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4 THE ENGLISH HIGH SCHOOL YEARBOOK 1955 THE ENGUSH HIGH SCHOOL 134th Year EHS YEARBOOK 1955 Staff LITERARY Vincent Boland Gilbert Y. Chin Edward L. Flanagan David A. McGuire David L. Fox Robert Lanza Ralph L. Jenanyan ART James A. Petrous PHOTOGRAPHY Norman B. Cohen John W. Elliott BUSINESS Sam Trachtenburg Arnold J. Stewart Robert Shuman Arthur B. McDonough Richard E. Conte TYPING James E. Dalton Alexander Mossuto Murray Watt Joel Wolfson Joseph A. Vella SPORTS FACULTY ADVISORS Robert C. Simmons — Editorial Arthur Sullivan — Business Elliott Frazier — Business EHS M. Henry Mclnerney ' Dedication The Class of 1955 dedicates their Year Book to the new Headmaster with the sincere con- viction that he will carry on the tradition of honor and achievement of the English High School. Mead Master ' s Message t0 Zhe Class of J 95 5 The Year Book of the Class of 1955 of English High School represents the last official document you boys will as pupils leave with your school. It is a legacy, a history of your life at English High; it bears testimony to your many hopes and your accomplishments. It is important to you; it is valuable to your school. You boys of the Class of 1955 are stepping out into a confused world. Leaders of nations are striving to solve the gigantic problems of economics and politics - national and international. They are finding great obstacles which they must face and overcome. They never will without God ' s help. Each of you in his own sphere will face problems, and you will have to solve them. Rest assured that there will be occasions when you will waver; there will be decisions which you will like to reverse. Advice is easy to give, but not so easy to follow. Perhaps it is better that I refrain from giving it. Instead I should like to point out that there is no sub- stitute for conscientious effort and persevering application. A good conscience reveals that a man stands in right with God. Nothing can compare v ith that state of mind. I have faith in you boys of the Class of 1955. If you have faith in your parents, in yourselves, and in God; you must really succeed, and real success is what I wish for each of you. Head Master YEARBOOK STAFF Back row: (left to right) J. Saponaro, F. Elliott, P. DiManno, D. Gedney, J. Wolfson, A. Mos- suto, N. Cohen, Front row: R. Lanza, E. Flanagan, G. Chin, V. Boland, D, McGuire, Watt, D. Fox. YEAR BOOK BUSINESS STAFF Front row: (left to right) S. Trachtenburg, Stewart, Shuman, R. Jenanyan. Back, row: R. Conte, A. McDonough. Colonel M amjc Ketires . . . It is with great regret that the Class of 1955 notes the retirement as a member of the English High School faculty, one of its most distinguished alumni. The class, which can never repay him for the splendid example his re- cord affords, extends to him its heart- felt thanks and appreciation. Colonel Meanix was graduated from English High School in 1911, where he was an outstanding athlete. He was a member of the English High School mile relay team that broke the world ' s interscholastic record at Philadelphia in 1911. He held the Regimental shot put record for many years as well as winning numerous championships in the hurdles and shot put. He was a winner of seventeen New England championships and three national championships. He established a world ' s record in the 440 yard hurdles in San Francisco in 1915, While at Harvard he was a member of the relay team that established a new world ' s indoor record. In 1920 he was a member of the United States Olympic team and it was in the same year that in London he broke the British Empire 440 yard hurdle record. Of this record the class is extremely proud. We wish him many more years of good health and prosperity. Class of 1955 OurMcarts, Our Mopes It has been over a dozen decades since America ' s first high school was established — (Fro Commonwealth). And ever since that first group of graduates — ■ seven in number — left their secondary studies, they have been followed by many, many more like themselves. Today we see deeds of our Alma Mater spread to every field of life. Fame of the English High School of Boston and the character of her sons have been scattered like the mustard seed and carried like the ocean ' s minerals through- out the world by one power, " Achievement to match the tradition of our school. " It is time for us; and yet a while we pause. What joys and warmth we have found inside these high school walls of bluel We wish to add abundantly in number and in prestige to the oldest high school alumni association in the United States. Though we are young and have as yet no worldly prominence to show, we present to you our best tal- ents — that which we have thus far accomplished in our community. In the year of our Lord nineteen hundred and fifty-five, leaving our school is the breaking of a silken thread that we hove woven with a high degree of care. For most of us four years work is not easily left behind, but because we have in this our senior year, learned that we are now to be part of another great tradition, we do so willingly, and with the thought that we the class of 1955 might by our future accomplishment add to the luster and glory of our beloved school. Already we have set a precedent here at the Avenue Louis Pasteur, for we have been chosen as the class to set the example of a new and strong English High. Let us recognize this as an honor and a challenge, and let us successfully accomplish and surpass the ambitions of all the other preceeding Alumni, so that we, individually ccnd as a class, might accomplish " Achievement to match the tradition of our school! " HENRY F. MOODY Class President The Fenway - A ra At the beginning of our senior year we moved into another and newer building. This school building, formerly occupied by the High School of Com- merce, is located on Avenue Louis Pasteur, directly opposite the Boston Latin School Building. This is the first general high school in the United States, established in the year 1821. The courses here are: - (1) college preparatory, (2) Technology prepara- tory, (3) Business education, and (4) general. Boys from every section of the city attend this school. A large percentage of boys go to college. Members of the graduating class entered many different higher institutions of learning. The English High School Alumni Association is the oldest organization of its kind in the United States, established one hundred years ago. Many scholarships are offered and no able boy is without opportunities to advance his education. The school is proud of its athletic traditions, and has been consistently a leader in this field. The track, football, baseball, basketball and hockey teams are well coached and are uniformly among the leading teams of the city. For several years our final football game has been played in the Harvard Stadium. Military Drill started here in 1864. In recent years, in addition to Military Drill there is training in Physical Education, Military Science and Health Education. All instructors are veterans. Our musical units — the Band, Orchestra, Drum Corps and Glee Club are high grade organizations. For several years our military Band has been oustanding. We have a full time registered school nurse, and an excellent hospital room, well equipped to safeguard the health of every student. In our school library there are over 5,000 carefully selected volumes. We have a full time trained librarian in charge. These are only a few of the features of the school, which we now enjoy and which we leave to the classes that are to follow in the hope and belief that they will set up and attain even higher standards of honor and achieve- ment. E ditorial . . . Fellow classmates: Another station of our life journey is officially at an end, and the next stage, by far the most thrilling and most fruitful, is begun. To some of us it means college and higher institutions of learning; to others, a direct road into the cold, grim world. We are about to end our close asso- ciations which we have made during these past four years. The crossroads have been reached. Each one of us must choose his own way. We might very well be compared to young children who are being set on their own legs for the first time. It is now that all our friends and relatives are giving us choice bits of ad- vice to aid us in our journey through life. With all these parcels of advice thus offered, it is hard for us to single out any particular rule by which to govern ourselves. Let us make an attempt, at least, to hold in mind a quota- tion from William Shakespeare, one that applied not only to his day, but for all time: " To thine own self be true, and it must follow as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man. " If we allow ourselves to be gov- erned by this rule throughout our lives, we cannot help but in our own way gain fame and fortune. Truth and honesty do not go unrewarded, no, not even in these trying days into which we are now advancing. We could adopt no motto more noble than this rule of Shakespeare ' s. Let us bear in our minds that truth is the basis of honor. If we follow through life bearing this motto ever before our eyes, we cannot but be a credit not only to our school, our friends, our families and our country but, most of all, ourselves. THE EDITORS SENIOR CLASS OFTICEHS Front Row (left to right): L. Gambino, (Secretary-Treasurer), H. Moody, (President), P. DiManno, (Vice- President). Back Row (left to right): J. Paris, W. Kenney, L Wolfson, (Executive Committee). SENIOR STUDENT COUNCIL Front Row (left to right): G. Gonsalves, Mr. R. Russell, T. Koen, P. Liu, N. Derany. Back Kow (left to right): W. Petersen, A. Bouffard, G. Murphy. Semr Class History FRESHMAN YEAR A Thursday that will live in infamy saw us, a wild mob, advance on Montgomery Manor eager to burst our bonds of ignorance and ab- sorb the wisdom of ages. After the distribution of " AW " cards we took our loyalty oaths, which were administered by the Supreme Or- der of the Young Republican Club of E.H.S. Charter members, — ■ Messrs. Sheehan, Ken- ney and Phelps, Murphy and Murphy, Evans and Evans — to wit: we do hereby solemnly vow that we are not now nor have we ever been admirers of Franklin Delano Roose- velt Mil Those of us that survived this experi- ence were then issued locker keys together with rubber boots, raincoats and life jackets. For- tunately all we needed to get to our lockers were the rubber boots — September was a low tide month. As we became acquainted with our new home, we began to appreciate it. Football season ended in triumph as we pulverized Latin 20 - 0. Our Relay Team won the American Championship in the two-mile relay races at Pennsylvania Athletic Carnival. In Cross Country E.H.S. won every meet it entered — city, state, and New England. Achievements such as these made us proud to be a part of this great school. As we con- cluded our first year we lost that " starry-eyed freshman look " . Our faces radiated with that typical scholarly glow characteristic of the upperclassmen. SOPHOMORE YEAR As we approached Montgomery Manor once again, we stopped for a moment to reflect up- on our heritage. We had heard that our Alma Mater had been founded in 1821. After taking another glance we were ready to believe this! But events of this year only intensified our appreciation of E.H.S. General Mathew B. Ridgeway was appointed Chief of Staff of the United States Army becoming our most illust- rious alumnus. This year the class of 1913 had its fortieth annual reunion. In attendance were two distinguished military men, formerly of E.H.S.: Chief of Finance of the United States Army, Major General Bickford E. Sawyer and Colonel Joseph M. Driscoll on the E.H.S. faculty