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EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Gerard F. Moore ASSISTANT EDITOR Mitchell Leon II FACULTY ADVISER John A. Creedon FOREWORD In recent years The English High School, has changed in many respects and yet the spirit from within has come to be an inspiration and weapon for both hard working faculty and students who wish to see our school the best in the country. As the 35th edition goes to press, we have tried by means of words and pictures, to show the serious and humorous side of both faculty and students. Within this edition of the Blue and Blue, we the yearbook staff, have attempted to record a year to be remembered by many. Mitchell G. Leon II Assistant Editor Athletics Nation ' s Oldest High School 150th Anniversary James W. Dailey The Head Master ' s Message To The Class of 1971 To the Class of 1971- I am pleased to extend warm congratulations and sincere best wishes to each member of our grad- uating class. With fond memories of our family pride when my own children graduated, I will also congratulate your parents who will always share quietly in each success of their son. I am delighted that members of the Class of 1971 have done honor to themselves and to English High School with an excellent record of acceptances to institutions of higher learning. The sub- stantial scholarship awards won by members of the class continue the fine traditions of our school in this important and practical area. I am deeply regretful that so many days of normal schooling were lost this year due to profitless dissension. The knowledge that schools across the nation were similarly disturbed does not lessen the hurt within our student body. Further, I have a feeling of personal loss because my health has sepa- rated me from contact with your class during the final period of your Senior year. However, I am confident that a joint effort by all of us will produce solutions to our social prob- lems and, at that future time, every citizen of our great country will agree that liberty and justice are equally available to all. Good luck to each of you in your cont inuing education, in school or in life. Our nation will need every skill you can offer. However, I believe your greatest contribution will be a willingness to par- ticipate cooperatively in an orderly society. Only in such an environment may each one pursue his chosen career. JAMES W. DAI LEY Head Master 1 Assistant Head Master ' s Message The members of the Class of 1971 are to be commended and con- gratulated for having the necessary stamina and perserverance to fin- ish their high school educations despite the numerous disruptions to which our school has been subjected. It has been said that adversity is an accepted part of everyday living. For you to have met it at such an early age and to have successfully overcome it augurs well for your future success in business or the professions. This year marks the 150th anniversary of the founding of the Eng- lish High School. We are proud to welcome you into the English High School Alumni Association and we hope that you will bring to the As- sociation the same spirit of loyalty and cooperation which you have shown during your undergraduate days. It is a pleasure for me to extend to each and every member of the class my heartiest congratulations and best wishes for the future. Good Bye and Good Luck. EDWIN F. BUTTERS Assistant Head Master Assistant Head Master Edwin F. Butters Administrative Assistant ' s Message The Boston English High School graduate of 1971 is challenged not only to become a man of honor and achievement but also to become a man of under- standing, love and peace. Accept this challenge as a commitment in your at- tempt to make a better world for your fellowman. GEORGE A. JOHNSON Assistant to Head Master, Vice- Principal George A. Johnson 8 Acting Headmaster Acting Head Master James J. Doherty In the last century a French philosopher, Emile Coue, came up with a philosophy that could be summarized by the statement, " Everyday in every way I am becoming better and better. " This will to excel, this burning determination to be " number one, " together with the spirit of brotherhood, has always epitomized English High School for me. We must and we will bring back both of these traditions. When we accomplish this feat, and you are the first class to be assigned this task, there will be a mutual benefit which will redound to you individually and collectively, and to the school which you hail as " Alma Mater. " In the words of General Shoup, its great commandant, that other eminent Ameri- can institution, the U.S. Marine Corps, believes it is the best, " and therefore it must be the best. " Go forth and believe that you are the best class, in the best school, with the best students, the best parents, and the best teachers, and you will be well on the way to bringing this to fruition. What is more important, tell the whole world about it, and see how quickly everyone else believes it too. JAMES J. DOHERTY Acting Headmaster 9 The turmoil of the past three years has prevented many of the tra- ditional activities in which a class participates. These, however, are not traditional times. Out of chaos will come a new type of order— one in which