English High School - Blue and Blue / Record Yearbook (Boston, MA)

 - Class of 1982

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FORWARD 1982 has been a difficult year in Boston, especially for the schools. Because of a lack of funds our teachers were laid off. These people were integral to our development during our years at E H S. The escalators were also laid off because of a lack of funds and have been dead all year. Our legs, feet and souls are tired. It has been an uphill struggle to continue our education in the face of these obstacles. The non-functioning escalators symbolize this struggle. Therefore we chose them as our theme. M. Hofman J. Sousa E. Stern J. Tabit We, the class of 1982, dedicate our yearbook to the laid-off teachers of English High. We dedicate our book to them because they have been a part of English High for quite some time. They have helped us to learn, grow and prepare for the future. We have lost 30 teachers and they were great ones. We are very sorry to see them leave, but it was out of our control. We sent to all our teachers gratitude and good luck in the future. Though some of the laid-off teachers were called back, we still sympathize with them for the anxiety they suffered. A. Vojtech S. Turetsky R. Vangel-Murphy S. Yemoulkis ALMA MATER Alma Mater, tried and true, English High, our English High; Oft our hearts shall turn to you; English High; our English High; Should e ' er the laurel wreath be mine, I ' ll lay the honor at thy shrine, Our hearts, our hopes, our prayers are thine, English High, our English High. 6 HEADMASTER I hope that your experience at English High School has been a rewarding one, for it certainly has been unique compared to your future experiences. It is likely that never again will you be somewhere against your will, with people you don ' t know, for reasons which are not quite clear to you. Let me assure you that there is a plan and high school fits in very well. It was a time to grow socially, intellectual- ly and emotionally. It was your first experience as young adults with a large number of other adults. Certainly your senior year was one of your first efforts at making your own decisions. I hope you remember this experience fondly. If you do not, we certainly hope you have learned that people are not one thing or another, that some knowledge comes from books, some from people and a great deal from experience. Good luck in your future endeavors. William A. Lawrence 10 LANGUAGE R. Yocco HOUSEMASTERS P. Golden I. Rodriguez A. Alexander J. Cronin BILINGUAL C. Kalant R. LaComb J. Luc M. Pro 1MB St. HI E. Seda C. Valentine L. Swanson G. Elliot J. DeNublia SPECIAL SERVICES L. Torrez GUIDANCE R. Vozella DATA PROCESSING R. Snyder M. Hennesse SECRETARIAL STAFF K. Devlin PARTNERS EMERSON COLLEGE MAGNET THEATRE ARTS ROW 1 L. Schnabel D. Brown F. Chan J. Barbetta Tavia Glenn Carlos Gonzalez 31 Lucy Grimsley I Rose Issa Guerrier Clayton Gumbs Greg Hairston James Hamilton Louise Hanson Angela Harris Robyn Harris Sereypic Ith Carolyn Jones SENIOR LIST luan " Pulo " Alices Aries Plans; Rich I Famous Favorite saying: • ' What ' s happening, baby? " loAraie " Dawn " Arbeely Activities: Office aide, Yearbook staff Plans: Accounting Favorite saying: " Smile " Pamel " Paton " Armand Activities: Soccer Plans Electrician Favorite sayinj: " My God " Walter " Wally " Barsamian Activities: Swimming, Football Plans: Work at the M.DC Favorite saying: " Get some Budweiser " loel " loe " Benoit Activities: Music Plans: Business Management Favorite sayinj " Ken ' n " Win " Goose " Bento Aquarius Plans Thomas College (banking finance) Tina " Tini " Bradley Scorpio Plans: Journalism t Communications favorite saying: " Oh my goodness really! ' Carl " ZB " Brown Plans College Denrse " Neicy " Brown Activities Basketball Plans College Favorite saying: " And you know that " lohan " lo-)o " Brown Pisces Plans: to help the lamaican ' i economy Favorite saying: " Cool running " Pamela " Pammie " Brown Capricorn Plans: Accountant Favorite saying: " In all my ways, I ' ll acknowledge him and he shall direct me passed. " Terry " Tiki " Brown Activities: Softball, Cheerleader Plans: Executive producer Timothy " T-Man " Brown Cancer Activities: Student council Plans: Business Accountant Favorite saying: " Look at all the tans. " Bernice " B.B. " Bullock Plans: Secretary Favorite saying: " Yo u have nothing to tear but fear itself. " Carolyn Burke Scorpio Plans: Quincy Ir. College (child develoment) Christopher " Buckos " Bushey Activities: Office aide Plans: College Favorite saying: " And you ' ll be looking for me. " Chaunty " Twenty Bird " Byrd Taurus Activities: Cheerleader, Softball Favorite saying: " Barely making it in Massachusetts! " Karen Caruso Virgo Plans: Physical Therapist Cheryl " Chinky " Canzater Activities: Pep club Plans: College Favorite saying: " You ' re crazy. " Mei Li Chan Favorite saying: " Be the best that you can be. " Angela " Coffee " Chandler Plans: College Favorite saying: " Serious " Edward " Ed " Collins Activities Class rep Plans: Business management Favorite saying: " What ' s up? " Diella " Dee " Cooper Gemini Activities: Softball, Yearbook staff, Pepsquad Plans: Nursing Favorite saying: " Hey there " Deborah " Debbie " Coppin Plans: College Favorite saying: " What ' s up? " Maria " Sweetcake " Cora Activities: Softball, Basketball Plans. Accountant Favorite saying: " Is you crazy? " Wanda " Neicy " Cousin Cancer Activities: Cheerleader Plans: Registered Nurse Kermy " K.D. " Davenport Capricorn Activities: Football, Swimming Plans: Umass-Amherst (computer technology) Favorite saying: " All the way live. " Stephanie " Snoopy " Davis Activities: Swimming Plans: Marriage lame " Stilts " Davis Virgo Plans: Nursing Favorite saysig: " Hold it " Rhonda ' Tippy " Devance Activities: Yearbook staff Plans: College Favorite saying: " I ' m scared of that. " Martha " Drew " Devaney Activities: Swimming Plans Barbering school Favorite saying: " If you don ' t know I don ' t know. ' 48 Margaret " Pee-Wee " Dundon Activities: Yearbook staff Plans: Legal secretary KLmberley " Kimmy-Poo " Ervin Pisces Activities: Volleyball. Student council, Office aide. Yearbook staff Plans: College Demse " Nise " Etienne Plans: Nursing Favorite saying: " t want to be someone. " Kay " Katie " Evelyn Plans: College Favorite saying: " No " Rosa Facada Activities: Student council leadership Plans: College