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JOSEPH E. BARRETT 645 E. 92nd PLACE CHICAGO 19. ILL. A-szr ghrWrH.AAr ?m TV'V'kaft'IV 156- . m I .. . u. . . . l M . O ,, 4 . , . . V a . . r .71. Er y x? L ,5??:l.s E Y . , , .. V . . : y l. 7 h x .. .szi: y; 31,? ,4 . I lhllEW 333W T A V , 5?er V , . , V , . 1.315;: .32 iii.? 3 V , 5.4:: V . vgnk E H T 1952 ished by Publ ENGLEWOOD HIGH SCHOOL Chicago, Illinois April, 1952 I l 4; lg, e h '1'";th ll W I t 4" ll; ,tatl'litj yttr'wutmt H By C. W. Johmon 1 x 3 i ' t n bGlENLE AT ENIJLEWUU, T , That Isaac Newtolgx'as tunrlioning as a srivnlitl when he discovered the ultimate signihmnco olV nhy ohivrls tall to the ground, no one newt hy now he lnltt. Nor mH anyone he startled hy the intonnalion that Atherl ltinxaloin contributed to science when he mmle his famous timtin;N about the nature of lime amt spare, maller amt enemy. But what about your Qramhnolhcr? It prohahty never occurred to you lo think of her as engaging in srivnlitir activity. Yet isnyt that what she was in part doing when she tested her very own recipes for pumpkin pie amt vlarn chowder? The same may he said for any man or woman, ,no matter how unassuming. who follows a syslmnalir method in rearing Children, cultivating a canton. or making and mending household items of even tho sirnptegl Limt. Neetttess to say the science department of any high school would take pride in the Lnowtmtqe lhal it hart a budding Newton 0r Einstein, tx'tinitx'an or htirhotson. Comp- ton 0r Curie, tvtcmtct or Layoisiort Pasteur or Fhrtnh Burbank or Carver among its pupils. The Classes in gen- erat science, physics. chemistry, malhematics, physirat ettucation amt biology at Engtcwomt, or at any pnhtic high school, are not, however, oporatmt for the trainingy of geniuses. They are not operated for that purpose any more than the schoots music CIGSSCS are Cmnmillmt lo the lrain- ing of prodigies lite 7Mozart amt Beethoven its arl rtassex to the preparation of future Romhramtts amt htirtwtalmotos, its English CIEISSCS to the turning out or ttmtgting glwaLo speares and VVhitmans. a Science ctassese such as those at Engtcwomt. rount mainty on other highly vatuahtc, it 1058 spcrlarntar. arhioye- ments. They count on teachinLy their pupils tho Limt of knowtectge and instinino in them the kind or allitwtvs which will, ttirectty or inttirectty, give rise to surh scicnlirir adiyily in everyday life as systematic homo Inanagmnvnl. vhiht htrs. Konmr supervising chemistry experiment. .w y. W. M x2; Imllmg, prwlmmllun ml luml, Lnllrlwmlc, Jlllll Ivlmmlw Ml lmllwle ravillllm leI lllt-IIK FHIQV VHIIIII ulxu ml .xmlm'lllilm VLF HIIIHHV QNHHMIIII ilml il1'HlHitlvllelvIHWIWIIJHIIHIVIIH'II'IHIIIIIR an wmllmu' llwir slmlim in rnllvgv .lml Hniw'lxlly. HIM nrlvmuulx' VIH lePiJIlHill1lllKlfiJllHFPXIH'HJIIPH'EII lulmmlmlwamrlwmlxlx. plu'sir'ix'ls, Hulugixls, uml l'n' IILtg m' t-nlvr llw lmwlir'uL 11w JUIIIZII, Hr llw annurwullull lnnl'wsimn, Hr llw lirlrl HIV vnginvvring nr 11ml Hf wlm'elliun m lmulwl's ml. srivnw- mul mallwnmlim. T'wn, hm, llwv rmml nn leping llu-ir pupils ilt'tllllH' . 1 hwlinu ml, lwing ual 11111110,. in uur WHI'H mm! in nlll' lllli' H'rsv. They mmnl; HH llc'IpinQ llwm umlllirv llw SrivnlilVir allilmlunn ?lHilIUIUt'iFUIHPWIiVHVIOWIHYI1110llllLlllAVll.tIIH' n rmu'liums In twl'wrmwnl' tq'mrlnirnlmHy in vm'imw lyivHs ulmmprialc I'm lhat purprwsc. Hw uno previous issue Mr Purplw um, XVlH'lw hulurml mcml SCICHFC aml EIHHHIFF niallm'wl lh Immunh lies, This. anIwincJ Willi llw fart 11ml 1110 prvxmml iswv Hf nur annual is Hal'uring srivnro brings lm miml smnwllwmg which will prnlx'lmy FHHCCI'H mur slmhmls muvh muro wlwn Hwy grmv nHor 11mm it due. nmx' whilv Hwy nro sliH in llwir Icons. T at is IIIC rOuIi .alinn 11ml llwrv m0 vnrinus npprwwlws l0 lrulh. H has Imcn righlfuny nolcd Hifli' IIWC HHUIHII svivnm's analv nml explainp XVI tho hurrmnilios Uppvr Rigid: bliss Sullivan vxpluining biology ert. Louwr Riqlzl: Hluslmtml lnsnn in human anatomy, un- Jrr dirotlitn'l 0i Bliss Blown. IBPIOIUZ lx-nmnsiruling USP 0r cquipnwnt in physits laboratory. 4 2 g z .9 2? My? x W wmmmmk Umrwr L1H Mr am up; ml wiwlwv I lelwhnH .1 1n. ' mer L H Binlwm 4' Ml SHVIIH .H 4711' xlllwnw M Windy, h V MHVIHH M w! Mn ' LYNN Right Lflv H, wlum. 1L, Illu'rr H... Ar. ;11 ihlp In kfmmr l N inhm P Ami; "IV le y k VIVHW ? 5 2 g? ? 4W 1x 1171wa 1 1 , .1 W 11111111111150,111111311,11111111111161711111111151111111111151111111111111111111y 1111111111111 111111 111C 111111113 111 11111'8111'11 11111111yn 11111111 11111 1111- 1111111111135 H11x11111ro 111111 11x1111111 11111 111111111 111 171111127' AS 1111' 1111113111111 11 1s 11'1111'11' 1111411111111 115 1111111112111;1 111 1111 1111111. 1'1 511111111 1111 111 111111 1 11111 81111111111111111111111111110. 101 11111111 11 811111 1'1 111111;1 111 11111.11111111111111 5111111. 111 11111111 1111111 11 111117 Upper 1.1111; 1111111111 1115111111 1111' 1111111'; 111' 1'11111'111111111111 111' 1111 111111111111 11 Blrs. hlaicr 11111111115 primiplvs 111 1111-11111 111 11 11211111111111 1 . 1 1 1111111111111111 111111-1111. , 1 . ', 1111111111 1111118115111 1111121111111111111111111111 111111111113111111111111111111 V I . . . , . 111111'111'111'1112 1111;1'1111'111 111111 1111 11111111111 111'1'11111111. 111111 111 11111311115 111111111'1'1'1111111. 111111 11 111111. 1111111. 11211111. 1111111 1111- 1 11111111 11111 111 5111111' 1111111119 1111111191111 111 11111111111 1111;151-1 111 1.111111 1.111: 1 1' 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 . 1 1 . 1111111 '1111 11111511 111111 1 1 111111 '11'111'1 111111, '1111 151011121 111155 11111rs 1111111111111 1 . . ' 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 111 5111111111 111111 11111113103 11117 11111111111;- 111'r xulwrxix'iun 111 811.1; K1-1r. 1111111111 11v Varies 11113111111, .Vuwum ,1111111111r1111111'r,1 111111111111111111111111111111111.1111-1.11111111111110131111-111-11.11111 111 1111211111. 111111 11111 11 1111111x1 11151'11111111111'111'111 1211111 1111111 11 1111111111111111113 1111-11111111111111111 11111111111111 1111111111111 U111'rRirl1l- t. ' ' H J I 1 111111 11111111'111111111111 11111111111 11111 11111111w1111111' 11.11; 11 111' 11111111111; 11111111111111.11; 01 111- - 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 .. ' . 111111111x11 11111111111111111 11111111111-11-11111111112. 111 11-11111111 111121, 1111 5111-1111- 111 1111-, 111111111' 1111- 11ir1-1lit111 111 31h, 11111. 1 - , , , 1 i 7 wwLx 11 111'1111-11111111 111111-1111111111 111x11111'111 11111111'1111-1111111111, 111 1'1'11211111 11111 11 111' 111111111111 1111-111111111111. 1111- 11111111111 1" Iv 77 '7 ' .111 111 11111111 111111 1111111111111 11111 111111151 11111 1111111111111111' 1111' 11' K .. 1 r .1111111'111111 11111111111 x111111111111111111'113111111'11111111111'111111'vl1 . 1w 11111111111 13111111111: 11usy 111111 11111111 11111111 1111111111112 IIIHHLHH' 1111N11 1111-1111-1118 111 31-111'1111 , 11 1 1.111111K1111 x1l1'1111' The intense Cletermination tempered with a docp sense of humor, so Characteristic of Mr. Thompson has been most graphically caught in, Leroy Pybumys sketch of our dynamic principal No the righU. Above is a scene whith typifics the spirit of Englewood. Our principal and our assistant principal are looking at a blueprint while Iistoning to an explanation of it. given by our distinguished engineer, Blr. DIcAdams. for their benefit and the benefit of a physics class, visiting the sdmol power plant under the supervision 4 their teacher, Dayton C. Atkinson. 1ntentionany or not, Leroy Pybum has, in his Vivid caricature of NIL Kriewitz H0 the lefty revealed .the strong feeling astir under the calm surface in the personality of our amiable assistant principal. Many Students Find MATHEMATICS An Exciting Adventure T0 the right a class is shown mastering the fundamentals of basic math under the guidance of Miss White. In doing this they make considerable use of the mathematical tree on the desk at the front of the room. Equally useful anti attractive are the polyhedrons and models systematically tiisplayed for the benefit of Mrs. Greefs ambitious math group shown below. , UT nlpal dndfoit, J 1hr: xcnf'l't l their ' I .1 pm . r rwlnnahon o t; I '1 vlfl' 'n .Hf rrwW' t' asSiSlanL Guardian of Indispensable Records is a A vital report to 1m gottvn out in a hurry Assisted by a student junior clerk. Miss title which fits Mrs. Toles to a T To the is an Old story to Miss IWCGratll. With the Gilbride mimeographs a school bulletin right she is shown instructing a student aid of a student, as shown above. she speedily. Clerk on how to file some. calmly meets a deadline. LUNG VIEW Gives Direction i0 Engle- woocfs Many-sided Activities JOSEPH C. THOMPSON Our Principal, Sees Schaafs Obiectives with Creative Insight ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF Keeps the XVIIeels Rolling Smoothly Msiennings rhdanu 0 . . . rfhelr effluent scrum- , m. " V ' ,I ,, T" i -V t 7.! 3: ?'Ma f3 - tltfi'ixr'V-t Secretarial work, counseling, preparation of bulletins, library serv- ice, maintenance of contact with parents, showing of movies, returning of lost items, stimulating and supervising student contribution to worthy causes, and the like are essential in the lfun-scale operation of a repre- sentative moctem high school like Englewood. i g i E t t March of dimes and dollars contributions USO you've got it. Thank you, and thank to help knock out the dread demon polio you again," a junior Miss says to Mrs. come pouring in to Miss Nash, who re- MrGovcrn with a deep sigh of relief. ceives them with the aid of a student N11: Duban explaining intricacies of prot VVouldnyt you do the same if a wallet you 1 assistant. t jector to members of Ntovie Club. had lost had just been returned to you? w mww clerk, Miss 001 bulletin Ntrs. Jennings thanking two alert students nBooks. books. and more books - a" for A future tunttime secretary learning about for their cffidcnt service in the Attendanco your uso," librarian John G. Johnson smiL mnploymont opportunities in the secretarial k OHit'C. ingly informs a group 0t students in search Field from :Wrs. Hosselmf-ycr. 0t suitable rotcrvnm material. : tn nppret'ialmn mt their many years of simmt SCFVH'C to UHF srhnnt, the tQSQIPtLrpte mut XVhile is gratefully amt attectionatety tlmlipatml t0 Daylnn C. Atkinson, Katherine Kiety, amt Thomas ti. rtwmmey. Having reat'timt the Chicago Boartt of tittueatirm retirement age. atter 32 years of teachingF at tingtewomt, tVIr. Atkinsan and h'tiss Kiety tett us on Fehruary t 1952. tVtr. Twmney will do likewise tor the same reason in June mt 1952, atvter seventeen years, meme hcrship on our taeutty. As Miss Kiety so etoqucntty said, how- ever. at the January, 1952, graduating ex- ercises, anyone who has heen as comptetety ictentiFicct with a great institution tite Engte- wood as tong as she, Atkinson, amt Twomey have can never teave it. As tong as there is an Engtewooct these three stettar teachers and vitat personalities Witt, in the deepest sense, he a vibrant part of it. KATHERINE KIELY Venturesome, warmhearted, enthusi- astic, deeply retigious, greatly interested in both people and ideas, Miss Kiety trans- formed her courses into creative projects and provided her ctasses with tangihte objectives. She gave her pupits much more than the routine requirements, and she went out of her way to hetp other teachers. The kind of attitude att this represents has kept her young in appearance as wett as in spirit e so much so, incteett, that it seems strange to think of her as having retired. DAYTON C. ATKINSON Quiet amt simple in manner, persever- ing in spirit, sometimes picturesque in speech, and witty in a quaint tmtiana fash- ion, tVtr. Atkinson is a tahoratory scientist and SCiOHCG teacher in the hest tradition of that tiet t. Restraint, taithtutness to demon- strahte tacts, Objective fairness toward his stuttents as wett as towarct peopte in general, amt earthy common sense are his most n0- tahte Characteristics. THOMAS L. tPATt TVVOMEY tn regard to Coach Twomey it may wett he said that the educational wortcts gain was the entertainment wortcts toss. Not only ttict he turn out teams who matte a science and an art of Americas great Qrictiron sport: he, himself, made an art of the pep tatts with which he regatect our toothatt assemblies. His wit anct banter as wett as his Vigor, knowledge of athletics and insight into human nature witt he greatty missect at Englewood after he leaves us in June. He witt remain with us. however, as the living legend which he has already become. ' wmiu ltsinqb1-zlmrs-VA w..-.::a;w..wr.