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. ' ' 1 -mff-w wfwfw, -r ' . V . ' Wlgfiy.. , zkw. ,1 .. W - .r, X - ' V - ' , g V . . A 3 ': w.'wr,wQ '- -' H egg 1 , ,, . waz-'QV-h " y -I, -- 'V 'f.g"zy:'ff3p- . ' " 1 N . j. Q- , 'f 2 4 ., ' "w'?3JF". .V - gf: , U ' ' ,SS-ZJ"'1' , :" ,-Qef'g"-,x: 4 4- - 'sf ' ' . ' ' , ,. Y , . ' A , " ' - .x 1,44 :rg ' , ' .. "mst,-" '-',--644 -X 3. ' -- 4, A , ' . f 9. , K 1, .A 2 . YIM. -A .v,.4wwqs:saY- . . . ,' ,--. - f' , , ' ' 'f ' V f . 1 -q V 1- g ,.,:.11: ' f, gf xgiqgykz., ,Y . N 'fmtc :Z - eggfz':4,g5:g5y V1 A If . '. : -Q1 ff?-ww ' f - Z3 .. ,. ' . -? wge-:"'. f -s x 4, ' 1' ' ' FW In lf - - , " '-'fjylm , ' ' . J .1 f' , - 1 . .LQ u - ,I ,' f - . Q K Q -' nf ' , ' ' , , " - -5:4 ' ' V 4 N 1 M . , 4, A ,Qfwk V ,A W , 1 Q , A 1-3 N- j?gig,f... Ba., ,X .. ..1...,. x ,, , ' , f ' 1114-ff1F71i1iff'1 i5i'?5"?3 LTTSSFE-Me '2'-S?m9?VQ 1. lil ' ' .--4 n ,,.W... .1..... , .. w J W 1 Q K F ORE WORD In the following pages we have tried to record the events and places which the U.S.S. ENGLAND was part of during the ship's second WesPac cruise, 14 December 1965 to 13 June 1966. This is the record of an outstanding ship and the men who have made her so. :L.f.,...L5,,,5..,..,..,,-2,232 'W 'K .4 l9!FZ"f!l'I?'1T?151i'?7z -R 1 -fi3!?1'f'iQ!'!?b3FTD1'?F?P'E-1311582111357 -?I'?f'3"?5"?'PV V"Y?5"t1"-"'v"-ffrvvv 1 f f I aw ww, f if 922450 ff 7 gg, Z W fd 0600! . 5 2 21 1966 7624432 N 'ff TABLE OF CONTE TS Page Page Page Page Page Page Page 1 1 2 40. 5 5 6 INTRODUC TION WEAPONS DEPARTMENT ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT OPERATIONS DEPARTMENT NAVIGATION DEPARTMENT SUPPLY DEPARTMENT MISCELLANEOUS One of the hardest, if not the hardest, part of a sailor's life is the fact that he must be away from his family a good portion of the year. It seems as though his "Good-byes" come as often as the dawn! Just as the family gets used to having him home, he is off again, answering the call of duty. This is hard on the sailor but is is even harder on his wife, Mother or sweetheart. lt is to these, the "England" Sailor's Family that we dedicate this first "England" Cruise Book! To those whom we left behind to fight a war with loneliness, worry and anxiety, we dedicate this book. This book is intended to honor each and every "England" Family. We realize, however, that in com- parison to the honor deserved, this book does not Come near reaching it's goal. This book is also meant to show that we realize how hard the waiting and worrying can be. We only hope that we have done our part as bravely and unselfishly as you have done yours. THE USS ENGLAND DLG-22, SECOND SHIP IN THE NAVY TO HAVE THIS PROUD NAME THE USS ENGLAND DE-635, FIRST UNITED STATES NAVY SHIP TO HAVE THIS NAME 2 Y 1. X i X 4 r 3 I X 1 v 2 6 aptam Leslle H Sell Commanding Officer Captain Leslie H Sell was born in Johnson C1ty Tennessee on 20 May 1921 He graduated from the United States Naval Academy 1n June 1942 His first ass1gnment was two years on the USS Mac Kenz1e QDD 6415 as Gunnery Off1cer He then served as Staff Gunnery Off1cer to Commander Destroyers EIGHT Fleet During WWII he saw act1on 1n S1c1ly Anz1o the North Alantic Southern France and other Alant1c Area Operatlons Slnce the war he has served afloat as EXecu+1ve Officer of the USS FISKE QDD 8425 and the USS LEARY QDD 8795 A1r Defense Off1cer of USS MACON QCA 1325 and Commanding Officer of the USS MOALE QDD 6935 Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania He has served in ComDesLant Staff Bureau of Orderance, ComPh1bGru TWO Staff US Naval Weapons Laboratory and the Jo1ntStrateg1c Target Planning Staff He attended the Industrial College of the Armed Forces dur1ng 1962 1963 then served as ComDesD1v THREE TWO TWO from June 1963 to August 1964 W1th addltional duty as ComDesRon THREE TWO dur1ng Apr1l June 1964 His ass1gnment before reportmg to the ENGLAND was that of Readiness Off1cer on the Staff of Commander SECOND Fleet and COMSTRIKFLTLANT a tour of duty which included part1c1 pat1on 1n the Major NATO GXGTCISG TEAM WORK 1n the Fall of 1964 and in the Joint Task Force 122 operations dur1ng the Dom1n1can Republic Pol1t1cal Cr1s1s ofApr1l May 1965 He assumed Command of the USS ENGLAND on 16 November 1965, Just prior to WesPac deployment 0 0 O 1 1 , ' While on duty ashore he received a Masters Degree in Electrical . , a . 0 9 5 , . . . .- -iq CDR Mllton Schultz CDR Schultz 1S the England's second Executlve Off1cer He Came to the England 1n September of 1964 from the Bureau of Personnel 1n Washlngton, DC He 1S a graduate of the US Naval Academy and has served on Destroyers M1ne Sweeps and varlous shore bxllets before conung to the England sxl 'Z E ,jg X7 ia E Im I V ,:. S31 CDR. Randall Young CDR. Young is the England's third Executive Officer. He came to the England in February of 1966 from the Staff of Commander ASW Forces Pacific. He is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and has served on Destroyers, Mine Sweeps andvarious shore billets before coming to the England. ,- ll ' f v , il f 'f w 1 . i, 3 f 1 3 K , -. l -M-Q 1 I f efwindfthat blows from s reltto sea, is the w' d t t llows . , . ' I f ,ff I , K 1 , 24 5 The wind so blow s the sea has tid , away from th dawn the Engl-and I'1deS- A f worn of metal of ods good earth fashioned by han s of pride and wor , A VAPI E 51 fi ol t X t , Q, .i 'V t 2, 22 Q 5 X lates 9 ,Steel mfaligfligr hullfher deck, r I' pu1'POS6 in ' , he J f f' , t 'o if i f f p , ittenk, E ezjournals e f sea, is a l England, now a memory. ic wa rior of the F I g a at , V,zm g . Y . M 4 i f e , afloat, g' ent ns,,neWg5?f1n'qnetiegifene iw . : "There ill always be an nd in the,Unitedf" , f , t t be 5 1 States Navy," ,att Y lnfff J 5 ,f True we,,hayS?gg arl,gg3Efgigland,.and,she is . DL . Her purposexis ood will in defense of the i c - t aa l f . - l i f free-. Itsgof thegViet Wa , t at enaby me tb write, to tell a little mor E jtooff' allow .. d aft, with eledzronic eyes and ears, she'll find a X! 1 'lee i 2 :A as i lll ylaln K tels ffifiif ' X f E if e foreign.: c,raft,jsgf1',hre i n pfarboapd, she cuts a pretty wake, she is one y E f 'i c, f v F-2?ffg?7"f I V f ' i ' .!'Sfki?' t . 2 W ,,,k x Y K Lhr E xg,-11,1 ,gi ky, A, ,- 23.45. I K. I . 1 k l . 2 - " Q, " ff if li',- 7 f-.1--f T efkingland leftM Sea i won ulyeen of December, arrived Pearl Harbor, a place i I N NX W ,si, av l o : it ernber S - joined up h two cans and CVA 61,for an ORI acombat battle? fl Q . ' 1' V . X . . g . qw : - f t mt f . ,I ,X rl, for Q'fr'.isf1naS,,9,9QOrat1on on twenty-seven December, she was . W E i i "3 'E -M he-ft 'rw ' l " X ofiagpepma or tio fr y, twgfcans, an Ctiler, and CVA 61, l.farl,tef'Subic, a routine steaming l in H Q- f Sufbic, we aw w at wetcqfld sage, then off on Carrier Ops in the South l pifwlfffy V V X X A l niea. The England got a hel , with a. yew to beat, the rescued downed pilots E jfgtolmis e beach. X X X It 1 , , t ,N X Q l s Ol-11' Position steami nbegvii eed, air and surface contacts, our y .wwf -i', -f' 3 Pf ' 4 gg Q 1 uld heed---F118 fr qua 9 S, .aegytei as the word was passed our fi ,Y Q, V ,tt 'S 0' X ' i.?:,,i,TAxQi,, ,V 9 ., ,,. ft, a crew that wor s real fastL.. igy Miat a , 5 . plete en the England deck, ,K -1, I igQ ,ijQf,zLi3n my ' on to the Worden, the En land' helo left. 1 gi 5 : f y y . E ll f Now back, ,ill Subickyar work, moving swell, , R and R, resgdswellulgfu , n , M' ' as-'e-i,.,..,,,i 4 ef 'E 'J ' -- i 1 we e' ec" 'liar i""'f ' Once again we steam up i o the China Sea, 66 wi" ation is cal AR" where very Seen we X ill be. Mail is very ow, not often does it co : 1 e 1 does mall C311 mlssee 1 ...- F gif , . , if 27 , , V .'v ,.? n .f f if n e' O e' A 55: f .w . ,f,,,,pz V . . Q I f. it ,H A fi' lit., bf i ' wiv 1 ' A .- 1 l U Q X' . Z X X 1 True we ve our ups and downs but how else could it be I shore, that of the e emy Yes, S7 a day there was, a agg seaplane I lpsuke -two Helos.and- E.ug1.2.n eadi Qlhlgh glou-T514 -D -U Q- Survivors W of six, not all, rescued that day, two Can iring at away. H ff. " The Eng1and's Helo rescu d one survivor of only four, in silehce please a f I ' tole of this war. X f A well done from our Captain, we resumed our imp tant task, keep our too ong a sa ty bath 'I 4 229 If it 1 1 . fp, L Now e e off to Yoko, a g b my En l nd, the Ranger, and three ship U :T f CHQ... O , I 1 I fl 6 E Z M gh s our lagUN'6P e NREP from the Mars, now we're off to Subic, its I " l not very faL..WlTIIe enro to Subic, A Ba -B-Q thats fine, thirty four days puts Yoko very 1 .' u . ind...'W ouldn't find the steaks,hot dog cooked that night, the Captain altered course, v - - o u urned out right. Still enroute to S ic, hours within our reach, 0900 libert ,,,fno ,f' fl 0 - ts on the beach...There while in Subic, came Irma, a big typhoon, libertyfsecured, gr - 1' g ina t Subic in rough seas, two days long, a missile shoot we'll 1 ' ave when we eave, Hong ong...Three days the e in Hong Kong, ouig missile shoot ahead, F we soon passed the missile pn1sf:---ns.-eh. ive daaysfthere in Yoko, real soon we 3 . L . made the scene, its good to s , June third, 0800, weff Q apantaboti an hour tg. ' -.1 Carpenter and another Q ' rf!! ,,,f' ' - K ship shape Can.. The Kitty 'gin kfleft 1600, on the verfy sam l R ders read CONUS, 2' i without delay. up .,.,,,,, y ! 1. f ,. ' ' y A ',,, , The Kitty Hawk, the England, the Sproston and Carpenter to, returning to their homeland, .2fj!'f Old Glory red, white and blue. if 6 The others as is the England, returning to ho e port, each in prayer and and faith as ll ' God... our escort... Now in closing lines, a quoted Qlhrase I say... p 9 "There will always be an England, in the Unit li States avy." x j WD DIVISION WM DIVISION LCDR LO YNES , WEAPONS OFFICER WG DIVISION WF DIVISION WA DIVISION WEAPONS DEPARTMENT The Weapons Department on the ENGLAND is made up of the crew members that maintain and operate the ships weapons systems. These systems include the ships Terrier Missel, the Fire Control Systems, the 3"f50 Guns and associate equip- ment, and the underwater weapons system made up the ASROC, Torpedo Tubes, and the SONAR. The men in the department come from many rates, FT, GMM, GM, SO, TM, and many more, whothrough much training Work together as ateam to make the England the best ship of its class. LT OLIVER, lst LT. LT Mc LAREN, lst LT WW, ,,W,,,, ..W,,W. -"- M ,www M:-.mvzmgwlwm - .. ' r ig , rm 5 M W: - ffff 'W "M "M i" 'A' 'H' ,,,,,,,QQ7""' """' N K..W..