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It was supposed to be a routine Persian Gulf cruise to demonstrate U.S. Naval presence in that long troubled region. Few could foresee how the events of August 2nd 1 990 would impact upon ENGLAND ' S deployment. Yet Iraq ' s brutal invasion of Kuwait made ENGLAND ' S cruise one to remember. The " routine pres- ence " blossomed into the event which dominated world attention: " OPERA TION DESERT SHIELD STORM " . As Iraqi tanks rolled into Kuwait, ENGLAND proceeded at flank speed to the northern Persian Gulf to assume command of both Anti-Air and Anti-Surface Warfare duties. For msn tense and lonely days, ENGLAND was by far the most capable coalition warship in the Gulf The first New Threat Up- grade Crusier in the Pacific Fleet, ENGLAND proved to be extremely well suited to monitor the crowded and potentially hostile airspace of the Persian Gulf The venerable cruiser performed superbly in the harsh Persian Gulf environme nt which included daytime temperatures of 115 degrees and fierce sandstorms. In addition to carrying out her duties as Anti-Air and Anti-Surface Warfare Com- mander in the early days of Desert Shield, ENGLAND was the first ship to interdict and board a vesseLtransiting the Persian Gulf, as part of the multinational Mari- time Interdiction force in support of U. N. sanctions against Iraq. ENGLAND ' s offi- cers and crew were called upon to coordinate multinational surface and air op- erations involving U.S., Australian, British, French, Italian, Spanish, Canadian, Sau- di, Dutch, and Danish naval and air forces. Although breaks from the tension and stress of Operation Desert Shield were few and far between, ENGLAND enjoyed several interesting ports of call during the six month deployment During her 12,000 mile transit to the Persian Gulf, ENGLAND made stops in Singapore, and Peffang Malaysia. Once in the Per- sian Gulf, ENGLAND made port visits to Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai, U.A.E. After being relieved by the USS WORDEN on November 2nd, ENGLAND pro- ceeded on her long journey home, pausing for port visits to Phuket Thailand, Hong Kong, the Philippines and Hawaii. ENGLAND returned to her favorite port of call, San Diego, on 19 December. After enjoying a well-earned period of leave and relaxation, ENGLAND is already preparing for her next operational assignment. Having reaffirmed her fflready outstanding reputation for operational excellence and combat readiness in the Gulf, ENGLAND ' S crew is diligently preparing itself for the next 2nd of August, whenever and wherever it should come. TABLE OF CONTENTS Tire Name Sake 2 PRIOR COS 3 CO van der SCHROEFF 4 CO Orvis 5 XO, CMC 6 Khaki 7 CBS 8-9 CA Division W-13 CD Division 74-76 Topside Cunnery 17 CE Division 16-21 CF Division 22-25 CW Division 26-29 CBSCandids 30 Viking Team 31 Engineering 32-33 A Division 34-37 B Division 38-41 E Division 42-45 M Division 46-49 R Division 50-53 Engineering Candids 54-55 OPS 56-57 OC Division 58-67 OD Division 62-65 Ol Division 66-70 OW Division 71-72 OPS Candids 73 ESWS 74 How Much 75 NAV ADMIN 76-79 Supply 80-84 Wog day 85 Chain of Command 86 Port Candids 87 Philippines 88-89 Malaysia 90-91 Thailand 92-93 Gulf 94-95 Hong Kong 96 Sunsets 97 Tiger Cruise 98-99 Home Coming 100-101 UNREP 702 Flight Quarters 103 Staff 704 NAMESAKE The USS ENGLAND (DE-63S) was commissioned on December 