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ON THE OCCASION OF ITS 1 57th ANNIVERSARY Qtfje €ltglt£St) $tgf) g Cf)00l PRESENTS THE ONE HUNDRED FIFTY-FOURTH GRADUATION TO BE HELD AT JOHN B. HYNES VETERANS AUDITORIUM THURSDAY, JUNE THE FIFTEENTH NINETEEN HUNDRED SEVENTY-EIGHT 1 :30 P.M. THE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Extends and Wa to the Gradua of 1978 PATRONS The Wood Family The Jeremiah Family Mrs. Precolias Burwell Georgetown Management Co. of Hyde Park David E. Johnson of Bromley-Heath Community Center Rodney Courtney Ms. Wealtha Kelly The Morton Family Mildred Gee Mr. Charles Janey III Rhuvette Johnson Ms. Tibets Emma Jordan Mr. Vanschyndel Irene Kelly Almarita Hagan Sons (Dannis and Chrislavon) Jennie Magnani Thomas Gomperts Nancy Farrell Mary Bowden Ann Scalia BUSINESS PATRONS Dabar ' s Cleaners Church ' s Chicken Longwood Pharmacy Kenco Optic Walworth Pharmacy Brown Sales Co. Royce Speciality Shops. Inc. Hyde Park Sporting Goods, Inc. Charles the Florist Congratulations to the Class of " 78 " Madison Park Yearbook Staff Congratulations to Our Daughter, Valeria Best Wishes Sylvia Painting Co. 10 Fairway Street Mattapan, Ma. 02126 Best Wishes to the Seniors From the History Department Mr. W aller O ' Brien Mr. Peter Golden Mr. Louis Laggerio Ms. C arol Pas num Ms. Patricia Courtne Mr. Jack Creedon Ms. Joyce Bertini Mr. Paul Nevins Mr. Thomas Healv Mr. Herbert Kapins CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE SENIORS Guidance Department United States ( Marine Corps Since 1775 We ' re looking for a feu good men -to choose their oira directions. The English High School — In recognition of the excellent growth of student arts program and community art education programs developed alL result of the mutually beneficial interrelationship established between the arts education faculty of the English High SchdM and the Massachusetts College of Art. The Governor cites this as an example of the rich resources available through partnerships with higher educational institutions. Witness my hand and the seal of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, This day of May in the Year of o Lord Nineteen Hundred and Seventy Eight CLASS WILL We the Class of 1978, being almost of sound mind and body hereby bequeath the following tokens to the remaining faculty and friends we leave behind us. In addition to the pain, joy and otherwise ridiculous antics our menagerie has contributed to English High School. We believe it is only fair to recognize individuals that have in some way, shape or form earned the recognition and or embarassement that you will see tonight. To Mr. Nevins we leave a permanent seat in Congress. To Mr. Foley we leave directions to English High School. To Miss Williams we leave a lecture and a pair of leotards. To Mr. King we leave a finger or rubber hose, whichever is appropriate To Mr. McMurray we leave a carton of Marlboros. To Mr. Pearson we leave a better football team. To Mr. Schnabel we leave a muppet. To Mrs. Aborn we leave a one year ' s tuition to Barbizon. To Mr. McCarthy we leave a flock of angels. To Mr. Dotoli we leave a one-way ticket to the land of Gremlins. To Michael Young we leave a tape recorder with a constantly repeating recording of " get to class. " To the cafeteria staff we leave a recipe book. To Mr. Stewart we leave some baseball caps. To Ms. Toffee we leave absolutely nothing. To Mr. Welch we leave a trial in court. To Ms. Cousens we leave all the boys in Bermuda. To Mr. Yocco we leave the record Lady Marmalade by La Belle. To Mr. Weeks we leave a bottle of lotion and a golden piano. To Mrs. Snyder we leave some sugar. To Mr. O ' Brien we leave (yawn). To Ms. Bellamy we leave the motto: I am strong, I am invincible. I am Ms Bellamv jT lr " gMK B 1 TlrHim M To Mr. Dunn we leave one box of No-Doz. To Mr. Buckley we leave a gold-plated flexible campus card. To Mary Bowden we leave some early dismissals. To Bob Drapeau we leave our thanks for nothing. To the Boston Fire Department we leave a real fire. To Ms. Blood we leave some nurse ' s passes. To Ms. Wong we leave a Binaca blast. To Mr. Lane we leave 5 days. To Henry Jones we leave all the girls in English High and some clothes To the Bishop we leave Mrs. Newsome and a summer coat. To Mr. Sousa we leave a centerfold of Ms. Epstein. To Ms. Traugott we leave the memory of the Class of To Mr. Veneziano we leave a key to his classroom. To Mr. Parker we leave a schedule, watch and a map. To Ms. Ray we leave a spool of thread. To Mr. Sonego we leave a room full of pretty girls. To Ms. Horenian we leave a fashion trip to Paris. To Ms. Isreal we leave a membership to the chess club. To Ms. Kolderup we leave a directory of English High. To Mr. Lion we leave a cage in the Franklin Park Zoo. To Mr. Liggerio we leave one hundred passes To Mr. Ron Murphy we leave a permanent parking space in the garage. To Ms. Bradt we leave rules for every sport. We leave Ms. Berti ni on the cover of Cosmopoiita To Ms. Courtney we leave a shopping spree at Saks Fifth Avenue. To Mr. Diodato we leave platform shoes. To Mr. Kehrmeyer we leave a disco trimmer. To the seniors who do not graduate we leave five extra points. To Mr. Peterkin we leave the memory of his first and last class in English High. We leave Peanut some silk socks. 1978. To the Theatre Arts Dept. we leave hopes of a new class. To Mr. Striar we leave earphones. To the Football Team we leave better luck next year and the year after and the year after that . . . To Mr. Vojtech we leave a M A S H potatoe. To Ms. Ward we leave some weights. To Ms. Mawn we leave a key to the cage. To Mr. Staripoli we leave a hampster with life insurance. To Mr. Stern we leave Majida ' s mouth. To Ms. Wong we leave a private janitor. To Mr. Clemons we leave a brag book. To Leslie Hurley we leave some talc. To Mrs. Tibbetts we leave a weight watcher ' s diet. We leave no subs for Mr. Murphy. To Ms. Needle we leave a basketball hoop. To Mrs. Harrell we leave our thanks. To Ms. O ' Brien we leave a disco typewriter. To Mr. Saunders we leave his own restaurant called Gus ' diner. To Mr. Reutter we leave a tape recorder. To Mr. Powers we leave a new pair of corduroys. To Mr. Passaretti we leave a blow dryer, a new suit, and a bed at Beth Israel Hospital. To Ms. Oldfield we leave a picture. To Mr. DeRoeve we leave a gold bullhorn for all the bull. To Mr. Grogan we leave a hippy ' s hat. To Mr. Fielding we leave. To Mr. Beichel we leave a golden key to the girls ' bathroom. To Ms. Bowker we leave a lump of clay. To Mr. Kopins we leave a new yellow sweater. To Mr. Duffy we leave a fight with Muhammed AH. To Mrs. Farretl we leave Steve McQueen. To Ms. Colarossi we leave 1000 logarithms. To Mr. Burley we leave a life-size picture of Kenny Bradford and a chapter of his autobiography. To Mr . Connelly we leave a locker with a combination that works. To Ms. Hunt-Glover we leave a cheer . . . To Mr. Berman we leave a muzzle. To Mr. Barker we leave ten tons of our handouts to be recycled. To Ms. Bynum we leave one ice pack and a case of Tylenol for the troubles of the Class of 1978. To Mr. Digirolomo we leave a day with no one being tardy. To Mr. Donovan we leave 1001 new jokes. To Ms. Fahey we leave one male chauvanist pig. To Mr. Fennessey we leave a couch in the library next to Mr. Connelly ' s. To Mr. Fisher we leave a book of his family ' s roots. To Mr. Garber we leave a one-way ticket to Spain. To Ms. Gilligan we leave a penthouse in the John Hancock Tower. To Mr. Green we leave a calculator with a lifetime battery. To Miss Holland we leave one wooden shoe and a bunch of tulips. To Mr. Keaney we leave a lab assistant named Egor. To Mr. McDermott we leave a loaf of honey bread and Amazing Grace. To Mr. McShane we leave all the points you ' ve taken away and you know what you can do with them. To Ms. Midgley we leave a newborn baby. I r the record. J 0 0 0 0 SHE The First Public High School In America Boston, Massachusetts Dedication We the class of 1978, find great pleasure in dedicating our yearbook tf ' lvlr. John A. Creedon. Being the first class to experience the anxieties of citywide desegregation for a full four years, we feel that our fears have been overcome by Mr. Creedon ' s constant encouragement and understanding. We all know that he is a man of endless virtue. His patience has been truly tried and still he always seem rmnntain a most jovial