-mwfvwnw--M Nf-N My--If-Sw ,Wg CHEIF STOUT BM CS X W CHEIF SANDERA BMC BAKER, s,L, SN WAKE, C.D. BM3 CLEVELAND, V,M. SN PLUMMER, E.R. SN ' MYERS, L.S. BM3 COFFMAN, R.D. SN KIDD, SMITH J.R. BM3 J. BM2 ? 14 X WD DIVISION: The men of deck division are the caretakers of our horne. They paint the ship, maintain the topside gear, bring our food and fuel aboard and stand tha bridge Watches. Theirs is the oldest rate in the Navy. , WHMW ffi- -new " W ., ' , FOWLER, J.L, SN WINN, w.c. SN JOHNSON, E.W. BM3 KITZMILLER, T.L. SN KREPS, c.L. SN BURCH, P.N. SN SAVOKEP. SN CLARK, G.L. SN JUDD, G.L. SN PATTERSON, RJ.. SN VAN voRsT, J.E WHITEW. E. SN BM3 hawaii s MEYERS, J.W. BM3 LETHOLA, C.I. FN TOWNSEND, H.J. SN BOWMAN, D.P. BM1 WILLIAMS, L.J. SN MCKENZIE, C.R. SN CONRAD, A.W. SN DILBECK, s.J. SN SOMMA, S. SA RUTH, R.c. SN GALL, c.R. SN Ross, M,L. SN f - QV! '. ' 0 Y f? f MW , I f X!!! X , 1 f 2 X ,X RILEY, J.w. SN WHITE, W.E. SN ROSS, M.L, SN PARKS, v.L. SA SOMMAS. SA me sa V LT GROSSCUP, WF Division Officer CHEIF WILSON, FTC CHEIF RANDLES, FTC 18 HOWARD, J.N. FTM3 MULLER, c.E. FTM3 BERGEN, T.A. FTM3 HODSON, T.E. FTM3 JOLLEY, w.w. FTM3 STROME, R.M. FTM3 NORTH, L.c. FTG3 PEEBLES, L.J. FTM3 D1-:NN1sTON, G.E, FTM3 HART, J.J. FTM3 FRASIER, R.R. SN MASON, G.w. FTM3 GRAHAMR, G.D. FTM2 MARTIN, D.R, FTM3 cox, W.G. FTM2 BRINEGAR, J,L. RTM3 LTJG JENSTAD, Asst WF Division Ofiicer WF is made up of the men that keep our firecontrol equipment in outstanding operating condition. Theirs is a highly skilled rate. T ' nu ' i' ,ii N " i ,M S .. .""' , 1 WV- , .Kim I " KNIGHT, P.A. FTM3 KIM, w.c. FTM3 FREGOE, G.W. FTM3 HOLDER, J.H. FTM3 DEVALON, G.W. FTM3 LTJG BALLBACK, DIVISION OFFICER U I n 1 -- .. .1-"ff ,- ' ' . K -mr ,-,, Q F 1' 1, 1 WILLS, F.J. SN HOKE, R.A. GMG2 TASSARO, A.F. FTG3 CONEY, J.E. FTGSN BATEMAN, H,H, GMG2 WG Division mans and maintains the ships 3" guns. The division is made up of FTS and GmGs. TVV H A ins, MCGREAGOR, D.B. SN BERG, o.E. FTG3 ROSSITER, L.L. FTG2 SHAW, L.K: SN PICKETT, J.E. FTG2 LT GREEVES, WA Division Officer POLLOCK, R.B. ST1 RUZICKA, J.F. STG3 KELLEY, M.P. STG3 ROGES, R.o. SN OROSZ P.D. STG3 DELLAMONICA, DIAS, R.L, STG3 ADAMS, W.c. GMG1 PAGE, J.R. SN J.L. GMM2 THORNBERG, D.L, SN DOLGE, w.o. STG1 BRIDEAU, B.J, TMSN WA DIVISION: The men of WA are the hunters of the enemy below the waves, the silent submarine. They use the SONAR to look, and the ASROC and TORPEDOS to destroy the enemy below. BEEBY, R.A. SN JONES, s.N. STG3 NEUTZE, J. TM2 BROWN, G.L. sfrca BLAIR, TJ. SN SCHNOOR, G.L. STGSN ROWE, MIW, STG3 HANSON, T.D. STG3 LT STINSON, WF Division Officer LTJG CARTER, Asst WF DiViSiOI'l Offlcel' WATERS, A, GMM1 COSKI, GMM2 YODER, c.L. GMM3 MOTZ, D.L. FTM3 CLAYTON, F.E. GMM3 ADAMS, R,G, GMM1 JHANKE, L.H. GMM1 RUSTENBACH, R.J. GMM3 CHIEF SNELLING GMMC CHIEF MCKELVEY GMCS N o PAH fO,T 1013 A V A ILAfB-L1E r w Its the men of WF that keep our Fire Control gear in the best of shape and always ready. SMITH, L.G. FTMa LONG, T.P. GMMSN ZERLIN, J. FTM2 GNADE, D.K. FTM3 BUTEAU, A.T. GMM2 SOMMERVILLEI, T.L, GMM2 LUCAS, T.D. GMMSN HUGHES, D.T. GMMSN X A. IA B DIVISION LCDR MeGuiness, Engineering Officer E DIVISION M DIVISION R DIVISION E GINEERIN G I DEPAR TMEN T The Engineering Department are the men and equipment that move the England from one place to the next, they give us our power, the lights, our water, and heat. - This department is made up of the boilertenders, shipfitters, the ICmen, the electricians who provide us with our "Public Utilities". Without the Engi- neering Department no other part of the ship could function. Through their excellent work, and long hours the England never missed a movement while part of 7th Fleet. 