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EXLIBRIS THE ENGLISH HIGH SCHOOL Founded 1821 " If anything will preserve tranquillity and order ' in a community, perpetuate the blessings of society, and free government, and promote the happiness and pros- perity of a people, it must be the diffusion of knowledge. These salutary effects, the committee conceives, would flow from the institution of this seminary. " Subcommittee report — School Report 1820 The class of 1958 offers this, our year book, in a spirit of appreciation to the members of the facuhy who have worked so unceasingly to further our education. The class of 1958 hopes and believes that they will con- tinue the traditions of our English High School in succeeding years always remembering that: " THE AIM OF EVERY ENGLISH HIGH SCHOOL BOY IS TO BECOME A MAN OF HONOR AND ACHIEVEMENT. " OL CLss of 1958 pre6ent . . . The ENGLISH HIGH SCHOOL YEAH BDDK EDITOHML . . . What quality makes the English High School of Boston one of our country ' s finer schools? It is purposefulness. English High School has always been able to maintain a high standard because of the unceasing devotion of the teachers to their profession. And this purposeful policy of the faculty to continually improve the schools scholastic standing and to help the students develop their abilities and interests, more than anything else has helped to make the school one of the most highly regarded in the country. English High School gives students who possess diversified talents, a chance to display these talents by membership in one of its many clubs, teams, or organiza- tions. The teachers of the school give of their free time to these groups to advise the students and to help them to develop the qualities of leadership that will be invaluable to them in the years ahead. Frequent exhortations by the members of the faculty are responsible for the enthusiasm that most students have for their studies and for the high regard that all students have for the school. Following the example set by their instructors, many boys have taken on posi- tions of responsibility, and, copying the purposeful manner in which their teachers carry out their duties, they have helped their fellow students to become better citizens. It is no wonder, therefore, that the average English High School graduate is a " better grade " of young man, a more mature individual, and an outstanding leader in his community. Perhaps it would be to the advantage of some boys in the school if they would put a little more effort into their studies. Then, with everybody striving to do his best, the English High School of Boston would be not just one of our country ' s finer schools, but one of our country ' s finest. If the students in the school would start now to put all of their undertakings, the school will be well on its way to be number one. Inevitably, English High School will reach the stage where it can afford to be more selective. Only the best talent in Boston will be allowed to attend the school, and its superior standards will be admired all over the country. With Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors working together to carry our school to even greater heights, the day is in the very near future when principals throughout the country will look on the English High School of Boston as the school to emulate. Feeling that there is a pride associated with being a student at " English " , the faculty of the school is not satisfied with students who are merely a " better grade " of young men — they want students of the best grade. And if this remarkable " purposeful policy " of the faculty continues to influence the students in the way it has, it will not be long before the graduates of English High School will be the most fully prepared and the most ambitious young men on the college campuses of America. THE EDITORS THE HEADMASTERS MESSAGE TO THE ELASS DP 1958 As Head Master I welcome the oppor- tunity which the publication of this Year Book presents to extend my heartiest con- gratulations to the members of the Class of 1958 for their splendid service to our school during the past few years. Many fine classes have been graduated from the English High School, but none, I am sure, has been more cooperative. You and your classmates have been quick to assist in every worthwhile school activity. You have given fine leadership to the under- graduates, and met your school responsibilities in a manner that is deserving of high praise and commendation. I am, therefore, most happy to have this opportunity to extend my best wishes, and those of the faculty and undergraduate body, to the Class of 1958. May you find in the new challenges which will confront you in the years that He ahead, new opportunities for Honor and Achievement. Most of you, we know, will continue your education in institutions of higher learning. All of you, we hope, will feuild on the scholastic foundation you have acquired here, so that you may be better prepared to serve yourself and your fellow man — for SERVICE TO MANKIND IS HONOR AND ACHIEVEMENT. May God bless you in every worthwhile effort and purposeful endeavor. Joseph L. Malone, Head Master The Presidents Message As we prepare to graduate from the school where we have spent the four most fruitful years of our lives, we tend to look back at the many gratifying days we have spent here at English High School. The four eventful years in which we worked and cheered for the Blue and Blue have truly enriched our lives. In the future we will be proud to say that we are alum- ni of English High School — the high school whose outstanding tradition has made it one of the finest schools in the country. I am thankful to the students of the Class of 1958 for giving me the opportu- nity to represent them as their class presi- dent. Together we have strived to make ours a class that long will be remembered. If there is one word to describe the Class of ' 58, that word is teamwork! JOHN E. SULLIVAN, Class President As we travel now our separate ways, we will keep in mind the teachings of the devoted faculty of English High School. As we settle in the community, we will do our utmost to make them proud of the boys who through their efforts have become better citizens. We will always be proud, honored, and humbled to be worthy of the name, " English High School Men. " Sadly, reluctantly, we bid farewell to our school — our Alma Mater. English High, our English High; long may her tradition live! SEIVIDH ClASS OFFICERS Front row (1. to r. ) Anthony Brandenburg, Sec.-Treas. ; John Sullivan, Pres.; Paul Scarlata, Vice Pres. Second row (1. to r. ) Paul Wolfson, ex. com., Robert English, ex. com. YEAH BOOK STAFF Front row (1. to r. ) Michael Davis, Frederick Mendel, Carl Rosenthal, Walter Yaffa, Raymond Sanchez. Middle row (1. to r.) Arthur Margolis, Daniel Weiner, Victor Schneider, Edward Kelley, Donald Mc Kay, Richard Haight, Ross Burney. Top row (1. to r. ) Anthony Dileso, Thomas Leek. Vilnis Bebrekarklis, George DeVaux, Martin Levitan, Richard Prout, Robert Collins, Francis Sullivan, Arthur Mac Donnell, Philip Zona, Charles Spagnolo, Mr. Robert G. Simmons. EDITORS Richard L. Haight Edward J. Kelley Donald R. MacK ay Victor B. Schneider ASSOCIATE EDITORS Ross F. Burney George R. DeVaux Arthur H. Margolis ART Donald A. Becker Joseph R. P. Briand ADVERTISING Daniel Weiner Walter YaflFe MANUSCRIPT Charles R. Spagnolo Raymond A. Sanchez PHOTOGRAPHY Anthony T. Dileso LITERARY STAFF Vilnis Bebrekarklis Robert F. Collins Michael A. Davis Richard S. Gaskins Michael H. Halzel Thomas S. Leek Martin S. Levetin Alan R. McCarthy Bernard F. McFadd Arthur J. Macdonnell Charles F. McGonagle Fredrick J. Mendel Jay Porter Richard L. Prout Carl F. Rosenthal Francis Sullivan David L. Turner William E. Wessels Philip R. Zona FACULTY ADVISOR Mr. Robert G. Simmons Front row (1. to r.) Joseph Kenney, William De- vore (head), John W. Kelley. Rear row (1. to r. ) I. Michael Sallen, Edwin J. Mosher, Daniel F. Tarpey, Kenneth Johnson. LATIN AND GERMAN (1. to r. ) Joseph F. Sheehan, John H. Ward (head), Richard G. Wharton, Francis M. Keady. Front row (1. to r. ) Charles F. Murphy, John R. O ' Brien (head), Enor E. Lundin, Ulysses G. Shelton. Rear row (1. to r.) Harold J. Moffie, Francis X. Hayes, Mathew J. Ruggiero, Charles Foley, Robert G. Messer, William Themistocles. SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Front row (1. to r.) Ralph H. Berko- witz, Laurence R. Atwood, Elliot P. Frazier (head), Arthur L. Evans. Rear row (1. to r. ) Joseph H. O ' Neill, Charles Foley, Arthur F. Gustus, Eben Rosenfield. (1. to r.) George King, Joseph P. King, Robert W. Fisher, WiUiam F. Duffy, William J. Stewart, Frederick J. Gillis. THE AMEX - Freshman Elass ANNEX FACULTY Front row (1. to r.) Joseph F. X. Donovan, D. Bradley Sullivan, Arthur J. Sullivan (Master- in-charge), Kevin J. Bowers, Stanley R. Dubinsky. Middle row (1. to r.) John P. Craven, Herbert Kopins, Paul F. McNamara, Phillip A. Fulvi. Rear row (1. to r.) Richard Ryan, John Flavin, William Syndenstricker. ART Joseph Lapidus BAND ! Marguerite L. Loftus ELMER H. PHELPS Last sprirtg saw the retirement of Mr. Elmer Phelps, a member of the History Department. Mr. Phelps was a master at our school from 1930 until his departure in the spring of 1957. Mr. Phelps received his A. B. degree from Dartmouth in 1919, and his M. A. from Harvard in 1929. After his graduation from Dartmouth he was appointed as a master at the Wheeler School in North Stonington, Gonn. He remained there until 1920 when he went to Dean Academy in Franklin, New Hampshire. In 1926 Mr. Phelps transferred to Brookline High School where he remained until his appointment to English High School in 1930. Mr. Phelp ' s loyalty to the school was unquestioned. His sincere devotion to his profession, his deep concern in the welfare of the pupils, his great love for baseball, and his various dissertations on things in general will make him long and fondly remembered by all. irn nNemoriam BRACK, J. ALBERT — Appointed September, 1914. Thirty-four years a member of the German Department. MEANIX, WILLIAM H. — Appointed September, 1924. Thirty-one years a mili- tary drill instructor. WILSON, EDWARD — Appointed September, 1916. Thirty-eight years a member of Romance Language Department. " What greater or better gift can we offer the republic than to teach and instruct our youth. " ROOM ATHLETIC CAPTAINS Front row (1. to r.) Roland C. Foley, Mr. Ronan, Bernard Bobrowski. Rear row (1. to r.) William Millerick, Paul Ippolito, Bernard J. Korites, David M. Webster, Robert F. Collins, Paul F. Scarlata, John • E. Sullivan, Mario A. Marini. ' it tl YEAR BOOK COMMITTEE Front row (1. to r. ) Richard Prout, Paul Ellison, Richard L. Haight. Rear row (1. to r. ) Robert F. Collins, Victor B. Schneider, David M. Web- ster, Francis J. Sullivan. PROM COMMITTEE Front row (1. to r.) Jer ry J. Strangle, Bernard Bobrowski, Edward G. Eng- lish. Rear row (1. to r.) George E. Sweeny, Ralph M. Brown, Gerald C. Pudol- sky. ommi itteeA ALUMNI COMMITTEE Front row (1. to r.) Mario A. Umana, John B. Bishop, Joseph M. Tierney. Rear row (1. to r.) Paul J. Trapani, Louis F. Musco. SONG COMMITTEE Front row (1. to r.) Michael A. Di Pasquale, Paul F. Ippolito, Mario A. Marini. Rear row (1. to r.) Irving L. Hyman, Jerry J. Strangle, Charles R. Spagnolo. PICTURE COMMITTEE Front row (1. to r.) Bernard F. McFadd, An- thony T. DTeso, Burton A. Caswell. Rear row (1. to r.) Arthur J. Wilson, William J. Weiner, Michael J. Joyce. 1958 Stanza I We, the class of ' 58 About to say good-bye All promise our fidelity To dear old. English High Though now we bid a last farewell And go our sep ' rate ways, In years to come to shall relive Our happy English days. REFRAIN English High, our English High Your name we ' ll e ' er revere; Always in our hearts shall be Our Alma Mater dear. Stanza II Time will pass and we ' ll recall The days that once we knew; In memory we ' ll ne ' er forget Our pledge of love to you ; And when at times we meet again To sing and cheer and dine. We ' ll hail the name of English High And part with " Auld Lang Syne. " by Jay Porter Richard Gas kins oem When first we came we asked ourselves What many had asked before. What shall we strive and toil to learn? What does the future hold in store? Shall I become a counsellor, A man of great renown? Shall I sit like Croesus in a bank, A leader in the town? Whatever life may trace for us As time goes fleeting by, We know we ' ll all be better men For knowing English High. Charles F. McGonaglEj ' 58 Our The History of the English High School BY Edward J. Kelley ' 58 The English High School was founded in 1821, the year after the old town of Boston became a city. In 1821 the city of Boston was inhabited by some 50,000 people. The streets were narrow and the people were prospering from the trade over- seas. In this setting English High was founded. Believing that the existing facilities were inade- quate for handling the education of the students prop erly, a sub-committee was formed to explore the feasibility of establishing a higher institution of learning. The founding of the school was authorized in 1820 in a committee report on education. It was named English Classical School and remained so designated until 1833 when it became known as English High School. This was truly to be a higher institution of learning and only those stu- dents who passed a suitable examination would b° admitted. PART TWO Mr. George Barrell Emerson was the first head erituae master, or headmaster. Examinations for admis- sion were held in the Latin School building on School Street and in May the school opened in the building on Derne Street with a membership pf one hundred and one pupils. The first school building stood on the southerly side of Derne Street, covering a portion of the ground now occupied by the State House exten- tion. The easterly portion of the ground floor was occupied on the quarters of the Town Watch, forerunners of the Police Department; the west- erly portion as the house of Hero Fire Engine 6. The boys in attendance at this school were expected to complete a course of study much more rigorous than at present in less than three years. The course consisted of; intellectual and written arithmetic, ancient and modern geography, history, elements of arts and sciences, sacred geography reading, grammar, bookkeeping algebra, rhetoric and composition, geometry, natural philosophy, English literature and forensics, natural theology, moral philosophy, evidences of Christianity, practi- cal mathematics, comprehending navigation, sur- veying, mensuration, astronomical calculations, and construction, and use of mathematical instru- ments. On November 2, 1824, the school moved to a new schoolhouse on Pinkney Street. In this build- ing the school remained until its removal to the Bedford Street schoolhouse twenty years later. In 1837, Mr. Thomas Sherwin became head- master of the school. It was a frequent expression of Mr. Sherwin that he tried to " make men. " From this expression came the expressions " English High School Men, " or " Men of English High. " PART THREE In 1844 the school moved from the building on Pinkney Street to the new building on Bedford Street, which had been erected for the accommo- dation of the English High and the Public Latin Schools. This was the home of the school for thirty-seven years. 1864 saw the beginning of military drill at the school under the direction of General Hobart Moore. In 1881 the school moved with the Public Latin School to the Warren Avenue-Montgom.ery Street building. At that time the building was " the largest building in America used for educational purposes and the largest in the world used as a free school. " By the year 1911 the school had grown to such a size that first and second year boys were housed in two annexes. Even when Latin School moved to a new building in 1921, the first year boys still had to be accommodated in an inconveniently remote annex. On January 30, 1922, Mr. Walter F. Downey was appointed headmaster. At this time the school entered upon a long reign of high standards of scholarship and deportment. Mr. Downey served as headmaster until 1955, a period of thirty-three years and he is now an active member of . the alumni. Mr. Henry Mclnerny became headmaster in 1955 soon after the) school was removed to its new building in the Fenway. Mr. Mclnerny retired in 1956 and at that time Mr. Joseph L. Malone became headmaster. PART FOUR Mr. Malone who had been serving as director of civil defense until the time of his appointment has brought new honors to the school by his un- ceasing work on behalf of the school and its pupils. We are certain that the reputation of the school will be brought to new heights under his guidance. FRESHMAN YEAR 1954-1955 A new building and a new headmaster was a truly novel way to begin a new school year. Our heatjmaster Mr. Mclnerney, a quiet and very dignified gentleman, greeted us at the door of the new building of the Boston English High School. The school had moved during the summer to its present location on Avenue Louis Pasteur hear the Fenway. The building now occupied was the home of the now defunct High School of Commerce. The school itself differed greatly from the junior high schools; there were two lunchrooms but to our surprise no " coke " machines. Around us the higher institutions of learning towered over our Alma Mater, lending an atmosphere of true learn- in? and culture to our school. It also gave an air of dignity and studiousness to our student body. To top things off, located across the street ,was our traditional rival, Boston Latin School. Entering the school, our home for the next four years, we were led from the assembly hall down the hallowed halls to our respective rooms. The next few days were chaotic but cheerful ones for us; there had been a mix-up on the books and there was a delay in receiving our primers. Nat- urally we were all disappointed. Lockers were late too, but this also was benevolently endured. The upper classmen had begun military drill for that year and we watched, anxiously awaiting our sophomore year to begin. The drill team ' s neat uniforms were the chief attraction. The sports that year enjoyed moderate success. The football team did well, beating every team in the city except for our personal rival, Boston Latin School. Latin gave us a little trouble and they just barely squeezed by us 20-7. The cross country team flashed by the lesser school talent and won the city championship. This highly competitive team went on to completely rout Boston College High School. Our basketball team broke even with no complaints from anyone. The hockey team enjoyed one of its most successful seasons with an " ice breaking " record of 7-2-2. The base- ball team, winning all but two games, took the city championship. Hardly had we settled down to our semi-alert state of pupil versus teacher when our first tests hit us. Obviously the faculty had lain awake all night in anticipation of our arrival. These tests were masterpieces of their kind. Completely routed at first, we formed a new line and from this test on never did we forget our memory pads. We maintained, in spite of the faculty ' s cold- blooded quizzes, a high percentage of passing grades per class. A common vow was sworn — next year the classes woilld have a few tricks in the bag. SOPHOMORE YEAR 1955- ' 56 The second year of the existance of our illus- trious class began with a bang. In fact it didn ' t begin at all. (on time that is) A polio epidemic covered the New England states and the Boston School Committee felt it best to delay the open- ing of school until the epidemic abated. Once again we were under the guidance of the same faculty with a few minor changes. Mr. Mclnerney decided to undergo once more the idiosyncracies of his faculty and students. We all deeply re- gretted the fact that Girl ' s Latin School moved during the summer and that Col. Meanix retired. I guess that he took one look at us and quit. Captain Robert Fisher replaced the Colonel and introduced us to the Boston English High School Trick Drill Team. Early in the year we had an interesting experience. During the first period a notice was sent to the individual home rooms, notifying the pupils to get their coats and return to their homerooms for dismissal. The boys were overjoyed by this but they soon found out that they were victims of the mad bomber. After the ballistics men went into action it was revealed that it was a hoax. Think of it, we almost saw the great English High School go up in an enormous puflF of smoke ! Next came the classic English-Latin game on Thanksgiving Day. The Blue and Blue carried most of the game away with a final score of: English 20, Latin 14. That night the English High School Alumni Association congratulated our vic- torious tfcam by honoring them at a testimonial dinner. Our hockey team took, a 9-2-1 record which included the city championship. The track team not to be outdone by the hockey team won the city championship and the regimental cham- pionship. A 7-5 record was displayed by our basket- ball team with two decisive victories over Boston Latin School. That year we beat Latin School in every major sport. In the spring we took part for the first time in the Annual Schoolboys ' Parade. Although we didn ' t take first place we wound up the year with our competent band and drum and bugle corps placing first above all other schools in our section. This year the teachers had a hard time; Mr. Evans was out sick, Joseph Sheehan suffered a severe heart attack which necessitated a conva- lescent period of two or three months in a hospital ; even Mr. Charles E. Murphy, who is apparently indestructible took a leave of absence foi " a similar reason. Substituting for Mr. Evans was " Hal " Connolly who went on later to set a new hammer- throwing record in the Olympic Games. During Mr. Evan ' s absence somebody had evidently dis- covered a new cure-all for school and tried to force it on us; smoke poured into the room on one occasion, sending the students gasping cheerfully for air. Not only was the seating plan getting full but the parking problem was worsening (to you who are illiterate it means " getting worse " ) , so gradu- ally that the richer element of the school took over the parking places. C lir sophomore year closed pleasantly when Efnglish High School won an award in the school- boy parade. Thus ,we marched out of one year and into another. ' JUNIOR YEAR This school year began with a few additions and subtractions to and from the staff. Mr. Joseph L. Malone, the successor to Mr. Mclnerney who had to go to Brighton High, shocked our classes with a startling social reform — Dress Right. New clubs were also organized. The French Club or The Circle Francaise was supervised by Mr. Robert " Red " Evans, until this well liked teacher passed away in his sleep. Chess, radio, photography, and military units were organized not to mention the discussion club. Taking the place of Mr. Evans, in capacity