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THE ENGLISH HIGH SCHOOL Past Present In 1821, The English Classical School had the distinction of being the first public high school in America. The name was changed to The English High School in 1833. It ' s first site on Derne St. held 101 students in the first year. Eventually, the school moved to Pickney St. on Beacon Hill, but in 1844 it moved to Bedford St. The English High School and The Boston Latin School shared this building for 37 years. In 1881 both schools moved into a building on Warren Ave. -Montgomery St. At that time the school was the largest building in the country for free schooling and educational purposes. The English High School moved to it ' s present site in the Fenway in 1955. Two years before the new building was opened in 1974, the school became co-ed and thus we have our present school. The Second Schooihouse Now s the tiire to celebrate and cheer ii DEDICATION We, the class of 1981, dedicate with pride our yearbook to Ms. Elaine Colarossi. She has filled our four years at The English High School with sincere warmth, determination, and devotion, without her assistance this yearbook and the yearbooks of the past years would not have been possible. Ms. Colarossi has taught us not only how to deal with the pressures of putting a yearbook together, but the value of cooperative effort. She has watched us mature by helping us in our endeavors. To a beautiful teacher and advisor with gratitude. THE CLASS OF 1981 18 ENGLISH Edward Burley Richard Burns Ri chard Corcoran Paul Donovan Deborah Feldman 20 mm Kathleen Aborn Robert Beatty ■IP Robert Brown Ernest Green Vertelle McMiller 5r Gerry Ball m Anthony Gizzi Wilfred Hynes Peter DeRoeve Mary Horan Sophia Menaxopoulos 28 Carmen Mariani Bruce Richardson Juan Rodriquez I Y.E.S. John Garrity Charlene Van Horn Larry Myatt Edwin Seda Olivia Sicard Pedro DeRuthy Barbara Needle John Sousa 32 TITLE 1 Vivian Woo Annie Yelmokas Michelle Long Joseph Tabet NURSES Ann Blood John McShane Corrine Ahem Ronald Evelyn Henri Lion Idahlia Stanley 0 0 J Carl Zidel SUPPORT 5T nFF William Brown - Data Processing Resa Snyder - Data Processing Milton Johnson - Flexible Campus Coor. Ed McManus - Librarian Dorothy Garaghty Flora Lazur ■ Secretaries Beverly Mawn - Tch Cntr Coor Eileen Lawler-Secretary P. Thompson, M. Correa, W. Lyden R. Walker - Aides LYDIA AGRO Lyds May 29, 163 ACTIVITIES: JR. and SR. Class Reps.; Cheerleading 2. PAULETTE ALLEN Lette June 28, 1963 AMBITION: Medical Secre- tary EXPRESSION: " No one is a fail- ure who is enjoying life. " DOROTH Y LAURA ANDREWS Dee Dee Dec. 8, 1961 AMBI- TION: Accountant EXPRESSION: " Do you want to cut out? " ACTIVI- TIES: Bowling Team. AMILCAR M. ANDUJAR Micky The Kid Sept. 15, 1962 EXPRES- SION: " To be or not to be. " DIANNE ANZALONE Die July 10, 1962 AMBITION: Child Worker. GAYLE ARMSTRONG Feb 5, 1963 AMBITION: Child Care EXPRES- SION: " Always hope, never expect. " ACTIVITIES: JR. and SR. Class Reps.; Yearbook Staff. CARLYNNE ARRINGTON Lynne July 11, 1962 AMBITION: Coun- celor EXPRESSION: " Come clean " ACTIVITIES: Softball. MARIE