1 . I x r l I KEITH, H.F. BT3 V I , I M W W H: 'Y I ! Y 'v 'f X 28 LTJG CUSTODI, Bam Division Officer CHIEF HARLEY BTCS WALKER, J.M. FN KLING D H BT2 MICHEAUX P. BT3 Q PIERSON, E.w. BT2 MARTINEZ, R,L, FN B Division: The power that makes the ship move is supplied by the men of the PITS. These men work under adverse conditions without the sight of day to keep the fires lit and the steam flowing. JONES, w,M. BT3 MCBEE, R.F. BT2 ANDERSON, T.E. FA HECKMAN, R.J. BT3 HOOT, c.L. BT2 SPEAR, c.T. FA ESTEYBAR, R.M. FN COTA, G.D. FN NESBIT, A.J. FA 'in- SLOAN, F.G. BT3 WOOLFOLK, J.W. BT2 MITCHELL, A.W. BT1 DELLINGER, D.J. BT1 BA1LEY,P.F.BT2 83717 ASHBURN, J.P. BT1 LEENE,aF.BT1 QUAKENBUSH, S.R. BT3 FORTWANGLER, W.A, BT 1 RE GNIER, W. BT2 I SCHRODER, s.W. BT2 MITCHELL A W BT1 HAZEL, T.N. BT2 BERRY, w.F. FN LTJG COUSTODI, DIVISION OFFICER Hiram. RODEEN, MMC LYLES, MMC BELCHER, D.L. FA WHALEN, J.R. FN ACER: F-L- MM1 I I BARBIN, R.R. FA GILSON, E.N. MM2 STEWART, D.E. MMa QT M DIVISION: The men of M Division take care of the machinery that sends the ship through the water. The main engines, and auxiliary gear is theirs to keep in good shape WILLIAMS R G MMFN ANDERSON E A MM3 MAHONEY JR MM1 MARCINOWSKI DP FN Y Y' fb" ROE H MMFN LICKLIDER, L C MM2 ALEXANDER RE MM3 KEIL KR MM2 . , . . , . ' :.I.JW,"d'5"" ' f'i-2 , .1 - - ii M533 ,,5 n ,' f W, . . , n 0 , ' . RUSSELL, D.F. MM1 WILCOX, C.A, FN MAY, J.L. FA ' ff,, --L' f,', ' , 155 Z v i1 ,g ' ' wa ? MCENNERNEY, P.J. FN COE, J,E. MMFN BRIGGS, R.A. MM3 34 BRYANT LR, SFM3 PR1cE, 14.12. MMS TENBRINK, R.G. Mms X :N-f K LTJG ANATHAN, E Division Officer 'tlluwg HOWELL, E.N. EM1 , i MAINWARING, D.L. EM2 FRANKLIN, K.L. FA CHIEF MARIANI, EMCS LIVELY, P,E. ICFN CADY, P.N, IC1 GILDERSLEEVE, R.M. FN RUBY, D.A. EM1 NOLAN, R.L. EMI HILL, N, EM2 BACKUS, A.E. ICFN PERALA, V.R. IC1 E Division maintains our internal communications and provides the e- lectrical power that operates all the equipment on the ship. 4-5 mmm! Wiw wlf? 44' 'f fl' L Q' 'f I 'k"' oRs1cK, T.w. ICFN SHELDON, G.E. IC2 YANONIS, F.J. ICFN JOLLEY, B.T. FN MILBURY, G.D. EM2 ELKINS, B.J. IC3 WILLIAMS, R.B. EM2 DAVIDSON, J.S. EM2 WISE, EM2 FORD, L.w. IC2 CAZABAT, N.P. 1-:M2 37 LT, MARIK, R Division Officer CHEIF REEVES, DCC TABOR M.W. Dca MILLER, T.L. FA SPEER, J.w. EN1 TEACHEY, R.R. SFM2 KELLER, D.E. MM1 GOMAN, w.J. FN HAZLEWOOD, R.W. SFM5 POLLOCK, J.R. MM2 R Division are the people that makes the Wheels turn and the ship move. They repair all our gear be it large or small. They also keep us afloat. SULLIVAN G L. FA TAYLOR, W. SF1 SCHUSTER, R.W. FA LENGENFELDER, W.G. MR3 BARQUE Ro, E. EN2 BARRATT, J.R. SFM3 BRYANT, J.R. sFM3 A PEYROUX, J-S- MM3 TRUE, D.E. MM2 LEWELLYN, H.D. FN BROWN, R.L. FN OC DIVI I0 LT, ISAACSON, Operations Officer OPERATIONS Department are the eyes and ears of the ENGLAND. The radars of combat see through the dark and fog, the radios of OC hear the distant call to duty, and the men of OE keep the equipment in operation. S fi gn!! 