education is more relevant to the student of today and tomorrow. If each member of the Class of 1971 has begun to understand his fellow man any better— not in spite of confusion but because of it— then one of the stated purposes of 150 years of education will have been upheld. In the words of Arthur Guiterman, " For Education is, Making Men . . . " I hope the experiences you have encountered and the acquaint- ances you have made lead to greater concern and commitment toward other human beings. To The English High School Class of 1971 I ex- tend my best wishes. Sincerely, RAYMOND C. DION Senior Class Advisor Senior Advisor Raymond C. Dion Knowing full well that the 150th Anniversary Class of The English High School had a long tradition of excellence and leadership to con- tinue, I looked forward to working with them in the arrangement of their prom— the 50th of our school. My expectations have been fulfilled. Your class has often exhibited excellence and le adership in areas of public service, scholastic achievement, athletics and many others despite the many disruptions that marked your years at EHS. As you read the pages of this yearbook may you continue the proud heritage of English High men as a leader in your community. Your continuance of the awareness and involvement your class manifested concerning educational change certainly demonstrates your belief in the English High motto, " Service to mankind, through honor and achievement. " My personal best wishes for a successful future. CHRISTOPHER P. LANE Class Advisor 10 Class Advisor Christopher P. Lane Yearbook Advisor ' s Message Yearbook Advisor John A. Creedon The publication of this Yearbook represents part of a great adventure, a unique experience, that of your last year at the English High School. The cry for student involvement and the contin ued manifestation of that ex- pression throughout your Senior year prevented the recording of many events: pic- tures that could not be taken, accounts of athletic contests that could not be recorded, and a record of activities that, due to cancellations, have been lost for all time. We preserved what it was possible to preserve; we photographed what quiet days allowed us to photograph; we recorded what was left and possible to recount. The very fact that we had anything to place between the covers of your yearbook testi- fies to that stalwart group of your classmates who tried to prove that bomb scares, fires, false alarms, demonstrations, school closings, and general chaos would not de- ter their efforts to preserve what they could for your reading, not so much for now perhaps, but certainly, for years to come. English High School with your class celebrates its 150th Anniversary. We must have been doing something right to have existed that long. I take this opportunity as Advisor to wish your class collectively and each, indi- vidually, my personal best wishes for success in any endeavor you may choose. Re- gardless of the vocation or career you pursue always strive to " Be Happy. " Sincerely JOHN A. CREEDON Yearbook Advisor 1 1 The Faculty English Department 14 John P. Doherty. Jr. James F. Wells Francis B. Dunn Kevin P. O ' Malley Richard Winchester 15 History Department John A. Creedon 16 Gordon B. Elliot Hugh M. Jenkins John F. Lavey Mathematics Department " Men learn while they teach. " Seneca Timothy O ' Connell Eric A. Roy Art Department Harold L. McMurray William Themistocles " Art hath an enemy called ignorance. " Ben Jonson Carl R. Zidel 19 Business Education Department " Talk of nothing but business and dispatch that business quickly. " Dibdin Irving A. Knitter James F. McDermott 20 Science Department Science when well digested is nothing but good sense and reason. " Stanislaus Eben Rosenfield Thomas M. C lougherty Stephen H. Gimber, Jr. Department Head James F. Keaney Christopher P. Lane James F. Mullen John H. O ' Neill, Jr. Joseph F. Dotoli, Jr. Armand J. Veneziano 22 Language Department " Language is a city to the building of which every human being buys a stone. " Ralph Waldo Emerson Eugene DiGirolamo Michael J. Garber Frank A. Repetto Joseph F. Sheehan Clifford M. Wong Robert P. Yocco 23 Guidance Department " Few men make themselves masters of the things they write or speak. " John Selden Kevin J. Bowers Joseph Lapidus Matthew J. Connors Paul M. Shea Ralph M. Vozella Health and Physical Education " Health is a blessing that money cannot buy. " Izaak Walton William F. Duffy Stacy T. Johnson Patrick 24 William J. Stewart, Jr. The Essential Workers Wendell L. English Music Director Irene E. Kelly Librarian John R. Donlon Senior Custodian Frances K. MacDonald Secretary Robert W. Fisher Health— Driver Education Helen C. Martin R.N. School Nurse 1 i Virginia M. Murphy Secretary Dorothy M. Geraghty Secretary 25 What 3s English fligh? Not a building broad and high, Turrets pointing to the sky; Not a system hard and cold; Not a pen for sheep in fold; But a SPIRIT, sweet and fair, Breathing consecrated air, Wearing robe of spotless hue, Bearing banner, blue and blue; This we picture when we cry, " English High, O English High! " Not a group of men who each Letter of the law can teach; Not a set of rigid rules Only needed to guide fools; But a SOUL, that day by day Walks a consecrated way, Guiding