Englewood High School - Purple and White Yearbook (Chicago, IL)

 - Class of 1935

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-l . , fl v l M3 T A 'f 1 1" ,4 , Y I Y W9 If tv .. ,I ,f' -adj-C . W 'Ik ,icky .f ' ' , ,ff xgji. --"jx 5" 'JT'-N.vY'1 - n ,A 4 'fl'-R W Jg V5 ' 1 an n 'I --712. - at A 'xii ,v " .fgfgigfyiyy-ff. mw,,.q,zf,,Qig,'f,Q,L1JU'?f3'04f .,., ,p1,f'i,' Z' Viz J,,4':714H!f,ls1:" if Q I, Q I ff, 'ff' E i I 4 .Lfzilbeli fr, V - H ' i " ,' f. ' f f' 1' -,GX If ,.,,.: ,ix 'Ld' .Lp , 'e 2 ,. 4 - " A ' " ' " ' 'J M 5-'fl W 'A-Q1 A1- '1fL5 - ff - infix 2, ' " 7 :J , Ji- f' ,C ,A , K' H ' P bi., , Y' I ,N " A ,,'z..- 'g ,-f 4' A - G , ' Y ,. :T QQQ4,-lg fly! -1. , QQ 'pw f'3',AQ"::":'f.:' f' fvffif'-I - fgwi' s. -f4ff3"f"V+... ff HZ 'gg Ti, f - I 'A fa 4 144- . . rf 'V J ' ' 'ff sm. 1- L" ,V , - , I AA I. If . 1 J, W I J- ,ki ,T ll ,-A ,J L1 N- 1, ,J I -gm . - A- KN TAY, M4 I 5, ' 'N i ".,f- f' f 5 -W A M ff Ae A I . ll ,P , V 5, A 4, -fx A. Mg? f gf V f .1 , , cf' ..-'QQ -?j4,:i g.,4,p-,v K, J , , Arif 7, JU .-V, .b 1 ,Y 13,2 . jf, I 'ra I it f V ,4 - N ok A Q . 'B . X u' Q1 A A I I I 6 hx! f . f ,M ,QM ' Off fi- ' f - 'N ' PH , gg e ' M Off' ,,f,,Jw4 ff . , L 1 ". 1'-9' 3 h"T'1"'f" r1:T'F-f'1?7'1" ff .'xS'?':'9'g1F.i. it gn, . A - . ,, ,- W fi 525 it WMA 9f4,,,,,m,gQ" MQMJZM ZA ffl? 1 V 1 g XE, ' f W ,,w,,g,, Cgx .gibris "2 W' f' "' Y ff .... .. -1- .LL ,ALP Cl Q21 O9 2 Familiar Towers ffm Turpfe ang Qykife Senior viii bl!!! PHI' TUINII CLASS 1935 I H S The QL rp e mzJ Qyfzife 'VERA TOWNSEND Editor RIARGARET PALARIK A ssoriate Edilor ROBERT NELSON Busi1u'.v.v Ilffannger BI.-XRY HAARDING PAULINIE HUFF ELIZABETH HOUSTON AST'RID BTILBIZRG ATARIE RONAYNE EDWARD RUHI,AND EUGENE SPIZZIRI JAMES THOMSEN BRUCE D. C1-IEADLE Fnrulty 14 rlifixfr Siu Ulu ily: nwnrurg uf gHFIiss Ellvuuise gRL'lIIB1'f5l.'I1I fulyusc uuliriug heimfiun tu the interests mth Iiiws nf EEIIQIDHIULTET ,Siuhenfs is am euhuring lllllllllllillllf uf serhitc this Elaurplc aah Qffllgitnr is rvspccffullg hehiczlheh The Afvenue 1 "' ' ji Che gacuffy Page Ten WILLIS E. TOWER Principal --bil in- NIILDRED WHEELOCK flysistant Principal Page Elefvmz l'Lo1u5Ncrs B. AIANLEY EVA AIITCIIELL l'7,u"roN C. ATKINSON Fxrnnsuclc B. Post' Fourllz Ymr Third Ymr Sfmnri Ymr Fin! Year Grade Principals Zin :Memoriam 1VI1ss Looise J. ROBERTSON A deep, unselfish desire to be of service to others was the outstand- ing characteristic of Rfliss Robertson. She was born in Chicago. In 1912 she graduated from 1Vendell Phillips. Continuing her education at Columbia University, she re- ceived a Bachelor's Degree in Domestic Science in 1916. She rendered noteworthy service to the Government during the VVorlcl War by helping to organize the farmers, wives in central Illinois and sharing in Red Cross work. lV1iss Robertson joined Englewood's faculty in 1923. She taught sewing for four years, and then entered the field of Freshman Civics and English. lliiiss Robertson was a division teacher in Senior Hall for a number of years. Wllile at Englewood she was sponsor of the National Honor Society. Her time was also devoted to the Football Niothers' Club of which she was faculty adviser for four years. After a long period of illness 1VIiss Robertson passed away, Febru- ary 7, 1935, at the home of her sister, lldrs. C. R. Dalley, of Great Falls, 1VIontana. Her memory will always be vivid in the minds of Englewood people. ELBEE K. PATCH Elbee K. Patch died lV1arch 3, 1935. He taught Algebra, Bookkeep- ing, Arithmetic and Civics at dilferent times during his years at Engle- wood from 1922 to 1935. Page Tfwelfvc Ui-Pen GROUP firrl Row: h-Iiss qlonnnzx Znrnler. Miss Mnrgzirel E. Fruninpz, Miss Clam H. 'l':1yl0r KCli.H.Sj. Miss Eva Rllllffllffll, Assislzim Principal Miss Milclrecl Wheelock. Principal NVillis.E, Tower, Dlaymn C. Atkinson, 'Il"ml1lS ,l. YVilson, Waller S. McGee, Dr. Albert L. Smith, Frank C. Alncolvy, Archilmld Pulerson. Serum! Row: Ralph Shaw. Miss Agnes M. Dzimllilcer. Miss Sallie Fnegenson, Miss Ruth Ii. 13:11-cer-1l'1.H.S.j, hliss Beatrice lf. Mulhzluser. hliss Grace NI, Hyman, hliss Axlcle A. Irledeen fE.l'l.S.U, hlrs. Lillie G. O. Bullff, Mrs. Flurencc A. Spring, Miss Mabel L. Cross. Mrs. Hazel P. Steinlelch, Miss Gerlrucle J. llurilt CE-l'l-5-J. Nliss Alice R. Delaney ClE.ll.S.J, hlrs. Irene hi. Xlunsrin. Third Rose: Suinley A. Wrwllrum, Roy Ii. Quant, Mrs. Olive P. Weinlensmr Uf..H.S,J, Miss Grace A. joy CE.H,S.l- Mrs. Vera F, Willizuns, Miss Knlherine Ilannzin, Miss hlyrzle C. Linner. Miss lilizzihelh l'elLlm:lvn, 'hllss Rossi G. Mzulnluck, Mrs. Mzirgzirel Belyen Wilson, Iirnesl C. Marquarl, john B. llnycs, Robert. B. Luka. Fuurlh Row: Hurry Ii. Slnples. hliss llelen Shine, Miss Ruth Des Jzirrlins. Nfrs. Lurzi R.VM:ll1nrin, hliss Blanche Reid, Miss ,lulizl Knulzcn. hlrs. Winifred Warmer. Mrs. Beulah M. Clark. Miss .luzunui l'nller, Bliss Edilh Slrnhzin, Miss Gcncvc Kinney. Miss Myrl.le Miller, hlrs. Vera Russ, Miss Mme l'. Mairclorf, Miss S. Naomi Anderson, Bruce D. Cheadle. Fijlh Raw: T, I.. Twmncy, Arthur .l. Craig, -B. F. linker, Jusepli-ll, Beclnle. jnsepli Ax King. ,luhn Qi. Pzxlsedgc, Charles W. Palmer Clf..Il.S.j, Waller C. West, Gustave l". Scliuessler. Curmll lu. liruwn, jnhn A. Baller. Kennelh C, Fitch, ,lurk Kuhn. Lowek GROUP Hrs! Row: Mrs. Agnes Drever. hlrs. Lillys R, Geer. Mrs. Maahelle St. Clair, hliss Helen C. Feder fRichards Brnnchj Miss Margaret A. U'Brien CGrah:un Bmnehj. Principal! Willis E. Tower. Mrs. Lois C. Murslrum, Charles P. Burnham ClE.ll.S.J, F. j. McAdams, john G, Kricwilz, Charles J. lispenslmzulc. Srfoml Raw: Nliss Rzunnh I.. Guthrie. hrliss Clmrlolte C. Rowe CRichardsj, Bliss Ilelcn hi. Berlin, Nliss Helen F. Slzzntun, Miss llc-len Strikes CRich:irdsJ, Miss Mzirizi V. Albrighl, INIiss Helen gl. ll:unr:ll1zin fliieliairclsj. hlrs, Rnlh Cleveland, Nliss Louie B. Fosler Cli.ll.S.-Grzllmm Branchj, Miss lfllhel D. llnrn. Mrs. Anna Z. hfiiller fRicharclsD, Miss Marin SCllllflClCClllJl'5I'H, hflrs. hflzirgzirer. E. Szinlschi, Mrs. lvn Campbell Senquist, Nlrs, lfmlellruilc S. hrlillcr, hilrs. Nellie Tliorne Osizoocl ClE,H.S.J Tllirzl Row: hllisslllelen L. While. Mrs. Rulh Connor CE.ll.S.l, hliss Knllizirine E. McCue, Miss Rulh lVIcNerney, Miss lilsn W. Schmidt, Mrs. Kxuhleen B. Riehy fhi.H.S.,l Nlrs. Lola V. Lievense, Miss Agnes H. Disler. hflrs, hlary C. Cuoper, Mrs. Sallie M. Reel. Miss Mina Wziggoner, hliss Dolly G. Trane, Miss Edith Levin. fourlh Kara: Bliss Durrnliy J, O'I3ricn, Miss IU. hlzirie Graff. hiiss Eliznhcih hi. Adams. Ixliss Frances Hollis, hliss Margaret bl.. Crnnplicr cGFJll1ilIH Brnnehj, Mrs. Marie A. Reilly CGfIlllHlll Brnnehj. Mrs. Mary-Blanche Qrofls, Miss l'.Llllll Boysl, Miss Kanherine bl. Kiely, Mrs. julia McN:imee. Miss hlriry Sullivan, hliss Agnes lxilroy, Miss Belle ll. I.icbcrm:1n. Maurice AI. Archhulcl. fiflh Rnrv: Clifloul P. Lillyzi, B. I.iby CRichnrcls Brzlnelil. li. Ilmvurd hlnrshxlll, Nvillizuu l. Yllelwr, Arthur I, Fill- uemlcl. xlrrhn A. Hrullericli. Charles VV. Bzllier, lVillizlm T. Cunnors, -lzicques M. I, Lrilfrime. Gciirgg IR Buses CGr:ilizun Hrunelij, Benjamin ll. Drennnn CGr:4h:un Bl'!lflCl1,. V V F Nwrit: CE,ll.S.j means grnduzile nl lfnglewoocl. Page Thirlzfen -as AM- ,..u,..