-.u. . ,. . Wnommwaammmmmm- THREE WHO MADE HISTORY AT ENGLEWUOD Asked for his most memorahIe experience as a teacher at Eng1ewood, Mr. Atkinson, characteristically, recaHed-the satisfaction he derived from having in one of his c1asses a gir1 who got grades of 80, 100, and 100 in the First three tests given in that class ,. and an S every marking period of her two semesters of physics. When she graduated she hau an S for every semester of every course she had taken except two. In each 01C these her mark was E uA student like that makes up for many of the 1heartaches1 and headaches, that are part of every teachers lot, remarked Atkinson with a smile. You cant expect to have many hke that. rye had my share of poor ones, but Ive a1so had quite a few good ones," he said by way of conc1usion. Not much coaxing was necessary to get Miss Kiely to tell of her experience as a high school teacher which stands out in her mind above an others. uAs 1 look back over the past thirty glorious and satisfying years at Eng1ew00t1,n she remarked with characteristic exuberance, HI recaH especiaHy the Spanish three- act play, 1Los CastiHos de Torresnohles: which we of the Spanish department presenteu in room 310 two consecutive evenings to seH-out audiences. It was thriHing to Find parents and friends of pupiIS g1ad1y pay- igig an1C alumission fee to see them perform a urama in a foreign language. Oh it was coIorfuI. It was eauti u . uDances, songs, and piano and organ music were interwoven with the action ot the p1ay. The organ, a sma11 collapsible instrument, clear ant1 sweet in tone, which we horroweu from a nearby church, created a true-to-Iife atmos here in the wedding scene. The students Iooked Spanish and simulatect the hearing of Spaniards most eFchtiver. They 8.150 spoke their 1ines very we11. "Of course, to prepare for an this properly, we H the stuotents anu teachers invoIved H stayed after school daily for six weeks. It was hard work, but it was a1so Iots of fun H what with snacks between tasks, and parents he1ping to decide on the costuming of their dear young hopefuls, and the uetermina- tion to perfect the performance regardless of the time and effort required." After a pause at this point, Miss Kiely continued, HRecaHing this spirit of ctetermination brings me to my parting message to all the Fine students at dear 01d EngIewood in 1952. I urge you to persevere, to persist, to exert common ordinary egort continuously. Cu1tivate an attitude of enthusiasm toward your school work. Give your very best to it, and you111 reap 1ite10ng rewards. Carry your assignments through to completion. Make a habit 01C that. It wi11 bring you joy and exhi1aration. Reacl, stucty, think. Stay with your books as 1ong as possthe, because education 1eading to c1ear thinking ogers the only genuine solution to the comp1ex problems of our day." 1 1 1 I i 1 1 1 i I I 1. i 1 ,i 5 Asked for his ngood-hy" message to the sch001 of which he has been so much a part for more than three decades, Mr. Atkinson remarked, u1 never like to say good-hy, and a1ways say it with a feeIing in that there soon will he an opportunity to say, lhe110 . Then he continued, uEducation seems to me to he more important than ever. As for teachers, 1 fee1 that they are the most important cogs in the ectucational whee1. It takes a great c1ea1 of work, however, to he a successfuI teacher. The teacher must not only do a lot of work himseIf. He must a1so somehow End a way 01C getting his pupi15 to uo a good c1ea1 of work. To get much out of education you must put much into it. Remember the OM saying, Theres no roya1roac1to1earning.H, Though Mr. Twomey has been at Eng1ewood about seventeen years, his most satisfying experience is very fresh in his memory. It occurred,on1y 1ast year. "My most satisfying experience at Englewoodnsaid our hearty football coach of the past decade and a ha1f, ucame in 1951. That yearys Eng1ewood football team gave it to me by winning five out of eight games. Jinxed by injuries, ineIigihiIity, and generaI hard luck, our gridiron squads had won on1y one game in each of the preceding years y 1948, 1949, and 1950. So the Five resounding victories in 1951 gave us a new lease 01C hfe and a great 910w of satisfaction." . ........,.ub-..-- u --- -.-xu.,n..-- .. ..-.u.i... mxn T0 the request for a going-away message to the boys and girls of our schooI, Twomey responded spiritedly: "Get as much education as you can." he saitt, and then continued: HA good education enahIes a person to make the most of unforeseen opportunities. Be prepared for them. Don,t he fainthearted. You never know what you can do ti11 you try. Don,t c10t1ge work and evade sacriFices. The sincere and sus- tained eHort you make in sch001 win, in the end, pay hig dividends and bring large rewards." STUDENT COUNCIL Serves as Student Government 1n Various Spheres of Activity In a sense the Student Council at Englewood functions as a student government. Anyhow it plays a major role in the planning and carrying through of many extra- curricular school activities. Just as every state in the Union sends representatives and senators to Congress so every division at Englewood sends a delegate and an alternate to our Sturient Council. Naturally, the boys and girls chosen to serve in these capacities rank high in intelligence, depemiahihty, resourcefulness, anti cooperative spirit. They attend meetings of the Council anti then report to their respective divisions on what takes place at these sessions. Particularly is this true in regard to plans for under- takings which the divisions are askecl to help put over. On the other hand, the delegates and alternates bring to the Student Council sessions suggestions from their respective divi- sions in regard to extra-curricular school activities. At present the officers of the Student Council are Violet Westin, presiclent; Felton May, vice-president; ancl Gayle Hunt, secretary-treasurer. Together with two representa- tives each from the senior class, the junior, the sophomore, and the freshman, they consti- tute the executive committee of the Stuctent Council. Operating under the supervision of Miss Claire O,ReiHy, faculty sponsor of the council, these eleven boys and girls take the lead in giving direction to its procedure and its projects. In the past year our Student Council comlucted a Spring cleanup campaign, ancl a sale of mums in connection with a major football game. During the same period it played a prominent role in the Childrens Aid, March of Dimes, Community Fund, Recl Cross, ami Easter Seal fund-raising drives. Likewise, since January, 1951, the Student Council put over two very successful school dances, sold tickets for all of the schools athletic events ancl other school performances, and directed Friday hInCh-period musicales in the school auditorium. It also sponsored the sale of tickets for the Chicago Symphony Orches- tra series of concerts for high school students. Our Student Council is an active member 01C the Northeast-Northxx'est Division of Student Councils amt of the Illinois Association of Student Councils as well as of the National Association of Student Councils. It was represented at conferences in Evanston and in Hinsclale, Illinois, and at a convention held in Chicagds own Congress Hotel. Violet Westin, president of our Council, was nominated as a candidate for treasurer of the Illinois Association of Student Councils. h STUDENT COUNCIL EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Row 1: J. Williams. V. J. Wil- LEIHIS. V. VVcstin ercsidenU, Nliss CYRciHy onnsod, B. Burrc", D. Phillips, 1W. hqillcr. Row 2: A. Diggs. J. FitzgeraH, G. Hunt UrcasurorL F. Nlay Hicepresidenn. E. Hambric, A. Thymos, R. Law- FOIN'Q. STUDENT COUNCIL DELEGATES Row 1 : J. Stratton, G. Seals. Z. Stansc", P. Johnson, Nliss O'Reilly, E. H0. J. Woods, J. IVIolsby. Row 2: S. Robinson. 1V1. NIiHcr, C. Butler, C. Smith. . Phillips, J, XViHiams, S. Bryant, Price, N. Parllam. Row 3: Blincr, C. Chambers, J. Allen. DuPrm'. R. B00111, J. Crozicr, Carter, l. Harrnd, Y. Pleasant. Tumor. Bl. Pryor. Row 4: Hazlett. 1W. Dax'is, V. Johnson, Jordan. J. Russell, D. Taylor. Ashley, R. Jackson, R. Kline, Anllcr, C Stvptoo, 1W. :Horrison. Stollmnx'vnk, J. Smith. :OWW U makic STUDENT COUNCIL DELEGATES Ruu' 1: T. Griffin, B. Haney. A. Peters, :Wiss O'Reilly Gponsod, V. Hunt, G. Britt. F. IVLNut, D, 3lurphy. Row 2: D. Nixon, B. Bynum, B Jmkxun. I. XVhitlle. 1 Bulin, l: Kohllum, R. Brmxn, V. ViHiams, M. : 11 Vhorter, Y. ghruhvl. Row 3: G. Br" V. Dixon. P. Cray. P. xlkhnoton, I. Xqulvy, C XVlliHI-d. S. Slov vnmn. A. Diggs. C. Davis, Pmm: B VunI. A. Nortllrip, . Harm's. B. BUTN'H, 1.. Cumblc. xMw 1: F. Cuunls, A, Thynms, IfivH. N. Inluhnn. ,1. Puppns. .. Hamln'it. R. Hmm, B. Purtvr. L Hyunith. R. Bnmn, D. Foulkos, 5. Vilwn XI. Cant. l. Sulloy, B Bnh-x. 50', Grad x? $316,, :s,,,.Kx.,:. $,$x3,.x 4w? .wygwpmu-azwram- 4m- gnaw. mrrw . i.gwq.mammmm er - .7 .Aed jHANSEL And GRETEL By E. Humperdinck Grads Of January, 1952, See t'HANSEL AND GRETEU At Hull House Outside, 0n the evening 01C December 14, 1951, a stinging, suh-zero blizzard reigned supreme. Snow was piled high and the temperature was down low. Inside at Hull House, however, spirits soareri, hearts were Iifteri, there was music in the air and a performance on the stage which carried a harrty gathering of students and teachers from Englewood far into the fanciful ctepths 01C an Old World forest peoplecl with fairies, witches, and awestruck youngsters. Orr that evening, as win he fondly recalled by those who were there, the Hun House Opera Workshop, directed by Silvio Insana, presented E. Humperdinchs fairy opera UHanseI and Gretel" in English especially for the January, 1952, graduating class of Englewood High School. Entertainment 0f the highest type, expertly and feelingly done, it held our boys and girls enthralled. In adctition several appropriate numbers were played on the piano in spirited style by George Richards, formerly with several hig-name New York hands, anct refreshments were served. The students and faculty members who braved the Fierce arctic weather to make the trip to the worId-tamous community center on this festive occasion will remember it with pleasure for many a year to come. Learning Can Be Fun That learning: mm lw fun was dmnunslmlml wlClingl'llHy in mm srluml IllHlllHI'llIlIl UH Novcmbcr 30, 19531. On I'm! day CHIC 3Inrimwllvs, llu- world's lmgml, pmrlwtms n1 nmrioncllc slmws, prosonlml a JUIIMUI'UHI11wlwerm'Hmnw lllm'v. whim ml. llw l'vulmm was a puppcl. Jranmliznlion HIVNICHICHISIVFHIHH10quYH'llllUllfll'yVVIUF,HlHlPl'lhOllllPHlvullj'glr lights 01' American Hislory." le nllwr was a similar slmwing HI. I Inns wln'isliem Amlvr 'Vx'r son's l'amnus fairy tale. MrhC Hourly rl in SHldiClln Vulunlnry mnlrilmlinns Ly llv: mulir Hljnv. JW 011cc mwcrcd tho rusl Hf bringing CHIC Mnrimwllvs in HHQIPWMHI. IWHIV buy, M" Am: '1; 'lm" FHHPW'I' U EnL'lWN'M holler Lw of HF cumMl .V . Largely duo lm lhc chrls aml inHucncc Hf 511: lellniL, tlircvlnr 0;, mm lmmL llw VVOOCIXVind Quintet HIV lhc Chicago Symphony Urthostrm 011 Play 1, 1931, QMYC a concert 01' classirul Wows in our umlilurium. It will lung Jw mmvmlx'rwf Jmlh l'ur L110 CXCCHCHCC 0f the playing aml lhc nllvnlivmwss Hf 1'10 mulicncv. ,, amIH'W " AquIJE bew-nfhr' MN of mm m ' mingl :1 FILL ' , . . V 'HH' "P. Cole Marionettcs in Action w' I I , , w , ' . , A , ,, ' ' " ' Sarah lyxtw Manun PM Thervm H: ghcilu Hr w Mn. IL V Chm. R View of Auclicncc at Douw ble-Feature Marionette Show QUINTET Jerorhe Stowell klarined . Wilbur Simpson Umssoonl Philip w Farkas wFrench horM , Ralph Johnson UlutcL and Robert Mayer whoa. 18 np- .w-wkz'z'xu artuff' i'rfr-jav 231:": LamWAT -- 'J" Plaudits for THE ENGLEWUUD PLAYERS HWasnt it wontierfuun u1t was simply grancl." HHow proud the parents were, and who can blame them?! HIt was a swell show, and I dont mean may- be." Remarks such as these rang through the corri- dors of dear old Englewoocl for a week anti more after the evening of January 17, 1952. On that evening in Fullerton Hall of the Art Institute of Chicago, the Englewood Players, uncter the direction of Mrs. Led- hetter, gave a triumphant performance of "Take Care of My Little Girl,n Peggy Goodins heH-ringing comedy of present-day student life, before a capacity audience. Many who wanted to see the show misseti out because the tickets were all sold. And this was one of those times when the people who weren,t there misseti a high quality entertainment experience. The cast consisted of Alice Davenport as Liz, Sarah Lewis as Becky, Carol Jones as Adelaide tAtD, Marion Bohn as Merry, Jean Williams as Marge, rTheresa Davis as Dallas, Winifred Phillips as Casey, Sheila Johnson as Mother Apple, Yvonne Harrington as Mrs. Bellows, Felton May as Joe, Julius Johnson as Chad, Robert Collins as Sam, Christine Muse as Thelma, Barbara Gihson as Alice, Bernice Wright as Grace, Anita Officer as Marie, Crystal Ervin as Jus- tine, Phyllis Lewis as Polly, Rose Mary Spotser as