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mmm, .IQ Published by ARMY AND NAVY PUBLISHING COMPANY 234 Main Street IA Private Business Enterprisel, Baton Rouge, Louisiana STHIILEV l. SCOTT MAJOR GENERAL Commanding General Fori Belvoir, Va. IVII-PJUIP GENERAL STANLEY LUNZU SEUTT, U51-l Sfanley L. ScoPP was born aP New Albany, indiana, April 7, IB93. AfPer graduafing from high school aP New Albany in I9l2, he was appoinPed 'Po Phe U. S. MiliPary Academy aP WesP PoinP, New York. He was graduafecl from Phe Academy and commissioned a second LieuPenanP in Phe Corps of Engineers June I3, I9I6. The following Pwo years he served wiPh Engineer Unifs aP Calexico, California: Vancouver Barracks, Washing- Pon, and Camp Green,'NorPh Carolina. ln April, l9l8, he wenP Po France, where he was sPaPioned aP Bordeaux, Caumer, and La Ferfesous-Jouaree. In July, I9l8, he became an insPrucPor aP Phe Army Engineer Camp aP Langres, France, and Phe following monPh refurned Po La FerPesous-Jouaree. During Phe SP. Mihiel and Meuse-Argonne Offensives he served wiPh head- quarfers of Phe FirsP Army, and in November, I9I8, was Pransferred Po 'Phe 3I5Ph Engineers, wiPh which he Pook parP in Phe capfure of Sfenay. Following Phe Armisfice, he served wiPh Phe Army of OccupaPion in Germany and in December, I9l8, ioined Phe 306Ph Engineers aP Novsur-Seine. The following April he Pook parf in 'Phe InPer-Allied Pisfol MaPch aP Le Mans, afPer which he was assigned briefly Po Phe Fiffh Engineers af Coblenz, Germany. He rePurned Po Phe Unifed SPaPes in July, l9l9, for dufy af Camp Dodge, Iowa. A year lafer he enfered Mas- sachusePPs lnsPiPuPe of Technology aP Cambridge, Massachuseffs, from which he received his Bachelor of Science degree in civil engineering in June, l92l. He Phen became an insPrucPor aP Phe U. S. Milifary Academy af WesP Poinf, New York, and in June, I924, was assigned Po Phe DisPricP Engineer's office af Louisville, KenPucky. ln March, I925, he was placed in charge of Phe consPrucPion ofa dam across Phe Ohio River aP Addison, KenPucky. The 'Following January he was assigned Po Phe Office of Phe Chief of Engineers af WashingPon, D. C., for duPy in Phe Training SecPion. He enPered Phe Command and General Sfaff School aP ForP Leavenworfh, Kansas, in AugusP, I929, and upon graduaPion from Phe Pwo-year course in June, I93l, was appoinfed DisPricP Engineer af Honolulu, Hawaii. Three years laPer he rePurned Po Phe UniPed SPa'Pes 'Po become an insPrucPor a'P Phe Engineer School aP ForP Bel- voir, Virginia. In July, l937, he was appoinfed DisPricP Engineer aP LiPPle Rock, Arkansas, and in June, 1940, became Acfing Engineer of Phe SouPhwesPern Division af Li+PIe Rock, Arkansas. He was named Engineer of Phe SouPhwesPern Division Phe following December and moved in PhaP capacify Po Dallas, Texas, in February, I94-I. ln addiPion Po his duPies as Engineer of Phe Soufhwesfern Division, he also served as direcfor of Phe Real EsPaPe Repairs and UPiliPies Division of Phe Eighfh Service Command af Forl Sam Housfon, Texas. ln OcPober, I'-742, he became chief of sPaff of Phe Persian Gulf Service Command. He was appoinfed Depufy Direcfor for Demobilizafion of Phe Plans and OperaPions Division, Army Service Forces, in February, I944, and Phe following AugusP was named direcPor of iPs Planning Division. In April, I9-15, he became Depufy Direcfor for Plans and Operafions, and in January, I946, Direcfor of Plans and Operafions. He became acPing AssisPanP Chief of Sfaff for Supply, War DeparPmenP General Sfaff, in March, I946, and in June, l946, was Pransferred Po Phe office of Phe Direcfor of Service, Supply and Procuremenf, Office of Phe Chief of SPaff of Phe Army. ln February, I948, General ScoPP assumed command of Phe U. S. Army in Alaska, wiPh s'PaPion aP ForP Richard- son, Alaska. In May, I950, he was assigned Po Phe Office of Phe Secrefary of Defense. The following November he was appoinPed Direcfor of Phe OSD Office of Milifary AssisPance. General ScoPP was awarded Phe DisPinguished Service Medal in I94-2. He was awarded an Oak Leaf Clus'Per Po Phe Disfinguished Service Medal in I944. General ScoPP also has been awarded a second Oak Leaf CIusPer Po Phe Disfinguished Service Medal and Phe Army CommendaPion Ribbon. In April, I944, he was awarded Phe Russian Order of Kufuzov, 2nd Class, "for successful performance of operafions of American Forces in Phe Persian Gulf Command in maPPers of Pranspori' of armamenf, equipmenf and food Po Phe Sovief Union which resulfed in greaP assisPance Po Phe Red Army in ifs sfruggle wiPh Pheir German Invaders." Gen. ScoPP Phen lefP posiPion as Direcfor of Office of Milifary AssisPance Po become Commanding General af Forf Belvoir on Sepfember l5, I95I. FRANK Il. HHIIWMAN Brigadier General Depuiy Commander Chief of Sheff NOEL C. BROWN Lieutenant Colonel MARVIN C. EELISON MAXIMIANO S. JANAIRO Lieuienanf Colonel Colonel G-2 and G-3 G04 GEIIERHL FORT BElUOIR UIRGIIIIH HEL' QE! ll ll --d WARD H. VanATTA Lieufenanf Colonel Complroiler Q5 imma: JESSIE E. WILLIAMS SHELTON B. BILES Caplain Firsf Lieufenani Secretary, General Sfaff Aide-de-camp - i - 1 I I - Q ' fu 2, V 1 H A 1 ifxmg, -i Xj' Q A 25 1, N YQ ' 1 Q, 5,2 T WZ " ,. my H, J gf xy, U .V w W A ,,.,gg1wXf1w1gi,g,,5g,m 5 gf,-gf M .V.,w' 4 M D L' J: , I L' 1. 3 ,.ffp5z,:- 'V wwf-A -fi, WM: f-H f, QU, .rc .4,, 1' ,,-'rel ,L A ff" f- B22 li wg .wwf W ' - ' :wr - Til . , 4 , y , , , : :nw A W f--ry ' K , " 4 . 'Y .lk POST HEADQUARTERS N.C.O. Club The Polomac Peninsula which is Forl' Belvoir, was once parr of lhe vasl"es'lale lying belwen 'lhe Pofomac and Rappa- hannock Rivers, known as "The Norlhern Neck." This lracf was granfed in l6B8, by James ll of England, 'lo Lord Culpepper, and inherifed by Lord Thomas Fairfax, from his moiher, Lady Calherine Culpep- per Fairfax. ln l734, Lord Thomas Fairfax appoinied his cousin, Colonel William Fairfax, gen- eral superinfendeni of ihe esfale. and gave him a 2,500 acre lracl' for a resi- dence. Here, Colonel Fairfax erecled, dur- ing I736-l74l. lhe spacious house which he named "Belvoir" lmeaning "beauliful 'lo see"l in honor of his anceslral home in England. Belvoir Mansion house was briclr, broughf as ship's ballasl from England, and iwo sfories in heighi, surrounded by a brick wall and formal garden. exfending lo 'lhe Poiomac. Washinglon's diary tells us il "was of lwo slories and an alfic, wilh four convenieni' rooms and a wide passage on lhe ground floor. five rooms and a wide passage on 'lhe second floor. wilh spacious cellars, offices, lcilchens, quarlers, coacherie, slables and all olher oufbuildings needed on a greal' eslal'e." George Washingfon, fourlh child of Augusline Washinglon, was born al' Walle- field, Wesfmoreland Counry, Virginia. on Engineer School Library 22 February I732. 'lhe firsl child of Mary Bell, his falher's second wife. A+ lhe dea'l'h of fheir fafher in I743. Lawrence Washinglon, lhe older half brolher, inheriled a lracl on ihe Pofomac near Belvoir, which he named Mounl Ver- non, in honor of Admiral Vernon, under whom he loughf al Carfegena. Lawrence Washinglon married Anne, daughfer of his neighbor, Colonel William Fairfax of Belvoir Planfafion. A few years Field Prinling Plan+ 75" Regimental Headquariers Abbof Hall is 5 ig. S: .C ,4 'iff .511 6 --vfwn N ,, , W r . . ,. 3 ,, G .. if N 71 - ef gf r fy wif is .2 f swam fx. W W 'f W N: 'qw r li 1 x if :Jn , ,. W. I. Lincoln logs 2. Like we said . . . "Jusi name i+ and we can build ii!" 3. Cois and pans 4. A greasy job 5. Jeep repairing 6. Raising Kelly 7. Placing s'l'eel ireaclway on a rubber ponioon EIIGIIIEERS III HCTIOII ,gf is Q l ,. I-X 5 KET V -gnu' N s An W L W....m.1-evmu-:wie,,:,1s,x.c.a.nm.1m.vmm:wfe.., -W .X V , f F .- if JE 5 e rg si Q? 5 PHY if ii e M W W. . i . -" W xw Hiking xr wr., Z.,j','Q,,,, , f mrgswerei mesa, ,WA : fgugrggmgga n?a.rzQ:ea?g,..x"1R We 'reams-e - A r smeaaa ., ie K new ., .ae:axaa5Vm2Zk, 1 1 ,.f:.Q..v-.Q,eQr..eifwM . 1. ai, gg:-irrxgvrvav w. WF a .M fm rs ,X mi is x.. I I , . gd-K A ff- lie Las , rl' Su Qff'-: 1 Ea n ':.' ,,x.i Afj' Sz - ,:.. mg , lafer in I747, fhe fiffeen-year-old George Washingfon came fo Mounf Vernon 'lo live wifh his brofher, and began a lifelong friendship wifh George William Fairfax, oldesf son of fhe owner of Belvoir Planfafion iusf across Dogue Creelc. This companionship caused him fo spend much of his fime af Belvoir, in fhe company of Colonel Fairfax and Lord Thomas Fairfax, who spenf some years af Belvoir. These associafions and use of fheir exfensive library of hisfory, economics, religion and philosophy, were of large imporfance in forming fhe characfer of 'lhe growing boy. Learning fhaf young Washingfon had sfudied surveying, Lord Thomas Fairfax engaged him and George Fairfax fo survey parf of "The Norfhern Neck." Accordingly, in March, l748, fhe fwo young surveyors sef forfh wifh a field parfy on horsebaclr and spenl' fhe summer laying off fracfs of land on fhe upper Pofomac and in fhe Shenadoah Valley. Many minor advenfures wilh seHlers and Indians befell fhe parfy, and helped prepare Washingfon for fhe frials and vicfories ahead. Refuring fo Belvoir, in fhe fall, wifh his records and reporfs fo Lord Thomas Fairfax, George Washingfon was appoinfed a public surveyor of Wesfmoreland Counfy, and spenf 'lhe nexf four years in fhaf pursuif, frequenfly visifing his friends af Belvoir. By l773, Colonel George William Fairfax had fallen heir fo ancesfral esfafes in England, and deparfed hence, leaving Belvoir in fhe care of his friend George Wash- ingfon. ln IT74, Washingfon received orders fo dispose of mosf of fhe furnishings, and purchased a good deal himself for Mounf Vernon. The planfafion was leased fo fhe Reverend Andrew-Morfon for seven years. In I783, fhe mansion burned fo fhe ground, and in ISI4, on suspicion of fheir being forfificafions, gunfire from fhe Brifish fleef laffaclcing Washingfonl furfher demolished fhe chimneys and ruins. Belvoir was never rebuilf, nor do fhere remain aufhenfic plans or drawings. I. Adding anofher "link" 'lo fhe 3. Geffing ponfoon bridge "chain," "eadY- u l 4. Assembling an mfanfry foof 2. Hoisfing secfion of a bridge. bridge. 15.3351 . fa - s..a. man-ulu.f1.:e c,-,amzwnvewn-ea..-,eueunn annual-ima:-Q. ,A . ,J.,.Lmm.v1..aAu.11111La.:.. nox E I 1 4 M! 3 , L.4- :.: TM if Q4 - ., 4 - 1 I Z Wff ' WIP ' fl e f'?i 2, L " f -awww-ww - , ,-,W 'z .,.. 4 3,-1 -L-Q .f . 'rj -S v QE! .5-A rv 5-N nu. 131' glam -we fx A4 Ma v- I 'vm f wx gs mxgrgig -3rffff,s-, - f ' we ,Q xfsf H . k . -1 n-..- x-mf sax Sf. me give. Bridge builders IIIIU IIIIIIIE IT . . IIIE CIIII D0 IT! The big push In I940, a Repiacemenf Training Cenfer for Engineer Troops was esiablished aI' Fori' Beivoir. The firsi Trainees arrived I7 March I94I. During iIs six years of exisfence, I47,000 Iroops were 'Irained and Ihe name of fhe cenier became in furn fhe "Army Service Forces Training CenIer" and "The Engineer CenI'er." ShorIIy afier 'the cessafion of hosfiliiies, Ihe Training Cenfer was inacfivafed and 'Ihe presenf "Engineer CenI'er" was esfablished. The Engineer Cenier and Fori' Belvoir as if now exis'Is, was esfab- Iished 6 January I947. Under 'rhe direc+ confrol of The Chief of Engineers, if inciudes fhe Posf Headquariers, The Engineer School, The Engineer Research and Delevopmeni' Laboraiories, The Sfaiion Compiemeni, and The Engineer Replacemenf Training Cenfer. ! S2 v The Engineer Cenfer and For? Belvoir is one of fhe nafion's largesf milifary insfallafions, sifuafed I5 miles soufh of Washingfon, on Highway No. I, leading fo Richmond. Many Heaclquarfers buildings and barracks are of permanenf consfrucfion, surrounding a spacious Parade Ground and ellipse. Pracfically every facilify fo be found in a large cify, is available and can very well false care of fhe personnel of fhe Posf, wifh fhe possible excepfion of housing. Forf Belvoir has assigned iurisdic- fion over par? of fhe Cameron Valley FPHA proiecf, locafed on Dulce Sfreef in nearby Alexandria. Social Services, including The American Red Cross. and a Volunfeer Service Group, are available. Afhlefics and recreafion are available-badminfon courfs, fennis courfs, bowling alleys, baslcefball courfs, baseball and foolball fields, and a well laid our Golf Course are on every hand. Clubs for Officers and non-commissioned officers are on fhe Posf. A Banlc-branch of The Cifizens Nafional Banlc of Alexandria, mainfains a service on 'fhe Posf. A Post Office, Library, Commissary, Posf Exchange, Laundry, Merchandise Sfore and a Lunch Counfer are a few of fhe ofher services available on fhe Posf. XXX X14-X 'kai , fM'i"i'i'T1- r 53" Pouring concrefe for a new building Pile driver gefsifhe job done XXXV. .,....,M,X,,X, XX XXXXXXX XX fXX,Xm XXX .X X XXXW X:X..XXX X X XX X X X-Xawe XX XXX, X-1-X XX H XXX X X X-X XXXQX X XX :XX X X ,, ,X er X XXXX X X rev f X XX , ,ew X X X-X X X X XMX. 'S an 2 X X 3 m x X 3 , XX X J X . , L 2 E, X XXX X X f K H x X X XX Y 1 X 2 X X XXX X 1 4 3 ,, X XX , X " X X -XX XX XX X X X X y"X15,Xsff- XXX XX XX XX X X X X , . M ' X--1: X X f , Q nf: XX I I iif?i??:X Xfilr-' XX fisriis XXXX.. , ' X M-X,,3X,. X XX , X 1 aXMW4.i,.- W V' 'HLiL:L XXX X e X X ,4-XXAiw3',:, X JXX- LLQXX 2 XX X X, L M WX. X. XXf.:w..X..,. 3 Q jvllrf' X X if 9 Y 2 E K :X X Y maj: if-,QE-J-TUX. X,1:i..: . A ,', 'i V' ' ' 4 l 'Y' I X xg Xe- X3-E Mg. , - X X Q 'fXfX1Zu.s,'-xp5:'i- '-X X' X fX.... XX if , s X f X Xin, er.vJ'..,.fq X -- X , ,,,,.yg, A - X.. .X X .XXX'l. -Q' XX,-QQ-if 1 X X:fx,::.-e-'T X X XX MJJNW. , 1 K f 'XI 1 fXXXXX?V?iT' 1 X X W egefee ,X X x -gif-x X XXX K I , HM X X X X X X X 1 X 1 X Xe X X X X X , X XX ' .f X X . XXX X. X--:X ,M . gag-ef.:59s"5'Qg . B. 3ga,??!'?5'55SX 'gov s' XXX ' ,X 1 X M .. ,. M A E XX XXXMX Uri XXXXX X- 5, , X-X5-if 's5,X"XXX..X" f . ,',,."f :UA 5 xitigi . is :Lug , XF 5 ,igfgfvrgi-51.53 eel .M We-?SSXQ3'XXP5rXsXeYl X XX XXQ1-iff? 3 ef .:. ,ffff 4? , XX if ' X? , . -X 1 5 Q 5 W X Eg , XX ,N X XX Q-X 1 X, M .X W e fx W PM fiQb?EXXXXfi.Q'e-7 :Wi Wim" ef' Egzggyiife gg . ..,v.M ,, 3- any 1 Sew ,Q :5' " X rs ' 'M ': ' Eli LX i 3' -luf iii-:-: " gif 525 5335 we X "-'- 5 e ' ' '-1 'X , is A fi V " i'MiX?J "-Xfiafisffw' .XX iris fr ik 5 X . -X --"J 1.5219 1 . ' ea.-XX! . 1 ..fa-.14f:Q- 4 ' "'1:X.: , ,. "" z XM 1' - X-M194 " i. 'M X X XXX :XXX XX 5-.XX XX XX XX X-X XX - XX me -NX XE XX XX.- ,M XXX XX m XXXX e XX e XXXXX Xue XXX e e X XX XX YM- p , Ee ui- xi ,,, - - fr 1 15, 'eww me as .yrs- wwf' Pas? rosfers of Hs Commandanfs, facully and siudenfs reveal names associafed wilh oufsfanding achievemenfs in our Nafion's hislory. Wiihin fhe walls of Fori' Belvoir, such disfinguished officers as Duane, Abbol, Goe+hals, MacArfhur, Somervell, Sulfan, Wheeler. Piclc. Groves. Clay-siudied and worlced. Throughoui' 'lhe years--from Willefs Poinl' fo Washinglon Barraclrs, +o Camp Hum- phreys lnow For? Belvoirl, The Engineer School has esfablished and mainfeined a high place among our service insfifuiions and, in so doing, has upheld fhe fines? 'rradifions of The Corps of Engineers. Repairing dozer Removing bi+ from Kelly Bar A eau New ev.. sz Y I ' ! .- ' 2 ENGINEER .1 5 . - . . n W , - . REPLACEMENT TRAINING CENTER ? J ,-IJZ 4 4 X I X, TN,,,j - HEADQUARTERS THE ENGINEER REPLACEMENT TRAINING CENTER THE ENGINEER CENTER FORT BELVOIR, VIRGINIA To all men in Ihe Engineer Replacemenl Training Cenler who have come for basic Training, I wish Io offer my congralulalions for Ihe exem- plary manner in which you have applied yourselves. You have shown greal -enlhusiasm and ambirion for lhe varied phases ol Army life Ihal have been inlroduced Io you here. You have realized Ihal Ihis Iraining is a viral parl ol your preparalion lor defending our way ol life. To all olllicer and noncommissioned officer cadremen, I wish 'ro slale my apprecialion lor Ihe superior iob done under mosl Irying circumslances. You have sel and mainlained a high slandard ol excellence and you have lurned oul well-qualified members ol Ihe Corps of Engineers. We shall conlinue Io do our ulmosl Io mainlain conslanlly our devolion Io duly. 462444 Brigadier General, USA Commanding ,,..-.. .. . if si 'N' GSE wi xm wa new M mi Enwmeufss Xen is .wx ww 2. .. mf an M, an an WW E E5 'A mrw-new mam 2 .ew F in H- - i , . if :ai mam is-A ,E 'am aims E W K x -sf'-ma M-Ma , Q E N E wi Km rum we rise H new E-was ne m as me nv .. W ,X -igma wg- gsff nga mrs mg B me P1 egg H 5 1 Ev -gsm ,agree X may www-'M ,si-Lemza si Sin i-im EE 5 M, -mu Q K V E s me m- a m was me me B is mm SEFW ms se mm SE :H X2 Frsnuf aa sm nm mx-few mmm -H H-eww gl: Eg mnlldisf EHQHGIHZY-HHH fhiibum-WLEHB QE fm GSK E em-Mm-we 1- Eg 5 3?,-.wma-m J , mama REQ' M mmmm a ms pm mg mf fvl IILBERT C. LIEBER BRIGADIER GENERAL Commanding General Engineer Replacemeni Training Cenfer H. D. DAVIS, JR. I . Colonel Direcior of Training STHFF ROBERT L. ROPER Lieufenani Colonel Execu+ive Officer I i l I Q l l C. W. YOUNG W. R. FERGUSON A. C. LOPEZ Lieufenanl Colonel Maior Maior Direcfor, Conlrol and lnspecfion Direcfor of Supply Headquarfers Commandanl l li . l l l l q lm G. E. BUBB, JR. RALPH S. KRISTOFERSON Capfain Captain Adiuianl Direcfor of Personnel Adminisirafive Division C - xrfi FQ? - n "HAL .X qw'-M, y fx gif I " .. ,ga , 9355 me-Tm-.. H ' A xg. ....5a5'. if -' A- .3 -by ' , ii, :.. 'V L I Fm 'L N, ,f ,, .A 3, - - ig' f.fQ-5-ff' -- MM .' - E -f v 5' f 3 . 5, .5 4, - ,Q af 'N .rm Kill + :-:E1-2' -' P ' N 4 1 . -m., u :E:,. 'N .1-. , L, f it T 1 L! LSB, ff f, 'U ',. 'N ,W -.1 - A f.., - A I 3 Q "n M, "' ,.s ,I . - ' . V' ' V -ya.-v As. . . Q' 5:91 ' f W3 'I i ' ' S s W Yugi, .F gixn'-wf!J"?3g" ai.. SS 1' " r A 5-, j. r A -. -Q. ly ,'.,,a.j f ::,::: ' K MQ-pw? 73? 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WINDHAM Lieufenani Colonel Commanding Officer FREDERICK D. CHIVINGTON Maior Executive Officer BFISIC TRIIIIIIIIG GIIUUP I lm' 45' WILLIAM C, ADAMS JAMES M. MCCOY WALTER A. SANFORD ROGER BRYAN Maior Captain Capfann Assisfanf Execufive Officer S-3 Adiufanf Second Lleufenani' Assistanf S-3 .WHA A - m THO-MAS B. MECHLING Lieufena'nf Colonel Commanding Officer ROBERT A. PROHASKA Caprain Group S-3 KEITH G. COMSTOCK Firsi Lieuienanf Assisfanf S-3 and Training Officer FIDUHIIEED ENGINEER THHIIIIIIG GRUUP 1- ir FIRST B TTALIU lst EUMPANY End EUMPANY 3rd EUMPANY 4th EUMPANY HORACE GRUBBS Capfain Commanding Officer FIRST TH CADRE Masier Sergeanf MOKE Ed S , qar I., Jr. Sergeanfs Firsf Class HASSLER, Reldon L. LaFORCE, John PIPER, Fred T., Jr. Sergeanf CARR, William E. Corporal WEIL4 Roberf IST ENGINEER TRAINING BATTALION LEONARD J. ROBILOTTI JOSEPH VELTRI GEORGE C. YOUNG Second Lieufenanf Second Lieufenanf Second LieuIena'n? PIaIoon Leader Plafoon Leader Adminisfrafive Officer Plafoon Leader NI EU AN 'WH' E do i f QQ,-1 , 1.3 .,. s. . 1' f, in IZ. .v I . :ff I. f A W . sq - -.4 igl. V M' '-.14 V. W 1 -" K Y. ' .wx 1 "' 91 fj, ' , I 'iff' ' :P Nl A al' . ,I . I' , l II I I it ' 3 '2 , I - V - . .. ' H. .- ' ' rr r rf s wf . . ,K '. L . . T i I I 7 ""' Q. typ: :rlr A 4 wg - , I Al Penal' I ' 1 I " W I 1 I "I, 2 j j ' I xr , ,I . - 1 1 f"T -H N T- - f ' G:I:T 4 V in I 4. 1 . I , ., -5 , 3,353 ' VV A V A . I I t My I , -. JU? J' ,, M I -a 6 .iw . its If I5 I 9- av V o c ,, vi ll' W I ., . . or in -1: my N iw I A V I 1 A, C .... , ,. I, , lag I at ,,,,. 9' I fa ----- I . IJ 6 I 1' ff' 45' 2 -: --- :I Lv Q : .Pei Y. . I' 1 ,Q 356 Q5 , . 5 . . .l . I S I .1 5- , I .aa ,E 5. .2- N 1 , , -, . . I-i n I Ay . FIRST TH!