-,, . ,..g-, - ULU' gllqdd wood Uyriffen by James E. Afl7l.YfI'0lIg Priurijml Enzerifus All voices raise in songs of praise for Englewood, Our flags unfold and banners hold for Englewood, For many friends throughout the land, NVith loyal hearts all willing stand, To shout her praise, Dux' Dear Old Englewood. Chorus: Oh, Englewood, our Englewood, how many times before, You've taught us how to faithful be You've turned defeat to victory. Oh, Englewood, our Englewood, welll stand by you today. Hurrah! for the purple and white! Hurrah! for the purple and white! Gh, tell me of a high school where I should like to go, lVhere jolly pupils gather and seek life's work to know, Oh, tell me is there sunshine In class and hall and heart, For I should like to join that school and try to do my pa1't. Then here's a cheer for schoolmates dear, Hurrah! Hurrah! And l'lCl'C,S a hand for teachers grand, Hurrah! Hurrah! Our loyalty we pledge to thee, lVe'll work for what we hope to be, All honor then to Dear Old Englewood. Page F01I!'lL'Z7I Q ae , ITLJLML 125 L- Page Sixteen The Sun Dial ass flqcers omg xecmfives EDVVARD GERCAS PRESIDENT NONNIE STEPHENS SECRETARY ARLENE DANIELS SOCIAL CHAIRMAN VERA TOWNSEND EDITOR LAURA BERGQUIS1 VICE-PRESIDENT ALVIN JOHNSON TREASURER RUTH ANDREVVS PROGRAM CHAIRMAN ROBERT NELSON Busmnss IVIANAGER Page Sefuenteen ,972 a, 1345 f' 3 JAQfL4foqraplzs 1 V D J!-Al, . X K sf. V I I3 I,-1 'HHN I ,"" IJ! X Lf!! "--XLHX Q," J If Y! 'J I X fx , Mfr!! ff D L :MJ uf f J 0 if 'WWF My X, I fy, wfl - HMCLQWW M wif M15 M n'Q'3A,,,,?'7 P g Eglt . ff- 'I ff ffxcfpf ,f f'-di: 6 X' .. A 1 f-44--ng Z- I., A .Q..,.A - ,ii..i, -is , .,. . . ,.i.... - vfqf SAGA A. AHNGER COh1AilZRClAI. G.A.A. l-23 Senior Sponsor 43 Social Chairman Girl Reserves 4: Englebooster 43 A Capella 4. SALOME P. ALEKS SocIAI. SCIENCE Glee Club 3-4: Slurlenl Police 3-42 Camplire Girls -lg C.l.C. 43 Secretary 3-4. RDI' J. AI.LERUzzo LAW Drnmatics ig Licuteuzinl of Guards 4: "E" Weekly Dale. Kate 23 Bailiil of Student Cuurl 41 Inlerclriss Baseball l. MIIRGARET L. ANDERSON CEIZNERAL SCIENCE Pres, Nalirmnl lflunor Socieiy 4: Cast of "Love in Bloom" Fllld "Charm School" Ml: G.A.A. l-49 Englebooster 4. XV1I.I.1AM C. ANDERSON Socml. SCIENCE Buy Reserves 3-4: Biology Club 2: Studenn Police 35 luler- class Bnskellxill 23 Student Council 2. RUTH L. ANDREWS GIENIQRAI. Laxclmnra A rl v c rl i s i n g lX'l:1IInger "E" Weekly 2-4: Program ClIzIirnI:In 4: Hnnnr Society 43 Glue Club 2-3143 "E" Delegate l. JOE IXNDRYAUSKAS C. R ,AI vw QL! is ix I , I Iqx Q I I I '11 I . l I -1- 2- ESPY L. ANGLIN GIZNERAI. SCIENCE G.A.A. I-4: Biology Club 2: Englebooster ZV4. JULIAN I-I. ARNOLD GENERAI. SCIENCE R.O.'l'.C. lg Biology Club Zg lEIIglel:oosLer 2-4. HELEN N. ASTON COMMERCIAI. German Club l-45 Girl Reserves 43 Englebooster I-4g G.A.A. l-33 "E" lVeekly Delegate l. BERNARD AVERBUCII GENERAI. LANGUAGE "E" Weekly Delegate 2-45 Chief justice Sludenl Court 43 Stuzleut Council 3-4: Police OfHcer 43 Senior Sponsor 4. MARVIN BADNER A ,X 9 GIQNER,-II. SCIENCE Euglelwooster 3-49 'I' Inis 3-4: 5, C.l.C. Delegate 4. -E 'J 9 Ku- E " Mull N RUEUIS VV. BAILEY PIIARMACY Buy Reserves 2: Gllilfll Z-341 Imcrcluss Baseball l-2: Inter- clziss Baslcetlnzill l-4. ,IEAN E. BALLANTYNE CQMMERCIAI. French Club I-4: Tennis Club -2: G,A.A. I--lg G.A.A. Dele- gzne Ig Iingleboosrer I-4. Page Ninclcen , ... -ig, A PIELEN BANKO COMMERCIAL Secretary G.A.A. 43 Letter Girl 4: "E" Weekly Delegate 4g G.AaA. 2-3-4: Suxclent Teacher 2-3- . Aw ,, ff- " " ' gp My 0' MA : ine: Stuilgii ,X QXU A ,ci I l Kqllli Qifcfb .J I W4 f . dw f G l,! LUCY HARNETT NIARION A. BARRY COMMERCIAI. Engleboostcr 3--lg G.A.A. l-4. ELINOR A. BAUCHHENSS GliNERvKl. SCIENCE Cast of "Love in Bloom" :Ind i'Ch!ll'll1 School" 4: National Honor Socicly 43 G.A.A. l-4: gingleboosler 4: Gcrrnnn Club G'ERAl.DINE E. BEAUCHAMI- GENERAL LANGUAGE Elmleluooslcr l-45 G.A.A. l-4. SIDNEY BELENRE GENERAL SCIENCE Senior OrClIes1rzI l-4: Botany Club Z-3: linglchooster 45 Ari- stoi l-2-33 Senior Sponsor 4. Page Tfwenly -T VERA BERGER COMMERCIAL National Honor Society Social Chairmang Letter Girl 43 Guard 2: German Club l-3: Englebooster l-4. LAURA C. BERGQUIST GENERAL SCIENCE Vice-Pres. 4: "E" Yveckly- Features 3-43 Honor Society 43 Pianist Opereltzl Chorus l-43 Quill :md Scroll 4. Lois M. BERT GENERAL SCIENCE G.A.A. l-43 Englcboostcr l-43 Glue Club 3-4: l..cIler Girl 43 Secretary 3-4. 753' --dr-4.2 EoN B. BEST 1 A, 9 GENERAL SCIENCE "' ' Student Council 4: Room Re- porter 4: Treasurer Spanish Club 4: lutcrclnss Baseball 45 lnlcrclzlss Basketball 4. BEVERLY BETHEL EVELYN BISHOP VICTORIA M. Boor CIJMAIERCIAI, G.A.A. l-4: Letter Girl 3-42 l Englelnoostcr I--l: G.A.A. Delc- gntc 3-43 Secretary 2-4. 1' 377 DOLORES J. BoRscH COMMERCIAL "E" Delegate 3-4: GAA. l-43 lingleboostar I-4: "E" Reporter 3: Guard lvl. ialoe . BOTr CO. IN Rvfit. 'ootl' 2-A' V -s 'tg 1-3: ,ext f l- . ' ' if' ,L 'l , 'ff , . ls' ' . J' ' - Q A :JW g I, , , . .'- ' V ,sr 4 I v 'ENERAL Scftsrtfttz' 5' , , Director of "Pttrl1leodians" 43 Capt. yudent Police JE Exif' 1 . WtLr.tfxM T. 'Fairs .' fy G 4 ali' Guards 4: Concert Band 1 Opera Club 4,445 " Q 5' 0 0 A k . A 9 N . gli ' v,:'. . wtf-,l ri "l ,Jr 6 ' ea ,. . 1 Y . I 5' f t' A . . u, 5 CAIHERINE' E. BRADLEY GENERAL LANGUAGE G.A,A, 2433 Girl Reserves l. JACK BRAND GENEIQAL Scttitvcra lr. Clatss Pres. 3: Hi-Y Pres. 4: Swimming I-4: Letter Man -li Opera 4. CLEMENT VV. BROVVN PHARMACY Band 2-4: Polite 4: Guard L.ieuten:tnt 45 Student Council lg Englelwoostcr l--l. DOROTHY B. BROWN GtzNtsRAt. Scttzmrti G.A.A. 2-33 Biology Club 2: Englebooster 2. DOROTHY M. BROWN COMNIERCIAL G.A.A, Delegate 23 Engle- bmimster 2-4: Girl Reserves 4: Secretary to Nlr. Kriewitz -lg Operctta Cast Z-4. MARJORIE M. BROYVN GENERfXl. SCIENCE Band I-2: French Club l-2: Englclnooster L43 G.A.A. l-2-45 Cust ol 'lCltztrm School." SYBIL BROXVN GENERAL LANGUAGE German Club 4: G.A.A I--li Englebouster 43 Girl Reserves 4. ANNA NIAE BROYNE FERN BUCKNER SiLAs BUELL , E P- Q to fb D. Qwellfgisfg Nm A C - af INEAL BURCH GENERAL Sctexcts Sr. Orchestra l-4: Truck 'l'c:tm Z-4: Englebooster lrlg Student Police 4: Cross-Country 2'-l. Page Tfwenly-One I -fr -9 f f -H--Ar A-W .C - - W ZW Wi ef. U was fx, 'LD ' " 91-M FLM awe 'P' "i""L1 J jQ M ?5q,,,,g,,W 3 f' N IEE' M " Hgf9EiZ2jff WW ww W W cv ' RUTH L. BLACRBURN GENERAL Scnsxcia G.A.A. 2--l: A Capella 2'-l: Eugleboostcr 2-4. MARNITA BURKHART COMMERCIAL Chziirmzm Gilt Committee fl? Public Speaking -ll G.A.:'X. I-4g Main Oflice Secretary -lg Engle- booslcr 4. ALMA E. BUTLER GENERAL L.xNsu.xuia G.A.A. l-2: Eugleboosier 4: Spanish Club 4g Guard 4. CATHERINE A. BUTLER Corwmisncmi. G.A.A. 1-4: Eiiglgbfmsrvf 41 Spanish Club 43 "lu RUPUYTUI' l. ANGEL! 13 . 'CIATORE C' is cmx. MLC.. . . 1-3: ,En lel roster l--l. 9 -f' ' Q X HELE .xLL1s GENERAL I ANr5L:.u:u Gcrnuiu Club I: Euglebuusler 1.4: GAA. 1,44 Siwmsli Club 4: Guard 3. POWELL M. CAMPBELL CIUMMEIKCIAI. Arismi Pres. 2-3: Audilnr of Purple and While 2: 4A Judge Lind Bnililf of Stuileul Court .3-41 Chorus 4: Publis Speak- ing. GENEVIEVR M. CA NTWELL Luglebooslcl COMMIZRCIAL Secretary I--lg G.A.A. 2-lg if T ' ' 2-3. M' CARMINO A. CA1i'?2J Q Coxuxilincmr. A Capella l-4: Bny Reserves l-2: Spanish Club -lg liuglef booster I--lg Guard -l. EDGAR CARROLL CoL1LixgRcmi. Swimming 'lieam lg Pres, Boy Reserves 23 Track 2-45 Hi-Y 3-4: Drnmn Club 4. fwjf. GENEVIEVE CARROLL NX ri ix fl i ,, ' J ll V Q GENIQRAL SCIENCE Hi-Y 4: Bzlscbaill 3-4: Czisl of X ," "Love in Blcmnf' :uul iKCllIlFll1 School" 4: Senior Sprgusor 4: C.I.C. 4. ' I ADALYNE CARTER KA'FPIERINE L. C.