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EX LIBRIS The RECORD Volume LV Number 6 PUBLISHED SIX TIMES A YEAR BY THE STUDENTS OF The English High School Montgomery St., and Warren Ave. Boston, Mass. Entered as second class matter at the Boston Post Office, Nov. 2, 1885 FOREWORD The Editors present this 1940 Yearbook with the hope that it will be a fitting expression of the traditions and ideals which are a part of our School, and that it will serve to keep alive the memories of our High School Days. CONTEXTS SENIORS ORGANIZATIONS ATHLETICS MILITARY ADVERTISING CLASS POEM Could we but stay the stream of life, Whic: " i halts not through eternity, We ' d tarry yet and linger long With thee, O English High, with thee. Our fill we ' d drink from cup proffer ' d. Our thirst for knowledge here we ' d quench, Would not the restless stream from thee Our outstretched, clinging fingers wrench. But though our bodies move afar, Our minds, our souls are ever free. And as the weary bird seeks rest. Our thoughts shall ever turn to thee. Resume our seats in classrooms dear, And smile upon new, eager faces. Again they ' ll see respected teachers. And search our old, familiar places. So take your course, O roving stream And set us on some foreign shore. But be it near, or be it far. Our English High, just as before. Commands our minds, our hearts, our thoughts. And so — Farewell; mist dims the eye As swiftly flows the stream of life. And all too swift past English High. Murray Bovarnick, ' 40 PAGE 4 To the Class of 1940: Honor — Achievement — Service to Mankind — What do these words mean to you ? Your school has judged your Honor and Achievement by your record in Attendance and Punctuality, in Scholarship and Personality. Your record tells what kind of man you promise to be. What service do you mean to render? In earlier days, lads like you would have been working on a farm, apprenticed to a trade, learning a profession, or starting as cadets in a business. The Cape Cod boy could " box the compass in his infant soliloquies — could hand, reef, and steer " at the age when he was flying kites. He was ready to go to sea! What can you do? These times require more formal education. Has the opportunity for education which you had enjoyed formed in you the Habit of Honest Effort which is today, as it was yesterday, the foundation of Success? How firm is the founda- tion which you have laid? On this foundation you must build tor your future with the materials offered by further training, be it in college or in the school of practical affairs. In any case, successful achievement depends on the same personal qualities, the same honest, earnest effort on which depended success in school. Your only choice is in what field you prefer to labor. Let me suggest you read " The Living Tradition. " " To serve is to be in strumental, to be practical, to posess life Emerson ' s " Self Reliance. " value. " Read also We are told that millions are unemployed — that hundreds of thousands of recent graduates of High Schools cannot find work. How many of them worked hard in school? How many have even learned what work means? How many of them carried away from school a record outstanding in attendance, punctuality, scholarship, and personality? How many instead took a four years ' course in loafing? Despite propaganda to the contrary, there was never the place nor time which offered so many things to do as your country offers today. How can you serve mankind that mankind may serve you? In terms of reality. Service means Work — earning a living. What will you Do? Whatever work you choose, may you all know that happiness which is to be found in an honest task well-done, and win, each one of you, the rewards that go with the faithful service that will mean Success. ALBERT F. REED, Acting Head Master PAGE 5 RECORD STAFF Fourth Row: Hayes, Cohen, Stearns, Bruxelles, McCarthy, Ross, Paysnick, Steele, Derderian Third Row: Wolf, Murphy, Parandes, Chandler, Ricciardi, Crookles, Dell ' Orfano, Blair, Varnerin Second Row: Mr. Heffernan, Terranova, Armstrong, Sugarman, Mr. Kane, Georgopoulos, Altshuler, Colombo, Bodio, McGee, Shapiro, Mr. Sullivan Front Row: Nielsen, Ampolos, O ' Donnell, Bovarnick, Brown, Horan, Butler, McCoy, Karol RECORDERS EDITOR-IN-CHIEF RUSSELL E. BROWN, ' 40 Literary Editors Murray Bovarnick ' 40 Donald C. Horan ' 40 Contributing Editors Sidney Shapiro ' 40 Edward Sugarman ' 40 Paul A. Crookles ' 41 Gerald Stearns ' 40 Art Editor John E. Butler ' 40 Reporters Elias a. Chandler ' 40 Robert Armstrong ' 40 Production Paul L. O ' Donnell ' 40 Artists Kahlil G. Gibran ' 40 James C. McGee ' 40 Joseph Bodio ' 40 Herman James ' 41 Robert Cohen ' 42 Sports Francis J. McCoy ' 40 Rusiness Managers William J. Ampolos ' 40 Odd S. Nielsen ' 40 Arthur S. Karol ' 40 Advertising C. W. Georgopoulos ' 41 Saul Paysnick ' 41 J. Alvin Wolff ' 40 Circulation Robert L. Altshuler ' 40 James H. Blair ' 40 Gregory N. Bruxelles ' 40 Leo K. Hayes ' 40 Lawrence Murphy ' 40 Lawrence J. Varnerin ' 40 Collection Anthony M. Dell ' Orfano ' 40 Arra Derderian ' 40 Kenneth McCarthy ' 41 Robert A. Ricciardi ' 40 Joseph C. Steele ' 42 Victor W. Terranova ' 40 Faculty Advisors Mr. Kane Mr. Sullivan Mr. Heffernan Our President ' s Message The Fates, working noiselessly but surely, have spun, measured, and cut our thread of time, and as a result we find ourselves about to leave the historic halls of our beloved school. But we are not alone, for that spirit which is inherent in every English High School man and for which this school is famed, will abide by us in the world we are about to face, and act as a spur to greater achievements. With parting comes gratitude, and heartily do we wish to express ours. I think that I voice the sentiment of the entire student body when I offer sincerest thanks to our headmaster, anci to the members of the faculty, who have during these past four years diligently prepared us for the life ahead. I am intensely proud and glad of the trust which you fellow classmates have given to me, and I will surely do all in my power to upold it throughout the coming years. In closing, I thank you for your cooperation. I hope that we shall return together many times in the years to come, and in so doing prove that we are one ot the greatest classes of English High School, as such we are. JAMES F. MORRISSEY PAGE 8 MITCHELL J. ABDONORE " Mitchy " 588 Tremont Street, South End Ambition, Doctor of Medicine; Hobby, Books. College MICHAEL ABRAHAM " Muggsy " 77 Oak Street, South End Cadet Captain; Ambition, Sports Writing; Hobby, Baseball. College MARCO N. ACCOMANDO " Hank " 71 Chelsea Street, East Boston Honor Guard, 3; Track, 2, 3, 4 (E); Ambition, Success; Hobby, . Sports. College JOSEPH F. ADAMOVITCH " Joe " I 29 Leverett Street, West End Honor Roll, i, 2, 3; Lawrence Prize, F D; Cadet Lieutenant; Ambition, Success. Boston University ALEXANDER E. AIKENS " Aikie " 844 Beacon Street, Back Bay Cadet Lieutenant, Staff; Ambi- tion, Chemical Engineering; Hobby, Basketball. M. I. T. WILLIAM J. AKERMAN " Bill " 22 Surrey Street, Brighton Track, 2; Ambition, Teaching; Hobby, Stamps. Boston College SALVATORE M. ALBONDY " Teddy " 9 South Margin St., West End Cadet Lieutenant; Athletic Cap- tain, 4; Football, 4 (E); Track 3, 4 (E); Ambition, Mechanics. Business College MICHAEL S. ALIANO " Scuppo ' ' 20 Davis Street, South End Ambition, Architecture; Hobby, Sports. Wentworth Institute VINCENT J. ALIBERTI " Vinny " 35 Charter Street, North End . ' mbirion. Engineering; Hobby, Numismatist. N ortheastern U niversity ETHAN ALLEN " Al " 48 Ellery Street, South Boston Ambition, Chemical Engineer- ing; Hobby, Music and Radio. University of Colorado ROBERT L. ALTSHULER " Bob " 29 Gerald Road, Brighton Honor Roll, 2; Room Councilor, 3; Class Officer, 4; Record Staff; Cadet Captain; Honor Guard, 3; Football, 4 (E); Track, 3, 4. Br own University CHARLES AMARA " Chick " 18 Chambers Street, West End Ambition, Civil Engineering; Hobby, Sports. Northeastern University PAGE 10 WILLIAM J. AMPOLOS " Ampy " I Oaknian Street, Dorchester Honor Roll, i, 5; Lawrence Frizes in Qi, F D; . A ; Cadet Lieutenant; Record, Business Manager; Ambition, Court Sten- ographer. Biirdett College JOHN ANDRUSZKIEWICZ " Andrew " 26 Preble Street, South Roston Cadet Lieutenant; Chemistry Club; Hobby, Tennis; Ambition, Mechanical Engineering. M. I. T. RAYMOND A. APKARIAN " Little Caesar " 114 West Newton St., South End Room Captain, ,3; Ambition, Diesel Engineering; Hobby, Ska- ting. JVentworth Institute JOSEPH L. ARDAGNA " Joe Da " 7 Jarvis Place, Roxbury Cadet Lieutenant; Track, 4 (E); Ambition, Business, Hobby, Sports. Dartmouth ROBERT J. ARMSTRONG " Amy " 58 Olney Street, Dorchester Honor Roll, 2; Cadet Lieuten- ant; Record Staff; Chemistry Club; Ambition, Aeronautical Engineering. Northeastern WILLIAM ARTENSTEIN " Willie " 19 Allen Street, West End Ambition, Chemistry; Hobby, Airplane Modeling. BoUon University SAMUEL ASH " Sam " 152 Blue Hill Avenue, Roxbury Cadet Lieutenant; Ambition, Teaching; Hobby Sports. Tujts DONALD R. BAILEY " Ace " 88 Hobart Street, Brighton Ambition, Success; Hobby, Rail- roading. Business GEORGE BAKALOS 14 Pembroke Street, South End Rifle Drill Prize; Ambition, Suc- cess; Hobby, Sports. Navy JOSEPH S. BALLOTA " Joe " 41 Sumner Street, Dorchester Spelling Bee Medal; Chemistry Club; Camera Club; Ambition, Che mistry. Northeastern WALTER H. BAMBERG " Wally " 47 ToplifF Street, Dorchester Ambition, Aeronautical Engin- eering; Hobby, Stamp Collect- ing. Northeastern THOMAS BARBAR " Rocky " 135 Hudson Street, South End Cadet Lieutenant; Spelling Bee Winner. Home Room, 4; Ambi- tion, Civil Engineering; Hobby, Sports. M. I. T. PAGE 11 NORMAN G. BASIUS " Butch " 48 Garner Road, Dorchester Baseball, 3; Current Events Club; Athletic Room Captain; Ambition, Business. Business RICHARD B. BEARD " B. B. " 23 Milton Avenue, Dorchester Camera Club; Honor Guard, 3; Ambition, Chemical Engineer; Hobby, Photography. Boston University RALPH M. BELLIS " Colonel " 178 VVoodrow Ave., Dorchester Cadet Captain; Ambition, Suc- ces; Hobby, Writing. Columbia FRANCIS X. BELLOTTI " Bell " 53 Myrtlebank Avenue, Dorchester Track, 1 Honor Roll, 2. Ambi- tion, Doctor of Medicine; Hobby, Photography. Boston College HARRY BENYUE " Bennie " 10 Hudson Street, South End Honor Roll, 2; Cadet Captain; Honor Guard; Math Club, 3. M. I. T. HYMAN S. BERKOVITZ " Berkey " I Allen Street, West End Math Club, 4; Current Events Club, 4; Ambition, Success; Record. College GEORGE C. BERLOW " Beau-Brummel " 45 Dover Street, South End Spelling Bee Winner, Home Room, 2; Chemistry Club; Stamp Club, 2, 3, 4; Ambition, Chem- istry. College JOHN J. BERNAZZANI " Bernie " 7 Sumner Place, East Boston Hobby, Roller Skating; " Rec- ord " Typist; Ambition, Success. Business ROBERT D. BERNHARD " Bernie " 17 Melton Road, Brighton Honor Roll, 3; Hockey, 3, 4; Baseball, 4; Ambition, Chemical Engineering. College FRANCIS P. BERTOLINO " Bert " 738 E. Third St., South Boston Honor Guard, 3; Cadet Lieuten- ant ; Staff; Ambition, Account- ing. Boston University PHILIP R. BEVILACOUA " Phil " 463 Hanover Street, North End Ambition, Business; Hobby, Sports. CHARLES A. BILILIES " Fih " 422 Tremont Street, South End Room Councilor; Cadet Lieu- tenant, Staff; Ambition, Law. Harvard PAGE 12 EUGENE L. BLACKWELL " Blackie " 1 6 Amherst Street, Roslindale Ambition, Teaching History; Hobby, Sports. Boston College DONALD S. BLAIR " Whitey " 828 Centre Street, Jamaica Plain Ambition, Civil Engineering; Model Airplanes. Northeastern GEORGE P. BLAIR " Hap " 1 521 Washington St., South End Cadet Lieutenant; Ambition, Radio Engineering; Hobby, Sports. Delehanty Institute JAMES H. BLAIR " Jimmy " 113 Greenbrier St., Dorchester Honor Roll, 2, 3; Lawrence Prizes, E, F and D, 2, 3; Athletic Captain, 2; Room Councilor, 3; Cadet Lieutenant; Track Team, 2; Library Corps, 2, 3, 4; Golf Club, 3, 4; Record Staff. U. S. Coast Guard Academy ROBERT E. BLAIR " Bob " 29 Wainwright St., Dorchester Ambition, Navy; Hobby, Sports. Annapolis ARTHUR M. BLASI " Moe " 14 Antrim Street, East Boston Ambition, Engineering; Hobby, Numismatics. College FRED W. BLINN " Fred " 123 St., Andrew Rd., East Boston Staff Lieutenant; Alumni Com- mittee; Ambition, Teacher. Duquesne University JOSEPH H. BODIO " Joe " 45 Bloomfield Street, Dorchester Cadet Captain; Record Staff; Honor Guard; Ambition, Art. Massachusetts Art School ARTHUR M. BOHAN 51 Forbes Street, Jamaica Plain Hobby, Swimming; Track, 4; Massachusetts State College ALBERT BONANNO " Porky " 1774 Washington St., Roxbury Ambition, Singing; Hobby, Music. University of Southern California JOHN E. boss: " Nunny " 2i;6 Corey Road, Brighton Ambition, Success; Hobby, Sports. Business College SEBASTIANO BOTTIGLIERI 21 Battery Street, North End Ambition, Business, Hobby Basketball. Business College PAGE 13 MURRAY E. BOVARNICK 130 Glenville Avenue, Brighton Record, Literary Editor; Debat- ing Club; Ambition, Journalist Hobby, Music. H arvard JOHN E. V. BREEN " Jack " 24 Richview Street, Dorchester Cadet Captain; Lawrence Prize, M3; Math Club; Ambition, En- gineering. M. I. T. WILLIAM A. BREEN " Bill " 23 Inwood Street, Dorchester Ambition, Success; Hobby, Sta- tistics. College BERNARD J. BRENNAN " Barney " 29 Austin Street, Charlestown Ambition, Music; Hobby, Pho- tography. New England Conservatory HENRY E. BRENNAN " Hank " 62 Pleasant Hill Ave., Dorchester Ambition, Business; Hobby, Sports. Boston College DANIEL J. J. BRESLIN " Bres " 43 Irving Street, West End Ambition, Travelling; Hobby, Photography. Boston hniversity GEORGE W. BRESNAHAN " Bres " 5 Sterling Square, South Boston Hockey; Ambition, Business; Hobby, Sports. Business College WILLIAM F. BRODERICK " Bill " 311 North Harvard St., Allston Track, i; Ambition, Accounting; Hobby, Movies. Bentley ' s RUSSELL E. BROWN " Russ " 71 Ocean Street, Dorchester Record, Editor-in-Chief; Honor Roll, 2, 3; Lawrence Prize, English and F D; Song Com- mittee; Track, 2, 3; Ambition, Ministry. Colby WALTER BROWN " Brownie " 5 Fox Street, Dorchester Baseball Manager, 3; Glee Club; Ambition, Art; Hobby, Dancing. Ohio State University WILLIAM F. BROWN " Buster " 59 Decatur Street, Charlestown Ambition, Bookkeeping; Hobby, Sports. h niversity Southern California GREGORY BRUXELLES " Greg " 244 Leyden Street, East Boston Honor Roll, i, 2, 3; 6A ; Lawrence Prize F D, i, 2; Cadet Captain; Record Staff; Ambition, Engineering. Technical School PAGE 14 KENNETH J. BUCKLEY " Curly " 261 Adams Street, Dorchester Ambition, Engineering; Hobby, Baseball. M. I. T. WALTER J. BUCKLEY " Buck " 12 Prospect Street, Charlestown Ambition, Engineering; Hobby, Sports; Record Contributor. Northeastern University HERMAN BUFFMAN " Champ " 59 Phillips Street, West End Ambition, .Accounting; Hobby, Baseball. Bentlev ' s JOHN F. BURGESS " Butch " 15 Langley Road, Brighton Cadet Lieutenant; Band, 2; Switchboard; Chemistry Club, 4; Ambition, Engineering. Northeastern L niversity KENNETH M. BURKE 163 Cabot Street, Roxbury Honor Roll, 2, 3; Prize Winner, Bugle Drum Corps; Ambition, Music; Hobby, Drums. College WILLIAM S. BUSIEK " Bill " 219 Savin Hill Ave., Dorchester Cadet Lieutenant; Honor Roll, I, 2; Hobby, Camping; Chemis- try Club; Ambition, Engineer- ing. College JOHN E. BUTLER " Rhett " 56 Hillsdale Street, Dorchester Cadet Captain; Record, Art Edi- tor, 4; Switchboard Operator; Football, 4; Ambition, Art. Bn siness DENNIS J. CADIGAN " Gusho " 12 Carson Street, Dorchester Cadet Lieutenant; Executive Committee, 3; Dance Commit- tee, 4; Stamp Club; Baseball Manager, 2; Football Manager, 4; Ambition, Success. Saint Anselm JOSEPH E. CAGGIANO " Caggy " 971 Saratoga Street, East Boston Glee Club; Ambition, Under- taking; Hobby, Collecting Coins. Tujts Medical School DONALD J. CALLAHAN " Cal " 10 Roseway St., Jamaica Plain Ambition, Engineering; Hobby, Hockey. College FRANCIS E. CALLAHAN " Cal " 41 Auckland Street, Dorchester Ambition, Navy; Hobby, Sail- boat Racing and Boatbuilding. Annapolis RICHARD A. CALLAHAN " Cal " 128 Emerson St., South Boston Song Committee; Record Staff; Ambition, Radio Announcing; Hobby, Photography. Bryant Stratton PAGE 15 JOHN D. CALLISON " Jacky " 4 Fabin Street, South End Ambition, Lawyer; Hobby, Coin Collector; Bugle and Drum Corps, 2, 3, 4. Business WILLIAM C. CALVERT " Bill " i South Hobart St., Brighton Cadet Lieutenant; Chemistry Club; Ambition, Aeronautics; Hobby, Stamps. Northeastern JOHN D. CAMPBELL " Soupy " 260 Clarendon Street, Back Bay Football (E); Room Captain; Ambition, Success, Hobby, Sports. Tufts SEBASTIANO P. CANNAVA " Buster " 1 10 Chambers Street, West End Staff Lieutenant, lA ; Rifle Team; Ambition, Aeronautics; Hobby, Airplane Modeling. Renssellaer Polytechnic Institu- tion JOSEPH A. CANZANIELLO " Satchmo " 18 Hull Street, North End Ambition, Dentistry; Hobby, Trumpet. College CORRADINO T. CAPASSO " Cory " 30 Dennis Street, Roxbury Room Councilor, 2, 4; Room Captain, 3, Student Council, 4; Cadet Lieutenant; Football, 4; Ambition, Engineering. Northeastern U niversity M i M FRANCIS X. CAPELLE " Cappie " 12 Maple Park, Dorchester Cadet Lieutenant; Tennis, 3; Baseball Manager, 2; Ambition, Photography. College JAMES R. CARDELLA " Carr " 93 Northampton Street, Roxbury Cadet Captain, 4; Trick Squad, 2, 3; Honor Guard, 2, 3, Ambi- tion, Court Stenography. Burdett College THOMAS I. CAREY, JR. " Ike " 42 Pleasant Street, Dorchester Track Manager; Ambition, Diesel Engineering; Hobby, Stamps. Business WILLIAM P. CAREY " Will " 59 South Huntington Ave., J. P. Track, 3, 4; Ambition, Journal- ism, Hobby, Music. Boston University GERARD C. CARROLL " Gid " 35 Bullard Street, Dorchester Honor Roll, 2; Ambition, Suc- cess; Hobby, Baseball. College ROBERT J. CARSON " Bob " 52 Port Norfolk St., Dorchester Honor Roll, i, 4; Lawrence Prize, F D, 2; Spelling Bee Winner, 2, 3; Current Events Club; Ambition, Travelling. Business College PAGE 16 ANDREW I. CASANO " Uncle Andy " 36 Sudan Street, Dorchester Aviation Club; Camera Club; Ambition, Engineering; Hobby, Aviation. M. I. T. LEONARD A. CATALDO " Leo " 117 Chambers Street, West End Orchestra; Ambition, Account- ing; Hobby, Music. Co liege ROBERT T. CHASE " Bob " 16 Newbern St., Jamaica Plain Honor Roll, 2, 3; Cadet Lieuten- ant; Math Club; Ambition, En- gineering; Hobby, Sports. Tufls GEORGE J. CHENEAS " Georgie " 617 Harrison Avenue, South End Ambition, Stenography; Hobby, Sports. Businesi ALFONSO CELANI " New Moon " 78 Prince Street, North End Ambition, Bookkeeping; Hobby, Reading. Northeastern LUDGER J. CHABOT, JR. " Lu " 34 Dalton Street, Back Bay Ambition, Piloting; Hobby, Golf. Randolph Field, Texas ELIAS A. CHANDLER " Alpha Beta " 53 Aspinwall Road, Dorchester Honor Roll, 2, 3; 8A ; Lawrence Prize, F D; Room Councilor, 2, 3; Student Council, 2; Cadet Lieutenant; Math Club; Record Staff; Ambition, Engineer. M. I. T. NIKETAS CHANTILES " Nicky " 12 Oneida Street, South End Ambition, Business; Hobby, Sports. Business JOHN H. J. CHENEY " Chink " 35 Sudan Street, Dorchester Ambition, Accounting; Hobby, Philately. Boston University JOSEPH CHIACCHIERI " Chickie " 50 Dennis Street, Roxbury Cadet Lieutenant; Ambition, Travelling; Hobby, Woodwork- ing. Business FRANK CHIN " Frankie " 77 Harrison Avenue, South End Honor Roll, 2, 3; Math Club; Rifle Club; Chemistry Club; Ambition, Engineering. M. I. T. ROBERT P. CHIPMAN " Chick " 122 Zeigler Street, Roxbury Ambition, Business; Cadet Lieu- tenant, Staff; Hobby, Philately. College PAGE 17 HOWARD D. CHISHOLM " Moe " 34 Norton Street, Dorchester Honor Roll, i; Room Councilor, I, 3; Baseball, 3; Hockey, 4; Baseball, 2, 3; Football, 3, 4, (E); Football, 3; Ambition, Teaching. Boston College JOHN S. CHRISTO " Johnny " 2 Romsey Street, Dorchester Lawrence Prize, H, 2; Room Councilor, 3; Debating Club; Athletic Captain, 2; Ambition, Teaching. Alabama SALVATORE M. CIPRIANO " Cippy " 40 Hale Street, West End Cadet Captain; Individual Prize, 2, 3; Ambition, Accounting; Hobby, Sports. Bentlex EDWARD B. CLARK " Eddie " 102 Fellows Street, Roxbury Staff Lieutenant; Chemistry Club Secretary, Ambition, Jour- nalism; Hobby, Writing. Business PETER CLARKE " Pete " 22 Monument St., Charlestown Room Captain, 3; Hockey, 3, 4; (Captain); Ambition, Lawyer; Hobby, Sports. Suffolk Law THOMAS A. CLELAND " Atwood " 685 Shawmut Avenue, Roxbury Ambition, Physical Education; Track, 4, (E); Football, 3; Hobby, Sports. Springfield College TIMOTHY F. CLOUGHER " Tim " 1 1 Rocky Nook Ten, J. P. Track, 3, 4, (E); Ambition, Travelling; Hobby, Sports. College CHARLES T. CLOUGHERTY " Chi " 15 Fernald Terrace, Dorchester Cadet Captain; Ambition, Music; Hobby, Music. Northeastern JOHN V. COCOMAZZI 693 Dudley Street, Dorchester Ambition, Draftsman; Hobby. Fishing; Band, I, 2; Camera Club. Business LEON E. COHEN " Cozy " 135 Columbia Road, Dorchester Stamp Club; Ambition, Success; Hobby, Football. College NORMAN H. COHEN " N ormy 9 Abbot Street, Dorchester Honor Roll, 2, 3; Cadet Captain; Lawrence Prize in L; Chemistry Club. Vice President; Math Club; Ambition, Chemistry. College ALFRED N. COLELLA " Fat " 196 Salem Street, North End Cadet Lieutenant; Room Cap- tain, 4; Ambition, Physical Edu- cation; Hobby, Sports. School oj Physical Education PAGE 18 BERNARD J. COLEMAN " Bernie " 69 Norton Street, Dorchester Room Councilor, 3; Track, 1,2; Football Team Assistant Man- ager, 4; Ambition, Aeronautics. Annapolis PETER N. COLLATOS " Duke " 63 Emerald Street, South End Ambition, Engineering; Cadet Lieutenant, Staff; Hobby, Sport. College JOSEPH G. COLLINS " Joe " 1458 Tremont Street, Roxbury Cadet Captain; Track, 2, 3; Ambition, Teaching; Hobby, Collecting Pipes. IVest Point PAUL J. COLLINS " Rip " 54 Savin Hill Ave., Dorchester Student Council, i ; Room Coun- cilor, I, 4; Baseball; Track Manager: Switchboard; Ambi- tion, Accounting. Bentley WILLIAM H. COLLINS " Bill " 109 Sawyer Avenue, Dorchester Ambition, . ' eronautics; Hobby, Sports. College THOMAS N. CONCANNON " Bud " 7 Frederick Street, South Boston Honor Roll, i; Cadet Lieuten- ant; Track, 2, 3, 4; Ambition, Navigation. Massachusetts Nautical School JOSEPH A. CONDELLI " Hoe " 61 Salem Street, North End Record Typist; Ambition, Court Stenography; Hobby, Sports. College WILLIAM A. CONNOLLY " Bill " 235 Dorchester St., South Boston Ambition, Success, Hobby, Sports. Boston University ROBERT E. CONNORS " Bob " 28 Winslow Street, Roxbury Football, I, 2, 3; Track, i, 2, 3, Ambition, Business; Hobby, Swimming. Coast Guard THOMAS F. X. CONNORS " Tommy " " Tex " 22 Carroll Street, West Roxbury Football, 3; Track, 3; Ambition, Aviation; Hobby, Sports. College PETER J. COREY " Pete " 28 Worcester Street, South End Ambition, Success; Hobby, Sports. Business MORIE J. CORMAN " Moe " 27 Ormond Street, Mattapan Cadet Lieutenant; Math Club; Tennis Club; Chemistry Club; Ambition, Engineering; Hobby, Sports. M. I. T. PAGE 19 JOHN CORMICAN 107 Richmond St., Dorchester Ambition, Success; Hobby, Sports. College EDWARD J. CORRIGAN " Wrong-Way " I 2 Greenleaf Street, Roxbury Ambition, Reporting; Hobby, Sports. College EDWARD V. COSGROVE " Eddie " 24 Falmouth Street, Back Bay Cadet Lieutenant; Individual Prize; Ambition, Stenography; Honor Guard; Hobby, Sports. Business School HOWARD R. COSGROVE " Howie " 24 Falmouth Street, Back Bay Honor Roil, i; Cadet Captain; Honor Guard, 3; Golf; Ambition, Certified Public Accountant. College REDMOND P. COSTELLO " Costy " 100 Pierce Street, Hyde Park Ambition, Success; Hobby, Sports. College EDWARD F. COTTER " Ed " 196 Boston Street, Dorchester Ambition, Success; Hobby, Sports. Business JAMES F. COUGHLAN " Jim " 62 Romsey Street, Dorchester Honor Guard, 3; Ambition, Suc- cess; Hobby, Sports. Business JOSEPH F. CRAHAN " Joe " 8 Regent Court, Roxbury Lawrence Prize, F : D; Ambi- tion, Stenography; Hobby, Sports. Business WALTER D. CRAWFORD " Duke " 27 Washington St., Charlestown Ambition. Success; Hobby. Sports. Business JOHN F. CREHAN 30 Percival Street, Dorchester Ambition, Success; Hobby, Sailing. Holy Cross MATTHEW C. CRESCENZI " Matty " 98 Everett Street, East Boston Athletic Captain; Track, 2, 3, (E); Ambition, Aeronautical Engineering; Hobby, Art. Northeastern NORMAN U. CRESSWELL " Cressie " 19 Edison Street, Dorchester Band; Ambition, Success; Hobby, Sports. Business PAGE 20 LAWRENCE E. CROCKETT " Larry " 407 Saratoga Street, East Boston Cadet Captain; Honor Guard, 3; Ambition. Success; Hobby, Sports. IVest Point WILLIAM B. CROFTON " Bill " 148 Ruskindale Road, Mattapan Ambition, Law; Hobby, Sports. Boston Uni versity JAMES J. CRONIN " Jim " I Grotto Glen Rd., Jamaica Plain Ambition, Success; Hobby, Movies. College FRANCIS P. CROWLEY " Frank " 7 Navillus Terrace, Dorchester Student Council; Ring Commit- tee; Cadet Lieutenant; Track, I, 2, 4; Athletic Room Captain; Ambition, Success. Boston College FREDERICK J. CROWLEY " Joe " 45 Sudan Street, Dorchester Ambition, Boxing Promoter; Hobby, Boxing. Business JOSEPH C. CROWLEY " Joe " 25 Undine Road, Brighton Math Club; Ambition, Engineer- ing; Hobby, Radio. M. I. T. THEODORE P. CROWLEY " Ted " 1561 Centre Street, Roslindale Ambition, Advertising Work: Hobby, Sports. JV ake Forest College ROBERT J. CUMMINS " Bob " 91 Stoughton Street, Dorchester Ambition, Office Manager; Hobby, Sports. Business EUGENE F. CUNNINGHAM " Gene " 1 1 Fernald Terrace, Dorchester Individual Prize Winner, 3; Cheer Leader, 4; Football, a, 3, Track, 2; Ambition, Civil En- gineering. Northeastern FRANCIS A. CUNNINGHAM " Speed " 479 Dudley Street, Roxbury Cadet Captain; Honor Guard, 3; Athletic Captain; Ambition, Flying. United States Air Corps JOSEPH W. CUNNINGHAM " Joe " 707 Broadway St., South Boston Cadet Lieutenant; Ambition, Success; Hobby, Football. Boston University RUDOLPH A. CURELLI ' ' Sharpie " 4354 Washington St., Roslindale Track, 2; Ambition, Success; Hobby, Drums. Business School PAGE 21 JOHN L. CURLEY " Curley " 8 Glenside Ave., Jamaica Plain Ambition, Law; Hobby, Sports. Northeastern WALTER W. CURLEY " Peaches " 72 Hiawatha Road, Mattapan Cadet Captain; Ambition, Suc- cess; Hobby, Baseball. College j BH EDWARD L. GUSHING 23 Deckinson Road, Brighton Hobby, Spark; Camera Club, Vice President. Wk i iilB JAMES E. CUSICK " Cue " 15 Walnut Street, West Roxbury Cadet Lieutenant; Ambition, Marine Engineering; Hobby, Sports. College BMW Am HENRY F. CWIKLA " Popeye " 24 Roach Street, Dorchester Cadet Captain; Ambition, Jour- nalism; Hobby, Sports. Northeastern WALTER V. DADOORIAN " Wally " 12A Dover Street, South End Cadet Lieutenant, Staff; Ambi- tion, Stenography, Hobby. Sports. College ARTHUR DAGUVANOS " Daggie " 46 Dwight Street, South End Cadet Lieutenant; Ambition, Accounting; Hobby, Reading. Business College CLIFTON L. DAVIDSON " Cliff " 251 Boston Street, Dorchester Honor Roll, 2; Cadet Lieuten- ant; Ambition, Accountng; Hobby, Baseball. Boston University BERTIE W. DAVIS " Bert " 119 Harrishof Street, Roxbury Ambition, Chemical Engineer- ing; Hobby, Sports. College WILLIAM J. DAVIS " Whitey " 23 Corona Street, Dorchester Ambition, Success; Hobby, Sports. Business ANTHONY E. DeANGELIS " Ernie 18 Thatcher Street, North End Ambition, Success; Hobby, Sports. College AMBROSE J. DeFLUMERE " Amby " 19 Frankfort Street, East Boston Ambition, Teaching; Hobby, Scouting; Chemistry Club; Camera Club. Boston University PAGE 22 EDMUND W. DELANEY, JR. " Del " 53 Farragut Road, South Boston Track, 2, 3, 4, (E); Ambition, Mechanical Engineering; Hobby, Sports. College FRANCIS X. DELANEY, JR " Spike " 32 Mil wood Street, Dorchester Ambition, Law; Hobby, Sports. Boston College JOHN A. DeLEO " Tony " 7 Fenelon Street, Dorchester Ambition, Success; Hobby, Sports, College ANTHONY DELL ' ORFANO " Tony " 2 Michelangelo St., North End Honor Roll, 2; Lawrence Prize, L and F D; Room Councilor, 3; Record, Assistant Business Manager; Cadet Lieutenant; Ambition, Certified Public Ac- countant. Bentley FRANK H. DeLUCIA " Killer " 120 Dartmouth Street, Back Bay Ambition. Success; Hobby, Sports. College FELIX E. DeMARCO " Happy " 18 Thatcher Street, North End Cadet Captain; Bugle and Drum Corps; Ambition, Surgery; Hobby, Chemistry. Colleze FRANK L. DeMARCO " Frankie " 265 Webster Street, East Boston Record Staff; Drum Corps, 2, 3, 4; Orchestra, 3, 4; Ambition, Certified Public Accountant. Business College ARRA DERDERIAN " Artie " 485 Tremont St., South End Lawrence Prize B3; 3A ; Cadet Lieutenant; Record Staff; Ambi- tion, Certified Public Account- ant. College HUGH R. DEVLIN 86 Norton Street, Dorchester Ambition, Business; Hobby, Football. Business ROBERT E. DESAUTELS " Bob " 40 Fairmount Street, Dorchester Honor Roll, 2, 3; Ambition, Doct or of Medicine; Hobby, Farming. College JOSEPH M. DeSIMONE " Dessy " 89 St. Andrew ' s Rd., E. Boston Athletic Captain, i, 2, Glee Club; Track Manager, 3, 4; Ambition, Business; Hobby, Baseball. Business NORMAN E. DIAMOND " Hey " loi East Newton St., South End Bugle and Drum Corps, 4; lA ; Ambition, Math Teaching; Switchboard Operator, 4. Technical School Pt Q, 23 RALPH DiCAROLIS I 20 Havre Street, East Boston Ambition, Commercial Draw- ing, Hobby, Baseball. Business ANTHONY DiFILIPPO " Tony " 536 Commercial St., North End Ambition, Business; Hobby, Sports. Boston University JOSEPH F. DiLORENZO " Dee " 976 Bennington St., East Boston Ambition, Business; Hobby, Dancing. Business PAS QUALE DiLUZIO " Pat " 96 Woodcliff Street, Roxbury Lawrence Prize, F D, 2; Ambi- tion, Business. Alabama University ALBERT DiNARDO " Al " 262 Maverick St., East Boston Honor Roll, 2, 3; Cadet Lieu- tenant; Ambition, Chemical En- gineering. M. I. T. ROCCO J. DiSABATO " Bob " 58 Franconia Street, Dorchester Football, 3, 4, (E); Election Committee, 3, 4; Ambition, Suc- cess. Boston College GUIDO DiSCIULLO " Duce " 25 Compton Street, South End Ambition, Law; Hobby, Numis- matics. Boston University JOHN J. DOHERTY " Chick " 65 Ridgewood Street, Dorchester Ambition, Business; Hobby, Sports. Business JAMES J. DOLAN " Jimmy " 41 Pearl Street, Dorchester Chemistry Club; Ambition, Chemist; Hobby, Reading. College JOSEPH F. DONAHUE " Joe " 45 Sheridan St., Jamaica Plain Cadet Lieutenant; Ambition, Business; Hobby, Sports. College ANGELO A. DiPRISCO " Al " 127 Shirley Street, Roxbury Lawrence Prize, Spanish 2; F D, 2; Cadet Lieutenant; Hobby, Baseball. Business BERNARD M. DONEGHY " Ben " 99 Sydney Street, Dorchester Cadet Lieutenant; Ambition, Busine?s; Hobby, Sports. Northeastern PAGE 24 ROBERT G. DONOVAN " Dunny " 250 Bunker Hill Street, Charlestown Track, 3, 4; Football, 4; Ambi- tion, United States Govern- ment; Hobby, Sports. College WILLIAM G. DONOVAN " Bill " 93 Sydney Street, Dorchester Track 2, Ambition, Business; Hobby, Sports. Business LEO J. DOOLEY " Hey-You " 39 Webber Street, Roxbury Ambition, Business; Hobby, Sports. Business ROBERT E. DOOLEY " Bob " 25 Peacevale Road, Dorchester Athletic Room Captain, 4; Am- bition, Business; Room Coun- cillor, 4; Hobby, Reading. Business LEO E. DORFMAN " Eddie " 71 Allen Street, West End Ambition, Lawyer; Hobby, Pho- tography. Boston College FRANCIS P. DOWLING " Parker " 154 River Street, Mattapan Baseball, 2, 3; Track, 2; Ambi- tion, Engineering; Hobby, Sports, Stamps. College JAMES L. DOYLE " Speed " 4 Mt. Pleasant Place, Roxbury Baseball; Ambition, Transpor- tation Flights; Hobby, Air- planes. Aeronautical School JAMES F. DRISCOLL " Dric " 21 Waldeman Ave., East Boston Honor Roll, 2; Lawrence Prize, F D, 2; Ambition, Certified Public Accountant. Boston University JAMES J. DRISCOLL " Foo " 70 Draper Street, Dorchester Senior Election Committee; Football, 2, 3, 4, (E); Rifle, 2; Ambition, Success. Northeastern CHARLES DRUMMOND, JR. " Butch " 65 Waumbeck Street, Roxbury Honor Roll, 2; Track, 2, 3; Am- bition, Music. Boston University HARVEY DYER " Jocko " 12 Richview Street, Dorchester Honor Roll, 2, 3; Library Corps, 2,3,4; Ambition, Aeronautical Engineering. Northeastern WILLIAM B. EARLEY " Oiley " 16 Westvilie Street, Dorchester Football, 3; Ambition, Radio Engineering. Radio School PAGE 25 HARRY L. ECHTELER " Flash " II Joyce Kilmer Rd., W. R. Honor Roll, 2, 3; Cadet Captain; Rifle Club, 3; Camera Club, President; Math Club, 3, 4, President, 4. Annapolis ARTHUR ELIAS " Weeper " 62 Homestead Street, Roxbury Ambition, Business; Hobby, Sports. Boston University JOHN EVANS " Oh, Johnny " 19 Cortes Street, South End Ambition, Aeronautical Engi- neering; Cadet Lieutenant; Hobby, National Guard. Aeronautical Engineering School JOHN FAHEY " Jake " 32 Salcombe Street, Dorchester Athletic Room Captain; Ambi- tion, Business; Hobby, Sports. Business HAROLD FALLON " Hank " 60 Highland Street, Roxbury Honor Roll, i; Ambition, Busi- ness; Hobby, Sports. Business JOSEPH A. FARINA " Swifty " 172 I Street, South Boston Football, 4, (E); Track, 2, 3, 4, (E); Cadet Lieutenant; Ambi- tion, 1944 Olympic Track Team. Boston College JOHN R. FARRELL, JR. 1187 Adams Street, Dorchester Glee Club; Ambition, Engineer- ing; Hobby, Music. Northeastern VICTOR E. FEHRNSTROM " Vic " 67 Chandler Street, South End Ambition, Engineering; Hobby, Gunning; Rifle Team; Cadet Lieutenant. Aeronautical Engineering School GEORGE G. FERRAGUTO " Ferry " 38 Staniford Street, West End Record Staff; Ambition, Certified Public Accountant; Hobby, Sports. Holy Cross HUMBERT FERRERA " Humby " 100 Orient Avenue, East Boston Ambition, Baseball; Hobby, Business JAMES L. FERRETTI " Honey " 30 Bellevue Street, Dorchester Cadet Lieutenant; Football, 4, (E); Ambition, Aeronautical Engineering; Hobby, Sports. M. I. T. FRANK J. FERULLO " Red " 25 Hanover Avenue, North End Ambition, Commercial Drawing; Hobby, Baseball. Business PAGE 26 JOSEPH F. A. FETTIG " Wee-Wee " 36 Atherton Street, Roxbury Honor Roll, 1, 3; Cadet Captain; Library Corps, 2, 3, 4. Ambi- tion, Marine Engineering. Nautical School HENRY E. FIDROGKI " Fid " 617 Mass. Avenue, South End Honor Roll, 2, 3; Library Corps, 2, 3, 4; Cadet Captain; Ambi- tion, Medicine. Boston College BENNIE J. FILIPPONE 38 Frankfort Street, East Boston Ambition, Engineering; Hobby, Chemistry. College ALFRED FINER " Whitie " 50 Garden Street, West End Ambition, Agriculture; Hobby, Stamps. Business JOSEPH M. FINNERAN " Joe " 36 Howe Street, Dorchester Fife Drum Corps, Major; Ambition, Chemistry, Hobby, Sports. Business JOHN J. FINNERTY " Jack " 34 Taylor Street, Dorchester Honor Roll, 2; Cadet Lieuten- ant; Ambition, Certified Public Accountant; Hobby, Sports. Business DOMINIC FIORE " Mim " 147 Dana Street, Hyde Park Honor Roll, i, 2, 3; Math Club; Camera Club; Ambition, Teach- ing; Hobby, Sports. Col ROBERT W. FISHER " Bob " 1 10 Pleasant Street, Dorchester Ambition, Accounting; Hobby, Music. Northeastern LEO J. FITZGERALD " Fitz " 9 Tovar Street, Dorchester Cadet Captain; Ambition, Air- plane Mechanic. Business RAYMOND A. FITZGERALD " Fitzy " 10 Forest Street, Roxbury • Ambition, Business Career; Hobby, Baseball. Bentley School LEO FIVOZINSKY " Fivo " 25 Eaton Street, West End Ambition, Journalism; Hobby, Sports. Boston Uniiersity JOHN P. FLAHERTY " Red " 156 Putnam Street, East Boston Track, i, 2; Ambition, Music; Hobby, Sports. Business PAGE 27 WILLIAM FLAHERTY " Spot " 19 Clifford Street, Readville Room Councilor, 2; Cadet Lieu- tenant; Ambition, Business. Business EDWARD FLEISHMAN " Ed " 19 Wilmore Street, Mattapan Honor Roll, 2; Cadet Lieuten- ant; Chemistry Club; Ambition, Medicine. University oj Michigan RICHARD J. FLOWERS " Dick " 56 Middlesex Street, South End Glee Club; Ambition, Music; Hobby, Sports. New England Conservatory BERNARD F. FLYNN " B " 1 1 Wentworth Street, Dorchester Ambition, Diesel Engineering; Hobby, Swimming. Business PAUL F. FLYNN " Porkey " 83 Saxton Street, Dorchester lA ; Lawrence Prize, F D; Ambition, Chemical Engineer; Cadet Captain; Individual Prize. Northeastern THOMAS F. FOLEY " Tom " 64 Logan Way, South Boston Ambition, Army; Hobby, Base- ball. Business ROBERT M. FOULIS " Bob " 9 Rockne Street, Dorchester Rifle Club; Ambition, Business; Hobby, Sports. U niversity oj Alabama HENRY F. FOUNDAS " Buddy " 37 Kempton Street, Roxbury Honor Roll, I; Cadet Lieuten- ant; Camera Club; Rifle Team. Northeastern G. S. FRANGIAMONE " Jack " 4 Henchman Street, North End Cadet Lieutenant; Ambition, Chemical Engineering; Hobby, Sports. Engineering School ROBERT FREDA " Bob " 3 Spruce Street, West End Ambition, Merchant Marine; Hobby, Sports. Merchant Marine Sej-vice MICHAEL FRISOLI " Frizzy " 7 Unity Street, North End Ambition, Naval Officer; Or- chestra, I, 2, 3, 4; Band, i, 2, 3, 4; Hobby, Music. United States Navy FREDERICK FRONGILLO 98 Perkins St., Jamaica Plain Baseball, Assistant Manager Hockey, 4; Ambition, Music; Hobby, Radio. Business PAGE 28 ANTHONY J. FUCCILLO 221 North Street, North End Ambition, Piano; Hobby, Cross- Word Puzzles. Rusiness JOHN C. FYFFE " Red " 19 Dakota Street, Dorchester Ambition, Engineering; Hobby, Philately. Harvard NEIL J. GALLAGHER " Gall " 39 Glenville Avenue, Allston Rifle Club; Track, 2, 3, 4; Am- bition, Engineering; Hobby, Skiing. M. J. T. JOHN J. GALLAGHER " Rollo " 251 Boston Street, Dorchester Football, 3, 4, (E); Track, 2, 3, 4, (E); Ambition, Federal Bu- reau of Investigation; Room, Athletic Captain; Hobby, Golf. Bo si on College JOSEPH J. GALLAGHER " Joe " 47 St. Margaret St., Dorchester Football, 4; Debating Club; Ambition, Business; Hobby, Sports. Boston V niversity JAMES L. GALLOWAY " Gal " 374 Main Street, Charlestown Cadet Captain, Ambition, Busi- ness; Hobby, Sports. Northeastern GEORGE A. GAM BALE " Flash " 170 Endicott Street, North End Honor Roll, 2, 3; Ambition, Business; Hobby, Sports. Business School GEORGE GANJIAN " Doc " 107 Blue Hill Avenue, Roxbury -Aviation Club, 2; Ambition, Engraving; Hobby, Airplane Building. New England Photo-Engraving School WILLIAM H. GARDAS, JR. " Bill " 56 Bennington St., East Boston Cadet Lieutenant; Ambition, Mechanical Engineering; Hobby, Puzzles. Northeastern JOHN H. GARDNER " Johnnie " 5 Alicia Road, Dorchester Honor Roll, i, 2; Honor Guard, 3; Lawrence Prize, F D; Cadet Captain, Switchboard; Tennis Team, Captain. College HENRY G. GARTEN 368 Park Street, Dorchester Ambition, Army; Hobby, Radio. Boston College IRVING D. GASSMAN " Gassy " 56 Woolson Street, Mattapan Room Captain, 2; Football, 3; Baseball, 2, 3; Rifle Club, 2; Ambition, Textile Business; Hobby, Billiards. Lowell Textile Institute PAGE 29 WILLIAM A. GAVRILLES " Gavvy " 34 Vine Street, Roxbury Honor Roll, i, 2; Ambition, Radio; Cadet Lieutenant; Hobby, Puzzles. Boston College BERNARD N. GEHR " Bernie " 23 Havelock Street, Dorchester Cadet Lieutenant, Staff; Ambi- bition, Chemistry; Hobby, Pho- tography. Georgia Tech. GUIDO GENNARI " Gigs " 172 Cottage Street, East Boston Ambition, Electrical Engineer- ing; Hobby, Sports. Northeastern JOSEPH J. GEORGE " Joe " 70 Oak Street, South End Cadet Captain; Honor Guard. Boston College IRVING B. GERBER " Gerb " 120 Lucerne Street, Dorchester Cadet Captain; Chemistry Club; Math Club; Aviation Club; Hobby, Physics; Orchestra; Rec- ord Honor Roll, 3; Ambition Teacher. M. I. T. IRVING GERSHENGORN " (jershy " 90 Rosseter Street, Dorchester Camera Club; Stamp Club; Record; . ' mbition. Accounting; Cadet Lieutenant; Hobby, Pho- tography. Boston University MAURICE G. GERTEL " Moe " 54 Winston Road, Dorchester Cadet Captain; Chemistry Club; Orchestra; Math Club; Camera Club; Aviation Club; Ambition, Aeronautical Engineering. M. I. T. FRANK GI AM MATTED " Frankhouse " 283 Webster Street, East Boston Hockey, Manager; Ambition, Aviation; Hobby, Baseball. Boeing Aeronautical School JOHN B. GI ANNUS A " Curly " 2 Elbow Street, East Boston Cadet Lieutenant; Track, 3; Ambition, Business; Hobby, Dancing. Business JOSEPH F. GIARDINA " Joe " 32 Rose Street, South End Ambition, Radio Operator; Hobby, Radio and Photography. Northeastern ANTHONY A. GIARRAPUTO " Jerry " 248 West Third Street, S. B. Cadet Lieutenant; Ambition, Journalism; Hobby, Writing; Glee Club. Suffolk University KAHLIL G. GIBRAN " Gib " 201 Harrison Avenue, South End lA ; Lawrence Prize, Drawing; Rifle Club; Record Staff. Massachusetts School of Art PAGE 30 SILVIO A. A. GIELLA " Steve Brodie " 52 Hull Street, North End Ambition, Priest; Hobby, Sports. Boston College LESTER J. GILLESPIE " Buddy " 84 Tonawanda Street Dorchester Ambition, Military Instruction; Hobby, Sports. University of .ilabama JOHN J. GILLIS " Gil " 47 Dakota Street, Dorchester Room Captain, i, 4; Room Councilor, 2; Football, 3, 4, (E); Track, 4; Ambition, Success; Hobby, Sports. College WALTER G. GILMAN " Wally " J I Bainbridge Street, Roxbury Cadet Lieutenant; Record Typist; Ambition, Business; Hobby, Sports. Business JOSEPH R. GIUSTI " Lefty " 14 Whitby Terrace, Dorchester Honor Roll, 2; Lawrence Prize, Commercial Goegraphy; Switch- board; Camera Club. Boston University THOMAS L. GLYNN " T. Lee " 81 Walk Hill St., Jamaica Plain Rifle Club; Ambition, Aeronau- tics; Hobby, Auto-Mechanics. United States Army Air Corps BERNARD J. GOLDBERG " Bernie " 30 Mallon Road, Dorchester Room Councilor, 2; Ambition, Business; Hobbv, Baseball; Glee Club. Business SANFRED R. GOLDENBERG " Sandy " 72 Ormond Street, Mattapan Track, 2, 3, 4; Tennis, 2, 3, 4; Manager, 4; Ambition, Success. University oj Southern Calijornia HAROLD L. GOOBER " Goob " 40 Leverett Street, West End Honor Roll, 2; Cadet Lieuten- ant; Hobby, Baseball. College WILLIAM GOODE " Red " 343 S. Huntington Avenue, J. P. Room Captain; Room Coun- cilor, 3, 4; Ambition, Advertis- ing; Hobby, Coin Collecting. Boston College CARL GOODMAN 2 Kemp Street, South Boston Ambition, Dentistry; Hobby, Radio. Boston University EDWARD T. GORDON " Eddie " 263 Main Street, Charlestown Honor Roll, 2, 3; Lawrence Prize, F D; 2A ; 2nd Prize, Drum Corps; Ambition, Medi- cine. Tufts PAGE 31 ROBERT GORDON " Bob " 929 Blue Hill Ave., Dorchester Cadet Lieutenant; Bugle and Drum Corps; Prize, Bugle and Drum Competition; Rifle Club, 3, 4; Ambition, Dentistry. Tujts EDWARD A. GORNY " Ed " 634 Dorchester Ave., S. Boston Ambition, Dentistry; Hobby, Stamps; Cadet Lieutenant. Boston University ERNEST L. GOWEN " Ernie " 677 Dudley Street, Dorchester Stamp Club, 2, 3; Camera Club, 1, 3, 4; Track, 2; Ambition, Success. Business ARTHUR B. GRADONE " Art " 150 Faywood Ave. East Boston Honor Roll, 2; Cadet Captain; Track; Assistant Manager 3; Hobby, Sports. College CHARLES M. GRADY " Carlos " 132 Savin Hill Ave. Dorchester Ambition, Electrical Engineer- ing; Hobby, Driving. Business ORLANDO S. GRANDE " Ollie " 182 Cottage Street East Boston Honor Roll, 2, 3; Staff, Cadet Lieutenant; Ambition, Engi- neering. M. I. T. m. JAMES R. GREATOREX 30 South Margin Street West End Football 4(E); Track, 2; Ambi- tion, Success. Alabama LEONARD GREEN " Lenny " 1352 Dorchester Ave. Dorchester Ambition, Travelling; Hobby, Fishing. Business ARTHUR F. GRIFFIN " Griff " 144 Paul Gore St. Jamaica Plain Honor Roll, 2, 3; 3A ; Cadet Captain; Ambition, Clerking. Boston College EDWARD J. GROSZCZNSKI " Ed " 194 Boston Street, Dorchester Home Room Representative, 4; Room Captain, 4; Stamp Club; Chemistry Club, 3; Track, i; Ambition, Aviation. Parks Air College JAMES M. GUERIN " Mike " 27 East Lenox Street, Roxbury .Ambition, Success; Hobby, Sports. Boston College CARLO F. GUIDETTI " Charlie " 40 Dover Street, South End Cadet Lieutenant; . ' mbition, Electrical Engineering; Hobby, Photography. M. I. T. PAGE 32 JAMES J. GUILFOYLE " Gilly " 112 Moreland Street, Roxbury Honor Guard, .1; Cadet Lieu- tenant, 4; Chemistry Club; Ambition, Technician. M. I. T. CHARLES E. GUMINA " Bubbles " 74 Salem Street, West End Band; Ambition, Military Career; Hobby, Sports. lVes( Point ALBERT F. HADDAD " Al " 315 Harrison Avenue South End Ambition, Aviation; Hobby, Air- planes. JViggins Air School EDWARD HAJJAR " Hutch " 4 Union Park, South End Room Councilor; Ambition, Pro- fessional Baseball; Hobby, Sports. Business DANIEL A. HALLISY " Danny " 21 Inwood Street, Dorchester Athletic Captain, j; Ambition, Priest; Hobby, Sports. Priesthood THEODORE J. HAMMILL " Teddy " 69 Charlemont St., Dorchester Cadet Lieutenant; Rifle Club, 3; Ambition, Aviation. Boston College JOSEPH F. HAMMOND " Porky " 59 Elm .Street, Charlestown Athletic Captain, 3; Cadet Lieu- tenant, Alumni Committee; Am- bition, Sports Writing. Business RICHARD F. HARDING " Dick " 28 Sedalia Road, Dorchester Tennis, 3; Tennis Club, 3, 4, Hobby, Swimming. Success. Ambition, College ROBERT A. HARDING 28 Sedalia Road, Dorchester Cadet Lieutenant; Football, 4: Hobby, Reading. Boston College FRANCIS A. HARRINGTON " Hago " 81 P Street, South Boston Cadet Lieutenant; Ambition, Business, Hobby, Sports. Business RICHARD T. HARRIS " Dick ' 136 Saratoga St., East Boston Honor Roll, i; lA ; Honor Guard; Cadet Captain, 4; . ' Ambi- tion, Medicine. Boston College JAMES P. HARTE " Jim " 40 Robinson Street, Dorchester Honor Roll, i; Yearbook Com- mittee; Ambition, Accounting. Hobby, Sports, Notre Dame PAGE 33 JOSEPH J. HAVERTY ■ ' Joe " 5 Rigelow Street, Brighton Honor Roll, 2; Captain, Staff; Chemistry Club; Ambition, Avi- ation. College EDWARD F. HAVLIN " Ed " 79 Adams Street, Dorchester Cadet Lieutenant; Picture Com- mittee; Ambition, Office Work. Hobby, Sports; Business LEO K. HAYES " Lee " loi Dale Street, Roxbury Honor Roll, i, 2, 3 5 A ; Cadet Captain; Room Councilor; Assis- tant Circulation Manager; Trea- surer, Senior Class; Math Club, Student Council, Secretary. IFest Point JOHN R. HEALY " Johnnie " 19 Ellison Avenue, Dorchester Football, 4; Rifle Club, 3; Hobby, Sports. Holy Cross WILLIAM HEALY " Bill " 15 Bard well St., Jamaica Plain Ambition, Engineering; Hobby, Sports. Business JOHN J. HEFFERNAN " Hefl y " 1 14 Lonsdale Street, Dorchester Ambition, Engineering; Hobby, Sports. JV entworth Institute PHILIP T. HEFFERNAN " Heff " 31 Newcastle Road, Brighton Hobby, Photography; Ambi- tion, Certified Public .Account- ant. Northeastern University EDWARD F. HENNESSY " Ed " 23 Frawley Street, Roxbury Lawrence Prize, F D, 2; .Ambition, Business; Hobby, Reading. Boston College LEO C. HERZOG " Knute " 170 N Street, South Boston Track, I, 2; Ambition, Adver- tising; Hobby, Dancing. Business PAUL T. HOGAN ' ' Barney " 33 Semont Street, Dorchester Cadet Lieutenant; Ambition, Court Stenography; Hobby, Sports. Notre Dame FRANCIS