Englewood High School - Purple and White Yearbook (Chicago, IL)

 - Class of 1930

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Englewood High School - Purple and White Yearbook (Chicago, IL) online yearbook collection, 1930 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 252 of the 1930 volume:

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Paniel Q9'ZQearn fnlqu in the gear he has been flgur Igrinnipal has built strung lzmnhs nf frienhslqip fnitli faeultg axnh stnhents alike hg his kinilness, eunsiberatiun, .sinh genial guiiernment fue hehicate this hunk as an expression nf unr sincere regarh. MR. DANIEL F. O'I-IEARN cPrincipal glforefnorh aiming the reaoer nhseriae the structure uno purpose of this fxolume inith the same :ure uno thoroughness faith iohirh its huilhing inns unhertuken, zmh feel something ut the life ani! spirit of the sehool inhinh it seeks to portrag throughout its pages QONTENT5 SCENIC FACULTY GRADUATES I FOUR YEAR if , TWO YEAR 'r SECRETARIAI. 2 CLASSES I ORGANIZATIONS ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS Bovs AND G RLS E SCHOOL LIFE HUMOR U'--TD if I T f R.o.Tc. S BAND TI-IE PURPLE AND WHITE Staff Execuiives FALL EMMA BACIGALUPE, Co Chief of Staff ANTHONY RACITI, Co-Chief of Stuff SPRING ANTHONY RACITI, Co-Cimief of Slafi MILDRED WITTSTOCK, Co-Chief of Stuff HAROLD GOLDSTEIN, Business Marmrger FACULTY MISS A. M. DANDLIKER, Ari Adviser MR. BRUCE D. CHEADLE, Siaff Adviser ,fff-X gssxxax Sl-Htilgib Q"':::2M:r:xlf+ EEE Member Ilimozs State High School Press Association INTRODUCTORY A number of objectives have been sought with the publishing of the 1930 "Purple and White." Quality and perfection, rather than size have been the desiderata, together with an ettort for economy. An experiment was tried this year of offering cash subscribers either a ten per cent reduction in price or their names stamped free on the covers OI their books. The almost universal demand for the premium rather than the discount is poor evidence in favor of price reduction at the expense ot quality. Another policy of the Stall this season has been to make the Annual repre- sentative of the whole school, and to interest more students in its production. Each organization in the school was solicited to contribute its own write-up. 'suggestion was made that a committee be appointed in each case to confer wnh the btaff to produce better literature. 'l he plan has borne lruit ill some cases, and several teachers actively aided in furthering the idea. The theme of this year's book is our school building, with the abstract idea of growth and constructive work carried in mind. 'l he gargoyles on the section pages are taken from the building itself, and the view sketches were made llrst hand by art students. Since much of the architecture of the school building closely resembles that typical of Cambridge, the use of medieval subjects on the section pages was adopted. An interesting fact was discovered after the book had gone to press. The ornamental lamps of learning on the graduate pages are reproduced in the insignia of the graduating class jewelry. Responding to many requests the Staff selected a purple cover for this Annual, and attempted to create a colorful and interesting interior lor the book. ,Since white does not lend itself to a monogram color tor tne cover, the LlCllClU.Cly tinted end-sheets were sought out to develop the purple and white idea, while the green on the cover and end-sheets completes the color coherence ot the volume. Special effort was made to increase hreshman and Sophomore representation, with the result that more taces of these lower classmen appear than ever before. ln order to place the engravings within the reach of all these students the pictures were arranged in groups on page plates. mach student was charged a ten-cent tee. Under these circumstances no arrangement could be made for identilications under the pictures, and space was not available for this matter on separate pages. 'l he division rooms represented in group are noted, however. The faculty section of our year book has been a weak department, and endeavor was made to improve and strengthen it this year. It seems peculiarly difficult at Englewood to secure pictures of all the faculty. No otlicial time is permitted for the purpose, and many teachers object to giving after-school or lunch hours for either individual pictures or groups. These moves are without doubt in the direction of a better Annual and are explained that both teachers and student body can aid in building Annuals of championship caliber. Scenic Secfioncs Campus Qroadfway Zssembly gfall gacade Qortal Staircase C5'be SPrincz1oal's Gjice Ulffemorial qvjindows and 67Vlain Staircase 0141 fibrary 1 I W i 1 1 W i S1 ' , fl M3 4 5 1 I , F r it ' A . 5, s QA .. fi' F 5 5 , L 5 , E- A . T E r Q1 E l. La- z 'QA srulpinr fnielhs 'mhz chisel, zmh ilge strirlxm marble grains Us heauigf' 8 M ISS M ILDRED VVHEELOCK .Alssisfant Principal 19 MR. EGBERT HUNTER Qbean of 5Boys MISS JOSEPHINE T. ALLIN Qbean of girls . 13 INCIDALS Fovlznmnzlm srcorw YEAY: T Mr. Mnnleq M11 Hornslzln p THE GRADE PRINCIPALS The Grade Principals are quartered in 205. lt is their misfortune to be compelled to listen to all the grief accumulated by the students of the respective classes. The Freshmen weep into the sympathetic ear of Mr. Post. The Sopho- mores hang their troubles on stalwart Mr. I-Iornstein. The juniors rain woes upon Miss Mitchell. The Seniors pursue the elusive Mr. Manley. Theirs is a hard life! NHSS HELEN CAMPBELL CUocational Q-Hdvixer l On learuc cfabsence Maul: tojunrl .Zl .- .-.. ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY Dr. James E. Armstrong, principal emeritus. Mr. Daniel F. O'Hearn, principal Miss Mildred M. Wheelock, assistant principal. Miss Josephine T. Allin, dean of girls, French. Mr. Egbert Hunter, dean of boys, mathematics. Miss Helen C. Campbell, vocational adviser, on leave of absence. Miss Elizabeth M. Adams, mathematics. Miss Clara B. Allen, mathematics. Mr. Maurice J. Archbold, electricity. Mr. Dayton C. Atkinson, physics. Miss Ruth E. Baker, industrial history. Mr. John A. Baller, mechanical drawing. Mr. Albert E. Barradell, mathematics. Miss Maria Beatty, English. Mr. Joseph H. Bedale, geography. Miss Margaret M. Belyea, botany. Miss Edith Boyd, English, Latin. Miss Bemice Boye, physical education. Mr. Carroll E. Brown, English. Mr. Charles P. Burnham, auto mechanic. Miss Lillie G. Butler, English. Miss Beatrice Cannon, on sabbatical leave. Mr. Bruce D. Cheadle, printing, The Purple and White. Miss Katherine B. Cole, typewriting, stenography, secretarial course. Miss Margaret Corkell, English. Mr. Arthur J. Craig, history, civics. Miss Mary I. Creighton, English. Miss Mable L. Cross, English. Mis Agnes M. Dandliker, art. Mr. Ezra S. Deter, comptometer, bookkeeping. Capt. Harry Dowse, band. Mr. Charles J. Espenshade, music. Mr. Kenneth C. Fitch, chemistry, mathematics. Mr. Arthur J. Fitzgerald, science. Miss Anna E. Fitzpatrick, typewriting, stenography. MYS- Emily A. Franklin, type, stenography, sec- retarial course. Miss Miss Mrs. Miss Miss Margaret E. Froning, English, drama. Georgia Gardner, music. Hazel B. Gay, botany. Eva Griswold, English. Florence Gumbiner, history. Miss Gertrude Hardt, type, stenography. Mr. John B. Hayes, geography. Miss Adele Hedeen, English. Mr. John H. Hibler, on sabbatical leave. Miss Harriet F. Hollis, French. Mr. Harry H. Hornstein, bookkeeping, law, second year grade principal. Miss Mr. Ethel D. Hum, history. Charles B. Jackson, bookkeep'ng, comptometer. Mr. Frank C. Jacoby, English, history. Mr. Albert E. Jeffrey, mathematics. Miss Ada B. Johnson, sewing. Miss Katherine Kiely, Spanish. Miss Mrs. Miss Miss Isabel Kincheloe, English. Stella R. Kinn, cooking, mathematics. Genevieve Kinney, Latin, mathematics. Julia P. Knutzen, Latin. Captain Emil Korjan, R.O.T.C, Miss Miss Miss Mrs. Miss Mrs. Mr. Mary A. Krabl'n, clerical practice, typewriting. Myrtle Linner, English. Jessie M. Livermore, English. Myra J. Mackey, history, civics.' Rosa G. Maddock, zoology. Lura R. Mahurin, physical education. Edward Manley, civics, econsmics, fourth year grade principal. . Mrs. Miss Mr. Mr. Mrs. Miss Florence Manley, Latin. Mae F. Mardori, zoology. Ernest C. Marquart, science. Howard Marshall, science. Theresa C. Mather, type, stenography. Helen McBride, physical education. Mr. Walter S. McGee, geology, astronomy, mathematics. Mr. Mrs. Miss Mrs. Miss Miss Miss Miss Joseph B. McGinnis, physical education. Edeltrude Miller, Spanish, French. Eva Mitchell, English, third year grade principal. Lois C. Morstrom, Latin, Spanish. Edna Moulding, type, mathematics, stenography. Irene M. Munson, Spanish, mathematics. Josephine Nichols, on sabbatical leave. Anna M. O'Neil, stenography, typewriting, sec- retarial course. Miss Miss Nellie T. Osgood, art. Inez E. Ostberg, typewriting, stenography. Mr. Charles W. Pa'mer, physical education. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Miss Miss Miss Mr. Miss Mr. Mrs. Dr. Mrs. Mrs. Mr. Elbe K. Patch, bookkeeping. Archibold Paterson, on sabbatical leave. Elsa H. Patterson, civics, history. Bernice Pettersen, shorthand, typewriting, Fredrick B. Post, science, lirst year grade Roy E. Quant, physical education. Rosemary Quinn, French. Marcella Riley, music. Louise J. Robertson, English, civics. Earl A. Rosinbum, physical education. Elsa W. Schmidt, art. Gustave F. Schuessler, mathematics. Ida C. Seaquist, typewriting, stenography. Albert L. Smith, chemistry. Eleanor C. Smith, science. Florence A. Spring, civics, history. Harry E. Staples, mathematics, physical educa- principal tion. Mrs. Miss Miss Miss Mr. Miss Miss Mrs. Miss Mrs. Mr. Mrs. to Mr. Miss Miss Mr. Mr. Miss Miss Miss Miss Florence St. Cla'r, German. Anna M. Stockbridge, sewing. C'ara H. Taylor, English, HE" Weekly. Lillian M. Thompson, history. Neil M. Thompson, wood working. Elizabeth E. Troeger, art. Mina Waggoner, English. Olive P. Weidenaar, typewriting, tiling. Helen L. White, mathematics. Vera F. Williams, type, stenography. Thomas J. Wilson, history. Augusta L. Wines, Spanish, on sabbatical leave May 5. Stanley A. Wolfrum, architectural drawing. Lenore Wood, physical education. Joanna Zander, English, "E" Weekly. Robert Zika, physics. Frank J. McAdams, Engineer-Custodian. Estelle Price, clerk. Agnes Kilroy, clerk. May Dugan, substitute for Miss Nichols. Genevra Geer, substitute for Mrs. Wines Kto May SD. Miss Dorothy Jones, substitute for Miss Campball. Mr. Ray McG'nnis, substitute for Mr. Hibler. Mrs. Betty Worst Musgrave, substitute for Miss Cannon. Mr. Edward Connor, substitute for Mr. Paterson. Z2 Top Row-Miss Schmidt, Mrs. Musgrave, Mr. McGee, Mrs. Munson, Miss Zander. Miclrllf- Row-Miss Hollis, Miss Dandliker, Miss Troeqvr, Mrs. Osgood, Mrs. Mahurin, Miss Kilroy. Bottom Row-Miss Whitv, Miss Gm-r, Miss Linner, Mr. O'Hearn, Miss McBridr, Miss Kinchloe, Miss jones. 7 zxcultg C5ruups Top Row-Mr. Marshall, Mr, I'a1lch, Mr. Browne, Mr. Wilson, Mr. Hziyos, Mr. lk-ter, Mr. Atkinson. Middle- Row-Miss Quinn, Mrs. Patterson, Miss Cross, Mr. Jackson, Miss Livermore, Miss Adams, Miss Taylor. Bottom Row-Mrs. Miller, Miss Boyd, Miss Hurn, Miss Froning, Mrs. Smith, Miss Bi-lyea. 2075! was Top Row-Miss Cole, Mrs. St. Clair, Mrs. Widenaar, Mr. Craig, Mr. Rosinbum, Miss Gzirrlner, Miss Allin. Middle Row-Miss Madrlock, Miss Mardorf, Mrs. Kim. Mrs, johnson, Miss Ostberg, Mrs, Mnrstrom, Miss Moulding, Miss Robertson. Bottom Row-Miss Knutzen, Miss He-deen, Mrs. Franklin, Miss Wheelock, Miss O'Neil, Miss Kiely, Mrs. Butler. 7 acultg fgruups The nightgownerl inclivicluals lvelow lay claim to various :amounts uf teelmical knowledge, ami seek to lure unsnspectiilg sturlents fboth boys and girlsl into the eomluinecl realms of practice and theory. They deserve this special mention because of the number of "xx:nits" they satisfy for do they?j in a school year. Mr. Archlyxlrl, Mr. Wolfrum. Mr. Baller, Mr. Cheadle, Mr.McAclan1s, Mr.Burnl1zim, Mr. Hunter. xll'.Yl'll.ill14Hl1. 24 v. WE HAVE TEACHERS I The faculty of Englewood High School is unique. It works every day, except holidays and except those seasons when it is having faculty parties, going on sabbatical leaves, taking vacations and planting shrubbery on the front esplanade. It is the only faculty in the world which expects school work to be done on time, in systematized form and on regulation paper. It even refuses to accept more than one hundred and twenty-three excuses from the same pupil for failing to comply with any one rule. - It cares for its members by insisting that each one take his turn going on extended leaves of absence. Its moral stamina is seriously crippled this year by the absence of Miss Campbell, Miss Cannon, Miss Nichols, Mr. Pater- son and Mr. Hibler who are ransacking the uttermost corners of the globe in a faithful endeavor to bring back worth-while knowledge to the impatient students. Such determination to improve its time for the benefit of its responsibilities surely classifies this faculty as unusual. Finally, it stands alone as a group of the best-natured, willing-to-help people in the world! Every student here is glad that Englewood's teachers are "different"l 25 . wg. ui' 1, Q '.. 6 W ff H- .-.. .f :.- - ' - ,:' - -2- -if-13 F , J-.'. :-:',1. .-.fri-f:Ei1-ff i 4 I A V' ' f ee mxeilh nn, :mb make ihg :astlrs high :mb fair, Rising anh reaching upfnzxrh tn the skiesg isten in Baines in the upper air, Hur lose thg simple faith in mgsieriesf' - fongfellow. FEBR R -cmAnrmrEs N PRESIDENT OFFICERS 4 ng from Wlssorr HELEN 'rxgmsmna 2 seam. RETARY CHAIRMAN' 29 - FOUR-YEAR CLASS, FEBRUARY Four years ago there was gathered at Englewood High School a group of some two-hundred students about to start a four-year career of study and fun. As Juniors several of our mates played a prominent part in athletics, and on the staffs of the two school publications. Under the careful guidance of our class officers, Bernard Good, president, Betty Rice, vice-president! Florence Cappetta, secretary, and Henry Isaacs, treasurer, the entire class had a pleasant and successful year. At last-we were Seniors! To serve at the helm of the class ship, we selected Stanley Connelly, president, Betty Rice, vice-president, Florence Cappetta, secretary, Thomas Wason, treasurer, and Helen Berner, social- chairman. Athletics proved of great interest to many of our members. Among the most prominent athletes was James Custard, captain of the lightweight basketball team. Within our midst was also Albert Mahaffey, captain of the football team. His staunch supporters were Donald Reinert, George Reckas, William Teschke, and Simon Titensky. Stanley Connelly, our pilot, and Proctor Brown won several laurels in city and inter-class swimming meets. Aaron Young was captain of the track team. Girls, too, were interested in athletics. They were Mabelle Tillman, Betty Rice, and Anne Noskoif. Peter ,Machinis was major of the R. O. T. C. Thomas Wason, Calvin Wilson, James Totten. and Clarke McKenzie were all interested in the Ifarmylli Among our literary members were Thomas Wason, editor-in-chief of the "E" Weekly and Emma Bacigalupe, co-chief of "The Purple and White" staff. Other members of the "E" Weekly and Purple and White staffs were Walter Brooks, Helen Wason, Betty Rice, Evelyn Eckhaus, Jerome Weiss, Aaron Young, Procter Brown, and Bernice Mass. The February class of '30 had several drama stars who really shone. They were Bernard Good, Evelyn Eckhaus, Sylvia Fagenholz, James Totten, and Janice Clamage. Music held a charm for some of our friends: Jerome Cohen, Elizabeth Calvert, Alice Davis, Ida Kosovske, Alice Jansen, and Helen Johnson. Helen Wason was president of the Girls' Glee Club. The Honor Society was headed by Walter Brooks. His assistants were Helen Wason, vice-president, Helen Berner, secretaryg and Jerome Weiss, treasurer. The T. D. I. claimed several from our throng, namely, Walter Brooks, Alice Davis, Margaret McCutheon, Emma Bacigalupe, and Helen Wason. The Signiferi was headed by Helen Wason who was supported by a number of her classmates. Jerome Weiss when a 4B helped to organize the Social Service Auxiliary. Others of its members were Dorothy Jordan, Helen Wason, Thomas Wason, Emma Bacigalupe, Aaron Young, Procter Brown, and Margaret Grant. The valedictorian was Walter Brooks. Anna Tripp was selected salutatorian. The class selected Bernard Good as its speaker. The journey is over. We have finished one to begin another. -HELEN WAsoN. rv --il-- 30 A Jfnur-13ear PAUL ALLERUZZO ..AUy,, TECHNICAL Healy. HP. 81 W." Delegate 1-23 Interclass Basketball 1-33 Span- ish Club Z-33 Guard 43 "E" Weekly Delegate 23 Handball 4. Secret ambition: TO be an alchemist. Armour EI.sA M. APPLEGREN "Spark No. 1" GENERAL LANGUAGE Beale. Boosters I-43 G.A.A. 1-4: Purple Kites 33 Sec. Music Club 33 Aristoi 33 Girl Reserves 1-33 Oak Forest Com. 43 "E" Weekly Delegate 2-43 Spanish Club 33 "P, 81 W." Delegate 2. Secret ambition: To make Sparls 2 and 3 be serious like me. Moser Business College FLORA M. AxELsON UFl0H COMMERCIAL Holmes. Boosters 1-43 G.A.A. 1-43 Reporter 13 Peter Pan 33 Sr. Girls' Club 43 Signiferi 43 Aristoi 33 Girl Reserves 43 Graduating in SM years. Secret ambition: To entertain the famous Braley Sisters in Dela- van once more. Undecided -NIARY E. BACIGALUPE "Billy" ARTS Ward. Boosters 1-43 Honor So- ciety 43 Aristoi 2-33 G.A.A. 1-41 Signiferi 43 Social Service Aux. 43 Girls' Rifle Team 33 Orchestra 23 Art Editor, "P, 81 W." 33 CO-Chief, "P. 81. W." 4. Graduating in 3M years. Secret ambition: To acquire the vocabulary of a Chinese parrot. Art Institute DOROTHY BAKER HDD., GENERAL LANGUAGE Graham. Boosters 1-43 G.A.A. l'4Q Spanish Club 1-4: French Club 3-43 Peter Pans 33 Sr. Girls' Club 4: Student Council 1. Secret ambition: To find out why Mr. Wilson falls for red- heads. Illinois' A Qbrahuates HARRIET C. BATES llskidll COMMERCIAL Dewey. Boosters 1-43 G.A.A. 1-43 "E" Weekly 3-4: Peter Pans 33 Sr. Girls' Club 43 Sec- ret ambition: To see "Swede" get hers. Work RAYMOND BAUMANN "Span" ARCHITECTURAL Wentworth. Boosters 1-43 Ar- chitectural Club 13 Heavy- weight Basketball 33 Student Council 13 Guard 3-43 Inter- c'ass Baseball 3-43 Interclass Basketball 3. Secret ambition: To join Helen's dancing class. Work JOELLA BAXTER 11,011 GENERAL SCIENCE Forestville. Boosters 1-23 G.A. A. 1-43 French Club 1-23 Cap- tainball 1-41 Volleyball 1-43 Biology Club 23 Purple Kites 2. Secret ambition: To acquire Mr. Manley's sense of humor. ANNA BECRER "Becky" COMMERCIAL Ward. Boosters 1-43 Signiferi 43 Sponsor 43 Oak Forest Com. 43 Sec. Sr. Girls' Club 43 Stu- dent Council 43 Girl Reserve Com. 43 Aristoi Z-33 Reporter Z3 G.A.A. 1-4. Secret ambition: To marry on my wedding day. Work HELEN BERNER "Bun.ren" GENERAL LANGUAGE Parkside. Honor Society 43 Sig- niferi 43 Social Chair., Class 3-41 Vice-Pres., Peter Pans 3: Boosters I-43 Captainball 1-43 Spanish Club 1-43 T. D. I. 4. Secret ambition: To get there On time. Illinois Q Jfuut-Bear DOROTHY M. BOOHER "Dada" GENERAL LANGUAGE McCosh. Boosters 1-43 G.A.A. I-43 Girl Reserves 2-43 Peter Pans 33 Sr. Girls' Club 43 Music Club 33 "Christmas Play" 4. Secret ambition: To get a ride in the Manleys' Ford. Uncertain DOROTHY J. BRALEY MDW, COMMERCIAL Dewey. Boosters 3-43 G.A.A. 1-43 Aristoi 33 Signiferi 43 Honor Society 43 "E" Weekly 3-43 Sponsor 43 Sec., Miss Wheelock 43 Basketball Champls 4. Secret ambition: To live and eat some place where Marie N. doesnlt have onions. Work WALTER BROOKS "Wally" GENERAL SCIENCE Sexton. Pres. Honor Society 43 T.D.I. 43 Valedictorian 43 Make-up Editor "E" Weekly 43 "E" Weekly staff 33-43 Sec. Aristoi 2-33 Boosters 1-43 Pres. Stamp Club 2-33 Student Coun- cil 43 Quill and Scroll 4. Secret ambition: To see who gets a ride when the Chinamau, Awa he ha, and a horse get together. College BERNARD BROWNE, JR. "Berny" GENERAL SCIENCE Carter. Boosters 1-43 French Club 1-33 Boy Reserves 1-23 Sponsor 43 Interclass Basketball 3-43 Interclass Handball 43 Sec. Mr. Hunter 43 Aristoi 33 Signi- feri 43 Student Marshal 43 Graduating in 3M years. Sec- ret ambition: To be become Al Capone's head chemist. Crane ES1-HER BRowNE "Halley" GENERAL LANGUAGE Farren. Boosters 1-43 Spanish Club 33 Girl Reserves 43 Hockey Champ's 33 Baker Cup Winners 33 Biology Club 43 G.A.A. 1-43 Volleyball Capt. 43 Letter Girls' Club 4. Secret ambition: To be able to win the respect and admiration of my pupils as Miss Maddock does. H ow ani A Erahuates PROCTOR BROWN "Brownie" GENERAL SCIENCE Lewis - Champlin. Swimming Team 2-4Q Art Staff, UP. 81 W." 43 Sponsor 43 Hi-Y 3-4: Social Service Aux. 43 Jew- elry Com. 43 Capt. Swimming Team 4. Secret ambition: To gsm Geology from Mr. Mc- e. THEODORA A. BULTHUIS "Tillie" COMMERCIAL Beale. Boosters 1'4Q G.A.A. 1-43 Girl Reserves 43 Peter Pans 43 Sr. Girls' Club 43 Spanish Club 3. Secret ambi- tion: To be able to drive Bow- man Dairy wagon like OOt's father. Undecided FLETCHER BUTLER .rsugu Ants Farren. Boosters 1-4: Boy Re- serves 13 French Club 1-23 Music Club 3-43 Oak Forest Com. 43 "P. 8: W." Delegate 23 Espies Minstrels 33 Jr. Boys' Club 3. Music College GABRIEl4LE E. CALvER'r "Sunny" GENERAL LANGUAGE Holy Angel's. Boosters 1-43 Sec., Music Club 23 G.A.A. 23 Orchestra Club 2-43 Sr. Girls' Clllbj Graduating in 3M years. Secret ambition: To be Luc- recia Borgia and invite a few of the faculty members to a tea party. Northwestern NIARIE C. CAMINATI .Teen COMMERCIAL Drake. Boosters 1-43 Volley- ball Capt. 23 Reporter 23 Ari- stoi 33 Peter Pans 33 Rest room 33 Signiferi 4g Sr. Girls' Club3 Girl Reserves 4. Secret ambition: To realize my se- cret ambition. Study Music is Jfnur-,ibzar F1,oRENcE CAPPETTA "Flo" GENERAL LANGUAGE Drake. Sec., Class 3-43 Chair. Who's Who 3-4: Prom. Com. 33 Captainball 1-43 Oak Forest Com. 23 "E" Weekly Delegate 1-43 Spanish Club 2-43 French Club 3. Secret ambition: To choose the same one as Betty. Illinois LINNEA CARLSON "Lin" ARTS Burke. Boosters 1-43 G.A.A. 1-43 Girl Reserves 3-43 French Club 3'4Q Peter Pans 33 Sr. Girls' Club: Signiferi 43 Oak Forest Com. 43 Sponsor 4. Secret ambition: To see E. M's ambition come true. Art School IRVING CHARNoE1f "Charny" GENERAL LANGUAGE Burke. Boosters 1-43 Band 1-43 Spanish Club 33 Letterman's Club 43 Interclass Basketball 1-43 Interclass Baseball 1-43 Lightweight Champs. 3. Jr. Boys' Club 3. Secret ambition: To join the Hi-Y. Illinoi: JANICE D. CLAMAGE "Jeanie" GENERAL LANGUAGE Burke. G.A.A. Z-43 Girl Re- serves 2-43 "E" Weekly Dele- gate 3-43 Reporter 23 Boome- rang 43 Boosters 2-43 Glee Club 33 Sr. Girls' Clubg Pied Piper 33 Peter Pans 3. Secret ambition: To tell Mrs. Mackey exactly what I think of her. Moser Business College SIDNEY I. Col-IEN "Jerry" GENERAL LANGUAGE Keith. Sec. Boy Reserves 1-23 Sec. German Club 4: Treas. French Club 3-43 Vice-Pres. Music Club 33 "E" Weekly 2-43 Chair., Sponsor 4: Boo- sters 1-43 Orchestra 3-43 Stu- dent Court 3-43 Graduating in SM years. Secret ambition: To be l'aderewski's only rival. Sherwood Music College A Grahuates STANLEY W. CONNELLY nshmu GENERAL LANGUAGE Lewis-Champlin. Treas. 4A Let- terman's Club3 Orchestra 2-33 Pres. Hi-Y 43 Capt. Debating Team 43 Boomerang 43 Chief Justice Student Court 43 Fire Marshal 43 Interclass Foot- ball 4. Secret ambition: To tell Rosie what I think of him. Illinois EMMETT COOPERWOOD ucoopi, GENERAL LANGUAGE Sexton. Boosters 1-43 Interclass Basketball c 11 a m p. 19283 French Club 1-3: "E" Weekly Delegate 13 Boys' Club 3. Sec- ret ambition: To be principal of Lucy Flower High. Crane GERTRUDE J. CowEN "Genie" COMMERCIAL Burke. G.A.A. 1-43 Girl Re- serves 1-43 Pied Pipers 33 Clerk, Student Court 43 Guard 43 Boosters 1-43 Intercouncil Delegate 43 Signiferi 1-43 Hon- or Society 43 Christmas Play 43 Graduating in 3M years. Secret ambition: To get a posi- tion-not a job. RUTH CRANE "Rufus" GENERAL LANGUAGE Webster. Boosters 1-43 G.A.A. 1-43 Girl Reserves 1-41 Sec., Miss Allin 2-43 Sec., Mrs. Mackey 43 Social Chair., French CIub43 Sponsor43 School service Bureau 3-43 Sr. Girls' Club 43 Graduating in 3M years. Sec- ret ambition: To eat a choco- late pecan sundae and be thin. Crane MARGARET Cusxcx "Marge" COMMERCIAL Dewey. Boosters 1-43 G.A.A. 1-43 German Club 13 Peter Pans 33 Oak Forest Com. 23 Sr. Girls' Club 43 Purple Kites 3. Secret ambition: To get some real thrills out of life. - A Jfnut-Bear JAMES G. CUSTARD "Jimmie" GENERAL SCIENCE Carter. Capt. Basketball 2-45 Lightweight Basketball 2-35 City Champ. 35 Heavyweight Basketball 45 Interclass Basket- ball Champ. Z5 Marshal 3-45 "E" Weekly Delegate 25 Pres. 3B Boys' Club5 Hi-Y 45 Letter- man's Club 4. Secret ambition: To see C. B. Allen ride a horse. Southern California ALICE E. DAVIS UAV, GENERAL LANGUAGE Sherman. Boosters 1-45 "E" Weekly Delegate 1-45 Peter Pans 35 G.A.A. 1-45 Aristoi 2-35 Honor Society 45 Signi- feri45 T.D.I.1-45 Sponsors 45 Oak Forest Com. 3. Secret am- bition: To sip a cabbage soda. Chicago Q ELOISE DAWSON "Ella" GENERAL LANGUAGE McCosh. Boosters 1-35 Biology Club 25 G.A.A. 1-35 Spanish Club 35 Basketball Team 2. Secret ambition: To leam to live as well as live to learn. Nofmal MARGARET DELUCA "Margie" COMMEECIAL Ward. Boosters 1-45 G. A. A. 2-45 Dancing Class 2-35 Sec., Miss Wheelock 4. Secret ambition: To drive a Ford- Arrow. EDNA DEMAREST "Eddie" COMMERCIAL McCosh. Boosters 45 German Club 2 5 Peter Pans35 G.A.A. 2-45 Girl Reserves 4. Secret ambi- tion: To take a trip around the world. Work N ----li 34 A Grahuates NIARIAN DOWNING "Polly" GENERAL LANGUAGE Beale. Boosters 1-45 Spanish Club 2-35 Purple Kites 35 Sr. Girls' Club 45 G.A.A. 1-45 Graduating in 3 years. Secret ambition: To be president of the boys' club. Northwestern JAMES E. DOYLE 1.-nm., GENERAL LANGUAGE Edison, Berkeley, Cal. Sponsor 45 Interclass Basketball 45 In- terclass Wrestling 35 Spanish Club 3. Secret ambition: To tell Mr. Wolfrum a Scotch joke he never heard. Illinois HELEN DUMAS "Smokie" COMMERCIAL Carter. Boosters 1-45 Girl Re- serve Cab. 35 Property Mgr. Boomerang 45 Reporter 15 Stu- dent Council 3-45 Social Com. 35 Sponsor 45 G.A.A. 1-45 Sec., Mr. Hunter 4. Secret am- bition: To open a dancing class for blond bashful young men. Undecided EVELYN ECKHAUS "Eckie" GENERAL LANGUAGE Sexton. Mgr. Boomerang 45 Judge 45 Honor Society 45 "E" Weekly 3-45 Oak Forest Com. 3-45 Boosters 1-45 G.A. A. 1-45 Sponsor 45 Student Council 3-45 Class Social Com. 3: Graduating in SM years. Secret ambition: To ride on a fire engine when it is going fast. Art Institute EVELYN B. EDELSON "Evita" CoMMEnc1Ar. McClellan. Boosters 1-45 Sec. Boomerang 45 Chair. Peter Pans 35 Sponsor 45 Orchestra 1-45 Oak Forest Com. 45 Guard 3-45 Chair., Englehop 25 Sr. Girls' Club 45 Girl Reserves 1-4. Secret ambition: To be the sec- ond Pavlowa. A Jfuur-year SOL ELLMAN "Pansy" COMMERCIAL Bass. German Club 1-25 Boos- ters 1-45 Guard 1-25 Marshal 45 Graduating in SM years. Secret ambition: To pose for an Arrow. Northwestern M ILDRED ERICKSON .. ,. Swede GENERAL LANGUAGE Burke. Boosters 1-45 G.A.A. 1-45 Music Chair. G.A.A. 45 Girl Reserves 45 Aristoi 35 Sr. Girls' Club 45 Sponsor 45 Sec., Miss Allin 45 Reporter 1. Se- cret ambition: To tickle the ivories on an elephant's tusk. College SYLVIA FAGENHOLZ HI,-agyy. COMMERCIAL Carter. G.A.A. 1-45 Student Council 2-45 Marshal 35 "E" Weekly Staff 45 "E" Weekly Delegate 2-45 Ticket Mgr. Boomerang 45 "P.8zW." Dele- gate 45 Sponsor 45 Boosters 1-45 Girl Reserves 3. Secret ambition: To marry the man of my dreams. Work KENNETH FEINBERG "Kenny" GENERAL SCIENCE Burke. Boosters 1-45 Boy Re- serves 1-25 "P.8zW.,' Delegate 25 Track Team 1-35 4A Let- terman's Club5 Sponsor 45 Boys' Glee Club 2-45 In- terclass Basketball 35 Student Council Delegate 25 Interclass Track 3. Secret ambition: To have enough leisure to devote my time to study and research. Chicago WILLIAM T. FITCH ,.Bud., TECHNICAL Sherwood. Boosters 1-45 French Club 3-45 Basketball 2-35 Track 2-45 Iuterclass Track Champs. 35 Capt. Interclass Basketball 2-35 4A Letterman's Club. Secret ambition: To circle the globe with Lindbergh. Armour Grahuates ADAM W. FULLER GENERAL SCIENCE Carter. Boosters 1-45 Interclass Basketball 2-45 Interclass Bas- ketball Champs. 45 Spanish Club 35 Wrestling 35 Guard 45 Sponsor 45 Marshal 4. Sec- ret ambition: To find Eve. Armour RIORRIS GLICKSTEIN ..Mu-who GENERAL LANGUAGE Beale. Boosters 1-45 Boys' Glee Club 1-Z5 Interclass Baseball Champs. 45 Interclass Basket- ball 1-45 Boy Reserves 1-25 Student Court 45 Student Coun- cil 45 Sponsor 45 Guard 4. Sec- ret ambition: To continue hav- ing funds. Illinois JUANITA GLOVE "Nita" GENERAL LANGUAGE McCosh. Boosters 3-45 G.A.A. 3-4. Secret ambition: To be hostess in Hades. Northwestern ELEANORA GOLDBERG ugabeu GENERAL LANGUAGE Beale. Pres. Girl Reserves 45 Sec., Miss Allin 45 Sponsor 45 Honor Society 45 Signiferi 45 Boosters 1-45 French Club l-45 Visiting Arts Club 1-35 Sr. Girls' Club 45 Graduating in 35 years. Secret ambition: To see the time when Mr. Fitch stops wiggling his eyebrows. Normal BERNARD Goon "Bernie" GENERAL LANGUAGE Carter. Boosters 1-45 Pres. Class 35 Pres. Student Council 45 Honor Society 45 Class Speaker 45 Pres. Latin Club 35 Intra- mural Athletics 1-45 Judge Stu- dent Court 35 Boomerang 4. Secret ambition: To be 3 mem- ber of the corporation council of Chicago Tribune. Michigan 35 v - Q25 Jfnur-Bear BELLE GRACH "Bee" COMMERCIAL Keith. Boosters 1-45 Girl Re- serves 1-45 Reporter Z5 Sr. Girls' Club 45 Spanish Club 32 Sec., Mr. Bell 45 Captainball 1-35 Volleyball 2. Secret ambi- tion: To travel. . . Illinois ALLAN GRAHAM "Sheba" GENERAL LANGUAGE Carter. Boosters 45 Heavy- weight Basketball 3-45 Inter- class Baseball 1-35 Interclass Basketball 1-35 Interclass Base- ball Champs 35 Sec. 4A Letter- man's Club. Secret ambition: To play ball with the New York Yankees. Undecided B'lARGARET E. GRANT "Pinky" ARTS Agassiz. Boosters 1-45 G.A.A. 1-45 German Club 35 French Club 25 Sponsor 45 Sr. Girls' Club5 Art-Editor "P 8 W." 45 Social Service Aux. 45 Oak Forest Com. 45 Graduating in SM, years. Secret ambition: Secret. . Michael Reese Hospital JEROME GREENSPAN "levy" GENERAL SCIENCE Forestville. Boosters 1-45 Inter- class Baseball 1-4: Sec., Miss Mitchell 45 Boy Reserves 1-25 German Club 35 Guard 45 Boomerang. 45 Band 1-3. Sec- ret ambition: To catch Mr. McGee making a mistake. Undecided MARY I. GVALDA "Smiles" GENERAL LANGUAGE McClellan. Boosters 1-4: Or- chestra 1-45 G.A.A. 1-45 Ger- man Club 1-45 Purple Kites 15 Science Club 15 Graduating in 3M years. Secret ambition: To be the world's greatest violinist. - 4 Grahuates lRENE M. HLNNSEN "Rennie" COMMERCIAL Drakei Boosters 1-45 G.A.A. 1-45 Peter Pans 35 French Club 1-45 Orchestra 1-25 Sr. Girls' Club 45 Glee Club 1-45 Biology Club 1-25 Girl Reserves 3. Secret ambition: To say "I know" in Mr. Dowman's civics class. Northwestern AGNES HAWKEY "Lambie" COMMERCIAL Lewis-Champlin. Boosters 1-45 Glee Club Z5 G.A.A. 45 Sec- ret ambition: TO found a home for homeless kittens. Undecided THELMA E. HEADLAND "T illie" GENERAL LANGUAGE McCosh. Boosters 1-45 G.A.A. 45 French Club 45 Peter Pans 35 Girl Reserves 3-45 Sr. Girls Club5 "Allied Artsl' 3. Secret ambition: To be captain of the U. S. Coast Guards. Nurse HARRIET R. HENDERSON "Smoky" GENERAL LANGUAGE Farren. Boosters 1-45 G.A.A. 1-45 French Club 1-35 Peter Pans 35 Sr. Girls' Club5 Girl Reserves 4. Secret ambition: To ind Hit." Post Graduaie HENRY A. ISAACS "Hank" GENERAL SCIENCE Tilden Tech. Prevo. Swimming Team 1-25 City Champs. Bas- ketball Team 4: "E" Weekly Delegate 1-35 Treas. Jr. Class 3: Boosters 1-45 Interclass Basketball Champsg 4A Letter- man's Club5 Marshal 3-45 Band 1-35 Orchestra 4. Secret ambi- tion: To work hard like Quant. Southern California A jfour-year BIARGUERITE JAMES "Marg" ARTS Felsenthal. G.A.A. 3-43 Boos- ters 2-43 Secret ambition: To teach Mr. Barradell geometry. Art Institute AI.1cE JANSON "Spark Nu. 2" COMMERCIAL Holmes. Boosters 1-43 G.A.A. 1-43 Girl Reserves 3-43 Or- :hestra 1-43 Sr. Girls' Club 43 Peter Pans 33 Spanish Club 33 Aristoi 23 Music Club 43 Graduating in SM years. Secret ambition: To make the "Three Sparks" play and sing until they are praised by the Swedish king. Work CLEMENTINE ,IERITSANAS "Clem"i COMMERCIAL St. George-'s. Boosters 1-43 G. AA. 1-43 Life Saving 3-43 Jr. Girls' Club 3: Purple Kites 3: Sec., Mr. I-Iornstein 43 Gradu- ating in SM years. Secret am- bition: To challenge Chester Soucek to a speed test. Moser Business College MARGARET H. JOHNSON "Spark No. 3" GENERAL LANGUAGE Beale. Boosters 1-43 G.A.A. 1-43 Girl Reserves Z-43 Orche- stra 1-43 Purple Kites 33 Spanish Club 33 Oak Forest Com. 33 "E" Weekly Dele- gate 2-33 UP. 81 W." Delegate 23 Music Club 3-43 Aristoi Z. Secret ambition: To keep the Sparks from getting old 'till they are 95 years old. Business College lloizornv JORIIAN "DoflIle" GENERAL LANGUAGE Kershaw. Social Chair. Sr. Girls' Club 4: Chair. Sponsors 43 Sec. Miss Allin 43 Boosters 1-43 Treas. Girl Reserves 33 Social Service Chair. Girl Reserves 43 Reporter 43 Spanish Club 3-4: Student Council Delegate 3. Secret ambition: To be a king, like Lurie. Siarrcl A stbrabuates RTAURICE KAHN "Mamie" GENERAL SCIENCE Carter. Secret ambition: It's a secret. Crane JAMES A. KAsPUTIs HDMI, GENERAL SCIENCE Holmes. Boosters 1-43 Inter- class Swimming 13 Jr. Boys' Club 33 .'E" Weekly Delegate l-23 Interclass Baseball 3. Secret ambition: To be a king, like Lurie. Knox College IJOROTHY KoNsTAN'rAI.os HDMI, GENERAL LANGUAGE Ward. Boosters 1-43 G.A.A. 1-33 Girl Reserves 1-41 Spon- sor 43 Sec. Miss Allin 43 Signi- feri 4: Aristoi 43 Honor So- ciety 43 Oak Forest Com. 33 Peter Pans 33 French Club 1-4. Secret ambition: Wonder if I. J. W. will teach anything but scandal. HELEN B. Kous GENERAL LANGUAGE Normal l'lLadyY! Armour. Boosters 1-43 G.A.A. 1-43 Latin Club l3 Spanish Club 23 Peter Pans 33 Sr. Girls' Club 43 Sec. Mr. Jacoby 33 Biology Club 23 Drama Club 43 Graduating in an years. Secret ambition: To al- ways greet the world with zt smile. Undecided IDA Kosovsiclz "Mer" GENERAL LANGUAGE Raymond, Boosters 1-43 Girl Reserves 13 Aristoi Z3 Orche- stra 1-43 Tutor 13 Spanish Club 3-43 Christmas Play 33 Oak Forest Com. 3-43 Sponsor 43 Honor Society 4. Secret am- bition: To sell ice to the Es- kimos. Chicago 37 ---l -- A Jfour-igear ELIZABETH LINDBLOM "Bel" GENERAL LANGUAGE Graham. Boosters 1-43 Peter Pans 33 G.A,A. 1-43 Spanish Club 1-43 French Club 3-4: Student Council 13 Sr. Girls' Club 4. Secret ambition: To see the Honor Society throw a whooppee party. Illinois LUQILLE LINEIfEI.EsEu "Lou" SOCIAL SCIENCE Parkman. Boosters 1-43 G.A.A. 1-43 Household Arts Club 1: German Club 2-33 Peter Pans 33 Sr. Girls' Club 43 Com. Kitchen 43 Botany Club 23 G.A.A. Delgate 2. Secret ambi- tion: To be satisfied with life. Business College lh'lARION B. Lol-:la "Loebski" GENERAL LANGUAGE Carter. Boosters 1-42 Sec., Chemistry Club 33 Treas. Girl Reserves 43 Sec. Miss Allin 4: Sr.-Ir. Life Saving 33 Sec. Mr. Jacoby 43 French Club 1-3: Sponsor Capt. 43 Honor So- ciety 43 Sec. "E" Weekly 43 Graduating in .ZZ years. Sec- ret ambition: To succeed and be happy. Michael Reese Hospital lNflILTON J. LURIE AKing,, GENERAL LANGUAGE Carter. Boosters 1-43 Judge Student Court 13 Vice-Chair. C.I.C. 2-33 Interclass Base- ball Champs. 43 Wrestling Team 1-2: Soph. Football 2: Football 3: Trees. jr. Boys' Club 33 4A Letterman's Club 4. Secret ambition: To work hard, like Quant. Kentucky BERNICE C. BlAAS "Bernie" COMMERCIAL Burke. Boosters 1-4: Sec. Miss Wheelock 23 Sec. Mr. Pater- son 33 Glee Club 2-4: G.A.A. 1-43 Girl Reserves 1-43 Sr. Girls' Club 43 Jr. Girls' Club 33 Sec. MP.8zW," 4. Secret am- bition: To come to the class reunion in 1999. Michael Reese Hospital N -l " 38 A Grahuates HJXRRIET Bl.