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1 f K P 1 6 , 4 Y 2 V X 1 3 1 v F G E- S Q 1 4, iz l E ! 5 I Q I Q f 3 X 1 , V V L. ,, ,A V ., .,!kZ? 1. hw E 1 Aga." Y , :A iff' M f,gf' 1gw21fg A f , X ge ,N , A, W, A, , M , ga! ,M- "bQf1f"f ii? . 1 , ' , Q' X' EM .43-V 4 'Q 5 as ff' ? if W!" fra. .f'k ' E 42, 31751 ' I pf' . fi N3 Q F,3.feb?1f.',gf ' iuiffpl xx 5 1 Li M if Af R' 2, W Vf- Q 2 . . , , an j1,15'zmf Q , A 'F as f sb: 'S if 2,1 4 ind 0 sq han fwfr Jr a . ig, ,A I z :vi 1? !2f3igs5Qi!!i1 211:91 r 3 at fr M 1 , Wx, na.. ,Ag fw , U W Q ..,:7 1 , ' V, . 'QA "' x x W Y- 'Ich iif'-.N .2 NT ugmswpt 4?2Q ,j,n4""'1v , . x Y .-,f fi.: :lf ,x z ,Y M .awww 44 ,, g' 5, Q J 3',.,t-I me I l - ,541..Q.:-'fx-v..1w4, - ' W1 faifn I J 3 'ww M'm4wmM'3muW""m T P 'i J' Y F ,Y I L. 1' 4 f' 'IK N Z- 9 A 'Q I- 3 L ! 11 "1 V if la 4. as -fa A-". f. ': U A G QA I 5 1 12 w ,fs N 1' '1 ii i I 1 Q' 1 2 7 5 , Lv 1 m 4'AA U55 ENGLAND CCG-21 WESTPAC 83 - 84 ' '-fy-vvff .,- --rw---1-P.. 1-,f . 4 -' r,--,-f-vm-,--------f'- TABLE OF CONTENTS HIS TOR Y .................,.......................... 4 COMMANDING OFFICER ..... .....,. EXECUTIVE OFFICER COMMAND MASTER CHIEF ............ DEPAR TMEN T S ....... , .....,............ ...... ENGINEERING ...... ..... OPERA TIONS ...... ..... S UPPL Y ........... WEAPONS .......... ..... NA V! ADM IN ......... ..... CHAPLAIN'S CORNER ....... ..... CRUISE IN REVIEW ....... ..... DEPAR TURE ........ ..... HA WAII ....... TRANSIT ....... GUAM ......... P. I. ...................... .... . HONG KONG .......................... KOREA .................................... CHRISTMAS IN HONG KONG .. N. ARABIAN SEA OPS ............ DAR WIN AUSTRALIA ....... ..... TIGER CRUISE .............. ..... HOME-COMING EPILOGUE ..,............ ..... .Pq,..,,,4 Ng! L5 DI VISIONAL REPRESEN TA TIVES 'A " DIVISION . "B" DIVISION ....... .... . . "E" DIVISION .. "M" DIVISION "R" DIVISION . "OC" DIVISION "OD" DIVISION "OE" DIVISION "OI" DIVISION MMS ROONCE BTFN RA5MU5- 55N IC3 MOORE MMFN EN- RIOUEZ HM PHILLIPS HT3 MOREY RM5N CARL- TON SA BURNHAM SR CARR O52 JONE5 1 I CRUISE BOOK STAFF EDITOR DANIEL JONES ASSISTANT EDITOR GEORGE H. MOORE LAYOUT EDITOR DANIEL JONES ASSISTANT LAYOUT EDITOR JAMES A. JORDAN COPY EDITOR Y DONALD R. WALKER ARTIST BERNIE J. MOROSCOO AL DIPASQUALE TYPIST TRACY A. ZOCCANO CONSULTANT LT MILFORD OXENDINE JR g", J C7 Y If ff-'iff-gg! DI VISIONAL REPRESEN TA TIVES 'Own DIVISION EW2 GUINN 51" DIVISION .. 5145N ZOCCANO 52" DIVISION . M52 FISHER 53" DIVISION . D141 VINL UAN '15f" DIVISION . BMS MONSON 'AS" DIVISION . 'FOX " DIVISION WV" DIVISION . 'NA VfADMIN" 'OFFICERS " ..... . TM2 HA XVKINS FTM3 ALSDURF GMMSN TURNER RPSN JORDAN LT PETERSON 3 in A . 7.,.,.. .1 ,. .-.ef This guided missile cruiser is the second United States Navy ship to bear the name ENGLAND. Both have been named in honor of Ensign John Charles England, who was killed in action on the battleship USS OKLAHOMA during the attack at Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941. The original ENGLAND was a destroyer escort CDE-6352 which established an unmatched record during World War Two by sinking six Japanese submarines in a twelve day period. This action, occurring in May of 1944, destroyed a scouting line of submarines and caused the Japanese to erroneously re-orient their defenses. USS ENG- LAND CDE-6352 was awarded a Presidential Unit Citation for her actions which contributed so importantly to the Allied victory in the Pacific. USS ENGLAND CCG-222 was built by Todd Shipyard Corporation of San Pedro, California, and commissioned on 7December 1963. With a length of 533 feet, a beam of 54 feet, and a full displacement of over Z800 tons, the ship is powered by modern steam turbine engines, and can reach maximum speeds in excess of 30 knots. ENGLAND is equipped with TERRIER guided missiles, anti'-submarine rocket torpedoes CAS- ROCJ, Harpoon surface to surface missiles, two 20-MM Close-ln Weapons Systems CCIWSJ, two triple-tube torpedo launchers. Her G2 range sonar provides early detection engagement of hostile submarines, and computerized Naval Tactical Data Systems CNTDSQ, coupled with radar guided missiles, presents formidable threat to attacking aircraft and h From April 1970 to June 1971 ENGLAND underwent on extensive modernizotion ond rebuilding progrom ot Both lron Works in Both Morne Her present configurotion ond modern weoponry reflect the lorest novol technology ond present o powerful peoce keeping oddition to the U 5 Novy Homeported in Son Diego Colifornro ENGLAND hos completed numerous deployments to the Western Pociflc. She is o member of the PociHc Fleet's Novol5urfoce Forces ond servesos on unit of Cruiser-Destroyer Group FIVE. ENGLAND hos been oworded the Novy Unit Commendotion, Meritorious Unit Commendotiong Novy Expeditionory Medol, Humonitorion Service Medol, Notionol Defense Medol, Armed Forces Expeditionory Medol, Seo Service Deployment ribbon with one bronze stor, Vietnom 5erv1ce Medol ond currently holds the following Deportmentol owords for Excellence.- Operotions E CEighth Consecutive Awordl, Weopons E CFifth Consecutive Awordj, Anti-Submorine Worfore A ffourth Consecutivej ond Electronic Worfore EW C5econd Consecutivel . , 1 .Y . . I l 1 b I 1 . . . V I 0 0 .- . . . . , r 1 'r I I I O V I , 1. 3 3 . , 2 - 5 :agen , f - ,wg .f.--....,,.-fq- vpfsfm..-...T,..,.. ,,:.,.--. -ff,-,cuff-,png--.y,.-fx-1,.T:...,, 1 ,hw ,W Y mv. -1. X 1 wzxizzhgx x f R1g,:5,WwW sx Qiwvazgsxmk Caprarn D. X . 1 V 5 I iw is Z x if if . ix V f AWA - ' . Xff ff f- Caggrn Danalyl. Gurke, USM af5an OfflCGf'fs 07' U55 Kgfl-I-107' WM ZWMV' A lkxfgww Uggw qzsqyfyu 251 awww wqvzgewwnw ' ucmzfysiws ggs , f,wwf,f. K5 rhe J Ocifd V Colffogsfiow WSUQ Q vw' 'M 5 Falloyxigirgi ,A Zfggg ffl? Q ffrcer Z f '- r A ..w -N ,WQM X, ms ,W 'ww V wr 'fs' f f -f 9 S sf' Opfom qe egkwsfog G dw m ber I5 p O42 O -Aw 6? ff f 90x ,fv iwmf - 3 4 ww assi gr men was ra U55 P - r SIQFZ V anr V, rs wx wx? f QW W mf?Q'WAsf'mff0mW6Ww A QQ ff - -'T . . 