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6'f""' r A 5 . F 1 an r .,.- 2 3 4 FX f Z 3 -mn f, ,T , .1 -x IQ, 'vlxt' .f'.'f" , .., vj1g' Q, ,s .QL f 1147 ' ' 721-Q4 - fi .,- . ' fx ,- 112 . -3-- , -,A ' . 1.1: -,-rm, . , M 4, Y '1 -11 A... , 2 ' - " ' 'V l ,- we-. 5 L I 'x-,xfT'.f Jf.7iA-- ' ' f 1 1 ' 1 , - ,, . --.5 .f4' +A ,f X.,-4' .K ' . -'F 1. " . -:'.'- ' 1 r, . , , ,af fe'-1' f ,Q --aygf ,wg .X M, V. - wx - f W -mf . V J Q 1 A, 'f 'e, 'v '39 Ki? .J Vi, l. 'w J' ,. I .1 1 ,J-., . si fvg, V. !,,-gqa,:,A,s,h,- '13 65 'Q H N ' af-ff-'1 .- x e , , 3 , Y 1 1, . ,Mx ww Y ga ,k ,,i.f,x -' xg- H ,, 'f.i.i"'f LL' " V.-, V., ic-'KV'-'Q5x4,' 11, f ,. .I ' ,Max ,. ,. .L - . - V JA 'flwi X '41-4 'wxllg ..g1.-v,Sf:T,'j1'.-1 H1f'5.1:w'-I-fx'-"' M45 ,nv-n.K,. fv., , U 4 A A. ,yur fp- . -.,.,'.' , -CP V..k2,J.vL,A.Lwl5,gff .. .1 A 45:1 3!'qf1v Q f..'.'v, .-'?",' ,,: K , 'ji X ,A 4 A. qw . ng, 1,-14 W.-. J. 5 Rf. ,Q-., mmf,-1,,,,. f,5..2.4fK..- , , , vm .-Tx: g,Q+g., -. - V M 1 -9 :-fd, 'w--fs ,, - v- .',:'?,:--Q-.1-2Efy:..vw"'v,: , ,LVM -,- , V ' f -.-'nf L" ,-fr: 5 -.A-I. 1 , - W., L2 , ,A ' - fi 'gs 1- A v ,2'2gm.- 5,33 -1'-L . .-f'N-2!ef.-- 5 1551 gud? ?'5.+-f24:5:1:3 3. ff K ' :, v-3,53 V: -wif,-',.4:-x.,1g"'. 1- -yJF:'. -wx.-' . .' 'g 'Y-1 1- " ,,.,YLJgL4n. viz. Un- ,, -1, Q- -T-AV, Nav' fb- 14 . -.HH , ..-.f,..f.:JW.5 Q. -eg 3 ' -, I M ,,,., JY . , 6 Q .194 -ix' L, Vx.-1' ' 'E X , Y X, . , " ' ' A I ,L-I 1 , 1,v,'i3,f,.- . V . Q Y .CHQ- - , - F75 sf' 1'- '."' -6:55, 3 .'.,f:. , .645 " , J-f --K nz, -f - , :'- ',, .' ' ,.f V. wif- V' 7 -'W'-A 1 , , . . I, -iv-9.1, , 9' ,f"'2ff',-1,2 Z -1. -Alf?-. , tv' 3-Mx L- . ,' 1 Q if gg. L13.-1. ff' -I..-. '13 S, :fn Ax., 1. 3 ,lx I , , 1,3 .-FGM, 1 I i Q i I . i E 1 X v .- 'Q . . 57 S . 2 'I I A Ll .tr X EZ: w - ' 1? ,.. .Q -.-,I 1 .. . fr: Lx' L -' 3 ., 4, , Qsgx, --,L , f li F1 L' ,V L.. Q, " V " , . J ,sg - 53,9-.. FW ' f . 4., 4 if Iii . Shi-', . :Q I , . vfv .IQ . ij" ' gif SP4 if Ji 21.1 , wig!" x"'!:'f'." kgs' .W V FFL . .. 'nik , A V N . ,4,, 'G L. ' . 4" 1 .AC 3. "Wg, N . we- V PQJF, " y . - Liv' V ,fr-.i 7 ,. 3.411-, QQ., if 3 ": Q A . ' 'xiwgpfvfw 55.1. 4 1 if-33... Q2-J' ,, ., f I z., 'L ,-'Cfvz' V, S .,-' A . .1 ,,,, ...,- 1 '.-, L'5.5.-1,',.s",,, rl .. , 72.11 L -, ,v '- ' TQ' Yvf F4 'fiiqp' . 1 xf W I -5 TI-IE PURPLE AND WHITE SENIOR ALBUM PUBLISHED BY THE MID-YEAR CLASSHOE 1940 ENGLEWOOD HIGH SCHOOL CHICAGO, ILLINOIS MISS EVA MITCHELL Junior Grade Principal TCD EVA MITCHELL l-IE has a genius for friendship. She is a stimulating teacher and a highly competent executive, but she will be remembered longest for her interest in the human race and her understanding heart. More strength to her arml May We long have the privilege of basking in the Warmth of her presence. May We never cease to be grateful for her inde- structible good humor and her sweet reasonableness. She is a soothing influ- ence in a harried little world. l F. B. M. FCDREWCDRD MAY the reoders have as much enjoyment in browsing through these pages as We have had in preparing them! lt is our sincere hope that in looking over this hook in the years to come, you will he alole to recoll with joyous memories the happy days spent in high school. Y W' my KP I MW' MILTON KONDILES Business Mgr. ALICE O'DEA ASSOC. Editor LORRAINE LENCZEWSKI Editor-in-Chief MR. CI-IEADLE Faculty Advisor MARTIN OLSEN Assoc. Edi r PURPLE AND Alice Strickland ..... Clio Vias ...... . . . Robert Claybrooks .... Carolyn Emmons . . . Mary A. Parrilli ..... Katherine Fratto ..... Robert Stearns .... Virginia Prince . . . . . . . . FRANCES IORDAN Assoc. Editor MARIO LOMBARDO Auditor ENIOP STAFF . .Photography Editor . . .Editorial Assistant . . .Editorial Assistant . . .Editorial Assistant ....... ...Staff Secretary . . . . . . . .Scrap Book Editor . . . .Assistant Bus. Manager Advertising Manager MM lupu- X AUTGGRAPI-IS dvfzfupdd QQZZZQMAJJ Qwalwb "" " . ADMINISTRATIQN AND FACULTY . My www MR. JOSEPH C. THOMPSON Principal MISS MILDRED M. WHEELOCK Assistant Principal l l t NX WVU' ,,,.v, L. MRS. FLORENCE B. MANLEY MISS EVA MITCHELL MR. DAYTON C. ATKINSON Fourth Year Third Year Second Year s . f4-f',itr-XX Rx x - : XMNstXvR,.m X XM will t ..rr t.,-ss .ms s .sys ,La sewLiiiWxat.si s -if -. Q X5 .ss3NgQg s. .. I MR. IOSEPH H. BEDALE First Year ADMINISTRATIVE AIDES The grade principals shown in the upper picture handle administrative Work of the four classes ot students at Englewood. Miss Campbell handles guidance Work and contacts with elementary schools. Mr. Kriewitz has charge of assemblies, the Engleboosters, and other general school activities. Page 12 MISS HELEN CAMPBELL MR- JOHN KRIEWITZ Administrative Assistant Administrative Assistant ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY Thompson, Ioseph C., Principal Wheelock, Mildred, Asst. Prin. Albright, Marie Archbold, Maurice Arthur, Esther Atkinson, Dayton Baker, Bernard Baker, Charles Baker, Ruth Baller, Iohn Bedale, Ioseph Bernstein, Pauline Boyd, Edith Brown, Carro Crofts, Mary Cross, Mabel Daily, Francis Dal, Ethelynne Dandliker, Agnes DeHaan, Anna Deslardins, Ruth Deter, Ezra Dister, Agnes Doornhein, Ieanettie Doyle, Ioseph Dugan, Mary Eppley, Helen spenshade Charles Burnham, C 44.26. z 1. 'bfdlff Feldman, Elizabeth Butler, Lillie Campbell, Ella Campbell, Helen Cannon, Beatrice Carrnody, Elizabeth Cheadle, Bruce D. Cleveland, Buth Cole, Katherine Fitzgerald, Arthur Foster, Lucille Froning, Margaret Gallagher, Bose M. Gardner, Georgia Gay, Hazel Graff, Maria Gregory, Miriam Collins, Henrie GfOGi, A1'11'1CI Cornerford, Lulu Conahan, Leo Conner, Ruth Connors, William Cooper, Mary' Craig, Alice Craig, Arthur Haertel, Clara Hannan, Katherine Hardt, Gertrude Hart, Elizabeth Hayes, Iohn Hedeen, Adele Hollis, Harriet A4 ?4 2 7 Page 13 l A lj L 'IBF V O Page I5 Q S ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY Hoyle, Viola Huff, Iohn I-Iurn, Ethel Hyman, Grace Ieftrey, Albert Iohnson, Anna rcrdun, Edith Ioy, Grace Kelly, Mary lane Kiely, Katherine Kincheloe, Isabelle Kinney, Genevieve Knutzen, Iulia Kriewitz, Iohn LaForge, Iacque Levin, Edith Lievense, Lola Lindahl, Alma Linner, Myrtle Mahurin, Lura Mangan, Eleanor Manley, Florence Mardori, Mae Mathauser, Beatrice Mather, Theresa McCue, Katherine MCG-innis, Ioseph McGovern, Helen S. McNerney, Ruth Miller, Edeltrude Mitchell, Eva 71..o. Q., Mongerson, Oscar Moretti, Iohn Moroney, Ioseph Munson, Irene O'Donnell, Mary O'Hare, Russell O'l-learn, Aldan Olson, Edith Osgood, Nellie Ostberg, Inez Palsedge, Iohn Patterson, Elsa Peterson, Bernard Poore, William, Ir. Post, Frederick Preskill, Sylvia Price, Charles Quant, Roy Quinn, Rosemary Reel, Sadie Reeser, Sergt. Iohn A. Reid, Blanche Rigby, Kathleen Robinson, Florence Roland, Iean Rowe, Charlotte Russell, Frances Ryan, Patrick St. Clair, Florence Santschi, Margaret Schmidt, Elsa 14 I ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY Seaquist, lva Shine, Helen Soliermoser, Tillie Solomon, Alice Spring, Florence Staples, Harry Stelzer, Viola Storer, Alice Strahan, Edith Taylor, Clara Trone, Dolly Twomey, Thomas Waggoner, Mina Wagner, Winiireol Waugh, Anna Weber, William Weidenaar, Olive West, Walter White, Helen Williams, Gwendolyn Williams, Vera Wilson, Margaret Wilson, Thomas I. Wolff, Elizabeth Woltrurn, Stanley Worst, Louis Wysong, Horace Zander, Ioanna Zika, Robert Zlatnik, Harold CLERKS- Funk, Alice Kelly, Marie O'Brien Louise Page, Helen Price, Estelle Sullivan, Mary McAdams, Frank I., Engineer Daker, Catherine, Matron GRAHAM BRANCH Bach, Ruth Butler, Iohn Foster, Lettie Iennings, Elizabeth Mortimer, Ursula HOLDEN BRANCH Beard, Mary lane Bennes, Anne Buckley, Mary Espenshade, Mary Hanrahan, Helen Landsman, Moses Leach, Lillian Marquart, Ernest Modglin, Mayme O'Brien, Dorothy Petrie, Fleta Ouetsch, Lucille . Page I5 I Page 16 DOCTOR IAMES E. ARMSTRONG OUR ENGLEWOOD By Iarnes E. Armstrong All Voices raise in songs oi praise for Englewood, Our ilags untold and banners hold for Englewood, For many friends throughout the land, With loyal hearts all winning stand, To shout her praise, Our Dear Old Englewood. CHORUS Oh, Englewood, our Englewood, how many times before, You've taught us how to faithful be, You'Ve turned defeat to Victory. Oh, Englewood, our Englewood, we'll stand by you today. Hurrah! for the purple and white! Hurrah! for the purple and white! Oh, tell me of a high school where I should like to go, Where jolly pupils gather and seek life's work to know, Oh, tell me is there sunshine In class and hall and heart, For l should like to join that school and try to do my part. Then here's a cheer for schoolmates, dear, Hurrah! Hurrah! And here's a hand for teachers grand, Hurrah! Hurrah! Our loyalty we pledge to thee We'll work tor what we hope to be, All honor then to Dear Old Englewood. ! ! .! l t 1 t ! 1 ! ! ! ! ,, The Mrabn afw Jiauuar' 1540 5 A stands B stands C stands D stands E stands F stands G stands H stands I stands I stands K stands L stands M stands N stands O stands P stands Q stands R stands S stands T stands U stands V stands Wstands X stands Y stands Z stands l UST AMCNG US for Anderson, who has a fine carriage, for Beverly, my! what an average, for Carter, the guy with the English first name for Duncan, who plays a fair game. for Erickson, a swimmer divine, for Frieda, our maiden so kind, for the Gironda Twins, the teachers' despair, for Hixson, who to all is quite fair. for Ines, whose last name is Pannell, for Iohns, who plays the piano well, for Kenneth, a swell boy to meet, for La Conta, who is very neat. for Maurice, always full of fun, for Nettye, a girl we never shun. for O'Rourke, that smiling blue-eyed lass, for Parker, who rates tops with his class. for questions-things pupils detest, for Ramona, Whose beauty is no jest, for Schwager, who can never keep still, for Tillman, a lad with a will. for Us, seniors one and all, for Vias, who is to aid at your call, for Winnie, who at Math is quite game, for Xavier, Christine Spaulding's middle name. for you, dearest readers, We think, tor Zoundsl we've run out of ink! Carolyn Emmons MM J, Icmie Hixson Marmuduke Alice Strickland Maurice Scott Nettye Sanders Tedward Dumetz Program Carter Secretary President Treasurer ' Vice-President Chairman Social Chairman 6 ' S A if 0- 5 0 5,""'-355- PRMADUIFE MCBRTEK 'FEBRUARY CLASS CE '40 0 In February, 1936, as eager freshmen, we entered the portals of Armstrong Hall, anxious to start our career in high school. Upon entering our Sophomore year, We began to make good friends among our classmates and to take interest in the various activities. ln our Iunior year students began to show their ability for leadership. We selected Richard Carter as our President, Zephyrnn Duncan, Vice-President: Uldyn Salter, Secretary: Dolores Tiller, Treasurer, and Edgar Charles as our Social Chairman. ln our 3A semester Dolores was transferred to Senior Hall, and Alice Strickland competently filled the position of Treasurer. As Seniors our responsibilities grew and We strove to complete our last year at Englewood in the traditions which former students had set. We carefully chose Maurice Scott as our President, Tedward Durnetz as our Vice-President. Alice Strickland was elected as our Secretary, Nettye Sanders as our Treasurer, Marmacluke Carter as our Social Chairman, and Ianie Hixson as our Program Chairman. Page 19 .991 J T RESA C. ABERNATHY O . Arts G.A.A. 1-47 Englebooster 1-47 Safety Council 3-47 Staff Artist of Purple and White 4. "An outstanding group worker in the Y.W.C.A." ANDREW ADAMS O General Science Englebooster 3-47 Track Team 27 Band 37 Senior Symposium 47 Chem- Phy-Bi 4. "To become one of the outstanding in the moneyed class." 