-iR'rER GENERAL LANGUMH: G.A.A. I-3: Euglebuosler -lg "EH Weekly Delcuaue 2: Pur- ple anal White l: Guard 2-3. Page Tfwenly- Thrrff i ' ----i'4- ---HL if l f" U u K., . IRENE E. CAs'rr.E LEo 1.o CORINIERCIAI. GEN :. AL Scuuxce Assignment Ed. "E" VVeeklv Cheerleader 3-45 Interclznss 3-4: Quill 8: Scroll 43 Glee Club 2-4: Letter Girl :lml Chevron 3-4: Police Oflicer l-1. JEVVEL CAVE GENERIXI. LANGUAGE C.l.C. 3-41 G.A.A. 3--l: Engle- booster 4g Spanish Club 4: Gnzircl 3. BING CHAN GENERAIA SCIENCE Tmcrclass Wreslling 45 Wresll- ing Team 3: Pres. Frericli Class 1: Capt. Student' Police 43 rCl fa !7:yc4v!'5 y LUDY B. CHANEY GENERAL SCIENCE Spanish Club 4: Engleboostcr 4: lnlerclznss Baseball 3. EVELYN E. CHERRY GENENAL LANGUAGE Engleboosler -l: G.A.A, l-3-4: G.A.A. Delegate lg Guarcl 2-53 Rliylllm Z. GEoRGE1"rA CHILDRESS Engleboosler 2-4: S L u cl e n L Council Delegate l-2-4: G.A.A. 2-3-43 Room Reporter lg "E" Weekly Delegate l. EDVVARD S. CHMELIK COMMERCIAL Baseball 3-4. Page Tfwenly-Four Trrnck 3: lIll.t'fClLlS5 Basketball 3: lnterclzxss .Baseball 33 Engle- boosrer 4. ,., - 'AL' 7s-Q!-"",v't f -fc' .G .1 Y . ' fin 'J' -4 5 QL. . LAVVRENCE O. CLARK -gb" C' f '0"'L GEYFRKI SCIVYCII l 5' I., I llnglelxuosler 2--ligl jr., Sr. Trzickv " 'T 9 I ' I I'e:1m Z--l' lnlerclws Bxsker. lwzill 3-4: CapelluAi3--lg Lijrose I i til, Count ry Trail: 3-4. ,fn , L I. CAMILLE COLEMAN GENERAL SCIENCE GAA. 3--l: Engleboosner 3-'l. -W' Vvc T A C TAN 0 PIIXRNIXCX T Capt Qui I'rc n ol' Gu .urpo V Ii . . . ' . W : s 4: ' El lc T 2: "E" W kly Stn 3- 3 xc te . 3' . ,T 1 I . H ,ye EL-.3 if fENRY H. CONVVAY GEN RAI. Scmnce A qlllflf K lic -l 6 c 1s . ' L 'ua Basel 'lk' . Le as5 bznll A2--lg Engle sler. AMY A. COOK GENER.Kl. LANGUAGE "E" Weekly 3-45 Honor Sn- Ciely -l: Girl Reserves 4: C.l.C. 3: A Capella 2-3-4, LORRAINE K. CooPEn GENERAL LANGUAGE Englelxoosicr 2--lg G.A.A. 2-4: Guzircl 3: A Capella 25 Ger- main Club l. 1 N, ll4f.4:.g4,-4 ffff LQTL- fl -A Z ! 1,1 ,J 19 gf-0-717-Q . RAYMGND T. Conxlm, GENERAL SCIENCE Stamp Club I: Imerclass Bas- kelball 2-3: Inrcrclass Baseball 2-3: Public Speaking -lg Engle- l7OUSlCf l-2-1, ROBERT P. CcmKu.L Gnxmzlu, Scuexcn Secretary lg Slflrllfl Club lg linpzlclwooslcr l-2-4: lnlerclass Basketball lg Inlcrclass Free Throw l-2-4. V ' e , . , U- ll! "li, flLL.-'lfffl' L., ,. ,-, I ' :.,U,i, 1 ."7ffY'f3 I , 'jig' I- , wfq, f fn . lj, - ', "7 'J' " fl f.' fu I-IAZEL' Z. Cowfw Grzxmmx. Scnzxcn Room Reporter 23 G.A.A. 2-ll: ljnglclmosler -l. JOHN J. COYLE Cmmlzncml. Basel1all"l'eam 2-4: lnlcrclass Basket lnall 1-3 Z lluglehnostcr 2-3: lnlerclass Baseball l-3: Wrestling 2-3. 'Q RT-fL"' YW X K f f.f..Zf1,4,f,g,fr, . 'eve-g,-fb ,. ., Q 'xl 'I C. QU A , COMINLEKC M' fy .P G.A.A. I-4 npleb mer 5-4- yfd ' "0 Vee' Dclegal I' - jd .1 Cm. , MA I d-f-mf l IN-Iam' R. Czurc Cnmmnncmx. G.A.A. l-4: Glll Reserves 42 E.Y'lLYlClJOKISlCl' 3-l: German Club -1: Guzml 3--l. , ' . .Q 4 pl-J 'XX A. 2 D 7 . ' QT Q: ' ,A . Yllloa' Y J. DZALEY QCOUXLIACIAI. ', K, fx J' vest Room' A,Ll 6 n rl a nf. 27 YK' G.A.l1lX. l--ll:'R'lA Capella l-41 we' Delegale -1.x A ' ' 'Y' ' . ' .4 . 43 ' , - IIJJ ' v F . . - X U ARLENE A. DANIEIQS COMMERCIAL Social Chairman 43 Engle- lmrmcr 3-4: A Capella 3g GAA. I-Z: Gym Secretary I. SUSIE DANZIE Gxzxlawu. I.,xNr:UAcn GAA. l-4: Hall Guard 2' linpxlelmoslcr l-33 Biology Clulv 1 a RUTH R. DAVENPORT Glzxxculu. LANGUAGI4: Erlglelwosier l-4: Biology Clula 2: G.A.A. I-4g Glee Club I-2. LORRAINE S. IJAVIS Gnxmnu. Scumcc BaskcLl1all 3: G.A.A. 3-4. Guard 3--l: Band Concert 3--'l Louise Davis GENERAL SCIENCE G.A.A. l-3: Guard 4: Room Reporter 2: Biology Club 23 Englclmosler l-3. -QM ROBERT DEAN f 'l'LcnN1cAx. ff I Voorlnll 71 Wrestling '73 ljli-V13-4.-M: l HELEN J. DEDINA COMMERCIAL Englelxnusler 3: G.A.A. I-1: Girl' Reserves 4. Page Tfwenty-Fifve -Q O! 1 f if 4. xy ' ,J J' " 'mf ki fr ,V Q G?uf0qrapA5 , if' :Ulu . K, W.-,V . I ' F X Jr' , If s X U- WA u 'Ai IV , M .A if A 5 , A ', 3,61 P- if J x ff -, I ff '-0' ' 'R 1, ' , ' , -c,, N- I! BE , V if F-' , E N . UH-W 'V v 1. , ,J I . , .. ,,-f f ' ' V ' I-fly. jj, s rj!! tau y B, W r . ' lj Aj A pl ' fill 'fy , Q," 'J ul I, I f' l 1 of X? Q , If r I ! I ' I og 1 W - yd. L I 1 1 I I I I 4 fl ' Q a 4 'RK-3 J H D131 , I- 'L-11 . , ' Q2 ULF' - fy. LJ V 'v X' , V . 1' V b q , ax I I A, 'V H UW W' Q ,' u S 1' A fx . xv-JJ V, ' ' " it , b .f 'JL K' .P ,sf J , 4. I ,jf W W ,ff f rf is ij 1 I f' 11' - 3 , nf' 3, ff' , fi 1 Q ,B X x L ab 5 ,ij Q 5 YJ, 4 f' ' I ' u jx N.,-hi ' H1 1, 5 Page Twenty-Six DOROTHY M. DEEREY COMMERCIAL C.I.C. 3. 1 HELEN A. DEGXNFELDER GENERAL LANGUAGE G.A.A. l--lg Girl Reserves 43 Englcboos cr Z-4. ,WW i MARY J. DEGRAZIA COAlAlERCI41l. Secretary 45 G.A.A. I-4: Engle- booslcr I-4: Book Room Al- lcndant 4. ALBERT E. DELEHLNNTX' Gizxitimi, LANGUAGE "E" VVQL-kly 3-45 Senior Simu- sor 43 "E" YVcekly Dclcgnlc 45 Englcbocislcr l-4g lvrflliilgillg Ecl. "E" Weekly WW LE RI E .- INICAI. F :ill 2 1 w ming 43 Hi. ' 3-4. ill-WW lViARY F. DELLEKAMP C0hlBlliRK'iAl, Honor Society 4: Arisloi 2: Girl Reserves, Vice-Pres. 4: linizlelvoostcr 2-43 Senior Spon- sor 4. ALEATHA DEVANE COAIR1ERClAI. G.A.A. I-4. MARY DICRERSON FRANK DIFEAY GENICRAI. SCIENCE Student Police 4: "E" Weekly Dclcgznc lg Engleboosrcr I-33 fivlurnl 3: Intcrclass Basketball J IRENE S. DILL GlTNliKAl. LANGUAGE "E" Weekly Staff 4g C.T.C. 43 Englcbuoslcr 2-45 Biology Club 23 Spanish Club 4. CAROLYN DoM11'ER CATHERINE E. DQRE CUMNll'illCIAL G.A.A. I-4: A Capella I-43 Sccrctarv 3: Englcbooslcr 3-4: Guard 3. BEVERLY N. DOYLE GENERAL LANGUAGE Smuclenl. Council li G.A.A. l-32 C.i.C. 4: Englclloostcr 3-4: Rllylllfll 2. I 0 ' . I. ' , l . N-by, . in , . JOSEPH DUGAN ,.--f ' L -1 CoMxllzRrrAl, 4 K' VL' Dclmlc Team 43 Inlerc :iss Base-x .f-fl! ball 3-4. cf f Iwi I I. I . .JE. . ' q ' fd, C- 1 1 . .2 4 - Y F lil Ai-lv' T ,"4"'f E' r I fifms--1 '- Page Tfwanty-Sefucn Ros.nTT.m A. DUNCAN cgI'NliRAL l..ANczuAc:E lfiuglebonslcr l-4: G.A.A. l-4: Biology Club Z3 Spanish Club 41 G.A.A. Delegate 2. KfK'FIlI.EEN A. DUNNE GI-zxlalmi. l.A:mUAnl: Girl Reserves 4: G.!X.A. l-3: lflnxlebnuslcr l-43 French Club lg Guurzl 3-4. I-Izxzm. M. DURHAM Glzmarml. LANnuAu1z G.A.A. l-3: liuglcboostcr I-4. XIVILLIAM T. EDGECOMB Gmxx-zluu. SCIENCE Swimming l'4: Class jewelry Clmirmzln 4: Nzllinnnl lrlonor Society fl: Scniur Sponsor 4: Euglcbouslcr I, 2, 4. L-u.r.lAN R. ELLIOTT Grmmmi, L,wcu.xc:z: Girl Reserves 4: Senior Spousur 41 G.A1A.' l'g Biology Club- Q9 Gum .I ' ' 1 'Y -I ' . . L .5 v' 'l ?'l . -1, . .A - ' ,-if' : I . RUTH ELLIS! 'X Comiu,'ia1cr:1A1, n " G.A.A.s-'3. 4: SLunlT:uL Council! Dol' gale 3. -1': "E" 'Wccklf Re- porkr 3.432 Englcbousmr 4: Gxgird 4. K j sq ' r 'A IRENI2 D. EMANUE1. Cfnxw-:RCIAL A Cnpcllxl 3. 4: G.1X.A. 143. Page Tfwenly-Eight 'S HEl.EN N. ERZBERGER Commxikcmx. Treasurer. National llunnr So- cicly 4: Letter Girl 3, 4: Glce Club 4: Germain Club l-3: ljlnglehoosler I-4. lVlAMIE L. FERGUSON Coxlxunxcml. G.A.A. I, 2, -13 linglelzonster 4. VxNE'r'1'E E. FINK ClOXlMl"RClAl. G.A.!X. I. 43 Girl Ros:-rvcs 4: liuglebouslcrs 'lg Gunrrl 3, 4. LUcu.r.E O. Fl.li'I'CHlER GENERAL LANGUAGE Rhythm l: G.:K.A. Dclc1:uIe4g linglebonstfx' 2, 33 Guard -lg Cr.A.A. l-J. Posuz K. FLOWVER5 Grixlcniu. Scmxcn Guard 3, 4: G.A.A. 3, 4: EIlglCbO0SlCl' 3: C,l.C. 3, 4. 