FLORENCE AUGUSTIN Marie Oct. 1, 1963 AMBITION: Medical Doctor EXPRESSION: " Go for it " ACTIVITIES: Bowling Team. CYNTHIA L. BOW AB Boo May § 10, 1963 AMBITION: To own a Jag- uar EXPRESSION: " I ' m starving " § ACTIVITIES: Jass-BIue Choir 4; Student Council 1; Glee Club 4; Cheerlcading 1,2; Bowling Team 3,4, Softball 2,4. ? ISAAC BOWMAN IV Chilly § Sept. 7, 1962 ACTIVITIES: Football. § LAURIE BRANSFIELD May 5, 1962 AMBITION: Computer Electri- | cian. i KATHERINE BREEN Kathy § Dec. 31, 1962 AMBITION: Secretary EXPRESSION: " Do you wanna hear a joke? Please? " t MELANIE BROWN Tooty Fruity § Dec. 16, 1962 AMBITION: Com- § puter Programmer ACTIVITIES: JR. Class Rep.; Badminton, Basketball, Swim- ming. VICKI PAULINE BRYER Chica § July 4, 1963 Ambition; To be happy and successful in whatever I do Expres- sion: " Lorraina espanola, you chica you " . ACTIVITIES: Newspaper; Jr. Sr. | Class Rep. EVON BURKE Shorty April 26, j 1963 AMBITION: Accountant. § WENDY BURNS Flash June 2, | 1963 AMBITION: To travel EXPRES- ? SION: " Who loves ya? " ACTIVITIES: J JR. Class Rep. § KATHERINE BREEN Kathy Dec. 31, 1962 AMBITION: Secretary EXPRESSION: " Do you wanna hear a joke? Please? " MELANIE BROWN Tooty Fruity Dec. 16, 1962 AMBITION: Com- puter Programmer ACTIVITIES: JR. Class Rep.; Badminton, Basketball, Swim- ming. MELANIE BROWN THERESA BRUNETTE VICKI PAULINE BRYER MARIE J BUISSERETH EVON F. BURKE WENDY A. BURNS til % J JUAN ANTONIO DIAZ Sito Feb. 2. 1963 AMBITON: Bilingual Lawyer EXPRESSION: " Maldito tu Seas " ACTiVjTlES; Newspaper Busi- ness Manager 3,4; Baseball 1. ROBERT A. DICESARE Bobby Nov. 17, 1962 AMBITON: Newspa- per Writer EXPRESSION: " Go for it! " ACTIVITIES: Newspaper Editor; Hockey. DOMINIQUE DIGREGORIO Dom or Nique Feb. 6, 1963 ACTIVI- TIES: SR. Class Rep. CLIFTON BRIAN DINGLEY Space Sept. 5, 1962 AMBITION: Writer- Director of Films ACTIVITIES: Newspaper contributer. LYNNE DONOFRIO Lynzy Feb 17,1964 AMBITION: CP A. EX- PRESSION: " Long live Rock, Rock rules. " ACTIVITIES: Student Council. VALERIE EATMON Val Aug 27, 1963 AMBITION: Pediatrician ' s Nurse EXPRESSION: " Please! " GERALD EATON Mase Aug 11, 1963 AMBITION: Electronics EXPRESSION: " Say what " ACTIVI- TIES: Varsity Swim Team. APRIL LORRAINE EDWARDS Lo veable June 13, 1963 AMBI- TION: Nurse EXPRESSION: " Due to tfie process of elimination. " DARYL A. ELLIOT MARK ( " MANOLl PATRICIA MARRA PATTY LEE Chine Jan. 5, 1963 AMBITION: To always walk with the Lord EXPRESSION: " People who like oth- ers are the people others like " AC- TIVITIES: EHS Fellowship Society; JR. and SR. Class Rep. JUDITH L. LEPORE Judy Dec 3, 1961 AMBITION: Medical Field EXPRESSION: " The happiest times are those shared with friends. " HYISSIA LEWIS Heidi April 19, 1963 AMBITION: Successful Business Woman EXPRESSIOr " Come Clean. " DOREEN MACDONALD Dor Jan. 11, 1963 AMBITION: Graduate EXPRESSION: " Want to go out! " SHEILA A. MACPHERSON Sheila Mac July 19, 1963 AMBITION: To pass Biology EXPRESSION: " Great minds think alike " ACTIVI- TIES: Student Council 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 4; Yearbook Staff 2,3,4, Sports Editor 3, Editor-in-Chief 