'WM fn ffjliw. fffl, , ,,,,, . nf f ff ""Mf an flm f M U3 LT HEATHERLY, OI Division Officer LTJG CORRIGAN, Asst. OI Division Officer ALLEN, G.c. RD3 BOYLE, E.W. R132 NO PHOTO l AVAILABL-EAA' coox, H.w. RDSN . CHEIIF PATTSON RDC 53 425 Q1 g f'f5 .A , lii fig l STEELE, B.A. RD2 A A PHOTOA F . fAV,AILABLE CHEIF SKE EN RDC WASSER, J.R. RDSN ETCHEN, F.L. SN OI Division: OI is made up of the ship's radarman. It is the function of these men to collect, evaluate, and dissemiate all information on contacts, both air and surface, held on RADAR. They are the ships longrange eyes, looking over the horizon and into the dark of night. 2??t:,1WQp',wQg?Ai'gfep gQMgM5,g6K2 .A , Q, Q A . S is ,gemwf vi :sc rf tfiegiif CRAIG, W.L. RD3 FUGATE, J.E. SN DAVIS, D.L. RD3 COPELAND, E.F. RD2 BRASLOW, G,D. RD3 , BARTLETT, G.L. RD3 CHAMBERLAIN, R.H. RD3 WALKER, J.L. RD3 A MUNDT, C-.D. RD2 ALLEN, T.M. RD1 BRAGA, P.J. RD3 ANDERS, D.E. RD3 MARSHALL, 0 F RDSN BRIGGS, R.A. RD3 THOMPSON, A.L. Ros HAVER, -LW. RD2 KINARD, J.E. RDSN FERGUSON, J.J. RDSN MQEVWCIIZ, ? g ,,,, If LTJG LERICH, OE Division Officer Kam Pg CHEIF KNEIPLE' ETCM CHEIF TREXLER ETcs ROBERTS, H.D. ETRSN HELLER, J.F. ETR3 MAREK, KR. ETR2 SNEDIGAR, GG. ETN3 SCHNEIDER, G.A. ETRSN WOHLFARTH W E ' , . Q : - -ETR3 MCCLUSKEY, BH ETN3 SAWALL DA ETNSN 46 OE Division: The Electronic Technicians of OE Division repair all the complicated equipment of the Operations Department. As a side light they have been known to be called upon to fix the Wardroom TV or answer aparticular question about your HI-FI system. . SILKOWSKI, E.F. ET1 OSTERLOH, C.D. ETR2 STRAIGHT, J.F. SN 47 FULMERW, C, E1-N2 GARRETT, c.w. ETR3 NELSON, K w SA TUCKER, D.L. SA SIMONS, J.D. SA EDWARDS, H.c. ETR3 43 fffxyw 535' ,m.L . NEUWIRTH, L.J. ETR2 FUGATE, J.E, SN POTTER, A.L. ETN3 f HV' Towr-JR, J.B. SA VANDERPOOL, c.F. SN SANT, w L ETR3 W-m,,..,,..,, 4 A 61, f ,f 49 LTJG WOLL, OC Division Officer CHEIF JENKINS, RMC HOOK, J.L. RM2 NELSON, G.M. RMa DEY, c-.A. SN MEIER, H.J. RMSN STEVERSON, T.W. SM3 NOWLIN, G.w. SM3 BROWN, J.R. SM1 OC Division: The mouth and ears of our ship, they receive all our messages, whether they come by light or radio. Our Communications with the outside world. IRISH, L.c. RM2 CHARITY, R.E. SN ATHERTON, R.H. RM2 JONES, o.o. SMS' KROKAVETZ, E. SMS Ross, c.F. RM2 ECKLER, J.F. SM1 LIZ OTTE, L.S. SA Wy iq A LIVINGSTON, D.E . RMSN PROCTOR, C.L. RM1 COSTELLO, J D SN 'NXXNL M, , X, any HENNEN P C RMSN we ,wwf SUMMERS JR RMSN Rm' f"2'wuEQ'?E 53 N ,, . 1 sf 'A , 1 - , f . l Q Xa, 4 5, E yu, W, wi 1 . 4, I g QA f-l . I i 1 W I ' 'x 3? 3' ,ill VL Q ' X1 3 4 6 4 ' ' , . -., ' 1- I, fd 'ngkff , ' , 1 1 , . . xvem ., v1v.'L,fN'.'z. '4-14"-,.f,4. tv --' 1., ww , , I 15 ' , . . 'Q 1 5 LT KAISER, NAVIGATOR, N DIVISION OFFICER -Nw-11. VV . VK I , WEEKS, J.B. QM2 AVILA E , . QM3 22. I 6553 SHULER, J.E. QMS S-.K f X Y 'S Xxx X X R QR Rf N DIVISION: The Quartermasters of N Division though few in number see that we -get from place to place. They use the stars, the land and maybe a guess or two to mark our path, as we voyage upon the sea. p ,f X. , 4 BOYD LW QM3 BEARD SD QM3 SLESINSKI JS SN CHEIF COKER HM CS LT STUART, ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT ENS NORMAN ZZ. CHEIF RAINEY YNC Wk5'5?Qf CHEIF COTTRILL PNC 56 ' ADMIN DIVISION: The men of admin are of many rates, the Yeoman, Corpman, personellman, and postalman. They are the Executive Officers right hand,taking care of the ships paperwork and the sick, and bringing each of us our mail. THOMPSON WM HM2 as rv CHAPDELAIN JA YN3 LABOWSKY JJ SN BOWERS P M PC3 BURGARDT JM YN3 SMITH, A L SN LT LYNAM, Supply Officer LTJG NUNNALLY S Division Officer eq, CHIEF RUSSELL sKcs CHIE