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- - K 7 ' ,fa 'Q xe x 1- .g 5 5 - -1, K H I rx 1 ffjfgs, 4, X ,mx - Ln' , - M -Sc 51.5. yy , , , f f, Q , A A X. . -' Q I 1- f m -ws-ww-A 11" ' 45 YK ,s ' - ,wc uv, I ' 4 A'A 4VfA Av,Z J 5 W ,wwf X i ,,.. fx b QM ,Jfjn H EX X- f"fj ' aff fi ff K W WMM I w D f. 5- A' O!! Q' 1 V Mpfy ku ,. . W '--. 'f M1 W l I4 . I t 1 I 15 xG'Y', ' H' - EL 'V s 'QM 3, K N MU IK vi ' , ff ,ff ' JM'-AW a , -new . '3 1 r, . Q .- gh If ' x V , 1 -5 7153254 , X f1 1,1 4 f' 7 ' ' . ?,Mf'f1 ,' I 1 1 I 7 Ex!! K N f f fi ' ,fr ' - . " 'J , V. , f I . I , . ,N l. - X: k f ' A I 2 3 ful? VA N- x ? if X d N XX H' 4146? " ' ' X X in Y by All ' , 5 . " G' . W . I V X A ,, . - 1 1' ,313 Q - ' b ff? PHT 1 5 Ogg ff A ggfdfom' 'Q fYJffg,U1jA54,.ff 42 5 'Mj,fMxZWW QE3fgy N JM M wfw f!fQf,QQ551QQ LQ f A 0' W bf WZW Amy? V g . WWW of WWW 'M 5 viii! ,ff 71-J f -' X ' 75 Vffffffvcdk XJR xv . N W2 as X SU ygqq JW J N x If ,L , g 3' Q f ' ' , , K '0 X .x Ax I 5 ,Q N 4.,A, if X VN ' M0 Vw YAJKW , W Wx XX XX Wffy' i I x X A K ' V K ' I X X X. V 4 ' 4, A - I 3 , , -' " -, , ' ,, ' -f 4 M. ,.Q....,.:L..A,.. Mk.:A..,,,,,,, WML.-...A Mn.. ......,i,.LM.1n.f,4.,.f.L.Q.,L,m,...w.,A g,....g-M.,,.g,-,,,-. 4.1 ff., J .1 Z Q mmyw The WWMMJA' Wi ffi7JkwpM7 fffw 9'f'2'12f " - Q PIRWRTE los F W PRESENTS Q, Bignqfwfya Jafwa M QL' 245546, WEE? wlfffg ! I l. 7"W6iL' . ,' , My W M Q52-21 .1 X W U NSA w QYQS VE' X W MH A qsx L 4 I xxln is 13? Qv X Mzfiw kyfff W L XFN fx wh i M 5 mmiff by 'X ENGLEWOOD OOL ENGLE x . ii fi ,fi 1' ' 1, 5 s I 5, ,ws ,, I "E1Jerjltbiiig we Jo, wherever we go, casts a reflection in something. If we could capture and gather together all these reflections of our activities, good times, triumphs, and disappoint- ments, we would have a true picture of this past year at Englewood High. It would be made K S Qin ,ae- sf'-""' 1 E . i wi L2 5 ' Q- 15 ,Z 1. if 2 1 3 4 . -1-' 1 s YE I wig up of everything from reflections in the glass of a classroom window of our studying and Working together,to the laughter reflected in the eyes of a friend. I We have tried to re-create these many small images and to unite them into one complete picture that is not fleeting but permanent-a lasting picture of our days at Englewood High. of ,. f . -. R J ,1 f tif! WL I vt TU W3 wif 9 .M 5 54 f , K ' 5 Q ' MK Ms 4 rv y 'MAJ li ,-, lit NNUM! ' X Cy' 1 J. 1 fyfkf 'J I This book is dedicated to the dream of tomorrow that is reflected in our eyes as We look into the future. It is a dream of a world of peace and prosperity for all and of the brotherhood of man. This is our plan and our hope for our world of tomorrow. Under the gaiety and carelessness that mark everything we do lies a great deal of serious thought about our future. We realize e grave state it is in, but we are determined to make our dream a reality. Y figs 55 is of 5 Ci of l 1 5 of 27 jx Reflection of Little Shavers - 3 3 J of 3 7 of 43 he of 63 I N m 7 5 Reflection Guidance . . . . . Reflection Today . . . . . 4,4 Q gd Reflection Tomorrow . - If ffl KY l , ff 4 Z ' Reflection Learning . - 5 ray! V41 A J EQ Reflection Achievement . . 5 ' f 'ii , 4 f Reflection Sportsmanship . . . ' Aff -of Reflection a Lens . . - I ,fi 4, EQ af Aw IW fs' , Zff 4 f ,J ft I V I ?f6 1 hulk fx . z., ' ' ILA I ' A ,n i Cf X ' f i n o Aiiqf P iii" D ff QCD WM i S - fy 'ff f Z' QE? if? la... R 14 as... E It,s difficult to express in a few words what I really feel about my alma materg I've worked side by side with my classmates through all the successes and failures that we've had. In the future I'll look back on Englewood High and proudly say, "That's the best school in the world!" BETTY PEAL It's been lots of fun for me acting as your head boy through '47 and '48. I will never forget old E.H.S., for in it there will always be fond memories for me. Good luck and success to all of you, my former schoolmates. BILL REDDICK RALPH D. JENKINS Superintendent MARY LOUISE FLOOD EUGENE R. GULLETTE DALE BROOKS Boys' Adviser ei Vice-Principal Principal To these and all the rest we give our sincere thanks: Mr. Jenkins, who has worked ex- tremely hard on the building program for the Englewood schoolsg Mr. Gullette, who has just completed a very successful yearg Miss Flood, who has been a capable assistantg and Mr. Brooks and Miss Grubbs, who have done. excellent work in counseling. HELEN B. GRUBBS Girls' Adviser l w 7 ETHEL ALTENBACH MARY C. ARCHIBALD c' Librarian Foreign Languages VELMA CASHEN KENNETH CARLSON Home Economics Mathematics DOLEZAL A J - ', g L ' gf- ig, ..,.,, , . - HARRY HARRIS Physical Education BURNELL DOWNS Mathematics 1: - g , f 1, :.f:.,: . -at M l W is ff , Y. , X M2 f 'K . tv, -,ga , ,ff-11" W ' we , W , ,s5,4Y,,i.,, Y qw ,r . 1 5 :Kawai L Ami' S R ,.1H Mass vrp, if gg ,gf V YJ 7f:Q A sg ga is 2 .2 ELLANAY HORTON Commercial ' EN j Liss Qi: EVELYN COREY MARION RUTH DALE English Physical Education GARY HAMMONS Trade School Mrs. Altenbach was the one to whom we Went for help on our term papers. Miss Arch- ibald prodliced a Latin play. Paul Blessing was the basketball coach, and Mr. Broadbent coached the B team. Mrs. Cashen sponsored Pepsters. The business manager, K. P. Carl- son, resigned at mid-term and Mr. Wilson re- placed him. Mrs. Corey directed the Thespian play and the Senior pageant. G.A.A. was sponsored by Miss Dale. Mr. Dolezal, a late HELEN HUDSON WILLIAM JENNINGS GWENDOLYN KILLION JOHN E- KRAMER English Trade School English S0021 56121102 NILSON Commercial comer, was one of the senior sponsors. The meteorology club was headed by Mr. Downs. Gary Hammons and William Jennings were instructors at the trade school. The golf team was coached by Mr. Harris. Miss Hud- son directed the Senior Play, and Miss Foote, the Junior Play. The proofreader for the annual was Miss Killion who also sponsored ballroom dancing and was in charge of re- vising the Pirate handbook. Mr. Kramer JOSEPH1c CHARLES NICHOLLS P. C. NICHOLSON A Instrumental Music Vocal Music JUNE PATTON PAUL RICHERT English Science MAYME ROARK English Athletics ROMANS RAY STANLEY FLORENCE SULLIVAN Athletics Foreign Languages WATNE ETHEL WHITAKER Mathematics Cafeteria Manager AI-'CE ERIKSEN GLADYS E GRANT SCCFCYGFY Secretary 'Ulf A. gif. X. 'i' A S .1 1553553 .- iff "2" x 4 i' W .4 ss if xx xii A Wei Q 9, i A we iz , A if Q1 S as fffw X.. wa , 4 . . se. c, X5 f ...,. . .N . .X 1, S' 41. fv'!Z'5.L -,NT-.1jChhQ',i-bg 'xi-'y'i?5':Qie1if-51:2 Q- f rf f'-wsu wwazuuzz,-M121 ,A - : 5 my LILLIAN SULLIVAN Mathematics Athletics EUGENE WALLACE HARRY W. Commercial L. R. WORTHIN TON the Relations club. r. was head sponsor of the sophomore class. Mrs. Horton taught commercial classes. Mr. McClelland headed the Chess and Checker club. Mr. Nicholls and Mr. Nicholson direct- ed all musical affairs. Mrs. Nilson sponsored Sub Deb. Mrs. Patton taught sophomore English. Mr. Richert sponsored Visual Club. Mrs. Roark was sponsor of the school paper. Mr. Romans was the baseball coach. The wrestlers were coached by Mr. Stanley. Miss F. Sullivan was head Junior sponsor. Miss L. Sullivan sponsored many clubs besides be- ing chairman of the scholarship committee. Eugene Wallace was on the coaching staff. Mr. Watne came to our school late and took up mathematics classes. Mr. Worthington was head Senior sponsor and Auto Club spon- sor. Mrs. Whitaker was Cafeteria Manager and foods teacher. The secretaries of the school were Alice Eriksen, Gladys Grant, Nancy ker, Alice Winkler. X AK ix N NANCY WALKER ALICE WINKLER . N . Secretary Secretary ' Q S i X X I, IO X . X Y - X N XX, Q lf? N my w QQWJ if S Q ' XSMMFPM 1 y , iw., ' - W W f 3 ' ' 3 fL N ,N W jf Wwm mwg L TWT .. I LLL f ,,,,.... 4 . X xf Q f X A Aix -NJKZQ www Q kg, W ' .- ,N ,WM J W V i3M MV V1 Jmf Ut A AV 5 i,1 ,gy xx. ' ' K f, vw MW JO ANN BICKLEY Pepster Formal Attend- ant l, gunner Class Treas- urer,. enior Class Vice- President, Pegster Vice- President 3, ub-Deb 2, Secretary Q. Home Room Vice-President, junior Assembly, National Hon- or Societv 3. ELLWOOD BILLSTONE Basketball Statistician 1, Fire Prevention l, Track Statistician l, Hunting and Fishing 3. ALICE M. ALBRECHT Pepsters 2, 3, Sub-Deb 2, President 3, National Honor Society 2, 3, Sen- ior Plai, Junior Play, Home oom Secretary- Treasurer 2, Archery, Junior Assembly, Choir. KATHLENE ANDLER Bible Research 1, 2, 3. TED ARMSTRONG Football 1, 2, Wrestling 2, 3, Boys' Rally 1, 3, Square Dancing 1, 2, 3, Modern Dancing 2, 3. LOIS Z. ATCHISON Pepsters 2, 3, Y-Teens 3, Square Dancing 2, Jun- ior Red Cross Representa- tive 1, 2, 3, Senior Play Technical Staff,'Peps1-Co- la Scholarship Test, Na- tional Honor Society 3, National Honor Society Scholarship Test. At Lit- tleton High School: Am- erican Legion Scholarship Award, Band. MARY ATWOOD Glee Club, Popular Dancing 1, GA.A., Aero- nautics 2, Driving, Scrib- blers' Treasurer, Choir, High Times. HERMAN W. F. BALKEMA Dog Club 2, Meteorolo- gy 3, Aeronautics 1. As I look into the mirror of the past, I see that great class, the class of 48, coming into the halls of E. H. S. We were full of the ambition and enthusiasm that only sophomores 3 have. Our leaders were Bud Doher- ty, Jack Poole, and Jim Walker. A great sorrow struck all our hearts that year when Ernest Johnson was injured fatally in one of our athletic contests. Our junior year was filled with many important events that were all commendable to the class. We chose Jim Walker, Tom Ranum, Lillian Hettler, and Joan Bickley to lead us to the desired goal. The junior play, "Every Family Has One," under the direction of Miss Helen Hudson, was a worthy event that still brings laughter to our hearts. Our Promen- ade in the Empire Room of the Shir- ley-Savoy Hotel was, by far, the most important event of our activity-filled year. Pirate's Dreamland, the junior assembly, reflected our views for a much needed Teen Canteen. The class entered the senior year with the largest enrollment that has BETTY ANN BANGS Sub-Deb 3, Pepsters 2, 3, National Honor Society 2, 3, junior Play, Senior Play, Choir 2, 3, Thespi- ans 3, Orchestra 2, 3. Pepsi-Cola Scholarship Alternate, Choir 2, Vice- President 3, National Honor Society cholar- ship Test. DONALD BANISTER National Honor Society 3, Junior Rotarian. At Philadelphia: Basketball, Alchemists 2, Wrestling 2. At Toledo, O.: Bowl- ing Green University Scholarship Test in Chem- istry 2, Secretary of All- Citv Hi-Y. PATRICIA A. BLACK Band l, 2, 3, Orches- tra 2, 3, Dog Club 2, Archery 1, Music Club 3 Pepsters 3, Annual l, Na tional Honor Society 3. ANNA BENIGAR G.A.A. 1, 2, Archery I, 2, 3. , ef.-,V ,,-' . , V17 Li ,E DOLORES BLANK FRANCES BOLLES Pepsters 3, Y-Teens 3. Choir. ever graduated from E. H. S. Our first important date was the Home- coming. Norma Schmid reigned as queen of this event. Marie Clark was queen at the Pep Club formal. Bud Doherty was judged the most photo- genic boy in high school. The mirror of the present shows that the senior play, "Smiling Through," under the direction of Miss Hudson, played for three successful nights. The all-school show, "It's a Great Day," with its student director, Mary Coy, was also a rousing success. - Our last Prom, sponsored by the juniors, took place at the, Cosmopoli- tan Hotel in the Silver Glade Room on May 22. In athletics we have really excelled, with Evan Jones and Duane Skinner being placed on the all-conference football team. The Wrestlers, Jim Eroddy, Bud Doherty, and Kermit champions of of our more Jack Thomp- Walker, Bob Smith, Kermit Wetterstrom, Bud Doherty, Jim Eroddy, Duane Skinner, Alan Stroo, Bob Decker, Colonel Wetterstrom, were the the conference. Some prominent athletes are son, Tom Ranum, Jim ROBERT B. CAMPBELL LEWIS D. CARDER Aeronautics 1. Mefeof' Fire Prevention 2, 0l0gY 2. 3. BOWTIDZ 2- Sergeant of Arms Baseball 2: 3: Band 11 21 Stamp 2, Chess Club 2. Orchestra 1, 2. 3. LAURETTA CANTRFZLL G,A.A. 1, Square Dan- cing 1. EVERETTE BOLLHOEFNER Wrestling 2. LEW BRAMWELL Bowling 2, Boys' Rally 2, Track 2, Football 2. LESTER E. BREIDENSTINE Home Room Vice-Pres- ident 1, Fire Prevention, Dancing, Hi-Y, Wres- tling 1. MYRTLE LOUISE BRUMAGE Glee Club. 3. 2. BARBARA CARHART Y-Teens 3, Ballroom Dancing 3. At Monticel- lo, Utah: Pep Club, G.A. A., Sophomore Play. PATSY CARLSON -'N " WILLIAM C. BULLARD Hi-Y, Thespians, Home Room President, Dog Club President, Senior Plaly. Visual, Cheerleader 3. ootball 1, journalism, Social Dancing, Latin Club 1, JANICE LEE BURNS Annual 1, 2, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, Thespians 3, Pep- sters 2, Senior Play, Glee Club, Y-Teens 3, Popular Dancing 1, High Times. MARGIE CASSIDY FRED CHANDLER NORALY CHRISTENSEN Scribblers' Vice-Presb Pepsters 3, Square Track 2 3 Boys Ralk dent, Square Dancing 2, Dancing 3, Social Danc ly 2 3 Stamp Club Foot Glee Club. ing. bal 1 MARIE CLARK Pepsters 2, 3, Sub-Deb 3, Glee Club, Junior Dra- matics, Y-Teens 3, Red Cross Representative, Pepster Formal Queen 3. National Honor Society 3. EVELYN COFFMAN Bible Research l, 2, 3. VIVIAN COLLINGS Fire Prevention, G.A. A., Auto Driving, Dog Club, Scribblers' Presi- dent 3, High Times 3. TED COMAN Football 1, 2, 3, Boys' Rally l, 2, 3, Track l, Baseball 2, 3, E Club, Home Room Vice-Presi- dent, Pepsi-Cola Scholar- ship Test, Hi-Y Treas- urer. MYRNA COOK Y-Teens 3, High Times 3, Pirate Log Staff 3. At North High School: R.0. X.Ci 2, Rifle Club 2, N.R. . , 2. MARY ANNELLE COY Pepsters 2, Debate 3, G.A.A. l, Senior Play, Thespians 3, Director of All-School Show 3. Thorpe, Colbert Cushing, and How- ard Christopher. cheerleaders, Bill The four senior Bullard, Norma Schmid, Jane Shipp, and Dick Stevens raised our spirits at the games enor- mously. Bill Reddick and Betty Peal were elected Head boy and Head girl re- spectively. The class officers were Jack Thompson, Shirley Palmer, Joan Bickley, and Jack Poole. As this most wonderful year ends, We see in the mirror of the future a very happy and successful beginning of a new 9 life for the class of 48. S LOYD G. CRUM Choir, Fire Prevention. ROY ELLA CURRY Square Dancing 2, Ball- room Dancing, Red Cross, Stage. .22 fffrifigg , 'R wi ' COLBERT CUSHING "E" Club 1, 2. 