-IIIIIINIJ IIIIMPI-INY IST ENGINEER TRAINING BATTALION TRAINEES FIRST ROW: ACKLES, Paul E. ADAMS, Charles R. ALBERT, Peler T. ALLT, John P. ANDERSON, Nalhanlel AUFFINGER, William M. AUSTIN, Huberl' T. SECOND ROW: BARBER, Duane E. BASTONE, Frank A. BAUGHMAN, Orville C. BELLETTO, Joseph B. BIALKOWSKI, Gene M. BILLING, John G. BOGGESS, Olho H. THIRD ROW: BOTZ, Harry J. BOYD, Carl BRAUN, Wilbur H. BREYMAN, John E. BROWN, Harold E. BUCKREY, John F. BUNKER, Edward L. FOU RTH ROW: BURKE, Herald BURSTEIN, Aaron CALESTINA, Sylvio F. CALLAWAY, Darrell CAMPBELL, Henry D. CARR, Roloerf L. CARTER, Daniel C. FIFTH ROW: CHRISTENSEN, Alden B. CHUCK, Man Kong COEN, Thomas P. COOPER, Russell K, COULOMBE, Henri L. DAHLBERG, John R. DAVIS, Clinlon L. SIXTH ROW: DAVIS, James E. DAVIS, Roberl J. DAVISON, Rex A. DEARINGER, Darrel E. DeBOLT, Roy A. DeLUCA, Louis, Jr. DENNIS, Enqlish T. SEVENTH ROW: DINAPOLI, Paul W. DOLES, Donald S. DONAHEY, Richard M. DRAKE, Donald A. DREW, Dale R. DUKE, Marvin E. DU RHAM, Roberl F. EIGHTH ROW: EASTON, Bobby G. EDGELL, Howard G. ELLIOTT, Floyd L., Jr. ELZA, Tommy ENFIELD, Myron L. FOSSON, Erby D. GAZDECKI, Raymond T. NINTH ROW: GEORGE, Leonard E. GIBNEY, Henry GILBERT, Omar H. GLOWACKI, Sfanley J. GRANT, Alan P. GREENBERG, Kennelh R. GREENE, Millon I'-1. FIRST TRAINING EIIMPI-Il'llY IST ENGINEER TRAINING BATTALION FIRST ROW: GROCHOW, Donald E. HAILE, James T. HANCOCK, Charles HANSMAN, Allen D. HARDIN, Fred E. HARTSELL, Roberl' L. HAVENS, Robert G. SECON D ROW: HECKENBACH, Ernesf W., Jr, HEURING, Frank, Jr. HOFFMAN, LeRoy H. HOPKINS, William B. I-IOUGH, William B. HUDSON, Lawrence C. HUMPHRIES, Slanley J., Jr. THIRD ROW: HUNTER, Donald G. HURKA, Frank P., Jr. JENSEN, Roberl L. JERTSON, Theodore P. JOHNSON, Clyde A. JONES, James R, JONES, Samuel FOURTH ROW: KAISER, Clare J. KEELING, William P. KELLEY, Willard R. KELLY, Clyde A. KEMP, Roberf J. LEMCKE, Arden A. LEUELLEN, Roberl' E. FIFTH ROW: LEWIS, Harvey E. LIGHT, William B. LILES. Alfred R. LIOLIOS, Charles J. LISTON, Junior J. LOCKLEAR, Earl F. LOUNGO, Thomas J. SIXTH ROW: LYKAM, Clarence W. MARSHALL, Kennelh B. MARTIN, James A. MAYHUGH, Gordon E. MCCLURE, Samuel MELHORN, Roberl H. METTLER, Boyd R. SEVENTH ROW: MILLER, Donald L. MULLIMAN, Marlin K. MILLSAP, Charles A., Jr. MINICH, Frank M. MODGLIN, James E. MOREHEAD, Henry C. MOSSER, Harley W. EIGHTH ROW: MURNANE, Robert C. NAAB, Harry K. NAPARIU, George NEIGHBORS, Berkley B. NERADIL, Thomas H. NEWMAN, Duane G. NICKELS, Charles J. NINTH ROW: O'BRYANT, Ralph L. OLDANI, Anlhony L. OLIVER, Raymond C. OSTERHOUDT, Alvin L. OVERTON, Frederick OWENS, Thomas M. PAGE, Jack L. .gi .1 'I HQ. ' gl ' 'Y 1 is It P . 5 A u I It , l b .f at If' if Q :IH R ir " . ,I v h .lf , J 0 .I P . E f ' 46- :Q 132.-2 . .if , ,f , I 1 . V - 41 , ,ff A. . 5,, :i i I: A nf :'. . 'fi .k i .Q ,,.1 N , f in - " 5 xiii? i L ,," E1 , I KK .-121, I .,, ,y I .y I I Y 3 I T .ig . if A r , :"-. I , . ,""ix!f K E I , ii -I .L f L f.. -" --.'. mi 15 51- E' 55555 ,U -- xr. 'i,' -: fi- if "- W1 ' ' I " '.-.Li Qi" ' .V ,. F I I Q Q I '- .,,, P fri' mv .. . iq , - 'J ,I ff?" , I x Q ni, fl..'Q- Q vw, A r PV I , A 112' A IV vi. Q! A , 5 5 rfL'i.!I .. JZ-' -,LF f 4 fit. .ss ' . Rin I , 4' ' F .. .arf 4 . if H 'I V' .5 Aw' n f: . ,, 'If '19 I N M 2 iff '- V . .fl 'fa iv A' , a , it 5i . I if -I.:-.5 I .. QV' - I I l-1 .. 'I 'LQ' .af Wiz. I 31 WI? 1:4 1 Rx he I Rash ' Q-I yr L DHI if M .5 Q..- ,yy ip, "pf- lb vi' I n -In .- r I 3 nf? J' l 1 ,ff 1 1, ggi? K, FIRST TRAINING EIIMPIINY IST ENGINEER TRAINING BATTALION FIRST ROW: PALSO, Richard R. PARRISH, Ronald C. PATE, Don K. PAUL Roy L. PELLEGRINI, Pefer P. PETERS Waller A. PFIFFNER, Richard J. SECOND ROW: PIATZ, Roberl J. PLAHY, I-lerberl M. RAMSEY, Pedro RANKIN, Edward L. RASCHER, Carl J. RAUCH, Slanlev A. REISE, Presfon E. THIRD ROW: RIGDON, Kenneth E. ROBINSON, Leslie P. ROGERS, Willie B. ROSS, Waller G. ROWLAND, Elmer G. SALMOND, Woodruff J. SCHAFER, Hilko H. FOU RTH ROW: SCHWARTZ, Jack Sl-IIVERDECKER, Harold L. SHOEMAKER. Paul J. SMITH, William F. SOWDEN, Clifford F. SPRUCEBANK, Roland J. STAPEL, Frank C. FIFTH ROW: STREET, Jack STRUCK, Roberl L. TACKETT, Billy J. TETLOW, Paul H. THOMPSON, Lawrence TORRES, Ramon S. TUBERVILLE, Troy F. SIXTH ROW: TURBUSH, Roberl J. TYGE, Burnell R. ULRICH, Alvin L. VanOSTENBRlDGE, James VENA, Andrew J., Jr. VINCILIONE, Paul A. VINE, George A. SEVENTH ROW: VISE, Hosea R. VITALE. Anthony L. WAGNER, James WAGNER, Richard WAITE, Don C. WALTER Gerald B. WARD, Corlie, Jr. EIGHTH ROW: WARD, Joseph P. WARREN, Rav E. WARTA, Joseph J. WASSON, Richard D. WEBSTER. Roberl E. WICK, Richard G. WILLIAMS, Morgan, Jr. NINTH ROW: WOODSON, Major WOOLFOLK, George A. WROBLEWSKI, Casimir J. WULF, Georqe R. ZAHARA, William B. ZALLEN, Rubin M. ZIMMEL, Richard D. SEIIIJ ll TH N N BUMP IST ENGINEER TRAINING BATTALION AA MILUM D. PERRY KEITH A. SEATON HENRY F. HIRSCHEY, JR, FRED SABOL Caofaln . Firsf Lieufenani Second Lieutenanf Second Lieufenani C0mmSndlfl9 Officer Plaloon Leader Administrative Officer Plafoon Leader CADRE ' Sergeanfs Firsl Class BROOKS, Flave E. VICKERS, Gerald E. 45" -'f Ji ' fix Serqeanfs I 'E ' V, xo' l MILLER, Rohof+ F. ,,,l,,l-llll, MURPHY, Edwin D. l l - X , PATRICK, Lowell E. f TRAINEES i FIRST Row: , I ALBERTO, Alex JL --V. o-J,,l, , 24, - ALEWELL, Hubert E. figfirf RTT , gl: ALFANO, Dominick L. , 1 ,,-31 , ' ALLEMAND, Geqrge E. "Q L ' a 'Q' ALLEN, Howard E., Jr. ah- ' . AMISS, William E. . ARNOLD, Harry J. Q - SECOND Row: , , ,f A , BABBITT, William I lv R - . "" BAeLlNl, Joseph , , c , -- V: 74, 'ffgi-5 f BAIRD, Robert D. -. L 'fo?'i' ' 1' BAKAJ, Joseph, Jr. . Ig A 2' 'A' BARNES, Thomas A. g , 2' SECKMAN, Roger C. fe?" ,V 4, BELDEN, Lelan ' r , 1 J THIRD ROW: ,, L, ,7- BELSON, Frederick I ,flf f '5' ' -fi, ' l' 9 I El' lu BENNEW, Lemon J. f . 1 ggi' log, ,,M, , , IJ, 5 H BENNE11 Marilyn e. , ll J llfwo, BIAS, Grover, Jr. 3 ' 5 if ,,. QW BLANCHETTE, Roberl fi 7 Il J v BLECHINGER, Joseph J. I f , J 'ir' -1 W' 1. aouLl-llN, Farris M. A FOURTH ROW: ., BOWERS, ooholo I - lk Tuff? , "f, 1 ,ff BRASS, color, la. 1- f ,sf f ,ns , R ,, slazmlo KJ ll I of for' , aurice . rg , " fi' ,f ' BURNS. Harold D. '-,gf fo ,, - 'fo -'f ,A BUTLER, John L. I . A 5 f I BUTLER, LeRoy . - AN ff? 1 .2 ,N 4 . ny , Q3 I, . a ,V Y, .. 'fbi YL A 'eg rl", " ' JE' E:-v 1 5 C L E3 I -4' '..' Q95 : V Es I gl. -, .39 J rag r . I, 5, 92 5, sa 'v f UI L' I ' V 'ef i -....- .0- .r A Di '. l if pf f . ':"i I W S tv. rf W- I -. Q , J V. -X., x ff' lf . ,,,l,. 4.5 - -..2 - . I I f I A so-" 1 TY N ,. , -s nl 4 'r' yu -1 j ,f . , ' V. ,'1ll"'. ,-5- -ft! - .fl 4. . X J- , ' Q G r, -5.5 49.913 I. flv' K, .I 'l -'l' . - f re , .4 . :- f ' lr ' ,ci art? Q ' fi !7 , w ll".-. if EIZ' A . . ll .ri is . ' 'sffzv .. vi I D I .mi QT' 'sl ga 4. Illlll X aff in 1 3.252 -lu , av, K rl' ? V gi ., l 1' -. f ' x N If rr' I lie' I 'I , Y' ra F. , F , in ' 1 lk-il,-7' A. . Eg! . Q a f I' f . .ik , 'W ff!! . W 3,3 . .cf A " 'L EEIIIINII TRAINING IIIIMPANY IST ENGINEER TRAINING BATTALION FIRST ROW: BUTTZ, Charles E. CAMDEN, Ralph E. CAMPUS, James J. CANTLEL William CANTO, Ferdinand CARFREY, Alva P. Cl-IARLEBOIS, Richard G. SECOND ROW: CHASE, Harcicl L. ClOFFl, Andrew J. COBBS, Booker T. COCHRAN, George, Jr. COLON, Rafal COMMISSO, Joseph COOK, Ralph C. THIRD ROW: COOK, Robert H. CORDIER, Jean J. COSTABILE, Donald D. COSTANZO, Gaelano K. COUGHLIN, Francis X. COULOMBE, Gerard M. DALTON, Joseph W. FOURTH ROW: DAVIS, Herberl D. DAVIS, John DAVIS, Linfrecl O. DAY, Bernard W. DEASEY, Donald M. DIEDRICH, Arlhur M. DIETZ, Gregory C. FIFTH ROW: DILLON, Louis C. DOBSON, Alan L, DOBSON, Jay D. DONISVITCH, John W. DORESY, Bernard E. ECCLESTON, Ronald A. EDWARDS, Earl SIXTH ROW: EHRHEART, Loyal EISENHART, Roberf R. FAGGIOLI, Michael A. FARMER, Roberl J. FELTON, Charles, Jr. FISCHER, Alvin O. FLETCHER, Sylvesler M SEVENTH ROW: FORTUCCI, Albert V. FOX James E. FRENCH, Gerald GARAFALO Harry M. GELLATLY, Vlffllfam W. GETER. Gary L. GIACALONE, Anlhony EIGHTH ROW: GIFFORD, Fred E. GREEN, Frank, Jr. GRIFFIN, Georqe A. GUARNIERI, Thomas L. GUETZKE, Osburne M. HANNETT, Robert E. HARTWIG, Emmerf NINTH ROW: HAWKINS, William. Jr. HEIDRICK, Maurice F. HELMS, Roberf E. HEWES, Clarence R., J'. HILLRICHS, Donald C. HOEFER, David E. HOGUE, James H. SEIIUNH TRAINING IIIIMPIINY IST ENGINEER TRAINING BATTALION FIRST ROW: HOOKE, Eldred O. HUFFMAN, Donald C. HUFFMAN, Doris G. HUNTER, George IYO H arry JANKOWSKI, Edward c. JENKINS, Frank SECOND ROW: JOHANNES, Henry JOHNSON, Earnesf JOHNSON, James L. KARL, Joseph J. KEEPER, Alvey J. KEELER, Earl J. KEITH, Chrislopher THIRD ROW: KELSEY, Ferdinand E. KEMP, Robert C. KOEHLER, Kennelh K. KOLESAR, Richard J. KUCZO, Joseph KUHLMAN, Kennelh A. KURTZ, Wesley P. FOURTH ROW: LANGLEY, Ralph J. LEACH, Arden D. LIFGREN, Alfred G., Jr. LINGER, Delmar A. LUCKY, Gram' R. LYONS. Donald J. MACLAUGHLIN, Charles A FIFTH ROW: MADISON, Harold MAGUIRE, Kennelh MAHAN, Frank H. MALVEY, Edward J. MASLYK, Waller UD R berl J MASSO , o . MAURICE, Roland N. SIXTH ROW: MAYNARD, Theodore T. MCBRIDE Rufus E. MCDADE, Raymond H. MCGREGOR, William H. MCLAUGHLIN, James J. MENII-IANE, Josebh P. MEYER, Warren E. SEVENTH ROW: MICHAUD, Albert J., Jr. MILLER, Lonnie R. MILLINGTON, Donald H. MONGIELLO, Albert MORAN, Daniel C. MOREAU, John J. MORGAN, Samuel D. EIGHTH ROW: MULLIN, Cornelius MURPHY, Thomas A. MYERS, Melvin S. NEAL, Clifford NIICHEL, Donald W. OTWELL, Franklin D. OWEN, Charles E. NINTH ROW: PERRINE, Frankie W. PETERSON, Clarence PETERSON, Leo F. PHILLIPS, Donald R. PICKARD, Maynard R. PIERCE, Donald L. PINDER. Fredrick A, 1 . ig, 3' fl! ' In 45 ypq' EV. K ,E , , , l 'T' 3" . ng ,,,-M . ini -I- .df , 1 .4 a i -9 .- ' 1 1 , I, ' 1. ,. I A .-,a"' ' ll 1:1 5' rf :'l!5.j--s' 1 J H' 1 ll J gif 3 Q. l -7 ll-MZ , , A fi ' . , .W A - f 37", vifif ' H I + f '35 ,J V u - f I I , 9' Q 4 - I , I YT l Ta r V l , ,.,,N ,, 51 1 il 'X I Q32 in I-- if I 55 lik,-I 3' 3 gf , 3? . O ,xl Ig? ' V. re ,. I' 'I 'Pill' A , 'ue rf -f l lillln . ,, , I -'T , . l W' ,. ,4 4, , no as W Qi , . i +...l. , nflll. , iv' r " J 1 " ,- ' I :P ,, Mr: , 'E 4' ,fx y in JE' 4 ig mpj 6 W ., X! . T"5 5' .I '-6' ',n4 Q l f . and sg, ' - W Ye .fri .56 ull- 1 I I 94 it A I ve V . I 5' ,I E ! ii Y .-ff ,ar R ' if-1 ba V. 4 if " .. '7".?' ., . , 'c.. f. . . , r Q- ., ' .is ,FH . .ng . E ,. Y Vi' . fax Q' 1 5 r l it T - Q ,J .1-L 'Yi 1 - x 'Tir ' . C fri 1 , lv 'A wa 'J '- if 1 "V .- file." .- N 3. - me , , 'Jr livxilifll 71 'i J: cgi, A 1.1 , f l f".-i . " -+V ,?' If ,- '3+5.', lg? 5 'I Q i 7 :R F'-1 - - il il A " .LAL Q' is , ,fill ', , Alina! r."'9f 7' ,, V'-:v .Y I 1 1 yd :Y Q if I . Ig J l LT gt 1 , I 1 I , af. A A q K . Ti iievl I . Y W R II? ,v yy . . , .. , ,. l., V 1 X , I if Li Q? T I v 1 lv i " " i lj W 1 5 'lg 'r '5 . iv. , ff ll .3 ,., I 'X , in r A rg ,' git K lg I ii i ' ',..l1f3 'J L l ii ii " as ' 'A 7 A Q 'l xg 1- 1 J:-1 l , if ' "ii ll l L W H , I a S, FV 'F ' if . of . :ly T1 . . W. .Lili -3' LQ 'Qi 1 15 1 '5' ,. f H M i I " 5 3 'fir fa if 1 U... , I. li G A :gif J, . ' s fer '- ' V. F in , ZQ. lil?-5 392 -1 liivlis ' .fl -. , ' as l if . 1. , x il . li 'i' . fl.. -52:9 I lf' '- I 1 .ri Q 77 f . . i 7 -. fan?-I P .7 9 re. F . f "Y EEEUND TRAINING IIIJMPANY IST ENGINEER TRAINING BATTALION FIRST ROW: PIRHALLA, Joseph G. PITT, Floyd G. POWELL, Ronald PRIEN, Eugene J. PROBST, Gerald F. PUSKAR, Michael J. RABEN, Keilh M. SECOND ROW: RAMSEY, Gordon H. RAU, Charles E. RICCIO, Pefer J. RICHARDS, Charles W. RICHARDSON, Jack L. ROACH William P. ROBERSON, Leo THIRD ROW: ROBINSON, Howard J. ROCKWOOD, Douglas B, ROEHRS, William H. ROSTAD, Glenn H. RUSSELL, Gilberf R. RUSSO, Prisco A. RYAN, Thomas J. FOU RTH ROW: RYAN, William F. SCATURRO, Donald D. SCHAEFGES, Jerome N. SCHMIDLAPP, William L. SCHWERTFAGER, James SEANLON, Donald E. SHANKS, George N. FIFTH ROW: SHERMAN, Paul G. SHORT, Lee E., Jr. SHUMAKER, Beniamin L. SKONIECKI, Edmond SKOW, Wesley E. SLEZAK, William A. STANISLAWSKI, Euqene G. SIXTH ROW: STORE, Clarence W. STOUGH, Carl E., Jr. STRAWSER, Kennelh C. SUMINSKI, Leonard SWINDELLS, James TAYLOR, Cecil TAYLOR, Richard L. SEVENTH ROW: Tl-IOM, Irving D. TINSLEY, Raymond E. TOWN, Gerould L. TROY, John E., Jr, VANOUER, Clwalhrles E. VESCHIO, Ra p A. VITALE, Henry A. EIGHTH ROW: WACHOWSKI, Joseph J., Jr WADAGA, Raymond l. WADDELL, Cedric W. WANSOR, Donald E. WEBER, Anfon V. WEITKAMP, Charles E., Jr. WIENER, Herman M. NINTH ROW: WILLIAMS, Richard WILLS, Roberl VMI' FE .lohn I. WOOD, George T, THIRD TRAIN N' EU I-IN IST ENGINEER TRAINING BATTALION 1376 3 'E' I fg JOHN H, ORY JAMES E. HARKINS MILTON J. MOORE ARTHUR J, SECOR Firsf Lieufenanf Second Lieufenanf Second Lieufenani' Second Lieufenanf Commanding Officer Adminisfrafive Officer Platoon Leader Platoon Leader On range wiih Ihe M-I rifle II TH IST ENGINEER TRAINING 3. -If . I., A J Zan! I. 5 MPA BATTALION pf ' f W . ff ., I' E 4, , gr... F. I L I vi wi I gr I-f"5 TE.: J ...Lf H T I EW l f 3: Iulfiaikz f . fbi' ,NJ in LA -as TRAINEES FIRST ROW: ADAMS, David, Jr. AIKENS, Willie N. ALLERS, Jacob B. lc. AMERSON, Willie ANDERSON Ra mond D. ANTHONY, 'lohll ARAKELIAN, Roberl J. SECOND ROW: ARNOLD, Oscar E. BAKER, George W. BARKLEY, Howard J. BARRETT, Gordon K, BELL, Henry R, BENOIT, Roberl C. BERGMAN, B'lly L. THIRD ROW: BLACK, Orville D. BOWMAN, Jack C. BOZEMON, Johnnie L. BRANDENBURG, Buford BREWINGTON, Charlie BRUNNER, Lowell I-I. BUELT, Eugene R. FOURTH ROW: BURKE, Thomas F. BUSCEMI, Vincenl BYARS, Harry E. CAIN, William M, CARLISLE, Robert D. CASTELLANO, Samuel CHRYSTAL, Conrad L. FIFTH ROW: CLARK, John E., J'. COHEN, Marvin S, M. COKER, Eugene O. COLEMAN, Rooerr L, COLEMAN, Roy T. COLLINGSWORTH CI! COLLINS, Warren R, L.,.1' deE THIRD TRAINING IIIIMPIINY IST ENGINEER TRAINING BATTALION FIRST ROW: COOPER, Ralph D. CORNING, Alfred H., Jr. CROWELI., Milfon E., Jr. DAVIS, Haroy, Jr. DAVIS, Lloyd DEAN, Clemon DONALD, Bruce M. SECOND ROW: EAKLEY, Richard L. ENGEL, Raymond W. ENGLEMAN, Sfanley A. EVERETT, Waller, Jr, FIELDS, Joe, Jr. FILLICARO, Anlhony M. FINCHER, General L. THIRD ROW: FORD, Jack E. FREDERICK, Waller L. FUDGE, Brelon D. FURBEE, Jerry R. GEAGLEY, Arlhur L. GEORGE, John E., Jr. GILLIKIN, Ross H, FOU RTH ROW: GLATFELTER, Roberl' B. GOAD, Perry E. GOLDSTEIN, Richard M. GOODWIN, Charles J. GRAHAM, Wilberf HAGANS, Joseph B, HALE, Billie G. FIFTH ROW: HATFIELD, Howard HAUGLAND, James C. HENNESSY, Daniel J. HINEK, Roberf G. HOLMAN, William E. HOLT, Bennie E. HUFF, Gerald G. SIXTH ROW: HULJAK, Roberr R. HUNKINS, John A. I-IURTT, John L. C. IMMING, Reber? F. JENKINS, George, Jr. JONES, James C. KEEN, Charles R. SEVENTH ROW: KEENER, James F. KOLODZIEJ, Stanley J. KOPELS, Norman LACHAPELLE, Roger LAMBERT, C-harles E., Jr, LARGENT, James D. LECH, Casimir N. EIGHTH ROW: LEMON, Sherwin A. LERNER, Irwin M. MacNEAL, Arnold T. MACON, James M., Jr. MAKIBBIN, Roberl, Jr. MAKOS, Chesfer J. MAPLES, Richard E. NINTH ROW: MARTIN, James J. MAZZANTE, Louis MCCONNELL, James C. MCDONALD, Clifford E. MCDONALD, Wilce MCENTYRE, Ronald P. MCKENNON, Eddie B. vi' ffl, , 1 1. 1 'P Wig! , 9 , .ty V ' 5, l is : Q 1 S .-Ja, LINI7. .1553- 2 I ,SE If-1-'U' .. -ai .-Q if T I ' ...,. 0:11553 "?'f.. I f v ,n .. 'W J-1' f, 'I 'M I la, ij IZ xy 1, io. A J If J!" ir N4 rfb ff 1 'I .fisf July, -7 " , V 4, jf-F 5.5.13 'Dj' 'I ' if f W --f 1 1:1 -, ,- 4 . 3 '55 . 'f , "1 .. . 4 :gy . I S 1 'Y , v., ,, -Er 'V X 5 , .,- Q - , . lr . .-'J 'I ,, ' .-I'- I ' Tl I , ,. as ' 'ff FL- 1 -f. Y :Eg I '3' ::': I ' ' -. .f f'. :E 1' F fy 'I P' if 1 'I I F W If ., 'ii E5 .. . , Q li-9 I , lil ' I -3371 I .- an ll' IQ, x lg.. on Aw. 1 Qi' 3 't ig 'I I?- " ...'+'T. OI? 6,17 I , Q , .is ..,,, -Y ,I W 1,-ai J I, 8- 'P' V gl 1 A",,, , ' I , . .,,f' .hr- vl-' , ,,.,, . ff I-rr -ff " T5-'I' .M Y, ,- ,J ff ' Fr fr lj" I L '52 L HZ ia r af 4. " l"", 04' ,ju 'YI .L Hi' I fit A I' f' .27 I, I ,X , IL . .Ji M - I ' . J A Q .q ,, V . ,W- .Vf .71 ,f . - A f V -l if -,.:' rx ,A 1 V r , ,' 5, .pt . , I ' ,L : ,L r- "', - ! 'v - 3 A f . J' 4 fi fl' , f-"5 I ,Y . .' ,ri . L, ,l ,514 pg .--E ' A '- , 3 Q N" .4 0 A., ' ..-nu ' ' I. " lf- f I ?,... 5,.-- l:,f.. 5 , ' , '1 ,. V yi. 54,5 ' 'lf 4 - as fi Q. gf' I ' Y I A Y, '-" .. A ,X if I h X lf.: A au' H or ,J . r I 215.4 if 4 ...s r 'A H " - ' 'r' -f' a.a'e- - ,-I fl we fe - f ,ffm 71,1 Tw, A . ' - 5 5: rr , , I J. yi, I ' P- W. W f -I W .V T-' l I A , 4, ., M If 1 -4 .i ji. pf' Xi in Q, f .-,, Q., . I 3 :np ' a ivgi K, 4 .Jig I Va? I is J rj I .. ff" vf . , 6 . , Q I" A.-I gr., ag ,ara rdf: in ts. V +15 fe ff ' f lm? raging I jg' ' -,s ,, ' ' .l ,A W I. "I , . THIRD TRAINING IIIJMPHNY IST ENGINEER TRAINING BATTALION FIRST ROW: MEMBERS, Johnnie B., Jr. MICHELITSCH, Ludwig MONROE, Paul MURPHY, Jack A. MURPHY, Lesfer MURPHY, Waller A., Jr. NIXON, Harold SECOND ROW: NODA, Michael M. NUBILE, Roger A. OLSON, Eugene E, ORSINI. Anlhony J. PADULA, Gene J. PALIGA John J., Jr. PARIS, Burnell THIRD ROW: PARSONS, Denver L, PELKEY, Donald L. PERRY, Charlie V. PLYMALE, Roy W. POTTS, Olis POUST, Cleon L., Jr. PRESAW, Joseph H. FOURTH ROW: PRESTON, Thomas P. RAC-IN, Julian J. RAVER, Wesley C. E. RIEKERT, Robert E. ROBY, Frank RUDDIMAN, Rolaerf C. RUINA, Louis A., Jr, FIFTH ROW: SANDSTEDT, Earl G. SAYRE, Ernesl' J., Jr, SHARP, Berlin L. SHEETS, Pearl, Jr. SHIPROW, Raymond E. SIMMONS, Arthur SMITH, Emmefl J. SIXTH ROW: SOUCIER, Joseph W. STAHL, Hiram A. STEINBERG, Gerald R. STEPHEN, Rudolph E. STEPHENSON, William D. STEWARD, Pernell STIESI, Louis J. SEVENTH ROW: SURIANO, Joseph E. SWERTFE6-ER, Jerry L. THOMAS, Richard M. TOWNSEND, Byrl G, TRACY, James A. TRAMONTANA, Charles P. TRAPP, William H. EIGHTH ROW: VanZANDBERGEN, Donald W VITALE, Frank A., Jr. WAGNER. John C. WALTA, Louis E. WASSON, Clyde W., Jr. WEEKS, Franklin R, WHITE, Howard E., Jr. NINTH ROW: WOLD, Ronald D. WOLFE, James O. WOLFF, Earl W. YERIAN, William E. ZANDBERG, Marvin N, ZEGARELLI, Frank M, ARTHUR H. BLAIR RICHARD A. BAFFORD LEON BAKOW Firsf Lieufenanf Second Lieufenanl Second L'eufenanf Commanding Officer Plaloon Leader Plaloon Leader FU H H THZIIIIIIIII IIIIIVIPI-IIXIY IST ENGINEER TRAINING BATTALION CADRE FIRST ROW: Firsf Sergeanl , 1 MIGALA. Andrew fi Masfer Sergeanf II ' BERNARD, Willey J. Sergeanls Flrsf Class ALICEA Sanlos L. A .,! 4 HELLPAP, J. W. Serqeanfs '?fI""' BURNETTE, Georqe B. ' Q1- WILLIAM C. BRAZELE WILLIAM S. GUNTER Second Lleufenanf Second Lieulenanl' Plafoon Leader Adminfslralive Officer .QQ 1 'A 1' , J I if- , -4 J ,, - LEE, Billie sEcoND ROW: . , Z 1 LEWELLEN, Eslon R. I -f -T MCPEEK, Fieldinq B. -l " I. V.. A' WOLZ, Roger J. rf' ' YOUNG, Garland E. YSTESUND. can v. ' " Cnrporals ANDERSON, Charles R. .,g.- I THIRD ROW: Q3 1 V- C3- HERRING, Thomas F. ki . 5 I-IOLBROOK, Drukell lvl. 1. 55 53'- LOFTLIS, Donald J. T T ' . LUCIUS, Harry F. 7: STAPEL, Lawrence R. T7 ZUSACK, Joseph G. . Founrl-4 ROW: "" Privafes Firsl Class 1 e ,H 1 BARRETT, James L. j. if ' 'F' ." BROKA, Robeff O. ' fs, .1 . GRAY, Arnold H. -.35 X if LEE. William F. F STEPI-IENSON, Vernon L, A - I ' TI-IIBODEAU, Leo T. K . ,rl CECIL H. HERLINE LEONARD J. PETERSON Second Lleufenanf Second Lieufena'nl Plaloon Leader Plaloon Leader Hr? , qv 'fi f 1 cp., ' V . I as . I I I -qv. xg! fa .f 'I I 1 if fa ff ,J ...f v1 74 I-'IIUHTH TRAINING IIUMPANY IST ENGINEER TRAINING BATTALION TRAINEES FIRST ROW: SWARTZLANDER, Leroy VILAGI, John J. WARREN, William R. WIEDEMAN, Edward WlSEMAN, Harold SECOND ROW: ABATE, Peler S. ACKLEY, Eddie M. ADAMS, Roberl W. ALDRIDGE, Hansel ALGER, John A. ALLEGAR, Waller, Jr. ALVEY, Donald E. THIRD ROW: ARMISTEAD, William T. AVERY, Daniel C. AVERY, LeRoy AZNAVORIAN, Edmund ll. BAINDRIDGE, Reynold J. BALSAN Paul BANDY, Bernard L, i T- I N - J .-" vi . ,V ,. J l B i r . bi ', H , ll 5lil Q I . , i fi ff , -..fl 57' l ' ' . 1 A ,I 7-in M V .. 6 A I ,f . N l -M A A x . X 'V , ll lv I H Y , ,,.E,. J .1 f I- -- -f T f .,, , f X - . . -'rf "E 'I -, ' ' .4 . , If 3 I Al PIIUHTH TH!-IININE IIIIMPIINY IST ENGINEER TRAINING BATTALION FIRST ROW: BANECK, Roberl' H. BARATZ, Seymour BARRY, William B. BAUMANN, Sranley J. BEARD, Wesley M, BENTZIN, Scofr L, BERNAS, Elwood S. SECOND ROW: BETLEM, John R. BICKHAM, Frank BLACK, Glenn R. BOHLING, Wallace E. BOMWELL, Berlram H. BOOKWALTER, Thomas BOWLES, Charles A. THIRD ROW: BRIGGS, Henry BROKAW, Harold R. BROWN, Billie J. BUGGAGE, Mallhew L. BULLOCK, Charlie J. BUSHELMAN, Slave W., Jr CADARETTE, Richard E. FOU RTH ROW: CANGRO, John L. CAPPOLA, Michael W. CARLSON, Frank CENTA. Phillip J. CHISUM, Charlie CHRISTIAN, Wilmer A. CIESSAU, Roberl A. FIFTH ROW: CLASH, George S. COOK, George, Jr. CORDON, Thomas M., Jr. CRAIG, Hershey L. DABNEY, John, Jr. DALE, Harold L. DAY, Slanley D. SIXTH ROW: DeBOSE, James F. DeWAR, Lloyd J. DIVITO, Silvio J. DIXON, Chesler C. DOLIO, Joseph L. DONOVICH, Arlhur M. DRAKE, Harold I.. SEVENTH ROW: FAZIO, James J., Jr. FERGUSON, Ewinq J. B. FERRANTI. Eugene F. FILIPPELLI, Elmer A., Jr. FLECK, Roberl C. FLETCHER, John R. FOLSE, Neil J. EIGHTH ROW: FORD, Roberf C., Jr. FOSBENNER Richard F. FRANCISKOVICH, Wilberl FRIEDMAN, Hyman A. FROST. Kenneth E. GAFFNEY, William R. GERICKE, Jackson J. NINTH ROW: GIANNANTONIO, Vinceril GILL, Georqe B. GLENN, Tommie L. GOODYKOONTZ, William GRAHAM, Raymond A. GRUBA, Edward J. GUARD, Roberl' W. A. J. E. :jeg ' .f L liilfiiz.