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If Dedzcatzon We the Class of V931 dechcate thls book to every one who has made our graduatlon possxble To our he lped make thas book possxble we wzsh to express our heartfelt thanks Z teachers, to our parents, and to all others who 'Q IDE NA I-IOBSON Principal Latin Typmg 4-44 AF 10" INEZ I-IORNED DOYLE WILLIS Home Economics Musxc Band Bxology LOUIS BALDWIN Enghsh Dramatxcs enum' HELEN TEMPLE MARIE GOODWIN CHARLES CREW5 Pnmary Z and 3 3 and 4 47 I JOHN DOTSON Coach Socxal Scxence ff uv HELEN BENI-IAM 5 and 6 PEARL CUMMINS MAY HUGHES ROY COX Cook Cook Janxtor 4 I ffm ,-3.0 .,-au. -u JOI-IN MOERY Superintendent Ame ricln Government Dnvers Tramxng WILLIAM BEASLEY Mlthematxcs WOODROW NEWKIRK 7 and 8 I -3. T, - if . - I Ifl- 'B' 5 L g bin. . ' .. I 4 - I.. I La W' WI . fu fe' ,:. fm ' ' A fi? I -' X X Q, 3 A I N S., '-' 1.4. If BILLY GENE HOLLIS JOYCE ROBERSON WAYNE GILLIATT Class President Secretary Vxce Presxdent CHhss 1951 EDGAR LINTON JOHN GORMAN Treasurer our Smsef HOWARD PAVEY OLLIE ATKINS CURTIS STEPHENSON Always Fnendly Muscles To Be Remembered 6 0 J RALPH HAMMOND BETTYLU HUBBARD JIMMY SHIELDS Always Cheerful Never To Be Forgotten Musically Inclined Class 1 951 JAMES ATKINS JUSTUS CRAWFORD JOHN HUBBARD VERNIA PATTON JAKE ZEHR Perfect Attendance A Smxle To Be Remembered Basketball Captam 7 Our He-Man Mastermind I JAMES DAILY Ve ry lndustnous HAZEL BUI-'ORD Rehable HOWARD GOLDMAN A Friend To Everyone JOYCE 0055 ARNOLD VOGELSONG Mxschxevous but Nxce A Handsome Fellow Class 1 951 MARGARET CREWS Cheerleader Two Years MARY JO HAMMONS CHARLES EASTRIDGE A Plelsmg Penonnlxty Our Basketball Star 8 I ' Z by 1, lj J f if f K ' I O Class .,,,,, 1 951 JOHN HENRY BEASLEY IVAN RAY BEALS Our Comedxan Our Artut CURTIS SMITH CARRIE MAE BRILES CHESTER BLECHER Always Helps Others Wxllxng Worker Most Likely To Succeed RONALD VALDIVIA ENTERED LATE VIOLET SMITH MARGIE ENLOW Always True Bashful, But Nxce 9 0 fl 7? I .gs A l ENGLISH HIGH SCHOOL BACCAL AUREATE COMMUNITY BUILDING ADDRESS SEVEN O'CLOCK COMMENCEMENT PROGRAM ENGLISH HIGH SCHOOL APRIL TWENTY FIFTH NINETEEN FIFTY ONE COMMUNITY BUILDING EIGHT O'CLOCK I0 APRIL TWENTY-SECOND NINETEEN FIFTY-ONE Class H :story On the day of September l 1947 the followmg students enrolled at the Englxsh Sterlmg School Trlllxs Atkxns James Atluns Ollxe Atkxns Ivan Ray Beals John Henry Beasley Chester Belcher Carrxe Mae Brxles Hazel Buford Roger Cook Justus Crawford Margaret Crews James Daxly Charles Joe Eastrxdge Margxe Lee Enlow Vxolet Eastrldge Wayne G1ll1att Howard Ray Goldman John Gorman Mary Jo Hammons Ralph Hammond Bally Gene I-lollxs Donna Jean Hxnkle Betty Lou Hubbard John Marxon Hubbard Bonme Marshall Delorxs McBr1de Vxrglma Mosson Norman Murray Verma Elsxe Patton Roy Howard Pavey John Pxnmck Mzldred Mane Real Mary VIFSIDIB Reasor Carol Joyce Roberson Vxolet May Smzth Jlmmy Allen Sh1elds Bxlly E Smxth Curtxs Lee Stephenson Faye Stroud Seth Thomas Gloria Valdlvxa Ronald Valdxv1a Arnold Vogelsong Crystal Pearl Way and Jacob Zehr The members of the class who faxled to complete the fxrst year were V1olet Eastrxdge now Mrs Cec1l Sturgeor lxvxng near Grantsburg Bonme Marshall now Mrs Glen Barnett l1v1ng xn New Albany Crystal Pearl Way who 15 l1v1ng w1th her parents near Taswell Delorxs McBrxde now Mrs Chance and lxvmg at Valparaxso lndxana Junxor Plnnlck who 15 l1v1ng at New Albany with hzs mother and Bxlly Sm1th who 15 now servxng 1n the U S Army Although we lost these members we gamed Edgar Lmton who was a former student of Leavenworth Hxgh School Crews who came from lndxanapolxs but wxthdrew before the end of the year Delorxs McBr1de re entered but also wxthdrew the same year Dorxs Ann Dycus from Kentucky who stayed w1th us untll she completed the sophomore year Sidney Oehman from Jeffersonv1lle joined us but dxdn t contxnue wxth us after completlng the sopho more year Mary Lou Stroud entered our class but moved to Washxngton before she completed the year We also lost fxve other members who were Donna Hxnkle who moved to Salem and wzll graduate from Salem I-hgh School thzs year Ronald and Glorla Vald1v1a who moved to Valparalso Roger Cook who IS helpzng h1s father on the farm and Norman Murray who moved to another school When we returned for our Junxor year 1n '49 we had gaxned Curtxs Sm1th from Newrnan Illxnols and Joyce Goss from Mxlltown l-hgh School Through thxs year w had thlrty three members but after complet1ng the JUDIOI' year Mildred Real be came the wxfe of Estel Lee Parks and now lxves 1n Corydon lndxana Durxng our senxor year we gaxned a new member Ronald Valdxvxa who has declded to graduate from h1s home school Although we gained a new member we lost Mary Reasor who 15 now Mrs Edward Furcslk and lxves at Barberton Ohmo The thirty two members of the graduatxng class are James Atkins Ollxe Atklns Ivan Ray Beals John Henry Beasley Chester Belcher Carrle Brlles Hazel Buford Justus Crawford Margaret Crews James Daxly Charles Joe Eastrxdge Margxe Lee Enlow Joyce Goss Wayne G1ll1att Howard Goldman John Gorman Ralph Hammond Mary Jo Hammons Bxlly Gene Hollms Betty Lou Hubbard John Marlon Hubbard Edgar Lxnton Verma Patton Roy Howard Pavey Joyce Roberson Jxmmy Shxelds Curtxs Srmth Vxolet Smxth Curtls Stephenson Ronald Valdxvxa Arnold Vogelsong and Jake Zehr Edga r Linton ll . : . . . ' . ' . . ' ' I I I l I I I I I I I I I . I . . I I I I I I I I I I . I I I I . I . . ' . . . ' , . . , , . ' . . . ' . , i I I I I At the beginning of our sophomore year the following members joined us: June . . . , . . . - I . . ' . , . . e Sen :or Class Wzll We the Semor Class of 1951 xn trurty two lndxvzdual and d1stmct parts bemg about to pass out mto the world of men havxng possession of a crammed mxnd well tramed memory and almost superhuman understandmg do make and publxsn th1s our last wxll and testament hereby revokmg and makmg voxd all former wmlls or promxses by us at any t1me neretofore made or mayhap carelessly spoken one to the other as the thoughtless wxsh of an xdle hour ITEM I To the Faculty we bequeath our slncere affectxon our deepest reverence our heartxest gratxtude and the unlzmxted wealth of our memorxes We also gxve and be queath all tne amazmg knowledge and startlxng xnformatxon that we have furnnshed tnem from tame to t1me In our varmous examxnatxon papers dunng the past four years To tne Junxor Class we bequeath our d1gn1ty hopxng they wxll uphold zt forever w1th all serlousness and gravxty and endeavor to realxze xts vast xmportance To tne Sopnomore Class we bequeath part of our serlousness and dxgmty so tnat they w1ll not be mnchned to take tne dutxes of thexr Jumor year too lzgntly To the Freshman Class we bequeath our abxllty to St1Ck together so that tney can ITEM II 1 Ralph Hammond bequeatn my ab1l1ty to get along wxtn all blondes to Merrlll Stephenson I Edgar R L.1nton bequeath my ab1l1ty to get good look1ng g1rls to Jackxe Patton hop1ng he w1ll prof1t by lt ID future years I Vern1a Patton bequeath my job of helpxng serve lunches to Esther Murpny prov1d1ng she w1ll always glve extra servxngs wlth a smxle to the boys I Marg1e Lee Enlow bequeath my lngn c1t1zensh1p grades to Mary Joyce Danner prov1d1ng she w1ll never get them lowered by tallung to nandsome boys 1n study nall I Howard Ray Goldman bequeath my abxhty