-'KCEY "Mace" GENERAL LANGUAGE Brennan. Boosters I-43 Spanish Club 1-33 French Club 43 Sr. Girls' Club 43 G.A.A. 2-43 Girl Reserves 1-4. Secret ambi- tion: To see all my girl friends married before I am. Post Graduate PETER A. BIACHINIS "Pete" GENERAL SCIENCE Carter. Boosters 1-43 Major R 0.T.C. 43 Chief Fire Mar- -hal 4: Chief Student Marshal 4: Sec. Mr. Hunter 4. Spon- sor 4: Honor Society 43 Englebooster Exec. Com. 43 Oak Forest Com. 42 Interclass Baseball 2-4. Secret ambition: Why tell? Armour GEoIzGE BlACROI'Ul.0S HMUCU GENERAL SCIENCE Drake. Boosters 1-43 Athen- ian Club Z3 Student Marshal 43 Caot. Guards 2: Capt. R.O. T.C. 43 4A Football Team3 Treas. C. O. Club 43 Non-com. Officers Club 2-33 Rifle Team 43 Com. Officers Club 3-43 Secret ambition: To be a left handed Irishman. Armour ALBERT W. MAI-IAEFAY "DutChl, 'FECHNICAL Palos Park. Boosters 1-43 "E" Weekly Delegate 1-2: Student Council 3-43 Wrestling 2-4: Baseball 2-43 Football 1-41 Capt. 4: 175 lb. Wrestling Champ. 119283 3. Secret ambi- tion: To try to understand WOIIICH. Work lfoN,x hlANAUSA "Eddie" ART Carter. Boosters 1-43 Sr. Girls' Club 4: Peter Pans 33 G. A. A. 4: French Club 2-4. Secret ambition: To marry a multi-millionaire. Post Graduate A Jfnur-year BIARGARET MASKOLUNRNS ..Midge,, GENERAL SCIENCE Armour. Boosters 1-43 French Club 1-33 Girl Reserves 3-43 Biology Club 2-33 Peter Pans 33 Girls' Club 43 G.A.A. 1-43 Graduating in SSM years. Sec- ret ambition: To be a notorious gold-digger. Illinois BIARGARET McCU'rcHEoN "Maggie" GENERAL LANGUAGE Franklin QE. St. Louisj. Boos- ters 1-43 G.A.A. 1-43 Christ- mas Play 23 Sr. Girls' Club 43 G.A.A. Delegate 33 Allied Arts 33 Peter Pans 33 Sr. Girl Re- serves 4. Secret ambition: To have but one. Undecided LEROY W. B1CGANN "Swede" ARCHITECTURAL Sherwood. Boosters 1-43 Archi- tectural Club 13 Radio Club 23 Student Council Delegate 13 Boys' Forum 4. Secret ambi- tion: TQ plan bigger and better sky-scrapers. Work HARRY C. BICGINNIS "Flop" GENERAL LANGUAGE Sherwood. Biology Club 23 In- terclass Baseball 1-43 Spanish Club 33 Social Chair. Hi-Y 43 Student Council 43 4A Jacket Com. 43 Boy Reserves 1. Secret ambition: To have a date with Miss Geer. Wisconsin CLARK NICKENZIE AMMY, GENERAL SCIENCE Lafayette, Ind. Boosters 1-4: Biology Club 23 Lieut. R.O. T.C. 3'4Q Non-com. Officers Club 1-33 Guard 33 Com, Of- ficers Club 3-43 Interclass Foot- ball 43 Crack Company 23 Rilie Team 43 Student Marshal 43 Secret ambition: To be a right handed Irishman. Northwestern Grahuates JAMES BIEEKER "Jimmie" GENERAL LANGUAGE Ravinia. Boosters 2-43 Latin Club 43 Chess 81 Checker Club 33 Sponsor 43 Chair. Jewelry Com. 43 Student Council 43 Student Marshal 43 Interclass Football 4. Secret ambition: To have a nose for news. Post Graduate JEANETTE BIEYERS "Fritters" GENERAL LANGUAGE Graham. Boosters 1-43 Sponsor 43 Girl Reserves 1-43 Sr. Girls' Club 43 French Club 1-43 G. A.A. 1-43 Sec. Mr. Jacoby 3-43 Sec. "E" Weekly 43 Peter Pans 3: Graduating in 3M yrs. Secret ambition: To date Mr. T. J. Wilson. Illinois EVELYN E. BIILLER "Evie" COMMERCIAL Bass. Boosters 1-43 G.A.A. 1-43 Girl Reserves 3-43 Peter Pans 33 "E" Weekly 43 Sr. Girls' Club 4. Secret ambition: To dance hambo with "Eats" at "Phlo's" wedding. Work RUTH NIINTON "Ruthie" GENERAL LANGUAGE Lewis-Champlin. Boosters l-43 Peter Pans 33 Girl Reserves 3: G.A.A. 1-4: Sr. Girls' Club 43 "Allied Arts" 2. Secret am- bition: To convert Mr. Wilson. Undecided PRAXEDES NIONTILLA "Prana" GENERAL SCIENCE La Salle. Boosters 43 Biology Club 33 Spanish Club 43 Graduating in SM years. Secret ambition: To become a. great authority on pathology. College A Jfnur-gear IRENE NIOSKOVITZ III!! COMMERCIAL Keith. Boosters 1-4Q Girl Re- serves 1-43 G.A.A. 1-4g Christ- mas Play 3-43 Drama Club Z-3Q Peter Pans 33 Dancing Class 1-33 Sr. Girls' Club 43 Spanish Club 2. Secret ambi- tion: To be an old maid. Work THELMA NASH .menyu COMMERCIAL Forestville. French Club 1-22 G.A.A. 3-43 Boosters 1-3. Secret ambition: To be a skilled pilot. Crane College MARIE NEAL HRM., GENERAL LANGUAGE Carter. Boosters 1-4Q Sr. Girls' Club 43 G.A.A. 1-43 Biology Club 23 Jr. Girls' Club 33 Graduating in 3M years. Secret ambition: To be a sophisticated school ma'am. Normal EDITH G. NELSON "Eats" COMMERCIAL Webster. Boosters 1-45 G.A.A. 1-4: Peter Pans 33 Girl Re- serves 3-43 Girls' Club 43 Sec- ret ambition: To learn to swim lmder the direction of Professor Hoot!! Work MARIE I. NELSON Mime., Drake. Boosters 1-43 G.A.A. 1-43 Peter Pans 33 Sr. Girls' Club 43 Rest Room 3-43 Girl Reserves 43 G.A.A. Delegate 4. Secret ambition: To help "Phlo" and "Eats" kill all the mosquitos at Delavan Lake. Moser Business College 5 40 A Grahuatzs PAULINE NELSON "Polly" GENERAL SCIENCE Douglas. French Club 1-23 Sr. Girls' Club 43 Boosters 1-41 G.A.A. 4. Secret ambition: To be the "best" secretary that ever lived. Past Graduate RGSEMARY NEMRAVA "Rare" GENERAL LANGUAGE Greene. G.A.A. 2-43 Boosters 1-43 Girl Reserves 1-43 Peter Pans 33 Sr. Girls' Clubg Oak Forest Com. 43 Spanish Club 2-43 Graduating in 3M years. Secret ambition: "Search me." Undecided OLGA NEs'roR "Next" COMMERCIAL Sherman. Boosters 1-43 G.A.A. Z-43 Peter Pans 33 Student Council Delegate Z3 "E" Weekly Delegate 23 Sr. Girls' Club 43 Graduating in sn years. Secret ambition: To raise seventeen C175 children. Work ANNE NosKoFE "Happy Lefty" GENERAL SCIENCE Lewis-Champlin. Boosters 1-43 G.A.A. 1-4Q Letterman's Club 4: Volleyball Capt. 1-43 Swim- ming Team Capt. 2-4: Captain- ball Capt. 1-4: Runner-up Base- ball 4: Basketball Champs. 43 Jr. 81 Sr. Life Saving Team 3-43 Rifle Team 3-43 Graduat- ing in SM years. Secret ambi- tion: To be a 6 day bike-rider. Normal BIARGARET OSTLUND "Marge" COMMERCIAL McCosh. Boosters 1-43 Peter Pans 33 G.A.A. 2-41 Sr. Girls' Club 4. Secret ambition: To take two vacations six months long. Undecided A jfnur-year KENNETH PADGHAM "Kenny" GENERAL LANGUAGE Carter. Boosters 1-45 Heavy- weight Basketball 3-45 Inter- class Baseball 1-45 Interclass Baseball Champs. 45 Interclass Basketball 1-45 Boy's Glee Club Z5 Student Court 45 Boomerang 45 Guard 45 Spanish Club 2-3. Secret ambition: To re- tain my modesty. Illinois HELEN PAGE ..Hep,, GENERAL LANGUAGE Eskridge, Kansas. Sr. Girls' Club 45 Peter Pans 35 Girl Reserves 2-45 Tutor 25 Boos- ters 2-45 G.A.A. 2-45 Gradu- ating in 354 years. Secret am- bition: To keep up with Irene. Chicago Public Library BERNICE A. PALONIS "Babe" GENERAL LANGUAGE McClellan. Boosters 1-35 Or- chestra 1-35 German Club 1-35 G.A.A. 1-35 Sr. Girls' Club 45 Purple Kites 35 Science Club 15 Biology Club 1: Guard 4: Graduating in 3 years. Secret ambition: To be a musician like "Smiles." Normal Joi-IN PATAKI "Pata0ki" Arrrs Parkman. Boosters 1-45 "P, and W." 45 Aero Club 3. Secret ambition: To take her east of the sun and west of the moon. Art Institute CoRA PEMBERTON "Babe" GENERAL LANGUAGE Douglas. Boosters 1-45 French Club 1-35 Biology Club 25 G. A.A. 1-4: Volleyball Champs. 45 Sr. Girls, Club 45 Peter Pans 35 Guard 4. Secret am- bition: To venture on the sea of matrimony. Post Graduate .. A Grahuates KENNETH PLETZ ' "Knute" COMMERCIAL Park Manor. Boosters 1-45 Or- chestra l-33 Band 1f3.i Glee Club 1. Secret ambition: To teach Rudy Vallee how to play the saxophone. l Bush Conservatory of Music AUSTIN PoDEs'rA "Pode" GENERAL SCIENCE - . 5 Carter. Boosters 1-45 Sigmferi 45 Student Council 45 Inter- class Baseball 1-45 Interclass Basketball 1-45 Interclass Base- ball Champs. 45 Guard 45 Fire Deputy 45 Aristoi 35 Capt. In- terclass Baseball 4. Secret am- bition: To be a combination of Babe Ruth and Ty Cobb. A ' Illmoss BERNICE A. POST .Benn COMMERCIAL Dewey. Boosters 1-45 G.A.A. 1-45 Volleyball Champs. 35 "E" Weekly Delegate 3-45 Peter Pans 35 Sr. Girls' Club 4. Sec- ret ambition: To see Mr. Es- penshade direct with a baton instead of a ruler or drum stick. Work GEoI1GE RECKAS "Realms" GENERAL SCIENCE Sexton. German Club 15 Foot- ball 3-45 Wrestling 35 Inter- class Basketball 35 4A Letter- man's Club5 Boosters 1-45 Bio- logy Club Z. Secret ambition: To have a big tough beard. Northwestern DONALD REINERT ltDonll GENERAL SCIENCE Lewis-Champlin. Football 2-45 Track 15 Wrestling 35 Stamp Club 15 Chess 8: Checker Club 25 4A Letterman's Club 45 Boosters 1-45 Graduating in 3M years. Secret ambition: To smoke a pipe and like it. Wisconsin -A fa lx 5 , A Jfnur-pear lWARGARET E. RICE "Betty" GENERAL LANGUAGE Kenwood. Vice-Pres. Class 45 Honor Society 45 Signiferi 45 "E" Weekly 2-45 Swimming 1-35 T.D.I. 45 Social Chair. Peter Pans 35 Chair. Alumni Com. 3-45 Prom Com. 3. Secret ambition: To take the blind- fold test in the social room. Illinois FLORENCE A. RITA "Dolly" GENERAL LANGUAGE Ward. Boosters 1-4: Captain- ball Team 1-45 Volleyball Team Z-45 Glee Club 2-45 "Cynthia.'s Strategy" 35 Ticket Delegate 35 Music Club 3-45 Sr. Girls' Club 45 Purple Pilots 35 Latin Club 2. Secret ambi- tion: It's still a secret. Post Graduate NIILDRED ROBINSON URM., GENERAL LANGUAGE Drake. French Club 15 Boos- ters 1-45 G.A.A. 1-45 Spanish Club 2-45 Biology Club 2. Secret ambition: To see Mr. Wilson in '4The White House." Post Graduate ELLA ROSENEERG "Ella Cindersu COMMERCIAL Alcott. Boosters 1-45 French Club 3-45 Sec. Miss Allin 2-45 "E" Weekly typist 45 G.A.A. 1-45 Sr. Girls' Club 45 Girl Reserves 3-45 Sponsor 45 Hon- or Society 4: Student Council 1-2. Secret ambition: To make something out of my life. Work HELEN SEIFERT "PuFler" COMMERCIAL Lewis-Champlin. Bosters 1-45 Peter Pans 35 Sr. Girls' Club 45 G.A.A. 1-45 Girl Reserves 1-2. Secret ambition: To be able to Hy a kite. Undecided N 42 A Grahuatzs IRVING SELTZER "Browne" GENERAL LANGUAGE Raymond. Boosters 1-45 Track 3-42 Treas. Aero Club 35 Glee Club 2-45 Boy Reserves 15 Biology Club Z5 4B Boys' Chor- us 4: Latin Club 45 Spanish Club 35 Interclass Baseball 1. Secret ambition: To have a dig- nified "middle" name. DePaul JULIUS A. SIEGEL ARM., GENERAL SCIENCE Carter. Boosters l-45 Boy Re- serves 15 Biology Club 25 German Club 45 Non-com. Of- ficers' Club 25 Com. Officers' Club 3-45 R.O.'1'.C. 1-45 In- terclass Baseball 2-35 Stamp Club 1-Z5 Chemistry Club 4. Secret ambition: To prove Silly is the missing link. Illinois Pharmacy College SAIJIE SILVER "Shim" GENERAL LANGUAGE Forestville. Orchestra 1-45 Oak Forest Com. 3-4: Social Chair. Music Club 3: Sec. Miss Allin 45 Sec. Miss Quinn 3-45 Spon- sor 45 Intercouncil Delegate 35 Sr. Girls' Club 45 Chair. Milk Fund 3. Secret ambition: To have an argument with Miss Maria B. and come out the winner. Chicago lXlARGARET SORENSEN "Marge" GENERAL LANGUAGE Beale. Boosters 1-45 Honor So- ciety 45 Signiferi 45 Sponsor 4: Sec. Miss Allin 45 Sec. Mr. Cheadle 35 Oak Forest Com. 4: Intercouncil Delegate 3-4: Treas. Peter Pans 3: Treas. Sr. Girls' Club 4. Secret am- bition: To travel with Anne. Undecided JAMES SAUERS ll-lim!! GENERAL SCIENCE Lewis-Champlin. Boosters 1-45 lnterclass Swimming Champs. 1: Interclass Baseball 1-45 In- terclass Basketball 1-45 Inter- class Football 45 Swimming Team 1-45 Sponsor 45 French Club 1-3: Student Marshal 45 Biology Club 2-3. Secret am- bition: To be an inventive researcher. Radio Work A your-year J I-:ROME STEIR "Steer" COMMERCIAL Carter. Boosters 1-45 Aristoi 35 Spanish Club 45 Visiting Arts Club 25 Signiferi 45 Boy Reserves 35 Interclass Basket- ball 45 Interclass Baseball Champs. 45 Science Club 1. Secret ambition: To make Mr. Wilson president of the Anti- Bunk Society. N orthweslem IRI-TNE R. STOKES unubu GENERAL LANGUAGE Farren. Boosters 1-45 G.A.A 1-45 French Club 1-3: Tutor 3-45 Peter Pans 35 Sr. Girls' Club 45 Sr. Girl Reserves 45 Geometry Club 2. Secret am- bition: To getadoctofs degree in music. Music College EDWARD F. SWARZ ..Ed,, SOCIAL SCIENCE Philppines' Elementary School. Graduating in three years. Sec- ret ambition: To become a famous doctor. Illinois LouIsE L. TARTT "Pet" COMMERCIAL Willard. Boosters 1-45 Purple Kites 35 G.A.A. 1-45 Sr. Girls' Club 45 Volleyball 1-25 Girl Reserves 45 Graduating in SZ years. Secret ambition: To find a school-boy with lots of money. Crane WILLIAM F. TESCHKE "Bill" ELECTRICAL Park Manor. Boosters 1-45 "E" Weekly Delegate 1-25 Football 2-45 4A Letterman's Club5 Student Court 2: Interclass Baseball 25 Interclass Basket- ball 5. Secret ambition: To put water in Mr. Palmer's berth, and get away with it. Northwestern Grahuatzs BIABELE TILLMAN --Maw COMMERCIAL Forestville. Boosters 1-45 G.A. A. 1-45 Capt. Volleyball Champs. 45 French Club 25 Girl Reserves 3: Capt. Basket- ball Champs. 45 Lettergirl's Club 45 Baseball runner-up 45 Hockey Champs. 35 Sr. Girls' Club 4. Secret ambition: To find a fellow with the looks of Nils Asther and the person- ality of John Gilbert. Normal SIMON T. TITENSKY .ITV GENERAL SCIENCE Beale. Boosters 1-45 Boy Re- serves 1-2: Reporter 15 Inter- class Baseball 1-45 Interclass Basketball 1-4: Champs. Inter- class Baseball 35 Pres. 4A Let- terman's Club: "P.8zW." Del- egate 45 Student Marshal 45 Football Team 4. Secret ambi- tion: To put a tirecracker under Quant's cot and get away with t. i Narthwextem JAMES H. TOTTEN I,-nm., GENERAL SCIENCE Vanderpoel. Boosters 1-45 Bio- logy Club 25 Drama Club 45 Non-com. Officers' Club 35 Com. Officers' Club 3-45 R.O. T.C. 1-45 Stamp Club 1. Sec- ret ambition: To best Mr. Manley in argument. Crane ANNA C. TRIPP "Anne" GENERAL LANGUAGE Holmes. Salutatorian 45 Chair. Sponsors 45 Pres., Sr. Girls' Club 45 Pres., Peter Pans 3: Vice-Pres., French Club 3-45 Treas., Sr. Girl Reserves 35 Honor Society 4: Signiferi 45 See. Miss Allin 45 Oak Forest Com. 4. Secret ambition: To travel around the world. Chicago ELEANORA TUCKER HEP. COMMERCIAL Farren. G.A.A. 2-45 Sr. Girls' Club 45 Boosters 3. Secret am- bition: "It's a secret." Work A iz jfour-Beat GEORGE UMECRER "Shorty" GENERAL SCXENCE Libby. Guard Com. 43 Guard 2-4: Interclass Baseball 43 In- terclass Basketball 1-33 Boos- ters 1-43 Biol0gY .Club 2: German Club 1-2: Science Club 1. Secret ambition: To be as tall as Lindy some day. Crane PAULINE UssoR "Paul" COMMERCIAL Sherman. Boosters 1-43 Girl Reserves 1-43 G.A.A. 1-43 French Club 1-33 First Aid Club 1-23 Sponsor 4: Science Club lj Captainball 1-ZQ Graduating in 3M years. Sec- ret ambition: To marry a French duke. Undecided HARVEY VERDECKBERG "Verde" COMMERCIAL Burke. Boosters I-43 Orchestra 1-23 Glee Club 1: "E" Week- ly Delegate 2: Boy Reserves 13 Interclass Baseball 1-33 In- terclass Basketball 1-33 Guards 3-4. Secret ambition: To crack jokes like Mr. Manley. Work BARBARA J. VVALKER ,.Bob,. SOCIAL SCIENCE Sherwood. Boosters 1-43 Span- ish Club 13 G.A.A. 1-4. Sec- ret ambition: To be a kinder- garten teacher. Normal HEI.EN WAsoN "Little Nell" GENERAL LANGUAGE Burke. Boosters 1-43 Social Service Aux. 43 Signiferi 4: Vice-Pres. Honor Society 43 Girl Reserves 2-4Q "E" Week- ly 43 T.D,I. 43 Sponsor 4: Oak Forest Com. 43 Quill and Scroll 4. Secret ambition: To find Utopia. Chicago P' - 44 A 4: Garahuates THOMAS H. WAsoN "Tom" GENERAL LANGUAGE Burke. Social Service Aux. 43 Oak Forest Com. 3-43 Honor Society 43 Fire Marshal 43 Treas. Class 43 Editor-in-Chief "E" Weekly: Bus. Mgr. "E" Weekly 3: Vice-Chair. Spon- sors 43 Quill and Scroll 43 Englebooster Exec. Com. 4. Secret ambition: To give a new dime to John D. Rockefeller. Chicago KATHERINE A. WAVRA "Kate" COMMERCIAL Wentworth. G.A.A. 1-41 French Club 1-Z3 "E" Weekly Dele- gate 43 Oak Forest Delegate 2-4: Boosters 1-43 Girl Reserves l. Secret ambition: To be an organist. Work AMERICA VVHARTON "U, S." COMMERCIAL Felsenthal. Boosters 1-3: G.A. A. 1-4: Sr. Girls' Club 4. Sec- ret ambition: To be a court stenographer. Lewis R'lARlE K. WHITE "Made" COMMERCIAL Burke. Boosters 1-43 G.A.A. 1-43 Girl Reserves 1: Stu- dent Council Delegate Z: Stu- dent Court Deleeate 2: French Club 23 Signiferi 4. Secret am- bition: To reach my goal and still retain the loyal Engle- wood spirit. Work THEOLA WILLIAMS 1.7-hen GENERAL SCIENCE Central Junior. G.A.A. 3-43 Boosters 43 Caotainball Team 4. Secret ambition: To get an S from Mr. Craig. Work A Jfuur-.ipear CALVIN B. WILSON "Rell" GENERAL SCIENCE Carter Practice. Sponsor 43 Com. Officer's Club 3-43 Capt. R.O.'I'.C. 43 French Club 13 Chair. Gift Com. 4. Secret ambition: To acquire dark hair. Work NIAMIE H. WILSON "Babe" GENERAL LANGUAGE Burke. Boosters 3-43 Purple Pilots 33 G.A.A. 3-43 Gradu- ating in 3M years. Secret am- bition: To succeed. Normal MARGARET F. ALLEN "Flo.vsie" SOCIAL SCIENCE Vernon COkla.D G.A.A. 1: Boosters 4. Secret ambition: To be a perfect English teacher. Crane EUGENIA T. BELL "Thel" SocIAL SCIENCE Douglas. Boosters 3-43 Biology Club 43 G.A.A. 43 Girl Re- serves 43 Sr. Girls' Club 43 Captainball Champs. 33 Baker cup winners 3. Secret ambi- tion: To be a competent teacher like Miss Belyea and an interesting one like Mr. Manley. Howard JULIA C. BROWN "Charlie" GENERAL LANGUAGE Dunbar CInd.J French Club 13 G.A.A. 13 Basketball Champs. 1. Secret ambition: To hnd a better nickname. Crane BIARY D. CHAMBERS "Mamie" SOCIAL SCIENCE Cantire, Canada. Boosters 2-43 G.A.A. 3-43 Girl Reserves 3-43 Oak Forest Com. 33 Sponsor 43 Sec., Miss Allin 4. Secret ambition: To own and manage a large grain farm. Hospital Training A wrahuates BIARGARET WILSON "Marge" GENERAL LANGUAGE Drake. French Club 1-Z3 Latin Club 33 G.A.A. 1-4Q Sr. Girls' Club 43 Boosters 1-3. Secret ambition: To reach the sev- enth heaven of happiness and stay there. College THEODORE O. Worm' ADMH GENERAL Sc1ENcE Dewey. Boosters l-43 Band 1-43 Interclass Baseball 1-23 Interclass Basketball 1-23 Guard 1-33 German Club 1-23 Bio- logy Club 23 Boy Reserves 1-2. Secret ambition: To be a mining engineer and ex- plorer. Colorado School of Mines AARON YOUNG "Awa-awe" GENERAL SCIENCE Carter. Honor Society 43 Sec. Mr. Hunter 43 4A Letterman's C.ub3 French Club lg Sponsor 43 Aristoi 1-21 Track Team Capt. 1-33 Social Service Aux. 43 Boosters l-41 "E" Weekly 4. Secret ambition: To be as smart as the man who never lets his left lapel know where the blond hair on his right lapel came from. Chicago GENEVA CRAWFORD "Gene" SOCIAL SCIENCE Lincoln tMo.D. French Club 23 G.A.A. Z3 Boosters 3. Sec- ret ambition: To see Mutt grow as tall as Jeff. Undecided LOUISE CROLLEY ALM., GENERAL LANGUAGE Felsenthal. Boosters 2-43 G.A. A. 2-4. Secret ambition: It's a secret. U ndecided JESSIE MAE ELLIS 45 ----il -- JESSIE M. GRANT "Jetty" COMMERCIAL Carter. G.A.A. 3-45 Boosters 35 Spanish Club 3. Secret am- bition: To meet my Prince Charming. Work HENRY GREENEBAUM HAROLD F. HALPER "Foftch" GENERAL LANGUAGE Farren. Boosters 2-45 Sponsor 45 Interclass Basketball 1. Sec- ret ambition: To hear Silly finish at least one piece. Illinois DoRo'rHv MAT1-IEW uvenusn Arr Carter. Boosters 1-45 G.A.A. 2-35 School Service Bureau 1-25 "E" Weekly Staff 3-45 French Club I-4. Secret am- bition: To be a millionaire artist. Art Institute BESSIE B. MAYEIELD Auousro C. MoN'rrLLA EDWARD MURRAY "Eddie" GENERAL LANGUAGE St. Anne. Boosters 1-45 Inter- class Baseball 1-35 'fThe Boom- e-rang" 45 4A Football 45 Re- porter 15 Chairman 4A jacket Com. 45 Guard Com. 35 Boy Reserves 1-25 Student Marshal 4. Secret ambition: To tell "Butch" what I think of him. Notre Dame. STEPHEN T. POWERS AIARIE SCHWARTZBERG COMMERCIAL Willard. Boosters 1-45 G.A.A. 1-45 Peter Pans 35 Sr. Girls' Club 4. Secret ambition: To get a diamond studded typing pm. Undecided ROBERT SILBERT H5-my., GEN:-:1zAr. LANGUAGE Webster. Stamp Club 3-45 Latin Club 1-35 Boy Reserves 1-45 Music Club 1-45 French Club 15 Chemistry Club 3-45 Boosters 45 Interclass Base- ball Champs. 3. Secret ambi- tion: To hear Mr. Manley tell a joke. College ADA SILVERSTEIN "Babe' COMMERCIAL Sexton. Boosters 1-45 G.A.A 1-45 Girl Reserves 35 Sr. Girls Club 45 Peter Pans 35 Milk Fund Com. 35 Oak Forest Com. 35 Volleyball Champs. 3 Secret ambition: To type 150 words a minute. Work DoRo'rHY SWEDBERG "Dot' COMMERCIAL Webster. Boosters 1-45 Re porter 1 5 G.A.A. 3-45 Peter Pans 35 Girl Reserves 45 Sr Girls' Club 4. Secret ambition To go places and do things. Work lXlINNIE L. Vick HMM COMMERCIAL Everitt. Boosters 3-45 G.A.A 3-45 Graduating in SM years Secret ambition: To become a famous singer. A Work JEROME J. Weiss ulenyv GENERAL LANGUAGE Carter. Chair. Inter-Council 3-45 "E" Weekly 3-45 Treas Honor Society 45 Sponsor 4 Quill and Scroll 45 Fire Mar shal 3-45 Capt. Guards 45 Oak Forest Com. 3-45 Vice-Chair Social Service Aux. 45 Engle booster Exec. Com. 4. Secret 1 ambition: To see the Hebrew flag on the Statue of Liberty. Northwestern FEBRUARY WHO'S WHO The list of graduates for The Who's Who in the School Life section of this book were selected jointly by students and faculty of the graduating class. In the February class fifteen selections were made by the students, and ten by teachers of 4A hall. Elsa Applegren James Custard Albert Mahaffey Emma Bacigalupe Evelyn Eckhaus James Meeker Helen Berner Sylvia F agenholz Betty Rice Walter Brooks Proctor Brown Florence Cappetta Jerome Cohen Stanley Connelly Bernard Good Helen Johnson Dorothy Jordan Dorothy Konstantalis Marion Loeb Peter Machinis 46 Anna Tripp Helen Wason Thomas Wason Jerome Weiss Aaron Young JU E WREN pmasmm' OFFICERS '- 41Y R, Qangmvzu-as agp-. HERMAN KALPSH EDITH MACKENBERG rxoqwxu CHAIRMAN 47 w FOUR-YEAR CLASS, JUNE As each of the four floors of Englewood High school represents various degrees of ascent, with the last the highest, so may the four years of progress of our class of june 1930 be represented. In our freshman year we were so busy laying the foundation and con- structing a ground floor-one might liken it to the basement-that we had no time to disinguish ourselves, we were overwhelmed at being in high school. However, athletics did attract a few of our members. When we climbed the steps to the first floor, we were sophomores, and with typical sophomore sophistication we scorned the freshman and wor- shiped the seniors. We even tried to inject our personalities in the organiza- tions of the school, and we succeeded in a measure. As we reached the second Hoor and consequently our junior year, we began to make of ourselves a real pillar of support in the scholastic and social structure of Englewood. To help uphold the ideals and standards of our class we elected Harry Cohen, Orva Prange, Belle Schucter, and Herman Kalish as president, vice-president. secretary, and treasurer respectively. just to be different, a boy, Edward Leppa was elected social chairman. Wincent Renzino, Charles Waterman, and Richard Wren were members of the City Lightweight Champion basketball team. On the equally successful baseball team Joseph Ponzevic, Tony Skupas, Charles Waterman, and Vincent Renzino were regular players. Our swimming teams as usual came out on top with the help of Richard Wren, Tony Skupas, Robert Wendt, and Edward Leppa. The literary aspirants were Sylvester Bachmann, Orva Prange, Thelma Goldman, Pearl Riefman, Louise Hopson, Dorothy Nordstrom, Hymen Brown, Albert Bertine, Glenora Mugfor, Christ Bilder, Sam Levy, Adeline Gilason, Jeannette Levinson, Evelyn Goodman, and Agnes Palmer on The "E" Weekly. "The Purple and White" members were Anthony Raciti, Mildred Wittstock, Edith Polisky, Clara Shayne, Albert Kaufman, Charles Zlotnik, Irving Cohen, Abe Movit, Mildred Lundahl, and Morris Gottlieb. Drama claimed Everett Erickson, Margaret Anderson, Tillie Pekowsky, Rose Davis, Miriam Fulcher, Dorothy Goebel, and Esther Charnoff. And so we mounted the third flight of stairs and attained our long- dreamed-of senior year. The four pillars that supported our class were elected and Richard Wren, Orva Prange, Belle Schuster, and Herman Kalish became the officers. Helen Schwartz as social chairman supplied the social element with two successful luncheons. Harry Cohen, Evelyn Goodman, Edward Leppa, Betty Holmes, and Thelma Goldman after a school-wide election were chosen Englebooster of- ficers. Herman Kalish and Mercia Snyder headed the boy and girl sponsors. Everett Erickson was chief justice of the Student Court. Sam Levy was president and Evelyn Goodman secretary of the Student Council. Sylvester Bachmann became editor-in-chief of The "E" Weekly, while Anthony Raciti and Mildred Wittstock were co-chiefs of "T he Purple and White." Harry Cohen became valedictorian after a close race with Louise Hopson as salutatorian. We have climbed far, we have given our best, we have laid a foundation. Now we- must see if this foundation will hold, if it will resist the years of toil and strife, of joy and sorrow that are sure to followg and if this monu- ment of learning that we have constructed will serve us well. -ORVA PRANGE, Louisa HoPsoN, and THELMA GOLDMAN. N l-1--1 48 A :lfuut-,ipear CHARLES A. ANDERSON "Chuck" GENERAL SCIENCE Beale. Boosters 1-43 "E" Week- ly Delegate 33 Interclass Bas- ketball 1-43 Interclass Base- ball 1-41 Biology Club 23 Guard 43 Aero Club Z. Secret ambition: To be a heavy- weight on a chess team. Work ELEANGR E. ANDERSON UAV, GENERAL LANGUAGE Victoria, Canada. Boosters 2-4: Sponsor 43 French Club 2-43 Girl Reserves 43 Jr. Girls' Club 33 G.A.A. 2-43 Student Council Delegate 43 Graduat- ing in SM years. Secret ambi- tion: To learn whether Mars and Venus are inhabited by humans. Undecided MARGARET ANDERSON uAndyu GENERAL LANGUAGE McCosh. Boosters 1-43 Honor Society 43 Playfellows 2-43 Christmm Play 23 The Fool 33 Boomerang 43 Daddies 43 Sr. Girls' Club 43 Jr. Girls' Club 33 G.A.A. 1-43 Graduat- ing in 3M years. Secret ambi- tion: To have only patients who are rich and handsome Cmen of courSe.J Mercy Hospital JAMES ANDROWS ..Andy,, GENERAL SCIENCE Beale. Interclass Basketball 1-43 Interclass Baseball 1-43 Drama Bus. Staff 43 Spanish Club 23 Boys' Chorus 43 Ticket Dele- gate 23 Guard 3. Work JULIUS ANDRULIS COMMERCIAL Armour. Boosters 1-43 "E" Weekly Staff 43 Signiferi 43 T.D.I. 43 Social Service Aux. 43 "Vert" Club 43 Honorary member, Boy Reserves 43 Ari- stoi 33 Guard 3. Secret ambi- tion: To get by. Northwestern Qtahuates MARIE L. ANNIS "M eras" COMMERCIAL Armour Boosters 1-43 Purple Kites 33 Girl Reserves 1-43 Sr. Girls' Club 43 Ticket Sales 13 Latin Club 23 G. A. A. 1-4. Secret ambition: To marry D. McBain. Work JOSEPH ARNSTEIN lljoell GENERAL LANGUAGE Beale. Boosters 1-43 Treus., Aristoi 33 Signiferi 43 Honor Society 43 Sponsor 43 Orchestra 1-43 Concertmeister 3-43 Pres., Music Club 33 Boys' Chorus 43 Minstrel Show 3. Secret am- hition: To play the violin. Chicago Musical College ARIEL ASHTON "Stalk" COMMERCIAL Graham. Boosters 1-43 G.A.A. 1-43 Girl Reserves 43 Graduat- ing in 3M years. Secret ambi- tion: To have known Mr. Eg- bert Hunter when he was 21. Work SYLVESTER BACIIMANN llsylli GENERAL LANGUAGE St. Stephen's Lutheran. Boos- ters 1-43 "E" Weekly 3-43 Cheerleaders CCapt. 41 3-43 Quill and Scroll 3-43 Student Court 3-43 Student Council 3-43 Engleboosters Exec. Com. 43 Social Service Aux. 3-43 Honor Society 43 Signiferi 4. Secret ambition: To crack a joke that Mr. Manley will appreciate. Northwestern lllAXINE BAILEY HMMU CoMMErzcrAL Carter. Boosters 1-43 G.A.A. 1-43 Girl Reserves 43 Purple Kites 33 Aristoi 33 Sec., Mr. McGee 33 Sec., Miss Belyea 33 Christmas Pageant 1. Secret ambition: To organize a. girls' football team and beat the boys. Undecided E I jfuur-Bear VIRGINIA M. BALLEE Irvine., GENERAL SCIENCE Lewis-Champlin. Boosters 1-45 G.A.A. 1-45 French Club 25 Biology Club 35 Purple Kites 35 Jr. Girls' Clubg Sr. Girls' Clubg Girl Reserves 45 Guard 4. Secret ambition: To play football like Joe Ponzevic. Normal EMILY O. BATTLES UE-mp., GENERAL LANGUAGE Felsenthal. Girl Reserves 2-45 Boosters 2-45 G.A.A. 2-45 Latin Club 2-35 Purple Kites 35 Basketball 2-45 Hockey Champs. 3. Secret ambition: To sing be- fore the 4A hall. Howard MERCEDES G. BENARBY llGladH GENERAL LANGUAGE St. Elizabeth. Tutor 45 Boos- ters 2-45 G.A.A. 1-45 Girl Re- serves 15 Basketball 2-35 Vol- leyball Capt. 25 Captainball Team 1-45 Volleyball 1-4. Sec- ret ambition: To be able to some day repay my parents. Normal ALBERT BERTINE "Bert" TECHNICAL St. Joseph's Inst. Boosters 2-45 "E" Weekly 3-45 French Club 35 Interclass Basketball 2-45 Interclass Baseball 1-45 Ticket Sales. 45 Marshal 45 "Vert" Club 45 Reporter 3-45 Quill and Scroll 4. Secret am- bition: To be a bachelor and have a dog, a pipe and a shack in the mountains. Northwestern CHRIST A. BILDER "Angel" GENERAL SCIENCE Carter. Boosters 1-45 "E" Weekly 3-45 Student Council 2-35 Biology Club 2-45 Chess and Checker Team 15 French Club 2-35 Graduating in 3M years. Secret ambition: To change my middle name to Lucifer. College A cbrahuates MARY BISHOP GENERAL SCIENCE Worth. Boosters 3-45 G.A.A. 3-4. Secret ambition: To be a teacher. Undecided ZACHARY BOGOLUB "Half Pint" GENERAL LANGUAGE Haines. Boosters 1-45 Signi- ieri 45 Tennis Capt. 3-45 "E" Weekly Delegate 15 "P.8IW." Delegate 1-Z5 Student Council 15 Sponsor 3-45 Letterman's Club 4. Secret ambition: None, College HOWARD BOUDREAU ..Bud,. TECHNICAL Park Manor. Boosters 1-45 French Club 3-45 Signiieri 45 Biology Club 25 Sponsor 45 Student Council Delegate 25 Reporter 1. Secret ambition: Still a secret. Undecided GWENDOLYN BOWLES Apudgyu COMMERCIAL Bass. Boosters 1-45 G.A.A. 1-45 Jr. Girls' Club 35 Sr. Girls' Club 45 Volleyball 25 Graduating in 356 years. Sec- ret ambition: To learn to love more. Work IRENE BRADBURY "Bright Eyes" GENERAL LANGUAGE Sherwood. Boosters 1-45 G.A. A. 1-45 Girl Reserves 1. Sec- ret ambition: To know what a Certain person thinks of me. Normal A Jfnur-,ipeat PATRICIA BRAzA1'r1s "Pony" COMMERCIAL St. Cecilia. Boosters 1-45 Honor Society 45 Signiieri 45 Sponsor 45 "Vert" Club 45 Student Council 45 C.I.C. 45 Sr. Girls' Club 45 Jr. Girls' Club 35 School Service Bureau 4. Secret ambition: To be a success. Work HYMAN BROWN "HyBrow" GENERAL SCIENCE Haven. Boosters 1-45 Biology Club 25 Aristoi 35 HVert" Club 3-4, Pres. 45 "E" Week- ly 45 Honor Society 45 Signi- feri, Sec. and Treas. 45 C.I.C. 45 Sponsor 45 Sec. Mr. Hunter 45 Graduating in 3M years. Secret ambition: To own a harem. Work VVENDELLE BROWNE GENERAL LANGUAGE Carter. Boosters 1-45 G.A.A. 1-45 Aristoi 35 Girl Reserves 35 Hockey Team 3-45 Biology Club 25 Purple Kites 35 French Club Z-45 Interclass Captainball 2-45 Graduating in 3M years. Secret ambition: To get my masteris decree. Normal LoRRA1NE Y. BURNETTE GENERAL LANGUAGE Beale. Boosters 2-45 G.A,A, 1-45 Girl Reserves 35 Purple Kites 3: Spanish Club 3. Sec- ret ambition: To ride on a tire engine. Normal AIARJORIE E. BURNS .,Ma,g., GENERAL LANGUAGE McCosl't. Boosters 1-45 G.A.A. l-45 Biology Club 25 French Club 1-3: Sr. Girls' Club 4. Secret ambition: To be as cute as Annette. Pos! Graduate I I' A Etahuates PAULINE BURTON "Pelbee" GENERAL LANGUAGE McCosh. Boosters 1-45 G.A.A. 1-45 Aristoi 35 Signiferi 45 T.D.I. 45 Girl Reserves 2-45 Biology Club 2-35 Graduating in 3M years. Secret ambition: To be able to keep it a secret. Chicago DOROTHY M. CAIN "Sugar Canei' GENERAL LANGUAGE McCosh. Boosters 1-45 French Club 1-45 Latin Club 15 Girl Reserves 15 G.A.A. 1-4. Sec- ret ambition: To take a sun bath in Alaska. Spelmvm ,lENN1E I. CALDARA "Tonic" GENERAL LANGUAGE Ward. Boosters 1-45 Vice-Pres. Girl Reserves 45 Sec. Girl Re- serves 45 "E" Weekly Stafl 4: Sec. Miss Allin 45 T.D.I. 45 Honor Society 4: Signiferi 45 Sponsor 45 Graduating in 3 years. Secret ambition: To know Spanish like Mrs. Mors- trom does. Chicago HEIIBERT CALLNER "Herby" GENERAL SCIENCE Tilden Tech. Prevo. Boosters 1-45 Biology Club 35 "E" Weekly Staff 25 Football Mgr. 3-45 4A Letterman's Club 45 Wrestling 3-45 Mgr. Handball Tour. 2. Secret ambition: To be a bachelor. Northwestern FRANCES CARRlGAN 'IFYBHII COMMERCIAL Our Lady of Solace. Boosters 1-45 G.A.A. 1-45 Sec. Miss Wheelock 45 Girl Reserves 1-45 Office Sec. 4: Spanish Club 35 Student Marshal 35 Jr. Girls' Club 35 Sr. Girls Club 4: Purple Kites 3. Secret am- bition: To captain Englewood's football team. Undecided A glfuur-Qbear JOSEPHINE L, CARROLL ..J0,, COMMERCIAL McCosh. Boosters 1-43 Sr, Girls' Club 43 Drama 3-43 Girl Reserves 3'4Q Jr. Girls' Club 33 Social Chair. Purple Kites 33 G.A.A. 1-41 "E" Weeky Delegate 1: Student Marshal 4. Secret ambition: To rival Peggy Joyce. Work Soi-IING CHAN "Hing" GENERAL LANGUAGE McCosh. Boosters 1-43 G.A.A. 1-43 Girl Reserves I-33 French Club Z-33 Purple Kites 33 In- terclass Captainball 1-33 Inter- class Basketball 3-4. Secret am- bition: To go to Florida and take sun baths. Undecided WILBUR CHANCELLOR "Will" COMMERCIAL Yale. Football 2-43 Guard 3-43 Wrestling 33 Boosters 2-4. Sec- ret ambition: To be a big business man. Work ESTER CHARNOFF HES., ARTS Burke. Boosters 1-43 French Club 13 Girl Reserves 33 Jr. Girls' Club 33 Allied Arts 33 Christmas Play 3: Daddies 43 Visiting Am Club 23 C.I.C. Com.43 G.A.A. 1-4. Secret am- bition: To acquire a speakinz voice in the same way Bud did. Academy of Fine Arts ALBERTA CHEEKS GENERAL SCIENCE Gary, Ind. Boosters Z-43 G.A. A. 2-43 Jr. Girls' Club 33 Graduating in 3M years. Sec- ret ambition: To get S in Physics from Mr. Zika. Fisk "' 52 A Grahuates V ERA CHERNESRY COMMERCIAL Healy. Boosters 2-43 G.A.A. Z-4: Girl Reserves 1-43 French Club 1-2. Secret ambition: To be a beauty culturist. Work CLARA ClESlELSKI "Claire" COMMERCIAL Hoimes. Boosters 1-4: G.A.A. 1-43 Girl Reserves l-43 Purple Kites 33 Guard 4. Secret am- bition: To be an excellent stenographer. Chifago College of Com. CHARLES CLARK "Chuck" GENERAL SCIENCE Lewis-Champlin, Boosters 1-43 Football 2-43 Student Council 1-Z3 Student Marshal 1-23 Police 43 Wrestling 3-43 Guard Capt. 4. Secret ambition: To live 2000 years. Work IRVING COHEN any-. ARCHITECTURAL Sexton. Boosters 2-4: Pres. Emunalis 43 Sports Editor "P, 81 W." 3: Interclass Baseball 2-43 Interclass Basketball 2-43 Biology Club 2: Boy Reserves Z3 Boys' Chorus 43 Guard 3. Secret ambition: To go four more years to school and have Beatty for my English teacher. SAM Cor-IEN ..FatH GENERAL SCIENCE Copernicus. Boosters 1-43 Track Team 2-4: Tennis Team 2-33 Honor Society 43 Aristoi 1-33 Orchestra 2-33 Glee Club 2-43 Interc'ass Baseball I-41 Interclass Basketball 1-4: Spon- sor 4. Secret ambition: To teach physics, but not to take it. Chicago A: . Jfour-year BIARSHALL R. COLBERG "Mats" GENERAL SCIENCE . D Carter. Boosters 1-4: Signiferi 4: T.D.I. 4: Bus. Mgr. Stamp Club Z: Sponsor 4: Student Marshal 4: Interclass Baseball 1-4: Interclass Basketball 3-4: Spanish Club 2: Tutor 1. Sec- ret ambition: To be a lawyer without being a liar. Law School VALEREASE COUCH 1 nva H GENERAL LANGUAGE Farren. Boosters 1-4: French Club 1-3: Girl Reserves 4: Sec. Miss Quinn Z-4: Jr. Girls' Club 3: G.A.A. 1-4: Purple Kites 3. Secret ambition: To reach the height of 5 ft. SM inches. Howard DKJROTHEA N. COUGHLIN "Dol" GENERAL SCIENCE Worth. Boosters 1-3: Aristoi 1-2: Girl Reserves 1: G.A.A. 1-4: Vice-Pres. Biology Club 4. Secret ambition: To go out west and teach the Indians. Normal AL'roN J. COWLES UAV, COMMERCIAL Harrison. Boosters 1-4: Stu- dent Marshal 4: Interclass Basketball 4: Interclass Base- ball 4: Interclass Handball 2. Secret ambition: To be a gold- digger-not on Broadway-in Alaska. Work DOROTHY E. DAVIDSON "Dot Dec" GENERAL LANGUAGE Beale. Boosters 1-4: "P.81W." Delegate 3-4: Sponsor 4: G.A. A. 1-4: Student teacher Phy. Ed. Dept. 4: Capt. Girls' Swimming Team 4: Life Sav- ing 3-4: Biology Club 3-4: Jr. Girls' Club 3: Sr. Girls' Club 4: Graduating in 3M years. Secret ambition: To give Mr. Craig the Senior Life saving test. Normal A . Girahuates SYLVIA DAVIDSON "Breezie" CDMMERCIAL Beale. Boosters 1-4: G.A.A. 1-4: Girl Reserves l-4: Purple Kites 3: Sr. Girls' Club 4: Guard 4: Christmas Pageant 2. Secret ambition: It's a sec- ret, naturally. Undecided JEWELL DAVIS .vein GENERAL LANGUAGE Farren. Boosters 1-4: G.A.A. 1-4: Girl Reserves 1-4: Latin Club 1-43 Jr. Girls' Club 3: Purple Kites 3: Sr. Girls' Club 4: Captainball 1-4: Tennis 1-4. Secret ambition: To be an in- terior decorator and designer. Chicago ROSE DAVIS GENERAL SCIENCE Bass. Booster 1-4: G.A.A. 1-4: Sec. G.A.A. 4: Lettergirl's Club 3-4: Honor Society: Drama 3-4: Life Saving 2-3: "E" Weekly Delegate 4: Champ. Interclass Swimming 4: Graduating in SSM years. Secret ambition: To swim the English channel. Chicago College of Phys. Ed. DENISE DENISON "Niesie" GENERAL SCIENCE Forestville. Boosters 4: G.A.A. 1-4: Biology Club 4: Jr. 8: Sr. Life Saver 3-4: Girl's Swimm- ing Team 1-4: Girl Reserves 1: Girls' Swimming Champ. 