youth to ways of beauty Through the sacredness of duty; This we picture when we cry, " English High, O English High! " Not a catalogue of books Idly conned with hasty looks; Not a course of study made To ascend from grade to grade; But a PRESENCE, strong and pure, Building something to endure In the minds and hearts of youth, Founded on the rock of truth; Something that shall help them be High in soul, in spirit free; This we picture when we cry, " English High, O English High! " 26 %hz £to of 1821 w English ftigh School in its 150 year i President of The Class of 1971 " Wisdom is knowing what to do: skill is knowing how to do it, and vir- tue is doing it. " When founded, this nation was based on certain prin- ciples, such as freedom and justice for all, but somehow this is not always so. There are a lot of things troubling and dividing this country; the war, ecology, color, popu- lation explosion, drugs, the bomb, the generation gap and many other problems. Many of these are carried over into school in such forms as student unrest and open rebellion because today ' s youth demands to be a part of this world. This land we live in is ours, no one can take it away from us, some day you will be running it. And these frustrations will be yours to deal with. And if you neg- lect your responsibility in dealing with these problems, I don ' t think the next generation will get a chance to try. There have been many incidents and experiences at English High that you will not forget and that have helped you along that road to becoming a man. In my opinion you have been very fortunate at Eng- lish High. You have not only learned what is written in books but you received an education in people, as well. Do not go through life feeling that you have to live up to anyone else ' s expectations but your own, and keep in mind that you live for the future and not the past. Also keep that strong desire for peace. Without it where are we? Abraham Lincoln DANIEL R. BIRD President, Class of 1971 28 Class Officers DANIEL R. BIRD President FRANCIS B. MILLER Vice-President ROBERT R. ZAGAMI Secretary-Treasurer BRUCE J. BOND Executive Committee ISRAEL LOCKHART, JR. Executive Committee 29 In Dedication 1971 It is unfair to dedicate our yearbook to any one individual, when there are so many great teachers surrounding us. However, there is one among us, who has done more to emphasize the success of this class, than anyone else. When the going was seemingly hopeless, his determination, strong feeling, and encouragement, pushed us forward. At times, it appeared as though he carried the entire weight of the school; yet never once did he give up. It was, with his indispensible assistance, that this class day is being held, that the yearbook will be published, and that going to school, seemed, a little more worth while. One of his favorite expressions is " look about me, if you seek my monument, " well Mr. Creedon, a statement such as that, could never be more appropriate to describe your career at English High School. For, as it is true of us, and all preceeding classes, when we needed you most, you, were always there. The Anniversary Class of the English High School salutes you and thanks you for a job well done. Class Day, May 14, 1971 On the occasion of the 150th Anniversary of the English High School 33 The History of The Class of 1971 " Better a little well kept, than a great deal forgotten. " Freshman " Some men are born into greatness, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them; " so explains the destiny of the Freshman class of 1967. Who among us knew that we would have the honor of being the graduating class on the 150th anniversary of English High School, the oldest and greatest public high school in America? Who knew of the tragedies and achievements that were to adorn our four years at Eng- lish? The brief history which follows holds a few of the anxieties and accomplishments which were encountered by us while journeying through the most rewarding years of our lives. As we entered the Freshman Annex we were greeted by such jovial faces as Mssrs. Sonego, Mad Dog Fen- nessy, and " Quomodo hanc classem unquam obtinui? " McNamara. It was within these walls that Mr. Biechel taught us now to water paint, Mr. Lyons explained the difference between lie and lay, and Mr. Fennessy showed us the proper technique of attacking black- boards with window poles. This initial year at English was highlighted by the Red Sox winning the pennant, the Bruins acquiring a young defenseman named Bobby Orr, and the Celtics once again winning the world championship. However it was also in this year that two noted Americans passed from our grasp. The assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Bobby Kennedy showed the sickness stag- nating America, the same sickness which we someday will have to confront and cure. All too fast that year drifted away in the ocean of time; nevertheless there already was printed an indel- ible mark of love for the school within our minds. Yet, with eager enthusiasm we moved up in rank and before us we bore our banner. " " Louis Pasteur BEWARE THE SOPHOMORES ARE HERE " " nr. s A Sophomore Ah! Here we were!! Sophomores!!! Calvin Coolidge once said, " The future is before us " and so were three years at