Marilyn, Irene Jortian as June, anct William Hunt as the expressrnan. BIGGER AND BETTER PLAYS Established in 1951, our Drama Club has under its more formal name, The Englewood Players, pre- sented two plays, UThe Great Choice" and HTake Care of My Little Girl." Alice Davenport, as assist- ant director; Phyllis G. Lewis, as secretary, and Felton May, as stage manager, have been especially helpful to Mrs. Ledhetter, the clubs faculty sponsor and gen- eral thrector. HTo promote an appreciation of the theatre anti to inculcate unclerstanding of the art of dramatiza- tion and character portrayaln are the main objectives of the Drama Club. The hope is, further, that its activities wiH'heIp improve the "diction, voice control, posture, and poise? not only of its members but also of students in general who attend its performances. In line with this the club plans to present "bigger and better plays" in the future. ' 5 Scenes from uTakc Care of My Little Girl" 19 HONOR SOCIETIES Stimulate Scholarship and Character Development J ' ,f, Jinn , upm'ii' lWW'r ML, HIHHINI mrlh'"" ll H" JUNIOR HONOR SOCIETIES 1A, 2B, 2A Row 1: Z. Stanse". J. McCurtis. C. Ervin, M. Stephens. K. Sloan. A. Goldberg. Row 2: M. Green. J. Foreman, O. Beasley, A. Smith. J. Edwards, J. Williams, G. Smith. F. James, J. Barrett. E. Fisher, G. Noer. Row 3: M. Harris, Elaine H0, D. Czarnik, C. Arrington. L. Johnson, A. Blaus, M. Morrison, 1. Hatred, Y. Pleasant, J. Simpkins. E. Kelly. Row 4: F. Jackson, E. Todd, L. Dunterman, 1. Jones. J. Williams, D. Taylor. M. Ghoston, L. Glover, D. Powell. C. Scott. V. Martin, I. Korngoot. JUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY 3A Row 1: N. White GecretaryL B. Emery Gocial chairmanL H. Shelton. Mrs. Gay bponsorL C. Price. P. Bruner Hice-presidenU. Row 2: L. Young wresidenn. A. Thymes, D. Stuckly, D. LaFar- lette. G. Hunt Qgrogram chairmanL J. Pappas OreasurerL H. Hochertz. . V. yyrxgw v..m.,u. .41" tp'nent Established in 192-1, the National Honor Society, sponsored by txtr. Kriewitz, strives to stimulate the improvement of scholarship among students and to encourage the devel- opment of Character, leadership, and the spirit of service to the community. The junior honor societies, sponsored by Miss White, Miss Weisman, Miss Croat, Mrs. Gay, and blr. Heller, have similar objectives. They concentrate on achieving these Objectives among members of the junior Class by means 01f meetings, social gatherings, anct special tutoring methods. JUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY 3B Row 1: B. Haney, F. Be". J. Har- vey, Mr. Heller tsponsort, L. An- derson. L. Cumming. Row 2: R. Brown. E. Shirley, E. Ketchum. M. Hawkins, E. Bolden. E. Bishop, A. Brooks, B. Wright, D. Whaten. Row 3: C. Ehlers, J. Bell, M. Seals, M. Mason. H. Lassiter, A. Olson. A. Jones, K. Carrington. A. Curry. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Row 1: A. Blicr. J. Karshen, B. IV'Iorrison, P. Lewis, NIL Kriewitz tsponsort, R. Sampon. G. Van De Kreke, L. Vacco. Row 2: A. Davenport. A. Ross, V. VVestin. C. Jones. J. IVIcIntosh, B. Nagel, E. Claster. P. Gray, E. Burre". Row 3: R. Rountrce, E. Reid, Y. Harrington. L. Pompey, L. Field, N. Johnson, R. Brctsford, A. Sanas tprcsidcntt, O. Klichalchik tvice- presidentt. D. Harris. 5. Balzer, A. Diggs. 21 2V7 2 m3 amm w. m a . my u 2 ."m m 5 i 96. Wm .lu IS ,w e .m WH nka m1 mm. en. um J y 1100 J at Q m muwP Tm Q fIn SU Or. ID 10 y H c .JGu mL nt 1 8 mln GwC Lanalm hm ahh em C rAS p mm a .m 80 Lw Imunuum SIG 838 SB ar CG Hblusic, blusic, blusten highiranking, popular song-hit of a year or so ago comes to mind as one recalls the gay and grand school dance of November 28, 1951. Its keynote was Hrhyttlm, rhythm, rhythmf, Every one of the Eve hundred or more young people who participatect became part of the swaying sea of merriment. There were veritable anes of wholesome fun. And talk about fancy steps. Wherever one turned one could see happy couples deeply absorbed in the artistic gyra- tions of some swing number as they went through its motions with well- nigh professional Enish. QuicL-time fox trots alternated with dreamy, slow-time waltzes. Laughter and banter and soft humming of familiar tunes merged with the stream 01C orchestral music. Witty conversation and Isoft drinks made the interludes between dances relaxingly pleas- urab 0. wt $. eh I 9 RHYTHM! RHYTHM! RHYTHM! STUDENT CLUBS Carry through Various School Activities By showing a wide variety of Fine talking pictures in class rooms as well as at special and all- schoot assemblies the members of the Blovie Club, under the supervision of Mr. Duban, help Englewood make the most of audio-Visual aitls in education amt recreation. The Drama Club, sponsored by Mrs. Leclbetter, gives its members actual experience in acting and in the production of plays while providing edu- cational entertainmentfor the school as a whole. LA FLAMME FRANCAISE Row 1: M. Stephens. C. Johnson. B. Miller, 0. Taylor. Miss Huffaker, B. Allen. C. Nelson. J. McFa". Row 2: D. Flanagan. B. Sims. C. Jones. B. Harmon, N. Hood, .1. Price. B. Jones, A. Jar- rett. S. Lewis. Row 3: O. Kirsh- enbaum, M. Powell, A. Harden. T. Williams. C. Sto", D. Slaugh- ter, L. Hodgkin, C. Collins. W. Sherri". VV. Koen, R. Kine. B. Daniels. LATIN CLUB Row 1: L. Durham, L. Gabby. L. Robinson, E. Smith, Mrs. Harris. B. Brooks, P. Dunlap, M. Wilson. Row 2: B. Webster, F. Miller, I. Harrod, J. Bowman, M. Shields, J. Givens, C. Steptoe, M. Light's, E. Webster, K. Dillingham, E. R013- ertson, B. Withrow, C. Goodc. Row 3: W. Berry, 1. Korngoot, W. Foster, W. Pearson, 1. Jones. F. Blackmon. R. Cain, C. Wesley, J. Erwin, C. Darke, R. Banks. J. Barrett, M. Upchurch. Row 4: N. Hackney. G. Keeling. M. Ball, L. Britt, G. Mann, P. Collias. L. Davis, H. Pernell, R. Hayes, S. Nicholas, F. Decoud, B. McKin- ney. W. NIcCaIebb. D. Powell, R. Prater. N. VVatkins. t i; l ....y t -....M.K.. ,- Ac COMMERCIAL CLUB Row 1: J. Elheridge. J. Williams. a t . , V ClP. GISOJE, E. IVIIiurphly. dIVIiss Zan- , . ,, . y : ' t t 4, t . A t V . . tXK er, . tarter. . Loy . J. Bow- , . I j ., ' H : t . . I7. x t . man. Row 2: A. Blier, F. Mel- t . ' t , ' , t .x 5 p ,. I t - ; O'Rellh Rh Cheri. L. Ebner, G. Britt, P. Lewis. t t A ' . t t t x 3 " t war thl; t l 1' B. Doty, D. Young, J. Ayers, : ' :4' c 1 . 3 .t .w executnu . VV. Jackson, J. Brody. W. Lacy. ' t ., t p ,3 V :W 'K . v ' , x t quanen. H. Hamilton, J. Doss, F. LaVerne. v , ' Va 5 t , t L ,t 1' t t f ,f L. Vacco. Row 3: G. Williams. C. t t I ' c L ' Eftd' 1 VVilson, D. Hudson, D. Jalasky, J. it . b , ' , : Ship wt 3: Thompson, B. Heins, W. Summers. t a .. Q ' 2 t Ls Student; t V. Blount, R. Record. B. Gibson. , 3 W- V , t 4 " V I aCt'x t NI. Bolin. J. Bossieux. N1. Hernan- V ; , ' t f t l " x ,, t , , l ltlvs fr" dez. Row 4: C. Watkiss, E. Baker. , N t t t t t K t it tx rm? tt H J. Krantz, B. Howard. M. Hill, P. McGuster. A. Hurt. R. Carroll. D. Davis, N. Johnson, D. Harris. G. Pittman, C. Muse, M. Powell. H. Hochertz. E. Cannon. 1th .; t . 651C SGH'K x". MOVIE CLUB Row 1: E, Benson, E. Brown, L. Ball, J. Barrett, Mr. Duhan. D. Banks, W. Nance, P. Berry. Row 2: T. Levin, C. Jones, T. Johnson. J. Roman. l. Korngoot, N1. tWosety. JA xVilliams, Cv. Gold- hurg. Row 3: R. Lawrence, Bates, H. Hardwick. H. Petty, Battles, VV. Foster. J. Phillips, Scott, F. Broitman. Row 4: XVatkcr. A. Sarras. P. Collins, . Vites, L. Rhem, R. Battles, . La Fartcttc, L. Ellens, G. Frazier, VV. Linko. C. Chcars, A. Rowe, D. Taylor. AVIATION CLUB Row 1: NI. Williams, 1V1. Stephens. A. Spotscr, E. Jones, F. Nlelchcrt. S. Brown, E. Nliller, C. Ervin. Row 2. JA Bratrien, 0. Brown, J. Bos- sicux, C. OyRciHy. S. Hendrix. R. Hervey, B. Hcindct, S. Ranos, A. Jackson. Row 3: L. VVhitsicle, J. Lee, C. Lewis. E. Gullatt, S. XViHiams, B. Doty, C. XVatkins. T. Lewis. E. Fielder. J. Kirkwood. J. Green, D. IVICAfee, B. Jones, D. Rohinsers. Row 4: Y. Harring- ton, A. Diggs, J. htclntosh, L. Han- sen, NI, Brown, T. Johnson, B. Fitz- gerald. C. Ntusc. N. tVlahin, J. Dort, D. Kiober, J. Krantz. R4 Spotsor, D. Robinson, P. Gray. Row 5: B. Howard. K. Carrington, L. Fiels, A. Hurt, VV. Phillips, R. Mitchell, . Lawrence, R. IVIartin. J. Hysmith. B. Gamer, A. Kurlh, P. McGustcr, L. XVhito, C. Scott, H. Harduick. DRAMATIC CLUB Row 1: A. Davenport, B. Wright. NI. Bolin, F. Ledbelter, B. Gibson. S. Lewis. P. Lewis, I. Jordan. Row 2: A. Officer. A. Diggs, C. Jones, J. VViHiams, W. Phillips, B. Hunt. F. May, R. Collins. J. Johnson. L. Davis, C. Muse. R. Spotser, Y. Hanington. C. Ervin. hVith a membership 0t 87 the Aviation Club, estahhshed m 1949, is, under the sponsorship of Miss OReiHy, planning a program of lectures, movies, amt trips to places of interest in the future. In the past year this Club saw and sponsurect mmies depicting Ya mus phases nf aviation; heard tertures hy aviation executives, pilots, and slewardesses; tOQL' ImL-trainer trips to Chicagoe airport and United Airlines head- quarters; New in smatt planes; lonL' a trip to Snuth Bend. Indiana. Estahtished in 1931, umter the spunsmrship of bliss lander, the Commercial Club now has a member- ship of 52. In line with its ohioctix'es Hf stimulating interest in mmmerciat suhjects and of bringing to students ttrst-hangt inturmatinn ahmut business requirements. this Chlh carried through a number of speciFic activities the past yoaxx Noteworthy among them was the presentatim'l 0t skits showing the right and wrong way of applying tor a job. The CUIDU'IQ year the Fommervial Filth plans to hold three meetings each semester, and tn haVe uutsitte speakers at most mt them. ' t V. .,.M' LES LORIOTS Row 1: B. Nchissick, D. Bates. NI. Woods, B. J. Davenport. V. Huffakcr, Z. Berry. 0. Halo. S. Miller. Row 2: L. MCFaH, J. Be". L. Thigpen, J. Bm'kairc. J. Pappas. B. Garner, J. Brewer. Y. Bennett, G. Ellis. 1V1. Atlas. L. Jones. E. B. Kelly. P. Cooper. G. Nlcrrilt. LES ALOUETFES Row 1: D. Edwards. B. IV'IiHer, R. Cherry, W. Johnson. IVIiss Hutfaker. M. Jordan. P. James, G. McLendon. Row 2: L. Brady. J. Gillon, C. Judkins, E. IWartin. B. Basden. S. Johnson, G. Norris. C. Hines. B. Stoxste". Row 3: F. Marshall. 5. Knightcn, S. Woody, R. Johnson, J. Williams. M. Lumpkins, L. Easter. A. Mims. M. Morrison, J. lVl. Lee, R. Collins. LATIN CLUB Row 1: A. Weems, K. Sloan, G. Whalen, J. M. Porter, Mrs. Harris, A. Strange, C. Skinner. F. Remezas. Row 2: 5. Norm. M. Brown, M. Pierce, C. Butler. E. Miller, V. J. Williams, S. Bry- ant, C. Ervin. J. McCurtis. Row 3: B. Ferguson. M. Frost, H. Millar, C. Yarbrough, E. Palmer. C. Arrington, J. Coleman, M. Har- ris, J. Mills, P. Sampson. There are four French Clubs at Englewood: Les :Uoueltcs, L05 Loriols, La Flamme Francaise. and Les Hironcleaux. All of them are sponsored by Miss PIUFFHL'QF. The aim at Les Alouettes is to facilitate the commanct 0f the French language on the part 0t its members. French songs are sung and French games are played at its meetings. Les Loriols, with a similar objective, tmlcts meetings twice monthly. These sessions are devotecl in part to the singing of French folk songs. arias, and popular modem numbers. 1n part they are devoted to the presentation of skits n French. One of these was televised hlarch 12, 1952, over WGN-TV. La Flamme Francoise, which at some mC its meetings has presented plays writ: ten, directed, anti acted by its own members, participatetl in the same television program. SO. too, did Les Hirontleaux. The two Latin Clubs, sl'mnsorcct hy txtrs. Hams. read stories in Latin, loam famous aphorisms in that language. discuss the tix'cs 0t the great Roman writcrs. LiLCWise, the junior Latin Club, uncter the spon- sorship of Miss Rooney, conccnlralos 0n lhc reading: and discussion at Latin stories. Established in 1931, it has a mcmhorship wt 23. Its prcsictcnt is Agris Krumms. Sincc 1933, the year of its cstahtishmcnt. Sociedarl Pan Amorimna, sponsored hy Miss Kiety, has slriwn l0 team as muth as possihtc ahmtt Latin America. so as to mtvanve the tooling 0t neighbortiness lmvzmts the peoples who ttVC south of the Rio Gramtc. A Chapter of the Pan-American League, whose headquarters are located in Miami, Ftoricta. Societiart Pun Anwricana has received 42 awards and a num- her of citations for its Ctmtrihution tmwmt the furtherance of hemispherir solidarity. LES HIRONDEAUX Row 1: G. Basley, 1. Height, C. Tyler, B. Kline. Miss Huftaker, J. Williams, M. Green, M. Truman. Row 2: N1. Abernathy, J. VViHiams, M. Davis, A. Broome, P. Johnson, J. Brack, B. Seals. Row 3: L. Donegan, A. L. Jones. N. Johnson. L. Lee, W. Evans tpresidcnU. R. Reese, J. Fitzgerald tvicetpresi- dontt. E. Todd, NI. Unnt. LA SOCIEDAD PAN AMERICANA Row 1: 1W. Escamilla, L. Cum- mings, E. Hancox. E. Sokolowski. :VIiss Kiely tsponsort, A. Brooks. F. Be", J. VVhalcn. Row 2: G. Guclger. G. Greene. A. Glass. 