-'W H . li' if ' Q -- ...-... .ir 55 - I -- 'nil .m'm.. AV E ., . .- 3:45.-f""!!' r i ' .. , iiiwx.. .i i, fw-fr i ,,,rlifllr',llr.g.,?E'i ,M ff:V..i.:35gg,iE5?i,j,i,i: limfgg.. I. ' r ,. f f fy I I I " I fl 5 rr . f .W i ll i 'Un S i , , F' r ns i Q ,i I' ee., I E -r ,iii ,With I g ia. I hi S .115 L ,795 i I :if , 1:-' 1 1. 3. X ,. ...ll 7' w H .f I i ,i '91 r l -ml' , ,. ., P ' iw, M 'Y me , um- e,-oi, . - " - - V-M - - -Ind if easier? :G '.... W ,.,. .E W.. i i I ii . I len. . ,A r f url .. - , ll i lil. I 8 lie '..' F' 'ff ' 415 4 '1 rliilrvig lx ig is 51 H r 1 Ill T IW , i 'f ff , . ,Q , Zvfiqifil-35 . TQ 'if , alll!! .. iw. ' if ll lim.: 'Wi' .... .,.,, ...I r . ar. ce., ..N..:, 2. -fr 1--:ww H 43... ve..a.,: M . . 1:2 1 'si I' L ilr , f in .. Kg... ... ....,.. S24 . i rf S.: fi .3 I .. .. .. W - A. " 1' Q 1 M JJ f' ,jf I . Q ,- 1 1 if . r . A r , 1+ lg 11, ' , ' gi 3, i r C 5, l 97' if r H l J l if V .:-., ii? liao:- li L. irf:::... X - L i 'gli WH. A4 l F r " 5, . . , IBEW' Nm? ,.. 1. ,MT-'ig J.: ws 'F' W In ,, T ...... , , T- 'E "4'y.:5:5:3-. A V lil i r r 'bf ii -ia ' , .ii .U . i ri.. Y '-.i iii, 1 ,.., 'vw ' I ...i ,l +V... legs: .Ao , ,eye -, ...ii ef ' , I I .,-.-f' l.: r ?:I'+'7v? I A" Def elif? we- renee, --,fg,,r:s-:r-1- . mei -z--5-eeffga, -..M - 4 4 'e- " I il . .I 7? I 1 lll, If ' ri M i I I .. W L . '-Meg' 1 niece W 1 f 4 'if Tr W T.: - 311.3 . ,lar . r r. 4455? r T 1 l W if 1 . ' 1 . ,.., f I r ri ali ll .5 . :ia .33 . I a, rx, W 5: r W' I .gm n, ix 1 9' 1 ., . ,..:-' 5,1 .gif I, if , , ..... ,nr 4, gg ef X Y f , WW ' I M , .97 cf 'I 2 f I . . 'E' , 1 . , H .5 'li L ,-Z uf? z I., lizv Q .... ' rf " ' 1',fi -J' 1. ti PIIUIITH TRAINING IIIIMPIIIIIY IST ENGINEER TRAINING BATTALIOII FIRST ROW: MOYERS, John L., Jr. MULLEN, Richard J. NEMEC, Henrv E, NEWFROCK, Joseph OLSON, Richard E. OSTROWSKI, Mitchell 5.1. PAINTER, Richard H. SECOND ROW: PARENT, Lavern J. PARISH, James A. PARKER Slaunlon PECZYNSKI, Jeronfe S, PEEK, Clarence PENNELL, Ernesl L. PERIOLI, Jerry E. THIRD ROW: PERRY, Daniel I.. PILBRICK, William L, PINCKNEY, John P. PINTER, Simon POSTELL, Nafhaniel PRELL, Allen K. PRICE, Thornlon, Jr. FOURTH ROW: PRUIM, Gerhardus OUIGLEY, Philip R. RAKER, Charles F., Jr. RAY, Robert G. REAMES, Duane G. RICKMAN Daniel G. ROGERS, Edward J. FIFTH ROW: ROSS, Pefer F. ROSSI, Renzo J. SARVER, Arlhur SCHLISINGER, Morley A, SCOGGINS, Joe E. SHELEY, James J SHIFFER, LeRoy F. SIXTH ROW: SILVERMAN, Jack I. SJOGREN, Clifford L. SLABONEK, Richard E. SMITH, Marion L. SMITH, Roberl L. SMITH, Roberl L. SOENS, Richard M. SEVENTH ROW: SPEAR, Charles A. Jr. STANDORF, Norman W. STEFFEL, Charles G. STELLABOTTE, Louis D. SWARTZ, Joseph P, TAYLOR, C, E. THOMPSON, Roy L. EIGHTH ROW: TIPPETT, Richard D. VECCHIO, Ross VELO, John R. VINDICI, William P. WALSH, John T. WASHBURN, Kennelh L. WATSON, Jay B. NINTH ROW: WHITE, Roberl G, WHITERS, Bernard WHITESIDE. Jarvis D WIERGOWSKI, Harold J. WILLS, Alex E. WILSON, Bobbv C. WOOLRIDGE, Alberl in -a Y if ifgvf ,I L 6 , .4 7 7' .4 ,f 4 L ZF . 7 Q E ,I "Ii f lr 3? .. f. .Q IQ. ".- ,. I, . ,Q I . E:-r fp-T lxwli pix 5 xii.. , 1- , I I 'TU gf? if ' -f . 'ffl' pf. .gf Ii: tm. im he ny: eff, Ee , gi., - if a.. v 5 if Sf'-Q I r -f. L -Q. LI. 5 x iv- Q " :ax if, . OS I I f H. 'Bi i :Q ii 7 si ,I 'li If i, ' -f. A IL. If i I f ?' A Ln, Heal' ,, an , , , , 1 I Ii. X I I 4 ,J ,I .f r ef f T 4' T , be-ua, :. ff ia 45 I 3... En' fi, 1. . In I 'f 12 X. . .- . mf . iff. "Q T-. Y ,. . . ii r l f 55: ge- fa ,yi . rw-f ,f . Ib A ll Q! Y 1 ' 11 .1 41 ll., lik, I J L Nz 1 Q I 9 I L' v- I Tiff! W -s l li? C ff' . eh fri' I , 4,1 ' r 3. X .ini K. xii 1' mf- ll 1- :I ll l U xvih, . ' X 'd Ati--"F suv, AI V6 I 5 I , - ff-I-Q 0 ,' ' '. ' 7" . we .. Ififf was Wf' ,. If 'ix '-- 3.- ff ':g,...,, ye I. Q . arf 'I I N- A eg' ,ff .,,, I f' 1 is 'TE . fr IME! , .. fl' 1 Y , ,X 0,9 -I W M 'Q V IWW 1 I J . w . S., . I , ' I PIIUHTH TRAINING IIIQIMPI-INY IST ENGINEER TRAINING BATTALION FIRST ROW: GUILIANO, Serafine F. HAGEN, Vernon E. HAMPTON, John, Jr. HARMON, Claude E. HARRIS, James D. HAYES. Donald L. HAYES, ErnesIJ., Jr. SECOND ROW: HAYNES, Wendell C., Jr. HAZELWOOD, Carl L. HEINS, John M., Jr. HERDE. Alfred M. HIGGINS, Richard J. HITLAN, Frank HOFFMAN. George P. THIRD ROW: I-IORLAND, Richard D. HORN, Earl J. I-IOWE, Richard D. HOWLAND, James W. HUDDLESTUN, Paul W. I-IULSEY, James E. HUNTON, Roberl D. FOURTH ROW: JACOBSON. John R. JARNAGIN, Aaron, Jr. JONES, Orum G. KAMM, Roberf C. KIRSCHLING, Raymond P, KLETTKE. Arlhur W. KLISI-I, Gregory G. FIFTH ROW: KLOTZBACH, Frank S. KLUGMAN, Arnold H. KOLLER, John G., Jr. KORTE, Roberf L, KRAS, Joseph F. KRENCY. Roberr M. KRONBERG, Donald R. SIXTH ROW: KRUEGER, Earl A. LaFAVE, Edward J. LANGE, Alfred LAVEZZA Joseph F. LEARY, Glenn J. LEPORE, Norman T. LEWIS, Roberi' E. SEVENTH ROW: LITTLE, Clarence R. LIUZZO, William F. LOCAPUTO, Vito LOFTUS, James F. MacKENZlE, Orville J. MARTINEZ, Frank M. MARZEAN, Raphael J. EIGHTH ROW: MASKER, John R. MCANDREWS, Charles W. MCCARTHY, Alberl' W. MCCONNELL, Raymond W., Jr MCDUFFIE. Lewis l. MCEACHERN, John E. MERTZ, I-larlen V. NINTH ROW: MILLER. Raymond W. MINTZ, Larry E. MOLINE, Harry G.. Jr, MONDAY, James E. MONDT, William F. MONGRUE, Leo M. MOSELEY, Calvin SEIIU U BATTALIU Eth IQMPAXY Eth IQMPAXY 7th IQMPAXY Hth IMPAXY Sith IMP!-XXY FREDERICK D CHIVINGT ON FIFTH JOSEPH P. KING Captain Commanding Officer TRAIN EUMPHN 2ND ENGINEER TRAINING BATTALION .35- I I1 M' W ir SIDNEY EPSTEIN CLARENCE S. GOFFINET, JR. CHARLES E. HANSEN Firsf Lieufenanf Second Lieuienanf S ' econd Lneufenanf Plafoon Leader Plafoon Leader Admini's'fraIive Officer ! s 1. . ' I I , ' '1 - I . sl :QR 221 I il A ' . Y, H I 7 I , .. l r 1 K ,. . I' ,Q ' llfwk , "', ' I l A. e'E - .T .i2 'aww l af. f 3 'Y -. . , 7 I . A I' F if ,. f- ,...f - - R... . I 1 f 5' X 1 f I ,s i V . ag , , .,.,. .- J xr. . 'f 5 '1 A I r. Q 1 W 1 - ry .1 1--,fr 17 ri , R if +- ,df H i ,N ill I 2 ,... -Ll 7 'rw . ,nv , V .., Lb' J 1: F37 . Nz- 'wr' "I . rf . , . ,ii- JF? fa al I 'F I ' 5 P .wr ,QI "1'a?i?: ' 3-sn l 1 ---.f . FIFTH TRAINING EIIMPANY 2ND ENGINEER TRAINING BATTALION 'ITRAINEES FIRST ROW: ADAMS, Curlis ADAMS, Ray W. AHERN, Roberf E. BAIRD, Ben L. BAUMGARDNER, Roberl W BIRD, Allan G. BITLER, Dean W. SECOND ROW: BITTERS, Chrisfian J. BLACK, William J. BODDY, Richard A. BOWMAN, Roberl W. BRINK, Roberl A. BROOKS, James E. BROWN, Donald D. THIRD ROW: BROWN, Jack BROWN, Willis L. CALDIERO, Clemenf CAMPBELL, Samuel CANADA, Harry L. CANCEL, Jorge CARTER, Donald B. FOURTH ROW: CARTER, James N. CASSELL, Gerald B. CHATMAN, Leon A. CICALA, Michael CONLEY, William F. COOK, Hugh R, CORDNER, Arlhur W. FIFTH ROW: CURRAN, Wallace J. CURRY, Johnny E, DARTLEY, Arfhur C. DEINZER, Gerald A. DeLOACH James B. DeMOTT, Roy H. DePOL, Enzo SIXTH ROW: DILL, Roberl' L. DIZE, William S. DOCKTER, Elmer A. DUFF. Thomas H. DUHON, A. J. EDGERTON, Mvron L. ELLIS, Dennis C. SEVENTH ROW: ELLIS, Ervin D. EUBANK, Herman A. EVANS, John A. FAIRCHILD, Earl Z. FELLER. Slanley R, FITCHETT. James H. FLYNN, Charles S. EIGHTH ROW: FRANKEN, Gerard F. FRENCH, Loyd, Jr. FROST, John J. FULTON, David B. GAY, Earl L. GOODALL, Vernon G. GRANGER, James A. r J. FII-'TH TRI-TININI3 BUMP!-TNY 2ND ENGINEER TRAINING BATTALI FIRST ROW: GREEN, Bobby E, GREENLAW, Roberf J. GRIFFIN, Gordon L. HAMMER, Sylvesler J. HARMON, Bayne M. HART, Raymond HASELDEN, Alonza H. SECOND ROW: HAYES, Theodore R., Jr. HEFFERNAN, John W. HENRY, James S. HERION, Philip W. HERNE Roberl H. HEROLD, Roy W. HILL, Kenneth R. THIRD ROW: ui ,I 'F T HILLERMAN, Bernard A. 3 HINES, Leroy, Jr. HONS, William L. HOUSEL, William H. HOUSER, Beniamin M. HUCK, Lawrence P. HUGHES, William B. FOURTH ROW: IANNUZZI, Vincenf A., Jr. JAMES, Benny C, JOHNSON, Andrew C, JOHNSON, William J. JONES, Leo JONES. William R. JORDAN, Frank FIFTH ROW: JOSE, Henry L. JURGENS, Edward A. KENNEDY, Harry J. KICE, Clifford A., Jr. KITCH, Darrell W. KLINGLER, William J, KNOBLAUCH, William SIXTH ROW: KOVAK, Richard F. LaGRECE, Richard R. LAMORAND, Albert C. LESLIE, Bill C. LINDBLOOM, Thomas R LLOYD, Walfer P, LONG, Charles O. SEVENTH ROW: LOPICCOLO, Frank G. LUPFER, Joseph M. LUSSIER, Georqe .l, MacCALLUM, Nelson H MAGRI, Frank R. MARSHALL, Arihur MCCRAY, Vernon D. EIGHTH ROW: MCEVOY, Francis M, MCGEE, Paul H. MCKEOWN, Francis J MCMILLAN, Bobbie G. MCMILLIAN, Willie J. MILLER, Malcolm J. MILLS, Donald K. NINTH ROW: MILLS, Nevin D, MIRTO, Leonard E. MIZE, George T, MOLINARO, Joseph E MORROW. William A. MOSKOWITZ, Slanlcy MOYERS, Wendell D. I Ofl .Jil .1 -I in .,' . T .Y EI" I -.ii .Fi wx, . i , . 5 V 1 1 ,fi V . iff- .- FY - ' . f' 'fa A. .3 . ' 'I 7592. yr ,, . ' gi, 'F i 23. Y I I of . . ' I Q . ,,E,, 'r F , 1 ' V , s a l Y f ri I' ff' 'Y -i ,,!,72i" , i' 1. . -I r r,.,,',Y Q L" -5.4. 'kiwi '7 :QS V J. I :IQ 'rf I 'QL ,7 ti 35+ .eg ' 'KQHI P wi f V. 'ai ' H ':. Q il a .-i 1,4 I I A, ' , . fig Yr ff ' A ir i'4,f'1 ' in ' I all 1 if JM I ill!! 'za Y I , I rf' -I If 3 5 if -.1 'A G' S :QQ if F, V7 F!! 5 if SJ I-ef' sd' 4 9 -fr fill ,Q I ,ng , . .r fs, Fx J AY? ff - in .- -. ,Y ,Q B x j .4 , rn- E21 ,. , 'rv r. if .5.., .. I-r -. 'B 1 , I 'z . , ,, . :I 1 1 ? "ilu 'I .- ., 5 I ..,.f -.. ' 'L in ll I .I vu V177 'I Y ll 0. 1 I ff S A ii ll .- lr . are 53. ' rr 'r-9 , I 2 - ,' QI u -f '-: "II ii -,ff-N . 3 K, I 1, - fl G I 1 ' ff" c-'VY , -5 ,f.':"-. r-za... jpg. ei? . 'fa I if I TL v ,in -:It Q I ,I I . li A :Irv ii q I vw. V.-- - Sv - 4 , -.-:rr - .ll I. .ge .1 1-I 5 , ev I' , ix-rl , ,f ,. 4. ,Q 'fn I' r ii TF 0 99 1' nf fs. I . 6 I , . fi L' if . 1 :X .4 3 , Ia, fx .IE 3 i .ig lr X . I ,--e "" A - up V , -fx . .Fifi A Y I .Q , . 1 ' iii " ' 2 I " 12:5 I LA' .T .. Ag-V FIFTH TRAINING EUMP1-INY ZND ENGINEER TRAINING BATTALION FIRST ROW: MULLER, Harry NAVE, Roberl M. NOTO, Anlhcny V. NOWAK, Henry J. OSBORNE, Donald M. PAITSEL, Marion P. PALLUTCH, Roberl R. SECOND ROW: PALMER, Charles F. PATTERSON, Spencer J. PETTAWAY, William PHILPOTT, Kennelh G. PORTER, Glen W., Jr. RAUSCH, Carllon W. REAVIS, David, Jr. THIRD ROW: RICHARDS, Roberl P. ROCHE, Daniel J. ROSS, Thomas E. ROSS, William C. RUCKER, Eugene M. SALAK, John M. SAMAYOA, Armando M. FOU RTH ROW: SANCHEZ, Ronald S. SARKISIAN, George SCALF, James T. SCHELL, Lawrence H., Jr. SCHULTZ, Roberf E. SEITZ, Edgar G. SEITZ, Roberl W. FIFTH ROW: SEYMOUR, Edward L. SIMMONS, Gerald T. SKIFF, Alfred J., Jr. SLABAUGH, Wayne E. SMALL, James E. SMITH, Arnold I. SMITH, Marion N., Jr. SIXTH ROW: SMITH, Rav D, SOLIS, Romeo G. SOLOMON, Nathan N. SORRENTI, John STEELE, Thomas STRINGI-IAM, Charifon S. SUMMERS, Donald D. SEVENTH ROW: SWANN, Harry L. TACKETT, Charles E. TALMAGE, Alberl R. THERIAULT, Bernard R. TRAVERZO, Ismael A. TUCKER, Jack W. TUCKER, Warren E. EIGHTH ROW: WARING, Charles A. WEST, Lionel L. WESTRICK, Harold WESTRICK, Ken J. WHITE, James WIGGINS, Richard E. WILCOX, Herberf NINTH ROW: WILLIAMSON, Billy G. WINTER, Ronald E, WOODARD, Ralph WOODS, Robert C. WRIGHT, Lorenza WRIGHT, Nathaniel YOUNG, Billie SIXTH TH IIUIVIPI-IN 2ND ENGINEER TRAINING BATTALION ii .-f-'I 4-..Q--6 'GIF ROBERT A, DOLAN ARTHUR E. SMITH MELVIN E. FULLER BLAINE M, MILLER, JR. ARNOLD D. SWEAT Capfain Firsi Lieufenanf Second Lieutenant Second Lieufenanf Second Lieufenanf Commandi'ng Officer Adminishafive Officer Plafoon Leader Plafoon Leader Plafoon Leader TRAINEES FIRST ROW: ADAM, L 1 c. , , 4 ALBERT, Tgjurard E. d 'E ,rv ' ALLEN, Wayne R. , - 1 3 Y 4 , 35' AEDERZCSH, S5qH3e++BT. , is 1 , -A , I A DER , I IE . Q. E M.. 3 I ,jp ANDRES, Ph'I' E. 2 , ' , ANDREWS, Tliapberf D. gi I X sscono ROW: A , , , rg V, A A , a in . A I, Mg- ,, -,L , g 4 BAHMUELLEIR, William I , 'iwf fgy. "' 5 E Y EAILEY, wnbum L. 5-r , , :ff 1 Q BALDO, Charles HQ, 'f , ,,,' ' Q529' , , BALL, Edison U ' V 1- 1, ,T , ' 'iii ,515 " ' BAYLESS, Leo 1 " 'T I ' "' F? T " 5 "7 'l I I I ' f' , ,rv -I Hs' I I - .Zi -9 ' FX 8- W na 'lihl ' R-, . A 1 ig- '41 'F , 'I 1 I J' 'Y I 4 ,P , if .. I - QE 4. I I I l I D ,,-. ,l -A ,mf W' I III F' ? IP X I If tvv., , .II -A as-1 I hi. . lui X ,.,,I..," X Ill, --zz N. gd' I ' H I Qli .I FA , .I ELI' 1' . - I 0 I, ,Fl ' Q F: 'vi LSA 1 .N fi- :'-, ',-f --'i If . - ,.,, 2 . ,W lf 9 I I If 5 QW .VVV A i ...,v H. In I L 3 I , I A Q -34, I I E I 1 I . If ff ,.w .3f'gl. l 5321" , SIXTH TIIIIINIIIIE EIIMPIIIIIY ZND ENGINEER TRAINING BATTALION FIRST ROW: BELL, Perry W. BERNARD, Norman G. BESSETTE, Frank J. BEY, Lee B. BOTTEGA, Vincenl' P. BOWMAN, Roberl E. BRADLEY, Roberl' T. SECOND ROW: BROCKMEYER, Irwin C. BUBER, Edward J. BUFFORD, Alvin BURGESS, Darius G. BUTTERS, Carllon J. CARDINAL, Frank A. CARROLL, Clyde V. THIRD ROW: CART, EmmeH' H. CERMAK, Joseph CHAFFIN, Hurshel R, L. CI-IECKEYE, Roberl' J. CHEIKEN, Morry CINOTTO, Joseph D. CLARDY,' Huberl D. FOU RTH ROW: CLEAVES, Ralph E. COLE, Charles E. CRUTCHFIELD, Edward D. DAVANZO James R. DAVIS, Huherl A. DeLaROSA, Johnny DOWDY, Carl T. FIFTH ROW: DRAKE, Gerald H. DUNN, Almus L. DUSCH, Frederick C. EDMISTON, Cloid B. EHRHARD, Lloyd R. EICKHOLT, Bernard L. EVANCIK, Edward F. SIXTH ROW: EVANS, Guy C. FAHY, Frank E. FILING, Donald E. FISHER, Emerson J. H. GABLE, Donald F. GAITHER, Warren GALLIANETTI, Dominic L. SEVENTH ROW: GENTRY, Bobby R. GILBERT, Donald GILBERT, Reginald GOODELL, Orville R. GORR, Carl J. GRATE, Gerald R. GREEN, Roberl N. EIGHTH ROW: GROSS, Seymour GRUMBRECI-IT, Ernesl' L. GUINYARD, James C. GUTIERRIZ, Joseph A. HALL, Kennelh R. HANN, Huberl E. HARRISON, Thomas NINTH ROW: HAYES, Bruce E. HEISS, Richard H. HELLER, Alvin, Jr. HERNANDEZ, Rufino HODGE, Clearfhur HOFFMAN, Fred L. HOGLE, John W. SIXTH THAININIJ IIUMPIINY ZND ENGINEER TRAINING BATTALION FIRST ROW: HOLLAND, Paul A. HOLLIS, Hugh D., Jr. HOOVER, James H. HUGHES, Charles E. HUTCHISON, Robert L., Jr JENSEN, Amber L. JESCHKE. Donald R. SECOND ROW: JOHNSON, Charles I. JOHNSON, Robert E. JOHNSON, Willie B. JONES, James L. JONES, Willray, Jr. JORDAN, William R. KEMP, Jimmie THIRD ROW: KIMBLE, Isaac O. KOENIG, Roberl G. KOEPKE, Edward W. KRAMER, Joseph F. KRATT. William H. KRIEG, Karl A. KUCHAR, Stephen J. FOURTH ROW: KUEHL, Orvil M. KUMROW, Ivan W. KUNKEL, John R. LAMBERT, Ray A. LAMPING, Thomas J. LANGE, Joseph L. LANGE, Waller W. LARKINS James D LEISHMAN, James . LENCIONI, Virgil, Jr. LIGGINS, George LIGHT James M. LINDSEY, Barney J. LYTTON, Billy L. FIFTH ROW: . .W SIXTH ROW: MANNING, Newl' S. MEADOWS, James D. MILLER. Roger R. MINGLE, Edmund R. MINISCALCO, Joseph A. MODEEN, Wayne P. MOON, Waller E. SEVENTH ROW: MOORE, James J. MORSE, Roberf J., Jr. MOSSOR, John J. MUNTZ Henry J. MYSINGER, Earl T. NEALIS, Olva W. NICHOLL, Audley D., Jr. EIGHTH ROW: NICHOLS, Joseph G., Jr. NORRIS. Bobby C. ORSHOSKI, Rolland J. PADILLA, Epifanio, Jr. PARISH, Russell B. PARK, Donald L. PEACE, Donald C. NINTH ROW: PELLEGRINI, Pellet P. PETERS, Merle G. PIERCE, Glen J. PITTMAN, Kenneih L. PITZ, Roberf L. POPP, Charles E. PORTER, John W. if: l 1 ' -, .,.Yg'vH . LPS" i ii I Q. v' V i 'Kimi V-1:.:::':' I3 J A 1 i nsri If ,... , n I A J R 'r,v.a-."' Q ,1 ll, 'Aff ',' lea sf . v' J f 9 , Il' 'ew l 1 -vw . -as-5, . .- .L l 'T' If n ' iillll df, Q ., . L. 'af' 'N YI N . . 55 Q fi .Rf 'si-'I' . gg . if lfjy U 1" l, , . 1 .- Kr., " new ii l il li , -1. uit! 1 'ff l J ' ll .-iw 1 e .,.,,g5 ,U " ll ,, " lull! fl ,, .fc fri ll Sf . , I Rs? ! ,- I I , , 'fn -. r l. -er ..., .4 'V ' ni I N ii I -'Z:' l , E-1 ' E - ,-lil 'Q ""lll2'-rags is-3 Q ,,.. I 221' tiff if , . .Min .,., . 'gif 'I I Ii, ,., .. e I I. , nf 2, 'wi . ',, ,. ,Q ' ,X i 4 " I l O 7' TE I .... , r 3 5 V,.' Q ' 1 1 r A if . I -9,4 I-. ,,, , E ri .M 'I 11 .. u A A wi' .. If Q lag, , , ., . J iii. A I . f is N 3.7 "nf 'Q' H ' 24 i L 'iff' we . ii Ld l zsni V x., i - T: iv: Tl ,ev ,. I5 EF' -X., L5 I Y? iv I 1' 'c Wag x 4 . 9' ' A I . 'f if . 'LL I I fl' . F ' Fi I a,q vm uf" rl . I Lit, ef' , I I ' v,N:e,: - 1 ' I. 94-11: 'R ly. fu ii- X t I' 2,4 ,, If '-if if X .. U5 , 'QI' , If 5 rx QQ df N, ' A :TL ' ' :I v- R .,N 'P-ir "'J In I 1, S.. lar , 'aiueff . '6 fir. . 'ii 'SWT I N gf 75-K . s . -A 'FW' . f'+i L-2"l. I' ' , ' -if . I1 2 I f i f I ,. 17 , .1 3 It , Dir if f 4 If S I Y I' L Q X ' bf 1' :BFE as - ' A' KY- ri 'I i SIXTH TRAINING IIIIMPAN Y 2ND ENGINEER TRAINING BATTALION FIRST ROW: RAYMOND, William E. REDEKER, Marvin P. RIDGWAY, Wilmer R. RIG-HTHOUSE, Johnnv R. RINER, Herberl H. ROBINSON, James C. ROMERO, Alberl A. SECOND ROW: ROYER, Frank R. RUSSELL, Arlhur L. SAARI, Marlin K. SAILOR, Hobarl K. SANDERS, Palmer SANDERS, Roberl, Jr. SAWYER, Roberl V. THIRD ROW: SCHAB, Joseph SCHMITTOU, Fafe R. SCHOENROCK, Bernhard L SCRAMUZZA, Charles SEIDITA, Joseph D. SHAHAN, Thomas P. SHARBLE, Michael J. FOURTH ROW: SHIPP, Orville M. SHUMATE, Bernard L. SHUPING, Edwin E. SLAUGHTER, Perry J. SMITH, Elmer SMITH, Norberl SMITH, Roberl L. FIFTH ROW: SMITH, William C. SPACIEL, William E. SPARENBORG, Duane C. SPEISER, Kennelh E. SPRAY, William A. STOLL, Wilberl A. TEKER, Marvin G. SIXTH ROW: TEMPLETON, Silber? C., Jr TERRY, Charles P. TINSMAN, James H. TOLBARD, Harrv W. TONEY, Daniel D. TOYA, Euqene TRANCOSA, Joe E. SEVENTH ROW: VAN DER PLOE6, Neil W. VANDERPOOL, Waller E. VAN RAVENSWAAY, Lyle A VICKERS Clyde H. VILLAR, Edward L. VonEYSER, Rudolph K. WADDELL, William D. EIGHTH ROW: WALLACE, Thomas WALTZ, William C. WEAVER, Garland R. WENDEL, Cvrillus A. WESSELY, John E. WHITE. Sesko E. WHITEHEAD, Robert W. NINTH ROW: WILLIAMS, Norman L. WILLIAMSON, Dewaine H. WILSEY, Harvey WILSON, Harold R. WILSON, Ronald 6. WINBUSH, Jack A. WORKMAN, Charles D. I. SEVE CADRE FIRST ROW: Masier Sergeanfs CRAWFORD, Waller F. STOGNER, Marshall L. Serqeanis Firsi Class NICHOLS, Kermil D. SUTHERS, Howard R. Sergeanls MARCHETTI, Richard J. OLSON, Clarence E. SECOND ROW: SNYDER, I-lerberl N. Corporals ARMSTRO NG, Laurence A. CLEMENTS, Joseph C. DENMAN, Clayion C. HOWELL, Charles D. KIRK, Pele THIRD ROW: RICHARDSON, James J. TONEATTO, Edward J. WATKINS, Richard C., III Privafe First Class LOEWER, Roland T. TRAINEES FOURTH ROW: ADAMS, John R. AIKEN, Fernald G., Jr. ALBRIGHT, Howard W. ALESHIRE, Junior F. ALTHOFF, Leo'N, ANDERSEN, Eric ANDERSON, William TH TRAINING EUMPAN 2ND ENGINEER TRAINING BATTALION WILLIAM M. COURTNEY AUGUSTUS C. SPOTTS Caplain Seco'nd Lieufenanf Commanding Officer Plafoon Leader -Q' 'ff ...EF ' fr ef I I ROBERT TAIT Second Lieufenanf ' Platoon Leader I' ' I .V U mi, I 5 I ii" I ' I 3 1,5 ff I V I 'V,.",g : , . I .I . . . ,- , .,.-Q. 7 , .r ,N I -.1 I I . I 1' Q' I l if kv 4 I w- ' I .. We . vi. ' I 1. 'W UI IL ' ff JJ 'if ' '3- l:if" Tlllli' If V ,Y 1 .3 ix N . 'Ill ff - I3 1. " , , 5 3 5 V ,, . , , . fQ .14 - ,ia .-A 5 I 12 gl 4 'll I ple X., -I ' 1','Qi"',.ll I if-' J F' N 5' , "'iQl,l,,l 'uae 7241514 . Y, ' b 73. . 5 I P, r 3 5, ., . vp , QQ, 37 V It all . :K 59 I' Viv ' A T3 al . , . ,, ,, it rg. N. ' .. I - .v ' ' -122' . 'F ,I , r. rv' ' -is A l .gill lv: . .. ' 5' V V - N-., i El? . f , I , In Z kj ,Q ,L , A . Q ' 'T , .. uf ..,,,,,., af' 1 ' ,f I ' ' A 4- i I . .,. .S V L tc: AJ' ,' F. ig? ,, :Taj C., . , I vf -f 1 ' .-+ . -1, . .- . -. -1' I -- Q .,,,,, n- ' mil, .rf-V' ...I ' fb? YF" fir is 'W I ii Eg' 2 ' ' -1-' if . - A iq, I i V, l f p . W - - - . wr is b , .1 nv, , W., I I E. -'L I ffl :v is I 'I' r, .iimeff "",,- ' ll' A, : , ' I 7,1 'I 5 I 4'-Il I I N, .if 9. Ii Y Q gp ,aa -" Y ..,. L' 5 ' ' 1 " - g 2 V 1 ? al V6 .. - '."' , I 1.3 f . ll. ,I ' II.