0' Mum o - Commercial e of Photography Club 47 nt Police 47 Secretary to Miss heelock 2-47 Purple and White Candid Photographer 47 Engle- booster 1-4. "Be an amateur photographer and do work of professional quality." M. ADKINS 0 General Language Chem-Phy-Bi 47 Vice-President of La Sociedad Pan-Americana 47 .A.A. l-47 Englebooster 4. "To be a well known swing ianist." EDITH V. UILAR 0 1 Commercial ' le er 2-47 G.A.A. l-47 Office X, erk , Les Mousquetaires 3. "To e the chief executive of a M Ki concern." FRANCES D. ALEXANDER 0 General Language Les Etoiles Francaises 47 Les Mous- quetaires 37 A Cappella 2-37 Engle- booster l-4. "To believe, trust, confide, and un- derstand human beings." X XX , ELEANORE I. ALTMANN 0 X yt I Commercial HQ G.A.A. 1-37 Office Clerk 3-47 Engle- - N X ' booster 1-47 Secretary to Mrs. Pres- JIJ 9 YL .7 f-XP 4 w Q kill 1. "To live a full, rich life-mostly rich." Page 20 f ,We PENELOPE ANTHONY 0 General Language G.A.A. l-47 Englebooster 3-47 Les Troubadors 37 Les Etoiles Francaises 47 Secretary of French Club 3-4. "To rank among the best of modern writers." EL . A 0 ousehold Arts rotors , Engleebooster 1-47 G.A.A. 1- . "To go to Venice and ride in a gondola." CONSTANCE I. ARRINGTON 9 General Science Secretary of Chem-Phy-Bi 27 Social Chairman of Chem-Phy-Bi 47 As- sistant Photography Editor of Purple and White 47 G.A.A. l-47 Engle- booster l-4. "To teach United States History as well as Miss Solfermoserf' GEORGE ARTHURS U Technical "To be a retired millionaire play- boy, or didn't you knoW?" FRANK AXELSON 5 Technical EMILIE R. BAHA t 5 C C ' cial Natio 1' or o' ' Vice ior and 3-4- ior ra 3 Englebooster "To live a 'py, healthful, suc- cessful life." STATYRA H. BALL 5 General Science Student Gym Teacher 2-47 Senior Symposium 47 Purple and White 3-47 Chem-Phy-Bi 3'41 Englebooster l-4. "To do my best in everything I un- dertakef' IRVING BANKS I General Science I, 1 , ,fJ.,4,Af ff -fY'THfj wwf- ENDOLY ARKER O General Language ret ry to Miss Waggoner 24 A. 1-45 Quid Nunc 45 Englei booster 1-45 Guard l-4. "Become a registered nurse with a personality better than medicine." MILDRED E. BARNES 0 General Science Englebooster 2-45 Chem-Phy-Bi 45 G.A.A. 2-45 Guard Z-3. "To always do the things I enjoy most." THERESA S. BARNES 0 General Language Englebooster 2-45 Guard 45 G.A.A 1-45 Virgil Club 34. "To succeed, as those my succes- sors before me ha e succeed ." U JO , f " 0 ' 4 ommercial Engl st r 7' Fire it arshals 45 G U-6 - ter- o, 5 asketball 1-2. "I Won't t ' - 4. - -.1 F IOHN B ITH I ' Comme f i ar all 45 " " kly te 1-25 ngleboo 3- "To meet e of reams when l'm ." MYRL E. BER L - 0 , Comm iql G.A. l - ng ster 15 om Repo r . "To cu a d sten r ic o- si 'on n self-supp ti g." J V t 1 HERBERT A. BERRY . General Language Senior Symposium 45 Englebooster l-45 Guard 2-35 Latin Club 3-4. "To plan all of my Work, and work my plans." GLADYS E. BLEDSOE 0 , Ge ral Science . . . -4- . :- 3-4' Seni Sy po rn 1 ' m- ' - ' ontr ute t elfare of ciety .'F .- 5 ' . 'AA I , E le o , or J" v ' O - ' nty if I 11 5 I 1 ' ' SOPI-IIE A. BOCKUS . Commercial Senior Orchestra 1-45 Senior Band l-45 Englebooster 1-45 G.A.A. 1-45 German Club 2-3. "To travel around the Wor1d." L Household Arts Englebooster 3-45 Le Cercle Sans Pareil 4. "To be one of the wor1d's greatest dress designers." X? , n . , K vi' KJ LA V E . BORCHABDTV' 0 ' fx- ' Commercial E g ooster X-3--QL uard 3-4. " enjoy liiefjl ch as possible." ,K ,X C A . EVELYN A. B O1'1'1I'I'1 All I nt i cce happi nes " oflho'-'V'L, CLARA L. BOSTIC 0 General Science Virgil Club 45 Quid Nunc 35 G.A.A. 45 Englebooster 1-4. "To be an asset to my parents, as- sociates and race." Page 21 PHYLLIS M. BOWLES O General Science Englebooster 3-45 G.A.A. 1, 3, 45 Guard 2-35 Student Council 45 Chem-Phy-Bi 4. "To temper a thorough education with good common sense." Q x BELLE B. BRAD EY - O General Zxge Tr s er of Oi c 45 Virgil 4 -CSS We Police 4, Purple andwit 5 enior Sy pos' 4. "To make 5 n in of medicine. ' LUCILLE M. BRANNAN O Commercial I nglelvooster 1-45 G.A.A. 2-4. l "T happiness, with the least rt " MARGARETTE K. BROWN O General Science G.A.A. 1, 2-45 Englebooster 1-4. "To be successful at anything I undertake." ROSALIE BROWNE O General Science Senior Orchestra 2-45 Chem-Phy- Bi 45 G.A.A. 1-45 Englebooster 3-45 Guard 4. "To be a successful teacher ot music." RUSSELL B. BROWNFIELD O General Science Student Police 45 La Sociedad Pan Americana 45 Senior Symposium 45 Chem-Phy-Bi 3-45 Englebooster 3-4. "To be a radio-television, and sound engineer." FRANCES F. BRUNO O Commercial G.A.A. Delegate 15 "E" Weekly Delegate 2-45 Englebooster 1-45 G.A.A. 1-4. "To try to be fortunate." Page 22 yi, IRENE S. BUCKNER O General Language Virgil Club 3-45 Englebooster 2-4: G.A.A. 2-4. "To write one great novel, go places, and see things." CHARLES V. BUGGS 9 Commercial "Add another great name to those who have attended Englewood." A . RN TT7L 9 General Science A a la 2, ior ogff e ate 4 gleboos er 4 "To live each moment as if it were my last." LAWRENCE G. CALLOWAY 0 Commercial National Honor Society 45 Student Council 3-45 A Cappella Choir 2-45 C.l.C. Delegate 1-25 Le Cercle Sans Pareil 4. "To teach French as Miss Quinn and Miss Hollis do." ' S J ILBERT I. CAMBRE . Arts "To make my living through art." LOGAN W. CARPENTER U General Language La Sociedad Pan Americana 3-4. "To make a success at anything I attempt," Cf"l'f'Q4e1 LABRON R. CARROWAY 0 efrfm Q we MIM. . gr enior Sy MARMADUKE N. CARTER U General Science Social Chairman of Senior Class 47 National Honor Society 47 President of Les Chuchutants Francais 47 R.O.T.C. lst Lieutenant 47 Secre- tary of Les Bebes Francais 4. To be an outstanding Elec o- chemist. I ew ah Ameri- can , -- - - y-Bi ' enigx Sym S 1 ' . o y '-: CHARLES F. CEISEL . Commercial German 27 Englebooster 47 Guard 2. "To marry a millionaire's daughter and dig., ig, dig W' ' I 4 J CECELIA M. HA ES 0 Arts - oster l-3-4: ate s me eartaches that flesh is err t . s EDGA ARLES I U Ge gie ce Joof eas rgr of nc tin C - Social ma of V g' u cial Ch irm unior In rclas Basketball 3 : i . "To be o sis ance in the rising progress o my ce." IOE Cl-HR 0 C mm uar 37 ste nter- class Ba e . "My sec t am i is to be an electrical ngineerg' ESTELLE CHODOSH 0 Commercial G.A.A. l-47 Englebooster l-47 Engle- booster delegate 47 Secretary in Record Office 4. "To see Gertrude Ud ff exce d Paderewskif' - wit W JG lv ' My J 7 , XSKJ-ry Img,-I , I 1 lf? V 'Y f ' , It I J Rl D CA 0 M' L Ju lj ' e 7 ' C I' - - ': A C - p ' v 'lv fi rg I up Y "To Q t s v 1 X t I 7 ' v . .l f I . l . ,f VIRGINIA IA iff My . 7 A ' 1 if Qfrththercial En tr l-47 G. . l-4. "T ecome ciprlvqt secretary and m rry fbo 5' ." my' js soar RICHARD I. CLAY I 5 K General Science Student Police 47 Rifle team 47 Vice- President cf Virgil Latin Club 37 Chem-Phy-Bi 47 R.O.T.C. lst Lieu- tenant 4. "To own and manage an electrical equipment concern." ROBERT E. CLAY RO S O Ge I rie Edi r P le 61 W ite S191'1'l of e oil Fran t - h 7 'd s bt ' - Ises 47 Na' r ociety 47 e ior fSy 'um - 'll and ll 4. " '-B - k y the University of rcag Z2.fI'fa7 . oearn a I a 5 EILE A. CLINE U Commercial T b a s essful stenographer an nd rearn man." P WQM. WINIFRED I. com 0 Commercial G.A.A. l-2-47 Englebooster 47 Guard 3. "To be another Florence Nightingale or a successful History teacher." I IUNE L CQ ERJC' 5 Z ' Commercial ' . l-47 gleb er 1-4. y -" my b n is to become a famous - o singer." I. 51 fl EN A Cori RS o W l Cog?-avffy Engle ster 2-47 . - , fice "A h f my own, and someone Clerk . to lov e." Page 23 Fx X 7 WM WWW WILLIAM I. COOK General Language Band 2-45 Ouid Nunc 3, 45 Engle- booster I-45 Student Police 4. "To grow five inches taller." THELMA L. COPELAND O General Language Le Cercle Sans Pareil 4. "To attain fame and riches in the beautician business." , X-1 SEDWAR .. CRAVER 0 Technical is-class Baseball 2. 'To be successful in all my under- l l . -fl VX booster 2, 35 R.O.T.C. Z-45 ln- W J K J Xl ol my ff ll , takingsf' LOIS WSON o E bo ter -45 G.A.A. 1-45 A C e 2 , Senior Symposium 4. ' att ' a profession where aracter eadily elevates, not de- Q f General Science H LD D. DR Y ommer St ent 5 gleb 45 e ' nt of rat ub 45 Wee le- gat - ter-class orsesho "T me success l in life t riorates." TEDWARD A. DUMETZ O General Science Senior Class Vice-President 45 Presi- dent of Senior Symposium 45 R.O. T.C. Captain 45 R.O.T.C. Rifle Team 45 Student Court 4. "To give, and to gain5 to strive, to attain." ZEPHYRNN A. DUNCAN O General Science Iunior Class Vice-President 35 Senior Symposium 45 Student Library As- sistant 2-45 Chem-Phy-Bi 4: A Cap- pella l-4. "To be another Schiaparellif' Page 24 HERMAN B. EASLEY Commercial Fire Marshal 45 Safety Council 45 Guard 3-45 Englebooster 1-45 Stu- dent Court 4. "To be a successful business man- ager." CATHERINE ECONOMAKOS U Commercial G.A.A. 1-45 Englebooster I-45 Safety Council 25 C.I.C. Delegates 1-2. "To sit on a tack of success and rise quickly." MA ON ELEZOVI O Commercial Publicity Director "E" Weeklyg Na- tional Honor Society 45 Playfellows 4: Englebooster 1-45 G.A.A. I-4. "To be able to honestly say 'I was on timel' " TED H. ELK O General Science Inter-class Baseball 15 Inter-class Horseshoe Pitching 35 Manager of Football Team 4. "To successfully go through Med- ical School." CAROLYN E. EMMONS 0 General Language National Honor Society 45 Write-up- Editor of Purple and White 3-45 Senior Band 4: Senior Symposium 45 Les Chu Chutants 4. "To perform what I ought: perform without fail, what I resolve." lk ' . -,, . R. , LARAYIQE ERICXSON ,gf I pl G.A.A. 1-45' giemsterp-25 C.l,nC. Delegate Z. N I gli gf "To live, to learn, to ldvQ." u omme 1 X 1 W RAMON qgyd E b er - .A.A. I-4' r Com S I . . " ave Y become realitie MARION L. FERGUSON 0 General Science G.A.A. 2-41 Englebooster 2-4. "To attain a high standing in all my undertakings." VERNON H. FINK O Commercial Fire Marshal 47 Englebooster 2-4. "To get a position with 'gh wages and little work." Mi! ANTHO I. FRASCONA 0 Commercial Boys Glee Club lg Student Police 47 Englebooster Z-4. "To become successful in the c - I miciaic field." f CAT . ATT Q Commer 'all o F ' -4,' 'or of Purple and White 3-4' Council 4 Sec ary of V ograp 45' en' Sy 4. f ent designer of ja ' 5 'u n - - - ashions, originate, never imitate." DORIS FREEMAN 0 General Science Englebooster l-4: G.A.A. Delegate 45 Guard 37 Senior Symposium 4. "To always be healthy, some day be wealthy and wise." EMU.. . LL TI O U rcial . .A. 7 E eboo te -45 rple ite . "To qual e typin speed of Al- be Ta ra." ANNA F. GASTENKO I Senior Symposium 47 Chem-Phy-Bi 3-47 Book Room 45 Purple and White 4g gebooster 1-4. X,Y.H I 4. My SX ROBERT . ILL G 1 0 General Science R.O.T.C. .4 Engl ooster 2-4. "To be what o ers have hoped to be " 7' lACK E. GILMAN O Technical Englebooster l-45 Stage Crew l-45 Tennis Team 3-45 Fire Marshal 4: Blue-Print Operator 3.4. "To enter collegeand become suc- ce sful in t t c ni l field." MILDRED E. GILMORE O General Science C.l.C. 45 Englebooster l-45 A Cap- pella 2-4p Chem-Phy-Bi 3-45 Bow Day Committee 4. "To relieve the pains of others as a nurse." RED Q' H' I O ' I 9, 4' .' CIl. lp' A ' resident of I-fe ' oo - 0 7- 1 Vice-President ' ' wwf- y Club 47 Bowling T 041 ' . " duplicate my brother's feat or even better Team Team life and MILDRED E. GOERS O Commercial G.A.A. l-47 Enqlebooster 2-4. "To become a nurse with Mildred Kelleher." BEVERLY GOLDBERG O General Science Senior Symposium 4: Purple and White 47 Book Room Club 47 Les Mousquetaires 2: Chem-Phy-Bi 3-4. "To devote time to chemical re- search on cancer." Page 25 .4-it RUBY L. GOOLSBY C General Science Student Council Delegate I7 Virgil Club 37 Senior Symposium 47 Purple and hite 3-47 Che y-Bi -4. "To successf i every way.' , U', oeifgxgj 5 O. 