4; JR. Class Rep., Softball 1, Track 2. MERNA MALCOLM Aug. 15, 1962 AMBITION: Pediatrician EX- PRESSION: " I ' m serious " ACTIVI- TIES: Volleyball. GRISEL MARTINEZ Gizi July 4, 1963 AMBITION: To major in Politi- cal Science EXPRESSION: " Que Te Pica? " ACTIVITIES: SR. Class Rep., Bilingual Club. MARK MCDONALD March 31, 1963 AMBITION: Marine Corps. JOSEFINA PEREZ JEAN PETION SAMUEL PRIOLEAU ALETHEA D REEVES JOSE L REYES JUDITH RHODEN FELIX RIVERA JORGE RODRIGUEZ JANET M. ROSE »% 69 LAURA JEAN SMITH Gina June 28, 1963 AMBITION; Secretary EXPRESSION: ' To enjoy my life " ACTIVITIES; Basketball, Volleyball. MARIE M. ST. BRICE Minouche July 15, 1962 AMBITION; Modeling ACTIVITIES; Bilingual Club. LORRAINE STOBER Lori June 30, 1963 AMBITION: Interior Design- PHILLIP STOCKDALE Phil Feb. 13, 1963, AMBITION; To Gra- duate EXPRESSION; " Smile Some- body Loves You " ACTIVITIES; EHS Fellowship Society; SR. Class Rep,; Crew Team, 2, Bowling Team 3. JOHN T. SVAGDIS No Way May 31, 1963 AMBITION: Cartoonist EXPRESSION; " Eh! " KATHY TAYLOR Katie July 6, 1963 AMBITION: To own my own Day Care Center EXPRESSION: " Some time today. " MIRACLEULA ST. BRICE LORRAINE STOBER Raymond Rosario Barbara Ward John Ward Sandra Wiltshire E N G L I S H Kneeling: Lorraine DiPietro, captains Martha Devaney Nancy Munroe, Maria Lewis, Standing: Coach Pedro Durruthy, Elizabeth Kronfeld, Lucy Grimsley, Cheryl-lee Skelton. 41 . Hyde Pari 55 0 Boston Latin 7 50 Technical 63 40 West Roxbury 45 64 Madison Park 71 16 Latin Academy 28 35 Brighton 28 21 East Boston 48 37 Chariestown 37 1 Win 8 Losses 80 Lorraine demonstrates her back stroke. Front Row: Joel Jn. Pierre, Reiher Firmin, Chauannes Milcent, Edward Augustin, Henry Booden, Uriel Cardona, Hermer Cole, Lionel Preval Back Row: Coach Gary Daphnis, Mix Petion, Patrick Bernadotte, McArthur Galette, Frautz Minard, Aldo Dilorio, Leutz Buon, Rony Garcia, Noe Jn Pierre, John Brown. Technical { W " Technical Kr " West Roxbury ' B West Roxbury BW I Brighton Wf- Tp- Brighton : 1 Madison Park . 4 $gJbj Madison Park 1 fi M East Boston 1 P East Boston 0 Jamaica Plain 0 Jamaica Plain 1 9 Wins, 2 Losses, 1 Tie City Champs Photo by Jude Viaud 81 ' C Franze celebrates a goal. XE2 91111 First Row: Janet Cyr, Carole Holmes, Lisa Martinez, Janet Rose, Lora Harrison, Joan Bennett, Joanne Barroso, Second Row: Coach Barbara Needle, Mary Him, Yvette Yulfo, Lisa Ford, Ivette Montes, Trudy David, Karen Aileyne, Anitia Ates, Linda Cappuccio. E N G L I S H Burke 1 Technical 2 Brighton 2 Latin 2 Latin Academy 0 Umana 1 West Roxbury 0 Hyde Park 0 Madison Park ... 0 Burke 1 Technical , 1 Brighton 0 Latin 2 Latin Academy 0 Umana 0 West Roxbury 0 Arlington 2 Madison Park 0 13 Wins 5 Losses Second Place i amm Mh Lll f»CI.ISi. tNCiV-lS- ii?! tNGLlSV ' First Row: Captains Julius Chisholm Andrew Woods, Second Row: Jeff Johnson, Tyrone Gousby, Edward Drakes, Charles Davis, Troy Morrison, Charles Adams, Isaac Bowman, Lance Selman, Dave Brennan, Steve McGillicuddy, Richard Breen, Third Row: Coach William Stewart, Carl Wingard, Charles Martin, Eusebio Espino, Jim Little, Robert Lee, Ken Davenport, Luke