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a: 5 I 1 I •0 4 ' ' Boston, Massachusetts The Class of 1977 is proud to dedicate this yearbook to three esteemed alumni and a retired teacher. Douglas Adams developed a love of sci- ence at English High School. After graduation from college he became a great professor of science at M.I .T. George Alpert, unpictured, after graduat- ing from English High became president of the N.Y., N.H., and Hartford Railroad. He was the man who got Harvard University to swap land with English High so our new building could be erected . Walter Downey was Headmaster of the English High School longer than any man be- fore him or after him. He was a leader of men and was greatly respected by all who knew him . Frank Repetto, a greatly esteemed langu- age teacher, who retired last year is also being celebrated by the class of ' 77 ' . These four men measure up to the English High motto that every graduate should be ' a person of honor and achievement ' . Here is a sam- ple of what our corridors are like. Happy memories of those blue golden days. Comin ' down!! Graphic Arts THE SCHOOL COMMITTEE OF THE CITY OF BOSTON As this senior class prepares to leave the English High School and go forth this year, I experience several mixed emotions. I rejoice with you, your parents and your friends on the success you have experienced at the school; you have brought much credit to our school and we can all be proud of your achievements. Yet, I am saddened that this new level of maturity means that I shan ' t be seeing you as often. The time has come, however, for you to leave us and seize the oppor- tunities that await you. Try to remember that your days at the English High School were exciting ones because YOU made them that way. As the one hundred and fifty - second graduating class, you have added immeasurably to the proud tradition of the oldest public high school in America. I wish you every happiness and continued success in the BOSTON PUBLIC SCHOOLS ROBERT S. PETER KIN Head Master CHRISTOPHER P. LANE Acting Assistant Head Master THE ENGLISH HIGH SCHOOL Founded 1821 days ahead. 18 Robert S. Peterkin Stacy Johnson, Assistant- Headmaster Chris Lane, Assistant-Headmaster 19 Business Elizabeth Carey Ann O ' Brien June Holland Peter DeRoeve 24 Social Studies 26 Physical Ed Barbara Needle Patrick J . King Barbara Ward William Duffy Lisa Vance Robert Fisher Mathematics 32 Industrial Arts George I. Brown John O ' Brien Joseph McDonald Betty Black Home Economics special Services Urban Studies ■ Theatre Arts Gloria Ray Len Schnabel Ann Blood, Nurse Corinne Ahern, Nurse Irene Kelly, Librarian 38 I DIAIME ABRAMS Senior " 77 " JACKELYN ADAMS " Jackie " Activities: Yearbook Staff office work. Sports: Basketball, or anything else coming up. Am- bition: Medical Labortory Technician. LORRISTOIM ALLEN Senior " 77 " MARIA ALMEIDA " Sia " Ambition: To become a Beautician. FERIMANDO ALVES Senior " 77 " KAY ANDERSON Activities: Yearbook Staff. Senior Activities Committee. Theatre arts-dancing. Sports: Basketball, tennis, swimming. Ambition: Ac- countant. Favorite Quote: Success Is making it. Sign; Virgo RONALD ANTOINE " Roro " Activities: Soccer. Ambition: Keep going to school and get the highest degree that exist. Favorite Quote: Algebra. YASHONNA ARKIL Senior " 77 " BARBARA ARSENAULT Senior " 77 " BRENDA ATKINS Senior " 77 " LAURA ATWOOD " Crazy " Activities: Multi-Ethnic Racial Council; Glee Club; S.A.C.; National Honors Society. Ambi- tion: Nursing, Foreign Language. Favorite Quote: Thank you Jesus! CARMELO AYUSO Senior " 77 " JANET BALKAN Activities: Senior Class; Sports: Tennis. National Honor Society. Ambition: Pediatric Nurse. LINDA BANKS Senior " 77 " JM CHERYL BARACEWICZ " Moona " Wl Activities: National Honor Society; Senior Class Activities; Prom Committee; Yearbook Staff; Glee Club; Lab Assistant. Sports: Cheer- leader. Ambition: To become a Bio-FREAK. The Good Times — Eileen, Paula, and Elaine Hi Barbara!! TERESE BARNWELL Senior " 77 " LINDA BARRON Activities: Guidance office aide. Ambition: Become exec, secretary to the " President " . Favorite Quote: " Go ye forth and multiply. " JOYCE BEACH " JB " Activities: Pep Club, Yearbook staff. National Honor Society. Sports: Volleyball, Baisketball, tennis. Ambition: To go to college, and be- come a lawyer. Favorite quote " Do It till your satisfied. " ANGELA BELL " Nadine " Activities: Yearbook Staff, S.A.C., Ski Club. Sports: Tennis, Baseball, Soccer, Volleyball. Ambition: I ' m planning to go on to college. Favorite quote: " Check It out " . Sign: Gemini. DEBORAH BENBOW Senior " 77 " Diane Abrams Fernando A Ives Jackelyn Adams Kay Anderson Lorrlston Allen Ronald Antolne Maria Almeida Yashonna Arkll Carmelo Ayuso Deborah Ben bow Kenneth Bennett Marilyn Berger Carol Bernier Sherri Boulwarc Patricia Bowes KENNETH BENNETT " Ken " , " Ben " Activities: Baseball, Soccer. Ambition: Elec tronic Engineering. MARILYN BERGER Senior " 77 " CAROL BERNIER " Catou " Ambition: To become doctor. SHERRI BOULWARC Senior " 77 " PATRICIA BOWES Senior " 77 " LEON BRANDON Senior " 77 " YOLANDA BRITTO Senior " 77 " VERONICA BROOKS Senior " 77 " BARBARA BROWN Sports: Volleyball, Baseball, Tennis, Swim- ming. DEBRA BROWN Senior " 77 " ROSSIE BROWN Senior " 77 " VICKIE BROWN Senior " 77 " BARBARA BRUNNER Senior " 77 " NADINE BULLOCK Senior " 77 " ROGER BULLOCK Senior " 77 " MATTIE BUTLER Senior " 77 " JOHN BYRNE Senior " 77 " JAMES CAFARELLI " Caf " Ambition: To attend Boston Architectural Center. Favorite quote: Adios. MAURA CAHSOLAN Senior " 77 " CATRENIA CAIN Senior " 77 " I. ' I Leon Brandon Yolanda Britto 42 Veronica Brooks Elvira Campbell Carmen Cardona Joyce Campbell Patricia Cardwell Michele Canto Paul Carpenter ELVIRA CAMPBELL " Vera " Activities: Dancing, Swimming. Sports: Ten- nis, Volleyball, Baseball. Ambition: To be- come an accountant or typist. Favorite quote: Be yourself or be by yourself. JOYCE CAMPBELL " Jackie " Sports: Volleyball, Ambition: College. MICHELE CANTO Senior " 77 " MIRINDA CAPPUCCI Activities: Clubing, Listen to music. Sports: Bowling, Swimming, Bike riding. Horse riding. Ambition: To become a Hairdresser. CARMEN CARDONA Senior " 77 " PATRICIA CARDWELL Senior " 77 " PAUL CARPENTER Senior " 77 " EILEEN CASEY Activities: S.A.C., YEARBOOK Staff. Ambi- tion: To marry rich. Favorite quote: " Give me a break! " PAULETTE CATO Activities: S.A.C., Yearbook. Honors: Science Award. Ambition: English