10, 1943 under the command of Commander W. B. Pendleton, USN, with Lieu- tenant Commander J. A. Williamson USNR as Executive Officer. The ENGLAND joined Admiral William Halsey ' s Forces and operated under his command for the next several months. In the spring of 1944, the stage was set for the fantastic exploits of the ENGLAND. The Japanese forces were not adequate to defend the Marianas and Palau, either of which were likely targets of the next Allied advances. In order to obtain intelligence about Allied ship movements. Admiral Toyoda, commander of the Japanese fleet in the Philipines, dispatched his submarines to form a scout line south of Truk and west of Manus. He then intended to throw the weight of the Imperial Navy against the Allies when their objective was determined. On 19 May 1944, ENGLAND, one of three units in Destroyer Escort Division 39, was proceeding toward a routine intercept of a supply submarine that had been sighted south of Truk. Enroute, ENGLAND made unexpected sonar contact with the first of her victims, pressed an attack, and delivered a lethal payload of Hedgehogs on her fifth pass destroying the Japansese submarine 1-16. In the meantime, the remaining elements of Toyoda ' s line had been discovered, and Admiral Halsey directed Escort Division 39 to hunt them down. In doing so, the ENGLAND sank the Japanese submarines RO- 104, RO- 105, RO- 106, RO- 108 and RO- 1 16 in a eight day period. The entire scout line had become the victim of a single vessel — the ENGLAND. The Chief of Naval Operations sent the classic message " There will always be an ENGLAND in the United States Navy " . She was later to receive the Presidential Unit Citation for this operation which has yet to be equalled in the annuls of naval warfare! 2 NAMESAKE mtxmB nf Mm B m DE-635 CDR W. B. PENDLETON DEC 1943 to DEC 1944 LCDR J. A. WILLIAMSON DEC 1944 to OCT 1945 DLG-22 CAPT W. J. CASPARI DEC 1963 to DEC 1964 CAPT R. E. BREGA DEC 1964 to NOV 1965 CAPT L H. SELL NOV 1965 to SEP 1966 CAPT R. H. EWING SEP 1966 to FEB 1968 CAPT G. A. MITCHELL FEB 1968 to MAY 1969 CAPT O. L. NORMIN, JR MAY 1969 to APR 1970 CG-22 CAPT J. J. PAULIS JUN 1971 to OCT 1972 CAPT J. R. HOGG OCT 1972 to OCT 1974 CAPT J. M. POINDEXTER OCT 1974 to APR 1976 CAPT C. N. AMMERMAN APR 1976 to MAY 1978 CAPT H. L WEBSTER MAY 1978 to AUG 1980 CAPT H. H. MAUZ, JR AUG 1980 to OCT 1982 CAPT D. L. GURKE OCT 1982 to SEP 1984 CAPT G. L. DUNN SEP 1984 to SEP 1986 CAPT G. M. MUSICK III SEP 1986 to AUG 1988 CAPT C. van der SCHROEFF AUG 1988 to SEP 1990 CAPT J. W. ORVIS SEP 1990 to . . . COMMANDING OFFICER Captain van der SCHROEFF received his commission through Officer Candidate School in Newport Rl, after earning a BS degree in Chemistry from Trinity College, Hartford Connecticut in 1964. After a brief special tour at the Naval War College as Senior Foreign Officer liaison officer his tours of duty at sea include USS BERKELEY (DDG 15), USS WAD- DELL (DDG 24) and Commanding Officer of USS HENRY B WILSON (DDG 7). He has also served as Operations Officer for Commander Middle East Force, US Naval Advisor to the Iranian Navy, Combat systems Depart- ment Head and Missile Gun Department Head at the Naval Ship Weapon Systems Engineering Station, and Anti-Air Warfare Branch Head for the Assistant Chief of Naval Operations (Surface Warfare). Captain van der Schroeff received an MS in chemistry from the Naval Post Graduate School and is a graduate of the Naval War College. He has been awarded the Combat action Ribbon, the Navy Commendation Medal, Meritorious Service Medal and the Legion of Merit. Captain van der SCHROEFF is married to Lesley Cocking of London, the United Kingdom. 