancing and having lots of fun AMBITION: Be rich and successful in life. COLLEGE: Boston College NAME: Rohan Anderson PREVIOUS SCHOOL: Champlain Middle School in Mattapan HOBBIES: Night Clubs AMBITION: A computer Programer COLLEGE: Sylvinea Tech Trevor P. Atkinson Jacques Andre Tonya Alexander 29 Gerald Capurso NAME: Antoinetta Carncvele AMBITION: work for a living Yves Cleophat NAME: Donna Cloutier HOBBIES: skating, bikeriding and babysitting AMBITION: work, get married and have two children Eelix Cruz Erica Cummings Scheila Dartois NAME: Marie Danielle Dauphine AMBITION: Dentistry COLLEGE: Undecided Depradine, Dean Crystal D. Davis Sanjay Desai Carla Dillard Cordet Drodgke I Amdrise Fairmont Stacy Gaines Gail J. Geisler NAME: Shannon Gibson PREVIOUS SCHOOL: HOBBIES: football and reading AMBITION: to be a lawyer COLLEGE: Howard University Sonja M. Grant Tonya Gray Edina Hall Patricia Hayden Mark Hicks NAME: Sibert Homicle HOBBIES: To make people laugh. PREVIOUS SCHOOL: Frank Eteen School SCHOOL ACTIVITIES: Lifeguard AMBITION: To be an engineer. COLLEGE: Wentworth NAME: Michel Joubert AMBITION: To go to college COLLEGE: Wentworth NAME: George M. Lumpkins HOBBIES: Breakdancing, listening to music and going out. PREVIOUS SCHOOL: Grover Cleveland Middle School SCHOOL ACTIVITIES: Yearbook Staff AMBITION: Computer Tech. COLLEGE: Undecided NAME: Elsie Homicile AMBITION: To become a nurse. COLLEGE: University of Mass. NAME; Andrea M. McKenna PREVIOUS SCHOOL: St. Peters, Dorchester HOBBIES: Dancing and partying AMBITION: Restaurant hotel Manager. COLLEGE: Cape Cod Community College Patrick Orneas NAME: Rodney Mathis HOBBIES: Playing the drums NAME: Latonya Patten HOBBIES: Roller skating, basketball AMBITION: To become a successful business woman COLLEGE: North Carolina State. NAME: Stacey Peeples PREVIOUS SCHOOL: Martin Luther King Middle School HOBBIES: Rollerskating, Skiing, Tennis, dancing, traveling, and listening to music. AMBITION: Going to college for nursing, computers, or business. COLLEGE: Morris Brown College, Georgia Katonya Parker Louisphil Polynice NAME; Louisa Perrone PREVIOUS SCHOOL: William Barton Middle School HOBBIES: Modeling AMBITION; Hotel restaurant owner. COLLEGE: Bunker Hill Community College. Lisa Perry NAME: William Raines HOBBIES: Breakdancing, Rapping, and acting AMBITION: To be a successful person COLLEGE: Haven ' t decided yet Whatson Piere NAME: Steven Savoie PREVIOUS SCHOOL: McCormack Middle School AMBITION: To go to work. Max Polo 35 NAME: Richar(j Sexton PREVIOUS SCE100E: Mario Umana ElOBBIES: Drawing AMBITION: To become an artist. COLLEGE: College of Fine Arts NAME: E arry TEieodat AMBITION: To become a pilot. COLLEGE: Airforce Daniel L. Ward NAME: Darren Skinner PREVIOUS SCHOOL: Robert G. Shaw, West Roxbury SCHOOL ACTIVITIES: Yearbook Staff HOBBIES: Party, and fix cars. AMBITION: To become a computer Programmer COLLEGE: Northeastern University NAME: Pamela Washington HOBBIES: Biking, reading, drawing, and talking on the phone. AMBITION: To be successful. COLLEGE: University of Mass. 36 NAME: Andrea Watson PREVIOUS SCHOOL: Martin Luther King Middle School, Boston HOBBIES: Roller-skating, and singing AMBITION: To become a lawyer. COLLEGE: University of