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, Q I V U I W2 " , Y, 5 A I if I I 4 Att un , 1 J' uv " ,H f'-1 4 , ,Q ,M M, A 'L' , N . ' JW! ,vlfjjly 0 L44 1 C - - -I., Q4 -.-.Lf 4, N , ,. I 1 NUM iM""5 1 . 7 -?f,'iziM"V54 I!-,li Ri: A LA, H ii- 1 J.. ,F 4 u .yn 1 5 4 1 I 1 i ff' If 1 1 M155 f 6 ixfn.. N ' -I v, ':, , 2 jf' V 0 ,ff fi ,J A ,W - 1 f' ff ,fr . H, ,M-K 1 1. P' , , 15 , , ,gy-f"': ,J ff- ,J ll 19' ' . ' " ,ff df" ' 9 J. J , for M A, ' S , Q ,,-4, - ,V -.-QAM M W' - ,W f 1 'url' ' AJf5'?!f1 j 'kj-:NNW V ltfyh' 5 4.11. V . ., ,fpazf 5 L ,. " - ,-0' ,ff ,f .J ' J 4 -V "' I ,J x sf: ' , f KJ L" 7 Q 4 JWLJ M, V, Y J if K W I ,,iJy,v.1 ,Q V5 N-1 4 9- , ,,, f 1 6' ' 'J , ' ' 'LA ' ,ij 4, !A,1"r,u I f f4 ll J' ',- ,V 1 ,1 ff' ' - 1 by Q ff ' cf Z 5,43 . Af! , 1' if ff jf ON f ff' , .,' f' " ' 1 ' X f Ja ' if M EQ f ' i 5 f f gd' - .2 1 ,, A ifmw 6 J, I: ' , U-Yvjl, 1 ,. f b I D!! V f 1 D, WI N 5 ,gl J , ff .N A . riff' " x J fgffzrrj wi V' V ,VW gf f ik El , I 3 1 V' U fi ' ' mir-f" ' 1 'fx - 1'1" K ' ' JL 3 V- SAY 9,27 'J' '-f FJ I fb Q lx DISC' 'Y -fu!! K ,fa , WU 1 K NL V J fl I , Q J' ' lf C" JY 'Ziff' ax. A si M' L -'71-L'-J "I ing! V A 1 f ,V A pf' ' 'f Q, U U. ut' W 1 wb-,rx 6 1-T ,ia A P Q J, 'U W , UT x f ' x' , n 4 . I . in, v uf? 4 My' 54 H , i7 Y4gYii,iYY If t 4 g .S ,I if Lf 'fr 25 'W' Q MEN lvffmf mfg CIRIZ Qper ,V,0,2E fu.-mg I .1 V 7' Q I vxwy M J'-9 0. f5!A'!f1,-'TC ff! Jfuq MXEV2 ,. f'lMcfJwR,:O 'J THQ Z' Sf 7 fvwfng A 14 .. tf' I X X X XZ'-zffgon V L-W Jo 7 , MM ONT O 72155 Hwy u.f00Qfffr,D,',,,f5 QCMXJ C My cincffs, - N.-Q Q- -Q' W"-4-.,,, ' Goof A -,J Q Q! ij Q HQ! fy! 1 I Q A7 Goa f 63 X fnofe 6 f-L9 Lfi fqlq X , Z H A C L Jem y - ."'l I A07 A X X My P I 580 C A ff WV My ff' Q S M cfm in Q h Flmifg, CA ,a,,.,.x,.,4.,k Rs' ' ' , ' U-,..QX QW-h if 5,1 Q4 yf5.y"5 jgLimIW.0g3,yw'fW'1K1X7Oul?n f I MX VM if fuck LZMMWAV A ,fd-ff' w inf? 'lf N 6 ' 1 2 f K JJ ff 01 ' UM' Q A0 fl Jgr I ' S' Q 1 mv! fx N +fQn"'XW ,You W -wihtglq EA VTX 'UN-V M Q sh ,MMM 4:1 ,jigs 1 bu iq: A , xg, SL 1 - v ,Eli QQ. Y Q. W Q 1- ?:ai2 -. '2i2?a:r! 'bqq N W fy in 2b?""3? W 1 4 gjjl-W ci '22 ' QL "K ' .PV , 'Q Pai 2 Q -5--2-GLX. ,, Q , X55 mn' was QM, . so is il!"""""""'Q,,S2Qr Z. 935 , ' ' ' ,VP ff-4-06.44-42.61 ly! r 'IJ H: Kdszz 'U . ' ' . B f..4 X Lfjiwjy 513953 ok Wfwosigiagg u ojow isis? K L EQ o 2 jill yy 6 g" I ' 1 f "' N f'x M'f !Q"f'7j7va W ifdigiwzfob ' ' 5i?5xl1-QS?eo g xi og' " of o dmffwfafw- gx T' Nb . xi X o Ei o xfiigii 135712 Jjw ff! 'V . " 81 q W V JHr5 A, . CEM! I 1, I N ' 1 !' -, ' , D 0' fn ' . of VQWEXZ Q fgkf 5 cr ng ewoo ig c ool ?, Y g Englewood Colorado ' f ' ' fi Y E I 0,4 7 " 0 4 . A ,j ', 114' SQ' 'Q Q . O nn? 1 'Il 'A o ,SQ 4 e 2-' 547 5 l v 'E 5? J v fi :gl 1 1 xx f n?r4 QQ' S i N N 1 3 s X X550 Rx-2 N KO xxxx xx 5 ' 2 o 5 I f I X I 7 bra 4 I X v I RP + .li ' 1 k I s A Q Q NG! 0 ,A 8 ,Q ,Q ' I 1 N ' 5 , 1 4 o Q ?" N -M : ' .Ni ss'5 x 5. xxx 1 ' xx 5 ' X xxx 5 X: A 0 x x Q y 2 Xgsx Qgxx S 8616 21,01-9 -rf ,gr C fp, 6 X ljoyigzcsjjafld Wblte W Qt? 'Y B In, S Q 1Qy ndHexG1r O wi SO Hfbomofes cfl, fa 254 6 1'k ITS OO! Ll C12 OUR SCHOOL A burldmg may take on meanrng only when rt IS used The most beautrful structure may be the ugliest rf lrfe has not entered through rts doors Laughter shouts and gay greetlngs echo through the halls of Englewood H1gh School Thxs year the students have formed a democratrc government rn whlch they have entered vvxth enthusrasm They have jorned act1v1t1es where they make new frxends and xnterest themselves rn school problems and soclal lrfe The student partxcrpatron rn school lrfe adds to our school to make rt a truly beautrful burldrng I Q QQ 'C 0' T Q b"s x x xssxs 5X Xxx 55. X lxxxS5 xx xx Q 3 All ,J . qywytbfry T Dedication if' fi s e To Our Moms And Dads V234 f , ? Q, During our years as students at Englewood High, we have had heartbreak N N. and happiness. All through these experiences our Moms and Dadr have backed U ,iV' , ' us all the way. Often we have felt as if we didn't have a friend in the world, T- p but our parents have always been ready to serve as our friends and companions. ig Questions of clothes, dates, and loans we have taken to our Moms and Dads to l get their opinions. Trying to make us more responsible, they have helped us to , solve our problems and to make our decisions. We have benefited by having our parents share in our growing up. These are the things we remember as we look back on our school years. Put together they spell that proud look in our eyes as we say to the world, "These are our Moms and Dads." o. .se , s T t to , r a 9 . N. y '222222z2E2E2525232222s223E23222252if5252323225252E222522si22E2223232is22222525ig212:2:z:5:31gig::1:1:1f1:1:11...1.:.:.1., .. .,,, 1 ss ' vs .s - y ...., ,, ...., , .... ,, ...., , ..,,, ..., , ..., , , .... ., .....,, ,. ..,., ...,, ...., .... , , .... , , ...., . ...., . . Q . , - , . , , . . . , . . . , . . . . . . . . . . . .... . . I K ' . 'L if h A V V4 I L ...., - Q 'I A 7 .sn- wsu, 1- " 3' ik.. 1-4-N A 3'-v-A 1 - -vp' . 3 . t ,,K.:...... Vik-- Q ,. ,X ..,.,N,1wi.,, .1 Au x I b f V- M. 3 , A .r'-fr 'fra M, , 'fri 'Q W: Wnfw 11- HB,-7,5 Y 4 3 547, .v ,H , 'ax 1 X wx. K QNX , . . " W MA mm, , ff- A , ' f- , ' Q fa-fy , . ,lb l ., X. .g . , ., 5A....,.,LL-,, R 'T 4 f'..h.-ix 5-2-vw ' , X ..s, ,Q 1 - W " r A A 1' ' 1. A f 416' , -.- .M ,W 5 V ah x, 3- H: ' . 4 x A 5 , , Fwd, +P' is 4' f ' ,K , iv' N L , - A X 1 1 Q ,, - . . , 5: t . K' H 'x 2 L A ,-. 4 wv. " K. . ,V tr.. .,,X ...,i.,,..:. v.-V9 -, F' ..-. '-3-Y' .ima 4, ,fi V N., . -ya. ...J '5.,f' , 1: I I f'.,-3' , ..-M ,. "wi'?dv1 ,yfff f,,, 3 . .fy .ww ,413 E". 1' 53 'mx W-, mf .,.., ,. H , -A ,L av 1' fLf?"fi4ipfQ.? , , ,ft-wp? Q ,:.,l?....."?3aq.Qg 4,4 tg, 5,4 .. - P ,. h M 3' x l 1 MJ .Lum uv .1 ,fl .,.As,. 'B ws. -vt N, ...,. fYJ"WH -L-.QL-:. m, 45 wg 1, 'A -...z .M A w. . - N ... ' ' is .. v-fn fm N N . 3' , - 1 'Af- if ,1 Our Principal i 9 The challenges of directing Englewood Senior High School, gaining confidence from the students, and weaving it all into an orderly pattern of a strong and democratic student government faced Mr. Rob- ert Quiggle at the opening of this school year. With quiet manner and high spirits, he gained not only the confidence of the students, but also their everlasting friendship. 6 ADMINISTRATION RALPH D. JENKINS Superintendent, of Schoolf July 1, 1933--February 1, 1953 DONALD HARPER Acting Superintendent February 1, 1953- July 1, 1953 CHET RILEY Director of 1 Playiiml Educazmn CHARLES DOLEZAL HELEN B- GRUBB5 Bufinexx Manager Coumelof 7 DALE BROOKS C ounfel or " ii A .t 1 tj r- ixf ' t Hicuuv ERNEST APEL College: Denver University Major: Political Science Degree: B,A. Native State: Colorado MARY ARCHIBALD Colle e: Denver University ang Colorado University Major: Latin and Education Degree: M.A. N atlve State: Illinois VINCENT AMANNA College: Temple University Major: Science and Mathematics Degree: B.S. Native State: New York I DICK BRENNEMAN Cotljlefzez dUniversity of o ora o Major: Physical Education Degree: B.S. Native State: New Mexico F. E. N. BROADBENT College: Colorado State College of Education Major: Chemistry Degree: B.S. Native State: Colorado DALE BROOKS College: Colorado State College of Education and Denver University Major: Education-Counseling and Guidance Degree: B.A, and M.A. Native State: Missouri Ra IX L N PAULBLESS CP ' College: Kea ey St xv Teachers Co ege Major: Physica E tion Degree: B.S. 5 . Native Sta e Ne ska P f' ,gf , F f. MAURINE DeWlTT College: Iowa State Teachers College , Major: Physical Education Degree: B.A. Native State: Iowa 7 BETTY BOWLAND College: Eastern Illinois State Major: Business Education Degree: B.S. in Education Native State: Illinois CHARLES DOLEZAL College: Colorado State College of Education Major: Commercial Degree: B.A. Native State: Kansas We students of Englewood Senior High School are very fortunate in having an outstanding faculty. Members of the faculty have not only started us on our foundation for the future but also have been understanding and always ready to help whenever called upon. Few of us know the small, but interesting incidents that have happened to our teachers, and still fewer know of their many accomplishments. Photographer for the annual was Vincent Amanna. Ernest Apel and john Kramer informed the students of the ancestory, environment, and experiences of the American people. During sixth hour, Mary Archibald journeyed over from the Englewood junior High School and taught a class in Latin. Paul Blessing and Dick Brenneman, vocational math teachers, spend their idle moments fishing and hunting. One of our commercial teachers, Betty Bowland, is very talented in music. Mr. E. N. Broadbent led students through the interesting realms of physics and chemistry. Dale Brooks coordinated and supervised student activities. Maurine DeWitt sponsored the Pepsters and G.A.A. Charles Dolezal handled the school's financial problems. With us for only a short time was joe Flierl, who was drafted into the Army, December 19, 1952. In control of the stage during plays, assemblies, and other performances was Jeanne Foote. The librarian, Irene Fowler, is an accomplished violinist and cellist. Helen Grubbs advised and counseled the girls. Among our faculty are two farmers, Gerry Hammons and W. H. Jennings, who have neighboring farms west of 8 JOE FLIERL College: Colorado State College of Education Major: History Degree: A.B. Native State: Colorado FACULTY IRENE FOWLER College: University of Nebraska and Western Reserve University School of Library Science Major: Library Science Degrees: B.F.A. and B.S. in L.S. Native State: Nebraska HELEN HUDSON College: Mclfherson College Major: English and Speech Degree: A.B. Native State: Colorado WILLIAM -IENNINGS College: Ohio State Major: Mechanical Engineering Native State: Ohio HELEN GRUBBS College: Colorado University ang Rockford Woman's ge Magior? Social Science and Personnel Services Degree: A.B. and M.P.S. Native State: Nebraska ALICE JOHNSON College: University of Utah Major: Education Degree: B.S. Native State: Utah GERRY HAMMONS College: Colorado A and M Major: Teaching of Vocational Education Degree: Vocational Certificate Native State: Colorado K. f mf. , . 1 ' 'K , 9 'Q ig . :-:a. I in Y- if ' t Y, w Q ll ., . , ,, . li gs, rf' W " r 1. dsl' 4 V I 51 iii A 1 ,a . i 62 ELLANAY HORTON College: University of Arizona Major: Business Education Degree: B.S. Native State: Arizona GWENDOLYN KILLION College: Colorado State College of Education Major: English JOHN E. KRAMER College: Colorado University Mgigrz English, History, and uca ion Degree: A.B. Native State: Kansas Degrees: B.S. and M.A. Native State: Kansas Littleton. They taught machine shop and auto mechanics. Ellanay Horton assumed the responsibility for being spon- sor of the Annual. Helen Hudson and Wilma Scott guided the studies of English. The study and observation of art were learned from Alice johnson. Gwendolyn Killion, an English teacher, pre- pares the Pirate Handbook each year. At the trade school, William Landon was the instructor of senior shop and draft- ing. The newly formed Assembly Council was sponsored by August Lorenzini, who taught speech. Velma Cashen Leonard and Grace Strachan taught the science and art dealing with homemaking. Sponsor of the Chess Club was jo- seph McClelland, who taught the science of life. Charles Meeker initiated and directed a Christmas Carol concert in conjunction with Community Singing, Christmas week. Evelyn Morris, in addition to teaching English, sponsored the Friendship Club. Ruth Muth taught American history. Charles Nicholls is director and supervisor of all instrumental music in the Englewood school system. Those interested in amateur radio were led by Calvin Orr. Our weekly paper, High Times, was sponsored by Mayme Roark, another English teacher. Lowell Stuckey returned from the armed forces to be assistant coach in football and basketball. The languages of the French and Spanish people were taught by Flor- ence Sullivan. Henry Tavener, a native of Wales, England, taught Health and Safety. Different courses in mathe- matics were taught by Lillian Sullivan and Gerald Watne. Coach of the wrestling team, Harry Wilson, serves as Arapahoe County Red Cross Water Safety Chairman. 9 A X , FACULTY ' 'af , 1 : bf WILLIAM B. LANDON College: Kearney State Teachers College and Colorado State College of Education Degrees: B,S. and M.A. Major: Industrial Arts Native State: Nebraska CHARLES A. MEEKER, JR. College: University of Denver Major: Music Education Degree: B.S. Native State: New York VELMA CASHEN LEONARD College: State Teachers College of Missouri Major: Home Economics Degree: B.S. Native State: Missouri EVELYN IREY MORRIS College: University of Colorado Major: Psychology, English. and History Degrees: A.B. and M.A. Native State: Colorado AUGUST P. LORENZINI College: Illinois State University and University of Denver Major: Speech and Psychology Degrees: B.S. and M.A. Native Staw: Illinois RUTH MUTH College: University of Denver an University of Arizona Major: Mathematics and Psychology Degrees: A.B. and M.A. Native State: Colorado JOSEPH s. MCCLELLAND College: Colorado A and M Major: Agriculture Degree: M.S. Native State: Colorado CHARLES NICHOLLS College: Colorado University Major: Education Degree: B.A. Native State: Colorado ww' :S W ""' ' :1 f?Q'f " if f 'z Ef iig '3 -Hi CALVIN R ORR ROBERT H QUIGGLE fs:g5f:?s55: and Imam 4 ' U z':g?:fi5a:i::?:d Mi. Native State: Wyoming Y i Native State: Idaho Q L 5 it as - ,l fe in , 4 jiiff ,i. w I' College: University of I College: Washington State W mln C ll MAYME ROARK College: Denver University Major: English and Education Degrees: A.B. and A.M. Native State: Missouri FACULTY WILMA SCOTT College: Colorado State GRACE STRACHAN College of Education Major: English Degrees: A.B. and A.M. Native State: Colorado College: Bethany College Major: Home Economics Degree: A.B. Native State: Kansas LILLIAN M. SULLIVAN College: Denver University Major: Mathematics and Education Delreez A.B. W GERALD C. WATNE Nauve stare: Illinois HENRY TAVENER College: H'ghland University Major: Physical Education Degrees: A.B. and M.A. Native State: Colorado College: Jamestown College Major: Mathematics Devlreesz B.A. and M.A. Native State: North Dakota FLORENCE LOUISE SULLIVAN College: Denver University Major: Languages and English Degrees: B.A. and M.A. Native State: Colorado HARRY WILSON College: Colorado State College ol Education Major: Commerce Degree: A.B. Native State: Colorado CAMERA SHY JEANNE FOOTE LOWELL R. STUCKEY ALICE ERICKSON BEVERLY ERICKSON secretary Secretary 11 Head Boy and Head Girl T Wfji V L fr! J yf 0 y A i N i F i i N Each and every student wishes to thank you, Tim and Joan, for guiding and helping through the years of 1952-1955. Like many voyages, the sky was sometimes cloudy and the sea rough, but with your standing at the bow, we progressed through the year with "smooth sailing." 12 if mf' iw 'K+ ,fmgghf MU why 'mf Q., .mi-VI ' 1 '-iw ' :"' ' I K . Q' ,L ,gal Q V7 ws... , .hp A JJ - v -M' ' mf W J V H? S ..,W', s w K S, L. K, x 1 .4 ' ea' ,A A , , QV, 515,52 'j5w,,L,Jf,w? Hr , 41915 2' ,gift ,sn I Q -Av Ak. ny' 4 Wiz w. uf, Sw. 