Paul " Style " Fisher Activities: Basketball Plans: College Favorite saying: " What ' s up " Angela " Angel " Fraiier Activities: School choir Plans: Gospel singer Favorite saying: " lesus witl work it out, in any problem you have. " Dana Floyd Scorpio Plans: Military Favorite saying: " Yes, sir " Lia " Lee " Foyle Activities: Football, Baseball Plans: Police Officer Favorite saying: " Are you happy? " Curtis " Capt. Curt " Garvin Plans: College Favorite saying: " No man is an Island. " Jennifer " Ginger " Gerald Aquarius Activities: Winter track Plans: a Teller Favorite saying: " Hey stupid " Tavia " Miss Butt " Glenn Plans: Commercial Airline Pilot Favorite saying: " What you talking about? " Barry " B.G " Golden Activities: Acting Plans: Actor Favorite saying: " Baby, baby. " loseph " Joe " Gormlez Plans: Quincy Jr. College (accounting) Favorite saying: " Don ' t judge a person untii you get to know the person belter. " Lenwood " Dino " Goss Libra Activities: Baseball. Hockey, Football Plans: Broadcasting school Favorite saying: " I love all sports. " Marion " Freeze " Grimes Activities: Soccer, Swimming. Student council Plans. Electronic Technician Favorite saying: " What goes around comes around. " Lucy " Sunshine " Grimsley Activities: Cheerleader, Softball. Swimming, Student council Plans: Jr College (law) Favorite saying: " Go for it, " Kenneth " GRUBBS " Grubbs Activities: Treasurer of the Sr. class Plans: Pharmacist Favorite saying: " Oh my freaking goodness. " Robyn " Pebbles " Harris Activities: Cheerleader Plans Singer Favorite saying " If you have faith in the Lord, you can accomplish your dreams in life. " Sherilee " Sherri " Harton Plans Pediatrician Nurse Favorite sajring " Forget you " Debra " Debbie " Hearns Plans: Fashion Illustrator Favorite saying: " Serious " Karen Herbert Plans: Art favorite saying: " Oh my goodness Cardrienne " PeeWee " Hicks Pisces Plans Interior Designer Favorite saying: ' No way " Edwina " Wina " Howard Plans: Psychology Edelma " Delly " Howe Plans: Computer Engineer Favorite saying: " You can conquer anything you want to " Roger " Slick " Hypolite Virgo Activities: Vice-Pres. ol the Sr class. Soccer. Tennis Plans Computer Engineer Favorite saying: " What ' s up? " Sereypic " Emily " Ith Plans Airline Stewardess Favorite saying: " Coffee, tea. or me " Rosemary " Rosey " Jackson Activities Softball Plans: Fashion Designer Favorite saying: " Ah shut up " leartnette " Nette " Gaines Plans: Boston Business Favorite saying: " You can never have too many friends. " lames " Hima " Hamilton Plans: Construction Favorite saying: " What can go wrong? " 1 Crylstal King 2 Sherry Horton 3 Mary Mahoney 4 Robert Vines 5 Brenda Watson 6 Roberta Washington 7 Loretta Milton 8 Francine Rankin 9 Ed Collins 10 Chaunty Byrd 11 Marion Tinsley 12 Karen 13 Pamela Peoples 14 Paula McLaughlin 15 Jennifer Gerald 16 Maxine Myers 17 Peter Davy 18 Rhonda Devance 19 Carla Armstead 20 Edwina Howard 21 Nick Tsahouridis 22 Barbara Young 23 Tina Bradley 24 Tavia Glen 25 Angela Harris 18 f • 1 Deborah Herns 2 Ricky Woumn 3 Kevin Pruitt 4 Anthony Moore 5 Sandra Redish 6 Donna Pina 7 Joanne Arbeely 8 Lucy Grimsley 9 Crystal Petteway 10 Alwin Rivera 11 Miriam Martinez 12 Daphni Johnson and Cheryl Lawrence 13 Denise Brown 14 Venus Turner 15 Velda Releford 16 Kenneth Grubbs 18 Magaly Charles 19 Cheryl Turnsbull 20 Yves Pickering 21 Barry Golden 22 Robyne Harris 23 Diella Cooper 22 Aaron " A.). " Jones Activities: Basketball Plans: to be Rich Favorite saying: " Go for what you know " Carolyn " lonesy " Jones Activities Softball Plans: Fashion Favorite saying: " Listen Bucko! " Christal " Chris " Jones Plans: Fashion merchandising Favorite saying: " I don ' t even play that. " Lyrmette " Booty " tones Plans: Airforce Favorite saying: " Serious " Willie " Parco " Jones Activities: Swimming Plans: law Favorite saying: " In battle the only thing that counts is winning, it ' s a different song when things go wrong Patricia " Hollywood " Jules Plans: Accountant EBen " El " Kelley Virgo Plans: Nursing Favorite saying: " No way " Romnal " Rony " Laguerre Activities: Photography, Basketball Plans: College Favorite saying: " Don ' t count your chickens before the eggs hatched " Cheryl " Che-Chee " Lawrence Libra Activities: Yearbook staff Plans: Registered Nurse Favorite saying: " You don ' t say. " Kevin " Kowboy " Lawyer Sagittarius Activities: Football Plans: Disc-lockey Favorite saying: " What ' s up " Florence " Flo " Leon Plans. College Edward " Eddie " Lynch Activities: Track, Swimming Plans: College Favorite saying: " Go for it. " MaryLou " Mary " Mahony Activities: Jr. class Sec, Yearbook staff Plans: Nurse Favorite saying: " I know. " Lisa " Weeble " Martinez Aquarius Activities: Softball, Volleyball Plans: College Favorite saying: " Give me a break. " Miriam " Shortcake " Martinez Activities: Swimming, Tennis Plans: Stewardess Favorite saying: " What ' s up? " Judith " Judi " Matos Plans: College Wayne " Greztky " McKenzie Activities: Hockey Plans: Technical school Favorite saying: " Go for it!l! " Joseph " ZuZu " Merdkhanian Plans: U-Mass (pre-med) Favorite saying: " I like you alot " Willie " T-Bone " Mitchell Activities Photography Plans: Delaware state college (computers) William " Billy " Martin Activities: Homeroom Representative Plans: Journalism Jennifer " Maureen " Morrison Plans, go back to Jamaica Favorite saying: " Cool running. " Guy " Gizmo " Mosley Jr. Plans. Rich Paul " Muz " Murray Activities: Football, Track, Student government Plans: Fireman Favorite saying: " What ' s up? " Maiine " Cuddles " Myers Aquarius Plans: Fashion model Favorite saying: " 00 La, La, Oh my goodness. " Myrna " Merma " Napolis Aries Plans: U-Mass. of Amherst Favorite saying: " Where Alvin? " Madaline " Made " Nunez Sagittarius Plans: College Carol " Jo " Oliver Activities Cheerleader Plans: Howard University Favorite saying: " And that you know. " Jose Ortega Activities: Track Plans: an Olympic champion Favorite saying: " That ' s right. " Carlos Pena Activities: Swimming Plans: College Pamela " Pepsi " Peoples Activities; Bowling. Pep squad, Yearbook slaH Plans: Lawyer Christal Petaway Plans. National Guards Favorite saying: " Just chill, alright. " Edward " Edzo " Pettengill Activities: Swimming Plans: Actor Yues Pickering Plans: Architect tfj i ' ' i 1 1 9i 4 - Donna " D.l. " Pina Gemini Activities: Spring track, Yearbook editor Plans: Bentley College (accounting) Favorite saying: " Hey chick. " Ella " Lil Bit " Pugh Plans: College Favorite saying: " I ' m splitting. " lonathon " Rav " Ravida Favorite saying: " Care for nothing. " Sandra " Poochie " Redish Plans: College Favorite saying ' " You ' re through lor life. " Velda Relerford Plans: College Favorite saying: " I ' m looking lor 3 miracle everyday. ' Alvin " Big Al " Rivera Taurus Activities: Bowling, Student council Plans: College Favorite saying: " You ' ve got to be kidding. " Mariisa " Shorty " Rivera Cancer Plans: College Ana " Cocoa " Rosa Cancer Plans: WeHesly College (biological science) Favorite saying: " Stop Ellis, not here. " Diane " Oi " Rosat Plans: College Ellis Ross Activities: Photography Plans: Photographer Favorite saying: " What ' s up Stinky. ' leannie Sauve Plans: Nurse lacqueline Shaw Plans: Colege loAnn " lolo " Sllva Sagittarius Plans: Government Favorite saying " And you know that " Micheal Silverstien Activities: Football Favorite saying: " Want lo go lo Friendly ' ? " Theodore " Teddy " Simpson Plans: Communications Marion " Mockiey " Tinsly Activities: Student government Plans: a Certified Public Accountant Favorite saying: " Don ' t worry about it. " Kenneth " Kinmo " Trotman Activities: Homeroom Rep. Plans: Syracuse University (communicalions) Nick " Nick the Greek " Tsahouridis Sagittarius Activities: Swimming Plans: College Favorite saying: " Gel me out of here! " Nghia " Tony " Tu Plans: Computer Favorite saying: " Money " Cheryl " C T. " Turnbull Activities: Ir. Vice Pres.. Student Government Plans: Worcester State (business adm.) Favorite saying: " Heflo Darling " Venus " Vee-Wee " Turner Sagittarius Activities: Cheerleader, Sr class Sec. Favorite saying: " Beat it. " leannette " Ne-Ne " Urbina Plans lo go to Costa Rica Cary " Bandi " VanBienzen Plans: College Frank VanBuskirk Plans: a Travel career Favorite saying: " It ' s Monday. I ' m here. " Alice Vassell Activities Volleyball Patricia Patty ' Vernon Aries Plans Mass College ol Pharmacy Favorite saying " Never loo late ' Robert Dr Vines " Vines Activities Student Government Plans: College Lisa " Bird " Walston Plans College Favorite saying " Do it in style Roberta " Birdie " Washington Plans College favorite saying " Serious " limmy " Snake " Williams Activities Basketball Plans: Bay State Ir College Brian Wilson Plans Electronics or communications Favorite saying " Bel. what ' s up? " Richard " Ricky " Woumn Activities: Ir Sr class Rep . Yearbook stall Plans: Successful Favorite saying. " Hey homey " Barbara " Branded Young Plans College Favorite saying: " Yeah right " Steve 2eogas libra Plans: Engineer 55 FRESHMEN Acevedo, M. Acevedo, N Acosta, C. Adamick, M. Adams, I. Adams. I Adjuder, A. Adorno, L Ahmed. M Alaguy. G. Albee, C Albee, L. Aleman, A. Aleiander, C. Aleiander, R. Aleiis, G. Alens. R All. H ARcea. G Alicea. R. Allen, C. Allen, S. Alvarado, I, Alvarado, I. Anagnos, f. Anderson. M. Anderson, R. Andrews, A. Aoude, A Arbeely. I. Arguello, A. Armand, G. Arnold. S Asbergs, T Audain, C Aviles, A. Ayala, M. Bacigalupo, A Bailey, L. Baker, R Bala, C. Bannon, T. Banouvong. ) Banuvong. N. Baiboza, I. Barnes, V. Barry, S. Barsamian, R. Bass. 1. Beattie, R Bealtie, W. Beatty. R Beaumont, D. Bell, S Belle. L. Bellerrie, M. Belmer, C. Bento, M. Bernadotte, M. Berthold, G. Billingslea, C. Bishop, C. Blalock. M Boardman, E. Bod well. K Bond. B Bond, W. Bonnette, M. Bova, M. Boyd, T. Boykins, C. Biacketl, S. Bradley. C. Braman, M. Branch, R. Branch, V. Biansheld. T. Braiton, B. Brennan i. Brennan, M. Bnmley. B Brinkley, F. Broderick, M. Brown, C. Brown, E Brown, W. Bryant, C. Bryant, G Buck, C. Bullard, S. Bullock, E. Bullock, H Burgos, Y. Burke, B. Butler, C. Caldwell, i. Callahan. I. Camk, A. Campbell. C. Campbell. E. Capurso. G. Caraballo. A Cardwell, I. Carey, W Carr. L, CarrasquHlo. M Carusone. C. Castronovo. S. Caul, V Cervera, C. Chan, I Chan. V. Chea, Q. Cheairs, C. Cheever, M Chhim, B Chhun. N. Chon|. I. Christopher, E Chung. S. Church. M. Clintron. I. Clintron, M. Clark, E. Clark. P. Clemenceau, I. Cloe. C Cloutier. D Colburn. S. Coleman, A. Coleman. S. Colon. D Colon. G Colon. R. Colon. Z Connell, R. Connors, E. Conroy. P. Corey. D Cousin. P Coi, L. Craig, A. Creedon, I Crei(hton, C. Creighton. ) Crevecoeur, ). Cruz, A. Cruz, I. Cruz, M Culbreath, S. Cumberlander, K. Cummings. M. Curtis. K Dailey. L. Daily. S. Daniels, R. Oarby, R Daugtitry. J. Davis, S. Oelesus, E. Oelesus, I. Oelvalle. R. Dembro. C. Depradine. D Desai, A. Oesai, S. Dewberry. K. DeYoung, W. Dillard, C. Dillon. $. Dingle, C. Oingle, M. Diorm. C. Diion, R Dobay, R Dolan G. Ooucette, D. Douglas, R. Draughn, A. Dudley, I. Dunn. D. Duran, S. Echevarria, A Edwards, D. Edwards, I. Egerton, D. Eggleton, 1. Einstein, R. Elliott, D. Ellis, E. Escoto, I. Esposito. C. Esteras, C. Fatsni, R Farmer, 1. Farmer. S Farnkoft, T. Farragher. 1. Fan ell S. Febbi, L. Feggins, D. Feliz. M Ferstler. I. Ferulh), E. Figueroa. R. Finley, A. Fitch, M. Flaherty. D. Flaherty. M FUttes, P. Flowers, C. Flury. L. Folan, B. Fortes, A. Foster, S. Francis, E Fianklin, A Franklin. C. Frederick. R Fuenles, B Furr. R Gaines. S Gales. V Garcia, D. Garcia, M. Garcia. M. Garrett. K Garrit, D. Germain, M. Gerrity. W. Giacoppo, J. Gilbert), I. Gilstrap. 1. Givens. N. Glover, S. Gomes. M. Gomes. S. Gomez E. Gomez. N Gonzalez, N Gooding. H. Gooding, S. Goodrich, S. Goodwin. G Goss, M. Gourde!. K. Graham. A. Granberry, A. Grant. R Grant, S. Gray. P Gray. T. Greaney, t. Green. I, Greenwood, D. Grieshaber, D Guglielmo, G. Guzman, C. Guzman, C. Guzman, N. Guzman, R. Haines, M. Haley. I, Hall. D Hall. E. Hamblin, D. Hammonds, B. Handy, A. Hankins, D. Hanley. I. Hardy, F. Hardy, I. Harris, E. Harris, M. Harris, S. Harrold. I. Haughwout. V. Hayden. P. Haynes. T. Healey. R Healey. S. Heard. S. Hendrii, F. Henry, R. Heredu, 6. Hernandez, R. Herron, D. Hicks. M. Hickson. B. Hill. L. Hill, L. Hines. P. Hinton. D. Hodges. A. Hoilett. M Holmes. W. Homick, F. Hortwi, P Hovestadt, F. Howard, D. Howard, I. Hunter. V. Huy. C. Hymers, R. Diadis. J. Iraola. I. Isom, D. lack son E. lackson, 1. lackson. S. leanlelii, I Jeffreys, D. lemison, T. lenkins, I. leter. I. lohns, E lohnson, A. lohnson. C. lohnson D. lohnson, D. lohnson, D. lohnson. K lohnson, P. lohnson, W lohnson. tones, C tones, L, tones. I lones. S loseph, M lustice, L Kaczynski, R Keane, R. Keaton, D Kergan. 