4 CO COMMANDING OFFICER Captain James W. Orvis, a native of Kansas City, Missouri, graduated from Missouri Valley College and received his commission through the Officer Candidate School. He has served on USS VOGELGESANG (DD 862), on USS FECHTELER (DD 870), as Executive Officer on the USS REASONER (FF1063), as Officer in charge of HIGH POINT (PCH 1), as Commanding Officer of USS PEGASUS (PHM 1) and USS CROMMELIN (FFG 37). He has also served as Surface Operations Officer on Cruiser Destroyer Group Three staff, in Vietnam with the Naval Advisory Group, and as Current Operations Officer on the staff of Commander in Chief U. S. Pacific Fleet. Captain Orvis has attended Naval Post Graduate School and U. S. Army Command and General Staff College. He has been awarded the Meritorious Service Medal, Bronze Star Medal and the Le- gion of Merit. Captain Orvis is married to Mary H. Moore of Kansas City, Missouri and has three children: David, Bill and Lisa. CO 5 EXECUTIVE OFFICER Lieutenant Commander T. V. McCully is a native of Louisville, Mississippi, and is a 1976 graduate of the NROTC program at the University of Mississippi. From 1977 to 1979 he served as Damage Control Assistant on USS GLOVER (AGFF1 FF-1098) from 1979-1981 he was the CICO and Navigator onboard USS HARRY W. HILL (DD-986). After serving as an instructor at the university of Missouri NROTC program, he returned to the fleet in 1983 as the Operations Officer of USS LYNDE McCORMICK (DDG-8), followed by an assignment as Combat Systems Officer of USS GRIDLEY (CG-21) in 1985. Before com- ing to ENGLAND, he served as the assistant Surface Operations Officer for COMCAR- CRU ONE from 1987 to 1989 with WESTPAC North Arabian Sea cruises on USS RANGER (CV-61) and USS CONSTELLATION (CV-68). LCDR McCully moves on to become Sur- face Warfare instructor at Tactical Training Group Command Pacific in San Diego. In his fourteen years as a naval officer, LCDR McCully has received the Meritoruous Ser- vice Medal, Three Navy Commendation Medals, and the Navy Achievment Medal. LCDR is married to LT Janet C. McCully, JAGC, USNR. COMMAND MASTER CHIEF Master Chief Deisher joined the Navy October 1 , 1 965. After attending numerous train- ing courses, he reported to USS O ' HARE (DD 889). He also served in USS DAVIS (DD 937) and as Course Coordinator at FLEASWTRACENPAC. He reported to USS EN- GLAND as LCPO in May 1 980. He served at FLEASWTRACENPAC as LCPO for Curricu- lum Development prior to assuming duties as Command Master Chief in USS EN- GLAND September 1986. 6 XO CMC ENGLAND ' S KHAKI KHAKI 7 COMBAT SYSTEMS DEPARTMENT 8 CBS CBS 9 CA DIVISION Bendera Bendera - what a spot They missed us by this much 10 CADIV Thailand, we love it! 5: A Ensign J. Woodson STGC Fullerton LCPO CA Division is composed of worl centers CSA1 , CSA2, and CSA3 which consist of sonar technicians, gunners mates (ASROC) and torpedo men. They are collectively responsi- ble for SONAR, underwater battery fire control, ASROC launcher, and torpedo tubes plus all auxiliary equipment maintained by the division. STG1 Fleischer GMM2 Finney STG2 Grygiel TM2 Smith STG3 Walch STG3 Grossman STG3 