P. P. HOLLAND " Dutchy " II Topi iff Street, Dorchester Athletic Captain, 2, 4; Hobby, Reading; Football (E)2, 3, 4; Track, 3, 4; Ambition, Certified Public Accountant. Boston College GEORGE L. HOLLAND 61 West Fifth St., South Boston Ambition, Success: Hobby, Sports. Business PAGE 34 WILNER G. HOLT " Mouse " 5J3 Columbus Ave., South End Ambition, Linotype Operator; Hobby, Dancing. University of Virginia DONALD C. HORAN " Don " 14 Buswell Street, Back Bay Honor Roll, 2, 3; 4A ; Law- rence Prize, F D, 3; Student Council, 3; Library Corps, Vice- President, 3, 4; Chairman Song Committee, 4;IVIath Club, President; Debating Club, Presi- dent, 3, 4; Band, a, 3; Record Literary Editor, 4; Switchboard, 2, 3, 4; Cadet Lieutenant, 4; Ambition, Teaching. College JOHN S. HORTON " Jack " 31 Mayhew Street, Dorchester Room Councilor, 2; Cadet Lieu- tenant, 4; Track, 3; Chemistry Club, 4; Current Events, 4; Hobby, Music. Business ROBERT A. HOWE " Bob " I Dayton Street, Dorchester Glee Club; Ambition, Journal- ism. Hobby, Swimming; Rhode Island State ANDREW K. IBACH " Andy " 5 Torrey Street, Dorchester Ambition, Success; Hobby, Sports. Northeastern CHARLES J. JACOBS " Jake " 51 Clarkson Street, Dorchester Cadet Captain, 4; Ambition, Engineering; Hobby, Photo- graphy. Northeastern DAVID JACOBS " Dave " 110 Rosseter Street, Dorchester Chemistry Club, 3, 4; Hobby, Photography; Camera Club, 3, 4; Current Events Club; Ambi- tion, Chemical Engineering. ortheastern PHILIP JANSEN " Phil " 77 Milton Avenue, Dorchester Honor Roll, I; Ambition, Busi- ness; Hobby, Airplane Modeling. Boston College STEVEN JOHNIDES " Steve " 3 Austin Street, Back Bay Lawrence Prize, F D; Ambi- tion, Law; Hobby, Poetry and Travelling. Boston University PATRICK A. JOHNSTON " Pat " 531 Ashmont Street, Dorchester Cadet Lieutenant; Ambition, Success; Hobby, Baseball, Foot- ball. Business THOMAS J. JORDAN " Tom " 50 Armandine Street, Dorchester Cadet Lieutenant; Drum Corps; Ambition, Optometry; Hobby, Photography. Massachusetts School 0 Opto- metry THOMAS J. JUDGE, JR. " Tom " 9 Forbes Street Jamaica Plain Cadet Lieutenant; Ambition, Court Stenography; Hobby, Swimming. Business School PAGE 35 B. J. JURKIEWICZ " Broni " 1 6 Clapp Street, Dorchester Cadet Lieutenant; Ambition, Success; Hobby, Sports. Business School LE ONARD KAHN " Duke " 173 Harvard Street, Dorchester Lawrence Prize, F D; Honor Roll, 2; Math Club; Band; Library Corps; Switchboard; Ambition, Success. N orlheastern U niversity ALBERT A. KAJANDER " Al " 75 Easton Street, Allston Honor Guard; Current Events Club, Camera Club; Ambition, Teaching. Jnilia7ns College HENRY KANE " Henie " 8 Elder Street, Dorchester Track, 3; Ambition, Teaching; Hobby, Sports. Boston College LEON KARGER " Lee " 172 Harvard Street, Dorchester 2A ; . ' Vmbition, Engineering; Hobby, Sports. College ARTHUR S. KAROL " Art " 84 Lake Street, Brighton 3A ; Honor Roll, 2, 3; Athletic Room Captain, 2; Cadet Lieu- tenant; Cheer Leader, 4; Adver- tising Manager, Record; Math Club; Ambition, Success. College PAUL M. KATZ 5 Wyola Place, Dorchester Record Staff; Camera Club, Treasurer; Debating Club; Chemistry Club; Ambition, Aviation. Boston University GEORGE J. KAUP " Bud " 27 Magdala Street, Dorchester Spelling Bee Winner, i; Room Councilor, i, 2; .Ambition Suc- cess. Northeastern U niversity WILLIAM F. KEENAN " Bill " 86 Butler Street, Dorchester Cadet Lieutenant; Current Events Club; Football, 4 (E); Track, 3; Athletic Room Cap- tain; Ambition, Success. College FRANCIS A. KELLEY " F. A. " 177 Norfolk Street, Dorchester Hockey, 3, 4; Drum Corps; . ' mbition. Travelling; Hobby, Skating. Business JOHN J. KELLEY " Kel " 107 Centre Street, Roxbury Ambition, Church; Hobby, Sports. College ROBERT P. KELLEY " Kel " 182 Mt. Vernon St., W. Roxbury Ambition, Success; Hobby, Fishing. College PAGE 36 THOMAS A. KELLEY " Kell " 66 Westville Street, Dorchester Cadet Captain; Honor Guard; Athletic Captain, 3; Executive Committee; Stamp Club; Avia- tion Club; Chemistry Club. Boston College THOMAS F. KELLY " Rubber " 32 Chestnut Ave., Jamaica Plain Cadet Lieutenant; Ambition, Success; Hobby, Reading. Northeastern University WALTER J. KENEFICK " Walla " 1823 Dor. Ave., Dorchester Honor Roll, 3; Lawrence Prize, F D; Switchboard; Ambition, Court Stenography. Business WILLIAM E. KENNEDY " Bing " 17 Payson Avenue, Dorchester Ambition, Entertaining; Hobby, Photography. Radio School STEPHEN J. KIELBOWICZ " Butch " 18 Henry Street, Dorchester Honor Roll, 3; Lawrence Prize, C3; Cadet Captain: Ambition, Chemistry. Northeastern University EDWIN L. KING " Bill " 561 Columbus Ave., South End Cadet Lieutenant; Stamp Club, 4; Track, 3; Ambition, Chem- istry. W entv)orth Institute ELDON L. KING " Little " 561 Columbus Ave., South End Cadet Lieutenant; Track, 2; Rifle Team; Drum and Bugle Corps; Ambition, Mechanical Engineering. tV entworth PATRICK J. KING " Jody " 213 West Ninth St., S. Boston Football, (E) 2, 3, 4, Captain, Baseball, 2, 3; Ambition, Ath- letic Instructor. Boston College VICTOR W. KOSTACHUK " Vic " 191 Calumet Street, Roxbury Ambition, Success; Hobby, Baseball, Hockey. Northeastern University VINCENT J. LaCONCA " Jimmie " 264 Webster Street, East Boston Cadet Lieutenant; Orchestra; Record Staff; Ambition, Selling; Hobby, Baseball. Bentley ' s DAVID R. LADRE " Dave " 246 Hanover Street, North End School Band; Ambition, Suc- cess; Hobby, Music, Baseball; Orchestra. Cornell University DANIEL P. LAFFAN " Bud " 854 East Broadway St., S. B. Ambition, Success; Hobby, Sports, Airplanes. Business PAGE 37 CHARLES H. LAMBERT " Chic " 22 Barnes Avenue, East Boston Ambition, Success; Cadet Lieu- tenant; Hobby, Horses. College WARREN E. LANNON " Mootch " 59 Boylston Street J. P. Current Events Club; Ambition, Success. Boston University SIMONE LAURIA " Sammy " 40 Tileston Street, North End Cadet Lieutenant; Individual Prize; Ambition, History; Hobby, Basketball, Hockey. Notre Dame CHARLES M. LAVANCHY " Brick " 60 Clarkson Street, Dorchester Dance Committee, 4; Glee Club, I, 2, 3, 4; Athletic Captain, 2, 3; Cadet Lieutenant; Ambition, Baseball. Business MAXIM LEAVITT " Mike " 19 Allen Street, West End Honor Roll, 2; Alumni Commit- tee; Cadet Lieutenant; Football, 3, 4, (E), Track, 3, 4, Library Corps; Chemistry Club. University of Michigan JAMES F. LEE " Leeso " 41 5 East Fifth St., South Boston Cadet Lieutenant; Ambition, Civil Service Employment; Hobby, Sailing. Tnjts College PAUL H. LEE " Homer " 13 Hudson Street, South End Honor Roll, 2, 3; Cadet Captain; Math Club, Secretary, 4; Chem- istry Club, 4; Ambition, En- gineering. M. I. T. ARNOLD S. LEVENSON " Arnie " 230 Callender Street, Dorchester Honor Roll, 2; Athletic Room Captain; Track. 3; Fife and Drum Corps; Ambition, Suc- cess. College JOHN L. LEWIS " Joe Louis " 2A Florence Street, South End Track, 4; Ambition, Banking; Cadet Lieutenant; Hobby, Repairs. College GEORGE M. LIBIN " Lib " 1310 Blue Hill Ave., Mattapan Honor Roll, 2; Cadet Captain; Camera Club, 2; Chemistry Club, 4; Debating Club. Cornell JOSEPH A. LeBLANC " Arty " 72 Martin Street, West Roxbury Ambition, Theatre Projection; Hobby, Swimming. If entworth Institute LINO L. LINTERIS 46 Bowdoin Street, Dorchester Cadet Lieutenant; Math Club; Library Club; Chemistry Club; Current Events Club; Ambition, Chemical Engineering. Northeastern University PAGE 38 LEO M. LIPPA " Zipper " 644 Harvard Street, Mattapan Lawrence Prizes; Math Club; Chemistry Club, Ambition, En- gineering; Hobby, Tennis. Engineering School JOHN A. LOCATELLI " Largo " 7 Norman Street, West End Ambition, Banking; Hobby, Photography, Bowling. Virginia Military Institute JOSEPH P. LOGUE " Joe " 51 Pontiac Street, Roxbury Ambition, Medicine; Drill, In- dividual Prize; Hobby, Skating. Boston College PHILIP J. LOMBARDI " Phil " 28 Harvard Street, Charlestown Captain; Room Councilor; Foot- ball. 4, (E); Ambition, Success; Hobby, Sports. College FRANK J. LoRUSSO " Harry " 5 Margaret Street, North End Baseball, 3, 4; Ambition, Suc- cess; Hobby, Stamps. Preparatory School MARTIN LYDON " Marty " 19 Windermere Rd., Dorchester Football, 3, (E); Ambition, Success; Hobby, Sports. College EDWARD S. LYNCH " Red " 261 Belgrade Avenue, Roslindale Cadet Lieutenant; Camera Club, 3; Ambition, Success; Hobby, Sports. Boston College JOHN R. LYNCH " Johnny " 65 Stanton Street, Dorchester Ambition, Newspaper Writing; Hobby, Sports. Business WILLIAM J. LYNCH " Bill " 55 Dunster Rd., Jamaica Plain Cadet Lieutenant; Ambition, Designing; Hobby, Music Re- cords. Massachusetts School of Art DONALD R. MACY " Don " 14 Fletcher Street, Roslindale Ambition, Travelling; Hobby, Hunting, Camping. U nited States Forestry Service JAMES A. MADDEN " Shorty " 3 Old Morton St., Dorchester Baseball, Assistant Manager, i, 2; Football, Assistant Manager, I, 2; Ambition, Civil Engineer- ing; Hobby, Pigeons, Boxing. Catholic University WILLIAM E. MAGUIRE " Bill " 135 Lasell Street, West Roxbury Picture Committee; Football, 2, 3, 4; Manager, 4; Athletic Cap- tain, 2, 3; Ambition, Criminal Law. College PAGE 39 GEORGE L. MAHONEY " G. L. " 59 Mallet Street, Dorchester Glee Club; Ambition, Den- tistry; Hobby, Sports. College ANGELO A. MANJOU 7 Laconia Street, South End Honor Roll, l, 2; jA ; Lawrence Prize, F D, 3; Student Coun- cil; Room Councilor, 3; Spelling Bee Winner, 3; Cadet Lieu- tenant; Debating Club, 2, 3, 4, Secretary, 3, 4; Math Club, 4; Rifle Club, 4; Chemistry Club; Ambition, Engineering. . ero I. T. I. JOHN F. MANNING 47 Juliette Street, Dorchester Ambition, Success; Hobby, Sports. Business NIYAM A. MANO " Niy " 795 Huntington Ave., Back Bay Ambition, Accounting; Hobby, Sports. College LOUIS J. MANOS 4 Oswego Street, South End Ambition, Music; Hobby, Records. Business JOHN C. MANTIA ' ' Manny " 34 North Russell St., West End Ambition, Bookkeeping; Hobby, Cards. Business School ARMAND MANUELE " Manny " 306 Maverick St., East Boston Ambition, Army Air Corps; Hobby, Sports. Business BERJ MANUELIAN " Beau " 67 Westland Avenue, Back Bay Ambition, Success; Hobby, Swing. Business WILLIAM F. MARCELLA " Solitudie Bill " 149 Endicott Street, North End . ' lumni Committee; Room Councilor, 2; Student Council, 2; Ambition, Law; Hobby, Music. Dartmouth MARSHALL M. MARCUS " Markie " 24 Glenway Street, Dorchester Athletic Room Captain; Cadet Lieutenant; Ambition, Selling; Hobby, Sports. Business. MARTIN B. MARCUS " Marty " 953 Morton Street, Mattapan Cadet Lieutenant; Record StaflF; Debating Club; Current Events Club; Math Club; Chemistry Club; Camera Club, 2, 3, 4. Lowell Textile Institute MICHELE J. MARINO " Mike " 79 Prince Street, North End Cadet Captain; Drum Corps; Individual Drummer Prize; Am- bition, Law; Hobby, Hockey. Suffolk Law School PAGE 40 GERALD B. MARKHARD " Jerry " 35 Elmdale Street, Dorchester Cadet Lieutenant; Photography Club; Rifle Club; Ambition, Television Engineering. Business CHARLES J. MARKONISH " Mac " 6 Milton Street, West End Ambition, Travelling; Hobby, Entomology. Business WILLIAM F. MARTINO " Bill " 59 Maverick Street, East Boston Ambition, Business; Hobby, Swimming, Baseball. College JOSEPH F. MASCIULLI " Joe " 388 Commercial St., North End Ambition, Business; Hobby, Sports: Cadet Captain. Boston College CARLO B. MASELLI " Carl " 20 Pleasant Street, Dorchester Cadet Lieutenant; Chemistry Club; Current Events Club; Ambition, Engineering. Northeastern University LAWRENCE J. McADAMS " Larry " 48 Ellison Avenue, Dorchester Cadet Lieutenant; Ambition, Aeronautical Engineering; Track, 4; Hobby, Sailing. M. I. T. JOHN L. McAULIFFE " Mac " 21 Chester Street, Allston Cadet Captain, Staff; Individ- ual Prize; Rifle Club, 3; Track, 2, 3, 4; Ambition, Marine Corps Officer. United States Marine Training School HUGH F. McBRIEN " The Duke " 247 Stratford St., WestRoxbury Room Councilor, 3, 4; Ambi- tion, Army Officer; Hobby, Sports. Citizen ' s Military Training Corps JOSEPH M. McCarthy " Mac " 115 Wilmington Ave., Dor. Spelling Bee Winner, Home Room; French Club, 4; Track, 3, 4; Ambition, Success; Hobby. Sports. Boston College JAMES P. MacCAUSLAND " Mac " 214 Hemenway Street, Back Bay Cadet Captain; Ambition, Journalism; Hobby, Photogra- phy. Northeastern THOMAS P. McCOLE " Paddy " 854 E. Broadway, South Boston Ambition, Electricity; Hobby, Airplanes. Business FRANCIS J. McCOY " Frankie " no Lexington St., East Boston Honor Roll, i, 2, 3; Lawrence Prize, F D; Room Councilor, 2; Cadet Captain; 3A ; Honor Guard; Record Staff " ; Track, 2; Ambition, Sportswriting. United States Coast Guard PAGE 41 GEORGE E. McCRANN " Gigie " 105 D Street, South Boston Football Team, Assistant Man- ager; Ambition, Success; Hobby, Jitterbugging. Business THOMAS F. P. McDERMOTT " The Baron " 311 Lamartine St., Jamaica Plain Ambition, Success; Hobby, Sports. Business JAMES H. McDonald " Mac " 106 Winthrop Street, Roxbury Ambition, Certified Public Ac- countant; Hobby, Swimming. Bent ley ' s CHARLES H. McDONNELL " Mac " 42 Elmira Street, Brighton Lawrence Prize, F D; Room Councilor, 3; Student Council, 3; Ambition, Traveling. M. I. T. ' FRANCIS T. McDONOUGH " Mac " 14 Shepton Street, Dorchester Track, Assistant Manager, 4; Ambition, Mechanical Engineer- ing; Hobby, Photography. Northeastern University JAMES F. McDONOUGH " Mac " 140 West Eighth St., S. Boston Room Captain, 3; Councilor; Cadet Lieutenant; Glee Club; Ambition, Radio Engineering. Business STUART R. MacDUFF " Mac " 43 Manthorne Road VV. Roxbury Cadet Captain, Staff; Ambition, Piloting; Hobby, Sports. United States Air Corps JAMES McGEE " Fibber " 143 Brooks Street, Brighton Track, 3; Record Staff; Ambi- tion, Success; Hobby, Drawing. Art School LEO McGILLICUDDY " Albie " " McGill " 19 Heath Avenue, Jamaica Plain Glee Club, 4; Ambition, Navy; Hobby, Hockey. Annapolis GEORGE V. McGILVERY " Mac " 5 Narragansett St., Dorchester Honor Roll, 2; Cadet Lieuten- ant; Ambition, Finger Printing. Business JAMES J. McGRANAHAN " Mack " 314 Faneuil Street, Brighton Ambition, Army; Hobby, Horses. Army JOSEPH McGRATH " Mac " 3 Lauten Place, South Boston Room Councilor, i; Student Council, I; Ambition, Success; Hobby, Electricity. Business PAGE 42 JAMES C. McINTOSH " Mac " 1 130 Common. Ave., Allston Cadet Lieutenant; French Club; Ambition, Success. College KENNETH G. McKAY " Ken " 75 Chester Street, Allston Cadet Lieutenant, Staff; Ambi- tion, Pilot and Aeronautical Engineering. Air College JOHN J. McKENNA " Mac " 16 Fenwick Street, Roxbury Picture Committee; Cadet Lieu- tenant; Ambition, Civil Service; Hobby, Sports. Business GORDON J. MacKENZIE " Flash " 2160 Centre St., West Roxbury Record Writer; Current Events Club; Debating Club; Ambition, Professional Writing. College JOHN McKEON 33 Newport Street, Dorchester Track, 2, 3, Assistant Manager, 4; Ambition, Accounting; Hobby, Sports. Notre Dame ROBERT S. McKINNON " Bob " 44 Boutwell Street, Dorchester Cadet Lieutenant; Ambition, Success; Hobby, Bowling. Notre Dame ■m FREDERIC J. McLaughlin " Mac " 6 Allston Street Charlestown Track; Ambition, Law; Hobby, Scrapbook. College JOSEPH P. McMANUS " Mickey " 27 Lindsey Street, Dorchester Cadet Lieutenant; Track, 2; Athletic Room Captain; Ambi- tion, Success. Journalism JAMES F. McNAMARA " Mac " 6 Corwin Street, Dorchester Ambition, Electrical Engineer- ing; Hobby, Sports, Band. Northeastern University JOHN T. McNAMARA " Mac " 420 Talbot Avenue, Dorchester Ambition, Teaching; Hobby, Bowling. College JOSEPH W. MacNEIL " Windy " 68 West Cottage St., Roxbury Room Councilor; Cadet Lieu- tenant; Chemistry Club, Presi- dent; Ambition, Chemistry. Northeastern University WILLIAM B. McPHERSON " Red " 33 Longfellow Street, Dorchester Ambition, Engineering; Hobby, Sports. College PAGE 43 PAUL F. McVINEY " Red " i6 Moultrie Street, Dorchester Ambition, Business; Hobby, Baseball. College JOSEPH J. MELCHIONDA " Joey " 20 Sheafe Street, North End Ambition, Mariner; Hobby, Basketball. Business GEORGE J. METANIAS 27 Mayo Street, South End Cadet Lieutenant, Ambition, Art; Hobby, Swimming. School of Art AUGUSTINE J. MICHAELS " Mike " 34 Lynde Street, West End Honor Roll, 2; Record, Room Representative; Ambition, Cer- tified Public Accountant. Business DOMENIC MEMMOLO " Dom " 177 Leydon Street, East Boston Cadet Captain; Ambition, Aviation; Hobby, Tennis. Business STEPHEN F. MEROFSKI " Steve " 41 North Russell St., West End Ambition, Sportswri ting; Hobby, Sports. Business FREDERIC MERZ " Fred " 44 Prince Street, Jamaica Plain Honor Roll, 2; Lawrence Prize, F D, 2; Baseball, Assistant Manager, 2; Ambition, Engi- neering. Northeastern University RICHARD E. MERZ " Dick " 44 Prince Street, Jamaica Plain Ambition, Medicine; Hobby, Sports. Boston University ERNEST MILLER " Ernie " 861 Dorchester Ave., Dorchester Spelling Bee Winner, 3; Stamp Club; Ambition, Success; Hobby, Radio. Business EUGENE E. MILLER " Tiny " 77 Ruggles Street, Roxbury Ambition Orchestra Leader; Hobby, Football. Business JOSEPH L. MILLER " Milky " 42 Hobson Street, Brighton Ambition, Aviation; Hobby, Sports. Chicago Aeronautical School ROBERT C. MILLER " Bob " I 5 1 9 Blue Hill Avenue Mattapan . ' mbition. Office Executive; Hobby, Sports. Preparatory School PAGE 44 WILLIAM M. MILNE " Shorty " 44 Fairbanks Street, Brighton Hockey, 3, 4; Ambition, Engi- neering. Preparatory School JOHN T. MINAHAN " Jack " 19 Inwood Street, Dorchester Ambition, Certified Public Ac- countant, Hobby, Baseball. Bent lev ARTHUR A. MONTUORI " Monty " 8 Prince Street, North End Record Typist; Ambition, Busi- ness. Northeastern Lniversity ARTHUR F. B. MOORE " Mo " 10 Compton Street, South End Stamp Club; Ambition, Medi- cine; Hobby, Dancing, Sports. New York University HERBERT L. MINKIN " Mink " 127 Intervale Street, Roxbury Honor Roll, i, 2; Lawrence Prize, F D, i; Ambition, Teaching. Boston University PAUL X. MORAN " Dusky " 33 Mt. Vernon St., Charlestown Ambition, Professional Foot- ball; Track, 2, 4. Louisiana State University RALPH MOIR " Moe " 23 Atlantis St., West Roxbury Football, 2, 3, 4, (E); Track, 2, 3, 4, (E); Hobby, Sports ' Ambi- tion, Success. College JOHN G. MONTGOMERY " Oh, Johnny " 169 Boston Street, Dorchester Ambition, Accounting; Hobby, Sports. Business JOSEPH A. MONTICONE " Buff " 3 Baker Court, Dorchester Glee Club, Manager; Ambition, Navy; Hobby, Swimming, Base- ball. Navy ALESSANDRO MORELLI " Sandy " 1 106 Saratoga St., East Boston Cadet Lieutenant; Math Club; Honor Roll, i, 2, 3; lA ; Ambi- tion, Engineering. M. . T. DANIEL A. MORREO " Deacon " 15 Cooper Street, West End Bugle and Drum Corps; Ambi- tion, Journalism; Hobby, Sports. College JAMES F. MORRISSEY " Moe " 22 Mt. Vernon St., Charlestown Honor Roll, i, 2, 3; 6A ; Lawrence Prizes, Hi, L2; Room Councilor 2, 3, Student Council, Vice President; Junior and Sen- ior Class President; Cadet Cap- tain; Honor Guard, 3; Library Corps, 2; Room Councillor, 2, 4; Boston College PAGE 45 CHARLES M. MORRISON " Chas. " 5 Davitt Street, Dorchester Ambition, Chemical Engineer; Hobby, Photography. Northeastern LOUIS C. MORUZZI " Cookie " 19 Cooper Street, North End Glee Club; Ambition, Aviation; Hobby, Sports. Boston University ANTHONY C. MOSCHELLA " Andy " 42 Barnes Avenue, East Boston Track, 1; Lawrence Prize, F D. Ambition, Profefsional Golfing. College GEORGE MOSES " Moe " 276A Shawmut Ave., South End Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, Bugle and Drum Corps, 4, Ambition, Suc- cess, Hobby, Sports. M. I. T. JOSEPH A. MUELLER 16 Primrose Street, Roslindale Ambition, Engineering, Hobby, Chemistry. M. I. T. GORDON J. MUISE " Moosey " 17 Door Street, Roxbury Ambition, Engineering; Hobby, Chemistry. Northeastern University DONAL A. MULLIGAN " Mul " 7 Rofeland Street, Dorchester Room Captain, 4; Current Events Club, i, Ambition, Suc- cess. Business EDWARD J. MULLIN " Mull " 27 Thornley Street, Dorchester Band, 2, 3; Switchboard; Ambi- tion, Engineering, Hobby, Trumpet. College LAWRENCE T. MURPHY " Fish " 91 Leyden Street, East Boston Cadet Captain: Athletic Cap- tain, 2, 3; Track, 3; Picture Committee; Record ' ix. iS- Track, 2, (E); Ambition, Law. Georgetown University ROBERT J. MURPHY " Murph " 17 Archdale Road, Roslindale Honor Roll, I; Cadet Lieuten- ant, Ambition, Success. Boston College ROBERT P. MURPHY " Bob " 26 Bradfield Avenue, Roslindale Lawrence Prize, F D; lA ; Switchboard; Cadet Captain, Staff; Ambition, Medicine. Boston College WILLIAM F. MURPHY 504 Talbot Avenue, Dorchester Room Councilor, i; Ambition, Success; Hobby, Sports. Boston College PAGE 46 SUMNER MYERS 4J Colonial Avenue, Dorchester Current Events Club; Ambition, Success. Technicdl School JOHN F. NAGLES ■■ Franny " JO Temple Street, West End Ambition, Aviator; Hobby, Driving; Track Manager. Business THOMAS NEE " Tommy " io6 Moreland Street, Roxbury Spelling Bee Winner, Home Room; Record Typist, 3; Cadet Captain; Honor Guard, 3; Honor Roil, 4; Ambition, Business. Norwich University PAUL NEEDEL " Curley " I 224 Blue Hill Avenue, Mattapan Ambition, Success; Hobby, Sports. Boston University EDMUND NEWMAN " Ed " 22 Bellvista Road, Brighton Cadet Lieutenant; Ambition, Success; Hobby, Stamps; Track. College EDWARD NICHOLAS " Ed " 145 Tyler Street, South End Cadet Captain; Alumni Com- mittee, Ambition, Engineering; Hobby, Swimming. Northeastern University ODD S. NIELSEN " Oddy " 5 Belmore Terrace, Jamaica Plain Honor Roll, 2, 3, 3. ' Law- rence Prize, F D; Student Council, President, Room Coun- cilor, I; Alumni Committee, Chairman; Library Corps, Presi- dent; Record Circulation, Man- ager; Math Club; Cadet Cap- tain, Staff; Ambition, Engine- ering. M. I. T. JOHN L. NOLAN " Johnnie " 396 Centre Street, Jamaica Plain Cadet Lieutenant; Current Events Club; Ambition, Gov- ernment Service; Hobby, Sports. College BERNARD NORWOOD " Red " 33 Fessenden Street, Mattapan French Club; Chemistry Club; Currents Events Club; Ambi- tion, Success. College JOSEPH P. NUGENT " Joe " 91 Farrar Avenue, Hyde Park Chemistry Club; Track, Man- ager; Ambition, Pharmacy; Hobby, Sports. Mass. College of Pharmacy. JOHN G. O ' BRIEN " O ' Bie " 933 Dorchester Ave., Dorchester Ambition, Engineering; Hobby Sports. United States Army DONALD T. O ' CONNOR " Bar " 398 Ashmont Street, Dorchester Honor Roll, i, 3; Ambition, Medicine; Hobby, Sports. Notre Dame PAGE 47 JOHN J. O ' CONNOR, JR. " Okie " 30 Larchmont Street, Dorchester Ambition, Business; Hobby, Sports. Boston University WILLIAM B. O ' CONNOR " Okie " 21 De Wolf Street, Dorchester Honor Roll, I ; Ambition, Travel- ling; Hobby, Sports. Boston College PAUL L. O ' DONNELL " Odey " 27 Olney Street, Dorchester Honor Roll, i, 2; 3A ; Lawrence Prize, F D, 2; Room Counci- lor, 2; Record, Production Edi- tor; Chemistry Club, 4; Track, 2; Ambition, Engineering. Lowell Tech SUMNER L. OLSTEIN " .Sonny " 35 Baird Street, Dorchester Track, Manager, Ambition, Suc- cess; Hobby, Aviation. Northeastern University FRANCIS J. OMAR " Red " 75 Hillsdale Street, Dorchester Track, 3, 4; Ambition, Success; Hobby, Sports. Business. . JOSEPH P. O ' NEILL " Lefty " 873 E. Second St., South Boston Cadet Lieutenant; Ambition, Government Job; Hobby, Base- ball. Business BURTON ORANBURG " Burt " 646 Walkhill Street, Mattapan . ' thletic Captain, 