as a teacher, was Mr. Roche, a highly volatile person. Mr. Ralph Quinn passed away and Mr. Devore succeeded him as head of the history department. Mr. GifFord died after 27 years of devotion to the alma mater and was replaced by Mr. Cullinane. Also Mr. O ' Brien etransferred from Girl ' s Latin School and became head of the math department. He quickly became well liked by everyone because of his helpful manner, particularly in the matter of direct help in the preparation for college exams. Mr. Charles Keelon went to East Boston to be- come headmaster there. Since the price of milk went down to two cents, we were able to saye our hard earned cold cash for the privilege of contributing $2.50 to the class fund dues, (money isn ' t everything) . Captain Fisher obtained a flag in Washington and brought it back with him for the school-boy parade. When he returned to the school he founded a cadet officer training course. The student council, having been duly and leg- ally elected by the student body, efficiently set to work as befitted our major law-making body. New shiny mirrors were installed for the better appear- ance of English High School men. This same august body also decided to set up entrance exam- inations which each applicant considered would have to pass. The school was getting crowded and naturally we wanted only the best. SENIOR YEAR 1957-1958 At the commencement of our final year of high school everyone was either talking about or suffer- ing from the " Chinese Chimney " (Asian flu). In November of that year we all regretted the death of Colonel Meanix, whom we had met very briefly at the beginning of our sophomore year. We were all disgusted when the price of that -precious bev- erage served in our cafeteria was boosted to $.03. Many boys complained it upset their budget and they would probably have to give up car checks. (HA). The results of the senior class elections were: John Sullivan as President, Paul Scarlata as Vice President, Anthony Brandenburg as Secretary- Treasurer, and Paul Wolfson and Robert English as members of the Executive Committee. After the elections the school made the final arrange- ments for the construction of the hard top pave- ment in the rear yard. I don ' t believe the political machines had anything to do with these final ar- rangements. At about the same time the school was honored by a gift from the class of 1913. A beau- tiful stone, in memory of those students of English High who died for their country, was placed out on the front lawn and surrounded by shrubbery and floodlights. We also acquired a statue from the old building on Montgomery Street. In one corner of our assembly hall, four plaques were hung on the wall, each one depicting a freedom mentioned in the Bill of Rights in the United States Constitution. Then came the football season. The Alumni Association held a rally on the Monday before the 71st Annual Thanksgiving Day Football Game at Harvard Stadium, Cambridge, between the Blue and Blue and the " Purple Palace " . On Wednes- day, for the first time in the school ' s history, we had our traditional football rally on the new pave- ment at the back of the school. It seems that these rallies did a lot of good because we came out winning with a final score: English 26, Latin 20. Randy Mullins took a great part in the game but he couldn ' t have done it without the help of his fellow teammates and coach Bill Stewart. By win- ning this game we tied the city championship with Dorchester High School when " Dot " won over Roxbury Memorial 27-0. At Christmas time we had a Christmas assembly with selections from the band, the glee club, Frederick Kelley, Frederick Jackson, Lawrence Marsh, Alfred Fisher. After this joyous season most cf the boys buried them- selves in their books to study for the coming College Board Entrance Examinations. Among the major improvements over the Christmas holidays was the new gym floor; it had been slicked down, polished and shined until it was easier than ever to fall down on — we could even do our Berkly ' s without dirtying our hands. New games were played dur- ing the gym period, and basketball took a rest while high-jumping and volley-ball took over. Mr. Ronan formed a new Athletics Captains Associa- tion, the members of which were elected each year by the classes — one from each home-room. This Association had the responsibility of organizing basketball games between home-rooms and fur- thermore the captains of their respective home- rooms were to tell the classes how our teams were doing. In the mi ddle of January we were invited to see a film in the assembly hall called " Dress Right " . Just about everyone enjoyed the presentation but a great majority didn ' t care for the styles of correct apparel suggested by the Clothing Institute. The " E.H.S. Varieties " , which introduced the E.H.S. Combo was a great success. The entire class is looking forward with great enthusiasm to Class Day, the Blue and Blue, Prom, and last, but cer- tainly not least, Graduation Night. It has been a complete four years — and four years that we will never forget. 1958 reSenti I ERNEST M. ABBOTT School: Lewis Jr. High Ambition: Accountant College: Northeastern Hobbies: Sports Honors: French Club 1 - 2 Military Drill 3 (offic er) Military Science Club 3 Lawrence Prize 3 ; Glee Club 1. NATHAN ADLEMAN School: Boston Latin Ambition: Research Chemist College: Northeastern Hobbies: Dancing, Fishing Honors: Military Officer 4; Patrol 3, 4; Cafeteria Cash- ier 4 LOUIS M. AIELLO School: Boston Trade Ambition: C. P. A. College: Bentley Hobbies: Sports, Music, Stamps Honors: Vice- Pres. Camera Club 4; Glee Club 4 DANIEL J. AIZLEY School: Thomas A. Edison Ambition: Civil Engineer College: Northeastern Hobbies: Music and Sports Honors: Honor Roll 2; Base- ball Manager 2; Track 3; Crew 3; Band 2, 3, 4; Band Prize 3, 4; Commis- sioned Officer The Class of 1958 PETER M. ANAGNOSTON School: Timilty Ambition: Lawyer College: Boston College Hobbies: Skating, Music Honors: Glee Club 2, 4 EDWARD A. ANDERSON School: Oliver Wendell Holmes Ambition: To be a Success College: Undecided Hobbies: Sports Honors: Corridor Patrol 3; Cross Country 4; Track Team 4 LAWRENCE J. AUGENSTERN School: Boston Latin Ambition: Business Adminis- tration College: Univ. of Pennsyl- vania Hobbies: Sports Honors: Football 2; Cross Country 3, 4; Track 3 4; Patrol 4; Record Staff 3, 4; Radio Club 3 JOHN J. AURIEMMA School: St. Columbkills ' High Ambition: Salesman College: None Hobbies: Drumming, Auto- motive Mechanic Honors: Drum Corps 1, 2, 3, 4; 1st Lieutenant, Drum ' Corps; Drill Team 4 STEVEN M. AZER School: Solomon Lewenberg Ambition: Engineer College: Northeastern Hobbies: Hockey and Scale Models Honors: Honor Roll 3; Cor- ridor Patrol 3 and 4; Mili- tary Science Club 4; Trick Drill Team 3; Commis- sioned Officer GERALD D. BADGERS School: P. T. Campbell Ambition: Interior Decorator College: Undecided Hobbies: Music, Sports Honors: None BRUCE M. BAKER School: P. T. Campbell Ambition: Pharmacist College: Mass. College of Pharmacy Hobbies: Sports, Movies Honors: Student Council 2; First Lieut. Drill 4; Drill Team 3, 4; Science Club 4 BURTON C. BAKER School: Solomon Lewenburg Ambition: Historian ( Archeologist) College: Brandeis Hobbies: Old Movies, Music, Reading, History Honors: Color Guard 4; Military Science Club 3, 4; Discussion Club 4 ; Social Science; Comm. Officer 4; Group 4 The ElVGLISH HIGH SCHOOL ARTHUR J. BALIAN School: Woodrow Wilson Ambition: To become a suc- cess College: Franklin Tech Hobbies: Meteorology, Radio, Reading, Photography, Wa- ter sf orts Honors: 2nd year: Rowing Team, Manual of Arms Award; 3rd year: Rowing Team, Radio Club, Camera Club, Military Science Club, Corridor Patrol, Drill Team RICHARD A. BAR NES School: Everett High School Ambition: Pilot, Mechanic College: Undecided Hobbies: Baseball, Hot Rods Honors: Honor Roll 4 RONALD C. BARNETT School: Solomon Lewenberg Ambition: The Motion Picture Industry College: None Hobbies: Classical Music, Ping Pong Honors: None STEPHEN P. BARRY School: R. G. Shaw Junior High Ambition: Government Work or Teaching College: Boston College Hobbies: Sports and Litera- ture Honors: Cross-Country 3. ■ Mn " : " " VILNIS BEBREKARKLIS School: Lewis Junior High School Ambition: Architect College: Northeastern Univer- sity Hobbies: Skating; swimming; drawing ; reading Honors: Corridor Patrol — Health Room Corps 3, 4 ; Trick Drill Team 3. 4; Honor Roll ; Commissioned Olficer DONALD A. BECKER School: Robert G. Shaw School Ambition: Air Force. Biolo- gist College: Air Force Training Schools Hobbies: Swimming Honors: Trick Drill Team ERASER R. BEER School: Oliver W. Holmes Ambition: Air Force Hobbies: Sports Honors: Trick Drill Team 3, 4; Military Officer 4 MALCOLM J. BENNETT School: Thomas A. Edison Ambition: Architect College: R. I. School of De- sign Hobbies: Sports, Art Honors: Trick Drill Team 4; Corridor Patrol 4; Militaiy Officer 4 The Class of 1958 GERALD T. BETHONEY School: Boston Latin High School Ambition ; Doctor College: L ' niversity of f3ss. Hobbies: Inter-mural Sports GEORGE R. BELTS School: Grover Cleveland Ambition: Sales Representa- tive College: State Teachers Col- lege Hobbies: Model Boats Honors: Cross Countrv 4 JOHN P. BISHOP School: X ' oodrow ilson Ambition: Engineer College: Boston College Hobbies: Sports, Cars Honors: Football 4, Hockey 2. 3, Co-Capt. 4 ; Honor Roll 2, Crew 2, Chairman, Alumni Committee VINCENT F. BLASI School: J. P. Timilty Ambition: Accountant College: Northeastern Hobbies: Movies, Baseball Honors: Honor Roll 2, 3; Lawrence Prizes 2, 3; Militarv Officer 4 I BERNARD R. BOBROWSKI School: C. R. Edwards Ambition: Teacher, Navy Of- ficer College: Salem Teacher ' s Hobbies: Dancing, Cars, Sports Honors: Chairman Prom Com- mittee; Track Letterman 4; Cheerleader 3, 4 ; Camera Club 3; Officer, Drill 4; Room Captain 4 PAUL T. BONO School: St. John ' s Ambition: Accounting College: Boston University Hobbies: Sports Honors: Lunch Room Patrol 4 ANTHONY J. BRANDENBURG School: Williams Jr. High Ambition: To be a success College: Univ. of Mass. Hobbies: Track and Field Honors: Track 2, 3, 4 (Capt.); Cross Country; Student Council (Presi- dent) ; Senior Class (Sec- retary-Treasurer NOEL J. BRAY School: St. Peter ' s Ambition: Automotive Tech- nician College: Franklin Tech Hobbies: Cars Honors: Military Officer 4 The EIVGUSH HIGH SCHOOL STANLEY BRETNER School: Solomon Lewenberg Ambition: Aeronautical En- gineer College: B. U. ' s College of Industrial Technology Hobbies: Sports Honors: Trick Drill 3, 4; Drum and Bugle Corps 2, 3, 4; Commissioned Officer JOSEPH R. BRIAND School: St. Anthony ' s Ambition: Commercial Artist, Landscaping College: Undecided Hobbies: Stamps, Coins, Bowling, Art Honors: Military Science Club 3, 4 PETER J. BRIGGETT School: Grover Cleveland Ambition: To be a Success College: Boston University Hobbies: Sports Honors: Football 2; Radio Club 3; Military Officer 4 Honors: Football 2, Radio JOHN N. BROWN School: Boston Latin Ambition: To be Successful College: Northeastern Hobbies: Sports Honors: Lunch Room Cap- tain 3; Corridor Patrol 3; Commissioned Officer 4 I RALPH M. BROWN School: Clarence R. Edwards Ambition: To be a Success College: St. Anselm ' s Hobbies: Sports Honors: Cross Country 3; Prom Committee 3; Ath- letic Captain 2 RICHARD A. BROWN School: Thomas A. Edison Ambition: C. P. A. College: Boston University Hobbies: Sports Honors: Radio Club; Corridor Patrol 4 SELVEN A. BROWN School: Lincoln High, Ft. Smith, Ark. Ambition: Lawyer Collebe: Boston College Hobbies: Tennis, Reading Honors: Football 4 RALPH BRUNO School: Michaelangelo Ambition: Business Man College: Boston University Hobbies: Music, Sports Honors: Corridor Patrol The Class of 1958 LAWRENCE S. BURNETT School: Boston Latin Ambition: Commercial Artist College: Northeastern Univer- sity Hobbies: Basketball, Fishing ROSS F. BURNEY School: Thomas A. Edison Ambition: Automotive En- gineer College: Carnegie Tech. Hobbies: Radio, Music, Sports, Photography Hon ors: Record Staff 4; Year- book Staff 4; Science Club 4; Corridor Patrol 4; Commissioned Officer 4; Double A ' s in Personality WILLIAM A. CAIEWSKI School: St. Ann ' s Ambition: Accounting College: Bentley ' s Hobbies: Bowling, Dancing RICHARD J. CAPRIO School: Mary E. Curley Ambition: Lithographer Hobbies: Sports r ■ 1 GERALD T. CARBONE School: Donald McKay Ambition: Law College: Harvard Hobbies: Cars, Music EDWARD J. CARNEY School: Martin Ambition: Accountant C.P.A. College: Northeastern Hobbies: Sports XIONEL M. CARON School: Prince School Ambition: To be a Success College: Undecided Hobbies: Automotive Me- chanics Honors: Lawrence Prize F D, 1955 JOHN F. CARROLL School: Roxbury Latin Ambition: Aeronautical En- gineer College: Rensselaer Polytech- nic Institute Hobbies: Golf, Cars, Stamps Honors: Honor Roll 1 The ENGLISH HIGH SCHOOL BURTON A. CASWELL School: Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. High Ambition: Lawyer College: University of Mass. Hobbies: Athletics, Jazz Al- bums Honors: Vice-President of Student Council 3 ; Letter- man, Football 4; Discus- sion Club; Picture Commit- tee; Officer, Drill ROBERT J. CAWLEY School: Grover Cleveland Ambition: School Teacher College: Boston State Teach- ers College Hobbies: Hunting and Fish- ing JOSEPH C. CELONA School: Boston Latin Ambition: School Teacher College: Boston State Teach- ers College Hobbies: Chess, Hunting and Fishing Honors: Lawrence Prize; Fi- delity and Deportment 3; Honor Roll for year 3 NAPOLEON D. CHRONOPOULOS School: High School of Zachazo (Greece) Ambition: Engineer College: Northeastern Univer- sity Hobbies: Soccer, Fishing Honors: Fidelity and Deport- ment 2 DANA H. CLARKE School: William H. Taft Ambition: Professor or Doctor College: Univ. of Mass. Hobbies: Stamps, Insects, Painting Honors: Cross Country Team 2, 3 ; Track Team 2, 3, 4 ; French Club 3; Lawrence Prize for Physical Educa- tion 3 JAMES J. CLEARY School: Mary E. Curiey Ambition: U. S. A. F. College: Undecided Hobbies: Music Honors: Track Letterman 3 KENNETH J. CLOUGH School: Boston College High Ambition: Advertising College: Northeastern Hobbies: Stamp Collecting, Sports, Drawing, Music ALFRED G. COFFEY, JR. School: Grover Cleveland Ambition: To be a Success College: Undecided Hobbies: Sports, Dancing Honors: Fidelity and Deport- ment 2 The Class nf 1958 JOEL H. COHEN School: Solomon Lewenberg Ambition: Drummer College: Northeastern Univer- sity Hobbies: Records, Swimming JERROLD W. COHEN School: Boston Latin School Ambition: Law College: Brandeis Univ. Hobbies: All Sports, Auto Mechanics Honors: Lawrence Prize in Fidelity 3; Honor Roll 3; Discussion Club 4 DONALD J. COLBATH School: Mary E. Curiey Ambition: Broadcaster College: Staley Hobbies: Cars, Sports, Danc- ing Honors: Room Captain 2, 3; Room Counseler 2; Corri- dor Patrol 2, 4; Lunchroom Duty 3 ROBERT F. COLLINS School: Boston Latin Ambition: Writer College: Notre Dame Hobbies: Reading, Sports Honors: Football Letter 2, 3, 4; Track Letter 2; Room Athletic Captain, Year Book Committee, Winner of Es- say Contest 4; Year Book Staff MARSHALL G. COOPER School : Peacham Academy, Vt. Ambition: Electronical En- gineer College: Northeastern Hobbies: Sports WILLIAM J. COTTER School : Mather Ambition: Business College: Michigan State Hobbies: Auto Mechanics, Hockey CHARLES J. CRIMLISK School: Our Lady of the Presentation Ambition: Electricity College: Wentworth Institute Hobbies: Bowling, ' Swimming MELVIN C. CROFT School: Dwight Ambition: Business and Fi- nance College: Bentley ' s School of Business Hobbies: Stamp Collecting, Swimming, Camping, Na- ture Study Honors: Cross Country Let- terman " 57 " The ENGLISH HIGH SCHOOL RONALD CROSSON School: P. J. Campbell Ambition: Architect College: Newton Jr. College Hobbies: Football Honors: Football 4 GERALD A. DALE School: Solomon Lewenberg Ambition: Undecided College: Boston University Hobbifis: Bowling, Singing, Hi-Fidelity Honors: Commissioned Offi- cer 4; Glee Club 4 MICHAEL J. DALY School: Boston Latin School Ambition: Teacl er College: Boston State Teach- ers ' College Hobbies: Hockey, Dancing, Baseball Honors: Honor Roll, A in Math 3, Manual of Arms Winner, Non-Commis- sioned Officer 3; Trick Drill Team, Honor Roll 3 ; Cor- ridor Patrol 4; Commis- sioned Officer 4 VINCENT F. D ' AMATO School: Michelangelo Ambition: To be a Success College: Undecided Hobbies: Science, Photog- raphy Honors: Science Club, Lunch Patrol, Locker Patrol I ' MICHAEL A. DAVIS School: Woodrow Wilson Jr. High Ambition: Physicist - Chemist College: M.I.T. Hobbies: Photography, Bowl- ing, Sports Honors: Honor Roll 3 and 4; National Honor Society, Track 3; Golf 3 and 4; Yearbook and Record Staff 4 ; Radio and Forum Club, Cadet Officer 4; Patrol 3 PAUL J. DEE School: Nazareth School Ambition: U.S.A.F. Fighter Pilot College: University of Missis- sippi Hobbies: Bowling, Handball, Sailing, Weight Lifting Honors: Lawrence Prize F. and D. 1 ; Cross Country Letterman 3; Manual of Arms Award 1, 2, 3; Foot- ball 2 ; Room Councillor 1 NICHOLAS P. DeMARCO School: Woodrow Wilson J. H. S. Ambition: Engineer College: Merrimack Hobbies: Bowling Honors: Commissioned Offi- cer 4; Room Councilor 4; Camera Club 3 and 4; Treasurer 4; President Science Club 4; Corridor Patrol 3; Track Team 2; Radio Club 3; Student Council 4 GEORGE R. DeVAUX School: Boston Latin Ambition: Engineer College: U.C.L.A. Hobbies: Music, Sports, and Reading Honors: Lawrence Prize M2, M3; Camera Club 3 and 4; Yearbook Staff 4; Football 3; Radio Club 3; E.H.S. Representative at 19 5S Boys ' State The Class of 1958 ANTHONY T. Di lESO School: John Cheverus Ambition: Teacher College: Northeastern Hobbies: Photography Honors: President Camera Club; Chairman Picture Committee; Trick Drill Team 4; Yearbook Staff 4; Record Staff 4; School Photographer 4 ; Officer Drill 4 DONALD A. P. DINEEN School: St. Francis de Sales Ambition: Accountant College: Northeastern Univer- sity Hobbies: Stamp Collecting and Astronomy Honors: Officer Patrol MICHAEL A. DiPASQUALE School: St. Lazarus Ambition: To be a Success College: LB.M. Training School Hobbies: Sports Honors: Band 3 and 4; Foot- ball 2; Orchestra 4; Song Committee 4 PAUL J. DiPIETRO School: Mary E. Curley Ambition: U.S.A.F. College: None Hobbies: Electronics Honors: Golf 2 and 3 JOHN J. DOHERTY School: Grover Cleveland Ambition: To be a Success College: None Hobbies: Swimming Honors: None WILLIAM F DOHERTY School: iMaiy E. Curley Ambition: Military Service College: None Hobbies:. Sports Honors: Military Drill OflScer RICHARD E. DOLAN School: Mary E. Curley Ambition: Accountant College: Bentley Hobbies: Skating Honors: Room Captain 3 JOHN T. DONAHUE School: Mary E. Curley A m bitio n : Lawyer College: Boston College Hobbies: Photography Honors: Lawrence Prize E2 ; French Club 2; Camera Club 2; Discussion Club 2 The ENGUSH HIGH SCHOOL ALLEN J. DONARUMA School: Boston Latin Ambition: Accountant College: Univ. of Mass. Hobbies: Bowling, Sports Honors: Track 2, Patrol 4 RONALD D ' ONOFRIO School: Abraham Lincoln Ambition: To be a Success College: Harvard Hobbies: Sports Honors: Student Council 2 WILLIAM T. DOOLEY School: Nazareth Ambition: U. S. Coast Guard College: Northeastern Hobbies: Sports Honors: Drum and Bugle Corps 3 and 4 DAVID T. DOWNING School: Mission. Ambition: To be a Success College: University of Mass. Hobbies: Photography Honors: None THOMAS P. DRISCOLL School: Boston Technical A mhhion : Lawyer College: Univ. of Mass. Hobbies: Billiards, Boating Hoiors: Drum and Bugle Corps 2, 4 WILLIAM H. DUGAN School: R. G. Shaw Ambition: Engineer College: Univ. of Mass. Hobbies: Boating Honors: Basketball 2; Crew 2, 4; Military Drill Officer 4 JOHN F. DUNNE School: Mary E. Curley Ambition: Engineer College : None Hobbies: Auto Building, Sports Honors: Home Room Coun- cilor 3 THOMAS DUSHKU School: Abraham Lincoln A m bitio n: Accountant College: Bentley Hobbies: Stamp Collecting, Sports ALAN G. EHRLICH School: Solomon Lewenberg Ambition: Engineer College: Northeastern Univer- sity Hobbies: Baseball, Football Honors: Honor Roll 2, 3, 4 The Class of 1958 PAUL J. ELLISON School: Mary E. Curley Jr. High Ambition: History Teacher College: Brown University or Univ. of Mass. Hobbies: Sports, Dancing, Pop Music Honors: Chairman of Year Book Committee; Cross Country 1, 2, 3, Captain 4 Indoor Track 1, 2, 3, Cap tain 4; Basketball 1, 2 Tennis 1, 2, 3, Captain 4 Outdoor Track 1, 2, 3, Cap tain 4; Athletic Captain 2 Commissioned Officer 4 WARREN R. EMERSON School: William Blackstone Ambition: Lawyer College: Boston University Hobbies: Basketball, Chess, Records, Stamps Honors: Honor Roll 2; Dis- cussion Club (Sec.