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-?,---J« IF CLASSIFIED, STAMP DOWNGRADING INSTRUCTION HERE: IF CLASSIFIED, STAMP SECURITY MARKING HERE: SHIP ' S CRUISE LOG uss OF THE ENGLAND CG-22 HULL NUMBER ATTACHED TO Hrjjjlu Cs- ) Division, Squadron, BATTLE GROUP ALPHA BRAVO Group, Fleet, - 11 JULY COMMENCING (zone lime and date) SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA 1985 AT (location) 21 DECEMBER 1985 AND ENDING (zone lime and date) AT SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA (location) THE SHIP ' S INSIGNE The crest is taken from the coat of arms of the ENGLAND family. The six stars in the outhning field represent the six Japanese sub- marines sunk by the original USS ENGLAND (DE-635) in a twelve-day period in late May 1944. CRUISEBOOK STAFF LT T.J. DEMY - CRUISEBOOK OFFICER RP2 J.A. JORDAN - EDITOR HT3 J.R. ALBERS - ASSISTANT EDITOR PAUL GENIN - PHOTOGRAPHER PHOTOGRAPHERS DS3 J.A. MATTHEWS J03 D.D. GREITZER FC3 D.G. FREAS GMTSN K. GRAVIER AND MANY MORE WHO SHARED THEIR PERSONAL PHOTOS 1 i TABLE OF CONTENTS HISTORY 4 COMMANDING OFFICER 6 EXECUTIVE OFFICER 8 COMMAND MASTER CHIEF 9 DEPARTMENTS 10 ENGINEERING 10 OPERATIONS 19 COMBAT SYSTEMS 30 SUPPLY 42 NAV ADMIN 47 DEPARTURE 50 NEW JERSEY SAG 52 VERTREP 54 UNREP 56 SPORTS 58 COMMUNITY RELATIONS PROJECTS 60 COMMAND RELIGIOUS PROGRAM 62 PACE 64 HAWAII COLOR 1 PHILIPPINES COLOR 3 CROSSING THE LINE COLOR 5 REPAIRS 65 DAILY LIFE AT SEA 66 LIBERTY 78 AUSTRALIA COLOR 9 SASEBO COLOR 11 PUSAN COLOR 13 YOKOSUKA COLOR 15 FRIENDS MEMORIES 82 TIGER CRUISE 92 HOMECOMING 94 STATISTICS 95 STAFF 96 HISTORY Both U.S. Navy ships which have borne the name ENGLAND have been named in honor of Ensign John Charles England, who was killed onboard the USS OKLAHOMA (BB-37) during the 7 December 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor. The first USS ENGLAND (DE-635) was one of 149 Turbo-electric series destroyer escorts commissioned between April 1943 and March 1944. ENGLAND had a displacement of 1,400 tons, length 306 feet, and beam of 37 feet. It was built by the Bethlehem Steel Company at San Francisco California and launched 26 September 1943. She arrived for duty in the Pacific on 12 March 1944. From March 1944 until May 1944 ENGLAND had escort duty between Espirit Santo and Guadalcanal. It was during the period between 19 May 1944 and 31 May 1944 that ENGLAND accomplished the unmatched feat of sinking six Japanese submarines and was awarded a Presidential Unit Citation. Following these successes against Japan, ENGLAND continued her service in the Pacific Theatre and was involved in operations at Solomon Islands, Leyte, Iwo Jima, and Okinawa. During the battle at Okinawa ENGLAND suffered major damage and fire as the result of a kamikaze crash into the starboard side forward. Following temporary repairs at Leyte, ENGLAND returned to Philadelphia on 16 July 1945. With the war ' s end in August 1945 EN- GLAND ' S service came to an end and she was decom- missioned on 15 October 1945. I m 1 The second ship, USS ENGLAND (CG-22) was built by Todd Shipyard Corporation of San Pedro, CaHfornia, and commissioned on 7 December 1963. With a length of 533 feet, a beam of 54 feet, and a full displacement of over 7,800 tons, the ship is powered by modern steam turbine engines, and can reach maximum speeds in excess of 30 knots. ENGLAND is equipped with TERRIER guided missiles, anti-submarine rocket torpedoes (ASROC), Harpoon surface to surface missiles, two 20-MM Close- in Weapons Systems (CIWS), and two triple-tube torpedo launchers. Her extended range sonar provides early detection and engagement capabilities of hostile submarines, and her computerized Naval Tactical Data Systems (NTDS), coupled with radar guided missiles, presents a formidable threat to attacking aircraft