5. Payne. A. Ross, C. VVhiltcd, T. Levin. L. Williams. C. Engetke. H. Shelton, D. Barge, B. Gibson. Row 3: G. Hurle, F. Hines. S. VVilson, A. Hurt, H. Lassilcr. R. Marlin, K, Carr. A. VVhite, R. Cordell. A. Guidt-r. H. Askins. C. Dmic, G. Bolt JUNIOR LATIN CLUB Row 1: L Racket, S. Robinson. D. Phillips. C. Strong. C. Rooney. '1 'tP ' ' -l .. " G. Chambers, E. Ketchum. J. tvl'tlll'l A t ' . - . , Motshy, IW. Curry. Row 2: W. ,5 IrrPWh t V. t ' 7, ; ' hVnrrcn. C. Carter. A. Basdcn. V ,Mhly' it V t . t ,5 - ' X. Krumins, G. Rouse, T. Lewis. I t'Tt' a 1 . - Z I. Brown. C. Jatkson. J. XVilson, WW' 0 ' , ' ' , , ' IA szior, B. Smith, F. Burks. 11h 1? . - . ' Q' 'i ' " ' P. Hvttmn, D. Patterson. mt: t ' ' rtl'I amt WW I . GIBLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Has Fourfolcl Program onancement atong tour tines H athletics, sociat relationships, schotarship, and heatth H is the main objective of the Girts, Athtetic Association, sponsored by 1V1iss Joy. Estah- tished on a City-wicte basis in 1926, this association has been continuously active in the high schools of Chicago ever since then. Its membership at Englewood this year is 1200. In the year 1951 daily health charts were kept by 500 of its memhers, 287 recorded outside athletic activities, 200 tried to earn 500 points each for G.A.A. activity, 33 tried to earn school letters, 37 won H500 Ctuhn awards, eight won school 1etters, 100 won posture improvement points, 75 presented notes from ooctors showing they hati good health, 90 presented notes from dentists showing they had good teeth. During the same year 200 members of the G.A.A. were trained as gym secretaries, 45 as gym leaders, 59 as IocL'er room guards. in addition, 200 of them won points for participation in team games, 56 for participation in Red Cross swimming contests, and 115 for gymnastic prohciency in special stunts and in exercises on gymnasium apparatus. The Gym Secretaries and the Gym Leaders also function under the supervision of Miss Joy. The Secretaries help the teachers keep their records. The Leaders help referee contests in girls gym classes anti guide others in the use of gym equipment. Under the direction of Mrs. Weisberg, their sponsor, the Cheer Leaders, syste- matically stimulate school spirit 'at toothalt games and other inter-schotastic athletic con- tests. They do the same in school assemblies before and after such contests, anct on other appropriate occasions. G.A.A. Captain Basketball, likewise under the direction of Mrs. Weisberg, is an activity which provides special opportunities for exciting intramural tournaments. It enables participants to develop individual SL111 and to acquire much-desired proFiciency points. Approximately the same may he said Jfor G.A.A. HSwimn, except, of course, that its sphere of activity is swimming. The Gym Locker Guards, under the sponsorship of htliss De Haan, aim Hto he of service to the girls, teachers and matrons in the girts, division of the Physical Education department." To be etigihte for membership in this group, "a girl must he trustworthy, willing to work, have a good attendance record, and be able to get along wen with others." Satisfactory service as a locker guard entitles one to G.A.A. ttpointsf, By earning 500 points members of the G.A.A. attain membership in the 500 Club. This entitles them to participate in activities such as the following carried through by the Club in 1951: Welcoming Assemblies for 1 135, spring frolic, splash party, Junior-Senior hasehatt game, girls vs. boys voiley ball game, guard assembly, graduation party for graciu- ating members of the Chlh, play day for all high schools in the district, roller skating party, Junior-Senior basketball game, Christmas party, and award assemhty. GAA. BASKETBALL Row 1: A. Jordan, G. VViHiams. B. Gibson, S. Balzcr, IVIiss Joy, R. VVright. F. Alorgan, L. Gamble. Row 2: E. Hall. F. Trent. A. Hurt. S. VVilson, C. IVIusc, B. Howard. V. Ha" kaptainy E. Palmer. Row 3: P. Goods, NI. Brown, B. Wright, H. Forniss, A. Curry. D. Simpson, J. Nelson, L. Dunterman, NI. Jones, A. Northrip. E. Smith, B. Sanders, N Moore. G.A.A. SWIM Row 1: A. Weems, B. J. Daven- port. B. Thomas. G. Height, P. Weisberg, J. Vinyard, A. Harden. G. Whalen. Row 2: P. Loftus, D. Cherry, V. Dodd. S. Williams, S. Du Free, A. Jar- rctt. B. Webster. 1V1. Woolfolk, W. Warren. M. Pryor, D. Bates. Row 3: L. B. VViHiams, L. Jones, L. Leonard, W. Hall. NI. Ba", J. Ellis, M. Davis. C. Walker. E. Schaffrath, K. Diningham. J. F. Beckham. 500 CLUB Row 1: C. Ervin, A. Spotser. J. Brody, E. Blorrison presidcnU, Bliss Joy, L. Gamble, E. Ho. N. Moore. Row 2: G Van De Kreke bccretarw. R. Goodcn, S. Balzcr Gcrgcant-atvarmsX A. Curry, L. Dunterman, S. VVilson. R. VVright, R. Spotscr, B. Nagel hicepresidcno, A. Jarrett, B. AL Ion, B. Gibson UrcasurerL G.A.A. CAPTAIN BASKETBALL Row 1: J. Battle. E. Bowie. Y. 3IiHer. P. XVeisberg. F. Cun- ningham, H. Hebert. M. Akridge, 51. Bruce. Row 2: P. Strange. A. Spotscr, S. Bates, A. Robinson, K. Guider. C. Burton, C. Ervin, J. VVaIIace. Row 3: V. Cash. V. ViHiams, O. Hamer. J. Penna- mon, 31. Sandcri D. Dixon. E. Conn, A4 Prestwood. D. Chap- man. Row 4: G. Brcxuer, P. Brown. J. :xIcCaH, NI. Smith, E. Strceter. CL Bolton. J. XVashington, G. RocL wen, R. XViHiams, F. Bynum, :W. Daniels, N. Oglctrea. E, Hme. They Learn By UOIHSHi hhganizalions Whhich Serve the School and Whorthy Outside Causes Members of our Chapter Hf the Junior Red rlhe Library flu'ln now Sponsnrmll Cross, sponsored by Nhss ORCiHy, learn by direct mmm, has ;1 'lny-nrh1 slnry nl. Jinglewnod By helping experience how active good Citizens nml community nl, the chargleng-eesk, 11.1 the shelv'mg of hooks, in the leaders function. Last year they Cullecl'ml material scllm;r up ml rhsplnys, m the typing of cards, and m for Red Cross 91ft boxes, through the divisiuns. Ihey the ordering of new hooks, members acquire knowl- attended monthly meetian at the headquarlers 01 the glee nf lihmery sricncc aml general experience in Junior Red Crogs. They saw movies clepictingethe Iuncliening chmly. A particularly worthwhile pm- services rendered by lhis great organizatioh. They jCFl. ml lhe Library Club the past several years has collecteci Christmas gifts for hospitals. ,1 hey sent hcen the room Ago, B0012 Club. It has made good delegates to the Junior Reel Cross summer camps at hooks availahlc In the entire student body at low cost, Lake Forest, Illinois, and in Nlichigan. W Mr. Neue JUNIOR RED CROSS CLUB Row 1: M. Jones, J. Green. VV. Huskey. J. Karshen, L. Jones, hliss O'Reilly. B. Haney, M. Obcr- Xlr, HWM " man. D. Murphy. Row 2: Amug ' E. Chukos, 0. Brown, M. Worth- - inglnn, G Butt, S. Ranos. D Ab- ner. L. Gamble. B. Gibson. L. Jack- Sun, 31. Smith. E. Hamilton. J. Brat- sien, B. Dawson. B. Davenport. Row 3: D. NIcAfec. A. Smith, I. XVhilloy, E. Lawrence. P. Gray. A. Cuider. J. EWCLee. D. Ivliner, J. Kil- gnre. V. Dixone C. Engelke, C. Jones. S. Barnes, T. Levin hchair- manL GA VViHiams. Row 4: V. hIarsha". D. Robinson, E. Cooks. D. Krchcr, J. B'Iorgan, A. Hurt. R. Hayes, R. NIartin, M. Ban, H. Towns, A. Kurth, D. Harris. J. Gillcn, C. Scott. H. Phillips. tclhnj "W LIBRARY CLUB Row 1: J. Green, J. Raybourn, L. Jones. B. VVithrow. Mr. F. Neumann, C. Plant. NI. VVarPieId. R. Smart. Row 2: S. Bryant. B. Umble, E Smith, B. Barber, B. Cleveland, D. Jones. Y. Pleas- ant. S. Crank R. Tart, G. Taylor, B. Johnson. G. Gudger, G. Sutton. J. hViHiams. Row 3: I. Harocl. J. Smith. G. Robertson, M. Niorri- son. J. Bowman, N. Rodgers, L. Griffin, D. Robinson, D. Hazlett, S. XVatts, E. Bolden, B. Johnson. A. Price. Row 4: V. Ha", E. Townsend. L. Pompey, V. Menzie, 1W. Lightle, C. Campbell, V. John- son, A. Brown, A. Broome. H, Lam- horl. N. Robinson, W. Landgraf. V. Thompson, 1V1. Shields. V. Johnson. or"? the '9 :auses 5 V Mr. New ' Byhelping in the 5. and in ' ynre knowl- Apenence m .Wlm bile pro. '71; Years has mach; gomi at low cost. 0 CROSS CLUB Jrnes. J. Green, Karshen, L Jones, B Haney, M. Ober- urphy Row 2: Brawn. M. VVorth- .Q Ranos. DA Ab- B anmn, L. Jack- f: Hamilton, l Brat r: B. Davenport. MW. A. Smith, I. r1 mm P. Gray, A. . D, Miller, J. Kil- n C. Engelke, C- ., T. Levin khak- J ,mC, Row 45 - ?JHMOH, E COOkS' Morgan, A. Hurt, Ia;fin' WHBa", ,urfll. D arris. 95H. H. Phillips. RY CLUB rw-n, J. Raybomg, VIthmw, Mr: J, 'lml M. VVarEIeI , l- 5: 5. Bryant. :rmlh B. Barber, J lanes. Y. Pleas- ! Turf, G. Taylor, mlmlr. 0 Sutton. ;, '3- I. Harot, 1W In, M. Mom- MHX: Rodgers, w ,r-. VD. Hazlett, WM Johnson, ; 1111111 x1. ' fig", w x; NWAWI,N . memww Mr. Heller and Mrs. Kerr discussing a phase of animal life with a group of biology students. The hare in the picture serves as telling evidence that the points being explained are valid. Vliss Biaginfs biology class learning some of the basic principles of the science of life. 1 ININ- b I H ' 1 H 'LE WHITE STAFF I , U" ' PURI , AND - e , e QWWH HOW; H 9 IWM V! WI 1.4 r X , Editors .................................................................... fuml llmws, lwllnn IX'Iily,JlIl1Cl clnlos'h Elf pm, H IV V r i , . SW'Jr I , lksocialc lililors .................................. ltrnom IxCHy, H nrlus INIFKIHHCy, Durothy Robinson R' gawk; I H ,, H V . " x' 2'" , Assistant Lditm's ............................................ Burlmm H lurk, Comma Gudgvr, Lnrch Hines 5 XGHW V: 1 V , ' Vllinrw ,' Editorial Assistants ........ Doris Almcr, Doralhy Barge, Peggy Cheunlmrs, Alice Davenport, IO '5' gunk IH .. H H H x J? y. Joanne I'ilzgcmld, Barbara Ulwm, ltlsic Hamillnn, Huirlcy ch- r1 IynH drix, Auguslu lVory. ,Innim Kenshcn, Humor lxrmx, l,:lurcru:c La P. WOW" Verne. Cam! Lewis. Belly Ponce, AJricmm BhicMs, Estella Town- seml. Barbara Ward, Cynthia Watkins, VcrlJic Watson, Rosette Whilcside. Sales Staff ...................... Patrick Bryncr, Dolores Bellrholmr, B'Iarlhann Campbell, Barbara Connor, I'Clicia Cnx. Sanrly Crank, 1:. holder, Joyce Green, ' Gayle Hunt, Arlyn Hurt, Juan Kilgnr, Phyllis Lewis, Audrey FORHI "J'" 51inch Nina Rogers, Rosomary Spolscr, Shirley Stevenson, Charon Whittcd. Row 11 C QY'KH, C. Gillr-wm V r m4 I f, Faculty Sponsors ........................................................... IilFHb A. Jacobson, Ellen C. Roonev K SCEI'GZ' :x V' f,' " . ram . . E . Art Supervisor .................................................................................... Cornelius VV. Johnson BWBQ' I PHI . - I 5' nrn'w ,. HI ' . Photo Contributors ...................................................................... Cassie Greer, Carol Jones, D' Hf'mi' :: 3w. , Emccc KCHy, Carlos BTCKinncy, James Fortenberry ?.ngmqfi. H n . ' ' 'C v ' HVhiHPd. B. Burr: H ' 'V l O Hlifh'll" -. ! H J. Campbr-H R Uw . 1 F Van. R fw. w 7 . . w V K Carr, G W - rIhe Pumle and XXIILIC proudly prcsonls llS stall n! Inummg journalists and junior Rlean business tycoons. Incidentally, there are mum of lhcm than appcar in lhc photograph. TH Traveling Editors Of the Purple and White Row 1: E. Knox, J. Karshcn, A. Ivory, J. Z. Jacobson, E. C. Rooney, A. Davenport. E. Ham- ilton. C. Lewis. Row 2: E. Jones, D. Abner, B. VVard, C. Jones. R. Whitesicle. C. VVatkiss, L g E. Fielder, B. Peace. B. Gibson, E. Kelly. S. Hendrix, G. Gudger. Row 3: L. Hines, D. Rob- inson, V. VVatson. J. Fitzgerald, C. lVIcKinney, F. Dlay. A. Hurt, A. Shields, J. chlntosh, E. Townsend, B. Clark. FORUM tGROUP 2t Row 1: E. Knox, J. Karshcn, A. Davenport, G. VViHiams, htrs. Reel, D. Young, E. Hamilton, 1V1. Ohcrman. Row 2: B. Gibson. A. Ross, S. Handy, D. Richards. C. VVatkins. R. Rountrec, C. Price, A. Officer. E. Jackson. B. Peace. Row 3: B. Nngcl. R. Spolser, S. VVakefictd, B. Heins, C. Nluse. L. Pompey, R. VViHiams, R. VVright, Y. Harrington, B. Doty. V. VVatson. Row 4: M. Power, G. VViHiams. S. Wilson, VV. Phil- lips, S. Smith, R. Brown. A. Sar- ras. T. Scott, A. Hurt. J. Fitzgerald, P. IVICGustor. FORUM t GROUP 1t Row 1: C. Cunningham, A. Ivory, C. Gillespie, NI. IVICGinnis, Mrs. S. Reel, Z. Keys, J. Payne tsecretaryt. D. Grant, NI. Gilliam ttreasurert. Row 2: L. Gamble, B. IVIorrison. S. Barnes, C. Jones, E. Claster, D. Harris. J. Nlclntosh tpresidcntt A. Diggs, F. Broitman tvice-presi- denU, R. Hervey, P. Gray, C. VVhitted, B. Burre". 