to keep one gxrl fr1end forever to any boy of Engl1sh Hlgh School I Jonn Mar1on Hubbard bequeath my abxlxty to argue w1th the teachers to Roll1e Goldsmltn prov1ded he wlll make good use of lt I Joyce Goss bequeath my he1ght to Della Mae Starr and to my sister V1v1an I leave my strlct dxet prov1ded she wxll follow It carefully I Carrxe Mae Brmles bequeath my ab1l1ty to talk too mucn to anyone who doesn't talk enough and also my Government book to anyone who w1ll cla1m xt IZ I l ' . ' . . . - . . . . . , . . ' . . . U . ' . ' . . . I . ' . . . . . . . ' I , , . . . , , 1 ' ' , . steer themselves through the gates of Commencement. I I ' i ' . . . . , . , . , , . . . I D ' I I I I . . . , ' . . . I I I I I I I . D I I . . I . . , ' . . . D I Curtxs Smlth bexng of sound m1nd and body bequeatn my abxllty to go w1th the Freshman gxrls to Bobby Gxlhand I B1lly Gene Hollxs bequeath my posxtlon as President of the Semor Class to Eugene McMahel provlded he wxll serve ms class as fa1thful as I have dur1ng the past year I Ronald Valdxvxa bequeatn my C1v1cs book to Donald Conrad prov1d1ng ne wxll keep xt In as good condxt1on as I have I Justus Crawford bequeath my Patrol Job to Dwxght Kmng 1f ne 15 lucky enough to get lt 1 James Da1ly bequeath my hxgh C1t1ZehSh1P grades to Dave Seele because he needs them I leave my boots to Merr1ll Stephenson so ne can have more we1ght on the brakes of h1s Ford I Jake Zehr bequeath my pos1t1on as center of the basketball team to Gene Cunmngham prov1ded he takes care of the b1g boys as I nave the past four years I CUFt15 Lee Stephenson be1ng of sound m1nd and body bequeath my red na1r and the ab1l1ty to leave gxrls alone 1f necessary to the Sophomore boys provlded they please the gxrls one way or another I Ivan Ray Beals bequeath my Job of takxng up txckets at the ball games to Gene Zehr I Jxm Smelds bequeath my typewrlter to Mmke Flan1gan prov1d1ng he doesn' use xt any more than I have the last two years I Wayne G1ll1att havxng real mxnd and muscles bequeath my ab1l1ty to go w1th just one glrl to Gene G1ll1att so he may follow ln the steps of a bygone Semor I Howard Pavey bequeath my books and desk 1n Room 20 to Ronald Denbo pro vlded ne takes as good care of them and doesn t open the books any more than I d1d I Mary Jo Hammons hereby bequeath my ab1lxty to have dates every mght and st1ll make good grades to Mary Edxth Brown who has shown much promlse xn that d1rect1on I James Atklns bequeath my ab1l1ty to get good grades wlthout studyxng to Novy Crawford I Bettylu Hubbard bequeath my typewrzter and typxng paper to Harold Cunnxngham ln hopes he w1ll make a professional typxst IH the near future and to my brother Novy I leave my glasses ln hopes he can see farther xnto the future than I can 13 P . P li I . 'f' .-f. Q. .I ,h I . .. . . . ' . ' . . , .. . , . . . ., ,. . . . .. t n , . ,no . I s . . 1. v . I . i' . . , I .I .. . . I I l I ' I Oll1e Atklns bequeath my shy and bashful manner to Gordon I-Iusk prov1ded he w1ll use lt wlsely 1n p1ck1ng hxs g1rl frxends I Joyce Roberson do hereby bequeath my 'qu1et and stud1ous ways to W1nn1e Goldman and to Mary Ruth Hammond I leave my abxhty to stay away from men I V1olet Smlth bequeath my ab1l1ty to make hxgh cmtxzenshlp grades to Jams Hughes 1n hopes she w1ll keep them up and to Wnufred Goldman I leave my ab1l1ty to stay true to one boy as long as I have I Charles Joseph Eastrzdge bequeath my ab1l1ty to sleep 1n class to Dorxs Bea Ferguson so she w1ll never have to worry about gettxng xn early Denbo so that I may keep h1m forever and I leave my pos1t1on as cheerleader to Manlyn Roberts 1n hopes she wxll do as well as I have the last two years I John Gorman bequeath my Enghsh book to anybody who wants lt so they can become great speakers someday 1f they don t go to sleep before they study the f1rst chapter I Chester Lee Belcher do hereby bequeath my spectacles to Earl Pavey to a1d hlm 1n spymng out g1rls and my pos1t1on as Ed1tor of the school paper I leave to the most amb1t1ous Jun1or I Arnold Voglesong hereby bequeath my ab1l1ty to go to sleep anyt1me durxng the day to DdV1d Seele so that he can always be awake durmng basketball pract1ce I Hazel Mane Buford bequeath my quletness 1n study hall to Betty Mock 1n hopes she wxll take advantage of lt I John Henry Beasley bequeath my ab1l1ty as a Ford salesman to Charlot Woolums prov1ded he can gxve as many xmagmary sales talks as I can B1lly Gene Hollxs I4 I, Margaret Jane Crews, do hereby bequeath my ability to drive safely to Ronald . , . Class Motto Forward Wzthout Fear We the Senlor Class 1n our course of study have reached what comes to all through pat1ent perseverance the end of our sen1or year There 15 always pleasure 1n accomphshment and grat1f1cat1on 1n the thought that we have by famthful work attaxned the cornpletlon of our school course and are now ready to take a step beyond We are now fac1ng a strange and dlfferent lxfe where more w1ll be expected from us than ever before but we are w1ll1ng to press Forward Wxthout Fear because we have galned knowledge and exper1ence that w1ll gu1de us All that we have learned can not be classxfled as acqulred knowledge A wxse and thoughtful wrxter says The educatxon rece1ved at school and college 15 but a beg1nn1ng and 1S ma1nly valuable ln sofar as xt tralns us 1h the hablt of cont1nuous appl1cat1on and enables us to educate ourselves after a def1n1te plan and system Therefore we bel1eve our act of graduatlng as a stepplng stone to a larger broader fuller hfe the threshold of another and greater exxstence We have not f1nxshed our course at all but are presslng forward to the beglnnlng of another phase of our l1ves In the world of mneteen hundred and f1fty one we see confl1ct1ng forces these are f1nd1ng expressxon 1n men's mlnds act1ons and guns In faclng th1s con fl1ct we recognxze that we have become a v1tal part of the struggle Where then wxll we stand? As we are called 1nto the armed forces xnto our nat1on's defense factorles and xnto full product1on on the farm we as a class look 'Forward W1th out Fear Our phys1cal mental and spxrltual strength has grown through the past four years to the extent that we are prepared to face the future w1th the courage our motto expresses As a class we feel that we have wxsely chosen this motto Forward W1thout Fear We see xt now as we stand at the place we have called the end and look proud ly at the work we have accompllshed We are glad now that the work was some txmes hard and worthy of our best efforts and that we persevered 1n the face of all that seemed dlscouragxng We can now say that we have done our best work 1n the years that have gone by As we step from the school l1fe we have known 1nto the struggle of conflxctlng ideas xt 15 1mperat1ve that we take with us ldeals whlch we w1ll defend as our own May we each resolve whatever our 1nd1v1dual axrn may be to keep out eyes ever pers1stently 'fxxed upon the mark of our hlgh call1ng and press Forward Wxthout Fear Chester Lee Belche r 15 . . , i I ' ' Il ' ll . . . . . ,, . . H of ideas, ideas of power, ideas of self-goverrunent, ideas of state tyranny - all of . . . , . - .D" l , . I I D I . . - ,, . In ' - I 1 1 1 ' . , . . . ,, The Class Flower The Senlor Class of mneteen hundred and f1fty one has chosen as the1r class flower the beautxful red