Jacques GMM3 Mattson STG3 Newhouse GMM3 Rodriguez Not pictured: STG1 Willey STG2 Ward STG2 Birdsong STG2 Newland STG3 Robinson STG3 Scott STG3 Sharp STG3 Thomas TMSN Harrison STG3 Spooner STG3 Warembourg STG3 Poisel STG3 Pascoe TM3 Fox CA DIV 11 12 CADIV Yes, I can fix it Hi Mom You had it, I got it CHILLIN Hl B lr V I KxS m ummw K iJ ■v H 1 Where ' s the bad guys? A special thanl s to STG3 Scott and Sharp for coming from the USS Buchannon for IRAQPAC 90 I wish I was home CA DIV 13 MIVIM, IVIMIVi Good CD DIVISION 1 ENS D. W. Ogbum Division Officer DSC C. V. Delgado LCPO DS1 R. V. Velasco LPO DS1 D. R. Metz DS1 F. A. Mosblech r DS2 K. Young Pf i DS2 H. J. Huber DS3 L P. Oldham K% DS3 D. B. Jacobs 14 CD DIV Vf Trouble shooting in progress Hard days work - i CD DIV 15 " Tummy contest " DS2 Huber won CD Division 16 CD DIV IHere ' s tookin ' at you TOPSIDE GUNNERY TEAMS TOPSIDE GUNNERY consists of 5 teams. Weapons used are .50 caliber machine guns and 25mm chain guns. With these weapons the ship is protected from enemy surface action and anti-ship mines. MT 52 GMM3 Mattson STG3 Newhouse I give up! How do you load this thing? MT 51 STG3 Thomas STG3 Jacques MT 31, STG2 Walch, STG2 Newland, STG3 Spooner MT 32 GMM3 Rodriguez, STG3 Warem- bourg, STG3 Robinson Alright ! We ' ll get pizza in Dubai Load it quick! Here comes an " Attack Dhow " . CE DIVISION ' i ' k k -4 ENS Dan Salter Division Officer ETCS Fadden LCPO CE Division is composed of technicians responsible for the maintenance and repair of Combat Systems Electronics. This involves over 600 pieces of equip- ment ranging from test equipment, air and surface search radars to satellite communications radios and ships navigation equipment. ;! sli - - ET1 Abiva ET1 Lewis ET2 Arnaud ET2 (SW) Warren ET2 Ryals nl A K ET2 Layng " ET3 Ploch ET3 Asberry ET3 Carr 18 CE DIV A Senior Chief who couldn ' t hoot with the owls PHnj oj P t r jT H ' - H Nacho, we use silverware around here Yes girls, you ' ve got it now ET ' s don ' t get wasted Here Brian, I know how to put film in a camera Shave those armpits woman! High Frequency Hotel Squeal! Squeal! CF DIVISION LT G.L. Snider Division Officer FCC M. Kunzi 55B Radar FCCS P.A. Gordon LCPO ;i r - ' FCC B. Hibbard IHarpoon, 48E FCC D. Palmiter Missile Plot CF (FOX) Division is composed of work-centers CSFO-6. Fire Controlmen maintain, operate and repair the ship ' s fire control radar systems, the Harpoon missile system, PHALANX, and the ship ' s 3D air surveillance radar. FC1 Goodrich FC2 Davis FC2 (SW) Sandbergh FC2 Storms FC2 Strong FC2 Blazin FC2 Rollins FC2 Provencher FC3 Swensrud FC3 Bienko 22 CFDIV FC3 Cole FC3 Ostwald FC3 Denham PCS Tucker FC3 Turner FC3 Sullivan FC3 Carrol FC3 Weiss FC3 Combs FC3 Gamble FC3 Taylor FC3 Hartke FC3 Pfeil FCSN Reves f .a .Yi You have 20 seconds to comply. Dead or alive you ' re coming with us. V ' t» ttt»t?tfVVI 9 9 • ' .•■» • • • • ' l fc % H L ' " The bar is that way " CF DIV 23 " I wish I could help you, but I only sweep up around here " i " Hey everybody!! Its Dave!!! " f3 ¥ f 1 f j; Hangin out in Hong Kong CF DIV 25 CW DIVISION GUNNERS MATES CW Division is responsible for one of the most sophisticated missile launching systems in use today. On board ENGLAND two MK 10 missile systems are used for anti-aircraft warfare. GMM ' s are the technicians responsible for maintenance and operation of these systems plus all of the ship ' s small arms complement to include 25mm and 50 caliber gun mounts. 