since 1923 and veteran of two World Wars. This year we also became more familiarized with our cafeteria. Its rare delicacies intrigued and fascinated us, but it soon lost its appeal when we found the same food was available in the chemistry lab. Our Basketball team won the City Championship and then took Chelsea in the Tech Tourney. We lost to Mission by one heartbreaking point. Finally we settled down to our studies, resolved to let the faculty guide us in our preparation for adult society. Even the upper classmen were eager to help by sharing the wisdom they had had stuffed down their throats. At any dark corner we were likely to be approached by a senior offer- ing us at cut-rate prices the latest edition of " What Every English High School Lad Should Know! " Here we found many tips and sugges- tions which aided us in the struggle typical of every educational institution, — viz: who will crack up first, the student or the teacher. As our second year ended, we saw victory in our sights, JUNIOR YEAR After our summer vacation, which we all thought was too long, we returned to E.H.S. We were glad to find things just as we had left them. Even the air had last year ' s aroma, but we were getting smarter and now had gas masks. Then our warm and friendly smiles were met with the blood-thirsty sneers of a desperate faculty. It was evident that they would go to any lengths to educate us. A truce was agreed on and we promised to do our homework. The Phs. Ed. Dept. was de- lighted with its track men. They had plenty of practice in perfecting the one-hundred yard dash going from the smoking lounge to their next period. (So that ' s why they were running in the corridors.) But we ' ll never forget th is year ' s Basketball team. Mr. Sullivan retired as coach in a blaze of glory. Sparked by Charley Foley and Bob MacGillivary we won the city championship undefeated. In the Tech Tour- ney we beat New Bedford and Durfee, but lost the finals to Brockton by a disputed Two point decision. But even in defeat this team showed those championship qualities, characteristic of the E.H.S. Mentally we all cheered the Base- ball team on, as it captured second place with an 1 1 and 3 record for the season. Then our ears were turned to talk of a new E.H.S. They had been talking about this for over fifty years, but it now became reality. We were rather sorry to leave, old Montgom- ery Manor; we were just getting used to the wild life that abounded there. As books be- gan to be collected we didn ' t mind too- much the idea of moving. There was even talk of liberalizing the curriculum and entrance re- quirements. Hopefully we looked forward to our next year, but were saddened by the news of the retirement of our most beloved Head- master WALTER F. DOWNEY. SENIOR YEAR September found us at the new English High in the Fenway. We took over the Commerce High Building, and were enthusiastic over the intellectual atmosphere which greeted us. With Girls ' Latin just beyond the horizon we flocked to the school commissary to purchase our ties and telescopes. Our new headmaster M. Henry Mclnerney was especially success- ful in his first year at E.H.S. As the year pro- gressed we were certain that Mr. Mclnerney would elevate E.H.S. to even higher renown and success. After a difficult struggle Mr. Duffy " cracked the code, " and lockers were issued. Before the first week was over, we found ourselves in debt to the Keelon-Frazier Fund. We were told payment would be ac- cepted in monthly installments over a ten month period. Thanks to the fine coaching of Mr. Stewart our Football Team played fine ball. Things were quiet at E.H.S. in those days, when our first chemistry bi-monthly hit us. Murmurs were heard and dissension spread as insult was added to injury. With cold-blooded and unmerciful premeditation the English and Mathematics departments united in a joint effort to establish beyond the shadow of a doubt the fact of our ignorance. But we held firm to our principles as we mobilized for ac- tion and organized. We probably will go down in educational history for our platform demanded no home lessons, no tests, no cut slips, and no report cards! But alas, we had to abandon our plan for educational reform. As we prepared for those college boards we made a determined effort to absorb some more of the wisdom of the ages. The career guid- ance program really helped us to plan our future. Representatives from colleges and the professional and business world aided us in determining our future vocation. The most important idea they wanted to get across to us was that the only successful man is the one who enjoys his work. The events most an- ticipated now were the Prize Drill and the Schoolboy Parade. June brought us our graduating diplomas. We the class of ' 55, the first to graduate from the new EngUsh High School, were now to take our place in society. We looked for- ward to new horizons in college, business, or the armed forces. After four years at E.H.S. we were ready and eager to follow in the traditional footsteps of our fellow alumni in doing our best for our school and country. Class Song 1 I 4. n F ' ■ - P ' fl eiAf tt-iMusT-ie nrc j vtft jf — ' Ars ore- r» r-rf 3luS I ' O Slue. THE RECORD STAFF THE RECORD BUSINESS STAFF LE CERCLE FRANCAIS THE MUSIC APPRECIATION CLUB Room Athletic Captains Office Service Staff GUIDANCE COUNSEL Career Quidame There has been established for some years the practice of having the student directly contacted by men prominent in their respective fields. In this way the boys who are in the process of formulating their plans for the future are given a realistic and practical survey of the requirements and op- portunities in each particular field. The need for intensive work in this field has been demonstrated. The colleges have been quick to recognize and acknowledge the more specific approach of the entering students to their careers. This has been brought about in a great degree by the guidance programs such as ours. They have given many boys a better realization of the meaning and purposes of their school v ork. This has resulted in a greater interest and better results. Since 1952 when this career guidance program was inaugurated, twenty- four different colleges and universities have contacted our senior class through their representatives. They have cleared up misgivings, and doubts that boys might have had. Now a boy sees more clearly what he must do in order to be properly prepared. The colleges in turn will receive more purpose- ful students. The. fields covered during the spring term of the senior year were many and varied. Electronics, General Office and Secretarial, Medicine, Mechanics, Trade and Skills, Accounting, Engineering, and Law. Undoubtedly this field v ill be widened to the greater benefit of everyone. Militdry " Drill EHS Commissioned Officers of the First Regiment 1st. row (left to right) E. O ' Neil, D. Epstein, A. Bravoco, D. McGuire, W. Owens, J. Kearney, T. Traitouras, V. Puzzangara. 2nd. row (left to right) R. Dubow, F. Beckette, V. Boland, A. Mossuto, B. Cleveland, R. Mancini, A. Pappas, J. Savage, P. Cohan, P. B. Manno, J. Leonvicius. 3rd. row (left to right) N. Chaban, F. Fernandez, R. Hoke, G. Bean, D. Ruggiero, W. Sweeney, T. Stephenson, W. Flood. Colonel Terence R. Stephenson Lieut.-Colonel Fernando F. Fernandez Major (1st Bat.) Norman C. Chaban Major (2nd Bat.) David A. McGuire Major (3rd Bat.) Paul C. Cohan INDIVIDUAL DRILL Harold Pruskin Manuel Carco James Dalton Robert Cooney Anthony Marino Commissioned Officers of the Second Regiment 1st. row (left to right) J. Paris, W. McGinn, S. Trachtenburg, A. McDonough, J. Wolfson, C. Henderson. 2nd. row (left to right) L. Epstein, A. Bouffard, F. Musmanno, G. Murphy, Z. Leonovicius, H. Bretner. 3rd. row (left to right) H. Delorey, W. Peterson, J. DiNucci, M. Suarez, W. Bonks. Colonel Francis J. Musmanno Lieut.-Colonel Joel Wolfson Major (1st Bat.) Arthur B. McDonough Major (2nd Bat.) Albert E. Bouffard Major (3rd Bat.) John J. Paris INDIVIDUAL DRILL Murray B. Watt Thomas Collins Edward Coyle Robert Stanwood Frederick Eldredge THE MILITARY BAND 1st. row (left to right) R. Carroll, R. X. Lyons, J. Sakakini, H. Lewis, A. Fuapolo, K, Rollins, C. Gaides, R. Lyons, J. Allen, R. Gaskins, C. Troyse, R. Gabelnick. 2nd. row: E. Vitello, S. Dzierzeski, E. Wenners, C. Feldman, D. Cucinotti, W. Yearwood, D. Mayer, J. Miller, A. Milone, R. Gaskins, A, Sorgi, V. Kirsis. 3rd. row: M, Bass, P. Ryan, D. LaBreque, R. Nashawaty, ' F. Richards, J. Elliot, R. Lundin, R. Henkin, Pratt, J. Porter. PRIZE WINNERS Robert M. Carroll Aladino D. Sorgi Edward B. Rollins John R. Allen Jordon L. Miller Alfred P. Puopolo Terence A. Koen Drum and Bugle Corps . - 1st. row (left to right) J. Tierney, J. Allen, F. Tolliver, N. Paris, R. Shuman, W. Fisher, L. Denias, F. Brissenden, J. Fallon. 2nd. row: T. Royall, R. Nichols, S. Harden, N. Caruso, W. Smith, D. Roden, A. Rosati, J. Lally, J. Perry. 3rd. row; S. Belle, L. Ramsay, R. Smith, R. Price, D. Dilday, W. Roach, O. Gray, F. Graham, E. Anthony. PRIZE WINNERS L. to R. Sylvester Belle, Joseph M. Tierney, Francis R. Brissenden, George M. Goodwin. 795 - 7955 FOOTBALL The year 1954 mctrked the seventh campaign in which " Bill " Stewart shaped and guided the fortunes of the Blue and Blue football team. Aided by his two able assistants, Mr. Fred Gillis and Mr. Joseph King, Mr. Stewart led the boys from their new home on Avenue Louis Pasteur to a second place in the city conference. The season opened well for us. On a warm day „ , , and a fast field the team showed great promise for a Paul McDonough , , n i j • ± f-. ■ successful season with a well-played victory over a favored Technical High squad. Our lone touchdown came on a pitchout from quarterback Jerry D ' Avolio to end Paul McDonough. End Bob Boyle added to the total with a safety. English High next journeyed to Groton, Mass. and trounced their op- ponent Groton School 24 - 7 in this fine traditional contest. Ferd. Beckette was the pacemaker in this game. We moved steadily ahead at the expense of Roxbury Memorial defeating them 38 - 6. Beckette, Lyons, Chaban, and Allen provided the scoring punch in that contest. Trade then followed and offered as little opposition as Beck- ette, Chaban, Moody, W. Petersen, D ' Avolio and McDonough scored to bring the total to a 34 - 6 victory. 1st. row: G. D ' Avolio, N. Chaban, A. McGaffigan, R. Lundy, W. Petersen, P. McDonough, (Capt.) L. Aiello, R. Boyle, W. Dorgan, F. Beckette, J. Allen. 2nd. row: Ass ' t. Coach F. Gillis, J. Gorman, R. O ' Donnell, J. Greco, M. Sammarco, H. Moody, D. Williams ' , J. Bulger, D. Hill, J. Peterson, J. Lyon, Coach B. Stewart. 