1 Keenan, I. Khamlue, S. Khang, M. KUIen. E. Kimbrough, M. Kimbrough. U. Kindle, W Kitchens, S. Kocen. R. Kong, D Ky. B. tabiecque, L. Lakkis. E. lamarche. B. lambert. F. Lambright, M. Lamngeun, L. Lamontagne. C. lamonlagne. R Laurent, E Lay, C. Lay, M Lea, L. Leaphart. R Leathers, T Lebedew. w Leblanc. D. Lebron, W. Lee, T. Lee. V. Lemoine, V. Lemoure, S. Lendeborg, P. Leonard. K. Lewis, T. lewzey, A. Eighty, C. Lighty, C. Lind. F Livingston, L. Lohnes, C. Long, Lopez. C. Lothi. S. Louaneviseth, M. Loulourgas, D. Lovan. M. Love, D. Lowe, L. Lucas, L. Lugo, I. Lugo. R. Lumpkins, G. Luna, N. lynch, D. Lynch. R. Lyons, D. Mackenzie D. Madden, C. Malary. I. Manago, E. Manuel, M. Martin, S. Mason. N. Massey, R. Mathteu, D. Mattus. R. Matthews, C. Mayhew, D. Mayo. A. McCain. M. McCarter. A. McCray. K. McDermott. I McDonald, B. McDonald. M. McGillicuddy, M. Mclntvre. C. McKay. W. McLaughlin. S. McLester, B. McNulty. P. McNulty. S. McPherson. A. McDeiros, I. Melendez, E. Melendez. M. Men. S. Mercado. B. Mercado. T. MesHa, I. Mites. 0 Miller. N. Miller, I Mmgoes, C, Minucci M. Mobmay, P. Moliiw S Monahan, S Monh. S Monks. K Monroe, C Montanez, F Montes. A Montgomery, A Moore. S Morahan, P Morales, M. Morel. ( Monn, M Morrell, P Moynihan. S. Mudrets. S Muise, R Munoz. 1. Murchison. M Murphy, S Murray. 1 Mutascio. S. Myrtil. P. Neal. N. Nichols, I Noel. V Norcross, C. Norman. M. Norton, K. Oales. R OConnell. M. Odware, 1. OK, S OLougtrlin, S. Orlandino. D. Orlando, C. Orneas, M. ORourke, M. Ortega, I. Ortega, I. Ortiz. 0. Ortiz. S OSulhvan, F. Ounpraseuth, M Ounpraseuth. S. Overton, R Pabon. R Page, C. Palmer, L. Papakonstanti, I. Paraion, R. Parker. K. Parkman. M Paszak, R Pathana, K. Patten. L. Patterson. R. Payne, V. Pean. G Pease, 1 Peeples, S. Pelzer. M. Perez, M. Perez, S. Perrone, L. Perry. K. Perry, T. Pf truer .1. S. Pettengill, S. Phanhsen a, B. Philogine, B. Phommany, C. Phomsouvandar, B Pierre, F Pierre. W. Piggott, D. Pizana, C. Pizarro, A. Pizano, F Poindester. K. Pokornicki, ). Polo, I Polo. 1. Polo, M. Powell G. Powell. S. Presley. I. Presume, C Prevo. P. Prevent, M Pntchett, tri Prou. C. Pu!li. S. Quarterone, B Quinn. S. Quirk. I. Raines, I . Read, M. Reddic. M Reddish. S Regalado. D Reily. M. Renders. I Renders, I Repta, M Reyes, A Reyes, F Rezendes, I Rhodes A Stroud. R Rhodes B Sullivan F Ribounieung K Summers R Rich 1 Swealman. G Richardson. C labb. K Richardson P Tang. H Richardson. T. tanko. 1 Richardson. IN Taylor. A Ridley. 1 leleau. F Rincker, A Teleau. F Riva. C. Tenters. 1 Rivera. E leslai. 1 Rivera E Thames. C Rivera. M lhanadabouth. T Robertson. L lhavone S Robery. L. Ihibodeau G Robins. C Thibodeau 1 Robinson. A. Thomas, D Robinson, B Thompson, C Robinson 1 Thompson, C Robles, 1 Thongdam A Rodriguez, 1 Ihrirnhill 1 Rodriguez, 1 Thornton, D Rodriguez. P Thornton. E Rollins. S To. 1 Roman, S. Toland. M Ronca, A. Torres. H Rosa, A Towles. C Rosario. 1. Tranl. 1. Rosher, l Trappiel T Rounlree, B fucker. 1 Rudolph, A fully M Rue. S Tuoher C Ruiz, G. Urbina 1 Ruiz. M Valenti. C. Ruiz, M, Vankham. A Ruiz, M Vargas. P Ruiz. N Vasquez, B Rului. D Vasquez, D. Russell, C Vasquez. M Ryan. A Vasquez, 0 Ryan, S. Vassel. 0 Salter. M Vaughan, R. Sam, S Vega. A Samuels. C. Vega. 1 Santiago. L Vernet. R. Santiago. M. Vick, V. Saulnier. E. Viera. G Sauvignon. R. Vilaylack. S. Savage, M Vilaylak. P. Schilling. K. Vongkhamko, 0, Schnetzer, T Wade. 1 Scott, D Walker, M. Scott, R. Walsh. B. Scutt, L Walsh. E. Serret. M. Walsh. G Serret. R. Ward. D Sessions. J. Washington, P Sharkey. M. Washinglon. T Shaw. R Watson, A. Shearnon, 1, Watson. F. Shepherd. R Wermers. 1 Shevlin, D Wesley, K. Short, L White. A. Shruhan. K. White 1 Silva. 1. White. K Silva. P. White N Simmons, L While. R. Srmrnons, W. Whitlock. N Simpson, S. Whitney. B. Sims, G. Wieners. W Sims, 1 Willaid. W Sims, T, Williams A Sin, N Williams, E Singletary. 1. Williams l Singleton, D. Williams. 1 Singleton. 1 Williams. M Skinner, D. Williams. R Skinner. D. Wilson. C Small, R, Wilson, C Smith. A Wilson. C Smith. C Wilson, D. Smith, C Wilson, K Smith. C Wilson, M Smith, 1 Wilson. W. Smith. 1. Wingard. D Smith. 1 Winslead, S Smith. L Woodberry, P Smith, K Woods. A. Smith. P Woods, L Smith, S Woods. S. Smith. " Woodson, R Sol. W Wnght. 1. Soompholphaly, S Tang, P Sosa. M Yang, I Soto. 1 Yeshutas. Soto, N Young C Sousa, D. Young, C. Spaulding, D. Young. K spead, L Young. L. Stafford. 0. Young. M Stanton. C. Zabala. E. Stanton. D Steed. M Stella, I Stephens, H. Stevens, M. Stokes. K. SOPHOMORES Abbruzzese, A Castillo, N. Edgerly. R nuvc»iaui, n. Accime, C. Cazeau, M. Edmond, D. Mi » |. Achat), X. Champagnie, A. Elam. C Howe, 1 Adams, L. Chan, B. Elliott. S Hudson, 1. Adger, S. Chan, C Ellis, D Aleiander, M Chan, I. Ellis, M Hun S Ali, R. Chanhsouk. H. EM. 1 n . ii N nuynn, n. Allen, D. Chavez, ). Elysee, E Hyppolite, G Allen, R. Chery, W. Escobar. M. Irby, R Allen. T. Chong, M. Evans. W Isaac, I. Allen, W. Chue, M. Evelyn. K. Isaac, t Alleyne, 1. Cirino, S Fahon, L Jackson, T. Alston, 1. Civilus, Y Farrier, M. Jackson, T. Alston, S. Clougherty, 1, Figueroa. M lames, E. Alvarado. A. Coaston, ). Figueroa, N. lames, H Alvarez, V Cobb, B Fletcher. C lames, P Anderson, C Cobb. T. Flonory, M lean, M Andrade, G. Codair. E Flores, W. leanpterre, E Andre, B Coe. M. Folan, A. jenefys, n Arrecondo, A. Cofield. R Pontes. D Jenkins, C. Arroyo. W. Cohen, C. Frank;in, P. Jimenez, R. Astorga, C. Coleman, D. Frazier. E. lohanson, B. Atton, 1. Coleman. M Frazier, R Johnson, B. Auguste, V. Colon, E. Frederick, D. lohnson, C. Averetl, C. Colon, L. Freeman, K. Johnson, D, Bacote, E. Connell. K. Gabrick, 1 I.L ,„„ U jonnson, n. Baez, 1. Corbin. G. Gallop. W lohnson, M. Bannon, E. Cormier, K. Garcia, H Johnson, P, Barrlentos, W. Corn. A Garlk), M lohnson, P, Barsamian, L. Corporan, D. Garner, C Johnson, S. Bartlett, S. Correa, A. Gesimondo, M lohnson, S. Barton, T. Cortez, A. Gill. P tones, C. Bates. R. Cosme, M. Gillis. 1. Jones, C Belin, C. Costello, G Givens, D. lones, 1 Belizaire, 1. Cotto. A Glover. G. lones, K, Bell, D. Coulier. 1. Gobbi. F. Jones, T. Benitez. W Coveney. I Gonzalez, H. Joseph, G. Bennett. A. Crawlord. M. Gonzalez, 1. losue. E. Bennett. 1, Crosby. L. Gonzalez, P. loyce, R. Bennett, M. Crumby, D. Goode, I. Justice, S. Bennett, P. Cruz, 1. Graham, R. Keene. F. Benoit, S. Cruz, R. Grajeda, 1. Kennedy, C. Bento, R. Curnane, S. Grant, D Kenney, D. Berio. 