Catarius, Paul Murray, Fourth Row: Head Coach Keith Parker, Coach John Sousa, Elroy Williams, Steve Daley, Frank Declements, William Gallop, Jerome Wells, Anthony Freeman, Troy Hickson, Ernesto Espino. Photo by Mark Hoffman 24 22 28 22 19 20 21 12 0 est Koxbury Burke Technical Tri-County Regional East Boston Jamaica Plain . Brighton Madison Park Dorchester Latin 2i 6 8 6 12 0 0 20 0 20 8 Wins, 1 Loss 1 Tie City Champs SEX Willis putts the bail away. WWWWWWi w ww v.w w wn 86 mm cor: » K K X K » II « First Row: W. McDole, J. McNeil, D. Cronin, B. Muesse, C. Carney, Second Row: Coach Mr. Veneziano, M. Bittrolff, R. DiCesare, G. Ritchie, J. Kelley, P. Flynn E N G L I S H 2 2 5 4 2 5 1 0 3 6 10 Madison Park Madison Park South Boston South Boston Charlestown Charlestown Technical Technical East Boston East Boston Boston Latin Boston Latin Dorchester Dorchester 4 4 4 . 3 1 7 5 10 3 7 10 7 0 2 6 Wins, 7 loses 1 Tie .1 17 m 1 mmm Kneeling: Carole Holmes, Ivette Montes, Shirley Dixon, Standing: Coach Ernest Green, Denise Brown, Victoria Barnes, Joan Bennett, Lisa Ridley, Pamela Johnson, Annette Peddy L I S H 65 36 76 38 48 56 38 52 23 52 37 33 53 44 Dorchester Brighton Hyde Park West Roxbury Techical Latin Madison Park Dorchester Brighton Hyde Park West Roxbury Technical Latin Madison Park 8 Wins 6 Losses 52 48 41 33 34 24 51 39 40 31 47 43 37 48 Lisa and Joan fight for the rebound. ♦ 5 First Row: Edwin Drakes, Troy Morrison, Kenny Wilson, Second Row: Frank Dinoto, Alethea Reeves, Donna Williams, Jose Ortega, Shenetha Ates, Tracy Simmons, Third Row: Troy Hick- son, Juan Nalasquez, Rohan Tulloch, Mike Curran, James Page, Fourth Row: Asst. Coach Mabel Reid, Coach Henri Lion, David Elliston, Charles Mathews, Kenny Jeffries, Ernie Espino, Lourdes Colon. mm OZZXXIXZZZZ First Row: Managers - Carlos Johnson, Stanley Milton, Second Row; Paul Fisher, Roger Victor, Jesse Coleman, Wayne Steed, Darrell Elliot, James Schuler, Carl Wingard, Renardo Andre, Third Row: Coach Ed Burley, James Greer, Tyrone Gouzby, Dale Robinson, Edward Frazier, Melvin Shine, Chris Sumner, Ronald Valentine, Gary Fowler, Kevin Parker, E N G L I S H The bench looks on intently. 52 Dorchester M 40 79 Jamaica Plain 60 74 Hyde Park 48 74 Keenc, N.H. 42 57 B.C. High 45 69 Manchester Centra! 58 73 Technical 80 Latin 1 61 Hyde Park 80 Madison Park 75 79 Brighton 46 86 Dorchester 83 75 West Roxbury 52 74 Technical 58 52 West Roxbury 48 79 Madison Park 66 59 Latin 45 78 Brighton 67 66 Jamaica Plain 61 65 Roxbury 50 70 Technical 67 71 Technical 68 61 North Quincy 49 60 B.C. High 62 21 Wins 3 Losses City Champs First Row: Daphin Johnson, Pam Peoples, Maria Augustin, Second Row: Joanne DeSilva, Elizabeth Kronfield, Carla Colen, Third Row: Cindy Bowab, Felix Nevina, Malcolm Beal, Fourth Row: Coach Mike Kehrmeyer, Lee Adams, Rick Egan High average for both the women and men came down to the last week of competition. Rick Egan was nosed out for the high average by Greg Smith; Cindy Bowab was edged by Janet Rose. In the post season tournament the men ' s team finished second in the city and the women ' s team finished fifth. Mr. Kehrmeyer gives some pointers to the seniors. 