-Treas) ; Science Club 4; Camera Club; Military Science Club; Patrol 4; Officer — Drill; Radio Club; Le Cercle Francais 3; Trick Drill Squad EDWARD S. ENGLISH School: Boston Latin Ambition: Public Relations College: Tufts Honors: Honor Roll 2; French Club 2; Military Officer 4; Corridor Patrol 3; Lunch Room Patrol 4; Prom Committee 4; Year Book Representative 4 ROBERT C. ENGLISH School: Boston Latin School Ambition: Business Executive College: Tufts Hobbies: Automobiles Honors: French Club 2; Treasurer French Club 3; Crew 3 ; Room Councilor 4; Lunch Room Patrol 4; Student Council Treasurer 4; Executive Committee 4; Discussion Club 4 ALAN J. FALK School: Solomon Lewenberg Ambition: C. P. A. College: Northeastern Hobbies: Baseball, Bowling, Popular Records Honors: Honor Roll 2; Science Club 4; French Club 4; Commissioned Of- ficer 4 JOSEPH V. FALLON School: Martin Ambition: To be a PoHceman Hobbies: Sports Honors: Drum and Bugle Corps 4 CHARLES A. FAZIO School: Donald McKay Ambition: Physical Education Teacher College: Springfield College Hobbies: Stamp Collecting, Swimming, Bowling Honors: Manual of Arm: Award 2 ; Military Science 4; Cadet Officer 4 The ENGLISH HIGH SCHDDL HARVEY S. FELTQUATE School: Boston Latin Ambition: Aeronautical En- gineer College: Boston University Hobbies: Flying, Swimming Honors: Honor Roll 3; Science Club 4; Military Science Club 3, 4; Trick Drill Team 4; Corridor Patrol 4; Officer Drill; Radio Club 3 DAVID I. FINNEGAN School: Boston Latin Ambition: Lawyer College: Bowdoin Hobbies: Sports, Cars Honors: Honor Roll 3; Cor- ridor Patrol 4 JAMES F. FITZGERALD School: St. Augustine ' s Ambition: To be a Success Hobbies: Sports — Football, Baseball JOSEPH P. FITZGERALD School: Christopher Colum- bus Ambition:- Aeronautical En- gineer College: Went worth Hobbies: Model Airplanes, Hockey Honors: Hockey Team 3 THOMAS J. FITZGERALD School: St. Augustine ' s Ambition: Teacher College: State Teacher ' s Col- lege Hobbies: Swimming, Basket- ball RONALD C. FOLEY School: Grover Cleveland Ambition: To be a Success College: U. S. Coast Guard Academy Hobbies: Stamp Collecting Honors: Hockey 2, 3, Co- Capt. 4; Vice-President Athletic Captains 4; Com- missioned Officer 4 ; Cor- ridor Patrol 4 WILLIAM J. FITZGERALD School: Mission High School Ambition: Successful Busi- nessman College: U. of Mass. Hobbies: Sports JOHN M. FOLEY School: Francis Parkman Ambition: Accountant College: Bentley ' s The Class of 1958 RAYMOND A. FORD School: Boston Latin Ambition: To be a Success College: Boston University Hobbies: Fishing, Baseball Honors: Honor Roll 2; Cadet Officer Patrol 3 and 4 PAUL J. FRANCIS School: St. Matthew ' s Ambition: Office Worker Hobbies: Sports MAKlliN f OLEY School: Boston Latin Ambition: Electrical Engineer College: Northeastern Hobbies: Sports WILLIAM C. FRANKE School: St. Rapheals Ambition: Teacher College: Bridgewater Teach- ers Hobbies: Fishing Hockey, Baseball Honors: Hockey Squad 4; Golf 3 JAMES P. FRENI School: Michelangelo Ambition: Teacher College: U. Mass. or State Teachers ' College Hobbies: Sports Honors: Football 4 LAWRENCE FRUMAN School: Tilton School Ambition: Scrap Metal Dealer College: Bentley ' s Hobbies: Sports EDWARD C. GALLAGHER School: St. Patrick ' s Ambition: Successful in Busi- ness College: Bentley ' s Hobbies: Sports, Cars LEO F. GALLAGHER School: Wm. B. Rogers Ambition: Success in Life College: University of Mass. Hobbies: Sports Honors: Track and Football Letterman The ENGLISH HIGH SCHOOL RICHARD S. GASKINS School: Dearborn Ambition: Business Success College: Northeastern Hobbies: Music, Sports Honors: Forum 4; Discussion Club; Camera Club 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Symphony Band; Track Squad; Class Song ROBERT J. GASKINS School: Dearborn Ambition: Doctor of Veterin- ary Medicine College : Tufts Hobbies: Sports Honors: Band (Captain) ; Crew 4 ; Glee Club 3, 4 ; Music Appreciation 3 MICHAEL A. GEMELLI School: St. Columbkille Ambition: Success in Life College: Boston College Hobbies: Sports, Cars Honors: Student Council, Golf Squad 2, 3 SALVATORE P. GIARRATANI School: Lewis Ambition: Engineer College: Northeastern Hobbies: Swimming, Basket- ball Honors: Honor Roll for Two Years 1, 2; Lawrence Prize 2; Officer — Drill HENRY J. GIGGI School: John Cheverus Ambition: To be a Success Hobbies: Model Airplanes Honors: Drill Team 3 JOHN E. GLYNN School: Boston Latin Ambition: Be a Retired Mil- lionaire College: Northeastern Hobbies: Reading, Skiing Honors: Commissioned Offi- JOEL M. GOLDBERG School: Boston Latin Ambition: Electronic Engineer College : Northeastern Hobbies: Science, Hi-Fi, Stamps Honors: Honor Roll 3 and 4; Commissioned Officer; Dis- cussion Club; Science Club ROBERT B. GOLDMAN School: Boston Latin School Ambition: Lawyer College: University of Mass. Hobbies: Basketball, Amateur Radio I The Class of 1958 HERBERT P. GOLUB School: Boston Latin Ambition: High School Teach- er College: Harvard University Hobbies: Basketball, Records, Stamps, and Reading Honors: French Club, Law- rence Prize 2; Good Pos- ture Award 3 ; Company Commander Cadet Drill 4; Patrol 3 and 4; Student Council 3; Honor Roll 4; Record Staff 3 and 4 JOSEPH C. GRACE School: Mary E. Curley Ambition: Higher Education College: Univ. of Mass. Hobbies: Sp orts, Reading, Chess Honors: Officer Drill JEROME GREENSPOON School: Solomon Lewenberg Ambition: Mechanical Engin- eer College: Northeastern Hobbies: Cars, Mechanics, Photography Honors: Science Club 4; Camera Club 4; A Per- sonality 3 JOSEPH A. GRELLA School: St. Angela Ambition: To be a Success Hobbies: Cars, Sports DANIEL M. GRIFFIN School: R. G. Shaw Ambition: Lawyer College: Boston University Hobbies: Reading and Sports Honors: Patrol 2, 3, 4 Hobbies: Sports JOHN M. GROSS School: Boston Latin Ambition: To Teach College: Undecided Hobbies: Dancing, Swimming, Basketball WILLIAM B. GUTELIUS School: Boston Latin Ambition: To be a Success College: Undecided The ENGLISH HIGH SCHOOL MICHAEL H. HALZEL School: Solomon Lewenberg Ambition: Chemical Engineer and Cantor College: Yeshiva University Hobbies: Drums, Tennis Honors: Comrhissioned Offi- cer 4; Drum and Bugle Corps; Tennis Team 2, 3, 4; B.P.S. Symphony Or- chestra 3, 4; B.P.S. Sym- phony Band 3, 4; E.H.S. Glee Club 2, 4; E.H.S. Varieties 4; E.H.S. Trick Drill Team 4; Student Council 2 ROBERT T. HANLEY School: William E. Russell Ambition: Business Success College: Bentley School of Accounting College: Bentley School Hobbies: Planes PAUL R. HARTNETT School: Boston Latin Ambition: Engineer College: Northeastern Hobbies: Chess, Baseball, Hockey Honors: Manuel of Arms Winner 3 RICHARD L. HAIGHT School: Solomon Lewenberg Ambition: To be a Success College: Undecided Hobbies: Photography, Writ- ing Honors: Undergraduate Scholarship 2 ; Honor Roll 2; Lawrence Prize in Eng- lish 2, 3; Lawrence Prize in Spanish 2, 3; Military Science Club 3 ; Associate Editor of Record 4; Editor of Yearbook 4; Secretary of Science Club 4; Year- book Committee 4; Com- missioned Officer 4; Vari- eties 4 PAUL A. HAYES School: St. Joseph ' s Ambition: To Make Money Hobbies: Sports ABRAHAM HEITIN School: Solomon Lewenberg College: Boston University Hobbies: Rifles CHARLES J. HOAR School: Holy Trinity Ambition: Success in Business College: Undecided Hobbies: Cars, Baseball Honors: Student Council; Corridor Patrol 3, 4 HARVEY S. HORWITZ School: Solomon Lewenberg Ambition: Teach Chemistry College: State Teachers Hobbies: Tropical Fish Honors: Cadet Officer EDWARD HOZORE School: Lawrence High School Ambition: Physician Hobbies: Biological Physics Honors: Trick Drill Team 4; Cndet Officer 4; Camera Club 3, 4; Science Club 4 The Class of 1958 JERRY G. HUMPHREY School: Sherwin Ambition: To achieve Wealth College: Suffolk Hobbies: Baseball, Bowling ALBERT J. HURLEY School: St. Francis de Sales Ambition: Teacher or Jour- nalist College: Boston College Hobbies: Basketball, Baseball, Records PATRICK T. HURLEY School: St. Mary ' s, Galway, Ireland Ambition: To be among the Best College: Notre Dame Hobbies: Sports, Cars Honors: Track 2, 3, 4; Cross Country 2, 3, 4; Trick Drill 3; Cheerleader 4; Varsity Club 3, 4 IRVING L. HYMAN School: Solomon Lewenberg Ambition: Social Work College: Northeastern Hobbies: Photography, Camp- ing Honors: E.H.S. Band; Science Club; Song Committee; Commissioned Officer; E. H.S. Combo NICHOLAS L. lACUZIO School: Boston Latin Ambition: To be Successful College: Bentley School of Accounting Hobbies: People Honors: Officer Military Drill PAUL F. IPPOLITO School: Donald McKay College: State Teachers ' Col- lege Hobbies: Singing, Baseball Honors: Individual Manual of Arms; Room Athletic Captain 2, 4; Lawrence Prize, Italian 1, 2 ; Baseball Team 3, 4; Glee Club 2, 3, 4; Honor Roll 2, 3; Commissioned Officer 4; Student Government Rep- resentative 4 ; Chairman Song Committee 4; Cor- ridor Patrol 3. 4 ALAIN i . JACOBS School: Solomon Lewenberg Ambition: Army Officer College: Boston University Hobbies: Boating Honors: Lawrence Prize, Fi- delity and Deportment; Offi- cer Military Drill 4 DUN R. JAFFE School: Patrick T. Campbell Ambition: Surgeon College: Yale University Hobbies: Riflery, Photography Honors: Lawrence (Biology) 3; Band 2, 3, 4; Officer (1st Lt.) The ElVGLISH HIGH SCHOOL MYRON S. JANJIGIAN School: Boston Latin School Ambition: Engineer College: Wentworth Institute Hobbies: Fishing Honors: Varsity Baseball 3, 4 MICHAEL 1. JOYCE School: Mary E. Curley Ambition: C.P.A. College: Northeastern Hobbies: Hockey Honors: Honor Roll 2; French Club 3; Camera Club 3, 4; Student Coun- selor 4 ; Picture Committee 4; Cross Country 3, 4; Track 3, 4 ARTHUR H. KAPLAN School: Boston Latin Ambition: To be a Success College: University of Mass. Hobbies: Sports Honors: 1st Lt., Drill Corps 4; Lunch Patrol 4 STEPHEN A. KATZ School: William Blackstone Ambition: To be a Success College: Northeastern Hobbies: Hunting, Fishing RICHARD D. KAUFMAN School: Boston Latin School Ambition: Chemist College: University of Mass. Hobbies: SpK)rts, Dancing, Music Honors: National Honor So- ciety 3, 4; Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; French Club 3; Pa- trol 4; Ofl5cer, Drill 4 WILLIAM P. KEA School: Boston Latin Ambition: Engineer College: Northeastern Hobbies: Sports Honors: Ofl5cer 3; Science Club 4; Radio Club 2 PAUL W. KEELEY School: Martin Ambition: Reporter, Dun- Bradstreet Hobbies: Stamps, Bowling THEODORE W. KEENE School: Boston Latin Ambition: Wildlife Biologist College: University of Mass. Hobbies: Flying, Mountain Climbing, Skiing Honors: Military Drill OflB- cer 4 ' 1 The Class of 1958 EDWARD J. KELLEY, JR. School: Boston Latin School Ambition: To be a success in my chosen profession College: Holy Cross Hobbies: Reading, Sailing and Journalism Honors: Commissioned Offi- cer 4; Editor, Yearbook 4; Editor. Football Program 4; Library Corps 4 ; Ford Foundation Scholarship Award 4; Honor Roll 4 JOHN P. KELLEY School: Boston Latin Ambition: Electrician College: Wentworth Hobbies: Electricity, Automo- biles JOSEPH F. KELLEY, JR. School: R. G. Shaw Ambition: Radio Announcer College: Boston University Hobbies: Photography, Sports Honors: French Club 3; Radio Club 3 JAMES S. KENNEDY School: Mary E. Curley Ambition: Dental Technician Hobbies: Sound Reproduction and Model Airplanes BERNARD J. KORITES School: St. Mary ' s High Ambition: Mechanical En- gineer College: Tufts University Hobbies: Sailing and Models Honors: Honor Roll 3; Crew 3; Military Officer 4; Ath- letic Captain 4; Science Club 4; Cross Country 3; Military Science Club 3 ; Chess Club 3, 4 NORMAN P. KRAMER School: Abraham Lincoln Ambition: To be a Success College: Northeastern Hobbies: Sports WALTER M. KROUSON School: Lewis Ambition: Aerodynamics Spe- cialist College: Northeastern Hobbies: Rocket Model Con- struction Honors: Member of Science Club 1 yr.; Member of French Club 2 yrs. DONALD F. KUZIA School: Grover Cleveland Jr. High Ambition: Chemist College: Holy Cross Hobbies: Customizing Cars, Pool Honors: Cross Country 2, 3; Track 2, 3, 4; E.H.S. Band, Discussion Club The ENGUSH HIGH SCHOOL STANLEY M. LABOVICH School: Boston Latin Ambition: Doctor College: Boston University Hobbies: Sports, Models DAVID A. LaBRECQUE School: Francis Parkman Ambition: U. S. Army (MP.) College: State Police Acad- emy Hobbies: Radio Honors: Military Award 3; Letter in Band 4; Capt. E.H.S. Band 4; Honor Roll for Year 2 ANTHONY F. LaCAMBRIA School: Thomas A. Edison Ambition: Teacher College: Suffolk Honors: Student Council 3 FRED M. LAHAM School: Abraham Lincoln Ambition: To be a Success College: Northeastern Hobbies: Television JOSEPH T. LaMARRE School: Boston Latin Ambition: Engineer College: University of Mass. Hobbies: Hunting, Sp orts, Track Honors: 2nd Lieut., Drill FRANK B. LANE School: Lexington High School Ambition: Construction En- ginee r College: Tufts Hobbies: Drum and Bugle Corps Honors: Cadet OflBicer 4 RONALD J. LAWRENCE School: Dwight Ambition: To be a success College: University of Mass. Hobbies: Chess, Track Honors: Lawrence Prize E2 ; Track 2, 4; Chess Club 4 The Class of 1958 RONALD G. LAWSON School: Patrick T. Campbell Ambition: To be a Success College: Wentworth Hobbies: Archery Honors: Track 3, 4; Trick Drill Team 4 SHOON WEE LEE School: Patrick T. Campbell Ambition: Mathematician College: M.LT. Hobbies: Stamp Collecting Honors: Undergraduate Scholarship 3 ; National Honor Society 3 and 4; Science Club 4; Track 2; Latin II 2; Fidelity and Deportment 2 and 3 THOMAS S. LEEK School: Lewis Ambition: Doctor College: Brandets Hobbies: Rollerskating, Music Honors: Glee Club 2. 3, 4; Commissioned Officer 4; Drill Team 4; Song Com- mittee 4 1 DAVID L LENNON School: Grover Cleveland Ambition: Teacher College: Teacher ' s College Boston Hobbies: Camping, Drum Corps, Football Honors: Cadet Officer 4; Glee Club 2, 3 THOMAS R. LERRA School: Sacred Heart Ambition: Civil Engineer College: Michigan State Uni- versity Hobbies: Navigation, Softball Honors: Student Council 3; Forum Club 4; Discussion Club 4; Track 3, 4 V MARTIN S. LEVETIN School: Boston Latin Ambition: Electrical Engineer College: M.I.T. Hobbies: Bowling, Baseball Honors: Forum Club 4; Yearbook Staff 4; Trick Drill Team 4; Commis- sioned Officer . in Drill (Captain) 4; Corridor Pa- trol (Captain) 4; Modem History Lawrence Prize 3 HERBERT B. LEVINE School: Boston Latin Ambition: Dentist College: Massachusetts Univ. Hobbies: Sf orts, Aquarium Honors: Lt., Drill 4; Lunch Patrol 4; Home Room Year Book Representative 4 SHELDON LEVINE School: Solomon Lewenberg Ambition: Accountant College: Bentleys DAVID LEVY School : Solomon Lewenberg Ambition: Pediatrician College: Northeastern Univ. Hobbies: Painting, Stamp Col- lecting Honors: Glee Club 2, 3, 4 The EIVGLISH HIGH SCHOOL AARON D. LEWIS School: Solomon Lewenberg Ambition: Real Estate, Law- yer College: B. U. Hobbies: Philately, Sports Honors: Chess Club ARTHUR E. LEWIS School: O. W. Holmes Ambition: Business Executive College: Clark University Hobbies: Coin Collecting Honors: Discussion Club ERIC R. LINDA School: Patrick Campbell Ambition: Oral Surgeon College: Brandeis University Hobbies: Numismatist JOHN LoCONTE School: Grover Cleveland Ambition: Teacher College: State Teacher ' s Col- lege Hobbies: Music, Bowling, Billiards Honors: Drill Team 3; Com- missioned Officer 4 ROBERT D. LONG School: Gate of Heaven Ambition: Physical Education Teacher College: Ohio State Hobbies: Swimming, Diving Honors: New England Div- ing Champion ; Awarded School Letter 3; Captain Swimming Team 4; Com- missioned Officer 4 RALPH LUONGO School: John Cheverus Ambition: Dentist College: Tufts University Hobbies: Photography Honors: Camera Club JAMES R. LYNCH School: Pat Campbell Ambition: To be a Success Hobbies: Sports Honors: Football, Baseball, Individual Drill Prize ROBERT F. LYNCH School: Grover Cleveland Ambition: CP. A. College: Boston College Hobbies: Music, Photography Honors: Camera Club The Class of 1958 ALAN R. McCarthy School: P. T. Gavin Ambition: To succeed in Business College: oston University HobbiesK Basketball, Chess Honors: Honor Roll 3, 4; National Honor Society ; E. H. S. Representative to Rotary Club; Secretary, Student Council JOHN M. McCarthy School: St. Catherine ' s Ambition: U. S. Air Force Hobbies: Bowling, Football ARTHUR J. MacDONNELL, JR. School: Woodrow Wilson Ambition: Mayor of Boston College: Harvard Hobbies: Music, Sports Honors: Commissioned Offi- cer 4; Cross Country ; Crew 2, 3; Camera Club 4; Year- book Staff 4; Glee Club 2, 3; Lunchroom Patrol 4 LAWRENCE M. MacEACHERN School: Boston Latin Ambition: To be a Small Suc- cess College: Undecided Hobbies : Drawing, Guitar, Singing BERNARD F. McFADD School: R. G. Shaw Ambition: Airline Executive College: University of New Hampshire Hobbies: Airplanes, Drums Honors: Basketball Manager 2, 3, 4; Commissioned Of- ficer 4 BERNARD J. McGAFFIGAN School: Blessed Sacrament Ambition: Electrician College: M.I.T. Hobbies: Sports, Music, Radio Honors: Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 4 ' ; Corridor Patrol 3, 4; Commissioned Officer; Double " A " in Personality; Baseball 1 DANIEL P. McGILLICUDDY School: Boston JLatin Ambition: Businessman College: Boston College Hobbies: Hockey; Hot-Rods; Football; Baseball CHARLES F. McGONAGLE School: St. Francis deSales College: Northeastern Uni- versity Hobbies: Sports Honors: Honor Roll 3; Com- missioned Officer 4 The EIVGLISH HIGH SCHOOL DONALD R. MacKAY School: Thomas A. Edison Ambition: Minister College: Boston University Hobbies: Woodworking Honors: Yearbook Editor; Commissioned Officer, Drill; Science Club; Le Cercle Francais; Lunch- room Patrol MICHAEL B. McKENNA School: Prince School ' Ambition: Actor College: Lei and Powers School Hobbies: Amateur Acting Honors: Camera Club Secre- tary 4 ROBERT C. McNIFF School: St. Augustine Ambition: To be a Success College: Northeastern Hobbies: Model Boats and Planes JAMES N. McPARLAND School: St. Johns Hobbies: Football, Baseball JAMES A. MAHER School: Grover Cleveland Ambition: Construction Hobbies: Hunting, Cars Honors: Honor Roll 3 ROBERT K. MAHONEY School: Woodrow Wilson Ambition: Make a Million Hobbies: Basketball, Football Honors: Patrol 3 RUSSELL R. MALOOF School: Parlin Jr. High Ambition: Accountant College: Bentley ANTHONY J. MANIGLIA School: John Cheverus School Ambition: Success in Life Hobbies: Swimming, Horse- back Riding The Class of 1958 ARTHUR H. MARGOLIS School: Solomon Lewenberg Ambition: Pharmacist College: Mass. College of Pharmacy Hobbies: Recording, Scouting Honors: Commissioned Ofl - cer 4; Yearbook Staff 4; Honor Roll 2 MARTIN E. MARGOLIS School: Woodrow Wilson Ambition: Auditor College: Bentley Hobbies: Sports Honors: Commissioned Offi- cer MARIO A. MARINI School: Grover Cleveland Ambition: Architect College: Boston College Hobbies: Sports Honors: Song Committee 4; Hockey 2, 3, 4; Athletic Captain OTTO MARK School: P. T. Cambell Ambition: Accountant College: Northeastern Hobbies: Stamps, Coins MELVIN J. MASSUCCO School: John Cheverus School Ambition: Photographer or Draftsman College: Wentworth Institute JAMES E. MELODY School: Oliver Wendell Holmes Ambition: C.P.A. College: Northeastern Univ. Hobbies: SfKJrts Honors: Lawrence Prize, English 3 FREDRICK J. MENDEL School: Solomon Lewenberg Ambition: Chemist College: Tufts College Hobbies: Skating Honors: Honor Roll 2; Le Cercle Francais 3 ; Year- book Staff 4 PETER P. MESSINA School: St. Anthony ' s Ambition: To be a Success Hobbies: Reading, Stamp Col- lecting, Music Honors: Officer, Drill The ENGUSH HIGH SCHOOL RICHARD J. MESSINA School: Woodrow Wilson Ambition: To be a Success Hobbies: Sports Honors: Football 2, 3, 4; Bas- ketball 2, 3, 4; Baseball 3 ROBERT P. MESSINA School: Grover Cleveland Ambition: Photo-Engraver Ambition: Photo Engraver Hobbies: Radio, Photography Honors: Military Science Club 3 ARTHUR J. MILLER School: Boston Latin Ambition: Doctor College: Boston University Hobbies: Spoiis, Fishing, Stamp Collecting Honors: Forum Club 4; Dis- cussion Club 4; Chess Club 3; It Lieut, Corridor Pa- trol 3 WILLIAM C. MILLERICK, JR. School: St. Frances de Sales Ambition: Engineering College: Northeastern Hobbies: Sports Honors: Foootball Team 2, 3, 4; Basketball 3: Room Captain 3; E. H. S. Library Corps 3, 4 H. LAWRENCE MOALEY School: Bost9n College High Ambition: Chemical Engi- neering College: Northeastern Univ. Hobbies: Photography FRANK J. MORLOCK School: Wm. H. Taft Ambition: A Successful Career College: Harvard Hobbies: Reading Honors: Lawrence Prize Gl; Forum 4; Le Cercle Fran- cais 2, 3; Panelist, Chan- nel 2; E.H.S. Representa- tive, Oratory Contest RANDOLPH MULLINS School: Lewis Ambition: Coach Football College: Iowa Hobbies: Sf orts Honors: Football, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 2, 3, 4; Base- ball THOMAS J. MURRAY School: St. Matthews Ambition: Accountant Col ' ege: Boston College Hobbies: Sports, Stamp Col- lecting Honors: Captain of Basket- ball; Captain of Drill The Class of 1958 LOUIS F. MUSCO School: R. G. Shaw College: Boston College Hobbies: Sports Honors: Baseball 2, 3, 4, Cap- tain; Football 2, 3, 4 CHARLES M. MYERS School: Boston Latin Ambition: Engineering College: Northeastern Univ. Hobbies: Sports Honors: Lieut, Drill 4; Man. of Arms Winner 3 JOSEPH R. NEE School: English High School Ambition: Priesthood College: State Teachers ' Col- lege Hobbies: Models, Painting, Drum and Bugle Corps Honors: Corridor Patrol, Cadet Officer; E. H. S. Trick Drill Squad, Science Club, Military Science Club, Camera Club STANLEY J. NEEDLEMAN School: Oliver Wendell Holmes Ambition: C. P. A. College: Bentley ' s Hobbies: Model Airplanes and Boats Honors: Football 2; Crew Team 2 ; Manual of Arms Award MORRIS A. NELLES School: Boston Latin Ambition: Dentist College: Brandeis Univ. Hobbies: Sports, Music Honors: Band 3, 4, Officer Forum; Public School Sym phony Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4 E.H.S. Combo 4 JOEL L. NEWBERG School: Solomon Lewenberg Ambition: Electrical Engineer College: Lowell Technological Institute Hobbies: Amateur Radio, Sports Cars Honors: Science Club 1; Radio Club 2; French Club 3; Discussion Club 3 WILLIAM G. NEWMAN School: Boston Latin Ambition: To be a Success Hobbies: Hunting and Fish- ing ANGELO E. NICHOLS School: Wm. Blackstone Ambition: Engineer College: Northeastern Univ. Hobbies: Chemistry, Sports Honors: Honor Roll 2, 4; Forum Club; Cadet Officer 4; Corridor Patrol 4; Science Club 4; Golf Team 3, 4 The ENGLISH HIGH SCHOOL HAROLD H. NOAH School: Patrick T. Campbell Ambition: Lawyer College: Boston University Hobbies: Stamp Collecting MICHAEL J. NORTON School: Grover Cleveland Ambition: To be a Success College: Northeastern Hobbies: Model Building, Sports Honors: Trick Drill Team and Discussion Club JOHN J. O ' CONNOR School: Boston Latin Ambition: To be a Success College: Providence Hobbies: Sports Honors: Cross Country, Man- ager ; Discussion Club ; Science Club JOHN W. O ' DONNELL School: Martin Ambition: To be a Success College: Boston College Hobbies: Sports Honors: Baseball 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3 PHILIP F. POLLACK School: St. Mary ' s Ambition: Accountant College: Northeastern Hobbies: Sports oworj: Honor Roll 1; Law- rence Prizes, BKl, Fidelity and Deportment; Commis- sioned Officer ARTHUR J. PORTER School: Woodrow Wilson Ambition: Military Service Hobbies: Sports (Football and Basketball) Honors: Corridor Patrol 2 JAY E. PORTER School: Prince Ambition ' : To be a Success College: Tufts University Hobbies: Music, Reading Honors: Camera Club 4; Dis- cussion Club 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Letter; Combo 4; Commissioned Officer; B. P. S. Symphony Band 3, 4; B. P S. Symphony Orchestra 3; B. P. S. Brass Choir 3, 4; Athletic Room Captain DONALD POTITO School: Boston Latin Ambition: To be a Success College: Boston College Hobbies: Sports, Cars Honors: Honor Roll 2 The Class of 1958 ANTHONY F. POTO School: Fitton Grammar School Ambition: Teacher College: Boston State Teachers Hobbies: Bowling and Swim- ming Honors: Cadet Officer BRUCE W. POTTLE School: Grover Cleveland Ambition: Service College: Coast Guard Acad- emy Hobbies: Music Honors: Basketball 3, 4; Var- sity Club ; Commissioned Officer; Corridor Patrol AARON S. PRELAK School: Solomon Lewenberg Ambition: Lawyer College: Boston University Hobbies: SfMjrt Honors: Trick Drill 4; Cor- ridor Patrol ROBERT PRESCOD School: Rice School Ambition: Engineer College: Northeastern Hobbies: Astronomy, Chem- istry WILLIAM J. O ' KEEFE School : Martin .School Ambition: Accountant College: Bentley Hobbies:, Painting Honors: Cadet Officer RICHARD J. O ' NEIL School: Clarence R. Edwards College: Boston University Honors: Honor Roll; National Honor Society; Lawrence Prize, Physical ; Science; Officer, Drill ; Student Council ; Lawrence Prize, Fidelity and Deportment DAVID I. OWEN School: Maimonides Ambition: Mathematician College ' : Brandeis Hobbies: Skin Diving Honors: Discussion Club; Honor Roll HAROLD G. PAPPAS School: Woodrow Wilson Ambition: To be a Success College: Boston University Hobbies: Sports Honors: Football 2, 3, 4; Room Captain 2, 3, 4; Color Guard The ENGLISH HIGH SCHDDL THOMAS L. PARKER School: Lewis Junior High Ambition: Show Business College: Univ. South Dakota Hobbies: Harmonizing, Sports Honors: Track Team 2, 3, 4, 6 Letters; Drum and Bugle 2, 3, 4, Officer 4; City Champion, 300 yd. Dash 1958; Regimental Cham- pion, 300 yd. Dash 1958; Member of Record Breaking Relay Team 1956 JOHN F. PERRY School: Boston Latin Ambition: Musical Education College: Tufts University Hobbies: Music, Golf, Bowl- ing Honors: Honor Roll 2; Year- book Representative 4; Golf 3, 4 ROBERT P. PERRY School: Boston Latin College: Harvard Hobbies: Writing Honors: Cadet Officer; Mili- tary Science Club; Music Appreciation Club 2, 3 JACK PETERSON School: Boston Latin Ambition: Engineer College: Tufts, Northeastern Hobbies: Reading Honors: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 1. 