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1 Y -'Z .3 ' . IX ey-w z 1+ N W "7"' i PURPLE AND WHITE pubzfshedby ENGLEWOQD HIGH SCHQOL 6201 STEWART AVENUE CHICAGO 21, ILLINOIS 'APRIL 1954 b7pyJAYc5 00 0 n I f' A , Englewood is a proud old name and a Hne old tradition in the history ot Chicago. Its ideals have helped torm the character and personality of some of the nation's finest men and women. The story ot Englewood is a success story in every area touched by a good American high school. Many trophies in the display locations attest to victories won on the athletic Held. The school's physical growth is shown in the many additions and expansions ot build- ings and grounds made through the years. The dedi- cated teachers, past and present, who have devoted their lives to the molding ot younger lives bear eloquent testimony to the living flame which education is at its best. Pure gold is the boy or girl turned into a well- proportioned man or woman by the lathe ot society called Englewood High School. Educated to the tull extent of his mental abilities, developed into the best type ot American citizen, raised to the highest broed level ot character and ethical standards, the Englewood graduate ot today and tomorrow can walk proudly with head high, serene in the knowledge that, like his pre- decessors, he can reach the topmost rungs ot whatever ladder he wishes to climb. Students and teachers- l ask that you ioin me in a salute to the glorious past, the golden present - and the glowing tuture ot Englewood High School. Let us be proud ot being part ot Englewood's long and vibrant lite stream. Let our attitudes, our actions and our achievements show us to be equal to the responsibilities which accompany the privilege ot belonging to Engle- wood. A f Z . L- , X25 if 5 T z W.. 5 x '14, A , ,,,. , u W ,..M.-....,,,.w,m-v-.sw-m-s 1' A .ge 5 1 Mr. Nowinson, Mr. Kriewitz, Mr. McAdams ond Group of Students in Festive Mood As They Chat About Englewood Tro ditions in Front of Main Entrance to the School. E ' ' ' EOORWAYS . .. WHAT MEMORIES THEY 'AWAKEN Generations and Generations Have Passed Through Them . . . Freshmen Entering Englewood Filled with Awe and Anticipation . . . Seniors Leaving The School with Diplomas Under Their Arms and Mixed Feelings in Their Hearts . . . Young New Teachers Buoyant with Enthusiasm . . . Old Teachers Retiring Atter Decades ot Devoted Service . . . A Long Procession of Pioneering Principals . . . Graduates Who Have Built Fine Homes, Reared Splendid Families, Distinguished Themselves in Business and Industry, the Arts and Professions, Peacetime and Wartime Contributions to the Welfare ot Their Country and ot All Mankind. YN i, 'tif N K. K. 1' A Rc 7 -' 'Q ws- gk -M . 'I Y Q wi: , ""'FhLEl UMW ffrexwng k'L+ lillil' KI 1 TfNireeet?sP4giQil,L7l. 'milf , A S , -wwwwww,-v,wf,W--my1fm,ww11ffwgfmwgwf-ywqg-fmqg-www,wwfl-fgfwxngmmgwfy-gy-552947., , 1 ,, . x DCORWAY A Page 6 48. A 'fm JOORWAYS. . More Doorways'to Knowledge, Understanding, ln- sight, Mental and Physical Development, Companionship, Preparation for Well-Rounded Adulthood . . . Doorways Through Which You Have Passed Hundreds ot times . . . Doorways Which Will Ever Remain Dear in Your Memory As Symbols of Your Passage From Childhood to Young Manhood or Young Womanhood. l M515 ,,.. ,W Three Score and Seven Years Ago Our Predecessors Placed this Plaque Above the Cornerstone ot One ot the Buildings That Today Forms a Subsidiary Section ot the Great Struc- ture in Which Our School is Housed. Just as We Still Use the Building They Erected, So too do We - Whether We're Aware of it Or Not - Still Partake of the Spirit Which Has Come Down to Us Through the Years From Them. . is-12'?Q,1 I ., .,vvwmq -'Y H- V ..OUD ENGLEWOGD Three Stained Glass Windows Merged To Form a Grand Scale and Ever-Inspiring Work of Art. Beautiful to Behold, They Con- vey to All Who Pass and Stop to Look A Stirring Reminder of the Love and Loyalty Bygone Generations Hove Felt For Dear Old Englewood. IN AND ARCDUND Mr Nowinson Chatting with Group of Students . -lm, W-..-. OUR NEW LEADER It didn't take long to decide to whom to dedicate the T954 PURPLE AND WHITE. Its theme being, "The Englewood Tradition Marches On," the logical choice tor the dedicatory honor could be none other than our genial new principal: Samuel L. Nowinson. Upon his shoulders now rests the chief responsibility of directing this march. So with deep appreciation and aftection the editors ot the i954 PURPLE AND WHITE dedi- cate it to the stalwart, scholarly, and warmhearted new administrative head ot our school. In the tew months he has been with us, we have come to know him as a man at broad sympathies and wide interests. A kindly, consider- ate man with a positive attitude, he strives always to influence others by appealing to the best in them rather than by harping on their shortcomings A discriminating literary scholar, he wears his scholarship lightly, but is ever keenly aware ofthe extent to which true educational values are being effectively imparted in any given situation. A tar- seeing executive, he quickly senses how much re- sponsibility peaple under his supervision can carry and then encourages them to do their best in their own way. He .likes people and people like him. He particularly likes students and teachers, and one ot his chief concerns is that they should be happy in their work. The educational and character- building obiectives which he advocates for Engle- wood are high indeed, and he is convinced they can best be attained in an atmosphere ot selt- discipline, cooperation, cheertulness, confidence, and good will. Such a leader should be an inspiration to all ot us to carry on with a will and to keep the Englewood tradition ever present in our minds as a stimulus to higher and higher attainments. Such a leader should inspire all ot us to live and help live, do and help do. Page 9 m ' T. . 154151, f,.-Y ...- -Zlfwmf ...i-+ I X v1,..f , 1,..W,,. 1 Qifgfg1jQwilQ .EMM -E END ' T A li' li l . ggi- Mal T H E . T 'X f. v TT w as an X , X s- li ii l lgiiil .-LQ: ',' ff, , lk yi. in , ,N ' Wh, J T E N G L EW O O D if lf T R A D IT i o N , ,, ff, - ' X 5, , N ,A l f - V Y ' ii: . Q 4 it T Kiel Zsiglllggklk Q li T ' GXAYOQ fit! M A R C H E S 0 N TL -5-., s 1 m,iQ.'gi ,UT , J' X - Y, ' ' f of riffs lil :rf ak ,Bl FM , ez T is vi. ss -, Page 10 A., "Soldiersl Forty cenfuries are watching you from yonder pyramids!" shouted Napoleon. Hurled forth by The "Little Corporal" during his Egyptian campaign of l789, This lightning-like outcry served as a Transfusion of vitality, IT lifted The hearts of his Troops and swept away Their fatigue, boredom, homesickness. ln a flash iT gave Them a rendezvous with history. Boys and girls of Englewood High you are not soldiers, you are not weary and homesick, you are not within sighT of an awesome monument repre- senfing ancienT civilization. If you stop To Think, how- ever, you can have your own rendezvous with hisfory. Indeed, you rub shoulders and Touch hands spiritually with bygone generations day after day as you move Through The corridors of our school, perform required Tasks in iTs classrooms, laboratories, library, study halls, shops, studios, gymnasiums, and auditorium. You are part of a stream that may be said To have begun flowing way back in l859. That year The first school To be built on our campus opened its doors. And part of The vast and winding structure which houses Englewood High Today has been standing since l883. What does This mean? It means much, buT most of what iT means cannot be Touched nor held .. .mums 2 with one's hands, nor seen with one's eyes, nor even put into words. You might say Englewood High has a long and cherished Tradition of excellence in scholarship, in The arts, in athletics, of loyalty To ideals, of note- worthy achievements by its alumni. All This is True, decidedly true. But iT is probably equally True of many another American high school. This probability should, of course, not diminish our pride and feeling of good fortune in being The onward bearers of The illustrious Englewood Tradition IT should not diminish in The least The sense of respon- sibility and The stimulation associated with, and ema- nating from, The rich history of our school. More intriguing, however, is That which glis- Tinguishes Englewood from any other high school. And This is more difhcult To puT one's finger on Than even The characteristics which distinguish any human being from all others. Many of The facfors which have played a determining part in The history of Englewood have been largely products of what, without going into o very involved analysis, we can only call chance. Some are traceable To The vision, courage, will, and influ- ence of principals, Teachers, sTudenTs, and The par- NX yqwxa Mil x X. x' ff? 5? ,.,..,,...,. 5 1 Q: if x x N xv, , ,,..f"-"' 7 .-1' , . N A 1 ' f 11- Saw Sfwfffff 8 l?5lUWfAw, f P Date X 0 5211-113 .1 I5' .,...:" '.,. S V' if. 'X ' izgygg s.L.NowsNsoN,PRsN. J.C.KRlEWlTZ,ASST,PI2IN. Page I2 Sung by Mixed Chorus, Under Direction of Mr. Bottom, Christmas Carols Fill Air with Joy ents of students. Some-perhaps most-have been more or less byproducts of general trends in the com- munity and in the held of education. Speculation along such lines is interesting but not very fruitful in the way of conclusive findings. One cannot even draw a sharp line of demarcation between the products of what we call chance and those of deliberate planning. Moreover, is it not true that every student who ever attended Englewood High, every teacher who ever taught in it, every principal who ever directed its general course of action came here, at least in part, by what we call chance? All right, then, all of us are at Englewood in a measure by chance. Also, we realize that in many respects the Englewood tradition is not very different from that of many another American high school. There still remains, however, the fact that we are identified with Englewood, that it has become an indelible part of us and we of it, and that there are in its history and tradition elements of a distinctive, if not unique, character. "Tit 'N e , Hearts are Light and Spirits High at Banquet given hy the Home Economics Department for our Foothall Team What are these distinctive elements? What is their value? How do they affect us? Such questions are much easier to ask than to answer. That in the Englewood tradition which is dis- tinctive or unique and its impact upon us may be compared in nature and value to sott music at twis light, sunrise on the ocean, a summer sunset, the smile of a baby, moonlight on an orchard in full bloom, the courage of a lone individual rushing into a blaz- ing house to save the lite of a neighbor, the tortitude ot a scientist risking everything to carry through a crucial experiment, any oct ot unostentatious kind- ness or friendship, a song ot love sung on a spring evening, a poem, a painting, an eternal truth beauti- tully phrased, Look over your shoulders, boys and girls, as you proceed on your way through Englewood l-ligh School. Behind you stretches a long, long procession reaching all the way back to 1859. The thousands and thousands in that procession have passed much on to you-much that you should cherish, much that can help you. -g,ww-M-, ,W Paqe I3 Symbolic Rifuals Honor SocieTies' Assembly Page 14 Featured aT The school song brings iT To you. So does The lVliliTary Roll of Honor. So do our sTained glass win- dows. So do The many and various Trophies, inscripe Tions, and The like. BUT noThing can bring IT To you so Tully and forcibly as your own imaginaTion. And whaT can you do To be worThy of such a TradiTion? The answer To This is The same as The ad- vice appropriaTe for anyone who wishes To be like some greaT man or woman. Anal TT is This. Be True To The besT in yourself. ThaT is The prime essenTial of greaTness and of all worThwhile achievemenT. Be True To The besT in yourself. ThaT is The 'rinesT conTribuTion you can make To The Englewood TradiTion. ThaT is The mosT valuable way you can help keep iT marching onward wiTh banners held aloTT. J. Z. Jacobson l Lf. , A l THAT SENIOR FEELING By Constance Bennett So at last you're a senior! You've spent four precious years in high school. They've been filled with ioys and with heartaches. You've grown in four big ways: physically, emotionally, intellectually, and soc- ially. lt's been wonderful. You remember the time when you tried to become a cheerleader or a class officer or a member of this or that athletic team, You hoped desperately, but you didn't make it. And for months afterward you went around with a hurt feeling inside. You recall your Honor Society or 500 Club initiation. You had to bow humbly to club mem- bers. Also, for days you were required to carry around a bulging shopping bag, wear clothes inside out, keep your hair in pin curls, cover your face with cold cream, go about with mis- matched socks. Sure, you looked a mess but it was fun. You think back to the balmy spring day when friendly rivalry filled the air as the 4A's locked horns with the 4B's in a bing-bang base- ball game. Your thoughts hark back to the concentrated cramming of seniors determined to pass the Constitution Test, and you shudder at the thought of the possibility of failure. There comes to mind the school's losing streak in football, and you re-live the excite- ment you experienced as, amidst wild cheering, you carried the ball for the touchdown which brought the first victory of the season. Then there's Hobo Day when you came to school looking your worst and a prize was awarded to the senior who looked most like a real hobo. What fun, what hilarity there was in the halls on that day. Going back further and further in your memory, you recall your first frightening freshie Mr. Nowinson Receiving Gift to School from January, 1954, Graduates days. How huge Englewood High seemed to you, and how complicated. Many a time you secretly wished you were back in the familiar environment of your elementary school. lt was exciting too, however. And it gave you a feel- ing of victory to move on to your sophomore year. Suddenly you realized the school was not so big and complicated after all, and that the other students, and even the teachers, were human beings like yourself. lf you're a girl you remember how you began to notice especially the tall boy with the nice smile who sat next to you in English or some other class. If you're a boy you probably recall how you began to pay particular atten- tion to the pretty girl who had a locker near yours. Before long you were exchanging shy re- marks and then you were going on your first date together. lf you're a girl you may also Page I5 Page 16 Proud Procession of January, 1954, Grads. recall The nice senior who showed you how To dance and Took you To a formal Tor The TirsT Time. Then your iunior slipped up on you. ThaT's The year, you recall, you Tried To aTTend all The school dances as well as all The baskeTball, baseball, and TooTball games you could. You began To ioin school clubs, Too. You remember geTTing your TirsT job so you could buy The nice cloThes you wanTed. lT began To dawn on you ThaT school plays a very imporTanT parT in your life. You really began To enjoy your Spanish class, or was if mechanical drawing or cloThing or hisTory? NexT'? Need