4 Daphine displays her style. Malcolm checks Rick And Maria ' s score keeping p n « II I II II II H II II II Felix tries for a strike. Cindy is determined to make the spare. m.m.wwwm%Mwwwwwwwwi First Row: Brian Devaney, Joe Luna, Adalbert© Valdez, Angel Reyes, John Farragher, Elias Popado- poulis, Walter Barsamian, Second Row: Coach Pedro Durruthy, Michael Pina, Bil Wieners, Kevin Lheureux, Uriel Cardona, Eddie Mieses, Ed Pettingill, Bill Monnin, Ed Lynch, Third Row: Ramon Ortiz, Eddie Mendez, Nick Tsahouridis, Devon, Henry, Guy Mosely, Vinnie Cogliano, Joe Amico, Willie Jones, Carlos Penaranda. E N G L I S H 98 72 96 99 106 54 70 31 South Boston Latin West Roxbury Technical . Umana East Boston Madison Park Latin Academy 6 Wins 2 Losses Second Place Nick heads for the finish line 98 First Row: Joan Bennett, Cindy Bowab, Amanda Cobb, Janet Rose, Second Row: Val Smith, Tcrri Brown, Lisa Martinez, Joanne Barroso, Ivette Montes, Jeanette Cyr, Third Row: Coach Milton Johnson, Dawn DiBudio, Pam Johnson, Jean Gillis 1 9 East Boston :■ . . 19 18 Madison Park 2 E 20 Latin Academy 10 N 6 Latin 7 G 21 West Roxbury 0 L 5 East Boston 9 I 12 Madison Park 8 S 26 Latin Academy 3 H 8 Technical 4 4 Latin 6 1 28 West Roxbury 9 7 Wins 4 Losses Amanda anticipates her moment at bat. 102. Wwwwwwwwn fmvmw m mMMMMMM mmm iMMM ' M-m-m-mmmwwmw ' FFd First Row: Glenn Ritchie, Fred Perez, Richard Breen, Captain Peter Flynn, Carlos Reyes, Bill Flaherty, Second Row: Juan Pimental, John Clancy, Robert Feliz, Gil O ' Neil, Jack McNeil, Third Row: Assist ant Coach Mr. Veneziano, David Proctor, Bill McDole, Jim Fitzpatrick, Brian Devaney, John Dixon, Raul Diaz, Coach Bill Stewart. Raul heads for home. Juan stops the opponent. E N G L 1 S H 12 20 13 19 7 8 2 12 8 12 15 2 17 15 6 5 7 Madison 3 West Roxbury 1 Technical 2 Dorchester 1 . . . Latin 4 . South Boston 1 Jamaica Plain 1 Jamaica Plain 2 Brighton 1 West Roxbury 2 Technical 3 South Boston 1 Groton 4 Dorchester 6 . Madison Park 5 Latin 6 Andover 8 15 Wins 2 Losses City Champs 104 First Row: Lucy Grimsley, Co-captain Brenda Clark, Wanda Cousins, Second row: Lisa Barton, Stacey Clark, Shawna Ward, Teri i Brown, Venus Turner, Third Row: Robin Harris, Carol Oliver, Mascot Lisa Tayer, Missing: Co-captain Donna Williams, Chauntae I Byrd. Photo by M. Hoffman 4- 4-I EDWIN DRAKES ALL-SCHOLASTIC Edwin is no stranger to the winners ' circle, having won the City title in the 600 three straight years while at the same time running a leg on English ' s championship mile relay team. He captured the 600 at the State Coaches Meet in 1:14.8 and added the State Class A title in 1:14.6. He posted his best time in the New England Athletics Congress Meet, where he ran 1:13.8. Boston Glob A 108 4 ART FESTIVAL - MAY 3, 1981 ART - tiOME EG. - MUilE - TtiEflTRE mm • t- iff ti- -,lr »1m X «X X X X ' X X X « si sL sL l •X si A si Ji sL »l »i »l »| l» X» Fn ' ' - M »1» Jr itr 0 0 0 0 0 1 K K a tf iti " •X- •X- •X- ■X- •X- ■X- ' 115 ART - +IQME EE. - MUSIE - TtiEflTRE Jr ilr 0 fe fe »1» 0 0 0 0 M i t 0 0 0 ART FESTIVAL MAY 3, 19B1 1 - il»3l53K p p p |% p P p |% | p |% |» p | « p p •• •l ! p 4 M « » » ■ « « » » a a gggyi SPQRTS B ' flN UET 128 FELLOWSHIP SOCIETY First Row: Tyrone Taylor, Jeanne Tarris, Merna Napolis, Alicia Bell, Gayle Armstronge, Patty Lee, Danny Perez, Second Row: Mary Caulfield, Rosa Facada, Reuben Fagunda, Phillip Stockdale, Alan Gerrier, Bruce Berman Advisor, Patrick Kelly, Robert Perez, Dina Clessas, Olga Tsomedis BILIH6UA1 CLUB Sitting: E. Liriano, I. Escobar, R. Feliz, J. Viaud, M. Buissereth, B. Shackleton. Second Row: J. Ortiz, C. Morel, M. Nunez, P. Polynice, J. Perez, R. Bauzo, G. Castillo, L. Collazos, G. Martinez, R. Nunez, J. Pimentel. Third Row: Mr. Richardson, Advisor, M. Augustin, J. Francois, N. Mombrun, T. Taylor, E. Elysee, J. Escobar, L. Boun, C. Milcent, M. Gilette, L. Ortiz, M. Escoto, F. Lalande, M. Laplanche, G. Henriquez, M. Beato, M. Cortez, Mr. Daphnis, Advisor. CHESS TEAM Sitting: Brian Cobb. Standing: Fred Goodrich; Robert Passar- etti, Advisor; Anthony Raines 133 MATH TEAM Hung Dinh Vo, Patty Vernon, Paul Harrison Advisor, Nghia Tu First Row: Sheila MacPerson Treasurer, Spencer Powers President, Cynthia Prioleau Vice-President, Second Row: Lorraine Grubbs, Mary Woodrow, Angel Reyes, Jennifer Smith, James Dryden, Rosemarie Circeo, Tyrone Taylor, Rosa Facada, Third Row: Peter Clune Advisor, Adrienne Armstrong, Lisa Stephens, Phyllis James, Willie Lyons, Cheryl-Ann Turnbull, Darrell Johnson, Jacqueline Shaw, Marcus Brown Ll M CO H CO C0 s I 137 138 0 I MEN OF THE 182ND A We boast of a glorious heritage, f The men of one eight two, (An integral part of the national guard, They will always protect you. With heads held high, and hearts aflame ii We rigidly march along To glorify our country ' s name 1 And sing a victory song. They did their part in America ' s wars. (Many died that we might live To help enforce the nation ' s laws. Z They had no more to give. Our companies firmly weld together, ir They perform cohesively I In war, in flood, in any trouble. » Remember the M.N.G. WH We defend our ancient honors f- Our regimental motto reads ' Dating back to 1636 With many valorous deeds. We face the future quite unknown, New problems to be reckoned. Our heads held high, I ' Our course quite clear In the hundred eighty second. MbN OF THE 182ND AVITOS JUVAMUS HONORES I 1 Poem About 182nd Inf. in Maiden Armory MALDEN — A 20 foot copy of the official poem of the 182hd In- fantry Battalion that now hangs in the Maiden Armory was recently dedicated. The poem was written by James G. Egan, a poetic biographer of American Presidents who is the AMVETS National Poet Laureate as well as the 182nd Infantry Association. The work of Mr. Egan has ap- peared in veterans periodicals and The International Clover Poetry Association Volumes of Verse. The large copy of " Men of the 182nd " was made by the Egan was Interviewed At Ball Game MALDEN — On Thanksgjiv- ing Day James G. Egan of Maiden was interviewed by Roger Goodrich on Channel 5. television, at Nickerson Field — the Boston University Football Stadium. The occasion was the oldest schoolboy football rivalry bet- ween Boston English High School vs Boston Latin School. Egan, a