the Main Building; but we were to experience more changes in three years than probably any other class of English High men. As a foreshadowing, English High students took to demonstrations. The students protested the then exist- ing dress code. The significance of our actions did not lie in the fact that we only had to dress cleanly and neatly, but that we led the other schools of Boston and suburbia towards a new attitude concerning student ap- pearance and behavior. It was also during this year that new words entered our vocabulary: Fens, Sparr ' s, and Emmanuel. More important was the number of firsts achieved by our school and country: first Boston school to win the Tech Tourney, and first school to negate its dress code, and the greatest achievement of this and any century, the landing of a man upon the moon. Our sophomore year surpassed our expectations of what it would be, as would every year we spent at Eng- lish. But no more of this matter; we were now Juniors and our first realization of how fast time flies hit us. We now were halfway through our life at English High. 35 Junior As English High Juniors we were to experience an awakening of student participation. Although at times it was steered in the wrong direction, the basic outcome was for the well-being of the school. This year was a drought in terms of victorious teams; however, our basketball team succeeded in winning the state championship. Little did we realize the dynasty that was beginning to take form. As Juniors we were taken under the wings of the mig- hty seniors, who would lead us on merry expeditions through the Fens. We carried on the long tradition of sixteen ounce curls followed by an exciting Hippie Hunt. Not all of our actions were as nefarious: some ex- peditions were climaxed by a visit of reknowned mu- seums (Boston Museum of Fine Arts) where we would look in bewilderment at the mummies and daddies. So much for trivia. The Spring came and so did the end of the school year. Some how we seemed to survive a teacher strike and racial disturbances to enter what might prove to be the saddest and happiest year of our young lives. For as the summer leaves were turning so was our life at Eng- lish High. September 10, 1970 marked the opening of our Senior and last year at the greatest school in America. 36 Senior Hey you! What? Where do you belong? In school! What are you, a wise guy? NO! A SENIOR!! Seniors! Spell that our loud: S-E-N-I-O-R-S!! For we had made it, from the Freshman Annex to Louis Pas- teur, we had made it. 360 strong from West Roxbury, Southie, Brighton, Dot, Roxbury, Townies, North End, Hyde Park, etc.— different creeds, colors, and nation- alities; we united to form one of the strongest, most spirited body of students English High School will ever know. To say our last year was spectacular would be overly modest. In our Senior year we experienced an 8-12 vic- tory over Latin, a special citation from the American Fire Fighters Association, and the establishing of a record number of fire alarms in an academic year. Nev- ertheless English took the forefront in leading other schools towards the better relationship of teachers and students. But it was not a year of entirely glorious deeds; once again our athletic teams failed through lack of support. But this situation we know will be remedied. The school year seemed too fast: Fall-Winter, Winter-Spring. Finally it is the month of May and we sit and think of what we have and have not accom- plished, of what we have given English High, and of what English High has given us. For as we walk up to receive our diplomas and journey our separate ways, each one of us will hold something dear, whether it be a Creedon history class, a Fennessy scream, or a Rose- nfield lecture, we will never forget " " THE ENGLISH HIGH SCHOOL " " the greatest high school in AMER- ICA .. . 37 38 Our Heritage In 1820, the town of Boston felt that the time had arrived to supplement its secondary school sys- tem, which at that time consisted of only the Latin School. A subcommittee, consisting of clergy, merchants, and jurists, was appointed to consider the subject of providing advanced schooling for boys not pursuing a college career. This committee presented a report which recommended the es- tablishment of a school to be called the English Classical School (a title that was eventually changed permanently to the English High School in 1833) with admittance obtainable thru ' suitable exam- ination. This committee further stated that the course should be spread over a period of three years, with subjects including English, Math, and Natural Philosophy. The school was opened in a building on Derne Street (in the rear of the State House, the site now commemorated by a plaque, gift of the Class of 1874) in the year 1821. George Barrold Emerson, a famous New England educator and botanist, was appointed the first headmaster. Mr. Emerson served until 1823, resigning at that time to open a fashionable academy for girls. Shortly after the appointment of Solomon P. Miles as headmaster, the school was moved from Derne to Pickney Street where it remained until 1844. Mr. Miles retired because of ill health in 1837 and was succeeded by Thomas Sherwin, a master in the school since 1829. Mr. Sherwin, a great and