3rd. row: Ass ' t. Coach P. King, R. LeBlanc, J. Mawn, P. Saia, W. McCarthy, J. Dinucci, J. Johnson, R. Price, J. Sullivan, M. Sibella, A. Sherman, G. Madsen, Mgr. 4th row: R. Manning, W. Welch, D. Clifford, J. Giella, P. Bowman, H. Delorey, T. Williams, D. Ryan, J. Martyn, C. Hewson. In the following game Dorchester proved a rugged opponent but a D ' Avolio to Beckette pass and two fine scores by Johnny Allen gave English a 19 - 7 win for their fourth straight conference victory. In a non-conference game English struggled to a 18 - 13 victory over the Eaglets of B.C. High in a tight game when McDonough, Beckette, and Allen pushed across scores. The field was slow and an ominous threat of rain prevailed on the day when a heartbreaking 6 - 6 tie with East Boston spoiled our victorious record to date. Ferd. Beckette maintained his scoring pace, bulling his way into the end zone for the only Blue and Blue score. Finally on Thanksgiving Day our traditional game with Public Latin was contested. The game, played in the impressive setting of the Harvard Stadium saw the city championship torn from the grasp of English High. Our team struggled valiantly in a game which provided many thrills. A run into the end zone by Norma Chaban gave us our only score with John Allen adding the point after. The final score 20 - 7. Thus the season ended with victory predominantly ours. It was a typical English High team of which we are proud. Next year as shiny new alumni we shall be cheering for another fine team under the spirited leadership of its co-captains Jerry D ' Avolio and John Lyon and guidance of its able coaches. FOOTBALL WINNERS OF THE VARSITY " E " " 54 " SEASON ' S RECORD Henry Moody Robert Lundy E. H. S. 0 South Boston John Peterson (Jam] boree) Harold Delorey H. E. S. 24 Groton John Allen Anthony McGaffigan E. H. S. 8 Boston Technical Ferdinand Beckette William Dorgan E. H. S- 38 Hcxbury Memorial Norman Chaban John Gorman E. H. S. 34 Boston Trade Richard O ' Donnell Paul McDonough E. H. S. 19 Dorchester Warren Petersen Robert Boyle E. H. S. 19 B. C. High £. H, S. 6 East Boston Herbert Priluck John Greco H. 7 E. S. Boston Latin Louis Del Prete Joseph King, William J. Stewart, Jr., Frederick J. Gillis, Jr. TRACK - CROSS COUNTRY STATE CLASS A CHAMPIONS Rear Row (left to right): L. Ramsay, R. Kelleher, J. Salidas, VV. Knowlton, F. Geysen. Middle Row: Mr. Ronan, D. Pottle, G. Goodwin, T. Porro, J. Worfson, Mgr. Front Row: J. Haywood, Co-capt. M. Watt, C. Henderson, R. McManamin. The Blue and Blue tracksters, of Avenue Louis Pasteur, led by Co-Captains Charles Henderson and Murray Watt, compiled an amazing Cross-Country track record this past season. The Double Blue did not lose one of their seven important meets, including the battle for the city championship, the Reggies, or the State meet. English started off on their right foot by whipping Trade and Memorial decisively in their first track meet on October 7, 1954. Things became even brighter when on Oc- tober 12th at a quadrangular meet English was again victorious. Now on October 21 came the City meet, where English High ' s boys overpowered all comers. English, the Greater Boston City Champs, now were prepared for the November 1st Reg- gies. Properly confident our runners topped all of the other schools. The next meeting was the important State Championship. Our hats are off in tribute to the seven fellows who ran B.C. off the track to take the State meet — Charles Henderson, Murray Watt, Bobby Porro and John Hay- wood — finishing well in the vanguard. English had the honor of being one of the three schools chosen from Mass. to represent the Bay State in Ihe New England Cross Country Championship held right here in Bos- ton at the Franklin Park Golf Course. The re- sults read: — • 1. Manchester of Connecticut 2. Lee Academy of Maine 3. Beverly High of Mass. 4. English High of Boston, Mass. Our hopes and best wishes for another great season go to Thomas Porro, captain-elect of next year ' s squad. With a very successful record compiled by the fleet-footed Blue and Blue, Mr. Clifford Ronan has high hopes for his harriers next season. TRACK - INDOOR Although Coach Ronan had hoped for better results in the State meet, he had to be satisfied with fifth place. Bob Kelleher and Tom Porro were the only boys to score for us, as they took third and fourth respectively in the 1000-yard run. Moreover third place was the best the Blue and Blue could do in the Reggies, with Tech winning the title, and Latin nosing us out. Tom Porro, a junior, should be congratulated on his fine run, as he ran a strong front race to break the record in the class B 88G-yard run in the Regi- mental Championships, bringing the mark down by nearly three seconds to 2.08.9. The season was generally satisfactory. Coach Ronan anticipates o return to our former championship strength. LETTERMEN Ferd Beckette (Capt.) Ed Coyle Otis Gray John Hayes James Keaney Bill Knowlton Tom Porro John Rice Jay Savage Bernie Shea Bill Stoddard Francis Welch Joe Connolly Don Delcore Tom Grenham Charles Henderson Bob Kelleher John Murphy LeRoy Ramsay Joe Sapanoro Bob Sbordone Bill Still Murry B. Watt Bradiord Whipple TRACK - OUTDOORS MEMBERS OF VARSITY SQUAD F. Beckette, (Co-Capt.) A. Peona R, Kelleher, (Co-Capt.) A. Podolsky P. Clauss T. Porro J. Connolly L. Ramsay E. Coyle J. Rice W. Dilday J. Sakakini D. Delcore J. Saponaro O. Gray J. Savage T. Grenham R. Sbordone I. Hayes B. Shea J. Haywood W. Still C. Henderson W. Stoddard J. Keaney M. Watt W. Knowlton F. Welch J. Meehan B. Whipple J. Murphy C. White BASKETBALL With only two lettermen returning, it looked like a bleak season for the basketball team. Capt. Kenny MacLeay and Henry Moody were the two repeaters who hoped to spark this year ' s team. Every team in the league was out to stop English in its bid for a third straight city championship. Dorchester High eked by the double Blue 46-45 in the opening game of the year, but English proved that with a little more experience they were going to be rough on all opposition. Led by Kenny MacLeay and Dave Hill, the Blue and Blue racked up three straight wins over Trade, B. C. High, and Technical respectively. Suddenly our luck seemed to run out as we lost to Memorial and Latin in the closing minutes of each game. The second round started just as the first one did, losing to Dorchester, and then beating Trade, B. C. High, and Technical. Although Bryant Rollins, Kenny MacLeay and Dick O ' Brien were outstanding in the last two games against Memorial and Latin, the team couldn ' t quite gather enough points to win either game. BASKETBALL WINNERS OF THE VARSITY E Kenneth MacLeay (Captain) Paul Sherman Brian Flaherty Richard O ' Brien David Hill Bryant Rollins Henry Moody Alan Cohen Torey DeFrancisco William Farrell (Mgr.) Fred Kliendienst 1st Row (left to right): H. Moody, R. O ' Brien, K. Macleay (capt.), E. Rollins. 2nd Row: William Farrell (man- ager), P. Sherman, D. Hill, R. Morti- mer, F. Kliendienst, F. Gillis (coach). 3rd Row: B. Flaherty, H. Mahoney, A. Cohen, and E. Capeless. Although English could do no better than to break even in the victory column, yet it was a promising season. All members of the squad showed excellent spirit and t he student body gave the team and Mr. Gillis enthusi- astic support. Kenneth MacLeay and Fred Kliendienst are co-captains for next year and we leave them with our best wishes for a successful season. THE SEASON ' S RECORD English Opponents 45 Dorchester 46 39 Trade 36 50 B. C. High 47 57 Tech. 42 57 ; Technical 42 55 Memorial 57 63 Latin 74 51 Dorchester 59 66 Trade 54 73 B. C. High 43 60 Tech. 54 60 Technical 54 51 Memorial 65 58 Latin 77 HOCKEY BF ISv iH H Richard Arnone (Mgr.) |Bt Hl mV Albert Arzouhalgian r Pl Robert Boyle (Capt.) K r H h ' li M Thomas Connolly B ' P I V Donald Corrigan He ' - ' S m Gary Cronin IP I ;sH| B Gerald D ' Avolio K- fmSm — § George Dick |k.| Hf 3 Robert Donovan KMt g 9 Richard Gill B B|| iiiMMSMtMMiriiiii John Greco ■ H I I B Brendon Melvin Kaufman James McGhee SEASON ' S RECORD Paul Qualter English Opponents 4 Trade 2 11 , Memorial 1 6 Dorchester 3 2 Technical 1 on league games. 5 Latin 5 £ H.s. 6, Lawrence Academy 1. 2 - Trade 0 Metropolitan Hockey Tournament. Memorial 1 £ S 2, Swampscott 3 2 - Technical 2 1 Latin 2 1st Row (Left to Right): R. Amone, J. Carr, J. D ' Avolio, R. Boyle (capt.), J. Greco, G. Dick, P. Leary. 2nd Row: T. Connolly, M. Kaufman, L. Querela, Cronin, T. Smith, D. Corrigan. 3rd Row: R. Hurviti, R. Donovan, A. Arzouhalgian, J, McGee, R. Gill, William Stewart Jr. (coach). Led by Captain Bob Boyle, the Blue and Blue skated to one of their finest seasons in the last few years. The team won 7, lost 2, and tied 2. The first line composed of seniors Greco and Boyle, and junior Jerry D ' Avolio was chosen as a unit to the Boston City All-Stars ' squad. Also chosen as an all-star was defenseman George Dick. Teaming with Dick on defense was senior Brendon Harrington. The net was guarded by senior Don Corrigan. The Blue won their first five games including a 6-1 victory over Lawrence Academy at Lawrence in which Jerry D ' Avolio netted 4 goals. Next, the Blue met Latin with first place at stake. In a game which can best be described as fast and rugged, Latin and English played to a 5 to 5 tie. Jerry D ' Avolio tallied all five goals for the Blue and Blue. The Blue won their next two games and then played to a 2-2 tie with Technical. On Washington ' s birthday, English and Latin met with the City Championship at stake. Latin school emerged with the coveted trophy when Grant scored at 8:56 of the final period to break a 1-1 deadlock. Scoring for the Blue was defenseman George Dick. In the Met. tourney, Swampscott defeated the Blue and Blue 3-2. Johnny Greco notched both goals for English, each time tying the game. Swampscott notched the clincher with seventeen seconds to be played. Johnny Greco valiantly trying to tie the score, crashed in to the goal suffering a fractured rib from which he has fully recovered. The class of ' 55 wishes to salute their hockey team for a job well done. BASEBALL MEMBERS OF Aiello, Lawrence Allen, John Beckette, Ferdinand Bouffard, Albert Chaban, Norman Cieslick, John D ' Avolio, Gerald Hill, David Kara, Joseph Leblanc, Robert VARSITY SQUAD Mown, James Moody, Henry, Captain McDonough, Paul McManamin, Robert Schettino, Frank Sullivan, John Sybertz, Leo Weisbaum, Philip Arnone, Richard, Mgr. Manning, Robert, Mgr. SEASON ' S SCHEDULE April 13 E. H. S. vs. Groton April 22 E. H. S. vs. Memorial April 29 E. H. S. vs. Technical May 3 E. H. S. vs. Dorchester May 6 E. H. S. vs. B. C. High May 10 E. H. S. vs. Trade May 13 E. H. S. vs. Latin May 17 E. H. S. vs. Dorchester May 20 E. H. s. vs. Technical May 21 E. H. s. vs. Lawrence Academy May 24 E. H. s. vs. Memorial May 27 E. H. s. vs. B. C. High June 3 E. H. s. vs. Trade June 7 E. H. s. vs. Latin BASEBALL The English High baseball squad met this spring with enthusiasm and confidence. The squad although not particularly large was strong and cap- able. Henry Moody had been elected captain and his leadership has been gratifying to both the coaches and players. The season so far has been highly successful. All games scheduled up to May 13 have been won handily, some by overwhelming scores. The outlook for a convincing City Championship is more than good. The sound pitching of Davey Hill and Joe Carey have done much to bring victory to the school. The consistent hitting of the team, particularly that of Fred Bechette and Bob LeBlanc has given the coaches every reason to believe that English High School will be represented in championship play by one of the best nines that has ever represented The Blue and Blue. Most of the team will be graduated this spring, we are proud of their achievements and hope that Mr. Stewart and his assistants will have equally good fortune in the coming years. RECORD THROUGH MAY 16, 1955 E. H. S. 7 GrotonZ E. H. S, 4 Technical 1 E. H. S. 11 Dorchester 2 E H. S. 14 B. C. H. 2 E. H. S. 19 Trade 6 E. H. S. 12 Latin 8 GOLF Despite the loss of some reliable seniors, the prospects for a successful sea- son appears promising. Led by Captain F. Ricci and ably assisted by T. Parro, F. Skidmore, J. Skidmore and J. Kaplan among others, the team is hoping to overcome its ancient rival, Boston Latin School, and win the Boston Conference Championship and the right to enter the quarter-finals of the State Champion- ship to be played June 6 and 7. There are also medal championship, both city and state, that will offer the squad members an opportunity for competitive experience and honors. MEMBERS OF GOLF VARSITY SQUAD F. Ricci I. Lambenos F. Skidmore E. Bielawa J. Kaplan J. Manning R. Conte J. Savaqe R. Price 1. Iqoe T. Porro F. Donovan I Battary J. Fay G. Donovan J. Grimley M. Gemelli SCHEDULE April 26 E. vs. Memorial April 