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THE ENGLISH HIGH SCHOOL L, AVENUE LOUIS PASTEUR I " BOSTON 15, MASSACJfJSETTS HOME ROOM FOREWORD In America, none other is older. In America, none other is more prestigious. And in America, None other has been as productive. But who, who has given me this right to boast? Jt is thee, my students; yes, it is thee who have molded me Through your most arduous trials, And in your greatest moments of glory, You have carried with you an undying spirit; A spirit which has, from birth, nurtured me, A spirit which will guide me to culmination. It is this spirit which will perhaps, some day, Give you pleasure to remember these things. Nation ' s Oldest High School 151st Anniversary 3 JAMES J. DOHERTY ACTING HEADMASTER 6 The Head Master ' s Message To The Class of 1972 It is a great temptation to call you, " Fellow graduates. " In a sense it is true. You make up the first class that I have been privileged to associate with for a full school year in the capacity of Head Master. We had to prove ourselves together. For that reason the Class of 1972 will be closer to me, in all probability, than any other. As the first graduate of English High School to reach the heights of the headmastership, no matter how temporarily, it has been for me a prideful and a humbling experience. Prideful be- cause, in common with all the other sons of Alma Mater, I have always looked with awe on the position. Humbling because the responsibilities of the position are so shattering at times that it is obvious that no one can be truly worthy of the Head Master ' s chair in a school with the heri- tage of English High. What success we have achieved, and believe me, we have been successful beyond the imagi- nation of objective outsiders, we have achieved together. I have been accused of giving you too much credit and too much freedom. Concerning the first charge, I can only reply that, without you, there would have been no English High School. With respect to the second complaint, I can say that all the results are not yet in. In the long run, I am convinced that your lives and your future records will prove me right. Remember that the two most notable characteristics of English High men are that they never give up on an objective, and they always stick together. As a class, it is my personal observation that the Class of 1972 has more than its share of these Blue and Blue characteristics. JAMES J. DOHERTY Acting Headmaster 7 Assistant Head Master ' s Message Congratulations to the members of the 151st anniversary class. As Assistant Headmaster of The English High School, for a year, I am most impressed with the tradition and commitment of both students and graduates of America ' s oldest public high school. Your years at English High hopefully have provided the founda- tion upon which you will build new friendships, as well as contribute to the business and professional opportunities availa ble. Never for- get that you will stand as testimony to your school, your family, and your community. Your training at English will prepare you for the road ahead. When I first came to English High School, I was told that here, " boys become men, they have to grow up fast. " Your class, on more than one occasion, proved that point. You may leave English, but you will never leave " home, " a place a happening, an experience, what every young person should be a part of. I am indeed happy that it was my privilege to be a part of that experience. With Best Wishes, Assistant Head Master ROBERT F. MURPHY Robert F. Murphy Ass ' t Headmaster Administrative Assistant ' s Message Dear Graduate: Congratulations, you are about to become a member of a distinguished group of men, The English High School graduate. Since the establishment of The English High School, the oldest high school in America, a host of young men like you have set a standard of service that is one of the most remarkable in the educational history of our nation. In light of your predecessors, you are charged with the great responsibility of service, the kind of service that has been the hallmark of The English High School graduate. The world that surrounds you needs peace and understanding. This need, if you try to meet it, will demand the best that is within you. Face this challenge, contribute to those around you, get involved, and above all, be committed to serve. GEORGE A. JOHNSON Vice Principal Assistant to Head Master, Vice-Principal George A. Johnson 8 I take the opportunity, which the publication of this book presents, to extend my personal best wishes to the one hundred and forty-eighth cfass to graduate from this nation ' s oldest public high school. The turmoil of your first three years here prevented many of the traditional activities in which a class par- ticipates. These, however, are not traditional times. Out of chaos will come a new type of order— one in which education is more relevant to the student of today and tomorrow. If each member of the Class of 1972 has begun to understand his fellow man any better— not in spite of confusion but because of it, then one of the stated pur- poses of 150 years of education will have been upheld. In the words of Arthur Guiterman, " For education is, making men. " I hope the experiences you have encountered and the acquaintances you have made lead to greater con- cern and commitment toward other human beings. Sincerely RAYMOND C. DION Senior Class Advisor Raymond C. Dion As you read this message you will be involved with other persons and surroundings than those pictured in this yearbook. Your career at the English High school is a part of your past. Hopefully, your school has helped in preparing you for the situations you face today and will face tomor- row. Although some of your experiences at English High School may have been unpleasant, from them of- ten resulted something beneficial. One such example was Flexible Campus. Those of you who participated in mini courses or other similar programs in the school or those who at- tended a college, worked at a hospital as a school volun- teer or in other out of school programs, had the op- portunity to do something new and different. This ex- perience was hopefully beneficial and worthwhile. To the Class of nineteen hundred and seventy-two— Newest members in the legions of the BLUE and BLUE- I wish you well. Flexible Campus Co-ordinator CHRISTOPHER LANE Christopher Lane Flexible Campus Coordinator 9 Yearbook Advisor ' s Message Yearbook Advisor John A. Creedon It is with a great sense of personal satisfaction that I extend to the Class of 1972, both individually and collectively, my best wishes for continual success in all future endeavors. For the most part, my experience with your class was one of fi- nancial affairs; whether yearbook dues or class-alumni dues responsibilities does not really matter; what does matter was the opportunity afforded me by the per- sonal contact and rapport which was so much a part of your class, and this, essen- tially, is English High School. My congratulations to your class officers for the direction of your class activities, and to the membership of this unique group of young men about to begin their experience and contribution to city, state, and nation. Each of you has a valid con- tribution to make to society, and English High School men have always made it; your class will never be lacking in this endeavor. I thank you for the exposure to a class of great young people; continue the chal- lenge of becoming men of honor and achievement, with the assurance that our country can stand proud by the impression you have left