beloved headmaster, and a famous author of math text-books, presided over the school until his death at the age of 70 in 1869. During his regime such famous men as J. P. Morgan, the great finan- cier, and Samuel P. Langley, inventor of the airplane engine, were graduated from the school. In 1844, the English High School was moved to a building on Bedford Street, which was also to house the Latin School. There the school remained until 1881 when English was moved to an elabo- rate new building on Montgomery Street, a building regarded in its time as one of the finest educa- tional edifices in the country. Mr. Cumston, a master in the school for over 20 years, was appointed headmaster at Sherwin ' s death. He continued in this post until 1874, when he retired to pursue a business career. Edwin Pliny Seaver, an instructor of mathematics at Harvard, was his successor, resigning in 1881 to accept the position of Superintendent of Schools in Boston, the second teacher at English High to be honored so,— John D. Philbrick having held the position previously. Francis A. Waterhouse, a graduate of Bowdoin and headmaster of Newton High Schoo, was his successor, continuing in that office until his untimely death in Europe, while on leave of absence in 1894. Mr. Robert Babson. a teacher of Ger- man since 1864, was appointed his successor. Mr. Babson retired because of ill health in 1901 ; it was during his time that the system of depart- mental heads was established. Mr. John F. Casey, his successor, had been a teacher of mathematics in the school since 1872 an was held in the greatest of esteem by the alumni and student body. Mr. Casey retired reluctantly in 1915, because of the age limit and was succeeded by William B. Snow, then head of the French Department. During Mr. Snow ' s regime, the English High School celebrated its centenary. In 1922, the School Committee elected Mr. Snow Assistant Superintendent of Boston public schools, whereupon he was succeeded by Mr. Walter F. Downey, who had been a teacher of mathematics in the school for 12 years. On Mr. Downey ' s retirement in 1954, Mr. M. Henry Mclnerney was named headmaster. It was in Mr. Mclnerney ' s time that English High School moved from the old building on Montgomery Street to the High School of Commerce building on Avenue Louis Pasteur. Mr. Mclnerney resigned in 1956 to assume the post as Headmaster of Brighton High School. Mr. Joseph L. Malone was appointed headmaster in 1956 and served until his retirement in 1969. During his tenure many new honors came to the school: academic, social, and athletic. English High was also evaluated for accreditation and the plans for a new physical plant were released. In June of 1969, Mr. James W. Dailey became, upon his appointment, the thirteenth headmaster in the long, proud tradition of America ' s oldest high school. We wish him every success in his new assignment as English High continues to meet the challenge of today ' s changing education. 43 ROBIN D. BURNHAM LAWRENCE A. CAREY GEORGE E. CARROLL Dorchester Brighton Jamaica Plain 45 GENE C. CHIN WILLIAM B. CHIN TICK S. CHO Back Bay South End South End STEVEN A. CIARDI JOHN T. COFIELD RALPH R. CONTI Dorchester Boston East Boston 46 HAROLD R. COOPER GEORGE A. CORCORAN KENNETH M. COTTO Roxbury Dorchester Roxbury DOMINIC P. D ' AVOLIO RALPH E. DECKERT RICHARD M. DELFINO East Boston Brighton Jamaica Plain 47 LAWRENCE A. DELSIGNORE Dorchester MICHAEL P. DEPAOLO Dorchester JIMMY R. DIXON Dorchester LAWRENCE M. FINNERAN Dorchester JOHN P. FLEMING West Roxbury RICARDO FRANKS Roxbury TIMOTHY HALL Roxbury RICHARD C. HARDY West Roxbury GRANT R. HEATLEY Dorchester r DARRELL E. HENDSBEE Jamaica Plain ROBERT C. HINTON West Roxbury The Engl ish High School 1821-1971 KIN HO Boston JOHN E. HOSMER Dorchester MICHAEL G. HURLEY Dorchester 53 DENNIS G. HURNEY Boston MICHAEL S. IANTOSCA Jamaica Plain WILLIAM A. INDRISANO North End PATRICK J. KEEGAN GEORGE J. KELCOURSE HOWARD W. KELLEY South Boston Dorchester Dorchester 54 PETER K. KING ROSTISLAW KONDRATIUK WILLIAM W. LAM Dorchester Roslindale Boston 55 MITCHELL G. LEON. II West Roxburv JAMES M. LEONARD Brighton ALEXANDER LINDSAY Jamaica Plain KEVIN J. LYNCH Dorchester STEPHEN W. MacDONALD West Roxbury 57 Stephen t. Mcdonough thomas j. mcGrath mark a. Mclaughlin Roslindale Dorchester Boston HUGH J. McNALLY FRANCIS B. MILLER WILLIAM M. MONAHAN Jamaica Plain Jamaica Plain Dorchester 59 JONATHON A. MOSELY PETER F. MOTHERWAY BING N. MOY Roxbury Back Bay Boston HOMER MOY THOMAS J. MUNAFO JOSEPH L. MURDOCK. South End Jamaica Plain Dorchester 60 ARTHUR N. NICKERSON RICHARD A. NOCELLA Dorchester Brighton JOHN R. NORTON JOHN R. OBERLANDER WILLIAM P. O ' CONNOR Jamaica Plain Mattapan Brighton 61 JOHN P. OGRINS Jamaica Plain RONALD OLSEN Roxbury GEORGE A. PANGAKIS Allston STEPHEN A. OHRENBERGER South Boston CLIFFORD OUTLEY Roxbury NIKOLAOS PAPADOPOULOS West Roxbury THOMAS J. O ' KEEFE South Boston GEORGE A. PADEN Roxbury JAMES F. PARSONS Dorchester 62 PETER A. RACKAUSKAS Dorchester STEPHEN J. REYNOLDS Roxbury DOUGLAS J. ROBART Dorchester RODNEY RAMOS Dorchester MARK E. RICHARDS Brighton ALBERT E. ROBERTS East Boston FATIH RESUL Back Bay RICHARD G. RILEY Dorchester THOMAS F. ROFFEY Dorchester 64 ROBERT E. ROGERS Roxbury MICHAEL J. SAMUELS Dorchester