'Q TQ m -E Cf . so 9 D' L. Emfv 5:1 SEQ, ,E Ego 1423 C3 Q LEG .E 'D s: agree Q 6'i'5'cn' I I Jo Mis lAM R GR E O nera cience . . e ate , Virg' Club 37 uid eni posium 47 ngleboo . "To become s cessful pharma- cist." l i AN s o General Science . .A. -7 .A 'appella 47 Guar e ' r S posium 4. ' a eve highest honors p - . t . n., RE M S1 Ie he rsing world HARRY GROOS O Technical Baseball 3-47 Englebooster I-47 Blue Print Operator 4. "To see a champoinship football team at Englewood." 740""'-3 Q E msg Lis m e r cience e al Pre Mars al 4- Engle- booster - A "Go t r i d then orts." V , Ui HAZEL z. HARDWICH 0 I General Language 7, Englebooster l-47 La Sociedad Pan- fv Americana 3-41 G.A.A. I-4 A Cap- pella 2-47 Gym Secretary 3-4. "To live, to love, to learn, and to have happiness." Page 26 L --- IULIA L. HARRIS O General Science Englebooster l-3. "To prepare myself for future inde- pendabilityf' CARRIE . ARTFIEL I 4 -N . Gen - Lang ag E :fo r , G. . . 1-47 Se . sium . " 1' be of al -- o my nity a - race." DOROTHY E. HAYES O General Language Chemi-Phy-Bi 47 "E" Weekly Dele- gate 37 G.A.A. I-47 Englebooster l-47 Gym Secretary I-2. "To be successful in anything I choose to undertake." HORTE S . A ES U Commercial G.A . I- , .A.A. Delegate 27 E ter -47 Public Speaking To 904 success in anything, and overcom vil with good.': I eygfttgl ALBERT HAZ m post Mttw Se , n o e 3-4. X "To be able to retire at the age of thirty." R ,HENDRIX O General Science .A. '-47 "E" Weekly Delegate 7 m-Phy-Bi 3-4: Virgil Club g booster I4 ,l the obtainable and hold to that I obtain." 'P I FR "7 . HI 1 0 V' o f if 194441 1' 'X H ' Foot b 21.1-n - f 'f Q 1' " o w if- if 1 Past, nf- 4-' 7 'f urf M MARY I. HITE 0 Social Science Les Etoiles Francaises 47 Literary Round Table 4. "To see Deanna Durbin in the flesh." IANIE M. HIXSON 0 General Langauge Program Chairman of Senior Class 47 Secretary of Les Mousquetaires 37 Chem-Phy-Bi 47 Purple and White 3-47 Senior Symposium 4. "To become an outstanding figure in the field of knowledge." HUBER I. HOO 0 f" f eneral Science Footba a Student Police 47 Gym - , 1-l?SappelIa 2-41 Class Report 'r o rators Cl 4. "To succekdia rising progress o my' ace." DOROTHY L. HUTCHISON 9 ,Commercial National Honor Society 47 Engle- booster 2-47 Sweater Committee 47 G.A.A. l-4. "To live. love, learn and see the Hawaiian Islands." IESSIE L. IRVIN 0 Technical Lieutenant of R.O.T.C. I-47 Military Police 2-37 Student Police 47 Inter- class Boxing 2-31 Cheer Leader 4. "To become minister, pastor of the largest church in America? I i J , . 'fiif with' . ARTHUR -1345 As 0 EN -K -A '-1 ' Y mmescial ming Team .72-'47 Pul5 ic Speaking ' Club 37, Student .fsuncil 47 fBowling ,Tegm'1t. 7,-gif, i I ff"To stay oi? Gltfill fated road of ruin." 3 1 J MORRIS IEFFERSON O General Science MEREDITH S. IOHNS O , ommercial Pre dent of e , ancais 477 . . D te 37 ' r S' 7 ublici ' airm Chem- hy- ' geb stef -4., "To beco ery l,7f3off financi- ally." .ff ALBERT IOHNSON C Commercial "E" Weekly Delegate,27 Guard l'2: Englebooster 3-47 Track Team 4. "To become a noted musician." f ALY 1 NsoN I :N HTC .. . lcer." E e ral Science LUTHER W. lOl-INSON O General Science Le Cercle Francais 47 Chem-Phy-Bi 47 Englebooster 3. "To be a credit to that profession which I undertake." MABEL I. IOH SON O 1 ' I Commercial ' d 2 4 ors Club oost C pta for the worst General Scien if jill . Q Natiohal I-IonorfpSaciet -47 Swim-" G' . -47 Englebooster 1-Albam Nc37VgilClb4. XR " o las o d h cientific world withVmi cu o s ats." MAVIS M. IOHNSON 0 Commercial Secretary of National Honor Society 47 G.A.A. l'4I Chief Iustice of Stu- dent Court 47 Glee Club Z7 Engle- lpooster I-4. "To be a capable, successful secre- tary." ,- ff 21512, G.A. . - 7 47 ' 2-3. g X ' "To I gk f the b s' epared M ,. Inav' ,VA 1 x 'J' I 'If 'EOHR E A. ONES' I - Commercial K G. . 3- ' uard , Public Speak- in Clu 37 Rofgn Reporter 3-47 'To" ek an o obtain the greater thin s of life ' ' f MILDRED F. KELLEI-IER O Commercial Englebooster 2-47 G.A.A. 1-47 Stu- dent Council Delegate 4. "To study nursing with Mildred Goersf' U LEWIS K NNEY O 40043 General Science L o iedad n Americana 47 Guard 1-37 Englebooster 1-47 Basket- ball Team 3-47 Inter-class Basket- ball 1-3. "To be a success in Whatever I undertake." C e h i 4 Hall ster G.A A. - AN K UM O G al Lang e c ta of e ' S po 'u 47 ro m i n - y B : 4: Q S 1 4. 'To-be 'reco e participant in the field of teac i g." GRACE M. K EAR O Comm rcial En o s 1-47 G.A.A. 2-47 uard 'To ome the greatest dressmaker and de er' RAY 1. N echn'cal Bo 37 ' e ub 27 Engleb o e 1 "To be es ul usinessmanf' MILTON G. KONDILES U Commercial Business Manager of Purple 6: White 47 Fire Marshal 47 Bowling Team 47 Englebooster 1-4. "To succeed Mr. Edgar Hoover in the P.B.I." Page 28 Mgt ow Y gl. MW N WILBERT H. KRAEI-IMER O Technical Englebooster 14 Capt in Stage I Team 37 Chee gtxdll 3-4. Lu X0 crew 2-47 Studi, 'P nee Q ling "Live to learn and learn HJ!" LORRAINE C. KUSCI-I O Commercial G.A.A. 1-47 Englebooster 1-47 Glee Club 1-2. "To be happy and successful in whatever 1 undertakefy' 5 51, .La--P 4'-4 .-cp'--L-'A -vena, .: I Vt' I 1: MYRTRESS M. LaCONTA Commercial G.A.A. 1-37 Secretary to Miss Hardt 4. "To gain that which I am seeking in the world." ' BERTHA LaPORTE 0 Household Arts Englebooster 1-4: G.A.A. 1-47 G.A.A. Delegate 2. "To travel around the world and meet famous p ple." K Q ALF . ner ociedad - ' 7 Mili- r Polic 47 rd 1. "T5QQceE a b Stk: pg help oth s to successfm- SALVADORE LQVALLE 0 Commercial Baseball Team 4. "Come back and tell Mr. Palsedqe, what 1 live for." lord-vw LORRAINE M. LENCZEWSKI 0 General Science Editor-in-Chief of Purple G White 47 National Honor Society 47 G.A.A. 1-47 Englebooster 1-47 Senior Sym- posium 4. "To successfully play my part on the stage of life." . P t H LEONARD C Commercial l G. .A. l-45 Englebooster 1-45 Guard 1-4. "Live long as I want5 never want long as I live Commercial 4 G.A.A. 1-45 Engle- Own shop and to become l-35 Englebooster 3-45 Gym 4 French Club 3 o be successful 1n my career as dieticianf' . ' f SL . G n rice ous eta'r "To of p armacyf' N OMI 0 W Commercial E ter 3-45 G.A.A. l-45 Guard 4 "To travel all around the U.S.A. o ycle." ! ' n-Chief I "E" Weekly 45 i nd oll 45 National Honor S ci 45 ecretary and Treasurer of t atics Club 35 La Sociedad Pan-A ricana 4. "To see the dawn of my 78th birth- day." FFR ES M. LI N, 0 O - General Language MARIO LOMBARDO 0 Commercial Auditor of Purple and White 45 Stu- dent Police 45 Honorary Member of Fai Com 45 Boys' Glee Club 1-25 Englebooster l-4. "To be one of thehulntelligentsi " like Mrs. Manley." ' IV.. at Wim ROBERT E. LONG 0 General Science Football Squad 3-45 Virgil Club 45 Quid Nunc 35 Lieutenant of R.O.T.C. 2-45 Senior Symposium 4. "To figure mathematics backward and confuse people like Mr. le- irey." IAN I. LU L f . ' C jlial G. -4, E eb -4, sm- dent Coun ig . 1 "To b -1 ce 1 in l r- take in e f E SHIRLEY LYONS ' Commercial Englebooster I-45 C.I.C. Delegate 45 G.A.A. l-4. "Like many, love one, always have a lot oi fun." ANN MAGID 9 Commercial "E" Weekly Delegate 3-45 G.A.A. l-45 Englebooster 3-45 Local Circula- tion on "E" Business Staff 4. "Have everyone love me a little and someone love me a lot." General Language La Sociedad Pan-Americana 45 Mili- tary Police 45 R.O.'I'.C. l-4. "To be the best-I hope." MATTIE M. MATHIES 0 ' Household Arts G.A.A. 2-45 Englebooster 45 Team Captain 3-4. "To be able to drink to success With- out becoming intoxicated." EMILY I. MATUNA U Commercial G.A.A. l-45 Englebooster 3-4. "To know something about every- thing an everything about so thing." f i :fl N" ' --1 ' 7?-A ? if X, Paqe 29 5 t - -if Jfi-fr 4... A -MN g. Y , M!! I' ! ,,. 1 ,42-4-f x I f',s - MA , V A , if 0-M' 13' ff' . ' ' M f f ,I lyfi-'fM""""" yr' X, ,X o A.. ' M95 , . F" V I l I l I l I I I D Kg l V i P r I l l I I I 5 AMW I EDWARD I. MCCLELLAN Technical R.O.T.C. I-27 Guard 27 Senior Sym- posium 47 Englebooster 3-4. "To see the elephant scuttle the new deal." for-l,flX 41405-loo. fuoL.9. cull'-' I won SAMUEL MCELROY W 0 General 'Science Lieutenant R.O.T.C. 3-47 Chem-Phy- Bi 47 Ouid Nunc 3-47 President of Virgil Club 47 Captain Military Po- lice 4. "To be a great service to mankind." DOROTHY MCMULLAN U Commercial G.A.A. 2-47 Office Secretary 2-3. "To be successful in what I do." ALBERTINE L. MILES O General Science G.A.A. I-47 Englebooster l-47 Ouid Nunc 1-37 Senior Symposium 4. "To be the most successful nurse of my race." DOROTHY E. MILLER O Commercial G.A.A. l-4: Englebooster l-47 Fire Marshal 47 Oflice Secretary 4. "Have a handsome boss with cr dic- tation knee . . . and hoW!" SIDNEY MILLER O Commercial Fire Marshal 47 Englebooster 3-4. "To have and to hold." WINNIE MILNE I General Science G.A.A. l-47 Student Council Dele- gate 37 Englebooster 3-47 G.A.A. Delegate 3. "To go back to Braidwoocl and find Fido." Page 30 BERNICE C. MIMS O Commercial Englebooster 2-4. "To live long, labor little, learn lots, and love lightly." AR -C 0' , " e eral Science " be Vczster in my secret ambit on IA MOORE 5 o General Science r'KgJVUkLf'L3M, I MO AN ene nce G. .I-: e e'iv rs degree in His- e . iff e hicago University." VIRGINIA R. MORAN . Commercial Band l-47 Orchestra 47 G.A.A. 47 Englebooster 47 C.I.C. Delegate 2. "To attend college at Dartmouth or Yale." ALBERT E. MORRIS 0 General Science Track Team 27 Englebooster l-47 Guard l-37 Chem-Phy-Bi 47 Decath- lon Winner 2. "To make a success in the career which I have started." IAMES W. MORTIMER U General Science Student Police 3-47 Baseball 3-41 Football l-47 Track Team 2-47 Inter- class Boxing l-4. "The more I do7 the more I Want to do." I WILLIAM C. MO . M eneral Science n I-25 Football 2-45 e oo r - Guard - Yer- class . "T av er the py oad to success." W. THOMAS MU N 0 erciaI Captai of re rs als 45 Engle- boos LW45 Mem er oi the Safety Com ' e 4. "Bel great mechanical engineer for t e United States government." NARBO E Co m lic I ' rm Weekly e I IE . 