carnat1on After cult1vat1on and tra1n1ng the carnatxon de veloped 1nto a flower of refmement and beauty We l1ke th1s flower wh1ch was once uncult1vated have through the school years proved that we can better ourselves The carnatwn stands for power a power wh1ch comes from educat1on The scent of the carnat1on hngers wxth us much 1n the same way the value of educated people IS felt m every commumty It 1S also true, that the carnat1on recexves fzrst place 1n many of the grandest bouquets much as the educated person often struggles and flnally attamns an 1mportant and 1nfluent1al posxtxon ln h1s comrnumty The carnatlon 1S sweet and attractlve free from thorns wh1ch m1ght scratch those who are entxced to enjoy 1ts penetrat1ng fragrance It 15 the carnatlon too wh1ch typ1f1es endurance because It reta1ns xts freshness to far outhve many other flowers In the same way, we w1ll str1ve to cheer and brlghten every corner wherever dest1ny may place us Wxth these thoughts 1n mxnd our class promzses to demonstrate throughout our ent1re l1ves, our contlnued efforts to learn the use of our power to construct the attractlon of new frlends and our endurance as the carnat1on unto a glonous end Joyce Goss and Carne Brlles Class Colors We the graduat1ng class of n1neteen hundred and f1fty one have chosen for our class colors red and Whlte To us red S1gn1f1CS bravery and courage qual1t1es wh1ch are un1versally admxred yet found too rarely 1n the world today We bel1eve that phys1cal courage 15 a commendable v1rtue but we thxnk the need of moral courage that 1nner conv1ct1on that enables us to face the problems of l1fe and endure persecutxon and 1nsult for the sake of one s pr1nc1ple 15 even more to be des1red Although bravery IS one of the foremost vlrtues of a well rounded character there IS a v1rtue super1or to that a vxrtue w1thout wh1ch even the bravest would be defeated Th1s IS the v1rtue of purlty of wh1ch our color wh1te 1S symbohcal Purxty does not Slgnlfy cleanl1ness of actxon alone but cleanl1ness of word and thought By blendzlng the wh1te of purlty wxth the red of bravery we hope to keep our courage ever clean and strong throughout the course of our llves So we start on th1s voyage of l1fe determlned to stand by our colors wxth a blend1ng of these two quahtxes courage 1n our conv1ct1ons and pur1ty of purpose Margaret Crews and Verma Patton 16 1 1 1 ' 1 ' - 1 1 1 1 ' 1 . I . . . .3 . .. . . . 1 ' 1 1 , . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 ' 1 1 - 1 I 1 1 ' 1 ' 1 . . , . . . E , 0 ' I . , , 0 1 1 . 1 Class Poem Edgar Lxnton 15 a nxce young man He goes to Taswell as often as he can He goes there to see a Taswell lass Sne dwells m the Freshman Class There s Jake Zehr he s blg and tall He plays the game of basketball He l1ves xn a place called Jerxcho Where there's glrls he's sure to go Mary Jo Hammons IS the brams of our class In her tests she's sure to pass It seems she always talks of Jack Where he s gone and when he'1lbe back Wayne G1ll1att IS really on the ball He doesn't want one glrl he wants them all He flxrts w1th the blondes and all the rest We wonder whzch k1nd he llkes the best Joyce Goss always has a smlle on her face We wonder 11' xt ever gets her any place But when we see her grades xn government class We know that smxle has helped her pass James Dally 1S just about the best He never fa1lS on a physxcs test He l1kes the gxrls and the1r funny ways Then there s a gxrl named Margaret Crews She never seems to have the blues She always seems so mce and sweet She's a glrl that s hard to beat John Henry Beasley IS a lot of fun If you want a comed1an he s the one He s tellmg Jokes all day and mght They always seem to turn out rxght Next on the l1st IS a Jerzcho wxnner Vernxa Patton cooks a flne dlnner For her classes she s never late And of her lunch she f1lls our plate Sometlmes m the evenxng when we re all txred Worn out exhausted been workxng too hard From the back of the room fast asleep We hear Arnold Vogelsong countmg sheep Next comes a boy named Curtxs Smnth There s a Freshman g1rl that he goes w1th He always seems to want to know What makes h1s cmtxzenshxp grades so low 17 He says he'll have one, some of these days. James Atkxns 15 a merry one He's always full of jokes and fun He worr1es lxttle and stud1es less H15 bra1n IS really 1n a mess Justus Crawford 1S our masternfund A more studlous boy 15 hard to f1nd He doesn't seem to have a care He wants to be a m1ll1ona1re Joyce Roberson IS our beauty queen In beauty contests she s often seen She s always cheerful and full of fun If you need cheenng up she s the one A lad we see most every day Lxves ln the country not far away Howard Pavey 15 h1s name To make people happy 15 h1s axm Hazel Buford xs bashful and shy Her c1t1zensh1p grades are always h1gh We hope she'll always galn success As she has done at E H S Ronald Vald1v1a once wandered away But now he 's back on graduatmon day He gams fame wherever he goes Ivan Ray Beals IS a student oi art Our Engllshman knows h1m for thls part He draws the covers as you know He tr1es unt1l It looks just so B111 Holhs 15 our preszdent He really 15 qulte magnlfxcent He studles hard almost every day And never has txme to whxsper or play Carrxe Mae Brlles 15 short and sweet When It comes to work she s hard to beat It seems she s workmg all the tlme And her alm IS to save every d1me Howard Goldman IS our nature boy He s always full of fun and Joy He has one g1rl but wants them all Whether 1t's sprmg wxnter or fall Next comes a boy named Jxmmy Sh1elds He l1ves away out across the fxelds He drmves a Packard almost every day He never works but l1kes to play 18 . H , . I ' l I ' I , . He 's a boy who everyone knows, U ' I , . . I . ' I I O l ' , . Betty Hubbard 15 gracxous and kmd She s the best frlend you ll ever fxnd She has troubles as we all do But her worrles are very few Chester Belcher IS tall and fazr He attends Sunday School he s always there When our money matters are lnvolved Chester IS trusted and our problems are solved Ollie Atk1ns IS a Taswell lad Much success at Jerzcho he has had We are glad he left a job well done To graduate 1n the class of 51 Curtls Stephenson IS a handsome guy The gxrls take notxce when he goes by In government class he does look To fxnd the answers 1n h1s book John Hubbard comes from Taswell way Of school he hasn't m1ssed a day Although he s never absent or late To speak of h1m we do not hesmtate Next comes a g1rl named Vlolet Smxth There s a samlor boy she goes wxth Although he s far across the pond John Gorman IS our Romeo We hear of h1m where ere we go He xs known far and w1de To be at P3011 he s sat1sf1ed Marg1e Enlow xs an attractxve g1r1 to meet In her classes she 15 hard to beat When we march down the stalrs for lunch She takes our cards and gxves them a punch Bud Eastrxdge IS the next boy s name He s often seen wzth a Sophomore flame He plays basketball for E H S And xn th1s he s had much success Last least and shortest of all Author of thxs classxc scroll Now may I present my name to you A boy who wxll always be true Ralph Harrrr ond 9 Oi him, she admits, she is very fond. I Class Prophecy I have often wondered what our xntellxgent and very agreeable class wxll be doxng mn ten years Day after day m all my courses I ponder on th1s questxon On thxs dark and ramy