Professor. Favorite Quote: No man is an Isleind, no man stands alone, each man ' s joy Is joy to me; each man ' s grief Is my own; We need one another, so I will defend each man as my brother, each man as my friend. RHONDA CELESTER Senior " 77 " DEBORAH CHAMBERS " D.C. " Activities: Ballet, sewing, living. Sports: Ten- nis, Horseback Riding. Ambition: College, Child Development. Favorite Quote: " Get High " . PETER CHAN TILES Activities: National Honor Society, Student Council, Computer Club, Math Team, News- paper Staff. Sports: Swimming Team, Crew Team. Ambition: Computer Engineering. BURT CHARLES " Toto " Activities: Concert Choir. Sports: Soccer, Vol- leyball, Track. Ambition: Becoming a West Point graduate officer. Favorite Quote: Party time Is any time any time Is Party time. SANDRA CHASE Senior " 77 " THOMAS CHASE Senior " 77 " GAIL CHIC HOLM " Gayle " Ambition: To go to trade school for Xray Technician. Favorite Quote: Get the head out!! SHEILA CHIPMAN " Shena " Ambition: To settle down and get married. Favorite Quote: You ' ve got that right. CAROL CLARK Senior " 77 " KELVIN COASTON Senior " 77 " YVONNE COLON Activities: Mash Program. Favorite Quote: How you feel? Mirinda CappuccI Eileen Casey PAULA CONLEY " Dip " Activities: Honor Society, Yearbook Staff, A.C. Newspaper Staff. Sports: Swimming, Basketball, Softball. Ambition: To become a great Phys. Ed. Teacher and a dynomite swim- ming coach. Fondest Memory: The summer of " 76 " at the Idle ' Our. RICKEY COOPER Senior " 77 " WICK COOK " Slick " Sports: Basketball, Football. Ambition: To be- come a lawyer. Favorite Quote: What ' s Hap- pening. MARIA CORA " Carmen, Tata " Ambition: To become L.P.W. Favorite Quote: I love to be loved. JOHiM COSTELLO " Costy " Ambition: Electrical School. NANCY COUMING Activities: Yearbook Staff, S.A.C., Office Aide. Ambition: Attend Boston Business. Fa- vorite Quote: Do not follow where the path leads. Rather go where there is no path and leave a trail. CARMEN CRUS Senior " 77 " MARTHEINA CRUSE Senior " 77 " KAREN DAHL Senior " 77 " KATHLEEN DALEY Senior " 77 " ANN DANIELS " Red " Ambition: To go to college and study chemSs- ry and to attend Med. School. Favorite Quote; That ' s your business " LUCILLE DAUGHTRY " Ceal " Activities: Yearbook Staff, S.A.C, Mash Pro- jram. Ambition: College. Favorite Quote: ife is what you make it, so live it up. Capricorn. JIORMA DAVIS " Normie " Sports: Basketball, Tennis, Swimming. Ambi- ion: To attend Boston University, Major In Communications. EWIS DEBOLD ;enior " 77 " HENRY DEDRICK ienior " 77 " TERESA DEGAETANO ienior " 77 " .ISA DELENDECK tenior " 77 " JANCY DELLASCIO «nior " 77 " JYNTHIA DENEKAMP " Cindy " Vctivities: Yearbook Staff. Sports: Ski Club 3, Ambition: College, Airline Stewardess. ALVATORE DEROSA enior " 77 " 41 Norma Davis 4 Lewis Debold Lisa Delendeck Nancy Deliascio Cynthia Denekamp Teresa Degaetano Salvatore Derosa 47 Kimberly Drommer Brigitte Edwards Janet Edwards ROSEMARIE DESJARDINS Senior " 77 " AVIS DESMOND Senior " 77 " JOHN DIFFER Senior " 77 " MARIA DIMARZIO Senior " 77 " DOMENIC DINEZIO Senior " 77 " LORETTA DINON Activities: Office Aid, Co-op Program, Year- book Staff. Ambition: To be an Accountant. Favorite Quote: Party Hearty or don ' t Party at all. KEVIN DOHERTY " k.d. " Activities: Baseball. Ambition: Hope to go to college and in the future become a policeman. WILLIAM DONALD Senior " 77 " ELAINE DONARUMA " lalny " Activities: National Honor Society, S.A.C. Ambition: College. Quote: " I just don ' t know! " MADELEINE DONNELLY " Maddie " Activities: Wider Opportunities for Women, S.A.C. Ambition: To become a career orien- ated woman. Favorite Quote: In the depth of twilight may you open my eyes through the darkness of my soul. JOHN DONOVAN Senior " 77 " MARLA DOUROS Senior " 77 " KIMBERLY DROMMER Senior " 77 " BRIGITTE EDWARDS Senior " 77 " JANET EDWARDS Senior " 77 " ELLEN FACTOR Senior " 77 " DEIDRE FARRELL " DidI " Activities: I like to sew as a hobby. I like all kinds of songs-my favorite is " I only have eyes for you. " Sports: swimming, bciseball, skiing. Ambition: " I hope to share my life with some- one and establish a happy home. " Favorite Quote: " What God has yoked together let no man put apart " . -Matt. 19:6. ANNE FEENEY Senior " 77 " RAQUEL FILAMENO Activities: Theater Arts. Sports: Tennis, Base- ball. Ambition: Psychology Teacher. Favorite Quote: " Be cool baby " . ROSE FISHER Senior " 77 " Anne Feeney Raquel Filomeno Ellen Factor 49 m Milta Gonsalez w Estela Gonsalez 4:: Luis Gonzalez Joanne Gramer " Carolyn Grani Penny Greenberg Sheila Goode CARROLL FOLEY Senior " 77 " GRACE FONDAS Senior " 77 " MARK FORD Senior " 7 7 " ARNITA FOSTER " Neda " Activities: Cooking, Babysitting, dancing. Sports: I like playing Volleyball and enjoy ice-skating. Ambition: Zoologist. Favorite Quote: " STOP " . JOEL FRANCISCO " Tony " Activities: singing, dancing, and running. Sports: Soccer, basketball, baseball. Ambi- tion: Auto- Mechanics. Favorite Quote: Never judge a book by its cover. BRYNELL FRANCIS Senior " 77 " RHUVETTE FRANKLIN " Rho " Activities- Student Council, Yearbook Staff. Sports: Olympics 76. Honors: MVP in Basket- ball, Certificate in Softball, And 440 Relay. Ambition: Higher Education, College, and a Career in Art. KAREN FURTADO " CC " Activities: Glee Club. Sports: Track, Basket- ball. Honors: Letter, certificate, trophy medals. Ambition: To be a model. Favorite quote: " That ' s A bet. " VENETIA GILMER Senior " 77 " DEBORAH GLOVER Senior " 77 " KEVIN GODFREY Activities: Theatre Arts, Photography. Sports: Basketball, Swimming Tennis. Ambition: Professional Model, Actor, and Fashion Desig- ner. ROY GONSALVES Activities: Theater Tech. Sports: tennis. Am- bition: Emerson College for Theater Tech. Favorite quote: Definitely, Very, MILTA GONZALEZ " Leia Act ivities: Merchandising, Dancing. Sports: Bowling. Ambition: Working and Business School. Favorite Quote: " OH MY GOD! " ESTELA GONSALEZ Activities: Mash Program, Health Careers. Sports: Basketball, Tennis. Ambition: College to study Health Careers. LUIS GONSALEZ Senior " 77 " SHELLA GOODE Senior " 77 " JOANNE GRAMMER " Jay " Activities: Glee Club, Honor Society, Honor: Algebra Achievement Awards. Ambition: Psy- chologist. Favorite Quote: " I think I ' ll give the teachers a break and not go to cleiss. " CAROLYN GRAIMT Senior " 77 " PENNY GREENBERG " Purgy " Activities: Yearbook, Student Council, S.A.C., Librciry Aide, Office