1. Curran, M. Grieshaber, R. Kenney, F. Bittrolf. M Curry, L. Grimes, L. Key, 1. Blakeley, T. Cvilikas. R. Gross, K. Khamvongsa, 0 Blanc. S. Cyr, 1. Gross, P. I! ' 1 H Bodden, H. Dacey, F. Gross, S. Kieng. S. Boman, D. DaBey, P. Grubbs, L. Kiflit, M. Bonnette, L. Damelic, R. Guerrier. 1. Kim, P. Borgosano, J. Davis, A. Guilfoy, S. Kinney, S. Boriboune, P. Davis, A. Guinto, P. Kong, N. Boucard, W. Davis, C. Gutierrez, L. Kostecki, 1. Bourguignon, C. Davis, 1. Hagan, D LaBoy, 1, Bourguignon, F. Davis, S. Hajj, E. LaBranche, A. Bradley. D. Dean. B. Handy, R. LCorne, F, Brady, G. Dean, M. Hanscomb, C LaMotte, 0. Brand, T. Deane. P. Hargett, R lao, M Brewster, F. DeBurgo, C. Harmon, R. LaPorte. M Brickman, 1. DeClements, K. Harris, C. Lawrence, V. Brison, T. Dedrick, A. Harris, C. lawyer, D. Broglin, K. Delesus. G. Harris, C. LeBeau, C. Brown, L. Delesus, V. Harris. Lee, D Brown, M. Depina, C. Harris, L, LeRonge, P Brown, R. Devance, R. Harris. M. LeRoy, 1. Brown. S. Diaz. D. Harris, S. Leveque, Y. Bruk. M Diaz, R. Hart, C. Lewis, M. Bryant, E. Diggs. C. Harvey, C. Lheureui, K. Bunroth, S. Dflbert, 1 Hatch, G. Link, G. Burgo. A. Dillon, E. Haun, M. Liriano, A. Burns, A Diion, S. Haygood, S. Liriano, E. Burns W Diion, T Haymon, C. Little, A. Bush. C. Man. G. Haynes. R. Little, 1. Bushman, A. Dominguez. L Haynes, T. Lockridge, T Busset, D. Donahue, S. Heisler R. Loftus, M. Butts, R. Dorest. M Henry, I Logan, M. Byner, S. Dortch. J. Heredia, A. Lor. Y. Bynoe, H Douangchith, B. Hernandez, R. Ltxenio, A. Campbell, K. Douangchith, K. Herrington, M. Louis, E. Canales. E. Douangmany, M. Heywood, L. Cannon, W Douarin, I. Hill, 1. Lowe. M. Cantave, S. Downey. M Hill T. Lynch. B. Capuzzo, 1. Downey, R. Hill. V. Lyons, L. Cardona, U. Downey. W. Hines, S Mahony, P. Carpenter, R. Dragon, N. Hodges, K Malave. M. Carrillo, P. Drosos, C. Hodges. L. Maldonado. V Carter, C. Durrette. T Holmes, K. Malger, B. Carter. F. Eang, S. Hopkins. V. Marius, V Marseille. G Martin. C Malhurin. M. Matlhews. I Mayo. G Mayo. S. McAden. 0. McCabe, I McClunj, P McConnell. V McCoy, M McEachen, L. McFadden, M McKlnnon, D McLaughlin. I McLaughlin. I. McNulty. D McTaggart, S Mearls. P Medina, D Medina, E Meeks, A Melecio. B Melon. A Mendes, I. Meng. H Mewborn. S Michel. E Midelson. A Mieses. E Miguel. K. Milton. A. Minasides, G. Minsk. E Minucci. H Mistivar. A. Mitchell, A Mitchell. L. Monaghan, K. Mondesir. I. Montesdeoca. S Moore, 0 Moore. M Mum D. Muller, C Munroe. D Murphy, P. murphy. S. Myrtil. C. Neal. I. Needham, N. NeHles, P Noel, M Noel, R. Nong, S OReele. I, Oliver, A Olivo, S ONeil, G. Oreilly, R. Ortiz. I. OH. 1. Oum, T Ozek, I. Pack. R Padro, M. Paige. I Panameno, P. Papadopoulos. I Parent, F. Parkman, P. Pascal. D Patterson. I. Paul, D Paul. E Paul. G Payson, B Pean, A. Pean, I Pedranti, F. Pereira, L. Perez, C Perez, I Pelaway. D. Petillo, A Pettengill. C. Phanhsena, S. Philbrook. S. Philiberl K Phomsanann. C Phormouvjndar k Phonhtharaksa. S Phonhlhaiaksa. S Pinckney, C. Pinede. G Puarro. A Pleasant, L Plunimer, E Pollock M Pope. B Popplewell, K Porleneur, R Puce. P. Pntchard. B Prilchard, G Prou. V Pruitl. A Pull, I Raices. 0 Rankin, K Ransom. A Read. I Reisslelder, R. Remy, I. Reyes. N Reynoso, I Rhodes. L Rhodes. S Richards. R. Richards. I Riggs, K Rios, R Rios, S Rivera, I. Rivera, M. Roach, D Roach, S Roberts, A. Roberts. W Robinson, D. Robinson, M. Robinson, T. Robinson. T Rockholt. I Rosa. I, Rosa. P. Rosa, S. Salgado. F. Sam. P Sam, R. San, C. San, P. Sanabria, E. Sanchez, R. Sandehjr. I Sanders, S Sanders. S Sangiemsack. S. Santiago. M. Schmid, M. Schuler, I. Scutt. N Seearan, D. Segreve. M. Semeiant, S. Sengchanh. L. Serrano, I Seuy, S. Shackleton. L. Simmons, A. Simmons, D. Sims B Sims. I Singletary. I. Sipbanlhone. H Siphanthone, H. Sisavat, 0 SivHay, B. Skeens, A Sledge, L. Small. R Smith. A. Smith. I Smith, I Smith, R Smith, R. Smith. S Symthwtck. D. Soboomki. M Sok. S Solo. A Solo. D Soto. E Soysangvarx. I Spencer. F. SI Hubert, P Slattord. R Stephens. L Stolhart. R SM. E. Stvl, E urrey, T Sutherland. R laH. T. Tang. K Tang 1 Tarver. V Taylor. C Taylor. V. Taylor. H lhanapabouth. K Theodal, H I nomas. A. thomas, B Thomas, B. Ihomas. R Thomas. W. Thompson, S. Thompson. 1 Ihongchanh, L. Thongsamouth, 0 Thureson. K Tilford, C To. H To. K Torres E Torres, I Torn, V. Townsend, K. Townsend, I. Travis. G Valentin. P Valenlme. C. Vaughn, L. Velasquez, I. Velazquez. V Velez. I. Venable. H Ventola, E Vernon, E. Vilbrun, A Walker. H Walrond. D. Ward. S Washington. I. Walson, I Webb. G Webb. L Welch. L Wesley, W. Whalen, L White. H. Williams. D Williams. D Williams, E. Williams, I Williams. I Williams. S Williams, S. Willis. D Wilson. M Wood. T Woods. M Woolen L. Xayavong. T. Xayavong. T Youmam, S. Young. C Young. S Zabala. 0. Zayas. A 61 JUNIORS Accimc, G. Carrasquillo. A. Ennis, M. Inthavongsa. B Mao. R Accvedo M Carter, M. Espino, E Isidore, G Mao. S Adams. D. Castro. C. Espino. t lackson, A. Maohhjmphiou Cazeau, M Elhendge, M lamal, A. Maravetis. S Ai ' o " i Cesar, L. Evelyn, K. lames, R Minus. G Alcanle, M Cesero, D Facey, S Jean. V Markis P Chambers, J, Fallas. A. leanbapliste. 1. Manus, R. Allen, 1. Chan, V. Farragher, 1 leangilles, 1 Marshall S Allen. 1. Chandler, D. Farren, 1. leanpierre. 1 Mason. L Alley ne K Charles, M. Fay. 1 leffreys. 1 Malbe, F Alvarado. S. Chariot, G Feliciano, R leHreys, K Malhieson. 1 Alvafado. S. Chariot, M Fernandez. B lenkins, K Matthews, C. Amico, 1 Chavez, E. figueroa, M lohnson. J. Maxey. 1 Andrade. K Cherenlant, A, Finn, K, lones. A. Mayeleka, B Andrew. P Cheung, M. Flnochlo. S lones, B Mayes. M Arbeely, 1 Chinn, D fitzpalrick, 1. lones. C. McAllister. M Arki, K. Chislom. R Flack, K. Jones, D McClesky. K Armstrong, A Chiu, C Flonory, D Jones, 0. McCrealh, M Aube, 1. Circeo, R Florestal, S lones. 1 McDole. W. August? B. Clancy. ). Fordham, C. lones, P. McDonough, A Aviles, D. Clark. S. Foster, S. loseph, C. McHugh. D. Avillan, M. Coaston, 1 Fowler. G. Juarez, N McKoy, U Babbitt. A. Colbert, R Francisco, C. Judge, L. McLaughlin, R Banville. P. Colburn. L. Francois, 1. Jules, P. Mclean, M. Colbum, R. Frederick, S. Kellam, A. M.N ill, M Barham, H. Cole, H. Freeman, A. Kenney. T. McNally. P Coleman, C. Fuller, D. Keohane, R McNeal. W. Barrett. K. Coleman, 1. Furtado. M. Kerrigan, J. McNeil, J. Barrientos, F. Conllle. M. Gabbidon, P. Kettavong, S. McRae. A. Barroso. 