on America ' s oldest pub- lic high school. You have truly left your " footprints on the sands of time. " My personal best wishes for every fulfillment. Sincerely John A. Creedon • 10 The Faculty " is a great thing to teach. To give yourself in a way that will inspire others to think, to do, to become. " Elbert Hubbard ll English Department " Who climbs the grammar, distinctly knows where noun, verb, and participle grows. " Dryden Andrew Hatt Russell A. Langley History Department Herbert Kopins Department Head Edward F. Connelly Jr. ' And History with all her volumes vast, hath but one page. " Lord Byron Fred S. Bellis James L. Buckley John A. Creedon 14 Mathematics Department " Men learn while they teach. " Seneca Ronald J. Murphy Daniel E. Rosen William J. Scarfo Art Department " Art hath an enemy called ignorance. " Ben Jonson Betty Bowker Paul M. Beichel Acting Department Head Lark B. Drummonds Harold L. McMurray Maryann Oldfield 17 Science Department " Science when well digested is nothing but good sense and reason. " Stanislaus Eben Rosenfield Thomas M. Clougherty Joseph F. Dotoli Department Head Christopher Lane The Department Armand Veneziano 18 Language Department " Language is a city to the building of which every human being buys a stone. " Ralph Waldo Emerson Michael J. Garber Kenneth E. Matarazzo Frank A. Repetto 19 Joseph F. Sheehan Robert P. Yocco Guidance Department Richard H. Sonego Ralph M. Vozella 20 Business Education Department " Talk of nothing but business and dispatch that business quickly. " Dibdin Louis Mazer Donald A. Carbone Charles Gustin Department Head Wilfred L. Hynes Thomas P. Johnson Irving A. Krutter Health and Physical Education " Health is a blessing that money cannot buy. " Izaak Walton The Essential Workers John J. Weeks Music Director Librarian Irene Kelly Cafeteria Manager Eleanor T. McAlice Senior Building Custodian John R. Donlon Nurse Helen C. Martin Assistant Cafeteria Manager Ann D. Cross Bishop J. J. Johnson Teacher A ide Miss Jones Secretary- A ide 23 THE ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF Dorothy M. Geraghty Secretary to the Headmaster Nancy A. Farrell Secretary Patrick Gray P.I. Custodian Kathryn D. Corcoran Guidance Secretary Frances K. MacDonald Secretary Mr. Keenan Teacher A ide Cliff Lee Teacher Aide ' Sure we ' re ready for three lunches ' 24 25 27 Class of 1972 President of The FREDERICK DASHIELL Senior Class President In the Grace of God shall you map your life. —Cornelia Dashiell— As President of the Senior Class of 1972, I would like to use this opportunity to reminisce about the history of our class and to hopefully stimulate deeper thoughts of the future. I remember how in our Sophomore year, we began to accept academic, admin- istrative, and athletic responsibilities,— and all in the name of " Sophomore Power. " And how during our Junior year we moved into a year of crisis, a year in which the English tradition once again demonstrated its unique ability to respond to the needs of a changing student body and to develop that traditionally progressive and productive school atmosphere. Now that we have neared the end of this year, our final class year, I can see how we began the year so overwhelmed with our newly created atmosphere. How the school as in unity combated its opponents, rejected its defeats, and depressed its frustrations. How our class unselfishly directed its abilities to the securing of a new edifice for those to follow us. " In the Grace of God, we have and we shall map our lives " . This, I feel, is a perfect summation of our class history. For a Class that has moved so unselfishly toward improving themselves and those around them must be moving in the grace of God. I wish to thank you for permitting me to serve as your Head Representative and I would like to say that this position has been, and will be, an accomplishment that I shall always cherish. In conclusion, I would like to strongly urge my class to live up to their des- tiny,— a future full of success and great accomplishments as is The English High School tradition. 28 Glass Officers In Dedication 1972 It is with a deep sense of respect and gratitude that we, the Class of 1972, dedi- cate our yearbook to Mr. William J. Stewart, Jr., on the occasion of his twenty- fifth year of service to Alma Mater. A teacher of Physical Education, Coach of Athletics, President of the Alumni As- sociation, the Teacher ' s Teacher, the Coaches ' Coach, he has always been an in- spiration to men of the English High School for the past quarter century, and, hopefully, for the next. William J. Stewert, Jr. graduated from English High in 1937. While at the school, Coach Stewart participated in football, baseball and hockey, the three sports which has coached most successfully as a staff member. He prepped at Lawrence Academy and graduated in 1939. In the fall of 1939, he entered Notre Dame University, where he performed on the gridiron and was a catcher on the " Fighting Irish " Nine. Upon his graduation, he entered the United States Army and was discharged in 1946. His first coaching assignment was at the University of Massachusetts, the Fort Devens football team. In 1947, his Alma Mater, the Blue and Blue, recognized his superior talents and beckoned him to serve as its mentor. In his twenty-five years at the English High School, Coach Stewart has amassed a most enviable record in all sports. His football teams alone, have been victorious 1 12 times as against 40 losses and 6 ties. Within the past five years, various organizations have recognized his dedication to youth and have acclaimed him, " Man of the Year, " they include the Dorchester Civic Club, the Notre Dame Club of Boston, the English High School Alumni As- sociation, and the Outstanding Teacher-Coach Award presented by the Class of 1972. Bill, our thanks to you, for a job well done, we salute you. 33 The History of The Class of 1972 " Better a little well kept, than a great deal forgotten. " Freshman The summer of 1968 passed all too quickly and be- fore anyone realized it, September rolled around and we were about to embark on our career at America ' s oldest public high school. We were anxious about our first days here. As we entered the Freshman annex we were greeted by such jovial faces as Mssrs. Sonego, Fennessey, and " Quomodo hanc classem unquam obtinui? " McNamara. It was within these walls that Mr. Beichel taught us how to water paint, Mr. Lyons explained the difference between lie and lay, and Mr. Fennessey showed us the proper technique of attacking black- boards with window poles. Although we were in the annex we could hardly not be affected by the activities going on in the main building. As a foreshadowing, English High students took to demonstrations. The students protested the then existing dress code. The significance of our activities did not lie in the fact that we only had to dress cleanly and neatly, but that we led other Boston schools and surburbia towards a new and accepted attitude concerning student appear- ance and behavior. More important was the number of " firsts " achieved by our school and country during this first year: first school in Boston to win the Tech Tourney, first school to negate its dress code, and the greatest achievement of this or any century, the first landing of a man upon the moon. All too fast that year drifted away in the ocean of time; nevertheless, there already was printed an indel- ible mark of love for the school within our minds. Yet, with eager enthusiasm we moved up in rank and be- fore us we bore our banner: " Avenue Louis Pasteur BEWARE THE SOPHOMORES ARE