composure. Again, we the class of 1978, would like to deeply thank Mr. John A. Creedon for giving us the most desirable m o m of such an important part of j)ur lives montMtf pf sue Success Comes To Those Who Try The Hardest Robert S. Peterkin Headmaster HEADMASTER ' S MESSAGE TO THE CLASS OF 1978 The Class of 1978 occupies a unique position in the history of The English High School and a special place in the hearts of the EHS faculty. You are the first class to spend their entire high school career in the new English High School tower building. With the assistance of the faculty, you piloted the uncharted course of court-ordered desegregation and overcame the turmoil that persisted in our city during recent years. Now the time has come for you to leave us and enter adulthood. The Class of 1978 can look back upon their contributions to the school community and be assured that you have added significantly to the traditions of The English High School. The maturity and brotherhood you have displayed here at the school heralds your future value to our society. On behalf of the students, faculty, administrators, parents and alumni of The English High School Community, I extend best wishes to each one of you. Your presence will be missed but we look forward to hearing tales of your many successes in your chosen pursuits. Robert S. Peterkin Administration Robert S. Peterkin Headmaster, 1974-1977 Dear Member of The Class of " 78 " Who would have imagined that half way through your senior year you ' d have a differ- ent Headmaster. Not I, that ' s for sure. I trust that as you look back upon your years at The English High School and on the pages of this yearbook, that it brings back pleasant memo- ries. My hope is that each of you has been well prepared for your goals and future. I especially hope that the learning and exper- iences of your time at English High serves you well and brings you a successful and hap- py life. Christopher P. Lane Acting Headmaster To the Class of 1978 When those moments do arise ind you look back upon this time, I hope there will be no sad cries jut only rememberance of a happy time. John P. McCarthy Housemaster Dear Graduate: It is my earnest hope that the dedication, tradition, and spirit, which The English High School embodies, has given you the strength, encouragement, and the keen perpetuation of our motto: " Service to Mankind, is honor and achievement. " Good luck, always, success. With every best wish for a successful future .... John A. Creedon Administrative Assistant to the Headmaster John Weeks Acting Assistant Headmaster Congratulations to the Class of " 78 " on Your Graduation Keep the memories of your high school days always in your mind - Have your re- unions as often as possible - Best of health and luck in your future. Sincerely, William J. Stewart Jr. Housemaster 17 FA CULT7 78 itherine Corcoran, Guidance secretary Security Aides Margaret Legendre, Flexible Campus Individuals Irene Kelly, Librarian Ann Blood, Nurse Corine Ahern, Nurse James Buckley, Flexible Campus Resa Snyder, Data Processing Nancy Farrell, Dorothy Geraghty (missing) Secretaries Maintenance Department 19 Robert Powers Jmes Wells Myles Striar Mary Fahey Acting Head of Department Paul McNamara Paul Donavan Sharon Israel n J! Doris Jones Head of Department Bruce Berman 37 Sylvia Nesmith Treasurer STEPHANIE ABBOTT Zodiac Sign: Virgo Ambition: College and .Travel Expression: " Are you crazy, or did I hear you right? " Activities: Dance 2,3 KATHY ABRAHAM Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius Ambition: College JAMES ADAMAKIS DEBRA ADAMS ADALBERTO ACEVEDO Zodiac Sign: Leo Ambition: Policeman Expression: " Albuen entendedor, con pocas palabras basta " Activities: Theater Productions MARK ALLEN Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius Ambition: To succeed MAR] fjpres nun ions. ' Aiy fctivil [tab pjist Trac CLOTILDE ALMONTE Zodiac Sign: Libra Ambition: Bilingual Secretary Activities: Spanish Club 3,4 BOBBY JEAN ALSTON Zodiac Sign: Pisces Ambition: Traveling Career Expression: " Get my drift? " Activities: Working, Bike Riding MARILU ALVARADE Zodiac Sign: Cancer Ambition: Executive Bi-lingual Sec- retary Expression: " It ' s never too late for young students to find new hori- zons, Good Luck to Everybody. ' Azycar ' . " Activities: President of the Spanish Club 3, 4; The Society of Distin- guished America High School Stu- dents 2, 3, 4: Spanish Festival 2; Volleyball, Baseball, Swimming, Track JAMES ALVES Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius Ambition: Get Rich Quick Activities: Football 3 BARBARA ANAGNOS Zodiac Sign: Gemini Ambition: Secretary Activities: Horseback riding, Lis- tening to music ALICIA D. ANDERSON Zodiac Sign: Scorpio Ambition: Regular Pioneer for Je- hovah ' s Witnesses Expression: " Do unto others as you want done to you " MARY ANDREWZUSKY Zodiac Sign: Aries JAMIE ARROYO Zodiac Sign: Cancer Ambition: Business Manager Activities: Yearbook Staff 4 PHILIP M. ASH Zodiac Sign: Pisces Ambition: To succeed in Business Expression: " Keep Your Head to the Sky " PAMELA ASHTON Zodiac Sign: Leo Ambition: Secretary 43 ELMIS AVILES Zodiac Sign: Gemini Ambition: Lawyer or Social Worker Expression: " Life is what you make it. " Activities: Spanish Club CARMEN BAFLERO Zodiac Sign: Taurus ROBERT BARANOW Zodiac Sign: Capricorn BARBARA ANN BARBOZA Zodiac Sign Libra Ambition: Fashion Designer Expression: " Saying something is one thing but doing it is another " VICTORIA L. BARNWELL Zodiac Sign: Aquarius Ambition: Writer or accountant Expression: " Oh really now " PAULA BARRY Zodiac Sign: Leo CARMEN ROSA BAUZO Zodiac Sign: Taurus Ambition: Businesswoman Activities: Tennis, Horseback Riding 44 ROBERT BELCHER Zodiac Sign: Cancer DEBRA BELL Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius Ambition: Airline Stewardess Expression: " What ' s up? " Activities: Cheerleading, Chef Training, Senior Activities Commision ELEANOR DENISE BELL Zodiac Sign: Libra Ambition: Success through Life Expression: " Of course " Activities: Yearbook Staff 4 ANNETTE BENNETT Zodiac Sign: Leo Ambition: Going into the field of Fashion Designing Expression: " That ' s what I ' m talking about! " JUBDY BERROVET Zodiac Sign: Pisces JOSEPH BERNADOTTE JR. Zodiac Sign: Scorpio Ambition: Engineering Expression: " In life there are pluses and there are minuses and it ' s time for us to concentrate on pluses. " Activities: Soccer, Chess RITA BERGEN Zodiac Sign: Leo Ambition: Executive Secretary, Accountant Activities: Office Aide PEDRO BERRIOS Zodiac Sign: Gemini 1 SHORTEST SENIOR H A N G IN THERE BABY 45 ELAINE M. BIGOS Zodiac Sign: Aries Ambition: Working with young chil- dren Expression: " No matter what, do what makes you happy, never mind what others, think. " Activities: Glee Club 1,2; Student Council 1,2,3,4; Newspaper 1,2,3; Office Aide 1,2,3,4; Yearbook 4; Junior Class Committee 3; Senior Activities 4; Senior Class Secre- tary; Secretary, Bi-Racial Coun- cil 1; Student Council Secretary 2 DAISY BLALOCK Zodiac Sign: Gemini KAREN BLETZER Zodiac Sign: Taurus Ambition: Hairdresser Expression: " It ' s not time to make a change. Just relax, take it slowly. You ' re still young, that ' s your fault. Theres so much you have to know; To find someone, set- tle down, if you want, you can marry. Look at them. " KENNETH BRADFORD Zodiac Sign: Leo Expression: " Make the big money " Ambition: Pro Ball Activities: 3 4 Basketball team, football team, BNBL champions. I RONDA M. BREWER Zodiac Sign: Gemini Ambition: Go to school to be an Accountant or a Bookkeeper. Activities: Swimming, Dance, Gym- nastics. Joanne briscoe Zodiac: Libra Ambition: To go to California live Expression: " You make me feel brand new " Activities: Softball 3 SARA E. BOUDJAKDJI Zodiac Sign: Scorpio Ambition: To become Large Animal Veterinarian Expression: " Give me Liberty or Give me Death " Activities: President of National Honor Society 4; Yearbook mem- ber 4; tennis team 3 DONNA M. BREWER Zodiac Sign: Gemini Ambition: Business School Expression: " Aah what it is " Activities: Yearbook 4, Church Drama Club BENJAMIN F. BROWN Zodiac Sign: Aries Ambition: Pharmacist or Lab Tech- nician Activities: BNBL 4, M.A.S.H., Blood Mobile, Volunteer at City Hospital DEBRA BROWN Zodiac Sign: Aquarius Ambition: Accountant Expression: " Do that, Don ' t Stop ' Activities: Basketball 3 4 DWAYNE BROWN LYDIA