0 I . ' Q ' 'A 1 ' a I ' M45 rg.. Tay., . ,I f. ooster 1- ' I ' lily V: CII l 1 1, ,' :- a u ssfu secretary, i 1 -1' ' l 6 Q 1 . R N 0 . mercial E levplbster , d 2. "To accomp the est life has to offer." TI-IERESA M. OCI-IOA 0 Commercial Englebooster I-45 Student Council Z5 Orators Club 45 Lite Guard Club 3: G.A.A. 1-4. "To secure a good position and get there on time." MARTIN OLSEN O Commercial Associate Editor of Purple G White 45 Englebooster I-45 Fire Marshal 45 Inter-class Baseball 3-45 Bowling Team 4. "To be one of the "lntelligentsia" and Iullfil the position." IOSPEPI-IINE I. O'MERA O Commercial G.A.A. I-45 Englebooster 3-4. "I would like to become a book- keeper." W 0 f X ETf IL 0 IZ 5 ' mmercial V. .A. -4 ngleb I-45 Guard "To play Gene Hlfru 's drums in Dick Iurgen's orc estra." MARY O'ROURKE Commercia "E" Weekly Delegate 35 G.A.A. Delegate 25 Student Council Dele- gate 25 Englebooster 3-45 G.A.A. l-4. "To grow tall enough so I Won't be called "'shorty". MARIAN OSBERG 0 Commercial President oi National Honor Society 45 Student Council 45 Gym Secr tary I-25 Englebooster I-45 G "To see the Swe I' corre sponded with all m if Wfjifm DANIEL I. O'SI-IEA 0 Commercial Student Police 4. "To get a million dollars Without stealing it, or workinq." PHENITA OUSLEY O General Science Weekly Delegate I-35 Englebooster G.A.A. 1-45 A Cappella, I-45 "E" I-45 Senior Symposium 4. "Get from life as much as I put into it." INES PANNELL C' General Language ALLEN PARKER 0 General Science Rifle Team 3-45 Senior Symposium 45 Chem-Phy-Bi 45 Quid Nunc 35 Student Police 3. "Attain the highest degree of suc- cess and happiness in everything." Page 31 I V' t : l WW xv C'A CE T 0 Q E L. POLK O Technical ommercial inior o 4: Enqlebooster G.A.A. l-4: Enqlebooster 1-4: Guard ' -4: r lass Basketball 1-2: 2-3: Orators Club 3. Guard 2-3. "Become private secretary to the "To ri on the Wings of success." President of the United State ' CHRIS PETERS me Track 3: Book u , Pre Marshal 4. "T ha e d to . dv W Di FRIEDA PE f , X rnercial m -' ple ' lii-le 4: it j phl' 4, s 'r J posium 4: ..C. Delegate 4, "To be happy al Xa skqn ave millions of friends. lx . A , J! J BESSIE ILLI S ner Lanqua A E e oo t r V1 1 3 Gu , O la f A 9 G . . .1-2: n 1113 l-47 ' ' 8 7 1. ' o b o of er.ica's t fa- 4,,mous rofS stresiist' if HAZEL M. PHILLIPS 0 General Science S ial Chairman of Fai Com 3-4: e Assistant 2-4: G.A.A. 1-4: nglebooster l-4: Enqlebooster Dele- ate -2. " become one of the best nurses of the times." BERTRAM W. PITTS O Commercial Senior Orchestra l-4: Student Police 3-4: R.O.T.C. 2-4: Enqlebooster l-3: Public Speaking Club 2-3. "To be the greatest business man, in our commercial world." ' 1 RK ,L gn f 9 1 IQSEPHINE A. Pouro I wx . m gf Commercial I 'G.A.A. l-4: Enqlebooster 1-4: Engle- , General Science Englelopast Q , uar -4 . G.A.A. 1-4: ecrettl 2-47 t Council 2. -' " fa4!broa ' education an my sh r of love." EvELYsw o LORRAINE C. PUETZ C Commercial Vice President of the National Honor Society 4: Senior Band 3-4: Senior Orchestra 3: Englebooster 3-4. too! illefknow and to b nown GEORGIA I. RANTIS O Commercial National Honor Society 4: G.A.A. l-4: Enqlebooster 3-4: Guard l-2. "To be successful in the field of eachingf' - f . , LL 4 F L LL.4,Jfi-MZ 4 'liar . '1 '14-' N ' ' V 7.1 . lk. ,inf 4. 1 Www, 6 'BIUITLDREDII B. RATLIFF'-7' 'V' oi, General Science G.A.A. 3-4: Enqlebooster 3-4: A Cappella 2-4: Guard 4: Gym Sec- retary 3-4. idealB"5 I Mt' "To hold always to the hiqhes MARIORIE Z. REED 0 General Science G.A.A. l-4: Enqlebooster 3-4: Guard 1: Chem-Phy-Bi 4. "To be a credit to the sacrifice made for me." X! EARL R DER ' General Science Gloves 2-3: R.O.T.C. 3: Po- ! NJ booster Delegate l-2: Guard 2. l . . N., "To be a success in anything I un- ' ease all the trou e inds in -dertakef' the world." ' -mum .E Page 32 3 ' ll :st UH 9- X N tim t,rlJf"'j I tt' L 5 55 U ut- ' - 'Jo ' u in N., 4 U 1 -t K -! 5 JJ-,fr .1 I . - .1 4, 1 -f . . 0.11.91 "ll ,V.'J?kj"UJ iq N H 1 , ,wwf U' , . , .' 1 If lx 'E ' I 15' ll 4 J , f 'x GLORIA M. RETINGER 0 Commercial G.A.A. I-47 Englebooster 27 Engle- booster Delegate ly National Honor Society 4. "To live to learn and learn to live." WINIFRED A. RHOADES I General Science Englebooster l-4: Hall Guard 2-3g G.A.A. 1-47 A Cappella 2-35 Gym Secretary l-4. "To make a success at whatever I do" REUBENA DEiy l f dcial Science E I' I- 1 G.A.A. l-31 A lla 3- " " Weekl D legate l-25 Gu -3. "To onate as the Duchess ndsor." GEORGIA I E O Comm rcial Photograp u g Eng oster l- ' e ' Sy osium 45 Cap- pe g G. .A. l-4. "E ab ish an unequa name for my elf in the surgic field." VIVIENNE L. Rl kly 1-I te ' " -a s s swee Mother and courage of Dad." Y' fe'-1 ' nge G.. .4 En - 1 - Sy H11 , he y 'E" W A To es Q s of CORINNE RODRIGUEZ 0 Commercial National Honor Society 45 G.A.A. l-45 Englebooster 2-45 Swimmers' Club 3-47 Gym Secretary 3-4. "To successfully accomplish any task I undertake." DAVID R. ROGERS I General Science R.O.T.C. 2-4: Band lg Rifle Team 3-41 Military Police 2-3. "To rescue Poles from Hitler so I can go fishing." 03447 ELAINE ROGERS O Commercial G.A.A. 1-47 Englebooster l-4. "To lead, not to follow, to originate. not to imitate." OZEE M. ROSS O Social Science G.A.A. 4. "Be kind and loyal to the op- pressed: truthful to friends." SAMUEL T. ROSS O E I AZ, Technical W4 My-f HENRY E. RUCKER I General Science Le Cercle Francais 2-47 Engle- booster 2-4: Inter-Class Baseball l. "To become a success at whatever I attempt." MCI-I 1 ea 'dl S ent T - ' . inney chew tooth picks f f L VI A. 1 114. . 4, ,, . .,f- , nt , v W V, 4: by 1 - s r 2-47 I e 'ln ls'...f ., O if -. - MARY SABBIA 0 Commercial Fai Com. Secretary 47 G.A.A. 1-2: Englebooster I-4. "To find my dream man and travel around the world." ULDYN M. SALTER ' 0 General Science National Honor Society 47 Iunior Class Secretary 3: Library Assistant l-45 Chem-Phy-Bi 4: Senior Sym- posium 4. "To seek success and happiness and find it." Page 33 I gf 3. -J NETTYE L. SANDERS O ' General Language Senior Class Treasurer 47 Library Assistant 3-47 Student Council 47 Chem-Phy-Bi 47 "E" Weekly Dele- gate 4. "To be as great a painte and sculptor as Michaelangelof' EDNA S UN S O ' Commercial G.A.A 7 En leboost r 4. "T e s cce f l ' Whatever I ertak MA SCHLAFF O Wann ornmercial G. -4- l ooste 3-4 f'To 1 avel rgnchg, IO so Ml 6 St ent Cou l Delegate 7 Studen P ce 4. ' " Qgrldrtfrindustria engine ing S40 a week." Ew52l4r4Js:.R ff ' 1, er language La! caper M -37 --I ' -Arkfefigj C15 47' ,j47Z5ire Marshal 5 4' 1 gflfi - f 4 ' .'A f pus lawygfffor tile ' .ffl 'Y' ' - j"A' ' 'I 14f4:h BLANCHE M. SCHWARTZ ' ' ' X ' . .7 Commercial Student C 1 'Iud Q -, Student Council 7 G 551 1-37 Engle- t -47 o ' 1 Chairman Stu- Cou il - . " o beco a nurse and go one -5 gQFX better than "Nightingale". ANDERSON M. SCHWEICH U General Science Chem-Phy-Bi 3-47 Student Court 47 Senior Symposium 47 Engleloooster 3-4. "To give services to my country rather than receive them." Page 34 GENEVA SCOTT O KNO! Gflldllflflllgj MAURICE L. SCOTT O General Science Chem-Phy-Bi 47 La Sociedad Pan Americana 47 CIC 1-27 Class Presi- dent 47 Senior Symposium 4. "To lead rather than followp to originate rather than imitate." HAROLD ,ECKBACH ,f 'o 44,196 A f 'xffauvfefitu Student Counzl 1,7 Lieutenant of Hall Guards , Er1gleboosterg'2-47 Inter-Clas f' N, rseshoe 47 Ofators' Club 4.fS To be as g od a rp' n as my dad." GLENN S. SHARL O Commercial Senior m i 47 Englebooster 1.4. "My 'on is to become a fine EVELYN M. SIMONS 0 Commercial Girls' Glee Club Z-37 G.A.A. 17 Englebooster 1-3. "To be an air-stewardess on the China Clipper." , HENRY SIMP I 0 R451-rgtfi' 1Qs'Eis5gl-ilgsgltf i : 47 L edadF rg-icgha 47 , 1-4. " ' ' 7 de- RL49 X31 ooster To achieve n acc sired ideals. G. . gleb o - . "To eco sec n e ' ar- hart." 'O RLENEQVIITH rt' f tx W j I -EQBO V . TH IJJN Yo 1 Gene al Science Sagem Libraryq Sjfighem-Phy-Bi 3-45 Sen1or1.Qrfnpbs1um,l45 A.A. 1-45 Engleldooster 1-4. ,- "To fin evenlhrhl nd make l it mg, rnmfen reside ce." if 7 if RAYMOND SMITH O General Language Sweater Committee 45 Les Mous- quetaires 3. "To become a good citizen of this country." RUTH I. SMITH O Commercial G.A.A. 1-45 Englebooster 3-45 Guard 2-35 Secretary for M. O'Donnell. "To be healthy, wealthy and wise." CHRISTINA X. SPALDING O General Language G.A.A. 1-45 Guard 2-35 Englebooster 1-45 Les Troubadours 35 Les Etoiles Francaises 4. "To become another lorence Night- ingale or Clara Bar ." x f I' TO A60 0 n 9 ience e Po' ' S ng Team 5 p Cl 45 es ing Team 3-45 Bo 3. B " I enius I ance with plenty on? you." 5. ETHEL E. STARKS O General Language Quid Nunc 45 Virgil Club 35 G.A.A. 1-25 Englebooster 1-45 Senior Sym- posium 4. "To be a credit to my race and ac- complish QICCSSSJ' ON I. PHENS O ommercial G. . l-45 ngle .ooste 2-45 Public S ' 2- , ior posium 4. "To e Qgra ool teacher a ch' hol t." ltr? fi General Science ARLOS L C W R.O.T.C. 1-4, Chem-Phy-Bi 45 Senior Symposium 45 Band I-25 Iudge 4. "To become an outstanding con- stituent of the legal profession." MARTHA L. STIGALL Q Household Arts "To be successful as a commercial artist." IUNE I. STRAUSS O Commercial G.A.A. 1-45 Englebooster 3-45 Band 2. "To take Peggy O'Neal's place in the Roller Derby." ALICE . STRI K Genera? age CiSiY io ess Sec- tary'4 niox?- Tr ' 5 Purp e hite Phot gr Edit r r y As i -4. . . T ight Q HIE as I cl ." K f M HARRY STUBITSCH I Commercial Englebooster 3 4 To meet the little man who wasnt lrerryfwgg ,J-wif ROBERT L. SUGGS O General Science R.O.T.C. l-45 Military Police 35 Chem-Phy-Bi 4. "To be a dentist like my Dad." SAM SUSKIN E L O e ral L guage Drama Club 3-4. "To really buy the Brooklyn ' e." Q? I . 4 1 l fl Q6-WWW? GEIQEVIEVE 1. SWEENEY o General Science Glee Club President 1-47 G.A.A. 1-47 Operetta 47 Englebooster 1-4. "To become a citizen of the World." FLORENCE L. TAYLOR O Arts Purple White 47 Senior Symposium 47 A Cappella 3-47 Art Class re- porter 47 Enqlebooster 1-4. "Be an art teacher with a master's degree in art." IACQUELINE S. TERRY O General Language G.A.A. 3-47 G.A.A. Delegate 2-32 Englebooster 3-47 Senior Symposium 47 Englebooster Delegate Z. "To help enlighten the children of Tomorrow" A . Ter J!! o I K Commercial l , .A.,7 7 En ieb stef 1-4, Hall '3G+.gzrd 1. " Succeed." 4, Y F 3- 3 . qv '9' f,BETTE 1. THOMAS 0 I It i Commercial , " " "-E" Weekly Delegate 4: Student " J iaouficil 3-4. A-' -L 1 'My ambition is to become a suc- T' cessiul teacher." VGOQDIE THOMAS, jjj 0 1 J ,- 1 ,U J Commercial ,f 7 'Room-f'Trea4suAry 7 'Englebooster 47 1 C aSs1Reporter 7'Social Chairman Student cali 3114? ' "To be af dcess in the field ot surgical It ing." IAMES L. THOMPSON U General Language La Sociedad, Pan America 3-47 Inter- Class Free Throw 27 Inter-Class Basketball 27 Inter-Class Soft Ball l-37 Englebooster 1-3. "To become a great tailor and be successful." Page 36 LAWRENCE P. THORNTON O Commercial Baseball 27 Guard 4-52 Enqlebooster 1-4. "To make the best of life." GENEVA THREATT - I f 7 f G nera1'Science'7 . cg-3.437 712 qlandiizsseaji-a44. "Q ' o be successful in whateverfvoca- tion I choosMei,L17.vLJ..,'fx,"' ROSELYN A. THWEATH O General Science G.A.A. l-41 Englebooster 3-47 French Club 37 Gym Secretary 47 G.A.A. "To succeed in anything l under- take." ,lf J i .4 I - 'I fo 'Lf 7 .a+l,.,.Lf SAULJQQQILLMAN y 1 0 jj , 1. National lilaior Sd ie 1 --gre Mar- shal 47 Epgl5b "To do who want when 1 want to " MARIORIE E. TOLSON I General Science Student Library Assistant 3-47 Chem- lil?