-!'ff, ,Q ' H! ' W all .I 'wr , .ur . ggi 6.14 Y rev ' iff' -I , I -f I ' 4 'tlu-1 'I ' I '. ,I SEVENTH TRAINING IIITMPIINY ZND ENGINEER TRAINING BATTALION FIRST ROW: RHODES, William C. RICHARDSON, William S. ROBINSON, David A. ROBINSON, Jerome M., Jr. ROOS, Fred, Jr. ROOT, Henry A. RYBKOWSKI, Richard W. SECOND ROW: RYNO, Harley E. SALUSSOLIA, Anlhony 5. SANDOVAL, Ruben SANDUSKY, Charles E. SCHAAB, Wallace E. SHAPIRO, Herberl SHAW, Georqe E. THIRD ROW: SHORTER, William SHULESHKO, William SIGLER, Douglas R. SIMMONS, Charles W. SIMONS, James H. M., Jr. SINCLAIR, Marshall L. SOAVE, Donald J. FOURTH ROW: SPARKS, Bill H. SPENCER. William J. STARBUCK. Thomas A. STEGER Roberl F. STEPHENSON, Bernard W. STEWART, Gerald H. STIGLICH, Charles E., Jr. FIFTH ROW: STINNETT, Eames? D. STRAUBE, Norberl A. STROYE, Edward L. SWART, Joseph TAGEN. Marlin D. TAYLOR, Dale L. TAYLOR, Louis SIXTH ROW: THOMAS, Kennelh P. THOMPSON, Lowell L. THORNER. Selwyn TROWBRIDGE, Warren E. TURBVILLE, Teddie L. TURNER, Edward TURNER, Jessie L. SEVENTH ROW: VANDER LEEST, Donald E. VOEGELE O , scar WARNOL, Kennelh J. WATSON, Georqe B. WATTS, Ralph F. WESTENZWEIG, Sfanlev WI-IITLOCK, Malfhew E. EIGHTH ROW: WILKERSON, Willie M. WILLIAMS, Claude E. WILLIAMS, Eddie L. WRIGHT, James J. WURTZ, Charles F. YUCI-IT, Carl L. ZALESKI, Jimmie NINTH ROW: ZELESKET, Peler J. ZWI EFELHOFER, Clifford J. ZWIEFELHOFER, Donald P. ZWIEFELHOFER, Richard W EIEHTH TRAINING BUMP!-IN 2ND ENGINEER TRAINING BATTALION Q5' f- HOWARD E. PRATER DANIEL D. WHITTED BRADFORD C. DeWOLF Captain First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Commanding Officer Training Officer Tactics Committee I 1 . CADRE i First Sergeant :AFX il ASHWORTI-I, Ira O. , gr, A-rg, W L Master Sergeant 2 , L lf' ' I HENDRIX, George R. 5' QI' 2575: 8th Company takes a break mamwssilrnrzemmtan.-Imlsnwiiasmmfnnnlxni . e wer ' .5 T of , F an lil lf. "' - X 52. ug, eff I5 vi 'V , W 4 q,E' ..7' 1 -.if 0 f :IQ f A ., V If S ig- 'wr I' as . M 5292. ,A 4 x PTA. A 6-I 1 5 ' -I L .LN ' .,. .gf' xg E, ' -7 .f ,f ne.. A 7 . . . , 5 i . wad .1 .:: ' A l' n' ' -' 5... ' i vi-4 7 Tiigif . I' I ' k:A:- MW-f, D F ,,.- X I 1 Nr 4 ,Q " ' ,- 1 J:"'i'- . I a?vf" I '- ' .X 'V Q4 , 1 - , J , I T . , .. I - 1 ff . irigw K l I I' I ,.. ,., . ' Q I m e-g . 1 I , , :Sr , p , .. . Q rf? .vs . M . I , k .fir IK' I T' . ' I . V5 2- J ll l. l . ,, Q , V I L if FH , f I . 'Z , , i ,. . Y ,will ri E wigs ,,,r. , .gm , , , :.A 1 ' 'fQ--: . 1 F' PF .. . filo, I .LI J' :lil , if r' W ,f I ., ,sf-if Ii , . . . ve ,I We A i All il ..i lilfigw P..- .fn -X 'Q L 99. X I V .. .1 2. 55,9 1 Qual I IF' 4 , I IIT? is I I 6 lg he IF fo l A I -Q l ,v-. T 3 . ' gf, 'if ' I flA".l4T:" ff ' ' Till' 7 JI J J .I A J .H T' H +I, "'1"' EIEHTH TRAINING IIIIMPIINY 2ND ENGINEER TRAINING BATTALION TRAINEES FIRST ROW: ALLEN, Willie ANDERSON, Paul D. ARCHAMBAULT, Virgil J. ASHBY, Harmon G. BACZKOWSKI, John L., Jr. BERG, Michael H. BERKOBIEN, William H. SECOND ROW: BJORNDAHL, Leland E. BLACKMON, Dan B. BOCK. Larra J. BOWER, Jack R. BRAGG, James K. BRANDON, Carl J., Jr. BROWN, Donald S. THIRD ROW: BULLERT, Lesler BURNS, Alford L. BURTTRAM, Terry M. CARTWRIGHT, Oscar, Jr. CAYPLESS, Donald J. CHRISTIAN, Roberl' W. COFFEY, James FOURTH ROW: COX, John C. CREAMER, Roberl J. CRITES, Garlin W. DAKE. Lyle G. DAVIS, Homer R. DAVIS, William E. DAY, Stanley B. FIFTH ROW: DESY, Roberl M. DIAZ, Alberl E. DICK, Nelson G. DRAKE W ld S DUNASKI, Darin ri. DUNIGAN, Herfis EDIS, Ihsan M. SIXTH ROW: FACEMIRE, Lee, Jr. FAGELY, Milton D., Ill FALCO, Joseph A. FREDERICKS. Frank GEIS, John R., Jr. GILES. John E. GRAVETT, George C. SEVENTH ROW: GREAGER, Jerome W. GREENWAY, Bill P. GRINGERI, Louis J. HALL, William G. HARKER, Donald L. HARPER, Ofis, Jr. HARPER, Vernon R. EIGHTH ROW: HARTING, Richard I. HARVEY, Waller R., Jr. HEMMING, Waldo A. I-IERNANDEZ, Joseoh HIGDON, Raymond L. HINTZ. Erich HOLTZ, Arlhur C. NINTH ROW: HOWE, Bobby. D. ISON, Willie J. JACKSON, Georqe D. JONES, Charles E. KACZOR, Donald G. EIGHTH TH!-IININE EIIMPIINY 2ND ENGINEER TRAINING BATTALION FIRST ROW: KANE, Donald L. KANNISTO, Richard H. KARLAS. Roberi T. KEELING, Ivv J. KEHYAIAN, Michael KIENTZLE. Emmeh H. KREVITSKY, Samuel L. SECOND ROW: KUHN, Richard F. LaFERRlERE, Herman R. LAMP, Llovd J. LARSON. Donald M. LAUX, Leo J. LAWLER, James J. LINDER, Lesfer E. THIRD ROW: LIPPENS, Orville M. LORSCHEIDER, Roberf F. LUNDGREN, Harold A. MARTINEZ, Alex S. MARZANO, Carmen F. MASESSA, Roberl F. MATHERN. Blase J. FOURTH ROW: MAYFIELD, Roosevell, Jr. MAYO, Anihony J. MEIER. Paul F. MILLER Israel D. MOLOTSKY, Arnold MORGAN, James E. MOSES, Delberf H. FIFTH ROW: MOUSER. Roberi G. NAJACHT, Waller H. NELSON, Flovd D. NOBLE, Eric A., Jr. OLSEN. Richard PEGRAM,Clinfor1 C., Jr. POMPO, Thomas B. SIXTH ROW: RITTER, Sfanlev W. ROI-IDE. Carl A. RUNYON, Alvis W. RYAN, Richard J. SASSER, Charles A. SCI-IMUTZER. Edward Jr. SCHRODER, Roberf G. SEVENTH ROW: SCHWARTZ, Charles A. SHIELDS, Arnold J. SMITH, Donald E. SNYDER, Louis S. SOFIA, Edward J. SOKOLOFF, Sevmour SPAHN, Bernard W. EIGHTH ROW: STALNAKER, Ivan E. STARKWEATHER, Lloyd D. SWANSON. Arfhur A. ULLERY, Owen R. WALTER, Harry S. WEISER. RalDh J. WHITE, David L. NINTH ROW: WININGS, Kennelh, Jr. WISSMAN Raymond B. WRITT. Carl ZARAGOZA, Joseph L. X7 T .T gif' ' . .1-' L! Q .I ' '11 I i r' i f I Q.. . is 9 I a, r l .L' , If .. .,,4'.- . . . U T H' 'ff I '! FT' 5-.1 f ... i 'Q ws ., 'z I . :gill 'H wi si in-ji -.1 I-, an ' W I ii ff .L ll :Tir 0 A l I I A if dl' r 'ai V' I f QI T I I, 1 , r- I 1 7 ri. jf fifsr gi ' is 2 ' e ff fT ..,f. -1 ' . In 1 l 4 9 X 9 S41 .. l , l".f. -1 ,. ' 2 WT T A .1 ii Hier 42 1,3 if ' :3...:fs .... Liz- te 22159 :SE I ..t r I -l A ,N I fl? I ll .. rg, -4 ' . I7 FF: '1.. gun' Q ti . 3. I 7. Kg-it ,IVA 4 X, Jr if ... .IW . . r - 7. . +- A ...M .. , 24' . cg '35 , V' - -wwf. is . fill I if 33,2 fi f W ff t ' if Y , , 1- Q f I 'Eg L : Siu , 4 ,gii i 2? . l X 4 ff .3 , . 5 . .... . .. .tg W , 25' X, " :I ' . LI . f as NI TH TRAINING IIUMPIIN 2ND ENGINEER TRAINING BATTALION L 5,9 GEORGE E, HUTCHINGS PHILIP H. BRADLEY Captain Second Lieufehanf Commanding Officer W 51' If r - 3 ll 4 H" ll.. .4 ,- T' 7. .I- 1- 1' -lu .1 , ,l Ms if 1' I Xi.: "' Lui 1 f 'YY' -. 1-. CQ Plafoon Leader ALVAN D, GALE HILARY W. JURGENS PHILIP D. SELLERS Second Lieuienanf Second Lieufenanf Second Lieulenanf Plafoon Leader Adminisfrafive Officer Plafoon Leader . CADRE , . 0 T2 I wr-M L: , LQ 'A :" aga i-5 ' - " 3 " ' 1. 1 . 2 " q1,i.:'i , - , A rrrrr . FIRST ROW: Masler Sergeanfs PRATER, Harvey R. SULLIVAN, Leslie Sergeant Firsf Class WATKINS, Jack E. Sereganfs SEGER, Charles M. TRIVETT, Dana G. Corporal PECUSZOK, Michael TRAINEES FIRST ROW: ABRAMS, Albert L. AMADOR, Jose R. ANTONE, Earl R. APICELLA, Arthur R. ARNDT, Loren T. BAILEY, Harrison E. BAMBURG, James H. SECOND ROW: BARBOUR, Paul L. BAZZANO, Alberl P. BELSON, Kenneih D. BIELECKI Pefer J. BEMBENER, Melvin W. BISHOP, Paul E. BLACKBURN, Billy W. THIRD ROW: BORDEAU, Lawrence E BRATI. Roland BRITTEN, Ozie BROOKS, Bruce E. BROWN, Alex BROWN, Vergaree BRYANT, Herbs-rf NINTH THIIINING IIUMPANY ZND ENGINEER TRAINING BATTALION FIRST ROW: BUCHANAN, Everell' L. CABOUITCH, Irvin J. CARLSON, Earl J. CARLSON, Glenn G. CHAMPLIN, Charles L. CHARLIER, Harold S. CHRIST, Ernesf F. SECOND ROW: CHURCH, William J. CLANCY, Peler J. CLAYTON, Noly G. COATE5, Sheldon P. COLDREN, John H. COLEMAN, Willis J. CORNWELL, Clarence B. THIRD ROW: CORRAO, Nicholas J. CROMARTIE, Donny CURTIS, Richard V., Jr. DAVIDSON, Delberl DAVIDSON, Sidnev H. DellAOUlLA, Thomas A. DENARDO, George A. FOURTH ROW: DENEEN, John J. DETERT, Bernhard E., Jr. DININO, Charles P. DORSEY, James R. DRAYTON, Richard DUNCAN, Ernest R. DUNl.AP, Carl FIFTH ROW: DUTTON, Ralph N. EADES, John E. EDMONDS, Donald W. ELLESIN, Alex J. EPPS, Elmore ESPOSITO, Roberl' T. ESTRADA, Santiago SIXTH ROW: EXLEY, Leo V. FARDY, Thomas J. FISHER, Ruffus P. FOSTER. Maxie N. FOWLER, Homer D. FOX, Roloerl' V. FREEBY, Wayne A. SEVENTH ROW: GALLATIN, Kurl M. GARDNER, Eugene E. GASSEL, Frank J. GAUTREAUX, Isaac J. GEGG, Paul R. GERNER, Roger W. GLASER, Frank R. EIGHTH ROW: GLENDE, Donald GOINS. Gerald L. GRADO, John L. GREEN, Allon D. GRIFFITH, Ammon P. GROSS, Philip N., Jr. GUION, Minlore NINTH ROW: HAMILTON, Jasper R. HARDWICK, Monroe, Jr. HARRIS, Andrew J., Jr, HART, Palrick C. HARTLINE, Charlie H. HEARD, Harold L. l 2 - 1- , 'I 7' A ' 'll ' 1 I. -., :, .,. . at . ' I PTE ii I w ll 2 ?'f 1+ Pg, 1 ' A N :ef ' r ' F 355. 9, I f 1 wg .. . 'gf , I V -. U , ei' I wa? . FIT 4 ,vi 51 . . , 4: F, r . . I, TT- li" Tl' ,Y R ' 1 , IL: '- X ' Y ,fr-. L. lg T' J - '15 -ag J' l I , Y Q . ' l n in . JY' V .- 3 ,gi-j faq-f., 'ef 321' ' A If w , '.. , A! , A N ii 'l . , Par . '? 2 Q I I f , .. 1- v 'J I I' l l "f::Q'f'f Hi 1 'T .Q . .AV',f" Q ,fl 1 '-' u Iv 2 ,, .5 . ' I. F' J L ,U . lil! I, ll ' f-Ti 1. I . ' IP "'. . If .5-ff .. I -. , ' few I h :A i yff -I-, 6 s l'l .bi ' Ie' We .I 'Ln' 1' ' " 5 ui I . If ,., .I .- r.r . e 5. . . 1 iii? 3,1 1 . -- - I ef - J 5 I f' I fi ., .i 'if we f . .qv if .I I . 'G' Ib' ." . a I . I I I I' 4 4' I Jia, I 33? . 1. 1 5 SE , .,. 'ef I !E'-. .wk I 4921? I I -J if M :'T5I..r I I L .. , 'V N . f . K . .1-,xl igfl IR 9 2. A 5 ww' . f'.,:fL f -4-9515 - f I if fi I JS' A 4 . I I I . I M I I AQ, I Q , 4 M Qjtriwzg- r -I. f I 1 ' .. 1 ,Q E., l ,',!"'? N i Q . 5, in I I .u I X V I F ' Q I I T-'FQ ,' . I , I' si A , I I I Ja I I I' f- .I . V, f f If W I I - -lf I '- I T rf, I , I i ii I QI .15 , in Ii IL I L 'W 4 I 1 I 4 ri? 'I I k " V 3 fi 'MII 11 31 H . . 4 F1 A 5 n , I 'Ig 'Ig xfx . . .,., av " I if - W' S I ' I9 I I -S ,, ir flip' 1 I lair , 2 M' J ad W n I D Q H F 5 gg N kr' ir .Jr-' If-, 4 I r' A ' . if 33 ...W -fi' I Ia I s .. . 'E' . ,xr 'H I3 . " Q. . J iq-:Ii 'IW QII. . Q . - .I .1 , Ref' 593 I, --J If QQ! , .. . iff Q5 E NINTH TH!-XININII IIIIMPI-INY 2ND ENGINEER TRAINING BATTALION FIRST ROW: HEINTZELMAN, Albert W. HICKMAN, Narhaniel HILL, James H. HINSON, Arvil W. HORRACE, Henry L. HOSMER, Roberi E. HOUTS. Richard F. SECOND ROW: HUDSON, Herberl' S. I-IYMAN, Grady E. JACOBOVITZ, Paul B. JOHNSON, Warren F. JONES, Allen JONES, Louie L. JOYNER, Curlis THIRD ROW: KARTMAN, Carfer J. KENNEDY, Jakie N. KENNY. William M. KILDOW, Donald L. KIMBRO, Roberl' D. KING, Talmadge N. KRISTOFFERSON, Rov R. FOU RTH ROW: KYLE, Gordon C. LaMOTTE, Orville R., Jr. LANGILL, Richard F. LASKOWSKI, Ralph D. LEACH, Bonnie J. LIPKE, Raymond H. LOHAN, George W. FIFTH ROW: LOTT, Paul G. LUEDTKE, Bernard O. MAILLOUX, Edmond A. MAKI, Daisfo W. MAREK, Anthony J. MARTIN, Gerald G. MARTIN, Osie F. SIXTH ROW: MATTHEWS, Elberr E., Jr. MAZIAR, Walrer J. MCCOY, Roberf B. McDANlEL, Floyd L. MCGUIRE, Marfin MCMELLEN, Edgar, Jr. MIELE, Michael D. SEVENTH ROW: MILLER, Ralph MILLER, Sloman H. MINES, Donald F. MORELAND, Glenn C. MORRIS. Harold F. MORRISON, John MRUZ, Henry F. EIGHTH ROW: NACHT, Richard A. NEITZEL, Edward NERLINO. Michael J. NETHERLAND. Roberi N. NEUSCHWANDER, Dale A. NEWKIRK, Harvey L. NORTON, Frederick H., Jr. NINTH ROW: OETJEN. Elhari' R. OLINZOCK, Jacob OLINZOCK, Joseph E. OLSON, Donald L. PAINE, Thomas W. NINTH for TRAINING IIIIMPI-INY 2ND ENGINEER ,. nf Q ,A-5' A.f TRAINING aArrALioN FIRST ROW: PERRY, Lawrence E. PELLETIER, Richard E. PETERSON, Gordon O. PETERSON, James C. PHYLE, Glen A. PIPPENS, Willie C. PIRKLE, Thurman L. SECOND ROW: PLATT, Gerald S. PLUMPTON, Vincenl W., Jr PRICE, Ronald M. PRUETT, Charles E. PRYOR, Richard W. RAUFMAN, Kenneth W. REESE, Richard W., Jr. THIRD ROW: RIPPY Kennelh W. ROBBINS, Benson D. ROUTH, Fred B. ROWLING, Roy L. SAUER Euqene N. SCHAIJB, Harry C. SCHIAVONE, Pafsv FOURTH ROW: SCHMALZ, Roberf R. SCHMITZ, John, Jr. SHEEHAN, RoberI J. SKAGGS, James W. SKIDMORE, Leonard I-I. SLAYDEN, Billv J. SMITH, Glen E. FIFTH ROW: SMITH, James E. SMITH, Roberf L. SMITH, Vincent G. SOLIS, Cipriano R. SPEIGHTS, Julian B. SPIGNER, Lonnie SPRINGS, Donald SIXTH ROW: STARK, Frederick M. STEPHENS, James J. STEVENS, James D., Jr. STEWART, Joseph E., Jr. STOBBART, John W., III STONECYPHER, Oliis L. STRAUSS, Frederick M. SEVENTH ROW: SULLIVAN, Joseph M. SUND, Richard C. SWEENEY, Georqe J. SYSNIK, Joseph A. TAROUINIO, Fred F., Jr. TATE, Charlie TAYLOR, Kenneih E. EIGHTH ROW: TAYLOR, Ronald L. TENNANT, John E. THORPE, Thomas O. TYSIAK, Edwin A., Jr. VALO, John M. VANCE, Wesley WILLIAMS, James C. NINTH ROW: WILLIMON, Willie S. WILSON, Buford D. WITTY James R. WOLFE, Sylvan ZIMMER, Ronald M. 9 I. ...f X .l,. 'Za' I - L I V .EI A 6' .tial xl, iam jg- I -' 'rv I 1 "4 I I ,.,' Iii, F a ,,, . . --J' K 1 c I X ' I 1. it X I V, ' ' , . I Sf . ' VW . " I. ak , - . .qu , ev. , . .V Q -. K , . X x I 1 Q. ,. F. . 'wi V VE Q al' A .E 'x -f Y Jig fi i ...'Q I' 5, . ,, ff, f at "5EL"' X ,fl V X7, ' 1 QF: , gif. . -ar y , K a If A . 7- xt. ' .LI 'll ,, .L . gi. H J- '1 -I F75- '4 y .. . x. ..,. V i A . J ' -. W .. 31 1 5 Q s . . in . L ' 1" I 4 'lt . 'xg' l is -2 l 4 Y f ' . T I A . I . 551 1 IW l f ' eff I ' x. I l ' li, X . I ln fy iff! A 41 , , .. FIG-?t. 2. V' tai , 5: X ...fe Y' , I . E ' ? .5Ai:I' iv J 13' ' QQ. wi '1- Q? Yr 1 . "1 ir: .Ia . 1 in ffl Egg? 5, 1.0, . '25-. L 'Q Z , Eg THIRD B TT LTU 5, 52 1355? ' asa? . . Q Q? , - ,.. ... .. U BA M .., .,,,..,3M' W if . F Q A 'F 4 J A -2., - K . Q 14, if -u rmisii 1Uth llth 13th 13th EUMPANY EUMPANY COMPANY EUMPANY 5 T ROY E. SCHMITZ gy Maier Commanding Officer TE TH TH NIIXI' BUMP 3RD ENGINEE R TRAINING BATTALION fn .,f'N ,yigvlrf A D . . K A I xi 9 '!'.sg4. A t A - MARION G. GREER MARION T. DAWSON THOMAS W. O'GUIN ALBERT L. SESSLER, Captain Second Lieufenanf Second Lieufenant Second Lieufenanf Commanding Officer Adminislralive Officer Training Officer Training Officer CADRE FIRST ROW: ' , Masfer Serqeanfs -. I F ' uazuaisiaefs' . I I I , ran A. 5, f-'4.,., 5 In X 'A Sergeant Firsf Class h 'Q 1 if " ' 4' ROWLAND, Charles S. ,Q I, 32? I '- ' A, Sergeanfs LF, if' ,-, Q ROSENBERG, Beryl S, - 1. -f. WHITEHOUSE, Edqar K. ' ' Corporals DREIER, Edward W. SECOND ROW: EVANS, Denver R., Jr MCMAHON, David sf Sl-IELTON, Clovd R. SLUSSER, Earl J. Privafe Firsf Class O'DONNELL, Gerald r ,. x17.'.f I 9-3 gi if . . N -.,:-V ...v 4 4,--1 ,.A -4-:HS ' - ' v. ZMQ , i' -. 1- ---1'-r. , - , .r ,--,,..,, .. -- . A. Q'-..--.aa . , , X,-1' 1-,N : f F, -,I ,I -- - ,.. -Y:',-A,-.,g,..--:- IIN E ea: Xl fr ..'. ' ' .Y gr , ' , F, .- . -Q' -f ,- , rl' f ' ' A. Q A." . J' " 4 ,I . .5 f if f ef. 11 -5- ,, 2 f fl A 4 I . I, 1 w ., E in , . B! .4 . , - W, Q.. fr, i' QI ..,,,,X L, l I E It-i:q'7"j rf af , fi n 3 3 x"'l 1:1 'W 'V I' 1 ' C7 X' 0 I B '-Q." .q 1: Y' 2, ' 'it ' "' " ff .. ' 'A F 1 I 32, ft' . if I. M I A . 7 all I 31' TV' 'V . , 4- . I f,-.. 9...-' ". ,-. Q 5 3 .5 A I LV.. I l , I 57... IC. . 1 ,, Q4 . 'fffj .,I. - Wa. l I. II 4 .Q 2 J. I . ' ,X vi 'x A En P? ,,. ,I Q.- . 'tu' ii l J W , . TI 'Pwwl ' A it .4 , ' .523 .- . Q . :F WS' H, , I V 4 ,. jx 5-A A 9 x flu 4 'sry' x 'Fr I ' 5 5 'flip ??" -I , I f".' . X ...,i,,. rang? er ' . .V ., Qi .,, 2 . '. .. : 'N IQ? 4 u. - . L , 'T fe' ,. I 9 ' .Til fe II fl I 15' E v-I L53 E' ' f lf? -L .Q-1 Q-T . 4. 2 F - - IM Ta . I T? Q P M 9 eh? ' SEVENTH TRAINING IIIIMPANY 2ND ENGINEER TRAINING BATTALION FIRST ROW: ANDINO, Ramos Erneslo ARCHER, Guy L. BAKER, Samuel E. BALEZENTIS. Jimmie D. BANET, Richard F. BANKS, James E. BAUER, Alfred V. SECOND ROW: BEAN, Dollon F. BERNARDONI, Ch BERRY, Jimmy C. BILLIE, Duane M. BOLTON, Roberf L. BOOS, Edward E. BOOTEN, Donald E. arlie, Jr. THIRD ROW: BOOTH, Harold M., Jr. BROWER, Orville R. BROWN, Earl W., Jr. BROWN, Eugene BROWN, James C. BRUCE, Earl R. BURGO, Zeke FOURTH ROW: CANUP. Roberl H. CARPELLO, James V. CARR, Edward, Ill CHANS, Byron A. CHAVEZ, Joe A. CHRISTENSEN. Arlhur J. COLLINS, Roberl A. FIFTH ROW: COOPER, Monfy O. CORTRIGHT, William M. COSTIGAN, William J. COX, Theodore J., Jr. DAVID, Roger C. DAVIDSON, Roberf L. DEESE, Clyde J. SIXTH ROW: DIAL, Roberl' J. , DORR, Leslie G. DRUMMOEQD, Chaies F. DRYSDAL ,Arden . EDGERTON, Myron L. ERICSON, Joseph H., Jr. FLECK, Joseph J. SEVENTH ROW: FLETCHER, William A FOLEY, Gerald W. FORD, Waller E. FOX, Gaylord L. FULLWOOD, Vernal GAGLIARDY, Raymond S. GAROFALO, Nicholas A. EIGHTH ROW: GATES, Bobby R. GLICKMAN, Paul J. GOO LL DA . James I. GORE, Roberl E. GRZANKA, Henry L. HAMILTON, Abraham, Jr. HANSEN, Warren P. NINTH ROW: HAYS, Kennefh E. HICKMAN, Jule E. HINRICHSEN, Earl M. HOGAN, Edwin D. HOLCOMBE, Thompson B. HOLLENBERGER, John E. HUBBARD, Gene L. SEVENTH TRAINING IZIJMPIINY 2ND ENGINEER TRAINING BATTALION FIRST ROW: HUBER, Wayne E. HUFF, Perry L. JARDINA, Philip A. JAVAKIAN, Sleven JENKINS, Harry C. JOHNSON, Dareld K. JONES, Lloyd A. SECOND ROW: JOYNT, James L. JUMP, David W. KALKHOF, Lyle F. KATS, Hank KENDALL, Richard K. KICKER, Jerome G. KILLINGSWORTH, Roy W. THIRD ROW: KIMBALL, Claylon KNOLL, Julius T. KOLLMAN, Roberl D. KOTAS, Edward J. KOURSOGEORGAS, George C. LEE, Tommy. Jr. LEONARD, Thomas S. FOURTH ROW: LePORE. Harry D. LESNAU, Roberl A. LETCHER, Lehman LILYGREN. David F. LUCIVANSKY, Raymond J. MAFFEI, Peler N. MANCINI, Anlhonv FIFTH ROW: MANCINI, Carmine J. MANNESE, Vinceni J. MARINO. Anqelo E., Jr. MARTINEZ, Jose E., Jr. MCCORMACK, John F. McKENZlE, Billie R. MCKENZIE Derryll B. SIXTH ROW: MCLEAD, Billy 6. MQWILLIAMS. James MING-O, Willie- C. MONROE, Richard K. MORTENSON Waller C. MURAWSKI, Emi! L. MURPHY, Edward J. SEVENTH ROW: MURRAY, Herberl' J. OLTMAN. Leland l. OSBORNE, L. B. PARI-IAM, James E. PFARLMAN, Marvin PETAK. Edward J., Jr. PETERSEN, Elmer A. EIGHTH ROW: Pl-IELPS, Charles D. PIBURN, Ralph L, PITTMAN, Elon PITTMAN, Odeal PIZZUTO, Anfhonv F. POMEROY, Sherwood K. POULIOT, Joseph R. NINTH ROW: RABINOWITZ, Max RAND, Tommy REED, Somolia D., Jr. PEEDY, John G. RHODES, Lewers M. 6-,Ll l .X ' 'sgy 'L lf W ,gk , QC .wr 'Y W Y P' Q 2 1: 5-"4 -, 1-, .,.. . 1 1 .BV , .Ji l, i ' I -, 1 44. A , Q. ,lv I l Fl l I , ig . t Q... 'E' 'f' if . 4 7 . " 'N N IJ R l l i EE : l La H ' Fw R1 'ef v gd 4' :' 'I 7.7515 x if Wa' i - li - f " rf 'yd' ', 1 , , A , 'ry , 5- , 'Li ,ar Ai, I f V 'N .' 5' I ah ' I . '-. -' I ' wi' :W 1 " ' 1 4, .J ' - . ' ,A .ei - - . A ...Q , , - Q + I' il' I ' 'P J I4-if 5 ' ' 1 '- -. , 5 ,. H I il ,fr , .1- . If-V ',. 1 IT ESP' . ...: .. W , ' , Q- + ' .1 H -. I A 1 J f- : 3 '7- .. , -U - 1 F-sh' :L " . WI.. '58 '. fill if Fl Tir" I 'X' s , 3 of I '14 el , an J 'W N-ww I. .I Fifi i in-af T . X J- za I al 15" ' w J.. V :I 4 ' 'li ii' 'xi 2 Iwi N g lixj iw ' . 5 if xv' ix I -U54 ' I . :Q 2 ., ow I . ffl. in ag.. . . El 9 .TQ 23' " S1 I X if e.. WJ. 4'2" Q, L 1. T ? lv ill 'W' S it gh 8 1 N 9 X. -. ..-45 ., v ., 1 TENTH THHININE IIUMPIIIII Y 3RD ENGINEER TRAINING BATTALION TRAINEES FIRST ROW: ADGER, John AHRENS, Herman, Jr. ALLEN Billy D. ANKROM, William A. ASHWORTH, Kennelh E. ATHEY, Alvin J. BAUERLE, Burdelle L. SECOND ROW: BEERMAN, Arnold BELL, Clarence, Jr. BENFORD, Allen D. BEVER, Raymond E. BIBLER, Roberi' L. BIRCH, I-lerberl L. IBLACKMON, Melvin F. THIRD ROW: BLALJOCK, Richard BOL EN, Lonnie BOLING, Norman J. BOWMAN, Bennie F. BRIDGES. Dewain I-I, BULLARD Alfred D. BURKE, Jerry F. FOURTH ROW: BURNETT, Numa C. BYRNE, Euqene H. CALDWELL, Roberf C. CAWLEY, Thomas F. CERNY, Leonard W. CI-IAFFEE, William H. CHRISTIAN, Homer L. FIFTH ROW: CLARK, Siburn J., Jr. CLAY, Leonard . COI-'EN Howard J. COLE. Asbury , CONFRLY, Sedqie I.. COOK, Harold COSTANTINO, Lindv SIXTH ROW: COY. Michael W. CPOTTEAU Cvril W. CUPIT, Johnnie A. DARBY, Philip E., Jr. DAY, Sleven L. DEAL, Georoe O. DEHMER, Philip V. SEVENTH ROW: DEMPSEY, James F. DISPOTO. Vincenl J. FONTENETT, John C. FONTENOT, Leland J. FOWLER, Arnold W. FRANKLIN Donald L. FREDERICKS, Alfred J., Jr. EIG HTH ROW: FREY, Reqinald L. FRIEND, Roberl E. FROST. William J. FROSTEGA, Edward FRYE Arvin J. FULLER, Frank J. GARNETT, Charles L. NINTH ROW: GARST, Roberi' C. GAY, Herberl' H. GIGLIO, Frank A. GILBERTSEN, Richard J. GIORDANO, Ernesl' L. GIUSTA, Slephen A. GOODMAN, ROY TENTH TRAINING EIIMPIINY 3RD ENGINEER TRAINING BATTALION FIRST ROW: GRAUMAN, William E. GRAVES, Eliiah GREEN, Archie M. GROVE, Charles E. HAAS, George T. HAGE. Lucien J. HAILEY, Ira SECOND ROW: HANSOHN, Charles H. HARTDORN, Georqe E. HEAD, William H. HENRY, Roberi J. HICKEY, John J. HlCKS, Leonard L. HILL, Florencio Z. THIRD ROW: HOWARD, Louis J.,'Jr. HURST, Edward E. IAOUINTA, Sam JASPER, Darden G. JOHNSON, Jack JOHNSON, Moroni D. KAMINSKAS, Rimwdas FOURTH ROW: KAPLAN, Marvin B. KERLEY, Charles G. KING, Boyd Lewis M KRANTZ, . KRAUSE, Henry T., Jr. KROUSE George S. LIBFOLLETTE, Georqe W. FIFTH ROW: LAMBOTT, Keilh W. LAMPE, William J. LANDES, Odis N. LAUX, Donald J. LEAVITT, Roberf J. LECH, Frank J. LEE, Earl F. SIXTH ROW: LEE, James A., Jr. l.eJEUNE, Durlin J. LENZEN, Berlram H. LEONARD, David LESNIK, Siephen J. LITTRIELLO, Frank J. LONG, Bobby SEVENTH ROW: LOPATOWICZ, Frank J. MAKIN, Daniel G. MANZER, Ralph J. MAY, John S. MCCRARY, James L. MCGUIRE, Gerald MCINTOSH, Gerald EIGHTH ROW: MESCHLER, Gilberl E. MIELE, Amafo M. MIKOLAJCZAK, Edmond A MOBILIO, Vencenizo MOORE, Johnnie, Jr. MOSSOR, Paul A. MUFFETT, Carl W. NINTH ROW: NEWELL, Johnny D. NEWMAN, Roberf L. NUTTER, Homer P., Jr. OGDEN, Cecil L. OSELIO, Jose R. rig.: A ft'-:sa ..