F BARSAN CSC ROYBAL, G.c.D. SKS GENTRY, w.R. sm BAILEY, G. DK2 O'NEILL, J.H. SN DE LA RIVA, s.E. SN wR1GHT, R.G. css WEAVER, D.L. SK3 HOULE, F.J, SN small parts that we need to keep all Supply Department gives us the many our equlprnent operating. They also rx serve the food for ourselves and provide "N the services for our every day life. W. TH R.c. SN MESERVE, F.W. SK2 RU ' FERRER 1. sm BARRACO, s.w. sK1 ' HOWELL, C.H. SK3 PETERSON, J.R. SK2 VINCE CRUZ, J.P. TN CUARTERO R.C. TN PAYNE, E.s. SN GARRIDO N P TN DUGGER, J.A. SN KOPPINGER, R.J. FA SITES, N.D. csz SALDIVAR, R.J. sos WILKERSON, D.w. SN BRALY, P.J. SN DAVIS, D.L. SK3 BONNER, S. SN 1 I CHAUMP, J, SN VILLA, V-B- TN SABATER, E.T. SD2 HINAYHINAY, E,J, TN BROWN, J.L, csg PAs1L1Ao, M.F, sm VILLAS, F.E. TN SPURGIN, D.L. css X X A JOB WELL DONE' H 0 OR D CEREMO IE -.ML Capt Sell congratulates Nuetze, TM2, one of many men to shlp over dunng WesPac Crulse ,, ev... Dolge SN1, belng admxnlstered enhstment oath by the C0mm3.Hd1l1g' Officer ful :L Q , Q K t 2 V L X" Ajsi' to N t 1 tx , J XXV H , X ' XX , , we . X , . . . re- , Afwaiting the return of our Helo. Helo apparochine fantail. Care to INDIAN WRESTLE'?? HELO DE TA CHMEN TS During ENGLAND'S WesPac Cruise, a helo detachment was carried onboard 75fZ, of our underway time. 142 safe helo landings were conducted by helo Detachments 1 and 5. These detachments were commanded by Lt. Thienes and Lcdr McCracken. A total of 18 rescues were made by these detachments. www ENGLAND'S flight deck in action The end of a job well done. England fuels a thirsty SH3. Perfect landing N, ,V ,,.. ,, A very happy pilot. -si Detachment 1, Eng1and's first helo detachment 'NX-fs. we -. ' j u 0 :f f Q ,ra i is 4 fa iz. ,as 4 2 , 'ii f ' f'45T'H1,-V yyqi .ffiirf L , . , Al I ' , i X " - v ',, . 1155! f ' 1 ' ' was 4 wwf , M 1 f A w .2ii!,A4J f Wff..S fW I-ffbf 774'-.3 '- f sl +1 f- -1 ' ' ' ' g' REE? :--,g g c: ,Nag,z2.' -w, w: ' .., ' ' fig.. , -In V Effie, L EA ' 1- 0 - . Q, X L ' ,. . W 1 :AH f " ' f r - 'ji 'M 52 M5: 's'4'.? H.-,- ', 21. ..., 1. 1 55 ., , V v"" " 5 " +' -' " 'Mat ,..af"E,f:'.'??1,7 ' 'v iff, S1 J -,,.4.??""0,", 1"-v 'l""i A - -1 ' , X-T551 I G, , 31- ',,',,.?:Qi'43' - -f' f, l12,,p wg ,525 ' ' ff- p,,,a'.. ZW? 9. H in in -f i, I A M..fWqifSwQ'g'fyffffw- ' , E GLAND ADOPT A VILLAGE Through Copland RD2, England con- tributed to the support of a Village in Panama, Guarumal. Money contributed through this voluntary program was used to construct buildings, buy athletic equipment, and other needed materials. Copeland's brother, a Care worker in the village, identifys the photoszupper left, "a typical campo house. It's better than most because it has wooden Walls- most have bamboo." g upper right, "This is one of the guys making blocks for the casa municipal. We are making all of the 2,000 blocks necessary." g lower left, "in my summer sports program. In it I teach them to play different sports.',' ......... .-,..,....r...,,.,,,...,,,..,, .,,l.,,. 7 , V 1 , While in Hong Kong we played host for a group of about thirty orphans from the local community. These children were brought aboard and given a tour of the ship, followed by a party on the Mess Deck, which included ice cream, cake, and all the fancy trimmings that children love. Cartoon movies were also shown. The children had an enjoyable afternoon and as shown by the photos, ship's personell had an equally good time. N N kk, N ...al --. .., Y.. ,MEM rf- ff.