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1' f "ff r T DEDICATION TO OUR MOTHERS AND FATHERS We, the seniors, dedicate this book to you, in our sincere desire to show a small part of the appreciation we feel for all the things you have sacrificed, in order that we might become what we now are, the graduating class of 1949. Z ACULTY Superintendent General Bus ineas BARBARA MILLER Chorus Band -IOHN B, DOTSON Social Science Coaching I W .1 Q I r 'ff O- NIILDRED KNIGHT Grades 5 -6 C URRAN HUGHES janitor , 4 ITS U ENGLISH SCHOOL BUILDING 6 I , A 1 I , .. im: THELMA DOTSON English Dramatics L, .. 9 L Q I e ' OPAL MASON Grades 3-4 Q-. A GOLDA HUGHES j nitro s E VA MAE ZEHR Home Economics Biology MAR IE GOODWIN Grades Z -3 PEARL C UMMINS QZZQ IDENA HOBSON Pr inc ipal Typing -Latin ' WILLIAM T, BEASLEY Mathematica HESTER MEGENITY Grades 7 -B HELEN TEMPLE Primary in 8 ,I , . , . X 0 MAE HUGHES Cook M. rica! XX ' 3 PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER -IOSEPH H, GRANT LOWELL MILLER LEATHA FERN VANDEVEER GARNET LOUISE BARNETT "Ramrod" Ambitous Our Vocalist Our Cooperative Blonde Senior Class of 1949 35 X2 I or M Jai., X 1 EDITOR ASSLSTANT EDITOR CHIEF REPORTER EDITORIALS MARTHA .IEAN FAHR PHILLIP RANDALL SPEARS MAXINE ANN SMITH WANDA GAIL FAULKNER An Amiable Ming One Of The Best A Helping Hand Pepf f f 6 GLORIA AMZLE BEALS CREDIC WILSON MARY FRANCES TUCKER ROBERT ALDEN NIEGENITY There when needed A helpful fellow Something special Sharp: fI'de reckonj EDUCATION IS A COMPANION WHICH NO MISFORTUNE CAN DEPRESS -- NO CRINIE DE- STROY -- NO ENEMY ALIENATE -- NO DESPOTISM ENSLAVE, AT HOIWE, A FRIENDp ABROAD, AN INTRODUCTIONQ IN SOLITUDE, A SOLACE: AND IN SOCIETY, AN ORNAMENT, WITHOUT IT, WHAT IS MAN? -- A SPLENDID SLAVE, A REA- SONING SAVAGE , NANCY ANN STEWART EUGENE HAMMOND A gal with u future Depenqhble HELEN LEE GILLIATT ROY O'DANI-EL PEGGY LEE FERGUSON DONALD WLSEMAN Laughter--her by-word O1-if in front A W0nderiu1 girl What a physique 2 7 V y!fV""" V' V' '.l5'40'w' UV" fr Ig . ff' I If ,,--Aff . J , my ' , .J ,ff - r ' I ,A , , f1 If ' "' 'f f f, ,J JACKIE LEE BROWN MARY LOU HANGER DEAN BOWMAN ROMONIA JOAN CREWS Nothing worries him A touch of Venus Girls and Basketball Willing worker I THE GREATEST MAN IS I-IE WHO CHOOSES THE RIGHT WITH INVINC IBLE RESOLUTION: WHO RESISTS THE SOREST TEMPTATIONS FROM WITHIN AND WITHOUT: WHO BEARS THE HEAVIEST BURDENS Cl-IEERFULLY5 WHO IS CALMEST IN STORNIS, AND MOST FEARLESS UNDER NIENACE AND FROWNSQ AND WHOSE RE- x LIANCE ON TRUTH, ON VLRTUE, AND ON GOD, IS MOST UNFALTERING, LILLIE LEE HIGHFILL. Always has a smile CRAIG FROMAN Mastermind "rx 'ET' HUGH PINNICK ALICE. BERNIECE MOSSON GERALD HUGHES GLADYS HUSK Friend to everyone Spoken for Bashful--but nice To be remembered I .X I 'S 8 f 'N-, AJ 2' I 1, CLASS HISTORY OF "49" Through the doors of English High School on September 3, 1945, the follow- ing forty-seven students entered to gain a higher education: Garnett Barnett Emma Jean Levell Rosemary Longest Jackie Lee Brown Joel Hugh Pinnick Charles Ray Patton Robert Megenity Rebecca Newlin Donald Wiseman Robert Bowman Robert Trusty Peggy Ferguson Craig Froman Paul Belcher Gloria Beals Victor Cook Joan Crews Gladys l-lusk Nadine Smith Maxine Smith Nancy Stewart Roy O'Da.niel Mervin Jones Eugene Haxnmond Phillip Spears Woodrow Ingle Gerald Hughes Clifford Luff ' Wilma Conrad Mary Tucker Dolores Eddleman Martha Jean Fahr Cedric Paul Wilson Wanda Gail Faulkner Lillie Lee Highfill Joseph Henry Grant Anna Louise Freeman Alberta Satterfield Helen Lee Gilliatt Alice Bernice Mosson Charles Wayne Wilson Darwin Elaine Hughes Patricia Jane Wiseman Leatha Fern Vandeveer Lowell Clifford Miller Robert Lee Crews Alarnae Crawford One who entered our class during the freshman year was Iris Wilkes who entered November 5 and then didn't return for our junior year. She is now Mrs. Paul Timberlick and lives at Sulphur, Another was Ann Teverbough who entered February 14, 1945, and withdrew within ten weeks. At the beginning of our studies we found that three of our students didn't return. Those were Darwin Elaine Hughes, who is employed at a sawrnill near Taswell: Robert Trusty, who is employed on the section at Huntingburgg and Clifford Luff, who lives with his parents near English. Others withdrew during our freshman year. Paul Belcher withdrew September 13, 1945. He is now serving in the navy and is stationed in California. Robert Lee Crews withdrew October 9, 1945. and resides in Indianapolis. Woodrow Ingle withdrew September 13, 1945, and is now in the army. Charles Ray Patton left the class October 29, 1945, and lives with his parents near Taswell. Charles Wayne Wilson withdrew October Z9, 1945, and departed from this life February Z, 1946. Nadine Smith withdrew January 1, 1946. She now lives in New Albany, Indiana. Alberta Satterfield withdrew January 14, 1946. She is now Mrs. Lemuel Suddarth and lives at Kankakee, Illinois. Anna Louise Freeman withdrew January 16, 1946. She is now Mrs. Jack Striling and lives in Alabarna. Mervin Jones with- drew April Z, 1946 and remains with his parents near English, Indiana. At the beginning of our sophomore year we found that two of our classmates didn't return. These were Victor Cook who resides with his parents near English, Indiana and Rosemary Longest who is now Mrs. Melvin Morgan and lives in New Albany, Indiana. Leavenworth's loss was our gain when Mary Lou Hanger joined our class during the sophomore year. Barbara Azevedo also joined us but withdrew in a short time. 9 At the end of three days enough was enough for Rebecca Newlin: and she retired from our