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muff 1"Jl4,oLfL2 CVT .::"'h we-:J LY! ICI kk 42 Ni?-if rink. NY., F011 girl, ,O6'fflflLl0'C. L,kA,0"9-f4f.z, 1 ww fkwjqbu X x, ff! 1 fffjgfff f -516' X KQCCK? md!! Jff CA fx ff C ci! 245 52-f K f Af 3 I H X Q--fp' xv X, , A 'NX , K W 1 al' 2 H ti: ki KW 33' Pj E X ,X V q - ,.. 1 , ' 4 2' " 'A " "Q 2 , A 'N , 1,,f L! y X, ,Q ' ,J X, ya? , j 'nm ul! ' ft' xi A , f ., 2+--f ' nf Z hh , f ff ar , -1 ,F K -' - . ff V ft 3 , 7 YV' l N i , GJ Q Kg ' f pikv. A , A ,f 'Tj TE, Ml n L U L! ' I 'I Qc.: 'ii Us V ' J f , x T' A ,. if V V lv li. 3? ,lf f cm, f"' 'T . I 1 fa,-K. . U :AA if-wh. 5 . J Q P --l.. 'c- x P V. 1. ..,,,,, Cu kv J K ' 3 ff V I 5 , A 1 7- L f ., QM . - Q59 C , PY. K l , 1 V R ' 1 ,ff I X tr' I , VN V, FNf f.g' WL, VA 51, lj V' I E i 'Fl L 'qv 3. 1 A . , A V, . , , A i N ,WM Lx +"Lg'V ix JJ " 4 R ,f f' A" A 3 f Ki X ' Vyf , .Vx IL! I' I K' ,. 'XLV' , I J,1'jl'Lv , . , :JU 7 ij , , , ff ,- L 1 , - ,295 v J, ff , L.. 1, rdf- ,- y' ' 1 ,fgfjf f ' ,f 4 f V by ,, ,A A X " , V if 1" 444' Q ZL2 ,. M '7 I , V- 1 M' , C L Kg' f 5 J., ., . , .Ln V N -1 , ' I "' .,, - . ,577 A N A ' . J 3 - wf-W 1 ,cg I N1 , fx , ,, V H I J , - V Y-I,-L , - 1127 ,f 'X-- ,b , -- ,Q c-,Y L- Nxt . ,U , , F, - X , ' Cv M N T". Fr.wx f 1 M 4 K 49, ,ff Lgq 1 I ll'-14.1 J Kff 1' 1 fn, 4 J J 4 -J X J . , 1 . , X A l I , . . ,ffl gf - ! :Q gf? LL, ! I 'K 'ra , 5 'I 4' W ' 3 f' . f L.. I .Ki K ' fkgfqrr ,1Q"f "' X , N X I I xx X- X K' Y ,j I ., , 1 ' . ' J K- Y i 1 K fy JJ i A' X V' XMI A " 1 rj' V? J ' F I X ,ff x 1 X f X I f L 1. C' n ,511 1 6 1 N X "r f 7 . s Q PURPLE and WHITE K ff af ff ff' Jw MQW M9-7 WW will Jo Qrmffiw W My WM vw vw ww G O S O Why do you go to school? Probably you have never asked yourself that questron Prob ably you take school attendance tor granted You go to h1gh school because that seems the thmg to do Your teen age ne1ghbors do lt and so do your teen age tnends and relatlves ln deed you have 11ttle cho1ce 1n the matter unt1l you reach slxteen The law requlres that you stay ln full t1me school unt1l you reach that age And most ltkely your parents 1ns1st that you rerna1n there untrl you graduate Of course 1t may Just happen that you hke school Sorne wrll regard th1s as funny But the chances are that 1f a vote were taken on a secret ballot rt would be found that most g1rls and boy s enyoy attend1ng h1gh school even WOODS thouah many of them seem always to be count rna the hours untrl the next holrday or vacatron YOU CANT WEIGH OR MEASURE IT D W . ln any case lf you stop and thlnk about the auestron you ll no doubt say that attendlng hlah school serves a double purpose It helps prepare you for both a aood Job and for entry lnto college Tnxs IS obvtously true But as you w1ll reahze rf you awe a httle more thought to the matter hlah school does more than that All r1ght you rnay say at th1s polnt what for example? An easy answer ts that 1t prepares you for l1fe But then the phrase preparatron for hte 1S L L ,R be ali l 1 If" 9 L, Li illl " . W l 4 w rn 48" X '-l ll 'ri' -f 1 lull e l W rr J fffff' Xyxff and bust of Shakespeare so vague and general as to be almost meanmgless Besldes as Iohn Dewey the great ploneer of progresswe educatlon pomted out long ago hte does not Walt to begm untxl after you graduate from school You are very much ahve Whlle you are 1n school So school 1S most dehnltely part ot hte and not lust preparat1on for hte Nevertheless lt 15 true that hlah school helps areatly to enlarge your capaclty for a r1ch and full hte lt helps develop 1n you a capacrty to see feel sense understand apprec1ate and enyoy certarn thrngs and exper1 ences Whlch Wrthout that capaclty would rema1n closed books to you Another Way of saymg thls IS to note that hrgh school helps open up to you the vast Wonderful world of splrltual and aesthehc values Splrztual aesthetlc oh yes you may thmk to yourself 'l have a general ldea of What these Words mean l beheve lt someone sald to me You have a splrrtual expenence when you take part tn a rel1a1ous SGTVICG l would get the 1dea I beheve too l would catch on 1f l were told I have an aesthetlc expenence when l look at and really see an exhlblt ot pa1nt Mrs. Reel with group of her English students studying model of London's old Globe Theater E1 qw? WE? X 1 . f:. , 32 1 gi -- ff' W 1 ' " 6:14 -'Q f a v Zim A wwL1.sCH-'5l?'Q 9' f Q riff ig' 'W .rp vb A' ,314 if 3,1 Le. 'M S H x 2'Kg,f as 1 I Q , N W I L, 'M ,I , W 121 K . 3 pf A .Q V' A , . ., ..., . I , 599 W JXFQ' ' QUE . ' A W 2 2 A91 Q35 ' xi' me 531 -V an i ,L 512 Q L six X ,, , , ,.,. ..1..,,, , , 4 Q Wakita ' H 3 1 I gl f 2 H L .,,,,. T has: 4 4' llpl. : .. . ., . .... . .... A wzzfigsf , ,.,., Q, Age' ii: , t t G 4 U A vi, N. 35. as Q 41155 Mr. Thompson W i t h student m e m b e r s oi special orches- tra rehearsing instrumental accompaniment lor "Arizona" - "Fernando" operetta. Mr. Zlatnik explaining tine points of a com- position to section of school band. X ..-4 ff m y x, '41 'Za Xiu! By Richard Hunt By Richard Hunt ings by Rembrandt, such as was held in the Art ln- stitute several years ago, or listen to and really hear the New York Philharmonic Orchestra play Bee- tl'1oven's Fifth Symphony." Thats line. Only you can have spiritual expe- riences outside a church or synagogue as well as inside. And Rembrandt, Beethoven, the Art Institute and the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, even con- sidered jointly, do not have a monopoly on aesthetic experiences. You can have an aesthetic and a spiritual expe- rience at one and the same time reading Walt Whit- man's "Prayer ot Columbus" or Abraham Lincoln's "Gettysburg Address." You can have an aesthetic experience designing a garment in a clothing class, or making a drawing in an art class, or singing a song in a music class, or writing a poem, story, or essay tor an English class. You can have a spiritual experience by feeling deeply the sense ot fellowship which belonging to a school club can give. You can, likewise, have a spiritual experience just by taking part in a school assembly, or attending a football game, or by par- ticipating in any school activity which gives you a deep sense of belonging and of doing your part. A notable example of the kind ot school activity which gives one a stirring spiritual experience - and, yes, an aesthetic experience at the same time - is the type of graduation program for which Engle- wood has become widely known the past decade or so. Splendid in various ways, it has been particu- larly remarkable for the way in which it has given the spectators a feeling of being participants. The words spiritual and aesthetic are rich and many-sided in meaning. One cannot grasp all their Ari sludenis busily en- gaged in a variety of crealive activities. They are members of Mrs. Currin's, Mr. Iohnson's, and Mrs. Wilson's classes. Z if sg ,- x A ,. By Richard H unt As the sun colors flowers. so does art color life. -Sir lohn Lubbock meaning at one time, particularly when one is iust a teen-ager. As you grow in years and knowledge, experience and understanding, more and more ot this meaning will disclose itself to you. Meanwhile it is well to be aware that high school is giving you spiritual and aesthetic experiences, building up within you a sense of spiritual and aesthetic values. But not until years from now will you come to realize how significant a part this was of what you derived from attending high school. Drama Club enthusias- tically studying parts in a play under direction of Mrs. Ledbetler. .'-K i This will be in line with the general appre- ciation of such things which true maturity brings. It will be in line with the appreciation, which maturity brings, of the Iudaeo-Christian saying, "Man doth not live by bread only . . . " lt will be in line also with an appreciation of the plea attributed to Mohammed: "Il you have two loaves, go quickly, sell one and buy a flower, for the soul, too, should be ted." Z Iacobson tzwsm ff-'W I' ,WM F5'9W'f'v -if fr' qw, , f-2 if- Mjwy' 5 W H5 if ,. 4' f ' M 4 'ff 2, ea rl agjk 317 f g fhfg' ff' f V , , -, . .,., . f 1 fi f f , G , gg fri fm, 'irq' 2 W2 ' ,' ' gg Q. , ' I Us , . , f ,V ,ffm ,, f,y ,ay Mm, V V , f ' ' W Miss Weisman holding forth on value of reading book reviews. 5-X f,, Q Euglrlmmb .wh mllfiw' waters flnu.....,,, -mclirr nllrlt in, i'cl1't'sliit1qlg,,,,,, :asm-tasty ,545 ' Q.-Inf ln, as full t a lla.-M...m.,l.l litiiricinlotrlieuttsortlq Mr. Thompson, Mr. Krie- witz and group ol stu- dents viewing beautiful Abbie Monlort Went- worth Fountain, historic and artistic landmark ol our school. Miss Williams showing model of one ol lirst seven houses built by Pilgrims on Plymouth Plantation between 1620 and 1623. VISUAL ART PRGMINENT AT ENGLEWOCD Visual Art plays a prominent role at Engle- wood, and not only in the art classes. From time to time exhibits of paintings, sculpture, and functional works of art are held in the library, the lunch room, and the lobbies of the audi- torium. lt is thus highly fitting that Englewood students should have won prizes recently in the Chicago Regional Scholastic Art Awards Exhibition. They are: Ray Allen, Mae Bebly Cates, Delores Hamilton, Alma L. Height, Rich- ard Hunt, Elmeathera Lewis, Howard Pernell, Gloria Roberts, Iohn Simpson, Ioseph Thomas, Thadiora Turner, and Margaret Woodward. ln keeping with this also was the spectacu- lar success of four of our boys at an art contest sponsored by the Leader Cleaners of Chicago in March, l953. Headed by Alfred Tyler, who received the highest award in the form of a S400 scholarship, Englewood's budding Michelangelos carried off the four top honors on this occasion. Besides Tyler, a Ianuary, 1952 graduate, the Victorious quartet consisted of Richard Hunt, a Ianuary, l953 grad, Leroy Pyburn, of the Ianuary, 1952 classg and Robert Brown, at present an Englewood junior. Art Students Scrutinizing Art Works Scanning Student Bulletin Board. C. W. Iohnson Explaining Fine Points of Painting. MEMBER! 1-a'5"i f' f- -1 f --', -i-t m a, s C' arf' M4 'l r, , G3 2 -5 iE."'i. Q I S s s I 4 if w i 2 a .E 3 i i 2 Mr. McAdam, Mrs. Iennings and students paying their re- spects to Englewood's Military Roll of Honor. WIDE RANGE OF INTERESTS Athletic trophies which loom large in Englewood's history awaken a train of stirring mem cries in the mind of IV1r. Quant. N., if i 0 Paris, Europe's colorful capital of culture, is the subject oi Miss HuHaker's discussion as she points out famous spots on its map. Patriotism and pride in the historic achieve- ments ot Englewood harmonize Well in the thinking of our students and teachers with a vital interest in foreign lands, languages, litera- ture, traditions, and customs. This is borne out beautifully by the accompanying pictures. Select group oi students from Spanish class taught by Mrs. Munson. The Latin-American flags symbolize the good neighbor spirit oi the class. I I w Mr. Thompson X Wlwvws THREE STALWARTS GF SECONDARY EDUCATION ,M-..,.,-vuwP"" Mrs. Stephenson Mr. Wolfrum ln appreciation ot their many years ot devoted service in the tield ot education generally and at Englewood in par- ticular, the 1953 Purple and White is affectionately and re- spectfully dedicated to Mr, Thompson, Mrs. Stephenson, and Mr. Woltrum. t lt is a pleasure to note that continuous close association with young people has kept these three stalwarts ot secondary education young and vigorous in spirit and outlook, open- minded, ever receptive to new knowledge, and eager and able to continue to impart know-how, insight, and wisdom to others. Perhaps the most valuable result ot all education is the ability to make yourselt do the thing you have to do, when it ought to be done, whether you like it or not, it is the tirst lesson that ought to be learned, and however early a mans training begins, it is probably the last lesson that he learns