past alumni presi- dent and a past president of the Class of 1925, has seen 52 of these games. He travels with the football and basketball teams and English High Coach William J. Stewart claims that ' Jim " has seen more Blue Blue athletic contests than any , other living graduate. At the team rally at the school the day previous Egan was the alumni speaker. A year ago the tenth floor of the school was named the James G. Egan Poet Laureate Area. ' However, despite the oratory 3f Mr. Egan, Eng|Jish did not emerge victorious even though being undefeated up to Turkey Day. armorer to give inspiration to the men who now serve in the National Guard. Mayor James S. Conway of Maiden, an active member of the 182nd, was in charge of the affair. Brig. Gen. Lawrence Brock, S.J., was also present. In World War II Gen. Brock was chaplain of the 182nd Infan- try Battalion on Guadalcanal and he was 40 years in the Na- tional Guard. He is also an ac- tive member of the association based at Camp Curtis Guild, Reading. In past years all units of the National Guard supported basketball teams. Both Mayor Conway and Jim Egan played on the basketball teams during their period of service. Deputy Commissioner of Veterans Ser- vices of Maiden Paul V. Cahill was also in attendance. • • i t • Edward Burley Francis Dunn Richard Burns Virginia Donnelly Mary Fahey Richard Corcoran Paul Donovan Deborah Feldman Ray Dion Paul Cummings HI Sharon Israel Kevin O ' Mally Judith Toffy Marjorie Joyce Elvia Rodriguez GUIDANCE Katherine Corcoran Joseph Feely Patsy Harrell Dr. Shirley Simpson Richard Sonego Luis Torrez Ralph Vozella Myles Striar James Wells Paul McNamara Loretta Swanson John Yurewicz Felicidades y Buena Suerte Felicitatoins et Bonne Chance Auguri e Buona Fortuna Herzlichen Gluckwunsch und AUes Gute Congratulations and Good Luck from Special Services FOREIGN LANGUAGE Louisa Bellemy Eugene DiGiroloma Michael Garber Ursula Traugott Rose Ann Vangel-Murphy Robert Yocco THE LYNWOOD GRILL ' ' Olde Lynwood Ale House 69 Kilmarnock St. The Fenway Serving Lunch Dinner Parking in Rear - Function Room Available Telephone No. 267 - 8644 Prop. Kevin Norton E.H.S. Class of ' 65 Compliments of THE SHOE TRAP 1898-A Centre Street W. Roxbury, Mass. 02132 (617) 325-1217 36 -1566 Roller Skate Sales Rental Open 12-7 Tues.-Sun. Closed Monday A most complete Jewelry and Gift Center Call 323-8615 for DIAMOND AND GEMSTONE RESETTING AND RESTYLING Fine Jewelry and Watch Repair Authorized Sales and Service for Accutron - Bulova - Caravelle - Jubilee Longines - Wittnauer - and Seiko Watches West Roxbury Comprehensive School Age Parenting Progronn Affilioted with: Boston Hospital for Women C.O.P.E. Infants and Other People The English High School Congratulates the Class of ' 81 To the 1981 Graduates Congratulations from the BAY STATE GOLF ASSOC. May Your Desires For The Future Be Fullfilled Hayward Hudson-Pres. BEST WIStlES GIANT LIQUERS 6 Roxbury St. Roxbury, Ma. 02119 445 - 5000 i: (ri5HE5 1 ! ' ' ' " J " : :■ c " Brigham ' s Ice Cream Candy Shop ! 