Mass., Amherst Michelle Young NAME: Chelsea Wilson HOBBIES: Parties, movies, and roller-skating. AMBITION: To get the most I can out of life. COLLEGE: University of Mass. Philippe Zavier NAME: Steven Winstead PREVIOUS SCHOOL: St. Kevin, Dorchester HOBBIES: Football, basketball, and track. AMBITION: To go on to college COLLEGE: Undecided NAME: Michele Ayala PREVIOUS SCHOOL: Phyllis Wheatley Middle School, Boston SCHOOL ACTIVITIES: Junior and Senior Class Secretary, and Student Council, Yearbook Staff HOBBIES: Dancing, socializing, having a good time. AMBITION: To have a good paying job and a successful career. COLLEGE: Northeastern University Pang Yang 37 Guirlene Baron Bernadette Belcher Matty Duggan Judith Faustin Mary Flaherty Vonter Silva Hunter Lumngeun 39 SELECTED SENIORS “THE BEST WITH THE MOST” Julia Pomales “Closest To The Ground " John lliadis “Closest To The Ground " Stanislav Mudrets “Class Clown " Lasaundra Lowe “Class Clown " Myrtho Polo " Most Likely To Succeed ' Richard Patterson " Most Friendly " Nancy Ruiz " Most Friendly " Danny Hankins " Most Athletic " Vonder Hunter " Best Personality " Rohan Anderson " Best Dressed " 41 SELECTED SENIORS " THE FINEST AND GREATEST " Mike Parkman " Tallest Male " Hayden Ali " Most Popular " Carla Dillard " Tallest Female " t Shannon Gibson " Most Talkative " April Coleman " Most Talkative " Michele Ayala " Best Looking " Peggy Hinds " Best Dressed Most Athletic " 4C 1- 1 ' ' ■ Peter Hall " Best Looking Best Personality " Gladys Ruiz Vernon Payne " Class Couple " Tonya Gray " Most Popular " 43 FACULTY Blau, David Andrade, Sharon Berthelot, Marlene Buckley, Elizabeth Blood, Ann Berkley, Denise Bowker, Betty Bassett, Arthur Beichel, Paul Alee, Sonia ‘ T 4. . Bray-Stiles, Barbara Chan, Fernadina James, Francine Burke, Catherine FACULTY Cronin, John Coyle, Terri Crayton, Huston Chase, Jackie I Devaney, Ann Daphnis, Gary Dazzi, Joan Sicard-Minuty, Olivia Dowling, Joann Dunning, Wendy FACULTY Galligaher, Joseph Garber, Michael Geraghty, Dorothy Glennon, Richard Green, Ernest EHalloran, Dale Hardy, Robin FACULTY Harrison, Paul Hersey, Nikolai Horan, Mary Hynes, Wilfred Lacombe, Rachelle - Keenan, Marilyn Ahmed designing yearbook pages. Jean, Pierre Lambert, Jane FACULTY Lawler, llene Mills, Francine Monestine, Ann-Marie Nathan, Linda McMurray, Hal McNabb, Ed O ' Mal ley, Kevin O ' Neill, John ■ W: Parks, Claudette MacArthur, Eleanor V O ' Donnell, Stephen Pennington, Brian Peirre, Kenol Peters, OdelLe Powers, Robert Raimondo, Holly FACULTY Ready, Jeremiah Schirmer, Abegel Shakespere, Eileen Sonego, Richard Roberson, Yoiand Shamon, Janice Striar, Myles Ramsey, Darrell Rodriguez, Daniel Richardson, Tonya Captain Robert Fisher and Friend Syvoravon, Phitsamay Thompson, Elaine 49 FACULTY Ward, Barbara Wong, Elaine Wong, Leilah Yelmokas, Ann Waller, Henry IN MEMORY OF AUGUSTUS SAUNDERS 3 - 25-85 A TEACHER WHO EXEMPLIFIED THE MOTTO OF ENGLISH HIGH SCHOOL: “SERVICE TO MANKIND THROUGH HONOR AND ACHIEVEMENT " A SPECIAL THANK YOU FOR YOUR DONATIONS IN MEMORY OF AUGUSTUS " GUS " SAUNDERS TO THE UNITED NEGRO COLLEGE FUND. Head Coach: Ernest Green Assistant: Huston Crayton Co-Captains: Alicia Handy, Michele Pelzer Jacqueline Caldwell Claudia Campbell