midst. She is now Mrs. Ernie O. Walton and lives at Fargo, Indiana. The wedding bells tolled for three of our classmates. Those who were married and didn't return for our junior year were: Wilma Conrad who is now Mrs Robert Franklin and lives in New Albany, Indiana: Patricia Jane Wiseman, who is now Mrs. Bob Brim and lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana: and Alamae Crawford, who is now Mrs. Farrel Hollen and is employed in a laundry at New Albany, Indiana. Others who didn't return for our junior year were: Dolores Eddleman who abides with her parents in English, Indiana, and Emma Jean Levell, who is now employed at Cologates in Jeffersonville, Indiana. Lowell Bullington joined us at the beginning of our junior year. He had at- tended Pekin High School his sophomore year. After staying with the class a few months, he withdrew. He is now employed at Franklin Furniture Factory in Franklin, Indiana. At the beginning of our senior year Juanita Stroud, who hadn't returned to graduate with the class of '48, joined our group. She remained with the class only a few days. She is now employed in New Albany, Indiana. Those who have reached their goal, the obtaining a high school, education, and who will now obtain additional preparation for their chosen vocations or begin their various occupations as responsible citizens of an American are the following graduate s : Garnett Barnett Gloria Beals Robert Bowman Jackie Lee Brown Joan Crews Martha Jean Fahr Wanda Gail Faulkner Peggy Ferguson Craig Froman Helen Lee Gilliatt Joseph Henry Grant Andrew Eugene Hammond Lillie Lee Highfill Gerald Hughes Gladys Husk Robert Megenity Lowell Clifford Miller Alice Bernice Mosson Roy O'Daniel Joel Hugh Pinnick Maxine Smith Phillip Spears Nancy Stewart Mary Tucker Leatha F arn Vandeveer Cedric Paul Wilson Donald Wiseman Lou Hanger --Written by Gloria Amzel Beals CLASS PROPHECY In the late evening dusk, of the year 1959, I left the hospital where I work. I was wearily trudging down a quiet street when I heard the fazniliar jingle of a door bell and someone yelling, "Well if it isn't Maxine Smith." Looking around, I saw Craig Froman in his little red Ford, "the car of the future with a definite past." After having talked a while, he invited me to his research laboratory to view his latest invention, "The Tele -Person-Visioner." So I hopped into Craig's little red Ford and "buzzed" down to the drugstore where I was to meet Jean Fahr who is now a Home Economics teacher in a high school, better known as "The Joint." While we were waiting for Jean, Lou Hanger, our old buddy of by-gone -days, flashed past to the next counter where she ordered ten boxes of Kleenex. As she flashed past again, Craig stopped her with the question, "Are you hoarding K1eenex?" Lou looked sadly up into his face and replied that she was now a Professional Mourner and had to keep a large. supply of Kleenex. We asked Lou to join us in our trip to see Craig's latest invention. When Jean arrived, we crowded into the little red Ford and were off to the laboratory. Craig explained that all we had to do to see our old classmates in their present occupations was to insert a picture from the 1949 annual, dial 1-9-4-9, pull down lever 1-9-5-9, and push the gold button. We decided to insert Phillip Spear's picture first. On the screen appeared Phillip, a fascinating man in Hollywood. They called him "Phillip, the Wonder-boy of the Ages." A turn of the dial and we again found ourselves in Hollywood, looking straight into the eyes of Joe Grant, movie producer, whose latest flop was "Midnight Madness" or "Madness at Midnight in the Hi1ls." Another picture, a turn of the dial and we saw Leatha Vandeveer as an opera singer who had moved the Metropolitan to Dep auw, Indiana. The next photograph revealed to us Peggy Ferguson married to a sailor named Den. Den, who was preparing to leave for a ten years' sea voyage, was telling his dear little wife, Peggy, and ten kids, goodbye. What was that we saw next? Could it have been? Yes, it was Jackie Brown, true to Coach Dotson's predictions, playing center for the Oklahoma "Aggies, il Pushing the gold button again we immediately saw a gymnasiurn floor where Joan Crews, a physical education teacher, was busily coaching her "Cave Ladies." Through the door walked her husband, Dean Bowman, a sports editor, who always gave Joan and her "Cave Ladies," a big write-up in his daily column. Now the scene had changed, we were in the center of the country. The state seemed to be Kansas. From the door of a neat ranch house walked Gloria Beals, the wife of a wheat grower who had formerly been in the Navy. And next we found Roy O'Danie1 living a dangerous and reckless life in the mountains of Switzerland. Every morning, for the spectatbrs and his own amuse- ment, he walked a tight wire across a deep ravine. A hospital appeared on the ll screen, and first we thought that Roy had fallen, but as we looked farther down the corridor we saw two of our old classmates, Mary Tucker and Lillie Lee Highfill, whose ambition had always been to be nurses. Another picture, another scene, and we saw Hugh Pinnick with the same, old, high school job, a milk carrier. He now was the proud owner of his own dairy. Craig worked the apparatus, and we were immediately transferred to a busy switch board in Evansville where Gladys Husk spent her days saying "Number" and "Information Please." Down the street we found a nightclub called the "Blue Bird" where another classmate, Bob Megenity, was doing very well, doing nothing. Next we found ourselves in Mifflin on a huge farm where we discovered