'QM' .'., I 'fn-gm, V, 21515, , ' ,, wx, y Q, iifyc?l ' , A I I 3ggy,4qg15g,v,Q-A 25.21 ,Q fgMfg5,'M,+ ,QA M , wx H 1 ' ' 'K ' ,, Q f'ff'7 f',,f '5figl',, A Eg 'Y ,, Q g 54 4 :Q k ,wg - ., ,ek n "qw 'm yi xv: b 4 M, .lg , , hwf V YY - M, ' ,- Wm ,fu K . 45, EMS? di. enior Class Officers Preridenl RICHARD BINKLEY Vive Prefident RUTHIE FLIERL Representatives 'SZ 'ww Q-1 Ca55aUd1'a AUdCf50U Jeannine Brooks Glenda Davis Ruthie Herter I r W f fe Q 25 s ,V wi 4.Q f:i: - V 555 I gf I I . . ::-- I .I Q.-af Barbara Mackie Shirley Moore Shirley Stouder Diane Vladimir x ., X 'S I i'ss Sefretary I H A Q' MARION MCDONALD 1 '.,, A I , .qzl 1 i ' Treafurer EUGENE MADISON 14 JANET ADAMSON G.A.A. 1,2,3, G.A.A. Secretary: Fire Prevention 13'G1 C1 bl' hl 23 ,, ee u ,Cor ,5- Senior Orchestra 15 Sopho- more Sextet lg Y Teens 3: Y Teens Cabinet 35 Big Sisters 3, CASSANDRA ANDERSON Forensic 1,2,3, Forensic Treasurer 35 Thesplans 1,2,3, Theplans Vice Presi- dent 354 Y Teens 1,25 Oper- etta 15 Junior Play 25 Girls' State 25 Citizen of the Week 25 Friendship Club 35 Honor Society Secretary 35 I.R.C. Vice President 3: Big Sister Advisory Board 35 Senior Play 35 Assembly Council 35 Leota Girl 3. SENIORS MARCUS ARNOLD GRACIE ALLEN Pep Club 1.2.35 Drill Team 15 Cheerleader 2,35 G.A.A. 1,3,35 Red Cross 15 Ski Club 2' Fire Prevention 25 Big Blsters 35 Auto Driving 3. LEONA AYRES Agate, Colorado: Pep Club 1 3' Ch rleader 2: Sopho- . . . 56 more Class Secretary 15 Junior Class Secretary 2: Student Council Secretary 25 G.A.A. Secretary 25 Assistant Editor Annual 2: Assistant Editor School Paper 25 Class 1.2. BARBARA ARMSTRONG Pep Club 1,2,3, Pep Club Treasurer 3, Pep Club Board of Directors 35 Drill Team 1.2.35 Glee Club 15 Choir 2,35 Sophomore Sextette 15 Madrlgal 25 Y Teens 2,35 Girls' State 25 All School Show 15 Friendship 35 Big Sisters 3. 6flI0l'S We, the class of 1953, began our three years of never to be forgotten days under the able leaders-president, Ruthie Flierlg vice-president, Shirley Stouderg secretary, Donna Blackg treasurer, Bob Smithg and Eddie Carlson and Gwen Sherard as Student Council representatives. During this year our sophomore class won second prize for our Homecoming float. Our attendants for this dance "Treasure Isle," were Ruthie Flierl and Gayleen Dennis. The Pep Club Formal, "Symphony in Snow,', attendants were Shirley Smiley and Shirley Stouder. Very well remembered by our class was our outstanding assembly, "Memories" Advancing into our junior year to help in our student government we elected as president, Eddie Carlsong vice- president, David Wa-lkerg secretary, Sherry Hendersong treasurer, Richard Binkleyg and representatives Connie Tromp- eter and Bill Callahan. Many of our junior athletes, Bill Callahan, Dick Stanton, john Colgate, Dave Walker, played on our football team. Our Homecoming attendants for the day and at the dance, "Anchor In," this year were Ruthie Flierl and Sherry Henderson. As juniors we also had several outstanding athletes in basketball, Eldon Brown, john Colgate and Dave Walker. Gertiejones ranked as our outstanding wrestler. This year Pep Club Formal attendants, Gwen Sher- ard and Elaine McCoy were chosen and honored at the formal "Silhouette in Snow." The hilarious comedy, "junior Miss," was our junior play, under the able direction of Miss Jeanne Foote. At the close of this year the leaders for our senior year were chosen, Ioan Lockner, head girl and Tim Dolan, head boy. We elected as class officers, Richard Bink- ley, presidentg Ruthie Flierl, vice-presidentg Marion McDonald, secretary, and Gene Madison, treasurer: Our football team won four games and at the end of this season it was Homecoming time. Queen Ruthie Flierl and her lovely at- tendants Marion McDonald and Shirley Moore reigned at the dance "Pirate Ghost Ship." The Pep Club Formal, "Re- flections in Crystal," was reigned over by pretty Shirley Stouder queeneland Elaine McCoy and Kathy Otto, attendants. The first play, "Arsenic and Old Lacef' given by the seniors in the new field house Was a big success and was directed bydMiss Jeanne Foote. The last dance of the year, never to be forgotten by the seniors, was the Junior-Senior Prome- na e. We, the seniors of 1953, have followed in the steps of the leaders of today and are now prepared to be the lead- ers of tomorrow. 15 ANN LOUISE BAUER Y Teens 1,23 Big Sisters 3. RENEE BEBOUT Sophomore Dramatics3 Junior Playg Thespians 3: gheiplgn Play 33 High Times Staff 33 Quill and cro . GERALDINE BEVARD Pep Club 1.2.33 Drill Team 1.2.33 Att d Ch 1 - man of Pep Club 3: Pep Club Board is Sirteitorslgg Forensic 13 Y Teens 2: Big Sisters 33 Dirty Dusters 3: Girls' Glee 3. RAY BILGER Football 1.23 Track 1.2.33 Red Cross 12 Fire Preven- tion Council 1.23 Chess Club 13 Intermural Basket- gall 13 Junior Play: Ski Club 23 Boxing 3: Senior By. BOB BINGAMAN Baseball 1,2,3: Wrestling 23 Forensic Club 33 Visual Club 33 Radio Club 33 I.R.C. 33 Senior Play: Thesplans 3. RICHARD BINKLEY Band 1.2.3, Vice President of Band 23 Pep Band 2.3, Pep Band President 33 Orchestra 1.23 Boys' Glee Club lj Choir 2.33 Junior Play: Treasurer Junior Class: Student Council 2.33 President Senior Class: Boys' Octette 33 Vice President of Honor Society 3. DECORATING CHRISTMAS TREE Kathy Otto. Gayleen Dennis. Ruthie Fllerl. Gwen Sherard SENIORS DONNA BLACK Glee Club 13 Choir 2.33 Sextette 1.2: Secretary of Sophomore Class lr Student Council 13 Senior Orchestra 1,23 String Quartette 1: Sophomore Assembly: All School Show 1.2.33 Pep Club 33 Drill Team 3: Big Sisters 33 Honor Society 33 Friend- ship Club President 3. VIOLET BRAHAM Pep Club 1,2,3: Drill Team 1.2.33 Y Teens 1.2.33 Big Sisters 33 Friendship Club 3. 16 JANET BRICK Pep Club 1.2.31 Drill Team 1,2,33 Y Teens 23 Big Sisters 33 Friendship Club 3. CAREE BRINK Big Sisters 33 Diversified Occupations 3. SENIORS ESSIE M. BRINSFIELD JEANNINE BROOKS G.A.A. 1,23 Big Sisters 3: Student Council 3. ELDON BROWN Track l,2,3: Basketball 1,2,31 E Club 2,33 Red Cross 25 Safety Council 3. JANIS BROWN Pep Club l,2,3g Drlll Team 1,2.3: G.A.A. 2,32 Glee Club 2,33 Choir 3: Big Sisters 3. NORMA ANN BROWN G.A.A. 1,2,3g Girls' Glee Club 1: Choir 1: Pep Club 2,33 Junior Play: Thespians 2.3. JACK BURDICK LOIS BUSMIRE Y Teens 1,25 Friendship Club 3: Pep Club 3: Drill Team 3: Assembly Council 33 Big Sisters 3. ROSS BYBEE Football 1, Wrestling 1,2,3, Senior Play 3. BILL CALLAHAN ED CARLS Football 1,2,3g Wrestling, l,2,3g Track 1,2,3: E Clu 2,3, President E Club 35 Student Council 2: Junior Class Representative, Safety Council 3. Sophomore Class Repre- sentative: Student Council 1,23 Junior Class President: Track 1.2.33 E Club 3. HALL MONITORS Bhlrley Btouder, Shirley Slnlley 17 JEANNINE CARLSON G.A.A, 3: Y Teens 3: Art Club 3: Big Sisters 3: Cafeteria Assistant 3. LUCY ANN CHANDLER Hi h Times 2.3, Feature Editor 3: Junior Play Pugliclty 2: Pe? Club 3: Drill Team 3: I.R.C. 3: Forensic 3: Qu ll and Scroll 3, President 3: Big Sisters 3: Glee Club 3. NORMAN CLARK Ph , K : Band 1.2: Pep Band 22 !1'd1l:mblTxignTeaxt:1nS?i2lass President 2: Chorus 21 Sextet CBandl 2. ELVUS JOE CLINE DONNA COFFMAN Glee Club 1: Choir 2,3: Pep Club 3: Drill Team 3: Friendship 3, Treasurer 3: Big Sisters 3. MARTHABELLE COHENOUR Pep Club 3: Drill Team 3. SENIORS JOHN COLGATE Football 1.2.3, Basketball 1,2,3: Baseball l,2,3: E Club 1,2.3: High Times 1.2.3, Sports E ltor 1, Associate Editor 2, Editor 3: Honor Society 2,3. President 3: All School Show 2,3: Safety V Council Board of Directors 3: Junior Rotarian 3: Foot- ball Captain 3. MICHAEL COOLEY Operetta lg Boys' Glee 1: Choir 2,3: Track 1.32 Forensic Club 3: Chess Club 3: Ensemble 3. NOON FUN Janice Smiley. Gwen Sherard, Joan Ellenstine. Betty Shanks, Shirley I-Iellner. Janet Brick 18 LOIS COTFEN Paonia, Colorado: Pep Club 13 Englewood: Big Sisters 3. BOB COX Band 1: Wrestling 1: Oper- etta 1: Wheatridze: Assem- bly Council 2: Honor Society 2: Englewood: Jr. Play 2: Forensic 3: Thesplans 3. Thcspian President 3: Chess Club 3: Cholr 3: Boys' Octet 3: Senior Play 3: Boxing 3. TIM DOLAN Football 21 Safety Council 33 Student Council 3, Co- President 3: Head Boy 3: Junior Rotarian 3. SENIORS ki REGINA DREILING Arc Club 1. . . X1- il DOROTHY DEICKEN Forensic 1,2,3, Forensic Secretary 3: Thesplan Play 2,33 Senior Orchestra 1,2g Sophomore Assembly 1: Junior Play 25 Fire Preven- tion 2, Fire Chief 2: Band 2,3, Band Secretary 35 Choir 3: Senior Play 3: Thesplans Play 33 Friendship 3: Pep Club 33 Big Sisters 3. GAYLEEN DENNIS Pep Club 1,2,3: Drill Team 1,2,3: G.A.A. 1,2,3: Art Club 1.3: Homecoming Attendant 1: Glee Club l: Choir 2.33 Madrigal 27 Ski Club 1: Big Sisters 3: Citizen of the Week 3. BILL CRIST Track 1,2 5 Football 2,33 E Club: Sophomore Play PAT CROWNER PAT CROWN OVER Pep Club 1,2,3: Drill Team 1,2,3: G A A 1 2 3 PED Club Board of Directors 12 Y Teens 1 2 3 Girls Glee Club 1 2: Choir 3: Junior Assembly Council 3: Big BILL I.R.C. 2: Boxing 3. Red Cross 1 Ski Club 2 Sisters 3. DAVIS GLENDA DAVIS Pep Club 1.2.3. Pep Club 1,2,3: Student Council 3: Secretary 3 Drill Team Big Sisters 3 BEVERLY DEERING Pep Club 23 Art Club 3. 19 COKE TIME Bob Whitley, Barbara Armstrong, Ela Ross Bybee. Sonia Kester ine McCoy SENIORS LEON DUNCAN TED DUNCAN JOAN EILENSTINE Pep Club 1,2,3: Drill Team 1,2,3: Big Sisters 3: Y Teens 3. DOLORES EVANS Pep Club 1.2: Drill Team 1,21 Y Teens 2: Junior Red Cross 2: Friendship 3: Diversified Occupations 3. BEN FAULKNER Springfield. Missourl:,Football 1,2: Baseball 1.2: Hi-Y l: Englewood: Football 3: Baseball 3. SHIRLEY ANN FIELDS Pep Club 1,2,3: Drill Team 1,23 Glee Club 1: Choir 2,3: G.A.A. 1: Big Sisters 3. RUTHIE FLIERL Class President li Class Vice President 3: Pep Club 1,2,3, Pep Club President 3, Board of Directors 2.3: Drill Team 1,2, Drill Team Leader 2: Student Director of Operetta 1: Citizen of the Week 1: Glee Club 1: Choir 2.3: Sextette 1,Z: Madrlgal 21 Student Council 1,3: All School Show 1.2,3: Color Guard 2: Homecoming At- tendant 1,2: Homecoming Queen 3: Leota Girl of the Month 3: Annual Sta!! 3: Big Sisters 3: Y Teens 3: Honor Society 3: Friendship 3: D.A.R. Representative 3. MEL FOWLER D.A.R. REPRESENTATIVES Ruthie Flierl, Cassie Anderson. Pilgrim: Gwen Sherard 20 DONALD FOX Golf 1,233 Band.1.2,3i Pen Band 2,33 Wrestling 21 Boxing 3: Intermural Bas- ketball 1: Baseball 1. EILEEN FRERICKS Glee Club 1: Choir 2,33 Ensemble 3: Y Teens 2: Pep Club 3: Drill Team 3: Red Cross 3. SENIORS LARRY HALLBICK Band l,2,3: Crghfsstrlal il Boys GleeCu :C or 2,33 Forensic 3: Pep Band 33 Band Vice President 3' Boys DONNEL R. HARRACH Fire Prevention 2. BARBARA HALL RICHARD VAUGHN FULLER Football 1,2,3: Basketball 1.2.31 Baseball l,2,3g E Club 2,33 Fire Prevention Council 21 All School Show 25 Safety Council 3: Assistant Editor High Times 3. ALLEN GARBER DONALD GEORGE Senior Band 1,2,3g Pep Band l,2,33 Senior Orchestra 1,23 Stage Craft. lg Visual Club 3. BILL GLASSNER Visual Club 33 Business Manager, High Times 3. AVERY A. GRAHAM III Chess Club 1,21 Choir 35 Annual Staff 3. GENE GREGORY Grand Coulee, W hi t : J i P ' 23 Basketball 23 giserbgllna: Slgxxdtgit ggugcglgretta Letterman's Club 23 Class Vice President 1. MARILYN HALL Ski Club 1.2: PED Club 32 Honor Society 2,31 Y Teens 23 Friendship 31 Diversified Occupations 3. 'mf 3- ' SENIOR CLASS sPoNsoRs I Standing: Mr. Wllllam Landon, Mr. Gerald Watne. Sitting: Miss Lillian Sullivan, Mrs. Ruth Muth, Mrs. Irene Fowler, Miss Helen Hudson, Miss Gwendolyn Killlon. 21 , ENIORS LESLIE HARTSI-IORN Band 1,2,3: Pep Band 1,2,3: Senior Orchestra 1.2: Clarinet Quartet 33 Junior rlay 23 Forensic 3, For- ensic Play 32 All School Show 3. SHIRLEYMAE HELMER Pep Club 1,2,33 Drill Team l,2,33 Red Cross 3, Secre- tary 3: Counseling Group Secretary 33 Dirty Dusters 33 Big Sisters 33 Y Teens 33 Cafeteria Staff 3, RUTHIE HERTER Pep Club 13 Student Council 3. MONA LOU HICKS Tulsa, Oklahoma: Y Teens 1,23 Red Cross l,2, Secretary 1, Reporter 23 Youth Incorporated lg Talicade Show 1,23 Annual Staff 23 Pep Club 23 Englewood: Counseling Group President 3. MARION HILL WILLIAM R. HOLLAND Wrestling 13 Baseball 1.2.33 Visual Club 2.3, Presi- dent 33 Annual Photographer 23 High Times Photog- rapher 2,3, Assistant Business Manager 33 E Club 2,33 Quill and Scroll 3: Cross Country Run 3, CHARLINE JOHNSON Glee Club 13 Art Club 3. RONN IE JOHNSON JUNIOR ROTARIANS Standing: Gene Madison, Vance Wilson, Ray McCollum, Tim Dolan. Seated: Bill Holland, Richard Blnkley, Bill Crist, John Colgate. 22 GERWIN JONES Wrestling l,2,33 E Club 2,3. Vice President 33 Safety Council 3. MARY LOUISE JONES Senior Orchestra 1,23 Foren. sic l,2,3, Forensic l lay 4.3 Y Teens 1,23 Honor Society 2,3, Treasurer 33 Annual Staff 2,3, Editor in Chief 33 High Times Staff 33 Friend- ship 33 Pep Club 33 Drill T- am 33 Auto Driving 32 Quill and Scroll 33 Big Sisters 33 I.n.C, 33 hand 33 String Ensemble 33 Girl of the Month 3. SENIORS SONIA MARIE KESTER P C1 b 1,2,3g Drill Team 1,2,3g Girls' Glee Club lg Cgxolr E33 Vice President Pep Club 3, Board of Directors 35 Y Teens 2,33 Big Sisters Club 3: Homecoming Committee 3. ROBERTA KRAMER Dramatlcs 1: Glee Club 1,23 Junior Red Cross 3: Art Club 3, Big Sisters 3: High Times Staff 3. PETE KUENZINGER Track 15 Football 21 Visual Club 3. DON LeFURGE . - - A 1 t C uncil 35 Cvlee,Club 1, Choir 2.3, ggi? 3.Bi?lg A411 School Boys Octet 3, Madrlzal . CP Show 3. CARROLL B. LAND Baseball 1.2.35 Wrestling 2,33 Football 33 E Club 1,2,3. BOB LAUGHEAD X DON LEADABRAND JERRY LIPPINCOTT Pep Club l,2,3g Drill Team l,2,33 Glee Club 1,23 Choir 3: Big Sisters 3: Junior Red Cross 2. JOAN LOCKN ER Pep Club l,2,3g Drill Team 1,2,3g Glee Club 2: Choir 3: Y Teens 2: Citizen of the Week 2: All School Show 23 Sextet 25 Assembly Council 33 Friendship Club 3: Honor Society 3: Head Girl 35 Big Sisters 3: Leota Girl of the Month 3: Co-President of Student Council 3. I f E . MARLYS LONE Bemidji. Minnesota: Drama Club 1: Biology Club 13 Ushers Club 1,25 Student gym tTez2clQerE2: Officed T ssis an 3 n ewoo 2 Diversified Occuiaations 3. LEOTA GIRLS OF THE MON H Standing: Cassie Anderson, Janet Brick, Mary Lou Jones, Connie Trampeter. Seated: Shirley Moore, Ruthie Fllerl, Gwen Sherard, Betty Shanks. 'ft . we 23 GARY LOSEY CHARLES E. LUGENBILL Baseball 1,2 3: Football l,2,3: E C1 b 2,3' R di 3: Boxing club 3: Safety Counci13F ' a 0 Club CHARLES MacARTHUR BARBARA MACKIE Pep Club 1,21 Drlll Team 2: Senior Orchestra 1' Student Council 3. EUGENE MADISON Operetta 13 Band 1: Visual Club 2: Forensic 2.3, Vice President 3, Forensic Play. 2: Thesplans 2,3: Honor Society 23 Junior Play 2: Choir 2.3: Class - Treasurer 3: Student Council 3, Treasurer 3: Senior Play 3: Chess Club 3: Boxing 39 Junior Rotarlan 3. CAROL MAGNUSON Glee Club 1.2: Pep Club 1,2,3: Drill Team 1.2,3: Y Teens 1.2: Citizen ol the Week 1: Friendship 3, Vice President 3. BETTY ANN MASTIN G.A.A. 1.2: Y Teens 3. SENIORS DELLA RAE MCCHESNEY Y Teens 1: Glee Club 1: Dirty Dusters 3. QR I ..,. ., ,,,,., SENIOR TEST Ben Faulkner 24 ga ELAINE MCCOY Pep Club l,2,3, Board of Directors 2: Drill Team 2,3 Senior Band 1: Glee Club Choir 3: Friendship 3: G.A.A, 3, President 3: Y Teens 3. Board of Directors 3: Big Sisters 3: Pep Club Formal Attendant 2,3. MARION MCDONALD Pep Club 1,2,3: Drill Team 1: G.A. A. 1.2.33 Glee Club lg Choir 2.3:1DeMolay Sweetheart 23 Class Secre- tary 3: Student Council 3, Secretary 3: Friendship 3: Ensemble 3: Homecoming Attendant 33 Big Slsters 3: Citizen of the Week 3. SENIORS ,' 414252 1. . ,AA' . " : " -"- -.