1735 Centre St iJ 1 W. Roxbury ' Jim Doherty-Owner ■ 1 Sends Congratulations to 1 the Class of ' 81 ■ Brighton Optical ; Bill Eichold, F.N.A.O. jl [ Registered Optician ■ 1 254-2020 I 246 Washington St. iJ ; Brighton, Ma. 02135 % i " Chisolm Funeral Chapel ■| 10 Washington St. - i Dorchester, Ma. i Ji 442-2631 1 g ' Showing Families How To Save i i rionsT :; i 488 Centre St. 1 Jamaice Plain, Ma 02130 Ji ; opp. Mary E. Curley School ■) 1 - William P. Carrigan " ' | Ji " Keep On Trucking " Ji Stop and Shop 4 15 Westland Ave. i ■ Boston, Ma. | ■ Roger M. Rieves Store Mgr | MATH DEPARTMENT HOME ECONOMICS Elaine Miller Gus Saunders Pat Smith EUi Stern Kathleen Aborn Robert Beatty Robert Brown Elaine Colarossi Wendy Dunning Joseph Gallagher Ernest Green Paul Harrison Paul Johnson Richard Murphy Kevin Murray Daniel Rosen Joseph Sheppeck SCIENCE Bruce Berman John DioDato David Garabedian Doris Jones John O ' Neil Robert Passaretti Odell Peters Adrienne Weston PHYSICAL EDUCATION 146 PURD -rai ITJf IE 5TUD1Q5 Ei i BO LSTUni ST. .) .J .l .lf.lf.lf. l l .l . . l l ] .l .]f .lfl l ) . ] l l .i l )n .l . f. 3 THE Uf ' BE •X- •X- ■X- •x- •x- " X- •3f •3 •Jf •Je •X- •X- •X- •X- •X •X- •X- •X- •x- ■x- •x •X- •X- •X- •X- •X- •X- •X- •X " •X- •if •X- •X- 0 0 0 « " J r " Jr itr A M i k tf K 147 0 UIJ4 B OT Creators of Custom quality class rings, emblematic jewelry, awards and special occa- sion favors. BEST liri5HE5 roonoini TOR Best Wishes for Success, Health and Happiness From Your School Nurses Corrine Ahern R.N. Ann Blood R.N. PflTROn Dina Clessas Mr. Clessas Mrs. Clessas Patty Lee Joyce MacPherson Marilyn MacPherson Sheila MacPherson Wendy MacPherson Mr. Mrs. Joseph Sacco Bu ness English spd n here. 1 At John Hancock, we are proud of our partnership with English High. It provides business experience for students and graduates for our business community. Through shared experiences, we have developed a special relationship with your school. We congratulate the members of the Class of 1981. And wish you ail the best. Mutual Life Insurance Company Boston, Mass. NAMES OF BABIES ON PG 39-41 1. Troy Morrison 2. Patrica Frost 3. Izendra Escobar 4. Claire McLaughlin 5. Brenda Clark 6. Patty Lee 7. Robert Dicesare 8. Gladys Lawrence 9. Jane McManus 10. Gayle Armstrong 11. Marie Sidonio 12. Brenda Williams 13. Dina Clessas 14. Marie Augustin 15. Kevin Savage 16. Teresida Bisbal 17. Christine Rudolph 18. Donna Lee 19. Janet Moore 20. Beverly Wade 21. Sony a Washington 22. Gloria Henriquez 23. Cindy Bowab 24. Kathy Taylor 25. Camille Jones 26. Gracel Martinez 27. Juan Diaz 28. Renee Strachan 29. April Edwards 30. Lori Stober 31. Pamela Walton 32. Lorraine Cambria 33. Shelia McPhearson 34. Dee Dee Andrews 35. Clifton Dingley 36. Kathy Rothwell 37. Lora Shea 38. Carla Woolford 39. Bobby Diggins 40. Arpineh Yessayan 41. Matilda Martinez 42. Robin Simons 43. Jackie Baxter 44. Donna Williams 45. Robin Washington 46. Cynthia Miller 47. Spencer Powers 48. Lorna Guity

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English High School - Blue and Blue / Record Yearbook (Boston, MA) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Page 1


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