'A ' wlkf ,ff 'KN' 'wixf ,SY XQNV1 S57 ' ff iw' y N2 Msiiroa h d E 1 P aigir I Jxggere e s e as ngrneerrng ava ra e Offledr unrrgecember AMO. ewwsasw ,gp MQEZJX VeWs,ud1ed fs Q mar? al K S -051.43 sz .P ' 4 T , , jg A rf 9 4 - ,' assi 5 d KZW U55 Rf HARDZBXSQQ EDW KDKA? the iflffr, of rf. Ch1Q?af 5 Q f 2 A Q ., -f K 0 HW, 3 4 ' sy 4 ff fwk JN' 4 ,,, A Q-'V f ' fur, ,any IDD-8 J of US PREBLZ 1? 1 'vw f he se ved Yhe I - V V' Q M SZ 4 X22 v X ffw I Xa V r4s fx? , f fs Q' ' W J X f X w 7 'H f 2 ' ' .E ' ' ff' 1 h f'9'f'sW"f'9 'Ce' X, 'Ce' ' 6' d rr rr ' ' W DD Qfiw r a d c A5615 was r assrg e ro eer arnrng - , an f ass sz N 1 Q Xwsffx., fs Q 1 - ,,. f 4 ,Z W . x, fvr 5 s , 4 Pearl rbor un raking ca, Ships. Capg,W2Gurlfe re arrea' fi U55 . . XFN f f GENESE srAoG.ag YQ Jury ipf GLAND F y OmmWd9f, Nafnl seo Capr ,n Gurlfe safe! Qu- Sysge s Com g Q yvgere he s rved as ' . I I xv , z VX, I 1 . yd s X rrve Offrcg In U55 I PRA? T rh ,Exebfzg A 'nr ro the Cgrnmander. KDLG-132 and Qer raolgf' of 355 3 He I5 mO5fIG the farf er Margery W 1 re W Z I I W" ' f I CHARLES F. ADA 5 CD? Q?1n Tepgglwgflyer G. 5Qg5M1wdfMw5'ga4Qlle, Z nnsylvanra. ' .fx M , W 1972. He was larer a s ed as praspecrrve W l' QW 0, 3 W X ,I fyf ,WQQQWM Q M wwmwmxyqm WS? if 6 i , , 1 f , f - . -V " N1 -' 4 . .- : . - -., ' f 1-5:1-Q1 :11-,-1: .fgpir ,r 1m1:u.-,1,i:: .-.,.' rzznnxrmqmmmezl.-a.:.x 1 . 'AV' ' ' ., . .,, ... 'X -..-.J 'W --1-Mr. 'Y-1.-. . :-,...:-,-.--: V - 2.-lf U, v ,,,,.--,... . .... .... .-,. . .- .,., -Y .., ..,.,., .,. Y Executive Officer mmm ,,,,f xtux f . .,,ee g ff 5 1 x z f, F -H?""ii.w f1-' CDR Peter J. Gaskin, ll 17 July 1982 - 6 January 1984 Commander Peter J Gaslfin, ll, USNR, a native of New York, was born in New York City on May 11, 1945. He attended the University of Pennsylva- nia on two occasions. ln 1947 he graduated from the Wharton School with a Master's in Business Administra- tion. Commissioned in 1966, his first surface assignment was as Gunnery Assistant and Dash Officer in USS STICKELL CDD-8882. He later served as Navigator and ASW Officer in Sticlfell. ln July 1969, then Lieutenant Gaslfin, graduated from the Depart- ment Head course at the U.S. Naval Destroyer School in Newport, R. l. Following graduation, he reported to USS LYMAN K. 'SWENSON CDD-7292, where he served as ' Operations Officer until February 1971. With Commander Naval Forces Vietnam, he served as Senior Advisor to Vietnamese River Patrol Division 62 and the Advanced Tactical Support Base at Phuoc Uyen. From June 1974 to July 1976, he was assigned to a Financial Management Billet in Officer Distribution Division CPERS-42 of the Bureau of Naval Personnel. ln October 1976, he served as Operations OfHcer in USS ENGLAND CCG-222. e..,,a,,.-. ,..e.v..Av-iv.-if-...,-.,.1...,...,,:.v.:i.v-.-, . , , V, V V U i Mi 1 i W Q Executive Officer L DR Oli ver H. Perry, III Lieutenant Commander Oliver H. Perry, Ill, USN, a native of Tennessee, was born in Memphis on 25 December 19471 ln 1970, he graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. Commissioned in June 1970, his first surface assignment was the Missile Ordinance Officer aboard USS WAINWRIGHT CDLG-282. After completing Guided Missile School he later served as the Missile Fire Control Officer ,aboard USS SPRINGFIELD CCLG-72. Following his tour of duty aboard Springfield he served as Missile Battery Officer aboard USS LITTLE ROCK CCLG-42. In September 1974, then Lieutenant Perry, served as a member of the faculty at the U.S. Naval Academy. Lieutenant Commander Perry has also served aboard USS CORRY CDD-8172. and on the Staff of Commander Destroyer Squadron Seventeen. Lieutenant Commander Perry reported to 'USS ENGLAND after serving on the staff of the COMMANDER, NA VAL SURFACE FORCES, U.S. Pacific Fleet. ' Lieutenant Commander Perry holds various unit citations, the National Defense Ribbon, and marksmanship awards, both in pistol and rifle. I - He is married to the former Sheila M. Brown of Stevensville, Maryland and currently resides in Bonita, California with their children. ' 9 Command Master Chief NN Charles A. Solis Command Master Chief Charles A. Solis, USN of Troy, Michigan entered the Navy in 1954. His initial assignment was Recruit Training Center Bainbridge, MD. Upon completion of Recruit Training he was assigned to USS TACONIC CAGC-172 until 1956, USS POCONO CAGC-162 and later to Staff COMPHIBGRU TWO until 1957 Then he transferred to USS MT MCKINLE Y CAGC-72 for 7 months. Subsequent sea tours include Staff COMMANDER NAVAL FORCES CENTRAL EUROPE, USS ADROIT CMSO-5092, USS DASH CMSO-4282, USS DOMINANT CMSO-4302, STAFF COMINDIV 43, and STAFF COMINDIV 44 as Operations OfficerfStaff Signalman. In 1969, as Senior Chief he transferred to Shore Duty, NA VY RECRUITING DISTRICT San Francisco CA., as Zone Supervisor Northern California. Upon completion of shore duty he was assigned as a student, U.S. Foreign Service Institute Rossalyn, VA. Upon completion of a nine month course in the German language, he was assigned to the Federal German Navy for 4 years. His initial assignment was to FGN Destroyer Three, then to various other Destroyers in the Federal German Navy. Upon completion of his tour of duty with the German Navy, he was transferred to Navy Recruiting District Michigan as Command Master ChieffChief Recruiter until reporting to USS ENGLAND CCG-222 as Command Master Chief in July 1982. Command Master Chief Solis holds the Federal Republic of Germany's Meritorious Service Medal, Navy Commendation Medal, Navy Achievement Medal with 2 Gold stars in Lieu of Subsequent Award:-,S and various campaign and service medals. '-'-1-f'-ffm-r.-.v-a-L-ff-.--:e':1?ov1f'g-':vse-s:1!5?34:Q99m-?rv-f':1-ff?-ff-:qv-x:gg-,-1-sw:-rfggszwz-1c9x-1-P:-E-5.w:w-srwlgvr-grrz-,vfavrflwf.:11:'v1'--fwfr-f--Fjrfff-' ':"?"-I-"T"""-F"1'-"1 V - - - - - .-2. v, 4- -. . .