Cedric, Lowell, and Gerald. Cedric raised mink, Lowell raised rabbits, and Gerald raised "cane: " Next we found Wanda Faulkner as a Powers Model. She was modeling work clothes and demonstrating a hundred ways to peel potatoes The next picture we chose was that of Alice Mosson. She was now happily married to Melvin Buchanan, living in Pumpkin Center. Now we saw Eugene Hammond, an accountant in a tooth pick factory: We imagined that he got very tired counting all those tooth-picks. The scene was changed and we were in Grand Central Station. What was this we saw--lions, tigers, leopards, and such being unloaded from a train? Next, we saw Garnett Barnett, the once timid gal of our class, who was now a big gaxne hunter She had just returned from Timbucktu. The button was again pushed and our attention was immediately drawn to a large crowd of people. On the platform of a sideshow stood Donald Wiseman, the second Charles Atlas, flexing his muscles. All at once we heard the "barker", Helen Lee Gilliatt. say, "Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the only sideshow in the world that pays the audience to come in and watch the act." Last but not least we inserted the picture of Nancy Stewart who was busily practicing the piano at Barnieg's Palace. Noticing that Nancy had a pale run-down look, we investigated and found that she had to give six daily shows and three nightly shows. Poor Nancy. Who would have thought that she would end this way. As the picture of Nancy slowly faded away, we all turned to see Craig stand- ing by the door saying in a melancholy tone "Life is but a walking shadow, a poor player who struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more. To this little bit of truth we had no answer: so we took our leave, but never to forget the night we had again visited old classmates. 12 SENIOR CLASS WILL OF 1949 We, the Senior Class of nineteen hundred and forty-nine of English High School, County of Crawford, State of Indiana, realizing that our days in this higher realm of learning are no more, and being in possession of a well-trained memory and a most super-human complex, do hereby declare and publish this, our last will and testament. ITEM I To the Faculty we leave our many tha.nks for their patience and guidance a.nd our deep regrets that there will never again be so talented a class. To the juniors, we leave our senior dignity, hoping they will not dishonor the name of our senior class in any of their jolly ways. To the sophomores we leave our profundity, for which they envy us, To the freshmen, we bequeath our remarkable citizenship grades in order that they may raise them in the following three years. ITEM II To our sorrowing fellow students mourning our departure, the Class of '49 make the following bequests: Q I, Gloria Amzel Beals, bequeath my height to Doug Megenity so he may become our star basketball player. I, Joseph H. Grant, bequeath my brown rimmed glasses to Everett May to aid him in driving and spying out pretty girls. I, Alice Bernice Mosson, bequeath my English book and Civics book to anyone who will take them. ' I, Gerald Hughes, bequeath my interest in the girls of English High School to Howard Goldman. I, Martha Jean Fahr, bequeath my position as editor of the school paper to Willis Fussell in hopes that he will be more industrious. I, Donald Lee Wiseman, bequeath my flashy smile and ability to get along with all girls to James Daily, providing he will use it continually. I, Peggy Lee Ferguson, bequeath my knowledge on "how to get a Paoli guy" to Treva Johnson, providing she will always be true to him. I, Lowell C. Miller, bequeath my back seat on the bus to Paul Mills, providing he will let all the girls sit by him. I, Gladys Husk, bequeath my back seat to Verlea Newton, if she proves to be as dignified as I am. I, Phillip Spears, bequeath my ability to go with one certain blonde to Estel Lee Parks so that he may have better luck. 13 I, Roy Gene O'Daniel, bequeath my front seat to Franklin Crews in the hope that he will enjoy it as much as I have, I, Garnett Louise Barnett, bequeath my snare drum to my little nephew, Sammie Earl, I, Cedric P, Wilson, bequeath my English book to anyone who will take it, I, Lillie Lee Highfill, bequeath my position as office girl to Maxine Miller, providing she will carry on as well as I have, I, Robert Dean Bowman, bequeath my ability to play basketball to john Marion Hubbard with the hope that he will make good use of it, I, Leatha Fern Vandeveer, bequeath my snare drum to George McDonald, x I, Andrew Eugene Hammond, bequeath my job on the school paper as Layout Editor to Karl Brown, I, Mary Lou Hanger, bequeath my ability of expression to Mr, Beasely, I, Craig Froman, bequeath my excess pounds to Mrs, Dotson, I, Wanda Gail Faulkner, bequeath my job as cheerleader to Mary Edith Brown, pro- viding she makes good use of it, I, Robert Alden Megenity, bequeath my mischievous manners to Robert Brown, pro- viding he will take advantage of them and tease the girls as I always have done, I, joel Hugh Pinnick, bequeath my friendship to all the students of English High School, I, Mary Frances Tucker, bequeath my slimness to Della Mae Starr, providing she will follow as strict a diet as I have followed in the last four years, I, Romonia joan Crews, bequeath my ability to get along with one certain boy to my sister Margaret, so she may be as lucky as I have been. I, jackie Lee Brown, bequeath my interest in a certain blonde to my brother Karl, knowing he will not betray me, I, Maxine Ann Smith, bequeath my sense of humor to any student who doesn't have