Aide, Guidance Aide, National Honor Society. Sports: Volleyball, Basketball, Track, Synchronized swimming. Crew, Swim Team, Bowling. Ambition: To become a Nurse. GERRY GRIER Senior " 77 " Shirley House Donna Houseman Ozemia Houston MATHEW HAND Senior " 77 " SOfMIA HARPER " Jackie, Salsea " Activities: Student Council. Sports: Basket- ball, swimming, softball. Ambition: To be a nurse. Favorite Quote: If you want to achieve a goalin life never give up trying. PAUL HARRINGTOIM Senior " 77 " KELIA HAYWOOD " Kim " Activities; Honor Society, Student Council- sec, Yearbook. Sports: Track, Badmitton. Ambition: Master Degree in Nursing. Favorite Quote: Ibe got. CURTIS HENDERSON Senior " 77 " MARIA HENRIQUEZ Activities: Student council, Multi-Racial Ethnic Comm., ESAA, S.A.C. Ambition: Economics MARY ANNE HENRY Activities: Art Museum, Ceramic Aid, Year- book Siaff. Sports: Tennis, Ski Club. Ambition: College. FRANCISCO HERNANDEZ Senior " 77 " AUDRY HIND " EN A " Ambition: Accounting. Favorite Quote: Five fe you. BOBBY HINTON " Sugar " Sports: Basketball, football. Ambition: U.S Army. ANDREW HOLLOWAY Senior " 77 " DANIEL HOLMES Senior " 77 " SHIRLEY HOUSE Senior " 77 " DONNA HOUSEMAN Senior " 77 " OZEMIA HOUSTON " OZ " Activities: Honor Society, Yearbook, Student Council. Sports: Volleyball. Ambition: Crim- inal Lawyer. DOROTHY HOWE " Leona " Ambition: Dance Therapist. Favorite Quote: Be what you want to be. DANIEL HUSSEY Senior " 77 " DARLENE HUSSEY " Marie " Activities: Guidance Aide, Newspaper Staff, Honor Society. Ambition: Hair dresser. JANET HUTCHINGS Senior " 77 " RICHARD INGEMI Senior " 77 " Daniel Hussey i Darlene Hussey il Janet Hutchings Dorothy Howe ALLISON INGRAM Senior " 77 " MAGAILE ISRAEL " Maggie " Sports: Basketball, Volleyball. Ambition: Doctor. Favorite Quote: I ' m friendly, " Sit on rt " . SUREYVUTH ITH Senior " 77 " CHARLES JACKSON Activities: Working around horses. Sports: Football, basketball. Ambition: Black-Smith. GAIL JACKSON Senior " 77 " JUDITH JACKSON " Judy " Activities: Wider Opportunities for Women, Ski Club, Chess Club, Harvard School of De- sign (architecture). Sports: Track. Ambition: Business Administrator. Favorite Quote: Know- ledge is essential for survival in a world with many gestures. DOROTHEA JACKSON Senior " 77 " WALTER JARRETT Senior " 77 " NELLIE JENKINS " Jinks " Activities: Wider Opportunities for Women, S.A.C. Sports: Track. Ambition: College. MAURA JENNINGS " Moe " Ambition: To have own Child Care Center. Favorite Quote: It ain ' t what you got, it ' s how you use it. CAROL JOHNSON " Curlle " Activities: S.A.C, Multi-Ethnic Racial Comm., Class Treasurer, Theatre Comp., Theatre Advisory Counsel, Track, Honor Society. Ambition: Criminal Lawyer, Dancer, Model. Favorite Quote: Success is nothing if you don ' t have someone to share it with. FRANK JOHNSON Senior " 77 " GLADYS JOHNSON " Little Bit " Activities: Baby Day winner. Ambition: Bus- iness School. Favorite Quote: " Give me a break. Will ya? " JUDY JOHNSON Activities: Office Helper, CO-OP Program. Sports: Tennis, badmitton, swimming. Ambi- tion: Business Administration, CP. A. Favorite Quote: " Don ' t bother me, I can ' t cope. " KIMBERLY JOHNSON Senior " 77 " LARRY JOHNSON " Inspector " Activities: Yearbook Staff. Sports: Crew, Cross Country, In door Track, Baseball. Ambition: Navy, maybe college. Favorite Quote: " Jump In the lake. " SHARON JOHNSON " Johnson " Favorite Quote: " Watch it ajcker. " SHERYL JOHNSON Senior " 77 " DAMARIS JONES " Dee " Sports: Softball, Cheerleader. Activities: S.A.C. Ambition: Photographic Model, Teach Modem Dance. Favorite Quote: May success be your key to hcippiness. MARILYN JUDGE Activities: Library Aide, Guidance, Ceramics, and Office Aide, Honor Society. Ambition: Boston State, major in English. Favorite Quote: The only thing nicer than having a friend is being a friend. 5- Sharon Johnson Sheryl Johnson i r Kimberly Johnson Damaris Jones Larry Johnson Marilyn Judge 55 56 Abdullah Lamorte Michael Lesser Marleen Lindsay AND RE KING Senior " 77 " MARK KORITZ Senior " 77 " RICHARD KOUGEAS Senior " 77 " ABDULLAH LAMORTE Senior " 77 " MARIA LARRAGA Activities: S.A.C., Honor Society. Ambition: College. ROBERT LARSEN Senior " 77 " ROBERTA LEFORT Ambition: Boston Business, bookkeeper. MICHAEL LESSER Senior " 77 " EVADNEY LINDO Senior ' 77 " DOREEN LINDSAY " Pixie " Activities: Tennis, bikeriding, peirtying. Sports: Basketball, Tennis. Honors: Art Schol- arship. Ambition: To become successful. Fa- vorite Quote: Smokin. GAIL LINDSAY Activities: Student Council, S.A.C., Bi-Racial Council, National Honor Society. Sports: Cheerleader. Ambition: College - Accountant. Favorite Quote: Women ' s faults are many men have only two, everything they say and every- thing they do! MARLEEN LINDSAY " Dixie " Activities: Partying, Photography, Dcincing. Sports: Basketball, Tennis. Ambition: Business or College. Favorite Quote: Smokin Boy. FRAN JUSTICE Senior " 77 " BRIAN KAHALY Sports: Hockey Team. Ambition: College. JOHN KEATING Senior ' 77 " MICHAEL KELLEY Senior " 77 " SHELIA KELLY Senior ' 77 " IVY KEY " Poopie " Activities: Mash Program. Ambition: Air Force, Medical Work. DIANE KIER NAN " Three " Activities: Class Secretary, S.A.C. Sports: Softball, Volleyball, Badmitton, MVP 9th W.I. Ambition: Accounting, Phys. Ed. Favorite Quote: To be successful in everything I do. PATRICIA KIMBALL Senior " 77 " Fran Justice Brian Kahaly John Keating Ivy Key Diane Kieman Michael Kelly Patricia Kimball 1 ' r Darryl Lodge Lisa Lodi DONNA MACDOUGALL " Mac " Activities: Yearbook, S.A.C. Sports: Volley- ball, Basketball, Softball, Badmitton, Track. Ambition: College, Phys, Ed. Favorite Quote: You Kiernans smell. Ha, Ha, Ha! Fondest Memory: The summer of " 76 " at Idle ' our and all my years at Brighton and English High. EDWARD MACPHERSON " Eddie " Sports: Football, Track- indoor, outdoor. Am- bition: College, Pro-Football, Law. LILLIE MADREY Senior " 77 " SAMUEL MALDONADO " Sammy " Activities: Theatre, Music (band). Ambition College-Law, Attorney. Favorite Quote: A person can do or be what he or she wants by just trying harder. DUVERVE MA LONE Senior " 77 " STEPHEN MARAS Activities: drinking, partying. Sports: Hockey, Football. Ambition: NOTHING!! Favorite Quote: Party! THOMAS MARSDEN Senior " 77 " MARY MARTIN Senior " 77 " CINTHIA MAYDONEY Senior " 77 " WILLIAM MCALLISTER Senior " 77 " JOHN MCBRAYER Senior " 77 " SUSAN MCDONOUGH Ambition: Legal Work in a pond " . DARRYL