E. BROWN Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius Ambition: Registered Nurse Expression: " Don ' t try to be some- thing you ' re not, just try to be your- self, and keep smiling. " Activities: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Cross Country Track 1 2, Volleyball 1, Year- book 4, M.A.S.H., American Red Cross City Hospital Volunteer NELSON BRUNO Zodiac Sign: Virgo Ambition: Auto Mechanic, Su- preme Court Justice Expression: " Give a boy a fish he ' ll eat for a day; teach him to fish he ' ll eat for a lifetime. " Activities: Auto Racing, Sports PATRICIA ELAINE BRYANT Zodiac Sign: Aquarius Ambition: Accountant and to raise a family Expression: " Gidgee — you ' re mean " " Well, Whatever! " Activities: Dancing; Bowling 1 ELEANOR BROWN Zodiac Sign: Capricorn ROBERT BRUN Zodiac Sign: Cancer Expression: " Time is very limited, don ' t waste it. " Activities: Basketball, Writing CARRIE BURTON Zodiac Sign: Aries Ambition: Business School Expression: " Sucker " Activities: Bike riding, Listen- ing to records, Shopping JACQUELINE BURWELL Zodiac Sign: Virgo Ambition: Pediatric Nurse Expression: " Let me tell you " Activities: Yearbook, Spring Track 3, 4, Winter Track 4, learr WILLIAM BYNUM Zodiac Sign: Gemini ALANZO CANZATER Zodiac Sign: Aquarius Ambition: Business Executive Activities: Track, Basketball GERALD CANNON Zodiac Sign: Aries Ambition: College Expression: " Just like a don ' t give a dam " Activities: Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Bas ketball 3 Ram and CAROLYN CAPRIO Zodiac: Aquarius Ambition: Dental Assistant Activities: Bowling Horseback Rid- ing. IACQL ac ilk Ictiviti ANA CARDONA Zodiac Sign: Aquarius KING CHAN Zodiac Sign: Pisces Ambition: Medical Technology, Mechanical Engineering Expression: " Hi How You Doing? " Activities: Soccer, Hockey ckl PIERIOT CHERDOVILLE Zodiac Sign: Aquarius mbition: Air Force Community College Expression: " It ' s never to late to learn " Activities: Boxing, Drawing i GERARD COLEMAN Zodiac Sign: Taurus Ambition: Engineer Expression: " Give me some of that " Activities: Football 2,3,4; Out- door track 3; Indoor track 3. MAJIDA COLEMAN Zodiac Sign: Leo Ambition: Fashion Designer, Social Worker Expression: " For real " Activities: Cheerleader 3; M.A.S.H., Modeling DENISE COLLEY Zodiac Sign: Gemini IACQUELINE COLON Zodiac Sign: Pisces mbition: Nurse ctivities: Track 3,4; M.A.S.H.; Cheerleader 3 1 DERRICK COMBS Zodiac Sign: Cancer Ambition: To Have Money Activities: Basketball Class With The Biggest Mouths! t CARYN CONLEY Zodiac Sign: Leo Ambition: To Be Successful in Life and Living Expression: " It takes work to be good and if we aren ' t good, we have no one to blame, but our- selves. " Activities: Volleyball 3,4; Basket- ball 2,3,4; Badminton 2,3; Soft- ball 2,3,4 PAUL CONNOLLY Zodiac Sign: Taurus • • A • • ANN COPELL Zodiac Sign: Pis ces BARBARA CORBIN Zodiac Sign: Pisces Expression: " Be yourself NANCY CORPORAN Zodiac Sign: Pisces CAROLINE COULTON Zodiac Sign: Libra Ambition: Physical Therapy Expression: " Ha! Ha! What ' s the scoop? " Activities: Yearbook Staff 4, School Activities, Photography (Boys Club) FLORENCE COX Zodiac Sign: Scorpio Ambition: Medical Secretary and Singer Expression: " It took me this long but I ' m finally getting out of High School! " 50 VELMA J. COOPER Zodiac Sign: Cancer Ambition: Nurse Expression: " Ain ' t you nothing. " Activities: National Honor Society, Volunteer work at Hospital, Cleri- cal Typist ANTHONY CRAWFORD Zodiac Sign: Aries ANTHONY J. CRAWFORD Zodiac Sign: Aries Ambition: Hotel Restaurant Man- ager Expression: " Solid " Activities: Prom Committee 4 EVA M. CROSS Zodiac Sign: Aquarius Ambition: Doctor Expression: " F-I-N-E! " Activities: Red Cross Volunteer; I ternship with City Hospital LOUIS CUGINI Zodiac Sign: Taurus PATRICIA DACEY Zodiac Sign: Aries LEIGH CURLEY Zodiac Sign: Capricorn Ambition: Meteorology or Physical Therapist Expression: " Tell me another one " JOHN DALY Zodiac Sign: Virgo HALLAN DAPHINIS Zodiac Sign: Leo Ambition: Field of Communication Expression: " Pardon? " Activities: Track; Soccer 2, 3, 4 EILEEN DAVEY Zodiac Sign: Scorpio 51 Most Likely To Succeed JOSEPH DAVIS Zodiac Sign: Scorpio 1 LYNNE DAVIS Zodiac Sign: Aries Ambition: To Succeed Expression: " For real ' PATRICIA DELLAPENNA Zodiac Sign: Pisces Expression: " It ' s going to take some time this time GENE DENNIS Zodiac Sign: Gemini Ambition: To finish school JAMES DESMOND Zodiac Sign: Libra SANDRA DEVANEY Zodiac Sign: Virgo Ambition: College Expression: " Ah - lo " Acitvities: Swim Team 2,3,4; Bowling 2,3; Year- book Staff 4 Junior Class Secretary 52 CARLOS DIAZ Zodiac Sign: Libra ROBERT DIAZ Zodiac Sign: Libra Ambition: Business Major or Com- puter Expression: " All right! " Activities: Swimming 3, 4 MANUEL DIFOUR Zodiac Sign: Capricorn Ambition: To be successful after college JENEAN DIXON Zodiac Sign: Scorpio CAROL DOLAN Zodiac Sign: Taurus Ambition: " California " Expression: " Oh my god! What a pig " " Ain ' t no doubt we are here to party! " Activities: Softball 3 4, Flag Football KATHLEEN DONAHER Zodiac Sign: Libra Ambition: College Activities: Baseball TANGIE L. DONALD Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius Ambition: Actress, Interior Decorator, Model, Singer Empression: " Live, and let live " Activities: Theatre BOB DRAPEAU Zodiac Sign: Aquarius Ambition: Sports Broadcaster Expression: " And to think I gave up the priesthood for this " from J. Creedon Activities: Football 2 J, Track 2 4, Baseball 1 , 2, 4, Senior Activi- ties Committee, Senior Class Presi- dent KATHERINE DRATSIOTI Zodiac Sign: Cancer 53 VICKY DRAYTON Zodiac Sign: Pisces Expression: " In order to succeed you must try, try, again " Activities: Bike riding, tennis Ambition: Accountant KIM DRYDEN Zodiac Sign: Virgo Expression: " Hey now " " For real ' Activities: Basketball, Ambition: Accountant or Dancer CHARISSE DUBOIS Zodiac Sign: Aries JOSEPH EAVES Zodiac Sign: Aquarius HAYWOOD EARL Zodiac Sign: Scorpio Activities: Baseball, Basketball Expression: " Happy feeling " Ambition: To be a success CLARENCE EDWARDS Zodiac Sign: Aquarius Activities: Senior Activities, Enter- tainment Committee Expression: " Cold blooded " Ambition: T.V. Productions THERESA EGAN Zodiac Sign: Capricorn Activities: Swimming, 3, 4 Bowling 1, 2, 3, 4 Expression: " That ' ll be easy " Ambition: Air Force JACQUELINE ELLIS Zodiac Sign: Leo Ambition: Secretary Expression: " What ' s Up? " Activities: Yearbook Staff, Tennis, Basketball JACQUELYN U. EWING Zodiac Sign: Aquarius Ambition: Fashion Designer Expression: " What it look like? " Activities: Basketball 3, Softball 3, Dancing PAUL FASANELLO Zodiac Sign: Pisces Ambition: Psychologist Expression: " If you can ' t be with the one you love, Love the one you ' re with. " Activities: West Roxbury Youth Hockey, Catholic Memorial Hockey 1 J.V., Parkway Football, English High Varsity 3 DORAETTA FIN LEY Zodiac Sign: Gemini Ambition: Veterinarian Expression: " There ' s nothing to it but do it. " Activities: Student volunteering at Boston City Hospital by M.A.S.H. FELICIA FORD Zodiac Sign: Pisces 0 JOSEPH E. FITZGERALD Zodiac Sign: Capricorn Ambition: College Activities: Hockey 1, 2, 3 4, Baseball 3 4, Sailing 2, 3, 4, Senior Activities Com- mittee BRENDA FOX Zodiac Sign: Taurus " Bull " Ambition: Professional Pho- tographer Model Expression: " Is to tell this dude to leave me alone " Activities: A part time photog- rapher 3 4 MICHELLE FRAZIER Zodiac Sign: Scorpio Ambition: Interior Decorator Expression: " You are what you are " Activities: Glee Club 2 3, Coop Work Program 4, Pep Team 2 CONSTANCE FRENCH Zodiac Sign: Cancer Ambition: Veterinarian " Army " Expreson: " Check it out " — " Seri- ous " Activities: Judo, Dn.ma, Choir RAMON FRYE Zodiac Sign: Leo A mbition: College Activities: Swim Team 1,2,3,4; AAU Diving ARAMIDA FUENTES Zodiac Sign: Cancer Ambition: Teacher or Secretary Expression: " Santiago no vino ayer porque empezo a Hover. " Activities: Bilingual Club (Vice- President) EDNA FUENTES Zodiac Sign: Libra Ambition: Secretary DENISE FURLONG Zodiac Sign: Capricorn Ambition: To go Places and do Things Expression: " Evil spelled backwards is live " Activities: Swim Team 2,3,4; Crew Team 2,3; Winter Track 3; Year- book Staff 4 BRENDA GAINES Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius Ambition: Legal Secretary REGINA GAINES Zodiac Sign: Gemini Ambition: To Succeed in all I do Activities: Swimming; Horseback Riding 1 CLASS CLOWN YOU NERD 56 RUTH V. GALLOP Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius Ambition: Accountant Expression: " To be successful in ev- erything I do " KEVIN GEORGE Zodiac Sign: Taurus Ambition: Politician Expression: " Que sera sera " Activities: Student council 1,2,3,4; Lab assistant 2,3; Cheerleading 3,4 JOSEPH DOMINIC GERVASI Zodiac Sign: Scorpio Ambition: Electronic Engineer Expression: " Dig that! " Activities: Football 4; Hockey Child care and development 2 THOMAS GILMORE Zodiac Sign: Scorpio Ambition: Civil Lawyer Activities: C.Y.O.; Math team; Sons of Union Veterans ROBIN GATEWOOD Zodiac Sign: Taurus Ambition: Legal Secretary Expression: " Cold blooded ' CLAIRE GLANCY Zodiac Sign: Taurus Ambition: To see the world Expression: " Life ' s a bum- mer! " Activities: Swim Team 1,2,3,4; Office Aide 1,2,3,4; Year- book Staff 4 ¥ SONIA GODINEZ Zodiac Sign: Taurus RICHARD GODSEY Zodiac Sign: Scorpio Ambition: Medical Profession Business Activities: Sports or LYNN GOLDBERG Zodiac Sign: Aquarius Ambition: Independently Wealthy Expression: " That ' s just the way things go " Activities: Yearbook Staff 4 MARGARET GREALISH Zodiac Sign: Virgo Ambition: Airline Stewardess Activities: Office Aide 4; Ski Team 1; Yearbook Staff 4 JUAN ALBERTO GOMEZ Zodaic Sign: Aquarius 1 SOCIMA GONZALEZ Zodiac Sign: Scorpio SUSAN GOSELIN Zodiac Sign: Gemini Ambition: Counselor Expression: " Isn ' t it though! " Activities: Mash 3, 4; Flexible Cam- pus 1, 2, 3, 4; Literary Magazine 1, 2, 3, 4 JOY GRACE Zodiac Sign: Capricorn Ambition: Writer and Elementary School Teacher Expression: " Learning to love your- self, is the greatest love of all. " Activities: Library Aide 1; Office Aide 2, 3, 4; Student Council 2, 3, 4; Jr. Class Activities 3; Year- book Staff 4; Senior Activities 4; Newspaper Staff 2; Glee Club 2, 3 DENISE GRAY Zodiac Sign: Scorpio 58 CRYSTAL L. GREEN Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius Ambition: College Expression: " What ' s Happening? " VINCENT GREEN Zodiac Sign: Scorpio t JM r ' lit PATRICIA GRIECO Zodiac Sign: Taurus Ambition: Writer or reporter Expression: " Don ' t worry about it. " Activities: Newspaper 4; Literary Magazine 4; E.B. girls ' softball 2; Office Aide 2, 3, 4; Political Dis- covery 3 RENEE GRIFFITH Zodiac Sign: Libra ANGELA HALL Zodiac Sign: Aquarius SHIRLEY HALL YVONNE HALL 1 ELAINE GRIECO Zodiac Sign: Taurus 1 V RHONDA HAMILTON Zodiac Sign: Leo 59 KIM HANDY Zodiac Sign: Virgo LESLIE HARRISON Zodiac Sign: Cancer Ambition: Actress, Model Fash- ion Buyer Expression: " Ain ' t no half Steppin. " Activities: Senior Activities, The- atre Arts, Entertainment Com- mittee ANITA HAYGOOD Zodiac Sign: Pisces Ambition: College Expression: " Be cool " Activities: Senior Activities 4 EARLINE HAYWOOD Zodiac Sign: Pisces Ambition: Accountant Expression: " I ' m game " Activities: Basketball, Tennis, Track CAROLYN HAYMON ARNITHA HENDERSON Zodiac Sign: Aquarius Zodiac Sign: Virgo Ambition: To be something special Ambition: Nurse Expression: " Ain ' t nothing but Expression: " Life is a rollercoas- something to do. " ter! " Activities: Senior Activities 4, Reading Lab, Yearbook Staff 4 BARRINGTON HENRY Zodiac Sign: Capricorn Expression: " Hang in there " Ambition: Engineer Activities: Student Govern- ment, Boston Student Advi- sory Council 3, Senior Ac- tivities, Track and Cross Country 2,3 4, Screening Committee 3 60 NELSON HERNANDEZ Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius 1111111 j NUMERO 1 UNO 1111111 Most Escalators In A High School LOUIS HILAIRE Zodiac Sign: Leo MARVIN HILL Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius Expression: " Hey lend me your spaceship man I ' ll bring it right back. " MARY HILL Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius Ambition: Stewardess Expression: " No sir " Activities: Cheerleader 4 BROWNELL HOBSON Zodiac Sign: Pisces Ambition: To be successful in life Expression: " Take it from me Imp Skimp, Mattapan man, from Bud the wom- an ' s man! " Acitivites: Football 2,3 4, Basketball 2,3 4, Base- ball 2,Track 4, Member of the Lee School, Boys Club, Mattahunt.Havard Upward Bound. SAMMIE HOLLOWAY Zodiac Sign: Gemini Ambition: Executive Secre- tary Expression: " Right-O " Activities: Basketball, Bowling and Soccer AURELIA HOLMES Zodiac Sign: Scorpio Ambition: Model, Accoun- tant Expression: " You got to love someone or some- thing to get love, keep working at it, it just may work. " Activities: Switchboard op- erator, Babysitting and sewing. 61 RICKEY HOWARD Zodiac Sign: Virgo Ambition: Electrician Expression: " To be or not to be ' Activities: Glee Club SIIRI HOWARD Zodiac Sign: Aries Ambition: To be happy with my ca- reer Expression: " Hey man " Activities: Swimming 1,2,4 Senior Activities; Yearbook CRYSTAL HOWELL Zodiac Sign: Cancer LAWRENCE HUGHES Zodiac Sign: Libra MAURA HOWLAND Zodiac Sign: Libra ANGELA HUNTER Zodiac Sign: Leo Ambition: Psychologist Expression: " There is a great that makes us brothers none goes his way alone, what we give into the lives of others, comes back into our very own. " Activities: Swimming, Basketball, Volleyball ' A f ■X RUDOLPH HYPOLITE Zodiac Sign: Cancer Activities: Baseball 3 Tennis 3 Math Team 4 Chiefs Bowling League YVES ISIDOR Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius Ambition: Electronic Engineering BERNICE JACKSON Zodiac Sign: Libra Ambition: Stenotype Expression: " To be Successful ' Activities: Basketball, Pool JACOB JACKSON Zodiac Sign: Virgo Ambition: To be successful Expression: " Never too late learn " Activities: Work to SHIRLEY JACKSON Zodiac Sign: Aquarius GINETTE JEAN PIERRE Zodiac Sign: Pisces Ambition: Nurse Expression: " Pardon " CHARLES JANEY Zodiac Sign: Leo Ambition: Television Producer Expression: " It ain ' t nothing but a party " Activities: Yearbook Staff 4; Newspaper 3 SHERRI JEMISON Zodiac Sign: Aquarius A WENDY JEREMIAH Zodiac Sign: Pisces Ambition: Computer Programmer Expression: " Opportunities come only once, so take them while you can. " Activites: Volleyball 2, 3, 4; Year- book staff; Dancing KIM JOHNSON Zodiac Sign: Scorpio Ambition: Public Relation Admin- istrator Expression: " With sucess I don ' t need fortune nor fame, but both would be my name " PAULETTE JOHNSON Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius Ambition: Nurse Activities: Senior Activities ROSE JOHNSON Zodiac Sign: Taurus Ambition: Fashion Designer Expression: " For real, " " sniff-sniff, " " who got the blow? " Activities; Dance, Tennis, Boogie Crew WANDA JOHNSON Zodiac: Gemini Ambition: Health Career Expression: " What ' s Happening! " Activities: M.A.S.H.; Internship at Boston City Hospital, Red Cross Blood Program DOLPHUS JUDGE Zodiac Sign: Gemini JAMES KELLY Zodiac Sign: Leo Ambition: To be successful in my own eyes Expression: " Don ' t play leap frog with an unicorn! " Activities: C.Y.O.; Basketball 2, 3, 4 SPENCER J. KEY Zodiac Sign: Virgo Ambition: To be whatever I turn ou to be Expression: " Cold Blooded Man " Activities: Ceramic Aide 1; Ceramics 1, 2, 3, 4; Ceramics Apprentice 4: Art Major 3, 4; Yearbook Staff 41 KATHLEEN K1ERN N Zodiac Sign: Virgo Ambition: Physical Education Teacher Expression: " Same Difference " Activities: Volleyball 2, 3, 4; Bas- ketball 2, 4; Badminton 2, 3, 4; Softball 2, 3, 4 ROOSEVELT KINDS, Jr. Zodiac: Aquarius Ambition: Airline Pilot Expression: " Check it out; I ' m Hip ' Activities: Work ERLEEN KNIGHT Zodiac Sign: Aquarius C I? 1 i I at ramies itice Staff 4 SHARON LESLIE Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius Ambition: Film Editor Expression: " you can hang that up " Activities: Glee Club, Basketball, Bike Riding LOUISE LAMPKIN Zodiac Sign: Pisces Ambition: to be exactly what I make myself to be Expression: " how can I? " MOST H l I We Are The Superstars 1 l t 1 sfe jfe jfc J j j» JUDITH LAFOND Zodiac Sign: Virgo KENT LANDRUM Zodiac Sign: Capricorn DEBORAH LETO Zodiac Sign: Virgo CAROL LANGFORD Zodiac Sign: Capricorn WINDSOR LINDOR Zodiac Sign: Gemini JOSEPH LISITANO Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius Ambition: Computer Programmer Expression: " A penny saved is a pen ny earned " DAVID LOCKE Zodiac Sign: Cancer Ambition: To destroy the world Expression: " It ' s the little things in life that bother you " Activities: Computer Club 3,4; Math Team 2,3,4; Chess Team 3,4; School Rep. for March of Dimes 2,3; Crew Team 2; Screen- ing Committee 3; S.A.C. 