26 LTJG Hauer Division Officer GIVIC (SW) Wilkey LCPO Gi AM1 Cannon LPO GMM1 SCOTT OK Saddam, we ' re here GMM3 Hatton GMMSN Little GMMSN Heinrich GIVIMSN Casper GMMSN Hay GMMSA Smith Vpi H Not Pictured BT Not Pictured GMIVI2 Amoroso GMM3 Dibenedetto Gunners Mates Big missile A Div O who obviously has been over worked by his department head. I like it here! f 1 hmH till IT - ' Pi m . K r V t ' 1 II ' i H r K jum •Li 28 CW DIV fly Honeyco CW DIV 29 Ofl( i J To S«. t " THE VIKING TEAM 90 " A group of highly trained personnel, hand picked as technical assets to the team. Trained on all standard naval small arms. Their knowledge of team engagement tactics is superior. Making it back, no problem Ne ' re back, we ' re hot, and we want water!!! TEAM MEMBERS Top L-R. FC2 " TEX " Rollins, FC2 " Bronc " Blazin FC1 " Ice-Man " Davis, ET2 " Nacho " Sierra, FCC " Spike " Palmiter. Bottom L-R. HT1 " CAV " Cavenaugh, FC2 " Stripe ' Strong, GMM2 " Hotrod " Rodriguez, BM2 " Tuto " Perez, FC2 " Rhino " Sandberg, GMM2 " Crash " Amoroso. VIKINGS 31 ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT LCDR Bergin Engineering Officer " Cheng " LT McCulloch DCA LT Hayes MPA m BS Hf jk 1 32 ENG WOG NO MORE It ' s HAMMER time ! AUXILIARY DIVISION LT McBride Division Officer FA Gonzales k .jU ENC Zegers LCPO MIVI1 Thomberry MM2 Grant IVIIVI2 Burleson MM3 Butler FN Doerfler FN Sahagun Not Pictured- MM1 Reyes EN1 Clark MM2 Cotton MM3 Draine MM3 Morris MM3 Delacruz MM3 Macoy MM3 Cacayuran ENC Aspiras CPO " A " Division is composed of work center EA04 which is comprised of enginemen and machinist mates. They are responsible for the maintenance and repair of all heating, A C, refrigeration, hydraulic systems, emer- gency gas turbine and diesel generators, small boat engines JP5 fuel systems laundry, galley equipment, and all other external aux- iliary equipment and systems. 34 A Gang 1 i; -w m I w ' t ifc. k. i«dMfll " il Broken? It ' s not broken! I wish I could wlndsurf as well as that skinny Ensign " Da Plane! I see it; Da Plane Boss, Da Plane! " 36 A GANG Come on you guys - pull us back up know I have some equipment sround here somewhere And when the Diesel really pisses me off I like to whip out my M-60 automatic machine gun Has anyone seen the set for the " Fruit of the Loom " commercial? A GANG 37 BOILERS DIVISION i . -i f LTJG Mike Willamson Division Officer ENS Steve Palmer Division Officer BTC Hail CPO BTl Rock LPO Boilers Division is composed of workcenter EBOl, EB02, EB13 and EB14 which are comprised of the Boiler Tech- nician rate. They are responsible for the ship ' s 1200 pound steam boilers and the distribution of millions of gallons of fuel. They insure there ' s enough water for boiler operation and human co nsumption, this is com- monly done in an environment of +100 degrees F. 38 B DIV A ' ji Ah t J 4$ kJ ) BTl Gross BTl Ratliff BT2 Walker BT2 Combs BT2 Varney BT3 Ferguson BT3 Gini BT3 Rooke BT3 Peveto BT3 McKown BT3 Gibson BT3 Regalado BT3 Gonzalez BT3 Mesecher BT3 Rattigan BT3 Bodrog BT3 Lazaga BT3 Betito BTFN Bellman FN Barber BTFA Raymond BTFA Dade BTFA Burkhalter BTFN Fronheiser BTFA Kissie BTFA Gamelin FA Evans FR Allyn FR Salazar FR Robinson B DIV 39 40 B DIV zzzzzzz Not a lot of women huh guys? f k More beer B DIV 41 ELECTRICAL DIVISION ' ■■ -1 LTJG M. Vicknair Division Officer ?. ICC M. Monreal LCPO