2-4: Graduating in 3M years. Sec- cret ambition: Sharpen my shoulder blades. Chicago College of Phys. Ed. RUTH DOEDE "Bubbles" GENERAL SCIENCE Bass. Boosters 1-4: G.A.A. 1-4: Biology Club 1-2: German Club 1-2: "E" Weekly Staff 1: Christmas Pageant 3: Purple Kites 3: Girl Reserves 1-3. Secret ambition: To get an S from Mr. Craig. Normal 53 - . A jfuur-gear KATHERINE V. DORSEY NKMY. GENERAL LANGUAGE McCosh. French Club 1-35 Jr. Girls' Club 35 Sr. Girls' Club 45 Girl Reserves 45 Purple Kites 35 G.A.A. 1-49 BOOSWYS 1-45 "P.8zW." Art Staff 43 Capt. Captainball Team 3-43 Volleyball Team 3-4. Secret ambition: To read Mr. Craigs diary. , Art Institute MARJORIE DOYLE "Marge" GENERAL LANGUAGE Graham. Boosters 1-45 G.A.A. 1-45 Girl Reserves 1-42 FFCHCII Club 1-3: Biology Club 2: Purple Kites 35 Jr. Girls' Club 35 Social Service Bureau 35 Sec. Miss Allin 45 Sr. Girls' Club 4. Secret ambition: To rival Reno as the world's best second baseman. Librarian HARRY Etus AHMH PHARMACY Webster. Boosters 1-45 Inter- class Baseball 1-45 Interclass Basketball 1-45 Biology Club 2-45 Tennis Team 45 Graduat- ing in 3 years. Secret ambi- tion: To be a millionaire. Illinois Pharmacy College ELMER K. EMERY "Emery" TECHNICAL Lewis-Champlin. Social Service Aux. 3-45 Stage Director 1-45 Ritle Team Z-35 Sponsor 45 In- stall Public Address Sys. 35 Student Marsbal 3-45 Boy Re- serves 1-25 R.O.T.C. Lieut. l-4. Secret-ambition: To be chief radio operator at the '33 fair. Work CHARLES ENGEL "Chuck" GENERAL LANGUAGE Bass. Boosters 1-45 Spanish Club 45 Interclass Track 25 Interclass Baseball 35 Interclass Basketball 1-45 Biology Club 1-25 Boy Reserves 1-25 Gradu- ating in SM years. Secret am- bition: To be a second Lind- bergh. College A- ----- 54 A Qiirahuates . EVERETT ERICKSON ..Bud,, .ARCHITECTURAL Sexton. Boosters 1-45 Chief justice 45 Student Council 1-45 Chair. 4A Insignia 45 Treas. Social Service Aux. 3-45 Hi-Y 3-45 "The Fool" 35 "Boom- erang" 45 Daddies 45 Chair. Speakers of C.I.C. 4A. Secret ambition: To have a harem. Armour GRAYCE M. EUBANKS "Millie" GENERAL LANGUAGE Willard. Boosters 1-45 G.A.A. 1-4: Girl Reserves 2-35 Latin Club 15 Purple Kites 35 Bi- ology Club 35 Jr. Girls' Club 3. Secret ambition: To be an expert auto driver. Normal ELIZABETH FELDMAN GENERAL LANGUAGE Sexton. Boosters 1-45 G.A.A. 1-45 Girl Reserves 1-45 "E" Weekly Delegate 35 Reporter Z5 Purple Kites 35 Jr. Girls' Club 35 Sr. Girls' Club 45 Official Stenographer of Student Court 45 Spanish Club 3. Secret ambition: To star with John Gilbert as his leading lady. Undecided ll'lARY FLAHERTY "Mickey" GENERAL LANGUAGE Visitation. Boosters 1-45 Jr. Girls' Club 35 Sr. Girls' Club 45 G.A.A. 3-45 Student Coun- cil Delegate 15 Aristoi 3. Secret ambition: To really enjoy a Monday morning. De Paul BEATRICE FRANKLIN .Bean GENERAL LANGUAGE Willard. Booster 1-45 Basket- ball Capt. 35 French Club 35 G.A.A. 2-35 Jr. Girls' Club 35 Sr. Girls' Club 45 Purple Kites 35 Girl Reserves 4. Secret ambition: To set a good ex- ample for the modern girl. B. 6' S. Business College Em Jfuur-jbear HENRIETTA A. FREUND GENERAL SCIENCE McHenry. Boosters 45 Girl Reserves 45 Sr. Girls' Club 45 Latin Club 45 Sec., Miss Camp- bell 35 Sec., Miss Jones 4. Secret ambition: Have a figure which means S in Mr. Craig's history class. Work ELIZABETH P. FRYSTAK "Betty" GENERAL SCIENCE Eberhart. Girl Reserves Cab. 1-45 Honor Society 45 Sec., Miss Allin 45 Sponsor 45 Sec., Latin Club 45 Treas., Girl Reserves 45 "Daddies" 45 Vert Club 45 Student Coun- cil 35 School Service Bureau 3-4. Secret Ambition: To "tell my best friend." Post Graduate MIRIAM J. FULCHER "Georgia" COMMERCIAL Roberta, Georgia. Boosters Z-45 Sr. Girls' Club 45 Pres., Purple Kites 35 Sponsor 45 "The Lion and The Mouse" 35 Drama Bus. Staff 45 Play- fellows 3-45 French Club 2-35 Girl Reserves 3-45 Sr. Girls' Chorus 4. Secret ambition: To out-talk Miss Beatty in a talkie. Post Graduate VIRGINIA GAINES GENERAL LANGUAGE Sherwood. Signiferi 45 Aristoi 35 Girl Reserves 1-45 G.A.A. 1-45 Captainball I-4: Volley- ball 1-45Purple Kites 35 T.D. I. 4. Graduating in 3M years. Undecided RUTH E. GAITER "Babe Ruth" GENERAL LANGUAGE Keith. Boosters 1-45 French Club 1-35 G.A.A. 1-45 Girl Reserves 45 Purple Kites 35 Biology Club 25 Jr. Girls' Club 35 Sr. Girls' Club 3. Secret ambition: To be a great speaker. Illinois X... Grahuates L1oNEL S. GANT "Neil" GENERAL SCIENCE Boosters 3-45 Aero Club 35 Interclass Track 45 Interclass Baseball 4. Secret ambition: To -End a woman that won't gossip. Fisk RUTH C. GAY "Chrys" GENERAL LANGUAGE Douglas. G.A.A. 45 Boosters 4. Secret ambition: To live until Niagara Falls. Chicago MARGARET GEM Hshlayll COMMERCIAL Sherman. Boosters I-45 G.A.A. 1-45 Sec., Miss Campbell 35 Sec., Miss Wood I-35 G.A.A. Delegate 15 Allied Arts Z5 Sr. Girls' Club 45 Jr. Girls' Club 35 Girl Reserves 3-45 4A Girls' Chorus 45 Purple Kites 3. Secret ambition: To be dean of boys at West Point. Work CHARLOTTE GEUTHER "Brown Eyes" COMMERCIAL Mokena. Boosters 3-45 G.A.A. 45 Girl Reserves 3-45 Purple Kites 35 Sr. Girls' Club 45 Sec., Miss Wheelock 4. Secret am- bition: To sail, around the world in a peanut shell. E UWM? ADELINE S. G1LAsoN "Addie" GENERAL LANGUAGE Armour. Boosters 1-45 "E" Weekly 45 Social Service Aux. 3-45 "Vert" Club 45 Honor Society 45 Signiferi 45 Aristoi I-3: Oak Forest Com. 45 Letter Girls' Club 3-45 G.A.A. 1-4. Secret ambition: To go on a diet and keep it-not to eat four times as much. Chicago ' VI A Jfuur-fear LOIS GILBERT GENERAL LANGUAGE Lewis-Champlin. Boosters 1-45 Girl Reserves 1-4, Pres. 15 Purple Kites, Pres. 35 Jr. Girls' Club 35 Sr. Girls' Club 45 Sponsor 45 G.A.A. 1-45 Orchestra 1-35 Glee Club 3-45 Latin Club 3. Secret am- bition: To sing alto and soprano at the same time. Illinois DOROTHY GOEBEL ADMH GENERAL LANGUAGE Tinley Park. Boosters 1-45 Latin Club 1-2, Vice Pres, 25 "E" Delegate 3-45 Daddies 45 Drama Bus. Staff 45 Sponsor 45 Sr. Girls' Club 45 Biology Club 45 Purple Kites 55 G.A.A. 1-4. Secret ambition: To start a quarrel in Hybrow's harem. Business College ISRAEI. N. GOLDRERG GENERAL LANGUAGE Beale. Boosters 1-45 German Club 1-45 Boy Reserves 1-25 Reporter 2. Secret ambition: It's a secret. Illinois THELMA L. GOLDMAN A7-edu GENERAL LANGUAGE Carter. Who's Who 45 Boosters 1-45 "E" Weekly Z-43 Sec. Social Service Aux. 45 Sec. Quill and Scroll 35 Sponsor 45 Honor Society 45 C. I. C. 3-45 Pres. Ir. Girl Reserves 1-Z5 Graduating in 3M years. Secret ambition: To take a trip to Dante's Inferno. Wisconsin EVELYN GOODMAN ..E,Uy,, GENERAL SCIENCE Burke. Vice-Pres. Engle- boosters 45 Sec. Student Coun- cil 45 Sec. Honor Society 45 Clerk of Student Court 45 Judge of Court 35 Pub. Mgr. "The Fool" 35 "E" Weekly 45 Social Service Aux. 3-45 Signi- feri 45 Oak Forest Com. 4. Secret ambition: To discover just why the Engleboosters need a Vice-President tis it to amuse the President?J Undecided N 56 A cbrahuates GERTRUDE GOROMBEY "Genie" ARTS Burnside. Boosters 2-45 G.A.A. 2-45 Visiting Arts Club 25 Sponsor 45 Girl Reserves 3-45 Aristoi 35 Tennis 35 Latin Club 25 Purple Kites35 Basket- ball 3. Secret ambition: To be as fine an artist as Tom Wess. College BXIORRIS GOTTLIEB TECHNICAL Beale. Bosters 1-45 Band 1-45 Boy Reserves 1-25 P. 81 W. 3-45 Aristoi 3. Secret ambi- tion: To get what I'm aiming for. Undecided lsAIsELI.A GRAIJMAN COMMERCIAL Harper jr. High. Honor Society 45 "E" Weekly 35 Sec. Miss Wheelock 35 Sec. Mr. Jacoby 35 Boosters 1-4: Girl Reserves 3-45 Sr. Girls' Club 45 G.A.A. 1-45 Jr. Girls' Club 35 Gradu- ating in SM years. Secret am- bition: To get rich quick. N ofthwertem PAUL L. GRALNE - npumeu ARCHITECTURAL Central High School, Kalama- zoo, Michigan. French Club 3-45 Aircraft Club 35 Inter- class Basketball 3-45 Interclass Baseball 25 Boosters 2-45 Hon. mention city-wide architectural contest 3. Secret ambition: To give Starved Rock a square meal. Armour NTARGARET L. HAAS "Lillums" COMMERCIAL Beale. Boosters 1-45 "E" Weekly Delegate 15 G.A.A. I-45 Hiking Chair. 45 Girl Reserves 1-45 Purple Kites 35 Sr. Girls' Club5 Basketball 3-45 Hockey 45 Baseball 3-45 Secret ambition: To play tennis as well as J. S. does. Chicago School of Phys. Ed. Jfuur-gear BERNICE HABER ..Bebe,, GENERAL LANGUAGE Doolittle. Boosters 1-45 T.D.I. 45 Honor Society 45 Sponsor 45 Boomerang 45 Signiferi 45 Toy Shop 35 Aristoi 2-35 "Vert." Club 3-45 G.A.A. 1-45 Graduating in 3M years. Secret ambition: To grow up to about Fred Rith's size. Chicago BEATRICE C. HALL .Been GENERAL LANGUAGE St, Elizabeth. Boosters 1-45 Girl Reserves 3-45 G.A.A. 1-45 Jr. Girls' Club 35 Vert Club 45 Sr. Girls' Chorus 45 Guard 45 Biology Club 2. Secret ambi- tion: 'Shoeing ilies.'l Southem Colifvmia HARRY HALL GENERAL SCIENCE Sexton. Boosters 1-45 Pres. Englebooster Assln. 45 Pres. Class 35 Cheerleader 3-45 Maj. Brigade Staff R.0.T.C. 45 lst Lieut. R.O.T.C. 35 Treas. Honor Society 45 Fire Marshal 45 Sponsor Capt. 45 Sec. Mr. Hunter 4. Secret ambition: To know what someone is think- ing when she stares into space. Chicago HENRY F. HAMIEL "Bubby" GENERAL SCIENCE Forestville. Boy Reserves 1-25 Boosters 1-45 Interclzms Basket- ball 4. Secret ambition: To become the most efficient sur- geon the medical world has ever known. Illinois LORRAINE HANSEN "Laurie" COMMERCIAL Bass. Boosters 1-45 G.A.A. 1-45 Girl Reserves 3-45 Purple Kites 35 Lt. Girls' Club 35 Sr. Girls' Clu 45 Sec. Mr. Bell 35 Allied Arts 25 Guard 3-45 Spanish Club 1-Z. Secret am- bition: To go to Notre Dame. Undecided A Grahuates ANNA E. HARMON GENERAL LANGUAGE Felsenthalg Phillips Jr. High '27, Boosters 2-45 Orchestra 3-45 Girl Reserves 2-45 G.A.A. 2-45 Hockey Champs. 35 In- terclass Volleyball 35 Interclass Captainball 2-45 Purple Kites 35 Latin Club 2. Graduating in 3M years. Secret ambition: To be the world's most efficient surgeon. Normal ALLISON HARRELL UAV, GENERAL SCIENCE Carter. Boosters 3-45 Inter- class Track 35 Outdoor Track 25 Interclass Basketball 45 In- terclass Baseball 4. Secret ambition: To be a prosperous and successful business masn. Northwertern CATHERINE S. HARRIS "Kitty" COMMERCIAL Kansas. Boosters 45 Glee Club 45 G.A.A. 3-45 Sec., Miss Wheelock 15 Sec., Mr. Horn- stein Z5 Purple Kites 3. Grad- uating in 35 years. Secret ambition: To get angry with- out getting hot. Work and Study Music LORINE E. HATCI-IER "Lorrie" GENERAL LANGUAGE Willard. Boosters 1-45 G.A.A. I-45 French Club 1-35 Cap- tainball Team 15 Volleyball team Z. Secret ambition: To be a kindergarten teacher. Normal TERRY J. HATTER U7-6 -a U GENERAL SCIENCE W y Willard. Boosters 1-45 Track Team 1-35 Interclass Baseball 1-45 Interclass Basketball 2-45 Biology Club 25 Latin Club 2-35 French Club 4. Secret ambition: To know how it feels to lack personality. Illinois . Y ZX 5 .Xb VV , 4 A Jfnur-Bear GAREIELD H. HAWLEY MGM.. COMMERCIAL Sherwood. Boosters 1-45 Foot- ball 45 Sponsor 45 Executive OEicer R.O.T.C. 45 Letter- man's Club 45 Ride Team 1-25 Boy Reserves 1-35 Student Council 1-25 "E" Weekly Delegate. 1-25 Police 4. Secret ambition: To crack jokes like Mr. Manley. Undecided GERALD HEERSMA c1Hi6u GENERAL SCIENCE Oak Lawn Grammar. Orchestra 2-45 Interclass Handball 25 Interclass Baseball 35 Interclas Basketball 35 Interclass Free Throw 35 Boosters 1-4. Secret ambition: To learn. Undecided MABEL HEERSMA COMMERCIAL Oak Lawn Grammar. Boost- ers 1-45 G.A.A. Delegate 2-45 Girl Reserves 15 Ir. Girls' Club 35 Sr. Girls' Club 45 Basket- ball Team 35 Baseball Team 25 Volleyball Capt. 2-35 Sponsor 4. Secret ambition: Get a job and marry the boss. Work ETHEL HELLER MEM., COMMERCIAL Ward. Boosters 1-45 G.A.A. 1-45 Girl Reserves 15 Jr. Girls' Club 35 Purple Kites 35 Sec. Mr. Bell 35 Guard 45 Sr. Girls' Club 4. Secret ambi- tion: To see Gertie marry Jack. Work Lois HENKE U-Loge.. GENERAL LANGUAGE Cooper's Groove. Boosters 1-45 G.A.A. 1-45 "E" Weekly Delegate 3-45 P. 8: W. Dele- gate 45 Sr. Girls' Club 45 Jr. Girls' Club 35 School Service Bureau 2-45 German Club 45 Biology Club 35 Girl Reserves 3. Secret ambition: To be able to play iazz as well as my Cousin. ' Business College N -'ii' ss A Grahuates BIARIE HENRICHS ..Me.. GENERAL LANGUAGE St. Gabriel. Boosters 1-45 G.A.A. 1-45 Interclass Basket- ball 3-45 Interclass Baseball 3-45 Gym official 3-45 Biology Club 2-35 Spanish Club 35 Purple Pilots 35 Sr. Girl Re- serves 3-45 Sr. Girls' Club 4. Secret ambition: To tour the Atlantic on balloon tires. American College of Phys. Ed. LILLIAN HJERSTED "Lisette" GENERAL LANGUAGE Lewis-Champlin. Boosters 1-45 G.A.A. 1-45 Sr. Girls' Club 45 Girl Reserves 45 Jr. Girls' Club 35 Sponsor 45 Sec., Miss Allin 15 French Club 1-2-35 P. 81 W. Delegate 15 Inter- class Volleyball 1. Secret am- bition: To be seductive. Undecided BIARIE M. HOLLAND "Muzzie" Anrs Forestville. Boosters 1-4 5 French Club 15 G.A.A. 1-45 Jr. Girls' Club 35 Girl Reserves 3-45 Sr. Girls' Club 45 Volley- ball 2-45 Captainball 1-4. Secret ambition: To be an artist and paint the clouds with sunshine. Art Institute BETTY HoLMEs NEW, GENERAL Sc1ENcE Sexton. Boosters 1-45 Oak For- est Com. 45 Sponsor 45 Candy girl 25 Bus. Staff, "Boomerang" 45 Student Council Delegate 3-45 Purple Kites 35 School Service bureau 35 French club 1-2. Secret ambition: To be a jockey. Northwestern BEATRICE HoLsr ABM, COMMERCIAL Our Lady of Solace. Boosters 1-45 G.A.A. 1-45 Aristoi 25 Purple Kites 35 Jr. Girls' Club 35 Girl Reserves 3-45 Sec., Mr. McGee 35 Sr. Girls' Club 45 Guard 45 Candy Girl 4. Secret ambition: To have long curly hair. Moser Business College A . Jfuur-laser Louisa HOPSON "Blazer" GENERAL LANGUAGE Sexton. Boosters l-45 Chair., School Service bureau 45 Chair. Inter-Council 45 Englebooster Exec. Com. 45 "E" Weekly staff 3-45 Student Council Del- egate 45 Sponsor 45 Sponsor Capt. 45 Graduating in 3M yrs: Vice Pres. Honor society 45 Signiferi 4. Secret ambition: To go with Ted. Northwestern BEA1-RICE M. HOWARD HMMH GENERAL LANGUAGE Felsenthal. Boosters 2-45 French club 2-45 G.A.A. 2-45 Girl Re- serves 3 5 Graduating in 3M years5 Purple Kites 3. Secret ambition: To find success. Normal WILLIAM L. HUSSEY, JR. "Bill" GENERAL SCIENCE Stowe. Football 45 Soph. Foot- ball 25 Interclass 155 lb. Wrestling Champ. 45 4A Let- terman's Club 45 Interclass Baseball 35 Interclass Basket- ball 35 Boosters 2-45 Espie's Minstrels 25 French Club 2-35 Science Club 3. Secret am- bition: To understand Mr. Manley's jokes. - Wisconsin MARY ISER GENERAL LANGUAGE Ward. Boosters 1-45 Sec., Miss Allin 45 Sponsor 45 Service Bureau 45 Rest Room 45 T. D. I. 45 Sec., Miss Boye 35 Pub, Chair. Girl Reserves 45 Aristoi 2-35 Signiferi 45 Graduating in 3 years. Secret ambition: That's telling. Normal BARRETT JACKSON "Billy Button" TECHNICAL Lewis-Champlin. Boosters 1-45 R. O. T. C. 3-45 French Club 1-25 Boy Reserves 1-25 Chess 8: Checkers 1-25 Guard 1-45 Baseball 1-2. Secret ambition: To become world's famous piano player. Crane 'R Grahuatss N ATHANIEL R. JACKSON "Stonewall" GENERAL SCIENCE Boosters 2-45 Band 25 Orches- tra 2-45 Guard 35 Interclaas Football 3-45 Music Club 35 "Espies" Minstrels 45 4-A Let- terman's Club 45 Interclass Wrestling 4. Secret ambition: To promote citizenship. Illinois VLOLET JARRETT "Spare-ribs" Commercial Sherwood. Boosters 1-45 French Club l-25 G.A.A. 1-45 Purple Pilots 35 Purple Kites 35 Sr. Girls' Club 45 Sec. Mr. Post 4. Secret ambition: To reduce. Undecided ANNETTE F. JENSEN "Bobbye" Bass. Boosters 1-45 G.A.A. 1-45 Purple Kites 35 Girl Reserves 45 Sr. Girls' Club 45 Jr. Girls' Club 35 Sec. Mr. McGee 35 Sec. Miss Wheelock 45 Christmas Pageant 45 Aris- toi 2. Secret ambition: To be an old maid and run a boarding house for bachelors. Undecided COMMERCIAL ESTHER J. IERSILD "Jerie" GENERAL SCIENCE Lincoln, Atlantic Ia. T.D.I. 45 Boosters 2-35 Student Court Judge 35 "E" Weekly staff 45 Signiferi 45 Sec. Miss Allin 45 Sponsor 45 Honor Society 4. Se- cret ambition: To leave my fortune to a home for disabled tom cats. Dana ALICE JOHNSON AAI.. GENERAL LANGUAGE Copernicus. Boosters 3-45 G.A. A. 3-45 Spanish Club 35 Ir. Girls" Club 35 Captainball Team 4. Volleyball 4. Secret ambition: To remain non- chalant on report card day. Undecided - . Ill A Jfuur-Qlhat EDITH O. JOHNSON r.Ede,, GENERAL LANGUAGE St. Elizabeth. Boosters Z-43 Girl Reserves 2-43 Purple Kites 33 Sr. Girls' Club 43 French Club 43 G.A.A. 2-43 Volleyball Team Z-43 Captainball Team 2-43 Basketball Team 33 Base- ball Team 3. Secret ambition: To be a noted librarian. Librarian School KENNETH JOHNSON "Rail" GENERAL LANGUAGE Phillips Jr. High. Boosters 1-43 Lightweight Basketball 43 Gymnastic Team 33 4A Boys' Chorus 43 Track Team 2-43 Interclass Basketball 2-43 In- terclass Wrestling 33 Interclass Baseball 2-33 Guard 3. N orthwerlern NIITCHELL A. JOHNSON "Mitch" ARCHITECTURAL Douglas. Boosters 1-43 Captain Interclass Basketball 3-43 Art staff 43 French Club 3-43 In city architectural contest 43 In- terclass Baseball 3. Secret am- bition: To become Michael Angelo's rival. Undecided BEN JONES GENERAL LANGUAGE Carter. Spanish Club 1-23 Bio- logy Club 2-33 Orchestra 2-33 Boosters 1-4. Secret ambition: To be a policeman. Crane FRED T. JONES, JR. "Freddy" GENERAL SCIENCE Gibbs Junior High. Boosters Z-43 Boys Chorus 43 Football 33 Biology Club 23 Interclass Baseball 43 Secret ambition: To be a big butter 81 egg man. Northwestern N 60 dbrahuates HERMAN H. KAL1sH "Hemi" ARCHITECTURAL Carter. Boosters 1-43 Honor Society. Pres. 43 Treas. Class 3-43 Boy Sponsors, Chair. 43 C.I.C. Co-chair. 3-43 Fire depu- ty 43 Sec.-Treas. Signiferi 43 Track, Capt, 1-33 Englebooster Exec. Com. 3-43 Basketball,. Mgr. 4. Secret ambition: To realize my castles in the air. "Y" College HYMAN S. KAPLAN "Himsa" GENERAL SCIENCE Beale. Band 1-43 Orchestra 2-4: Glee Club 33 Secret am- bition: To do away with con- vention. College JOSEPH M. KATZOE HM., GENERAL LANGUAGE Shakespeare. Boosters 1-43 Boy Reserves 13 Interclass Baseball 1-33 Interclass Basketball 1-43 Secret ambition: To become a second Judge Landis. Crane ALBERT KAUFMAN "Cupie" GENERAL SCIENCE Beale. Honor Society 43 Orches- tra 43 All-city orchestra 3-43 Police 43 Englewood Exec. Com. 3-43 Chair. C.I.C. 3-43 Sec. Mr. Hunter 43 Sponsor 43 "P.8zW." 3-43 Student Council 1-43 Graduating in SM years. Secret ambition: To know what it would be after I told it. Chicago LA VON KAY "Vonnie' GENERAL SCIENCE Orland Park, Ill. Boosters 2-43 Signiferi 43 Sponsor 43 Girl Reserves 43 Purple Kites 33 Biology Club 23 G.A.A. 2-43 Guard 3-43 Sr. Girls' Club 4. Secret ambition: To stay awake in Miss Beaty's English class. Undecided four-Bear FRANCES KINDER "S peed y" COMMERCIAL St. George. Boosters 1-43 Girl Reserves 1-43 G.A.A. 1-43 Sr. Girls' Club 43 Jr. Girls' Club 33 Purple Kites 33 Spanish Club 23 Guard 4. Secret am- bition: To live up to my name in becoming the world's best cook. Work JULIA KLASTOW "Shorty" Commencm. Healy. Boosters 1-43 Girl Re- serves 1-43 G.A.A. 1-43 Jr. Girls' Club 33 Sr. Girls' Club 43 French Club 1-23 Sponsor 4. Secret ambition: To have people stop calling "him" Shorty. Undecided IRENE W. KLIKUN "Skeezix" ART Nativity. French Club 1-21 Aristoi 23 Visiting Art's Club 13 G.A.A. 1-43 Girl Reserves 1-43 Purple Kites 33 Biology Club 23 Jr. Girls' Club 33 Sr. Girls' Club 43 Tennis Team 3. Secret ambition: To take a free ride to Califomia in a freight car. Undecided VELMA M. KLOSE "Vel" COMMERCIAL Mokena. Boosters 3-43 Girl Re- serves 3-43 Jr. Girls' Club 33 Sr. Girls' Club 43 G.A.A. 3-43 Sr. Girls' chorus 43 Student Council 3. Secret ambition: Oh, that's still a secretl Undecided MURIEL A. Koen V "Mm" GENERAL LANGUAGE Parker. Boosters 1-43 German Club 2-43 Spanish Club 13 Girls' Rifle Team 33 School Ser- vice Bureau 1-43 Jr. Girls Club 3: Sr. Girls' Club 43 Student Council 13 G.A.A. 3-43 Girl Reserves 3-43 Graduating in 3M years. Secret ambition: To go "Ikky" one better. Art Institute -Q Qerahuates NiXTH.-KN KRAUSMAN "Nate" GENERAL LANGUAGE Beale. Boosters 1-43 Capt. R.0. T.C. 43 Track Mgr. 43 Ofhcers' Club 3-43 Police 43 Science Club 13 Stamp Club 23 Band 1-23 Rihe Team 4: Crack com- pany 4. Secret ambition: To out-talk McGee. Northwestern BIARY LACKNER COMMERCIAL Sherman. Boosters 1-43 G.A.A. 1-43 Guard 3-43 Purple Kites 3: Girl Reserves 3-43 Sr. Girls' Club 43 German Club 1-33 Science Club 1-Z3 4A Girls Chorus 4. Secret ambition: O boy! it's a secret and how. Work HELENE LEONE "Frenchy" GENERAL LANGUAGE Ecole Primaire, Paris France. Pres. French Club 43 Oak For- est Com. 43 Sec., Miss Linner 4: Inter Council 43 French Club 33 Girl Reserves 3-43 G. A.A. 3-43 Sr. Girls' Club 43 Jr. Girls' Club 33 Service Bureau 3-43 Graduating in 356 years. Secret ambition: To win a little of everybody's love. University EDWARD LEPPA .foxyu GENERAL LANGUAGE Armour. Boosters 1-43 Treas. Engleboosters 43 Baseball 43 Swimming 2-43 Social Chair. 33 Sponsor 43 Fire Marsal 43 Drama staff 3-43 Oak Forest Com. 4: Guard Capt. 4. Secret ambition: To be like Bob Wendt. Illinois JEANNETTE LEVINSON "Tubby" GENERAL LANGUAGE Carter. Boosters I-43 Vice-Pres. Jr. Girl Reserves 1-23 Sponsor 4: C.I.C. 3-43 Sec. French Club 3-43 Quill 8: Scroll Z-4: "E" Weekly 2-43 Pres. Jr. Girls' Club 33 Girl Reserves 4. Graduated in 3M years. Secret ambition: To become thin over night and surprise the world. Boston A i jour-year SAMUEL W. LEvv usemmyn PHARMACY Carter. Boosters 1-43 Pres. Student Council 43 Bus. Mgr. "E" Weekly 43 Adv. Mgr. "E" Weekly 33 Chair. Class Jewelry 43 Sponsor 43 Sec. Mr. Hunter 43 Englebooster Exec, Com. 43 Bailifl' Student Court 43 Social Service Aux. 3-4. Secret ambi- tion: To compete against Wal- green in the drug business. Armour :MILDRED L. LEWIS ..Red,, GENERAL LANGUAGE Holy Angels. Boosters 1-43 Biol- ogy Club 2-33 Insigna Com. 43 G.A.A. 1-43 Sr. Girls' Club 43 Jr. Girls' Club. Secret ambition: To teach some people's child- ICH HIHIIYICYS. Undecided BERTHA L. LINDSAY "Bert" GENERAL LANGUAGE Carter. Boosters 1-43 G.A.A. 1-43 Spanish Club 33 Jr. Girls' Club 3. Secret ambition: To be a teacher. Normal RUTH O. LOEBE "Boots" GENERAL SCIENCE Orland Park. Boosters 2-43 G. A.A. 2-43 Signiferi 43 Sponsor 43 Sr. Girls' Club 43 Girl Re- serves 3-43 Biology Club Z3 Aristoi 2-33 Purple Kites 33 "P.8zW." Delegate 2. Secret ambition: To have a Murad when needed. Northwestern NoRMAN G. LOWE ..Le,ty,, GENERAL SCIENCE Antigo, Wis. Boosters 3-43 Sponsor 43 Band 1-2. Secret ambition: To be a "big shot." Undecided A Qbtahuates RUTH LUBBEN HRM, COMMERCIAL Sheridan. Boosters 1-4? G.A.A. 1-43 "E" Weekly Delegate 23 Purple Kites 33 Jr. Girls' Club 33 Basketball, Capt. 33 Report- er 2. Secret ambition: To please -and lose my sweet grin. Undecided LJLILDRED LUNDAHL t'Skeets" COMMERCIAL Hendricks. Boosters 1-43 HP. 81 W." Staff 43 Sponsor 43 Librarian of Girls' Glee Club 3-43 Staff "Daddies" 43 Rifle Team 33 Program Chair. Girl Reserves 43 Aristoi 1'3Q Signi- feri 43 Sec. Miss Allin 4. Secret ambition: To beat a cer- tain person playing tennis. Undecided Eorru NIACKENBERG GENERAL LANGUAGE Webster. Boosters 1-43 Chair Prog. Com. 43 Christmas Play 23 Reporter 13 Sr. Girls' C1ub3 Purple Kites 33 Music Club 33 Spanish Club 33 G.A.A. 1-43 Girl Reserves 3. Secret ambi- tion: To be an especially good piano teacher. Chicago Musical College EDWARD L. NIALEC "Eddie' GENERAL SCIENCE McCosh. Boosters 1-43 "P.8z W." Boys' Athletic Ed. 43 German Club 33 Botany 33 Swimming Team 1-2: Track Team 33 Interclass Baseball 33 Boys Glee Club 43 Interclass Basketball 1-43 Sponsor 4. Secret ambition: 'Io play big League Baseball with Ruth's salary. Washington FLORENCE NlANDELL "Flos.vie" CGMMERCIAL Beale. Boosters 1-43 G.A.A. Del- egate 1-33 G.A.A. 1-41 Student Marshal 1-23 "E" Weekly 33 "P.1'1W." 43 Sr. Girls' Club 43 Jr. Girls' Club 33 Orchestra 2-33 Girl Reserves 3-43 Grad- uating in 3M years. Secret am- bition: To lead an orchestra like Mr. Espenshade. College Jfuur-Bear RUTH NIARGOLIS "Babe" GENERAL LANGUAGE Carter. Boosters 1-43 G.A.A. Delegate 33 Spanish Club 2-43 Sec. Miss Kiely 43 Student Mar- shal 1-ZQ Guard 33 Girl Re- serves 1-43 Daddies 43 Purple Kites 33 Sr. Girls' Club 4. Secret ambition: To ily around the world on a kite and throw peanut shells on the populace below. IVIARY MATKOVICH "Babe" COMMERCIAL St. Anne. Boosters 1-43 G.A.A. 1-4-3 Girl Reserves 1-43 Aristoi 33 Signiferi 43 Sr. Girls' Club 43 Purple Kites 33 Basketball 33 Interclass Captainball 1-4. Secret ambition: To have enough money to travel leisure- y. College 1 DONALD R. MCBAIN UMMU GENERAL Sc1ENcE Parkman. Boosters 1-43 UE" Weekly Delegate 13 Student Council Z3 Interclass Baseball 1-43 Interclass Basketball 1-4. Secret ambition: To be Zieg- field's successor. DONALD NICCABE HDMU Anrs Sexton. Boosters 1-43 "P.8zW." 23 Aristoi 33 Interclass Base- ball 1-3. Secret ambition: Not have to get up in the morning. LULU E. AICGOVVAN' ,, A Qbrahuates RUTH M. MCHENRY Nl?-uluxlr CoMuEnc1Ar. Lewis-Champlin. Boosters 1-43 Girl Reserves 2-43 G,A.A. 1-4: Jr. Girls' Club 33 Purple Kites 33 Allied Arts 23 Sec., Mr. Barradell 3. Secret ambition: To untie knots in a tree. Undecided VERNA E. NICKAY "Mic" COMMERCIAL Benton Harbor, Mich. Booster 2-41 G.A.A. 2-43 Guard 3-41 Purple Kites 33 Sr. Girls' Club3 Sr. Girl Reserves3 G.A. A. Delegate 3-43 Jr. Girls' Club3 Sec. Miss Wheelock 33 Sec. Mr. Lucas 3. Secret am- bition: To rival J. S. in ath- letic. Undecided JAMES A. NIELAUCKAS AMW, GENERAL LANGUAGE Dewey. Boosters 1-4: Cheer- leader 43 Science Club 13 Latin Club 23 Interclass Baseball 1-43 Interclass Basketball 1-43 Can- dy Aud. 4. Secret ambition: To strike out as gracefully as Ren- zino. College RUTH MITCHELL ..Ray,, GENERAL LANGUAGE Worth. Boosters 2-43 Glee Club 1-43 Sec., 43 Purple Pilots 33 Sr. Girls' Club 43 Cor. Sec. 43 French Club 3-43 Girl Reserves 13 Latin Club Z3 Music Club 2. Secret ambition: Study Mus- rc. Undecided RAYMOND MOLTON "Moldy" GENERAL SCIENCE Kershaw. Secret ambition: Few know it. Do you? Undecided FK . . I5 A Jfuur-year EVANGELINE :MORSE "Vungie" HOUSEHOLD ARIS McCosh. Boosters 1-43 G.A.A. 1-43 Latin Club 1-43 French Club 3-43 Jr. Girls' Club 33 Sr. Girls' Club 43 Captainball 1-33 Volleyball 1-3. Secret ambition: Discover the 4th dimension. Normal BIORTON MORTENSON "Min" GENERAL SCIENCE Dewey. Boosters 1-43 School Service Bureau 13 Treas. I3 Interclass Basketball 23 Sponsor 43 Oak Forest Com. 43 Lieut. Guards 43 Biology Club 2-41 Insignia Com. 4. Secret am- bition: To knock a few Gym teachers around. Work DOROTHY V. NIOTTRAM "Dot" COMMERCIAL Corpus Christi. Boosters 1-43 G.A.A. 1-43 Glee Club 1-43 Aristoi 1-23 Guard 33 Plres. Glee Club 43 Sr. Girls' Club 43 Jr. Girls' Club 33 Latin Club 2-33 Student Council 2. Secret ambi- tion: To play with the Taylor Trunks. Undecided ABRAHAM A. BIOVIT GAIM, SOCIAL SCIENCE Beale. Boosters 1-4: UP.8zW." Adv. Mgr. 43 Guard Capt. 4: Band 1-3: Police 43 Span- ish Club 23 Emunah 43 Boy's Club 4. Secret ambition: To understand Mr. Manley's humor. Illinois GLENORA MUGEOR uMuggy,, GENERAL LANGUAGE Lewis-Champlin. Boosters 1-43 G.A.A. 43 "E" VVeekly 43 Pres. "Vert" Club 43 Sponsor Capt. 43 Christmas Play 3: Sr. Girls' Club 43 Jr. Girls' Club 33 Sec. Miss Allin 43 Inter-council Delegate 4. Secret ambition: Being a woman, I naturally haven't one. Business College A Gbtahuates HELEN BLUNDAY "Boots" COMMERCIAL Beale. Boosters 1-43 G.A.A. 1-43 Student Council 43 "E" staff 2-33 Purple Kites 33 Jr. Girls' Club'33 Aristoi Z-33 Oak Forest Com. 33 Sr. Girls' Club 43 Glee Club Z-3. Secret ambition: To be a U.S. Marine and see "The Cockeyed World". Undecided MARIE BIUNSON ARMH GENERAL SCIENCE Sexton. Boosters 1-43 Student Council 43 Pub. Com. Boomer- ang 43 Candy-girl Mgr. Dad- dies 43 Sec. Biology Club 33 School Service Bureau 23 Can- dy-girl "Lion 81 Mouse" 23 Sr. Girls' Club 43 Girl Reserves 2-4. Secret ambition: TO find Betty Frystak's other dimple. Undecided LINNEA NELSON ALMY. COMMERCIAL Wadsworth. Boosters 1-43 G.A. A. 1-4: Purple Kites 33 Jr. Girls' Club 33 Sr. Girls' Club 43 Volleyball 1-23 Ticket Sales 1: Dance Pageant 2. Secret ambition: To know why people ask why? Work FLORENCE NEUBERG AFM, GENERAL LANGUAGE Parkman. Boosters 1-43 Dancing class 1-Z3 Washington pageant 13 P. 81 W. Delegate 23 "E" Weekly Delegate 33 G.A.A. 1-43 Purple Kites 3: Sr. Girls' Club 4: Vice-Pres. Fresh. Girl Reserves 13 Posture Contest 4. Secret ambition: It's Still a secret. Undecided HELEN NEVINS "Scooty" COMMERCIAL Small. Boosters 1-43 G.A.A. 1-43 Drama Club 33 P. 81 W. Delegate Z3 Girl Reserves 1-43 French Club 1-32 Sr. Girls' Club 4. Secret ambition: For a year from this June to come. Undecided QE, Jfnur-,liear LILLIAN NITSKY 1. LW, COMMERCIAL Wash. Bmosters 1-45 G.A.A. 1-45 "E" Weekly Delegate 15 Student Marshal 25 Spanish Club 25 Oak Forest Com. 25 Girl Rserves 1: Graduating in SZ years. Secret ambition: To play with Helen Wills for W0rld's Championship some day. Business College MEYER NITSKY "Mike" COMMERCIAL Walsh. Boosters 1-45 "E" Weekly Delegate 3-45 R.O.T,C. 1-45 Com. Ofticers' Club 3-45 NE" Delegate 45 Student Coun- cil 25 Student Marshal 2-3: Boy Reserves 1. Secret am- bition: To get my C. P. A. degree. Crane IJOROTHY Nt3RDSTl1OM "Nordy" GENI-:RAL LANGUAGE Holmes. Boosters 1-45 G.A.A. 1-4: "E" Weekly 45 Sponsor 45 T.D.I. 45 Student Court 45 Signiferi 45 Honor Society 45 Sr. Girls' Club 45 Inter Council Delegate 45 Graduating in 3M years. Secret ambition: Not to look like a "dear" little for- eigner. Undecided RUTH NYE COMMERCIAL Graham. Boosters 1-45 G.A.A. 1-45 G.A.A. Delegate 4: 4A Girls' Chorus 45 "E" Weekly 3: Guard 45 Girl Reserves 3-4: Jr. Girls' Club 35 Sr. Girls' Club 45 Sec., Miss Wood 3. Secret ambition: To be the first girls' football coach at Tilden. Work FRANK OLSON TECHNICAL Beale. Boosters 1-45 Student Council 25 Stamp Club Z5 Aero Club 2-3: Interclass Baseball 2-35 Interclass Basketball 4. Work 5 Grahuates AGNES PALMER "Babe" GENERAL LANGUAGE Sherwood. Boosters 1-45 G.A.A. 1-45 Social Chair. Girl Re- serves 45 Girl Reserves 2-45 "E" Weekly staff 45 "E" Weekly Delegate 45 "P.8z W. Delegate 25 Purple Kites 35 Signiferi 45 Aristoi 1-3. Secret ambition: To play the piano like Fritz Kreisler. American Conservatory Music CORINNE PARADIES "Curly" ARTS Parker Jr. High. Boosters 1-45 G.A.A. 2-45 Girl Reserves 2-45 Sr. Girls' Club 45 Jr. Girls' Club 35 Sr. Girls' Club 45 Chorus 4. Secret ambition: To dry snow and sell it for sugar. Aft School EUGENE PARRISH "Frenchie" CQMMERCIAL Willard. Track 2-45 Glee Club 3-45 Boys Chorus 45 .lnterclass Baseball 2-45 came from Tilden Tech. Secret ambition: To sing a love song to Nina Mae Mc- Kinney on the lagoon in Wash- ington Park. Work TILLIE PEKOWSKY H7-imn GENERAL LANGUAGE Drake. Boosters 1-45 Signiferi 45 Honor Society 45 Sponsor 45 Playfellows 2-45 Bus. staff of Boomerang 35 G.A.A. 1-45 Sr. Girls' Club 45 Jr. Girls' Club 3: Girl Reserves 1-45 Graduat- ing in ISM yrs. Secret ambition: To buy wearing apparel with- out asking the price. Undecided DOLLY PETER COMMERCIAL Carter. Boosters I-45 Sec., Purple Kites 3: Champ. Hoc- key Team 35 Reporter Z5 Aris- toi 25 Basketball Z-45 Sec. G. A.A. 35 Sponsor 4: German Club 1-25 Letter Girl's Club 4. Secret ambition: To be able to sing. Normal f-fx fm ' lx SN , Nl A jfnur-lgeat EDITH POLISKY "Edie" COMMERCIAL Haven. Boosters 1-45 Honor Society 45 Orchestra 2-35 Re- porter 1-25 "P.8rW." 35 Ed, Classes "P.8zW." 45 Sec. Miss Hurn 45 Oak Forest Com. 25 "Cynthias Strategyl' 25 G. A.A. 1-45 Graduating in .SM years. Secret ambition: To see the world with rose colored glasses. Northwestern IOSEPI-I PONZEVIC "Paddy" GENERAL SCIENCE Walsh. Boosters 1-45 Baseball Team 1-45 Capt. Champ. Baseball Team 35 Football 2-45 Wrestling 35 Track 2-45 Capt. Interclass Basketball 1-25 Capt. Interclass Baseball 1-25 Pres. 4A. Letterman's Club5 Fire Deputy 4. Secret ambition: To convince the teachers that I am intellectual. Georgetown ORVA PRANGE "Parlay" GENERAL LANGUAGE Nicolet, West De Pere, CWis.J Vice-Pres. Class 3-45 T.D.I. 45 Sponsor 45 Capt. 45 "EH Week- ly 2-45 Pres. Girls' Club 35 Pres. Aristoi 35 School Service Bureau 2-45 Sec. Miss Allin 45 "P.8zW." Delegate 3-45 Latin Club 2. Secret ambition: To trot along with "Blazes." Undecided BERTRAM PRATT "Bert" GENERAL LANGUAGE Burke. Boosters 1-45 Band 1-45 Honor Society 1-25 "E" Week- ly staff 1-35 "E" Weekly Dele- gate 1-25 Student Council 1-45 Boy Reserves 15 Latin Club 1-25 French Club 4. Secret ambition: To he the best lawyer in the U.S.A. Northwestern FORREST PRICE "Pete" TECHNICAL McCosh. Boosters 1-45 Oak For- est Com. 25 Student Council 45 Interclass Baseball 1-45 Inter- class Basketball 2-45 R.0.T.C. Crack Squad 15 R.0.T.C. Crack Co. 15 Boy Reserves 1. Secret ambition: To become a great printer. Crane I A Grahuates ILXNTHONY RACITI nwopn SCIENCE St. Mary. Boosters 1-45 HP. 8zW," 2-45 Co-Chief, "P.8zW." 45 Insignia Com. 45 Sponsor 45 Intercouncil 45 French Club 45 Police 45 Biology Club 4. Sec- ret ambition: To have Mr. Manley's sense of humor. School of Engineering lX'lARY K. RANQUIST "Twitler" GENERAL SCIENCE Dewey. Pres. Signiieri 45 Honor Society 45 Vice-Pres. Biology 35 Aristoi 1-35 Sponsor 45 Student Council 2-45 Sr. Girls' Club 45 Treas. Service Bureau 3-45 T. D. I. 45 Social Service Aux. 49 Graduating in 3M years. Se- cret ambition: To go to Normal and not become sub-normal. Normal PAULINE REDMOND GENERAL LANGUAGE Burke. Boosters 2-45 Signiieri 45 Aristoi 35 Oak Forest Com. 45 G.A.A. 1-45 Girl Reserves 3-45 4A Girls' Chorus: French Club 45 Sr. Girls' Club 45 Ir. Girls' Club. Secret ambition: To be something and think I'm nothing. Howard PEARL REIEMAN "Pearly" GENERAL LANGUAGE Los Angeles, Calif. Boosters 1-45 "E" Weekly 2-45 Vice- Pres. Girl Reserves 45 Vert Club 45 Girl Reserves 1-45 Sponsor 45 Sec., Miss Allin 45 Quill and Scroll 45 Oak Forest Com. 4. Secret ambition: To win an argument with Miss Beatty. Chicago WILSON C. REILEY "Chuck" GENERAL SCIENCE Carter. Signiferi 45 T.D.I. 45 Boosters 1-45 Sec. Stamp Club 25 Student Council Delegate 35 Interclass Baseball 1-45 Inter- class Basketball 3-45 Tutor 1. Secret ambition: To tire the gun used to put holes in Swiss cheese. Work A Jfuur-19tar VINCENT J. RENZINO "Reno" GENEIIAI. SCIENCE St. Mary. Baseball City Champs. 33 Lightweight Basket- ball City Champs. 3-43 Inter- class Basketball 2-3: Interclass Baseball 2-33 Student Council 33 4A Letterman's Club 43 Boosters 1-4. Secret ambition: To be able to play second base like Homsby. DePaul BENNY L. RICHARDSON "Richie" GENERAL SCIENCE Felsenthal. Football 3-43 Na- tional high-jump Champ. 3-43 All-city high-jump Champ. 3-43 City high-jump Record-holder 3-4f Cook county high-jump Champ. 