28 E. H. S. vs. East Boston May 2 E. H. S. vs. Dorchester May 4 E. H. S. vs. Trade May 9 E H. S. vs. South Boston May 17 E. H. S. vs. Hyde Park May 19 E. H. S. vs. Technical May 23 E. H. S. vs. St. Sebastian Mav 26 E. H. S. vs. Latin May 31 City Championship Medal Play - First Round June 2 City Championship Medal Play - Final Round June 4 State Golf Tourney TENNIS The English High Tennis team will enter this spring ' s tournament season with a consistent record over the years. Despite the loss of some veterans the outlook is good with a busy Boston Conference schedule to face followed by singles and doubles City championship. Then follows a heavily contested State championship held at Winchester, Mass. from May 28 to June 2. It is hoped that in the near future English High will have its own tennis courts and will be able to develop the kind of teams that could be developed under the right conditions. TENNIS SCHEDULE April April April April May Mav May May Mav May May Mav May Mav May Mav June June 8 Intramurals E. H. S. vs. Technical E. H. S. vs. Newton E. H. S. vs. Brighton E. H. S. vs. Dorchester E. H. S. vs. Memorial E. H. S. vs. Hdye Park E. H. S. vs. South Boston E. H. S. vs. Trade E. H. S. vs. Latin City Championship - Singles Elimination Citv Championship - Doubles Elimination Singles - semi-finals and finals Doubles - semi-finals and finals State Tennis Tournament at Winchester State Tennis Tournament at Winchester MEMBERS OF THE VARSITY SQUAD Arico, Anthony M. Gemelli, Michael Hurvitz, Ralph Jenanyan, Ralph Lansicy, Harris, (Capt.) Lyons, Richard Sammarco, Michael Slotnick, John Yee, Jimmy Finals But if the while I thin on thee, dear friend, All losses are restored and sorrows end. Shakespeare, Sounett XXX LEWIS P. ABDOU School: Dearborn Ambition: Army Hobbies: Sports. JAMES ADAMAKIS School: High School of Commerce Ambition: Army. SALVATORE. A ALBANO School: Donald McKay Ambition: To be a success Hobbies: Sports " JOHN R. ALLEN School: Dighton High Ambition: To be a coach College: Northeastern Univer- sity. Hobbies: Trumpet Honors:: Football (4), Baseball (3), Trac k (2), Band (4) JOHN J. ANDREWS School: English High School Ambition: Accountant College: Bentley Hobbies: Basketball Honors: Honor Roll JASON S. AUSSUBEL School: P. C. Campbell Ambition: To be a success Collsge: Boston University Hobbies: Bowling RAY L BANKS School: Joseph H. Barnes Ambition: Commercial Artist CDliege: Boston University Hobbies: Piano, drawing Honors: 1st Lieutenant in dril CHARLES F. BARRY, JR. School: St. Patrick ' s Hobbies: Basketball, softball Honors: Manual of Arms Award ALAN K. BASS School: Solomon Lewenberg Ambition: Army Honors: Picture Committee. GORDON M. BEAN School: W. H. Taft Ambition: Minister College: Gordon College Hobbies: Basketball, photogra- phy Honors: 2nd Lieutenant. FERDINAND B. BECKETTE School: Sherwin Ambition: My own small busi- ness College: Indiana University Hobbies: Sports Honors: Football 3, 4; track 1, 2, 3 (captain), 4; baseball, 4; drill captain CHARLES S. BELLAVIA School: St. Lazarus Ambition: To be a success College: Northeastern Hobbies: Building model air- planes ALBERT E. BOUFFARD School: St. John ' s Ambition: Study Chemistry College: Boston College Hobbies: Baseball, basketball Honors: Drill Captain, Honor Roll, Student Council, Base- bail 2, 3, 4, Undergrad Scholarship ROBERT F. BOYLE School: Mission High Ambition: Accountant College: University of New- Hampshire Hobbies: Sports Honors: Honor Roll, Football 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 4; Hockey 2, 3, (Captain) 4, Veep Freshman Class SYLVESTER BELLE School: Dwight Ambition: To be a success Hobbies ' : Amateur photogra- phy Honors: Bugle Corps 1-4 JOHN M. BOBROWSKI School: C. R. Edwards Ambition: Police officer College: Northeastern Univer- sity Hobbies: Cars, sports. VINCENT M. BOLAND School: Boston Latin Ambition: To be a surgeon College: Bowdoin Hobbies: Camping, photogra- phy, social work Honors: Drill Captain, Fl F2 Honor Roll, Record, Year- book Staffs, Switchbard, Discussion Club RICHARD H. BREARE School: St. Peters Ambition: Engineering Hobbies: Boxing, weight lifting HAROLD BRETNER School: Solomon Lewenberg Ambition: To be a success in business College: Boston University Hobbies: Sports Honors: Drill Captain JOHN P. BROOKS School: St. Peter ' s Ambition: Accountant College: Notre Dame Hobbies: Sports Honors: Lawrence Prize E2, Honor Roll 1-2-3-4 Cafeteria 1, 2, 3, 4; Library Corps 1, 2, 3. RICHARD P. BROWN School: C. R. Edwards Ambition: Business manager College: Northeastern Hobbies: Ice skating, bowling, basketball SAMUEL M. BURCHILL School: R, G. Shaw Ambition: Commercial artist College: Massachusetts of Art Hobbies: Sports, art PAUL L. CAHAN School: Boston Latin Ambition: Success in world af- fairs College: Harvard Hobbies ' : Music, bowling Honors: Pres. French Club, Lawrence Prize Captain, Prom Committee JOHN P. CALLAGHAN School: St. Gregory ' s Ambition: Success in engi- neering College: Northeastern Uni- versity Hobbies: Hockey, football Honors: Track (3), golf 1, 2 MANUEL J. CARGO School: Joseph H. Barnes College: Boston College Hobbies: Football, baseball, basketball Honors: Individual Drill (2). JOHN D. CARLTON School: Grover Cleveland Ambition: Chemical engineer College: Northeastern Uni- versity Hobbies: Photography JOSEPH CARNEVALE School: Michelangelo Ambition: Import-export busi- ness College: Boston University Hobbies: Photography Honors: Lawrence Prizes, Corporal. JOHN P. CARR School: St. Catherine ' s Ambition: To graduate College: Massachusetts State University Hobbies: Competitive swim- ming Honors: Hockey 3, 4. ROBERT M. CARROLL School: St. William ' s Ambition: To be a success College: Bentley School of Ac- counting Hobbies: Most Precious Blood Crusaders Honors: Lawrence Prize Band Prize, Captain of Band, Track, Honor Roll. JOHN P. CARSON School: St. Ann ' s Ambition: Success in life College: Boston University Hobbies: Sports ' Honors: Track, baseball NOBMAN C. CHABAN School: Solomon Lewenberg Ambition: Success in life College: Yale Hobbies: Sports Honors: Football. GARY CHIN School: Abraham Lincoln Ambition: Mechanical Engi- neer College: M. I. T. Hobbies: Chess, drawing Honors: Lawrence Prize E3, Honor Roll, National Honor Society. GILBERT Y. CHIN School: Abraham Lincoln Ambition: Electrical engineer College: M. L T. Hobbies: Photography Honors: National Honor Soci- ety, Lawrence Prizes, Ger- man Club, French Club, Student Council (3). PATRICK CIANO School: Donald McKay Ambition: To be a success Hobbies: Sports. PAUL T. CLAUSS School: Joseph H. Barnes Ambition: Coach College: Boston University Hobbies: Sports. 1 I- V :t ... 1 t J BRUCE T. CLEVELAND School: Baker Ambition: Electronics College: M. I. T. Hobbies: Radio Honors: Honor Roll, Undergrad Scholarships (2). NORMAN B. COHEN School: Frank V. Thompson Ambition: Psychiatrist College: Tufts Hobbies: Photography Honors: Health Room Corps, Yearbook, Record, French Club. THOMAS J. COLLINS School: Blessed Sacrament Ambition: C. P. A. College: Bentley ' s Hobbies: Gym, swimming, camping. DANIEL COLUCCI School: English High Ambition: Lawyer College: Suffolk Hobbies: Photography, stamps Honors: Ass. Track Manager II, Discussion Club III. RICHARD E. CONTE School: Taunton High Ambition: Successful business- man College: University of Massa- chusetts Hobbies: Basketball, golf, music Honors: Honor Roll, French Club, Golf Team 4, Journal Staff. ROBERT R. COONEY School: Boston Latin Ambition: Electrical engineer College: Northeastern Univer- sity Hobbies: Amateur radio Honors: Track 1, 2. ANTHONY A. CAPOBIANCO School: Joseph H. Barnes Ambition: Success in business College: Boston University- Hobbies: Football, baseball Honors: Honor Roll SALVATORE F. COPPOLINO School: Lewis Ambition: Salesman Hobbies: Sports ROBERT V. CORMIO School: Mary E. Curley Ambition ' To be a success College: Northeastern Univer- sity Hobbies: Music, sports ' . JOHN P. CORNETTA School: J. H. Barnes Ambition: Commercial artist College: Massachusetts School of Art Hobbies: Auto mechanic. DONALD L. CORRIGAN School: St. Gregory ' s Ambition: Businessman Hobbies: Hockey, basketball, baseball Honors: Co-captain of Hockey Team. JAR-CS CORSO School: Boston English High Ambition: Air Force College: Boston University Hobbies: Sports. JOHN M. COTTER, JR. Ambition; Race driver Hobbies: Race cars Honors: Track, Hockey. JOHN P. CRONIN School: B. C. High Ambition: To be a success College: Boston College Hobbies: Bowling. JAMES E. DALTON School: Joseph H. Barnes Ambition: To be a success College: Winslow Secretarial Hobbies: Machines, typing Honors: Manuel Arms, Year- book, Patrol, Track. JOACQUIN T. D ' AMBHOSIO School: East Boston High Ambition: To be a surgeon College: Boston College Hobbies: Studying music. HAROLD T. DeLOHEY School: Boston Latin Ambition: Businessman College: Massachusetts State Hobbies: Football, basketball, swimming, baseball Honors: Captain, Alumni Com- mittee, Football, Athletic Room Captain. LOUIS A. DEL PRETE School: Mount Carmel Ambition: Baseball College: Undecided Hobbies: Electric trains Honors: Baseball 1, 2, Footbal 2, 3. ROBERT J. DeMINICO School: C. R. Edwards Ambition: To be a disc jockey College: Cambridge School of Radio-TV Broadcasting Hobbies: Photography, sports Honors: Track. JAMES W. DENNEHY School: Robert G. Shaw Ambition: To be a producer or director in TV College :Emerson Hobbies: Photography Honors: Track, Baseball. NICHOLAS A. DERANY School: Boston Latin Ambition: To be a prominent businessman College: Harvard Hobbies: Weight-lifting, box- ing, wrestling, music Honors: Student Council, Patrol. JOHN T. DEVONSHIRE School: Woodrow Wilson Ambition: To be a success Hobbies: Electricity, wood- work, sports. ROBERT R. DiBIASIO School: Donald McKay Ambition: To be a reporter College: Boston College Hobbies: Baseball, art. WILLIAM H. DILDAY. JR. School: Rice Ambition: Newspaper reporter College: Boston University Hobbies: Sports Honors: Student Council, Room Councilor, Track. PAUL J. DiMANNO School: Patrick F. Gavin Ambition: To be a doctor College: Tufts ' College Hobbies; Singing, golf, tennis, bowling Honors: Vice-President, French Club, Glee Club, History Club, Record, Yearbook, Captain. JOSEPH V. DiNUCCI School: East Boston High Ambition: Aeronautics Engi- neer College: University of Massa- chusetts Hobbies: Sports Honors: 1st Lieutenant, Foot- ball 3, 4. WILLIAM T. DORGAN School: Latin School Ambition: Success in Business College: Boston College Hobbies: Sports Honors: Football, 3, 4; French Club. JOSEPH D. DOHERTY School: B. C. High Ambition: Commercial pilot WILLIAM B. DRISCOLL School: Gate of Heaven Ambition: Pilot Hobbies: Sports. ROBERT M. DUBOW School: Boston Latin W ' " ' 11 Ambition: Chemist College: Tufts Hobbies: Basketball Honors: 1st Lieutenant, Lab assistant. Honor Roll, French Club. fS WILLIAM J. DUGAN School: St. John ' s Ambition: Construction electri- cian Hobbies: Sports. JOHN J. DWYER School: St. Mark ' s Ambition: General business College: Northeastern Hobbies: Sports. FREDERICK R. ELDREDGE School: Abraham Lincoln Ambition: Successful military man Hobbies: Photography. JOHN W. ELLIOTT, JR. School: Woodrow Wilson Ambition: Photographer Hobbies: Photography Honors: Year Book Photogra- pher, Band 1,2, 3, 4. DAVID A. EPSTEIN School: Oliver Wendell Holmes Ambition: Business advertis- ing College: Boston University Hobbies: Ticket Stub Collec- tion of Sports Events Honors: French Club, German Club, Track Captain. LEONARD A. EPSTEIN School: Solomon Lewenberg Ambition: Accounting College: Boston University Honors: Captain, Discussion Club, French Club, German Club, Track. EDWARD A. FAHY School: William E. Russell Ambition: Engineer College: Northeastern Hobbies: Piano Honors: F and Deportment II, Student