l say whaT came nexT - The lasT lap of The race, The beginning of The senior year. VVhaT a Thrill you TelT when you firsr slip- ped your class ring on your finger. You wanTed To show iT To everyone. Then came speculaTion, guessing, hoping in regard To The Senior TheaTre parTy, your parT in The class prophecy, The place and Time of The class luncheon, The prom, The graduaTion pro- gram, your picfure in The Annual. As The 'final year draws To a conclusion your ThoughTs are Turned Toward The Big Morn- enT when your high school diploma will be handed To you. This is whaT you've longed Tor, This is whaT you've dreamed abouT. BUT as you sTand There erecT in your cap and gown, There's a Tug aT your hearT. IT's an old sTory ThaT's ever new. Ahead of you may be college, a job, ser- vice in The Army, Navy, or Marines. And be- yond that, not too far off, perhaps marriage and a home of your own. Behind you are four fruitful years of learning, friendship, growth that you'll never forget, Your childhood is be- hind you, too. Now you're beginning to cross the bridge to young adulthood. Behind you are helpful teachers, familiar surroundings, a wide variety of memories. Yoc made many friends among your fellow students, some of whom you knew even before you en- tered high school. You can'T help wondering what will happen to This one or that - the popular girl who made such a hit as a cheere leader, the boy who did so well in public speak' ing, The agile young lady who aspires to a career as a professional dancer, The young man who wants to become a lawyer and go into politics, The fellow who was so good in drawing, The lad who writes poetry, the lass who knew S., X, I-iii .Q .K e 3' -n V , .xl . .gs 'X to January, l954, Grads Singing School Song all The answers in history, and the other one who wants to be an actress. Then there is The football hero and his am- bitions. And what about yourself - where will you turn? What will you do? What will you become? Who can tell? As Shakespeare said, "We know what we are, but not what we may ban v, You know the past four years have left with you a harvest of memories you'll always treasure. You know it will all be behind you soon f the high school games, parties, dances, assemblies, and class room adventures in learn- ing. What a bittersweet feeling This realization brings to your heart, Now you are all-impor- tant, exalted, a senior - the obiect of all kinds of special attention. Soon this, too, will be just a memory. But what a memory! ,. ..., Page I7 v V-Y-v-gpm Englewood's repuTaTion is, in large parT, based on The cIominanT aTTiTude oT iTs sTudenTs Through The years. WhaT has This been? IT has been The Icind oT aTTiTude ThoT expresses iTselT in good CiTizenship. The meaning oT This in The way OT conducT in a presenT-day American high school is TeIIingIy'broughT ouT in Phedonia Jones' prize- winning essay on The subiecT. IT was chosen as The besT Trom among The numerous praiseworThy pieces enTered in The Good CiTizenship essay conTesT conducTed aT our school lasT semesTer under The auspices oT Goon CITIZENSHIP AND THE ENGLEWOOD TRADITION The Englewood I-Iigh School Cilrizenship Corn- miTTee.' ITs Teacher members, wiTh Miss GroaT as chairman, acTed as iudges of The conTesT. Be- sides Miss GroaT These are Mr. STone, Mr. Cornelius Johnson, Miss Gwendolyn Williams, and Mrs. Qoylqaas. ParTicuIarly worTh noTing is The TacT ThaT Phedonia Jones loT Miss Meyer's division in room ZIOI was a IB when she wroTe The blue ribbon essay. This beTolcens much as To whaT may be expecTed of her in The TuTure, I-Ier essay Tollowsz Runners-Up in Good Cifizenship ConIesT s w . Lai -I 1-9 . -ffs:-- H r' , IKEA? hRXh 22531 I n Charles Adams showing Mr. Cheadle Merit Award Charles received from Calumet Ben Franklin Club for Excellence in Printing LET'S BE GOOD CITIZENS By Phedonia Jones Training in citizenship is an importantopurpose ot education. We need to learn to live with others in our community, our state, our country, and our school. To be a good citizen ot Englewood High or any other school, or ot a state or a community, one must, tirst ot all, obey certain basic laws. This is fundamental. The good citizen ot the school res- pects the school's rules ot conduct. He abides by them in the same spirit as a true sportsman abides by the rules ot a game. He pays heed to righttul authority wherever he meets it. Rules ot Our School The tollowing are some at the rules ot our school: ll.l Keep to the right when wallcing up and down the stairs and through the halls. l2.l Keep waste paper ott the tloor. l3.l Keep washrooms clean and respectable. l4.l Don't leave the school unless you have been dismissed or it is your lunch time. These are only a tew rules ot our school. Do we obey them? Do we respect them? Do we abide by them as we would by rules ot a game? Rendering Service A second duty ot a good school citizen is to render service. One ot the problems ot today is the retusal or unwillingness ot able and intelligent students to give ot their ability in the school where it is needed. The character ot the school depends upon the character ot the students. lt capable students are unwilling to serve the school, those who are incapable or seltish will manage the school's attairs. The results will be harmtul to all. Realizing his obligations to the school, the good student, as a citizen ot the school, is always ready to respond to the call ot the school's need. Love of the School lt is the student's duty as well as his privilege to love the school. The true student teels a deep attection tor his school. He cherishes its past, be- lieves in its ideals, has taith in its tuture. The true student shows his devotion by personal sacritice tor the weltare ot the school. He pertorms 'iaith- tully the ordinary "hurndrums" ot its everyday procedure. He appreciates the admirable qualities ot his school and does all he can to help overcome its detects. The good citizen ot the school is alert. He tamiliarizes himselt with its history. acquires an understanding ot all its departments, lceeps posted as to its day-by-day doings. . The good citizen ot the school is open-minded and tolerant. He gives heed to the viewpoints ot others. He welcomes new ideas. He has strong convictions, but changes his mind whenever he realizes he is wrong. Courage Needed The good citizen ot the school is courageous. He stands up tor what he believes is right. He op- poses iniustice wherever he tinds it. The good citizen ot the school is honest. He lceeps his word. He never misleads nor deceives others. He can be counted upon. He is trustworthy and de- pendable. The good citizen ot the school is cooperative. He is a comtortable companion. He gets along with people. He can give and take. He pulls well in harness, carries his share ot the load and al- ways does his part. He is excellent in team-worlc. To sum it all up. a good citizen ot Englewood Page 19 '1""" mvfslww 3 O E , 'WO Jesse Owens, Celebraied Olympic Star Addressing Englewood Cifizenship Assembly ENGLEWOOD MIXED CHORUS Top Row l: B. Websier, G. l-lurii, M Clark, C. Wiiliarris, A. l-loile R Armslrong, L. Williamson. Row 2 R. Wriglwi, A. l-lamplon M Brooks, C. Jones, L. Prince, C Kniglwf, E. Rob erson, L. Hampiori, J, Webber. Row 3: R. Johnson, C. Paiierson, W. Norman, A. B . rodley, J, O Neal, T. Brewer, D Benneii, L. Donegan, E. Pryor. ENGLEWOOD MIXED CHORUS Bottom Row l: A. Miicliell Z Slams ll, R. , . e Anilwany, A. Roberfs, J. Paylon, S. Mix, Y. Garrison. Row 2' C. Adams, B. Parker. G. Koen B Smith, A. Woiers, J. Tale, E. Hol- lins. Row 3: E. Sfewari, E Can- irell, B. Rodgers, L. Jones, G. Usli- er, C. Traylor, S. Anderson, J. Damrnons, M. Siondard. Row 4: R. Salley, M. Poole, B. Ross, M. Dales, N. Gudger, J, Sfevens, B. Byrd, P. Sienson, L. Bradley, A. Brooks, J. Forbes, A. RrQSl'wOOCl. Students Taking Chicago MoTor Club Driver's TesTs High School is one who abides by The golden rule: "Do unTo oThers as you would have Them do unTo you." An old rule, iT is Today, as in The pasT, The besT guide To good ciTizenship and good relaTions gen' erally-in The school, The home, The neighborhood, The ciTy, The sTaTe. The naTion, and The world. Five Runners-Up Originally iT was planned To give honorable menTion To Tour essays selecTed Tor ThaT disTincTion Trom all Those enTered in The conTesT. This was To be done, aT course, aTTer The prize-winning piece had been chosen. ln The end iT was decided To piclq Tive insTead OT Tour runners-up. These are Lucille King oT Mrs. Gays 4A division, Gloria SmiTh aT Miss Rooney's 4B division, Jerry Ann SmiTh aT Mrs. MoTen's 4A division, Warren Jones oT Mrs. LedbeTTer's BA division. and Marian l-lunT aT Mrs. FosTer's 3A division. WorTh pondering and Talcing To hearT are re- marlcs made in The essays oT This guinTeT aT young Thinlcers. "Young ciTizens," says Lucille King in her piece, "musT recognize ThaT alThough They have privileges They also have duTies and responsibiliTies . . She goes on To observe: "Wheii you have res- pecT Tor auThariTy and caoperaTe wiTh Those in charge, and when you boosT and help promoTe any worThy cause oT your school, you have The righT Tundamenlrals OT ciTizenship aT Englewood l-ligh." CourTesy is sTressed by Gloria SmiTh, who, in her essay, noTes: "Being courTeous is always ac- cepTed as a sign oT good breeding. lT should be pracTiced aT all Time Towards The members oT The TaculTy, Tellow sTudenTs, and visiTors." Jerry Ann SmiTh emphasizes The imporTance OT respecT. Says she: "SelT-respecT, respecT Tor oThers, and respecT Tor public properTy are highly es- senTial elemenTs OT good ciTizenship." The oTher Two runnerseup, Marian l-lunT and Warren Jones. 'philosophize' more broadly in Their essays. "l-ligh School," declares Marian, 'lhas done much in The way aT helping me undersTand people beTTer . . . l have learned ThaT There musT be give and Talce iT liTe is To be pleasanT, and ThaT pa- Tience oTTen malces one The winner in The long run. Warren sTril4es a paTrioTic noTe. "Qur America," he poinTs ouT, "would noT be The land iT is iT each ciTizen ThoughT only oT himselT. The greaTness aT America is based on our ThoughTTulness Tor one anoTher. lT will conTinue only iT American men, women, and children play The 'game aT liTe' Tairly wiTh respecT and consideraTion Tor The righTs aT oThers. The same may be said aT our school-- good old Englewood High." OThers WorTh MenTioning OuTsTanding among oThers who submiTTed inTer- esTing essays Tor consideraTion in The conTesT are Doreene liranlclin, Peggie Chambers, Barbara Mc- Kinney, Fannie l.. l-laile, EdiTh R. Burrounghs, Marie E, Laclcey, Faye Miller, Clara Williams, Frances Jaclcson, RoberT Brown, MaeTTa T-larris, Barbara Kline. Carolyn l-lasson, Nellie Marie Jones, and JuaniTa Kidd. Page 21 Page 22 " .7 'J QOADWAY AND HOLLYWOOD TAKE NOTICE Englewood Players Do I+ Again By Ernece Kelly Surely Jane Kendall could hardly have dreamed of a high school drama group presenling her superb dramaiizaiion of Jane Aus+en's celebrared novel, Pride and Preiudice, as well as The Englewood Players did on lhe evening oi January IS, l954, under lhe direciion of Mrs. Leclbeiler. I+ was a vivid and convincing porirayal 'rhey gave ihal evening, in Fullerion l-lall al +he Ari lnsiiiule, of an anxious moiher awail- ing suilors io marry her five "nor 'foo anxious" daughiers and of much Thar Jrranspired Jrhereaiier in ihe life of lhe immorlal Benner family. Lydia, one of The younger daughiers, is +he lirsl +o gel married. She eloped. This pleased her molher bui slarlled her ialher. Jane and Elizabelh are making plans for Their marriage .when ihe play ends. Mary, rhe inielleciual, is more inler- esied in knowledge and i+s applicaiion ihan in finding a husband. So she remains unwed, when lhe final curiain descends, as does also lhe youngsier, Carherine, who is sfill giddy and childish. Wilh lhree of iis members gone or aboul io leave, lhe Benner family coniinues ils happy exislence. And one gol Jrhe 'feeling ihal ir would remain equally happy aiier lhe olher lwo daughiers had lalcen on lhe bonds ol mairimony. L. ..., 1- lu E2 c. 3 '5 LLI cz CL 'U C fU u.: Q D1 9 ,- E o L- HI- mn GJ C CD u mn U3 .E X ': +- U7 OUR CROSS COUNTRY BOYS CHAMPIONS ONCE MORE Oclober 3I, I953, was a red leffer day in The Englewood calendar. On lhal day our cross-counfry runners won Jrheir Third oily championship in Tour years. They scored a 'rolal of 74 poinls. Percy Brown came in Zd, Anlhony Mason 6+h, Donald Jenlcins I6'rh, Theodore Saunders I9lh, and James Ashley 3lsl'. Thus They richly earned a permanenf place in The illuslrious Englewood lraclilion. City Champions Crrv x.b..,, 'V-Quia , rg--.......,. M wing' vu.-gpvn , ,A W ff 4 'gn s?g"""mf '3 "ff, ,A A.. flaw' gilgivga A x P f-mv.-. ws X1 ff . bf. Rahbmu Wfom by gm CrQ55 Comwy Rurwmg Q 'LR ,N if 'Q ,M.. rj? ,F , f . dwg 4 'Rf 32 fu-y-Qm 4 H 2 . V 5 K, 5, N.,- fig 5 5' , h W 1 1 l 5xf-lfgf ig- - v 1Y b - -ci A L ,s,5 ENGLHE-WOOD-A an if 'P f A an ilzuziwggi Wg 56? M 1 ,lf If 3 FW , 'ar f ,.,:1:1.,- a:. -'-: 31,2 ::' "" .r.. ,j, ' L M fe, pd, ,. ,. V , m mm X , WA iw? ,f- .f 2 .- ., Q ,Nm,v.1fhe,wMWwrW':5Q1M 77 zzN.M . Nif'f'ff :-2-221211 '.,..s., H- , , , , .1 .,.. - . , I Q. www www, WWI-I ,MW ,M QM, ..., ., H A 1 , , V , ff-f1f2,w ,Y gfgphf, 9, I , 25? ,J wziiifgimi?-g2asxJmnyigwyfif "5f:g1g.'-zrrg. " g 2 W1 Mafwbiimz,:'SfHfA?953gTf2fi?2?4?95bliPw':'f15Mm:5L .- 1 1235- 1 .ffr 4 4 g -T41 E li " ' g, if f I 2 33' 'gif ?i:?i:53E2ZW " '14 I I n ,.ws,,, 7,3242 . I N 'I 1,4 f 1' , ' Q' - 7 ' 2 6 ed: -, 1 zz: L j ,.Q,,:W,, ., .5352 : . ,v...x, . ., . If Q, Q i N I I .J ,X 'Sh 1 as .Q ,A 7 HIPS 5 f . Q 3 5 x 'W , A 3 .uf I YV? ,Sm V I O 'I i .. . - 5 -' S 5 5 . ..g.Q:, ,,,., , FE? . 3,1 Q, ...:.. 1 'I 11 fi ' an Rl3fFCL SPONSORS SPARKLING MILITARY , BALL Qucen's Court in AII Its Glamour' Page 27 . SSSS S A Englewoods lirsl annual mililary ball. lweld Friday evening, Oclober 30, l953 al llne Parlcway Ball Room, wenl over willi a bang. In addilion lo l72 coders anc llieir girl friends, prominenl mililory officers, our principal, assislanl principal, anc R Q T C ollier members ol our lacully parlicipaled, The main even? ol rlwe evening was line coronalion ol Gale Palricia l-lunl o queen ol llie ball. Slwe was clwosen lor llnal lwiglw dislinclion by lime officers of llws B A L L Englewood R.O.T.C. unil. Rose llnompson served os lwer maid ol lnonor. Hel ladies-in-wailing were Ernece Kelly, Clwarlolle Good, Gloria Smilln, Slwirley Dupree Barbara Sims, and Sliiela Jolnnson. Our R.O.T.C. Drill learn won llfie applause of all willn 'llieir snappy lormalions and lively music was supplied by Caplain Waller Dyel're's scinrillaling band. Drill Tcani in Smart Forinalions Tlie Queen is Crowned. Long Live the Queen. Spgnwi-5 and Sp-ggigl GUESQ5 BWBS' Miss Butler in Laborafory DemonsTraTion AMERICA FACE TO FACE By Sheila BuTIer lMiss Bu+Ier, an exchange Teacher Tronn England, is This year Teaching biology aT Englewood in place of Miss Biagini, who, To balance maTTers, is over in England serving Tor Two semesTers as a biology insTrucTor aT The UniversiTy oT London InsTiTuTe oT EducaTion, in place of Miss Bufler. The Tollowing piece by Miss BuTler, wriTTen specially Tor The PURPLE AND WHITE, gives a Tresh and ilIuminaTing view oT our counTry as seen Through The eyes oT a sensiTive and observanT scholar from abroad.