one, I, Helen Lee Gilliatt, bequeath my ability to talk too much to Violet Smith so she may have more to say to everybody, I, Nancy Ann Stewart, bequeath my mathematical ability to Phillip Smith with the hope that he can be the genius in his mathematics class, -- Written by Peggy Ferguson 14 CLASS POEM Who comes first in the center row? Coy's boy Roy, of course you know, Now I'll tell you something that's really great, For school and classes he's never late, Gloria QShortyj Beals surely is tall, She sleeps in the parlor with her feet out in the hall Although she is long and tall, She likes Kansas boys best of all, Least but not last is Hugh Pinnick, Everywhere he goes he's sure to cause panic, For he is only 4 feet 7 inches tall, And only Z0 years young, that's all, As for Donald Wiseman a he man, He goes to Marengo everytime he can, Also a star on the basketball team, When he plays we're usually on the beam, Peggy Ferguson, her nickname is Pete, She wears size 4? on her feet, Of a sailor she is quite fond, Although he is far across the pond, jackie Brown is quite a guy, And with Betty Mosson he's never shy, In the rooms, and in the halls, He thinks she's the cutest girl of all, I Now Lillie Lee Highfill is a gal, Bud Zehr is her best pal, They are never never seen apart, For they have gone steady from e start, th Lou Hanger is quite cute, And for her there's no substitute, She is a bold black headed witch, And many a time her beaus do switch, joan Crews surely has a strong will, She'll get Dean, or surely keep still, Brunet one day, Red head the next: Wonder which one Dean likes best? Gerald Hughes is not too short and not too tall, But as for the girls, he wants them all, He flirts with the blondes and all the rest, We wonder which color he likes the best, 15 Phillip Spears has the prettiest hair, And Carolyn Oehmann he tries to snare, Of all the girls he does like, She is the best one who lives on a pike, Now joseph Grant is quite a gent, I-Ie also is our class president, And with the girls he isn't shy, Yet he has none, I wonder why? Mary Tucker is really quite a show, With'er diamond ring all aglow, The lucky man is a Smith, Wonder which rolling pin she'll hit him with? Garnet Barnett is quite O'Kay, Everyone likes her in every way, She 's the truest blond in our class, And in all classes she does pass, Wanda Gail Faulkner is our yell leader, There's no other girl who can ever beat'er, In the morning and at noon she's always late, Maybe because someone walks her to the gate, Take Maxine Smith, the active girl, She eats Corn Flakes as her cereal, When her nice blue eyes begin to shine, You'll know she's up to mischief everytime, Cedric Wilson, a millunan is he, And a lot of Betty Hubbard he does see, Though be he quiet and slightly shy, He thinks Betty Lou is just right, Alice Mosson has a diamond ring, They say she gets married in the spring, A very lucky girl is she, For they say his naxne is McGee, Gladys Husk our stand she does keep, And she makes money by the heap, She is a girl from Grantsburg town, Which is a place of great renoun, Nancy Stewart, the sophisticated girl of our class She surely does know how to act, Her beaus do come from far and near, Wonder who it will be this time next year? 16 Robert Megenity is a lady's man, He goes to Paoli every time he can, In his classes he's not a. thriller, Yet he really is a lady killer, Editor of our School Paper is jean Fahr, And from the school she doesn't live very far, Weather good or bad, rain or shine, She always gets to school on time, Dean Bowman, another basketball star, Likes joan Crews much better by far, He drives a Ford one day and a Chevrolet the Wonder which one joan likes best: Our class secretary is Leatha Vandeveer, And to her a boy from Depauw is very dear, Though we seldom see her date, To speak of him she does not hesitate, Lowell Miller, our vice president, Really could be called magnificent, For he is most quiet of all the rest, And on a test he usually is the best, Eugene Hammond is the merriest scaznp, And in typing he is a champ, He says he hopes to be a millionaire, And yet I wonder if he'll ever get there, Helen Lee Gilliatt does have spunk, And on her tests she seldom does flunk, She is a belle from Taswell, And in Civics she does excell, Last and largest, diunbest of all, Author of many poems on the wall, Of this warning, please do take heed, As a poet I shall never succeed, Craig Fr oman 17 next CLASS MOTTO --- GOLDEN OPPORTUNITIES AWAIT OUR DISCOVERY One hundred years ago a group of strong, determined men and women set forth in quest of gold, They were the first of the fortune see'kers of 1849 who braved the perils of unexplored land in an effort to find riches, Upon arriving they were promptly dis- illusioned, The gold which they had expected to scoop up was not present in such form, and most of them had to submit to the lowest drudgery to exist, That their discomfort was part of the building up of our great nation was unknown to them, What they did was for self-enrichment, not self-glory, Deserving, as they did, a collective narne they have become known as the "Forty Niners," Now another group of "Forty Niners" are ready to begin their journey, Ahead of them lie many perils, also, but of a different type, Instead of Indians we face the compe- tition of others like ourselvesg and while there is little threat of violent deaths, we face the problem of surpassing the fathomless pits of greed, selfishness, and indolence that threaten those in search of fortunes, These pitfalls, however, need only be feared by those who go forth seeking and never