-,, .V . lf's Hard To Be Humble Iii 11 LCDR Kirk I-TL, CHIEF ENGINEER ENGINEERING D PAR TMENT 'I LT Rossi 71 I I MPA LTIG Chermock G.L. DCA E - x . N ,f,,f N5- EN5 Arrure, M.L. CWO2 Thomas WD. EMO LT HAUSSMAN 5.71 fs-'Q ,Tis li Q25 V V ................,.f...,-,. ,.,,, . xy. mot Ulqwuhva I T3 OURS! L71 JG Hubal As. ' A " MMC Dunn we DIVISION OFFICER Icpo ' A division furnishes and repairs ENGLAND'5 auxiliary services. The machinist mates in "A-gang" maintain and repair the ships air conditioning systems, food refrigeration units, galley and laundry machinery. "A-gangs" enginemen are responsible for the ' gas turbine and diesel engine emergency generators, and small boat engines. EN3 Seezs RJ. MMFN Parsons ES. MM1 Parris J.N. EN1 Stahl LJ. MM2 Agno EA. MM3 Branstetter J. EN3 Burnette GW EN3 Hilton J. MMS Koonce WB MM3 Moreno A. .. ,A .iin Y..-,,,, . .... . .1 .U .,...,,..., . V age.-1 . 'Si' Li' BTC5 Burgerss R.M. LCPO BTC Orgeto CT CPO LTJG MocDonold G.E. DIVISION OFFICER ' ln ENGLAND'5 steorn propulsion drivechoin, the Boiler Technicions ore the Hrst link. BT's ore responsible for the operorion ond mointenonce of the ships four 1200 PS! boilers. These boilers burn fuel oil to heot woter, producing steom. The steom, when converted into mechonicol energy by the moin engines, propel the ship. ln oddition, it is used to power the generotors ond creore electricity os well os the distilling plont providing fresh woter. During replenishmenrs it is not unusuol for the ship to toke on severol hundred thousondlgollons of fuel oil to feed the boilers. BT's designoted os oil kings ore in chorge of storing, testing, ond distributing this fuel, the boiler woter ond reloted systems. - BT1 AbAdejos N. BT1 Friebel R. BT1 Kemsley FJ. BT1 Lettley G. BT1 Mollory R.L. BT1 Wolloce. W. BT2 Aiken RW. 'HN lC2 Ash M.G. BT2 Deyo 5.D. BT2 Domosco J..G.F BT2 Egloff 5.A. BT2 Evons CR. I 14 V WN ' ' X-" H "' ' "' A" " ' -..,-N.1- -,-- , .. --fv - ,V V , . ,. ,7.......,.f1m,,,,.,...rf-w-- va-4.1--an--wr-1-vw?-, vffgwvvmmfrnrzwfiefswxz-wi'-Ti: ' . -1 f- , ' . '- - ? 5 Lfffiriwfni- BT2 Fairchild D. W. BT2 Tre-moin K. W. BT2 Zominsky M.A BT3 Boldock VJ. BT3 Ferguson D. W. JO3 Fesrog C.P. BT3 Hole LF BT3 Hynnes 5.M. BT3 Kospory P. BTO Kingsbury C. BTS Richmond ML BT3 Terrick W. U. ..A --Ng-...Z ,g.:f:.Z.-.ffla - . . -1 1.1 A BIFN Amie ws. BTFN Caron B.M. BTFN Scarf G.L. BTFN Williams J.l-T BTFA McAnn W.R. BTFA Orro G.K. BTFA Phelps .SW BTFA Rasmussen J.M. BTFA Sullivan WR. "E " DIVI ION EMC Alvendio l.M. EMLCPO 1 g ICLCPO LUG l-lubol A.5. DIVISION OFFICER The electricol division is mode up of interior communications ond electricion 's motes. The IC gong mointoins inner ship communicotions ond shIp's novigotionol equipment such os the gyro, wind indicotors, engine order ond olorm systems. EM 's ore responsible for the ships power system which includes lighting, power for the moin propulsion plonts, ond other importont spoces throughout the ship. .--"' . , I-.-'L I '-- fDNz.oi on, .jf-' , x . 7, I X .,. Z , ' ffffm EM IC EM1 Lingenfelter D. EM2 Conore P,L. lC2 Ortego VJ. EMS Bush M. ICC3 Fitzpotrick G, EM3 Felder IA. . EM3 Hill R.A. l EMC Hovelifo Ps. 5 X EM3 Lynch JJ. ICC3 Moore C-3.H, ICS Randle J. W. EM3 Tellis H. EM3 Volencio L.M. ICFN Freemon RJ. FN Morfern D.G. FN Young D. G. xv? Hg .Mx P52 , 5 Eaffsitww' CWO2 Moson B. ' 'M ' ' DI S N MMC Young L J Divisioiv orricfn Lcpo The Mochinist Motes CMM? of M division toke the steom creoted by the boilers ond put it to work, eventuolly providing propulsion, fresh woter ond electricity for ENGLAND. Their operotion of the two steom-driven moin engines ollow the ship to slice through the woter or over 30 knots. M division produces fresh ond feed woter for the boilers ond crew in the distilling plont, ond oversee the four turbo generotors thot give ENGLAND electricol power. MM 's mointoin the high pressure oir compressors, ond numerous pumps, turbines, ond volves. M division, olong with B division, provide the foundotion of ENGLAND's effective operotion. -vluq.,,,m- , "'0's.,.,,,,, """'Nin..- W US ig, l N w w MM1 Gomber FH. MM1 Hinton C MM1 Kcyowski M.J. MM2 Brunnmeier M E MM2 Byler M D MM2 Czojowskl J F MM2 Horvle B G MM2 Moore CL. MM2 Steven D.E. MM2 Sugel R.M. MM2 Zomoro LR. MM3 Ccvenough J. W. oMM3 ,Cook J.R. MM3 Dillon XMI-T MMS Dobson G.J. MM3 Dunn E.H. ' MM3 Edmunds D.L MM3 Grepo R.G. MM3 Morrs RB. MM3 Mummey M.P. MM3 Turner C.D. MM3 Wenig C.P. MM3 Wright A.M, lsfftmsz X 52' farwfan M an Um' MMFN Enriquez R. MMFN Heolon B.R. MMFN Normondin K MMFN Lirlfe J. D. MMFN Reed L.R. MMFN Welke J.P. MMFN Wilkinson 5.R MMFA Boymon E.R. NA-. m1:,,,, f,Q44nz1M3,5.-,sp.4.i.1 3.1. l-..:41...1,. 2. MMFA Burns MMFA Groves MMFA Homond MMFA Johnson RJ. I G. HJ. W 2 x N LT ARNOLD DIVISION OFFICER ' 'R ' ' DI S N Hrc Garcia - LcPO R division is made up of Hull Technicians and O Machinery Repairman. The HT 's are responsible for maintaining Hrefighting and damage control gear and training the crew in damage control procedures. ln addition, the HT 's make up the nucleus of the "Flying Squad", the AGI team, and the "Aviation crash and salvage team". The MR is responsible for the manufacture of emergency repair parts not readily available. 1 h . I s F HT1 Phillips R.E. MR1 Querimit EA. HT2 Hutton RL. HT3 Drebenstedt C. HT3 Ferguson WG. HT3 Morey MMA HTG Phillips GB. FN Hutchinson HR. FN Locorre M. FN Molenfonr R.M. FA Bond D.E. FA Holmes FH. . " ' ..f2..L-ape..-.,,g.LQ,.Cl-Qdff-...Nu-ffgfqvrv-.. fuss-:Q-:+y1e1'-,-5?-:vv'1r-evvrfjv-371, ,,-ff. .-. -1'f:5:Ht"f3"1 ,""?"T.I""fTi" , ,'f'f?f": "' - F"'f".' '1.-- - 1 .1 ' ' LCDR Rouse AC OPERA TION5 OFFICER op RA T oN5 DEP A TMEIFIT I LT Long EI CIC OFFICER AG1 Londlsp AG3 Conaway Weorher Support Personnel SMCCSWJ Walker D.R. "OC " DIVI ION RMC LeMoine i-LE. LT Peterson .LW COMMUNICA TIONS OFFICER OC Division is composed of the rodiomen ond signolmen. The two rotings cover o lorge port of the ship 's communications systems. The rodiomen use modern electronic equipment to tronsmit ond receive messoges from ships ond shore commonds. Signolmen usuolly communicote with other ships by using floshing light, semophore, ond flog hoist. .ali RM1 Doerscher C.H. RM1 Hotcliff J.K. RM2 Glover R.C. RM1 Lowson J.E. SM2 Ronkin WR. SM2 Mochodo M,P. 26 3 xy Z . X W Aw-V ' Q I7' -, f 1' sky QS1f5Nx' - x Def rpm ,P T L., c,?xf2 . - " f e! 3 Z 'B A J 'fa x Q " we me N., ........Q.xx,u::Sk2f w-N W 1' W 1' E2- Alrg. jc,1:1r,:3 ,W -..g.g:w:, 'zgifi lyigggl - llifxLQ"J?1,'T ? I-ig: ,ang vriiri, R7-,. fi Ay., . . . l7.:ff-'if-15.49133 ' i f,,.,1,::3S.71 XY.