Tonya Cardoza April Coleman VARSITY WOMEN ' S “wt DACI CTDAI I Lasaundra Lowe D oI II I D LL Michele Pelzer TEAM RECORD 22-2 Boston I Champions City of Boston Champions State Champions, Division 1 South English Opponent 54 Boston Latin 28 74 Jamaica Plain 46 44 Peabody 37 80 Madison Park 48 75 Cambridge-Rindge 42 89 Dorchester 25 78 Boston Technical 22 83 Dorchester 45 68 West Roxbury 39 69 Umana Technical 28 69 Brighton 34 57 Brockton 58 78 Brighton 67 61 Jamaica Plain 48 64 Madison Park 35 62 Boston Technical 33 68 Boston Latin 40 CITY TOURNAMENT 60 Hyde Park 16 58 Jamaica Plain 47 SOUTH SECTIONAL, STATE TOURNAMENT 78 NEWTON SOUTH 46 57 NORWOOD 56 70 BROCKTON 50 EASTERN MASS FINAL 44 Peabody 58 M.V.P.: Tonya Cardoza I VARSITY FOOTBALL Head Coach: Keith Parker Assistant Coaches: Donald Foley, Milton Johnson, Bill Gallop Tri-Captains: Daniel Hankins, George Travis, James Williams Ormond Adams, Spencer Arnold, Christopher Brown, Roscoe Curry, Rodney Dixon, Michael Dozier, Lazar Franklin, Darren Goss, Daniel Hankins, William Iraola, Edward Jackson, Frank Larmond, Deatrick Little, Darius Reid, Jeffrey Mesita, Francis O ' Sullivan, Michael Parkman, Richard Patterson, Lonnie Pittman, Scott Rehm, Timothy Rodgers, Keith Sligh, George Travis, Luis Velez, Daniel Ward, James Williams, Steven Winstead, Conrad Robinson. M.V.P. (Offense): Daniel Hankins M.V.P. (Defense): George Travis English Opponent 0 West Roxbury 28 6 Latin Academy 6 0 Dorchester 59 12 Austin Prep 41 21 Duxbury 41 6 Jamaica Plain 30 12 Umana Technical 6 0 Hyde Park 35 7 Madison Park 6 0 Boston Latin 43 i; SOFTBALL SOCCER Softball Coach: Barbara Ward Assistant Coach; Jerry Ready Jacqueline Caldwell, Iris Cintron, Tonya Cardoza, Sonya Harris, Michelle Healey, Lauren Parker, Michele Pelzer, Latonia Pettie, Kathleen Rodrigues, Eunice Torres, Michelle Turner. M.V.P. Sonya Harris VARSITY SOCCER Coach; Gary Daphnis Captain: Ernst Guerrier R. Alexis, L. Anderson, D. Benoit, B. Bernadotte, H. Bodden, C. Casting, J. Crevecoeur, D. Denis, F. Dormeus, G. Fils-Aime, E. Guerrier, S. Higgins, B. Keopraseuth, Lamnguen, J. Menard, D. Nelson, B. Phomesouvandar, R. Pierre, M. Sablon, A. Torres. 56 CHEERLEADING Coach: Jacqueline Pickling Captain: April Coleman Charilyn Bryant April Coleman Tresa Glover Natasha Mason Marice Nichols Latonia Pettie Shiba Rashada Elizabeth Williams This year ' s English High School Cheerleading Squad worked very hard on their routines all season long. Each of our eight girls represented E.H.S. very well in general appearance and deportment. Our girls had a strong showing at the Annual Cheerleading Competition held at U. Mass Boston last fall. We were the third place finishers out of the many teams that participated. 57 OUTDOOR TRACK Coach; Henri Lion Ormond Adams Jennifer Crenshaw Michael Dozier Lazar Franklin Darren Goss Daniel Hankins Peggy Hinds Frank Larmond Dana Raines TEAM RECORD 0-6 Individual Accomplishments Lazar Eranklin: State Champion, Class B 100 M. Sprint All-State Champion, 100 Yard Dash Frank Larmond: State Champion, Class B 200 M. Run Daniel Hankins: 3rd Place, Class B 400 M. Run M.V.P.: Lazar Franklin Women Jennifer Crenshaw Peggy Hinds Laurie Johnson Coach: Henri Lion Men Ormond Adams Micheal