HERE " 34 Sophomore In the fall of 1969, we found ourselves entering the " Big Time, " the main building on Avenue Louis Pas- teur. We could not help but be impressed with the ivy- covered building in the Fenway. We felt great, and yet a bit sad, for we were no longer a group set apart, we had to compete with upperclassmen in the same atmo- sphere for the first time. As Sophomores, we were to experience an awak- ening of student participation. Although at times it seemed steered in the wrong direction, the basic out- come was for the well being of the entire school. After finally finding our way around the large building and familiarizing ourselves with teacher names and faces, we settled down to such things as crowded lunchrooms and the taking of reading tests and P.S.A.T. ' s. This year was a drought in terms of victorious teams; however, our basketball team succeeded in win- ning the state championship. Little did we realize then, the dynasty that was beginning to take form. As Sophomores we were taken under the wings of the Juniors and Seniors, who led us on merry ex- peditions through the Fens. We carried on the long tradition of sixteen ounce curls followed by an exciting hippie hunt. Not all of our actions were as nefarious: some expeditions were climaxed by a visit to the Mu- seum of Fine Arts where we looked in bewilderment at the mummies and daddies. The spring came and so to, the end of another school year. Somehow we seemed to survive racial disturbances as well as Boston ' s first teachers ' strike. With the close of school the realization was fast upon us, we were half way through our career at English High. 35 Junior In September of 1970, we returned for what time would prove, a most unusual year. The cry for student involvement continued to manifest itself, and by prod- ucts of that involvement seemed to be false fire alarms, racial disturbances, school closings, and, before it was over, a city-wide student strike. Out of the chaos however, did come some positive results: A student council with more voice in school matters, a city-wide elected student advisory council, of which an English High student was elected first president, and the right of a high school student to sit in on meetings of the school committee in order that that body may listen to student grievances: once again, it was an English High senior who became the " First " in that capacity. To say this year was spectacular would be overly modest. We experienced an 8-12 victory over the Purple Palace, a special citation from the American Firefighters Association for the establishment of a record number of fire alarms clocked in any academic year. Nevertheless, English took the forefront in lead- ing other schools towards the better relationship of teachers and students. It was not a year of many athletic deeds, although our Basketball Team once again made up for it by car- rying the Blue and Blue banner through the following record: final record, 18-5, city league champions for five consecutive years, city finals for five consecutive years, Tech Tourney finals, three out of the last four years, and the state finals, three out of the last four years. Other highlites were the Glee Club ' s performance of Beethoven ' s Ninth Symphony with the Boston Sym- phony Orchestra, groundbreaking ceremonies for the new English High School building, and the anniver- sary banquet in June on the occasion of the 150th an- niversary of Alma Mater at the Statler Hilton Hotel. All in all, a most varied and active Junior year. It was good to be there. 36 Senior Hey You! What? Where do you belong? In school! What are you, a wise guy? NO A SENIOR!!! Seniors spell that out loud: S-E-N-I-O-R-S for we had made it, from the Freshman Annex to Louis Pasteur, we had made it. 222 strong from West Rox- bury, Southie, Brighton, Dot, Roxbury, Townies, North End, East Boston, Hyde Park, etc. Many differ- ent colors, creeds, and nationalities: we united to form one of the strongest, most spirited body of students English High School will ever know. September was here and we were on the threshold of our final year, at last we were Seniors. It had seemed like only yesterday when we entered the annex as Freshmen. Now this was the year of many decisions and responsibilities. We looked forward to that trip down Purdy ' s for our graduation photos, the ordering of a class ring, and preparation and long study for the S.A.T. ' s in Decem- ber and January: the college applications, watching the mail box for results. Who would ever forget the tradi- tional Thanksgiving Day Football Game, this year in a new location, and wow, did it rain, and what a heart- breaker. The year would prove exciting and different in many ways. We became involved in the " Mini- Course " concept, and became the first Boston High School to participate i n flexible campus and off campus educational and job opportunities, and these were at places besides Sparr ' s, Emmanuel, and the Fens. After the February vacation, the year seemed to fly all too quickly, and the expenses of that last year seemed to pile up. Class day was a great success and our prom at the Chateau de Ville was an even greater endeavor. That final release date and we were faced with the realization that we had made it We had survived the four years, years filled with the memories of many things; friendships, involvement, participation, some pleasant, and some not so. But we did grow up here because one has to, and in that, if nothing else, we forever became, English High School men. As we walk up to that stage to pick up that di- ploma and journey on our separate ways, each one of us will hold something dear, whether it be a Creedon history class, a Fennessey scream, or a Rosenfield lec- ture, we will never forget " The English High School, " the best high school in America. We may not have much, but we do have a bit of class. 37 Our Heritage In 1820, (he town of Boston felt that the time had arrived to supplement its secondary school sys- tem, which at that time consisted of only the Latin School. A subcommittee, consisting of clergy, merchants, and jurists, was appointed to consider the subject of providing advanced schooling for boys not pursuing a college career. This committee presented a report which recommended the es- tablishment of a school to be called the English Classical School (a title that was eventually changed permanently to the English High School in 1833) with admittance obtainable thru ' suitable exam- ination. This committee further stated that the course should be spread over a period of three years, with subjects including English, Math, and Natural Philosophy. The school was opened in a building on Derne Street (in the rear of the State House, the site now commemorated by a plaque, gift of the Class of 1874) in the year 1821. George Barrold Emerson, a famous New England educator and botanist, was appointed the first headmaster. Mr. Emerson served until 1823, resigning at that time to open a fashionable academy for girls. Shortly after the appointment of Solomon P. Miles as headmaster, the school was moved from Derne to Pickney Street where it remained until 1844. Mr. Miles retired because of ill health in 1837 and was succeeded by Thomas Sherwin, a master in the school since 1829. Mr. Sherwin, a great and beloved headmaster, and a famous author of math text-books, presided over the school until his death at the age of 70 in 1869. During his regime such famous men as J. P. Morgan, the great finan- cier, and Samuel P. Langley, inventor of the airplane engine, were graduated from the school. In 1844, the English High