thoroughly. - Thomas Henry Huxley WHAT WOULD WE DO WITHOUT THEM? A modem high school is d complex institution. Do you hdve oriy doubt ds to that? Then Consider the thousomd drid orie tdsks performed iri their reouldr line ot duty by Mr. Kriez-ritz ond the other members ot Eridlewoods odmiritstrdtive stdft shown ori this oooe Z1 'um cz.. " ty-'Scsi al' fl I 1' THE STUDENT COUNCIL OUR OWN CONGRESS ln a number of ways Englewood's Student Council is comparable to the Congress ot the United States, and a boy or girl who does good work as a member of our Council thereby is taking a preparatory step toward a creditable political career. One of the Student Councils major annual projects has been the spring clean-up cam- paign. This has included, in addition to actual clean-up activities on the school campus, the sponsorship of an all-school slogan writing con- test as well as stimulation of voluntary dirt elimination in the home and the community. For its accomplishments along this line in 1952, Englewood was awarded a plaque at the clean-up luncheon last Iune. Moreover, in the fall of 1952, two Englewood students won hon- orable mention certificates in the city-wide slogan contest conducted in cooperation With the English classes in Chicago's high schools. One of these was Iulius Harrington. His Win- ning slogan was: "Make Chicago dirt free in '53." The other was Claudette Wilson. She won with the plea to "Make Chicago the home ot cleanliness." This is something to be justly proud oi. But it is only a start compared to what will be expected in the future, for the Student Coun- cil has transformed the annual clean-up cam- paign into a continuous year-round activity. lts Clean-Up Committee, under the chairman- ship of Barbara Lane, is determined to do away with dirt in the school and the community. STUDENT COUNCIL SPONSORS SALE OF TICKETS As is well known, the Student Council plays a leading role in the sale of tickets for all of the schools athletic contests as well as for various other school undertakings. Among other of its activities is a "Mum Sale" com- monly conducted once during each football season. Last year it was carried through just before the DuSable game, and, as usual, it not only netted a handsome profit tor the Student Council fund but also stimulated attendance and spirit at the game. STUDENT COUNCIL EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Miss O'Reilly Row l: B. Lane, M. Green, I. Harvey, Miss O'Reilly, I. McCurtis. C. Butler. B. Haney. Row 2: K. Hopkins, T. Levin. B. Brooks, G. Logan. D. Nash. R. Hayes. L. Iohnson, S. DuPree. P. Ellis. 14 DANCES, PAST AND FUTURE Another type of popular activity which the Council helps put over is an occasional dance. The one held last semester was well attended and kept all who participated merrily happy for two and a half hours. A peppy orchestra a vibrant vocalist, and free cokes contributed much to the good cheer which filled the air. The current semester promises to be par- ticularly pleasing to the boys and girls who love to "trip the light fantastic." One dance has al- ready been held. Its main purpose was to wel- come the freshmen in a fitting fashion. Another dance is being planned for the near future. And under consideration for shortly after the .S-W, spring vacation is a noon-hour dance. lf this innovation proves successful, it will probably be adopted as an annual event in years to come. FUND RAISING ACTIVITIES All who were there will recall the pleasant touch of familiar theatrical atmosphere which the Student Council added at the "Arizona- l:'ernando" operetta. The Council did this by selling cokes and candy between the acts. Of course, raising money for this or that purpose in this or that way is nothing new for the Student Council. It sponsors all student drives for funds, STUDENT COUNCIL fGroup ZI Freshman and Sopho- more Delegates Miss O'Reilly Row 1: G. Seals, V. Brown, I. Vinyard, A. Ienkins, I. Allen, V. Var- nado, S. Cook. Row 2: L. Dunams, L. Ross. V. Iones, N. Parham. A. Green, B. Stoxstell. Thompson. M. McClure, I. Sherman, Anderson, M. Davis, P. Bernstein, G. Willis. G. Smith. E. Laura, Row 3: H. E. Bynum, I. Williams. I. Iones, I. B. Iackson, V. Hazlett, I. Gore. STUDENT COUNCIL fGroup II Iunior and Senior Delegates Miss O'Reilly Row 1: M. Murphy, F. Cunningham, Y. Stan- chel, C. May, I. McFall, L. Woods, A. Weems. Row 2: E. Sokolowski, R. Brown, E. Ho., I. Har- rod, L. Banks, I. Crozier, P. Middleton, Y. Burns, B. Cleveland. Row 3: I. McCall, L. Dunterman. I. Russell, C. Potter, I. Phillips, D. Taylor, R. Martin, F. Daniels, T. Lewis, T. Iohnson, B. McKinney, M. Walls, E. Townsend. 15 MEMGRY LING'-ERS ON Long will be remembered the gaiety and glamor, the rhythm and harmony, the song and laughter, the romance and folk feeling which made the stage of our old auditorium a place of pleasure-giving magic on the night of No- vemloer 2l, l952. Then it was that, under the creative direction of Ioseph C. Thompson, our principal, a cast of Englewood students, gave a triumphant performance of the ildouble- header" operetta, "Meet Arizona" and "False Fernando." George Wakefield Cadman come posed the music and George Murray Brown 1-:rote the lyrics for the "Arizona" piece. The Fernando" score is by Roy Stoughton, its lioretto the work of David Stevens. Gay scenes from delightful "Arizona-Fernando" Operetta. l6 FESTIVE WELCOME FOR FRESHIES There are dances for various purposes among various peoples. There are rain dances, harvest dances, reconciliation dances, war dances. Some are gay, some weird, some poetic. Some are accompanied by chants, some by shouting, some by prayers. ' On Tuesday, February l7, in our girls' gymnasium, Englewood had a dance ol its own with a purpose. Of course, all our dances have a purpose -- the purpose of promoting happiness, companionship, good cheer and school spirit. But the February l7th l'hop" had, in addition to this, a special purpose - that ot festively welcoming the newcomers to our school, the latest crop of freshmen. This was done gloriously with the aid ot popular tunes played stirringly by a peppy dance orchestra. QUIZ KIDS SHOW THEY'RE HUMAN AS WELL AS SMART Students and teachers of Englewood who were curious as to what the Quiz Kids are really like have had their curiosity satisfied - with a bang and a hip, hip, hooray. lt happened on December 9, 1952. That day CBS brought five of the youthful luminaries - Pat Conlon, Naomi Cooks, Sally Ann Wilhelm, Iohn Carroll, and Frankie Vander Ploeg - to our auditorium. The "Kids" were accompanied by announcer Ed. Scott, by Larry Woolf, manager of their program, by Ioe Kelly, their suave and folksy quizmaster, by Howard Peterson, their pianist. Engineers came too, and brought along all the equipment needed for a radio broadcast. Mr. Kriewitz opened the assembly with a characteristically good-natured introduction of Ed Scott. Mr. Scott, in turn, gave all the neces- sary instructions. Then the program got under way. The students and teachers of Englewood did their part by applauding at the appropriate time and by singing "School Days." And this was tape-recorded as an integral part of the "show." The assembly was rounded out with a salvo of cheers for the Quiz Kids, led by Regina Brown and Irene Harrod, two of our cheer- leaders. And in a letter to our school paper, the Englewood News, the Quiz Kids enthusias- tically thanked Englewood for the reception given them in our school. On Ianuary 4, 1953, when the Englewood Quiz Kids program was broadcast over WBBM, the enthusiasm and the gratification came to life again with an added glow. UI-Ie ISocratesl said that there was one only good, namely, knowledge, and one only evil, namely, ignorance." - Diogenes Laertius tl-9' Chemistry class tours Museum of Science and Industry under guxdance of Mrs Komar FIELD TRIPS FAVORED AT ENGLEWOGD The educational value of appropriate field trips is greatly appreciated at Englewood ln line with this various groups of students from our school have been taken by their teachers to industrial plants, to famous libraries, to a settlement house area, and to museums. Since the beginning of the present school year, for example, Mrs. Munson has taken a group of Spanish students to the Hull House area and Mr. Goldman and Mrs. Komar have taken groups of physics and chemistry students on planned tours of the Museum of Science and lndustry. At this world-famous show place of tech- nological progress our boys and girls saw draf matic demonstrations of some of the latest developments in nuclear physics They wit nessed the bringing forth of atomic sound artificially They observed the radioactivity which resulted from the 1n1ect1on of radio-active strontium into frogs. They saw an artificial hand being used in hazardous demonstrations involving radioacti- vity. They saw lightning being produced ar- tificially by means of the Westinghouse Million- Volt Lightning Generator. They saw a high fre- quency induction furnace in operation. The guide put both his hand and a nail into the furnace. His hand came out cold, the nail red- hot. "A teacher who can arouse a feeling for one single good action, for one single good poem, ac- complishes more than he who fills our memory with rows on rows of natural objects, classified with name and form." - lohann Wolfgang Goethe 19 9 fi? is 5 WW , BOOKS, BOOKS, BOOKS ALL Foia YOUR INSTRUCTION AND ENIOYMENT LIBRARY HAS SEATING CAPACITY OF OVER 300 AND NEARLY 12,000 BOOKS Did you know that Englewood has one ot the largest school libraries in the city? Constance Bennett, one ot our library's stu- dent assistants, asks this question in a fact- packed statement prepared by her. And she goes on to say: "It has a seating capacity ot over 300. Moreover, it has beauty and comtort as well as spaciousness. All this, as well as its general usefulness, was much enhanced by the remod- elling which it underwent last year. "There are various departments in our library. One is a special section for the faculty. Another contains and handles the social science collection. Still another is devoted to books ot particular value to English classes. Then there is a section devoted to art books, and one to science books. "The library's magazine racks make avail- able to the student a variety of periodicals. Some are general in nature. Others specialize in particular fields. In all, our library sub- scribes to 93 magazines. "With a shelving capacity ot 15,000 vol- umes, our library at present has ll,560 books. Reference books, such as encyclopedias and atlases, are shelved separately. A wide range of pamphlets and pictures are filed in a cabinet. There are available in the library also some film strips, some records, and numerous slides. "Fifty-three volunteer student assistants help maintain and operate our library. They shelve books, work at the charging desk, ar- range the bulletin board, collect study hall slips, check magazines. Mr, Frank Neumann, uni- versally admired for his cooperative attitude as well as his knowledge of books, is in charge ot the library. I-Ie has been at Englewood for l0 years. Our other librarians are Mrs. Lo D. Burton and Mr. Clareon Hinksonf' TIME OUT FOR A LAUGH AND LUNCH 500 Club pledges have a little fun on the school campus. Havmg good time at performance rn the audiiorium. Teachers l1ned up for chow. 24 Speakers Table Speakers Table CLASS LUN CHEON OF IANUARY 1953 GRADUATES Held at the far famed lrttemahonal House of the Umversrty of Ch cago th1s gala event on the calendar of the Ianuary araduatmg class brouaht the happy boys and glrls mto the ertwronment of a areat seat of hlgher educatton Thus they got a loretaste of the acadermc atmosphere lI'1 whlch many ot them hope to be hvmg and studymg m the near future 4 QE General Vxew if I I - 1 ' A 1 S' 7 I " X ' S 1 l 3-J, 411 V . , , .N Z, sf," 'av' , ,A A 1 'fn . . ,1 Q . 