3, Bas- ketball 3, Football Mana- ger l, 2, 3, Home Room President 2, Sportsman 3. Pepsi-Cola Scholarship Test, junior Assembly National I-'onor Society 3, Junior Rotarian. EMAEINE CUTLIP MONTY DAVIDSON MARY ELLEN DEAN Pepsters 2, Glee Club I, Football 1, 3, Baseball Choir 2, 3, Auto Driv- Auto Driving 3, Junior 3, Band President 3, Bible ing 3. :Assem., G.A.A. 1, Choir lgesearch 1, 2, Choir Pres- . i ent 3. ROBERT L. DECKER Football l, 2, 3, Basket- ball l, 2, 3, Track 1. 3, Baseball 2, 3, "E" Club 2, 3, Hi-Y 3, Dog Club, Dancing Club, Home Room President 2, Square Dancing. Orchestra Sec- retary, Junior Play Tech- nical Staff. Senior Play Technical Staff. DONNA DE HART Sub - Deb, Pepsters Bowling, Glee Club Choir, ,gmior Assembly Home oom Secretary Treasurer and Vice-Pres- ident. ROBERT 1. DE LONG Basketball .1, Track 2, 3, Aeronautics, Stamp Club. PAULINE DE WITT Square Dancing 2, 3. DONALD DOERING Meteorology. ROBENA DESKIN Y - T e e n s, Ballroom Dancing Secretary. .At Houston, Texas: Scottish Brigade, Roller Skating Clu . PAULY DILLINGHAMM S u b - D e b, Y-Teens, Archery Secretary-Treas- urer, Home Room Vice- President 3. ROBERT DOI-IERTY "E" Club 2, 3, Foot- ball 1, 2, 3, Wrestling l, 2, 3, Hi-Y 3, Home Room President l, Sophomore Class President, Golf 1, 2. 3, Boys' Rally l, 2, 3. JOAN PAT. DOYLE JEANNINE DRAKE Pepsters 3, S q u a r e Home Room Dancing 3. sc Y -m, i -f ' ' :VW- f ' , Y ROBERT DUTY Football 1, Sportsman 1, Social Dancing, Avia- tion 1. 1 . -1.-,L-sf, xoxox, We-,.1,,,. X, ""' i'-4:- , H "':' f Q mg, A 7 W Segal? M M I lvffgw K' fx if H If ini 1 , bv -3? E 1. 2? f Q 1, ,Q 1 KLM ,W , . ,fy 7 wx' ,, . 1 1 4' I X5 V ,r ' s,,2,4 A , ..,gM6 5 ' -1 I f so 5 sig 5 V is ,wh Q 4 1 NWN 1 s Q Y N515 i 'Y M X so 41? R ' or df I P PY iw X Ii f ff' JE 11 W 1 . ,, ,.+,gff:1 ,, v f C in Q . Q, Q il 4 My 1 1 1 f 1 1 - S . ,... . 1 V V7 AA ii .. ,W si A is f' 1 ' " -A Treasurer 1, ing, Pepsters 1 1, 2, 3. WILLIAM DRAKE Fishing and Hunting, Dog Club JAMES E. DYER Wrestling 2, Boys' Ral- ly 2, Square Dancing, So- cial Dancing. A AN JAMES G. EDGAR Boysf Rally 1, 2, 3. At Wheatridge: Wrestling 2, "W" Club 2, binance- Commission, Home Room Vice-President 2. WM. LOUIS EHLY Drama Club 1, 2, Thes- pians 3, Senior Play, Jun- ior Rotarian 3, National Honor Society 2, Presi- dent 3, Drama Club Play 2, 3, Pepsi-Cola Scholar- ship Test, Harvard Book Club Award, National Honor Society Scholar- ship Test. if ' , ML 5+ JANE L. ELLIOTT Orchestra 1, 2, 3. Choir, Ballroom Dancing, Auto Driving, junior Red Cross 1, Z. ..,.,.'S2M V . K .er wnzrlg. 1 if ' ' .fi ' 1, ,,-. .-tw.. -.,, . Lf..2Yx ... .. . . egaffg. A X f 5 ctgfgggfg. qv. I: - X g W, tr Ll V ffm' ff, 3,5 25 'X 'Mvfw-f21Q- 4 , M y X--m a ., .,., Y ' ,ml ,w,g.Q.3 r ,, -. 0 ---"- if -r ,I w as . f -"- V - :Ei:s?5-II." S- .." 1 K " , .izgygtp '.:-g:,.ff- 35533, V333 1- ish- A ' :l isa f -W I -,g,:-,::f.:f-:- it -.ti VINCENT ELLIOT Basketball l, Track 1. 3, Aeronautics, Boysf Ral- l 2, 3, Visual President. Iii-Y. GEORGE L. ESKELI Football 1, 2, 3, Bas- ketball 2, Visual, Dancing 1, 2, Ballroom Dancing President 3, Square Danc- ing 3, Hi-Y, Hi Times, Boys' Rahly l, 2, 3, Jun- ior Play echnical Staff. Dog Club. REX BARR FLEET Football l, Wrestling l, Veterans Club 1, 2. JAMES ERODDY Wrestling 1, 2. 3, Track 1, National Honor Soci- ety, "E" Club, Visual. SUSAN L. FAIRMAN Band l, 2, 3, Bible Re- search 2. KEITH L. FRANCIS Visual 2, 3, Home Room President 3, Arch- ery l, Track 3, Band l, 2, Basketball 1. MARGARET L. GANN C. L. GARRETSON National Honor Society Archery, B n l l r o o m 2, 3. Sub-Deb 3,.Pepsters Dancing, Square Danc- 3, Y-Teens ViceP'esi- ing, Science, Boxing, F. dent 3, Home Room Vice- President 2, Treasurer 3. G. GARRISON Pepsters 3, Pepster Formal Attendant 3, Sen- ior Play, Thespians 3, Pi- rate Log Staff 3, Sub-Deb 3, D.A.R. Representative. At Lamar I-lif'h School: Sub-Deb 1, National Hon- or Society 3. S. T. FREDERICKSEN G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, Treas- urer 3, Pepsters 2. 3, Home Room Vice-Presi- dent, Dancing, Square Dancing, National Honor Society 3. MARCUS FRIX, JR. Hunting and Fishing. At East High, Kansas City, Mo.: rack 1, 2, Football 2, 3. 4 JOANNE GOORMAN Pepsters, Square Danc- ing 3. , DONALD G. GAMET S0Phomore Class Sec- retary, Archery, Dancing. Football 1, 2, 3, Bagkgg- ball 1, 2, Track 1, Base- ball 1, 2. Orchestra 1, 2 Band 1, 2, 3, Choir 1. ' VIRGINIA ANN GRAY Pepsters 1, 2, 3, Sub- Deb Vice-President 3, Y- Teens 3, Junior Play Technical Staff, Senior Play Technical Staff, Home Room Secretary. KARMA EVE GREEN G-A-A 1, 2. 3, Debate 2, Pepsters 2, Bible Re- search 1, Pirate T og Staff, National Honor Society 3. MAURICE HANNAH Visual 1, 2, Bowling 1, Dancing 1, Hunting and Fishing 1. Received ap- pointment to West Point. LILLIAN HARGROVE All , Y W PRISCILLA GRE E Choir 1, 2, 3,. Trio 2, 3, Hi Times 3, Sub Deb 3, National Honor Society 2, 3, Pirate I og Staff 2, Ed- itor 3, Scribblers' 2. Y- Teens 3. All-School Show, National Ponor Society Scholarship Test. At Manhattan, Kansas: Lat- in Club, Music Clubs, Sextette, Girl Reserves, Choir. LLOYD HAPPS Band 2, 3, Hi-Y 3, Aer- onautics. CAROL L. HARMAN Pepsters 2, 3, Fire Pre- vention, G.A.A. 1, Junior ALI AN HARTSHORN Golf 3, Home Room President 2. LILLIAN HETTLER Pepsters 1, 2. 3, Sub- Deb 2, 3, High Times Ed- itor 3, Assistant Editor 2, Junior Class Secretary, Pepster Formal Attend- ant 2, Glee Club, Junior Play. Play, Senior Play. DOROTHY MARY HEATHERS DAROLD L. HENDEE Band I, 2, Orchestra 2, 3, S q u a r e Dancing 3, Ballroom Dancing 3, Fire Prevention, Pirate Log Business Manager 3. At Potter, Nebraska: Glee Club 1, Sophomore Class Treasurer. MARJORIE HOLDING Sub-Deb 2, Historian 3, Pepsters 1, 2, 3, Treas- urer 2, Home Room Vice- President 1, G.A.A. 1, Junior Assembly. CLAIRE HOLLBERG Drama Club 1, Thespi- an 2, Thespian Secretary 3, Drama Club Play 2, 3, Lunior Play, Senior Play, epsters 2, 3, Sub-Deb 3, All-School Show, Nation- al Honor Society 3. ROLLIE HORNBUCKLE MARY ,IO IRVING Square D a n c i n g 3, Square Dancinz 3. G A Ballroom Dancing 3. A. 1, 2, 3, Dog Club T lr "E 3 i Q is ii PATSY L. KILLOUGH Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Pep- sters 1. 2, 3, Y-Teens 3, Fire Prevention 1, 2, Home Room Secretary 1, Bowling 2, Junior Assem- bly. lunior Play Staff, String Ensemble. ROY ALLEN JAMES Football 3, Track 1, Wrestling 1, 2. WALLACE JOHNSON Fire Prevention, Hi-Y, Basketball 1, 2, Golf 1, 2, 3, Track 3. RICHARD E. JONES Fire Prevention 1, Ball- room Dancing 3 B Rally 3. ' oys MARY E. ,IEWELL Pepsters 3, G.A.A. 1, Square Dancing 2, 3, Pi- rate Log Staff 3. EVAN JONES Football 1, 2, 3. BHS- ketball l, 2, 3, "E" Club 1, 2, 3, Hi-Y 1, Track 1, Baseball 1, Boys' Rally 1. 2, 3,. WAYNE KAUFMAN Football 2, 3, Track 1, Wrestling 2, 3, Visual 2 Hi-Y 3, Band 1, 2. -,rw In ROBERT KEENEY RICHARD W KEPLER . Football 1, 2, Baseball V 1, Archery. Bowling. Hi- W- '1 f Y, Boys' Rally wtf A -gg T GRANT KENDRICK A- H " Home Room Treasurer ' 3, Baseball 'Z 3, "E" . QW Club 2. 3, Hi-Y 3, Foot- ball Statistician 2. 3- 5, imw , 551 ':" , if: Q , pig, .gs DONALD KINGSTON LORANA M, KIRKLINMARJORIE KIRKPATRICK DEIRDREL HOMMEDIEU Track 2, Bowling 1,.2. Senior Play, Glee Club Home Room Secretary , G-A'A- 1, 2 VICE Pres 3, Chess Club 2, 3, His- 1, Choir 1. 1, Bible Club l, President ldenf 3, W00dWlnd Presi tory 2. 2, 3, dent 3, Band 2 3 Orches tra 2, 3. Sportman's Club 3 DON LeFEVER Football 2, 3, Basket- ball I, 2, Track l, Base- ball 1, "E" Club 3, Hunt- ing and Fishing 3, Arch- ery, Boys' Rally 2, 3. VIRGINIA LAYBOURN Pepsters 2, 3, Sub-Deb 3, Square Dancing Secre- tary - Treasurer 3, R e cl Cross Representative, Na- tional Honor Society 3. FRANCES L. LIGON Band, Choir, Ballroom Dancing 3. Y-Teens 3. At South High: Secreta Sophomore Year, Ban? Movie Club. CHARLES LANE ELIZABETH M. LEXA Pepsters 2, 3, Square Dancing 3. MARILYN J. LIKELY Bible Research 1, Glee Club l, Pepsters 2, 3, Sub-Deb 3, Junior Play, Senior Play, Junior As- sembly, Thespians 2, 3, Home Room Treasurer, National Honor Society 2,.3, Pepsi-Cola Scholar- ship Test, Drama Club Play. HOMER LUGINBILL Debate, Thespians 1, 2. Vice-President 3, Inter- national Relations. Debate Award, Junior Play, Sen- ior Play, Track 1, 2, 3, "E" Club 2, 3, National Honor Society 2, 3, Pep- si-Cola Scholarship Test, National Forensic League. Drama Club Play, Na- tional Honor S o c i e t y Scholarship Tests Hunting and Fishing 3, Basketball l. JEAN LUNDOCK Square Dancing. VIRGINIA LYNCH Pepsters 1, 2, 3, Sub- Deb 2, 3, Junior Assem- bly, Home Room Secre- tary-Treasurer. Pepsters 1, 2, 3, Sub- Deb 2, Secretary 3, Pi- rate Los Staff 2, Home Room Vice-President 2, junior Assembly, Stardust Attendant. BONNIE U U I Home Room Secretary- Senior Band 1, 2, 3. HUMUIE and Fishing' Treasurer 2, Auto Driving Ballroom Dancing 3, Sen- Band 1, 2, 3. MNCOYOIO' 3, Pepsters 2. ior Orchestra I, 2. EY. Tl'aCk 2- ATE LOUISE MCKINNIS ROBERT A- MCMA-HON EDWARD R. MAERTENS Bible Research, Debate l, 2. Thespians 2, 3, Cur- rent Event, junior Play, Debate Award, National Forensic League, Inter- national Relations, Drama Club 1. DONNA MARSHALL Junior Red Cross Rep- resentative 3, S q u a r e DOROTHY A. MANDRELL Square Dancing 3. BETTY M. MARTIN S q u a r e Dancing 3, Bowling l. Choir. Dancing 3 International Relations 3. BERT!-IA MAE MEIER Square Dancing 3, So- cial Dancing 3. WALTER MAULIS Wrestling l, 2, 3, Boys' Rally 1, 2, 3, Track 1, 2, Baseball 1, Football 1, Square Dancing 1, Arch- ery 1. Pep Band 1, 2, Vice- President 3, Dog Club 1, Junior Assembly, Modern Dancing 3, Golf Club. LORENE MEINECKE JOHNNY B. E. METSKER Pepsters 2, 3, Glee Club F o o t b a l 1.1, Square Dancing 2, H1-Y, B350 ball 2, Boys' Rally 2. Laf- in Club, National Honor Society. 2, Choir 3. ERVIN MESLOH Fire Prevention, Chess and Checker, Pepsi-Cola Scholarship Test, Nation- al Honor Society 3, Na- Q tional Honor Society f Scholarship Test. V PATTY JEAN MEYER RAY MILLER REX MORLEY PATRICIA MUNKIRS ROBERT WAYNE NAUDACK ,Ilunior Play, Pepsters 2, Track 1, 3. SDONSIHBH 1- Pepsters 2 Y-Teens 3, "E" Club 2, 3, Track Y- eens 3. Glee Club, H- Y Choir, Glee Club. 2, 3, Football 1, Home Choir Z. 3. 1' Room President 1, 3. ROBERT E. NICHOLS Band, Orchestra, Pep Band. At Benson High School, Omaha, Nebras- ka: R.O.T.C., Band. GERALDINE OLSEN Pepsters 2, 3, G.A.A. 1, Y-Teens 3, Fire Preven- tion Secretary 2, junior Assembly, Bowling. DOROTHY PARRILL Y-Teens 3, G.A.A. Sec- retary 2, President 3. ELIZABETH PEAL Head Girl, Sub-Deb 3, Pepsters 2, National Thes- pians 3, National Honor Society 2, 3, Junior Play, Senior Play, Thespian- Plays 2. 3, junior As- sembly, Home Room Choir Vice-President 2, 1, 2, 3, Orchestra l, 2, 3, String Ensemble 2, Hi- Times, Girls' Trio 1, 2, 3, junior Dramatics Award, All-School Show 3, D.A. R. Representative. fe: if? f-" I ':-' 5 ,:,- l X s -i,f,,,7s' A3 ANN PEASLEY Debate, D o g C l u b, Square Dancing 3, Home Room Secretary 3, D.A.R. Representative. BONNIE PEARCE Square Dancing 2, G.A. A. 1, Pepsters 2, 3, Sen- ior Play Staff. CAROL PEARSON Pepsters 2, 3. Pirate Log Staff 3, Square Danc- ing 3. ,wii v ii , 5 . 1 W -., 1 af :., ...,,, fx . J ,1g?w A - , BOB J. PEPPER Stamp, Auto Driving, Bowling 1, 2, Band 1. Qi W JOANN OBERG Pepsters 2. 3, Drama 2, Thespians 3, Senior Or- chestra 1, 2, 3, High Times 2, junior Play Technical Staff 2, Senior Play Staff 3, Junior As- sembly 2, Band 1, String Ensemble 3. SHIRLEY PALMER Pepsters 2, 3, Majorette 1, 2. 3. Sub-Deb 3, Sen- ior Class Secretary, Home Room President 1, Junior Assembly, Red Cross Rep- resentative, Homecoming Attendant 1, N a t io n al Honor Society 3. NANCY PATTERSON Square Dancing 3, Glee Club 2, Choir 3. 2 fa! 9 Q if X H, ' we W Q M2 A , . . x f if f 4 4 V- ' , t 2' ' Q W ii , , RICHARD PEVERLEY Football 2, 3, Track 2, 3, Wrestling 2, 3, Bas- ketball I, Hi-Y, Boys' Rally 1, 2, 3. Golf 1, 2. ADELINE PITZER Choir 1, 2, 3, Pepster Formal Attendant 3, Drum Majorette Z, Scrib- blers' President 2, Pep- sters 3, Y-Teens Presi- dent 3, Senior Play, Hi- Times Staff 3. At Nevada City High School, Neva- da City, California: Band, Choir, Majorette Leader 1. I. JEAN PITZER Debate, Junior Assegn- bly, junior Play Scrib- blers Secretary, Thespi- ans, Hi-Times Staff. Sen- ior Plav Technical Staff Choir. DON S. ROSS JOANN Y. ROUNDS Dramatics 3, Boys' Ral- Pepsters 2, Choir 1, 2, ly 1, Senior Play, Wres- 3, Red Cross Representa- tling 3, Hi-Y 3, Track 2, tive 2. Choir 1, 2, 3, National Honor Society 3. JACK POOLE Football 1, 2, 3, Boys' Rally 1, 2, 3, "E" Club 2, 3, Sophomore Class Secretary, Senior Class Treasurer. Hi-Y. SYBIL IRENE PRICE G.A.A. 1, Square Danc- ing 3, Social Dancing 3. ARLENE L. PULLUM Choir 3, Debate. Square Dancing 3, Ballroom Dancing 3. At Welling- ton, Texas: Pep Club. JOHN W. POPE Chess 2. Visual 1, Pi- rate Log Staff 3, Senior Play Program 2. RAMONA PROCTOR-- Pepsters 2, 3. Sub-Deb 3, Junior Assembly, Dra- ma 2, 3, Tl-espians 3, Senior Play, Drama Play 2, Bible Research 1. THOMAS L. RANUM Football 1, 2. 