'LVERA j. FORMm.x,A WU!! Cozunmzcml. G.A.A. l.4: Guard 'lg Min! strcls -I: Drumzi 3: cJl7Cl'CllJl Clwlrus fl. Bnnmcrz B. Fourusn Guam-tum. l.JxNcu.xoE Honor Socicly 4: Clerk on "E" Weekly Stall 3,43 A Capella 3: Biology Club 2: Eutlc- boosler I-4, MINNIE B. Fnrrz COMMLRCIAL G.A.A. 1,23 Englcbousurr 2, 3,45 Gleu Club 3,4. DOROTHY E. FUNK COMMERCIAL Secretary lo Miss Kilrny 2, 3 4: G.A.fX. 2-4: Gym Captain 24: liuglclwonswr 2--l. ANNABEIM: GAINES GENERAL Scmxcic GAA. l-43 Englcbooslcr l-4 Leuer Girl 43 Girl Reserves 2 Hockey Team 4. WILLA GAN1' Giaxizkm. Scuzscn "E" lVeekly 3. -lg Ci.A.A, 1-4 Lcller Girl-l: Finglelmnslcr l-4 Biology Club 2. HAkRiE'r'1' L. GA N'rz Cnxmir-:ucl.u. GAA. l--lg linglcbrmslcr l,Z, -lg Secretary I. CARL F. GMD GENLRAI. SCIENCE Guard -l. EDWARD R. Gmzcixs GENERA1. Scuzrvcu 4A President -lg N1ll,l0lllll Hon- or Society -l: Swimming Team I-43 German Clulx 43 Iwnuxball l'eum 4. ROBERT J. GE-RRARD GHNHRA1. SCIENCE Tralrk ililfillll 3. -l: Public Speak- ing I: Sluilcnt Council I. :J f' J mf ,kiwi . df' ' G ',.4.w'1l" Ezuzrzu M. Gmssow CRIMMEKCIAL Englebooslcr l,2.4: G,A..'X. IA 4: Service Bureau I, 2. JOSEPH A. GOMOLKA C'oMxxm4clAL Truck 2: lnlerclass Baseball I, 2: lnlcrclzlss BZlSliEllJllll 2, 3: Guzlnl 33 Englebooslcr 2.4. J' . I JL. Vlyifxu l GrN1 yi ANC3I.l.'kOL E ly " "' ' , g Ilonnr So' i l I CW V ,'i.' ' " lil-jg GW R :Quill Qaiid l 1' rj ly lu l MAE W. Go0LsBY Glzxxclmi. l.ANL1uAL:E GAA. Ig Englebooslcr -l. STANLEY E. GORALEXVSKI CNHI Grnrluzzliugj Tsssua M. GORDON Gl:Niiu.u. LANCUAGL: Englclmoster 4. Page T-wenly-Nilu' l if 4' A F, ll jixyl A' if if ff - , Gfufoqmplzs 1 2 any 'gfwwffwy W f P ge Tl1r1y HIRSCH GRAFF GENERAL LANGUAGE A CHPCIIII 3,3: Espie's Min- slrels 3: Pres, Studerxt Council 45 35 Year Graduate. MARIE R. GRANT GENERAL LANGUAGE G.A.A. I-4: Guard 35 Engle- lxooster l-4. MARY W. GRANT GENERAL SCIENCE G.A.A. l--15 Emglcboosler l, 2, 4: GII:II'cl 4. VIoI.A M. GRESH COMMERCIAL G.A.A. l-43 Courtesy Club lg Secretary 43 EIIglebn0sler l, 2, 4. WINNIE B. GRIFFIN GENl1IlAl. SCIENCE Latin Club 2: Sp:InislI Club 43 EIIgleboostcI' l, 2, 4: G.A.A. l-4: Biology Club 2. WILLIAM H. GROVE GENERAL SCIENCE Honor Society 4: Swimming TCFHU l-41 "E" Weekly Delc- QIIIE 4: German Club -lg Glec Club 3. MARY J. GUREL CUMMIIRCIAI. Gr-rIII:III Club I-25 GAA. l--lg liIIglehoosLer 2-43 Resl Room Atlendlant 2. 3. Ross HAMILTON EVELYNN HALL CUAINIERCIAI. Girl Reserves 4: EIIgleboosIcr l, 43 G.A.A. I, 2.3. JAMES HALL CNN Crmlunlingl MARY A. HARDING PIIARRIACI' Purple !lIlCl While 4: Library Assistant 4: Room Reporter 3, 'lg Gllilfll 3, 43 EHgll!lJO05lCl' 4. BETTIE M. HARDY l'l0LlSEHOl.D ARTS ' Stntlent Council Z: G,A.A. 2-43 Englebooster 2-4. LUcIUs HARPER ARI.ENE J. HARRIS CONINIERCIAL C.I.C. 4: G..-XA. 3,45 Engle- boosler 3, 4. Page Thirty-One EW! MEADE C. H.ARRIS G11Nl3R.u. l.ANou,xcn Track 2-4: Student Pnlice 43 Interclass Baseball I: Inter' class Basketball lg lnterclass Track l. INEZ F. HASKELI. Cumzvmucmt. G.A.A. l, 2: Guard 3. 43 Sec- relary 4: "lf" Weekly Dele- gate 1. , KATHADAZA M. IiENDER'SON GENERAL L.r,NoU,-use "E" Weekly 3. 43 A Capella Club 2-4: GAA. Z, 3: "E" Weekly Delegate 45 Biology Club 2. , f Cf, CORRAI I rom? f'lCOA1Ml c . L , UCAN, 5 Englebnrisc 3 41 If AQ ' ary 3. 1 ff DeI.O1s B. Hlt.L GENERA1. Scuzxcxi G.A.A. 2,3.4: G.A,A. Dele- gate 2.33 Englebuoster 2, 3. 4: Girl Reserves 4: Purple :mul While Delegate 2. r A OMINA I-10,1 NACKI if lj. M' FRANCES A. PIOLMES 1iOUSEIIOLIJ ARTS Erlglebtroster 2,-lg G.A.A. 2 Biology Club 2. Page Thirly- Ti-wo I-IATTIE D. HOLl.IDAY Coaualzncmr. G..-NA. l, Z, 3: Euglebooster3 BERTHA I. HORNSTEIN GENERAL SCIENCE G.A.A. 243 Sr. Orchestra 2--I: German Club 2. 33 Baud Z3 ilssistant in Girls' Rest Room ..-4. EUZABETH A. HOUSTON GENERAL LANGUAGE Honor Society 43 "E" Vlleekly 4: Student Council Delegate l-35 "E" XVeckly Delegate 39 Purple and White 4. MINNIE L. HOUSTON G.A.A. Delegate 2. 3: GAA. 2--lg Englebooster.3. ROBERT HOYLM:XN LUCILLE F. HUBER GENER.AL Laxouama Opera Chorus 43 German Club 45 Engleboosler 4. PAULINE HUFF GENERAL LANGUAGE Student Librarian 3. 43 Purple and VVhite 4: A Capella l-33 Room Reporter 2-45 Ticket EDITH M. HUNTER G1:xI:RAI. Sou-:Ncu Biology Club 2: linglcboosufr 2, 4g G.A.A. l-4: C.l.C. 31 Sccrelzary 3. VVARREN JAMES 'I 'P'-1f7:"lf ivyff-f,-,Ji -Zfifff-" x. . J ,I ' "iff!'fLw-Q ' f"R4'Z,3L . , GLADYS L. JANE GENIIIIAI. SCIENCE Debating Team 4: Cast of "Love in Bloom" illlll "Charm School" 43 GiI'l Reserves 45 GAA. Lily Engleboosler 4. GREGORY J. JANKOYVSKI GENILRAI. SCIENCE Buys' Glee Club Z-3: Tl'LlCk Team 2-3g Buy Reserves l-Z9 Engl ousler l-4. ,Z STEL CQMAI f CIAL ' Opera horus 3-4: "E" Week' ly Delegnlcg C.l.C. Delegate: Oliice Secretary 3--li Uefmln Club, Archivist 4. XVILLIAM lil. JARMER QIVUI Gmrlznzlingj AZERYNE E. JENKINS GENERRXL LANGUAGE G.A.A. l-41A C n pe l l :I 4: Guard 4. 3-Y .+I Us - OI.cA M. JOHNS GIENI-:RAL LANGUAGE G.A,A. I-4: Gernuin Club 4: liiiglebrmstei' l-45 Girl Re- serves 4. ALVIN JoI1NsoN GENERAL SCIENCE Cheerleader 2-3-4: Fire Mur- slmll Chief 4: Honor SocieLy -Ig Hi-Y 4g A Capella 34. ANDREA R. JOHNSON GENERAI. LANGUAGE Vice-president Spanish Club 43 G.A.A. Delegate I--lg C.l.C. Delegate, Guzirnl 3: Spanish Club Cliairnmn. ORESTES JOHNSON , l XIM "9-A.. - 4' uf1f'A"' fl dr , , - A 1 . ' I RAYMOND H.JOHNSONc I -5 J A 9 X v . fx, ' I l I T1:cIINIc,u. - Englebooster l-4: Ca p.I.aUfp f Chzxmpionsliip Bzxsebzill Teanigff' -4 lnlcrcluss Basketball. ' I," -,J 1.7 il EVELYN M. JONES CUAIAIERCIAI. "ll" lVeekly Dclcpzilc 1,31 G. A. A. Delegzue Ig G. A. I- 3: Englebnosler l,2,4: Guard 4. MILDRED L. JONES ART Englehoosler I-4: G.A.A. I--lg Tennis Z: Baseball 33 G.A.A. Delegate Z. Page Thirty- Three -N -fi ,Y ,.,. . Gfmf gmpks W ffffd If .fcfcfaaf .41 - ' 0 fN 'W' K of ' 'Mm - 1 5 J , W4 L7 W my OQWZ14 Lo cu - wir-. S Q X1 W WWw Mvizrxs D. JORDAN Coxiruxgxcnu. GAA. l-3: Englebnoster 4. Roszs Jucius HELEN JUDD FLORENCE Kfurscuucxc 1.7, f' . 67 f 'M ANNA M. M KAS Commune Flltlwlellioos - , . ... - 3 Mgf -"'fo'!l"'6.A.A, Delegate l-33 Leuei Girl -Z--lg Se" lr' ' clam ' 4. cv MV' hfbflfv-xfx. 'Aff I HYM:XN KAPLAN GENHRA1. SCIENCE Basketball Team I-4: Imcr- class Baseball I-4: InLercl2ISS Basketball I-4: Englebonster 2-45 Letter Nlan 4. Doaxs KERWIN .il . 3. - v ., M ,x J xl U .J 3 YS if 'T ' if -1 u.rG f .ombmdlmlg DAN KINNAI.I.Y I Mxwluso L. Kmm' CUMMICRCIAL lfnglclmooster L43 G.A.A. l-3. ANNE M. KLIXKOVICH COMMERCIAL National Honor Society A-lg Letter Girl 4: Secretary junior Clnss 33 Clerk. Stuclenl Court fl. -lg Secretary 14. C.xRor.YN K1,ENNER Anon F. IQLIMAS Comxxnuciu. Fire Nlnrslinll 4: Hi-Y 3, 45 Public Speaking 3, 4: Engle- boosler l-4-5 Inlerclnss Base- lmll 2. 3. Amen A. KMAN CJOMAIERCIAL Secretary 4: Assistant, Rest Room 43 Englelsoosler 43 G. A A I4 TED A. KRAGNESS T11cnN1c.u. lfinglcbnusler 1-45 lnlcrclass Bzlsclmll 23 lnterclnss Basket- lmll 2. Page Thirly-Fifvc' uniuf MAETA KRAMPERT CHOMMERCIAL "E" lfVcckly 3-4: Horxnr So ciely 4: Quill Iuntl Scroll -lt G.A.A. l--lg Girl Reserves 4. ELEANOR M. ICRAUCHUNAS GI-1NEl!Al. LANc:u.xc:l5 VIRGINIA ICRAUSE CJONIMIERCIAL Hutizw J. KORAl'fIS Cuxmilsxrzmr. Englebonsters I-45 G.A.A. l- 4: German Club l: Sou, in iXlnin OHicc 4. n ..l.s"p. I - w lb ,ix .. A V, H ,U is , Af , ' Y. 1ilx'I.GIIuJ G.KUI1AIT1sV '1 'J' V ' I:lA'lall2lll-i3 1- i 4' If' --it I 'ut -5 rac' -3 rmn Y rfb' lj? 3-4.iIIa-If- 4. .5 ,, . .J fp 5, 3 Iv, V r 9 . k I. I . JJ API t 1' 'f 1' K I ig l, ' ' N1 J' , pg G' JIT jj ' '-FJ V IRVIYNG KUSPIINSKY Cozxlniizlxclfxl. Boy Reserves 2-33 Euglcbnosler 2-4: Guard 2-4: Slunlenl Court 2-43 lnterclziss Basketball 2. CHRIS G. Lixxvxnmuas GENERAI. SCIENCE Lieuteuaxnl ml Guzmls 4: Ger- man Club 4: Englclwooslcr 2-33 Inlerclznss llumllwzill 2: lruercluss Frectlwmv 2-4. Page Tlzirly-Six EDWVIN M. LAMBERT GIENERAI. SCIENCE "E" lfVeekly Staff 4: Opera Club 2-43 EIIgln:lJ0uslers Pulw- licity Committee -lg Guzirrl 33 Student Council 4. LUCILLE LANG GENERAL. I.,nzm:Imcl: Englebooster I-4: GA..-X. I-4: Lllwzxry 2-4: Gcrinun Club 31 G.A.A. Delegate l. MARY LATHAM Rows NA LAVINE fzVol Gfdllltllfiflgl RALPH LAWRENCE Pimxnmcv Boy Reserves I-2: Englcboostcr l-45 Student Police -lg Guard 2-4: Inlerclass Basketball l-4. MULVINE H. LAZARSKY COMMERCIAL Euglebooster 3--lg G..