School was moved to a building on Bedford Street, which was also to house the Latin School. There the school remained until 1881 when English was moved to an elabo- rate new building on Montgomery Street, a building regarded in its time as one of the finest educa- tional edifices in the country. Mr. Cumston, a master in the school for over 20 years, was appointed headmaster at Sherwin ' s death. He continued in this post until 1874, when he retired to pursue a business career. Edwin Pliny Seaver, an instructor of mathematics at Harvard, was his successor, resigning in 1881 to accept the position of Superintendent of Schools in Boston, the second teacher at English High to be honored so,— John D. Philbrick having held the position previously. Francis A. Waterhouse, a graduate of Bowdoin and headmaster of Newton High Schoo, was his successor, continuing in that office until his untimely death in Europe, while on leave of absence in 1894. Mr. Robert Babson, a teacher of Ger- man since 1864, was appointed his successor. Mr. Babson retired because of ill health in 1901; it was during his time that the system of depart- mental heads was established. Mr. John F. Casey, his successor, had been a teacher of mathematics in the school since 1872 an was held in the greatest of esteem by the alumni and student body. Mr. Casey retired reluctantly in 1915, because of the age limit and was succeeded by William B. Snow, then head of the French Department. During Mr. Snow ' s regime, the English High School celebrated its centenary. In 1922, the School Committee elected Mr. Snow Assistant Superintendent of Boston public schools, whereupon he was succeeded by Mr. Walter F. Downey, who had been a teacher of mathematics in the school for 12 years. On Mr. Downey ' s retirement in 1954, Mr. M. Henry Mclnerney was named headmaster. It was in Mr. Mclnerney ' s time that English High School moved from the old building on Montgomery Street to the High School of Commerce building on Avenue Louis Pasteur. Mr. Mclnerney resigned in 1956 to assume the post as Headmaster of Brighton High School. Mr. Joseph L. Malone was appointed headmaster in 1956 and served until his retirement in 1969. During his tenure many new honors came to the school: academic, social, and athletic. English High was also evaluated for accreditation and the plans for a new physical plant were released. In June of 1969, Mr. James W. Dailey became, upon his appointment, the thirteenth headmaster in the long, proud tradition of America ' s oldest high school, and continued in that capacity until March of 1971, when poor health forced him to resign and return to his former position as Director of Data Processing for the city of Boston School Department. Upon his leave. Mr. James J. Doherty, Co-Chairman of the History Department became Acting Headmaster, a position he continues to fill through the present time. Mr. Doherty enjoys the distinction of being the first English High Graduate to sit in the Headmaster ' s seat. We wish him every success in his new assignment as English High continues to meet the chal- lenge of today ' s changing educational scene. of mi ANTHONY P. AMUNDSON 81 Lubec St., East Boston Ambition: To make it. College: Northeastern Activities: Honors, Hist. 3, Typing 3, Math 3; Pa- trol 3; Glee Club 3; Flexible Campus 4. RICHARD J. ASMAR Hank 25 Sparrow St., West Roxbury Ambition: To become an Electrical Engineer College: Northeastern University Hobbies: Playing sports and cars Activities: Honors, English 2, Wld. History 2; Yearbook Staff 4; Patrol 3; Prom Committee— 4; Baseball 2, 3. EDWARD A. BARBONE, JR. Meatball 11 Child St., Jamaica Plain Ambition: Hardhat Worker College: undecided Hobbies: Cars, life Activities: Office Aid 3; Glee Club 3. DONATAS S. BASKYS Stretch 42 Mill St., Dorchester Ambition: To grow a foot more College: undecided Hobbies: Golfing, Swimming Activities: Office aid 3. BRADLEY A. BECKETT Brad 2 Roslyn Place, Jamaica Plain Ambition: Business Administration College: Bryant and Stratton Hobbies: Racing, Basketball Activities: Patrol 3; Football 2. JERRY J. BLANTON Junie 68 Annunciation Rd. Ambition: Television Produce r College: Emerson College Hobbies: Billiards, Dancing Activities: Patrol 4; Glee Club 2, 3; Student In- volvement Committee 3; Student Council 1, 2, 3. JAMES E. BOYD 38 Bataan Ct„ Roxbury Ambition: Business Man. Hobbies: Sports Activities: Yearbook Staff 4; Room Councilor 2. ROBERT G. BRANSON 45 Dunster Street, Roslindale 40 4 RICHARD A. BRENER Rick 39 Parkvale Ave., Allston Co!iege: ' None Hobbies: Sports Activities: Honors, Economics 4; Patrol 3, 4; Office Aid 2; Room Athletic Councilor 3; Baseball 2, 3, 4; Track 2; Crew 2. EDUARDO W. BROWN " Eddie " 103 Hamilton St., Dorchester Ambition: Engineer in Electronics College: Wentworth Institute Activities: Clubs, Chess 2; Room Councilor 3. I fir JAMES A. BULIS Bule 42 Linnet St., West Roxbury Ambition: Policeman College: Northeastern University Hobbies: Water Skiing, Hockey Activities: Yearbook Staff 4; Clubs, Ski 3, 4; Room Councilor 4; Prom Committee; Hockey 4; Golf 3, 4. JOE L. BURCH 44 Mountain Ave., Dorchester College: Boston University Hobbies: Football, basketball. Activities: Clubs, Alpha Lads, 4; Football 1, 2, 3; Track 1. JOSEPH R. BUSWELL Buzzy 30 Eastland Rd., Jamaica Plain Ambition: Male Nurse College: Boston College Hobbies: Sports Activities. Yearbook Staff 3; Room Councilor 2; Student Council 3, 4. OSWALD G. BUTLER 7 Sayward St., Dorchester Ambition: Electronics Hobbies: Basketball, Piano FRANCIS B. CARTER, JR. Frank 1387 Commonwealth Ave., Boston Ambition: Policeman College: Boston State Hobbies: Fishing, boxing. Activities: Clubs, Boxing 2, 3, 4; Golden Gloves Winner 1971; Patrol Ya. 3; Glee Club 3; Baseball L 2. MAN HOO CHAN 4A Milford St., Boston f 41 FREDERICK L. CHENEY Injun 375 Hyde Park Ave. Ambition: Physical Education Teacher— Coach College: Boston College Hobbies: Football Baseball Activities: Yearbook Staff 4; Patrol 4; Room Councilor 2; Student Council 2; Baseball 2, 3, 4; Football 2, 3, 4. TAK WAH CHIN 12 Paul Gore St., Jamaica Plain Ambition: Chemist College: Suffolk University Hobbies: Model Building, Drawing Activities: Honors, Chem.-Biol. 1,2; Hist.-Fren. 1, P.Ed.-Mch. Drw. 2, P.Ed. Chinese Club 3. RICHARD L. COLLINS 42 Cameron Street Ambition: Navy and Police Force Hobbies: Cars, Bowling Activities: Patrol 4. PAUL D. CONNOLLY 46 Creighton St., Jamaica Plain Hobbies: Basketball Activities: Fidelity Prize 1 classroom; Patrol 3; Of- fice Aid 2; Basketball 3, 4; Track 1, 2. Wah Ancient 3; Clubs, Big Rick PAUL F. CONNOLLY 33 Dix St., Dorchester Ambition: To become a millionaire. College: Boston State Activities: Room Councilor 4; Vice President of the National Honor Society 4; Student Council 2, 3; Basketball 3, 4. JOHN H. CONNORS, JR. Jack 85 Glen Rd., Jamaica Plain Ambition: Architectural Engineering College: Lowell Tech Hobbies: Basketball, Bowling Activities: Student Patrol 3; Room Councilor 4; Soccer 2. THOMAS W. CONNORS 43 Parkton Rd., Jamaica Plain Ambition: Teacher College: Boston State Activities: Baseball 3, 4; Basketball 4. CLARENCE H. CUMMINS, JR. 159 Devon St., Dorchester Ambition: Law and Psychology College: Boston University Hobbies: Chess, Computers Activities: Patrol 3, 4; Captain E.H.S. Chess Club 4. 