2, 3; Color Bearer, 3; Track, 2, 3, 4, (E); Football, 2, 3, 4, (E); . ' Ambition, Olympics. Preparatory School VITO A. ORLANDELLA " Vic " 40 Sheafe Street, North End Honor Roll, i; Ambition, Sel- ling; Hobby, Music. Boston University. EDMUND M. O ' RIORDAN " Mickey " 4 Arborway, Jamaica Plain Athletic Captain, 4; Cadet Cap- tain; Football, 4 (E); Hockey, 4; Ambition, Certified Public . " Accountant. Lawrence Academy. AUSTIN O ' TOOLE " . ' Austy " 18 Church Street, Dorchester -Athletic Captain, 3; Room Councilor, 4; Vice-President, Junior and Senior Classes; Ambi- tion, Lawyer. College JOSEPH W. PAGE " Joe " 29 Harvest Street, Dorchester Honor Roll; . ' mbition, Travel- ing; Hobby, Sports. Boston University ANTHONY PAGLIA " Tony Page " 81 North Margin St., North End Ambition, Politician; Hobby, Sports. Business PAGE 48 JAMES PANDOS " Jimmey " II Berkeley Street, South End Ambition, Chemistry; Hobby Sports. Northeastern University FRANCIS PANICO " Panic " 115 Adams Street, Dorchester Glee Club, i, 2, 3, 4; Ambition, Entomology; Hobby, Reading. Government. GURY PANO ■ ' CjQody " 120 Conant Street, Roxbury Ambition, Engineering; Hobby, Sports. Colle ' ie THOMAS A. PAPA " Tommy " 28 Prince Street, North End Staff Lieutenant, Ambition, Office Work, Hobby, Boats. College JOHN J. PAOUETTE " Chick " 24 Longfellow Street, Dorchester Baseball, a, 3, 4; Ambition, Band Leader. College WILLIAM A. PARANDES " Bill " 93 High Street, Charlestown Honor Roll, 2, 3; A ; Cadet Captain; Honor Guard; ' Record Staff; Ambition, Aeronautical Engineering. Technical School M, ' A LEONARD L. P. PASGIUCCO " Lenny " 446 Quincy Street, Dorchester Picture Committee, 4; Track, 3; Ambition, Teaching. Boston College FRANK G. PASOUALI " Pat " 262 Lamartine St., Jamaica Plain Honor Roll, 2, 3; Athletic Cap- tain, 3; Cadet Captain; Ambi- tion, Business. Northeastern University . THOMAS V. J. PATELLI " Tio " 363 W. Third St., South Boston Cadet Captain; Ambition, Law; Hobby, Sports; Honor Guard. arvard SHERWOOD PEACOCK " Sherk " 60 Hempstead Rd., J. P. Track, 4 (E); Aviation Club; Ambition, Physical Director; Hobby, Horse Racing. Huntington School AGOSTINO A. PELOSI " Augie " 81 Lubec Street, East Boston Cadet Captain; Ambition, En- gineering, Hobby, Sports. Northeastern U niversity WILLIAM PERI " Dooley " 30 Charter Street, North End Ambition, Pharmacy; Hobby, Sports. College PAGE 49 ARNOLD PERLMAN 95 Stratton Street, Dorchester Math Club; Ambition, Chemical Engineering; Hobby, Sports. M. I. T. JOSEPH PERRECO " Red " 17 Margaret Street, North End Ambition, Radio Engineering; Hobby, Sports. Radio School VINCENZO PETRALIA " Doc " 23 Unity Court, North End Ambit ' on, Success; Hobby Sports. Business GENNARO J. PETRILLO " Smiley " 498 Bennington St., E. Boston Ambition, Success; Hobby, Sports. College EUGENE F. PEYTON " Gene " 73 Jamaica Street, Jamaica Plain Chemistry Club; Golf Team, Track; Baseball; .Ambition, Medicine. Boston College RUDOLPH J. PIZZANO " Red " 28 Shepard Street, Brighton Cadet Lieutenant; Ambition, Auditing. College GENA PLATOFF " Gen " 18 Huntington Ave., Back Bay Cadet Captain; Honor Guard, 3; Chess Club; Ambition, Medi- cine; Hobby, Stamp Collecting. Tufls College JOSEPH A. POLCARI " Joe " 315 Maverick St., East Boston Cadet Captain; .Ambition, Civil Flying; Hobby, Sketching; Stamp Collecting. Night School. ANTHONY C. PORTER " Tony " 1019 5 Tremont Street, Roxbury, Honor Roll, i; Lawrence Prize F D, 2, 3 ;Cadet Captain; Ambition, Government Work. College HAROLD PORTER " Porter " 38 Lorne Street, Dorchester Cadet Lieutenant; Ambition, Engineering; Hobby, Sports. College GINO L. PORZIO " Porzy " I 55 Webster Street, East Boston. Honor Roll, 2; Lawrence Prize, F; Cadet Lieutenant; French Club; Track, 2; .Ambition, En- gineering. Northeastern University MICHAEL G. POWER " Mike " 14 Estey Street, Roxbury .Ambition, Band Leader; Hobby, Dancing. Business PAGE 50 WILLIAM J. POWERS " Bill " 6 Alcott Street, Allston Ambition, Professional Track, Hobby, Sports. Boston College ROBERT W. PRENDERG AST " Prendy " 79 Maple Street, Hyde Park Ambition, Sports Editing; Hobby, Sports. College FRANK T. PULASKI " General " 236 Bay State Road Back Bay Athletic Captain, 3; Honor Roll, 3; Staff Captain; Ambition, Aviation. Boston University NICHOLAS J. PUNTERI " Glome " 1320 Dorchester Ave., Dor. . ' Vmbition, Law; Hobby, Sports. Business. CARMINE N. PUOPOLO " Pop " 193 Endicott Street, North End Honor Roll, 2, Lawrence Prize, Italian, 2; Ambition, Stenog- raphy. Business. EDWARD R. OUIGLEY " Quig " 667 E. Fourth St., South Boston Ambition, Success; Hobby, Pho- tography. College FRANCIS X. OUINN " F. X. " 40 Chickatawbut St., Dorchester Honor Roll, I; Athletic Cap- tain, 3, 4; French Club, 3; Ambi- tion, Success. Rensselaer WILLIAM F. RAE " Bill " 47 Decatur Street, Charlestown Hockey, 4; Ambition, Ceritfied Public Accountant; Hobby, Pho- tography. Boston University DANIEL J. RAPOLLA " Danny " 365 Sumner Street, East Boston . " Ambition, Engineering; Hobby, Radio. Hemphill Diesel School SAMUEL RATIHN " Sam " 29 Auburn Street, West End Ambition, Pharmacy; Hobby, Reading. Franklin Union JOHN H. D. RAYNOR " Stubby " 20 Auburn Street, Roxbury Ambition, Physical Education Instructing; Hobby, Sports. Business ALFRED A. REARDON " Beans " 32 Capen Street, Dorchester Current Events Club; Ambition, Piloting; Hobby, Photography. College PAGE 51 JAMES J. REDDING " Brick " 19 Clementine Park, Dorchester Ambition, Reporting; Hobby, Photography. College JAMES P. REGAN " Dennis " 2066 Dorchester Ave. Dorchester Ambition, Success; Hobby, Horser. Room Captain, 2; Football, 3, 4. Boston College ROBERT J. REMMES -Bob " 50 Nahant Avenue, Dorchester Honor Roll, I, 2, 3; Track, 2, 3; Football, 3, 4; Ambition, Suc- cess. Boston College MAURIZIO P. RENDINI " Polly " 5 Charter Street, North End Cadet Captain; Ambition, Certi- fied Public Accountant; Hobby, Sports. Boston University ARMANDO J. RENZULLO " Renzy " 113 Endicott Street, North End Ambition, Business; Hobby, Sports. Northeastern University HENRY A. REPUCCI " Harry " 371 Summer Street, East Boston -Ambition, Piloting; Hobby, Photography. JAMES E. REYNOLDS " Jim " 12 Harvest Street, Dorchester Ambition, Success; Hobby, Sports. Business JAMES E. RHILINGER " Ted " 32 Shepton Street, Dorchester Cadet Lieutenant; Ambition, Public Service. College WARREN J. RHONE " Jackie " 365 Mass. Ave., Back Bay Junior Class Secretary; Athletic Captain, 2, 3, 4; Cadet Lieu- tenant; Ambition, Civil Service. Dartmouth ROBERT A. RICCIARDI " Bob " 259 Heath Street, Jamaica Plain Lawrence Prize, B; Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3; Cadet Lieutenant; Record Staff; Ambition, Certified Public Accountant. Boston University ALFRED J. RICHARDSON " Al " 3 Wentworth Place, South End Cadet Lieutenant; Ambition, Concert Artist; Hobby, Sports New England Conservatory of Music ALDAS S. RIDGLEY " Al " 71 Highland Street, Roxbury Track, 3; Cadet Lieutenant; Ambition, Engineering; Hobby, Sports. M. I. T. PAGE 52 JAMES A. RILEY " Jim " 270 Parker Hill Ave, Koxbury Room Councilor, 3; Ambition, Success. Boston College JOHN E. RILEY " Rye " 12 Atlantic Street, South Boston Cadet Lieutenant; Track, 3, 4; Baseball, 2; Ambition, Law; Hobby, Sports. Law School JOHN F. RIORDAN " Fattie " 43 Eden Street, Charlestown Football (E) 2, 3, 4; Ambition, Medicine; Hobby, Sports. Columbia College CHARLES S. RIZZO " Red " 12 Garden Court Street N. E. Ambition, Law; Hobby, Sports. Boston University FRANKLIN T. ROBBINS " Bugs " 68 Landseer St., West Roxbury Cadet Captain; Honor Guard, 3; Athletic Captain, 3; Ambi- tion, Aeronautical Engineering. Georgetown University. ARTHUR E. ROCHE " Art " 107 Anawan Ave., West Roxbury Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3; Lawrence Prize, F D, 2; Cadet Captain; Rifle Club, 3, 4; Ambition, Medicine. Tufts College 1 JOHN J. ROCHE " Spider " 409 Main Street, Charlestown Camera Club, 2, 3; Ambition, Law; Hobby, Stamps. Pennsylvania State JOSEPH H. ROCHE " Joe " 65 Highland Street, Roxbury Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3; Ambition, Accounting; Hobby, Stamps. THOMAS F. ROCK " Rockie " 26 Hollis Street, South End Honor Roll, 2, 3; Cadet Captain; Rifle Club (E), 3, 4; Track, 3; Ambition, Financial Expert. Boston College FRANCIS S. RODDY " Roddy " 34 Forest Street, Roxbury Honor Roll 2; Lawrence, Prize, F D; Room Councilor, 2, 3; Ambition, Success. Boston College DONALD F. ROGERS " Little Man " 43 High Street, Charlestown Ambition, Civil Engineering; Hobby, Sports. College WILLIAM J. ROONEY " Bill " 52 Joy Street, West End Ambition, Success. Business. PACE 53 JAMES C. ROSE " Bud " 463 Weld Street, West Roxbury Ambition, Merchant Marine; Hobby, Sketching. Merchayit Marine FRANK J. ROSEN " Frankie " 557 Norfolk Street, Mattapan Ambition, Aviation; Hobby, Radio. Boston University JOSEPH E. ROSETTI " Rosy " 1145 Saratoga St., East Boston Dance Comrr.ittee; Football (E), 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball, 2, 3, 4; Ambition, Ball Playing. Boston College CHARLES A. ROSSI " Doc " 7 Staniford Street, West End Band; Ambition, Medicine; Hobby, Trumpet. College THOMAS F. ROWAN " Tom " 27 Saxton Street, Dorchester Rifle Team; Ambition, Selling; Hobby, Swimming. Business . HENRY J. RUSH " Henry " 154 Thornton Street, Roxbury Ambition, Court Stenography; Hobby, Dancing, Sports; Record Typist. Northeastern University DONALD R. SABINE " Doc " 43 Hancock Street, Dorchester Cadet Lieutenant; Ambition, Aviation; Hobby, Airplanes. T art mouth JOSEPH A. SACCO " Jitter " 1 201 Saratoga Street, East Boston Athletic Captain, 2, 3; Indi- vidual Prize; Track, 2; Ambi- tion, Commercial Art; Hobby, Sports. Art School EDWARD R. SADA " The Duke " 91 Hudson Street, South End Ambition, Pharmacy; Hobby, Dancing. Massachusetts College of Pharma- acy GEORGE J. SAL AH " Chick " 643 Huntington Avenue Back Bay Ambition, Naval Officer; Hobby, Checkers and Table Tennis. College ALBERT M. SALVI " Al " 157 Cottage Street, East Boston Ambition, Engineering; Hobby, Swimming. Northeastern University JACOB A. SANTAMARIA " Jacky " 248 Roslindale Avenue Roslindale Hobby, Stamp Collector; Ambi- tion, Te icher. Boston College PAGE 54 GERARD SARNO " Jerry " 22 Juniper Street, Roxbury Rifle Club; Ambition, Law; Hobby, Radio. Boston Lniiersity JOSEPH A. SAWICKI " Duke " 31 Auburn Street, West End Ambition, Naval officer; Track, Assistant Manager; Hobby, Sports. Navy EDWARD A. SCARRY " Turk " 32 Melville Avenue, Dorchester Athletic Captain, 2; Drill, Indi- vidual Prize; Aviation Club, 2; Ambition, Marine Engineering. Annapolis LEO SCARRY " Oscar " 32 Melville Avenue, Dorchester Cadet Captain; Honor Guard, 3; Chemistry Club, 4; Ambition, Law. Harvard JOSEPH D. SCHERMA " Joe " 176 Webster Street, East Boston Honor Roll, 2; Lawrence Prize, I3; Cadet Lieutenant; Ambition, Army Pilot; Hobby, Dancing. Buisiness WILLIAM J. SCHRAGE " Bill " 163 West Eighth St., S. Boston Ambition, Public Accountant; Hobby, Astronomy. Bentley GEORGE SHAHEEN 42 Bradford Street, South End Ambition, Selling; Hobby, Sports. College SIDNEY SHAPIRO " Shap " 22 Deering Road, Mattapan Record Staff, 4; Ambition, Dent- istry; Hobby, Writing. Tufts College EDWARD W. SHEA " Eddie " 10 Sagamore Street, Dorchester Room Councilor, 2; Spelling Bee Winner, 3; Honor Roll, i; Ambition, Drafting; Hobby, Radio. Harvard JOSEPH M. SHEEHAN " Joe " 19 Juniper Street, Roxbury Honor Roll, i, 2, 3, 4; Lawrence Prize, B2; Room Councillor, 3; Honor Guard, 3; Cadet Captain; Ambition, Aeronauti cal Engi- neering. M. I. T. MANUEL SHEINFELD " Manny " 327 Charles Street, West End Ambition, Architect; Hobby, Sports. M. . T. ROBERT D. SHOOSHAN " Shooey " 12 St. Botolph Street, Back Bay Honor Roll, 3; Lawrence Prize, F D, 3; Chemistry Club, 4; Ambition, Engineering; lA . M. I. T. PAGE 55 ARTHUR E. SHORT " Jimmy " 32 Sheridan St., Jamaica Plain Stamp Club, 3: Rifle Club, 4; Ambition, Radio Engineering; Hobby, Sports. Boston College NORMAN P. SINGER Normie " 347 Charles Street, West End Lawrence Prize, E7; Chemistry Club; Ambition, Success; Hobby Hobby, Coin Collecting. Post G}-adnate EMIL SHTOGREN " Shotgun " 43 Webber Street, Roxbury Track (E) i, 2, 3, 4; Captain, 4; Football, (E) 2, 3, 4; Athletic Captain, i; Ambition, Coach- ing. Urnve7 ' sitv of Soiit iern Culijnrnia STANLEY A. SKAPINSKY " Skippy " 1 1 Groveland Street, Mattapan Honor Roll, i; Lawrence Prize, F D, 1, 3; Athletic Captain, 2; Chemistry Club, 4; Rifle Club, 3, 4, Ambition, Dentistry. Tufts College WILLIAM J. SIMILEWICH " Simy " 5 Ashland Street, West End Glee Club, 3, 4; Ambition, Suc- cess; Hobby, Photography. Bt4siness LEO C. SIMONETTI " Lee " 52 Cooper Street, North End Ambition, Baseball Announcing; Hobby, Sports. Hol Cross SABINO SINESI " Sam " 8 Neponset Avenue, Roslindale Lawrence Prize, F D, 2; A ; Two Spelling Bee Medals; Avia- tion Club, Commander; Current Events Club; . ' mbition, Medi- cine. College ANTHONY E. SINGARELLA " Tony " 22 Tremlett Street, Dorchester Cadet Captain; Honor Guard, 3; Chemistry Club, 4; . ' mbition, Civil Engineering. IVentworth Institute WALTER J. SMALL " Pop " 34 Linden Street, Dorchester Current Events Club; Ambi- tion, Engineering; Hobby, Sports. M. I. T. GERALD B. SMITH " Snuffy " 486 Blue Hill Avenue, Dorchester Track, 3, 4; Ambition, Air Corps; Hobby, Sports. Engineering School RALPH J. SMITH " Smitty " 141 Rutherford Ave. Charlestown Cadet Lieutenant; Second Prize Drum Competition; Ambition, Success; Hobby, Bowling. College SAMUEL J. SMITH " Joe " 597 Adams Street, Dorchester Ambition, Orchestra Leader; Hobby, Sports. New England Conservatory of Music PAGE 56 CLAUDE L. SOLANA " Sol " 1 6 Isabella Street. South End Honor Roll, 1; Room Councilor; Record Staff; Chemistry Club, 4; Current Events Club, .3, 4; Math Club, 3, 4; Ambition, Success. Boston Ihiiversilv. CHARLES U. SOLANO " Windy " 37 Wall Street, West End Ambition, Commercial Artistry; Hobby, Drawing, y ;- School JOHN J. SOLIGAN " Sol " 133 Stanwood Street, Dorche? ter Bugle and Drum Corps, First Prizes, Ambition, Success; Hob- by, Sports. Business JOHN J. SOUS A " Buddy " 711 Boylston Street, Back Bay Chemistry Club; Ambition, Certified Public Accountant; Hobby, Stamp Collecting. Boston Uniiersitv KENNETH J. SOUSA " Bud " 121 Walk Hill Street, Jamaica Plain Aviation Club, Ambition, Avia- tion; Hobby, Model Airplanes. Squantum Air Base JOHN C. SOUTER " MacDuff " 7 Groveland Street, Mattapan Honor Roll, 2; Lawrence Prize, F D, 2; Athletic Captain; Cadet Lieutenant; Math Club; Rifle Team; Ambition, Civil Engineering. M. I. T. UMBERTO J. SPINALE 78 Staniford Street, West End Ambition, Diesel Engineering; Hobby, Drawing. JV entworth Institute CHARLES J. STAGNO " Banana King " 42 Pitts Street, West End Ambition, Accountancy; Hobby, Current Events, Bowling. Boston University FRANCIS J. STAPLES " Ji ffo " I Thorn Street, South End Cadet Lieutenant; Debating Club, 2; Ambition, Medicine; Hobby, Sports. Harvard GERALD G. STEARNS " Sternzie " 26 American Legion Highway Dorchester Spelling Bee Winner, 2, 3, 4; Room Councilor, 3; Record Staff; Glee Club, I ; Band, 2; Am- bition, Medicine. College MELVIN L. STERNICK " Bleeb " 33 Michigan Avenue, Dorchester Ambition, Electrical Engineer- ing; Hobby, Radio, Stamp Col- lecting. IVentworth Institute WILLIAM E. STEWART " Bill " 64 Charlesgate East, Back Bay Room Councilor, 4; Ring Com- mittee, Chairman; Ambition, Landscape Painting; Hobby, Swimming. Massachusetts Art School PAGE 57 ROBERT L. STONE " Stoney " 125 Holmes Avenue, Dorchester Track, 2; Ambition, Selling; Hobby, Sports. Dartmouth SIDNEY SUGARBERG " Sid " 39 Wilcock Street, Dorchester Ambition, Accountancy; Hobby, Stamp Collecting. Boston University EDMUND SUGARMAN " Sugie " 30 Evelyn Street, Mattapan Honor Roll, i, 2, 3; 2A ; Record Staff; Debating Club; French Club; Chemistry Club; Math Club; Stamp Club; Current Events Club; Ambition, Medi- cine. College EDWIN C. SULLIVAN " Buddy " 16 Woodville Street, Roxbury Track, 2, 3; Ambition, Contract- ing; Hobby, Sports. Northeastern GERALD C. SULLIVAN " Jerry " 40 Etna Street, Brighton Track i; Ambition, Civil En- gineering; Hobby, Sports. Engineering School HENRY SULLIVAN " Sully " 36 Freemont Street, Mattapan Ambition, Naval Aviation; Hobby, Flying Pensacola JOSEPH P. SULLIVAN " Sully " 3981 Wash. Street, Roslindale Ambition, Chemistry; Hobby, Sports. Boston College RICHARD F. SULLIVAN " Dick " 60 Langley Road, Brighton Ambition, Engineering; Hobb Sports. M. I. T. ROBERT F. SULLIVAN " Sully " 220 Bowen Street, South Boston Ambition, Stenography; Hobby, Sports. Bu rdett PAUL R. SUTLIFF 1184 Morton Street, Dorchester Football (E); Track, 2, 3; Ambi- tion, Post Office Clerking; Hobby, Sports. Boston College EMMANUEL J. SUZAN " Suzy " 1 16 Washington Street, Brighton Current Events Club, Secretary; Cadet Lieutenant; Ambition, Business; Hobby, Music. College JAMES G. SWEENEY " Jim " 1123 Old Harbor Street, S. B. Honor Roll, 2; Ambition, Priest- hood; Hobby, Stamps. Boston College PAGE 58 ROBERT E. J. SWEENEY " Bob " 18 Iffley Road, Jamaica Plain Individual Prize in Drill; Ambi- tion, Engineering; Hobby, Coin Collecting. College HARRY E. TALKOV 40 Wolcott Street, Dorchester Orchestra, i, 1, 3; Band, i, 2, 3; Drum Corps, First Prize; Hobby, Drums; Ambition, Pharmacy. Massachuietts College of Pharm- acy NORMAN J. TARNOR 60 Winston Road, Dorchester Honor Roll, 2, Band, French Club; Stamp Club; Ambition, Teaching; Hobby, Stamps. Hebrew College LEONARD TAYLOR " Lenny " 915 Morton Street, Mattapan CadetLieutenant; Aviation Club, 3; Track, 3; Ambition, Aero- nautical Engineering. M. I. T. MATTHEW D. TAYLOR " Buddy " 36 Mt. Ida Road, Dorchester Stamp Club, 2; Ambition, Aero- nautical Engineering; Hobby, Roller Skating, Stamp Club. Northeastern University VITO J. TEMPESTA " Tempie " 52 Sudan Street, Dorchester Track, Manager; Ambition, Suc- cess; Hobby, Sports. Business VICTOR W. TERRANOVA ' ■ Terry " 19 Allen Street, West End Cadet Lieutenant; Record Staff; Ambition, Teaching; Hobby, Reading. College JOHN F. TESTA " Tess " 61 Hamilton Street, Dorchester Ambition, Business; Hobby, Sports. Harvard JAMES THEOHARES " Jimmy " 65 Louis Prang Street, Back Bay Lawrence Prize, i, 2, 3; Room Councilor, 3; Current Events Club, French Club, Ambition, Medicine. College EDWIN M. THOMAS " Ed " 179 Weld Street, Roslindale Honor Roll, Ambition, Den- tistry; Hobby, Stamps. Hariard LINCOLN T. THOMSON " Abe " 33 Hammond Street, Roxbury Room Councilor, 2, 3; Vice- President, Student Council, 3; Delegate to Student Council Convention, 4; Track, 3; Fife Drum, 4; Band, 3; Current Events Club, 3, 4; Glee Club, 3, 4; Ambition, Politics. Springfield College WILLIAM TIERNEY " Bill " 36 Water Street, Dorchester Honor Roll, 2, 3; Cadet Lieu- tenant; Math Club; Current Events Club, Ambition, Chem- ical Engineerig. Tufts College PAGE 59 WILLIAM J. TIMMINS " Bill " 5 Holbrook Avenue, Dorchester Spelling Bee Winner, 2; Cadet Captain; Ambition, Navy; Hobby, Sports. •Innapolis FRANK A. TODESCO " Tedi " i66 Salem Street, North End Band, 2, 3, 4; Orchestra, 2; Ambition, Success; Hobby,Writ- ing Music. Boston U ni versify JOSEPH G. TOLLAND " Specs " 55 Oak Street, Hyde Park Cadet Captain; Cheerleader, 4; Track, 2, 3, 4, Ambition, Civil Service, Hobby, Ship Modeling. Massachusetts Art School ARTURO P. TOMMASINO " Big Bill " 125 Salem Street, North End Ambition, Business; Hobby, Sports. Business JOSEPH A. TOSCANO " Tosci " 72 Dresser Street, South Boston 2d Lieutenant; Honor Roll, 2, 3; Room Councilor; Debating Club; Room Captain; Lawrence Prize, F p, 3; Math Club; Hobby, Reading, Sports. Boston College GEORGE C. TOUMPOURAS " Tampy " 1 740 Washington Street, South End Room Councilor; Cadet Cap- tain; Football (E), Manager, 2; Head Manager, 3; Ambition, Law. College STANLEY . TRACHTENBERG " Tracty " 53 Hazelton Street, Mattapan Cadet Lieutenant; Ambition, Success; Hobby, Baseball, Stamps. Business LEO P. TRAVERS " Do ggy " 70 Sagamore Street, Dorchester Football; Track; Baseball; Gler Club; Ambition, Aviation Hobby, Bowling. Business GASPER TRINGALE " Gaspy " 3 South Margin St., West End Cadet Lieutenant; Ambition, Success. College LOUIS TRIULZI " Hookie " 19 Murray Court, East Boston Spelling Bee Winner; Math Club; Ambition, Success; Hobby, Sports. College DOMINIC A. TROISI " Dom " 75 Charter Street, North End Athletic Captain, 2; Ambition, Certified Public Accountant; Hobby, Sports. Business College V. SIMPSON TURNER " Simp " 9 Camden Street, South End Ambition, Clergy; Hobby, Ora- tory. College t PAGE 60 1 RALPH A. TUTELA " Tuti " 418 Bowdoin Street, Dorchester Lawrence Prize, F D, 2; Honor Guard; Ambition, Nledi- cine; Hobby, Airplanes. College GEORGE E. TWISS " Twisey " 79 St. Rose Street, Jamaica Plain Cadet Lieutenant; Current Events Club; Track, 3; Ambi- tion, Success. College JOHN M. UDALOY " Johnny " 67 West Sixth St., South Boston Honor Roll, 2, 3; Cadet Captain, Library Corps; Ambition, Suc- cess. Business EARL J. UNIS " Legs " 289 Shawmut Ave., South End Current Events Club; . ' mbi- tion, . ' gri culture; Hobby, Rais- ing Chickens. Busiyiess FRANCIS R. USTACH " Ustie " 77 Village Street, South End .Ambition, Travelling; Hobby, Sports. Business GEORGE W. VACCARO " Gig " 102 Dartmouth Street Back Bay Track, 4; Ambition, Travelling; Hobby, Sports. M. I. T. imm LAWRENCE J. VARNERIN " Larry " 3 Groom Street, Dorchester Honor Roll, i, 2, 3; 8A ; Law- rence Prize, F D, P, 3; Har- vard Club Prize; Debating Club, President; Math Club, Presi- dent; Current Events Club, President; Assistant Circula- tion Manager, Record; Library Corps. M. . T. ANTHONY R. VENA " Andy " loi Cushing Avenue, Dorchester Ambition, Dentistry; Hobby, Sports. Boston University THOMAS M. VESEY " Tommy " 83 Corbet Street, Dorchester Drum Corps, 2; Ambition, Certi- fied Public Accountant; Hobby, Skating, Baseball. Burden KENNETH VON EUW " Von " 8 Courtney Road, WestRoxbury Camera Club, 2, 3; Debating Club, 4; Ambition, Engineer- ing; Hobby, Photography. College DANIEL WALKER " Danny " 258 Everett Street, East Boston Ambition, Certified Public Ac- countant; Hobby, Boats. Boston University RICHARD M. WALKER " Dick " 1 1 Ridgewood Street, Dorchester Ambition, Success; Hobby, Sports. Business PAGE 61 RALPH WALLACE 79 RadclifFe Street, Dorchester A ; Ambition, Success; Hobby, Sports. Business DANIEL E. WALSH 4I4 Columbia Road, Dorchester Ambition, Teaching; Hobby, Photography. College EDWARD V. WALSH " Vinnie " 557 E. Fourth St., South Boston Ambition, Medicine; Hobby, Dancing. Boston College GEORGE F. WALSH " Homo " 47 . ' valon Road Jamaica Plain Cadet Lieutenant, Glee Club, 2, Rifle Club, 3; . ' mbition, Medicine; Hobby, Swing Music. Boston College ROBERT N. WALSH " Bob " 188 Chestnut Ave., J. P. .Ambition, Sea; Hobby, Chem- istry, Stamps. Coast Guard JOHN J. WARE " Jack " 474 East Third St., South Boston Cadet Lieutenant; Ambition, Dentistry; Hobby, Sports. Tujts Dental College ROBERT L WASEL " Ozzie " 15 Annapolis Street, Dorchester Track; Ambition, Success; Hobby, Radio. Business FRANCIS WEBB " Webby " 3 Austin Street, Roxbury .Ambition, Success; Hobb