and hostile ships. From April 1970 to June 1971, ENGLAND under- went an extensive modernization and rebuilding program at Bath Iron Works in Bath, Maine. Her present configuration and modern weaponry reflect the latest naval technology and present a powerful peace-keeping addition to the U.S. Navy. Homeported in San Diego, California, ENGLAND has completed numerous deployments to the Western Pacific. ENGLAND has been awarded the Navy Unit Commendation, Meritorious Unit Commendation, Navy Expeditionary Medal, Humanitarian Service Medal, National Defense Medal, Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, Sea Service Deployment ribbon with one bronze star, Vietnam Service Medal and currently holds many Departmental awards for Excellence. CAPTAIN G. L. DUNN COMMANDING OFFICER Captain Gerald L. Dunn was graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD and commissioned Ensign June 7, 1961. He served aboard USS TOWERS (DDG-9) from 1961 to 1963 as first Lieutenant and ASW Nuclear Weapons Officer. From 1963 to 1965 he served as Assistant CIC Officer in USS KEARSARGE (CVS-33). Following this tour he reported to U.S. Naval Post Graduate School, Monterey, CA. as a student in the Nuclear Engineering Effects curriculum. He then reported to USS OKLAHOMA CITY (CLG-5) as TALOS Missile Battery Officer. In July 1970, he reported to the U.S. Naval Academy as an instructor and Officer-in-Charge of the Basic Ordnance Engineering Core Course. Captain Dunn served in USS RICHMOND K. TURNER (DLG- 20) as Weapons Officer from February 1972, until February 1974. Upon completion of Prospective Executive Officer School, Newport, R.I., he served as XO, USS RICHARD E. BYRD (DDG-23) from May 1974, until December 1975. He then attended the Defense Systems Manage- ment College, Fort Belvoir, VA. Upon graduation, he assumed the duties as Deputy Project Manager (Operations) for the Shipboard Intermediate Range Combat System. During this tour of duty, he received a M.S. Degree in Systems Management from the University of Southern California. Commencing November 1978, Captain Dunn attended a series of courses including the Senior Officer Ship Material Readiness Course and Prospective Commanding Officer Course. On 28 June 1979, he assumed command of USS DECATUR (DDG-31). Upon completion of this tour, which included major overhaul in Bremerton, WA and a Western Pacific deployment, he reported to Commander, Naval Surface Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet, San Diego in August 1981, for duty as Force Combat Systems Officer, Assistant Chief of Staff for Readiness and Training, and Assistant Chief of Staff for Warfare Requirements and Tactics. Captain Dunn has been awarded the Meritorious Service Medal, Navy Commendation Medal (two awards), Navy Achievement Medal, and wears the Meritorious Unit Commendation Ribbon. Captain Dunn is married to the former Karen Hansen of Milwaukee, WI. The Dunn ' s have one daughter, Laurie and one son, David. EXECUTIVE OFFICER LCDR DANIEL E. BUSCH Lieutenant Commander Daniel E. Busch was born 2 August 1950 at Worthington, MI, and grew up in nearby Fulda. He graduated from Southwest University, Marshall, MI, in June 1972 and received a BA in Elementary Education. LCDR Busch was commissioned at Newport, R.I. on 18 May 1973. His first tour, following an abbreviated basic SWOS course, was aboard USS NAVASOTA (AO-106) as Gunnery Officer and Deck Division Officer. After 21 months aboard USS NAVASOTA, he was reassigned to USS ENGLAND (CG-22) as Fire Control Officer. ENGLAND at that time was just starting a Regular Overhaul in Bremerton, WA. After the completion of ENGLAND ' S overhaul, LCDR Busch participated in the extensive training work-up that preceded ENGLAND ' S deployment. From September 1977 until December 1979, LCDR