-f.-V..-A-0.1--' , K 'J I M' w.7,I, - ,,5- ,i rf ..,...,-.,.,.,.,1 1 N ' r C 'I ff J W -, fr, 1 1 1, -.f -1--Af Vx NTDGIA I y I y y , 7 I ww, I I- I A it in 421 Q, DOL 4- il of XZ? Wg , I X WORID IG NAVAL TACTICAL DATA SYSTEMS Us LUG cumin MW. ' 'O D ' ' S N Dsc Deming ci. DIVISION OFFICER y I Lcpo OD division is responsible for mointoining the computer equipments utilized for implementing tocticol informotion ond weopon response in combotont toslf forces. OD division consists of technicions of the doto systems roting. The equipments they mointoin include high speed digitol D51 Devore DW. D51 Monzon J.D. D52 Agte R.B. D52 Colkins G.M. D52 Mortino MA. 28 computers, digitol doto communicotion copobilities, digitol-onolog ond onolog-to-digitol converters which comprise the novol tocticol doto systems CNTD51 NTD5 is the computerized heort of ENGLAND's combot systems. ,,... .. ,,,,,....., , . . D52 Workman L. W. D53 Aguirre 5.A. D53 Perris R.L. D53 Price RC D53 5wear R.L. A 5N Burnham D.H. Qxigqmailsi l '-2 " Picture +L ty H ..'. 0 ff i '. ,. 45 N r Avoiloble '-.ge 'MQ '. '+YgL',,., :...,,,.Q L' x 1' 1 A ww Guroth 1 1 ll Chciuk ELECTRONICS MATERIAL J LCPO OFFICER The Electronics Technicions mointoin o highly complex electronics suit consisting of oir, surfoce ond novigotionol fodors, communicorions from the low to ultro high ET1 Lyrle .l.M. ET1 Young D. W. ET2 Boucher RI ET2 Corson MJ. ET2 O'Connell R,L. 30 frequency ronge, including secure voice 6 SATCOM, NTD5 doto links, ond ore responsible for the repoir ond colibrotion of electronic test equipment. 'ix www r k NA ANS -- . 4,,f.,-N,,,., :V - ,,,1..,. Nm '-nw-y-.-1-1. ET3 Borborino J.M. Era Hoolfhon QP. Era Rfppef E T3 Smith FD. A N mi,X SN Corr J.E 1, F53 V' Jw! f , M, fl? ff' fu, 'f Mffg-2562. 1.x fv.,1 W .Sb . 3 Qfwlng 7 f VMI! 32WqZf , fa, I fl-,gang-..1f.' A-' V . - -'ff-rua-:rs-4-4,-11. , 9,3 -5 -,--mr-y.-....7...,..m--.,...- ,Q-L. , ,.,., ,-..w...-,.-.:w1,..f.,,,, , 5? ss 3T1NUSINOQQ,i I 92 or DIVISION H005 ' M Z. Y? fb RW' I is f 1, li ? GJ if I .I H I" DIVI ION CWO4 Morsfoll BI- I O5C5 GWJ DODIGISOI7 Cf. DIVISION OFFICER Lcpo ' ' OSC Mayberry D.E --.. The operotions specialists of Ol Division oboord the ENGLAND detect, troclf, ond identify shqos ond oircroft, providing'tocticol information to fight the ship. Oi personnel in CIC CCombot information Centeri, coordinote with other 32 osc Mower H5 ' 1 ships, oircroft, ond shipboord divisions to ossist in the control of weopons. The division olso mointoins o novigotion-plot to ossist the OOD during coostol ond port novigotion. O52 DiPosquole O52 Golphin GG. O52 Hompesch B. W. O52 Joirrels J. O51, McLoughlin D. O52 Clark DI O52 Clement J.5. O52 Jones D. O52 Lowrey EW. O52 Ne-wbould R.A 55, .,. ,....... M. O52 5ovell WH. O52 5mid R.5. O52 Wheeler L.A. O53 Crouse A.5. O53 Gillilond J.K. O53 Holl D. K. O53 Lowson K.5. O53 Lord IH. O53 Moron FL. ,,,, .xi 2:3 .W A., ,M V, 2? B az, , X 1 F Q . O53 Morgon 5 M Xa O55A Thornton B.L. O55A Lee C.5. O55A 5olomon C. H. O55N Gilliam B.B. O55N Gio vonefri B.K. O55N 5fill RD. O53 Pendergross E. O53 5oro P. O53 Thurman 7.6. O55N Dorn R.L. I N I.-,rc x 1 F1 Alb X Feb.,-yv we A if X fl H, XX , I w I Q I "4 'X ' if I x I 5 4 I .f . Av,- 'ava- fs ENS Sears G-R. 1 I0 Wil EW2 Coffman G.L. ' LPO DIVISION OFFICER The Electronic Warfare Technicians job is to search for, locate, record and analyze radiated electromagnetic energy for the purpose of exploiting such radiations in support of military operations. They also take actions to E W2 Guinn PJ. EWG Fisher M.R. E W3 Hart .l.R. !"""' ' E WSN Blankenship J. E WSN Eldredge B. G. E WSA Strickland P.E 36 if 1 V prevent or reduce an enemy's effective use of the electromagnetic spectrum and perform maintenance on the E W system. .. :ig -f 1-:Q , ,V , .1 - eff-J.-2 - -: 1.4:-111 i:z'f:,:-:,- ..,.s1f':4 '-n.1,-.-L-nff--,.. -Lf.: .- . if- - A --A 1 ff- i , Y 'JL-,,,g,,.Z" '-L,,T..-,..,..-f-:.-,-,-.qv-..V44:-1 - -4-:vw-ff-if .,,,.-M , 1.-.,,,.1..Y fn.-,, ..,-4-41.42-1-ya-'gag-5-y51f':f: 1-vsvxw-in-5--r-rex?-ziiv'-Nt'!"'1F"h"'F't'YWf":ff'i""P"'?""4""'?'?"ff --'VZ' 24' '7' -Z4 "'- ' -, H 4 I ' V ' V ' '- if' ' '- 5 ' x ' , . - f 1 'z-ewfmffffm 'VN LCDR Nogo M. W SUPPLY OFFICER SUPPL Y D PAR TMEN T .il X X U f ff' , 37 QU W BQEH i I learn about our capabilities first hand , N-. SKC Gibbs A. LCPO V The initial point of conracr for all shipboard marerial is the stores division C5-12. 5-1's role in ENGLAND is the ordering of and accounting for all general use consumables Q 5K2 Resnick D. V 5K2 Srreese NM SKSN Cerome A.l. SKSN Kaelin KJ. SKSN Michela J.P. 38 with the keys to Support f Division 12 X , - '15-I" DIVISION and repair parts used aboard ship. Manned by twelve sforekeepers C5K'sJ, "Excellence in support" is our morro and service ro ENGLAND. V ,Y Y , , , - -.-..f..g1:,,.,...,::.,..5,w,. -y 5.-,JH ,!r,,di:b'g,, ,As .,, u,qQz-'ai'-Lg Y 4 N LK '17 Y -Q E V V - ,.V.,f ,-1-...mr y-..' ,.V.m-5-.gf - .rfvr qw., -, .-.rx - v- W S ' 4 ncgfff. f lite: ::,,.X .4-47 ,N .WJ 5- Qlm ,,f x F' I ' f W, U Q7 si. s F V L71 I X la 5K5N Orrez MA. SKSN Vossollo CJ. SKSN Zoccono FA. SKSA Niess MA. A X-. --Y.. v,h ,, ..,1,..-.f.-,---1 ,ye-gr:---5...-..,,..,-geffmgff-if-s-1,-..w-1...-.-.:.-w -.N N, . Y. ...sb--f-.. X- mm THE S'CRET' LS IN 5 - 2 Div. , ,I I"N .X R 1 X Rumi? X if 1321 -,ef are ' 4' O I i ,,x 5, 04' fm, --L ,wx A :J -,I MSCS '5 2" DIVI ION Lcpo ' The mission of rhe. food service division is ro provide you with wholesome, well bolonced ond sorisfying meols served under fhe most sonirory condifions possible ond in 'W fff on ormosphere fhor is conducive ro good dining. We serve o crew of 406, consisting of 30 officers ond 378 enlisred. V M51 Cusrodio EV M51 Demeso RB. M51 .Esroesro D.G. M51 Florendo J.P. M52 Cunninghom IJ. M52 Fisher J. M52 Foy B..E M52 Riforeol W5. 40 .-1:-.5-aug.. 1.,g,,,,,,,,-,,w.a:,-..