EMC L. Etherington CPO E Division is composed of worl centers EE01 and EE05 which are comprised of Electricians Mates, and Interior Communications Electricians respectively. They are collectively responsible for ship ' s electrical distribution and the maintenance and repair of internal communications and ship ' s entertainment system. i EM2 Johansen EM2 Edra 102 Bradfield IC2 Queries EM2 Alvarado IC2 Fulk EMS Burell IC3 Keresztes EMS Davies ICS Wald EMS Rancourt EMS Bannach EMFN Hamilton EMFN Tobin EMFA Stewart 42 E DIV Not shown: EMC Ferland, EM2 Hottinger, ICS Valdez, EMFN Ingram, ICFN Heath, EMFN Midget, EMFN Dedrick, EMFN Williams E Div , - - -, f VV $ Mitch lately I ' ve been working so hard I have trouble staying awake. E DIV 43 HELP ME! HELP MEI 44 E DIV Naaa - I think the anemometer is working just fine. 45 MACHINERY DIVISION Ipl ; LTJG Bushnell M Division Officer " The Bushman " MMC Hooper M Division LCPO " Chief Hoop " MMC (SW) McGowan M Division CPO " Chief MAC " M Division is composed of work centers EM01 and EM02. Machinist ' s mates and undesignated firemen maice up the work force of M Divi- sion. The MM ' s maintain and operate England ' s main propulsion en- gines, ships service turbo-generators, distilling plants, and high pres- sure air compressors. Without the work of the snipes in NR 1 and NR 2 engine room, England would be without lights, water and power. MM2 Catindig MM2 Conant MM2 Gannaway MM2 Luttmers MM3 Arandia " = MM3 Arthur MM3 Balisacan MM3 Brown MM3 Surge MM3 Corley MM3 Curiel MM3 Knouse MM3 Lambert MM3 Lark MM3 Larkin " • MM3 Lett MM3 McClue MM3 Olson MM3 Persing MM3 Petersen MM3 Ridley MM3 Roberts MM3 Sansone MM3 Townsend MM3 Webb MM3 Yergin MMFN Demke MMFN McKlnney MMFN Prevoznik MMFN Turner ' hat do you think, it clear and briaht? I ' d fly a thousand miles to smoke a Camel NR 1 Engineroom - " Main Cont rol " Now that is something to be proud about catching in Thailand. Hey guys where are you going when you leave the Gulf? We ' re going to Disneyland! A drunk Snipe is a happy Snipe! REPAIR DIVISION LMk ENS Peason DIVO DCC Fenti LCPO HT1 Smith LPO R Division because of it ' s wide variety of technical jobs, is the only division aboard ENGLAND that is comprised of separate rate ' s to fulfill it ' s many tasks, HT ' s, MR ' s and DC men are ready to patch, manufacture, and extinguish any and every part of the ship. n I DC1 Justice HT1 Phelps MR2 Richardson DCS Christen HT3 Blohm DC3 Matrapasqua DCFN Cade HTFA Fancy R DIV 51 What! No more chili dogs! A, « Senior, your not the Jeany I had in mind! -f ESWS really turns me on Oarweer 52 R DIV r ' U l n H 1 KyflKNl (■ i Bodies by BUD K . ; ' H ■ - 1 nt Cliff Norm R DIV 53 , ]at the rCLoPni] D ENGINEERING OPERATIONS DEPARTMENT LT Al Collins Operations Department Head Ops taking charge Ops the speaker 56 OPS Ops the family man Where ' s Brown? OPS 57 OC DIVISION LTJG Jay Tim Lenner COMMO k Li RMC M. J. Yost LCPO OC Division is composed of work centers OC01 and OS01, which are comprised of both radiomen and signalmen. They are collectively responsible for the opera- tion of equipment and systems to provide visual and external communications to and from the ship. Thought you couldn ' t eat in radio Chief ? " Calling all cars, Calling all cars " 58 OC DIV I SM1 Cannon RM2 Reyes RM2 Santiago SM2 Bryant RM2 Fogg RMS Warner SMS Triplett RMS Wergin RMS Gomez SMSN Kelly RMSN Madden