3, Hi-Y President, "E" Club Vice- President, Basketball 1, 2. 3, Home Room Presi- FRANCES L. RUCKER Debate 2, 3, Original Oratory Award, G.A.A.. Y-Teens 3. Junior Red C r o s s Representative, Square Dancing, 2, Ball- room Dancing 1, Interna- tional Relations President, Colo. Forensic League, National Honor Society 3. dent, Track 1, 2, 3. ELAINE RAUCHFUSS PHYLLIS RODGERS Pepsters 2, Y-Teens 3, Y-Teens 3. Square Dancing 2, Choir. WILLIAM R. REDDICK Headboy, jr, Rotarian, Basketball 1, Wrestling 2. Track 1, 2. 3, "E" Club. Aeronautics, BOYS' Rally 2, 3, Home Room Presi- dent, Pepsi-Cola Scholar- ship Test. MARVIN J. SCHIESSLER MELVIN SCHISSLER Fishing and Hunting, Senior Play, Drama Square Dancing. Club Play 3, Drama Club 1, 2, Thespians 3. NORMA L. SCHMID Pepsters 1, 2, 3, Sub- Deb 2, 3, Cheerleader 2, 3, Y - T e e n s, National Honor Society 2, 3, Glee Club -1, Choir 3, Home- c n m 1 n sz Attendant 2, Homecoming Queen 3, Home Room Vi:e-Presi- dent 1, Secretaxy-Treas- urer 2, Pirate Log Staff 3, Pepsi-Cola Scholarship Test. SHIRLEY SCHWARTZ Pepsters l, Red Cross Representative, junior As- sembly, Senior Assembly, Ballroom Dancing, Choir. Dramatics. At Ft. Lupton High: Prom Attendant. At South High: Home Room Secretary. JANE SHIPP National Honor Society 3, Thespian President 3, Cheerleader 2, 3, Sub-Deb Treasurer, Pepsters, G.A. A., Junior Play, Senior Play, Drama Club Play. DARLENE SCHUSTER Pepsters 1, 2. Sub-Deb 3, Glee Club, Choir. Red Cross Representative. Jun- ior Play Staff, Y-Teens 3. MARIE SHANNEP Pepsters. Y-Teens 3, Choir. DUANE SKINNER Football 1, 2, 3, Basket- ball l, 2, 3, "E" Club 2, 3, Hi-Y Secretary, Base- ball 2, 3, Boys' Rally l. 3, Choir 1, 2, 3, Boys' Quartet Z, 3, Junior Dra- matics, Track 1, Junior Rotarian. LEONARD SLATER ARVID DAVID SMITH Hi-Y 1, 2, Football 1, 2,.3, Hunting and Fishing 3. ROBERT A. SMITH n Meteorology Vice-Pres- ldeflf, Dog Club, Hi-Y, Boys' Rally 2, 3. Aero- nautxcs. National Honor Society 3, Veterans' Club LUCILLE SMITH gf-hw ROBERT L. SMITH Football 2, 3, Wrestling 1, 3, Track 2, 3, Junior Play, Band 1, Orchestra 2, 3, Home Room Presi- dent 3, "E" Club Treas- urer 3. Music Club 3, Boys' Rally 2, 3, Pirate Log Staff 3, National Honor Society 3, National Honor Society Scholar- ship Test. DONNA B. SPEICHER Dog Club, Auto Safety Club, Camera. Basketball, Swimming. am? flviafsfiii 2 s Q' iii-if gwgg iw if-swwif 'iii LW 7 - . 1 'Wi Q zkwwilllikf-.1 we 'ww U mstiafggmow, -.N N' 3 33252 ig W, 1. Z 32353 352' . . w i' ' Y ' -gmsws, . ,af 1 3- - 2 :fig 1: -- -A :C IJ- F5 ws: ' Ir.. if as Z ' 'ff-ss.-I l N' 3 '.., M 2 fr ., - ,Ml ' V .,.,.,. 1 wc. if . ..,.. ., .,.. ..... .,., . o f i RICHARD STEPHENS Football 1, 2, Boys' Rally 1, 2, 3, Track 1, Baseball 1, Golf 1, Square Dancing: l, 2, 3, Junior Play, ep Band 1, 2, Treasurer 1, M o d e r n Dancing 1, 2, Vice-Presi- dent 3, Dog Club l, Cheerleader 3. .o w N, - f 4 so EARLENE STOKES G.A.A. 1, Choir 2, 3 Y-Teens 3. RAY THAYNE JACK THOMAS Home .Room President Football 2, Wrestling 2, 1, 2. Vice-President 3. Boys' Rally 2, Football 2, 3, Basketball 2, 3, Visual 1, "E" Club 3. Hi-Y 3. Vice-President, Baseball 3. J . il P DOROTHEA STOUT At Ft. Collins: Spink Staff 1, 2, Ski Club. At Baton Rouge, Louisiana: Senior Play, Annual Staff, Sub-Deb Secretary, Y- Teens Secretary. ,IOANN STRATTON Pepsters 2, 3, Bowling 2, G.A.A. 1, Drama 1. 2, Drama Club Play 3, Thes- pians 3, junior Play Tech- nical Staff 2, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, String Ensemble 2. 3, Pirate Log Assistant Editor 3, All-School Show 3,NationaiHonorSociety3. BERNICE STRASSER Square Dancing 3, Ball- room Dancing 3. LORRAINE MAE STRATTON Girls' Trio. Choir, Pep- sters 3. At South Hi-gh: Sophomore Council, Ad- vanced Ensemble, G.A.A. TOMMIE SUE STRICKLAND ALLAN STROO Pepsters 1, 2, 3, Secre- tary 2, Pepsters Formal Attendant 2, junior As- sembly. lunior Play Staff. Home Room Vice-Presi- dent 3, Sub-Deb 3. . 4 5 - .ts fe 3 iw M X Mi H- 9 ta af A Q . I W ,Wx Gym ' -- , Li,nigM ,j . is iffy J 'il- ..ziv't fa ,it-.millet JACK THOMPSON Football 1, 2. 3, Basket- ball 1, 2. 3, Track 1, 2, 3, "E" Club 2, 3, Senior Class President, Hunting and Fishing President. Home Room President 3. "E" Club Z, 3, Vice- President 3, Football Basketball 1,. 2, 3, "Hi- Y" 3, Track z, 3. PATSY SWOPE Pepsters 2, President 3, Sub-Deb 2, 3, Thespian 2, 3, Homecoming Q u e e n Attendant 2. 3, .ll1U!0f Play. Senior Play. Junior A s s e m b l y, All-School Show 3, Pepsi-Cola Scho- larship Test, Thespian Assembly 2, Choir 3, Jun' ior Dramatics Assembly, National Honor Society 3. Glee Club txt 4 K as ERNIE TANGYE Band 1, 2. Hi-Y 3 Boys' Rally 2, 3, Choir 1 Golf 2, EARL L. TERRY Fire Prevention 1, 2 President 1, Square Danc- ing, Social Dancing. . 4,1 21 2 E COLONEL THORPE WILLIAM C. TUTTLE Football 1, Wrestling 1. Visual 1, "E" Club 1 2, 3. Baseball, Archery 2, 3, Basketball Manager Secretary-Treasurer. 1, 2, Football Manager 1 VIRGINIA URE Pepsters -Z, G.A.A. 1. Bible Research 3, Junior Assembly, Fire Preven- tion. JANICE VAN NATTER G.A,A. 1, Pepsters 2, 3, Thespians 3, Senior Play. your v1NcEN'r Pepsters, Choir 2, 3, Glee Club 1, Junior PlaY- PHYLLIS JEANNE VANDEWINKLE Pepsters 3, Y-Teens 3, Visual 1. EUGENE VARGO Boys' Rally 2, Bowling Club Z, Track 2. CONSTANCE MARIE VITULLO Pepsters 2. Home Room Secretary - Treasurer, Y- Teens, Choir 1, 2, Senior Play Technical Staff, Glee Club. MARGARET WAITE JAMES WALKER G.A,A. l, Pepsters 2 3, Choir 3, Glee Club 1 Popular Dancing 1, jun- ior Assemblv. DEr.oREs JEAN WEATHERLY Pepsters 2, 3, Red Cross, Choir 2. 3, Drill Leader of Drill Team 3, J I-I I1 I o r Assembly, All- School Show. ALLAN WARE Pepsters 2, 3. Sub-Deb. Home Room Vice-Presi- dent, Home Room Secre- tary, Junior Dramatics, junior Assembly, All- School Show, Red Cross Represen t a I i v e, Choir, Glee Club. Junior Play, Pepsters 1 2, 3, sub-Deb 3, Thespi: ans, Majorette l, 2, 3 Home Room Secretary 2: National Honor Society 3 J S as 4 .. -V, Wa A tif 'f r 1 2 43 1 J gg, 1 La f r sf . ' QB Q M ' '- ,' -it"'I:' ' 1 'Ef5'l a ff X X A-in . ' 2 r DARLENE WEATHERLY BETTY WEIST JIM WELLE KERMIT WETTERSTROM Senior Play, Visual Football 2, 3, Track 1, Club, Dog Club, Hunting 3. Wrestling 2, 3, Home and Fishing, journalism. Roo m President, "E" ' Club, Sportsman Club, Aeronautics. CHARLES ROBERT WI EDWARD WILLIAMS Senior Play, Thespian Plan, ball 1, Boys' Rally 2, 3. JANE GRACE WILSON National Honor Society Vice-President 3, Band 3, Girls' Trio Accomnanist 3, Iunior Assembly, Senior Show. ARNOLD WINTER Hunting and Fishing C Band. IOHNNY WULLSCHLE Bible Research, Hi-Y. PAUL E, WILSON Visual 3. MELVIN ZABEL Home Room President 1, Wrestling 2, Track 2. PETER A. KLAISLE Choir 1, 2, 3, Orchestra CAMERA CECIL CO REBECCA RONALD JAMES La JOHN MA D. A. R. REPRESENTATIVES Geraldine Garrison, Elizabeth Peal, Ann Peasley JUNIOR ROTARIANS Front Row: William Reddick, Colbert Cushing, William Ehly Back Row: Donald Banister, Duane Skinner, Homer Luginbill, James Walker Veterans' Club, Square D Baseball 2, 3, Choir. T Woodwind Club, Pepsters 2 Junior Play Technical Staff, ' H. CHRIST DOROTHY JAMES MO ROBERT R DON. WAS Ll-IITE ancing. hespians, Junior Play, Boys' Quartet, Basket 3, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, String Ensemble Z, 3, Glee Club 1, Choir 2, , 3,. Fire Prevention 1, Sophomore Assembly, Assembly, All-School lub. At North High: GER Hunting and Fishing 3, l, 2, 3. SHY OPHER FFIELD AVIS ROBERT D ENGLE H ASSEL BRASH MOLLY MALONE N DIS MIOVER RTON OSS MIUATT MX' -Q WM W ZW X uw ZZ WXWMW' My if 'dgwefdff 0+ W pf jfQfQQ AQ M ,ff M iMW?AC'1'j? if Maw ZZ w f ' fdfff dw ,Q N W Jifliffffijw A , , 1 "WWA 14-Jvksf Qeflectdou o,f 7auwmaw H H Q in Pi is Lavonne Aiton ,.-V .'w iQ is i Edward Bash 151 6 'if 3, 15 Q 1 y C Bessie Anderson . is 3 Phyllis Bassett ' he 1' "" .... 'H Edgar Bailey Howard Bainbridge ya 'ff' ' MINE, -3:ZZ'.'5 e , sk 52:43 ., " , -2 ,S W2 -2' I f " B ,, 1- Dorothy Bayless Arthur Blom A ig: 4 -' "., " W B' ' 1.r. Q ,..,, ., .. I " " '-'-51':" z Max Barrett Beverly Bartlett Mary R Q' -if 3 law Bw ,V A i M x 4 B Qi ii ' J De es if aden Doris Breidenstine joan Breymaier The faces of the Iunior Class of 1948 reflect the many good times that we have enjoyed. Wal- ter Kierstein, as president, led us over the rough spots and made our class one of which to be proud. He was assisted by Shirley Grubbs, Coleen Welle, and Eddie Nelson. t I Y,-: K x l 6 7 ,Q ie-5: ff I 9: 'fi vi . Q J ag Q, s N W A A 1 if , .... W my is f is-T52 '--" , A Beverlee Brown Georganna Buckel xx g J A .ie 3 B as B W. as sg: Betty Childers, Harriette Christoph Doris Davidson fm, ,W 1 f W- 5? 5 we 235 M L Norma Rae Davy Bette Burge 'S -.Q si . is ,L " 'gh gf! l S7 is A . RN, .K W A I ,,,,,x:. , x "" 2 .- 1 arg 35 , Hwsibk, sp. in f 'f ii H 1 1 Marye Burgesser 0 Q3 5, .... A ,J . FCICOTI Coffieldl Twilla Collettet C, -..- ,- lj, i 5 'I :gg ...., ie? ,gi aw Q Q f' .... . . me Na, ye ,i Y 26? win lyfifl I une Campbell .-4 sm, 1, Y ,Z ,. 1 . -- . :f lu Si K K . L Sally Carlson M3 Q M . is-of Y , :gg 5 Q H Q fy A H.. 5 :sq xi . 'i V il K Y ,-,- Ni. Q, 7 fi' is if W? Elaine Cronquist, Sally Cunningha Delores Del-hr! Hubert Disney Jeanneanne Doty H11 Vaughn Downaire Helen Chambers Phyllis Daum , 'K :2 - 'Z 1 we ,, .4 ....,, 1?-'gs::L I I .'Zf Harry Edgar Barton Anita Edson , , 3 LeRoy Franke was Jackie Eldred Helen Elaine Engle 4' G ' 'Eg 1 .A of 1 Robert Frazell Verna Mae Furrow -gfidi if F G Q ' - ln r G 1 t in r i N .-fG::- f .aa , . s B' ' ,,.,.,, Richard Erickson B' 4 s ,.,., as Kenneth Garrison ff wg, ,, A jf? f. :I .,-. 3 1 K ' wif, 1 E2 W' 'S Gerald Grimm William Grimm Shirley Grubbs Marlin Hadley 521135313 f ' .f Eileen Ex-iksen - ai 5 37 Phyliss Godby 2 'zaiiisfo a-1 qi f Q w .. if 52:5 1 Y , s fi s is YE ,ESQ Rea Hassig 1 ,. W wi it 5 5 f I , N 5 J L .. S, iii? f gif Carol Eves SH' ,Wg 'w ... : -, L, W X , w , y A Ji Marvin Graves " 'Y i- 3 5 ! Z if Wx Q Y ,. Q Q 'iii i A 1 5 It ? F az-.115-'11:.:.:. Mwl- I 'f V ' M V 1 ' f 3 E Q Hg, 4 1 V s Qs .3-I c . ' an , 2-92:25 5 . -:. :-:Y . Robert Fleming itV,i ',A:- - e Q V Vernon Graves i ,Q A , W fs Q wif' Joyce Head Janice Henning Some outstanding athletes came out of the Junior Class this year. Bill Fleet, Bob Palmer, George McMillan, Paul Rundle, Earl and Verle Watkins, Eddie Nelson, Fred Bishop, jim Monoghan., and Art Blom lettered on the gridiron. The wrestling team, backed by John Davis, Earl and Verle Watkins, 1 Bob Palmer, Monte Smith, and Walter Kierstein, placed second in conference. The Junior boys who made first string in basketball were Marlin Hadley, Art Blom, and Howard Marsh. Sig J' , M29 H . .. , ' 'fffi ig ffff-5, akiicfffe X1 G Kiwi 1... In Ak aM , A fxgax - . ,f.,,M5 .Q , ,. 6 at 2 ff Vg 32 G QQ Marjorie Herod Grace Herzog Kenny Hettler Louis Hickman V . i I. . I .... ,E 1 "'i . ,sf k B .-.. .mf in A513 fa Thelma Hoffmaster Millie Hopkins Ramona Hornbuckle Charles Howard r 1 i wx., Q, .... , f 5 M 'SEN 22: 'S : Beverly Hicks as so alfa iw ,X is Betty ubbar s ,ffl - , s I it I - raae Shirlee Hillman Shirley Hobbs y I - fl5,,i'E2::- W , 4 'CR' Wm, for 3- 1, rye' , ww , L, a.g,,,, Vr' ."s."f ,f,,"f'a. wx 591- ,tee H Z Uwgii K 52 23 V 5? L. Y Perf? Israel Marjorie Jeffries X 1 9 William John E Ella 5 X Pat Kindsvater fi' D Ji wzifa- i j , 417 Cama Jean johns A .Q ,gk ASN I 1 ssss Shi H W c , X, ..-. : .- ,, V sf. Beverly Jones .M ffkmiflx n yi Harry Kisselman Eleanor Knapp Xu dia ,C R W2 -- ..a-: "' - L fy Rhetta J ones In Robert Knous John Kaufman May Frances Kemper Walter Kierstein June Koger Roger Kohler Bernadine Kuehn A highlight of the year was the Junior-Senior Prom at the Silver Glade Room of the Cosmopoli- tan Hotel on May 22. N There we danced to the music of Bill Pietre. Uncle Tom's Cabin, the Junior Play, under the direction of Miss Jeanne Foote, was a big success. As we are thinking over the experiences of our Junior year, all these things will be in the mind of everyone who belongs to the Class of 1949 of Englewood High School. Shirley Lake We it Charlotte Lung V 5:15 " .:ff:- ii'- iv 5. 5: S 382 Q-me . , R' e'+ii ff' if -ee- 'Qs 'il flieggy lffkin Betty Lawson Barbara Lemon Ima Rose Maddox Alan Magnuson Howard Marsh 5 WT 'Q , A lg - R A at f I iw. ' Ki -9 l -X ' 5' 5 il 'iii 1' - T - 2 - 1 5 i Q, ::- ' - sr C Charles Lemon Robert Lengel Cai-nl Lindemann an 'I James Matthews Ruth Matzke opal Mccqnnell sf ik M of i..: . ag x 5 4. Martha McDermott Barbara McFarland Phyllis McGlathery Stanley Medsker james Monaghan Glenn Moseley Stanley M,-sny 30 n .. Z A ,zlu Dolores Nelson s xi 1 K an , xx er s, I Ze -f ifssff '4- f, X ,'-.- Carrol Pepper I -.2:."f" f 1 'iii fsbf 3 1 Daphne Rhoades R X ..,,,.' ' k Eddie Nelson Barbara Noakes ,mm Z5 E E m, W , R R X ,Q .Hr Clarine Perkins Ru - ' l'kil'lS S 'A . , ... .1 A Mimi Adl ' ' 5' fl W 'E ' ' o If Marlene Richards Alice Jane 0, P X LESN- Fila Mae Rudeen fa 5:5 -W , ,fi 4 -L , -.:. 