-'x.A. 3-4. ANNA R. LEITER COBKMERCIAI. Englcboostcr l--lg G.A.A. l-43 Girl Reserves l-43 Biology Club 2-35 "E" Nveckly -l. Y, --- -:--7- -1 -ar-W --rr--1 1 :iii In-1 S'1'ANr,rzY Levxuzsms l"rrARMAcY Debating 4. SALLY N. LEVY Coxrzufrzcmr. Asst. Business Manager "E" Weekly 4: Vice-president C.I.C. 4: Honor Society 4: Secretary 4: Opera Chorus 2. SADYE MAE Lrtwrs CGAIRIERCIAI. Enrzleboosler I-4: G.A.A. I-4: Guard -1: Club Cnstellxmn 4. . ,fi 4 AR ' R LON ' s Track Z .e me 3-4-' 7 - booster 4: .iff I ni, nj lnr I 'TC 4 ple nncl ,V ' -4' C. . . . LAURA F. LUCAS Glsxxirmr, SCIENCE GAA. l-4: Englelmosler I-4: Biology Club Z: Latin 2: Sec- retary 4. Fr.oru2Ncn C. Lusr-mn Grzxnrmr. l,ANnr'A1:r1 French Clulv 1: Girl Reserves -1: Germain Club 4: G.A.A. l -lg Engleboosler l-Al. Wrr.r.1u.ee Lurn nu Cnxrmlarccmr. Orchestra 2-4: Letier Girl 2- 4: Ilnnur Society fl: German Club l-3: Englelyrrosler 2-rl. -Q, Y 7777 JOHN P. LYNSKEY COMMERCIAL President Enrzlelronsler 4: Bas- ketball 3-4: President Boy Re- serves 4: Honor Sociery 4: Treasurer C.l.C. 4. Enwrnzn L, MACHENSKAS ' Grzxrnmr, Scrrzxerz Treasurer, Boy Reserves 3: Nfl .9 Lx, fwfr I Treasurer, I-Ii-Y 4: C l n s s Jr I, ,ff Treasurer, 3rd Year: Treasurer A , I' ' ' Biology Club 2: Intrn-Mural 1 fl '1 Manager 4. .I x l-- , I Il i, , ' 1 'J ""'- ' I .. lv Czwrrmzrura R. NTAINA Gnxmlnr. l.Axm1Aclz G,A.A. 2--1: Engleboosrer 2-'11 Glee Club 3, 4. DAN MAl.r.12R Q " 1 ill, lf-' .rl , mfr' lf, la- U-1-A'-f ,nl x U +C., by-' Alla.. Mz..9r.f-rn,fr6.3X we Comxrrgkcmr Secretary. Main Oflire L45 G. A. A. I-4: Leuer Girl 3, 4: Ilonor Society 4: Engleboosler Z-4. GEOIKKFE VV. MANSEN Corrnrlincmr. Cheerleader 3, 41 Band 3. 4: Orchestra 4: Purplenrlirurs, ln' Lcrclnss Bzrskellmll -1. Jorwurn MARGERUM GILNERM. IANGUAGE G.A.A. I, 4: Sluclenl. Council Delegate I: C,I.C. Captain l: Arisloi 2: VA: Yr. Grzrclunle. Page Thirty-Sc-van S26- I 3 . 1 K I ,,.f X. 5 r I , . If V 51 A if 'M-.LP ., -al K-X.-1 ,,fNf"Z N . . rua WP U, kb VV 1" V Gfafoqraplzs Eiiijifwif HELEN L. MARLEY COMMERCIAL UE" Stall 3. 4: Engleluooster 2-4: "E" Delegate 3. 43 Siu' dem Council Delegate 2, 43 Bailiff ol' Student Courl Sl BLONDISAN MARSHALL GENERAL LANGUAGE G.A.A. l-45 Engleboosner I, 2, 49 Guard 45 A Capella 4. DORIS A. NIARSI-IAI.l. GENERAL I,ANGl7AL2li G.A.A. l-43 Englcboosler 1,25 Biology Club 2. FRANCES E. MASSIE COAIMIQRCIAL G.A.A. l, 2, 3. MARGARET M. MATTELINO COMBKERCIAL A "li" Weekly Staff 3, 43 Quill and Scroll -lg Drama 43 Engle- boosler I-45 G.A.A. I. 3, 4. CATHERINE MAYEIELD JAMES MCDONAl.D . ,.4,, 1 MADELENE MCINTYRE COMMERCIAL Honor Society 43 G.A.A. I-4: Secretary 43 Engleboosrer l-45 Girl Reserves 4. ANNA B. MCLEARY Comm-:RCIAL Room Rcporler lg Engleboostcr l-45 G.A.A. I-4. EDWARD MCMURRAY GERTRUDE C. MCNERNEY GENERAL SCIENCE G.A.A. l-45 G.A.A. Social Chairman 43 G,A.A. Fresidenl 45 Diarna 43 Lellcr Girl 3, 4. LESSIE E. MCWELLS C0hiMEllClAl. Guard 3. 45 Engleboostcr 2-45 Tap Dancing Class 33 Appaf l'lll.llS 2g Sr, Basketball 4. RIPLEY B. MEAD, JR. GENERAL SCIENCE: German Club l, 25 Guard 4. LYNN P. MELODY CQAIMERCIAI. French Club 2: G.A.A, I-43 Englclnouster I-4. Page Thirty-Nine MARVIN MIENHIENNET .NSTRIIJ E. MILBERG I'IOUSl'IlIOI.D Airrs Englcboosler -l: German Club 3, 43 Glcc Club 3. 4g Pholog. rzxphy Editor ol Purple and While: Girl Reserves 4. FAY F. MILETZKY CIJMNIEIQCIAL Iinglcbooslur 2, 3, 43 G.A.A, l'4g Sccrcinry Z3 Room Re- porter 35 Guaircl 3. 4. CATHERINE M. MILLER C'OMlx'llilXClAl. "E" lvcckly 3. All Sluclcnl C0uucil 2, 3: C.I.C. 33 G.A.A. l-43 linglcbooslcr l-4. V ,,.y- K in f . f f'l' 'Aj V rfL"V 'FRANQEB MIl.I,ER f I EP' lCcnI4SffIiILcI3iI. Q i .J .. If S' I ' Ve 3 5 lj' ' ,f 4l" CQ' ,.A.fFi:'.Enfy , VMM J, EDITH j. M II.'roN GHNIQRAI. SCIENCE Biology Club 2: G.A.A. 2-4: Iilmlclmonslcr 2-4: Girl Re- scrvcs Al: Slurlcnr Council Dele- gruc 2. LOUISE E. NIINOR GENILRAI. LANGUAGE Eirglclxrmster 3, Ilg G.A.A. 3, 43 Arismi I. Page Farly JUANITAMOORE AK - , A, EV A' Do rruif i.MovIT 'irencli Club 2 irl ' -1 .A.A. l- ' ' c osler l-43 Stuclcnl C I ' . RCIAl. lv G LEONARD J. MUDON GENEKIKI. SCIENEE Erigzlelarmsler 2-43 Public Speak- ing 4: lnlcrclnss Swimming 3: IIll.Bl'Cl2lSS Bnsclmll 4. Qfiwef ,ZW FRANCES P. lY1USTAPIC CnnIxIIaI:cIAL A Capella 2, 43 Prcsidcnl Girl Reserves l, Al: German Club l. 2: Enulclmosrcr 3. -li Senior Sponsor 4. EDYVARD MUSZYNSKX Aumuzy L. NEFF GIzxIzI:,xI. LAxnI'Af.I: Editor "lj" lvcclcly 4: Honor Sucicly 4: Quill :Ind Scroll -1: Girl Reserves 43 Englelmosrer 4. Rrmmvr M. NELSON Com M IZRCIAL Business lXfl:In:IgcI' Purple anal Whuc 4: Honor Society 4: Slcupuli 2: Frcncli Club 21 Cllpllllll Guards 4, ,J 7 BERNICE NESTER K ow.-X" -J"'Vx Q. LCN'- J-fu-1-71 -N LN:m,?n WILLI J. NEvII,I.E GENERA SCIENCE Honor Soc ' 4: Swimming Team l-43 Asst. Jewelry Chair- man 4: El1glCl700SlL'l' I, 2, 4: Glue Club 3. TERENCE T, 0'SIIEA CONINIERCIAI Band 3, 43 Guard 4. FRANCES J. PAGANO COLIMERCIIKI. French Club I. 2: G.A.A. l-45 Guard 4: linglelxuoster l-43 Arisloi 2. EVELYN L. PAGE HUUSEIIDLII !xR'l'S Guard l-35 Englcboosler 3, 45 ?.A5A. l-3: G.A.A. Delegate lVlARCARET C. PALARIR GENERAI. LANGUAGE Associate Editor Purple and White 43 President German Club 3, 4, Treasurer. Engle- bunsters 43 Honor Society 4: Letter Girl. IGNATIUS J. PALMISANO GENERAL SCIENCE C,I.C. lg Biology Club 2: In- Ierclass Bzlsehall l, 23 Inter- class Basketball 4. KENNEDY E. PARKER GENERAL SCIENCE lnterclass Baskcllwall 2-43 ln- ter-clznss Baseball 2-4: "EW Weekly Delegate Z3 Guard 3. WILLIAM D. PARKER fNut Grrlllmlfhigj MARIE PASCHEN WII.I,ARn M. PAYNE GENERAL SCIENCE R.O.T.C. l. 2: Guard 4: Em!- lcbnnsler 43 lnlerclass Baseball. JULIA PEDERSEN ELEANOR E. PESHAK CUNIRIERCIAI. Honor Sociuy 43 Sec. Girl Reserves 4: SECTCILIFY 4: Engle- booster l--l: G.A.A. l-4. UIARK S. PEVSNER GENERAL SCIENCE Purple and xxylllll! Delegate 2: "E" Weekly Delegate l. 23 Ticket Salesman l-3: Engle- lmcoster I, 23 Guard 4. Page Forty-One gc Fortv GQLL f0qI"6L?l9h5 " -A -lr - -- x I , 1 A l . LMM' 'F 'f ' W 1' Q Q X Arn if Q5 l W! -Lt! J . .0 flyrlfllwl W . X-,N ,jj ix Lkifj iii r R 2:5 GAEA1' sim W 0 f' lu 1 . I. PLE T- r ' . , 3 I rclass Baseball A! 3 Inlc 'lass askctballl l-41 ner fimming l-3: Inter- ' rlandball l-3. EVELYN POPLAR NIARGARET j. PORTER GENERAL Scxrsxciz G.A.A. l. 2, 43 A Capella 3. 4: Girl Reserves l, 23 Guarcl 3. 43 Englelmooslcr l, 2, 4. . Bfzjzlliffkfff 'mit M . as 41 GMA! mg EI gat 2, 4: lee Qlul? I2-43 . . . z ' 5 ' exons' i if ' jfvvwbu L. LuR1.1NE S. PRESTXVOOD GENEli1XI. LANGUAGE i Letter Girl 45 Biology Club 2: Secretary 4: Guard 2,31 Elngle4 booster 4. BLANCHE L. RABY GENERAL I.ANuu.uzn Band 2. 3: GAA. l-3: Engle- bnoster 1,31 Gym Guard 4. 'in- LUcu.LE E. RADEKOI,F GENERAL LANGUAGE German Club 2, 3: Student Council Delegate l-43 Secre- tary 4g Senior Sponsor 4: Englrrlmnsler 3. 4. LORAINE N. RADFORD C0E1MERclAL Englebuuster 3,43 GJLA. 2-43 Guard 4. LUCILE A. RADIGAN GENERAL LANGUAGE Library Asst. 3,45 Letter Girl 4: Girl Reserves 4: G.A.A. l-45 Englebu-.ister 1, Z, 4. . f' K, 5 fl ff' . ARCH B. REED 0' Gl:lNL1R:Kl, Scnix Student Police Ca :lin 45 Hall fl Guaxrtl Captain 4: lntercluss l Basketball 4: Intcrclass Base- - liull 43 Senior ipdgisur 4. 'J " x . N. F l . X ,, 'Z?",,- wx. - fl Y r ,EL-'Hy ELEANOR REEnffiIl. .LJ 1 f--.E-.1-.,L-'ijj1.,,,w:l'f -- i 'xf if If il! FRANK REED' " - 1 X 'li f , l, V' f'..' ,"' A , lik Agyf l ii' lf' , lf X -- 1 i L1Lr,mN REED 'Tx ylwfo-1 l - GENERAL LANGUAGE '-. "' cu...