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, , W , W , Y . ., . , W . AI I if -V , , . ,, . .H 1' ' A '- , I r X . R-1. QW f , 53545. . Q . , W. 5 Q 3 Q MM if 5 xx F Wlfm' MM kb , XWSWM N my Qi gig WJ1,.Qwd' Qfgiw- XWEINQQSJX - QA g U YW ..-xv Mini 05512 MGQWWK in ,fy if wp M ,Y mf zz Q My ,i K . Q P X I . GQ A e?J3Z,Q l ' f ol X gf! Jvjy ?Nf Q f'!Q4'fff' M if Qfw vizww4 Mf' H 1 Z Q ii?57f?1L'M6""'L9., Si HMJMWWMQ 5 ,AV ln- M wffwgfgw QwHWQWWZl - j . V MQy if? P is M . iluuiafslfyjfj QWAJDEE fur f L ?,J .3lf4 Jilif L F ' ' , M'M-910 A5' 7 P .1 'J SW ' U27 W-'54 ff ' ffP1?aMff11 :ij M ' M Q 4 'CM 2' , A 4 I 1. M ' jf M . W k yl6g,g f , PM w W,QfQwff 'ff jg, 40,4 2 'f24 1'?fV'jL , ,f,f, ,aw wwfwwikiw eQ'f? l 6,15 if JE? aim, fmfg HWM f N wx "'ffH Q, SW 'LB 'LI'J3 SGD H943 0 mans mu if FH 0 4 1 If ,MQ ,xP M h'-ra ,"'Ni,'f 1- . Q 75, Avia' - . 0 l ygyw-f 1- -A . r in arm MMM? M 5 mm x ., , fx mr I' 4 x T X WM ,.,...-.M ,..w 1 X, Y Bon HIGH scHooL ENGLEWOOD COLORAD6i"gi 5 y i NST A ' 'r 1 N 6.1 ":" .W ., I ' it 2,1 dl QW, A' ' cf E x 5 . gb' I .4 V i 'bf' , ' .1 .. 4,,, C' -,,: 'ff' if 5 5. lil ' " -' .i '- Q f'f- ' A,,,, 'El ' Q. u JMX J- kb ,h - X me A 4: - 0 V Ju V Qzi as ly Ig' qgiq -L, Pa 1o'X ' W 1 x iff I 1" Si K- ,,:. Q Q br, A, Q, Ek aomawo an La ce Nam PAGE 2 We, fhe Class of I945. wish fo malce lhis yearbook a symbol of all fhe 'rhings fha? mean home 'ro +hose boys who have lefl' our school during fhe pasl' year +o serve in fhe armed forces of fheir counfry. Unifed in +he kin- ship 'rhal comes of many years of close associafion, we offer lhe I945 Pirafe Log as a fangible He belween lhem, wherever +hey may be, and us who remain al home. 'lr 1' 'A' Tille Page .,...,...................... l Foreword and Conlenfs .,.....,. 2 Dedica+ion .......................... 3 Joyce and Darold ....,..,.... 4 Facully ........,...,.....,.. -.---4- 5 - 3 Seniors ................. ------- 9 -20 Juniors .......... ------A--- 2 l-24 Sophomores ...,.. -----.---- 2 5-23 Sporls ................,.. ---------- 2 9-37 Pep Club ...................... ---------- 3 8 Clubs and Ac+ivi+ies ........ -..------- 3 9-56 Classes ..................... ---------- 5 7-64 K-15 LD ID CZGBTHQJ In fhis year, l945, many of 'rhe members of our crew have been called from our peaceful craff fo serve in fhe darkness of a world af war. They have leff fhe ship of blue and whife shining in fhe beaufiful sea of friendship fh'ey had made. Many have sailed info fhe darkness of a foreign sea, never again fo refurn fo our beloved vessel. Therefore, fo fhe missing members of our crew. we dedicafe fhis yearbook, hoping fhaf if may bring some of fhe glory of "school days" info fhe world beyond fhaf of our pirafe sea. PAGE 3 f ws- i owl .qgaqnQvbva..NmW,-,saws Gum far Darold Kelly, The comedian when comedy was demanded bu+ capable and dependable in a crisis, wifh Joyce Coffin, friendly and vivacious, buf equally dependable, led our sludenl body +hrough a successful school year. Time will never erase from our memories Joyce's sparkling smile or Kelly's clever s+ories. They will remain forever an inlegral parf of our high school careers. PAGE 4 S Qwwffffk f L-A iv J J. xw,ff.4Af ' Q uni r wa? M' i i' ?" k I 1, 1 'l 1 Q 'gi I A f' Q3' ,f JW, , Z. , . , 7, M yy 4 Q fl , W '01 - B i. h h, NX ' X ZW K'Qf , X-ww 1. Q-W , +49 Jw? K V U N H A 3- ,, rf' wig - if '16 3 X ' 'F A '- , ii k , if A ' S ff, . c X '5"?r.,, ' K i x , . ....--f-G' --dv-' f b K ,,MQs:jgfs-,,. 71' , H , 1 ""-. NA. as as "v K G X1 WS PAGE 5 Ralph D- -le"'lYl"'5 Noel Lawrence Mary Louise Flood Supenniendeni I Principal Assisfanl Principal Willi am J. Horner 'livian Clark Boy's Advisor Secrelary V ,aigne-.in . wa, mar 1 W -1' fgsilbgf' e V. .3351 w i, V .K 4 Secrefary Helen Bendilc il'- Naomi Lawyer William Adam Secreiary Music ZZACHBEHPY HD IMIHINIHSTEQZEATHCDN During lhe years we have been aboard our Pirale ship, we have had some wonderful commanding officers. Yes, fhese officers made our hopes, our dreams. and our ideals come frue. They have lighled fhe way io our fu+ures. Showing greaf pafience and undersfanding, lhey have helped us oulgrow our childish ways. Noi only has our facully given us guidance in knowledge, buf fhey have given a helpful hand fo all fhose in need. They have given PAGE 6 O Mary C. Archibald Languages Norfon Broadbenl Science Physical Educalion Kennefh P. Carlson Mafhemafics Irene K. Conboy Harold C. Davidson Louena Dills Social Science CU GN? ZEMNIDD ZEAEDM FN! STR 'THEN us suppori' in our acfivilies, sponsored our dances, and given their assistance on every deck. Today many of us do nof realize fheir fremendous laslr of leaching us for 'lhe world of Tomorrow: buf as fhe years fly on lhe wings of lime, we will grow more graleful fo ihese, our ieachers. In science. cullure, and arfs our feachers' guidance has been our road fo dreams and 'rhe palhway fo our success. Yes. 'rhey have been our ladder in lhe ascsnl fo success. Helen Hudson English . Norreen F. Klein Commercial William B. Landon lnduslrial Arfs Social Science Commercial Hilda G. Eaion Frances E. Hamilfon Commercial Physical Educafion Avis Befh Harms Home Economics Mary Harris Frances M. Hopion English Social Science iiii s I use 1 QQ PAGE 8 fl" lf i X Joseph S: McClelland Hesler l-l. Moll Dodhea Beswick Munro Smence All Librarian Q Q. , L , c u i s i L N55 fi ' i "i" ' . h i Mildred C. Olsen Charles Reina Music Physical Educalion Science is i i e i Paul J. Richer? Florence L. Sullivan Science Language Charles G. Thompson Lililan Sullivan Social Science Lillian Walker M6'fl'1emGllCS Physical Educalion English A , M zywA4V,. . .. .. fbi' . T ff , ., i'ii ' ' ' ' 7 i fififleze M1 5 '- f A X'-E-I .fri smxfrumbias PAGE SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS MARY LESAGE, IVAN JONES, and ARLENE TANGYE .Xi 'VORr ON B , R T Senior SPOHSSQDBENT I W INIHGD ST EN?" Only one year beTore The class of "45" came aboard The PiraTe Ship, America had become engaged in a ToTal war. Yes, iT was on ThaT TaTeTul Monday, December 8, I94l, ThaT our class Tiled inTo an already quieT room To hear The grim words oT "WAR" come To us over The air. LiTTle did we realize whaT Those words would mean To us. Our lives were noT alTered during The Tollowing summer, buT in The fall of The nexT year, l942, when we enTered ThaT much longed Tor PiraTe Ship, we Tound Things much more serious. Some oT The older members of The crew had already leTT The PiraTe Ship To serve on The darkened waTers oT a 'foreign sea, so we worked all The harder ThaT year To Till The gap They leTT on The ship. IT was in The TirsT year we gave our Sophomore assembly, a hillbilly producTion which kepT The audience laughing Tor hours aTTer. We also received second place honors in The War Bond Drive and wholehearTedly Tool: place in The Red Cross Drive, and Scrap Drive. On our second Trip on our Triendly sea, Things become even more serious Tor some of our crew, Melvin Dendinger, Oliver Gray, and Richard Hodges leTT our peaceTul, happy ship To serve where oThers had given Their all. Those were The crew members ThaT were noT here To see our wondrTul Junior Play, "June Mad," a hilarious comedy, and our highly suc- cessTul Junior-Senior Prom which was held aT The Coronadn """"""':--N.. MR. PAUL CARLSON lSenior Sponsorl "'SEINlMDE'ii STGDE'35l?W Club. We also fool: firsl place in fha Boys' Rally and some of ihem who became well lcnown for fheir oulsianding foofball and baslcelball playing were: Ernesl McDonald, Harold Bowland, Kenneih Roof, Melvin Spence, Donald Robb, Reber? Cronin, Darold Kelly, and many ofhers. When we came info porl fhis year we again waiched ihe new members come aboard. This lime lhere was a slrange feeling aboul if all: for now, al lasl. we we-re lhe mighiy Seniors sailing on our lasl' voyage across our Pirale sea. Many of our crew leff lo serve on The angry wafers of a world af war-Roberl Cronin, Donald Robb, Lon Ingram, Kelso Bader, Roberf Nolan, Edwin Fisher, Melvin Spence, Roy Shobe, James Rucker, and Kennelh Arnold. Our biggesl producfion of 'rhe year was ihe Senior play, "Tiger House", a mysfery fha? chilled 'rhe hearis of men. Then came The Senior Class assembly, fhe Chrislmas play, fhe bond drive, foofball, baseball, baslceiball, wresfling-where Roberl Klingensmilh, Bruce Owen, Ernesf McDonald, Richard King, and many ofhers achieved fame in ihe field of sporfs wilh 'their shining abilify for aihlelics. Now, il is our Turn lo leave 'the ship. From fhere our palhs will parf, bu? we will leave wifh only one fhoughf in mind-+o bring all home from 'ihe dark seas of "WAR" inio a happy friendly sea of peace. MISS IRENE CONBOY lSenior Sponsorl , MISS MARY HARRlS lSenior Sponsorl LELUAN MCC 5EVl'l rl Vs' ilcT5en'ior SPOMO sv' D f PAGE I I ,puff el' 'nl-9 Z' WI" LUCILLE ABELL SHIRLEY RAE ANDLER G.A.A. 2, Tumbling 2, A.W.V.S. I, Square Dancing 2, Dancing 2. BETTY LOU ARMSTRONG Head Maiorelle I, 2, 3, Sophomore Assembly, Junior Play, Assisfanf Direclor, Senior Play, Pep I, 2, 3, Sub-Deb 2, Pres- gefnr 3, Eirsf Aid 2, Square Dancing 2, Fire Preveniion I, 2, 3, . .A. I. LOIS ARMSTRONG GirI's Trio, Fire Prevenlion I, 2, 3, Sub-Deb Hislorian 3, Pep I, 2, 3, Snowball Queen Aflendanf 3, Junior Play, Firsf Aid 2, Square Dancing 2, Twirler I, 2, 3, G.A.A. I, 2, 3, Variefy Show, Sophomore Assembly. l KENNETH D. ARNOLD Band, I, 2. JEAN ARUNDLE Pep 2, 3, Home Economics Helper 3, Pirale Log Slafl I, Girl Reserves I. JEANNETTE BARNARD Bowling I, G.A.A. I, 2, A.W.V.S. I. Senior Orchesfra Pianisf I, 2, Debale Presidenf 2, Pep 3, Sub-Deb 3, Mixed Choir and Boys' Ouarlel Accompanisf 3, Nalional Honor Sociefy 3. NELLIE BARNES Pep 2, 3. DOROTHY BATT Pep 2, 3, Pholography 3, G.A.A. I, Home Nursing I, Glee Club I, 2, Choir 2. THREE YEARS AGO WE GAYLY FACED THESE PORTALS . . . PATRICIA BENNETT Band I, Fire Prevenfion 2, Pep 2, 3, Sludenl' Council 2, 3, Red Cross Represeniafive 3, Home Room Vice-Presideni 3, Bond and Slamp 2, Nafional Honor Sociely 3, Home Room Presidenl 2, Sludeni Council Secreiary 2. RALPH BLEI-IM Sporlsman 3, High Times Pholographer 3, Pep 2, Bond and Siamp 2, Pirale Log Sfall 3. MAXINE BLOOM Travel AI. FRANK BOCK, JR. A Visual I, 2, 3. Sporlsman I, Siudenl Council I, 2, 3. Pep' 2. Junior and Senior Plays, Home Room Presidenl I, 2, 3, High Times Slaff 3, Junior Rofarian. SHIRLEY BOOTH 2 3 So homore Assembly Girls' Rally I Dance I P , . - ' ' Sgijare Danciriig 2, Junior Play Technical Slarl, Pirale Log Ligrarian 3. HARRY C. BOWLAND Baskelball I, 2, Foolball Manager 3, Baseball Manager 2. Senior Play, Hi Y 2, Club 3, Dance Band Leader 2, 3, Orchesfra Presidenl 3, Nafional Honor Sociely 2, 3, Sludenf Council 2, Home Room Presidenl' 2, Variely Show 3. A ISABELLE BOTT RAYMOND BREYMAIER GERALDINE BROWN Rebafe I, Bible Research 2, 3. PAGE I2 T 4? Q9 af RUTH IRENE BURTON Pep 3, Reading I, Dance 2. WINIFRED L. CALDWELL Pep 2, 3, Pholography 3, Library 2, A.W.V.S. 2. DOROTHY CARHART G.A.A. I, Pep I, Lalin I, 2, 3, Senior Play. JOYCE COFFIN Head Girl, Pep I, 2, 3, Sub-Deb 2, 3, G.A.A. I, 2, 3, Junior and Senior Plays, Girl's Trio I, 2, 3, D.A.R. Represenlalive 3, Variely Show, Sfudenl Council I, 2, Home Room President I, Nafional Honor Sociely 2, 3, Fire Prevenlion I, Music Conlesl I, 2, Speech Conference 2, Firsl Aid 2, Square Dancing 2, Girls' Rally I. HARLAN L. COLBURN Band I, 2, Glee Club 3, Sporlsman 3. HAROLD CORAH Sporlsman I, 2, 3, Pira+e Log Sfa'Ff 3, Isaak Wallon I, Pho- 'rography 3. DONNA CURTIS G.A.A. I, 2, lG.A.A. Secrelary 3, Bond and Sfamp Secrelary 2, Home Room Secrelary 3, Baslcelball I. BILLIE DAVIDSON MURIEL DAVIS Phofography 3, Speech Presidenf 3, Senior Play, A.W.V.S. I, Speech Conference 3, High Times Slaff 3, G.A.A. 3. MANY FRIENDS WERE MADE . .. M BERNIE DELMONT ERNIE D. DELMONT LAWRENCE DENNING Dance Band 2, 3, Arranging 3, Brass Ensemble 3, Variety Show 3. JEAN DOUGLAS Firsf Aid I, A.W.V.S. I, Sludenl' Council 2, Home Room Vice-Presidenl' 2, Lalin Secrelary 2, Lalin Presidenf 3. JUANITA DOWNING G.A.A. I, 2, 3, Pep 3, Baslcelball 2, 3. CHARLOTTE DRAGER Pep 2, 3, Glee Club I, Pirale Log Sfafl 3, A.W.V.S. I, Fire Prevention I, Firsl Aid 2, Girls' Rally I. VIRGINIA DRAKE Orchesfra I, Pep 2, 3, Drama I, Junior Play Technical Sfalif, Snowball Oueen Allendanl 3, Pirafe Log Edifor 3, Sub-Deb 2, Nafional Honor Sociefy 3, A.W.V.S. I, Sludenf Council 2 Prom Queen. ' ANTIONETTE DUFFIELD Glee Club I, 2. 