2; Varsity Club; Camera Club; Forum Club; Science Club; Lieutenant ANTHONY PRESTANDREA School: Michelangelo Ambition: To be a Worthy and Successful Citizen College: University of Mass. Hobbies: Sports, Woodcrafts RICHARD PROUT School: Boston Latin Ambition: Chemist College: Wesleyan Hobbies : Swimming Honors: Crew 3, 4; Yearbook Staff 4; Record Staff 3, 4; Honor Roll 3 " , Commis- sioned Officer 4; Corridor Patrol 4; Military Science Club 3; Science Club 4 GERALD C. PUDOLSKY School: Solomon Lewenberg Ambition: To be Successful College: Boston University Hobbies: Sports Honors: Football; Varsity Crew; Cadet Officer; Color Guard; Military Science Club; Record Staff; Corri- dor Patrol; Athletic Room Captain RICHARD C. QUINN School: Mary E. Curley Ambition: To become a police officer College: Police Academy Hobbies: Sports LAWRENCE G. QUIRK School: Woodrow Wilson Ambition: Politician College: Boston College Hobbies: Sports, Dancing Honors: Golf; Baseball; Science Club The Class of 1958 PAUL F. QUIRK School: Mt. Carmel Ambition: To b e an Engineer College: Boston University Hobbies: Billiards, Sports JOSEPH A. RAFFAELE School: Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Ambition: LB.M. Technician College: LB.M. School Hobbies: Sports Honors: Corridor Patrol COSIMO A. RAFFONI School: Boston Latin School Ambition: Lawyer College: Boston College Hobbies: Sports Honors: Science Club, Forum Club ROBERT E. RAMSDELL School: Robert Gould Shaw Ambition: Business College: Dartmouth Hobbies: Music, Photography, Philately Honors: Band 1, 2, 3, 4; 1st Lieutenant; Symphony Band; N.R.O.T.C. Scholar- ship Candidate ELLIOT B. RAVECH School: Solomon Lewenberg Ambition: To be my own boss College: B. U. or N. U. Hobbies: Baseball, Football Honors: Student Council 2; Discussion Club ARTHUR R. REV AN School: Emerson Ambition: Movie Actor Hobbies: Dancing, Sports FRANCIS J. REYES School: Christopher Colum- bus, Ecuador Ambition: Engineer College: Northeastern Univ. Hobbies: 5wimming, Boxing Honors: Lawrence Prize (Spanish); Commissioned Officer The ENGLISH HIGH SCHOOL PAUL C. R ICHARDS School: Solomon Lewenberg Ambition: Business Man College: Northeastern Hobbies: Hi-Fi, Cars Honors: Commissioned Offi- cer 4; Forum Club 4; Honor Roll 3; Patrol 4 MICHAEL J. RICHARDSON School: St. Patrick ' s . Ambition: Construction En- gineer College: Northeastern Hobbies: Basketball, Baseball HERBERT L. RICHMOND School: Patrick T. Campbell Jr. High Ambition: Surgeon College: Boston University Hobbies: Sports, Stamp Col- lecting Honors: Cross Country, Track WILLIAM R. RITCHIE School: Lewis Ambition: To be a Success College: Northeastern Hobbies: Sports Honors: Manual of Arms Award; Honor Roll wijr J t A i EDWARD E. ROBINSON School: Grover Cleveland Ambition: Airline Pilot College: Undecided Hobbies: Sports Honors: Trick Drill Team STEPHEN L. ROSEN School: Solomon Lewenberg Ambition: A Medical Profes- sion College: North: stern Hobbies: Electrcnics, Cars CARL F. ROSENTHAL School: Solomon Lew en berg Ambition : Teaching College: Boston University Hobbies: Photography, Sports Honors: Yearbook Staff; Forum Club; Honor Roll ROBERl ROTHMAN School: Oliver W. Holmes Ambition: CP. A. College: Boston University Hobbies: Records, Sports Honors: Honor Roll 1; Trick Drill Team 1 The Class of 1958 CARLTON Wm. ROWLEY School: Prince School Ambition: To be a Success College: Boston University Hobbies: Model Building, Sports, Fishing Honors: Track 2, 3 THOMAS B. ROYALL School: Sherwin Ambition: Biological Chemist College: Yale University Hobbies: Hi-Fi Sets Honors: Honor Roll 2; Dis- cussion Club; Science Club LUCIO F. RUFO School: Kingsley School Ambition: Commercial Artist College: New England School of Art Hobbies: Drawing, Football Honors: Student Council 2, 3; Corridor Patrol; Com- missioned Officer JOSEPH A. RUSSO School: Saint Joseph ' s Ambition: Engineer College: Northeastern Hobbies: Sports, Stamps Honors: Basketball 3, 4; Base- ball 1, 4; Non-Commis- sioned Officer 3; Commis- sioned Officer 4 JOEL S. SADOW School: Patrick T. Campbell Ambition: To be a Success College: Burdett Business Col- lege Hobbies: Sports, Coins Honors: French Club 3 MURRAY SAKOVITZ School: Patrick T. Campbell Ambition: C. P. A. College: Northeastern Univer- sity Hobbies: Sports, Cars Honors: French Club; Com- missioned Officer 4; Corri- dor Patrol ROBERT L. SALAMONE School: Donald McKay Ambition: Teacher College: State Teachers Hobbies: Amateur Botanist, Animals Honors: Honor Roll 2, 3; Trick Drill Team; Discus- sion Club 3 ; Commissioned Officer 4 RAYMOND A. SANCHEZ School: William E. Russell Ambition: Aeronautical En- gineer College: Chauncy Hall Hobbies: Sports Honors: Yearbook Staff 4 The ENGLISH HIGH SCHOOL JOSEPH J. SARRO School: St. Raphael ' s Ambition: Teacher College: Boston Staie Teach- er ' s Hobbies: Sports Honors: Honor Roll 1, 2, 3; Under Graduate Scholar- ship 1; Lawrence Prize F. and D. 3 JOHN C. SAVILONIS School: ' William Taft Ambition: Draftsman College: " Wentworth Institute Hobbies: Hot Rods, Model Railroads Honors: Officer, Patrol; Com- missioned Officer 4 PAUL F. SCARLATA School: Woodrow ' Wilson Ambition: To Become a Bio- Chemist College: Boston College Hobbies: Spwrts Honors: Officer in Drill; Class Officer; Trackman 2, 3, 4; Cross Country VICTOR B. SCHNEIDER School: Maimonides School Ambition: Electrical Engineer College: M. I. T. Hobbies: Electronics, Hi-Fi, Public Speaking Honors: National Honor So- ciety; Lawrence Prize, French, Physics ; Science Club, President 4; Forum Club; Cadet Officer; Rec- ord, Editor; Yearbook, Edi- tor ROBERT SCHWARTZ School: Woodrow Wilson Amhilion: Production Man- ager Collef e: Northeastern Hohhtes: Singing Honors: Military Science Club; French Club; Trick Drill Team KENNETH V. SCIPIONE School: Boston Latin Ambition: Construction En- gineer College: Northeastern Hobbies: Sports LAURENCE F. SCOTT School: Blessed Sacrament Ambition: To be a Success Hobbies: Reading, Skiing Honors: Football Manager THOMAS A. SERRA School: Saint Lazarus Ambition: Dentist College: University of Mass. Hobbies: Sports Honors: Football, Baseball, Prom Committee The Class of 1958 SANFORD K. SETO School: Day School for Immi- grants Ambition: Technical Engineer Hobbies: Sports JAMES E. SHERIDAN School: Grover Cleveland Ambition: Electronic Engineer College: Northeastern Hobbies: Sports, Radio ROBERT J. SHINE School: Patrick T. Campbell Ambition: Marine Corps Hobbies: Football, Basketball RICHARD H. SHIRE School: Mary E. Curley Ambition: Artist Hobbies: Art, Music Honors: Lawrence Prize Pi, P2 ROBERT J. SHURMAN School: Patrick J. Campbell Ambition: Engineer College: Northeastern Hobbies: Basketball Honors: Military Science Club 4 PETER E. SIELINSKI School: P. F. Gavin Ambition: C. P. A. College: Northeastern Univ. Hobbies: Fishing, Painting Honors: Company Command- er; Drill Team 3, 4; Mili- tary Science Club ; Honor Roll 2, 3 GEORGE L. SILVERMAN School: Rice Ambition: Actor College: U. C. L. A. Hobbies: Cars, Photography Honors: Drill Team 4 PER G. SINATS School: Lidkopings Larovark Ambition: U. S. Air Force College: M. I. T. Hobbies: Sports, Model Air- planes The E GUSH HIGH SCHOOL JOHN R. SLYVA School: St. Raphael ' s Ambition: Accountant College: Northeastern Univ. Hobbies: Sports, Reading Honors: Athletic Captain 1 ; Lawrence Prize, Fidelity and Deportment Honor Roll 1; J.V. Baseball 2; Honor Roll 2 ; Lawrence Prize, Bookkeeping 2; Var- sity Baseball 3 ; Honor Roll 3; National Honor Society 3; Lawrence Prizes, Book- keeping, Typing Law 3 ROBERT J. SMITH School: Solomon Lewenberg Ambition: Navy Hobbies: Cars RICHARD W. SOLOMAN School: Woodrow Wilson Ambition: Electrical Engineer College: Northeastern Univ. Hobbies: Radio, Sports CHARLES R. SPAGNOLO School: St. Joseph School Ambition: C. P. A. College: Boston College Hobbies: Sports Honors: Manuscript Editor, Yearbook; Honor Roll PATRICK J. SPANO School: Mt. Carmel Ambition: Office Worker College: Bentley Hobbies: Hunting and Fish- ing Honors: Honor Roll THOMAS D. STAVRIS School: William Blackstone Ambition: Electrical Engineer College: Mass. Maritime Academy Hobbies: Woodwork, Sailing Honors: Football 2; Military Drill Officer 4 STANLEY V. STEARNS School: St. Matthew ' s Ambition: Accountant College: Northeastern Hobbies: Basketball, Football FREDERIC N. STERN School: Solomon Lewenberg Ambition: Pharmacist College: Mass. College of Pharmacy Hobbies: Basketball, Hockey Honors: Military Science Club The Class of 1958 LEWIS P. STOLLER School: Solomon Lewenberg College: Boston University JERRY J. STRANGIE School: John Cheverus Ambition: Mechanical En- gineer College: Northeastern Univ. Hobbies: Swimming, Pocket Billiards Honors: Baseball 2, 3, 4; Prom Committee 4 ; Song Committee 4; Corridor Pa- trol 4;- Cadet Officer 4 FRANCIS J. SULLIVAN School: Joseph H. Barnes Ambition: Civil Engineer College: Tufts College Hobbies: Sports Honors: Track 4; Yearbook Committee 4; Honor Roll 2; Trick Drill Team 4; Military Drill Officer 4 JOHN E. SULLIVAN School: Woodrow Wilson Ambition: Naval Officer College: Naval Academy Hobbies: Boating, Fishing Honors: President, Senior Class 4; Co-Capt. Football 4; Capt. Crew 4; Commis- sioned Officer 4; Room Capt. 4 PAUL J. SULLIVAN School: Robert G. Shaw Ambition: Civil Engineer College: Northeastern Hobbies: Sports, Cars Honors: Lawrence Prizes; Basketball 2, 3; Crew 2; " and 2, 3, 4; Corridor Pa- t ' ol 3; Cafeteria Cashier 4 GEORGE E. SWEENEY School: Boston Latin Ambition: Electrical Engineer College: Tufts University Hobbies: Swimming, Bowling Honors: Commissioned Offi- cer; Trick Drill Squad 3, 4; Prom Committee 4; French Club; Corridor Pa- trol 4 ; Yearbook Represen- tative 4 ROBERT G. SYMES School: Woodrow Wilson Ambition: Electrical Engin eer College: Boston College Hobbies: Sports Honors: Honor Roll 2; Law- rence Prize (L.) 2; Lunch Room Monitor 4; Corridor Patrol 4; Cader Officer 4 RICHARD A. SYMS School: Boston Latin School Ambition: Electronic Techni- cian College: Wentworth Institute Hobbies: Sports, Fishing Honors: Honor Roll 4 The ENGLISH HIGH SCHOOL RICHARD J. TALBOT School: Woodrow Wilson Ambition: Designer Hobbies: Art FRANCIS TAMITS School: New Bedford High Ambition: Electronic Tech. College: Wentworth Hobbies: Radio, Hot Rods, Sports PAUL R. TANGNEY School: Oliver Holmes Ambition: Accounting College: Bentley ' s Hobbies: Sports, Travelling Honors: Cadet Officer 4 PAUL F. TAYLOR School: Mary E. Curley Ambition: Draftsman College: Yarmouth Vocational Nova Scotia Hobbies: Sports Honors: Football 2, 3; Drum and Bugle Corp; Cadet Officer ARTHUR W. VEMIS School: Mary E. Curley ' 4 m hit ion: Electronics Tech- nician College: Wentworth Institute Hobbies: Electronics, Hi-Fi, TV Honors: Vice-President, of Science Club VICTOR VILCINS School: James P. Timilty Ambition: Electrical Engineer- ing College: Northeastern Univ. Hobbies: Photography Honors: Cadet Officer; Stu- dent Council JOSEPH A. WALLUS School: Clarence R. Edwards Ambition: Medical Career College: University pf Mass. Hobbies: Sports RICHARD H. WALSH School: Boston Latin Ambition: Accounting College: Northeastern Hobbies: Fishing, Hunting Honors: Color Guard 4 The Class of 1958 ROBERT J. WALSH School: Boston Latin Ambition: To be an Engineer College: Northeastern Univ. Hobbies: Fishing Boating JOHN J. WASWILL School: Michelangelo Ambition: To be a Success Hobbies: Woodworking DAVID M. WEBSTER School: R. G. Shaw Ambition: Chemist College: M. L T., Tufts Honors: Lawrence Pr ize F. and D.; Lab Assistant; Track and Crew; Lieuten- ant; Athletic Captain 4 DANIEL WEINER School: Windsor Mountain Ambition: Public Relations College: Boston University Hobbies: Singing, Photogra- phy Honors: Yearbook, Advertis- ing Manager; Cadet Officer 4; Glee Club 2, 3, 4 GEORGE M. WEINER School: Solomon Lewenburg Ambition: To Study Indus- trial Electronics College: Wentworth Institute Hobbies: Electronic Experi- menting WILLIAM J. WEINER School: Lewis Ambition: Engineer College: Tufts Hobbies: Weightlifting, Auto- mobiles Honors: Corridor Patrol; Cadet Officer; Manual of Arms Award HOWARD C. WEISENBERG School: Boston Latin School Ambition: C. P. A. College: Northeastern Hobbies: Tennis; Social Work Honors: Tennis Team 2, 3, 4 WILLIAM E. WESSELS School: Boston Latin Ambition: Writer or His- torian College: Harvard Hobbies: Music, Reading Honors: National Honor So- ciety 3; Lawrence Prize, Modern History; Track 2, 3, 4; Cross Country Cap- tain 2 The ENGLISH HIGH SCHOOL KENNETH A. WHITE School: Solomon Lewenberg Ambition: To be a Dental Surgeon College: University of Mass. Hobbies: Golf Honors: Cadet Officer; Dis- cussion Club; Forum Club; Trick Drill Team 3, 4; Honor Roll 2, 4 WILLIAM M. WILLIS, JR. School: Dwight Ambition: Minister College: Christian Training School Hobbies: Art, Discussion, Teaching Honors: Officer, Bugle Corps ARTHUR J. WILSON School: Mary E. Curley Ambition: To be a Success College: University of Mass. Hobbies: Sports Honors: Picture Committee 1, 2, 3; Hockey 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3 ARTHUR H. WINER School: Boston Latin Ambition: Doctor College: Bowdoin Hobbies: Sports, Music Honors: Honor Roll for 1957; Staff Officer; Forum Club; Honor Roll 4 PAUL WOLFSON School: Woodrow Wilson Ambition: Ek ctor College : Tufts Hobbies: Sports Honors: - Senior Class Officei ; Executive Committee; Trick Drill Team 3, 4; Room Councillor -4; French Club 3; Discussion Club 3, 4;. Class of 1923 Undergrad- uate Scholarship ; Tennis Mgr. 4; Record Staff 2, 3i, 4 WALTER YAFFA School: Boston Latin Ambition: C. P. A. College: Bentleys Hobbies: Photography Honors: Second Lieutenant 4; Yearbook 4; Corridor Pa- trol 2 JAMES A. YEE School: Cathedral Ambition: To be Successful in Life College: Northeastern Univ. Hobbies: Sports GEORGE P. YPHANTES School: Boston Latin Ambition: Chemist Hobbies: Sports Honors: Honor Roll The Class of 1958 ELLIOT S. ZIMAN School: Boston Latin Ambition: Engineer College: Tufts Hobbies: Sports, Oratory Honors: Honor Roll 3, 4; Na- tional Honor Society; Latin 3; Lawrence Prize I PHILIP R. ZONA School: Washington Irving Ambition: Dentist College: Univ. of Mass. Hobbies: Sports Honors-: Golf 1, 2, 3, 4 (Cap- tain) JOACHIM A. ZUNIGA School: Mary E. Curley Ambition: To excel College: B. U. Hobbies: Drawing, Writing Honors: Soccer, Social Science Club; Chess Club; Record FRANK J. BRISSENDEN School: William E. Russell Ambition: To be a Success College: Northeastern Hobbies: Drumming and Automotive Mech. Honors: Drum Corps 1, 2, 3, 4; Drill Team 3, 4; In- dividual Drumming Award; 1st Lieutenant in Drum Corps; Track Team 1, 2; Corridor Patrol DONALD F. CANADAY School: Boston Latin Ambition: Aviator College: Boston University Hobbies: Aviation; Guns and Hunting Honors: Cadet Officer 4; Science Club 4 RONALD H. CHURCH School: Prince Elementary Ambition : Business College: Undecided Hobbies: Coins, Gun Collect- ing, Stamps Honors: Lawrence Prize, Fi- delity and Deportment 1 ; Corridor Patrol 3 GERARD T. CONROY School: Silver Lake Regional High Ambition: To be a Success in Business College: Undecided Hobbies: Basketball, Bowling, Billiards, Swimming HAROLD W. DEVLIN School: St. Catherine ' s Charlestown School: St. Catherine ' s Ambition: Engineer College: Northeastern Hobbies: Swimming, Football RICHARD F. DEVLIN School: Oliver W. Holmes Ambition: Modern Jazz Musi- cian College: A Good School of Music Hobbies: Record Collecting Honors: Corridor Patrol 3 HERBERT S. DIXON School: Armstrong Tech, Washington, D. C. Ambition: Journalism College: Boston University Hobbies: -Science, Interior Decorating, Youth Services ROBERT K. HURLEY School: St. Peter ' s Ambition: Successful in Busi- ness College: Boston University Hobbies: Sports Honors: Baseball 3, 4 LEONARD M. FEINBERG School: Boston Latin High Ambition: To Succeed College: Northeastern; B. U. Hobbies: Automobiles Honors: Officer in Drill 4; Camera Club 4 DONALD R. FURLONG School: Oliver W. Holmes Ambition: Air Force Hobbies: Basketball, Ice-skat- ing Honors: Captain of Basket- ball; 2nd Lieutenant; 2 Let- ters in Basketball THOMAS A. GROOMES School: Lewis Junior High Ambition: To receive a PH.D. College: Boston College Hobbies: Collecting Jazz and Latin American Records; Basketball; Track ROBERT F. HARDING School: Sacred Heart Ambition: High School Teacher College: Boston State Teach- ers ' Hobbies: Hunting and Fish- ing Honors: Honor Roll; Com- missioned Officer GEORGE W. JORNACION School: Abraham Lincoln Ambition: Philosopher Hobbies: Reading and Bowl- ing Honors: Lawrence Prizes in Civics 1; HW 2 JOHN P. KEANE School: Grover Cleveland Ambition: To be a Success Hobbies: Collecting Coins, Football Honors: Military Drill Offi- cer 4 PAUL W. KEELEY School: Martin Ambition: Credit Reporter at Dun Bradstreet College: Northeastern Hobbies: Stamps Honors: Lawrence Prize Fi- delity and Deportment ; Room 309 2, 3 JOHN F. KELLEY School: Boston Latin Ambition: To be a Success College: Univ. of Mass. Honors: Military Drill Offi- cer 4 THOMAS C. KELLY School: Shaw Ambition: Pharmacist College: New England ColL of Pharm. Hobbies: Parakeets and Dog Breeding Honors: Military Drill Offi- cer 4 IRVING J. KENNEDY School: St. Sebastian ' s Ambition: Architect College: Boston College Honors: Baseball 2, 4 DANIEL M. LAPIN School: Solomon Lewenberg Ambition: C. P. A. College: Bentleys School of Accounting Hobbies: Sports, Chess Honors: 1st Lieutenant 4; Trick Drill Team 4 JAMES J. LIBRIZZO School: Mission Ambition: Aeronautics College: Wentworth Hobbies: Model Planes JOHN H. LYONS School: R. G. Shaw Ambition: Doctor College: William Mary Hobbies: Art Honors: Discussion Club; Forum Club GEORGE B. McCALLUM School: William B. Russell Ambition: Minister College: Boston University Hobbies: Singing EDMUND T. McCarthy School: St. Kevin ' s Ambition: Business Exec. Hobbies: Collect Records JOSEPH G. McDonald School: St. Matthews School Ambition: Salesman College: Boston College Hobbies: Baseball, Handball, Bowling. JAMES P. McGRATH School: Archbishop Cushing School Ambition: Boston Police Dejjt. Hobbies: Bowling, Stamp Col- lecting ANTHONY MUSCILLO School: English High Ambition: Air Force College: Northeastern Hobbies: Guns, Cars JAMES J. O ' TOOLE School: Washington Irving Ambition: C. P. A. College: -Boston College Hobbies: Sports, Dancing Honors: Baseball 1, 2; Foot- ball 1; Basketball 2; Cam- era Club THOMAS R. SPIEGEL School: R. G. Shaw Ambition: Offset Printer Hobbies: Bowling, Fishing, Swimming WALTER V. SVAGDIS School: William E. Russell Ambition: Teacher College: Boston State Teach- ers Hobbies: Sports Honors: French Club 2, 3 ERNEST TAMBERG School: Woodrow Wilson Ambition: To be a Success Hobbies: Coins, Mountain Climbing LEONTINO G. TERRENZIO School: Leominster High Ambition: Engineer Hobbies: Amateur Radio, Stamps, Reading :Buir Looking through our crystal ball at what the future brings, We ' ve found out what our jobs will be and other startling things. These facts are quite true — word for word — we swear on Shakespeare ' s name, And if by chance they don ' t work out, the ball will take the blame ! Through the haze in the crystal ball we saw MAD ANTHONY DilESO standing amidst pop- ping flashbulbs with his pony (that ' s a camera) slung over his shoulder — a staff photographer for, of course. Mad magazine. We saw goggled HARVEY FELTQUATE as chief pilot for the Charlestown to Dorchester Airways. With a modest smile on his face ANTHONY BRANDENBURG appeared. There he was— a track star for the U. S. Treasury Department. And there was ROBERT ENGLISH, the in- ventor of a revolutionary candy — English Toffee. Standing beside him we saw one of Robert ' s big- gest clients, ARTHUR MARGOLIS— president of the Boston local of the Soda Jerque Union. Coming in as one of Arthur ' s customers in the drugs tore which he will run as a " front " for all his crooked dealings was saw CARL ROSEN- THAL, head of the Science Friction Department at the Purple Palace. As the haze cleared somewhat we saw LARRY MORLEY as the owner of Morley ' s Mattress Mart. We saw EDWARD KELLEY, too. He was a corrupt lawyer and a frustrated librarian. And yes, we also saw PAUL TRAPANL He was standing there with his mouth of en. He had to, he was a professional hog caller. He looked as though he were calling for GERALD PUDULSKY, a debonair gendarme for Paris Precinct 68 2. And that wasn ' t all we saw! We looked up on a high cliff and saw Hollywood ' s next Tarzan — BERNIE BROBROWSKL In Washington we saw the 42nd president of the United States— LAWRENCE QUIRK. On a future television program (in love color) we saw JEROME GREENSPOON defeat PAUL ANDERSON in a weight lifting contest. Through the increasing haze, we saw a contract signed between M.G.M. and ARTHUR REV AN. Hmm ... a movie with M.M.! Then FRANK REYES came into view. He was a boxer. We saw RAPID ROBERT ROTHMAN baking big black bagels. The agile LOUIS TRINKMAN we spotted sitting at an executive desk, the president of Slenderella. VIN DEMATO, this year ' s key cage assistant, was seen as chief assitant in charge of giving the key to the city. And there was RICHARD CAPRIO, " the little gangster, " president of the AFL-CIO. Up in the sky, we spotted RONALD LAWRENCE, a space cadet aboard the good ship Lollipop. From out of newhere JOHN SULLIVAN, the Boston strong boy, appeared — heavyweight cham- pion of the world. Then we saw PAUL SCARLATA, the vice heavyweight champion of the world. PAUL WOLFSON stepped into view. He was very happy. He had in his hand a copy of the E.H.S. Record with his name as the by-line on a " Cruising the corridors " column. We saw someone else with a hood on his head. We couldn ' t make out who it was, but the sign he was carrying read, " DEMARCO KLUX KLAN. " And there was the celebrated Mr. Auriamo, Brighton ' s first demagogue. MICHAEL HALZEL came into view with his drum sticks — the world ' s first rock-and-roll rabbi. We se6 that Marshal (Earp) Cooper has given up his independent cab company and gone into the Greyhound Corporation (arf arf). Louis Aiello will write a book exposing B.L.S.. The title of the book is " Pasteur ' s Pallisades. " Kaplan the supposedly new head dietitian of the E.H.S. cafeteria says the traditional Thursday Menu of beans will be replaced by boiled table- cloth stains and shredded egg shells. Paul " Page " Ippolito has a new song out called " WANDA JEAN " , I wonder if Wanda will wanda from Paul? Over by the office we see Solomon talking to Schwartz about his latest invention: Solomon: " I ' ve just invented an alarm clock that wakes you up without ringing. " Schwartz: " How does it work? " Solomon: " Somebody throws it at you ) Through the haze we made out EDWARD ENGLISH. There he was — a retired millionaire at the age of 29 2. AZER, BROWN, and PERRY we saw with their hockey sticks. They were