42 RICHARD D. CURTIN, JR. Richie 490 Washington St., Brighton Ambition: To be a lawyer. College: Undecided Hobbies: Hockey, Football Activities: Honors, Phys. Science 3, Art 3; Clubs, Ski Club 3, Prom. Comm. 4; Room Councilor 4; Brighton Knights A.A. Hockey 3, 4; Student Coun- cil 2, 3; Hockey 4; Crew 4. PAUL S. CYR 95 Jamaica St., Jamaica Plain Ambition: To have my own business College: Undecided Hobbies: Collected records GARY DAPHNIS Tiga 54 Blue Hill Ave., Dorchester Ambition: Medicine Hobbies: Soccer, Music FREDERICK E. DASHIELL 56 Clifford St., Roxbury Ambition: Lawyer College: Brandeis University Activities: Clubs, Executive Committee 4; Class Of- fice, President 4; Football 2; Track 4. DAVID E. DEAVER Donnie 1 1 Montpelier Rd., Dorchester Ambition: Architect College: College of the Virgin Islands Hobbies: Sports, Building and Fixing Electrical Appliances Activities: Patrol 4; Glee Club 4; Outside football, track, basketball, Junior Achievement; Student Council 4; Class Office, Secretary of the Student Council 4; Baseball 1; Football 3, 4 A (All City Sa- fety); Track 1, 2, 3, 4 (Captain). RICHARD J. DELANDERS 13 Reedsdale St., Allston Ambition: To be a success College: None Hobbies: Sports, Skiing Activities: Patrol 2, 3; Football 1, 2. D Jamaica Plain WILLIAM A. DEVINE 6 Slocum Rd., Ambition: Police Officer College: Police Academy Hobbies: Golf, Hockey Activities: Baseball 4; Hockey 4; Golf 4. Junior LANCELOT F. DRUMMOND 40 Harold St., Roxbury, Mass. Ambition: Chemical Engineer College: University of Massachusetts (Amherst) Hobbies: Basketball, Football Activities: Room Councilor 3, 4; Student Council 1, 2; Track 2, 3, 4; Soccer 2, 3, 4. 43 4 WILLIAM J. DUGGAN Liam 19 Sunnyside St., Jamaica Plain Ambition: To be a composer-musician and play pro baseball. College: Boston State Hobbies: Composing and Athletics Activities: Patrol 3. 4; Boston State flexible campus 4. DOLPHON R. EDWARDS Len 106 Geneva Ave., Dorchester Ambition: Electrical Engineer College: Wentworth Institute Hobbies: Playing the guitar Activities: Patrol 4; Room Councilor 3; Student Council 3, 4. MATTHEW J. ENTZMINGER Matt 9 Mt. Pleasant Ave., Roxbury, Mass. Ambition: To become rich Hobbies: Boxing, Basketball COLEMAN E. ESSEX Pete 31 Duke St., Mattapan, Mass. 02126 Ambition: Psychologist College: Boston University Hobbies: Card Playing, Boxing Activities: Clubs, Boxing 1, 2, 3; Patrol 4. HUMBERTO P. FEIJOO, JR. Feejew the witch 81 Etna St., Brighton Ambition: To start a freedom school College: Undecided Hobbies: Photography, witchcraft Activities: Patrol 3, 4; Glee Club 4; Student Coun- cil 3; Class Office, Pres. Boston student advisory council 4; Football Manager 3; Tennis 3. WILLIAM P. FITZGERALD " Flintstone " 44 Annunciation Rd. Ambition: Success in life College: Boston University Hobbies: Basketball, Music Activities: Clubs, Afro-American Society 2, 3; Room Athletic Councilor 1; Basketball 2— jv. RICHARD A. FIUMARA Richie 178 Endicott Street, North End Ambition: To be a successful businessman College: Northeastern University Hobbies: Sports, Cars Activities: Honors, Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; Clubs, Chemistry Club 4; Data Processing Aid 3, 4; Na- tional Honor Society 3, 4; Student Patrol 4. DONALD E. FOLEY 1 8 Fidelis Way, Brighton Left School A 44 JOSEPH M. FOLEY Joe 19 Pierce Ave., Dorchester Ambifion: To be a Success College: University of Massachusetts (Boston) Hobbies: Cars, Hockey Activities: Honors, English 2, 3; Algebra 3; Ad- vanced History 3; Yearbook Staff 4; Clubs, Coin 2; National Honor Society 2, 4; Patrol 3; Room Councilor 3; Northeastern Mini Course Program; Student Council 3. WILLIAM P. FOLEY " Wolfe " 99 Glenwood Ave., Jamaica Plain, Mass. 02130 Ambition: Photographer College: Franklin Institute Hobbies: Swimming and Basketball Activities: Room Councilor 1, 2, 3; Room Athletic Councilor 3; Swimming 3, 4; Student Council 2, 3; Class Office 3; Hockey 4. RICHARD L. FOWLER 126 Bayswater Street, East Boston JOHN M. GARRIGAN 1455 Commonwealth Ave., Brighton Ambition: Law enforcement College: Northeastern University Hobbies: Art, swimming, skiing Activities: Honors, Honor grades in all junior and senior subjects: Boston Police Explorers, 2nd prize in Mayor White ' s Art for Human Rights contest. ELIOT R. GOULD " Cool Gould " 22 Wayne St., Dorchester, Mass. 02121 Ambition: Radio Broadcasting College: Columbia School of Broadcasting Hobbies: Like to play music and sing PATRICK J. GREENE Joe 589 East Sixth St., South Boston Ambition: to retire at 21 Hobbies: Swimming, Record Collecting Activities: Honors, Bookkeeping 2, 3, 4; Clubs, Na- tional Honor Society 3, 4; Patrol 3. CLEVELAND S. GROSSETT Syl 21 Gayland St. Ambition: Pediatrician College: Boston College Hobbies: Basketball MACKLYN D. HARDING " Mack " 48 Colorado St., Mattapan, Mass. College: I.T.T. Tech Activities: Boxing— 3, 4. 45 DAVID B. HARRISON Harry 1412 Bluehill Ave., Mattapan Ambition: Auto Mechanic Hobbies: Bowling, Pool Activities: Patrol 4; Office Aid 4; Glee Club 4. DONALD M. HAYES " Hannibal Hayes " 36 Perkins St., Jamaica Plain Ambition: Pro. Baseball-Make a good living Hobbies: Motorcycles Activities: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 2; Hockey 2, 3, 4; Soccer 4. ERNEST HAYNESWORTH " The Mouse ' 1 14 Montpelier Rd. Ambition: Make it where others didn ' t and be suc- cessful in it. College: South Carolina State Hobbies: Bowling, Sports Activities: Patrol 2, 3, 4; Room Councilor 3; Stu- dent Council 2, 3; Baseball 3, 4; Football 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Crew 4. LAWRENCE J. HOFFMAN 40 Wayland St., Dorchester Hobbies: self-defense Larry ' FREDDIE HOLLINS, JR. Bimmy 1 Bataan Ct„ Apt. 86, Roxbury Ambition: T.V. Production College: Grahm Jr. College Hobbies: Basketball, Music DONALD L. HOLLMAN 83 Wensley Street, Roxbury Activities: Basketball 2, 3, 4. STEPHEN C. HUNTER " Tee Dee " 315 Chestnut St., Randolph Ambition: Professional Musician Hobbies: Calisthenics Activities: Glee Club 3, 4; Student Council 3; Track 4. EDWARD M. HURLEY 2 Ditmus Ct., Roxbury Ambition: Business Manager College: Bentley College Hobbies: Basketball, Tennis Activities: Clubs, 3. Big Ed 46 CARL F. IOVANNI 3 Endicott Ct., Boston Ambition: Doctor College: U. Mass., Boston Activities: National Honor Society Secretary 4. JAMES W. ISAAC " Cool West ' P.O. Box 535. Roxbury Ambition: Air Traffic Control Specialist College: Bryant and Stratton Hobbies: Pool and Baseball Activities: Yearbook Staff 4; Glee Club 4. JOEL R. IZZO 144 Newton Street, Brighton Jakes ANTHONY I. JAKES 1 Normandy St., Roxbury Ambition: Accountant College: Northeastern University Hobbies: Sports, Fishing Activities: Honors, Eng. 1, 2; Alg. 1, 3; Span. 1, 2, 3; Hist. 3; Clubs, Afro. American 2, 3: Drill team 4; Honor Society 4. SAMUEL M. JEFFREY 34 Creston St. Dorchester ANDERSON D. JONES 1 1 A Wabeno Street Ambition: Computer Programming Operator Hobbies: Fishing, Tennis Activities: Patrol 4; Office Aid 4. Sam Andy THEODORE R. JONES 68 Fowler Street, Dorchester WILLIAM J. JONES II " Bee-Jay ' 29 Msgr. Reynolds Way Ambition: Successful Musician College: Boston University Hobbies: Music, Sports Activities: Patrol 3; Office Aid 3; Glee Club 2. 