'O 'Q ,fn . I ' ' . A 4 I - .1 4 ' - U . v v- - 44, , HONOR SOCIETIES ' PROVIDE GOALS FOR ENTERPRISING BOYS AND GIRLS: THEY HELP BRING OUT THE BEST IN SCHOLARSHIP AND CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT No school assembly is more impressive than that devoted to the issuance of honor society awards, the installation of otticers, and the ceremonies which accompany these activities. Candles are lighted, proclamations are read, processions move onto and across the platform, vows are made, certificates are handed out. All this is done in a grand, consecrated manner. Thus the high values of education, and its ever-inspiring objectives are dramatized in an atmosphere of lofty pageantry. Through the school year the various honor societies hold regular meetings, initiate new members, elect otticers and give parties. Row l M Oberman H Shelton H Hochertz Mr Knewrtz L Young P Bruner L Cummings Row 2 P Dunlap nett C Ehlers B Emery G Prxce G Hunt A Olson I Roberts S Wxllig I Bell E Counts I Harrington I Roman A Brooks 26 D. Nixon, xi. Ketchum: C..Gillespie, ii. Clark, 1. harley, F. neil, b. whaienf c. cunlmighqm. Row: at E. Bighob, 'r. Bar: IA and 2B HONOR SOCIETIES Mrs. McGovern and Mrs. Gay How 1: L. Racker, L. Fields, G. Shelton, Mrs. McGovern, D. Kics, S. Barnett, S. Morrison. Row 2: E. Richie, H. Richard- son, R. Greene, W. Mitchell, E. Berry, M. Pryor. D. Hullett, I. Rob- erts, C. Brown. D. Davis. Row 3: I. Tate, D. Dixon, M. Bums, F. Miller, R. Armstrong, M. Hunt. K. Finkle, C. Miller, C. Williams, M. Woolfolk, F. Haile, M. Iones, M. Carter. 0 HY 9.0.9 ZA 3B GA HONOR SOCIETIES Miss Groat Miss Weisman Miss White Row l A Goldberg K Sloan M Iohnson M Green G Whalen L Kmcade E I Mc Moore Row2 M Pierce E Fisher G McLendon M Frost I Williams G. Smith, C. Nelson E. Downey, O. Beasley. ow 3: . Seay, . Krumins, F. Iames. G. Robertson S. Martin. E. Kelly. l. Barrett, C. Davis, M. Wilson. Row 4: B. Daniels, E. Gunther, F. Iackson, L. Dunterman. A, Hill, C. Scott, R. Iohn- son, O. lones, O. Kirshen- baum, Y. Pleasant, D. Czarnik. STUDENT CLUBS GIVE BOYS AND GIRLS VARIOUS TYPES OF VALUED EXPERIENCE AVIATION CLUB TO OFFER PRACTICAL TRAINING Movies dramatizing the progress of avia- tion and illustrating the scientific principles in- volved in this have been shown at Englewood the past two semesters under the sponsorship of our Aviation Club, directed by Miss O'Reilly. This club has, during the same period, also heard talks on the pilot and his work, possibili- ties of employment in aviation, and the accom- plishments of the Civil Air Patrol. In addition the Aviation Club went on an inspection tour ot the United Air Lines buildings and on short flights in airplanes. The most exciting prospect for the future is that members of the Aviation Club will receive instruction in ground flying. It is hoped that they will complete that course and take the Civil Aeronautics Administration test, which will make them eligible for actual flight training without further ground work. Tentatively scheduled for the future also is AVIATION CLUB C Group IJ Miss O'Reilly Row l: M. Woods. M. Stephens, E. Fisher, C. Erwin, L. Cummings, B. Daily, S. Fanos. Row 2: C. Cunningham. C. May, C. Gillespie, B. Brooks, E. Ketchum, I. Moore, D. Barge, A. Spotser, E. Laura, I. Woods, M. Oberman. AVIATION CLUB CGroup 21 Miss O'Reilly Raw 1: G. Gudger. M. Smith, A. Brooke. Y. Burns, T. Barnett. V. Morgan, M. Pryor. Row 2: P. Ellis, R. Mat- thews, E. Muse. I. Lee. N. Foster, I. Kilgore. T. Levin, B. Bailey. S. Crank, D. Flanagan. B. Daniels. I. Crozier. Row 3: A. Curry, T. Lewis, B. Fitzgerald, L. Whiteside, F. Ellison. C. Collins, F. Hines. N. Mabin, I. Williams. A. Robinson. I. Bell. T. Iohnson. .Row 4: M. Seals, A. Kurth, K. Ra- mey. I. Korngoot, I. Hy- smith, H. Lassiter, R. Martin, H. Hardwick. E. Iohnson, G. Goldberg. C. Scott, M. Outlaw. W. Landgraf, Ioseph Barrett. at least one flight to a city some distance from Chicago. Pl-IYSICS CLUB PLANS IMPORTANT TOURS The Physics Club, sponsored by Mr. Gold- man, recently visited the Museum ot Science and Industry. Its plans for the future include further visits to the same museum as well as tours of the Argonne Nuclear Research Labora- tory and the Adler Planetarium. FRENCH CLUBS LEARN GAMES, SING SONGS Englewood's three French clubs, all di- rected by Miss I-Iuffaker, bear interesting and colorful names. They are Les Vingt-Sept CThe Twenty-sevenl, Les Rossignols fThe Nightin- gales? and Les Etoiles Brillantes CTl'1e Bright Starsl. Prominent among the activities of these clubs are the learning and playing of French games, the learning and singing of French songs, the viewing of French movies and post cards UAbsence from occupatlorifs not r st A mmd quzte vacant IS a quad dlstress d LATIN CLUB fGroup 21 Mrs. Harris Row l: I. Marshall, I. Mols- by. I. Whittaker, V. Harris, I. Gore, A. Strange, C. Skin- ner. Row 2: P. Hettron. L. Fields, E. Keeling. E. Ketchum, W. Warren. F. Dillingham, F. Betty. Row 3: F. Burks, M. Wilson. M. Burns, G. Rouse, C. Iack- son, S. Leak, I. Iames, I. Tate, P. Dunlap. Row 4: F o n e s W Pearson . I . . . N. Evans. C. Boyd, E. Flan- agan, F. Daniels, I. Korn- goot, M. Robinson, T. Lewis, A. Kline, C. Wesley. LATIN CLUB fGroup II Mrs. Harris G. Chambers, M. Daniels, I. Comeaux, G. Dunlap. M. Pool, K. Guider. Row 3: I. Cumming, E. B o y d, M. Manning, L. Denmon, G. Robertson, I. Iones, B. Byrd, C. Britt, D. Penns A. Crocket. Row 4: A. Krumins, B. Smith, G. Camp- bell, M. Upchurch, M. Ball, A. Brown, I. Brown, L. Britt, H. Hardwick, C. Brown. C Carter, A. Basden, F. Ford. DRAMA CLUB Mrs. Ledbetter Row l: C. Ervin, A. Herbert, A S otser Mrs. Ledbetter . p , . I. Iordan, G. Bosley, C. Skin- ner. Row 2: M. Harris, M. Davis, A. White, C. Byrd G. Hunt, s. Ioxmson, 1. Ed: wards, M. Richard, G. Smith 30 Row 1: H. Herbert, I. Givins. L. Racker. I. Roberts, E. Har- A. King, E. Ray. Row 2: Anderson, C. Strong, I DRAMA CLUB PLANS PERFORMANCE OF SEVENTEENTH SUMMER ln l952 the Drama Club d1rectecl by Mrs Fullerton Hall in the Art lnst1tute lncluded Ledbetter, gave a triumphant bell ringing per a iong its plans lor l953 IS a performance o formance ol "Take Care of My L1ttle Girl at eve iteenth Summer THE BAND Mr. Zlatnik Row 1: I. Williams, M. Bow- man, G. Odom, Mr. Zlatnik. S. Morrison, I. Vassar, I. Payton. Row 2: I.. Racker, F. Miller, W. Godwin. S. Mutchnick, R. Kline. I. R o m a n, C. Knight. W. Armsirong, C. Kelley. I. Marshall, N. Carter. Row 3: W. Innes, V. Parker, M. Sims, W. Hodges. I. Korn- gool, E. Brown, G. Mattison, H. Bims, H. Askins, L. Done- gan, S. Crank. Row 4: I. H a w k i n s, T. Wilson. l. Hysmith, E. Reynolds. Wm. Brown, T. Wamble. F. Henry, G. Brady, R. Pat- erson, V. Collins, I. Alsup. S. Iohnson. Difefifed bl' MT Zlmnlk Ef1QleW0OdS Bflfld to play band mstruments Those who quahfv is made up of boys and girls selected frOm Tl'1OS9 for that distinction become members of the Who take the band courses offered for regular bgqd Qmqmzguon and as such play for School school credit. They learn to read music and gggemblle VALUABLE SERVICES ARE PERF ORMED BY THE IUNIOR RED CROSS GROUP, THE MOVIE CLUB, AND THE IUNIOR CLERKS Englewoods unit of the Iunior Red Cross, sponsored by Miss O'Reilly, gave the program at the December meeting to which units from all over greater Chicago sent delegations. In- cluded on this program were a Creole dance by George Patterson and Magga Worthington, a reading by Irene Iordan, and a vocal duet by Iean I-Iarvey, and Sarah Lewis, In addition, four or five members of our unit participated in each monthly meeting of the Central Chicago Chapter during l952. More- over, Terry Levin, chairman of our unit, is on the Central Chapters board of directors. Our unit conducted the regular drive at Englewood last fall which brought in a goodly sum for the Iunior Red Cross And it made many nut cups and other favors for veterans hospitals Plans for i953 call for continued activities along similar lines, as Well as giving a party for a veterans' hospital group and sending at least one student to the Red Cross Summer Conference at the Lake Forest Academy. MOVIE CLUB PLANS EXTENSION OF ACTIVITIES The showing of appropriate movies before various classes was the main l952 activity of the Movie Club, directed by IVlr. Reich. In addi- tion it supplied stage crews for the graduation programs and the "Arizona-Fernando" oper- etta. It also provided school messengers and ushers for various functions. In l953 the Movie Club plans to continue the same vital services, to improve its efficiency, and to extend the range of its activity. IUNIOR RED CROSS Miss O'Reilly Row 1: I. Fortier, M. Woods, S. Fanos, Miss O'Reilly, B. Dailey, D. Murphy, C. An- derson. Row 2: B. Lane, I. Hunter, M. Smith, E. Cooks, A. Buchanan, I. Ior- dan, M. Oberman, E. Fisher. Row 3: Y. Stanchel, S. Du- Pree, E. Muse, Ir., T. Levin, T. Iohnson, F. Hazlett, M. Norris, O. Kirshenbaum, I. Kilgore, A. Robinson, E. Bynum, I. Barrett. Row 4: P. Chambers, T. Lewis, K. Ramey, M. Ball, H. Lassiter, H. Towns, R. Martin, R. Hayes, C. Collins, F. Ellison, A. Kurtin, E. Iohnson, I. Mor- gan, C. Scott. MOVIE CLUB Mr. Reich Row 1: N. Carter, P. Berry, C. Adams, Mr. Reich, H. Bailey, G. Goldberg, I. Kel- ly. Row 2: I. Tate, R. Cha- vez, I. Barrett, I. Roman, W. Berry, T. Levin, S. Crank, E. Harris, L. Racker, W. Nance, V. Price. Row 3: A. Basden, P. Herman, W. Foster, I. Phillips, B. Bates, D. Taylor, R. Gilbert, W. Hundley, T. Simmons, W. Barnes, T. Brown, C. Fair. Row 4: I. Korngoot. R. Bell, C. Chears, I. Hy- smith, L. Davis, E. Alexan- der, K. Finkle, R. Hayes, P. Collias, H. Hardwick, F. Iones, I. Leonard, R. Dale. IUNIOR CLERKS Mrs. Hesselmeyer Row 1: L. Fields, I. Molsby A. Strange, Mrs. Hessel- meyer, B. Chambers, S. Bar- nett, B. Montjoy. Row 2: O. Beasley, D. Kics P. Wakefield, E. Howard P. Dunlap. C. Butler, K. Lu- cious, E. Sanders. Row 3: G. Gudger, H. Thompson B. Webster, B. Cleveland M. McClure, S. Du Pree F. Iackson, B. Cecil, L. Wil- liams, D. Cherry, F. Bell L. Brown. Row 4: C. Iohn- son, B. Umble, G. Price M. Smith, O. Kirshenbaum A. White, T. Lewis, M Ghoston, H. Williams, A Hicks, P. Chambers, V. Iohn- son, E. Townsend, A.Cherry. IUNIOR CLERKS PERFORM ESSENTIAL DUTIES The junior clerks, directed formerly by Mrs l-lesselmeyer and at present by Miss Mathauser perform a Wide Variety of essential duties Particularly is this noticeable in the main office and in the various subdivisions ot Miss O'Reil ly's domain -- the adjustment and record de partments, FUTURE TEACHERS EAGER TO SERVE Looking forward to professional careers in the field of education the Future Teachers of America are actively interested in learning all they can about the best Way to prepare for such Work Formerly their sponsor Was Mrs Cooper Now it is Mrs McGovern l'Art is a human activity having for its purpose the transmission to others of the highest and best feelings to which men have risen." -Lyof N. Tolstoi F. T. A. Mrs. Cooper Row 1: A. Goldberg, B. Daily, I. Moore, Mrs. Cooper, B. Lane, L. Cum- mings, M. Woods. Row 2: R. Brown, E. Ketchum, S. Smith, B. Clark, F. lack- son, Y. Burns, S. Sebastian, R. Matthews, l. Harvey, B. Brooks. Row 3: B. Fitz- gerald. M. Seals, M. Out- law, P. Wingard. M. Ghos- ton, M. Baker, F. Bates, B. Baily, A. Northrip, C. Da- vis, P. Ellis. 