LODGE ; Senior " 77 " | LISA LODI " Lee " Activities: S.A.C, Yearbook. Sports: Track, Basketball, Softball, Volleyball, Crew. Fon- dest Memories: The summer of " 76 " at the Idle ' our. Ambition: Study Wildlife. Favorite Quote: You are only what you are when no one is looking. ANGELA LONGO " Angel " Activities: S.A.C. Ambition: College. LINDA LOENTO Activities: Horseback Riding, Bowling, Roller- skating, Working. Sports: Basketball, Tennis. Ambition: Being Successfull. KIM LUCIANO Ambition: Who knows? TANYA LYNCH Sports: Gymrastics. Ambition: Designer, Fash- ion Buyer. BARBARA MACDONALD Ambition: To be happy. JAMES MACDONALD Senior " 77 " Kim Luciano Tanya Lynch " Sue-Sue " " A 11 gators swim once Barbara Macdonald Linda Lorento James Macdonald ORELEE MCFARLANE Senior " 77 " ROBERT MCGRATH " Bob " Sports: Hockey. Ambition: Fire. SUSAN MCINTYRE Activities: Yearbook, office aid. Senior Acti- vities, 10th floor caf in junior year Louies Hist. Class, Helluva person; Mr, D ' s English Class. Honors: Honor Society. Ambition: Pub- lic Administration. Favorite Quote: When your friends are there, then everythings all right. ADRIENNE MCKINNON " Poochie " Sports: Basketball, Spring Track. Ambition: Part-time model, and Interior Decorator. Favorite quote: Either you do or you don ' t or you will or you won ' t. JOSEPH MCLAUGHLIN " Joe " Senior " 77 " HELENE MCMORROW Senior " 77 " MICHAEL MCNABB Senior " 77 " ELLEN MCVINNEY Activities: Yearbook Staff. Ambition: To go to Boston Business. KATHERINE MEEHAN " Kath " Sports: Softball. Ambition: Airline Stewardess. PAUL MELLON " Mell " Sports: Hockey. Ambition: College, Law. LAURA MENZ " Lau " Activities: Yearbook. Sports: Ski Club. Ambi- tion: College. HELENE MICHELUTTI Activities: Honor Society. Ambition: College, Interpreter at the U.N. AUDRY MITCHELL Senior " 77 " ROBIN MITCHELL Senior " 77 " YVONNE MITCHELL " Charlie " Activities: Swimming, Camping, Horseback Riding. Sports: Softball, Basketball. Ambi- tion: Secretary. MARGARET MITCHELL " Margie " Ambition: Artist. Favorite Quote: " Love is worth the time it takes to grow. " JEANNE MORANDUS Senior " 77 " ARTHUR J. MORGAN A.J. Ambition: To further Education and succeed in Life! Favorite Quote: To work hard it to Live Free ! RUTH MORITZ: " Tootle " Activities: Yearbook. Sports: Softball, Swim team. Ambition: Physical Education. Sign: Aquarius. KIMBERLY MORRIS " Shorty " Ambition: Social Worker. Orelee McFarlane Joseph McLaughlin Robert McGrath Helene Mc Morrow Susan Mclntyre Michael McNabb Adrienne McKinnon Ellen McVinney Crystal Muirhead Linda Murphy Joan Murray I CRYSTAL MUIRHEAD " Chris " Ambition: Open up a DAY CARE center. Fa- vorite quote: Take a wallc. Sign: Taurus. LIIMDA MURPHY " Murph " Activities: Yearbook Staff. Ambition: Day Ccire. Favorite quote: " Let ' s Blow Out ' athis Pit " " Zoo " . JOAN MURRAY " Joanie " Ambition: To look nice and learn German. LISA IMASTARI Senior " 77 " ROBIN NEAL Senior " 77 " DOUGLAS NEE " Doug " Activities: Newspaper Staff 1,2; Yearbook Staff, S.A.C. Sports: Football, Crew, Golf 1,2, 3; Bowling. Ambition: Go in to the Air Force and college and become a Pilot. Also to go back to Germany and visit the friends I stayed with before. Favorite quote: " Inside every big fat man is a little one screaming widly to get out " . CYNTHIA NELOMS " Cimp the Pimp " Sports: Basketball. Ambition: Actress. Favor- ite Quote: A-A-A-Y. Sit On H. LAVERNE NELSON " Twin 1 " Activities: Basketball, Track, Carlos. Ambi- tion: Nurse. Favorite Quote: If the train rolls off the track, I ' m still gonna keep on pushin ' until I reach my destination. LORENE NELSON " Twin 2 " Activities: Basketball, Track, Danny. Sports: Track. Ambition: Child Care Teacher. Favor- ite Quote: Taking care of business. LEONARD NELSON Senior " 77 " VINCENT NELSON " Vinny " Sports: Basketball, Baseball. Ambition: Col- lege. Favorite Quote: My time is your time. JOSEPH NEVES " Jo-Jo " Sports: " Talking to the ladies! " Ambition: Army, College. Favorite Quote: " Ha-Baby! " STEPHEN NIXON Senior " 77 " ALICE NICHOLS " Allie " Sports: Bowling, Ambition: Burdett College, Legal Secretary. Favorite Quote: Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. JACKIE NUTTALL Senior " 77 " GIOVANNA NOSIGLIA Activities: Tutor for bilinguel students. Sports: Track. Ambition: Northeastern Univ., Pediatric Nursing. Favorite Quote: Times are changing. LEE ODELL Senior " 77 " WILLIAM O ' KEEFE " Flea " Sports: Football. Ambition: College. BRIAN O ' MALLEY Sports: Hockey, M.V.P. Ambition: To enjoy life-in all ways!! JUANA OWENS Senior " 77 " Robin Neal Douglas Nee Cynthia Neloms Lisa Nastari Laverne Nelson Jose Padillia Edith Parker Damaris Perez Claire Pearson Myra Perez JOSE PADILLIA Sports: Track, Football, Baseball. Ambition: ??????????????? EDITH PARKER Senior " 77 " CLARE PEARSON Activities: Honor Society, S.A.C., Bio-Tutor, Lab Ass. Sports: Crew-spring. Ambition: Col- lege, Bio, Wildlife. Favorite Quote: If you see someone without a smile. Give them one of yours. DEBORAH PEARSON " Deb " Activities: Yearbook, S.A.C., Co-Op Program. Sports: Basketball, Badmitten, Tennis. Ambi- tion: Legal Secretairy. Favorite Quote: Don ' t take the good if you can ' t take the bad. CHRISTINE PERANTE " Chris " Activities: S.A.C. Favorites: Mr. O ' Brien, Mr. Rowley, Italian food, Brigham ' s, Manthome Road Aug. " 76 " Wakefield. Ambition: The Future-because I ' m going to spend the rest of my life there. Favorite Quote: If silence is golden, I must be fashioned to some other style of life. DAMARIS PEREZ Senior " 77 " MYRA PEREZ " Y et " Activities: W.O.W., Spanish Glee Club. Sports: Track, spring, fall. Ambition: R.N. Nurse. Fa- vorite Uuote: It is never to late. TERESA PERRY Senior " 77 " FRANK PESSON Sports: Golf, Hockey. Ambition: Life. LINDA PHIFER " Phifer " Ambition: Secretary. Favorite Quote: It ' s not what you got. It ' s how you use it. ELIZABETH PHILBRICK Senior " 77 " MORENA POLES Senior " 77 " LARRIANE POPE Senior " 77 " ALONZO POWELL Senior 77 " MICHAEL PRIMM Activities: S.A.C, Mash, Honor Society. Sports: Football, baseball, tennis. Ambition: College, wealtf , famous, master the art of women, and have many children. Favorite Quote: Fox? Come here gal. Do It the way I said to do It. MYRA E. PRITCHARD " Meda " Activities: Yearbook Staff, S.A.C, Student Council, Mcish Program. Sports: Track, High School Olympics, Cheerleading. Honors: Cheerleading M.V.P. Ambition: Physical The- rapist. Favorite quote: " Don ' t beg. It will make people hate you. SABRINA PULLEY Senior " 77 " ZAINAB RAY Senior " 77 " JACQUELINE REDMOND Senior " 77 " PATRICIA REESE Senior " 77 " Deborah Pearson 64 Teresa Perry CHERYL REEVES " Twin " Activities: Student Council, Ski Club. Year- book Staff, S.A.C., Co-Op Program. Sports: Baseball, Tennis, Bowling, Swimming, Vol- leyball, Badmitton. Ambition: Executive Sec- retary. Favorite Quote: Let ' s do it again, and Times are changing. SHARON REEVES " TV in " Activities: Tennis, Badmitton. Ambition: To be successful in any that has to be done. Favorite Quote: " To be my self " . DONALD REID " Donny, JR., Juice " Activities: Yearbook, Honor Society, S.A.C,, Glee Club, Mash Program, Ski Club. Sports: Football, Track-indoor, outdoor. Ambition: College, Seeking the world. Favorite Quote: " Give me a fish, I ' ll eat for a day. Teach me to fish I ' ll eat forever. PAMELA REID Senior ' 77 " LESLIE REN OLDS Senior " 77 " MELVIN RHODES Senior " 77 " ROBERT RHODES Senior ' 77 " VALERIE RICHARDSON Senior " 77 " DEBRA RICKETTS " Stuff " Activities: Yearbook. Ambition: Lawyer with potential. Favorite Quote: " If you can ' t give, don ' t take! THERESA ROCHELLE Senior ' 77 " ALICE RODRIGUEZ Senior " 77 " ESTHER RODRIGUEZ Senior " 77 " JOHN ROGERS Senior " 77 " ELIZABETH ROSS Senior " 77 " JACQUELINE ROSS Senior ' 77 " RUFUS ROYAL Senior " 77 " ANNE ROZANSKI Activities: Cheerleading. Sports: Crew Team. Honors: Honor Society. Ambition: Business School, Executive Secretary. Favorite Quote: " Stay Ahead " . MARIE RUBINO Senior " 77 " AIDA RUIZ Senior ' 77 " JOAN RUSSELL Activities: Dancing. Ambition : Computer Science. Favorite Quote " I ' m Hip. John Rogers Anne Rozanski Elizabeth Ross Marie Rubino Jacqueline Ross Aida Ruiz Rufus Royal Joan Russell Walter Slavin Calvin Smith Lenora Stall worth DARLEWE RUSSO Senior " 77 " DONNA SAIA Senior " 77 " THERESA SALTALAMACCHIA " Terri " Activities: Yearbook Staff, Senior Activities, Office Aide, Gym Assistant. Sports: Track, Cheerleading. Honors: Science Awcird, Varsity letters. Ambition: To work in Medicine. Fa- vorite Quote: Life is what you make it. . ELSA SANTAMARIA Senior " 77 " MANUEL SANTAREN " Manola " Activities: School Paper, Fashion Show Coor- dinator. Sports: Tennis, Horsebackriding, Vol- leyball, Squash. Honors: Scholastic Art Award, Scholarships to Mass. Art, B.U., B.A.C., Museum of Fine Arts. Ambition: To become a famous fashion designer. Favorite Quote: Suc- cess is nothing without someone to share it with. JOSE SANTIAGO Senior " 77 " MARAGARITA SANTIAGO " Mllly " Activity: Theatre Arts, Drama. Sport: Tennis. Ambition: Nurse. Favorite Quote: No hay CoCo. MAYRA SANTIAGO " Chigrita " Activities: Student Council. Ambition: Li- cense Practical Nurse. Favorite Quote: Life is beautiful if you really know the facts. LOURDES SANTIAGO " Chocolate Doll " Activities: Drama, Dance. Sports: Basketball, Baseball. Ambition: Become a Registered Nurse. Favorite Quote: " Vaquerade Bayanion To el tiempo " . ANTHONY SENNA Senior " 77 " DEBRA SHEARS Senior " 77 " STEPHEN SHEEHAN Senior " 77 " WALTER SLAVIN Senior " 77 " CALVIN SMITH " Smith " Activities: Musical Arts. Sports: Football, Ten- nis. Ambition: Military Academy Music Teacher. Favorite quote: CBS IS THE BEST. LENORA STALLWORTH Sports: Volleyball, Tennis, Baseball. Ambi- tion: Secretciry. GLORIA STALLWORTH Sports: Basketball, Tennis, Swimming, Beise- ball. Ambition: Secretary. ROLAND STEED Senior " 77 " JAMES STEWART " Stew " Activities: S.A.C. Sports: Football, Hockey, Baiseball, Crew. Honors: Varsity Sports Letters. Ambition: College — Police Officer. Favorite quote: What ' s Up? EARNEST STUBBS Senior " 77 " MARY SUGGS Senior " 77 " i Rolfmd Steed James Stewart Earnest Stubbs Mary Suggs 69 Wayne Thomas Stacy Timmins Linda Thompson Paula Timson Deborah Thornton Susan Toland Kevin Valentine Joseph Valenzola David Vernon BARBARA SULLIVAN " Sully " Sports: Cheerleading. Ambition: To become a hairdresser. Favorite quote: There are no finer gifts than these - Good friends and happier memories. WAYNE THOMAS Senior " 77 " LINDA THOMPSON Ambition: To get married. DEBORAH THORNTON Senior " 77 " BARBARA TIMMINS Senior " 77 " STAGEY TIMMINS Activities: Student Counsel, Honor Society. Sports: Crew, Volleyball, Basketball. Ambi- tion: To make a million and live in ectasy. PAULA TIMSON Activities: Photography, Dancing. Sports: Bas- ketball, Bowling. Ambition: Physical Educa- tion. Favorite quote: " Dig It " . SUSAN TO LAND Senior " 77 " DONNA TOON Senior " 77 " CARMEN TORRES Senior " 77 " DAVID 1 HRIG Senior " 7 " KEVIN VALENTINE " Kevin " Sports: Football, Baseball, Basketball, Track. Ambition: Air Force Academy or U.M.A., R.O.T.C. program. Favorite quote: " Whats up " . J05€PH VALENZOLA Senior " 77 " DAVID VERNON Senior " 77 " CECELIA WADE Activities: Basketball, Working, Dancing. Sports: Basketball, Baseball, Football, Volley- ball. Ambition: I want to be a college Major in elementary. ETOI WALKER Senior " 77 " TYERONE WALKER " TY " Ambition: " to be a success in life. " Favorite Quote: " How ya do in. " PATRICK WALSH Senior " 77 " DUANA WATSON " DEE DEE " Ambition: Retail Management. Favorite Quote: " How bout that " . AMY WELTER " AMY " Senior " 77 " Tyerone Walker Patrick Walsh Duana Watson 41 Etoi Walker Amy Welter 71 Norman W. Allen Gail Hart Gall Depradine Mary Henson Launn Goode Ellssa Hershoff JOHN WHELTOIM " John " Senior " 77 " LAURIE WHITE Senior " 77 " GLORY WIDEMAIM " Glow-Pop " Acitivites: Yearbook Staff, Senior Activities, Mash Program, Sports: Girls Cross Country. Ambition: Physical Therapy. Favorite Quote: Life is to short to have sorry, so live it up. PAMELA WILLIAMS " Pammie " Activities: Dancing, Singing, Partying and having a good time. Sports: Basketball, Ten- n is, Volleyball. Ambition: Head Start Teacher. Favorite Quote: I ' m just lovable Libra THELMA WILLIAMS Senior " 77 " DELORES WILLIAMS " Dolly " Activities; Yearbook Staff, Wider Opportuni- ties For Women, S.A.C., Vice-president. Sports: Track and Field 1. Honors: Letter in Track and Field. Ambition: Medical Techno- logist. Favorite Quote; What ' s Up. Sign: Can- cer. Favorites: Eating, Talking, Being with people. SYLVIA WILLIS Senior " 77 " KENNETH WILSON Senior " 77 " DEBRA WRIGHT Senior " 77 " MASWOSWE WRIGHTS Senior " 77 " KIMBERLY WYATT " Shortcakes " Activities: Cheerleading, Stucent Coundil, S.A.C., Yearbook. Sports: Tennis, Skiing, Horseback Riding, Archery. Ambition: To major in