afternoon wh1le our class was bnlhantly answernng all quest1ons asked m government I glanced at my watch to note the tmme I was startled to see that the hands and numbers had dxsappeared' As I looked through the crystal I could see many pxctures flashing by as xf on a mov1e screen Thxs was very strange' D cxdxng to wmd my watch to see 1f that would correct the sxtuatxon I found that I could change v1s1ons Why tlus 15 wonderful' I marveled A watch of the future Now I can see what w1ll happen to our class xn ten years and wxll have to wonder no more G1v1ng the stem a wh1rl I see the crystal of my watch blur then slowly the scene becomes clear It 15 Jake Zehr makmng basket after basket for a large crowd of hxgh school gxrls As the gxrls clap and clap Jake modestly whxspers aszde to h1s fr1end l'm thenr favorxte boy on thxs team To myself I say Good for you Jake I knew you were popular But then I see the team It IS an all g1rl team except Jake' Conf1dent that I am leavmg Jake xn good company I decxde to change v1s1ons Before the v1s1on becomes clear I hear a voxce that I know IS John Marlon Hubbard's But what ns he sayxng? If reelected I promxse you Yes It 15 Presxdent Hubbard maklng a campaxgn speech at a l1ttle whistle stop town 1n h1s home state Smce John Mar1on's speech lulled me to drows1ness I yawned openly but hear 1ng a roar of laughter I agam sat up alert and ready for the next scene Strolhng calmly onto the stage John Henry promptly bows then proceeds to tell all h1s old h1gh school Jokes The large aud1ence apparently had not heard these before and they were aga1n laugh1ng loudly As the scene fades I not1ce that the fxrst s1x rows are Reserved for Beasleys It must be mce to have a large famlly to apprecxate your talent Suddenly a loud snonng came from my tela watch Stramxng my eyes I see a large crowd gathered around a furnxture store wxndow Trylng to see what they are lookrng at I fmd that It IS a very handsome young man asleep on a mattress Arnold Vogelsong had developed h1s ma1n talent and was a genuine "mattress tester Is that the old school bu1ld1ng'P Yes I bel1eve It ls' And 1t's the Semor class room Superlntendent Crawford 15 now g1v1ng h1s verslon of the famous Crawford test Every day 1n government he writes nearly one hundred quest1ons on the board to be answered 1n three m1nutes Justus Crawford says I got the ldea from the famous Moery tests that 1 had to take when I was a Semor back 1n mneteen hundred flfty one Hearmg the sound of Crawford County muslc I stop my watch at that place on the d1al To my surpnse the scene IS a battleshrp with saxlors busy everywhere keepmg the deck clean On the deck scrubbing out the rhythm John Gorman 15 sxngmg as he works lf you've got the money honey I've got the t1me As1de to h1s buddy he sand And I really have got the t1me Sxx more years to go before I get out of the navy Z0 - 1 1 - I , . ' I , . . C- n ' ' ll ' ' ll ll . , . . . . . . H . 1 I I 9 ' r 1 ll ' ' ' ll II . , , . ,I . . Q . ' , . , . , . . . H . --H . . . - 9 1 . 0 9 ' , . 1 0 - 1 ' v ll Il ' ' ' 9 ' - n . , . . . . H . , . ' . . . . U . - v ' 0 9 ' l l . , g ' ' ll ' u ' I 1 1 ' . . H . - r l ' ll . In contrast to the last scene of the battlesh1p th1S scene 15 a peaceful homey type of cottage Verma Patton now Mrs James Judd 15 sayxng to her twm boys "But you must go to b d It's too late for you to see any more telev1s1on That hav 1ng been done she takes them up the staxrs to the1r room to tell them the1r nxghtly bedt1me story The Wonderful Days at E H S or 1-low Marg1e and I Behaved The largest buxldxng 1n town now comes 1nto v1ew The neon slgn flashes "H0ll1S Model Agency Seated at a large desk 15 B111 I-Iollxs In lus off1ce are models w1th large hat boxes As the many g1rls m11l around h1m B111 shouts No no g1rls go away I am too busy to see you now To th1nk that I d ever see the day when B111 would tell a very pretty g1rl to go away and leave h1m alone' Next I see J1m Daxly who 1s at last appear1ng on a mov1e screen S1nce Jxm' secret sent1ment was always w1th the cowboys he IS of course starrxng 1n westerns He IS now famous for these words They went that way Immedmately after the f1lm1ng of thxs pxcture I see Jxm gomg 1nto a conference room w1th h1S lawyers Fellows he IS Sayl g I am worned I have had no word from my latest 1nvest ment Th1s new type rocket sh1p w1ll take us all to Mars to 1nspect my gold mmes So wav1ng good bye to h1s many servants .hm takes off for Mars' T1r1ng of these scenes I let my eyes drlft toward the teacher of my government class After l1sten1ng for at least f1ve m1nutes to learn all about Congress my cur1os1ty was aga1n aroused as to what the rest of my class would be doxng 1n later l1fe So glancxng at my watch aga1n I prepare myself to fxnd out Thzs v1s1on IS a we1rd one In the darkest part of Afrlca two brave men venture forth The fr1ghtened nat1ves beat out messages and warxungs on the1r drums W1ld an1mals stalk after these two fearless men Fxghtxng the undergrowth of the jungle Chester Belcher comes 1nto v1ew Close behlnd h1m r1ght at h1s heels 1S Ralph Hammond Chester IS a m1ss1onary and spends h1m t1me educat1ng the people wh1le Ralph 15 a fearless l1on hunter The next scene w1ll surely be a tragedy I hear sobb1ng But when the scene IS clear I see Joyce cry1ng as 1f her heart would break Well you see she ex plamed to her roommate he sa1d he loved me But when I asked for a httle old l1ght green convertlble to match my earrxngs he left w1thout sayxng good bye Yes I guess Joyce w1ll really have her problems All at once the scene IS Hollywood and there 15 a large mmpressxve house com 1ng 1nto v1ew Up the dr1ve a car approaches at a terr1f1c rate of speed Slammmg to a stop the chauffeur gets out walks around the car and opens the door for h1s employer A large plush carpet unrolls from the car to the house Dressed 1n mxnks Carr1e Mae Br1les steps out of the car She has really come up 1n the world and IS very happy as a rxch man's wlfe What's thxs I see? A g1rl detect1ve'? Why It s Margaret Crews I d1dn't recog mze her at fzrst because of the large hat she 15 weanng LOORID8 war1ly over her shoulder she sneaks 1nto the drug store S11pp1ng over to the magazme counter she Z1 1 1 ' 1 ' 1 1 ' ' rl C . . ' 1 ' ll II 11 ' rl , . . . . 0 I . H . . . . . . . . . . . . H . - 1 1 1 1 1 ll ' I ' . . 1 1 ' 5 1 1 1 ' ' ll 11 ' , . 11 ll ' ' II ' ' - , D , 1 . . . . . H . . 1 ' 1 ' 1 ' I 1 ' 1 ' 1 I . . . 1 1 1 1 - 1 . 1 ' ' ll ll - 1 - 1 1 . H . . 1 - 1 . . . . . - ,I 1 ' 1 . 1 1 "' . , . 1 1 1 . . , . . . . . . , . . . , Q ' , . 