33 THE FORUM SPONSORS DISCUSSIONS CONCERNING TIMELY SUBIECTS OF WIDE INTEREST Meetings of Englewoods Student Forum, held several times each semester, under the su- pervision oi Mrs. Reel, are devoted to tree discussion of topics currently important. At each session three or four students give pre- pared talks on the subject selected for that purpose. Some ot these talks are purely ex- planatory. Some are argumentative. They are tor or against some line of action, some phase ot public policy, some theory. After these talks comes the general dis- cussion, which some members of the Forum con- sider the most interesting and most valuable part oi its activity. Once each semester the FORUM KGroup lj Mrs. Reel Row 1: L. Cummings, W. Dillahunty. I. Moore, Mrs. Reel, B. Haney. B. Daily. A. Goldberg. Row 2: I. Grinnuge, E. Downey, M. Harris. B. Cleveland, I. Harrington. R. Brown, B. Allen. G. Gudger, G. Britt, C. Cunningham, E. Fisher. Row 3: M. Arm- strong, O. Batteust, E. Boone, I. Brody, B. Daniels, Matthews. E. Bolden, Bell. D. Flanagan, QF' C. Gillespie, A. Brooks. B. Barber, B. Clark. Row 4: E. Bishop, I. Bell. A. Curry. B. Bailey. M. Baker, H. Brown, E. Alex- ander. R. Bridges. H. Las- siter, F. Bates. F. Hines, C. Davis, L. Dunterman, E. Gunther. FORUM 1Group 23 , Mrs. Reel ,- Row l: M. Smith, M. Steph- ens. G. Whalem, Mrs. Reel. E. Ho. A. Weems, M. Walker. Row 2: I. McFall, M. Browns, R. Peters, P. Dum- lap, I. Harvey, A. Spotser. R. Pittman, D. Whalen. C. Ervin. Row 3: S. Stall- worth, Y. Stanchel, L. Iohn- son, I. Kilgore ltreas.I. A. Moore. G. Rouse, G. Price Cpresl, F. Cox, A. Rod- gers, E. Schaffrath, T. Levin. I. Simpkins. Row 4: N. Rod- gers, C. Wesley, M. Seals, Outlaw, Y. Bennett, 3 I. Hysmith. I. Womack, H. P e rn ell, K. Ramey, R. Iohnson, D. P o w e l 1, E. Townsend. W. Landgrai, A. Northrip. D. I. Robinson. Hazlett. F1 Forum gives a party at which refreshments are served and a variety ot entertainment is pro- vided. THINGS TO BE PROUD OF Speaking oi the Forum brings to mind a number of activities that took place at Engle- wood recently, or in which Englewood students participated, or which in one way or another are of concern to Englewood. There is not space enough in the Purple and White to do full justice to them, but they should at least be mentioned. There is the special showing of the movie, -4 -. "O. I-lenry's Full I-louse." lt is of interest to us because it was attended by our Nina Rodgers, and because she wrote an excellent review of the show. There are the various experiences of Herbert Lassiter - his tour of the destroyer escort, "Daniel A. Ioy," as a guest of the U, S. Navy along with fifty other high school journa- lists, his participation in a press conference with the famous singer Burl Ives, his winning ot the American Legion Illinois State Oratorical Contest, held at Peoria on March 20, 1953. There are the achievements of Rhohemia Chambers as a majorette. Chief among these is her performance at the American Legion Convention last summer in New York City, which she attended with the Iunior Drum and Bugle Corps of Giles Post No. 87, American Legion. There are also her three appearances on the Iesse Owens Talent Show. On one of these appearances she played a composition of her own on the piano. This won her first prize in the form of a gold cup decorated with a replica of the Statue of Liberty. There is the December ll, 1952, assembly at which Mr. Gary of the Illinois Bell Telephone Company showed how microwaves play their part in telephonic conversation. This was aptly reported on by Elmira Miller. There are the achievements of Gerald Sebastian, Arthur Beale, and Marvin Young, former students of Englewood and former mem- bers of its ROTC. When they visited Engle- wood last December they told Master Sergeant Donald I. Hainstock how helpful their ROTC training had been to them. An infantryman and a member of the Tenth Mountain Division, U. S. Army, stationed MRS. GAY STUDIES PLANTS Mrs. Gay scrutinizing plants. This is in line with projects she has spon- sored in the past and plans to spon- sor in the future. Among them has been one devoted to growing narcis- sus bulbs, another to collecting seeds and fruits. Among those planned for 1953 are some devoted to flower and vegetable gardens, some con- centrating on vegetative reproduc- tion by cuttings, graitings, etc. student. at Fort Riley, Kansas, Gerald has been selected for enrollment in a leadership school for ad- vanced training. Arthur, in the air force and stationed at Chanute Field Air Base in Rantoul, Illinois, was made a leader shortly after starting basic training. Marvin, now a paratrooper, likewise felt that his ROTC training had en- abled him to get along well in the Army. There are the victories won by Ledell Fields and Shirley Barnett. They won first and second prizes, respectively, in an essay contest on Ianuary 25, 1953, in which students from six Chicago high schools participated. There is the trip which the Advanced Spanish class took recently to the Mexican community in the area around Hull I-louse. It was taken under the guidance of Mrs. Munson, teacher of the class. A tamale lunch prepared in a Mexican restaurant, visits in Mexican stores, and a tour of St. Francis Church were outstanding features of the trip. There is the much praised panel discussion a group of Mr. Stone's students held Ianuary 20, l953, before a meeting of Englewood's Par- ent-Teacher Student Association on "Vandalism and Social Responsibility in Chicago high schools." There are the activities which Miss Wil- liams conducts during division period in her division. Formerly this included guessing games, written competitions, and various forms of entertainment appropriate for Christmas, I-lalloween, and other holidays. It included also such games as checkers and a checker tournament. This semester Miss Williams has a lB divi- sion, so she is devoting the division period to acquainting the students with the use of school forms and to instructing them as to the proper use of the telephone, proper conduct on the street, etc. She is also giving them an under- standing of school credits, grade points, and course sequences, Ernece Kelly and Fern Bell working Miss O'Reilly giving guidance to a on a joint assignment for the Purple and While. PURPLE AND WHITE STAFF Editors , , . , . l-lerbert Lassiter, Ernece Kelly Smith, Minnie Smith, Richard L, Bridges, Editorial and Business Stall ..,. Ioseph Barrett, Lofefle Hines. Edwclfd Hughesj lf-. Adfl' Delores Batchelor, Fern Bell, Constance GUNS Florence ROdQ91'S. -NWC R059 Bennett, Yvonne Bennett, Ioyce Carroll, ROdQefS. GW9UdOlY1'1 PClf1'1C1Ol ROUS9. Peggie Chambers, Alice Emery, Evelyn Ethel Leona SOWQHY Flsheff Violet Freeman' Amielle Gold' Faculty Sponsors: ,.,.... . .lacob Z. Iacobson, berg, Georgia Cfudger, lean Harvey, Ellen Clare Rooney Patricia Iohnson, lrene lordan, Georgi- Cma Keehngl Ioan Kilgore! Irwin Korn- Art Supervisor .,,. Cornelius W. Iohnson goot, Barbara Kline, Marlene Mayfield, Photo Contributors Elmira Miller, Donald Nash, Mary Olden- Faculty .........,.... Mrs. Cassie Greer, stedt, Nina Rodgers, Alvin Robinson, Master Sergeant Donald I. I-lainstock Dorothy I, Robinson, Edna Schaftrath, Student .,...........,.. lrwin Korngoot, Ianice Simpkins, Betty Smith, lanie Audrey Spotser, Altreda Weems PURPLE AND WHITE EDITORIAL STAFF Mr. Iacobson Miss Rooney Row 1: A. Badon, B. Lane. T. Watkins, Mr. Iacobson. Miss Rooney, F. Bell, A. Holt. Row 2: G. Chambers. D. McDaniel, R. Matthews. N. Rodgers, D. Kline, O. Bat- teast, M. Harris, O. Beasley. Row 3: A. Brooks, C. Ben- net, B. Barber, I. Kilgore. I. Bowman, M. Manning. C. Anderson, C. Gillespie. E. Kelly, B. Hines. Row 4: D. King, B. Fitzgerald, D. Robinson, I. Korngoot. D. Powell, I. H y s m i t h, R. Bridges, H. Lassiter. G. Keeling, P. Chambers. R. Iohnson, E. Hughes. G. Goldberg. PURPLE AND WHITE BUSINESS STAFF Miss Rooney Mr. Iacobson Bow 1: M. Woods. M. Brown, D. Smith, A. Spotser. B. Stoxtell, E. Fisher, H. Brown. Row 2: G. Gudger. C. Nelson, B. Sims. W. Mitchell, P. Normand. I. B r a z i l, E. Howard, B. Brooks, F. Cox. Row 3: P. Bernstein, I. Simpkins. I. Barrett, C. Wilson, Y. Ben- nett, L. King, H. Brown. G. Price, D. Flanagan, S. Sutton. B. Pamon. 36 PM R. C. T. C. COMMANDING OFFICER, ENGLEWOOD R. O. T. C. EXPLAINS ITS OBIECTIVES AND ITS BENEFITS Speaking at the R. O. T. C. award assembly at the close of last semester, Cadet Lt. Colonel Carl Griffith, commanding officer of the Engle- wood unit, said: "This is my fourth year in the corps, and I feel that I did not make a mistake in selecting it as a minor subject. lt has helped me a great deal in meeting people and in taking part in classroom discussions and activities. As a freshman I hesitated to get up in front of the class, but as time Went on I gained confidence in myself. Everyone in R. O. T. C. is given an opportunity to take over the class for drill and for class discussion. "The aim of H. O. T. C. in high school is to lay the foundation for intelligent citizenship by teaching the principles of leadership and re- spect for constituted authority, and by develop- ing habits of precision, orderliness, courtesy, cleanliness, and correctness of posture and de- portment. "I have found that if cadets take an adapt- able attitude all these objectives can be rea- lized. "During the holiday season, several of our former members visited the quarters of our unit. One of them was Gerald Sebastian, a 1952 graduate now stationed at Fort Riley, Kansas, and currently attending a leadership school. I-Ie was selected for this because of his out- standing leadership qualities. Gerald was a good leader in the R. O. T. C. and Was a lieu- R. O. T. C. lGroup 4D M,fSgt. Hainstock How l: C. Stovall, I. Brown, R. Thibo- deaux, G. Waketield. Row 2: R. Engel- sen, W. Foster, C. Griffin, Sgt. Hainstock, C. Iackson, K. Dukes, W. Horne, H. Eth- erly. Row 3: W. Cain, A. Woods. C. Kelley, B. Smith, R. Clark, W. Barnes, I. Black, L. Whitende, A. Summers, R. Garner, G. Campbell, N. Smith, W. New- man. Row 4: P. Carroll. R. Cannon, R. Glasper, I. Day, C. Ray, I. Austin. I. Alsup, I, Hawkins, M. Tillman, V. Rob- inson, T. Odoms, O. Alexander, A. Vaughan, I. Cross. Row 5: L. Green, I. Thomas, L. Raymond, T. Harvey, R. Watson, R. Martin, I. Stroter, T. Brady. A. Pinckney, H. Brooks, I. Gray, D. Pugh, E. Weatherspoon, C. Massey, P. Iudon. R O. T. C. DRUM AND BUGLE CORP MfSgt. Hainstock Row 1: W. Nance: V. Price: P. Pope: M, Sgt. Hainstock: I. Hysmith, 2nd lt.: I. Roman, captain: D. Millet, lt. Row 2: C. Knight: L. Ball: D. King: I. Maddox: C. Hutchenson: M. Iverson: L. Donegan: E. Iackson: G. Collier, I. Marshall: A. Gillon: C. McWhorter: L. Bradley. Row 3: W. Hundley: W. Shell: l. Korngoot: W. Turner: W. Mackey: F. Brown: A. Washington: I. Hobson: O. Hamb: I. Iv- erson: E. Robertson: P. Moses: L. Arm- strong. R. O. T. C. OFFICERS Row 1: H. Zlatnik, C. Grit- iin, Master Sergeant D. Hainstock, Captain F. Pro- cissi. I. G. Parris, I. Roman, D. Millet. Row 2: C. Iack- son, R. Burkett, C. Chears, L. Rhem, I. Hysmith, L. St Iames. R. O. T. C. NO. 3 Sgt. Parris Row 1: I. Tate, I. Hans- brough, R. Burkett, Sgt. Parris, C. Chears, L. St. Iames, N. Carter. Row 2: M. Windham, S. Mutchnick C. Pierre, F. Iames, I. Harris N. Mabin, W. BerrY, I. Mc- Ginnis, F. Patton. Row 3: I. Crump, I. Arnold, I. Er- win, L. Prince, C. Scruggs W. Hood. F. Henry, H. Hard- wick, L. Lorenzo, C. Penny Ii. Sanders. 