Airplanes. Northeastern Uniiersitv WILLIAM E. WEBSTER " Bill " I (iarland Street, South End Current Events Club; Ambition, Success; Hobby, Dancing. College BENJAMIN H. WEINER " Benny " 363 Harrison Avenue, South End Cadet Lieutenant; Room Coun- cilor; . ' mbition. Success; Hobby, Baseball. Business JOSEPH D. WELCH " Tex " 141 Westville Street, Dorchester Stamp Club, President; Ambi- tion, Success; Hobby, Radio, Stamps. Massachusetts National Guard THOMAS F. WELCH 5 Boynton Street, Jamaica Plain Ambition, Success; Hobby, Bowling. College PAGE 62 THOMAS P. WELCH " Pete " 19 Bayside Street, Dorchester French Club, Secretary; Ambi- tion, Law; Hobby, Boating. College ■4 iJmi ARTHUR J. WHITE " Whizzer " 57 King Street, Dorchester Drum Corps, 2, 3; Ambition, Medicine. St. Michael ' s College jL KENNETH J. WHITE " Kenney " 22 Weston Street, Roxbury Student Council; Cadet Lieu- tenant; Drum Corps; Camera Club; Track, (E), 2, 3; Ambi- tion, Diesel Engineering. Noiiheastern U niversity Hi JOHN K. WHITECROSS " Katrinka " 41 Aldworth St., Jamaica Plain Band, 4; Baseball, 2; Ambition, Engineering; Hobby, Skiing, Radio. Dartmouth ROBERT R. WHITEHEAD " Bob " 406 Columbus Ave., South End Ambition, Naval Officer; Hobby, Sports. Navy LEONARD B. WHITNEY " Pinky " 13 Parker Street, Charlestown Honor Roll, 2, 3; Laboratory Assistant; Debating Club; Drum and Bugle Corps; Ambition, Engineering. College 1 ! JOSEPH V. WIENERS " Joe " 1542 Columbia Rd., S. Boston Ambition, Success; Hobby, Bowling. College ARNOLD G. WILBUR 108 School Street, Jamaica Plain Chemistry Club, Current Events Club, President; Ambition, Chemistry; Hobby, Music. Northeastern FREDERICK S. WILSON " Hack " 14 Upland Road, Brighton Room Councilor, 3; Guidon Bearer, 3, 4; Ambition, Naval Flying; Hobby, Ballistics. Pensacola KAROL A. WITT " Jack " 5 Washburn Street, Dorchester Orchestra; Ambition, Business; Hobby, Music, Sports, Photo- graphy. College MELVIN WOLF " Patrick " 19 Heath Place, Jamaica Plain Ambition, Dramatics; Hobby, Sports. Business EDWIN H. WOLFE " Wolfie " 22 Hosmer Street, Mattapan Track, 3, 4; Rifle Club; Ambi- tion, Engineering; Hobby, Sports. College PAGE 63 JOSEPH A. WOLFF " Wolfy " 32 Long Avenue, AUston A ; Record, French Club, j;Math Club, 3, 4; Ambition, Geology. Untversily oj Oregon LEONARD G. WOLFSON 32 Ransom Road, Brighton Chemistry Club; Orchestra; Am- bition, Medicine; Hobby, Music. Boston College EDWARD S. F. WONG " Foosie " 36) Harrison Ave., South End Cadet Captain; Athletic Cap- tain, 3; Chemistry Club, 4; Ambition, Engineering; Hobby, Sports, Picture Magazines. College EDWARD WONG " Junior " 22 Oxford Street, South End Ambition, Chemical Engineer- ing; Hobby, Sports. College CARMINE M. YEBBA " Whizzer " 348 Summer Street, East Boston Track, 3; Ambition, Success; Hobby, Nlusic, Sports. Business KUEY YEE ■ ' Jimmy " 4 Hudson Street, South End Ambition, Writing; Hobby, Reading, Writing, Printing. Business SETRAG A. ZACARIAN 306 Centre Street, Jamaica Plain Current Events Club; Orches- tra; Library Corps; Drill, Indi- vidual Prize, Honor (Juard, Ambition, Medicine; Hobby, Reading. Boston College CHRISTOPHER R. ZARBA " Chris " 83 Orleans Street, East Boston Orchestra; Spelling Bee Winner; Ambition, Composing, Hobby, Reading, Swimming. X. E. Conservation of Music DONALD S. ZINMAN " Don " 357 Charles Street, West End Ambition, Chemical Engineer- ing; Hobby, Dramatics. Massachusetts State College PAGE 64 ARTHUR J. ADAMS " Art " II Savin Hill Court, Dorchester Honor Guard, 3; Ambition, Suc- cess; Hobby, Sports. Business ALBERT A. ALEKSUNAS " Al " 173 M Street, South Boston Ambition, Welding; Hobby, Sports. Business THOMAS E. ALFIERI " Totto " 167 Paris Street, East Boston Cadet Lieutenant; Ambition, Success; Hobby, Building Air- planes. John Hopkins University MICHAEL F. ALONARDO ■ ' Micky " 24 Henchman Street, North End Ambition, Transportation; Hobby, Sports. Business. CARL M. ANDERSON " Andy " 35 Walter Street, Roslindale Ambition, Journalism; Hobby, Baseball. Boston University HENRY R. BALINSKI 5 Athens Street, South Boston Ambition, Drawing; Hobby, Drawing. Business HERBERT D. BARKER " Woofa " 24 West Walnut Park, Roxbury Football, Assistant Manager, 2; Ambition, Success; Hobby, Sports. Business. W. J. BOGDZIEWICZ 125 Warren Street, South End Ambition, Business; Hobby, Sports. Business JAME S S. BREEN " Sheridan " 177 Wren Street, West R,oxbury Ambition, Engineering; Hobby, Track. Boston College MATTEO BRIGNOLO " Pat " 16 Chelsea Street, East Boston . ' mbition, Art; Hobby, Art. Vesper George JOSEPH E. CAVANAUGH 6 Nira Avenue, Jamaica Plain Ambition, Stenography; Hobby, Photography. Burdctt HENRY CHAPSKI " Chap " 58 Auburn Street, West End Record Typist; Track, 2, 3; Ambition, Stenography; Hobby, Sports. Business CARL E. CHELLQUIST " Swede " 56 Symphony Road, Back Bay Hobby, Dramatics; Ambition, Chemical Engineer. Northeastern University SALVATORE A. CHRISTIANI " Salvy " 59 Warwick Street, Roxbury Cadet Lieutenant; Lawrence Prize; Ambition, Stenography; Hobby, Dancing. Business EDMOND D ' AMICO " Eddie " 167 Cottage Street, East Boston Ambition, Law; Hobby, Sports. College ARTHUR J. DI GREGORIO " Diggy " 27 Anderson Street, West End Ambition, Certified Public Ac- countant; Hobby, Model Air- planes. Benlley VINCENT DI NOSSE " Butch " 157 Salem Street, North End Ambition, Automobile Mechan- ics; Hobby, Stamp Collecting. Business DANTE J. FIORE " Cap " 381 Broadway, South Boston Ambition, Engineering; Hobby, Sports. Yale University GERALD K. FRIZZELL I Regent Square Roxbury Track, 2, 3, 4, (E); Ambition, Diesel Engineering; Hobby, Sports. Hemphill Diesel School WILLIAM J. GAGAN " Ownie ' II Allston Street, Dorchester Baseball, i, 2, 3, 4, Ambition, Commercial Art; Hobby, Sing- ing. College PAUL GAZZARA " Kid " 2 Baldwin Place, North End Ambition, Professional Base- ball; Hobby, Baseball. Business JAMES W. GIBBONS " Bud " 27 Spring Garden St., Dorchester Ambition, Music; Hobby, Sports. United States Military Academy GERARD J. GILLIS " Mike " 26 Fox Street Dorchester Ambition, Business; Hobby, Sports. Business HYMAN GLAZER I Bartlett Street, Charlestown Cadet Lieutenant; H obby, Philately. Business ERNEST A. GOLDFIELD " Ernie " 41 Greenock Street, Dorchester Orchestra; Ambition, Music; Hobby, Saxaphone. Business ANTONIO S. GURCIULLO " Gurchy " 12 Rose Street, South End Ambition, Success, Hobby, Sports. United States Army Corps CHARLES J. HARRIS " Charley " 368 Tremont Street, South End Ambition, Cartooning; Hobby, Drawing. Art School WILLIAM HOLLY 38 Cranston Street Jamaica Plain Honor Roll, 2; Ambition, En- gineering. Bentley JOHN R. HURLEY " Jocko " 27 Temple Street, Mattapan Ambition, Certified Public Ac- countant; Hobby, Swimming. Business NICHOLAS HYDER " Dick " 33 Compton Street, South End Ambition, Law; Hobby, Wrest- ling. Boston University PAGE 65 DOUGLAS JOHNSTON " Speed " 13 Withington Street, Dorchester Ambition, Electrical Engineer- ing; Hobby, Baseball. College DAVID KAIDEN 4 May wood Terrace, Roxbury Ambition, Novelist; Hobby, Walking. Business JOSEPH L. KEATING " Stretch " 10 Frederick St., South Boston Ambition, Engineering; Hobby, Chemistry. Northeastern University CHARLES E. LAKE " Flash " 192 Northampton St., South End Ambition, Success; Hobby Dancing. Government DANIEL G. LAMPHIER " Romeo " 8i Dakota Street, Dorchester French Club, 2; Tennis, 2, 3, 4; .Ambition, Social Service. Boston College ROBERT A. LARSON " Bob " 127 Savin Hill Ave., Dorchester Ambition, Success; Hobby, Sports. Business BERNARD J. MARLOW 465 Mass. Ave., South End Ambition, Radio Technician; Hobby, Radio. Business JOHN J. MAWN " Little Red " 14 Alleghany street, Roxbury Cadet Lieutenant; Ambition, Music; Hobby, Guitar. College ROBERT E. McCUSKER " Bob " 37 Coleman Street, Dorchester Cadet Lieutenant; Ambition, Naval Aviation, Navy Piloting; Hobby, Chemistry, Swimming. Naval Air Corps JAMES A. MacGILLIVRAY " Jimmie " II Leyland Street, Dorchester Room Councilor, 4; Track, .Assistant Manager; .Ambition, Success; Hobby, Stamps. College PAUL M CLEAN " P. R. " 29 Mellan Street, Roxbury .Ambition, Navy, Hobby, Skat- ing; .Athletic Captain, i; Foot- ball, 4; Baseball, 3. College JOSEPH F. McMAHAN " Moe " 46 Walnut Street, Neponset Ambition, Navigation; Hobby, Boating. United States Navy JOSEPH MORASKI " Cherokee " 1525 Centre Street, Roslindale .Ambition, Music. Business SALVATORE MORELLO " Sonny " 7 Minot Street, West End .Ambition, Electrical Engineer- ing; Hobby, Photography. IVentworth FRANCIS MORGAN 18 Riverside Square, Hyde Park Ambition, Success. Business VAUGHN L. MOSCONE " Tommy " 119 Maverick St., East Boston Ambition, Air Conditioning En- gineer; Hobby, Reading. Technical School PETER N. NEARHOS " Hoss " 12 O ' Callaghan Way S. B. Football (E)4; Track, 2, 3, 4, (E); Baseball, 2, 3; Ambition, Coaching. University oj So. California LOUIS J. ROSSI " Curley " 408 Hanover Street, North End .Ambition, Office Worker; Hobby, Bowling. Business WILLIAM A. RUTLEDGE " Bill " 35 Westminster Street, Roxbury Individual Prize Drill Winner; .Ambition, Aviation; Hobby, Airplanes. College ARTHUR SHAINKER " Bluebeard " 145 Chambers Street, West End Stamp Club, 3 ; Ambition, Chem- istry, Hobby, Stamps. Lowell Tech WILLIAM SIGNORILE " Sparky " 9 Decatur Street, South End Lawrence Prize, H2; AniD.tion, Professional .Athletics; Hobby, Sports. Hartwizk, N. Y. HENRY E. SMITH " Smithy " 6 Oak Burn Avenue, Roxbury Track, 2, 3, 4; .Ambition, Engi- neering; Hobby, Sports. College PAUL E. SULLIVAN " Knobby " 71 Bowdoin Avenue, Dorchester Ambition, .Architecture; Hobby, Painting. Rensselaer Institute JOHN V. TAYLOR I 92 West Springfield St., Rox. -Ambition, Success; Hobby, Sports. Harvard University HERMAN TORLONE " Bing " 181 Salem Street, North End Honor Roll, 3; .Ambition, Suc- cess; Hobby, Music. Business GINO R. TRABUCCO " Gene " 30 Spring Street, West End Cadet Lieutenant; Ambition, Photography; Hobby, Drawing, Sports. College ERNEST L. TROTMAN " Troty " 52 Windsor Street, Roxbury Orchestra; Fife and Drum Corps; .Ambition, Orchestra Leader; Hobby, Music. Work LLOYD TROTMAN " Trot " 52 Windsor Street, Roxbury Orchestra; Ambition, Music; Hobby, Music. Work ROBERT B. UNDERHILL " Bob " 32 Fenway, Back Bay .Ambition, Music; Hobby, Base- ball. Music School GABRIEL A. VIRGILIO 28 Sheafe Street, North End Ambition, Selling; Hobby, Sports. Boston University MARTIN WAGNER 34 South Russell St., West End Ambition, Success; Hobby, Stamps. College MAX WEISS 55 Phillips Street, West End Ambition, Magician; Hobby Magic. Work PAGE 66 SOME OF THE BOYS HAD TROUBLE MEETZ VG- THEIP BILLS THIS YEARP PRIZE-DRILL WAS CE(?TAINLY A SUCCESS , CLASS HISTORY BY GERALD STEARNS, ' 40 N a certain September morning in the early fall of 1936, a street car stopped almost before the doors of the English High School and erupted a solid mass of boys. Most of them seemed to know their way about and stalked confidently into the yawning portals, speaking loudly. But wait, who are these small boys in a group like frightened sheep? With a tone of condescension you say slightingly, " Freshmen. " Look a little closer, please. That boy there, he looks enough like you to be your younger brother. Do you recognize him ? Of course you do! That ' s you, Joe English, Class of ' 40! From your first freshmen day you hoped to be able to emulate that dapper senior that swung down the corridors with that certain air of knowing what was what and where. Your every action from that time, although you may not have known it, was tended to develop you into a fourth-year man, a Senior, that English would be proud of. And here you are, reminis- cing. Do you remember the first day you drilled? Soon you were introduced to the school magazine, the Record. The many activities of the school drew you on. Slowly but surely, by your feeble but much-appreciated participation in school activities you became iinbued with a certain spirit, the English High School spirit, that your brother and your uncle and your father had spoken of. Your first English- Latin game ended the season badly for the team when our old rivals licked us 13-0. In the general sorrow at the death of the Superin- tendent of Schools, Patrick T. Campbell, you mourned. Although English lost the Regi- mental Track Meet, for the first time in sixteen years, our boys carried away top honors at the Indoor State Meet, uncovering many of your classmates as future champions. How proud you felt when you realized that the class of ' 40 was the first freshman class to use the new cafeteria that superseded the old, musty lunch-rooms. That spring you felt really military when you marched down to the Armory dressed in your spotless uniform, ready for Prize Drill. Came June, summer days, marching in the streets, and — your first street parade. Do you remember those days? A few more weeks, everything and every- body slowly relaxing, preparing for the last day of school. It came. You had completed suc- cessfully your first year, and after the summer vacation, you would re-enter as a sophmore! You returned the following autumn, and digging in, and losing yourself in school work, you became again a part of the school ma- chinery. Major Driscoll announced his coming departure for Leavenworth and officers ' train- ing school. It was with a sad heart that you bid him good-by and good-luck. You and your classmates were now getting a slight recogni- tion, in the field of sports and elsewhere. Before you knew it, you were enjoying yourself in the summer vacation, and with another swift change you were back in the English High School for your last year but one. Several changes met you upon your re- entrance. Mr. Barrows, the genial chairman of the program committee had retired, Mr. Reed taking his place. The enthusiastic rally for the fiftieth anni- versary of the English-Latin game showed that the school was behind you, and you and the whole team resolved to make the game a happy memory for the English alumni. You did, to the tune of a six to nothing victory. Another change came, one that interested you greatly. The newly elected governor of the state had recognized our Headmaster ' s ability and had appointed him State Commis- sioner of Education. From the day of your first entrance into the school until his departure he had been your friend. Although you had not known him personally you had felt that all through your course. Walter F. Downey was replaced by Albert F. Reed, and one of his last official acts was to pin the leaves of a Lieu- tenant-Colonel on Major Driscoll ' s shoulders who had passed his course with flying colors. That winter marked the return of hockey after an absence of several years. Emil Shtogren of your class was elected captain of the track team for the following year. Earlier you had helped elect Joseph King leader of the 1939- 1940 football team. All of your friends and classmates were receiving honors and ' 40 was moving up in the world. One of the first indications of this was the Junior election. You picked as your class repre- sentatives: James Morrissey, as president, Austin O ' Toole as vice-president, James Blair and Dennis Caddigan as executive committee, and Warren Rhone as secretary- treasurer. Your officers selected, we were but a short time under their guidance and the summer vacation ar- rived. The start that should have been good, was a sad one, due to knowledge that Mr. Carey Ladd of the faculty had died at the end of the previous year ' s term. You began the year soberly and elected for your class officers James Morrissey again and Austin O ' Toole, Robert Altshuler, Robert Kel- ley, and Leo K. Hayes, five good men and true. You began your triumphal exit with the Senior Prom on February second, in 1940. You and your classmates made that an outstanding event in class annals. At last, after several weeks, arrived the day which your entire military career had been point- ing you to, Prize Drill, as the commanding officer of a company. How proud you were when you won the coveted diamonds! The Farewell Prom came along, and you took your best girl. The last social gathering of the Seniors ended in a blaze of glory. With warmer days, marching in the streets around the school, and finally, the street parade. You were in your last parade, and you thought of the years you had toiled in the ranks with a rifle, and realized that those years had not been spent in vain. The days passed swiftly after that, more swiftly than you wanted them to, you saw suddenly, and the night of June — arrived. Graduation night! For four years you have awaited this night, yet you hate to leave the Old School, every stone of which is near and dear; you hate to leave your many friends, you — " Joseph English! " The sound of your name jolts you out of your nocturnal day-dreaming, and you go forward to take your diploma. You half-boorishly accept your parent ' s congratula- tions, and as you resume your seat, your mind reverts to a day in September, 1936. Dimly you hear the Headmaster speaking as you see in your mind ' s eye a group of small boys stand- ing uncertainly before the doors of English High School. In that gathering is a boy you know, one Joe English. How diff erent he is from the worldly Joseph English who had just swung up to the platform for his diploma. Do you remember? " . . . A man of honor and achievement, clean, courteous, square . . . " PAGE 69 THE CHRONICLE BY SIDNEY SHAPIRO, ' 40 JT IS late in the afternoon and the usually teeming corridors ot English High School are empty and mournfully silent. At his desk alone sits a white-haired gentleman, busily making his final entries in his diary of the past year ' s events. At his right-hand stands a calendar with the page set at June 20, 1940. He finishes his task, and with a sigh turns back the pages of time and this is what he reads: September 7, 1939 Vacation is over and once again the venerable halls of English High School resound with the merry hum of student ' s feet ready to tackle another year of grinding in the classrooms. November 8, 1939 The first Record went on sale today and by 9:10 A.M. a copy was as rare as a 1913 nickle. November 9, 1939 Our grand guardians of the gridiron today defeated Mechanic Arts High School. It looks as if the City Championship is coming home to acquire its rightful position in the trophy cabi- net in the E. H. S. cross-corridor. November 17, 1939 The senior class election was held today. The new class officers were James Morrissey, Austin O ' Toole, Leo Hayes, Robert Altshuler and Thomas Kelly. Congratulations to a fine selec- tion of officers. Here ' s hoping that this senior class will be the best ever to come out of E. H. S. November 30, 1939 The mighty juggernaut of the English High Football team clashed with its ancient rival Boston Latin School in a scoreless tie. Both teams performed brilliantly. February 2, 1940 The high spot of the year ' s social events, the Blue and Blue Prom was held at the Georgian Room of the Hotel Statler. The flower of E. H. S. bloomed out full dress suits and tuxedos. Congratulations to the Committee for a fine job ' February 7, 1940 Parent ' s Day with drill officers looking spick and span in their spotless uniforms as they courteously escorted parents around the build- ing. They are truh representative of English High School men. February 8, 1940 A sparkling Blue and Blue Hockey Team, with Sarkis Malkasian as its spearhead and Charlie O ' Malley as star goalie, brought the City Cham- pionship to the English High School without a goal being scored against it. March 9, 1940 The annual regimental competition in track was held. Although our standard bearers fought valiantly to retain their City Champion- ship title, English came in second to Mechanics Arts by small margin. April 12, 1940 Prize Drill comes and goes and the rhythmic beat of 3 ,000 pairs of feet still resounds in our ears. May 29, 1940 At solemn exercises English High students paid tribute to the memory of her gallant sons who laid down their lives for their country that this nation might be preserved. June 4, 1940 Boston Schoolboy Cadets marched before thousands of spectators who lined the route of the annual street parade. It was truly an inspir- ing sight to witness these thousands of young men marching without the dread of war upon their hearts. June 12, 1940 The end of long years of schooling and the culmination of our high school days has been reached as graduating exercises are held at Tremont Temple. There is a lump in every senior ' s throat as he leaves the portals of English High School forever. CRVISIIVG THE CORRIDORS " LJOIST the Blue and Blue! . . . With sails set, we ' re making the last round trip of our Corri- dors. . . . The first things we spot are Echteler and Gerber — two of the lads that keep the uninitiated from entering the innermost sanctums. . . . Everything in working order there, even to the switchboard. Ah! switchboard, where many are called, but foo are chosen. ... At the bulletin board stands paint-bespattered " Rhett " Butler at work (Doin ' what we ' ll bet you can ' t guess?) ... In the Library is Frank (Open-Up-Your-Brief-Case!) Robbins. . . . D. Jacobs is selling lunch-checks to a mob of half-starved hyenas. . . . Sugarnian sez he objects being called a hyena — it just shows to go ya — ya can ' t tell a book by its cover. . . . Down in 151 we hear a familiar voice explaining why the Yankees won the pennant, while Varnerin gazes vacantly at a massive H4 note- book. . . . On to 159 where Smith is, as usual, asking a question that is irrelevant and immaterial. . . . (Boy, that ' s telling him!) . . . Up we go hurrying by 242 (We will pause now, while you shiver and shake at the remembrance). ... In E43 where Demarco is trying to cast a spell over Blackwell with t ial dictionary as Cohen scratches his head, mutters into his beard (and we mean that literally) and finally sez he don ' t like Browning nohow. . . . We understand that the reason that Greg Brux- celles gave all that hydrogen peroxide to the brunette is that (and this is exclusive) he is afraid of the dark. ... In 355 we hear our ace tenor Lavanchy warbling " Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep. " . . . While Bovarnick thunders dramatically, " My friends, did you ever stop to think? " and the inevitable voice in the back of the hall in the person of J. Horton cries wearily, " My friend, did you ever think to stop? " . . . Down we come, by way of the elevator opposite 356 (remember when you got stuck with that old one?) and to the cross-corridor.. . Outside the Record office stands Giar- raputo, a murderous look on his face, a sheaf of rejected sonnets in his pocket, — and a big club in his hand — waiting — just waiting. . . . Inside the office sundry persons in the waste-basket, on the table, and on the floor are hard at work on the " Anvil Chorus, " while over in an obscure corner sits R. E. B. working — one of the rules of the club is that all who can ' t sing must work on the mag. . . . Brown sez he ' d rather work alone anyway. . . . By the typewriting class where poor Uncle Dudley is getting a vicious knocking around. . . . You ' ll have to excuse us while we stop and straighten out a little matter with that man in the little room by the key-room. . . .