3. Variely Show, Sludenl Council Vice-Presi- denf 3, Senior'Play Technical Slafl 3. MARION DUNHAM YAG E MUCH FUN WAS ENJOYED BY ALL OF US... GERALDINE GREENBERG Lafin Presidenf 2, High Times 2, Speech Conference 2, Li- brary Sfaff 3, Pirafe Log Sfaff 3, Lafin 3. DONALD GREGG Track 2, 3, Visual Presidenf 3, Home Room Presidenf 2, Home Room Secrefary 3, Junior Class Presidenf 2, Pep Presidenf 2, Hi Y 2, 3, Junior Play 2, Harvard Prize Book 2, Nafional Honor Sociefy Vice-Presideni' 3, Phofography 2, 3, Nafional Honor Sociefy 2, 3. ERIC GREGG Radio Club I. VICTOR L. GRIMM Archery I, Debafe I, 2, 3, Pirafe Log Business Manager 3, Junior Rofarian 3, Pirafe Log Sfaff I, 2, Nafional Honor Society 3. NORMA JEAN GRU EN FELDT Library Sfaff 3, Office 3, Home Nursing 2, Dance 2. MARY ANNA HALSTEAD Library 2, Office 3. High Times Arf Edifor 2. ALICE HANWELL G.A.A. I, Pep I, 2. 3, A.W.V.S. I, Girl Reserve I, Home Room Treasurer 2. JAMES HANSEN Sporfsman 3, Boys' Rally 21 Foofball 2. SHIRLEY DORIS HENNING Speech Vice-Presidenf I, Firsf Aid I, Juiwior Red Cross Rep- resenfafive 3, Home Room Secrefary 3, Infernafional Rela- Iions Club 3, G.A.A. 3. PAGE I4 MILDRED DYER A.W.V.S. I. ALICE ERIKSEN Pep 2, Office 2, 3, Cafeferie 2. ROBERT FERGUSON Baslcefball 2, 3, Baseball I, 2, 3, Glee Club I, 2, 3, Junior Play, La Resma 2, The Plainsman 2, 3. RICHARD FLEMING LOLITA MARIE WESTLAKE INC Picfurel RALPH FORBES, JR. RENEE FRANCIS Pep I, 2, 3, Glee Club I, 3, Home Nursing 2. TED G. GARCIA Fire Prevenfion 3, Pep 2, Sfudenf Council 2, Home Room Vice- Presidenf 2, Home Room Treasurer 3, High Times Sfaff I, Pirafe Log Sfeff 3. DORIS GOVE Pep I, 2, 3, Glee Club I, 2, 3, Sub-Deb 2, 3, Senior Play Technical Sfaff, Dancing 2, Home Nursing I, Firsf Aid I, Sophomore Assembly, Nafional I-lonor Sociefy 3. PAU L GREEN LEE LAVE-RNE HESSLER Honorary Ari Sociely Secrelary, Pep 2, 3, Firsl Aid 2, Dance I, Slage Crew I. JEANETTE HICKMAN Travel Club I. MURIEL I. HIEB Pep I, 3, Travel I, Debaie I, Bowling I, Gv.A.A. 2, Presidenl 3, Tumbling 2. BARBARA HILL Sophomore Assembly, Junior Play, Dance I, Pep 2, 3. G-A-A I., Sub-Deb 3, Girls' Rally I, Home Room Secrefary I. FRED W. HILLMAN l Visual I, 2, 3, Pep 2, Bowling 2, Senior Play Technical Sfafl, Glee Club I, Home Room Presideni I, Home Room Secre- Iary 3, Debafe Team I, Siudenl Council I, Wresiling 3. Square Dancing 2, Foofball I. BETTY HINES Pep 2, 3, Junior Play, Glee Club, Choir, Variefy Show. 65 JOHN HOEKSTRA Archery 3. MARIE E. Houses: Pep I, e.A.A. I. WILMA FLORENCE HUNT Fire Preveniion I, G.A.A. I, 2, Glee Club I, 2, 3. WE'LL NEVER FORGET THE GAMES. THE DANCES . . . fglb ROBERT HURKETT Sporfsman I, Boys' Rally 2. LON INGRAM Sporfsman I, 2. NEDINE JAMIESON Glee Club I, 3, Orchesfra I, Orchesira Presiclenf 2, Or- chesfra Vice-Presiclenf 3, G.A.A. I, Sub-Deb 3, Nafional Honor Socieiy Secrefary 3, Home Nursing I, Sophomore Assembly, Nafional Honor Sociefy 2, 3. MAURINE JAMISON Pep 3, Choir I, 2, 3, Band 3, Orcheslra I, 2, 3, Home Nurs- ing I, Debafe I. CHARLES T. JOHNSON Visual 3, Pholography 2, Home Room Treasurer 2. IVAN JONES Sporfsman Vice-Presideni I, 2, Archery Presideni I, Home Room Presidenf 2, Sludeni Council 2, 3, Sporfsman Presidenf 3, Home Room Vice-Presidenf 3, Senior Class Vice-Presidenf, Nefional Honor Sociefy 3. JEAN JONES Glee Club 3, Lalin 2, G.A.A. I, Library Sfaff 3, Sophomore Assembly, Nalional Honor Sociefy 3. DAROLD KELLY Head Boy, Sfudenf Council Vice-Presidenf I, Foofball 2, 3, Baslcefball I, 2, 3, "E" Club 2, 3, Fire Prevenfion Presidenl 2, Bond and Sfamp Presidenf 2, Junior and Senior Plays, Home Room Presicleni 2, Variely Show, Hi Y 2, 3, Junior Rolarian, Boys' Rally 2, 3. PHYLLIS KENDRICK Pep I, 2, 3, Sub-Deb 3, Junior and Senior Plays Technical Sfaffs, Home Nursing 2, Home Room Secreiary I, 2, 3, Girls' Rally I, Snowball Queen Aflendanf, 3, Fire Prevenfion 2, Glee Club I, 2, 3, Variefy Show, Bowling I, Nafional Honor Socieiy 3. PAGE I5 RUTH KENNEDY GLEDA KINCAID G.A.A. I, 2, Glee Club I, 2, Band 2, Girls Reserve I, 2, Home Room Treasurer 3, Pep I, 2. RICHARD P. KING Sludenl Council I, Foofball I, 2, 3, Baslcelball I, 2, 3, Baseball I, 2, 3, "E" Club I, 2, Hi Y I, 2, Variely Show 3, Glee Club 3. ROBERT KLINGENSMITH Home Room Presidenl' I, Foolball I, 2, 3, Baslcelball I, 2, 3, Baseball I. 2, 3, Junior Class Vice-Presidenf, Srudenl Council I, 2, "E" Club, Bond and Slamp, Hi Y Vice-Presidenl, Senior Play Technical Slaff, Boys' Rally 2. BETTY I. KNULL ' Bible Research Secrelary 3, Travel I, Library Slafl' I. SUSAN KRUEGER Cheerleader 2, 3, Sub-Deb 2, 3, Sub-Deb Vice-Presidenf 3, Snowball Queen 2, Girls Trio I, 2, 3, Junior and Senior Plays Technical Slaffs, G.A.A. I, Variely Show 3, Nalional Honor So- ciely 2, 3, Choir I, 2, 3, Fire Prevenfion I, Music Week 2, Speech Conference 2, Firsl Aid 2, Square Dancing 2, Girls Rally I, Pep I, 2, 3, Pep Secrelary 2. BYRON LAWSON KENNETH LAY Sporlsman I, 2, 3. LAURA L. LEE Glee Club I, 2, 3, Tumbling 2, Library 3, Square Dancing 2, Dance 2. AND THE CRAMMING FOR SEMESTER TESTS . . . MARY LESAGE Pep I, 2, 3, Sub-Deb 2, 3, Senior Class Secrelary, A.W.V.S. I, Junior and Senior Plays Technical Sfaffs, G.A.A. I, 2, 3, Sfudenl Council 3, D.A.R. Assisfani' Represenlafive 3, Drama I, Home Room Vice-Presidenl 3, Speech Conference 2, 3, Square Dancing 2, Nalional Honor Sociefy 3. IRMA LEE LINDSAY Junior Play Technical Slaff, Glee Club 3. DARRELL LOVENBURG Sporfsman I, 2, 3. BONNIE LYNCH Cheerleader 2, 3, Pep I, 2, 3, Sub-Deb Treasurer 2, 3, G.A.A. I, 2, Sophomore Class Presidenl, Fire Preveniion I, Pirale Log Slalf 2, Snowball Queen Allendanl 3, Sludenl' Council I, 2, Home Room Vice-Presidenf 2, High Times SIa'FI 3, Square Dancing 2, Girls' Rally I, Nafional Honor Sociefy 3. SHIRLEY MACGREGOR A.W.V.S. Oueen I, Office I, 2, 3. VIRGINIA MADER Band 2, 3, Library Sfafl I, 2, 3, Library Slafl' Presidenl' 3, Brass Choir 3. MARY MADSEN Pep 2, 3, Sub-Deb 3, Archery I, 2, Drama I, A.W.V.S. I, Pirale Log Sfaff 3, High Times Sfalf 3. FRANCES MAGNUSON Pep I, Office 3, Choir I, 2, 3, Glee Club 2. MARLYS I. MARSHALL Pep I, G.A.A. I, Band I, 2, 3, Dance 2, Girls' Rally 2. PAGE I6 x SHIRLEY RUTH M,AU LIS Dance I, Junior Play Technical Slaff, Home Nursing 3. HAROLD McCORK'LE Wresfling 2, 3, Sfage Crew 2, 3, Nafional Honor Sociely 2, 3. ERNEST McDONALD Foolball I, 2, 3, Baslcefball I, 2, 3, Baseball I, 2, 3, "E" Club I, 2, 3, Hi Y 2, 3, Siudeni Council 3, Library Slaff 3. - PRES E. MINNICK Visual I 2, 3, Visual Presidenf 2, Band I, 2, 3, Senior Band Presideni 3, Visual Librarian 3, Orchesira I, 2, 3, Pep 2, Sfale Solo Music Coniesi 2. MILDRED MIOVER Glee Club 3, Debafe I, 2, Senior Play Technical Sfalf. BONNIE MONROE A.W.V.S. I, Firsl Aid I, Sub-Deb 3. HELEN MORGAN Pep I, 2, 3, Sub-Deb 3, G-.A.A. I, Junior Play Technical Slaff, Pirale Log Sfaii 3, Homecoming Queen Aifendanf 3, Snowball Queen 3, Girls' Rally I, Dance 2, Sophomore Assembly, A.W.V.S. l. NADINE MOYER Band I, 2, 3, Orcheslra 2, 3. RUTH MULLINS Maioreile I, Pep I, 2, 3, Junior Play Technical Sfafl, Oflice 3. THESE ARE OUR THOUGHTS AND DREAMS... , - ' gf 14429 771441-Ll, QM CLAYTON L. MUNDELL Pep 2, Dancing I, Track I, Bond and Slamp 2. BETTY I. MURPHY- Pep 3, Sludenl Council 2, Library Slalif I, 2, Oflice 3, Home Room Presidenl' 2, TAKASHI NAKSONE QUEEN ANNE NELSON Home Room Secrelary 3, Homecoming Oueen 3, Pep 3, Variefy Show 3, High Times Siaii 3. SHIRLEY M. NICHOLSON Fire Preveniion 2, 3, Bond and Sfamp 2. BRUCE OWEN Foofball I, 2, 3, Baslcefball 2, 3, Baseball I, 2, 3, "E" Club 2, 3, Hi Y 2, Hi Y Secrelary 3, Sfudenf Council 3, High. Times 3, Home Room Vice-Presidenl' 3, Nafional Honor Sociely 3. Y MILDRED PATTERSON G.A.A. 2, 3, Fire Prevenfion I, Library Sfaff I. EFFIE PEMBERTON Archery 2, A.W.V.S. 2, Pirafe Log Sfalif 2, 3, Aviaiion 2, Senior Play Technical Sfaff, Drama 2, Na+ional Honor Socieiy 2, 3, Firsf Aid I, Mural 2. KATHARINE PENLEY Pirafe Log Siaif 2, Firsl Aid I, Home Nursing 2, Dance I, Sfage Crew I. ' PAGE I7 MARY LOUISE PIELE G.A.A. I, Dance I, Pep 2. ROBERTA PLUNKETT Junior Play, Pirale Log Slafl' 2, Sub-Deb Secrelary 3, Pep Vice-Presiden+ 2, 3, Glee Club I, 2, 3, Sophomore Assembly, Firsl Aid 2, Home Nursing 2, Home Room Secrefary 2, Square Dancing 2, Dance 2, Nafional Honor Sociefy 3. DEVONA PORTER Lalin 2, 3, Firsl' Aid 2, Librarian 3, Glee Club 3. SHIRLEE RATHBURN Pep 2, 3, High Times Siafi 3, Pira+e Log Slafl I, 3, Sophomore Assembly, G.A.A. I, Choir I, A.W.V.S. I, Dance 2, Library K FOR THE FULFILLMENT OF THESE IDEALS . . . JACOUELINE ROBINS Pep I, 2, 3, Fire Prevenlion I. Home Room Treasurer 2, Glee Club I, 3, Choir I, 3, Home Nursing I, Spanish Class Presidenl 3, Junior Play Technical Slaff, Senior Play. EDITH ROBINSON Pep I, Choir I, 2, 3, Home Room Secrelary I, Glee Club 2, Senior Play Technical SI'aFF.. GEORGIA ROBINSON Travel I, Drama I, Pep 2, 3. CHARLES ROOS g KENNETH Roor Qc. .L , 1 1 . Foolball Manager I, 2, 3, Baslcefball Manager 2, Baseball Manager 2, Hi Y 2, 3, Hi Y Presidenl 3, "E" Club I, 2, 3, "E" Club Vice-Presidenl 3, Sludenl Council I, 2, Home Room Presidenl 3, Spins+er Hop King I. JEANNE M. ROSE Pep I, Debale 2. JOYCE ROWLAND A.W.V.S. 2, Firsf Aid 2, Pirale Log Siaff 3, Senior Play Tech- nical Slahf, High Times Slafi 2, Avialion 2. JAMES RUCKER ' Sporfsman 2, Fire Prevenlion I, 2, 3, Fire Prevenlion Presi- denl 3. Sludenl Council 3, Senior Play Technical Sfaif, Home Room Secrefary 2, Home Room Presidenl 3, Bond and Sfamp 2, Lalin 2. ANNE MARIE RUEHLE Pep 2, 3, Library Slalif 2, Girl Reserve I, Sfudenl Council I. PAGE I8 Sfaff 3, Girls' Rally I, Junior and Senior Plays Technical Slafis, Girl Reserves I. PHYLLIS JUNE RATHE ' Debale I, 2, Orchesfra 2, 3, Pep 3, Piraie Log SI'aTl'3 Home Room Treasurer 2, Dance 2. BERNICE REHMER DOROTHY REHN Library 3, Pep 2, 3, Dance 2, Snowball Oueen Aliendanf I DONALD RICHARDS Pep 2, Junior Play, Sporisrnan 2, 3, Square Dancing 2 Fre Prevenfion I. CHARLES ROBERTS mp J EDITH RUMERFIELD MARY