challenging the New York Rangers. We saw RICHARD HAIGHT collecting royal- ties on his book, Chiam Yeinkel in Never-Never- Land. And we saw our future secretary of state — JOHN FOSTER COLBATH. MR. SIMMONS (whose eflForts have helped to make this year book if not one of the best, at least one of the most controversial ever written by a year book staflF) we saw inventing a revolutionary device — a radio controlled golf ball. And speaking of the Year Book Staff, that group would like to leave you with this thought: Never have so many done so little in so much time! Why don ' t you look over these predictions a few years from now and see the precision with which the ink has faded from this page. Thanx. We the members of the Class of 1958 being of un-sound mind and body and having attended this institution (but we really love it) for the past seven years (the legal limit) do bequeath the following to the immortals of English High School. The Senior Class in its complete entirety leaves to Mr. Malone a record of school on its way to the top. To " Doc " Frazier we leave the keys to F ort Knox with the hope that this will finally satisfy him. To Mr. O ' Brien we leave a vicious circle. Look out, sir, it bites (and we don ' t mean maybe) ! To Mr. Eccles we leave a pair of castanets. (Catalogue No. 69 5 34 2 + @ •4) • To Mr. Devore we leave a boy who has enough nerve not to buy a subscription to OUR TIMES. To Mr. Hennesey we leave a ticket on a banana boat to downtown Rangoon. To Mr. Charles Murphy we leave . . . with the baggage. To Mr. " Dutchie " Ward we leave a thousand sponges for cleaning off the cafeteria tables. To Mr. Mullen we leave our extra pennies. To Mr. Bomstein we leave a predigested French book. To Mr. Capano we leave a broken chess set, compliments of Dr. Fu Manchu. (Gesundheit!) To Mr. Gemmel we leave an F.B.I, badge and a screwdriver. To Mr. Duffy we leave a bottle of " intestinal fortitude. " To Mr. Atwood we leave four grams of the universal solvent (and now all he has to do is find something to keep it in) . To Mr. Gizzi we leave a copy of Mr. Gillis ' new book, Have Muscles, Will Do Pushups. To Captain (H ' ray) Fisher we leave a girdle full of snap and precision. To Mr. Gustus we leave two blown out fuses and a broken ammeter. To Mr. Lundin we leave the latest copy of MAD Magazine full of humor and satire. To Mr. Sallen we leave 1000 facts and figures (Ooo LaLal). To Mr. Bowler we leave three acts of Heaven to be used as he sees fit. To Mr. Keady we leave a secretary to do all his paper work. To Mr. Stewart we leave as... tudent with earlaps. To Mr. Traniello we leave a (no we had better not, he might get mad.) To Mr. Bell we leave an Alexander Graham Cracker. To Mr. Ward we leave a coaching position at second base. (We seem to recall an incident . . .). To Mr. Falvey we leave . . . To the E.H.S. frosh we leave our tickets to the outdoor pool, on the roof, our passes to the lunch room, and our keys to the elevator in the purple palace. To the sophomores we leave the forty-five pound rifles, a cat of nine tails, a slightly used swastika, and our crush proof ash trays. To the juniors we leave . . . well, you ' ll find out soon enough. Russo leaves some fascinating and intellectual questions for Mr. O ' Brien. Carl Rosenthal leaves the unshattered record of sixty-eight Victory lunches consumed at one sitting, including the trays. Balian, whose post was the main entrance, leaves a pair of white gloves, and a doorman ' s cap that lights up with E. H. S. in front and " Eat at Joe ' s " on the back. Only those with A. C. current need apply. To next year ' s year book staff we leave the book Plagiarism in Three Easy lessons. Weiner and Goldberg leave to kiss the Blarney Stone. Prout leaves ten liters of the fragrant passionate H2S. Ramsdell leaves to purchase the latest issue of " Playboy. " Bebrekarklis, Caiewski, Chronopoulos, Dale????? leave the printers confud . . . (confused) Phew!!! To the teachers we leave a life time supply of Johnson and Johnson first aid products, a dozen bottles of Bromo Seltzer, and a gross of Tranquiliz- ing pills. BEQUESTS OF INDIVIDUAL STUDENTS Abbot leaves the school . . . broke. Nathan Adleman leave his cash register. (It never did add correctly) . Aizley, Bretner, and Brissenden leave their banchi drum sets. Augenstern leaves his sweat suit to the immortal track team. Baker leaves eating English High out of house and home. Balian leaves with his first mate holding a bottle of . . . hypo. Beer leaves with (hie) Tom Collins. Blasi leaves a bowl of M-m-m-maltexth. Bono leaves through the front door, sideways. Brandenberg leaves in his new Cadillac. Wonder what he did with our class dues? Brawn leaves his course on body and muscle building. Caswell and Tiernan leave a 1500 pound steer — that ' s a lot of bull. Nee leaves singing, " One, two three, look at me and Yee. " Anthony Dileso leaves his burned out flashbulbs to Mr. O ' Neil. Dugan leaves his love and admiration for Mr. Gillis. Dunne leaves his latest best seller, Dragnet (dunne de dunne dunne) . Ellison leaves for Brown University with the permission of Mr. Eccles. Falk, the kindest boy in the school, has often boasted that he would give anyone the shirt off his back . . . and by golly, he has! Does anyone want a ragged T-shirt? Finnagin leaves his best friend Sauter (Sauter- Finnagin, get it? Alright I give up!) . Ford leaves his Chevy in front of the school. Grella leaves to take us to his leader. Irving Hyman leaves Mr. Murphy of 107 an Ivy League math jacket (made out of chickadee hide) . Goldberg, Fitzgerald, Fitzgerald, and Fitzgerald leave to open their own synthetic gefiltefish factory. Jack Kelly leaves his book, 101 Ways to Cut Class and Get Away With It. Edward Kelley leave his collection of library passes. The English Twins leave their French Teacher. Lane leaves for Mulhulland Drive. Lee leaves to conquer M.I.T. Leek leaves to get fixed. (Think about this one for a while) . Lennon leaves to join forces with Welk. The two Margolises, Levitan, Feltquate, Newburg, Kaplan, and DiPasquale leave to per- petuate the unknown. (They are going to open a pizza palace in Chinatown.) Kennedy leaves to join the U. S. Senate in Washington. Mendell leaves his books, his papers, his pencils and his mind. Donald Mackay leaves ... he hopes. Arthur Miller leaves Marilyn Monroe. Feinberg leaves his revolutionary sandwich — the Feinberger. Noak leaves aboard the U.S.S. Ark. Nichols leaves to get changed. Prelak leaves a bottle of red hair dye. (Now it all comes out.) Carl Rosenthal leaves the secret files of Enor Lundin. Victor Schneider leaves his collection of sixteen- letter words to Dave Webster. Shurman Leaves Spagnolo leaves his new book, A Way With Women. Sweeny leaves trying to rent his office at 117A. Any bids??? The rest of the boys in the class leave with their Windsor knots at half mast. To The School Corrmiitee we leave a bill on behalf of the faculty (totaling God only knows how much), for all the overtime due them. V loteS Early in the year a certain physics teacher was seen passing grapes to a certain mathematics teacher. We ' re not mentioning any names, but we understand chickadees love grapes. Harvey Feltquate, the proud possessor of a flying license, was seen making figure eights over Blue Hill Avenue. He never took his plane to school because he couldn ' t find a parking space. Football players Mullins, Musco, Millerick, Messina, Pappas and Peterson all come from Room 113. Was Mr. Keady trying to develop a super race? When a flashbulb went ofT in one of our eyes, we knew we would see with our other eye Anthony Dileso running away from the scene of the crime. After Tony has exploded 169 flashbulbs, he will be allowed to put film in his camera. We looked forward for that day with bated breath. Frank Morlock disclosed in his daily newspaper column that William O ' Keefe was a ghost writer for Thomas Murray in his book, Was A Spy Behind the Green Door (Teachers ' Room). Daniel Griffin says he was the best man on the Corridor Patrol. Horticulturally minded Mr. Sallen placed a real, live plant at the rear of his room. Anyone who wished to see it was able to do so at 2:30. The line formed at the right. This was the year that Victor Schneider opened up a stand outside Room 102. He specialized in selling peanuts, popcorn, crackerjacks, and used apples. Richard Prout made more money than many teachers when he was lab assistant. It has been discovered that William Ritche and Robert Prescot have been signed up for a heavy- weight bout. This summer Elliot Ravech, we ' re told, will take a trip through Canada to get inspiration for the musical comedy he is writing. Herbert Golub was so busy receiving his many awards (such as The Junior Year Good Posture Award) that he had very little time left for study- ing. Who was the person who bounced into Room 317 while the Westinghouse Science Scholarship Test was being given and hopped up on the table to put a light bulb into a ceiling socket? He gave the impression to the boys taking the test that he found the experience quite shocking. George De- Vaux was seen going out with an X-ray technician. Wonder what she saw in him? Paul Dipietro was court martialed when he was caught flying too low in the middle of the week . . . without a plane. Every time Ross Burney got up to recite in Mr. Devore ' s history class, he looked as though he were delivering a commercial pitch for Campbell ' s Soup. Remember the time Mr. Devore made him sing the Barbasol Commercial? Richards and Richmond were heard singing " We Ought To Be In Pictures. " Salamom became very interested in animals, plants, sports, . . . and oh, yes, girls! Every time that Will Weiner got a haircut, he lost ten pounds. A report from a usually reliable source says that during one day in January there was an EMPTY SEAT in the LUNCHROOM during the THIRD LUNCH. We do not believe this report but feel it is our duty to pass it on to you. Those who drive to school know how difficult it is to find a parking place in the mornings on Avenue Louis Pasteur. Reported plans to convert the E.H.S. lobby into a parking lot, however, were dropped; Jack Kelley ' s Chevy couldn ' t make the front stairs. We wonder if anyone can tell us why Jack was driving a different car every week. Jack says it ' s because his driving is " consistent. " Due to circumstances beyond their control, Mario Marini, Arthur Wilson, and Jim Bishop were forced to attend classes one day during the hockey season. Dave Webster became so excited when E.H.S. defeated the Purple Palace, Thanksgiving Day, that he ate all of Bernard Korites ' popcorn. The Year Book Staff would like to thank Mr. Murphy of 107 for his delightful interludes during period four. We understand that Edward Kelley, Arthur MacDonnell, and Donald Mackay have perfected a device to signal his approach. Mr. Atwood to Nee, " What ' s the name of H2S04? " Nee, " Sir I have it right on the tip of my tongue. " Mr. Atwood, " Well you better spit it out; it ' s a strong acid. " It seems that Titus is trying to dodge the draft. What other reason can there be for breaking that bone in his foot so often? Tierney is modeling for one of those vitamin advertisements " Before " and " After " . Well! he ' s the one in the middle. The only fault Pudolsky has to find with the school catalogue is that there are no girls listed. He always thinks of the practical end of things. McFadd is worried about being arrested as an accessory after the fact. He saw DeFranzo smash- ing a clock, and now is troubled about killing time. Well, Spagnolo, look here! Who do you think you are, wanting Spagnolo spread all over the fair pages of our magazine? Just for that we ' ll not mention Spagnolo at all, so there. Moreley, when asked by his mother why he came home from school so late, replied " I over- slept. " It is true that Aizley and Bretner are going barnstorming with Gene Krupa? Brissenden says that physics is easy when you are taking chemistry. Mario Umana paid us to mention his name. All right, Kramer, take the knife out of our back. We ' ll say something nice about you in the year book. Zimman says that the only thing he remembers about Stoller is his physical condition. It is so rarely found in living people. There seems to be a little dispute among the boys around 117 to see who will get into Sweeny ' s and Spiegel ' s office, 11 7 A. Raymond Arturo Pepito Gonzales Gonzales Rodregez Sanchez the third has decided to change his name. He is now known as Melvin??? It seems that Webster has done it again, he just threw a large shot-put through the floor in Mr. Sheehan ' s room. John Tobin is in the Marines and defending our country, I think it ' s high time our Armed Forces was looked into. Mr. Mullins is still coming from Needham by horse and buggy. He meets Mr. Reppeto on the outskirts of his village and rides in the rest of the way. We hear that dog races are being held in the basement, it makes RafTaele, DiPasquale, and Spagnolo feel at home. Anagnoston has decided to stop using the excla- mation point. He says that he isn ' t surprised at anything thesfe days. Word has it that Trinkman and Sadow are still reading that Great novel of American Mankind . . . You Too Can Have Muscles. Good luck Men??? This sign was seen in Mr. Falvey ' s office the other day, it read as follows: " The teachers are afraid of the principals, the principals are afraid of the school committee, the school committee is afraid of the parents, the parents are afraid of the kids, and the kids aren ' t afraid of anybody " . . . Word has it that Barnes and Becker are taking ballet lessons. That ' s debatable . . . Strangle has broken his own record. He has come to school for four consecutive days . . . Grella the incomparable, just the other day, put a blotter to his ear, and claimed that he heard the Ink-Spots . . . The senior class expresses its sympathy for Tothman, he had an operation . . . they removed and Esquire mag. from his fist . . . Conversation overheard in the year book room: " Hey McKenna let ' s do this after school. " " Naw, let ' s cut classes and do it now. " " Hey, let ' s go to lunch. " Rumple, bang, swoosh . . . It seems that the patrol officers of this school spend more time in the lunchroom than in the corridors and more time in the corridors than in their classes. There seems to be quite a few funerals around as Scarlata, McCarthy, and Dunn have been wear- ing arm bands lately. Doctor Urban has succeeded in finding a cure for which there is no known disease. Front row (1. to r. ) Paul Wolfson, Anthony Brandenburg, Mr. Mosher, Allan McCarthy, Robert English. Rear row (1. to r.) Charles Hoar, Gerald Tetrault, Michael Joyce, Nicholas De Marco, Lucio Rufo, Richard O ' Neil. Senior l oom (Councilors This year the English High School Student Council celebrates its forty-first an- niversary of dedicated service to the school. This institution, founded in 1917, is | erhaps one of the oldest and most distinguished high school organizations in the country. The council consists of forty-four members, each home room having one repre- sentative elected by the students. The meetings are held weekly in room 303 under the guidance of Mr. Mosher. The functions of the council are to hear the grievances of the students and to listen to their suggestions for the betterment, of the school. These topics are then openly discussed and a decision is reached by a majority vote. Topics of discussion which have been settled thus far are 1. harder entrance examination, 2. class rings for juniors, 3. initial improvements in school, and 4. the degree of neatness of the students. We deem it necessary to mention that the faculty and Mr. Malone have con- tributed to the effectiveness of our council, and with their timely assistance we have succeeded whereas we we might have failed. OFFICERS ' President — Anthony Brandenburg Secretary — Alan McCarthy Vice-President — Stephen Fallon " 59 " Treasurer — Robert English Front row (1. to r.) Anthony Deleso, Richard L. Haight, Mr. Heins, Victor B. Schneider, John R. Sylva. Middle row (1. to r.) Frederick Berman. Bernard F. McFadd, David M. Webster, Richard L. Prout, Gerald C. Pudolsky, Sydney Harris, Michael Davis. Rear row (1. to r. ) Herbert Golub, Robert Ernst, David Holey, Barton H. Graham, William Wessels. The aim of the English High School Record this year was to produce a maga- zine having the widest possible appeal, consistent with good topics have been pub- lished: Representative topics include sports, poetry, electronics, and music. The editorials have been written with the purpose of interesting readers in new facets of school life and broadening their scope by exciting interest in the happenings of the world. Much favorable comment has been received on the policy of encouraging the art department to contribute original illustrations and cartoons. A very well-done Linoleum block print was used for a cover, and the school ' s talented cartoonists have done much to enhance the appearance of the magazine. The soorts section, written by members of the teams involved, has been noted for its excellent descrip- tions of track meets, football games, boat races, baseball games, and golf and tennis matches. A number of humorous short-stories and articles have been added as reg- ular features. On the serious side, there have been formal essays on topics of current interest, as well as descriotions of the activities and aims of the various clubs and organizations of the school. The policy of accepting articles from the authors of the entire student body has produced agreeable results. This year ' s staff may be justifiably pleased with the outcome of their efforts. They extend their cordial best-wishes to the staff of next year with the conviction that the Record will remain, as it is, one of the finest school magazines in the city. Licuiiion This year, the Discussion Club discussed such items as the advisability of a presidential disability act, the argument for controlling inflation in our economy, reciprocal trade agreements. France ' s colonial policy, and the state of the Red Sox. Under the guidance of Mr. Devore and the moderatorship of the president and the vice-president, the members have had ?ome lively discussions. The club has en- deavored at all times to present an imoartial and enlightened program. Through the process of expressing themselves forcibly and clearly when they voiced their opinions, the members have learned valuable lessons in the art of marshalling their thoughts, remaining calm, and arguing logically. Members of the Discussion Club attended the annual " Model United Nations " held at Harvard University. There, they had the opportunity of addressing an as- sembly of " all the nations of the world, " represented by pupils from various schools. Thus, the club has participated in a program which, by discussion and argumenta- tion, has served to increase their intellectual curiosity and make them more informed and responsible citizens. The officers are Victor B. Schneider, president; Herbert S. Dixon, vice-presi- dent; and Warren R. Emerson, secretary-treasurer. The Forum Club is an organization which presents student panels at assemblies. The panels ' discussions focus attention on important topics of current interest. In- dividual research and weekly meetings aid in preparation for the assembly, which is conducted by a student moderator. Also, the forum club has the honor of supplying speakers for school functions. This year, as in the past, the members of the Forum Club conducted an active and varied program of intramural forums. At the first forum held on December 13, 1957 the topic was " Should there be more stringent regulation of Labor Unions. " On January 17, 1958, members of the club discussed " What can we do to curb inflation? " " What should be American Foreign policy in the Middle East? " and " How can we check neighborhood blight? " were the topics on February 28 and March 28 respectively. These forums not only provided valuable public speaking exp erience for the participants, but also enabled the student body to gain a better understanding of the issues discussed. The club, again took part in the E.H.S. varieties. Also, the following members have app eared on " Youth Speaks its Mind " on WGBH T.V., Victor Schneider, club secretary, William Wessels and Frank Morlock. The Forum Club under the able supervision of Mr. Sallen has enjoyed a very successful season. e Science L lu An outgrowth of last year ' s Radio Club, the Science Club was established this year so that boys interested in all fields of science could benefit from joining. Under the supervision of Mr. Gustus, the boys in the club exchanged their scientific informa- tion and prepared the projects that they planned to enter in competition at the Science Fair. Each week one of the boys discussed a topic in which he was interested. These discussions ranged from sputniks to television and helped to make the meetings truly enjoyable as well as highly informative. On December 4, the members voted unanimously to be affiliated with the Science Clubs of America, a national organization which has its headquarters in Washington, D.C. Sitting in on a meeting proved to be an interesting experience. One learned a great deal by watching Mr. Gustus draw charts on the board and perform difficult experiments as he tried to give ideas to the boys who had not yet begun to prepare their projects for the Science Fair. President Nicholas Demarco often delighted the members when he lit up after touching a wire that he shouldn ' t have touched. And some of the boys, we like to feel, rivaled some college professors in discussing the scientific intricacies of the various topics. Mr. Gustus and the boys deserve much praise for their fine job this year. President — Nicholas Demarco Vice-President — Arthur Vemis Secretary — Richard Haight Treasurer — Gerald Tetrault Program Chairman — Victor Schnieder E. H. E. H. E. H. E. H. E. H. E. H. E. H. E. H. E. H. E. H. E. H. E. H. E. H. E. H. E. H. E. H. E. H. E. H. The Chess Club, organized last year too late to engage in official competition, this semester has entered a team in the Greater Boston Iriterscholastic League. The team has so far chalked up fifteen straight wins. Brookline High, the team ' s most fearsome foe, was beaten in the first of two matches by a score of 65 2 to 3 5 2- English has only to draw the second match to win the GBI title. We hope that Brookline has been sufficiently demoralized to make the victory a certainty. In the words of somebody or other " Chess is a Hard game. " One of the hard- ships to be stoically endured by the serious player is that legendary figure, genus kibitzer. Chess-Players aren ' t in unanimous agreement with the foregoing nomen- clature, the majority favoring more soul-satisfying though less decorous epithets. The most reliable description is to be found in the following loose quotation from the Cleveland Chess Bulletin: " The Kibitzer ' s head is small and shrunken, usually terminating in a point. The mouth is a vast yawning cavity, emitting a constant yakking. " Chess-Players all over the world will endorse me in appending to this astute observation a fervent, heart-felt " Amen. " To comment more seriously. This year ' s Chess Club has been a great credit to the school. The Headmaster and the faculty are highly aware of its accomplish- ments. All is hoped that future groups may be as successful. CHESS SCORES First Half . 