-Bi 4: G.A.A. 1-37 Englebooster "To acquire my mother's sweetness and my father's persona1ity." DEA . TR O mercial ' " We y 2- - Ba . "To b able like Gene Kr ." IESSYE L. TROTTER I Commercial Englebooster 1-41 G.A.A. 1-4. "To be a top-ranking designer of apparel and millinery." v LILLIAN G. TROTTER 0 Social Science Orchestra l-45 G.A.A. l-35 A Cap- pella 2-45 Enqlebooster 3-45 Orators 3-4. "Attain health, happiness, be a most promi ent s ial orker." ' nce i t Les e e Fr is 45 Secr t ry 5 Che y-Bi 45 . l 1-2. "To e e of e eatest Women doctors er lm ." -NJ-HNSERTRUDE Umcorr o Commercial cretary Office 3-45 Student Coun- cil Delegate l-35 Organ 1-35 Engle- bgoster 1-45 Englebooster Delegate 'Ay,XtHear Estelle Chodosh play the Poet and Peasant Overture cor X51 rectly." :WWA X f IRENE UNGER O 1N0t G1'f1a'1laii11gj SE M. VAS A ' o Hou old Arts G-A A- -7 r glebooster l-4 "To e dress ner and travel all over the worl .' CHAR S. V O rcial E eb ster A 1-25 rators . Give Y t world the tl M4 G al Science ki. CLIO VIAS ' Commercial President of C.l.C. 45 Treasurer of National Honor Society 45 Chairman of Ring Committee 45 Write-up Edi- tor Purple White 4: Secretary of C.l.C. 2-3. "To be successful in Whatever field I enter." MARGARET C. WALKER 0 Commercial G.A.A. l-45 Englebooster 3-45 Office Secretary 2-4. "To become successful in the field of comptometryf' 5 . K' Y ft HEL 0 General L guage cr Sociedad P n Am iana 45 .A.A. 1-45 E 1 5 Seger' S- p i .f" " o m er the creator in the of my youth? ff GENEVIEVE M. WASLEWSKI 0 ' Commercial Gym Secretary 2-45 Swimming Club Z-45 German Club 2-31 G.A.A. l-45 Englebooster 2-4. "To become an efficient and suc- e sful stenographerf' W ,fl JOSEPH L.1vgEBB 5 rig, , QA' f . if f,,. ' ,Gage al' Scienc w4----WwL- a 45'Ch QQV4 9 hu- f ,gljlutantl nccui 45 Ervglehooger .fTo livec e Af! A.".l1 - ,A -d x ELAINE M. IBEL 0 Commercial . G.A.A. l-45 Enqlebooster l-45 Fire Marshal 45 Guard l-25 Secretary in office 3-4. 'tk "To Succeed." K E LEOLA E. WESLEY 9 General Science G,A.A, 1-45 Englebooster l-45 Senior Symposium 45 Chem-Phy-Bi 3-45 Guard 1. "To have a character parallel to those of my parents." Paco 37 www? il I Wt fi' 7 71 HELEN WHITTAKER I General Science G.A.A. l-37 Englebooster l-4: Virgil Club 37 Quid Nunc 4. "To attain much and to help m y." I K H WI S O Art Course ar 47 ster Com ittee I-47 Gym 27 Track 2. "To that the future will bring me suc ess." Q! 17 74'-4lAf4 QEM I. WILLIAMS 7! O ' General Language Virgil Club ?-4: G.A,A. 3-47 Engle- booster 3-47 Senior Symposium 4. "To never tail my fellowmanf' WINNIE P. WILLIAMSON I General Language Englebooster 1-41 G.A.A. 17 "E" Delegate 37 Quid Nunc 3-47 Guard 2-3. "To spend my life teaching and making others happy." K MARIO? I fvqyns K o , A l Science I . TAL L . I 4 en r ience .A. 3-4: 7 oos r 7 Senior Svmp 'urn ' r -3. "Al e o take my bitter sweet." 1 IE TTE T. WILSON O General Language .A.A. l-47 Englebooster 1-4. "My ambition is to be a dress- maker." Page 38 M ctr . Willa 'I 0 ' X, ommercial G. . 1-47 P 'ple' and! Wjxi 47 I glelzfoos -47 CIC' Becr M47 Guard . "Tl on a tack of chess and rise quickly." Wm9'fsgQ1?tEx..... S .wi c ad 'cana Se ? e E K e 2-47 la . "To lo a spong the a of knoWledge." GERALDINE S. WISBROD I General Language "E" Weekly Desk Editor 2-47 Na- tional Honor Society Social Chair- man 47 Social Chairman of Les Etoiles Francaises 47 Engleboost Delegate 2-4: G.1-LA. 2-4. "To have people know me as I really am." 1 soP 1. rr owsm o ' ' rnmercial . . . 1-47 gleboos -47 Engle- e Del te QZ. b a riva et--gcreiary in a la ge nk i K, Commercial . . - ebooster 2-42 Ger- an Clu - "To see W rld with a certain Mariner." 9,35 HH. o AN 0 its WALTER WYATT O general Science 'Wake LEON P. YONIK I General Science Senior Symposium Vice President 47 Les Etoiles Francaises 47 Chem-Phy- Bi 3: Math Club 2. "To live in a real democracy." DOROTHY C. YOUNG General Language G.A.A. I-47 Lcx Sociedad Pun Ameri- can 4: Englebooster 4. "To be ci success in anything I un- dertcxkef' WJMMWMW . WW GRADUATES WITHOUT PICTURES FREDDIE LEATRICE BASS THERESA MARIE CARGO NORMAN COHEN LOLITA CONNORS ANNABELLE CURRY BRUNO S. DAUGELA DONALD C. HARRIS EDITH IUNE HOFFMAN BEVERLY LOWE GEORGE L. MGCRARY RITA. ECKLER A C MARIE s 'OTT BERTHA STEIN MARIORIE MARION SYKES MARY ELLEN HENDERSONA' OROTHY ELOISE' YOUNG Lx j,2fdffL2K-,y-4 . x ,jfzqfgj Page 39 ng. F u LSI: urfl r X 6 Xfjw :Eff 44- K,,. X' .- S wk A 64" W, , w M 3 fi! is f 'fa' W gm 11 f ? X. A f' f l Pa ' r' -if , 1 Ag, 9,1 ' R5 ' ' l" 1 t if Q9 f gil 1 N '-.JN 1 5' . 2-1 f , Tg'-.H , Y fi! ' N W1 xff-A' 'kt - X :wi 3' -Av ME f M. , f ,X ' fi ,- big- X F jg . w r N? 1 'A , V' my If J' X ,' 1 x 4Q ' 2 -,. YA-, 4 g - Q XS xl -7 1 '41 I hi u' Ll . finir W 4 9. W Q- N . 5 . , misses" 'KQVWQJ 5'+4-Amex., Q l I " V -'4 4 6 1 F"KE0p+'sl:c1'Jr-2, G.uP.oNoA X 9 -513' " 66A 48 .Q 1 1 0 .xl H' 'l 1 l , is K 4 Q Q N fi- 4 . -- ' 'iii' Y WLS! cork K+ G ' W x 4 5 0. wg' , I ff 41:5 W n Q: 4 f'Vf'f' ., U41 'v 'Eva WHO A X, ,N Q,-fx wwPPEO 'fx' 7 "LAX Y ,. s:fz7x:f-1 In fi, 'F g '- . F 0 X L , fJE1f1E 4NDERj Nui' 4' . fff X "iw, Qr 6,5 Wigs Might DMN -25: .4 Wil me f N ' , my X RMK 7? ' WM .W 5 -" n. W ' x U: 'Pinelors Anwony X 1 'fl " 'VII' fd K W f xx Q V..-M' f 'EIMS SCHwAcw-EDX '2pGfZ?.'E'.ET4.-. xmf.Vj7!Q cLAf8mwKs Sm Q f 1 ff -f + v ' 0.21: ,, n , Hr-:AM-og-1-fu LO O 'f-' , ' -f-' W -z'E:p"ii1L,'?f:z. 'X fm-1 eat D' srso-s:5s:s1ez-:rev 9 cf-'A A21 L.,..,.,....m.f s 1 X 6 LA1Mik:1:332nA-ggfu 6 91? 7 Q' N ... Q -92 ' ' WH1 NWS fvwq -f MQ..-f b - Row 1-Prince, Fratto, O'Dea, Olsen, Iordan, Mr. Cheadle, Lenczewski, Kondiles, Strickland, Lombardo, Parrilli. Row 2-Vias, Barnett, Petrancosta, Gastenko, Emmons, Claybrooks, Riordan, Gallinetti, Goldberg, Bradley. Row 3-Taylor, Arrington, Hixson, Kenney, Colby, Webb, Browne, Stearns, Jordan, Plummer, Farrell. PURPLE AND WHITE O Now that you have gotten about half way through your class album, wouldn't you like to know something about the staff who is responsible for its production? We thought you Would. That is the reason We Will now intro- duce you to the Purple and White, which has made it possible for you to possess an everlasting remembrance of all the little beautiful, humorous and sometimes sad memories which constitute a hapDY school career. The staff is composed of two groups: an editorial and a business staff. The former consists of the editor and her associates, who proof read all material, manage the typing department, and see to it that everything is done accu- ratelyg the photography editor who arranges a schedule for the setting of group and individual pictures, and supervises the making of panels: the write-up editors who compose the class will and prophecy as well as taking charge of write-ups. The almost unbelievable efficiency of our able business staff makes possible the sale of the annuals, a record of all business transactions and expenditures. An important cog in the success of our staff meetings is the staff secretary who keeps track of the attendance and a record of all goings-on at the meetings. lf our combined efforts have succeeded in giving you moments of joy and happiness in reading this album, we shall realize that our work has not been in vain. Page 43 legen Low" . W Row I-Fisher, Shanahan, Spratt, Wisbrod, Miss Zander, Linn, Gagle, Iacobs, Dzikowsky. Row 24Albert, Lund, Grossman, London, Boehme, Sears, Adinamis, Kosky, Unger, Troy, Aldrich, DeBella. Row 3-Waiculis, Poley, Youngstrum, Gilbert, Danielson, Decker, Nanus, Rubin, Bergquist, Cohen, Elezovich. THE WEEKLY O As a school paper, The "E" Weekly serves a double purpose: it informs and entertains. With the exception of the actual printing, The "E" Weekly is published entirely by students, from the news gathering and writing to the final proof reading, under the supervision of Miss Ioanna Zander, editorial advisor. The business staff under the guidance of Mr. Arthur Fitzgerald, has charge of advertising, circulation, and bookkeeping. Each year The "E" Weekly sends delegates to the National Scholastic Press convention, the Medill Press Conference and meetings of the Greater Chicago Scholastic Press Guild. The "E" Weekly was represented by nineteen staff members at the last annual convention of the National Scholastic Press Asso- ciation held last November in Chicago. Many prized awards have been won by the students in contests and in annual ratings of the newspaper. Twice a year together with the Purple and White staff, The "E" Weekly holds a banquet undef the auspices of the H. F. Harrington chapter of Quill and Scrolljl international honorary society for high school journalists. At the banquet qualified students are initiated into the organization, and awards for outstanding service are made. At that time, also, announcement of the staff for the coming semester is made. Page 44 ROW 1-lljlarcbone, Chimerinsky, Flegar, Despres, Moody, Mr. Fitzgerald, Radovan, Magid, Rasgon, ac son. Row 2-Pasqua, Ruggiero, Gower, Wise, Miller, Seifert, Fishman, Kruchell. Row 3ePowarzynski, Chancellor, Erlandson, Richard, Shulman, Schotke, Piazza, Friedstrom. Tl-IE WEEKLY STAFF Editor ..... . . .Frances M. Linn Desk Editor . . . . .Geraldine Wisbrod Literary Editor . . . . .Ruth Fisher Makeup Editor .. .... larnes Decker Publicity Editor. . . ....... . . . . . . . . . . ..... Marion Elezovich Copy Editors. . . . . .Ruth Kasky, Starr Spratt, Elli Troy, Sophie Dzikowski EDITORIAL DEPARTMENT BUSINESS Alumni News ....... , ............ Helen Waiculis Rusiness Manager ............. Blanche Despres Bells and Books .... ...... E meer. cohen 'fggfglggl -'------ - ----- Q33 litrirfifvvn Curious Cub ...... ....... A qnes Boehme Circulation Manager... ...... Chimeiirlggg Do You Know .... ............ I ames Decker Logiigtgfllsgaflcrio---ixq ---- , ----'-' E--,Ann MGQM Finer Things .... .... B etty Ann Shanahan Elaine ge11Abtk:pElT1Z1 Qgffglfnl rgliflesuzqfgi Room News ......................... Alice Albert man, Hazel Friedstrom. Vert Column. . I ' ' . . I . - ..-. ' l I ' ' . . ' . .Starr Sprmt' Mail Circulation .................. Marion Rasqon Ruth Fisher, Blanche Despres. ........ .... gl velyn Kruchell File Clerks .... Mary Ruth Grossman, Lois Gilbert Assistant? 'U OfO'1E'fgiSFW':g R rtersuuu.-Elayne Iucobsl Samuel London' Advertising Sales .......... b ....... Martin Moody epfiaeyer Rubin' Steno Adincmusl Lillian Unger' Asrsistcangsiua...All?l5rI1IR1chards, Paul Tillman Priscilla Bergquist, Elaine Poley, lol-in Sears, Pubugsy run Son' 1 mm S5Y?:imi N b Robert Kinney, Harry. Danielson, Philip Assistant. Rucgggg-2 Y0UY1CJSl1'0mf Tomas Aldrich' Art Staff .......... .: .......... Lorrayne Iackson, Editorial Advisor ................ Ioanna Zander iJI1Si?rp0W0f2YUk1fAA10nZ0 ChGY1C9l1O1', Samuel Financial Advisor .... ..... A rthur I. Fitzgerald Clerks .... -. ,. ....... Peggy Gower, Eva Seifert Paqe 45 A Row 1-Vukelich, Phillips, Lambros, Fratto, Mrs. Daker, Bozich, Scxbbia, Cline, Riordan, Timmermcm. Row 2-Adams, Rogers, Waiculis, Petrancosta, Iohnson, Taglia, Nai-bone. FAI CGM President ..... ...... K atie Fratto VicePresiden'1 .. .... Gertrude Bozich Secretary .... .... M ary Sabbia Treasurer ....... .... A nn Larnbros Social Chairman. . . ......... Hazel Phillips Sponsor ........ . . .Mrs. Catherine Daker O The Fai Com, or the Rest Room Club, Was organized three years ago. The purpose of the club is, that every girl in the school may receive first aid, and medical service, such as may be provided tor by Mrs. Daker, the Matron, and the members ot the club, her assistants. The room is operated by the members of the Fai Com-Faithful Comrades, their motto is Res non verba, meaning deeds not words . . . which is lived up to, as much as possible. Membership is limited to junior and senior girls. The rest room is open from the first to the ninth period. The Fai Com meetings are held once every two Weeks, at these meetings they plan their social activities. ln the past semester the Fai Com has held: A Weenie roast, roller skating party, picnic, holiday parties and swimming parties. Mrs. Daker is the sponsor and Mr. I. Kriewitz has been the faculty advisor. Page 46 Row l-Strommer, Pasqua, Dow, Strommer, Mrs. Santschi, Adams, Ruqqiero, Piazza, Riell. Row 2-Kelly, Goldberg, Gastenko, Vinston, Poree, Iordan, Ruler, Couts, E Mezilson. BOCKROOM CLUB President ...... . . .Theresa -Strommer Vice-President ........... . . .Mamie Adams Secretary and Treasurer ........................... Muriel Dow Social Chairmen ........... losephine Piazza and Emma Pasqua Publicity ....... ................... G race Ruggiero Sponsor . . . .... Mrs. Santchi O The Bookroom Club was organized by the students oi Englewood High, who otter their services as Bookroom assistants in order to efficiently check and help distribute the textbooks which we use in our classrooms. The club was also organized so that all members could take part in social and educa- tional activities. All members of the club devote at least one or more periods daily working in the Bookroom. Only those members who are in good standing as Bookroorn assistants may belong to the club. Two 'meetings are held each month, the first is a business meeting and the second a social meeting at which members have a swell time. This social meeting tends to promote the necessary social atmosphere which is thoroughly enjoyed by the members. Students in the club are expected to know the location ot all textbooks and the procedure which accompanies the withdrawal and return oi books. The bookroom must also be kept neat and orderly. All new books when delivered to the school are prepared for distribution by the bookroom assistants. The service that they give in handling books offers a varied acquaintance with the newest and best textbooks available. Page 47 Row l-Shimbel, Ioscht, Benson, Baham, Kasky, Mr. Connors, Iacikas, Patinkin, Mangen, Basilion. Row 2-Perkovic, Sanders, Burkhard, Iishman, Epstein, Blake, Rhodes, Kops, Kristensen. Row 3-Hamilton, Franklin, Brimmer, Riley, Davies, Connor, Shimets, Miller, Page, Bowles, Lezynski. Row 4-Roberts, Boehme, Kastran, Casement, Pitts, Andreen., Rardin, Haynes, Harris, Botica, Stickles. STUDENT CCUNCIL President ..... .... A rthur lacikas Vice-President . . . .... Emilie Baham Treasurer ........ ..... R uth Kasky Social Chairman .......... .... ............ F r ieda Patinkin 0 Bearing in mind the school's Wishes, the Student Council meets every other Week to pass laws for the general good of the school. One pupil is chosen from each division and several from Iunior and Senior Halls, and they in turn represent their classmates at the meetings. The follow- ing day the delegates are required to give a report to their division rooms, thus informing the Whole school of the Council's accomplishments. At the beginning of the semester, laws to ease congestion in the corridors and rules governing cleanliness were enforced. Later, a contest was held to find two suitable songs which could be sung at all athletic competitions. Also, the Council collaborated with the Red Cross to secure discarded toys, and distribute them to needy families. The projects undertaken were numerous, and although some of them were not altogether successful, others proved to be wholly beneficial to the school. The club, however, does not function entirely upon work, as the Social Chairman plans a gala occasion for all its members at least once a month. Under the guidance of Mr. Connors, the Student Council has had expert sponsorship, and in addition, received splendid cooperation from the students and faculty. The Constitution has been rebound and several copies made this semester. lt will be left for all future members and officers, under which they will function. Page 48 Row Row Row Row 5-Parker, Berry, Rice, Carrington, Yonik, Miss Baker, Dumetz, Ketchum, Simpson, Webb. 3-Salter, Cheathem, Strickland, Adams, Kenney, Winslow, R. Carter, Brownfield, Carter, Iohns Fuqua, Fuqua, Lynch, Freeman, Onsley, Dixon, Duncan, Webb. Fratto. Charles Schweich, Taylor, Claybrooks. Bc1rnett,' I-Iartfield, Petrancosta, Bledsoe, Goolsby, Gastenko, Arrington, Dawson, M. Scott, SENICDP SYMPOSIUM President ..... . . .Tedward Dumetz Vice-President .. ....... Leon Yonik Secretary ..... . . .Matilda Ketchum Treasurer . . . . .Clifton Carrington Sponsor . . . . .Miss Ruth Baker O The Senior Symposium is a student organization which dedicates itself whole-heartedly to the proposition that news whether it be local, national, or international, must be discussed soon after it has happened. Approximately five semesters ago a group of seniors, wishing to increase their knowledge of current affairs, organized the symposium. Miss Ruth Baker agreed to act as sponsor. Thus originated one of the most outstanding informative clubs in Englewood. The organization consists of seniors only, therefore making it Very exclusive. The meetings are opened, presided over and closed by the President, who must be one capable of handling any situation at any time. The Senior Symposium, at many times, has been given both the honor and privilege of listening to outside speakers, who have done much to enlarge our scope of knowledge on affairs of the World. These speakers are intelligent, civic minded people whose business it is to keep abreast of world happenings. This organization is accomplishing a great deal by acquainting the senior student body with the affairs of today. The symposium hopes to continue its fine work throughout the coming year with the proper co-operation of all enterprising seniors. Page 49 Y- Row 1-Scott, Woodfolk, Carrington, Miller, Adkins, Miss Kiely, Kenney, Latham, Linn, Graham. Pow 2-Uarfiwick. London. Warren, Carpenter, Young, Krizer. Wilson Gracl' Row 3iWalton, Brownfield, Schwager, R. Wilson, Mallory, Simpson, Carter, Thompson, Winslow, Kenney. LA SQCIEDAD PAN-AMERICANA President ..... .. .Melvin Kenny Vice-President .. .... Mary Adkins Secretary ..... .... E velyn Miller Treasurer .. .... Alfred Latham Reporter ....... ....... I ane Woodfolk Social Chairman .... .... C lifton Carrington Program Chairman. . . ..... Maurice Scott 0 La Sociedad Pan-Americana, a fourth year Spanish Club, under the spon- sorship of Miss Katherine Kiely was re-organized on September 8, l939, and meets once a month, the third period in Room 230. The program includes send- ing delegates, Anderson Mallory, Alfred Winslow and Frances Linn to the loop meetings of the Student Pan-American Leagues of Chicagoland which was organized to learn more about Spanish speaking countries. After the business sessions, carefully prepared programs, based on some specific Spanish speaking country are presented with the National songs of that country. After which the students salute the flag and sing America, then Ramona, the club's theme song is sung. 5 Halloween, Columbus Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas fiestas are given. A graduation program is also held honoring the February Class during which each individual who has successfully completed four years of Spanish at the Englewood High is presented with a diploma. At this exercise the graduates wear caps and gowns. As a finishing touch to a very memorable day a suit- able program is prepared and refreshments are served. Page 50 w Q Miss Grace Ioy Mrs. Lura Mahurin Mrs. Elizabeth Feldman Miss Anne De Haan Mrs. Edith Olson Miss Iean Roland Miss Edith Jordan GIRLSX GYM DEPT. 0 There are seven teachers in the Girls' Physical Education Department. Between them they try to see that 2800 girls are taught Gym, Health and Swim- ming. Besides this they conduct the Girls' Athletic Association, an organization of 2000 girls. Miss Grace A. Ioy is head of the department. Mrs. Feldman is sponsor of the G.A.A. for this year. Miss Del-laan is in charge of the Letter girls. Miss Olson has charge of the locker room guards. To Miss Roland come all the lost locks. Miss Riley has the duty of loaning gym suits to all who cannot afford them. These suits are supplied from G.A.A. funds. Miss Iordan was the last teacher to be assigned. She came to us from George Williams College. The gym classes average 60 pupils and there's never a dull moment. The girls have five minutes to dress for gym and must report to their squad in the gym on time. Now that we have our new locker rooms, each girl has an indi- vidual booth with bench and curtain for privacy in dressing. There are forty showers. Each girl is required to shower after gym class. The girls are graded on their work, which includes dancing, games, ap- paratus, swimming, and marching tacticsp on their attendance and on their gym uniforms. These are green romper suits with name embroidered in white, gym shoes and white anklets. Each gym teacher has a secretary and student teacher each period. They help to keep things running smoothly. With such large numbers to handle their help is invaluable. Health counseling is done by all teachers. The Gym Dept. is a big, busy and usually haDPY unit in Englewood. Page 51 Row 1-Roberts, Deqymas, Plummer, Biliack, Miss DeHaan, Wozniak, Shanahan, Archambeau, Waiculis. Row 2-Iohnson, Anderson, Korol, Silverman, Niec, Freeman, Dunklin, Pollock, Chirillo. LETTER GIRLS' CLUB President ...... . . .Marion Silverman Vice-President . . . . . .losephine Niec Secretary ..... . . .Gloria Rogers Treasurer ...... . . .Mary Dunklin Social Chairman . . .... Dora Chirillo 0 Nineteen of our Englewood girls have earned their major athletic "E" 's. This means that they have secured one thousand G.A.A. points, which is the standard requirement tor a letter in all public high schools in Chicago. A letter may be won in not less than two years. There is a wide range ot activities in which to participate in order to secure this honor symbol. A girl may earn points by engaging in various after-school sports, as well as in gymnasium class work, sportsmanship, posture, proficiency tests and gymnasium secretarial work. lt is necessary to maintain a passing grade in all academic subjects which in turn entitles the girl to points, An athletic assembly is held each semester at which each girl who has earned one thousand G.A.A. points receives her large purple and white athletic "E" as her award. After winning her "E", she tries tor a chevron. For this she must earn three hundred and fifty points. There are tour chevrons and three hundred and fifty points are required for each. Only one chevron may be secured during a semester. Any girl having earned