(Whew! Some of these teachers are getting to be a bit difficult to handle — it seems that they don ' t absolutely trust us!) . . . Down by 201 where we get button-holed by Lippa and Chandler, who wish to hear our views on Einstein ' s Theory of relativity — we said just what we did think of it. . . . (Oh, well, — what ' s a couple of lost friendships more or less?). . . . Ah! Deah old F31. Those were the good old days, n ' est-ce pas, Monsour Chase? . . . Down in loi is Shooshan explaining a sure fire method for getting a logical wrong answer to a quadratic. . . . Leo Hayes just informed us that he is a numismatist — at least, he sez he likes to collect money. . . . That tennis terror Gardener talking to (Sandy ' Morelli: " I understand that even when he flunks a test J never sez naughty words. " Comes back Sandy: " True, but where he expectorates, the grass never grows. " . . . By the entrance that is the pit-fall for any who enter after 9:00, where we stop to shake hands with Link Thomson. . . . Past 108 whence ensue stentorian tones. . . . (Nice phraseology, eh wot?) . . . On our left is 110. Hasta la vista, senor. . . . Now, there is that place where if you ' re a good little boy you don ' t have to carry a rifle. If some of the looks that the buck private in the rear rank give to that personage who roars those peculiar commands could kill. King Tut had better move over. . . . Down in the locker rooms we learn in no uncertain terms that certain of the lockers have inhabitants. . . (Oh gracious! Perish the thought!) . . . The lunchroom! " . . . Say, pal, get me two 5 ' s willya? So what if you are getting fourteen for some other guys, you know me, doncha?? — Oh, you won ' t eh? All right then, y yo-you THING! " . . . Allen sez it ' s an old story to him. ... By the way, the Record staff wishes to thank (in fact, it does hereby thank) all youse guys for supporting the magazine so generously this year. . . . Also, what do y ?u think of the snappy setup of Your Yearbook? ... A mob watching Burt Oranburg down a you-know-what. . . . Ah well, it ' s been a lot of fun cutting old jokes out of other mags to use in this column. . . . (Pardon us while we wipe a tear from our best purple and orange tie). . . . But, as the walrus said, " The time has come . . . " D. C. H. i PAGE 73 PROPHECY BY RUSSELL E. BROWN, ' 40 JN THE spring of i960 I had been busily engaged in writing a book on " How to Live Single and Like It, " when I received a summons to attend the reunion banquet of the English High School Class of 1940. I reached the hotel a little while before the meal was to be served, and just as I was about to enter, I was nearly knocked off my feet by none other than Marc Accomando, who was making a sprint for a seat near the kitchen. When I recovered myself and looked up, I found myself confronted by Hayes who demanded a ticket. Not having one, I proceeded to search for the price of a ticket, while financeer Berko- witz, who was standing nearby, offered to lend me some money on his easy loan system at six per cent interest. Finally squaring myself with Hayes, I entered the hall whose walls were being very efficiently held up by Gerber, Gertel, Gershengonn, and Cohen. These gents had become tired of telling what they would do if they were editing the Record, and were busily engaged in trying to outshout King and Oran- berg who were arguing as to whether or not Shtogren would win the Olympic mile. The hall was decked out with streamers, tapestries, draperies, and Chandler. The ladies were wearing coursages and rich jewelry; one even had Diamond. In one corner of the room, Marcella was lecturing on the beauties of Washington while Giarrupnto was uttering his latest sonnet from the opposite corner. The other two corners were occupied by Bellis, and Crockett who were hiding from Shapiro and his cut-rate insurance policies. At seven-thirty the doors gave way and we rushed for our seats in the banquet hall. The meal was made interesting and our spirits kept up by Desautels who gave us a full description of his latest operation when he amputated a man ' s head. Lippa kept his whole table waiting for the beans while he described how worms crawl. Between courses, a low drone caused me to look up, but instead of seeing an air raid, I saw Bovarnick entertaining us with a bass solo. He was accompanied by an orchestra with Rhone at the piano, Albondy at the drums, Horan at the piccolo, and Harding at the cider jug. After this William Brown gave his rendi- tion of " Would God I Were A Tender Pumpkin Blossom. " Just then our class vice-president, CfToole, rose to tell us that the ice cream had melted and there would be no dessert. At this an air raid did begin, but Armstrong, the fear- less, rose to quiet the boys with a little humor. After the meal our president, J. Morrissey, now mayor of Chelsea, gave us a little pep talk on keeping the city clean, during which Jacobs left the room. After these formalities were over, fearless Farina, the foremost fish-baiter, gave an illustrated lecture on deep-sea fishing. The first slide showed Farina drawing a whale; the second showed Butler drawing Farina. We had become tired of this, so Bob Altshuler rose to announce a wrestling match between Sabato and Bellotti. When the bout ended, the boys were soaking with perspiration (they were all wet anyway). Bob Kelley had just begun to reminisce about our football team, when we noticed that Nearhos, Brennen, Healy, and Chisholm were missing. An extended search located them in the kitchen talking to the waitresses. (Probably offering to wash dishes.) Dancing had just begun in the ballroom when a commotion was heard at the front entrance. They had just caught J. Blair trying to get in without paying; he was walking in backwards so that it would look as though he were going out. At this moment, Ste .rns, Dodds, and Mackenzie made their entrance behind piles of books. They were taking night school courses at English High School and had come over to hear Fibber McGee do imitations. By popular demand, McGee was borne aloft so all could see his imitations. He stuck it out pretty well, although the crowd was not very enthusiastic about his art, and finally he was borne aloft through the hall and out. Now came the parade of celebrities and as the band struck up the class song, Varnerin led the procession by virtue of his presentation to the world of a noiseless radio. Following him came Art Karol, whose fingers were now cal- loused with the New Deal, accompanied by Odd Nielson who had done something truely Odd in the political field. Last, but not least, was Frank McCoy, Globe sports writer. As these men made their way amist the student- bodies we had all we could do to keep Corelli from breaking a bottle over their heads. He thought it was a christening. Noticeable pres- ent in our midst was Crehan. He had mistaken the meeting for a lecture. Noticeable absent was Smith. He also thought it was a lecture. It was time for the overture to the closing chorus, so Guijfoyle appeared doing card tricks. Libin was also doing card tricks out in the back hall. At this point an argument started. Lawyer Levenson was reciting Burke ' s Concilia- tion through his beard, and Donald Blair was defending General Burgoyne against Ethan Allen. A revolution was on our hands so physicist Bruxelles offered to find out how many miles it would take to make a complete revolution. Artist Bodio interferred here, saying that the pen is mightier than the sword, (espe- cially if it is a pen and ink drawing). The grand finale got under way with Aliano suspending himself in mid air. When the gents found out that he was strung up with wires, they completed the string-up job. Next Dennis Cadigan gave a demonstration of how to sell prom tickets. Carol was to be the victim, but he did a disappearing act, and was not found until two days afterwards. Things began to quiet down now, and wandering about the hall I learned that F jrr " was taking his seventh exam, trying to pass the Bar. He was going to make it his life ' s work to join Nantucket Island to Rhode Island. Not far off M« oo was expounding the meaning of the Delphican ora- cles and was proposing a trip through the Stygian darkness, but nobody else wanted to commit suicide. A noisy group composed of senators Bililies, Blasi, and Nee were arguing national affairs. They weren ' t getting very far though; Nee, the great veto man was throwing a monkey into the works by saying " neigh " to everything. It looked like horse play, so I wandered on. Farther on I heard that Bossi ' s dye factory had taken as its theme song " Deep Purple, " but O ' Brien ' s bleaching industry was calling " halt. " Benyue was complaining of the wolf at the door, but O ' Riordan informed him that he had cried wolf once too often. Off in one corner Myers, Nicholas, and Barbar were delv- ing into the problems of the day. Bernhard suddenly broke in to warn them that " no good is goin ' to come of this hyar McKinley tariff. " I had become quite interested in Collatos and Christiani s reminiscences of chem lab days, hydrogen guns, and so forth, when suddenly I felt a hot-foot and decided to let them talk of their experiments in peace. Now, tired after our long evening, we were lead by maestro Aikens in our closing song. Then with a cheer of glee we dug Frank Chin out from under his pile of calculations, Walsh out from the big bass drum, and Keenan out from the dining hall where he was just putting away the last of the chicken pie. Harris brought out his Western Union bicycle to start for home, and Guerin looked about for a young lady to help him pedal his tandem. Kelley just looked about. As I left the hall, I passed Busiak with an open check-book before his closed eyes. Chase was still on the penthouse gazing for his lucky star. I paused but briefly to discuss the weather with busy news-editor Paul O ' Donnell, and then hurried home. I was tuckered out. PAGE 75 CLASS GIFT jy JAGAZINES present a difficult problem for the school library. No matter how carefully- handled, the periodicals show evidences of hard wear in a very few days. Covers are torn off, and the pages make a very dilapidated appearance, and are frequently missing. To solve this problem, the Class of ' 40 has presented the school library with binders for the magazines. In other years, the graduating classes have presented a collection of books taken from a selected list. This year the gift is of a different nature, but because these binders are really needed, the Class of ' 40 is glad to be able to furnish this improvement to the library. Magazines available for the students in the school library may be read before school, after classes are over, and during the lunch period. It is during the lunch period, that the boys get the greatest pleasure out of this branch of the library as it provides relaxation in between classes. Many a boy has hunted for the missing page, or been at a loss to find his own particular favorite because the front cover was gone. The class gift will remedy this situation, it is hoped. CLASS SONG . . . 1940 Donald C. Horan ' 40 {Tune — - " Speed our Republic " Hail, Alma Mater, endeared to us all, Honor and homage we offer to you. Much have you taught us; may we worthy be. Ever in spirit yours, sons staunch and true. Hail, English, hail to our own Blue and Blue. Destiny calls, but though now we depart. Severing the ties that have bound us as one. Friendships and memories will live in each heart. Hail, Alma Mater, hail and farewell, Down through the ages resounding the cry. Long may you reign; valiant subjects we ' ll be. Sons of old English, we leave with a sigh. Hail Alma Mater, all hail English High, Symbol of culture as in days of yore. Open the portals, let banners unfurl; Love, faith, and freedom be yours evermore. PAGE 76 CLASS WILL BY DONALD C. HORAN, ' 40 LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT OF YE CLASS OF ' 40 Hear Ye Hear Ye! Hear Ye! " E, the Seniors of the English High School for Boys, located in the City of Boston, County of Suffolk, Commonwealth of Massa- chusetts, L nited States of America, on this thirteenth day of June in the year of our Lord 1940, being of sound mind, and sounder body, do hereby make and devise this, our last Will and Testament. We do hereby nullify and make void all previous testaments. L To Mr. Downey, Mr. Reed, and the members of the faculty: We leave our heartfelt thanks. You have done your part to make us " men of honor and achievement. " If we go out to future success, the credit will be due in great part to you who have been so generous with your time and patience. II. To the Juniors: We leave to you the added inches necessary to increase your stature to that of full-fledged seniors. We are unable to leave you any points, but will leave you a pointer. We leave with the hope that you will respect the sagging desks in rooms 001 to iii. Over these desks (and under them) heavy bodies have struggled with weighty matters of import. We also leave several hundred pairs of puttees to take care of your panting problems. III. To the Sophomores: We bequeath to you the Junior ' s hats. It is not customary for Seniors to bequeath the prop- erty of another, but it is apparent to us, that the hats of the incoming Senior Class will be much too small for their swelled heads. We also leave one bottle of yeast tablets that you may rise to the occasion. IV. To the Freshmen: We wish we might leave to you the Pass Words. They are hidden in this tabernacle of learning. To compensate for our inability in this direction, we assign to you and your heirs the cross corridor, and a map to help you find your way through its intricate maze. We also leave one (i) razor, one (i) razor blade for community use, one (i) leaflet with full direc- tions for use of same, and one (i ) first-aid kit. V. To Mr. Kane and Mr. HeflFernan: The Record StaflF leave their wishes for a still bigger, better Record. (N.B. If a few football players will be invited to join the staff " next year, it may help the material in between the periods). VI. The members of the Senior Class who be- long to the various clubs leave the follow- ing wishes: that the Library Corps will turn a new leaf annually. Camera Club will always shoot straight. Rifle Club will always aim straight. Chemistry Club will not go up in smoke. Stamp Club will never take a licking. Math Club will never lose their figures. Current Events Club will never get behind the times. Chess Club will not have too many castles in the air. R. B. leaves his initials, but the final bequest is that the Class of ' 40 leaves with so much school spirit that the Blue and Blue will always find them cheering. I hereby aflix my name and seal, DONALD C. HORAN, Attorney Third Row: Callahan, Farina, Leavitr, Horan, Nielsen, Blim Second Row: Pascuicco, Maguire, Murphy, McKenna, Havolin Front Row: Cadigan, Lombard!, Rosetti, Mr. Frazier, Shtogren, Lavanchy COMBIIVED COMMITTEES J HE combined committees, working under the counsel of Mr. Frazier, have added greatly to the distinction of the senior class events by their efficiency and cooperation. Each member of these committees is worthy of a vote of thanks for his aid in the success of the Senior Prom, the collection of th e dues, and the various other tasks which the committees have carried out during the year. Unfortunately, many of the seniors do not know of these committees, nor do they ap- preciate the work that has been done; but though the committees receive little publicity, they are an important factor in the program of the senior class; for without them, the class officers could not carry the heavy responsibilities of planning the class program. As well as making all arrangements for the proms, the committees have sent their representa- tives through the rooms to enlist membership in the Alumni Association. The picture committee has worked diligently to get every graduate ' s picture in the Yearbook, and the Song Committee has selected a song to become the possession of the class of ' 40. In short, each committee has helped to perform the one hundred and one tasks necessary to make our graduating class one of the finest that the school has seen. Although it may seem as though we have set very irksome burdens upon the hands of these willing committees, it is good to note that they have thoroughly enjoyed the part that they have played in the administration of senior class affairs. Like the soldiers at Gettysburg, these fellows will not be long remembered for who they are, but rather for what they have done. Many thanks to them for their fine work. PAGE 80 STUDEIVT COUNCIL NGLISH HIGH SCHOOL has long been noted for the unusually high degree of cooperation that exists between the student body and the member of the faculty. Contributing much to this cooperation has been the English High School Council. Sixteen of its seventeen members are students, four from each class. These boys are chosen by the entire body of Room Councillors, each of whom has been directly elected by his room- mates. The remaining member of the Council is one of the faculty. This year the faculty adviser and " attendant spirit " was that genial chemist from Room 241, " Doc " Frazier. The purpose of the English High School Council is to coordinate and to facilitate joint action between the students and the faculty in those undertakings which require combined effort, to make smooth the academic year by removing certain rough edges of school life, and to perpetuate the tie that exists between pupil and teacher. The Council performed all its duties this year with commendable capability and deserved success. These functions included distribution and collection of the Honor Roll Buttons, clerical assistance at the junior and senior class elections, and periodical room inspections. It has been a thoroughly efficient organization to which we all owe our thanks; may all future English High School Councils be the same. For it is by such close cooperation between our faculty and students that the deservedly high name and fame of our school will be maintained. Third Row: Chaisson, Flynn, Connolly, Klaus, Hanson, Lewis Second Row: Murray, O ' Rourke, Colgan, Capasso, Hayes, Earley From Row: Brandano, Morrissey, Mr. Reed, Nielsen, Mr. Frazier, (Faculty) Third Row: Berkowitz, Chase, Breen, Echteler, Horan, Varnerin, Chandler, Hayes, Fiore, Lippa Second Row: Sourer, Nielsen, Gerber, Chin, Toscano, Tierney, Cohen, Corman, Gertel, Morelli, Benyue Front Row: Crowley, Wolff, Manjou, Linteras, Mr. Lundeen, Sugarman, Karol, Perlman, Lee, Sol an a MATHEMATICS CLUB ' TpHE mathematically-minded students in the school have spent a very worthwhile year under the capable guidance of Mr. Lundin. The Math Club held meetings on the first and third Tuesdays of each month. In order to be eligible tor admission a boy must be a member of the Senior Class and in good standing in the Mathematics Department. At the regular meetings, prepared talks were given by members versed in some phase of the science. Besides explaining the actual construction of his instrument ' , the speaker must show the instrument to the members — thus the boy is trained to apply what he has read by actually constructing the device. Following his talk, the boys present are permitted to ask questions pertaining to the speaker ' s work. The following are some of the projects which were designed and constructed by members during the past year: slide rules, used for quick calculations; sextants, used for measuring the angular distances of objects by reflection; verniers, a short sliding scale used to indicate divisions of a gradu- ated instrument; transits, used by surveyors for measuring angles; sundials, used to show the time of day by means of a shadow cast by the sun; stadimete rs, used for finding the distance of an object from its known height. The determination of longitude and latitude was made by members. Specific topics — advanced algebra, analytical geometry, calculus — were also discussed. Thus one can readily see that the phases are of practical value to the student of mathematics. The club ended its year ' s activities by going on its annual outing to Gloucester in order to determine the latter ' s latitude bv means of a sea-horizon and a sextant. PAGE 82 THE ORCHESTRA NE of English High School ' s famed organizations is the orchestra which is now completing its fifty-second year of continuous activity. It is unique in many ways, not the least one of which is the fact that in the years of its existence it has had but three conductors. Mr. James Beatty was the first one, Mr. Arthur Joy, succeeded him and the present conductor is Mr. Roy Rand. The latter is rounding out seventeen years of service. This unification of leadership is undoubtedly an important reason for the efficiency of the orchestra. Any student in the school, of some musical skill, is eligible for membership in the orchestra. It is expected that he have a passing familiarity with his particular instrument. It is not necessary that he have had previous group playing experience. As a matter of fact very few boys who come into the organization have had any prior experience in a group unit. The desirability of this form of training is readily recognized by the musicians of the school and they respond to the conductor ' s invitation to join in large numbers. It is recognized that even for one who aspires to solo work that a good grounding in group playing is invaluable for the improvement of tone, reading and technique. Neither is the Conductor lacking in ample evidence from former members of the or- chestra who now earn their livelihood in the practice of their musical profession that the early training which they received in the orchestra played no small part in their progress. The Head Master ' s Assemblies together with many other functions in the Hall are usually served in their musical portion by the orchestra. It alternates with the equally well-known band under Mr. Cornells direction. Fourth Row: Bruno, Carmen, Pacitti, LaConca, Rauseo, Baker, Malagrifa, White Third Row: Catanesi, Trotman, Riccio, Hall, Stasio, Drummond, Roy, Zarba, Gertel, Master- cusio, Grudzinsky Second Row: Ladre, Valle Purcell, Jackson, Volk, Frisoii, Fine, Goldfield, Wolfson, Zacarian, Ferrante Front Row: Mahoney, Peterson, Beninate, Donelon, Riley, Brandano, Privitera, Cataldo, McCue, Marniorale, DeMarco Rear Row: Barres, Sugarman, Mr. Moloney, Katz, Whitney Front Row: Menjou, Bovarnick, Horan, Varperin, Norwood Libin DEB ATING CLUB NOTHER organization that has contributed much to English High School prestige is the Debating Society. As in other schools of Boston, it is composed of the members of the School rhetorically inclined who volunteerly met every Wednesday at 2:40 to discuss and engage in debating and public speaking. Working earnestly, steadily, and