3 ,:.. Violet Seaton vi is In ' V i .,... V ':13g1sEm'lF"Zfi'JZ1:r iris 13: H? . Isabel Salazar Margaret Sanders wi f f"ff'ifaf .... f 9if 0 "Q?, HQ Doris Marie Shaffer Dale Shreve 5 V, Juanita Northcott Robert Palmer A wg "15i,, 5J :..5 5:f ' : 5 W V Carl Peterson Jeannine Preshaw lk ' I A igafbfiif Roberts Shirley Roberts Betty Lea Roll I ,AJ NAI- - Q PV 4 -f , , :zzz-Q 5 '-f" . Ls axes R 4 f Gordon Park Clarissa Payne 5.315559 ,' ' - I .3ih.',f::: ' , , k if if? i Barbara Ra Saws ' gland Kathryn Ramsey 4 " gjwvlwl ii ,- re. ' - .1 Duan - -gal! 4s Yi V x , it 'f ', iwllf-1S'Q'4Z5wv1f :-QE Betty Ann Roth 0'- A l6f' -X :N XY. f-2 jf S .. L.fZ,f.t.t,Lfg rQ. , , ---'-- X Q' 4 M3 R Mr R . V if? " f 1 rnfiumrii 2 S we Q ,G ww Robert Sanford Joyce Schakel Robert Schmoll Juanita 5011111 rg 6 ,M w Je. ., ff nf V , . f ' . , if .1-':.iE..:a:2.:?:'r? S Es as-.Ks Q l sv F Q Q 'Y . ,fi r g-2-., lm,-:fe - r 1-ff Augusta Sievers Elva Sigwing Dixie Jean Slater Marie Sletten I Qi? in Q w " end, :2'1.I '5 fl? ff ., 225 ' - if-35 f :E Q ....,,,. bfi? -' , Robert Slyter Qi mi ff 13 X ik Louise Tarpley f X Robert Thompson .fggrk x . Joanne Lenore Ware Earl Watkins wW,?n Elizabeth Wintersgill Kenneth Wood f be I we Joyce Youngquist Roger Anderson Fred Bishop Douglas Briels John Allen Brown Mandalee Bryant Jack Cameron Norma Lee Chambers Robert Crist David Clayton Mx' ,. gg - 3? ws. M ' 2 Janis Smith in is A W fi? 95' 4322 wif Russell Thompson : as M Verle Watkins Joan Wray . 2 M A 'Q 2' , ,fl ,W -,-:' I YE!! Norma Smith Q, Carolyn Turpin u if ,,,Y'i'?'4i - ... si Coleen Welle Georgia Wright sw . .If- :':' 1 an S J V ' 'E' Esther Stake ww ' ,. , 621 if hw in J if u 'S Addison Ulrich aa, s.. in A. ,, W , ,. W1 ?S2 '4 Catherine Whelan - , mw- Charline Yenter CAMERA SHY JUNIORS i .,, -if "X , Margaret Stauffer Agnes Stutz , 1 . 5 5 H f so B nf ez-+1 We - X ' W Vivian Upson Mary Lou Wappes 1342- K ,iii 1' gg -v 1 - - .A.. -.ang , '- Z if .E Q fx A ' I f .nz Jig , 53 XJ A ' R 4 Martyn Whitcomb Shirley Williams s ., A .. V Y 1 s ,E Frances Young Janice Youngquist Robert Cohenour Lloyd Coleson Ronald Crabtree Marvin Cribfield John Davis joy Dennis Janyce Dickerson Herman Duckworth Henry Esser Bill Fleet Robert Franke Donald Franzmann I-'red Fyles Tom Gerlick John Goddard Betty Jean Graves Eugene Guanero Lille Ann Hageman Charles Hamilton Edwin Hamm Don Hatfield Bob Hayhurst ' Pat Hayhurst Dick Hedwall Bill Henderson Ralph Houser Stanley Hunt Shirley Huntley Robert King Clifford Landrith Ralph Lorenzo Ted McChesney George McMillan Bill Meir Keith Millsaps Clyde Milner Lonnie Morris Myron Olson Shields Ore Harold Parrill Mary jane Persinger Frank Pinnock Eugene Powers Harvey Reeme Clifford Roach Paul Rundle Bob Schmoll Virginia Sheridan Clinton Smith ' fit-1' 'Z E - gf:-23:5 Richard Zetwick Monte Smith Floyd Smith Burt Taylor Cecil Thompson Neil Truelson Wayne Tyler Kathryn Wilson Kenneth Wilson Ruth Wood WV WWA swim fu 3 NlM M ,ff M0 Zjfmff QM 1 M , ffpijffwffl W L ., , .V If I W Qefkawan agldlfffe Sdaam HOME ROOM 204 , Row 1: Jonna Lee Michels, Dorothy Rising, Wilma Jean Lindsay, Joanne Reither, Virginia Taylor, Carole Cunningham. Row 2: Gale Werb, Ellen Peasley, Marilyn Rooney, Laquita Blackard, Joyce Johnson, Leona McGraw, Shir- ley Van Pelt. Row 3: Joan Coulter, Leonard Shri- ver, Leonard Soderberg, Dolores Hostetter, Douglas Borgh, Jacque- line Kendrick. Row 4: Allan Route, John Nicholl, Lorenz Williams, Jerome Baumgart- ner, Don Wedow, Merrill Amsbury, Mr. Wilson. Row S: Laverne Gupton, Murlind Beckman, Lawrence Banister, Robert Forbes, Donald Notz, William Fer- guson, Thomas Brewer. The minds of people reflect images like the glass of a mirror. Various things are remembered, but the reflection sometimes vanishes and is forgotten. A reflection of the sophomores of 1947-1948 with Keith Wetterstrom as president, Brooks Smith as vice-president, Bill Schooley as secretary, and Norma Jean Kidwell as treasurer, is one that will reappear with pleasant remembrances. Drama, debate, and sports were highlighted by sophomore participation. The soph- omores showed great interest and aptitude in drama. Their part and enthusiasm in the Thespian play, "Taming of the Shrew," helped make this play, as well as others, a success. The debating team in which the sophomores had a helping part was a great success. Many vigorous and energetic boys took part in sports. About thirty sophomore boys were out for football, and Bill Schooley, who is also a good baseball player, lettered this year. Eight sophomore boys were on the basketball squad, and five boys took an active part in wrestling. They also participated in various other activities. In the years to come the reflection of the sophomore class will never fade in the minds of all who were acquainted with them. W HOME ROOM 21? Y Row 1: Marlene Schaefer, June Amy, Norma Lorenzo, Darlene Mac- Arthur, Mary McColl, Teresa Reeme, Frances Rask. Row 2: Kathryn Petry, Dona Weg- ert, Dorothy Aubert, Carol Dierks, Mary Lou Hagle, Bernice Smith, Darlene Green. Row 3: Donald Nickell, Ronald MacKenzie, Evelyn Ferguson, Lila Deering, Marjorie Lundock, Donald Stander, Stanley Dragoo. Row 4: Harlan Bucholz, Jerald Blaine, Blaine Chapman, Stanley Woodman, Clarence Siders, Mac Terry, Miss Killion. Row 5: Richard Rowland, Verl Turner, Jack Pearce, Raymond Powell, Leroy Arnold, John Thiel. HOME ROOM 205 Row 1: Shirley Stout, Geraldine Seaton, Merna Lebsock, JoAnn Ma- lay, Barbara Hopkins, Flora Lewis, Mary Grissom. Row 2: Vonda Roth, Shirley Jones, Jean Neske, Elaine Hall, Anna Mae Kniseley, Mary Calloway, Miss Nil- son. Row 3: Burton johnson, Maurice Briles, Eleanor Sullivan, Lois Can- non, Ruth Leymaster, Wilma White- ly, Lilburn Lee, Laurence Shomaker. Row 4: Carol Keller, Eugene Gold- trap, Donald Barnes, Leroy Sebas- tian, Donald Thompson, Jerald Seese, Richard Lengel, Gordon White. HOME ROOM 120 Row 1: Frances Northcutt, Norma Jean Kidwelil, Luella Nichols, Gail Spath, Shirley Click, Darlene Lakin, Lyda Cothron. Row 2: Wanda Crumpacker, Beth Mattingly, Maxine Bailey, Eloise Brodder, Mary Wright, Phyllis Van- derhock, Anna Lee Bjork. Row 3: Mr. Wallace, John Hickman, Richard Pinger, Philip Fullerton, George Valentine, James Nicholas, Joy Holcomb. Row 4: George VanDriel, Edward Ferris, Ronald Piotraschke, Jack Williamson, Alvin Gentsch, James Cook. HOME ROOM 221 Row 1: Lois Sanford, Doreen Lee, Barbara Fields, Phyllis james, Polly Hostetler, Carole Selby, Barbara Werb. Row 2: Dorothy Nelson, Karen Edge, Lois Yonkers, Alice Hull, La- Vonne Bishop, Carnie Hammons, Mary Travick, Miss L. Sullivan. Row 3: Barbara Calloway, Joyce Nielson, Winston Nyquist, William James, Robert Youngquist, Dwight Nordlander, Glen Hatch. Row 4: Larry Bachelor, Lawrence Garretson, Melvin Van Diest, Theo- dore Raridon, Richard Bender, Don- ald Reinkc, George Benefeil. HOME ROOM Z 1 3 Row 1: Novella Smith, Doris Beck- er, Diane Bingaman, Marie Israel, Joan Adams, Lucinda Carhart, Pat- sy Zellmer. Row 2: Mrs. Roark, Joan Stevens, Betty Thompson, Betty Finch, Mary Penny, Glenna Dunham. Row 3: Shirley Smith, Robert Ran- kin, Jack Urban, Patrick Leggett, Gerald Kuehn, Kathryn Blomberg. Row 4: Richard Knudson, David Hall, james Powers, Donald Bush, Richard Kirk, Donald Land, Her- man Jacobs, Robert Kelly. HOME ROOM 223 Row 1: Donna Bergh, Aleene Heath- ers, Lois Jayne, Elizabeth Buckner, Frances Huntly, Rose Miller. Row 2: Joan Dunaway, Elizabeth Palkowsky, Carol Blank, Delores Chase, Oramae West, Mr. Blessing. Row 3: Velma McMickell, Muriel Colburn, Trieva Salters, Daisy Hull, Viola Cumming, Phyllis Evans. Row 4: Jeanette Wullschleger, Powell Gomer, George Johnson, J. T. Hull, Clarence Milsaps, Barbara Ehrlick, Dorothy Lord. Row 5: Brooks Smith, Ira Strandell, Daniel Gordon, Cecil Dressel, Harlin Robinson, Elmer Waldow, James Breeze. HOME ROOM 7 Row 1: Barbara Goddard, Jacque- lyn Staebell, Claudette Hamilton, Doris Caudil, Edrise Hayhurst, Ver- na Stokes, Helen Cannon. Row 2: Katherine Riddles, Shirley Urich, Karna Wangerin, Marcia At- chison, Helen jackson, Henrietta Balkema, Mr. Landon. Row 3: Lois Hill, Robert Lindsay, Robert Neely, Richard Waite, John Gantzler, Robert Woods, Dorothy Dreiling. Row 4: Donald Stanton, Roger Rice, Richard Buckland, Edsel Carroll, Donald Stoddard, Richard Newton, james Malloy. M Jw w Wf,fMf WEA W Mffkfff ,W Q X QWZMAZ, J?-cyan Aff 426055, 0154 q?2f?kQ-551255555 59546 EQ? 1472 7? 6053 ,1g11T .-,1-11-1.-.-ii-1 1i 1-,.-1---w ,,...1-.-Q 2efZecz'6onafleczfm6aq 'SQ Q 14 Through mathematics a student gains powers for thinking and reasoning. These courses are very im- portant as a foundation for further training in sci- ence and engineering, which are becoming more and more important to the world. Applied mathematics, plane geometry, and alge- bra are given for those students who wish them for practical use. Advanced algebra, solid geometry, and trigonometry are given for those interested in science, engineering, and higher mathematics. -'Ns dence Our science classes give students an adequate background for further training and eventually for careers in the fields of medicine, radio, research, and engineering. These are all of vital importance today. One year of either chemistry, physics, or biology is required for graduation. Chemistry gives a stu- dent experience in the school laboratory. Physics is a study of light, sound, electricity, and atomic the- ories. It also offers laboratory experimentation. Biology is the study of plant and animal life. Elec- tives offered are photography and physicology. f"f ' :UQ fm n HM, In our efficient commercial department, students are prepared for immediate employment, or for going into further training in colleges or business schools. Many students take these courses only for personal use. Pupils are given practical experience by their work in school offices and the school library, and are trained to run the ditto and mimeograph machines. Two years of typing and shorthand and one year of bookkeeping are offered. Social Science The social science courses are among the most im- portant ories offered in high school. World history and United States history are re- quired. These are vital because each student as an American citizen should have a knowledge of the history and present status of the nations of the world and should know how our government is run. As electives, the following subjects are offered: International relations, Asiatic history, United States problems, and Latin American history, which are subjects dealing with the history of countries and their relations to each other, and psychology and sociology, which are courses to teach the student how to get along with friends and family and to solve personal problems through a study of the mind. we f- ef . Z -K M5YlN"U"5 ,Sui its .gin . gg , L. ' via 2 5? 5 M S 3' f4O vga The clothing class learns how to make and alter clothes. This knowl- edge is of great help both now and in later years. Personal grooming is also taught, and other units of home making are studied. This group, as well as the foods class, helps with extra curricular activities. 70044 The foods class devotes itself to foods, nutrition, and' laboratory work on well-balanced meals. The members of the class learn to pre- pare practical meals as well as can- dies and pastries. This group helps with extra cur- ricular activities in which the de- partment is asked to participate. '43 1 ww- Gym is important not only for gaining skill in athietics but also for teaching good sports- manship and co-operation with others. The girls in the gym class study first-aid one day a week and participate in indoor or outdoor sports on other days. They also do calisthenics. This class is both enjoyable and useful. SW Machine shop is one of the most prac- tical and valuable courses which our school offers. It gives boys a trade which they can follow or can fall back upon if thev are unable to complete higher educational plans. This class trains students to use both hand tools and power machines and to exercise the safety rules one must ob- serve in connection with them. The course also includes instruction in shop foreman- ship and management. sf 'K News Fr' I. The auto mechanics class was started during the last war The purpose of the class is to develop co ordination of mental and manual dexterity It is a basic course in a trade which pays well The course gives the student the opportunity of studying automobiles by both theoretical and actual practice Adequate equipment is maintained by the school in order that all service jobs may be accomplished in a proper manner. flu ' Skip ,r an , , L.. , ll ' M- f' """"' f ,f 1' The students of this class work with wood, leather, and piastics. Each student is required to complete a project in each of these materials. A student may also work in other mediums with the approval of the instructor. The importance of the use and care of hand tools is particularly stressed. u 4 I ltyfidd The purpose of the English department is to give students an appreciation of literature and to give them correct usage of our language. These are very important for college, careers, and for every day living. This de- partment has done an excellent job of fulfilling this aim. A large variety of subjects is offered. Three semesters of grammar and one semester each of English, American or World literature are required for graduation. The following electives are also offered: The journalism class writes and assembles the High Times, which is published weekly. I Junior and senior dramatics are courses for those who wish to.work on the production and acting of the Junior and senior plays. Speech is a class for senior students who write, produce, . and take part in the graduation pageant. I GQCGQIJ The importance of foreign languages is constantly growing because of the mtermingling of nations at pres ent. These courses also give a better understanding ol the English language. Spanish is offered for three years and enables students to gain a speakm and 't' k g wrx mg nowledge of the language. French classes acquaint the student with the French people and their language and literature. Latin gives students a better understandin of En l' h E E I5 grammar and a knowledge of the culture of ancient Rome. txxir 7 .., Q7 5 Ji E K ""f X Y" ,, Xi Mg. , W, ,,?g4 fURHmA W" fefwm af ff-WM.. if Joanne Stratton, Bob Smith, Mary Emma Jewell, Priscilla Greene, Karma Green, Darold Hendee. x L e, - 4 s - 5512- lffggji ' Wdfe 09 f The staff of the Pirate Log began 1: zz' " work on the '48 annual the first semes- ter this year in order to give the stu- Editm, dents of Englewood High School a bet- ter .yearbook than they have ever had before. Under the able leadership of Miss Lillian Sullivan the staff has had a very successful year. The proof-reading was done by Miss Killion and the outstanding pictures were taken by Mr. Richert and Mr. Dwight Huffman. The department heads are as tollows: Priscilla Greene, Editor, Joann Stratton, Assistant Editor, Darold Hendee, Business Manager, Norma Schmid, School Life, Karma Green, Faculty, Carol Pearson, Work of the School, Mary Emma Jewell, Senior Editor, Phylis Daum, Junior Editor, Bob Smith, Sports Section, John Pope, Layouts, Geri Garrison, Art, Myrna Cook, Clubs, and Lois Yonkers, Sophomore Section. Despite the delay in getting the book to the printers, all has gone well. - - .,,.. 