tour chevrons on her "E" may be considered an outstanding person. The purpose ot the Letter Girls is to promote athletics among lower classmen. They do this by assisting as referees, student teachers, student leaders and encouraging other girls to win letters. Page 52 e. ' 'MCH'- Row 1-Zermitas, Allario, Eatman, Miss Ioy, Stutsman, Mijcm, Hubler. Row 2-Adams, Spikner, Miskevics, Evans, Browns, Eubanks, Crosswhite, Bolden, Dejean. "SOON CLUB President .................................... Alberta De lean Vice-President and Secretary ..... ...Carol Stulzman Treasurer ..................... . . . Mary Zermaitis Publicity Chairman . . . . ........... .... A udrey Eubanks 0 The activities of the "Five Hundred Club" are many, one of the main objectives being to create an interest in our school and the G.A.A. Any girl wearing a "500 Club" emblem may be proud because it shows school spirit, sportsmanship, scholarship, and hard work. Girls not only work for points in sports, but in academic subjects, too. ln doing these things they develop a healthy body and a strong mind. "The "500 Club" is the half Way mark in the journey to a school letter which requires 1000 points. We try to get girls to join together and have a good time. When we plan parties we always ask a few outside teachers so that the girls may get acquainted with them. November 20, l939, we gave a party for the letter girls and gym teachers. Mrs. Conners and Miss Graff were also invited. A swim was enjoyed first, then a warm luncheon followed by movies of the girls themselves. Five Hundred Club Girls volunteered to decorate the gyms and gym offices for Christmas which they did beautifully. lt added greatly to the cheer of the season. Another committee was chosen to buy and dress dolls, and toys for a needy family. Sometime after Christmas we will challenge the Letter Girls to a game of Captain ball. The girls will wear their purple sweaters and emblems over their gym suits. Miss loy will take movies of both teams. For the following semester each member will "adopt" a freshman division room and prepare the girls in that division for the "500 club." ln this way we hope to sponsor every freshman division. Page 53 if Page 54 Ha a ,. Aiea: s firm ,hi e-- "N, Y ' . 'N-:rv Q4 fi' -4,0 NL -11? 1. F5 Ny? P. PLAYFELLOWS Row l Iacobs, Rubin, Dugan, Kraehmer Mrs. Riqby, Papke, Madsen, Nel- son, Suskin. Row 2 Villanova, Raclovan, Elezovich Spratt, Dzikowski, Wilkinson, Luke Boehme, DeBel.a. LES ETOILES FRANCAISES Row 1 Rantis, Shelton, Smytho, Hannett, Taylor, Miss Quinn, Claybrooks, Anthony, Barnett, Traylor. Row 2 Johnson, Austin, MCCIGY, lohnson. Robinson, Ramey, Sharp, McGhee, Lewis, Alexander, Williams. Row 3 Spalding, Tallarico, Hixson, Yonik Mandusick, Rubinstein, Vestal Baugh, Curry, Hite. GIRLS CHORUS Row l Titsworth, Waide, Grabowski, Gel- ler, Levy, Miss Mangan, Wozniak Dyian, Gaston, Kyras, Warner. Row 2 Wigoda, Lostroscio, Erickson, Sau- cier, Spikner, Cord, London, Guest Torok, Kennedy, E, Geller, LaSeur Enqelberg. Row 3 Allen, Hickey, DeBleyzer, Griswold Tallarico, Garney, Mangen, Fowler Fitzgerald, Kaster, Berger, Strom: mer, Unverricht. LIBRARY Row l TenCate, Timmermann, Duncan Smith, Salter, Strickland, Tolson Sanders, Traylor, Katzenberger, Broecker. Row 2 Tucker, Castro, Chemerinsky, Bridges, White, Meyer, Kasky, Bussee. Row 3 Kunqis, Iohnson, Tallarico, Broeck- er, Vukelich, Kaehler, DuPree, letferson, Patinkin, Parker, Wilkins, Withers. Row 4 Zilus, Foster, P. Blundell, Rinqle, Steifanopoulos, Brodsky, Bozich, Wilkinson, Ronchetto, Cesich, I. Blundell, Saucier. I . p 1 1 1 ORATORS Row 1 Mitchell, Krugman, Taylor, Adams, Mrs. Rigby, Druley, Burroughs, Seckbach, Hutolarvich. Row 2 Vassalla, Ochoa, Gregory, Swisto- wicz, Gorney, Vessels, Potter, Hood, Taylor, Meckler, Roesler, Apicella. FRENCH CLUB Row 1 Haywood, Mansion, Douglass, Kap- lan, Miss Quinn, Carter, Girolamo, Hamilton, Levitt. Row 2 Grant, Nathan, Mahoney, Cooke, LaCroix, Emmons, Pappas, Miss Mitchell, Abbey, Blume, Rivers, Doudy. Row 3 Wright, Posey, Roman, Ramey, Webb, Johnson, Green, Hixson, Sykes, McDonough, Harrison. Sneed. QUID NUNC Rowl Fortner, Plummer, Reeks, Bradley, Miss Kinney, Spidne, Dyian, Nel- son, Pearson, Clay Row Z Starks, Prince, Rhodes, Thomas, Stradum, LaTeef, Childress, Wil- liamson, Malloy, King. Row 3 O'Connor, Green, Tyrrell, McElroy, Wishnoff, Iohnson, Cook. CHEM-PHY-BI How 1 Kenney, Iohns, Turnquest, Ander- son, Mr. Moretti, Stepto, Arrington, Ketchum, Prince, Miller. Row Z Duncan, Hendrix, Fuqua, Sanders, Bledsoe, Withers, Gastenko, Salter, Henderson, Goldbe rg, Tolson, Smith, Wilkins. Row 3 Plummer, Schweich, Winslow, Brownfield, Webb, Durnetz, Parker, Simpson, McElroy, Hood, R. Car- ter, M. Carter, G. Hixson, I. Hixon. Row 4 Ball, Iohnson, Adkins, Goolsby, Clay, Bowles, Adams, Charles, Barnes, Wilkins, Hayes, Clay- brooks, Scott, Browne. Page 55 Page 56 STUDENT COURT Row 1 Patinkin, Krieger, Farrell, Stearns, Miss Iohnson, Iohnson, Papke, Giudice, Kasky, Schweich. HONOR SOCIETY Row 1 Puetz, Osberq, Vias, Emmons, Sal- ter, Calloway, Carter, Iacikas, Tillman, Iohnson, Wisbrod, Clay- brooks, Hutchison, Rantis, Linn, Baham. STUDENT POLICE Row 1 Mortimer, McElroy, Readus, Hood, Silverman, Kriewitz, Simpson, Gas- taut, Kraehmer, Colby. Row 2 Schmidt, Cook, Friedman, Charles, Brownfield, Iohnson, Mazarakis, Frascona, Hladky, Rumchek, Er- landson, Clay, Spoto, Carter, Brad- ley. FIDELIS Row 1 Mazurek, Steiansky, Stastny, Rog- ers, Mrs. Perkins, Tondo, Silver- man, Beireis. Row 2 Neumeier, Darlas, Preissler, Peter- son, Orseske, Patinkin, Pizzarello, Unverricht. FIRE MARSHALLS Row l Fink, Miller, Barry, Mumane, Be- dale, Teqtmeier, Vesecky, Peters, Tillman. Row 2 Weibel, Gironda, Miller, Stein. Easley, Stearns, Gulis, Iohnson, Schwaqer, Towns, Gilman, Beck- With, Kondiles. SENICDR FAI -9 X F ll? ev COMMITTEES AND I-IGNOES VALEDICTORIAN cuo VIAS SALUTATOEIAN EMILIE BAHAM CLASS IEWELRY COMMITTEE ARTHUR IACIKAS cuo VIAS SWEATER COMMITTEE RAMONA ERWIN DOROTHY HUTCHISON ALLEN PARKER RAYMOND SMITH CLASS GIFT COMMITTEE EMILIE BAHAM THERESA ABERNATHY CONSTANCE.ARmNGTON Page 59 LETTER AND OTHER AWARDS Letters were awarded to the following people for the Various act1v1t1es indicated below at the letter award assembly on December 8, I939: PURPLE AND WHITE CONSTANCE ARRINGTON MILTON KONDILES ROBERT CLAYBROOKS LORRAINE LENCZEWSKI CAROLYN EMMONS "E" WEEKLY MARION ELEZOVICI-I FRANCES LINN STUDENT COUNCIL EMILIE BAI-IAM LAWRENCE CALLOWAY WILLA MAE BURNETT LAWRENCE CALLOWAY RICHARD CARTER ROBERT CLAYBROOKS ZEPHYRNN DUNCAN DRAMA MAR1oN ELEzov1cH GIRLS' GLEE CLUB 1oY SWEENEY A CARPELLA HAZEL HARDWICK CARRIE HARTFIELD PHENITA OUSLEY ALLEN PARKER MILDRED RATLIFF MARIO LOMBARDO ALICE STRICKLAND CLIO VIAS GERALDINE WISBROD ARTHUR IACIKAS GEORGIA MAE RICE ULDYN SALTER MAURICE SCOTT CHARLES VESSEI..S ALFRED WINSLOW EAI COM MARION EI-EZOVICH FRIEDA PETRANCOSTA KATHERINE PRArTo MARY SABBIA BAND AND ORCHESTRA EMILIE BAHAM WILLIAM oooK cARoLYN EMMoNs sol:-HIE BOCKUS LORRAINE PUETZ RosAL1E BRowNE LILLIAN TRoTTER Page SO LETTER AND OTHER AWARDS ZEPHYRNN DUNCAN ULDYN SALTER EMILY GALLINETTI IENNY NARBONE IACK GILMAN GWENN COLOMBO The following boys received athletic letters MELAIN ANDERSON CARMEN CANDELA IERRY DONOVAN TED ELK NATHANIEL FREEMAN EDWARD GAUSTAUT LIBRARY NETTYE SANDERS EDROSE SMITH C. I. C. STAGE CREW ART THERESA ABERNATHY SAFETY PLACQUES ATHLETICS CHARLES HAMILTON RICHARD HIRSCH RAY IENKINS CHARLES IOHNSON CLIFFORD IOHNSON LERTON KRUSI-IAS R. O. T. C. ALICE STRICKLAND MARIORIE TOLSON CLIO VIAS LUCILLE WILSON WILBUR KRAEI-IMER IANE LUDLUM during the semester: ROBERT LATIMER EUGENE LONG ' NORMAN LOVICH WILLIAM MOSS EDWARD WILLAND The following cadets received special medals at an assembly on Ianuary 4: BENIAMIN ARMSTRONG RICHARD CLAY DAVID COLBY DONALD DAVIES IERRY DONAVAN MORRIS GANT EERNARD HARD ALVIN IOHNSON DONALD LEAHY ROTERT KEERNS EDWARD LEWIS LEON MANN ROBERT MCCRAY IOHN MILLER ELYSEO TAYLOR Page 51 fl 1 1 CLASS WILL OF FEBRUARY, 1940 ENGLEWOOD HIGH SCHOOL, 6201 Stewart Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. We, the Senior Class of February, Nineteen Hundred and Forty, of the Engle- wood High School, being in sane and sound frame of mind, do hereby con- struct and declare this, our last will and testament, avowing all such docu- ments heretofore published as null and void. ARTICLE I . To Mr. Thompson we leave our sincerest appreciation for the way in which he guided our school lives. To Miss Wheelock we leave a group of students, who, on the first day of school, will attend the classes for which they register. To Mrs. Manley we leave a whole week without a single 205 visitor. To Miss Mitchell we leave the invention of a shoulder radio. To Mr. Kriewitz We leave our cherished and undiminished hope that Engle- wood will in some year become 10071 Englebooster. To Mr. Cheadle we leave a Purple and White staff which will never "peeve" him. To Mr. Burnham we leave a Senior Hall that is perfectly punctual all semester. To Miss Kincheloe we leave a class which is perfect scholastically. To Miss Ouinn we leave another 4A class which will appreciate her as much as we did. To Mr. Wilson we leave package upon package of red ribbon. To Mr. Moretti we leave a book on "Laughter and I-low to Preserve It." To Miss Kinney we leave a lot of Latin students who will make Cicero look like kindergarten stuff. To Miss Baker we leave pupils who will be able to comprehend the admin- istration of our Government. To Mr. Conners we leave a semester in which it is unnecessary to make a single arrest. ARTICLE II Penelope Anthony leaves her English precocity to Pearl Fishman. Constance Arrington leaves her chic ensembles to Blanche Baugh. Myrl Bergland leaves her soft, musical voice to Alice O'Dea. Iohn Beckwith leaves his mild manner to Doris lohnson. Rosalie Browne leaves her studious demeanor to Elizabeth Seng. Page BZ Robert Claybrooks leaves his thirst for publicity to Elayne lacobs. Harold Druley leaves his extensive knowledge of current events to Starr Spratt. Catherine Economakis leaves her confusing name to Iohn Hutalarevich. Carolyn Emmons leaves her love for literature to Walter Wentzel. Emily Gallinetti leaves her cute hair bows to Elli Troy. The Gironda twins leave their ability to confuse teachers to the Downing twins. Mary lane Hite leaves her proficiency in French to George Rubenstein. Milton Kondiles leaves his irksome duties as business manager to his successor. Wilbur Kraehmer leaves his adeptness as a stage hand to William Kaiser. Lorraine Lenczewski leaves her editorial ability to the next editor. Mario Lombardo leaves his "way with the women" to Carmen Candella. Samuel McElroy leaves his Latin haircut to lrwin Goldblatt. Sidney Miller leaves his flaming top to lacqueline Lynch. Virginia Moran leaves her musical ability to Michael De Bella. Iennie Narbone leaves her clerical skill to Grace Ruggerio. Theresa Ochoa leaves her winning personality to Waldi Kleining. Martin Olsen leaves his worn-out tux to Edward Gastaut. Mary O'Rourke leaves her petite charm to Alice Albert. Daniel O'Shea leaves his sartorial elegance to Ierry Donovan. Frieda Petrancosta leaves her curly locks to Dave Colby. tHe asked for them.J