--1- ff fi ...gi ROBERTA MEYER Cheyenne Wyoming: G.A.A. 1,25 Y Teens 1,25 School Basketball 1,25 Volley Ball Tournament 1: Baseball Tournament 25 Englewood: G.A.A. 2.3: PeP Club 2,35 Y Teens 3: MaJorette 3. WANDA MICK Ottumwa. Iowa: Glee Club 15 Student Council 1,25 Choir 25 Englewood: Choir 35 Student Council 3. LARRY OWEN MIDGORDEN SHIRLEY IRENE MOORE Madison, Nebraska: Class Secretary 15 Pep Club 1,25 Cheerleader 1,25 Band 15 Choir 1,25 Glee Club 1.25 Madrigal 15 Octet 25 Trio 15 Editor of Paper 25 Class Play 25 Englewood: Y Teens 2: Band 2,35 Pep Club 2,35 Class Play 2,35 Cheerleader 35 Forensic 3: Choir 35 Ensemble 35 Friendship 35 Student Council 35 Big Sisters 3, Board of Directors 35 Quill and Scroll 35 Homecoming Attendant 3, MARY ANN NAZARENUS Pep Club 1,2,35 Drill Team 1,2,35 Glee Club 15 Choir 2,35 G.A.A. 2,35 Madrigal 25 Big Sisters 3. ANN LOUISE NEUMANN Mora, Minnesota: Glee Club 15 Library Club 15 G.A.A. 1,25 Honor Society 15 High School Paper Staff 25 Annual Staff 25 Library Club 25 Honor Society 25 Englewood: Pep Club 35 Drlll Team 35 Fire Preven- tion 35 Big Sisters 3. JUDY OBERG Glee Club 15 Choir 2,35 String Quartette 1: Pep Club 1,2,3: Drill Team 1,2,35 PAT OLSON Senior Band 2: P5311 Club 3: Drill TeamA3: High Times Staff 35 Friendship 35 Big Orchestra 15 Y Teens 1,25 Sisters 3: Forensic 3. Big Sisters 3: Dirty Dusters 35 Friendship 3, KATHLEEN O'I'I'O Junior Red Cross 1,2,3, Vice President 1.3. Treasurer 2: Glee Club 1,25 Pep Club 2.3. Board of Directors 3. Merit Chairman 3: Drill Team 2,35 Friendship 35 Big Sisters 35 Fire Prevention 3, Assistant Fire Chief 3: Assembly Council 35 Pep Club Formal Attendant. 3. be-. SHIRLEY PALMER Big Sisters 3: Pep Club,3. Drill Team 3: Auto Driving 3. SELECTING COMMENCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENTS Betty Mastin. Don Fox, Lois Busmire 25 ' HELEN PETRICK Band 1,21 Y Teens 13 Orchestra 2: Forensic 2,31 Friendship 33 I.R.C. 3: Dirty Dusters 3. ROGER PIOTRASCHKE ski club 1,z. LARRY PIXLER SENIORSWQXJWJ IRENE RASK Big sisters sg Art cmb 3. EILEEN REDMOND Y Teens 1,23 Big Sisters 33 Friendship 32 Pep Club 3: Drill Team 33 Art Club 3 3 Fire Prevention 33 Dirty Dusters Club 3. MARLENE ROSEBROOK Thespians 2,33 Class Play 2,33 G.A.A. 23 Pep Club 33 Drill Team 33 Big Sisters 3. CAP AND GOWN MEASUREMENTS Vance Wilson, Roger Plotraschke DAVID ROTRAMEL Safety Council 3. DONNA ROWLAND Band 1,2,33 Glee Club 1,23 Orchestra 1,25 Senior Dramatics. 26 EDWIN A. ALDON SCHAEFER RUMERFIELD ENIORS GORDON SENSION BEI I Y SHANKS Friendship 3: Pep Club 3: Drill Team 3: Big Sisters 3. GWEN SHERARD Band 1: Class Representative 1: Student Council 11 Orchestra 1: Pep Club 1,2,3, lep Club Board of Directors 3: High Times 2,3. Editor 3: Color Guard 2: Honor Society 3: Friendship Club 3: I.R.C. 3: Quill and Scroll 3: Big Sisters 3:'D.A.R,. 3. JIM SHOMAKER QSHOESD Football 1,2,3: Baseball 1,2,3: Ski Club l.2: Wrestling 1: Boxing 3: Sophomore Play 1: E Club 2,3. DWIGHT SINGLETON MARGARET SKIBBA Bear Creek: Drum Majorette l: Pep Club 1: G.A.A. 1: A Cappella Choir 1: Girls' Glee 1: Class Secretary 1: Englewood: Thesplans 2: Class Play 2: Majorette 3: G.A.A, 3: Friendship Club 3. BOB K. SMITH gllgass Treasurer 1: Track DEWAIN SMITH Castle Rock: Football 1: Basketball lg Englewood: Safety Council 3. JANICE SMILEY Pep Club l,2,3: Drill Team 2,33 Y Teens 2,3: Class Play 2: Friendship 3: Thespians 3. Secretary 3: Art Club 3: Big Sisters 3. SHIRLEY SMILEY Band 1,21 Majorette 1: Choir 3: Sextet 1: Pep Club 1.3: Drill Team 3: Pep Club Board of Directors 3: Friendship Club 3. 27 INSPECTING SCHOOL CONSTRUCTION Wayne Larson, Pete Spomer, Bob Smith, Don Harrach, Jack Burdick, Bob Ulrich KAY SMITH Student Council 1: Glee Club 1: Pep Club 2.3: Drill Team 2,33 Junior Play: Fire Prevention 3: Big Sisters 3: All School Show 3. VERNON SMITH Football 1,2,3: Wrestling 1,2,3g Track 1.2.31 E Club 2,3, Secretary 3. CAROL SPATH BILL SPEICHER Radio Club 2: Traffic Council 3. PETE SPOMER Band 1,2,3: Orchestra 1,21 Pep Band 1,2,3g Red Cross 15 Play 2.3: Thesplan P ay 1,33 All School Show l,2,3g Dance Band 2. DELVIN SPRECHER SENIORS DICK ALLEN STANTON Football 1,23 Track 1.2: Glee Club l: Choir 2.3: Journal- ism 1: Cheerleader 35 Presi- dent of Fire Prevention 3. LA VON STEPHENS Pep Club 1,2,33 Drill Team 1,2,33 G.A.A. 1,2,3: Glee Club 2.33 Y Teens 2.3: Dirty Dusters 3. Vice President 3: Big Sisters 3. AIN'T LOVE GRAND Kathy om 28 JEANETTE STEVENS 2? f I SHIRLEY STOUDER PEP Club 1.2,3: Drill Team 1,25 Pell Club Board of Dxrectors 1.2: Class Secre- tary 1: Student Council 1,3: Attendant Pep Club Formal 1: ,Cheerleader 3: Friend- shxp Il, Secretary 33 Choir 3: Big Slster 3: Pep Club Formal Queen 3. ENIORS 3 ROBERTA TYSON Glee Club 13 Choir 2,33 Y Teens 13 Student Director JULIE VAN SOLINGEN Stu Pep Club 1,2,33 Drill Team l,2,33 Glee Club 13 Red Cross 23 G.A,A. 23 Annual Staff 23 Ski C1ub'23 Color Guard 23 Thespians 31 Junior Achievement 3: Y Teens 33 Thespian Play 3: Senior Play: Dirty Dusters 3. DIANE VLADIMIR dent Council 3. of the Junior Playl Big Sisters 3. ROBERT ULRICH VERNON TATE Hanna, Wyoming: Dance Band 1,21 Pep Band 1,23 Orchestra 1 2' Annual Staff 1,23 Football 13 Basket- ball 23 Choir 1,21 Paper Staff 1,23 Boys' Quartet 23 J Inior Pliiyl Class Treasurer 23 Englewood: Band 33 Choir 33 Pep Band 33 Forensic Club 33 Boys' Octet 33 Intermural Basketball 3. DONITA JEAN THAYER Pep Club 1,2,33 Drill Team 1,2,33 G.A.A. 1,2,33 Ski Club 23 Friendship 33 Y Teens 33 Big Sisters 32 Journalism 3. JOHN TODD Band 1,2,33 Choir 2,32 Operetta 1: Forensic 2,31 Junior Pla.y3 Forensic Play 2,33 Thespians 33 Thespian Play 33 Senior Playg Octet 33 Pep Band 3. BILL TORTORELLI Assembly Council 33 Red Cross 3. CONNIE TROMPETER Pep Club 1.2,33 Drill Team 1,23 Drill Leader 33 Glee Club 13 Choir 2,33 Sextette 1,21 Sophomore Assembly Student Council 23 All School Show 1,2,33 Honor Society 33 Friendship 33 Y Teens 33 Big Sisters 31 Ensemble 3. PAUL TWIST 29 WOW ! Gertie Jones SENIORS DARRELL WAGGONER DAVID WALKER Football 1,2,3: Basketball 1,2,33 Track l,2,33 E Club 233, E Club Treasurer 33 Safety Council 3. DARLENE WALLIN Pep Club 33 Drill Team 33' Y Teens 32 Big Sisters 33 Art Club 33 Dirty Dusters 3. SUE WEDEMEYER Pep Club 1,23 Drill Team 1.23 Glee Club 13 Junior Red Cross 1,2,3, President 13 Student Council 33 Annual Staff 33 Big Sisters 3. JEAN WEITH Pep Club 1,2,33 Dr'll T 1,2,33 - 5322! Sic-gU1gli01', 5293 grivgsnl gil Pisiiigdgg 315 'Teens , . . res1 en 3 - ' Junior Achievement 3. xg sters 3' Presldent of BOB WHITLEY . HUGH WILLIAMS Football 1,2,3. LEE WILLIAMS Operetta 13 Senior Play 1: Junior Play 13 Senior Play Stage Crew 13 Golf 1,2,33 Thespians 1.2.33 Glee Club 13 Madrigal 23 Choir 2,33 Journalism 2. ' DOROTHY ANN JOHNSTON Cheyenne, Wyoming: Glee Club 13 Concert Choir 32 F.T.A. 13 F.H.A. 2,31 Talent Assembly 23 Style Show 23 Big Sisters 2.32 F.H,A. Treasurer 2. VANCE WILSON Football 23 Class Play 23 Band 3. THOMAS W. WOODRING Middle Park High School: Football 12 Basketball 13 Choir 13 Tumbling IQ Englewood: Radio Club 33 Student Council 3: Boxing 33 Safety Council 3. CAMERA SHY Jackie Batt, Shirley Benevidez, Joyce Boll, Tom Burr, Sharon Champ, Bill Cole, Cheryl Edge, Phylliss Dawn Edwards, Bryce Epperson, Donna Fiore, David Greaves, George Hargrove, Ralph Hastings, Dick Hornback, Wallace Hubert, Carol James, Gary Karlson, Gary Lasey, Joyce Littlehorn, Robert Lorenzo, Bill Moberly, Eugene Mock, Don Mosley, Ray McCollum, Darlene McKenzie, Nancy Nelson, Leonard Odneal, Walter Potts, Ronald Solomon, Bob Swartz, Judy Wiatt. 30 .fl V K, fp 3 F' 5 4-f A 2 fi H6 1 2 -9 unify , V, f kgs!" gg ,fxatz pw ,I ww? f JM' "UW Lu ,M 7v1ffQ'W ting wid 3,243 . f' 12f'f5'L " 'X Junior Class Officers PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT SECRETAR CHEDDY SNOW MONTE BRIDDLE Y TREASURER SANDRA FLORIAN I I Judy Edmondson Kathleen McMahon ROBERT LEINO I Stanley Metsker Jeff Y ork Robert Willouglmby ..- Represenlatives -, if f f 'x f 'L ' I ,1 . , f ,f V1 " 1 Wlnona Peterson ff if U ' . I x fx ,' Q If, ,. :iff A Vg, fl! yn X fs. sift. I'-r2f.f'?,fa?? lff- 4? Q,-,,. ' . ,. M ,nf V H 11, -' A ' " rf 32 uf: A462 4' ffl: fg,.?J,?,,l .- I' .sz f .J fl " If I 1 ' ' l . "' ' ,F-1, , Y,w- .3 ,j 4541, .-fr My-flflh Q, . ,- .zo '- f 1 " . ff, 'X- JUNIORS TWYla Abbott ROY Albershardt Allen Afdfey Mary Armstrong Barbara Baldwin Verna Banister Lovely Red Reserved Little bit Eager Casual Janet Baum Jerry BeCk jack Beckfield Barbara Bennett Ruby Bevard Jovonne Bevilhiemer Cay Pleasant Amusing Natural Capable HaPDY So lucky Raymond Binkley La Vonne Jean Booth Harvey Boyden Barbara Braham Monte Briddle Brilliant Blackstone Joyful Helpful Sincere Dynamic Willing ts f" Q 41 4 ...... W l , :,..:,: I ::: ...,..., . , ., Q 4 V V - R0b91'f Brooks Bette Brown Norma Brown Yvonne Brown Dennis Bruns Jim BUIYOH IOC Bllffofl Teaser Independent Co-operative Animated Polite Versatile MiSChlEVOU5 Juniors We have completed our first steps in becoming strong and sturdy. We are rapidly maturing, gaining experience, and finding new opportunities. A student strives to acquire knowledge and to build character. We are now capable of accepting responsibility and of meeting obligations. As students, we find it necessary to be efficient and industrious in all our tasks. Our ability to be successful and to advance has been shown by our many achievements in the past years. We are now becoming eager to fulfill our goals and ambitions. 33 jean Clark Pert Pat Clelland Friendly Pat Collins Energetic Donna Colman Reliable jackie Compton Cheerful Larry Conner Musical Barbara Cowgill Efficient Betty Crane Anabel Cummings Eamest june Cummings Ambitious Barbara Curry Pleasant Dolores Davis Attentive Mary Lou DeGraw Cute Bob Delzell Sincere 4 Generous Pat Burwell Penny Delores Cardin Modest james Castilian Dependable Eugene Christy Mannerly Ralph Chumley Good Sport W ft , ,f .:wf::..-s:::::uss:ss: -::ea:e:1 1 ,, : . 2 2 , Q I j' c 3 gf' 1 El If l v!! S Lx Q Ls. l 2 fl Q Y ' J .2 3 515 2 ik lf eg , it ll ,M lg a " xl f ' ' "4 ,I Z is V fl td ' it 4 5 vi K HE b ' i S ff X my Q 2 ,f q i I at Q2 1 T 1' If f if X E f Y 5 9 i t X A ,Q .ia .ef i Z5 s ef l m Y -5159, uw X X ff! ef W www Q we - Q,-my A245235 ' W , ,sr Cav visas, , Elaine De Santo Friendly Peggy Dodrill Athletic Glenda Dunlap Helpful Bob Dusek Ambitious Judy Edmondson Cheerful Kent Eggleston Artistic Ray Engel Handsome Rowena Ernst Efficient Glenda Evans Congenlal Doris Farmer Thoughtful jimmy Farmer Active Joyce Faulkner Nice Ronnie Finnell Intelligent Sandra Florian High Stepper Carl Fogh Mlschievous Vera Franklen Cute Barbara Frantz Capable Kenny Gamer Carefree Louie Garretson Good Looking Roy Gifford Good Hearted Kaye Goodyear Jolly Florence Wleber Verna Bannister Norma Gray Leader Connie Green Nice Delmer Hafer Teaser Verlea Ham Jolly Joyce Hansen Sweet Doris Harrach Popular Cleta Hartley Dependable Donald Hartshorn Contented i l , Rhoda Johnson Studious Shirley Johnson Musical Don Kailey Animated Bob Kemper Athletic - Karl Kerzic Alert, Dale Kierstein Sklllful Ellen Hedden 'Pert Barbara Herival Petite Norma Herron Enthusiastic David Hessel Swell Alice Higginson Reliable Ethel Highland Studlous Howard Hoffman Studlous Marla Holmstedt Happy Fred Hoos Shy Wayne Hope Quiet Janice Hubka Intelligent Marianne Hughes Pleasant Phyllis Huston Stylish Georgene Ivey Popular Fred Janssen Ambitious Marilyn johnson Talented l 4 , , '. QA, Hu ,IV , : xx --:,::s::., tj? X . jack Land Teaser Keith Lawson Eager jackie Lechner Perm Bob Leino Executive Georgianne Linkinheil Understanding june Littlehorn Gymnastic Kathleen Locke Sherrill Manning Helpful Mary Anne Martin Courteous Dale Mastin Fun Myrna McKinster Nice Kathleen McMahon Leader Don Medsker Dynamic Pert Richard Lone Reserved Stanley Metsker Clever Fred Meyer Affabie Don Michels Likeable Kenneth Middleton Playful Barbara Millard Newsy we A ,nf R we , t x W :a .,.-. 5 112 ,tea f . . il Betty King , Gracious ... - Mary Koehler 1 x . Ambitious A f' . Anna Marie Kratzer ' Capabrrl' " Elaine Kratzer ' ig." X Sweet al l ' Stephen Kuplaclt s Q. ' Pleasant lv fi: 'ff ---- - artery- -" li i ,M ft J lf 1 K W 5 K Nancy Miller It Popular ' Joyce Mosel I Sweet 5 vm Margaret Mulligan Capable ' If . Loretta Nachazel "" 0 Gracious 62 I Charles Naylor t , Friendly ' B ' '-"' J ack Newton , ' J f" WW - Humorous if' 2 t --'-- 4 P b M V fix ' ' Dean Nicholas ei 5 an I -, 4- Musical Q ' A W I ' , .. , David Nicholl 1 , ye fre ,K Muscular f n f , ' 2 A ' ' V ' Diane Nicholl L i ' N ' Understanding , I Dale Northcutt t ' R 1 Quiet f l ....: V,,,, ' A l f Bob Nyquist gi, A N, MQ , :I , . 1 1 . Pbllfe 36 l Q James Castilien Don Michels Raymond Ross , up VVVIVV g W A,.1VV.E, Donald Olsen Mischievous Carol Patterson Sweet Joann Peak Happy Richard Pearson Kind Edith Pelton Enjoyable Shirley Seip Happy Bill Shallenberger Animated Albert Shanks Genuine Daleen Shelton Coy Judy Shroeder Personality Rose Marie Shurman Pert 2 Qawwn Ruth Peters Faithful Winona Peterson Ambitious Mouneen Petrash Fun Beth Pickell Quiet Carol Pieper Cute Margaret Pillow Talkative Joyce Porter Generous james Quintrall Enthusiastic Darlene Reffel Willing Phyllis Reigle Mischievous Janice Rising Sweet Colleen Robins Petite Pat Robohm Talented I. ff-N Barbara Rockwell f , Cute ...a f ' -nr' -P be f , Ruth Roe ' I' Newsy Mary Grace Rogers Dignified Larry Roselle Mannerly Barbara Rumerfield Calm Shirley Salter Pretty Bill Sanford Willing Betty jo Schaefer Fun Bob Schafer Teaser Mary Ann Schlueter Enthusiastic Marilyn Schneider Petite Janice Simpson Stanley Small Albert Smith Cheddy Snow Eloise Sobieszczyk Johanne Spangler Fllrtallous Quiet, Musicai Executive Pretty Adept I 1 .lc A if La Rue Springer Jack Tate Charles Taylor Daisy Teter Ruth Tucker Edith Valentine Ambitious Musical Handsome Pretty Quiet Contemplative Lucille Vincent Carol Wickman Florence Wieber Leon Willis Robert Willoughby Sally Wilson Happy-gn-lucky Delightful Exotic Active Casanova Good-natured f J f 4 ..... I .,,. , 211 Marilyn Wood Pat Woods Willie Yeo Joyce Yingling Jeff York Monique Zieser Nice Jovlal Talented Tranquil Sktllful Modest CAMERA SHY Bill Bacon, Charles Bayless, Pat Bennett, Lynn Bigelow, Ken Bott, Kenneth Brockman, Robert Buffum, Jim Bybee, David Carhart, Frank Coston, Lorraine Curtis, Walter Davis, Willy Domeland, Ronald Doughty, Joe Dowe, Charles Duncan, Duane Eller, Dave Gearhart, John Grary, Arlan Gupton, Bill Henderson, Bob Henderson, Jerry Hersey, James Holloman, John Hoos, John Hubbard, Joe Jaegers, Sam Jensen, Jerry Kauffman, Richard Kiel, Herbie Kincaid, Leslie Kissleman, Val Klinlc, Bill Lassa, Ella Mae Lemon, LeRoy Luse, Harold Michaelis, Jim Morrow, Jerry Munkirs, Bill Newbloom, Mary Newlon, Virginia Nielsen, Bob Noakes, Daryal Pennetta, Bill Pier, Carol Pray, Gary Rabun, Bonnie Reinke, Jerry Reynolds, LeRoy Riddle, John Robbins, John Roller, Raymond Ross, Ronnie Sandlin, Fred Scott, Steven Seay, Jim Sigler, Hilbert Sisneras, Betty Smiley, Betty Sobieszczyk, Bill Spears, Clifton Spence, Bob Spencer, Dana Stanley, Evaleen Swingley, Bob Tatman, Bob Taylor, Terry Tiemann, Carl Valencia, Don Vandel, Richard Will, LeRoy Williams, Richard Wise, Lloyd Wood, Jerry Woods, Joyce Zimbleman. 