47 JOSEPH O. JORDAN Joey 42 Waumbeck St., Dorchester, Ma. 02121 Ambition: Advertising— Marketing Analyst College: Northeastern University Hobbies: Music, Girls Activities: Honors, Spanish 2; Geometry 2; Year- book Staff 4; Clubs, Afro-American 2, 3: Glee Club 4; All City Chorus 4; Newsletter 4; Track 2, 3, 4; Cross Country 2, 3. RICHARD A. JUDGE Dick 7 Fidelis Way, Brighton Ambition: Teacher, Coach College: Central Connecticut College Hobbies: Football Activities: Patrol 3, 4; Room Councilor 4; Room Athletic Councilor 3, 4; Student Council 3; News- letter 4; Baseball 1, 4; Basketball 1; Football 3, 4. JOSEPH T. KADLICK, JR. Big Joe 14 Farquhar St., Roslindale, Mass. 02131 Ambition: Physical Education Teacher College: Boston University Hobbies: Football, Baseball Activities: Yearbook Staff 4; Patrol 3, 4; Office Aid 4; Room Councilor 2, 3; Prom Committee, 4; Stu- dent Council 2, 3; Baseball 3, 4; Football 2, 3, 4. JOHN P. KANE Jack 1 Elko St., Brighton Ambition: To be a part of the happenings College: undecided Hobbies: Ice hockey, Camping Activities: Patrol 3; B.K.A.A. hockey team 3; Foot- ball 1; Hockey 1. KYRIAKOS KAROUTSOS 14 Halburn St., Mattapan JOHN G. KAYIALES 46 Austin St.. Hyde Park Ambition: Aerospace Engineer Hobbies: Coin Collecting Activities: Clubs, Pres. Coin Club 3; Rocket Club 2; Sec, Sons of Pericles 4, Executive Council, Greek Orthodox Youth of America 4; Baseball 3; Soccer 2, 3. KENNETH J. KELLY Ken 115 Church St., West Roxbury Ambition: To be a success College: Wentworth Hobbies: Crew, Tennis Activities: Honors, Geometry 3; Fidelity Prize 1; Patrol 3; Skiing; Tennis 3; Crew 1, 2, 3, 4, (Capt). PETER F. KELLY " Lil Kel " 21 Hillview Ave., Roslindale Ambition: Shop teacher College: Fitchburg State Hobbies: Hockey, basketball Activities: Clubs, Ski 2, Auto 2, Driver Ed. 3; DECA Treasurer; Crew 2, 3. 48 MARK D. KERVIN Kid 26 Dickinson Road Ambitioji: To succeed College: Boston State Hobbies: Boxing, Track Activities: Clubs, Boxing club 4, Prom comm. 4; Patrol 3; Boxing 2, 3, 4; Track 2, 3, 4; Golf 4; Crew 4. DAVID E. KING 9 Ennis Rd., Dorchester Mass. Ambition: Aviation Field College: New England Aeronautics Hobbies: Sports. JAMES A. KING 5 Saxton Street, Dorchester WAI KEUNG LAU 73 Hudson Street, Boston King STEPHEN J. LEON " Sieve " 7 Alleyne St., West Roxbury, Mass. Ambition: Civil Engineer College: Lowell Tech Hobbies: Sports and Girls. Activities: Yearbook Staff 3, 4; Patrol 3; Room Councilor 2, 3, 4; Prom Committee 4; West Rox- bury Rams-Football N.E. Champs; Student Coun- cil 2, 3; Baseball 2, 4; Hockey 4. HON LUN LEUNG 1 1 Copenger St., Roxbury Ambition: Mech. Engineer College: University of Mass. Hobbies: Volleyball, Electronic Experiment Activities: Honors, Hist. 4, Trig. 4, Chem. 4. PAUL E. LOGAN 52 Lamartine St., Ext., Jamaica Plain Ambition: To be successful College: Bentley College Hobbies: Baseball, Basketball ANTERO P. LOMBA 18 Armandine St. Ambition: University of Massachusetts Activities: Fidelity Prize 1; Student Council 2; Soc- cer 2, 3. 49 JOHN J. LOMBARD Jack 78 St. Andrew Rd., E. Boston Ambition: Success College: U. Mass., Amherst Hobbies: Guitar, Music Activities: Honors, Hum. 12, Jun, Hist. 12; Patrol 3. CLARENCE E. LYNCH 35-31 J Codman Park Roxbury Ambition: Air Traffic Control Specialist College: Bryant and Stratton Hobbies: Basketball, Baseball Activities: Yearbook Staff 4; Glee Club 4. WAI G. MAH 23 Warren Avenue, Boston JOHN J. MAHONEY 39 St. Germain St., Boston Eagle STEPHEN V. MANNING 20 Richfield St., Dorchester Ambition: Successful Hobbies: Basketball, photography GEORGE L. MARCANTONIO 61 Homer Street, Boston Steve RAOUL A. MARCHANDO Shaun 5 Browning Ave. Ambition: Architect College: Polytech Hobbies: Model Building and Speedskaung Activities: Patrol 3, 4; Speedracing, boxing, basket- ball; Football 1. GORDON G. MARTELL, JR. 58 Dunster Rd., Jamaica Plain Ambition: To have my own business Hobbies: Skiing, Skating Activities: Clubs, Ski Club 3, 4. Gordo 50 JOSE A. MARTINEZ Stringing Joe 7 Courtland Rd.. Boston, Mass. Ambition: To play major league baseball and grad- uate College: Northeastern University Hobbies: Sports and Music. Activities: Office Aid 3, 4; Glee Club 3, 4; Out- standing centerfielder, and outfielder in Venezuela 1970 International Games. Honored with two trophies; Baseball 3, 4; Track 3, 4. KEVIN J. McCLAY Maddog 32 Granfield Ave., Rosindle Ambition: To be a success College: Holy Cross or B.C. Hobbies: Sports. Activities: Yearbook Staff 4; Baseball 2, 3, 4: Foot- ball 1, 2, 3, 4. JAMES L. McCOLLUM Biddy 101 Geneva Ave. Ambition: Gym Teacher College: Boston College Hobbies: Cards-Basketball Activities: Honors, Typing 1; Gym 1, 2, 3, 4; Base- ball 1, 2; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4. PAUL R. McDONOUGH Mac Jr. 333 Geneva Ave Ambition: Architect College: Wentworth Hobbies: Rifles, Archery Activities: Patrol 3; Office Aid 2. THOMAS A. McNALLY " The Duker " 48 Brighton Ave., Allston Ambition: To become a Physical Ed. Instructor College: University of Connecticut Hobbies: Baseball, Swimming Activities: Yearbook Staff 4; Office Aid 2, 3; Room Councilor 1, 4; Prom Committee 4: Student Council 4; Baseball 2, 3, 4; Track 4. HUDIS MEANS III Junior 60 Bowdoin Ave. Ambition: Engineer (architectural and structural designer) College: Northeast Institute of Technology Hobbies: Football, Basketball Activities: Football 4; Track 4. JOSEPH P. MEARN " Break a way " 65 Northdale Road, West Roxbury Ambition: Coaching, Teaching College: Boston State Hobbies: Football, Hockey Activities: Lawrence Prize 1, 2; Yearbook Staff, 1 year sen.; Class Office 2, 4; Baseball 2, 4; Football 4; Hockey 3, 4. ROBERT A. MELLON Bob or Mel 10 Boxford Terr., West Roxbury Ambition: Marine Biologist College: Northeastern Hobbies: Scuba Diving and Skiing Activities: Honors, Hist. A, Trig., Eng., Biology 4; Clubs, Ski 3, 4, Pres. 4; Room Councilor 4; Hockey 4. 51 GILBERTO A. MERCADO 3234 Washington St., Jamaica Plain JAMES A. MICELI Jimmy 19 Bucknam St., Roxbury Ambition: Lawyer College: Salem State College; Suffolk Law School Hobbies: Photography, Bowling Activities: Honors, Biology 2, Fr. 2, Sp. 3, Hist. 2, 3; Clubs, Prom Committee 4; Room Councilor 4; Cross Country 4; Track 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM J. MITCHELL Mitch 105 Townsend St. Ambition: Movie Critic, model College: Worcester State College Hobbies: Basketball, Horseback Riding, Girls Activities: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. HUGH E. MORRIS Junior 6 Montpelier Road Ambition: Accountant College: University of Conn. Hobbies: Basketball and Youth Council in my area Activities: Honors, Mechanical Drawing 1, 2. WILLIAM F. MORRISON Willie 96 Hammond St., Boston Mass. Hobbies: Basketball, Boxing Activities: Honors, Business Law 3; Basketball 4. ALLEN S. MOY 8 Spalding St., Jamaica Plain Mass. 02130 Ambition: To become an engineer College: Lowell Technical Institute Hobbies: Volleyball, Basketball Activities: Honors, Chemistry 4, computer, math 2; Clubs, Chinese club 1, Math team 1, Science work- shop 4. JOHN W. MOY 72 Waltham Street, Boston ROBERT J. MURPHY Bob 73 Woodard Rd., West Roxbury Ambition: To go to college College: Stonehill Activities: Mini-group counseling. 52 CHARLES J. S. NELSON II Pond St., Jamaica Plain Ambition: Teacher College: Mass. College of Art Hobbies: Art and Drums Activities: Honors, Art 3; Soccer 2, 3. ( has Phil PHILIP NG 100 Tyler Street, Boston Ambition: Medical Technology College: Antioch College Hobbies: Ping Pong Activities: Honors, Math 1; Civics 1, Ancient His- tory 1, French 1; Lawrence Prize 1; Fidelity Prize 1; Clubs, Chinese Club 3, Auto Club 3, National Honor Society (Treasurer) 4; Office Aid 2; Room Councilor 1, 4; Northeastern Mini Course Program 4; University of Massachusetts (Upward Bound) 4; Student Council Executive Committee 4; Class Of- fice Treasurer 4. KENNETH LEO NORTON " the wease " 15 Sedalia Rd., Dorchester Ambition: To become a total success at any cost. College: Stonehill College Hobbies: Hockey, Drums Activities: Honors, History 1, 3; Yearbook Staff 4- Editor; Clubs, Physical Fitness Club 1; Film Club 3; Room Athletic Councilor 1; CYO hockey, surf- ing, off-road driving, and playing in a rock group; Hockey 4; Crew. CHARLES G. OCHS Dutch 584 Gallivan Blvd., Dor. Ambition: To be a success College: University of Massachusetts Hobbies: Guitar, the Occult Activities: Honors, History 1, Visual Perception 3; Yearbook Staff Ass ' t. Editor 4; Room Athletic Councilor 2; Martial Arts; Track 3, 4; Crew 4. FRANKLIN OSGOOD " Snake " 162 West Concord St. Ambition: Physical Education for High School. College: University of Mass. (Amherst) Hobbies: Fishing. Guns Activities: Patrol 4; Basketball 3, 4. SALADIN D. PADEN Sal 37 Intervale St., Roxbury, Mass. Ambition: Medicine College: Northwestern University Hobbies: Black literature, Chess. Activities: Honors, Eng. 2, 3; Biology 2; Cross Country 1, 2, 3, 4, (Co-Captain); HONORS-Won EHS undergraduate scholarship award.