'A 'Nw fin a . - . ree we f JOANN s'rRAT'roN HAROLD HENDEE Assistant Editor Busmess Manager Geri Garrison, Carol Pearson, Norma Schmid, Lois Yonkers, Myrna Cwk, PhYlliS Dallmn John Po?" 'X Row 1: Myrtle Brummage, Adeline Pitzer, Joanne Ware, Jackie Eldred, Karen Edge, Delores Braden, Myrna Cook. Row 2: Stanley Medsker, Ramona Hornbuckle, Georganna Buckel, Lillian Hettler, Betty Peal, Joyce Schakle, Max Barrett Uiditorsl. Row 3: Vernon Graves, Priscilla Greene, Dorothea Stout, Richard Zetwick, Mrs. Roark, Roger Kohler, Vivian Collings, Marv Atwood, Fila Rudeen, john Goddard. 2 nag I K Quill and Scroll is a national honorary organization for During the Pas' Year fhe "Hish Tlmesn staff has done an students who are outstanding in journalism and in writing excellent job of writing and assembling our school newspaper. stories. only three students were chosen from school In spite of difficulties such as a lack of finances, a change of for membership. Those h D 1 B d , G editors. and the weekly scramble to meet the deadline, this C Men were eores ra en eorganna Buckel, and Fila Rudeen. ,A staff has turned out very unusual and E interesting papers. , Lillian Hettler was the editor of the V ,i" i 7 'if Qi W High Times the first semester, and f Georganna Buckel was the editor the " last semester. Mrs. Roark is sponsor of GEORGANNA BUCKEL the ul-Hgh Times.,, DELORES BRADEN FILA RUDEEN GEORGANNA BUCKEL Edlfvr Quill and Scroll Quin and Scroll Ouill and Scroll Carl Peterson, Dorothy Mandrell, Janice Burns, Mary Coy, Ronald Crabtree. P v l 46 1 Bill Ehly, Don Ross Swim Pmmz ' mlm' 74m494'- A beautiful rose garden created the proper atmosphere for the dra- ' matic production, "Smilin' Through." This play was a great success with Miss Helen Hudson as the director and twenty- four students in the cast. The play tells the touching story of two lovers who were estranged because of an ancestral feud. The costuming was characteristic of the period of 1918 and World War I. "Smilin' Through" will long be remembered because of its serious drama, its humorous characters, and its lilting Irish brogue. PLAY CAST Moonyeen .,............,..... ..................,....,.....................,.,..,. A lice Albracht .....,....Pat Swope, Geri Garrison Kathleen Dunganan ....,.... ,...,..,..,. 1 ....,...,.. C laire Hollberg ..,....Betty Peal, jane Shipp Kenneth Wayne ......... ,, ..,.....,...., Eddie Williams Jeremiah Wayne ,..,. .. ....,....... Bill Bullard . .......,. Eddie Williams John Carteret ...,.. ,,,,,,,,,,,ll,,,,,, D on Ross Homer Luginbill Dr. Owen ...,...........,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, B ill Ehly Mary Dunganan .,....... i,.... ,.., M a rilyn Likely Siifah Wayne ........... ................,. S hirley Schwartz Ellen -.-.,........... ..,...,.Y.,..........,,...,.. J anice Burns ......Mary Coy, Ramona Procter Willie .........................,.......,. .,.........,.......,,, M elvin Schissler Guests at the wedding .....,. ........i...............,,,........,..,,.,, J immy Welle ..................Me1vin Zabel, Carol Harmon ....,....,..........,...Ad1eline Pitzer, Lorana Kirklin Bill Ehly, Berry Ann Bangs, Marilyn Likely, Don Ross, Alyce Albracht, Edward Williams, Marvin Schissler, Claire Holberg Row 1: Bob Hayhurst. Vemon Graves, Barbara Noakes. Row 2: Joy Dennis, Alan Magnuson, Martyn Whitcomb, Norma Chambers, Ruby Perkins, Marlene Richards, Fila Rudeen. Row 3: Charline Yenter, Delores Braden, Dixie Slater, Richard Johns, Robert Crist, Addison Ulrich, Bob King, Rea Hassig. " 'ima adm' Qfmffff' One of the outstanding performances of the year was that old, traditional play, UNCLE TOM'S CABIN, presented by the junior Class. These juniors should be commended for choosing and suc- cessfully presenting this famous play on Negro slavery. Miss Foote deserves a lot of the credit for her directing. The flight of the slave, Eliza, in order to save her son from slave traders. and her difficulties in meeting her husband in Canada, starts the play by showing the hardships of the Negroes. The main plot was centered around Uncle Tom, when he was sold into slavery to Simon Lagree. Cassidy,and Emmaline helped Uncle Tom by daring to defy Lagree, but in the end, Tom died and went to join Little Eva in heaven. This performance will long be remembered in the high school and in the community as one of the most touching and heart-warming productions of the year. Uncle Tom ..,....l ........ Eva ........,..... Topsy .............. Miss Ophelia ....... . ,.... . Eliza .,..,................. George Harris ...,.,.. Simon Lagree ......... Mr. St. Clare .,..... Mrs. St. Clare ....... Cassidy ......,....... Emmaline .......... Mrs. Shelby,, ..... . PLAY CA ST Alan Magnuson, Vernon Graves, Robert Crist Beverlec Brown, Shirley Hobbs, Norma Davy ..Anita Edson, Delores DeHart, Jackie Eldred Elaine Engle, Doris Shalfer, Phyllis Bassett Ruby Perkins, Dixie Slater ......Louis Hickman, Addison Ulrich Barrett George McMillan Joanne Ware, Joyce Schakel .......Joan Wray, May Frances Kemper .........Peggy Lakin, Jeannine Preshaw joy Dennis, Charline Yenter Mr. Shelby .,....., ,..,....................,...... B ob Hayhurst Phineas .....,....,.,..,.,.. ,..,.. M artyn Whitcomb Gumption Cute ...,.,,,. ....,... C harles Howard Loker ,,,.,,,,.,.,..,,,,,.,,,. .............,. B ob King Marks ...,.. ............ B ob Kelly Haley .,..,...,..,........ ........ R ichard johns George Shelby ,,.,.... .......................,,.....,....... J OYCC SCh3kCl Chloe ........,........, ..,.,... M arlene Richards, Fila Rudeen Dgacgn ,,,YY,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,.......,... D on Hatfield Old Woman ,,,,-,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, N or-ma Chambers, LaVonne Aiton Row 1: jackie Eldred, Charles Howard, Beverlee BFOWII, DCIUFCS DCHEIN- . . . Row 2: Lackie Eldred, Phyllis Bassett, Juanita Schra, Sally Cunningham, Joanne Ware, George McMillan, Dons Shaffer, Elaine ngle, Don Hatfield. '4and,4 2oqal0zdefzafD Row 1: Miss Hudson, Elizabeth Peal, Lois Hill, Ramona Proctor, Shirley Van Pelt, Patsy gwope, LaVonne Aiton, Oramae West. Jane Shipp, Claire Hollberg, Marilyn Likely, Miss oote. Row 2: Karna Wangeren, Joanne Ware, Elaine Engle, Janice Burns, Geraldine Garrison, kann Oberg, Joann Stratton, Betty Ann Bangs, Jean Pitzer, Martha McDermott, Barbara cakes. Row 3: Charles Howard, Eddie Williams, Bill Ehly, Melvin Schlissler, Homer Luginbill. gtanley Medsker, Robert Forbes, Frank Pinnock, Donald Hatfield, Robert Kelly, Mrs, orey. ' 'l0MER LUGINBILL JANE SHIPP Vice-president President ALICE ALBRACHT President This club was organized for students who are active in dramatics. Most of these students are members of Thespians. the national dramatic honorary society. Those who are working toward this goal are called apprentices. The pur- pose of the National Thespian Society is to promote a higher standard of drama in high schools and colleges. The club presents a play annually. This year's production, "The Taming of the Shrew" by William Shakespeare, was very successful. Mrs. Corey, Miss Hudson, and Miss Foote were the club sponsors. The officers were Jane Shipp, president, and Homer Luginbill, vice-president. Royal Order of Debonaires, a national organization, is composed of select girls chosen from the junior and senior classes by members. This club had a full year including the Home Coming Dance, the Pig Pen Push, the Leap Year Leap, and the annual banquet for the basketball team. They also gave an assembly entitled "Mademoiselle's Hat Shop." They held candy, cake, and stationery sales and ended the year with a progressive dinner for the club members. This club was under the direction of Mrs. Niluson, sponsor, Alice Albracht, president, and Virginia Gray, vice- president. VIRGINIA GRAY Vice-president Row 1: Marjorie Jeffries, Donna DeHart, Ramona Proctor, Claire Hollberg, Colleen Welle, Alice Roberts, Marilyn Likely, Virginia Lynch, Jane Shipp, Norma Schmid. Row 2: Miss Nilson, Betty Peal. Shirley Palmer, Joan Wray, Joanne Ware, Carol Lindemann, Ruby Perkins, Alice Albracht, Margie Holding, Cleora Coffield, Virginia Laybourn, Marie Clark. Pauly Dillingham. Row 3: Margaret Gann, Delores DeHart, Peggy Lakin, Jo Ann Bickley, Geri Garrison. Virginia Gray, Sue Strickland. Darlene Weatherly, Betty Weist, Pat Swope, Lenore McCorkle, Betty Ann Bangs, Priscilla Greene, Darlene Schuster. Row 1: Barbara Werb, Virginia Laybourn, Lois Hill., Kathryn Blomberg, Tommy Sillito. Shirley Schwartz, Virginia Lynch, Claire Hollberg. Marilyn Likely, Norma Davy. Row 2: Shirley Palmer, Marie Clark, Lavonne Bishop, Marie Isreal, Shirley Smith, Jeannie Vanderwinkle, Phyllis James, Charlotte Lung, Darlene Lakin, Jackie Stabel, aquita Blackard, Margie Cassidy, Mary McCall, Shirley Hobbs, Marjie Jeffries. Row 3: Janice VanNatter, Teresa Reeme, Jacquiline Kendrick, Polly Hostetler, Vonda Roth, Norma Lorenzo, Bernadine Kuene, Marie Shannep, Harriett Christopher, Adeline Pitzer, Bonnie Pearce, Agnes Stutz, Gail Spath, Pat Swope, Joyce Schakle. ' Row 4:, Lois Sanford, Phyllis Vanderhook, Joan Coulter, Lois Yonkers, Pat Black, Mary Ellen Barton, Elizabeth Lexa, May Francis Kemper, Delores Nelson, Carol Pearson, Mary Emma Jewell, Shirley Roberts, Janice Henning, Katherine Riddles, Donna DeHart, Ramona Pepotefw The purpose of the Pepsters is to reflect the pride and enthusiasm which our whole student body has for our athletic teams. Hornbuckle. PATSY SWOPE President JOANN BICKLEY Vice-presiuent The Pepsters started the year with a record enrollment of 140 members, after having changed their name from Pep Club to Pepsters. Some of the Pepsters' major accomplishments this year were a football banquet, which is held annually in honor of the football team, and the Pep Club Formal, which was carried to a success by the beautiful theme, "Winter Won- derland." The drill team headed by Delores Weatherly and La Vonne Aiton was the pride of E. H. S. this year. It devel- oped many new formations and worked over some of the older ones. Mrs. Velma Cashen, sponsor, Pat Swope, president, Joan Bickley, vice-president, Alice Roberts, secretary, and Peggy Lakin, treasurer, led the club through a most successful and active year. Cleofa Coffield- Dick Stephens' Jane Shipp, Norma Schmid, Bill Bullard, Delores DeHart. Row Row Row Row Row Delores DeHart. Bill Bullard, Norma Schmid, Jane Shipp, Dick Stephens, Cleora Coffield. : llzgthliillough, Jackie Eldred, Clarissa Payne. Delores Weatherly, LaVonne Aiton, Joanne Goorman, Beverly Brown, Betty Alice Roberts, Margaret Saunders Barbara Erlich Juanita Northcott Elizabeth Wintersgill Anita Edson, Sallv Cun- . ningham, Barbara Ragland, Doris Davidson, Jane Wilson, Margaret Gaim, Esther Stake, Heleri Jackson, Carol Lindeman. Phyllis Daum, Peggy Lakin, Mrs. Cashen. : Darlene Weatherly, Betty Weist, Lenore McCorkle, Marjorie Holding. Georganna Buckle, Geraldine Olson, June Camp- bell, Elaxne Engle, Joann Stratton, Carol Deirks, Norma Smith, Marcia Atchison, Carol Harman, Joanne Ware, Joan Wray, Clarine Perkins, Shirley Grubbs. 55 Alice Albfallhf. Rea HBSSiE. Betty Ann Bangs, Lorraine Stratton, Virginia Gray, Marlene Richards, Geraldine Garrison, Ruby Perkins. D0l'iS Slihaffqr. Joann Oberg, Juanita Schra, Sue Strickland, Kama Wangeren, Phyllis Bassett. Joan Doyle, Lorene Meineke, Joanne Bickley, Coleen Welle. Row 1: John Mandis, Roger Kohler, Martyn Whitcomb, Bob Lindsay, Vernon Graves, Don Reinke. Row 2: Barbara Ragland, Melvin Zable, Charles Lane, Lee Sebastian. Row 3: Doris Davidson, Esther Maybury, Anne Peasley, Helen Chambers, Miss Foote,StanlSY Medsker, Harlin Robinson. mga 6-new The stage crew plays an indispensable part in all of our school plays and assemblies. The members construct stage sets, supervise purchases of stage properties, and take charge of the sound and lighting systems. The crew is ready whenever it is needed to help in the auditorium. Miss Foote is the supervisor of the group. VINCENT ELLIOT President E. H. S. owes its deepest appreciation to the boys in the Visual Club. Many times the boys have been called out of classes to show a picture for the school. Each member of this club has an operator's license, which entitles him to run the motion iii 51' i 'Lan i picture machines. New members 1 , learn the essential parts of the ma- H V . . M chines and the way to operate them. iiiii eii Mr. Richert is the sponsor, Vin- 4 is s JE! ,P -A S e cent Elliott the president, and James E ' , 1, 1 : ' K . 