2-3: Interclass Basket- ball 1-33 Interclass Baseball 1-33 4A Letterman's Club 43 Track Team 1-43 Boosters 1-4. Secret ambition: To run 109 yards for a touchdown on a big 10 university team like Chuck Palmer. Northwestern DORIS L. RICKARD .iDud., COMMERCIAL Sexton. Boosters 1-43 Girl Re- serves 3-43 G.A.A. 1-43 Drama Club 3-43 "P.8zW." Delegate 23 Intercouncil Delegate 33 Purple Kites 33 Sr. Girls' Club 43 Reporter 2. Secret ambition: To ride horseback with the Prince of Wales this summer. Travel in Europe MATTIE M. RILEY GENERAL LANGUAGE Willard. Boosters 1-43 French Club 1-33 Biology Club 2-43 G.A.A. 1-4: Girls' Club 33 Sr. Girl's Club 43 Girl Reserves 1-2. Secret ambition: To make 100 in examinations. Illinois FRED RITH "Tynee" GENERAL SCIENCE Beale. Boosters 1-43 Basketball 3-43 Minstrel Show 3-43 Base- ball 33 Boys' Chorus 43 Glee Club 3-43 Biology Club 3-43 Police 43 French Club 3-41 Interclass Swimming 3. Secret ambition: To take Betty to Califomia with me. Work A Qbtahuates BARBARA ROSICH HEMI, COMMERCIAL St. Anne. Boosters 1-43 G.A.A. 1-43 Girl Reserves 1-43 Purple Kites 3: French Club 13 Span- ish Club 2. Secret ambition: To be an expert stenographer. DePaul JACK RUBENSI-EIN akubyn GENERAL LAHGUAGE Beale. Boosters 1-41 Orchestra 1-42 Sponsor 43 Capt. Guard 43 Glee Club 1-33 Minstrel Show 33 Interclass Baseball 23 Music Club 2-33 "E" Weekly Dele- zate. Secret ambition: To follow Mr. Espensliadds footsteps. Music College FANNIE SANTOIANNI "Billye" COMMERCIAL Bass. Boosters 1-4: G.A.A. 1-4: Girl Reserves 3-43 Jr. Girls' Club 3: 4A Girls' Chorus 43 Allied Arts 23 Sec. Miss Froom 33 Purple Kites 33 Guard 43 Sr. Girls' Club 4. Secret am- bition: To be a football coach at Annapolis. Undecided Er,IzAnEI-H N. SAUER "Beth" GENERAL LANGUAGE Beale. Boosters 1-4: G.A.A. l-41 Girl Reserves 1-43 Girl Reserves, Pres. 43 Orchestra 1-43 Sponsor 4: Sr. Girls' Club 4: Jr. Girls' Club 33 Biology Club 3-4: Inter-Council Dele- gate 3-43 Secret ambition: Oh, that's a secret! Work IOSEPHINE N. SCARNAVAK who COMMERCIAL Webster. Boosters 1-43 G.A.A. l-4: Pres. G. A. A. 43 Letter Girls Club 43 Volley Ball Champs. Z3 Hockey Champs.: School Tennis Champ. 33 Base- ball Runners-Up 33 Chair. "ZOO" Club 43 Jr. Girls' Club 3. Secret ambition: To rival Helen Wills. Northwestern 67 .- A Sr four-year iXlIl.DRED SCHILD "Milly" COMMERCIAL St. Stephens. Boosters 1-45 G.A.A. 1-45 Signiferi 45 jr. Girls' Club 3: Aristoi 35 Sr. Girls' Club 45 Guard 45 Sec., Miss Wheelock 45 Sec., "E" Weekly 45 Purple Kites 3. Sec- ret ambition: To rival Hack Wilson Undecided ELMER W . SCHROEDER "Ez" GENERAL SCIENCE Oak Lawn. Boosters 1-45 Ger- man Club 1-25 Interclass Bas- ketball 1-4: Interclass Baseball 1-45 "E" Weekly Delegate 15 Never tardy 1-45 Tutor 15 Guard 2-3. Secret ambition: To be a champion marble player. Michigan DOLORES E. SCHULTEN "Half Pint" COMMERCIAL Graham. Boosters 1-45 Capt. Girls Swimming Team 3: 4A Girls Chorus 45 Sec., Miss Hayes 35 Sr. Girls Club 45 Purple 'Kites 35 Swimming Team 45 G.A.A. 1-45 Girl Re- serves 3-45 Jr. Girls' Club 3. Secret ambition: To take Dick Wren away from Rose Davis. Post Graduate HELEN T. SCHWARTZ GENERAL LANGUAGE Mc Cosh, Boosters 1-45 G.A.A. 1-45 Aristoi 35 Social Chair. Class 45 Toy Shop 45 Honor Society 45 Signiferi 4: Spon- sor 45 Purple Kites 35 Sr. Girls' Club 4. Secret ambition: To recognize Old Golds in a blind- fold test. Undecided ROSE L. SCHWARZ "Sis" Coxuiusizcmr. Carter. Boosters 1-45 G.A.A. 1 4 Pu le Kites 3' Sr Girls' Clulm 4? German 'Club 1-35- Guard 4. Secret ambition: To know my history. Work A Qbrahuates CLARA S HAYNE "Claire" COMMERCIAL Columbus. Boosters 1-45 G.A. A. 1-45 Girl Reserves 1-45 1281 W. 3-4. Ed. of Activities, P.8l W. 45 Sr. Girls' Club 4: Sec. Miss Mitchell 45 Jr. Girls' Club 3: Pub. Chair. Girl Reserves 3: Candy-Girl Mgr. 4. Seczet ambition: To find where the lap goes when one stands up. Work GEouGE SHAYNE "Georgie" GENERAL LANGUAGE Beale. Boosters 1-35 Student Council 15 Orchestra 1-35 Band 1-25 Latin Club 1-Z5 Spanish Club 15 Graduating in 3 years. Secret ambition: To fly to Mars. Chicago BERTHA SHELL "Bertie" Coxrsir-QRCIAL Mount Claire. Boosters 2-45 Girl Reserves 2-45 Sr. Girls Club 45 G.A.A. 1-45 Purple Kites 35 French Club 2-35 jr. Girls Club 35 Guard 2-35 Stu- dent Council 35 Science Club Z. Came from Austin High 1927. Secret ambition: To go on lots of "sprees" with Squeaks. Work ALMA SHELLENBERGER "Squeaky" Gi-1NER.u. LANGUAGE Bass. Boosters 1-45 Girl Re- serves 1-45 Biology Club 2-45 GA..-1. 1-45 Purple 35 Sr. Girls' Club 4: Sponsor 45 Guard 45 School Service Bureau 5-45 Aristoi 3. Secret ambition: To go places and do things with "Bertie", Work BELLE SHUCHTER i.Tiny,, CUMMERCIAL Sexton. Boosters 1-45 Sec. Class 3-45 Sec. Jr. Girls' Club 3: Sponsor 45 Sec. Miss Allin 45 Social Service Bureau 35 P.8L W, Delegate 45 Playfellows 2-3: Signiieri 4. Secret am- bition: To be the wife of a great musician. Travel A Jfuur-Qpear MAX SI-IUCHTER "Shucks" GENERAL SCIENCE Sexton. Boosters 1-43 Band 1-33 Orchestra 1-33 Englewood Exec. Com. 43 Glee Club 1-33 "E" Delegate 1-23 P.8zW. Delegate 23 Interclass Baseball 23 In- terclass Basketball 33 Interclass Wrestling 4. Secret ambition: To travel. DePaul Jessie SHULTS "Chas" COMMERCIAL Lewis-Champlin. Boosters I-4: HE" Delegate 23 G.A.A. 1-41 G.A.A. Pub. Chair. 43 Sec. Mr. Hunter 43 Sec. Miss Camp- bell 33 Basketball 3-43 Appa- ratus 3-43 Soph. Liason Chair. 43 Hockey 4. Secret ambition: To be a fat lady in a circus. Normal Collrgc Phys. Ed. hlARGUER1TE SICKEL "Margie" GENERAL SCIENCE Holy Angels. Boosters 1-4: G. AA. 1-43 Purple Kites 33 Sr. Girls' Club 43 Biology Club 33 Basketball 33 Volleyball 1-33 Girl Reserves I: Guard 2-3. Secret ambition: To laugh out loud in Miss Beattyls class. Normal NATHAN SILVER "Nate" SOCIAL SCIENCE Forestville. Boosters 1-4: Major R.0.T.C. 43 Oak Forest Com. 4: Pres. C.0.C. 43 Chief of Police 4: Englewood Exec. Com. 43 Student Court 2-43 R.0.T.C. Football 4: Interclass Baseball 2-33 Ritie Team 3-4. Secret am- bition: To have my father and mother proud of me. Norlhwcslem Bl.-'KRCELLA SLOCUM "Angel" GENERAL LANGUAGE Healy. Boosters 1-43 G.A.A. 1-4: Aristoi 3: Christmas page- ant 43 Jr. Girls' Club 33 Sr. Girls' Club 4: Sec, Mr. Hibler 33 Spanish Club 1-23 Music Club 2-33 Graduating in 3M years. Secret ambition: The answer is six. Rosary . . Grahuates MERCIA SNYDER "Mu.rh" GENERAL LANGUAGE Lewis-Champlin. Boosters 1-43 T.D.l. 43,Signiferi 43 Social Service Aux. 43 Chair. Sponsors 43 Pres. Sr. Girls' Club 43 Pres. Biology Club 3-43 Sec. Miss Allin 43 Orchestra 2-3. Secret ambition: To be able to fiddle like Nero. Chicago CHARLOTTE SOIJERLUND COMMERCIAL Burke. Boosters 1-43 Spanish Club 23 Sec. Mr. Hornstein 43 G.A.A. 1-43 Girl Reserves 33 Sr. Girls' Club 4. Secret ambi- tion: To find mates for old maid school teachers. Undecided RoI'AL SPURLARK GENERAL SCIENCE Sherwood. Boosters 1-43 Orches- tra 3-43 Music Club 43 Gradu- ating in 3M years. Secret am- bition: To show some teachers how their wise cracks feel. Chicago GERTRUDE STARK "Genie" C UMMERCIAL Sherman. Boosters 1-4: Guard 3-43 G.A.A. Delegate 43 Girls' Chorus 4: Sr. Girls'Club 43 Girl Reserves 3-43 Purple Kites 33 German Club 1-33 Science Club 1-23 G.A.A. 1-4. Secret ambi- tion: To take off my skin and dance around in my bones. FERNE STARNES "Caroline" COMMERCIAL Belmond, Iowa. Boosters 1-41 Sr. Girls' Club 4: Girl Re- serves 43 Purple Kites 33 Guard 3-43 German Club Z3 Toy Shop 33 G.A.A. 1-43 Allied Arts 2. Secret ambition: To chew gum in Mr. Craigls class and get by with it. 4 A jfnur-fear ANTHONY P. STASIULIS "Toney" GENERAL SCIENCE Harrisburg Public School. Se- cret ambition: To be a politi- cian. Armour PEARL STELKE "Buttons" COMMERCIAL St. Andrews. Boosters 1-43 G.A. A. 1-43 Sr. Girls' Club 43 Al- lied Arts Z3 Interclass Capt. Ball Champs. 23 G.A.A. Del- egate Z3 Spanish Club 33 Girl Reserves 3-43 Jr. Girls' Club 33 Guard 3-4. Secret ambition: To keep my sunny side up. MURIEL STOKES "Ducky" COMMFLRCIAL Greene. Boosters l'4S Allied Arts 1-ZQ G.A.A. 1-4? Purple Kites 1-33 Spanish Club 1-21 Sr. Girls' Club 1-41 Guard 3-43 Girl Reserves 3-43 Interclass Captainball Champs 2. Secret ambition: To make the All American Eleven. Undecided CATHERINE M. STOKUS "Cathie" GENERAL LANGUAGE Sherman. Boosters 1-43 "E" Weekly Delegate 23 G.A.A. 1-4Q Social Chair. G.A.A. 43 Aristoi 2-3: Signiferi 43 Purple Kites 32 Sr. Girls' Club: Bas- ketball 3-43 Baseball 3-4. Secret ambition: To master the art of hoop-hoop-a-dooping as well as E. B. has. Normal JENNIE STREIGHT - .Venn COMMERCIAL Burke. Boosters 1-43 Aristoi 1-33 Signiferi 43 "E" Weekly 33 Sec. to Mr. Hornstein 43 Sr. Girls' Club 43 Purple Kites 33 Jr. Girls' Club 33 G.A.A. 1-43 Guard 3-4. Secret ambi- tion: To be an aviatrix. Work . A Grahuates JOSEPH VV. SWENSON "Swanie" GENERAL SCIENCE Palacious. Social Service Aux. 3-43 Biology Club 33 Sec. to Mr. Hunter 43 Sponsor Capt. 4. Secret ambition: That my son and I shall always be pals. Augustana LORRAINE W. SUBLETTE "Lorrie" GENERAL LANGUAGE Willard. Boosters 1-42 Girl Reserves 2-43 G.A.A. 1-43 La.- tin Club 13 Biology Club 33 Purple Kites 3: Volleyball Team 1-43 Captainball Team 1-43 Guard 4. Secret ambition: To fly from here to Mars. Fisk DOROTHY L. M. SUTTON "Dottie" GENERAL LANGUAGE Willard. Boosters 1-43 Tutor 2-33 Aristoi Z-43 Biology Club 33 Purple Kites 33 Girl Re- serves 3-43 Capt. Captainball Team 3: Guard 43 G.A.A. l-4: Volleyball Team 4. Secret am- bition: To sing like Rosa Raisa. Normal HELEN SWANSON "Lullie" GENERAL SCIENCE Oakland. Girl Reserves 3-43 G.A.A. 1-3: Boosters 2-43 Pur- ple Kites 3: Guard 4. Secret ambition: To receive 100 in Mr. Craig's Hist. Exam. Post, Graduate BIIARGARET TACK "Margie" GENERAL LANGUAGE Sherman. Boosters 1-4: Hiking Chair. G.A.A. 43 Inter Council Delegate 43 Letter Girls' Club 4: Gym .Sec. 3-43 Purple Kites 33 Girl Reserves 3-43 German Club 3-4: G.A.A. Delegate 1-4. Secret ambition: To swim as well as E.L.W. Normal A Jfuur-year EDWIN THOMAS ..Lefty,, GENERAL LANGUAGE St. Mary's. Boosters 1-45 Band 1-25 Student Council 35 Boy's Chorus 45 Interclass Basketball 1-45 Interclass Base- ball 1-4. Secret ambition: To be able to hunt grizzly bears with a tiy swat. Notre Dame ESADALE THOROGOOD "Essie" SOCIAL SCIENCE Lewis-Champlin. B o o s t e r s 1-45 G.A.A. 2-35 Glee Club 2-45 French Club 15 Sec. to Miss Allin 45 Sponsor 4. Secret ambition: To catch fish with a hair pin. Work JOHN A. TITUS A1-im., GENERAL LANGUAGE Farren. Boosters 1-45 Guard 45 Interclass Baseball 1-45 Inter- class Basketball 1-45 Biology Club 25 Latin Club 1. Secret ambition: To shave the Smith Brothers. Crane lNlYRTLE A. TOWNSEND .,Myrd,y GENERAL SCIENCE Orland Park. Signiferi 45 Boost- ers 3-45 G.A.A. 3-45 Guard 3. Secret ambition: To go with the Chicago Cubs to Catalina Is- land. Librarian EMMA TRESSLER ..Mary., GENERAL LANGUAGE Herrick. Boosters -45 Purple Kites 35 Latin Club 45 Honor Society 45 Signiferi 45 staff "Daddies," 45 Sponsor 45 "Vert" Club 45 Girl Reserves Cab. 2-45 School Service Bureau 4. Secret ambition: To be a bachelorette, with a cat, canary, a book, and a shack in the mountains right next to-? Undecided dbrahuates MARION C. TULLEY "Marianne" COMMERCIAL Burke. Boosters 1-45 G.A.A. 1-45 Aristoi 25 French Club 2-35 Purple Kites 35 Girl Re- serves l-45 Sec. Mr. Jacoby 45 Guard 3. Secret ambition: To be a tiying stenographer. Work lViARIE E. TYSON "S1veetne.rs" SOCIAL SCIENCE Calhoun. Girl Reserves 41 Booster 3-45 G.A.A. 3-45 "E" Weekly 3-4. Secret ambition: It is a secret. Howard JEAN URBAN "Brownie" COMMERCIAL Kohn. Biology Club 3-45 "E" Weekly 3-45 Boosters 3-45 G.A. A. 1-45 Girl Reserves 3-45 Pur- ple Kites 35 Sec., Miss Campbell 35 Sec., Miss Cross 35 Sec., Mr. Hornstein 45 Interclass Swim- ming 3-4. Secret ambition: To travel the bridge of my H059- Normal MARY L. VANDENBERGH "VandiA" COMMERCIAL Scott. Boosters 1-45 G.A.A. 1-45 Girl Reserves 1-25 Purple Kites 35 Drama 3-45 Sr. Girls' Club 45 Christmas Play 35 Guard 45 Student Council 3-45 Student Court Reporter 4. Secret ambition: To be a gold-digger. Illinois Hll.DA VAN HowE "Hoda" GENERAL LANGUAGE Oak Lawn. Boosters 1-45 G. A.A. 1-45 Purple Kites 35 Sig- niferi 45 Aristoi 2-35 Biology Club 2-45 Sponsor 45 T.D.I. 45 Girls' Club 4. Secret ambition: To see the world from an air- plane. Chicago A Jfnut-i9ear OsCAR H. VANTELLINGEN nvanl, GENERAL SCIENCE Lewis-Champlin. Boosters 1-45 Boy Reserves 25 Guard 15 Chess 81 Checker Club 35 Chess Champion 4. Secret ambition: To learn to appreciate Mr. Manley. V Art Institute JOSEPH I. VERHEY "Blue" TECHNICAL Lewis-Champlin. Boosters 45 Non-Com. Officers Club 2-35 Pres. Non-Com. Club 2-35 Com. Officers Club 3-45 Ritie Team 2-45 Capt. Ritie Team 3-4. Secret ambition: To be Edison the second. Undecided LUCILLE VIC AHDPN COMMERCIAL Sherwood. Boosters 1-45 "E" Weekly Sec. 45 Student Coun- cil 1-35 Sec., Mr. Jacoby 35 Purple Kites 35 Girls' Club 35 Sr. Girls' Club 45 Girl Reserves 3-45 G.A.A. 1-45 Spanish Club 3. Secret ambition: To be able to convince Mrs. Mackey. Business College CATHERINE R. VOELKER ..K-atyu COMMERCIAL Carter. Boosters 1-45 "E" Weekly Delegate 25 "P.8lW." Delegate 25 Reporter 25 Candy Girl 35 Guard 3-45 Jr. Girls' Club 3: Sec., Miss Allin 45 G.A.A. 1-45 Graduating in 3M years. Secret ambition: To get and to hold my man. Work RosA WARADY "Rosie" COMMERCIAL Carter. Boosters 1-4: Reporter 45 Guard 3-4: Jr. Girls' Club 35 G.A.A. 3-45 Aristoi 3. Grad- uating in 3M years. Secret am- bition: To win the boys beauty contest. Work 0' 72 A :st Qrahuates ROLAND WARNER .ipopo GENERAL SCIENCE Marshall. Boosters 1-45 French Club 2-45 Interclass Baseball 1-45 Interclass Basketball 1-45 Aviation Club 25 P.8zW. Dele- gate 1. Secret ambition: To be a loan shark and sting Mr. Craig. Illinois EUGENE S. WASHINGTON "Engle" SOCIAL SCIENCE Felsenthal. Boosters 2-45 Latin Club 2-45 Interclass Basketball 2-45 Interclass Baseball 2-45 Biology Club 2-4. Secret am- bition: To find a Cough in a carload. Howard CHARLES NNATERMAN "Chuck" ARCHITECTURAL Dewey. Boosters 1-45 Baseball 2-45 Baseball City Champs. 35 Lightweight Basketball city Champs. 25 Fire Deputy 45 Treas. Hi-Y 45 Heavyweight Basketball 4: Interclass hand- ball Champs. 35 Sec., 4A Let- termans' Club 45 Capt. Guards 4. Secret ambition: To be an all American ping pong play- er from Puducah. Wisconsin M.-tzm WELLSTON "Jllargy" COMMERCIAL Lewis-Champlin. Boosters 1-45 G.A.A. 1-45 Sec. Rest Room 35 Sponsor 45 Girl Reserves 35 Sr. Girls' Club 45 Purple Kites 35 G.A.A. Delegate 1-25 "E" Weekly Delegate 1-2. Secret ambition: To digest history dates. Illinois DOROTI-IEA A. WENDT UDDV, COMMERCIAL Harper Junior High. Boosters 1-45 Biology Club 45 Girl Re- serves 45 Sr. Girls' Club 45 Jr. Girls' Club 35 G.A.A. 1-4. Gra- duating in 3M years. Secret ambition: To be wiser tomorrow than I am today. Worsham A Jfour-liear ROBERT B. WENDT ..B0b,, TECHNICAL McCosh. Boosters 1'4j Swim- ming 1-43 Hi-Y 3-43 Social Service Aux. 3-43 Tennis 33 Fire Deputy 43 Sponsor 4. Secret ambition: To be an animal trainer. BERNICE VVERNICKE "Bernie" GENERAL LANGUAGE Sexton. Boosters 1-43 G.A.A. 1-41 Sec. Miss Allin 43 Social Service Aux. 3-43 Oak Forest Com. 43 Sponsor 43 Signiferi 43 Aristoi 33 UE" Delegateg Reporter 1. Secret ambition: Travel with a penny from the time it leaves the mint till it returns. Illinois HELEN VVHALEN "Helena" GENERAL LANGUAGE Our Lady of Solace. Boosters 2-4: G.A.A. 2-4g Latin Club 4: French Club 33 Jr. Girls' Club 3: Purple Kites 3: Stu- dent Marshal 43 Sr. Girls' Club 4: Girl Reserves 2-4. Secret ambition: To live to see Fran- ces Carrican Englewood's foot- ball captain. Undecided HELEN WHEELER "Holme" CQRIMERGIAL Orland Park. Boosters 2-43 G. A.A. Z-43 Sr. Girls' Club 4: Purple Kites 33 Sec. "E" Weekly 43 Girl Reserves 3. Secret ambition: To rival Helen Wills. RATI-IRYN WHEELER "Kath" CQRIMERCIAL Orland Park. Boosters 3-43 G. A.A. 3-43 Purple Kites 33 Sr. Girls' Club 4. A Qbrabuates VIRGINIA A. WHITE GENERAL LANGUAGE McCosh. Boosters 1-43 G.A.A. l-43 Girl Reserves l-43 Girls' Club 43 Interclass Basketball 3-43 Purple Kites 33 Interclass Captainball 1-4. Secret ambi- tion: To see "Dot" hurry. Undecided RosA G. VVHITESIDE GENERAL LANGUAGE Felsenthal. Boosters 2-43 GA. A. 2-4: Purple Kites 33 Biol- ogy Club 33 Girl Reserves 43 Sr. Girls' Club 43 Basketball 33 Captainball 33 Volleyball 2-4. Secret ambition: To swim like Gertrude Ederle. Normal FRANK WILLIAMS "Shorty" Scu-:NcE Marshall. Boosters 3-4. Secret ambition: To make an E in English. Howard JULIANA M. WILLIS "Julie" GENERAL LANGUAGE McCosh. Boosters 1-43 Aristoi 1-33 Signiferi 43 T.D.I. 43 Latin Club 43 Sr. Girls' Club 4: Girl Reserves 1-41 Biology Club Z3 G.A.A. 1-43 Graduat- ing in 3 years. Secret ambi- tion: To see a shooting star shoot. Harvard VIVIAN M. VVINRONV Aviv., GENERAL LANGUAGE Lane College. Boosters 2-43 G. A.A. Z-4: Girl Reserves 4: Sr. Girls' Club 43 Jr. Girls' Ciub 33 Purple Kites 3. Secret am- bition: To be as tall as Jule. Northwestern A 1 Jfuut-igear LUCILLE C. VVITT "Lau" COMMERCIAL Missouri City, Iowa. Boost- ers 1-45 French Club 1-25 Girl Reserves 1-25 G.A.A. 1-45 Sr. Girls' Club 45 Jr. Girls' Club 35 Courtesy Club 2. Secret ambition: To tame the wildest man. Normal MILDRED D. WITTSTOCK "Big Shot" GENERAL SCIENCE Parkman. Boosters l-45 G.A. A. 1-45 Oak Forest Com. 45 Sr. Girls' Club 45 'tP.8zW." Staff 3-45 Co-Chief of "P.8zW." 4: Honor Society 45 Quill and Scroll 45 Who's Who 45 Sponsor 45 Graduating in 35 years. Secret ambition: Chasing mllers. Chicago ZENON VVOLANSKI Anrs Gunsaulus. Boosters 1-45 Ger- man Club 15 Aristoi 25 Inter- class Baseball 1-45 Interclass Basketball 1-45 Interclass Track 4: C.I.C. 3-45 "P.8zW." 45 Ed. Art Dept., "P.8zW." 45 Guard 3-4. Secret ambition: To be able to cartoon like Billy De Beck. FRANKLIN H. MARTIN "Hank" SOCIAL SCIENCE Carmi, Ill. Boosters 2-45 Stu- dent Marshal 3-45 Track Team 1-25 Interclass pole vault 1st place 'Z8. Secret ambition: To graduate with my class. JACK ROSEN TECHNICAL N 71 A Grabuates RICHARD T. NVREN "Dick" GENERAL SCIENCE Lewis-Cl-iamplin. Boosters 1-45 Class Pres. 45 Hi-Y Pres. 3-45 City Lightweight Basketball Champs. 3-45 City Junior Swim Champs. Z5 Vice-Pres. Lettermans' Club 45 Sponsor Capt. 45 Fire Deputy 45 Cheerleader 25 Interclass sports 1-4. Secret ambition: To un- derstand women. College CLIFFORD YOUNG HCH9., SocIAL SCIENCE Park Manor. Boosters 1-45 Reporter 1-2: Guard 2-45 Guards Lieut. 2-35 Capt. Guards 45 Of- licer 2-4. Secret ambition: To be able to write with either hand like Mr. Manley. Undecided ESTELLE ZALKAUsKAs "Pima" COMMERCIAL St. George's. Boostersl-45 G.A. A. 1-45 Girl Reserves 1-45 Pur- ple Kites 35 Jr. Girls' Club 35 Sr. Girls' Club 45 Spanish Club 35 Aristoi 35 Student Council 35 Sec. Mr. Hornstein 4. Secret ambition: To say and do nothing but the truth for 3 hours and get away with it. Work CHARLES ZLOTNIK "Chuck" GENERAL LANGUAGE Beale. Aristoi 2-35 Honor So- ciety 45 Signiferi 45 Sec. Mr. Hunter 45 Sponsor Capt. 45 Englebooster Exec. Com. 45 C. I.C. 3-45 Jewelry Com. 45 Pub. Mgr. 'lDaddies" 45 "P.8zW." 3-45 Graduating in an years. Secret ambition: To prove to Miss Beatty that a Scotchman is Scotch Ctightl. Chicago JUNE WHO'S WHO The list of graduates for the VVho's Who pages in the Student Life section of this book were selected jointly by students and faculty of the graduating class. In the June class the members chose twenty-live and the faculty ten. Joseph Arnstein Sylvester Bachmann Jennie I. Caldara Wilbur Chancellor Charles Clark Harry P. Cohen Everett Erickson Elizabeth P. F rystack Adeline S. Gilason Dorothy Goebel Thelma L. Goldman Evelyn A. Goodman Bernice Haber Louise Hopson Mary Iser Herman H. Kalish Edward Leppa Samuel W. Levy Dorothy Nordstrom Tillie Pekowsky V Dolly Peter Joseph Ponzevic Orva Prange Mary K. Ranquist Fred Rith Belle Shucter Mercia Snyder Emma Tressler Hilda Van Howe Charles Wfaterman Robert B. Wendt Mildred D. Wittstock Zenon Wolanski Richard XV ren Anthony Raciti i He failed in Dutch, He Hunked in Geom. We heard him softly hiss, "I'd like to find the man who said That ignorance is bliss." THE PRODIGY He never got less than "E" in any study. He never whispered in school or was out of order. He never got sore when the fellows kidded him. He never got excited at a football game. He never was born. 75 -..T..l .,, pq, - -4 N 1-1-1 76 . Bl Dm' M ALEX S - -. R ll . rssrss r A mil -vgasmanr-.4 p .Jrmufrxasmwrg it e TWO-YEAR CLASS, FEBRUARY February, 1928, was a red letter period in the history of our class. It was at this period of time that we entered Englewood High School. Little did we know that in our progression toward better citizenship this was a decided step. After the glories and mysteries of Englewood were unfolded to us, we held an election of class officers. Birdie Kaplan was chosen as presidentg Alex Sirin, vice-presidentg Betty Schievers, secretary, and Louis Kettler as treasurer. Under capable and careful guidance of competent instructors we grew into a group of boys and girls striving for higher ideals and learning. Due to Mrs. Williams and Mrs. VVeidenaar, our sponsors, our efforts were not in vain. Pins for accuracy in typing were soon awarded to Bertha Bosak, Katherine Charles, Mary Powell, and Birdie Kaplan. Comptometer pins were awarded to Bertha Bosak, Carmella Mancuso, Rose Kaplan, Rose Lavorci, Mildred Mallen, Anna Taylor, Betty Schievers, Mary Pesavento, and Sara NVeiss. Among the pupils with good scholarship records are: Barbara Andryauskas, Katherine Budde, Birdie Kaplan, Rose.Kaplan, Mary Pesavento, and Stella Pikowitz. Raymond Deerey was president of the Boy Reserves for one and one-half years. This year, the graduates held their matinee theatre party at the Chicago theatre where they saw "The Love Doctor." It is our regret that in order to enteg upon a new threshold of life we must leave the place where our lirst ambitions and hopes were realized. 77 -1-1--l BERNICE BALIS 0110 BENSON CATHERINE BEREzowsKE ABM., nspeedn ..Kmy,, G. A. A. 1-2. Boosters 1-2. Boosters 1-2. BERTHA B. BosAx ALMA BowLEs JOSEPHINE BROWN CATHERINE BUDDE ..Bebe,, HAI., aloe., ..Buddy,, G. A. A. I-2. Boosters 2. G. A. A. l-2. G. A. A. 1-2. Emu-fear Grahuatzs, Jfzhruarp BERNICE Bumus BERNICE CEPLINSKY ANNA Cr-IRISTAPEA1' .Been nsoupyn umm., G. A. A. l-Z. "E" Weekly delegate l. G. A. A. 1-2. RAYMOND DEEREY LAURETTA DEVXNE ANNA Fnrrz CHARLES GAYNOR "Davie" "Irish" "Andy" Pres. Boy Reserves 2. Girl Reserves 1-2. Boosters 1-2. 78 BERNICE GESTAUT FLURENCE HAmcNEss Im Hmsl: "limmie" "Flon" "Skippy" Boosters 1-2. Boosters 1-2. JOSEPHINE JANKUS Buwuf KAPLAN Louis KIITLER ANNE KULIKAUSKAS "Jo" "Bubbles" "Farmer" "Bobby" "E" Weekly Delegate 1. Class Pres. 2. Boosters 1-2. G. A. A. 1-2. Etna-Bear Grahuatzd, Jfehruatp Luo Kuwvnz LQRRAINE LAssA Rosa BIARIE LAVORCI "Alicia" "Bobby" "Shorty" Boosters 1-2. Boosters 1-2. G. A. A. 1-2. ADELINE BIADIA BIILDRED E. BIALLEN CARMELLA JJVIANCUSO FRANCES MANTHEY "Lena" "Mid" "Bobby" "Fran" G. A. A. 1. Boosters 2. G. A. A. Delegate 1-2. Boosters 1-2. 79 FLORENCE NIARTIN DIARCELLA BIATHIS JosEP1-UNE KICELWAINE "Flu" "Marc" "lor" G. A. A. 1+2. G. A. A. 1-2. G. A. A. l, Gmnys OLSEN LOUISE OLsEN BIARY 1'EsAvEN'ro STELLA Pxxovrrz "Swede" "Lou" "Blondie" "Steal" Boosters 1-2. Boosters 2. Aristoi 2. G. A. A. 1-2, GIARY l'0wELL mh1U:l,B2BlC Qrahuates, jfehruarp BERNICE Rwx L1LL1AN SL'u.rrzrxERG HDUV, :Babu ULN-- Boosters 1-2. Girl Reserves 1. Girl Reserves 1. EL1zAnE'rH K. ScH1vERs ANNA SCIIULOCK L1r.LmN Su-:BERT ALEX SIRIN "Belty" "Ann" "Lil" "Spc'1'rl"' Boosters Z. G. A. A. 1. Glee club 2. Pros. Aero club 2. 80 ANNA TAYLOR SARAH Wrsrss MARGAKET Wnmzsms ..A,m,. UWM., ..Peggy,, G. A. A. 1. G. A. A. 1. Boosters 2. Lucrmu: Ymuws Josmmma Zmms Fnoxmzcn Zxsxm HLDHU U-,on UF-lar. Boosters 1-2. "E" Weekly delegate 2. G. A. A. 1. Etna-fear Grabuatzs, .february B.xxum1zA ANDRYAUSKAS L1LLrAN NANUS "Babs" Boosters 1-Z. ANNABELI. NELSEN HAM., Domus Coomus "Davie" Girl Reserves I-Z. Rosa KAPLAN HRD., "E" Weekly Delegate LEONA LA VELLE MJD., G. A. A. 1-Z. G. A. A. 1-2. F1.o1zENcE SMAL'rz HI,-law G. A. A. 1. 12. ETTA WEIZER ' 'Eddie " Capt. G. A. A. 1-2. 81 o TWO-YEAR CLASS, JUNE It was the day after Labor Day in the year of 1928 when this two-year graduating class, just a group of Freshies, assembled here in the Englewood High School for the first time, hoping that we would succeed in our work. When the girls of the class heard of the much coveted Freshman B captain- ball championship, they set out to capture it, and because they knew what co- operation meant, and because the team was composed of many splendid players, the laurel was won. Under the faithful and untiring instruction and guidance of the teachers, many of the students of this class received commendable averages during the two short years they have spent here at Englewood. In our second year, with Miss Troeger as our sponsor, the social committee -a group of four girls-planned a "get acquainted" party so that when the time came to elect our officers, the graduates would know just who merited such distinction. When the time did come to elect our officers, it was not an easy task for there were many commendable students. Finally, after much deliberation, the following were elected: Catherine Swanson, president, Elizabeth Specht, vice-president, Mary Mustapic, secretary, and Ann Haberberger, treasurer. We are very sorry to leave our school, but the time has arrived for us to go out into the business world and use the instructions we have received here at Englewood to our good advantage. Not one of us will ever forget the happy days we have spent here and every one of us will always be loyal to "Our Dear Old Englewood." I N ------ sz CARMELLA ALTIER ALICE BANKS MARGARET BATTAGLIA "Bebe" "Alexs" "Maggie" "E" Weekly Delegate 2. G. A. A. 1-2. Boosters 1-2. BAHBARA BLEIZEFFER IRVING Bonnrr ALINE BRALEY ALTHIA Bnooxms ..B0b,, ..BWb,, MAIN HAP, Boosters 2. Band 1-2. Boosters 2. G. A. A. Delegate 2 Ginn-Bear Grahuatzs. Slum Vxcroxu CAHHAMER CLARENCE DEVRIES JOANNA EISEN "Vicky" "Breezy" "Jean" G. A. A. 1. Boosters 1-2. Gmuvs FULSOM ADELAIDE FRANZEN FANCHON M. GxLr,1NwA'rEnPETnoNELLA Guus "Red" "Bunny" "MaryfAm1" "Pat" Jewelry Sales. 2. Inter-Council Delegate 2. G. A. A. 2. Boosters 2. 83 Arg ' T E N., l 'l' Donnn-:Y GDLDBLATT JOSEPH GUZASKI ANN lhrmznuuncl-in MDM., uloen Home.. Boosters 1-2. Band 1-2. "E" Weekly Delegate 2 HI-'LEN HALL 'l'1mLsEN HAUK LEONE Hmmm. GLAr.vs Hjmzsrnn "Babe" "Terr" "Hi" "Happy" G. A. A. Z. Treas. 2. G. A. A. 1. G. A. A. 2. Etna-Qeal: Grahuatzi, Sun: HAROLD IACOBSON VIRGINIA M. JAHIER B1-LRNYCE JESELSKIS "Jake" "Gene" "Benny" Jewelry Chair. 2. Student Council 1-2. G. A. A. I-Z. ALICE H. JOHNSON GLADYS JOHNSON ANNA Rozxfum Roar: Kmmnk "Al" 'AGIad" "Joe" "Ro" Girl Reserves del. 2. Boosters 2. G. A. A. 1-2. G. A. A, 1-Z. W, 84 ll X. it AF L1Lx.:AN KU:-ms CHARLOTTE J. LIETZOW IVA Lorrvs "Tommy" "Rabi:-" "Rusty" G. A. A. Z. G. A. A. 1-2. Sludvnt Council 1. MARIE Lonn Hume BIARKIEWICZ JEANNETTE LICGANN FRANCES MCKEOWN "BIanr1'y" "Hats" "Cure" "Franny" Girl Reserves 2. G. A. A. 2. G. A. A. Delegate 2. Brvostvrs 1-2. Gitnuayear Grahuates. Zane Louis!-: BIEANS FLORENCE Mama XXI.-uw AIILLER "Lou" "Fla" "Bobbie" Social Chair. del. 2. Boosters2, Boosters Z. Brgssu-: lll0FFATT RUTH NUSBAUM DIARY SIUSTAPIC DOROTHY O'CONNOR "Belly" G. A. A. 2. "Muay" "Dora" G. A. A. 1-2. Sec. Class Z. G. A. A. 1-2. 85 FN .ag ,,:',, f. l 3 5 'IX yi 4- Q' ............e1E----,.....v.,-sn.. f ELSIE OLs15N ADELINE OSWALD FRANCES PAONESSA "Els" "Giggles" "Fran" G. A. A. Z. G. A. A. Z. Boosters 1-2. ELSIE Plxuss AN'ro1NE'rTE Ross BIARY RUSSEL SADDIE SESTAN "El" "Tony" "Mary Lou" "Sa" G. A. A. 1-2. G A. A. 12. G. A, A. 1'2, G. A. A. 1-2. Emuxsipsar Qrahuates, Suns ELSIE SILZI-:n ESTHER SPIELES ANTOINETTE SROKA NEZH .Babe-, ..T0ny,. Boosters 1-2. Girl Reserves 1-2. P. 81 W. Delegate 2. CATHERINE SwANsoN RIARGARET SWANSQN VERNON TANzEn Lury URBAN "Kitty" "Peggy" "Vein" "Shorty" G. A, A. 1-2. Student Council Delegate 2. Boosters 1-2. Girl Reserves 1-2 86 HELEN WALKER LUCILLE WALKER RUTH WEGENER HHH.. ALM.. ..Rudy.. G. A. A. 1-Z. Aristoi 1-2. Boosters 1-2. JULIA WENcxUs CLARENCE WOLFE STELLA A. ZAKSAS "Jewel" "Chick" "Stal" OTTO Zmns G, A, A, 1.2, Swimming Team 2. G. A. A. 1-2. Student Council DeIegate2 Etna-bear Grahuates, Slum TonE BIETH JEANNETTE GALVIN DOROTHY RICHMOND nnuf, Ujwn., ADH... Boosters 1-2, Boosters 2. G. A. A. Z. G. A. A. 1-2. D H FQITTEN 0553? Mum? HARRIET SMITH Boosters 2. G. A. JULIA M. BROWN .qeuyn Boosters Delegate G. A. A. 1. HELEN CROSSE "Sweetness" Boosters 2 . BENNIE CUTn.ANo Farr-:DA Fvmzsr "Giggler" G. A. A. 2. A. 2. 2. G. A. A. 2. LILLY JACDBSON "Giggles" G. A. A. 1-2. JosEPI-I JANKOWSKI Aloe.. Boosters 1-2 . BITCHAEL KUzoLA ROBERT H. LAWRENCE ABM., Interclass Basketball 1-2 . JOE RAKUNAS "Wreck" 87 HHN... G. A. A. 2. ELIZABETH SPECI-Ir HEI., G. A. A. Z. ANGELO TESTA ANN TONDO Girl Reserves 1. HELEN WING Boosters 2. JULIA ZYLIS Top Row-Maier, Bihl, Sweeney, Herndon, Mayer, Murray, Mason, O'NeiI, Feltes, Wallace, janney, Clausen, Stevens, Brand. Bottom Row-Moragne, Harken, Lubershane, Stein, Barry, Miss O'Neil, Houlihan, Sullivan, Busker, Randolph, Mick. SECRETARIAL CLASS, FEBRUARY 'llhe class of February, 1930, might well be called the class of "Service and Co-operation," for various members acted as secretaries to the faculty during the semester, and did it willingly and cheerfully. Under the careful guidance of their instructors, Miss Anna O'Neil, Miss Katherine Cole, and Mrs. Emily Franklin, and three classes enjoyed many good times together. Entertainment was provided by talented and willing pupils, notably Marion llenson, who rendered several vocal selections, and Adrienne Mason and Eugene Ballou, both pianists of more than usual merit. Clarabelle Brand and Elizabeth Mason will long be remembered for their witty recitations. The class officers were: Agnes Houlihan, president, Eugene Ballon, vice- president: Carlotta Parron, secretaryg Virginia Brand, treasurer, Margarita Barry, publicity chairmang and Elizabeth Edmunds, social chairman. YCARLOTTA Paxkox. Top Row-Mason, Butler, Servis, Stimpli, Caslin, Fax, Friel, Scher, Williams, Miller, Peer, Newell, King. Bottom Row-Bellings, Krauss, Marker, Benson, Parron, Miss Cole, Brand, Kc-efe, Yallin, Schnider, Hinds, Barnes. 88 Top Row-Quinn, Gany, Kenney, Edmunds, Miss Eanklin, Ballon, Mailiard, Kinzell, Bryson. K Middle Row-Smith, Scliottmiller, Parrot, Workman, Blair, Perutis, Kluck, Wright, Smith, liz-rnet. Txl't',Qt'l', Hunter. Swanson. fTlzi.s is part uf February Clam! THE. SECRETARIAL CLASS A Five-Month llusiness Course is otfered to high school graduates interested in the opportunity of receiving practical business training, either to enable them to secure a position, to earn a living, or to prepare them for lecture courses and theme-writing at college. The members of the Secretarial Class are instructed in stenography, typing. bookkeeping, and tiling. The teachers aim to give a practical understanding of the business world and its methods. The Secretarial Class here at Englewood was organized by Mrs. Catherine McCrasky in the spring semester of 1920. The class has grown in size with each succeeding semester, for its graduates have carried a good recommendation with them. The members of the class are awarded diplomas, and special graduation exercises are held at the end of each semester. fARl,l'flCN PRi'rc11,xRn. flfdilorlv noir: "Tim 171177716 and Il'l1ifv" taker this 0flfl07'f1llIlfj' to tlialrls flu' St't'I't'ft1f'it1l C'I11.r.v for flu' lzmzrty t'00I7t'l'tlfliUll il has thrlezidcd to help 111t1lsf our 11111111111 11 .Vllt't't'.X'.Y.l Top Row-Alexander, Lindaucr, Alm, Edlund, Nave, Johnson. Husmann, Buisseret, Webb, Meeker, Riley. Middle Row-Downing, Bowers, Carter, jones, Oostendorp, Leigh, Krbec, Manausa, Torme, Henry, Nelson, Rice. Bottom Row-Mayhorn, Spidel, Roland, Kosovske, Wittl. Mrs, Franklin, Wittl, Broudy, Enpzstroin, Rlolmar, Stuhl. IThiJ ir par! of fum' C'la.r.v.j 89 Top Row-johnson, Larson, Ehrnstein, Lindblom, Porter, Baker, Nattggn, Ryd, Bridge, Griffin, Carlggny Zicterman, Middle Row-Price, Robinson, Cenplinsky, Groves, Crocetti, Codd, Tankersley, Grossman, Yedor, Flynn, Crolley, Baham, Pemberton, Fraser. Bottom Row-Ohlin, Murphy, Huebner, Kinsman, Puette, Miss O'Neil, Glicksman, Smith, Barton, Williams, Finkelstein. THE SECRETARIAI.. CLASS, JUNE. The june Secretarial Class is a fine-spirited group of hard workers and hard players. The class has three helpful teachers in Miss Anna O'Neil, Miss Kath- erine Cole, and Mrs. Emily Franklin. A social program brought a piano solo by lrene Stokes, a tap dance by Clifford Griffin. a song by Lillian Johnson, or some haunting melodies by Mildred Glicksman. Elections brought a wide-awake campaign of speeches and politics. Harry Thompson ran for the office of class president with the motto of, "Not 'Big Bill' but our own Harry Thompson." Harry Thompson is from Lindblom. The other ofhcers are: Vice-president, XVilliam Alexander from Morgan Parkg sec- retary, Arleen Pritchard from Morgan Parkg treasurer, Edwin VVebb from Hyde Park, social chairman, Marion Fitzpatrick from Normal: and publicity chairman, Lyman Gilbert from Morgan Park. fAR1,i1:i5N PRITCHARD. Top Row-Thompson, Gilbert, Saiger, Breitzmann, Nemrava, Misetich, Morrow, Halley, Patterson, Stranovsky. Middle Row-Krasauckas, Cathcart, Blake, Swanson, Brizius, Henderson, Ashburne, Katz, Hickey, Krechefsky, Johnson. Bottom Row-Beynersdorf, Erickson, Schmitt, Murphy, Nelson, Miss Cole, Stokes, Roberts, Spears, Metzger, Fischer. 00 ij' P 4 1 4 E il 'UI wmamman nu Infn theg huilh, Kuhn huilh heneath the stars." -Sdward Qfmng. 413 t INDI-S ,. Mnncanm Mining scene-rnmr so SENIOR B CLASS The 4B Class, the bulwark of the school, herewith presents the accomplish'- ments of some of its members since their entrance in school activities. Athletics, the major activity of many of our classmates, as well represented by Harold Wolf, Paul Patterson, Fred Schewell, Leslie Main, Irving Stupka, and Harold Goldstein on the football team. On the basketball team were: Jimmy Wilson, John VVright, Bill Sheldon, Melvin Saunders, Albert Jarrett, and George Strom. Alex Peak, Harold Wolf, Tony Skupas, and Melvin Saunders were members of our championship baseball team. Joe Stolar, Bert XVilson, 'llony Skupas, Ralph Reynolds, Charles Goldberg, and Albert Jarrett have won many laurels for Englewood on our swimming team. David Samiatezky, Raleigh Stearles, and Joseph Webster were thin-clads who ran for Englewood. Girls, too, proved to be successful in the athletic lield and those who are outstanding are: Ruth VVeinberg, Lathorial King, Evelyn Ernst, Anna Scheuer, Ernestine Orton, and Helen Jones. Top Row-Phelps, Eaton, Goldberg, Brown, Kortun, Balke, King, Tippett, Brink, Levy, Altermatt. Middle Row--Johnson, Poston, McClain, Wilson, Mason, Arnow, Lewis, Geiger, Eklund, Black. Bottom Row-Di Gracomo, McWilliams, Jones, Finkelstein, Clark, Banning, Meiselman, Mueller, Mathew, Orlinsky. 93 -...l.T- M Fourth Row-De Bacher, Rosenthal, Stewart, Stolar, Pay, Henderson, Strom, Loizzo, Edlund, Pecis, Wilkevich. Third Row-Edwards, Owens, Ermst, Orton, Martin, King, Tippett, Wasserman, janovic, Demericus, Lietun, Miller, Weiland. Second Row-Gulbin, Greenfield, Birdsky, Oppermann, Cepak, Patinkin, Levinson, Finch, Severson, Holmberg, Thompson, johnson. Bottom Row-Harris, johnson, Nelson, Olson, Main, Tofller, Weinstein, Konstantalos, White. SENIOR B CLASS fcontinueclj The publication staffs were well represented by Samuel XYeinstein, Charles Goldberg, Lillian Nanus, Helen VVasserman, Mathilda Greenfield, 'lean Meisel- man, Marjorie Tippett, Louis Loizzo, and VVilliam Harich on the "E" Vl7eekly, while on the Purple 8: Wlhite static were Harold Goldstein. business manager, jack XVeiland, photography editor, Madge Montgomery, editor of school life, and Alex Peak, member of the art staff. -HAROLD GOLDSTIQIN. Top Row-Schaffner, Wilson, Phillips, llrevis, Goldstein, Wilson, Stupka, Peak, Phelps, Williams, Woods, Skupas, Reynolds, Samuelson. Middle Row-Andalman, Weiss, Voelker, Loutt, Saunders, Prienke, Prince, Madden, johnson, Winn, Rosen, Samiatezky, Montgomery, Meyers, - Bottom Row-Tschan, Warady, Graves, Sokol, Faustino, Re-ed, Pontorno, Lunt, Nanus, Rueff, Shlmkus. 94 1. f . 