38 LW , 5 X' I ix I Q 1 SOPHO MORE ,- ,ff vhkk X In ,m. A-.ff . 'Q ' .f I A 1 y A V, AW, , ' A - f A , 5 J'?W7 'R Q Q H ,, 5 "iw 2 'Iv V ry 1'-gviifiifs mlm S F H5447 iw L ' V, 14-,.M36e, A ss? my ga-f'm",1,, M. Qs 'M If ,V .Q fe.. ,ig A K , ,wg f z.,-5-1 Q x , ' AH' ' 1 kNzii?T'W - 1 ' i'i.wgWL., Lirfwwg-A. , ff :xv :Q 4 gywif: lwfqqrdiqwwijg ,, X W 1, inf W , ,f ' pkg , -Q - 4 2 V -A df M W ff -, -+V-w'xK , V. L . fg 5, W ,,,,fMp,,,gA,,A,,Q f A 5 AL I , bm k X W, VF, ,,. , I , K. jf! pggkpl ,L 41 Y M5-":e'g'5.Afg1A Q fr -'frm' X Q 2 , qgsayfqz. ,f 5,4 A gg, f img:-ff gn,:ff':J f 'L A . ,x ' - ' I H -X-LLP -, 1 k .. '2g?.2f-,w 1 7 v N, , . . T3bjQ,,k'g?,, , , ,. f,T,1,,i?,,:,,k .Lf , vu' 'T' ' sl f' " A fb ' ' - ff 3 H 1 'w xt 1 Row 1 Janet Baumgartener, Paul Abbott, Eddie Beal, Jean Baumgartener, Beryl Beer. Row 2 Rainow Baldwin, Roger Baker R , onald L, Addington, Janice Ad amson, Janice Ambrosier, Carole Ann Barcus. Bow 3 Lyle Anderson, Larry Ballow, Howard Amy, Ronnie Baker, Marcia Bassett, Joyce Allen, Carole Baty. sw' JM...-v SOPHOMORES This ear h Row 1 Margie Crawford, Gail Bullock . Donna Cain. Janet Carrel, Maria Bauer. Row 2 Colleen Callahan, Pat Caughman, Jacqueline Brandt, Delores Bishop, Shirley Ann Christensen, Janice' Cahalan. Row 3 Carter Brooks. B. G. Campbell. Don Brown, Mylo Carlson. Terry C ' airns, Daryl Brady, Edwin Buckmaster. . y I as heen one ofhtransition for us. We have risen from the junior high school and have become acquaint- ed with onr senior high school life and friends. We do every day tasks that are indispensable. A few of us are reporter for the Hzgla Tzmef. Sophomore athletes are regular members of the B squad d ' ' s an some have acquired positions on the 40 ,wwf 'N Row 1 Virginia Esqulbel, Henry ll os Bob Gillies. Ga ez Elmira Elllot. Dick Row 2 Carol Ellison. Joan Farmer Patty Jo Freeland Judy Filter, Annette Ewing. Bow 3 Bob Garber Carole Godfrey Johnny Evans. Dick Fleenor. Edward ld Dean Gales. SOPHOMORES wmv. Row 1 Pat Chumley. Jane Dowd, Donald Dugan. Carmen Depue, Gayle Clements. Row 2 ' Crowner. Jacqueline Donna Clanton. Lola Cotten. Phyliss Doe. Judy Davis. Donna Davidson. Row 3 Dean Crumpacker. Harold Craighead. l Wally Diecken. Shir Dunn, Ted Qaston. Davis, Connie Donn 185' B ob elly ,,,,,,.m-rw Raef J X lglwwffjy varsity. lwayclxl 3ggI'.CC our athleticjqlusadjVcogldcllgqdpxyykitlloutnhem. We have added our own touch of beauty with our attendants at Homecoming and the Pep Club Formal. We are coming to realize that one day our subjects will be the basis of many occupations. Next year we shall ' 'n ositions that carry prestige and honor. begin to receive our rewards by gaim g p 41 Bow 1 Judy Hasslg, Janet Goff. Miriam Hargrove. Joyce Haverland. Patricia Herrick. w 2 glgyliss Huner, Alberta Hurkett. Lois Gifford. Shirley Heaslet. Sharon Hoagland. Emily I-leathers. w 3 ggrven Hendee. Donald Gustafson. Laurene Keating, Bill Hanna. Larry Howe. Ed Hlll. Audrey Hemple. Gary Odle, Pat Coughma U. Beverly Witt, Paul Abbott SOP Row 1 Sally Lockner. Peggie Kunce, Frances Lambert Arlene H unter. Joanne Lull. Raw 2 Kay Keilwitz. Maryellen Krieger, Elaine Lockner. Jovce Martin. Alberta Kulp. Marg La Brash. Row 3 George Jayne. Jim Jenkins. Dave Bielby. Bob Senti. Marvin Kramer. Gill Kailey. Jim Grubbs. AORES Shirley Riddle Decorating Christmas Tree Bow 1 Pat Pennington. Beverly Perry. Anne Osborne, Nadine De Santo, Dorothy Pethoud. Row 2 Mary Ann Lindekugel, Norma Phillips, Joyce Nack. Shirley Pickrel. Jackie Peterson, Shirley Nazarenus. Row 3 Charles Mason, John Redmond, Jim Payne, Richard Olsen. Russ Pritzker. Bruce Nordwall, Gary Odle. Row l Rose Marie Melcholr, Loretta Hubert, Joyce Miller. Jocell Milligan, Arlene Hughes. Row 2 Mary Kay Hudson. Norma Kimple, Dick May. Dean McCrumb, Julia McEl1iot1S. Delphine James. Row 3 Allan Lohoff. Larry Lindesmith, Jerry Lay, Freddie Martens, Bob Lundock, Bill Houser. J. Henry Rutter. Row 1 Teresa Nuttlng Pattison, Lanny Vernard, Evun S Leonora Merten. Row 2 Karleen Redle. S Riddle. Dave She Mary Ann Plckrel Pattie York, Mari Hess. Row!! . Bob mith, hirley D ard, 1. e La Roy Morris Arthur Norby. Robert Rus Frank Larson, Ken Quimby. Melvin Neuman, Bernie McIntyre. sell. HY .,..-f SOPHOMORES W' Row 1 Nancy Smith. Beverly Witt. Beverly Stevens, Paula Schanzer, Janet Tyson. Row 2 Hazel Thompson, Joyce Woodward. Lois Matzke Joanne Todd. Carole Staats, Kay Taylor. Row 3 Paul Moline. Richard Varner Cliff Stratt on, Jack Thompson B . ob Clanton. Rudy I-laden, G. G. Spomer. Joyce Woodward Joan L l , u 1. Donna Summers. Carole Godfrey 44 Ll..- SOPHOMORES Row 1 Janet Wehrle, Shirley ' Cl 11 Poff. Sally Waite, e Mock, Patty Urban, Carol Ann Walker, Karel Walthers. Row 2 Shirley Simpson, Don Merritt, Louise Wildt, Steve Richards, Kenneth Andler, Dick Northcott, Glenna Webster. Myrna Wright. Row 3 Dave LaPean. Donna Ukena. Don Poston, John Stacy, Charles Eigste, Roy Wegener, Clark Milsom, Jerry Steele. Row I Reynold Sauers, Don Sension, Donna . Summers. Yvonne Salladay. Mary Roehling. Row 2 Madonna Russell, Pat ' Donna S ggms. cm M rlene Shaw Scrivner, a I Shirley Robohm, Lillie Grace Rice. Row 3 V Bill Rohren. Jimmie Kenner. Ed Shelton, Don Rhodes. Eleanor Garrison, Sandra Shivers, Barbara Stanley. Gail Bullock. Miriam Hargrove 45 4 ophomore Class Officers A fl.. CLARK MILSOM . DARYL BRADY P 'd V' P 'd Represenfahves s , ii e sss, '-' Q " E s GLENNE ELEANOR TORSCHER GARRISON f JANET TYSON Secretary BOB LUNDOCK Treafurer CLASS S CLASS S 1. Vance Wilson, Jackie Lechner. 2. Dorothy Deicken, Connie Jo Trompeter, Julie Van Solingen, Michael Cooley. 3. Janice Simpson, Peggy Kunce. 4. Betty Shanks, Janet Brick. Skill of Business and Industry 1. TYPING Typing I and II is offered to sophomores, juniors, and seniorsg gfping III is offered to juniors and seniors. Typing enables the students not only to attain adequate rates of speed and accuracy for personal use but also to obtain positions in advanced stenographic work. 2. BOOKKEEPING Bookkeeping I and II is offered to juniors and seniors. The theory of bookkeping is explained in simple terms and is developed from bookkeeping practices. Mr. Harry Wilson is the instructor of the class. 3. VOCATIONAL MATH The purposelof vocational math is to develop skill in mathematics that will meet industrial requirements. In this class a review of arithmetic is given. The applications of algebra and geometry are studied, too. Partic- ular attention is paid to charts, tables, and substitution in formulas. Vocational math is a required course for auto mechanics and machine shop majors, and is taught by Mr. R. O. Brenneman and Mr. Paul Blessing. 4. OFFICE PRACTICE Office Practice is designed to give training in the operation of duplicating and office machines, practice in filing, and related office problems. Special attention is given to personality traits, business ethics, and ways of getting and keeping a position. Office practice is offered only to seniors. 48 CLASS S 5 1. Don George, Avery Graham 2. Dale Kiersteln. Fred Meyer 3. Bob Ulrich 4. Howard Hoffman Theories and Applications 1. TRIGONOMETRY Trigonometry is taught by Miss Lillian Sullivan. It is a one semester course, offered only the first semester. Trigonometry is very valuable for those students who wish to do good work in an engineering school. The course is open to both juniors and seniors and is required for a mathematics major. 2. CHEMISTRY In this age everyone will find that a knowledge of chemistry is a decided help, regardless of his life's vocation. The farmer tilling the soil, the detective solving a crime, the doctor treating a serious ailment, the tradesman buying materials for construction, the housewife preparing a meal-all have a definite need for chemistry. Chemistry is a laboratory scienceg there are desks and apparatus for each student to use to perform his class experiments. Chemistry is taught by Mr. E. N. Broadbent. 3. PHYSIOLOGY Physiology is a semester course in the study of the functions of the various parts of the body. Anatomy, the study of the structure of the body, is included. The course deals in general with the normal physiology and anatomy found in health as well as the abnormal physiology and anatomy found in diseases. Physiology is taught by Mr. Henry Tavener. 4. ALGEBRA . Algebra is considered to be the language of mathematics and is the basis for all higher mathematics. It is a re- quired course for all colleges. This is a full year course and may be used as partial requirement for a mathematics minor or mayor. Algebra is taught by Miss L. Sullivan and Mr. Watne. 49 i 4 CLASS S 1 3 1. Leslie Hartshorn, Dolores Evans 2. Jim Payne, Jean Baumgartener 3. Beverly Perry 4. Donna Jean Black, Larry Hallbick . . 5. Glenda Dump W ritten and Oral Expression 1. SPEECH Speech is required of all students except those who have had speech in the ninth grade and Trade School students who will earn their s eech credit in General Communication. In this class the students take part in debate, discussion, oratory, dramatic readings, and interpretational readings. Speech is taught by Mr. August P. Lorenzini. 2. FRENCH French is taught by Miss Florence Sullivan. Only one year of French can be offered at the present but when the school is entirely completed, two years will be offered. "L'Amour toujours l'amour," love, everlasting, love for our fellowmen is developed through an understanding of the French language, literature, and culture. 5. AMERICAN HISTORY American History is a required course for all sophomores. It includes the history of the United States in a world setting from the days of the earliest settlement to our present day constitutional government. The majority of the work takes place during the period from 1876 to present time with emphasis on the development of political and economic forces which have created the American way of life. American history was taught by Mr. Flierl and issnow taught by Mrs. Ruth Muth. 4. MUSIC THEORY In music theory major scales, keys, chords, intervals, and cadences are studied. This course is designed to give ground work in melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic elements of music. 5. LIBRARY The library department is headed by Mrs. Irene Fowler. Students that work in the library receive three hours credit per semester. These students check books, receive new books, help students find books and various reference material, and keep the shelves and book displays in order. 50 5 cuisses 1. Bill Tortorelli 2. Gayleen Dennis 3. Phyllss Edwards 4. Mr. Jennings, Bob Tatman, Mel Fowler . . 5. Jim Farmer, Harold Jennings, Larry Howe for Vocational Use 1, 2, 8: 3. DIVERSIFIED OCCUPATION Diversified occupation is a cooperative part time training in which students alternate between work in school and employment. Part of each school day is spent in school and the remainder at a job receiving training and wages. Some of the jobs held by students this year are: nurses aide, plumber's helper, dental assistant, interior decorat- or's assistant, baker's assistant, and hotel manager's assistant. 4.' AUTO MECHANICS Auto mechanics consists of thorough theoretical background with ample opportunity for actual shop practice in- volvingeall operations on cars in the shop. The purpose of auto mechanics is to give the students a mechanical background and to give them an actual start in a steady, good paying trade. Auto mechanics is taught by Mr. Wm. Jennings. 5. DRAFTING Drafting is often called the language of industry. This course is invaluable, to everyone who intends to engage in machine work, building, trades, interior decorating, engineering, or any type of Work that requires the reading of plans. Drafting is instructed by Mr. Wm. Landon. 51 CLASSES ff' --- 2 1. Janice Smiley, Kay Bowes, Shirley Palmer 2. Kay Smith 3. Janet Adamson. Cnree Brink, Ch yl Edg 4. Girls' third hour gym class Beauty, Health, Crafts, and Home 1. ART The fundamental procedures of art are taught to the students by Mrs. Alice johnson. These procedures help them to be able to recognize and to understand the underlying structure common to all art forms. 2. CLOTHING The purpose of the clothing class is to develop skill in clothing construction and to acquire ,a pride. in looking one's best. The proper methods of repairing and caring for clothing are taught as a means of developing habits of thrift. Clothing is taught by Mrs. Ve ma Leonard. 3. SHOP The first year of shop is offered to any student who has not had shop in senior high. These students are expected to complete projects in wood and leather. The use of hand tools will be stressed. These students may also work in other mediums on approval of the instructor. Shop is instructed by Mr. Wm. Landon. 4. GIRLS' GYM Girls' gym is a required subject for sophomores. The girls take part in many athletic games such as volleyball, speedball, basketball, and softball. This class is a pleasant experience for the girls as well as an educational one in health, hygiene, and sportsmanship. All girls' gym classes are taught by Miss Maurine DeWitt. 52 4 i wwf' awash 32,4 1 V! 2 fig? fl Y AN N UAL S TAF F "To Keep A Record" Mary Lou jones Marilyn johnson Editor Assistant Editor 1 , H, Larry Lindesmith Business Manager Photographer Ruthie plied Avm, Graham Barbara Cowgill Verlea Ham senior Editor Layouts Junior Editor Assistant Junior Editor Fred Janssen Margaret Pillow Arlene Hunter Sports Editor Club Editor Sophomore Editor and Art Editor Diane Nicholl Sue Wedemeyef Joyce Faulkner Nancy Miller Mrs. Horton Faculty Editor Typist Typist School Life Editor Sponsor B. G. Campbell 54 Advertising Manager HIGH '23 TIME ll a l H Lughthouse for Ihe Plrates E pub-ae-------Y , .-si-: ,.., , ,.,. , ,,,,, ,-,,,-Y, v if I II I ENGLEWOOD HIGH TIMES ,I I II I . , In IQ 57' I .5 wmzzmrfm 0' 'Q ' I r 11-1 Q I I! 431 L I , w om b , : g 94 - ,Q-4, ,Q , mme 2 5 1 I 5219.4 1, wwe U, K 'wfwifal-" II - I gPul.vlished weekly by the Englslwciioqli High games, Englewood, Colorad0..I I 'sta is e in 1 . ,I I . I I lgldntorsl ..,.. .....,. -. ....... . ...........,...........,.... Gwen Sherard, John Colgage I ssocxa e fm itox- ........ -, ....................... . .... Di l Fu 1 Gwen Sherard I News Editor ........ ............... . ........ . Shirlgyi Moor: I john Colgate Cn'Editor I Feature Eliitor ......,.............. ,.... ............ . . ................................ . Lucy Chandler IJ C Ed. ,L 3113351 ......................,,. .... .,....... . .......... . . ............ . ...,... ..... . ....... P lg tclgixg I 0' IW' . ' l Ol' ..,................... ,..... V . ............,.... . ............................ ..l. 3. I Reporters .,...... Renee Bebout, Robert Brooks, Roger Plotraschke, ' , BG Camgbell. Raymond Ross, 'Mary Izmrfliib, , I S! ff Pl t EOUGFI-81 Famer, Domta Thayer, Jim Shomaker. , a xo ograp er , .......... . ............................... . ..... . ........ . ............. Bill Holland : Buslness Manager ....... . ..,......................,........................... - ......... ,. Bill Glassner I l Buslne-ss Stuff ........ Barbara Cowgill, Winona Peterson, John Freim, I ,I 'David Vvnlker ' : Advisor ......,....,......,.... .... ....,.................,................... . . ............ . Mrs, Mayme Roark I I - ----YAY -eY- YYY.YY ..,.., ,,,,, - - -,,,,,,,,,,,-,AI Row 1: Jim Shomaker. Row 2: Shirley Moore, Lucy Chandler, Pat Colgate. Row 3: John Colgate, Renee Bebout, Pat Olson, Donlta Thayer. Row 4: Roger Plotraschke, Dick Fuller, Gwen Sherard, Roberta Kramer. Row 5: Robert Brooks, Bill Holland, B. G. Campbell, Raymond Ross, Mary Lou Jones, Row 6: Mrs. Mayme Roark. N Row 1: Shirley Moore, Dlck Fuller, Gwen Sherard, Lucy Chandler. Row 2: John Colgate. Pat Colgate, Pat Olson. 55 .fj...,,1' QM ,go .3 We Row 1: Winona Peterson, Bill Holland, Bill Glassner. Row 2: Dave Walker, John Frelm. g y g Writers Observe I' , Xi , .- f fl.-' 93145 Q' . ,rmrv-W , IQQJ' . ie, .,... a t '49, ' f r o ' - .V-- ff . 9 LUCY CHANDLER President Row l Shirley Moore, Bill Holland, Gwen Sherard, Avery Graham Row 2 Pat Olson, Lucy Chandler, Margaret Pillow, Y V Mary Lou Jones QUILL AND SCROLL The International Honorary Society for High School Journalists bestows membership to high school students who have been on the staff one year and who have written one ll I . I . Y ll Y - he----.-l n--LI---- article that is passed by the National Council of the Quill and Scroll. The officers were Lucy Chandler, president: Gwen Sherard, vice-president: Shirley Mcore, secretary-treasurer. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS The International Relations Club was started again this year after an absence of a few years. The club members played an important part in conferences, and they also attended many city-wide lec- tures. The International Relations Club was sponsored by Mr. Ernest Apel. The officers for the year were Bill Spears, president: Janice Hubka, secretary: Cassie Anderson, vice-president: and Robert Brooks, treasurer. BILL SPEARS President Row 1 ' Gwen Sherard, Lucy Chandler, Mary Lou Jones Row 2 3:32515 Anderson, Janice I-Iubka, Mr. Apel Robert Brooks, Stanley Metsker, Bill Spears RONNIE JOHNSON President Bow l B. G. Campbell, Joan Lockner, Daleen Shelton, Cassie Anderson, Diane Nicholl Row 2 ' Eddie Carlson, Tim Dolan, Ronnie Johnson, Roger Baker, Fred Janssen, Bill Tortorelli ASSEMBLY CQUNCIL , Scheduling and arranging all the assembly programs made our Assembly Council a very active organ- ization. Members representing each class were responsible for providing a varied list of assemblies for the student body. The officers of this club were Ronnie Johnson, president, B. G. Campbell, vice-presidentg and Daleen Shelton, secretary-treasurer. ' 56 W Ham Work WILEY DOEMELAND President Left to right: Wiley Doemeland, Bill- Stanford, David LaPean, Harvey Boyden, Roy Allrrtshardt, LeRoy Riddle, Charles Lugenbill, Galen Eslinger, Richard Lone, John Hoos RADIO CLUB "Calling all Pirates!" "Calling all Pirates!" "The Radio Club wants your attention!" This club was open this Year to anyone who was interested in radio business. The boys in the organization had fun building and remodeling radios. Mr. Calvin Orr was the sponsor. The officers were: Willy Doemeland, president, Bob Willoughby, vice-persldentg Bill Henderson. secretary. "'-"'------- Ye Old Pasfime WALLACE DEICKEN President Sitting: Larry Lindesmilh, Robert Brooks, Henry Galegos, George Spomer, Howard Hoffman, Gene Madison, Bobby Cox Standing: Allen Lohoff, Wallace Deicken, Charles Mason, Rainow Baldwin, Rrbert Russell, Don Dugan, Dellvan Spreecher, Mr. McClelland. Sponsor: Bill Moberly, Ronnie Doughty CHESS CLUB The boys in the Chess Club learned the way to play chess and the fundamental processes of the game, Mr. Mc- Clelland was the sponsor, and the officers were: president, Wallace Deickeng vice-president, George Spomerg and secre- tary-treasurer, Larry Lindesmlth. Lights! Camera! Action! BILL HOLLAND President Left to rights Dellvan Spreecher, Bob Gillies. Howard Hoffman, Dwight Singleton, Bill Holland, Bill Glassner. Bob Bingaman, Don George VISUAL CLUB The Visual Club was composed of boys who were interested in visual education. Each member had an operators license which entitled him to run the motion picture machine, I New members were taught every essential part of the machine. The sponsor of Visual Club was Mr. Broadbent, and Bill Holland was the president. 57 Where There is Life, There is Music, , '- Bow 1: Shirley Johnson, Pat Burwell, Johanne Spangler, June Cummings, Barbara Baldwin, Nancy NBISOH, Mary ADD NHZHPBHIIS, Shirley MODIS, D0!'DthY Deickell- Bob Cox, Don Hartshorn, Jeff York. Galeen Dennis, Janis Brown, Barbara Armstrong, Joan Lockner, Winona Peterson. 1 k J F unmet Bow 2: Janice Hubka, Darlene McKenzie, Jerry Lippincott, Edith Valentine, Richard Blnkley, Lee Williams, Don LeFurge, John Todd, Eileen Frer c s, oyce a , Bonnie Relnke, Alice Mae Higginson, Norma Gray, Jackie Lechner, Shirley Stouder, Donna Coffman, E 1 L Ganetson Jack Bow 3: Marion McDonald, Phyllis Huston, Barbara Herivel, Doris Harrach, Nancy Miller, Janet Baum, Twyla llbbotgi XeIrnonLTg:6. RRY DBS , 011 r Tate, Bob Delzell, Charles Taylor, Dick Stanton, Raymond Blnkley, Daleen Shelton, Judy Sglhrriedeg, Tian?-tlvgck. Bozell 9j:n.y0Bgck charles Bayless Monte Briddle . ' son, Roberta T son, ir ey ie s, a row Q , . . - gqgqggi Elissay?d4g:33!:1t3i?ISnggv?nGir?erli5II:1I:itits?a:i,2,311Iggi?rB,.l!izoIdg.t.fig:au:Iohnson, Judy gberg, Donna Black, Shirley Smiley, Glenda Evans. CHOIR The Senior Choir, composed of juniors and seniors, was one of the largest and most adv nced mu ' l ' th h l. M . h M k ' 2:sDneceiml'2er l8,t1l95ghtlie: choir presenteflhthe Christmas cfmcert, a very enjocyable program. :During tifeczpfiliogrflraliter alfa? r?l?oir went?ogrgestousewithwtalietxoggfectlgt aAe rom e r s mas concer . ey sang or var ous organiza ions uring Chri t , th 1 l t , The choir was a very active organization with music which inspired the school. S mas ey gave an Emma Spf ng comer ' and they sang for commencement N lf's Wonderful to Sing , ,,,,,, .. -V. f 1' ' 'si 5 ' My it. Row 1: Pat Woods, Mary Armstrong, Nancy Smith, Jo Ann Lull, Janette Wehrle, Norma Herron, Karel Walther, Marilyn Schneider, Mary Lou De Graw, Betty Crane, Elaine DeSanto, Janet Brown, Edith Felton, Sandra Florian, Judy Davis, Anita Degnan. Row 2: Carol Staats, Bette Brown, Yvonne Brown, Lucille Vincent, Carol Pieper, Shirley Salter, Elaine Kratzer, Miriam Hargrove, Cleta Hartley, Phyllis Doe, Shirley Pickrel, Lillie Grace Rice, Annette Ewing, Anna Marie Kratzer, Loretta Nachazel, Eloise Sobleszczyk, Ethel Highland. Beverly Stevens, Row 3: Sherrill Manning, Carol Baty, Lola Gotten, Cheryl Edge, Marla Holmstedt, Monique Zeiset, Beverly Witt, Verlea Ham, Joyce Ylngling, Kathleen McMahon, Janet Tyson, Ruth Roe, Shirley Nazarenus, Carol Ellison, Sally Lockner, Jackie Peterson. Row 4: Betty Sobieszcyk, Eleanor Garrison, Jackie Brandt, Carol Pray, Shirley Johnson, Gail Bullock, Donna Davidson, Carman Depue, Gail Clements, Kay lgleilrvitz, Connie Green, Betty Jo Schaefer, Margie Gantsler, Lavon Stephens, Judy Hassig, Myrna Wright, Alberta Kulp, Audrey Hemple, Joyce Miller, Norma ips. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Girls' Glee Club was composed of seventy girls who supplied us with very enjoyable music. They sang during Christmas week for various or8BHiZH-MODS and assisted the choir in the Christmas concert. I th drecwr The Glee Club attended the state Music Festival in the spring and also sa ng for Baccalaureate. Mr. Charles Meeker was e 1 . 58 We Sin ' 9 WWF Pleasure Me mai , 'fibers e type musicognlfivvs' Glee Club H r Gallegos, Roger attended the slnade themsel Row 1: Ronnie Finnell, en y Baker, Bob Cox, Even Smith Row 2: Larry Hallbick, Pete Spomer, Jack Newton, Bob Lundock, Bob Nyquist, Bob Willoughby Bow 3: Gilbert Kailey, Jimmy Grubbs, Dean McCrumb, Bob Spencer, Monte Briddle, Martin The Nine Notes BOYS' GLEE lane ves Music Festlvgifyngfnular through - Out Meeker t Was in chhe school a - Th rge of these 1-iijfggfivigorous ne boys Girls triple trio: Marilyn Schneider, Bette Brown, Barbara Rockwell, June Littlehorn, Eleanor rrison Ethel Highland, Loretta Nachazel, Lillie Grace Rice, Myrna Wright, Shirley Johnson, Ga , accompanist TRIPLE TRIO The Triple Trio was composed of girls from the Girls' Glee Club and consisted of altos and for the Lion's Club and the Glee Club assergbly. me first and second sopranos. This group sang - One of the songs that the trio made popular in school was "Christmas Won't be the a Without You," written by Mr. Meeker. The Triple Trio was a very popular musical group and added to the pleasure of audiences. 59 Ruthie Flietl, Choir Accomp anlst Music Makers On The March i , L Row l: Dave Nlcholl, Richard Pearson. Leslie Hartshorn, Don Fox, Gary Odle, Don George, Janice Cahalan, Karleen Relde, Dorothy Deicken Bow 2: Bob Nyquist, Don Hartshorn, Dick Evans, Mary Ann Martin, Jud Filt , P t Ser 1 , J T dd, S ll Wil , R d W , D ld L Fu Sk! Sauers, Mary Anne Plckrell, Freddy Martin, Lola Gotten, Bill Bailey, Larlyy Ro:e'lle,aClarkDg'iy1ne,oll::rryoHallb?cky son Ryman egenet una e me' ppy Row 3: Richard Binkley, Donna Rowland, Don Michels, Jerry Kauffman, Daryl Brady, Bill Lassa, Deane Nicholas, Darvln Hendee, Don Rhodes, Dean Mccrumb, Evon Smith, Dick May, Bruce Nordwall, Larry Conner, Wayne Hope, John Todd, Jack Tate Standing: Pete Spomer, Jack Thompson, Vernon Tate, Shirley Moore, Mr. Nicholls Major-ettes: Doris I-Iarrach, Sandra Florian, Nancy Miller, Judy Hasslg. Margie Skibba, Bobbie Meyer Standing: Terry Cairns, Charles Naylor. Kenny Gamet, Steve Seay. Larry Ballow, Fred Meyer BAND "Hep! Hep! We are marching to victory!" The good "ole" E.l-I.S. band was led hy five lovely majorettes, a drum majorette, and a mascot. The crowd stood to cheer them when they marched. The Pirates were proud of the band-proud oi their music, their showing at the games, and their performance in the parades. On January 23, 1953, the band put on an excellent assembly for the student body. They worked under the direction of Mr. Nicholls to furnish us with various types of music. The officers were: president, Don George, vice president, Larry Hallbickg secretary, Dorothy Deickeng and treasurer, Steve Seay. Joe Banana and His Band With Appeal Richard Binkley Pep Band President Row 1: Leslie Hartshorn, Don Hartshorn, Don Michels, Don Fox Bow 2: Bruce Nordwall, John Todd, Richard Blnkley, Larry Hallbick, Fred Meyers Row 3: Don Le Furge, Fred Martens, Pete Spomer, Vern Tate, Don George PEP BAND The Pep Band was led by Richard Binkley and sponsored by Mr. Nicholls. They played at pep assemblies and at basketball games. Their purposes were to help the team's morale and to play for occasions that needed a small music group. 60 lei All Mv ua R.. u...,- Bow 1: Barbara Baldwin, Marion McDonald, Connie Trompeter, Shirley Moore, Raymond Blnkley, Bob Cox, Charles Taylor, Judy Schroeder Joyce Faulkner CHOIR ENSEMBLE Row 2: Twyla Abbott, Janice Hubka, Shirley The Choir Ensemble consisted of an equal number ot altos, sopranos, tenors, and basses selected from Sem No,-ma G,-ay, Don Le purge, Michael the choir. This was a newly organized group under the direction of Mr. Meeker. The ensemble sang for Cooley, Jack Tate women's clubs during the Christmas season, for the Christmas concert, and for groups that wanted a smaller suged, Ruthie Fuel-1, Agggmpanist group than the entire choir. The choir ensemble added greatly to the school music program. Do, Re, Me, Fa, So, La, Te and Do vern Tate, Larry Hallblck, Gene Madison, John Todd. Don Le Furge, Richard Binkley, Bob Cox, Don I-Iartshorn, Jack Tate, Accompanlst BOYS' OCTET The Boys' Octet, under the direction of Mr. Charles Meeker, was another active music group at EHS. The following were the members of this group: first tenors-Bob Cox and Don Hartshomg second tenors-Richard Binkley and Don Le Furgeg barltones-Eugene Madison and Charles Taylorg and basses-Larry Hallbick and.Vernon Tate. Their accompanist was Jack Tate. The Boys' Octet went with the choir on their tour and also sang for various clubs and organizations around Englewood. Songs from "South Pacific" and barbershop tunes were the principal numbers these boys sang. Squeaks and Squawks, Yes, Violins Talk Carol Walther, Jo Ann Farmer, Bill Bailey, Mr. Gordon Parks, Sherrill Manning, Mary Lou Jones STRING ENSEMBLE The live-piece string ensemble, composed of two violins, one viola, one cello, and one bass was a newly organized group in 1952-1953. The string ensemble played for many occasions and were known as a popular string quintette. Mr. Gordon Parks, a new music director in the Englewood schools, was their sponsor. 61 Friendship and Brotherly Love Phyllis Huston, vlce-president, Barbara Frantz, president: Margaret Pillow, secretary Row 1 Marilyn Johnson, Jean Baumgarte- ner, Doris Farmer, Delores Cardin, Janet Baumgartener, Glenda Evans, Gayle Clements, Bette Brown Row 2 Donna Davidson, Ruthie Flierl, Phyllis Huston, Elmira Elliott, Janice Cahalan, Betty Crane, Janet Adamson, Joan Ellenstine, Mrs. Howland Row 3 Violet Braham, Jeanne Booth, Nancy Miller, Janet Baum, Twyla Abbott, Janis Adamson, Barbara Armstrong, Jeannine Carlson Row 4 Ruby Bevard, Peggy Dodrill, Joyce Allen, Norma Gray, Margaret Mulligan, Carole Baty. Judy Filter, Lola Cotten, Barbara Frantz .3 gf .A , ' 4 .f':,vq M, ' Row l Jovonne Bevllhlmler, Marilyn Schneider, Rose Schurman, Carol Spath, Julie Van Solingen, Monique Zieser, Joyce Yingling Row 2 Jocell Milligan, Elaine McCoy, LaVon Stephens, Jean Weith, Pat Scroggln, Janice Smiley, Barbara Rockwell Bow 3 A Roberta Meyer, Connie Trompeter, Elaine Lockner, Margaret Pillow, Shirley Seip, Sherrill Manning, Joan Todd Y-TEENS Y-Teens was a service organization formed to help girls of all races, re- ligions, and creeds work and play together in fellowship. The club activities of the year were two club socials, five service projects, a sponsored dance, and the election and installation of officers. Every girl is eligible to join. The sponsor of this club was Mrs. Betty Bowland. The officers were: Bar- bara Frantz, presidentg Phyllis Huston, vice-president, Margaret Pillow, secretary, Doris Farmer, treasurerg and Peggy Dodrill, historian. The girls who were chosen as representatives were: seniors, Elaine McCoy and janet Aclamsong juniors, Norma Gray and Barbara Rockwell, sophomores, joan Farmer and Elaine Lockner. I 62 I Row 1: Donna Coffman, Mary Lou Jones, Shirley Stouder, Shirley Moore, Connie Trompeter, Ruthie Flierl, Gwen Sherard Row 2: Miss Florence Sullivan, Shirley Smiley, Lucy Chandler, Marilyn Hall, Donna, Black, Dorothy Deicken, Cassie Anderson, Pat: Olson Row 3: Bob Cox, Ray McCollum, Tim Dolan, Gene Madison, Bill Holland, John Colgate Ability and Sustained Effort Brings Honor -Q- 1...