biology, Come back to English to teach. Be a surgical technition. Favorite Quote; If you are what you are, be what you want to be. VERONICA YOUNG Senior " 77 " NORMAN W. ALLEN Senior " 77 " GAIL DEPRADINE Senior " 77 " LAUNN GOODE Senior " 77 " LEROY HAMILTON Senior " 77 " GAIL HART Senior " 77 " MARY HENSON Senior " 77 " ELISSA HERSHOFF Senior " 77 " FRED REGISTRE Senior " 77 " Leroy Halm i I ton Fred Registre Rhoda Rivera Debra Robinson Andrea Robinson Jude Transtamar SORRY, NO PHOTO Richard Coombs 74 Eh Sereyvuth RHODA RIVERA Senior " 77 " DEBRA ROBINSON Senior " 77 " ANDREA ROBINSON Senior " 77 " ITH SEREYVUTH Senior " 77 " JUDE TRANSTAMAR Senior " 77 " RICHARD COOMBS " Blue-eyes " Activities: Lab Technician in School. Sports: Hockey. Ambition: To go to work. Favorite quote: " If you pressure me I never make it! " DALE JULIUS Senior " 77 " MARIE RUBINO Senior " 77 " Marie Rubino Picture Unavailable Victor Acosta Patricia Alfred Clive Allen Derek Anderson Edna Alvarado Steve Anderson Derek Austin Frank Avant Paul Beck Lydia Beckers Jerry Blue Alice Bojanowski Luis Bonilla Ronald Bosak Wayne Bosse Richard Boucher Marty Branch John Buckley Joanne Burke Rosa Burton Ivette Caraballo Robert Carney Tyler Carpenter Maura Cashman Claire Chin Alexis Cintron Bernard Coe John Collins David Cunningham Luis Curet James Curran Mark Daley Rita Daniel Evelyn Davis James Deal Demetrio Del eon Joseph DeRosa Richard DeRosa Brenda Dickerson Johnny Diggs Paul Doolan Janice Drovin Charisse Dubois Lawrence Dulsky Thelma Dyer Allistra Eccles Susan Enos Reginald Everett Craig Fabich Galen Fisher Sheila Foley Carmen Freeman Terensia Fusco Daniel Gallagher Joseph Gallagher Martha Garcia Dolores Garner Mark Gibbons Frank Gleason Daniel Godding Larry Godley Gloria Gooding Doris Gray Geraldine Grinnell Mark Groosman Gregory Hall Robert Hargett Darleen Harrison Willy Hunt James Inman Jerwin Johnson Marjorie Jonas Sherry Jones Allen Kindell Rebecca Lanier Christine Latorella Joseph Leber Ivy Lee Maurice Leslie Venessa Lodge Evelyn Lopez Nancy Loughman Joseph Lynch Peter Lynch Richard MacDougall Donald McKenzie Paul McKinnon Jane Mac Lean Angela Marchman Stephen Manos Evelyn Marrero Luis Marrero Joseph Massa John McElroy Trudy McMillian Gregory McNair Joseph Maloney Edward Miceli Calvin Miller Brian Mokler Brian Murphy Michael Nelson Heidi Nunes John O ' Donnell Robert Page Earl Palmer Holly Palmer Wilfredo Perez David Phinney David Rando Brenda Retd Lorreta Richmond Ricky Robinson Patty Roche Marie Rodrguez Margarita Rosado Cynthia Russell Kevin Ryan Jacob Salem Cassandra Sampson Felix Santiago Ramzi Sarkis Letha Simmons Richard Small Michael Smith Ramona Smith Felicity Stafford Paul Stuart Mitchell Taylor Angela Thomas Leon Thompson Fred Tinory Jesus Uriarte Phillipe Vargas Annette Walker David Walsh Cynthia Wells Anthony West Rodney West Edrick White Julia White Timothy Whitt Valrie Whittington Rhonda Wilson Stephen Wilson Tamika Wright Kelly Young 75 M.A.S.H, Galen Fisher " Pres. " Student Council Newspaper Staff Myra Pritchard Capt. Damon ' s Jones Co Capt. Kevin George, Laura Wilson, Brenda Atkins, Jaci le Colon, Terri Saltalamacch Deborah Benbow, Kenny Wilson, Debbie Young, Gig! Greer, Jerrilyn Santos Cheerleaders English High Mascot " The Mad Dog " Football Lft Rt Front Row - John O ' Donnell, Alonzo Powell, Doug Nee, Richard Der- osa, Jose Padilla, Kevin Valentine, Ja- mes McDonald Second Row-William McDonald, Edward Conley, Jerry Blue, Edward McPherson, Mike Primm, Joe Turner Third Row- Tim Gomperts, Essau Reid, Barry Sullivan, James Law- rence, Dan Haggerty, Clifford Lynch, Gerald Cannon, Nicolaus Lumuscio Fourth Row- Ara Yassayan, Jim Davis, Anthony Murphy, Bob Sullivan, Brow- nell Hobson, Steve Drayton, Bob Drap- eau Fifth Row- Bill Steward (Assistant Coach), Sidney Yeldell (Assistant Co- ach), Steve Reilly, Don Speaks (Head Coach) James Stewart Not in picture- Robert White, Ken Bradford, Mike Par- di, Jim Alves, Galen Fischer, Frank Avant, William O ' Keefe, Jerry Cole- man, Mike Beaulieau, Bernie Moore Volleyball Wards ' Angels Left To Right - Coach Barbara Ward, Caryn Conley, Kathleen Kiernan, Mar- lyn Sargent, Laura Williams, Beville Wade, Lisa Wade, Bessie Bojanowski, Wendy Jeremiah, Front Row - (Sen- iors) Lisa Lodi, Donna MacDougall, Diane L. Kiernan, Joyce Beach, Jac- kie Adams, Gail Hart, Not Pictured- Rhuvette Franklin Carolyn Hoi I ins. Volleyball - 1976 Season This year the English High Girls Varsity Jr. Varsity Volleyball teams had a very successful season. The girls worked many hours practicing five days a week in preparation for their 14 game schedule. After many hours of drills and hard work the Varsity squad ended their season with an 11 and 3 record and placed second in the Boston City League. This enabled them to qualify for the state tournament. The English Blue and Blue defeated Braintree, Wellesley, and Durfee High Schools in the preliminary round of the tournament and went on to play Brockton High School in the Quarter finals. Unfor- tunately, Brockton High defeated English in a hard fought match. The Jr. Varsity squad had an undefeated season, compiling an unblemished record of 12 and 0. They were the only undefeated Jr. Varsity squad in the city and captured the title of first place. The English Volleyball teams Should be very proud of their outstanding achievment. They show tremendous promise and will look forward to having another successful English Volleyball - II wins 3 loses won Tech won Copley lost Boston Latin won Roxbury won Madison Park won Burke lost Latin Academy won Tech won Copley won Boston Latin won Roxbury won Madison Park won Burke lost Latin Academy Soccer Team Led by the dynamic Frank Johnson the English High Soccer team is the most ex- citing team in the City of Boston Soccer League this season, perhaps in the state. The team is a Multi Nationality Group represented by Greeks, Hatians, Hondour- ians, Italians, Jamaicans, and Trinidadians. English High has a tradition of outstanding soccer teams, which have been finalist in the state ' s soccer finals. In past years, and this year ' s team is no exception with players like Burt Charles, Fred Registre, Wilfredo Perez, Jose Romino, Tony Nor- man, Gino Berrios, Ronald Antoine, George Tripolitis, Hallan Daphnis, Dom Dine- zio, Emilio D ' Orio, and Frank Johnson, the opposition better beware. The soccer team ' s season thus far has been successful 9 wins, 2 losses, and 1 tie. Scoring 