-a 3, 4. GAA. 1-sfsff. X rotary 21 Spanish Club 4. Page Forly-Three W OV .. EMILY E. Rzzlas COXIAIERCIAL Secretary -I-5 Assistant Librarian 3, 45 G.A.A. 3g Engleboosler 4. SOPIIIE RI2cIcAs LULA P. REID GENERAL LANGUAGE Englcbooster l,2,-lg G.A.A. I-4g Guard 4: Spanish Club 4. SAMUEL H. RHODES GENERAI. SCIENCE IVIILDRED RICHARDS ADABELLE B. ROCKWOOD COMNII-:IICIAL Guard 3: G,A.A. Membcrl-43 Sc-cy. to Nliss Trone 4: Room Reporter 2g G.A.A. Del. 3. CHARLQTTE H. Rooms GENERAL LANGUAGE Letter Girl 45 G.A.A. Mem- ber l-45 Gym Secy., 41. Gnzlrcl 33 Rhyrhm 2-4. Page Forty-Four l 4:- LOUISE M. Rocsns COAlllERCIAL Nlain Office l-43 Lost and Found I-45 Spanish Club 3-43 EIIglelJooster I-43 Guarcl I-4 MARIE L. RONAYNE CQMMEIICIAI. Purple and While Auditory junior Class Social CllIlil'HlLlllQ Student Court Clerk: Secy. K0 bliss Kilroy. Nlain Oflice I-4: Gcrnnnn Club l-2. ADELE Ross IRMA M. ROUTEN Gunumr. Scuzxcza G.A.A. l-4g Biology Club 23 Erxglcboosler 2,-lg Guciral 33 Gym Secretary 4. SHERMAN D. RUBENSTEIN GENIQIIAL LAxcuAcE Purple and VVhiLe Staff 2: Or- clleslrn l-35 Checker and Chess Tecirn 23 Lieut. of Guards 4: sllldbfll Council I-2. S .YRUBEN EIN' 'N 1 I M!! HELEN L. RUCKAM GILNUIAI. LANGUAGE Honor Society -I-3 Science Ig Biology Club 23 L ?Vcekly Delegate 2g .A.A. -3. Qilvle EDVVIN F. RUHLAND PHARMACY Purple and While 2-45 Slu- mlcnt Council lg Biology Club 22 Boy Reserves lg Inter-class Baseball l. RICARDO Ruxz GENERAL LANGUAGE Trark Capt. l-45 Cross Coun- try I-43 Guarcl l-23 Engle- l7OU5lE!' 3-4. ' A ID SH .mt L f c m , Lug oosl ...- : Int 's . 1 g ter- , If cla e ill ,N f 9 JAMES L. SAMUEL GENERM. Scmxcxa Sluclcnl Police 3.45 Guard 3, 43 Inter-class Baseball 2, 3: Intercl as s Bnskclball l-35 Enplebooslcr 2. E's'rELL12 SAROSKA CJOMMERCIAK. Englclaoosrer I-4: G.A.A. l--lg Gym Secretary 3, 4. ID Q- G NERI, Siuzwwcn. g Q- 1 . . : lor .pons0r... ' ' 3 'irc1N. shall P: ' cl 4? ublicu Spea 'ing 1. EDWARD SCHAU GliNERAl. Snuaxcx: EHglEbO0SlCf l-35 Fire Deputy 4: R.O.T.C., Major I-3. lr 4 THERESA D. SCOLARO Cnmmnncml. Englcboostcr I-43 G.A,A. l-41 Gym Secretary 3: Girl Reserves l-45 French Club l. ROBERT SCOTT PHARMACY Inter-class Basketball I, 22 Inter-class Baseball lg Inter- clnss Freclhrow 43 German Club 4: Guard -1. HELEN Scumv f JS, -'if ,A , FANNY M. SECHBACK COMMERCIAL Omce Secretary 43 Rest Room Assl. 2-45 G.A.A. I-2: Engle- boosler l. lVlARY SHEEHY VIOLET SHOKALIS HELEN SIEGRIST Page Forty-Fi-ve -sa l- va- - Um- 1- - - 4- --- - YY -1- Y I Gfufoqmphs HAZEL SlLAS GENERAL. LANGUAGE. Biology Club 23 "E" Weekly Dclegale 35 Student Council 43 EnglelIoosIcr.4. DQROTHY SILVERMAN COIKILIERCIAL Girl Reserves 1. 2g "E" lVcek- ly 35 G.A.A. I-4g Engle- lmoster l-3. LOUISE M. SII.zER C'0AI.IIIEI1CIAI. G.A.A. l-45 Llnglebooslcr I-3. SOPHIIE SIMON COIIIMEIICIAI. lilngleboosler l-4: G.A.A.l-45 A Czipelln 2,43 Lauer Girl 2' lg Trczlsurcr, CElmPlll'C Girls 3, 4. GRACE B. SIMPSON CJENERAL LANGUAGE Englelnoosler 2-4: G.A.A. 21 3: Senior Bnskerball 45 Guard 2, 35 Apparatus 2, PHILIP SIIIKIN GENERAL SCIENCE Basketball 1, 2, 33 Baseball l, Z, -1-3 Engleboostcr 23 Guard 4. NORMAN SIVESIND GIENIEIUII. LANGUAGE Engleboosler 2-43 Public Speak- ing 43 Debate 4. 17 .wwf 3, We wjkfr , -11-A ADAM R. GENERAL Sc 'xcn Fuolbnll 2,31 Baseball 2 1 Hi-Y 3, 4: Engleboosmr 1-4: Wreslling 2, 3. ADIzI.IN12 SLOAN C'oMnIIzkcIAI. French Club Z1 Glue Club 25 G.A.A. l, 2, 4g Engleboosler I-4. ANNA SMITH GENIHIAI. LANGUAGE G.A.A. I-35 Guard 2, J. ANNIE SMITH BENITO SMITH CATIIIERINE O. SMITH COXIRIERCIAII "E" Weekly Delegate 45 Oflice Secretary 4. Jzssua SMITH Grzxxaimx. LANGUAQI: French Club lg G.A.A. l-4: Arisloi l, 23 Guard 45 Engler bnostcr 2-4 . Page Forty-Sefuen ,WW MWA LILLIAN V. SMITH GENERAL LANGUAGE G.A.A. Delegate 2: Englehoosn- sr I-43 Guard 43 Secretary l, RALPH SMITH GENERIXI. SCIENLL I .. y !J I SNYDISR NERAI SCIENCE Iball I-4, SwIInmirIg 3-4: ' mek 3 4' Bwnel l 4' Hi Y Ifallll J PIELENE L. SPANN SOCIAL SCIENCE G,A.A. Z, 35 Englcboosuzrl-33 Orchestra Z3 Guard 4. FRANCES SPERoIJoUI.os CQAIMERCIAL Oflice SecI'elIIry 4: "li" Week- ly Staff 43 Girl Reserves 42 G.A.A. Delegznle 2: Slurlenr Council Delegate 4. EUGENE SPIZZIRRI GENEIQAI. SCIENCE Purple :Ind Yvlillc 2-43 C.I.C. 2: Engleboosrer 4: Purple nlncl While Delegate -lg Espie's Nim- slrels 4. MYRTLE SPRALr.EY GENERAL LANGUAGE G.A.A. l-3: linnlcboosler l-4: C-Ixnrcl 2, 35 "E" Weekly I-4. Page Forty-Eight ,Yiiii r,L', -I CL,IIIAnEI.I.E G. SPRINGS COMMERCIAL G.A,A. I-4: Engleboosrer I-43 "E" YVeckly IV4. DOI.0RE'S A. STEELE CONINIERCIAI, Honor Society 45 "E" Vlfeekly Stall' 3.4: Letter Girl 43 G. Q. A. Delegate 45 Englebooster LEON STEELE LORINE STEELE CORILIERCIJXI. G.A.A, l-4: "Ii" lVcekIy Dele- gate 33 Englebooster 4. RUTH STELZER c:0MMERClAl. Arisroi I, 25 Engleboosler I-45 French Secretary Z3 French Club I. 2: G.A.A. l-4. NONNIE STEPHENS CoIxINII:xcIAI. Secy. Sr. Class: Pres. C.I.C. 41 Hnnm Society 4: Secy. Engle- boosLers 45 Girl Reserves 4. EI.IsE STITH GENEIIAI, LANGUAGE Suzy, C.l.C. 43 "E" Yveellly Stull, Circulation Mgr.g G.A.A, l--lg Evrrllymlu Club l-4. af J rxcic S'mAUs BIIRNICE P. SUSKXN CUIIIIERCIAI. G.A.A. I-3: "E" Weekly Delc- gnte l: EIlglElJUOSlEl' l-3: Girl Reserves l, 2. ZIGMUND R. Svfmco CQUMMEKCIAI. "E" Scribe -lg Track 33 Guard 35 Englcbooster -lg Public Speaking 4. Crinsusx' VFANNER GI-INILIIAI. LANGUAGE Bunk Roonr 3, 43 Spanish Club 4. DOROTHY F. TAYLOR CONIMEIICIAI. Slllillllll Council Delegate 23 Guzrrcl 3. 4. FRANCES M. TAYLOR GENILIIAI. LANGUAGE llonor Suciely 4: Biology Club 25 C.l.C. 4: Room Reporter 2: G.A.A. I-4. LII,I,IAN E. TAYLOR Errgleboosler 4. --in - 4-if -----' BERNICE THARPS ARLI2'sI2 THOMAS RALPH THOMAS I 0 V X 51 .lv EUGENE THOMSON GIsNI:I1.II. SCIENCE Glee Club l-4g Bzmcl 3, 45 Tfilfk 21 "E" lfvcekly Scribe 45 Engleboosler l-4. JAMES THOMSEN TECHNICAL Band ,I-2: Purple :Ind While 4: FII'e Marshall 4: Engle- boosrer l-45 Stamp Club 2. LILLIAN THVS'EATT GENEIKAL LANGUAGE G,A.A. l-3: Englebuoster lg Guard 41 A Capella 4, JAMES TILSY GENERAL SCIENCE Englcboosrer 1-4. Page Forty-Nine PR1scI1.LA TONEY COMMERCIAL G.A.A. 2, 33 Englebnosler 2, 3: lfxlglelxoosler, 2,3. VERA B. TOWNSEND Ed. Purple :Incl XVlIitc 49 Hon- or Sociely 43 Treasurer Girl Reserves 33 43 Glee Club 2, 33 C'.l.C. Delegate 4. PHILIP TURNER GIENILRAI, LANGUAGE Orchesrrn Z. 3: R.O.T.C. I-3: lmerclass Buselmll 3, -lg Inter- class Baskclball 3, 43 Latin Club 2. CONSTANCE TYIIER 4 YR. GENERIKI. LANGUAGF G.A.A. l--lg EIIglelmosIer l--lg Secretary l-2-4. EUGENIA V. URBANEK CORIRIIZRIJIAI, G.A.A. l-33 Sccy. Nliss Cross 3-43 Losl and Found, Ass. 3- 4: Englebuosmrs S-45 Drama Club 4. FRANCES L. VANDENOVER GENERAI. Scmxcn Ernglebousrer l-43 GAA. I-2- 4: A Capella Chorus 3--lg Drama Club -lg Secy. 4. VVII.LA M. VoRTIcIs GI-:NI2RAI. Scxuxce Room IQEDOYICI' lg, G.A.A. Del. I-2: Englebouster l-33 Biology Club 2. Page Fifty FI,oRIzNcI5 VVALCHIRK COKINIERCTIAL Secretary 3, -l: Gym Secretary 4: SwiIIInII:rs Test 33 "E" YVeel-:lv Delegate 35 C.l.C. Delegate 4. CH.-IRI.Es R. WALKER SUCIAI. SCIENUIS Public Debaling 2. 3: Track Team 2, 3: Football Team 2. 3. LLOYD A. WAsI-IINGTON GI-:NIaRAI. SCIENCE BJIIIII I-4: Sgl. R,O.T.C. l, 2: Inlcrclnss Bzxscbzlll I--li Mar- slmll 3. 4: lmerclfcss Basket- ball. . , . ff If l ll fl' I . .f',.'