1 1 t Fi 1' X---r". -A 4. .. Row 1: W. Woods, L. Forten- "" berry, L. Rhem. Capt. Pro- cissi, Sgt. M. Masely, A. Basden. I. McCurtis. Row 2 I. Iames, S. Leak, M. Montgomery, E. Brown, C. Dark, A. Rodweu, B. Beach. E Row 3: I. Battle, R. Wood- berry, L. Cook, R. Barnett, H Bell, H. Daggs, S. Nich- olas, E. Iohnson. ' fs 433 Q- QL -rim N ni - Mr. Thompson confers with military instructors of Eng1ewood's R. O. T. C. Unit. tenant in the drum and bugle corps. Basic training was easy for him. He had to take only three Weeks ol training and then was ao pointed assistant platoon leader. The other members of his company had to take four months of hard training. Arthur Beale, another former member of our R. O. T. C. unit, is now in the Air Force. His training, like that of Gerald Sebastian, came easy because ot his R. O. T. C. background. He Was made a leader before R. O. T. C. QGroup 21 Captain Procissi his basic training was over. "Others have had similar experiences and are equally grateful for what the ROTC. did for them, "Those who go on to college and have had three years of R. O. T. C. in high school can start oil with a year of R. O. T. C. college credit. Two additional years of college R. O. T. C. train- ing qualities them for a commission as 2nd lieu- tenant in the U. S. Army Reserve Corps . . . " Englewood's ever-loyal foot- ball fans in a happy mood. ACTION ACTION, ACTION 1' 1 1 Wh M-qiuwfhifaisvwq mg qwdhvfdvomtfwqayf 'N After seventeen years of gridiron guys, peppy "Pat" the sidelines before the ball season. Thus that season with a new coach, lohn as Well as with an entirely new team. To McNelis fell the herculean task of transforming a group of eager but inexperienced lads into an integrated football aggregation. And he had only ten days in which to prepare for the first league game. ,Mft A X 1 Row 1: Ioe Gyton, Dave Taylor, Howard Patterson, Rommie Arnolds, Charles Wilson, Ieremiah Ward. Row 2: Albert Rowe, Leo Williams, Anthony Despenza, William Cavens, Vemell Collins, Ronald Brown, Herbert Cobbs, Hamilton Person, FOOTBALL lack Ioyner. Row 3: Sgt. lack Paris, fasst. coachl, Robert Brooks, Fronce Elli- son, Clarence C. Collins, Milton Patch, Howard Parnell, Henry Weatherspoon, Charles Lawrence, Thears Iudkins, Ernest Reynolds, Roscoe King, Robert Pat- TEAM Well, Harper won that game 7-O. Our next game brought us defeat at the hands of Hyde Park, who thus gained possession of the historic Little Brown Shield, which had reposed in our trophy case the two previous years. Two more defeats followed - one by Farragut C4-Ol, the other by Du Sable C49-Ol. Then came our sole victory of the season. We beat Parker 7-6. After that another shutout hit us. This, 42 terson, Carlyle Houston, Iohn W. McNellis fcoachl. with a score of 35-O, was delivered by Bowen. Now Coach McNelis has been replaced by Yosh Yamada. To him has been assigned the job of building a formidable football team out of the fellows who learned a thing or two last season. He will get well acquainted with them during spring training in May. Everyone at Englewood wishes him resounding success. -that PICTURESQUE GRID IRON PAGEANTRY Snapshots whxch bnng to mmd breath tak mg forward passes dcxncmg cheerleaders hot dogs cokes cmd cx thousand Rah Rah. Ruhs 43 BASKETBALL TEAM BAD LUCK BLURS BASKETBALL OUTLOOK With Donald Nash and Willie lones, two stand-out players, to build a team around, Coach Schiff had visions of a victorious 1952- 53 basketball season. But bad luck soured our prospects. First, lones sprained his ankle badly in the Tech Tournament and then Nash was hospitalized with pneumonia. Entering the Holiday Tournament with a 3 and 2 record, We defeated Crane 56-34 in our first game of M fm ,.,,.-,.-,f,T.f- Mr. Schiff, Coach Row 1: D. Murphy, I. Webb, A. Robinson lmgnl, I. Harrington, R. Thomp- son. Row 2: I. Horton, L. Watson, C. Mattiro, H. McCarroll, A. Rowe, P. Brooks, R. Barnett, G. Usher Row 3: L. Schiff lcoachl, D. Weldy fmgnl. D. Sutton, C. Anderson, W. Iones, D. Nash, T. Wamble, D. Iohnson, W. Goodman, C. Lawrence, I. Pybum, T. Iudkins, L. Nelson. that series, But our next game, in which the lead changed several times, ended in a 55-58 victory for our opponent, Du Sable, and our elimination from the tournament, ln our league games We tell into the habit ot losing by one point, or in over-time to all the section leaders. Three of our boys - Donald Nash, Willie lones, and Thears Iudlcins - Were chosen mem- bers ol Central Section honor teams. Agility, speed, split-second thinking count as much in basket- ball as in any game which calls lor ilexibility, physical stam- ina, cmd mental alertness. 44 Mr. Quant Row 1: A. Mims, A. Mason, T. Brown, D. Ienkins, W. Morgan, L. Watson. Row 2: Mr. Quant, H. Petty, F. Ellison, H. Hall, L. Rhem, C. Collins, H. Cobbs, O. Bunch. CROSS COUNTRY RUNNERS, TRACK TEAM TRUE TO TRADITION After two years of bountiful prosperity, Track Coach Roy Quant was faced in 1952 with the task of rebuilding a track squad greatly depleted by graduation. Nevertheless, our cross country outfit, made up largely of first and second year boys, did very well - finishing fourth in the City Championship race and third in the Sun-Times meet, Anthony Mason, a second semester lad, represented us in the State Meet at Peoria. Anthony Mason, Oscar Bunch, Harold Hall, George Stepto, and Donald Ienkins are the fel- lows who scored for us in the championship BASEBALL FOLLOWS Our 1952 baseball record of three victories and eleven defeats followed a twenty-year pat- tern at Englewood. Englewood baseball teams have been made up of boys who played little TRACK meets. The experience they and their buddies gained in 1952 should serve us well in 1953. The indoor track season will be under way about the time the Purple and White goes to press. For creditable achievement during this season Coach Quant is counting upon a num- ber of veterans: Alfred Mims and Herman Petty in the short dashes, Fronce Ellison, Clarence Collins, and Thomas Brown in the longer dashesg Herbert Cobbs, George Stepto, Harold Hall and Oscar Bunch in the long races. Robert Patterson will be our mainstay in the high jump and Thomas Lewis in the hurdles. Coach Quant also hopes to unveil a "phenom" or two among the new candidates for the team. TWENTY YEAR PATTERN or no baseball before enrolling here. Coach Schiff must build his l953 team around Vernell Collins, Thears ludkins, and Benjamin Ruther- ford, veterans of the l952 season. Coach Quant and Coach Schiff talk things over. CHEERLEADERS Mrs. Weisberg I. Harrod, R. Brown, E. Gun- ther, V. Martin, M. Smith, 3. Wright, L. Kay G .A .A . COOPERATION kk SENSE OF RESPONSIBILITY LEADERSHIP ARE DEVELOPED IN G. A. A. AND GIRLS' GYM DEPARTMENT GENERALLY Festive and gay and Well Worth remem- bering was the banquet which the Cheerleaders gave in honor of the members of their group who graduated in 1952, Each of the grads was given an award in appreciation of her contribution to the group's achievement and the Whole school's spirit. During 1952 several G. A. A. PEP CLUB Mrs. Weisberg Row l: H. Brown, Z. Iack son, E. Ray, M. Allen, A. Harden, M. Woods C. Logan. Row 2: E. Miller, O. Beasley, M. Webster. B. Brooks, S. Branch, D. Hul- lett, S. Stevenson, S. Smith. G. Taylor, G. Salley, D Bates. Row 3: I. Brody D. Flanagan, R. Williams, S. Sutton, D. McAfee, L. Mensah, A. White, D. Payne, I. Lee, G. Robertson, A Cherry, B. Daniels, C. Bur- ton. 46 stirring cheers were added to the Cheerleaders' repertoire. And the G. A, A. Pep Club Was organized, under the leadership of Mrs. Weis- berg, their sponsor. The groups aim for l953 is the building up of "a larger squad with oodles of enthu- siasmf' Girls are happy at 500 Club luncheon - and it's a well- earned happiness. "The gym leaders in particular," says Miss loy, head of the girls' gym department, "have been a big help the past year." Continuing her statement, she noted: "Dressed in white shirts and purple shorts, these enterprising girls help in refereeing games. They also assist slow pupils. To become a gym leader a girl must be excellent in athletics and show a decided aptitude for leadership." ENGLEWOOD GIRLS NOTED FOR NEATNESS "Englewood," declared Miss Ioy further, "has an enviable reputation for the neatness of the girls in its gym. We have strict regu- lations as to uniforms. All girls have to pass inspection and their names must be embroid- ered on their gym suits. On the first Monday of every month girls can be seen coming from all directions carrying clean green gym suits and white gym shoes." it .Q if MODERN DANCE CLASS AROUSES GREAT INTEREST Speaking of new developments, Miss Ioy proudly noted that this semester the girls' gym department started a class in modern dancing. Much interest has been shown in this creative type of training. The girls evolve their own steps and patterns of rhythm and movement, thus giving expression to their own feelings and ideas. "Sometimes," pointed out Miss Ioy,, "a sim- ple step can be amplified into an interesting dance by variations in direction, tempo, accent or focus. The girls are experimenting enthu- siastically and are often amazed at the remark- able results of their own creative effort." BASKETBALL Chosen from the G. A. A. class coached by Miss Ioy, two all-star girls' basketball teams G. A. A. GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM Miss loy Row l: 'l'. Adams, B. Stoxs- tell, A. Weems, Miss loy. D. Simpson, S. Normand, M. Stephens. Row 2: D. Smith, R. Smart, A. Spotser. D. Allen, E. Summers. C. Lasl.e Y. l. Crozier B. Bogan, I. Newman. A. Averhart, L. Iones. Row 3: E. Bishop. A. Riley. I. Beckham, B. Maddox, M. Atlas, V. Daniels, I. Iohnson, D. Payne, A. Phillips, L. Mel-'all, D. Ray- mond, I. Alexander. 47 500 CLUB Miss Beard Row 1: A. Goldberg, M. Stephens, B. S t o x s t e l l, P. Heffron, A. Spotser, C. Ervin, G. Whalen. Row Z: B. Allen, E. Thompson. E. Schaffrath, l. Dorf, Y. Ben- nett, C. Scott, L. Dunterman, G. Robertson, I. Brody, E. Ho. GYM SECRETARIES fGroup ZJ Miss Ioy Row 1: C. Logan, A. King, S. Stallworth, G. Ioy, M. Allen, C. Holmes, Y. Garri- son, S. Morrison. Row 2: C, Ervin, M. Cook, C. Burton, E. Caldwell, I. Woods. Row 3: D. Nixon, D. Dixon, C. Williamson, D. Davis, E. Ho, I. Fleming, L. Rich- mond, C. Bennett, l. Penna- mon, G. Taylor, R. Greene. Row 4: E. Bynum, N. Foster, F. Miller, B. Gross, L. Dun- terman, W. Landgraf, A. Ol- son, C. William, L. Mosley, I. Robertson, V. Martin, M. Davis, I. Williams, E. Schaffrath. Uuniors vs. Seniorsl played a tast and furious game before an excited audience in the boys' gym on Ianuary 26, 1953. The Seniors Won 26-ll. VOLLEY BALL ln May an all-star girls' volley ball aggre- gation will play a team made up ot boys from the Englewood track team. That really Will be something to see. 48 X37 LGCKER GUARDS PERFORM VALUABLE SERVICE Reporting on the Work of the locker guards, Miss Del-laan said: 'Each period ot the school day three or tour girls ot the physical education department are on duty as locker guards. They help keep the girls' gym locker room as tidy as possible. For their service they are given G. A. A. points. To be eligible tor locker guard duty a girl must have the approval oi her division room teacher, must have a good attendance record, and be punctual and trustWorthy." is Y GYM SECRETARIES fGrouplI M1ssIoy Row 1 H Hebert I Givms C Beard M1ss Ioy E Fisher M Stephens G Pender Row 2 I Iordan A Mack lin M Flanagan T Wat kms M Diggs P Tyson I Brazil C May M Warfield Row 3 S Smith L Liggons S Luster F Pitch ord I Simpkms B Daniels erry M Smi D Powell E Lockhart I Beckham Row4 G Rob- ertson B Byrd D I B r dette M Morrison Y Fra zier C Miller M Outlaw C Wesley I Washington C Scott M Woodfolk B Hannon C Williams C Williams STH PERIOD G A A CAPTAIN BASKETBALL Miss Beard Row 1 A Mills S or mand D Guest G Oliver O King Row 2 Y Garn son E Robinson C Taylor B Henderson H Billups E. Berry L. Green C. Iac- quiline A. Haddock B. Stox- siell. Row 3: R. Russell G. Shelton C. Williams C. Chandler C. Wesley A. Brown A. Iones I. Har- man, L. Dunterman I. Dorf E. Thompson E. Summers. LEADERS AND LOCKER GUARDS Miss Ioy Miss DeHacm ow 1: B. Stoxste , M. Sneed, R. Alfred, Miss Ioy, Miss DeHaan, S. Nor- mand, R. Smart. Row 2: I. W o o d s, E. Summers. G. Bodwell, Y. Bennett, L. Brooks, V. Daniels, I. Cro- zier, I. Allen, G. Dunlap. Row 3: S. Morrison, Y. Mil- ler. Q. Unger, C. Beard, B. Braden, L. Woods, D. Mc- Daniel, L. Chaney, D. Chap- man. E. Ray. Row 4: L. Brady, G. Salley. H. Seay. P. Davis, E. Williams, I. Mc- Call, Y. Ennis, Y. Townzel, C. Campbell, L. Moore, R. Williams, D. Phillips. S. Bolin. w 9 " rf li pf' ez N Hx' 4 ,XI 'Irv A H? hd, I I fgxw f W W' limi? , -sw 44, -sb -Q1 I Ly, ff .Ag rw my ,KJ If ff XV ML Jw nfl, if?" " 'I ,xts 'HWY-,.gh'5i"f11ff' f eg QQQQHQJ' QW! J M 'ettftwff bf 0201 1 ,. 