SCHOOLEY G.A.A. I, 2, 3, Fire Prevenfion I, Pirale Log Slall I, 3, Sub-Deb I, Nalional Honor Sociely 3. - RUTH SCHUCK Office 3, High Times 2. CARL W. SEABERT Boys' Rally 2, Wreslling 2, 3 ,sporlsman I, 2, 3, Foofball I. ROY L. Sl-IOBE, JR. Band I, 2, 3, Choir 2, Sporlsman 2, Wreslling 2, Fire Pre- venlion 2, Pep 2. ' - KENNETH SCHU PE NORMAN SIBLE I Foolball I, 2, 3, "E" Club 3, Hi Y 3, Traclr 2, Baseball I. FRANKIE SLOAN DONALD SMILEY lNo Piclurel RICHARD SMILEY INC Picfurel EDWARD SMITH Foofball 2, 3, Baslcelball I, 2, 3, Baseball I, 2, 3, Glee Club I, 2, 3, Glee Club Vice-Presidenf 3, Home Room Presidenl' 3, Hi Y 3, "S" Club 3, Boys' Ouarlei I, 2, 3, Sludenl Council 3, Senior Play, Variely Show, High Times 2, High Times Co- Eclilor 3, Pirale Log Slall 3, Boys' Rally 2, 3, Home Room Secrefary 2, Slale Vocal Con+es'r 2, 3. AND FOR A VICTORIOUS FUTURE . . . JOYE SMITH . Pep I, 2, Sub-Deb 2, Band I, Orcheslra 2, 3. Home Room Presidenlf 2, Archery I, 2, A.W.V.S. I, Pirale Log Slafl 3, Nalional Honor Sociely 3. I SHIRLEY SPATI-I G.A.A. 3, Lalin 3, Girl Reserves I, Choir 3, Firsf Aid 2, Glee Club 2, Home Room Secrelary 3. MELVIN L. SPENCE Foolball Co-Caplain 3, "E" Club 2, 3, I-li Y 2, 3, Wreslling 2, 3, Baseball 2, 3, Foolball I, 2, 3, Junior Class Treasurer, Junior Rolarian. , LINDA LEE STEBBINS Sophomore Assembly, Bowling l,,Home Room Vice-Presidenl 2, Firsl Aid I, Library Slafl 3, Junior and Senior Plays Tech- nical Slafls. OLLIE JANE STOHLMAN Pep 2, 3, Senior Orcheslra Accompanisf 3, Sub-Deb 3, Sfafe Music conlesl I, 2, Firsf Aid I, Home Nursing 2, Dance I, Nalional Honor Sociely 3. NORMAN D. SULLIVAN Visual I, 2, 3, Band I, 2, 3, Orcheslra I, 2, 3. SHIRLEY SWARTZ Pep 3, A.W.V.S. I, G.A.A. 2, Junior and Senior Plays Tech- nical Slalls, Archery 2, G-lee Club 3, Home Room Presidenl 2, Dance 2, Sfudenl Council 2, Square Dancing 2. ARLENE TANGYE . Junior Play, Sludenl Council 2, Home Room Vice-Presidenf 2, Sfudenf Council Secrelary 3, Glee Club Presidenl -3, Senior Class Treasurer, D.A.R. Represenfalive 3, Senior Play Technical Slafl, Pep I, 2, 3, Sub-Deb 2, 3, Variely Show, Home Nursing I, Girls' Rally I, Fire Prevenlion 2, G-lee Club I, 2, 3, Nalional Honor Sociely 3. BETTY MARIE THEIL A.W.V.S. I, G.A.A. 2, Square Dancing 2, Travel I, Dance I, Red Cross I, Library Sfafl 3. PAGE I9 WE ARE DEDICATING OUR LIVES... WILLIAM WELLE Foolball I, 2, 3, Baslcefball I, 2, 3, Baseball I, 2, 3, "E" Club 3, Hi Y 3, Boys' Rally 2, Sludenf Council I, 2, 3, Junior Class Presidenf. DONNA WICKMAN Piraie Log Sfaff 3, GEORGE WILLIAM WILLIAMS Wresfling I, Sporlsman I, 2, 3, Honor Sociefy 2, 3, Home Room Presidenf 2, Senior Class President NAOMI WILLIS Library SIa'I'I 2, Ofhce 3 DONNA BELLE WRIGHT Debale I, Dance I. f" MIDORI YAMAGAWA ' Archery I, 2, G.A.A. I, 2, 3, G.A.A. Presidenl 3, Pep 2, 3. Sub-Deb 3, Bond and Siamp 2, Nafional Honor Sociefy 3. DONALD G. ZIGLER Sporfsman I, 2, 3, Wresfling I, 2, Home Room Secrefary- Treasurer 2. DOROTHY ANNE ZELLNER High Times 3, Monilor Club I, 2, 3, Siudenf Union Repre- senlafive 2, A.W.V.S. Vice-Presideni I, 2. ROBERT CRONIN Foolball I, 2, 3, Baseball I, 2, Home Room SecreIary-Treas- urer 3, Junior Play, "E" Club 2, 3, Hi Y 3, Square Dancing 2. PAGE 20 GERALD TOKLE Sporfsman I, 2, 3, Library Sfalzl 3, Senior Play Technical Sfaff, Archery I, Pep 2, Square Dancing 2, Fire Prevenfion I, Golf I, Dance I. TWILA TORKELSON Pep 3, Senior Play Technical Slaff. CHARLES TUCKER . Sporlsman I, 2, 3, Boys' Rally 2. LEE TUCKER Sporfsman I, 2, 3, Boys' Rally 2, 3. - ELOISE TURNER Home Nursing 2. ARTHUR WALTERS, JR. Pep 2, Sporfsman 3. GLORIA WATKINS G.A.A. 2, 3, Red Cross I, lnfernafional Relations 2, Girls' Baslcefball 3, Lalin 2, 3, Girls' Rally 2. WILLIAM WEGERT Foofball I, 2, 3, "E" Club 3, Soflball I. SHIRLEY WEIGAND s Senior High Maiorelfe I, 2, 3, Sfafe Conlesf Twirlef 2, 3. ALBERT WARE INo Piciurel W IMLU mwmngnnjylwl WMV , Wf Ik Al ev ,Q-'13 ul .1-49" HOME ROOM 2I0 Row I: Dorolhy Schmid, Frances Hinlcle, Felma Wappes, Jean Sandy, Mary Lou Snyder, Ramona Miller, Miss Sullivan. Row 2: Bonnie Thompson, Dorofhy Smallin, Luvina Bish, Hazel Berkman, Charlsie Thompson, Janice Viiullo. Row 3: Hugh Alchinson, Carl Davis, Billy Leiqhion, Alion Smilh, Ernesi Vocaie, Del McCar+y. Row 4: AI Goodman, Levi Boolh, John McMahan, Oral Sfalce, Richard Maizlce, JUNE ERS Bennie Herman. ln fhis, our counl'ry's fourrh year of war, our Junior Class wilh Wilbur Wrighl and Lee Nelson as presideni and vice-presidenr, Jean Barcus and Darrell Blair as secrelary and lreasurer, carried on 'rradifions of school spiril and leadership of which 'rheir 'iighling classmaies will 'rruly be proud. When Darrell offered his services io his counlry Bei'+',' Widner replaced him as ireasurer. The enlire sludeni body, friends, and families were enlerrained by lhe ouisianding producrion of HOME ROOM 2l I Row I: Shirley Lewison, Berni++a Phillips, Mildred Reiners, Jean Barcus, Rose Ann Beranelc, Rufh Kling, Joy Wilson, Grace Ida. Row 2: Beahice Sydlow, Amymarie Carnahan, Kalhleen Tremmel, Pal Harris, Lou -Ann Boyd, June Dieirich, June Evans. Row 3: Mary Ann Langevin, Charleen Davis, Shirley Sanberg, Terulca Malcasone, Peggy Baines, Jean Dyer, Mr. Richeri. Row 4: Paul Welch, Kennefh Moore, Waller Lynch, Gordon Burr, Ted Wolf, Foresl G-oold, Bill Huifrnan. Row 5: George Turner, Fay Cohenour, Oren Chrisfopher, Duane Youngquisl, Bob Plunlceil, Billy Davidson. g .qusgg.,ff-' ' sraumgg -.,.-,,.x1. fl Ji PAGEZZ it 11 'lb QQ HOME ROOM 225 Row I: Befly Goings, Wanela Moxley, Joyce Rhoades, Dolores Irving, Donna Mclviahan, Mariorie Bennefl, BeBe Burnand, Dolly Nessen, Mr. Davidson. Row 2: Norma Zefwick, Peggy Lundoclc, Sally Rounds, Doris Brandt Mary Schmuclner, Beffy Lou Lane, Nancy Walker, Renee Nor1hcuf1.Row 3: John Walker, Barbara Lane, Donald Allen, Gale Newlon, Irvin Keeney, Roberl Slight William Mufh, Shirley Holmes. Row 4: Sfanley Compfon, Donald Thomas, George Caldwell, Jaclc O'Brienf Donald Hardendorf, Richard Rose, Donald Valeniine. lhe Junior Play, "The Palsy." Miss Hudson, +he cas+, publici+y and 'rechnical slafls cerfainly made ihis year's junior play an evenl +0 be remembered. The beaufifully decoraied Silver Glade Room of 'rhe Cosmopolilan l-lolel was lhe selling 'lor The Junior-Senior Promenade. The "Prom," one of The fealure evenis ol The school year, was enioyed by all a'r+ending. . HOME ROOM 226 Row I: Mary Laybourn, Doris Groves, Mary Henderson, Cafhryn Higgins, Caroline Sherouse, Lucile Sherouse, Margaref Sandoval, BeH'y Bailey. Row 2: Elena Sporisman, Dorolhy Ure, Agnes Golo, Avis Chrisfiansen, Beverlie Brooks, Hazel Granfham, Manora Scolf, Jean Amsbury. Row 3: Dorofhy Cox, Joan Wickman, Wilma Healhers, Donna Helling, Belly Jane Fox, Jeraldine Norris, Roberfa Sfephens. Row 4: Dale Keefer, Worlh Twisf, Gayle Rucker, Clifford Koon, Michael Smifh, Eugene Lambert Row 5: Roy Meier, Ray Nelson, Kennefh Green, James Marks. ,Q 3' 9 'V A PAGE 23 HOME ROOM 224 Row I: Opal Briddle, Belly Lung, Norma Lee Rogers, Velma Hosier, Amber Grimm, Pauline Hoschouer, Dixie Sporlsman, Lucille Hobson. Row 2: Muriel Wilson, Wilma Jones, Vivian Davis, Elaine Schiessler, Amy Bynes, Eva Fell, Anna Mae! Bynes, Miss Foole. Row 3: Alice Lundeen, Marilyn Monaghan, Rosalie Vanderlip, Donna Rifz, Norma Jean Cummings, Rulh Thayne, Helen Crum, Donna Kincaid, Margaref Kennedy. Row 4: Roy Lamberi, Howard Ferguson, Donald Melslcer, Harold Akers, Marvin Rafliensperger, Roberf Magnuson, Wayne Rarhe. Those iuniors +o be 'remembered by 'rheir class- mares in lhe field of sporls are as follows: Gordon Burr, Theodore Wolf, Lee Nelson, Eugene Thomp- son, and Richard Lundoclc. Under Jrhe able direc- lion of Coaches Thompson, Broadbent and Reina rhese boys and rheir leammafes were molded info a fighring machine which gave all opposing 'reams s+iFF comperilion. And now, a+ The close of lheir iunior year, +he siudenl body and 'faculry feel +ha+ such a class as lhis will make an able 'ream +o lead +he Pirare Ship' as seniors 'rhrough anorher successful year +o come. HOME ROOM 204 Row I: Dorofhy Tremaine, Berry Widmer, Charlorfe Abnlcerman, Joan Burrell, Cherie Davis, Doris Woodward, Phyllis Bauer, Kafhleen Finch. Row 2: C. J. Terry, Francis Hesler, Dorplhy Ulsefh, Mary Bromwell, Alice Winkler, Gwynne Coman, Dorofhy Kidwell, Mary Lois Gray, Gladys Sfufz. Row 3: Mrs. Ealon, Bonnie Whiilingfon, Vivian Peferson, Barbara Pursley, Mary Lou Collins, Phyllis Solomon, Shirley Fellon, Raymond Meineclce. Row 4: Ricdhard Lundoclc, Lee Nelson, Wilbur Wrighf, Thomas Cox, Claude Kirlclin, William Engle, David Long, Elberi Walls. PAGE 24 SCIDZQ? I GRE Y. jf-Jw' Pilfx, Sufi, S fxa fxsr N kb, Gl- "'i,., A 1 if I ' ., Mi 1. QP x ici? T 0 GRA O f owe I HW 'Ng0l LH svro SSUNS el if L Al pl P- B 1 Jf pf! Q WX, g Q yr. X it V I fi: 5 ,sqm-nv 1 ," , i4 f Q f Nix XY .3 v "Q K . .qw -J S+: " ' " - ....+.. . t--4 Q ' I .X .... ., , .f fx" Ll, H ' X K Y 53, tn A. . - i S 44555 . 115 5 3 '2 - vmjynifi 131 f PAGE 25 HOME ROOM 22l D I Pl k E K II B bbie Carrer Marion Smifh Juanira Smirh Jean Dodd BeHy Chelf Row 2' Row I: Mildred Anderson, ema un, va e ey, o ..... - Marilyn Fleef, Louise McGill, Carolyn Rodda, Beafrice Lakin, Be++y Bennefl, Emile Brooks, Berry Cox, Verna Bone. Row 3: Irene Rumerfield, Rose Marie Powell, Karl Davis, Eugene McNell, Roberl Spence, Geraldine Hoeksfra, Deverne O'Brien, Miss L, Sullivan. Row 4: Sfuarl' Lovelace, George Winkler, Kennefh Head, Everefl Wren, Theodore Schiel, James Sleflen, Lloyd Cannon. Row 5: Howard Hillman, William Roof, Wayne Tangye, Fay Srake Dale Bang. A 'T' HOME ROOM 2l4 Row I: Jerry Schell, Lucille Urich, Helen Walker, Belly Young, Glenis Erikson, Rachel Green, Mariorie Herrick, Arlene Darling. Row 2: Mr. Adam, Genelle Jamison, Dora Nell Abell, Jean Lyon, Roselfa Hull, Donifa Shomber, Golden Biork, Belly Gifford, Belly Lou Walfon. Row 3: Gene Mekefuk, Bob Logan, Charles Bush, Alvin Drier, Charles Marlow, Gerald Dennis, Newl Harman. Row 4: Donald Pearson, Russel Hummer, Jack Hall, Donavan Nofz, Everefl Mcliinsfry, Ruben Mack, Gordon Tressler, CLASS OFFICERS Jack Graves, James Barreff, Glenn Clayfon. S E951 RES W 'fi The Sophomore Class of '47 began rheir firsf year in 'rhe upper halls of Englewood High School by elecring ar fheir firsr meefing, Junior Claylon and .. Jack Graves ro lead 'fhem as presidenf and vice- presiclenlr, and Jim Barreri' 'ro fill 'rhe office of sec rela ry-'rrea su rer. PAGE 26 HOME ROOM ZI3 Row I: Carroll Williams, Palricia Richards, Darlene Disney, Beverly Turner, Belly Logan, Beverly Pallon, Joan Ellioll, Wuanila McMahan, Charles Bailey. Row 2: Laura Fyles, Carol Tarranl, Mary Lou Kailey, Roberla Burns, Marianna Fisk, Bernadine Skerli, Belly Lou Nelson, Miss Klein. Row 3: Mary Lou Calon, Troy Paine, Theodore Graves, Jack Hessel, Charles Cole, Dean Sadler, Dorolhy Hunl. Row 4: Lloyd Rauchluss, Davis Wilson, Francis Rook, William Perkins, Marion Moyes, Neil Truelson, Harold Loomis, Roberl Hering. T 'J fi HOME ROOM 2l7 Row I: Palricia lgou, June Ankenman, Julia Del-'larl, Rulh Baron, Louise Jones, Alvina Halder, Belly Simmons, Palricia McCarll'1y. Row 2: Miss Walker, Loree Larson, Lois Fairman, Marianne