giving, It is most fortunate that we have had twelve years of preparation for our journey, We realize that our enemies are our own defects, and that we have had sufficient train- ing to overcome them, Saying farewell is less difficult when there is a promise of a brighter tomorrow, We are assured the future is bright, that we are capable of the things expected of usg and believing that riches in some form will appear on the route which we take, we look happily into the future realizing that "Golden Opportunities Await Our Discovery," - - - joseph Grant CLASS FLOWER -- RED ROSE There are many reasons why we have chosen the red rose to be our class flower, First, perhaps, it is its beauty and richness which appeal very strongly to our artistic senseg but secondly, it is the universal symbol of love, And we are very much in love with life and with all its lovely fights , We are in love with the past and all that it has meant to us , We are in love with the present and the honor it holds for usg and we are, perhaps, more than ever in love with the future, be- cause of its promise and its uncertainty, The rose does not bloom in a minute, It must unfold gradually from the bud, open- ing up petal and leaf at the call of nature influences outside, appeal to its own life, force within, until it finally emerges from its sheath as the complete bloom in all the beauty and fragrance for which it was created and which has from the very first lain dormant within its being, awaiting the call of life, We, too, shall grow slowly but surely into the rose of perfect character emerging gradually as life situations demand a show of our inner resource, until we at length have developed into proud and useful citizens of an American community, -- Hugh Pinnick 18 ENGLISH HIGH SCHOOL BACCALAUREATE MAY FIRST NINETEEN FORTY-NINE COMMUNITY BUILDING REVEREND EVERETT WRIGHT SEVEN-THIRTY O'CLOCK COMMENCEMENT PROGRAM ENGLISH HIGH SCHOOL MAY SECOND NINETEEN FORTY-NINE COMMUNITY BUILDING EIGHT O'CLOCK PRELUDE . . . ..... ........ 0 RCHESTRA INVOCATION , , , , , REVEREND G, H, HUSK MUSIC . . ............. ORCHESTRA ADDRESS , , , , REVEREND RAY MONTGOMERY MUSIC .................. . . ORCHESTRA PRESENTATION OF DIPLOMAS , , , ,,,,, , , , , MUSIC ,,,,,, ,.,,,,, O RCHESTRA BENEDICTION , , , , REVEREND G, H, HUSK 19 Qrfff W ZZWQW S T E S E .X wi WV M QW WwK W SOPHOMORE CLASS FIRST ROW: Edgar Linton, Mildred Real, Wayne Gilliatt, Doris Dycus, Ronald Valdivia, Hazel Buford, Charles Eastridge, Betty Hubbard, Arnold Voglesong, joyce Roberson, SECOND ROW: Margaret Crews, Roger Cook, Margie Enlow, john Beasley, Mary Stroud, Roy Pavey, Dolores MCB:-ide, jim Shields, Mary Reasor, Iven Beals, THIRD ROW: Ollie Atkins, Nancy Salomez, justus Crawford, Carrie Briles, jake Zehr, Mary Hammond, james Daily, Gloria Valdivia, james Atkins, Donna Hinkle, FOURTH ROW: Violet Smith, Curtis Stevenson, john Gorman, Chester Belcher, Howard Goldman Ralph Hammond, Norman Merry, john Hubbard, Sidney Oehmann, Vernia Patton FIFTH ROW: Billy Hollis, FIRST ROW: SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: FOURTH ROW: JUNIOR CLASS Myrtle Baker, Paul Mills, Mable Newton, Karl Brown, Wilma Brown, Robert Brown, Bonnie King, Eatel Parks, Ruby Moore, Alvin Conrad, Treva johnson, Franklin Crews, Sara Enlow, Doyle Mason, Mae Stroud, Clair Walton, Maxine Miller, Robert Hammond, john Flanigan, Bobby l-Iollen, Everett May, Willis Fussell, Billy Miller, Donald Bennett, Merle Roll, Douglas Megenity, Donald Standiiord, Billy Allen, Z1 FRELSHMAN CLASS FIRST ROW: Lola Mock, james Cooke, Anna Brown, Robert Roach, Velera Newton, Victor Megenity, Della Mae Starr, Ronald Denbo, Mary Brown, SECOND ROW: Philip Smith, Lucy Suddarth, Douglas Whitworth, Bernice Gilliatt, Nelson Padgett Anna McKim, Eugene McMahe1, Mildred Gilliatt, Gordonl-Iuak, ' , K-qrq THIRD ROW: Carolyn Oehmann, Clifford Knight, Ruth Gilmore, Donald Sturgeon, Helen Roll, ,m"',.,, fgl 4, Donald Conrad, Louise Atkins, Fay Gray, Mary Kemp, FOURTH ROW: Clifford Wilson, EIGHTH GRADE FIRST ROW: jean Sturgeon, Ester Murphy, Doris Bea Ferguson, joe Tyler, jack Whitworth, Berdie Baker, Merrill Stephenson, Ronald Bennett, Michael Flanigan, Bonnie Stroud, SECOND ROW: Bobby Gilliland, Clyde Robert, Barbara Allen, Lois Tucker, Donald Oehxnann, Charlene jones, Robert Mason, Robert Stuckey, Doris Miller, Kay Ann Satteriield, THIRD ROW: Ralph Eddleman, Betty Monson, Edward Stroud, Myrna Denbo, Dencil Hayeox, Dwight King, Lila Allen, Lola Allen, David Seele, Doris Marshall, ZZ . E-11 VA XJ il xxx I I . X f .x, 1 N. 1 SEVENTH GRADE UPPER ROW: Wanita Sherron, Elsie Brown, jean Miller, Max Owens, Kenneth Briles, Velda Conrad, jackie Way, Charles Miller, Norma Crawford, Marilyn Roberts, LOWER ROW: Janice Stuckey, Kenneth Sorenson, Ernest Scoudan, Roberts Allen, Donald Molson, Carole Scott, SIXTH GRADE FIRST ROW: Nellu. Starkey, Kermit Wiseman, Sandra Scoudan, Laren Leaser, Diane Flanigan, Donald Owens, Sanda Roberts, Ronald jones, Wanda King, Paul Colin, SECOND ROW: Sheri-il Bradshaw, Marjorie Baker, james Moss, Norma Knight, Thomas Whitworth, Marelene Stroud, Leon Lealer, Violet Pittman, Dencll Bennett, jennings Conrad, THIRD ROW: Ronald Kissel, Ray Buchanan, Bobby Boss, FIFTH GRADE FIRST ROW: john Stephenson, Opal Teaiord, Gerald Bennett, LaDeane Hamrnond, Zackie Atkins, Elizabeth Mosson, Samuel Miller, Maxine Tucker, Richard johnson, Betty Miller, SECOND ROW: Ruth Marshall, Verile lngle, Margie McGovern, Gordon Bennett, Susie Stroud, Eugene Conrad, Irene Patton, C,j, Tucker, Dale Roberson, David Patton, ,THIRD ROW: Eugene Sherron, james Bennett, Dencll Bennett, Billy Taylor, Gerald Buford, 23 if lla THIRD GRADE FIRST ROW: Rollie Lynn Tillery, Rlnda Sturgill, Clarence Dillman, Clara Mae Stroud, Scottie Satterfield, Elizabeth Miller, Donald Sturgeon, Betty Conrad, johnny Conrad, SECOND ROW: Clifford Darnell, Eugene King, Sharonjohnson, Donald McGovern, Billy Stroud, Frederick Stroud, Delma Denbo, Robert Parr, Alice Faye Parr, THIRD ROW: Cleo Stroud, Shlrlla Stephenson, Ethel Onatott, Terry Smith, Carol Lane, james Miller, Martha Bennett, Donald Parks, Harry Dearborn, FOURTH ROW: Earl Ray, Alfred Combs, Mildred Campbell, Donald Tucker, Bonnie Bennett, V . - . - ---- --.