-fz-u -rw-5'f.A'sfgLws-1w-'f':Si1"f'F1'f?'4f"'i'1W"""":""""' "' ,wif ff Just like at home. Just like on the ship. HIP "Some day they'11 belong to us" Soft music to go with the good food. 1 The whole crew enjoyed themselves. mg.gL.,.e2,'1::,pi::,e4,L..':g.qg.1.:-.L:..:-,,..:.:.g:i.4':m,1i4-2v.::,:QL: Qsg:g:.L.:..i..Lia f -Magi ' 'f ' a v' ..4..,...,.. '!f"'.'1- ,"'Y "'5"f1"7"777f"5"fg"tf7"5""?7"Y5"f'i'4'!'Tf17E'7ff1?Hz'f? 4: ,- W -1 PARTY The ships party held in Japan was enjoyed by all hands. The food was good, bever- ages were provided, and the entertain- ment was outstanding. LTJG Leri ch at the DRT. "Maybe we could streach it to fit!" f I '., ,.,h f"f,ng'! Vfk,,,,.,4f' I H A 'M - . gh If K 7, I ' f wwf ", v":y"'a , mandd n M 2 , ' A52 g,ffwW.a,afffpvfftu c c , n, W, WW ,X , , "" ' " f," " , , I, X M ,L,f, V A ",, , Q ZW' V- " - w f, ' f " -1. ,.,,. ., K g y 1 .4, WM , ,,,,,,, J e ,',,,, f, X X , - ' W ggi if 1' ,4 XM ,amy K cl ' ' H W:z,,p,ff,: f,,',,,:,gf,ff1f' 4 ,z ff, f . A , , f , QQ X 5 ,,,,4V,, , '...,,,, England SCUBA club members set out on a dive. M XYQA' f 7 f 4 f f f f f 2 , ,KM f f 5 f X f f ' ff fff f f f Some of us stood watches while others rested for us. The machine shop turns out a needed part. 19 I wwf? Inport for a few days R8aR Y .l N-me ,Fw aa-fn ,,-ff Takmg on fuel to keep the engms runnmg LT Oliver, Yes home 1S out there somewhere 1' 4,2 wr MQ! 2 'A , ,, nr, 4,.. i ,N 3 Working aloft, an electrician replaces alight bulb in the rigging. All a man needs is a good meal and a cigar Taking on Stores is an all hands job They are Tight BATMAN is headed N0l'th Mgw You cant fool me, I know a typewriter whenlsee one. fa, We , Maybe it needs to be plugged in? If it don't move paint it. W my , , XXX Q fr e XAVY X X X Coffee break. "Will the division officer like this co1or?" "Let me tell you why the SOUTH lost the war." X 'lax k 19 Second to none Paint we must, but are you sure that includes me? We hold BATMAN trackxng due North Sometxmes there was a Walt for the mall to arrwe il--' We all enjoyed going ashore. 7 ...A ' 4-A HW m y mg 4,f1fwVVj?fSx' 10 ,471 W af Zi' if v'+-ff-95462, K iffmw vf' 'HK 1WA2R,vyMn N fag hh' "' Rm V ' 'W W f.-1 b, J f Jw W ww? e- , mam: QW? 1 W' WQ JM 4 TMS' Q x GW' " W S, M W ,awww-H653-MYfA M Mmm fa W Qkfuu. mWwW M N 'nf M I 6 -f S' gf y 0 Qaii 3 Tk? N 513 w S93 I ,N 5 . , Y am.. ,a If . -wffm f ,WVU 1 nr- mzififfi1fW" 'A " Y .mf f ' -A gnu,-' N " f e? :i4':,,K . ,B 5.4, ,wig -, fy? ew Y ga Q' X yan I a W in 1,51 r ,M 1. 4' 11" , y v 2 i v .. Q. . Z. . ,P 4 V5- xp ' ww' M , ,Am V. Mm ? -1 filf- V 'ij M - 'Wm 'l N , X X 5 ,f - f 7 ' 2-:gg 7' gy 9 'Saw JY 'A 5 x F 1 -as 2 ' ll 4 H 4 Q. "' , 5 ' Q . , f . H5271 1 5 lf 1. ' . '5 111.5412- 11 -, f, 1' -ff.-5 w1f,. f ' , ' L 5.z1:?:i-?-:g2f5'aei2Se s1sQ ' 1 ' f-ff , i1f9bi37 :EE23 21" A if LEE if? .-'g5f'3'Q,f4,q5g:g,..,,,,W. 5-,-,,-1,1-gh. . ,af-tr-w..-1.4. Q, 5 X W5 W-sax-mfmwwgw-aamwgic :L . E as 1 cr QE 'Nw ,V , ,..- 1 .:.5...,..- , 'r1:::'x'v:xvfs:fas!2"f-'HNEfP'?'sl.1:F'E51:-'r- -'fn'E"1:' ""' "':'M"z R - A - -M Y ENSIGN JOHN C. ENGLAND, SHIP'S NAME-SAKE 1.-T5 11 pg,.,,x,-.:1v:pz,,,-'-- ff- Y- ' ' ....,N,, , . ,M ,h ,, ,I .,,:,,g...., :.', , L,-2 ff,.1:':1'4- -'fu - Y f w 1 FH? E' WI wa aff-L ,Lf Y 23? A Lief SZ? ' aw 1 , H tgwf . i i ' Qc C , PY x 4 y K , I i, ., 8 ' . 1 1 Ma r , . fx . V, fi. f :-xi I a 4, M. - -- -M 4 - '-"+'- ff f"v-w:----f--:- -A----"-:fwfr Mi'N.- H'H-. NXQIQMM .A X

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