1V1. Bolin. Row 3: O. IVIichatchik. R. Mitchell, J. Campbell, R. Battles, B. Hunt, F. N'ay. R. Finkle, S. Davis, K. Carr, G. Ntogil, D. Harris, R. 1;?! xVFCHCC. THE FORUM ls Clearing House of Ideas on Current Affairs As its name suggests, the Forum, sponsored by Mrs. Reel, discusses Current problems and affairs. It was organized in 194t with a membership of 70. At present it has about 90 members. Any junior or senior with a scholarship ax'erage of G or better is eligible to join. Fleetings are held once a month. At some of these a dehate is featured, at others the main event is a panel discussion. Suhjects taken up in 1931 included: The Voice of Americas Radio Broadcasts t0 the Peoples of Europe and Asia, the New York Life Insurance Companys Housing Project on Chicagos Lake Front, the Rearming of XVCstem Europe, Trumarfs Recall of htac- Arthur, Superior College Students and the Draft, The XVeIfare State, Democracy vs. Communism, and Japan and Collective Security. Attitudes toward such questions as these, predominantly expressed at meetings of our Forum, have been reported to the Ohio University Discussion service. This service in turn took these reports into account in the surveys of current attitudes which it sent to K prnporf. $513: the State Department in Wlashington. Thus our Forum has helped inHuence the policy "txtntcsirrzmc; D. Rob' of our national government. ?HH 4: l :H' X 5t r'rjs, J ORATORS KZROUP D Row 1: D. Robinson. M. Ginia D. Evans, A. Ivory, IWrs. Lorraigt Roberts, J. Karshcn, J. Blackburn .1. Smith Row 2: F. Rodwen' G. Van De Krcke, L. Webb, K. Olrlcnstcdt, L. Gamble, P. Gray: S. Bnlzcr, J. Thompson. B. Burre" D. Simpson, E. Jones. E. Morrison: D. Greene. Row 3: E. Fielder, E. Baker, G. Robinson, J. Cun- ningham, J. Campbell. V. Robinson, R. Brown, W. Bynum, R. Turner. R. FinHe, R. Mitchell, J. Ingram, F. Broitman. OBATURS CLUB Concentrates on Parliamentary Pro- cedure and Dramatic Expression - In 1951 the Orators Club was sponsored by Mrs. Roberts, who is now teaching at Morgan Park High School. Consisting of members 0? Public Speaking 2 Classes, it con- centrates on practice in parliamentary procedure at its business meetings and on dramatic expression in its special programs. HGraduate Oratorsw receive Hdiplomas" at the party which brings to a close each semester's activities of the Oralors Club. ORATORS KBROUP 1 Row 1: B. Hall, B. Jackson, B. Bracuey, VV. Trimble. Mrs. Rob erts, Y. Harrington, 1V1. Hunter. E. Lee. Row 2: R. Hervey, A. Nleans, R. Knox, 1. Madison, R. Rountree, E. Grant. 1V1. Mc- Ginnis. Row 3: E. Claster, VV. Koen. T. Davis, VV. Harden. H. Ross, C. BIcKinney presidenU. G. Hunt, C. BIcCarreII. J. Likes. Row 4: C. Hambric, R. Battles. VV. Barken, A. Hogan, P. VVash- ington, R. Strickland. E. Leonard, D. Pyburn. D. Harris. S. Davis, M. Ingram. BNJ Row 1: Y. UW' M. Tucker. J, V ,. H. Bims, K 51mp- ' X Row 2: H. F1 .1. I B. VVaIer. F. Jurku r - R. O'Neal. D. H::-'- J. Roman. 5. Wm " xv A. XViHiams, f: 7: J. Pappas, J. H'wnm 9 , L. Britt, O, m- . , R. Chappe" R K , ' Row 4: R. 31kr V L. Rhem L, H1113 7 l D. La FarIt-Hc k I E. Remolds. R Ple f L. King. D Finnogm i 4 1 GIRLS' O N rF" M. xx'ood. Y. cw comb. J. Hanex v9. M. Gilliam. 3 g' 3 Row 2: E mm; M: B. Powell. B. Rpm . C. Butler. Z. Shh. Row 3: J. Grlnn- ' R. Roberts. B W - .Iorrison. I V f x 3;. Clark. A. Pern- 1 :B.X1D1 IN! schamath.cxi.m'r9 x x pianisU. D. A 1.! r M. Campbell. rPr Hentgerson. L. n 7; ' E. Noel. D. Han. 'VV " leROLP 2t nson. 31. Gilliam, tn'. .Irs. Lorraine r1 . BIaC'bum. L; E RQtlwe". i. . Vets Gamble, P. Crag: mpsont Be Burre", unws. .Morrison, ll' 3: E. FieHer, j.twinson, J. Cun- nth. Y. Robinson, mum, R. Turner, nche", J. Ingram, tGROUP U Jackson, MI, . . ,ltnrntJIc, Mrs, Rob V. Hunter, Wit R Hervey. Krix I .r hmllt't 11M!" ', Lemar ' UC Davis, J. GIBLS' CHORUS AND BAND Enliven School Assemblies Under the direction of Mr. Zlatnik, the Englewoocl Band learns how to read leSlC and how to play it on various wind and percussion instruments. From time to time the band participates in assembly programs. In 1951 the Girls, Chorus, directeti by Miss Conant, twice sang the famous 01d fav- orite, "The Lady of Shatottf, Alfred Tennysmfs romantic narrative poem, set to music by Wilfred Bendan. On May 30 it was sung at an aH-school assembly, and on October 30 at a meeting of Englewoocts Parent-Teacher-Student Association. On December 21 the Girls, Chorus participated prominently in the school 5 Christmas program. BAND Row 1: V. Dodd, J. Haygood, 1V1. Tucker, J. Ashley, H. Zlatnik, H. Bims, K. Sampson, Y. Garrison. Row 2: H. Seats, 1. Korngoot, B. VVafer, F. Jackson, G. Anderson, R. O'Neal, D. Hudson, H. Askins, J. Roman, S. Nlutctmick. Row 3: A. tVilliams, E. VVard, L. Nlartin, J. Pappas, J. Hysmith, R. Patterson, L. Britt, G. Steptoe. R. Fialia, R. Chappe", R. Kline, J. Nlarshall. Row 4: R. Walker, R. Battles, L. Rhem, L. Hodgkin. G. Brooks. D. La Farlette, C. Crawford, E. Reynolds, R. Punium, P. Archie. L. King. D. Finnegan. GIRLS CHORUS NI. VVood. Y. Garrison, B. Lips- comb, J. Harvey, IWrs. Conant. 1N1. Gilliam. B. Seay, P. James. Row 2: E. Wliller. J; Van Linden. B. Powell, B. Basdcn, Z. Berry. C. Butler, Z. Stanse", S. Brown. Row 3: J. Grinnage, E. pcnson, R. Roberts, B. IVIiHer, C. Lewis. E. htorrison, J. lVIcFaH, Pt Ellis, P. Clark, A. Pcnson. S. Lewis. Row 4: B. XVICDaniel, A. Jarrett, E. Scllaltfralh, M. Powell, A. Shields tpianisU, D. Androzzo. S. XViIson, 1W. Campbell, P. Nchuslcr. S. Henderson, L. Thompson. IVI. Atlas. E. Noel, D. Flanagan, B. NIiHer. . WA, M ??Z7 7? x, WZWM 2w Richard Hunt sculpturing head of a student in Art XVorksllop. Art instrudion at Englcxx'ond is Inr more than a mere matter of Miss Williams pointing out historic spots theory. as is indicated by Mrs. Currin's Art Workshop in action. on U. S. Map. Biology students on Field trip at Brookfielcl Loo. HERE AND THERE IN AND OUT OF THE SCHOOL nx n czr-Q'rwmswrwvs"! ' . e ViVHf-vst w we? R.O.T.C. BOYS IN MILITARY FORMATIONS Their Soldierly Bearing a Product of Systematic Dri" 3.0. T. C. Provides Training in Precision, Punctuality, Leadership and Teamwork Under the guidance of Captain Wi11iam C. Cavert, First Lieutenant Frederic P. Procissi, Master Sergeant Dona1d J. Hainstock, and Sergeant Jack G. Parris, the Eng1ewooc1 R.O.T.C. Unit completed 32 years of service in 1951. 1t now has more than 175 cadets in three phases of training; and it aims Hto lay the foundation for inteHigent citizenship by teaching the principIes of leadership, respect for constituteti authority, and habits of pre- cision, orderhness, courtesy, hygiene, and correctness of posture and deportment." It aims further Uto give the student 1cadet1 basic mihtary training which win he of heneht to him and of va1ue t0 the armed services if and when he becomes a member of one of them.H ParticuIarIy outstanding during the year 1951 was the work of the Drum and Bugle corps. 1nc1eed, it constituted the major e1ement of the UPicked P1atoonw. High1y gratify- ing a1so was the progress made by the riHe team, whose marksmanship average rose 5070 above that of the precechng year. The members 01 the team inc1uc1ed: CarI Griffin, its captain, Dennis La FarIette, MichaeI Hercules, Scott Smith, Roscoe Mitchen, Arthur Logan, Clark McCarreH, ancl Earl Barnes. EngIewoodys R.O.T.C. Drum and Bug1e Corps has had a high rating for severaI years. Our R.O.T.C. Unite aim in 1952 is to raise its riHe team to a tru1y top-notch 1eve1 and t0 c1eve1op the best driH team in Chicago. . .. 5,1?gi23a- - e! ROTC. DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS Row 1: L. Braullcy, H. Tumor, 2nd Ll. A. xViHiams, hl Sgl. D, .l. Huinstotk Unstrlu'mH Dir. H. E. Zlatnik. Lt, J. Roman. S. Alitclunicll, L. Bull. Row 2 J. Evans, F. Puramorc, H. IWCNuIly. N. Gibson, V. Blarkwe". C. High gins. T. Parks. L. Donegan. l. Korn- goot. D. Robinson. Row 3: C. Choars. J. Hysmilh. L. Hodgkin. L. xViHiams. GA Sebastian, D. La Farlcltc. H. Porno", L. lem. A. VVthington. VV. Curry, J. Holy son. D. King. R.O T.C. KROUP U Row 1: J. NICCurtis. N. Carter, 1V1. Smith, Capt. R. Turner. NI Sgt. D. J. Hainstock GnstructorL Lt. I. D. Green, T. Foster, VV. VVoods. Row 2: C. Pierre. A. Basdon. W. Berry. C. Darke, 0. Head. M. Mosely, C. Palmer, L. Fortcn- borry. Row 3: C. Jackson, D. VViI- liams, HA Be", A. PresL-y. M. Poago. L. Cook. .1. Erwin, J. Bir- Ginnis. A. Gillan. R.O.T.C. OFFICERS Row 1: Capt. R. Turner. IWajor M. Hercules. Capt. R. Brown, E. Barnes. Row 2: M Sgt. D. J. Hainstock. lst Lt. J. Green. 2nd Lt. D. Davis, 2nd Lt. A. VViHiams, 2nd Lt. J. Roman. Capt. VV. C Cavort. R.O.T.C. GROUP 2 Row 1: J. Harris, R. Kline, lVlajor M. Hercules, Sgt. J. G. Parris, Lt. E. Barnes, 2nd Lt. D. Davis, H. Bims, L. Adams. Row 2: N. Jones, E. Cannon, D. Weldy, S. Smith, R. Crowther, R. Barrel. A. Beale. C. Andrews. Row 3: R. Mitchell, C. NlcCarre", R. Finklc, J. Gregory. H. Wcathcrspoon, P. Harris, C. Scruggs. L. St. James. SUUN Help GIUOOJ Engl BM; I IlUlU S n'hnurimn K HI L1 1 AC IVrU two P 1 Y Flurugu 10c and Athletics at bat 05 mm Ml E II '1 8 1I1Y d. sical in 1 LP COM ita P hv A Ql 'AD HI- S D N U U S JOTBAI .l l03l I5 F 0 IR iMBl' MI MIND IN A SOUND Row 1: Harrington tmanagort. tittison, Buttcr. Rountroo. B. Levis. Hamlin, Mnrs'tnflttu tjruzivr. Row 2: Ingram, H. Lewis, VVitson. VVintic-td. Long. F. Collins, Smith, Foutkos, xtartin tmmugvrt. Ron: 3: t. lfttm'm tunutlt, Brmxn. Arnotd, Davis, C. Cottins, Adams, Porter, Tatp, Logan, Bentont, Rcynuttts. Scott. Brmnloy, timtl. xtrturmt. Campbell, FOOTBALL Season Opened with a Bang A 25 to 2 Victory over 1' tyttc Part: its triutitinnitt South Sittc m'at, give our gridiron squact a stirring start in 1110 tatt n1 1Q31. By winning this, the 68th game Engtexxtomt tms ptaymt with ttmt srtmnt, uur tmys retained the much-mveted Litltc Bruxvn StHCttt tvur us txnr emuttwcr year. The fottmving week these ttmlgtwly tents lrmunrmt Purttor 11y m1 atmost equatty topsittett score ttmt 01123 10 0. 111611 1Jm1111num tmmtcct Engtewooct its first tteteal 011 tth SCilSHH tn ttw tune wt 31 tn 11. this was tottowect by a semmt ticking at ttwc tmmts 0t Kotty 1n' n scum 01 19 to 15. Thus our Victories amt ttotcats wore M'cnmt. Then Engtewomt won three games in a mm 1 20 to 13 against Phittips, 31 to 1 against t'arragut, amt 32 t0 0 against Cage Park 1 before 105mg tt'le Finat game of the season to titttcn 1w a score wt 33 to 0. T1115 acttied up to five x'ictnrics amt ttmrco ttCtCiltS uix'ing us a success- tut season with which to terminate Coach Twmmevts 11- Vears 01 serViCe at Engtewood. He Witt retire in tune 1942, tcax'itm 111$ :Quccessur a tatt task to perform. Our new coach will tune tn rcptewc many 01 our grict- iron veteransn wtxo graduated in January ur Witt 1w graduating in June. 1mong ttlEITl are HCurtyn Camptwtt, a tine Center; "Bun Porter anct txonatd Adams, two good emts; Bitty Hardin amt Ratph Rutter, excet- tent hattbacks; Burnette Lewis. attisection quarterback; Rettw DaViS, Robert Bromley, and Arthur Logan guards: Horace Bentorct, an end, and Chartes Finch, a tutttuactx Action, Gaiety, Drama On the Football Field Charming CHEER LEADERS C ontribute Fine Feminine Ele- ment to Gridiron Pageantry '- euii . : Dam 161.104,: xnwvoatia BASKETBALL TEAM Row 1: J. Harrington. A. Robinson. VV. Summers, T. St. James. D. IVCIcly, R. Jackson, B. Bales. C. Gillie, B. Lewis IcaplainI, D. Richards. D. Foulkcs, T. Levin. Row 2: B. Rutherford, H. IVICCIvn- don, E. Hambric. R. Carroll. S. Robinson, B. XViIIiams, R. Strick- land, E. Berry, J. Brown. H. Ben- ford, D. Nash, VV. Jones, B. Porter, R. Adams. L. Nelson, R. Prater. L. Schiff. MORE GLORY New Track Trophies for Englewood High-Ieaping Basketeers At Girls, Senior-Junior Basketball Game TRACK TEAM ow 1: R. Carroll, E. Reid, Jackson, R. Hunt, T. Toole. Tyler, L. IVIartin, S. Robinson, Quant, B. Porter. Row 2: Smith, A. Tyler, T. Lewis, . McKinney, L. EIIens, H. Cobbs, Cain, XV. Jackson, IVI. Banks, . Petty, D. Richard, R. Lawrence. ax: 230533.70 I II ?X XII , X I 2eg XI I I R5 prwgpx. IaII. IN 7 the I lercw V , IIIEUT; I ' IIIO 1 ,- KLW.??E::1$:?W;- .3; .1 1 - .1 ., ,- 2c, 3-3.m4$2vaucen2rvxww "74932-n main. BASKETBALL Teams Start Season in Excellent Form Engtewoodk haskethatt teams openect the 1951-52 season in a promising fashion. The Seniors ptaced fourth in AnnuaI Hotiday Tournament, thereby going into the regular section schedute with a standing of seven victories and Five defeats. The Juniors entered their regutar schedute with a standing of four Victories and three defeats. Ed Hamhric and Wittie Jones received merit awards as outstanding ptayers in the Hotiday Tournament and were chosen members of the Att-Toumament team. TRACK Team Ranks Among Top Three in Major Meets REPLACEMENTS WILL BE BIC PROBLEM Reptacements W111 he an even bigger prohtem for Mr. Quant, our track coach, than for the mentor of our foothatt team, for graduation has taken away much of the cream of our track aggregation. In 1951 the track team came out among the top three in 6111 the main contests. It won second ptace in the high schoot division of the Dai1y News Retays, First ptace in the two mite re1ay at the Oat; Park IVIeet of Champions, First ptace in the senior division of the SouthCentrat Retays, second ptace in the City Cotteges Retays, and third ptace in the City Outdoor Championship Meet. MAJOR REBUILDING JOB Rehuitding 011 our track team wilt he a big job. It had, however, matte sufficient progress in 1951 to enah1e our tacts to win the City Cross Country Championship tast 11111, for the second consecutive year. Donatct Richard and Richard Tyter, veterans 01: the 1930 races, together with the newcomers - Attrect Tyter, Rohert Lawrence, and Lorenzo 1X1artin H are the tads to whom thanks are due for this. Our team won Five ptaces y 1233-10 - thus totattmg 21 points and gaming the most onC-sictcd Victory in the 24-year history 01 the City Cross-Country races. By ctosmg the season with another easy victory in the Sun-Times 1x1eet 0n Nox'emhor 17, our team C0mp1etec1 two years of mmpetition in Chicago without a defeat. 