ROBERT F. SANTANGELO West Roxbury LOUIS RUGGIERO Dorchester EDWARD S. SANIUK West Roxbury PETER J. SARACZYNSKI South Boston WILLIAM P. RYAN Back Bay The English High School 1821-1971 MICHAEL P. SARNIE East Boston 65 ROBERT A. SCALFANI East Boston PAUL B. SCALI East Boston JOHN P. SCHATZ Jamaica Plain THOMAS J. SHORTT EDWARD F. SILVA EDWARD J. SILVESTRI Jamaica Plain West Roxburv Brighton 66 WILLIAM P. STEELE NATHANIEL S. STEPHENS NICKOLAS B. STRANSKY Dorchester Dorchester Back Bay THOMAS J. STRUZZIERI JOSEPH A. SULLO JAMES M. TARUSHK.A Roslindale East Boston Dorchester 68 EDWARD F. THOMPSON Roslindale JOSEPH A. TYLER Roxbury KURT S. VARGA West Roxbury JOHN J. VINCENT South End RICHARD T. VINTON Roslindale 69 JOHN C. VITALE East Boston EMILIOS VOHALIS Boston ROBERT T. WALLEY West Roxbury MICHAEL M. WILLIAMS Jamaica Plain f 4 m v DEREK E. WRIGHT Dorchester MARK C. WINSTON Jamaica Plain DAVID E. WORRELL Jamaica Plain NEWARD YEE Allston 71 RICHARD W. WONG Back Bay The English High School 1821-1971 RICHARD J. YOUNG Dorchester PHILIP YUEN South End ROBERT R. ZAGAMI Hyde Park WILLIAM A. ZEMAITIS Dorchester Also Graduating Stephen V. Alimonti Winston C. Ashley Paul A. Ayube Robert P. Barisano William J. Bartholomew Bradford L. Bell David B. Board Donald J. Boyd Paul A. Boyd Dennis P. Broyer Clifford J. Charon Glenn Chickering Robert W. Cleckley Donald V. Clements Kenneth D. Conley Richard M. Delfino Joseph R. Demore Walter C. Dent Holy Edmonds Haynes J. Emmanuel Stephen B. Encananzie Walter Ferebee Julio A. Ferrer Paul Furey Barnet Goverman John P. Hallissey Anthony H. Hamded Lester Hayes Dan Y. Horn Hollis Hose Wayne V. Hudson Frederick A. Johnson John L. Keith Steven J. Larocca Wootman B. Lee Yui Cheung Lee Irwin C. Libeskind Joseph G. Luongo Richard A. Lynch Michael D. McAlduff Philip J. McNair Robert L. Mitchell Gregory P. Murphy Sebastian E. Noe Richard A. Noltemy Francis G. O ' Brien James J. Panos Warren E. Perry Roy W. Raeford Michael J. Reddy James M. Reid Martin E. Rivers Carlson R. Rodney Prince D. Rodney David M. Scanzillo Daro M. Scott Uriah G. Sheets Willie R. Smith Dave O. B. Squires John G. Sudbey Bruce Szeto Herbert Szeto Gene E. Thorpe Robert P. Torento James L. Tripp Alexis Wade Robert Walsh Charles Wellington John R. Wells Allen B. White William W. White Benjamin Williams Jr. Francis M. Williams Marion Williams Ronald D. Williams Stephen W. Wong Matthew H. Wrice 72 Yearbook Gerard F. Moore Editor Mitchell G. Leon, II Assistant Editor THE ENGLISH HIGH SCHOOL YEARBOOK STAFF PRESENTS ITS THIRTY-FIFTH EDITION TO THE CLASS OF 1971. THROUGHOUT THE PAST YEAR THERE WERE MANY SIGNIFICANT EVENTS; IT WAS OUR TASK TO COMPILE THEM INTO WHAT HOPEFULLY WILL BE THE BEST YEARBOOK PRESENTED BY ANY STAFF. THIS SEEMINGLY IMPOSSIBLE ENDEAVOR WAS AC- COMPLISHED THROUGH THE DILIGENT EF- FORTS OF THE STAFF AND THE IN- DISPENSIBLE ADVICE OF MR. CREEDON. THROUGH THE DOORS OF 107A WE PASSED EVERY DAY TO PUT OUT THIS YEAR ' S EDI- TION. AT TIMES, IT LOOKED DOUBTFUL; NEV- ERTHELESS, WE REMAINED PERSISTENT AND MOVED FORWARD WITH VIGOR. AS WE SUR- GED THROUGH THE MOUNTAINS OF PHOTOS AND PAPERWORK, EACH PAGE SEEMED TO FALL INTO PLACE, UNTIL FINALLY, WE HELD THE COMPLETED WORK IN OUR HANDS. LOOKING BACK UPON THE PAST FOUR YEARS WE HOPE THAT MAYBE WE CAPTURED A LITTLE OF THE MEMORIES AND NOSTALGIA WE HAVE ENCOUNTERED HERE. WE HOPE YOU WILL ENJOY READING IT AS MUCH AS WE HAVE ENJOYED ASSEMBLING IT. 74 Staff 75 Baseball VARSITY BASEBALL SQUAD-Row 1: McClay, Walsh, M. Co-Captain: Tomasim, Roberts Walsh R Co-Captmn; Hayes. McCarrick. Row 2: Cheney, Brenner, McNally. Shanahan. Lewin, Coach Stewart. 76 77 Basketball BASKETBALL SEASON FINAL RECORD -5 CITY LEAGUE CHAMPIONS FIVE CONSECUTIVE YEARS CITY FINALS FIVE CONSECUTIVE YEARS VARSITY BASKETBALL SCORES E.H.S. 61 LEXINGTON 66 66 DORCHESTER 81 63 TECHNICAL 59 86 TRADE 59 84 BOSTON LATIN 63 70 DORCHESTER 69 72 CAMB. LATIN 56 80 TECHNICAL 71 92 TRADE 66 78 LATIN 63 67 DORCHESTER 66 67 TECHNICAL 60 74 TRADE 58 73 LATIN 55 THE PLAYOFFS BOSTON GARDEN 72 HYDE PARK 84 86 SOUTH BOSTON 71 62 DORCHESTER 55 68 CATHOLIC MEMORIAL 66 68 REVERE 63 79 Swim Team 8 I Crew Team Row 1: Shabanoff, N., Muller, Pateras. Heatley, Ohrenberger, Monahan, Co-Captain; Kelly, Haldoupis, Pierce, Sideropoulos. Row 2: Forrester, Chatterjee, Wisniewski, Johnson, Spezzano, Ford, Baxter, R., Shabanoff, P., Nee, Bagley, King, Baxter, W., Hughes, Egan, Manager, Coach Clougherty. 82 Hockey 84 Soccer- 1970- 1971 Row 1: Kayiales, Manager; Marmanidis, Martinez, Silva, Centeio, Papadopulos, Captain; Vohalis, John- son, Paramaxedes. Row 2: Papastamos, Manager; Nelson, Manager; Fallas, Sawan, Brown, M., Teixeira, Doucas, Lomba, Docanto, Brown, A., Coach Duffy. Indoor Track Football THE ENGLISH HIGH SCHOOL VARSITY SQUAD OF 1970— Row 1: James W. Dailey, Headmaster, Doherty, Buckley, Monahan, Rogers, Straughter, Co-Captain; Reddy, Co-Captain; Lee, Young, Roberts, D ' Avolio, Coach Stewart. Row 2: King, Head Coach, Murphy, McDonough, Johnson, Finneran, Tarushka, Zagami. Bradley, Smart, Mansfield, Gill, Coach Burley. Row 3: Coach Bur- gess, Encananzie, Manager; Haynesworth, McLay, Johnson H., Baer, Kadlick, Shanahan, Judge, Haldoupis, Young, Feijoo, Manager. Row 4: Stelberg, Clark B., Clark K„ Birch, Physic, Gilmore, Murphy J., Roy, Turner, Major, Manager. 