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Celebration Celebration Celebration Celebration Celebration Celebration The class of 1976 proudly dedicates its yearbook to these people whom we believe best represent the true meaning of The English High School motto: " Ser- vice to Mankind is Honor and Achievement. " Mr. James J. Doherty, former acting headmaster of The English High School, who in 1972, with the students supporting him, fought to retain the building when others sought to appropiate it for Boston Latin Academy. Judge W. Arthur Garrity, Jr. , whose Federal Court order brought varied people together at The English High School to create new friendships. Mr. James G. Egan, president of the E. H.S. Alumni Association, for the English High School. He has made us proud to be a part of the Blue and Blue. Our parents who cooperated with the law, and allowed us to give English High School a chance. Students of English High for getting it all together with the enthusiastic help of the administration and faculty. 11 11 ii n !i || 1 I i 15 nun nun ii ii ii ii ii ii ii ii ii nun DL LI nn im fill If I I • ••• » •■ Iff " ' HIT 1 LI 1 lSSACHUSETTS-- f HERE IT ALL BEGAN rAND CONTINUES TO HAPPEN It began with the May- lower and the Pilgrims. |It continues with Massasoit;| ' uritans; John Winthrop; [Mass. Bay Colony; Fanueil |Hall; the " radle of Liber- Kings Chapel; Boston Common; Paul Revere; le Old North Church; iBeacon Hill; Crispus At- Itucks; The Boston Massa- cre; The Boston Tea Party; linutemen; " shot heard round the world " ; Lexing- jton and Concord; Bunker jHill; Dorchester Heights; ■Benjamin Franklin; John ■Quincy Adams; John Han- [cock; City of Boston, 1820; IBOSTON ENGLISH HIGH SCHOOL, 1821. It still continues with |Louise May Alcott; Long- fellow; Thoreau; Hawthorne j |Melville; Dickensen; Park- len; Abolitionists; Under- ground Railroad; William [Lloyd Garrison; African ■Meeting House; Civil War; |Robert Gould Shaw; 54th Legiment; Spanish -Ameri- j lean War; World Wars I and pi; Gen. Matthew B. Ridge- | ay, class of 1912; John F. Kennedy; Robert F. Ken- nedy; Martin Luther King; John McCormack; Massa- ;husetts, the only state to rote against Nixon; Satur- ay Night Massacre; Ted [Kennedy; The Athens of lerica; Elma Lewis; National Center for Afro- American Artists; College Town U. S. A. ; Medical " enter U. S. A. ; Sports ?wn U. S. A. ; Boston Sym-J ty Orchestra; Judge W.. iur Garrity, Busing; Renewal; Govern- lter; Women ' s Vi ition " English High, Our English High.?. On September 17, 1974 students boarded a yellow school bus headed for a school outside their neigh- borhood, in compliance with the Federal Court or- der to desegregate Boston Public Schools. There was nervousness and tension the first few months, but as we grew familiar with our environment we be- came more at ease with it. Thru desegregation friend- ships were created that otherwise would not have come about and educational opportunities were provid- ed. Moreover our horizons expanded as, instead of knowing only one section of the city, we got to know other students from all over the city. Now we feel like Bostonians. ! ; t vC- V When it comes to sports the kids at English High School do their own thing. Some like football, basket- ball and track, while others prefer soccer, swimming and Softball. We are very fortunate to have such fine facilities as an Olympic size swimming pool, a modern gym and the finest equip- ment available. Through hard work and cooperation and the help of fine coaches the students have truly showed the spirit of the Blue and Blue. TO We at The English High School celebrate our new ten story building. A variety of courses are provided for any occupational goal a student has in mind. We have the neccessarv equip- ment for each course, an Olympic size ' pool, a full floor library, T. V. studio, large auditorium, science labs, art studios, and voca- tional shops. It has created an all new educational en- vironment for us. The class of 1976 cele- brates the arrival of women to The English High School. This year our class will graduate the first women to complete four years in a school that was predominantly occupied by men, since 1821. Yvette Abdal-Khallag, Kim LaDue, Andree Smith (Class Officers) One year after the town of Boston became a city, The English High School be- came the first public school in America. It was esta- blished because an educa- tional sub-committee be- lieved a higher institution of learning was needed. Thus in 1821 they esta- blished The English High School. Entrance examinations were held in Latin School on School St. On the first day 101 students entered the building on Derne St. , covering a portion of the ground, now occupied by the State House extension. As the school grew in size later locations included; Pickney St. on Beacon Hill. In 1844 twenty years later the school moved to a new- ly erected school on Bed- ford St. This new school was shared with Latin School for 37 years. In 1881 the school mov- ed with Latin School to a building on Warren Avenue - Montgomery St. At the time the building was " the largest building in America used for educational pur- poses and the largest build- ing in the world used for free school.. " 16 Administration 1 8 Faculty 20 Tribute 42 Senior Class 44 Sports 88 Activities 108 Ads 118 THE SCHOOL COMMITTEE OF THE CITY OF BOSTON The members of your class have many rcrsons to CELEBRATE. You have been unioue, in many ways, in the history of the English High School. It is this uniaueness that has enabled you to return our school to its rightful position of leadership among Boston Public Schools. Vith a spirit of brotherhood and understanding, you have risen above the turmoil that has plagued our city during the past tv.-o years, thus becoming the embodiment of the English High ideals - Honor and Achievement. You were the first class to be so tested rnd you have proven yourselves to be ecmal to the challenge. It is time to go forth rnd put your experiences here at the English High School to work. With the maturity you have already demonstrated you will undoubtedly mrke a deep impression upon our society. I wish each of you good luck in your future endeavors. And remember - you were part ot something SIECI.L. BOSTON PUBLIC SCHOOLS MESSAGE TO THE CLASS OF 1976 Mathematics 32 Linda Mandlawitz 34 Theatre Arts Program 37 mm Dorothy Lockhart, Nurse ' s Ann Blood, Nurse Secretary Katherine Corcoran, Geraldine Nancy Farrell, Dorothy Geraghty, White, Josephine Gannon, Data Secretaries Processing Cafeteria Personnel 38 FRANK REPETTO 1931-1975 Frank Repetto will be missed. For a whole generation he personified the best qualities of a teacher at English High. Everyone remembers his ready smile, his wit, his kindness to everyone. His shoes will be hard to fill. We wish him long life and happiness in his retirement years. 