Council II, Stamp Defense Program II, Library Corps I, Patrol 1, IV. WILLIAM J. FARRELL School: Boston Latin Ambition: Engineer College: Northeastern Hobbies ' : Photography Honors: Manual of Arms Award, German Club, Bas- ketball 3, 4. RICHARD C. FAUST School: Lewis Junior High Ambition: Minister College: Upsaula Hobbies: Swimming, baseball, hiking Honors: French Club IV FERNANDO F. FERNANDEZ, JR. School: Michelangelo Ambition: Successful business- man College: Northeastern Hobbies: Sports Honors ' : Captain, Fidelity Prize, Lawrence Prize. WALTER E. FISHER School: English High Ambition: Musician Hobbies: Music, photography. EDWARD L. FLANAGAN School: B. L. S. Ambition: Movie director College: Catholic University of America Hobbies: Movies, music, ama- teur dramatics Honors: Debating Club 2, Dis- cussion Club 2, 3, 4, Library Corps 2, 3, 4, Record Staff, Yearbook Staff, Boston Pub- lic School Radio-Tv Work- shop, Manual of Arms 3, Music Appreciation 4, Cap- tain 1st Company, Second Regiment. WILLIAM G. FLOOD Ambition: To be a mechanic Hobbies: Cars CHARLES W. FOLEY School: English High Ambition: Bookkeeper Hobbies: Horses, dogs. JAMES F. FOLEY School: Mather School, Dor- chester Ambition: Businessman Hobbies: Sports Honors: Student Council, pa- trol. DAVID L. FOX School: Patrick Campbell Ambition; College professor College: Boston University- Hobbies: Music, literature, chess Honors: Lawrence Prize, Hearst Prize in American History, Discussion Club, Record Staff, Yearbook Staff, Picture Committee, Patrol. DENNIS M. FRANKLIN School: Solomon Lewenberg Ambition: To be successful College: Wentworth Hobbies: Motor boats HARVEY L. FREEDMAN School: Solomon Lew enberg Ambition; Electrical engineer College; University of Massa- chusetts Hobbies; Model airplanes, cartooning. ARTHUR A. GAMBALE School: Christopher Columbus Ambition: Business Executive College; Boston College Hobbies: Collecting stamps, reading. LAWRENCE F. GAMBINO School: Boston Latin Ambition: College Teacher College: Holy Cross Hobbies: Dogs, reading Honors: Cut Slip Patrol, Dis- cussion Club, Class Secre- tary, Treasurer, Yearbook, Record. DAVID S. GEDNEY School: King ' s County Acad- emy Ambition: Engineer College: Tufts ' Hobbies: Swimming, stamp collecting, hockey, skating Honors: F. P. D. 2, 3; Discus- sion 4; Office Patrol 4, Liter- ary Editor, Record 4, Year- book Staff 4. FRANZ T. GEYSEN School: St. Francis de Sales Ambition: To be successful College; Oxford Hobbies: Sports Honors: Track, Hockey, Sv itch- board, Patrol, Lunch Room, Picture Committee. MICHAEL A. GIGGI School: John Cheverus Ambition; To be a doctor College: Boston College Hobbies: Woodworking, model airplanes. FREDERIC GOLDBERG Ambition; Druggist College; Massachusetts Col- lege of Pharmacy Hobbies: Billiards. GEORGE A. GOLDSTEIN School: Solomon Lewenberg Ambition; Electronic engineer Hobbies; Boating, fishing Honors: Bugle and Drum Corps. MANUEL S. GONSALVES School: St. Aloysius Ambition: Air Force Pilot College: Howard University Hobbies: Camping, hiking, aeronautics Honors: F. and D 1, 4; Student Council, Room Councilor. GERARD M. GORHAM School: Mother School Ambition: Accountant College: Bentley ' s Hobbies: Swimming, stamps Honors: Track Team, Patrol. JOHN J. GORMAN School: Blessed Sacrament Ambition: To be a success College: University of New Hampshire Hobbies: Hockey, sv imming, skiing Honors: Track 1, 2, football 2, 3, 4, Sgt. 4, Drum and Bugle 1. FRANCIS M. GRAHAM School: St. Mary ' s Ambition: To be a successful businessman College: Northeastern Hobbies: Hockey, baseball Honors ' : 1st Sergeant, Drum and Bugle Corps. HOY GRANDE School: Donald McKay Ambition: Business. 1 lit 7 ft M 1 . JOHN GRECO School: St. Lazarus Ambition: To be successful College: Wentworth Hobbies: Skating Honors: Room Captain 1, 4, Hockey, Football, Picture Committee, Baseball. ALAN L. GROPMAN School: William Blackstone Ambition: Journalist College: Boston University Hobbies: Sports Honors: Track, Prom Commit- tee, Junior Achievement. DARRELL J. HAMILTON School: Boston Latin Ambition: Be a success College: University of Massa- chusetts Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, travelling, sports. LEO HANRAHAN School: Dearborn School Ambition: To become a pilot College: Northeastern Hobbies: Basketball, baseball Honors: Grade IX Spelling Champ. LEO B. HARRINGTON School: Woodrow Wilson Ambition: To be a teacher College: University of New Hampshire Hobbies: Skating Honors: Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, 2nd Lieutenant. JOHN D. HAYWOOD School: R. G. Shaw - Carl Schurz High Ambition: To be a success College: Brown University Hobbies: Music, sports Honors: Honor Rolls I, III; Junior Symphony Orchestra I, B. P. S. Symphony Band and Orchestra, Cross Coun- try IV, Track IV, Basketball I. CHARLES HENDERSON School: Patrick T. Campbell Ambition: Electrical engineer College: Northeastern Univer- sity Hobbies: Drawing, sports, stamp collecting Honors: Track, Co-captain, Cross Country, Honor Roll, Lt. P. Halloran Award " 54 " , Captain. PHILLIP K. HENKIN School: William E. Russell Ambition: Chemical engineer College: Northeastern Univer- sity Hobbies: Sports, stamp collect- ing Honors: Honor Roll, Fidelity and Department Prize, Track, Record Staff, Lieutenant. ROBERT L. HOKE, JR. School: Lewis Junior High Ambition: To be a success in business College: Northeastern Univer- sity Hobbies: Photography Honors: First Lieutenant, 1955. JOHN S. INDRISANO School: Mather School Ambition: Commercial artist College: Massachusetts School of Art Hobbies: Photography, art Honors: Drill, Office Patrol, Yearbook Committee, Mr. Falvey ' s Staff (3). FRANK A. IPPOLITO School: Donald McKay Ambition: To be a success Hobbies: Sports Honors: Military Commission, Treasurer French Club, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, President Glee Club 4, Honor Roll 2, Stu- dent Council 3. RALPH L. JENANYAN School: Rice School Ambition: Honor and achive- ment College: Harvard Hobbies: Mountain climbing, swimming Honors: Discussion Club, Vice- President of French Club, Glee Club, Junior Achieve- ment, Record, Yearbook Staff . RONALD A. JORDAN School: Dwight Ambition: Dramatics College: U. C. L. A. Hobbies: Sports, music, read- ing Honors: lA ; Lawrence Prize; 1 Military Prize in Music; Prom Committee; German Club 1 year. WILLIAM KANE School: Boston College High Ambition: Army College: Undecided Hobbies: Sports. STEPHEN G. KAPLAN School: Boston Latin Ambition: Doctor College: University of Massa- chusetts Hobbies: Swimming, golf Honors: Swimming Team, Golf Team, Track, Baseball. JOSEPH J. KARA School: R. G. Shaw Ambition: Professional base- ball College: University of Mary- land Hobbies: Weight-lifting, hunt- ing, photography Honors: Baseball. ROBERT N. KARAS School: Frank V. Thompson Ambition: To be a success College: Northeastern Hobbies: Auto racing. ROBERT J. KEARNEY School: Saint Ann ' s Ambition: Electrical engineer College: Northeastern Hobbies: Baseball, golf, swim- ming Honors: Cadet Captain. ROBERT P. KELLEHER School: Boston Latin Ambition: Go to college College: University of Massa- chusetts Hobbies ' : Track, cross country. WILLIAM H. KENNEY Ambition: Merchant Marine Officer College: Massachusetts Mari- time Academy Honors: Honor Roll; Drum and Bugle 1, 2; Discussion Club 2, 3, 4; Executive Com- mittee; Secretary French Club; Switchboard; Cheer- leader. 1 .. ■ J m 1 :i r ! nHv it Wi JAMES W. KING School: St. Catherine ' s Ambition: To be a success College: New York University Hobbies: Sports Honors: Cross Country I ALAN H. KLEIN School: Thomas A. Edison Ambition: To be a doctor College: University of Massa- chusetts Hobbies: Numismatics, fishing, music Honors: French Club, PAUL B. KOCINCKI School: Clarence R. Edwards Ambition: Navy commission College: Annapolis Honors: German Club TERENCE A. KOEN School: Boston Latin Ambition: Doctor College: Boston College Hobbies: Music, cars Honors: President Student Council. CHARLES P. KOINES School: Rice Ambition: Aeronautical engi- neer College: Northeastern Univer- sity Hobbies: Radio, model planes Honors: 2nd Sergeant, Honor Roll, French Club, German Club. CHESTER W. KUZIA, JR. School: Saint Margaret ' s Ambition: Dentist College: Boston College Hobbies; Fixing cars Honors: Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Cross Country 2, 3, Room Council- lor 1, 2, Office Patrol 4. HOBERT F. KYLE School: Grover Cleveland Ambition: To be a priest College: University of Massa- chusetts Hobbies ' : Photography Honors: French Club, Record Staff. ROBERT D. LANZA School: Donald McKay Ambition: Nuclear physicist College: M. I. T. Hobbies: Reading, collecting stamps Honors: Lawrence Prize Honor Roll, National Honor Society, Discussion Club, Yearbook PHILLIP A. LENZI School: Charlestown High Ambition: Electrical engineer College: Northeastern Univer- sity Hobbies: Baseball, football, bowling. JUOZAS LEONAVICIUS School: Bigelow Elementary School Ambition: To be a doctor College: Tufts or B. C. Hobbies: Tennis, basketball, keeping boney bees. 1 ZENONAS LEONAVICIUS School: English High Ambition: M. D. College: Boston College Hobbies: Tennis, basketball. keeping bees Honors: German Club, 1st Lieutenant, Drill. PETER P. LETVINCHUK School: St. Mary ' s Ambition: Air Force College: U. S. Air Force Hobbies: Fishing. V ILLIAM A. LEYSER School: Thomas A. Edison Ambition: Naval career College: United States Navy Hobbies: Photography. ARTHUR ?.. LIPSITZ School: English High Ambition: Singer, disc jockey College: Emerson Hobbies: Club activities, so- cial, athletics Honors: Lawrence Prize ' WI. THOMAS P. LIU School: William H. Taft Ambition: Mechanical engi- neer College: Northeastern Univer- sity Hobbies: Sports Honors: Lawrence Prize. JOHN R. LONGO School: Boston Latin Ambition: Successful business- man College: Northeastern Hobbies: Baseball, bowling. HENRY F. LORDON School: Boston English High Ambition: Swimming coach Hobbies: Swimming, football, track. Honors: Held National B. C. swimming record in the 50 yd. free style. ROBERT R. LUNDY School: Boston Latin Ambition: Lawyer College: Boston College Hobbies: Music, sports Honors: Football 1953-54. ANTHONY M. LUPO School: Michelangelo Ambition: Business Hobbies: Sports. VINCENT A. LUZZO School: Michaelangelo Ambition: Businessman Hobbies: Sports Honors: Corporal. NEIL E. LYFORD School: Averill High Ambition: Success in a field of mathematics Col lege: Undecided Hobbies: Map collecting Honors: Lawrence Prize in B2 and M2. ROBERT J. McCOLLEM School: William E. Russell Ambition: Navy Hobbies: Track, baseball, bas- ketball Honors: Fidelity and Depart- ment Prize, baseball, bas- ketboall. Glee Club. ARTHUR B. Mcdonough, jr. School: Cathedral Ambition: To be a man of learning College: Oblate Seminary Hobbies: Bowling, reading, music Honors: Honor Roll, Captain in Drill, Discussion Club, Yearbook, Record Staff, Song Committee, Library Corps. PAUL T. Mcdonough School: St. Matthew ' s Ambition. To be a coach College: Indiana Hobbies: Swimming Honors: Captain Football 4 years. Baseball 3 years. ANTHONY F. McGAITIGAN, JR. School: Blessed Sacrament Am.bition: To succeed College: Undecided Hobbies: Bowling, swimming Honors: Member of Football Team three years. Student Government Representative, Room Captain ' 55, Member of Record Staff. WALTER T. McGinn School: St. Ann ' s School Ambition: Accountant College: Northeastern Hobbies ' : Model Airplanes Honors: First Lieutenant DAVID A. McGUIRE School: St. Augustine Ambition: To be a teacher College: State Teachers ' Col- lege at Boston Hobbies: Sports, dancing, rec- ords Honors: Track, 2 years; Junior Achievement, 2 years; Dis- cussion Club, French Club, Track Manager, 1 year; Vice Chairman of Executive Com- mitte in J. A.; Member of Record; Captain; Chairman