1 chooses a book entxtled F1nd1ng Your True Love Then glanc1ng at the men around her she selects one puts a gun 1nto lus r1bs and marches h1m to the Just1ce of Peace She 1sn't a detect1ve for nothmg you see The street of Englxsh comes 1nto v1ew Th1s corner looks fam1l1ar 1t's the corner at B1ll Patton's Many men are loafmg on the benches as usual I see old men wxth beards, and also younger men But the youngest one of all IS s1tt1ng at the end of the bench And he looks fam1l1ar too Yes 1t's the champ1on loafer Howard Goldman Next I see a very large town The s1gn says Mxfflm C1ty L1m1ts' Just out s1de th1s c1ty I see a large farm extendxng over many many acres Fancy bro1ler houses appear They are equ1pped w1th electr1c blankets for the poor Ch1CkS to use at n1ght On a motto 1n each ch1cken house 15 the szgn 'Pavey Made It Poss1ble Yes Howard Pavey has greatly advanced the c1v1l1zat1on of the ch1ckens and he 1sn t e t1ng them forget lt A very large bu1ld1ng w1th many neon sxgns comes 1nto VIEW At every turn 1n the corr1dor I see a door w1th dxfferent names on It But why am I seezng th1s? I can recogn1ze none of the names Walt' There 15 a fanulxar one Hazel Buford In tenor Decorator lns1de the off1ce IS beaut1fu1ly decorated wxth deep carpets and lovely furnxture Hazel 15 puttlng 1nto use the 1nter1or decorat1on 1deas that she learned 1n home economxcs The next scene IS a fancy mght club xn New York Cxty The floor show IS about to beg1n On the stage strolls Joyce Goss the entertalner It seems as though a "Certa1n someone and h1s band are play1ng there and Joyce couldn't res1st e chance to be near the bandleader So although Joyce had never planned to be a n1ght club enterta1ner we see that someone has changed her hfe and amb1t1ons She glances at the large sparkllng d1amond on her fxnger then sm1les sweetly at the bandleader I guess he 15 the lucky fellow And do you know he looks sl1ghtly fam1l1ar too Before I can recall the bandleader the scene fades The next scene 15 a very colorful one for all I can see 1S blue Sa1lors are everywhere At thxs naval base m a very small and neat cabm V1olet Sm1th peers out the w1ndow As a sa1lor's wlfe at last she enjoys the greatest part1es and d1nners Her favor1te song 15 st1ll "Bell Bottom Trousers Suddenly a court scene flashes by Why there IS Curt1s Sm1th Is he the P115 oner? But of course not He IS the famous lawyer who w1ll plead the case of the pnsoner and set h1m free Who else would be so well sunted to be a lawyer? Now he can say I object 'all day and argue to h1s heart's content Who knows? Someday he may be very very famous and then I w1ll be able to say 1 knew hmm 1n hxgh school What a lovely ranch house' I wonder who could be lucky enough to welcome the1r fr1ends to th1s lovely home? Comxng out the door Bettylu Cunmngham formerly Hubbard mot1ons for her three boys to follow To her husband she says You know Gene when I went to school I thought It was all for nothxng But xt really Z2 , . I I 9 0 1 0 . . . , . . 1 I ' 1 1 . . H . . . . . , - , . , . 1 1 ' . . . . . . , . H . , . , . . . . . . I , I t- . . , 1 . . . . g " ' 1 . - . , . . H . . . , th ' I , . 1 1 . . , 1 0 1 0 , . ' 1 1 ' 1 1 . . . . H . A . 1 ' 1 ' ' , 1 ' . Il ' I - 1 1 v - . U . I I 1 1 ' ' ll . . ' 1 1 ' Il 1 - 1 I 1 1 ' came mn handy Here we are l1v1ng ln th1s lovely ranch style house that I planned 1n home economncs and I can really drmve our new car because I learned on the old dr1ver traxmng car at school What could thxs large buzldzng be? It covers nearly two blocks of our town The sxgn says Ford Company James and Olhe Atkrns Co Presldents Now I am able to see msxde the bu1ldmg James IS sxttxng wxth hxs feet on the desk naturally But where IS Olhe? Oh yes I see hxm now He just came ln the door carrymg a gold txpped cane Together these two boys have made th1s company the most successful 1n the Umted States How could they mxss? Ollxe supplled the braxns and James supplzed the necessary muscles The next scene IS a large broadcastmg statxon Before the m1crophone IS Wayne G1ll1att smgxng and tellmg Jokes After graduatxng Wayne decxded that Bob Hope and Bmng Crosby had nothxng that he hadn't So worklng h1s way up he 1S now a comblnatxon of B1ng and Bob and IS very successful Suddenly the scene 15 a blur When the vzszon becomes clear agam I hear the NBC symphony orchestra The musxc 18 nothxng l1ke I remembered It What can be the matter? The orchestra leader turns away dxsgusted and nn doing so faces me Who would have thought 1t' It IS none other than Jmmmy Shlelds No wonder the mus1c sounded odd' What an xmpressxve college scene' Someone 15 gettmg h1s dxploma apparently I-hs face looks famxlxar But of course 1t's Curtxs Stephenson who was always wh1z ln government As Curtxs nses to make a speech mzlllons of hands applaud also to the very mformatwe commc books that l read As th1s scene fades I am 1n deed sorry that I can't see the large celebratlon that 15 to be held afterwards zn Curtls' honor The next scene IS the Indlanapohs speedway The rac1ng cars whxz by faster and faster untxl everyone stands exc1tedly One car gradually gamns the lead and holds xt despxte the terrxflc competxtxon The wxnner waves gaxly at all the gxrls who are gathered around hlm As he leaves the held throwing klsses at everyone I see that It IS none other than Edgar Llnton Although I am surprxsed I should have guessed xt After all he had plenty of pract1ce whlle dnvxng the cars he owned dur mg h1s hxgh school years The suburbs of Lou1sv1lle now come xnto vxew Flashxng across the watch crystal are sxgns Only fxve more m1les to Beal's Del1ght" 'Two more mxles to Beal Haven then at last Thxs IS xt! Beal's Barbecue Bus1ness Then I see Ivan Ray Beals standlng 1n the door eat1ng more sandwxches than anyone else could ever eat Waxtresses hurry about waxtxng on the1r many customers The mam attractzon IS the large neon sxgn that says T1ps are an znsult But we don't mxnd msults here Suddenly a loud noxse came from my watch People are laughxng and cheermg Lxmng the streets they all wave handkerchlefs and smxle broadly Surely a great celebrxty IS comxng Yes here comes a long beautlful car cruxsmg down the street But look who IS 1n the car' Roland Valdxvxa the playboy' Standing up Ronald throws away sxlver dollars to all the people No wonder he IS so popular I-Ie feels that he 23 . ' . ' . . . ,, ' ll . ' ' - ' vu . D D ' , . . ' . . , . . . . , . u ' . . , . . . . . ' . . n . . . . 0 , --. . ' ' a "Fellow students, " he said, "I owe my success of graduating to my vitamin pills, and . . . . ,, . ' . - 1 8 U . . u . . I . D . . 1 . . , . . . . - . . H . . , . -- ' , 'S Il: , -- ll ' ' ' ' . ll , . . ,, . . -- . . D . . n . . ' i . , has greatly lmproled over Rockefeller s hab1t of throwxng away dlmes The next scene 15 a car dealer s garage Buxcks and many other beaut1ful cars are on dlsplay at the front of the bulldlng The door opens and Charles Joe Eastndge steps out The prxces are up and Bud 15 gettlng lots of prof1t Just now mt IS closxng t1me and Bud hurrles to hxs car Surely It w1ll be the best 1n the lot But oh no' After walklng past all the new cars Bud climbs xnto a dllapxdated old Ford convert1ble Bud s pr1ces are so hlgh that he can't afford to buy a new car hlmself That's all my classmates surely I feel honored that I was the one to have thxs great v1s1on But what 15 to be my future? W1nd1ng my watch quxckly because 1t's scene comxng clear Why 1t's a battleshlp' Surely I am not on that' The battleshxp glxdes by and I see no smgn of myself But what xs thas? Fastened to the back of the shxp a towmg lme pulls a lxttle houseboat made Just for me On 1ts deck I see a happy wxfe hang1ng wash on a short clotheslxne Everythlng 1S peaceful The scene fades rap1dly but now I have an ldea of my future and I also know how to float along w1th my 'one and only even though he 15 1n the serv1ce ten years from now We Semors pass out of the room as the bell nngs As I came out the door I notxced Mr Moery look1ng at me very strangely Perhaps he was wondenng why I had been so absorbed 1n