Dozier Lazar Franl lin Daniel Hankins William Iraola Frank Larmond Dana Raines TEAM RECORD 2-4 Individual Accomplishments Danny Hankins: City Champion, 600 Yard Run 2nd, Red Auerbach Invitational, 600 Yard Run (new English High Record: 2:16.1) City Champion, Mile Relay Peggy Hinds: City Champion, 1000 Yard Run Ormand Adams: 2nd, City Championships, High Hurdles Mike Dozier: 2nd, City Championships, Mile Run City Champion, Mile Relay Frank Larmond: 6th, State Championship, 300 yard run City Championship, Mile Relay William Iraola: 5th, City Championships, 300 Yard Run City Champion, Mile Relay Lazar Franklin: 2nd, City Championships, 50 Yard Dash Champion, Red Auerbach Meet, 50 Yard Dash State Champion, 50 Yard Dash All State Champion, 50 Yard Dash (new English High Record: 5.5 seconds) FEMALE M.V.P.: Peggy Hinds MALE M.V.P.: Daniel Hankins I VARSITY MEN ' S BASKETBALL Coach; Ken Still Assistant Coach: Keith Parker Tri-Captains: Christopher Bishop, David Hinton, Joseph Silva My favorite sound: SWISH SWISH SWISH Christopher Bishop David Hinton Jesse Martin Michael Norman Michael Parkman Darrell Robinson Timothy Rodgers Joseph Silva Robert Silva Christopher Smith Derric Tavares Daniel Ward James Williams M.V.P.: Joseph Silva English Opponent 65 Boston Latin 63 60 Xaverian 57 60 Newton South 55 41 Barnstable 40 58 Latin Academy 28 66 Madison Park 52 67 Jamaica Plain 59 92 Brighton 78 68 Madison Park 57 63 West Roxbury 59 79 Dorchester 80 57 Boston Technical 58 58 Jamaica Plain 56 69 Brighton 65 55 Madison Park 48 69 West Roxbury 58 58 Dorchester 73 63 Boston Technical 60 56 Boston Latin 60 State Tournament 48 Weymouth North 53 TEAM RECORD 15-5 I VOLLEYBALL Coach: Marc Prou Junior Varsity Lilawattie Deodat Lisa Morgan Mary Frances Orneas Michelle Osgood Rickey Rhodes Siriluck Sriweawnetr Co-Captains: Scheila Dartois Michelle Turner Varsity Marie Bernadotte Jacqueline Caldwell Claudia Campbell Scheila Dartois Alissar Elias Michele Pelzer Michelle Turner 62 Umana Technical West Roxbury Boston Technical Madison Park Brighton Latin Academy Umana Technical West Roxbury Opponent TEAM RECORD 12-0 FIRST PLACE, BOSTON I English 2 2 2 2 Boston Technical Madison Park Brighton Latin Academy Junior Varsity M.V.P.: Lisa Morgan Varsity M.V.P.: Scheila Dartois VARSITY HOCKEY Peter Anastacio Robert Bryson Edmond Campanella Martin Flaherty Kevin McDonnell Jeffrey Mesita Thomas O ' Keefe Scott Rehm Themistocles Tahmazidis Steven Weidman VARSITY HOCKEY Coach: Armand Veneziano Captain: Martin Flaherty M.V.P.: Martin Flaherty TEAM RECORD 2 - 8-2 English Opponent Umana Technical Copley Dorchester Latin Academy South Boston Boston Technical Hyde Park Jamaica Plain Brighton Charlestown Madison Park East Boston I VARSITY SWIMMING Coach: Paul Shuman Assistant Coach: Ken Wells Captain Raul Serret Daryl Creese Lisa Cummings Pamela Fletcher Andzej Gieza Ernst Currier Kerdens Hall Sean Higgins Donovan Hudson Cynthia Johnstone Kasia Lapier Frank Larmond Jose Martinez Pablo Mendez Jaroslaw Micherda Richard Mojica Guido Pineda Raul Serret Daryhl Smith Daniel Ward Andrew Witunsky FEMALE M.V.P.: Lisa Cummings MALE M.V.P.: Raul Serret English Opponent W Umana Technical EFT 92 Madison Park 21 106 East Boston 40 83 South