1t is hoped that the 70 canctictates who have reported for the junior amt senior track teams in 1932 witt ttex'e1op m a way worthy 01f track team tradition at Eng1ewooJ. . ,1 Z ZZ '1me UK Row 1; Z lm E, Lexwis. G. kwmf BIG LEAGUE SCOUTS A TAKE NOTICE EgaTCETTLSS Y. Frazier. J. W: ler, A. Ellis. FY BASEBALL Teams Stifit Competition Our Boys Offer Stronger h I g Though our baseball team in 1951 lost 12 games and won only two in the Central Section race, it gave the stronger teams in the section much better competition than our boys had been able to otter 0n the baseball diamond for a number of years. SEVERAL OUTSTANDING PLAYERS Among Englewoodys standout players were Ecldie Walker, an outfielder with a batting average of over .500; Bill Harden, a snappy shortstop; HCurIy" Campbell, a good catcher; Richard Rountree, an a ove average inhelder; William BarLeH and Leslie Riddick, hard-working outFieIders, and Andrew Sarras, a smart pitcher. There are indications that 1er baseball as in basketball, under IVII. Schiffys guidance, our boys are going to make the name Englewood count for a good deal more in the imme- diate future than it has in the recent past. THEY MAKE CHEER LEADERS Row 1; J. Williams, L. Kay, B. Wright, K. Johnson, A. Jackson. THE SCHOOL SPIRIT Row 2; s. Wakefield. L. James, E. Clam P. Gray. R. Gooden. C. Whitted A. Officer. R. Brown, P. Clark, P. VVcisbcrg. SPARKLE LOCKER GUARDS AND GYM LEADERS Row 1: Z. Jackson, L. VVCHJ, D. Nixon, R. XVingard, Nliss Joy, E Lewis, G. Van De Krcke. S. Normand. Row 2: B. Sloxstcll. LEADERSHIP IS L. Thompson. V. Ha", C. Hereford, Y. Bennett. C. Davis, L. Usher. K. Sloan, P. Scott. Row 3: N1. Jefferson, G. Nocr, IW- Prcyor, R. Hervey. C. VViHiams, A. Stevenson, B. Kline, A. Smith, 1W. Bank THEIR FORTE head. H. Leavy. Row 4: R. Booth, B. Austin, J. Smith, E. Hendricks, Y. Frazier, J. 310rgan, J. VViHiams, G. Keeling, C Brown, E. hIcGus- tcr, A. Ellis, F. Ford. G. Robertson, S. Du Prce, P. Nchinncy. GYM SITRI'L'IIARIES Raw I: 5 ryrm'u I IunIan. I' XLNUH, 5 XVIJHO. I. Rubenstcin. I BurImH. TH IIIwrnmn, III me'Ivyx Row 2: I; Ho, N. KeIIy, I 5 SlzuIIxurrlIl. xI 5HIHIL R. Bt-rnsh'in. B Nung. IL. XVrIIIstcr, D. SI'licIcIs, II. BuIJslmlsl, C. BulIv-r, I; Krthum. 5. 5rnitI1, G Smith. B. Sims. 1 Raw 3: VI XIarlin. I VImm-y, I Kruntz. I. Dan. C XVCsIcy, B XVash. I inglnn. D, meH, gX Ulwn, K. Currinahm, B. .Ianmvay, C. Scott. ' II. Bukvr. 1.. IUHPS. l. 5uIIv-V. Third IN DEPENDABILITY IS Point in THEIR STRONG POINT GYM SECRETARIES f Row 1: B. Seay. D. IWurley, L, Jamby, J. XVoods, IA. KIauII. 5 Bryant. I 1V1. INIBTIZICId. K.J0I1nsOnI 150117 22 J. CUII'HKUI. 5I. Brmx II, 1.. A'XIHIPFVJH, P. HeHron. L. Gamble. G. Van Do Krvko. F. Bo". B. IVilIlron, t V. Mills. Row 3: S. Johnson. M. Champion, Ii. Hme. D. P.Itlvrwn. F. SheIIcy, S. IVIorgan, C. EInIcrs, B. XVnrd. B Pvmv, M. RkImnI, A. Brown. C. XViIIiams. Row 4: L. xViIIiams. N. Foster, Ii. Brmxn. M. Lightle, G. Ellis, Y. Bennett, A. Hirks, P. SIICVIUSIUF, V. RL-MII E. MCGuster, 5. Bloody, IVI. hlorrison. 46 .i .W-rgmm,m..mnmnw4.ammmm.nw--mmmwmmma. nirhnhtramiy'n , :4.$--';:7:;iiv'-E-M;....- : .4.u...r..,.. JUNIORS Take on Added Poise It Ruhenstein, , N. Kelly. . D. Shields, h, B. Sims. . B. Wasti- , C. Scott. Third Year Marks Turning Point in Studentgs Life By C. VV. Johnson Juniors take on added poise and a more assured hearing along with their heightened sense of responsibility and feeling of setf-retiance. Eagerly moving forward toward the culminating year of their high school career, they dwelt in their thoughts and their dreams upon the excitement amidst which they will become seniors. 1txlany of them, no doubt, cast their thoughts further ahead even than that - t0 the new experiences, new responsi- bilities, new opportunities which they will encounter after they march out of high school with diplomas in their hands. 'l, ,W Ink .3 ii-J':V Row 1: G. Hunt presidcnU, Miss Levin GponsorL J. Bouyer Hicc- presidenU. Row 2: T. Griffin hno chairmanL A. Thymes QJro. chair 3 A 0 F F 10 E B S manL E. Counts Ureasurcd. . Fall Semester Ug50 3A DIVISIONS MRS. MOTEN AND ? MRS. GAY Row 1: Q. Unger, G. VViHiams, Mrs. Gay, G. Hunt wresidenU. Mrs. Moten, E. McKown. 1V1. Brown, T. Griffin. Row 2: W. Mayfield, R. Cherry, Y. Stan- ! chel. B. McCall, J. Edwards, ' L. Young. S. Grant, M. Anderson. S. Williams, C. Cunningham. L. Gusby. G. Britt. Row 3: R. Wingard, R. Mills, N. Evans, D. Hunter, C. Wilson, A. Roun- tree, R. Arnold, J. Pruitt, M. Banks, .1. Come", C. Griffin, V. Credit, H. Fomiss. 48 "V'7m - 1-mm $1l -.- . , . 3A DIVISIONS MRS. SOLOMON AND MRS. ZIMMIZRMAN Row 1: A. Wilson. CL Arrington, H. Scott, A. Solomon Ucachcrh A. H. Zimmerman UcacherL G. Huikalis, V. Ba", C. Alartin. Row 2: R. Saffnrd. B. Peace, F. Good rivly, J. Johnson, J. Hanington. D. Brown, W. Parkcr, C. Gillespie. L. Jarkson. D. Nixon. Row 3: I. Saucy, S. VVillig, R. McCain. L. Smiley, J. XVOolcy. R4 IWartin, l. Pappas, R. Jarkson, A. Griffin, 9,. Nlilrlmick 3A DIVISION MISS GROAT Row 1 : E. 31urphy. H. Brown, F. Kinard, :Wiss Grunt, p. Brunor. P4 Goodo. Row 2: E. Counls, B. Emory, R. VV h i t c s i cl c. D. Slurkly, R. Hunt, J. NOPI, V. .Ionns, F. Hazlott, C. Carter. N. Cobb, 31. Cook. 3A DIVISIONS MISS KIELY AND MISS MORAN Row 1: ,IA Rayboum. C. Blmkxw-H, M. Vz1llcr, J. Turnvr, 31iss Kivly, B, Jones. D. mecll, D Lintoln. Row 2: R. Tart. G. Pattorson, A Vushingt0n, CV Prinz l C. R04 mun, D. Keith. B. Johnson. A. Stox- NUTH. N. Vhito. Row 3: X1. Janos. A. Thymos, N. xlulnn. T. Johnson. I. Nvlson. C Brmxn. F. Danger fivltl. l. Gllflgcr, H. Hmlwrtl. Row 1: B Horton. l, Roberts, X Leak, K. anm, 1. Villa. D Ln Farlotto, 11 Slzluglm-r. I Vnmmk. H. Hnmn. C. 51mm, .1. Bouyor. 38 DIVISION MR. C, W. JOHNSON Row 1: H. Brown. J. xVoocls, B. Bynum, A. Robinson, C. John- son Ucachcd. S. Branch. 1V1. VVCH stcr, L. Broadway. Row 2: G. Bell, B. Clark E. Bishop, A. Cherry. S. Stevenson, R. Amos. E. BoHen. F. Ford, F. Burks, T. Barnett. Y. Burns. Row 3: U. Landgray. A. Butler, D. Weldy. R. Parks, James Fortenberry, P. Washington, E. Parker, W. MurH, M. Baker, C. Campbell, F. Cortez, L. Hines. 3B DIVISION MRS. QUINLAN Row 1: C. Oliver, J. Kendrick. NI. McWharter. D. McDaniel, Mrs. Quinlan, G. Gudger, L. E. Hughes, L. Kay. Row 2: A. Moore. F. Wills, E. Hubbard, C. Engelke. D. Simpson, G. Hill, D. Raymond. A. Watts, S. Sebastian, P. Ken- drick. Row 3: VV. Hutchinson, H. Petty, P. LeVeaux, W. Jones, D. Nash. F. Comprindo, E. Mc- Kinney. H. Bearden, R. Davis. D. Banks. 3B DIVISION MISS KEMP Row 1: E. Sokolowski, C. Hart, E. Shirley, D. Paige, B. Kemp, E. Wowe", B. Heindel, K. John- son. Row 2: V. Cash, D. Cole- man, C. Davis. A Curry, H. Wilder, J. Hudson, V. VViHiams. 8. Benjamin, L. Jacoby. Row 3: P. Wingard. N. Johnson. P. De- coud, H. Be", W. Evans, H. Las- siter, R. Brown, W. McGregory, A. Jones. 50 y 23 2 3 12 3B DIVISION MISS KAMPER H. Ashford, A. cheks, S. Cross. A. Stokes, B. XVright, L. Brown. 31. Sims, N. Nloorc. Row 2: P. Dunlap, E. Blartin, L. VVoods. J. Harris, E. VVc-bstor, S. Lewis. L. Anderson, J. Bratlion. Row 3: A. XVilson, C. Elders. J. Dori. O. Bunch, C. Collins, L. Rhcm, C. Lawrence, D, Androzzo, R. Pat- terson, H. Ha", K. Carringlon. D. Krchcr. 3B DIVISION MR. ZLATNIK Row 1: Z. Jackson, A. Nlathews, D. Hatcher, E. Ketchum, presi denU, Zlatnik, N. Kelly Greas- urcr A. Lindsay, B. Dailey. Row 2: 1W. Wilson, McConnc". D. Barge, D. Robinson hecrctaryl J. Brmiy, A. Class. B. Johnson, N. Johnson. Row 3: B. VVafcr. J. Grider, C. Porter, R. Bridges, G. Brooks. E. Reynolds, V. Collins. F. Hines Wico-presidcnU. A. A'- dridge, G. Banks. 33 DIVISION MISS BERNSTEIN Row 1: L. Jones, J. Harvey. S. Sin"- worth, P Bernstein, 31. 3Iims. XV. Simon. Row 2: J. :W'IHS. B. Travis, V. Reed, J. Poslnn, V. Dixon. K. Duhosc, B. Vils0n. Row 3: H. Askins, 1. Spills. D. :Wincr. H. Johnson, L. Denis. A. Kurlh, 51. Smith, C. Smlt, A. Northrip. 3B DIVISION MRS. HARRIS Row 1: E. Dinahunty, A. Collins, A. Brooks, R Brown, 1V1. Armstrong, J. Vasscr, L. Cummings, B. Jarrett. Row 2: E. Dumas, E. Howc", P. Branch, N. Ogletrea. 1V1. Hawk- ins, B. Bailey, H Cobbs, J. Hy- smitt, F. Ellison. N. Rodgers. N. Foster, 1V1. L. Drake, NI. J. Wil- liams, VV. J. Harris. 38 DIVISION MRS. GREER Row 1: M. Walker, J. Moore, D. Westwater, D. Whalen. 1Vlrs. Greer, S. Morgan, S. Fanos, B. Haney. Row 2: V. McKeller, M. Woods, G. Merritt, D. Threet. S. Pamon, M. Outlaw, S. Payne. B. Sanders, P. Ellis, J. Grinnage, S. Walton. Row 3: G. Ellison. J. Iverson, J. Carter, K. Scarborough, J. Scott. R. Beardson, J. Crawford. F. Bates. I teaches - Mr, W - 3B DIVISION . , . . Mn: 7. MRS. CURRIN . -. . . aw..- Row 1: R. Chambers, D. Hughes. - L '. . , ' , . aUA J: '. A. Adams, lVlrs Currin, E. Law- . .: -, 'I .- in IR!" . rence. B. Little, 1V1. Mayfield, I , .. ' $V$ '- ', . ' ' . tlTWl G. Hurley. Row 2: C. Dotson. L. ' ' - , ' , dl H . B. Williams, E. Lee, J. Kirby, B. Bates, P. Johnson, A. Rodgers. E. Hollis, M. Abernathy, C. Yar- brough, E. Keeling, R. Pittman. Row 3: S. Martinez, D. Streeter, P. Be", NI. Mason. C. Chears, J. Brown, E. Alexander, V. Bacon, J. Beckaire, A. White, C. Jackson, C. Wesley. SENIORS Soon Will Be Saying 11Good-by, Dear Old Englewood, GooJ-by.,, Theyln say this with mixed feelings. They,11 be happy and they,11 be sad at the same time. At Eng1ewood they wi11 1eave behind four of the most meaningfuI years 01: their 1ives. Those years wiH a1ways remain part 01C Eng1ewood; and Eng1ewood, on the other hand, wi11 a1ways be identified with them. The satiness the gratiuates wi11 fee1 wi11 he like the sac1ness of a sad, sweet song. Their happiness wi11 he Vibrant with the eX- citement of youth starting up a new road, with many uneprorec1 turns and twists, Iead- ing beyond the horizon to a great new Cha1- 1enge and great new opportunities, to both anticipated and unanticipated possihiIities. 1V1rs. Ree1, as heat1 01C the 4A Han for the C1ass which graduated in January, 1952, did 6111 she could to make the members of that group aware of the meaning of all this. 1V1r. Atkinson, Miss Johnson, Vliss Rooney, Miss Weisman, and Miss White, as 4A divi- sion teachers t1uring the 1951 F311 Semester, contributed their share 01: counseI anc1 guid- ance toward the same enc1. Likewise, in the Spring Semester of 1952, Miss De Haan, as the head of the 4A Hall, is, at every opportunity, impressing upon the boys and gir15 who are to graduate in June of this year the 11111 meaning of that great event in their 1ives. The 4A division By C. W. Johnson teachers e Mrs. Stephenson, Mrs. Jennings, Mr. Wolfrum, Miss Duhherka, Mrs. Storer, Miss Zander, 1V1rs. Foster, and Miss Math- auser Fa are giving more inclivitiualized advice and guidance to the candidates for dipIomas in their respective divisions. Anti it is wen A SOURCE OF COURAGE that they are for G Day wiH soon be here. This year. as every year, the boys and girIS who graduate from EngIewood carry with them the traditionaI spirit of our great school. hlay it he a source of courage to them in moments of r1ouht and Jfrustration. May it ever he1p them live up to the hest in themselves. Favorilo Aorul View of ENGLEWUUIJ V, WW : x A; ;7I :vx 2:;QXVV I WW W i , w, , Z I$MXW 42 W r W Zak $ ' I 7 WW . Twp; , , 1; m . ,f z 7 my ' ,,, ? WVAV . 7M 7, , ' WWAVQAWAV 3th V w Kimvzw zyk x NKVA x 3 W 04$ 4 Av t a Q xxx $VV1Q xxx? x $9ka 5 9x g w A Axxmwmvww 4A OFFICERS 0:31" Somostor, IQSU 1W. Gillian hnogram chairmanL Mrs. R001 Gponsorl L. Gamble bcrrctaryf Row 2: B. Burrell UroasurcrL J. IVICIntosll Hicc- prosidcnU. R. Rountrcc presidonU. 4B OFFICERS 0:51" Semester. 195D Row 1: L. Field, E. Reid. Row 2: D. Harris, F. IWay. B. X'ard. 4A ADVISORY COUNCIL UTHH Smncstor. 193M Row 1: Klrs. Rcol hponsod, James Campbell prosicI0nU. Louise Klaub. Row 7 h: Shirley Barnes. Barbara Nagol, Lvroy Vorbio XValson. Pyliurn, ADVISORY CUIVNCIL 18 UTAH Smmwlwr. HRH Row 1: If thl, Y.Nlll 1ll 1X DrHuun. Row 2: RI. Cunt. B. Smilll. A. Hurt. C. Vilsun B. Duty. Ianuary,1952 Grildui'w CARLHJYN ELAINE BAKER GA.A. Junior Clerk Rogislored Nurse EST! IER MARIE BAKER Orators, G.A.A. Niodisle HERMAN J . BANKS Criminal Lawyer SHIRLEY ARLENE BARNES Forum, Red Cross OM N'aid with Money WILLIAM MacLEOD BARKELL Baseball Team. Student Council Credit to My Family RICHARD G. BATTLES Motion Picture Club, Purple and VVlu'te Staff Teacher WILLIAM R. BERRYMAN ZWan of Distinction JOYCE A. BLACKBURN G.A.A., Orators Physical Ed Teacher ANNE JOAN BLIER National Honor Society, Commercial Club Stenographer BRYBENA BRADLEY G.A.A., Orators C PA. MARVIN L. BRIDGES Lawyer FRED BROITMAN Forum sVice-Presidenw, Orators A Success in the Business VVorla' 56 - ., .