27 goals while allowing 9. The soccer team season is dedicated to Coach Bill Duffy, who ' s courage and de- termination has been a motivating force behind this years team success. Cross Country Track Maurice Veusell, Mike Coachman, Cullen Veal, Mark PritchiU ' d, Barrington Henry, Rudolf Bernardez, Walter Jarrett, Alice Bojanowski, and Al. The Coach is Mr. Lion Spring Track 1976 City Champs Alice Bojanowski won the girls cross country City Championship. Mike Coachman also won a medal in the mens cross country race. 0m. .. Girls Swimming Team Ms. Bradt - Competitive Swimming Both the boys and girls swimming teams at English High did a commendable job this year. Interest in swim- ming has grown swiftly. Through strong team efforts, spirit and ability has proven English to be a leading con- tender in the Boston League. Our girls, captioned by Paula Conley, senior, leaped from a cellar position three years ago, to 3rd place. English missed second place by 3 points! Boys swimming has been exciting too. We have expanded from a squad of 8 to 25, Robert Larsen, senior, was captain this year. The boys city meet this year will be in Charlestown. -We expect a 4th or 5th place. It is a new team, with young blood and en- thusiasm. We expect the momentum and effort to contin- ue next year. Michelle Montgomery, class of 1980, received 1st place in the 50 yd. freestyle at the City meet this year and went on to place 35th in the Eastern Sectionals in Attleboro. Both our girls and boys relay teams did commendable jobs this year; with times just short of qualifying sec- tional times. We wish them luck in the future. Season Record GIRLS SEASON ENGLISH HIGH OPPONENT 63 West Roxbury 11 48 Charlestown 38 61 South Boston 18 60 East Boston 20 52 Brighton 28 31 Latin Academy 53 55 East Boston 26 20 Tech 56 Latin 8 wins 2 losses 87 Hockey The English High Hockey Team improved tremendously this season with a 8-8-1 record as opposed to a 5-11-1 record last year. Although the team did not make the playoffs, this year was a success as the team beat their archrival of 89 years, Latin, twice with still another game to play. High hopes are set on next years team. Brian O ' Malley Hockey Team Coach: Mr. Venezlano Jody Fitzgerald 6 Jim Steward 2 Brian O ' Malley 19 Dennis Heelen 4 David Phinney 9 Paul Mellon 18 Mike PardI 10 Bob McGrath 12 Frank Lebrun 7 Mike Arnpriester 17 Phil Goff 13 Bill Donald 15 Steve Meneeley 22 Tom Braga 20 Frank Pessin 1 Paul Fassinello 3 Not Pictured Tim Murphy 16 Dale Julius 8 Susan Mclntyre Business Manager of the Yearbook Cheryl Baracewicz Not pictured Assistant Business Manager Layout Mary Anne Henry Co-Editor Bob Drapeau Sports Editor for the Newspaper Girls Basketball Varsity Debra Brown Caryn Conley Yolanda Davis Rhuvette Franklin Bernadette Holday Diane Kiernan Anne Marie Oakhem Marilyn Sargeant Lisa Wade Janet Williams Season Record Record - 12 wins 2 losses ENGLISH 37 @ Boston Tech- Roxbury 2 nical 27 ENGLISH 45 @ ENGLISH 30 Dorchester 29 @ East Boston 35 ENGLISH 43 @ ENGLISH 37 ENGLISH 49 @ West Roxbury Hyde Park 26 Brighton 42 @ Jamaica Plain ENGLISH 45 42 Madison Park 13 @ ENGLISH 42 ENGLISH 34 @ ENGLISH 26 ENGLISH 27 @ South Boston Latin Academy 31 14 @ ENGLISH 29 Charlestown 38 @ Burke 33 @ Boston Latin 17 @ ENGLISH 48 @ ENGLISH 16 Girls 76-77 Basketball The Girls Basketball Team The English High School girls varsity Basketball team had It ' s best season ever with 12 wins and two losses. The girls finished second in the city and qualify to participate in the state basketball tournament. This is the first time ever that the girls basketball team here at English High will play In the state tournament. The Junior Varsity had a fine season with 11 wins, 2 losses, 1 tie. It was a young team which demonstrat- ed a great deal of talent. The team will miss its talented seniors but look for- ward to an even better season next year. Special thanks goes out to the scorer- Wendy Jere- miah, Assistant coach Ms. S. Burke, J.V. Assistant Ms. P. Gullding, and also to the great coach Ms. B. Needle Junior Varsity Jeanetta Bean Lydia Brown Alma Dixon Sammie Holloway Cynthia Janes Cheryl Nesmith Bridgette Peterdon Bessie Slaughter Beverly Wade Laura Williams Alice Wood Season Record Record - 11 wins 2 losses 1 tie English 10 @ Boston Tech- Roxbury 0 nical 10 English 24 @ English 14 Dorchester 6 @ East Boston English 10 @ English 20 English 24 @ Wes t Roxbury Hyde Park 6 4 Brighton 2 @ Jamaica Plain English 15 9 Madison Park 19 @ English 15 English 7 @ English 9 English 22 @ South Boston 2 English 18 @ English 10 Charlestown 0 @ Burke 9 @ Boston Latin 1 @ Latin Acade- my 4 @ English 14 Basketball Team- Basketball Team: Ken Bradford, Ken Hall, Robert White, Ernest Stubbs, Frank Avant, Ernie Floyd, Jerry Biud, Joe Turner, Tim Hammond, Roger Perry, Damon Mercer, Dolph Judge, Len Nelson, Vin Nelson, Tony Seynour Captains S-U-C-C-E-S-S Thats a good way to sum up this year ' s basket- ball team. English entered the tournament for the tenth time in twelve seasons. Coach Berley says " this year has been a good year, alot of players have gone through a learning process and they are still young. So I ' m confident that we will win it all this year. " He also said " while we were learning we were winning, and that is a good omen for the future. " English High has been known for its great basket- ball teams. And this season ' s team has been one to be proud of. Bob Drapeau Sports Editor English High School Newspaper Seniors Bowling Team Susan Sullivan, Carol Prisco, Jerry Cavicchi, Robert Glover, Paula Conley, Janice Smith, Sandra Devaney, Wanda Skelley, Victor Thomas, John Eason, Kevin Lomax, Karen Grondin, Doug Nee, Diane Kiernan, Terry Egan, Donna McCleerkin, Pat Bryant, Sylvia Stevens, Belinda Johnson, Penny Greenberg, John Redmond. Bowling Team 1976- 1977 Season Coach: Mrs. Ward The English High School Bowling Team practices twice a week beginning its season in November in prepara- tion for the City-Wide Tournament which takes place in March. During the season the Bowling Team chal- langed the English High Faculty to numerous roll- offs and came out victo- rious. This was the first year that the team was Co-Ed. Eight males and fourteen females shared in the fun and excitement that the sport of bowling provides. At the end of the sea- son an award will be pre- sented to the male and female who has maintain- ed the highest average. Boys Swimming Team 92 Indoor Track 76 ' ' Softball