43 PRESIDENT: Kim Ladue VICE PRESIDENT: Omar Reid SECRETARY: Andree Smith TREASURER: Yvette Abdal-Khallaq Class Officers 44 YVETTE M. ABDAL-KHALLAQ " Twin " Activities: B.S.U. 1, Student Council 2, 3, Senior Class Treasurer 4, Year- book staff, Wider Opp. for Women, Ski Club Expression: " Life is what you make it. " Ambition: Business YVONNE M. ABDAL-KALLAQ " Twin " Activities: Student Council 2,3, Year- book 4, Senior Activity Committee 4, W.O.W. 4, Ski Club 4, Prom Committee 4 Expression: " To know me is to like me. " Ambition: Biologist HENRIETTA ADAMS " Henry " Activities: French Club 1, Glee Club 1 Expression: " Why can ' t we live together and try to love one another. Favorites: Chinese food Ambition: Poetess and Singer n i o LINDA J . ALFORD JOYCE ALLEN " Chocolate City, (c.c. ) " Activities: Co-op Program, Glee Club Ambitions: To go to Howard University of Washington, D . C . Expression: That ' s the way of the world Zodiac sign: Taurus Favorites: Inseparable, Natalie Cole, B.B.Q. Spareribs, English, Mr. Spratling, West Indies Strut, Fatty Briggs NORMAN WASHINGTON ALLEN " Baraka " Activities: John Hancock Program, Boxing, Kung Fu Club Zodiac sign: Capricorn Favorites: Ike Brown, Basketball ft VICTORIA L. ANDERSON " Vicki " Activities: Co-op Program Ambition: Attend Boston Business Zodiac sign: Cancer Favorites: Reasons Expression: To live happily you must love life. TANYA D. ANTHONY Activities: Glee Club, Pep Club, Letter Girl Ambition: Accountant Zodiac sign: Aquarius Favorites: Steak, Basketball, Baretta DONNA J . ARMSTEAD ANTHONY J . ASH JANEM. ARNPRIESTER JEFFREY S. AYER " Big J " Activities: Political discovery 3, Yearbook 4 Ambition: Photographer Favorite: tennis, bowling, Starsky and Hutch, Pizza for food Expression: " Say what? " Zodiac sign: Virgo CYNTHIA L. BAIRD " Cindy " Activities: Basketball 1,2 Expression: " Life is too short so live while you have the chance " . Ambition: Airline worker LISA ANN AVOLA " Volia " Ambition: Fashion Designer Expression; Off me Jackson SANDRA H. AYOUB " Sandy " Activities: Student council, Library Ass ' t, Math team, National Honor Soc. Ambition: College RONALD BAKER DIANE AUGUSTA KIM ELIZABETH BAMBERG " Blondie " Ambition: Professional model Expression: " I gotta be me. " Favorites: Basketball, " Good Times ' show, chicken for food Zodiac sign: Cancer DEBORAH H. BAZLEY " Debbie " Activities: Basketball, Glee Club, Track Ambition: A Legal Se cretary Expression: " I got a Basketball Jones, Young, Gifted and Black. SHEILA A . BLALOCK " Pean " Activities: Basketball, Volleyball Expression: " Make your own kind of music " BARBARA J . BARTON " Barb " Activities: Glee Club 1, National Honor Society 1, Office Aide 3 Ambition: College Expression: Life is like an onion: you peel it off layer by layer; and some- times you cry. Favorites: Fox on the Fun; Chicago, Typing, Mr. McShane, Hockey, " Happy Days " Zodiac Sign: Saggitarius LA VERNE BEAL Activities: Glee Club 1,2,3,4, Year- book 4, Prom Committee 4, Honor Society 1, Office Aid 4, Ambition: Psychiatrist Expression: " Slender, Tender and Tall " ANNE MARIE BLEST " Moe " Activities: Yearbook staff, 4, Li- brary Aide — 1, Swimteam 1 and 4. Ambition: Business School Expression: " Time is on my side " , " Cut it Out " Favorites: Aerosmith, McDonalds, Music, Swimming, Happy Days Zodiac Sign: Piscies CECILE BARNES JERRY L. BLUE " Blue 2 " Activities: Basketball, Baseball Football Ambition: National Guard Zodiac Sign: Libra Favorite T.V. Show: " On the Rocks " Expression: " Lovely " 48 MARIE BOCCUZZI Favorites: Italian foods, Ms. Bertirri, classmate Georgianna, clothes pants EDA L. BODDEN Activities: Basketball Expression: Let ' s do it again Zodiac Sign: Leo Favorites: K C and the Sunshine Band, Hustle, Good Times, Frankie BELLANNA BORDE " Bell " Activities: cheerleader, student government Ambition: doctor Expression: Persistant and arguing to succeed and love nature Zodiac Sign: Scorpian Favorites: Al Green, West Indian, Basketball, Good Times JANICE BRAY (Nut) Activities: National Honor Society 2,4, Newspaper Staff IV Glee Club 1-2-3 DEBORAH ANN BOUGHT ER " Munchkin " Activities: partying Ambition: secreta ry Zodiac Sign: Libra Favorites: french fries, dance the bump, Expression: What ' s up? THURSTON E. BRANDON, JR. Activities: baseball, football, track Ambitions: Navy DONNA M. BRADBURY Activities: O. R. C. Ambition: to be come successful in the business world and become wealthy Zodiac Sign: Leo Favorites: K.C. and The Sunshine Band, hockey, 3 stooges, butheadly! KAREN BRIGHAM MONLORA F . BROWN Ambition: Secretary Favorites: Walk away from love, Barry White, Chinese food, Good times Zodiac sign: Taurus CASSANDRA JUNE BRIGGS " Fattie " Activities: effective communication, Flexible Campus Pro. Favorites: Honey, New Birth, Chinese Food, The Jeffersons Expression: You ' re crazy but beautiful Zodiac sign: Pisces ROBERT BROOKS JEWELL A. BROWN " J.B " Activities: Glee Club 1, Drama 4, Pep Club 4 Favorites: I Love Music Ambition: Fashion Designer and Teacher Zodiac sign: Pisces CONSTANCE J. BRIGGS " Connie " Activities: Student council Expression: To sir with Love Ambition: To go to college to become a criminal lawyer Favorites: Mr. Magic, Minnie Piperton, Chinese food, football, the Jeffersons Zodiac sign: Pisces 50 DENIS E BROWN " Neice " Ambition: executive secretary Favorite: sexy, Hot Chocolate, bus stop, Jeffersons Expression: Check it out Zodiac sign: Taurus THEOPHILUS BURKE DEN1SE A. BYRNES " Byrnsey " Activities: Glee Club, Drama Club Expression: Did I Stutter? Ambition: Social Worker Zodiac: Taurus Favorites: group- -Aerosmith, Beach Boys CONSTANCE BULLOCK " Connie " Activities: ORC--Dietary Aid 2,3, ORC — Community Health Worker 3 Expression: Find Your Eternal Hapi- ness Ambition: To Open Up My Own Music School Favorite Song: The Hustle Favorite Group: War Zodiac: Virgo Favorite Dance: The Bump OLIVIA BUTE GREGORY E. CAMPBELL VALERIE P. BRYER " Val " Activities: French Club 1, Drama Club 2, Political Discovery Program 3, Flexible Campus 3, Yearbook 4, Ambition: To be happy in what ever suits me Expression: Love is like an everlasting torch; illuminating my life with hapi- ness Zodiac: Cancer JOSEPH M. CAMPBELL " Float " Activities: Drama Club 1, 3, Student Council 3, Class Vice President 1, Track Team, Cross Country, Basket- ball 3 Ambition: College Expression: ME! ! NOT SHOWN MARGHERITEP. CATALDO " Margie " Activities: Glee Club 1,2,3,4, Boston Today 3 Expression: Make Me Smile Ambition: Accountant MARIA CHRISTOPOULOS " Hot Peppers " Activities: Cheerleading 1,2, ORC 3,4, Yearbook Staff 4, Glee Club 1, English Honor Student 1 Favorite Singer: Diana Ross Zodiac Sign: Leo Favorite Dance: The Hustle MICHAEL CAPONE MARIE CAVALIERl Ambition: Dental Hygenist Expression: Today is the first day of the rest of your life Favorite Dance: Bump Favorite Group: Rolling Stones Zodiac Sign: Cancer ALEXIS CINTRON Activities: Basketball PAUL E. CANDLER Activities: Student Council 1,2,3, Biracial Committee 3, Drama Club 2,3,4 Ambition: To be very rich and happy Zodiac Sign: Taurus Favorites: Candid Camera MIGDAL1A CINTRON 52 CORNELIA CLARK PATRICK J. A. COLLINS " Billy " Activities: National Honor Society 4, Newspaper 4, Ski Club 4, Office Aid, Irish Historical Society 2, Professional Club Football 1 Favorites: Money, Pink Floyd, Mr. Yunewitz Zodiac: Capricorn BRENDA J. COASTON Activities: Glee Club, Volleyball, Pholography club, cheerleader, honor society Favorites: " Roller Coaster " , Theme from Monogany Ambition: College Zodiac: Pisces DEBRA A. COASTON " Debbie " Expression: " Firefly " Ambition: To be a Legal Secretary DEBORA I. COLBY " Debbie " Activities: Boston Today 3, John Hancock Co. 4 Expression: The most Inner Feelings Fovorites: 99 Miles from L.A., Italian, Mr. Rowley, Hockey, Baretta Ambition: Secretary, Army Zodiac: Gemini L. COLEMAN CINDY A. COLEMAN " Scinanne " Activities: Cheerleading 4, Ski club 4, Modern dance 4 Expression: Why can ' t we be friends Favorites: I Love Music, Earth Wind S Fire, Soul Food, Sociology, Ambition: Medical Office Manage- ment Zodiac: Leo SARTREINA M. COOPER " Nese " Activities: Student Council 2, School Newspaper 3, JANE M. COSTA " Sunshine " Activities: Glee Club, Tennis Club Ambition: Airline Stewardess. Expression: " Born to be Wild. " MARGARET ANN COTTER " Peggy " Activities: Bowling 1, Tennis 3, ORC 4, Gymnastics 1, 2, 3, Ambition: Cosmotologist. Zodiac Sign: Gemini Favorites: Chinese Food, Starsky and Hutch, Happy Days, Bookkeeping. CRAIG J. CUMMINGS Activities: Basketball 1,4 Ambition: Accountant Expression: " Walking in Rhythm. DELPHINE A. CUMMINGS " Phinnie " Activities: Flexible Campus 4 Expression: Taurus the Bull, Keep on Top Favorites: Gratitude, Earth Wind £ Fire Bus Stop, Tennis Zodiac Sign: Taurus JOSEPH R. CULLITTY " Cull " Activities: Baseball I Ambition: To be a great Trumpet player. " Ho -Hum ' PAULH. CUMMINGS " Irish " , " C.B. " Activities: Wrestilng 1-2-3 Ambition: State Police RICHARD L. CROSS " Ricky " Ambition: C. P. A Favorites: That ' s the way I like it, K.C. and the Sunshine Band, Rowley, Hockey, Starsky Hutch Zodica Sign: Aries DAVID E. CUTTING " Dave " Activities: Flexable Campus--4 Expression: " Taking it one day at a time. " Ambition: Bookkeeper, Accountant Favorite: " Get down tonight " , Spaghetti, Hustle Hockey, Zodiac Sign: Virgo 55 TINA DIMODICA " Teenie " Activities: Class Lawyer 2, Class Secretary 3, Dear Abby 3, Fashion Editor 2, Ambition: College Expression: " Make new friends, but keep the old, the first are silver the latter gold. " JOANNE A . DENNEHY " Jo " Activities: Glee Club Expression: Party! ! ! Zodiac Sign: Cancer Favorites: AllmanBros., Mr. Le Vinson, Bump, Football, " Baretta " TONIE M. DRYDEN " Cookie " Activities: Flexible campus, student council Expression: " Sweet and innocence " Zodiac Sign: Virgo Favorites: Natlie Cole, food — every- thing, Mr. McDermott, curly afro BEVERLY D. EARL " Bev " Activities: Yearbook staff, Bowling team, Tennis team, American Ex- perience, flexible campus, Student council Expression: " Hold fast to dreams for if dreams die life is a broken winged 1 bird that cannot fly. Favorites: Italian food, tennis " Good Times " LEONA C. EAGLE " Lee " Activities: basketball, student coun- cil Ambition: psychologist Zodiac Sign: Virgo Favorites: song — Reasons, food — Italian, bus stop, " Switch " GAIL ANNE DREIST Activities: Swim Team Office Aide Flexible campus Ambition: Computer Science Expression: " Love is the essence of all goodness " Zodiac Sign: Pisces Favorites: Stylistics, Italian food, hustle, pool v -4 MARY DUNDON Activities: Boston Today, Drama Club, Tutoral Program, Highlights Ambition: Registered Nurse Expression: " He that would live in peace and at ease, must not speak all he knows, nor judge all he sees. " Zodiac Sign: Gemini Favorites: Food—Italian, The Eagles, basketball, " Rhoda " 57 IRENE B. EGAN " Rene " Activities: Bowling, Track Ambition: Stewardess Expression: Lonely Girl Favorite: Chinese food, Dynomite, Jeans Blouses Zodiac Sign: Capricorn CECILE C . FANDEL Ambition: Train Horses Zodiac Sign: Aries Favorites: pudding, soccer, hockey Raccone, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Upstairs Downstairs MATTHEW S. ENGERMANN " Matt " Activities: Cross Country 1, Cross Country 2, Cross Country 3, Cross Country 4, Indoor Track 4, Ski Club 4, Expression: Give it what you got Favorites: ice-cream, track, Zodiac: Scorpio JAMES A. FAHERTY " Jimmy " Activities: Math Team, Ski Club Ambition: College Expression: Don ' t let it bring you down, it ' s only castles burning SANDRA M. FARMER " Sandy " Activities: Cheerleader, Student Council, volleyball, Office Helper, Urban Studies, Glee Club Expression: Be yourself Favorites: Chinese Food, Bus Stop, Goodtimes CHERYL L. FACEY Ambition: Airline Stewardess Expression: Personality ORDINEL. FARRELL " Tiny " Activities: Yearbook Staff Basketball Team Ambition: To travel around the world Expression; To Learn and Never be Filled is Devotion Zodiac Sign: Pisces Favorites: soul food, Bus Stop, Love to Love you Baby SARAH FELICIANO DONNA J. FLYNN Expression: Music Activities: Physical Education 1, 2, 3, 4, Swimming 3, Gymnastics 3, Bos- ton Today 3 Ambition: Secretary KATHLEEN M. FARREN " Kathy " Activities: Teacher in Reading Program, Glee Club, Student Coun- cil 2, Yearbook Staff 4, American Experience Program 3, National Honor Society 4 Ambition: Physical Therapist Favorites: Pizza, Virgo, Tennis, Starsky G Hutch Expression: Smile and the world smiles with you, weep and you cry alone. JUNE M. FOSTER " Buggy " Ambition: Race Car Driving Expression: Do unto others and do it well. HARRY FRANCOIS " Ryry " Ambition: Engineer Activities: Soccer 4 Favorites: Before The next, Ohio Players, Chinese Food, Scorpio, Soccer, Good Times JOSEPH M. FRAINE " Joe " " Jay " Activities: Track 1, 2, 3 Ambition: Mass. College of Art ROGER FRANKLIN " Noinky " Activities: Newspaper Photographer, Yearbook Staff 4, Camping Favorites: Elton John, McDonald ' s, Pisces, Bump, Starsky Hutch 59 FLORENCIA A . GARCIA (Chely) Expression: Behave good at anytime and in any place Ambitions: XRay-Technician LAWRENCE GODFREY JOHNNY L. GAMBLE (Cheese Burger) Activities: Football, Basketball, Base- ball, Boxing