- -1 , , I I I ,I X . , ,- , ,,- f' 1 N JJ ,rr I K JOSEPII C. VVASILI-:Us Ld CoII.I:IIIaRcIAI. Fire NILIYSIIZ-lll -lg Office Assist- LIIIL 4. FRANCIS W. WANIJ GENERAL LANGUAGE lIlICl'ClIl5S Baseball l-3g Truck l, 2: Imerclass Basketball I, 23 Polite 4. ALICE WANNER COSIAIERCIAL Secretary -l-. ANDRINE WEBB REGINALD V. WEIIII GENERAL Scuzxcn "lf" Weekly Delegate lg In- Ir-rulzlss Baskcllnall- I, 23 Stamp Club 4: ' llll.Cl'Cl1lSS Bll5E'lJIlllZY C'.1.C. l. '. NORMAN VVEISS GENIIRAL Scxsxcs C'.I.C.: lmerclass Basketball 43 ll1ll'l'Cl1l9S Baseball 4. DOROTHY WILLS CoMIvII2RcIAI. G.A.A. 3: Englelxoosler 4. WILLIE WESTFIELD MARGARET A. WIIELAN CIIAILIERCIAL GAA. 2-4. CLARICE WHITE ORAN B. VVHITE GI:::I':RAI. Scnnxcrz Band l-3: lnterclass Baseball 2: Dcllclu' rllezun -li Baskelball Clranrpionslrip Team. I fl I I II ,Q .J lf. . c 4 I , I A vi 1 ,hiv .7 ' . af- 1 X , ' f ff 12 f-1 f X gfvv Z' Wye-2 BERTIIA WHITESIDE COMMERCIAL G.A.A. I-85 Gym Secy. 43 Englcbousner l, 2, 45 Rest Room Asst. 3, 4. HARRY E. WI-IITLOCK SonIAI. Scuzxca Honor Sociely 4: Englebooster l-3: Guard 3. ALDINI2 WILLIAMS .ALICE L. WILLIAMS GIQNRRAL LANuuAcIs Honor Society 4: Chief Clerk "E" Weekly 4: Arisloi .Zg Ac- cmrrrlamt "E" Weekly 4. FRANCES E. VVILLIAMS GENERAI. LANGUAGE Honor Society -lg HE" .Weekly Circulation Nlzmugerg Arlstor 2g Englcbooster 4. LORETTA M. WILLIAMS CUMIIIILRCIAI. G.A.A. l-45 lf.IIglebooster2-43 Girl Reserves 45 Guard 3. VIRGINIA R. WILLIAMS ARTS A "li" Weekly 45 A Capella J. 4. Page Fifty-One -, -in . , r A OSEY L. WOOD GENERAL LANGUAGE Orchestra 1-45 R.O.T.C. l-25 Engleboosler l-43 Concertmus- Ier 3, 4. ANTHONY L. BARBARO PHARMACY ' A ha .Ml ..b.1'-'iw ' I.. we My G. Bfilihg, .lf TJ ff' A Ivf ll MIRIAM M. BRAND COMMERCIAL French Club 25 G.A.A. l-3, Engleboosters L33 Girl Re- serves 2. EDNA BROWNLEE GEN ERAI. LANGUAGE JAMXESIS. CARROLL S RI . ,lx , If I1 If f. JAMES M. L . J. J COA1NlERCIA K, 3 JJ A I ALICE COOPER GEN ERAI. LANGUAGE EDWARD C. DAVIS SOCIAL SCIENCE GEORGE V. DOMIIROWSKI GENERAL SCIENCE Page Fifty-Tfwo ETHEI. E. EVANS COMMERGIAI. G.A.A. Delegate 3: Engle- booslers 2-4g G. A. A. 1-45 Guard 3. VIRGINIA A. FEYEN C0lNlR1ERClAl. G.A.A. 2--lg Englebooslers 3-45 Gusnrcl 3-4. RAYMOND R. GREENE GENERAI. LANGUAGE lulcrclnss Basketball l-4: III- Lerclass Baseball Q l-Sp Council Dclegzlle 4: SJ'J1llllSll Club 4. RAYMOND GOLOMB COMMERCIAL ROBERT W. HACKETI' GEN ERAI. LANGUAGE RAI.PH W. HALE MONICA HARRISON GENERAL LANGUAGE GERTRUDE M. HENRY GENERAL SCIENCE DOROTHY JACOBS COXIMERCIAL ANN T. ZAI.Ts COMMERCIAL A Capella 2-4: Englebooster l- ii Tl?" Weekly Staff 3g GA. IVIAURICE ZELDEN GENERAL SCIENCE Student Council Delegate 25 Public Speaking 4. VENETA A. JOHNSON COMMERCIAL HII.DA G. KATES GENEk4Xl. LANGUAGE .ANTHONY P. KISKUNAS COAIAIERCIAI. EDXVARD R. KRRXSNECK GENERAL SCIENCE ANN KRCA COMMEREIAI. DOROTHY M. LEPAGE COM Nl!-ZIKCIAI. GRACE LOGASCIO CORIAIERGIAI. EDMOND L. MAEBANE PIIARAIAIA' ARTHUR A. MAGID COAIMERCIAL QQ, M, V V 1 fr-pn A- fr, 49 63' FLORENCE L. lVIAI.E'SKE ' COMAIERCIAI. VELMA L. MARTIN CCAIAIIZRCIAL HARRIET MAYNARD GENERAL SCIENCE JOHN P. MCCARTIIY TECHNICAL MARGARET E. MCNEMARA COMAIERCIAL CRALITON A. MCNEAL PHARMACY JAMES C. NIILAM PIIAR AIACY ROSEMARY MORGAN COMMERCIAL FRANCES M. NIORRPSSEY GENERAL LANGUAGE MARY' K. MORRISSEY GENERAL LANGUAGE S'rEvE NEVRLY GENERAL SCIENCE I, FRANCIS NUGENT . - If CURKXIIRDIAI. , I, ff ,I L. If CAROLI C. O'BRlEN CQIIIAIERCIAI. Sec. Bliss Wheelock 45 Engle- lmnstcrs I-45 G.A.A. l-2--1 Gym Sec. 3. ELIZABETH PAYTON GENEF.1Kl. SCIENCE ROYSETTA PETERSEN FRA NCES G. PETERSON COMMERCIAL ERNESTINE V. PHILLIPS GENEDIAL LANGUAGE I XVALTER E. PHILLIPS ARTS GLADYS PRICE ITUUSEIIULD ARTS G.A.A. 4. ROBERT E. REES CARL E. RoNs GENERIXI. SCIENCE CLAUDIA G. RUTHEREORD CCMMERCIAL XVILLIAM D. SCHELL GENERIKI. SCIENCE Basketball, Tennis, Intcrclass Basketball, Intcrclass Baseball, EIIgleboosters. CARRIE SCHUCII COAIRIERCIAI. .K J! . .X TJ .,JosEI1II UQII X TgiufNICA. RAYMOND SCHUSTER COMMERCIAL BERTRAM SHEAN AUDREY M. SI-IELDOM COMMERCIAL MARIE J. SIIIMRUS COMMERCIAL LEONARD C. SI-IOBERC SCIENCE SAMUEL E. SMITH GENERIXI. SCIENCE LA NGEORD SPRAGGINS GENERAL SCIENCE s IJ, .Lx HELEN E. STEINER COMAIERCIAL G.A.A., Engleboostcr STANLEY SZPAVA SOCIAL SCIENCE FRANK E. TILTON GENERAL LANGUAGE Swimming Team 2-33 Guard 33 Student Council 3. SII.vER A. TRAYLCR PIOUSIEHOLD ARTS EIIglclI0oster I-45 SCC. 3-4. STELLA R. 'IQRAYLOR PIDUSEI-IOLD ARTS Englcboostcr l-4. THOMAS R. TRAYLOR TECIINICAL Englebnoster l-4: Handball Cha mpion I-33 Inlcrclass Wrestling Champion: Stuclcnr Police: Lieutf B.O.T.C, K MINNIE WALKER C0hIRiERCIAL ODELL E. WALKER GENERAL LANGUAGE Track l-45 Police 43 "E" Dele- gate 3-4: Glce Club 33 Inlerv class Basketball 2. HOMER XNASHINGTON GENERAL SCIENCE EMILY V. VVEBLI. GENERAL SCIENCE G.A.A., Glce Club 3--lg Lost and Found 43 Guard 3: Sec. I. LANELL R. VVILSON GENERAL SCIENCE Ligl'ILweiglIt B a s k c L b a I I 33 Heavy Basketball 43 Student Police 49 Interclass Basketball l-2. VVANDA WITKINS COMMERCIAL Englebooster l-45 G.A.A. Delc- galc 33 SCC. 45 Guard 3. Page Fifty- Three QYLOG CWIM The following list of graduates were selected by their teachers and their class mates as the most outstanding forty-one of the class. The class selected twenty live by ballot and the teachers selected sixteen. The basis of selection was scholarship character, personality, popularity, and good citizenship. 2Margaret Anderson Ruth Andrews Helen Banko Elinor Bauchhenss Vera Berger Laura Bergquist Lois Bert Willizlm Boyd Jack Brand Powell Campbell Irene Castle Arlene Daniels Nlary Frances Dellekamp Billy lidgecomb Helen Erzberger Edward Gercas William Grove Elizabeth Houston Stella Jarikis Albert Johnson Odell Wzllker Page Fifty-I"our Anna Klalcovitch Algird Kuraitis Sally Levy Willzilee Luther John Lynskey Rlary Katherine Rlalloy Catherine Rffayfield Edward lllaehenskas Gertrude lIeNe 1'r1 ey Astrid Rlilberg Audrey Neff Robert Nelson VVilliam Neville llflargaret Palarik Lucille Radigan liarie Ronayne Ricardo Ruiz Nonnie Stephens Frances Taylor Vera Townsend ' ,, Gi? 3fLU7'l0l' MJ verfisbzq law CM!! l We, the undersigned members of the June, 1935, graduating class of Englewood I-ligh School, living D.D. fduring depressionb in the era of Shirley Temple and dime chain letters, being semi-sound in mind and body, do hereby bequeath as follows: To hir. Tower we extend a unanimous and sincere appreciation for his part in bringing back so many of our activities. To lVIiss Wheelock we bequeath an ollice chair guaranteed no to tip backward more than 45 degrees. To lVIrs. lVIanley is bequeathed a class possessing an abundant supply of "enlight- ened sellishnessu that will develop easily into "intellectual snobs." To lVIrs. lldorstrom, we bequeah a Utopian senior class that will never, never slam seats. Edward Gercas, our venerable president, bequeaths to Janet Bugner his worthy successor, that irresistible way of saying, when the head of the hall is absent, "Ah . . . division is dismissed." Laura Bergquist bequeaths to YVilliam Jenkins the limitless work which she says vice-presidents do not have to do. Secretary of Labor, Nonnie Stephens, presents Jeanette Smith with the limitless labor that every secretary has to do. g V fs Alvin Johnson, our singing treasurer, leaves to'A,lbert Benishg his magic touch that extracts dues from Senio A's so successfully. K K 5 Algird Kuraitis bequeaths his wonderful physique to Hyman Dosick. Willalee Luther and lVIary Katherine lldalloy bequeath a straight line to all the 4B girls to remind them of posture. ,IJJXWW 231- a. Frances Taylor bequeaths her extensive vocabulary to Rlildred Johnson. K Elizabeth Houston bequeaths her celebrated 'Tour Years" to Geraldine Kelly. fjhylbi V ' I P Astrid Milberg bequeaths her unaffectedness to Edith Thornton. ' 3 Billy Edgecomb, our jewelry chairman, bequeaths his suny disposition which f' Q,,.'does not break until certain seniors have looked at the rings more than fifty-seven ' I H ' JV times, to his successor. M ff i Vera Townsend leaves her concientiousness to Robert Wa1'1'en. a' MM .. lVlargaret Palarik bequeaths her encyclopedia of funny stories to Edith Lindquist. M K7 Nlargaret Anderson bequeaths her celebrated personality to Ruby Lemieux. I ' Bob Nelson leaves his titles, "Baby Face" and "Ozzie" to Lawrence Johnson. 