Guanero, Carolyn Downing, Louise Gilmore, Elaine Marlin, Belly Mehl. Row 3: James Brown, Warren Capps, Roberl McDonald, Warren Porler, Rex Fleel, Paul Shrieber. Row 4: Dale Knudsen, Reid Rabas, Paul Nixon, Joseph Flierl, Haskell Sloan. Row 5: William Smilh, Richard Kendrick, Keilh Noah, James Wolle, James Nor- lander, Eugene Taylor, William Emerson. ll was lhe Sophomores who along wilh lhe Juniors delealed veleran Seniors in lhe paperidrive lo sup- porl lhe purchase ol a servicemen's plaque. The honor roll wilh lhe names ol lormer Englewood High sludenls was placed in lhe veslibule ol lhe audilo- rium. Il has aboul seven-hundred names on il. Home room seven, under lhe direclion ol William Landon, head sophomore sponsor, conlribuled lhe mosl money lor lhe Englewood swimming pool now under conslruclion. The members ol lhe lenlh grade wilh lheir class officers parlicipaled splendidly in lhe clolhing drive which was nalion-wide. PAGE 27 HOME ROOM 7 Row I: Marie Kubola, Charolle Lilianlhal, Elizabelh Hughes, Mable Lindsay, Jeanelle Gaskins, Mariorie Henry, Donna Norwood, Shirley Miller. Row 2: Osborne Baldwin, Bernice Brofhero, Phyllis Rowland, Nancy Core, Donna Bevilhimer, Doris Lee, Coralie Finch, Mr. Landon. Row 3: Roberf Sfull, Frank Daniels, Verne Crihfield, Bruce Soloman, Raymond Meir, Edward Maerlens, Whifney Turpen. Row 4: Ross Zahler, Roberl Williamson, James Bell, John Cadenhead, Dale Rounds, Jerry Roberfs, Theodore Harfung. Row 5: Sfanley Larson, Cecil Coflield, Ronald Reeme, James Paris, Glen Jensen, Allon Colhran, Roberf Edgerfon, Roy James. HOME ROOM 223 Row l: Donna Miller, Darlene Powers, Jackie Waddle, Marilyn Edgar, Priscilla Carrol, Alice Adamson, Velma Tyler, Shirley Jackson. Row 2: Jim Barrell, Leona Briggs, Anifa Morris, Joan Hayes, Rosalie Curry, June Ferguson, Donna Vanlieu, Dolores Waile. Row 3: Donald Hagin, Donald Denning, Richard Kirkpafrick, Carl Prenzlow, Leo Rice, Laverne Busmire, Mr. Thompson. Row 4: Kenf Sfrickland, Glenn Clayfon Jr., Lawrence Olsen, Carl Johnson, Herman Michel, David Griesenger, Harold Granlham, Tarry Van Sivearinger. Row 5: John Schulfz, Roberl Madison, Perry Argabrighl, Roberl Taylor, Harry Tokle, Roberl Owens, Roberl McFarland. Two Sophomore boys, Richard Kendrick and Ted Schiel, won conference in wreslling rhis year. Sev- eral olher boys such as Gordon Tressler, Junior Claylon, Donald Hagin, Roberl Hering, and orhers excelled in loo+ball and baskelball. The baseball and lrack leams were largely made up of Sophomore boys. Second place was held by lhe Sophomores in PAGE 28 'lhe final oulcome ol fha rally. The Sophomore class has slarled well on lhe way 'ro success as a leader aboard lhe Pirale Ship. They are 'rruly worlhy of fhe posiiions lefl lhem by lheir shipmales lighling around lhe world fo keep Engle- wood High 'rhe place lhey lell il. If-HETHS xg, pw X5 Q! , s ,f , .V ff' 'wx f-U-of""" A.. ,S-'?'N PAGE 29 iv' . Row I: Harry Bowland, manager: Dick King, Duane Fleer, Bill Mufh, Darrell Blair, Gene. Thompson, Jackie Graves, manager: Sam Higa, Bill Welle, Norman Sible, Wilbur Wrighf, Bill Wegerf, Kenny Roof, manager. Row 2: Kenny Green, Bill Engle, Sfanleyy Compfon, Ernie McDonald, Mike Hubbard, Melvin Spence, Jim Marks, Junior Clayfon, Bob.Klingensmifh, Lee Nelson, Harold' Akers. Row 3: Mr. Broadbenf, Paul Worosello, Bob Cronin, Gordon Burr, Darold Kelly, Bruce Owen, Ed Smifh, Mickey Smifh, T REE . George Caldwell, Ted Wolf, Mr. Thompson. .le . ::'. 151 lvr ' "'h "'r2 ' -' I CO-CAPTAINS MELVIN SPENCE and BRUCE OWEN Englewood's Pirafes-fo-be reporfed af fhe equipmenf room The sunny affernoon of Sepfember firsf ready fo sfarf ouf on fhe I944-45 grid season. Wifh fhe leffermen holding prefer- ence over fhe less experienced feammafes, fhe equipmenf was quickly checked ouf, and pracfice was under way. Charles Thompson, as coach of fhe Pirafes, quickly whipped fhe feam info shape: buf feam co-ordinafion was nof up fo fhe measure of fhe Soufh High Rebels, and fhe Pirafes dropped fheir opener fo ,fhe larger Denver school, 27-O. ln fheir second pre-season confesf fhe Pirafes Tangled wifh fhe Colorado Springs Terrors. Affer holding fheir opponenfs deadlocked fo a 6-6 half-fime score, fhe Pirafe defense gave away and fhe foufed Terrors Took fhe counf over fhe Pirafes, 24-6. The Pirafes iourneyed fo Pueblo for fheir lasf pre-season encounfer and came ouf on fhe shorf end of a 20-O counf in a game which was beffer played fhan fhe score indicafes. The Pueblo feam, who lafer won fhe Sfafe Championship, scored all of fheir poinfs in fhe firsf half and had 'rhe Pirafes been able fo gef fheir offense under way in The second half, fhey mighf have faken fhe game. In fhe league opener fhe Pirafes mef fhe Boulder Panfhers on fhe laffer's field. The Pirafes held fheir opponenfs fo 7 poinfs in 'rhe firsf half, buf were unable fo develop an offense. An infercepfed pass by fhe Panfhers, which fhe Pirafes fhrew PAGE 30 in a final affempf fo score, neffed fhe Panfhers anofher 6 poinfs, and fhe game ended I3-O. On fhe Loveland indian field fhe Englewood boys finally inaugurafed a win by nosing ouf 'fhe Indians, 8-7. The Pirafes fhen mef fhe league-leading Forf Collins feam on fhe Pirafe field and held fhe Lambkins fo a 32-0 score. Having scored 248 poinfs in 5, previous games fhe Lambkins were amazed af fhe fighf fhaf fhe Pirafes gave fhem. In fhe nexf game fhe Pirafes broke a fradifion and beaf fha Longmonf Troians, I4-I3, af Longmonf, a frick fhaf had nof been furned since Englewood enfered fhe league in I939. The Pirafes mef fhe Greeley Wildcafs on fhe Pirafe Field for fhe final game of fhe year. Alfhough fighfing hard, since fhis game was fheir homecoming, fhe Pirafes were nof able Io cafch fhe Wildcafs and fhe game ended 33-26 in Greeley's avor. The league season ended wifh Englewood winning 2, and losing 3, fo fie for fourfh place. ln a posf-season game, fhe l945-46 edifion of fha Pirafes galloped over an inferior Colorado Milifary School eleven, 40-6. They showed fhaf fhey had power fo give, and would definifely be a fhreaf in conference fhe nexf year. The graduafing leffermen were as follows: Darold Kelly, Bob Cronin, Norman, Sible, Dick King, Bruce Owen, Ed Smifh, Mel Spence, Bill Welle, Ernie McDonald, Ed Hunfing- fon, and Bob Klingensmifh. FIRST TEAM WARMS UP H-me-A QUICK KICKS MARKS PUNTS w VER LEFT meme me QDESTEP O ' S 0 MARKS WEN HALFTIME NELSON EVADES GREELEY TACKLERS THOMPSON ABOUT TO BE MOBBED ' Q' 4 IPS ...S PAGE 3l Row I: Coach Thompson, Dick King, Sam Higa, Bill TuTTle, manager: Gene Thompson, Bill Welle, Coach BroadbenT. Row 2: Ted WolT, Gordon Burr, Bruce Owen, Ed SrniTh, Bob KlingensmiTh, Ernie McDonald. IZTASEZET ZAE The l945 ediTion oT The Englewood PiraTe Cage Team reporTed Tor work, under Coach E. NorTon Broadbent The squad, a prospecTive looking group of skyscrapers, was blessed wiTh only Three reTurning leTTermen. The boys developed slowly, and progressed Through The TirsT halT oT The league season beTore break- ing inTo The win column. ln Their TirsT pre-season encounTer, The PiraTes played hosT To The Colorado Springs Terrors and dropped The game To Their TouTed opponenTs, 49-IB. A , An improved PiraTe Tive Took The Tloor I againsT The .Pueblo CenTennial Bulldogs , and dropped a hearfbreaker, 42-3l. 'TM s, The Englewood Team, sTill lacking in viTal coordinaTion, Took a 40-I9 shel- aa iackirig aT The hands oT Their biTTer rivals, TQ'- The Greeley WildcaTs. The game was played in The SouTh High gymnasium. Again The PiraTes hiT The road, This Time To LongmonT. The Trojans made iT Their second sTraighT by Taking The measure oT The PiraTes, 39-I9. - The Bucs-improving rapidly-iourneyed To Boulder Tor Their nexT game. They ToughT all The way in losing a I5-poinT decision To The co-champion PanThers, 40-25. The Loveland Indians invaded PiraTe TerriTory aT The WesT High gym and came ouT on The long end oT a 30-26 counT. The PiraTes held The lead in This conTesT several Times, buT lacked The reserve power To reTain iT. PAGE 32 CAPTAIN ERNTE MAC DONALD In The Tinal game of The TirsT round The PiraTes bowed To The sTaTe champion and league co-champion ForT Collins Lamb- kins, aT a 69-32 counT However, The PiraTes sTayed wiThin I5 poinTs oT Their highly regarded rivals unTil The final period, when The Lambkins drew a.-fav Trom The Tired PiraTes. AT The sTarT oT The second round The PiraTes moved inTo The win column. They made The Greeley WiIdcaTs bow before yr Them, 39-37, in an overTime game on The V WildcaTs' home Tloor. if Fresh Trom The previous vicTory, The Bucs played hosT To The LongmonT Tro- ' ians who luckily nosed ouT The PiraTes, 35-32. In The nexT game, which was played aT Boulder, The PiraTes again had Trouble wiTh The co-champions and Took a licking To The Tune oT 58-3l. The PanThers laTer Took The sTaTe class "A" consolaTion TiTle aT The Denver ciTy audiTorium. , Loveland Took Englewood inTo camp and again beaT The PiraTes by a 4-poinT margin. The score was 3I-27. In The Tinal conTesT oT The year, ET. Collins deTeaTed The PiraTe Team, 60-23. Three-year leTTerman, Ernie McDonald, was elecTed capTain. OTher leTTermen besides McDonald who are graduaTing are: Bob KlingensmiTh, Two leTTersg Bill Welle, one leTTerq Bruce Pwen, one leTTer1 Ed SmiTh, one leTTerg and Dick King, one eTTer. QT E O 1 WP OFF XM W' xv A E' 1, - '? f4f'1z',f 1 'VD 'GHG y,O MORES SOPHOMORE SQUAD OOO PK YN PAGE 33 Row I: Troy Paine, Ted Schiel, Chuck Cole, Harry Tokle, Richard Kendrick, Chuck Bailey. Row 2: Coach Charles Reina, Jerry Schell, John Hoffines, Fred Hillman, Carl Davis, Dick Mafzke. Row 3: Bill Huffman, George Caldwell, Wilbur WrighT. Row 4: Donavon NoTz, STuarT Lovelace, Carl Prenzlow, Jim Paris: Row 5: Rex FIeeT, Roy James, Harold McCorkle, Bob Spence, Bill Engle. Under The waTchful eye of wresTling coach Charles Reina, The PiraTe mafmen of I944-45 reporfed for workouTs on The second day of December, I944. WiTh only Three reTurning leTTermen and a hosT of willing buf inexperienced aspiranTs, The PiraTes on January 5, l945, meT a sfrong SouTh Denver High School To be defeaTed 34-20. In This maTch many of The inexperi- enced men showed promise of being real ThreaTs in The conference and sTaTe meeTs. ln The nexT maTch ,This power was even more evidenT, when The PiraTes bowed slighTly To EasT Denver High School, 23-20. In This maTch, Dick Lundock and Richard Kendrick did excepTionally well for The PiraTes. In a reTurn maTch wiTh Soufh The PiraTes were again defeaTed ,This Time wiTh a slighTly improved score of 28-I6. Englewood's mafmen finally achieved vic- Tory when Th'v defeaTed The WesT High Cowboys 34-I8. Ted Shields and Chuck Coles were excepTional members of The Pirafe squad in This encounfer. ln February, The PiraTes Triumphed over The LiTTleTon Lions, 35-I7, and iT looked as if They would be a real ThreaT in The NorTh- ern Conference in March. The Pirafes con'rinued To improve by de- feaTing Wheafridge, 45-3, in wl.Ef:h all buT one of The PiraTes won Their maT:hes. In a reTurn maTch wiTh LiTTIeTon, The PiraTes were again vicTorious, wiTh a score of 34-Ib. Wifh Three defeaTs and four vicTories, The PAGE 34 COACH CHARLES REINA Pirafes iourneyed To FT. Collins for The con- ference meeT. FT. Collins and Greeley Tied for The NorTh- ern Conference TiTle, while Englewood was second, Boulder Third, and Loveland fourTh. The PiraTes had Three individual champions -Richard Kendrick, an enferprising liTTle sophomore in The 95-pound class. Ted Schiels, anoTher sophomore in The l27-pound class: and Dick Lundock, The mosT consisTenT poinT geTTer on The PiraTe Team, in The l54- pound class. This was a repeaT performance for Dick, as he won The Top conference hon- ors. Troy Paine, a sophomore, and Richard Mahke, a iunior, Took runner-up honors, Chuck Coles, John Hoffines, and Bill Huff- man Took Thirds, while Harry Tokle, Rex FleeT, Bill Engle and George Caldwell each placed fourTh. In The sTaTe meeT, Dick Lundock placed Third in The l54-pound class. This was The second year for Dick To win Third place in his weighT, and he was The only man from Englewood To place. All TogeTher, The wresfling season was a very successful one for The PiraTes. AlThough They did noT win as many mafches as we would have liked for Them To win, They did gain valuable experience in The arT of wresT- ling as well as in The knowledge of sporTs- manship. Since mosT of The members of The Pirafe wresTIing Team were iuniors and sophomores, The souad is looking forward To a very successful season in I946. Leff side-Top fo boHom: CHUCK COLES CARL DAVIS JOHN HOFFINES -L+ -rf'--:L L- . 