1 ' 3 Q Mathews, the vice-president of this JAMES 1 MATHEWS Vice-president club. Row 1: Brooks Smith, Russell Thompson, Vincent Elliot, Carl Peterson. Row 2: Mac Terry, Donald Stouder, Charles Hamilton, Row 3: Stanley Medsker, james Mathews, Richard john, Keith Francis, Wayne Tyler, Eugene Powers, Robert Forbes. ROW I: Mr. NiCh01S0fl- Tommy Sillito, Bernadine Kuehn, Betty Peal, Charlotte Lung, Sally Carlson, oanne Rounds, Eddie Williams, Duane Roll, Martyn Whitcomb, BETTY ANN BANGS Vice-president ,,. Peter Klalsle, 'Lloyd Crum, Emaline Cutlip, Earlene Stokes, Marjorie Jeffries, Norma Schmid. , ' .- Row 2: Mary Atwood, Carol Selby, Francis Bolles, Darlene Schuster. Verna May Fur- , 1.5 row, Betty Childers, Carol Pepper, Beverly Hicks, Allan Magnesson, Don Ross, 6 ' Duane Skinner, Mary Ellen Dean, Alice Roberts, Pat Swope, Elaine Rauchfuss. G I Row 3: Helen Chambers, Augusta Ann Sievers, Priscilla Greene, Betty Lea Roll, Delores " " Weatherly, Lorene Mienike, Betty Ann Bangs, Louis Hickman. Addison Ulrich, i u Bob Nicholls, Sally Cunningham, jonna Lee Michels, Lorraine Stratton, Margie X Waite, Mary Ellen Barton, Patty Munkirs. J. V -, , Row 4: Patty Meyer, oan Wray, Darlene Weatherly, Joan Breymaier, Jane Elliot, Bob MONTY DAVIDSON Curtis, Fred Eyles, Don Gamet, Monty Davidson, Rex Morley, Delores Blank, President Adeline Pitzer. Jean Pitzer, Margaret Sanders, Eleanor Knapp, Elva Sigiving, Delores Nelson. O The 65.voice choir under the direction of P. C. Nicholson has met with an enthusiastic response through the year of '48. The group officers, Monty Davidson, president, Betty Ann Bangs, ice-president, and Marjorie Jeffries, secretary and treasurer have done a fine job also. Because of the high achievements of the choir, they started the annual custom of touring the state. The towns visited this year were some northeastern schools, Fredrick, Lafeyette and Fort Lupton. On request, concerts were also given for the Masonic Lodge, Englewood Lions Club, Denver Laymen's League, and the World Citizenship Institute at Wellshire Coun- try Club. A public concert was given March 17 and this per- formance upheld the- reputation of one of Englewood's finest vocal organizations. .As usual. the choir entered the All State Music Contest, held this year at Boulder. It is very obvious to see that Mr. Nichol- son has done a great deal with the quality of voices and the mutual understanding of music among the choir members and we are surely proud of them all. WWW A new note was introduced in the musichdepartment this year when the Glee Club was made an all girls organization- Forty members composed the group, and by the end of the year there were ten songs in their repertoire. Accompanied by Kathryn Blomberg, the Glee Club performed for numerous audi- ences during the year and received many favorable comments. At the beginning of the second semester tryouts. were held mak- ing the group more select. U-nder the able direction of Paul Nicholson the Glee Club has improved a great deal this year and hopes to improve even more next year. Mr. Nicholson, Kathryn Blomberg, Lyda Cotnron, Augusta Sievers, Carol Selby Wanda Crumpacker, Bafbafl Wefg. R 1 : ow inane Shipp, Charlotte Lung, Betty Childers, Jeannine Preshaw, jonna Lee Michels, Lavonne Bishop, D0I0fhY I-Of , elen Cannon. , . : T 'l ll , Kl , D B g. Mar Atwood, Robena .Des1tin, Mary Lou Wampus -Phyllls James. Man' Row 2 SlI:ttitn,cfat?d3:lyTri1 xgtabetllgelilheltiilgniaiofflifxaster, lgatsy Carlson, Rosalie Miller, Sally Carlson, Lonfaine Stratton. . Row 3: Carol Cunningham, Muriel Colburn, Donna Spieker, Carol Kegeril Wgmlai :.lEilE21Yl:lg?:5: ?qlgl::lWE5gg:f2hCy Patterson. I-015 Yonkers, Elaine Hall, Darlene Green, Pat Swope, Henrietta a em , J Kathryn Blomberg, Carol Selby, Charlotte Lung, Lavonne Bishop. Janna Lee Michels, Carol Selby, K a t h r yn Blomberg, Jacqueline Stabell, Shirley Van Pelt. Betty Ann Bangs, Marjorie Jef- fries, Sally Cunningham, jo a n Wray. Priscilla Greene, Elizabeth Peal, Lorraine Stratton, jane Wilson. ' 'Znumdla Four ensembles were organ- ized this year as part of the music department, to give girls training in singing in small groups. Most of the groups made several appearances. The Jun- ior and Senior Girls' Trios ap- peared on several programs with the choir including the choir tour. The members of the ensem- bles gained valuable training in balance intonation, inter- preting, and a general under- standing of music. All of the members enjoyed the Work very much. S d J ne Wilson Jud Oberg, Marilyn Row 1: Polly Hostetler, Elizabeth Peal, Phyllis Darting, Maurice Briles, Margaret aun ers, a , Y Schumann, Joann Oberg. V N D ld H fu ld P t ici: R 2: P K'll h, Elli tt, B t Ann Bangs, ewel Camp, Vernon Smith, Joan an atter, ona at ie , a r ow Bari.. lgiii,?JEmeg?rifobertoSmit1:, 'Robert Campbeil, Susan Faxrman, Merrill Amsbury, Mark Beyers, Lynnette Schumann. Row 3: Ann Roe, Ralph ljlowser, Joann Stratton, Elaine McCoy, Barbara Mackie, Clarol Jams,bgargigzeffcgggzsdjoggxx Hamm, Lannie Smith, Robert Decker, Darold Hendee, Rouert Nxckolas, Don T ompson, o Standing: Jim Nickolas, Don Nickolls, Bill Bailey, Mr, Nicltols, Joyce Neilson, Ernie Tangye. 0'zc4ewuz The Senior High Orchestra is an out of school organization which meets three times a week before school. The orchestra played for the Thespian Play, Junior Class Play, Commencement exercises, Spring Festival, and at the contest at Boulder. The officers for the club were Edwin Hamm, president, and Pat Black, vice-president. 2444 Under the direction of Charles Nicholls, the Senior High Band played for all the home football games and parades and with new uniforms went to the state contest at Boulder. A greater part of the band's work came during class period when they worked very hard on their contest pieces. The officers of Band were Monte Davidson, president, Edwin Hamm, vice-president, and Ronald Crabtree, secretary. Row 1: James Matthews, Donald Hatfield. Lloyd Bailey, Patricia Black, Richard Jacobs, Robert Smith, Robert Youngquist, Maurice Briles, Robert Campbell, Evelyn Ferguson. Row 2: Deirdre L'Hommedieu, William dones, Roger Anderson, Richard John, Barbara McFarland, Alvin Gentch, Roland Hessel. MarilynSchumanrgJoann Oberg, ark Byers, Joann Burns, Lyle Snell, Merril Amsbury, Elaine Cronquist, Larry Bachelor, Susan Fairman. Row 3: Lila Deering, Mary Lou Hagle, Marie Sletten, Joyce Nielson, Carol Moline, Victor Herrick, Jack Richard, Lorene Garri- Row son,'Richard Pinger, Donald Gamet,'Eugene Gunero, John Hickman, Lee Murch, Robert Nicholas, Ronald Crabtree, Edwin Hamm, Max Barrett, Donald Thompson, Ronald McKenzie, James Adamson.. Robert Kelly, Gerald Bamgartener, Richard Stephens, Robert Frazel. 4: Donald Nickell, Phil Fullerton, Lames Nicholas, Robert Knous, William Bailey, Monte Davidson, Mr. Charles Nicholls Georganna Buckel, Shirley Grub s, Norma Davy, Betty Ann Roth. i 1 Row 1: Lloyd Bailey, Don Hatfield, Bob Nicholas, Lee Murch, Ronald Crabtree ,Edwin Hamm Row 2: Larry Bachelar, Merril Amsbury, Max Barrett, Don Nichols, Bob Fraxell, Walter Maulis. pep gud Row 3: Phil Fullerton. A very important part of every pep assembly is music. This music is pro- vided by the Pep Band. This group is sponsored by Charles Nicholls, and has selected Edwin Hamm as president. l Polly Hostetler, Patsy Killough, Betty Ann Bangs, Joann Oberg, Joann Stratton, Jane Wilson, Mar- garet Sanders. Row 1: Jane Grace Wilson, Evelyn Ferguson, Marie Slaten, , Mary Lou Hagel, Lila Dierling, Pat Black. .Row2: Bob Youngquist, Bob Smith, Bill James, Rodger Anderson, Mr.' Nicholls' sm., amaze. The string ensemble consists of seven students. The purpose of the group is to play for various assemblies and organizations whenever called upon and to represent Englewood High in the state music contest. Wwdwmd This group, first organized in Englewood High School this year, was primarily for the purpose of teaching those students playing woodwind instruments intonation and group playing. It has had several evening practices in addition to the regular meeting time. The group this year was under the direction of Charles Nicholls. Row 1: Mr. Wallace, Dick Hedwall, Vincent Elliot, Larry Bachelor, Stanley Wood- man, Howard Christopher, jack Poole, Evan jones. Row 2: gohn Nicholls, Dick Peverly, Wallace johnson, John Medsker, Duane Skinner, dgar Bailey, Clinton Smith, Lester Bridenstein, Lloyd Bailey. Row 3: John Kaufman, Bob Knous, David Clayton, Wayne Kaufman, Ray Thayne, Bob Decker, Don Banister, Marvin Hadley, Bill Bullard, Melvin Van Diest. Row 4: Ray Miller, Don Ross, George Eskeli, Art Blom, Tom Ranum, George McMil- lian, Coral Bailey, Keith Wetterstorm, Bob Palmer, Phil Fullerton, Gerald Blaine, Mabry Downey. Hi-Y, a club which branches from the Y. M. C. A., was organized to create better understanding and good fellowship among Christian men, to promote friendship among the citizens of our country, and to teach righteous living. The club has sponsored several dances, the profits of which were contributed to needy causes. Also it has raised money to donate to the new Y. M. C. A. build- ing, which will be built in the near future. This club was under the able sponsor- ship of Mr. Wallace and was led to a successful year by President, Tommy Ranum, and Vice-president. Ray Thayne. This newly organized club, affiliated with the Y.W.C.A., is known both for its services and for its social activities. Its purposes are to help others and to help its members to become better cit- izens. Any girl was eligible for the club if she wished to carry out its purposes. The club helped a cripple boy, sent gifts to elderly people at Thanksgiving, and contributed to the Welfare Service for Thanksgiving baskets. Officers for the year were Adeline Pitzer, president, Margaret Gann, vice- president, Dorothea Stout, secretary. Phyllis Daum, treasurer, and Miss Grubbs, sponsor. Gail Werb Carol Pepper, Vivian Upson, Shirley Stout, Anita Edson, Betty Roth, Norma Schmid, Shirley Hobbs Vanda Roth, Patricia Kindsvater, Francis Northcutt, Jeannie Vandewinkle, Barbara Werb. Elaine Rauchfuss, Adeline Pitzer, Margaret Sanders, Norma Smith, Beverlee Brown, Jacqueline Eldred, Alice. Lane Roberts, Bernadine Kuehn, Clarissa Payne, Anna May Knisley, Carol Selby, Katherine Blomberg, jonna Lee Mic els, Lucinda Carhart, Geraldine Seaton, Louise Tarpley, Miss Grubbs. Dixie Slater, Mary Burgesser, Polly Hostetler, Phyllis james, Jackie Stabel, Sally Cunningham, Charlotte Lung, LaVonne Aiton, joan Wrayi Carol Lindeman, Phyllis Daum, Tommie Sillito, Shirley Smith, Shirley Urich, Kathryn Reynolds, Rea Hassig, Francis ucker. A Lavonne Bishop, Diann Bingaman, Esther Mayberry, Henrietta Balkema, Darlene Green, Shirley Smith, Carnie Hammons, Helen jackson, Betty Childers, Maxine Bailey, Pat Hayhurst, Aline Hearndon, Margaret Gann, Darlene Schuster, Marie Clark, Dorothy Parrill, Barbara Carhart, Phyllis Rodgers, Patsy Killough. Marcia Atchison, Shirley jackson, Barbara Ragland, Doris Davidson, Patty Meyer, Pat Munkirs, Delores Blank, Har- riett Christopher, Betty Davis,. Georganna Buckel, Virginia Gray, Fila 'Rudeen, Mag Frances Kemper, Rebecca Engle, Geraldine Olsen, Robena Deskin, Phyllis Bassett, Dorothea Stout, Priscilla Greene, hyllis McG1athery, Donna Wegert, Joan Maloy. Row 1: Shirley Grubbs, Ramona Hornbuckle, Joyce Schakel, Marjorie Jeffries, Norma Davy, Bertha Meier, Mary Emma Jewell, Joyce Head, Bernice Strasser, Dar ne Green, Peggy Lakin. Miss Dale. Row 2: .Loan Breymier, Mary Ellen Barton, Delores DeHart, Keith Francis, Richard tephens. Theodore Armstrong, Verle Watkins, Walter Maulis, james Eroddy, Clarine Perkins, Dorothy Mandrell, Coleen Welle. Row 3: Robert Schmall, Bob Chrifield, Kieth Milsapps, Earl Watkins, james LaBrash, Darold Hendee. VERLE WATKINS Bon Ross Vice-president 94475 D President GEORGE ESKELI President The members of this club were pri- marily interested in having a good time with a truly western form of dancing. They found square dancing to be a great deal of fun and became very ex- pert at it. The music for the dances was fur- nished by two of the members, Mary Ellen Barton and Bob Schmall, The club was under the leadership of Miss Dale, sponsor, Bob Ross, Presi- dent, and Verle Watkins, Vice-presi- dent. This club was organized for the pur- pose of bettering everyone's dancing. The members who knew the modern dances and different steps tried to teach these to the rest of the members. The boys also learned the proper procedure in asking for a dance, to escort the girl back to her seat--and in general the way to act when one is attending a dance-where it is necessary to know the fundementals. This club was led to a successful year by Miss Killion, Sponsor, George Eskeli, President, and Bob Slyter, as Vice-president. BOB SLYTER Vice-president Row l: Triva Salters, Arlene Pullum, Twila Colette, Barbara Carhart, Georgia Wright, Betty Thompson, Ruth Leymaster, Delores Braden, Betty Burge, Marjory Herod, Jane Elliott, Miss Killion. Row 2: Daisy Hull, Betty Palkowsky, Myrna Lepsaw, .Darlene McArthur, Luella Nicholls, Robena Deskin, Howard Bainbridge, glarry K3sselnIiIari, Teil, Armstrong, Tommy Gerlich, Sybil Price, Alice McKinnis, Mary Wappes, Bemice Strasser, Darlene eene, oy o com . Row 3: Edsel Carol, Bob LaB.rash, Elmer Waldo, Eugene Goldtrap, Bob Lengel. Harold Parrill, Frank Johnson, George Eskeli, gob Slytg, Jfsry-IB1gine, Ed Bash, Bob Ross, Monte Smith, Rollie Hornhuckle, Robert Duty, Clinton Smith, Marvin raves, aro en ee. Row 1: Elizabeth Wintersgill, Mr. Landon. Doris Shaffer. I d H milton, Anna Bettinger, Row 2: Gordon White, jim Urch, Robert Neily, Clan Cue 3 Marie Israel, Shirley Lake, Janice Youhgqulst, Beverlee 101195- William Kin Bob LaBrash George Van Dreal Edsel Caroll, RalPh H0955- R 3: g, . 