Busch was under instruction at the Naval Post Graduate School, Monterey, CA, where he received a MS in Engineering Science and the Weapons System Technology XX61 subspecialty P-code. Returning to sea in January 1981 as Engineer Officer aboard USS ELLIOT (DD-967), LCDR Busch made a WEST PAC deployment, serving with forces of CTF 75. Following deployment, ELLIOT completed a Regular Overhaul at Seattle, WA. LCDR Busch remained aboard through the entire post overhaul predeployment work-up and detached in February 1983. After attending WDS-MK 14 school, he reported aboard USS HORNE (CG-30) on 27 April 1983, to assume duties as Weapons Officer. USS HORNE deployed for a seven ad one half month deployment assigned as Battle Group AAW commander for Battle Group ECHO (USS RANGER COMCARGRU SEVEN Battle Group). LCDR Busch had duties as TAO and AAW Commander Watch Officer throughout the deployment. He remained onboard through part of the workup schedule for HORNE ' s follow on deployment. In January 1985 he detached from HORNE and started training enroute to his assignment as XO, USS ENGLAND (CG-22). LCDR Busch is married to the former Patricia M. Culhane of Marshall, MI. COMMAND MASTER CHIEF ALLAN D. HOWSER, JR. Master Chief HOWSER enlisted in the Navy in Omaha NE, January 2, 1964. After Recruit Training in San Diego he graduated from Machinist Mate ' A ' school and attended the Navy ' s Nuclear Power School at Bainbraidge, MD and West Milton, N.Y. He transferred in September 1965 to San Diego for duty on USS UHLMANN (DD-687), last of the 2100 ton FLETCHER class Destroyers. In November 1969 he commenced tours aboard USS SAMUEL MOORE (DD-747) in Seattle, WA, followed by a tour on USS ROBERT A. OWENS (DD- 827), Norfolk, VA. From Norfolk Master Chief Howser returned to San Diego for two years at DATC, to USS LEONARD F. MASON (DD- 852), USS ALAMO (LSD-33), and then a short tour in the UNREP Department at NSWSES in Port Hueneme. He qualified ESWS in March of 1979. Master Chief Howser was awarded the Navy Achieve- ment Medal as an Equal Opportunity Specialist. He is qualified Expert in both rifle and pistol. Prior to his tour on ENGLAND he was aboard USS SCHOFIELD (FFG-3). He is married to the former Catherine Ann Tuttle of Palo Alto, CA. His two sons reside in Philadelphia, PA. He and Catherine are the parents of twin daughters, Darcey Ann and Jessica Morgan, born during the cruise on 16 October. " ' ffm i LCDR D. W. Taylor CHIEF ENGINEER ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT LTJG P. K. S. Choi DCA ENS K.A. Yargus A E Division Officer " A " DIVISION ENC L.J. Stahl LCPO A division furnishes and repairs ENGLAND auxiliary services. The Machinist Mates in " A-gang " main- tain and repair the ship ' s air condi- tioning systems, food refrigeration units, galley and laundry machinery. " A-gang " s " Enginemen are responsi- ble for the gas turbine and diesel engine emergency generators and small boat engines. MMl K.R. Bartlett FA T.L. Benton MM3 J.G. Branstetter ENFN A.A. Caimol MMl J.F. Cocoba FA E.W. Etzweiler MM3 R. Gaines MM2 W.B. Koonce, Jr. MM3 J.S. Moore ENFA R.T. Nappe EN2 R.J. Seezs MM2 D.E. Steven " B " DIVISION ENS M.T. Midas DIVISION OFFICER BTCS R.M. Burgess LCPO ETC C.T. Orgeta CPO In ENGLAND ' S steam propulsion drive chain, the Boiler Technicians are the first link. BT ' s are responsible for the operation and maintenance of the ship ' s four 1200 PSI boilers. These boilers burn fuel oil to heat water, producing steam. The steam, when converted into mechanical energy by the main engines, propel the ship. In addition, steam is used to power the generators and create BT2 R.W. Aiken BT2 V.J. Baldock BT2 J.L. Barnes FA R. Barnes electricity, as well as the distilling plant providing fresh water. During replenishments it is not unusual for