Yearbook Committee. JOHN R. McKENZIE School: Mary E. Curley Ambition: To be a Naval offi- cer College: U. S. Naval Academy Hobbies: Ship building Honors ' : Member of News- paper. BARRY D. McKEON School: Boston Latin Ambition: Sales manager College: Northeastern Hobbies: Golf, reading, music. WILLIAM J. McMAHON School: Boston Latin Ambition: Teacher-coach College: Florida State Hobbies: Automobiles, scrap- book, sports, TV Honors: Football 3-2, Track 3-2, Record Staff, Aviation Club, Swimming Club. [f L 1 WILLIAM L. MacNEIL School: F. V. Thompson Ambition: To be a success College: Boston University Hobbies: Swimming. GEORGE B. MADSEN, JR. School: Woodrow Wilson Ambition: Business Adminis- tration College: Boston University Hobbies: Sports Honors: Football III. RICHARD J. MANCINI School: St. John ' s Ambition: To get a history de- gree College: State Teacher ' s Hobbies: Stamp collector Honors: Honor Roll, 1st Lieut. Drill. FRANCIS J. MEDEIROS School: William E. Russell Ambition: H. S. Hd. of Dept. College: Massachusetts State Teachers Honors: Spelling Champ Frosh Year. JOHN J. MEEHAN School: Rice Ambition: Make good in life College: B. U. Hobbies: Hunting, coin collect- ing Honors: Track, " AA " for hon- esty, member of Picture Committee and Business Committee of the Yearbook. STEPHEN F. METRICK School: Boston Technical High Ambition: Electronics Hobbies: Photography. ZACHARY MINICHIELLO School: John Cheverus Ambition: To be a success College: Barber School Hobbies: Swimming, hunting, music Honors: Lawrence Prize, Fi- delity and Deportment prize, Glee Club, 1st Lieutenant. ANTHONY P. MODICA School: Donald McKay Ambition: Nuclear physicist College: M. I. T. Hobbies: Airplane modeling, stamp collecting Honors: Lawrence Prize, Fi- delity and Deportment, nominated to attend Boys ' State, University of Massa- chusetts, 1954. HENRY F. MOODY School: Martin Ambition: To be a strong leader College: Middlebury, Vermont Hobbies: Archery, bowling Honors: Honor Roll, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball in 1, 2, 3, 4, Football in 2, 3, 4, Cap tain Baseball 4, Glee Club, Executive Committee of School Magazine, President Senior Class. WILLIAM J. MOONEY School: Boston English High Ambition: Heating Engineer College: Wentworth (night course) Hobbies: Oil burner work (service) GEORGE E. MORLAND, JR. School: E. H. S. Ambition: Aeronautical Engi- neer College: Undecided Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, model airplanes Honors: Civil Air Potnol. ALEXANDER N. MOSSUTO School: Donald McKay Junior High Ambition: Career in the air- lines College: Aviation Training School Hobbies: Photography, horse- back riding, bowling Honors: Military Drill Cap- tain, Glee Club, Headmas- ter ' s Special Aide, Honor Roll II. GIN B. MOY School: William Blackstone Ambition: Aircraft Designer College: Embry-Riddle School of Aviation Hobbies: Fly airplane WILLIAM MUMFORD School: English High Ambition: Engineer College: Northeastern Hobbies: Dancing, skating, bowling, singing. GEORGE L. MURPHY School: Mather School Ambition: Mechanical Engi- neer College: Northeastern Hobbies: Football, hockey, dancing, woodwork, skiing, cars Honors: Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4, Room Councilor 1, 2, 3, 4, Honor Roll 1, Captain Drill 4, Track 2, 3, Health Patrol 3, 4. STEPHEN A. MUHPHY School: Mather School Ambition: Pilot Honors: Civil Air Patrol, Ex- ecutive Officer, Dorchester Squadron. FRANCIS J. MUSMANNO School: Mather Grammar Ambition: Mechanical Engi- neer College: Tufts Hobbies: Fishing Honors: Honor Roll, Lawrence Prize It. 3rd yr.. Cadet 1st Lt. 4th yr., Switchboard Pa- trol 3rd yr., Color Guard Commander 2-3-4th yr.. Of- fice Patrol 2nd yr.. Senior Yearbook Committee, Busi- ness Committee. CHARLES A. NASHAWATY School: Robert G. Shaw Ambition: To be a successful businessman College: Boston University, Business Hobbies: Music, sports Honors: Member of Yearbook Committee, Honor Roll 1, II, Campaign Manager, Officer in Military Drill. CHRISTOPHER NASTOPOULOS School: Patrick T. Campbell Ambition: Court reporting College: Winslow Business School Hobbies: Cars, skating, foot- ball, dancing, typing, base- ball, bowling Honors: Essay Winner, Corri- dor Patrol, Sergeant in military drill. JOSEPH A. NIOSI School: William E Russell Ambition: To be a teacher College: State Teachers ' College at Boston Hobbies: Hockey, football, cars, water skiing Honors: C. Y. O., C. Y. A. RICHARD F. O ' BRIEN School: Rice Ambition: To be a teacher College: State Teachers ' College Honors: L. P. in Spanish I, Basketball four years. Pa- trol II. THOMAS F. O ' BRIEN School: Grover Cleveland College: Northeastern Uni- versity Hobbies: Water sports. ROBERT M. O ' CONNOR School: Rice — Bancroft Ambition: To be my ovm bossl College: Holy Cross Hobbies: Photography RICHARD O ' DONNELL School: St. Gregory s Ambition: To be a success College: Middlebury Hobbies: Drawing, photogra- phy, sports Honors: French Club, Football 4, Baseball 4 THOMAS A. O ' KEEFFE School: Boston Latin Ambition: Naval Officer College: Rensselaer Polytech- nic Institute Hobbies: Junior Achievement, hockey Honors: Record Staff Junior Achievement Chairman Junior Achieve- ment Delegate Notional Junior Achievers Conference — August ' 54 Delegate New England Junior Achievement Conference February ' 55 Vice-President Junior Achievement Awarded Dale Carnegie Scholarship October ' 54. DAVID P. ORLANDELLA School: Brandeis Vocational High Ambition: Medical research College: Undecided Hobbies: Fencing. WILLIAM OWENS School: U. S. Jones High Ambition: To make good (singing) in show business College: B. U. Hobbies: Writing lyrics and music, typing Honors: Won Elks ' Oratorical Contest for the N. E. Dis- trict and won 3rd place at State contest, Cadet Capt. ANTHONY F. PALMER School: Rice Ambition: Pilot College: Air Force Academy Hobbies: Football, basketball, track Honors: Drum and Bugle Corps. ARTHUR A. PAPPAS School: Third Gymnasium of Athens Ambition: Electrical Engineer College: Northeastern Uni- versity Hobbies: Music Honors: Cadet Captain. JOHN PARIS School: Rice Ambition: Teacher College: Boston College Hobbies: Politics, cars, discus- sion and French clubs, ice skating, dancing Honors: Law Prize LI, HI, H3, Captain Drill, National Honor Society, Executive Committee, Athletic Cap- tain. DAVID K. PARSEKIAN School: Woodrow Wilson Ambition: Accountant College: University of Massa- chusetts. DONALD W. PEDERSEN School: Boston Latin Ambition: Credit investigator College: Northeastern Uni- versity Hobbies: Sports, novels, Junior Achievement. ROBERT A. PELOSI School: English High School Ambition: To become a dentist College: Boston College. Hobbies: Bowling, water ski- ing, ice skating Honors: Honor Roll X, XI, Lawrence Prizes, Latin, French. ALESSIO J. PEONA School: Giosue Carducci, Italy Ambition: Mechanical Engi- neer College: Tufts College Hobbies: Stamp collecting, gymnastics Honors: Track 3 years, Picture Committee. ANTHONY J. PESATURO School: High School of Com- merce Ambition: Disc jockey Hobbies: Sports, track, music. WARREN M. PETERSEN School: Thomas A. Edison Ambition: Electrical engineer College: Northeastern Uni- versity Hobbies: Radio, cars Honors: 3 yrs. Football, 2 yrs. Hockey, Prom Committee, 2nd Lieutenant Drill, Stu- dent Council, Campaign Manager. JOHN E. PETERSON School: Mather School Ambition: To graduate College: Boston College Hobbies: Reading and sports Honors: Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, Prom Commit- tee, Football Letter 3, 4. JAMES A. PETROUS School: Dwight School Ambition; Art teacher College: Undecided Hobbies: Dancing, bowling, drawing Honors: Drawing lor Year- book. DONALD S. POTTLE School: Mather Ambition: Engineer College: Northeastern Hobbies: Sports Honors: National Honor So- ciety, Lab Assistant, Law- rence Prize, Spanish, Ge- ography, Bookkeeping, Honor Roll 1, II, 111, H. JOSEPH POWDERLY School: Robert G. Shaw Ambition: Success in busi- ness College: Yale Hobbies: Photography and sports Honors: Yearbook Staff HERBERT M. PRILUCK School: Frank V. Thompson Ambition: Engineer College: Yale Hobbies: Skating, piano Honors: Lawrence Prize F and D, Lawrence Prize G2, Foot- ball Letter. HAROLD A. PRUSKIN School: William Blackstone Ambition: Business machine salesman Hobbies: Fishing, ice skating, all sports, dancing Honors; Typist for English High Record. VINCENT R. PUZZANGARA School: Michelangelo Ambition; C. P. A. College; Boston University Hobbies; Woodworking, camping Honors: Chief Circulation Manager for Record E. BRYANT ROLLINS, JR. School: Lewis Junior High Ambition; The ministry College: University of Massa- chusetts and Andover Nev - ton Hobbies: Swimming, basket- ball Honors; Capt., Student Di- rector of E. H S. Band IV, Track II, III, IV, basketb-U II, III, IV, Glee Club IV, French Club II, III, E. H. S. Record Staff IV, Class Song Committee IV. ROBERT ROMANO School: Latin School Ambition: Pilot College; College of Tech- nology Hobbies: Model planes NORMAN P. ROSSMAN School: Boston Latin Ambition: Sportswriter College: Northeastern Uni- versity Hobbies: Sports Honors: Record Staff. ROBERT R. RUBANO School: Donald McKay Ambition: Engineer College: Northeastern Uni- versity Hobbies: Sports, cars, music Honors: Baseball 3 and 4 yrs. Honor Roll 2nd yr.. Glee Club 3rd yr., Year book Staff, 1st Lieutenant Drill. ANTHONY RUGGIERO School: John Cheverus School Ambition: To be successful Hobbies: Music, dancing, bov ling. DANIEL J. RUGGIERO School: John Cheverus Ambition: Accountant College: Northeastern Hobbies: Photography, ice skating, fishing Honors: Cadet Captain. FRANCIS G. RUGGIERO School: Joseph H. Barnes Ambition: Banker Hobbies: Baseball, basketbal track ' FRANCIS K. RUOTOLO School: Bo-ston Latin Ambition: Engineer College: Air Force Academy Hobbies: Meteorology, sports, reading Honors: Alumni Committee. JAMES G. SALIDAS School: English High School Ambition: Business College: Northeastern Hobbies: Photography, basketball. JOSEPH A. SAPONARO, JR. School: Donald McKay Ambition: Insurance broker College: University of Massa- chusetts Hobbies: Pocket billiards, sports Honors: Athletic Chairman 2 and 3, Individual Manual of Arms 2, Track 2, 3, 4, Band I, Golf 3. JAY SAVAGE School: Boston Latin Schoo l Ambition: To make money College: B. U. Hobbies: Sports Honors: French Club 4, Drum and Bugle Corps 1, 1st Lieutenant 1st Co., 1st Reg., Track 2, 3, 4, Corridor Pa- trol 3. MELVIN M. SCHNEIDER School: Boston Latin Ambition: To be an engineer College: Northeastern Hobbies: Boxing, weight-lift- ing, music Honors: Band I, II, III, IV, Orchestra II, ROBERT L. SHUMAN School: Solomon Lewenberg Ambition: Medical profession College: Harvard Hobbies: Sports, music Honors: Lawrence Prize L 3, Honor Roll 2, 4, Discussion Club 4, German Club 3, Captain Drum and Bugle Corps 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Drum Prize 3. EDWARD SICARI School: Christopher Columbus Ambition: Entertainer Hobbies: Music, swimming Honors: Glee Club 2, 3, 4, 3rd year Room Captain, 4th year Office Patrol. ALEXANDER J. SMITH, JR. Sch ool: St. John ' s Ambition: Certified public accountant College: Bentley ' s School of Accounting Hobbies: Football Honors: Lawrence Prizes in Commercial Law (K 3) and second year Bookkeeping (B 2). ACADINO D. SORGI School: Rice School Ambition: Electrical Engineer College: Tufts Hobbies: Trumpet, coins Honors: Alumni Committee, Symphony Band. ARTHUR SOUGARIDES School: Day School for Immi- grants Ambition: To be a doctor College: B. U. Hobbies: Basketball ROBERT K. STANWOOD School: Mary E. Curley Ambition: To be a successful electronics engineer College: Northeastern Hobbies: Radio, camping, biking Honors: Track Team ' 52, ' 53, Honor Roll, Individual Drill ' 53. ROBERT F. STAPLETON School: Woodrow