1 wr Y xg, f A X Wav L V, 'vii S' 'y 2 ye! .L , my AW U' 35? IRS Mdgbh ff M WA .253 It if 6 WM I if girml JVM .rum fee , M vs ,limi at I ,,lg5wN?f idwfxh r- .N ,M , Q ' Www Nt ,fe ff N ' 7.1 4 52 X7 W fxX , 7? fe ,419 15 f' V+ Z! ? I g-.,-f"""'- ,f Z f'4J ,-exif, ff' EVOLVING SELF DEPENDENCE 50 MARK OF IUNIORS When you enter the Jumor year 1n h1gh school you should feel thot chlldhood IS behxnd you You should begm to cu1t1 vote the hc1b1t of selt rehcmce You st111 need the gu1donce of your porents ond teachers, but you should begm to recxhze thot the doy IS neonng when you w111 have to depend on your own Judgment Isn't thot on excrtlng thmg to look forward to? In your honds pI'1I'1'1GI'11Y rests the responslbrhty for the moktng of ct mon or o Womon To thot extent, therefore, the future of the World depends upon you 51, .L 7 , - ' 1 'Qf'fVi7.-94. - ,Aifu -, A ' -3 Vxtxtfj vw N' fi? ,-'QL-N w,. fa' 1 ' ', u fy rigid. 3 .Q I4 X , my . 'kk-I , yo., I My .il 1 H-' 'gffv' -X7 C:-, ff L-VW " l ew' . - f 5-Ap-.Y X ' ff ' ,fdgti If- E X Af, 1 fs no X r may-,V 9 ,Lx 5: MV K :ju ll x , K , Q:-mn, e I .I , tt 14' -t.7r .X up i..N,xi ,, Q51 ., , ' -4- ,f I, 1 x 55" 2,1 4, 1. ke ,Q 3 "1 y, 'E -' .' -.if -N Q Q. wwf k ' ,kgfffere f4,f.y f: FE, .Q-Eze, L Ai' Q, V, ,, ',j,:'l2 L,x.Q,,,'x We , . ,fig , Q w ,'-i.j N, ,gt or ,,,:5NgJfi'- 1 V, -' wr A vw 5 , g,g X s. 'D kr", ' 5 A M '- 1- 1 Q fe, :ew 'ga r , , , p .f , .- 42- t isa!!! Nl M K If' WV-9, llylw 41,2123 it gk ' 11,4 r ,'v,:f', K ,Vg-S: ' ai 'FAQS in f -,-ff: y - r X t it -ffdfgg, -. Hifi ,gm-jr ff '- 'H' wr A ,-Ae ze Qf. A, fietf 2, , f . 'mg fe -Ang 356 ,,,, . , , .,, .-,, , . .V A I, K4 f 'Ng fl.. tiff!! . , "'f,,.' 1' 1, J fl: , 'V ,aw LL: writ!! V C-4 I ' fe, - Luft- , ., f , ,, -uf f Y A,,f, e T rx, -1 ff, ., t 4 S, .4 ,I ,y, ,div 1,1 l NV 4..f L xl., .ff , gwtflxl qftiffwf yn' ' ' N' 'f' A Y ' ' V " " 'M' '17 -cw' ' -v - fx,-+ ' 'flv t XM? ' IS' N ,f .- f,,' f, -t , Qu , , . -1 1 f-r , 4 eff, "Ll 4 U.. '.f1":' 1 'e " f f fi' X2 z' ' mf. 9233 . X ' .,1g,, ,, 'ff .4 .J-iff 5 e f 2 e' y -W It -f' f' 1 ,. ' J' ' J Q- ., X ' 94", 2,3 -- 5, -'fy2"4 " ,y , t han N Q ,, ,,f r ,flf - H .Sat N 'v 1 N 2334 . ,Z " .-' N ' ,rf ' - . -' f- , , - . ,f 'ff ' ,' : ' . , ,.., ,g 'e QT'-" 'xx V 'I ' ,, - 3. "ff'f,v."'f' 7. "f rf - IN-9 ,,A-fJ,g1.rfF'1' - f - V K x f f - - e 4 A .4 we- , -x ,f, Q' t e ygf-eeffff. on A ,fffg , ' 'w' XX! ' ,' ,M-fre-'f'1'::.g fe ll ft' X, -5" A, f. if: f u 1 f 'ff fm. ff f t V, Q ,N - -.N ,ft M6- J3 " Z ff' A J .Kd I I ' Z Pri - """"-, ,,1ff ' A , 1,53 57,11 g'!ff",.-- ,I V',k 3,1 , K, f , 1' U 1 1 ' 5-Aga' rf A ,J X, . , i. ,fyli 1 f if fif1'f:f,2.fef-'JP'N, f, A 4, yt' .,:,l4Lf-C f ,t 4 tf':,f,f,, ,ff ygff,-L-" 4 4-W Vfyf- 4-1: , C' ffv-f,-1 ,Q --f-- K, 5,1 af-f:f:fX' ' , IR' f" N U ifkffc ,527 ,1 ,ff-f, 4 . ,V : t VL?" ,'ffY4-"A""i':1- "-"U 4- lj,15'4'f I 'M 1 U1 V A .fv-'Erik' X 'Lit v Jun uf , ' 4, A-, rf 1' ff iw ,--f .f'2Q F' .ff 1 I jf'f Ti., '.-' .. 1 3A ADVISORY COUNCIL FALL SEMESTER, 1952 Miss DeHacm Row 1: I. McFall, Miss DeHaun. Row 2: I. Simpkins, L. Sf. Icxmes, R. Iohn- son. 3A OFFICERS FALL SEMESTER, 1952 Miss DeHucm Row 1: Miss DeHaan. I. Simpkins pres. Row 2: L. Duntermun, sec'y: E. Kelly, treus.: L. Iohnson, v-pres. Hx K X s X , X K n .N' llull., 5, W ' ,, , . X X 3A DIVISION Mrs. McGovern How 1: G. Means, I. McFall H. Scott, Mrs. McGovern C. Hudson, A. Drew, L. Wal- per. Row 2: B. Allen. R. Matthews, E. Boone M. Iackson, O. Martin B. Becker, O. Batteast, C. Iackson. Row 3: Salter, R. Iohnson, L. Rivers, A. Rowe, H. Weatherspoon I. Pyburn, H. McCarrol C. Horton, D. Androzzo B. Washington. 3A DIVISIONS Mr. Wollrum Mrs. Biddulph Row 1: A. Goldberg, F. Re- mezas, M. Brown, Mrs. Bid- dulph, Mr. Wollrum, S. Nor- mand, S. Taylor. Row 2: C. B u t l e r, C. Nelson. N. Iohnson, B. U s h e r. A. Churchill, I. Woodhouse P. Wakefield, M. Iackson Row 3: E. Ho, P. Iohnson C. Arrington, B. Williams E. Hughes, D. Bell, I. Dan- iels, S. Bryant, M. Ielferson Row 4: L. Thompson, I. Price, C. Mins. I. Green P. Dufauchard, M. Ghoston I. Scott, W. Sherrill, C. Stoll A. Gayden, D. Iones, B. Brame. 'W' 710+ f' ity., Vw! l 1 C x,., 5 Uv Q -N . flip.. ,Nfiwlxi ' .b J - .FV 6 . . 3A DIVISI N Miss Dubberka Row 1: D. Alexander. M. Casey, B. Armstrong. Miss Dubberka, M. Harris. E. Fisher, M. Howard. Row 2: B, Hannon, E. Gunlher. N. Adams, B. Martin, B. Bed- eniield, l. Oliver, A. Wash- ington, L. Cowan, C. Ford. M. Quillin, I. Williams, B. Daniels. 3A DIVISION Mrs. Storer Mrs. Foster Row 1: A. Weems, I.. Barnes, B. Miller, L. Foster, C. Iudkins, M. Murphy, P. Iames. Row 2: C. Adams. M. Flanagan, G. Dunlap. B, Hines, E. Kelly, E. San- ders. Row 3: E. Schaffrath, A. Brown, L. St. Icxmes. R. B arneit, I. O'Neal. E. Brannon. C. Davis, D. Czarnik. 3A DIVISION Miss Mathauser Row l: D. Shaw, A. Smith. A. Ridgel, Miss Mathauser. E. Downey, G. lones, D. Smith. Row 2: Y. Thomas, L. Dunterman. G. Goldberg, B. Fitzgerald. T. Brooks. M. Hood, V. Brown, L. Iohnson, I. Simp- kins. Row 3: C. Houston. L. Iohnson. A. Prayor. O. Waller, G. Robinson. C. Byrd, L. Nelson, A. Hicks. D. Powell, L. Robinson. M. Marks. 53 3B DIVISION Mrs. Hoggatt Row 1: D. Puckett, I. Cole- man, T. Sturdivant, L. King, W. Hibbler. P. Cooper, E. Black, R. Leavy. Row 2: Mrs. Hoggatt, B, Webster. M. Lyke, I. Ricardo. H. Wil- liams, H. Pernell, I. Plater, R. Williams, I. Marshall. H. Williams, F. Louella, I.. Foxworth. 3B DIVISION Miss Wheeler Row I: R. McBride. I. Luckey, E. Dommons, Miss Wheeler, B. Io h n s o n, I.. Woods, E. Porter. Row 2: B. F o r b e s, S. Barnett, S. Moor, D. Wise, R. Alfred. D. Green. 3B DIVISION Mr. Abbitt Row 1: I. Richardson, L. Kin- cade, N. Iones, Mr. Abbitt. A. Moore, I. Height, E. I. McMoore. Row 2: B. Parker. I. Allen, E. Brown, L. Chan- ey, Y. Ennis, C. Akridge. I.. Harris, E. Ellis. Row 3: D. Banks, R. Wiley, Y. Men- zie. R. Shields, T. Brewer. I. Crump, C. Scott, I. Ad- kins, W. Gray. 3B DIVISION Miss Williams Row l: C. Logan, M. Martin. S. Robinson, Miss Williams, B. Hurns, M. Green, G. Whalen. Row 2: C. Strong. M. Manning, E. Thompson. I. Martin, I.. Paynther, I. Foreman. Y. Zolpe. D. Phillips. Row 3: I. Har- ris, C. Ray, E. Brown. T. Brewer, B. Brown, R. Pul- liam, W. Moss, I. Cart- wright, A. Gilbert, D. Evans. I. Phillips. ins- .X -in mi 3B DIVISION Mrs. Reinmuth Row l: B. Kline, W. Pumph- rey, I. Beckham, Mrs. Rein- muth, S. Allen, M. Smith. L. Liggons. Row 2: S. Mc- Kinney, Y. Pleasant, M. Moody, L. Davis, A. Val- liant, I. Smith, E. Miller. Row 3: C. Fair, G. Usher E. Todd, G. K e e l in gi C. Burns, M. Goodrich. M. Campbell, E. Lyons. O. Iones. 3B DIVISION Mr. Miller Row 1: D. Bates, I. Thomas, B. Valentine, Mr. Miller. D. Chapman, A. Macklin. W. Patterson. Row 2: E.. Howard, L. Ross, W. Mor- gan, C. Cameron, B. Mc- Elroy, M. Turner. Row 3: M. Walls. D. Wainwright, R. Brooks, N. Iohnson, W. Brown, L. Britt, C. Hill. 3B DIVISION Mrs. Miller Row 1: K. Sloan, I. Wilson E. Travis, Mrs. Miner, z. Berf ry, B. Braden, A. Averhart Row 2: N. Bellamy, B. Aus- tin, L. Ball. A. Gillon M. Atlas, C. Iohnson B. Bogan, D. Carter, F. Mil: ler. Row 3: L. Grant I. White, H. Patterson R. B a n k s, N. Watkins: I. McLaughlin, G. Passmore I. Hobson, Y. Frazier, I. Cal: houn, I. Dorsey, W. Foster C. Common. 3B DIVISION Mr. O'Neil Row l: I. Hall, B. Daven- port, M. Fitzhugh, Mr. O'- Neil, W. Walker, A. Herbert M. Murphy. Row 2: H. Iohn: son, R. Brown, G. Washing- ton, S. Martin, S. Laster E. Cameron, C. Vinson Row 3: O. Kirschenbaum C. C a r t e r, V. Iohnson I. Iones, T. Lewis, L. Watson W. Cavens, P. Chambers D. King. I. West. 55 1 3B DIVISION Mrs. Weisberg Row 1: M. Curry, E. Miller, I. Cloud, Mrs. Weisberg. B. Brown. M. Allen, D. Mur- phy. Row 2: P. Burks B. Vacco, L. Brame, C. Da- vis, C. Goode, C, Lasley I, Ward, D. Patterson, L. Brady, G. Taylor. Row 3: E. Williams, S. Phillips. I'I. Martin, Y. Townzel A. Ware, R. Woodberry W. Goodman, R. Brown Y. Bennett, W, Hodges R. Tate, L. Mosley, C. Ben nett. 3B DIVISION Mr. Deter Row I: G. Watkins. B. Wil- liams, S. Smith, Mr. Deter, C. Beard, W. Nance, G. Ien- lrins. Row 2: I. Griffith. B. Comeaux, I. Crozier F. Iackson, W. Cain, D. Ed- wards, B. Ferguson, I Comeaux. Row 3: S. Smith I. Scott, O. Iones, S. Pierce M. Patch, D. Sutton, H Ward, W, Home, B. Smith 3B DIVISION Miss Biagini Row I: M. Iohnson, D. Tur- ner. E. Dodgers, Miss Biag- ini, P. Heitron, G. Goodson 1 I. Hoffman. Row 2: E. Aik- ens, C. Tyler, G. Salley, E. Hopson, M. Webster P. Wilson. Row 3: M Wooten, D. Iones, C. Davis, B. Bowen, D. Ray, S. Iones. I.. Youn . Row 4: R Lon 9' - ' don, T. Brown, D. Gore. I. Wheeler, W. Boyd, D Garner, H. Person, B. Arch- er, W. Pearson. 56 S. Iii 'lf J was ti lit CML fff fb II 'S si' ' If' an F 'I ,vm 7 ,iQS '?. if Q 5 WW 55 X X fy I J fg WE COUNT ON YOU, SENIORS Boys and girls who graduated in Ianuary, or will be gradu ating in lune, you are very important to us We count on you to carry on the good name of Englewood You will be our representatives Wherever you go and in whatever field of activity you enter. Upon what you do depends the future reputation of your school - whether it be in college or univer- sity, in shop or factory, in a store or office, in the armed forces of your country, or anywhere else. You bear a great responsibility, therefore, because Engle- wood has a long tradition and a splendid reputation for the quality of its graduates, For your sake, for our sake, for the sake of the future of our city, our country, and the whole World A may this be an ever present stimulus to you to do your very best. 4A OFFICERS FALL SEMESTER, 1952 Mrs. Solomon G. Hunt. pres.: Mrs. Solo- mon, L. Young, sec'y: W. Iones, v.-pres. 4B OFFICERS FALL SEMESTER, 1952 Mrs. Reel Row 1: Mrs. Reel: I. Iordan, prog, chair. Row 2: D. Wha- len, treas.: H. Lassiter, v.- pres.: A. Robinson, pres.: I. Brody, sec'y. ffffwffig .bfff ,gf ,4f'? "3 K N Vx, X .fag VV' "' 4A ADVISORY C NCIL FALL SEMESTER, 1952 Mrs. Solomon Row 1: P. Bruner, L. Young E. Counts. Row 2: G. Hunt: W. Iones: R. Hunt: R. Ar nold, chairman. 4B ADVISORY COUNCIL FALL SEMESTER, 1952 ' Mrs. Reel Row I: D. Robinson, Mrs Reel, E. Bishop. Row 2: R. Brown, A. Curry. R Hayes, T. Levin. 58 IANUARY GRADUATES My M1-zfjft 1 Make My Famrly Proud ffl' ROMMIE LEE ARNOLD 7774 fi Football AdV1SOFY Counctl Buslness Executzve MARGARET LOUISE ANDERSON QA W Affy ll , 1 l W GLADYS LOLETTA ARRINGTON W G A A JU Be an Elementary Teacher ELEANOR LOUISE BAILEY G A A Mfvfm Be a Housewrle I ,WV f I VALEDA CLARA BALL G A A To Be a Successful Model IOSEPI-I CALVIN BOUYER 3A and 4B Class Ottlcer P T S Sen1or Representatlve Mrnrster of the Gospel GRACE PATRICIA BRITT Forum lkfdl' V7 G A A ICZAQMA ! Become a Good Secretary CAROL YVONNE BROWN Nb G A A M., My Am AT4i'Be a Seamgdlgss DELMA ALEAN BROWN Glrls Chorus Student Councll To Be a Phys1calEducat1on Te HENRY MCNEIL RRoW Liludflp MARY LEE BROWN G A A Volleyball Basketball Gym Teacher PATRICK ARTHUR BRUNER Nattonal Honor Soclety Advlsory Councll -.ni 19' M'-QL l 4-n-7 V1 Study Theology JANUARY IEAN CAMPBELL Be an Inferpretrve Dancer M R1oN coBB Q G A A FRANK COMPRINDO Be a MUCh1U1Sf MAUDESSA COOK G A A Successful 1n Nursmg To Be a Success m Nursmg IAMES S CORNELL VOCGI1Sf EDNA MARIE COUNTS Nat1ona1 Honor SOCIETY G A A SOCIGI Worker CARRIE MAE CUNNINGHAM Nat1ona1 Honor Soclety WW 'flmff Forum pb Be Successful 1n Any Fzeld IDec1de to Undertake 3 j yy ENocH DANGERFLELD W ' Track Be a Busmesfs 26 9 V U J 5 jf Y PATSY JEAN DUNLAP Ncmonal Honor Soc1ety Ir Clerk Be a Lab Techmczarl IEAN LAREE EDWARDS Dramatlcs Club G A A Occupatlonal Theraprst BARBARA ELAINE EMERY Natlonal Honor SOCIETY G A A Be a Medzcal Technlcran NATHANAEL CHARLES EVANS Student COUHC11 Swrmmmg Team 0 X Be An Honor to My Fam11y s. s 'uni' 'H'-P-.L xii L ,-f GRADUATES HELEN IEAN FORNISS G A A Advisory Counsel LAUDIE M GILLESPIE Natronal Honor SOCIQIY GC I I I ,Z PLdRI5NCE LEE e.ooDR1CH xy! Jill! ,MLK FrenchCIub Lf ug' 70 M lc M P 1 P d f f ae Y arens rou o KJ My? J! Ubi Forum Be a Stenographer ARMSTEAD CARLOS G FIJI Q1 5' I R o T c Be a Publrc Accountant CARL TALMADGE GRIFFIN R1IIe Team Mechamcal Engrneer THERESA ANN GRIFFIN c lr! Advrsory COUHCII OIt1cer of 4A Hall A Deszgner and Tazl IULIAN ISHMAEL GUDGER Student Counc1I Be a Commerc1aIArt1st GLORIA HAIKALIS Ui GAA 35 lumor Mzss Model AUVERN IULIUS HARRINGTON Natronal Honor Soctety Q Football and Basketball clBecome a Pharmacrst Z4 walk my 12 f J FELIC A C I-IAZLETT 161. J Z Forum LL U-7' " Be a Prrvate Secretary ix.