0 '-4' X -U JUNIOR A CLASS We, the builders of the Class of 1931, desire a good, sturdy structure. Accordingly, we chose as our master architects Ray jablonski, Katherine O'Con- nor, Alice Mahaffey, Neal Geeraerts, and Mildred Neilson. Many of our builders have been scaling the literary walls. The Purple 8z White has on its staff Katherine O'Cor1nor, Harry Talan, Frances Hansen, Isa- belle Mogelefsky, Lillian Bofman, Pearl Berkson, and Arnold Semsar, while The "E" VVeekly, not to be outdone in its literary endeavors, Finds on its mast- head the names of Ralph Whitehead, Raphael Ginsberg, Louise Grutzmacher, Mildred Goldman, and Mary Louise Hickey. Shakespeare said that the world was a stage, and we have had as our players Philip Koller, Charlotte Rosenberg, Marian Kaplan, Pearl Berkson, Chester Janess, and Leo Rosenthal. Athletics, too, seem to have played an important role in the lives of our builders. Swimming claims Don Mortara, Neal Geeraerts. and Frank Van der Goten. Benjamin Laskin, Dominic Tallarico, and Willard Goldman have upheld our laurels in football, while we claim as members of our city championship base- ball team, Harry Talan, and Benjamin Laskin, manager. Basketball finds in its line-up Thomas Dunn, Austin Johnson, and Jules Weisberg, while our famed sprinters are personified in Ray Jablonski, Myron Marinsky, and Grady Miller. A great feminine influence is found in athletics, for all G.A.A. officers are members of our class: Virginia Martin, president, Mary Birks, vice-president, Alice Mahaffey, secretaryg and Marie Gaston, treasurer. All these girls have earned their letters, as have also Georgia Manes, Bertha Bailey, and Clara Alex. And now, we, as the Junior Class, in bringing our history to a close, realize that in the architecture of the school we seem to represent a staircase leading to that lofty turret, Graduation. We are just about to make our final ascent-the goal not too far ahead to discourage us, and not too near to bring our school experience to a close at once. -MARY LOUISE HICKEY. 95 Wilt' XJ! N E x J IV - I 4 Y 1 l .:a l Fourth Row-Pi'ti-rsen, Si-msar, Smith, Bzirtkus, Tallarico, johnson, Stelzer, Guftaison, Mi-li', Iinpenh, Kohler, johnson, Gaff, Goodman, Lewis, Born. 'l'hir4l RIlVK'i'1Jii.X'PI!D0l'l, Burng, Gziffen. Martin, Leander, Kosfs, liellvr. Blur, Yellage, Bi-miur, VK'olIi'r, Stable, Harrif. Birks. Second Row-Hengel, Gzillick, Moc, Ostergron, Mogelvfsky, Gafnn, Zamve, Weitzman, I'uul. Zqun'infki, Scott, Morris. Bottom-Grodsky, Stziniirs, Czimvr, Swesnik, SQ-lIzvr,M:1rinfky, Gjeldun, Rubenstein, Talan. Fourtli Row-Cliapas, Meyer, janvss, Jordan, Mulvry, Wiese, Kastv, Kzlntor, Dunn, Balnbergur. Third Row-Hansen, Caldwell, Green, Grecnhfflfl, Kaplan, Ni-wstorm, Otto, Ellison, Tolson, Keclainv, Clifford, Second Row-Goldman, Goldman, Graff, Ruby, jablonski, O'L'onnor, Kappvl, Hickvy, Toll, Ford, Clanton. Ellis. Bottom Row-Thomas, Foreman, Peterson, Sirm-r, Miller, Ginsburg, Palarik. 90 K A' 'A iv ff V, "1 .N ' ft' l' ' x t i. l, - xv L io -1 . A l 'v' tt- '-l ' 1 L XNJ ,m t . t X . . J 'A f Jo" li .1 , W, xj jf 'J -' l'J Top Row-Anderson, Titensky, Vogt, O'Dnnnell, Radekopf, White, lluncanson, Martin, Fitzpatrick, Camp bell, Tulley, Vander Goten, Coan, Katz. Third Row-Crain, Ruckwild, Bergman, Bishop, Berkson, Wiedersberg, Nebeker, Pratt, Paulus, Bronson,Roubeck Toth, Nemrana, Sonnenschein, Nelson, Armbuster. Second Row-Paulus, Bly, Anderson, Baker, Armin, Schoen, Mahaffay, Nielsen, Cohen, Dean,Thnmpson, Coyne Bofman. Bottom Row-Geeraerts, Fick, Bruce, Seltzer, Mosgers, Kleihaver, Meeker, Laskin. :Alire lieztnhvr Alice Leander, from lier thirteenth birthday, was handicapped greatly by the death of her mother. Nevertheless she greeted life cheer- fully and tried to make a happy home for her father. Her death was keenly felt by all her classmates and her teachers. "To characterize her life in one word, would be "faithfulness" She was faithful in her hnme, classes, and any work she undertook. She was quiet and reserved." -Jo.-x N N .tx ZA N neu. "Alice Leander was most satisfactory stud- ent-always prepared with her lessons, and always pleasant in manner. lNe miss her from our class, and regret most sincerely her tragic death." HVERA XA'iLr.1.xMs. "Alice Leander was a quiet girl, but a real addition to any class. She was always ready to co-operate, to do her part, and generally a little more than her part, I feel sure that she will be greatly missed in her class." fFl.nicENeE cil'MliINlfR "Quietness, courtesy, friendliness, and cheer- fulness made Alice Leander greatly liked by both students and teachers. I am certain she will be missed hy her classmates." -ANNA E. Firziurkiek. 97 Qtlire 'fllmnlier Bom May 23, 1913, Died April 8, 1930 fx fm PHILIP KOLLER ' one TO ABRAHAM LINCOLN This ode, written January 31, 1930, was chosen as the third best from a field of eighty-tive in the city and county competition. This contest is sponsored annually by the Union League Club. Koller also won the right to represent Englewood High School in the national oratorical contest. He progressed to the semi-finals of the Illinois contest, but was there defeated. As a reward for his previous victories he received a beautiful bronze medal with his name engraved in gold upon it. Zgis Spirit litres By Philip Koller A towering shaft in the morning' rays, That warm the bronzes into glow, Where prairie winds caress and praise The enshrined martyr couched below, A youth draws near with reverent eyesg His grieved lips breathe Lincoln's name, While from the hush a voice replies: "He has not died, though death enfolds His mortal, earthly frame. "His spirit lives, ennobling youth Who, musing on what he o'ercame, Inspired, rise to follow truth, To do fine deeds, have worthy aim. God made him for the nation's need- He molded him as Youth's ideal, Confused feet aright to lead Up rugged steeps to future weal. "His spirit lives within the halls VVhcre statesmen of the nation meet, Its potent influence often calls From wasteful wrangling's bitter heat Those who forget a people's trust, The lessons from his wisdom stand A monument that ne'er can rust, In council-halls throughout the land. "His spirit lives across the sea, Invisible ambassador To courts where men seek to agree That war shall stain the earth no more All nations shall his faith acclaim And sing, as peace returns to earth, The deathlessness of his fair name. He has not died, though death enfolds His mortal, earthly frame." N 'L"'i"'l" 98 - orrlcele or 515 i name AHDERSCNY Mmiicm RATH ZELDK pousn- imnnmar omqmm. ' is PRESIDENT , L VlCE.'YKf.BlDEN'I'Y SECRETARY TREASURER JUNIOR B CLASS 9 Small fry in a big pond. That's what we felt like when we entered Engle- wood two years ago. We knew no one-and were unknown ourselves. But we were not slow to adapt ourselves to this new- life. No, we studied hard, joined activities, and had when we became united as a hall in February, a long list of achievements to our credit. Athletics, of course, attracted many of the boys. Carl Dacons held a regu- lar position on the varsity football team, while Seymour Polley captained the Sophomore eleven. George Guthrie and Jack Moletsky made the heavyweight basketball team. Franklin Anderson, as captain of the junior swimming team, won many first places for Englewood. Donald Hafer is also a member of that team. Gerald Hanna holds a berth on this year's baseball team. Frank Zalisk and Claude Thomas represent the class in lightweight basketball. The former is a member of the baseball team also. Donald Anderson represents the class in track. Among our prominent girl athletes are Virginia Gomoll, Lillian Schatzberg, Regina Anderson, and Ethel Vlfaterman. There is an abundance of journalists in our hall. David Baron, Isabel Decker, Sydney Goldman, Rose Kaplan, Willard Kerman, Edna Lundahl, Alyce Mintz, Margaret O'Donnell, Dorothy Olson, Agnes Petersen, Marian Rath, Nora Sauer, Lillian Schatzberg, and Gwendolyn Wylde work on The "E" Weekly. Gertrude Mintz, Fay Satovitz, Elynore Zemke, and Curtis Melnick are members of the "Purple 81 White" staff. Our class is represented in the orchestra by Alma Bowles, Sophia Pedersen, Nora Sauer, Dorothy Silver, Gladys Stephens, Dalton Nickerson, and Paul Swanson. The band members are John Rice, captain, Curley Albritton, Max Krugman, Irving Brodsky, Maurice Weinberg, Raymond Walters, and Edward Trayner. After the excitement of a first election campaign the following were elected as our class officers: Franklin Anderson, presidentg Marion Rath, vice-president, Margaret O'Donnell, treasurer, Zelda Polishuck, secretary, and Margaret Carroll, social chairman. 99 'ff-1 ' v X 1 X 4 t Q 0 Q f J Q f . , ll '. . W , . . L t ya , t.. Top Row-Shaw, Robinson, Schatzberg, Johnson, Loomis, Minor, Welden, Graff, Low, Miletzky, lndovina. Third Row-Petersen, Hall, Prindl, Lundahl, Bradford, Walker, Stood, King, O'Neil, Gorombey, Simpson. Second Row-Roy, Minnick, Prendergast, Cant, Wilson, O'Donnc-ll, Anderson, Carlson, Spencer, Sauer, Bowles Brown. Bottom Row--Swanson, Claude, Gramberry, Payne, Kerman, Brown, Albriton. Top Row-Blantzoros, Hoffheimer, Walters, Patinkin, Berdelis, Petersen, Poly, Nyberg, Stewart, Palarik Minor, Sirin. Third Row-Olsen, Mintz, Mauer, Cummings, johnson, Yelding, jackson, Lester, Silver, Stevens, Blitz Yerkus, Uzemack. V Second Row-Silvernlan, Strunk, Weinstein, Satovitz, Rossiti, Waterman, Pollshuck, Cigulskis, Porter, Bleast' Poole, Marks. A Bottom Ron-Newln-r,f1er, Melnick, Ruzevich, Machinis, Pendleton, Purse, Zimmerman, Reinch. st 100 E X Q x -Lag Cn J L ,K ' E I 1 l MI ,lvllwg u.. L. i f A X 'J N x Xt ,dl 1 ,T V J! To Rotv-gsjohnson, McLaughlin, Young, Irwin, Hater, Keith, Cannon, Bacon, Linefelser, Katz, Krugman u e. ir Row-King. Kelly, Brownfield, Manthey, Kaplan, Abernathy, Kurz, Kaplan, Decker, Doerr, Palsz Ap erson, Johnson, Mintz, Walton. -x Second Row-Kadin, Katz, De Francisco, Hansen, Devine, Carroll, Rath, Koral, Dermako, Ford, Leone. ' Bottom Row-Colvin, Lavery, Cohen, Hollenback Jacobson, Goldman, johnson, Kapov, Gecht. frislrd , K Q, THE JUNIOR GIRL RESERVES JUNIOR GIRL RESERVES-For write-up see page 101. 4Thix nu-ilcup was accidentally omiltvd from page 1-77 when it was ediied, and the pirlure Io IIKTOIIIINIIIU lhc ter! appears at lhe hoilom of thu! IIIIQLHT This rhyme is of girls of the Fresh-Soph Reserve, The good times they have, they richly deserve. For the columns of school they serve as a "cap," They help to place Englewood square on the map. They're gracious, they're loyal, they'1'e ready to serve, Each one tries to be a true Girl Reserve. The Y. VV. C.A. sponsors the club, The theme is "To Give," a thing that they love. They took as a project some Philippine work, And not one of the girls could be found who would shirk. The sponsor and girls have a wonderful time, And with this gentle hint l'm closing my rhyme. Miss KINCHLOI-3 is our faculty sponsor. illfl. SAUICR. First Svuzvsfer Scrond Semester GRACE XVOILES ........ .- ...., President ...... ........ , lI'3AN DIQCKER IRENE KASZESKA., .... .... . .Vive-fwifesidcnf. ......... Donornv CROWELI, LORETTA B1,A1s ,.,.,, ........ T reasmfcr ..... ........ L ORETTA BLAIS LORIQTTA BLAIS ,,,,,. ...... Sl evrctaafy ..... ...... O LGA GAVIQN lOl l' v THE SOPI-IOMORE. CLASS The Gothic tower is the bulwark of the Englewood structure. This tower is not stronger than the pillars that support it. These pillars are the four classes: Senior, Junior, Sophomore, and Freshmen. We, the Sophomore class, have found strength in the many activities of the school. The athletes who are upholding this tower are: Joseph McCarthy and Peter Rozgus on the baseball team: Forrest Farrow and VVilliam Johnson on the Senior swimming team, and Robert NVhittington, Donald XV inter, Clarence Wolf, and Louis Zorenba of the Junior team, Thomas Miller, Paul Grach, and Peter Razgus on the basketball, tennis, and football teams. The girls, too, give necessary support. Genevra Ramadell, Altha Brookins, Anna Roubeck, Anna Lavery, Eva Krisolofsky, and Virginia lreneus stand out as general athletes. Literary ability is essential for strength of the structure. Maurice Feldman, Earl Bickerton, Paul Cohen, and Phillip Holmes, Rose Kane, Howard Messmore, Marie Murphy are on the "E" VVeekly Staff, Gerald Stern and Margaret Mackey on the Annual Staff. Carolyne Webster and Barbara Knettle of the Social Service Auxiliary, and Elwin Kleihauer, Marjery Jacobs, David Timberlake, Carolyne XVebster, and Barbara Knettle of the School Service Bureau add the service stone to our tower. Business ability, a practical stone in the foundation, is furnished by Russell Matthews, Morris Engel, Edward Kampotich, who are on the Drama Business Staff. William Pelgrenetti, Jeanette Gecht, Marvin Jacobs, Louise Bicknell, John Anderson, Sophie Wrohel, NVilliam Cauch, Edmund Michevich, jack Stanfield, Phyllis Bobson, Ludie Porter, and Isodore Stellerman are the musical bulwarks. We are trying to build our pillar strong and true, for we do not want the weight to fall too heavily on any other pillar. -BARBARA ICNETTLF1. CThe 7'11Hl'IbL'7'S 011 the f?it'I"ll7'0.K' following indicate the Di-z'i.rio1'1 Rooms I'L'f'1'L'.V?llfL'd in each p1cfm'e.j N ,l-,,-,,..,i,, 102 " A pl QW 103 104 THE F RESHMAN CLASS It is generally considered that the Freshman class is the weakest. lf "a chain is as strong as its weakest link," we have a good strong school, For instance, we have the interclass swimming meet. The Freshmen team consists of VVorbon, Maina, Hylander, Clendar, Rusackas, Simmons, Sorenson, Rimkus, johnson, McNamara, Gilmore, and Strane. Sprinting takes in Joseph Evans, Edward Philan, Leslie Caldwell, and Robert Caldwell. P. Grodsky is official mascot of the track team. Along with school activities we have in our midst a young Lindy. James Scott has considerable experience in aeroplane modeling, Pictures of his planes and some of his drawings have been published in several papers and magazines. Armando Monteraselli was the tirst delegate to bring his room to 10071 sub- scription for The "E" XYeekly. Speaking of The "EU VVeekly, we have Hugh Hamilton on the stat? as copy boy. He is also the Freshman Judge in the Student Court. Florence Beaumont plays the saxophone in the concert band. Edward Moore is also a member of the tirst band. Aristoi claims M. Phelps, L. Olson, J. Woz- niak. S. lluchow, E. Freund, I. Ealles, D. Breau, Nl. Miller, and L. VVexler. This is pretty good for a start, don't you think? -LoR1:r'rA Rims and OLGA GAVEN. fTl1r HIHllbCl'.Y 011 flu' fllt'f11l'I'A' follmuizzg indicate the 191'-:'i.rim1 Rmaulx rr'prr'.venfrd in carl: pzrturrnj 105 10K 3 107 IAMA' I Do OU.- NOW rm i i 5 3 Ima D P DUI' 108 air? x7 MT RAN PX X X Xll !lIlX 73' -" ' f r , ANNEX s 2, ,A A o NS X A. , 'XfIll 2lliS'.'Z. Ill5 iIlfZ LK' All are architects nf gffate marking in these fualls nf time-" - .feongfellofw 0 MILDRED p P FACULTYART ADVISER p e p CG-CI-llE.F THE PURPLE AND WHITE The Purple and White Staff has been seeking to make the Annual more and more representative of the whole school. This endeavor is no slight to the Seniors, who occupy the most prominent part of the bookg it is an effort to bring the underclassmen into closer touch with the activities and life of the school, and to reveal to them the interesting part they play in the institution. In the Staff organization Seniors are given preference in the executive positions, but underclassmen are not ineligible for responsible work when they show ability. The reader little realizes the amount of careful work that many of the Staff members have devoted to producing this bookg the many hours after school and at lunch time. These faithful students are entitled to tribute for their effort and success. The teachers who have excused students from classes in emergencies and otherwise lent sympathetic aid have the gratitude of the Staff and Advisers. 0-UA. ANTHONY M-ww lvl. A .du K , I fb A ,px ,J . f... -1 . 'X-. JAcic WEILAND GRACE TRESS EDVYARD M.f.LEc Editor, June Editor, June Editor, June Photography. Girls' Athletics. Boys' Athletics. MILDRED LUNDAHL KATHERINE OlCONNOR MADGE MoN'rcoMERY EDITH Pousxy Head Sec., June Auditor, June Edalor, June Editor, June Business Dept. Business Dept. School Life. Classes. PURPLE AND WHITE STAFF ALBERT KAUFMAN FAY SATov1'rz CHARLES ZLOTNIK Graduating Member Editor. June Manager, June Sales Dept. Layout Work. Sales Dept. MORRIS GOTTLIEE CLARA SHAYNE ABRAHAM Movrr Bl-ZRNICE MASS Editor, June Editor, June Manager, June Head Sec., February R. O. T. C, Activities. Advertising Dept. Business Dept. ll ' 'i ll "iii "f" 112 I v O-fi .fx 1 -"- ,. ' ll WL l 51.1 'XIV t I , Top Row-Wess, Peak, Talan, Bofman, Mintz, Zemke, Mogelefsky, Mandel, Stern, Melnick, Semsar. Middle Row-Movit, Kaufman, Hansen, O'Connor, Gottlieb, Satovitz, Gafiin, Wolanski, Mr. Cheadle. Bottom Row-Tress, Zlotnik, Shayne, Raciti, Wittstock, Miss Dandliker, Goldstein, Lundahl, Weiland, Polisky. PURPLE 6: WHITE ORGANIZATION MEM BICRS Pearl Berkson, Lillian Bofman, Ethel Gafiin. Harold Goldstein, Morris Gottlieb, Frances Hansen, Albert Kaufman, Mildred Lundahl, Edward Malec, Gertrude Mintz, Isabelle Mogelefsky, Madge Montgomery, Abraham Movit, Katherine O'Connor, Edith Polisky, Anthony Raciti, Fay Satovitz, Clara Shayne, Grace Tress, Jack VVeilaud, Mildred Wfittstock, Zenon Wolanski, Charles Zlotnik, RESERVES Victoria Dalber, Benjamin Laskin, Margaret Mackay, George Marjan, Robert Meeker, Curtis Melnik, Gerald Stern, Eleanore Zemke. NVRITE-UP CONTRIBUTORS Irwin Askow, Earle Bickerton, Mary Birks, Loretta Blais, Patty Brazaitis, Hymen Brown, Harry Cohen, Isabel Decker, UE" VVeekly, Adelaide Franzer, Betty Frystak, Olga Gaven, Jeanette Gecht, Adeline Gilason, Thelma Goldman, George Guthrie, Garfield Hawley, Richard Henderson, Mary Louise Hickey, Louise Hopson, Esperance Johnson, Herman Kalish, Marian Kaplan, Barbara Knettle, Muriel Koch, Miss Kiely, Nathan Krausman, Jeanette Levinson, Alice Mahaffey, Virginia Martin, Henry Meyers, Ruth Mitchell, Glenora Mugfor, Carlotta Parron, Agnes Petersen, Mary Pesavento, Orva Prange, Arleen Pritchard, Genevra Ramsdell, Pearl Reifman, N. Sauer, Anna Scheuer, Nathan Silver, Lillian Shatzberg, Jesse Shults, Mrs. E. C. Smith, Mercia Snyder, Ella Toth, Dick VVren, Clifford Young, Mr. Rosinbum, Miss Robertson, and Miss Mitchell. 113 ml- - NL , If . W" wkl. I I PURPLE AND WHITE ART STAFF Top Row--Alex Peak, Linnea Carlson, Edna Manausa, Zenon Wolanski, Art Dept. Editor. Bottom Row-Proctor Brown, Tom Wess, Margaret Grant, Arnold Semsar. THE ART STAFFS On the Purple and White art staff are pupils who have worked on two annuals. The school art staff includes those who have contributed to the annual of this year as well as those who have been called upon for posters and lettering for school advertising. They were chosen because of their ability and dependability to accomplish whatever has been asked of them. To this list should be added the names of Emma Bacigalupe, Donald McCabe, Katherine Dorsey, Marguerite James, john Pataki, Gertrude Goromby, Francis Coan, Zavis Artis, and Fred Kimme. alll Iss Acxi-is IDANDLIKER. SCHOOL ART STAFF Top Row-McLoughlin, johnson, Sachs, Wolanski, Cc-rnicky, Tarsnn, Ronaynr, Wess, Semsar. Middle Row-Sher, Miller, Smith, Minank, Reinsch, Peak, Thomas, Davis, Stevenson. r Bottom Row-Flaum, Dockeray, Charnofl, Mackay, Klikun, Miss Dandliker, Kitinan, Kardinskas, H3YTlS,wv0llCT. 114 Top Row-Weiland, Brown, Gilason, Brown, Reifman, Goldman, Hopson, Whitehead, Bertine, Raciti, Bottom Row-Tippctt, Levinson, Bachmann, Miss Zimder, Goldstein, Wittstock, Sauer. QUILL AND SCROLL The H. F. Harrington chapter of the Quill and Scroll International Honor Society repre- sents the highest achievement in literary and executive efforts for members of literary staffs. The Englewood chapter has already admitted thirty-nine to membership. Formal initia- tions have been held successively before a school assembly, at a journalism banquet, and at a reception for the parents of staff members. The qualifications are a G plus average in scholarship, at least one year's work on a literary static, and the approval of this application by the adviser and the national secretary. -NIARJORIE TtPPE'r'r. First Selnesfer Second Sem-ester. Tnoivms VVASUN .,............ ,...... P resident ........ ....... S YLVESTER BACHMANN Sx'LvEs'rER BACHMANN ...... ....... T rearurer ..,...............,, HARo1.n Go1,ns'rr:1N VERT CLUB VK'hat is the Vert Club? It is a deep secret my little children. Its members? Its members are those illiterate who have Succeeded in having at least three of their Brain children printed in the Vert Column, and who can pass an interior decorating test, hleetin' twice a month to decorate. -HYMEN Bnowx, GLENORA Mucrok. First Semerfer Second Semester. HYMEN BRowN ......... ...... I ,resident ......... ...... . .GLENoRA Mucrou h'lARIAN KAPLAN .,........ . .................................... Secretary .............,, , ..... llizmzt, REIFMAN Top Row-Unohoo, Sinner, Itsa C. Cret, Nways B ittlin, E. M., Wee Wee, Teddy, Perky, Hyl?-row. Bottom Row-Otto Luck, Minnehaha, Herlock Sholmes Kattitt, Namae, Muggy, Bea Bea, Gopher, Mary. 115 THOMAS TNASON Miss JOANNA ZANDER SYLvEs1'En BACHMANN Editor-in-Chief, Fall Editorial All-uisrr Editor-in-Chief, Spring XVALTIIR Bkooxs Miss CLARA TAYLOR SAM Law Tm-:LMA GOLDMAN .llake-up Editor Financial Adviser Business Mgr. Features THE "E" WEEKLY "Give me liberty to know, to utter ana' to argue freely affording ta my can- scienrc, above all oflicr liberties."-Mn.ToN. The above quotation expresses the principle upon which The "E" VVeekly operates. Seventy-iive students, all working harmoniously under the guidance of Miss Joanna Zander and Miss Clara H. Taylor, produce a newspaper re- flecting the ideas and activities of the whole student body of Englewood. Growing from a four-column sheet to the present seven-column size, The "E" XVeekly has expanded hand-in-hand with the school. lt was one of the first high school newspapers in this part of the country. Ever since Top Row-Caldara, Sauer, Goldman, Rath, Mintz, Gilason, Goranson, Brown, Whitehead, Jersild, Ginsberg, Mugior Middle Row-Bilder, Souer, Kaplan, Tippett, L. Brown, Corbin, Weiss, Young, Hopsun, Bertine, Reifman, Goodman Bottom Row-Cohen, H. Wason, Brooks, Goldman, T. Wason, Miss Zander, Prange, Bachmann, Eckhaus, Rice. 116 Top Row-Kerman, Nitsky, Weinstein, Woerner, Tofller, Barich, Andrulis, Tegtmeier, Stewart, Phillips, Wish, Schuster. Middle Row-Levinson, Karshen, Palmer, Hickey, Wheeler, Brazaitis, Nordstrom, Loeb, Zakar, Wasserman, Peterson, Keller, Kaplan, Carroll, Meiselman. A Bottom Row-Hamilton, Levine, Gradman, Sameulson, Levy, Goldberg, Miller, O'Donnell, Gret-nhelsl, Rlasal. its founding, it has rated in the highest class in the many contests it has entered. It has been awarded the All-American rating by the National Scholastic Press Association for the last six years. lt has been awarded tirst prize and distinguished rating' by the Illinois State High School Press Associa- tion since 1923. For the last three years, The "E" Wleekly has been one of the lirst western papers to receive first class honors from the Columbia Press As- sociation. Although The "E" VVeekly has its regular reporting and editing stall. contributions of student opinion and creative writing are always welcomed for the editorial page. A special group of students comprising the business staff of the paper has charge of the complicated records necessary to keep straight the nuances of the paper, which depend upon the subscriptions of students and alumni and advertising solicited from merchants. -THIQLMA GOLDMAN, ...Q ,Ls-.uz.Qf 4 ' 1 Mk-1 Sir'-c, fL"""""' f wa, 44,,4,.,c, ,rf X. -ORVA PRANGIC. L ' XA, Top Row-Stelzer, Bartkus, Goldman, Kleihauer, Cohen, Messmore, Bickerton, Andrulis. ,IQ 4'-2 Middle Row-Grutzmacher, Vig, Kaplan, Schatzberg, Lundahl, Olson, Murphy. , Bottom Row-Kane, Nanus, Bachmann, Miss Taylor, Fitch, Decker. ' I nl!-Oifff 117 ,jbfft-44v af- -uf v g 44.97-.A Us . Ill' -'vu' Avail - ORVA PRANGE CHRIST BILDER Louis!! HOPSON Editorial Page Assigning Editor News Editor JEANETTE LEv1NsoN ALBERT BERUNE ADELINE G1LAsoN PEARL REIFMAN News Editor News Editor News Editor News Editor THE "E" WEEKLY STAFF-F all l929 Editor-in-Chief ..........................................................................................,......................... Thomas Wason Assignments .............. .. ......... ........................................,............. . ...........,.............,.........., O rva Prange Make-up .,.............................. ....... .... ............,.. W a l ter Brooks, Sylvester Bachmann Editorial Page .................................................................................................................... Thelma Goldman General News Editors ........................................................ Christ Bilder, Louise Brown, Marian Kaplan, Jeannette Levinson, Marjorie Tippett. Athletic News Editors ........................................................................ Albert Bertine, Louise Hopson Headlines .................................. Alyce Mintz, Mildred Goldman, Marian Rath, Esther jersild, Raphael Ginsberg, Ralph Whitehead. Proofreader .......................................... .................,........,..,,,...,. , ,.....,... ...,.,.. I e rome Weiss BUSINESS Business Manager ..... ................................... ............... S a m Levy Assistant ....................... ......,.............................. L eRoy Schuster Advertising Manager ........ ..................................... C harles Goldberg Assistants ....... ... .... .. ................ .. .................... ........... ........... .. ..... W i llard Kerman, George Wish Circulation Manager ...................................................................................................... -John Samuelson Assistants ....,....... Paul Woerner, Arthur Toflier, Robert Stewart, Samuel Weinstein, Ruth Doede, Raymond Tegtmeier. Clerks ................ Matilda Greenfield, Thelma Karshen, Jean Meiselman, Helen NVasserman, Estelle Zaker, Anna Masal. DEPARTMENTS Room News ..... ....................,.................. ........ E v elyn Eckhaus Exchanges .......... ....... ........ P e arl Reifman Assistant ........................... - ........................ ........... I ennie Caldara Art Reviews ............................................................ .......... D orothy Mathew In Our Little World and Social Calendar ....... ......... H elen Wason Special Features and Curious Cub ................... ............ B etty Rice fu . -----. 118 - Entre NOUS -------------- ........ E velyn Goodman D0 YOU KHOW ------------ ......... J erome Cohen Veftebfal COil1l'l'lIl ...... .., .....,,....,,,,,,..,,,,4,, ,,,,,. H ymen Brown SPOYY Spray ------------------------------.................. ............................................ ............................ J a mes Souers REPORTERS Jane Goranson, Nora Sauer, Laura Keller, Glenora Mugfor, Hymen Brown, Adeline Gilason, Margaret O'Donnel1, William Barich, Dorothy Nordstrom, Agnes Palmer, Marlon Loeb, Evelyn Miller, Patricia Brazaitis, Julius Andrulis. SECRETARIES Isabel Gradman, Mary Louise Hickey, Helen Wheeler, Janette Meyers, Birdie Kaplan, Marion Loeb, Evelyn Miller, Patricia Brazaitis, Julius Andrulis. Messenger ...................................,...........................,.............................................................. Hugh -Hamilton THE "E" WEEKLY STAFF-Spring i930 Editor-in-Chief ....................... .................................................................................. S ylvester Bachmann Assignments ........ .................................. M arjorie Tippett Editorial Page .......... ....................................................................................... : ................,. rya Prange Make-Up ...........,.................................................................................. Ralph Whitehead, William Barich News Editors ...................... Albert Bertine, Louise Brown, Adeline Gilason, Louise Hopson, Jeannette Levinson, Pearl Reifman, Marjorie Tippett. Headlines ................ Alyce Mintz, Raphael Ginsburg, Meyer Nitsky, Sidney Goldman, Elwin Kleihauer. Proof Readers .............................................................................. .. .......... Dorothy Olson, Isabel Decker BUSINESS Business Manager ........ .................................. .................... S a m Levy Cashier ............................ . ............... - ..................................................... L eRoy Schuster Advertising Manager ....... .................................................................... C harles Goldberg Assistants .................................... ............. W illard Kerman, George Wish, Thelma Karshen Circulation Manager .........................................................................,................................ John Samuelson Assistants ............................................................................................ Paul Woerner, Oscar Stelzer Floor Captains ............ Arthur Toffler, Ruth Roede, Raymond Tegtmeier, Dick Henderson, Nick Konstantalos, Lewis Loizzo, Leslie Main, Curley Albritton. Accountants ............ Matilda Greenfield, Jean Meiselman, Helen Wasserman, Anna Masal. DEPARTMENTS Room News ........ .............................................. ............................ G l enora Mugfor Exchanges .............. ...................................... ......... , ....................... J e nnie Caldara Assistants .,........... .... .... Paul Cohen, Maurice Feldman Books ...- ............................................. ..... ......................................... N o ra Sauer In Our Little World ................................ ............... T helma Goldman Curious Cub and Do You Know ........... ....,..... D orothy Nordstrom Entre Nous and Social Calendar .......... ............... E velyn Goodman Alumni News ......................................... ............................... .......... M a rgaret O'Donnell Vertebral Column ....................................................... , ......,................. , ..........,..................,. Hymen Brown REPORTERS Agnes Petersen, Marian Rath, Mildred Goldman, Louise Grutzmacher, Marie Murphy, Julius Andrulis, Agnes Palmer, Edna Lundahl, Gwendolyn Wylde, David Baron, Samuel Weinstein, Lillian Nanus, Earl Bickerton, Howard Messmore, Philip Holmes, Jeanne Levine. SECRETARIES Isabel Gradman, Helen Wheeler, Rose Kaplan, Walter Bartkus, Lucille Vig, Mildred Schild, Lillian Schatzberg, Rose Kane. Copy Boy ,,,.,.,,.,,.................. ................................................-....... ................................ . .... H L1 gh Hamilton FACULTY Financial Adviser ........ .................................. .......... M i ss Clara H. Taylor Editorial Adviser ..,..,... ........r..............r.... .......... M i ss Joanna Zander -1 119 1 I - FIRE MARSHALS, FALL STUDENT COURT, FALL Top Row-Podesta, Weiss, Wason, Waterman. Top Row-Good, Bachmann, Levy, Machinis. Bottom Row-Connelly, Machinis, Mr. Hunter, Cohen, Kalish. Bottom Row--Connelly, Mr. Deter, Eckhaus, Feldman FIRE MARSHALS Who regulates all the fire drills? Who sees that order prevails during all the assemblies? Who maintains the highest possible degree of safety by strictly enforcing all regulations pertaining to the fire ordinances? None other than the fire deputies of Englewood. Very few of us realize what a tremendously responsible position these boys hold. Should a fire occur, the life of virtually every student in the building would be in the hands of the fire deputies. ' According to Mr. Hunter, our dean of boys, the fire deputies have to be known to be both reliable and dependable before they are selected for the position. The fire deputies are appointed by the chief student fire marshal in collaboration with Mr. Hunter, and are then approved by our principal, Mr. O'Hearn. It is the duty of the chief tire marshal to stand by the city tire depart- ment alarm box during the course of a fire drill, so that in the meanwhile if a real fire is discovered, it may be reported immediately. The duty of the fire marshals is to thoroughly inspect the building in order to make sure that everyone has left, and then to assist the teachers in maintaining order. Due to the fact that Ere drills are never held during inclement weather, they furnish a certain enjoyment to get out-of-doors, and a brief relief from studies, especially if an examination is in progress. One very pleasant and never-to-be-forgotten incident occurred when the boys were on duty during the girls' posture contest. -HENRY MEYERS. First Semester Seeond Semester PETER lwACH mis ...... .,.....,... C 11fiefMarshal ....,,. ........ H ARRY COHEN HARRY COHEN ........ ..... 1 elssisfanf Marshal ...... ........ C LIFFORD YOUNG ' 120 V I 41 ,Q I l ' :JC J lulu f MIM. . L1 'A X T l STUDENT COURT, SPRING FIRE MARSHALS, SPRING Top Row-Shewell, llressmore, Hamilton, Feldman, Klei- Top Row-Leppa, Wendt, Waterman, Wren. hauer, Laskin, Levy. Bottom Row-Kalish, Cohen, Young, Ponzevic. Bottom Row-Erickson, Goodman, Mr. Schuesslcr, Goldman, Bachmann. STUDENT COURT Hear el Hear el The court is now in session. The s ectators rise, Y Y P the judges take their chairs, and another session of the court is under way. The students of Englewood are indeed very proud of their Student Court and fully appreciate the honor and confidence placed in them by being allowed to discipline themselves. The court is composed of a chief justice, six associate judges, a secretary, a prosecuting attorney, and a bailiff. All members are elected to their respective offices by the Student Council. A group of police, twenty-five in number, are under the jurisdiction of the court, and they issue court slips for the various misdemeanors. This year the two chief justices, Stanley Connelly and Everett Erickson, have ex erienced unusual success in havin the court attain a hi h de ree of , S perfection. H-l'lliNRY MEYICRS. First' SRl1It'SfC7' STANLEY CoNN12Ll,v .,,.., EVELYN Eclc nfws .....,.. SvLvlf2s'rlf3R RACH MAN N ...... GRACIA Gllzns ...... . ......... BERNICE ARMIN ..... BTORRIS FELDMAN ..... Loifrs SPEARS ,.,...... . .....ffzldg05, 4A.....,. .....!udy0s, 4B....... .....f1,ldgC.S', ......Judges, 3B...... Iudges, ZA and ZB fudgvs, IA and IB ..... ,...... l2l ,L llwf fllsfzrc ..... ....... 3A ....... .....,. Second Su11lc.rtcr Evlcmeirr ERrclcsoN 'FHELMA GOLDMAN FRED S Hliwrtu, BENJAMIN LASKIN HowARD Mr:ssMoRl4 MORRIS FELDMAN HLYGH HAMILTON Top Row-Weiland, Brooks, Connelly, Meeker, Kaufman, Weiss, Lurie, Gliclestein, Machinis, Spear. Second Row-Farmer, Tripp, Hopson, Wason, Elam, Goldman, Ranquist, Holmes, Corbin, Applegren, Vanden Bergh, Neville, Andrescopulos, Helen. Bottom Row-Charnoff, Greenneld, Neilson, Levy, Mr. Burnham, Good, Goodman, Fagenholz, Dumas, Eckhaus. STUDENT COUNCIL Composed of delegates from every room and division in Englewood, the Student Council is very representative as a body in our school. The aim of the council is to co-operate with the principal in promoting the welfare of the school. The council was organized in 19223. Several schools have since followed Englewood's example. All resolutions passed by the council are presented in written form to the principal and when passed by him, become student laws. Another function of this body is to oversee the operation of the Student Court. whose officers are elected from the council. Top Row-Cannon, Smith, Tomaeno, Tallman, Richelsen, Ronaync, Wason, Brown, Mass, Barber, Zlotnik, Raciti. Middle Row-Grodsky, Foreman, Kleihauer, Periette, Simmons, Davenport, Malone, Ruchas, Kaplan, Smith, Ker- main, Feldman, Hamilton. Bottom Row-Gecht, Kirby, O'Donnell, Levy, Mr, Burnham, Good, Goodman, Rakis, Doty, Brottmun. 