RMSN Tighe RMSN Smith SMSN Duryea RMSN Carzola In Memory RMSA David Montgomery 1971 -1990 Another happy day in OC division OC DIV 59 Excuse me sir, have you seen my dog? 60 OC DIV OC DIV 61 OD DIVISION •iBf LT Mike Grover First Lieutenant OD Division, commonly referred to as 1st division is com- prised of Boatswain l 1ates and decl( seaman. They are re- sponsible for the constant material preservation of the weather declcs of the ship. They maintain the anchor, small boats, underway replenishment equipment and the paint locker. Additionally they are key players in maintaining Naval ceremonies and traditions. ; BMCS (SW) Orgeron 62 OD DIV Oh! By the way Captain, the carrier is 5000 yards off our starboa beam. r BM1 Hicks BM1 Mills BM2 Davis BM2 Russell BM3 Ruiz BM3 Hunter BM3 Griego BMSN Hawkins SN Reese SN Beekman SN Alt SN Reynolds SN Eravi SN Diaz SN Davis SN Williams SN Hicks SN Bradley SN Thorpe Not pictured: BMSN Owens BMSN Lisenby SN Brown SN Bambach SN Burwell SN Light SN Miller SN Vershowski SN Wilson SN Antonovich SN Rubio SN Ward SN Stewart SN Toole SN Unay SN Williams SN Priest SN Baynes OD DIV 63 Sleep, who needs sleep? 01 DIVISION S- " LT FLURY OSSN ANDERSON OSSN BELL 0S1(SW) BELL 083 BOOR 0S1 BRIGGS OSCM(SW) LOMBARDI B PHIi H l K n kilr ' 7 .1 hl i i JC : . rii 0S3 CAGLE OSSN CANODY OSSN CLAIR 0S2 COOKE 0S2 CRANE 0S2 DAWSON OSS DIONNE OSSN HERRERA OSSN HUEBNER 0S2 GAYDORUS OSS JOHNSON OSS JOSHUA OSSN KEYZER OSSN LAMONT 0S2 MACDONALD ?-. r-ii. n I FT iir l n f .--- 5 = 66 01 Division f .) ! 7 0S3 MANDEVILLE ISI(SW) MCCABE 083 MCCMILLIAN OSS MELANCON OSSN PALOMINO I s2 ri ' 4 t »• - « THE ENGLAND IT SEEMS IS RAPACIOUS, BOLD, RUTHLESS, TENACIOUS IN JUST A FEW DAYS WE FOUND OUT THE WAYS TO CARRY OUT A TACTI- CAL FEAT. GOLF TANGO ARE WE ON THE SUR- FACE, PIRAZ TO FLY- BOYS IN THE AIR, WE ' RE GOLF CHARLIE AND FOTC, GOLF FOXTROT ARE WE TO THE FLEET. TO AIRDALES AND TANKERS WE ' RE KING A- C-U TO FLY THEM RIGHT IN, AS GOLF ECHO WE LISTEN, OH LINK 14! . . GUYS, OUR BEAVER IS SWEET. OSS PEWORCHIK OSS RUMAN OSS SHIELDS 0S2 SOLOMON 0S2 STEVENSON OSS TILLOTSON OSS WHITEHEAD 01 DIVISION PAGE 67 MEET THE GANG . . . 68 01 DIVISION PAGE Is it Halloween yet? Sorry Grant, didn ' t see u ' inny, one question, did ' 3y glue u to the chair? t-S 01 DIVISION PAGE 69 In the work place . . . Ops boss as he sits TAO . . . Master chief, strike a pose! OSSN Bell, say cheese 70 01 DIVISION PAGE AlC ' S and ASAC ' S Meet Satan and Mr. Devioi Perfect example of a sk ter . . . W 4( ' n ' )W DIVISION I Division is composed of work (inter OM01 which is the realm of the lectronic Warfare Technician rate. ' leir primary objective is anti-ship . lissiie defense. Other maritime re- 1 ionsibilities include the detection, ie and counter measures associat- I il with the electromagnetic spec- tim. ST- d 5Ji ENS Dan Maxwell OW Division Officer EW2 Butler EW3 Brunner EWSN Strebe EWSR Bewick From top left to bottom right: EW2 Butler, EWSA Bewick, EW2 Brock, EWSA Lyies, ENS Maxwell. OW DIVISION 71 72 OW DIVISION Lyies and his girls ee I ' ve been here a long time, where is that MAIL BUOY ??? OPS 73 ENLISTED SURFACE WARFARE Not only did these men do their jobs very well, they also studied and researched every other part of the ship to earn the ENLISTED SURFACE WARFARE pin. 74 ESWS OW MUCH does it take to maintain a ship and crew during a six month deployment? ■I ENGINEERING SUPPLIES: MEDICAL: ICE CREAM EGGS MILK BREAD f CHICKEN BEEF PATTIES FRENCH FRIES BACON SHRIMP FISH RICE FLOUR SYRUP SPAGHETTI LETTUCE POTATOES TOMATOES , j|, «j«,«, CAKES PEANUT BUTTER POPCYCLE f WATER USED FUEL USED MILES TRAVELED TOILET PAPER LAUNDRY DETERGENT HAIRCUTS SHIP ' S STORE SALES SODAS SICK CALL LATEX ISSUED NAVIGATION ADMINISTRATIO LT Allison LTJG Ziegler, USCG DPCS Thompson PNC Francisco NCC Mathias 76 NAV ADMIN And there I was Greetings THE MEN THE MYTH THE LEGENDS NAV ADMIN Only two more hours to go NAV ADMIN 77 QM1 Cosper QM2 Bonnell HM2(AW) Smit PN2 Eslao RP2 Celli YN3 Wilson PCS Hall PC3 Rawls , QMS Butterfiek- PNSN Deffenbaugh QMSN Riley QMSA Jackson Not Shown: YN2 Bridgeford YNSN Howard YNSN Taylor 78 NAV ADMIN It ' s for you SUPPLY DEPARTMENT LCDR Mike E. Query Department Head LTJG M. Lavigna S1,S2,S3 Division Officer SKCIVI Dela Cruz LCPO MSC Baker The supply department has once again served tt USS ENGLAND in a very professional mann throughout the Persian Gulf IRAQ deploymer The Storekeepers, Mess management sp cialists, Ship ' s Servicemen and Disbursir clerks were there to give us the parts w needed, feed us the best chov in tl ' Navy, operate the ships store, wa? our clothes, cut our hair and Oh ye fill our pockets with green stui Thank you 80 SUPPLY THE SUPPLY TEAM SK1 Lowery SK1 Plaisance SK1 Blue SK2 Reed SK3 Davis SKSN Merrit SKSN Racela MS1 Hoffman MS1 Guico IVIS2 Pega MS2 Pearson MS3 Gish MS3 Vierra MS3 Genavia MS3 Lee MSSN Sherey MSSN Kontra MSSN Delcano SH2 Huckeba SH3 Fuentes SH3 Hammen SH3 King W {-- 82 SUPPLY »-7=C 84 SUPPLY ROSSING THE EQUATOR . . does some strange things to sailors at sea CHANGE OF COMMAND In the middle of " Operation DESERT SHIELD " and the hot humid air of the Persian Gulf, command of the first Pacific Fleet changed hands. The change of command ceremony took place at sea 15 September 1990 as Captain C. van der SCHROEFF was relieved by Captain James W. Orvis. During Captain van der SCHROEFF ' s twenty-four months in command USS ENGLAND compiled a distinguished record of operational excellence. Captain James W. Orvis, reports from duties as the Current Operation Officer on the staff of Commander in Chief U. S. Pacific Fleet. 86 C OF COMMAND Bye Captain LIBERTY CALL ... IN OUR FAVORITE CITES LIBERTY 87 43 f ' PHILIPPINES MALAYSIA 90 MALAYSIA MALAYSIA 91 THAILAND Try getting four Robinsons on tliis IVIOPED 92 THAILAND " Chickletts, mister? " THAILAND 93 PERSIAN GULF 1 rMIIHI A night out in the Gold Soulf Care talters of the Rebar farm 94 PERSIAN GULF Don ' t go Heeb, there ' s no beer there PERSIAN GULF 95 ir winners of the famous Persian Gulf bowling tourney HONG KONG Fresh snake meat, get your snake meat! 96 HONG KONG SUNSETS TIGER CRUISE An adventure on the high seas i 98 TIGERS HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS ! 100 HOMECOMING Hurry up, it ' s raining! UNDERWAY REPLENISHMENT 102 UNREP FLIGHT QUARTERS FLIGHT QUARTERS 103 The men that make it happen }5 crrtJ l, 6 5 £? i r •0, i I ak-n ■ L. fJpv 104 STAFF And thanks to the non-photosenic people for their help. FC2 Rollins DC3 Mastrapasqua SN Beekman GMM1 Scott BT3 Mesecher EWSN Bewick MM2 Burleson MM1 Thornberry DS3 Oldham WALSWORTN PUBLISHING . COMPANY MARCELINE, MISSOURI. USA, Cruise Book Sales Offic Vic Nigro 10755 Anaheim Drive LaMesa. CA 91941 ■ ' " tj -s.- ■ Pi ' T ■ 9- THE WORLD ©

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