-' i Q i . 9' E? 1 'x l s v 'fi I , 544 .. J v A P 1 of-K , E . - ui,-'gi-4 i 1 5 ' ml 'L 'af' ,iv 1' " r -4 .J - , Q- 'm . S A-r iff' fel: .:. -ye. f Y 4 1' Q, ESQ-lffraj 1, 55" ' le 1 " " img 'i."'5?'1vg W ' " "'.-. Lava. B' "left 5 :gr W' gg, f'- fi? 4 1 ll K' x Yzf 51:1 , -lr , X I . Tl ii fi TEIIITH THIIININH IIUMPI-INY 3RD ENGINEER TRAINING BATTALION FIRST ROW: OTHOT Roberf J, OTT, Edward M. PACZKOWSKI, Wallace PAOUETTE, Roberl H. PETTY, Richard K. PEZZIMENTI, Vincenl J, PHILLIPS, Roberf P. SECOND ROW: PIERCE, Aldine POWELL, Marvin A. PURDY, Alfred M., Jr. OUERICA, Richard T. RAULSTON, John A. REAM, John R. REED, Roy L. THIRD ROW: RELPH, Edward W. RICHMOND, Raymond A. RIVIERA. Anfonio ROBERTS, Elmer J. ROBINSON Donald E. RODRIGUEZ, Larry J. RONDO, Giqlio M. FOU RTH ROW: ROSS, Joseph D. RUSSELL, Donald D. SCHAMP, James A. SCI-IMIDTKE, Henry K. SCHWARZ, Robert' C. SHULMAN, Marlin SLIWA, Henry J. FIFTH ROW: SMELTZER, Albert SMITH, Charles W. SOVAR, Donald E. STAHL, James J. STAMBAUGI-I, Thomas O. STOKES, Kennelh D. SWANG, Raymond H. SIXTH ROW: SZEGDA, Andrew W. TAMILLO, Richard S. TENINTY, Thomas J. TENORIO, Pelronilo, Jr. THOMPSON, Dorys W. TIRY, Waller C. TODD, Henry G., Jr. SEVENTH ROW: TOKASZ, Slephen H. TONKOSHKUR, Theodore V TREZZA, Michael URANGA, Joe M. VANOVER, Charles T. VASSILOPOULO5, Charles VAUGHN, Allen EIGHTH ROW: VIOLA, Bruno L. VIOLETTE, Thomas P. VITO, Louis WAGNER, Richard P. WATSON, Jack D. WELSER William J. WENDLAND, Ellsworlh E. NINTH ROW: WHITE, Thomas F. WHITECOTTON., George L. WILKERSON, Billy D. WILLETT, Theodore R. ZACHERY, Morris ELEVE TH TRAINING IIUIVIPIIN 3RD ENGINEER TRAINING BATTALION N I fn . " . - . .- I . . , - s 'L X ' A ' I I,II W I' ,f ,I M 2 V ,S . 1 X EDWARD R. SPANUTIUS JOHN P. BRIGGS JOHN A. COLEMAN BURNETT J. EDWARD ALFRED J. WOOD Firsf Lieufe'nanf Second Lieufenanf Second Lieufenanf Second Lieuienanf Second Lieuienanf Commanding Officer Plafoon Leader Plafoon Leader Adminisirafive Officer Plafoon Leader CADRE wi sew ii w in FIRST ROW: Sergeani Firsf Class HUGHES, Robert C. LATTIN, Thomas A. NADEAU, Kenneth D. SUNDBERG, Richard SECOND ROW: Corporals If 'i " , I ' -- FLEMING, Pavson J. ,cvig ' F? "' f L " HULVEY, Randolph L. VE, ?'fff' f "VM, Privaies Firsf Class fr Q ' A ' 'I A I ' g. , EHRMAN, Stanley M. j 1 Lg- 5 " ' , f, WHITE, Richard vv. I5 A " P ' Men of I Hh Company hoisfing ce'nIer pole for rigging EI. EVE TH TH!-IIN NE EIJMPZ-I ir if HI' 1 .5553 -, f 15 I, 'L "'-1, ,- Tiny- , r E5 Q? . ,L M t 'ang' E3 L L, , ,V A lf, . ,- L! xl- . - .ff 1 I ""A 1 - an Qi. I 'Egg L I l if A. . . ., 1 V N - 'fl sf WY' ,Fla . 3. .1..1' W I . f-ii w...g A ,., .,,, Ti' if . - J .LA I. fu, J l I Y : Lf' U 'J 'V 2-1 fi? QS 'lx 'X lf.- my-5, is A r"' . ,xnxx I ff? V . -:F . I v N . 7' .. . 1 g . , ' Q ' 'lg ., A Q' -,v .51 : , ' .Q Q.. 'air Q LS. Wg.-1' 'till - A '53 Y", 'f"f Q fi. I .1 Vi' ff' . - 1,245 I vig.. ra- E Sf? '-5' --gs 31' -1' . , 'P' , gg' --r y 0 ' I . is To 71 Y Y an I , V ,,-. , iiiii.. A 'sr . -- 1 k,,. ll, - T.. 3 TRAINEES FIRST ROW: AM EN DO LA, Anlhony ANDERSON, Slephen C. BARBAG, Jack BARNHART, Joseph S. BATES, Curlis L. BAZYDLO, Edward P. BEESLEY, Harry D. SECOND ROW: BELL, James H. BERTUCCI, Samuel R. BIGGER, Elberf C. BILLINGTON, Will F. BOLLIG, Richard L. BOULDUC, Donald R. BOWLES, Raymond, Jr. THIRD ROW: Cl-IEATHAM, Lonnie COFFEY, Cornelius P. CONTI, Peler, Jr. COOK, Charles L. COOPER, Allen CORBACS, Earl P. CORNETT, Paul J. FOURTH ROW: COTTON, Carl R. CRILLY, ROV K. CUNNINGI-IAM, Ralph CURRY, Oliis DANCY ,Vernon T. DeNARDO, Joseph R. DQPASOUALE, Frank T. FIFTH ROW: DONLEY, Thomas L. DORICCHI, Richard W. DOUVILLE, LeRoy J. DYSON, Thomas N. ELDRINGTON, John B. ESTERLE, Ferdinand FERRELL, William H. SIXTH ROW: FISHER. Waller J. FOGT, Louis M.. Jr., FORASSIEPI Lido J. FRITZ. Ernesl, Jr. FRYER, Arbv A., Jr. FULLER. Donald E. GANNON, Harold R. E ELEVENTH TRAINING EIJMPIINY 3RD ENGINEER TRAINING BATTALION FIRST ROW: GARZA, Jessie C. GASSER, Ralph A. GASTON, Bruce R. GEORG, Wesley F. GIBSON, Howard, Jr. GILLEN, Alexander P. GLAZIER, Arthur D. SECOND ROW: ' GOLDMAN, Bennie R. GRAHAM, Gerald W. GRAY, Garland G. GRAY, Richard M. I GREGORIADES, Pholuos G. GUAJARDO, Ramon T. GUTCHES, John E. THIRD ROW: I-IACKWORTH, Edward P. HALL, Roy L. HALTER, James L. HANSEN, Edwin L., Jr. HARVEY, Sam, Jr. HAXTON, Donald HAYES, Harold R. H. FOURTH ROW: HENDRICH, John R. HINDLE, James S., Jr. HOFFMAN, Roberl J. HOLLIS, Roberl' C. HOLSTE, Larry J. HUGHES, Jerome V. JOHNSON, Harold B. FIFTH ROW: JOHNSTONE, Roberf R. KANE, William R. KAPPENMAN, Kennelh E. KARIBIAN, Jack KLINGER, EFIC KOONTZ, Harold T. KUI-ILMAN, Richard J. SIXTH ROW: KURZ, Roberf E. LANDING, Edward W. LANZA, Anfhony J. LaPERLE, John G. LAZAZZERA, VITO LEGG, Joseph W. LEWIS, Earl T. SEVENTH ROW: LEWIS, Waller C. LOPEZ, Humberlo LOVE, Donald R. MacLEOD, Richard H. MAHER Kennelh W. MARROCCO, Joseph MAYER, Donald I. EIGHTH ROW: MAYFIELD, Leonard L. MCDONALD, Fred W. MCKINNEY, Rush T. MCLEOD, Andrew, Jr. METZ, Thomas C. MICHIELLI, Frank MILLER, Elmer H. NINTH ROW: MINTON, Waller R. MOHUTSKY, Emil MOORE, Billv B. MURPHY. William B. MYERS, Frederick G, NEWELL, Dale I. l,IQI"Fil H If .. , 11. .f Q34 N If , 1 54- , 2 . -- Q L I ' 4 . .meg -5. 'ff fi? L- I-3,3 'TW' .J , - 1' rig'-Af . r ,X 15 .L ,., , X, .2 iw fi? R53 ,.. I if . rf if A , 'E' . 5 W I 3' V? W " f a! a ,T 1' ig . ff S' if i , , - I' '. rn! Q ff ' ir . wi, .T., " 1. Q." A '::A,II'i U aff -. . I I - N '.-" R . . , . . X I .,,.,9 an " , 34. ., 715' . 'iff 1" . . , 5, K W., . ... f. PY , be . .ff . .I f , , . . , .f ,. " i fi -P A" ' I 2 .4 AAI- . 4 :iw .E , A "If"4:' ' 15' A 'G K Ai S., .l,' A f . . 'N-R A 5. 1 xx V7 5 ' 4 I 5.1. A rw 5' i . I aging. 4' . .yi .YQ ali' Q cf W- 1 Wlfhi I.. , si, II U u Wk ., X.-E... NG . W A I, 1 if Sv ' :- af? .1 4' Irv A ,555 Y.. F 97 ,E :I 3' I rs? 4-iv Ef K 35 Vina, L41 i- rr 1.3 ff -Aja Q Ek 1 Wiki. if ,Q IW I ,W Y, T if 'F ,b '5xT, . .ji , . if E7- ' rl. v f ll - xi! I-ce, 'Z-'VT -1 'X IR! H-if . .I "' 1 'rf lg. ,.., 'W' efx' ,. 'Q at 'ii' rx? . Sf' ' CT' I . aka .1 H gf-w l V TMR , UE 1 . Q E f E 3 9' .kt I ,-1.-. S, 5' - 5, .ve . iw ..,, If ,tl A- -Wi 1. ' 1- 1. lf.. I .. .. 1 - 1 1' . 'f .Q-, I I'-1'j?l'l I RW yr rg, ,rin x .ay 'S' If, .. i 1 rw" ef 'V I.-I 1 I Iwi I r V4 H X 21 . l f ' .,, ,1 li" . 4' Y R 1. '5- ..., G if I 52 gm i. I . .- I .Spf 'V' G xv., 1 1 I - . . Vi .YV E X.""'a'F3 ? I- Y. I ' H4 A , ff ' ' A R I ... ., ,. ,X ,. . wig. 1 Qi v, 4 C 'C . ,I W ,. W V in .si . 1 .. V I ., I , li " fini v I . . . si xx ll R4 'Q H, N A Iv. I Lf E, .uf N 'QT FT " ,gx I ',, 5 - TT' . .5 52 J' IQ? Hs? , 5' ul ELEVENTH TRAINING IIIJMPANY 3RD ENGINEER TRAINING BATTALION FIRST ROW: NOWAK, Donald L. O'KEEFE, John J., Jr. OLECH, Henry J. OLIN, Roberl' C. OLIVER, Merle J. OSTRENGA, Chesler I. PARISH, Jack A. SECOND ROW: PERNA, Clarence A. PERRY, Roberl PETERSEN, Herberl P. PINCKNEY, Jancy PORTER, Sherrill A. PTAK, Leo E. PULLIAM, John D., Jr. THIRD ROW: RACKEY, Maurice ROBERTS, John P. ROBERTS, Roberl H. ROBINSON, William B. ROGERS, William I-I. ROSEN, Fred ROSIN, Roy, Jr. FOURTH ROW: ROTH, William H. RUDDICK, Lesfer H., Jr. SAMMUT, Thomas SCANLAN, Dennis J. SEIFFERLY, Gerald J. SHAFFER, Clyde SICHENEDER, Frederick J. FIFTH ROW: SPREHE, Marvin H. STEADY, Rolland J. STEGMAN, Roberl D. STEWART, William M. STRANGE, Harold L. TATARA, Louis W. TAYNER, Charles R. SIXTH ROW: THEODORE, Paul S. THOMPSON, Charlel D THORNTON, Ralph D. TIRICO, Frank A. TOPF, Thomas P. TOPOLSKY, Bernard TROMBINO, Arlhur R. SEVENTH ROW: TRUESDALE, Roberf L. VanDAELE, Marcel H. VERMILLION, Eddie A. VIDAL. Richard WALLER, Harley S. WATSON, John L. WEDIC, Ralph L., Jr. EIGHTH ROW: WEIFENBACH, Edward D. WEST, Richard L. WEYH, Elmer L. WIGGINS, Frank L. WILD, Lewis E. WILSON, Gerald A. WILE, James R. NINTH ROW: WILSON, Harry D. WINDES, Donald L. YODER, Wayne R. ZAJAC, Ralph R. ZALMANEK, Jerry J. TRAINEES ALLEN, Wavne E. ASI-ILOCK, James K. BAILEY, Mohawk BAILEY, Sammie L. BAIRD, Monroe S. BARNES, Beverly BISHTON, John J. TWELFTH TH!-IININH BUMP!-I Y 3RD ENGINEER TRAINING BATTALION CLYDE H. MANGOLD ROBERT E. LOUOUE, JR. DONALD N PLANTS Cap1ain Second Lieufenanf Second Lleufenani Commanding Officer Plafodn Leader Q- 9 w LU 1 I 4 xg.. 1 E1 - .. .Fw .Jw .I A ,4 1 Q inf ligi .7-I I L .. 'iff ' 1 4 3-il' .3 "9 29. ., Q X. ia : .ff 'U C I iff . kv' dl, , mag. 4 54? 5 1 gf : si 1 3' -WJ! T H' E .fu .31 . 3. vs- VQ N . 4 F 4 J 5" Q ,T , 1, - . 3,9 I 5 .Y 1- 31 f. li 'Mi ' A , sf-T JNWV Q x-,, M ' fx, I .I ,V . . W. D ii W I. iq 61' V Ig' s 1' ll 'ffl rr' X5 I G' 'J -1 3 . l 1- 'fi A is f fu ' -ll . fi L I 1 -I .ff . r 8 T F' i 1 M I T ,g,j' sm' . ...... ,. -- kv iv X N L fa- J, av . af f yi A . ff f Fi Fa -3' . TWELPTH TRAINING EUMPANY 3RD ENGINEER TRAINING BATTALION FIRST ROW: BLAZER, Roberf C., Jr. BOLAND, John P. BOYCE, Charles E. BRACALE, Joseph C., Jr. BRESKVAR, Ray J. BROWN, John T. BUUCK, Armand J. SECOND ROW: CALLANAN, Arthur F. CANTER, Alan CARUSO. Michael J. CHASE, Herberl' W. CLARK, Earl W., Jr. CLOUD. Richard N., Jr. CROWLEY, Lewis D. THIRD ROW: CZECH, Raymond O. DAVIDSON, Herberl' H. DAVIS, Jimmie A. DeGRAFFENRElD, Francis C DEMEO, John C. DeROSA Philip L. DILLON, Donald W. FOURTH ROW: DiPACE, Roberl' DUGHMAN. Lewis E. DUNN, Norman A. DUST, Harold E. DUST, Harvev C. EDMUNDS. John W, EFROSINIS, Nicholas J. FIFTH ROW: EVARHART, Richard L. FISH. Donald D. FOWLER, Lawrence E. GERHOLD, Jack R. GIARDINA, Joseoh GOERING, Ivan L. GOTTESMAN, Roberl M. SIXTH ROW: GREENBERG, Raymond GREUTMAN. Kennelh R. G-ROOS, Arlhur J. Jr. GROSS. Daniel GROTELUSCHEN, Norris M HAGIWARA, Yulaka HALE, Arvil SEVENTH ROW: HANYECZ, Alberf L. HARGROVE, Ronnie W. HARPER, Bobby L. HARRINGTON, Gerald A. HASKE. Ervin E. HEIDENREICH. James D. HEINEN, Benedicf F. EIGHTH ROW! HENDRICKS, Llovd D. HENNIGAN, Don C. HINES, Marvin L. HODGE, Edqar C. HOFFMAN, James W. HOLISHER, Leo HOOK, Henry NINTH ROW: HUNT, Richard R. IVES, Calvin C. JACKSON, Alberf L. JACKSON. Donald E. JANIK, John J., Jr. TWELI-'TH IIUMPI-INY 3RD ENGINEER ' ' TRAINING BATTALION TRAINING rmsr Row: JOHNSON, Jack M. . JOHNSON, William C. r. ' KAMACHI, Tadao P. KEARNS, Jack W. KEITH, william J. ,Af r, KELLY, Gerald E. 'r f 'A S , as: . XFN' ' " JUAREZ e 'IB "yi fd 5 6 ef ' 1 ' SECOND ROW: KING, Paul D. KITE, Herberl E. . .,,.. KORTHALS, Charles W. I ',Y LUDWIG, Kenneth L. ., " MAMMANO, Frank A. ' r MATHISEN, Sfanley B. . - P ..4. 'Q' e Kocxs, Ddrrdld F. 7 r' A dr . .394 6' vi'-Q! M 'JJ . 'if r, THIRD ROW: MAY, J, C. MCKENZIE, Orville L. MENDOKER, Raymond R. MILLER, Harry D. MURPHY, Timolhy P. r . OLRICK, Vernon J. ' - xl MIXON, Wilson P. .. ...Q 'Q FJ rouim-I now: PATTON, James A. PIZETZKY, William oummno, Louis J. Roamson. osxdrr ca, SCHALLOCK, Raymond E. 2 - SCHMITT, Georqe J. 'yi' scnuuz, Arlhur w., Jr. E 1 r FIFTH ROW: SCHUTH, Arfhur H. SCIBEK, John J. SCOGGINS Marion SCRUGGS, Ralph H. SHIELDS. Joe E. SIMON, Roberi H., Jr. SIROIS, Louis J. SIXTH ROW: SMITH, Jacob SORANNO, Nic-holes J. STACHOWICZ, Bennie R. STEINER, Michael A. STODOLA. Elmer B. TAVANI, Don R. . TAYLOR, Marlin A. .- fr Q1 i' i SEVENTH ROW: . TOMKINS, Jack TURNER, Z, C. TUTTLE, Wallace G. VILLANO, Ralph M. f .lf E 5 rf Q 151 Q 1 E rf: ,i, , ,,.. q.,., , 2 E 2 ,r rw nal' ,r E7 v 'ff 37. Y . .Ll fa 'W .,. :gr L3 . ,V ' 'fr L 1 if ' 1 C a I X fi :ai . fi- 4' Em...1' gl, V ,I il X I' Q In and I , F' Ay F .1 -44-, '17 N A rl R 55331, .X .I , gf' S. T ,ii .r 6: 5 .1 ' J 9, ig M In I 'E z f X IN ' S 5 WAGNER, Gordon L. WALKER, Jimmie L. WEBB, Chesler 5 'dl . r EIGHTH ROW: ' ,r .L l WEICHEL, John E. '- WELLS. Fred E. ,P WHEAT. Johnny Z. ,J "-ff' r -' WHITWORTH, Lulher L 3 WILLIAMS, Herberl H. WILLIAMS, Johnny A. WILLIAMS, Johnny L. F' an Ji - 1 i Q A 1 NINTH now: - r 5 WILLIAMS. Richard E., Jr. ' Q .. f WILSON, Charles W. -ig iv! WILSON, Lennie K. ' 9' YOUNG, Georqe A. -H ' i r I T 6. wiv: 7 1 J rf 5 ,sv ., In 'ff fi vi 4 zr rr '3 :ff Yffar V5 T' N1 J I 1 mn T' "s .lf r 9 I 4' 1 x -A bfi THIHTEE TH TRAINING EUMPIIN 3RD ENGINEER TRAINING BATTALION JOHN E. HURST, JR. Firsf Lieulenanf Commanding Officer GEORGE S. HASTINGS Second Lieufenanl Plaloon Leader WILLIAM J. LANGAN Second Lieufenanf Plaloon Leader ' ' A i 9 if lj X, .iw I l- l, ,P I'I Q " . ' if I 'L' ti if Z ' rf 1' f ,J f if ,. ,, , , . ff' . 5 ' Tig f ' S .f .-1' r A ' f lf J V I. A3 . xl ,v L, ',v , N .I , ,b, Pl .,- , , . ,. .. . . T 1 4, ,gh ' ' , "ji ' ' A .5 " il 1: vw , ,. 'V . , -1 - h .T f fl? Q l fl V . . ,s . A - , f fc . 5 ff., I , S ri E M A . ,fs 1. -' 'A vp -. , if f' gg? I ff: W , - if-fl 3: Iv? -- 4 5 3 h E, , 1-. a U if P rr A , ' -if .1 -" A e if fri' ' ' H l . x -A 'lli R 'fl f , ' ., y . Y e CADRE FIRST ROW: Firsf Sergeant SUTER, Robert M. Master Sergeanls BOWMAN, Billy JOHNSON, David L, REMLEY, Lonnie T. ROSE, Ronald L. Sergeant First Class POOLE, Dennis W. Sergeanfs MCDONALD, Waller C. SECOND ROW: NEIKIRK, James Corporals CASILIO, Palsy DAVIES, Harold I. KLEIN, Sheldon D. MCINNIS, Roberf E., Jr RIZZO, Edward J. Privale First Class HALSEY, Davis TRAINEES FIRST ROW: ADAMS, John F., Jr. AMSTUTZ, Robert L. BACKER, Paul F. BALLMAN, Harold E. BARBEHENN, Jack S. BARCUS, Herberf F. BARNES, James H. SECOND ROW: BECK, Arden V. BELANGER, Raymond A BRUSS, Orwald A. BYERLY, George T. CANTU, Oclavio CARTER, Raymond H. CHASTAIN, John V. THIRD ROW: COLLEY, William F., Jr COX, Henry A. CRAWFORD, James W. CROCKER, Leroy R. CROWLEY, Waller P. DARNELL, Ralph G. DEATON, Donald E. FOURTH ROW: DEITLE, Ray R. DeJESUS, Rodriquez E. DENNIS, Kennefh M. DiCOSTANZO, Nicholas DUNFEE, Harold E. DuPLANTIS, Melvin B. ELIA, Theodoros C. THIHTEENTII TRAINING IIUMPIINY 3RD ENGINEER TRAINING BATTALION FIRST ROW: ELLIS, Charles E. ELLIS, Ernesl E. EVANS, Euqene L. FOROSTOSKI, Will'am FOSTER, Norvell C. FRANCESCHI, Dino E. FUHRMAN, William L. SECOND ROW: FULHAM, Patrick J. GAMBREL, Robert L. GEORG, Wesley F. GIBBS, Roberf J. GILBERT, Robert C. GLASER, Clarence GOINS, Phillip R. THIRD ROW: GONDOLF, Richard A. GREEN, James A. GUESSFORD, Guy GUNDERSON, Philip D. HAMILTON Bobby L. HAMLIN, Wilce HARLANDER, John P. FOURTH ROW: HARRIS, John A. HASBROUCK, Wayne E. HAVEMAN, Leonard D. HESSE, Gerald D. HILL, Raymond W. HOLMAN, Alberf E. HUGHES, Leslie H. FIFTH ROW: HYNES, Edward L., Jr. JACKSON, Billy C. JAUERNIG. Frank D. JEFFRIES, William G. JOHNSON. John E. JONES, Charles JONES, Clarence L., Jr. SIXTH ROW: JUSTICE, Lafayelle L. KACZMARCZYK, Henry J. KEARNS, Roberl S. KENNEY. John F. KINNING, Richarf' W. KOENES, Leonar' W. KRAMER, Richard O. SEVENTH ROW: LAPP, Ralph A. IARSON, Deo W LAINRENCE, Slnrlof S. LAZARZ, Walfer S. LESTER, James O. LEVINE. Sfuaff LOVINS, James R. EIGHTH ROW: LUCERO, Silas S. LUELLEMAN, Harold L. LYNAM, Thomas J. MAGYER, Michael K. MARNELL, Adolph P. MANKEWICZ .lohn W MANIGAULT, Cliffon H. NINTH RONV: MATARRESE Frank A. MATEUS, Vill's R. MCARTHUR, William ill. MCDONALD Jamef MEDLIN, Marvin L. MENDENHALL, Lalirnore C MENDILLO, Elmer A. 7 . '55 5 .Q ffl . .. I? - -A 5. .... Elf. W' ir- Q. ,ff-lx F7 3 4 . . 91.13. '29 . 2 Ta Q .- TII3 Il" 54' I A ,fi -.7,:'. -1 A... K, .Q I: .A I . 5 ' v f. . , fi ff, Mir' : 4 - I ' I . - In Y 1 I Til f' il' w-1 I m ll ,gc 5 . . I . L 1. "U ' I 5- 1 -.. ' x txt R! ,Q-.. , . lx N Ci! f I? . Q5 ,I . vii tid. . 32" 5 1 .-' 5, ' I Q' iff if fl. ' xr , xv, , . X, 'if yn... ii I . r II . Iv I 1 , R, I . WT? . IW 25' ' i I -, .QA . - ff. ,W , fs. -.1 f ,ew .. .- -Jr 3 . 57" .. eq . . 1 Y .V -I I 1 I ig Ig ff , . ig, 1 Q II . I I - .5 I."':-vi.f'1- 4 979 Ii ia, ' iz? -i 'r ' ' "i I SJ' " ' R 4 5 - '?' 'Z '.. 'fffg 4 'jg' E5 an Qi 1 E' Qin V 'I' ""Iu I . ai 4 Q ., '35 . cn ., -kg, , 4. . J' .5 R i n- ' Ihr I T ...M if 'T' ,A - r-MX . .4 p vu! A gd T X i I, .1 . . IX' ,,,. w 'F 42 . 43 . Lip. - .ar-1 X Alai 3. . SFS I F . .S 57: Turf I . all I nv 'I ' U i.: fff. SLT, .I V . ' H- 4 ,. il 3 'his' 3- , 4: Q Q II 5 ' ka I ig 1' -.. .151 It 1 I E Eg: I, .w a f I 1 I VTR. . ff: fs, 5 1' -5 fF'l I1 'ffl YQ - A 'N' lf?"V I fi .W 4' . Nr I, T If A I .5 ' I 'fi V V .L W J' I. isffzif' 9- f' 'T 1 ,K 1? . JJ l-A , T R' Eu , ly' I ii E 'Pnl-452-I, nd. 2 , ',5flL.1,,?:E, V SGW J ff ie 25755 1 1 f ? Q' ...Lv I 4 .- - -1 2 ' .Nxt 1 't . 4 -1 . - 'r -I f-, . I-1 I A me "1 hif i' vfafifa' Q". 'Bib I Tip. C l ,QE 2 1...v'. I, M, ,Z ' T 'T aff , - Q. - TD .5 .-Q1 J . ,T . 1: V151 ' A A ie? Y A .-'H -- f- A Il' -A' 4 :lf an ffl., 1' '. sq? W" L' -, L, .2 -- ' ' -W 5 ,fi 'er ' ' - I ' 1 ' Q . "T T A A J W I 'A Q I 1 Tw: fra I r I ' 1:4 'fi' 'I Q . . A, x .., -, . I 'Q . .T I. ' f- I 755155 . A uf? .. 5. Cs: 'ir 5 'T .I 'NHL ' T I Q., S , I ' 53: TL :f ill yy A A - I A, . I I 7 V y , R, S K ,I H Y, in V A . if I-I E. 1 I I :Q I I A ' r b e rg, , Sufi 1 1' 'RW I5 W lg.. l Y' nv 'Y , Q .r 2 . mr 42 -,Q 67,1 .,. KJ! 1', I l ?3 Q r ,R .a , 'fi x ' -. 'f 1,--,, n, -Q I C :fl ,A THIHTEENTH TRAINING IIIIMPANY 3RD ENGINEER TRAINING BATTALION FIRST ROW: MEYER, Elden W. MILLER, Carl F. MOROTTA, Michael C. MOSLEY, Lloyd, Jr. NAP, Donald ODOM, William L. OWENBY, Russell W. SECOND ROW: PACKER, Ewell B., Jr. PAGE, Roy PANNETT, Harold E., Jr. PARTIN, Alfred T. PHILLIPS, Alfred L. PINKOVSKY, John R. PORTS, Alberf THIRD ROW: POSEY, John R. PRYOR, Billie J. PUFFENBERGER, Arthur L. RAISANEN, Robert R. RANEY, Auquslus RESETAR, Charles L. REYNOLDS, James W. FOURTH ROW: REZABECK, Charles R., Jr. RICHMOND, Carl L. RIGGS, Carlyle A. RIVERA-SANTIAGO, Leocad ROACH, Herberl L. ROBERTS, Wesley W. ROSENSON, Bernard B. FIFTH ROW: ROSSI, Vicfor D. ROUNDY, Charles R. ROYBAL, Lloyd A. SAMPSON, Donald B. SAXENIAN, John B. SCHMIG, Albert W. SCROGGINS, Paul N. SIXTH ROW: SHAW, Neil, Jr. SIMONS, Donald E. SINGER, Irving SMITH, Roberf J. SMITH, Virqil L. SPENCER, Everelfe C, STANLEY, Donald L. SEVENTH ROW: STARR, William V. STRONG, Herbert H. SULLIVAN, Carl SULLIVAN, George, Jr. SUTTON, Chad R. TROIANI, Angelo A. TUCKER, Edward D. EIGHTH ROW: TUMBLESON, Roberf E. TURNER, Rufus W. UNWIN, Beniamin G., Jr. UTLEY, Norman S. VILLIMEK, Clarence T, VINCENT, Reber? L. VOGLER, James E. WALLEN, James R. NINTH ROW: WEIDMAN, Richard L. WELCH, Alberl, Jr. WHITE, James J. WIDMER, Georqe WILLIAMS, Olen G. WINNER, Donald W. ZUCKER, Joel io FOURTH BATTALIU RAY H RENFRO 'llth IMP!-XX Sth IMPAN Eith IQMPAN 7th IMP!-XX Hth IQQXCPAX FU HTEE TH TRAINING IIIIM IIN 4TH ENGINEER TRAINING BATTALION 5 Q M' , s 1 v M in . 2 i 3 N A A I -ef 5 - r ga- 1' . - , fri I ztfgjzf' s - nil Y-fig! I i ,- Y lj -,1.lum'!'f'9" Q I' 4 T 'ef PASOUALE CONFREDO CURTIS W. BADMAN GERALD F. BORRMANN JOSEPH VELTRI Firsf Lieulenanf Second Lieulenanl' Second Lieulenanf Second Lieulenanf Commanding Officer Platoon Leader Plaloon Leader Platoon Leader CADRE . I I ' ff If f l , es 5E5.' - 1' i f B, " Firsl' Sergeant 5 I --I TANNER, Edward , . -' . 4,1 L Masler Sergeanl ' ' LIMA, Dennis P. '- , ., . Sergeanfs, Firsf Class ' ' ' i KING, Thomas L. ' " " " LINGLE, Richard W. vi, " , I ul .Q Q g. iz? wlmle M ,, ' WHITE, James C. 1 ' 'E " Corporal MURRAH, R. Wayne TRAINEES .4 , ' Fmsr Row: , 112.1 , ADAM, Roberl M. L W ADAMS, Jake G. f 1' 1 ANTONUCCI, John J. ATTEBERRY, Frank D, BEAMAN, Richard L, SECOND ROW: H Q ,,..., 5 gg. Um lv: 1 f BELL, Bennie E. 1 ,, ssmsno, waiien B. BENSON, cufns E. ,. , BERMINGHAM, Robert L I emmszewsxr, Ted L. BILL Donald H. H , ,N i -T i . , , W ., U.-. ,, ,gn THIRD Row: - - iq ' Boxowmic, Nick D. 