7 5 l Marie Ronayne bequeaths her half-box of Grapenuts to Eileen Nlurphy. Vera Berger bequeaths her intriguing chuckle to Carol Anderson. Salome Aleks bequeaths her professed youth and innocence to her bosom side- kick, Eileen lVIason. We appoint Edward Gercas honorable executor of the preceding document, our final testament and will. Signed and sealed on this thirteenth day of June, 1935. Edward Gercas, President. XVitnesses: Lois C. hlorstrom. Mabelle L. St. Clair. Page Fifty-Six - -- --- 7' 'L' "v ' l '-' ' ,655 l'070!Z6Cy of 1935 By Elizabeth Houston lValking up the rocky mountain side, we came upon the quest of our mission, the abode of the Sibyl. The Sibyl lived in a huge opening in the mountain, which appeared before us. We explained our mission to her in a loud, bold voice, which We hoped concealed our fright. As we were doing so a rustling of leaves was heard and the few that blew out contained the following predictions: Edward Nlachenskas, with derby and cane, will be heard crying, "Get your tickets here! See the greatest show on earth!" For Edward ilrlachenskas is going to direct his salesmanship ability to become a circus barker. Nonnie Stephens, long an aspirant for that coveted position of private secretary, will become one private secretary who will reach the heights, that is, her place of employment of the future to be on the top floor of the Empire State Building. Pedestrians will stop amazed, cars will halt and street cars will wait as a tearing figure splinters down the street. The figure will be that of Ricardo Ruiz, present track star, trying to get to work on time. No longer will Jack Brand read bulletins but rather, annoy his family by reading the morning paper at the breakfast table in the same manner. Since no wars will be handy, John Lynskey, whose chest is built for the display of medals, will consent to become a policeman and wear a badge. To a certain extent, Laura Bergquist will follow the footsteps of her sire and speak from platforms but in the role of a capable journalist who will make talks concerning feature stories. Edward Gercas and Billy Edgecomb will near the goal of success in the Olympics until, alas, Edward goes swimming in the ocean. He meets a pretty mermaid who says "nerts" on his swimming, takes it hard and loses both the goal and the mermaid. The clock on the top of the Tribune Building will receive its annual face wash at the hands of the long armed, lanky person, Ann Klakovitch. You are all warned to keep an eye on your bicycles, scooters, and kiddy cars, because Elise Stith, whose secret ambition is to ride around in swell cars, will get desperate. Robert Hoylman will give up his artist's dreams in favor of becoming a ll 77 maestro. Odell Walker will run from court to court in a sincere attempt to keep the scales of justice balanced. Spurred on by the pace of Jack Benny, Gladys Jane will become a star of tele- vision where not only her witty displays of humor will be employed, but also her original antics. Because perpetual youth is not an attribute to either Grace lVIoore or Jeannette ll'IcDonald, Helen Erzberger and Stella Jarikis will be found to have filled these places. Always Well tempered and polite, Elinor Bauchhenss will become one of the most-charming leaders of the future elite. To 1J1'CSC1'VC and apply the ideals and traditions that we learned at Englewood, should be our future aim. Page Fifty-Sewell 532 FCDR those who appreciate that onlv Z1 superior - . . . ' X- sf F' .1 IT education for business will guarantee a -1- "A ,Q E 5 good position for the beginner in business today, F . . . 7 we offer a unlque preparation in a number of E limi 1 Q . 5 ,N - nm! E EE complete commercial courses. IQHQ H E HII I IQ . " 1ic..Hf:f. COURSES OF STUDY Administrative Secretarial . . . Accounting . . . Stenographic Comptometer . . . Three h'Ionth's Intensive Shorthand 0 TWO YEAR DEGREE COURSES Business Administration . . . Secretarial Science Accounting O Wfrire, fall or fzlmnn today for bulletin O ONLY HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES ENROLLED O Chicago College of Commerce "The Uveiversity of Bu.vi11es5', 62nd Place at Halsted Phone: Wentworth 0994 Page Fifty-Eight Wright 6' Street, Inc. Q Jewelers to the IQ35 Classes 223-225-227 YVest 62nd Street CHICAGO Page Fifty-N MCDSER BUSINESS COLLEGE C The Business couege with the UniversityAtmosphere. Only Four Year High School Graduates Enrolled Bulletin Free on Request NO SOLICITORS EMPLOYED 116 Smnh Michigan Avenu Chicago Randolph 4347 Purple and White jakofoqmp y y Herring Studios 7722 soum HALSTED STREET S Zfzere .Must .Be a Cjeeasolz Just three years ago, in 1932, The Chief Printing Company was established.. .at a time when business was stagnant, and everywhere the country was beset with the vision of business failures. . .Undaunted, we were confident that even with condi- tions such as they were then, there would be a market for a superior service, such as it was our intention to render...Our record of continuous growth in spite of economic conditions, is conclusive evidence that we have adhered to our original concept. I Specializing in the Printing of High School and College Publications Englewood Iiigh School Lunch Room which is sponsored and served by thc Englewood W0mCll,S Club, desires to thank Faculty and Students for patronage during the last year, and asks for their loyalty and co-Operation during the coming year. O Che Ghief gJri1zfi12q Go. 1920 Monterey Ave. Ced. 3311 Chicago, Ill. Armszfro ng Tyjieserting C o mpfzny 6248-50 PRINCETON AVE. VVENTXVORTH 4644 . Sjrecinlizizzy in ffigh School Papers Q WE PRINT THE "E" WIEEKLY ENGLIZWOOD HIGH SCHOOL Le! ux estillmte your fuzblimtion for lhe coming year. Porter Bros. Garage Co. FILLING STATION, G.ARAGE AND REPAIR SHOP HIGH PRESSURE GREASING 0 COR. 63RD AND PRINCETON TELEPHONE NORMAL 5664 ONE STOP SERVICE SHOP Baiferies and Bntfery Serfvice ,dr Y Page Sixty-Om' Ray J. Crist Druggist 459 W. 63RD ST. CHICAGO O Phone Pffentzoorllz 0502 S. FOUQUETTE BOOK STORE The Store 'wiih fl Rejzutation f0jrpo.filf main entrancej FOUNTAIN, CANDY LUNCHEONE'TTE SERVICE Tank Suits-Girls' Caps Gym Suits Mechanical Drawing Sets of All Kinds Greeting Cards WCIltXX'01'Ih 1828 Phone VVentworth 5920 Foreman's Art Store Englewwd . Knitting Mills Wflioloszzle mul Retail Pirrlurex and Picture Framing , , SXVEATERS, JERSEYS AND BATHING SUITS 430 W. 63rd St. Chicago 6643 S. Halsted Chicago lvefw Door Checks Installed and Repairezl D. M. DECKER Keyx llfladz? - LOCKSNIITH - Padlocks ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES Phone VVentworth 9724 I49 VV. Sixty-third Street A-RITE Typewriter Service Co. All llflakes of Typewriters Rented Repaired and Rebuilt Supplies for All llfzzhes RENTAL RATES 283.00 per month 37.00 for four months 142 WEST 63RD STREET Telephone Normal 2692 Phone Res. Phone Englewood 9669 Wentworth 7069 Wholesale and Retail BURKHARITS BAKERY, Inc. VVE SPECIALIZE ON ORDERS FOR CHURCHES, BANQUETS AND PARTIES 448 W. 63rd St. Near Normal Blvd. CLUB HOUSE Grocery and Market CAMERON A. URQUHART ' 0 6054-56 Normal Boulevard Phone Englewood 8994--8995-S996 Page Sixty- Two 6 YB SOUND managerial policies and long, successful experience have provided us with sufficient equipment, adequate personnel, and ample resources to render dependable service as artists and makers of fine printing plates. That you will be secure from chance, is our first promise. JAHN a OL'-'ER ENGR AVING CO, ln the foreground- Fx. Dearborn referected 811 West Washington Blvd., - Chicago, Illinois nh- f u- - -L 4 in Grant Park on Chicago's lake front. Illustration by Jahn 6- Ollier Arr Studios. Page Sixty Three 1 I, w , A," M .1 1 I " n, ,J . ,- L ,' ,: A . f ff f ff 174 J. ,V "E 552324 Y ' f Y --uf ,,.-, ...,., L ,, Q 2 ,MJV3 ' K ,dogg W0 4 I A gg Wx A AWK? QWL6.6.,,x4g., :wc-N X 4- . N.. c N I Q '--'- ,- MAX C l. ,L K. . LW' Q K xv X A V- f' 'xx If 31 FQ 'X 1 1 cl ,-1 ' Q "X W ' 15' "- Q u, ' A 1 X N 1 75 +

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