--1 JI- NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Members of the National Honor Society were selected from those students ranking in the upper 15 per cent of the class. They were voted into the society by the seniors who were already members, by eligible seniors, and by the faculty. Scholarship, leader- ship, ch tracter, and service to the school are the basis of selection. The sponsor of this highly honored organization was Miss Florence Sullivan. The officers were: John Colgate, president: Richard Binkley, vice-presidentg Cassandra Anderson, secretaryg Mary Lou Jones, treasurer. Co-Presidents Tim Dolan, Joan Lockner STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council, sponsored by Mr. Dale Brooks, has been an active organization for many years. They co-ordinated club activities and budgets, they worked to improve the schoolg and they worked to make each student realize he had a definite part in school government. The officers were: co- presidents, joan Lockner and Tim Dolan, secretary, Marion McDonald, and treasurer, Eugene Madison. Doing Good Deeds For The School 63 Vx 'Vi:':, 'A ' ,,,- , if President john Colgate Seated: Shirley Moore, Winona Peterson, Glenda Davis, Eugene Madison. Joan Lockner, Tim Dolan, Marlon McDonald, Ruthie Flierl, Shirley Stouder, Janet Tyson, Jeannine Brooks, Ruthie Herter Standing: Richard Binkley, Clark Milsom, Bob Lelno, Glen Torscher, Sue Wedemeyer, Judy Edmondson, Eleanor Garrison, Barbara Mackie, Diane Vladimir, Kathleen McMahon Mr. Brooks, Sandra Florian, Stanley Metsker, Cheddy Snow I ,II -1. MAJORETTES 4 Z1 few' af' ff.. Dmm Majorettc: Nancy Millerg Mascot: Christi Lee McCulloughg Majorettesz Judy Hassig, Sandra Florian, Marge Skibba, Bobby Meyers, Doris Harrach STEPPING HIGH WITH THE BAND The majorettes for this year were: Doris Harrach, Sandra Florian, Roberta Meyer, Marge Skibba, Judy Hassig, the mascot, Christi McCullough, and drum majorette Nancy Miller. The majorettes' most important job was to lead the band. They marched at the Apple Blossom Fiesta at Canon City, at the Pet and Doll Parade, and at the Fire Prevention Parade. The majorettes also put on excellent performances during the half time ceremonies at football games. Photography courtesy of Smyth Studio. 64 i xv . CHEERLEADERS ef V 4 , A 'hw' Q fm' Q4-0 my ef W' li 4,4 W Q A tw is Q5 I A ff Row 1: Head-Cheerleader, Gracie Allen, Shirley Moore: Row 2: Mary Armstrong, Pat Burwell, Shirley Stouderg Row 3: Dick Stanton. CHEERLEADERS SPARK BATTLE CRIES Our cheerleaders sparked their battle cries this year. They were: Gracie Allen, head cheerleader: Shirley Stouder, Pat Burwell, Shirley Moore, Mary Armstrong, and Dick Stanton. The cheerleaders "cheered" at all sporting events at home and away and should be given "Fifteen Rahs" for their fine work, Photography courtesy of Smyth Studio. 65 .Q r Artistic Abilities Displayed ns- ' r fin ,rye '1 ART CLUB The members of Art Club, which was a new organization this year, were very active-in group projects and individual projects. The members were kept busy making posters advertising various occasions such as the athletic events, the town meeting, the S8d18VHBWk1DSA Dance, the Pirate Polka, and the Homecoming dance. They also made signs designating the visitors' gate and the home gate at the football field, and fire exits for the Junior High School. They also contributed their services to the Red Cross by making one. hundred placemats and nutcups. A permanent contribution to the high school was a Christmas sign. The purpose of the Club was to be a service club to the school. The officers were: Margaret Mulligan, presidentg Hazel Thompson, vice-presidentg Ruth Roe, secretaryg Larry Ryan, treas- urer. Mrs. Alice B. Johnson was the sponsor. Margaret Mulligan President Art Club Row l: Hazel Thompson, Winona Peterson, Irene Rask, Roberta Kramer Row 2: Jeannie Carlson, Joyce Martin, Ruth Roe, Janice Smiley 502133 lgllargaret Mulligan, Paul Twist, Kent Eggleston, Myrna c n s er Look Mom, l'm Driving DRIVERS TRAINING The skill of driving was achieved in driver's education. Mr. Kramer and Mr. Watne spent many hours teaching the rules and regulations of driving. The students received many hours of actual driving experience. Cleanliness ls Next To Godliness DIRTY DUSTERS CLUB I The Dirty Dusters Club, composed of Mrs. Roark's counseling group, was newly organized this year. The purpose of the club was to keep the seats of the field house dusted. The club secured funds by fimng a penny when a student was late to a Dusters' meeting. The officers of this club were: Gary Carlson, president: La Von Stephens, vice-presidentg Shirley Helmer, secre- tary, Lucy Chandler, treasurerg and Gordon Sension, sergeant-at-arms. 66 Auto Drivers Left to right: Rowena Ernst, Eloise Sobleszczyk, Joan Peak, Jean Clark. Mary Ann Martin, Mr. Gerald Watne Qu!! 5 1 Gary Karlsori President Dirty Dusters galil EEJTKBUTT, Shirley Helmer, Darlene Wallin, Cheryl Edge, Row 2: Bob Ulrich, Della Ra M Ch Petrlck. Judy Oberg, Gordoneserflsiofisney' La von Stephens' Helen ervice To Others Jean Weith President Red Cross Cummings, Bette Brown Davis, Miss Lillian Sullivan Lindesmith, Sue Wedemeyer, Shirley Helmet JUNIOR RED CROSS The Junior Red Cross participated in many activities. They sponsored the annual Red Cross drive, they had many service projects, and they assisted needy families. The sponsor of this organization was Miss Lillian Sullivan. The officers were: president, Jeanette Weith, vice- president, Kathy Ottog secretary, Shirley Helmerg and treasurer, Jack Burdick. Glamour and Work Backstage p pp ,- STAGE AND LIGHT CREW The members of stage and light crew worked hard to supply us with the necessary lighting and staging for our dramatic productions, assemblies, and special programs. Miss Foote was the sponsor. Exit Out South Door Bow 1: Jovonne Bevilheimer, Eloise Bobleszczyk, Nancy Smith. June Row 2: Donna Cloman, Jean Weith, Kathy Otto, Roberta Kramer, Judy Row 3: Lucille Vincent, Allen Ardrey, Shirley Seip, Eileen Frerichs, Larry Stage and Light Crew Left. to right: Ray McCullom, Kenny Crisman, Dick Northcott, Shirley Poff Steve Richards, Ray Ross, Don Merrit, Donna Rowland Y ' ' Dick Stanton President Fire Prevention Bow 1: Pat Colgate, Pat Clelland, George Spomer, Glenda Evans, FIRE PREVENTION COUNCIL Bob Delzell Bow 2: Ann Newman, Jacqueline Hull, Janet Adamson, Kathy Otto, Teresa Nutting, Dick Stanton The Fire Prevention Club was active in the supervision of fire drills and periodical safety Row 3: Mr. McClelland, Don Olson, Gene Morrow, Richard Lone, inspections of our school. The club studies fire prevention measures and the proper care and Bill Hauser, Jim Castillian use of fire extinguishers. The club was sponsored by Mr. McClelland. The Fire Warden was Dick Stanton, and the Vice Warden was Kathy Otto. 67 "ARSENIC AND OLD LACE" Senior Play Cheryl Edge, Lee Williams, Marlene Rosebrook Larry Ballow, Kenny Chrisman SENIOR PLAY CAST Abby Brewster ....,... Cheryl Edge The Rev. Dr. Harper .... john Todd Teddy Brewster, ...... Lee Williams Officer Brophy . . I ...... Bobby Cox Martha Brewster..Marlene Rosebrook Elaine Harper ....... Carol Spath Shirley Moore Mortimer Brewster..LeRoy Williams Bob Bingaman Mr. Gibbs ......,, Eugene Madison Johnathon Brewster..Kenny Chrisman Dr. Einstein .r........ Larry Ballow Officer O'l-Iara ......... john Todd Lieutenant Rooney. .Eugene Madison Mr. Witherspoon .... Bob Bingaman 1 Pete Spomer ARSENIC AND OLD LACE The ever popular play, Arrenic and Old Lace, was given bl' the SCUi01'5 Of 1953 under the supervision of Miss Jeanne Foote on November 25th and 26th of last year. Afrenir and Old Lure was given in three acts telling the murderous story of two insane old ladies who committed various murders in their home by serving their male victims arsenic in their wine. After doing away with their victim, they would bury him in the cellar. The portrayal of the characters by the cast was presented in a very fine manner. 68 Bob Cox, john Todd BUSINESS STAFF Director ....... Student ' Directors . . . . House Managers. Props ......... Make-Up ,. . Costumes . . . . . Publicity ,...... Business Manager .. . . . .Miss Jeanne Foote Dorothy Deicken Carol Staats Julie Van Solingen . . . .Sharon Champ Ray Bilger .. Donna Rowland Carol Magnuson ......joanne Lull . . ,Donna Rowland julie Van Solingen Dorothy Deicken julie Van Solingen "NIGHT MUST FALL" Junior Play Del Hafer, Janice Hubka, Betty Crane Bob Leino, Jack Tate, June Cummings f if ff QE if Fred Janssen, Norma Gray JUNIOR PLAY CAST PRODUCTION STAFF Belsize .................. Del Hafer Dan .... Nurse .... Hubert ..... Olivia ..,.... Mrs. Terence ..... Lord Chief Justice Mrs. Bramson . . . Dora ...... . . . . Fred Janssen . . . . Norma Gray .......JackTate . . . June Cummings . . . . . Betty Crane BobLeino . . . . . . . Janice Hubka . . . . Mary Armstrong NIGHT MUST FALL The junior class presented "Night Must Fall," by Emlyn Williams, as their annual play. This play was a thriller-diller mystery with its plot involving a madly insane bellboy who kills two elderly ladies for their money. The play was directed by Miss Jeanne Foote with Peter Spomer and Margaret Pil- low as student directors. 69 Evaleen Swingly Sharon Hogland Donna Rowland Bill Wallace Bill Moberly Delvin Sprecker Johnny Evans Jack Burdick Acting, Dramaiics Are Fun Row 1: Joanne Lull, Julie Van Solingen, Margaret Skibba, Mary Koehler, Janice Smiley, Shirley Moore Row 2: Cassie Anderson, Dorothy Deicken, Janice Hubka, Carole Staats, Elaine Lockner, Norma Brown, Renee Bebout Brow 3: Sharon Champ, Bob Cox. Eugene Madison, John Todd, Fred Janssen, Ray McCollum, Lee Williams Cassie Anderson, Vice-President Janice Smiley, Secretary Bob Cox, President THESPIANS Thespians was an honorary society for dramatists who excelled in some phase, of speech work, such as plays, declamation, or stage crew work. New members were initiated into the society after they met membership qualifications. Their sponsor was Miss Jeanne Foote. The officers were: president, Bob Coxg vice-president, Cassie Anderson, secretary, Janice Smileyg and treasurer, Ray McCollum. Their chief assistant was Renee Bebout. Senior Girls Ai Your Service Left to right: Alberta Hurkett, Joceile Milligan, Judy Hassig, Donna Summers, Shirley Moore, Ruthie Flierl, Connie Trompeter ADVISORY BOARD Big Sisters was a newly organized club this year. It consisted of senior and sophomore girls, The senior girls acted as advisors and had two sophomores as little sisters. The seniors showed the sophomores around the school, introduced them, and helped them plan their schedules. The senior girls entertained their little sisters at a picnic last spring. This year the club sponsored a Sadie Hawkins dance and also sponsored a service project. The sponsor was Miss Grubbs. 70' J Thespian Play THESPIAN PLAY CAST Mrs. Manningham. , . . . .Janice Hubka Mr. Manningham .. . .... Pete Spomer Nancy . .,....... ...... C arole Staats Elizabeth .. . . .Rose Schurman June Cummings Rough .... . . .Bob Bingaman Policemen .... Jack Tate Fred Janssen Janice Hubka, Fred Jannsen, Pete Spomer, Jack Tate, Bob Bingaman "ANGEL STREET" PRODUCTION STAFF TECHNICAL STAFF ggggliffbhleigdll """"""" " 'Miss Jigga 5,5233 Head Electrician . ...........,.,....,......, . .. .... Bill Wallace House Manager '.'.'. .... 11 . i. iffhenee Bebout Assistant Electrician ,....... , ............,...... .... D el Sprecher Publicity ..,.....,........,............................. Mr. Ernest Apel Assisted by! Shirley Puff, RHYUIOIICI R-OSS C tASSiSl3ed by! Pete SPOYUCT, Delmar Hafef. I-'ER-Oy Wil1iaf'?S.i7HCg 'nite Stage Manager ....,....................................... Bill M0bel'IY DS UIHSS , .....,...............,......................... an CE ml ey , - Assistant Stage Manager ..., ..... , ........ ,....., . . ..... . .Jack Burdick 5fggsQIjb'.'."'. """"""""""' .'.""'.b6i.6ih3,'bgffigf3nTaeiisggrR?,'ae?slfg Assisted by: Donna Rowland, Sharon Hoagland, Evaleen Swmgley Angel Streez, a tense melodrama, was given by the Englewood Thespian theater group, Troupe 765, on February 26, 1955. The play, under the supervision of the high school dramatics teacher, Miss Jeanne Foote, was thoroughly enjoyed by all who saw it. In quest of the Barlow Rubies, Mr. Manningham, the villain. had murdered Alice Barlow, the owner of the jewels. In order to gain possession of the Barlow home where the jewels were concealed, Mr. Manningham married Bella, a wealthy woman who bought the house for him. After receiving the financial help he needed, his wife was no longer of any use to himg therefore he proceeded to try to drive her insane. The mature acting of the players made Angel Street outstanding theater. THESPIAN OFFICERS President ....,................. ..,........ B ob Cox Vice-President ..,. .,.., C assie Anderson Secretary ........ ...... J anice Smiley Treasurer ...., ..... R ay McCollum 1 Seated: Janice Hubka. Standing: Rose Schurman, June Cummings, Carole Staats, Pete Spomer, Jack Tate. Fred Janssen, Bob Bingaman 71 Prominent Boys Row Jerry w R0 2 Ed Row Don Work Bill Callahan President Gerwin jones Vice-President Jones, Dick Stanton, Carl Fogh, Briddle, Kenny Bott, Willie Yeo, Brown, Louis Garretson, Ray Engel, E CLUB "Don't you dare open that.door!" The Pirate "E" Club is in session. On Monday morning the gang of "E" Clubbers met to discuss matters of great importance. This organization was composed of boys prominent in athletics. The officers were: Bill Callahan, presidentg Gerwin jones, vice- presidentg and Dave Walker, treasurer. The purpose of the club was to get all the lettermen in all sports to uphold the spirit and sportsmanship of Englewood High. During the year the Club sold concessions for the Northern Conference Wrestling Tournament and sponsored a formal dance for the present and past members of Club. Donna Black President Shirley Stouder Secretary The members of Friendship Club were chosen at the end of the junior year. Friendship members helped new girls Friendship Club gift to the library. Among ill, conducting dancing classes for boys who assembly. The sponsor was Mrs. Evelyn Morris. and Donna Coffman, treasurer. Friendship ls Golden gsmwdlz Pat Olson, Carol Spath, Janice Smiley, Lucy Chandler, Donita Thayer, Shirley ou er Row 2: Margaret Skibba, Janet Brick, Elaine McCoy, Cassie Anderson, Shirley Smiley, Joyce Littlehorn, Galeen Dennis, Kathy Otto Row 3:1 Mrs. Morris, Connie Trompeter, Barbara Armstrong, Cheryl Edge, Marion Mc- Donald, Ruthie Flierl, Joan Lockner, Shirley Moore, Gwen Sherard Row 4: Helen Petrick, Mary Lou Jones, Carol Magnuson, Betty Shanks, Eileen Redmond, Dorothy Deicken, Donna Black, Lois Busmire, Judy Oberg FRIENDSHIP CLUB senior girls elected-by the faculty and last year's Friendship Club members. Only thirty-five girls were become acquainted in E.H.S. They served as hostesses for various school activities and gave the yearly their activities of the year were sponsoring the Homecoming Dance, sending cards to students who were were beginners, presenting a gift to the library, selling pop at noon in the cafeteria, and presenting an The officers were: Donna Black, presidentg Carol Magnuson, vice-presidentg Shirley Stouder, secretaryg 72 Sportsmanship Is Carried On Elaine McCoy 'President Peggy Dodrill Vice-President AV Bow 1: Nancy Smlth, Rose Schurman, Colleen Robins, La Von Stephens, Marilyn Schneider, Marion McDonald, Bobbie Meyer, Ann Osborne, Mary Roehlmg Row 2: Shirley Riddle, Kay Taylor, Phyll1s,Re1gle, Karleen Redle, Joyce Martin, Barbara Millard, Elaine McCoy, Karel Walther, Donita Thayer , , Row 3: Carole Staats, Joyce Woodward, Elaine Lockner, Ruth Roe, Jody Lmkenheil, Sandy Shivers, Nancy Miller, Colleen Callahan, Barbara Armstrong G. A. A. Belonging to the Girls' Athletic Association were girls who were interested in sports or in athletic participation. They played a basket- ball game with the wrestlers, sponsored a dance, and took part in all girls' sports. The girls worked to earn honors such as the G.A.A. Star, the Pin, the Felt Emblem, and the G.A.A. letter. The officers were: Elaine McCoy, presidentg Peggy Dodrill, vice-presidentg Barbara Mil- lard, secretary: Ruby Bevard, treasurer, Gayleen Dennis, points chair- man. Miss Maurine DeWitt was the sponsor. i Row 1: Glenda Evans, Miriam Hargrove, Arlene Hunter, Joyce Haverland, Delphine James, Beryl Beer, Arlene Hughes Row 2: Betty Crane, Yvonne Brown, Emily I-leathers, Cheryl Edge, Janet Baum, Janice Ambrosier, Jeannine Carlson, Mary Ann Nazarenus Row 3: Janice Brown, Mary Ann Lindekugel, Ruby Bevard, Peggy Dodrill, Pat Clelland, Mary Koehler, Janet Adamson 4 lg, t Speech Is Everybody's Business x s l jf. Q, , 4 li , x 1 ,, if A , A . s . A, Row 1: Delvin Sprecher, Michael Cooley, Janice Hubka, John Todd, Stanley Metsker Ring 2: Mr. A. P. Lorenzini, Mary Lou Jones, Dorothy Deicken, Helen Petrick, Eugene Ma ison Row 3: Lucy Chandler, Cassie Anderson, Larry Hallbick, Bob Cox, Jack Tate 73 FORENSIC CLUB The art of debate and public speaking was given as a challenge to the members of Forensic Club. A few of the members gained ex- perience in oration by entering speech contests, Mr. August P. Lorenzini was the sponsor, and Helen Petrich presided over the group. Helen Petrick President PEP 'N Row l: Jackie Crowrier, Margie Crawford, Glenda Evans Sandra Florian, Mary Lou ' DeGraw, Jackie Leckner, Delores Dunn, Jane Dowd Row 2: Pat York, Joan Eilenstine, Nadine De Santo, Patty Jo Freeland, Annette Ewing, Carole Ellison, Jackie Compton, Cheryl Edge Row 3: Joyce Porter, Ruthie Flisrl, Pat Crownover. Glenda Davis, Barbara Cowgill, Nancy Miller, Dorothy Deicken, Donna Davidson, Elaine De Santo Row 4: Shirley Fields, Alberta Hurkett, Pat Clelland, Peggy Dodrill, Judy Edmondson, Barbara Frantz, Eileen Frerichs, Phyllis Doe Prexidenz, Ruthie Flierl Row 1: Julie Van Solingen, Carol Spath, Beverly Witt, Joyce Yingling, Donna Summers, Monique Zeiser, Johanne Spangler Row 2: Karel Walther, La Von Stephens, Roberta Meyer, Myrna Wright, Edith Valentine, Kay Taylor, Margaret Pillow Row 3: Joyce Woodward, Carole Staats, Judy Schroeder, Carol Wickman, Joan Todd, Darlene Wallin, Sally Wllson The Spirit o The purpose of Pepsters was to create pep and enthusiasm at all sports events to he loyal supporters of every activity of the h , sc ool, es- peclally on the athletic field. The blue and White uniforms were always worn each day of a game. The Pepsters were under the leadership of Miss Maurlne De Witt, known as "Skipper" to all the girls. The girls took part in selling season football t' k t 74 ic e s, selling Pirate car plates, F l i if CLUB Row 1: Arlene Hughes, Joanne Lull, Sally Lcckner, Kay Keilwitz, Arlene Hunter, Delphine James, Elaine Kratzer. Barbara Herival Row 2: Donna Coffman, Mary Lou Jones, Martha Cohenour, Jackie Hull, Doris Harrach, Judy Hassig, Frances Lambert, Peggy Kunce, Marie Hess Row 3: Miriam Hargrove, Joyce Haverland, Maryellen Krieger, Imogene Kroening, Verlea Ham, Cleta Hartley, Mary -Koehler, Marilyn Hall, Sonia Kester Row 41 Phyllis Huston, Anna Marie Kratzer, Lois Gifford, Shirley Johnson, Georgene Ivey, Norma Gray.. Shirley Helmet, Alice Higginson, Eleanor Garrison ep is With Us Row 1: Shirley Stouder, Paula Schanzer, Nancy Smith, Rose Schurman, Gwen Sherard, Shirley Riddle, Donita Thayer, Kay Goodyear Row 2: Glenna Webster, Kay Smith, Marlene Rosebrook, Shirley Smiley, Colleen Robins, Connie Trompeter, Shirley Simpson, Mary Grace Rogers Raw 3: Bonnie Reinke, Janice Smiley, Jean Weith, Daleen Shelton, Karleen Redle, Diane Nicholl, Mary Ann Pickrel, Carol Magnuson Row 4: Georgianne Linkenheil, Sandra Shivers, Ruth Roe. Carol Pray, Shirley Selp, Mouneen Petrash, Betty Jo Schaefer, Margaret Mulligan Senior Drill Leader, Connie Trompeter putting on an assembly, and sponsoring the annual Pepster formal. During the half-time at football games the drill team performed. The officers were: Ruthie Fllerl, president: Sonia Kester, vice-president, Glenda Davis, secretary: Barbara Armstrong, treasurer, Connie Jo Trum- peter, senior drill leader: Norma Gray, junior drill leader, Geraldine Bevard, merit chairmang and Kathy Otto, attendance chairman. 75 Row 1: Marilyn Schneider, Beverly Perry, Joan Lockner, Joceile Milligan, Ann Osborne, Winona Peterson, Kathleen McMahon, Marion McDonald. Kathy Otto Row 2: Ann Neumann, Teresa Nutting, Patty Olson. Eloise Sobieszczyk, Betty Sobieszczyk, Pat Pennington, Phyllis Mix, Janice Simpson, Shirley Moore Row 3: Elaine McCoy. Shirley Nazarenus, Carol Pieper, Joan Peak, Jackie Peterson, Barbara Millard, Shirley Pickrel, Loretta Nachazel, Phyllis Reigle Row 4: Shirley Salter, Judy Oberg, Mary Ann Lindekugal, Joyce Martin, Jerry Lippincott, Edith Pelton, Shirley Palmer, Joyce Nock, Myrna McKinster PEP CLUB r al, f 1 1, junior Drill Leader, Norma Gray 76 Row 1: Mary Armstrong, Pat Bennett, Jovonne Bevilheimer. Bette Brown, Mary Ann Nazarenus, Janet Brick, Gail Bullock, Gayleen Dennis. Pat Burwell Row 2: Yvonne Brown Jack' Bart, Pat chumley, Janet BBUEI Janice Cahalan, Lucy Chandler Janice Adamson, Jerry Bevard, Carole Baty Royv 3: Janice Ambrosier. Shirley Benevidez, Barbara Armstrong, Jeanne Booth, Tyvyla Abbott, Janis Brown, Violet Braham, Donna Black, Colleen Callahan Row 4: Carole James, Gracie Allen, Norma Brown, Lois Busmire, Ruby Bevard, Joyce Allen, Betty Shanks, Barbara Braham, Marcia Bassett is my 4, ,N :- f fe- fp 'A SPORTS hsgwa FOO K B ' ' R l h Ch l P t C l t engglk ott B112 :gust a p Backum ey a Bacgkga e Bob Delzell jim Fafmbr Tackle Guard Monte Bffddle Bill Callahan Back Tackle john Freim End Dick Fuller KCHUY Gamet Center Back Q . Jo nBactli ga e ayBacl?g e X' h C l t R E l Sam Jensen Herb Kmcald Carroll Land End Tackle B8-Ck 78 ALL Chuck Lugenbill jerry Munkirs Guard End .- Bill Newblom Dave Nicholl Guard Center , . 1 jim Quintrall Back Bob Noakes End ,, Lou Garretson Roy Gifford M Tackle .: , " XX 11- 2 f' X ...,, A, ,, ..... . 53? fx ,E 'f jim Shomaker Back jack Newton Tackle 'ff Y 2 S ir Dave Walker End Leon Willis Center ,A 'rf ' I e i 153 ' ,Sl 'A?r i'o2v1 .5 , , !W: gA.,V ,,,, o,.A. o." 5 A 79 Vern Smith Hugh Williams Guard Tackle Bob Willoughby jeff York End Guard - ,"' it Y . WD -.Ei - 3' Row 1: La Roy Morris, Bob Graham, Daryl Brady, Bob Senti, Ronnie Spenc er, Gene Karlsorr, Jim Payne, Roy Albershardt Raw 2: Mr. Brenneman, Dave Bielby, Duane Eller, Bob Lundock, Gene Webster, Gilbert Kailey, Dennis Bruns. Charles Manheim, Don Dugan, Mr. Wilson Bow 3: Kenny Quimby, Johnny Evans, Don Brown, Jim Castilian, Bob Taylor, Bob Nyquist, Charles Naylor, Robert Russell, Gene Stenson, Charles Mason u Aurora came here for the first Pirate game of the season. Our boys had the first game jittersg however, they played a good game -with the score: Aurora Trojans 18, Pirates 13. We next went to Adams City and whipped them by a margin of 14 points-Pirates 26, Adams City Eagles 12, For the third game of the season we played Mullen Home, with a final score-Pirates 33, Mullen Home 0. Following these games, we had a streak of had luck. We played the Fort Collins Lamblcins at Fort Collinsb-score: Lambkins 44, Pirates 0. For the fifth game we went to Loveland to play the Indians in a very tight game, with the result-Loveland 26, Pirates 12. The Brush Beetdiggers came to the Pirate field for the next game, and we beat them soundly-score: Pirates 20, Beetdiggers 6. After the Brush game we played Sterling at our home field, and in a rough game we heat them also-Pirates 13, Sterling Tigers 7. Longmont came here for our Homecoming game and crushed us by a margin 'of 27 points-score: Longmont Trojans 33, Pirates 6. The next to last game of the season our boys went to Boulder and lost to the Panthers-score: Panthers 21, Pirates 6. In the last and best played game of the season we met the Greeley Wildcats at our own Pirate field. Our boys, working hard right up to the final gun, played an excellent game. First one team was ahead in points and then the other. In the last minutes of the game we tried for a touchdown but lost the hall. The final score was: Greeley Wildcats 25, Pirates 20. Yes, a wonderful game! we I x COACHES MANAGERS Left to right: Mr. Blessing, Mr, Brenneman, Mr. Stuckey, Mr. Wilson Len Don Hanshomy Lanny venard' Richard pearson and 80 'in " Af ff' 6 N 1-faq, I 4 Z - , 2, N m fi' Mi . I 'Q ,Y - :af my s QW -, MM Y f X evmmmuw 1 fi 4' M W JY' , uw? ,WA , Wig s , ..., ,- ' 5'7" .::- , 4 v , 1, f My A, 0 ap 2 f :V ' if , 'h f WW ' 'f' ,bw , ' '5 .fp f::::'4f:23-,'. W 4 2 'C 'F ' X' ': , .-.f .-,. : -5,-al:-.-.,'55555:'i ""' :":':' 1' '7 .. 5 iv ' . . f il , b ' iI...:':"'fii,, . .V f' :,,.. :E' "C f Z Gi V 5 if Z ..': ' 'F l -I Y '55 ' ii 1 Q , aw Q ' ,. J if ---- '- M-1 ' ,A f ' 2 ","' 'x Q K ,... V, A -1 My-f , , ,,.:.: .im--,,,:. . J 5. V , f'- 'S ' Q " x 4 V A . A' H I. . . V WJ-v J, 5 1 ,,W,,,,,, , H , , A. .. . I ,Sing s J I-w ff, -Y ,,., " V I H ,. - '74 N, ffH9QfSrwifTi'?,xl12 f ' ' i w iwffx yy , ,,""3"-un ,K J I. Q ' .,.. n I iwxfggffg .W j fy .4 .fda 1 i H ' -- ,,. , ""' ' gfxl as 'Qfe-?'fwQ Q 1 '. , my N ' fm ,, 7 wwf gffw. ,kwgfw A M' yfgwig '4,'wf.ee-'fwZm:sws,iw9zf.wffq,vfl:'w-L: ba r' AA., W. 'Q Y , H f .,., M ' lf' -' .,,.:53:1,,1:..1V , 1 A Wg.M 4 - "V Ms 1 ' ' 4 3 f 4' an S, l .- , 5 g , , Q 'Q Q W an ,- Q, if ,ww "VW if ,M " W ' glgf ' xii U, no A gf -V , MQW , Z , ,.:.:, ,X Y, .MQW ,gg W : ...., 1 '55-1,-:IE:. ' " '5535 252222. ff' " E fm! WZ it was v my , , M f ----- 3, f A A g W.-.Q , AN y mmawz ,,,2,,w -,YJ it A ma. ' R-fa.w.Q,, 82 , ki , ,, BASKETBALL 1Q9'4H'3,Q.g5,Q 11:15 ASQUAD ' - John Colgate, Kenny Bott, Dave Hessel, Montc Briddle, Dick Fuller, Louie Garret- son. Don Olson, Dave Walker, Eldon Brown, Don Medsker Don Sension, Bob Kemper Mnmzgerl V ,en il- Q ... Wx, Coach Chet Riley B SQUAD Rqw 1: Bill Hanna, Daryl Brady, Russ Pritzger, Pat Colgate, Freddy Martin, Johnny Freim Row 2:- Don Brown, Therman Cardwell, Jlm Fame, Eddy RHDD. Johnny Hubbard 1r'1"' 5 ...iii 14 V, X? Coach Lowell Stuckey 83 BASK Kenny Bott F 1 , fi y, 1' Us BASKETBALL SCORES Y if 5, .fy H I f Monte Briddle Englewood fans can well be proud of the Englewood .... 51 Englewood .... 42 Englewood .... 51 Englewood .... 39 Englewood ..., 55 Englewood .... 41 Englewood .... 68 Englewood .... 67 Englewood .... 52 69 Englewood .... .1 U North ........ East South Casper Golden ....... Manual ....... Pueblo C'tnl .. . West . ....... . Greeley ....... Colo. Springs Eldon Brown 84 A squad and B squad basketball teams. The A squad defeated all but two of the conference teams, and the B squad downed all conference teams played. The new basketball court was the scene of fast and furious action. Stepping up another notch, the Pirates placed third in the conference with a total of seven wins and four losses. The Pirates have an excellent chance for next season because the majority of the players are juniors and sophomores. Lou Garretson BALL Dick Fuller BASKETBALL SCORES David Hessel BASKETBALL SCORES CONFERENCE STANDINGS Greeley . . . Boulder .... Englewood . . , Ft. Collins .... Loveland . . . Longmont . . Won Lost 10 0 8 2 6 4 3 7 2 8 1 9 Don Medsker Englewood Englewood Englewood Englewood Englewood Englewood Englewood Englewood Englewood Boulder Loveland Longmont - Ft. Collins Greeley Boulder Loveland Longmont Ft. Collins W Don Olsen 85 David Walker BALL WRES Henry Galleg0s Keith Vaughn Gary Odle 95 Pounds 95 Pounds 103 Pounds INDIVIDUAL STANDINGS Bill Callahan Ray Engle .... Jim Farmer ..... . . Hen Galle os ry g .. . . . Kenny Gamet . . . . . Arlen Gupton .. . . . . Gertie jones ,.... . . Garry Karlson . ..,.. . . Stephen Kuplack jack Land ...,. Bob Lundock .. . Stanley Metsker .. . . Max Mitchell . . Charles Naylor . jack Newton .. Gary Odle .. . .. Vernon Smith . . Keith Vaughn .. jerry Woods . . . Willie Yeo . . . Won Loft Draw 8 3 O 1 6 0 7 2 2 7 1 0 2 3 2 O 5 0 7 4 0 6 1 2 I I 0 1 O 0 8 3 0 0 2 O 0 1 0 0 2 0 5 2 1 3 2 0 2 1 O 5 3 0 7 2 I 5 3 0 5: 17 L :a I -'f . A H 1 Gigli 10265 jerry Woods Willie Yeo mm S 112 Pounds 133 Pounds 88 I 1 lt!! fi , 3. c 1 f , I 1 1 r Gary Karlson Kenny Gamet Bob Lunclock 138 Pounds 145 Pounds x QQ: 154 Pounds nw .,-is Ai- 'fm 1 'fads C4 U 3 ij Q if if '95-ILL 3' Gs at 4-A .2 'T 4 fi, J 3 " s. ' n h fx Wrestling Season,319g2-1393g?g: 4' ksffjif A, f ,s Q' , . Won x Lists, 1 iqJ3w3 fb K Ng, za w 9,5 1 Wi Q51 'P Q ss 25 5:4553 x A ao , If 3 7 "'- D' Q 1 F A ,B Wg A WQQUX Bis:52:a2gaH U9 34,5 ' 2 sf, -' " , ' .' 4 H u 1, 1 1 E is "" .- Ray Engel Stan Metsker Jack Newton 165 Pounds 165 Pounds Heavyweight 89 fsffxzk N1 N fe J WRES Coach Brennaman Coach Wilson Jeff York and Steve Seay Patient, Gary Odle Again this year the Englewood Pirate wrestlers were right at the top. They won nine of their matches and lost two. 'In the conference meet, held in our fieldhouse this year, one first place was won by jim Farmer, and two second places were won by Henry Gallegos and Bob Lundock. In the state wrestling meet, jim Farmer placed fourth. We have a promising group for next year and they will be right in there working. Row 1: Richard Wise, Henry Gallegos, Bob Graham, Max Mitchell, Jerry Woods, Keith Vaughn, Gertle Jones, Donald Merritt, Harold Craighead, Kenny Quimby, Gary Odle gn? 2: Ghmng .ienkinsvrgdwin Buckmaster, Art Norbe, Jimmy Grubbs, Melvin Neuman, Stanley Krom, Dave Shepherd, Kenny Gamet, Kenny Mid- e on, ary ar son, 1 ie Yeo gown? cJim1F?-Irmgr, Sam Jensen, Steve Kuplack, Gene Sension, Duane Eller, Bob Senti, Bob Lundock, Don Michels, Ross Bybee, Wayne Hope, Vernon mi I , arro an Standing: Assistant Coach Dick Brenneman, Glen Troucher, Stanley Metsker, Arlen Gupton, Bill Callahan, Ray Engel, Jack Newton, Richard Pearson, Dave Nicholl, Ronnie Baker, Gene Karlson, Coach Harry Wilson Conference Standings and points Individual Conference Standings lst Greeley , .,.. . .. 48 Jim Farmer 2nd Fort Collins .. , , 45 Henri' Gallegos - - Bob Lunclock . . , 3rd Englewood " ' - 23 Gertie jones . . . 