the ship to take on several hundred thousand gallons of fuel oil to feed the boilers. BT ' s designated as " oil kings " are in charge of storing, testing, and distributing this fuel, the boiler water and related systems. FR M.T. Brazitis BT3 B. Caton FR L. Coy BTl J.G.F.J. Damasco FR S.M. Dendy BTl C.N. Ferguson BT2 R.W. Friebel FA R.E. Hammitt K BTC G. Lettley BTC R.R. Lynch BT2 D.R. Kreidler BTl M.A. Maxey FR W.R. McAnn BTFN L.J. Methuein BT2 B.A. Miller BT3 S.E. Mills BTFN G.K. Otto, Jr. FR .S.W. Phelps BTFN R.W. Reich BT3 J.S. Rivera BT3 J.J. Scott BT2 D. Small BT3 H.R. Swenson BT3 W.U. Tetrick, Jr. BT2 T.C. Treiber BT2 S. Varney BT3 J.F. Williams, Jr. 13 Electrician ' s Mate (EM) EMFN R.L. Beard EMI P.L. Canare EMS C.J. Dawana EMFN T.V. Hayes FR D.A. Laytart EM2 J.J. Lynch, Jr. EMFN R.B. Mascardo EMFN J. Pinto EM3 E.L. Pistole EM3 S.E. Seppanen EM3 H.L. Tellis EMS L.M. Valencia " E " DIVISION Electrician Mates are responsible for the ship ' s power system which includes lighting, power for the main propulsion plants and other imp ortant spaces through- out the ship. EMC D.M. Encinas LCPO 0O% LTJG W.H. Collins DIVISION OFFICER The Machinist Mates (MM) of M division take the steam created by the boilers and put it to work, eventually providing propulsion, fresh water and electricity for ENGLAND. Their operation of the two steam-driven main engines allow the ship to slice through the water at over 30 knots. M division produces fresh and feed water for the boilers and crew in the distilling Machinist ' s Mate (MM) " M " DIVISION plant, and oversees the four turbo generators that give ENGLAND electrical power. MM ' s maintain the high pressure air compressors and numerous pumps, turbines, and valves. M division, along with B division, provides the foundation of ENGLAND effective operation. MMFA S.A. Anderson MMFN G.H. Barnes MMFN B.C. Belen, Jr. MM3 R.J. Burns, Jf. MMFN J.C. Clavton MM2 J.R. Cook MM2 A.B. Cummings MM3 G.A. Dalrymple MM2 G.J. Dobson MM3 R.J. Fenner MM3 J.D. Gessner MM3 G.E. Hamand MM3 B.R. Healan, Jr. MM3 D.D. Hernandez MMl C. Hinton MM3 V.D. Lewis MMFR K.W. Mills MM2 C.L. Moore MM3 M.P. Mummey MMFN K.W. Normandin MM2 S.F. Ross MM2 CD. Turner MM3 J.P. Welke MMFN F.R. Wells, Jr Hull Maintenance Technician (HT) TI J ' CW02 K.D. Mason DIVISION OFFICER R division is made up of Hull Technicians and a Machinery Repairman. The HT ' s are responsible for maintaining firefight- ing and damage control gear and training the crew in damage control procedures. In addition, the HT ' s make up the nucleus R " DIVISION of the " Flying Squad " , the A I team and the " Aviation crash and salvage team " . The MR is responsible for the manufacture of emergency repair parts not readily available. HT3 J.R. Albers HTl (SW) D.J. Biniecki HT3 D.E. Bond HT3 P.R. Cavanaugh HT3 C.W. Drebenstedt III HT2 W.G. Ferguson HT2 H.R. Hutchinson HT3 J.R. Jackson HT3 M.A. Lacorte HT3 R.M. Malenfant HT2 R.S. Phelps HTl (SW) R.E. Phillips, Sr. MRl E.A. Querimit HTFN H.L. Sprague HTFN J.R. Wilson III LCDR M.I. Turner OPERATIONS OFFICER OPERATIONS DEPARTMENT LT M.J. Bogart COMMUNICATIONS OFFICER Radioman (RM) Signalman (SM) " OC " DIVISION RMC H.E. Lemoine LCPO OC Division is composed of the Radiomen and Signalmen. The two ratings cover a large part of the ship ' s com munications systems. The Radiomen use current electronic equipment to transmit and receive messages from ships and shore commands. Signalmen communicate with other ships by using flashing light, semaphore, and flag hoist. SMC L.A. Hancock CPO RMC J.K. Hatcliff CPO RM3 M.A. Belmont SMS R.J. Caudill RMSN G.M. Clark RMS J.R. Daly, Jr. p P P A Ev. m. %j 20 RMl C.H. Doerscher SMSN S.G. Earle SMSN J.R. Epperson RMSN J.L. Fagan RM2 R.C. Glover RM3 E.E. Haakenson RMS P.L. Klocke II RMS F. Kornstedt RMl J.E. Lawson