my watch all per1od Wouldn t he be surpr1sed 1f he knew? But perhaps 1t's just as well that I don't tell h1m of my 1nterest1ng exper1ence because I am certaxn that he would accuse me of daydream1ng xn class agaln Mary Jo Hammons Z4 . X , . . . I . , . , , . . . almost time for the bell, 1 hope that I can see into my future also. Yes, there is a . , . , . , ,, . . . I . . , . . vv ,- New :A 36' "fy- x Ax BOTTOM ROW SECOND ROW THIRD ROW 'fl O CI 71 '-I 31 FU O E vs, 7? .1 X 'ii-4 B. F' I ,Q in vw Mary Danner Velda Conard Marxlyn Roberts Carole Scott Novy Hubbard Roberta Allen Vxrgxma Ford Hazel Mason Howard Suddrath Phyllxs Husk Bobby Carothen, Jean Mxller, Max Owens, Jlhil Hughes Charlot Woolums Elsxe Brown Bobby Sears Bermce Wxlhams Charles Mxller Betty Mock Anna Mae Patton Donald Kemp Phyllis Morgan Jackxe Patton Patnca Zehr Benme Mason Earl Pavey Wanlta Sherron Basxl Belcher .cts --ef' 604211 2 ff mmf fax f ap '7 7 f Lf if 9- BOTTOM ROW Verlea Newton Bernxece Gxllxatt Mary Edxth Brown SECOND ROW Eugene McMahel Mary Lou Kemp Z6 TO P ROW Mrs Baldwin Roland Goldsmith Norma Crawford Bobby Luttrell Hxlda Mxlls E rne at Scoudan Dxana Apple Gene Gllllatt Maxxne Ru: kenba ugh TO P ROW M1 ss Harned Donald Conard Ruth Gilmore Ronald Denbo De lla Mae Starr - ,Q 2 A My A Q , :W 9 g -v. ,A I- C' ,, 3 4 I w N W L . . '- ,f W O- A l'l' 1 ' ' ' 2 - ' T O . 1 ' A. ' ' ' 'A 'Ps .l fx' 4' ' " 1 if N 1 y - t - 4 jg A . .4 ,Q Q A .. f. . . - . D- x A V V Ip V f J ll' 4 L V + 4 " H ' f' T U . 1 . yr: r J: . X I ,-., Nm li V yfvyl V ' -- I ' A y A y Q. N f N Q x - -A' Ar-A Q' nf gf 'tj . -ni", T. H I , f' ef' ' 1 , . . 4251 Q, fl ' T . 2 ,' ' N- A A t ' ' " ' . ,, '14 'I YA . , Q 'W H ' Q 2 ,' P , ' X A T f' v 5 'T Ss ' zl "qv 'I 5 - '71 ' . 1 ' 'x f,, of ni ' - .5 'f ,A-' 0.44 4 M A "' " ' I , T of 4' if T:- Q ' , . , p 5' -- f s OM, 1- i j-fe Y 'gr b Q, Q M A my W V V we .,'k . 5 H 4 ,fel ,Q Q , I X ' ,I " 51 I ' 'II' f JV A L 4,1 , O T 1 V. V .X A M J Q. -- X .1 J 1' .- 1.- A ff ' ,, 7' "7' ?' A - ' , 1.0. 'I n Q 3. s V 1 p cu - Y ' P . , If '14 ' r V--' X O 'xx . J g, 0- i Y Q ggi, Q 13 w sf I 34" 'LL nm 36' an 'ff ww "fan mfnaf Ah :Hui .102 AGI -,A dll .4 I' wr BOTTOM ROW SECOND ROW THIRD ROW FOURTH ROW ,n- li .sf Q bm Berdxe Baker Gene Cunmngham Donna Gaxther Esther Murphy Charlene Jones Joseph Tyler Sybil Smxth Evelyn Patton Novy Crawford Dorn Ferguson Ralph Eddleman Barbara Bass Edward Stroud Lxla Allen Bxll Francu Lola Allen Ralph Smxth Myrna Denbo Clyde Roberta Dwnght Kxng Wnnxfred Goldman Donald Mason Dons Mxller Merrxll Stephenson Ruth Hammond Bonme Patton Dencxl Haycox Kay Satterfle ld TOP ROW Beasley Norma Mullen Bobby Goldman Lola Hall Davxd Seele Barbara Allen Gxllxand Lxllxe Lxnton Mxke Flarugan Cheerleaders Margaret Crews, Wayne Gxllxatt Mary Edxlh Brown Z7 'I 4 4 T '5 a . -r Q ' - N - 9 . L, x 7 -' "' xv ' - ' '4 -v , - - v 1 A A ' ' V , - J' ' 5 - A, . all A - fir W w Z v N, gd i ' A ' ix mtg ,I K Mr. .X 1 2 4 L' 2234, X 9' fl ' ?If?f'7Q!,',i " YK' ' 1 ' ' ,, , I K l v' I ,K ,, Ak ,, , , I 'f ' iv S' ' A7 , ' 11 4 .. ' I A I O -V E Q 5,-V- A 'J47 - 'sfff ' 'Alai f'-V ' V 'fl' -ff 151 M ,Q - M. 'M ' 5 :my , R f R . Bobby V 2 in b h-11 V . - ' Q ' V 4 'N ' ,,,, - ' ll' 3, Q ' 4.. 4 .1 M V 1, wwf? KW . r 4' j 1' Ahh :ff J -gy Ah 'My I uw , 'H ' A A V 7'- arr S S .1 7 ' K' O , . Q. " ' l , f ' 1 A af. . A A f A A A "-2 'YY BOTTOM ROW SECOND ROW THIRD ROW Qs lol 11 41 ,A 'mil COM! 1071 c Iii Ax! ff Lf 1.,.l ' Jfj7f 'ff 'Thy W Samuel John Stephenson Davnd Patton C J Tucker Dale Roberson Zackxe Atkmn Margxe McGovern Maxme Tucker Rxchard Johnson Juanita Reasor Gordon Bennet! Kenny Hall Edna Smith I U flffl 5 qi A4 F. Af" BOTTOM ROW v ,som an 'M' ..-5. LGA Shernll Bradshaw Sandra Scoudan Ronald Jones Bob Boss Nella Starkey Loren Reasor SECOND ROW Jxm Moss Dxane Flamgan Bobby Patton Wanda King Foul Colin Vivilh GOSS Dencxl Bennet! THIRD ROW Norma Kmght Ray Buchanan Leon Leasor Sandra Fxelds Z8 TOP ROW r Newkirk Betty Miller Gerald Buford Opal Teaford Che ate r Dyer June Hammond Ge ra ld Bennett TOP ROW r Newkirk Marlene Stroud Donald Owens Sanda Roberts Ronald Kiuel Marjorxe Baker Jerry Ray Crews l .- I ,W 'z ly .vig T yagv Agfa ,N ' , .2 ,X ' Li ' I' A l 4 , I M , 5 ' 5 -I . A . ,. sv. M, 'A O Q Q g 3 'AO X' H 4 419' '. , 1. ,N - if W ':'- O c Fig, ffisfgis? ,A 'H -. q 1 , Q f f' ' , - .- , W' - ,diff -.1 ' Y: Y- h ' , .. ' ,,f, 4, , , A A -vr -- ' 5 ,gh l T . 1' s 4 2 ,I N f 2 e , ' A f A - e aw QQ , , - , , QQ if f 1 1 ' 1 ' ' .4 f . 11 O 'Q Y ,. .iii 1 : :T z. S' if M fe L L- i , 4: F . , ' ' I-W , kb' , , O if O n y K 'V 7 l ' Ur as I 4 4 -aff 1,4 Ma 1' I I '1 V 1 I ' ,', X' J' "XVI 'J lr 1 I - 1 .A ff -, 'L if H Q' Q jx mf ' J I O LQ, S . NX 4 ,X .7 ., Ag 1 I H, ' , , -5- ' 'O --V ' fi- O 4 T rl W I I y Jo 3 I r , I 'f 1,4 , V Y .. ,: S i 'W - -B W 6 "' . , .2 il, Au ' Y ' .Z " .. .. ' K A KN ' I a 'Lvl V ' , at 2 A Xl' V K O xl A K 'y Y . -mf ,P f 5 , Q ,, ' - x Z' 1 U ' ' ' I M . v K' - .y ,, 1 A 9. Sa ' i 'T b 4-Q , 2 . A , R' ' ' N , V . X. T" 'AN' , ' O' r ,, f W I V ' , Q f -1: U A 'fa fl , ,,. A ... 52 . 2 . , J 4 -Y ,. 4 L .4 Q , 3 .W , -,--- -, .. . at x ,ogy - , V , de ,, ' , 6"'u'ALiA', l Ibibflf .JZJJ1 NV '7 lcjf , fr Q1 'ds-L BOTTOM ROW Carroll Abel Ermel Allen Ruby Crawlord Nancy Brown Nxdrah Roberson Carol llckaxel Patncna Sherron Lynn Mona Johann Slma Barbara Dobblna Eugene Conrad Betty Stroud Bully Taylor Roaalle Creva Ronald Crewa Barry Byrd Vmla Conrad Donald Reasor Kathryn Bennett Ronald Benham SECOND ROW THIRD ROW ' fW"'-rawrg-1 'na -QP T 4-ff' ff v Q 62270 527 H-Thx N 19' if 'H """"' iw 1 ist 'BJ in 4. "? AA.. BOTTOM ROW Patncxa Neal Donald McGovern Betty Barrett Carol Lane SECOND ROW Sharon Jolmaon Johluue Conrad Alice Parr Donald Parka Betty Conrad Clifford Darnell Patricia laateraon Rollle Tlllery l'HlRD ROW Cleo Stroud Delma Denbo Clarence Dlllman Betty Sherron Robert Parr Martha Bennett Z9 TOP ROW Mra Benham Tony Longeat Cryatal Wlaeman George McDonald Wanda Stroud David Atkins Shelby Parka Jackie Stroud TOP ROW Mra Benham Stephenson Janxce Hall Scottie Satterfxeld Elxzabeth Miller Allred Combs Bon-nie Bennett Ralph French U i my 5 y , I I . , A V ' , . V1 - f P I ' " ' ' far 1 'A af' 4+ ' "" Q1 CO7 , 5 K' , T 'Luci - xp , ' - A f 1. Q L V f - - ' , A W . 'X ' , U ' .Zi 1 Q , 1 C .3321 4 -J-V! Z! ,f , 2 1 . -"X '15': 1' , . Q 3.4 J ,, , - l 9, ', R N ' O 'I t: w '.3::3 , V' 7 Q ,f -wg f N 'lf . N av X X 'J' . . 4 ' fi " T of . . f ' , -,f . R ' - ' -1 R- 'ig.l L I - 77, , , W - A K4 Q5 - " ,f , - 41 ,F . O , . , , C - ' 4.6 ml y ' 5 V, f, 5 5. A orb . fe l '-,.r. Q I W4 XM.. V I r, Ai V ' 1 wi I A lx 1 . f , Q A A 1 , ' - ,' -X , A I W . ' ' , vf' 1 413' ' " - I Q 3 -L L y y ,R R 3, , . 7 1' if ' "" ' ' If, 4 " 3 A ' 1 . V NF ,. I I K I I ' A 0 W R V fi! A'o6f'C'9f'2k7ff!5' smrue " 'A ' t ' 1' - C 4- f l 3' 5 l ,A if 1 -.9 1 .14 X 51, .I ' aw- A ff ' . Q' Hrfiglfff W ei ' fW,,,5fi "V-2125-' "- 1 ' ' O R ky , - 1 .A . , v t I if 1 I A, sr, , ' ., A - I .D W i 1 . .J J fl V- -. b ' ' A 4, F , gfsgg -3 ' ' 1" 2 . , A 1 'l" " "" "T I 'Q -0 "J -. . Q.. ,, " 1 ,, 'T lk. ', V 1 A als It 1 '-mm 'T' ' ' A ' Q0 AD...