Wilson Ambition: To be a success Honors: Cadet Captain. JOSEPH S .STELLA School: Joseph H. Barnes Ambition: To be a lawyer College: B. C. Hobbies: Music, dancing, having fun. TERENCE R. STEPHENSON School: Marist College, Bed- ford, Mass. Ambition: C. P. A. College: Bentley ' s School of Accounting Hobbies: Sports, music Honors: Honor Roll, Lawrence Prize (K 2), Room Council- lor 2, Captain in Drill. ARNOLD J. STEWART School: Solomon Lewenberg Ambition: Engineer College: Northeastern Hobbies: Electricity, mechan- ics Honors: Business and Adver- tising Committee of the Yearbook. MANUEL SUAREZ School: Christopher Columbus Ambition: TV or radio announcer College: Boston University Hobbies: Dancing, all sports, pool Honors: Sgt. Drill, Lt. Drill, Patrol 2 years. FRANCIS E. SULLIVAN School: St. Francis De Sales Ambition: Engineering College: Armed Forces Hobbies: Bowling, fishing Honors: French Club, Captain LEO SYBERTZ School: St, Francis Xavier Ambition: Research engineer College: Northeastern Hobbies: Sports. SAM TRACHTEN3ERG School: Frank V. Thompson Ambition: Veterinoricn College: Cornell University Hobbies: Animals, coins, sci- ence fiction Honors: Codec Drill, 1st Lieu- tenant, Yearbook Advertise- ment Committee, Editorial Staff of " The Record " ,. THEODORE TRAITOUROS School: Day School for Immi- grants Ambition: Engineer College: Northeastern Hobbies: Soccer, bowling Honors: Cadet Drill Lieuten- ant. FRANK TRANFAGLIA School: Michelangelo Ambition: Salesman College: Boston University Hobbies: Baseball, boxing JAMES S. TUBEROSE School: Joseph H. Barnes Ambition: To get a commis- sion in the U. S. Air Force College: Boston University Hobbies: Cars, dancing, bas- ketball, baseball, football, rollerskating. Honors: Band. GRANT W. TURNBULL School: Donald McKay Ambition: Pilot College: Boston University Hobbies: Reading, fishing, hunting, bowling Honors: Track Team 3, Office Patrol 3, French Club 4, Student Council 3. FRANK S. VALLETTA School: Southern Junior High Ambition. Disc jockey College: Radio School Hobbies: Music, radio, broad- casting. JOSEPH A. VELLA School: Boston Latin Ambition: To be successful College: Teachers ' College Hobbies: Sports Honors: Honor Roll, Student Councillor, Room Counselor, E. H. S. Record and Year- book, Alumni Committee, Discussion Club, Switch- board Staff ' 53. JAMES L. WARD, JR. School: William E. Russell Ambition; Aviation College: Northeastern Hobbies: Basketball, stamps, swimming Honors: French Club. MURRAY B. WATT School: Grover Cleveland Ambition: Playwriter College: University of Massa- chusetts Hobbies: Swimming, bowling, track, writing Honors: Discussion Club IV, Record and Yearbook IV, Junior Achievement III, Baseball J. V. II, Track III and IV, Cross-country III and IV, Co-captain Cross- country IV. V ALTER F. WHIPPEN School: Woodrow Wilson Ambition: State Police College: Marine Corps Hobbies: Wrestling, weight- lifting Honors ' : Track II, IV. COURTLAND WHITE School: Sherwin Elementary School Ambition: Draftsman College: University of Massa- chusetts Hobbies: Model building Honors: Track JAMES WHITE School: Amherst Training School Ambition: Success through honesty College: A. and T. (N. C.) Hobbies: Reading and sports Honors: French Club IV, Dis- cussion Club, Athletic Cap- tain IV, Baseball III, IV. 1 !a CHARLES E. WILLIAMS School: English Ambition: Engineer College: M. I. T. ROBERT G. V ILLIAMS School: Grover Cleveland Junior High Ambition: Minister College: Boston University Hobbies: Aviation, fishing, dancing Honors: Junior Achievement XI, Staff School Magazine XII. JOEL WOLFSON School: Frank V. Thompson Ambition: Medicine or busi- ness College: Tufts or Boston U. Hobbies; Stock market, stamps, coins, paper cur- rency Honors; French Club X, XI, Glee Club X, XI, XII, Law- rence Prize F D, Captain, Drill, Yearbook Sports Staff, Editor School Magazine XII, Head Indoor Track Manager 4, Graduating Class Officer, Switchboard Staff. EUGENE Y. J. WONG School; Puiching Middle School Ambition; To be an architect College: M. I. T. Hobbies: Harmonica, sculp- ture, football, weight-lifting, soccer Honors: F D, Manual of Arms, Honor Roll 2, Office Patrol, Library Corps SIK T. YEE Ambition; Mechanical engi- neer College: Northeastern Uni- versity Hobbies: Basketball, pho- tography Honors: Honor Roll, M 1, D 2, F 1, W 1, 2nd Lieutenant. VINCENT BRAVOCO School: Michelangelo Ambition: Automobile mechanic Hobbies: Baseball, automo- biles Honors: 1st Lieutenant. JOSEPH T. BRENNAN School: St. Mary ' s Ambition: To be a success in business Hobbies: Basketball, base- ball. CHARLES M. BUTTERFIELD School: Oliver Wendell Holmes Ambition: To be a success College: Boston College Honors: Eng 1 Hr. WILLIAM F. CALLAHAN School: Roxbury Memorial Ambition: Army pilot College: Boston College Hobbies: Building model Air- planes JOHN S. COMERFORD School: Rice Ambition: Salesman MORDECAI FRIEDBERG School: William H. Taft Ambition: To be a successful businessman College: Massachusetts State University Hobbies: Fishing, photogra- phy. CHARLES J. HEWSON School: Mary E. Curley Ambition: Chemist College: Northeastern Uni- versity Hobbies: Sports, drawing, photography Honors: Track, Football, Base- ball, Alumni Committee Sergeant. PAUL B. KELLEY School: St. John ' s Ambition: Automotive Engi- neer College: Wentworth Institute Hobbies: Cars Honors: Glee Club, Track Team C C EDWARD J. KRAMER School: St. John ' s Ambition: Auto racer College: Wentworth Institute Honors: Glee Club, Music Ap- preciation, Track Team C. C, Advertising Staff. JOSEPH T. LYONS School: Cathedral Grammar Ambition: To go to college College: B. U. or Tufts Hobbies: Collecting jazz records ' . ROBERT E. MacDONNELL School: Boston College High Ambition: Novelist College: Boston College Hobbies: Photography, music, equine training GERALD J. MANNING School: Cathedral High Ambition: To succeed College: Northeastern Uni- versity Hobbies: Hunting and fishing. ROBERT C. MATTEI School: Rice Ambition: Physicist College: Northeastern Hobbies: Hunting, music, fishing JAMES R. MOORE School: Dwight Ambition: Civil engineer College: B. U. Hobbies: Basketball. ALBERT F. NAPIERKOWSKI School: Leicester High School Ambition: Draftsman College: California Tech. Hobbies: Woodcraft, design- ing, stamps Honors: Woodcraft Scholar- ship, Civil Air Patrol, Air Scouts. EUGENE O ' NEILL School: St. Catherine Ambition: To be a success College: Boston College Hobbies: Hockey, basketball, baseball Honors: Lawrence Prize Q 1, Lieutenant in Drill ROBERT E. PIERONI School: St. Peter ' s Ambition: To be a chemist College: Boston College Hobbies: Bowling, sports Honors: Record Staff. JOSEPH A. PINA School: Sherwin School Ambition: To be a success College: Northeastern Hobbies: Model airplanes ' . DONALD J. SHANLEY School: Woodrow Wilson Junior High Ambition: Business repre- sentative College: Boston College Hobbies: Swimming, bowling painting. HERBERT F. SHELLMAN, JR. School: Lewis Ambition: Nuclear physicist College: University of Massa- chusetts Hobbies: Reading, swimming, chess. ROBERT B. STECKO School: William Blackstone Ambition: Philosopher College: University of Cali- fornia Hobbies: Ballet, music, fencing Honors: French Club, Glee Club, Honor Roll. DAVID STOLLER School: E. H. S. Ambition; To be a success College: Emerson Hobbies: Body building. WILLIAM F. SWEENEY School: Donald McKay Ambition: Coach the Boston Celtics College: Boston University Hobbies: Sports Honors: Lawrence Prize in English, 1st Lieutenant. FREDERIC I. VALENTI School: William Howard Taft Ambition: Electronics engi- neer (radio) College: Northeastern Uni- versity Hobbies: Building a high fi- delity system, music, col- lecting recordings (classi- cal) PHILIP WEISBAUM School: Roxbury Memorial Ambition: Ballplayer College: Boston University Hobbies: Stamp and record collecting Honors: Baseball 3, 4, Law- rence Prize (Health) 3. STANLEY D. WHITE School: Lewis J. H. S. Ambition: Insurance broker College: Northeastern Hobbies: basketball lA, girls, swimming Honors: Discussion Club. NORMAN G. WRIGHT School: P. G. Shaw Ambition: Electronics Engi- neer College: Northeastern Hobbies: Hunting O what a blue worldl That blue moon hanging on that blue tree top outside as we sit down to write these final blue notes. Enough of that moaning now! Let ' s get started, shall we fellows? RALPH JENANYAN showed what a wild range of vocabulary he has when he re- marked, " 1 wonder what the weather predica- ment IS for today. " . . . JOHN CARLTON makes no secret of the fact that he is a worldly man, bigger at the equator than at the poles . . . We hear that BILL KENNEY originated the " Professional Father " program. We hope It works, Bill . . . SAM TRACHTENBERG is reportedly holding classes for educated squir- rels on the Common from 3 to 6 p.m. — He extends an invitation to MR. KENNEY . . . RON JORDAN and LEO HANRAHAN have learned so much M7 since September, they ' ve joined the Air Force . . . BREARE, on the other hand, became so dizzy that he piloted his plane from " A " to " sea " — Oh well, his ambition is the army anyhow . . . NICK DE- RANY insists that " stuff " (H2S04) is only water. Pass the pitchfork ... MR. ATWOOD gave a simple rule for making an alarm clock: Place a bottle with an equal volume of hydro- gen and chlorine on a window sill — It will explode when the sun hits it. — Question from ALAN BASS, " What happens when it rains? " Actually, MR. KEELON, the M44 class isn ' t stupid; they just don ' t have any blackboards to erase. . . . LARRY GAMBINO and SENAT- OR FOX seem to differ on their intellectual voting standards. Could it be that both of them are politicians? ... By the way MR. QUINN welcomes any opinion on lowering the voting age to eighteen — you can either write ten thousand wdrcls or one hundred pages about it. — We know DAVE GEDNEY would love to. . . . AL BOUFFARD wants more " B " schedules. He just can ' t do all his homework between 9:00 and 9:00 A. M. It is expected that he won ' t have that trouble in college? . . . CHARLIE BUTTERFIELD must have a spiteful relative. Those ties are out of this world — just where they should be. . . . PROFESSOR LANZA lost his way back after a midnight rev- elry in Revere. — One of his occasional spells under the influence of women. . . . HAROLD " Handsome " BRETNER was caught again to- day — discussing his conquesta out East Bos- ton way. We think he ' s cutting in on BILL TURNBULL ' S region. . . . PHIL HENKIN is still trying for the basketball team. Maybe next year Phil, — they haven ' t invented basketball stilts yet. . . . CHARLIE KOINES is often mo- lested for romantic exploitations by MR. DE- VOIR ' S witty remarks. What these reporters want to knov is how the latter gentleman gets to know them. . . . VELLA: " Can you tell me how to get to M.I.T.? " RUGGERIO: Gee I think that ' s part of the M.T.A. " DOC FRAZIER must be working on the col- lege boards — how he lures us with his gen- erous offer of $12 admission for seven hours of entertainment on March 12. . . . DEN FRANK- LIN says his distant relative Benjamin got the Daylight Savings Time idea from an Indian who cut off one end of his blanket and sewed it on the other end to make it longer. . . . Those lab assistants: POLOSE, POTTLE, DUBOW CO. had better not fool with the bottles in the lab — BEAN made zinc sulfate from the action of copper on H2S04 the other day. . . . MO- DICA certainly bears the distinction of Einstein II. Besides his ambition in the field of E -Mc, even his hair resembles that of the great master. FRED BECKETTE, accepting his football letter, deeply expressed his gratitude, " I thank you from the bottom of my heart. " Those of you who have been dodging JOHN PARIS Co. had better look for cover again — they ' re collecting alumni dues now. JOHN GROSSMAN is tackling