SM2 M.P. Machado RMSN D. Martinez RMS C. Moynagh RMSN W.D. Stone RM2 J.E. Tarrant RMSN D.A. Troy Operations Specialist (OS) LT T.B. Harvey DIVISION OFFICER " OI " DIVISION OSC (SW) D.E. Mayberry LCPO OSC D.K. Fragazi CPO OSC D.E. McLaughlin CPO The Operations Specialists of 01 Division aboard the ships, aircraft, and shipboard divisions to assist in the control ENGLAND detect, track, and identify ships and aircraft, of weapons. The division also maintains a navigation plot to providing tactical information to fight the ship. 01 personnel assist the OOD during coastal and port navigation, in CIC (Combat Information Center), coordinate with other 22 1 OSSN C.W. Bialobrzeski 052 W.T. Bishop, Jr. 053 M.E. Roland OSSN M.T. Clearwater OSSN B.B. Gilliam OSS B.K. Giovanetti OSSR J.R. Green OSl B.M. Grismore OSSN W.A.R. Hawes III OSSN J.A. Helvig OSSN CD. Hunt 0S2 D. Jones 0S3 R.J. Lamacki 0S3 C.S. Lee OSSN R.J. Lowrie 0S2 J.C. McGuire OSSN K.E. Robinzine ,, 0S2 W.H. Savell OSSN D.K. Scharer 0S2 R.S. Smid CW04 B.L. Marstall DIVISION OFFICER Electronic Warfare Technician (EW) " OW " DIVISION EW 1 R.J. Mata LPO The Electronic Warfare Technicians job is to search for, locate, record, and analyze radiated electromagnetic energy for the purpose of exploiting such radiations in support of military operations. They also take actions to prevent or reduce an enemy ' s effective use of the electromagnetic spectrum and perform maintenance on the EW system. EW3 J.R. Blankenship EW2 G.L. Coffman EW3 E.G. Eldredge EW2 M.R. Fisher EW2 M.A. Kilcrease EW3 P.E. Strickland EW2 G.D. Wike FIRST DIVISION LTJG M.L. Arture DIVISION OFFICER BMl L.G. James LPO LT R.P. Weiner DIV SAFETY OFFICER BMC C.J. Mason LCPO First division ' s primary function is the maintenance and upkeep of ENGLAND ' S topside deck spaces. Other functions include handling; mooring lines when entering and leaving port, operation of the ship ' s small boats, standing bridge watches, and manning refueling stations underway. BMl W.A. Addison SR K.D. Allen SN N.P. Andrews SN CM. Bacos BM2 J.G. Bainum SN T.A. Billings SN P.E. Buckley BM3 M.E. Bush SR. K.K. Bvrd SN R.S. Courier BM3 D.W. Crymes SN K.T. Davis SA A.M. Felice SA G.A. Fletcher SA B. Gray SA C.A. Green SA R.D. Guerra SN B.J. Guisande SN D.R. Hall BMSN J.N. Hall, Jr. SN R.L. Hambey BM2 D.G. Henry SR D.H. Hopkins SA R.L. Huffman, Jr. SN D.E. Mandv BM2 M.P. Marshall SN L.A. Meyer SN C.V. Milo II BMSN J.P. Mulroy SN R.J. Norris SN E.N. Pulyado SR D.R. Robinson BMSN L.S. Rule SR C.E. Sandoval SA D.E. Smith SA J.L. Sullivan 29 LCDR R.J. Balaconis COMBAT SYSTEMS OFFICER COMBAT SYSTEMS DEPARTMENT LT J.L. Kuriger BATTERY CONTROL OFFICER ' Fire Control Technician (FT) LT W.K. Bolick DIVISION OFFICER TERRIER SYSTEM MIG EXTERMINATORS AVAILABLE 24 HOURS A DAY, 7 DAYS A WEEK, 365 DAYS A YEAR SERVICES WORLD WIDE. COMACT FOX DIVISION USS ENGLAND CG 22 (619) 233 1038 EXT 618 FOX DIVISION FTCM (SW) L.B. Wilhelm LCPO FCC M.E. Kunzi CPO FCC E.F. Nichols CPO Fox division consists of Fire Controlmen (FC). the FC ' s maintain and operate the radar and computers used to track incoming hostile air or surface threats. They also maintain and operate the (CIWS) close in weapons systems. FC2 W.R. Alsdurf FC2 D.K. Breedlove, Jr. FCl R.E. Brehaut FC3 W.D. Brewer FCSN S.T. Cohoon FC2 R.D. Davis FC2 R.A. Dierking, Jr FC2 D.F. Dunlop FC3 A.R. Eberhard FCl S.R. England FC3 J.E. Feltman FCl G.O. Frank FC3 D.G. Freas FC2 G.M. Geary FC2 R.S. Graham FC3 R.N. Heberlig FC3 J.E. Herbert FC2 J.J. Hoegemeier FC2 S.L. Howard FC3 J.R. Irvine, Jr. FC2 R.A. KoUars FC2 B.L. Livermore FC2 D.G. Lofton FC3 R.K Ludlow FC3 T.H. Marlowe FC3 T.A. Maxhimer FC2 A.L. Penn FC2 R.D. Pointer FC3 L.R. Prettyman, Jr. FC2 J.T. Ruspoli FC3 P.C. Sanchez, Jr. FC2 R.J. Skufca, Jr. FCl K.M. Smyth FC2 M.H. Snuggs FCl