--nv,. 'fy W I-lrrne1Allen, Evelyn Sturgeon, Barry Bryd, Lois I gf 'ji A Pittman, David Smith, Margaret Longest, X 4 THIRD ROW: Margaret Allen, Kathryn Bennett, Nancy Brown, Lynn Moss, Viola Conrad, ' ' ' "' Carol Abel, Betty Stroud, Rosalie Crews, Ruby Crawford, FOURTH ROW: Shelby Parks, Patsy Ann Sherron 24 Q wg FIRST GRADE FIRST ROW: Bonnie Sue Campbell, Shirley Lee Tucker, Doris Mae Highiill, Carolyn jean Nash, Anneitita Corine Moore, Virgil Lee Miller, Albernia Barbara Sherron, Vivian Imogene Dearborn, Wanda Buford, SECOND ROW: Bobby Lane, Marilyn Prestage, Robert Lee Taylor, Ronald Harvey jones, Angela Carol Rickenbaugh, Samuel Earl Barnett, Linda Kay jenner, Terry Lee McLain, Rena Mae Bobbitt, THLRD ROW: Donovan Parks, Nancy Lee Atkins, Franklin Elmo Stroud, Judith Ann Lone, Charles William Sherron, Frankie Nolan Gilliland, james Owen Judd, Robert Dean Stroud, Nancy Lea Bennett, FOURTH ROW: Roger Allan Lee, Cecil Allan Stroud, Tony Steven Sturgeon, Glenda Lou Smitson, Nancy Yvonne Real, SECOND GRADE FLRST ROW: Billy Dearborn, johnny Berry, Phyllis Buford, Guy Longest, Brinda King, Freddie Miller, Alice Crawford, Travis Baker, Patricia Flannigan, SECOND ROW: Charles Longest, Anna Moore, David Combs, joseph Mosson, Barbara Crews, Ray Sims, Sharon Wright, Gerald Mclvlahel, Mary Sturgeon, TI-HRD ROWg Rosalee Parks, Eugene Cline, Betty Hensley, Stephen Eastridge, Naomi Conrad, David Crews, Larry Rhodes, Ronald Allen, Z5 I X E. 1 - I 9 1 I gf " 1 GARNIE ax W ef W, M 5 ' 1 -I K ' . . , ,., S. Jlkfu' , "SWING SESSION ' ' ,H "JOHNNY" awp "C0U5l3NS" HOLAMOUR BOYS" "TALKING IT OVER " "sMrr1-Y Y I. I 5' K C , ' I A "SENIOR" ALICE "GI..AMOUR GAI..S" . I , 'MLJW . E 'W M-5 1 V s-M I, SWEET SUE" "SOME FUN" "Music LOVERS" Z 7 WHAT'S COOKIN' ? ' 'WE'RE BACKING YOU' 91529.-5 C 155555. Most versatile person Prettiest - I-land:-some Blue eyes Brow n eyes Most courteous Most vitality Friendliest smile Most humorous Best mimic Most studious Best athlete Truest blonde Truest brunette Prettiest red hair Most steady couple Most industrious Most dramatic Best figure Best dressed Best leadership Most cooperative Most glamorous Prettiest mouth Prettiest dimples Prettiest hair Prettiest chin Best singer Best dancer EEE!- Maxine Smith Doris Ann Dycus. Maxine Smith Helen Lee Gilliatt Lou Hanger Maxine Smith Doris Ann Dycus Maxine Smith Maxine Smith Nancy Stewart Maxine Smith Carolyn Oehmann Della Mae Starr Mildred Gilliatt joan Crews jean Fahr Lou Hanger Mildred Real Wanda Faulkner Maxine Smith jean Fahr Lou Hanger Doris Ann Dycus Lou Hanger Carolyn Oehmann Doris Ann Dycus Leatha Vandeveer Peggy Fergus on Z8 PQ! james Daily Phillip Spears Sidney Oehmann Phillip Spears joe Grant Willis Fussell Donald Wiseman john Henry Beasley john Henry Beasley james Daily Sidney Oehmann james Daily Bob Megenity Curtis Stephens on Dean Bowman joe Grant joe Grant Sidney Oehmann Bob Megenity joe Grant joe Grant Sidney Oehmann Phillip Spears Bobby Hollen Phillip Spears Gerald Hughes Craig Froman Willis Fussell NAME jean Fahr Wanda Gail Faulkner Maxine Smith Eugene Hammond Gerald Hughes Donald Wiseman Robert Megenity Roy O'Daniel Phillip Spears Hugh Pinnick jackie Brown Dean Bowman joan Crews Helen Gilliatt Lou Hanger Mary Tucvker Peggy Ferguson Lowell Miller Lillie Lee Highfill Craig Froman Gladys Husk joe Grant Leatha Vandeveer Garnet Barnett Gloria Beals Alice Mosson Nancy Stewart Cedric Wilson SENSE AND NONSENSE HOBBY Mus ic Mus ic Dancing Sports Sports Sports Sports Sports Sports Sports Bas ketball Bas ketball Mus ic Mus ic Dancing Skating Dancing Mus ic Reading Science Reading Resting Singing Mus ic Writing Mus ic Collecting records Sports Z 9 AMBITION Dietician Go to college Pick century flowers Loafer Politician Sport writer Retired bootlegger Millionaire Millionaire Banker Hobo King Coach Rich man's wife Nurse Politician Nurse Sai1or's wife Businessman Nurse Race car driver Telephone operator Businessman Office Girl Office Girl Farmer 's wife Housewife Concert Pianist Farmer K FIRST ROW: Ronald Denbo, Eugene McMahel, Sydney Oehmann, jake Zehr, Bud joe Eastridge, Doug Meginity, SECOND ROW: Clair Walton, Franklin Crews, jim Daily, Merle Roll, Don Bennett, Dean Bowman, W, T, Beasely, THIRD ROW: Coach Dotson, Mildred Real, yell-leader, john Flannigan, student-manager, Wayne Gilliatt, Wanda Faulkner, yell-lender, I. " , FLRST ROW: Mildred Real, Donald Wiseman, Arnold Voglesong, Willis Fussell, Ronald Denbo, Wanda Faulkner, SECOND ROW: Everett May, Gordon Husk, Alvin Conrad, Edgar Linton, john Hubbard, Coach J, B Dotson, THIRD ROW: Assistant Coach Beasely, Ralph Hammond, john Flannigan, Student-manager, Wayne Gilliatt, Yell-leader, 31 BASKETBALL 1948 -49 Schedule November English , , Z3 Pekin ,,,,, , November English , , , 38 IJeavenw'orth U November English , , , 53 Hardinsburg , November English , , , 30 Orleans , , , , November English , , , 31 New Salisbury November English , , , 58 Depauw , , , , , December English , , , 38 Birdseye , , , , December English , , , 33 Oil Twp , , , , December English , , , 37 Campbellsburg january English , , , 38 Marengo , , , , january English , , , 61 Hardinsburg , january English , , , 49 Laconia , , , , january Tournament English , , , 38 Dubois , , , , English , , , 75 Birdseye , , , , january English , , , 50 Leavenworth , Twenty -two men answered the first call for hardwood practice on October 3, With only one letterman returning it looked like a very disasterous season for the Raiders, however, the boys rolled up their sleeves and decided to fool the progno- sticators thus coming up with a 11 won 4 lost record to date, Coach john B, Dotson has experimented considerably with the Raiders and has produced a fine club of IZ men of which all will return next season, The Raiders were bolstered considerably with the addition ot Sidney Oehmann from Mel Vandermeer's second squad at jeffersonville, Sidney possesses more drive than any player on the Raider squad, The Raiders are very small this season, averaging only 5 feet 8 inches in height, As the Raiders are all underclassmen they should grow some by the time next season rolls around, The Raiders have had a fairly hard schedule for the season and next season they will have one of the hardest schedules in the history of the school, ' The Raider second team has also been having fairly good success for the season, having won nine games while losing four, Losses were to the "B" teams of Orleans, Oil TWP., Campbellsburg, and Hardinsburg, The little Raiders lost their game to Hardinsburg 2.5-2.3 after defeating them earlier in the season by a 44-16 score, Voglesong, Denbo, and Wiseman bore the brunt of the attack for the little Raiders, The English Grade school Panthers have also been enjoying a very successful season as they have not been defeated thus far, Victims of the Panthers have been Leavenworth, Hardinsburg, Morgan Twp,, Paoli, Birdseye, Marengo, Depauw, and Campbellsburg, In the recent invitational tournament the Panthers came out the champ ions, first disposing of Oil Twp,, then Leavenworth and then scalping the favored Charlestown Pirates in the final game, There were 54 awards in this tournament, the first of its kind ever held in English, Leading prospects for the high school team for next season are Stephenson, Haycox, and Tyler, Robert Mason received the sportsman- ship trophy and Merrill Stephenson received the scoring trophy from the Panther squad 32 FIRST ROW: David Seele, Robert Mason, Dencil Haycox, Merle Stephenson, joe Tyler, Bobby Gilland, Edward Stroud, SECOND ROW: Earnest Seoudan, Ralph Eddleman, Max Owens, Donald Monson, Mike Flanigan, Kenneth Briles, Coach Megenity, THLRD ROW: Marilyn Roberts, Doris Bea Ferguson, Myrna Denbo, FIRST ROW: Wilma jean Brown, Mary Frances Tucker, Mary Edith Brown, Della Mae Starr SECOND ROW: Peggy Ferguson, Mary jo Hammons, May Stroud, Mrs, Dotacn, Mary Reasor, Lucy Suddarth, 3 3 Librarians i TIES I ,bi 1-:Mi -fy ' Q!" ' 'Nh M ,X J""9 V aQff""'W-f'P"l'1f M M?-Q " ' f- 5-.5 fig t wa Q, f iff E we O N 'fa flnlvii' f, I ,lx -, FIRST ROW: SECOND ROW: fs. Q, " :ww-o To' A 'ggi-5, , Enola' .,e-La 'u f'7nr' .A-72.-.una -f Leatha Vandeveer, joan Crewe, Wanda Faulkner, jean Fahr, Treva. johnson, john Flanigan, Arnold VOBIGIOHB, Eltel Lee Parka, Mill Miller, Garnett Barnott, Robert Brown, jim Shields, John Hubbard, Wilma Brown, Do:-ia Dycul, joe Tyler, john Beasely, Mav Stroud, Mary Reasor, Della Mae Starr, P' 1 Ylmmo 'X 1 - W T ' . -M.s.f, .o ,S 1.244 .wa Q X, 'QJ' - no YW W .gy . - ,J-gf Af A , ' s W FIRST ROW: SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: ' ' r' No: ff 'f f 'Q ":. Wk-K-mln Treva johnson, Wilma Brown, Della Mae Starr, Mary Edith Brown, Betty Hubbard, Mildred Real, jean Fahr, Hazel Buford, Mildred Gilliatt, Sara Enlow, Mary Reaaor, Mabel Newton, Eugene McMahe1, john Flanigan, Choate:- Belcher, Margaret Crewe, Garnett Barnett, Leatha Vandeveer, Vernie Patton, Nancy Solomez, Mies Miller, Wanda Faulkner, Lucy Suddarth, May Stroud, Violet Smith, Margarle Enlow, Doris Dycul. Mary jo Hammono. 36 XT Q43fgyjuPfZ4 ,gfff QW NK fW"l""' W 9 WW I Q WSMM .. W W 'O gf 7 bzxofj yy gf H Tex do-raCxj.c,A' 0 MF WMW J 4, K 1 , iw ,A X - MV' if My WK fb X y :1gf EN My tj 4 3 xg" I f 3 WW? Manx WWZW -.1 ve ' Q. J1P'v:'GI . I, '11 3, qt. ,Q , If .fg,.q'g: V, we " '- .-., .L 15.7192 :M E' . n 'lf'-i-41,1 YI: v' -ffv' English State Bank THE BUSINESS n'.g-LBANKER WHEN HE WANTS TO OBTAIN FUNDS OR INVEST PROFITS: THE FARNIER WHO SECURES A LOAN FROM HIS BANK TO PURCHASE NEW EQUIP- MENTg THE HOUSEWIFE WHO MAINTAINS A CHECKING OR SAV- INGS ACCOUNT, TAKES ADVANTAGE OF THE GREATEST INTANG- IBI.E FORCE IN CIVIT H- JION ----- BANKING. --...a-' -f' THIS BANK OFFERS YOU A COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE. ENGLISH INDIANA - A 0dl..J,.J. Rofhrock's Go rage KAISER-F RAZER SALES SERVICE TIRES ACCESSORIES ENGLISH 'INDIANA YH? Ef K. Roggenkcxmp Co. CHEVROLET CARS AND TRUCKS OLDSMOBILE SALES 4' SERVICE wi? 24 HOUR WRECKER SERVICE MILLTOWN 'I' PHONE NUMBER 1 E.,.-- ,- 791.--f-A E' E N-,. .--.,'. .. GOODRICH 'I' CORDUROY TIRES GENUINE CHE VROLET 4' OLDSMOBILE PARTS 'I' ACCESSORIES WHOLESALE AND RETAIL D I ENE NUMBER 1 MILLTOWN INDIANA Forks Motor Soles PACKARD ucxs " ' ' ik It WILLYS-JEEP-STATION WAGON z AND 4 WHEEL DRIVE TRUCKS Ulf lk JOHN DEERE FARM INIPLEMENTS if It NEw IDEA FARM .NTS Ill Ill SALES SERVICE Ik Il' GENERAL REPAIR ON ALL MAKES , CARS-TRUCKS-T113-,,,,, -4' Ill Ill PARTS - ACCESSORIES - GAS - OIL TIRES - BATTERIES lk lk PHONE '78 ENGLISH INDIANA In AOXIKAT ij, www" ' ' 'fm YLALA MW9- NOLAJLYJ R93 Efqgnax' Do S H-Lf . ' u fi: 1 w wmes QYS A,-a'XL,,XQ3 Ld' yn.