Boston 24 89 Boston Technical 46 86 West Roxbury 31 82 Latin Academy 84 TEAM RECORD 6-1 I VARSITY BASEBALL Head Coach: John Rooney Assistant Coach: Kevin O ' Malley Co-Captains: Jesus Iraola, Jeffrey Mesita Edmond Campanella Thomas Dickey Daniel Hankins Jesus Iraola Pablo Mendez Jeffrey Mesita Raul Serret Donald Turner Alex Velasquez Luis Velez .41 ■ . . TEAM RECORD 6-11 English Opponent Matignon Beverly Boston Technical Brighton Chelsea West Roxbury Jamaica Plain Madison Park Dorchester Madison Park Boston Technical Brighton West Roxbury Jamaica Plain Matignon Dorchester East Boston 11 M.V.P.: Jeffrey Mesita 70 Governor Michael Dukakis proclaims April 8 to 12, 1985, Magnet Art Program Week. The Magnet Art Program is a collaboration between Massachusetts College of Art and English High School and is iocated at Engiish High Schooi in Boston. Magnet Art Program 71 DANCE 73 GOOD LUCK TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1985. FRED E. WAISHEK EHS CLASS OF 1950 566-5400 CONGRATULATIONS, GRADUATES Looking for a summer job? Looking for a full-time job after graduation? CONTACT: Jacqueline Rasso Career Specialist English High School 738-8429 or 423-3755 The Boston Private Industry Council, Inc 110 Tremont Street Boston, MA 02108 PRUDENTIAL TV SERVING THE NEW BOSTON VICINITY CALL ANYTIME SUNDAYS HOLIDAYS INCLUDED 267-5544 BROOKLINE WEST ROXBURY VICINITY SOMERVILLE CAMBRIDGE 266-2224 1985 ENGLISH HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION EXERCISES PROCESSIONAL " Pomp and Circumstance " Sir Elgar Led by Class Advisors Doreen Watshek and Marilyn Keenan OPENING EXERCISES Invocation — Rev. Larry Buckley, C.S.S.R. Mission Church " The Star Spangled Banner " Francis Scott Key SALUTATION: Tanya Gray, Student Council President GREETINGS: John D. O ' Bryant, Boston School Committee Sidney W. Smith, Headmaster VALEDICTORY ADDRESS Norma Gonzalez MUSIC " We Are the World " Class of 1985 GUEST SPEAKER Introduction of Speaker: Gladys Ruiz Speaker: Reverend Charles Stitch Union United Methodist Church MUSIC " Lift Every Voice " English High School Choir and Audience PRESENTATION OF SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENTS Joan Dazzi, Scholarship Committee Chairperson PRESENTATION OF AWARD RECIPIENTS Susan Omsberg, Assistant Headmaster PRESENTATION OF CLASS GIFT Class Officers Cary Russell Gladys Ruiz Michelle Ayala Nancy Ruiz AWARDING OF DIPLOMAS Abigail M. Browne, Boston School Committee Sidney W. Smith, Headmaster Names Read by Steven Leonard, Lawrence Myatt Assistant Headmasters CLOSING REMARKS Sidney W. Smith, Headmaster MUSIC English High School Alma Mater BENEDICTION Marc Prou, St. Matthews ' s Parish RECESSIONAL " Pomp and Circumstance " Sir Elgar Music Played by English High School Choir Director Eleanor McArthur 1985 CLASS OFFICERS; L. TO R. MICHELLE AYALA SECRETARY; CARY RUSSELL PRESIDENT; GLADYS RUIZ VICE PRESIDENT; HAYDEN ALI VICE PRESIDENT; NANCY RUIZ TREASURER; DOREEN WAISHEK ADVISER; MARILYN KEENAN ADVISER. CLASS OF 1985 Nelson E. Acevedo Antoinette Carnevale Audrey Evans John lliadis Tina Miller Steven Savoie Carmen R. Acosta Marie E. Carrasquillo Lisa Evans Jean Y. Impoinvil Marie C. Moise Felicia Scott Julie Adams Ronald Cayemite Adam