-,,...q.,Wf'-:QF-,uf-.-Sw:--ff-1r:f-l-11'v-f-r:ff-e-:-2:-"fi-Yf'.:"'i'if-:"1'Tfff:-' "'4"f1- ',:7"7-i'-hu. c"""':""' " : ' MSSA Smith J.A. MSSA Mllioms 5.R. M55N Paige wp. MSSA Meece D.5. MSSA Rodohl C. M53 Erol H. C. M53 Horris R. 71 M53 Riley m. MSSN Hunt J.H. NJ Vx , gif, ,,., nc- 1:-,.,.,E.:.4,.i..,5,.L,,,, ,111 F ...A L V N----er--:..,v4,, -, -am.. -1.-1.....,,,., US S ENGLAND CG-Z2 O fQfjU CU ONE HWDRED DOLLQRGS ' If 1.3" DIVISION DISBURSING OFFICER 5-3 Division ILS o combination of two divisions. Disbursing division is responsible for poying ond mointoining the poy records of oll ENGLAND personnel, hondling trovel cloims, ond normol disbursing functions. Soles division provides SH1 Logoy FM. DK 1 Vinluon F DK2 Monte EC SH3 Glenn J. SHG Meehon D. SHSN Eosley J. W 5H5N Finnegon D.B. SHSN Losh A,F 42 personnel services ond products to the crew of U55 ENGLAND. lt operotes the borbershop, loundry, ship 's store, ond speciol order services. , V, V W f mv ,, I... ,, , ff ,Q f -'f"Tfnf:,W' M W' H ,..,, , A, ,JZ ' A .,,wff,W X, , 5 "" I WJ, inf .SW I .. . ,f,, mf, f Wff7yA,ALWl,,5-3,,,, . , XX., " ' ' A '- "X - '- '-H' --'-"""-'A'-' 'A-'Ff'---x-'- 'J'--"--" " ' " ' ,, .,- .,.. - -. .T-.-4-.V-.... - H -A 1..- . -.ffm.,1vy:.f,,- a,.svs-fg3g-yqupogq-t::,-1-5.-,A-1-'gg-:qv-7-.gg-7-1,--,vfffvz--1'-mr--r-rf-Qn-'jr-,-1rz:"?TZ71z'rg1':"fe"fj'"V-3",Ti'f"'i""'T?ii 'TTFTT , f"f'?"':" A "" ,-11.11 ' ' - 5- j -',2"' T ,tty ETL: I-1 W f W I Wf Z 7 V er f X W M f f W ff' X ' 42 MX ff W f ?f fm fa wf f A 1 V ' MW W f f X M 1, 4 f ff fm wh A C Q Z X iv' LCDR Gohnsrrom W.E. DEPARTMENT HEAD WEAPON 'S D PAR TMENT LT Kuriger J.L. LT Tobey R.D. LTJG Stoney K.A. FIRE CONTROL OFFICER MISSILE OFFICER A5571 WEAPONS OFFICER I, ' ,, gif' L, X Mfg WW? 47, ff! X ,VV ix I Qs. fr g Zh!! x 0 1 fi -ii M, M I x my XM f F , f an ,R,LLC A 43 I' -ANU l N 3 ri ! 1 A W, Li- M A15 division provides ENGLAND's anti-submarine it warfare punch. The Sonar Technicians. Torpedoman's Mates, ii 1 ' and Asroc Gunner's Mate Technicians, operate and maintain W' H H 1, the ASW sensor and weapons systems needed to seek, X' fiss ii 1 1 w U11 ,Qi N- "'l xg, i ,li . T 'iv , mill , M ,., li T x if li ig ii A, ii il STG1 Joyce 5.P. U GMT1 Mitchell 5.0. W STC-I1 Rugg E.D. T STG2 Chase WA. ,v, I 'K gig il gi GM T2 Cruz L. Ha srG2 Hardeclfi AJ. , TM2 Hawkins T.M. T V STG2 Hudson MC r . Y ll Q 44 lf, Vi l lk . G QR? !l7,q,Q!NE-MIP B1 L,a,.M,1 Cm? ENs Abood ER. A 5 DI N srcsc Nicholson DJ, Dlvisioiv orricsfz LCPO classify, and destroy" enemy submarines. AXS commu- nicates with friendly submarines via the underwater telephone, as well as operating and maintaining the torpedo countermeasures system and the fathometer. ,f-A5 " ,, ,,.., , Q.-,ff Q--4-ew,---57-vgvwrg-r--:--f-1-L-:'1r i". Y, -Y V . 1, , ' ' ' ' 4 TMSN Roberts K .E STGSN Schmidt RJ. wpfas GM TSN Volgomore M, TMSN Aporicio R.A. STGSN Bedinger R.D, TM2 .lonke B.D. STC-I2 Wilson D.L. 57'G3 Edwords K.H. STG3 McGuire K. STG3 sfeenburgh ws. STGSN Johnson CH. GMTSN Kinney. A, TMSN Synnes R.E. .a.oaQ,..1p - -.:.,-gf:-W-f. Qi DIVI50 CIWS 152 I HARPOONIU LT Kuriger .I.L. DIVISION OFFICER FOX DIVISION I-TCSCSWI Wilhelm L.B. ff , V 'T f f , ,A20r.afg.o.,J. I-TCSCSWJ Fohlstrom D.J. LCPO FTMC Seppomoki WE I-'ox division consists of Hre control technicions missiles troclf incoming hostile oir or surfoce threots. F TG 's mointoin CFTMJ ond fire control technicions gun KFTGJ. The F TM 's ond operote the CCIWSJ close in weopons systems. mointoin ond operote the rodor ond computers used to FTM1 Adoms G.D. F TM 1 Fenstermolser M.E. FTM1 Mickey A.D. FTG2 Dierking R.A. 46 FTM2 Hslf G.M. l-'TM2 Fronlf G.O. FTM2 Lind JJ. FTM2 Morrow FL. FTM2 Michael MA. FTM2 Shelton D.L. FTM2 Smyth K.M. FTM2 Sovo WD. FTM-3 Alsdurf W.R. FTM3 Breedlove D.K. FTM3 Dovis 12.0. FTMJ3 Dunlop 0.5 FTM3 Geary G.M. FTM3 Grohom R.5. FTM3 Holrkomp J.A. FTM3 Kollors R.A. 1,1 .a?g.g, e Leaf-l -1.-L FTM3 Leslie G.A. FTM3 Snuggs M.H. FTM3 Thompson B.R. F TMJ Mmmer D.C FTMSN Lewis KE FTMSN Vender R.A. 125 C9"'- Kn. 'I K 8 If .Q fl Q ' ' " if , A'.H g Q.. 'I g ' 1 . , fl - I X535-r3.5 , , E76iZ,S'HVSif,E?I FIRST DIVISION ,lst division 's primary function is the maintenance and upkeep of ENGLAND 's topside deck spaces. Other functions include handling mooring lines when entering and leaving port, operation of the ship 's small boats, standing bridge watches and manning refueling stations underway. BM1 Addison WA. BM1 Simons PJ. BMS Brown K.G. BM3 Coyne J.R. BM3 Bainum J. G. BMC Mason CJ. q Lcpo BM3 Marshall M.P. BMS Monson MJ. BM3 Walker D.M. SN Bacos CM. SN Cedana J.M. SN Claudia EL. SN Crymes DAM SN Farley K.A. SN Felice A.M. SN Hall D.R. SN Hall J.N. SN McGill K. SN Mila CV SN Rule l.S. SA Barbararra P.P. SA Bush M.E. SA Chevalier B.D. SA Earle S.G. SA Froelich D.C SA Hambey R.L. e-A SR M ulro y J. P. SR Vesrol S. P. SR Deborr E. SR Lawrence D.L. SR Mandy 0,5 Hill JM. Lowhorn V.N. Wooley B.R. Boughnou S.D -X - L- ,- fa.-f. Y -N'-A - - -- A -'- - N - ::-fvx,............ .ff-.. . ,-.f....f.u.huo. my-.m ' Q-nv. ...,1.,-' 4' . LT robe-y iw. ms char P.s. Gmmccsxw Aiiaife cp. GMMC F009 L. WEA PON5 DIVISION Weopons division consists of gunner's mote missile into two oreos: to mointoin ond operote the twin terrier CGMM2. Their primory function is to protect the ship ogoinst missile lounchers ond to mointoin oll the smoll orms ond hostile missile ottocks. Their secondory function is divided ommunition oboord ENGLAND. DIVISION OFFICER GMM1 Doerr G.L. GMM1 Townley EW GMM1 Zrnhelt R.M. GMM2 Bogorino R.C GMM2 Byrd RG. GMM2 Jimenez B.A. GMM2 Ruble D.A. N . GMM3 Helgesen R.A. 52 ' . kg ,WM Y . fs V W1 X r ,M wQQf GMM3 Plunkett RJ. GMM3 Reyes P.D. GMM3 Schultz R.H. GMM3 Stanton MJ. ' GMM3 Tort RJ. GMM3 Troinor GJ. GMMSN Boss R.L. GMMSN HQod IA. GMMSN Turner KM. GMMSN Williams MJ. fl Denlets nf fi-' -'-- - --lfx 'N , A e Q "M 5 5 ,UOGPF maggie. Q, x' f 1 V1 gre! i Dia Declan on DQSlbIRUClLT WlD The Nav!Admin department is composed of many skilled ratings. lt's primary mission is administrative control and safe navigation. The