7 L ... Left +o riqhh RICHARD KENDRICK HARRY TOKLE TROY PAINE DICK LUNDOCK :L ' K7 .1 . 3 Q .L- If f R' xx. L 4' L L W Y N 'J L may I La ,LM L X 7 L aw , :L.,,,,, K LL MEL SPENCE ,- ' E 3 Leff fo righh , ' R.RR RRR REX ELEEL L ' L EEOEEE CALDWELL 'E 'R " BILL ENGLE A ! we 'Q 'fs E E E QL, K 1 ,XX fi Rnghf snde-'top To bo++om: i,,, E RlCHARD MATZKE A bf I ,,,,. fa X X , BILL HUFFMAN PAGE 35 E9 Row I: Gene McNeil, AlTon CaThron, Roy LamberT, RoberT Madison, James Paris, Roy James. Row 2: STuarT Lovelace, Wilbur WrighT, Theodore Schiel, Sam I-liga, Jack Hull, Theo- dore WolT. Row 3: John I-loTTines, Oral STake, Gordon Burr, Harold Akers, John McMahon. Row 4: Irvin Keeney, Claude Kirklin, Donald Thomas, KenneTh Green. I-IURKETT TAKES IT ON TI-IE Cl-IIN N 'TER WiTh only a Tew reTurning squad men and no leTTermen The Englewood Track squad opened The season wiTh Triangular meeT againsT Lakewood and Arvada. The PiraTes coIlecTed enough poinTs To make Lakewood and Arvada work To beaT Them. AT This meeT, Gordon Burr Took TirsT place in The pole vaulT, Gene Thompson Took TirsT in The IOO and 220 yard dashes, Don Gregg placed TirsT in The broad iump, while Sam I-Iiga Took TirsT in The high hurdles, These five TirsTs and a Tew seconds, Thirds, and TourThs were The only poinTs The PiraTes were able To garner. Two weeks laTer The PiraTe Trackmen iourneyed To Greeley To place Third in a quadrangular meeT againsT FT. Collins, Greeley, and College High. ln This meeT Gordon Burr again proved his abiliTy To pole vaulT by Taking second while Gene McNeil placed second in The 440 yard run and showed everyone ThaT he would be a real ThreaT in ThaT race The Tollowing week. Gene Thompson placed second in The 220, Bill I-luTTman Took TourTh in The rnile, and The mile relay Team ran hard enough To place ahead oT Greeley and College High. Because oT The prinTing deadline iT is impossible To give The ConTerence resulTs aT This Time. The squad is made up almosT enTirely of Juniors, so hopes are high Tor nexT year's Track Team. WELLE PINS SPENCE I W A, NELSON GETS A PIN er ' , ' rf'-T7-Q I ii"- .rs . 5 i if ' f' ' as A , A 22:3 ' ' g .1-f g f X A gf ,f"'V N Iggy., rf ' . M32 I-IIGA-MATZKE BOUT PAGE so I SEI EE. As winTer faded inTo spring, baseballs and ball gloves began To appear on The grounds abouT The school. PracTice goT under way and The prospecTs Tor a good baseball Team aT Englewood were high. The Team, reinTorced by 6 reTurning leTTermen and a hosT of American Legion and Old Timers experience, played clubs from Denver. They did very well, in winning a large percenT- age of Their games 'againsT These Teams. Fiery Dick King held down The backsiop posiTion backed up by Del McCarTy, a promising Junior. The leaving of PiraTe Mel Spence To Uncle Sam's Navy seriously hampered The PiraTe piTching sTaTT, buT Sophomore Glen ClayTon, re- lieved aT Times by infielders Jim Marks and Ernie McDonald, developed inTo a winning hurler. Ed SmiTh could always be counTed on Tor a good game aT The iniTial sack. AT second base Ernie "RabbiT" McDonald was a consisTenT perTormer. Sophomore Ted Graves was his worThy undersTudy. Three leT- Terman Bob KlingensmiTh occupied The hoT corner and wiTh his sTrong arm and mighTy baT he was always an asseT To The PiraTe club. l-lard-hiTTing Jim Marks, one oT The ouTsTanding ball players oT The sTaTe, held down The shorT sTop posiTion wiTh Lee Nelson handling his chores when he moved To The mound. ln The ouTTield lanky Bruce Owen played a lol' of ball aT his posiTion in leTT held. Bill Welle, "MighTy MiTe" of The club, roved The cenTer gardens eTTecTively. Sophomore Don Hagin and home run clouTing Lee Nelson spliT The duTies in righT Tield. Coach Charles Thompson acTively Tulfilled his posiTion as baseball menTor, and deserves a loT of crediT Tor The success oT baseball aT Englewood. Row I: Junior ClayTon, Bill Welle, Dick King, Ted Graves. Row 2: Don I-lagin, Jim Marks, Ernie McDonald, Lee Nelson, Bob KlingensmiTh. Row 3: Del McCarTy, Ed SmiTh, Bruce Owen, Coach Thompson. ' ' AKERS PINS CALDWELL' LUNDOCK AND NELSON HUG IT OUT WOLF AGAINST THE ROPES e l PAGE 37 MTBE WHTB1 EJEIPW The blue and while shakers ol lhe Pep Club llew high lhis season, waving lhrough numerous morale building rallies and pep assemblies. They slarled lhe year wilh a highly successlul homecoming dance. Anne Nelson was queen wilh Dorolhy Schmid and Helen Morgan as allendanls. The girls in lheir snappy blue and while unilorms made colorlul showings al lhe games. The newly organized drill leam, headed by Phyllis Kendrick, already has a record ol which lhey may be proud. Al several ol lhe games, lhis leam made various eye-calching lormalions. The annual Snow Ball Formal, wilh Helen presiding as queen, was one ol lhe biggesl ol lhe year.. Virginia Drake, Lois Armslrong Kendrick, Bonnie Lynch, Doris Gove, and Avis Chrislensen were her allendanls. Anolher annual allair, lhe banquel lor lhe lool- ball men, was enioyed by all. Wilh capable Doris Gove as presidenl and Miss Helen Hudson as sponsor, lhe cub was one ol lhe mosl aclive organizalions. MISS HELEN HU DSON Yi i PEP CLUB Row I: June Ankenman, Margarel Jenkins, Doris Gove, Jacqueline Robins, Margarel Reinke, BeBe Burnand, Phyllis Kendrick, Dorolhy Schmid, Susan Krueger, Dolly Nessen, Joan Burrell, Belly Bailey, Cherie Davis, Barbara Hill, Jean Barcus, Jean Amsbury, Roberla Plunkell, Palricia Bennell. Row 2: Midori Yamagawa, Shirley Jackson, Bealrice Lakin, Jean Arundle, Juanila Myers, Jeanelle Gaskins, Juanila Downing, LaVerne Hessler, Dorolhy Ball, Ollie Jane Slohlman, Phyllis Ralhe, Mildred Reiners, Bernilla Phillips, Mary Lay- bourn, Doris Woodward, Helen Morgan, Mary Gray, Belly Widmer, Shirley Boolh.,Row 3: Bonnie Lynch, Lucile Sherouse, Bonnie Lockharl, Renee Francis, Willa Marshall, Shirley Groves, Alice Hanwell, Nellie Barnes, Charlolle Ankenrnan, Roberla Slephens, Mary Langevin, Donna Jean Norwood, Rosalie Curry, Muriel Hieb, Belly Arrnslrong, Gwynne Coman, Edna Hines Lois Armslrong. Row 4: Julia DeHarl, Lucille Urich, Joan Ellioll, Sally Rounds, Nancy Walker, Palricia Harris, Phyllis Bauer, Sylvia Pallerson, Winilred Cald- well, Doris Brandl, Vivian Pelerson, Rulh Mullins, Barbara Pursley, Virginia Drake, Mary Lou Collins, Charlolle Drager, Marilyn Fleel. Joan Hayes, Arlene Tangle, Miss Hudson. Row 5: Mary Madsen, Joyce Collin, Belly Mehl, Palricia lgou, Genelle Jamison. Lois Wienand, Dora Nell Abell, Mary Schumucker, Jeannelle Barnard, Mary Lesage, Joye Smilh. Row 6: Rulh Burlon, Belly Murphy. Jeraldine Norris, Georgia Robinson, Anne Nelson, Dorolhy Tremaine, Louise McGill, Ann Rhuele. Row 7: Avis Chrislensen, Shirlee Ralhburn, Charlsie Thompson. ' PAGE 38 S IHUQJJUQ LE' f 'S I " - M in K - ' ,f'!,ff'! Ei . x W4 . M 5 X K X X Xxxxirf., 2 L I fx M JE m S ki 6 Q.. 3 N 9 J I V 4 ! M I ' . C it 1 I fi R Q ,,, 2 . , xx-.,zg,N vf,--"Q PAGE 39 W ea sulsw Composed ol girls who were carefully chosen lrom lhe Junior and Senior classes by lhe old mem- bers, lhe Sub Deb again success- lully reigned as one ol lhe mosl popular groups. The record made by lhem on lhe bond and slamp drive will be hard lo beal. Wilh lheir all-oul ellorl and wilh lheir enlhusiaslic supporl lhe sales wenl way over lhe goal sel. Headed by ellicienl Belly Arm- slrong, lhe group gave one ol lhe mosl oulslanding assemblies ol lhe year, a "Pig Pen Push," a hay ride, a banquel lor lhe baskelball leam, and numerous cake sales. They made a success ol every- I sus-nEB Row I: Lois Armslrong, Susan Krueger, Bonnie Lynch, Doris Gove, Phyllis Ken- drick, Midori Yamagawa, Dorolhy Schmid, Mary Lesage. Row 2: Palricia Harris, Roberla Plunkell, Bonnie Monroe, Jean Barcus, Belly Bailey, Belly Widmer, Barbara Hill. Row 3: Belly Armslrong, Joyce Collin, Nancy Walker, Mary Madsen, Nedine Jamieson, Gwynne Coman, Miss Klein. Row 4: Charlsie Thompson, Jean- nelle Barnard, Joye Smilh, Helen Morgan, Alice Winkler, Mary Schooley. lhing which lhey underlook and il required a greal deal ol hard work on lheir parl lo do il. Con- gralulalions, girls, on a very suc- cesslul year. ' "A FLING WITH WINGS" Wilh Miss Walker and Donavan Nolz as pilol and copilol, lhe crew had a very successful llighl lhis year. Considering lhe eguipmenl lhey had lo work wilh, lhey did a very line iob. They spenl some ol lheir lime sludying -diliferenl lypes ol air plane models? broughl by lhe various screw members. Olher aclivilies included a sludy ol navigalion and radio code. Here's lhe E. H. S. Medal ol Honor lor a grand group ol lulure llyers who will conlinue lo slrive lo be successful. AERONAUTICS Row I: Keilh Noah, Jack Hassel, Belly Chell, Palricia McCarlhy, Belly Lou Nelson, Dale Bang, Richard Kendrick, Roberl Edgerlon. Row 2: Miss Walker, James Brown, Roberl Reilly, James Wolfe, Mary Lou Kailey, John Schullz, Roberl Madison, James Nordlander. Row 3: James Blay, Donald Denning, Charles Marlow, Dale Rounds, Rex Fleel, Donovan Nolz, Clillord Koon. Row 4: Dean Sadler, Leo Rice, Gerald Dennis, Glenn Claylon, Kennelh Moore, Ross Zahler. PAGE 40 The nifry whife lefler sweaiers worn by some of V -27. A. A. Row I: Julia DeHar'r, Rulh Baron, Juanifa Smifh, Emily Brooks, Lois Armsfrong, Shirley Spafh, Louise Jones, Midori Yamagawa, Pairicia Igou. Row 2: Belly Mehl, Priscilla Carol, Juanifa Downing, Mary Bramwell, Muriel Hieb, Mary Lesage, LyneHe Kulow, Donna Curiis. Row 3: Mrs. Hamilfon, Berry Chelf, Mary Kailey, Mariorie Henry, Darlene Disney, Beverly Brooks, Joyce Colilin. Row 4: Carol Tarrani, Mary Cafon, Norma Cummings, Loriia Whife, Gloria Wafkins, Shirley Henning, Nancy Core, Mary Schooley. "SHORTS AND SPORTS" Wi+h Midori Yamagawa as Chief Pe+'ry Officer fhe girls deslgna+e fhe wearers as members ,of G. A. A., a leading girls' club