'i Aj 4 I '-" ' BRICKER, Thomas R. ' -'Y : BRICKMAN, Stanley A. ng, i ,. " t BROCK, James W. COLEMAN, Edward M. ANDERSON, William P. CANNIZZARO, John J. FIIUHTEENTH TRAINING EIIMPIINY 4TH ENGINEER TRAINING BATTALION FIRST ROW: CORONIS, Nicholas P. DENBOW, Beverly DE TURRIS, Paul R. DUGGAN, Harold EAKER, Thomas E. ETTER, Kellh N. FABINSKI, Slanley SECOND ROW: FEINGOLD, Howard FLEMING, Willie G. FOSTER, James R. FRANCIS, Paul D. FRIEDMANN, William J. FROST, Leonard F., Jr. EUJMOTO, Waller M. THIRD ROW: FULLER, John T. FURST, Millon GAMBINO, Frank T. GARCIA, Roberl GILLMAN, Alvin GUILBE, Pedro GUINN, Sfanley J. FOURTH ROW: HANKINSON, Edward W. HARGROVE, Jessie HARRIS, Donald T. HARRIS, Edward J. HEGL, Frank J., Jr. HENDERSON, Norman lvl. HUBBARD, J. S. FIFTH ITOW: IACOVELLI, Michael P. JANRUS, Joseph JAROTSKI, Waller T, JENKINS, Merlyn J. JONES, Dewey T., Jr. KABRICK, Ray B. KARDUX, Kennelh A. SIXTH ROW: KARNAFEL, Paul KEELER, Beniamin E. KINTZ, Donald F. KONICKI, Siep-hen A., Jr. KOROLOGOS, Thomas KULAS, Fred P. LADAU, Erwin SEVENTH ROW: LAMBERT, Willard N. LANDY, William LARSON, Roberl D. LEACH, Harry T. LE BLANC, Ernesl A. LEEB, Lolhar LEMONS, Charles W. EIGHTH ROW: LEVY. Roberf LEWIS, James H. LINDER, Saul B. LlPPERT, Roberl T. LISDELL, Herberl C. LOPEZ. Henrv LUNDBERG, Gorrlon L. NINTH ROVJ: MAISTO, Gilberr C. MALOTT, Donall B. MARTORELLI F.a.1k R. MARYANOV, 'Waller MCGEACHEN Eflward MCGREEVEY, Leroy l.l. MCKNIGHT, Ea"G l. X. ,. ,'-,ll is I - 3 If f 3 gi 'lu W", Y vi 1 Q , T! ... af I NL' L. MEFF' W 3' X v ,. ,K ii., r i xi lx, L.. am' l f ls I-I . E+ . ?. .K I 4-1, l fir' law- ! ,-. .I ,TQ .T -ar l an . 5 url rl, F ff" N.--Y l :isa 55. , w If E .--w ,-is-,, r, 1 If l Q ,f i . 1 . l' ,. I if 'R lgggjff leg. sian: Z1 fri? A 1 'sllwii Q A-'Er ' 6' IW f I my-' E Ai- 3132 I G we: f l. r In al' sp A. 1 I, 4 Qld' l l . ' ' -.2 I W 1 l .Mil YJ. ,Ml . ic' I it YL H, '15 5 T' YT -5. tina- 4' E sr ii. , fr? S, P 0 FJ hr .V i. ,li lf. . .,. ni. , r i 1 Khy Y I-E C I-ri . :I-1 -x N 1 ' E 7- .,""',,!l! 6 1 1 I . L rl D ,, . 1 i I . S' if .1 lim: 'll . T ar! VF Q ,A T 4 'tbl I Q 1 A '- li' . lug! A I- ' .44 Y EL - -.l U Y . .ff 2 1 Q . , A , pa r, lr 32- - 1 1 lf? . 1 .N I iv-.Y Q -I' 0 .mr- xi? - , ?. 'vi - , ii. .,, gg-.r -L 1? .ff x 1 v e .f , ' j,lf 14' X dr 1 511.45 A . 'gf . X- 1, AX . . X, I XX., . fl' A V I I :ff as A in ggi' u H I F XX'-FFXI gil. - Q ill K W . 'X F, GX 3 . 54' ef ' , . ' 1. - X, W .f7l .,,: ' - . X93 RX 1' , Xf ' "H U. ' '. l' X ,if , X f., ,X , - . are . fa rv- .. r , Xng,'4. sr rig' T . 1 lr W' .I ' A .Hn 1 : I .l 'T -iv ,f i fl r ' 't 2' I b ,. ' - A X1 ' .Lyf ' .Xa Q, :A .?'?'f ' C ff .. f If : I ' ,A 'rf ,.. ,IX I Y ,, ,. T , X . KX. X ia X .. PQ X . , X ' .ifn .'2 QFS hier 'I 3 " AN A' is A 1 'F 1 I I ar ISF? TW A' M ,. he - A m y ' ' I A nf lr - I -. -I Q4 - ,X 'I 9: P' fr f ' " ' ' . 'X L I,"- A? , .L ' 6 ' ,,,. V Q ' A Q I H I If i "3 uf, i'l'lll.ll: .. 4-.. X, XM X ,. REI aaa f rf. linen. X . ii M - ' ff. G 'wld . A A 5 f 8 I ..X XX Kia' TAY :ar QR.. 'W' ' ' j I an ,Q VK-iflf' gl R I IT - Wi. '- l IX ,' X 'ITIQLT Y T -. fs' 'Z fYfiH .. X X X L if X f-'1'w- f Mi' " M v I re - WY hihff Q g : , IQ F Zi gre I .- L. 5 W a 1 .1 I. s'...fX X Q .fn T'E' 2-1' I "-' . ' 1- R 'Xo " I ...-f. 0 X xv I Q .X ly' ' vif' X' A ii QF, 5 .1 -' ' ,ly - ri., ' 'V re, S we an LUX. I JXX M ' F T, X I-'IJUHTEENTH TRAINING IIIIMPIINY 4TH ENGINEER TRAINING BATTALION FIRST ROW: MIELESZUK, Jan MILBY, Leslie E. MILLER, Harold E. MITCHELL, Charles F. MULLER, Roberl A. MULVANEY, Charles R. MUTTEL, John J. SECOND ROW: MYHR, Edward A. NALDER, Jerome NEALER, Reedy J., Jr. NIGHTINGALE, Jack W. O'CONNOR, Thomas U. OOSTERMAN, Bernard A. OSBORNE, Ofha J. THIRD ROW: OSTER, Elmer R. PAUL, Herberl D. POLAKOWSKI, Gerald POTTS, Joseph E. PRINCE, Murphy C., Jr. RELIS, Saunders H. RITCHIE, Don E. FOURTH ROW: ROSER, Paul E, ROTH, Henry D. ROWE, Howard L. RUGGERI, Joseph F. RYE, Dorlos D. SAMEC, Frank J, SANTUCCI, Anlhony P. FIFTH ROW: FEIFRIED. Karl P. SINOFSKY, Jerry SISTRUNK, George F. SMITH Charles A. SNYDER, Gerald E. SOLAN, Marlin J. SPRIGGS, Clarence E. SIXTH ROW: STANLEY, I-lerberf D., Jr. STEVENSON, Joseph D. STRI NGFELLOW, William T. SYKES, Shirley SZUBELICK, Francis P. TABBOT, James W., Jr. TAROS, James J. SEVENTH ROW: THOMPSON, I-lershal W. TITHERLEY, William L. TOLBERT, Raymond TUCKER, Thomas V. TYRRELL, Jack D. UHL, Henry J. UHL, Joseph V. EIGHTH ROW: VELEZ, William D. VOLDEN, Marvin G. VON KAFNEL, Eugene A. WAGNER, Richard P. WALONIS, John W. WEIDE, Wallace O. WEST, Ralph E, NINTH ROW: WEINSTEIN, Herberl' L. WILLIAMS, Billy R. WITTENBERG, Roberf L. WONG, Herberl WORRELL, William P. WOSZCZYNSKI, Paul J. FIFTEE TH TH!-IININE BUMP!-I Y CADRE FIRST ROW: Masier Sergeanis CARROLL, Huber? C. THOMPSON, Gerald J Sergeanis, First Classs MYERS, Russeil ROWLAND, Charles S Sergeanis HINSON, Wade B. LEDBETTER, Charlie E. SECOND ROW: Corporals COLTERYAHN, Walfer GAGNE, Lucien R. JONES, Charles T. LOWE, Richard E. WOLIN, Roberf S. TRAINEES FIRST ROW: ALLOCCO, Paul J. ANDERSON, Arfhur BAUER, Frank I. CARR, Edward P. CHALIKIS, James A. CLARK, Leonard CONTE, James A., Jr. SECOND ROW: COOK, Eddie R. COTMAN, Frederick CRONIN, Cornelius M. DANIELS, William DAWSON, Marvin L. DE GENNARO, Sam DE LADD, Francis E. 4TH ENGINEER TRAINING BATTALION JACK R DAVIS THOMAS A NEWMAN FRANCIS X RILE Capfain Flrsf Lleufenanf Furs? Lieufenanf Commanding Officer Plafoon Leader Plaioon Leader YW f"'i YIM xii' Y 3 'bf -.j rw N4 f V-I - "' 4 if ' -UP .. 1,4 V, v'-I qui I xv Y 'Jug-3 eb YZ l,1Lf f'l .135 nl lj ' .Q , . f I 'iv' Q ,. 1'-'Q' l ,.':' ,r H JR 1 ll -'fl eff" R-All f H J : Tv.: K X. '- - Yr.- . N . 'ij f . ,M -.- Q ll . lv' V orllll :f . if 3 Z, , milf Q, K 1 4 . J l . o- ' y it , av.. 5'-3 'A L vx.. K, N. ilu- il "'f. -1- . is . O' ii . I J, ii . - s fzwrf-f:f4a..J 05 4-. I ,T U- ' L 'uf RIF. ,-2 rr X iv? IA, '25 j 2 T2 rg .I LF' "--. xv - X P5 a " f wg ," 'Ff T- 1, 12 XT I, 'SF fan Q 9, Q TE? . 'Il I R S . .. V x L 1. l .- I 1"i"' .4 f qv nf ' ll. vi . I fx. .xl IQ ' Y- Q 2 " f v Q 1 l I 'I-N -. . 1, ll F' 'f l' 1: il T' W , U1 Y:-1 ri 1 it K -1 v I .. K FIFTEENTH TH!-IININE IIUMPIINY FIRST ROW: DEMIANENKO, John A. DE VEGLIO, Frank J. DICKEY, Huberf C. DOBROWOLSKI, Vincenl S. DONOHUE, Palrick H. DRABENSTOT, Alfred L. DUKE, Everelfe L. SECOND ROW: DUNHAM, Willie F. EDWARDS, Sfanley ELAM, Roger G. ENGELHARDT, Raymond W EVANS, John, Jr, FABER, Raymond R. FAWCETT, James A. THIRD ROW: FREDRICKSON, Norris E. FRITZ, Gail V, GARRETT Philip J. GARVIN, Kennelh M. GIORDANO, Ralph GOODTEACHER, James GOSSETT, Donald L. FOURTH ROW: GREEN, Slanley GREENFIELD, James L. GRUNER, George R. GUSKEY, Charles J., Jr. HAILE, John P. HAMRICK, Charles K. HARRISON, Elmer FIFTH ROW: HERZOG, Augusl HILLIS, Carl B. HOHS, William P. HOLT, Dallas A. HOOVER, Bobby D. HOUSER, Ellsworlh T. IMHOF, Louis R. SIXTH ROW: IMHOFF, Max JANASHEK, James F. KARGER, Joseph B. KEMP, Henry v, KESLAR, Edward E. KING, Darwin KING, Malfhew H. SEVENTH ROW: KIRBY, Douglas C. KNEPPLE, Thomas M. KORZYM, Frank J. KOTULA, Charles J. LA FAVE, Wayne E. LASH ER, Joseph LAWSON, Amos, Jr . EIGHTH ROW: LENGENFELDER, Guslav H. LEON, Anthony P. LIENEMANN, Lavern C. MacDONALD, Arlhur R. MARCEY, Melvin L. MARKHAM, Roberf L. MASON, Harold E. NINTH ROW: MATTISON, James C. MEEK, Charlie E. MICHAUD, Roberl G. MICK, George C. MILLER, Raphael B. MOISAN, Joseph L. MORRIN, Phillip A. PIFTEENTH TRAINING IIIIMPIINY 4TH ENGINEER TRAINING BATTALION FIRST ROW: MORTENSEN, Norman L. MOUCHA, Gordon D. MULLEADY, Norman E. MULLIN, LeRoy R. MULLINS, Hiram J. NEIHOFF, James R. NELSON, Howard W. SECOND ROW: OLSZEWSKI, Eugene OTERO, Jessie S. PARSONS, Irvin L. PEETZ, Allen C. PHILLIPS, Charles J. POPOVICH, Edward J. PUCKETT, George E. THIRD ROW: PUMA, J. Alberl RAINONE, Anlhony F. REGETZ, Henry V. REZDNOWER, George XV. ROBBINS, Lawrence H. ROSA, John ROWEDDER, VirQil J. FOURTH ROW: RUDIN, Bernard RUSSELL, David T. RUTLEDGE, Roberl E. RYCYK, Frank W. RYDOSZ, Euqene SCARPINO, William H. SCI-IULTE, Sidney O. FIFTH ROW: SKOLD, Neil V, SOMMER, Frank H., Jr. SPIKES, Hardie P. STEVENSON, Eugene H. SZALA, Guslave J. THEBERATH, Fred W. THOMAS, George W. SIXTH ROW: THOMPSON, Charles W, THOMPSON, Harold I. TIMMS, Charles O. TORTIS, Charles M. TRABER, Jack TUCKMAN, Harold S. TURPEN, Cliford T, SEVENTH ROW: TUZZOLINO, Vifo C. VISSER, Hilberl VORES, V. L. WAGNER, Bernard WALKER, Monforf J, WANGERIN, Carl G. WASHINGTON, Juan L. EIGHTH ROW: WEISSINGER, Roberr J. WERTHE, Harold G. WESTERMIER,AnII1ony I. WHITE, Philip E. WHITSON, Wesley E. WILEY, George E. WILLIAMS, Arnold L., Jr. NINTH ROW: WILLIAMS, Homer WILLIAMS, John H. WORK, Daniel D. WORLEY, Birl W., Jr. YANKOSKI, Anfhony J, ZUROW, John F. In .f . ,TMI KA lag? 4 I YI I ll J 'ui ff E7 , 'fi ,'1'7',f" . ,' 'U I Ii'?'- 'ei we 1' it its I .1 ll? 'J 6 I 'PQ 'f5 iff! . W ,. 0 g. ,5 'Lil I2 1 X I 4 I? 'TLS ' 5.1 W -if . . 3 ,, 1 I 15 . if .43 , ,+R r ,I 9 s if J n 5 ,,,.. ,cf IE" 552. lit! I wr ,Hg 'I 1 .1 . 4 I Elf' Y-7 W 5 K I X . I - . v 3 . . 5 I r if I, -Y ,V v s 'gliix 3'531'fL.' . xg L. . gee . Nw 1 Yi? JVM, , -if SIXTEE TH TRAINING BUMP!-IN 4TH ENGINEER TRAINING BATTALION f"43"1 GEORGE M. BUCK. JR. Ie. fn-- 226 . ng,- NORMAN C. DAY Capfain Firsf Lieufenani Commanding Officer Execufive Officer -ff c . W 1 Ti F i gg, f i - . yy-415 pub . 9- ' ' 2 Q- Ia.. g. - A ':JI15:.' - ' 7" ' 'il '. -J ' 'f. P-1 f - f 5 I -ff, .Q V :H "X ' 3 - I A . in I ',. Q, - yn -N- v.' Lwj A I I 4 T.- yu, I . j k, .. ,, ,h E , yr . . Ivy. GEORGE A. 0'KELLEY Second Lieuienant Plafoon Leader 4 5 S r i 1 1 I ' I , Il, H , feb vi I6Ih Company Iearing down Bailey Bridge CADRI: FIRST ROW: Masfer Sergeanfs BOLCAVAGE, Vicior JURY, Harold F. USSERY, Wilburn J. Sergeanfs, Firsf Class FLANIK, Warren F. HODGES, Wayne ROSENFELDER, Irvin F, SECOND ROW: Corporals CAHIR, Thomas CARTER, Jack M. KOHLER, Samuel E. SCHROER, James A. Privafes ROY, Josenh WILEY, Kennefh L. - 1 , ,-. SIXTEENTH TRAINING 4TH ENGINEER A , Q . ., rl, fi A . .I ,,, ,j. 7: CIIMPANY A f , ' l, , li I iv. f W ' TRAINING BATTALION FIRST ROW: ANDERSON, Richard E. ANDRIUZZO, Donald A. BACHMAYER, Thomas J. BALL Jack E. BIELAWSKI, Joseph C., Jr. BOGGS, Clarence D. BRADLEY, Karl V., Jr. SECOND ROW: BREWER, Ordie E. BROWN, J. P. BROWN, Lewis, Jr, BULLOCK, Rudy H, BULTHUIS, Edward BURKETT, James J. CARMONA, Cecilio THIRD ROW: CLARK, William R. COLSTON, Eslher E. CORREIA, Frank E., Jr. COWARD, Harold M. DARVIN, Melvin E. DEKKER, John J., Jr. DEUCHARS4 James M. FOURTH ROW: DIERINGER, Donald J. DILLABOUGH, Charles H. DOWNING, Paul J. ELLIS, Harry M. GABL, Arlhur J. GALLOY, Roberf G. GOM EZ, Ray J. FIFTH ROW: GOODWYN, Wilberl L. GOUMAS, Alexander GRIMES, LeeRoy J. HALL, Gerald W. HAMMELL, Francis J. HANGER, Charles W. HARGRAVE, Rodney D., Jr. SIXTH ROW: HARMON, Floyd G. HARRIS, James F. HAWKER, Wayne L. HERR, Donald F. HOOKER, Billie J. IRVIN, Willis G. JOHNSON, Sherwin M. SEVENTH ROW: JORDAN, Ronald E. KEENER, E. L. KING, Henry, Jr. KONOPKA, Waller R. KRIEBEL, Frank K. KUNSMAN, George D. LYNN, William D. EIGHTH ROW: MACY, Paul H. MALONEY, James T. MARLEY, Burr D. MARTINAC, Joseph E. METCALF, Claylon B. , ,. . A f ' " 1 4 'Q 4 ,jx Q.. 'il-gi 4. 2 W Q ' six ff-- r 1 '7r Q wif . ar,-ri' QQ ' 0 ar ,. 'N 4 I 1 Q . , fc: TA ' ' 1' ' 7 - t I . 1'- f - if Y VF l . -I 4 -1 I 1 I . ' ' V- -an . .- L . ' r Y Q gel." .1 - . . rf L. f Q . , , fx ., '23 J 4: . -an v rf? H es., "' . . X E1 i e A- I . . ,,?'zi 1 1 , ..,. Z. J ri if I . -fl I2 ,r . 3 I 671' '- EF ,. .1 ii .. - ":1.. T57 . .:., ' Tl F '.i. 5. .,!. - ' 1 l 'I . 1 ..4.p M A ., . .. . . fl . . . Jr ., 1, ., A v ' if x i s .,:: , W ly J' '. if H ff ' ' ii ---f- E El 2 ,.q " I ' I, ,, k Fe ffl' v .. . ,. Q' . n I ' . T ,fs K. .Q .43 .f ' 1 ' ,R ,, sf , i .. . '4 I ,ii Nagin. P' .f 'H I-.-1 .te ie... lf? 48 dl NL: ,i'? li P. In g if t X, , . , JIS-X, 61 X .I Q - , 'v .11 F 1 .- . ' . I i ' i ...I ll T. -5 Tw: Tim J. . 'EFT L , I f. N sf I . 'iff fl . 9 I ' Iv". :5 3. .. . , fu' Li 5 ,, K 1. X!! kv fi 4 . - 4, 'VF Z I . - .. ' -5 : E "J 5 ' i A -.I "1-5 . iv, : i' N- . i ' fi-. .. . v , . . 1 Q: mf' il? , x -if . QM " ll I, I XEFH X ,A 3 f" 1 :-... . 9 , 7 ,Q Cf F -,, . 'Y A- nv- ,, . .5 -as If , Y I . ag .N Q 1. 1. e. . vcr' vu F'-1. 71 13 i. 4 .Q -rf , 5 A l , as QS J '11 SIXTEENTH TRAINING IIIIMPANY 4TH ENGINEER TRAINING BATTALION FIRST ROW: MIKELS, Richard M. MISSEY, Melvin L. MOLL, Wayne E. MONTEITH, Francis T. MORENCY, Rov D. MORROW, James T. NANCE, Alberl SECOND ROW: NELSEN, Vidar B. PAUL, Jimmie W. PAYNE, Thomas PERRY, Okey PETERSON, Clarence T. PFITZENMAYER, George L. PHILLIPS, Eldon D, THIRD ROW: PITKIN, Asa D. PODESVA, Glenn L. PORTER, Roberf L. POYNTER, Lenzie G. PRENDERGAST, William T. OUINN, Rolaerf G. REID, Auslin l'l, FOU RTH ROW: RODRIGUEZ, Joseph F. ROGERS, Willis A. RUROEDE, Clarence M. SCHERR, Albinus SCHWARTZKOPF, Alvin W. SHOEMAKER, Herberl L. SLEDGE, Richard F. FIFTH ROW: SMITH, Alberl, Jr. SMITH, Edward F. SMITH, Rvmer H., Jr. SPACEK, James F., Jr. STEPHENS, Owens E. STONE, Elmer R. STORMICK, Edward L. SIXTH ROW: STRICKLAND, Samuel STROHMAIER, William SWITZER, Shelby S., Jr. TACCONELLI, Alberf J. TARANTI, Michael T. TESTA, Felix THOMPSON, Willard H, SEVENTH ROW: THU, Roberl' L, VARDARO, Eugene VASQUEZ, Charlie N. WALES, Robert C. WALTER, David W. WEIL, Marvin R. WEI N ER, Charles I. EIGHTH ROW: WELLS, J. D. WHEAT, Johnny Z. WHITE, Ralph E. WHITFIELD, Daniel WIBLE, William WILLIAMS, Johnny I.. WILLSHON, Richard H. NINTH ROW: WITTSTOCK, William C, WOOD, Arl'-I1'ur B, WOODS, Jcphn H. YOUNG, William O., Jr, ZUSCHIN, Herlaerl' L. EV TEE TH TRAINING IIIHVIPI-KN CADRE FIRST ROW: Masfer Serqeani NAYLOR, Francis X Sergeanf Flrsf Clas SIMARD, Marcel As Hai Sergeant COX, William E. Corporals BATH, Arfhur E. G-INTHER, William D KENNARD, Milfon J RICHARDS, Charles R ,X ,il ' QW' 1. I li . Q' I1 N . D . .W Y , , Q, to . V lp. kv I R I' ""' .ir 1 - 'iw .A . . A T 'fi '.:::: I. 3 " 9+ I llll' .lfifl Til I . '- . .qv T- gg, 5 5, ,Lai W I Q f V -1.,. , . W . I -il if I I -R I' In 'FSU I ri i I 53. , . ffl' .- -1. gf. Q 'S :W -2: -2 r ' A is .-s M f. gh . lr ,Mft .1 - k -4 ' J ' if .,:. .rf 2 . I .. I' A .fy - ' f . -. r .2 . J l '- f i'4l. "' 4, H- . J? ffskzilff ii "': I' E ol M' 16. 4 5' V 1.49 K - .,. V K .. 'E I Ji fi . ' K V, ,HE jf!" 1 "ral ' -W. "' 5 5" 5 - . E. r ' r 4' 5 W 3 ,yer ,... . l f.. " 'V :Y 'l . - .' "7'f 3 1 9' I f -Q I' J .I , A " 'ln .l 41 'i 4 - Ji. .5 - 15,35 A R ,. .T n Hs.--ef fax" F SEVENTEENTH TRAINING EIIMPANY 4TH ENGINEER TRAINING BATTALION FIRST ROW: ADAMKIEWICZ, Eugene H ADAMS, Vernon ALFORD, Earle W. ASH, Arnold L. ASHFORD, James F. BACK, Bill D. BAKER, Richard L. SECOND ROW: BECK Max BEHLMANN, Alberl J. SEHLMANN, Mark A. BELL, Pefer J. BOLDA, Frank R. BRANDENBURG, Edmund BRASFIELD, Douglas O. THIRD ROW: BROOKS, Roberl S. BROWN, Douglas W. BYWATER, Eddie R. CAIN, Vernon B. CAMPBELL, James H. CASTERLINE. Roqer M. CATALDO, Vincenl E. FOU RTH ROW: CLAYMAN, Euqene CONLIN Charles E. CRAFT, Arnold H. CURTIS, Willis D. DERRICK, Theodore E., Jr. DeVRIES, Waalze DIETZ, Alan R. FIFTH ROW: DUFFEY, Francis T. ECHOLS, Bobby L. EDWARDS, Hoover FALLON, Raymond J. FIELDS, Odell FRALEY, Robert J. FRY, Georqe W. SIXTH ROW: FUJIMOTO, Slanley M. GARNER, Merle E. GERDES, William G., Jr. GIMPEL, Kennelh H. GLINBIZZI, Ralph A. GOLDSTEIN, Morris l-I. GORN, Jens P. SEVENTH ROW: GRAY, Lavaughn G. GUERIN, Jerome L. GURDUS, Sheldon GUTTMAN, Roberl E. HILL, Raymond L. l-IITE, Wesley C. HOLT, Kirby EIGHTH ROW: HOUSENGA, Delberf G. JANSSEN, Harold R. JERDE, Loren L. JURGENS, Floyd S. KAISER, Oils W. SEVEN'I'EENTH TH!-IININE IIIJNIPI-INY 4TH ENGINEER TRAINING BATTALION FIRST ROW: KAMMERER, Eldon L. KAMPOURIS, Louis N. KEYSER, George E. KIVENAS, Roberl F. KLEVGARD Glenn A. KOLOWAJTIS, Charles KRANTZ, Jacques SECOND ROW: LABAYEN, Sequndo L., Jr. LARSEN, Jesse LINDSAY, Richard L. LINS, Cleius L. LOMONACO, William M. LONG, Donald L. MAESTAS, Flonimel THIRD ROW: MANNARINO, Edward A. MARTEL, Paul J. MATSUMIYA, Edward MAYNARD, Donald G. McCARDLE, Bobbv R. MCCOMBS. James C. MCDONALD, Daniel E. FOURTH ROW: MCDONALD, Roberl E. MCINTOSH, Lowell MEINTS, Lesfer E. MELLO, Richard MISASI, Frank L. MODGLIN, William H. MONROE. James L. FIFTH ROW: MOORE, Isaac, Jr. MOREFIELD, John C. MORRIS, Henry NELSON, Dale R. NIELSON, Marvin G. ORBAN, John G. OWEN, Douqlas A. SIXTH ROW: OWENS, John E. PAVELZIK, Rolzerf POATS, Lee PRESSLEY, Eddie L. RESSEL. Ned ROSE. William C. RUSSELL, John C. SEVENTH ROW: SAMS, Billie R. SCHAACK, Darwin E. SCHOFIELD, Forsler F. SCRANTON. John W. SIMPSON, Earlie B. SMITH, Elslon F. STANKOVICH, Gerald EIGHTH ROW: STARR, Jack G. TAYLOR, Charles TESTA, Orazio S. WATSON. James R. WHITE, Richard S. WINSLOW, Scoll A. WISSINK, Joseph G. NINTH ROW: WOLCHESKY, Willie WOLF, Thomas G. WRIEDT James W, ZABROCKI, Sylvesfer J. ZIMMER, Carlisle A. ' 1- x wg: .fag aw 25 5, I 1 ' 'flu Q55 af? .... , 'QT' l 5 v iw? .T l .FP l Www . . XIV -1. . 1 ..f 9 nf: f vA2"gi TVR 55.4, if v" N :I 4. 1. " T if-,Y X 1 K , l .J 3! .. 1' vi f il I 4, .gi-. I5 qi bfi? .. . .. R 5 iii .1 5' 'N fri. rr r H" .. .2 VW' 'I- .TZ EL: lil 'S' if .. , ii. wi? I wr- . . Hi' I W J . if sf. g .L lf: ii ,FP . Eg I . v" . 7' .. i kv -L 4, Z. 3: .ir V , .V . .1 I 1' . Ii-2 li-if , A.. X: -1' -A ,wg . r rrr m A rrr I fr. - , KK, 'Gig '21 Q ff- Riii I N x J., Q .. ." h E fy", , 5 ,sf . - -'-- 2. vi .fi ,.. .-1.1. 'E 1. ' T ,. .J ff . . J V ' I 1 K , -'Qu 'f 'A 715.3 '!i 'iNf1 1 , . .' ' 'in a - V r - '7 P ...-1 71, E512 If , 9? EIEH TEE TH TH ININH EU PII 4TH ENGINEER TRAINING BATTALION ' I A I I l I K V i X jfy?:IX1 I I I in fb I V ff 5 I L. -. I x, , ' ,f . 1. , 9 1 I Mi' 4 :Q DR T, ROSCOR DOUGLAS, JR. WARREN B, CAVANAGH BARNEY B. WHITAKER LAWSON P, HARRIS Firsf Lieuienanf Second Lieufenanf Second Lieufenanf Second Lieutenahf Commanding Officer Pi'a1oon Leader PIaIoo'n Leader Adminisfrafive Officer CADRE FIRST ROW: Sergeanis Firsf Class COLLINS, Hagan E. MAYNARD, Edward D. Serqeanis BOLTON, James C. GREENWOOD, Richard H. f SECOND Row: SETTLEMIRE, James H., Jr. WHATLEY, John T. Corporal ' ' r ' - L m -f MCCLANNAHAN, Lawrence vf ' E "I ' ' 'Q I f 1' .- Nc Rank Given I ' WILSON, Lee H. The 356+I1 Army Band . 4 I. 5,, - ,,., f , , :iff , f .v .J,5a?' '37 'Z 1 v .qw -a 1. e.-ff. . 5 '. I' 1. .Wax ,fy -' 53 S ' - 5 is ' fi -. MA - .fv K 1 , :,. , . K . ' 1 A A iv -ax, I g ' Y R "0-TL."'5 , I ffrjf .3 1 f' x . " .2 ' f 0 ... , . ,M ,, z?M .m3,5,1a ,f V R ' 2' N374-.l?' --5: iv: ' ' ' ' W V . :N -,915 V , . ,uh , , W F T532 ' 11' - .asm . ,LP ,twig .lf S-1 ,Q . s M if .54 ,-,. 1.5. -M, V. ,mi 'N :L 4.1 A , Y Q ...GMES - W-.QW ., , ...Q " fr5'5'vf.19'..: - -fri?-f 1. W . gf, A ,.q.,f-- w -4 A . U.. .1 mv L ?., nj' 'W' 3' ,K . Q42 G2 A , " 3, Q 5 Eiga .L M f . g .45 W ' QggJ'f4a3L2f,19-53332555'Ee-Egrg? wif! A- --vv :+L-1 1. ' :':fgj.-vQp,-wg' '-6 V F3 552' f'?wlZ34wiE 1 nfl .A 'f"l.,vGr"f'f3sA3Q?.::,f2- Q -. sz ' . 4, , f ..f'?FT12A'-Mfifg f-z'f, l 1 , . . ,,, ..1 .v . 1 ,Yi ,,, ' A H' . "2 , ,, ,, E Q 'A nl! ,v J 3 'vb P. I Hg E. , . iQ M? -A PWR , .f sw , .rf , 1 X -,nf , ,J .A -4 'A M fi x. ...J .rr ,. fa , ... ,V pg., ,- ad f rf.-ci' i . 6 .U :NJ .-6,13 '- 4 , .2323 'W 51458 Q. ,Y4 'QT uw. 'xii 'Q fx mm 1 . . :K 7 Q. ' .M -J k ,...A 1 in ".. N. . , ,, J L 5, 1 11. I -., if li R I. is 51 I 'RTV I Q5 ig f Vx 0 . .ui F1 X, if V? I . 79 Qi! yi.. - if 'v. w ks , if f yy. ,TX If-, -Q I 5' . ff .. is I3 'I els 3' Y r J if V1 fx 6 I I L- T .....,, Sag, I - 9 av I .ri .. 'b, fi' H J I L . L.. V," l n I A, f ga, .:. .J ilnibl. TU ii' - 4 Wi . . .yi '.' tu, , H.. , I ' ' -1 i . -4" I ...I I U qv H ml. if li fri' f v , I i ',h I 1 12 5? i r., .Hz I F ., R ,. 'y 'Va I . 4 Q b .... 1 51332 W5 , a' I K 'TQ . IW . 1 13' 1.1 17 iw. R fl. ir . x C7 , Q if 5 .JI Q' - i 9, 4, f R W- . Pl liifili I v' in .V ,, ey-'sr' .4 ii' - 'I ' 1 fv"f J 1 A 'sg' 'R 4: -sd? , 1. . J-yf . va., ,M ig .i .fir ai. .ii , vw . 6 ig Q 'kr' ' IH 1 ,QTY 1, Wasp ,I gg-jg., mf Q' 4 1 F 12.