10 . 7 . 8 . 10 . 9 . 10 . 10 -6 ' a . 9 .6 ' ! .. 10 .. 7 .. 10 10 ..VA .. 6 .. 11 Second Half Boston Tech 0 Boston Latin 3 Newton 2 Arlington 0 Cambridge Latin 1 Roxbury 0 Watertown 0 Brookline High 8 2 Boston Tech 1 Boston Latin 2 ' 2 Newton 3 2 Arlington 0 Cambridge Latin 3 Roxbury 0 Watertown 0 Brookline High 2 ' a B. C. High 0 Rox. Memorial 0 Front row (1. to r. ) Robert O ' Keefe, Robert C. Sullivan, Samuel J. Gorvine, Alan McCarthy, Robert F. Beebin, James O ' Keefe. Rear row (1. to r. ) Bernard Korites, George Johnson, David Turner, Ronald Lawrence. fyjiiitaru Science C iuL The initials E.H.S.M.S. Club stand for one of the school ' s most interesting clubs. The Military Science Club was started last year, 1956-57, by Visvaldis Kimenis, who graduated the same year. The club, however, did not end with the going of its president. New officers were elected and the interesting work was carried on into this year. Our new president, Arthur Balian of 101, has been encouraging and has a chance to show his excellent leadership qualities. With Philip Davis as secretary, and Joseph Briand as librarian. Frederick Monticone is the man responsible for all the papers, pictures, and insignia charts that are on exhibition around the walls of 303. The club meets on Fridays at 8:15 in 303. At some meetings, films have been shovm that were obtained from any and all available sources. Although a great part of the club is composed of seniors, however, we do have a promising number of undergraduates. Many projects have been planned and completed. One that is not finished at the date of this writing, is the sand table by which the club hopes to show military maneuvers. A guided missile was also built from just a picture of it. No plans were avail- able. The Snark, as it is called, had a few small failures before it was launched successfully. It was launched by a CO2 capsule. The future looks quite bright for the English High School Military Science Club. The English High School is proud of the fact that we have the best equipped library in the Boston School Department. Our library contains over five thousand volumes covering many different and diversified fields. In addition, the library contains over five hundred general reference books covering every imaginable sub- ject available for the use of the students and teachers. During an average school week over six hundred students use the library facilities and Miss Irene E. Kelly, librarian, has to turn many boys away due to lack of room. Miss Kelly is assisted in her work by an efficient Library Corps made up of boys who have commendable scholarship marks and high personality marks. These boys are selected by the librarian after recommendation by their instructors. Members of the Library Corps are on duty in the library assisting the librarian in locating information and books that the students may desire. The boys also assist Miss Kelly by checking books, filing, shelf listing and in many other ways. The school is grateful for the efforts which these boys expend on behalf of their school. Le iee C iuL Many of us will long remember the fine music of the English High School Glee Club under the direction of Michael Famighletti. The glee club has entertained at such functions as the Home and School Association , the Variety Show, and at various assemblies. Our most memorable assembly was the Christmas Assembly at which we sang the standard Christmas carols " Silent Night, " " Hark, the Herald Angels Sing, " " Adeste Fideles, " and " O Little Town of Bethlehem. " This year the club has done the " Riff Song " from the Desert Song and " Strike up the Band " by Gershwin, as well as others, to add to our past songs such as " Stouthearted Men, " " Glorious Appollo, " and " Oklahoma. " Each year the glee club is improving as new and better voices are added to the organization. We of the class of nineteen hundred and fifty-eight feel that the future mem- bers will strive to uphold the good name and improve the club even more. C um era C iu L The English High School Camera Club has been re-established under the direction of Mr. O ' Neill. The club hopes in the near future to have a school wide photography contest with work of a professional quality. The purposes of the Camera Club are three-fold. First, to foster a greater in- terest in photography in its many aspects; Second, to increase the quality of picture taking through better composition and lighting and third, to familiarize members with darkroom procedures in the developing and printing of pictures. This year saw the opening of a photographers darkroom suitable for develop- ing negatives and making contact prints. During the year club members weie assigned to the staff of the Year Book and Record. OFFICERS President — Anthony T. Dileso Vice-President — Louis M. Aiello Treasurer — Nicholas P. DeMarco Secretary — Michael B. McKenna PAUL F. IPPOLITO Having been chosen to represent English High School at the State House on the annual Massachusetts Student Government Day, PAUL IPPOLITO made a preliminary visit to the State House on January 27, 1958, along with representa- tives from all over Suffolk County, in order to become better acquainted with the General Court. March fourteenth was Student Government Day, and early that morning Paul took his seat in the House of Representatives as cameras from stations WGBH-TV and WNAC-TV were being readied to televise the day ' s events. Acting as a state senator proved to be quite interesting. Paul found the experi- ence exciting as well as enlightening, and he is thankful to his fellow students for giving him the chance to attend. ome an, cnoo 55o ciation This year has been a very successful one for the Home and School Association. Under the leadership of its highly qualified officers, the Association has done its utmost to improve relations between the teachers and the parents. Co-operation between the home and the school is essential if English High School is to turn out a product educated to its fullest capacity. The school seeks the co-operation of the parents because only with their supervision can the student carry out an effective study program. The Association has helped to bring about a more intensified interest on the part of the parents toward school work and home study. As was true of all the meetings, the March twenty-fourth business meeting was highly successful. Indeed, the English High School Home and School Association deserves the highest praise for the capable manner in which it has helped to make ours one of Boston ' s leading schools. President: MRS. DAVID WEBSTER Vice-President: MRS. FRANK TURNER Secretary: MR. I. MICHAEL SALLEN Treasurer: MR. JOHN M. KELLEY OFFICERS EXECUTIVE BOARD Mr. John O ' Neil, Jr. Mr. Fredrick J. Gillis, Jr. Mr. Edward F. Bell Mr. Francis M. Keady Mrs. Bernard Falk Mrs. Harry Jackson Mrs. Charles Newberg Miss Irene Kelley The English High School Association, an incorporated society of alumni the oldest in the United States, was founded in 1853 with the object of promoting the usefulness and the prosperity of the English High School of Boston. First by increasing, in such ways as may from time to time be deemed expedient, the facilities of the school. Second by rendering such aid financial or otherwise to the pupils of the school or graduates as their circumstances require aid. Third by promoting and preserving acquaintances and friendships between those who have been associated as pupils and teachers in the school. The membership of the Association consists of all persons who are or have been teachers and all past pupils of the English High School who have paid the treasurer one dollar. At the Association ' s annual meeting certain changes were made in the by-laws to increase the amount of income from different funds available for scholarships. As in past years the annual football rally was a great success. It is even claimed by some that this rally gave the team the inspiration to win this year ' s game. The Class of 1913 with great generosity presented the school with a bronze plaque in memory of those English High men who gave their lives in defense of our country. This plaque was mounted on a granite stone and was placed facing Avenue Louis Pasteur. Mr. Joseph Kaplan, a member of the class of 1913 presented the school with a scholarship amounting to an annual award of $500. In the future we are sure that more graduates will come forward and present scholarships to the school. We were happy to announce that Mr. Clifton R. Wharton of the class of 1917 and the father of one of our teachers has been formally appointed to the position of United Minister to Roumania. He received his LLB in 1920 and a masters in law in 1923. During the month of March the following members of the Association ad- dressed the classes of 1958 and 1959 in the Career Day Programs; Mr. George Albert, ' 15, President of the New Haven Railroad; Dr. Louis J. Dunham, ' 35, Di- rector of the Franklin Technical Institute; Mr. Eugene R. Walker, ' 29, Supt. Personnel Department, The Employers Group Insurance Company; Mr. John Tierney, ' 44, Boston School Committee. The Officers of the Association are: President — Timothy J. Regan, ' 25 Exec. Vice-President — Joseph L. Malone, Headmaster Vice-President — Louis Musco, ' 29 Treasurer — Rowe A. Gladwin, ' 98 Secretary — Joseph Lapidus, ' 23 Victor Bynoe, ' 33 James Egan, ' 25 Charles J. Fox, ' 06 DIRECTORS TRUSTEES Alton H. Grauman, ' 20 Howard Rains, ' 29 William J. Stewart, ' 37 Rowe A. Gladwin, ' 98 Sclioiariliipi and .Awards We here at the English High School are most fortunate in having many scholarships and awards available to us to help the financial burden of a college education. The English High School has long made it a practice to contribute large sums of money to the trustees of the school to be used for scholarship aid. Among these are the Cumston Scholarship, Franklin Medals, Flint Scholarship at the M.I.T., the Sherwin Scholarship at the M.I.T., the Hay- den Fundation Scholarships, The Walter Downey Scholarships, The Edward Goulston and Clarence Walker Scholarships, the Albert H. Wiggin and the Newman Sibert Awards, and the Albert Perry Walker Scholarship to Harvard, to mention only a few. During this past school year several new awards, and scholarships were established. Fore- most among these was the establishment of an annual $500 scholarship to help worthwhile boys with promise of future usefulness. This award was established by Joseph Kaplan, Class of 1915, a noted Boston Industrialist. In addition to these awards our students re- ceive many awards and scholarships from colleges and universities around the country. Many more awards are presented to outstand- ing members of the undergraduate body. Fore- most among these are the Lawrence Prizes, awarded for outstanding achievement in the various courses, and the Undergraduate Scholar- sh ips awarded to students whose records in schol- arship, reliability, manner and cooperation are the highest in their respective classes. Because of the encouragement provided by the donors of these scholarships and because of the enthusiastic efforts of Mr. Malone and the mem- bers of the faculty, the class this year has evinced an exemplary attitude towards their studies. The school has been honored by being represented twice on WGBH-TV ' s panel program, " Youth Speaks Its Mind. " The representatives were Frank Morlock and Victor Schneider. Herbert Golub, another senior, won a $50 third prize in the national contest sponsored by Our Times Magazine. Kevin Currie was the winner of a medal awarded by the Daughters of the Ameri- can Revolution for his essay on James Monroe, and Robert Collins received another medal for his theme, " What the Constitution Means to Me. " Arthur MacDonnell, Herbert Golub, Arthur Winer, Dana Clarke, David Webster, Frank Morlock, Victor Schneider, Edward Kelley, and Joel Goldberg represented English High School at the sixth annual session of the Model United Na- tions General Assembly held at Harvard College. At this same session, Victor Schneider won the " Outstanding Presentation " award for his oration on the Algerian problem. Frank J. Morlock won the thirty-second High School Contest conducted by the American Asso- ciation for the United Nations. And of course, Paul Ippolito represented the school at the Stu- dent Government Day held at the state capital. The senior class expresses its deepest gratitude to the faculty of the school for their ever-helpful advice on deciding careers, choosing colleges, and obtaining scholarships. Mr. Frazier and the other members of the College Entrance Commit- tee have been an invaluable aid to the senior class. Many thanks to our teachers; may they con- tinue their good work! to y.fi. MODEL ASSEMBLY HARVARD UNIVERSITY MARCH 22, 1958 i) Victor B. Schneider Frank B. Morlock Panelists on " YOUTH SPEAKS ITS MIND ' WGBH-TV Channel 2 Boston. Kevin Curry Winner D.A.R. medal Essay " James Munroe " Herbert P. Golub Winner 3rd prize National Scholarship " Our Times " Robert F. Collins Winner D.A.R. Medal Essay " What the Constitution means to Me " Frank J. Morlock Winner of 32nd High School Contest conducted by American Association for the United Nations of March 3, 1958. First row (1. to r.) James Killian, Anthony DePalma, Joel M. Goldberg, Paul Howell, Michael Davis, Edward English, Shoon H. Lee, Shoon W. Lee, David Owen. Second row (1. to r.) George Yphantes, Louis Titus, Rosario Josiello, Bruce Baker, Angelo Veneto, William Newman, John Marani, George Townson, Frank Vilkas, Allan McCarthy. Third row (1. to r.) Victor Schneider, Richard O ' Neil, Donald Jaffe, Arthur Winer, Richard Front, John Slyva, David Juan, Joseph Sarro. Rational J onor SocieL exerpt from the charter of the english high school chapter of the National Honor Society " Know all Men by these Presents, that Whereas, character, scholarship, leader- ship, and service are cardinal qualities worth of encouragement in all schools, therefore the National Honor Society of Secondary-School Principals gives, grants, and delegates through the authority of this charter the privilege and power to establish, conduct, and administer the English High School of Boston Chapter as a local chapter of the National Honor Society of Secondary Schools. " The members of the National Honor Society Chapter of Boston English High School were nominated on the basis of their having consistently attained honor-roll marks during the school year, the number of juniors selected being equal to half the number of seniors eligible. Belonging to this exclusive group was an honor and a privilege which served as incentive for others to join. Those whose names appear on the scroll of the Honor Society also appear elsewhere conspicuously. In sports and other extra-curricular activities these men are prominently represented. Our class may well be proud of its members who belong to the nation-wide organization. We wish them luck. We know that they will be among those who will lead the way in bringing honor and credit upon the name of the Class of 1958 of the English High School of Boston. BRUCE MARVIN BAKER MICHAEL A. DAVIS ALAN GERALD EHRLICH JOHN EMMETT GLYNN JOEL MERELIS GOLDBERG HERBERT PAUL GOLUB PAUL RICHARD HARTNETT JERRY G. HUMPHREY ALBERT JAMES HURLEY DON ROUGE JAFFE SHOON WEE LEE ALAN RICHARD McCARTHY JAMES ARNOLD MAKER ARTHUR HARVEY MARGOLIS OTTO MARKS WILLIAM GEORGE NEWMAN ANGELO EFTHIM NICHOLS RICHARD JAMES O ' NEIL DAVID OWEN RICHARD LAWRENCE PROUT CARL FREDERICK ROSENTHAL MURRAY SAKOVITZ VICTOR BARRY SCHNEIDER JOHN RICHARD SLYVA LOUIS JAMES TITUS GEORGE WILLIAM TOWNSON, JR. ARTHUR HOWARD WINER GEORGE PAUL YPHANTES ELLIOT STUART ZIMAN FOOTBALL The opening of the fifty-seven season found the English High Football Team rich in potential aggressiveness and spirit. But with only twD starters of last year ' s Latin game returning it lacked experience. Through hard work, rigorous training and diligent coaching a team began to take shape which in the season to come was to achieve the highest hon- ors and fight its way to the championship. English 7 Brighton 6 The Double Blue showed a glimpse of things to come by downing a strong Brighton team 7-6 in the Jamboree. Tom Serra passed to Randy Mullens for the score and Phil Martel kicked the extra point. Stars for the Blue, Co-Cap- tain John Sullivan, Dave Pochini, Randy Mullens and Tom Serra. It was a hard fought game and showed that the team would be one of the front-runners of the league. Co-Captains Bernard McGaffigan John Sullivan 1957 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE English 7 Groton 19 English 13 Dorchester 18 Engli-h 20 English 51 English 27 English 26 Brighton 6 English 0 Roxbury Memorial 6 English 7 Technical 0 B. C. High 6 Trade 7 Latin 20 WINNERS OF THE VARSITY " E " Richard Areglado Charles Babb John Bishop George Brophy Joseph Bruno Selvin Brown Burton Caswell Lincoln Chandler Martin Coleman Robert Collins James Fitzgerald Leo Gallagher Donald Kennedy John Leliman Kenneth Kiriacopoulos Joseph Manna. Phillip Martell. Bernard McGaffigan Richard Messina William Millerick Randolph Mullihs Louis Musco Harry Pappas David Pochini Gerald Podolsky Thomas Serra John Sullivan E. H. S. COACHING STAFF I (Left to Right) : Joseph King, William J. Stewart, Jr., Fred J. Gilhs, Jr. First Row, left to right: James Fitzgerald, Donald Kennedy, Kenneth Kiriakopolous, Julian Peterson, Bernard McGafflgan (Co-Captain), John Sullivan (Co-Captain), Thomas Serra, Richard Messina, William Millerick, Louis Musco. Second Row, left to right: Assistant Coach Frederick J. Gillis, Jr., ' 41, David Pochini, Robert Messina, Peter Vergados, Robert Collins, Ronald Crosson, Joseph Manna, Philip Martell, Leo Gallagher, Thomas Stavris, Burton Caswell, Richard Areglado, and Head Coach William J. Stewart, Jr., ' 37. Third Row, left to right: Assistant Coach Joseph King, ' 40, Charles Flynn, Charles Babb, John Lehmann, John Bishop, Joseph Bruno, George Brophy, Peter Scola, and Manager Lawrence Scott. Rear — left to right, Lawrence Augenstern, William O ' Connell, Patrick Hurley, Coach CliflFord Ronan, Capt. Paul Ellison, Robert Corcoran, Frank Ronan. Front — left to right, Stephen Fallon, Anthony Brandenburg, Ralph Brown, Barry Wiggins. Groton 19 English 0 In their next outing the team stepjjed out of the ordinary into the traditional for a duel between America ' s oldest Public High School and e ne of America ' s oldest Preparatory School; English High vs. Groton School. The Ivy-covered building, colorful autumn foliage, and spacious green fields offered a startling con- trast to the sights of metropolitan Boston. The Groton School is situated in a peaceful hollow which abounds in natural beauty, and splendor. To complete and surround this picturesque scene can be found the formidable mountains of the Nashoba valley. The campus and surroundings provided a panorama that many of our boys may never forget. Something else our boys may never forget was the aerial attack used to perfection by Groton to rip our defenses for long gains. The team played rugged football but was unable to contain the devastating attack of Groton which netted nineteen points before the end of the game. Like true sports- men the Groton team invited our -gridsters to tea and pleasant conversation after the game. Later the squad said farewell and started home to end a day well spent. English 13 Roxbury Memorial 6 The Asiatic flu decimated our ranks enough so that seventeen members of our squad were missing for our opening league game against Roxbury Memorial. Memorial scored early in the first period and the Double Blue was unable to match this tally until the last three minutes of the game by a long pass from Phil Martell to Dick Messina. The extra point was missed and with time running out it looked as if the game would end in a tie. But Lou Musco recovered a Memorial fumble near their goal and Messina plunged over for the winning tally. Special recogni- tion must be given to Lou Musco, Joe Manna, Dick Messina and Phil Martell. English 7 Dorchester 18 Dorchester handed English its only league defeat in a 18-7 clash. A punt that was blown 19 yards behind the line of scrimmage to the 30 started Dorchester to its first touchdown. English marched 64 yards for a third period touchdown and a Serra to Kennedy pass put English ahead 7 to 6. But Dorchester scored twice in the final period to give them the win. English 20 Technical 0 The Blue and Blue surpassed everyone ' s expectations by decisively beating undefeated Technical in a 20-0 rout. The Double Blue came into the game a decided underdog but controlled the game from opening kickofF to final whistle. Lou Musco blocked a kick which resulted in a touchdown by Randy Mullens in the second quarter to start the scoring. The fourth quarter brought scores by Mullens and Co-Captain John Sullivan to make the victory deci ve. By overthrowing front-running Tech, English was raised to a first place position in the conference. The entire team played an excellent game and is worthy of much credit. Stellar performances were turned in by Dick Messina, John Sullivan, Bernie McGaffigan, Leo Gallagher, Lou Musco and Randy Mullins. English 51 B. C. High 6 Scoring twice in each period English raced to its biggest triumph of the season by downing B. C. High 51-6. The Blue and Blue didn ' t give the Eaglets a chance to breathe from start to finish. The boys jumped to a 12-0 first period lead on the strength of a T.D. pass from Tom Serra to Lou Musco and a Randy Mullens 46 yard jaunt. It was 26-6 at halftime as Mullens contributed a five-yarder and Dick Areglardo donated a 58 yarder. Over the second half English T.D. ' s were turned in by Dick Messina, John Sullivan, Lou Musco and Mullens. English 27 Trade 7 Randy Mullen ' s two touchdowns paced English to a 27-6 win over Trade, Dick Messina started us oflF right by scoring on a 39 yard run in the first period. Mullens scored in the third period to climax a 75-yard march and rejjeated with another score in the fourth. His recovery of a fumble in the third period set up a Serra to Musco .touchdown pass to insure the win. On the strength of this win English cemented their hold on a first place tie with Dorchester and looked con- fidently ahead to the Latin game. Especially good f erformances were turned in by Dick Messina, Jim Fitzgerald, John Sullivan, Bernie McGaffigan, Lou Musco and Randy Mullens. English 26 Latin 20 Boston Latin struck with two quick first-period touchdowns but English re- fused to panic and rallied to register a 26-20 victory before a Harvard Stadium crowd of 16,500 who watched the 71st chapter of the oldest schoolboy rivalry in the nation. The first