-The EdiTors.l AlThough I have now been in America Tor more Than a half year, I sTiII TrequenTly Teel ThaT I am living in a dream world and ThaT, presently, I shall awalcen. For some considerable Time I had ThoughT Iongingly oT a visiT To The UniTed SToTes. YeT when I was TorTunaTe enough To be acTualIy on my way I could hardly believe iT was so. MonThs before sailing I ThoughT abouT Samuel Johnson's remark: "I-Ie who would bring home The wealTh oT The Indies musT carry The wealTh OT The Indies wiTh him." This sharpened my reaIizaTion ThaT in Traveling one musT carry lcnowledge wiTh him if he wishes To bring home Icnowledge. T-lence l made several visiTs To The American library in Grosvenor Square, London. I read Iooolcs on American hisTory and absorbed The conTenT oT numerous volumes on The American way oT life, par- Ticularly Those dealing wiTh The Old WesT. By The Time I boarded ship in AugusT, l953, To sail Tor America I had an idea I knew all The answers. I-low wrong I was. I sailed inTo New Yorlc harbor on a beauTiTuI summer evening aT sunseT-an unTorgeTTable experience. The Torch oT The STaTue oT I.iberTy shone againsT The evening slcy and The myriad lighTs of ManhaTTan Twinlcled in welcome. 'lhaT's how I meT an American ciTy Tace To Tace Tor The TirsT Time. I shall ever remember The experience, The TirsT feeling oT New York-The smells, The sounds, The sighTs, and mosT of all The speed. I saw The super-marlceTs and The numerous gadgeTs in The houses. I was inTroduced To The caTeTerias where, as all around, speed was The order of The day. I was Trowned upon by bus drivers when I caused Them To Tall behind 'RE?T2 E, , ...W lgnmeeemmgj 'armi fleieffe I 1 5: T". Page 29 fheir schedules by presenfing a half dollar fo be changed so I could pay my fare. I was whisked up and down in liffs Isorry, I mean elevaforsl af a sfarfling speed fha? made me gasp for breafh. Everyfhing was bigger and beffer-even fhe heaf. The language ifself posed a problem for which I was nof prepared, This became obvious when fhe school semesfer sfarfed. I found myself confinuously causing minor riofs in classes by my pronunciafion of common words. I noficed wifh pleasure and amusemenf fhaf many old English words and expressions, no longer currenl' in Brifain, are sfill being used freely by Americans. Shakespeare would doubfless feel af home in Chicago, hearing such words and phrases as "goffen," "hifher and yon," and "beaf if." Thai' many new expressions and pronunciafions have crepf info fhe language is nor surprising when one considers fhe hisfory of fhe sefflernenf of America and fakes info accounf how fhe sefflers from a bygone England were ioined by people of many nafions bringing wifh fhem fheir own fradifions and ideas. Speaking of fhis reminds me fhaf whaf has perhaps impressed me mosf abouf America is fhe way in which people of so many differenf creeds, culfures, and backgrounds are unifed in fhe U. S. A. The more I have seen of America fhe more my wonder af fhis has increased. Affer landing in New York, I had fhe opporfunify of visifing a number of The Easfern sfafes, and during The pasf Chrisfmas vacafion I had fhe good forfune of being able fo fravel fhrough fhe sfafes of New Mexico, Texas, and Louisiana. I-low greaf in variefy is fhe scenic beaufy of America, I found myself Thinking as I moved along. I gazed enfhralled af snow-capped peaks, rocks of unbelievable color, vasf sfrefches of wild deserf counfry, deep canyons, and sub-fropical swamps oul' of which frees rise draped in fhaf epiphyfic growfh called "Spanish Moss," giving a weird and unearfhly appearance fo fhe landscape. I-low greaf also is fhe difference in fempo and mode of living in differenf parfs of fhe land. The placid afmosphere of Ihe old cify of Sanfa Fe is so far re- moved from fhe husfle and busfle of presenf-day Chicago if is hard fo believe The fwo cifies are in fhe some counfry. Since my arrival in fhe U.S.A., I have on several occasions been asked 'ro corn- pare some aspecf of life in Brifain wifh ifs counferparf in America. This is a feaf fContinued on Page 851 Secfion of School Bond Warming Up for Graduation Program, Under Direction of Mr. Zlalnik. Teachers in Guy Mood of Parry for Mr, Samuel L. Nowinson, our Principul, ond Dr. James H. Smhh, our District Superintendent Mrs, Maude Mlrnc1n,Lund1roorn Manager, with Her A55isTun15,Mr5, Elizabeth Turner ond Mrs. Morgc1reTMomn, Preparing Flovorful Food for Educmed Polofei .3 -Q. """ 3 ar ,ig 6 r zii girf ? r 7 J 1 M 1' fi Av X e -. , , , . -- ..- .v.,-.4-C. J-u ' Page 37 Page 32 L... - PURPLE AND WHAITE STAFF Edilors.. .... Ernece Kelly, Peggie Chambers, Pe+er Cfillias Edilorial and Business Slafl ..,.. D. Arnold. A. Avanl, L. Banlcs, J. Barrell, G. Basley, D. Balchelor, O. Beasley, C. Bennelf, Y. Benneli, A. Burauer, C. Burlon, B. Byrd, E. Bynum, N. Carler, D. Davis, D. Dixon, P. Dufauchord, Y. Ennis, E. Fer- guson, L. Fields, Y. Garrison, D. Gore, M. l-larris M. Hunr, J. l-lunler. I. Jones, W. Jones, G. Keeling, D. Kiclcs, J. Kidd, L. King, B. Kline, l. Korngool, J. Lasley, T. Leonard, E. Miller, F. Miller, J. Molsby, M. Morrison, B. Pamon, Y. Pleasant M. Pryor, A. Roberls, B. Ross, S. Scolr, T. Simmons, J. Simplcins, K. Sloan, B. Smifh, J. Smilh, J. Smiih. J. Srnilh, B. Sloxsiell, M. Upchurch, l-l. Ward, J. Williams, W. Woods, Dolores Dixon. Arlisls and Phologrophers Faculfy i J. A. Bailey, C. C. Greer, C. W. Johnson, K. Twomey, L. Randolph, T. J. Williams Sludenl P. Collins, E. Kelly, I. Korngool, D. Ward, A. Weems Facully Sponsors .... .... J acob Z. Jacobson, Ellen Clare Rooney Ar'r Supervisor.. ..... Cornelius W, Johnson . .... . .....f..4. ..., . SA.. ,.... . PURPLE 8: WHITE ARTISTS Ex PHOTOGRAPHERS Johnson Row I: J. A. Boiloy, C. C. Greer. C. W, Jolinson, T, J. Williams, K. Twomey. Row 2: A. Weems. E2 Kelly, l, Korngool, Lee Rondolpli, P. Collios. Il, Word. ENGLEWOOD NEWS Jacobson 8: Rooney Row l: B. Sfoxstell, O. Beosley, B. Smilln, Miss Rooney, Mr. Jocob- son, E. Miller, K. Sloan. Row 2: D. Bolclielor, E. Bynum, C. Ben- nerh E. Koly, B. Pomon, I. Jones J. Burrell, M. I-lorris, J, A. Srnilli, N, Corler, A. Roberls. Row 3: I. Simmons, M. I-Innl, D. Gore, Y. Bennell, W. Jones, J. Smillri, I. Korngcol, I-I. Word, P. Col'ioS G. Kcoling, P. Clwomhe-rs,iC. SCOH, M, Upclnircli. PURPLE 81 WHITE Jacobson 8: Rooney Row l: A. Borooer, Y. Garrison, B. Sfoxslell, Miss Rooney, Mr. Jo- cobson, G. Bosley, K. Sloan. Row 2: Q. Beasley, E. Ferguson, D. Kic.s, E. Kelly, J, Simplcins, C. Ben- nell, J. Kidd, E. Bynum, D. Davis A. Roberls, B. Smiili, D, Boiclvelol, J. Molsby, E. Miller. Row 3: Y, Pleosonf, B.. Ross, M. I-Iorris, B. Byrd, B. Pomon, I. Jones, M. I-Ionf, M. Upclwrclw, J. Burrell, L. King, J. Smiili, J. Williams, N. Ccrrer, L. Fields. Row 4: M. Morrison, C. Scolf, D. Gore, G. Keeling, I. Leonord, P. Collios, I-I. Word, J. Losley, l. Korngool, W. Jones, I. Simmons, J. Smilli, Y. Benneri, D. Cliombers, Y. Ennis 4' 53? Page 33 O'ReiIIy STUDENT COUNCIL CONCENTRATES ON ORIENTATION OF FRESHMEN Lasl semesler Ihe Sludenl Council made an all oul and Iruiflul ellorl Io orienl lreshmen. This began wilh a lour of The building and included comprehensive discussions of The Englewood lradilion, ils grading syslem, honor poinls, lunchroom and corridor conduclr. ln addilion, The Council helped pul over vari- ous drives and ils commillees, as usual, kepl conslanlly aclive in lhe way of helping The school adminislralion bring our The besl in our sludenls. Our Srudenl Council also parricipaled in 4 in V79 62 dislricl, slale, and nalional underlakings in cooperalion wilh similar organizalions from olher schools. ll mainlained conlinuous confacl wilh The enlire sludenl body Ihrough monlhly meel- ings of Ihe delegales and Irequenl' Ialks Io divisions. This semesler The Sludenl Council is spon- soring a home Ialenl' show, a sludenl dance. a drive Io impress upon Ihe sludenl body Ihe imporlance of The aclivily fund oblained 'rhrough sales of aclivily Iickels. II' also conducled Brolherhood Week aclivilies and pul Through ils annual Clean-Up Campaign. STUDENT COUNCIL EXECUTIVE COM M ITTEE Row I: J. McCur'ris, E. Flefc er, G. Chambers, Miss O'Reilly, G. Smilh, S. Jordan, C. Skinner. Row 2: L. Johnson, B. Johnson, Y. Ben- nell, T. Judkins, L. Brooks, T. Lewis, P. Chambers, C. Judkins. STUDENT COUNCIL - Group I O'ReiIly Row I: E, Pender, F. McCallis+er, A. King, C. O'Reilly, L. I-Iorfon, E. Flelcher, S, Shannon. Row 2: V. Varnado, S. Jordan, D. Morgan, G. Oliver, L. Morgan, S. Williams. Row 3: B. Alexander, E. Hopkins, D. Varnado, L, Fields, E. Ali, L. Collier, A. Payne, F. Kage. Row 4: E, Flemings, R. Wesley, P. Smifh, J. Russell, J. Anderson, B. Johnson, L. Polk, J. Jones, M. Swanson. STUDENT COUNCIL - Group II O'ReilIy Row I: M. Howard, P. Scoff, A. Macklin, O'Reilly, M. Johnson, Y, Garrison, A. Weems. Row 2: B. Sfoxsfell, P. Wakefield, E. I-learn, D. Johnson, C, Chesler, M. Man- ning, W. Williams, J, McCur+is, C. Burfon, J. Molsby, S. While. Row 3: W. Washinglon, E. Hen- dricks, l. I-larrod, L. Chaney, E. Cooks, J. Smith, F. Jackson, C, Bennell, B. Armslead, A. Mims, G, Roberlson, G. Taylor, D. Chap- man. Row 4: S. Russell, B. Bowen, C. Judkins, T. Lewis, P. Chambers, R. Chapelle, G. Keeling, T, Jud- kins, L. Brooks, Y. Bennelf, D. Taylor, C. I-lousley, L. Johnson, R. Armsfrong, I-I. Johnson. Row I: A. Weems, J. Haygood, S. Beal, J. Mosby, G. Basley, J. BaTTle, M. J. Johnson. Row 2: B. Bogan, S. Green, A. 5Trange, S. Williams, D. Harris, V. Dodd, S, Alexander, E. Hearn, M. I-Iarris, J, Kidd, M. WorThingTon, S. Bar- neTT, J. Row 3: J. HunTer, P. WakeTield. H. Thompson, D. Johnson, J. SmiTh. D. Jones, L. Mosley, L. Ross, F. Jackson, O, MarTin, D. Powell, J. Robinson, G. SrniTh, C. Davis. Row 4: A. Phillips, C. Chandler, J. Wells, H. LamberT, J. Morgan, P. Chambers, B. Allen, R. Johns son, J. Anderson, B. Archer, M. Morrison, S. Johnson, C. Williams, J. Williams, Y. Taylor. Row I: R. Jackson, A. Weems, C. Skinner, C, O'Reilly, M. Washing- Ton, A. Love, J. ForTier. Row 2. B. Thomas, B. MarTin, C. Slay, E. STewarT, G. Bowman, C. WhiTseTT, A. AverharT, IE. Chukes, D. PresTon. Row 3: J. I-Iunler, C. McCalIisTer, E. Kelly, D. Orr, L. Goodrich, L. Johnson, G. Srnifh, D. Varnado, E. Bynum, E. Hearn. Row 4: G. WaTkins, E. Cooks, M. Richardson, V. Daniels, T. Lewis, C. Housley, E. Campbell, L. Brooks, Y, Ben- neTT, P. Chambers, C. ScoIT, C, Jones, M. Morrison, C. Bankhead. A, Goldberg, J, Green, L. Powell, C. Hudson, P. Wakefield, H. Basley, E. McMoore, Row 2: Row I: I, I-lei ghT, SmiTh, D. CarTer, M. Burn-Q, T. Miller, Mrs. Helen MfGovurn, J, Coleman, M. Wilson, C. Whil Taker. Row 3: I, Harrod, W. Hilrr bler, Gr. RoberTson, C. Knighl, M. Morrison, J, Barrett. A. Price, Bernard Bowen, F. Jackson. Row 4: J. Morgan, J. Washrnglon, D. Taylor, H. Hardwick, H, P'-rnell, M. Crhoslon, Y, BenneTT, R. John- FUTURE TEACHERS JUNIOR CLERKS GET PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE Sponsored by Miss MaThauser, The group known as Junior clerksfgive clerical and Typing service in The various oTTices oT The school. This has a double value, Tor in addiTion Ta The serv- ice renderled iT provides pracTicol experience Tor The members OT The group. There are aT presenT abouT 60 aT Them, and They are highly regarded ThroughouT The school. JUNIOR CLERKS MaThauser Molsby, B. MaThauser. RED CROSS O' Reilly OF AMERICA McGovern M, WorThingIon, S. ml. JUNIOR RED CROSS BUSY AS EVER Our 'rniToTTl1e Jnnior Red Cross was happily aclive lr sl serr:esTor' in a number oT ways. IT made nuT cups and Trays Tor veTeran's hospilals. IT collecTed more Than TOO J.nior Red Cross boxes, Tirled by various divisions, Tor shipmenT To xchool children abroad. IT was represenled al The nnorT'ri, mr.-4:Tings oT The Chicago chapler of The Junior Red Cross. And iTs own members carried Through many proTiTable discrssions aT Their own manThly gaTherings. This semrrslerls schedrle aT acIiviTies Tor our J.R.C. brys and girls inadffs The annral Junior Red Cross membership drive and puTTing over a pen-pal proiecT ioinT y will: The English DooarTmenT. IT also inclsdes Two olner ioinr rrnderTakings: The making and shipmenl OT wooden Toys, eTc., wiTh The cooperaTion oT wood shop ulasses, and The making and shipmenT oT' chidrenls clolh ing wilh The cfroperaTion aT Tho clofhing classes, san, J. Hopson. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Groal Row I: K. Sloan, M, Green, O, Beasley, Miss Groal, J. McFall, E. Downey, A. Goldberg. Row 2: M. Harris, E. B. Kelly, J. Sinnplsins, Y. Plecisanl, E. Summers, E. Ho, C. Nelson. Row 3: E. Hendricks, IZ. Jackson. A, Krumins, R. Johnson, M. Ghoslon, W. Cavens, C. Scoll, E. Gunlher, L, King, D. Czarnilc. IA - 28 - ZA - 3A HONOR SOCIETY Williams, Weisman, While, TI-nom Row I: E. Adams, S. Barnell, K. Thom, G. Williams, M. Weisman, H. While, S. Morrison, Row 2: E. Hopkins, C. Branch, R. Foulkes, G, Smilh, I-I. Thompson, G. Mc- Lendon, A. Bellamy, R. Engelsen, K. I-Io. Row 3: lvl. Wilson, E. Bere ry, D, Powell, A. Anderson, P. Jackson, L. Fields, A. Mirns, J, Tale, K. Scoll, J. Fleming, E. Ross, M. Frosl, E. Press. Row 4: L. Col- lier, M. Quinn, C. Williams, C. Kelley, R. Foullres, D. Taylor, H. Hardwick, K. Finlcle, J. Hawkins, A. Rirnanich, F. James, D. John- son, H. Johnson, J. Barrell. 