1 ow Lee Sebastian, Duane Jones, Mac Terry, Colonel Thorpe. ,-4w4wa6l4-4 The two main objectives of this club were pleasure and sport. Mem- bers of the club participated in matches on club days. The matches were held on Commerce Field dur- ing good weather and in the shop in bad weather. This club made a thorough study of the equipment and learned the terms-significant to archery. They also saw several good archery films. A r c h e r y Club was under the sponsorship of Mr. Landon, with Ralph Houser as president and Mac Terrv as vice-vresident. calling This club was organized so that t h o s e who were interested could learn the tricks of bowling and the way to enjoy it. The members found that bowling was a good way to become acquaint- ed with people and that it fostered the spirit of sportsmanship. Leading the club as sponsor, Presi- dent, and Vice-president, were Mrs. Graham, Russell Tremaine, and Ca- rol Cunningham. RUSSELL President 1:3 . S CAROL CUNNINGHAM p A Vice-president Row 1 Mrs Graham, Carol Pepper, john Goddard, Cecil Dresell, Betty Davis, Carole uunnmgnam, Ju-:un Milliken Row 2 Robert Keeney. Donald Bush, Russel Tremaine.Coral Bailey, james Manahan, Duane jones, Donald Wentworth. Row 3 Powell Gomer, Ralph Houser, William Grimm, Ira Strondell. 0-.i .....,. , -.- l 1 Standing, left to right: Mr. McClelland John Mandis james Cook Ronald Piotroschke James Nickolas, Powell Gomer Cecil Dreisel Ira Strandell, Maurice Briles Martyn Whitcomb, Edwin Hamm Lee Murch Erwin Mesloh Dale Schrive Richard Bender. Sitting left to right: Carl Peterson Roger Rice, Donald Thompson, Donald Kingston Zieumzdg M604 H- , ,L RODGER RICE President RONALD PIOTRASHKE Vice-president This club was organized for the pur- pose of introducing the games of Chess and Checkers to people who could be- come interested in them. The better players of the club had tournaments. The others who wished to enter the tournaments but weren't skill- ed enough to do so had an opportunity to increase their skill and to try to be- come the chess and checker champion of the club. Chess and Checkers Club was under the leadership of Mr. McClelland, spon- sor, Roger Rice, President. and Ronald Piotrdschke, Vice-President. The Meteorology Club studied the work of the weather observer in obtain- ing and distributing weather informa- tion and the work of the weather fore- caster in interpreting weather informa- tion and making weather forecasts. Meteorology m e a n s the study of clouds, types of weather, causes of weather, and effects of the weather. The leaders of this club were Presi- dent, Don Doering, and Vice-president, Mr. Downs was the sponsor. -asa f -- A ' I DON DOERI NG President ,Wai - . . ,3l"1,i ROBERT B. CAMPBELL Vice-president Row l: Mr. Downs Barbara Ehrlich, Royella Curry, Susan Fairman, Bob Campbell, Row Z: Don Doering, Herman Balkema. I , Vivian Upson Fila Rudeen Mary Atwood Mrs Roark Delores Hostetler Vivian Col lxngs The Scribblers had a very active elle Zecewzcd The Bible Research Club studies VIVIAN COLLINGS President FILA RUDEEN Vice-president season this year. They entered the English Contests whic h are held each year for short stories, essays, and poems. They presented an as- sembly entitled "Madam La Flezia" and raised money for the English Awards by holding their a n n u a l corsage sale. This club stimulated a desire for creative writing under the guidance of Mrs- Roark , sponsor, with the help of Vivian Collings, President, and Fila Rudeen, Vice-president. the Bible or the lives of Biblical characters. U n d e r the leadership of Lydn Cothron, Presidentg Hubert Disney, Vice-presidentg Norma Jean Kidwell, Secretaryg and Maxine Bailey, Treas- urer, the club has had a fine year and hopes to better the feeling be- t W e e n different denominations in the future. Miss Archibald has been the spon- sor of the club during the year. LYDA COTH RAN President HUBERT DISNEY Vice-president Row 1: Lyda Cothron, Norma jean Kidwell, Pat Hayhurst, Maxine Bailey, Betty Childers, Betty Lea Roll, Kathleen Andler, Margie Kirkpatrick, Miss Archibald. Row 2: Donna Speicker, Leona McGraw, Virginia Ure, Bob Hayhurst, Betty Hubbard., Joan Stevens, Jeannette Wullshleger, Evelyn Coffman. Row 3: Gerald Kuehn, Opal Lee McConnell, Evelyn Coffman, john Wullschleger, Jeanneanne Doty, Grace Herzog, George John- son, Joann Maloy, Donna Wigert. LeRoy Franke, David Clayton, Frances Rucker, Robert Crist, Shields Ore, Mr. Kramer, Charles Howard, Donna Marshall. Wetamaa The Veterans Club was formed for the purpose of helping veterans, who have returned from the service, to readjust themselves to school life, It introduces the veterans' benefits and privileges to them. Members of the club sponsored a dance and con- ducted several bingo games. The proceeds went for a good cause. The club was under the direction of Mr. Romans. The International Relations Club, sponsored by Mr. Kramer with Frances Rucker as president and James LaBrash as vice-president, was en- joyed by all the members this year. The club's chief project was writing letters to students in foreign countries so that the mem- bers could increase their knowledge of other countries and further inter- national friendship. The dis- cussion of major problems in club meetings increased their knowledge and understand- ing of other countries. NORMA LORENZO Row 1: Rex Fleet, Neil Truelson, Arvid Smith, Charles Wilhite. Row 2: Robert LaBrash, Mr. Romans, Emerson Christy. if ,R s 5 ,.. 1' a n S f N H FRANCES L. RUCKER JAMES LA BRASI-I em6cn2ed0w44 ' The Junior Red Cross Council, composed of one representative from each home room, helped at the Red Cross Headquarters and at Fort Logan. The officers were: presi- , W dent, Norma Lorenzo, vice- ' ....,., W president, Ruby Perkins, sec- .: retary, Carol Lindemang and . treasurer, Don Wentworth. RUBY PERKINS Row 1: Norma Jean Lorenzo, Frances Rucker, Norma Chambers, Shirley Shwartz, Rea Hassig. Row 2: Donna Marshall, Carol Lindemann, June Campbell, Joy Holcomb, Barbara Fields, Miss Lillian Sullivan. Row 3: Betty Davis, Don Wentworth, 'Robert Forbes, Grant Kendrick, Ruby Perkins, Stanley Medsker. li wk X JACK THOMPSON President 721 IMA ROSE MADDOX President ,Y 1,6 , ,T Row l: Dan Kaizer, Bud Stout, Robert Naudack, john Goddard, Hubert Disnev, Robert Woods, Ronald MacKenzie, Colbert Cushing, Max Barrett, Russel Thomson, Larry Shoemaker, Mr. Brooks. Row 2: Merril Amsbury. Norman Venard, Merlin Beckman, james Welle, Gordon Parks, Douglas Briels. Harlan Bucholz, Larry Bonner, Monte Smith, Cecil Coffield, Richard Finger, Bud Slater, Marvin Schiessler, William Drake. Row 3: Stanley Mrsny, Arnold Winters, John Gantzler, john Hickman, Winston Nyquist, Donald Wentworth, William Henderson, Donald LeFever, Ed Bash, Alvin Gentsch, Lorenz Williams, Marcus Frix, Henry Esser, Rex Morley. Row 4: Donald Barnes, Fred Bishop, Jack Thomason, jack Williamson, jack Pearce, Robert Lengel, Kenneth Garrison, Fred Fyles, Myron Olson, Lonny Morris, Perry Israel, Robert Stanford, Melvin Zabel, Kermit Wetterstrom. .Tames Walker. WD' The Sportsmans' Club was reorganiz- ed this year under a new name, The Englewood High School Hunting and Fishing Club. It was under the leader- ship oi'President, jack Thompson and Vice-president, Myron Olson. Discussions of the club were on topics related to hunting, fishing, and outdoor life. Activities of the club were carried on into the summer. Many QT the fellows who became acquainted in the club became hunting and fishing pals. Mr. Brooks, sponsor, says the pur- pose of the club is to promote ideals of good sportsmanship and to help begin- ners learn the basic rules of hunting, fishing and conservation of wild life. The purpose of the Auto Club is to familiarize its members with the opera- tion of a car. In meetings they discussed safety measures of driving. Burt's Chevrolet supplied a new Chevrolet for use in the club. Out of this club grew the Auto-driv- ing Course, sponsored by the Courtesy Patrol and the Rocky Mountain A.A.A. Sponsoring this club were Mr. Rich- ert and Mr. Worthington. The leaders of the club were President, Ima Rose Maddox, and Vice-President, Don Bush. mf 4 --Q Y M YRON OLSO N Vice-president VL! i Q. . f'NAw'4n" '- ' -. Y' Fi il ni . .. ' . . DO NALD BUS H Vice-president Row 1: Mr. Worthington, Doris Breidenstine, Mary Ellen Dean, Violet Eaton, Eleanore Knape, Mary Lou Wampas, June Camp- bell, Mary Atwood, Augusta Sievers. Glena Dunun, Alenn Lee Bjock, Dorothy Nelson. Row 2: Eugene Fargo, Keith Frances, Don Butram, Wayne Tyler, Eugenia Vetten, Ima Rose Maddox, Vivian Collings, Donna Speiker, Patsy Zellmer, Karen Edge. Row 3: Dick Newton, Richard Jones, Donald Bush, Eugene Thompson, Monte Smith, Jim Morton, Eloise Bradder, Elaine Hall. Muriel Colburn, Merna Libseok. Delores Nordin. Row 1: Lange Henning, Clarine Perkins, Betty Childers, Betty Peal, Bill Reddick, Mary Ruth Penny, Shirley Hobbs, Vonda Ot. Row 2: Bill Fleet, Bob Smith, Verle Watkins, Harlan Robinson, Kermit Wetterstrom, Jim Walker, Bobby Naudack, Mr. Gullette. Row 3: Bob Youngquist, John Nicholls, Jack Thompson, Jerry Blaine, Marlin Hadley, Roger Rice. Walter Kierstein, Keith Wetterstrom, ' ' Www Society The purpose of the student council is to make our school a law abiding place. This council is sponsored by our principal, Mr. Gulletteg its members consist of the Head Boy and Head Girl and the presidents of every home room in the high school. The student council has helped to make our school what it is and has been. The members of this coun- cil have aided students with their many problems and difficulties. All their assistance has been greatly ap- preciated by the students and fac- ulty of E.H.S. L BIP L,EHLY HOMER LUGINBILL resident Vice-president The purpose of the N.H.S. is to raise the scholastic standing of the school. The members are in the upper one fourth of their classes, and high in these traits-leader- ship, scholarship, character, and service. The present members consist of thirty-four Seniors, twelve of whom were members last year, and eleven Juniors. The officers are Bill Ehly, President, Homer Luginbill, Vice- president, and Margaret Gann, Sec- retary. Miss Lillian Sullivan is our very capable sponsor. a Virginia Laybourn, Jane Wilson Betty Peal, Claire Hollb r F R k Shirley Gmbbs, Norma Schmid. , e g rances uc er, Jane Shipp, Marilyn Likely, Marjorie Jeffries, Shirley Palmer, Joann Bickley, Betty Weist, Sally Cunningham, Phyllis Daum, Rea Hassig, Peggy Lakin Marie Clark, Patsy Swope, Shirley Hobbs. - Miss Sullivan, Margaret Gann, Georganna Buckel, Pat Black, Priscilla Greene, Karma Green, Betty Ann Bangs, Geraldine Garri- son, Shirley Fredrickson, Joann Stratton. Em Eroddy, John Medsker, Erwin Mesloh,'Don Bannister, Bill Ehly, Arvid Smith, Homer Luginbill, Ted Coman, Jim Walker, oward Marsh, Bob Smith, Walter Kierstein. if wm- , :I Row 1: Bob Smith, jack Poole, George MacMillian, Bill Fleet, Ray Thayne, Ed Nelson, jim Walker, Kermit Wetter strom. Row 2: Roy James, Bill Schooley, Bob Decker, Fred Bishop, Evan jones, Jack Thompson, Verl Watkins, Don LeFever Row 3: Mr. Wallace, Howard Christopher, Ted Coman, Myron Olson, Ed Bailey, Dick Peverly, Earl Watkins, Allan Stroo, Allan Magnuson. Row 4: Paul Rundle, Duane Skinner, George Eskeli, Mr. Mast, Jim Monahon, Wayne Kaufman, Art Blom. 7 The Pirate football season started September 1 with about 65 boys reporting to Coach Mast for practice sessions. There were 8 lettermen, 4 in the line and 4 in the backfield, some otheripromising seniors from the "B" team, and very good junior prospects from the "B" team. Although most material was green, Englewood was regarded as a fair ball club. After two weeks of strenuous workouts the Pirates played the favored Littleton Lions at Littleton. The Pirates surprised everyone as they exploded to an 18-0 half-time lead. In the second half, however, the play was about even with neither team scoring, and the game ended with the Pirates a surprising 18-0 winner. The Pirates journeyed to Fort Morgan for their next game and beat the Maroons soundly 26-7 for their second victory. They played their first home game against the Regis Red Raiders. After a slow start the Pirates ended on the long end of a 26-0 score. The first conference game was at home. The Pirates took on the Longmont Trojans, who were a 14 point favorite. The game was played evenly all the way and then in the last 15 seconds of play Englewood passed and ran 80 yards for the winning touchdown. This was Englewood's fourth victory with no defeats. The Pirates had rolled up 76 points to 7 points for their opponents. Then came the downfall, as Englewood was beaten 20-0 by a highly rated Boulder team. The next week was spent in strenuous preparation for the invading Loveland Indians, who were the league leaders. On Friday night the Pirates gave Loveland its toughest game, but the Indians finally won 20-13- At Fort Collins the Pirates lost a 32-13 game to a strong Lambkin squad. The next and last contest was at Greeley, where the Wildcats won 12-6 in a very poor game. All together the Pirates won four games and lost four games for a 5001, average, but the games that were lost were conference contests. Physically the Pirates had a good season, losing only two men, Bud Doherty and Jim Wallcer, because of injuries. Although the Pirates had the best season they have had in the last few years, it should have been better than it was. Row 1: Jim Powers, Richard Johns, Lloyd Bailey, Max Barrett, Martyn Whitcomb, Jim Matthews, Thomas Brewer, Phil Fullerton. Row 2: Clarence Siders, Lorenz Williams, Stanley Woodman, Keith Wetterstrom, John Nicholls. Row 3: Joh: Davis, Bob Slyter, Richard Kirk, Norman Vernard, Don Reinke, Fred Fyles, Alvin Gentch, Larry Shoe- ma er. Row 4: Bill Willoughby, Stanley Hunt, Mabry Downey, Eddie Burns, Kenny Garrison, Lonnie Morris, Ted Raridon, jerry Blame, Mr. Broadbent. w ! -, A Englewood- En glewood-- Englewood- Englewood- FOOTBALL SCORES FINAL STANDINGS Littleton .,... Fort Morgan Regis ....... Longmont Englewood-Boulder ..... Englewood Englewood Loveland ..... ...... 