1. Com He, M Gallarelli, M. Keyes, T. Melecio, Y. Barton, D. Cooper, D. Garcia, A. Khoundrahacka, B. Mendes. C. Basile, B. Corey, K. Garcia, E. King. A. Mendes. F Beaman, T. Couto, L. Garcia, R. King. C. Mendez. E Beato, C. Cowens, Y. Germain, 1. King, M Meng. H. Beato, M. Cox, D. Gesse, A Kline. R Meuse. R. Becotte, M. Curnane, E. Gilmer, P Kocen, K. Michel. C. Belcher, W Cunan, M. Gleason, W. Koch, M Mieses. A Bell, C. Dang, T. Glover, C. Kokaram, 1. Mikel. J Bellegarde, V. Darius, 1. Godfrey, V. Krang, T Milka. E Bennett, A. David, L. Golden, D. Kubiak, J. Miller, R. Benton, ). David. T. Goldstein, 1. La. C. Milton. S. Berry, S. Davis. A Gomes, ). La, D. Moise. R. Bickmore, A. Davison, D. Gonzalez, 1. LaBissiere. M Moment, B. Billy, E DeBrosse. 1. Gonzalez, N. laguerre, J Monfislon, M Birolini, M. DeClements. F. Gooding, G. Laguerre, R. Monroe. S. Black. D. Dedham, A. Goutier, S. LaHey. E. Montanez, C. Black, I. Delmonaco, J. Gracia, M. Lalsingh, S. Monlissol, M Black, R DelSoin, L. Gracia, M. Lambert. L. Moody. B. Boone, M DelValle. H. Grady, D. Lamothe, E. Moody. D Boriboune, T. DelVate. L Grammer. R. Lao, H. Moon. M Boswell, M Densmore, L Grandpierre, J. LaPorte, M. Moore, A. Bourguignon, 1. Depietro, L. Gray, D. Larieux, 1 Moore. K. Bo veil, C Depradine, K Gray, D, Latsasysinh, S Morel, C. Bowers, T. Oesrameaux, M. Griffin. D. Lau, I Moriarty, E. Brand, T. Deth, S. Guerrier. 1. Laycock, M, Morris, 1 BranslielrJ, L. Delh, S. Guerrier, R. Leamey, T. Morris. M. Brathwarte, R Devaney. B. Hagan, A. lee, B Mulcahy. D. Bray, M. Diaz, 1. Hankins, P. Lee, 1. Mulvey, B. Bresnahan, 1. Diaz, I. Hanrahan, E. lee, S. Mulvey, T. Bridgeman J. Diaz, R. Harbour, K. LeJeune. P Monroe N. Brooks, K Diaz, V. Harriott, S Lezin. E Murphy, J. Brown, E. Diecidue, K Harris, C. lim. K. Murray, P. Brown. 6. DiFronzo, L. Harris, R. Little, A Musto. P. Brown, 1. Dig gins K. Harris. V Little, 1. Myers. C. Brown, I. Diiorio. A. Harrison, 1. Little. 1. Myrta. J. Brown. K DrKgard, A. Hawco, D Loiseau. R. Nanrap, I Brown, M Dimitrrou, H. Helas. G. Lopez. 0. Nazzaro. K Bruno, M. Dixon, I. Hickey. D. Lorquet. W. Nell E Bruno, S. Dolan, 1. Hickman, G. Loume, J. Nesmith. S. Bruno, T. Dolan. M Hicks. C. Lucien, M. Nichols, G Bryant, C. Dorcely M. Hickson, T Luna, J. Nicholson, G Brydie. S. Dorsainvil, R Hitman, E. lynch, E. Nicholson, K Bullock, S. Dottin. C. Him, M lynch, G. Nieves, Y Buon, R. Douglas, L. Hines. V. Lynch. N Noel. R Burgo. E. DuBuisson, K. Hoinday. M. Lynch, R Nong, S Burns, K. Dukes, M. HoKs. F. Lyons, G Norman, C. Busse . D. Dumont, R. Holmes, A. Lyons, W. Nunez, M. Butler, S. Duncan, D. Homesombath, K. MacDonald. 1. Munez, R. Camacho, P. Dunn, C. Hope. f. MacKay, J. Nuiaath. C. Camillo, D. Dyette, C. Howard, A. MacKenzie, W. Nusaath. P. Campbell, S. Eatmon, B. Howard, M Madden. M. Nutta. M Cannady S. Edgehill, S. Hughes, B Madrey, D OConnell. L. Cardona, 1. Egan, R. Hughes, R. Mahoney, K. OConnor. M Carino, D Eliopoulos, A. Hunter, V. Matron; M OK, S. Carmichael, P. Bywe, F. Hiry, S. Manerson. R. Oliver. C. Carnevale, A. Em, S. Huynh, L Mamates. P. Ofteal. A Ortega M Ortii. D Ortiz. J. Ortiz. A Ounheuan, N Pagan I Pagoda. M Pao. S. Parent. M Parlait P Parker. I Paikman. B Parkman. M Parris. R Parry, F Pathounwanh, f Paul. R Payoule. B. Pean. G Penney. M Perez. I. Perez. M. Peterson. L Peltengill. A Phillips. M. Philogene, J. Phoenix. M. Phomveha, T. Phontharaksa. S Phontharaksa. S Phouvieng, P Pimenlel. J. Pina, M Poindexler, ). Popplewell, D. Price, D. Prou. C. Pruitt. K. Ralati. L Ramos. J. Rankin. S. Rawlinson. M Reardon, T. Redish. F. Reed. R Reid, A. Rema. M Reyes. M, Ritchie. G Rivera, R Rizza. D Roberts, 0. Robinson, A. Robinson, D. Robinson, I. Robinson, K, Rodriguez. M, Rodriguez S. Rosado. D Rose. J. Royes, K. Saintil. A Saintvil, E. Salgado, N. San, S Sanchez. M Sanders, V. Santana. S. Santiago, C. Santos, F Sao. M Sao. R Saratian, I. Sausoyk, A. Schlehuber. T Sengthavisouk. S Shackleton. B Shea. D Shea. J. Shelton. M Silveira. M Simm D. Simmons, T. Sims. J Skelton. C Slater. I. Smth. I Smth. I Smith. M Snath. V Souksavanelh, N Spencer. A Slalungs B StbrKe. Y Sleed. « Stephens. S Stevenson, I Stewart, C. Sltwart. S Slronach. K Sliolhers. I Stuart. C. Suavila H taley. R. Iheodat. I Thlang V Thompson. C Thompson, I Thompson S Ihunnartth. 0 lous. C. Tous. S Tow. B lowle. M Travfs. G Tsang S Turnbull. C Turner, A Turner. S Uribe. F Val. D Valdez. A. Vanh, J. Vega. W Velazquez, C. Velazquez. R. Vilaylack. S. Vnasath. L Vitale. I Vitielk), D Viverito. I Vixaunoy, K. Vagtit. M Vonglaha. M Waldman. I. Walker. A. Yfalrond. D. Walsh. B Walsh. I Walsh. M Walsh, P Walter. M. Weitzman, G. WeUer. A Wtiile. A. Wtute. E While. T Williams. C. Williams. E. Williams, R. Wilson. C. Williams, E Williams, R Wilson. C Wilson, K. Winbome. G. Wong. M Woodrow. M Xaysongkhan T Yongviiay. T. Young. 5 Yulfo. E Yulto, Y 63 ESCALATORS Escalators you ' ve heard of them, The ones that never work. You run up and down, all around, then Legs begin to hurt! So, you run down to the nurses ' office With your phoney belly ache, And tell her running up those stairs Is something you can ' t take.. Because your knees are quivering And your ankles hurt, Your back is just about to break So you say to her, " Nurse please give me An eleavator key? Hiking those stairs Is too much for me. " She looks at you solemnly And answers you seriously, " It ' s not too much of a strain ' . " by Marion Tinsley November 25, 1981. We hold a pep rally in our school gym to get everyone in the holiday spirit for the Thanksgiving Day game. VICTORY! VICTORY! That ' s our cry! English cries out VICTORY on Thanksgiving Day as we beat Latin for the first time in 14 years — 14-2. FOOTBALL CHEERLEADERS ENGLISH IS DYNOMITE OH OUR TEAM IS 1 ! LET ' S GET A LITTLE BIT ROWDY, R-O-W-D-Y V SOCCER SOCCER Front row: A. Diaz L. Damas U. Cardona L. Scutt E. Elysee E. Lorquet H. Cole J. Bourguignon P. Harrington 92 WINTER TRACK WINTER TRACK WINTER TRACK 97 SPRING TRACK SPRING TRACK Meggy Hinds, 6th place finish in 440 yard dash in fjrville Henry, star miler, fights his way through pack of runners on his way to 1st City Championship Meet. p | ace w j n Front row: G. Jackson, P. Hinds (Captain), J. Ortege (Captain), T. David, C. Walston. 2nd row: E. Lynch, E. Mendez, C. Bryant, K. Johnson, P. Johnson, B. Braxtor, H. Garcia. Back row: Coach Tinkham, P. Andrew, A. Walker, R. Pack, D. Hankins, C. Matthews, 0. Henry, W. Gallup, M. Dingle, A. McPherson SOFTBALL SOFTBALL Front row: BASEBALL BASEBALL 1 1 £ % yw3 IF 7 J Front row: A. Veneziano (Assistant Coach), B. Devaney, J. McNeil (Co-captain,), R. Feliz (Co-captain), D. Proctor, A. Carasquillo, H. Dekkvakkem, W. Stewart (Coach). 