Softball - May 20, 1976 Coach- Mrs. Ward The girls varsity softball team has been in existence for three years at English High School. Each year the Sport has grown with tremendous popularity among the students. Based on their previous record of two consecutive city-league cham- pionships, the girls are well known for their skill and enthusiasm. The team looks forward to having another successful season this year and with hard work and a little bit of luck, their expectations will become reality. COACH WARD, DIANE KIERNAN, WANDA SKELLEY, CARYN CONLEY, KATHY KIERNAN KATHY KIERNAN Crew Team GEMINI FASHIONS " Check Out Gemini Today " We Have Downtown Fashions At Prices Stargazers Only Dream About. Gemini Fashions 22 85 Washington St. Rox. IVIa. ENGLISH DEPT. Alexander Bowen One Hour IVIartinizing 2304 Washington St. Roxbury, MA Phone 427-8086 SUBS ' n ' SUCH 660 Huntington Ave Near Boston State Serving the Finest Subs in the Area Good Luck 8c Best Wishes 98 ROBELLS DEPT. STORE 2275 Washington St. at Dudley Shopping Center 46 Arsenal Street Alternators - Generators - Starters - Magnetos - Carburetors Repairs and Automotive and Industrial Parts B D AUTO ELECTRIC CO., INC. specializing in Industrial, Marine and Heavy Duty BOB GAVIN Tel. 617- 926-5990 46 Arsenal Street Watertown, Mass. 02172 i PENDLETON UQUORS 381 Centre St. - Hyde Square Jamaica Plain, Mass, 02130 D F A L N PAUL JOHNSON E K R L R A P E JERRY GALLAGHER BOB BEATTY A N 1 S H U C RON MURPHY E Y L E E N MAT H E M A T 1 C S B A c 0 0 R M L DICK MURPHY R A JERRY MANNING N 1 U R S U 0 0 s S BEVERLY MAWN S ERNIE GREEN ARBY ' S ROAST BEEF Hunington Ave. Boston, Ma. V.F.W. Parkway Rt 1 West Rosbury 99 " Congratulations " " James D. Casey Associates " DEBBIE, ELLEN, MAGDA, BARBARA, ROSEMARIE Compliments of Meatland Market 306 Centre Street Jamaica Plain, Ma., 02130 BUSINESS EDUCATION DEPT. Congradulations 8c Best of Luck to the Class of 1977. MONTY ' S DRY CLEANERS 15989 Columbus Ave. Roxbury, Ma. Tel. 427-8907 BEST WISHES TO CLASS of 1977 from a FRIEND 100 " WITH EVERY BEST WISH TO THE CLASS OF 1977. OUR 156TH CLASS, LONG LIFE, GOOD HEALTH, AND EVERY BEST WISH FOR PEACE, SUCCESS, AND FULFILLMENT- DEMONSTRATING ONCE AGAIN THAT, " SERVICE TO MANKIND, IS, HONOR AND ACHIEVEMENT. " MR, JOHN A, CREEDON, ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT TO THE HEADMASTER R. E. Murphy Plumbing Heating IS Dow Rd 323-5650 West Roxbury, MA, 02132 Congradulations to the class of " 77 " from an alumni class of " 64 Yellow Submarine 452 Huntington Ave Bill Henry Painter Interior and Exterior also Wallpapering Best Wishes West Roxbury Auto Show West Roxbury Auto ScKooI, Inc. 115 PARK STREET WEST ROXBURY, MASS. 02132 COMPLETE DRIVER EDUCATION COURSES FREE ADULT LEARNER S PERMIT INSTRUCTION JOHN A. LA CASCIA TEL 325-5861 Music One 151 Tremont St 101 Dear English High School Students: Massachusetts College of Art has been delighted to have the opportunity to work along with you and your teachers in developing the Magnet Art Program at English High School. We are glad that you have used our library, our galleries, and taken our classes including, " College Art for High School Students. " We welcome you to continue to exhibit your work here at the College, as you did this past year. You have done wonderful art work this year. You have gained many new skills. Some of you have chosen now to continue your education here at the Massachusetts College of Art. We welcome you. We hope to continue to get to know one another better. assachusetts college of art | 364 brookline ave., boston 02215 | the commonwealth of massachusetts | (617) 731-2340 Diana Korzenik Project Director JFN:DK kb THEATRE ARTS ENGLISH Best Wishes from the Brandeis University - English High School Magnet Program in Theatre Arts 103 Compliments of the ART DEPARTMENT ART 1 DRAWING PAINTING CRAFTS ART - PAST 8c PRESENT CERAMICS PRINTMAKING PHOTOGRAPHY VIDEO FILM WORK SHOP SCULPTURE PORTFOLIO PREPARATION HISTORY DEPT. Joyce Bertini Carol Bynum Patricia Courtney Edward Connelly Jack Creedon Gordon Elliot Peter Golden Francis Fennessey Thomas Healy Herbert Kopins William Maher Edward Welsh Walter O ' Brien Vernon Polite John McCarthy Lewis Liggerio James Crecco Paul Nevins Service to man kind thru Honor and Achievement Mr. and Mrs, Robert Peterkin May the ten story tower have helped you to grow, May its teachers have helped you to learn, and May your wishes and potentials be fulfilled. Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Lane 106 BestWishes From Jamaica Plain Businessmen ' s Association Metropolitan Furniture Classic Cleaners Bernard Office and Art Supplies Kennedy ' s Butter and Egg Jay ' s Kair Fashion Hanlon ' s Ladies and Children ' s Shoes Jamaica Plain Cooperative BAnk First National Banl Wayne ' s Department Store F.W. Woo I worth Boston Five Cent Savings Bank McCormack and Franklin Law Offices B Sc M Custom Service Co. Helen ' s Restaurant Roger ' s Drug Store Yumont Hardware Jax Discount Harry ' s Hardware Hanlon ' s Men Shoe Store Fayva Shoe Pearl ' s Candy Shop Barry ' s Deli Centre Variety Costello ' s Tavern Carol ' s Children Shop Erco Shop White Wing Launderette Louis Meat Market Callahan ' s Men ' s Shop Dr. McDevitt Dr. McGrath Blanchard ' s Liquor Fowler Real Estate Brigham ' s SDunkin ' Donuts AAA TV Lucia Hair Stylists I THE UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS at Amherst Sends Congratulations to the 1977 Graduates of English High HOME EC DEPT. Congratulations to the Class of 1977 from the Home Economics Department Ms. Black, Mrs. Foley, Ms. Midgley, Ms. Ray, Mr. Saunders 107 Think and Grow Rich! Peace, Sherman Marcellus Lee Congradulations to Class of " 1977 " from the Secretaries of English High School Congradulations to the Class of " 77 " from the Flexible Campus Office Congradulations Good Luck from Gloria Stevens in West Roxbury to the Class of " 1977 " SPONSORS Ernest Cole Polly M. Daughtry George ' s Record Shop Mr. St Mrs. Warren Greenberg Mrs. Evelyn Reeves Sheila Serine Kay Anderson Mr. 8t Mrs. Michael Garber Mrs. Shirley Judge Leo Palmeroi PATRONS The Conley Family Mary P. Kelly Mr. 8t Mrs. William Henry and Family Mr. 8t Mrs. Denekamp and Family Mary T. Maillet Peggy Menz Bruce Flibbin Stacy Johnson Jr. Unique Formal Wear Mr. Mrs. John F. Saltalamachia Mr. 8t Mrs. Robert Glover Gallagher Artenna Saporoshetz and Brunei I i f X Ik I V 5 5 0

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