NavfAdmin Ofhcer serves as navigator and the department head of the Quartermasters, Personnelman, Yeoman, Corpsman, Master- at-Arms, Career Counselor, ond Postal Clerk. LT Oxendine M. ' CHAPLAIN The Chaplain 's office also falls within the department. lt is a small department but plays a vital role in the success of ENGLAND. LTJG Dfoy Mp. Divisiorv orricfn NA V! ADMIN D PAR TMENT O O va THEY NEED lo Tuihpuoevas PSY YT YESTERDAY N - Qq'ySF X1 M O 49331 3065 o uf, IVI y Dgqpbl SLDEFTFE , X "'-'hr T W' 0 O e f'7ffS1Efai?efbfes REENL STMENT n , - A , ' O TODAY 2 b N , ' wmv MONEY ' Y ' ORDEQS P o if ., , D O - 0 0 fi NAYIQMOR H. oo HQV To 0 LTBERTYQ wma ARE we ? X f X chow Down! Y , DAYDAYX , C bw' W-W' K NAVXADNI IN Lcpo . cpo ' ' YN3 Welch C YN2 McEvoy KC PN2 Richmond MB. PN1 Torfen R.E YN2 Abborf LG. QM2 Kimbrough J. , BT1 Burgess K, W MA1 Joclfmon RC NC1 Rojocfch M.M. YN1 Sounders D.R. QM-3 White GM. QMSN Anderson W HN Anderson D. QMSN Buck K.l. YNSN Chorfers B. RPSN Jordon J.A. PNSN Lobusro J. PNSN Morosco B. PNSN Smith RH YNSN Thompson D. PCSA Guisonde B. .1 ,- N nf- 1- .-.. .1 N""'-" ,..- -- ---'rg '.L..-Q-rif2'3V"'57' AAN - - Y' ..,,.-4-vars--. - " ' ' .M-' V we-5--5-1---f-k,ff ' ', . -.--w-dar-ff'?f"'? - 1 fum.-. Av, ,. f -,N www-Q, f W f 4 1 Q X Q , Q X 6 X X A X X5 N wwf 2, 22? , ww - xv X X X -2 Mi, W-. E ,I W 'X Z-if f f X x . K vi ff gym ,227 , .f f Nw , w-Vfxf 7 N f f in , x W X, fY7r!ZWZ MW ffyff A f , Jzxyfwi v ,f vi , 4 JN , fyvfg, v xnxx W' HL iff' ,f ' v f , if f fm' -ff A , .hi X X k f ,iff 'C W 4 QNQXJX G IOUS I fO I I I ' OOO I I I I S5 Cp I 5H,,,I5 CHAPLAW D RELIGIOUS PROGRAM I I LT MILFORD OXENDINE IR 5P5C'AU5T I I JAMES A. JORDAN I COMMAND RELIGIOU PROGRAM I I I III: II" I I II I I I III III J I 5 I I I II I 5 II I I I II Ii! III I I I I, I I I I r I I I Q I x I, I V - - Q I , Q , I 'H I 5 I I xx I I? ' 3 TI I? 5 II 9' X i, I, I I Ai 'fi I II ,Ii 'I II I I IIQI I1I III II III, III IIN III II IIII III III II I 'I I III - II 58 LAY LEADER5 PROTESTANT CHOIR I ' II' I III' X f LE T'5 CELEBRA TE 59 3 N 'E e iv I, a I A 's 3 M Vx V ,I li xii 111 'lil N' :H ,VV ,lx W, W PH N W yi 11' uw N2 ,1 ,M W1 4+ iM 3111 113 , . M lx! s Vi, ' 'w Mi I 1 l ,ji M I 121 ' H ! 35 "sf M ,M ,1 ,. NE, xii H!! w. M ,N Y in . I I l 1 n X 1 is Si . 9 iii ' ,Q :gas , I . ,i mf 123 ,f M , 1 1 2, F5 V' Q ' ' f S 1 s.. v. T -.v-. -Y--Y., ., .,,..,,,,,,. W1 , f ,ah , , , AMX zf' , ' Q X ff P f 5 . V PI , G If I I, W I f 5,. If xx W Z 1 1? W V 15 M Ni N p I if 45: Z1 7: ,Q J wi Z Z ? Pearl Harbor .X ,W 4 Q I m,5.f:.,,::,,,g4--wg-,-.ymfmgfg -Q5 --v--f-f :fv"F:ff:nk1-.-S:-fb-.-. .-..-.Aix,J.Msxvfm-qyu:-f1q1agi1v5s3:-fff,-1m:c:rFH 'gmxfwm:w5ufv'r11v:r:7!-r5?. ,,.. . , ,?-'ivy-J-J--M h: -ff'-aw?-2-Q-'T'r , f'!1S"'1f?"PUh'?"f"'Y"' 'W'--"'--'PW-21' ,Vu-gm' , ,, 3 r if , f 4 TJ gfliil .115 ' ,ef 'ig' ,af ,fi fa f 7' kg Phl 1 pines X, ,-J ,w'fg"7-rf' 4 ...za-"M-nun PI Good 77mes 67 F K E 1 I I Q R gl..- -fs ww J 1 f' "Q - 4'--..,, N .1 ,f-'f - 'H 5' v:X::W-57,-" ' I-I .-, - ff' 'ab - M - -. 3 " . v . 5 ,I , A 4: , I A, , -V -- Q..- - U, 4- . . " gf. X .. ,,.,.....-..- .-.. A -W 5 gf! F, g .gg I-""""fwdubimFi12.,1mqu'4 V ' -:- 1' is . -gf' f i 7 ,,,'4-' -a' N + f43:H :: . . 4-M J. Q ,Wm . Q, . ,L , 'K .Ez 1 ' X- 25 ?,,1-.,15L,.,,, --'L --" ... -lf? . ' ..--xii vf .....-v..' :gm .413 I A'-"4" A , em 2...-2 ....:.E"l1'PE' " Quant: "T'T'3N'D-f'a' 419140951 I ... ., , t' I' :ww --.. - ,.,,4,Qt., fn. , Y f , w. J ,W 4.1-1411! Lui . ,,,,,,,,- A, A --..,,. ' w .,,, 1 ' , , ,. . . '- Q. IDI!! 10 It N 1 29? Q, af. as 'ni lm 'M aff ga ,534 gay-we-4 "' rmsu-1 'MQ -w ,- ..,...4,1 JH ,.q-v. fain-114,-f .Nr-Q3-f,: .5 4 . L .- H N " 4+ 1 ... . ,ifuw ' L34 , .,,P'-'-,.,,7, , ,I f' 'fn ' -1- -. ,,:,hg:f.gf 1 V, ' iff' f. ' - "-,, Q, M 1' K 1. M! ,Q MCDOnaId' W f L 1 . fm -,x ' , 1 ., l,i7"'f' EW ,-JJ, ..-5: .,U5L:1,l ft. x Asifflff 'ff gf ".,4Z'Ti2'ii.i i' 5' :J . J..-an ,ri-. Qgqf-1, J f. :Ls 1-1 x1b1,E.b-Lwsf-r.-2 -LW--A-:c.v.mq-..-.,..t.... 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PICTURES WITHOUT WORD Good Friends 6 Good Times WESTPAC '83 - '84 ,ww ff ?f X ,, ,r '7" 90 Q , if f 1 f i v " t f If 0 f ,fo X f f f 7 Z1 I Z X X ff--A -f'-'--F L ,,-' ' 'f.'.',,Qg,,,, ,,Q,..,...Q.,,-.-, .f.L-...ng-75-5:-,L1.--,193--rv:-.-tQ--v-,f-rffgqgrm-g:qr1-rghe'"1i"""" " R ' ' " ' Q, - ff . J ,,q..,,..,,..-f.,,-11vf1,+r-g:1-,mfr-:ver-f: 7 W, 2'-, '- -ff, . 'FV Y.,-1 -' r , ' ' ' 'N-. k,..-h.-M.. , I Y U W Y A W H v N ww. ,-,.,,-, ..,n..,--.. V. -4 - -, - -- ...- ' K ,, f f- ff xy, f , M,-44,02 A 1 ,, :Q M , , A W , yf v f Q f , f ,A QKAYAQ-W ,W fx, f , x, 4, ': fQ"i?f1T'1?"l'f fKra'??i -- w3ff""1"'?T- -f 51'?"'7"'m?ff'5'5'?f'T-E'1r'1:f!"-9-si'?51rS-Fare-'Ir-1-'wef'1-s--....'Q ,.-.- , iq , 4:4 Kel X bf J- , s R 2 s I fw-lfX'L7 f W? H, f wwf 4 ff VW f v" W If If -' fw- fo fn, 4 2, C' - Tj, wiv, 'R , Q, gww, ,,,,, , f ,.f,, , ,W 1 ff' W V2 1 sits' an is N A ' f X XS! .v X 72. , X awk? VJWW W A f X V WW , - ww Iqy, . W W ,,, 4, . 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Qs, ,li .guwca CdlJfQill,, wavy alby A f I , . X NAME ABADEJOS N. D. ABATE 1. ABBOTT L. G. ADOOD E R. ADAMS G. D. A ADDISON W A. AGNO E A. AGTE R. D. AGULRRE E G. AGULRRE 5. A. ALLAIRE O R. ALSDURF vn R. AL VENDIA L M. ANDERSON, D. L ANDERSON vn E APARLCLO R. A. ARNOLD R. 5. AROLA xv 5. ARTURE M. L. ASH M. G. BACOS C M. BAGARINO R. C BAINES W S. BAINUM J. G. BALDOCK V J. BARBAROT TA P. P. BASS R. L. BEDINGER M. A. BERNING C J. BELMONT M. A. BLANKENSHIP J. R. BODIE J. E. BOND D. E BOUCHER R. T BOUGHNOU S. D. BOYMAN E R. BRANSTETTER J. BREEDLOVE D. K. BROWN K. G. BROWN R. G. BRUNNMEIER M. E. BUCK K. E. BURGESS K. W BURGESS R. M.' BURNETTE G. .W. BURNHAM D. I-L BURNS R. J. ' BUSH M. BUSH M. E, BYLER M. D. BYRD R. G. HOMETOWN SAN DIEGO, CA LINDENHURSIQ NY FORT COLLINS, CO CLEVELAND, OH WESTMINISTER, CA YOUNGST OWN OH MANILA, RP TUCSON AZ LOS ANGELES, CA LOS ANGELES, CA GRAFTON ND OTTAWA, KA FLORIDABLANCA, PI CHICKASHA, OK LOUISVILLE KY TUCSON AZ MOBILE AL A WOODLAND, WA BRONX, NY MOBILE AL VAN NUYS, CA SAN JOSE CA I MONTGOMER K AL