R.G. Spencer FC2 B.R. Thompson 33 e Sonar Technician (ST) Torpedoman ' s Mate (TM) LT J.F. Bird DIVISION OFFICER STGC (SW) D.J. Nicholson LCPO A S DIVSION A S division provides ENGLAND ' S anti-subma- rine warfare punch. The Sonar Technicians, Torpedo- man ' s Mates, and ASROC Gunner ' s Mate Technicians operate and maintain the ASW sensor and weapons systems needed to " seek, classify, and destroy " enemy submarines. A S communicates with friendly submarines via the und erwater telephone as well as operating and maintaining the torpedo countermeasures system and the fathometer. STGSN R.D. Bedinger STG3 A.D. Castillo GMTSN K. Gravier STGSA J.E. Gray TM3 B.N. Hilton STG2 W.D. Jordan GMT3 A.R. Kinney STGSN S.E. Kraus STG2 K. McGuire , - STG2 R.L. Messino STG2 D.L. Parramore GMT2 C.A. Penttinen TM3 J.E. Raad TM3 K.E. Roberts STG2 A.A. Ruiz STG3 R.J. Schmidt STGSN J.P. Stanton III STG2 W.S. Steenburgh TM3 R.E. Svnnes GMT2 M.E. Volgamore .l oSo Sc ' e ' r weapons division DIVISION OFFICER Weapons division consists of gunner ' s mate missile (GMM). Their primary function is to protect the ship against hostile missile attacks. Their secondary function is divided into two areas: to maintain and GMMC J.D. Webb CPO operate the twin terrier missile launchers and to maintain all the small arms and ammunition aboard ENGLAND. GMMSN R.S. Adams GMM2 R.C. Bagarino GMM2 J.R. Bruckner GMM2 R.G. Byrd GMM3 D.L. Collins GMM3 D. Farmer GMM3 J.R. Gilbert, Jr. GMM3 T.A. Hood GMM2 G.A. McFarlin GMMSN B.R. Meadows GMM3 W.C. Palmer GMM3 R.K. Rusk GMM3 F.J. Saul GMM2 M.J. Stanton GMMSN R.O. Isbill GMMSN M.D. Malone GMMSN M.S. Mattson GMMl S.A. McDermott GMM2 R.J. Torr GMMl L. Turner GMM2 M.J. Williams V % Gunner ' s Mate (GM) V ICC C.E. Blaszak CPO LT M.R. Martin DIVISION OFFICER " CE " DIVISION ETC J.M. Lytle LCPO The Electronic Technicians maintain complex electronic units repair and calibration of electronic test equipment. The IC gan g consisting of air, surface, and navigational radars, communications maintains inner ship communications and ship ' s navigational equip- from the low to ultra high frequency range and are responsible for the ment. The JO is responsible for SITE TV programs. ICl M.G. Ash ET3 D.R. Azara ET2 F.L. Bahr, Jr. ICFN EA. Biblolet ET2 R.T. Boucher IC2 W.L. Carlson ETSN M.A. Childs IC2 G.D. Fitzpatrick ICFN J.M. Gilliland J03 D.D. Greitzer IC3 K. McGill, Jr. ET3 S.R. Monaghan 38 ETl R.L. O ' Connell, Jr. ET3 K.C. Pineda ET2 M.L. Probst ET3 R.D. Ray II ET2 M.L. Shellenbarger ET2 B.A. Shifley ET2 T.D. Smith ICFN T.C. Spencer Interior Communications Electrician (IC) Electronics Technician (ET) Journalist (JO) ENS T.L. Johnson DIVISION OFFICER Data Systems Technician (DS) " CD " DIVISION DSCS (SW) C.J. Berning LCPO CD division is responsible for maintaining the computer equip- ment utilized for implementing tactical information and weapon response in combatant task forces. CD division consists of technicians of the data systems rating. The equipment they maintain include high speed digital computers, digital date communication capabilities, digital-analog and analog-to-digital converters which comprise the naval tactical data systems (NTDS). NTDS is the computerized heart of ENGLAND ' S combat systems. DS2 S.A. Aguirre DS3 B.J. Allen DS2 G.M. Calkins DSl D.W. Devore DS3 CD. Garrard DS3 J.A. Matthews DSl J.D. Monzon DS3 R.L. Perris DS2 J.A. Quigley DS3 R.L. Sweat DS3 R.M. Teal, Jr. ■ ■ ■».