in 'rhe school. The leHers were earned by par+icipa+ion in var- ious sporfs such as swimming, hiking, baskeiball, sof+ball, and orhers. "rick TALKS'l Under fhe sponsorship of Miss Mary Harris, and wi+h Jackie Wad- dle and Muriel Davis as presidenis, fhe Speech Club aHended confer- ences af bofh Colorado Universiry and Regis College and enfered fhe American Oraforical confesf wi+h Vicfor Grimm as Englewood's represen+a+ive. y , Asidefrom 'rheir ofher acfiviiies, The group was kepi' preHy busy wifh +ha+ comical produclion, "Thanks Awfullyf' ' The glamour girls made qui+e a record +hus year, Topping if off wH'h 'lhe presenialion of wresiling sui+s 'ro +he squad. These girls didia fine iob, and cerfainly aH'ained 'rheir goal of promoiing more inieresf in girls' spoils. Row I: Troy Paine, Wuanifa McMahan, Ruih Baron, Shirley Miller, Coralie Finch, Marie Kubofa, Arlene Darling, Jerry Schell. Row 2: William Rooi, Carolyn Rodda, 'Verna Bone, Janei Roberfson, Jeanne Rose, Shirley Henning, Muriel Davis. Row 3: Miss Harris, Elberi WaHs, Bernadine Skerli, Beify Walion, Jackie Waddle,'Vic+or Grimm. ' PAGE 4l 0' EUR ENGLEWOOD'S ENVOYS All oT The handsome boys who are wearing The classy leTTer sweaTers are members oT The or- ganizaTion known as The 'E' Club. IT is made up oT boys who have leTTered in varsiTy sporTs. Under The direcTion oT Coaches Thompson, BroadbenT and Reina, and led by enThu- siasTic Bill Welle, The boys sTrive Tor The beTTermenT oT school aTh- leTics and morale. The Junior-Senior baskeTball game sponsored by This group was a very exciTing evenT as was The boys' rally, which They spon- sored in March. PAGE 42 . "E" CLUB Row I: William WegerT, Richard King, Sam I-Iiga, William Welle, KenneTh RooT, Mr. Reina. Row 2: Mr. Broadbent Richard Malzke, Eugene Thompson, Wilbur WrighT, Ted Wolf, ErnesT McDonald, Mr. Thompson. Row 3: RoberT KlingensmiTh, Lee Nelson, William Engle, Harold Akers, Paul Worosello, Michael Smilh. Row 4: Richard Lundoclc, James Marks, Gordon Burr, Darold Kelly, Bruce Owen, Edward SmiTh, George Caldwell. HER? "WHY TRIFLE WITH A RIFLE?" WiTh Mr. Landon as sponsor, and Richard Gamble and David Wilson serving as presidenTs, These marksmen have probably hir The buIl's eye more Times Than Cupid himselT. To make This easier They boughl Themselves a new sTraw Tar- geT and also an indoor TargeT Tor use when old man weaTher seemed To have an upper hand. The pop and hoT-dogs which They sold aT The games were greaT- Iy appreciaTed by The specTaTors. NoT To be ouT-done by oTher organizaTions They had a good Time when They Traveled To The counTry wiTh picnic in one hand and a bow in The oTher. ARCHERY CLUB Row I: Osborne Baldwin, Bill Emerson, Paul Hendricks, Frank Daniels, Richard Small, RoberT Sfull, Mr. Landon. Row 2: Richard Gamble, John Cadenhead, Carl Johnson, David Wilson, John I-Ioeksfra, James STuTz. LATIN CLUB Caesar again lhis year slrolled arm in arm wilh lhe Lalin Club, "Nunlil Benelicif' Al lhe begin- ning ol lhe year lhey held lheir inilialion wilh eerie I-laIlowe'en as lhe selling. This evenl was en- ioyed by old and new members alike. They chose as lheir mollo, "Ben- elicium Nil Emilur," which means kindness cosls nolhing. They began work on proiecls such as making lheir club pins, and making poslers and olher plans lor lhe promoling of lurlher inleresl in Lalin lhrough- oul lhe school. The club was sponsored by Miss Archibald wilh Marilyn Monaghan and Jean Douglas presiding as presidenls. LATIN CLUB ' Row I: Miss Archibald, Belly Lung, Shirley Spalh, Velma Tyler, Palricia Rich- ards, Bobbie Carler. Row 2: Norma Lee Rogers, Roberla Burns, Donila Shornber, Pauline I-Ioschouer, Dorolhy Carharl, Marilyn Monaghan. Row 3: Dolores Waile, Leona Briggs, Gloria Walson, Shirley Holmes, Rosalie Vanderlip. Row 4: Nancy Core, Jean Douglas, Geraldine Greenberg, Donna Rilz. VISUAL CLUB Row I: Norman Sullivan, Donald Gregg, Pres Minnick, Frank Bock, Fred Hillman, Morice I-Ianna, William Leighlon. Row 2: Carl Davis, William Smilh, Everelle Mc- Kinslry, Jack I-Iall, Charles Johnson, Lawrence Olsen, Mr. Richerl. Row 3: Duane Youngquisl, Fay Cohenour, Alberl Fisher, Cecil Collield, Donald Valenline, Ernesl Vocale. "REEL BOYS" The Paramounl has nolhing on us. We have a super Visual Club lhal lakes us "Soulh ol lhe Border," "Over lhe Waves," or "Oul lo lhe Old Ball Game" al lhe flick ol a swilch. Thanks lo lhese lellows, lhere is al leasl one room in each deparlmenl in which piclures can be shown. ll has kepl lhe club busy caring for lhe equipmenl and enlerlaining us wilh lhe movies which can be shown from lhe audilorium balcony. Aside from lheir work. lhey have laken lime oul lor some enjoyable parlies and lhey sponsored a lun-packed Jilne Dance, loo. Mr. Richerl, Donald Gregg, and lhe whole group can be proud ol lheir achievemenls lhis year. Whal would we do wilhoul lhem? PLAIDS AND BRAIDS PAGE 43 "FIRE sues"i Because of Iheir inleresl in 'rhe worlc ol lhe club, volunleers from each home room become The members ol 'rhe Fire Prevenlion Club. They have charge ol fire-drills, pracrice air-raids and Ihe inspecf 'rion of lhe building which ralces place 'rwice a year. Twice a monrh lhe group meels wirh lhe cily firemen al rhe Cily Hall, where lhey learn firsl aid and fire lighling laclics. Each weel: a meeling is held ar school ar which Fire Chief Ray Shomaker presides. Sponsored by Mr. McClelland. +hey have had several parries, and summing lhe year up, Chief Sho- malcer said, "We had iusr loads ol fun." ' "OUT-OF-DOORS FELLOWS" Led by Ivan Jones, rhese boys have enjoyed lheir weelcly meerings 'Io 'rhe fullesl exlenl. These never-dull meelings consisred of eilher leclures or sporls movies. Their purpose, fo lurrher inreresl and parlicipalion in all our-door sporrs, was very well achieved by Their sponsor, Charles Reina, and all rhe boys. FIRE PREVENTION Row I: Amy Carnahan, Bealrice Sydlow, June Dielrich, Shirley Nicholson, Mariorie Herriclc. Row 2: Belly Gifford, Loree Larson, Mildred Palferson, Jean Dodd, Mr. McClelland. Row 3: David Long, Raymond Shomalcer, Richard Rose, Donald Pierson, I-larold Loomis. 576555857 KABBUUE' .S Row I: Roy Lamberl, Donald Zigler, John I-loffhines, Donald Allen, James Hansen, Irvan Keeney, Kennelh Green, William Williams, James Snyder. Row 2: Russell Humell, LaVerne Busmire, Jaclc Graves, Theodore Schiel, Charles Cole, Theodore Graves, Roberl Hering, Gayle Ruclrer. Row 3: Roberl Hurlrell, Eugene Taylor, Sfanley Compton, James' Paris, Alfon Smifh, Harold McCorkle, Gerald Tolrle, Donald Richards, Thomas Cox, C. J. Terry. Row 4: Carl Seaberl, Eugene Lamberl, Worlh Twis'r. Lee Tucker, Donald Melslrer, Everefl' Wren, William Mufh, Roy James, Ken? Slriclrland. Row 5: Raymond Nelson, Paul Nixon, Arfhur Walfers, James Thornlon. Sluarf Love- lace, Jerry Roberfs, Eugene Norman, Reid Rabas. Row 6: Eugene Shepard, Harry Tolcle, Warren Porfer, Herman Michel, Dale Whiled, Carl Prenzlow, Roberl Mc- Farland, Karl Davis, Ronald Reeme. Raw 7: Wayne Ralhe, Beniamin Herman. Eldor Nelson, Nlr.iReina. ' PAGE 44 "GLOBE TROTTERS" This newly organied group under +he leadership of Mr. Davidson and Kaihleen Tremmel has sfeadily gained in membership and popu- larify. They had an in+eres+ing +ime'a+ 'rhe +wo7day s+a+e-wide conference a+ Denver Universi+y. Their aim has been fo promofe furfher inferesi in world-wide af- fairs. BIBLE RESEARCH CLUB This club was esfablished for +he purpose of sfudying +he Bible. S+u- denrs of all Chrisfian faifhs are eligible fo belong io fhis organiza- fion. Their sponsor, who is 'rhe only club sponsor who is noi' a faculfy member, is Mrs. Spaulding. Under her guidance, fhe club made a complefe sfudy of John I. Their president Be++y Lou Lane. also supervised a religious assembly. PAGE 45 JOHN LOOPSTRA. JOYCE COFFIN, EDWARD SMITHY N0 311255. The lighls were dimmed, a hush fell over lhe audience ,and wi+h an air of mysiery 'rhe firsi' acl of "Tiger House" began. The aimosphere of sus- pense andweirdness prevailed lhroughoul' lhe per- formance. Miss Mary Harris was ihe direclor, and Joyce Coffin and John Loopslra were 'rhe leading characlers. The siage sei was superb and added +o +he eerie plof of fhe play. F PAGE 46 FRANK BOCK, MURIEL DAVIS, JACOUELINE ROBINS THE CAST Erma Lowrie ...,.. ....................,. ..,,.,.... J o yce Coffin Yami ,..........,., .,,.,,......... ...... E dward Smilh Aunl Sophia .......,. ,.....,..,, G eorgianna Van Ellen Mrs. Murdock ..,..,,,.,. ,.,,,,., .,....,.,, M u riel Davis Mac lnfosh ........ ......,. J ohn Loopsfra Arlhur Hale .,.. .......... F rank Boclr Oswald Kerins ..,.... .,.,.,.,,,,.,, D arold Kelly Peggy Van Ess ,,,...... ........ J acqueline Robins Thompson ,.,...,..,........ .,..,,..,, H arry Bowland The Mysfery Wdman ....... ,...,... B eHy Armslrong The Tiger Man ........ ,.,,,.,.. ? ? 7 7 Dnrecfor ,,.,,..,, ,,,,,,,,,,, M ary Harris HARRY BOWLAND. DAROLD KELLY, BETTY ARMSTRONG. MISS MARY HARRIS, JOYCE COFFIN, GEORGIANA VAN ETTEN ia- A . , ?, EUGENE THOMPSON, DOLLY NESSEN, MARY LAYBOURN, ALTON SMITH, PATRICIA HARRIS, WALTER LYNCH. TH E CAST Mrs, Harringfon .,,... ,,.................... Mr. HarringTon .... Grace l-larringTon ...... PaTsy I-larringTon ,.,.. Billy Caldwell .,..... Tony Anderson ,.., Sadie Buchanan .............KaThleen Tremmel Mary Layloourne .......,.AlTon SmiTh , ...,...,.. Cherie Davis PaTricia Harris ...,.....,Jean Ba rcus Dolly Nessen .......Richa rd MaTzlre WalTer Lynch ..,......Eugene Thompson Richard MaTzlce Bonnie WhiTTingTon Phyllis Bauer Mr. O'FlariTy ,...,,, ,,,,,,,,, W illiam MuTh ....,..Al Goodman Trip BusTy ..,,...... DirecTor ......... ..,..... I-l elen Hudson Row I: Jean Barcus, Eugene Thompson, Cherie Davis. Row 2: Mary Laybourn, AlTon SmiTh, Dolly Nessen, WalTer Lynch, Palricia Harris, Richard MaTzlce. Row 3: Phyllis Bauer, KaTh- leen Tremmel, Al Goodman, Bonnie WhiTTingTon. JEAN BARCUS, CHERIE DAVIS UN EB. PRIZE. The Junior play was a wonderful success. IT was a Three-acT play called "The PaTsy," and was under The splendid direcTion of Miss Helen l-ludson. The acTion of The play was cenTered around The I-larringTon household and Grace and PaT, The I-larringTon daughTers. Grace, The elder sisTer was a head sTrong, impulsive Type, who had always had her way. PaT, a sweeT and charming girl, was TreaTed very much like an ouTsider. The conclusion of The play ends in PaT's firsT and mosT imporTanT vicTory over her sisTer, namely, in winning of Tony, her boy friend. PAGE 47 ,xy - -v---.