- 1970 WIN- NER-Harvard Book Prize- 1970; Track 1, 2, 3, Co- Captain. NICHOLAS G. PAPASTAMOS Nick 10 Adelaide St. Ambition: Mechanical Engineer College: Northeastern Hobbies: Basketball, Guitar Activities: Clubs, Yoyo 3; Greek 2, 3; Patrol 2; Baseball 3; Basketball 4; Soccer 2, 3. 4. ANTHONY D. PINO 8 Baldwin Place Ambition: To be successful College: Boston State Hobbies: Basketball, Football, Pool. Activities: Honors, Honor Roll, 2, 3, 4; Clubs, Data Processing Club, National Honor Society; Patrol 3. JAMES C. PORTER 31 Tobin Court, Roxbury HERMAN REID 50 Guild St., Roxbury Ambition: Airplane Pilot College: Air Force Academy Hobbies: Playing Basketball, Guitar Activities: Clubs, Guitar 3; Glee Club 4. " Toot ' SILAS W. ROBINSON 35 Kerwin Street, Dorchester Rock I DONALD B. ROCK I 98 Academy Terrace, Roxbury Ambition: Master Electrician College: Wentworth Institute Hobbies: Cars and Girls Activities: Patrol, Student Patrol 3; Office Aid 4; Black student union 3, Drill team 2; Track 2. LOUIS O. ROY Lou-Roy 60 Lawrence Ave. Ambition: Lawyer College: Boston University Hobbies: Dancing, Basketball Activities: Baseball 1; Football I, 2, 3, 4; Track 1. HERBERT L. RUFFIN " Ruff and Ready " 23 Montpelier Rd. Ambition: Architect College: Pratt Institute Hobbies: Activities, Models Activities: Key Cage Ass ' t. 4; Football 3, 4; Track 3, 4. DAVID W. SADDLER 61 St. James St., Roxbury DONALD SANTANGELO 897 Saratoga St., East Boston 54 BRUCE SARNOWITZ 96 Westover Street, West Roxbury LAWRENCE P. SIMMONS Prof 43 Virginia St., Dorchester Ambition: News reporter College: Boston State Hobbies: Songwriting, Reading Activities: Clubs, Driver Ed. 3; Patrol 3. KEITH A. SIMPSON 36 Fessenden St., Dorchester CARLTON D. SMITH 8 Dennison Street, Roxbury Activities: Basketball 2, 3, 4. RONALD E. SMITH Ronnie 22 Everett St., Jamaica Plain Ambition: Auto Mechanic Hobbies: Pool, Basketball Activities: Patrol 3; Basketball 3. CHRISTOPHER P. STAMOULIS Chris 15 Pelton St., West Roxbury Ambition: Success College: Boston State Hobbies: Sports Activities: Honors, History 2; Clubs, Student Pa- trol. DENNIS E. STAPLETON Stape, Slope 25 Tull St. Dorchester Ambition: Certified Public Accountant College: Bentley College Hobbies: Basketball, Cars Activities: Room Councilor 2, 3; C.Y.O. Basketball and Drum and Bugle Corps. THOMAS F. SULLIVAN Sully 27 Priscilla Rd., Brighton College: University of Mass. Amherst Activities: Prom Committee 4; Baseball 4; Football 4; Hockey 3, 4. 55 RICHARD H. TAPLIN Rick 57 Radnor Rd., Brighton Ambition: Radio Announcer College: Emerson College Hobbies: Piano and Basketball Activities: Honors, Music theory 3, 4; Humanities 4; Glee Club 3, 4; Basketball Officiating 4, J.W.B. Basketball League. CHARLES B. TERRY Charlie-Chuck 66 Clarkson St., Dorchester Ambition: To be a better person College: Boston State Hobbies: Maria— Sports Activities: Patrol 2, 3; Football 2; Crew 3, 4. EMMETT B. THOMAS, JR. 340 Mt. Vernon St. Ambition: Sociology or Education (elementary) College: Howard University Hobbies: Singing, Tutoring Activities: Honors, Sp. 1, 4, Fr. 1, Alg. 1, Eng. 2; Yearbook Staff 4; Office Aid 4; Room Councilor 4; Group counseling; Student Council 3. RAYMOND P. TOMASINI Ace 24 Grampian Way, Dorchester Ambition: Physical Education Teacher College: Bridgewater State Hobbies: Swimming and Basketball Activities: Patrol 3; Office Aid 2, 3, 4; Room Councilor 2, 3, 4; Room Athletic Councilor 2, 3; Student Council 2, 3, 4; Class Office Vice-president 4; Baseball 3, 4; Football 4; Track 3; Crew 3. MICHAEL A. TOWNES Mike 14 Orchard Park Ambition: To be Successful College: Brandeis University Hobbies: Studying Black Literature Activities: Patrol 4; Student Council 3; Basketball 1 JV. KWAN-TSE 7 Dwight St., Boston JOHN C. TZAVARAS Zorba 30 Hillside St., Roxbury, Mass. 02120 Ambition: Med ical Doctor College: Dartmouth College Hobbies: Hunting, Fishing Activities: Honors, Geometry 2, History 2, 3, 4; English 1, 2, 3, 4; Algebra 1, 3; Science 1; Biology 2; Physics 3; French 1, 2; Civics 1; Chemistry 4; Trigonometry 4; Mechanical Drawing 2, 3; Health Ed. 2; Physical Education 1, 2, 3, 4; Fidelity Prize, English 1; President Eastern Mass. National Honor Society, President English High School National Honor Society 4, Representative English High School Red Cross Chapter (Boston) 4, Representa- tive Boston Student Advisory Council 4; Clubs. Chess club 2; Indoor track 4. RICHARD O. WALKER " Motor " 405 Columbus Ave. Ambition: Physical therapist College: Clark College Hobbies: Basketball, Karate Activities: Afro- American Society 3; Track 1, 2, 3. 56 FRANCIS J. WALSH 2 Rockwood Terrace, Jamaica Plain MICHAEL P. WALSH " Killer " 160 Wilmington Ave., Dorchester Ambition: " Success " College: Boston State College Hobbies: Sports, Social Activities Activities: Honors, English 1, 2, 3, 4; Lawrence Prize 1; Yearbook Staff 4; Clubs, Prom Committee 4 (Chairman): Patrol 3; Office Aid 2, 3, 4; Room Councilor 2, 3, 4; Swimming 3, 4; Student Council 1, 2, 3; Baseball 2. 3, 4 (Captain); Football 2, 4: Crew 3. WALTER C. WAYNE Mouse 42 Hazelwood Ct., Roxbury, Mass. Ambition: Computer Technology College: Bryant and Stratton Hobbies: Sports, and Electrical Work Activities: Honors, Math 1, 2, 3; Patrol 3; Track 2, 3, 4. CARL B. WHITE 38 Annunciation Road, Roxbury Activities: Yearbook Staff 4. DAVID M. WHITE 26 Woodbine Street, Roxbury LANCE WHITE " Mr. Dynamite " 19 Huban Court Ambition: To become a famous musician playing guitar College: Harvard University Hobbies: Playing Guitar, Basketball Activities: Honors, French 1. STANLEY E. WILLIAMS 2 Carlos St., Dorchester ANSEL T. WILSON 2 Milford Street, Boston 57 ROBERT W. WILTSHIRE Bobby 43 Walnut Park Roxbury, Mass. 021 19 Ambition: To become a doctor College: N.V. Hobbies: Basketball, Tennis Activities: Patrol 3; Student Council 2. ARTHUR WONG 215 Harrison Avenue, Boston College: Northeastern University Hobbies: Ping Pong, Pool Activities: Honors, French 1, English 1, Geometry 2; Clubs, Chinese Club 3, Auto Club 3, Drivers Education 3. DELBERT D. WOOTEN Wayne 30 Elm Hill Park Ambition: Computer Programming and Manage- ment College: Northeastern Hobbies: Intramural Basketball Activities: Honors, English 3, 4; Yearbook Staff 4. DONALD G. YEE 5-C Emerald Court Boston, Mass. Ambition: Architect College: University of Massachusetts Hobbies: Collecting Stamps, Read and Model Building Activities: Honors, Eng. 1, 2, 3; Civic Ed. 1; Fr. 1, 2; Alg. 1, 2; Gen. Sci. 1; Biol. 2; Art 1: Mch. Draw 1; U.S. Hist. 3; Lawrence Prize 1; Clubs, Chess 1, 2, 3: Chinese 3; Office Aid 2; Volleyball 3. JAMES W. YOUNG II 99 Capen St., Dorchester, Mass. Ambition: Accountant Hobbies: Music, Tennis FRED W. ZEMEITUS 7 Centre St., Dorchester Ambition: undecided Hobbies: Hockey Activities: Patrol 3; Hockey 3, 4. Rookie 58 Also Graduating Ronald W. Banks Jeffrey M Bowman Warren S. Bowman Richard A. Boyd William J. Burke Robert Chamblin Eric W. H. Chan Shek T. Chan David R. Chandler Richard S. Chin King S. Chu David M. Clark William S. Collins Arthur