4 NICKOLAS LOMUSCIO Zodiac Sign: Gemini Ambition: Mechanical Engineer Activities: Indoor Track 1,2,3; Out- door Track 1,2,3; Football 1,2,3,4 BARBARA LOVETT HELEN LOWELL Zodiac Sign: Pisces Ambition: Legal Secretary Expression: " It is better to keep one ' s mouth shut and make peo- ple think you don ' t know any- thing, than to open it and remove all doubt " Activities: Yearbook 4 STANLEY LUM Zodiac Sign: Taurus Ambition: Photographer Expression: " Be what you are, because you are what you are, and your not what you ' re not. " Activities: Yearbook 4 66 CLIFFORD D. LYNCH Zodiac Sign: Gemini Ambition: Public Relations Adminis trator Activities: Football 3,4; Literar Magazine Editor 3; Newspape Editor 4; Student Council 4 MARGARET MacPHERSON Zodiac Sign: Scorpio Ambition: Sleep Expression: " Have another drink, it will make you feel better " Activities: Office Aide 1,2,3, JOSE MATA Zodiac Sign: Libra iterai] H0 GAIL V. McADEN Zodiac Sign: Pisces Ambition: Interior Designer Expression: " That ' s Cold Blooded. " Activities: SAC, Dancing, Working ANNA K. MARSHALL Zodiac Sign: Scorpio Ambition: Social Worker Expression: " I want to be some- body " Activities: Sponsor Banquets for Food Service EDWIN MARTINEZ Zodiac Sign: Gemini Ambition: Doctor Expression: " How ya doing Baby " Activities: Basketball, Swimming, Roller Skating KATHY MASSINESSANIK Zodiac Sign: Libra Ambition: School or Work Activities: Glee Club 4; Bike Riding CLAIRE MATHEOS Zodiac Sign: Aries Ambition: To be an Artist Expression: " It is always wise to stop wishing for things long enough to enjoy the fragance of those now flowering. " Activities: Guidance-Office Aide m m ELLEN M. McAVOY Zodiac Sign: Taurus Expression: " Say Cheese! " Activities: SAC, Softball 1 i ' 67 TERRI MCBRAYER Zodiac Sign: Virgo Ambition: To become an Airline Reservationist Expression: " You ol ' dog! " BRIAN MCCANN Zodiac Sign: Leo DONNA MCCLURKIN Zodiac Sign: Aquarius GWENDOLYN MCCOY Zodiac Sign: Virgo MICHAEL MCILVAINE Zodiac Sign: Pisces Ambition: to become a serious actor Expression: " I ' m 28 in the waist, fine in the face, to light to fight, to thin to win " Activities: Basketball, Football, 1 1 MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT We Can Make It Happen HARVEY MCCONNELL Zodiac Sign: Virgo 68 EDWARD MCLAUGHLIN Zodiac Sign: Capricorn Ambition: Tennis Expression: " Mae " ARTHUR McNAIR Zodiac Sign: Gemini Ambition: Accountant Activities: Swimming, Basketball GREGG McNAIR Zodiac Sign: Gemini A ELAINE MEARLS Zodiac Sign: Aquarius mbition: Veterinarian Expression: " Love is forever, not just for a day " I .-J NTONIO MONTES diac Sign: Leo Tibition: Business School pression: " Al lo mismo y no cri- tique " tivities: Jazz Band 3 WILLIAM MELAUSLIN WAYNE MILLER Zodiac Sign: Libra Ambition: Doctor Activities: Externship at City Hos- pital; Photography WANDA MILTON Zodiac Sign: Gemini Ambition: Model Expression: " Don ' t be no fool, stay in school " Activities: Basketball, Ice Skating JOSE MONTANEZ Zodiac Sign: Aquarius 69 BARBARA MORGAN Zodiac Sign: Scorpio Ambition: Accountant Expression: " child, please!! " Activities: Track 2, 3, 4; swim- ming; Iceskating; Rollerskat- ing; Basketball; Softball ROBERT MOSELY Zodiac Sign: Scorpio SINATRA R. MONTGOMERY Zodiac Sign: Aquarius Activities: Moviemaking 3, 4; Bas- ketball 3 BERNARD MOORE Zodiac Sign: Virgo Ambition: To become an under- standing and likable person Expression: " Sounds like a beef to me " Activities: Football 2, 3; Boxing 3; Track 3 CHRISTINA MORRISON Zodiac Sign: Virgo EMMA MOULTRIE Zodiac Sign: Capricorn Ambition: Nurse Expression: " What ' s up " Activities: Swimming; Skating; Ski ing see ANTHONY MURPHY Zodiac Sign: Libra DELORES MURPHY Zodiac Sign: Leo Ambition: Medical Doctor Expression: " You understand? " " Tell me about it " Activities: Volleyball 2 SONIA MYERS Zodiac Sign: Leo Ambition: Social Worker Expression: " Really " Activities: Glee Club 2, 3; Student Council; S.A.C.; Impre ssion Editor Si SYLVIA NESMITH Zodiac Sign: Libra Ambition: Management Expression: " I ' m serious " Activities: S.A.C; Senior Class Trea- surer Cheerleading LORRAINE MURPHY Zodiac Sign: Leo Ambition: Hospital Technician Expression: " Have it my way " Activities: Track; Volleyball; Bowl- ing; Basketball THOMAS MURPHY Zodiac Sign: Scorpio Ambition: College Expression: " P-U-R-R " Activities: Hockey 2, 3, 4; Baseball 2, 3, 4; S.A.C. f3m MATTIE NEWBORN Zodiac Sign: Gemini PAUL NOEL Zodiac Sign: Leo ELEANOR NEE Zodiac Sign: Taurus EMMA NEVILS Zodiac Sign: Capricorn Ambition: Lawyer and Artist Activities: Tennis; Swimming; Ping Pong CHRISTINE M. O ' CONNOR Zodiac Sign: Capricorn Ambition: College Expression: " Oops, barking spiders! " Activities: SAC; Swim Team 3 R. CARLINE OLIVIER Zodiac Sign: Leo Ambition: Doctor Activities: Badminton 3 DONNA L. O ' ROURKE Zodiac Sign: Libra Ambition: Secretary Activities: Ski Club 2,3; Yearbook Staff 4; Office Aid 2,3 NAYDA ORTIZ Zodiac Sign: Leo Ambition: Fashion Designer Activities: Listening to Music; Dancing; Going for walks KENNY OSBORNE Zodiac Sign: Aquarius Ambition: College Expression: " Give me a piece of fish, I ' ll eat for a day, teach me how to fish, I ' ll eat for a life time. " Activities: Chess Club 3 JOSE OSORIO Zodiac Sign: Capricorn Ambition: To join the US Marine Corps Activities: Jazz Band 3 JAMES PAIGE Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius Ambition: College VIRGINIA PANOS Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius Ambition: College Expression: " Ya told Me. " Activities: Yearbook staff; Ceram- ics Aide 3,4. I ARMANDO PASCUAL Zodiac Sign: Virgo EDITH PARKER Zodiac Sign: Libra BENJAMIN PATRICK Zodiac Sign: Scorpio Ambition: College Expression: " Whats up kool???? ' MICHAEL PARDI Zodiac Sign: Aquarius Ambition: College Activities: Baseball 1,2,3,4; Football 2,3,4; Hockey 1,2,3,4; SAC 4 MARIA PEREZ Zodiac Sign: Aries Ambition: Accountant Expression: " Your future depends on what you make of yourself. " Activities: Hispanic theatre company 3 DEBBIE PERKINS Zodiac Sign: Virgo Ambition: Singer, vocalist and pianist Expression: " I ' m hip; dig that " Activities: Theater, Dance ROGER PERRY Zodiac Sign: Aries Expression: " Alright " Activities: Basketball, Photography, Baseball CORINE PETERSON Zodiac Sign: Libra WENDY PHILLIPS Zodiac Sign: Pisces Ambition: Freelance Stenographer Expression: " Yea, right " Activities: Tennis; Swimming; Bas- ketball; Soccer ELIZABETH PHOENIX Zodiac Sign: Leo Ambition: Stenographer Expression: " Life is only what we make of it " Activities: Typing; Basketball; swimming LEON PICKNEY Zodiac Sign: Gemini SYLVIA POMALES Zodiac Sign: Cancer Ambition: Secretary Expression: " Check it out " Activities: Student Council 4; Bowl- ing Team 4; Bi-lingual Club 4 CARNELL PORTER Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius Ambition: Accountant Expression: " Hey " 74 DIANE PHILLIPS Zodiac Sign: Pisces Ambition: College Expression: " Why bother " Activities: Basketball; Soccer; Bike Riding KAREN PORTER Zodiac Sign: Taurus Ambition: To become a CP. A. Expression: " Well, alright " Activities: Tennis, Basketball ANITA PRICE Zodiac Sign: Gemini Activities: J.V. Basketball 1,2; Spring track 2,3; Indoor track 3; Yearbook Staff 4; National Honor Society 4 DIANE QUICK Zodiac Sign: Capricorn SABRINA RATHER Zodiac Sign: Gemini JEROME REED Zodiac Sign: Leo Ambition: Cash Money Expression: " Say, Hey Lady " WAYNE PRICE Zodiac Sign: Aquarius DANNY RAGLAND Zodiac Sign: Aries Ambition: Lawyer Activities: Baseball 3,4; Basketball; Track Expression: " Take your best shot at what you ' ve got. " CHERYL A. REARDON Zodiac Sign: Taurus Ambition: Secretary ■4p . CLARA REEVES Zodiac Sign: Aquarius 1 v 75 STEVEN REILLY Zodiac Sign: Taurus Ambition: College Activities: Football 2, Track 2, 3, 4 3, 4, ANGEL RODRIGUEZ Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius 76 CHRISTINE REID Zodiac Sign: Capricorn PAMELA REID Zodiac Sign: Aries Ambition: Child Psychologist Expression: " Aries is the best! " Activities: Red Cross Volunteer; Externship with Boston City Hos- pital; Mash 3, 4 SONIA RIVERA Zodiac Sign: Aquarius Ambition: Accountant Espression: " Sonia for now, Sonia For ever, Rivera for now, but not for ever. " Activities: Spanish Club STEPHEN ROBINSON Zodiac Sign: Cancer CYNTHIA RILEY Zodiac Sign: Aries Expression: " Who Loves Ya, Babe? " Activities: Senior Activities Commit- tee 4 Eipre Pot I I LUIS RODRIGUEZ Zodiac Sign: Scorpio Activities: Jazz Band 3, 4 MICHELLE B. ROGERS Zodiac Sign: Cancer Ambition: Business School Expression: " To live above what you want in life " JOSE ROMERO Zodiac Sign: Pisces ODELL RUFFIN Zodiac Sign: Pisces Ambition: Airforce Career Expression: " Like what ' s happening " Activities: Basketball 4; Bowling; Pool MARGARET RUSK Zodiac Sign: Leo Ambition: Registered Nurse MARYELLEN SALTMARSH Zodiac Sign: Virgo Ambition: To Be Happy and Wealthy Expression: " Really " Activities: Tennis IRIS SANCHEZ Zodiac Sign: Leo W Right You Are If You Say You Are JEAN-CLAU SANON Zodiac Sign: Capricorn MOST A L K A T I V 1 A II JEAN SANTANGELO Zodiac Sign: Aries LETICIA SANTIAGO Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius Ambition: Registered Nurse Expression: " No hay cabeza ' MARIA SANTIAGO Zodiac Sign: Taurus CHERYL SANTOS Zodiac Sign: Aries MARILYN SARGEANT Zodiac Sign: Taurus Ambition: Engineer Expression: " Whatever you do, just be you " CHARLENE SCHUSTER Zodiac Sign: Cancer NELVA SANTIAGO Zodiac Sign: Libra JERRILYN SANTOS Zodiac Sign: Aries Ambition: Architecture Interior De- signer Expression: " Express yourself Activities: Cheerleader 2,3,4, Track 2,3,4, ALVAN SEALEY Zodiac Sign: Leo VETA SEALEY Zodiac Sign: Scorpio i! JAMES SEID Zodiac Sign: Sagitarius Amtion: To become a " Great Ath- lete " Expression: " Hi! What ' s Up? " Activities: Soccer 3,4; Baseball 3; Hockey 2,3,4, Dt la ANNEMARIE SERRECCHIA Zodiac Sign: Scorpio Ambition: Interior Designer Expression: " If you ' re not going for a ride may I borrow your broom? " Activities: Ski Club 2,3; Yearbook Staff 4 TREVONNE SELMON Zodiac Sign: Aries Ambition: " To Succeed " Expression: " How are you do- ing? " Activities: Tennis, Ice Skating, Cooking, Volleyball JAMES SHEA Zodiac Sign: Cancer Ambition: Law Enforcement Activities: Disco Dancing, Working, Playing Sports, Scenery for plays GLORIA SHINGLES Zodiac Sign: Libra Ambition: To become a nurse Expression: " May Happiness be the key to your future " MEREDITH SIBLEY Zodiac Sign: Gemini Ambition: Lawyer- Politician Activities: Swim Team 4; Track Team 1; Spanish Club 1 MOST DRAMATIC DAVE SMITH: Zodiac Sign: Virgo You don ' t have to be a star WANDA JEAN SARA SKELLEY Zodiac Sign: Cancer Ambition: To go to college and to be the best at what I do. Expression: " You ' re no fun; pick on me; Idle Our " Activities: Badminton 2 3 ketball 1, Bowling 1,2,3, Softball 1,2,3, 4, Twentieth Centure Bowling League 1,2,3, Quinway Rifle Club 1,2, 3 CLARENCE SINGLETON Zodiac Sign: Cancer Ambition: Business College or work Expression: " What ' s your problem " Activities: Chess Club 3 4, Senior Activities, Basketball, Photogra- phy 4, T.V. Studio 4, Yearbook Staff 4 Do ' t Bas- 4, ANTHONY SMITH Zodiac Sign: Scorpio Ambition: Banking Associate Expression: " Ecstasy, when you lay down next to TONY. " Activities: Tennis, Basketball at all gyms in Dorchester, and other outdoor courts in the summer, Yearbook Staff ✓1% ■ u TAMMY SPINKSTON Zodiac Sign: Capricorn Ambition: Navy career or dietition Expression: " You can be somebody, if you want to be. " Activities: Bowling, Working R. VINCENT SPRINGER Zodiac Sign: Virgo Ambition: An actor Activities: Target shooting, Wres- tling, Photo, Theater VANESSA STEED Zodiac Sign: Aries Ambition: College Expression: " Bite your granny " Activities: Glee Club, Tennis, Vol- leyball, Horse-back riding, Rid- ing a skateboard, Roller skating SYLVIA STEVENS Zodiac Sign: Scorpio Ambition: Medical Doctor Activities: Red Cross Volunteer, In- ternship, at City Hospital 4 Bowl- ing Team 2, 3 MASH 2, 3, 4 ROBERT SULLIVAN Zodiac Sign: Scorpio SUSAN SULLIVAN ZODIAC SIGN: Gemini Ambition: College Gym Teacher Activities: Yearbook Bowling 3, 4 Assistant Coach of a Basketball League 4 SUSAN SULLOWAY Zodiac Sign: Aquarius Ambition: to pursue a career in Busi- ness Expression: " Nobody ' s perfect " Activities: Tennis 1, 2; Bowling 2 STEVEN STRACHAN Zodiac Sign: Scorpio Ambition: " To Live Life To It ' s Fullest Expression: " Forget them if they can ' t take a joke. " Activities: Crew 1, Most valu- able player VALERIE SYLVIA Zodiac Sign: Aquarius Ambition: to be all I can be Expression: " Peace " Activities: Softball 3, 4; Year- book Staff 4; National Hon- or Society 4 LUIS TAFORD Zodiac Sign: Pisces JIMMY TAYLOR Zodiac Sign: Pisces Ambition: Engineer Expression: " Where there is love, I ' ll be there " ROLANDA TAYLOR Zodiac Sign: Virgo Ambition: Special Education teacher Expression: " Take it easy " DAVID TERRY Zodiac Sign: Taurua Ambition: Electrician Expression: " Whowee Whowee " Activities: Football 2, Winter Track 2, 3, 4, Spring Track 2, 3, 4 Yearbook THERESA TILLMAN Zodiac Sign: Aquarius Ambition: To be the best at what- ever I be. Expression: " For real " " English High is the joint for real " Activities: Yearbook staff PAUL TURCOTTE Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius MARGARET Y. TOWNSEND Zodiac Sign: Scorpio Ambition: A successful Elementary School teacher Expression: " Can ' t have your cake, Activities: Spring Track 1,2,3, 4, Volleyball, Badminton, Soccer, Theatre Arts JOSEPH TURNER JR. Zodiac Sign: Virgo WANDA TURNER Zodiac Sign: Leo Ambition: Nurse Expression: " Cause you know " Activities: Mash Program, Sen ior Activities 82 MAURICE A. VASSEL Zodiac Sign: Aries Ambition: Air Force Academy Expression: " One L-O-V-E " Activities: Cross Country 3 4, Win- ter Track 2, 3, 4, Spring Track 2, 3, 4, Soccer 2 3, Glee Club 2, Yearbook 4 MARIA VELAZQUEZ Zodiac Sign: Leo Ambition: Medical Field Activities: Glee Club 1; Student Council 3, 4; National Honor Soci- ety 3, 4 (Treasurer) DAVID VERNON Zodiac Sign: Aquarius DOUGLAS WAITE Zodiac Sign: Capricorn MARY ANN VILAIN LINWOOD G. VINES Zodiac Sign: Cancer Ambition: Car Salesman Expression: " Most people are too busy earning a living to make any money " LISA WADE Zodiac Sign: Libra Ambition: Actress or Artist Expression " Do not try to be some- body that your not, just be your- self Activities: Volleyball 2, 3, 4; Bas- ketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Softball 1, 2, 3, 4; Yearbook Staff 4; National Honor Society 3, 4 LINDY WARE Zodiac Sign: Capricorn SHARI WAXMAN 83 JUNE WELCH Zodiac Sign: Capricorn Ambition: To Travel Expression: " Oh God " BEST PERSONALITY LISA WEST Zodiac Sign: Aquarius SHARON WHALEN Zodiac Sign: Virgo Ambition: Data Processing Expression: " Buzz off Activities: Bowling; Tennis JOAN WHYTE Zodiac Sign: Taurus Ambition: To be an Accountant Expression: " To know that we know what we know and that we don ' t know what we don ' t know is true knowledge " MAURICE R. WIGGINS Zodiac Sign: Cancer Ambition: Professional Baseball Player Activities: Baseball; Track; Foot- ball CHARLES WILLIAMS Zodiac Sign: Aries Ambition: Electrical Engineer Expression: " Say lady don ' t be shady just give the name and I ' ll supply the game " 84 DARLENE WILLIAMS Zodiac Sign: Capricorn Ambition: To be successful in every- thing I do Expression: " Stop it " Activities: S.A.C.; Bike Riding; Tennis LAURA WILLIAMS Zodiac Sign: Pisces Ambition: Physical Therapist Activities: Volleyball 2,3; Basketball 1,2,3; Student Council 1,3,4; Track 1,2; Finance Committee 1,2,3,4; Racial Ethnic Student Council 2,3,4; Lab Assistant 2; Executive Secretary, Boston Student Advisory Council 3; State Student Advisory Council 3; Regional Student Advisory Council 3,4. MICKEY WILLIAMS Zodiac Sign: Gemini Ambition: To succeed in the food service department, and Tailoring Expression: " Keep on doing it till you get there. " Activities: Food Service, Basketball, Pool TRACY WILLIAMS Zodiac Sign: Capricorn Ambition: To continue being sweet Expression: " Love is " Activities: One Young Man No more riding in Style on Yellow Schoolbuses. DENISE M. WILSON Zodiac Sign: Virgo Ambition: To be successful in anything I do Expression: " I ' m Serious " Activities: Volleyball, Badminton, Bas- ketball, Gymnastics GLENNA WILSON Zodiac Sign: Aries Ambition: Probation Officer Expression: " Hey, Hey " KENNETH WILSON JR. Zodiac Sign: Scorpio Activities: Cheerleading 3,4 LAURA WILSON Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius Ambition: Registered Nurse Expression: " We must all learn to love. " Activities: Glee Club 4; S.A.C. 4; Cheerleading 2,3,4; Church choir 85 MICHAEL WOODS Zodiac Sign: Virgo JOANN WRIGHT Zodiac Sign: Taurus Ambition: To be successful in life W i PATRICIA WILSON Zodiac Sign: Taurus Ambition: Work Expression: " Leave m e alone ' GAILORD WOODLEY Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius MICHELLE YOUNG Zodiac Sign: Taurus Ambition: Nurse or Physical Thera- pist Expression: " Go to school and be somebody because nobody is go- ing to be it for you " Activities: Tennis; Baseball; Horse- back Riding DAVID WOUMN Zodiac Sign: Pisces ARA YESSAYAN Zodiac Sign: Cancer MICHAEL C. ZEOGAS Zodiac Sign: Cancer Ambition: Medicine Expression: " Ay " Activities: Lab assistant at Har- vard; Volunteer at City Hospital BETH NOLAN Zodiac Sign: Taurus PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE ALBERT RINALDI Zodiac Sign: Libra EVELYN RODRIGUEZ Zodiac Sign: Gemini ELAINE SAIA Zodiac Sign: Taurus GRETA STEWART Zodiac Sign: Aries Ambition: To be a secretary Activities: Ice-skating, bike riding and Badminton LINDA PEGGY ARMAND Zodiac Sign: Cancer Ambition: To go to Business College Activities: Bi-lingual Club, Newspaper Staff KEVIN TIERNEY Zodiac Sign: Pisces Ambition: Broadcasting, communica- tions Expression: " Take a turn to learn; to begin and win. " Activities: Milton High Golf Teams III; E H. Golf Team IV LEEDELL BEAN Zodiac Sign: Cancer y Virginia Almonte Sheila Andrews Linda Armand Charles Atkinson Carmen Baquero John Barnes David Barnwell Charlotte Beasley Marguerite Bellamy Jacqueline Blount Luis Bonilla Cheryl Boswell Debra Boswell George Boucher Cheryl Bowab Mark Bower James Bowers John Brothers Debra E. Brown Randy Brown Rosylen Brown Vicki Brown Barbara Brunner Carline Bruno Steven Byrne Joseph Byrnes Steven Cantella Mary Cassidy Jorge Cirino Robin Clements Bernard Coe Varilyn Collins Mary Conley Mark Conner Michael Conner Paul E. Connelly Stephen Coombs Ann Marie Crowley Rita Daniel Richard Danilowicz Angel Davila Demetrio Deleon Brenda Dickerson Elizabeth Dimodica Emilio Diorio William Donald Lean Dotten Elbert Drayton Suzanne Drew Allistra Eccles Robert Ecrod Mireille Etienne Douglas Fay Mario Ferrer Ludouina Fidalgo Joanne Flannery Michael Forrest Sheila Francisco Viveca French Gregory Fulks Kenneth Galvin Diane Glover Helayne Goldstein Albert Gomes Timothy Gomperts Dorothy Govan Barbara Green Joanne Green Stephen Green Jimenes Guerrier Jairo Guzman Elizabeth Haraska Ardis Harrison Thomas Hartigan Leroyal Holmes James Hopewell Veronica Horsely Moye Howard Sereyrath Ith Jerwin Johnson Saurel Joseph Yves Kelly Andre King Joseph Kirnon Adam Konierzny Phillip Kostka Joseph Kukstis Douglas Kyser Kettly LaGuerre Randolph Lahey Agapito Lao Joseph Lee Dennis Lockhart Peter Lynch Barbara MacDonald Doreen MacDougall Rickey Macklin David MacMasters Daryl Mahoney Samuel Marquez Scott Martin Susan Marx Angela Mastrorillo Mary McCann Dotsilee McFarlane Adrienne McKinnon Magdalie Messac Margaret Milne Brian Murphy Nelson Murphy Paul Noe Maria Nogueras Rochelle Ogarman John O ' Hara Teresa Oliva Robert Onisnuk Nicolas Osorio Patrick Perpignand Dennise Pires John Powers Christopher Quinlan Brenda Reid Carmello Rios Maria Rizza Cathy Ross Kevin Ryan Priscilla Ryan William Scully Wai Hung Seid Gerald Sisco James Small Sandra Spicer Stevenson Stfleur Barbara Stier Edwin St. Louis William Stratton Victor Suarez John Sullivan James Sullivan Michael Sullivan Laura Sweeney Fred Tinory Hector Torres Brenda Turner Annette Walker John Ward Ronald Washington Lori Williams Deborah Wilson Bruce Wynot Edgardo Zayas 89 Mr. Creedon devoted fifteen years of his life to The English High School. His death shocked and saddened us. He was a fine man, administrator, and teacher. His devotion to us earned him the love and respect of the students. We will always miss him. The Student Body A very special man was John A. Creedon - to his family, friends and especially to his colleagues and his students at The English High School. For fifteen years his love for and dedication to the traditions of this school were an insriation to each of us who had the privilege of teaching with him and learning from him. He personified the highest goal of The English High School - " Service to mankind is honor and achievement. " He will be sadly missed. Anonymous Donation. In Memorial Mike Mansfield ©POB 0 " 78 " Front: Sara Boudjakdji, Amy Badger, Jeanne Badger, Debra Mulvey, Mari- lyn Sargeant, Back: Rudolph Hypolite, John Key, Walter Velez, Ms. Nee- dle (coach). Spring " 77 " Spring " 77 " Spring " 77 " Spring " 77 " Spring " 77 " Spring " 77 ' Crew i i Front: Danny Johnson, Penney Greenberg, James Allen, Eddie Green Back: Ms. Bradt (coach), Brian Kiernan, Sal Graceffa, Michelle Montgomery, John Barnes, Missing: Denise Furlong Spring " 77 " Spring " 77 " Spring " 77 " Spring " 77 " Spring " 77 " Spring " 77 in Softball Sty fr iW ink - ' 3 ; ■ Front: Leslie Reynolds, Paula Conley, Donna MacDougall, Lisa Lodi, Diane Kier- nan, Rhuvette Franklin, Back: Mrs Ward (coach), Wanda Skelley, Kathy Kiernan, Alice Wood, Lisa Wade, Karen Baker, Caryn Conley. riSpring " 77 " Spring " 77 " Spring " 77 " Spring " 77 " Spring " 77 " Spring " 77 " English vs. C. Peton, J. Peton, R. Hypolite, D. Jean-Pierre, G. Andre, P. Berrios, R. Brun, K. Seid, R. Mestre, E. D ' Orio (co-capt.), H. Daphanis (co-capt.), J. Bernadotte, J. Romero, G. Allen, J. Coppola, B. Fonzo, P. Perpignand, L. Hillaire, C. Araujo, C. Prince, E. Dorisca, P. Papadopoulos, J. Sanon, C. Barboza, Mr. Duffy (coach) East Boston Dorchester Hyde Park Technical Boston Latin West Roxbury Dorchester " Hyde Park Technical West Roxbury Brighton East Boston Brighton State Tourna Boston College Soccer - 9 wins, 3 losts English scored a total of 23 goals. They allowed 10 goals Volleyball V Tea n Varsity Volleyball English 4 losts Team Home Away East Boston -rt won won Technical won Charlestown won won Dflfchester won %. won Brighton won won Boston Latin lost lost Latin Academy lost J lost West Roxbury won f won Front: Lydia Brown, Lisa Wade, Wendy Jeremiah, Caryn Conley, Kathy Kiernan, Mary Cassidy, Mary Lindsey, Back: Ms. Ward (coach), Shari Frazier, Francine Garris, Diane Lennon, Alice Wood, Daphine Johnson, Beverly Wade, Dorothy Widerman, Orphat Lindor, Janet Williams, Karen Baker (team manager) Missing Carolyn Hollins, Daphine Johnson Football Lomuscio, Drayton, Hobson, Reilly, Coleman, Anderson, Murphy, Turner, Yessayen, Coachman, Alves, Sullivan, Crozier, Kenny, Turner, Lynch, Cannon, Gomperts, Glover, Connelly, Sullivan, Gilmore, Fletcher, Reid, Robinson, Murphy, Lawrence, Hammond, Holmes, Pritchard, Selmon, Tammaro, Charland, Coleman, Adams, Crobsy, Drakes, Brown, Mahoney, Woods, Moore, Beniquez, Alston, Hubbard, Parkman. T. Braga, T. Murphy, L Arnpriester, M. Pardi, J. Fitzgerald, J. Lee, D. Heelen, G. Nikas, J. Connell, P. Fasanello, P. Flynn, F. Lebrun, J. Carney, B. Donald, J. Bowers, J. Ryan, G. Gallagher, D. Connell, J. Kelly, J. Fasanello, Mr. Veneziano (coach) Hockey - .3 wins, English vs. loses, 2 ties Charlestown 2 ■ • 6 Brighton 4 • ■ 1 West Roxbury 2 • • 3 South Boston 1 • • 2 Dorchester 10 • - 4 Technical 2 • - 7 Boston Latin 5 • • 5 Brighton 4 • • 4 West Roxbury 6 • ■ 3 South Boston 3 • • 5 Charlestown 3 • • 5 Boston Latin 0 • • 7 1 Top row: Claire Glancy, Denise Furlong; Middle row: Ruth White, Cindy Musto, Melina Fontanez, Elaine Young, Ceris Jones, Suzi Hickey, Cathy Effie, Stephanie Thurston, Lisa Kelly, Ms. Bradt (coach); Bottom row: Michelle Montgomery, Siiri Howard, Jean Santangelo, Theresa Egan, Jeannie Conley, Missing: Sandra Devaney, Collene Pigott, Roberta Santangelo, Carol Mclntyre, Nancy Potts, Chris Weiners Swim Team Swimming - 6 win: Tea English vs. Charlestown Latin East Bright Latin Academy Winsor Dorchester h vs. m Charlestown South Boston Burke Brighton East Boston Latin West Roxbury 48-76 46-86 35- 32 36- 31 72-62 36-76 71-54 135 Front: Caryn Conley, Lisa Wade, Debra Brown, Marilyn Sargeant, Lydia Brown, Kathy Kiernan, Back: Ms. Needle (coach), Bernie Holiday, Almay Dixon, Janet Williams, Bridgette Peterdon, Missing: Alice Wood J i i ■ j f ' Joan Bennett, Ellen President, Leathea Short, Linda Higginbottom, Theresa Brown, Majorie President, Marita Cusick, Cynthia Jones, Beverly Wade, Ms. Burke (coach) 107 I Front: Joe Turner, Timmy Hammond, Teddy Judge, Ronald Hinton, Kenny Bradford, Back: Mr . Burley (Coach), Bud Hobson, Ricky Macklin, Chris Sumner, Roy Suber, Ernie Floyd, Antonio Seymour, Leroy Holmes, Steve Drayton. Missing: Chico White, Wayne Powell s Hyde Park 81 - 87 Dorchester 46 ■ 47 Trade 78 - 68 Technical 67 - 46 Brighton 96 - 61 Madison Park 91 ■ • 