1 3 Fort Collins ..... ..... 1 3 Englewood-Greeley .............................. 6 - Loveland .... Fort Collins Boulder ...... Englewood .... Longmont .. Greeley . ,. W L . 5 0 . 4 1 . 3 2 . 1 4 . 1 4 . 1 4 . slim . Q if 'ff if 553 552 ig H .. .1 Y , , .. ...,, ,..f.: ,-.- M ' U -'-' -fi H wif X - M mes - -g W . ii Q Q , 4 2 S X 4 Q '--- . X V A - X '- J": " Q. -P ' 1 .. ,. .. " 7 G Legg 1 .. tl . ii: 'e ' 3 'S , ,F .V is . , Niwdk FXR -, M ff. - A , ,, l , . . V' 1 F' vig 74335 EP 4. ,Q in X , 22 X' L E .-. 4- .,., 4 , E '- " ' 0 ' -1 .K ,AVN '-": . , ,4 ,. .... . Es . ""' -"' ' Qs - . ---'- U.: 'P- -ffgrg .' - ,,,. KM V V V 'C-.,,,.-.,r A ' eff f-we 'k.-- .. .Q ' 3 Kneeling: Mr. Blessing. Standing: Jim Walker, Marlen Hadley, Jack Thompson, Art Blom, Bob Decker, Allan Stroo, Evan Jones, Colbert Cushing. Z, The Pirate quintet started the 1947-48 basketball season by winning three of seven pre- season ball games. The season opened officially on January 2 when the Pirates traveled to Fort Collins only to lose 44-27. In the return game on February 3, the Pirates upset the Lambkins in an overtime game, 44-42, with Tom Ranum and Allan Stroo leading in the scoring. Jim Welle, jerry Blaine, Ray Thayne, Stan Woodman, Harlen Robinson, jack Drury, Don Reinke, Larry Banner Kenny Hettler. The Longmont Trojans fell before the Pirates in a very close game on January 9 with Tom Ranum leading the Pirates to a 37-33 win. The Trojans avenged their loss by soundly beating Englewood 36-26 in the second encounter. On January 1 6 the powerful Boulder High team outshot the Pirates by a large margin. The final score was Boulder 32, Englewood 12. In the return game Englewood lost by a 54-30 score. The Pirates marked up Win number two when they beat the Loveland Indians 3 1-25 on their home floor. They also won the second game by a score of 42-34 with little difficulty. Greeley High School's Wildcats ruined Englewood's high hopes as they trampled the Pirate cagers 57-31, and when Englewood met Greeley in the last game of the season, the Pirates lost 44-34. All in all, the Pirates had a fairly good season. x Boulder ..,. Greeley ...... Fort Collins Englewood Longmont .. Loveland .... Englewood--Fort Collins Englewood-Longmont ...... Englewood-Boulder ..... Englewood-Loveland Englewood-Greeley ...., FINAL STANDQLNGS BASKETBALL RECORD 4 W L 0 2 5 6 7 10 Longmont ...,. ........ Loveland .... .....,.. Englewood-Fort Collins Englewood- Englewood--Boulder Englewood- Englewood-Greeley ...., -NLM I A1 . i . H' 44 26 30 42 34 70 Row 1: Leonard Shriver, Ted Armstrong, Jim Eroddy, John Davis, Monte Smith, Walter Maulis, Ronald McKenzie. Row 2: Mr. Stanley, Tom Brewer, Beryl Atkinson, Ted Coman, Walter Kierstein, Stanley Hunt, Bud Doherty, Dick Peverly, Verle Watkins. Row 3: Gerald Baumgartener, Alvin Gentch, Keith Wetterstrom, Lloyd Bailey, Earl Watkins, Kermit Wetterstrom, Bob Palmer, Bob Smith. Under the guidance of Coach Stanley, the Pirate wrestlers had a very successful season. In pre-conference contests they were able to Win five out of ten matches, defeating Littleton, Colorado Springs, Manual, Boulder, and Loveland. With a very disheartening score of 48 to 47, the wrestlers lost the conference meet to Fort Collins. The Pirates placing first in the conference were Bud Doherty, Bob Palmer, Earl Wat- kins, and Kermit Wetterstrom. jim Eroddy, John Davis, and Walt Kierstein all placed second and Leonard Shriver placed third. In the state meet the only Pirate placing was Jimmy Eroddy who placed third in the 112 pound class. With six returning lettermen Coach Stanley should have another successful season next year. WRESTLERS' RECORD Englewood-Littleton ..... ....... 2 4 - 22 Englewood-Loveland Englewood-South """' 19 - 29 Englewood-Boulder .. Englewood-East ...........,.... ....... 1 3 - 31 Englewood-Fort Collins .............. 18 - '34 Englewood-Greeley ""' Englewood-Colorado Springs ..,. 25 - 17 Englewood-Fort Collins INDIVIDUAL STANDINGS W L W Leonard Shriver ....... 1 13 Verle Watkins Ronald McKenzie ..... 0 11 Dick Peverly ...... Walter Maulis ...... 3 8 Keith Wetterstrom James Eroddy ....., 9 4 Edward Burns ....... Monte Smith ....... 6 1 Ted Coman ............. John Davis ...... 2 4 Kermit Wetterstrom Bud Doherty ..... ...... 1 5 2 Ted Armstrong .....v.. Bob Palmer ...... ...... 1 1 5 Walter iKierstein ...... Bob Smith ..... 3 2 Larry Shoemaker .,.... Earl Watkins .....,.................... 6 3 John Kaufman ..........,,... Row 1: Leonard Shriver, Walt Maulis, Jim Eroddy, Ronny McKenzie. Row 2: Mr. Stanley, Walt Kierstein, john Davis, Bud Doherty, Verle Watkins Row 3: Dick Peverly, Earl Watkins, Kermit Wetterstrom, Bob Palmer. 72 I Y Y Row 1: Mr. Blessing, George McMillan. john Kaufman, Robert Knous, William Red- x?i9s2 'S ,ji V dick. Colbert Cushing, Mr. Wallace. 'V ' Row 2: james Walker, Robert Palmer. james Eroddy, Duane Skinner, Robert Naud- I K ack, Grant Kendrick, Robert Smith. K Row 3: Paul Rundle, Donald LeFever, john Poole, Marlin Hadley, Earl Watkins, Verle -1' W gn f.f,m, Watkins, Ted Coman, William Fleet. Us Row 4: Homer Luginbill. Myron Olsen, Arthur Blom, Raymond Thayne, Allan Stroo, fl Robert Decker. Jack Thompson, Kermit Wetterstrom. Mf i , i iii A H ALITAN STR00 Any boy who has been awarded a etter for participation in or manag- JAMES WALKER Vlcvpfesldem ing of one of the many sports at Englewood High School may become a president member of the "E" Club. This club is sponsored by three of Englewood's coaches, Eugene Wfzillace, Paul Blessing, and Ray Stanley. This year the "E" Club, under the leadership of Jim Walker, Allan Stroo, and Howard Christopher, has been very active in assisting the activities, such as the Boys' Rally and the junior High Basketball Tourna- ment, which are designed to encourage participation in sports. I , , The Girls' Athletic Association, sponsored by Miss Marion Dale, is for athletic-minded girls who wish to take an active part in var-games. They participate in swimming, basketball, and track. The basketball gaine between the G.A.A. and the wrestlers is an event. They gave the wrestling team a banquet. DEIRDRE E, HOMMEDIEU The officers were Dierdre L'Hommedieu, Dorothy Parrill, and Shirley DOROTHY PARRIL Vice-president Huntley. President Row 1: Velma McMichell, Bernice Smith, Mariltn Rooney, Janice Dickerson, Beverly Bartlett, Mary Lou Hagle, Evelyn Furgu- son, Dorothy Parrill, Miss Dale. Row 2: Pat Hayhurst, Ruby Perkins, Carroll Dierks, Lila Deering, Karen Edge, Mary Jo Irving. Row 3: Dorothy Nelson, Frances Rucker. Leona McGraw. Elaine Hall, Dierdre L'Hommedieu, Donna Weigert, Elaine Cronquist. 1 X . SN-, -V 1 'f sf' "J X G-. Row 1: Row 2: Row 3: Row 4: Jim Morton, Duane Skinner, Lloyd Bailey, Duane Jones, Bob Naudack, Dan Kizer, Bob Lindsay, Robert Woods, Gordon White, Tom Brewer, Ted Essres, Larry Shomaker, Don Stoddard, Brooks Smith, Bob Knous, Coach Broadbent. Coach Wallace, Russell Thompson, Robert Rankin, Dick Erickson, Larry Bonner. Norman Venard, Bill Reddick, james La Brash, Don Wentworth, Paul Rundle, Bill Fleet, Monte Smith, Berl Atkinson, Edward Bash, Howard Marsh, Earl Watkins, Walter Kierstein. Harlin Bucholz, Winston Nyquist, Bill james, John Davis, jack Drury, jerry Blaine, Stanley Woodman, Keith Frances, Edgar Bailey, Kermit Wetterstrom, jack Thompson, Marlin Hadley, Lawrence Williams, Richard Kirk, Bob Smith. Coral Bailey, Melvin Van Diest, Monte Burkhart, Bob Lengel, Stanley Hunt, Ken Garrison, Myron Olson, Lonnie Morris. George McMillan, Arthur Blom, Robert Slyter, Cecil Dressel, Harlan Robinson, Don Reinke, Ted Coman, Dick Peverly, jim Walker, Homer Luginbill, Eddie Nelson. gage fully ..L. 5 feffeotckwadaaleaa S: iv Excuses, excuses Anymore rooma "Drink up, ' m'a1 11 W4 g For some people it's "OH, JOY!" while for others it's HUGH!" I mean this business of getting Pepsterg assembly The "new look" with the old. I vb' Q up early every morning and looking forward to a hard day full of books and teachers. While half all X awake, We stroll for run, to school and enter the same building and the same classroom at the same fin, - R U , ,,., . 4 9 "Vow oi ,I , Y A X ' Y, rl i .L-:gl ' I 'jghfwr ' ew, ex as Across the table. -v ':. ':..: : ' ww " ' Can you t it' time, which for some of us is a Wee bit too late. We can explain it though: We had to get an excuse for yesterday or to find something in the locker.That DOES explain it! 76 x . . , X D Lunch time's over. We will never forget the crowded halls, the drinking fountain lines, or our f , 1 3 - zz,- V ,' Q , . ,Q W Y, ..,..,,. ' .1 1-, ,, , , , V Z-' ' - xi ft, -V ',', K M A, In K P 1 M, M151 ,. . ., .- f 1- k'tlf4Kfk4'i"'j QQ. . ' ,wQwL.3iq5xi , .V W . ri 'ff I it ,L M ' my U K Q-'k73?A?37miii"1:33?'1'4Hf7ffff,9' N ,. A ,, , M wnnn , Q 1 On our waY- 1 5 quiet attention in assemblies. Speaking of LINES,tlmt cafeteria line was the HARDEST one to sneak Boom, rah, a a Y A aisles sm , ,. A " ' x 12,3 ' ' . -eff y ,wi5i l Tg,m?+?"555 . o 1 ff ':'h" ' Q 'lll' f Q W , .4 M - '- 45 :-H ,,,::.: .w by 1 , vi Q sa f 51 z-a '1z: fr:ff1sf-:if f' . 'S 41:3 5 4 :,:, :ii:g::,gg-E?-5.2. 2, ., 'ii' by ggi : ,, . :V K gf egg, to iii , M ,wiki ,umnnsugwggy We won! L Basketball schedule. ,if7i"yf"W' 1 l41aiQv'J3kf?., into, but everyone likes to eat and "the sooner the better" was our motto. Our favorite eating X a? si A N . Xi N winning sub Deb floami places were the cafeteria, the lawn, and "across the street." Oh yes, we must not leave out the custo dians, the men who graciously clean up our messes.After an afternoon of study, We leave A . L , we . 5 V H -ff c a . 1 , D S X, B i, ,yi z x . , e sixsffw , , 3 , 3 .1 1 4. 4 N, 2 M 1 J ,K t 'MN ' Q. we I . 7 - fy . gag K' I-. 3 e . A V A. ., A Vg, 7 M t X 3 , Q , 'SEE Y K, 'PKI' 0 R iid f l 5 Miki . , ' ni if "Winter Wonderland" ueen and attendants Q ,Sei 1 Y im ummm. emma ' 'I i- 1 An alumnus the and turn our attention to some of our evening school activities. How can We ever forget the VV ' . ..:-V1 1 ig.: V- ., .,.. - -1 X at 'H . ff HW 3 if 55 X ' 'Q . if f H i Ani J FN: 4 'Tx ,W M.. w , , 'EQ S Y' Q f xi 1 " 1 1 Pep Club initiates. f N H . 'T ,J 4 is P ,, . ' x , , :,,, . , . ' w I I lk ,gay Q, WA A k "" e vw M ., Vw , . The artistic touch. n 'n,,p:l p...-- 5 2 I 1 , A Q x . . e F .' 0 .- :r"'N""""' i N 5 I ' ig' ws! E E. ...f' 1, , nt ! I thrilling games of football, basketball, and wrestling,the Wonderful Homecoming parade and game, the ' 15 2, f ' ,' ' , W K , Q , ,nfl K, ,Ag M12 5 ,. ,SEA 3 fi g l efv R Q .f 5 Q I O Q ' -Jr V.: 2 I M 2 'N A sf: xx, X ff W . 3 15 ,pr 4 ak 1 Msg U5 XV ,Q A ,H ,VL I N 1? ,gi if ,Q V ' lv A X ,47 3 , 4 'fa 5. 5 gg' y Q V Q 5 54 S A 1 gk 7 , ,, f a 2 ,Q . Q. i gf A fr 1 in , 5 ,, , ,f ,Z - "" ' Thoie Juniors. L21 Yr, mf ww Jfzfl Pep Club formal, the "Leap Year Leap" and other informal dances, the club mas tree and decorations, and our many plays?AnyWay, it's been a wonderful year-really a year t b . y " o,,oe raaaz ,,,,e i ,oo y, 5. 77 w I we 1 wi W. if' M155 53,5 it Evifjfgiiw' ' ,Mt M, igbfw 5 4 3"g,, 1 it. .vm E, Merry Christmas' is mi gl 2- k"K5 . ,V K . gb. 9 A - ,,.: .,,i PP ' 1 . M is I. . :VM "M: 5-. f' -QQ-gr., '- -f.,-"' - ,325 1,2 . 'Rf e 'M f a r 1 -. y EQ. 'ij 1f' xf32as:::,,,':afg':3. Q Va 79 80 UMC We, the students of Englewood High,wisb to express our appreciation to the following businessmen for their most generous support of the Pirate Log CLIFF AND DOROTHY ROWLAND HARRY GROUSSMAN QFORDJ WISE AND FERGUSON LUMBER CO. LAD AND LASSIE SHOP ABBOT LUMBER COMPANY CENTURY REFRIGERATION AND HEATING THE ENGLEWOOD PRESS THE SNACK BAR HOME HOBBY BURT CHEVROLET CO. KENNETH RICHARDS GROCERY THE WELLSHIRE SHOP ROBIN'S ELECTRIC COMPANY APPAREL CLEANERS Cln Traml Loop, BILL AND SWEDE'S BARBER SHOP THE ENGLEWOOD FLOWER SHOP THE CLEANATORIUVM CLEANERS SECURITIES CREDIT CORPORATION THE LOOP KITCHEN THOMAS HOME SUPPLY MILLER AND DAVIS DRUG STORES J. C. PENNEY CO., INC. RASSMUSSEN'S SHOE SHOP ENGLEWOOD CLEANERS AND DYERS BUD PLUMBING AND HEATING LUNDBERG APPLIANCE CO. JOHN HUEMPHNER'S RECREATION HALL GEO. KILLOUCH, TREE SPECIALIST COLORADO CENTRAL POWER KORTZ-LEE WE ONA BEAUTY SHOPPE MAJESTIC MOTORS BUCKLEN'S RESTAURANT HILLTOP SERVICE AND CABINS KIVA STUDIO CHERRELYN 'STANDARD SERVICE FRASER AND TAYLOR 'IBENDIXP JOSLINAS DRY GOODS CO. WEST DENVER ELECTRIC CO. BRYSON DISTRIBUTINC CO. WALLACE SHOE STORE ENGLEWOOD BEAUTY SHOP Joss FUNERAL HOME ROCKY MOUNTAIN PAINT CO. LUDWIG AND COMPANY, FLORISTS AARON MOSKO MOTOR CO. GUY'S BARBER SHOP SOUTH SIDE FEED AND SUPPLIES ROGOE SHOE SHOP KEIM'S FROZEN FOOD LOCKERS Db v ' E yk .3 yfkipjvfpyw 'W V Af . X Q ff JK ,IK ,ff XL 'Qi M gf id? V42 pf 0 QE f' 'L JV A uf? QQQJQ fx A ' , fW ,,S , My 251' 2225352 V ff V f - ! X, Mfg, M . ' f 59 Wil M J lg? Q QW fig, is ax SM QE EQ SR

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