COLUMBUS, OH CINCINNATL OH MARGATE FL HOUSTON TX UPLAND, CA SIDNEY OH NEPTUNE NJ ROCKHILL, SC LANGLEK SC NEWCASTLE WY PORTAGE IN DALLAS, TX BROOKLYN NY VANCOUVER, WA SOUTH PORT, ID CHARLESTON SC MADISON, WI LAS VEGAS, NV SACRAMENTO, CA SHERIDAN WY CHESAPEAKE VA ROCKY MOUN71 NC SANTA ANA, CA GAINSVILLE FL NEW YORK, NY LOMPOC CA RA YTO WN M O SPEARMAN TX - ,,,.....,,,,,,,,.,::.,. . , ,par-'E-....f Q.:-ff-mq f wa-gn-Q:-fry' NICKNAME NOR VIE LON ED GRIZZL Y GRAMPS ONGA RRRANDY SAXX DURFELUPA GUSS DOC NORMAL SCRAPPY AMPHIB MIKE WAD BAG'S BURISER BULL LOVER BOY BEEKER . RICOCHE T WHINER SCOOT BOBO BONDO BOUCH FREDDY BLACK . R.G. MIKE Y DUCK BARNEY FIFE BUDDY BEELER SEA GULL A535 mga Qs I-as W! Y F 5 A 5.., 'er IWW Q NAME CALKINS G. M. CANARE P. L. CARLTON C CARR J. E CARSON M. J. CATON B. M. CAUDILL R. J. CA VENAUGH J. W. CEDANO J. M. CERAME A. CHARTERS B. W CHASE W A. CHCIUK J. CHERMACK G. CHEVALIER B. D. CHIO P. S. CLARK D. T CLAUDIO E L. CLEMENT J. S. COFFMAN G. L. COOK J. R. COYNE J. R. CRAWFORD W CROUSE A. S. CRUZ L. CR YMES D. W. CUNNINGHAM T. J. CUSTODIO E V. CZAJKOWSKI J. F DAMASCO J. G. DANIELSON C J. DA VIS R. D. DEBARR E. S. DEMESA R. B. DE VORE D. W DE YO S. D. DIERKING R. A. DILLON W. F DIPASOUALE A. DOBSON G. J. DOERR G. L. DOERSCHER C H DREBENSTEDT C W DROY M. D. DULL T J. DUNLOP D. If DUNN E. H. DUNN W. G. EARLE S. G. EASLE Y J. W. EDMUNDS D. L. EDWARDS K. I-L 106 HOMETOWN CITRUS SPRINGS, FL LAON ST ABUCAK PI BROWNSVILLE TX EAST SYRACUSE NY NEW MA YBERRY MI HONOLULU HI THORNTON CO MIDLAND, TX NEW YORK, NY PANGASINAN RP BOISE ID BRISTOL, NH WONDERLAKE IL SCHENECTADY NY MARINA DEL RAY CA JACKSON HEIGHTS, NY WOLF RIDGE M5 CLEVELAND, OI-I BIG SPRINGS, rx SWEETHOMF OR SACRAMENTO, CA ANNAPOLI5, MD GRIFFIN GA JACKSONVILLE IL NEW YORK, NY LAPSON 5C LOMPOC CA WALNLIL CA SYRACUSE NY ZAMBALES, RP SEATTLE WA CHICO, CA PAINSVILLE OH SAN DIEGO, CA REDDING, CA BARABOO, WI JEFFERSON VILLE IN OR O VILLE CA NEWTON NJ KE YWEST FL LANCASTER, PA PORT HUENEME CA PARK FALLS, WI EAST HAMPTON MA LE MARS, IA SANBORNTOA, NH WACO, TX SAN DIEGO, CA DUBUOUE IA SANDUSKY OH SPOKANE WA CENTRALIA, WA NICK NAME PHOEBE C C GUPPIE M O ANK BIG JOHN CHICO ALEX PREPPY CHEVY GE OR GE BIFF GRASSHOPPER HOSS CAPTAIN CR YPTO BAA STAR BAB Y JIMM Y BUMPER C URZ-MAN LITTLE HERK EDDIE CHO W S TAR-CHIEF ROM Y OMAHA SKIP BIG AL RADAR JERR Y BOZO DREADED ONE MONGO GUS LOPS ERNIE BILL THE PEARL RE-RUN DOG ...AMWLEEL-A ,-::- V - X . , "'- ' NAME EDWARDS R. R. EGLOFF S. A. ELDREDGE B. G. ENRIQUEZ R. ERAL H. C. ESTOESTA D. G. EVANS C R. FAHLSTROM D. J. FARLEY K. A. FELDER T A. FELICE A. M. FENSTERMAKER M. FERGUSON D. W. FERGUSON W G. FESTAG C P. FINNEGAN D. B. FISHER J. FISHER M. R. FISK G. M. FITZPATRICK G. D. FLORENDO J. P. FONDRIEST R. W. FONG L. FOY B. E. FRANK G. O. FREEMAN J. R. FRIEBEL R. W FROELICH D. C GAMBER T H. GARCIA M. M. GEARY G. M. GHANS TR OM W E GIBBS A. GIBBS E W GILLIAM B. B. GILLILAND J. K. GIOVANETTI B. K. GLENN L GLOVER H. C GOLPHIN G. G. GRAHAM R. 5. GREPO H. cg. GULNN P. L GULSANDE La. J. GURATH M. xv. GUHKE D. L. HAAKENSON 5 5. HALL L. A HALL D. H. HALL L N. HAMAND G. E. HOMETOWN PASADENA, CAMR. DALLAS, TX POST FALLS, ID SAN ANTONIO, TX BAGUIO, RP LA UNION RP KANSAS CITY, MO OLATHE KS MURRAY KY CHICAGO, IL BROOKLYN NY SAN RAFAEL, CA MILES CITY MT MILTON FREEWA TER, OR TOLEDO, OH MEDINA, NY WINTERHAVEN, FL PALOS HEIGHTS, IL EFFINGHAM, KA SAN DIEGO, CA DOVER, OH EL PASO, TX BUFFALO, NY OMAHA, NB CHICO, CA STEVENS POINI1 WI COLUMBUS, NJ MILBANK, SD SUBIC ZAMBACESA, RP NORTH RIDGE MA SAN DIEGO, CA NEW YORK, NY BUFFALO, NY ATLANTA, GA HOL TON, KA LAKE WOOD, CO PHILADELPHIA, PA SAN ANTONIO, TX ATLANTA, GA TALLAHASSEE FL CAVITE RP NITRO, WV R OCHES TER, NY MENOMONEE FALLS, WI SAN JOSE CA SNOOUALMIE WA SAN DIEGO, CA FRESNO, CA ANAHEIM, CA KLAMATH OR NICKNAME ED n ELROY noosrm HERMAN DON Dusry STRA WBERR Y six HA CKSA W BOO-BOO DON JUAN FISH MURF FA CE JESSIE MAXWELL JARF FRIEB GUMBY GEARS ' BILL CHUCK IE SMILE Y GILL Y-GILL Y GILLIGAN BIRD DOG ROCK GfMAN RALPHY BOY COCOY P.J. GUIDO MA GNUM PI CAPTAIN HA WK DAN SNUFF Y 107 NAME HAMANN D. N. HAMBE Y R. L. HARDECKI A. J. HARRIS R. T HART J. R. HARVEY T B. HATCLIFF J. K. HAUSSMANN S.' J. HA VELKA P. S. HA WKINS J. M. HEALAN B. R. HELGESEN R. A. HERNANDEZ D. D. HILL J. M. HILL R. A. HILTON J. N HINTON C HOLMES F I-L HOLTKAMP J. A. HOMPESCH B. W HOOD T A. HOOLIHAN D. P. HOTCHKISS, W R. HOWARD S. L. HUBAL A. S. HUCKLEBERRY C L. HUDSON M. C HUNT J. I-I HUTCHINSON I-I R. HUTTON R. L. JACKMAN R. JAIRRELS J. JANKE B. D. JIMENEZ B. A. JOHNSON C I-L JOHNSON I-I J. JONES D. JORDAN J. A. KAELIN K. KASPARY P. KEMSLEY F J. KESYS D. L. KIMBROUGH J. L. KINGMAN T C KINGSBURY C L. KINNEY A. R. KIRK F L. KLOCKE P. L. KOEHLER R. E KOLLARS R. A. KOONCE W B. KORNSTEDT F 108 X. HOMETO WN SA ND POINT ID SEATTLE WA DETROIT MI SANDERSVILLE GA FAYETTEVILLE AR GLENN FALLS, NY DENVER, CO SAN DIEGO, CA PORTLAND, OR RICHMOND, VA SA VANNAH' GA MADISON WI SAN ANTONIO, TX MALBOURNE FL PONTIAC MI SALT LAKE CITY UT ST PETERSBURG, FL CAMPBELL, NY WEST POINT IA KEARNY NJ EARL PARK, IN DANA PT CA PIEDMONT WV FALLS CHURCI-I VA RICHARDSON TX HOUSTON TX GREENVILLE SC GONTERSVILLE AL LIBBY MN SPOKANE WA. ATLANTA, GA OMAHA, NE BACOUR CEVITE RP MINNEAPOLIS, MN CHESTER, PA EAST STRA USSBUR G, PA CRYSTAL SPRINGS, MS KIT TANNING, PA BRENT WOOD, NY PHOENIX AZ NEWARK, NY SAFFORD, AR. DOWAGIAC MI ENGLEWOOD, CO ALBUOUERQUE MN SAN DIEGO, CA KALAMAZOO, MI HOUSTON TX BRIANBIRD, MN KINSTON N.C BRISTOL, PA NICK NAME SNUFF Y THA G MICHAEL J. HAR V HA TFIELD STEVE HA WK E YE HE GMAN J.R. BO YD HOMEFR Y HOMEFR Y C UEBALL TIM SPARK Y A UGIE DOGGIE BILL S T IEN HU TCH WA Y- WA Y SHERIFF JOHN JA Y BERRE Y BERNIE SNAKE HOJO JONES Y ARP A KEVIN DEN DEN LARRY THE WORM BIG BIRD TEX FORREST ALL WORLD BUBBA BILL FREDDY K . NAME KUJAWSKI M. J. KURIGER J. L. LACORTE M. A. LAGOY F M. LASH A. F LA WHORN V. N. LAWRENCE D. L. LAWSON J. F LAWSON K. S. LEE C S. LEMOINE I-L E. LESLIE G. A. LETTLE Y G. LEWIS K. E LIND J. J. LINDER J. E. LINGENFELTER D. R. LITKE J. D. LOBUSTA J. S. LONG E. T LORD T H. LOWERY E. W. LYNCH J. J. LYTLE