-Q H K .aa M BOTTOM ROW SECOND ROW Tl-HRD ROW FOURTH ROW l"rx BOTTOM ROW SECOND ROW Atl.. Terry McL.am Nancy Real Ronald Allen. Glenda slfllfll, Roger Lee Roberta Jenkxnl George Tubbs Lxnda Jenner Donovan Parka, Shirley Tucker Gerald McMahel Annextta Moore Franklxn Stroud Caroly'n Nash Bxlly Dearborn Vxvxan Dearborn Thomas Dyer Marlene Lxnton Brenda Kms Charles Sherron Nancy Bennett James Forbes Judxth Lone Tony Sturgeon Damel Reasor Nancy Atkxns Fred Miller ,Q jff I 9' gf! 1 I 581, Jfzllf w 1 R ab -Q Y' tx Q ,ov S. ,, ant Davxd Combs Terry Smxth Rosa Lee Parks Baxley Stroud Earl Ray Eugene Kxng Travxs Baker Betty Hensley Ronald McDamel Patsy Goss Freddxe Stroud Namox Conard Stephen Eastrxdge 30 TOP ROW Mxss Mane Mr Crews Albernia Sherron Samuel Barnett Charlotte Tubbs Franklm Gxllxland Jessie Crews Darrell Wxaeman Phyllis Buford Sharon Wright David Crews Ray Simms Barbara Crews TOP ROW Mr Crew: Pat Flanigan Donald Tucker Alxce Crawford Alexander Longest Anna Moore E ugene Clxne . 0 I lg G V fi: 4 ' ".. for ' ' ' ' l P., ' ' T' f 7 ' 1 Q ' , t pi ' W Favfk' s - A A ,, " K . k 1 A V tr V, K' e lt.4-lg WCW lf -if f ' Q ' A , -eg-Q -fl p r- tb," - - 4 V H. W A Nr 5 ' W Y VV . ' I f f -Tjp. ' I - A I , N1 ' in-1 4 W H n I I D 4 Y - ' A. V . - ' - I ' Q' ' 4 . W V . I Q Q L C ' ' ' ,ar ' W if ln , ' , V .rrp V Riu ' f, .,. W... 1 0- 'A ' A if ' of U - A' A i T T ' Q- 0- . 1- Q- , , Q ', V' , V la 1 , , . ,A r O A 51 , E6 - 1 1 his ff :dee 1 mm Row: ' -il O ' 'f k Q' ' '- Qfvn 3 , . - 0 5 y I ll v 2 Alt: I W' Tr", vt , A W j 4, , , , -, ,124 ' GZ, acl A in 1 O I G Q Wwe A r ,- 1 . . . Kc 4 Q. ' K 'TZ' -v ' 'I as h ' . ' ' I l ' ,. 'T' . 'P he ff if . x 'lf1..31g-at ij . fb' O Al ' XIX eff '-1.1 filffii 21212-1-FE'-f ' if 1 4 , ' w u Y O A It In .' A A I , pl tix: .. 1 0 ,,5".4 . fA,'A my I' 5 3"f3Y" 1 ad 1-I Ev. D A' I. I 06 ki md' Y' ifiiw BOTTOM ROW SECOND ROW Chester Kxng Howard Goss James Wxsernan Stanley Leaser Carolyn Lane Robert Taylor Telhe Conrad Larry NlcDaniela Betty Miller Robert Stroud Betty Stroud Dale Stephenson Wxllxam Gene Sturgeon Llnda Hanger Stuart Gottfried Angela Rlckenbough Donald Hall Wanda Buford THIRD ROW Y' anna 7 30 nl 5. m G BOTTOM ROW John Salome: Paul Denault James Allen Elmer Dearborn James Roberts Jimmy Lane Carolyn Bennatt Joe Bumatt Marilyn Stroud Jamoa Neal Marilyn Atkxnn Harold Crawford Nikki Sturgeon Teddy Lxnton Vxclue Longeat Luetta Mcbanhla Donald Lone SECOND ROW THIRD ROW 31 TOP ROW Mila Goodwxn Nxcholaa Roberta Judith Golna Charles Sims Karen Smith Robert Lane Lxnda Longtm Rxchard Parks TOP ROW Mra Temple Robert Allen Rovertla Jones Robert Jenluns Sandra Barnett Bobby Mann Sandra King I.. A W , f J I In , O - ' " v- va . f A . A , ' ' ' - it 'J ' A , ' ,.y".,"i U' ,ll l ' iii ld ' i I-. .' a U , 3 Dfw JW -W .Q ' ,. la, V W fu-sr - -6-41 ' - -, I 11. Ax f Az. W , A: "' ,ln J' , W. "att f X ' Q K N ,I F., . 9 4 'l J A - I p , ,A ,h ' h., Q- o 1 h A jf' f ' 4' ' 9 1' . -40: Q K' U, M VA' it J S rfb-K A E'-A 'H 1'-. R f H O ' J 7 fa. W' J :lui 'n- fl A t5 WL. 'o ll ' R W F1 T ' " T - A :.4 , - Ni 'l I A Q K Af. 7,711 .iff xl s 8 ' . ' ' Jr L' , f l L , , , , .1 ' I v - l.,.4 . , 0 1. ,y , I Q v 0, ,' an , 'W Q' r ' I X, ' f ' " - . f Q v I. V N I ,. - ' 5 . ,-L I ' ,V Y -7 I - , 1 I, . A x I ' ' A 19' pu ' ', Z, -' g 'R I '. " ll U, I x in P - , .- t 1 0 Q2 - . oy, 1, . ,A , 7 , ' V " ' . Q. fir! I ' u. ?v4 A . X . L7 "D A BOTTOM ROW Mary Edxth Brown Wayne Gxlhatt Margaret Crews SECOND ROW Conch John B Dotson Dencxl Haycox .hm Daily Arnold Voglesong Charles Enatndge Gene Cunnmghnm Jake Zehr Bob Goldman Merrxll Stephenson BOTTOM ROW Coach John B Dotlon Bob Gxllxand Novy Crawford Ernest Scoudan Eddxe Stroud Moe Roberta Dave Seele Charles Mxller TOP ROW Joe Hxckox Bob Sent: Bill Frnncn Donald Conrad Gordan Hunk Max Owens 33 TOP ROW: Ronald Denbo, Mike Flanignn, Eugene McMnhel, Joe Tyler, Ralph Hnmmond, BOTTOM ROW Rxchard Johnson Sanda Roberts Marjorie Baker Edna Mae Smith Donald Owens TOP ROW Jerry Buford Jerry Crews Jxmrme Moll Mr Newkxrk Ronald Kxssell Gerald Bennett Smith Tony Longest David Crews SECOND ROW Terry Smith Ronald Benhun Gordon Bennett, Mr Newldrk Samrnle Miller Bxll Taylor Roger Lee TOP ROW Rollxe Lynn Txllery Donald Ressor Davxd Adkxns Shxrl Bradshaw Guy Longest 34 BOTTOM ROW: Stephen Baatridge, Johnny Simms. Sanda Roberta, Marjorie Baker, Edna Mae Basketball When J B Dotson put 1n h1s xmt1al call for the team th1s year twenty f1Ve boys reported for pract1ce Out of th1s group he had three returnlng regulars three letter men and several prom1smg Sophomores In the fxrst game of the season the Ralders traveled to P8011 and were badly beat en by a score of 66 to 43 However 1n the1r second game the Raxders came back strong and rolled up a 64 to Z4 score over a tall Clear Sprlngs team Other teams the Ralders have defeated are Taylor Leavenworth Ireland Troy Austln Morgan Townsh1p and Chrmsney 'I'he1r other defeats have come at the hands of Duboxs Rockport Hardxngsburg and French L1ck Of the games lost two have been by only a two polnt margm and one game by only one po1nt The Ralders added another trophy to the1r collect1on on January Z7 when they held a blznd tourney w1th Engllsh Leavenworth New M1ddlCtOWD and Troy compet1ng In the f1rst game of the afternoon sess1on Troy downed a scrapping Leavenworth team by a score of 34 to 29 The second game of the afternoon was by far the most excltxng of the tourney wzth the extremely tall New M1ddletown team bowxng before the hard flghtxng Ralders That nlght New Middletown captured the consolatmon game and Enghsh defeated Troy 1n the champlonshxp game The team has run very hot and cold so to speak thxs year Some of the1r games they have played very cred1table ball and others they have looked awfully bad But the boys have the sp1r1t and as the season has progressed they have shown lmprovement Schedule and Scores November November November November December December December December January January January January January Enghsh Enghsh Enghsh Englxsh Engh sh Englm sh Engl1sh Engh sh Engll sh Englx sh Engll sh Engll sh Englx sh Paolx Clear Sprxngs Taylor Duboxs Rockport Leavenworth Ireland Troy Austm Hardlnsburg French Lzck Morgan Twp Chrxsney 3 ' 43 ' 66 10 ' 64 ' 17 ' 54 ZZ ' 34 ' 1 ' 39 8 ' 52 15 ' 67 Z2 ' 67 6 ' 41 ' 9 ' 45 ' 12 ' 39 ' 16 ' 61 . Z6 ' 49 ' 35 Baseball Due to the expenence of two prevlous seasons and the good coachlng of J B Dotson the Enghsh Hlgh School has put forth one of the best teams 1n the surroundmg area Enterxng the newly formed Tr1 County League last spr1ng the Raxders defeat ed French L1ck tw1ce West Baden twxce Orleans tw1ce Ool1t1c twxce and spllt a double header wxth Paolx Crews was the Raxders ace p1tcher wxnnlng f1ve and loslng one He defeated French Lxck once West Baden once Oolztxc once and Orleans tw1ce He had three no hlt games two over Orleans and one over Ool1t1c H15 only loss was to Paol1 and McMahel led the Raxders m the h1tt1ng department May won three games w1th h1s blazxng fast ball for the Raxders He defeated French L1Ck once Ool1t1c once and Paolx once He suffered no defeats no defeats The Enghsh roster was Denbo Megen1ty Crews Hollms McMahel Roll Goldman Zehr Eastndge May Last fall the Ra1ders played two games w1th Dubols los1ng one and wlnnxng one The Ralders were hard hxt by graduatxon losxng thelr ace p1tcher Crews center flelder Roll thlrd baseman Megemty and rel1ef man Everett May The Englxsh roster was Denbo Tyler Mc Mahel Hayc ox Daxly Holl1s Goldman Zehr Eastrxdge Flamgan Jlm Daxly 36 He . . . . u McMahel won one game for the Raiders, defeating West Baden. He encountered C. ' 3B P. ' LF 1B CF ZB RF ' SS P. C. 3B P. LF ' IB ' CF ZB RF ' SS ' P. BOTTOM ROW Mary Danner Vxolet Smxth Margaret Crews Mary Jo Hammoni Joyce Roberson Mr Wxlhs Joyce Goss Carole Scott Dxana Apple Jams Hughes Wamta Sherron SECOND ROW Elsxe Brown Norma Crawford Velda Conrad Hazel Buford Anna Mae Patton Mary Edxth Brown Della Mae Starr Marilyn Roberts Jean Miller Phyllxs Morgan TOP ROW Bobby Luttrell Howard Pavey .hmmy Sluelds Chester Belcher Wayne Gxlhatt John Gorman Ronald Valdxvia John Hubbard Lasik HIGHEST IN SCHOLARSHIP 'F -ar will AAMJL SECOND IN THIRD IN SCHOLARSHIP SCHOLARSHIP 2 'Q fe. --Q -..L- SENIORS OF 1952 38 ' I Q twin, Na ' k xx , fi ,, FI' E... T I I I NN, txt M ., ' - f S I I - ' - , ,,,ix, , V Q ' . , A .Q - - . ., N' ' Q ' Q, . M '1 - , U - rigimsim Q . - ' PERFECT ATTENDANCE FOR TWELVE YEARS wwf M- .fr The Ones Tht Make Lunch Possxble Q3' fills-wh-MT. I' CHE is x0 5 'YT Bag?