- HELEN MARIE HOCHERTZ Nattonal Honor SOCISIY G A A Be an Eftrczent Secretary ,fr GAYLE E HUNT ,jg Class Ottrcer 5, Student Counc1I Track Team Be a Socrologrst JANUARY L RICHARD HOWARD HUNT T afbQ'u'b Track M Advlsory Councll M L Paznter Sculptor E LORRAINE IACKSON Locker Guard G A A To Be a Successful Dressmalcer and Des1gner 'J LOIS EDNA IACKSON ff f Become a Fasl'11on Deslgner ROY IACKSON My AD1bll1OH ls To Become a B usmessman TONY CHESTER IOHNSON Student Councll AVIGTIOH Club Be an Av1ator MABEL EILEEN IONES G A A Basketball To Be a Successful Seamstress A W 1 QS, : 61 ARNER MAURICE IONESWYX T- " W A AdV1SOfY Council 96409: no ,.-,Q A Q f l ' J X . Be a Funeral Drrector and Embalmerj 5 Q-if IACK IOYNER Football L L MOV1G Club 4 'Nl L Be an Engmeer wb OKFHY ANE KEITH Be an Artzst PATRICIA P KENoR1cK G A A Student Councll Be cr Model IO N LYDIA KI ORE Q Mm gmt taxzuf 'U'-'f FREDERICK LAWRENCE KINARD Sw1mrr11ng Team An Electronzcs or a Busznessman GRADUATES DORIS EARLIENE LINCOLN G A A Basketball My Ambltron Is To Become a Typrst BONITA YVONNE MCCALL Student Counc1l Purple and Wh1te Agent Become a Kmdergarten Teacher Q f V FLOSSIE INEZ MCNUTT 'J Student Counc1l G A A Y Be a Successful Secretagf Q NORRIS BERNERD M BIN gy ml My Av1at1on Club M Soc1al Comrnxttee j Be a Dresel Mihamc ROBERT BERNARD MILL E M Student Councll Phys1cal Educatzon Instructor my BARBARA IEAN MONTI Y G A A WJ Ir Clerk Be a Successful rse m SHERMAN MUTCI-INICK Be a Success rn Anythrng I Undertake DORIS MARIE NEWELL G A A C1rcle Saromas Become a Physlcal Educau n T DIANA LEE N1XoN If Natlonal Honor SOCIGIY Be a Regzstered Nurse OH OTTO HAROLD NOER ,AJ wa lnzster '65 WSW, by Q X WILLIE MAE PARKER G A A Class Offlcer Lzve above My Father s Expectatrons GEORGE E PATTERSON IR Executtve Comrmttee of Student Councll Bookroorn Ass1stcInt Be a Dancer and Choreographez' l if .af 1. fdqif A-. T30 -.4 '22 ,fv 'W JANUARY ROGER K PRATER 1 lf Basketball Eorurn Intend To Major 1n Polmcal S N GLORIA MAR Forum Natronal ocpety To Be a e Q1golTpc1cher A KENNETH THOMAS RAMEY Form Dxscussron Club I 1 af . . . . , ',-X 0 . f t 9,3 I " fd?" 'eg' J 'P A ,x ... I 1, .. - flfl I fi 7 Q C95-CID C' I S ' ' HgjjM3rO1v1If1SBusiness or To Be V93 eexx 9. if I C' Ci I . .. A A . I ,MMM . . 4 , A A I TJ I v XP I' a Pubhc Speakmg Teacher THERESA IEAN RICHARDSON G A A ff' To Be a Good Stenographer IOSEPH LAWRENCE ROBERTS IR Natronal Honor Socrety Student Councll Lawyer IOSEPH CHARLES ROMAN -S. Natlonal Honor SOCIGIY Student Councll ga Lawyer RUTH ELAYNE SAFFORD J G A A Be a Dress Des1gner EDEITH HARRIET SHELTON Natronal Honor SOCISIX qw lrtl G A A Be a Success 1n Anythzng U DRACO EDSEL SLAUGHTER Basketball French Club Commerc1aI Art1st LUNDELI.. EARLEST SMIL Student Councrl 'MX Basketball Attend College and ec me a Physzcal Ed Teacher N PATRICIA ANN SMITH x , G A A W St de tCounc1l N O se OCIGI Worker X tude o ncll Delegate I Mem Forum I mentary School Teacher I ,Qi Ut T ANCH AA Mt? GRADUATES ANNA LOUISE STOXSTELL G.A.A. To Be Successful in Everything I Undertake Z! - Z' , ROSETTA TAR FN G,A.A. To Be a Successful Social or BARBARA IEAN THOMAS ,...r" 'X GA.A. Be an X-Ray Technician - QUMIRE UNGER G A A Locker Guard T? Be a Successful Housewife IOHN IAY VITES Baseball Movie Club Successful Businessman MURIEL GWENDOLYN WALLER G A A Aviation Club To Please My Boss as a Very Good Stenographer ,ll 5 6 -I5 4, qf,,...1- i D -I' Future Te s of Am X799 Purple an hite Staff LEONIA MAE Wighfffis Ir Clerk G A A by 3561 Soczal Worker 1 'V Be a Teacher LILLIAN LOLITA WILLIAMS ,J yu.. CVS G A A To Make My Mother Proud of Me SHEILA ELEANOR WILLIAMS G A A Latin Club To Become a Kindergarten Teacher J HlRLXPY MAE WILLIG kgtgaqal Honor SOC1elY ent Swlm Teacher SL ecome a Nurse CHARLES ALVIN WILSON Student Council Delegate Football Team C P A F' DONALD FRANCIS BOLTON Be a Lawyer BERNICE BRAME G A A Make My Father Proud IOHN P BROWN Av1at1on Club lr Latm Club A Commerc1alA1rl1ne Prlot HARRY CAMPBELL Surpass My Parents Expectations OLLIE FAY COX G A A CHARLES CURTISS EDWARDS Track Team Become a Busrnessman CAROLE ENGELKE Natlonal Honor SOC1elY Student Counctl Delegate Executrve s Secretary GWENDOLYN S FINCH G A A Dramatlc Club To Be a Modzste LOIS FERN GUSBY Ballet Dancer and Vocalrst WILSON HARDIN Pro Football Player ALMA LEE HEIGHT 66 RUTH WINGARD G.A.A. - Volleyball Team Be a Designer IOHN A. WOMACK Forum Student Council Lawyer IAMES MARTIN WOOLEY Basketball Student Councll Athlete BERNICE LA VERNE WRIGHT G A A Gtrls Basketball Team Be a Stenographer LILLIAN EILEEN YOUNG Nat1onalHono1 SOCIGIY CPres1dentl Class Oftlcer To Do MZSSIODQTY Work IANUARY 1953 Grad cities W1thout pzctures Luzz1' BOOKER TYRONE HORTON HELEN IOY SHELBY G A A Be a Seamstress EMILY ANNA SOKOLOWSKI Student Councll G A A l-lousewrle DONALD IAMES STUCKLY To Be a Success AMANDA TANDY G A A To Be a Government Typrst IESSICA TRUSLUM MILTON TUCKER Basketball Certrtred Publrc Accountant DURELL FRANK HUNTER MOVIE Club Frre Marshalls Club Successful Busmessman NATHANIEL T IOI-INSON Orators Club Drarnatlc Club Great Barrtone Crooner PATRICIA A IOHNSON G A A Be a Stenographer BETTY MERION IONES G A A Pl'1ys1c1an IAMES CURTIS TULLOS LAFAYETTE TURNER Be a Nurse ROBERT CLYDE Basketball dv Be a Busrnessman Successful L y ROB T ERNARD IESSEQMFE A UJLQ 9 f Track Team WMU J v1a to l IB QW Be a C1v1l lf f Be a lack ot all Trades WI ER ff DENNIS ROY MILLET f f' Attazn Hrgh POl1l1COl Oltrce ress Desrgner ERNEST THOMAS REYNOLDS WALTER W WILLIAMS Football Be an Arr Force General Baseball FRANK WILLS Busmessman or Phys1c1an To Be a Bacterrologrst BARBARA IEAN SEALS IESSIE M WOODS Success ln Anythlng I Do Be a Successful Teacher I I N-f . . . I A 1,7 'E I I Become a Seamstress juflbr Red Cross Track U - N545 . . . - A E yo ' - -. . . .. , ff - 7 ' JUNE GRADUATES ALMETTA ALDRIDGE 4 .N G.A.A. Ready in Soul and Resource EARL ROBERT ALEXANDER Baseball Forum To Make a Success in the Future IULIA MYRNA ALEXANDER Grrls' Basketball Team Gym Secretary Be a Spanrsh Translator ROSETTA AMOS G A A To Be a Successful Protessronal Fashron Model or a Publrc Relret Worker IUANITA QUANA ANDERSON Physlcs Club G A A Be a Lawyer LORETTA IEAN ANDERSON Stenographer MARGIREE MARIE ARMSTRON Pep Club Forum Be a Medzcal Secretary CHRISTINE ARNOLD G A A Become a nurse LENORA ARNOLD G A A Llbrary Asslstant Be a Certrtred Publrc Accountant HOWARD LOUIS ASKINS Spamsh Club Drama Club To Succeed rn Whateverl Undertake ELNORA ETHEL AUSTIN G A A Llbrary ASSISIOHI Always To Serve God and My Country BETTY IEAN BAILEY Q f J Forum J Glrls Chorus QMS! An X Ray Technrczan Z5 i L.-nv 1 QA K K4 K ff' JUNE MARY ALYCE BAKER Forum Future Teachers of Amer1ca Be a Muslc Teacher MARIORIE DELORES BALL Amerrcan lunlor Red Cross Purple and Whzte Be a Sur rcal f -1 ufifsff M' f ' "' ' DONALD E KS' MOTl1C1GH 29 AA! X GERALDINE IONA NKSL,,!!f Aj Gym Secretary' A Socral Wo exrf ud4s-A-GQ JD-fffm DOROTHY LOUISE BARGE I Clnld Psyclnatnst or Dancer to T VA THERESA BARNETT kg, .U Lic Nahonal Honor SOCIGTY Red Cross Secretary A BERNIE ANDREW BATES Movre Club Basketball Team A Commerczal Cook FRANCES DIONE BATES Future Teachers of Amer1ca French Club l-llsiory Teacher HAROLD EUGENE BEARDEN Mechanlcal Engrneer IOYCE DOROTHY BECKAIRE G A A lumor Clerk A Professlonal Model FERN LENORE BELL Natlonal Honor SOCIETY Purple and Whzte Stall Be Successful rn Anythrng I Undertake GERALDINE ELIZABETH BELL G A A Forum Concert P1ar11st and Musxc Teacher , . uk I pl If I AAQV A ,A F I, fl, I 1 Q' V' ' . f , , 1 .zlv --j , Y R O . . 5 If ' A - .V 1 Y l ' h V , YE .4 fl ,, t U fwfr' " 'W GRADUATES IULIA PATRICIA BELL 4'-f' National Honor Society Forum Teacher SHIRLEY ANN BENIAMIN G.A.A. A Teacher EDWINA E BISHOP Nat1ona1 Honor SOCIGIY Advlsory Councll Lead a Successful and Happy L1fe LOUISE M BLAKE G A A To Make My Mother Proud HELEN BOBO G A A Gym Secretary Be the Best Searnstress ln the F1eld EVA B BOLEN Forum Sen1or Chorus Be a Regrstered Nurse A DEWITT IOHNNIE BRACK French Club Electrlcal Engzneer SHIRLEY IUNE BRANCH Pep Club G A A Secretary LOIS BROADWAY G A A Nurse or typlst LJ IOYCE L BRODY G A A 500 CLUB Secretary Iune l953 Class To Help Brmg About the Brotherhood of Man ALMERA PHYLLIS BROOKS Natronal Honor SOCISIY Purple and Whrte Staff Ioumalzst . M gr . . I ' 5 . . . lf- Q df ll 'l,t . ww 'V ' Y I I I . . I 'll I . ff 1 A A . TUNE BARBARA MELBA BROOKS -fr Future Teachers ot Amerrca Purple and Whrte Grammar chool ecrcher Z? QM Ml M53 We he OK! Z zu! HELEN B W G A A Q Teach Grammar School W HIAWATHA BROWN Pep Club Purple and Whrte Busmess Staff S uccesslul Ollrce Worker MARY FAITH BROWN G A A Nurse REGINA E BROWN Cheerleader Future Teachers ot Amerlca Scrence Teacher RONALD NATHAN BROWN 'ff Football Team Be S uccesstul zn Everythmgl Undertake nm OSCAR BUNCH 'Dwi Track Team Physlcs Club Chemrst or Radro and T V Engzneer ROBERT PRESTON BURKETT To Succeed and Keep Up W1 th the Progress ol M anlcrnd MAE FRANCES BURKS G A A Latm Club xg Physrcal Theraprst YOLANDA IEAN BURNS Student Counc1l Future Teachers ot Amerlca Teacher BEVERLY IEAN BYNUM G A A Publlc Speakmg Club Arr Lme Hostess as T, W A ului , , cr,,r. , V:,lr, I W ,ff ,7 are ' M I G-A-A Z g Iv--:. Z Q A GRADUATES DOLORES CAMPBELL G A A Nurse IAMES CARTER Attorney at Law RHOHEMIA CHAMBERS Ir Clerk Glrls Chorus Compose Music MARY IACOUELYN CHAMPION G A A Beaunczan CALVIN OLANDER CHEARS Movle Club Stage Crew Doctor ARLENE CHERRY Iumor Clerk Pep Club Become a Teacher BARBARA IUNE CLARK Natronal Honor SOCISIY Forum Ph ysrcal The-roprst B'ElTT ugly ml? CLEVELUQD St er?l?Cour,c1lf76.Del! Iunror C drkf' f Protesslonal Model HERBERT T COBBS Track Football Team Become a Well Known Doctor DIADRA OLIVETTE COLEMAN G A A Become a successful deszgner CLARENCE CLAY COLLINS Football Track Team To Excel rn the Freld ot Sports VERNELL COLLINS Baseball Football Captam To Be an Electrrcal Engmeer '17, ' I ,f 1 A 47?---1 L, . '4-U., 5--' . . I, t , I . ffgrfue, . f' ' ,gf F' JV, gr FRANCES CORTEZ G.A.A. ' Y To Besuccessful in My Undertakings ,K ff' Ezitcm YvoNNE cox 5, 3, rf' ,, Forum Zh I 'J ' , If rf! KP 'flPurple and White 'JT If .L I UNE Master My Undertalan S ft 'L I M gifwf Q ' if fl SANDY CRANK Student Council-Delegate Forum To Be a Surgeon LILLIE M CUMMINGS J LM Nat1onal Honor SOC1SlY AVIGIIOH Club Succeed rn the Busrness Wortld AUDREY I E CURRY GI' U Club RA ANNETTE DAILEY psllon S1gma Eps1lon uture Teachers of Amerlca Mathematrcs Teacher BA ull MW CALITHA DAVIS LEON DAVIS Future Teachers of Amerrca Gym Leader Please My Mother Movre Club Latm Club Have My Name among the Greats ELAINE ANN DILLAI-IUNTY Forum G A A Pedlatrrcran IACQUELINE MAE DORF G A A 500 Club Iumor Red Cross S ecretary HELENE LOUISE DORSEY G A A To Be a Success zn Anythzng I Undertake N Nl' ab ran' VW is IE GRADUATE X Ii its IESSIE DOZIER X x si To Become a Seamstress a Dress Designer KATIE KATHERINE D Be aProless1onal Sea s e EVELYN MARIE DUMAS G A A N- Chorus Be a Successful Dress Designer LEONA FRANCES DUNTERMAN G A A Letter Girl Forum To Be a Christian Educ c e MV!! .wffrwfflv IOSEPH E D A Forum B1 Lzngual Secretary j CHERIE EHLERS X National Honor Societyf G A A To Be a Stenographer PATRICIA ELLIS Student Council Girls Chorus To Excel All Expectations FRONCE WILLIAM ELLISON Football Team Track Tearn To Malce My Career in the Navy GILBERT D ELLISON Track Team To Be a Success in Anything I Undertake CRYSTAL SANDRA ERVIN 500 Club I. A Englewood Players To Explore the Field ol Music WILLIE B. EVANS French Club Dentist SHIRLEY THEONE FANOS Aviation Club Iunior Red Cross Get Rich Fast ii! hw . Y 'I' N. 