-;V .z- sww.wb- V Jaws. m. s.sww; - v-u u..um- 952 Graduates ALBER'I' TERRY BROWN A Success in Anything I Undertake ROBE QT IX5NALD BROWN Forum, Orators Ujresidenw Laugvcr HESTER YVONNE BRUTON G.A.A., Oralors Successful Commercial Arlist ELIZABETH ANNE BURRELL National Honor Society, Senior Class Treasurer Ficdical Technician, RALPH THEODORE BUTLER Football. Basketball High School Football Coach NVILLIAIVI BYNUM .- ulcsm-uu-m-vu'. r --W .t- w. - u 5 3 JAMES ANSLEM CAMPBELL Football, Baseball Lawyer KENNETH JORDAN CARR Pan American goricly Vircupmtklcnt glmlcml Council FIIOInisf 1.... .unwbv't" 2;. . '1 :v..:.v w zyr l OBIiRTA LORRAINE CASH C X. Slmlcnt Council A SUCCGSS in Life I-fH HiL CMSTER , rlxw'rlvmlcr M wC:1pl;1iI1 f NHIHI'S To Nu SHIIIWIIHIIIH '1;I'llI Vl1ilr? XLBIjiRT FIMUD Urnlmrs Sunwws ill . Mlylllmgd FHJMIHQP HITHY H N 'Ni IMVIF I'ulHl' C7X January, 1952"; SELBY MARION DAVIS Football, Forum Have a Successful Career THERESSA JEAN DAVIS z Dramatic Club. G.A.A. A SllFCCSSfUl Business V'Voman W V j' z ' . JACQUELINE MARIAN DAY f' Spanish Club, Gym Secretary r', School Teacher I JAMES BOBBY DOSS Become, Successful blusician 1MP SYLVESTER JOHN ERMON 7-. Be an Architect , j; , JANICE RAE ETHERIDGE G.A.A,, Honor Society Pledical Afissionary DOLORES EVANS Orators Club, Junior Red Cross Please 51y Mother HARRY ARTHUR FAGIN ROTC. Band Leader EDREAM FIELDER Orators Club, Aviation Club To Be a Typist RONALD AARON FINKLE Forum, Orators Club .Major in Political Science DANIEL PATRICK FINNEGAN ZWalee lVIy Parents Proud of Me JOANN STEWART FITZGERALD Spanish Club, Student Council To Be a Foreign Language Teacher 1952 ; Graduates ,. . LORRAINE FOSTER G A A. Gym Secretary Typist LEADORA ELLEN GAMBLE Secretary of 4A Hall, 500 Club A Gym Teacher MARTHA LEE GILLIAM Forum aireasurea Senior Class Program SChairmam To Accomplish the Best Things in Life ROSETTA GOODEN Cheer Leatier, Junior Red Cross Home Economics Teacher EVELYN MARIE GRANT GHANA Aviation Club To Be a Success in Any- thing I Undertake PATRICIA NINA GRAY National Honor Society, Cheer Leader To Be a Teacher JOHN DONALD GREEN R.O.T.C., Student Council Aviation Club Pjusician GLADYCE GREENE G.A.A., Spanish Club Credit to the Human Race Baseball Team ESTELLA ALLEAN GULLATT Fai Committee, Aviation Club TGGCIIGT' A111 r50 Be a Success in Anything I Undertake DONALD WILBUR GREENE JOSEPH H. GREGORY Linotype Operalor BLANCHE DOLORES HALL Slmlent Council, Orators ,, il lanuary, 1952 T WWI"! EDWARD MILTON IIAMBRIC : Basketball, Slmlcnl, Cmmril I An, Honor Io Aly Family I LORRAINE MALVINA IAIANSEN A CAHA Junior Clerk Typisl s Isl J A WILLIAM JA HARDHN x Football Team, Baseball Team 1 u Professional Foolball Slur ; DEVOY EDWIN HARRIS Aviation Club, ITA. Civirs TOUCIICF MICHAEL INGRAM I HiRCULES HWA'; R.O.T.CH RN10 Team 1!. Army Officer CIWIRIS'IAINIAZ ELIZABETH HEREFORD Gym Lemlcr, GAA. A SUCCCSS MARY J . HERNANDEZ GAA. Secretary ROSE FRANCES HERVEY Aviation Club, GAA. Singer CRAIG HOLMES Basketball Lawyer DELORES DIANN HUDSON G.A.A.. Future Teachers of America Home Economist MARGARET PEARL HUNTER m JOHN INGRAM , A ' W Basketball Team, Orators A A ' A - A V A To Plaster in Political Science Graduates MOLLISON ING 2AM Basketball, Football LU wyer AUGUSTA SANDRA IVORY Purple and Vl1ile, GAHA Physiotherapist BETTY V IRGINIA JACKSON Student Council, Orators Dress Designer GVVENDOLYN THELMA JACKSON Junior Clerk, Aviation Club Commercial Law Teacher HENRY L. JACKSON Basketball. blovie Club Radio Technician WALTER LEONARD JACKSON Cross Country Team Arlisl HELEN LOUISE JOHNSON Junior Clerk, G.A.A. Stenographer JOAN D. JOHNSON GAA. bccrclary JULIUS ROBERT J01 INSON Urators UJrcsidenU, Englcmmd Haycrs lourualist MELVIN Lrw IONT JO! INSON BachlbaH Crooner ET! IEL CLATIE K MVES UraLors Club, Careers Nurse IIXZEL ,K WES GAHX. D u Hr" lrlry January, 1952 FREDERIC WINSTON JOSEPH I Basketball Team, Band Pharmacist LOUISE GERTRUDE KLAUB Advisory Council, G.A.A. Social VVorlzcr RONALD A. KNOX Student Council, Aviation Club f! , Interior Decorator WILLIAM A. KOEN French Club, Orators Business ZWan FLORENCE D. LAVERNE "V,- . GAA. s Purple and White Uiditorial Assistants V. Secretary ROBERT HENRY LAWRENCE, JR. Track Team, Points Committee Be Useful to M'ankincl CAROLYN J. LENARTZ Fai C0m., G.A.A. Success in My Undertakings ELLlS LEONARD Orators Success JEAN DIANNE LEWIS GAA. Stenographer LAWRENCE LEWIS Football Team Gym Teacher JERROLD LESLIE LIBES Orators, Library Club Succeed in Future Undertakings WARREN FRED LINKE Movie Club, Fire Marshall Physician , ,2,--; '.4-;. risk .4:3-1w'QTL?.MWJnthVJie 1.W$ , . Graduates lSHMAEL B. MADISON Competition Team R.O.T.C. Lawyer J IMMY MATTHEWS Swimming Team Physician CLARK GABRIEL McCARRELL Football Team, RiHe rTeam Musician MILDRED MARY McGINNIS Forum, ETA. Make 1W3: Mother Proud of Me JUNE LORETTA McINTOSH Forum PresidentL National Honor Society 310th Teacher CARLOS McKlNNEY Track Football Make 1W3? Parents Proud JESSE ANDREW McLENDON Swimming Team Be Successful ANNETTE VETA MEANS G.A.A., Purple and VVhite AgenD Secretary FLORENCE LOUISE MELCHERT Gym Secretary, Aviation Club Secretary OLGA MICHALCHIK Forum, Student Swim Teacher To bucceecl ROSCOE MITCHELL Forum, Sergeant-at-Arms, Orators To Become Rich and Famous GERALD NORMAN MOGIL Pan American Society, Honor Society Dentist ., ml January, 1952 brat" . RAYMOND STEPHEN MOORE IJFO. B05650" Player DORIS ENIVAH MORGAN Gym Secretary, GAHA Secretary ELISABETH MORRISON . M ' 1' 500 Club, Letter Girl 1., Teacher EDNA MAE MURPHY Orators, G.A.A. Social VVorlzcr BARBARA JEAN NAGEL m a; National Honor Society, Letter Girl If Physical Education Teacher KATHLEEN IRENE OLDENSTEDT Orators Club, G.AA. To M'alze 34y Parents Proud CAROLYN ANN OLlVER Spanish Club, G.A.A. To Be the Young Lady M'y Parents W ould Have Me To Be ROOSEVELT CLINTON PASCHAL Aviation Club To Have 51y Name Among the Greats JOAN MARIE PAYNE Forum Secretary, Executive Council To Strive for the Betler Things of Life LULA PAYTON GAA. To Become a Secretary HATTIE MAE PHILLIPS G.A.A., Junior Clerk Registered Nurse WINIFRED ELEANOR PHILLIPS G.A.A., 500 Club, Forum To Become Educated 952 Graduates GWENDOLYN PITTMAN Office Practice GJXA. Secretary RICHARD D. POSEY Orators Analylical Chemist DONALD L. PYBURN Track, Advisory Council To Uphold Righteousness JESSICA DIANE REED Junior Clerk, G.A.A. To Be a Success in XVhateUerl Undertake DON RICHARD Track Captainf Forum To Be an OulsMncling Trackman LESLIE RIDDICK Baseball Team Football Team AlHelic Director DEBORAH B. ROBINSON Orators, G.A.A. Nice Young Lady 51y Parents XVant GERALD ROBINSON TO Gmrluulc lerHl College FRANCES LANELLE RUDXVELL GAA., Red Cmss Sccrelary JXRLIfNE RUSS Nullunal Hnnur Swioly Spanull Club :1 1'C;1rlr:11tl Tmrjlmr IN! IN lflfMX'ARD R099 RMSCIMH. Bd$LVlIJFlH Civil Engineer RICI IXRD H RVIN W HYNTREE I' rimllmIl. BFIMFLMH AWru'IiCivm Ianuary, 1952 Gri'dw ANDREW PETER SARRAS National Honor Society, Baseball l' Success in My Future Life BERTHA MAYE SEAY Gym Secretary, G.A.A. Elementary Teacher FAYE YVONNE SHELLEY Junior Clerk, Gym Secretary NV Lawyer MARTIN R. SILAS Football, Student Council Rancher DOLORES SYLVIA SIMPSON ' Fai Com., Orators H . V .! Make My Parents Proud JEAN BESSIE SMITH G.A.A., Orators Typist JULIAN SMITH Physical Education Teacher ANNA SOUTHERN G.A.A., French Club To Be a Success ROBERT DONALD STRICKLAND Basketball Team, Orators Highest Honor I Can Attain KATHLEEN ELIZABETH SYLVA G.A.A. VVave JOAN IRIS THOMPSON Orators, G.A.A. Secretary WILLIAM EDMUND TRIMBLE Swimming Team Financier , fit 9 L, '5; -'-::'- x- - ;a ysum!.v.m:ugekv ':. Graduates RALPH IRVING TURNER RiHe Team, Orators Lawyer ALFRED JACKSON TYLER Movie Club, Track ZVIagazine Illustrator LUCILLE JEAN VACCO Commercial Club, National Honor Society Secretary GERALDINE ANN VAN DE KREKE National Honor Society, Letter Girl Physical Education Teacher CLARENCE EARL WALLER Commercial Artist and Cartoonist V ERBIE ALICIA WATSON Forum, Advisory Council Typist LA NITA ARLINE XVEBB Orators, G.A.A. Leader Concert Singer IVON EVELYN WHITLEY Publicity Committee, Red Cross Laboratory Assistant FRANCES ELIZABETH WILLIAMS Forum, Aviation Club Elementary School Teacher GLORIA A. WILLIAMS Gym Secretary, Junior Clerk Success GLORIA EDITH WILLIAMS Forum; G.A.A. Social XVorlzer xxx u-qn 1-? , . GXVENDOLYN YVONNE XVILLIAMS Forum, Gym Secretary Please :Vy Parents ' --- .3. .N--AA . a lanuary,1952 ? bmtlll JAMES BRENT WILLIAMS 111 Student Council, Orators Credit to My Parents JEAN VIRGINIA WILLIAMS Cheerleader, Student Swim Teacher Elementary School Teacher REBIE JO WILLIAMS Forum, Junior Red Cross Teacher ROSE MARY WILLIAMS G.A.A., Orators Typist GLADYS MARIE WOODEN V GAA. Elementary School Teacher ' DELOIS PATRICIA YOUNG Forum, Girls, Choir Succeed in Anything I Undertake lune, 1952 Graduates DORIS ABNER Purple and V'Vhite, Publicity Committee Lawyer RONALD CORTEZ ADAMS Football Team, Basketball Team Aeronautical Engineer WILLIAM TYLER ALLEN M'usician MARION LaVERNE AVENT Student Council, G.A.A. Interior Decorator MARIE JOYCE ANDERSON GAA. To Be Successful JEAN AYERS GAA. Biologist Graduates CURTIS D. AUSTIN Lawyer WILLIAM HOVJARD AYERS Junior Red Cross Civil Engineer SHIRLEY JEAN BALZER Letter Girl Club, Orators Professional Ball Player EARL JULIO BARNES RiHe Team Lawyer u. .84.- W$W4Aind A . HELEN JOYCE BAKER G.A.A., Gym Secretary Nurse JULIETTE E. BEACHAM Gym Secretary, Spanish Club IWake the Best Out of Life HORACE G. BENFORD Football, Baseball Auto Mechanic ELEAHUE BERRY Basketball Physical Ed. Instructor MARGARET LOUISE BLACK Secretary VADA LIGION BLOUNT GAA. Dancing Teacher MARION E. BOLIN Student Council, PTA. Club High School Teacher 1...".1 QUEEN ESTHER BONDS GAA. bloke 51y Alolhcr Proud ' :23. ,..,. -:r,::;'.4t: JOAN L. BOSSlEUX GAA. Sociologist June, 1952 3 Gri'm'" DONALD BOTTOMS O Football Successful L ALFREDA ARLEN E BOUYER Pediatrician JOAN BOXNMAN F.T.A., GAA. ; Successful in Fly Undertakings , . V JAMES CHARLES BRADFORD l ' .I Basketball .3 Bookkeeper ROY ROBERT BRELSFORD Draftsman SYLVIA BRIDGES GAA. To Be a SUCCGSS OTHA MAE BROWN Gym Secretary, G.A.A. TO Be a SUCCQSS DONALD LOUIS BURNAUGH To Be a Success in College DOROTHY E. BURAUER GAA. To Be a SUCCGSS EVELYN BURKS GAA. Stenographer ROBERT CAINES Basketball Team. To Be a Success in Life Graduates GUY J. CALMBACHER To Travel the Americas DOROTHY LOUISE CAMPBELL GAA. Slenographer ERNEST CANNON To Be a Aledical Stenographer ROBERT CARROLL Track Team To Be a Truck Driver .mdxs wgyVJna..J V CHARLES FRANK CARTER To Be 0 Baseball Player MELINDA CARTER GAA. To Be a Credit to 3132 Family RONIE MAE CARTER History Forum, G.A.A. Public Accountant RICHARD CIRCO Biological Chemist PEGGY JEAN CLARK Cheer Leader, GAA. TO Be 0. SUCCGSS ISAAC SHEPHER COLEMAN Chemical Technician JEANETTE DOLORA COLEMAN GAA. To Be a Registered Nurse ROBERT COLLINS Physician lune, 1,952 a Uri'd'ml BARBARA LEATRICE CK WNER s GAA. Registered Nurse 1 RUBY CORDELL s G.A.A., Spanish Club t TO BC U Stenographer 1NEZ CRAlG G.A.A., Honor Society TO B9 C1 SUCCCSS RlCHARD ALAN CROWTHER . To Be an Architect 3 WILLIE JEAN CRUSOE GMAA Junior Clerk A Success in Business WATSON THOMAS CURRY Frcnrh Club, ROTC. Store, Detective I ALICE ANN DAVENPORT Englewood Players, Student Council Creative Artist CARL F. DANCA Biechanic DONALD LEE DAVIS Business Plan ROSE MAE DAVIS Registeresl Nurse BARBARA JEAN DAWSON GAA. Kindergarten Teacher CONSUELLA L. DEAN GAA. Household Art Teacher Graduates AMON A. DIGGS Epsilon Sigma Epsilon, Student Council Physician JOAN BLONDELL DOSS G.A.A., ETA. Teacher BARBARA JEAN DOTY GAA. Explore M'athematics Field BETTY JEAN DOTY Advisory Committee, Forum Undertake a Business Career Is,t,pgw9.wewr A . BERNICE DUNN GAA. Designer LORETTA JULIA EBNER G.A.A., Student Council A Success GEVEVA V. EDGE GAA. Be a Success to My Parents LEVOLIA ELLENS Movie Club, Track Social Worker GERLEAN ELLIS G.A.A., Gym Secretary Beautician BOBBIE FERGUSON GAA. A SUCCGSS LUCILLE D. FIELD National Honor Society Vice-President of June Class Make ZVIy Parents Proud CHARLES EDWARD FINCH Student Council, Football Successful Business Plan lune, JOSEPHINE FORD GAA. Become a Civil Service VVorleer DONALD E. FOULKES Football, Basketball TO Be Successful in Life ELIZABETH FULLER GAA. Nurse BAXTER G. GAMBLE Student Council To Become a Printer MAGGIE JOY GANT Student Council, Advisory Council Pianist SHIRLEY GARCIA Spanish Club, GAHA AIUFSG BARBARA NAOMI GARNER G.A.A., Aviation Club To Be Professional F'Ioclel BARBARA JEAN GlBSON 500 Club, Spanish Club Social XVorleer CORNELlUS P. GILLIE Basketball Certified Public Accountant EVELYN GLASPER GAA. A Success in Anything I Undertake EMILY ALEECE GOULD G.A.A., Junior Clerk A Success in Anything I Undertake DELOIS A. GRANT G.A.A., Forum Slenographer I952 ? Graduates JOYCE ANNE GREEN Aviation Club, G.AX Physical Therapist A :w-. . F QANK XVARREN GROSS Bookkeeper 3 XVARREN GRUZINSKY fqusician ALICE LA FLORA GUIDER Junior Rod Cmss Privalc bccrclary ALFONSO M. GXVIN . Baseball Squad Track Team Physician ORA LEE HALE Nurse ERNESTINE EMMA HALL Girls, Basketball Team, Gym Leader Physical Ed. Teacher VENUREA HALL Forum. Junior Clerk Physical Etl. Teacher ELSIE SHIRLEY IWIAIVIILTON Forum, E.SE. bjutemily Nurse ELIZABETH MAE HANCOX Pan American Club, GJXA. bpanisl'z zhncrirun bccrclury ; ,,,W W W WW W WW , VWW; SANDRA R. HANDY G.A.A., Junior Clerk Novelist 90 Jim W 91,; , 4? I WW i 0 9; W 0; $9-522201 YVONNE TQNIAS HAR QINGTON Emlcanod Players National Honor Smtugly Tu SlluIv blalivinc WWWW W W '1;wa , A . ;- mm W$$ Iune,1952 Cl IARLENE HARRIS GAA. Typist DELORES DSLRIO HARRIS FOTLUU, E..S.E Singer DONALD HARRIS Forum, E.S.E. Physician BARBARA JEAN HAWKS GAA. NLH'SG BARBARA TONI HOWARD Girls, Basketball Team, Spanish Club Make My Parenls Proud MARY JEAN HEAD GAA. Trained Nurse BERNADINE V. HEINS G.A.A., Forum To Succeed in Any- thing I N'ay Undertake SHIRLEY ANN HENDERSON G.A.A., Girls, Chorus To Become a Stenographer JOSEPHINE HENDRICKS GAA. Commercial Law Teacher SHIRLEY JEAN HENDRlX G.A.A., Aviation Club To Be Successful KARL HOUSTON HENRY To Be Successful MABLE L. HILL Englewood Players, G.A.A. Stenographer .4 . ,.. . ,. ,. , .; ,1 , 3. .