unobtru- sively, the members this year conducted a thorough survey of the railroad situation. Be- sides the training in research and the increased knowledge of public problems thus gained, the members learned facility and ease in public speaking. These boys also acquired a logical and concise clarity of thought in the prepara- tion of acceptable argumentation and exposi- tion. The highlight of the season was the formal debate against Public Latin School, in which the Blue and Blue debaters excelled in convincing argument. Debates were also held with Girls ' High School, Girls ' Latin School, in our own assembly hall, and within the club. Departing from the customary procedure, a mock debate was held with Girls ' High School. Another in- novation was the serving of refreshments to members. Mr. Moloney is the adviser. CHEMISTRY CLUB ' J ' HE Chemistry Club under the direction of Mr. Card met every second and fourth afternoon of the month in Room 342. The greater part of the meetings was devoted to demonstrations of subjects pertaining to chem- istry which were of interest to the boys. An- other function of the club was to develop more fully each boy ' s fundamental knowledge of chemistry. The boys were fortunate enough to obtain the services of Mr. Ford of our chemistry de- partment in lecturing on the chemist ' s part in paper manufacturing. In addition to these interesting talks, the members were given the opportunity to inspect the chemistry units of many industrial plants in and about Boston. There the boys were given the opportunity of learning the number, types, and manufacture of commercial products and to see chemical engineers developing the practical applications of the research chemist ' s findings. Thus the Chemistry Club serves to give its members a knowledge of chemistry which sup- plements that included in our high school cur- riculum. Fourth Row: Wilbur, Wong, Heffernan, Horton, Busiek, Singer, Varnerin, Wolff, Leavitt, Peyton, Haverty, Sutliff, Burgess Third Row: Fitzpatrick, Chin, Corman, Andruszkiewicz, Davis, Nugent, Berlow, Walker, Solana, Lippa Second Row: Lee, Ballota, Gerber, Guilfoyle, Maselli, Singarella, Georgdoulos, Manjou, Sugarman Nor- wood, Belding, Simmons, Rosen, Shoshan Front Row: Fliechman, Vice Pres. Cohen, Pres. MacNeil, Mr. Card, Clark, Libin, Gertel, Calvert THE LIBRARY CORPS ' " j HE Library Corps has given another year of splendid service to our school. The members are carefully selected from the school roster. To be considered for a position, a boy must be on the Honor Roll, have a fine person- ality record, and must be recommended by a member of the faculty. The boys on the library staff must charge and discharge the books, collect fines and books, clear the desks of books, and keep the shelves in proper arrangement. This entails accuracy and attention to detail. New books are added through the generosity of graduating classes, clubs, and individuals. The work of getting these books ready for the shelves — that is, all the pocketing and pasting is done by these same boys. Many of the school clubs use the library case to show their displays and exhibitions. The Library Corps takes care of these displays also. Library methods are more or less uniform throughout public and college libraries, and the system used in the library at English High School is the same as that used in the large libraries. The members of the Library Corps get valuable experience which has been found to be of great benefit to the boys who are fortu- nate enough to be selected for this activity. Third Row: Rogers, Blair, Mabee, Fettig, Kahn, Udaloy, Crookles Second Row: Corbin, Capasso, Murray, Gray, Dyer, Arcieri, Fidrocki Front Row: Changelian, Zacarian, Horan, Miss Colton, Nielsen, Linteris, Murray Third Row: McCue, Collins, Page, MacCausland, Mabee, Murray, Small Second Row: Downey, Burgess, Butler, Gardney, Kenefick, Kahn, Giusti Front Row: Walsh, Solana, Christo, Horan, Mullin, Murphy, Vena SWITCHBOARD OPERATORS INURING the last year, the Telephone Opera- tors have rendered splendid service to the school. Mr. Hayes, who has had charge of this service, has given capable and generous super- vision to the boys who work at the switchboard. T hese boys relinquish their study hours in order to perform this duty in the office. This work is very exacting and requires infinite patience. While on duty, the operators contact the many teachers of our school at the request of another teacher in the office or any part of the building. They also answer the outside calls referring the party calling to the proper depart- ment or authority. Thus the boys are taught the fundamental requirements of a telephone operator. Through the experience gained on the switch- board, many boys have been enabled to find employment to help work their way through higher institutions of learning. They have been able to find part time employment as a tele- phone operator. The boys on the switchboard have had the opportunity of practicing diction, and they have found it improves the use of their own language in general conversation. Rear Row: Haliver, Engleson, Heit, Ruiz, Malwad, Porter Front Row: Changelian, Crookles, Mr. Heffernan, Mabee, Pike LITERARY CLIJR HE Literary Club, which is directed by Mr. Heffernan, met every Tuesday after- noon in Room 258. The purpose of this club, which functions exclusively for Sophomores and Juniors, is to encourage them in writing for the school magazine and to make them acquainted with the most effective methods of writing. During the course of the year many interesting and educational discourses on the short story, essay, and novel were presented. The club examines each carefully, literally taking the story apart to find the trick that the author uses to give it its effectiveness. The boys put into practice what they have learned, writing essays and short stories as club projects. Thus the club forms a very valuable addition to the regular English course, presenting literary works that would otherwise have to be examined privately. Besides taking up the old classics the club also studies the works of modern writers and duly notes the differences in style and pace that is apparent in the contrast of these separate writings. A most interesting phase ot the field work of the Club this year was a trip through the modern plant of the Herald-Traveler news- paper. The ramifications of the modern news- paper were interestingly unravelled tor us. Tht Club plans to enlarge its scope of activities con- siderably next year. FRENCH CLUR ' " JpHE seeming babble, unintelligible to the uninitiated observer or hearer, which eman- ates once a month from the home-room of Mr. Shea is not the by-product of a recalcitrant class being kept after school hours by the afore- mentioned master; it is the monthly meeting of the French Club, or Cercle Francais, as it is known by its members. This organization was formed because it was realized that conversational ease and fluency in French cannot be achieved as completely as wished within the ordinary scope of the French class. Furthermore, the class time limitation does not permit such a study of famous French literary classics as some would like. This year all its members had the chance to participate in round-table discussions in French of current problems of general interest; they also had the opportunity to read, as a group, certain French masterpieces; the French Club, moreover, performed a one-act play and saw a French moving picture. The one-act play presented was " Le Cam- brioleur. " Those taking part included J. C. Mcintosh, J. R. Watkins, A. F. Hanwell, and J. McCarthy. All those, therefore, who are desirous of in- creasing their knowledge of the French lan- guage and literature should be sure to join the French Club next year. Fourth Row: Waggett, McCarthy, Morin, Welsh, Watkins, Monroe, Norwood, Cores, Mcintosh , ■ Third Row: Papazaglos, Roberts, Allen, Shaughnessy, Shaw, Willette, Yachimovich, Reece, McDonald, Saitta Second Row: Jarthar, Stokinger, Sesson, Sugarman, Mr. Shea, Rabin, Meegan, Ward, Mahaney Front Row: Hanwell, Jones, Thompson, Roberts, Selados, Solomon, Haffier, O ' Connell, Mirageas CURRENT EVE T.S CLI R H K purpose of the Current Events Club is to promote intelligent discussions on con- temporary topics. Mr. Phelps is the faculty adviser, and under his capable guidance, the members of the club have been trained to think of, and discuss significant events in a clear, logical manner. Mr. Phelps has presented both sides of a dispute or a problem and then allowed the boys to draw their own conclusion. Such training has been valuable to all the boys who have been members of the Current Events Club this past year. It has taught them the power of logical reasoning. The meetings have been held weekly through- out the school year and the procedure was as follows: Two boys give a specific talk and then the entire body is invited to participate in the discussion that followed. It might be termed a town meeting in school. Because of the great rapidity with which the national and international affairs have occurred, there was never a lack of subjects, nor lack of interest on the part of the members. National and international topics are of great interest to the American boy. He is the future voter in the United States, and the Current Events Club fulfills a very important purpose. It has taught its members to think clearly, concisely, logically, about questions of national and international importance. Fourth Row: Berkovitz, Toumpouras, Blair, Chandler, Jacobs, Varnerin, Myers Third Row: Porter, Kajander, Horton, Buckley, Taylor, Maselli, Reardon Second Row: Zacarian, Twiss, Nolan, Travis, Sinesi, Kelly, Thomson, Belding, Mr. Phelps Front Row: Solana, Sugarman, Wilbur, Suzan, Linteris, Tierney, Norwood Rear Row: Pusky, Blicker, Casey, Holt, Stokinger, Motarelli, Sordillo Front Row: Dedian, Palladino, Berlow, Mr. Richards, Welch, Sugarman, Rossi STAMP CLLTR ' Y ' HE STAMP CLUB, with Mr. Richards as its mentor consists of many enthusiasts in the field of philately, or as it is more commonly known, stamp-collecting. The members of this club meet every week after school to buy, sell or to exchange the stamps that they have ac- cumulated during the previous week. Auctions are held so that every member has the oppor- tunity to auction off his surplus stamps. A pleasant hour is thus passed in examining and exchanging the many small perforated polygons which are passed around. Many of the club members are the owners of large and valuable collections of stamps which would be the envy of thousands of stamp col- lectors the world over. At regular intervals the club communicates with the Post Office Department in Washington for information concerning newly-issued stamps. Many of the boys made beautiful stamp posters which were entered into the contests which are held by the club. Thus the Stamp Club serves to give these boys a better chance to enjoy this very interest- ing and fascinating hobby that removes them from this humdrum world and shows them a bit of the color and the life of many different and remote sections of the world. Third Row: Malone, Carlisle, Giusti, Schwartz, Foundas, Fine, Jacobs, Ross, Pike Second Row: Bulman, Brandt, Witt, Ruiz, MacCausland, Gowan, Josephson, Gershengorn Front Row: Chin, Fiore, Echteler, Mr. Clark, Sisson, Lanskv, Parent CAMERA CLUB CAMERA and the urge to learn its use seem to be the tie that binds the enthu- siastic membership that makes up the Camera Club. Twice a month the members foregather for mutual aid and encouragement under the direction of Mr. Clark. The program carried out this year was interesting and varied. Under the sponsorship of the General Electric Com- pany and the Eastman Kodak Company the theory and practise of color photography and night picture-taking were gone into for the edification and information of the members. To stimulate the members to greater activity, a contest was held and it brought out a varied collection of worthwhile pictures. In this con- nection Mr. Ford of the Science Department generously cooperated in the matter of judging. In addition to this club contest, pictures were entered in a state-wide Camera Club Ex- hibit and while no prizes were carried off by us the entrants derived great profit from the ex- perience both in the matter of picture-taking technique and enlarging their circle of camera enthusiasts. As everybody knows, there is perhaps no city in the country that oflFers such a variety ot scenic spots dear to the photographer ' s heart as does Boston. The members saw some of these places this year in the field trips. Many more are planned for next year. It was both a busy and profitable year for the lensmen, all in all. LABORATORY ASSISTANTS ' " J HE I aboratory assistants, under the cap- able direction of Mr. Miller, head of the Science Department, must be commended for the splendid service they have offered to the science department during the year. Although the greater part of the student body is unaware of their valuable service, those who have studied science will agree that they are worthy of com- mendation. The laboratory assistants are divided be- tween the physics and chemistry departments. The boys are taught to exercise great care in handling instruments and chemicals. In the physics laboratory they are in charge of fixing instruments, taking out the necessary ones, replacing those which have already been used, and keeping the laboratories in neat order. In the chemistry laboratories, besides taking care of the apparatus, they must replenish the supply of chemicals in empty. Thus the laboratory assistants become better acquainted with the apparatus of the science department. Such a familiarity of course, greatly aids the individual in compre- hending more completely the particular problems of his own science work; but more than that, it gives him a knowledge that can be made profit- able in a very practical way should he continue his course in college. Rear Row: Toscano, Bruxelles, Varnerin, Von Euw, Lippa, Whitney Front Row: Zacarian, Linteris, Mr. Miller, Gertel, Sugarman RIFLE CLUB J HE English High School Rifle Club, whose activities are directed by Major Michael Lannon, school armorer, meets every Wednes- day evening to practice on the temporary ranges which are set up in the school. At these weekly sessions the boys practice under the careful supervision of Major Lannon who gives them the benefit of his valuable experience; they compete against one another in preparation for the monthly matches which are held with other schools. The club seeks to create better marksmanship and attempts to give the boys a thorough knowl- edge of the inner machinery and mechanics of a rifle. It also educates them in the precautions necessary to observe in operating small arms. The English High School Rifle Club is a member of the National Rifle xAssociation which is good assurance that this organization will continue to function as a part of extra-curricular activity in the school for many years to come. Every year during the Memorial Day exercises, which are held on Warren Avenue by the entire school as a tribute to the English High men who have given their lives for this country, a group of boys who are on the rifle team fire three volleys as a tribute to those departed sons of English High School. Fourth Row: Curley, Balch, Schmuck, Gardner, Skapinsky Barston, Goldfarb Third Row: Bessette, J. Bowen, Bowen, Shaw, Weiner, Travis, Sarno, Tierney Second Row: Murphy, Roche, McSweeny, Trainer, Busharis, Rock, Connelly, Belding, Ronon, Short, McDonald Front Row: Manjou, Foundas, Kavana, Mabee, McAuIiife, Collins, Chin, Fehrnstrom, Grant Rear Row: Karthas, Casano, Romano, Pulsifer, McGogh Front Row: Pjau, Simmons, Travis, Mr. Peacock, Sinesi, Brown, Fettig AVIATION CLUB ' -pHE Aviation club, which is supervised by Mr. Peacock, held its meetings every Thursday at the close of school. Students showed a keen interest in the great strides that the aviation industry has made in the last forty years since the Wright Brothers first tried wings. The club has been well attended because of the great attraction this work has for air-minded boys. A club such as this gives boys an opportunity to learn and put into prac- tice the intricacies and mechanics of the aviation industry through the building and studying of models. Thus the Aviation club has been a good medium to prepare these boys in the essen- tials of aviation. In order to maintain a well- balanced program, the meetings alternate shop- work with discussions. The club also runs supervised contests to determine the best models constructed among members. On alternate afternoons men who are prominent in some specialized phase of avia- tion have presented interesting talks. The club also made many visits to local airports and aeronautical schools in order to gain first hand information. With this varied program the Fourth Row: Glynn, Shanalian, Travers, McFarrish, Moran, Panico Third Row: Reinhard, Drummond, O ' Keefe, Dowling, Todesco, Snierson, Sullivan, Mahony, Flowers Second Row: Balch, McLaughlin, Roseman, Harris, Mastercusio, Molineaux, Mullen, Ruiz, Mellon, Stone, Kennedy Front Row: Blackman, Thompson, Harding, Giarraputo, Sugarman, Monticone, Kiernan, Thomson, Lavanchy, Callahan HE Glee Club, under the direction of Mr. Burke, meets every Monday during Block in the Assembly Hall. Voice and music reading tests were pre-requisite to membership. These tests enable the director to select boys of proven musical and choral ability to delight the musical ear of the student body and faculty. The boys are afforded the opportunity of developing their musical knowledge and repertoire in a congenial group which is nevertheless not so large as to preclude individual attention to the participants. Special features of our glee club are the double and single octets which have shone in musical splendor throughout the year at the Latin School Debate, Girl ' s High School Debate, the Annual Spring Concert, at the Graduation Exercises, and on other special occasions. With Joseph Monti- cone as leader, these octets have called forth high praise. The entire club has participated in many events during the year, particularly in our own Assembly Hall. Its activities ended splendidly with the Graduation Exercise at Tremont Temple. Thus the Glee Club has helped the music loving boys of our school not only to develop in musical accomplis hment but also to gain greater appreciation of the art and its masters. In the future we hope to see many of its members continue their work in public and in higher institutions of learning. PAGE 90 GLEE CLUB PORTS FOOTBALL J AME ENGLISH made her ' 39 football debut at Bees Field, October 6, when she took the stubborn Roxbury Memorial eleven into camp 19 to o. Two of the " paydirt " romps were accredited to Shtogren while Malkasian made the other. . . . On Columbus Day morning the Blue and Blue juggernaut rolled over a weak Trade team to the tune of 26 to 7. Brennan made two trips over the last white line and Malkasian and King made one each. . . . On October 18, for the second year in succession, English was held to a tie by an underdog Dorchester eleven, neither team being able to score. ... A handsome array of football talent left the portals of E. H. S., October 28, to travel to Groton for a game with the strong " Lord Jeffs. " The result of the encounter was rather disastrous as the Ohrenberger team met with its first defeat of the season, bowing 7 to o. . . . At Bees Field, November 3, English High and Boston College High battled to a scoreless stalemate, the second of the year for the Boys in Blue. . . . On November 9, the E. H. S. team rose to its greatest height of the current season when it defeated the hitherto undefeated and untied Mechanic Arts eleven 6 to o, the lone marker being chalked up by Tom Brennan on a twenty-two yard jaunt through tackle. . . . On November 17, for the seventh year in succession, the Commerce gridsters bowed in defeat before the sterling stalwarts of English 7 to o, the lone touchdown being scored by the everpresent Brennan. . . . On Thanksgiving morning, the English pigskin chasers brought their season to a close by being held to a scoreless tie, their third this season, by a rank underdog Latin School eleven. ... In spite of the result of this game the King-men of English earned for them- selves the coveted title of City Champions. Fijth Row: J. L. DriscoU, DiSabato, Murray, Sutliff, Lambert, Healey, Gallagher, Harding Fourth Row: Rosetti, Keenan, W. Driscoll, Leavitt, O ' Riordan, Nearhos, O ' Toole, O ' Malley, Greatorex Third Row: Mgr. Toumpouras, Dennis, Holland, Kiernan, Gillis, Lydon, J. J. Driscoll Maguire, Mgr. Second Row: Coach Ohrenberger, Malkasian, Oranburg, Mannix, Moir, Maisterman, Sullivan, Riordan, Lombardi Front Row: Shotgren, Chisholm, Brennen, King (Capt.), Connors, Altshuler, Albondy Fourth Ron-: Sweeny, Boldenberg, Nearhos, Moir, O ' Keefe, Cusick, Clougher Third Row: McDonnell, Hurwitz, Accomando, Delaney, Bossi, Frizzell, Applebaum, Franklin Second Rotv: Coach Ohrenberger, Manganero, Franktman, Oranberg, Rhone, Connors, Henderson, Flanagan, Mgr. Mullaney Front Row: Albondy, Farina, Ardagna, Capt. Shtogren, Jumper, Cleland, Peacock T THE East Armory, January 6, the mighty Blue and Blue crepe-soled tracksters opened the ' 40 campaign taking the speedsters from Dorchester and Trade over the hurdles to the tune of 2423 2 to 623 to 4. ' t }4:. The results ot this meet served as a " dope sheet " for Coach Ohrenberger ior the meets to come, as Dame English grabbed ofJ nineteen ot the twenty-one firsts, including the four relays. Some of the tracksters of note who competed were Captain Shtogren, Bob Fisher, " I ish " Accomando, Tom Clelland, Ralph Moir, Joe Farina, Warren Rhone, Burt Oranburg, Pete Nearhos, and Ed Delaney. . . . The dual meet with Fatin was nearly a replica of the first meet, our cousins from the F ' enway being on the short side of a 2ji to 104 score. . . . On February 14, for the first time in many a moon. The Blue and Blue of English dipped in defeat in the triangular meet, trailing the .Artisans of Mechanics by i63- points while Roxbury Memorial pulled up third. . . . The annual Regimental Meet was nearly an exact copy of the Mechanics meet only this time E,nglish trailed by but lo points. The Blue had more than its share of tough breaks (Warren Rhone falling in his heat. Bob Fisher being froced to withdraw because of an infected hand, Kenny White pulling up lame, etc.) and with even a slight smile by Fady I uck would have pulled the meet out of the bag. However, she wasn ' t on our side and we were forced to be satisfied with second. English, just the same, didn ' t come off second best in everything as her boys, Ralph Moir and Paul Sweenev, cracked records and Bob Fraktman tied one. TRACK PAGE 94 BA! E»ALL OOMK love-sick honibre once said, " In spring a young man ' s fancy turns to thoughts ot love, " but I guarantee that, if that poor unfortunate (don ' t take me literally) had seen the some two hundred Knglish High aspirants to baseball fame working out at Billings Kield, he would have immediately changed love to baseball. With all these candidates practicing an outsider would probably ask if they were the players on all the schools of Boston. All the boys are wielding that hickory with such devestating effects, slapping the old horse- hide high, wide, and handsome about Billings Field with such vigor that I don ' t, in the least, envy Coach Ohrenberger ' s job of selecting a team but, with such veterans as Captain Joe Rosetti who is death to flies, Tom Brennan of the big bat, Johnny McCue, the snappy fielder, Sarkie Malkasian, Moe Chisholm, Bill Gagan, Charlie I.avanchy, Frank Sacco, and Joe Sullivan as a nucleus, the team selected will, with all probability, live up to the high standards of the teams of yesterday. The above fellows haven ' t the places in the proverbial bag as there is so much material handy, some newcomer may upset the apple-cart and crowd one of the stars out of his position. Right now the team is in the formative stage but if the early tune-up sessions are any cri- terion. Ye Olde English High will be well up in the City League standing. Come what will. Captain Joe and all the members of the squad promise a schedule chuck-full ot hard playing and with more than our share ot games won. Third Row: Sullivan, Mannix, Burnhardt, Collins, Karol Second Row: Coach Ohrenberger, La Rose, Gagan, Brennen, Heffernan, Malkesian, Cadigan (Manager) Front Row: Crowley, O ' Malley, Chisholm, Rosetti (Captain), Gillis, Sacco, Green Third Ro ' u:: Driscoll, Rae, O ' Malley, Fernberg, O ' Melia Secoh ' .d Row: Mr. Ohrenberger, Sullivan, Beinhard, O ' Riordan, Mannix, Frongillo (Manager) Front Row: Green, Bongiorno, Chisholm, Clarke (Capt.), Malkasian, Sheehan, Milne HOCKEY ' " pHE English High School hockey sextet made its ' 39- ' 40 debut at the Arena. December 14, defeating the surprisingly strong Roxbury Memorial blade-men i to o. The lone marker of the game was set up by Captain Pete Clarke, the Double Blue center, who. late in the second period hooked the puck out from a pile-up in front of the Memorial cage and fired it home. The Blue and Blue pucksters moved into a first place tie in the Boston School Conference, defeating the Trade sextets i to o at the Old Depot (The Garden to you guys), the lone goal coming ofi the stick of Sarkie Malkasian, speedy winger, in the third period with some three minutes to play. In the tussle. January 18, the English High School puck-chasers added another victory, not to mention another shutout, to their growing list, taking Dorchester into camp to the tune ot 4 to o. The high scorer was Sarkie Malkasian with four points, one goal and three assists while Pete Clarke, his linemate pulled up with two points, both goals. The Blue and Blue broke in the scoring column early in the first period Malkasian carried in on a solo rush, feinted the goalie out and lifted it over him for the score. Pete Clarke scored both his goals, passing the hapless Dorchester goal-tender twice within 66 seconds. Both times he was assisted by Malkasian. The rampaging Blue and Blue pucksters gained their fourth successive shutout, Febru- ary I, at the Arena, whitewashing the stalwarts ot Mechanic Arts 2 to o, Sarkie Malkasian flashing the light twice. As a result of this win, English moved into a first place tie with the self-same Artisans, with a game in hand. In 2:12 of the second period with Mechanic a man shy, Warren being in the clinker for illegal checking, English let loose several power plays and finally Malkasian passed Frosdick in the Buff and Blue cape. Incidentally, it was the first time this year he was scored on. Mal- kasian set up the other marker, three minutes before the end of the game, on a close-up shot from about 10 feet out. The mighty Blue and Blue hockey sextet ended the season unbeaten, untied, and un- scored upon taking the scrappy Purple-clad warriors of Latin in camp 2 to o, Malkasian again grabbing the spotlight, settmg up both markers. CHEER LEADERS Driscoll, Cunningham, Tolland, Karol IMIItT SHOTS ■jT isn ' t possible to let the opportunity pass without complimenting our leaders in the various sports, Coach Ohrenberger, and the four captains, Joe King of football, Emil Shto- gren of track, Pete Clarke of hockey, and last but by no means least, the pride of " Easta Bost, " Joe Rosetti of baseball, for their inspira- tional leadership, and in the case of the captains, their all-around play. . . . An interesting fact concerning the captains is that three of the four leaders, Joe King, Emil Shtogren, and Joe Rosetti, were on the football squad. . . . While we ' re on the subject of captains another inter- esting fact concerning them is that three of the captains were on squads other than those which they were leaders, Joe King of the baseball team, and Emil Shtogren and Joe Rosetti on the football team. . . . Speaking of leaders, did you notice that Sarkis Malkasian grabbed the scoring crown of the Boston School Con- ference? Nice work, Sarkie! . . . How about a short cheer on the three for Art Karol, Joe Tolland, Gene Cunningham and Bill Driscoll for their nifty cheerleading. . . . Didn ' t Charlie O ' Malley play a whale of a game in the English nets, being unscored up in the five games, in tact in two years? . . . Fll bet many of you Shtogren, King, Coach Ohrenberger, Clark, Rossetti fellers would walk a mile to get a glimpse (not a Camel) of some sport luminary but how many of you realize that right in our own halls among the faculty we have in addition to Coach Ohrenberger such former collegiate athletic stars as. Major Meanix, Mr.Caffrey, Mr. Hogan, Mr. Falvey, Mr.Halloran, Mr. Daley-to mention only a few. . . . The midget and senior relay teams exhibited their wares before some 15,000 sport enthusists at the B. A. A., K. of C. and V. F. W. meets at the Garden. . . . Incidentally by his great running on the third leg of the relay at the B. A. A. meet. Marc " Fish " Accomando earned for himself the ducky (?) nickname of " Mechanical Rabbit, " Bob Coyne, the eminent sports illustrator of the Boston Post doing the honors. There goes Swifty! ... I don ' t know for certain if he is the best player on the squad (if you raise the two bits to fifty cents, I will be, Joe) but my vote goes unanimously to Handsome Joe MacNeil for the best looking horse-hide- larraper. . . . What ' s this we ' re hearing about Max Leavitt ' s being approached by the House ot David ' s manager as to a position of employ- ment, if you know what I mean. Hi ya, Mike ' . . . Well, tempus fugit and we come to the end of the trail; so a fond sports adieu to you all. . . . Let ' s go on! On to victory! Corman, Lawlor, (lardner, Mr. Murphy, Goldenberg, Rudstein, White TENUIS TEAM jN LINE with the policy of sports for all, the Tennis Club came into active being some years ago. From the very beginning, great in- terest and enthusiasm was shown by an in- creasingly large number of boys. Mr. Maurice Murphy, a member of the faculty, who captained his college team for four years, again undertook the coaching of the team. The players this year were captained by John Gardner and managed by Sanford Goldenberg. Inter-room matches were held and inter-school contests were staged. The Senior team made a very good showing in these informal contests with Gardner, Goldenberg, Lawlor, Rudsten, Corman, and White bearing the brunt of the work. During the past few years the tennis team has visited several different courts and has met the various teams from many High Schools, including Boston College High School, Roxbury Memorial for Boys, Dorchester High School, Brookline, Milton, and Maiden. All vinder- graduates who are interested and who believe they have the necessary talent should see Mr. Murphy next year and become a member. GOLF ' " pHE English High School Golf Club is com- pleting its third year in inter high school competition. Last fall the club competed against Hyde Park and it will play Hyde Park again in May, along with Cambridge High and Latin School, High School of Commerce, Jamaica Plain High School, and Boston College High School. The spring tournament, which is the medium of selecting the team members, is played the first week of May, so that as we go to press, no information is available on the personnel of the team. The members of the club who are this year expected to come through are: Greer, Heffernan, Peyton, Cotter, Hathaway, and Blair. Golf, as an official high school activity is of a comparative recent beginning in Boston. Being a rather individualistic sport, it has not had the popular appeal that other sports have among the high school athletes. But there are enough boys interested to warrant the formation of a club, nevertheless. The boys supervise their own practising but in competition, have the benefit of the experience of Mr. Bell and Mr. Leighton, the coaches. Last spring, five inter-school matches were held; our boys gave a good account of them- selves and hope to get in step this season with the victory habit of our other athletic teams. GOLF CLUB Cotter, Greer, Clyton, Mr. Bell, Heffernan, Hathaway, Blair TRICK SQUAD Rear Row: Walker, Barbera, Foley, Colombo, Cudmore Front Row: McSweeney, Mabee, O ' Malley, Shuman MILITARY jyjILITARY DRILL was introduced into English High School in the year 1867, under the able direction of Brigadier-General Hobart Moore, a veteran of the Civil War. Because of the lack of proper space wherein to drill, the cadets used a large hall over the old Boylston Market, corner of Washington and Boylston Streets, and exhibitions of their skill were given in the Boston Theatre. The or- ganization consisted of one battalion of infantry, composed of English High and Boston Latin Schools, while the other infantry battalion was composed of companies from outlying schools, completing the regiment. Today we find four regiments in English High School alone, indi- cating the growth of the school population of Boston. Close order drill composed the greater part of the work, as it is today, with some time spent on ceremonials. Shortly after the Civil War, General Grant visited Boston, and the famous commander of the Union forces was much impressed by the appearance and ability of the cadets. After the retirement of General Moore in 1894, Captain Joseph T. Pagent assumed charge, and following him in order were: Lieutenant Erasmus M. Weaver, U. S. A., 1 898-1 899; Colonel George H. Benyon, 1891-1921; Colonel George S. Penney, 1921-1922, Lieutenant Col- onel Joseph McK. Driscoll took charge in 1922. At this time, an innovation was introduced in conjunction with military drill, in the form of physical education in the gymnasium. Mr. James H. Crowley, had charge of this important phase of physical development, and when pro- moted to Assistant Director of Physical Educa- tion, his place was filled by Major W illiam H. Meanix in September 1926. In September 1927, the physical educational phase was abolished, and Major Meanix, then joined Colonel Driscoll in the direction of the military drill, the number having increased one third. English High School has consistently won third prize in the school parade every other year and in 1922, won first prize in an inter- regimental competition between the prize com- panies of all schools. Particular emphasis is laid on the elements of courtesy, alertness, discipline, and personal appearance. Patriotism is encouraged by our ceremony of combining flag salute with pledge of allegiance. FIFE AND DRUM CORPS Fourth Row: Tangookian, Polit, Kelly, Quinn, Greely Third Row: Orpin, Berkwitz, Brown, Louise, Murphy, Sullivan Second Row: Finnigan, Amirault, Cronin, O ' Melia, Cornelia, Gowen, Mastercusio, Ross Front Row: Jones, Coakley, Procter, Fitzpatrick, Ransom, Camerlinge, Hoyt, Donlan o U o bC O U o . U c dj N -n o — - o " ■ n . c ' J ■ ' 3 Q m - c — „ bD S § t o U O aj rt tu o 3 ' i O ° i c E J Q e O 3 c C o u O OJ 3 " o « lu Cd Cd a! Mil Z .... ' - " Mfk ADVERTISEMENTS In the Long Run you and your friends will prize the portrait that looks like you — your truost self, free from stage effects and little conceits. It is in this " long run " photography that PURDY success has been won. Portraiture by the camera that one cannot laugh at or cry over in later years. For present pleasure and future pride protect your photographic self by having PURDY make the portraits. 160 TREMONT STREET BOSTON • PLEASING PORTRAITS • PROMPT SERVICE • RIGHT PRICES Means Satisfaction Guaranteed Special Discount Rates to al l English High School Students Placement Service Provided Free to all Graduates Previous Commercial Training Not Re- quired for Entrance Where Success Stories of Tomorrow Begin to Take Form For 61 years, Burdett College has been offering specialized business training to the young people of New England. In its five-story, con- venient building in downtown Boston, the success stories of tomorrow begin to take form. Here young men and women acquire solid foun- dations in business fundamentals, in skill subjects, and cultural- social studies. They learn to think for themselves, and to think straight. Carry hope into achievement by deciding now to learn more about Burdett College ... its experienced faculty , , . its enviable reputation among employers. Burdett College Fall Term Begins September 3, 1940 Send for Day or Evening Catalogue 156 Stuart Street, Boston, Mass. HANcock 6 3 00 CLASS OF 1940 Before you decide on your plans for next year, consider Bryant Stratton and the advantages of learning shorthand, typewriting or accounting before going to college; consider the advantages of an Employment Dept. in touch with 3000 business firms; consider the advantages of having something you can " sell " either in college or out. Learn more about the advantages by getting in touch with BRYANT STRATTON COMMERCIAL SCHOOL 334 Boylston Street, BOSTON at the " ARLINGTON " subway station Telephone KENmore 6789 PAGE 109 BENTLEY A Specialized Professional School for Men Two year day course; four year evening course. Men who are thoroughly grounded in the fundamentals of accounting can complete the evening course in three years. The unparalleled growth of The Bentley School, from twenty- nine students in 1917 to twenty-eight hundred and twenty-nine in 1940, is founded upon the superior quality of the work which its graduates are doing in business, in public accounting, and in government service. The widening reputation of Bentley Training is evidenced by the growing number of enrollments from distant parts of the country, and by the steadily increasing calls for graduates by companies outside of New England. Either day or evening catalog will be sent upon request. The BENTLEY SCHOOL of ACCOUNTING FINANCE 921 Boylston Street, Boston, Massachusetts Telephone KENmore 0755 SUFFOLK UNIVERSITY All Departments Co-educational 30 Scholarships available in the Colleges to 1940 High School Graduates Qualification by Competitive Examinations in English or History Cultural and Pre-Professional COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS — day, evening and part-time courses leading to A.B. degree — 12,0 semester hours. Pre pr ofessional courses (60 s.h.) for Law, Journalism and Business Administration. Entrance requirement: 15 acceptable college entrance units. Advanced standing for acceptable college credits. Professional Law School — 4-year day or evening course. Prepares for LL.B. degree, Mass. Bar examination and law practice. Entrance requirement: 60 s. h. of college credits, obtainable in the Pre -Legal Course of the College of Liberal Arts. College of Journalism — day or evening course, B.S. in J. degree. Includes 60 s. h. of Liberal Arts and instruction in all phases of Journalism. College of Business Administration — day or evening course, B.S. in B.A. degree. Includes 60 s. h. of Liberal Arts and specialized instruction in ac- counting, advertising, business management. Graduate School of Law — 2-year evening course, LL.M. degree. Combined Faculties Represent Cultural and Professional Instruction of High Quality and Re,cognized Achievement Day and Evening Duplicate Sessions Special Summer School Courses Moderate Tuition Placement Service Convenient Location Modern, Fir -proof Building Call write or phone CAPitol 0555 for catalogs and information about scholarships SUFFOLK UNIVERSITY REGISTRAR DERNE STREET on BEACON HILL BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS PAGE 11 1 SENIORS! YOUR OFFICIAL CLASS RING HAS BEEN DESIGNED EXPRESSLY FOR YOU BY THE L. G. Balfour Company 234 BOYLSTON STREET BOSTON, MASS. Prices are as follows: lOK Solid Gold Ring— All Metal $6.90 lOK Gold Ring— Black Onyx Stone 7.25 lOK Gold Ring— Blue Spinel Stone 7.95 Pins range from $1.50 to $7.00 Orders accepted at Boston Office Deposit of $1.00 must accompany each order ACT NOW IF YOU WISH TO SECURE THIS BEAUTIFUL NEW CLASS RING PAGE 1 1 2 STIIE-WISE UNDER-GRADS Come to Kennedy ' s for wanted clothing styles, correct furnishings, understanding service . . .Qualities and prices reflect our lead- ership in outfitting under-grads of high and prep school age. Join the parade to Kennedy ' s. UNDER-GRAD SHOPS KENNEDY ' S SUMMER AND HAWLEY STREETS MASSACHU SETTS SCHOOL OF PHYSIOTHEBAPY DAY AND EVENING COURSES CO-EDUCATIONAL GRADUATES IN STEADY DEMAND: fully qualified for substantial private, City and State po- sitions in Medical Offices, Hospitals, Clinics as Physiotherapists, X-Ray or Laboratory Tech- nicians. Students receive comprehensive, scientific training in all branches of Physiotherapy (including Electrotherapy, X-Ray, Medical Massage, Colonic Irrigation, etc.). Clinical Hospital Training. Individual Instruction by Physicians and Technicians. DIPLOMA AWARDED Placement Bureau Serves All Graduates ONE-YEAR DAY COURSE - or equivalent TWO-YEAR EVENING COURSE X-RAY COURSE: One-year comprehensive Course, including Clinical Hospital Training. LABORATORY TECHNIQUE COURSE: Intensive, practical Four-Months Course. Graduates of Boston English High School may be admitted without scholastic examinations . New term begins September, 1940 Catalogue on Request. KIR kland 5552 Registrar: 199 Prospect Street, Cambridge APPROVED BY LEADING PHYSICIANS Courtney Hardware Co. 366 Washington Street Dorchester GENeva 3160 - 3161 Tremont Pharmacy MICHAEL H. BEDIGAN, R. Ph., Prop. 500 Tremont Street (Corner Dover Street) BOSTON, MASS. CAbk COURTNEY PAGE 1 1 3 MIDDLESEX UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES— Four -year liberal arts course leads to A.B. and B.S. degrees. One-year minimum Pre- Veterinary course available for last time this fall; becomes tv o-year course beginning September 1941. SCHOOL OF MEDICINE— Four-year course leads to M.D. degree. SCHOOL OF VETERINARY MEDICINE— D V M deg ree in four years. SCHOOL OF PODIATRY (CHIROPODY Th ree-yeor didactic and clini- cal course. SCHOOL OF PHARMACY— Prepares for State Board examinations. Comprehensive two-year course. All schools of Middlesex University are co-educational. Modern, newly-erected buildings beautifully situated on a 96-acre campus. Comfortable new dormitories. Extensive, well-equipped laboratories. hHigh- grade faculty of specialists for each school. The schools of Podiatry and Pharmacy are located in the Back Bay Building, 415 Newbury Street, Boston. Catalog will be sent on request. MIDDLESEX UNIVERSITY, WALTHAM, MASS. BOSTON SCHOOL OF PHARMACY FULLY EQUIPPED — With separate laboratories for Pfiarmacy and Cfiemistry; large and modern class rooms; and a well-lighted library. You are advised to apply early since the enrollment is limited. The Boston School of Pharmacy has already applied to the legislature of the Commonwealth of Massa- chusetts for authority to grant the degree Ph.G. (3 years), and B.S. (4 years). 255 Huntington Avenue Boston, Mass. KENmore 9656 PAGE 1 14 NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY DAY DIVISION College of Liberal Arts Offers a broad program of college subjects serving as a foundation for the understanding of modern culture, social relations, and technical achievement. The purpose of this program is to give the student a liberal and cultural education and a vocational competence which fits him to enter some specific type of useful employment. College of Business Administration Offers a college program with broad and thorough training in the principles of business with specialization in Accounting, Journalism, Banking and Finance, Public Administration, Industrial Administration or Marketing and Advertising. Instruction is through lectures, solution of business problems, class discussions, motion pictures and talks by business men. College of Engineering Provides complete college programs in Engineering with professional courses in the fields of Civil, Mechanical (with Diesel, Aeronautical, and Air Conditioning options). Electrical, Chemical, Industrial Engineering, and Engineering Administration. Students select, at the beginning of the sophomore year, the course in which they intend to specialize. Co-operative Plan The Co-operative Plan provides for a combination of practical industrial experience with class- room instruction. Upperclassmen earn a portion of their school expenses and make business contacts which prove valuable in later years. Degrees Awarded Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Science EVENING DIVISION (For Men and Women) Providing complete courses oj university grade, for high school graduates who find it n .cessary to work during Ike day but wish to study for further advancement. School of Business Programs in Accounting, Management with Merchandising and Industrial options. Law and Business Management and in Engineer- ing and Business, under instructors actually engaged in the fields in which they teach. 73% of graduates hold executive positions in business. Preparation for the C.P.A. examinations. School grants B.B.A. and B.C.S. degrees. Individual courses available to special students. College of Liberal Arts Pre-Legal Training General Education A special program conducted in the evening by the College of Liberal Arts which pro- vides a general education for those who cannot attend a day college and is es- pecially designed to prepare for admission to the Northeastern University School of Law. Individual courses available to special students. The title of Associate in Arts (A. A.) conferred. Graduates of English High School may be admitted without examinations if grades are satisfactory to the Department of Admissions. FOR CATALOG — MAIL THIS COUPON AT ONCE NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY Director of Admissions Boston, Massachusetts Please send me a catalog of the □ College of Liberal Arts □ Evening School of Business □ College of Engineering □ Day Pre-Le gal Program □ College of Business Administration □ Evening Division — College of Liberal Arts Name. . Address C-1 PAGE 1 15 Autographs PAGE 1 1 6

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