2nd row: J. Mesita, G. O ' Neil, J. Clancy, R. Diaz, R. Edgerly, W. McDole. 3rd row: J. Pimental, M. Ruiz, J. Ortiz, N. Acevedo, G. Ritchie. J FAST BALL OFF AND RUNNING LOOK UP, JACK! 102 LEADERSHIP V. Turner, L. Grimsley, K. Grubbs, R. Harris, R. Fasada fa STUDENT COUNCIL Front row: S. Frederick, M. Cazeau, C. Harris, F. Rankin, B. Young, A. Howard. Second row: A. AArien, A. Reid, L. Bennett, N. Munroe, A. Meeks, L. Grimsley, L. Grubbs, D. Lawyer, S. Elliott, S. Rankin, V. Reletord. Back row: J. Morris, J. Poindexter, M. McCreux, H. Cole, R. James, C. Matthews, Cleo, T. Hope, J. Baez, A. Armstrong, K. Grubbs, H. White, T. Hickson, R. Bruns, K. Brooks, L. Strothers, J. Mikel, A. Chandler, J. Papadopoulos, S. Youmens, J. Koeck, S. Edgehill, Mr. Foley (Advisor) TECHNICAL CREW Front row: W. Raines, C. Jones, J. Ravida, A. Dimidis. Back row: S. Finley, A. Pruitt, T. Brown, C. Barrientos, S. Finochio, E. Pettengill, M. Schnabel (Teacher) 105 CHALLENGE 12 S. Harton, D. Lutts, S. Zeo- gas, N. Tsahouridis, K. Grubbs, R. Vines CHALLENGE 11 M. Bruno, S. Nesmith, M. McLean, J. Morris, J. Farragher, C. Muller, R. James, R. Brathwaite, E. Elysee U. MASS. CHALLENGE MR. STRIAR (Teacher) CHALLENGE 10 Front row: D. Medina, J. Sessions. Second row: A. Bennett, K. Popplewell, L. Grubbs, S. Justice, L. Stephens, S. Mewborn, K. Declements, G. DeJesus. Back row: T. Chan, G. Costello, E. Papadopoulos, M. Lowe, J. Hudson, J. Baez, A. Burgo BILINGUAL CLUB E. Zavala, P. Armand, R. Feliz, Y. St. Brice, K. Paul, Mr. Daphnis SWIM TEAM PING PONG Since it was impossible to swim without the pool and without a Coach, we want to recognize those who COULD NOT be on the team this year! Front row: J. Farragher, E. Lynch, Carlos. Second row: A. Garcia, N. Tsahouridis, G. Mesely, W. Jones, E. Pappadopoulos. On the diving board: L. Grimsley, N. Munroe, M. Devaney 107 CLASS OF ' 82 JUNIOR PROM DANCING DANCING SENIOR PROM MAY 11, 1982 HYATT REGENCY HOTEL SPORTS BANQUET SPORTS BANQUET Valerie Smith and Lisa Martinez (Captains of the Softball Team) giving Mr. Johnson a trophy! Mr. Stewart receives a plaque in recognition of his 400th win as a Baseball Coach. Jose Ortiz receiving the Outstanding Male Athlete trophy. Ivette Montez receiving the Outstanding Female Athlete trophy. 160TH ANNIVERSARY OF EHS Governor Edward J. King is shown signing the Boston English High School Proclamation. Recently the oldest public high school observed their 160th anniversary at the Park Plaza Hotel. Principal speakers were former U.S. senator from Main, William D. Hathaway, member of the Class of 1941 and Attorney General Francis X. Bellotti, Class of 1940. In the photo taken in the Governor ' s office are members of the reunion committee: Robert Q. Crane, State Treas.; Major General Timothy J. Regan, Trustee; Leo Norton, Alumni Pres.; Anthony Cucchiara, William A. Lawrence, Headmaster; Paul Vallon, Judge John A. Pino, Vice President; John J. Marshall, Trustee; Robert Eunson, Secretary; and James G. Egan Poet Laureate and Past President. William A. Lawrence Francis X. Bellotti Robert S. Pertkin William D. Hathaway Headmaster Attorney General Deputy Superintendent Former U.S. Senator Former Headmaster 116 119 m STUDENT DESIGNERS SET L. Densmore Finley IGHTING S. Finochio D. Wilson COSTUMIER L. Grimsley SOUND J. Ravida STAGE MANAGER J. Cabral C. Barrientos MAKE-UP J. Shearrion M. Avillan TECHNICAL CREW 4. Brown 5. Campbell M. Figuaro jjj J. McLaughlin W L. Densmore E. Pettengill J. Ravida M. Curran D. Wilson I 120 Al ' ida Liriano receiving the Bilingual Award for Ivon Perez accepting the French Award (Lawrence Prize) Academic Excellence (Lawrence Prize) FASHION SHOW PRODUCED, DIRECTED AND CHOREOGRAPHED BY JOE A. AMICO. MOST ATHLETIC YVETTE MONTES CARL WINGARD A. MOST POPULAR ROGER HYPOLITE VENUS TURNER m SUPERLATIVES BEST DRESSED RICKY WOUMN JUDITH MATOS J MOST TALKATIVE DONNA PINA ROBERT VINES 127 ..- »•••• (!••••■ ( { (••••■ I !••••- ( )••••■ I ••••• I ( »•••• ' I )••••• I !•••• ' I I )••••• I »••••■ I I !•••• ' I »••• " ( ••••• ( )•••• I •••• I •••• I •••• I ••••• I !•••• ' I •••• I •••■ I •••• I ••• I ►♦••• I I •••• ( )•••• I •••• ( ♦••• I • •••• •••• ::::: ••••• •♦«•• •••• tr.:: •♦♦•• «::: is;;; • ••• «... • ••• ••• ••». • •• «... •• , • •. • •• • •• • •• • • •• • ••• 7 a ♦ ♦♦•• •••••• :::::HH;i::::::n:HUU::iU:::i:::::::H •••••• •••••41 •••• i ■•••• i ••••• ! ■•••• I •••• I ••••II ••••• » -••••I I •••••( I ■••••I ••••(I •••• ' ••••( I ••••(I •••••II •••••(I •••••I I •••••I I ■••••( I ■••••( I •••••( I •••••II •••••II •••• I ■•••• I ••••• I •••••( I •••••I •••••I I •••••I I ••••• I •••••I I — ••( I ■••••I I •••••( • ■••••I I •••••( I •••••( I •••••I I •••••I I ■••••( I •••••( I ■••••I I •••••( ► ■••••( I •••••( I ••••• I ■••••{ I •••••I I •••••I ( ■•••• I •••••I I •••••I I •••••( I •••••( ► ••••• I -•••I I •••••I I •••••( » •••••I I ••••• I ■••••( I •••••( I I •••••I I •••••I I •••••I I •••••I I ■••••I I •••••I I •••••( — •• ( ■•..• ! — ••I I — ••I I — ••(I ••••• ! ■•••• ••••• ] •••••i ■•••• •■» • ••••i ••••4 ••••i •••• •••• •••• .«•• •♦••i ••••j • »»•« ••••4 • ••• •-••4 ••••I ••••i • •••d ••••i ••••i •••• ] •••• • •••i • ••• ] " { •••• • ••• ] ...• • ••• ••••d ••••i • •••4 • •••4 • •••( • •••• • •••• ••••• • • • • m iii; Chucks Sub Shop 451 Brookline Ave. Boston 566-9405 436-8845 BAR-B-Q Mi]Ue £ar Q Q Closed Sun a mon II 30 A M - 12 MID -TUES. WED . THUR5 II 30 A M . A OO A M - FRI Bt SAT 883 BLUE HILL AVE DORCHESTER. MASS 02124 Best wishes for Success, Health and Happiness From Your School Nurses Corrine Ahern R.N. Ann Blood R.N. TEL 296-9881 MM Mil rEXACC COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE REPAIRING ROAD SERVICE • TOWING M. SETTLES D TILLMAN 1372 BLUE HILL AVENUE MATTAPAN, MA. 02126 FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT Luisa Bellamy Eugene Digirolamo Michael Garber Ursula Traugott Robert Yocco PHYSICAL EDUCATION Robert Fisher Marilyn Keenan Patrick King Keith Parker Pamela Price Bill Stewart Barbara Ward Vivian Woo Ellen Schneider Congratulations Class Of 1982 Louis Liggerio Jim Buckley Robert Baskerville SOCIAL STUDIES Joyce Bertini Ed Connelly Patricia Courtney James Crecco Frank Fennessey Donald Foley Herbert Kopins John McCarthy Walter O ' Brien Paul Winn 135 1 JAMES G. EGAN ► I Dedication In 1976 Shown left