4 VARSITY FOOTBALL SCHEDULE E.H.S 0 EAST BOSTON 16 RINDGETECH 6 B.C. HIGH 26 CAMB. LATIN 26 TECHNICAL 14 0 CATHOLIC MEMORIAL 33 8 LAWRENCE CENTRAL 14 CHELSEA 19 BOSTON LATIN 12 English Co-Captains VAN STRAUGHTER. MIKE REDDY 90 1W Al White; George Haldoupis Cliff Lee; Van Straughter Dan Shanahan; Greg Murphy Steve Mansfield; Pat Gill Joe Kadlick; Bill Buckley Hal Physic; Bob Rogers Football Herb Johnson; Jerry Smart Steve McDonough; Mike Reddy Joe Doherty; Jim Tarushka Mike Roberts; Dom D ' Avolio iiiMT- I Larry Finneran; Bill Monahan 92 Jim Murphy; Dick Judge In Recognition of Your Years of IN APPRECIATION JAMES G. EG AN A MOST LOYAL ALUMNUS THE 150TH ANNIVERSARY CLASS OF THE ENGLISH HIGH SCHOOL SALUTES MR. JAMES G. EGAN FOR HIS CONTIN- UAL INTEREST, ENCOURAGEMENT, AND EFFORTS ON BE- HALF OF SUCCEEDING CLASSES. PRESIDENT OF THE CLASS OF 1925 FORMER DIRECTOR OF THE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION PRESENT AMVET POET LAUREATE FRIEND AND BENEFACTOR OF ENGLISH HIGH SCHOOL THESE TWO PAGES HAVE BEEN DONATED BY MR. EGAN TO HELP DEFRAY THE COST OF THIS YEAR ' S PUBLICA- TION, FURTHER TESTIMONY TO HIS CONTINUING INTER- EST IN HIS ALMA MATER, THE OLDEST PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOL IN THESE UNITED STATES. MR. EGAN HAS WITNESSED MORE ENGLISH HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETIC COMPETITIONS THAN ANY OTHER LIVING GRADUATE. ON THE OCCASION OF ITS 150TH ANNIVERSARY ALMA MATER SALUTES HIM JAMES G. EGAN Class of 1925 PRESENTATION OF ALUMNI APPRECIATION JUNE, 1971 IN THE HEADMASTER ' S OFFICE- John A. Creedon, AWARD-Joseph Lapidus, Alumni Secretary; Doug Adams, E.H.S. Douglas Adams, Trustee, Professor Emeritus, M.I.T.; James G. Egan, Trustee; James Egan, ' 25; John A. Creedon, Faculty Co-ordinator. ' 25. 94 Service, The Class of 1971 Salutes At E.H.S. Class of 1925 37th Reunion held at Tiffanys, Jim Egan is shown presentating an award to Robert Waldman, indus- trialist and owner of the Longwood Towers for service to the class. All three men in the picture are past presidents of this very active class. Robert Waldman, Dr. Benedict Kudish and Alumni Director James G. Egan. James G. Egan shown holding Paul Revere bowl presented to him as outgoing President of Everett Allied Veterans Council is being con- gratulated by friends: Commander Louise G. Muzzey Sommerville Amvets Post 4, Commander James G. Egan, Everett Amvets Post 125, Amvet Middlesex County Commander Edmund F. Poirier, and Past Commander of Maiden Amvets Post 1 16 William Flibotte. Joseph V. Ferrino ' 43 Past Amvet National Commander speaking the James G. Egan, ' 25 Testimonial Dinner. Presentation of Alumni Award for " Outstanding Service to E.H.S. " Making the presentation, Trustee Douglas Adams. 95 96 Glee Club nflmfm l Youth Concerts at Symphony Hall Harry Ellis Dickson, Music Director TWELFTH SEASON: 1970- 1971 First Program " BEETHOVEN IS BROTHERHOOD " SATURDAYS. NOVEMBER 7 and 14 AT 11 A.M. Concert in Commemoration of 200th Anniversary of Birth of Beethoven, December 16. 1770 ALL-BEETHOVEN PROGRAM Overture to " Leonore, " No. 3 Symphony No. 5, in C minor First Movement: Allegro con brio Piano Concerto No. 1. in C minor Finale: Rondo Piano: Willa Moriarty Ballet, " The Creations of Prometheus " Adagio Andante quasi allegretto Harp: Ann Hobson Cello- Martin Hoherman Symphon y No. 9 . i n D min or Finale : Chorus on Schiller ' s " Ode to Joy " (English translation by Michael Kaye) Soprano: Anne-Margaret Turner Contralto: Mary Helen Thompson Tenor: A. Leon Wheeler Bg Jlaiilon -Excincn Hester Boston English High SchooiGlee Cl ub " " NWendell En glish. Directors Jeremiah Burke HigTi7 choolGlee Club A. Leon Wheeler, Director CHORAL FINALE TO NINTH SYMPHONY — BEETHOVEN SET TO SCHILLER ' S " ODE TO JOY " Translated from the German by Michael Kaye Copyright 1970 by Michael Kaye (Used by permission) Baritone: Be joyful, and sing together! Let us sing a song of brotherhood and gladness, For Joy we celebrate. Baritone, Quartet, and Chorus: Praises for the inspiration Giving us this song to sing! Hear our joyous jubilation, And receive the praise we bring! Let Joy ' s magic bring together Those who would this sons deny; And all people live as brothers, As was meant by God on high. He whose trust has been rewarded, For a friend, a friend to be, He whose vows have been recorded. Come and join our jubilee! If there is a single person Who has never known a home, Loneliness will be his portion, He must go and weep alone! Joyous gifts for every creature Mother Nature gladly gives; Good or bad, all things are Nature ' s: She has blessed each thing that lives. Kisses that she gives are priceless, Lasting friends on life ' s long road; Secrets of the grave are lifeless. And the angels live with God! Tenor and Chorus- Glad, while all the planets glorious Orbit through the heaven ' s vast expanse Brothers, proudly now advance, Heroes happy and victorious! Chorus: All you millions, we embrace you With a kiss for all the world! Brothers, far beyond the stars Surely lives a loving Father. Kneel before him, countless millions! Don ' t you feel His presence, World? He created all the world. All the vast and foreign regions. Far beyond the stars. Surely lives a loving Father. 