38 HONOR SOCIETY Mrs. Gay Row I: Y. Irons, R. Richie, E. I-learn, Hazel Gay, J. Molsby, L. Curry, l, Givins. Row 2: H. Dan- iels, N. Jones, W. Ivlilchell, F. Mil- ler, R. Chavez, M, Hunl, M. Up- church, F. Halle, M. Woolloll, N. Carler, D. Dixon. FORUM-II S. Reel Row I: F. Remezas, S, Wliile, G. Wallcins, Mrs. Reel, K. Sloan, D. Beasley, A. Weems, E. McMoare. Row 2: B. Davenporl, A. Herlberl, J. McFall, P. Johnson, J. Molsby, C. Whillalcer, C, Buller, S. Smilh, B. Allen, B. Sfoxslell, Z. Slansell, C. Skinner. Row 3: O, Beasley, G, Taylor, F. Cunningham, C. Davis, Z. Berry, C. Bennell, A. Ridgel, C. Judlcins, E, I-Io, E. Travis, D. Carler, D. Polls, L, Kincade, E. Downey. Row 4: E. Kelly, D. Phil- lips, B. Sims, B. I-lines, B. Welasler, D. Czarnilc, J. Borrell, L. Hamp- lon, B. McKinney, C. Davis, E. Gunlher, M. Davis, L. Mcllall, M. VV'ilson, M. Harris, O. Balleasl. HONOR SOCIETIES DO THINGS AND GO PLACES Besides parTicipaTing in Their impressive, colorTuI, and dramaTic ioinT I-lonor SocieTy Assembly once a year, The various honor socieTies have programs oT special acTiviTies all Their own. The ZA I-lonor SocieTy, Tor example, had a ChrisTmas parTy IasT semesTer and saw Cinerama aT The Palace TheaTre. This semesTer The group will be Talcen by iTs sponsor, Miss Thom, on a visiT To o TV sTudio To observe Televi- sion in acTion "behind The scenes." . The 3B Honor SocieTy, under The sponsorship OT Mrs. Gay, gave a buTTeT sTyIe luncheon Tor iTs members IasT semesTer. This group also had a ChrisTmas parTy and saw Cinerama aT The Palace TheaTre. U Among The acTiviTies in which The NaTional I-lonor SocieTy, under The guidance oT iTs sponsor, Miss GroaT, Toolc parT in recenT monThs are scholarship assemblies in May. I953, and January, I954, The voice oT Democracy conTesT, The Herald-American hisTory conTesT, and The American Legion oraTorical conTesT, THE FORUM KEEPS ABREAST OF PUBLIC ISSUES 'Should The UniTed STaTes share iTs miliTary secreTs? This was one oT The Topics Taken up Tor discussion by The Forum IasT semesTer. OThers were: The moral crisis oT Teen-agers in America, sTudenT sTandards aT Englewood I-ligh School, and should we share aTom bomb secreTs wiTh our allies. I-leading The lisT oT subiecTs To be aired aT sessions OT The Forum The presenT semesTer is The auesTion: Are I8-year olds Too young To voTe? OTher quesTions scheduled Tor consideraTion by This public-spiriTed group include The Tollowing: Should high school sTuclenTs be required To sTudy a Toreign language? Should we have universal miliTary Training? Should capiTal punishmenT be abolished? This semesTer Mr. GaiTher Toolc over The sponsorship oT The Forum Trom Mrs. Reel, a veTeran oT many years in ThaT capaciTy. FORUM I Reel Row I: C. ArringTon, J. Simplcins, L. Johnson, G. Roberfson, B. Bar- ber, J. Crozer, I-I. Thompson. Row 2: O. MarTin, M. Lee, F. Jackson, L. Jones, A, Phillips, J. Lee, J. SmiTh, W. Hibbler, B. Kline. Row 3: J. Price, M. WoolTorl:, M. Har- ris, V. Daniels, A. I-lampTon, C. ScaTT, M. Morrison, M. Hoocl, B. WashingTon. Row 4: J. Morgan, D. Gore, R. Johnson, G. Keeling, M. GhosTon, I-I, Pernell, D. SUT- Ton, H. Hardwick, Y. Benr1eTT, P. Chambers. Page 37 4 fl . IDSF' VOICES OF THE EIGHTH PERIOD Fifch Raw I: K. Sloan, A. Branch, P. Burlcs, Mrs. Firnh, I. Luclrey, M. Curry, R. Sevilla-Bey. Row 2: O. Balreasl, C. Ramsey, C. Seay, B. Williams, D. Roy, C. Chesler, M. Harris, C. Nelson. Row 3: Y. Pleas- anr, L. McEall, E. Brown, R. Jacli- son, R. Thurman, I-I. Ward, J. Borom, J. Williams. TH E ELUCI DATO RS Eilch Row I: G. Woshingron, M. Allen, D. Chapman, B. J. Fiich, A. I-Iolr, M. Murphy, Y. Frazier. Row 2: B, Bagan, M. Mosely, M, Washing- Ion, C. Ford, W. Morgan, J. Ricar- do, S. Johns, E. Jackson, A. Srolces, G. Vinson. Row 3: L. Thompson, C. I-lill, R. Johnson, W. Moss, I-I. Pernell, M. Polch, D. Androzzo, L. Cowan, C. Sloll, P. Chambers, I-I. Bims. ENGLEWOOD SPEAKERS Eilch Row I: D. Murphy, J. I-lohfmon, J. Johnson, Mrs. Filch, D. Carfer, J. Whillalcer, 6. Whalen. Row 2: E. Cunningham, B. Forbes, J. Al- Ien, E. Brannon, B. Welosler, G. Woshinglon, O. Baxrer. Row 3: J. Oliver, L. Jones, J. Williams, J. Phillips, D. Comer, P. I-Ierring, D. Evans, I. Jones, M. Aflas, B. Maddox. SENIOR ORATORICAL SOCIETY Fifch Row I: M. Casey, M. Brown, W. Samuels, Mrs. Pifch, S. Bryonl, L. Boalner, C. Adams. Row 2: M, Elanagan, C. Arringlon, E. Hen- dricks, M. McFadden, C. Judlcins. R. Mollhews, M. I-Iood, C. Joclc- son, O. Balleasl, C. Whillalcer. Row 3: D. Androzzo, M. Marlcs, C. Ford, A. Rowe, lvl. Cvhosfon, R. Barneif, W, Sherrill, J. O'Neal, B. Eirzgerald, L, Rivers. J. Price. PUBLIC SPEAKING GROUPS REPRESENTED IN IMPORTANT CONTESTS In addilion lo carrying on lheir lull program of aclivilies as bolh classes and clubs, lhe public spealcing groups, under The guidance and sponsorship of Mrs. Filch, lasl semesler senl seven conleslanls lo lhe l.l-I.S.A. dislricl speech conlesls and one la an American Legion oralorical conlesl. SOMETHING NEW AT ENGLEWOOD Somelhing new in our midsl is lhe Englewood Cilizenship Commillee, which was organized lasl semesler wilh Miss Graaf as ils chairman. Made up ol bolh leachers and sludenls, Ihis highly aclive group is divided inlo a number of sub-commillees. Each ol Ihese smaller unils is headed by a leacher. The purpose al: lhe Cilizenship Commillee is lo encourage lhe developrnenl of habils ol good cilizenship. Among lhe elemenls ol good conducl slressed are respecl for public properly, promplness and reliabilily in school allendance, cleanliness and courlesy in The lunchroom, corridors, audilorium, and class- rooms, and proper regard 'lor Ieachers and 'fellow sludenls. FUTURE ORATORS OF AMERICA Fifch Row I: 3. Vccco. B. Allen, J. Bar- rell, B. J. Filch, 6. Taylor, A. Churchill, J. Woodhouse. Row 2: A. Prayor, F. Marshall, A. Bradley, L. S+. James, G. Miles, C. Byrd, J. Calhoun, L. Donegan. CITIZENSHIP COMMITTEE Lell lo Righl-Row I: P. Cham- bers, D, Carler, G. Carrulhers, L. Fields, B. McKinney, T. Judlrins. Row 2: S. Dupree, Mr. Johnson, E. I-Iarris, Mrs. Ooylcaas. J. A. Smilh, Miss Williams, E. Camp' bell, Miss Graaf, I-I. I-Iardwiclx, Mr. Slone, L. Racler. Page 40 DRAMA CLU B I Englewood Playersl Led beHer Row I: R, Scoll, C. Adams, E. Hearn, ll. D. Ledbeller, G. Smilh, B. Vacco, B. Skinner. Raw 2: M. Harris, J, Smiih, W. Foslor, J. Adkins, C. Judlcins, C. Bennell, G. Norris, M. Wilson. Row 3: M. Da- vis, D. Roclcwell, S. Johnson, D. Gore, L. Williamson, R. Wood- berry, H. Hardwick, W. Pearson. LIBRARY CLUB Neumann Row I: V. Harmon, L. Sfralton, J. Williams, Mr. F. Neumann, A. Benlon, J. Green, D. Murphy. Row 2: V. Simmons, M. Baplisfe, C. Blaclr, R, Walker, S. Wheeler, A. Usher, S. Green, B. Bagan, Row 3: D. Thomas, F, Woclcing, E. Hope Icins, D, Carier, G. Courlney, M. Green, D. Willis, C. Bennerf, G. Chambers, H. Daniels, E. Phipps, S, Jorreil, E. Slrewarr, K. Ho, M. I-Iall. Row 4: E. Phipps, L. Chaney, M. Poindexier, F, Smilh, D. Burl Rockwell, J. J. Price, N. J. Boggs, C. M. Wilson, deife, I. Moman, D. Peebles, J. Anderson, Parhom, G. Crossley, Banlchead, M, Davis, E. Scoli. MOVIE CLUB Goldman Row I: C. Adams, J. Carier, G. Goldman. D. Briil, J. Sfrallon. Row 2: R. Chavez, C. Scanlan, If. Beard, T, Bradford, M. Moses, T. Brown, E. Hopson, C. Fair, M. Reams, W. Fosler. Row 3: D. Taylor, P. Cole Iias, F. Jones, F. Brown, R. Porlef, K. Finlcle, I. Korngool, T. Leonard, W. Jones, J. Barrell, E. Johnson Hughes, N. L. Rocker, PHYSICS CLUB G. V. Whiie Row IZ L, Slrollan, J. Molsby, C. Burlan, Mrs. G. V, While, C. Hoiisley, M, Craig, A. Siranger Row 2: I-I. Daniels, E. Jones, Ai Valliani, N. Carier, B. Websler, M, Jones, M. Wilson, Row 3: M. Burns, J. Lee, W. Pearson, M. Da- vis, J. Morgan, V. Johnson, R. Chavez. S. Knighlen, D. Torrence. Row 4: R. Gulberl, C. James, G. Keeling, D. Taylor, J. Smiih, C. Williams, H. Pernell, L. Green, P. Collias, W. Campbell, H. Person J. Washingron, L. Thigpen. ,Wi?f..v . . ENGLEWOOD PLAYERS PLAN TO I PRESENT "MOTHER IS A I FRESHMAN" The Englewood Players look forward Io pre- senlring "MoIher Is A Freshman," a highly diver'I'ing play based on a slory by Raphael David Blau. ThaI's The nexl big evenl' on 'rhe schedule for Ihe ambilious boys and girls oi our drama club, sponsored by Mrs. Ledbelfer. They meer Iwice a week regularly for Iraining. discussion, and srudy. MOVIE CLUB PROVIDES MANY VALUABLE SERVICES The Movie Club, under Ihe sponsorship of Mr. Goldman, offers a wide range oi equipmenl' and various services Io classroom Ieachers. IIs members operale moiion picrure, slrip film, and slide proieclors. They operale also Iape re- corders, a public address syslem. and phono- graphs. They show films in classrooms. In addi- +ion Ihey handle slage lighling and srage properlies for school assemblies and special group meelings. And fhey give Ieachers guid- ance in Ihe use of audio-visual aids Io educalion. OUR BAND OFFERS PRACTICAL TRAINING FOR ASPIRING MUSICIANS The Englewood Band, dire-cred by Mr. Zlalnik, is al once a special aciivily and a regular parl of our curriculum. . Boys and girls who enroll in band classes re- ceive inslruclion in inslrumenlal music for voca- Iional and avocalional purposes. Beginning pupils are given individual guidance. More advanced sludenls are given ensemble Training. The bond as a unir plays al gradualion ex- ercises and olher assemblies. BAND, GROUP II Zlafnilr Q Row I: I-I 7ln+niIv, R. Dubose, C I-Iasson, E. Johnson, V. Moore, F Miller, G. Odom, Row 2: I-I Woods, V. Price, G. Campbell, D Coleman, B. Young, W. Berry, I-I Elherly, T. Baughn, W. Woods, K Malihews. BAND, GROUP I Zlofnik Row I: G. Branham, A. Marlin, J Fleming, I-I. Zlainik, M. I-Iarris M. Carer. G. Wakefield. Row 2 C. I-Iasson, J. Williams, F. Red mond, A. I-Iunler, I-I. Bims, T. Arm W. I-Iorne, L. Rocker, Row 3: M M. Jones, M. Franklin, B. Ward S, Leak, W, Armslrong, E. Brad Iey, V. Parker. V. Robinson, D Burdeile. Row 4: R. Glover, A I slrang, N. I-Iawkins, A. Summers, Windham, E. Brown, C. Kelley, Brown, G. Sreploe, C. Sanders, B. Johns, J. I-Iawkins, R. Foulkes, I. Korngool. J. fxlsup, T. Saunders. Page 41 -- .JIU S. - I!! Y.. SPANISH CLUB HAS HIGH OBJECTIV Los Sobresalienles, llhe Spanish Clubl. sponsored by Mrs. Munson was eslablished in I952 and has a membership of 2I. IIs main obieclive is Io promole friendship wilh our Lalin-American neigh- bors. Among lhe aclivilies Ihe club has planned for ilhe Iulure are a visil Io a Mexican reslauranl for a real Mexican meal and an essay conresl in Spanish, wilh a scholarship award. V Since January, l953, lhe members ol Los Sobresalienles have parlicipaled ' in meelings ar Tilden ancl Sullivan high schools, have allended a Chrislmas Iiesla and dance al Ihe Inlernalional I-louse, have lalcen a Irip lo lhe Mexican seclion of Chicago, have held Their own Iiesla ol roses, and have made records in Spanish on Ihe schooI's Iape recorder. l LOS SOBRESALIENTES Munson Raw I: R. Richie, J. Elarn, B. John- son, I. Munson, G. Walson, P. Wakefield, M. Marlinez. Row 2: E. Hearn, B. Sims, S, I-lucle, B. Janeway, J. Williams, C. Bennelr, I G. Smilh. Row 3: M. I-Iarris, J. Walson, L. Williamson, R. Thomp- son, J. Moore, J. Bororn, L. Johnson. LATIN CLUB I Harris Raw I: C. I-layes, C. Brown, A. Broughlon, Mrs. I-Iarris, G. Camp- bell, A. Vaughan, lvl. Reams. Row J. Hawkins, J. Alsup, J. Dorsey, V. Robinson, W. Berry, W. Sims. Row 3: C. Boyd, C. Denman, G. Sfeploe, D. Garner, J. Gray, E. Flanagan, G. Kendall, R. Porler, I-I. I-larclwicli. Page 42 H AFYYA . W A U H, . , . . 2: R. Follces, M. Sylces, C. Kelley, .,, H ESA "4 if LATIN CLUB 2 Harris Row l: R. Jackson, S, Green, T Leonard, E. V, Harris, K. Logan A. Pierce, l. Giyins. Row 2: L Srrollon, J. Vinyard, C. Brill, C Wnilsell, A. Ayerlwarl, D. Clwerry, D. Penns, W, Milcliell, D. Rowell D, Plwillips, J. llicacd, 6. Mal- llwews. Raw 3: A, Croclmll, M. Manning, M. Burns, L. Jalnnson. J. Tale, S. Denman, M. Windlnam. J. Dorsey, J. James, B, Bowen, T, Niclwols. L. Fields, L. Biiwyd, G. Rabcflson, FRENCH CLUB 3 Les Reveurs Francais Huffclcer Raw I: A. Love, M. Waslninglan. Y. Jaclcson. Miss Hnllalcer, L. Ross, M. Larnberl, E. Ferguson. Row 21 S. Pelerscfn, R. VVl1iTe A Wiley, E. Jones, E. Woodson, F. Miller, l-l. Ricliardsan, G, Roberls A. Maddox. Row 3: M. Lylce, R. Arrnslrong, D. Payne, C. Jones G. Gray. R. Janes, R. Williarrs B Jackson, J. Lcfron, V, l-lqziglrl, M Sanders, C. Bryanl. FRENCH CLUB 2 Les Rossignols HUHURSV Rfw I: C. Logan, G. Jenkins, J. Brazil, V, l-lullalcer, J. Marsliall, J. l-loiunnan E. McMocro. Row 2: R. Greene, J. Kidd, l-l. Tnarnpson -Presidenl, A. Williarns-Direo lor, A, Psy-ell, M. Frosl J. Cain. E. Williams. Row 3: D. Slopies, A. Brelslard. B. Ramon. J. Morqon. M, Snields, F. Sarnceis, R. Lan- don, R. Caales C. Miller M. Liglwlle. J. Bryant, L. Turner, E. Bcrroignls. FRENCH CLUB I Les Amis Francois Huffolier ROW l: S, Wlnile, M. Pryor, C. l-lasson, V. Hnilalcer, R. Kranlz. M. Murphy, E. Narllninglon. Row 2: C. Judlcins, A. Mirns, M. HOH- non, L. Banks, L. Mosley T. Wa?- lcins. Raw 3: J. Thompson. B. Al- 'en, C. Wil ianfis. B. King, M. Gnos- ron, J. Russell. J. l-lopson, Page 43 I I I I I ls I I l. I.. Page 44 R.O.T.,C. UNIT SURGES AHEAD UNDER LEADER- SHIP OF Mlsgf. McGHEE 'S R.O.T.C. OFFICERS McGhee Row I: Cap+. F. James, Maior R Chappelle, Msg+. R. McGhee, L+. Col. L. S+. James, Major I-I. Hard- wiclc. Row 2: L+, J. McCUr+is, Lf E. Brown, L+. E. I-Iopson, Cap+. I Crump, L+. M. Mosely, L+. R Lowe, L+. N. Car+er. COLOR GUARDS R.O.T.C. McGhee Sg+. C. Kelly, Sg+. F. Redman, S. F. C. W. Berry, Sg+. Alsup. R.O.T.C. DRUM 8: BUGLE GROUP McGhee 8: ZIc+n,ilc Row I: L. Bradley, E. Rober+son, I-I. E. Zla+nilr, Msg+. R. McGhee Maior R. Chappelle, L+. E. Hop: son, N. Hawkins. Row 2: V. Price, E. Jaclcson, A. Brough+on, M. Smi+h, C. Knigh+en, F. Pa++on. Row 3: T. Ball, W. Arms+rong, A. Sum- mers, J. Hobson, Wm. Turner, A. Bradley, K. French, C. McWhor+er. Our R.O.T.C. boys made +he honor school a+ +he annual +ederaI inspec+ion in May, I953. This is +he +i++h +irne an Englewood LJni+ has achieved +he dis+inc+ion since I9I7. Our cade+s also par+icipa+ed in pla+oon compe+i+ion in November, 1953, and in Oc+ober'o+ +he same year +hey held +heir +irs+ mili+ary ball. All +his was done under +he supervision 0+ +heir new head ins+ruc+Or and sponsor, MfSg+. Roscoe McGhee. LMA ,VAAM-Minimum VY,,A -M MMMAAA ,,,, , , , ,, , . -mln: QP,--,V R.O.T.C. CRACK RIFLE TEAM if R.O.T.C. COMPANY A Camden Row I: C. Sfovall, G. Walefield, J, Brown, K. Dukes, B. Simmons. Row 2: Capf. F. James, LI. J. Mc- Curfis, Moior H. Hardwick, M. Camden, LI. N. Carler, LI. M. Mosley, Capf. I. Crump. Row 3: K. Ford, N. Vorlenberry, B. Beach, R. Osborn, T. Scofl, J. McGinnis. M. Calernan, L. Palmer, A. Vaughan, W. Cain, H. Eiberly, R. Engleson, C. Perkins. Row 4: L. Whileside, S. Marlin, T. James, V. Robinson, C. Ray, L. Prince, C. Pierre, J. Edwin, J. Smilh, G. Har- ris, W. Fosier, B. Wealhersby, J. Hawkins, S. Leak. Row 5: L. Lee, A. Pinckney, T. Brady, P. Bibbs, T. Arson, R. Johnson, J. Lasley, J. Sfevens, G. Gibson, E. Wealher- spoon, R, Waodberry, Wm. Schell, C. Massey, R. Lighlle, R. Marlin. R.O.T.C. SPECIAL DRILL TEAM McGee Row I: L. Palmer, M. Windbam, J. Tale, R. McGhee, T. Scoff, W. Berry, F. Redmond. Row 2: R. Hen- derson, G. Campbell, R. Foulkes, W. Fosler, J. I-Iawkins, C. Kelley. J. Cook. Row 3: J. Erwin, R. John- son, J. Lasley, G. Gibson, H. Brooks, A. Pinckney, J. Alsop. R.O.T.C. COMPANY B McGee Row I: E. Brown, L. Sf. James, R. McGee, R. Camden, R. Lowe. Row 2: J. Fosler, C. Cusic, J. While, O. Johnson, S. Boney, S. Foreman, D. Morgan, H. Carler. Row 3: W. Thorne, T. Grant B. Smifh, E. Beard, H. Williams, M. Edwards, V. Fleming, L. Smilh, H. Johnson. D. Coleman. J. Cook, W.A.rmsfrong. Row 4: D. Roberis, R. Henderson, O. Alexander, N. Brown, W. Glos- pi, C. Adams, T. Harlfield, H. Calhey, A. Pience, R. Smith, R. Foulkes, D. Wilkerson, T. Bradford. - J E 1 1 L, Page 46 1 il .P RFS A LOC K AT SPORTS TRACK Cross-CounTry Team Carries OFF ,CiTy Championship For Third Time In Four Years For The Thircl Tim ' e in The pasT Tour years Englewood won The CiTy Cr oss-CounTry Cham- pionship lasT Tall. In dual-meeT compeTiTion, our boys cleTeaTecl Du Sable, Parker, Dunbar, Phil- lips, WescoTT, Crane, and Manley, buT were beaTen by Bloom T ownship OT Chicago l-leighTs, AusTin, Lane, and Sichurz. When The chips were down h , owever, Engle- wood meT The chall enge oT AusTin, Lane. and Schurz. ond carried OTT T op honors in The Championship MeeT. Our Team Then represenTed The Chicago area in The STaTe MeeT aT Urbana. BUT unTorTunaTely Percy Brown ancl AnThony Mason, our Two besT runners, were spiked clur- ing a iam near The sTarT OT The race. Brown's iniury lcepT him ouT oT compeTiTion Tor The resT oT The season, buT Mason recovered soon enough To parTic' ' ' ipaTe and Finish Third in The MJ,- Sun-Times MeeT. This gave our Team Third place in ThaT meeT. Our winning scorers in The CiTy Championship MeeT were Percy Brown, Zdq AnThony Mason 6Th1 Donald Jenkins, l6Th, Theodore Saunders, I9Th, and James Ashley, 3lsT. For The T954 indoor and ouTdoor Track aggre- gaTion, Coach QuanT has had To recruiT a group oT under-classmen To Take The place oT some oT Englewood's beTTer Track perTormers who have noT Tound iT possible To come ouT Tor Training because oT aTTereschooI employmenT. AnThony Mason and Theodore Saunders should do well in The mile run and Thomas Brown is ex- pecTed To make a good showing in The 440 race. OT The new boys, Eugene FounTaine, Leon- ard Williamson, EllioT McNeal, Donald McClain, RoberT Johnson, and Reginald Jones have made The besT Time in pracTice. Roscoe King, in The shoT puT, and Donald PorTer and L. V. Morrow, in The high iump, should prove worThy repre- senTaTives. A Tew oThers also may develop inTo good perTormers as The season progresses. 