time Latin got the ball they went 48 yards in seven plays for a score. Less than four minutes later Branchard went sixty yards with aid of two fine blocks for a second Purple Tally. This time the conversion was good and the score read Latin 13-English 0. However, from that time on English dominated the game. The Blue and Blue went into the lead by scoring two touchdowns and con- verting of each in the second period. English gained possession on the Latin 27 and two passes from Tom Serra to Don Kennedy moved the ball to the two. John Sullivan bucked over and Co-Cap- tain Bernie McGaffigan booted the extra point. Lou Musco recovered a fumble on the Latin 32 and started English on its second march. After Sullivan picked up eight yards, Mullens wiggled through a host of Latin defenders to a second touchdown. McGaffigan again converted and the half ended English 14-Latin 13. The Double Blue recovered a fumble on the Latin 42 and went on to register its third T.D. A clipping penalty nullified a 40-yard gallop by Mullens on a Statue of Liberty. But on the next play a Serra to Sullivan pass gained 25 yards. Mullens was off again and raced around left end to score standing up. It was Mullens again taking a 25-yard pass on five and going the difference himself to give English its fipal T.D. easily in the fourth quarter. To their credit Latin never stopped fighting and their courage paid off in a third touchdown late in the final quarter. The game ended English 26-Latin 20. It was the all-around brilliance of Halfback Randy Mullens and the pin-point passing of Tom Serra which provided the Blue and Blue with its winning edge. Defensively it was Louie Musco and John Sullivan who were exceptionally out- standing. It was an excellent game and a fitting close to a most successful season. CHDSS-COUIVTRY Ideal cross-country runners comprise a dedicated, breed of individuals. They are forced to comjjete against football, accept the indifference of the public, endure endless physical torment for seemingly little gain, and content themselves with relative obscurity in the athletic world. Yet rarely do they desert their sport; for an inherent love of running and the hope of eventual victory triumph over the personal agonies involved. All of these qualities were embodied in the veterans of the 1957 cross-country squad, the State Champions. Although hampered by injuries and Asiatic Flu, which caused them early setbacks, the English Warriors, under the traditionally fine coach- ing of Mr. Ronan and the excellent leadership of co-captains Ellison and Branden- burg swept to the victory in the Regimentals and State meet. The meet records indicate the high caliber of the team. English Loses to New Bedford, October 3, 1957 In their opener, English Warriors were defeated by an exceptionally strong New Bedford team, competing in its third meet of the season. Rodrigues of New Bedford won in 12:08 seconds. Captain Paul Ellison finished third in a good early season clocking of 13:24, Larry Augenstern was sixth in 14:82; Walt Egan was sixth in 14:45, Pat Hurley was twelfth in 14:58, and Steve Fallon was thirteenth in 14:47. English Defeated by Huntington Prep. The English squad ran a superb race only to finish second to top Huntington team which scored only 25 points. Paul Ellison was the victor in 13:34; Frank Ronan ran well to finish sixth in 14:29; Walter Egan was seventh in 14:37; Steve Fallon followed in eighth in 14:38; and Ralph Brown came in ninth with 14:48; Pat Hurley was tenth in 14:49. With Paul Ellison and Larry Augenstern out of action, the team racked with flu, lost the City Championship to Technical by a single point. Hewitt Joyner of Memorial ran 12:52 to establish a new record for the 2 2 mile course. Ralph Brown finish ed fifth in 14:26. Steve Fallon followed in seventh with a 14:27 clocking; Tony Brandenburg in eleventh with 14:46; Bob Corcoran in thirteenth with 14:57; and Barry Wiggins in fourteenth with 14:57. The Blue and Blue harriers faced difficult conditions in the New England Champions at Saxton ' s River, Vermont finishing eleventh in the overall competi- tion. Paul Ellison and Larry Augenstern were the top contenders for English High. At full strength once again, English realized its potential by taking the Regi- mental Title for the second year in succession. Paul Ellison and Larry Augenstern returned to action to finish first and second in 13:24.8 and 13:55 respectively. Steve Fallon 14:19; Ralph Brown, 14:35; and Tony Brandenburg, thirteenth respectively. Enduring rain and cold, the English squad lead by Paul Ellison and Larry Augenstern, who finished second and third swept to victory in the State meet 58 points ahead of New Bedford, a strong contender. The individual winner was John Silvereia of New Bedford who ran a strong 12:58. THE WINNERS OF THE VARSITY E if Paul Ellison (Capt.) Steve Fallon Larry Augenstern Paul Scallata Barry Wiggins Bob Corcoran Tony Brandenburg Frank Ronan Bill O ' Connell Walter Egan Pat Hurley Ralph Brown Dermot Tiernan Michael Joyce Myron Goldman Richard Mattewson Joe Goodwater Ted Turner Tom Coyne Dana Clarke Steve Barry Frank Falvey Pete Fialka Bob Gramer Melvin Croft Charles Dockptt Martin Barroll Don Kuzia Coach J. CliflFord Ronan Captains Anthony J. Brandenburg, Paul J. Ellison Head Manager Bernard Bobrowski Asst. Manager Philip P. Lafond, Herbert S. Cover IIVDODH TMCE Although there had been an extensive loss of seasoned regulars, the track team rebounded strongly. Many candidates developed surprisingly well and as a result English High came up with one of its best seasons. The indoor track team put its learning to use for the first time of the season in a meet against Tech. English won with a formidable victory of 196 2 points to Tech ' s llOj a points. English made a clean sweep of the mile, hurdles. In the field events Joe Manna made a tremendous shot put of 52 feet 1 1 inches. In the Y meet the Blue and Blue once again showed that under stiff competition it comes through. This time it came through the big winner with seven place winners. I it Co-Captains Anthony J. Brandenburg Paul J. Ellison English met B. C. High for the first time this season. Joe Goodwater captured first place in the 300 yd. run in a speedy 36.8 seconds. The following placed first in their respective events: Dick Areglado, Joe La Marre, J. Dilday, W. Taylor, De- Loach, R. Benn, O ' Connell, and G. Brown. The final score was English 202 2 points and B. C. High IO6 2 points. In the B.A.A. Meet, one of the hardest meets of the season because the competi- tors from schools throughout the state are entered, the relay team of Ted Turner, Dermot Tierrian, Ronald Lawrence, and Joe Goodwater set a new relay record. The team was not credited with the record because they lost to Rindge Tech by six inches. Although both teams had the same finishing time Rindge Tech was credited with the record, since they were winners by a very close margin. At the Novice Meet for those who are adventuring with track for the first time and for those who have not finished first or second in a previous race. Frank Ronan and Charles Dockett were high scorers in this meet, scoring 8 points each. English won this meet to remain undefe ated in the city competition. The state meet is about the most important meet of the indoor season. But unlike the B.A.A. Meet the schools are divided into classes according to their sizes. The Blue and Blue came in third with 19 points. Dermot Tiernan placed third in the 600 yd. run. Tony Brandenburg placed third in the 1000 yd. run. In the mile, Paul Ellison tied for fourth place with Larry Augenstern in fifth place. The Blue and Blue warmed up for the annual Regimental Meet by winning the division one title. English won the relay in two classes to give us an 85 point lead over our nearest competitor, Latin. We ended the indoor track by sweeping our 39th championship in the 50 year history of the regiment meet. Three quarters of those who entered were place win- ners. English ended the meet with 109 points. Its nearest comp etitor was Latin with 73 points. The fine coaching of Mr. Ronan and the high spirits of the team showed in a very successful season. This year ' s indoor track team is a team of which everyone who has been associated with it has reason to be proud. THE WINNERS OF VARSITY E Lawrence Augenstern Daniel Hurley Randolph Benn Patrick Hurley Robert Boujer Gerald Janey Anthony Brandenburg Joseph LaMarre Christopher Brandon Ronald Lawrence George Brown Charles McVea William Carrington Thomas Parker Roy Colafrancesco Robert Rooney Robert Coyne Wesley Taylor Thomas Coyne Dermot Tiernan James Dilday Ted Turner Charles Dockett Francis G. Ronan Paul Ellison Edward Anderson Stephen Fallon Ronald Lawson Barry Gamble Terrence Ashe Joseph Goodwater Leo Gallagher Barton Graham Joseph Manna i e imentai dliamplonsliip l eia Joseph A. Goodwater, Ronald J. Lawrence, Dermot J. Tiernan, Ted T. Turner INDOOR TRACK SCHEDULE Y.M.C.A. — January 11 — High scorer of the meet was E.H.S. with 29 Technical— January 7— E.H.S. 196 2— Tech HO a Boston College High School— January 15— E.H.S. 202 2— B.C.H. IO6 2 Boston Athletic Association — January 18 — Newton 21j4 — Rindge Tech 18 — Maiden 14— Watertown 15— E.H.S. IO 2 Relay Festival Meet— January 21— E.H.S. 58— Latin 58— Technical 45— B.C.H. 28 Novice Meet — January 30 — E.H.S. 78 — Technical 57 State Meet— February 1— Newton 22- Rindge Technical 21— E.H.S. 19 Latin School Meet— February 5— E.H.S. 202— Latin 108 Relay Carnival Meet — February 10 — E.H.S. 10 Division I Championships — February 12 — E.H.S. 154 2 — Latin 69 j — Technical 151— B.C.H. 44 Reeimentals— March 1— E.H.S. 109— Latin 73 2— Technical 46 First Row (L. to R.) John Bishop (Co-Captain), Ron Folley (Co-Captain), Mario Marini, Bert Tydsley, Artie Wilson, Ron Cuneo, Bob Lehmann. Second Row (L. to R.) Coach Stewart, Jim Kelly, " Chips " Butler, Bill Franki, George Rothwell, Andy Spognardi, Bob Skiderian, Dick Harty, Student Manager Bob Sjjellman. Third Row (L. to R.) Phil McMann, Joe Sullivan, Frank Koddaras, Bob Sadowski, Bill Dee, " Chie " O ' Brien. HOCKEY 1957-1958 The E.H.S. puck chasers opened their season by bowing to a surprisingly strong Trade team in a hard fought 3-1 contest. The lone English goal originated through the untiring efforts of Ronnie Cuneo with an assist from Mario Marini. It didn ' t take long for the Double Blue to bounce back, however, to beat a fired-up Dorchester High team 2-1, Dick Harty started us on the right foot with a goal in the first period. Dorchester was unable to score in the second period due mainly to the fine play of Co-Captain and Defenseman Ronnie Foley and his able assistant Mario Marini. Half way through the third period the Red and Black scored to tie the game 1-1 and it looked as if the game would end in a well played tie. But Cuneo came through to score seconds before the final buzzer sounded to give us our first win of the season. Goalie and Co-Captain John Bishop well earned his shutout in a 4-0 win over Roxbury Memorial. Cuneo set the pace by scoring unassisted in the first period. Bishop performed a remarkable feat in the second by diving head first at the puck and actually stealing it from his amazed opponent. Color was provided for the third period by three lamp-lights behind the Memorial goalie. Throwing the switch were Kelly, Harty and Wilson. In their next outing the squad lost to an overpowering Technical High team 4-0. The first period Tech was held to one oal but they exploded for three tallies in the second. To their credit our team never stopped fighting and held the goal hungry Blue and White scoreless in the final period. Yeoman-like service was rendered by Foley, Marini, Wilson, Cuneo and Bishop. Latin proved to be too strong and defeated our sextet 6-2. It seemed as if the Purple and White could do nothing wrong that day and did everything to perfec- tion. The bright points were Cuneo ' s and Butler ' s goals in the second period. The team lost a heartbreaker to Trade in a 1-0 battle. The first two periods were scoreless conflicts in which defensemen Ronnie Foley, Burt Tyldsley and goalie John Bishop greatly distinguished themselves. Late in the third period the Trades- men took advantage of an English penalty and scored to win a very hard fought game. Artie Wilson came through with a clutch goal to beat Dorchester in a thrill-a- minute 4-3 duel. Wilson drew first blood and Cuneo matched a Dorchester goal by one of his own in the first period. The Red and Black came back to score in the second to tie the game at two all. Foley set up Cuneo for a tally to regain the lead only to have Dorchester again tie.it up in the third. Things looked bad but with three minutes remaining Artie Wilson fired the puck into the enemy net to save the day. Our pucksters travelled to distant Lawrence Academy for their annual hockey game which has become a tiirie-honored tradition. The coritest was held amid tranquil surroundings encircled by snow-capped hills and crowned by a high blue sky. The mountain air seemed to act as a tonic for our boys and prompted them to surpass all previous performances. Marini and Cuneo played like men possessed, Foley and Tydsley formed a stone wall on defense that was seldom surmounted and Bishop did the work of two men. No one could stand up to us that day and a highly favored and confident Lawrence Academy team went down to a 2-1 defeat at our hands. English was unable to stop an overwhelming Technical team and lost a 5-0 fight to them. Tech scored once in the first and twice in the two remaining j eriods to give them the win. Stars for the Blue were Bishop, Franki and Rothwell. Sophomores were the architects of defeat for Roxbury Memorial in a 3-2 clash. The first period saw goals by Kelly and MfMann, both sophomores. The Memori- alites scored in the second and third periods but Kelly took a pass from Foley and fired it by the rival goalie for the win. The Blue and Blue ended their season by bowing to Latin 1-0. The improve- ment of the team was easily shown in the way they fought the same team which previously beat them 6-2 to a standstill. Latin ' s lone goal occured in the second period on a screened shot in front of the net. The double blue fought back desper- ately in the third period and on three different occasions a fraction of an inch would have made the difference between a well deserved tie or win. Trade 1 Dorchester 1 Memorial 0 Technical 4 Latin 6 John Bishop Ron Folley Mario Marini Bert Tydsley Artie Wilson English 0 English 2 English 4 English 0 English ,, 2 Latin 1 MEMBERS OF THE Ron Cuneo Bob Lehmann Jim Kelly " Chips " Butler Bill Franki Trade 1 Dorchester 3 Lawrence 1 Technical 5 Memorial 2 English 0 VARSITY SQUAD George Rothwell Andy Spognardi Bob Skiderian Dick Harty Phil McMann English 0 English 4 English 2 English 0 English 3 Joe Sullivan Frank Kiddaras Bob Sadowski Bill Dee " Chie " O ' Brien Student Manager Bob Spellman Front Row (L. to R.) Tony LoVuolo, Co-Capt. -Elect Bill Johnson, Co-Captains Tom Murray and Don Furlong, Jack McGloin, Co-Capt. -Elect Bill (Skip) Mortimer. Second Row (L. to R.) Manager Bernie McFadd, Bob Messina, John LaSpina, Bob Gallagher, Fred Gates, John Howard, Joe Russo, Don Kennedy, Dick Messina, Coach Fred Gillis. BASKETBALL The 1958 basketball season opened with English facing a powerful Dorchester five. The season ' s opener proved fatal to the Blue and Blue. Although Dorchester almost ran away with the game in the first quarter, English caught up by half-time. The end of the third period saw the Double Blue out in front by four points. In the fourth quarter, Bill Johnson scored nine points, but not enough to bring home a victory. In a close game, Dorchester defeated English by a score of 43 to 41. The first home game of the season brought Boston College High School to the Avenue Louis Pasteur gym. B.C. High took the lead in the first quarter and held it throughout the game. Despite the scoring of Dan Furlong with ten points, B.C. High topped the English five by a score of 61 to 37. The well co-ordinated Roxbury Memorial team romped over the home squad to a final score of 83 to 36. Memorial snatched the lead from the start and held it throughout the game. Despite the efforts of " Skip " Mortimer and Jack McGloin, the Memorial squad was victorious. The first victory was won over the Tradesmen in the fourth game. English, having the advantage of the home court, finished the game with 35 points to Trade ' s 33. English met stiff competition when they faced Technical High School in the season ' s fifth game. The half-time buzzer sounded with E.H.S. ahead by four points. Don Furlong ' s score of eighteen was high for the afternoon, and " Skip " Mortimer ' s score of ten points made him the runner-up. The second half brought defeat to the hard working English squad. The final score was Technical 54, English 51. The mid season game brought the Blue and Blue on foreign soil to meet the arch rival. The game started with Latin getting the tap and the first 2 points. This spurred the Blue and Blue on to play a fast, hard game. At the half English was behind by five points, but with the work of Co-Captain-elect Bill Johnson with a SEASON ' S RESULTS — 1958 January 2: E.H.S. 41 Dorchester 43 January 6: E.H.S. 37 B. C. 61 January 9: E.H.S. 36 Rox. Mem. 83 January 16: E.H.S. 35 Trade 33 January 20: E.H.S. 51 Technical 54 January 23: E.H.S. 54 Latin 52 January 27: E.H.S. 54 Dorchester 62 69 SHS :j£ Ai-enuvf B. C. 75 February 3: E.H.S. 47 Trade 46 SHa :9 AjBnjq3 j Rox. Mem. 72 February 10: E.H.S. 42 Technical 46 February 13: E.H.S. 51 Latin 70 BASKETBALL SQUAD Frederick Gates, Anthony LoVuolo, Donald Kennedy, William Mortimer, John Howard, Richard Messina, Robert Messina, William Johnson, Donald Furlong (Co-Captain), Thomas Murray (Co-Captain), David Wynott, Joseph Russo, John McGloin, John LaSpine, Coach Frederick J. Gillis, Jr., Manager Bernard McFadd, ' 58. total of 20 points, it was not long before the game was tied. It remained so until the end of the last period. This meant an overtime period. Two foul shots by Jack McGloin balanced the field goal of an opponent. Bill Johnson then won the game with two shots at the foul line. English smashed Latin, 54 to 52. Although fighting with true English High School spirit, the Blue and Blue lost the seventh game to Dorchester High and the eighth game to Boston College High. Superb playing by Jack McGloin, Bill Johnson, " Skip " Mortimer, and Tom Murray highlighted these games. A sparkling victory over Trade put the Double Blue back into the winning column. At the end of the third quarter Trade was leading by 3 points. The game was tied in the last quarter, and Bill Johnson scored the two winning points in the last minute. English toppled Trade, 47 to 45. Despite the valiant efforts of the Blue and Blue squad, the team lost its last three games to Trade, Technical, and Latin. Although only three out of the twelve games were won, the team shows signs of great improvement for the coming year. Good luck. Boys. (L. to R.) Guy David, Mike Morrell, Mike Bentley, Mr. Hayes (Coach), Tom Maquire, Pete Gillis, Bob Long. SWIMMIIVG TEAM This year under the capable direction of Mr. Hayes, the English High School Swimming team was reorganized. Since Boston Latin is the only other city school that has a swimming team we combined with them in many of our meets against Prep. Schools. The captain of the team was Robert Long, Brown University Interscholastic Diving Champion, State and New England High School Champion, and the New England Boys ' Club Champion. The other members of the team were Michael Bently, Michael Morrell, Peter Gillis, Thomas Maguire, William Connors, George Dunderale, and Guy David. In our first match we combined with B.L.S. to defeat Dean Junior College of Franklin, Mass. Captain Long walked off with the individual diving honors. Our local rivals, Huntington Prep, just nipped us in our second meet. This was our closest meet that we lost despite Captain Long ' s winning the diving again. In our third meet we lost to a highly rated Andover team. Capt. Long, who spends more time in the water than many fish, took the individual honors. Our win against Brandeis University was our most difficult one of the season. Our spirit however was indominable as we downed Brandeis for our second win of the season. Our team placed third in the State High School Championship. Our two hundred yard free style relay team did a 144.2, breaking the old relay record of 145.8 which had stood for numerous years. At this meet Bob Long won the State Diving Championship and the Eastern Interscholastic Diving Championship. In addition, Long was awarded the Princeton University Championship Diving Trophy. The last meet was the New England Interscholastic Championship held at M.I.T. Captain Long broke the New England Interscholastic Diving Champion- ship record at the meet. We feel Bob will be chosen All-American High School Diver and will soon be an Olympic Champion. The class of 1958 wishes the best of luck to Mr. Hayes and the swimming teams in the future years. DllTDDDR TRACK The English High School Outdoor Track Team is looking forward to another highly successful season under the direction of Mr. J. Clifford Ronan our popular track coach. Although meets have just begun as of this date, the boys are practicing daily in preparation for such meets as the Reggies, the Belmont Relays, and the State Meets to mention a few. Mr. Ronan is placing high hopes in the performances of some of our outstand- ing track men such as Paul Ellison and Tony Brandenburg (Co-Captains) Larry Augenstem, Joe Goodwater, Paul Scarlata, Ron Lawrence, Frank Ronan, and Daniel Hurley. Our track team gained great honor this year when our relay team ran the fastest mile in New England Interscholastic track history with their dazzling per- formance at the Penn Relays. At the first meet of the year the E.H.S. team made a very strong showing in the face of strong competition. Our boys came in second at this meet, trailing by only 1 1 3 points. Early in the season the Blue and Blue eked out a closely con- tested victory with Newton High School. Under the direction of Mr. Ronan we hope that the team will achieve well deserved success this season and in many future years. OUTDOOR TRACK SCHEDULE April 23 April 23 April 26 April 30 May 3 May 6 May 8 May 10 May 13 May 15 May 23 May 24 E. H. S. 130 B. C. H. 40 Dorchester 18 Weymouth 63 E. H. S. 58 2 Penn Relays 3rd Championship one mile relay. E. H. S. at Newton Relays at St. John, Danvers Field Events City Meet City Meet Belmont Relays Field Events Reggie ' s 7 P.M. Reggie ' s State Meet State Meet First Row (L. to R.) G. Brophy, A. Sivacusa, G. Murray, W. Mortimer, P. Cohen, J. Sylvester. Second Row (L. to R.) C. Purdy (Manager), P. Ippilito, D. Pochini, R. Hurley, L. Musco (Captain), J. Peterson, M. Janjigian, J. Sylva. Third Row (L. to R.) Mr. Joseph Malone (Headmaster), Mr. William Stuart (Coach), L; Donahue, K. Moratta, A. Wilson, J. McGloin, J. Sullivan, P. Martell, E. Doyle, J. Collins, Fourth Row (L. to R.) R. Kalil, T. Flaherty, T. Larson, K. Curryn, J. Manna, E. Bouyer, R. Gallagher, W. Donahue. BASEBALL TEAM Once again this year the E.H.S. Baseball team is back in competition for the City Championships. The team, which is composed of many veterans from last year ' s winning team, is showing a highly competitive spirit in the face of fierce competition. At the first game of the season, our team although on the defensive, brought to light an excellent double play combination of shortstop Bob Hurley and second baseman Dave Pochini. The final score of this years game was E.H.S. 3 - Dorchester 7. Our second league game of the season was with Roxbury Memorial High School. Lou Musco and Artie Wilson headed our attack with a perfect day at bat, driving in several runs each. Final score E.H.S. 18-Memorial 5. The third game of the season was nip and tuck all the way into extra innings. Bob Hurley once again led the team with a single, a double, and a triple. In the closing minutes of the game Trade sneaked ahead and we lost by a score of 7 to 6. Jack Peterson went all the way for us in our first game of the season with Boston College High School. Lou Musco backed up the attack with a a homer and we won by a score of 1 3 to 4. After this excellent start the team is looking forward to a highly successful season under the direction of Coach Bill Stewart. SCHEDULE April 21 E. H S. . 