122 . 5 if 1 1 J ' A -,Lira A' V N Top Row-Erickson, Fick, Spears, Moore, Gottlieb, Marinsky, Hlickevich, Rosas, Cannon, Kleihauer, Shewcll, Rosenthal. Middle Row-Elam, VVittstock, Binder, Swanson, XValley, john-on, Kll'l1l2lll, Sluhle, Jacobs, Rl'Clll1'VlCZ,.'xl1dl'lS, Kuntor. Bottom Row-Jahier, Gnlrlblatt, Grodsky, Peterson, Wolf, Klr. Blll'l'lll2lIl1, Levy, Nelsen, Miller, Marsh, Feld- man. STUDENT COUNCIL CContinuecU The proceedings of the Student Council are not as dry as one would imagine, for a slight spirit of fun often creeps into its work. The last important measure, known as the "Limitation Act," is one that can give light on the work of the council. This act prohibits the number of oliices held by any one person in school. Any student participating in too many activ- ities can he compelled to drop the superiiuous ones. -HYMIQN llRou'N. First Sn'l1lc'Sft'I' Surmzfz' ,S't'111u.vfcr' IEIQRNARD Goon ,,,,, ,,,,,, P resident ........ ......... S AM Llcvv SAM Lrivv ,,,..,.,,,,,,,,.,, ,Nlf'im-fm-sifiwzt. ,.... .... H AROLD XYo1,r EVICLYN GOODMAN ,,,.,, ,,,,,,, S' 1-rrmiry ..... .... E v1f:I,YN Goonmix N Top Row-Rosenthal, lfllWI1l'!l, Kaufman, Brown, Laskin. Raciti, Titf-nsky, Tulan, Cohen. Middle Row-Bachmamn, Kalish, Melnick, Wish, Kleihauer, Zlotnik, Wviland, Andlvman. Bottom Row-l'mnge llopson, Armbruster, Rosen, Levy, Munson, Ranquisl, Gilasnn, Quinn. 123 A l ' Middle Row-Zlotnik, Kalish, Machinis, Kaufman, Swenson, Wason, Good, Connelly, Hopson, Bottom Row-Snyder, Jordan, Holmes, Goodman, Mr. Hunter, Cohen, Leppa, Goldman, Tripp, Goldberg. ENGLEBOOSTER EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE The Engleboosters Executive Committee is the foundation of all school activities. VVithout a strong and competent committee the other organizations would tumble down. The blocks building up this foundation of school organization are: The Student Court, The Student Council, The "E" VVeekly, The Purple and White, and all the other clubs of the school. The Englebooster Association furnishes soap, towels, and mirrors, guard and fire marshal badges, provides for dances, and issues athletic schedules. -HARRY Com-IN. First Senmvfcr Second Semester. HARRY CoHEN .......... .,....i.......... I 'rexidezzf ..........,..,..........,..... HARRY Col-IEN EVELYN CTOUDMAN ...,,, ..... . ....... V ire-president ............. ........ E VELYN GOODMAN BETTY HtlI,MES ........,...... ......., C orrexfronding secretary ..... .....,.. B ETTY HOLMES THELMA GOI,DMAN ....... .......,. R ecording .rerretary ....... ..,..... T HELMA GOLDMAN EDVVARU LEPPA .... . .,......,...........,......,..,..... Treasurer .......,....................,... EDWARD LEPPA ENGLEWOOD HIGH SCHOOL POLICE Englewoods medieval style of architecture is strongly reminiscent of the old castles of Europe. A castle was a self-contained and self-governing unit, a small community behind protected walls. And so with the school lite of Englewood, rules and orderly procedure are required that harmony and order prevail. The E. H. S. Police could he very easily compared with strong watch towers watching the community for any signs of disorder. -NATHAN SILVER. NATHAN SILVER ........ Chief of 1'0lire hi0RTUN hlURTENSlJN ........ Amt. Chief of Polirc Top Row-Kaufman, Koller, Shuchter, Yastrow, Andalman, Young, Movit. Middle Row-Richardson, Turner, Zlotnik, Machinis, Spear, Leppa, Waterman, Rith. Bottom Row-Levy, Shayne, Silver, Mitz, Mortonswn, Wittstock, Krausman. 124 Top Row-Feldman, Stern, Brown, Kardinskas, Hopson, Doekeroy, Wolanski, Zlotnik, Jacobs. Bottom Row-Reifman, Levinson, Brazaitis, Kalish, Kaufman, Goldman, Mackay, Ketrnan. C. I. C. About ten years ago the Civic Industrial Committee was introduced into Englewood. The chief concern of the committee is clean-up. They conduct clean-up campaigns in Engle- wood and neighboring grammar schools, and they have charge of the locker inspection which is held twice a year. Each year the C. I. C. enters a scrapbook in the city-wide contest conducted by the Chicago Chamber of Commerce. They won honorable mention last year. It is hoped they will win the hundred dollar prize this year. First Semester Second Semester. H. KALISH ............... 1 C CI . ' H. KALISH A. KAL11-'MAN .......... C """" """"' 0 ' mm M" """ A. KAUFMAN GUARD COMMISSION . Considering the many entrances of the Englewood High School, the guard system is very efhcient. To be exact, there are fourteen entrances to be guarded. The guard system was organized under the supervision of the Dean of Boys. Its purposes are: To guard property, instruct and correct students, and to see that the rules pertaining to time taken by the students between classes are rigidly observed. The Guard Commission is composed of the otlicers of the system. --Currouo YOUNG. Top Row-Rubinstein, Meyers, Stewart, Samiatezky, Titensky. Bottom Row-Waterman, Mortenson, Movit, Young,Leppa. 125 - Top Row-Kleihauer, Ruby, Knettle, Konstantalos, Zlotnik, Brazaitis, Nordstrom, Hr-nke, Polishuek, Iser. Middle Row-Faustino, Webster, Tressler, Gilason, Brawi. 'I'inoett. Goranson. Frvstak. Blahafiey, Silver, Roubbeck. Bottom Ron'-Leone, Ca'dara, Hopson, Miss Campbell, Prange, Cram-, Conell, Armin, Scorza. SCHOOL SERVICE BUREAU My fountain pen is lost again, Where, O where, can I find it? I've hunted and hunted, but all in vain, Can the Service Bureau find it? I go reluctantly down the hall, It's not so hard to hnd it. "Has anyone turned in a pen to you all?" Oh gee, if only I could find it. Now cards are brought forth and questions are asked To make sure that I know what I am after, And ready assistance is proffered my grief: Their eagerness moves me to laughter. At last a description is found, to my gleeg Describing my article as plain as can be. My thanks are profuse, the Bureau can see That it has brought happiness once more to me. -Muiuni, Koen. Firxf St'lIll'.Yfl'I' Sermirl Sl'lIlCXfF7' ORVA IIRANGE ,..,..,.... ......,.... L 'lzairmun ........,..., Louisa Hnvsow Louisa HIJPSKJN ...,... .....,. V ire-rlzazrmtm ......,.. IXIARY RANoU1sr NIARY RANQUIST ....................t...........,........ 'I reaxurvr .....,...,,... Top Row-Timberlake, Bensor, Koch, Rosene, Shellenberger,Bofman,Knettle,Henke,Webster,ZIotnik,Kleihausen Middle Row-Prange, Gilason, Silver, Brodsky, Armin, Mitz, Nordstrom, Jacobs, Lewis, Tippett, Brown. Bottom Row-Conell, Caldara, Kleihauer, Ranquist, Hopson, Miss jones, Leone, Leone, Iser, Polishuck. 126 Top Row-Zlotnik, Brown, Wuson, Young, Wernicke, Corbin, H. Wason, Gilason, Bachmann, Koller, Wa-nrlt. Bottom Row-jordan, O'Connor, Erickson, Goldman, Miss Allin, Swenson, Weiss, Grant, Snyder. SOCIAL SERVICE AUXILIARY Service is the foundation of personal character. The Social Service Auxiliary, composed of a committee of three appointed by Mr. Hunter, and aided by twenty-two students, is one of the corner stones of our Gothic temple of education. The four sides of the corner stone are the Calc Forest work, the Milk Iiund, the Rose Sale, and cards sent to shut-in students. As a foundation stone upholds the structure of the edince, and receives no gargoyles of glory or Gothic beauty, but strengthens and enhances the character of the edifice. so the foundation stone of the Social Service Auxiliary has been welded and firmly settled in the underlying structure of our school. ATHELMA GOLDMAN. First Scuzvsivr Second Semester josrgpu Swr:NsoN ...... ....... P rvsidvnf ...,.. ,....... J OSEPH Swr:NsoN jrinolvrri VVE1ss ..,........ ...., I 'irc-fvresidmzf .......... ROBERT STEWART 'IIHELMA GQLDMAN ..,... .,...,., 9 cert-tary ..... ...... 'I lHELMA GOLDMAN Ev1zRr:TT Eiuciqsox ,.,.,............. .... 7 'rcasurcr .......i...... EVIQRIQTT ERICKSON Top Row-Wendt, Sher, Levy, Stolar, Andrulis, Kaufman, Emery, Goldstein, Zlotnik. Middle Row-O'Connor, Prange, Gilason, Hansen, Ranquist, Snyder, Wernicke, Silver, Bottom Row-Kaplan, Knettle, Erickson, Goldman, Mrs. Mackey, Swenson, Stewart, Webster. 127 I7-S. 3..,..s-s.,-t.- W-. fi l l l I I 1 l FALL Top Row-Bachmann, Swenson, Wason, Cohen, SPRING Souers, Top Row-Kaufman, Smith, Swenson, Cohen, Schucter. Bottom Row-Machinis, Zlotnik, Mr. Hunter, Levy, Bottom Row-Zlotnik, Bachmann, Kalish, Brown. MR HUNTER'S SECRETARIES Mr. Hunter's secretaries consist of about eight or nine boys who are supposed to be "big shots" of the senior classes. If at any time while you are walking down the hall you see a senior arguing with the guard about not having a pass, he is sure to be one of these ambitious parasites. l say parasites because the only reason these boys volunteer to be secretaries is to get out of the study hall so they can Hirt with the girl typists, and play checkers. Well, getting down to business, as the secretaries do just before they wish to collect their honor points, the secretaries play an important part in Mr. Hunter's office. Upon his absence they are in charge of his office, seeing that it is kept in good order and quiet. They also run errands for the main office. Whenever the windows are washed in the main office. all the secretaries make themselves scarce because they might be called upon to hang the curtains. These boys, mostly sponsors, police officers. and fire deputies, are handy in Mr. Hunter's office where they may be called upon to carry out and enforce the laws of the school. But seriously speaking, these boys are very helpful to Mr. Hunter, our dean of boys, who in return does all he can to help these ambitious lads. -CHARLES ZLOTNIK. l 1 l l I , . I-al A .A ik?-V-'U,:......-,--...-. -..-.- 128 ,W f L Top Row-Schucter, Jordan, Goldberg, Heersma, Schank, Rosen, Orlinsky, Gilbert, Chambers. Middle Row-Mossman, Snyder, Wason, Kantor, Gilason, Silver, Sorenson, Loeb, Tripp, Doyle. Bottom Row-Caldara, Crane, Goldman, Reifman, Miss Allin, Rosenberg, lllugfor, Frystak, Zitella, Konstantalos. MISS ALLlN'S SECRETARIES Being a Secretary to the dean of girls is quite an honorable position. Although this requires alertness, the girls enjoy their duties and strive to keep the social room a place of happiness and sunshine. They must be ready to receive visitors who come into the social room and to keep good order at all times. The group of Secretaries form the home committee for the social room. The girls also have social hours, with an informal tea as a main object of their program. There are many girls who look forward to this position and enjoy it greatly. Senior girls make up the majority, hut there are usually a few under-classmen who attain some of the positions. -PEARL B15RKsoN. Top Row-Jersild, Heersma, Wernicka, Snyder, Lundahl, Ussor, Reifman, Gilason, Ranquist, Hopson. Middle Row-Voelker, Zazove, Wasserman, Rosen, Silver, Voiles, Kedaine, Clifford, Madden, Tippetl. Bottom Row--Gilbert, Iser, Polishuck, Bofman, Prange, Kaszeski, Decker, Oberman, Mugfor, Scarnavak. 129 Top Row-Wittstock, Brazaitis, Applegren, Reifman, Corbin, Hopson, Streight, Goldman, Tschan, Anderson, Doyle, Hjirsted. Bottom Row-Sauer, Magfor, Peter, Caldara, Trip, Miss Allin, Jordan, Snyder, Gilbert, Goodman. GIRL SPONSORS The foundations, the stairs leading upwards, the lights which brighten up a .cloudy day, all of these might be architectural titles for an organization so outstanding as the Girl Sponsors. A Freshman coming from a small school where she has been important, enters our large institution, where she is just one among many hundreds. There must be someone to help her overcome this strangeness and make her realize that she too, can be as important as one of the bricks that hold up the main building, and that she must uphold our standards. The Sponsor system, established for this purpose, might well be con- sidered a bridge connecting the two schools. About fifty senior girls are chosen by the faculty because of their ability, sense of responsibility, and character, to be big sisters to Freshmen. This Top Row-Davis, Chambers, Kosovske, Noskoff, Prange, Silver, Sorenson, Loeb, Carlson, Wason, Frystak, Ussor, Becker, Nestor, Seifert. Bottom Row4Rosenberg, Crane, Fagenholz, Eckhaus, Dumas, Snyder, Miss Allin, Tripp, jordan, Konstantalos, Meyers, Goldberg. 130 I Top Row-jersild, Wernicke, Martin, Lietun, Holmes, Schwartz, Brown, Ranquist, Van Howe. Middle Row-Demericus, Wasserman, Brodsky, Shellenberger, Briggs, Rosen, Prince, Peter, Madden. Bottom Row-Iser, Davidson, Greenfield, Haber, Miss Allin, Tressler, Klastow, Levinson, Haas. GIRL SPONSORS CContinuedD is indeed an honor! The sponsors must help build the foundation for the younger girls. The Sponsors must also be the light to guide their younger sisters. In this way friendships are created and likewise a better under- standing between the upper and lower classmen. Once during the semester a meeting is used to help others. During the fall semester this work is usually done at Christmas time and in the spring semester at Easter. -INIERCIA SNYDIQR. F irst Sf'111c'sfm' Scrond Semester ANNA TRIP? ....,,... ......, C 'hairman ,.,..... ..... . ll'lI2RClA SNYDER IXIERFIA SNYDIQR ...., ...... I "ice-fhairman ,..... ....... X YANDA Ussoiz 131 ""' "' "LM-"" ,iv XX f LA B I Top Row-Wason, Bachmann, Erickson, Cohen, Machinis, Hawley, Meeker, Peak, Feinberg, Souers, Mortenson. Second Row-Leppa, Kaufman, Glickstein, Brown, Swenson, Weiss, Molton, Browne, Connelly, Young, Fuller. Bottom Row-Brooks, Podesta, Macropulos, Raciti, Cohen, Mr. Hunter, Kalish, Zlotnik, Wendt, Wren. BOY SPONSORS Freshmen upon entering a great high school like Englewood are somewhat unfamiliar with this new routine of school life. Therefore, a sponsor organiza- tion was started about nine years ago. Senior boys are selected by the faculty to take charge of the incoming Freshmen. Being a Senior Sponsor is considered an honor. During their free periods they attend to these duties. One of the main duties is to acquaint these future leaders with the school and the numerous organizations that are a part of so large an institution. The other duties are to teach the boys manners, and encourage them to take part in school activities. Freshmen and upper classmen in this way are brought together. Mr. Hunter is the adviser and we feel that no one could have been more successful in sponsoring an organization of this kind. -HICRMAN KALIsH. First Semester Second Scuzesfvr JEROME COHEN ....... ...... C hairman ......... ...... H ERMAN KALISH PIERMAN KALisH ............ ...... I fice-cIiai1'mau .............. JOSEPH STOLAR Top Row-Reynolds, Kaufman, Goldstein, Samiatezky, Brown,Leppa, Ste-wart,,Mcl3ain, Lowe, Emery, Samuelson. Middle Row-Cohen, Bachmann, Colberg, Levy, Weiss, Wren, Meyers, Arnstem, Schuchter, Andalman, Ponzevn: Bottom Row-Wendt, Cohen, Rubinstein, Stolar, Mr, Hunter, Kalish, Zlotnik, Raciti, Budreau. l 132 - --. 1 Top Row-Porter, Spurlark, Kaplan, Couch, Swanson, Kaliski, Poterkiewicz, Schwartz, Heirsma, Turner, Warren, Ehrnstein, Mulvey, Anderson. Middle Row-Mann, Masyk, Pellegrinelh, Jacobs, Stephens, Harmon, Bicknell, Russell, Nemrava, Cooke, Bowles, Sauer, Hamilton, Mickevech, Stanfxeld, Weiland. Bottom Row-Jacobson, Silver, Sher, Kaufman, Mr. Espenshade, Arnslein, Gicht, Greenfield, Pedersen, Ander- son. ORCHESTRA CLUB This year we have been more than fortunate in possessing a very fine and highly talented orchestra. As in the past years, the orchestra has been a very important phase of school activity. Under the capable direction of Mr. Charles Espenshade the orchestra has rendered much service to the school by playing at the assemblies and at the drama productions. In addition to conducting the orchestra Mr. Espenshade has several periods each day which are reserved for the instruction of students upon their chosen instruments, the school furnishing a majority of wind instruments. At the conclusion of each semester, Senior students who have shown un- usual ability are awarded letters in recognition of their services. -HENRY MEYICRS. First Semester , Second Semester ALBERT KAUFMAN ...... ..... C 'micerf-Ivleisfcr ........ JOSEPH ARMSTPIIN l33 iiiii Top Row-Johnson, Katzof, Bogolub, Movit, Malec, Wolanski, Andrews. Middle Row-Jones, Kaufman, Leppa, Rith, Thomas, Mortenson, Arnstein. Bottom Row-Rubenstein, Parrish, Zlotnik, Miss Kiely, Raciti, Cohen, Kalish, Nitsky. SENIOR GIRLS' AND BOYS' CI-IORUSES "Sing as you will O singers all, llflio .ring became your 'rvant to slug." -JAMES VVHITCOMB RILEY. For the development of a love of music and a feeling of good fellowship these choruses were organized, with Miss Katherine Riely as leader and adviser. One of the boys' most delightful programs during the semester was singing at the Hi-Y assembly, for which a specialty was arranged to the tune of l'Tlze Song of the Nile," with words for this occasion written by Gertrude Chodosh and Maxine Pratt. Both choruses sang also at the 4l'l and 4A Class luncheon. At the last luncheon the Boys' Quartette, composed of Sam Cohen, Herman Kalish, Fred Rith, and Jack Rubenstein, sang a welcome song. Two talented violinists, Joseph Arnstein and Albert Kaufman, added harmony to all the programs. The Girls' Chorus presented a Spanish program on April 7. The numbers included a selection from l'C'a1'11'1m1," a piano solo by Edith Mackenberg and -lulia Klastow. with "Sfvai1z," "Valem'ia," "Ciell1'o Lido," and "l1'asta illananaf' sung by the girls and accompanied by Pauline Redmond. Top Row-Hall, Redmond, Margolis, Koch, Snyder, Reifman, Schwartz, Nye, Ranquist, Gilbert. Middle Row-Sauer, Iser, Slocum, Santoianni, Gem, Stark, Paradies, Palmer, Mandell, Leone, Harris. Bottom Row-Caldara, Haber, Shayne, Schulten, Schucter, Miss Kiely, Lundahl, Hansen, Hoist, Neuln-rg, Doyle. 134 Top Row-Maas, E. Lundahl, Siebert, Canncmeyer, l, Hansen, F. Hansen, Goranson, Mottrain, Brell, Johnson B 'l1li:, Wil' n. rulhittom igow-Tress, Wilson, Rita, Miller, Henrlele, M. Lundahl, Wason, Gilbert, Cibulskis, Schweitzer. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB At one o'clock. if you happen to be on the third Hoof, there come to your ears the tones of a piano and the familiar do. re. mi. The Glee Club is exclusively a girls' organization. its purpose is to stimulate an interest in music and to cultivate the girls' voices. The com- mencement music is furnished by the graduating members of the club, and it is customary for them to furnish vocal selections at assemblies. For the past three years the girls have participated in the music festival at Orchestra Hall. The girls' singing is enjoyed by their audiences. at home and abroad. Miss Riley is the sponsor of this organization. Xlhen vocal selections are needed she is johnny on the spot with her talent. LIJOROTHY MOTTRAM. First Smzvsfcr Svrand Sc'IlIt'Sft'I' FLORENCIQ XVAsoN ..... ........ P resident .......... ..... l Donorny lvlorrxlx M LOIS GILBERT ......... ...... I gift'-f7TC5idt'I'If ...... ,.... L ois GILIlIiR'l' RUTH ll'lITClIICLL ....... ..... , S'ecrvfary ...... ..... R U'l'll lXll'l'CHlil,I, NIARJORIE MILI.IER ............. ....... T raaszm-r .....,..,........ Rlmjoiuia: MlLl,l4fR Second Row-Wason, Juzenas, Palarik, Bredelis, Tress, Wilson, Johnson, Isaacs, Johnson, Hansen. Bottom Ruw-Howard, Cibulskis, Lundahl, Mitchell, Mottram, Miller, Hendele, Lorber, Dewar. 135 Top Row-Bailey, Zlotnik, Brooks, Cohen, Brown, T.Wason, Andrulis, Browne, Arnstein, Colberg, Reily, Lundahl. Middle Row-Nortstrom, Bradaitis, Tressler, Rice, Snyder, Schild, Streight, Sorenson, Hopson, Prange, Gilason, Axelson, Tripp, Willis, Palmer, Becker. Bottom Row-Konstantalos, Goldberg, Haber, Caldara, Ranqist, H. Wason, Mr. Bell, Kalish, Burton, Caminati, SIGNIFERI We, who are to build the most wonderful and marvelous of structures- human lives-must bend every effort toward one definite aim in view, for we know that in scholarship, as in all other things, 'tlinis coronat opus"- the end crowns the work-hence: The Signiferi or standard bearers, an informal scholarship society, was organized by the Student Council to promote and encourage high scholarship among the students of Englewood. Students of the fourth year who have attained an E average are eligible. The club, sponsored by Mrs. Morstrom, is seated on the stage at graduation. -PATTY BRAZAITIS. Davis. 1 First Semester Scrmzfi Semester HELEN WAsoN ..,.... ........ P resident ....... ...... K Imax' RANQITIST NIARY RANQUIST ...... .... I e'we-presidwt ...., .,..,. S A M XVEINSTEIN HYMEN BROWN ........... ................. , Yecrefary ...,..,,.,......,. HIQRMAN KALISH Top Row-Colberg, Jersild, Ekluml, Janovic, Streight, Goodman, Biazartis, Wernicke, Prange, Van Howe, Reiley, Bogolub. Third Row-Schild, McWilliams, Cook, Kay, Winn, johnson, Muller, Malkovich, Lundahl,Burton,Gaines,Willis. Second Row-Patinkin, lser, Shuchter, Haber, Caldara, Ranquist, Morstrom, Ce-pak, Kressler, Townsend, Loebe, Stokus, , Bottom Row-Bachmann, We-iland, Goldberg, Arnstein, Brown, Wrinslr-'n. Ka'ish, Bonrlrc-an, Cohen, 136 v Top Row-Davis, Braley, Rice, Machinis, Wason, Young, Good, Sorenson. Loeb. Bottom Row-Tripp, Kosovski, Goldberg, Berner, Weiss, Miss Robertson, Watson, Brooks, Eckhaus, Konstzmtalos. HONOR SOCIETY The Honor Society of Englewood belongs to :incl is 21 Chapter of the National Honor Society. To become a member of this organization one must obtain ten honor points during his sojourn at Englewood, besides having a G-plus average. These honor points must be obtained within the first three and one-half years. If you serve as the president of at class, are Z1 member of any of the literary orgmiizations, or a secretary to any of the teachers. you gain the privilege of belonging to the Honor Society of Englewood. This year the Honor Sociey gave a dance on hlzinuziry 24, which took the place of the usual Senior-hlunior Prom. It was held in the VVinclerniere Hotel. On Senior Class llziy the new members are initiated. Silly imitations, folk- clzinees, and other amuseinents are the main features of the initiations. Ifinrz' St'n1estvr ,S'vr011f1 ,S'mzc.rfm' NVALTIQR BROOKS ..,.. ...... P resident ......, ..... H ICRMAN Kixrisn HELICN WAsoN .,.,. ,... I 'irc-president ..... ..... L Ol'ISl'f Hoesox JEROME YV143Iss ...... ...... T rcasurer ....... ..... l huns' COIIICN H ELICN l3l2RN1iR ...,....,,,..,,.....,..,....., S' ecrefary ................ ........ E x'icLYN GoonMAN Top Row-Kaufman, Brown, Bachmann, Cohen, Zlotnik, Raciti, Arnstein, Andrulis. Middle Row-Goldman, Gilason, Tressler, Vtlittstock, Pekowsky, l'UliSky, FVySl2ll'i. l32lViS, 5I1yllt'l', l'!'ill12E'. Bottom Row-Brazaitis, Ranquist, Cohen, Goodman, Hopson, Miss Robertson. Kailish, Nordstrom, Fzilrlzira, Graclmzm. 137 f A X f Top Row-Luncanson, Malone, Lundahl, Decker, Dunn, Prager, Silver, Walden, Olson, Murphy. Middle Row-Melnick, Decker, Petersen, Kaplan, Mintz, Palishuck, Meiselman, Gaffin, Talan. Bottom Row-Nanus, Holtzman, Armin, Bofman, Mr. Hayes, Satovitz, Mogelefsky, Talan. ARISTOI Upon the suggestion of Mr. Archibald Patterson the Aristoi was organized for the undergratuates to till a long-wanted need. Aristoi is from the Greek, signifying "the best." The aim of the organiza- tion is to promote scholarship and to give recognition to those freshmen, sophomores, and juniors. who have attained an E average or higher for the semester preceding their membership. Aristoi is not a club merely for business. Interesting and amusing pro- grams have been given at the monthly meetings. Likewise many enjoyable speakers have been heard, among them members of the faculty including Mr. O'Hearn, Mr. Jacoby, and Mr. Manley. The outside speakers were Dr. Armstrong, who spoke on "Schools I Have Attended," and Mr. Nichols who spoke on "China," illustrating his talk with many interesting souvenirs of his trip, which included pictures, the slings in which the Oriental mother carries her young ones, some ivory carvings, jade rings, lacquer pottery. and some Chinese chopsticks. - An interesting and unusual feature of the organization is the sending of congratulatory letters to the parents of the honor students of the club. This year the club undertook the project of donating ties to the male inmates of Oak Forest. Noteworthy as is the work which the Aristoi has already accomplished, we have even greater hopes of doing much more work during the future semesters. -FAY SATovr'1'z. First Semester Second Semester HARRY TALAN ....,. ......... P resident .......... ..... H ARRY TALAN JANE GoRANsoN .i... ..... V ice-president ...... ..... L ILLIAN HESSELBERG ' SARAH NANUS ........... ...... S ccretary ........ ,..... l SABELLE TVTOGELFSKY ZELDA PoLrsHUcK ....... ......... T reasmfer .......... ..... L TLLIAN ROFMAN FAY SATOVITZ ......... ...... S ocial CI1.ai1'n1a'ni ....... ...... F AY SATOVITZ l Q "" """"""'-"' 138 Topl Row-Paterkiewicz, Cross, Hattel, Chiptors, Tegmier, Engelberg, Lacey, Weiss, Ross, Coleman, Payne, On, Mil er. Middle Row--Blais, Davis, Armstrong, Russell, Cullen, Kachinsky, Mrs. E. C. Smith, Dabbins, Schutz, Indovina, Rupp, Hilyard, Mack, Austin. Bottom Row-Vexler, Grodsky, McMahon, Stulginskas, Storer, Charah, Wozniah, Valancius, Zemke, Stokes, Gerst, Hart. SCIENCE CLUB "Lo, Art." "Howdy, Bob?,' "What do you know. "Nothing much, except that I'm on my way to the Science Club." "Better come along." "Science club-what's that? Never heard of it." "Oh, it's just a group. mostly first year folks, who want to follow up some special science work. Some of us like one thing best: some another. "We take turns at our club meetings, riding our special hobbies." "Who's the faculty adviser ?" "Mrs, E. C. Smith." "Well, I think Ifll come with you, seeing that I have nothing else to do." PM -After the Ilffeeting - "Well, Art, how did you like the meeting? VVasn't it a pip ?" "From now on l am a loyal supporter of the Science Club." The main purpose of the Science Club is to promote interest among the students. It gives our future scientists a chance to learn things that otherwise the class does not give the student. -MRS. E. C. SMITH. First Semester Second Svuzvstvr EDWARD VALANCIUS ....... .......... P resident ....... ,,.. . ..EDwARD VALANCIl'S ' ELSA MACIC ...................... ...... I fice-president. .... ..,.... E LSA MACIC JOSEPHINE XVOZNIACK- ..... ..... S ecretary ....... ....... I OSEPHTNE XVOZNIACK 139 'l'-1-'i - A. 'x J n 'l I 0 5 f. , , K af' it 'x TX ' 1 N ,H- l N ,. is if V' "l,1l cl 4' f 'X f 3 1 .' ,BJ4 tf'fw'2.:,.f . 1 if 1' " -1 -' 5 , Top Row-Mahaffay, Kleinhauer, Millar, Bilder, Bickerton, Meyer, Weisberg, Miner, Nyberg, Melnick, Schmarak, Mintz, Parker, Feldman. Middle Row-Faustino, Palaz, Anderson, Goromberg, Rosene, Ramsdell, Wendt, Cannemeyer, De Witt, Nielsen, Goebel, Urban, Ruta, Smith, Shanfeld, Toll. Bottom Row-Sauer, Karshen, Ranquist, Karte, Miss Belyea, Miss Maddock, Snyder, Munson, Sauer, Davidson, Wilson, Kennedy. B BIOLOGY CLUB The Biology Club was organized ten years ago under the direction of the Botany and Zoology teachers, Mrs. Hazel B. Gay, Miss Rosa Maddock, and Miss Margaret Belyea. Previously there had been much discussion among the students and faculty, but in 1920 the club got under way with a membership exceeding fifty. The newly organized club obtained prominent lecturers, who spoke at assemblies for the whole school. This was since dropped. VVhen the club decided to offer entertainment, it was so done at the home of any officer who volunteered. Several years ago this was discontinued as the membership was getting too large. The membership now exceeds one hundred. Top Row-Goldman, Holmes, Doerr, Hobbs, Juzenas, Winship, Murphy, Olsen, Tarson, Johnson, Stewart, Stern, Kleihauer, LeCuyer. Middle Row-Bell, Browne, Prager, Palmer, Johnson, Decker, Mordeau, Rith, Loeb, Hopson, Wright, Kelly, Holmes, Prince. h Bottom Row-Spencer, Zitella, Caldara, Cohen, Lewis, Miss Gay, Miss Mardorf, Schutzenberger, Iser, Wilson, Sebree, Verba. N 'l'-1 140 IN ,'4rgyU,fy71r 11, x f-T ffyff' .9 In 7 29,3 - V I, V' j n uw., U I 'J ,l ,V 1 1 -.o n . ful, Y, Top Row-Peto, Kleihauer, Lilman, Johnson, Schmarak, Perrin, Brodsky, Rappaport, Guzowski, Low, Kohler, Miller, Meyer. Middle Row-Rochetto, Katz, Haber, Sool, Bard, Porter, Lewis, Decker, Voiles, Murabito, Ludwig, Shellen- berger. Bottom Row-Holmes, Levinson, Doerr, Ranquist, Kaste, Decker, Gay, Carroll, Coughlin, Strange, Kaprek, Kaszeski BIOLOGY CLUB CContinuedJ The Biology Club planted and cared for Englewood's lawn. At the annual Narcissus tea in December the Engleboosters donated a narcissus bulb to every division teacher in the school. These bulbs are raised by the club and is 21 part of their job. The meetings are still popular and much is expected of the club. First ,S'Mm's1'er Second Svzizvsfm' TWERCIA SNYDER ..,., ,,.,,,,, P resident ,,,.,,,.. ..... I SABIQLLI-3 IJIQCKIQR ALBIQRT KASTE ................. .,.,.,. I me-prpsidgnf ,,..... ..... D onofrnv Coueiiu N HENRY SCHUTZBIQRGER ,,.,, ,,,,,, T reaymfer ...,,, ..... E DNVARD DOERR MARIE MUNSON .................,.., .,,,.. , Secretary ...... ............ M ARY FAUSTI N0 Top Row-Goldstein, Tanner, Patras, Waterman, Goldman, Dosick, Paxton, Timberlake, Talan, Swenson. Middle Row-YanHowe, Ellison, Dewar, Hanagow, Goldberg, Ford, Kammerman, Dore, Graves, Madden, John- son, Olsen, Murphy. Bottom Row-Rosen, White, Scott, Schweitzer, Walden, Ryan, Mrs. Gay, Miss Mardorf, Kleihaer, VanVolken- burg, Mussman, Kingsley, Prince. 1-il -.1 fwjeffh E6 Q pf: 4,l"W 'Jul' JA, 1 I . 'xiii' mwa- IVLCW , M M, .!fllzVV - .. fy , f v. Y , ,rf " Z' r U," f I L, W- ,ILE V. ,fr X " 'V' 1 ' fr 1 ' ", 1, x,V,V,, 1 , . 1, if , - ,r , 1. 42 4 f 'i rye I ffl" "J W or ,w yy-I ' ii ! C 'lllop Row-Konstantalos, Strange, Main, Warner, Wason, Weiss, Rith, Bickerton, Young, Graine, Johnson, Gentry, o en. Middle Row-Nanus, Estvanovic, Dickerson, Youngstrum, Kiauda, Babson, Daresh, Kunicka, Gilason, Corbin, Kammermann, Krisolnfsky, Shandfeld, Williamson, Cain, Soens. Bottom Row-Korol, Holtyman, Levin, Levinson, Miss Hollis, Leone, H. Leone, Crane, Mogelefsky, Gaftin, Reed- LES AMIS DE. LA FRANCE "V0ul0ir, c'est pouvoirf' any member of the French Club can tell you. The French Club is organized mainly to promote an interest in the French language and customs. Some of its aims are: To unite all pupils studying French at Englewood into a union of friendship, and to help support a French war orphan. During the World War the school adopted many French war orphans. Now the only one supported by the school is Titine Renaud, the ward of the French Club. Money is sent to her at Christmas and at various intervals throughout the year. Titine is a very grateful girl, for she writes often thanking the club. man, Marino. First Semester Second Semester HELENE LEONE ......... ..... President ...... . ............ HELENE LEONE JACK WEILAND ............ .-.Vice-presiderrt .............. JACK WEILAND JEANETTE LEVINSON ...... ....... S ecretary ...... ....... J EANETTE LEVINSON JEROME COHEN ...................... - ..... Treasurer .................. RERNICE KAPLAN Top Row-Karlin, Barbour, Kennedy, Moore, Dunn, Bartkus, Feinberg, Barrett, Manausa, Prince, Cooke, Atherley, LeCuyer. Middle Row-Graff, Leone, Redmond, Clark, McWilliams, Hesselberg, Albina, Owens, Goldman, Pembor, Carl- son, Madden, Suffer, Underwood, Prager, Bofman. . ' Bottom Row-Neuberg, Reifman, Weiland, Levinson, Leone, Miss Allin, Crane, Cohen, Raclti, Melselman, Sauer. N .. T. 142 ,, A f ,x , ,E7 4 g W I Q Top Row-Webster, Wasserma, Zlotnik, Wiesl, Tallarico, Johnson, Fitch, Koller, Catuara, McKecl. Middle Row-Goldberg, Greenfield, Shanks, Zazove, Tulley, Cohen, Wason, Moore, Walton, Zitella. Bottom Row-Gecht, Weilanrl, Crane, Levinson, Leone, Miss Quinn, Polishuck, Silver, Leone, Kaplan. FRENCH CLUB fContinuedJ An opportunity is offered to the students wishing to talk French more fluently. Ry the splendid work and co-operation of the faculty advisers, Miss Allin, Miss Hollis, and Miss Quinn, the club has enjoyed every meeting. +,lEANI2TTli L1ivrNsoN. LATIN CLUB Latin, the tongue used hy the Romans. has come down to us through the ages of medieval warfare and modern triumph. "In knowing. man is supreme," is one of the old proverbs the Romans used. As Rome upheld all the world, the foundations of Englewood keep our school up. The Latin Club exists only to promote an interest in Latin. First Semester Second Semester EMMA TRESSLIQR ....... ....,... P resident ....,.,. ..... E MMA TR15ssL1sR ROBERT MICEKER ..... .... . .I 'ice-president. .... ..... R OBERT lVIr:EKr:R HARRY TALAN ........ ..,,.,,,,,. 9 efrctary ..... .. ..... ELIZABETH FRYSTAK , ,p - ISADORE BOFMAN ................... - ..... Treasurer ................ IsAnoRr: HOFMQZ C! ' t ' E X K Top Row-Kleihauer, Siegel, Gorezzea, Newburger, Askow, Caldwell, Stern. ' Middle Row-Bhje, Voiles, Lane, Farmer, Gechl, Bibb, Whalen. X Bottom Row--Ruchas, Oberman, Meeker, Iressler, Knutzen, Frystak, Bofman, Decker, Chadwick. dw, 143 Top Row-Vexler, Goldger, Bryan, Mehl, Kaste, Miller, Meyer, Goldsmith, Zemke, Miller. Middle Row-Henke, Simanavics, Vogt, O'Donnel, Abel, Grutzmacher, Bibb, Silver, Mitz, Polishuck. Bottom Row-Schweitzer, Schreiner, Wallner, Palonis, Mrs. St. Clair, Eaton, Dratscha, Koprek, Hurwick, DEUTSCI-IE VEREIN Few clubs, if any, have a history as interesting as that of the German Club. It is the history of an organization that was very prosperous until something happened that crashed into its very foundation and nearly shattered it completely. What disappointment and heartsickness came over those people who were really interested in this flourishing little club when the war came and shattered all hope of its going ahead for the time! But a part of the foundation was left- the determination of the really loyal supporters not to lose the wonderful creations of people like Goethe, Heine, and Schiller that stood for centuries of advance- ment in a truly wonderful language, and upon this foundation was built the Blanton. present German club. -ESPERANCE JOHNSON. First Semester Sefond Semester .' Lomsis GRUTZMACH1-IR ....... . ...... President ...... ....... LESLIE MEYER ESTELLE PALoN1s .......... ..... L fire-president .... ........ . .ANNA SCHWEITZER ESTELLE PALONIS ..... .. ..... Treasurer ...... ....... ll loRR1s FELDMAN X ' EROME COHEN .......,........,............ Secretar ........ ....... E STELLE PALONIS , 31 . 5 Top Row-Feldman, Cohen, Jacobs, Brodsky, Almquist, Frooman,.lXIarx, Spear, Schmarak, Golz, Freneh. Middle Row-Schuster, Dougherty, Rodeskoff, Schatzberg, Rosenguxst, Radekopf, Franzen, Koch, Vhlland, Haturig, Purnell. Bottom Row-Prager, Conell, Armin, Maller, Mrs. St. Clair, Sehlegel, Souer, Weitzman, Paul, Krugman. 144 Top Row-Meyers, Mugfor, Palmer, Gilason, Ranquist, Wittstock, Reifman, Prange, Corbin, Goebel, Mottram, Charnoff, Doyle, Lundahl, Ballee. Middle Row-Maas, Freund, Tressler, Frystak, Brazaitis, Hopson, Silver, Loeb, Goldman, Vssor, Minton, Davis, Grach, Kosovske, Booker, Konstantalos. Bottom Row-Noskoff, Shayne, Gilbert, jordan, Snyder, Tripp, Miss Hurn, Becker, Sorenson, Caldara, Leone, Iser. SENIOR GIRLS' CLUB "The rooni that the Senior Girls' Cluh built." Enshrinecl in the heart of every girl we rind at least one tiny house. This house, though it he very small, has many chambers lilled to overflowing with the treasures of precious memories. It is hoped that each member of this organization has one room of her house decorated with the Senior Girls' Club ideals. Long' before the foundation of the present club was laid, the upper class girls found enjoyment in four separate clubs. Starting' when Z3l'l's as Purple Kites they progressed as Z3eX's to Purple Pilots. The ills were called Peter Pans. and the 4.