'vc c' Xie' 35539 . BASEBALL The Same Old STory Our baseball picTure has noT improved This season over The general paTTern seT during The pasT Tew years. Boys wiTh previous baseball experience are noT enrolling aT Englewood. As a resulT our sTanding in The secTional league is poor. In T953 we won Two games and losT Twelve. FOOTBALL Team Shows GreaT lmprovemeni' Under Coach Yamada's Guidance For The second consecuTive year Englewood sTarTed The TooTball season wiTh a new coach. Our laTesT gridiron mentor, Yoshio Yamato, was assigned To our school in February, l953. To him Thus Tell The Tough Task oT developing a good Team Tor The I953 season Trom unTried candi- doTes. Only TourTeen boys, a large proporTion oT Them subsTiTuTes, reTurned Trom The T952 squad. A veTeran lineman, William Cavens, was chosen capTain. To build up The Team FOOTBALL TEAM, FALL-I953 Yamada Row I: E. SmiTh, J. Ward, F. WhiTe, R. TaTe, Y. Yamada Tcoachl, C. Brooks, E. Wilchex L. Avcnce lMgr.l. Row 2: F. Marshall, A. Clay, P. DuFauchard, H. PaTTer- R l-TRrnBl-lrlGTcn Ro3JSellW son, C. MarTin, A. owe, . e so, . en , .. u . w : . we , . Y Y Cavens, R. Brooks, H. Fernell, M. PaTch, J. Pyburn, G. Myles, R. King, T. Judkins, W. Moss A. Despenza. 9 l l 4- - Page 47 Page 48 Coach Yamada recruiTed a goodly number oT under-classmen and puT Them Through an inTene sive Training in TooTball TundamenTals. By The end -oT The season, consequenTly, our gridders were beginning To give a respecTable accounT OT Themselves: and nexT season They should, ac- cording To all indicaTions, bring home several vicTories. ln I953 They beaT only FarraguT-by a score oT 6 To O. Our Team was deTeaTe'd by Bowen.. 20-Op by Parker, 6-Og by Du Sable, 24--Og by Hyde Parlc, l2-O. and by Harper, 2l-I8. BASKETBALL Frosh-Soph QuinTeT Ties Lindblom For SecTional Third Place ln baslceTball our Teams have done jusT abouT whaT was anTicipaTed aT The beginning aT The T953-54 season. Our varsiTy aggregaTion won Three games and losT ThirTeen. lTs wealcness was due largely To The inabiliTy oT Coach SchiTT To Tind Top-noTch replacemenTs Tor'his Two sTars aT The previous year, Willie Jones and Donald Nash, who graduaTed in June, l953. Our Trash- soph baslceTeers, however, had no such handicap. And Their record Tor The l953-54 season shows iT. VicTors Twelve Times and losers only Tour, They Tied Lindblom Tor Third plcae in The sec- Tional sTanding. FurThermore, in The TirsT play- OTT game They deTeaTed The powerTul Trosh-soph Tive Tram McKinley High 68-53. In The quarTer Tinals our Trosh-soph lads losT To Wells by a score aT 50 To 47, The all-season record oT These boys, however, bodes well Tor our varsiTy Team nexT year, since They will con- sTiTuTe iTs nucleus. 1 , i A A .. , V555 BASKETBALL TEAM Schiff I Row I: B. Allen, L. Worrell, R.Tl1ompson, J, Ross, O. Denson, Row 2: T, Simmons, P. Broolcs, D. Porler, L. Kincode, L. Boller, C, Rld- dick, A. Rowe, W. Morgan. Row 3: P. Colllos, J. Chlnn, D. Sulfon, R, Moylleld, G. Kendall, W. Goodrnon, T, Jodlcins, R. Jones, R, Neal, G. Miles, R. Brown, G. Uslwer, J. l-lorlon, L. Schiff. . . A I - - - -. V ' - l 1 TRACK TEAM Quanf Row I: T. Brown, T. Sounders, J. Borrell, B. Word, J, Sherman, W, kr S kes Row 2 L Morrow D Jenklns J Aslnle D Por- Rece,M.v. :. ,. ,. y,. fer, H. Brooke, G, Slepfoe, P. Brown, R. Reeves, P. Brooks, A. Moson, Mr.Q1Jonl. Page 49 J.:- G. A. A. Girls Taughi' To PUT Ideals lnTo PracTice The obiecTives oT The G.A.A. lGirls AThleTic AssociaTionl are always worTh repeaTing. They are: Ta sTimulaTe inTeresT in girls' aThleTics and To encourage and promoTe The applicaTion OT The highesT ideals aT sporTsmanship, good ciTizen- ship, and cooperaTive eTTorT. Miss Fern Taylor, The currenT G.A.A. sponsor, has been serving in ThaT capaciTy since S'epTem- ber, I953, and will conTinue To do So unTil June, IQ54. The oTTicers OT The AssociaTion This semesTer are: PresiclenT, Miriam Morrison: Vice PresidenT, Yvonne BenneTT: SecreTary, Jo Frances Beckham: Treasurer, Olivia Beasely: SergeanT-aT-arms, ElizabeTh Thompson: PubliciTy Chairman, MyrTle l-larris: Program Chairman, l-laTTie Thompson. AcTiviTies Since January, i953 Cf.A.A. acTiviTies since January, l953, include a "welcome To Treshmen" assembly: The 500 Club pledge weelc, during which new members were pledged Tor The 500 Club: a roller slcaTing parTy Tor all members: play day, during which The 500 Club girls were hosTs To girls Tram an- Jolly Girls oTher school Tor a day oT Tun: acTiviTies parTy, which Toolc in a special aTTair Tor each grade level: Tormal iniTiaTion aT 500 Club members: a luncheon Tor graduaTing members oT 500 Club: The elecTion oT oTTicers. 500 Club Members Earn 500 PoinTs The 500 Club consisTs oT girls who have earned 500 poinTs Toward The l,000 poinTs required To aTTain The much coveTed LeTTer Award. These girls consTiTuTe The conTrolling board OT The G.A.A. They plan and organize acTiviTies Tor The enTire G.A.A. membership. Also. They carry Through special acTiviTies oT Their own, such as The pledging and iniTiaTion OT new members, splash parTies, play days, and luncheons Tor graduaTing members. Plans For Fu'Ture As The Purple and WhiTe goes To press, The G.A.A. is planning To puT Through a waTer bal- leT during one aT iTs swimming periods and a play day Tor 500 Club members. Along wiTh This iT is concenTraTing on The mainTenance oT IOOCXO membership oT all girls in The gym classes. Girls Gym Instructors Enjoy Luncheon CHEERLEADERS Leif lo righl-Firsl Row: G. Who- len, S. While, G. Solley, J. Wol- Ioce, A, I-lorden. Second Row: M, Green, G. Taylor, V. Morlin, I. Horrod, M. Srnilh. 500 CLUB Joy 8: F. Taylor Row I: C. Logon, I. Giyins, J Vineyard, Miss Joy, M. Akridge, G. Wholen, A. Goldberg. Row 2: B. Sfoxsfell, B. Allen, E. Berry, J. Beclchorn, P. I-lellrori, D. Phillips 0. Beosley, S. Morrison. Row 3: G. Roberlson, M, I-lorris, M Woods, Y. Bennett, C. Scolf, M Morrison, E, Thompson, H. Thomp- son. IC. Bennel noi in piclwrel PROMINENT GROUP AT G.A.A. PARTY GYM LEADERS AND LOCKER GUARDS Row I: G. Jenlcin, Y. Miller, B. Sirns, Miss Joy I-l. Thompson, I-I. Weofherspoon, S. Normond. Row 2: E. Berry, E. Summers, M. Lee, M. Loclney, L, Thompson, F, Sorn- uels, J. Allen, D. Roy, D. Edwards. Row 3: R. Brewer, S. Pelerson, P. Polferson, P. Glenn, B. Jackson, K. Lolces, P. Norrnond, E. Person, E. Williorns. Row 4: S. Sieglee, O. Boxfer, P. Venlee, E. Burroughs, O. Pornell, S. Johnson, M. Shields, L. While, E. Price, A. Wilson, C. Buick, A. Anderson, P. Jones, E, Phipps, R. Allred, X ...I . . 2: 1. is 4 1 + 9,34 2 , M:-2, Y: XZ. VM . ,512 ' ' . - . Taxi Q N 3 1 I I , . ,uf x eff..,L....:f m -M 1 - .A ,..,.,.-. id V Page 52 x -v f--wImvllm- GYM SECRETARIES-Group I Joy Row l: C, Williams, M. Akridge, M. Criddell, G. A. Jay, E. Flelcher, J. Cable, C. Jefferies, S. Morrison, Row 2: R. Greene, G. Sewell, F. Cunningham, C. Burlon, J. Price. Row 3: A, Price, E. Manuel, M. Samuels, K. Ho, E. Lockharl, M. Sneed, E. Cooks, J. Jones, C. Scoll, B. Dilworlh, H, Hockaclay, C. Miller. Row 4: L. Jones, D. Shields, G. Taylor, O. Bennell. GYM SECRETARIES-Group 2 Joy Row I: P. Normand, C. Means, J. Forlier, M. Allen, R. Jackson, C. Isaac, Y. Miller. Row 2: H. He- berl, R. Hawkins, A. Toliver, C. Slephens, E. Bowie, l. Giyins. Row 3: E. Samuel, C. Planl, I.. Curry, M. Worlhingfon, D. McAfee, C. Branch, S. Smilh, E. Roberson, D. Chapman, l. Height Row 4: L. Scolf, D. McGee, E, Holmes. M. Hunf, F. Samuels, E. Johnson, lvl. Burns, L, Collier. CAPTAIN BASKETBALL Joy Row I: R. Jackson, S. Morrison, E, Berry, J. Vinyard, Y. Garrison, N. Slrallon, M. Armslrong. Row 2: S. Normand, E. Davis, H. T. Thompson, E, Summers, M. Harris, B. Healh, E. Campbell, P. Faye, N. Ford, M, Gray, F. Samuels, M. Pifchford, G. Sewell, C. Rose. ADVANCED BASKETBALL Joy Row I: S. Normand. J. Woods, D. Cherry, G. Halch, A. Wiley, P. Wilson, D. Chapman, H. He- berl. Row 2: C. Rose, H. Wealher- spoon, G. Washinglon, E. Sum- mers, E. Slreeler, D, Calhoun, D. Ray, C. May, B. Bagan, G. A. Joy, E. Bynum. Row 3: R. Wrighf, M. Harris, C. Scoll, V, Daniels, Y. Bennelr, C. Gaunll, G. Bellon, R. Russell, U. Lee, D. Cole, D. Johnson. we 'Q' 3 If ,, , A ,hyf 2 I , V in .v K ,-.., ff! ., 'I , , - WN PT r 411 , I .:- " ii' ' I we if..- f-fe.. ' ",': 2 42...-. Q7 "" 1 'A "'., . X I 4 I W i' Z 5 " ..... ' 1 1f-v .:.., fl . 5 l -ww-wqv-'W -- TWO GROUPS THAT RENDER VALUABLE SERVICE Two groups Ihal render indispensable service in Jrhe girls physical educalion deparimenf are The Girls Gym Secreiaries and ihe Gym Leaders. The firs+ of Ihese groups was organized in l93O and now has IOO members. Serving as assislanis in gym offices, Ihey handle records, Iype, Tile and do general clerical worlc. They malre poslers for bulleiin boards, Ialce care of aihleiic equipmeni. and run errands. All 'rhis is nor only a greal help Io Ihe physical educaiion deparimeni. II is of much value also Io The girls Themselves in Ihai ii gives Ihem a wide range of pracrical experience and inculcaies in 'rhem such good habiis as prompiness, dressing nearly and approprialely, couriesy, and nor chewing gum while ai worlc. Among Ihe underralcings Ihis group plans Io carry Ihrough in Ihe Tuiure are The organizarion of a gym secrelaries' club and Ihe giving of a Chrislmas pariy. Gym Leaders Help Referee Games The second of Ihe groups, Ihe Gym Leaders, consisis mainly of girls who plan ro become physical ed. ins+ruc+ors. Their chief aciiviry is helping referee games. Their uniform consisis of a while shiri and purple shorrs. The service poinls Ihey receive counl foward borh a G.A.A. 500 Club Emblem and a school leiler. Miss Joy. head oi Ihe Girls Gym Deparimenl, is sponsor of boih The groups. MODERN DANCING Joy Row I: M, Birns, K. Sloan, J. Vine yard, Miss Joy, V. Dodd, M. Woo- len, Y. Garrison. Row 2: E. Rode gers, M, Worihingron, B, Rodgers, M. Srnilh, D. Willis, C. Scoil, L Johnson, D. Cherry, I-I. Wealhere spoon, J. Mosby, S, Nnrmand. Row 3: D. Ray, L. Goadriclc, B. Gordon, D, Doughly, V. Daniels, N. Lee, L. King, B. Allen, E. Surn- mers, E. Milier, M. Green. REPRESENTATIVE FRESHMAN and SOPHOMCJRE DIVISIONS FALL SEMESTER: SEPTEMBER, I953-JANUARY, I954 if is DIVISION 22l Jacobson Row I: J. Pickens, R. Couiey, Y Nfred, J. Z. Jacobson, M. Cogs viII, A. Wosh, C. Srnifh. Row 2 B, Boyer, C. Cook, I-I. Robinson R, Rondoii, W. Robinson, R. Glo ver, G. Cooper, L. Smiih, M. Rich ordson, R. Cole, F. Jones, F. Woifon. DIVISION 20I G. WI1i+e Row I: D. Lee, I-I. Wiilioms, E Barker, G. Whife, I-I. Tillman, V Vornodo, L. BorreiI. Row 2: C Ellis, I-I. E+herIy, E. Prirnous, I-I Boiing, V. I-IozIeH, V. Porker, J MogweIher, B. Siei, R. WiIIis, P Siinson, E. Jones, C. Anderson. DIVISION I30 Robley Row I: Cv, SIoppey, J. Monfgorn ery, R. TeosIey, R. Boozer, G. D RobIey, R. Rowe, S. Poe. ROW 2 W. J. Roweeff, E. Thompson, Foir, G. Longford, J. Jones, I-Ioynes, D. Worreii, L. Lucky. B R DIVISION I37 Reinmullw Row I: S. Cobb, J, Decoud, A Byrd, M. Reinmullw, S, Bornefl, M. Wollaer, E. Richmond. Row 2: M. Sneed, I, Demns, L. Fields, G. Slne - lon, B. Luslc, C. Fuller, V. Moore. S. Cloy. Row 3: V. Corbbins, L. Rlwem, W. Slrns, R, Wolnwrlglwlh B, Joclcson, I-I. Lloyd, D. Scoll, J, Wellf,, J. Williams, B. Williams J. Wilson. DIVISION ZI6 Wheeler Row I: E. Pender, J, Lee, C. Dlxon Miss Wlweeler, G. Willloms, l Miller, G. Moclclin, Row 2: R. To fum, D. Corler, C. I-Iopes, l. Wll son, A. I-lorrls, E. Newson, B. Mo son, S. Jorrelf, Row 3: C. Brown, M. Specrrnon, E. Payne, I-l. John son, T. Brewer, C. Scanlon, M Pilclwford. S. Riley, E. Gordon. DIVISION 3l8 Sfone Row I: M. Wesl, B. Knox, S. Wil liorns, B. Sfone, B. Woshlnglon, S, Wlwife, D, Woslm. Row Z: C, Barge, J. Jones, D. Brill. L. Goodrlclw, W. Brewer, J, Brodslwow, A. Jcnef, J Snnoll, Row 3: P. Pulley, A. Sum mers, J. Anderson, D, Porler, L Alford, P. Blbbs, R, Porler, J. Sew ell, S. Bloclcson, S, Lewls, E. Wllllqrns, DIVISION I22 Modglin Row I: S. Bornell, E. Adornsg T Leonord. J. Fernando, D, Preslon S. Thompson, J. Coble, Row 2 C. Brill, G. I-loyes, R. Engelson C. Tubbs, G. Phillips, G. Scales Row 3: B. Davies, E, Newell, M Marlin, N. Woiciolc, J. I-lowkins L, Bronclw, M. Woodard, S. Troy lor, D.Jol1nson. 0... A4 , Jun, Page 56 3A OFFICERS Fall Semesier, I953-54 LCTT To righT-FirsT row: B. Sims, Secy.: S. WhiTe, Program Chair- man: l-laTTie Thompson, Pres. Sec- ond row: H. Hardwicke, SgT-aTA Arms: Mrs. S. Reel, Sponsor: J. BarreTT, V. Pres. l 9' U Fcfgfuiifrpm ' f T l ri'KgE?6Tl0'lhTC'E ir U v A is EEEVAESD ETZICULAT. - 0214 i i 'Nfl ,lf - T 05Zf'22'f'V'TiEf?SfH00LW 262139 lk f' '51 iXrPREC'A2'20wAW f i T 1 49 STEADMHOOD- l- "" g r - 7 'Ia..v 'qv HAPPY JUNIOR Probably The iunior year is The happiesT one Tor mosT high school sTudenTs. The TirsT year is Tilled wiTh exciTemenT and wonder buT also wiTh doubTs.. selT-consciousness, and bewildered groping. The second year brings more selT-assurance, buT during ThaT year a boy or girl is sTill an under-classman, sTill a child. s+iII uncerTain as To whaT di- recTion To Take educaTionally and oTher- wise. The TourTh year is, oT course, won- derTul in various ways. During This culmin- aTing period, however, sTudenTs - espe- cially oT The ThoughTTul Type - are likely To be greaTly concerned wiTh The quesTion: WhaT nexT, whaT shall I do aTTer gradu- aTion7 The Third year in a high school sTudenT's liTe is less laden wiTh doubTs and concerns Than 'eiTher The Two preceding ones or The one ThaT Tollows. The iunior is quiTe grown up. l-le is be- ginning To have a mind oT his own. A boy or girl in ThaT year Teels, and righTly so, ThaT he or she is no longer a mere child. A iunior is on The TirsT rung oT The ladder oT adulThood. A iunior Teels aT home in high school. l-le has crossed The imporTanT line beTween underfclassmen and upper. l-le has decided on whaT course oT sTudy Toi specialize in. A iunior has begun To daTe. A junior is on a beTTer, more undersTanding basis wiTh Teachers and Tellow-sTudenTs Than sophmores and Treshmen. Ahead lies The exciTemenT and drama OT The senior year. BUT meanwhile The Third-year sTu- denT does noT have To make The big deci- sions which The TourTh year boys and girls do. OT course iuniors have decisions oT Their own To make, and greaTer responsibiliTies Than They've ever had beTore. WiThouT These They would sTill be children and under-classmen. ln our world There is a price To pay Tor everyThing, and high school iuniors are noT immune Tram This law oT liTe. NeverTheless, Theirs is a de- lighTTul loT, and They should enioy iT, in ci wholesome Tashion, To The hilT. Happy iuniorsl A DIVISION LIBRARY Weisman , Row I: S. BeaI, I. VVaII:er, A. Rod- wen, M. Weisman, G. Bowrnan E, MIIIs, S. Peferson. Raw 2: O ParneI1, E. AdIcIns, P. SMIIS, S Knighfen, A, Marin. Row 3: J Jones, A, IVIIms, R. IInaf'npsan, M LIgInIIe, S, Leak, E. Brown, C Brooks, J. MaIII1ews, J. GIIIon, DIVISION LIBRARY Hoggaff Row I: P. Scarf, A. Maddox, H Leavy, Mrs. I-Ioggaff, B. S+oxsIeII L. Usner, J. I-Iines. Row 2: G. Braz- Iey, B. McNeII, B. Janeway, L