- THEY me-' K If L 'ia' 'Q ' 'A-", 1 It 5, li . WW . , X5 k W., . A 4 ggi? Ji QW ,il A u EIEHTEENTH TBI-IININ I3 IIIIMPIINY 4TH ENGINEER TRAINING BATTALION FIRST ROW: FELPS, Ralph E. FERGUSON, Keifh S. FOLEY, Thomas P. FORD, William C. FOREMAN, Milton E. FOSTER, Paul E. FRIEMEL, Roy L. SECOND ROW: GABERT, Lee F. GALLO, Vinceni GAMBLE, Edward G. GANZAK, William J. GARRETT, William A. GIBBINS, William A. G-ILLIAM, Charles R. THIRD ROW: GODWIN, Robert W., Jr. GOINS, Cecil D. GULA, Joseph C. HALL, Jack O. HAMILTON, Dean L. HARBERT, Carl F., Jr. HAWKINS, Jesse G. FOURTH ROW: HESSLING John N. HOUSE, Lawrence L. HUNTER, Donald D HUNYOR, Clifford J. I-IURSH, Malcolm I-l. ISOM, Dempsie L. JOHNSON, Dan, Jr. FIFTH ROW: JOHNSON. Miller E. JONES, Fale J h J KELLY, o n . KENDRICK, Beniamin L. KERR, Richard J. KNABE. Ervin D. KWARCIAK, Anlhony A. SIXTH ROW: LAMBERT. William F. LEININGER, Donalrl R. LEONARD, James E. LIEB William C. LITTLE, Kennelrh MANOI, Charles N. MARTIN, Julious SEVENTH ROW: MATHESON, James G. MAYFIELD, Jewel MCKERLEY, Dolph M. MCLACHLAN, Charles MCNAMARA, Joseph L. MEINERO, Jack J. MILLER, Jack W. EIGHTH ROW: MILLER. Joseph R. A. MISA, Foluauso A. MITCHELL, Louie J. MITCHELL, Louis R. MOORE, Ben, Jr. MOOUIN, Alberf 6. MORRIS, Duane B. NINTH ROW: MOUZAKES, Howard M. MRACHKO, Pancralius D. MURDOCK. John MIJSGRAVE, Daniel L. O'GRADY, James E. EIBHTEENTH TH!-IININI3 IIIIMPIINY 4TH ENGINEER TRAINING BATTALION FIRST ROW: OLIVIERI, Jack M. OSTROM, Richard A. PARKER, Stanley T. PATE, Jack PAYNE, Richard D. PEARSE, Raymond A., Jr. PETRELLA, Dominic A. SECOND ROW: PIANO, Salvatore H. POWELL, Andrew PRICE, Herberf H. PRIME, Roberl W. RHODES, Herberl' L. ROTHWELL, Lesfer A. SCHAEFER, Waller S. THIRD ROW: SCHWARTZ, Floyd F. SEVERT, Kenneth E. SHEARING, John A. SHEETS, Charles G. SHOMGARD, Roy F. SINGER, John H. SKUPNY, Harvey B. FOURTH ROW! SKUTNIK, Sfanley J. SMITH, Arlhur R. SNODGRASS, John D. SPENCER, Charles J. SPRAGGS, Bobby L. SPRINGER, Ronald N. SPRUILL, Melvin E. FIFTH ROW: STACKPOLE, Harry D. STALEY, Clifford R. STASZAK, Donald D. STEPHENS, Glenn W. STEWART, Gerald C. TANNER, Vlrqll L. TARDIFF, James W. SIXTH ROW: TESCH, Roberf l. THEOBALD, Joseph J. THOMAS, J. E., Jr. TOMKO, Joseph C. TROTTER, William R. TUFF, Alberf L. TUGGLE, Julian M. SEVENTH ROW: TULLY, Roberl G. UEHLIN, Alonzo G., Jr. VACHON, Cliffon E. VAWTER, Jack D. VENTURA, Jack VICKNAIR, Leslie J. WANSKUS, John E. EIGHTH ROW: WEEKS, James E. WEINER, Saul B. WEISS, Elmer H. WELLINGER, Russell F. WHEELER, Maflhew WILBURN, Virqil G. WILKINS, Wallace H. NINTH ROW: WILLIAMS, Roberl D. WILSON, Donald Q. WILSON, John W. WITZE, Flovd O. WRIGHT, Roy J. ?Q', img... - 'ri' 'L ' 2 IE! ' i S I I, pl -1 M I 4, ,,, ,WAI ill-- X v 'M VI .., -I or 'T' 'fl I 1 5 1 we 3 E . 5, :W ,. 1-Q' iff -EU X J 9 x , I xc 5 8: Y v r . . 1 UM 9 . "rs ., -. .I V, A- .kg In , . . . . . . L. I .1 I ,.. 'rf'-5, 5. is TX. ' . A' a ,II . , , . ll,. " "' I I n 4. K' 'lf A ef J ef' ' -.5 , ,,,. , gg If 2 " r I" , . lil, f" .,f I f .. I T1 , ,., ,- . -Q' . .., I Y . I l"' 'I -ij' N el-V . - 'rj Aff S I l .I if-. ' I- f 1' ET. 2231. ,... Q F, I' TQ- :fl , M V ,A l .,, a , Q, . I, Q , ef 1 TF? x I' I T-If My V I at .- I5 1 SIGNIA or THE CORP 01? GIER Nww U tina. 1 ,ff 'ffaf WWW 3 , ,i , w ' ,Q li1'LZ'7r1"zi '-1, , - - '-'Ming T:-, 'f ,.- 'iw' 59:55, . ,xx ' fd? 'S ,wb Q awww 1 1 Q m ,- ' , f if I , I I 15. 4 V K N 'fs I 1 v' 9 .VINQF1 - A . W, pw ff, 10, - X-s ig wwe, :iv ,jak 1 ' fqyf. ' S0 N, "f "fm, Ali, '1piv5Qc i!WifQ,k. Q 0 4 X X d r-ffl Q 53 - unuu..1 Sunnis 57 X-or H X- L 'B . 41539 -' f , .5 X. 4-qfif'-f , :L a o 44 r N lx F l ' X! ? SI, Casfle Williams, New York Qqi Harbor .Original official drawing of fhe i M 'Sm casile device .-. .3 X 45,0 S oi ' ,1 Wi" Wil? K W, i ':'rWfiil'lfl1'illli'll':lJi'll"ll'lf'f'1l'i5l'l"llll4lllll'llilE ' I I - ,W-ml: lilllUl7ifi'l:ifl'1wa'liinM,illilllilwlwlHlvl.willl".,'fiF1lf.l'iWil' wills" - . sfwfJ'l iiii il4iQ,ia1QQ'i1iwiriils1rirllillllwliallallwlllillylls 'T '- ""L:l'iil?'l!r: "' Q.. Seal of flwe Corps of Engineers iw i,w f.??n lll' " 'l f:w.w" Mifgiiif L? nf will lgf,,,Q.1f:9',li1l ilililw 151' ll mlm, ,wmi u,l,llfv,1,1,i ,,, 4,--w,-., ,iw 1. r, P l l iml leaf., igswwl' will 'Q 5 'qhllLlJw:1.1'ewci '-,, mill,ifwill,iffii-1,fi'Llfiw:-'T'NWllllii 4- ' -lllilmpkilll-iixf+1lirrva,,ll9,,v,,4 A Ai lulllml,'- ww-""v"if1!f 'q!'f.flf1'i 'M v' iii r lr ,1 M-w,, ,,1l5lLilr .,, Ww1lL. M M jfs! .,,lL,w 3ggMg+E2fH,ugA,hj,jl ll 'lip 11 QL .-- , L ia ' EZ' ' gin, "' , 'fiYfy"j J," 'im 5122: ' l . 1rl'T jE4 ' iii ' H ' ' ,rifii is -2 '. .i n1u'1il1T?f'2ff5'-rf' WF, 'frff , 1 'fill tl Mi'?"7'3iii57i"" ' 1' A 1 lip lfiilillllll " tm l i :af lJv1 ggll IJlr'ililW or L , hiv' jllifl i i J if 1 'ff ,r y'u"f', H b ,. ' -ff iff - ' ' H X N I W e , , il uf ff F ' ..l 'V ,il , ' 4f.1"1' 2 X 1 ,gj ' -- , X M W' ,fi ' If -21" eww i M31-IART or X X, A fs' x'JC'j'5 , X Engineer Bu'Hon and device Qffif MEM-G-1171 filcygzffzmvuf a - , 1 - XJ f 'wgywf -5 gjeJI01tf,3Zf 3eafBorn.,5eQj ami., cfm ,K M lf. f Legend and signafure from fhe fl I ul H 9' wif!!! if Macomb Map of IBO7 Jrlfnmhwwjflf fmff-mwfef--v , ,swiss or YIM:-A.,-fgi--ffy--.-bl , Ui lf? ax 15 -- " ' Q , 'K ii ?T E W 'ff uni? "' I I1 W-Q 'hu nu "al QA- Q-V ,ixf 'H ,g5Qu,P',- aj, . 7 . . 7. ,1 i . ' f .yf 1' : ' 5' ,L I-" - - ,.:" "' ,. i 5: 1 at MM , 1- l 9 V V x- -.1,Lsi..L,.i.:w : 1 5 'IJ' V, ---L----W .JL ffm s L ff - 4 j ll' J, -- wr: --guru T535 W QS' " A , Q 5 '-Vx 1 :f f ' .32 ! ff , , ul --- ' .hai ,np ., 'Nw '-3--.- 'uw " - 1 - " x- .+P 1 :..... . , l'- Qu .1 va i W- .- ...Asn ., fi' ' ' Q 'LE 1' : V ' 1:1 ' f' -zL11.J,:.?.!f -.wmal 42 S' - ' A if f f ' , 1 :if f --.- l 1 V ii- A, -1-L: its 51. 3 hs - QQQLL.. 1. . . A ?L x7fwJ5,L ! 'bf nr LT . f jf . I-I i . -555,4 R ' . " x u. s. .-5' Ei' ,.-f:s,- - . A .. Q V , j 1 'A""i.l u T MW is ,, "I v,.. ...A PM? 4 ,A V g h x. A212115- . , f ' 'y 15- 3 1 . . if .fi 'x Mr N Q - , Q., ' . -i A, . L. ' -, . ..v 13' ,-fr ,Q ,,z'. ., . , .. .4 1-www. '. Vg fliLj!'1'g' ,Q as cn- as 1 fggtwr- . Tm fz'?5f,' 51 5 L'-1 1 F-'Sf L, A w X I " PQ Af'-Q3 ff 3 HISTORV ... THE EURPS The anfecedenfs of fhe Corps of Engineers dafe back fo fhe earliesf days of our republic. Throughouf our Nafion's hisfory, fhe American soldier, from 'ihe "Minufe Man" of The Confinenfal Army fo fhe "Soldier" of foday, has been frained in fhe arf of milifary engineering in all ifs varying as- pecfs. ' For fhe beginning, we quofe from "ORDERS GENERAL HEADQUARTERS, VALLEY FORGE, 9 June I778-3 Capfains and 9 Lieufenanfs are wanfed fo officer fhe Company of Sappers. As fhe corps will be a school of Engineering, if opens a prospecf fo such genflemen as enfer if, and will pursue fhe necessary sfudies wifh diligence, of becoming engineers and rising fo fhe imporfanf employmenfs affached fo fhaf profession." From such early roofs fhe Corps of Engineers can be fraced fo fhe presenf day. The close of fhe Revolufionary War saw The Con- finenfal Army, reduced fo an almosf ,negligible figure, and fhe Corps of Engineers officered prin- cipally, af 'Ihaf fime, by foreigners musfered ouf of service. If was noi' unfil I794 'rhaf fhe paramounf need for a milifary engineer service resulfed in 'Ihe reorganiza- Iion of an Engineer Corps, officially named 'Ihe "Corps of Arfillerisfs and Engineers", and fhe es- fablishmenf of a milifary school af Wesf Poinf, wifh engineering as ifs dominanf course, and wifh "books and insfrumenfs" provided by fhe Secrefary of War. Early in ifs career fhis parficular "Engineer SchooI" suffered a disasirous blow when in I796, fhe "books and insfrumenfs" were desfroyed in a fire, buf if confinued in a desulfory fashion unfil I798, af which fime ifs operafions were suspended. In April I80I, 'Ihe Secrefary of War, af fhe requesf of fhe Presidenf, revived fhe school af Wesf Poinf and appoinfed Maier Jonafhan Williams of fhe Corps of Arfillerisfs and Engineers, as superinfend- enf. Wes'I' Poinf Academy I828 0F EHGIHEER5 AII fhe previously appoinfed "Cadefs of fhe Service" fhen acfually in service, were ordered fo reporf fo fhis school. Twelve did reporf and were in affendance when if opened in December I80I. A few monfhs Iafer, March I6, I8Q2, an Acf of Congress esfablished fhe presenf "Corps of Engi- neers" and consfifufed if a Milifary Academy af Wesf Poinf. Under fhis aufhorizafion fhe presenf U. S. Milifar Academy o ened formally on 4 July I802, wifh Maior Jonafhan Williams lnow fransferred and com- missioned in fhe new Corps of Engineersl, confinu- ing in fhe role of superinfendenf. If is of inferesf fo nofe fhaf of fhe firsf fen Wesf Poinf cadefs aufhorized fo be appoinfed under fhe JONATHAN WILLIAMS Maior Firsf Superinfendenf of Presenf Unifed Sfaies Milifary Academy new acf, nine were finally graduafecl and fwo of ihem lSwiff and Armisfeadj subsequenfly became Chief Engineers of fhe Army, and Commanders of fhe Corps of Engineers. Wes'I' Poinf, as esfablished in l802 was bofh a milifary academy and an engineer school and, under fhe confrol of engineer officers, if led fhe way in During fhe Civil War, fhe schooling of engineer officers was sfricfly applicafory as ap- plied fo service on fhe bafflefield. fhe 'rechnical educafion field and was, in facf, fhe only engineering school in fhe counfry for fwenfy- fwo years. Confrol of fhe Milifary Academy passed fo fhe confrol of fhe Army July I3, I866. During fhe Civil War, fhe schooling of engineer officers was sfricfly applicafory as applied fo serv- ice on fhe bafflefield. ln l865, an engineer posf was esfablished af Wil- lefs Poinf fnow Forf Toffenl New York Sfafe, wifh a garrison of 'rhree companies of Infanfry and a baf- falion of engineers, under fhe Command of Maior James C. Duane. A visif fo Willefs Poinf, in fhe fall of I866, by 'lhe Chief of The Corps of Engineers, General A. A. Humphreys, led fo his suggesfion fhaf fhe posf mighf well serve as a School of Applicafion for engi- neer officers and enlisfed men alike. Because of recommendafions made by General Humphreys, Willeffs Poinf was organized noi' only as an Engineering School, buf also as a laborafory where invesfigafions requiring experimenfal research could be conducfed. lf remained for a unique organizafion fhe "Es- sayons Club," founded by Majors Duane and Abboff, fo bring fhe Humphre 's plan fo full fruifion. This Club, composed of omaicers of fhe posf and wifh a wide membership of honorary members mef once Willefs Poinf, New York 'l887-Wafer sysfem General A. A. Humphreys a week during fhe winfer fo discuss scienfific subiecfs. Members prepared reporfs on a variefy of fechnical and milifary ifems and presenfed fhem for discus- sion. The scienfific researches of fhe Essayons Club plus a summer fraining program, consfifufed 'I-he Engi- neer School of Applicafion, in ifs embryonic sfage. Unfil I882 fhe School funcfionecl along fhese somewhaf informal lines, offen wifh highly imporfanf and significanf resulfs. Willefs Poinf researches during 'ihis period in- cluded sfudies on fhe elecfrical fransmission power on submarine mining and demolifions and forfifica- fions, and 'their experimenfs in elecfrical currenf measuremenfs, field asfronomy, and milifary fopog- raphy, were oufsfanding in fhaf day. A well equipped observafory was obfained in I879 which was rafecl by asfronomers as fhe besf in fhe Unifed Sfafes for feaching pracfical asfronomy. However, by far fhe greafesf amounf of fime af Willefs Poinf, in fhe early days, was devofed fo ex- perimenfing and conducfing fesfs on submarine mining. From I867 unfil I885, The Engineer School of Ap- plicafion confinued fo funcfion wifhouf official War Deparfmenf recognifion. Neverfheless, during fhaf fime if gradually de- veloped and acquired many of fhe necessary facili- fies fo operafe a milifary school. ln I884, General Wrighf, fhen Chief of Engineers, felf fhaf fhe fime had finally come for a more form- al recognifion of fhe esfablishmenf, and represenfa- fions were made fo fhe War Deparfmenf accord- ing y. As a resulf of General Wrighf's efforfs, fhe school in I8-85, received official recognifion by fhe War Deparfmenf and, shorfly affer obfaining fhis sfafus, fhe School was reorganized on a more sfable basis and fivedeparfmenfs esfablished-Submarine Min- ing, Milifary Engineering, Milifary Phofography, Pracfical Asfronomy, and Civil Engineering. The lengfh of course of insfrucfion for officers was fwo and one-half years and concurrenfly cerfain spe- cialisfs courses for enlisfed men were provided. Such formalizafion of fhe programs of insfrucfion did away wifh fhe necessify for fhe Essayons Club and if suspended operafions af abouf fhis fime, If is of inferesf fo nofe fhaf 'ihe name "Essayons Club" sfill exisfs af fhe presenf home of The Engineer School af Forf Belvoir in 'the form of a dramafic club, whose "researches" are more along humanisfic fhan scienfi- fic lines. ln I886, Major ifhen Lieufenanf Colonel, H, L. Abbof complefed a long and highly significanf four of dufy af Willefs Poinf. As Commandanf of ihe Engineer School of Applicafion from I868 fo I886, he guided fhe School's desfiny and fixed ifs policies fhroughouf ifs crifical formafive period and may be iusfly considered fhe "Fafher of fhe Engineer School" in much and fhe same way as Colonel Sylvanus Thayer is regarded as fhe "Fafher of fhe Milifary Academy." Unfil fhe close of fhe l9fh Cenfury, no imporfanf changes fook place in fhe curriculum, composifion, or locafion of fhe School. In l890, if became fhe "Unifed Sfafes Engineer School," a fifle which if refained unfil some fen years lafer, when if was changed fo fhe "Engineer School of Applicafion, Unifed Sfafes Army." On Sepfember 3, l90I , orders from Headquarfers, Unifed Sfafes Army, fransferred fhe School from Willefs Poinf fo Washingfon Barracks in fhe Disfricf of Columbia. Despife oufspoken obiecfions fo fhe plan by fhe Commandanf, Major William M. Black llafer Chief of Engineersl, fhe fransfer was consum- mafed in Ocfober of fhaf year, and by June of I902, fhe School was funcfioning efficienfly. Masonry shop-Washingfon Barracks The Third Engineer Baffalion was also sfafioned af Washingfon Barracks, and fhe enlisfed specialisf school, which had been suspended previously, was revived fo give courses in carpenfry, masonry, black- smifhing, plumbing, draffing, phofography, and sur- veying fo baffalidn personnel. In I903, a drasfic shorfage of officers in fhe Corps of Engineers required suspension of fhe School and if was nof unfil Iwo years Iafer, November, I905, 'rhai classes were resumed. During 'Ihe inferim period, however, planning and fhe procuremenf of maferial, equipmenf and facili- fies were confinued and fhe school was again re- named-'rhis fime "The Engineer School," a fifle which if has refained fo fhe presenf day. A change in aclminisfrafion was also effecfed and a secfion of fhe War Deparfmenf General Sfaff was assigned fhe dufies of supervising 'Ihe School, re- placing fhe Army War College Board which had been given fhaf responsibilify in I902. Today's modern engineer frains on same grounds as George Washingfon-Belvoir Classes af fhis fime, .small buf selecf, pursued courses of insfrucfion on a high level, bofh in milifary operafions and engineering. Alfhough fhe sfudenfs were required fo solve some exfensive engineering problems and submif Iaborafory reporis, fhere was no marking or grading of papers ofher fhan Io see fhaf 'Ihey were safisfacfory-a pracfice which would no doubf appeal fo many presenf-day sfudenfs, Schooling was nof allowed fo inferfere wifh ofher essenfial milifary pursuifs and fhe new school year which was fo sfarf Sepfember I, I906, found neifher Commandanf, insfrucfors, nor sfudenf officers pre- senf for dufy. They were all away on maneuvers. When fhey did refurn in Iafe Sepfember, Ihe enfire school body-insfrucfors, sfudenf officers and en- Iisfed men-were shipped fo Cuba-joining fhe Army of Cuban Pacificafion. A+ fhis fime a complefe furnover was effecfed, lfwo monfhs Iaferl, wifh an enfire new class. Insfrucfion af Washingfon Barracks in fhe years prior fo World War I, was conducfed by fhree maior academic deparfmenfs-Milifary Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. Subiecfs faughf included Combined Operafions, Organiza- fion, Equipmenf and Funcfions of Engineer Officers and Troops, Wafer Supply, Sewage, Foundafions, Masonry, Surveying, Bridges, Confracfs and Esfi- mafes, Elecfrica and Mechanical Equipmenf, Map Reproducfion and Phofography. During 'rhis period fhe fexfbook sysfem of insfruc- fion supplemenfed by Iecfures and exercises, iparal- leling insfrucfional procedure in vogue af mosf uni- versiiiesl was adopfecl. In I9I2, a significani' developmenf occurred when a fracl' on fhe Pofomac, a few miles soufh of Mounf Vernon, known as Belvoir, and formerly a parf of 'Ihe old colonial Fairfax Esfafe, was acquired by fhe War Deparfmenf for use as a rifle range and summer camp for engineer 'Iroops af Washingfon Barracks. This was fhe firsf sfep in 'Ihe esfablishmenf of fhe presenf home of 'Ihe Engineer School. ' The oufbreak of World War I and fhe drasfic shorfage of 'Irained engineer officers made if neces- sary 'ro drop all advanced schooling and concenfrafe on more basic fraining. On April 28, I9I7, fhe officer classes conducfed af Washingfon Barracks, were suspended "for fhe duraI'ion." However, enlisfed specialisf schools con- finued and expanded and fhe pre arafion of frain- ing publicafions became a new ancliimporfani' school funcfion. The end of World War I saw fhe sfarf of a new era in fhe hisfory of fhe Engineer School, including a move fo 'Ihe new and more suifable Iocafion. The Washingfon Barracks reservafion had long been in- adequafe for 'Ihe needs of 'Ihe school. During World War I, Camp Humphreys had been esfablished on fhe Belvoir Reservafion, Here, fhou- sands of engineer officers and Troops were faughf fhe basic principles of milifary engineering, rior fo shipmenf overseas. If had many advanfages fbr such fraining, and a shiff of fhe Engineer School 'ro fhis Iocafion appeared fo be a mosf nafural and desir- able sfep. Planning for such a move was underfaken in fhe fall of I9I8, so when fhe move was made in I9I9- aided and abeffed, no doubf, by fhe 'Iransfer of fhe Posf of Washingfon Barracks 'Io fhe General Sfaff College, a raiher complefe plan for ifs esfablishmenf in ifs new locafion was available. Special Regulafions No. I2 War Deparfmenf, May 4, I920, esfablished fhe pairiern which was fo guide fhe Engineer School up fo sfarf of World War II. II' sei' up fhe deparfmenf of Adminisfrafion and His- 'I'ory, Milifary Arf, Civil Engineering lconfined fo River and Harbor insfrucfionl, and Milifary Engi- neering. The period prior fo World War Il saw Camp Humphreys successively redesignafed Forf Hum- phreys, and finally Forf Belvoir. In I935, fhe presenf home of fhe Engineer School, Abboi' Hall, was complefed. The Iimifecl "emergency" period of I939-I940, and fhe war years of I94I-I945, saw fhe fermina- fion of 'Ihe regular courses, and 'Ihe esfablishmenf of a mulfifude of special courses infended fo meef fhe needs of a greafly expanded Army, and The Corps of Engineers. IP . . 'T A i Z , 3 . .2 1 iQ if 1-ii K' E f. wa' K wa. Q -wvae. AW . v' -1 X -4 M-me, 1 .ww M I Wy ' K :jj Q SXE1 - , w xg, . Masked Americans emerging from dugoui info +renches 'E U.IORlD IUHR I Piciures faken during renewal of offensive H- .