- 4 X 44 LIBRARIANS 1-A , , J, ff Q I f AN f -5 rm .I I 4' Q A ' 7 I lr a W 2 A 9 j 4 Q if .,,, I X V . W X in T 4' fc! Q' . :vt '. W3 TAM 1 1 . ' at' .3 , 4 'g "If" "' -"V 'I f ' ff i gl :ni-Q V. ' '- 2 z f WA' 1 12' -ef" W I A . . I, ' I B C V. N . 4. rl ' 1', t 1 Y' f D X, ' f ' 1 EY' ' . Y - , ",-'-if V R., X Q QE' I, X lm ' X ' ' , f X 'Q , ' y - f -if 5 f V' .NX M . ,A Ei: L , -, J PAQ. ,, -f 591 'Q ' L A A if fr L 3, 'P A , 1 . s A w ' rm Qs ' b - 3 NJ -2: A Q . I x' u - 5 5-' QS . '5 4 I ' ' L I 'g .', vi ' lv' ' 'la , V ll , 94' X . 7 2 J Q 'V . A X f AQ H ' . Q ,J V A va , , ,I , - ,n 1 f , ! , - , ,Q - , , ' J ,I y . V! D. ' f , f q 1 ' N A. Q' 'I I 2 5 0 .IQ -- 35 I ' H- N Dx ' Q I '4 ig S 1 Qx ' ' ' 1 x if 4 W? 4" e X ' N V '-9 f 1 I 4' I "lj ' Qi xl 'Q " V L -- - ' Q G ' ' , - '51 f . 4- Q 2 4 Q R lt- Ill X I-'1 ,. Qu- - V K U . nf -g V f f BJ ' dl . ' I . H . I. 4. M -. - ,W l P . fy 1 Y 1 6 A ' 'xx -' 13 Q X :'- "' 'Q . ffl Y ' , A I . I f - A:.v:j:,f., V v U 4 , A L if , 1 -W . ., x x 'I :CS I f ' it u f X 'A -A r ' ' ' Y . - . . , V. , - 1 3 , . - 'X . 1 , 1 A it, - 1 I ' A !' Q N, ' I K . . . J! I i A A, . N I A f '. . Q A -. a lim 'DAQ W V . 5. Q f tw - '.. 1 '- ,yi sr 'W' Q 5 ' ,H QA ig' 4, 'A Q 9 , if , f r S - :::l - if x cf nl an ..., A f , In f 1 fi A l - 4 ff, E.L'asf4 ,A Q Z 1 -Q A v H Lx 41 .C"ycLfuLfuzfgf21 .ff WALSIORTM L- I-vr-ol-A A l...4 s llllfifililll lansLAA4l0UlA 43 REQ ' U C' - '-::3'ff Best Wlshes To The Semor Class Of 1951 MILO BENNETT S SCI-ICGL I Linotype - Intertype Instruction E K RCDGGENKAMP C0 Inc We Servxce A11 Makes Of Cars Chevrolet Trucks Guaranteed Used Cars Wxth An O K By E K Gemune Parts and Accessories Wholesale and Reta11 Ollver Farm Equxpment Sales and Servxce Phone 1 M111t own Indiana You W111 Be Welcome To Vlsxt and Inspect Our New Garage and Sales Room At Your Convenxence 0 0 0, Goodrich Tires ENGLISH STATE BANK Congratulations To The Senior Class 1951 ENGLISH THEATER The Best In Entertainment English Indiana Of First In Pictures Compliments Of Hanger Feed 8 lmpl Store Your John Deere Dealer Phone 116 Enghsh lndlana James E Turley 81 Co We Sell Hardware and Seeds Enghsh Indxana O Compliments Of 0 O Aushn Electrical Shop R E Lee T G Austin Shellane Bottle Gas Dlstrxbutor All Types Gas and Electmcal Applxances Phone 94 Enghsh Indlana Sam Benz SL Son Dealers In General Merchandise Dry Goods Men s and Boys Clothlng Ladles Ready to Wear Zemth Rad1os Enghsh, Indiana Q O e'We Sell The Best and Service The Rest" The First Nahonal Bank Member Federal Depos1t Insurance Corporatlon Deposlts Insured Up To S10 O00 00 F1rst Natxonal Insurance Agency We Pay ZZ On A11 Tlme Cert1f1cates and Savlngs Accounts Milltown lndxana Wearlng Apparel For The Entlre Famlly And Furnxshxngs For The Horne FAULKNERS flnsurance Of A11 Kinds, Go First To , I Burn s 5C to S1 Store For Real Buys Blake L Burns Enghsh Indlana Crawford County Farm Bureau Co op Farmer Owned and Controlled Feed Fertlhzer Insectlcxdes Farm Machme ry Use Your Farm Bureau Insurance Servmce Phone Z2 Enghsh lnd1ana Q 0 Q I 1 O u . - . - - . . . 9 m n "One City Does Not Make A State" And No Advertising Campaign Can Be Complete Without Using Your Crawford County Newspapers Place Your Message In English Publishing Co Byrd s Shop General Merchandise Let The Customer Be The Judge English Indiana l Our Motto Is Wm R Boss May Flower Wallpaper Palnts and Varmshes Fountaxn Servlce Sportuxg Goods Electric Llght F1xtures and Supplxes Bulova Watches and Jewelry Erglxsh lndxana W allpaper Paxnts School Supplies Engllsh Indlana Sanlta ry Market R E Derr Owner Frozen Frmts Vegetables and Fxsh Fresh Meats and Vegetables Marengo Indlana Patton Drug Store Hoosler State Gas For Less Star Tires Conoco Motor O11s Candy Tobacco Soft Drmks Ed Barrow Manager Enghsh Indiana Denbo s Hatchery Feed and Supply Store Baby Chxcks Eggs Seth Dembo Owner Enghsh Indxana D D Barksdale Frxgxdaxre Apphances Zenith Radxos Thor Washers Mxlltown and Paola Indiana I Purina Feeds, Poultry - Supplies and Equipment GREEN FUNERAL HOME Ambulance Service Gordon Green Director Marengo Ind1ana TOM S PLUIVIBING SERVICE Radlant Heating Youngstown Kitchen Rheem Water Heaters 58 Court Place Phone 4681 SIBBITTS SNAPPY SERVICE Open Z4 Hours Phone 461 1 Paola Indlana Mark Every Grave ROBERTS GRANITE COMPANY Monuments and Markers Prxce and Quahty C W Roberts Enghsh Indiana Paoli, Indiana SMALLWOOD'S ROLLER RINK A Good Sport For Everyone Marengo, Indiana Compliments Of TRI MOTOR COMPANY Marengo Indxana Compliments Of KENNETH J LUCKETT Enghsh Indlana ROYAL BLUE CAFE For Good Dxnners and Hot Lunches Cold Drinks Doc and Cecil Enghsh Indiana Q I . - - . 9 Al DD ta ' Ol . . 9 i - I m Welcome To JONES GROCERY Grocerles Meats Enghsh Indxana Congratulatxons To The Senior Class Of 1951 IDEAL CLEANERS Quahty Dry C1ean1ng Phone 52 3 Englxsh Indiana. COX S GROCERY Grocerxes Meats Engllsh Indiana TONEY OIL COMPANY Wholesale Retail Mobxlgas and O11 Accessorxes Telephone 21 Marengo Indiana Compliments Of Compliments Of VOGLESONG MARKET Phone 92 Enghsh lndxana Comphments Of ENGLISH HARDWARE COMPANY Enghsh Ind1ana Dodge and Plymouth Sales and Servlce Standard O11 Products Mxlltown Indlana BARKSDALE S Ladxes and Men s Wear Dry Goods and Shoes Paoh Indiana SEACAT GARAGE MOCK S RADIO SERVICE Phxlgas Apphances and Servlce Phxlco Rad1os and Refrxgerators Phone 39 Enghsh Indlana GULF SERVICE STATION Gas O11 Car Lubrxcatxon Candy Clgarettes and Soft Drxnks Guy Goldman Owner BLEDSOE S GROCERY Groceries Meats Fresh Vegetables We Dehver Hours 10 To 11 A M 3 T04 P M Self Servzce Phone 107 Enghsh Indlana Comphments Of G F PATTON Enghsh Indlana English, Indiana JAMES STURGEON Insurance Of All Kinds Phone 50 Englzsh Indlana Compliments Of EDISON GILLIATT An ARVIL SATTERFEILD Treasurer and Auditor Of C rawford C ounty Compliments Of HOTEL COFFEE SHOP Eat Country Style In Our Dmmg Room Enghsh Indxana THE PAOLI REPUBLICAN Orange County s Lead1ng Newspaper Paola Indlana Gas O11 Tires Enghsh Indiana THOMPSON S CAFE Dxnners Pxes Sandwxches Good Coffee At The Top Of The H111 Mxlltown Indiana CLEMENTS JEWELRY Watches Dxamonds Jewelry Watch Repazrs Marengo Indxana Compliments Of FRIEND ' d I HAYCOX'S SERVICE STATION

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