-Vs l'ied Pipers. It was found. however, that gathering' to- gether nierely for pleasure did not increase the membership of the cluhs. lt Top Row-Goldberg, Haber, Cappetta, Applegren, Linefelsor, Anderson, Holmes, Axelson, Braley, Ostlund, Baker, Rice, Nenirava, Wason, Nelson, Bates. Middle Row-Berner, Sauer, Nelson, Miller, Caminati, Goodman, Hansen, Munson, Bulthuis, Carlson, Palonis, Calvert, Johnson, Post, Nestor, Seifert, Mackenberg, Peter. Bottom Row-Shayne, Shuchter, Newbcrg, Snyder, Jordan, Tripp, Miss Allin, Sorenson, Becker, Crane, Rosenberg, Davidson. 145 Top Row-Madden, Brown, Arnow, Eklund, Geiger, Lietun, Cook, Janovic, Balke. Middle Row-Black, Patinkin, Maynald, Briggs, Shimkus, Di Giacomo, Cepak, Thompson, Sounders. Bottom Row-Bulbin, Banning, Dc-mericus, King, Tippett, Clark, Levinson, Finkelstein. SENIOR GIRLS' CLUB CContinuedJ was felt hy hoth the girls and their faculty advisers that zi more worthy pur- pose was needed to bind the girls together. Miss Allin then conceived the idea of forming the ,lunior and Senior Girls' Clubs respectively, with the avowed purpose of :accomplishing or learn- ing something worth while at each meeting. It was decided that the girls gained more hy hearing speakers on subjects of vital interest to them. As 21 result, at each meeting :L noted speaker XYEIS invited. After the meeting the girls were given an opportunity to uct as hostesses to the various guests. Some of the more interesting talks were those given by Mrs. Manley who talked of Paris and other different parts of Top Row-Nye, Holmes, Munson, Santoianni, Streight, Vanden Bt-rgh, Zalkanskzis, Steike, Shell, lirazaivis, Ranquist, Van Howe. Middle Row-Geuther, Mandell, Stokes, Klose, Matknvich, Lewis, Tressler, Scarnavak, Frystak, Henke, Nevins, Kinder, Schild. Bottom Row-Schulten, Klastow, Fulcher, Caldara, Miss Hurn, lser, Mcliayfi Hawr' Slocum, M3Cli9YlbCYR- 146 Top Row-Jersild, Wernicke, Tschan, Gem, Annis, Vig, Wendt, Stark, Mottram, Soderlund. Middle Row-Rickard, Carroll, Kay, Wheeler, Leobe, Gradman, Whalen, Carrigan, Wheeler. Bottom Row-Shayne, Shuchter, Gilbert, Mitchell, Snyder, Shellenberger, Lundahl, Sauer, Feldman. SENIOR GIRLS' CLUB CContinuedJ France: Miss Hurn, who for the past year has been faculty adviser for the Senior liirls' Club: and Dr. Rowen Main. who talked on "The Girl in Society." Though our little room may become dusty :ind its furnishings dullecl by time. there will always be the "Open Sesame" of our thoughts to carry us back to the happy days spent in the social room. where entertainers and entertained enjoyed the fellowship of each other :tt meetings of the Senior tiirls' Club. elivru lVll'l'k'lll-Il.L. I"ir5f ,S'v111v.rh'1' .wbmlzfl Svzzzusfcr JXNXA TRIPI' ....,.,.. ..,... I Jn-sidvizt ....,.. ., ..... Nl 1itu'lA Sxvmau KIIQRCIA SNYDIQR ............ .... I 'irc-prasidwzt ..... . ,..., KIA Rjoiuis ,lllI'PlCTT IXIARGARICT Soiuixsiaix .,.... ...... 7 'rvasizmir ....... ...., ' XLMA SHICLLICNBIQRGICR .ANNA liicuiq 1-:R ...,,,,,,,,, .... l Var, Sarrvtary ...., ,..... l ,A'l'l'l0RlAl, KIM: RVTH lX'llTQ'lllil,I ,..,... ......... C 'md ,S'vrrvtarv .,...........,.... liirru lNli'rt'H I-21.1, JUNIOR GIRL RES.ERVES fFor zvrilz'-up sm' page 101, 17tIff0lIl.2 Top Row-Austin, Bailey, Gray, Beaumont, Sauer, Lawnick, Lindh, jencevice, Rumsch, Lipschitz. Bottom Row-Cingrani, Blais, Gaven, Crowell, Decker, Voiles, Kaszeski, Yalanchius, Kaplan, Sauer. l-17 Top Row-Haber, Nanus, Hengel, Gallick, Rosene, Zyles, Spieles, Zaksas, Fagenhulz, Goldman, Mintz, Satovitz, Kaplan, Iser, Sauer. Second Row-Tripp, Berkson, Ganas, Bender, Gaffen, Mossman, Decker, Neuberg, Duncanson, Sorensen, Blue, Lundahl, Kaplan, Mintz, Bronson, Shayne. Bottom Row-Zitella, Cohen, Sauer, Palmer, Konstantalos, Loeb, Goldberg, Calflara. Frystak, Reifman, Meyers. SENIOR GIRL RESERVES Have you ever noticed the towers of Englewood? And has it ever occurred to you that their position in relation to the school might compare to the position of the Senior Girl Reserves? The towers of Englewood reach up toward light and truth. So do the Girl Reserves. Like guardians, the towers peer down on the students, reflecting their chang- ing moods, and meditating on their hurrying, scurrying existence. Yet,withal they remain the same. -lust so, do the Girl Reserves model their program. XVith the coming of each semester the club as an organization absorbs the attitudes and needs of the girls, studies the atmosphere of the school, and fashions its meetings so as to supply that which each girl seeks. lt remains the same. lt still clings to its slogan, "Find and Giza' fin' limi." It is the means to the desired end that changes. Top Row-Dumas, Gilbert, Freund, Rosen, Orilnsky, Leone, Faustino, Gecht, Mogelefsky, Burton, Knettle, Webster. Second Row-Noskoff, Balke, King, Mottram, Gilason, Jersild, Holmes, Munson, Doyle, Rosenberg, Tressler, Birdsky. Bottom Row-Crane, Brazaitis, Shayne, Jordan, Konstantalos, Miss Gardner, Goldberg, Loeb, Caldara, Camp- bell, Ballee, Frystak. it , 148 Top Row-Chernesky, Sublette, Benarby, Santoianni, Gem, Nye, Steike, Wernicke, Flaherty, Doyle, Neuberg. Middle Row-Vig, Klastow, Hansen, Holst, Silver, Mintz, Patinkin, Ballee, Feldman, Hjertsted. Bottom Row-Mackenberg, Schulten, Stokes, Ashton, Gradman, Prindl, Lundahl, McKay, Haas, Davidson, Jensen, Bailey. SENIOR GIRL RESERVES fContinuecD This year, the Girl Reserves chose their own code as the medium through which they hoped to turn out a better girl. They have sought out all the high- ways, for the road is not always smooth, and many times it is very easy to stray down the wrong path. We think that this year we have been particularly success- ful, for we reached our 150 girl limit of membership. Yes, the Girl Reserves and the towers of Englewood have much in common. fTHI2LMA GOLDMAN. First Senwsfvr Serena' Scuzcsfer ELEANOR GOLDBERG ...... ........ P resident ......... ..... E LIZABETH SAUIQRS JENNIE CALDARA ...... ..... . .Vice-president ....... ..... P EARL REIFMAN MARION Lolzu ..................... ,,,,, T reasurer ...,,. ..... E LTZABETH F RYSTA it DOROTHY KoNsTANTr:1,os ............ Secretary ...... ............ i lENNIE CALDARA Top Row-Gilasnn, Talley, Toll, Carrigan, Whalen, Carroll, Rickard, Wendt, Shell, Munson, Holmes, Middle Row-Kay, Tolson, Mirotsme, Tschan, Paradies, Margolis, Shellenberger, Loebe, Lundahl, Mogelefsky. Bottom Row-Malkovich, Brazaitis, Shayne, Rosen, Frystak, Sauer, Reifman, Caldara, Levinson, Haber, Sutton. 149 Top Row-Durken, Barber, R. Barber, Cartan, Pelkey, Kadner. Bottom Row-Lucus, Levie, Patras, Stern, Stockus. BOY RESERVES The Boy Reserves was organized in the year of 1920. Their main purpose was to beautify the school building. Its other ideals were to develop the school spirit and create better conduct among the boys. At the time of publication, probably all the grass and shrubbery planted by the Boy Reserves will begin to show. The Hoy Reserves have had a dance each semester, and it usually turns out to be one of the social events of the year. We gave a dance April 14, in honor of the outgoing Seniors. At the dance we had several celebrities. Confetti, balloons, and serpentines were passed out, and the opinions of all concerned were expressed with adjectives in the superlative degree. A few words of praise for the faculty adviser, Mr. Brown, and the officers. must be said in closing. -IRWIN AsKou'. First Semester Second Sen'1es1'cr RAYMOND DEERv .... ...,.,, P rc.s'idcn.f ......... ...... 1 .EDNARD LEVEE NICHOLAS PATRAS ,..,. ..... I f'ice-president ....... ...... C EERALD STI-:RN LEONARD LEVEE ....... ....... T reasurer ...... ...... I RWIN AsKow GERALD STERN ...... ...., 9 ecrefary ...... ...... C LARICNCE STOKVS Top Row-Walley, Johnson, Spear, Berkson, Andrulis, Erickson, Skutas, Mintz, Goldman. Bottom Row-Valancius, Feldman, Stunguist, Stokus, Brown, Stern, Kadner, Baskin, Durkin. 150 Top Row-llitchell, Sokol, Paulus, Stazuic, Orlensky, Oefele, McWilliams, Clark, Toll, Bofman, Mogelefsky, Barbour, Middle Row-Kosjis, Wasserman, Nerlvar, Tippett, Hansen, Brink, Owens, Pratt, Paston, Green, Paulus, Greenneld, Jordan. . Bottom Row-Greenlield, Meiselman, Ilontorno, Gulbln, Demeneus, Miss Allin, Lietun, Montgomery, Dean, Graff, Mueller, Sauer. JUNIOR GIRLS' CLUB All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, but time has proven that the same effect takes place in the Marys and Lucys in Englewood. Consequently, in order to keep a balance between the scholastic and social phases of our school life and to brush away the cobwebs that may have accu- mulated during the two years of hard work that one is supposed to have done prior to becoming a Junior, the junior Girls' Club was organized last year. At the close of its lirst year of existence the junior Girls' Club is an ack- nowledged factor in the social life of the Junior Class. Top Row-Nebeker, Tolson, Graff, Green, Toll, Yurkus, Zazove, Bredelis, Ruckwied, Armbruster. Middle Row-Gallick, Kaplan, Kurz, Kunicka, Poplar, Daresh, Greenlield, Mitz, Hengel, Ford, Patinkin. Bottom Row-Gaffm, Korol, Cibulskis, Lewis, Berkson, Miss Boyd, Armin, Bofman, Dean, Mogelefsky. 151 Top Row-Janovic, Geiger, Kaplan, Rosene, Gaffen, Lewis, Perry, Loomis, jackson, Wilson. Middle Row-Carey, Karshen, Clifford, Kantor, Brown, Goranson, Cannemeyer, Eklund, Birginski. Bottom Row-Brodsky, Rosenberg, Finkelstein, Nanus, Cepak, Clark, Banning, Cohen, Gallick, Faustino. JUNIOR GIRLS' CLUB fcontinuedl It has succeeded in securing for its programs many speakers who told of unusual experiences during their lives. Mrs. Florence B. Manley, one of our faculty, told of her captivating trip in France during her sabbatical leave. Mr. Cloyd Head, stage director of the Good- man Memorial theatre, was also a guest and delighted the members with a talk on stage settings and theatre life. Miss Judy Allen, of the Y.VV.C.A., at one meeting told about girls in China, where she has worked as a missionary. Mrs. Rachel Hartman, who was substituting at Englewood, spoke at the meeting during the month of May about her experiences in the Floating Uni- versity Which circled the globe and in which she was a student. Top Row-Mahaffay, Owens, Briggs, Nelson, Nemrava, Tolson, Rosen, Patinkin, Prince, Saunders, Knoblock, Washington, Todd. - Middle Row-Bronson, Nielsen, Assor, Balke, King, ROSCHDCFS, Miiddefl, V082 Pflellke, Winn. .l0hHS0U. EFHSK, Orth, Livett. Bottom Row-McKinney, Shimkus, Weinberg, Pollyea, Martin, Mason, Berkson, Ried, Scheuer, Seibert, Schoen, Campbell. 152 k V- A. I x Top Row-Walden, White, Nelson, Gaffen, Palmer, Mintz, Olson, Keller, Wylde. Middle Row-Kimball, Prager, Silver, Stephens, Satovitz, Kaplan, Mintz, Petersen, Garnett, Abernatly. Bottom Row-Decker, Deonmako, Forden, Rath, O'Donnell, Brownfield, Polishnck, Weitzman, Paul, Son- ncnschein. JUNIOR GIRLS' CLUB fContinuedj Miss Josephine T. Allin and Miss Boyd are the Capable sponsors who have brought the club to its proniinent position in the school. The social room has served as a meeting place for these prominent gatherings. First Smirstvr ANN LEITUN ....... BERNICE ARMIN ,.,. ..... .... AUDREE ,IUNGGREN ....... .. RIARGARET MARTIN ...... ,..... ,...Pres1dvnf..,... Vice-jircsidcnz' ...... .... ....Secretary...... Treasurer ..... --RIARIAN KAPLAN. Second Semester BERNICE ARMIN .NIARY PRINDEL MILDRED NIELSON FLORINE BROXVNFIELD Top Row-Vogt, Radekopf, Cummings, Manthey, Walton, Paulus, Lunilahl, Schatzberg, Graff. Middle Row-De Vine, Palsz, Prusia, Ellis, Hunter, Paulus, Silvermann, Strunk, Weinstein. Bottom Row-Stoncl, Hanson, Johnson, Carroll, Waterman, Prindl, Kadin, Leander, Conell, 153 I I 'vf f ,-X 4 :Xxx ,xgk Top Row-Matson, Cohen, Erickson, Reynolds, Lockwood, Molton, Vander Goten. Bottom Row-Custard, Wendt, Wren, Chancellor, Connelly, Waterman, Sheldon, Patterson, Main. THE ENGLEWOGD HI-Y The Hi-Y has been a source of benefit for many young men, not its own members alone, but non-members as well. The pledge the boy takes upon his entrance into the club brings a sense of obligation to his country and to the society. llesides standing for sterling principles, this club boasts of many leaders from both Senior classes, and the entire membership consists of students who have been very good examples for the younger boys of the school. The club as an organization has co-operated with the school in all good projects. The Hi-Y has used the initiation system during the past year as a means of finding the true traits of the future member. The club, being affiliated with the Y. Nl.C.A., naturally holds its meetings there along with their other social activities. -PAUL PATTERSON. First Scnzvsfcr Second Semester STANLEY CoNN1cr,r,Y ..... .. ...... Pm-evident ....... ..... R ICHARD VVRIQN VVTLTIUR CnANc1':LLoR ...... ..... I ifive-presidwzt ..... ..... R oB1f:RT XVICNDT CHARLES CLARK ........... ...... T rcasurcr ...... ..... F RED S llEVl'1fI.L RICHARD VVREN ............ ................ S et-rotary ....... ..... C HARLIQS NVATIQRMAN Top Row-Reynolds, Altermatt, Loizzo, Pay, Phelps, Mulvey, Cohen, Chancellor, Molton, De Bacher. Bottom Row-Sheldon, Mosgers, Waterman, Shewell, Wren, Wendt, Vander Goten, Main. 154 Top Row-Feinberg, Young, Good, Padgham, Custard, Isaacs, Charnoff. Bottom Row-Lurie, Connelly, Reckas, Mr. Burnham, Titensky, Reinert, Fitch. 4-A LETTERMEN 'S CLUB The 4A Lettermen's Club was formed in February, 1923. The purpose of this club is to promote fair play in sports, higher scholarship among team mem- bers, loyalty to the school, and an interest in all school activities. It promotes the physical development of the body for the many sports that are undertaken by the boys. For membership a person must be a cheerleader or must have obtained a major "E" by some active participation in athletics. As this goes to press, the club is planning to give its support to the Purple baseball team and to uphold all traditions of Englewood's past. +GARFIl'fI.13 llAWI.l'fY. First Semester Scrond .S'v111vstvr JAMES CUSTARD ....,..... .......... P rvgidwzf ..,...., ...... u loslcrn Poxzicvic STANLEY CoNNr:1,1,Y ...,. ,..... I 'irc-fwesidmr ...... ..... l UICK VVRIQN HENRY IssACs .......... ..... 7 'rvasurer ....... ..... X NILL CHANc1f:1,l,oi: SIMON T1Ti3Ns1cv ...,.....,....... ..,.., 9 at-retary ..... ...... C HARL1-is XVATi:RM,xx Top Row-Wendt, Wren, Hawley, Skupas, Leppa. Melaukas. Bottom Row-Callner, Chancellor, Clark, Renzino, Waterman, Ponzevic. 155 - Top Row-Raciti, Totten, Leppa, Molton, Padgham, Rosenthal, Glickstein, Connelly, Lurie, Stewart, Machinis, Koller. Middle Row-Shayne, Margolis, Lundahl, Rosenberg, Lovett, Orth, Munson, Holmes, Carroll, Vanden Berg Rickard, Frystack, Tressler, Balke, Davis, Kors. Bottom Row-Orlinsky, Rosenberg, Pekowsky, Erickson, Anderson, Miss Froning, Eckhaus, Good, Dumas, Crane, Haber, King. Robert Audrey .......,.. James Crocket ........... Henry Allen .............. William Rivers ........ CAST OF "DADDlE.S" .,,... Everett Erickson ....,........Philip Koller ..........Leo Rosenthal Joseph Stolar Maurice Titensky Nicholson Walters .......... Ruth Atkins .....,,,,.,,,,,,,,, .....,.................... Mrs. Audrey .............. Bobette Audrey ............ .... Margaret Anderson Charlotte Rosenberg Marian Kaplan Madame Levigne .....................,,..... ....... .............. .......... P e a rl Berkson, Esther Charnoff Lorry .......................,...,.......,... , ...,........ ..., . ................................................................. .......... I e an Banning Alice QLitt1e Uncle Sammyj ........ ........,..........,..................,......................................... L illian Orlinsky Francois Sz Co .......... Parker ............... Katie ........,.. Nurse ......... Orphans ......,.. Edwin Kleihauer, Edward Kampotich, Albert Rucker . .... . ............ s ............................ . Ralph Reynolds, Richard Wren Betty lfrystack, Rose Davis .,.........................,..........,..Lathorial King, Dorothy Goebel .........Bennie Leftwich, Steve Bronesky, James Hanson CAST OF HBOOMERANGU Dr, Gerald Sumner ,,,,, ,. ,,..,........... ,,. ........ .....--... ......... .. ...... ........-....- ..........,...... n......Everett Erickson Budd Woodbridge ....... ......-..-.........-...........................,.... B C1'f1Z-1I'd Good Preston De Witt .,..... ........ R aymond Molton, Kenneth Padgham Emile .....................,.. ........ I eromc Greenspan, Phillip Koller Mr, Stone .,,,,..,..,,.... .............. lv Iorris Glickstein, James Totten Virginia Xelva .......... .......... G racia Gibbs, Margaret Anderson Grace Tyler .............,................ ......... E velyn Eckhaus, Janice Clamage Marion Sumner ................-......--. ............, R ose Davis, Miriam Fulcher Gertrude Ludlow .... .......Sylvia Fagenholz Mrs. Creighton Woodbridge .,... -------.,----------.Y-----------Y------ .................. C l'1 arlotte Rosenberg Gurssrs Ar PARTY Helen Kors, Maurice Titensky, Josephine Carrol, Milton Lurie, Doris Rickard, Donald Lock- wood, Rosalie Finch, Stanley Connelly, Gertrude Cowen, Richard Wren, Dorothy Goebel, Harold Wolf, Bernice Haber, Morton Schulman, Leo Rosenthal. N 'l""""' 156 Top Row-Marinsky, Engel, Wolf, Leppa, Schulman, Meyers, Uretz, Wish. Middle Row-White, Melauckas, Samiatezky, Reynolds, Hawley, Matthews. Zlotnik, Kampotich. Bottom Row-Andrews, Tressler, Frystak, Emery, Samuelson, Pekowsky. Munson, Hesselberg, Sirner DRAMA BUSINESS STAFF "B oomerangv EVELYN ECKHAUS ....... nsiness M anager... ZACHARY BOGOLUB.. SYLVIA FAGENHOLZ ..... EDWARD LEPPA ....... HERMAN KALISH ...... BETTY HOLMES MARIE MUNSON ROBERT STEWART ...... CHESTER JANESS ...... FRED SIANA HELEN DUMAS ........ TILLIE PEKOWSKY Asst. Bus, M anager.. .....Tickcf 5a1es..-... ......BO.1' Office Sales ........ .....Pub1iCiz'y...... .......Pr0g1'ams .....Pnnf1ng....... ......Pr0perties........ PETER MACHINIS ...,,. ...... C dC1I1djYBlt1VC7'S ....... AARON YOUNG CHARLES ZLOTNIK CLARA SHAYNE .....,. RAYMOND XVALTERS ....... JOHN SAMUELSON ..... F. BAMBERGER .. ..... Candy flndifo rs..... .Candy Girl Managers ............. . ...... Stage Director ...... ......ElectMczan....... CHARLES ENGEL ................... ........... S potlighf ...... HI-Y STANLEY CONNELLY., ............ Ushers ..,... ,. HERBERT ROSENTHAL .......... ,,., ,,,,.,, G M ardg ,,.,,,, 157 "Daddies" .. ...... M EYER GOODNIAN ......PEARL BERKSON QNIAURICE TITENSKY ...-.-SAM SIRNER M ILDRED LUNDAHL NIYRON MARINSKX' EDWARD LEPPA MARYLEEVANDENBERGH LILLIAN HESSELRERC. ......CHARLES ZLOTNIK EMMA TRESSLICR GEORGE WIS H TILLIE PEKOWSKY CHESTER JANESS ....,.HENRY NIEYICRS NIIRIAM FULCHISR DAVID SAMIATEZKY EDWARD KAMPOTICH ANNA ROSEN TEGTMEYER GARFIELD PIAWLIZY DONALD WHITE ...,.. RUSSELL NlA'1'HENVS JAMES IXNDREXVS .BETTY FRYSTAK MARIE MUNSON .ELMER EMERY ......JOHN SAMUELSON ......CHARLES ENGEL ......HI-Y R. WREN XVOLF My - lx, ' l X we is Top Row-Pecis, Edlund, Altermatt, Schuchter, White, Wren, Mortinson, Titensky, Shewell, Stolar, Stewart, Reynolds. Third Row-Margolis, Kortum, Balk, King, Rosenberg, Pekowsky, Bronson, Keller, Lovett, Orth, Frystak, Charnofi, Davis, Tressler, Miss Froning. Second Row-Nielson, Berkson, Koller, Banning, Goebel, Orlinsky, Haber, Rosenthal, Anderson, Kaplan, Starnes, Erickson, Bottom Row-Wish, Gaftin, Kleihauer, Leftwich, Rucker, Kampotich. PLAYFELLOWS VVith the exception of the Barrymore family, on the legitimate stage, the only rival of the Playfellows is George Arliss. Englewood admits that the aforementioned deserve a little more recognition within the portals of our school. 1 "Bud" Erickson, who has been the hero of the last two productions of the Drama Club, "The Boomerang" and "Daddies," both of which were financial and dramatic successes, and Margaret Anderson who played opposite him have, since their debut, become idols of the school. Many new talented students were also discovered by Miss Margaret E. Froning, coach, during the last year and they have since been in the plays. Leo Rosenthal, Maurice Titensky, Philip Koller, -Toe Stolar, Jean Banning, and Miriam Fulcher are among those who since "Daddies" have become known for their dramatic ability. -illARIAN KAPLAN. N --l1-1- 158 Z 159 i 1 160 Aff 1 f "mhz :tune unheinn anh rulh Resumes zz liking mnulh, The mare the marble fnastes The mare the staiue grains." - Michael Angelo. 16 'U Top Row-Reckas, Dacons, Clark, MahaHay, Teschke, Reinert, Patterson. Bottom Row-Wolf, Ponzevic, Chancellor, Laskin. Another season shot by with honor flying for the hefty men of Englewood. Even though our boys were considerably outweighed in all their games they showed uncanny team work and spirit with the aid of their captain, A. Mahaifey. Those who expressed an outstanding amount of effort and work were: Ponzevic, Wolf, Reckas, Dacons, and Laskin, and as a reward they received much honor and glory. SEASONS RESULTS Englewood Schurz .... Englewood Joliet -...-...... Englewood Vllaite High fToledol Englewood South Bend Englewood Bowen ....... Englewood Lindblom N 164 Top Row-McCarthy, Rosenthal, Goldstein, Hawley, Goldman, Tallarico, Main. Bottom Row-Garland, Rozgus, Titensky, Shewell. FOOTBALL "The strength of the first team depends upon the sireugilz of the second In these words lodges the success of the team. Many of our second team men engaged in as many minutes of play as did some of the Hrst team men and much of our gratitude should be expressed to such men as Jordan Goldman T1tensky, and Shewell. Englewood Englewood Englewood Englewood Englewood SEASONS RESULTS ......l9 l05 ,. rl tlden ...,....... Hyde Park ...... LaSalle ...,..... Pine Bluff ,,......,,..,,,, Houston QA ll Starsj - f ll Bottom Row-Dunn, Wright, Waterman. Middle Row-Graham, Johnson, Strom, Charnoff. Top Row-Custard, Rith, Guthrie. I-IEAVYWEIGHT BASKETBALL of le ,Q W 1 idx-V fsf P Much ability and skill was displayed on the part of our basketeers in the games during the scheduled season. Many of the boys received all-city recog- n1t1on for their excellent playing. They were: Custard, Charnoff, XYaterman, and Rith. However, all the work was not exertion on the part of the boys, for the coach, who is none other than the silent Mr. Staples himself , was responsible for the good showing of the team. Englewood Englewood Englewood Englewood Englewood Englewood N L-""-"T" 166 SEASONS RESULTS Crane ..... Calumet Lindblom ...... ......... Tilden ....... Hyde Park Mt. Carmel V QQ ,,. Bottom Row-Renzino, King, Klein. Middle Row-Schatzberg, Wilson, Isaacs, Weisberg. Top Row-Johnson, Jarrett, Wren. LIGHTWEIGHT BASKETBALL - -QC . 1' - ' , . 1 ', 1 t lk , fp.: at. g-A- -v7 'Io 'I xl of 7-JC? fw-11 yvfuva- , X fi I-'L' Of all our thrilling sports there is none so popular as the lightweight basket- ball tearn. It is known as a fact Coach Staples himself maintains that the team contains no stars. Therefore their exceptionally good showing is due to their hard work and determination. Those members who displayed this attitude were eastly recognized. Among the outstanding players were Shatzberg, NVren, lVeis- berg, Johnson, Jarrett, and XVilson. Englewood Englewood Englewood Englewood Englewood Englewood SEASONS RESULTS Crane ........ ,..,... Calumet ....... Tilden ............... ,,,.,,, Hyde Park Marshall ....... ,,,,,,, Harrison .. ,,,,. ,, 'lS 18 l0 12 18 l9 Z I F, Anderson, 2 R. Richelsen, 3 C. Rusackas, 4 R. Whittington, 5 L. Zoremba, 6 D. Haier, 7 J. Worban, 8 R. Humphreys, 9 M. Jacobs, 10 T. McNamara, 11 D. Winters, 12 A. Charak, 13 J. Simmons, 14 E. Maina, I5 L. Cavender. meet. Anderson also won the 100 free and 50 free events in the April meet, set- ting a new record of 1:01-1f5 in the 100 yard event. These boys were ably assisted by Ray Richelsen,Donald Hafer, Charles Rusackas, John VVorban, Robert Humphreys, and Milton Jacobs. SWIMMING Annexing two more city titles and running their total to tive consecutive championships, Englewo0d's Junior swimming team held the spotlight in athletics for another year. The purple natators completed the season with a series of records never before equalled in High School competition. Nine individual and re- lay records were broken by them. Coach Rosinbum always has surprises to spring as a season progresses. This year he developed three outstanding stars in Junior prep circles. Franklin Anderson,RobertVVhittington,and Louis Zoremba rose to fame by placing first in the 100 free, 40 free, and 20 yard cross A H shoulder car- ry respec- tively in the D e c e m b e r d . N., J 168 1 A. Stewart, Z QI Wolff, 3 E. Rasgon, 4 J. Stolar, 5 N, Geeraerts, 6 D. Mortara, 7 B. Wilson, 8 Vander Guten, 9 R. Reynolds, 10 'I'. Skupas, ll Ii. Leppa, I2 F. Farrow, 15 J. Souers, I4 W. Ronayne, I5 C. Tciber. SWIMMING CContinuedJ lfranklin Anderson, junior Captain, has an envi- ble record for this year, placing tirst in all events in city competition where he qualiiied, as well as being a member of all record-breaking relay teams. New records were established in both city meets by the junior six-man relay team, negotiating the Z-I0 yards in 2:13 in the December meet, bettering the old record held by Englewood since l926 by 3-If5 secondsg and the 300 yards in 2 :52-2f5 in the April meet, bettering the old record also held by Englewood since 1928 by -I-3y,'5 seconds. XVith .lohn XVorban, captain for 1930- 31, the only letter-man left, Coach Rosinbum seems to have a task ahead of him to formulate a new win- ning combina- I tion, but with at "'Xie the new men, ' 'H'-""HMg 'M' 'llhomas lXlCN2lIII2lI'2I, blames Simmons, and Allan Charak. we may look forwad to the chain of championships to remain unbroken. 'llhe Seniors were not of championship calibre, but considering the record-break- ing competition this yeaiithey did remark- ably well. placing second and fifth in the two city meets. 169 if fax ........ xv ve l 5 MMV? W M -,v . fm! FRANKLIN ANDERSON Junior' Capfain Only Englewood Afnlefe To be on Four Consecutive Championship Teams NEAL GEERAERTS Senior' JOSEPH STOLAR Co-Captains' 170 Top Row--Jablonski, Marinsky, Selzer, McCall, Miller. Bottom Row-Sommerfxeld, Scaravelli, Ronayne, Parrish, Pharr. TRACK Englewood entered into a new line of sport this year, known as cross- country run. Our cross-country team consisted of Young, who captained the squad with much success, Marinsky, Parrish, Redman, and Ronayne. The results in the city meet, in which two hundred participated, were quite satis- fying. Young ran the race of his life, . but was nosed out in the finish,Marinsky placing twelfth. Previous to this event Englewood displayed an unexpected victory over Calumet with Young and Marinsky running up the points. The call of the indoor season was responded to by several of Englewood's veterans, as Pharr, Sommerford, Parrish, Selzer, and Iablonski. As a conse- quence of this umurderers' row," Bowen and Fenger fell easy victims. All the members of the indoor team reported for outdoor work and much is expected of them in the two-mile relay in the Stagg meet which is to be held at the University of Chicago. All the schools of the city are to participate and Englewood should capture a place, judging from the records shown. 171 ' IT' f. if x Top Row-Ponzevic, Renzino, Waterman, Wolf, Schatzberg. Bottom Row--McCarthy, Day, Zalisk, Samiatezky, Talan. BASEBALL For the season's turnout in baseball this year the material looked quite promising. Among those of last year's championship team were Joe Ponzevic, C. Waterman, V. Renzino, H. Wolf, and J. McCarty. An unusual amount of enthusiasm was expressed by the boys in their work- outs, and due to this fact Englewood has made a very notable showing in the league games. SEASON'S RESULTS Englewood ...... Calumet Englewood ...... Hyde Park Englewood ...... Lane .......,. Englewood Lindblom . Englewood ....................... .......... T ilgden ....... Englewood ...-..,.5...... ............. ---. Phillips .... . Top Row-Tumpkin, Bngolub, Smith, Ellis, Tallaricn, Miller, Marinsky. , Bottom Row-Cohen, Blrnnherg, Wish, Mr. Zika, Goldberg, Grach. TENNIS TEAM ' 4 ' i l MANAGERS 5 N x . , 1 1 A , :Af-li. . gl . A ,- - . I 1 CALLNER KALISIl LASKIN A JOHNSON KRAUSMAN Football Buskrllfall Basrball J Swimming Trark Y 1 , CHEER ' A S Weinstein, Molauclms, Umlien, Bachmann. ' 173 a G GTgp Row-Mesdames R. Dobert, W. Hawley, C. Chancellor, C. Peschong, W. Reinert, H. Reckas, L. Alheim, . o ey. Bottom Row-Mesdames W. Goodman, E. Rosen, E. Shewell, E. Wolf, J. Callner, P. Maina, F. Stupku. Insert-Miss Louise Robertson, Faculty Representative. ENGLEWOOD FOOTBALL MOTHERS' CLUB The Englewood Football Mothers' Club was organized by Mrs. C. A. Chan- cellor and Mrs. E. M. Dobbert, in March, 1926. Mothers or guardians of present and past football players of the Englewood High School are eligible for membership. The object of the organization is service. Funds are raised which furnish bus transportation for teams to and from the games, and an annual dance for the athletic department. A personal interest is taken in all members of the team. Additional medical service, equipment, and awards are made possible. Two active committees are the visiting and welfare, which care for any emergency or personal needs of individuals. l930 OFFICERS AND MEMBERS President, Mrs. E. H. Shewellg vice-president, Mrs. F. J. Stupkag vice-presi- dent, Mrs. C. A. Chancellorg secretary, Mrs. E. J. Rosen: treasurer, Mrs. E. M. Dobbertg adviser, Mrs. F. H. Palmer, social chairman, Mrs. R. F. Quant, visit- ing chairman, Mrs. C. R. Mainag welfare chairman, Mrs. G. Callnerl auditing chairman, Mrs. E. E. Wolf 3 ways and means, Mrs. VV. A. Reinertg press chairman, Mrs. L. G. Alheimg faculty representative, Miss Louise Robertson. Other members: Mrs. G. Godey, Mrs. NV. L. Goodman. Mrs. G. W. Hawley, Mrs. C. A. Mahaffey, Mrs. john Main, Mrs. C. D. Peschong, Mrs. Patterson. Mrs. H. Reckas, Mrs. D. A. Rita. 174 an jmiss gqazlrgzxrvt liagrs iulpuse faithful anh hiligvnt lzllmr in the lgirls' Qdhleiic pPP?lI'flllPllf funn fur Iyer the respect uf boil! fzxzulig auh siuhvni hnhg. 175 L- , DIISS Woon MISS Bona Mus. BIAHURIN M155 BIFBRUHI fMis: Hayes 'war promoted to Crane College, October 19293 fgirls Qstlyleiic Qsssuniutinn First Svuzcsfvr JOSEPHINIC SPARK AVA Ii MARY BIRK5 ...................., Rosle DAVIS .............. VIRGINIA NIARTIN .... JESSIE SHITLTS ...... MARGARET TAI'Ic ..... JENNIF1 CALDARA ..,. OFFICERS I......Prc,s'Ldu111'....., ...,.Vid'-ffC5idI'Ilf......... Sevond .8'v11IcsfI XYIRGINIA BIARTIN IXIARY IZIRKS .ALICE RIAIIAFFAY ...HSccrv1'c1ry,,,,, ,......Tn'aszn'cr..... .I.,P1'1blin'ily Mgr. ,,,,,Hzl?111y .1lgr,... .,....lII1'UI'-Q UllHt'lI.......... RIARIIC GASTIIN .GIQNIQVRA RAMSIJIC ,LILLIAN HAAS MA RILARIQT TAVK Bottom RfNA'1SUlkllf-, PI-ter, Scurnavak, Martin, Birks, Nahaffay, Gaeton, XYnterII1un 1 Top Ruw-Palmvr, Haas, Shults, Tack, Ramsdell, Anderson, Iratl. 'r LI 1 76 Top Row-Schntzherg, Koszis, Arnold, Ramsdell, Gomoll, Ne-dvar, Birks, l'ratt, Mngfor, Krenus, Ruxshus, 0'C'onnor, Son:-rs, Martin. Bvttom Ron'-Weplt-ner, Gaston, Yrlwan, Goebel, Levine. Burg:-, Waterman, llavidson, Scheur, Toth. SECRETARIES The girls' department of physical education introduced the oilice of secretary to the gymnasium teachers about four years ago at the suggestion of Mr. Lucas. It is now one of the important minor activities in the school, carrying G.A.A. credit and one honor point. Each gymnasium teacher has a secretary every hour who assists with records, attendance, and general office work as well as refereeing games, checking pro- ficiency, and conducting the class in case of emergency. There are, in addition, seven student teachers, who must be life savers, who assist especially with the swimming classes. Besides these are live officials for each lunch period who assist in conducting the division room games. The girls enjoy the freedom, responsibility, and authority of this position and are a major element of the success of the girls' department of physical education. TAI.Il'lC lXflAHA1fFAY. Top Row-Hatchman, Pratt, Mugfor, Bergman, Shults, Tack, Toth, Schatzberg, Walker, Anderson, Orton, Gilason, Kasro. Middle Row-Gomoll, Ireneus, Macropulos, Harrop, Palsz, Scorza, Meisclman, Minnick, Carlson, Di Giancomt, Mustapis, Noskoff, Rath, Kaplan, Bergman, Kortum. Bottom Row-Koszis, Edgcomb, Burge, Levine, Gaston, Birks, Roubeck, Johnson, Davidson, Wegener, Kaszcske, Nt-dvar. 177 N Top Row-Jordan, Huff, King, Hansen, Lester, Hensel, Kammerman. Bottom Row-Kortum, Goranson, Jackson, Mahaffay, Haywood, Green, Goraff. CAPTAINBALL AND VOLLEYBALL Division room competition during the luncheon period is well established at Englewood. Captainball during the fall and volleyball during the spring are the seasonal games played. These follow as a natural result of the regular class work, each being stressed over a period of four Weeks in their respective semesters. The schedule is made to include three games for every division, some rooms entering two teams. There are about ninety teams and eighteen hundred par- ticipants each semester. Bars are awarded to the winners and runners-up of the entire tournament. Top Row-Kuich, Gamble, Rosen, Cohm, Shepke, Brink, Beigquist, Scarlett, Valauchus. Middle Row-Anderson, Bonome, Blye, Cohen, Scorza, Carlson, Shults, Dean, Olson. Bottom Row-Scheuer, Koszis, Nedvar, Kaplan, Miss McBride, Alex, Palmer, Mathys, Doty, Wegener. 178 1-1l- Top Row-Lovorci, Mancuso, Rick, Schatzberg, Taylor, Brown. Bottom Row-Ziska, Bosak, Heise, Pikowitz, Andryauskas, Mallen. CAPTAINBALL AND VOLLEYBALL CContinuedJ Six officials assist each period in the conduct of the games. The gymnasium balcony is a rendezvous for spectators who are admitted upon presentation of their G.A.A. membership tickets. As the Girls' Athletic Association is the largest girls' organization in the school, it is the most active. The club, as a whole, works for the promotion of health, interest in activity, and high ideals of sportsmanship. Besides including in its program all forms of sports in connection with the gymnasium, the G.A.A. sponsors several parties and a big banquet each year. It is possible for every girl to earn some bars which are awarded in a large variety of activities. Every semester several letters are awarded to girls earning one thousand points. The G.A.A. is managed by an executive council and a council of division room rep- resentatives. Miss Lenore Wood is the sponsor. -ADELINE G1LAsoN. Top Row-Brookins, Mugfor, Singley, Kortum, wlli0n, Oliver, Neville, Washington, Lacey. Middle Row-Macropulos, Denison, Johnson, Zupkus, Peter, Trattner, Dickerson, Scato, Ligon, Moore, Bottom Row-Youngstrum, Meiselman, Levine, Haas, Mahaffay, Miss Wood, Scarnavak, Toth, Kappel, War- Cllirk. 179 0 Top Row-Schatzberg, Schults, Alex, Hanes, Peter, Tack, Gilason. Bottom Row--Bailey, Scarnavak, Martin, Birks, Mahaffay, Gaston, Gomoll. LETTERGIRLS' CLUB Our purpose is to promote athletics among lower classmen. This we do by acting as referees, student teachers, and big sisters. 'llhe only requirement for this club is a major letter. NVe're the bricks of the school for we are good sports. Last year the club was for the 4A's only. This year it is open for all girls with E's. Miss Eva Mitchell is our adviser. fADl'1I.INl'l GILAsoN APPARATUS CLASS lhe girls apparatus class IS now Ill Its fourth semester. Our 1l1SU'l1CtOI', Miss Boye, organized the class in September, 1928. ,At that time there were only twenty-five members. At present there are seventy-six. Nine of the charter members are still in the class. 