Leonard, H. McKInney, I-I.WeafI1- erspoan. Raw 3: M. MorrIson, I IayIor, L. WIWIIQ, E. Reed, F Brown D. Bunn, L. Harnpfon, W Duncan. DIVISION LIBRARY Rooney Row I: S. Green, G, Wafsan, G I-Iiggins, MISS Rooney, G. Smnrw S. Anderson, B. Bagan. Raw 2: J Ialre, D, Penns, S, WaIIs. L. T,rn er, B. ArrnsIead, M. Iirosf. Raw 3 B. BeacI1, P. Brown, A. Ware. J Las'ey, I. Korngooh C. Dark, J BarreH. DIVISION LIBRARY Greer Row I: B. Parker, N. MayIIeIcI. I CaII1onn, C, Greer, M, WiIIIams J. PoIIIs, L. I3oweII. Row 2: Y. DEI Ion, E. Cameron, R. SIrnr'nons, F James, A. Broome, C. VVIIIIQ, I Morgan. Row 3: S. JoInnson. IVI Goodrich, G. WIIIIams, T. Brew er, L. WoreII, D. IayIar, M SIwIeIds, I-I. Larnberf. kv, . . I. Page 58 E --lv DIVISION LIBRARY H. While Row I: I-I. While, S. Wlwile, I-I Tluompson, S. Reel, B. Sims, I-I I'-Iardwiclce, C. Rlanls. Row 2: L Bradley, S. Slollenwerclf, A. Price D. Banks, C. Penny, A. Idlamplon V. Jolwnson, A. Plwillips, R. Jones C. Rose, K. Lalces, J. Ballle, L Caillouel DIVISION LIBRARY Johnson Row I: J. Green, V. Dodd, D Wilder, C. Jolwnson, Cf. Norris, M Wilson, Gr. Basley. Row 2: A. Slev- enson, G. Roberlson, L. Grillin, M Davis, C. Robinson, C. Jackson M. l'lawIcins, R. Gilborl, E. Smillw E. Caolcs, J. McCurlis, D. Terrence DIVISION 3l9 Holmes Row I: P. Taylor, C. Slovall, M McCrav, I-Iolmes, D. Dixon, B Ford, M. Williams. Row 2: J Tliymes, P. Jolinson, W. Berry, B Ward, C. Miller, J. Nelson, W Jones, J. Ellis, V. Lacosla, L Wliife, F. Samuels, E. Roberson J. Collins, M. Ringer. DIVISION LIBRARY Maier Row I: J. Elam, G. Koen, F. ell, M. Maier, G. McLendon, Cf. Dowdell, E. Phillips. Row 2: M. Lee, W. O'Day, A. Bradford, W. Rodgers, J. Morgan, J. Oliver, I. I-Iarrod. J. Smilli. Row 3: C. Kniglwl, I-I. Bims, A. Clay, J. Slev- ens, E. Brown, W. Campbell, R. Engelsen, D. I-Iill. Row- DIVISION 329 Keegan Row I: C. Johnson, J. WiIkirs, V Thomas, D. Pairerson, C. W"son M. Liffle, C. Skinner. Row 2: O I-Iamcr, M, Craig, I-I, DanioIs, G RodweII, G. Beffon, E. Jackswn Y. Morgan, C. Burfon. Row 3: A Jones, C. Campbeii, R. Bornefi T. Jndkins, R. Thompson, I-I. Brooks C. RancIaII, I-I, Archer, E. Howard DIVISION 236 Twomey Row I: J. Esmond, C. Murphy, B I-Ioryey, K. Twomey, L. Carry, J DiIIarcI, C. HoIrnes. Row 2: J. Cur ris, P. Davis, M. Burns, S. PoweII W. I-IaII, C. Dunn, D. Brown, F I-Ion-ner, Row 3: J. Washingion, D Payne, E. Morfon, L. Morris, R MayI'ieId, J. Sfewarf, C. Brown D. Jenkins. DIVISION 233 L. Taylor Row I: L, Sfrarfon, J. I-Iaygood J. MoIsI3y, Mrs. IayIor, J. Vinyard J. MaII'hews, L. Cannon. Row 2 M. Gardeffe, I. Smifh, S. AIexA ander, R. Sfrong, M. Manning, L Johnson, D. Cherry, J, I-Innfer, J Ialiaferro. Y. Jackson, M. Berry Row 3: L. Forienberry, W. MC- Coy, R. Harrison, S. McCIinIon A, BaiIey. L. Brooks, J. James M. Sanders, M. Wooifork, C Trenr, C, Chambers, DIVISION I09 Beard Row I: M. Akridge, M. Graves J. Mosby, N. Beard, J. Tayior, JI Woods, I-I. I-IuIIs+aIIer. Row 2: G Harch, Y. FrankIin, W. SeaIos, Ri Graham, N, Cczrrer, T. MiIcheII E, Jones. Row 3: S. WiIIiams, C Currie, B. I-Iunfer, C. Pierre. C. I-Ioosioy, G. CarroII, J, Logan, ,J. Bryanf, R. Chavez. DIVISION l26 Miss Trone Row I: J. Forrier, Y. MiIIor, A, Harden, D. Ironc, E. Ferguson, I. Giyins, M. MarIinez. Row Q: W. Woods, E. Burroughs, R. Wrighf, W. WiIIioms, C. Brown, R. Richie. Raw 3: A. Wilson, C. Davis. B. Marfin, P, Brooks, L. IayIor, F. Ccikas, M. Lewis, J. LoIIon, S, Mopp. -w.,-Y..,,., Q X ADULTHOQD E if igiggiil 1- X, s A TOP-VALUE GRADUATICN GIFT Page 60 Teen-age irresponsibiliTy has OT Tale run rampanT and given rise To much hand-wringing and soul-searching. WhaT can be done To malce young people crossing The bridge beTween clhildhood and adulThood realize The graviTy aT T is? WhaT can be done To malce Them unclersTand in The innermosT depThs oT Their being ThaT Their own TuTure. as well as The TuTure oT our counTry and The world, depends in large parT on Their willingness To puT Their shoulders To The wheel oT liTe? These quesTions are raised here This year insTead aT The Type oT Tarewell remarlcs usually made in This space. They are raised here in The hope ThaT This will sTimulaTe ThoughT on The parT OT boTh The January, l954, and The June, l954, graduaTes. AnyThing ThaT will generaTe such ThoughT is a Topfvalue graduaTion giTT. ReTerence To Teen-age irresponsibiliTy brings To mind a noTeworThy example oT high-level Teen-age responsibiliTy. IT is The perTecT aT- Tendance record oT Barbara Hines, who re- ceived her diploma aT Englewood on January 28Th oT This year. NOT once during her enTire Tour years as a high school sTudenT was she absenT. A shining example oT susTained selT- discipline, iT is parTicularly worTh pondering in connecTion wiTh The problem of Teen-age unde- penclabiliTy iusT because iT is so clearly a rouTine, day-To-day Type oT accomplishmenT. Farewell, boys and girls oT The I954 graduaT- ing classes. May growTh and good TorTune be your liTelong companions. And may The memory oT your days aT Englewood be unTo you a perennial source OT sTrengTh and lighT. To Engle- wood you will ever remain a gleaming currenT in The vibranT sTream aT iTs long TradiTion. OFFICERS JANUARY, I954 GRADUATING CLASS Leff Io Rlghh Firsf row: Miss Ds: I-Icon, Sponwr: RondaII Iwhnson, Pres. Second vow: Fvnece Ke3IIy, V. Pros.: Jocqnmyn MrFc ,, Trees: MQQQIQ Gho-Jon, Sony.: Bevody BUIIM-v, I:'fcnggvdrT, Chairman ADVISORY COUNCIL JANUARY, I954 GRADUATING CLASS Leff In Righf: First row: Miss Dr' I-Icon, Sponsm: Borboro AIIen, Chonnnon. Second row: JoCq.eIyn MQFQII, Janice Slmpkins, RcndciI Johnson, LIovd SI. Jornes, Heine I-Ir, Arnche Gi Idherg. OFFICERS IUNE, I954 GRADUATING CLASS Leff IC Righfz Flrsf row: D, Cor- fer, Secyq A. SoIornon, Sponsor M, Cornpbe-II, Progrorn Chairmen: Second row: J. Foreman, Pres.: I. Jones, V. Prem, V. Morhn, Trees, ADVISORY COUNCIL JUNE, I954 GRADUATING CLASS LeII To Right Firsf row: G. Whcu- Ien: T. Lewk, B, McKinney. Sec- ond row: C. SQOII, W. Covcns, IJ. Chambers, J. Foreman, A. Av:-rImrI. 651 "WW 1 A af - 4 ,E,Q E, xx : :r ' -:1Y-2 ., - ' . - s : i i wr Qaz .---- 5 '.-: 1 'Yin ,M ffwf Em' Blmsw Page 62 1:91 ,- .ls ,,,A .A nam. A A. . JANUARN CHARLES B. ADAMS Dromo Club: Movie Club: Become on lnlerior Decorolor DELORES ALEXANDER G.A.A,: Englisli Secrelory: To become o Secref Tory BARBARA J. ALLEN Advisory Council: Forum: To Pleose my Porenls CHARLES BERNARD ANDERSON To Become o Business Execuliye GEORGE ANDERSON To Become o Musicion or Lowyer DELORES ANDROZZO IROSAMONDEI Purple ond While: G.A.A.: To be o Psycholo- gisl CAROL GRANT ARRINGTON Forum: Camera Club: To be on Office Worker BEVERLY MARIE BARBER Closs Oflicerf-lA: Program Clnciirmon: Forum: To be on Execufiye Secrefory LlLLIAN BARNES G.A.A.: To Become ci Secrelory RONALD JAMES BARNETT Moyie Club' To Become c Success in llne Field ol Music I DELORES ELLEN BATCHELOR G.A.A.: Purple and While: To be Successful in Anyflwing l Uncleriolre OLIVIA N. BATTEAST Sfudenl Council: Forum: To be cz Criminologisl ANDREW MAJOR BRADLEY R.O,T.C., 2nd L+.: To Exceed All Expeclolions BLANCHE BRAME GAA.: Gym Secreloryq To be o Professional Tailor EDNA PEARL BRANNON G.A.A.: To Become o Pl1ysicol Educofion Teoclier YVONNE E. BRAWNER G.A.A.: To Become o Seomslress MARY REBEQCA BROWN Lrbrory Assisfonf: Ayiolion Club: To Surposs My Mo+l1er's Expecfolions MYRNA BROWN Forum: Sludenl Council: To be o Regisfered Nurse L A l -...,...,......-.--?i.T,,,..7 ,W SRADUATES SHIRLEY LOUISE BRYANT SIudenI CounQII3 EuIure Teodwczrs QI f'XI'WOI'IC.O To IDG O I2egIsIered Nurse CLAUDETTE AU DREY BUTLER Sfuden? CouncII ISecreIory 3 Fufur-3 Teacher oIPxrnerIf,u1TO be 0 Regisfer, Nur 3 CARL RICARDO BYRD Drorncl CIuIfJ: SIudenI COuncIIg To be C1 PIcxy wrIgIwI Ior II'1e SIc1g+- JOAN DELORES CALHOUN Come Q Pnysicgn Edncoion Teacher MARJORIE CASEY G.A,A.7 Gym Secrdoryi To Become , , 4'2- Eufure Te2oc.Iners OI America: G.A.A,: To Bo- x 'UN CI Nurfo ROBERT THEODORE. CHAPPELL STuC1enI CouncnI: Oticers Cwb, R.O.T.C.q Tr Become 0 Lawyer ALBERTA CHURCHILL 'ng I U d9rIoIce LEON CALVIN COWAN O bQII T.on'I1 T'o.I11 To Become Q FOOT cz Coach DOROTHY A. CZARNIK Fommg NoIIonoI I-Ionor SocIeIy: To Become Srrccessul I3rsIness Wornon G-IrIs CI'mrusq GuA.A.: To Sufcced In Every- .1 Ihr n X QT, Fu I P I f L3 II ' 5' in FENTON DANIELS Swrrnmrng: SfuCIenICOur1ClIZTf, Become 0 MII- IIonoIre CARLOTTA MAE DAVIS G.A,A.g Library Avnsfonfq To Surposu My MOIIWQVC W'5Iwes, and be SurreSsIuI In Doing Su MELVINA GERTRUDE DIGGS SIudenI CrnuncII3 G.A.A,: To Become O Seam fIrPSL KAY LYNETTE DILLINGHAIM G.A.A,: GirIs Crnorusg To Become G Nurse LEON C. DONEGAN R.O.T.C,: To Become cz Prornineni Bushes Mon ELAINE EDITH DOWNEY Nofioncll I-Ionor Sociefyg Forum: To Be-some o Gmdonce CounseIIor PRESTON PAUL DUFAUCHARD Foo+bQIIq To Become on Arcnlfecf GERALDINE ELIZE DUNLAP Gym Lender: To Become 0 Sfcnogropher or Dressrnoker BARBARA FITZGERALD Fufuro Teachers of America: G.fX.A.g To Be- come o Success In Any Field I Underfoke O s, YW fha ,. . 77 V F A I, ff my 'I 5 QT 6,- fi -IZQ 'fir BN 'Wilt-'1r" Q.. N, T., 41, - W-.fff 93 7 23 5 8 i 40" '55Z"li'9 In 93 IST : ,L "WY sr I I I I I Page 64 ,xg 3 ..4..,. 1 I JANUARY MYRTLE FLANAGAN Gr.A.A.: Gym Secreloryp To Become on Success in Anylhing I Underfolie CARL ALEXANDER FORD Swimming: Boslcelboll: To Become ci Morlicion MAGGIE LEE GHOSTON Nofionol Honor Sociely: Fufure Teachers ol Americo: To Become o Science Teocher ANNETTE HARRIET GOLDBERG Nolionoul Honor Sociefy: 500 Club: To Become on Elemenlory School Teacher GERALD GOLDBERG' Purple ond While: Fire Mofsholl: To loc o Success in My Fuiure Field of Worlc ELINOR MARTHA GUNTHER Notionol Honor Sociely: Cheer Leoder: To Become on Airline Hosless DELORES HAMILTON G,A.A.: Adv, Boslcelbollg To Become o Dress Designer BERTHA VALERIA HANNON Forum: Gr.A.A.: To Become o Hlsiory Teocler MINNIE MARGARET HARRIS Nofionol Honor Socrelyg Dromo Club: To Ile- come ci Pediolricion EDMONIA ETHEL HENDRICKS Nofionol Honor Sociefyg Sfudenf Council: To Become o Business Woman BARBARA EVELYN HINES G.A.A,: Forum: To Become o Srenogropher ELAINE HO Nolionol Honor Sociely: Advisory Council: Tc Become o Secrelory ANNETTE HOLT . Librorion: Clericol Sloll of Purple ond While: To Become ci Slenogropher MAY ALTO HOOD Forum: C5.A.A.: To Become on F,B.I, Agenl CLIFFORD CHARLES HORTON To Become o Successful Business Mon MARY HOWARD I Library Club: Sludenr Council: To Become c Teacher in Honor of My Folher CLARA HELEN HUDSON ' Fulure Teochers of America: Junior Clerk: To Become o Successful Secrelory CALVIN JACKSON R,O.T.C.: Arr lnsliruleg To Succeed in Whol- eyer l Unclerlolre GRADUATES MYRA JACKSON : G.A.A.: To Become O Typisf LEMMIE ALLEN JOHNSON I Spanish Club: To Become an Elecirical En- gineer I f-f " '23 I LOIS MARY JOHNSON ' ,S Sfudenf Council: l3ubliciIy Carnrniffee: TO Be- A came O Librarian + NANCY JOHNSON C-.A.A.: TO Become O Social Worker yy A 1 PATRICIA ANN JOHNSON , 5 2, I :-- Camera Club: Forum? TO Become O Nurse I 1, R F RANDALL MORRIS JOHNSON -- 4 Senior Class Ollicer: NOIIOITOII I-lc-nor Sociely A TO Become O Science Insfrucfor A RUDOLPH HOWARD JOINER R.O.T.C.: TO Become O Nofed Educolar 4.-4 CHARLES JAMES JUDKINS Th' Sfudenf Council: French Club: TO Become an Allorney al Law ERNECE B. KELLY w 7 Senior Class-Vlce Pres.: Nafional I-IOnOr SO cieiy: TO Become O Physician Or Ediior MARZIE LYNCH KITCHING I' ' French Club: G.A.A.: TO Become O Secrefary Ny "H DORIS ELIZABETH LASTER G.A.A.: TO Be O Graaf Success in Life DOROTHEA ANN LEE CuA,A:Baslme1ball:TO be a Physical Ed Teacher V ,-xx? I X :XX-' ff S 8 FREDERICK DOUGLAS MARSHALL " I Tw Foofball: Swimming: TO Become Presidenf Ol Q A , The Uniled SIOTCS I V I W, A I BARBARA ANN MARTIN I , 1 as -. G.A.A.: Girls' Chorus: TO be O Regislered .... Y EII' " V I ' NURS 5 L- A ,,.:- TIT QTEA MARTIN M I . - . AA.. . "" ., A ' Forum: Jr. Clerk: TO be O Success in Anylhing 1 W I . lUnder1Oke ' " ' K I JANIE E. MASON G.A.A.: TO be O Success ROBERT MELVIN MCCOY 'gb' To be O Success in Anyfhing I Underlalce I MILDRED JUANITA MCFADDEN To be O Beaufician I ,, 'UN L..h,.-c Page 65 l V I 1 Y.-----------vw ---1--.-Q. Page ..,,.,. ,, ..,w, , . 1, A ,ff . i 'ss - NT 'Ffa ' w : Q1 - 'M V S I , 1 fvrv "" We .:: .. 2, , sf v A ,,,, f-'-'- ' rs, , ....,... -Ef-i ' ,. i "" "'Nfi'iw-if 'Q L 262' I S .i E fr? ' z ix fzf . , . s s-sf . ' 'fr . -- 2 mx, 'z .f a k L ff' Sf: 5 .11 22 mi? Q , X i x J .. W' M55 It Ki V I, , ' 'n iv TRQWT ' i f 4 if 741 rife ,I ,...f 5 4 , K. rf is 'iii Q ,1 . ' ' 'Sr W znq M i ,F if y T' Q if 'T 3 J ou L F . 1 66 JANUARY JACQUELINE IRENE McFALL Treasurer of lhe Nalional Honor Socielyq Class Officer: I4-A Treasurerl: To Educafe Myself in The Medical Field LUELLA MENSAH French Clubi G.A.A.q To Become a Practical Nurse V MARY ANN MURPHY G.A.A.7 French Club: To Become a Physical Educafion Teacher CLARICE ELIZABETH NELSON Purple and While Slafli Gym Secrelaryp Tc be a Privale Secrelary SANDRA ESTHER NORMAND Gym Leaderg Volley Ball: To Become a Gym Teacher JOHNIE O'NEAL Baseball: Foofballg To be a Professional Base- ball Player DOLORES JEAN POWELL Nalional I-Ionor Socielyq Fcrumg To Become a Physical Therapisl ALBERT HENERY PRAYOR Swimming Team: To be a Prosperous Real Eslale Man JEAN MARIE PRICE Forum? Library Club: To be Successful in Any- Ihing l Underlalce FRANCES ANN REMEZAS G.A.A.g Forum: To Marry a Rich Man ALSTINE CLIMTEEN RIDGEL G.A.A.q Modern Dancing: To be a Boolslceeper LLOYD GERALD RIVERS To Dominale in The Field Which I Enler LEVERT TREVEL ROBINSON Swimming Team: To be The Wellerweighl Box- ing Champion ol fhe World ALBERT JAMES ROWE Foolballq Baslcefballq To Malce My Molher and Falher Proud of Me ' ESSIE BEVELITA SANDERS Jr. Clerk: Library Helper: To be a Pedialrician EDNA JOAN SCHAFFRATH Lefler Girl: SOO Club: To be a Fruif Picker and Live in Glenn, Michigan CALVIN R. SCRUGGS Boolcroom Assislanlp To be a CTA. Driver WALTER ALVAN SHERRILL I French Club lVice Presidenllg Physics Club: To Allain Proficiency in Piano Orchesfrafion GRADUATES JANICE LENORE SIMPKINS Nalional Honor Society: Forurn: To Become a Kinclergarfen Teaclier ALMA GEORGIAN SMITH G.A.A.: To be a Social Worker DORLEEN BARBARA SMITH Purple and While Slall: G.A.A.1 Laboralory T linc LLOYD A. ST. JAMES Officers Club R.O,T.C. lPres,l: Advisory Coun- cil: To be a Cerlilied Public Accounlanl CARL STOLL To be ci Success ELAINE LOUTISHA SUMMERS Nalional Honor Sociely: Baske-Iball, Volleyball Teams: To Succeed in Any Field I Moy Enler SHIRLEY ANN TAYLOR G.A.A.: To be a Sludenl Nurse LORETTA THOMPSON G.A.A.: Gym Leader: To be a Nurse BETTY USHER G.A.A,: To be a Secrelary PATRICIA ANN WAKEFIELD Los Sobresalienles-Secrelary: FTA.: To be a Dressrnaker BARBARA ANN WASHINGTON Junior Clerk: Forum: To be a Malli or Science Teoclner HENRY WEATHERSPOON Faatballg To be a Successful Business Man ALFREDA ANNETTE WEEMS Junior Clerk: Sludenl Council Delegale: To be a Success in Anyllwing I Underlake CONSTANCE ALFREDA WHITTAKER Forum: Fufure Teachers al America: To be a Criminal Lawyer BARBARA JEAN WILLIAMS G,A.A.: To Become a Nurse JOSEPH WILLIAMS Baseball lSlnorIsIopl: Cross Counlry Track: To be a Successful Professional Allfilele LEO WILLIAMS Baskelball: Public Speaking Club: To be Oul- rageously Rich EUGENE WRIGHT Physics Lab. Assisfonl: To be a Lawyer Page 68 ,T,,,,,, Y , , JANUARY GRADUATES NOT PICTURED SHIRLEY ALLEN G.A.A.: Pep Club: Typisl or successful Wac DONALD MAURIECE ANDROZZO Drama Club: Eleclrical Engineer DELORES BELL GAA.: To be a Nurse JON EDWARD CRAWFORD Sludenl Council: Special Chorus: To Become M I ANTHONY SALVADORE DESPENZA Foolball: Traclc: To Become o Criminal Lawyer WILLIAM LORENZO NORMAN R.O.T'.C., MfSg'r.: To be ci Bulcher CARLTON MELVIN PERKINS Chorus: To malce Ihe mosl oul of life MARVIN RICARDO POAGE Physics Club lPresi'denll: Baseball: To Become a Lawyer DORETHA POTTS Forum: Junior Clerk: To be Successful in Any Field I Choose BENJAMIN JAMES RUTH ERFORD Baseball: Boalcroom Allendanl: To Be an Ac- counlanl ALBERT GAYDEN LILLIE SALTER To Become a Cerlilied Public Accounlanl G"A4A'i To be Q NUI59 OSILEE TAYLOR G.A.A.: To be a Priyale Secrelary Chorus: Office Clerk: To Malce My Parenl Proud of Me by Surpassing All Expeclalions To be a Success in Anylhing I Underlalce ROBERT JACKSON, JR. Baslcelboll: Traclcj To Become a Millionair Baseball: To be a Commercial Arlisl 'LORIA LOVENE JONES U G,A.A,: Sludenl Council: To Become a Suc I Ceggful Sfenogfgpher Foolball: To be a Denlisl GLORIA AUDREY WASHINGTON G.A.A.: Slucleni Council: To Become a Dress To Become a Secrelary of Slale Designer MARY JEAN MARKS MERCEDES JUNE WELLS I 6.A.A.: Forum: To be a Dress Designer 6'A'A'I To Become O Nurse MILTON WEST RUTH ELIZABETH MATTHEWS To I-Iaye a Good Life G.A.A.: Fulure Teachers of America: To be G Good WCC , JOYCE WILLIAMS G.A,A.: To be a Regislered Nurse HENRY M CARROLL Baslcelbaii Team lGuarcJl: Traclc Team II-Iiglm , , Jumped: To be G Commerdcl Ar1:S+ Spanish Club: Sludenl Council: To be a Scien- Iusl, Lawyer or Doclor ERMA JEAN MCMOORE DOROTHY OVETA WRIGHT Forum: Fulure Teachers of America: To Bee G.A.A.: Sludenl Council: To be a Regislerecl come a School Teacher and Marry Nurse r - r M----u.