--f' .xl -'ff-1' hx . A TOP: U' S' Highway No' i near Camp HumPI"eY5 Top: Survey derail . . . Washingion Barracks TOP- Cerner: Engineer hoops IaYin9 'hack Top, Cenfer: Enginer School of Masonry . . . Washingion Bo'Hom, Cenfer: Engineers fraining camp Barracks Boffom: Engineer officers in fraining-I9l8 Boiiom, Cenferz Washingion Barracks Engineer School of Carpenfry BoHom: Air view of Camp Humphreys, Virigina MILITARY CONSTRUCTION TROOP TRAINING Ill 0 R l D TIVITIES OF ENGINEERS In Ihe Unifed Slares alone, 'Ihe Engineers con- slrucfed 2,973 mili'I'ary inslallafions, including camps and 'lraining areas, airfields, slorage depols, hospi- lals, porls of embarkalion, harbor defenses and forli- ficalions. plus 300 maior induslrial plan'I's. IN THE UNITED STATES To meer lhe needs of modern warfare, more 'Ihan 750,000 Engineer lroops were schooled in 250 skilled mililary occupalions, including surveying, drafling, map making demolilions, mines and booby iraps, bridge building, camouflage, waler supply, and con- Ereclion of barracks REAL ESTATE From I940 +o l945, The Corps of Engineers operafed a real esfale business involving more acre- age +han +he combined areas of New Hampshire and Vermont II' acquired more 'lhan 38 million acres and managed a leasing program wirh an annual renlal of over 87 million dollars. REPAIRS AND UTILITIES Ulililiesifor inslallalions wifh a 'lo'I'al populalion comparable 'lo 'Ihal' of a cil 'lwice lhe size of Chi- cago, were mainlained by Ilia Engineers. These in- cluded lhousands of miles of sewer lines, railroads, wafer mains, eleclric lines, gas lines. sleam lines, and lhe like. PROCUREMENT More Ihan 30,000 clifferenl' Engineer supply ilems, including I00,000 crawler lracfors, I6,000 cranes and shovels, and over 23 billion board feel of lumber were procured. This involved purchases amounling +o more lhan 2 billion dollars a year. s'Iruc'I'ion work of all kinds. Some 22,500 Engineer of- ficers were 'lrained al lhe Officer Candidaie School al Fori' Belvoir, Virginia. MAPS AND ENGINEERING DATA More lhan 480 million maps of all aclive and pofenlial baffle zones were produced and clislribuled by 'lhe Army Engineers. Sfrafegic Engineer inlel- Iigence reporls were available lo all planning slaffs giving dala on landing beaches, 'Ierrain and soil, sources of conslruclion malerials, waler supply, exisf- ing bridges and railways, porr facililies, and even wealher phenomena in all paris of Ihe world. SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH - In cooperalion wilh American Science and Inclus- lry. lhe Engineers supervised lhe grealesl' research and I'es+ing program in American mililary hislory. The mosl' ou'I's'l'anding resull of lhis was Ihe alomic bomb. Olher discoveries included Iighl' porlable highway and railroad bridges, lhe sniperscope which reveals +arge'Is al' nighr, plaslic explosive which can be molded 'l'o any shape, and porlable pipe lines which overcame 'rhe problems of fuel supply. AMERICAN THEATER AND ALASKA The Engineers builf a i580-mile highway from Canada 'io Alaska, a chain of airfields paralleling ihe road, and a refinery and pipe line io supply 'ihem wiih fuel and oil. They cons'l'ruc+ed bases and airfields in Newfoundland, Alaska, 'ihe Aleuiians, on islands in ihe Caribbean, and in Ceniral and Souih America. Many of ihese 'iasks were compleied in 'ihe bi'Her cold of 'the arciic and ihe siifling heal of ihe iropics. Plane lable work for 'iopography PLANE FERRY ROUTES The earih was girdled by airfields buili' by ihe Army Engineers. They developed bases for Air Transpori' Command ferry rouies across ihe Carib- bean io Soufh America and across +he Souih Ailaniic io ihe wesi' coasi' of Africa, via Ascension lsland: across 'l'he Norih Ailaniic 'io 'I'he Briiish isles via Canada, Newfoundland, Laborador, Greenland, and Iceland: io Siberia via norihwesi Canada and Alaska: across 'lhe Souih Pacific io Ausiralia via Chrisimas, Can+on, Fiji, and New Caledonia. This army engineer works on skis iii? il Engineer iroops develop quick mefhocls for laying surfaces HLHSH DTHE HLEUTIFIIIS , , M. 4 ... 1 Massacre Bay, Aleulian Islands. The mud rendered Big bulldozers level off +he ground ai' Adair fhe +rac1'ors pracfically useless Through +he wilderness along -ihe Alcan Highway go Road made for hauling supplies from 'ihe beach- swm A.. - Uifwilf' as , iron men and iron machines AH'u, Alaska Convoy on road in Aleufians The long winding Alcan Highway surrounded by mouniains and frees IIDRTH IIFRICFI NORTH AFRICA From 'rhe firsi landings in norihwesi' Africa fo ihe drive on Bizerre, Engineers played an imporiani' role. The Engineers supplied 90 ions of maps for 'rhe in- vasion. Amphibian Engineers aided in +he iniiial landings. Aviarion Engineers buili 356 airfields 'io give air suppori for ihe Tunisian campaign. Peiroleum Disiribuiion uniis supplied unprecedenied quaniiiies of gasoline. Combai' Engineers had iheir firsf iasie of mine warfare and built couniless bridges. Camou- flage was a 'tremendous iask. Engineers buili' roads across Algeria and Tunisia and ihen cleared ihe harbor a+ Bizerie in preparaiion for ihe Sicily ln- .. Nm 5 ..u- . Ji Mill -ws is vaslon. f- H, 1 e.ff54,Q,j:s- -. " 5, 4 .1 , .. .,,.,-WU. T Q - ,' , M- . J R P:w,,,,:', ,, lg..- '5 ff V ' K" ,V . . -.s- '-,-1:-..-wa 'V' i ' fi. Y: ,. - .A -Af? ' sf? .... "1 ' P' V f 'firi- - v er? 1 J A .4 'lf 'Ei ii 1 Y Q:-f'a.,s2 'if f 4, J f -. - . , s 'bf ve 'f 7 ' ,- .- . ' s. .13 if i5,:.Mf:,sg . -pdf? ,. r iris ,. I h Top r1gh1': Ranger BaHahon on speed march we 'Legg -vm A , , Q - .ew .. . gf , . e g- ' ' ' A 4579.3 V gi-'l " ,ff -dr 'V' 'EU' Bo'Hom right Bomb cra'l'er on ihe airfield 1,I-.4v,,.45,i,3fMM,5:. 55 Below: Bailey Bridge: Bore, Algeria j ..u,XW, H Eggers wmcm vii A is V s .Jv gvgwm if a :gm a .egg 45. .ies-'ef 5.131 if? w22g.g.: . H3 law vs -Wear 'lgifiwzwfsf 2315.1 we W W 1 3135 x i ua ANP-ua Quia sg , V,..f 1 Y ,Q RIVER' is sw Bw, .. T ,W ,E ,.,,,,1,,,,. . WW ng 4 .V -azwxaf gs.,.,,ii ai .E S Fife ga ' W ., W W M -2 he ii.: W ,..Q ea .Lg W 'W' --mf. W if Q nw - we sbwm,-Q., . ,iqmm I V . .a,,, -f,,.W--A ,, W . . SICILV illl-Il ITHLV ln fhe invasion of Sicily, Shore Engineer uniis lAm- phibian Engineersl proved 'lhaf a major land cam- paign could be carried +hrough wilhouf benelii' of porl' facilifies. Engineer wafer supply and pioneer road repair won special commendaiion. In Haly, mine warfare became more and more inlense. A+ Salerno, Engineer Bailey bridges and bulldozers upset 'lhe German demoliiion and wifhdrawal +ac+ics. The crossings ai' fhe Voliurno and Rapido Rivers, +l1e breaching of fhe mine fields ai' Cassino, 'Ihe build- ing of 'rhe greaf air bases ai' Foggia, 'Phe resioralion of fhe porf of Naples, and lhe breaching of 'lhe enemy forfificafions ai' Anzio, were The Engineer milesiones in lhe Halian Campaign. American froops move swiflly inland 'rhrough Sicily A ein.. if 'jijjlf 'Has---wiusfwezg--iegfgfp,Maw-iwQ-1 ,H , , -.av, .gwf F X Q ., Asks., v ' NQM-gig-gaflqg.-Refi?dfmglzig.meaxcis X 1 gg, 33595-52:-we.-.fc Bb mfg X exam, ff-we .-..,,.5s-.aa,.,.ss.s,... Qf,.w..L,. was ma Egg Fwffi-'f,g,,a'.gairigeagxyigwf-f frrarag W" Y 2 K f X"""fW'2-if-iq:-4man... asap-VF ek M ,m,,,.-.-fi X im: ears:-azssfiwggaeggai'2,.M,a.,-x.f.f I 2 .gg-fx--ii.--:X--W, ,. --2-11 ...,,,H.. L- W-'- -f-"M-4-c"HHr',.:sa-' -J" " w . ii.,:s..a:. Zv.v. ans-fs-sri WH.,i.uT-fe5a:JfNv't'H-'- MWMW""W+'H"f H "Lili: gglazza-, .xv L ' r-si-w e-mea-aw jefaeifai:f-fxifi:-w3x9Si?ig, 9'-We----1 ,.,..k, A+?.M,1ff'-aria aiu M Mrlzfbaaei? Qailrff ,il-'w-a+gFj,,s.L.ef'-5,,,.,,....,, ,e,,:g , k,..r-a..-,.-7ge..,,',g,a wff':-- nw ,ww r aeaeffe a.f.-,-Q11--,J-'Q fffwew , a-,leave-es.-xmazzmax Aww .qeyemi-.Y --X M2122.H.-.--,N-M11Le2gga:w,:5ufm,,-Y -.x4i..-.A-i,-:wwf-veg a,,fg,a,si-we-1 vssxv Tse3Qsiu1,,,s.qf,..gui-1,-,-..A?fe7,y,:M 1 ,xmqqwf a,gsW-.: r--,qw-,p-:F-ae N-,ra4.4:,Q1,,Eg5iin5g2LLx.Qe,-W--ge..f. ,T Y.,W-as .nimweaeae--gf ...wi c.sc13,lL:' ,.4'..1mf .a,.5,a,gMH4:., Tex 15s,L3,3LM.j.5aA,g'gksZ14j.5v.:-?-1:gV-4 f'Br"'MUN1.-252745353-Qligeifwalfeiflf.Qswiaa sf'1'agmfrsaaa1gKsfsaf..-eggirg 'ff' ss ,X S's?fS'J1"fS?::m?xQ::-wwseew' 2 s Q1-11-W fggff, --:sr ,, XM .wavf-wi.aegis-'iff-s'efaa:sE' QM.. --,.fa--5e,A:per:'i2-Q:-1 . Nw... U meIKinfra'-w'Mgw1efas51eM2-aqw..., RK ..Ma,g--eifgexlxaggg-., 52- WM fr.. i. erweaaemz ami-v-v .WJ , ,, rm-sa We Negra ig .E so 9EgeA.z2gv T-'THE-2..T2'W ""f"-awww , H ' 'XE-3-LT-fiwifsife Xe: M awww WD 9 m.,.a.wm3aWaeewz -9:fa3fpwgr:v4s-5 4 aaax , i-az BVWWX .U Q E 'nwwmiiifai is WSW M aw M me W P- arm Ha Nhxwix-i1..:1f"3 ai- 1 V' '71"wf- if 'if-SH" M ., 1 rg. araavvsi-ze fwa. WW E J 1-.N in-QM aw- saw-2--wav--. H main 1 :ig L 'Hi fzaaavmri-ffl-if -.mag 1- ,V iigh- KW-,,,M,fM.sgw,, '-555124 "' A-an as , VX ga-m,-auf---1-44 if lxugg -fa 'U "' .,,. .gw-'pw mx! KW' . 'L Mimi H9533 all-.?.. M. as mga -si., 3 asmfaa 'lxglnm vi-1.-arm .aa-New M: Kms aaa-1-.r 5.- iw-E:5. uw' xliil- nfiawmwl uma -flash B --EM. e N135-U .mam E y,-Q-1 mimi-SEB X aim-' . 'X A seams asa-Egg as a , P-asfnfza ,Q . aaaaaa -wie M 5 aa-is A mba Mxmsnmaxaiiiagi mwym, E may maxima- HHH' B wasaxaa maxaman .-mwsgiig as --a x is H . rms H M max M. me we we enam- aaxaa B S an K .-f. an J M-Qui Us ' Silk W ana wa sa' 'W X8 sexes KWH ww - News - ,Aa sa. as L s. QE W 1, -M 'K W 'manage , aumfaaa M Mi' a nm-A fxmh' wamawa an A Us-.M as-.1-1. ,,.,, W., Wg.: In 2 UAW ...saw -f.: 2 ,- A a as Z , was .2-mmm .W W.: V--: ZZ.-.XT Mia ,.,., 'W is 'E M4 - aa emma nal I me -sauna W'-Emily, ,asa "iam ai i ,.,. pagan anx- wean seams asa me-fm exams insane .suave im-AK' E, is an san as-sm aaa! is a s-.W K...- gggfilx is-,V-'X 'ggiiamwajg H .affin- kmwa. L - E, M. ..14E..,,,.6 im an Q M AE rx . as ps L emma , . ?.i . 5 'fm-2 ef. View , . fig-fx-.a I -L --- .q,. - Ns., , M.- ig, i,...s i , 4 .. '1:'i,f-,- A M ' div K sax .4 as 1 i , .Y -f Q . 2' A 1 ,--ia-is . -x--xvrgs ' Mas: E ffl - - ww:-.Q -a.x..:QaS- aaa,- H.-Q--A-H we mm..-rg WN Ma a o. . ' i-LSL YZ:-I-,, W' yum-' af-annggfy EW- X W -1 we ' 3 X swf.-aggxxfjlegflal 'ni-.aa -mx -saygmwegai was ,XM M -,es sas- E ' M W' Msg-swag-ws The mud was soil' in ihe Vollurno secior Top: The Brilish guard U. S. Engineers ai' work near Poinfs DeVeni'urira, Haly. Top. Cenfer: Two 'rriple Bailey bridges being puf across The Arro River-Florence, Haly. Boi'- fom, Cenierz BaH'alion commander lends a hand as spikes are driven in. BoHom: Bridge being consirucfed in Presenzara Secior, Haly U. S. Army engineer unifs work a+ clearing up war-ravaged +own in Haly gif Il0RiI1lFlIIDVir'k ir Barrage balloon cruises high over a heavily loaded "Rhine Ferry" before D-Day D-Day invasion of 'lhe French Coasf llf 11-- --LQ .- .-. L ir A 5:33524 1. tJe1HFl1.u !' ,My ' , 'N -1 Army fank ready io move aboard NORMANDY Airdrome conslruclion in ihe Brilish lsles made possible lhe "air invasion" of German .occupied Europe, and larer lhe air cover for rhe Normandy Invasion. The Engineers conslrucled or acquired I00,000 buildings For lhe lnvasion Army and ils sup- plies. On D-Day, Engineer Special Brigades cleared pafhs lhrough lhe mines and foriificalions on lhe beaches of Normandy under heavy fire. Avialion Engineers builf air slrips wilhin sighl' of lhe enemy. Flooded areas, mine fields, road blocks, blown-oul' bridges-all were overcome by 'rhe Engineers lo keep ihe Army moving. Wilh Cherbourg raken, Engineers buill' up 'lhe supply roules which made possible The 3rd Army's greai break-'rhrough af S+. Lo. Tracks are laid by engineers al' Cherbourg IIIHRCH Ull THE RHIIIE Engineers buill and repaired bridges, blew oul' enemy pillboxes, filled in shell cralers, and removed mines and booby fraps 'lo keep 'lhe Army moving. They repaired porls, kepl' railheads pushed wilhin 25 +o 50 miles of lhe fronl' lines, buill hundreds of air- fields, main+ained 2800 miles of road, and laid 4000 miles of pipe line. ln 'rhe Ba'Hle of lhe Bulge, i+ was lhe Engineers who mined +he roads and fields againsl' 'lhe desperale German counferaliacks. From lhe in- vasion beaches in Soulhern France 'lo Slrasbourg on The Rhine, olher Engineers were doing similar lasks. Teams of Engineers slormed fhe Siegfried Line blow- ing up The dragon's leelh and pillboxes lo lel our armor lhrough. ' Engineers blow up "Dragon Too'rh" iank barrier LCVP's carrying men and vehicles across +he Rhine THE RHIITE ITIIIJ BTEVDIID 'T One of The lasT and biggesT iobs of lceeping The Army moving Toward Berlin was a bridge-building iob. The Rhine, 2000 TeeT wide in places, was The greaTesT naTural obsTacle in The paTh of our Army. The unexpecTed capTure of The Ludendorf bridge aT Remagen and The exploiTaTion of The bridgehead by Engineers sTarTed The Tinal drive. When The bridge collapsed, Engineers had oThers ready above and Engineers survey for railway bridge across Rhine below The Remagen siTe. Meanwhile, Engineers up and down The Rhine were Terrying men and equip- menT across in assaulT boaTs and building more and more bridges. One I l00-TooT bridge was builT in less Than 8 hours. A railroad bridge was consTrucTed in less Than I0 days. As span aTTer span was Tlung across The Rhine, men, guns and Tanks poured inTo Germany unTil The enemy collapsed. Army engineers build 730 TooT ponToon bridge across Rhine in 9V2 hours Early in ihe war, lhe need for a lend-lease supply rouie io Russia became criiical. Ships were scarce and enemy planes and submarines made ihe Mur- mansk roule exfremely hazardous. To overcome rhis obsiacle, 'che Engineers were called in io build a supply line across lran +o Russia. Q The Engineers complered pori' faciliiies al' 'rhe head of 'ihe Persian Gulf, buili- a 'lruck road from Khorram- shahr +o Teheran, and reconsirucied a railroad from Bandar Shahpur 'ro Teheran. Due largely 'io supplies seni' over rhis rouie, Sfalingrad held and ihe Russian offensive gol under way. By rail and 'iruclc 'lhe Persian Gulf Command moved 4V2 million +ons of war goods i Engineer survey par'ry malce road survey in a Chinese rice paddy U. S. Army irucks wail' 'rheir 'rurn io be ferried across ihe Hung Chiang River CHIIIII-Blllllllll-IIIDIH Affer Singapore fell, ihe Japanese Army cul' ihe Burma road-our lasl supply line 'I'o China. To keep our ally in 'I'he War, fhe land roufe from Inclia by way of Burma had 'lo be reopened. Engineers buili' air- fields on each side of ihe "Hump" +o supply our air forces in China. Ofhers complefed 'lhe Sfillwell Road, Chinese soldiers march 'ro fhe fronl-Burma a IOOO-mile forlurous roule fhrough s+eaming iungles, swamps, and mouniains. ln 'lhe siege of Myillcyina, Engineers, while figh+- ing as replacemenfs for Merrill's Marauders, com- plefecl a maior airfield on 'rhe capfured sfrip which was +he sole source of supply during fhe siege. An L-4 liaison plane of ihe U. S. Army fakes off from a landing sfrip IISTHIILIH T0 TH PHILIPPINES ir'A"ki' Maior consfrucfion . . . fhese sfumps were used in consfruc- fion of hospifal wards-Queensland, Ausfralia ln fhe long uphill figh+ in fhe Pacific, Engineers were clearing jungles, defecfing mine fields and booby fraps, building roads and bridges, blowing up Japanese pillboxes and caves, purifying wafer, mak- ing maps, erecfing docks, wharves, and ofher porf facilifies, and a fhousand and one ofher fhings fo keep fhe Army moving. THE PIlIlIPP ln The landings in fhe Philippines, nearly 40 per- cenf of fhe Army's inifial sfriking force were Engi- neers. Engineers wenf righf fo work blowing up pill- boxes and caves, removing mines and booby fraps, ancl blasfing barbed-wire enfanglemenfs, Progress picfure-Medical Cenfer, Sidney, Ausfralia The Engineers consfrucfed huge depofs in Ausfra- lia, and were in fhe vanguard in fhe landing af Porf Moresby and Milne Bay. Amphibian Engineers, fhe Engineer navy, were in fhe fore in fhe advance up fhe norfhern coasf of New Guinea fo Morofai, Bougainville, New Brifain, and 'rhe islands of fhe Bismark Sea. Aviafion Engi- neers buili' air bases on fhe way fo fhe Philippines. CIIIIIPIIIGII One maior mission was clearing Manila Harbor and repairing porf faciliiies. When Manila surrender- ed, fhe porf had more fhan fhree fimes ifs peace- 'lime cargo capacify. Y K L Faire 91 LJx"sfJiWS L L :A THE IIIIIRIIHIIIS Illl RVIIH Meanwhile, from Hawaii, Midway, and Canion, fhrough 'rhe Gilber+s and Marshalls fo lhe Marianas, Army 'Engineers converied aiolls info land bases for our air force. Saipan, Tinian, Guam-all fell' 'lhe bi'I'e of fhe Engineer's bulldozers and shovels. On Saipan, 'ihe firsf long-range field from which B-29's ham- mered The Japanese home islands, was compleied in 5 monihs. Aiomic bombs only siepped up 'ihe process which B-29 delivered incencliaries began. On hard-won Okinawa, Engineers carried on 'ihe iob of building enough air bases 'io accomodaie a huge air armada, which ioined oiher fhousands already operaiing from ihe Marianas. The siraiegic bombing of fhese forces spelled fhe beginning of 'rhe end for Japan. x we SESS ss , Q 3 was ms: 'Msn : xx-w sa ss mmm mmm mms .: was nz - ms xx m HH sf,-A an Q mam- Ms na w new su ,muy -H w fn -- ,sn 3. 14 -mn-1: wx-1 ss Q 1-121 s was W 1 4 'V' "The Engineers-those unsung heroes, have mastered the trickiest instruments of modern warfare?-General Dwight D. Eisenhower. 'vu RULE UF- TIIE EIIGIIIEERS Congress has charged Ihe Chief of Engineers, under lhe direclion of Ihe Secrelary of The Army, wilh responsibilily for a vasl work program. This program is nor new, THE ACT OF CON- GRESS of 30 April I942, designaled "The Corps of Engineers as Ihe agency charged wilh conducling Civil Works improvemenls. The Civil Works dulies of Ihe Corps of Engineers has conlinued Ihroughoul lhe years, bul' on a widen- ing scale. ' Canal conslruclion developed from 'lhe old Chesa- peake and Ohio Canal: road building from lhe early Cumberland Road 'lo Ihe Alcan Highway: and public building conslruclion from lhe rebuilding ol lhe Capilol Building, Washinglon, D. C. lburned by 'Ihe Bri'I'ish in I8 I4i, lo Ihe conslruclion of lhe collos- sal Penlagon Building ol loday. Locks and dams on sloping walerways have been used for al leasl' five cenluries. The Corps of Engi- neers has buill a collossal syslem of locks, 54 of 'lhem on 'lhe Ohio River, of which 46 are currenlly being operared, and 26 of lhem are on 'rhe upper Missis- snppl. , In 'lhe conslruclion and mainlenance of canals and walerways, 'lhe Corps of Engineers operalions ldur- ing 296 days of open season in recenl' yearsl re- corded I5,663 lockages, 20,743 vessels wilh over I05,000 Ions of freighl' and 6,700 passengers. The Corps of Engineers also is charged wilh 'Ihe proleclion of river banks: choosing of ma'Hresses for river beds, clearance of river channels and many olher proiec'ls'wi1'hin our inland walerways. Anolher highly specialized proiecl governed by 'Ihe Corps of Engineers is Beach Erosion Conlrol, lhis wilh lhe purpose of prevenling damage lo public properly. The Corps of Engineers generally uses four means lalone or in combinaiionl Io prevenl river floods: I. Barring oul of Ihe flood. 2. Increasing 'lhe carrying capacily of lhe river proper. 3. Decreasing Ihe flow by diverling parl of Ihe wafer. 4. Decreasing 'lhe flow by lemporarily holding back parl of lhe waler. An increasing number of reservoirs buill by'+he Corps of Engineers are planned 'ro provide flood profeclion, eleclric power, navigalion aids, and rec- realional lacililies for lhe people of Ihe communi'l'y in which 'rhe projecls are localed. Waler supply, irrigalion, and olher feaiures are oflen included in Ihe conslruclion by agreemenl' wilh 'rhe cooperaling agencies who assume responsi- bilily fbr operalion afler lhe s'l'rucI'ure is compleled. Eleclric power and energy, for example is dislribuled by lhe Secrelary of lhe Inlerior lo consumers al eslablishecl rales. Engineer Laboralories offer opporlunilies for ex- perimenlal research by candidales for higher de- grees. Many engineer olificers are localed in vicinilies of large universilies, and arrange special courses a'I'l'er office hours, 'For 'lhe convenience of Iheir em- ployees. The Corps of Engineers mainlains a Beach Erosion Board, in Washinglon, D.C.: a Walerways Experi- m'en'IaI Slalion, Vicksburg, Mississippi: an Engineer ig M 'i.. ' FALLS CANAL , wuz nsemmem i means Top: The building of dams Cenler: Saull Sainle Marie, Michigan-marker on one of lhe locks on lhe SI. Mary's River Bollomz Nishnabolna 'Flood washed oul Ihis bridge wesl' of Haslings, Iowa Research and Developmenl Laboralory al Forl' Bel- voir, Virginia, and Ari' and Science are combined in fhe precision of line and choice of color in maps made af 'lhe Army Map Service, Washinglon, D.C. Flood Iighling is only one phase ol lhe program, and 'lhe Corps of Engineers is conslanlly on Ihe job. J X . v 1 x 1 H ... -4 ,Q 1 'D' -5, N., "1 :.' ., ,-

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