98 150th Anniversary Celebration 1821-1971 Proclamation by Gov. Sargent designating June 3, 1971 as English High Day in honor of the 150th Anniversary of the founding of the oldest public high school in the country. Pictured, left to right: Sen. Samuel Harmon; John Creedon; Prof. Douglas Adams of M.I.T.; William Stewart, President EH S Alumni Association; John J. Beades, Past President; Gov. Sargent; Joseph Lapidus, Secretary Alumni Association; Rubin Epstein, Anniversary Dinner Chairman; Carl Cederquist; James Doherty, Headmaster; Gen. Timothy Regan, Past President; Mike Moskow. 150TH ANNIVERSARY COMMITTEE— James J. Doherty, Head- master; John Creedon, Faculty Co-ordinator; Rubin Epstein, Dinner Chairman; Joseph Lapidus, Alumni Secretary; Bill Stewart, President; Alumni Association. 100 Blue and Blue Farewell Prom Tuesday, May 18, 1971 Chestnut Hill Country Club One hundred and forty-seventh graduation of The English High School Tuesday, June 8, 1971 Awards Presented at the English High School Graduation John B. Hynes Civic Auditorium TUESDAY, JUNE 8, 1971 A WARD OF THE FRANKLIN MEDALS Mark C. Winston Howard K. Block Robert W. Pritchard Tick S. Cho Vincent J. Gately Nicholas B. Stransky Robert F. Adams Phillip K. Lung ENGLISH HIGH HOME AND SCHOOL ASSOCIATION AWARD Joseph L. Ma lone Award Edward Silva 100 CLASS OF 1 91 3 A WARD Richard C. Hardy ENGLISH HIGH SCHOOL GLEE CLUB A WARDS Musician of the Year A ward Allen B. White Glee Club Scholarship A wards Grant R. Heatley Israel Lockhart Jr. STEPHEN B. ENCANZIE MEMORIAL A WARD Richard J. Young WALTER F. DOWNEY SCHOLARSHIP Daniel Bird Francis B. Miller Nicholas B. Stransky John J. Madden Christopher Stavros Bruce J. Bond Robert R. Zagami Robert J. Stravinsky Robert F. Adams Edward S. Saniuk Phillip K. Lung CHARLES M. CUMSTON PRIZES Gerard F. Moore Ronald D. Williams Robert E. Rogers CLASS OF 1895 A WARD Good Citizen Awards Gene E. Thorpe Sydney T. Smith, Jr. Robert A. Scalfani Herbert E. Johnson Martin E. Rivers English Award CLASS OF 1906 A WARD CLASS OF 191 1 MEDAL CLASS OF 1911 A WARDS 100 100 100 100 200 150 150 150 150 150 150 100 100 100 100 200 200 200 100 100 150 100 CLASS OF 1916 A WARD Lawrence M. Finneran Kin Ho Thomas J. O ' Keefe CLASS OF 1921 A WARD CLASS OF 1922 A WARD CLASS OF 1924 A WARD Kenneth J. Backman CLASS OF 1925 AWARD Robert F. Santangelo James A. Jackson Sze K. Wan Mark C. Winston Vincent J. Gately James M. Reid CLASS OF 1928 A WARD CLASS OF 1932 A WARD CLASS OF 1934 A WARD CLASS OF 1938 A WARD AMERICAN LEGION MEDAL Vincent J. Gately Mitchell G. Leon ART SCHOLARSHIP Martin E. Rivers Michael J. Samuels 100 100 ALVA T. SOUTHWORTH AWARD William F. Buckley JOHN BOUVE CLAPP PRIZE Robert W. Pritchard VINCENT P. MORTON SCHOLARSHIP Holy Edmonds ROWE A. GLADWIN SCHOLARSHIP Clifford C. Lee CHARLES J. FOX SCHOLARSHIP John C. Vitale ELLIOTT P. FRAZIER SCHOLARSHIP Tick S. Cho Alexander H. Dow JOHN F. BURKE SCHOLARSHIP Terrance Y. Wong 150 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 150 100 100 MOSKOW BROTHERS SCHOLARSHIP John R. Norton 100 Richard W. Wong 100 DR. PHILIP E. MELTZER MEMORIAL A WARD Michael K. Encananzie 100 DAVID BURSTEIN SCHOLARSHIP Howard K. Block 300 WILLIAM BRACKETT SNOW MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP Vincent J. Gately Robert A. Scalfani 250 250 BERNARD LANDERS A WARD Pak Man Chan 200 STANLEY GA Y HYDE FITCH SCHOLARSHIP Arnold H. Shienfeld 200 CLARENCE WALKER BARRON SCHOLARSHIP Glenn Chickering 100 CHARLES HA YDEN MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP Anthony M. Buczynski 250 ALBERT H. WIGGIN MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP George A. Paden 250 JOSEPH KAPLAN SCHOLARSHIP Robert W. Pritchard UNDERGRADUATE SCHOLARSHIPS Junior John Tzavares Joseph Buswell Frederick Dashiell Sophomore Ronald Fleischer Hak Wong Freshman Gary Chubbuck Lee Lopkay NEWMAN SILBERT SCHOLARSHIP Barnet Goverman John J. Weeks 300 300 500 50.00 50.00 50.00 50.00 50.00 50.00 50.00 Valedictory DISTINGUISHED GUESTS, FELLOW CLASSMATES, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN: WE MEET HERE TONIGHT TO MARK A SOLEMN OCCASION, THE CULMINATION OF TWELVE (12) YEARS OF FORMAL SCHOOLING. THE DICTIONARY DEFINITION OF VALEDICTORY DEFINES IT AS A " FAREWELL. " BUT CERTAINLY THIS COULD NEVER BE THE CASE WITH ALMA MATER . . . FOR TONIGHT, WE, AS A CLASS JOIN THE RANKS OF THE OVER 38,000 ALUMNUS FROM THIS, THE OLDEST PUB- LIC HIGH SCHOOL IN THE COUNTRY, AND WE JOIN THEM PROUDLY. MANY OF THOSE GRADUATES HAVE GONE TO SERVE THEIR COUN- TRY, STATE, AND CITY. WE WILL DO THE SAME. NO SCHOOL, NO MATTER HOW GOOD ITS PAST HISTORY OR TRADI- TION HAS BEEN, CAN OR SHOULD, LIVE ON THAT ALONE. IT IS NOW OUR CHALLENGE, NOT TO FALTER OR STUMBLE, BUT TO PURSUE WHATEVER OUR CHOSEN, OR YET TO BE CHOSEN, CAREER WILL BE. THIS IS CERTAINLY AN AGE OF TURBULENCE, UNREST, AND GREAT SOCIAL CHANGES, BUT ALL GRADUATING SENIORS HAVE FACED THEM, AND SO MUST WE. NEVER FORGET WE HAVE A DISTINCTION THAT NO OTHER CLASS WILL EVER BE ABLE TO BOAST OF . . . WE WERE, ARE, AND ALWAYS WILL BE, A PART OF ALMA MATER ' S 150TH. AS WE LEAVE THIS HALL, WE CAN LOOK ABOUT US AT PARENTS, TEACHERS, AND FRIENDS WHO MADE THIS EVENT POSSIBLE. I SA- LUTE THEM, AND I SALUTE YOU, CONGRATULATIONS, 112

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