72 West Roxbury 77 • • 70 Boston Latin 68 - 60 Trade 78 - 74 Technical 79 ■ 49 Hyde Park 64 - • 53 Dorchester 61 ■ 53 Brighton 105 • • 76 Madison Park 80 • 75 West Roxbury 80 • • 75 Boston Latin 78 - 71 54 Yearbook " 78 " The 1978 " One For The Record " staff would like to thank the entire English High School community for helping us in our struggle to produce this book. We hope you enjoy it. EDITOR-IN-CHIEF — Wendy Jeremiah BUSINESS MANAGER — Valerie Sylvia CO-EDITOR — Lisa Wade LAYOUT EDITOR — Helen Lowell COPY EDITOR — Sara Boudjakdi ADVISORS — Ms. Colarossi, Ms. Courtney ART EDITOR — Spencer Key Robert saw his own gentle creativity for what it was - a gift of life and he generously shared this gift with his classmates and teachers. He was not as is sometimes the case, selfish with his own talents and endeavors. For Robert, doing things meant " doing with others " . That is the kind of spirit that will be missed by all of us. MaryAnne Oldfield, English High Faculty Ray would have said " I must strive hard today, hoping tomorrow will hold love and success for all mankind. " Thank you, Mrs. Justice We will all miss the special humor and sunshine Ray gave us. May this memory stay locked away and never be released. Thank you, Chuck Janey 122 We, The Yearbook Staff Of The Class Of 1978, Would Like To Thank The Faculty And Staff For Their Encouragement And Support In Producing This Book. IheMassachusettsXoUege ofArt -The English High School AEGEAN FARE Homemade Middle-Eastern and European Pastries Greek and Jewish Delicatessen GREECE for lunch ! m MQiAU BAM III SO • I 1 1 Vf I ANHI llll. I i GREECE for dinner! MGiAH RAM KENMORE SO • CLEVELAND CIRCL E DOCK SO • FANEUIL HALL 539 Commonwealth Ave. 267-2202 Kenmore Square Congratulations to the class of 1978 SUdts GREAT STEAK SANDWICHES 114 Washington Street Dorchester, Mass. 02121 1070 SUPERMARKET 1070 Tremont Street Boston, Mass. 02119 open 7 days a week 7am to 7pm Best Wishes to the Class of ' 78 ' 0000009 " Congratulations to the Class of ' 78 " ' 2275 Washington Street at Dudley Street Station Roxbury, Mass. 02119 Saul and Lester Oshry, Class of ' 46 ' 129 MATTAfAH HAC $fftm us THE " Opf 30 AH -11 Pi 7 DA - wrr 426-0333 Mr. Alan A CLOTHING STORE 610 WASHINGTON STREET BOSTON, MASS. 02111 " Thanks to All the Fellas " ' Take Good care of Yourself at Easy Osco. " 75 Spring St. West Roxbury, Ma s. , Jiifi ■ Eiffel - Jluzz B N AUTO PARTS GROUP AND PRIVATE STARTING AT AGE 3 278 Highland Avenue Salem, Massachusetts, 01970 469-206 1 Congratulations - Class of ' 78 ' 130 Tel.: 266-0380 266-1530 stco r o Official Photographers for E.H.S. Class of 1978 661 Boylston Street Boston, Massachusetts 02116 SUBS ' N ' SUCH 660 Huntington Ave. (near Boston State College) open 7 am - 6 pm GOOD LUCK ' 78 ' GRADUATES Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Lane WITH BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF ' 78 ' 132 AW TRINITY AUTO CENTER, INC. 188 Warren Street Roxbury, Ma. 02119 427-9192 Foreign Domestic Car Repairs ■ 696 2274 ACME TREE SERVICE Trees pruned a removed Tree Shrubbery Planting - Gutters Cleaned BILL. AHERN 3 PAGODA STREET MILTON, MASS 021S6 BUSINESS EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Congratulations and Best of Luck to the Class of 1978 Need Flowers? ...for a prom.f dance ...any special party. ' - Star ' s professionally trained florists will be havpy to create any type of bouquet, corsage or floral arrangement you want.Mt prices to f t even the smallest bud- set ' Come in and tain about your needs with Star ' s florist today. Star has them... and they ' re priced righV T a TAR MARKtT FtmW w » Kilmarnock St. Corner of Boylston St., and T OPEN 24 HOURS... MON thru SAT J GEORGIE ' S PIZZA CANTEEN location - Longwood Ave time - 9:00 am - 2:00 pm 133 Governor Michael Dukakis is shown signing the proclamation he issued for The English High School, honoring the nation ' s oldest public high school at the State House. Left to right, James G. Egan, General Timothy J. Regan, Kim LaDue Senior Class President 1976, John A. Creedon, Governor Michael S. Dukakis, John J. Marshall Jr., Myer Moskow, Robert S. Peterkin - Head Master EHS, and Rubin Epstein. In 1821 when James Monroe was President, The English High School was founded in Boston. As the years passed, progress in education Has produced leading citizens from this institution. Here where ethnic background is not important, Interest centers in individual development. At this institution a fine education may be obtained And the student ' s potential may be achieved. English High has produced leaders in all walks of life. They have served in our wars to make this nation safe. As the tradition of America ' s oldest high school indicates, We take pride in the integrity of our graduates. CONGRATULATIONS GOOD LUCK D PAUL JOHNSON N JERRY K E E R A D R BOB BEATTY I R S H T Y E Y H N MAT H E M A B E A O G N R A N N R I T N DICK MURPHY G GALLAGHER A I N MAURICE REUTTER T I C o L PAUL HA RRISON R O JOE SHEPPECK S ERNIE GREEN CHUCK ' S SUB SHOP SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Best of Luck Graduates of 1978 Your Science Teachers 451 Brookline Avenue Boston, Mass. Tel.: 566-9405 Home of Boston ' s Finest Sub Sandwiches Congratulations " 78 " from the FLEXIBLE CAMPUS OFFICE 135 b? arber TRAVEL High School Spring Break Round trip jet transportation Airport assistance Round trip jet transportation Accommodations for 8 days 7 nights Two meals daily at hotel only All gratuities, tips, service Tour Escort Maid service Garber Travel bag All taxes (except $3 Bermuda departure tax) CALL THE COLLEGE DEPARTMENT @ GARBER TRAVEL: (617) 734-2100, EXTENSION 190 1406 BEACON STREET, BROOKLINE, MA 02146 West Roxbury Auto School, Inc. 115 PARK STREET WEST ROXBURY. MASS. 02132 COMPLETE DRIVER EDUCATION COURSES FREE ADULT LEARNER ' S PERMIT INSTRUCTION JOHN A. LA CASCIA TEL 325-5861 Congratulations and Best Wishes M ■ W " m URBAN STUDIES CENTER 136 Tubby ' s Sandwich Shop 894 Morton Street Dorchester, Mass. tel: 436-9311 ' Quality Service for Over a Decade " Paige Academy 28 Highland Aveni Roxbury, Ma. 0211 427-5618 An excellent educational program for pre-school and elementary - age children. Now enrolling. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1978 FROM THE OFFICIAL ENGLISH HIGH SCHOOL JEWELER Dick Collins CONGRATULATIONS AND GOOD LUCK FROM THE FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT Luisa Bellamy William Brown Eugene DiGirolomo Michael Garber Barbara Morgenlender Ursula Traugott Rose Ann Vangel Robert Yocco Felicidades y Buena Suerte Felicitations et Bonne Chance Auguri e Buona Fortuna Herzlichen Gluckwunsch und alles Gute RONNIE ' S SUB SHOP 2253 Washington Street at Dudley Street Roxbury, Ma. 02118 Best Wishes to the Class of ' 78 ' To The Class of 1978 Best Wishes for Success, Health and Happi- ness From Your School Nurses: Corinne Ahern, R.N. Ann Blood, R.N. Congratulations to the Senior Class PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Best Wishes to the Class of 1978 From the Home Economics Department Mrs. B. Leber Ms. J. Midgley Ms. G. Ray Mr. A. Saunders Mrs. E. Stern 138 Education Counseling Day Care Medicial Care The Comprehensive School - Age Parenting Program A community effort to help young parents parents to be to remain in school For futher Information contract: School Nurses Home Economics Department The English High School The Boston Hospital for Women Infants and Other People. Inc. COPE. M.A.S.H. |PH Medical Alternative for Students in Hospitals Juniors Seniors interested in a Health Career Volunteer in a hospital the American Red Cross Science - Mr. John DiaDoto Health - Ms. Jemetta Hunt Glover Math - Ms. Beverly Mawn English - Mr. Al Vojtech Warwick Variety Store located at corner of Warwick and Hammond Sts. Best Wishes to the Class of 1978 In all their Endeavors. from Cubia, Rock and Buster PATRONS 0»» A ndrew J. Sullivan Byron S. MacDonald Carole A. Sullivan Mr. Mrs. Michael Houston Mr. Robert Kleingardner Mr. Mrs. Arnold J. Glass Mr. Mrs. Clarence Anderson Ms. Lela Brown Mr. Mrs. James E. Furlong Cora Green Cafeteria Personnel and Custodians Best Wishes to the Seniors Felicitaciones Felicitations Congratulations Bilingual Department 139 THEKTM Best Wishes From The Brandeis University - English High School Magnet Program In Theatre Arts )r the record.. 0 Q Q 0

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