-v------v vlivllx Row I: Shirley Spafh, June Ankenman, Eva Kelley, Jean Sandy, Marilyn Edgar, Alron Smifh, Jeanneile Barnard, Miss Olsen, 'Ernesf Vocaie, Donna Norwood, Jacqueline Robins, Charlolie Ferguson, Margarel Jenkins. Row 2: Phyllis Kendrick, Doris Gove, Renee Francis, Nedine Jamieson, Perry Argabrighl, David Long, Richard King, Raymond Shomaker, Roberf Plunkefl, Avis Chrisfiansen, Marjorie Thomas, Doris Brandi. Row 3: Roberia Plunkefl, Phyllis Bauer, Mary Henderson, Bonnie Lockharf, Sally Rounds, John Walker, AI Goodman, Ross Zahler, Norman Sullivan, Jean Jones, Dorolhy Tremaine, Frances Magnuson. Row.4: Janef Defmer, Rosalie Curry, Aniionerre Duffield, Beify l-lines, Rosalie Vanderlip, Norma Cummings, Edward Smirh, Paul Shrieber, William Engle, Laura Files, Arlene Tangye, Leona Briggs. The choir is under +he experienced direcrion of Miss Mildred Olsen. Al' Chrisimas 'rhe choir gave iis beau+iful candlelighr service, as has been The cusrom for The pasr few years: Jrhey also sang ai 'rhe Eorr Logan l-lospilal. For our Eas+er program, fhey sang many lovely Easier hymns. The choir also gave rhe Sf. Pa+rick's dance. One of ihe mosf imporianl Things This year was +he invilarion from 'rhe Wells Music Company ro appear in rhe sevenih annual Music Eeslival al lhe Denver Ci+y Audiforium. BOYS' QUARTETTE ALTON SMITH EUGENE THOMPSON JEANETTE BARNARD AL GOODMAN EDWARD SMITH PAGE 48 HEGEST TRU SUSAN KRUEGER, JOYCE COFFIN LOIS ARMSTRONG E CEU This group has recenlly been organized and is under 'rhe direcfion of Miss Olsen. The girls' choir, as well as lhe glee club, sang for our Chrislmas program. Allhough a comparafively new organizaiion, il is lasl becoming popular wilh girls inleresied in singing. They have sung for various special programs lhrough- ou+ lhe year and have proved lhemselves +o be a prominenl group. Row I: Delma Plunlc, Eva Kelley, Belly Simmons, Alice Adamson, Elena Sporlsrnan, Elizabefh Hughes, Miss Olsen, Phyllis Rowland. Mariorie Herrick, Norma Lee Rogers, lrma Lindsay, Dixie Sporfsman. Row 2: Carolyn Sherousa, Lucille Sherouse, Glenis Erilcsen, Shirley Wallace, Mildred Reiners, Devona Porler, Bernice Prolhero, Charlsie Thompson, Doris Brandi, Doris Woodward, Belly Jane Fox, Dolores Waile, Burnefle Mcflale, Joy Wilson. Row 3: Belly Bennefl, Renee Norlhcufi, Jean Amsbury, Shirley Sandburg, Rose Marie Powell. Geraldine Hoeksfra, Joan Hayes, Elizabefh Nelson, Carolyn Rhiodda, Dorofhy Kidwell, Frances Hesler, Charlene Davis, Mariory Henry, Georgia Robinson. Row 4: Jane? Robinson, Calhryn Higgins, Mary Jane Langevin, Bernadine Slcerli, Verna Bone, Mary Schnuclcer, Donna Van Liew, Laura Lee, Anifa Morris, Bernice Rhemer, Sylvia Pallerson, Jeraldine Norris, Dorolhy Ure, Willa Warshall. PAGE 49 EJHESZMPE CIDG'-3 ST QE' Under ihe direciion of Miss Lil- lian Sullivan 'rhe Piraie Log Siaff has had a successful year. The differeni deparrmeni heads were as follows: Ediior, Virginia Drake, Assisfani Ediior, Mary Schooley: Seniors, Shirlee Raihburng Clubs, Helen Morgan: Acfiviiies, Joyce Charloiie Drager, Mary Madsen, Edward Smifh, Shirley Booih, Joyce Rowland, Phyllis Raihe. ihing. ln spiie of ihese obsiacles, There were more piciures of The school ac+ivi+ies in This yeac's book ihan ever before. Everyone on 'rhe siaff had a good fime while working on +he book. They all wish ihe nex+ Pirare Log Siaff 'rhe besr of luck in fhe making of lheir book. Monaghan, Gordon Tressler Phyllis Bauer Edna Hines, Theodore Wolf, Marilyni Bauer. Bobbie Carier, Donna Wickmanlg Jeaneffe Gaskins. PAGE 50 Miss L, Sullivan, Mary Schooley, Vir- ginia Drake, Vicior Grimm, Shirlee Raih- burn, Elifie Pemberion. Rowland, Business Manager, Vicior Grimm, Ari, Eiiie Pemberion: Sporis, Edward Smiihz Home Rooms, Mary Madsen: Work in School, Phyllis Bauer: Secreiary, Phyllis Raiheg Librarian, Shirley Booihg and Faculfy, Charloiie Drager. The Piraie Log siaff mel' wifh many difiiculfies ihis year. There seemed io be a shor+age of every- LIBRARY STAFF Row I: Phyllis Rowland, Loree Larson, Eva Kelly, Delma Plunlc, Mariorie Bennell, Donna McMahon, Shirlee Ralhburn, Anne Nelson, Donna Helling. Row 2: Marion Dunham, Burneile McFa+e, Willa, Marshall, Louise McGill, Shirley Miller, Velma Tyler, Donila Shomber, Mary Lou Calon, June Evans, Virginia Mader. Row 3: Hazel Granfham, Dorolhy Rehn, Howard Hillman, Richard Kirlcpalriclc, Al Fisher, Roberfa Sfephens, Pauline I-loschouer, Linda Sfebbins, Jean Jones,.Vivian Pelerson, Louise McKinnis, Mrs. Monroe. Row 4: Paul Hendricks, LaVerne Hessler, Geraldine Greenberg, Donna Rilz, Dale Rounds, Edward Maerlens, Cliff Koon, David Long, Ernesl McDonald, Lee Nelson, William Welle, Gerald Tokle. LIBRARY These are lhe s+udenl's who worlc in lhe library They gel lhree hours.credi+ for worlcing and gain and help 'lhe sludenls find lhe boolcs 'rhey need. valuable experience. IC STAGE CREW GEORGE CALDWELL, CHARLES Roos. HAROLD McCORKLE, RICHARD LUNDOCK ENNY rms ML PAGE 5I STUNDENT COUNCIL Row I: Edward Smiih, William Welle, Mr. Law- rence, Jack Graves, Kenneih Roof, Anioineiie Dufheld, Row 2: Donald Gregg, Theodore Graves. Roberi Hering, Harold Akers. Row 3: Dale Bang, Lee Nelson, Ivan Jones. Row 4: Darold Kelly, Rob- erf Plunkelf, Tedd Garcia, Richard Maizke. Row 5: Gordon Tressler, Richard Kendrick, James Barreif, Mary Lesage, Pairicia Benneii, Bruce Owen. Row 6: Gordon Burr, Lawrence Olsen, Jacqueline Price. Row 7: Dale Rounds, Alice Winkler, Avis Chrisfen- sen, Bobbie Carfer. Row 8: Norma Cummings, Joyce Coffin, June Ankenman, Donna Norwood. HONOR SOCIETY The Naiional I-lonor Socieiy is for The siuclenls who are in Ihe upper Ihird of Iheir classes. New members are eleciedio The socieiy each spring according ro Iheir qualifica- 'rions as 'ro scholarship, leadership, service and characler. Only a ceriain perceniage of ihe senior and junior classes is eligible. They have induciion services each spring. PAGE 52 STUDENT COUNCIL Our siudeni law makers are composed of presi- denis and vice-presidenrs of senior high home rooms. The head girl and boy and Ihe principal preside af 'rhe meeiings which are held every Mon- day. The grievances and complainis are Iaken io s'ruden'r council where Ihey are democraiically dis- cussed, and opinions are iormulaied for 'rhe benefii' of all. NATIONAL HONORARY SOCIETY Row I: Phyllis Kendrick, Doris Gove, Susan Krueger, Jean Barcus, Befiy Bailey, Doroihy Schmid, Joyce Rhoades, Pairicia Benneii. Row 2: Bonnie Lynch, Roberia Plunkeii, Virginia Drake, Nancy Walker, Jean Jones, Mary Lesage, Midori Yarnagawa, Miss L. Sullivan. Row 3: Joyce Coffin, Mary Schooley, Elllie Pemberion, Jeanneiie Barnard, Joye Smiih, Nedine Jamie- son, Ollie Jane Siohlman. Row 4: Harold McCorkle, John McMahon, Theo- dore Wolfe, Donald Gregg, Vicfor Grimm. HIGH TIMES Row I: MurieI Davis, BeBe Burnand, ShirIee Rafhburn, Louise McGiII. Row 2: Dorofhy Zellner, BeHy Jane Fox, Beverly Brooks, Laura Fyler, Anne Nelson, Miss Foofe. Row 3: DonaIcI Harden- dorf, Lee Nelson, Bruce Owen. Bonnie Lynch. Row 4: Gayle Rucker, Frank Bock. HIGH TIMES Every year The High Times becomes a IiHIe Ionger un+iI 'rhere are now Tour full pages. They now have one whole page for sporfs. Experfly wri++en sfories and ar'ricIes have broughf +he High Times sfaff praise from sfudenfs. 'IacuI+y, and friends. WHY SO HAPPY? SCHOOLS OUT ..v""Q' 5 PAGE 53 Row I: Reber? Campbell, Pafricia lgou, Arlene Darling, June Ferguson, Joan Burrell, Pres E. Minniclc, Pefer Klaisle. Row 2: Sfuarf Lovelace, Nadine Moyer, Jack Hall, Lee Murch, Jim Eroddy, Norman Sullivan, Edward Ham, Ronald Crabfree, John Walker, Lloyd Happs. Row 3: Cherie Davis, Jerry Roberfs, Joseph Flierl, Beffy Widmer, Jacqueline Waddle, Susan Fairman, Gilberi Johnson, Kennefh Green, William Osburn, Paul Schrieber, Roy James, William Huggman, Del McCar+y, Lawrence Denning. Row 4: Howard Ferguson, Lois Fairman, Mary Cronquisf, Monfe Smiih, Deirdre L'Hommedieu, Pafricia Black, Shirley Hobbs, Claude Kirklin, Ivan Carlson, Virginia Mader, Donald Hagin, Donald Denning, Theodore Harfung, Dale Whifehead, James Wolf. Row 5: James Barreff Donna Van Liew, Belly Lou Walfon, Deverne O'Brien, Maurine Jamison, Mr: Adam, Roberi' McFarland, Mable Lindsay, Everefi Wren. SENIOR BAND The Senior Band of '44-'45 sraried anoiher progress lhroughouf The year. lr has played al' successful year under Jrhe direcrion of Mr. Wil- all fooiball games and many special assemblies. liam Adam. The band has shown ouisranding , MAJORETTES Cherie Davis, Shirley Palmer, Lois Armsirong, Jeannine Drake, Shirley Weigand, Marquerile Cecil CHOW LINE PAGE 54 ORCHESTRA Row l: Nedine Jarnieson, Arlene Darling, Phyllis Rowland, Jane Wilson, Margarel Sanders, Phyllis Ralhe, Renee Norlhcull, Row 2 Palricia lgou, Donald Pearson, Marianna Guanero, Belly Vv'idmer, June Ferguson, Nadine Moyer, Joye Smilh, Barbara Lawson Belly Jane Moore, Maurila Wvmore. Row 3: Belly Chelf, Ollie Jane Slohlman, Mr. Adam, Norman Sullivan, Claude Kirlrlin, Donald Denning, Del McCarly, Lawrence Denning, Belly Wallon, Deverne O'Brien, Maurine Jamison. TAKE IT EASY. FELLOWSI R HURRAH FOR THE SOPHS! SEINIHCD C0 " A EIESTRQZEA "l-lol Hum! Boy, am l liredl" These are lhe common expressions heard al Senior Orcheslra praclice which slarls al lhe early hour ol 7:30 in lhe morning. By 7:45 Mr. Adam has usually succeeded in walcing lhe sludenls up enough lo begin playing. Neverlheless, Sen- ior Orcheslra has been commend- ed as being one ol lhe leading school orcheslras ol lhe slale by noled musicians ol Denver. PAGE 55 FINALE DOG PATCH KELLY LRE TY STH Every year E. H. S. sponsos an All-School Show. This year 'rhey changed 'rhe name To The Variefy Show. There was a small admission fee and all proceeds wem' fowards fhe service men's plaque. The show consisfed of some of 'lhe school's mos? lalenfecl sfudenfs and was considered such a success 'lhaf if was puf on for The convalescenfs al For? Logan. PAGE 56 BASIN STREET BABES iff X Q 1.5 a 1 : R sw! A QA! ga-dl' x - gr , - gf A N 'Ii' if x N f A j " s ff I if 1' "" vi 51,---fx kg .vh.fM:fPgi'Z,C. I N I 'gr-f. "' "' .. .... I w N1 , 5 f . W P T my me X vp a X Q 2, y , J, S X f ' 'K Q 6 1' I f k i K' 'W 2 Q ' I L 3, I 5 ff s X 'ffl M J PAGE 57 THU E SIB Mainlaining one one-lhousandlh of an inch accuracy, fhe machine shop pracfice classes pro- duce blocks for airplanes, hose conneclions, and ship hoisfs as lheir par? in fhe war eliforl. The sludenls learn +o operale lafhes, drill presses. and dual-band saws. As fhis work is highly lechni- cal, a knowledge of micromeler, scale, and blueprim' reading is essenlial. Praclical skill in culling Threads, polishing maierial on 'lhe machines, working shop malhemalics, and cuH'ing angles on sleel and brass will prove lo be valuable posl'-war educalion for These Englewood High School sfudenls. Mr. Ed- ward lvl. Langenbahn is chief inslruclor for machine lool operalion. PAGE 58 The au'ro mechanics classes under The guidance of Mr. John Lesuer relained Their populari+y again 'rhis year, for 'rhe boys of Englewood High School realize 'rhe pracfical value of such an educalion now and afier +he war. The iraining follows Jrhe Army service manual course which includes one hour of leclure and lwo hours of ac'rual mechanical work. During +he lecfure period, one parl of fhe aufomobile is sludied each day. A large percenfage of +he boys who fake +his course become mechanics in 'rhe armed service. The s'ruden+s complefing fhis class can qualify as skilled mechanics and can overhaul any kind of car. ED NG Working up To Army and Navy sTandards of manufacfuring, The welding classes of The Engle- wood Trade School have been engaged in IOO per cenT war producTion. Affer a shorT Training period, The sTudenTs are ready To operaTe any Type of welding machine and To Take Their places on The assembly lines. Beginning wiTh raw maTerials, The welders pre- pare