J. M. ' MA CHADO M. P. MA CDONALD G. E. MALENFANT R. M. MALLORY R. L. MANDY D. E. MARLOW S. L. MARRS R. B. MARSHALL M. P. MARSTALL B. L. MARTIN R. E MARTINO M. A. MASON C J. MASON D. K. MATTERN E G. MAYBERRY D. E MCANN W R. MCGILL K. MCGUIRE K. MCLAUGHLIN D. B. MEECE D. S. MEEHAN D. MICHAEL M. A. MICHELA J. P.. MICKEY A. D. MILO C V MITCHELL S. MONSON M. J. Y HOMETO WN HIGGANUM, Cr PHOENIX, ,Az BUENA PARK, CA SAN DIEGO, CA AKRON, OH DETROIT MI MAR TINSB UR G, WV JELLICO, TN BLAIR, NB I WA VERLY OH PEORIA, IL BUFFALO, NY NEW YORK, NY SACRAMENTO, CA WASHINGTON DC DENVER, CO ' RED BLUFF CA CA VESPRINGS, AK 'NOR THRIDGF CA COLUMBUS, OH WATERVLIET MI HOUSTON, TX ST PAUL, MN AVON OH SOUTHINGTOM CN SELDEM NY WESTLAND, MI STEUBENVILLE OH LYNNWOOD, WA KADOKA, SD I-'ENTOM MI LOUISVILLE KY ST MARYS, KS SPOKANE WA CUBA, NY ALEXANDRIA, LA ANCHORAGE AK FALLOM NV ST LOUIS, MO AUGUSTA, MA DALLAS, TX MASSILLOM OH YARMOUTI-I MASS KINGSPORT IN CURTLAND, NY CAMARILLO, CA ROCK VILLE MD MAR TINSBOR O, WV TITUSVILLE PA WAVERLK TN CULVER CITY CA NICKNAME SKI JIM SCHNOZ JUN - DADDY LASH JIM BOB JOE WILLY SHOOTER K IPPE R PAPASAN GRAND POOBA LEWY PUNK np LOBS TER ED TRIM JAIl.BAI T LITTLE JON MARTY WESTPAC MAC . MALENFANT MAN SNUFF Y SMILE Y MARLBORO LIPS BERNIE MOUTH DA VE M ULE SPANK Y MAC MAC CCURAD KID? SCOTT TINY JOE 109 NAME. MONTE E C MONZON J. D. MOORE C L. MOORE G. H MORAN T L. MORENO A. MOREY M. W MOROSCO B. J. MORROW F L. MOWER H. E MULROY J. P. MUMMY M. P. NEWBOULD R. A. NICHOLSON D. J. NIESS M. A. NOGA M. W NORMANDIN K. W OCONNELL R. L. OR TEC-:A V I. OR TEZ M. A. OTTO G. I4. OXENDINE M. PAIGE W D. PARRIS J. N. PARSONS E 5. PENDERGRA55 E L. PERRI5 R. L. PERRY O. H. PETERSON J. W PHELPS 5. vn PHILLIPS G. D. PI-IILLIPS R. E PLUNKETT R. J. PRICE R. C QUERIMIT E. A. RAJACICH W R. RANKIN W R. RASMUSSEM J. M. REAU W C REED L. R. RE5NICI4 D. REYE5 P. D. RICHMOND M. D. RICHMOND M. L. RIFAREAL vn 5. RIFI-'EL G. A. RILEY T R. RIPPLE G. A. ROBERSON C L. 110 HOMETOWN IRIGA CITK RP CA VITE RP SPEED WAY IN WILMINGTON DE OSCEOLA, IN KANSAS CITY MO NORTH EAST PA UTICA, NY SAN DIEGO, CA NEW YORK, NY BETHSADA, MO GRAND JUNCTION CO SAN DIEGO, CA GREENBAK WI SAN DIEGO, CA ORLANDO, I-'LA WATERBURG, CT MONTE VISTA, CO DETROIT MI BETTENDORI2 IO PEMBROKE NC LOS ANGELES, CA PORTLAND, OR POWAK CA SIMI VALLEY CA SAN DIEGO, CA DONITA, CA CHAMPAIGN .IL ONTARIO, CA BAK ERSFIELD, CA COEURD ALENE ID EVERETT MASS LITTLE ROCK, AK NA TIVIDAD PANASINAN RP RAMO, CA ORANGE NJ COLORADO SPRINGS CO TOLEDO, OH SAN DIEGO, CA LAS VEGAS, NV SAN JOSE CA ST LOUIS, MO VINEGROVE KY SAN YSIDRO, CA MEDFORD, MA ME CHA NICSB UR G, PA POR TLA ND, OR NICKNAME SLIM CAPT CRASH BUGS Y EEL B. J. APPOLLO K ILR O Y DANCIN' ROB MAR OUES MIKE BUBBA TA CO MIKE GUIDO MIL HOLLY ROCK BIG JOHN 5RUDNICR ROGUE HAP JOHN LEGALOS BOOGIE MAN PUSAN KID DOD CCHINSJ TUGBOAT IIQII L'I3ALDY SPANKY RAZ DA NN Y RE Y WOOK IE WILLIE RENCE RIP CARL NAME ROBERTS K. E. RODAHL C E ROSSI T M. ROUSE A. C RUBLE D. A. RUGG E. D. RULE I. S. SAUNDERS D. R. SAVELL W H SCHMIDT R. J. SCHULTZ R. H SCOTT G. L. SEARS G. R. SEEZS R. J. SEPPAMAKI W E SHANAK E L. SHELTON D. L. SIMONS P. J. SMID R. S. SMITH J. A. SMITH R. H SMITH T D. SMYTH K. M. SNUGGS M. H. SOLIS C A. SOLOMON C H SOTO P. STAHL L. J. STANTON M. J. S TEENBUR GH W S. STEVEN D. E STE WARD J. S. STILL R. D. STEESSE W STONEY K. A. STRICKLAND P. E SUGEL R. M. SULLIVAN W R. SUTTON A. R. SWEAT R. L. SYNNES R. E TARRANT J. E TATTEN R. E TELLIS H L. . TETRICK W. U. THOMAS W D. THOMPSON B. R. THOMPSON D. A. THOMPSON B. L. THURMAN T G. TISDALE T O. TORR R. J. HOMETOWN ROSWELL, MN WACO, TX BERGENFIELD, NJ JACKSONVILLE NC ALBUOUERQUE MN KLAMATH FALLS, OR LAS VEGAS, NV SAN DIEGO, CA PHOENIX, AZ LAS CRUCES, NM COEURD ALENE ID MOORE 'S CHAPEL, TN HONOLULIJ HI MARIETTA, MN PHOENIX AZ WAUPACA, WI SOUTH ELGIN IL POMONA, CA CARPENTERSVILLE IL ROANOKE WV SAFFORD, AZ MONTEREY CA ALLENTORON PA TROY TN DETROIT MI ATLANTA, GA HARRISBURG, PA CHULA VISTA, CA ERIE PA ESSEX JUNCTION VT DES MOINES, IA DALLAS, TX HARRISBURG, PA BELGRADE MN PORTLAND, OR MADISON AL DUNDEE IL HOUSTON TX SALT LAKE CITY UT ONTARIO, OR VANCOUVER, WA EUGENE OR COSHOCTON OH GAINSVILLE FL BEECHGROVE IN CORRYPA, PENN MADISON WI TOLEDO, OH MADISON WI PORTLAND, TN SAN BERNADINO, CA BURTON MI NICKNAME CAPTIAN K UR T TUMBLEWEED TOM AL BARNEY PAPA SM URF CA DILLA C IDAHO SPUD G.R. SLEEZE BA G WIGG Y SMEDL Y JEFFER Y O ROCK Y CLUTCH SNUGGY BEAR HOLL YWOOD THORNBIRD MIKE WOG YODA DA PP WILLIE WINK Y L UR CH BILL AL VIN WE R E WOLF SINBAD BUDLE Y NICK LE DICK HANK LOU BILL BEA VER HILLBILL Y TAK RA Y J. NAME TOWNLEY E. W. TRAINOR G. J. TREMAIN K. W TURNER C D. TURNER K. M. VALENCIA L. M. VASSALLO C. J. VENDER R. A. VESTAL S. P. VILLAMOR D. G. VINLUAN F A. VOLGAMORE M. WALKER D. M. WALKER D. R. WALLACE W M. WELCH C. WELKE J. P. WENIG C B. WHEELER L. A. WHITE G. M. WILHELM L. B. WILKINSON S. R. WILLIAMS J. I-T WILLIAMS M. J. WILLIAMS S. R. WILSON D. L. WIMMER D. C WOOLEY B. R. WORKMAN L. W. WRIGHT A. M. YOUNG D. W YOUNG D. G. YOUNG L. J. ZAMINSK Y M. A. ZAMORA L. R. ZIRNHELT R. ZOCCANO T A. HOMETO WN CO VE AK DERGEN COUNTY CERRITOS, CA PITTSFIELD, MASS DECATUR, GA BATAAN RP DETROIT MI MAMMOTI-I AZ CARPINTERIA, CA PENSACOLA, CA SAN DIEGO, CA FLAGSTAFI-1 AZ OYSTER BAY NY SAN ANTONIO, rx SAN DIEGO, CA LO5 ANGELES, CA REDFIELD, SD ANAHEIM, CA NAPLE5, FL SHELBY NC ELLIN WOOD, KS ABERDEEN WA BOGOTA, TN ELBRIDGE NY KIRKSVILLE M5 LONG BEACI-In CA BLUFF Cm: KS AMELIA, OH REDDING, CA EVERETT WA CRESTOM IA EAGLE PA EAGLE PA SAN FRANCISCO, CA ROSWELL, NM MERCED, CA CLEVELAND, OH NICKNAME BIG ED GREG FOUL CHUCK SC OOBA BUTCH CO CHI CHI SCOTTIE DOC DK 1 BOONDOCK ER OLD MAN WALL Y JEFFRO GRANDPA WHITE DOG WILLIE SILLY WILLY STEVE LUMPY BOON DA . . . PARTY ANIMAL GABBY TANK E. T ZIGG Y TAZ WALSWORTH Cruise Book Sales Office PUBLISHING suite 20, 5666 La Jolla Blvd. COMPANY La Jolla, California 92037 MARCELINE, MISSOURI, U 8.A V , I X f Q 1 it i it A gli I 1 fi fx 1 ,sa is S I '9 1' .k - sf ' 53 '--ay, , A W z..g:gLn,.U,,.,,-... L. W ew. 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