Expression: Over every possesser of knowledge there is always one with more knowledge Favorites: Ravioli, Bump, Good times Zodiac sign: Taurus NANCY L. GALLOWAY (Nunzie) Activities: Basketball team, Modeling, class representative Ambition: To become a Registered Nurse with Batchlors in Science. OVIDA E. GARVIN (Twiggy) Activities: Yearbook 4, Tennis Club, Co-op Student Ambition: Registered Nurse Expression: If you do not understand my silence, you will not understand my words. Favorites: That ' s the way of the world, Earth, Wind and Fire, Chinese Food The Jefferson ' s Zodiac sign: Virgo ERNEST THOMAS GIST (Gis— Mo) Activities: Football 1, 2, 3,4, Track 3, 4, Basketball 2 Ambition: College Expression: power of soul Zodiac sign: Libra LINDA J. GIUGGIO (Lana) Activities: Museum School, Swimming, Skating, Volley Ball Team Ambition: Hair Dresser Favorite: Smoking Peace Pipe 60 WANDA GOMEZ " Poochie " Expression: " Not me " Favorite Song: Rollercoaster Zodiac sign: Aquarius RENEE L. GOMES " Healthy " Activities: Basketball, Tennis Ambition: Psychologist Expression: " Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard are sweeter " Favorite song: It only takes a minute Favorite group: Tavares Zodiac sign: Aquarius DONNELL GRAVES " DON " Activities: Flexible Campus Expression: To be me and nobody but me Favorite song: Living for the City Favorite Singer: Stevie Wonder Zodiac sign: Aquarius ELLEN F. GREENE " Kwikee " Activities: Glee Club I, French Club I, Basketball II, Track II Expression: " Blessings on him that first invented sleep " Zodiac sign: Libra MARLON D GRESHAM CATHERINE F. GOSELIN " Stiggy " Activities: Athletic Club, Student Council, Library Assistant, Math Team Ambition: To live a long happy life. Expression: " Thats Life " Favorite song: I ' m Eighteen Favorite Group: Chicago Zodiac sign: Libra BARBARA E. GREALISH Activities: French Club I, Multi Ethnic Racial Council IV, Tutor IV, Office Aide IV, Yearbook staff IV, Senior Activities Prom Comm. Ski Club IV, Honor Society IV Favorite Song: " Only love can break your heart " Singer: Neil Young Zodiac sign: Scorpio Ambition: Registered Nurse MARC GROSSMAN TERESA A. GRIFFIN " Terri " Activities: Glee Club 1, Track 1, Library Assistant 3 Ambition: College Favorite Singer: Stevie Wonder Zodiac Sign: Saggitarius DONNA MARIE HAMMOND " Dimples ' Activities: Basketball, Swimming, Baseball, Soccer Expression: Sweet Thang Zodiac Sign: Leo Favorite Dance; Bus Stop Favorite T.V. Show: " Good Times " STEVEN C. HANKINS " Hankins " Activities: Swimming Ambition: Photographer Favorite Dance: Electric Hustle Double Bump Zodiac Sign: Cancer— Gemini WENDY A . HARPER DEBORAH ANNETTE GUESS " Byrd " Activities: Cheerleader 1,2, Yearbook Staff 4, Ski club 4, Pep Club 4 Ambition: To be famous Expression: The Song " Wild Flower " Favorite Dance: Bump Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius THOMAS L. HAMMONDS " Tommy " Activities: English Literature Club 3,4 62 IVORY HART Activities: Glee Club, Drama Club Expression: Love! CLARENCE BUTCH IE HATCHER " Roadrunner " Activities: Indoor track 1, 2, 3, 4, Out- door track 1, 2, 3, 4, Cross country 1, 2,3,4 Expression: " Get down tonight " ft KENNETH L. HEARNS Activities: Football 2,3,4, Baseball 1,2,3,4, Indoor track 2, 4, Ambition: To go to college Zodiac sign: Leo Expression: " Movin on up " Favorites: Honey, Ohio Players, Bus stop, Fried Chicken, " Happy Days " LA UREEN HARRIS " Slim " Activities: Basketball, Swimming Tennis Favorites: Group Blue Magic, Corn, Typing, Bus Stop, " Good Times " , Bunny Cheryl, Afro Ambition: To join the United States Air Force, Keypunch Operator. Expression: " Something ' s Missing " Zodiac Sign: Taurus CINDY D. HAYMON Activities: Drama Club 2,3,4, Basket- ball 3, 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Prom Com- mittee 4; Newspaper 4; Student Council 4, Senior Activities Committee Ambition: Interior Designer, Zodiac sign: Sagitarius Expression: Change Favorites: Basket- ball, Psychology, Mr. Burns KATHLEEN M. HENRY " Kathy " Activities: Glee Club 1, Newspaper Staff 1, Volleyball 1, Art Club 2, Art Museum 2, Chinese Culture Class 2, Urban Discovery 3, Year book 4, Ski Club 4 Ambition: Art therapist in Special Education Expression: " What sunshine is to flowers smiles are to humanity. " Zodiac Sign: Taurus MARK HIGGINBOTTOM " C— C " Basketball 2, 3, 4 ROSEMARIE IARROBINO " Rosey " Activities: Glee Club 1, Cheer- leading 1, Student Council 2, Span- ish Student, Science Honor Student 1, O.R.C. 4, Yearbook Staff 4 Ambition: Medical Secretary NATHANIEL INSTASI 72 VERTIALEE HORSLEY JANET HORNE Favorites: Let ' s do it again, Millie Jackson, lobster, Psychology, Mr. Polite, Bus stop, Basketball, Sanford Son Zodiac Sign: Leo Expression: " Too mean for the People Ambition: Secretary " Back again " KAREN IRR Activities: Glee Club 1,2, Reading Program Favorites: Deep Purple, Italian food, Hockey, Good Times Zodiac Sign: Capricorn Favorite Expression: " We ' ve only just begun to live " DEBRAH A. JACKSON " Debbie " Expression: " you got to go through it to get to it " Ambition: Accountant MARK W. JOHNSON " Wayne " Ambition : To be rich. CLEFUS JENNINGS MICHAEL JOHNSON " Cap ' " Mizz " Activities: Student Council 1, Basketball 4, Ambition: To go college and be rich Expression: " Easy to get along with. " " Who ' s who? ' KAREN A. JONES Activities: Yearbook Staff 1, 2 Expression: " Foxy Lady " Favorites: Happy Music, O ' Jays, Steak, Typing, Good Times, Jeans 1 SARAH V. JOHNSON Activities: Karate Expression: " To know me is to love me. " Ambition: Secretary Favorites: Precious Memories, Aretha Franklin, Steak, Tennis, Beretta, ALLEN A. JONES " City " Activities: Basketball 3,4, Student Council 4, Prom Committee 4, Fund Raising Committee, Clean Up Com- mittee, Advertising Committee, Expression: " Got what I can and ran. " Favorites: Chinese Food, Spratling, Scorpio, 65 ELLEN V. JUSTICE " E.J. " Activities: Glee Club 1,2,3,4, Youth Program 3, Expression: " Music will always remain my choice because it best prevails me and is my ectasy. " DONNA MARIE JOYCE " Sunshine " Activities: Co-op Program Ambition: Business Executive Expression: " 19th nervous break down " Favorites: pizza, " S.O.S. " , " Happy Days " , Mr. McDermot Zodiac Sign: Pisces ANNIE LUCILLE KELTON " Braids " Activities: Volleyball, Basketball Favorites: Jackson 5, chicken, Art, Mr. Hines, " Marcus Welby M.D . " Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius ALLEN J . KING " Aka " Activities: Football 2, 3, 4, Track 2,3,4 Ambition: To be successful. Expression: " Understanding " Favorites: soul food, " Baretta " , Mr. Speaks Zodiac Sign: Virgo LISA J. KOLKA " Charlie " Activities: Turtorial Staff, Yearbook Staff 4, Glee Club, Museum School Ambition: Illustrator for Childerns books, magazines, etc. Favorites: Chinese Food, " M.A.S.H. 1 Zodiac Sign: Scorpio 66 PATRICK M. KELLEY " Pat " Activities: Football, Baseball, Hockey, Swimming Ambition: A heart surgeon. NANCY A . KILROY Activities: Urban Discovery 3, Athenian Club 1,2, Athletic Assosia- tion 2 Ambition: To be whatever makes me happy. Expression: " Live today for there ' s no tomorrow. " Zodiac Sign: Gemini KIM M. LADUE Activities: Student Council, Class President, Drama Club, School News- paper, Glee Club, French Club, Flexible Campus Ambition: Pediatric Nurse Expression: " Keep your feel on the ground and reach for the highest star " STEPHEN R. LANDRUM " Bush " Activities: Basketball, Newspaper Staff, Camera Club Ambition: I " d like to be a Businessman Zodiac Sign: Taurus REBECCA LANIER THOMAS P. LAWLER " TT " Expression: " Sometimes on a Nice Day you feel like jumping up and running off, But you don ' t have a corridor pass so you just sit there. " Ambition: To become an accountant. GEORGIA NNE R . LARSON Activities: Honor Society 3,4, Ambition: Legal Secretary Favorites: Italian food, sport — bowling, expression — Smiling, clothes — dresses, slackes Zodiac Sign: Libra DEBRA L. KORZEC " Beebs " Activities Drama Club, Athenian Club, Student Council Ambition: Biologist Expression: " To dream and to do is to live. " Favorites: song — " Here There and Everywhere, " Chinese food, class- Biology, teacher — Dotoli 4 ANNL. LENNON Activities: Art Museum Classes, Chinese Culture Class, Student Council, ORC, Yearbook Staff 4 Ambition: Happy Healthy Life. Expression: " If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. " Favorites: Chocolate, T.V. show — " Happy Days, classmates — Zodiac Sign: Taurus 67 DEBRA L. LEVINE Activities: Honor Roll 1,2,3,4, Glee Club 1, Co-op 4, Drama Club 1, Flexible Campus 4, Favorites: K.C. and the Sunshine Band, Ohio Players, Skintight, Roller Coaster, Chinese food Expression: " Check this out " Zodiac Sign: Capricorn Ambition: Medical Secretary CHERYL A. LEWIS " Smiley " Activities: Basketball 1,2,3, Ambition: Secretary Expression: My Afro GLORIA L. LEWIS " Slim " Activities: tennis, basketball Ambition: Air Force Expression: I don ' t know Zodiac Sign: Virgo Favorites: Chicken, Glee Club, Afro, Heat is on BARBARA G. LEVEIN Ambition: Bookkeeper, typist Expression: All good things come in small packages Favorites: Spaghetti and meatballs, Happy days, bowling, everybody, blue jeans DEBRA LOMUSCIO " Shortie " Activities: Urban Discovery Programs, Office worker, John Hancock tutou- rail Program Ambition: college Expression: Some people dream things and say why, I dream of things and say why hot Favorites: Stair way to heaven, Chicago, pizza, Mcarthy, Hockey, Rhoda, blue jeans 68 SANDRA LUNA Activities: Honor Society 4; Swimming Team 3, Flexible Campus Ambition: Pharmacist, Expression: " Have respect for others and others will have respect for you. " Favorites: Chinese food, Swimming, Mr. O ' Brian " OH! He ' s cute. " DONNA M. LONG Activities: Library Club 2, Softball 3,4, Crew 4, Ski Club 4, Ambition: Gym Teacher, Expression: " Lets play charades " , Zodiac Sign: Scorpio, Favorites: Italian food, hockey, Mr. Connelly, Jeans SHARON M. MACLEAN " Maggie " Activities: Glee Club Ambition: Re- gistered Nurse Expression: " Live life to it ' s fullest, don ' t dwell on mistakes. " Favorites: roast beef, hockey, ice skating, Mr. Polite PETER J . MARAVELIS Activities: Soccer 3,4 Ambition: College Favorites: Greek and Italian food, hockey, Mr. Rosen SHARYNH. MAYSER Activities: Yearbook 4, National Honor Society 4, Softball 3,4, Basketball 1,2, Volleyball 1,2,3,4, French Club 1, Library Club 1, Ambition: to be self satisfied Expression: " Just walk beside me and be my friend. " DENISE M. MARRERO " Margie ' Ambition: Business School STUART P. MARCUS " Stu " Activities: Flexible Campus Ambition: College Expression: " Play it by ear. " 69 ANNIE R. MCCARTER " Bookworm " Expression: " Be what you want not what others want you to be. " Ambition: Dietician Favorites: Spinners, Chinese Food, Virgo, Baseball, That ' s My Mama DENISE MEYERKOPF " Dee " Activities: Basketball 1, Track 1, Cheerleading 1, Swim Team 3, Ski Club 4, Flexible Campus 4 Ambition: College, Nurse Expression: " If you do not understand my silence, you will not under- stand my words. " CLAIRE M. MAC KINNON Ambition: Secretary EARLINE MCNARY " Earl " Ambition: To better myself give more to my little ones. Expression: " Say Whaa! " MARCOS MEDINA KAREN MET CALF " Motor Mouth " Expression: " Nothing is permanent but change. " Ambition: College, Secretary Favorites: Beach Boys, Chinese Food, Shorthand, Pisces, Volleyball " Mash " DEBORAH MENCY MARILYN MILLER " Munchkin " Ambition: College Activities: Library 2, 3 Expression: " Natural High " Favorites: Al Green, Italian Food, Sagitarius, Bump, Starsky Hutch, Casual MARGURITE L. MONROE Activities: D.R.C. Exploring Health, Careers Ambition: Physical Therapist Expression: My loud mouth whenever I feel like being heard ALEX MIDDLETON Ambition: Radiology Favorites: Kool Gang, Libra, Basket- ball, Football, Toma CANDIA M. MOAKLEY " Candi ' SANTA MONTANEZ FREDERICK F. MICELI " Freddy " Activities: Hockey 2, 3,4 Ambition: Police Acamady Favorites: Munchies, Cancer, Bus Stop, Ice Hockey, Love American Style ARHUR J. MORGAN " A.J. " Ambition: Criminal laywer Expression; The " Reasons " 71 IONA P. MUISE Ambition: To Travel Expression: " To live each day as it comes. " PATRICIA J. MULLEN " Patti " Activities: Tennis 3 Expression: " Stand " Ambition: To get where I want to go. Favorites: " Stand " , Oranges, Aquarias LORRAINE MURRAY " Dino " Activities: Track 1 Favorites: Kool Gang, Capricorn, Bump, Basketball, $10, 000 Pyramid JOCELYN MUNROE " Jos " Activities: Newspaper, Glee Club, NAT. Jr. Hon. Soc. Library Club, Drama Club, Theatrical Lighting, Student Tudor Expression: " Is it snowing yet " BLAIR NURSE LAMONT H. MORRIS " Flea " Activities: Indoor Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Cross Country 1, Outdoor Track 1, 2, 3,4, Football 2, 3,4 Ambition: Electrician Favorite: Oat Meal, Capricorn, Football, Track, Sanford and Son Expression: " Section 32. " DIANE O ' BRIEN " Little Obie " Activities: Co-Op Program Ambition: Secretary 72 BRENDA J. O ' ROURKE Activities: French Club 1, Library Club 2, Honor Society 1,4, Ski Club 4, Yearbook Staff 4 (co-editor) Ambition: College Expression: " Life is to short to be little. " Zodiac Sign: Virgo JANICE L. ORENSTEIN " Cream Puff " Activities: Horseback Riding, Swim- ming, Skating Ambition: An instructor for horseback riding. Expression: " My big mouth. " MARY