parTs for direcf fiTTing on airplanes or ships. They gain experience wiTh boTh arc and acefylene welding. Mr. Burrel J. DarTing is chief welding insTrucTor. EZHDCID- The radio deparTmenT of The Englewood Trade School, under The supervision of Mr. KiTTering, offers To iTs sTudenTs The besT collecfion of high school TesT equipmenf ThaT can be obfained. AlThough The laTesT developmenfs in The field of radio cannoT be disclosed aT This Time, The worlc performed in These classes is as adequaTe as can be given for qualificaTion in armed forces TesTs. AT The conclusion oT a general view of radio Theory, The classes learn To use radio Tools by build- ing Their own seTs which They wire complefely. The field of elecTronics and radio has found an enThusiasTic and inTeresTed audience aT Engle- wood l-ligh School. PAGE l 59 EST Giving wholehearledly ol Their lalenls +o The war e'FFor+, fhe sludenls of lhe Englewood High School arl deparlmenl. under 'rhe direclion of Miss Hesler Moll, furnished 'rhe Red Cross wilh impres' sive poslers for ils annual drive and filled an order from fhis same organizalion for IOO beaulifully made Chrislmas cards. The regular aclivilies for 'rhe beginning classes Hwcluded le+- fering, sand painfing, finger painfing, and plasler-paris worlc. Oil painling, charcoal drawings, e+chings. and paper mache work was assigned fo lhe more advanced sludenfs. These classes provide ample oppor'runi+y for sludents To de- velop +heir creafive in'feres+s. Originalify and ini+ia+ive are es- pecially encouraged. PAGE 60 GDM CTDNGDEMIHCS The iulure housewives and dielicians of America, besides learning lo cool: in 'rhe home economics deparlmenf. have sluclied lhe all- imporlanl' calorie and vilamin con+en+ of food so 'rhal balanced meals may be prepared. Wil'h war lime ralioning, The girls have found a lcnowledge of poinf values very use- ful. They discovered meal subslilules +o be as delicious and easily prepared as meal il- self. . A home nursing course was given by a reg- islered nurse, Mrs. Pennoclc, and lhe die+ary side was supplied by lhe home economics leacher, Miss Harms. lCon+inued on Page b4l CIDCHZAHQ SCCHENC Undersfanding our posifion in fhe modern world is one of fhe mosf imporfanf fhings fo be learning in high school. The social science deparfmenf has 'raken on fhe responsibilify of fraining fhe sfudenfs of foday fo be pafriofic, informed cifizens of fomorrow. One year of World Hisfory is required of all sophomores. Through fhe pages of ancienf civilizafion, a new lighf on fhe origin and developmenf-of modern culfure is obfained. American Problems is required in eifher fhe junior or senior year. If is concerned wifh propaganda. crime, consumer economics, in- sfabilify of modern business, and pos: war educafion. World Problems is 'rhe final required social science subiecf. lf deals wifh fhe relafionship of counfries fo each ofher. A new course. Lafin-American Hisfory, was added fhis year fo fhe social science elecfives. The purpose of fhis subiecf is fo acquainf fhe sfudenf wifh +he imporfance and characfer of Pan-American unify 'from fhe sfandpoinf of frade. economic properfy, hemispheric de- fense and world peace. Sociology, fhe ofher elecfive. sfudies fhe ielegfionship of one man fo fhe resf of man- in . Miss Conboy. Mrs. Hopfon, Mr. Davidson, and Mr. Thompson are fhe social 'science feachers. C MAMERCHZEAE The obiecfive of fhe commercial deparf- menf of Englewood High- School has been fo enable fhe sfudenf fo acquire economically producfive skills and fechniques in The fields of fyping, bookkeeping, sfenography and re- lafed vocafions. The sfudenfs in fhe 'ryping and shorfhand classes have learned fo sef up leffers and fabulafe columns of figures. Advanced classes have done clerical work af fhe local rafion office and have helped in various communify drives. Bookkeeping classes covered fhe funda- menfals of business such as check wrifing and keeping an accurafe bank accounf. Commecial law sfudenfs fouched upon some of fhe mosf common elemegnfary principles of various phases of business law. The wheels of efficiency af Englewood High School are kepf furning by fhe office assisf- anfs. These girls receive valuable office expe- rience and, af fhe same fime, perform fhe needed service of keeping confacf befween +I-ie office and fhe classroom. The sfudenfs of fhe commercial deparfmenf have been fully prepared fo enfer fhe business world. PAGE bl NCGMSEI To help sludenls gain a feeling of securily. in lhe social and business world has been rhe aim of +he English depar+men+. To furlher lhis purpose, five required and four eleclive subiecls are offered. Sophomore grammar sludenis learned lhe iundamenlals of gram- mar in preparalion for fufure Eng- lish courses. American liieralure classes learned fo appreciale lhe modern liferalure as a developmenl from early American lileralure. A review of grammar was given v Y' in Junior grammar classes. Spelling and vocabulary was also s+ressed. A sludy of 'rhe English wrilers from 'rhe Anglo-Saxon limes lo lhe close of The Viclorian Era was presenled in English lilerarure. Senior grammar is lhe final required course in 'lhe English deparlmenl. ll' prepared 'rhe sludenl' for college enlrance examinalions. Speech classes worked on voice qualify and s+age presence. The principle aclivil of lhe Junior and Senior dramalics courses was lhe produclion of lhe class plays. The fundamenlals and 'recliniques of dramafics were also sludied. The course in journalism accepls only lhose sludenls who have lilerary abilily. This class assembles lhe school newspaper. ' The sludenis of Englewood High School can be assured 'rhal lhey have received lhe besi in English lraining. EXEHQN Ei NSU S ' The need for absolule unily among nalions has made fhe knowledge of al' leasl' one foreign language a "mus+" for a sludenl in lhis modern world. While sludying a foreign language, sludenls of lhe Englewood l-ligh School language deparlmenl noi only learn lo speak and read fhal language iluenlly, buf lhey also are given an insighl info l'he hislory, cullure, counfry, and life of lhe people. Because ol: 'rhe increased oppor- 'runilies in inlernalional commerce and polilics in lhe Wesfern l-lemi- sphere, Spanish has become more popular and necessary 'rhan ever efore. French is slill rhe language of cullured people everywhere, bul wiih changing world evenls il' has 'raken on a new significance for us. Lalin is offered as a background for olher languages and also lo give us a be'r+er underslanding of our own. Miss Florence Sullivan reaches Spanish and French in our lan- guage deparlmenl and lvliss Mary Archibald is Lalin insrruclor. Q " Y PAGE 62 IM T ISIMIEA 'H S As mafhemafics is our mosf exacl and precise fool for discovering new fads, +he maih deparf- men+ of Englewood High School offered a large curriculum. Algebra is considered +he language of maihe- mafics and was given as fhe basis for all higher malhemafics. Geomefry was required of all s+uden+s maior- ing in ma+h and for en+rance fo mosi' colleges. The purpose of fhe course was +o develop effecfive Thinking. Solid geomelry was offered for fhose who wanf addifional mafhemafics for college. Trigonomefry was very valuable for sfudenls who plan on faking engineering in college. Advanced algebra was faken by 'rhose s+uden+s who expecf +o con+inue lhe s+udy of ma+hema+ics or science. The aeronau+ics class compleled a pre-fligh+ course which included aerodynamics, mefeorology. navigaiion. and sfruclure and main+enance of air- planes, all requiring a knowledge of higher mafhe- ma+ics. Our malhemalic deparimenl accomplished a greal deal fhis year in 'rraining s+uden+s for ihe advanced fields of mafhema+ics and science. SC NC The sfudenfs of Englewood High School have noi' neglec+ed l'he educafion necessary for +hem +o 'rake iheir places in fhe highly scienfific pos+-war world. The science deparlmenf has had a larger enrollmenf +his year fhan ever before. Through 'rhe use of living or preserved speci- mens, +he biology classes have received pracfical knowledge which is useful in everyday life. A fundamenlal principle of biology is +o "sfudy nafure, no+ books." The chemisfry classes experimenled wi+h fhe new plasfics, syn'rhe+ic rubber, and penicillin. The da'ra collecfed +hroughou+ +he year in chemisfry was used +o wri+e a 'rhesis and perform an experi- menf af 'rhe end of 'rhe course. New elec+rical ins'rrumen+s were added +his year for a more exfensive s+udy of physics. Physiology classes sludied +he syslems of fhe body from fhe sfandpoinf of learning how fhey funcfion and how 'lo care for lhem. The sfudenf who plans 'ro make science his career receives an excellen+ background in ihese courses. PAGE 63 CQDNQDIM C Banquefs presenfed for school organizafions gave fhe girls experience in cooking and serv- ing large amounfs of food' quickly and wifh liffle difficulfy. Their sewing work included reading pai'- ferns, independenfly making an arficle of' clofhing or alfering several pieces, and uphol- sfering and covering household furnishings. The girl who fakes home economics af Engle- wood High School is well equipped fo make her home a pleasanf place in which fo live. NEDUSTESHEAL 22553 S The iob of prinfing almosf all of fhe Englewood l-ligh School office forms falls fo fhe prinfing division of fhe indusfrial arfs deparfmenf. The boys in fhese classes learn fo sef fype, run a press, and fake proofs. The craff classes produce useful obiecfs for fheir homes and fheir school. New plexiglass and plasfics have faken fheir place beside fhe regular maferials: wood, mefal, and leafher. Several knives made in shop have found fheir way fo men in fhe armed forces overseas. Mr. William Landon supervises fhe indusfrial arfs classes. m PAGE 64 ?ffMMm"!'ZWM7 wbkv Qt 250' "M" f , ,Q Q wffgwif fgqfx S3 4' 1' r ff W ff!! W , ?"74"' XRS WM 23355 !"'n'?! Kr? ti Qi 11,1 ,,, tr dd! 5- HL! fw , ' ' , nw'-f 3 - 1 ii 'Q ' f -ff. !"?'g, ,,i , , Ai ' ,QJLlff'f" ix . ,ff . 1 WJ 4f,f7fA,.,z 1 at ,X,,-uw J C 1 X JKLZ-f,Q-Z,.ff.,.4f?,f' ' if 5329 A 5 s Gig iff'f'f73l1i?a ,M ffpf? sg NZjZT,,MJ4,,4 WMM. gy 3 f:Mz:WsAf4,mMc44 , 'Iv' Vddj , if Wqgagq Kxgfagjlj W Wa M Q A Jvgffjcigz LJ gy Wffff , M' 1923? " -kv J' Mwfw? 'Y wywkwy yr! g. T ix fu., AN MW X 7 Q! Q 3 fffA9 w11 Q Q jf J ' 1 X . 'Q A X 6,61 X. Q5 M It Mwv Y fm ,f ' A K7 ,, IA , xl ,, .X xv,,?'! fp 'f , 1 1 f P -1' J f ' 'I f g ' ,ac MMITQZM .Ra 1 A h nfl , ik . ,V Off' ' fu f F Q bf' . s 7 1 , , ,, We .- , . ' , J, , .," J' JJIMU Q, 1 if? Qi , , .2 ' f' f A in , I 5 , ,. WT M 1 wf'Z3f w7,Qf,,. W , iv, B " ' yi M F! If Y ali .5 , '. ,S -A - f' Awe,- z 'A -' - rl A , i . 1 ., f , 1 i N Il . -' X ' ..."'A X - x , X, ax , -' K, - f Q N KX' . L 3, 1 J fl Y R, Ii I , ' ,Fl H V.-Q Vx 4 -J -, . 1 '-. z y. xy.. if f A' , . " 3 4'-' n-.K x K A V! ' W . '11, J V .-1 ' , . ?"' fy ' X M7 3 I 1 .K mi ,Vi J fly? J F If, 1 X , J y., ff "' w , -' F , J.: ' L, I, mf...-: . J K U 1' . Ifn' In ' J ,, 7 ' Jifiiwcfj L gi ' , jf.,-f-afndsf 'if H J, glpw ' nu 44-40 W. ,nf ' 'L' ,Q gx xx M76 iQ a ""M 1+ MTV' ak 4 tow, , Y f 3 f ' 2 ' ,- 54 ' A J X ff . 'Z'

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