9 Boston TV-ade ...... 0 23 E. H. s. 85 2 Jamaica Plain .... 5 2 30 E. H. s. 9 Roxbury Memorial 0 2 E. H. s. vs. Dorchester 5 E. H. s. vs. Hyde Park 14 E. H. s. vs. Roslindale 12 E. H. s. vs. South Boston 19 E. H. s. vs. St. Sebastian ' s 21 E. H. s. vs. Boston Latin 7 E. H. s. vs. Boston Technical First Row (L. to R.) M. Davis, J. Perry, F. Faraccastoro, P. Zona, R. Hoffman, L. Horgan. Middle Row (L. to R.) Mr. Sinunons (Coach) L. Quirk, R. Goldman, W. Franke, C. Butler, F. Schmith, R. Shea, R. Nashawaty. Last Row (L. to R.) A. Traizer, A. Jacobs, L. Stoller, K. White, P. Trapani, K. Clough. GOLF Winter has departed and the fairways are green beckoning to swingers and hackers alike. The English High team this year looks promising. Enough veterans remain to provide the necessary knowledge and skill. Practice sessions of two weeks only provide insufficient time for the prep- aration that is needed for the rather long sched- ule of the Boston Conference Tournament. The winners of this conference enter the quarter-finals of the State Championship which is held at a major course in this area. English High battled its opponents valiantly on every fairway last year and finished third with league standings. The newcomers to this year ' s team look promising and it is hoped that this year ' s team under the direction of Mr. Simmons will bring to English High its first State Championship. April 14 E. H. S 6 vs. 17 E. H. S 3 vs. 21 E. H. S , 18 vs. 24 E. H. S 2 vs. 28 E. H. S 13 vs. May 1 E. H. S. vs. 5 E. H. S. vs. 8 E. H. S. vs. 12 E. H. S. vs. 15 E. H. S. vs. 19 E. H. S. vs. 22 E. H. S. vs. 26 E. H. S. vs. 29 E. H. S. vs. MEMBERS OF THE VARSITY SQUAD P. Cohen W. Donohue E. Doyle R. Gallagher P. Hurley P. Ippolito M. Janjigian K. Morotta P. Martell J. Murray L. Musco J. Peterson D. Pochini C. Purdy J. Sullivan J. Slyva A. Wilson Trade 7 Dorchester 7 Rox. Memorial 5 So. Boston 1 B. C. High 4 Technical Latin Trade Technical So. Boston B. C. High Dorchester Rox. Memorial Latin William Golden (Captain) Henry Shapiro Larry Roseman Thomas McMuUin Steve Morris Tho mas Anderson Richard Towers Austin Greene Ray Barrow Naiff Bethany April May Front row (L. to R.) R. Ramsdell, S. Morrb, H. Weisenberg, P. Ellison, W. Krouson, M. Halzel, P. Wolfson. Second row, L. to R.) A. Greene, L. Roseman, M. Nelles, M. Bennet, R. Gaskins, J. Porter, O. Anderson. TEMIS TEAM The tennis season opened with a series of practice sessions during the Spring vacation week. We practiced at Center Playground which is located on Columbus Ave., not far from our school. Our first oponent was Hyde Park. We played them at Franklin Field, which is in Dorchester, on April 17. The Hyde Park team had had little opportunity to practice and we found that our practice sessions gave us the advantage in the matches. A game consists of five separate matches — three singles and two doubles. Bill Golden, our captain, Steve Morris, and Larry Roseman won the three singles. Richard Towers and Ray Banah were winners in the first doubles, while Thomas McMullin and Henry Shapiro won the second doubles. In the next game with Boston Trade on April 22, we were defeated, winning only one singles match and one doubles. Our third game was with Roxbury Memorial at Franklin Field on April 25. We lost this game, also, winning only one doubles match. Despite these defeats, we should be in condition to win the other games on our schedule, including such strong teams as Boston College High and Public Latin. SCHEDULE 17 — English vs. 22 — English vs. 25 — English vs. 28 — English vs. 30 — English vs. 2 — English vs. 5 — English vs. 9 — English vs. 12 — English vs. 16 — English vs. Hyde Park Boston Trade Roxbury Memorial South Boston Newton Boston Technical Brighton Roslindale B. C. High Boston Latin First Row (L. to R.) Assistant Coach Bradley Sullivan, Abraham Haddad, Charles Gilmor, Richard Prout, Edward McFadd. Second Row (L. to R.) Joseph Barnes, John Fitzgerald, Larry Miller, Barry Feldman, Michael Russo, Richard Forman, Arthur Curtis, Robert Gaskins, Don Gonsalves. CHEW The Mighty orga nizers of the reinstated English High Crew are due to gradu- ate this June. Their ever rowing captain John SulHvan led English to two trium- phant spring seasons. Other outstanding members of the crew were Arthur Balian, powerful .stroke, Bill Dugan and Bert Tyldesley occupying number three position, while Bernard Korites, Dave Webster, and Bernard McFadd held down the bow. This crew enjoyed many events, such as rowing to the harbor, and riding out a squall on the Charles River . Coach Gillis played stowaway on these excursions, but was rather dubious why he had come when Cox Ernst navigated too near moving destroyers. This spring, even though we lose most of our veteran rowers except for letter- men Ernst, Gilmor, and McFadd, Coach Gillis is looking forward to a wanning season with a light but strong crew. Last fall Coach Sullivan used every trick to his knowledge to get a trim crew, but due to the flu, he took a season ' s third place. Some of the outstanding oarsmen last fall and also back this spring are: Jim Killian, Abe Haddad, Larry Miller, Barry Feldman, Edward McFadd, Richard Foreman, Robert Gaskins and Robert Ernst. The preceding comprised the fall varsity crew but due to a shortage of able oarsmen, they had to row two and sometimes three races in one day, which would be unbearable to most men. GRADUATING VETERAN SEAMEN SPRING CREW SCHEDULE John Sullivan Arthur Balian Gerald Podulsky William Dugan Albert Tyldesley Bernard McFadd Dave Webster Bernard Korites LETTERMEN BACK FOR SPRING Robert Ernst Bernard McFadd Charles Gilmor RETURNING OARSMEN FROM FALL AND LAST SPRING Jim Killian Paul Howell Abe Haddad Larry Miller John O ' Brien Barry Feldman Edward McFadd Richard Forman Robert Gaskins Richard Goldstein TRYING OUT FOR SPRING CREW John Lehmann John Simpson John LaSpina Jeffrey Klinan Arthur Stewart Eugene Casey Michael Schwartz William Hickey Frank McClusky Steven Marder Frank Sgarano Richard Fishman Paul Healy James Cleary William Quinn Arthur Lane On the following days regattas will be held with the Varsity, J. V. and Lightweights participating from English, Latin, Technical, and Trade High Schools. The race course will be between the Harvard and Boston Bridges and about a mile in length. May 8 May 15 May 22 May 29 June 5 June 12 Coach: Mr. Gillis Asst. C6ach: Mr. Sullivan Capt. Robert C. Ernst Manager: Dune SAILIIVG TEAM This spring a new team was formed here at E.H.S. Due to interest in the sport evidenced by the pupils a sailing team was organized. The team which is made up of boys from sophomore, junior and senior home- rooms sails at the Medford Boat Club in Medford. Here the team competes in weekly regattas with schools, public and private, from the entire New England area. Some of the schools that we have competed against include: Marblehead, Gloucester, Boston Latin, Girls ' Latin, Pompfret, Tabor, Brown, Archbishop Williams and Milton High to name only a few. There have been several meets to date and our team, although inexperienced and handicapped by the fact that we do not get much practice, as compared with private schools which own their own sail boats, has shown a great deal of potential for future years, and we hope to be able to win the New England Championships in the next few years. The members of the team are grateful to Mr. Gillis our faculty advisor for his assistance during the past season. Members of the team are: Edward J. Kelley (team captain), James Mellen, Robert Ernst, Joseph Howard, John LaSpina, Ernest Olivera, John Hogan, Donald Mothegan, Charles Gilmer, Arthur Balien, Frank Mendoza, and Philip McMann. MILITARY COMMISSIDIVED OFFICERS OF THE FIRST REGIMEM REGIMENTAL OFFICERS (FIRST REGIMENT) Colonel Malcolm Bennett Lt. Colonel Paul Trapani Major (1st Bat.) John E. Sullivan Major ■(2nd Bat.) Gerald Pudolsky Major (3rd Bat.) John Petersen INDIVIDUAL MANUAL OF ARMS WINNERS (FIRST REGIMENT) (Left to Right): Joseph Celona, Allan Traiger, Ira Pearlman, Pasquale Palmisano, Michael Joyce, William Condon, Arthur Shuman, Edwin Doyle, Cosimo Raffoni, Myron Janjigian, Michael Spinazola. (Not in picture) David Kolib, Steve Morris, Larpy Roseman. CDMMISSIDIVED OFFICERS DF THE SECDIVD REGIMENT INDIVIDUAL MANUAL OF ARMS WINNERS (SECOND REGIMENT) (Left to Right) : Donald Frink, William Spence, Harold Freeman, John Howard, Robert Bellmore, Edward Shimkus, Robert Irvine, Michael Tobin, Roy Brown. (Not in picture): Martin Raisman. REGIMENTAL OFFICERS (SECOND REGIMENT) Colonel Arthur Balian Lt. Colonel Gerald Tetrault Major (1st Bat.) Victor Vilceris Major (2nd Bat.) George Sweeney Major (3rd Bat.) Peter Sielinski The English High School Trick Drill Team For three successive years Captain Fisher has asked for volunteers for the Trick Drill Team, and has always gotten a lot more boys than he asked for. With each year, the work of the Drill Team becomes more difficult. During the school year, the team has various jobs. All tasks are important be- cause they are all done in public and bring credit to the school if well done. The school is judged by our behavior at the ceremonies that we have attended. For instance, last .year we had to attend the funeral of Mr. Evans, at Lawrence, and the funeral of Mr. GiflFord, at Belmont. This year, Colonel Meanix died and we paid tribute to him at Jamaica Plain. On Memorial Day 1957, five members of the Drill Team went to Milton with Captain Fisher to pay tribute to the war dead. Of course, one of the biggest events in the school year is the traditional Thanks- giving Day football game with our rivals from across the street. At this occasion the Trick Drill Team really has a chance to show how elite the group is by doing maneuvers on the field with snap and precision. One of the smaller tasks is being the escorts about the school whenever there is a parent-teachers ' day. It is the opinion of the members of the club that this function is important, because the parents come to school, and they see the kind of a man that the school is producing — a good student who will be proud to have people say that he came from the English High School of Boston. The boys that are on the drill team today, will be the better citizens of tomor- row. They will be better disciplined and their leadership will be felt in every thing they undertake. I am sure that the members of the Trick Drill Team will remember their Captain Fisher, who worked for them and the school so that they would have something good to look back upon, besides the wonderful years spent in English High. Good luck, to the citizens and leaders of tomorrow. The English High School Band The English High School Band is composed of about forty memljers, thirteen of whom are seniors. There are two captains, David LaBrecque and Robert Gaskins. The leader, Mr. Arlie W. Latham is an able and experienced conductor as well as a fine musician. The band has played at many school activities, outside of the school as well as inside. They play for the Home and School Association meetings, the two foot- ball rallies held previous to the English-Latin football game, and the game itself. After our victory over Latin School, there was a victory banquet, and through the generosity of Mr. Moscow, the entire band was in attendance. , There are everal groups composed of members of the band, including: ' The English High School Orchestra The English High School Brass Choir The English High School Combo The Brass Choir includes the best players of the band ' s brass section. They were asked by the city of Boston to play at the Christmas Festival on the Boston Common. Then the Boston Globe requested them to play for the Santa Claus fund. However, the occasion enjoyed most by the Brass Choir was playing for the ' Boston School Committee on the Friday before the Christmas vacation. Last year at prize drill, six seniors were awarded a special honor award in band. They were: Richard Gaskins, Robert Gaskins, Don Jaffee, David LaBrecque, Jay Porter, and Robert Ramsdell. This year was the first year that the band has ever been awarded letters. The seniors appreciate this very much, and hope that they can live up to the tradition that is behind these letters. DRUM BUGLE CORPS This year, in the school boy parade, the boys of the English High School 2nd Regiment will be marching to the tune of Captain Richards. This song, which was composed by the instructor of the E.H.S. Drum Bugle Corps, Mr. Arlie Latham, will be played by the thirty buglers and sixteen drummers of the corps. The parade is one of the few opportunities duririg the year that the members of the corps can show how ably they can perform. As they march down the street the judges will know that it ' s English High by the snap and precision with which they march and the clear sharp tones which will emanate from the bugles and drums. The standard of performance of this corp has been uniformly high and standard. INDIVIDUAL WINNERS Left to right — Frank Brissenden, Joseph Tierney, Samuel Russell, Stanley Bretner. This evening, we celebrate the official departure of the Class of 1958 from English High School. The men of the class must now go their separate ways. Wher- ever they go, and whatever they become, they will cherish memories from their years spent at English High School. For, although these years are done and through, they are not dust and ashes. Bonds of friendship and good-will remain with each of us. From the warm, guiding light of this institution out to the hazardous area of the future, now each of us must travel. And tach of us must now realize, that his stay at English High School was only a brief interlude, a preparation for life in the span of four short years. It did not seem such an insignificant time when we began; it seemed as though this night would never come. But, in that brief eternity, we had to taste the fruit of knowl- edge, to sample from the accumulated wisdom of ages. It was all very elementary, and, thinking back upon it now, it seemed as though we had only entered a kinder- garten, despite our important-sounding new positions. Those of us who have already chosen our vocations are only novices and fledgelings who must still prove our worth. For surely, each of us has some goal, the central purpose of his life. And each of us must be re-assured of his worth and ability to achieve this purpose. How wise it is, then, to look at the many venerable men who have been graduated before us. From them our class draws inspiration, to them it looks for guidance; their example it strives to imitate, and their worth only to equal. « Now, having graduated, we must prove our worth in another way; for soon we shall have the full rights and privileges of citizens. The older generation must give away to the new. We are the new generation. In our hands rests the choice of who shall run our country. Not many here will seek public office, but all of us will vote. In this way, we will be controlling public office, though declining to accept it. It is most important, therefore, that we all be the best of citizens; that we all vote and allow none to usurp our power; that we all be informed and allow none to deceive us; that we all be upright and allow none to do injustice. Surely all of us realize how small in scope is our world. We seem to have no time to do the extraordinary, to watch it, or to evaluate it. In our sm l worlds, we indolently accustom ourselves to oblivion, to nonentity, to humdrum. And yet, all around us, the way is open to escape from this inertia. We have the power to improve ourselves; it is Within our power to read and to divine. By reading, I mean seeking inspiration from the literary works of great authors. By divining, I mean deriving inspiration from the works of great artists, whether they depicit in color, in form, or in sound. Only in this way can we hope to better ourselves, to enrich our personalities, to stand out as individuals. Something remains to consider. It is our relation to religion and morality. It is well known that all people see God in individual and different light; and that in His harmony of multiplicity breathes the very essence of the Divine. But, it is only by regular worship that we gain His nearness and only by good works and good deeds that we can return some small part of His bounty and goodness. We must pledge ourselves to walk in the ways of our forefathers, to remember the Lord, our God, " when we dwell in our homes, when we travel by the ways, when we sleep, and when we arise. " It is very hard to say farewell to our school — harder than we ever thought it would be. For, it is only now that we realize, that along with its joy, graduation night has its sadness. This is the last time, in all probability, that this class as a whole will be assembled in one place, the last time the friends we have made here — - both fellow students and teachers — will all be together. Some of the f)eople with whom we have become close during our high school career, we may through one stroke of fate or another never see again. Most sad of all, we must leave the school in which we have spent the four most fulfilling years of our lives. We don ' t say farewell to our school; it is too final. Instead we say " until next time, " because certainly we will return, if only to visit and reminisce. To the faculty of our school, we can express only the deepest gratitude; for their services on our behalf can never be repaid except in Hke. We who are leaving extend our best wishes to those who yet remain, and wish them luck in the continuation of their studies. For us, nothing remains but fond memories and a great, undying tradition. We all pray that God, in his kindness and mercy, will grant a long, prosperous future, replete with all those personal joys that mark the blessed in life. Victor B. Schneider Valedictorian Class of 1873 Air: Maryland, My Maryland Alma Mater, tried and true, English High, our English High, Oft our hearts shall turn to you, English High, our English High, Should e ' er the laurel wreath be mine, I ' ll lay the honor at they shrine, Our hearts, our hopes, our prayers are thine, English High, our English High. Men may come and men may go, English High, our English High. Yet in deep and peaceful flow, English High, our English High. Shall thy stream of learning wide. Through the ages grandly glide. Ever to thy sons a pride, English High, our English High. du (if. Mi ' u I 4 ii-aU On o f y - $W VVKo. v«-o orw w-cwlL .... , . .. 1 ' A oiwaA. o « ' (;M ' 5 f ; " • CcdU MDom Jl l VTf Make SUFFOLK UNIVERSITY the College of your choice • Liberal Arts and Sciences • Business Administration • Journalism • Education: Elementary and Secondary • Preparation for post-college professional schools of law, medicine, social work, and other graduate schools Friendly atmosphere of a small, co-educational college — central location on Beacon Hill — high standards — and moderate tuition. Write, call, or telephone for catalogue and admissions information: The Registrar Suffolk University 20 Derne Street Boston 14, Massachusetts Telephone: CApitol 7-1040 Compliments of CLEAN RITE Co. 209 Mass. Ave., Boston Tel. CO 6-5354 Let Kenned v ' s UlERGRAD SHOPS cue you • . . WHAT ' S NEW and SMART We ve got oui ears to ths ground — ready to Dick up the newest ideas — the big trends — the wanted fad-items . . . one have em tor vou when you want em) Here s where you ' ll find every- thina that makes a first- rate wardrobe . . all arranged foi your easy speedy shopping) KENNEDY ' S BOSTON • FRAMINGHAM • PROVIDENCE ' WORCESTER • SPRINGFIELD • HARTFORD BROCKTON • MANCHESTER Complinhents of COOKIES GULF STATION Cor. Atlantic Avenue and Summer Street Boston Good Luck to the Class of ' 58 CRUSADER CHAPTER Order of Demolay Compliments of JAMES W. BRINE CO., INC. 92 Summer Street Boston Compliments of BOSTON SCHOOL OF MECHANICAL DENTISTRY 121 Bay State Road Boston 0k MANHATTAN K ) FORMALS JjL Formal Wear Mn N For Any Affair! | |t1.]IH|| RENT IT! Mll l 1 Special Rates to IM English High nfl H H Students! Il H MANHATTAN f f iS FORMAL WEAR 715 ' Dudley St. InJ At Uphams Corner RrPl k Dorchester lUf JI Tel. TA 5-5100 MERCHANT SIGN COMPANY S K REALTY REAL ESTATE 444 Blue Hill Ave. rxoxDury 1 , v as5. GA 7-2100 19 Portland St., Boston La 3-7804 Nicholas Abraham — Res. JA 4-4258 Class of 1935 Screen Process Printing FEDERAL Compliments of SHIRT LAUNDRY Massachusetts College 119 Bird Street, Dorchester of Optometry AUTOMATIC LAUNDRY 178 Newbury Street ONE HOUR SERVICE Boston 16, Mass. SEARS ROEBUCK CO. Compliments of 24 Fullerton Street CLASS OF ' 29 Boston INDUSTRIAL TECH 41 PHILLIPS STREET BOSTON DELANEY PRESS 10 MELROSE MASSACHUSETTS PURDY A Ottle Mter A little ktter skill in posing, a little ktter likeness and Boston ' s foremost imprint— and you have a much better photograph, much more satisfaction and far wider approval of results. Then vi e add heautiful covers and scrupulous care in details of packing and, mark it — we deliver on time. No detail escapes our interested care. 367 BOYLSTON STREET ENGLISH HIGH SCHOOL Official Photographer EDWARD H. LLOYD SON INC. STEEL PRODUCTS 1 3 1 STATE STREET BOSTON 9, MASS. HUbbard 2-1216 FRANKLIN TECHNICAL INSTITUTE offers TWO-YEAR DAY PROGRAMS leading to ASSOCIATE IN ENGINEERING DEGREE Chemical Technology Electric Power and Electronics Mechanical and Machine Design Structural Design and Architecture also ONE-YEAR DAY PROGRAMS Preparotory Drafting Room Practice also 32 EVENING TECHNICAL COURSES Built in 1908 with the money Benjamin Franklin left to the Town of Boston Endowed by Andrew Carnegie and James J. Storrow HAncock 6-6590 41 BERKELEY STREET BOSTON 16, MASS.

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