E. O ' TOOLE Activities: Glee Club 1, Latin Club 2 Ambition: College, to be a nurse Expression: " Happiness " Favorites: pizza, " Happy Days " , Bay City Rollers, swimming Zodiac Sicm- Arioc BETTY ANN OWENS Activities: Glee Club 3, Office Aid 4 Ambition: Teacher Expression: " Who can I turn to when nobody needs me? " Favorites: " Walk Away from Love " , salads, basketball, English Class Zodiac Sign: Virgo PHIL PARENT Ambition: Engineering Favorites: Chinese Food, soccer, " Baretta " Zodiac Sign: Gemini VICKIE B. PARKER " Berretta " Expression: " Sweet Mellow Music " " MY EYES " Favorites: " Love to Love You Baby " , fried chicken, Bus Stop, track " That ' s my Mama " Zodiac Sign: Gemini ROBERT L. PAGE Ambition: Air Force 73 NATALIE M. PAWULA " Nat " Activities: Yearbook Staff 4, Ski Club 4, National Honor Society 4, Boston Today Program 3, Latin Club 2, National Junior Honor Society 1 Expression: Today is the tomorrow I have dreamed about yesterday Ambition: College Zodiac Sign: Cancer MIGDALIA PARRILLA Ambition: Bi-lingual Secretary GWENDOLYN LEVONNE PEDDY " Gwen " Activities: Pep Club, Ski Club 4 Expression: I Love Music Zodiac Sign: Gemini Favorites: Fried chicken, Bump, Good Times, skirts, Earth, Wind, and Fire Type it yourself! RENEE C. PERRY " Candy " Activities: Basketball, Track, Volleyball Ambition: Business Administration Expression: The Way We Were Zodiac Sign: Gemini Favorities: Collard Greens, Bump, Basketball, Good Times, History VICTOR PEREZ NORBERTO PENA Activities: French Club Ambition: Doctor Favorities: Basketball, All in the Family, sports, Jeans Zodiac Sign: Cancer JUDITH LOUISE PIMENTEL " Yone " Activities: Effective Communication 1, Fashion Design 1, Basketball 1, Secreterial Program, Ambition: Legal Secretarial Zodiac Sign: Taurus Favorite Song: the Way We Were RENEE EL V IDA PINA " Snooky " Activities: Cheerleader 1, 2, American Experiance 3, Yearbook Staff 4, Student Council 1, Basketball team 4, ORC Fashion Designing 3 Expression: " More Power To You " Favorites: Pizza, Basketball, " Good- times " DENISEA. PHYSIC " Buckwheat " Activities: Basketball, Softball, Swimming, Singing, Drawing Expression: I got to get over is DAVID POWER ■ Ambition: To achieve a constant high Favorites: Emerson Lake and Palmer, Natural Carob Beans, Skiing, Waltz Zodiac Sign: Taurus KAREN PITMAN Activities: Office assistant 3,4, John Hancock Tutorial 4 Ambition: Armed Service Expression: " Make Your Own Kind of Music " Favorites: Chinese, hustle, hockey " The Little Rascals " GLORIA D. PRDGEON " Pudden Head ' Activities: ORC Dietary Assistant 3, Fashion Design 4 Ambition: To go into advertising Favorites: Happy Music, Swimming, Running Zodiac Sign: Libra MICHAEL J. RAFTERY " Raf " Activities: Basketball 1 Ambition: College ELAINE F. RAGLAND " Peacock " Activities: Glee Club 1, Drama 1, Fashion Show 1 Ambition: Attennd Howard U. and become historty teacher Favorite Song: Do the Peacock baby, Do the Peacock REG IN A PROUT " Jeannie " Activities: Basketball, tennis Ambition: Airline receptionist Expression: Not much but enough ANTOINETTE A. REDDING " Toni " Activities: Basketball Ambition: Secretary Marriage Expression: Sweet Sticky Thing Favorites: The Jam, Chinese Food, Roller Skating, Bohannon Zodiac Sign: Gemini ALLEN REID " Al " Activities: Basketball 1, Swimming 1, Weightlifting 3,4, martial arts 3,4, weightlifting 4 Expression: If the train rolls off the tracks I am still gonna keep on pushin until I reach my destination. KENNETH L. REEVES " Mr. Cassanova " Ambition: To be the most lovable Person Activities: Cross Country 3,4, Winter Track 3,4, Glee Club 3,4, Prom Staff 3,4, Tutorial Program 4 Expression: Spirit of the Boogie OMAR J. REID " Juice " Activities: Football 4, Track 4, Boxing, Chess Club, Urban Studies Vice President of senior Class Ambition: Electrical Engineer Expression: The light that one sees is within ones soul 76 MILAGROS RIVERA MICHELLE RHODES Ambition: Veterinarian Favorites: " This Will Be, " K.C. Sunshine Band, Mr. Yurowitz, " On The Rocks " , jeans, L. A Hussle, swim- ming, softball, Zodiac Sign: Leo SUSAN MARIE ROBEY " Sue " Ambition: Airline Secretary Favorites: " I Believe in You, " Rod Stuart; seafood, skiing, swimming Zodiac sign: Sagittarius RICKY ROBINSON " Ricardo " Ambition: Comedian NANCY ROMAN Activities: Student Council 2, Art Club 1, Glee Club 4 Expression: " Try hard enough and you can always get what you want. BARBARA ROMOLO " Rolo " Activities: Co-op Program 3,4 Bowl- ing Team 1, Student Rep 2, Expression: " Couple of cold ones with my yowser. " MARTHA ROMAN " Marta " Ambition: College- -cosmotologist Zodiac sign: Virgo JOAN M. SACHETTI Activities: Glee Club 1 Expression: Remember September Ambition: Secretary KAREN J . SAMPSON Activities: Gymnastics 2 Ambition: College ERNEST L. SANFORD JR. Activities: Basketball, track, Globe Scholastic Art Ambition: " To work hard for a better life and future. 11 Expression: " To each his reach, and if I don ' t cop it ain ' t mine to have. " MELLANOR KARESS SANFORD " Bobby ' Ambition: Medical File Clerk Expression: Dancing, Music, Singing Modeling JUNE E. SCOTT " Bojoe " Activities: Cheerleader, Basketball, Glee Club, Pep Club Expression: " Sweet as sugar. " Ambition: To become somebody Favorites: Cancer, Basketball, Parties, Dances MARY SHEEHAN TONI A . SCORDINO Activities: Cheerleading 1, 2, ORC 3,4, Theatre Arts, Track Team 1 Ambition: Cosmotolgist Expression: " Small Italian Please " AARON K. SELDEN " Keithy " Favorites: Fried Chicken, Mr. Powers, Libra, Partie , Life, Everybody, Afro AMADU M. SILLAH VALERIE R. SCALES " Dimples " Activities: Office 3,4, Volleyball 4, Basketball 3, 4, Track and Field 3, 4, Bowling 4, American Experience 3, National Honor Society Ambition: Nurse or Olympic Basketball LISA SIMS CHRISTINE M. SMITH " Smitty " Expression: One isn ' t enough Ambition: Business Secretary ANDREE L. SMITH " Puddin " Activities: Vice-President Student Council 1, Cheerleading 2, Brandeis Upward Bound 3, Senior Class Sec- retary 4 Expression: You reap what you sow- Earth, Wind Fire Ambition: To be a High School Counselor JEFFREY SMITH VILMA E. SOLIS Activities: Student Council 1, Spanish Club, Volley Ball 3, History Club, Child Care Favorites: Get Down Tonight, Sun- shine Band, Steak, Ambition: Pediatric Nurse Zodiac: Libra HELEN SPIL1AKOS Activities: Greek-American Club 2 Expression: Thoughts are deeper than words . Favorites: Italian food, Biology, Mr. Creedon, Soccer Ambition: College, (Science) Zodiac: Libra DOUGLAS STEVENS TIMOTHY R. SPEAR " Timmy Expression: " Hey Man " Favorites: Potatoe Pie, parties sports Ambition: Tradesmen Zodiac: Aquarius 5 5 ■ ARTHUR STRAUGHTER Activities: Football 1,2 Expression: " I am one who knows but does not know it all. " ROOSEVELT STRANGE ANN SULFARO Ambition: Beautician Favorites: Beach Boys, hamburgers bowling, " Happy Days " , Mr. Mc- Shane Zodiac Sign: Taurus JAMES W. SULLIVAN JR. " Junior " Ambition: Electrical Engineer LISA TALBERT " Bunny " Activities: Basketball 1, Volleyball 1, Tennis 3, Swimming 2, Cheer- leading 2, Roller Skating 3 Ambition: Air Force Career Expression: " Bunny Honey Cash Money " Favorites: Chicken, Tennis, Roller Skating Zodiac Sign: Pisces ANTONIA THOMAS " Donna " Activities: Greek- American Club 2 Ambition: College LYNDA MARIE SYBERTZ " Sybie " Activities: Office Aid 4 Ambition: To go to business college and become a secretary. Expression: " Want a Polaroid bud? " Favorites: McDonalds, parties, dun- garees, Diane, Donna, Karen. Zodiac Sign: Taurus DOUGLAS J. TOLKEN " Token " Activities: Music, Track, Chess Ambition: Musician Expression: " A guitar pick is mightier than the pen. " Favorites: Led Zepellin, Chinese Food, Hockey Zodiac Sign: Taurus ROBERT G. TOBIN " Nookie " Ambition: To get my car fixed, Expression: " Oh-Hum " JOANNE E. TRASK " Jo " Activities: Photography 3,4 Ambition: Photographer Expression: " Intervisions " JEFFREY TURNER OLIVER M. TURNER " Big O " Activities: Football 1,2,3,4, Base- ball 4, Track 1,4 Ambition: College Pro- Football Expression: " What ' s your rap? " Zodiac Sign: Pisces CARMEN Y. TOON " Cartoon " Activities: Biracial Committee, Student Council, Prom Committee, Yearbook 4 Ambition: Communication Photographe Expression: " I feel a song in my heart that tells me to keep on going. 11 Zodiac Sign: Virgo CEDRIC M. TURNER Activities: Football 2,3,4, Weight Lifting 2,3,4, Track 2,3,4, Student Council 3 Ambition: Child Psychology Expression: " You rise as high as your dominant aspiration, you descend to the level of the lowest concept of yourself. " ANITA VAZQUEZ Activities: Spanish Club, Glee Club, Basketball 3 Ambition: Registered Nurse Expression: " Free Spirit " Favorites: Chinese Food, " Good Times " , tennis Zodiac Sign: Aries PATRIC WALKER Favorites: " Girls " , " The " Moments " , football Zodiac Sign: v ancer ENILDA VARGAS DEITRA V. WASHINGTON " Tubbie " Activities: Basketball 2 Ambition: A gym teacher Expression: " What ' s is " Favorites: chicken, Bus Stop, basket- ball, " The Jeffersons " Zodiac Sign: Leo MITCHELL TWIGGS LUCY VELEZ RUSSELL B. WATERS Activities: Globe Scholastic Art 2, Swim Team 1, 3, School Art Contest (first prize), Museum Art Classes 3 Ambition: Artist Expression: " Oh happy day! " 83 MARY WHITE DEBORAH P. WEST " Debbie " Activities: Basketball 2,4, Student Council 1, 3,4 Ambition: Air Line Stewardess Expression: " To Each His Own " JOANNE M. WIERZBICKI " Jo " Activities: Glee Club 4, Honor Society 4, Key Club 2 Ambition: To do my best. Expression: " Better than the gold of kings, are memories of happy things. ALLEN WESLEY Activity: Football 4 DORENE J. WILLIAMS " Do-Do Bird " Activities: Glee Club 1,3,4, Basket- ball 2, Track 3,4, Cheerlead ing 2, Badminton 2 Ambition: Art College Expression: " The last of the do-dos " ' Check out those socks! " WAYNE C. WILLIAMS " All Star " Activities: Basketball 2 Ambition: Engineer Expression: " To understand me is to be my friend. " r GAIL A. WONG " liaG " Activities: Volleyball 3,4, Honor Society 4, Museun of Fine Arts 2,3, 4, Saturday Magnet Program 3, Yearbook Staff 4 Layout Editor) Ski Club 4, Chinese Culture Class 2 Ambition: To find myself and be satisfied. Expression: " Come away from the crowd. " VERONICA YOUNG " Ronnie " Activities: Crew 4, ORC 3, Yearbook Staff 4, Prom Committee Ambition: Dietition Expression: " I got a whole lot of life to live, and a whole lot of loving to give but not just to one person. " I a ROBERT C. YOUNG HI I r BRIAN P. LITCOF Camera Shy Donna Aaron Jewel Adams Antoine Ambroise Fannie Ashe Charles Barnes Theresa Bennet Wayne Blake Bridget Bodnar Gerald Bojanowski Wayne Bosse Patti Bayle Leon Branden Byan Britto Michelle Buckman Steven Cesero Wayne Clark Ronald Cody John Costa Peter Costigan Mark Coye David Cunningham Cheryl Dangelo Johnnie Daughtry Sumner Davis Linda Dean David Dixon Faye Dixon Debra Donaruma Edna Dumas Deborah Dunn David Dupree Anabell Dykes Josephine Dykes Jesus Echemendia Sadas Edmands Mercer Edward James Edder Steven Fitzpatrick Francis Flaherty Joseph Galleger John Gliha Laretta Gonzales Linda Gooding Gregory Hall James Harrell Karen Harris Wayne Harris Cynthia Harrison Eli as Hernandez Vernette Halman Leo Higgins Vernon Hunter Walter Irving Bernard Jemerson Jerwin Johnson John Johnson Angela Johnson Walter Kelley Christine Latarela James Leon John Leonard Lewis Leslie Maurice Leslie Kenneth Lewis Brian Litcof Rich Little Angel Lopez Theresa Mack Donald Mac Kenzie Carol Marks Patricia Mathus Kevin McCann Peter McGovern Greg McNair Neil McNair Robert Meyer Aida Montanez Robert Moore Nancy Norton Robert Creighton Nancy O ' Dea Mark O ' Donnell Kurby Ogrins Authur O ' Neal Juanita O ' Neal Paula Overton Herbert Palmer Suzanne Parsons William Palanco Cynthia Pope Bernadett Powell Kelvin Ray John Rezek Altan Richardson Gregory Robinson Gricelda Roach Dennis Rob art Maria Rodriguez Felix Santiago Victor Santiago Sonia Santiago Earlene Scott Jefferson Scott Garland Sealey Alfred Shamus Robert Sheraton Beverly Smith James Smith Michelle Smith Felecity Stafford Ralph Sykes Susan Toland Terrance Toon Javier Torres John Twomey Demetrios Varetimos Kem Weathers William White Keith Williams Robert Young Juan Zayas Thomas Zine GIRLS Davis, Scales VARSITY BASKETBALL — Ms. Higgs (Assistant Head Coach), Caryn Conley, Yolanda Rhuvette Franklin, Laverne Nelson, Diane Kiernon, Ms. Needle (Coach) Front: Val , Cindy Haymon, Donna MacDougall (Captain), Kathy Kiernon, Lisa Wade English vs Jamaica Plain Hyde Park 55 - 12 2-0 Roxbury 52 - 21 Brighton 28-32 Latin Academy 18 - 26 10 East Boston Roslindale orchester rke adison Park Charlestown Latin 23 - 45 37 - 27 30 - 29 45 - 23 30 - 28 32 - 49 26 - 10 Girls Basketball 90 English vs Jamaica Plain 2 - 0 Hyde Park 2 - 0 Roxbury 1 7 - 6 Brighton 2 - 0 Latin Academy 1 2 - 2 East Boston 11-10 Roslindale 1 2 - 9 Dorchester 20 - 4 Burke Madison Park 17 - 4 Charlestown Latin 1 7 - 2 GIRLS JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM- Ms Needle (Head Coach), Ms Higgs (As- sistant Head Coach), Joyce Beach (Co-Captain), Laura Williams (Co-Captain), Paula Con- y Virginia Dillard, Renee Griffith, Debra Harper, Lisa Lodi, Carol Lopez, Anita Price, Deb Shears (not in pictured order) Y ilk Back: Laura Williams, Gail Wong, Sharyn Mayser, Diane Kiernon, Rosanna Parra, Ms. Barbai Ward, Kathy Kiernon, Jackie Nuttall 2nd Row: Lorraine, Iris Lind. Rhuvette Franklin, Nelva