Gloria Retinger leaves her Spanish to Gardner Burford the can have itl. Blanche Schwartz leaves her jitterbug antics to Kathleen Riordon. Roena Teters leaves those cute dimples to Dorothy Wilkinson. Clio Vias leaves her ghost to haunt all Honor Society members who do not pay their dues promptly to future Honor Society members. In Witness Thereof, we have duly subscribed our name and have affixed our seal at 6201 Stewart Ave., Chicago, lll., County of Cook, this 5th day of December, in the esteemed and respectable presence of Mr. Burnham and Miss Quinn Whom we have requested to become attesting witnesses hereto. THE FEBRUARY CLASS OF 1940. MAURICE SCOTT, President. TEDWARD DUMETZ, Vice-President. We hereby certify that the above document is legal in all respects, and comes under the limits prescribed by the Illinois Statutes. Legal Representatives: Miss Anna Iohnson, Attorney. Mr. William T. Connors, Attorney. Page 63 WHGXS WHO Thirty outstanding members of the graduating class, as se- lected by the members oi the class and teachers, are brought into the limelight through the WHO'S WHG election conducted by the PURPLE and WHITE. They Were selected because of high scholarship, character, popularity, personality, and good citizen- ship. Twenty Were selected by the class and ten by the faculty. Louis Adams Emily Baham Marmaduke Carter Edgar Charles Robert Claybrooks Tedward Dumetz Marion Elezovich Victor Gironda Fred Gironda Dorothy Hutchison Arthur lacikas Milton Kondiles Frances Linn Lorraine Lenczewski Emily Matuna Mario Lombardo lane Ludlum Sidney Miller Martin Olsen Marion Osberg Georgia Hantis Gloria Hetinger Uldyn Salter Nettye Sanders Blanche Schwartz Alice Strickland Bessie Thomas Maurice Scott Clio Vias Geraldine Wisbrod Sophie Witkowski P Q 64 CLASS PROPI-IECY OF IANUARY, 1940 Beneath this little introduction Is our omen that soon will function. The talents and the character traits Of all our noted classmates This mighty work of ours relates. v . THERESA ABERNATHY'S artistic hands Will make her famous throughout the lands. LOUIS ADANIB, a photographer swell, Will always continue to do his job well. EMILIE BAHAM, who is indeed very smart, Will to the world contribute a part. LULU BRADLEY, our civic pride, Will make some man a fine young bride. LAWRENCE CALLOWAY we all agree A ballet dancer some day will be. MARMADUKE CARTER We'll someday show That the English language is the best to know. RICHARD CARTER, a talkative fellow, Will never raise his voice above a bellow. EDGAR CHARLES, with his winning ways, Will have a wife one of these days. RICHARD CLAY, a mathematics shark, In this field some day will make his mark. ROBERT CLAYBROOKS an actor will be And play in Shakesperean tragedy. TEDWARD DUMETZ, with musket and sword, Will in the next war be an army lord. ZEPI-IYRNN DUNCAN as a Modiste par excellence Will some day rival Schiapparelli of France. MARION ELEZOVICH, of the charming smile, Will someday many hearts beguile. CAROLYN EMMONS will us all surpise By writing a novel and winning the Pulitzer prize. ANTHONY FRASCONA, that fellow so handsome, By a princess will be kidnapped and held for ransom. Page 65 Lanw T ani Nl ix CN o IAS C HBV ,Mu-1 C5 YJQBK Nmumes mn E , QQIACQ why Fi II" 'Q Olnl Ov 'X Ak 141 l4qA,Nl'fdf ,QFQQ 5- F515 OXO FARGO! S 6 Page 66, CLASS PROPHECY CContinuedD KATIE FRATTO, the lively one, To success will speed like the flash of a gun. ROBERT GILLIGAN, the looy so gay, Is sure to succeed in his merry Irish way. IANIE HIXSON as a university coed Undoubtedly will succeed and get ahead. DOROTHY HUTCHISON is quiet we'll admit But on the top rung of the ladder of success will ARTHUR IACIKAS, tall and fair, Is destined to be a millionaire. MAVIS IOHNSON, shy, but oh so sweet, Will make some rich man's heart quickly beat. MATILDA KETCHUM, that girl of charms, Will be one of our modern school marms. MILTON KONDILES, we prophesy Will become a G-Man on the F.B.I. LORRAINE LENCZEWSKFS name will claim For her a place in the Hall of Fame. FRANCES LINN, boss of the "E", To the door of success holds the key. MARIO LOMBARDO, of course we know Will someday end up on a radio show. IANE LUDLUM, the Winsome lass, Down the road to success will surely pass. EMILY MATUNA, the girl worth-while, In time of stress will always have a smile. MARTIN OLSEN, that ladies' man, Will marry an heiress if he can. MARION OSBERG, whom we all admire, In Sweden will find her heart's desire. ALLEN PARKER, upright and square, Through life will go without a care. LORRAINE PUETZ, on her twinkling toes Will dance her way into Broadway shows. sit Page 67 CLASS PROPHECY tConcludedJ GEORGIA RANTIS, a very good worker, Will never be known as a shirker. ULDYN SALTER with her Wide range of knowledge Is sure to teach in a Big Ten College. MAURICE SCOTT, that little man, Will always do the best he can. NETTYE SANDERS will be a poet grand And be acclaimed throughout the land. SANFORD SI-IARLOW, of the keyboard fame, In this field will make a name. LOUIS SPOTO, that swimming champ, Will some day be in an Olympic camp. ALICE STRICKLAND a teacher will be And tell the kiddies about history. IOY SWEENEY, with her lovely voice As an opera star will be the critic's choice. GERTRUDE UDKOPF, peDDY and gay, Will always keep her winning way. CLIO VIAS, radiant and demure, Will marry a college man we're all sure. GERALDINE WISBBOD, that Englewood hiqhbrow, Will some day learn to control that eyebrow. LEON YONIK we know will discover some day That "a real democracy" is the good old U.S.A. And to all of you we did not mention You're sure to get your old age pension. With this prophecy before us all, The hand stops writing on the Wall, And just two words yet remain- We say them now, "Auf Wiedersehen. ROBERT CLAYBROOKS CAROLYN EMMONS CLIO VIAS. Page 68 ADVERTISING ll'C7' .X -,ff 0'L 410 .rg vs Viva? QSVE' Oo X, XV vp -40" Qfk SZXUGA CF Page 70 O 'C il.41.Iq-mi-ln1.u.....n1,g1,,1.-M1 .-ln.-tm ..1Iu Chicago ollege of Commerce ayEoilIlIigliI,S2h0ol 6309 Yale Avenue FOUQUETTE'S The Store with a Reputation fOpposite Main Entrancel FOUNTAIN. CANDY LUNCHEONETTE SERVICE Tank Suits-Girls' Cups-Gym Suits Mechanical Drawing Sets of All Kinds .-1.1lg.-I,-....-gg.-uliln.-u,1I...-..1.m..1u.1. We Wish To Thank Our Advertisers For Their Patronaqe A THE PURPLE 6. WHITE ENGLEWOOD HIGH -. 1. 1un1ul1un-nlilwiuiilu-nuinu--nu1llio Offering Courses in Tjpewriting, Shorthand, Bookkeeping, Accounting and Comptometry I Convenient New: Location Tel. Weniivorth 0994 ?vI1ull-nnl1uu1nn-- 1 -u1ul1ll--ln1nn1ll-111, i Drex. 6009 Expert Service 5 i Compliments i T of A I ' I 5 PARKVIEW BARBER SHOP I 360 East 51st Street I 2 T Efficiency - Cleanliness - Courtesy ! alT'll11lU11llll3C TIITUII-illi-llilllll-TIITUIIIISIIJ ?ol-nu 1111 T 11111 n1un1u.!. I t I . T SUPREME LIBERTY I i LIFE INSURANCE L 1 COMPANY i Chicago E - 1 i went. 9200 3500 so. Parkway 4l1llIl1lllTll1'llTl U1 lllillillillilllllilg Page 71 49.1.3...Quip-...1..1..1..1..1.......1....-uini Ili..-..1un-n1p.1..i..i.p..gp. 1 -.. It's Smart To Have a Snack at l 1 SLI1VI'S HAV-A-SNACK i Specializing In I ' Monsrno- THE 1-lor Doc I lServed with Mustard, Piccalilli, Onions, Pickles, Peppers, French Friesl I IITTERBURGER, HAMBURGER, STEAKS, SANDWICHES ! HOT TAMALES I CHILI I ETC. l Be Wise - Eat at SIim's i 302 W. 63rd St. Wentworth 5865 I -1--..-..-.......-...-..-...-...-...-.......-..- - .-..-...-..-. .-.. ..-......-.....-..-..-np ?u:ll--ll1ln1ll- 1 - I-ll-:ll1lI1lu-111141, tfnl1lu1 1lu-nill-uin1ll::l1ul-1ll-11 I Drex. 4874 Free Delivery e g Compliments I l oi I ' 1 g Chuck's Sandwich Shop i som souur Pmk - 1 Q Gumbo - Chitterlings - Barbecue I in T --lnrlI-1lnvllilliluilluiuuillill-1llillvlnin a'au-ll1ul1nI1ul1ls1nl1lu1uu- 1 --ulxuia i 1 l IACK 6. IILL i l Ice Cream Parlor i i 300 W. 63rd St. T I Complete Fountain Service I E i Sodas Sundaes ! I Mensa Milk Milk shakes .ilTlllll"-ll1'lllll i1Ti ll1ll1lllll1I5g 0:01-'lil'-nn -----1 ruin-.---I-.,!, l I i VIENNA BAKE 1 sHoPPE 7 l "Where Qualities ll L Prevail" 308 West 63rd Street E T 1:11:11 -ll-uuiuuinn-11:11-ul1 - ininin Page 72 I Atlantic 1211-1140 We Deliver All Night i Compliments of MARTIN'S CHICKEN SHACK 5012 South Parkway Chicago less Martin Earl Martin, Mgr. IQQQQI-I.--1.11.1 - 1-nuinuinn-un--1111:-uf: Quin-tuI1II1111-lu:u1ll1uu1ul-1ll1ll1u-T CLUB HOUSE i GROCERY AND MARKET I Cameron A. Urquhart Wholesale and Retail Phones Englewood 8994-5-6 l 6054-56 Normal Boulevard -..-...-..-..-..-..-...-...-..-..-..-..-...Q ITIITIliIIT!ITlIITllillTllillTllillTll1l? ENGLEWOOD HIGH SCHOOL LUNCH Room 1 which is sponsored and served by the 5 Englewood Women's Club. desires to : thank Faculty and Students for patron- l age during the last year, and asks for I their loyalty and co-operation during l the coming year. ! TllillTlliliTllillT illilli illilllli 0l0l:n1..i...-..- 1 1.1.1 1 1,.....1...- Roses are red Violets are blue, L A well knitted sweater ll Is best for you. I l Genuine 1 ATHLETIC SWEATERS ii Made-to-Order 1: 1 I I You are invited to see our skillful 'T knitters producing your sweater at in our factory. O ll Emblems of All Kinds H Made To Order ' ENGLEWOOD 2 KNITTING MILLS 1 Established Since 1912 H 6643 s. HALSTED ST. I Wentworth 5920 'i'I-'l- -II-ll-ll-u-u-u-n-u- -u--. 'I' I Greeting Cards Went. 1828 I I FonE1v1AN's ART STORE T i PICTURES AND PICTURE FRAMING 430 W. 63rd St. Chicago OPI--Hin-:II1ll-Ilill-oll1ll1ll--llillill-I 5 . RAY I. CRIST DRUGGIST FOR BETTER VALUES FOR BETTER SERVICE E l 459 W. 63rd sf. chicago Phone Wentworth 0502 'i'u1ul1rl1un-nu-ln1u-.n1n.Qun1u,.-.gn-uint, n1p1q.illill..-1.11.-up-.nl1l..-u-n1n1 I-lg1ln1nn.1 -. l1lliln.-nuinn1u:u1i- FOR SCHOOL NEWS AND VIEWS BUY THE "E" WEEKLY Know what qoes on inside school. Read about your friends and teachers. THE STAFF prints what they think you like. 223 SPECIAL OFFER FOR GRADUATES Mail subscriptions of "E" Weekly S60 a semester-S100 a year Oil-ulin-II-Ill!!--u1u1u1n1uu1lI--sl-1 Q 11:1Iu1ul1:1in:-n1n--n1n1ll-nl-ll-uu1u,!, OFF.: DREXEL 7040-7041 CEDARCREST 3514 RES.: KENWOOD 3369 C. B. WATERFORD FUNERAL DIRECTOR AMBULANCE SERVICE NOTARY SERVICE 5428-30 SOUTH STATE ST. in...n..-niI-14.1-I-.pq-.gl.--1.111-gg.-.gi .1glinuilpiug.-.lp1u1.g1.p-n1n1ll.1l 1 NORTHLAND PRINTERS 6252 PRINCETON AVENUE Telephone Wentworth 4456 Commercial Printers Don't fail to get our on Engraved Weuams, Invitations and Stationery Page 73 1lc::n1-nl .. - .. - - - - - .. ...........-..-.......Q...................-fi-.......i. .... .:- . - Q ..i G R A DLUA TES SOON. . .it will be just a memory. A beautiful ring. . .a pin. . .Will make it everlasting. GRADUATES. . .oi long: ago.. .are coming back to us daily when they Wish something ot quality. f - V CLUB EMBLEMS MEDALS SERVICE PINS and ERATERNAL IEWELRY C Leading School Ieweler Since l903 . t Same Location for 34 Years Wright 8: Street, Inc. 221-27 West 62nd Street WENtWorth 0007 '-- -- -- Y -u-nlrr-fmfgig 1:4-mia--1--n---7-n-n ,. , 7 E , ,,. ,Y , , H, .-1111.-1-.....,. age 74 PURPLE AND WHITE 32 BY HERRING STUDIUS Page 76 I 4..-..-....... 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Suggestions in the Englewood High School - Purple and White Yearbook (Chicago, IL) collection:

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