-.rn he JUNE GRADUATES JOSEPH ADKINS Drarna CIuI:: To be a Urattsnrar RUTH PATRICIA ALFRED G.A.A.: Gym Leader: Locker Guard: To Bef Come an InternatIonaI Lawyer JOYCE ANN ALLEN Gym Leader: G.A.A.: To be a Stenogv-aphffr MILDRED LOUISE ALLEN G.A.A.q Gyrn Secretory: To be an Excfutwe Secretary BARBARA JOANNE ARCHER Forum: Student CouncII7 To be a Lab. TQQIH nidan MARVALEEN SONJA ATLAS G.A.A.: To be a Kindergarten Tcadte BEATRICE AUSTIN I G.A,A.: To be an Inatructor in ttte Fiend aI Education ALICE FAYE AVERHART AdyIsory Coun-:III Jr. Red Crass, C Q a eq Istered Nurse GABRIEL N. BAKER Band: To Became a Noted CrirnInoIogIf,t DIXIE MAE BANKS G.A.A,.i To be a TypI5t and ProIc5siOnaI Danger SHIRLEY ANN BARNETT G.A.A.: To be SuccesstuI In Anything I Attempt OLIVIA BARBARA BAXTER Physics Club: Gym Secretary: To be a Teacne CORRINE BEARD G,A.A.g To be a Success in Ihc BusInes5 WLwx'Id OLIVIA L. M. BEASLEY I NotIanaI I-Ionar Scdety: "SOO" CIub: In be a United Nations Secretary JOAN BECKETT G.A.A.3 To be an Honor to My Parent JO FRANCES ANTOINETTE BECKHAM G,A.A.Z IISOOII CIuI3I Student COunCII3 To b a Home Econorrncs Instructor NORVICK MINOLA BELLAMY G,A,A.: To be a TypIst CONSTANCE VALAIDA BENNETT ,xi-- .. ..-, '5 .f:. I . if-1 1 f. I nf Wm! fuk --l: 1? Q,- A' f 3 .mgi ,S , new . 5 s.: ,, ,H fat .Kg V 522, ,--..,, .Nd ,nl A I Ax e Mi AB I b Dr ma Club: Ta Teach EIemenA Spanish C u I a tary SCIIOOI In MexIco Q 1 Q f 1?-1 ' FX 4. , Page 69 Page 70 2 ,pf - .g, , , H, fig ,.1 ,, ., , IQ? SB sgf :ss 79? fi, 4' six' Q I-P . 4 , -im , . . f. A I, fn 'ip i Q T S X 7 .:E.,, , I I 'Q' 'X is .Iss-I I h 9 E W New .' K. 35 xl AJA. I Qs v-,,- L ...,,,f JUNE YVONNE .IUANITA BENNETT 6.A.A.: "SOO" Club: Sfudenl Council lComm. Ch.l: To Become an Insrruclor in The Field of Educalion ZELNETTA CLARICE BERRY Forum: C5.A.A.: To be a Medical Secrelary MARIETTA BIBBS G.A.A.: Chorus: To be a Slenographer ETH EL MAE BLACK Gym Secrelaryz G.A.A.: To be an Occupalion ol Therapisl LEONA BOATNER G.A.A.: To be an I-lonor Io My Parenls EARLENE BOONE To be a Success JAM ES BOROM Sluclenl Council: Spanish Club, To be an ln- Ierloculor BERNARD LIVINGSTON BOWEN Swimming Team: Sluclenl Council: To be a Physical Educafian lnslruclor WARDELL BOYD Hall Guard: Laboralory Assislonl: To be o Diesel Engineer LORETTA MAE BRAME C5.A.A.: To be a Vocalisl or Music Teacher THOMAS BOOKER BREWER To be o Social Science Teacher MARION DORLA BROOKS Laclcer Guard: 6.A.A.: To be a Teacher in a Beouly School ROBERT BROOKS Foolball Team: Public Speaking Club: To I-love a Successful Life BERNICE BROWN To Become a Nurse EARL EDWARD BROWN Baseball: Fire Marshal: To Became an Eleclri- cal Engineer EDWARD EARL BROWN Aclv. Band: Ari Worlc SI1op:To be a Commer- cial Arlisf FRED WALTER BROWN Movie Club: Rille Team: To Become a Radio- Teleyision and Elecfronics Technician ROBERT BUCK BROWN Sluclenl Council Delegale: To be a Success n Lilie and a Creclif Io My Family uuul,, , now, GRADUATES THOMAS GRAY BROWN Track Tearn: Movie Club: To be Decoraror WILLIAM POLK BROWN Band: Physics Club: To be a Slar in The Sky of Success PERCY RAYMOND BURKS Sludenl Council: To be an Elecfrical Engineer I' CHARLES BURNS To be a Mechanical Engineer .IULIAN BUTLER To be a Lawyer WENDELL CAIN Sfuclenl Council: Movie Club: To be ci Crim- inal Lawyer DELORIS CALHOUN G.A,A.: To be a Typisl CALVIN LAWRENCE CAMERON To be a Successful Underlaker MARTHANN CAMPBELL Sfudenl Council: Program Chairman 4A Hall: To Becorne a High School Civics Teacher lbw 3 , RENOLDE CANNON To be a Mechanical Engineer EVELYN MANETTE CANTRELL Chorus: GAA.: To be a Successful Comp- fomelrisr MARIE CARROLL C'.A.A.: Jr. Clerk: To be an Elemenlary Teacher I Iva? in My xi at ssls :s xl i s -V..- ,,.-,,., """""""""'T """""'I Q.: .,,- - 7 W A 1 ,N Q y,.,. at y CARNEIL CARTER Sluclenf Council: Track: To be a Masler in Ihe Field of Denlislry DOROTHY ANN CARTER Eorurn: Sludenl' Council: To be a High School Civics Teacher MAE BEBLY CATES Cv.A.A.: To be a Bookkeeper and File Clerk WNW PEGGIE JOYCE CHAMBERS Purple X: While: Sludenl Counci Privare Secrelary LA CHRISHIA ARLINE CHANEY Sluclenl Council: Library Assis+cf1I: To be Suc- ccsslul in Anyfhing I Underlake DELORIS CLAUDETTE CHAPMEN Srudenl Council: Gym Secrelary: To be Suc- cessful in Anyfhing I Underloke 11:9- si AAA , ...um I I I I E a a 'I 1 fl f .,.- I ,,,, Q 7 A. M- r s iw: Page 72 ,M .. 3 , X 1,1 ..., if --v-:--- ' f T , A 3 : 'Eff,:g.g, 5 r I- A " .,.. i - ' TV' if if JUNE ELAINE CHUKES Modern Dance: Jr. Real Cross: To Become a Successful Nurse RUSSEL CLAYTON To be a Professional Foolball Player JOYCE GAIL CLOUD Eulure Teachers of America: Orienlafion Com- milfee: To be a Physical Eclucalion Teacher JACQUELYN ADOREE COLEMAN Fulure Teachers of America: GAA.: Ta Please My Malher JEAN MARIE COMEAUX G.A.A.: Purple 81 While: To be a Regislered Nurse DINESHIOUS COUSERT To be a Lawyer JACQUELINE RENEE CROZIER i Forum: Purple 81 While Slail: To be a Pedia- Irician IRVING KENNETH CRUMP R.O,T.C.: To be a Lawyer ERNEST MAE CUNNINGHAM C-.A.A.: Public Speaking Club: To be a Nurse i FLORENCE CUNNINGHAM Forum: Volley Ball Team: To be a Physical Educalion Insrrucror MAXINE CURRY i Volley Ball Team: G.A.A.: To be a Cerlified Public Accounfanl ANN SHIRLEY CURTIS C'.A.A.: Ta be- a Secreiary l VIRGINIA DANIELS Girls' Baslreiball Team: Forum: To be a Gene- alogisf BOBBIE JEAN DAVENPORT Forum: GAA.: To be a Teacher CORINEA JANE DAVIS Junior Clerk: Forum: To be a Cerfified Public Accourilanr FAY DILLINGHAM 6.A.A.: To be a Regislereci Nurse BARBARA JEAN DIXON G.A.A.: To be a Successful Career Woman JUANITA RONI DIXON To be a Successful Business Woman ' w SRADUATES I JOHN TED DORSEY I-lisiory Club: To Become a Singer or Doclor CHARLES DUKES To be a Success in Ihe Business World DELORES JEAN EDWARDS Junior Clerk: Srudenl Council: To be an Ele- menfary School Teacher and Malce My Parenls Proud of Me EDNA EDITH ELLIS G.A.A.: To be a Sfenographer YVONNE MARIE ENNIS Purple and While: To be a Child Psychologisl' DELORES LUCILLE EVANS Purple and While: G.A.A.: To Achieve lhe I-Iighesf Goals in Life CHARLES EDWARD FAIR Baseball: Movie Club: To be a Physical Edu- cafion Teacher BETTY ROSE FERGUSON Lalin Club: Gym Secrelary: To be a Surgical Nurse MARLENE DELIVIA FITZHUGH G.A.A.: To be a Model and Slenographer and Mcllce My Parenls Proud BARBARA TULIETTE FORBES G.A.A.Z Chorus: To be a Velerinarian JAMES WALLACE FOREMAN. JR. Baseball: Orienfafion Commillee: To be a Physical Educalion and Biology Teacher WILLIAM FOSTER Movie Club: Officers Club lL+.l: To be a Fed- eral Bureau of lnvesligafion Employee LOUELLA FOXWORTH GAA.: To be a Regislered Nurse ELIZABETH FRAZIER To be a Success in Ihe Business Field YVETTE BURNADETTE FRAZIER G.A.A.: To Suceed in Anylhing I Underfalce YVONNE GARRISON To Malce My Parenls Proud BARBARA JEAN GAYDEN C:.A.A.: Forum: To be a Secreiary RICHARD MARTEL GILBERT Baseball: Sfudenl Council: To Become an Elec- Irical Engineer 5 ln ,, v' 15, , , . I L L: r AZEAIVPA .nz '.,,: in ' T oou eru : uo .eta eere er oouo I I I I . lm I: Z ',:,-. H zg. ee- P V v--" 5 I fs: I A if A .::A I -.f an .fr T A A 'I Page 74 JUNE GERALDINE CARMENCITA GOODSON G.A,A.: To be a Successful Seamslress DELLA LEE GORE Purple and While: Drama Club: To loe a Cer- Illied Public Accounlanl LIONEL GRANT To be a Greal U.S. Senalor MAUDE DIADRAN GREEN Sludenl Council: Cheerleader: To Become a Teacher ANDREW JORDAN GREENLEE Forum: Ta be o Lawyer .IOE GUYTON Foorball: Traclc: To Become a School Teacher JOSEPHINE HALL C5.A.A.: To be a Home Economics Teacher EARNESTINE HARPER G.A.A.: French Club: To Become a Slenog- rapher or Typisf LEVOIN HARRIS G.A.A.: To be Successful in Whalever l Under- lalce CAROLYN HASSON To Succeed ln Anylhing l Underlalce PHILLIS HEFFRON G.A.A.: SOO Club: To be a Regislered Nurse IORA HEIGHT Fulure Teachers al America: Sludenl Council To be an Elemenlary School Teacher ARNETTA LENORA HERBERT Purple and While: Forum: To be a Social Worlser WOODIE MAE HIBBLER Forum: Fulure Teachers of America: To Suc- ceed ln Anylhlng l Underlalse ALLIE MAE HILL Nallanal Honor Sociely: G.A.A.: To Became a High School Teacher CORINNE HILL G,A.A.: Jr, Clerlc: To Rise info lhe Higher Braclcel of Soclely JAMES DINNIES HCBSON Movie Club: Foolball: To be an lnlallible Crlmlnologlsl LILLAR JOYCE HOFFMAN G.A.A.: Beller Speakers ol America: To be a Beaulician ,,wnI-I 17, GRADUATES EDWARD MICHAEL HOPSON ' A R.O.T.C, Officers Club: TO Become an Eleclri- ' ' , CCI Engineer I ' + - I Ax Q ..,. I EVELYN HOPSON ' "' ' D GAA.: French Clulo: TO Prove +o My Parenls Ii z 4' 1 Thar I can Succeed TT A " 5 Q A JOSEPHNIE OTHELLO HOPSON T Q I l Fulure Teachers Ol America Club: To Become f K - ""'2- A O Teacher X Xl TT M A ROSEBUD NANCY HUGHES S' , G.A.A.: TO be an Exolic Dancer 5 a BOBBIE RUTH HURNS f " SSS T G.A,A.: TO Become a Secretary if L, ' T WILLA MARIE HUSKEY ""'5Q A . C'.A.A.: Regislralion Helper: To Became O i Nurse i FRANCES ELIZABETH JACKSON T .--- -' 'A ' Narional Honor Sociefyp Pulure Teachers OT Q America: To be a Kindergarlen Teacher li QUT ? l MARJORIE LOIS JACKSON A ,,, . 41 c,:,:.,, GAA.: To be a Beaulician bn 'Y' 'V CHARLES HENRY JAMES , I ' Physics Club: To be O Surgeon S 1' X S AI T MARY ANNETTE JEFFERSON ii ,,,,' A 'r'-I ":: l Locker Guard: C'.A.A.1 To be a Kindergarfen 1, ,R f Teacher ni H " 5 GWENDOLYN HELEN JENKINS 'N I - Gym Leader, French Club? To be a Kinder- 'I ' ' garlen Teacher Qvruvvv . BARBARA BLANCHE JOHNSON T ".:-- A O.A.A.7 To be O Slenographer A BOBBTE LOU JOHNSON Srualenf Council: G.A.A,: To Become a Beau- 'I fician .. 'Q 1 i HELEN MARIE JOHNSON gf' Sludenl' Council: Purple and Whileg To Be- 4' come a Privare Secrelary ,' Qizqvzlb JOYCE ANN JOHNSON ' I 2 -A,.,"' l Englewood Speakers Club: Ta Became a Pri- T vale Secrelary MARY JO JOHNSON 'Z I frf 'Si' ,.,' ' ' i' Sludenl Council: Jr, Clerk, To Own and Run - a Nursery School 0' 5 K ,Q 65. H' SHIRLEY JOAN JOHNSON I ' T ' , - I 1 C.:- ' C'.A.A,: Sludenl Council: To be a ur e VERA JOHNSON Physics Clubg CI.A.A.: TO be a Teac I' , Q 7 T J --'- ' ' l Page 75 may R, N S ,I ! ,E,:?, I! . -.:-..J -A':2' T J ,., I ' .111 -I 4 " -l , if ' if ' - I he E '- fa ,IT I rr? :I.II Aiqqlu rf T351 We I I f rrr :-f I .. I1 , J' ' i'X cv'- T L . Page I 1' I I I i I I I I I A f 15 12. 35' .. L, Q, . ' L 2 f Q51 J. .q2'I',' is Q Q f f? N . uf f., ,. ,af , iiug : I 95 in Z 76 'Wm JUNE WARNER JOLLY I To Finish College and Became a Real Eslale , Broker DENNYSE JONES Library Assisianl: Junior Clerlc: To be a Sucf cess in Anyfhing I Unclerialre ISIAH JONES I Vice Presidenf of Class: Sludeni Council: To be a Commercial Ariisi LILLIE BEE JONES Forum: Gym Secrelory: To Teach Elemenfary I I-Iome Economics MARION JONES I C'.A.A.: Gym Secrelaryt To be an Accounlani I or Kindergarfen Teacher I NELLIE MARIE JONES Srudenf Council: Poinfs Commiiiee: To be a Sienographer ORLANDO JONES To be a Laboraiory Technician PHYLLIS ANN JONES C'.A.A.: Locker Guard: To be cz Sfenographer GEORGINA BEVERLY KEELING Physics Club, Sfudeni Council: To be a Veieri- norian LUELLA KINCADE Forum: GAA.: To Malce My Mofher Proud by Surpossing I-Ier Expecralions DARRYL DuvAL ,KING I Traclc Team: Drum and Bugle Corps: To Be- come a Psychiafrisi' or Businessman LUCILLE KING Nalional I-Ionor Sociely: Modern Dance: To Become o Nurse BARBARA KLINE Forum: Sludenr Council: To Maine My Paren+s Proud CHARLES KNIGHT Fufure Teachers of America: Drama Club: To Become a I-Iigh School Music Teacher AGRIS KRUMINS Na+ionoI I-Ianor Sociely: Fire Marshall: To Become an Archileci MILTON LANTON I To be Successful in All My Underrakings WILLIE RUTH LEAVY s G.A.A.: To be a Nurse JOAN MARIE LEE Forum: C-5.A.A.: To Become a Professional I Dancer or Sienogropher I GRADUATES LORENZO RAYMOND LEE To Become a Velerinaricin THOMAS PATRICK LEWIS Sludenl Council: To be a Weallhy Bachelor LORRAINE LIGGONS G.A,A,: Gym Secreloryz To Succeed in Any- Ihinq I Underlalce CONSTANCE ELAINE LOGAN SOO Club: French Club: To Become o Regise Iered Nurse RAYMOND RAY LONDON To Become an X-Ray Technician ROBERT LOWE R.O.T.C.: To Become a Pilol in Ihe U. S, Air Force IRMA YVONNE LUCKEY G.A.A.: To Became a Typisl BARBARA JEAN LUSTER G,A,A.: To be a Success MARY LOUISE LYKE G.A.A.I French Club: To be cz Nurse ERNESTINE LYONS Spanish Club: G.A,A,: To be 0 Success Anylhing I Undertake ARNETTA MACKLIN G.A.A.: Sludenf Council: To be a Secrelary BEATRICE GAZELLE MADDOX G.A.A.: Public Speaking Club: To be O Slenog- rapher MARY ELIZABETH MANNING Spanish Club: G.A.A.: To Succeed in Some- Ihing l'rn Besf In JUNIDA LOUISE MARSHALL Sfudenl Council: Library Assislanfg To Be- come a Recrealion Worker HENRY DAVID MARTIN To be Successful in All My Underfalcings MARION MARTIN C'.A.A,: To Make My Parenfs Proud SHIRLEY ANN MARTIN G.A.A.: To be o Good Secrefary VELVA JEAN MARTIN Cheerleader: Advance Volleyball Club: To be a Physical Educalion Inslruclor 252 Jw , ,N 3 fm 1 1 yly- .,,:, . ., I ff i.ir V f vbbvl .,.v - P V .iiiss ir: I X f ' S-, 'I :L :fi st: Z V 3 ZZZ- 1 W E My ., k v I 9, ,s 4 aw- "M F -ffl 1 - X. 'Y ki-'..,m .- 'JN Y f I :A .MA ,,:, . . I -. W ,AE ,V V HHA.. ' Ti 1 1 1?-f' Ag, -L E: ii- s :ri A I .if 3 bug , Q A L E y K i i Page 77 -,pr wfwisr 'V -N' . Mahi 0? 3, S .3 L sk 1333 S q Q uf 5 E "ku--wi 'JI ' 1 .'5x EQ: '51,,4.a W-nk, y -f -'., A I I, sw fi .A':' I 2, avi Q 3.-in I 5. . 