Santiago, Marilyn Sargeant, Delores Murphy Front: Leslie Reynolds, Lisa Wade (captains) English vs. Hyde Park Roxbury won won Copley Brighton Latin Academy - won lost lost South Boston won East Boston won Roslindale won Dorchester won Burke won Madison Park - forfeit Technical won Charlestown won Latin won 14 11 92 BOYS SWIM TEAM — Bobby Larson (Captain), Gale Tol- edo, Phillip Papadoupolos, Arthur McNair, George Mc- Donald, Chuck Kimball, Lawrence Godfrey, Peter Chan tiles, Ramon Frye, Richard Kougeas, Pat Kel- ley (not in pictured order) Swimming GIRLS SWIM TEAM— 1st Row --Jean Santangilo, Siiri Howard, Paula Connely, Angel Longo, Denise Fur- long, 2nd Row — unidentified student, Rhonda Brewer, Ann Marie Blest, Marie Rob- ino, Claire Glancy, Sandra Devaney, Lean Troy, Ms Bradt — Coach, 3rd Row — Beth Carol, Ruth Moritz, Penny Greenberg, Berna- dette Holiday SOCCER TEAM--Standing: G. Tripolitis, N. Antoniades, H. Francisco, H. Daphnis, M. Vas- sel, D. Dinezio, B. Charles, W. Jarrett, G. Allen, J. Romero, W. Duffy (coach), Sitting: P. Parent, E. Diorio (co-captain) , V. Perez (co- captain), F. Johnson, missing: P. Marvelis, A. Centofonti, W. Perez, A. Sillah, N. Osorio, E. Bresnahan, A. Norman. Soccer 96 (not appearing as in picture ) James Bethea 22, Allen Jones 10, John Johnson 45, Mark Higginbottom 21; Kenny Hall 41 , James In- inan 24, Dolphus Judge 35, Sumner Davis 34, Dada Fontes 31, Nate Lambert 11, Jeffery Turner 33, Dave Dixon 12, Oliver Turner 23 Basketball 99 1st Row: Mark Reddish, Frank Lebrin, Fred Miceli, Brian Kahaly, Dan Boudreau 2nd Row: Chris Connolly Joe Fitzgerald, Don MacKenzie, Jim Bowers, Paul Mellon, Dale Julius, Jim Stewart, Dave Phmny, Brian O ' Malley, Tom Murphy, Mike Pardi, Armand Veneziano (Coach) -J ., " J p . fefiS Hockey 100 101 4 J V A J 1st Row: Myra Pritchard (Co-captain), Gerri Greer, Debra Clark, 2nd Row: Brenda Coaston, Sandra Farmer, Gail Lind- say, Debra Benbow, Laura Wilson 3rd R ow: (Top), Cindy Coleman Cheerleaders 102 FOOTBALL TEAM, 1st Row— Ara Yessayan, Paul Dasilva, Cedric Turner, Mike Primm, Jose Padilla, Omar Reid Mark O ' Donnell, rnard Moore, George MacDonald, 2nd Row-Dick DeRosa, Steve Reilly, James Mac- y! 1 ii n mi IIM 104 107 Mr. McCarthy, Carol Johnson, Laura Williams, Jean Santangilo, Laura Atwood, Elaine Bigas, 1st Row — Doris Bennett, Gail Lindsay, Victor Perez. P. Anstrocia, Sandra LaDue, Debbie Korzec, S. Meyers, J. Grace, Mr. Spratling, (ad- visor), Henry Barring- ton, J. Francisco, Cindy Haymon, 1st Row, Carmen Toon, Leona Eagle, Gail Lindsay, C. Howell, Kevin George, Elaine Bigos, Rvette Franklin. Diane Abrams, Cindy Haymon, Joseph Cam- bell, Kenney Reeves, Elaine Ragland, Cedric Turner, Sandra Farmer, 2nd Row — Diana D ' Ami- co, Gail Lindsay, Mark O ' Donne 11, Donna Long, Sandra Ayoub, Barbara Grealish, 1st Row-Omar Reid, Yvette Abdal- Khallaq, Carmen Toon, Kim LaDue, Andree Smith, Yvonne Abdal- Khallaq Activities 108 EDITORS — Gail Wong, Russell Wat- ers, Natalie Pawula, Barbara Greal- ish, 1st Row; Carmen Toon, Kathy Farren, Brenda O ' Rourke, Kathy Henry, Yvonne Abdal-Khallaq, Sharyn Mayser. BUSINESS STAFF— Beverly Earl, Rosemarie Irra- bino, Casandra Briggs, Joyce Allen, Ovida Garvin Kathy Henry, (coeditor), Ms. Mary Fahey (former advisor), Brenda O ' Rourke, (coeditor). (Mr. Wells Present Yearbook Advisor) LAYOUT STAFF— Roger Franklin, Cindy Haymon, 1st Row; Valer ie Bryer, Debbie Guess, Kenny Reeves, Lisa Kolka, Jeff Ayer. Yearbook Staff 109 PEP CLUB, Sharon Reeves, Kay Anderson, Ms. Hunt Glover, Diane Abrams, 2nd Row — Joyce Beech, Kenny Reeves, Jewel Brown, 3rd Row — Tanya McCoy, Debbie Guess, Gwendolyn Peddy, Andree Smith, Barbara Brunner LETTERMEN CLUB, Sharyn Mayser, Dorine Williams, Gail Wong, Omar Reid, Iris Lind, Sheila Devaney, Mark Higginbottom, Paul DeSilva, Marlon Gresham, 2nd Row — Ernie Gist, Debbie Donaruma, Cindy Hay- mon, Sandra Farmer, Denise Meyer- kopf, Donna Long, Valerie Scales, Kenny Lewis, Bellana Borde, Mrs. Ward, 3rd Row — Patrick Walker, Mark O ' Donne 11, Peter Maravelis, Kenny Reeves, Cindy Coleman, Mathew Engerman, Brenda Coaston, Jerry Blue, Wayne Blake, 4th Row- Allen Jones, Allen King, Wayne Clark, Cedric Turner, Oliver Tur- ner, Joseph Campell, Clarence Hat- cher, David Dixon, Allon Wesley, Kenny Hearns SKI CLUB (not in pictured order) Debbie Korzec, David Power, Barbara Grealish, Kim LaDue, Kenny Reeves, Mark Higginbottom, Billy Rollins, Mr. Lion, Janice Bray, Denise Meyerkopf, Mary Sheehan, Donna Long, Natalie Pawuala, Brenda O ' Rourke, Debbie Mensy, Leona Cogles, Kathy Henry, Gail Wong, Ann Lennon, Diane D ' Amico, Sharyn Mayser, Dennis Robarts, Gwen Peddy, Jocelyn Mun- roe, Mark O ' Donnell, Pat- rick Kelly, Mr. Burgess, Suzanne Parsons, Lamont Morris, Debbie Guess 110 SENIOR CLASS ADVISORS, Mr. Yelldell, Ms. Bynum, Yvette Abdal-Khallaq (treasurer), Kim Ladue (president), Andree Smith (secretary), Ms Hunt Glover, Omar Reid (vice-president) NEWSPAPER STAFF, Cindy Haymon, Patrick Collins, Henry Didreck, Douglas Nee, Maria Douros (Editors), 2nd Row— Ellen Factor, Joy Marie Grace, Marie Bigos, Mr. Richard Di- Matteo (teacher advisor), Richard Castonguay, Janice Bray, Felicity Stafford, Rhonda Celester, Satrina Cooper, Sharyn Coaston, 3rd Row- Marie Rubino, Lucille Daughtry, Betty Ross, Patrick O ' Connor, Paul Vozella, Laura Williams Darlene Hussey, Vickey Eliopoulos ' NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY, Patrick Collins unidentified student, Sandra Luna, Maria Laraga Diana D ' Amico, Mary Sheehan, Sandra Ayoub, Darlene Hussey, Jocelyn Munroe, 2nd Row— Georgianna Larsen, Pauline Yu, Barbara Greal- lsh, Penny Greenberg, Valerie Scales, Leslie Reynolds, Sharyn Mayser, Gail Wong, Natalie Pawula, Brenda O ' Rourke, 3rd Row— Robert Larsen, Peter Chantiles, Donald Reid, Tony Strange, Kevin Valentine, Gail Lindsay, Janet Balken, Laura Atwood, Claire Pearson, Joanne Wierzbicki, Kathleen Farren, Debra Korzec, David Powers, Janice Bray, Mr. Keany (teacher advisor) Donna Long (not present] 111 113 CONGRATULATIONS from the FACULTY PAINTING WALLPAPERING Chimney Pointing and Cleaning Free Estimates WILLIAM HENRY 7 Dana Road West Roxbury, Mass. 02132 327-5451 SUBS ' N ' SUCH " SERVING THE BEST IN SUBS " GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF 1976 ALAN — VICKI SACK 600 Hondington Avenue (617) 345-0132 Boston, Mass. andel £P%ess, 3nc. pointing worthy of you pationage Telephone 524-0203 120 SPARR ' S DRUG STORE Best Wishes from Every- Body At Sparr ' s CHARLESTOWN SAVINGS BANK Best Wishes to the Class of 1976 SPONSORS Mrs. Laura Paurila Mr. Mrs. Frank O ' Rourke Famil y Mr. Mrs. John Grealish Family 121 I ★ 7 6 7 6 ★

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