J. Copeland Richard M. Costello Paul E. Covington Wayne Croxen Marquis H. Davis Stephen J. Defronzo Theodore Demetropoulos John H. Dickerson Johnny L. Dixon Ken neth Dwyer Kenneth J. Emmanuel Roberto Eng Richard J. Feehan Richard N. Ferullo James W. Flynn Joseph S. Forkin Anthony P. Fortes Francis S. Fowler Douglas C. Furr Stephen T. Gambale George A. Gilchrist Francis Gilmore Karl E. Gustafson William M. Hertello Howard A. Hill Kevin H. Hillis John J. Jennings Charles A. Johnson Rupert M. Johnson Anthony Karistianos John Kwan Sam Lau Benny B. K. Lee Roger W. Lucas Robert I. Maybin Gerald M. McConnon Edward J. McLaughlin Leonard D. Moore Hugh L. Murphy Christopher Murray Chen Chung Ng Herman Ng Rod J. O ' Connor Michael K. O ' Leary Frank Paramaxedes Richard F. Pearson Harold G. Physic Eugene Porter Steven J. Porter James B. Reid Lyman Richardson John E. Rimsans Charles S. Rosen William H. Sawyer Randall M. Smith Thomas J. Spencer Thaddeus Szmyt Lawrence J. Tecci John D. Teixeira Michael L. Toney Michael Treadwell David K. Walsh Kevin G. Walsh David Warren William A. Washington Clarence V. Wilder Albert Wilkins Anthony Wong 59 Yearbook 61 What Is English fligh? Not a building broad and high, Turrets pointing to the sky; Not a system hard and cold; Not a pen for sheep in fold; But a SPIRIT, sweet and fair, Breathing consecrated air, Wearing robe of spotless hue, Bearing banner, blue and blue; This we picture when we cry, " English High, O English High! " Not a group of men who each Letter of the law can teach; Not a set of rigid rules Only needed to guide fools; But a SOUL, that day by day Walks a consecrated way, Guiding youth to ways of beauty Through the sacredness of duty; This we picture when we cry, " English High, O English High! " Not a catalogue of books Idly conned with hasty looks; Not a course of study made To ascend from grade to grade; But a PRESENCE, strong and pure, Building something to endure In the minds and hearts of youth. Founded on the rock of truth: Something that shall help them be High in soul, in spirit free; This we picture when we cry, " English High, O English High! " 62 SENIOR LETTERMEN FREDERICK L. CHENEY DONALD HAYES JOSE MARTINEZ KEVIN J. McCLAY THOMAS A. McNALLY RAYMOND P. TOMASINI MICHAEL P. WALSH (Captain) 64 Basketball is ;HCt 34 Crew Team 72 1 Football SENIOR LETTERMEN JAMES A. BRADLEY 73 Hockey 76 Soccer-1971-1972 City of Boston Champions 78 The E.H.S. Track Season SENIOR LETTERMEN (Indoor Track) DAVID E. DEAVER (Co-Captain) STEPHEN C. HUNTER HUBERT S. JOHNSON JOSE MARTINEZ KEVIN J. McCLAY HUDIS MEANS III JAMES A. MICELI CHARLES G. OCHS SALADIN D. PADEN HAROLD G. PHYSIC LOUIS ROY (Co-Captain) HERBERT L. RUFFIN JOHN C. TZAVARAS (Outdoor Track) DAVID E. DEAVER HUDIS MEANS III SALADIN D. PADEN (Cross Country) JAMES A. MICELI SALADIN D. PADEN (Co-Captain) JOHN C. TZAVARAS 80 The Class of 1972, The English High School The 148th Class Class Day-Friday-May 12, 1972 The English High School Prom Tuesday, May 16, 1972 4 ' Awards Presented at the English High School Graduation John B. Hynes Civic Auditorium June 9, 1972 A WARD OF THE FRANKLIN MEDALS Frederick Dashiell Saladin D. Paden Richard A. Fiumara John C. Tzavaras Donald G. Yee ENGLISH HIGH HOME AND SCHOOL ASSOCIATION A WARDS Joseph L. M alone Awards CLASS OF 1921 AWARD Dennis E. Stapleton Harold G. Physic Carlton D. Smith Anthony Wong Joseph T. Kadlick James W. Dai lev A wards THE DA VID M. CLARK MEMORIAL A WARD Herbert L. Ruffin WALTER F. DOWNEY SCHOLARSHIP Eduardo Brown Frederick Dashiell Richard A. Fiumara David B. Harrison John Moy Saladin D. Paden Anthony D. Pino David W. Saddler Arthur Wong CHARLES M. CUMSTOM PRIZE John C. Tzavaras CLASS OF 1895 A WARD Good Citizen Awards Roger Lucas Arthur J. Copeland English A ward Lancelot Drummond, Jr. CLA SS OF 1906 AWARD David E. Deaver CLASS OF 1911 MEDAL Frederick L. Cheney CLASS OF 1911 A WARDS Frederick L. Cheney 100 100 100 100 150 125 200 125 150 200 200 125 125 200 600 100 100 200 100 CLASS OF 1913 AWARD Michael P. Walsh 200 150 Kenneth L. Norton Charles G. Ochs James W. Flynn Benny B. K. Lee Chen Chung Ng Stephen G. Leon Hugh E. Morris Michael P. Walsh CLASS OF 1922 A WARD CLASS OF 1924 A WARD CLASS OF 1925 A WARD CLASS OF 1928 A WARD CLASS OF 1932 A WARD CLASS OF 1934 A WARD CLASS OF 1938 A WARD Emmett B. Thomas, Jr. AMERICAN LEGION MEDAL Chen Chung Ng Charles J. Nelson ART SCHOLARSHIP ALVA T. SOUTH WORTH AWARD John C. Tzavaras JOHN BO WE CLAPP PRIZE John C. Tzavaras VINCENT P. MORTON SCHOLARSHIP Tak W. Chin ROWEA. GLADWIN SCHOLARSHIP John M. Carrigan CHARLES J. FOX SCHOLARSHIP Joseph M. Foley ELLIOTT P. FRAZIER SCHOLARSHIP Richard J. Asmar Allan S. Moy 100 100 100 100 100 100 150 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 150 100 CLASS OF 1916 AWARD Patrick J. Greene JOHN F. BURKE SCHOLARSHIP 150 Dolphon R. Edwards 100 94 MOSKOW BROTHERS SCHOLARSHIP Stephen J. DeFronzo 1 1 H ' Kevin J. McClay 100 DR. PHILIP E. MELTZER MEMORIAL A WARD Leonard D. Moore 100 JOSEPH L. KENNEY MEMORIAL A WARD Anthony P. Amundson 100 Kenneth J. Kelly 100 DA VID BURSTEIN SCHOLARSHIP Lawrence J. Tecci 300 BERNARD LANDERS A WARD Robert G. Branson 200 WILLIAM BRACKETT SNOW MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP Richard J. Feehan 500 STANLEY GA Y HYDE FITCH SCHOLARSHIP Philip Ng 200 CLARENCE WALKER BARRON SCHOLARSHIP Sam Lau 100 JOSEPH KAPLAN SCHOLARSHIP Donald G. Yee MARYC. BURKE SCHOLA RSHIP Raymond P. Tomasini 500 100 CHARLES HA YDEN MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP Carl Iovanni 250 WILLIAM DEVORE MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP Antero P. Lomba 100 ALBERT H. WIGGIN MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP Man Hoo Chan 250 HEAD MASTER ' S SERVICE AWARD 1972 Paul E. Covington 100 MORRIS GREYS ER ART AWARD Herman Wilkerson BOSTON TEACHER ' S UNION SCHOLARSHIP A WARD Robert J. Murphy 200 UNDERGRADUA TE SCHOLA RSHIPS Junior Ronald P. Fleischer (scholarship) 50.00 Lawrence F. Fiorentino (Service) 50.00 Sophomore Gregory Hamilton (scholarship) John Bailey (Service) Freshman Chandra Dey (Scholarship) William L. Chan (Service) 50.00 50.00 50.00 50.00 95 Valedictory Honored guests, Mr. James Doherty, Members of the Faculty, Fellow graduates, ladies and gentlemen: Welcome to our graduation exercises of 1972. In the past four years at English High School, this graduating class has not only achieved an academic success, it has achieved a psychological success. English High has, in these turbulent times, taught us to cope with ourselves and our com- munity. We have much more to learn, but we have made a strong beginning. Although we are no longer students of English High and are facing the commu- nity as adults, we will not forget our Alma Mater, its ideals, and what it has given us. English High School has been, and will be, a living spirit of brotherhood al- ways growing and engraved in our hearts forever. we must now endeavor as members of society to " give " what we can; to better what those before us have initiated. We must seek the truth, as we have been taught, protect it, as we must, and cherish it, as part of our way of life. The success that we celebrate here tonight is due in no small part to our par- ents, to our Headmaster Mr. James Doherty, his two assistants Mr. George John- son and Mr. Robert Murphy and the members of our faculty. To all these wonderful people we are truly grateful and we the graduates of 1972 wish to say to all of you thank you— Thank you very much. Valedictory John C. Tzavaras 96 THE ENGLISH HIGH SCHOOL IS PASTEUR Bosro;i u NAME ADDRESS

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