5 I 5 I A I, its , v.. ,rl , Qi' - "A- 'I uw? Page 78 'lla , I JUN CAROLYN VIRGINIA MAY Orienlolion Commillee: Girls Baslcelboll Team: Ta Become a Professional Nurse CATHERINE MCCALLISTER G.A.A.: To be a Secrelary BETTYE LOUISE McELROY G.A.A.: Gym Leader: To Become flue World's Greolesl' Typisl LARCENA ROWENA McFALL Forum: GAA.: To Become a Commercial Ar- I'isI' BARBARA YVONNE McKINNEY Sfuclenl Council: Nalional I-lonor Sociefyg Ta be a Teaclier SARAH SUE MCKINNEY G.A.A.: To be a Nurse BEVERLY MARIE McKISSICK G.A.A.: Forum: To be a Compfomelry Oper' alor YVONNE P. MENZIE G.A.A.: To be Successful in Whatever I Un- derlalce ELMIRA MILLER G.A.A.: Modern Dancing: A Successful Busi- ness Woman FLORENCE LOUISE MILLER GAA.: To be a Teaclner FLORINE DORSEY MILLER G.A.A.: Gym Secrelary: To Become a Suc- cessful Nurse JANET MODICA C-3.A.A.: Gym Secrelary: To Become a Good Social Worker MILDRED ANN MOODY G.A.A.: Volleyball Team: To Become an Office Clerk SANDRA GALE MOODY Gym Secrelary: To be a Professional Dancer WESLEY LEROY MORGAN A Real Eslale Brolcer MAU RICE LANIEE MOSELY Rifle Team: Officers Club: To be a Success n My Own Eyes LILLIE B. MOSLEY Junior Cleric: Frenclw Club lSecreTaryl: To Climb Tlie Higher Slairs ol Life WILLIAM MOSS Foolball Team: To Please My Mollwer E GRADUATES l ' J Al X my N DOROTHY MAE MURPHY l Sludenf Council: Englewood Spealcers: ways I To Keep My Fufure Aliead of Me y ELLIOTT Muse I Aviafion Club: To be a Police Comr'nissioneTTI, SHERMAN MAURICE NELSON R,O.T.C. Drum and Bugle: To Ivlalce My Mollner and Grondparenls Proud ol' Me ADDIE OWENS 6.A.A,: To be a Good Creclif To My Parenls LANE PALMER y V Movie Club: Clwemislry lLab: AssIs+anTl: A Pilol in fl'Ie U. S. Air Force BARBARA JEAN, PAMON Purple and Wlwife: C-3.A.A.: To be a Home Economics Teaclwer MILTON ROLAND PATCH Foofball: To be a Foofball Coach DORA MAE PATTERSON CuA.A.: Gym Secretory: To be a Successful Compfomeler Opero+or EMOGENE PATTERSON G.A.A.: Gym Secrefaryz To be a Priyale Sec- refary HOWARD PATTERSON Foolball Team: Orienfalion Commilfeet A Physical Eclucafion Teacher ' LOTTIE M. PAYNTHER l G.A.A.: Gym Leader: To be a Compfomefer l Operafar l WILLIE CURTIS PEARSON y Drama Club: Sludeni Council Del.: Become a Physician DOROTHY PENNS G.A.A.: A Success in Wliafeyer I Undertake HOWARD PERNELL, JR. Foofball Team: Forum: To be a Docfor HAMILTON CARVEY PERSON Foofballi Sludenl Council: To be ci Credi? To My Family DOLORES LA REE PHILLIPS 500 Club: Forum: To be a Plnysical Tlweropisl' JAMES E. PHILLIPS To Become a General Confracmr SHIRLEY JEAN PHILLIPS G.A.A.: Junior Clerlfy To Become cz Teaclwer J .1.'.v- K y y .,..,.., Z ,, Q ef, 4 R. 3 P5 ae kv 1 gs .... I , 5. ? we ,..,: -in 1 lg- 1 vim 'lv' , .' , K X I -2- ,L ' v Q , K i Y eff 1 .,,. 1 V K H I '1': ' 'E if JC' iffe--,:l M , ,. ,, , ya i l RW . W ,,-. W mi , .4 l 5 i l ef, 'QL' i Q fa' - ,Q 5 , .,,. .,.. , , 6 F A A A 1 j Y Y ., ..,, g l 'Q ff , . l 45" ,, PW f -. ' . Q A,. ., me 2 l ' Y rfm,gM', A ffi T i il - "1A T ' I Page 80 , 2 ' , I ' JUNE MARGUERITE MARCELLA PIERCE G.A.A.: Forum: To be o Privole Secrelory YOLONDA FRANCES PLEASANT Nclionol Honor Sociely7 Junior Clerlc: To be an Elemeniory School Teocher DOROTHY ELINOR PORTER G.A.A.: To be o Regislered Nurse CAROLYN GERTRUDE RAMSEY G.A.A.: Advanced Volleyball: To be Q Spoce Coder CLARENCE EDWARD RAY R.O.T.C.: To be o Doclorq DELINIA CECILE RAY XXX GAA. lGym Leoderly Junior Clerk: To Molce Q My Porenls Proud X3 JEFFREY JEAN REED GAA.: To be o Privoie Secrefory JEFFERY KRAMAH RICARDO Program Commilleeq To be o Singer or o Low- yer EUGENE ROBERTSON Drum Moior llsl Lieulenonll 1 To be o Pub- lic Accounionl SELMA LEE ROBINSON G.A.A.: To Become o Teocher DUNALE CHERIE ROCKWELL Girls Chorus: Dromo Club: To be cx Sociol Worker ETHEL RODGERS G.A.A.: Modern Doncing: To Become o Singer BETTY JEAN ROSEMOND G.A.A.7 Become on Acfress BARBARA JEAN ROSS G.A.A.: Girls Chorus: A Success in Whofever l Underlolce LUCILLE ROSS Junior Clerk: French Club: A Successful Social Worlcer SYLVIA ANN RUTHERFORD Sfudenf Council: G.A.A.: To be ci Dancer r 0 Physicol Ed. Teocher GERTRUDE LOUISE SALLEY Cheerleader: Gym Secrelczryi To be o Success in ihe Secrefcricil Field WiLLIAM HENERY SAMUELS Swimming Teom: Orienlolion Cornmifleey To become cm Philonrhropis? GRADUATES CAROL LORRAINE SCOTT 500 Club: Forurn: To Teach Science. JOHN DAVID SCOTT Movie Club: Ta Become a Business Man CAROL SEAY G.A.A.: A Credil Io My Family RUTH SEVILLA-BEY G.A.A.: To Become a Social Worlcer DEVORA YVONNE SHAW To Make a Success of Anylhing I Undorlolc DOLORES BEATRICE SHIELDS Gym Secrefaryg G.A.A.: To Become a S lary ROBBIE JOYCE SHIELDS GAA.: To Become a Nurse , a o a Science Teacher BENNIE JOE SMITH AQ fm :Fw " X 'W . rgxak P . ""'.y,.-Q' ' 1 s ll I , W 4 1-4 .gk . J, I , we "xv N fs. if X, T, , ' ,q I ,A :af if I KARLEN MARIE SLOAN Forum' N Ii n I Honor Sociely: I-Iigh Schoo X I 2 To Become a Doclor BETTY SMITH To lvlalce My Parents Proud JERRY ANN SMITH ix . I Eng'ewood Players: Junior Cleric: To be a Good I Teacher SWA MINNIE SMITH Cheerleader: Purple and While: To be a Bal- l I D n r I SONIA SMITH I , M, si F I 'wi 4 ,.. 'J T I I I I I I I A , I' 5, 3 E ,Q 'N is Fulure Teachers of America: Forum: Bring Credil Io My Race and Counlry , -, H-lu ZETTIE STANSELL 'W ' if GAA.: E.H.S. Chorus: Cerlilied Public Ac- A counlanf , ""-., bg! GEORGE VAUGHN STEPTOE Track: Band: To be a Baby Docfor CORINE STRONG G.A.A.: To Become a Civics Teacher THELMA LUCILLE STU RDIWANT G.A.A.: Physics Club: To be a Teacher DONALD EDWARD SUTTON Varsily Baslceiball: Spanish Club: To IJ firiauished Millionaire GG I '- zffj ,R 2 3 ' :Q Tim . Pe WW fl' 'Qs WZ: Page BI ge 82 'TN X Qi 'ff ' 5 ROBERT J. TATE JUNE Foolboll: To be on Elecfricion GERTRUDE FRANCES TAYLOR Cheerleader: Forum: To Dancer be ci Greol Top YVONNE LILITA TAYLOR Sponisli Club: Office Clerk: To be Successful in Anyllwing I Underlolce ROBERT LEE THIBODEAUX Junior Clerlc: R.O,T.C.: To Proud of Me LEROY LARRY THIGPEN Council Represenloliye: To nologisf Molse My Porenls be on XARcly Teclw- ELIZABETH ANN THOMPSON 500 Club: Fulure Teoclwers of Americo: To be o I-Iigli Sclwool Music Teacher ERNEST A. TODD c Sp lc g CI b' To be Successful in U d lc Publi eo in u . Anylliing I n erlo e YVONNE ELAINE TOWNZEL I b T B G.A.A.: French Cu : o Teoclver ecome o Civics BOOKER TALIFERO TRAVIS, JR. To be o Designer ond Toilor ESTOLA TRAVIS Forum: G.A.A.: To be o Cornplomorer Oper- olor DAISY TU RNER G.A,A.: To be o Success in Sewing THADIORA TURNER G.A.A.: To be Successful in ing Ilie Field of Nurs- BEATRICE ANNE VACCO molic Adress rome: Club: G.A,A.: To be o Successful Dro- ALFONSO MORRIS VALLIANT Underlolce GEORGIA MAE VINSON RODNEY WAFER Pliysics Club: To Molce Good in Anyllwing I G.A.A.: Forum: Become cz Typisl Sludenf Council: To be o Telelype Operolor DORIS JEAN WAINWRIGHT G.A.A.: To Moke My Porenls Proud ol Me GENEVA JEAN WATKINS Sfudenl Council: G,A.A.: To be o Social Worker GRADUATES HERMAN WARD Purple and While Sfalll: Englewood News: To Become cz DenIlsI ARTHUR WARE Eire Marslnall: To Become an Arclwlfecl MANDOLYN CATHERINE WARFIELD G,A.A.: French Club: To be a Greol Singer GERALDINE GRACE WASHINGTON Gym Secrefaryy 6.A.A.: To Become o PrivaIe SecreIary NORMAN CHARLES WATKINS To Become cz Lawyer JAMES WATSON Spanish Club: To Become a Lawyer LE ROY WATSON Tracla: To be Successful in Anyllwing I Under- IoIce BARBARA YVONNE WEBSTER Forum: Sfudenl' Council: Teach Physical Edu- coIion MILDRED JEAN WEBSTER SlucIenI Council: Cv.A.A.: To be a Physical Educolion Teoclwer JOHN CLARK WEST Tu be 0 Commercial Arlisl GLORIA LEE WHALEN Honor Sociely: Clieerleczderi To be an Oc- cupofional Tlweropisl JAMES EDWARD WHEELER Movie Club: To be a Credil To My Family JANET HARRIET WHITTAKER i -we , 1. i- avi' ,ly id? 8 lil 'IU I In v I v I wi. " - - V gglux 5. I I we -':, , - Q W' .:,, "2" A A Q A -' , ., i. -- '-.. fn: an gy ef se- X A ' y Wm? .::- K I ' -il I is 'A - ' -'ll' Englewood Speakers: G.A.A.: To be a Slenog- if f fm HHPIWSF ' 9-4 ALICE FAYE WILEY Advanced Boslnelball: G.A.A,: To be o Nurse ROBERT WILLIAM WILEY y Physics Club: To be Successful in Oplornelry BARBARA LADE WILLIAMS G.A,A.: To be cs Success In Life EREDERICKA WILLIAMS To be o Successful Model LLOYD ANDRE WILLIAMS Track: ROTC.: To be O Dislricl Afforney - .Q Sk Page 83 T I ! 1 I L.. . ff-www--w JUNE GRADUATES I ef rrse ie I 5 '-'- ,.,- I 12' 111- '.1,- , .:2i, f , "'. ":'A . ,I A"A ,.,A, I ,,,A , qvhr Pi .Z A N, .8 I I .,.,. ' H il , AV: M T1 F9 k Siw ifgk il' .f 1 yy Page 84 I -:-: My ' W , JN ,S S 4 ff' JOHN EDWARD WILLIAMS To Become a Coach ROBERT WILLIAMS French Club: To be a Physician FLORENE MARIA WILSON G.A,A.: Gym Leader: To Marry a Milllona ITTIES WILSON To be cz Princess PATRICIA ANN WILSON Baslcelboll: 6.A,A.: To Gel Married and I-Ia Six Children MATTHEW LORD WINDHAM, JR. ROTC.: Drill Team: To Become a Physica DAVID WISE To be Successful in Life BARBARA JEAN WITH ROW Gym Secrelary: CSAA.: I-Iigh School Eng Teacher RONALD ROBERT WOODBERRY Drama Club: To Work in lhe U. S. Minl LOUISE TOOTSIE WOODS Sluclenl Council: G.A.A.: To be a Success n My Underlolcings MARY FRANCES WOOTEN Modern Dance: Public Speaking Club: To be O Successful Dancer MAGGA REE WORTHINGTON Fulure Teachers of America: Junior Clelm Ta Became a Teacher lun .. . ef-evfti-iii, ,, SE, JUNE GRADUATES NOT PICTURED WILLIAM GEORGE eooDMA,N LAWRENCE BALL R.O.T.C. Drum and Bugle Unif: Gov? Worker Baskefball Team: Track Team: To ZI-Y Old P 'd f MAURICE JULIUS BEACHAM eo' 'es' GI 'R To Please God, A Clergyman of fhe Gospel of Chrisf Elecfrical Engineer JAMES WESLEY BREWER I Track: To be a Physical Educafion Teacher RICHARD LIONEL CAILLOUET Always fo Do My Besf SHIRLEY ANN CARR To Become a Veferan Adminisfralion Nurse JOAN MARIE RICHARDSON G-.A.A.: Junior Clerk: To Become a Secrefary MILDRED HORTENSE WASHINGTON G.A.A.: P bl' S k' CI bi T b N - G.A.A.: To Become a Laborafory Technician elm. U IC pea mg U O e O OV JANATH MARIE WOODHOUSE G.A.A.: Junior Clerk: To Become an Elemen- fary School Teacher PATRICIA JANE COOPER I G.A.A.: Fufure Teachers of America: To be a Success in fhe Teaching Profession AMERICA FACE TO FACE fContinued from Page 3OJ almosf impossible fo perform. Since each sfafe in fhe Union has so much freedom. if seems fo me a comparison could more easily be drawn befween fhe Brifish Commonwealfh and fhe U.S.A. and befween Greaf Brifain ifself and individual sfafes. This, foo, however, would bring up many anomalies. ln general, I dislike making comparisons of fhis kind, as fhe condifions and problems in Brifain are so much af variance wifh fhose in fhe Unifed Sfafes. I-laying, however, dwelf foo long on differences, may I now fouch on fhe many Ihings l have noficed fhaf Brifain and America have in common. These similarifies, I feel, are far, far more imporfanf fhan fhe differences, many of which are superficial. Bofh counfries are democrafic, indusfrialized, energefic, public-spirifed, and law- abiding. Common affifudes and beliefs are involved in all fhis. ln bofh counfries fhe people believe fhaf fhe responsibilify of fhe nafion is fhe sum of individual responsibilifies and fhe sfrengfh of fhe nafion lies in fhe individuals who make up ifs populafion. So bofh counfries are sharply aware of fhe imporfance of fraining fhese individuals, and fhus much imporfance in bofh of fhem is affached fo educafion. In Greaf Brifain as in America, fhere is much sfress on fraining for cifizenship, on fhe realizafion fhaf all people should be able fo fif info sociefy. Man being a social animal, if is imperafive fhaf fhe individual should acquire in school Ihe courfesy, reliabilify, and self-discipline which will make him a valuable and respecfed member of his communify. And now may I say whaf I should have said af fhe oufsef, fhaf fhe pasf half year has been a very happy one for me. Since my arrival in fhe Unifed Sfafes, I have had new and excifing experiences. Buf far more imporfanf are fhe many wonderful friendships I have made in fhis greaf counfry. ' The American people have infroduced me fo America in a generous and hos- pifable fashion fhaf I shall remember long affer my year in fhe U.S.A. has come fo an end. As fhe days have come and gone, I have become more and more convinced of fhe value fo bofh counfries of such exchanges as fhaf of which I am a parf. l definifely feel fhaf fhrough my various associafions af Englewood and elsewhere in America my undersfanding is being broadened and deepened. l hope fhaf, in furn, I am helping Americans undersfand a Iiflle more of fhe Brifish poinf of view. In closing, I should like fo fake fhis opporfunify of saying, "Thank you," fo all my Englewood friends for fhe welcome fhey have given me. May good forfune be wifh fhe faculfy and sfudenfs now and in fhe years fo come. . OCTOVIA RAYNER PEARY Page 85 Page 86 Princrpol Messcigo . Funiiliur Doorwoy: . New Louder , . EnglewOOCl lrciclilion By J. Z. Jacobson Tlicii Senior Feeling . INDEX Marches Gn By Constance Bennett Prize Vifinning Goocl Citizenship Essoy By Phedonia Jones America Foce To Foce By Shelici Butler Student Orgonizoiions Sports ,.,, Girls' Allwlelics . Froslw-Soplw Divisions .lunior Divisions . Jonuory Groduoies . Juno Graduates Fciculiy Roster V -- -Y-uv Ra. "Y M" 'sw . -..xh.b-A, FACULTY and ADMINISTRATIVE STAEF Samuel L. Nowinson, Principal John G. Kriewilz, Assislanl Principal Claire M. O'Reilly, Adiuslmenl Counselor I-Ielen S. McGovern, Allendance Counselor Bearrice Malhauser, Placemenl Counselor Gordon Goldman, Boy's Social Adiuslmenl Counselor Elizabelh Jennings, Girls' Social Adiuslmenl Counselor Nancy Ackerman Evelyn Anderson Joseph A. Bailey Mary J. Beard Alba Biagini Mary W. Biddulph I-lerberl N. Blalceway William A. Bollom Vera Bowling Virginia M. Burlon Sheila W. R. Buller Bruce Cheadle Grace R. Conanl Anna De I-laan Rulh E. Des Jardins Enid Deuler Marshall Duban Barbara B. Filch Lucille A. Fosler Cleo V. Fox James M. Gailher Hazel B. Gay Louis J. Gordy Cassie C. Greer Anna L. Groal Roberl I-Iale. Jr. Eslher K. I-Iarris Samuel I-lines Tommie W. I-loggall TEACHERS Josephine Hallowed Calherine R. I-lolmes Vivian P. I-Iulialier Jacob Z. Jacobson Cornelius W. Johnson Grace A. Joy Eleanor M. Keegan Mary F. Kiesler Jessie O. Komar Franlcye Ledbeller Cary B. Lewis. Jr. lan Mac Leod Mary I-I. Maier Dororhy Meyer Beverly Miller Edellrud S. Miller I-Ioward Miller Mayme N. Modglin Hamlin A. Moseley Edilh W. Molen Irene M. Munson Nicholas Olrer RuI'h K. Ooylcaas I-larry Oslerharl Mayfield Pelerson Allred R. Prolsman Roy E. Quanl LoreHa G. Quinlan Lee L. Randolph Sadie M. Reel Ann M. Reid Marguerile Reinmulh Ellen C. Rooney V Winnie L. Roberls I-Iarriel S. Rolhwell Louis Schiff Alice B. Solomon Pearl T. Smilh Viola P. Slelzer Rulh T. Slewarl Bernard B. Slone Alice D. Slorer Edifh Slrahan Fern I-I. Taylor Lucy J. Taylor Kalhleen Thom I-larry Tomaras Dolly G. Trone Kalhryn B. Twomey Joseph Wallcer May Weisman Florence Wheeler G. Vivian While I-Ielen L. While Gwendolyn M. Williams Theodore J. Williams Willis I-I. Williams Yoshio Yamada I-Iarold Zlalnilc ,T i E I I I I i I I l I I I I 3 Page 87 1' Page 38 Mrs. Jenn ings turning some money into Miss Nash LIBRARIANS Cornelia W. Bennell Frank A. Neumann Lo D. Burlon Elizabellw Wood R.O.T.C. INSTRUCTORS Sgt Roy Camden MfSgl. Roscoe McGhee TRUANT OFFICERS Rea P. Fowllces Edillw l-l. LaMOHe ENGINEER Frank J. McAdams MATRON Margarel l-lamillon LUNCHROOM MANAGER Maude Allman CLERKS Marllwa Boyer Anna G. McGra+l1 Mary Gilbrlde l-lannalw N. Nash 600401 Produced M

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