to right are James G. Egan Alumni President, John A. Creedon Administrative Assistant, and Major General Timothy J. Regan Trustee and Past Alumni President. They officiated at the dedication of the new building. Mr. Creedon died shortly after. In 1966 The AMVETS National Convention was held in Columbus, Ohio. Shown left to right are: AMVETS National Commander Ralph E. Hall, Hubert H. Humphrey the Vice President of the United States who was keynote speaker and led the parade, and James G. Egan National Poet Laureate. THE BOSTON ENGLISH HIGH SCHOOL In 1821 when James Monroe was president The English High School was founded in Boston As the years passed, progress in education Has produced leading citizens from this institution Here where ethnic background is not important Interest centers in individual development At this institution a fine education may be obtained And the student ' s potential may be achieved English High has produced leaders in all walks of life They have served in our wars to make their nation safe As the tradition of America ' s oldest high school indicates We take pride in the integrity of our graduates. By James G. Egan Poet Laureate English High School National Poet Laureate AMVETS of World War II Poet Laureate 182 Infantry Association Poet Laureate Old Charlestown Schoolboys Association Jim Egan is shown while visiting the ornate State Capitol at Tallahas- see, Florida. Recently as the AMVETS National Poet Laureate Mr. Egan was commended by President Ronald W. Reagan for writing a verse on the President. James G. Egan was graduated from the Boston English High School in 1925. Later he attended Boston University School of Journalism, and Northeastern University. He has been an active alumnus for better than half a century. He served as President of the Class of 1925 for two years. He was Alumni President for two during the period of th e dedication of the new Tower Building. He has travelled with the basketball and football teams of the school. Coach William J. Stewart a prominent Notre Dame Universi- ty Alumnus claims that Jim has attended more of English High School athletic contest than any other living graduate. During the four years that English High Bas- ketball Teams were State Class A Champions, Coach Ed Burley al- ways had Jim on his bench. Over the years the school has present- ed Egan The Education Award, Dis- tinguished Alumnus Award, Most Loyal Alumnus Award, Past Alumni President Award, Brotherhood Award (an inscribed silver cup), Mr. 25 Award, Honor Achieve- ment Medal and the Class of 1911 Medal. On June 8, 1979 the school formally dedicated the James G. Egan Poet Laureate Area on the tenth floor. Egans Family was pre- sent. Prominent Alumni, AMVETS Delegation, and 182d Infantry As- sociation were also in attendance. Headmaster William A. Lawrence presented a scroll to Mr. Egan. Jim is author of the school official poem " The Boston English High School " . He annually presents the James G. Egan Scholarship Award for poetry and literature. As a members of AMVETS Egan was Commander of Everett Post 125 four times. He went through the chairs to become Commander of Middlesex County District 5. Later he was Dept. Historian, and nine times was Mass. Department Poet Laureate. Ten AMVET National Commanders have named Jim as National Poet Laureate. AMVETS is one of the eight member units that comprises the Everett Allied Veterans Council. In 1970 Egan was President of Everett Allied Veterans council. He is author of AMVETS offical national poem called AMVETS. Many citations awards have been presented to Mr. Egan. Solari Train AMVETS Post in 1979 had a testimonial for him and presented Jim with a plaque, and Mass. Adjutant General Timothy J. Regan presented the Governor Sargent Award to Jim. He has received many other honors from AMVETS including an inscribed gavel. Egan is an active member of the 182d Infantry Association where he serves as Poet Laureate and Public Information Officer. He has held most of the chair offices. The official poem of the 182d Infantry Battalion Men of the 182 was written by Egan. Colonel James H. Higgins then commanding presented a plaque from the battalion to Egan in 1965 also naming his lifetime poet laureate. Later the Association adopted it and Commander Donald E. Tibbets presented a citation to Mr. Egan. In 1980 the first Past Commanders Award was presented to James G. Egan for his many contributions to the 182 Infantry Association This is now an annual award. As a history buff who is a poetic biographer of American Presi- dents, Egans work has been given recognition nationally in 34 foun- dations across the nation. He has visited most of the Presidential Homes and Foundations. The last four presidents have read his verses on them and sent him their approval. Presented to Vice Pres. Hubert H. Humphrey in Columbus, Ohio he was warmly commended. The Vice President wrote him sev- eral times after that. Senator Ed- ward W. Brooke read his poem President Dwight Eisenhower into the Congressional Record before the Congress of the U.S. saying " No one is Egan ' s equal in this area " . Several times Senator Ed- ward M. Kennedy has commended Egan ' s poem President John F. Kennedy which has been added to the archives of The Kennedy Home at Beale St., Brookline, Mass. The International Clover Poetry As- sociation of Washington, D.C. have given Mr. Egan their Gold Certifi- cate of Life Membership with title of DANAE from Greek Mythology. Eight veterans groups have cited Mr. Egan for his efforts in Iambic Pentameter. They are: American Legion, AMVETS Italian American War Veterans, Jewish War Veterans, Marine Corps League, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Veterans of World War One, and The 182d Infantry Association. by PC Donald E. Tibbetts The yearbook would not have been possible without the significant contributions of the following people: Mr. Evelyn Mr. Striar Ms. Joyce DeVille Val Ellis Ross Robin Hymers The U. Mass Challenge Classes The family and friends of Ricky Woumn Congratulate the Class of 1982 Richard Woumn Lillie Woumn Robert Woumn David Woumn Keith Woumn Bobbie Woumn Shamika Woumnm Armory Woumnm Adrienne Woumnm Audrey Burke Mary Quin Maura Howland Rose Circeo Nettie Gray Muffie Gray Josephine Brown M. Ricks R. Ricks Gladys Smith Made Sanders Stanley Julius Vanessa Steed Betty Dixon Valerie Matthews

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