hard at the chemistry problems too, Nice work John. Capitol announced today that ED SICARl has signed a ten year contract to sing with Sophie Tucker. — All kidding aside, we pre- dict a great future for this boy. GEORGE MURPHY always boasted about the skillful maneuvers of his sophomore until one of his platoons did a right flank while the others did a column right. We understand MR. ECCLES is raising bookworms in the basement. AL KLEIN has al- ready ordered one thousand (roasted), as pro- visions for his anticipated trip to the South Seas. We would like to know why TERRY KOEN brings a kettle of hot water to the library every day. Is it for a hot water bag or a tea bag? News comes to us that HENRY MOODY is going to start his own disc jockey show — his first guest star to be Talo-o-o-la Bankhead. We also hear he has offered HERB PRILUCK a job as band leader. Headquarters announced today that " DU- CHIE " WARD has relinquished his position as teacher ' s bus-boy to GEORGE MORLAND. Well fellows, it looks like we ' ve come to the end of our journey and the world looks bluer than when we started. It has been four won- derful years that we ' ve had together. Before we close we would like to pay tribute to BILL McDONOUGH and his great football squad, to our hard working cheerleaders, to BOB BOYLE and an anticipated hockey champion- ship, to our basketball team and last but not least to our track team. As the final bell rings out the class of 1955, a new and more exciting period of our life is begun. We wish each and every one of you the greatest success possible. We close, offering up a little prayer: May God bless each and every one of us. Vincent M. Boland ' 55 Gilbert Y. Chin ' 55 AltimmJ otes The English High Association, the oldest and largest high school associa- tion in the United States, boasts 23,000 members. From our portals the gradu- ates of E.H.S. have entered all walks of life. Many have been a credit to this institution of learning. Throughout the world, wherever you go, you ' ll meet a fellow graduate. The roster of judges in this Commonwealth of Massachusetts has twelve Blue and Blue graduates including Chief Justice of the Superior Court, John P. Higgins, class of 1911. Oscar Brodney, who was graduated with the class of 1923, wrote the screen plays for two current hit pictures, " The Sign of the Pagan " and " The Black Shield of Falworth " . School Committeeman Louis Musco graduated with the class of 1929. He is another of our many prominent alumni who have helped many young men on the road to success. His office is always open to any boy seeking advice. This man has been a credit to E.H.S. Dr. Samuel Levine, Clinical Professor of Medicine at the Harvard Medical School, was graduated from E.H.S. in 1906. Dr. Levine is credited with being one of the first to identify coronary thrombosis in the field of medical research. He first discovered the lack of acid in the stomachs of persons afflicted with pernicious anemia. He has made invaluable contributions to the study of thyroid heart disease. A $400,000 Professorship was established at the Harvard Medical School in the name of Dr. Levine by Charles Merrill, a grateful patient. William H. Obrenberger, coach and toastmaster extraordinary, was ap- pointed Assistant Superintendent of Schools in Boston this past year. He was graduated from E.H.S. in 1923. In 1927 he graduated from Boston College. He became football varsity coach of St. Thomas High School 1927-1929. 1929- 1930 he was a teacher and coach at Georgetown Prep, Bill Obrenberger taught Math at E.H.S. m 1930, 1930-1931 he was line coach at B.C. After having gained much experience from these different positions, he came to E.H.S. as coach. From 1932-1945 he coached some of the greatest teams in the history of the school. His glorious career at English, however, came to an end when he was asked to extend his guidance from the few at English to all the boys in Boston. He had been appointed Assistant Director of Physi- cal Education, a position which he held from 1945-1954. In all his career Wil- liam Obrenberger distinguished himself as a leader. He has fought hard against much opposition to get better school conditions for Boston and especi- ally for E.H.S. At the English High School Home Coming, November 22, 1954, a suitable delegation, representing almost all of the graduated classes, turned out. Among the speakers were: Joseph Freno, President of the Association; Joseph Lapidus, Secretary; Rowe Gladwin, Treasurer; Louis Musco, School Comittee- man; and William Stewart, E.H.S. coach. Guest speakers at the meeting were: Leo Daley, Assistant Superintendent of Schools in Boston, and Mr. A. " Swede " Nelson, prominent insurance broker and sports figure. The spirit of the Blue and Blue rang true that night and we hope that there will be many more nights like that one. In many colleges throughout the United States, English High School graduates have done and still are doing notable work. Many of our graduates have gone on to advance research. This institution is proud of these men and of the men who did not go to college. Many have entered business and have established themselves among the best. English High School has been and will continue to be an institution of learning but moreover a place of encour- agement for any boy who wishes to achieve success. Robert David Lanza Zke Class Will In the first year of the reign of Henry I, we the class of 1955, being of unsound mind and body, do hereby bequeath to those we leave behind, in our last will and testament, the following things, junk, or otherwise, which we have accumulated (?) during our four (or more) years at the English High: TO MR. McINERNY — our congratulations and thanks for a job well done. TO MR. " DOC " FRAZER — our empty wallets. TO MR. " SPIKE " HENNESSY — the school telephone bill. TO MR " DUTCHY " WARD — a map to the upper classmen ' s smoking lounge. TO MR. FALVEY — a two week, all expense paid vacation in the library. TO MR. ATWOOD — a do-it-yourself atom bomb kit, and a goodly amount of unguentine. TO MR. BELL — the telephone to invent. TO MR. " RED " EVANS — a nomination for him as president of the " Ameri- cans for Democratic action " committee. TO MR. FISHMAN — the old cafeteria. TO MR. GIFFORD — some " boysh who will shtop their noish. " TO MR. HATCH — an egg. TO COL. MEANIX — his " gigantic " drill hall. TO MR. CHARLIE MURPHY — a new hook, for the sake of tradition. TO MR. PHELPS — someone who gives a rap. TO MR. REPETTO — a year ' s subscription to the green sheet. TO MR. DEVORE — some boys who wiir ' step this way. " TO MR. DUFFY — some more lockers — with built-in keys. TO MR. GILLIS — o. locomotive whistle co we can hear him. We also leave him a superman ' s suit. TO MR. KENNEY — an autographed portrait of F.D.R. presented by Eleanor. TO MR. ECCLES — a short sleeved shirt — with cuffs. TO MR. RUDMAN — a basket full of " w ' s " . TO MR. SHEEHAN — a class which will run, not " trot " through caeser. TO MR. QUINN — his disgusting club. TO MR. RONAN — Roger Bannister and Wes Santee. To the Juniors, two hundred neckties — may you never get caught. To the Sophomores, the best selling novel, " Two More Years before the mast-ers ' . ' To the Freshmen, our chlorophyl-scented gym suits. To the Office Aides, a map of Mr. Eccles ' hiding places. Although most of our possessions are hanging in the hock shops of Dover Street, we leave to campaign for state dog catcher. Vice Pres. Paul DiManno leaves in a minute, which is all the time he has anyway. Sec.-Treas. Gambino leaves for Italy — compliments of you boys. Meehan leaves saying, " But Sir, you don ' t wear ties with sport shirts. " O ' Keefe leaves Mr. Rudman in a rut. Paris leaves for France. Colluci, McKeon, and McMann leave saying, " Thank God! " McGuire leaves his " live wire " all fizzled out. Rollins, Lundy, Longo, and Schneider leave to blow up that certain " institu- tion " across the street. Leonavicius leaves to change his name to Jones. McCollem, McGaffigan, McDonough, McGinn, and McKenzie leave to open a kosher delicatessen. Trachtenberg leaves as the obvious man for the job. Petersen leave s Peterson an " E " . Flanagan leaves to become the youngest assistant director at M-G-M. Gedney leaves to find the rest of himself. Priest leaves to become a Rabbi. Ed Minichiello leaves with his " cousin " Zack. Moy leaves singing the " WONG,WONG BLUES " . Savage leaves to become civilized. Smith leaves with a cough. Fisher leaves to become a man. Beckett, Nioso, Hoke, and Whippen leave through the grace of God. Delorey, MacDonnell, Vella, and Tuberose leave after an unsuccessful attempt to find the secret tunnel leading to Girls ' Latin. O ' Brien, Shellman, and Mederios leave as they entered — in a fog. Ruggerio, Letvinchoch, Pelosi, Andruotole leave to lead the St. Patrick ' s Day Parade. Brown leaves white. Saponara leaves to become " World ' s Pocket Billiard Champ " — that ' s pool champ to you. Fox leaves as a wolf. Bean leaves some string. Kenney leaves to write a book entitled " Life without Father " or " Hello Mother. " Elliot leaves to put Purdy out of business. Mossutto and DelPrete leave for the " wilds " of East Boston. Welsh leaves some rarebit. Stuart leaves his " Uncle Bill. " Klein, Friedberg, Kelleher, and Pottle leave to the surprise of all. The Seniors ' Screwy Scribes, David A. McGuire David L. Fox David S. Gedney Edward L. Flanagan J at ' mal MoHor Society . , . The class now proudly presents its qualified members of the English High School Chapter of the National Honor Society. The object of this chapter is to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote worthy leadership, and to encourage the development of character in pupils of the English High School of Boston. Membership in this chapter shall be based on scholarship, service, leadership, conspicuous achievment, extra- curricular activity and character. These standards must be strictly adhered to if membership to be retained in the society. The following have been designated as working members. CLASS OF 1955 Bouttard, Albert Chin, Gary- Chin, Gilbert Cleveland, Bruce T. Lanza, Robert D. Modica, Anthony P. Paris, John J. Pottle, Donald C. Priluck, Herbert M. CLASS OF 1956 Schuster, Marvin A. Straumanis, Eric R. Stubelis, Sandris J. Sv eeney, Frederick L. PURDY A little better skill in posing, a little better likeness and Boston ' s foremost imprint— and you have a much better photograph, much more satisfaction and far wider approval of results. Then we add beautiful covers and scrupulous care in details of packing and, mark it — we deliver on time. No detail escapes our interested care. tynglisli c igk School OFFICIAL PHOrOGRAPHER CLASS OF 1955 Tel. PA 7-4300 Scholastic Jewelers INCORPORATED BOSTON ' S LARGEST MANUFACTURING JEWELERS OFFICIAL JEWELERS FOR E. H. S. CLASS OF 1955 5174 WASHINGTON STREET BOSTON, MASS. DELANEY PRESS : cliaal and allege lillLcatLan MELROSE, MASSACHUSETTS Compliments of ' A FRIEND Connolly ' s Super Market 1840 DORCHESTER AVENUE DORCHESTER Telephone GEneva 6-8811 MEATS - VEGETABLES - GROCERIES BEER - WINE Orders over $5.00 Delivered Free Compliments of BOND ELECTRONICS, INC. 42 - 44 CORNHILL Boston 8, Massachusetts Richmond 2-4242 Formal wear for ' r Brand new and the latest jggC i| A£ style Tuxedos — made to iw ' ' ' " perfectly — Every- ' f i N thing you need — for every r 1 i i l ill. formal occasion. MANHATTAN % »tlj FORMAL WEAR fe 715 DUDLEY STREET At Upham ' s Corner Telephone TA 5-5100 Morton Winston Tel. CI 7-8108 FLOWERS AND SERVICE THE BEST Discount To Students iptntuu bfaia l|op (Next to Hotel Gardner) Flowers For All Occasions 195A MASSACHUSETTS AVENUE Boston 15, Mass. A utographs Autographs

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