- LCDR C.L. Apple SUPPLY OFFICER !DI I ' - ' ii-.f- r a SUPPLY DEPARTMENT wm HI £1 r „. ' r ■IHH 1 M MJaHl BBMill K - - - ' ¥ S HI ■h hBH hi BS SKCS R.L. Lewis LCPO Storekeeper (SK) DIVISION SKI W. Crawford LPO The initial point of contact for all shipboard material is the stores ship. Manned by twelve storekeepers (SK ' s), " Excellence in support " division (S-1). S-l ' s role in ENGLAND is the ordering of and is our motto and service to the ENGLAND is our business, accounting for all general use consumables and repair parts used aboard SKSA T.M. Bright SK3 A.I. Cerame, Jr. SK3 C.B. Diaz, Jr. SKSN B. Johnson SKSN M.A. Niess SKSN M.A. Ortez SK2 D. Resnick SKSA D.M. Ward MSCM T.J. Dull LCPO Mess Management Specialist (MS) " S-2 " DIVISION MSC F.D. Gutierrez CPO The mission of the food service division is to provide you with good dining. We serve a crew of 430 consisting of 30 officers and 400 wholesome, well balanced and satisfying meals served under the most enlisted, sanitary conditions possible and in an atmosphere that is conducive to MSI L.A. Boone MSI R.B. Demesa MS2 H.C. Eral, Jr MSSA B.T. Gish MSSA J.F. Griswold MS2 M.D. Johnston MSSA E.S. Land MS2 E.L. Lesure El El 1 El El Hb K ■ Kl HL Bl wMj Wac WW ■1 m ii ' i Ira T l ■ 1 El m MS2 W.S. Rifareal MSSA L.L. Smith MS3 V. Spivey MS3 D.S. Meece MS3 G.M. Miller MSB J. Murray MSSN J.B. Probst Disbursing Clerk (DK) X ENS D.S. Borrebach DISBURSING OFFICER Ship ' s Service- man (SH) " S-3 " DIVISION SHI F.M. Lagoy, Jr. LPO S-3 Division is a combination of two divisions. Disbursing division personnel services and products to the crew of ENGLAND. It operates is responsible for paying and maintaining the pay records, handling the barbershop, laundry, ship ' s store and special order services, travel claims and normal disbursing functions. Sales division provides SH3 W.H. Engel SH3 J. Glenn, Jr SH3 A.F. Lash SH3 D. Meehan DKl H.J. Moian DKSN D.R. Prout SHI J.P. Severt SH3 M.A. Tamayo LT T.J. Demy CHAPLAIN The Nav Admin department is composed of many skilled ratings. It ' s primary mission is administrative con- trol and safe navigation. The Nav Ad- min Officer serves as navigator and the department head of the Quartermasters, Personnelman, Yeoman, Corpsman, Master-at-arms, Career Counselor, and Postal clerk. The Chaplain ' s office also falls within the department. It is a small department, consisting of the Chaplain and the Religious Program Specialist, but plays an important role in the success of ENGLAND. LT W.B. Haflich DIVISION OFFICER NAV ADMIN DEPARTMENT EMCS R.S. Mikloski MAC L.L. Huddleston EMC L.W. Knowlton HMC J.H. McGraw 3-M COORDINATOR CMAA LCPO ACTING CAREER CPO COUNSELOR T V Master-at-Arms Hospital Personnelman Postal Clerk (PC) Quartermaster Yeoman (YN) (MA) Corpsman (HM) (PN) (qM) 47 YNl L.G. Abbott QMSA V.R. Adams YNl D.D. Aflleje QM3 W.F. Anderson RP3 J.A. Jordan QMl J.L. Kimbrough PNSN J.D. Klackner PN2 B.J. Morosco DEPARTURE SAN DIEGO 11 July 1985 " UNDERWAY, SHIFT COLORS " ENROUTE - NEW JERSEY SAG " BIRDS AWAY " REFUEL- USS NEW JERSEY VERTREP " FLIGHT QUARTERS, FLIGHT QUARTERS, ALL HANDS MAN YOUR FLIGHT QUARTERS STATIONS. NO HATS, NO LOOSE GEAR TOPSIDE, NO DUMPING OF TRASH. ALL HANDS NOT INVOLVED IN THIS EVOLUTION STAND FORWARD OF AMIDSHIP PASSAGEWAY, SMOKING LAMP IS OUT ON ALL WEATHERDECKS, NOW FLIGHT QUARTERS. " VERTREP FORWARD HIFR UNREP " NOW STATION THE UNDERWAY REPLENISHMENT DETAIL " " STANDBY FOR SHOT LINES FORWARD AND AFT; ALL HANDS TOPSIDE TAKE COVER. " " SMOKING LAMP IS OUT THROUGHOUT THE SHIP WITH EXCEPTION OF THE FOLLOWING SPACES - WARDROOM, CPO MESS, MESS DECKS WHILE RE- FUELING. " SPORTS PT C Iv r COMMUNITY RELATIONS PROJECTS - P.I. PUSAN 60 X. COMMAND RELIGIOUS PROGRAM LAY READERS " PROTESTANT DIVINE SERVICES ARE NOW IN PROGRESS, KNOCK OFF ALL GAMES AND UNNECESSARY WORK, THE SMOKING LAMP IS OUT IN THE VICINITY OF PROTESTANT DIVINE SERVICES. HOLY HELO IE PACE SCHOOL AT SEA r ' . U MM - " -. r 64 PEARL HARBOR, HAWAII HAWAII THESE DAYS EVERYONE WANTS TO BE AN ENGLAND SAILOR SUBIC BAY ; SUBIC BAY PHILIPPINES m SLIMY WOG PET CONTEST WOG DAY THE DAY OF JUDGMENT ARRIVES ? fw 0 ' UNEXPECTED REPAIRS DAILY LIFE AT SEA § " ON DECK ALL EIGHT O ' CLOCK REPORTS; EIGHT O ' CLOCK REPORTS WILL BE TAKEN IN THE WARDROOM BY THE EXECUTIVE OFFI- CER. " DAILY LIFE AT SEA IS THE SAME AS THE WAVES OF THE OCEAN, EVERY ONE IS THE SAME AND EVERY ONE IS DIFFERENT. " NAVIGATION BRIEF IS NOW BEING HELD IN THE WARDROOM. " " LIBERTY CALL, LIBERTY CALL " CORREGIDOR - " THE ROCK " 79 ALBANY, AUSTRALIA THE BRIG AMITY AuMrala. Th i OMtwundtr »m comnond d Ifalacldmund Ux:ky«r breW riMT a ipol ALBANY v SPmiPHB V H . 