'I-' . , ' I DARLENE FLANAGAN Purple and White Stall Forum Com ptometer Operator FANNYE LOUISE FORD 4B Chorus G.A.A. TUNE Become a Social Worker GERALDINE FORD G.A.A. A Success in Lite NAOMI FOSTER Gym Secretary Aviation Club A successful teacher MONTE FRAZIER Football Team Cl'1o1r A rnachrne drattsman and S uccesstul Provider LORNA IEAN GABBY Be as Happy Always as I Am Now GLORIA ANNETTA GIPSON G A A Student Councll Be a Socral Worker PATRICIA ANN GOODE g L GAA 507 Basketball Be a Success 1n the Business World If Rgul IQN GORE d gotten Teacher X U IOAN GRANBERRY G A A Be a Soc1al Worker IOI-IN A GRIDER Archrtect I OAN GRINNAGE G1rls Chorus Forum Stenographer la .31 L. 0 . . . C1 ax X uw ol in Ula ' XIIL1 u 1 Q I' Be LDC of ' GRADUATES GEORGIA MARCELLA GUDGER Purple and Whrte Forum To Be a Success In Whatever l Undertake NATHANIEL WILLIAM HACKNEY Study Law HAROLD HALL Cross Country Track Team Dentrst BEVER Executwe Cornrruttee ot Student Councll Forum Promrnent Lawyer IAMES HARRIS Baseball Team LY GEORGE HAN EY FIre Marshall Football Coach WILLMA IEANETTE HARRIS G A A Become a Successful Bram Surgeon CATHERINE HART G A A Secretary IEAN MARIE HARVEY Student Councrl NatIonaI Honor Socrety Become a Concert Vocal1st MARVALIN A HAWKINS G A A B Chorus 4 Elementary School Teacher WILLIAM ANDREW HAWKINS RONALD ROBERT HAYES Student COUDCII lz X IT Senior Advlsory Councll Be a Credit to My Family ' ,I WV? To Be a Successful CI'1I1'11I'1il Lawyer FRANCES VIRGINIA HINESI , I I Future Teachers of America Y IA. , I Forum Excel in the Field of Music ' I A 69-V JUNE LORENE HINES G A A Purple and Wh1te Nurse ERNESTINE LARMARGE HOWELL G A A Recept1on1st IAMES EDWARD HUDSON Become a Frle Clerk EDWARD HUGHES IR Purple and Whzte Aeronautrcal Deszgner GEORGE WARNER HURLEY Iumor Red Cross Be Successful 1I'l Anythmgl Undertake Q pg '59 XX IOWEL FLORIDA HYSMITH Purple and Wh1l6 R O T C R1fle Team 9 ' Eleetffealjlneer IOSEPH IVERSON R O T C To Become a Doctor CHARLES MOSES IACKSON Obtazn M D Degree ZENOBIA IOYCE IACKSON It G A A Pep Club Be a Secretary X11 f DOLORES ELAINE IALASKY y Commercral Club lf G A A ' Be an Armored Car Drlver MILDRED IULIET IENKINS Soctal Worker DONALD BERNARD IOHNSON Basketball Baseball To Become a Protesslonal Basketball Player SNK Ki 26191 1 1' lah an., fx X I GRADUATES HAROLD I IOHNSON Instructor in Physical Education KATHERINE NOLA IOHNSON G A A Aviation Club To Be Rather Than To Be Seen PATRICIA IOHNSON G A A Purple and White To fulfill My Grandparents Wishes ANITA LOUISE IONES Public Speaking Club G A A Basketball Be a Teacher CLARENCE IONES Become an Automobile Mechanic LORETTA ACQUELINE IONES Glrls Chorus Basketball Be One ot the Best Pediatric Nurses WILLIAM IONES Basketball Team Please My Family IRENE IORDAN Englewood Players Purple and White Staff Succeed in Drama and Singing LILLIE IUANITA KAY Cheerleader Public Speaking Club Physical Ed. Teacher EMMA IOAN KEELING Latin Club Student Council Become a Registered Nurse NATHALIA LAMAR KELLY Student Council Girls Chorus Be a Social Worker ESTELLA MAE KETCHUM National Honor Society Aviation Club Nurse I UNE IIM KIRBY French Club To Be the Greatest ot the Greats RICHARD ADDISON KLINE Iumor Red Cross Avlatlon Club A Wall Street Tycoon DOLORES ELIZABETH KREHER Avlatlon Club Red Cross Be the Flrst Woman Presldent ot the Umted States ALICE ROSE KURTI-I Av1at1on Club Iumor Red Cross Marry a Rzch Man WILMA LANDGRAF L1brary Club Forum To Be a Physmtherapzst BARBARA LOUISE LANE Student Councll Executlve Commlttee Future Teachers ol Amer1ca To Be a Iournahst HERBERT BREEMAN LASSITER Class VICG Presldent Edttor Englewood News Become a Successful Lawyer and an Honest Pol1t1c1an J-All 14' t'A Basketball Team Football Team Dfffighwe' ELISABETH ANN LAWRENCE G A A Iunlor Clerk To Be a Successful Laboratory 'l'echn1c1an KIARLES WAVERLY LAWRENCE ERNESTINE LEE To Be a Nurse TERRENCE LEVIN Amerlcan Iumor Red Cross Sen1or Adv1sory Counc11 Help Others Wherever Help May Be needed ELMEATHERA KAZCHESUS LEWIS G A A Gym Leader Be Successful among the Great L , 1 I 1 GRADUATES SARAH DUDELYNE LEWIS Forum Englewood Players Be a Successful Opera Smger ANN ARDEN LINDSAY G A A Nurse m the Women REGINA MARY LYNCH G A A To Be a Commercml Teacher MARYANN ODELIA MASON Ltbrary Asslstant Gym Secretary To Become a Surgical Nurse AMY L MATTHEWS G A A To Be a Cosmetolog1st D L E DEBORAH M THEWS 11 ce e ne Operator MAR re er N D RIS MCDANIEL Eps11or1 S1 3 L Purple and I Soc1al Wor er ' ALTAFERN MEEKS G A A Professlonal Des1gr1er GWENDOLYN MERRITT G A A Art Work Shop Fashron Illustrator PATSY R MIDDLETON Student Cour1c11 GITIS Chorus Be a Successful Stenographer DONNA ANN MILLER G A A N n U ' T N EL ll XX l I, 1 X My ,Xl 'xxxx .2 To Malce My Parents Proud of Me SHIRLEY ANN MILLER G.A.A. Q 73162 U hip Be a Physical Ed. Teacher it tc" I " I MAGNOLIA ELIZABETH MIMS If Registration Office G A A The Best rn Any F1eldI Undertake IOYCE MOORE Forum Future Teachers ot Amerlca Excel rn the Fleld That I Choose WILLIAM PIERCE MORGAN Track Team To be a Real Estate Broker DONALD IORDAN NASHEL Q Basketball Teamwm IUNE if il ov . IACQUELINE BEAIBPCIQ IVQILLE if W ,ffm lilly' K GJAA' K1ndergartenTeacheQlgj fi on I 1- I ADRIENNE A MOORE Forum Operetta Physrcal Educatzon Teacher SHIRLEY IEAN MORGAN G A A Be a Przvate Nurse WILFA MURFF Cartoonzst subtle? Student Councrl M To su ceedr Whateverl Undertake I REY N ORTI-IRIP dj Future Teachers of Amerlca MW Forum Phys1ca1 Educat1on Teacher MYRNA ESTELLE OBERMAN Natronal Honor SOCIGIY Forum A Pnvate Secretary P'-x NINA LEE OGLETREA 'W G A A Basketball Reg1strat1on Othce 'Qu' Please My Mother and the Whole Fam11y Be a Success 1r1 Whatever I Undertake 'X . . . W iff' L Q X Q I M . I E' I I I L SS nl! .1 G L. WMM GRADUATES ANITA LORRAINE OLSON Natlonal Honor SOCIETY Gym Secretary Be a Mrlhonazre s Wzfe MARILYNNE BETH OUTLAW Forum Future Teachers of Amer1cc1 Be a Successful H1StOI1GD DOROTHY IEAN PAIGE GAA Av1at1on Club A Success IU Anythrng I May Undertake SHIRLEY DeFANE PAMON G A A Become a Dancer EUGENE PARKER French Club Be a Success ROBERT IOHN PARKS Be a Machzmst Footb 1 fl!-1414 6.1, afgtfywjgff W Track Be a Stung Mus1c Teacher ' if 'A SWSR A CARMPENVPAYNE Lt , 1 - ' Spanish Club F Y ' ,LX QI' udent Council filo Mr Teach CHARLES PENDER 4B Chorus Singer ALMA IEAN PENSON G.A.A. Girls Chorus Be cr Secretary MARY PERDUE G.A.A. To Be a Typist ALETHA COURTNEY PETERS Forum 4B Chorus Make My Parents Proud of Me Sf'7x Q10 all JUNE I-IERMAN PETTY Track Team Movie Club Purple and White To Be an Accountant RAYEVELYN PITTMAN G A A Forum an To Be an Elementary School Teacher JQ1-Q COZETTE PORTER G A A Social Committee To Be Succes stul in Anything I Undertake IAMES POSTON To Become a Lawyer CHARLES ROBERT POTTER Student Council Aviation Club To Become a Scientist IAMES ALLEN POWELL Baseball Draftsman DORIS MARIA RAYMOND Senior Girls Basketball Team GAA, Reach the Highest Peak in Success VIVIAN REED Public Speaking Club GAA. Be Successful in Lite LONNIE FREDERICK RHEM Student Council Track Team Civil Engineer ALMA IEAN RILEY GAA. Basketball Be a Clothing Teacher MARY ELLEN ROBERTSON GAA. 'f Become a Lawyer ALVIN IOSEPH ROBINSON Basketball Team Forum ' . I Electrical Engineer I .s '- -I x, it P' GRADUATES DOROTHY IEAN ROBINSON Advrsory Counctl Purple and Whrte Become an Accomplrshed Pranzst 05 ADRIENNE FLORENCE RODGERS Purple and Whrte Forum Be a Useful Advantage to My Country NINA ROSE RODGERS Forum Purple and Whlte 2 Reach the l-lerghts ot an Accomplrshed Musrclan GWENDOLYN PATRICIA ROUSE Grrls Chorus Purple and Whlte To Become a Ped1atr1c1an ANN SADLER G A A To Be a Physrcal Ed Teacher BARBARA IEAN SANDERS Forum G A A To Be an lnterror Decorator KENNETH LEE SCARBOROUGH Softball Team Draftsman cuNoRA N scorr My bf h J MIM ll lournalrst HELEN SCOTT Student COUHC1l" l UQ To Be a Nursrng lnstr t MARION LA D lw. I Forum - Future Teache c To Be a l-lapp W' SONIA RITA SEBASTIAN Future Teachers ot America Social Committee To Be a Sympathetic Adjustme h JAMES SELLE To Be Successful in Lit C A-A 'if' .J W -n Y- TUNE IUNE MARY SELLE To Be a Good Stenographer EDWARD LEE SHIRLEY To Be a Successful Busrnesman WARREN F SIMON Baseball Team R O T C To Be an Expert Carpenter DRUNELL SIMPSON G A A Basketball Regrstered Nurse BARBARA ANN SIMS Student COUDCII Purple and Whrte Successful Lawyer MILDRED MARIE SIMS Iunlor Red Cross G A A To Be a Great Typrst ROSIE MAE SIMS G A A To M alce My Parents Proud WILLIAM IOSEPI-I SLATERITZ To Be a Classic League Bowler RAMONA SMART Gym Leader Basketball Team Make My Parents Proud ERNESTINE SMITHUQJ 'iw Z0 Library Club If ' 4' Girls Chorus If 'ZQTCL ' Surgical Nurse K QMJQIZ, 4 IULIA VIOLET SMITH G.A.A. Iunior Red Cross Occupational Therapist MARY ALENE SMITH Iunior Clerk G.A.A. ' Secretary ,4?"N ...air .1 '74 'Qi- ,f5 fx- mftx ,ff an A GRADUATES MARY ELIZABETH SMITH Forum G A A To Be Successful ETHEL LEONA SOWELL Purple and White Staff G A A Become a Successful Lawyer EVELYNN DOROTHY SPEARMAN G A A Spanish Club A Secretary AUDREY IEAN SPOTSER Forum G A A 500 Club To Succeed rn One ot the Arts SHIRLEY ANN STALLWORTH Forum L1brary Club A Biology Teacher I HENS ' ul as a Psychiatric V' SHIRLEY IEAN STEVEN ON UMA! ff! Pep Club ,jf j l G A A kr V ,L JU Purple and White taff 4 Be a Surgrcal Nurse Xd,,f,4 DORIS IEAN STREETER G.A.A. Spanish Club Be a Success in Whatever I Undertake DOLORES DRUNETTA THREET G.A.A. Be a Success in Anything I May Undertake ESTELLE LOUISE TOWNSEND Student Council Forum Become a Teacher ot Physical Education MAYMIE LAURIECE TURNER G.A.A. I Iunior Red Cross Be a Practical Nurse BEVERLY ANN UMBLE Iunior Clerk G.A.A. Make My Mother Proud of Me 'Q 3 WSF' MARY HELEN WALKER G1r1s Choir Student Council To Become a D1et1c1an JUNE MAUDE EVETTA WALKER Student Councll Forum To F 1nd H appmess LORETTA WALPER G A A Be a Secretary BRUNETTA S IRLEY WALTON Division ecretary! GAA 1 Become a Graduate N utse THOMAS WAMBLE A Concert MUSICIQII MAXINE MARIA WASHINGTON G A A French Club Make the Most ot Lite Cf Ucccsg ARMANDA TINY WATTS G A A Success Jn Anything! Undertake ELIZABETH LOUISE WEBSTER G A A 4B Chorus Registered Nurse DONALD EUGENE WELDY Basketball Team Baseball Team Be a Success CHARLENE NORMA WESLEY G.A.A. Be a Nurse or Chemistry Teacher DARLENE B. WHALEN National 'Ionor Society Treasurer ot 4,A Hall Registered Nurse AIJPHANETTE DIANE WHITE Iunior Clerk Dramatic Club A Social Anthropologist Q,-ff' GRADUAW Q- I fax 5 K ANNA MAE WILLIAIW if "Q GAA Si x Lawyer GENEVA WILLIAMS GA A W BGOUTICIGD IESSE WILLIAMS French Club Iuruor Clerk Be Q Success ID Llfe 3' AUDRENE WIL ON G A A Be cr Mode MARY P WILSON G A A Stenogrcpher TAYLOR WILSON Band M uszczcn c PATRIC f AR J ,nf uxzesgg Ijgfjof Qferrccyfi f if f,BE?71fe-ljgclyer gf me Eccgonzfcsf 1 6 f .hvcmgusmm sr To Be Successful rn My Undertczlcmgs J! ya Jen. fl MAUDELL Muff vu 661554 I 4 f 1' V Future Teachers of Arnerlccx 5 K Purple and Whrte Stuff fd A Cf To Be Great 1n the Medlccl Prolesszon BERNICE EUGENIA WRIGHT Cheerleader L1brcxry Club Commerczcl Artzst CAMILLE BERNADETTE YARBROUGH Llbrcxry ASSISIGHI ' Offlce Ass1stc:1nt Be Cl Great Dcmcer X 441 f .1 gf-f efki' , Nr' 1- 'Tix n ,Q I, X , I ' Y' -- I Y ff, L Q fb ' 4 I ' f - -X N r ' C ,Q X f X cu M Q -' X Vx F If - 5 - -5 Z i C x L f , ' , ,' . . . xr 'tx Q V 1 Q" lag is A R+ Q iffq, A I tk Q if N U "M I ri' il , .V Vx 'I f 21,1 'Y If , I Q I ,ff I lr' A J' , Q1 K . 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Suggestions in the Englewood High School - Purple and White Yearbook (Chicago, IL) collection:

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