A. Farina Jesus R. Iraola Stanislav Mudrets Raul Serret Luz N. Adorno Regine Cazeau Sonia Farmer Donald Isom Venaise Noel Richard Sexton Lorraine Aguilar Adele Cenatus Samuel Farrell Edward E. Jackson Neil J. Noonan Stephen J. Sheppard Mohammad A. Liatte Charles Judith Faustin Mencilla C. Jacob Marcia M. O ' Connell Joseph W. Silva Ahmed Marie E. Charles Pascale Fede Jacques Jdey Lionel Olivier Donna M. Singleton Ullysis Aleman Claude Chariot Sarah F. Fernandez Maryse Joas Martine Orneas Boun Sivilay Tonya A. Alexander Pascale R. Chariot Alissa J. Finley Alfreda Johnson Patrick Orneas Sichanh Sivilay Rodney Alexis Livie Chavannes Martin Flaherty Darrel Johnson Curtis Page Darren J. Skinner Hayden AM Kwai King Cheung Mary E. Flaherty Stacey J. Johnson Katonya M. Parker Christopher Smith Khadra AM Isabel Chong Eddie Flores Darlande Justinvil Michael C. Parkman Sandra D. Smith Cherolyn Allen Iris Cintron Marcia Foster Michael D. King Latonya Patten Sharron Smith Shenaz H. Ally Michelle Cintron Stacy V. Foster Arnel Labranche Richard Patterson William M. Smithers Peter Anastacio Eric Clark Elita D. Francis Melissa Lambright Vernon L. Payne Somnuk Rohan Anderson Yves Cleophat Nancy Franco L. Lamngeun Tracey Pease Soompholphak Fabienne Andre Alice A. Climent Bethzaida Fuentes Elsie Lamothe Stacey Peeples Francis Sullivan Jacques Andre Donna Cloutier Stacy Gaines Erna Laurent Michele Pelzer Andria Taylor Michel Andre April Coleman Margaret Garcia Manie Lazzell Susan M. Pettengill Adeline Thimothee Robert P. Andrews Jose A. Cordero Kelvin Garrett Rindge J. Leaphart Le Phenglavanh Christopher Gerard Armand Jean E. Crevecoeur Gail Geisler William G. Lebron Bountavy Thompson Spencer Arnold Felix Cruz Shannon Gibson Yim Ying Lee Phomsouvandara Tracy M. Thompson Lisa M. Atkins Reynaldo Cuellar Tresa Y. Glover Geneve L. Lewis Watson Pierre Jacqueline Thornhill Trevor P. Atkinson Sophie Culbreath Maria M. Gomes Ann M. Lewzey Guido Pineada Enda Thornton Amma T. Atta Kenneth C. Neyda 1. Gomez Oneil M.A. Linton Jacqueline Pittore Steven M. Thorpe Michelle Ayala Cumberlander Noelia Gonzalez Lasaundra Lowe Cleo Pizana Michael D. Toland Claudine Bala Erica Cummings Norma Gonzalez Christine Lowell Jose R. Polanco George Travis Joseph Barboza Lisa Cummings Harold Gooding George M. Lumpkins Gisela Polo Michelle Turner Kathleen Barton Marie A. Cyprien Morisa M. Goss Cuong Q. Ly Myrtho Polo V. Vankham Kerline E. Bayard Truong-An Dao Sonja M. Grant David L. Lyons Julie L. Pomales Carmen Vasquez Kenneth Bayles Scheila Dartois Paul C. Gray Peter A. Mahoney Gerald M. Powell Annette Vega Martine Beaussicault Crystal D. Davis Tanya Gray Michel Manuel Misscquine Prevost Jannette Vega Sylvia D. Bell Yvonne E. Dejesus Raul Guzman Stephanie D. Martin Romunda Price Marie C. Vital Mirtha Bellevue Cynthia Dembro Edina Hall Taucha Martin William C. Pritchett Jeffrey Wade Daniel R. Benoit Diderot J. Denis Kerdens D. Hall Jasmine Mascary Maureen R. Quirk Michael Walker Marie J. Bernadotte Lilawattie Deodat Bruce Hammonds Natasha S. Mason Mignonne Reddic Bernard Wallace Christopher Bishop Dean Depradine Alicia Handy Magalie Mathe Zina L. Renders Daniel Walrond Henry Bodden Sanjay Desai Daniel M. Hankins Rodney Mathis Jenette