1« ' ' S{; ' " Ulttl lltlHtBBS . V " •- - 1 . ' •• ' • ■? ■ - ■■iHHBII H SASEBO, JAPAN PUSAN, KOREA m M H( H 3 H K M 1 :- ' r ' - — - J - --w , " -pL faBc;--- ' ' !a (•Ml, ▼ 1 MEMORIES FRIENDS HERE, THERE, EVERYWHERE Hg " ■ w if • » The Sheriff at work ' I think we ' re going the wrong way. " " If I ' m gonna pay ' em all I ' m gonna have to print some more money! " mimm , - — - " " " BI H - g g % BhI H " Yeah, I ' m the ESO, what do you want? " " Sure, we ' ll send you anywhere you want to go ' 86 THREE HANDSOME WOGS, ONE UGLY SHELL- BACK " Five thousand one, five thousand two ... " WE CANT ALL BE NORMAL " Hey PC, when ' s mail call? " r ANOTHER HARD DAY OF OPPE ' What ' s busted now? " ilir " ' i wr HE |gL p w Mr ?cfij m ' " ' 7? l l ■ •k T S 1 di 5 s« w. jjj " My money or your life 89 PLEASE DON ' T FEED THE AN- A lefthanded monkey wrench IMALS " Love me or leave me ' " And a woman is only a woman, but a good cigar is a Smoke ' - RUDYARD KIPLING 90 Signalling a turn to starboard. r " Surely someone would hire me. " TIGER CRUISE HOMECOMING - 21 DECEMBER 1985 WESTPAC FACTS A. NUMBER OF DAYS DEPLOYED ON WESTPAC 85 FUEL BURNED IN GALLONS JULY 405,181 AUGUST 734,828 SEPTEMBER 738,955 OCTOBER 261,849 NOVEMBER 489,670 DECEMBER 693,920 TOTAL 3,324,403 MAIL POUNDS OF MAIL RECEIVED POUNDS OF LETTERS RECEIVED NUMBER OF LETTERS RECEIVED POUNDS OF MAIL SENT POUNDS OF LETTERS SENT NUMBER OF LETTERS SENT LONGEST TIME WITHOUT MAIL AMOUNT OF STAMPS SOLD AMOUNT OF MONEY ORDERS SOLD NUMBER OF MONEY ORDERS SOLD FIGURES FOR WESTPAC CONSUMPTION MS ' S NUMBER OF RATIONS FED POUNDS OF FLOUR USED POUNDS OF SUGAR USED DOZENS OF EGGS CONSUMED POUNDS OF COFFEE CONSUMED POUNDS OF BACON BOTTLES OF SAN MIGUEL CONSUMED DK ' S PAID OUT FOR PAYDAYS SH ' S AMOUNT OF SHIPSTORE SALES DOLLARS OF SODAS CONSUMED NUMBER OF HAIRCUTS POUNDS OF LAUNDRY SK ' S NUMBER OF REQUISITIONS ROLLS OF TOILET PAPER USED PLASTIC TRASH BAGS 59,256 6,090 4,050 9,083 1.800 2,918 TOO NUMEROUS TO COUNT $152,978,91 OFFICER $1,553,829.01 ENLISTED $104,728.65 $96,411.86 1, 66,850 2,854 5,148 28,750 LG 20,250 SM P.S. THERE WERE ALOT OF NEW FAMILY FACES LIKE THESE WHEN WE RETURNED. FRIENDS NOT PHOTOGRAPHED ENS D. Burkhalter MM2 A. Moreno MMC L.J, Young BTl K.W. Burgess MMFN D.H, Conley BTFN P. Kaspary MM3 W.V. Meyers BT3 J.C. Shinaharger HTC M.M. Garcia MMFN R.L. Clegg HTFN F.H. Holmes MMl W.D. Clinton HTC L. Underwood MMl D.H. Hamic 0S2 A. Dipasquale MMFA B.L. Hasse MM3 T. Kessler 0S2 T.H. Lord MMl M.J. Kujawski FCC W.E. Seppamaki. Jr. MM3 C.E. Lathrum, Jr. STGSA D.A. Fisk MMl R.E. Martin GMAC R.A. Hoople FA R.W. Munkres SK2 W. Streese FR R.M. Rodriguez MR. Paul Genin MR. Bob Hobbs 96 TO ALL, WE HAVE DONE SO MUCH IN SUCH A SHORT TIME AND ALL OF IT WAS DONE WITH INCREDIBLE CLASS. SRA, NTPI, REFTRA, INSURV, CSRT, READY EX, FLTEX, COMMAND INSPECTION, WESTPAC DE- PLOYMENT, SMALL BOAT COMPE TITION, AAW, TWENTY-ONE MIS- SILE FIRINGS, COMMUNITY RELATIONS PROJECTS, OPPRE, TEAM TRAINERS, YOU ARE WINNERS ' 1 CONIIRATl ' LATE YOU AND THE FAMILIF;S WHO support and STAND BEHIND US. TO THE BEST OF THE BEST I ' M DELIGHTED TO BE ASSOCIATED WITH YOU. TO YOU ALL - WELL DONE! G.L. DUNN COMMANDING OFFICER mWALSWORTH Cruise Book Sales Office PUBLISHING 912 Skylark Drive COMPANY La JoUa, CA 92037 MARCELINE. MISSOURI. USA

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