'l'his class is organized so that girls can earn G.A.A. points. --VYIRGINIA GOMOLL. Top Row-Orton, Birks, Souers, Singleton, Ligon, Scott, Chisolm, Bowles, Perrin, Washington, Murphy, Moss- man, Byl, Irenens, Miller, Winship. Third Row-Martin, Gaston, Anderson, Palonis, Bonome, Shlllfi Dean, Aih91'lf'Y, Dean, BIYC, MHHSSCY, Noskoff, Banks, Roy, Hooks, Arnold. ' V Second Row-Scarlett, Crouse, Scarlett, Roberts, Gomoll, Blount, Miss Boye, 'Ialbott, Janes, Lang, Gcngul, Brookins, Ramsdell. Y Bottom Row-Bergman, Gray, Waterman, Kaplan, Granbom, Phelps, Olson, Shults, Trattner, Ixeppel, Rumsch. 180 Pnstnre Ci-nn-si-Waterman, Wegener, Harbeck, Gomnll. Schatzberg. POSTURE. CONTEST One of the greatest attainnients fur a girl in the athletic tield is to become a winner of the Posture Contest which is held every January. A test to determine ont-'s ability to stand, walk. and to execute given exercises satisfactririly is given to every girl in the gymnasium classes each semester. llre- liminaries are held in the gymnasium. About seventy-tive enter the finals which are conducted at a girls' assembly. The judges are physical education instructors from other high schools. Frmn live to ten girls are selected as the winners. f- 4lRAt'I-I 'Vin-iss. Zuuaves-Gomnll, Bergman, Lavt-ry, Martin, Knszis, Arnold. Nnsknff, Searnarak, Shnlts, .Kmlt-rsini, lhirige, Waterman. l8l A ' A 1 ' Top Row-Gaston, Rath, Davidson, Denison, Gilason. Bottom Row-Birks, Arnold, Sour.-rs, Martin, Ramsdell. LIFE SAVERS The life saving class attracts a small but enthusiastic and regular group of those girls who participate in extra curricular activities. The rigid standards set by the American Red Cross make this selection necessary. About ten girls a semester fulfill the requirements, pass the test, and receive the emblem awarded by the Red Cross. This semester the class is fostering, in addition. a marathon swimming com- petition and a program of stunts. -MARY Buuis. HOME NURSING AND FIRST AID .Home Nursing was introduced four semesters ago for girls who were excused from activity by the doctor. lt is now open to anyone. The purpose of the course is to instruct in the care of the sick, the infant, and general personal hygiene. The work is supplemented by a trained nurse from the Red Cross, First Aid is a new department this semester. It instructs girls in taking proper care of the ill or injured in cases of emergency. The twenty girls in this class will be given the American Red Cross examination at the end of the semester and those passing will receive certificates and 50 G.A.A. points. This is a course parallel to that of home nursing, and has twenty hours of instruction. -LILLTAN SCHATZB1-inn. 7 , z-. 182 --....-......i,,, il.. N, ' , ' 11' Qtr-k5s5f::1'5 'Z' -. ,.,..v .,.,,,: . .-. . . Q ix. Top Row-Stokus, Peter, Haas. Bottom Row-Shults, Henrichs, Tack, Heersma. GIRLS' BASKETBALL Basketball probably attracts the most enthusiastic and persistent couterie of any activity offered in the school for girls' competition has always been keen and tenacious. It has been organized according to semester years and for a period of ten weeks during the winter. Twenty teams entered the lists, culminating in a closely contested, exciting, and dramatic' game in which the 4A's, captained by Dolly Peter, triumphed over the Sophomoresg led by Althea Brookins, with a score of 21-18. -Ilfssna SHULTS. GOLF In spite of crowded conditionsi and inadequate equipment, progress and interest in golf has been consistent and enthusiastic. A successful tournament was conducted at the Leiter building, with ten entries. Isabel Decker and Florence Beaumont were winner and runner-up. hIsABr:L DECKER. Gulf-Beaumont, Hart, Decker, Mirotsnic, Fishman, Lipschitz, Winship, Raiser, Decker. 183 .-.....-........-.. Dancers-Hr-ngle, Nedvar, Mason, Schwartz, Mahaffay, Kibort, Carlson. CHARACTER DANCING Three three's and a change step to the latest jazz. The girls tap strenuously and noisily. This most recent departure of the terpsichorean Held has found favor in the eyes of many. Two classes in the fall and one in the spring attracted some hundred and fifty girls. "Christmas in Russiaf' a dance drama given at an assembly in December, was a colorful pageant in costume, outstanding because of the enthusiasm, joy, and abandon of the two hundred girls who appeared in fifteen numbers. YYELLA Torn. Dancers-Palmer, Ruprhus, Klein, Caldara, Rimkus, Lockwood. IS-1 Dancers--Ramsdell, Decker, Brookins, Underwood, Shanfeld, Wegener, Rosen, Shanfeld. RHYTHM DANCING Rhythmic interpretation to music and creation of original expression has attracted the quieter and more artistic type of girl. This form of dance was developed by Miss Margaret H' Doubler, professor of physical education at the University of VVisconsin. 'llhe work consists of body building and developing exercises, response to music, and perfection of rhythm of individual and group members or an entire drama. 'llhese advanced girls, who render a worthy and original composition, are elected into the Archesis. 'They must carry their work to a high point of perfection. A recital is given annually. There are now twelve in the organization. +GliNlfYRA RAMsmi1,L. TENNIS Tennis draws approximately two hundred girls a year who are divided into beginning and advanced players, the former being instructed in the fundamentals of the game, and the latter being entered in a ladder tournament. Last year this was followed by a round robin among those on the top of the ladder, with the results that Margaret Anderson was the senior: Josephine Scarnavak, juniorg Dorothy Kammerman, sophomore: and Anna Roubeck, freshman champions. +,ADlfI,lNIi CQILASON. Rammtrnian, Anderson, Roubeck, Scarnavak. H35 P' Q 4 x, as ,, . li? M I. ,A i,:f1.y,,aw v .fi - Wqsifq ,lm ix 'I it . w 4. ,Ay ,, 2 H ' .-,3 ,vi K is Q-5 .1 Z l l l I i l l x If ,, ,,.f ,f,.. .WV 4 Top RowfRoubeck, Alex, Bergman, Orton, Arnold, Verba, Souers. Bottom Row-Gaston, Prescott, Martin, Bailey, Anderson, Burks. BASEBALL Baseball, the game of swat, was introduced last year as one of the after- school activities in which all girls could participate, with about fifteen teams in competition in a "round robin" tournament, of which Esther Bergman was the champion. The feature of the season was a play day in Vlfashington Park, attended by the entire group and followed by a picnic supper. This season baseball was to be taught as a part of the gymnasium work, each class entering a team in the tournament. -'IESSII-3 SHULT5. HOCKEY Hockey, the fall major extra curricular activity, attracted about one hundred and fifty girls from all four classes who travelled to NVashington Park, playing valiantly in spite of rainy weather. There was keen competition between the Juniors, captained by Virginia Martin, and the Sophomores, led by Myrtle Burge. The juniors won by a close score of 3-2. Miss Wood coached the Juniors and Seniors, while Miss Boye had charge of the Sophomores and Freshmen. -VIRGINIA BIARTIN. Top Row-Gomoll, Roubeck, Kammerman. Bottom Row-Scorza, Burge, Bergman, Gaston, Levine. ,Q o f N J -as A My 186 ,,. . X '94 'gettext huilh schnulrnums fur 'the hug' Than cells ani! gihheis for 'the mam' " -Eliza Cook 9. .ff , , ' WV' ' LIEUT. Scxiurzrsxuoi-:R 1 ff LWVT- RUUENSTEIN ynalamrf " From last to third place is the record Captain llowse has rung up in so short time as one year. The thirty-eight band members are proud to he the bearers of the only shield the Englewood High School has ever received in concert hand contests. Third place in two semesters with high hopes of winning the military review contest to be held some time this June is a record. Captain Dowse also expects to have a band of one hundred and twenty-tive pieces, and a national band contest shield hanging in our auditorium some time in the future. Members who have served faithfully for four years and who have each received an "E" are Second Lieutenant jack Rubenstein, Morris Gottlieb, Hyman Kaplan and John Weiss. Mention should be made of our cadets Hyman Kaplan, city champion Hass Sousaphone player, wining First placeg and John Rice placing third with his trombone playing. -Moams GO'l'TLllCli. Top Row-Moore, Anderson, Albritton, Rubenstein, Garland, Dom-de, Rice, Matthews, Schwartz. Middle Row-Stevenson, Pratt, Patras, Beaumont, Weiss, Alm, Sachs, Stanhf-ld, Fienberg, Testa, Couch, Stiller- man, Walters. Bottom Row-Pragner, LeCuyer, Goldman, Mintz, Krugman, Schutzberger, Gottlieb, Redmond. 189 Top Row-Edward, Hoffheimer, Andalman, Verkey, Kleihauer, Moore, Walters, Tarson, Woods Bottom Row-Goldstein, Krausman, Henderson, Silver, Cohen, Mantzoros, Stupka. OFFICERS' CLUB COIVIMANDING OFFICERS ,....-.- RIFLE TEAM Top Row-Lumm, Kinnison, Brown, Jackson. Bottom Row-Silver, Andalman, Tarson, Stupka, Verkey, Woods. 190 CAM. SEIGEL CAM. Wn.soN CAP1. MAcnoPoL1s GRADUATING RIAJOR MACI-uN1s BIAJOR SILVER DIAJOR Col-IEN CAPT. HAWLEY Lnsur. XNASON CAPT. To'r'r1aN Lmur, Mcxlmzm 191 -111-. I LIEUT. ANDALMAN LIEUT. BIONTZOROS Luzur. LEGATSKY COMPANY A A Company is commanded by Cadet First Lieutenant Richard Hender- son and is ably assisted by Cadet First Lieutenant Irving Stupka, and Cadet Second Lieutenant Elwin Kleihauer. The officers of this company, working under adverse conditions, have succeeded in building up a well-trained and efficient organization. Captain Emil Korjan, A. P. M. S. 8z T. at Englewood High School finds it a great pleasure to drill and question this company. The company is largely made up of new cadets who take a great deal of interest in the teachings and tradi- tions of the R. O. T. C. This company is represented on the rifle team by the following: Cadet First Lieutenant Richard Henderson, Lieutenant Irving Stupka, Sergeants David Timberlake and William Kennison. This company represented the Englewood unit in rifle exercises at the Federal inspection by Colonel Ander- son, U. S. A., held April 22, 1930. A Company was commanded last semester by Cadet First Lieutenant Aristomenis Mantzoros, assisted by Cadet Second Lieutenant Milton Tarson. -RICHARD HENDERSON. Top Row-Brown, Reynolds, Sayro, French, Libman, Strain, Berkson, Johnson. Middle Row-Brooks, Shaw, Skinner, Garofalo, Walley, Smith, Matthews, Southern. Bottom Row-Slemmer, Tumberlake, Kleihauer, Henderson, Capt. Korjan, Stupka, Mantzoros, Kinnison. N l-.-l---- 192 LIEUT. Tiuzsox CAPT. Kimusxias Linux. IQLEIHAUER COMPANY C Company C the crack company of the unit, is commanded by Cadet Captain Nathan Kransman. ably assisted by l.ieutenants Edwards, Tarson. Moore, and VVoods. This company, the largest one of the three, was represented in the Hearst trophy rifle meet by several cadets. Also, some of the olhcers of this company were in the best soldier contest, and although they did not come out on top, they have high hopes of success in the future. Captain Korjan, the U. S. army officer in charge of the R. O. T. C. at Englewood. greatly praises C company for its prohciency, drill. and conduct. Last semester this company was commanded by Major Peter Machinis, assisted by Lieutenants Goldstein. Hawley, Henderson, and Matson. -NATHAN IQRAUSMAN. Top Row-Boone, Johnson, james, Brown, Claude, Allen, Dumetz, Amick, Rosenberg, Eltgarotli. Middle Row-Shaw, Jackson, MacCarthy, Pitts, Cowan, Lumin, Valancius, Buga, Greenblat, Hopkins. Bottom Row-Hasse, Moore, Edward, Krausman, Tarson, Wood, Whitaker, Weiss. I 93 -1... .mi LII-zur. VERHEY CAPT. GOLDSTEIN Lnzur. HOFFHEILIER CGMPANY D Company D commanded by Captain Harold Goldstein, proved to be one of the best outfits in the battalion. Members of this company on the Hearst trophy rifle team were: Lieutenants, Joseph Verhey, Sampson Andalmang Sergeants, Joseph Webster, Benito Wimp. Incidentally, all three of the school's best soldiers selected by Major Beals were members of Company D. They were: First, Sergeant Wilbur Brown, second, Lieutenant Joseph Verheyg and third, Captain Harold Goldstein. The work of training the freshmen enrolled in the company was ably taken care of by Lieutenant Sampson Andalman. This company is grateful for the fine work contributed by Captain Emil Korjan, A. P. M. S. 81 T. at Englewood. The company is made up of four officers, six non-commissioned officers, and twenty- five privates. -HAROLD GOLDSTEIN. Top Row-Shaw, O'Donnell, Hasse, Hooks, Robateau, McNeal, Rosenberg, Wade, Charak. Middle Row-Webster, Reinsch, James, Weiss, Haak, Fortune, Furlong, Fuller, Baker, Nunez. Bottom Row-Brown, Summ, Andalman, Goldstein, Verkey, Hoffheimer, Bugo, Brown. an i-1-1 W4 fPmc1b1z3eawf-I '30 4575 X Q HF Wu 1 AND scnooa. ur . T 3, 1 if Qin the elher hugs nf 211, Euilhers brought fnitly greatest :are Each' minute zmh unseen party gifs: the gnhs are ei1erginl1ere." - Longfellow. Mom :fic . OLCNDOR P5 Env Qj 59- ANT! V 45: Tam AA'-s V ' 1Y" vD " L! -. ,Q X 7 J A,7s SA - ff r -"f H X ' 1 If F' H V Plomok ' j 5 Q - X mm sp ' HHH! W W-I BROWN' ' r fl N f Nw W N N wi, f2ff'3-gz5zf:f:?,,,gg,.,g.,b,,,,, ff! 'R X 53 fx Q 5 - f - if :VY iii- MATW- jx,-axq N-,'-N Fs53s Lw2aSTxs.zC1ss.,5 6 A ,iywx yg 3 xi . Y- ' 5-ffl 5 fk f fn ,1.a-,Evnl-it wgKf "S'xNNQ xl! , "ra K i s 'I 5 I1 I, xl S muszyirilintn is xi I ,.gZ' X 4-' 1 ' 5: ,, PM- - , 4' .-.-21:4 A 4 -V' L 'Ny . 2 ' U ,75 7 Y ,,,f5'J- fix fo "JF . 2 ., QL, 1 01: KSCMTUI H . A Q ,...- mx Efxcuru fx V 'WF U ifliy-. ' Rxx H- I ' k iw . , f U sur. nl ,Umm R Wm J qg,f! 5gf ,V f Mm YJ Q6'a+'5,ga.iL iiw,11e'2g A 'YfH3"', smsm - 533372 .H M . HQ. I "W F I worms I' my ' lyw' y N WLSS 331112 ' haw . - No.vf7r?5 Q... ' I , I V -. .- -. - -. HIL. 1 . , ...V Z.: 1in.:11.,A:.Z:5ii.igf EF-.J .,A4 XA. 113: 1. Q .i:.15Ejf ' -'5s1-,ifiz-15535-'L :ff 'E-ig-1 -'-'-'-'-H -.gg 'T'-Zi.-5 . f',Q,-- fx, 4.12 "" fZj', 3-3 Fgiff faxx , H" if:fs':s2 Q. 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Av' Wim' Irq 5:33 3 'N -1 I4 ' UI :U ' ws A VW 1wf,N I A 1 1 1 2 P 943 554-, H H ?Hl"3ff3 X25 mx -Jw E -J IQQHHM 5 F1 5 5 .mf K ff-Maw Q - E ffff' K LV :sg leagg -L IlQ3g:Q,A:7 2 , 2 4 EM Ei '12 FQIMLEHAQ 0,1 X 1 W Sq? 555 2 M 5 'E Si 54 Rf g + A : Inq-12 Q S S E 'HIM 3 7 I IS !!!:D Q, 52:1 2 gs ,uf VJ x s wig - P W :f W! f 5 'i U2 5 -- 'if fff 2 1 --4.1 I O 5 ' " ' ji' 1 -in m 0 l A -4.16-1 "f IIIIL H ,fb M fm Ai D I4mrqQg,, -:-- WE: -figgxx , ., 1 1 i :gg sl 1g F X' fy ff -- Z2 2 XX Q :QT ,Q Enigma lgejuwrffyl -'A . 2 Ii 5 I . TD 2 ii. ' S E: HEC lxfq' .gllix 'R L' -1-A -1 I W Q. rv 23 X ,jj,'-fx., 'TEEN J . -1.55 ?'B'f53E'2l,QEf:fJ' 'DX-Q x.:. Zvi ' A'.T"f.,?W F gl' A ' I ' ' 1 .YG - "4 ' '. s, :" '..,X TL: , ET" 'T' mf, gm. PEM ," wimpyjf?2i:5fg.,f"F"Q4 . ,-1 4 - 2 - knn ,-, ,,z ' -E. :Tl ' ' V90 5-'L H . 'Ill ' --f -e5 'E Z5...L--' -- - ' -'L- :2:fik 1 b'1' ' 15' -' '-' mf.l w.., 5QJ1:., Qs." 1' A L -4' ' 203 - . Alb 204 - CWOOINT E N NW J ,rl I4 r ' . 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Harry Cohen-well, he's so wise There's no need to prophecize. Herman Kalish, we believe, VV ill become a president. That Belle Schucter will achieve Greatness is our one comment. Louise Hopson, we will say, Will turn the night into day. Now Bud Erickson we know VVill become a show magnate. And that fellow we call Joe Will pitch and be another "great" Thelma Goldman, need we say, XVill be a teacher some fine day. Edward Leppa will make fame In college and in everything. Mary Ranquist seems so tame But in her house, say, she'll be king. Evelyn Goodman? VVhy she'll nurse And her patients won't get worse. Margaret Anderson will be An actress fine upon the stage. Bob VVendt will sail the sea, A wide explorer of the age. Al Bertine, one need not guess, Will find his future with the press. Mildred Wittstock, as a wife, Will find her great reward in life. Miss Glen Mugfor will also find In her marriage those ties that bind! Silly Bachmann, they will say, "The finest golfer of his day." Mercia Snyder, we believe, Many honors will receive. Betty Frystak? We're at a loss, Oh, yes! She'll get her boss. VVaterman will be "great" ln anything he'll undertake. Betty Holmes, I'll say right now, As a modiste will be a "wow". Dorothy Nordstrom is our pick To be someone's sweet side-kick. Angel Bilder, if he's good VVill be rewarded with bachelorhood. IConIinueJ an Page 209l 207 'A IP 9, 208 SENIOR CLASS PROPHECY-Concluded Marie Munson? Oh my, yes, She's going to be a swell actress. Adeline Gilason warrants She'll own a chain of restaurants. Now Sam Levy, we'll prophesy, X'Vill become a good rabbi. Dorothy Goebel will make good In the role of motherhood. Albert Kaufman, we shall see, In the future, an M. D. Fred Rith will be a minister And to his flock administer. Charles Zlotnik we think will be Head of a great company. Esther Charnoff will enhance The grace and beauty of the dance. Mary Iser, we shall guess Will become an authoress. Pat Brazaitis with a baby stare Hopes she'll marry a millionaire. And Rose Davis says she'll be Unbonded and forever free. The nearest that we can approach To Chuck Clark is that he'll coach. Emma Tressler will use her head? lt won't be long before she's wed. Miss Caldara doesn't know Her only hope is that she'll grow. Pearl Reifman, we decide, As teacher, will her pupils guide. Mildred Lundahl we can see Will a music teacher be. Helen Schwartz is quite bright, She'll never with her hubby iight. Of Raciti we'll take a chance, He'll manufacture baby pants. Bernice Haber, why we know She's gonna wed a guy with dough. Nathan Silver with his looks VV ill rid Chicago of its crooks. Joseph Arnstein will surely win Many honors with his violin. Our own future we can't foretellg XVe only hope it won't be h-'w-. -HY Bkow. 209 iliti. ff 210 . CORTCUNIQMLCNDOR H HH IIHH IHIYIHIII 1 K an X , fm ++' mm -fs ' X O W I N y ' X " """' uuu" 41 Hu4AEaFfl.Qrn1 1 xx f 'JW W'W f"'f,m'f-Y K ' v r,un umgnnu' , ,S A QPR Wm f- ,f iQQfs1 '3i'- ' Q W We " 'W' w 1 'I L, 1 Wf nmx. ,V + ., -. H- ., I,..-g! -Q,-I -. . '. - x4 1.4: 'w:.!v.:-:-f - h I . K 1 .,f V . "'2IEifT5Ef92ESf,N 12 5'?"i?.R. V g'cHAs?ELE!sg'HDEc1ERNs f i 5 """'f"N'l Cv-1-?4"A'rncKET'1aunm x -M f V 'h 31151 :'?.Eu R.:f'L .eh X T5-vKs, Clfr-.7-'f Klpesuu' oc- X -1 ' ' .TQOCKER 'I'NSPEcrmNA' ' 1 3 . ., 1 Q 6-WH? ' , f fp R ? "'b V . AKEN ' " fm W YY-mf 0 9' A ' 3gf !!'Uw ' -L-- - . I .' f L f 1 .fu - EQQ-,.QES 571Qu 1r4sQ xx N ,--R., . 1 -J 4' ' L l . 1 powzav A cvrv JUN: J Y . -2. rqm-vLa'g'y.-, .1 , , - NN-TARSON 'JO' ,.,6,Q,,,..- E DK HCDKUDO vroca mason gsm --.-.- -..-0. 5. --..-- .- .-...- 'fl-ti N i---.-M 21 Z - JWO0 IXKXGTOLCNDKNFR N I - -W' IF ' l un? fl 9 , 3 - : Willy 4 .-f , M65 w , V : W .1 Ln egmli 5- Te 20,12 s g V, v 21Q!2?3ff1:E?,- , 7 C, r ww ,,',f,H - .. 'Vx Q. V ?v Teo sfirli-Fcuxwe I gmxllk , - ' - K ' x ll , vp xdesxs! , ' N-WHL-1,1411 Ps U. K V ' fs??fX-me .Q ',j1g'Qf-THf U .zggn ' IP mu ' 1- 1 N P W , ' Yfwcu. vo-N15 ,N J tau. swnmuw W M mum 3 f MAP-CH ,3Q E ---. gt ,, 5, 'fi ..wn1.-rf-or-fu-QLI' 5- 7 - 'R 'A C A 1 1.-...i-475552 . '-H L f . w - L , fmrfa W :E Q 3 l 'lf QA ' Wxxxshnglewgemla Bcsk 'I ' it jf ' f ' 1 w YV KK 1-Sfwjdleisonxk-:st V Y f' r, W F HAY! yvmulh Hizllwkffy're:2Ew'f2.,ff,l'ifm 5 Y Y - Y 539Lu ' ,m,,W4L fg. - mw giaig 111175 X L? W 'EQ -w W f l f fi' 2 wine! U Jap A f V gg' Nw 11? Q Mn ,. L , , Q Q. U g"Aiq- - "U F N '41 1 : I - gggp SCULPTURES 1 "1 Q "ly W7 THE Am os- -Hezyy, i f? .,! X r fi: PARTMENTS A1-1-enum, ll jg ' AE-iwllli X, n E+, ' -f" M m ,V- 11 . 2,i1i'2s,f:z4:.i?L'f' .M n o E f---1 , W R Y I ,,, 'N M ,I N1 .XVI 'LW--" M 7 WM! -xl ' JTNWQALISALMWTIT: ' ' Y ' :fx N' f .- 'U 'N fl' "W" S' 'WMV K HJEQHQ- ' , If ' . 7 jfys V . K' 3 N -f I2 , .1 W 11 W avg Q jg? 'mf , Q. ,V . 3? W 1 fLlfWf 57 X fx M iff fh ,ff X bi gf ' - 41 5 ow You Suouur se: T5-1 iL kj' -ig' wo:-119 'rnnbrnnnas 'ruwas Tunvggf-.3977 H v GIRLS oo uv Aurosuqp?QL!- if' no , 2.5: .,.,::: M,,:x:E. 'J ' I - U. s Avnf.-gm 213 w - - VERTEBRAL COLUMN EFFUSIONS FROM THE "E" WEEKLY 'TIS THE RESULT OF HIGHER EDUCATION Well, school is here again, and the freshies sure are green. You hear the sophs a-groaning, they're the greenest things they've seen. The freshies, poor, believe them, and their spirits sure are low. They go around a-weeping with their faces iilled with woe. But in another year they'll be strutting 'round the school, Telling the incoming class that everyone's a fool. -Koo Koo. ik 4: wk GIRLS, DON'T ALL RUSH AT ONCE Officiating in his capacity of Englebooster president, Harry Cohen said in 4B hall regarding the tickets for the Boy Orators, "I will now pass down the aisles and go on sale." -Namac. - wk if wk AND HOWEVER! I ! If you were at the assembly of February 20, when Mr. Rubinoff artfully gave his impressions of jazz in America, you probably noticed that a great many Englewood students have music in their soles. -Picrrette. :of is wk HE OFTEN IS If an ode is a poem, why isn't a poet an odor? -Ray D. Ante. an ar nk HADN'T YOU BETTER ASK THEM? If Mabel is Cross, will Hazel B. Gay? -The Trinuts. :of fr 4: WHY CERTAINLY Don't you think that the two girls who were arrested for petting should be given a light sentence since it was only a "petty" offense? -Betty. 4: wk 1: HOW DUMB Did you hear about the man in Detroit who studied auto painting there for three years and then went to Paris thinking he knew all about the body lines? -Curious Cuplink. wk if wk WE DON'T KNOW If Josephine T. Allin got lost, would Egbert Hunter? -Howl? About :sf 4: an OVERHEARD IN THE LUNCHROOM First Senior: What is today? Second Senior ttaking a deep breathl : l'Fry"-day. -The Olzm. wk af wk WHO CARES ? According to George Eliot joy is the best of wines, but many people think that wine is the best of joy. -.-fllplza Beta Cal. fCantinued an Page 2165 N -----1- 214 CfiFiTOO0i1if GKNDOFK 5 q I 2 ps fmo YA av H HEI' Jw Q . A n iv, mfw::f Y:a2s. L "H 0 -h W "P E9 fn' 'N MS Plcr-nw 5 N QQQ Q, SWA ' 4 . -bf I r, qi . , '?J?gIi..f1'i'?',3 ' ' f l!':,'iY-:Daren X' ' ' ,, , T - ff if M R W MJ E M Q , v I - lx U YLE mx - Kr' --' 'I I' W X 7 HI Y xNuT1AT1oN ki- ' ' fx X N? Y--Q-zv 451 1, K . f N,,fg.,2,M SUM' A M q JW, ' lll"' 'fm-"-"HIwww: THE 'POSTER 'uf' A C-' - -' onoara LN -ma , CLASS :gf I eovm ROOMH 1 5 ows A X ' "" - A ' . X 1 ' AlE5rLg,f'2Ko 'x?X C' -H xx ff 3 0 . D 0 V 'T 3' :E MAFu8N.:aw , .GX ef xxx -?,, 1 I 0- 5 1 Y fiff 'X x ' rr My X fx X K 74 X 'BUD' ERKCWLSOY-5 -4. In N f 'TEQ- Ei: Y: Q i 1 J O STICE O p. Q Q I To-la 'STUDENT -15 ' QE X Coop-T! M 5 'r QWWSYNXX f!0MfMf" 'N' ON EHS 1 S X X fllf I X 3 ,PQLIC Y Y P + , N 1 N l F 1 I W 653 1 9 CARQBQN IW 'W LL 21 5 - VERTEBRAL COLUMN EFFUSIONS FROM THE "E" WEEKLY-Concluded THERE ARE SOME ALREADY IN ENGLEWOOD Did you hear about the newly perfected "gimme" pigs that are replacing the gold diggers of Broadway? -Goldie. an we Ik AND MR. MANLEY AGREED! Mr. Manley Qsarcasticallyj : Say, young man, who taught you economics? Boy: You, Mr. Manley. Punk job, wasn't it? wk an ik POLLY KNOWS Reading maketh a full man, conference a ready man, and writing to the Vert a discouraged man. A -Polly. an -r :sf BUT HE COULDN'T DO THAT. WHY, HE'D HAVE BAGGY PANTS When he realized that her heart belonged to another, he ceased to press his suit. -Wee W'ee. if an 4: IN OUR CLASS Teacher: VVho milks the farmer's cows? Student: His "hands," of course. -I Heardit. 4: wk 4- ' AND THIS FROM MR. WILSON! Boy: Believe it or not, I lost six pounds over the holidays. Mr. VVilson: You must have taken a bath. 4: 1- an HOW IMPOLITE At the Boy Reserves' dance, Ted Leary was singing, "The One I Love just Can't Be Bothered With Me." Yells some boy, "I can't blame her." nk 4: wr THANK HEAVENS WE'RE NOT IN HIS CLASS Do vou know that Mr. McGee calls his vardstick the board of education? I i -Tynee. 4: if we HOW TRUE!! NVhat is worse than a wife that can cook, but doesn't? XYhy, a wife that can't cook, but does, of course. -Conv. wk sf :sf The height of something or other is the Student Court bringing in a verdict of "not guilty" when the defendant pleaded "guilty," ak :of wk And now, before closing, we want to dedicate these Vert effusions to some person who richly deserves the honor, someone who has done more for the column, we believe, than any other person. someone whom we will always remember as a humorist with a poet's feeling-Namac. -HY Rrzow. 216 6 UHIVCISIIY of Busmess University Methods ! Q , l ng: Unqgstgreigflzjnce l H Ellll- Q!llIIiI4lillli1 gg I 3 - ' ' T WW - Chlcago College of Commerce Traznmg High School Graduates or the BETTER Posztzons m the Business World COURSES IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ADMINISTRATIVE SECRETARIAL HIGHER ACCOUNTAINCY NORMAL COMMERCIAL 3 MONTHS INTENSIVE SHORTHAND Send or Illustrated Prospecius Chicago College of Commerce 735 Englewood Ave. Phone Wentworth 0994 , 'U I R ills lulgnl U n tl' . . nl u f f 217 -il--1 v CVWOONZXK CLCNDOR i' Y- ' , - 9 3 K5-fy! " 'l " "U" " "" ' ?' ' ' 1 V 'X 1 9 L 'ug:L.19ue Avgglxsq :anew Tlngxicv -4 7' Q 1 aw 5 15-m3:.,r"H .' 5, 1 f 'V , X ' y"l I.. -. - x I Q4 JJ: I IW N-'il W ' V if 5 A '- I I' A wx , , ...vm S mf mlm ! ' 1 H I -5 L- A 1 2 1:-:fig - Ml M, 1 ' ffffiw-ig ..s , Amuwi. ' ' '- ruflbmalwf-.mv ll I, L, , . up xzuni-mnfusxg EQNJQV-' If g .uvWwwrmrgumHnff22fH wma D A Q -'I Il '7,.::ff1.,,iI 435.-' -ei - ul 5- 1' Inu M- Q N 1 -- f K -1, 5 , I A A IEUauwuhcm,9 mdk. I ,I Y .I V V , -, onkhuelup unjust oi- Ill u . . , Q, A . A. g 6 1 R I I lulhwamloucs for Iam 'I 324' fran: I I kmuuq he 9.lned.uh1.l -Q-:.-:...-.1nl-'?:.f!4-5-.ata--3::.'.1..!a"'11::'.f5 . , - 3 KL .hid I 'fm'H2s314.,.,m,,.,.n.n, ' -5 ifvfszrzfi lawulh-qu1,- mf R - EQ A' ,,,Q4k -. ,'!,i5i, 4 : f , lusgwefl 59 om- , - - fn- K fy -qi ,Of X Y iq' fd. 'Esta-1 5 X - 2313- ' ' "R 'Gm-fwrei-W EF -- ,...-.w, , 'J J ' 7 9 Q . ,Th " P'lR.5-rA'Pzcs 33 ,ix , w .Jin , - ,,'f,.1:N iq -- "v Q'-4 15'-Q-fffmh 2 ' www. 421, ' - Tzm-fn AT- 4gw3?',,f-7 Qcgim 1' 'Banque' .I ,,3h.',!w ,Eg .5-.1--3, , Ann. f - 1, 1930 A ,15's'ff" g:1'. 1 , fm " :'- f-- ' A, .gfgigjg gg?,g:, mas mmxnom- I- 1'.'.J2:g'x:ggJg.mginri smnme - ij WM lm , mm nuaxnwooaaunr. ru nal- Aim. we 4 I Banaizagex-:'t - 11' W Gif ' QW W ff? 1:4 l H v Nfl rn:-an 'WW:F: :IW 1 Vis 4 Z snuff, f- ' 1 . Eg' ,vu , U 1' N g., .uv . .Q N J lv J 1 .-,23:aQ, Pk q' A 1 V :Au L12 N 4. 'xv' Xb' A' LU 9 ag Vy -ggi.: W , q M, M -N X' 0 f T071 wrss mv. mi 'Pncruilz TAKEN., -1-pm TARQON '--50 N 218 . Servmg You Smce 1889 Fu-st Natlonal Bank of Englewood 347 'West Sixty Third Street u u l n . I I 1 H. ,I E I MW 5 r HW lil, f Y-"E' L'4TA1 6 if 1 . Q 219 - G5 L27 ILDMAQI The House of rlght and Street Fraternity and Sorority ewelry MEDALS BADGES CLUB EMBLEMS 0375 1.9: 223-225-227 West 62nd Street CHICAGO J JJ' CLASS PINS :: CLASS RINGS ' ' J - L . 221 ---1-1 222 - 9 'QW Cq1feef1'ngs am! gas? Qmskes Wwwf io zlw glass ojflQ3O 0 of if Qwflglewoocf Hake? fRej7x4LliL'an xyrinling Q0 V f fix, N' W i 5 4 I A N 1 N .. ,,h,...M zbson Studzo 58 E WASHINGTON STREET QMAQ43 It IS our smcere wlsh that every graduate from Englewood High School be successful in all of his future actlvltles L u 223 --..l.,.i kt' X xx f xy T! I? 7.,, , ., , , 7 . m - A in 5 1 V r N r F N .-1-l- 226 - THIS ANNUAL ENGRAVED lg JANN I OLLIEN 227 -.ll I i 28 0 It 0 0 0 I2 0 lr lb 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 tl 22 42 O O 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 22 22 42 0 0 Candy Ice Cream Cold Drinks ?"" """"""? ""' """"""? f':: 3 :QQ !!42 I . 3 E? E 5 5 own 4:9-U' o Q-003 or ooE"' Q: .ow D :OB OO omg? 0:-5, H U9 0 0 5 Q 5 N! O 0 Q Xi N 0 O S omngug- 203- Q cn 0 05,1 O S 1:0 3.2: SQ ca 0 O g 43 Q Q O 0 0 0 tm,-'Q 5, .O fn Q tty., 2a.n"52Qu' 222- me 5 2 251 23,052 Gza oi' CO' ooi' 30536-r'fQN 2 SI FQ 2' o 08 of':1Oo..5g3 03512 QF Sas' o .nzfvg ooO- .. Q4 or 25 'ff-'ae 2222- ff Q ' 'F 2 3 5 E Q :B ' 2 " Q '5 5 2 2 Q 3 'lui 'io 5 ro o I: 2 'W 'Q as S s sg -- -------.- M -.-, 0 on --------Q--- Q,---vo -'Q :Y 1 2 :Q ez. GQ -U E m :goo Q E2 2 ' ' 'E '22 Q I ?2'0-as? ' 3 -m5022351 Se: V' hw 2 2 2 Q 2 22 2 2: 5 z rr 'im 5, 5' 2 ga 01:32 Qf"fmfo Q o W '1 O -U l a 0 O Q QQ 2 H I 0 -UU! N 4r::.o: an mg' Q? 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E When attending the 2 STRATFORD THEATRE 2 E Hafve your Sodas, Etc., at 2 CONGRESS CANDY co. 2 2 715-717 W. 63rd Street 2 E 1200 W. 63rd Street E CHICAGO o--.- ----... -..---...-.-..i Z9 Q-- --11-11 I N I .1 ..l. - In , ,.,, ,?l,,--,M 230 --11111q111gqgg- X '3:g:9-4.4:3:g:g:9.4:g:3:y-g-4-g.4-g,4.4-+-? ,404 0+040+0+0+0425'004:t:t'4Ot:t t:0:t:t-? O EE F 5, S ' 55: Q S55 N It Z S S Q 5 S Q 'MQ Us Us CQ 'Si M sm 1 -- SP Q 1: "u 1 1 2. S 2-E S. Ig fu 9' 3 1 0 75" rx 0.1 'U 'E W C J 0 "' ERN S' 3- Lu Q 5 fs.. 11 -1 - I 2 S '-1 Q S O -U 5 G, A N -. Q N Q z Q ,Ss 5. Q R. cu g 2 S Xe 'Q . 2 E 5. ik? xg. pu A 3 . fu 5. X "" N Q N " Q 1:gQ1aS:emhQ,f?E11QH"' 2.39 Sw- 1 1sfs1m'1'gg51s:.av111':, 315-Siiiigqwg 3' 'T "' U71 Ft- N- Q4 N 1 3011.3 O3-1 agzxfg-4122, ,H-5-Ogg img, 1 11 gs : Q, E A - . Q 1 1 ,sl wg- 5 5 Q 5 5, Q -A 1 11 Q G- O -A A , 3 0 O Q 3 Q 3 Q ,N U-I 'P 0 11 :I Q Q N 1- Q . QQ O O Q S- : gi Q- ,., o 7 V, 0 0 R Q K .U U1 3 0 . U QQ UH Q Y N 0 11 -3. Ng? r. Z UQ O 11 ha E21 Q 3, 0 If ' S E Q ' 3 Il E " Q U1 :,.- f . M M 1 11 1 1 'T 'Q 1 QOOQOOOOOQCQOOGO 9090090OOOQOOOOOOOOOOGOOOOQOO .Q9904009404:3:CC32?0Q:904:?0404C50994:C:50993 Qvvvof-Q-4:x:t:z:t:9-4-4:oQc:c:aoo-c:z:z:Q-of? v +0-+0 or WI I 11 11 11 ,... 1 QP 1 1 E15 91 -fi 5 1 H, sf 11' "3 1: 1: S as 1 an 1 1 9 S Cr. D' 1 11 Q r 5 fi og 5. Q Q 1 2 'U Ui CD 3 g "" 53 5 3-2 w N GD z 1Q?E N. P 11fT1'+0QE'+se gms: 1 0 0 Q L 5 1 Z 3 ,... 2 11 1 o -- -1, ,,, U-OQ 1 v-1 Q 11 Q., 15, O 11 11 5 .. C m o 31 1 1925 'll 5'-S1 11 1,13 1 1 Q S. O N1 5-eb " :I Ti 50-if E S rw C: 3 1 Q 11- Z -1 IJ" 1 11 ,, ,, 5- 5 :Y ad 1 1 "1 U9 1-- 1 1 -1 5 Q Q, Q Q- CD 1 ' g 3' 'U " ' 9' 7 O 3 Q O Q-. ' ' ff- 4 Q- ' 1: 8 1-. 5-' F 2 Q Q 1 1 FU A 3 11 6 -.4 o..,U" gd Qx. 1 ' R Q-1 1 'Q 1: Q L E 1 2 lv- 1 1 .H af 'P JZ' 1 .111 0 11 0 231 1111111111111- ZX 9 l A x N .X I 31' IN --'qi-i11 ITIZI1 the entrre lamrly frt use the Master I e Healthrzer-an exercrsrng massagrng and reducrng maclnne that rs gentle yet powerful and elfrcrent Benefrcral to clmrldren as well as to grown-ups O lceep physically frt-and to lceep rs electrrcal exercrser Come ln today for a free demonstra- tron rn a private booth COMMONWEALTH EmsoN ELECTRIC SHOPS 72 wssr ADAMS smear ENGLEWOOD-SSZWFST 53rd STREET I-lc T up thu ..' 4IIu.Im-uInuI1uIInmu--umumununumnmnmnmnu-unnnanmruunmrIIInnnIrunrmummunnuummummm The Englewood Hzgb Sclrool Purple 6? W bite Is Bound in An AIROLAC Cover Colored in Beautiffll Pandita E W BREDEMEIER 86 CO CHICAGO ILL Producers o Azrolac Products ' TRADEMARK NEG U 5 PAT DTV o o 7 . ..............................-......................................................................................... 233 ' ""l'l C MOSER SHQRTHAND COLLEGE A Business School of Distinction High School Graduates Only Are Enrolled MUNSON OR GREGG SHORTHAND Bulletin on Request 116 So- MICHIGAN AVE. Twelfth Floor RANDOLPH 4347 CHICAGO .-nmmumuannunnumumunmummnnnmunnnmuumumunn1nunnmmmnnuummumumn-nmmu-umm-umnum-mmumnnunIInummmmununm s. FOUQUETTE BOOK STORE The Store With a Reputation COPPOSITE MAIN ENTRANCEy Fountain Candy Luncheonette Service Tank Suits Girls Caps Gym Suits MECHANICAL DRAWING SETS OF ALL KINDS I Q 7 s 235 l-l lg si V19fvi6Sl':7I6Z6E5I9liEZS!9!6Z69!9!9k.4' Z9I6E!66KE!9iS'.6K?I61'6?I6l9i6Ei9.Vvrf"'Dl9. SOUTH SIDE BRANCH 8335-43 S. HALSTED ST. Phone Radcliffe 6900 Z CI-IAPELL l - llllllllllllllllttlllliIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllliillllIIIIIItlllllIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIlllllIllllliIIllllIIIIIIIlllllIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII - EVANSTON BRANCH A 1920 ASHLAND AVE. Phone Evanston 1005 f .-. ' X69 I 4 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 V 0 0 0 0 0 ' 0 - Ice Cream Co 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 IT' ,P .qv X f S . Q2 OFFICE AND FACTORY 1901-25 Webster Ave. Phone Humiaoicit 8320 i C H I C A G O D Q 242 -' A-C-C-C 9S i9i59i3155i55IGi9i:"Pi3i9i9K??fiQ'99 i9i9i9i9i91'9i9i3i5i9ti5h 9t3E9Rgg A.R11'E gg scnunm. s 'S TYPOWYUCT Service CO- SCHOOL STORE Q N 71: 'Q All Makes of Typewriters Rented, Zig Re aired and Rebuilt. Q2 gi P gi 254 W. 62nd St. QE Supplies for All Makes 212 Eg 72 SPECIAL RATES TO STUDENTS EE 2' 's ' ' + gn, 342 West 63rci Street Thitoiher fillers ffffsveflfy f 7: gg lan djust uc . t IS t e 3,2 11612911059 Nofmal 2692 9:5 rewar f5r consistent courtesy. 392 SE 92 fi 5?i9i9i9i99i'9i9I6i3i9i9i99i5?i9i55i5i9i9i9i9iS.5?if:i9ii5S:Q gg5i9if5i9i9i9i9i9i9i9i9i999i9i'59i9J6Xt9i9 Qgig Q3 SE Io? ' 53 213 T l h N ai 2692 an ' fs W Franke .gg Metropohtan 5 4 ' m- DSM Restaurant 5 Electrical Supplies anci Raciios , .mmmmmlmnm , Q2 gg BICYCLE SUNDRIES LL We solicit and appreciate Q5 gf your patronage and will QS QE Locksmitiming anci Repairing always endeavor to please. 1, of All Kinds EE IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIJ- A , 0 12 , 1 L r K. V LICENSED ELECTRICIAN Z W. street 4:5 342 Street, S Phone Englewood 6275 0 7 'X . ..,,. ....,, ,... . 'P C-2- -3' -3-5-CQ' -C4-C'C-C-v-C1' A eve- 9191446 ikigeweeeeleelelelt A N ---- 236 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 4+ r 0 4 4 5 Mid -West I , 4332959-QF t Baking Company ' Q I IOU West 69th Street i nQ.:Q'X'65"'w.9l Q MOTHER'S BREAD 5 "Has'tl1at Old-Fasfrionecl Home Baked Fld"UOT.v Q CHECK ,X BREAD 2 Sf 2 'just Right-Every Day" 3 2 NIOTHERS RYE H Z Moiher,s W hole Whetal 5 71 23 7 - ZX .x.lr We 0 pr. James 25. ,Armstrong PIINCIPAI. ENERITUU flbur Einglefnnnir Written by James E. Armstrong All voices raise in songs of praise for Englewood, Our flags unfold and banners hold for Englewood, For many friends throughout the land, With loyal hearts all willing stand, To shout her praise, Our Dear Old Englewood. CHORUS Z Oh, Englewood, our Englewood, how many times before. You've taught us how to faithful be You've turned defeat to victory. I Oh, Englewood, our Englewood, we'll stand by you today. Hurrah! for the purple and white! Hurrah! for the purple and white! Oh, tell me of a high school where I should like to go, Where jolly pupils gather and seek life's work to know, Oh, tell me is there sunshine In class and hall and heart, For I should like to join that school and try to do my part. Then here's a cheer for schoolmates dear, Hurrah! Hurrah! And here's a hand for teachers grand, Hurrah! Hurrah! Our loyalty we pledge to thee, We'1l Work for what we hope to be, All honor then to Dear Old Englewood, Music .................... Hall l-1-. 238 l ! , ,gm-. 5 Q fa fthkw A U I ufo3vc2og5fD ' f6 .A- 4ZQ?"f'l'- QT., 1' 'Qty-1 Asflwi 3 N . , fx! 56-.wi , Bl 1 f j. ,Q Li ,, 4i:..V,, , AHA- 5 , fy . ,.L yi :J 5 . .A f7'f ' A ,. Q , . 1 ,' if -1 I I . I ,m . IQ. . m, I N fi e.'5E.vgvE,D Fog T3 EMSAK f ffaSw'RVRE.D .,.. ,qw ,r, vm I 1 , r li H fl if , v S ,nv-.-1 1 llll . ' . -, wf W A V' bf! ' ,fx3xxQ J' 6235? af :W- y N 0. fi xsv all q , MW t QW! If , , t I ll :' V t v 'V I . f 1' fx 1' I W jf 1 'L UWM . , ,VM W W 62.77-QLM Wyhm fmi, V-11, fDk.- ' ' ,f Gait gifxe us tam. Uhe time hemanhs VJ? A I Strung 5, great hearts, true faith, ana failling hanheg . ' faham H e lust af affine haes nat killg " 5 glen faham the spails af affine eannat hug: 'T C7 Jen faha passess apinians ana a faillg , I ' amen faha hafre haxtarg men faha Iaill nat lieg glen Iaha can :tuna hefare a hemagague Qnh ham his treaeheraus flatteries faithaut iuinhingg 'mall men, sun-erafaueh, inha lifle ahaite the fag ,Jn public mug ann in pt-iam thinking. fu ,f-1 I t If ,XJ r I Q -josiab Holland. X If 5 lf Q CZQ fb - 1, j,.gg,! fig c. Q? f' i ' we W ,,,, af QL-pg ' W4 ee e xr If . My A fK,,fxf,,,MM ,MQQW I fiyffigifjify zffiyi M mi: W2 ,Aw r""w""A1,.bg'f1 K QQQL KW M wgww W my Mwffj ,MM mMf WSJ wiw , Z2 X ,Egg -Zz Dfwm ai, wwf if W' f'570,.,fMl KEEP LEAN ' UWM. ann jjwi .vgcvsk I H W K 5 Sfwsmfcvg A f UV EMMM' - ' li! M if

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