K. Reynoso Daniel L. Ward Clement Bourguignon Ruth Diaz Brian P. Harrington Christopher Matthews Anthony Rhodes Pamela D. Emmanuelle Paul Dickey Sonya Harris Donald M. McBride Terry E. Rich Washington Boussiquot Carla Dillard Patricia Y. Hayden Tracey McCallum Frederick Riesenberg Stephen Washington Nadia Breton Carol A. Diorio Sonja D. Heard Annie McCarter Elise Rivera Andrea Watson Felicia Brewster Rodney S. Dixon Willard Henry Valerie M. McConnell Carolyn S. Robins George Webb Barbara Brimley Richard Douglas Mark Hicks Kimberly L. McCray Gladys Ruiz Carolyn Weidman Eddie L. Brown Michelle Doyle Peggy A. Hinds Tonya T. McFayden Nancy Ruiz Patricia White Charilyn Bryant Paul J. Duffley David Hinton Andrea M. McKenna Dennis Russell Eric Williams Willia Bullock Matthew J. Duggan Elsie Homicile Anthony McPherson Cary Russell Steven Winstead Jacqueline Caldwell Judith Edwards Sibert Homicile Roberto Mendez Renaud Saint-Vil Chelsea A. Wilson Clifford S. Calixte Cheryl Egan Patricia M. Horton Yolanda Mercado Olga II. Santa Pang Yang Claudia M. Campbell Iris Escoto Vonder Silva Hunter Jeffrey Mesita Mencia Santiago Michelle Young John B. Capehart Patrick Etienne Nhung Thanh Huynh Joubert Michel Jean J. Santos Jean P. Zavier LOOKING BACK - THE EARLY YEARS Natasha S. Mason Shenaz H. Ally Audrey Evans Carolyn Robins Patricia Hayden Sonja Grant Tracy Thompson T8 Ruth Diaz and her Brother Michele Ayala 0 ■ Michele Pelzer i Carla Dillard Nancy Ruiz April Coleman Gladys Ruiz Elise Rivera 79 This page was paid for by the class of 1985. Thank you for a great senior year GO WITH PRIDE GO WITH RESPECT ENGLISH HIGH SCHOOL 1985 - 1986 HIGHLIGHTS Many changes occurred in this year and the Class of 1985 provided the leadership to an exciting year. On the first day of school, students met their new Headmaster, Mr. Sidney Smith. The year successfully combined hard work and happy times. Below are some highlights: English High School reorganized into three programs: Freshman Cluster, Traditional, Fenway Enjoyable assemblies include: Youth Theater: Survival Bilingual Cultural Show Dance Inside Out with Boston Ballet Guests Films: " 9 to 5 " : " Raisin in the Sun " , " Dark Side of the Street " . Talent Explosion Student show for Black History Month: Dance, Song, Poetry High Spirited PEP RALLY - precedes Thanksgiving Day Foot- ball game with Boston Latin School Energetic Dance at Dorothy Quincy Suite sponsored by stu- dents. Student performance in honor of Martin Luther King Fun Faculty - Student basketball game - Students won!!! Informative and active Black History Month activities - films, speakers, artists, cultural program. Fenway features talent fashion show: Raised money - $1,000.00 to fight World Hunger. Fantastic efforts by students; English High wins radio station WILD school Spirit Contest: FAT BOYS and UTFO Concert First student leadership Day: Students take over administra- tor ' s and staff ' s jobs. Exciting ending of high school for seniors included Exit interviews and luncheon at the John Hancock Company Senior Awards and Scholarship Program Senior Prom; most successful ever, 300 people attended Graduation: Speaker, Rev. Charles Stith

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