-, .' A mm Graduates f LEW HODGKIN 9 French Club, Student Council To Be a XVGH Street Tycoon p.- CO CH NJ n. JAMES PERCY HOOD Clean-Up Committee, Nlusic Committee Real Estate Broker EDMOND LUTHER HUBBARD Basketball Team, Baseball Team Succeed in Life GERTRUDE I. HUCLE Gym Secretary, Junior Clerk i To Flake Fly Flother Proud EDWARD EUGENE HUMES Baseball Team, Basketball Team Architect WILLIAM WOODBURY HUNT Basketball Team, Student Council Physician ARLYN HURT Forum, Advisory Council, Llunior Red Cross To Be Successful in Anylllingl Undertake THEODORE INGERSOLL Dentist ARLINE MARY JACKSON Aviation Club, Cheerleader, Secretary DONALD BERNARD JACKSON Denial Technician EDDIE H. JACKSON Forum, G.A.A. To Succeed in Anylhing 131037 Umlerlalqe LANITA ALVA JAMES Cheerleader, G.A.A. Inlorior Dccomlor W2 , M WW v4 . mut-xagixlsu m1 . . -. - . '1 ' n9 ' . '- ' , 7-:vwavu. . 7 74- .. - . w 1 4 . H Ww. Ay.;vu:... .V , .'- w. , lune BEATRICE DOROTHY JOHNSON GAA. TO Be a Good Secretary NORVELLE ANN JOHNSON Student Council, G.A.A. Laboratory Technician BARBARA ANN JONES G.,A.A., French Club Instructor in Nursing CAROL ANN JONES National Honor Society PresidenH Englewood Players Novelist ANNA JORDAN GAA. Physical Ed. Teacher NORMAN KALOVSKY Professional Athlete JANICE ROSELYN KARSHEN National Honor Society, Forum Hyresidenw Secretary EARL. KETCHUM Pharmacist ZENOLA MELVANIA KEYS G.A.A., Forum Successful Model JUNE TERESA KIRKWOOD Aviation Club, GHAA. Swim Success in Everything I Undertake ELEANOR KNOX Spanish Club, Purple and VVHite Interior Decorator JACKIE KRANTZ Aviation Club, Gym Secretary To Alake IWy Pfother Proud of MIC 195; Graduates HARRIET KUIWVAS CAA. bccrclury VVlLLIANTINE LACY Surrossful in Business DENIS RAY LA FARLETTF. KIM'ie Club. Hmmr Society HJresidenH Explosive Chemist I JOSEPH AMEDEE LAVIZZO Have 1110 5105i Enjoyment in Life EDDRICF LOUISE LEE Orators Singer .IEIU'LVE LEE Lawyer CAROLE JANICE LEXVIS Purple and VVhile Stag, Aviation Club Kindergarten Teacher BURNETT LEVWS Football, HQuartcrbacH, Basketball K3uach Brick Layer HOWARD LEXNIS Football Team HilamJacH Basketball Team UTorwach Carpenler PIVIYLL'IS GAIL LEXNIS Englewood Players Socioltmisl BARBARA JEANNETTE ,LIPSCOMB GICC Club 11I CElSUFCIq Forum Kindergarlen Teacher FTI IEL B. LLOYD Glee Club, CJNA. Dress Designer 79 ARTHUR F. LOGAN Football Team GuaKU Orators, Club Ujresidenw Radio and Television Technician IONA MacMILLER Undecided JAMES A. MARSHALL Football Team Ha1fbaCM X Ray Technician LORENZO ELMER MARTlN Track Team and cross Country French Club CPA. PHEONA R. MARTIN Girls, Chorus, Locker Guard Popular Singer FELTON EDWIN MAY Student Council Uzicc-Presidenw Dramatic Club Stage Manager Teacher AUDRY YVONNE MILLER G.A.A. Library Club Occupational Therapist VELMA MILLER GAA. Fashion Floclel VIRGINIA MILLS GWAHA Gym Secretary TO Become C1 SUCCOSS FREDERICK DELBERT MILLSAPS Agricultural Engineer FAITH CAROL MORGAN G.A.A., Library Assistant Social XVorker SHIRLEY MORGAN G.A.A., Gym Secretary Typist , '95'2 Graduates DORIS MORRISON GAA. :Vusic Teacher LOIS MARCFLLA MOSLEY Student COUDCiL G.A.A. AHain a Alaslerk Degree in History ARCHIE JOHN NOTLEY Spun: Reporler JAMES ALBERT NOTLEY Lawyer MARY PATSY MURPHY GILXJX Be a Sucross in Any FicH CHRISTINE MUSE G.A.A. WKdvanccd Basketbalh, Forum National Honor Society A N'alh Teacher SHARON JEAN MYLES Forum Be Successful HENRY SLATER McCANN, JR. Printer LARRY E. McCARTIh Baseball TO Be 0 Popular SLLCCCSS HERBERT XVYLLS NCCLENDON JDJachl'lmH Team Ratho Turfmician VVAI HER FXDNALD h It'FAU 4 AJx'isnry Council thaim'lmH Clicmisl lh'YHUClA 1W Cl NTER ljnrmn CHIS, Chorus 90cm! 211 401' lune, MILDRED ELOISE McKOWN Gym Secretary, G.A.A. To Be Successful Throughout Life JERRY CHARLES NEELY Student Council Vocalist ELVIRA A. M. NOEL GAA. Seamstress ANITA MARIA OFFICER Cheerleader, Dramatic Club Make My Parents Proud ELAINE OWENS G.A.A. Stenographer ETHEL JEAN PALMER GAA, GAA. Basketball Registered Nurse RALPH PARR Architect ELEANOR PENSON Girls, Chorus, G.A.A. Registered Nurse ELIZABETH JANE PERRY Epsilon Sigma Epsilon, Library Club To Be Successful GARNER PLEASANT French Club, Forum Public Accountant LORETTA NETTIE POMPEY F.T.A., French Club Vice-PresidenU Teacher BERNARD DUDLEY PORTER Basketball thtainL Baseball Physical Education Teacher -, mit'txjwmzxw-L wung-gag. -4. . . hmqux..; a Graduates IREENE PORTER G.A.A. Social XVorker BEULAH MAE POWELL Seamstress MOLUE ANN POWELL G.A.A., Forum Stenographer BEVERLY JEAN PROCTOR G A A T6 Mahle 1W3; Mother Happy BEVERLY REDICT Latin Club, Locker Guard Registered Nurse RUTH JOAN RECORD F.T.A., G.A.A.' Teacher ELLIS EDMUND REID Track Team, National Honor Society Preskient of June Class To Be a Success in 1W3: Undertakings in Life STANLEY ROBINSON Basketball Team, Track Team A Business Man FRANCES JUANITA ROE G.A.A. To Be a Laboratory Technician RUTH CHINN SAMPSON G.A.A. To Be a SUCCCSS EARLIN E SANFORD GA A To Be Cl SUCCGSS THOMAS AGRIPPA SCOTT Baseball Team, Forum A l l omcy June, 1952 GNHIM WILLA MAE SCOTT G.A.A. To Be Successful in Anything I Attempt HERBERT BERNARD SEALS To Become a Success in ZWusic GERALD ANTHONY SEBASTIAN R.O.T.C. UDrum SgtJ To Become a VVealthy Business Man ANNA LORRAINE SHADD GAA. Stenographer ADRlENNE SHIELDS PW. Staff, G.A.A., Girls, Chorus Pianist Concert Pianist CAngEAGERTRUDE SIMPKINS Tc; Go Cut into the Business VVorld ROBERT GERALD SKORODlNSKY Aeronautical Engineer ROBERT E. SMITH Aclvisory Council, Football Team, Track Team Chemist SCOTT BEN SMITH Forum, ROTC. To Play Big Ten Football JEANETTE SOWELL GAA. Plath Teacher ROSEMARY SPOTSER FMTA Aviation Club To Excel in the Field of Education PEARLENE ELANE STEED GAA. A Famous Dress Designer , ., L. ,. s 'h', . ' . " ,w-', v, .' m.: R , . , s W; imxtr LZ'-;1Vbdul.;1z.x:.u $.x-sma..4m.v:rp;n---s . s L L'. - V . 13......56... -WWMMK....--.h-au..zr.n..umzma 4 -vm. 1952 Graduates MAXINE STRINGER G.A.A., Future Teachers of America Elementary School Teacher WILBURT MAURICE SUMMERS Track Team, Forum Doctor JESSE C. TARRANT History Teacher CHRISTINE LAVATA THOMAS Junior Clerk, G.A.A. Typisl . ,: $5.: ngqmnd-y ' P '- v LOIS JEAN THOMAS GAA. To Be Successful in Business TOUSSAINT G. TOOLE Track, Student Council Physician FERN E. TRENT G.A.A., Advancecl Basketball To Succeed in All My Undertakings JEREATHA TURNER Junior Clerk Dressmaker RICHARD TYLER Track Team, ESE. Physicist CLAUDIA MARIE TYNER GAA. Physician ROBERTA JANE VALENTINE G.A.A., Latin Club Psychiatrist SANDRA WAKEFIELD CheerleaJer, FOFUITI AIUT'SG Iune,1952 ALLEN R. WALKER Movie Club A Successful Pharmacist ROBERT WALKER Football, Spanish Club Phchanical Engineer BARBARA M. WARD Student Council, ESE. Surpass My Father 5 Expectations EDDIE WARD Band A SUCCGSS ALFREDA MARIA WASHINGTON Junior Clerk, GJXA. 0159a: Clerk BARBARA JEAN WASHINGTON G.A.A. A SUCCOSSfUl Stenographer MELVA WASHINGTON G.A.A. Foreign blissionary CYNTHIA LOUISE WATKISS Purple and VVhite Stag, Aviation Club Business Manager BEVERLY WELSH Student Council, G.A.A. To Be Successful THEODORE DANCLIEL WEST Butcher VIOLET MARGARET WESTIN Stmlent Council spresidenw, National Honor Society Nlake ZWy Nlother Proud of Me JEWEL AURELIA WHALEN Future Teachers of America, G. A. A. Kindergarten Teacher Graduates LEONARD JOSEPH XVHITE A Success in Anything I Unt'lcrlalce CI MRONLEE XVHITTED Cheerleader. Student Council To Be Salncllling and Think rm Nolhing DORIS XVILDER GAA. Slenography ALVIN ROBERT XVILLIAMS Rifle Team A Priest BENNY XVILLIAMS BaRLCllmH X Sucross in Any Finlr'l TX ADM D XVILLIAMS Barber JEAN XVILLIAMS Englewood Players, Library Clerk Librarian in 0 Grammar School CORDFHA XVHSON G.A.A.. AJvisory Committee Biologist SADIE LUCILLE WILSON anm, G.A.A. BachllmH Team A Successful Teacher DANIEL XVINFIELD lelmn Team Brick XWHSOH NORMAN FLAVFON VRICIIT PII'VSU'U, liluculion flukudzvr ROSXHCH VRlCl IT 3UH Club, Slutlan 9 Hm melwr Aluku 31v Purouls PmuJ - 7 7 w-V A, 1952 Graduates January 11nd June, JOHN N. BROWN BasLel1m11 Success in 11132 Undertakings JANUARY, 1952 GRADUATES WITHOUT PICTURES LAURA MAE ANDREWS ROBERT BROMLEY G.A.A. F00t13a11 Team Trained Nurse To Be Rich NAOMI B. ARMSTRONG FRED JONES CLARENCE W. CRAWFORD Be Successful Footban, Track Athletic Instructor Printer WAYNE XVINCIiIEL JUNE, 1952 GRADUATES WITHOUT PICTURES ALPHONSO B. DAVIS CLAUDE C. MADDOX 1V1usician 1170.1 C. Junior C1er1c ROBERT MAYBERRY 11 orl 1 5 Best A111sician Physician JOH N CROSBY MORRI ISON THEODORE ST. JAMES PWMW Basketban Team, FRANK SPR1NGS Red Cross ROTC. A History Teacher AIUSI'CIYUI CUNTENTS--TEXT AND PHOTOS Page Page Administrative Stag .......................................... 10-13 Honor Societies .................................................. 20-21 Art Workshop .......................................................... 36 January Grads Luncheon .................................... 22 At111etics .............................................................. 39 Junior Red Cross .................................................. 3O BasebaH ........................................................ 44 15161110116110 Show .................................................. 18 Basketban .................................................. 42-43 1Wat1lematics C1asses ............................................ 9 FootbaH ...................................................... 39-41 Opera at 111111 House ........................................ 16-17 Track .......................................................... 42-43 Princ1pa1 V 15115 1X1ain Pump Room .................... 8 Band .................................................................... 35 Purple am, XV 11in? Stag ........................................ 32 Cheer Lea11ers .................................................... 41. 45 1x. 0. T. C ............................................................ 37- 38 Chicago Symphony Quintet ................................ 18 Schoo1 Dance ...................................................... 23 C1ubs .................................................................. 24- 34 Student Council ................................................ 14-15 Eng1ew00d P1ayers .............................................. 19 3A and 3B Divisions ........................................ 48-52 Favorite View 01 Eng1ewoo11 .............................. 54 Three VV110 1Wac16 History at Eng1ewooc1 ............ 13 Forum .................................................................. 33 1At1dnson, Kier, Twomev1 Gir1s Chorus ........................................................ 35 Drawings . Gir1s Gym Groups ................................ 28 -29 45- 46 By C 1v 1011113011 ........................ 2 4. X 47 53 Grac1uates .................................................... 53 55- 58 BY leroy vaurn ........................................ 8 Produced By CAMPUS SERVICE Chicago. Ill. kWh HDDOX ILUIIUI Clerk 5! Musician 3V MORRISON .. A 1 a p V. w w , L: t , 7nnrtxcr2.nl llo. 2t. , . . ..x . p .1 kiwi i.l,....:. .15 4,31.

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