-allot' 0 'PEL' sMAqRuketA, LAMWNONA Nur,-x A ENGLISH I CONGRATULATIONS TO THE kmxiaw Tqwnmww English Theatre BEST IN ENTERTAINMENT X b'v . . ' . I A FIRST IN PICTURES IND IANA Byrf Shop 73337 r ! P J is DAYS OF REME NGE FOLLOW IN QUICK SUCCESSION . SO KEEP A I SUPETLY of 'r RE A s U R E M A s 'I' E R s GREETINGS ON I-IAND COATS, surrs, AND OTHER MERCHANDISE ENGLISH INDIANA - 5...--v 41- ...fvl ,bu L. . l . . - 9 '- , + K, X' -.,,,-nlf' 44 nn, . J. , COMPLIMENTS 2 Fil OF The Ideal Cleaners ......,,, -'ui -if tl KA --i----- . N, ' A -, , ,- CITY WIDE PICK-UP AND DELIVERY .- ,.-f "PZ T-5?-:ug-In 1 ,, x 1 - - -.'3 'v I .v U07 Fffs fd ff' ENGLISH INDIANA sm! W -.-. 5 A G. H. Easfridge YOUR INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER DEALER ' l bi- I Q ,, .I INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER PHONE 84 ENGLISH INDIANA R. E. LEE T. G. AUSTIN Aust: Electrical Sho P ,Q V, AA-J A, Hr IJ SHELLANE BOTTLE GAS DISTRIBUTOR C' fi ALL TY PES GAS AND ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES We Sell The Best And Service The Rest ENGLISH INDIANA - K. L. Scott KELVINATOR ELECTRIC STOVES AND DEEP FREEZE HORTON WASHERS AND IRONERS ELECTRIC LIGHT FIXTURES AND SUPPLIES L. ENGLISH , S' ""' INDIANA . I ,.. .Q FORD CARS AND TRACTORS HOT POINT REFRIGERATORS AND STOVES MAYTAG VVASHERS AND DUTCH OVENS STOVES 'I' FURNITURE 'Y ALL MERCHANDISE SOLD BY W. E. JENNER AND SONS A CAN BE PURCHASED ON THE I PAYMENT PLAN W. E. Jenner SQ Sons PHONE J31 MARENGO INDIANA M Mc: F Bank WHERE SAFETY AND SERVICE MEET MARENGO INDIANA Athns 84 Tucker Funer Y"Home T,,e,M,5m, Q is waxy AMBULANCE SERVICE ,W ,N ENGLISH INDIANA 4 1 Lg TO REACH A PROFITABLE MARKET .I '5 I PLACE YOUR MESSAGE IN THE DEMOCRAT, NEWS AND, MESSENGER QMEMBERS OF GREATER WEEKLYASQ W E CONCENTRATE ON NEWS OF CRAWFORD COUNTY Engligh Publishing Co. Mae Sfraad 5614414 L ofs tzwi 'ff'T1rQ' , a U 5 ' A 5:2113 jg. A 1 PAIN1' 4' WALLPAPER ALADDIN LAMPS AND REPAIRS f Y' SPEED QUEEN WASHERS fa 56" Afrazwv - DE LAVAL SEPARATORS GENERAL HARDWARE English Hardware Crawford County S , , ..!.,. , TW' 'rp eLUln.,'-'APGO I AGENT LOANS INSURANCE BONDS PHONE NO. 5 MAIN ST REE T ENGLISH INDIANA GO FIRST TO A :E ,, J f H b 'I' V ' Sitlsijfzi -uf' aa. .1 ' ngfisF To 1. Store FOR REAL BUYS I ENGLISH INDIANA First National Bank YOUR PATRONAGE APPRECIATED CHECKING ACCOUNTS SAVING ACCOUNTS ' LOANS AND TIME DEPOSITS MILLTOWN INDIANA Crawford Couary Farm Bureau Co-op. THE FARMER'S FRIEND FEED ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES FARM MACHINERY INSURANCE ENGLISH, INDIANA COMPLIMENTS OF Bill's Place PHONE 18 ENGLISH INDIANA f nw +1-fw-'ffv. .ra-ummm: Hotel English MODERN ROOMS NEW COFFEE SHOP MEALS SHO RT ORDERS SANDW ICHES I OF ALL KINDS Som Benz 84 Son DEALERS IN GENERAL MERCHANDISE DRY GOODS MEN'S AND BOYS' CLOTHING LADIES READY-TO-WEAR ZENITH RADIOS MARK EVERY GRAVE Roberts Granite Co. MONUMENTS AND MARKERS PRICE AND QUALITY C . W. ROBERTS ENGLISH INDIANA T. L. DAUGHERTY C. C. TURLEY English Lumber Co. DEALERS IN BUILDING MATE RIAL ENGLISH INDIANA Conn's General Store GROCERIES GENERAL MERCHANDISE Walls 84 Hanger REAL ESTATE PHONE 61 ENGLISH INDIANA COMPLIMENTS OF Derby Smith PLUMBER ENGLISH INDIANA , . . I, er ' S1 A3 Patton 81 Hammond DRUGS WALLPAPER SCHOOL SUPPLIES PAIN TS ENGLISH INDIANA CONIPLINIENTS OF . ENGLISH INDIANA Ricks General Merchandise DRY GOODS 4' GROCERIES FRESH MEATS ENGLISH INDIANA COMPLIMENTS OF Charles Lendruss ENGLISH INDIANA Hoosier State Gas. FOR LESS KEROSENE - 174' PER GALLON CANDY TOBACCO SOFT DRINKS ED BARRAW, MANAGER COMPLIMENTS OF ' 7 Bail s Barber Shop ENGLISH INDIANA COMPLIMENTS OF Fout'S Jewelry ENGLISH I INDIANA Cox'S Grocery MEATS VEGETABLES ICE C REAM ENGLISH INDIANA Sanitary Market R, E. DEER, OWNER FROZEN FRUITS ar VEGETABLES AND FISH FRESH MEATS AND VEGETABLES MARENGO INDIANA .A.- .,- 4 ' P' Q ""'1 "7 2 " 1- 1511- , 'L Au- Q 1-H554-in 1'NL'y'-Jifaz. - 'Uf6i4T1,9'!:' -4 -gJ,5Li.,x4 J- V . L,, V: ,. .s, W Y i v 1. ,F . COMPLIMENTS F ROM Joys Beauty Shop ALL KINDS OF BEAUTY WORK JOY DICUS MARENGO INDIANA MOCKS RADIO SERVICE Phzlgas Ranges Phllco Radlos Servlce On A11 Makes and Models Phone 39 Complmments Of H VS M O C K Enghsh Ind1ana 9 English Indiana Compliments Of I R V I N G C H A S E "Official Englishman Photographer" Class of 1949 We Congratulate You B A L F O U R William Farr F A U L K N E R' S For Goods That Satisfy Clothing For The Entire Family Dry Goods - Notions English Indiana B A R K S D A L E S Ladies and Mens Wear Dry Goods - Shoes First With The Latest of the Best Paoli Indiana STANDARD OIL COMPANY H. T. Eastridge, Agent English Indiana D. D. B A R K S D A L E Frigidaires Appliances Zenith Radios Thor and Blackston Washers HANGER'S FEED STORE Best Prices in Feeds English Iridiana DODGE AND PLYMOUTH Sales and Service Phone 30 Milltown Indiana l i -A W HAMMOND 81 FRAKES English, Indiana We1comeTo JOHNSON'S GROCERY Groceries Meats English, Indiana G U Y G O L D M A N Gas Gulf Oils Tires Cigarettes Soft Drinks English, Indiana THE PAOLI REPUBLICAN An Orange County Institution P6-Oli Indiana TOM'S PLUMBING SERVICE Plurnbing - Steam and Hot Water Heating I 58 Court Place Phone 4681 Paoli, Indiana HEISE BROTHERS Manufacturers and Dealers In Feed Flour Ice Paoli, Indiana Compliments Of AMERICAN SECURITY COMPANY Personal Loans Auto Finance Paoli, Indiana Compliments Of MARGARET BENNETT Hardware Marengo ROY TOWER Feeds G roce r ie s Indiana !?..Q9.S.'5 5.13 Compliments Of MILLER'S APPAREL Marengo, Indiana WE WISH TO THANK THE ADVERTISERS FOR HELPING MAKE THIS BOOK POSSIBLE.

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