4th Longmont , , 18 GHIY Odle 5th Loveland .. . , , 18 gsglglygsizt' 1 6th Boulder ,, 14 Jack Newton .. 90 Place . 1St 2nd 2nd 3rd 3rd ...3rd ...4th ...4th Row 1 Bob Smith, Bill Callahan, Eldon Brown, Gary Karlson, George Hargrove Row 2 Lanny Venard, Vernon Smith, Dave Walk- er, Eddie Carlson Row 1 Dennis Bruns, Dale Mastin, jack Newton, Ray Engel Willie Yeo, jerry Woods Row 2 Monte Briddle, Bill Newbloom, Bob Delzell, jim Cas tilian, Steve Kuplack, Don Michels Row 3 Ed Shelton, Stan Metsker, Charles Naylor, Roy Gif- ford, Don Medsker, john Huppert, Richard Pearson jim Quintrall 1 Gene Karlson, Dave Shepard, Daryl Brady, Rainow Baldwin 2 Don Brown, Bob Marshall, Gene Stinson, Gordon Campbell, Don Rhodes 3 Thurman Cardwell, Fred Martens, john Friem, Richard Chase, Bob Lundock Row 1 Carroll Land, Kenny Gamet, Pat Colgate, Harold Jennings, jim Shomaker. Row 2 john Colgate, Ronnie Spencer, Kenny Bott, David Hessel, Charles Luginbill. Row 3 Mr. Stuckey, Don Olsen, Louis Garretson, Bob Bingaman, Dick Fuller, Bill Holland, jack Land. BAS E BALL BASEBALL SCHEDULE, 1953 ' fTenlati1Jej March 21 ......,,............. NOrth 'FMarch 28 .. . ..... St. joseph April 3 .,..... Golden April 4 . . .Wheatridge +Apfi1 3 . . .Cathedral rFApfi1 9 ....... Aurora April 10 .... Holy Family fFApfi1 11 ....... Sterling April 15 , , , ,... . . .Cathedral "'April 17 .... .... H oly Family r"April 18 .... ......... R egis rl'May 2 .... BOLlldC1' May 12 .. . .... Loveland "fMav 16 .. . ...,. Greeley May 25 ................... Ft. Collins 'Home Games Row 1 BOXING TOURNAMENT jim Payne, Russ Pritzker, jerry Hersey, Bob Kemper, Kenny Quimby. Row 2 Mr. Stuckey, Milo Carlson, Keith Lawson, Bob Taylor, Roy Albershardt, Benny Falk- ner, Mr. Wilson. Lefl ta right: joe Burton, Kenny Holmer, Mr, Quiggle. 93 INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL SLY SIX -:EL t Intramural basketball was intro- duced this year into the athletic field at Englewood High School. This type of athletic event has proved quite in- teresting and popular. Rhoda june johnson, Patty Jo Freeland, Shirley Christensen, Mary Ann Pickrell, Jeanette Stevens, Peggy Dodrill, Myrna Mc- Kinster, Karlene Redle. Gene Gregory, jim Bybee, Bob Taylor, Howard Commings, Roy Albershardt. The photos shown here are of the intramural basketball champs. They became champs by defeating all other teams. The boys two top teams were tied for first place. The Sly Six won out in the playoffs. SPEEDSTERS Rx: W " i.LsQh!" Y xx ul 9 01, . 0' Gi 6 E9 at h f u A H f ffm: lm rr 5 r 2 F- 4 J la flu Lb Cfiru-u Traditimrel ' Frent'1'1 Trifiifmrxel Handel UTS 77:14-fs Qflhfa JN , fgffb Arr. Rwqbqld i Nrrmmr Xixrfbx ' Li QE' HM- Link .v 7 . s r- V., P HOME- : 9551 A-f "THE PIRA1 gf ' of Q f -' ,A . 5, . i s t A tg . , r . w g Al ia 3. :Sega Q' Q5 a n A, W 3? . M ., I i , I heal W I' ya- ,.... : .' as .-,-- - . 1252:-' 5:-31555-1:z5f:1a.v. "ii" f ' , ...... " " X am -.L .. ,.., .,.. in W, I , , , ' . by ,nm I X K ,,-f- i ...... 4.4.-.Y ..... - I x-3 5 ., X . f .. H . M- , ' 1 Q sz, HY X N , ima . 11 ' , Homecoming Parade gr? Gail Bullock, Doris Harrach, Shirley Moore, Queen Ruthie Flierl, Marion McDonald, Nancy Miller, Janet Tyson 0 sue' Marion McDonald, Bill Callahan, Shirley Moore, Dave Walker, Ruthie Fllerl, and John Colgate Captain John Colgate crowning WOW! Queen Ruthie Fllerl It was one of Coloradds loveliest autumn days. The sun was shining brightly almost as if it were June instead of October 31. Each home room decorated a car for the parade to carry out the theme of the day, "The Pirate Ghost Ship." Home room 204 won X 96 Mme HOST SHIP 5 Q a Q 1 .3 IIIQF K, y Il i gi . fic tg ng, fi f llgfl i A, E 1 r ..,. ,, 2 ,M . 33. T ' V-L' W! Senior attendant, Marion McDonald, junior attendant, Doris Ijiar rachg sophomore attendant, Janet Tysong Queen, Ruthie Flxerl sophomore attendant, Gail Bullockg junior attendant, Nancy Milleri senior attendant, Shirley Moore first prize, home room 210 won second prize, and third prize went to the Trade School. The parade began at l:OO o'clock. The band led the parade with the cheer- leaders, drill team, and Ruthie Flierl, queeng Marion McDonald and Shirley Moore, senior attendants, Nancy Miller and Doris Harrach, junior attendants, Gail Bullock and janet Tyson, sopho- more attendants. The home room floats followed these. During the half-time intermission the band started the ceremonies by playing "Hawaiian Breezes Blow"g then the Pep Club spelled out "Trojans" and formed a palm tree. The Englewood High School majorettes did a "hula" dance to the "Hawaiian War Chant," played by the E.H.S. band. The queen and her at- . ,' yi V2 r' ' Q , . 1425! U 3 First row: Ron Floyd, Janet Tyson, Doris Harrach, Bob Senti Lou1e Garretson, Nancy Miller, Gail Bullock. Daryl Brady Second row: Jim Shoemaker. Marion McDonald, Bill Callahan Ruthie Flierl, Shirley Moore, and John Colgate tendants, accompanied by seven football players, went onto the gridiron, where the Homecoming queen was crowned. The majorettes put Hawaiian leis on the queen and her attendants. The queen was then escorted off the field back to the throne. The game began at 2:00 p.m. Al- though Longmont won the game, the Pirates didn't give up until the final sound of the gun, and Englewood proved its fine morale. Under the glittering stars, students danced to the music of Don Gamet's or- chestra. The queen, Ruthie Flierl, was crowned by Sonia Kester, vice-president of- Pep Club. With the last strains of "Good Night Sweetheart," the happy crowd left the dance after a big day of thrills and excitement. Bill Callahan and Ruthie Flierl Marion McDonald, Ruthie Flierl and Shirley Moore 97 Gail Bullock, Nancy Miller, Doris Harrach, Janet Tyson PEP CLUB FORMAL "Reflections In Crystal" QUEEN SHIRLEY STOUDER On February 28, 1955, dancing to the music of Morton Mann's dance band, the E.H.S. Pepsters held their annual formal in the Engle- wood Field House. The theme of the Pep Club Formal was "Reflections in Crystal." Shirley Stouder, an adorable queen in her sleigh, was crowned by Ruthie Flierl, Pepster president. The lovely attendants-Kathy Otto, Elaine McCoy, Diane Nicholl, Barbara Rockwell, Delphine james, and Sally Lockrier-stood in front of Shirley's sleigh under the glittery, sparkling white snowflakes. The dance ended in the traditional fashion to the music of "Good Night Sweetheart." 98 F l l 1 l l , l l l JUNIOR-SENIOR PROMENADE "Hawaiian Holiday' QUEEN RUTHIE F LIERL At the stroke of 11:00, on May 16, lovely Ruthie Flierl was crowned queen of the 1953 junior-Senior Promenade by the junior class President, Cheddy Snow. Attending the queen were five lovely senior attendants, Marion McDonald, Kay Smith, Connie Trompeter, Kathy Otto and Shirley Moore. The big event of the year was held under sparkling lights in the field house. Mingled with the fragrance of flowers, "Hawaiian Holiday" came to a close. The juniors and seniors will long have memories of the successful 1955 Promenade. Picture courtesy of Maxwell Studio. 99 Diane Nicholl Pep Club Formal PRINCESS S f Barbara Rockwell Pep Club Formal A,,,....,QQ,w ... .xv-5 Q., yur! -'v 1 QM N S P' A, . ' f f Delvhine James Elaine McCoy Sally Lockner Pep Club Formal Pep Club Formal Pen Club Formal Shirley MOOIC Kathy Otto Mafi0n MCD0na1d Junior-Senior Promenade Pep Club Formal Juniggzsenigr Pfgmenadg Kay Smith Junior-Senior Promenade Junior-Senior Promenade 100 Connie jo Trompeter Junior-Senior Promenade Sadie Hawkins Dance-Dayleen Shelton, Alan Garber Mr. and Miss Englewood Dance-Marlene Rosebrook, Kathy Otto, Gertie Jones, Cheryl Edge Englewood at Boulder-Monte Briddle Color Guard-Barbara I-Ierivel, Nancy Miller, Sandra Florian, Georgene Ivey, Doris Harrach Pep Rally at KGMC Radig stafign Portraits In Magic-Mr. Hal Rodman, Dave Walker Senior Career Night-Richard Binkley, Mr. Robert Quiggle, Mr. Colbert Cushing, Englewood Pep Club and Band Edward Aomohundro. Colonel Howard Reed 101 I 10 13 16 King-Popularity Ray Engel CALENDAR DECEMBER 4-Wrestling-Littleton 5-Basketball-North Wrestling-Golden Thespian Dzrnce King Popularity Contest 6-Basketball-East 11-Wrestling-Colo. Springs 12-Basketball and Wrestling -South 13-Basketball-Casper 18-Choir-Christmas Concert 19-Basketball-Golden Wrestling-Lakewood 20-BasketballI--Manuel 22-Christmas Vacation 23-Basketball and Wrestling -Pueblo JANUARY 2-Basketball-West 9-Basketball and Wrestling -Greeley Presentation of Flags by First National Bank -Basketball-Colo. Springs -14-X-Ray for all students -Basketball and Wrestling -Boulder 17-Boxing Show 19-Pep Club Initiation -Basketball and Wrestling --Loveland Band Assembly -Basketball and Wrestling -Greeley -Boxing Show FEBRUARY 6-Brrsketl-:all and Wrestling -Ft. Collins 7-Boxing Show 10-Lyceum 13-Basketball and Wrestling -Greeley 14-Basketball-Boulder Conference Wrestling Meet 16-G.A.A. Initiation 20-State Wrestling Meet Basketball-Lovelancl Y-Teens Soc Hop -Jean and jake Day Thespian Play -All School Show -Pep Club Formal a x ta. V: - f sim.. K ,A-'Ii 5 , ,Y 2 .. 3 , t M 4 55'-'iff .iz q -r 9,- v ,,, , 1' Www , ' z Paradise Unkn A bl -M - 1- , , , OWU Ssem Y Y- JOS9Dh Ellis and Roy Gifford Pep Club Initiation-Kay Taylor, Marcin Bassett, Miriam Hargrove, Sally Lockner, Jackie 55 Peterson. Gail Bullock "Rfk: 2?ii2i:t142lwzi1Fgli:r5-Sdhi1:eY ZIOOTU. Tim Dolan, Mr, Brooks, Joan Lockner, Eleanor G.A.A, Initiation-Mary Ann Llndekugel, Joyce Martin, Irene Connelly, Karleen Redle . ar , r, ernan W kb h - HC aug Jeanine Carlson, Arlene Hughes, Bobbie Meyer, Mary Roehling, Nancy Smith, Kay Taylor, Joy 102 Haverland MARCH 5-Exchange Assembly- Boulder Basketball-Ft. Collins 12-State Basketball Tourn'mt l7-Lyceum 18-Exchange Assembly- Longmont 19-20-junior Play 20-Track Meet 21-Band Party 27-Band Concert 28-Girl Scout Square Dance Carnival 30-51-Spring Vacation APRIL 1-3+-Spring Vacation 2-4-D.U. Home Show 9-Lyceum CALENDAR One-Act Play Festival 25-B8cC Music Groups Music Festival 25-C.U. Relays at Boulder 29- Exchange Assembly-Ft. Collins Englewood to Greeley- Exchange Assembly MAY 2-Lakewood Invitational Track Meet 9-Conference Track Meet 16 22 1 4 -junior-Senior Prom -Senior Awards Banquet JUNE -Conference Baseball Tournament -Graduation Exercises All School Show-John Freim, Pat Colgate, Kay Smith, Dlck Fuller Pep Club Formal-D011 Berg, Sally Lcckner, Herb Kincaid- Diane Nichvll- Eddie Carlson. Kenneth Bemis, Larry Ballow, Wally Delcken, Merle van Steenwyk, Cliff stratum, Elaine McCoy, Shirley Stouder, Bob Cox, Kathy Otto, Gertle Jones, Barbara Rockwell, Johnnie Roller, Howard Commons, Bill Wallace, Dean Gates Ray Engle, Delphine James, Gary Odle. Dedication-Mr, Quiggle, Joan Lcckner, Tim Dolan, Mr. Harper Kenny Vice, Raymond Ross, Clifton Spence, Robert Brooks, Roger Piotraschke 1 I-m 1 f ,ff ":., ' '2'A iq X A V ,X M N X . QP! xv' xv.-2, Kr W A.AW1 ws .',1,: 5 f" , 2 ,. ff '1i" U fp ll AIIIV qzi. AA., i , , . W '- X" "x - , . ' wawx- s x 5 ,A i' " F N 1 if ,gf A ' Q W S I S M 4 ,mu s Q ,. K W g Q 5' ,,,, 5 'M' -- -2122: ' 3 uuu I A x ' . x W - M1 Q ,'::. 1, n . Q- wg.. W- . . A, ' , 5 Q 1 'f Q gm.. 'F A "' an M fm wx ,, " M i x ' 'A JZ' 2' , -'. .,,. Q! .Q ay N. Zwsu. V . IC NAL . f ALM.-., fl N' W., J' Aff' ff Nh. XJ ww ff ., J 5 P3- r Q i :js :.:' ,,V.VV"" 4: 2535 .X x Xu, ng if Kwik! .,... .,....,.... . I x if Q A if -- Q ff. as 'S E 1'- 1" ' ' 411 K 'E if 'S' 'Y ' 107 W NW 4?-QW ,aw 0? X545 gat? 33, 4. 555 9 1 122 if v ,. ,,--1: 3 1 -iizzif 1525 ..,,:::-- V' f l. ' If Q "'A X' ' mf :" l ':"AA ' , , ' ZA 1 ::..:,, , ' Q' 1'::1 H " ,. f-1Z 1.:, v f A J ' if V if '1'V QQ ' - 1 , . - -.f- ".: y U lulu Ai :zzi ' , 'A ' ,.,: :-- Q 4': 3 5 M 1 uf . , 1 ., ' "':, Q 1:' ' 'w g ::'V ':'." f --afg Y Q --1,1 -,:,.: -:..', -::--. J XR A v, If ' "2:z212,15 f1"2 If ..f-'f.- v - , , L., V was 9 W W- mtv 109 .il vn ,ss f lT'S ALL IN A DAY Battle of the bulge ll v N 1 -by x, xx v - 1,5 ,Y 3 'X oXN 5 Q A-1 SEQ iw X21 QF X a 5 5' fo , W I vu A3 A N .xl X? 3 Av Q gk , A Q 9 1 N A5 ,Y , , 3 5 X-Q xo . Checking m Q 5 l -' Q 3 3 Sfudymg 1 'W W A X3 N 5 GZ is, Good Morning, Glory! 1 10 alt? V ufikb U K Nm .f1'f"'l Abbott Lumber Company 3524 South Lincoln SU. 1-5571 Apparel Cleaners "In The Loop" 3522 South Broadway SU. 1-1744- Bell Realty Rose H. Leino, Realtor 3829 South Broadway SU. 1-2049 Broadway Sheet Metal 3855 South Broadway SU. 1-7373 Buy-4-Less 3421 South Broadway SU. 1-6697 Cherrelyn Drug Store 'In Sirknefs and in Healzlf' 4303 South Broadway SU. 1-1283 Cleanatorium 3366 South Broadway SU. 1-2202 Colorado Central Power "The Friendly People" 3470 South Broadway SU. 1-4401 Conoco Service Station Don Berry, Prop. 3787 South Broadway SU. 9-9815 Don B. Weist, Realty 3450 South Broadway SU. 1-4425 Englewood Beauty Shoppe 9 West Hampden SU. 9-9806 Englewood Herald Enterprise 3431 South Broadway SU. 1-4484 111 PATRONS Englewood Lumber Company 60 East Floyd Avenue SU. 1-4435 Englewood Men's Store 3463 South Broadway SU. 1-6993 Englewood State Bank "Your Friendly Drive In Bank" 180 East Hampden SU. 1-7891 First National Bank 3501 South Broadway SU. 1-5531 Fraser and Taylor 3494 South Broadway SU. 1-7841 75 West Hampden SU. 1-6679 Gothic Theater 5263 South Broadway SU. 1-5515 Graham Furniture "Two Big Storer to S erve You" 3405 South Broadway, SU. 1-5593 1541 Arapahoe, AC. 2893 Harry Groussman Inc. 3537 South Broadway SU. 1-4474 PATRONS HCS'tCdS X Komac Paint Store Posy Shoppe 3424 South Bf03dWaY is 9 South Broadway 3821 South Broadway SU. 1-1319 ly, 129o8 SU. 1-1928 ' N? 15 Home Hobby ' 8: Company,,Florists Sample Machine Shop 3360 South Broadway 39 South Broadway 3868 South Broadway SU. 1-5862 SU. 1-5553 SU. 1-1050 A K Y ' -X Houtz Self S' ice'Drug Majestic Motors Snow's Furniture xYou2tgkgpping?ez1dquarlerr" "We Aim to Take are of and Appliance Inc. ' 42 4 South oadway Our Own" . "Vim Our Sleep Shop" SU. 1-5521 3305 South B W 3553 South Broadway 0 SU. SU. 1-7819 0 L aj W . J. C. Penney Company M Maxwell Studi Spencer Sporting Goods 3400 South Broadway 356 Bfoadw ' "Everything for the Sportfmann SU- 1-4461 - 5844 3370 South Broadway ' A SU. 1-7313 joslin's Dry Goods Company "Your Friendly Store" 3473 South Broadway SU. 1-6616 joy Realty 3 342 South Broadway SU. 1 - 5 5 7 5 K.G.M.C. 3355 South Broadway SU. 1-4481 MMM M- D S ut Broa SU 1 63 1 t 25uroy Park 'N Shop Drug "Siam of Friendly Servireu 3370 South Acoma SU. 1-7647 Pikes Peak Cleaners 3478 South Broadway SU. 1-7222 Photography by Vincent Amanna and Larry Lindesmith Proofreading courtesy of the English Department 112 Tom Edge Men's Wear "The Finer! in Men? Clothing 3422 South Broadway SU. 1-4755 Wallace Shoe Store 3483 South Broadway SU. 1-5161 gi . s W W .WVJW luliiffd, MT5ZWW71z flimmff' ffljgw' wQ?M PM T 7594 UJW fy JW Af ,J 7i'L'4 W yfwyfwf Mfjgwfmf Vw fm pmflw X fn MW Effffw 'fiifmffff' Wkgg?fW2A,f W WW WWW Myyffyff fy QA., A Q 1 mil I WWW? W f ggi? JQMWYQAW I

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Englewood High School - Pirate Log Yearbook (Englewood, CO) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


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